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10:42 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Skype For Linux Enters Beta, Adds Support For Video Calls With Other Platforms

10:52 [] gregor3000: RE: Ubuntu se mi sesuva

12:57 [] sese12: RE: Ubuntu se mi sesuva

13:26 [OMG! Ubuntu!] Joey Sneddon: Strap in: DiRT Rally is has just been released on Linux

14:06 [OMG! Ubuntu!] Joey Sneddon: New Photos of the $89 Pinebook Linux Laptop Surface Online

14:17 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Configure npm To Install Packages Globally Without sudo Using A Script

15:11 [] salesa: RE: Povezava na internet se prekinja

15:47 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Uber CLI: Quickly Get Uber Time-To-Pickup And Price Estimates From The Command Line

16:13 [] gregor3000: RE: Povezava na internet se prekinja

18:16 [] tadej.kobal: Objava spletne strani, zgrajene v NVU-ju na splet

21:01 [OMG! Ubuntu!] Joey Sneddon: The New System76 Galago Pro is a Potential Macbook Killer

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