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01:54 [Ubuntu Security] USN-1758-2: Thunderbird vulnerability

07:18<zdobersek> ... earlay in the morning!

07:19<sterna> relay in the morning?

07:19<sterna> orle, orle in the morning.


07:20Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers - YouTube

08:17<dz0ny_> jutro

08:18<zdobersek> je res!

08:19<lupastro> dobro jutro

08:22<CrazyLemon> mornin'

08:25<dz0ny_> zdobersek grumpy much?

08:25<zdobersek> dans ste pa kr zgodnji

08:25<zdobersek> dz0ny_: sploh ne!

08:25<zdobersek> ne, res ne.

08:35<Sky[x]> jutro

08:38<CrazyLemon> ne gumpy much ampak grumpy always

08:40<CrazyLemon> lp

11:39<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: +v maybe?

12:16<_XeN_> hi everybody

12:16<_XeN_> can I ask you something about Slovenia?

12:18<sterna> it's not generally polite to ask if you can ask on irc

12:18<sterna> just ask the question

12:21<_XeN_> Now I'm Italy and I'm supposed to go to Celje

12:21<_XeN_> could you tell me how to reach that city from Ljubljana?

12:21<sterna> how are you travelling?

12:22<sterna> traveling even

12:22<_XeN_> I think by bus

12:23<sterna> if you're arriving to ljubljana by bus you'll arrive at the bus station

12:23<sterna> you can get a bus to celje from there


12:24Vozni red

12:24<_XeN_> you mean Avtobusna postaja ljubljana, don't you?

12:24<sterna> oh great

12:24<sterna> yes


12:25Vozni red

12:25<sterna> you can use this

12:25<sterna> just click search

12:25<_XeN_> Is Avtobusna postaja near to Zelezniska postaja ?

12:25<sterna> and you'll get departure times

12:25<sterna> yes, it's like in the same square

12:26<sterna> 50 metres from one building to the other

12:26<_XeN_> very well

12:26<zdobersek> you can also use train to get to Celje

12:26<_XeN_> yeah

12:26<zdobersek> I'm pretty sure it'll be cheaper as well

12:26<sterna> _XeN_:

12:26Kulturni projekt MASKE V MESTU. Kulturni projekt MASKE V MESTU (Parodija na sklep urada informacijskega pooblaščenca leta 2011.)

12:27<sterna> _XeN_: the big yellow building is the train station

12:27<_XeN_> nice site

12:27<_XeN_> :)

12:27<sterna> and the building to the left of it and between the two streets is the bus station building

12:27<sterna> but yes, the train might be cheaper

12:28<_XeN_> anyway, I tried to visit slovenian rail web site but it's difficult for me

12:28<sterna> let me try

12:28<_XeN_> thank you so much


12:29Vozni red s cenikom - Slovenske železnice d.o.o.

12:29<sterna> oh

12:29<sterna> _XeN_:

12:29Timetable with prices - Slovenske železnice d.o.o.

12:29<sterna> this one is in english

12:30<sterna> you can change the date to whenever you're traveling

12:30<_XeN_> sorry but I can't read prices

12:31<sterna> normal fare is apparently 6.60 or 12 euros depending on the train

12:31<sterna> the express gets there in an hour and the local train in an hour and a half

12:32<_XeN_> good

12:32<sterna> you can go first class with the express and it's a bit over 17 euros and i think they may have power sockets and wifi

12:32<sterna> but i'm not certain

12:32<_XeN_> and could you tell me the best way to rent a house there in celje?

12:32<sterna> huh

12:33<sterna> when are you getting here?

12:33<zdobersek> a full-blown apartment or just a hotel/hostel?

12:33<sterna> an entire house?

12:33<_XeN_> I'm supposed to stay there for about 6 months

12:34<_XeN_> so i think i will need an apartment or something like that

12:34<sterna> it usually takes a couple of weeks to set that up

12:34<yang> _XeN_: try

12:34<yang> _XeN_: you can rent per day/week/month there

12:34<sterna> you can go to but i don't think they have an english interface

12:34<sterna> oh

12:34<sterna> they do


12:34:: REAL ESTATE :: :: Slovenia ::



12:35<sterna> then you select for rent and whatever you want to rent

12:35<sterna> and you get a list of matching offers

12:36<_XeN_> nice thank you very much

12:36<_XeN_> Any of you huys comes from celje?

12:36<sterna> i don't know if anyone here does but i know a couple of people from celje

12:37<zdobersek> I do

12:37<sterna> and i've been through celje quite often

12:37<zdobersek> I'm not in the real estate market though so can't really help you there :>

12:38<_XeN_> zdobersek: dont' worry :) but could you tell me something about that city?

12:39<yang> _XeN_: the best way to get something temporarily is prolly from a website like AIRBNB, then from there on you can move into a more serious local agency market, like sterna suggested to you. Airbnb even offers options to check where you have additionals in the apartment, like Internet, Wi-FI, etc.

12:41<zdobersek> _XeN_: a nice city with rich history, not the most vivid community and no ecstatic night life, but the city is far from dead

12:42<zdobersek> other than that it basically boils down to what matters for you (in the sense of recreation and lifestyle)

12:43<_XeN_> zdobersek: are there many university-students? What about the transport?

12:44<_XeN_> Are there many gyms? Do many people speak English or am I supposed to speak Slovene too?

12:45<lynxlynxlynx> point and wave

12:45<zdobersek> _XeN_: not really, Celje is not really an university center (compared to Ljubljana where there's students everywhere)

12:45<zdobersek> there's plenty of gyms to choose from, people (especially younger ones) tend to speak English

12:46<_XeN_> good

12:46<_XeN_> I'm trying to learn a bit of Slovene but it's quite difficult

12:47<sterna> yeah

12:48<sterna> i have two coworkers from the states and one from russia

12:48<sterna> they're having a hard time, too

12:48<_XeN_> I can only say few word

12:49<_XeN_> such as dobro jutro o nasvidenie

12:49<sterna> i think enough people speak basic english

12:49<sterna> you're not going to starve to death :)

12:49<sterna> and you'll learn quickly if you'll live here

12:50<_XeN_> obviously :)

12:50<_XeN_> But I'd like to get integrated the best I can

12:50<yang> _XeN_: out of curiousity why did you decide to live in Slovenia ?

12:51<sterna> and why celje? :)

12:51<_XeN_> There's a university european program

12:51<_XeN_> sending me there

12:53<sterna> where are you from?

12:53<_XeN_> Italy

12:53<sterna> which school is in celje?

12:54<sterna> that you're going to be visiting

12:54<yang> _XeN_: just listening to Toto Cutugno ATM :)

12:54<_XeN_> gotta go

12:54<sasa84_> lol yang :)

12:54<_XeN_> se you in 30 min

12:54<sterna> srecno

12:54<sasa84_> bye _XeN_

12:55<sasa84_> model gre v ce študirat? swašta

12:55<yang> sasa84_: zelis kopijo (.zip) ? :)

12:55<sasa84_> yang, a tota? :)

12:55<yang> ja

12:56<yang> no sej ti obvladas torrente, sem jo naredu za prjatle, k ne obvladajo tega

12:56<sasa84_> yang, jaz sem ostala pr insieme :)

12:56<yang> ;)

12:57<yang> no mogoce se komu drugemu prav pride

12:57<zdobersek> sasa84_: jelly much?!

12:57<sasa84_> ajaaaa, io sono l'italianooooo :D

12:57<sasa84_> zdobersek, nou nou

12:59<yang> evo zdej Insieme

12:59<yang> :)

13:00<yang> evo kaj je ratal iz Evrope *sigh*

13:00<yang> Italjani bezijo k nam

13:00<yang> :)

13:02<dz0ny> in rusi...

13:03<zdobersek> ma muricans

13:04<yang> rusi bodo vse ta boljse place pokupli

13:04<sterna> nah

13:04<sterna> ne bodo

13:04<yang> za njimi pa pridejo arabci in kitajci

13:05<sterna> tudze necemo, svoje nedamo!

13:16<CrazyLemon> zdobersek fix plugin maybe? :)

13:16<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: porque?

13:19<_XeN_> here I am again

13:19<CrazyLemon> zdobersek because its broken? :)

13:20<CrazyLemon> in zdobersek a mogoče veš zakaj mi ubuntu ob povezavi na eduroam samodejno izpolni username pa geslo? s kje pobere geslo ..username verjetno najde v certifikatu ki je na disku.. samo še to nism zihr

13:20<zdobersek> iz keyringa?

13:21<CrazyLemon> maybe..ampak zakaj me pol noče povezat na eduroam :)

13:26 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Install Pulseaudio With Built-In System-Wide Equalizer In Ubuntu

13:27<zdobersek> CrazyLemon: silly-op-not-giving-v+-to-zdobersek filter?

13:34<sasa84_> CrazyLemon, noče te povezat zto, k si prej brskou po p*rn site-ih

13:34<sasa84_> :S

13:35<sasa84_> Smellylemon

13:35<CrazyLemon> sasa84_ joke is on you.. ker nisem še bil povezan na eduroam

13:35<CrazyLemon> ever

13:35<CrazyLemon> :)

13:35<sasa84_> ti pa priporočam... torrente hitr dol vleče :P

13:36<sasa84_> nism mogla verjet, d je film lohk prej kt v 10min dol :P

13:36<roxxxxxx> oj ce mam win in ubuntu.. in formatiram win7 bom imel probleme z bootom?

13:38<CrazyLemon> če si pravilno namestil.. ne boš imel problemov.. in če boš res formatiral samo win7 :)

13:39<roxxxxxx> ce sem pravilno namestil kaj?

13:39<CrazyLemon> ubuntu in win in ne wubi

13:42<dz0ny> roxxxxxx: predvidevam da "formatiram" win7 misliš da zbrišeš win7 z diska?

13:43<roxxxxxx> aha super

13:43<roxxxxxx> zbrisem in se enkrat upisem

13:43<dz0ny> potem ne boš imel problemov, razen če si namestil prek wubi, torej si namestitev zagnal z windows sistema..

13:43<roxxxxxx> ne ni wubi ne

13:43<roxxxxxx> super hvala pol :)

13:44<dz0ny> aja pa ko pobrišeš poženi update-grub, da ti ne bo kazalo več win7 ob izbiri boota

13:45<roxxxxxx> hm.. na boot hocem da mi prikze tako ubuntu kot win7 ko ga bom reinstaliraw..

13:47<roxxxxxx> aha sem rzumel

13:47<dz0ny> potem boš moral popravit grub v vsakem primeru

13:47<dz0ny> ker win7 prepišejo grub

13:47<dz0ny> in en moreš več bootat v ubuntu

13:48<roxxxxxx> aha kot zbrisem win7 grem v ubuntu in dam update- grub

13:48<dz0ny> recimo, samo ti hočeš reinstall win7 a ne?

13:49<roxxxxxx> ja

13:49<dz0ny> če boš to storil win7 namestiev pobriše zagonski sektor diska, in ti več ne pokaže izbire kaj želiš zagnat

13:49<dz0ny> moraš zagnati live usb/cd

13:49<dz0ny> na njemu je program boot-fixer

13:50<dz0ny> ki ti spet omogoči da botoš oboje tako win7 kot ubuntu

13:50<dz0ny> bootaš

13:50<dz0ny> simpl povedano win7 ob namestitvi zjebejo vse

13:50<dz0ny> :)

13:50<roxxxxxx> aha.. ko reinstal win7 dam ta cd

13:50<roxxxxxx> kateri je ta cd?

13:51<roxxxxxx> ob win od ubuntuž?

13:51<dz0ny> ubuntu

13:51<dz0ny> na ubuntu cdju

13:51<dz0ny> sec


13:51Boot-Repair - Community Ubuntu Documentation

13:52<dz0ny> malo kolobocij je s tem...

13:52<roxxxxxx> aha ok ne zgleda tako tezko

13:52<roxxxxxx> hvala

17:59<yang> evo pticka na dimniku

17:59<yang> Live

18:57<kekeke> dz0ny mogoče veš a se da v android emulatorju vpisat IMEI da ti simulira sim kartico

18:58<dz0ny> baje da moraš patcaht emulator

18:58<dz0ny> patchat*

18:58<kekeke> blah, thought so

18:59<kekeke> men kr naenkrat ne bere več sim kartic mobitel

18:59<dz0ny> ne dovolijo ker lahko simuliraš nakupe pa to :)

18:59<kekeke> ah

18:59<dz0ny> očisti z šnpsem sim pa kontakte :)

18:59<dz0ny> oziroma razkužilnim alkoholom :)

19:00<kekeke> nevem če je to ker je bla skos notr in kr naenkrat nehala delat

19:00<kekeke> pismo nimam nbenga alkohola tle

19:00<kekeke> no ja razn soju :D

19:00<dz0ny> rižev?

19:01<dz0ny> al bambus

19:01<dz0ny> al kaj že majo korejci

19:01<kekeke> riž riž

19:01<kekeke> sicer pa baje dans izide Galaxy S4 ne?

19:01<kekeke> vsaj tko je pisal na enih sajtih

19:02<dz0ny> CrazyLemon: bo vedu :)

19:03<kekeke> CrazyLemon share your wisdom with us

19:06<kekeke> klinc nč ne pomaga tud če spucam kontakte pa simko

19:07<kekeke> pomoje je vmesnik skurjen

19:17<dhbiker> 14.3

19:17<dhbiker> je S4 reveal

19:19<stupidBYdefault> čer vsem

19:19<dhbiker> heh kaki nick xD

19:19<stupidBYdefault> a se morda da komu d malo pomagat?

19:19<stupidBYdefault> kaki?

19:19<stupidBYdefault> iskren?

19:19<stupidBYdefault> :P

19:19<dhbiker> recimo :D

19:20<stupidBYdefault> sem total laik, tako da.. si ga lahko privoščim

19:20<stupidBYdefault> :D

19:21<stupidBYdefault> am.. a je normalno, da mi update manager pravi:

19:21<stupidBYdefault> Requires installation of untrusted packages

19:21<stupidBYdefault> The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.

19:21<dz0ny> steam?

19:21<stupidBYdefault> chromium-browser chromium-browser-l10n chromium-codecs-ffmpeg libnm-gtk-common libnm-gtk0 network-manager-gnome

19:22<dz0ny> hm tole bi mroalo bit ok

19:22<stupidBYdefault> hy, dzOny, kako?

19:22<dz0ny> moralo*

19:22<yang> Habamus Papa

19:23<dz0ny> pastebinaš celotno zadevo, tam nekje vmes je id ključa

19:23<dz0ny> tega uvoziš in je potem mir

19:23<dz0ny> uu

19:23A Whole Lotta Nothing: The Veronica Mars Kickstarter is going to be a huge success

19:27<dz0ny> at dearest marshmallows... I sold my soul :)

19:29<stupidBYdefault> bu?

19:30<stupidBYdefault> am.. a je normalno, da mi update manager pravi:

19:30<stupidBYdefault> Requires installation of untrusted packages

19:31<stupidBYdefault> The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.

19:31<stupidBYdefault> chromium-browser chromium-browser-l10n chromium-codecs-ffmpeg libnm-gtk-common libnm-gtk0 network-manager-gnome

19:31<stupidBYdefault> ?

19:31<sterna> normalno je ja

19:32<sterna> chromium je od googla, zanj ubuntu ne more jamčit

19:32<dz0ny> chromium ne builda google ampak canonical, tako da tisto nebi smelo pisat

19:33<stupidBYdefault> he he he.. meni vse rata.. :)

19:33<stupidBYdefault> je kritično?

19:34<dz0ny> ne

19:35<stupidBYdefault> pa bodo drugi update-i posodobljeni?

19:36<dz0ny> da

19:36<dz0ny> sej ti pravim da poglej kateri ključ manjka

19:36<dz0ny> pastebinaj cel log...

19:36<dz0ny> pa ti povem(o) ukaz

19:37<stupidBYdefault> ? to je bilo meni mi�ljeno??

19:37<dz0ny> yes

19:38<stupidBYdefault> am.. paste ka? kam?

19:38<stupidBYdefault> fuck.. sorry

19:38<dz0ny> pastebin

19:38<sterna> v konzolo napisi apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade

19:38<sterna> in napisi kateri paket je podpisan z neznanimi kljuci

19:38<stupidBYdefault> tim@Z-I-O-N:~$ apt-get update

19:38<stupidBYdefault> E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)

19:38<stupidBYdefault> E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/

19:38<stupidBYdefault> E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)

19:38<stupidBYdefault> E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?

19:38<stupidBYdefault> tim@Z-I-O-N:~$

19:39<stupidBYdefault> ?

19:40<sterna> ja ne mors tko

19:40<sterna> sudo

19:41<stupidBYdefault> o, hy sterna

19:41<sterna> zdravo

19:41<stupidBYdefault> sterna?

19:41<sterna> m?

19:43<stupidBYdefault> gu�va danes

19:43<stupidBYdefault> :D

19:48<stupidBYdefault> saj pravim, da se laik, sterna, prosim, ne se jezit..

19:48<stupidBYdefault> sudo dam spredaj?

19:49<stupidBYdefault> aha, je �lo..

19:49<sterna> sej se ne jezim

19:50<sterna> pejstni kar izpise upgrade

19:50<stupidBYdefault> delovalo je tako

19:50<sterna> a kr skoz je slo?

19:50<sterna> funny

19:50<stupidBYdefault> ja... najprej sem dal update..

19:50<stupidBYdefault> čakam, da konča..

19:50<sterna> aha

19:50<sterna> ne update je ok ce konca

19:50<sterna> se

19:50<sterna> sudo apt-get upgrade

19:50<sterna> moras

19:50<stupidBYdefault> se še prvo ni končalo

19:50<stupidBYdefault> hvala

19:51<stupidBYdefault> kako pa to, da se je root spremenil v sudo?

19:51<sterna> ha?

19:51<stupidBYdefault> spomnim se stare GNOME verzije.. si moral z live cd-a napisat dvakrat root

19:52<sterna> nc ne vem

19:52<stupidBYdefault> PClinuxOS je bila verzija..

19:52<CrazyLemon> kekeke jutri bo event.. 00.00 GMT +1

19:53<stupidBYdefault> ali pa sem jaz imel samo do nekih butastih verzij dostop

19:53<stupidBYdefault> ?

19:53<kekeke> CrazyLemon eh pol zastojn čakam, tle je že jutr :P

19:53<stupidBYdefault> zdravo CrazyLemon

19:53<stupidBYdefault> :)

19:53<lynxlynxlynx> <-- woah, samo v eng in slo

19:53Fluorine absorption dating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

19:54<CrazyLemon> lp stupidBYdefault

19:54<CrazyLemon> kekeke haha :)

19:54<stupidBYdefault> te pa ni to čez 14 dni??

19:55<sterna> lynxlynxlynx: kasne zmenkarije pa so to?

19:55<CrazyLemon> fosilne zmenkarije :D

19:56<kekeke> CrazyLemon kolk pa bo koštal tole a se kej ve

19:56<CrazyLemon> kekeke cheap ne bo

19:56<kekeke> si mislm ja

19:56<CrazyLemon> po moje bo cena taka kot pri htc one

19:57<CrazyLemon> kateri je f'in awesome :)

19:57<stupidBYdefault> mimogrede.. jaz sem moral ročno stisniti update.. in se spet vse nalaga..

19:57<kekeke> standardnih $650 v US in €650 v EU torej

19:58<stupidBYdefault> 30 MB.. hjoj.. bo trajalo..

19:58<stupidBYdefault> 1h minimalno

19:59<CrazyLemon> kekeke tako nekako ja

19:59<CrazyLemon> v sloveniji torej okrog 750

20:00<kekeke> in tle dol najverjetneje 1 miljon ₩ :D

20:00<kekeke> uf ne to je premal

20:02 [Ubuntu Security] USN-1761-1: PHP vulnerability

20:18 [OMG! Ubuntu!] Unity 2D Updates in Precise

20:21 [Web Upd8] Andrew: Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 Daily Images Available For Download


21:21Kali Linux

21:25<zdobersek> lmao

21:25Porn Site Breaks Down Searches By Country, Surprising No One | TechCrunch


21:44Facts and Chicks

21:58<zdobersek> CrazyLemon:

21:58Facts and Chicks • Drukpa Kunley was a Buddhist Monk who promised...

22:31<sasa84> kaj zdej miške

23:50 [] Asterx: Samba dostop do zaklenjene mape

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