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10:07<CrazyLemon> dz0ny zakaj ni mr. robot na popcornu?

10:51<idioterna> kva pa je ta mr. robot sploh?

10:56<CrazyLemon> .imdb mr robot

10:56<jabuk> Ne najdem!

10:57<CrazyLemon> .imdb mr. robot

10:57<jabuk> Mr. Robot (TV Series 2015– ) 60 min Crime Drama

10:57<jabuk> Ocena: 9.4/10 (15,489 glasov) MT: 84 user

10:57<jabuk> Follows a mysterious anarchist who recruits a young computer programmer (Malek) who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people by hacking them.

10:57<jabuk> Trailer:

10:57<jabuk> Povezava:

10:57<CrazyLemon> idioterna ^

10:59<idioterna> mnja no

11:08<CrazyLemon> aja..ti si rdečkar


11:08Mr. Robot: Season 1 - Rotten Tomatoes»Critics Consensus: Mr. Robot is a suspenseful cyber-thriller with timely stories and an intriguing, provocative premise.«

11:10<idioterna> ja nism avtomagicno navdusen nad temi critically acclaimed recmi uresnic

11:12<dz0ny> they hate anarchists :>

11:19<CrazyLemon> dz0ny whats the deal with RT? sedaj.json je broken

11:20<CrazyLemon> radio je pa trenutno dead silent :)

12:36<dz0ny> .rt

12:36<jabuk> Trenutno se predvaja: Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan - We Won't.

12:46<pitastrudl> jutro

12:49<CrazyLemon> sup niga

12:50<CrazyLemon> .rt

12:50<jabuk> Trenutno se predvaja: Blur - Lonesome Street.

12:50<CrazyLemon> not really ...ž

12:52<pitastrudl> nm, u


13:26Bruiser Bear - YouTube»Bruiser bear enjoying his daily pool play! To donate to the care of our animal ambassadors please visit our new website at We ...«

15:58<zdobbie> .radar

15:58<jabuk> Radarska slika padavin:

15:58<zdobbie> whoaa

16:11<CrazyLemon> you're getting all the action ffs!


16:44The Stanford Prison Experiment Official Trailer #1 (2015) Ezra Miller Thriller Movie HD - YouTube»The Stanford Prison Experiment Trailer 1 (2015) Ezra Miller Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer]«

16:50<upd> zgleda zanimiv, razn bullshita power make you bad

16:51<CrazyLemon> očitno ni bullshit.. ker se je res zgodilo :)

16:58<CrazyLemon> .imdb battle creek

16:58<jabuk> Battle Creek (TV Series 2015) 44 min Comedy Crime Drama

16:58<jabuk> Ocena: 7.4/10 (4,493 glasov) MT: 23 user

16:58<jabuk> Two detectives with different views on the world team up and using cynicism, guile and deception, they clean up the streets of Battle Creek.

16:58<jabuk> Trailer:

16:58<jabuk> Povezava:

17:04<CrazyLemon> .imdb the last man on earth

17:04<jabuk> The Last Man on Earth (TV Series 2015– ) 30 min Action Comedy Romance

17:04<jabuk> Ocena: 7.6/10 (18,919 glasov) MT: 164 user

17:04<jabuk> Phil Miller was a normal guy, but when a plague struck, he became the last man on earth. His only wish was to have company, preferably a female. When he meets a survivor named Carol, he starts to rethink his wish.

17:04<jabuk> Trailer:

17:04<jabuk> Povezava:

17:08<CrazyLemon> .imdb fresh off the boat

17:08<jabuk> Fresh Off the Boat (TV Series 2015– ) 22 min Comedy

17:08<jabuk> Ocena: 8.2/10 (6,720 glasov) MT: 50 user

17:08<jabuk> A Taiwanese family makes their way in America during the 1990s.

17:08<jabuk> Povezava:

20:52<CrazyLemon> dež!

20:52<CrazyLemon> .radar

20:52<jabuk> Radarska slika padavin:

20:54<idioterna> evo, sm koncal


21:26<CrazyLemon> ma priden!

21:29<idioterna> deluje

21:46<zdobbie> what are we looking at

21:47<zdobbie> ?

21:48<CrazyLemon> a machine!

21:49<zdobbie> like, a computor ?


21:51<idioterna> v eno staro jamaho sm dau rpi da loh digitally streama muziko prakticno do zvocnikov

21:52<zdobbie> CrazyLemon:

21:52NEW Scott Foil - First Look - YouTube»Ahead of the Tour de France, Scott unveil their most aerodynamic edition of the Foil to date. Click here to subscribe to GCN: Bo...«

21:55<CrazyLemon> zdobbie sm že vidu


21:57Jamie XX feat. Romy - Loud Places - Live du Grand Journal - YouTube»Jamie XX feat Romy performs live 'Loud Places' from the album "In Colour" The artist gave a wonderful live performance on the set of the TV show "Le Grand Jo...«

21:57<zdobbie> k


22:00London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years (Official Video) - YouTube»Our debut album 'If You Wait' is out now: iTunes: CD: Vinyl: Our single EP 'Wasting ...«

22:21<zdobbie> maebi

22:21<zdobbie> we aaaare

22:21<zdobbie> we aaaare

22:21<zdobbie> dz0ny: why the privilege


22:22London Grammar - Nightcall (Official Video) - YouTube»'Nightcall' is our new single taken from our album 'If You Wait'. The 'Nightcall' EP is out now: Our debut album 'If You Wait' is ou...«

23:15<zdobbie> .gif justice!


23:15<CrazyLemon> nice try punk!

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