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09:51 [COKS] Mestni upravi Muenchna je Linux prihranil precej denarja in prinesel zadovoljne uporabnike

14:05<andrejz> rabmo enga k bo slikce pofotkal za dokumentacijo


14:05Ubuntu docs image viewer

14:05 [Ubuntu Security] USN-1415-1: Linux kernel (Marvell DOVE) vulnerability

14:06<andrejz> mislim da je 11 slikc (unih brez besedila seveda ni treba delat)

14:10<zdobersek> andrejz: server mi error javlja

14:11<zdobersek> na linku

14:14<andrejz> refresh stistni

14:15<andrejz> čudno

14:15<andrejz> ne dela, stisnem F5 ne dela, stisnem F5 dela,dela pa spet ne dela

14:17<zdobersek> ja, zdej dela.

14:17<andrejz> zdobersek, deal?

14:17<andrejz> dela

14:17<andrejz> no ok

14:19<andrejz> fotke istih stvari (samo na 12.04 v slovenščini) z isto ločljivostjo

14:25<zdobersek> andrejz: wha?

14:25<zdobersek> nimam unitya :>

14:26<zdobersek> andrejz: sploh pa, par stvari itak nima smisla ponovno fotkat

14:26<zdobersek> npr.

14:26<zdobersek> npr.

14:26<zdobersek> npr.

14:27<zdobersek> npr.

14:27<zdobersek> :>

14:27<CrazyLemon> nimaš unitya?? kaj za vraga pa počneš kle?!?!?

14:29<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: tebe cakam, limun!

14:29<CrazyLemon> i am hir!

14:30<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: pejt slikat stvari, k mas unity!

14:35<andrejz> ja saj pravim da je samo 11 slik za posnet od 22

14:43<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: GOGOGO

14:43<zdobersek> 11 screenshots good, 11 to go

14:45<CrazyLemon> zdobersek sej bom no!


14:45<zdobersek> ACTION plays angry zdobersek

15:09<zdobersek> !g domestic

15:09Wall stickers : Domestic ® vente de stickers muraux, autocollants ...

15:09<zdobersek> mah

15:09<zdobersek> !t sl en ustaljen


15:48<CrazyLemon> ACTION naroču katano 3

16:36 [Ubuntu Security] USN-1414-1: Aptdaemon vulnerability

17:13<zarga> Hey guys, I'm not Slovenian but I got one question regarding the country and I can't think of any other way to ask it,

17:13<zarga> and given that I'm an Ubuntu user and an open-source person I thought it would be OK if I asked it over here :-)

17:14<CrazyLemon> shoot

17:14<zarga> So the question is, can you please recommend any web forum where I could ask about living in Ljubljana? Like what the flat prices are? The only place I've found so far is and it seems like some nationalist types are running it, could be that they wouldn't like my asking the question in English..

17:14Tukaj je Slovenija » Forum

17:14<zarga> hey CrazyLemon

17:15<CrazyLemon> zarga well why not just search flat prices in ljubljana instead of asking on a forum?

17:16<CrazyLemon> you could always try checking 'Oddam' and clicking on 'Ljubljana'


17:16<CrazyLemon> Oddam is under 'Tip ponudbe:'

17:16<zarga> Sure, I've already done it, but I'd like to confirm the prices are all OK, like for instance what you see in the net isn't something you hear when you visit the place personally

17:16<CrazyLemon> and you'll see results containing 'm2' and price for that

17:17<zarga> yep, and are the sites Iv

17:17<zarga> err, I've already consulted

17:18<CrazyLemon> zarga well in this case prices are pretty much accurate.. +-10% for the highest prices

17:18<zarga> besides, the sites won't tell you for instance, what the average cost of electricity (or stroski in general) is

17:18<CrazyLemon> where are you from?

17:18<zarga> there's no easy answer to that question :) but yea, I live in Europe now

17:21<CrazyLemon> well the same applies for that forum..there isnt a forum about ljubljana - not that i know of

17:21<CrazyLemon> but there is uni4dfx that lives in ljubljana and a few more in here

17:21<CrazyLemon> they could tell you more about

17:21<zarga> cool beans CrazyLemon, appreciated

17:23<zarga> uni4dfx: so when you're around, could you please tell me what you think about ? Is it too much? Just about fine? Seems iffy?

17:23Oddaja, Stanovanje: LJ. CENTER, KRAKOVO

17:23<zarga> I know it's /way/ off-topic so for a moment we can talk about Ubuntu :)

17:23<CrazyLemon> dont worry.. we are offtopic all the time

17:24<zarga> Has anyone noticed problems with Rhythmbox in 11.04? ;-)

17:24<zarga> CrazyLemon: cool

17:24<CrazyLemon> and yea..the price for 60m2 seems quite ok.. but its not furnished

17:25<zarga> CrazyLemon: this is just what I need, no furniture or a minimal set at the very most, the first I do when I'm moving houses is to ask the landlord if they can do away with whatever they have there :)

17:26<CrazyLemon> zarga why is that? you have too much money and you want to spend it for furniture? :D

17:26<zarga> CrazyLemon: I don't like a lot of couches, armchairs and all that things stuffed so one has problems with stretching their legs

17:26<CrazyLemon> btw may i ask what is the reason for moving to Lj?

17:26<zarga> CrazyLemon: haha :-)

17:26<zarga> I heard it was a very peaceful and warm city, it's not that far from a sea

17:27<zarga> though I hear it's quite rainy at times!

17:27<CrazyLemon> its quite foggy!

17:27<zarga> but the mountains are around, the sea is near, road infrastructure seems OK

17:27<CrazyLemon> and yea..its like an hour drive from the sea ..or 2hrs by train

17:27<zarga> so what else one would need?

17:27<CrazyLemon> or 30min by plane

17:27<zarga> heh a plane

17:27<zarga> sorry, I don't have one :)

17:28<CrazyLemon> well...thats all true everything is near (welcome to slovenia! :D) but i really dont like weather in Lj

17:28<zarga> CrazyLemon: do you think there are any dangerous neighbourhoods in Ljubljana?

17:29<zarga> (btw., is it common to refer to Ljubljana as Lj in Slovenia?)

17:29<CrazyLemon> zarga well not really.. you could get mugged in a park as you could in a dark street ..

17:30<CrazyLemon> and no..there isnt that much mugging in Ljubljana

17:30<zarga> yea, just like about everywhere in the world

17:30<zarga> err.. ^^ that was regarding parks and stuff :)

17:30<CrazyLemon> its not common..i'm just being lazy

17:30<zarga> ah

17:31<CrazyLemon> but you'll see license plates with LJ :)

17:31<CrazyLemon> thats a good sign that you're currently in ljubljana :>

17:31<zarga> Heh

17:33<zarga> the city sure looks pretty on all the pictures, and if there's a Ubuntu local group I'll be even more happier :)

17:33<CrazyLemon> zarga there is and a LUG group also

17:34<zarga> cool, really cool

17:34<CrazyLemon> our loco group is having a release party in april..and you are welcome! :)

17:34<zarga> I'm afraid I'll a couple of thousand kilometers away but hey, there's an autumn release still :)

17:35<zarga> I'll *be

17:35<CrazyLemon> when are you planning on moving?

17:37<zarga> Not sure really, I mean to pop over there on a reconnaiasnce mission in June or July and then we'll see

17:42<CrazyLemon> cool

17:56<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: ni kle megle, sam oblaki.

17:56<zdobersek> ubsitvu sonce sije.

17:56<zdobersek> mkay

17:59<zarga> CrazyLemon: where do you live by the way? I just wonder, you said you didn't like weather in Ljubljana..

17:59<lynxlynxlynx> he prefers the scorching dryness of the coast

18:00<zarga> ah I see :)

18:00<CrazyLemon> i prefer non foggy weather yea and sunshine

18:01<CrazyLemon> and i hate yea..coast is perfect for me :)

18:01<zarga> hm I thought had a lot of sun as well :/

18:01<zarga> err, that Ljubljana had it

18:02<zdobersek> zarga: I think the winter is the most sun-deprived period of the year

18:02<zdobersek> that's gone now, thankfully

18:03<zdobersek> but it's april now, so the weather is very unstable.

18:03<zarga> yea, understood

18:04<CrazyLemon> Največ jasnih dni je bilo v letu 2009 v Portorožu (92 dni); - the number of cloudless days on the slovenian coast

18:04<CrazyLemon> vs.

18:04<CrazyLemon> V Ljubljani pa je bilo leta 2009 le 38 jasnih dni. - the number of cloudless days in Ljubljana 38

18:04<lynxlynxlynx> *khm*

18:05<lynxlynxlynx> comparing the maximum

18:05<zdobersek> but that was 2009! the weather is even more fucked up now, but luckily it seems that in a better way ...

18:06<zdobersek> !t en sl neigh


18:06<zdobersek> wha?

18:07<CrazyLemon> well..2010 stats Največ jasnih dni je bilo v letu 2010 v Portorožu in Ratečah, Planici (na vsaki 71 dni), potem v Biljah (62 dni) in Črnomlju (54 dni). Najmanj jasnih dni je bilo v tem letu v Ljubljani (19 dni). - Portorož 71 vs. 19 Ljubljana

18:07<CrazyLemon> :)

18:11<zdobersek> still, I don't think it's that depressing.

18:11<zdobersek> even if cloudy, chances are there's sun at the top of nearby hills

18:12<zdobersek> or mountains, for that matter.

18:13<zarga> The thing I really don't like are temperatures below -20 C but I guess that I should be concerned with it?

18:14<zarga> i.e.

18:14Average Weather For Ljubljana, Slovenia - WeatherSpark

18:14<CrazyLemon> zarga not really..

18:15<zdobersek> it can get that cold on occasions, but it's not common

18:15<zdobersek> at least not at midday

18:15<zarga> pheww :)

18:16<CrazyLemon> the yearly average for slovenia is 8.8° C so yea..dont worry about that


18:24Michael Schumacher - Google+

18:24<CrazyLemon> michael schumacher je developer pri GIMPu!!

18:24<CrazyLemon> :D

18:28<zarga> ok guys, I'm off for now, many thanks for the chat!

18:32<zarga> see ya!

20:16<CrazyLemon> če koga zanima ma kul nagradno fb

20:26<zdobersek> me zanima ... a nimam fb.

20:26<zdobersek> a sestavljas racunalnike iz lego kock?

20:27<CrazyLemon> zdobersek i wish :/

20:27<CrazyLemon> nimajo lego kock

20:27<CrazyLemon> sam računalnike

20:32<zdobersek> urgh!

20:32<zdobersek> that make zdobersek angry!

20:53<Sky[x]> mi mamo boljso :P

20:54<CrazyLemon> Sky[x] dvomim..močno :)

20:54<CrazyLemon> kle je lahko nagrada vredna tudi do 6.000 € :)

20:55<Sky[x]> aja uff

20:56<CrazyLemon> poglej mal komentarje

20:56<CrazyLemon> in poglej kaj je napisal Blaž in klikni na link

20:56<CrazyLemon> pa boš vidu kok je vredn touchscreen zaslon :D

20:57<CrazyLemon> RAČUNALNIK - Large Format Touch Display IIyama T6560MTS, 65""(164cm) LCD, Audio

20:57<CrazyLemon> :)

21:18 [Ubuntu Security] USN-1400-4: Thunderbird regressions

23:13<sasa84> juhuuuuuu

23:14<urh> ? :-)

23:19<sasa84> oj urh ;)

23:19<sasa84> a si kej pridn? ;)

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