novejši starejši

00:02<dz0ny_> zdej si me spomnu da moram black swan prebrat

00:20<sasa84> lol

00:27<andrej> sasa84 - Du bist aber lange auf heute ;}

00:27<sasa84> jawohl! ;)

00:28<andrej> How come? Prevec kave?

00:28<sasa84> bald gehe ich ins bett :)

00:28<sasa84> nein, ich hatte etwas zu tun :)

00:29<andrej> Heh

00:29<andrej> Ich werde Dich nicht draengen mehr herauszugeben ;}

00:29<sasa84> haha :)

00:30<sasa84> es war nichts so besonderes :)

00:31<andrej> Und wie geht es Dir sonst so? Was macht das Studium? :)

00:31<idioterna> omg

00:32<idioterna> a loh clovk se kej bl groznga k "kako pa kej faks" vprasa?

00:33<andrej> loh?

00:33<idioterna> sprechst du slowenisch?

00:34<andrej> slabse kot Anglesko in Nemsko

00:35<idioterna> schon gut, ich glaube das war ljubljanisch

00:35<idioterna> oder so etwas

00:35<andrej> exposure to Slovene: age 0-4, To German: 4-36; English 7 till now

00:36<idioterna> ich sagte es ist eine schreckliche frage

00:36<idioterna> ich meine "was macht das studium" :)

00:37<andrej> Heh. Inwiefern ist die Frage schrecklich?

00:38<sasa84> andrej, mein studium ist ok. habe meine disposition für dissertation vorgelegt

00:38<idioterna> my german isn't good enough for this debate

00:39<andrej> Switch to English ... or we could challenge google translate and you go for gold in Slovene ;D

00:39<sasa84> haha, noooo, nooo google translate :)

00:39<idioterna> my friend visited his father once and was really jolly and smiling and being generally cocky

00:39<andrej> sasa84 : Klasse! Du gehst ja auf einmal in Riesenschritten voran! :)

00:40<sasa84> ich hoffe so :)

00:40<idioterna> and his father just said "well since you're so happy, how's your study going along"

00:40<sasa84> :D

00:40<idioterna> and his face weng :D -> :| -> :\ -> :(

00:40<andrej> idioterna - LOL ...

00:40<idioterna> in like 3 seconds

00:40<sasa84> idioterna, hahaha :D

00:40<idioterna> went.

00:41<andrej> I take he didn't dedicate quite as much time/effort to the studies as his dad would have liked? :)

00:45<idioterna> i don't think his dad cared all that much about it

00:45<andrej> Hmmm

00:47<idioterna> it's complicated, but it's not bad in any way

00:53<sasa84> going to bed

00:53<sasa84> good night folks ;)

01:10<idioterna> ok

01:10<andrej> meh ... I hate it when work interferes with chatting ;D

01:10<idioterna> you think you've seen everything

01:10<andrej> Lahko noc

01:10<idioterna> but you didnt


01:10Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition- [MIST[PSI]PRESS] | DLsite English»The full version of the world's greatest pigeon dating visual novel, in English.«

01:10<idioterna> good night andrej

01:11<andrej> idioterna ... I'm not going to bed, it's not even lunchtime yet :)

01:11<andrej> That was a belated goodnight for sasa

01:14<idioterna> oh hmm

01:14<idioterna> you're in australia?

01:15<CrazyLemon> kiwi land

01:16<CrazyLemon> ln

01:17<idioterna> it's like 7am in NZ isn't it?

01:19<andrej> Not quite

01:19<andrej> 11:19am

01:20<idioterna> oh

01:20<andrej> Almost feeding time ... I'm ravenous

01:20<idioterna> cool, where are you in NZ?

01:20<andrej> hungry = lacen ... what is ravenous in Slovene?

01:21<idioterna> hm

01:21<idioterna> sestradan

01:21<idioterna> but that's literally starving

01:21<andrej> I'm in Wellington

01:21<andrej> Thanks

01:21<idioterna> cool

01:22<andrej> Nice little city

01:22<idioterna> it's about the size of ljubljana

01:23<andrej> Love it - wouldn't want to live anywhere else. It's so compact, yet full of options in terms of culture, food and recreation

01:23<andrej> How many inhabitants does Ljubljana have these days?

01:23<idioterna> we have that, too, but very different :)

01:23<idioterna> about 300k

01:24<idioterna> we have a lot of stuff going on but it's mostly europeanized beyond recognition

01:24<andrej> Wellington region is about 460K; the city itself is about 150K, which makes it nice and gives it a light-weight feel :)

01:25<idioterna> yeah it's about the same here

01:25<idioterna> municipal area is with suburbs that are really boring

01:25<andrej> I only know Ljubljana from passing through :)

01:25<idioterna> the center is much smaller and kind of picturesque

01:27<andrej> even the commuter burbs here look bearable; the landscape doesn't offer itself to large concrete blocks, you commonly have single homes, and few town-houses.

01:27<andrej> I live ~ 5Km from the CBD

01:27<andrej> Actually

01:27<andrej> more like 4

01:28<andrej> It's a 5K walk to my work

01:28<idioterna> yeah

01:28<andrej> which is on the northern bound of the CBD

01:28<idioterna> i have a 10km commute to work from the hills to the east to the city centre

01:29<idioterna> but i usually take a shortcut and do 30km

01:29<andrej> Heh

01:29<andrej> not exactly my idea of a "shortcut"

01:30<andrej> I take a 6 to 11k detour when I run to work three times a week :D

01:32<idioterna> cool


01:32<idioterna> this is the hill i usually climb before work

01:39<andrej> So you're tackling the "shortcut" on the bike, then :)

01:40<idioterna> ye

01:41<andrej> I don't have any photos to show from my runs :/

01:41<idioterna> ooh don't get me started

01:41<idioterna> i have videos :)

01:41<andrej> lol


01:44Ljubljana - Semič - Ljubljana - YouTube»Lunch ride on a nice day.«

01:44<idioterna> my latest

01:46<idioterna> otherwise is for fun and is a collage of my commutes through town

01:46Climbing in the Sun - YouTube»«

01:47<andrej> heh

01:47<andrej> I'll have to dig these out my logs when I get home

01:47<andrej> Can't really start watching videos here :D

01:57<andrej> sometimes I run over Mt Vic

01:58<idioterna> it looks great

01:59<andrej> Sometimes over Tinakori Hill ... the peek in the background (just past the harbour) is Mt Victoria, the other hill I tackle when running ...

01:59Wellington from Tinakori Hill | Flickr - Photo Sharing!»The view from Tinakori Hill: Thorndon in foreground, then CBD high rises, followed by Lambton Harbour, Oriental Parade on the other side of the harbour, houses on the side of Mount Victoria, and the Rimutaka Ranges in the far distance. The main earthquake fault-line follows the road running left to right in the immediate foreground - a 7 to 8 magnitude quake is quite possible. Tinakori hill uplifts steeply from the edge of the fault. Exotic pine trees have recently been removed to both to prevent quake-related tree avalanches and to allow native trees to be re-established. Until very recently this view would have been blocked by trees. The perspective has been slightly corrected in The Gimp. Reduced to 1024x768 with a little USM to preserve detail. img_2991.jpg: DateTime: 2006:02:06 13:22:02 ExposureTime: 1/500 ApertureValue: f/5.0 ExposureBiasValue: -3/3 ISO: 50 ExposureMode: Av-priority FocalLength: 36mm (35mm equiv.) SubjectDistance: 18.4m«

02:00<andrej> Can't find decent shots from or off Mt Albert, the third hill (the lowest of the three, but makes for the longest run, 16.7k)

02:01<idioterna> do you ever run barefoot?

02:01<andrej> I run in fivefingers

02:01<andrej> too much broken glas

02:01<idioterna> i used to run barefoot

02:02<idioterna> but the dog got too old and i stopped

02:02<idioterna> now we just walk

02:02<andrej> every time I ran in bare feet here I ended up with cut feet or shards of stuck in them

02:02<andrej> glass

02:03<andrej> meh

02:03<idioterna> yeah i never did it in town

02:03<idioterna> just trails from here into the hills

02:03<andrej> Nice

02:03<andrej> fivefingers are a good enough approximation :)

02:04<idioterna> yeah or any flat bottom sneakers i guess


02:05bos - YouTube»«

02:05<idioterna> hehe

02:05<idioterna> bos means barefoot

02:05<andrej> Yup - I remember that

02:05<andrej> tecem bosonog :)

02:07<andrej> what does your nick mean?

02:07<idioterna> "idiots"

02:07<idioterna> in swedish

02:08<andrej> Heh

02:08<idioterna> it's also a title of a danish movie

02:08<andrej> you're polyglot :)

02:10<idioterna> i used to travel a lot

02:10<idioterna> before i got kids

02:10<andrej> heh

02:10<andrej> koliko si star? :)

02:11<idioterna> 33

02:11<andrej> mladic! :)

02:12<idioterna> yeah

02:13<andrej> Right ... time for me lunch time walk - it's sunny today :}

02:13<andrej> me=my

02:13<idioterna> srecno

02:13<idioterna> good luck

02:13<andrej> Hvala ;)

02:14<andrej> srecno as in "srecno pot"?

02:14<idioterna> just in general :)

02:14<idioterna> yeah i should say godspeed :)

02:51<andrej> heh

02:51<andrej> I'm not fast, I'm afraid, but persistent ;D

08:49<miha> dz0ny_: kul

08:53 [] gregor3000: Re: Dual boot ne deluje

09:00<napsy> lp

09:00<miha> lp

09:54 [] sailor: Re: Ubuntu sestanek

09:56 [] dusang: Re: [rešeno] Zamenjava gonilnika NVIDIA

10:45<sasa84_> o CrazyLemon

10:45<sasa84_> si pa zgodn!


10:47Sober up in drunk tank and pay £400 to leave - Telegraph»Drunks causing a nuisance in towns and cities will be held overnight in privately run “drunk tanks” and charged up to £400, under police leaders’ proposals.«

10:47<miha> jutro sasa84

10:47<slax0r> ma nisi ni ti picko tako losa :D

10:47<sasa84> jutro miha

10:47<slax0r> er...morning

10:48<miha> slax0r: lol

10:49<slax0r> ma spomnila me je na un vic :P

10:50<sasa84> slax0r, ? :)

10:50<sasa84> miha, drunk tanks niti ni tko napačn :P

11:25<miha> sasa84: kak to zgleda? :)

11:25<sasa84> pojma nimam.. ampak nekam te zaprejo in gledajo nate, da ne gagneš zarad alkota...pol pa jim na konc plačaš :P

11:26<miha> luksuzna storitev :)

11:31<dz0ny_> kdo je pa pika?

11:31<dz0ny_> pitko with typo?

11:32<miha> anchy clon?

11:32<miha> :p

11:32<miha> !g there are no women on internets

11:33There Are No Girls On The Internet | Know Your Meme

11:40<dz0ny_> hm ena druga ki ima žblj psevdonimov

11:40<dz0ny_> lol

12:18<miha> 99 little bugs in the code

12:18<miha> 99 little bugs in the code

12:18<miha> Take one down, patch it around

12:18<miha> 117 little bugs in the code

12:18<miha> (kopirano od win8)

12:36<dz0ny_> Congrats on becoming a Dropbox Guru! We've awarded you 23 GB of bonus space for the next 24 months. You now have 34.22 GB on Dropbox.

12:36<dz0ny_> yay

12:39<miha> s čim si si pa to zaslužu?

12:40<sasa84> dz0ny_, ...

12:40<sasa84> can i be ur friend?

12:44<dz0ny_> miha hint xda patched dropbox

12:48<miha> kul

12:48<miha> !g xda patched dropbox

12:48[ROM]Official 4.1.B.0.587+ Deodex patch[ROOTED][mediafire,box ...

12:50<zdobersek> (12:36:34) dz0ny_: Congrats on becoming a Dropbox Guru! We've awarded you 23 GB of bonus space for the next 24 months. You now have 34.22 GB on Dropbox.

12:50<zdobersek> DOWN WITH THE 1%


12:57<dz0ny_> hm a vam neti kaj nagajajo

12:57<zdobersek> mhm

12:57<dz0ny_> google images je brez slik :)

12:58<zdobersek> nope, got dogs.


12:59<dz0ny_> .stran

12:59<breza1> NI dosegljiva.

12:59<dz0ny_> uf

13:01<dz0ny_> a so ukinl down: ~11 hours 44 mins

13:09<CrazyLemon> za vse ki boste dobili bonus na dropbox prek patchev.. zgubili boste bonus v nekaj dneh :)


13:37NSA Spy Community Architecture 2011»NSA Spy Community Architecture 2011«

14:14<anny> dan

14:14<breza1> Hej anny, lepo te je videti!

14:15<anny> kok je ta breza en cukr!

14:16<idioterna> skrob pa dekstroza

14:17<anny> same redilne stvari

14:17<idioterna> hm

14:17<idioterna> a silikati redijo?

14:18<idioterna> zgleda da bl ne

14:18<idioterna> niti prov zlo tasty ne zgledajo


14:18File:Nesosilicates exhibit, Museum of Geology, South Dakota.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

14:19<idioterna> pomoje rabs kr kaloricne omakce da to spravs dol

14:27<yang> GNU turns thirty in less than two weeks! Wherever you live, we hope you'll join us for our big anniversary celebration and hackathon on September 28 - 29.


14:28GNU 30th anniversary - GNU Project -Free Software Foundation

14:28<miha> "His job was to do what he did. He wasn't a ghost. He wasn't that clever. He did his job. He was observed [moving documents], but it was his job."

14:28Officials: Edward Snowden's Leaks Were Masked By Job Duties»Officials: Edward Snowden's Leaks Were Masked By Job Duties«

14:53<CrazyLemon> Brskalnik, s katerim poskušate prevzeti digitalno potrdilo SIGEN-CA, ne podpira prevzema digitalnih potrdil.

14:53<CrazyLemon> oh god

14:59<miha> CrazyLemon: dela samo z IE.

14:59<CrazyLemon> miha pa FF

14:59<miha> s FF izpred 10 let ja

14:59<miha> s trenutnim ne

15:00<CrazyLemon> miha lepo te prosim no.. si probal s trenutnim?

15:04<dz0ny_> CrazyLemon: maš kak vinograd v bližini


15:04<dz0ny_> :P

15:05<dz0ny_> ubuntu vino :)

15:05<CrazyLemon> dz0ny_ kar nekaj jih je.. :D

15:05<CrazyLemon> !g agraria

15:05Agraria Koper

15:05<miha> CrazyLemon: sem probal, pa ni delal

15:05<miha> CrazyLemon: mam IE v virtualbox :D

15:05<dz0ny_> CrazyLemon: to res ne dela mislim da moraš met ff 3.5

15:05<dz0ny_> pač zelo staro zadevo

15:05<dz0ny_> dela pa če pofejkaš user agneta

15:05<dz0ny_> vspovsod

15:05<dz0ny_> :P

15:06<dz0ny_> vsepovsod


15:07Kakav (ne)sretnik - Želudac mu sam pretvarao hranu u pivo! -»Zahvaljujući tome što su mu se u crijeva nastanile gljivice, odnosno pivski kvasac, muškarac se nehotice opijao jer bi škrob koju je unosio u sebe fermentirala u etanol.«

15:08<CrazyLemon> dz0ny_ js sm ga pravkar prevzel z FF 24.0

15:08<dz0ny_> CrazyLemon: hm mogoče so posodobili

15:09<dz0ny_> sem 90% da mi ni htelo z chrome pa ff (latest) na ie pa je

15:10<CrazyLemon> z chrome tudi meni ni hotlo.. izpiše <CrazyLemon> Brskalnik, s katerim poskušate prevzeti digitalno potrdilo SIGEN-CA, ne podpira prevzema digitalnih potrdil.

15:10<CrazyLemon> ff pa gre..

15:11<dz0ny_> ja idioti so

15:11<dz0ny_> ceprav oba znata

15:12<dz0ny_> tud 4k bitno zaščito znata uvozit

15:12<CrazyLemon> no 4k ne ponujajo..sam 2k

15:13<CrazyLemon> neumnost je tudi da sploh nimajo spletne strani za preizkus certifikata


15:18<dz0ny_> o lej smo že terorista: Slovenec na bratislavskem letališču ni imel bombe. Šlo je za lažni preplah.


15:20<dz0ny_> ^^ paše zraven


15:31<CrazyLemon> pica recesija :D

15:33<dz0ny_> lol

15:33<dz0ny_> hm kako se že temu reče

15:33<dz0ny_> ocvirkovka


15:34Android Open Source Tech Lead Heads to Yahoo - Mike Isaac - Mobile - AllThingsD»Another mobile hire for Yahoo under Marissa Mayer.«


15:36Simon McCoy shows off latest must have gadget for BBC newsreaders - YouTube»BBC news presenter Simon McCoy left viewers baffled today when he presented a report while carrying a stack of photocopier paper - after mistaking it for an ...«

15:37<zdobersek> dz0ny_: prosjaca?

16:43 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Map Keyboard/Mouse Input To Your Gamepad With AntiMicro

18:00<anny> kuga delajo ti španci...ccc!


18:44Cyanogen is now a company, aims to be third major mobile ecosystem»CyanogenMod has grown unusually quickly in the past several months, polishing its custom Android firmware and introducing new services. We now know why«


19:51Cyanogen gets M funding, aims at building a better version of Android! - GURU8»Remember the company that makes the alternative rom for your android phone called, Cyanogen? Probably yes. The software company that started as a personal venture to create an alternative ROM for android phones has today announced that it has raised 7 million dollars from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures. Cyanogen Mod has more than 8…«

21:33<andrej> idioterna - some of your clips are broken :) ... they will make like they're caching for 10-15 seconds, and then skip to the end

21:34<msev> dz0ny, baje so ene težave z matično v temu netbooku, tko da tut zamenjava notranje nebi delala

21:34<msev> moram najdt enga ustreznga zunanjega

21:34<zdobersek> on cyanogen lead je zapustu samsung, ja?

21:34<idioterna> andrej: i'd blame youtube if i were you :)

21:35<andrej> Heh

21:36<idioterna> they all work for me, but sometimes not

21:36<idioterna> i don't know what the issue is

21:38<dz0ny> jesus mail mi bo pregoru

21:38Twitter / acer_chile: Convierte tu #computador en ...»Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.«

21:39<zdobersek> revcek

21:39<dz0ny> :)

21:39<dz0ny> msev: menji laptop

21:39<dz0ny> ah



21:41<dz0ny> mja jaz tud ne ce pa z modro pobarvajo besedilo pa font 16 ffs

21:41<dz0ny> leave it alone

21:42<zdobbie> NSFW ^

21:42<dz0ny> mhm :)

21:43<idioterna> a franci vse nabuta

21:43<idioterna> nase

21:44<dz0ny> !g gomer pyle

21:44Gomer Pyle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

21:45<dz0ny> afkors


21:47Intel: The year of the Linux desktop is here | ZDNet»Intel CTO Dirk Hohndel sees Linux as the leading end-user operating systems - thanks to smartphones, tablets, as well as the rise of Chromebooks.«

21:47<CrazyLemon> zdobbie je ja

21:47<CrazyLemon> (zapustu samsung)

21:49<zdobbie> sem mislu, ce bi samsung nameravu na cyanogenmod preklopt

21:49<CrazyLemon> preveč se ukvarjajo s touchwizom

21:54<zdobbie> CrazyLemon: zakaj se nisi executif v Samsungu?

21:54<CrazyLemon> zdobbie i have no freakin idea

22:23<zdobbie> .yt system of a down mr jack

22:23<breza1> System OF A Down - Mr Jack(4 minute) ♥5,888 ▶1,735,383

22:28<CrazyLemon> zdobbie igraš doto? :)

22:31<zdobbie> CrazyLemon: zdle se kosarko gledam

22:32<CrazyLemon> zdobbie ??

22:32<CrazyLemon> kaj pa je narobe da gledaš košarko???

22:32<dz0ny> [rtvslo] -5 pred zadnjo četrtino.

22:32<CrazyLemon> a si v redu? tako duševno kot telesno?

22:32<zdobbie> ??

22:33<dz0ny> zgubil... bodo

22:33<CrazyLemon> dz0ny -7 je

22:33<CrazyLemon> in ja..nimajo šans proti parkerju

22:36<CrazyLemon> dragič je nadležen

22:36<zdobbie> kter?

22:36<CrazyLemon> ta ki se dela da igra sam

22:38<zdobbie> a ne igra za Slovenijo?

22:38<CrazyLemon> igra ja

22:38<CrazyLemon> zato pa pravim da je nadležen

22:45<msev> škoda da ni blo kj joksimoviča not

22:45<msev> mogoč bi pa njemu šlo pa ga ni niti sprobou

22:45<CrazyLemon> joksimovic je igral

22:45<msev> ja nakonc

22:45<msev> čist mal

22:46<msev> sm mislu tko več minutaže

22:46<msev> gogi se je preveč silu

22:47<CrazyLemon> mhm

22:47<msev> ma sj so bli dobre

22:48<msev> dobri*

22:48<msev> načeloma

22:48<CrazyLemon> silu se je da si zrihta še kak miljonček ob podaljšanju pogodbe :)

22:48<msev> zj bo pou miljončka u minusu

22:48<msev> ;:D

22:52<dz0ny> A kdo uporablja od breze news ticker?


22:53Cyanogen Inc. - Team

22:53<CrazyLemon> not me

22:54<dz0ny> Mors bit v ZDA če hočeš za njih delat

23:02<pitko> večer

23:03<andrej> Love it - wouldn't want to live anywhere else. It's so compact, yet full of options in terms of culture, food and recreation

23:03<andrej> meh

23:03<pitko> :)

23:03<pitko> we lose

23:03<pitko> -.-

23:03<andrej> the perils of sloppy focus models

23:03<andrej> kaj pa si zgubil?

23:04<pitko> i watch basketball :)

23:04<andrej> ah well ... everyone has their foibles :)

23:04<pitko> we slovenian lose in quter finals against french

23:05<andrej> aha

23:05<pitko> :/

23:06<andrej> a bicycle in Beijing got stolen

23:06<pitko> you now how it is when maribor play in fotball :) viole

23:06<pitko> *football

23:07<andrej> heh

23:07<andrej> I don't watch or folow any sports

23:07<andrej> :)

23:08<pitko> i think you are not the only one in this chat room :)

23:09<pitko> who dont folow any sports

23:09<andrej> I'd rather go for a walk or run than to watch others ... it bores me

23:10<pitko> hm mybe in some pub with cold beer and pizza :) ?

23:10<pitko> or home

23:10<andrej> Heh

23:11<andrej> Still unappealing ... happy to go for food/beer, but why ruin it with a telly?

23:12<pitko> :)

23:13<pitko> then what do you do ? you go to work? school?

23:14<andrej> Work ... tad too old for school :D

23:15<pitko> ok i must ask then i am the youngest in this chat room :D

23:15<andrej> bom 50 naslednje leto

23:15<pitko> :D

23:15<pitko> i coudl be my dead :)

23:15<pitko> i am 19

23:15<andrej> LOL

23:15<andrej> I think you meant to say:"You could be my dad"

23:15<pitko> ye

23:15<pitko> :D

23:17<pitko> my english is bad -.-

23:18<pitko> i understand very good but my writing skills ... :)

23:22<pitko> dz0ny zanimivo tisto k si poslov

23:22<CrazyLemon> i still cant believe that you are a translator :>

23:22<pitko> :)

23:22<pitko> to je spirit res

23:22<pitko> drazen

23:22<pitko> spodbuda

23:22<pitko> :D

23:22<pitko> lahk neham

23:22<pitko> :D

23:23<CrazyLemon> pitko spomni se kar sem ti reku glede novic.. veš kaj me boli če ti nehaš ali ne :)

23:23<pitko> vem

23:23<pitko> sej mene tut kaj ti govoriš

23:23<pitko> sam jaz zadržim kometar zase

23:23<pitko> lahko ga tut ti

23:23<CrazyLemon> zakaj le :)

23:24<pitko> zato k je še kdo v tem ircu k havala bogu ne razmišla tako k ti

23:26<pitko> sej men je čist usen če je sam ena novica na strani al pa če jo ukinete še bol

novejši starejši
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