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00:01<msev_> beeeee beeee

00:19<yang> netkat: haha

08:01<sasa84> juhuuuuuuuuuuu

08:07<LorD_DDooM> Ahoy, sailors

08:11<sasa84> elow lordi ;)

08:12<sasa84> LorD_DDooM, a si prevzel od zdoberska pozdrav? ;)

10:15 [] gregor3000: Re: Zorin OS (bazira na Ubuntuju)

10:34 [] Broker: LiBRE! 26 je dostupan za preuzimanje!

10:50<CrazyLemon> .morje

10:50<jabuk> Postaja Debeli Rtič - Jadransko morje: 23.8°C

10:50<jabuk> Postaja Koper - Jadransko morje: 24.8°C

10:50<jabuk> Postaja OB Piran (NIB) - Jadransko morje: 23.9°C

10:53<Sky[x]> u lepa ;)

10:53<Sky[x]> u petk bo spet fajn se notr vrst v morje :)

10:54<CrazyLemon> 24° je lepa???

10:54<CrazyLemon> da faq je mrzlo

11:08<yang> CrazyLemon: pejt v toplice pol

11:09<CrazyLemon> yang ne potrebujem toplic da bi namoču rit v topli vodi.. kopalnica je bližje

12:07<yang> heh kaj fusa v zivo

12:07Sophie Ellis Bextor - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) live at T in the Park 2014 - YouTube»Sophie Ellis Bextor performs Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) from the Radio 1 stage at T in the Park 2014. Head over to for more goodies ...«

12:11<zdobersek> ti verjetno pojes k angel

12:20<yang> jst sam pod tusem pojem, tko da se ne slisi najbolje

12:22<zdobersek> uh, cist kul se slisi

12:23<zdobersek> v Fort Meadu si #1 na EU lestvici

12:26<yang> hehe



12:59<zdobersek> .yt mumford & sons home

12:59<jabuk> Mumford and Sons - Home - Lyrics (HD) (4 minute) ♥17,416 ▶5,544,820


15:33SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

16:05 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Mailnag Email Notifier Sees New Major Release, Is No Longer Just For GNOME Shell

16:49<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: a gledas?

16:53<zdobersek> gleda.

17:13<CrazyLemon> zdobersek gledam

17:14<CrazyLemon> tony martin is impressive

17:16<zdobersek> track stand na klancu

17:16<zdobersek> zares impressive

17:17<idioterna> odvisn kok strm klanc je

17:17<yang> napacne zadeve gledata

17:17<idioterna> a to je fuzbal?


17:17Spaceflight Now | Falcon Launch Report | Mission Status Center

17:17<idioterna> sm mislu da na ravnem igrizcu igrajo

17:17<idioterna> igriscu

17:18<idioterna> yang: vids, kapitalizem se zdej ni tam k komunizem v 60 letih

17:18<idioterna> a bojo pokazal kko booster stage recoverajo?

17:20<zdobersek> tole je pa strmo

17:41<dz0ny> idioterna:

17:41/r/SpaceX Orbcomm OG2 official launch discussion & updates thread [July 14, 13:21 UTC | 9:21AM ET] (#3) : spacex»###[Launch Coverage here!]( All times given in **[UTC | EDT | T-]**: ___ **[T+14m]**: Still waiting on confirmatio...«

18:01<CrazyLemon> zdobersek nibali me je presenetu..nism mislu da ima dovolj moči za finish

18:20<dz0ny> idioterna: Rocket booster reentry, landing burn & leg deploy were good, but lost hull integrity right after splashdown (aka kaboom)

18:22<CrazyLemon> fyi.. vlc 2.1.5 je veliko veliko boljši kot 2.1.4

18:24<dz0ny> popcorntime?

18:24<CrazyLemon> naah

18:24<CrazyLemon> siol tvin on vlc time

18:24<CrazyLemon> :)


18:42n0thing got SWAT called during his stream - YouTube»«


19:26Most Powerful Supercomputer's Big Weakness | Go Parallel»China's Tianhe-2 may be the world's fastest supercomputer, but some researchers say its use is limited by its high cost and dearth of software, according to a recent article in the South China Morning Post. The Tianhe-2, which reaches 33.86 petaflops per second, was ranked No. 1 in the Top500 List for the third time…«

19:33<idioterna> dz0ny: to je kr ful napredek

19:35 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Xubuntu: How To Put Maximized Windows Buttons And Title On The Panel

20:40 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Raspberry Pi Model B+ Launched With 4 USB Ports, MicroSD Support, More

22:04<yang> hehe

22:0425 Beautiful Women Making Ugly Faces - 9GAG»Click to see the pic and write a comment...«

22:09<yang> dronestagram (zanimivo)


22:09The Winners Of Dronestagram's First Drone Photo Contest Are Impressive | Popular Photography»

The first of what's bound to be many drone photography competitions shows off just what the method has to offer


22:52<yang> heh

22:52Latest Trend: Men With Flowers In Their Beards | Bored Panda»Do you remember Pierce Thiot, a photographer who has a thing for putting various objects into his beard? Apparently, he's not the only one into this! Now, men around the world are putting beautiful arrangements of flowers into their beards.«

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