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00:07<netkat> hehe yang, una z brsljanom je fajn, manjka sam se kak vrsicek hmelja, tobaka al pa ganje:)

10:42<yang> .vreme lj

10:42<jabuk> ARSO: Ljubljana (299m): 20°C @15.07.2014 10:00 CEST.

10:42<jabuk> Vlažnost: 85% zmerno oblačno ploha

10:42<jabuk> Sončni vzhod: 03:26:43, Kulminacija: 11:08:56, Sončni zahod: 18:51:09

10:42<jabuk> Dan je dolg: 15ur 24min 26s, Luna je v ščipu

10:48<zdobersek> cudno vreme

11:03<CrazyLemon> sončno pri nas

11:06<yang> sej tukaj tud

11:06<yang> ploha je bla

11:10<sasa84> juhu

11:10<sasa84> oo zdobersek

11:10<sasa84> ACTION postreže kavico

11:10<zdobersek> oo sasa84

11:18<sasa84> kaj zdej zdobersek ? kako je moja <:O~?

11:20<zdobersek> sasa84: se kr miga

11:29<sasa84> no, to pa lepo slišat ;)

11:29<sasa84> (brat)

11:29<sasa84> kje pa CrazyLemon pohaja?

11:33<CrazyLemon> ACTION --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> .

11:35<sasa84> hm

11:35<sasa84> ACTION pomaha CrazyLemon

11:35<sasa84> .gif hello


11:35<CrazyLemon> ACTION pomaha nazaj

11:35<CrazyLemon> .gif wave back


11:36<CrazyLemon> nič..lejtr aligejtr

12:01 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Variety Wallpaper Changer 0.4.19 Adds Support For Panoramio, Fixes Flickr And Sources, More

12:21<orion1111> je možno, da pride do pomanjkanja (out of) free dynos, ce ti nekdo flooda heroku stran?

12:30<dz0ny> orion1111: sam en dyno je free

12:31<dz0ny> ce presežeš limit 500gb prometa

12:31<dz0ny> moras pa placat pol

12:46<dz0ny> pping

12:46<dz0ny> ping

12:46<jabuk> dz0ny: pong

12:52<CrazyLemon> in začelo se je poletje..gaddemit

12:52<dz0ny> vremensko se ne...

12:52<CrazyLemon> mogoče ne pri tebi

12:52<CrazyLemon> .vreme koepr

12:52<CrazyLemon> meh

12:52<CrazyLemon> .vreme koper

12:52<jabuk> ARSO: Koper Kapitanija (4.0m): 27.5°C @15.07.2014 12:30 CEST.

12:52<jabuk> Vlažnost: 47% Veter: severnik 3.5 m/s

12:52<jabuk> Sončni vzhod: 03:31:37, Kulminacija: 11:12:06, Sončni zahod: 18:52:35

12:52<jabuk> Dan je dolg: 15ur 20min 57s, Luna je v ščipu

12:52<jabuk> ARSO: Koper Kapitanija (4.0m): 27.5°C @15.07.2014 12:30 CEST.

12:52<jabuk> Vlažnost: 47% Veter: severnik 3.5 m/s

12:52<jabuk> Sončni vzhod: 03:31:37, Kulminacija: 11:12:06, Sončni zahod: 18:52:35

12:53<jabuk> Dan je dolg: 15ur 20min 57s, Luna je v ščipu

12:53<dz0ny> 27?

12:53<dz0ny> sej to ni vroce

12:53<CrazyLemon> 30°

12:53<CrazyLemon> poletne temperature so vse kar je nad 25°

12:55<sasa84> .vreme rakek

12:55<jabuk> ARSO: Postojna (533m): 24.3°C @15.07.2014 12:30 CEST.

12:55<jabuk> Vlažnost: 53% Veter: vzhodnik 2.6 m/s

12:55<jabuk> Sončni vzhod: 03:28:18, Kulminacija: 11:09:45, Sončni zahod: 18:51:12

12:55<jabuk> Dan je dolg: 15ur 22min 54s, Luna je v ščipu

12:57<dz0ny> .vreme babno polje

12:57<jabuk> ARSO: Babno Polje (756 m) (756.0m): 20.4°C @15.07.2014 12:30 CEST.

12:57<jabuk> Vlažnost: 68%

12:57<jabuk> Sončni vzhod: 03:27:59, Kulminacija: 11:08:49, Sončni zahod: 18:49:40

12:57<jabuk> Dan je dolg: 15ur 21min 40s, Luna je v ščipu

12:58<dz0ny> aja dz je padu

12:58<dz0ny> zadnje case mam obcutek da sem nekje bliz dezevnega gozda doma

12:58<dz0ny> k je skoz dez pa megla

12:58<CrazyLemon> fajn!

12:58<CrazyLemon> vsaj ti ni vroče

12:58<CrazyLemon> :D

12:58<dz0ny> true

13:03<sasa84> oooo dz0ny

13:03<sasa84> ACTION skoči dz0ny v naročje

13:03<CrazyLemon> oss home! :)

13:03Honda Smart Home US | Open Sourcing Honda Smart Home»Open Sourcing Honda Smart Home - In the three months following our launch, the response to Honda Smart Home has been truly amazing. We’ve hosted over a thousand visitors in Davis including architects, builders, researchers, academics, media, policymakers and enthusiastic members of the public. And we’ve received inquiries and proposals from businesses all across the world looking to get involved in green building. Many of the people and companies we’ve met with wanted to know how they could incorporate what we’ve demonstrated into their own projects, or build upon what we’ve learned in their own research. We want nothing more than to facilitate this effort, so today, we’re releasing a batch of files the get the process rolling. By visiting the “downloads” section above, you will now find several files available: Architectural Plans – We worked with Lim Chang Rohling & Associates to create a beautiful form that incorporates passive design, and Monley Cronin, Inc. to build it. Although the details of our design have been fine tuned to take advantage of the sun and weather at our site, I hope that any interested individuals are able to use our plans as a starting point to create their own sustainable homes around the country. This download contains PDFs as well as the 2D and 3D CAD data to facilitate the design process. Interior Design & Plans – Love the tile we chose in the bathrooms? Or the efficient appliances in the kitchen? Thanks to MAK Design+Build, we were able to spec local and sustainable materials throughout the home – a critical part of the holistic design process. It can be daunting to find furniture and materials that you feel good about, so if you are building or renovating your home, please take a look at these files which list all of our interior materials and where to find them. Mechanical & Plumbing Plans – Some of the most innovative work we’re doing on this project involves the ground source heating and cooling. Many researchers have expressed an interest in building upon this work, and these plans are a great starting point. We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at if you incorporate any of our work into your own project, or if you have any ideas or questions. If you send us something really cool, we’ll feature it here. —Michael «

13:04<dz0ny> sasa84: hi

13:05<sasa84> ACTION <3

13:05<sasa84> dz0ny,kaj kej lepga delaš?

13:06<dz0ny> s pitoni se ukvarjam :)

13:06<zdobersek> kaplje steje

13:06<dz0ny> zdobersek: ti pa strele :)

13:06<zdobersek> ... ne?

13:06<sasa84> pitoni, dz0ny ?

13:06<dz0ny> python

13:06<sasa84> aaaaa

13:06<sasa84> ACTION imela že umazane misli

13:07<zdobersek> .yt yamma yamma yamma

13:07<jabuk> All in All Azhagu Raja - Yamma Yamma Lyric | Karthi, Kajal (5 minut) ♥169 ▶110,934

13:08<zdobersek> tole sem mislu:

13:08Extras, season 2, Poofters at 12 O'Clock & Bunny - YouTube»From Andy Millman to David Brent. Extras Season 2 Episode 5.«

13:23<CrazyLemon> a o tem ti razmišljaš zdobersek ..yamma yamma yamma yamma

13:23<CrazyLemon> c c c

13:24<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: ne, o takih pitonih je razmisljala sasa84

13:24<CrazyLemon> <zdobersek> tole sem mislu

13:24<CrazyLemon> you said it

13:24<CrazyLemon> lej..i dont judge

13:24<zdobersek> nea bluzi

13:24<CrazyLemon> that much

13:24<CrazyLemon> :)

13:27<idioterna> kad vidite pitona, sjebacete se

13:31<zdobersek> ti, mala, da sutis!

13:35<CrazyLemon> dok te ... ?

13:41 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Dropbox UI Rewritten In Qt For Latest Experimental Linux & Windows Builds

14:18<sasa84> parapapa paaaaam

14:18<CrazyLemon> i'm loving it?

14:18<sasa84> :$

14:19<sasa84> CrazyLemon,boš pleskavico?

14:19<CrazyLemon> sasa84 a sam pleskavico?

14:19<sasa84> pleskavica pa +

14:20<CrazyLemon> torej pluskavico?

14:20<CrazyLemon> :D

14:27<zdobersek> pleskavico in igracko

14:27<zdobersek> otroski meni, pac



15:47<zdobersek> ...

16:04<sasa84_> yang,kakšne perverzne fotke :P

16:08<yang> sasa84_: a ti ni vsec pokal ?

16:10<sasa84_> lepe kopalke

16:10<yang> to pa drzi

16:13<idioterna> kok mam sreco da ne spremljam uradnih medijev

16:13<idioterna> da mi pol ni treba vedet kdo so ljudje na teh slikcah

16:14<sasa84_> ta desn je verjetno ch. ronaldo, ker objema pokal

16:14<sasa84_> a mam prou yang ?

16:40<idioterna> č. ronaldo?

16:40<zdobersek> čarli

16:56<sasa84_> čarli ronaldo :D

16:56<sasa84_> čoban ronaldo :D

16:58 [OMG! Ubuntu!] KDE Plasma 5 Arrives with Fresh New Look, True Convergence

17:01<yang> sasa84_: nevem, jst to z FBja pobiram

17:01<yang> nisem glih na tekocem s fuzbalom, ampak pomoje je un svaba k je dal gol

17:02<yang> itak so blefiral prva dva polcasa

17:04<sasa84_> götze?

17:04<sasa84_> hm...neb rekla

17:11<yang> goatse

18:18<zdobersek1> ping

18:18<jabuk> zdobersek1: pong

18:18<zdobersek1> ping

18:18<jabuk> zdobersek1: pong

18:18<zdobersek1> dong

18:19<idioterna> bing

18:19<idioterna> ne mara microsofta

18:22<orion1111> burp

18:23<orion1111> !t en sl burping


18:24<orion1111> !t sl en prduhar


18:24<idioterna> !t sl en butl


18:25<idioterna> see?

18:25<idioterna> napisu sm mu "ti si en butl" on je pa odvrnu "moron"

18:25<idioterna> to je prava umetna inteligenca

18:27<dz0ny> -:)

18:27<dz0ny> ---:)

18:27<dz0ny> :---)

18:28<zdobersek> --:-|

18:30<dz0ny> ====::)-

18:30<zdobersek> OOOO:|

19:35<zdobersek> ping

19:35<zdobersek> ping?

19:35<zdobersek> ping :'/

19:35<jabuk> zdobersek: pong

19:39<zdobersek> ping

19:39<jabuk> zdobersek: pong

19:44<yang> 19:41:18 up 908 days, 18:53, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05

19:45<zdobersek> .plosk


19:45<dz0ny> berlin malls and streets these days


19:46This Is the Latest Bizarre Viral Male Fashion Trend - Mic»Fashion meets nature meets Internet.«

19:46<dz0ny> Led Zeppelin during golden record award ceremony.

19:47<yang> heh

19:47<zdobersek> NSFW NSFW

19:48<yang> dz0ny: to sem jaz vseraj pastal bradonje

20:50<idioterna> kva je pa tle nsfw?

20:52<CrazyLemon> non safe firmware

20:55<CrazyLemon> .vreme pokljuka

20:55<jabuk> ARSO: Rudno polje (1347 m) (1347.0m): 13.6°C @15.07.2014 20:30 CEST.

20:55<jabuk> Vlažnost: 75% Veter: severozahodnik 0.2 m/s

20:55<jabuk> Sončni vzhod: 03:27:24, Kulminacija: 11:10:54, Sončni zahod: 18:54:24

20:55<jabuk> Dan je dolg: 15ur 27min 00s, Luna je v ščipu

20:55<CrazyLemon> .napoved

20:56<jabuk> V četrtek in petek bo večinoma sončno, možnost popoldanskih neviht bo majhna. V soboto bo precej jasno in vroče.

20:58<dz0ny> lol

20:58<dz0ny> zakaj za jutr ne piše

20:58<CrazyLemon> pojma nima..tudi js gledma kaj ga daje

20:58<dz0ny> sm mogu prov pogledat ce ni ze sreda danes

20:58<CrazyLemon> .prognoza

20:58<jabuk> V sosednjih pokrajinah bo jutri povečini sončno, predvsem v Alpah in krajih vzhodno od nas bodo popoldne krajevne nevihte.

20:58<CrazyLemon> meh

20:58<CrazyLemon> to bi moglo bit vse napoved

20:58<dz0ny> .obeti :)

20:59<zdobersek> o, Beti!

20:59<dz0ny> k je slovenščina tolk kulj jezik

21:02<yang> mensezdi da ta bot vedno napoveduje prognozo za po-jutrisnjem


21:19Twitter / sweden: The Swedish word for ’Goat’ ...»Connect with your friends — and other fascinating people. Get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you. And watch events unfold, in real time, from every angle.«

21:28 [OMG! Ubuntu!] 5 Simple Ways To Make Cinnamon Rock on Ubuntu

21:50<jabuk> M 1.4 > V od REKE (RIJEKA, HRVAŠKA) @15/07/2014 21:39:03,+14.52+E

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