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06:21<zdobbie> GUTEN MORGEN SOVA


10:19The LAPD has a Tesla now | The Verge»At a press conference today, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced the lease of 160 battery electric vehicles and 128 plug-in hybrids for the city's vehicle fleet. "Today, we take another step...«

11:37<zdobbie> o what a day

11:37<zdobbie> .gif o what a day


11:37<zdobbie> SPOT-ON

12:14<CrazyLemon> you were in a boy band? or with a chinese kid?


12:45Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere! A Space Balloon Story - YouTube»In June 2013, a group of friends launched a weather balloon a few miles from Tuba City, Arizona. Enjoy the video of our launch preparations, video footage, a...«

13:01<zdobbie> come on now

13:01<zdobbie> no need for a revolution

13:35<pitastrudl> ok

13:35<pitastrudl> wait what

13:41<CrazyLemon> wat wat

13:51<zdobbie> dans le butt

14:01<CrazyLemon> ACTION hides his butt

14:01<idioterna> vous croire?

14:03<CrazyLemon> mogoče po kosilu

14:06<Sky[x]> lp

14:17<zdobbie> se passe

14:22<pitastrudl> lp

14:23<pitastrudl> kr lep vreme v lj

14:26<Sky[x]> jp

14:26<Sky[x]> kam bi sel clovek danes na kosilo v lj? :<

14:36<pitastrudl> subway

14:36<pitastrudl> :D

14:37<pitastrudl> greš v btc, tm maš polno restavracij

14:37<pitastrudl> portal?

14:37<pitastrudl> jurman?

14:37<pitastrudl> napoli?

14:37<pitastrudl> mcdonalds!??!?!

14:37<CrazyLemon> gostilna pri šefu!

14:39<CrazyLemon> uuu.. improved player na

14:39<CrazyLemon> impressive

14:39<pitastrudl> ne

14:41<Sky[x]> :)

14:50<zdobbie> NJE

15:13<CrazyLemon> ve kdo za kak easy-to-make nutella smth recept?

15:14<zdobbie> 1. goto shop 2. buy nutella

15:16<pitastrudl> savey time and energy

15:16<pitastrudl> CrazyLemon

15:16Here's how I made my own nutella - GIF on Imgur»Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.«


15:16Homemade Nutella - Album on Imgur»Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.«

15:24<CrazyLemon> zdobbie imam nutello ampak rad bi jo porabil

15:24<CrazyLemon> ne da se mi pa delat nutella torte

15:26<pitastrudl> pejt po kruh

15:26<pitastrudl> profit???

15:26<pitastrudl> lol

15:28<CrazyLemon> meh

15:28<pitastrudl> kaj meh


15:29Nutella Stuffed Browned Butter Blondies - The Food Charlatan

15:29<CrazyLemon> OMFG

15:30<CrazyLemon> ACTION has a nutella induced boner

16:45<zdobbie> Tomtomtomtom.

16:52<CrazyLemon> fckin aru

16:52<CrazyLemon> upam da pade

16:52<CrazyLemon> tko..v easy

16:52<CrazyLemon> just road rash


18:18<Sky[x]> cer

18:37<zdobbie> well don't titanic all over it


19:02<CrazyLemon> zdobbie ^ much better than Škoda!

19:25<zdobbie> CrazyLemon: od 2. do 9. mesta na Vuelti so v razmaku osmih sekund, vsak za sekundo pred naslednjim


20:06DOBRODELNA KOLESARSKA AKCIJA 1 KM = 1 CENT | Most km (Cycling (Sport), Cycling (Transport), Mountain biking) Challenge | Endomondo»Med 14. julijem in 27. septembrom zbiramo dobrodelne kilometre. Tudi s tvojo pomočjo želimo prekolesariti 100.000 km in zbrati 1000 € za dobrodelni namen. Vse o akciji:«

20:06<CrazyLemon> lynxlynxlynx ^ evo še 7k km

20:06<CrazyLemon> :)

20:06<lynxlynxlynx> dobri ste

20:07<CrazyLemon> tko da še en teden oz. manj pa bo 100k

20:16<CrazyLemon> ping

20:16<jabuk1> CrazyLemon: pong

20:59<CrazyLemon> [19:25:14] <zdobbie>: CrazyLemon: od 2. do 9. mesta na Vuelti so v razmaku osmih sekund, vsak za sekundo pred naslednjim

20:59<CrazyLemon> kje si pobral ta BS?

21:00<zdobbie> CrazyLemon:

21:00Vuelta a España 2015: Stage 20 Results |»Find out the latest news, stage reports, race scores and expert analysis from the 2015 Vuelta a España Stage 20. The world centre of cycling.«

21:00<zdobbie> hum, zgleda majo napacne rezultate

21:00<zdobbie> oh well

21:01<CrazyLemon> zdobbie c c c

21:35<ruby_> Hello guys

21:35<ruby_> I`m a law student

21:35<ruby_> We were given a task

21:36<ruby_> To get a list of terrorists in each country.

21:36<ruby_> Mine was Slovenia.

21:36<ruby_> Google search on "seznam teroristov" shows nothing

21:36<ruby_> help plz :(

21:38<lynxlynxlynx> heh

21:40<ruby_> wut?

21:40<ruby_> #slovenia is empty

21:41<ruby_> so i went here

21:41<ruby_> i just do not understand the language to google it

21:42<ruby_> Neither Google Translate does.

21:42<CrazyLemon> ruby_ slovenian terrorists?

21:42<CrazyLemon> define a terrorist

21:43<ruby_> A man recognised as a terrorist by Slovenian government.

21:43<ruby_> Not on a world scale

21:43<CrazyLemon> ruby_ but does that man come from slovenia? if not just google 'terrorists' :D

21:44<ruby_> It should be called as a terrorist by the govt

21:44<ruby_> Many govts have their own lists of terrorists/terrorist organizations

21:45<ruby_> Not a UN/USA one, but Slovenian.

21:45<lowk3y|N7> ruby_, Janez Jansa! :)

21:46<lowk3y|N7> put him as terrorist !

21:46<lowk3y|N7> lol

21:47<ruby_> I even do not know his name :~

21:48<ruby_> oh man

21:48<ruby_> F is my destiny

21:48<lynxlynxlynx> if we have a list, i'm not sure it would be public

21:49<lynxlynxlynx> why would we have one of our own?

21:49<CrazyLemon> exactly

21:50<idioterna> ruby_: you mean notable terrorists?

21:50<idioterna> in our history?

21:50<ruby_> >why would we have one of our own?

21:51<CrazyLemon> our own list

21:51<ruby_> Cuz some guys are terrorists in one country, in other they are not.

21:51<lynxlynxlynx> we have terrorism defined in our penal code, so they're just criminals like any other

21:51<ruby_> Nope, only current.

21:51<CrazyLemon> ruby_ like who?

21:51<idioterna> we currently don't have terrorists

21:51<idioterna> merely psychiatric cases that haven't yet had their driving licences revoked :)

21:52<zdobbie> the closest thing currently could be a few publicly exposed ISIS fighters

21:52<CrazyLemon> idioterna not slovenian terrorists but list of people that slovenian government says they are terrorists

21:52<idioterna> oh

21:52<ruby_> CrazyLemon: In Western Europe we have these Donetsk guys, they are terrorists in Ukraine, but not in Russia :)

21:52<idioterna> i don't think our government says anyone is a terrorist

21:52<CrazyLemon> ruby_ ok.. thats a valid point

21:52<idioterna> we have the EU to handle that for us


21:53List of designated terrorist groups - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

21:53<zdobbie> we just copy their list

21:53<ruby_> Looks like not.

21:53<lynxlynxlynx> it would have to happen here to be under our jurisdiction or a case where it would apply via citizenship

21:53<ruby_> whoops

21:53<idioterna> i don't think we're rich enough to be either a source or a target for terrorism

21:54<idioterna> and a typical slovenian terrorist would look like anyway

21:54Suicide Squad - YouTube»Monty Python's Life of Brian: Suicide Squad scene«

21:54<ruby_> Well, but if they copy EU list to you, the should at least publish it on a * website, translated, no?

21:54<idioterna> maybe

21:55<idioterna> but more likely not

21:55<ruby_> There is nono , lol

21:55<ruby_> why then?

21:55<idioterna> let's suppose they do

21:55<idioterna> what would anyone do using such a list?

21:56<lynxlynxlynx> it's easier to start on the terrorist path maybe

21:56<lynxlynxlynx> ,

21:56<ruby_> >what would anyone do using such a list

21:56<ruby_> Track the money

21:57<lynxlynxlynx> the public is ill equipped to do that

21:57<idioterna> what money

21:57<idioterna> i'm not a bank

21:57<zdobbie> I'd report them to the police

21:58<idioterna> hmm

21:58<idioterna> that'd be interesting yes

21:58<idioterna> you'd print out the list from the web site

21:58<idioterna> and go to the police and say "i've been led to believe these are all terrorists - you should arrest them at once"

21:58<ruby_> If a Slovenian/UK/US/whatever guy pay another guy in Saudi Arabia and Arabian pays Osama, dat guy is basically financing terrorism. And the local police gets him and puts him in jail.

21:59<ruby_> That`s the list reason.

21:59<lynxlynxlynx> sure, but that is work for intel guys, not the public

21:59<ruby_> >sure, but that is work for intel guys, not the public

21:59<lynxlynxlynx> the public can only help with id when concrete persons are known

21:59<lynxlynxlynx> like with some interpol stuff

21:59<lynxlynxlynx> a list of organisations would be pretty useless in that regard

22:00<idioterna> ruby_: why would they do that?

22:00<lynxlynxlynx> btw, i'm sure it exists, just not in a public manner

22:00<idioterna> if i buy a toothbrush off a saudi guy on ebay

22:00<ruby_> Maybe, I`ve found some slovenian court trial records once, then why not terrorists?

22:00<idioterna> and he gives the money to osama

22:00<idioterna> why should i be jailed?

22:00<ruby_> ok

22:00<lynxlynxlynx> contrived examples

22:01<ruby_> idioterma, if you pay the saudi guy for a wrong reason a lot of monis

22:01<ruby_> for a lon time

22:01<zdobbie> but bank transactions are not public

22:01<idioterna> well that's something the EU handles

22:01<idioterna> the US founded SWIFT for that

22:01<idioterna> and we're a party in the agreement

22:02<ruby_> yup, wire transfers are not, terrorists should be.

22:02<idioterna> basically we also ship all internal money transfers to the NSA

22:02<idioterna> ruby_: why should terrorists be public?

22:02<idioterna> i mean

22:02<ruby_> Not the SWIFT

22:02<idioterna> it's not like the public has the means to identify people anyway

22:02<ruby_> But your own financial intel

22:02<ruby_> or American

22:03<ruby_> or any-one who sees your transactions

22:03<ruby_> >why should terrorists be public?

22:03<ruby_> They just are.

22:03<idioterna> how so?

22:03<idioterna> i mean

22:03<lynxlynxlynx> heh

22:03<ruby_> EU list.

22:03<ruby_> Yup

22:03<idioterna> but what do i do with it?

22:03<ruby_> Just grab the EU list, lel

22:04<idioterna> do i just ask a guy "hey, are you on this list?"

22:04<ruby_> Nope

22:04<zdobbie> normally terrorists aren't publicly known until after they commit the terror act

22:04<zdobbie> luckily in Slovenia there's no such occurrence to date, nor are there known Slovenian terrorists

22:04<ruby_> If you`re working in a Indian bank

22:04<ruby_> or any other

22:04<ruby_> and if there`s a wire transfer

22:05<ruby_> from Slovenia

22:05<ruby_> You grab the damn list and check.

22:05<lynxlynxlynx> huh

22:05<ruby_> You don`t call the Slovenians

22:05<ruby_> and reason them

22:05<ruby_> like I do.

22:05<lynxlynxlynx> so the terrorist list is actually a list of all their accounts?

22:06<ruby_> Names.

22:06<lynxlynxlynx> eh

22:06<lynxlynxlynx> names are neither unique nor immutable

22:06<ruby_> I guess transport companies would like to know about terrorists :)


22:07Matilda Axelson - Today I moved to Belgium | Facebook»Matilda Axelson hier: Region Brüssel-Hauptstadt«

22:07<idioterna> ftw

22:07<zdobbie> but that's most likely done through a no-flight list

22:07<idioterna> ruby_: i guess you believe terrorists use their true identities?

22:07<ruby_> Yup, you`ll have to get all other info.

22:07<idioterna> anyway

22:07<idioterna> i have to go

22:07<ruby_> >i guess you believe terrorists use their true identities

22:07<zdobbie> which is mostly populated with criminals who are being searched for

22:07<ruby_> Maybe dumb ones

22:07<idioterna> ruby_: terrorists kill less people worldwide than paracetamol poisoning does

22:08<idioterna> remember that.

22:08<ruby_> zdobbie: Maybe you don`t want to check shoplifter`s transactions and analyse them.

22:09<ruby_> idioterna: Let`s ban paracetamol and get flues.

22:09<CrazyLemon> idioterna but! is paracetamol on the list??

22:09<idioterna> paracetamol is a very useful drug

22:09<idioterna> we should merely teach people to read the instructions

22:10<ruby_> K guys, bye-bee :3

22:10<zdobbie> RAGEQUIT

22:11<lynxlynxlynx> kje nas najdejo

22:11<zdobbie> jeba je, ce nimas teroristov v drzavi

22:11<zdobbie> sam razne pajace, ki ne-fatalno serjejo po drugih

22:11<zdobbie> ahja

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