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00:00 [The Hindu - News] State sits on declaring sanctuary for Great Indian Bustard: CAG

00:02 [The Hindu - News] Centre puts States on bird flu alert

00:04 [The Hindu - News] PM will be available to CBI on formal request, says Kamal Nath

00:05 [Slashdot] Bitcoin Kiosks Coming To 5 Canadian Cities

00:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] A win with strings for Abbott

00:08 [Financial Times] Spain tackles rising social hardship

00:08 [The Hindu - News] Jairam: forcible land acquisition by PSUs led to Naxal problem

00:09 [Financial Times] Assad and Kerry vie for hearts and minds

00:10 [The Hindu - News] Isolated heavy rainfall likely till Wednesday

00:10 [The Hindu - News] Real estate developers seek online permission

00:12 [The Hindu - News] Critics flay Maharashtra plan to link LPG subsidies to Aadhaar

00:12 [The Hindu - News] Govt. employees vow to participate in Million March

00:12 [The Hindu - News] PSC recruits 9,300 conductors, KSRTC to take in only 3,300

00:12 [The Hindu - News] Funds crunch hits road safety activities of KRSA

00:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: Anthony Weiner: 'I'm Convinced I'm Going To Be' NYC Mayor

00:14 [The Hindu - News] Mixed response to curriculum panel report (with a pic of P.K. Abdul Aziz)

00:14 [The Hindu - News] Private bus strike from today in Kerala

00:16 [The Hindu - News] ‘Maha Laddu’ begins its journey

00:18 [The Hindu - News] Oommen Chandy in Delhi to sort out issues

00:19 [Deutsche Welle] Wrestling reinstated as Olympic sport in time for Tokyo 2020

00:20 [The Hindu - News] Bavarian State Orchestra ‘misled’ about nature of Zubin concert

00:21 [Raw Story] Arizona Tea Party attendees jostle videographer at rally on capitol grounds

00:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Julie Gutman Dickinson: McViolation: How American Fast Food Operators Break the Law

00:22 [The Hindu - News] Chinese nets reappear on national waterway course

00:24 [The Hindu - News] Attappady tribal farmers allege neglect

00:24 [The Hindu - News] Natural History Museum gets a new look

00:24 [The Hindu - News] APCOB to offer more services to farmers

00:31 [The Hindu - News] Centre shelves Hyderabad UT proposal

00:31 [zero hedge] Will Berlusconi Be Responsible For Another European Crisis?

00:31 [CNN] Pakistan's president steps down

00:32 [NPR] How Could A Drought Spark A Civil War?

00:35 [The Hindu - News] Mixed response to curriculum report

00:35 [Truthdig] Case Against Assad Based on ‘Common Sense,’ Not ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence

00:35 [The Hindu - Opinion] State of the economy impacts the state of the media

00:39 [The Hindu - News] Shortage of drugs hits abortion services nationwide: study

00:41 [The Hindu - News] ASI draws up plan for Kedarnath restoration

00:43 [The Hindu - News] Anti-war mood ahead of congressional vote

00:47 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool will form government in Tripura in future: Mukul Roy

00:48 [CNN] Zardari steps down as Pakistan's president

00:49 [The Hindu - News] Tripura Congress expels party deserters

00:51 [The Hindu - News] Agni-V gets ready for second test

00:53 [Reuters: politics] U.S. leaves door open to new U.N. vote on Syria

00:53 [Reuters: politics] NAACP president to step down by year-end: statement

00:53 [Disinformation] Financial Crisis and Impending War Are Converging As Failed Policies Become Self-Fulfilling Prophecies //

00:55 [The Hindu - News] It’s Nasheed vs Yaameen in run-off

00:56 [CNN] How the Syria debate in Congress could play out this week

00:59 [The Hindu - News] Videos distributed to convince undecided congressmen: Kerry

01:03 [The Hindu - News] Rousseff’s trip on hold as Obama ‘promises’ explanation by Wednesday

01:07 [The Hindu - News] Pak. reiterates its Credible Minimum Deterrence policy

01:08 [NPR] NAACP President To Resign At The End Of The Year

01:08 [Slashdot] UK Mobile ISP Blocks VPN, Citing Access To Porn

01:09 [The Hindu - News] Pak. reiterates its Credible Minimum Deterrence

01:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Blumenthal: Bill De Blasio Is The Clear Frontrunner In New York City Mayor's Race: Marist Poll

01:11 [zero hedge] Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Like Ben "Barrel'o'Monkeys" Bernanke

01:13 [Fox News] 40 Years of Alabama

01:13 [Fox News] He Wins ByA Whisker

01:13 [Fox News] Cow-TippingJust a Myth?

01:13 [Fox News] Stunning Sports Pics

01:13 [Fox News] Reagan Family Secrets

01:13 [Fox News] 41% Reading Bible Online

01:13 [Fox News] Wounded by God's People?

01:13 [Fox News] Girl Speaks Out on Deadly Gene

01:13 [Fox News] Ancient Egypt,Rethought

01:13 [Fox News] 'Riddick' Top at Box Office

01:13 [Fox News] War on Cafe Squatters

01:16 [Raw Story] Former Marine recovering after fight with three beach bullies in Florida

01:19 [OpEdNews] Big Lies Need Big Liars

01:19 [The Hindu - News] Sign safety accord, Bangladesh union leader tells retailers

01:19 [The Hindu - News] Zardari steps down

01:20 [Reuters] UK's Osborne hails growing economy, slams 'disastrous' Labour plans

01:36 [CNET News] Instagram expects to begin selling ads within the next year

01:36 [Voice of America] Obama Launches Intense Push for Support on Syria

01:38 [Telegraph] Police fitness test 'biased against women'

01:38 [Telegraph] Osborne: We've saved the economy and proved Labour wrong

01:38 [Telegraph] Lord Ashcroft poll: Independence near bottom of Scots' priorities

01:38 [Telegraph] HS2 costs spiralling and benefits dwindling MPs warn

01:39 [OpEdNews] CBS's Face the Nation: Blatant Pro-Israel Pro-War Bias Revealed

01:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Lael Brainard Considered For Post At Federal Reserve: Washington Post

01:40 [Sydney Morning Herald] US man aged 107 'killed in SWAT shootout'

01:45 [Truthdig] Olympics Dumps Wrestling to Make Way for New Sport Called Wrestling

01:46 [CNET News] Don't call them toasters: We test out high-end toaster ovens

01:46 [CNET News] Down in the dirt with four flagship robot vacuums

01:47 [Russia Today] Cyanide pollution fears: Thousands of Romanians protest ‘biggest in Europe’ gold mine

01:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Obama To Meet With Senate Democrats Before Syria Speech

01:55 [CNN] Groups claims responsibility for bomb targeting Egyptian minister

02:00 [CNN] Serena Williams triumphs in U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows

02:04 [Disinformation] Broward County Sheriff’s Department Trains to Combat ‘Native-Born Terrorists’

02:04 [zero hedge] Obama Set To Delay Bernanke Replacement Decision Amid "Syrian Paralysis"

02:08 [Telegraph] Alexei Navalny denounces 'clear falsifications' in tighter than expected Moscow mayoral election

02:15 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Rockstar Leto returns to the movies

02:16 [Raw Story] NAACP chief Ben Jealous resigns

02:18 [CNET News] Nissan smart watch links car and driver

02:22 [Russia Today] White House: Evidence against Assad not ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ but passes ‘common-sense test’

02:24 [OpEdNews] Is War on Syria Veering Off-Script?

02:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jared Bernstein: About That Lower Unemployment Rate and Public Sector Jobs

02:26 [CNET News] Amazon denies plans to offer free smartphone this year

02:29 [OpEdNews] Congress Should NOT Vote for a Military Attack on Syria to Punish Assad

02:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Elizabeth Warren Calls Supreme Court Right-Wing, 'Pro-Corporate'

02:37 [Slashdot] Research Shows E-Cigs Might Be As Good For Quitting As Nicotine Patches

02:37 [Reuters] Putin foe manages strong showing in Moscow vote

02:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Danziger: Congress on Syria

02:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ben Zweifach: A Narrow Mission in Syria Demands Narrow Language in AUMF Drafting

02:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard (RJ: The Larry Summers Confirmation Hearing Would Be a Political Nightmare

02:54 [CNN] 3-year-old dies from gunshot wound at Yellowstone

02:54 [OpEdNews] Tell Kristof to Stop Lying on Syria

02:55 [Truthdig] Elizabeth Warren Slams the Corporate Court

03:00 [zero hedge] How America Works (In One Cartoon)

03:04 [Disinformation] TSA: Pay Us $85 To Avoid Full-On Airport Molestation

03:10 [Telegraph] Thousands march for human rights in Chile on 40th anniversary of Augusto Pinochet coup

03:14 [BBC: Entertainment] Colman Domingo brings Soul to UK

03:17 [CNN] Iran denies reported plan to retaliate if U.S. strikes Syria

03:19 [BBC: Health] Red wine - how healthy can it be?

03:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tyler Kingkade: Harvard Business School Case Study: Gender Equity | New York Times

03:26 [Telegraph] Angela Merkel insists opposition tax plans would 'throw a spanner in the works'

03:27 [Global Voices] Australia Elects New Abbott Conservative Government

03:27 [The Atlantic: National] A Dakota Boom Town, but Not the Kind You'd Expect

03:29 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I'll be the senator for the donkeys'

03:29 [Sydney Morning Herald] 73 votes: cliffhanger count

03:29 [Sydney Morning Herald] The power couple behind Abbott's win

03:31 [zero hedge] 540 Point Nikkei 'Olympic-Hope' Spike Fades On Japanese Data 'Reality' Miss

03:35 [CNET News] Purported images of next-gen iPad shell leak out

03:39 [Deutsche Welle] Serena Williams repeats as US Open winner

03:39 [OpEdNews] Obama: Shrewd or Just Stupid?

03:42 [Telegraph] Uruguayan man found in Andes four months after going missing survived on 'rats and raisins'

03:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Chris Bowen rules himself out of Labor leadership race

03:47 [The Onion] Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show Features Execution Of Texas Prisoner

03:56 [CNN] Do you have the right stuff to be a space tourist?

04:00 [zero hedge] Is This As Good As It Gets?

04:00 [Reuters] Analysis: Obama growing isolated on Syria as support wanes

04:01 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: Obama growing isolated on Syria as support wanes

04:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Abbott fires warning shot at micro parties

04:07 [CNN] NYPD investigating beating of white man as possible hate crime

04:14 [BBC: Education] Foster care myths 'threaten crisis'

04:18 [CNN] Fan falls to his death at San Francisco's Candlestick Park

04:21 [Fox News] Benghazi Backlash Hurts Syria Push /i/redes/icon-video.gif

04:21 [Fox News] PICTURE THIS Lawmaker Wants Officials To Pay For Own Portraits /i/redes/icon-video.gif

04:21 [Fox News] FESTIVAL FRIGHT 12 Kids Hurt When Swing Ride Breaks Down in Conn.

04:21 [Fox News] 'PRANK THAT WENT BAD' Colo. Teen Dies After Being Shot By Friend, Dad Says

04:22 [Big Think] Is This the First “Honest” Bible?

04:22 [Reuters] North Korea's leader has a baby daughter - Rodman

04:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: Ben Jealous Resigning: NAACP President To Step Down Later This Year

04:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HuffPost Radio: BOTH SIDES NOW: Can Obama Sway Libs Loathing Iraq or Cons Loathing Him?

04:31 [zero hedge] Obama Versus Nixon

04:32 [Sydney Morning Herald] Two new shows, two big flops

04:34 [OpEdNews] Labor continues to suffer in this recovery; but corporate profits soar

04:38 [CNN] Man convicted in Connecticut home invasion: 'I just snapped'

04:39 [Deutsche Welle] Putin ally set for re-election as Moscow mayor as Navalny has good showing

04:45 [Reuters] North Korea's leader has a baby daughter: Rodman

04:45 [Reuters] PetroChina shares halted; says report of more probes 'inaccurate'

04:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Kuttner: Will the Fed Kill the Recovery?

04:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: Karl Rove: Obama's Handling Of Syria Conflict 'An Unmitigated Disaster'

04:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: J Street Will Not Support Obama On Syria Strike

04:57 [Fox News: politics] Time Warner joins IBM in moving retirees off health plan due to rising costs

05:00 [Voice of America] Serena Williams Wins 5th US Open Tennis Title

05:01 [CNET News] Windows 8.1 tablets pin hopes on Intel's 'Bay Trail' processor

05:01 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Why Europe (Not The Fed) Is Crushing Emerging Market Economies

05:13 [Reuters] PetroChina says reports some executives being investigated inaccurate

05:15 [Telegraph] NAACP President Benjamin Jealous to step down after 5 years at civil rights organisation

05:15 [CNN] 1 dead after explosion near school in China's Guilin, state media say

05:20 [Truthdig] Polarization Is Distorting the Syria Debate

05:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] The roo poo blue that may become a major boo boo

05:29 [Financial Times] Benign China inflation adds to recovery hopes

05:36 [Reuters] Thai Airways Airbus 330 skids off Bangkok runway, 14 injured

05:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] More charges for Grant Davies

05:44 [Fox News] Nyad's team responds to skeptics of record swim

05:44 [Fox News] 911 operator in 'House of Horrors' case disciplined

05:44 [Fox News] Rodman: North Korean leader is father of baby girl

05:44 [Fox News] Bloomberg: Dem using black family to win votes- VIDEO: Why is Anthony Weiner still news?

05:44 [Fox News] Ku Klux Klan eyed in white supremacist flier campaign

05:44 [Slashdot] Australia Elects Libertarian-Leaning Senator (By Accident)

05:46 [CNN] 2 dead after explosion near school in China's Guilin, state media say

05:56 [Raw Story] Putin ally Sobyanin wins tight Moscow election, challenger Navalny cries foul

05:56 [Raw Story] IOC members air Rio concerns publicly for first time

05:56 [Raw Story] Boom times for the ‘Detroit of Southeast Asia’

05:56 [Raw Story] Anti-LGBT law to have no impact: Sochi Games chief

06:01 [Telegraph] Italian reporter kidnapped in Syria set free along with Belgian writer

06:02 [CNN: Money] Olympics win boosts Japan stocks

06:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: Net Neutrality Mockumentary Slams ISPs' Case For Playing Unfair

06:09 [Deutsche Welle] NSA reportedly spied on Brazil oil giant Petrobas, other firms

06:09 [Deutsche Welle] Leverkusen tests new refugee housing model

06:10 [Truthdig] What Are We Doing in Syria?

06:13 [CNN] How the Syria debate in Congress could play out this week

06:13 [CNN] U.S. on Syria chemical attack: What's the evidence?

06:14 [Voice of America] VOA News: Serena Williams Wins 5th US Open Tennis Title

06:15 [Fox News] Calif. city welcomes doomsday bunkers amid concerns

06:19 [CNET News] Refrigerators, dishwashers, and deadbolts: CNET's new high-tech appliance reviews

06:19 [CNET News] Adobe's open-source Generator turns Photoshop CC layers into assets

06:20 [Reuters] U.S. tapped into networks of Google, Petrobras, others - report

06:22 [Big Think] Millennials Will Change Corporate America Completely

06:23 [Financial Times] Peña Nieto waters down Mexico tax reforms

06:25 [Reuters] China tells Washington to return to U.N. on Syria, urges caution

06:26 [Raw Story] Israel deploys ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system near Jerusalem

06:26 [Raw Story] Dennis Rodman reveals name of Kim Jong-Un’s baby daughter

06:26 [Raw Story] U.S. government spied on Brazil’s Petrobras oil firm: report

06:29 [CNN: Money] Everbright takes a hit on trades gone wrong

06:30 [Voice of America] Navalny Denounces Moscow Mayor Election Results

06:31 [Raw Story] Obama’s full-court press on Syria: Confidence or desperation?

06:31 [Raw Story] Can you smell the perfect partner?

06:43 [CNN] Muslim rebels hold 20 hostages in Zamboanga City, Philippines

06:44 [CNN] World's happiest nations are...

06:44 [Deutsche Welle] When parliaments decide on war and restraint

06:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Elizabeth Warren Calls Supreme Court Right-Wing, 'Pro-Corporate'

06:52 [Voice of America] VOA News: Navalny Denounces Moscow Mayor Election Results

06:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bricklayer stabbed to death on worksite

06:56 [CNN] Thai Airways plane skids off runway, 13 injured

07:00 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Look toward Yekaterinburg, not Moscow

07:00 [Financial Times] Japan GDP revision boosts sales tax calls

07:02 [Russia Today] No economic espionage? NSA docs show US spied on Brazil oil giant Petrobras

07:10 [The Hindu - News] 4 killed, 7 missing after vehicles fall into river in China

07:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jade Walker: The Cowboy Of The NSA

07:19 [CNET News] Microsoft presses play on Xbox Music for iOS, Android apps

07:20 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Vietnam's 'children of Agent Orange'

07:26 [Sydney Morning Herald] Journalists arrive on asylum boat

07:26 [Sydney Morning Herald] 10 years and counting

07:29 [Mother Jones] Let's Please Stop Pretending That Obama is Reluctant to Take Military Action

07:35 [Telegraph] Thai Airways jet skids off runway while landing at Bangkok airport

07:35 [Telegraph] Marriage tax breaks 'better way to help the poor', says ex-Chancellor Lord Lawson

07:35 [Telegraph] One in 10 A&E posts left unfilled

07:35 [Telegraph] Ex-BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons under pressure over what he knew about BBC executive pay-offs

07:35 [Telegraph] Chris Huhne: Murdoch papers targeted me because I called for hacking inquiry

07:35 [Telegraph] Duke of York 'grateful' for apology from police who confronted him

07:35 [Telegraph] Stem-cell banks enable wealthy to free 'backup version' of their adult selves

07:35 [Telegraph] We must not let recent rows divide us, Harriet Harman to tell TUC

07:49 [The Hindu - News] Day in Pictures

07:50 [Fox News] 12 kids hurt when ride malfunctions at Conn. festival

07:50 [Fox News] 107-year-old man killed by SWAT team in Arkansas- Mom allegedly attacks boy's kindergarten teacher

07:50 [Fox News] Teens who vanished from Mich. found safe in Chicago

07:50 [Fox News] Revolutionary War documents found at yard sale

07:51 [The Hindu - News] News in Pictures

07:51 [The Hindu - News] History is bunk at this palace

07:52 [Fin24 News] Petrol attendants to strike

07:54 [Fox News: politics] Ohio town readies for battle over weapons in parks law

07:56 [The Hindu - News] 4 killed, 7 missing after vehicles fall into river in China

07:59 [NPR] Football Fan Dies At Candlestick Park

08:00 [zero hedge] U.S. Admits No Imminent Threat from Syria, No Clear Evidence Assad Ordered Chemical Weapons Attack

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Muzaffarnagar violence claims 26 lives, FIRs against 4 BJP MLAs

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

08:07 [Telegraph] Explosion outside school in China kills at least two people

08:07 [Telegraph] Unite the union 'paid no tax in 2011 and 2012'

08:07 [Telegraph] Sir Patrick Stewart tells the world: 'Yes, married'

08:09 [The Hindu - News] FIRs against 4 BJP MLAs as Muzaffarnagar toll touches 26

08:11 [The Hindu - News] CAG report indicts Tamil Nadu on forest land development

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Licence regime to regulate nursing

08:15 [CNN] What punishment for man who confessed online to drunken driving death?

08:16 [The Hindu - News] Tiruvallur farmers ready for Onam

08:16 [The Hindu - News] D. Pandian blames Centre for falling value of rupee

08:16 [Fox News] GUN RIGHTS FIGHT Ohio Town Controversy Over Guns in Parks Law

08:18 [The Hindu - News] DD Medical students held twice in 3 days

08:18 [The Hindu - News] Burst pipeline valve under repair

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Mini buses ready to roll out in Chennai

08:22 [The Hindu - News] New centre redefines trauma care at Chromepet GH

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Hosiery products from Tirupur see a hike in price

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Man held for murder in Chennai

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Burst pipeline valve in Chennai under repair

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Licence regime to regulate nursing in TN

08:23 [CNN] Report: Dennis Rodman reveals name of Kim Jong Un's baby daughter

08:24 [The Hindu - News] Filling potholes in Mangalore roads: No plan in place

08:25 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Explosion kills two, injures 17 outside school in China

08:28 [The Hindu - News] HC notice to Tirunelveli PWD official, Collector

08:29 [Fin24 News] Most car workers end three-week strike

08:29 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Tony Abbott better look out': PUP hopeful

08:32 [The Hindu - News] Keeping a dying craft alive

08:32 [The Hindu - News] FIRs against 4 BJP MLAs as Muzaffarnagar toll touches 28

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Cuban Teenagers Overuse Abortion as Birth Control

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] OP-ED: Syria Has Become Iran’s Vietnam – Let’s Help It Escape

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.N. Urges Culture of Peace amid Rising Sectarian Strife

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Obama Increasingly Isolated on Syria Military Action

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.S., Malaysia Skirmish over Free-Trade Tobacco

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Where a Moustache Can Mean Life or Death

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Cuba Streamlines Public Health System

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Africa’s Farmers Seek Private Money

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] “Bring What You Want, Take What You Want”

08:33 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Turning the Tables on the Trackers: Wikileaks Sniffs out Spy Salesmen

08:34 [Reuters] U.S. tapped into networks of Google, Petrobras, others: report

08:36 [The Hindu - News] Welfare board sought for salt workers

08:38 [The Hindu - News] Welfare board sought for Tuticorin salt workers

08:39 [Telegraph] Sir Derek Jacobi: No copy of Shakespeare at Windsor Castle

08:39 [Telegraph] Sir Elton John 'lucky to be alive' after 'ticking time-bomb' appendicitis

08:39 [Telegraph] Archers fans can buy part of farm where it was originally written

08:39 [Telegraph] 'You have got to be mad': Booker Prize winners Margaret Atwood and Howard Jacobsen to take on Shakespeare

08:39 [Telegraph] Michael Douglas did not fear death from cancer - because he was too angry with his doctors for missing it

08:39 [Telegraph] Countess of Carnarvon: Downton Abbey makers are 'setting the table wrong'

08:40 [Deutsche Welle] C.H. Beck: Germany's literary rock for a quarter millennium

08:40 [The Hindu - News] Checking unregistered wayside eateries in Kozhikode

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Lankan court extends remand of TN fishermen

08:44 [The Hindu - News] Curfew remains in force in Shopian

08:44 [The Hindu - News] 4,640 dogs vaccinated in five days in Madurai

08:45 [Reuters] Vodafone may fail to clinch Kabel Deutschland: paper

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Man held for sexual abuse of minor girl

08:47 [Fin24 News] Sasol earnings up 25% on weak rand

08:49 [The Hindu - News] Man held for sexual abuse of minor girl in Madurai

08:51 [Voice of America] Kremlin Ally Wins Moscow Mayor Election; Opposition Claims Fraud

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Newspapers hit stands after eight days in Manipur

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Labour officials raid jewellery shops in Madurai

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Woman injured in bear attack

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Madurai SP puts the brakes on rash driving

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Migrants add colour to festivals in Madurai

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Darjeeling bandh relaxed for two days

08:55 [Telegraph] Judi Dench wants to see Richard III buried in York

08:55 [Telegraph] British man and his fiancée drown on Sicily holiday

09:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] A380 debris lands on house

09:01 [The Hindu - News] The storyteller

09:04 [Disinformation] Carcinogenic Chemicals Found in 98 Shampoos

09:06 [Fox News: politics] Report claims NSA spied on Brazil's state-run oil company

09:07 [The Hindu - News] Muzaffarnagar violence: UP governor writes to centre

09:07 [The Hindu - News] Worst of recession is nearly over, says Greek PM

09:07 [The Hindu - News] Madurai SP brakes on rash driving

09:08 [CNN] Festival ride malfunction injures 12 children in Connectucut

09:11 [The Hindu - News] Job seekers throng Srirangam

09:12 [BBC: Technology] Can you make money crowdworking?

09:12 [BBC: Technology] Why Minecraft is more than just another video game

09:12 [BBC: Technology] Rio's bid to become a smart city

09:13 [The Hindu - News] Negotiated freedom

09:13 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi kid strikes it rich in chess

09:14 [BBC: Technology] Nissan launches driver's smartwatch

09:15 [CNET News] What to expect from Apple at Tuesday's special event

09:17 [The Hindu - News] Once a playground, now a garbage dump

09:19 [The Hindu - News] “47 per cent of Delhi residents want to give AAP a chance”

09:19 [The Hindu - News] Children show the way to save environment

09:19 [Fox News: politics] Congress returns to Washington with full agenda, Syria topping list

09:20 [Reuters] Japan Olympic win boosts Abe, but Fukushima shadows linger

09:20 [Deutsche Welle] Right-wing opposition looks to lead Norway in first vote after Breivik massacre

09:20 [Deutsche Welle] Deadly sectarian riots spread in north India

09:20 [Deutsche Welle] White House steps up campaign to garner support for Syria strike

09:21 [The Hindu - News] Applications invited for free overseas training programmes

09:25 [CNN] Festival ride malfunction injures 12 children in Connecticut

09:25 [Telegraph] Thousands of schools are coasting, Ofsted figures show

09:27 [The Hindu - News] Reviving hand embroidery

09:31 [Financial Times] Putin ally wins Moscow mayoral race

09:31 [The Hindu - News] AP bifurcation: Need for strengthening stir stressed

09:31 [The Hindu - News] Prohibitory orders in place in Ramanathapuram district

09:32 [Financial Times] Peña Nieto dilutes Mexico tax reforms

09:35 [Truthdig] Cornel West and the Fight to Save the Black Prophetic Tradition

09:35 [The Hindu - News] Neighbourhood watch scheme gets a new lease of life

09:38 [Reuters] PetroChina says report of more probes 'inaccurate', shares rise

09:38 [Reuters] Syria's Assad denies chemical weapons use; U.S. presses case for strike

09:39 [NPR] Obama Presses Lawmakers For Authorization On Syria

09:39 [NPR] From Birth, Our Microbes Become As Personal As A Fingerprint

09:39 [NPR] How To Build An Afghan Army, In A Million Difficult Steps

09:39 [NPR] It's OK To Protest In China, Just Don't March

09:39 [NPR] Trail Life USA, The 'Other' Boy Scouts Of America

09:40 [The Hindu - News] PSGR Krishnammal College celebrates 50 years

09:41 [New Statesman] Miliband's plan to crackdown on zero-hour contracts is the start of Labour's gear change

09:41 [Telegraph] Fat South African threatened with deportation granted reprieve

09:41 [Telegraph] David Bowie backs effort to save dilapidated bandstand

09:41 [Telegraph] Syria crisis: G20 summit - September 6 as it happened

09:41 [Telegraph] Ju-ae: Dennis Rodman lets slip name of Kim Jong-un's daughter

09:44 [The Hindu - News] Pak all-party meet discusses strategy to tackle militancy

09:44 [The Hindu - News] Three cases of women harassment filed

09:46 [OpEdNews] Creating Effective Regulation is the Imperative Issue at the Federal Reserve

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Security stepped up for Vinayaka Chathurthi

09:47 [Fin24 News] Harmony Gold operations back to normal

09:48 [The Hindu - News] State CPI chief blames Centre for falling value of rupee

09:48 [Sydney Morning Herald] Secret diagnosis helped bring down Rudd

09:50 [The Hindu - News] TPDK cadre stage protest in Coimbatore

09:50 [Deutsche Welle] Obama’s Kafkaesque logic for attacking Syria

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Man held for murdering wife over property dispute in Anaimalai

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Security stepped up for Vinayaka Chathurthi in Coimbatore

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Private bus strike called off in Kerala

09:56 [The Hindu - News] E-WASTE CAPITAL, ARE WE?

09:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jade Walker: Obamacare Premiums And Rate Shock: New Studies And A Consensus

10:00 [The Hindu - News] TV channels are just not interested

10:03 [Fin24 News] Petrol attendants to march over wages

10:06 [The Hindu - News] TV channels turn to ‘mini-films’ to fill slots in Karnakata

10:06 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Metro to strengthen its train operations

10:10 [The Hindu - News] Centre offers to send more forces to Uttar Pradesh

10:13 [Russia Today] Syria strike will only enable terrorism - Lavrov

10:13 [Telegraph] Taser deployment at point-blank range forbidden

10:13 [Telegraph] Syria crisis: latest

10:13 [Telegraph] HS2 'could suck business from regions into London'

10:14 [The Hindu - News] Walk to stay fit, say physiotherapists

10:14 [The Hindu - News] Helplines for women out of order

10:15 [Fox News] Congress Returns With Full Agenda /i/redes/icon-video.gif

10:16 [The Hindu - News] Rajinikanth’s Rs. 3-lakh thank you to his schoolteacher

10:18 [The Hindu - News] Police blame Bangalore NIFT for security lapse

10:19 [Reuters] Suntory to buy GSK's Lucozade, Ribena for $2.1 billion

10:22 [The Hindu - News] In Peenya, it’s a big toxic deal

10:22 [The Hindu - News] 2 ITBP jawans shot dead in Allahabad red light area

10:22 [The Hindu - News] Road user perception survey starts

10:25 [BBC: Education] School dispute heading to High Court

10:26 [Red Pepper] A workers’ ‘green ban’ on fracking?

10:28 [The Hindu - News] Cherished memories of M.S.

10:31 [The Hindu - News] Panel pulls up managements for failure to comply with RTE Act

10:33 [BBC: Also in the news] Mandela, Tambo and my grandfather

10:33 [Pravda] Alexei Navalny can not lose with dignity

10:34 [CNN] Trail Life USA launches a Boy Scout alternative

10:36 [New Statesman] A policy of banning all sex in prison will not work

10:36 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'First starlight' instrument ready

10:37 [The Hindu - News] 13 hurt as plane skids off runway in Thailand

10:37 [The Hindu - News] A special day for children at Girls’ Home

10:37 [Reuters] Russia, Syria urge U.S. not to launch strikes

10:39 [The Hindu - News] TELK considers tech partnership with BHEL

10:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Mandela ‘no saint’ in new biopic

10:41 [New Statesman] Morning Wrap: today's top business stories

10:43 [The Hindu - News] Ganesh Chaturti today, security beefed up

10:45 [The Hindu - News] Kerala tribals run out of patience as rehabilitation plan drags on

10:45 [CNN] Benign inflation adds to sense Chinese economy is recovering

10:51 [International Crisis Group] Building an Independent Judiciary: Process and Perceptions

10:51 [The Hindu - News] With officials’ hands full, milk safety goes for a toss

10:53 [The Hindu - News] Miles to go before district earns women-friendly tag

10:53 [The Hindu - News] Army truck runs over four in Kengeri town

10:53 [The Hindu - News] ‘Innovation key to keeping tourists interested’

10:53 [CNN] 5 takeaways from CNN's Syria poll

10:53 [CNN] CNN poll: Public against Syria strike resolution

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Telangana imbroglio: Congress clueless, says Naidu

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Miles to go before Ernakulam earns women-friendly tag

10:55 [The Hindu - News] E-waste capital, are we?

10:56 [Fin24 News] IDC created 19 000 new jobs

10:57 [Fox News: politics] Obama, his team sharpen Syria pitch as Congress prepares to vote

10:57 [Voice of America] Key Prosecutor Quits UN-Backed War Crimes Tribunal

10:59 [The Hindu - News] SP, BJP behind Muzaffarnagar violence: Tiwari

10:59 [The Hindu - News] Sharmila flays attacks on Seemandhra employees

10:59 [The Hindu - News] Minor landslip at Chembanod

11:00 [Telegraph] The World Today: September 9

11:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jade Walker: Opposition To The Keystone XL Pipeline Tests The Administration's Resolve On Climate Change

11:03 [The Hindu - News] Will quit after defeating ‘T’ resolution: Seemandhra Ministers

11:03 [The Hindu - News] Newly wed couple attempts suicide in Bangalore

11:03 [The Hindu - News] Kerala tribals rehabilitation plan drags on

11:04 [Pravda] Putin works Obama shirks

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Freedom Caravan in Law College on Thursday

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Festive fervour eases agitation mood in Tirupati

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Negotiated freedom

11:07 [The Hindu - News] History is bunk at this Delhi palace

11:07 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Increase in schools rated good in UK

11:10 [CBC: politics] No crime in $90K Duffy cheque, says former House law clerk

11:11 [The Hindu - News] Significance of panel data in research brought to fore

11:13 [The Hindu - News] Conditions not conducive for CIL stake sale: Coal Ministry to DoD

11:16 [Telegraph] James Bond's Lotus submarine car goes under the hammer

11:16 [Telegraph] Syria crisis: live

11:16 [Telegraph] Labour warned it faces 'ruination' over trade union funding reforms

11:16 [Telegraph] Syria crisis: Bashar al-Assad thanks Vladimir Putin

11:16 [Telegraph] Scottish search for missing ferry passenger

11:17 [The Hindu - News] Cameron leaves his papers in public on train

11:18 [Reuters] Russian diplomat shot dead in breakaway Georgian region

11:18 [Reuters] Suntory to buy GSK's Lucozade, Ribena drinks for $2.1 billion

11:19 [Pravda] Absurdity of Western Russophobes has no limits

11:19 [CNN] Sergei Sobyanin wins Moscow mayoral election

11:20 [The Hindu - News] ‘Roses’ by name that look as sweet

11:20 [Deutsche Welle] Vodafone bid for Kabel Deutschland cast in doubt

11:20 [Deutsche Welle] Separatists take hostages in Zamboanga, Philippines

11:22 [CBC: politics] Mulcair confident as NDP gears up for 2015 vote

11:23 [Russia Today] Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate Syria

11:24 [The Hindu - News] 260 more Kerala buses stripped of fitness certificate

11:27 [Voice of America] VOA News: Key Prosecutor Quits UN-Backed War Crimes Tribunal

11:27 [CNET News] BMW 4 Series: It's not a 3 Series. Really.

11:28 [Fin24 News] Sasol chair steps down

11:28 [Russia Today] Navalny refuses to recognize election results, calls for runoff

11:30 [The Hindu - News] Steep fall in tuna price hits boat operators in Gilakaladindi Harbour

11:33 [CNN] Head over heels for Mongolia's mind-bending contortionists

11:33 [CNN] Europe's public health disaster: How austerity kills

11:34 [Pravda] Syria shows rebirth and legitimization of fascism in the West

11:34 [The Hindu - News] Wall Collapse in Bangalore: People feared trapped in debris

11:34 [The Hindu - News] Left parties accuse UP government of ‘lax’ attitude

11:35 [Reuters] China declines to congratulate Japan on winning bid

11:36 [The Hindu - News] All set for Ganesh navarathri amid police security in Masula

11:38 [The Hindu - News] The chain slips for cycle repair shops

11:38 [The Hindu - News] A.T. Agraharam: Ideal residential hub

11:38 [The Hindu - News] Won’t accept indiscipline, Hero MotoCorp tells workers

11:40 [Deutsche Welle] Closing zoos opens controversy in Costa Rica

11:40 [The Hindu - News] Giraffe in South Korea gives birth to 18th calf

11:40 [The Hindu - News] IT industry will sustain, says expert

11:42 [The Hindu - News] BJP slams Karnataka’s boycott of Gujarat global agri summit as an “anti-farmer” move

11:44 [Global Voices] Saudi Arabia Monitors its Lawyers Tweets

11:44 [Fin24 News] No need for petrol panic, motorists told

11:44 [The Hindu - News] Ganesh festival acquires ‘Samaikyandhra’ tinge

11:45 [BBC: Also in the news] Kim Jong-un 'has baby daughter'

11:45 [BBC: Also in the news] 'Too fat' chef in NZ visa reprieve

11:46 [BBC: Entertainment] AUDIO: Big Brother house 'special place'

11:46 [Reuters] Kerry: Syrian handover of chemical arms could prevent attack

11:48 [Telegraph] Jamaican marijuana tours draw travellers

11:48 [Telegraph] Tony Abbott warns ragtag Australian MPs not to stand in his way

11:48 [Telegraph] 9/11 memorial 'rusting in farmyard in insult to victims'

11:48 [The Hindu - News] Steep fall in tuna price hits boat operators at Gilakaladindi Harbour

11:49 [Voice of America] Kerry: Syria is 'Dire and Getting Worse'

11:50 [Deutsche Welle] Controversial poll win for Cambodia's ruling party

11:52 [Reuters] Russia, Syria urge U.S. not to launch military strikes

11:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ned Simons: John Kerry Insists UK-US Special Relationship Will Survive Syria Vote

11:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Second airport: 'No more delays'

11:54 [The Hindu - News] 100 extra buses in Mysore to clear festival rush

11:57 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kerry: Syria is 'Dire and Getting Worse'

11:58 [The Hindu - News] Muzaffarnagar violence: Top police officials transferred

12:00 [CNN] New Van Gogh painting discovered: "Sunset at Montmajour"

12:00 [The Hindu - News] Mangalore back-a-thon brings literacy to forefront

12:02 [The Hindu - News] Visakhapatnam schools take lead in Ganesh Chaviti celebrations

12:02 [The Hindu - News] Muzaffarnagar violence: Mayawati demands President's rule

12:03 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Syria: Helps to Know Whodunit Before Sentencing

12:04 [Telegraph] The six people who hold the balance of power in Australia

12:04 [Telegraph] Japanese man walks home 800 miles after being mugged

12:04 [The Hindu - News] Stop division process, says TDP leader

12:04 [The Hindu - News] Bihar floods toll mounts to 201

12:07 [The Hindu - News] Russia, Syria push for UN chemical experts return

12:08 [BBC: Technology] Sony unveils 'casual' PS Vita revamp

12:10 [Reuters] Exclusive: Japan regulator probing Deutsche Bank entertainment of pension clients - sources

12:10 [Reuters] China threatens tough punishment for online rumor spreading

12:12 [New Statesman] It's been a good year for Wonga. That's never a good sign

12:12 [CNN] Kerry says Assad won't negotiate when he can 'rub out' his opponents

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Focus on challenges in ethical hacking

12:16 [BBC: Technology] Formula E reveals technology partner

12:17 [The Hindu - News] AP bifurcation issue: Dronamraju takes a dig at Naidu

12:17 [Fox News] White House Hones Syria Strike Pitch /i/redes/icon-video.gif

12:19 [The Hindu - News] Chavan asks people to cooperate with police on Ganesh festival

12:20 [Telegraph] Syria: If Bashar al-Assad hands over chemical weapons we will not attack, says John Kerry

12:20 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 9 September 2013

12:20 [CNN: Politics] Zelizer: Obama faces big hurdle to persuade public on Syria

12:20 [CNN: Politics] NAACP leader Ben Jealous resigns, will leave in December

12:20 [CNN: Politics] U.S., Arab League condemn Syria for crossing 'global red line'

12:20 [CNN: Politics] CNN poll: Public against Syria strike resolution

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Major portion of debris of collpased cooling tower cleared

12:21 [Reuters] Kerry: Syrian handover of all chemical arms could prevent attack

12:22 [Fin24 News] What City Power hasn’t told you

12:24 [Mother Jones] Former Military Contractor Tries to Sell Secret Surveillance Rock on eBay for $10 Million /files/Screen%20shot%202013-09-04%20at%202.51.09%20PM.png

12:24 [Mother Jones] One Weird Trick to Fix Farms Forever /files/Crop_Diagram_225.gif

12:24 [Mother Jones] In Colorado Recall, It's Michael Bloomberg vs the NRA

12:24 [Mother Jones] 5 Toxic Syria Conspiracy Theories /files/Screen%20Shot%202013-09-06%20at%201.57.41%20PM.png

12:24 [Mother Jones] Don’t Lather, Don’t Rinse, Don’t Repeat /files/OElogo%5B1%5D%20copy_0.png

12:24 [Mother Jones] How Cover Crops Make Healthier Soil /files/Crop_Diagram_300_0.jpg

12:24 [Mother Jones] To Sell Books Nowadays, You've Gotta Rock

12:25 [The Hindu - News] Midday meal tragedy: Principal’s husband surrenders

12:25 [The Hindu - News] Panel to sort out Kochi metro, monorail issues

12:25 [The Hindu - News] People are allied with MDP, says Nasheed

12:27 [New Statesman] Frances O'Grady's speech to the TUC conference: full text

12:28 [Russia Today] Blind faith: Iowa grants gun permits to the visually impaired

12:29 [Voice of America] New Van Gogh Discovered

12:29 [The Hindu - News] Regional parties will play a crucial role, says Sharad Yadav

12:29 [The Hindu - News] People are allied with MDP, says Nasheed

12:30 [CNN] Are pilotless planes within reach?

12:31 [The Hindu - News] Govt. to bear bureaucrats medical expenses abroad, air fare

12:32 [Spiegel] iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data

12:35 [Deutsche Welle] Japan growth surges, beats previous expectations

12:36 [Telegraph] British holidaymakers flock to Vietnam

12:36 [Telegraph] Vincent Van Gogh painting discovered in attic unveiled in Amsterdam

12:39 [Fox News: politics] Why the press is fixated on Anthony Weiner, mayoral loser

12:43 [Russia Today] Supporting Al-Qaeda during the anniversary week of 9/11

12:47 [New Statesman] Banning Khat is one of the most dangerous decisions made during the 'war on drugs'

12:47 [The Hindu - News] Ajit Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad detained

12:47 [The Hindu - News] Mayawati demands President's rule

12:51 [The Hindu - News] Govt. violates privacy safeguards to secretly monitor Internet traffic

12:53 [Russia Today] Japan clinches Olympics: Road to recovery or digging deeper into debt?

12:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nathan Newman: A Mayor De Blasio and the Impact on National Progressive Politics

12:57 [Voice of America] Norway Election Could Lead to Stricter Immigration Laws

12:57 [BBC: Education] Ofsted chief says schools improving

12:58 [CNN: Money] What will Apple unveil?

12:58 [CNN: Money] Apple looks to regain footing in China

12:58 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Syria still taking center stage

12:58 [CNN: Money] Check U.S. futures

12:58 [CNN: Money] Why Syria matters for the U.S. budget

12:58 [CNN: Money] How does your pay compare with the CEO?

12:58 [CNN: Money] It's time for Italy to say goodbye to Berlusconi

12:58 [CNN: Money] Credit score dating snobs

12:58 [CNN: Money] Why Wal-Mart is offering same-sex benefits

12:58 [CNN: Money] The Oxford (B-school) blues

12:58 [CNN: Money] $75 for parking and other costs at NFL games

13:00 [The Hindu - News] TRAI suggests cut in spectrum auction floor price

13:00 [BBC: Entertainment] Jacobson, Atwood re-tell Shakespeare

13:01 [zero hedge] Complete Syrian Event Update

13:02 [Spiegel] Navalny's Strong Showing: Putin Is�the Real Loser of Moscow Vote

13:03 [Fin24 News] Numsa: Workers will not pay for economic crisis

13:04 [The Hindu - News] IPL spot fixing scandal: Chandila, two others get bail

13:10 [The Hindu - News] Navi Pillay warns Lanka for reprisals against rights defenders

13:10 [NPR] Book News: Why Batwoman Can't Get Married

13:11 [CNN] Opinion: Obama's spectacular failure of leadership on Syria

13:12 [Raw Story] Japan scrambles jets for drone near disputed islands

13:12 [Spiegel] Threat to Reforms: EU Criticizes Cyprus for Lack of Consultation

13:12 [Spiegel] Looming�US Attack: Syria's Christians Caught in the Crossfire

13:14 [The Hindu - News] SC declines to entertain plea on Muzaffarnagar riot

13:14 [The Hindu - News] c

13:20 [BBC: Technology] TSB website crashes on launch day

13:21 [BBC: Entertainment] New Van Gogh painting identified

13:22 [Raw Story] Top Syrian diplomat passes Assad’s thanks to Russia

13:22 [BBC: Technology] Formula E to use wireless charging

13:22 [CNN] Opinion: Congress, let this be a vote of conscience

13:22 [The Hindu - News] UN body told chemical weapons use 'gravest' crimes

13:24 [The Hindu - News] One killed, six injured in wall collapse in Bangalore; Rescue operations continuing

13:25 [Deutsche Welle] North Korea celebrates 65 years as US basketball star reveals a baby Kim

13:26 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan condemns violence, speaks to Akhilesh

13:27 [BBC: Entertainment] Riddick blasts into US box office

13:28 [Big Think] Find Your Identity

13:28 [CNN] Opinion: Obama administration confused, conflicted over Syria

13:29 [Caritas Internationalis] “Is this really the world that I desire?”

13:29 [BBC: Technology] Raspberry Pi helps to monitor rhino

13:31 [zero hedge] Futures Drift Sideways On Lack Of Syria, Liquidity Clarity

13:32 [Raw Story] Chinese Internet users face up to three years in prison for posting ‘online rumors’

13:33 [Reuters: politics] Kerry speaking rhetorically over Syria turning in weapons: State Department

13:34 [BBC: Health] 'Too fat' chef in NZ visa reprieve

13:34 [CNN] Man loses 245 pounds with the three P's

13:34 [The Hindu - News] “Half of judicial energy is spent on waking up government”: NGT

13:34 [The Hindu - News] In Norwegian attic a Van Gogh painting

13:35 [CNN: Money] Taxpayer guide to Obamacare

13:35 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: September 9

13:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Wood: Vet Who Attempted Suicide Asks To Be Heard, Not Fixed

13:37 [Raw Story] Long-lost Van Gogh painting ‘Sunset at Montmajour’ unveiled in Amsterdam

13:37 [Raw Story] China among world’s top three investors in 2012

13:37 [BBC: Health] Warning over mentally ill in cells

13:38 [Russia Today] World Trade Center name sold for $10 three decades ago

13:40 [NPR] Humanitarian Aid Agencies Brace For Fallout From Syrian Strikes

13:40 [NPR] Strike On Syria: Meaningless Gesture Or Necessary Response?

13:42 [New Statesman] How the coalition is failing to stand up for consumers

13:43 [Voice of America] VOA News: Norway Election Could Lead to Stricter Immigration Laws

13:44 [CNN: Health] 5 life lessons tri taught us

13:44 [CNN: Health] At refugee camp, nothing makes sense

13:44 [CNN: Health] Do you need a 'digital detox'?

13:44 [CNN: Health] Need a 'digital detox'?

13:44 [CNN: Health] Infant Motrin bottles recalled

13:44 [CNN: Health] Survive the asthma 'epidemic'

13:44 [CNN: Health] Man loses 245 pounds through the three 'P's'

13:44 [CNN: Health] 200,000 bottles of infant Motrin recalled

13:44 [Fox News: politics] Assad threatens 'repercussions' if US launches strike on Syria

13:45 [The Hindu - News] SC judge recuses himself from PIL on gas price hike

13:45 [The Hindu - News] AIR to provide latest news through SMS

13:45 [Reuters] U.S. should 'expect everything' in response to any Syria strikes: Assad

13:45 [BBC: Entertainment] Sir Patrick Stewart marries singer

13:45 [Fin24 News] Deloitte gets record fine

13:47 [Raw Story] Norway set for swing to right as voting starts, with Conservatives and anti-immigration populists expected to take power

13:47 [The Hindu - News] JD(U) to decide on 2014 polls tie-up after October: Nitish

13:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] Superjumbo debris hits house

13:49 [Voice of America] Moscow's Mayoral Election

13:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jack Mirkinson: Bob Schieffer Endorses Syria Strikes (VIDEO)

13:50 [Deutsche Welle] PKK halts withdrawal of Kurdish rebels from Turkey

13:50 [Deutsche Welle] US has 'real evidence' of Syrian chemical attacks, says Kerry

13:51 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Chennai

13:52 [Raw Story] 58-year-old Uruguayan man lost in Andes for four months found in Argentina

13:52 [Raw Story] German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticizes ‘out-of-sync’ EU Syria statements

13:52 [Raw Story] ‘Too fat’ South African wins New Zealand deportation reprieve

13:52 [Raw Story] 59 percent of Americans oppose stike on Syria: CNN/ORC International poll

13:52 [New Statesman] Five questions answered on the re-emergence of TSB after 18 years

13:54 [Telegraph] Puppy saved after fox attack

13:54 [Telegraph] World War Two 'duck' found in Lake Garda

13:55 [BBC: Science & Environment] Mission to understand mighty PIG

13:57 [The Hindu - News] Assad warns of retaliation

14:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: White House: U.S. Lacks 'Irrefutable, Beyond-A-Reasonable-Doubt Evidence' On Syria Chemical Weapons Attack

14:01 [The Hindu - News] RBI query on gold stock in temples evoke Hindu outfits’ ire

14:01 [The Hindu - News] St. Mary's Feast in Bangalore

14:02 [Raw Story] Secretary of State John Kerry: End to Syria war must be political not military

14:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jillian Berman: Obamacare 'Guides' In Short Supply As Launch Date Nears

14:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Syria Adds To Congress' Heavy Fall Agenda

14:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Linkins: Eat The Press Has Scored A Decisive Victory Over Chris Cillizza In 'Bully Pulpit' Blowout

14:03 [CNN: Health] Rehab for digital overload

14:03 [CNN: Health] Infant Motrin recalled

14:05 [CNN] The legacy of Danny Lewin, the first man to die on 9/11

14:05 [Deutsche Welle] Strong US, China sales help Audi overcome EU car crisis

14:05 [The Hindu - News] RBI query on gold stock in temples evokes Hindu outfits’ ire

14:05 [CNN: Politics] CNN poll: Public firmly against U.S. getting involved in Syria

14:08 [Reuters] Clashes renewed near Syrian capital over historic Christian town

14:08 [Financial Times] Norway’s centre right on course for win

14:08 [Russia Today] Humanity-hating ‘Russian Breivik’ sentenced to life in jail

14:09 [Voice of America] Rodman Returns from 'Basketball Diplomacy' Trip to North Korea

14:10 [Telegraph] Two million euro jewellery heist in central Paris

14:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Mitt Romney Donors Quietly Courted By Potential 2016 Candidates

14:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Immoral Lie Sweeps The Capital: The Truth About Obama's Second Term

14:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dennis J. Kucinich: How the White House and the CIA Are Marketing a War in the YouTube Era

14:11 [CNN: Technology] The tech genius who died on 9/11

14:12 [zero hedge] Key Events And Issues In The Coming Week

14:12 [zero hedge] Putin To Meet Iran President Rouhani In The Coming Days

14:15 [The Hindu - News] Russia presses UN to report on Syria attack risks

14:16 [BBC: Technology] Yahoo details official data requests

14:17 [OpEdNews] Kaiser Obama - From WWI to WWIII

14:17 [OpEdNews] Mission Congo: Exposing Pat Robertson's Fraud May Be Shocking, But Will It Shock People Enough?

14:17 [OpEdNews] The Dead Bodies They Won't Show Us Pictures Of

14:17 [Raw Story] Mars One: The psychology of isolation, confinement and 24-hour Big Brother

14:18 [CNET News] Sony unveils PlayStation Vita TV

14:18 [CNET News] Seagate intros 5mm Ultra Mobile HDD for tablets

14:18 [CNET News] Seagate debuts affordable data protection plans

14:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: How Democrats Are Aiming to Make Texas a Swing State

14:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Syria Vote Tests Influence Of Pro-Israel Groups

14:19 [The Hindu - News] TRAI proposes sharp cut in spectrum auction floor price

14:21 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: One Direction star floored by tackle

14:21 [CNN] Opinion: Is Obama's media blitz a mission impossible?

14:21 [] Syria's Assad Warns West Against Attack As US Issues Ultimatum /sites/

14:22 [Fox News: politics] Obama wages air war (on TV)

14:22 [New Statesman] Positive data all round: but don't forget the service industry

14:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Missouri Lawmakers Vow Veto Showdown With Governor Jay Nixon

14:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Cohn: World Trade Center Naming Rights Were Sold For $10 In 1986: Report

14:25 [Fin24 News] Numsa: Employers think only of themselves

14:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: No Matter What You Think About Intervening In Syria, Here's One Voice You Should Hear Out

14:28 [Russia Today] US sanctions only make Arab people supportive of dictatorships

14:30 [] Kerry: Assad could prevent strike by turning over chemical weapons

14:30 [] Watchdog finds evidence against Dankner in stock manipulation case

14:30 [] Ancient golden treasure trove found at foot of Jerusalem's Temple Mount

14:30 [] Israeli startup Outbrain expected to go public at $1 billion value

14:30 [] Former president Moshe Katsav granted first furlough from prison

14:30 [] The story of a mysterious Jewish holiday phrase: 'The book of life'

14:30 [] Document confirms World Zionist Organization allocates land to settlers in Jordan valley

14:30 [] Israel refuses to let Polish aid worker back into country

14:30 [The Hindu - News] Toll rises to 31 as violence spreads to more areas

14:30 [CNN: Entertainment] Takei remembers 'Star Trek'

14:31 [Financial Times] Revised data boost Japan sales tax calls

14:32 [CNN] U.S. Open champion Serena Williams 'having fun' after months of 'hell'

14:32 [Financial Times] India riots spark fear of communal violence

14:35 [CNET News] PS Vita 2000 goes lighter and slimmer

14:35 [NPR] 'New' Van Gogh Painting Identified; Was In A Norwegian Attic

14:36 [The Hindu - News] Bengal cabinet okays schemes to protect farmers, MSME sector

14:36 [CNN] Syria's al-Assad warns against strike in television interview

14:36 [CNN] Airline blacks out logos after accident

14:37 [Raw Story] Latest Snowden leak reveals NSA’s ability to tap your mobile phone

14:37 [Raw Story] U.S. Navy triples funding for clean energy In Hawaii to $30 million

14:37 [Reuters] Kerry: Syrian surrender of chemical arms could stop U.S. attack

14:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] 7 Reasons Why the Public Is Right to Mistrust Obama on Syria

14:40 [Global Voices] East Timor: “Literacy Often Falls by the Way Side”

14:40 [Telegraph] Bashar al-Assad: 'expect everything' if US attacks Syria

14:41 [Financial Times] Portugal suffers exodus of skilled workers

14:43 [Reuters] Syria's Assad, in CBS interview, says retaliation 'may take different forms'

14:43 [Voice of America] Reuters: Assad: US Should 'Expect Everything' in Response to Any Syria Strikes

14:45 [] Assad: U.S. should 'expect everything' in response to Syria strike

14:45 [CNN] 'Violent' director Park Chan-wook's hopeful vision for Seoul

14:46 [Fox News] Pippi Sex Tape to be Released

14:46 [The Hindu - News] BJP to take final call on PM candidate by Sept. 19

14:47 [Voice of America] Man Rescued After Surviving Winter on Foot in Andes

14:49 [Reuters] Koch Industries to buy Molex for $7.2 billion

14:51 [Fox News: politics] Disability double-dipping drains millions from NJ pensions

14:51 [Fin24 News] Gold fields' staff back after strike

14:51 [CNET News] iOS 6.1.4 gets jailbroken

14:51 [CNET News] Sony PS4 to land in Japan in February

14:52 [The Hindu - News] Obama tries to persuade war-weary public on Syria

14:53 [CNN] Italy minister: Chemical weapons 'tragic mistake'

14:54 [] Turkey Photo: Back-Breaking Work

14:55 [BBC: Entertainment] Britain's Got Talent nudity censured

14:56 [Telegraph] Syria's President Bashar al-Assad warns US 'should expect everything' if he is attacked

15:00 [zero hedge] Monti Paschi Faces Bail-In As Capital Needs Point To Nationalization

15:00 [zero hedge] NSA Mocks Apple's "Zombie" Customers; Asks "Your Target Is Using A BlackBerry? Now What?"

15:00 [The Hindu - News] Mamnoon Hussain sworn in Pak. President

15:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Craggs: Hammarskjold Mystery Could Be Solved By NSA Evidence

15:04 [BBC: Science & Environment] AUDIO: World's biggest volcano found at sea

15:04 [The Hindu - News] HC wants to hear CAG on PILs challenging his appointment

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Mamnoon Hussain sworn in Pak. President

15:05 [BBC: Education] School dispute case is adjourned

15:05 [BBC: Science & Environment] Mission to understand huge glacier

15:06 [CNN] Toronto: 'Gravity' wows, propelling Bullock toward another Oscar nom

15:07 [Fin24 News] Numsa: Employers are selfish

15:08 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Gravity' pulling Bullock towards Oscar nom

15:08 [Truthout] Assad

15:08 [The Hindu - News] Assam reels under floods, Majuli and Kaziranga affected

15:08 [The Hindu - News] Elephants enter Hazaribagh town, damage ‘Gibraltar House’

15:09 [CNN: Health] Man loses 245 lbs

15:10 [Deutsche Welle] Sharif's 100 days in power: A slow progress

15:11 [CNN] All who opposed Iraq War must oppose Syria strike

15:12 [Raw Story] Virginia resident alarmed to find KKK fliers in their yard

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eli Lehrer: The Case for Boycotting the Sochi Olympics..and the Rio ones too

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: Philadelphia Schools To Open Amid Uncertainty

15:12 [CNET News] The online spread of rumors deemed too dangerous for China

15:12 [CNET News] iHeartRadio retunes iOS, Android apps for more talk radio

15:12 [CNET News] With Coast, Opera reboots its browser for mobile future

15:12 [CNET News] Get an HP quad-core desktop for $329.99

15:12 [Telegraph] National Trust courts controversy as it opens Big Brother house

15:12 [Telegraph] Admit it - you like the same music as your parents, study says

15:12 [Telegraph] Man thankful he ignored wife who told him to bin rare Viking ring

15:13 [New Statesman] What George Osborne doesn't want you to know about the economy

15:13 [Truthout] The Trapper

15:14 [Russia Today] Assad: US ‘should expect everything’ if it strikes Syria

15:14 [Russia Today] Mixed families in UK ‘separated from one another’ due to migration rules

15:17 [Raw Story] U.S. Navy triples funding for clean energy in Hawaii to $30 million

15:17 [Raw Story] Virginia residents alarmed to find KKK fliers in their yard

15:19 [The Hindu - News] UP govt. imposed curfew in riot-hit areas: MHA

15:21 [CNN] Brain-eating amoeba survivor continues to improve

15:22 [] NSA Spied on Key Private Companies with Global Reach

15:22 [CNN] World's largest solar-powered boat cruises into London

15:22 [CNN] Syrian crisis: Keeping up with key developments

15:23 [CNN: Health] $14K for Internet rehab

15:23 [CNN: Health] Amoeba kills 4-year-old

15:28 [Big Think] Buddhist Monks: Protectors Of Snow Leopards

15:28 [CNN] 6 imperiled and extinct sports sites

15:28 [Telegraph] Sketch: Osborne pulls a rabbit out of the hard hat

15:28 [Telegraph] Tea drinkers shunning traditional English breakfast

15:28 [Telegraph] Instagram reaches 150 million monthly active users with adverts soon to appear on the site

15:28 [Telegraph] Ofsted: 1.4m children in poor performing state schools

15:29 [Russia Today] DC residents losing property in ‘predatory’ debt-collection program - report

15:29 [Truthout] The Hill to the Rescue on Syria? Don’t Hold Your Breath

15:31 [zero hedge] For The Rich, It's Global Wealth-Effect Rebalancing Time

15:31 [The Hindu - News] Run Coimbatore run!

15:32 [Fin24 News] Coal exports fall

15:32 [The Atlantic: International] Beyond Airstrikes: On Syria, Ask ‘What Would the Godfather Do?’

15:33 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

15:34 [Disinformation] Liberal Luminaries in Senate Are Swing Votes on Bombing Syria //

15:35 [The Hindu - News] A ‘like’ to Iran’s Facebook status

15:37 [CNN: Money] Your pay vs. the CEO

15:37 [The Hindu - News] Look before you eat

15:39 [Voice of America] The Latest Images from Syria

15:40 [Fin24 News] Coal exports fall in August

15:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andrew Bacevich: The Hill to the Rescue on Syria?

15:41 [CNN: Travel] 6 imperiled and extinct sports sites

15:41 [CNN: Travel] Scary, awesome viewing platforms

15:42 [Raw Story] NFL player Arian Foster will teach daughter about ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ religion

15:42 [OpEdNews] America's Tricky Relationship with Chemical Warfare

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: Russian Gay Law 'Speculation' Must Stop, Sochi Tells IOC

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Katherine Fung: George Stephanopoulos: Obama Can't Strike Syria Without Congressional Approval (VIDEO)

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: Coming Out Of The Closet: 12 People Who Should Always Know You're Gay

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Michele Bachmann Suggests Muslim Brotherhood To Blame For 9/11, Thanks Egyptian Military For Coup

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Schweitzer: Nuclear Energy Survives Only on the Basis of Faulty Risk Assessment

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Martin Long: Time to Consider a War Surtax

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Terry Connelly: Red Lines, Deadlines, and Headlines

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Leslie K. Stein: What We Need & What We Do Not Need: Cliff Notes to Political, Social, and Moral Success

15:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jack Jennings: Privileging the Few over the Many in Education

15:45 [] Israel can look forward to post-election honeymoon in Australia

15:45 [CNET News] NSA spied on networks of Google and other companies -- report

15:45 [Voice of America] Syrian Refugees

15:46 [CNN: Travel] 6 amazing sports sites

15:46 [Le Monde diplomatique] The pivot to Africa

15:47 [Raw Story] President Bashar Assad tells CBS: U.S. will ‘pay the price’ if it attacks Syria

15:47 [Raw Story] Breaking Bad Recap: S5E13, “To’hajiilee”

15:47 [OpEdNews] Andrew Bacevich, Drama from Obama

15:47 [OpEdNews] Is Obama's pitch to Americans on Syria kosher?

15:47 [OpEdNews] Six Ways to Pay for Climate Change

15:49 [The Hindu - News] Natya saga

15:50 [Deutsche Welle] Amsterdam museum authenticates Van Gogh’s long-lost ‘Sunset at Montmajour’

15:50 [Deutsche Welle] Kenyan Deputy President Ruto departs for looming ICC conflict

15:50 [Fox News: politics] Hitchhiker's Guide to Syria on Capitol Hill this week

15:53 [Spiegel] Outmaneuvered: Merkel�Weakened by Blunder in Syria Debate

15:53 [New Statesman] The British countryside has always been an extended theme park for the rich

15:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Diann Rust-Tierney: Death Sentence in Case of Fort Hood Shooter Out of Step

15:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Blumenthal: Final New York City Mayoral Polls Confirm Bill De Blasio's Lead

15:55 [Deutsche Welle] Syria conflict: 'It's not our battle'

15:56 [NPR] How Does A 107-Year-Old Die In A Police Shootout? Details Emerge

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: George W. Bush Award Prompts Protest At University Of Denver

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jennifer Bendery: Samantha Power Suggests Bombing Syria May Not Be Legal, But Is Necessary

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Esther Armah: Syria: The Politics of Swagger

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Peter M. Shane: Using the Syria Debate to Launch War Powers Reform

15:59 [CNN] Siblings make clothes for girls 'to just be kids'

15:59 [CNN] Arsenio Hall comes back to late night

15:59 [CNN] The fine line between lingerie and outerwear

16:00 [Truthout] The Century-Long Challenge to Respond to Fukushima

16:00 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for September 9, 2013 /files/saw%209-10.jpeg

16:00 [Fin24 News] Fuel wage talks to resume

16:00 [Reuters] Icahn bows out of battle for control of Dell

16:00 [Telegraph] Iranian ministers open pages on banned Facebook

16:01 [zero hedge] Four Economic Records... None of Them Positive

16:01 [zero hedge] Syria Strike To Be "Unbelievably Small" Kerry Promises, Leaves Everyone Puzzled

16:01 [zero hedge] Soft Landings and Other Collective Delusions

16:01 [zero hedge] Mission Accomplished (Again): Dow 15,000

16:02 [Raw Story] Judges call for U.S. to declassify NSA radio intercepts related to 1961 death of UN chief Dag Hammarskjöld

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Talks with militants top priority: Nawaz Sharif

16:04 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for September 9, 2013

16:04 [] Democracy Now!: 40 Years After Chile Coup, Family of Slain Singer Victor Jara Sues Alleged Killer in U.S. Court

16:04 [] Democracy Now!: Was U.S. Journalist Charles Horman Killed by Chile's Coup Regime With Aid of His Own Government?

16:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Stephen Gutwillig: Exit This Way From America's War on Marijuana

16:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis Ellis: Will Obama Trade American Jobs for His War on Syria?

16:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] SaraKay Smullens: In Support of Our President in Syria: Understanding Those Beyond Terrible, Even in Warfare

16:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Stephen Kent: Unemployment and "Fundamental" Tax Reform

16:08 [New Statesman] Preview: Ten of the best at this year's London Film Festival

16:09 [Voice of America] Navalny Calls for Protest Following Election Defeat

16:12 [Reuters: politics] Ahead of tough N.Y. mayor's race, Republican Lhota courts his base

16:15 [] Dirty Dancing? Ultra-Orthodox rabbis ban all-female Zumba classes

16:15 [Truthout] The Financial Crisis and the Second Great Depression Myth

16:16 [NPR] Downing St. Denies 'Dozy' David Cameron Left Secrets Unguarded

16:16 [Telegraph] Lockheed Martin offices targeted by anti-arms trade protesters

16:16 [Telegraph] Thai Airways blacks out logo after Bangkok airport

16:16 [Telegraph] EU wastes £2.5 billion on motorways that were not needed

16:16 [Telegraph] Father pays tribute to 'perfect' son who drowned trying to save fiancée

16:16 [Telegraph] Photographer Annette Price explores a Welsh silica mine

16:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Silverstein: How the War on Drugs Punishes Those Who Suffer

16:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Radley Balko: How To Respond To Protest

16:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, And Their Craven And Brazen Hypocrisy On Syria

16:19 [Russia Today] Russia urges Syria hand over chemical weapons to intl control – Lavrov

16:19 [Fox News] WWII vets hope wreckage found in Italy lake will yield remains of 24 American soldiers

16:20 [CNET News] Facebook eyes real-time tracking in shot over Twitter's bow

16:20 [CNN: Money] IPhone app promotes cleavage staring

16:23 [CBC: politics] Finance Minister Jim Flaherty makes announcement

16:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Steven Weber: Gun to the Head

16:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Obama's 'War-Weary' Claim Rings Hollow

16:27 [Voice of America] Navalny Calls for Protest Following Election Defeat

16:28 [Big Think] Ten Billion Earths

16:29 [CNET News] Carl Icahn gives up fight to win control of Dell

16:29 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Gravity' pulling Bullock towards Oscars

16:29 [CNN: Entertainment] Mars booked for Super Bowl halftime

16:29 [Voice of America] Kurdish Rebels Halt Turkey Pullout

16:30 [The Hindu - News] Social media rife with inflammatory materials in Muzaffarnagar

16:30 [Truthout] Slash and Burn: The War Against California Pensions

16:31 [zero hedge] Carl Icahn Is Done With A "Totalitarian, Dictatorial" Dell

16:31 [zero hedge] Russia Launches New Surprising Strategy: Appeasement

16:31 [CBC: politics] Joe Oliver makes energy sales pitch in Washington

16:32 [Fox News: politics] Russian official floats plan to avert military strike on Syria

16:32 [The Atlantic: International] Male Holocaust Survivors Lived Longer Than Those Who Escaped Europe

16:33 [Spiegel] World from Berlin: Germany's 'Cowardly Position' on Syria

16:33 [New Statesman] Judicial Review is not part of a vast left wing conspiracy

16:34 [Russia Today] Pro-Putin majority party sweeps first nationwide election day

16:35 [Global Voices] Thousands Reject Cambodia’s Election Results

16:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Anthony Weiner Rules Out Another Run For Congress

16:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mercedes Schneider: Gates Money and Common Core -- Part III

16:37 [Voice of America] Kerry Tells Syria to Turn Over Chemical Weapons

16:38 [CNN] Opinion: Bloomberg's 'racist' remark reveals much

16:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Wendell Potter: Understanding Obamacare in Three and a Half Minutes

16:40 [Mother Jones] Obama's Mixed Message on Syria

16:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Arsenio Hall back to late night

16:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Michael Jackson's pain real, doctor says

16:43 [CNN: Crime] YouTube confession goes viral

16:43 [CNN: Crime] Connecticut killer: 'I just snapped'

16:44 [Fox News] ASSAD ISSUES US STRIKE THREATWarns he'll take 'every action' if hit

16:44 [Fox News] NO SOLDIER LEFT BEHINDVets hope to find 24 WWII soldiers' remains in lake

16:44 [Fox News] 'BEAUTIFUL FAMILY'Rodman reveals name of Kim Jong-Un's daughter

16:44 [Fox News] FATAL FALL Fan dies at 49ers game on NFL's opening Sunday

16:44 [CNN] Russia urges Syria to give up chemical weapons

16:45 [The Hindu - News] Chinese daily warns India against setting up new border posts

16:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Douglas Kmiec: McDonough's War: Why the President Will Reject His Own Call for Military Intervention in Syria

16:47 [Raw Story] Elizabeth Warren blasts Supreme Court as a ‘wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Business’

16:49 [CNN: Travel] Most creative ways to recycle a plane

16:49 [The Atlantic: Politics] Michael Bloomberg Is Not a Scientist, Man

16:50 [Slashdot] Apple Sued For Dividing Final Season of Breaking Bad Into Two On iTunes

16:50 [Slashdot] Sexist Presentations At Startup Competition Prompt TechCrunch Apology

16:50 [Slashdot] Google Speeding Up New Encryption Project After Latest Snowden Leaks

16:50 [Slashdot] Researcher Spots a Drug Buy In Bitcoin's Blockchain

16:50 [Slashdot] Thought Experiment: The Ultimate Creative Content OS

16:50 [Slashdot] Arctic Ice Cap Rebounds From 2012 — But Does That Matter?

16:51 [NPR] Are You Ready For Some Controversy? The History Of 'Redskin'

16:51 [CBC: politics] Jim Flaherty puts 3-year freeze on EI premiums

16:51 [Voice of America] OECD Says Wealthy Nations Gaining Economic Momentum

16:53 [Voice of America] Kenyan Deputy President Goes to Hague for Trial

16:54 [Disinformation] Sri Lankan Exorcist Dies After Burying Himself Alive

16:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: More Parents Opting Kids Out Of Standardized Tests

16:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard H. Carmona, M.D.: Sarin Gas: Too Heinous Even for War

16:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Todd Grindal: Closing the Low-Expectations Loophole for Students with Disabilities

16:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bill Schneider: Americans Tire of 'World Police' Role

16:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jillian Berman: Ex-Citi CEO John Reed: We Need To Break Up The Big Banks

16:55 [CBC: politics] Joe Oliver in D.C. amid Keystone pipeline push

16:56 [Truthout] Obama Warned on Syrian Intel

16:57 [OpEdNews] The Washington Kabuki Theater Presents "Who Can You Trust?" Starring Barack Obama and John Kerry

16:57 [The Onion] American Voices: Study: Yelling At Teens As Harmful As Hitting

16:57 [The Atlantic: National] How the Military's 'Bro' Culture Turns Women Into Targets

16:58 [Big Think] More Micro-Party Candidates Expected To Join Australian Senate

16:58 [Big Think] Your Reality Was Designed By Stoners

16:58 [Big Think] The Difference Between Sex and Gender

16:59 [Russia Today] ‘Filthy, shameless robbery’: Thousands protest Mexico’s new tax regime

17:00 [Truthdig] The New York Times’ Fear of AIPAC

17:02 [zero hedge] FuKuSHiMa: IT'S "UNDeR CoNTRoL"

17:02 [zero hedge] Guest Post: If Employment Is So Great, Why Are Withholding Taxes Declining?

17:02 [World Policy Institute] The Theater of Democracy

17:02 [Fin24 News] Relief as gold mining operations resume

17:03 [Spiegel] Pioneering Care: Berlin Clinic Takes on Female Circumcision

17:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Hillary Clinton Criticized By GOP Super PAC Ahead Of National Security Speech

17:04 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Assad and Obama Whiff at Chances to Defuse Crisis

17:04 [Disinformation] Who is to Blame for Suicide?

17:05 [CNN: Living] Blurring the lingerie-outerwear line

17:05 [CNN: Living] Clothes allow girls 'to just be kids'

17:05 [CNN: Living] When street art meets runway style

17:05 [CNN: Living] Is tuba or flute best for your kid?

17:06 [CNET News] In EU antitrust case, Google ratchets ups concessions

17:08 [New Statesman] Free Tory membership for trade unionists is a great idea - but will Cameron buy it?

17:09 [CNN: Politics] CNN poll: Most Americans don't want Obama to attack Syria

17:10 [Mother Jones] The American Public Understands Obama's Position on Syria. They Just Disagree With It. /files/blog_syria_cnn_poll.jpg

17:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael Brenner: The Ivory Tower Teeters

17:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ben Townsend: How Obama Lost The Public's Trust on Foreign Policy

17:10 [Financial Times] Russian plan for Syrian chemical weapons

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

17:11 [CNN: Money] Stocks rise as investors keep watching Syria

17:12 [Reuters] U.S., Russia clash over Syria reactor at U.N. nuclear meeting

17:12 [CNN] Man indicted after DUI video confession

17:12 [CNN: Living] When street art meets the runway

17:13 [The Hindu - Opinion] Is iPhone '5C' going to be Apple’s love letter to India?

17:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Premium profits for Porsche

17:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] State of 9 million by 2031

17:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Was that one of my fights?'

17:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Abbott may be forced to woo Greens for parental leave

17:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Labor expected to turn to Shorten

17:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] One man who could rule them all

17:14 [CNN: Health] 'Digital detox' starts now

17:14 [CNN: Health] Water treadmill workout

17:16 [BBC: Science & Environment] Shale carbon footprint 'small'

17:17 [Raw Story] AOL subsidiary sorry for showcasing ‘Titstare’, masturbation simulator at tech conference

17:17 [Raw Story] Russia calls on Syria to hand over chemical weapons

17:17 [Truthout] Big Oil Gets Green Light to Explore Ecuadorian Amazon

17:18 [Fox News: politics] Kelly: No mayoral candidate has asked NYPD for terror briefing; elections Tues.

17:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andrei Markovits: A Paean to Boredom: Speculations on the Outcome of the Bundestag Election of September 22nd, 2013

17:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ed Gragert: Making Education for All a Priority in the US - Toward a Tipping Point

17:18 [Fin24 News] City Power workers abused overtime shifts

17:19 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg: muscular British newspapers are a model to the world and were right to expose Chris Huhne

17:19 [Telegraph] Tokyo tourism boom predicted

17:19 [Telegraph] Jude Law's send-off for Dom Hemingway

17:19 [The Atlantic: Politics] 'Unbelievably Small'

17:19 [The Atlantic: Politics] John Kerry's Provocative Tongue: Late-Night Comedy Roundup

17:19 [CNN] Jose Mourinho: 'Special One' or stage villain?

17:19 [CNN] 'Expect everything' in retaliation for strike, Syrian president warns

17:20 [Reuters: politics] N.Y. Democratic mayoral contender de Blasio holds strong lead: polls

17:20 [] Russia urges Syria to surrender chemical weapons to international control

17:20 [] Iran's cabinet joins Facebook, despite official state blocking of social media site

17:20 [CNET News] LG G2 pre-orders for Sprint begin October 11

17:21 [Slashdot] Cadillac SRX Converted Into Self-Driving Car

17:21 [Fox News] Corbin's 'All Over the Road'

17:21 [Fox News] Astounding Tree Top Dwellings

17:21 [Fox News] Maxim Monday: 'Devious Maids'

17:21 [Fox News] Surprising Facts About Coke

17:21 [Fox News] MJ 'Lover' Wants Custody

17:21 [Fox News] Tires That Don't Need Air?

17:21 [Fox News] New App Stirring Outrage

17:21 [Fox News] How Personality Affects Weight

17:21 [NPR] Found At Sea: 30 Tons Of Hashish, On Fire

17:21 [Pravda] Moscow asks IAEA analyze nuclear safety risks in Syria

17:21 [Pravda] Americans profit from weak Russian ruble

17:22 [CNN: Politics] Obama's media blitz: Mission Impossible?

17:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Diary Talks 'Lust Demons,' Slams Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson: Reports

17:25 [Deutsche Welle] Syrian refugees heading for Germany

17:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Heidi Heitkamp Opposes Syria Strike

17:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Suneal Bedi: California's Attempt to Avenge Revenge Porn

17:28 [CNN: Living] Is tuba or flute best for your child?

17:29 [BBC: Entertainment] Does music in the workplace help or hinder?

17:29 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Prompt Global Strike Too Prompt for Its Own Good?

17:29 [CNN: Money] Icahn: I've lost to Michael Dell

17:30 [Deutsche Welle] Assad warns of 'repercussions' to US military action in Syria

17:31 [Spiegel] Erotic Dance Show Energizes Merkel Voters

17:31 [Spiegel] Picture This: Beastly Bellies

17:31 [NPR] Russia Urges Assad To Cede Control Of His Chemical Weapons

17:31 [zero hedge] Fed Uberdove Admits Policy Causes Asset Bubbles (And They're Here To Stay)

17:32 [Truthout] Iran-Contra Redux? Prince Bandar Heads Secret Saudi-CIA Effort to Aid Syrian Rebels, Topple Assad

17:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Anthony Weiner On Wife Huma Abedin: Her Only Crime Is 'Standing By My Side'

17:35 [New Internationalist] Colombian strikers brave police brutality

17:35 [Voice of America] Fighting Rages in Syrian Christian Town

17:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Tulsi Gabbard, Iraq War Veteran, Opposes Syria Strike

17:36 [Pravda] John Kerry ready to forgive Bashar Assad

17:38 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Week In Pictures – Week Of September 9, 2013

17:38 [The Onion] Editorial Cartoon: Raking It In

17:40 [CNET News] Nokia eyes launch of 6-inch Lumia 1520 handset, says report

17:40 [CNET News] Surface 2 rumors: What next for Surface RT

17:40 [CNN: Money] Investors embrace European stocks

17:40 [CNN: Politics] CNN poll: Don't attack Syria

17:43 [Truthout] Jobs

17:44 [Disinformation] Editor’s Note: Suicide

17:44 [The Progressive] Why Bernie Sanders Opposes U.S. Strike on Syria

17:45 [Truthdig] The Dog of War

17:45 [Truthdig] Taking Back the Internet

17:45 [Truthdig] Plakton Will Suffer as Oceans Warm

17:47 [CNN] Man indicted on homicide charge after DUI video confession

17:48 [CNN: Politics] Should Obama act without public support?

17:49 [Russia Today] Syria welcomes Russia’s offer to put its chemical weapons under intl control

17:52 [Pravda] Bashar Assad thanks Putin for support

17:52 [CNET News] What NSA snoops like about the iPhone

17:54 [Voice of America] Fighting Leaves 60 Dead in Central African Republic

17:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ian Reifowitz: Time to Go Nuclear Over Obamacare: Here's One Thing the White House Must Do

17:56 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC 'did not lose plot' over pay-off

17:56 [NPR] Luxury Retailer Neiman Marcus Sells For $6 Billion

17:56 [NPR] Who Are The Syrian Rebels?

17:56 [Financial Times] Missed Van Gogh painting rediscovered

17:57 [CNN: Politics] Hillary Clinton to weigh in on Syria at White House

17:57 [CNN] In Wiener's final days, more a curiosity than a candidate

17:58 [CNET News] Indian government said to secretly track Web activity

17:58 [Reuters] At least 55 killed in Central African Republic battles

17:59 [BBC: Education] A-level science plans criticised

17:59 [BBC: Technology] Yahoo legal action over data report

18:00 [Truthdig] Plankton Will Suffer as Oceans Warm

18:01 [zero hedge] The Complete German Election Preview: The Worst Case Scenario

18:01 [Spiegel] NSA Affair: Germans�Conduct Helicopter Flyover of�US Consulate

18:02 [Raw Story] Man arrested in Colorado hotel with assault rifle and high-capacity magazines

18:04 [Russia Today] RT sources: Syrian rebels plan chemical attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories

18:05 [zero hedge] Syria Welcomes, Would Comply With Russian Chemical Weapon Disarmament Initiative

18:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael Calderone: Politico Expands In NY With Capital New York Purchase

18:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Wing: Antonin Scalia: Capitalism Requires 'Traditional Christian Virtues' To Succeed

18:05 [] Syria welcomes Russia's proposal to relinquish control of chemical weapons

18:05 [] Jewish pilgrims leave Uman amid reports of heavy damage to property

18:06 [Reuters: politics] New York mayor contender de Blasio leads Democrats: polls

18:06 [NPR] Unemployment: Arab Spring Not Springing Back

18:06 [NPR] Monday Night Marked By Redskins Name Debate

18:07 [Telegraph] French bank staff forget 91-year-old locked in vault

18:09 [Slashdot] Fixing Fukushima's Water Problem

18:09 [CNN] Syria 'welcomes' proposal to put weapons under international control

18:11 [BBC: Also in the news] German union's 'go vote' video a hit

18:11 [Good] The Real Education Reform Choice: Democracy or a Doctrine of Repression

18:14 [CNET News] Vevo's music videos find their growth groove on TVs

18:14 [] Turkmenistan: Soviet-Style Vanity Fuels Artificial Lake Project

18:16 [CNET News] Google, Facebook, Yahoo ask US for permission to publish FISA requests

18:17 [CNN] Hillary Clinton to weigh in on Syria at White House

18:19 [Truthout] Obama's Case for Syria Didn't Reflect Intel Consensus

18:19 [Russia Today] Kerry gives Syria one week to relinquish chemical weapons

18:22 [OpEdNews] The Rule Of Zombies: Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?

18:26 [CNN] With new iPhone, Apple has some catching up to do

18:27 [BBC: Entertainment] Le Vell accuser 'no reason to lie'

18:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Obamacare 'Navigators' Draw State Scrutiny

18:27 [BBC: Education] Further 'chaos' in school dispute

18:30 [CNN] Syria 'welcomes' proposal to safeguard chemical weapons

18:32 [Raw Story] City council in hometown of Westboro Baptists to debate LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance

18:32 [The Atlantic: International] Manchin and Heitkamp Push a Compelling Alternative Syria Resolution

18:32 [The Atlantic: International] Will Syria Attack Israel if the U.S. Attacks Syria?

18:32 [The Atlantic: International] 3 Ways Kosovo Was Not Like Syria

18:33 [Financial Times] Elephant seals help Antarctic survey

18:33 [Spiegel] 'Project 6': CIA Spies Operating in the Heart of Germany

18:33 [CNET News] Batman and Captain America rescue cat from fire

18:33 [CNET News] Microsoft sets Surface event for September 23

18:34 [Voice of America] Former NBA Player Plans Basketball Event in North Korea

18:34 [Voice of America] Kerry Tells Syria to Turn Over Chemical Weapons

18:34 [Reuters] Russia urges Syria to cede control of chemical arms

18:35 [Financial Times] Overlooked Van Gogh painting rediscovered

18:39 [Telegraph] Bulgaria to close Georgy Markov 'umbrella killing' case

18:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Frank A. Weil: How to Vote on the Syrian Question

18:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maxwell Strachan: New Jersey Has A 25 Percent Poverty Rate And A Huge Percentage Of Millionaires Too

18:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] J.J. McCullough: Media Bites: On Syria, We're All Talk and No Consensus

18:40 [Mother Jones] HHS Tells Congressional Republicans to Grow Up /files/blog_obamacare_reality_check.jpg

18:40 [Deutsche Welle] Berlusconi battles Italian Senate expulsion on two fronts

18:42 [Fox News: politics] Government failed to reduce ‘food insecurity’ despite spending billions more

18:43 [CNN] In Weiner's final days, more a curiosity than a candidate

18:43 [Fin24 News] Petrol stations unlikely to run dry

18:44 [The Atlantic: Politics] Manchin-Heitkamp: The Senate's Compelling Alternative Syria Resolution

18:44 [CNN: Money] Stocks rally despite Syria worries

18:45 [New Internationalist] War-mongering Obama gets closer to winning hypocrite of the year award

18:46 [CNN] Syria's al-Assad warns against strike; Kerry comment spurs Russia

18:46 [CNN] Disney producer 'misspoke': Sofia the First not Latina

18:46 [Reuters] Obama ramps up effort to convince Congress, public on Syria

18:46 [The Onion] Area Man’s Opinion Hasn’t Been Taken Seriously By Anyone In Over A Decade

18:47 [] Obama’s Case for Syria Didn’t Reflect Intel Consensus /sites/

18:49 [The Atlantic: Technology] Found Poetry From Years of Tech Conference Sexism

18:49 [Disinformation] On Sovereignty And Double Standards

18:49 [The Hindu - News] Big cut in spectrum base price mooted

18:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sara Gates: World Happiness Report 2013 Ranks Happiest Countries Around Globe

18:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nina Bahadur: Gloria Steinem 'Female Force' Comic Book Looks Seriously Amazing

18:51 [Global Voices] “World is Happy for Assad to Continue Killing Syrians”

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Top LeT man held in J&K

18:51 [CNET News] Samsung handsets top iPhone for global Internet usage

18:53 [World Policy Institute] Obama Should Confront his Russian Bully

18:53 [CBC: politics] Study into MP expenses to go ahead, committee decides

18:54 [Slashdot] The Reporter's Fifth Amendment Paradox

18:54 [Reuters: politics] Obama ramps up effort to convince Congress, public on Syria

18:54 [Reuters: politics] White House says 14 more countries sign statement on Syria action

18:55 [CNN] CNN among first with new Facebook data-sharing tools

18:55 [CNN: Money] Wikileaks server for sale on eBay

18:55 [Telegraph] Burger van bursts into flames on CCTV

18:58 [Amnesty International] Kenya: Cooperate fully with International Criminal Court trials

18:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Colorado Recalls: Lawmakers Challenged After Voting For Gun Restrictions

18:59 [] Uzbekistan: More Energy Deals as China’s President Tours Central Asia

19:01 [zero hedge] Chinese Pay $18 or 1.3% Premium to Buy Gold as Inflation, Currency Hedge

19:01 [zero hedge] Dollar Drops Most In 2 Months As S&P Retakes 50DMA

19:01 [zero hedge] China Enters Top 10 Currencies

19:01 [Fox News: politics] US says 14 more nations join statement on Syria

19:01 [Spiegel] Integration Case�: Court to Rule on Swim Lessons for Muslim Girls

19:03 [CNN: Politics] Syria 'welcomes' Russia proposal to put chemical weapons under international control

19:03 [Fin24 News] City Power vows to get tough

19:04 [Disinformation] DisinfoCast: 72: Jen Briney, ‘Congressional Dish’

19:04 [CNN: Travel] 22 can't-miss U.S. beaches

19:04 [CNN: Travel] Yellowstone: The first National Park

19:04 [CNN: Travel] Olympic: Nature's triathlon

19:07 [NPR] Kerry Says Syria Action Would Be 'Unbelievably Small'

19:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Scott Levenson: Get Out What Vote?

19:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dedrick Muhammad: Marching for a Living Wage

19:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Haag: LGBT Equality Reduces the Spread of HIV -- But It's Not Enough to End the Epidemic

19:09 [New Statesman] The cost of decommissioning a nuclear power station

19:10 [Mother Jones] 105 Years in Jail for Posting a Link? /files/blog_barrett_brown.jpg

19:11 [Good] Catching Up with Gretchen’s Grains: How One Small Business is Poised to Take Off

19:12 [CNET News] Yahoo launches mobile video-streaming app Screen

19:12 [zero hedge] TPG, Warburg Shelve Neiman IPO Plans; Sell Company For 16% IRR

19:14 [Voice of America] Polls Show Growing Opposition Among Americans to Syria Strike

19:14 [Voice of America] Hilary Heuler: Uganda’s Little-Known Gem to Become Accessible

19:15 [CNN] 'Stern' star Robin Quivers announces cancer battle

19:17 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Stern' star Robin Quivers announces cancer battle

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christopher Mathias: NYC Mayor Hopefuls Try To Get To Expected Runoff; Primary Day Signals End Of Bloomberg Era

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kim Bellware: Rahm Emanuel To Sit In David Letterman's Hot Seat Monday Night

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] William Bradley: Hagel's Productive Asia-Pacific Tour

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Lamar Alexander Opposes Syria Strike

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Alan Grayson Backs John Kerry Proposal To Avoid Syria Strike

19:19 [The Atlantic: Technology] Mapping the 'Geography' of the Internet

19:19 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Complete Works of Chopin, for Everybody, for Free

19:19 [Russia Today] 'CIA fabricated evidence to lure US into war with Syria'

19:21 [CNET News] John Sculley spills the beans on firing Steve Jobs

19:21 [CNET News] Darth Vader. Unicycle. Flames. Bagpipes. 'Star Wars' theme.

19:22 [The Hindu - News] Ahead of Congress session, ‘no’ to strike on Syria looks likely

19:24 [CNN: Travel] Creative ways to recycle a plane

19:25 [CNN] Jared Leto's weight loss: Actor shed pounds for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

19:25 [CNN] Syria 'welcomes' proposal to hand over control of chemical weapons

19:25 [Telegraph] UN 'should reopen Dag Hammarskjold inquiry'

19:25 [Telegraph] Bill de Blasio emerges as surprise favourite in New York mayoral race

19:25 [Telegraph] Scientists warn rare dinosaur auction could harm research

19:25 [Telegraph] BBC pay-off scandal: executives questioned by MPs - live

19:25 [Reuters] Koch brothers move into electronics with $7.2 billion Molex deal

19:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sam Stein: Syria Chemical Weapons: 'We Have A Good Picture' Of Where They Are, Says Obama Official

19:25 [Deutsche Welle] Syrian chemical weapons handover proposal wins support

19:26 [CNN] North Korea: Reality vs. The World According to Dennis Rodman

19:26 [CNN] How to help Syrian refugees

19:32 [Raw Story] Missouri professor gets busted with pot plants after threatening to shoot up university

19:32 [Raw Story] Texas neighborhood watch captain named as suspect in Dallas serial rapes

19:32 [Raw Story] 22-year-old Ohio man charged with homicide after confessing online to killing a man while driving drunk

19:32 [Raw Story] Saudi Arabia bans ‘terrorist’ propaganda on Internet

19:32 [zero hedge] US Refuses To Admit Checkmate By Russia And Syria, Redirects Purpose Of Military Incursion

19:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Katherine Fung: Meghan McCain: Republicans Are 'Not All Crazy Rednecks'

19:34 [Financial Times] Russia catches west with Syria plan

19:35 [Deutsche Welle] Brian Wanyama: "ICC trial could split Kenya"

19:37 [Raw Story] Russia names U.S. rock band ‘Bloodhound Gang’ in ‘hatred’ investigation because member stuffed Russian flag in his pants

19:37 [CNN: Living] Tees fit for girls 'to just be kids'

19:40 [zero hedge] NSA's Greatest Weapon In Surveillance? Outright Ignorance In Tech Consumers

19:40 [Voice of America] Rosanne Skirble: Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change

19:40 [Truthdig] The Hill to the Rescue on Syria?

19:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Susan Rice: Syria Military Action 'Would Not Be Another War'

19:43 [Reuters] Egypt tightens Sinai security, assesses militant threat

19:44 [Fin24 News] Harmony Gold faces legal action over pay

19:45 [Slashdot] The iPhone 5S Hasn't Been Officially Announced, Already Has Line

19:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andrea Rael: Marijuana Activists Give Out Free Joints In Denver In Protest Of Legal Weed Taxes

19:47 [NPR] Zubin Mehta's Concert Strikes a Discordant Note in Kashmir

19:47 [CNET News] LED cloud sculpture storms for social-media mentions

19:47 [] 'Freedom Not Fear': Berlin Rallies Against 'Shameless' NSA Spying /sites/

19:48 [Reuters] Religious riots kill 31 in India, political parties trade blame

19:49 [BBC: Technology] Net traffic battle hits US court

19:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: State Department: US Will Take A 'Hard Look' At Russian Proposal On Syrian Chemical Weapons

19:52 [Raw Story] Profile of NSA boss Keith Alexander reveals: He wants all the data …and he doesn’t care about the law

19:52 [Raw Story] Former lawyer who oversaw years of Fourth Amendment violations by the FBI nominated for federal judge seat

19:52 [Pravda] The price of dignity (the end): the attack on Syria

19:56 [CNET News] Lyft says Uber's efforts have no impact on Lyft

19:57 [NPR] Craft Beer's Success Makes Sam Adams Founder A Billionaire

19:57 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi facing end of his political career

19:58 [Big Think] Job Interviews, Like Dating, Are an Exercise in Irrationality

19:58 [OpEdNews] The Path from 9/11 to Syria

19:58 [BBC: Science & Environment] Mosquito 'invisibility cloak' found

19:59 [Canadian Dimension] Digital Disconnect How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy

20:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael B. Kraft: The Syrian Debate: Partisanship vs. Deterrence

20:00 [Reuters: politics] U.S. to look at Russian proposal on Syria but skeptical

20:02 [Truthout] The US Has No Credibility Dealing With Chemical Weapons

20:02 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Toronto as diverse as films in festival

20:06 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Brad Pitt on '12 years a slave'

20:06 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Toronto abuzz for film festival

20:08 [CNN] Soldier on Soldier Attacks Fast Facts

20:10 [Mother Jones] Kerry Gaffes, But Maybe It's the Good Kind of Gaffe

20:11 [] Gwyneth Paltrow, Woody Allen, Zach Braff: A celebrity Rosh Hashanah round up

20:11 [The Hindu - News] Social media rife with inflammatory material in Muzaffarnagar

20:11 [zero hedge] Herbalife Options Signal Large "Volkswagen"-Like Short Squeeze Bet

20:11 [zero hedge] Spot The Intraday (Lack Of) Difference

20:12 [Telegraph] US woman reveals she is daughter of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss

20:12 [CNET News] Yahoo News enlists new editor to lead 'major expansion'

20:12 [CNET News] LulzSec's 'Topiary' on prison, activism, and the group's beginnings

20:12 [Raw Story] U.S. adds 14 new nations to list of backers on Syria

20:12 [Raw Story] USDA privatizing meat inspections with program that allowed ‘chunks’ of feces

20:13 [Reuters: politics] U.S.'s Rice: North Korea, Iran must know U.S. will respond to gas attack

20:14 [The Progressive] Obama Hard to Believe on Syria

20:15 [The Hindu - News] U.P. sets up probe panel

20:15 [Slashdot] Book Review: The Practice of Network Security Monitoring

20:15 [Truthdig] From the Rubble of the Syrian Civil War, Visceral Poetry Arises

20:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tyler Kingkade: Centre College's $250 Million Donation Withdrawn 'For Reasons Unknown'

20:17 [CNN] Unloved Hollande cozies up to Obama on Syria

20:20 [Reuters: politics] Kerry, Russian foreign minister discuss Syria chemical weapons

20:20 [Financial Times] Navalny breaks ground for new opposition

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christopher T. Gates: A Second Front for Democracy Reform

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Brittny Saunders: A Victory for Smarter, More Effective Policing

20:21 [CNN] CNN vote count: Constituents drown out Obama

20:22 [CNET News] Funny new Moto X ads say iPhone, Galaxy are lazy slobs

20:23 [Reuters] U.N. floats plan to destroy Syrian chemical weapons stocks

20:24 [Reuters: politics] U.S. to look at Russia's idea, but says must keep pressure on Syria

20:25 [CNET News] NASA's Instagram account is out of this world

20:25 [CNET News] No more charging cables: Prong iPhone case has wall prongs

20:25 [CNET News] Google+ to give better credit where it's due

20:27 [The Onion] Sportsgraphic: NFL Week One Winners And Losers

20:27 [NPR] Sandwich Monday: The Burger King French Fry Burger

20:28 [Big Think] On the Strange Prevalence of Geek Tatoos

20:28 [Big Think] Can China Save Greece?

20:29 [Disinformation] ‘From the Future With Love’ Depicts Privatized Police Nightmare

20:30 [Truthdig] The Guilt-Propelled Slavery of America’s Tipping Culture

20:30 [Voice of America] Henry Ridgwell: Britain Fears Being Sidelined As US, France Debate Syria Strikes

20:31 [CNN: Money] Job applicants asked to dance at electronics store

20:31 [zero hedge] $VIX: How Low Can It Go?

20:31 [zero hedge] Senate To Hold Procedural Vote On Syria This Wednesday, Accompanied By Peak Hyperbolic Rhetoric

20:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Harry Reid: First Syria Vote To Happen Wednesday

20:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Sledge: Prison Phone Call Industry Will Fight New FCC Rules Lowering Rates For Inmates

20:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Katherine Hawkins: CACI's Forgotten Role in Abu Ghraib (II)

20:33 [CNN: Money] KRG Capital co-founder launches new firm

20:33 [CNN: Money] Behind the ouster of George Washington's B-school dean

20:33 [CNN: Money] 4 new pet peeves about Facebook

20:34 [Reuters] Guatemalan bus plunges off cliff, killing at least 38

20:36 [Fin24 News] SA holds promise for cheaper medicine

20:37 [NPR] Net Neutrality In Court: Here's What You Need To Know

20:39 [Russia Today] 750 billion dollar question: Norway voters decide future fate of massive oil fund

20:40 [Mother Jones] Congress to the Rescue on Syria? Don't Hold Your Breath.

20:41 [Reuters: politics] Questions on charges feature in U.S. hearing on Web rules

20:41 [Reuters: politics] White House skeptical of Syria response to new Russia offer

20:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Saki Knafo: California Prison Guards Union Pushes For Prison Expansion

20:42 [Raw Story] ‘Unstable’ man swinging two Samurai swords gets Tasered by police

20:42 [CNET News] Microsoft gets Windows 8.1 out early to developers after all

20:42 [Fox News: politics] Conscience v. Constituents: Reps face difficult choice

20:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Inae Oh: New York Mayor Primary Election 2013: Where To Vote

20:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Hillary Clinton: Syria Giving Up Chemical Weapons Would Be 'Important Step'

20:44 [Telegraph] Diana Nyad defends Cuba to Florida swimming feat amid cheating claims

20:44 [The Progressive] Journalist’s Crime? Posting a Link

20:45 [CNN] Beslan School Siege Fast Facts

20:45 [CNN] Hillary Clinton weighs in on Syria: Weapons handover 'important step'

20:45 [CBC: politics] Joe Oliver says environmental proposals not concessions to U.S.

20:45 [Slashdot] Big Jump For Tablet Storage: Seagate Intros 5mm Hard Disk For Tablets

20:45 [Truthdig] Don’t Bomb Syria

20:45 [Truthdig] G-20 Summit

20:46 [] Word of the Day / Hatimah: Signed, sealed and the book of life

20:46 [] Hamas struggles to stay afloat, beset by challenges from Egypt, Syria and Iran

20:46 [] U.S. 'skeptical' over Russia proposal for Syria to surrender chemical weapons

20:47 [Reuters: politics] Reid sets Senate test vote on Wednesday on Syria

20:48 [Truthout] Assad and Walmart: Mass Murderers

20:48 [Voice of America] Kerry Tells Syria to Turn Over Chemical Weapons

20:51 [Financial Times] Obama’s business in Congress put at risk

20:52 [Global Voices] Parents Pardon Son's Murderers – Justice for Shahzeb Campaigners Dismayed

20:53 [Pravda] Uruguay President José Mujica on Syria

20:53 [CNN: Technology] Next iPhone has some catching up to do

20:53 [CNN: Technology] Ghetto Tracker site sparks backlash

20:54 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Six Million Displaced by War in Syria

20:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: Syria Poll Finds Airstrike Opposition Rising Dramatically

20:56 [The Hindu - News] NSA targeted energy firms, diplomats, ATMs

20:57 [The Onion] Bashar Al-Assad Tries Tiny Bit Of Sarin Gas On Self To See What It’s Like

20:58 [NPR] In The Arab World, Unrest Is Coupled With Unemployment

20:58 [Telegraph] Sketch: BBC blame game proves a ratings smash

20:59 [CNET News] Run-n-Read bounces text as you bounce on a treadmill

20:59 [Russia Today] Russia, US argue over Moscow’s request for IAEA to analyze risk of Syria nuclear disaster

21:00 [zero hedge] Hillary Speaks: "There Should Be A Response By The US" - Live Webcast

21:00 [zero hedge] Shorts Are Having Their Worst Day In 15 Months

21:00 [Truthdig] Incentives Often Skew Justice in the American Courts, Study Finds

21:01 [CNN: Money] Dow jumps 150 points as Syria worries fade

21:01 [Slashdot] Final Mars One Numbers Are In, Over 200,000 People Applied

21:02 [Reuters] Questions on charges feature in U.S. hearing on Web rules

21:02 [Reuters] Thousands rally behind Putin foe to challenge 'rigged' Moscow vote

21:02 [The Atlantic: International] Obama's Many Contradictions on Foreign Policy

21:03 [Truthout] Should Hurricane James Inhofe hit the East Coast?

21:03 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Low Income Residents in Washington Losing Homes for As Little As $44

21:04 [Disinformation] John Carpenter’s ‘THEY LIVE’ Turns Twenty-Five

21:06 [Deutsche Welle] German Left Party advocates three-party election coalition against Merkel

21:07 [Global Voices] Indian Financial Crisis And Its Impact On Bangladesh

21:08 [Reuters: politics] Questions on charges feature in U.S. hearing on Web rules

21:08 [Reuters: politics] Hillary Clinton backs Obama on Syria action

21:08 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Low Income Residents in Washington Losing Homes for as Little as $44, and More

21:09 [Russia Today] George Zimmerman in police custody after gun-related incident

21:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tom Carpenter: How Can Southern Baptist Military Chaplains Continue to Serve 'God and Country'?

21:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael McAuliff: Harry Reid Backs Syria Strike Ahead Of Senate Vote

21:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Pinter: The Choice Is Clear: Christine Quinn for Mayor

21:11 [Mother Jones] As the Country Ages, the Federal Reserve Becomes Less Powerful

21:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Ferner: Gov. John Hickenlooper: Republican Activist's Voting Stunt 'Makes A Mockery Of The Democratic Process'

21:11 [CNET News] Snapchat rivals Facebook in photos with 350M 'snaps' per day

21:11 [CNET News] Got a craving? Foursquare shows you where to find a specific dish

21:13 [OpEdNews] Time to Reveal US Intel on Syria

21:16 [The Onion] Couple Should Get Dinner With Other Couple, Couple Reports

21:16 [CNN] George Zimmerman taken into police custody in Florida

21:17 [Financial Times] Mixed reception for Mexican tax reform

21:18 [NPR] Why Younger Women Could Benefit From Mammograms After All

21:18 [NPR] Purple Sweet Potato A Contender To Replace Artificial Food Dyes

21:19 [Truthout] Dear Mr. President

21:20 [CNET News] The 404 1,338: Where we'll have the orange taco (podcast)

21:21 [Voice of America] South Africa Strike

21:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Cohn: JPMorgan To Increase Litigation Reserves As Legal Issues Mount

21:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Madeline Boardman: Chuck Norris On Syria: President Bashar Assad Is A 'Dealer In Lunacy And A High-Risk Roller Autocrat'

21:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Wing: Tea Partiers Attempt To Force 'Commie' Reporter Out Of 'Private' Rally At Arizona State Capitol

21:22 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman in police custody in Florida

21:23 [OpEdNews] Fukushima 3X Worse Than Chernobyl-- Japanese Government Cleanup Takeover Implications

21:23 [Pravda] The Day of Judgement

21:24 [Reuters] Russia proposes Syria chemical weapons deal to avert war

21:25 [Fox News: politics] Kerry comment could undermine Obama push for Syria strike

21:26 [The Hindu - News] Transgenders show the way to integration

21:27 [Raw Story] Chuck Norris offers Obama Syria advice ‘as a six-time world karate champion’

21:27 [Raw Story] Zimmerman arrested for allegedly threatening wife with gun

21:27 [Global Voices] PHOTOS: In Search of a Safe Environment for India's Children

21:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christine Deakers : I'm Nervous, Sweating, and Wearing Western Business Attire

21:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christina Wilkie: U.S. Will 'Take A Hard Look' At Proposal To Secure Syria's Chemical Weapons

21:28 [CNN: Money] Dow jumps 150 points

21:28 [CNN: Money] Fed official: Jobs report won't affect taper

21:28 [CNN: Money] Wanna' date? Show me your credit score first

21:30 [Telegraph] Harvard survey reveals almost half of undergraduates have cheated on homework

21:31 [zero hedge] July Student And Car Loans Soar As Consumers Continue To Pay Down Credit Cards

21:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bishop James Magness: Military Chaplains: Religious Freedom in the Public Square

21:32 [The Atlantic: International] Why Chemical Weapons Are Different

21:33 [Voice of America] Vietnam Questions Bloggers After Embassy Meetings

21:33 [Big Think] On Human Progress: We Are Born Healthy and Age Comfortably

21:35 [CNN] George Zimmerman taken into police custody after incident with wife

21:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Steve Clemons: Manchin-Heitkamp: The Senate's Compelling Alternative Syria Resolution

21:37 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan Tamils must first get hold of ‘their’ land: Sudarsana Natchiappan

21:37 [CNET News] Bomb-detecting lasers could be next for carry-on luggage

21:37 [CNN: Money] Goldman nixes free accounts for some staffers

21:37 [CNN: Money] Meet the craft beer billionaire

21:38 [CNN: Politics] In Weiner's final days, more a curiosity than a candidate

21:38 [CNN: Politics] Syria complicates immigration, Obamacare

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Puducherry CM says he discussed law and order issue with Governor

21:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Peter D. Rosenstein: The Red Line Statement Not a Blunder

21:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Amanda McCorquodale: Pam Bondi Delays Marshall Lee Gore Execution To Attend Campaign Fundraiser

21:41 [The Hindu - News] SC rejects TN’s appeal in Kiruttinan murder case

21:42 [Raw Story] Defense industry gave lavishly to senators who supported Syria strike

21:42 [CNN] Death of Osama Bin Laden Fast Facts

21:42 [CNN] Obama escalates blitz for Syria attack support

21:44 [Fox News] STARTLING DISCOVERY 'Wild' memoir leads authorto find long-lost half-sister

21:44 [Russia Today] White House presses for strike against Syria despite possible surrender of chemical weapons

21:45 [The Hindu - News] CAG’s complaint on RIL contradicts Moily’s claim

21:45 [The Hindu - News] I stand by whatever I said: Kataria

21:46 [CNET News] Blue HTC One coming to Best Buy on Sunday September 15

21:46 [Telegraph] Rachel Weisz and I ban technology from our bedroom, says Daniel Craig

21:46 [Telegraph] Britain 'must have two aircraft carriers to be global player'

21:47 [Slashdot] Aeroscraft Begins Flight Testing Following FAA Certification

21:48 [Fin24 News] Van Schalkwyk: SA tourism must innovate

21:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Katherine Fung: Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Syria Plan Is 'Operation Shuck And Jive'

21:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeffrey Young: Rite Aid To Promote Obamacare Enrollment At Thousands Of Stores

21:52 [CNET News] Udacity teams with Google, others to rethink tech education

21:53 [Voice of America] Fighting Leaves 60 Dead in Central African Republic

21:53 [NPR] Dennis Rodman Says He's Taking Former NBA Players To North Korea

21:53 [OpEdNews] Kerry Couldn't Sell a Used Car

21:54 [CNN] Guantanamo Bay Naval Station Fast Facts

21:55 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: Hospital investors wary of slow rampup for Obamacare

21:55 [Reuters: politics] Americans' distaste for military strike on Syria is growing - Reuters/Ipsos poll

21:55 [The Hindu - News] National Green Tribunal imposes Rs. 10,000 costs on woman

21:56 [Deutsche Welle] Exit polls in Norway point to center-right election win

21:57 [CNET News] Sequoia Capital's Michael Moritz: The data factory revolution

21:57 [The Hindu - News] 30 more marine police stations planned by TN govt

21:58 [Fox News: politics] Auto union may establish ‘works council’ in Tennessee to bypass objections

22:01 [] Israel Chemicals rallies as market rebounds

22:02 [zero hedge] Less Than 10% Of The House Support Obama: Congressional Support Update

22:02 [zero hedge] Syria Intelligence Being Manipulated EXACTLY Like Iraq

22:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Krystie Yandoli: Let's Stop Pretending the Confederate Flag Isn't a Symbol of Racism

22:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Carl Pope: It's Still Oil, Stupid

22:02 [The Onion] Heartless Dutch Curators Put Deranged Scrawlings Of Mentally Ill Suicide Victim On Full Display For World To Mock

22:02 [Telegraph] Elephant kills man after escape from Paris circus

22:03 [Big Think] Referendum Could Determine Fate Of Bucharest's 65,000 Stray Dogs

22:03 [The Hindu - News] ‘Kumbabishekam’ performed after 56 years

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Syria hails Russian chemical arms plan

22:04 [Disinformation] Scientists Baffled By Mysterious Tiny Towers Spotted In Peruvian Jungle

22:05 [The Hindu - News] Land grab case against former DMK MLA

22:06 [CNET News] Hammerhead bike navigator simplifies adventurous rides

22:06 [CNET News] Twitter CEO says great leaders don't worry about making friends

22:07 [The Hindu - News] TTPS unit power production suspended

22:08 [] With Help From Murdoch, Australia's Conservative Leader Ascends to Power in Australia /sites/

22:09 [The Hindu - News] PIL plea seeks ban on caste-based public poojas

22:09 [The Hindu - News] A ‘no’ in Congress looks likely

22:10 [Russia Today] Thousands of Navalny supporters demand vote recount at Moscow mayoral election protest

22:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Syria 2013: Latest Updates On Debate Over Airstrikes

22:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Peter Alexander Meyers: Syria and the Meaning of Democracy

22:12 [Raw Story] Limbaugh: Obama’s Syria plan is ‘Shuck and Jive’ instead of ‘Shock and Awe’

22:13 [] With Help From Murdoch, Rightwing Leader Ascends to Power in Australia /sites/

22:13 [Fox News] TV host survives chopper crash

22:13 [Fox News] Double fault! Bra-less at Open

22:13 [Fox News] Charming European cities

22:13 [Fox News] Disney stars who grew up quick

22:13 [Fox News] Surprising facts about Coke

22:13 [Fox News] Lab puppy calms cheetah cubs

22:13 [Fox News] Fitness can improve sex life

22:13 [Fox News] New Beatles Tape Shocks

22:13 [Fox News] Brain has a 'sixth sense'

22:13 [Fox News] 'Wild' leads to big discovery

22:13 [Fox News] Is this Apple's new iPhone 5C?

22:14 [Reuters: politics] Obama makes push on Syria, to examine Russian proposal on chemical weapons

22:15 [The Hindu - News] Entry of hired vehicles with volunteers banned in Ramanathapuram

22:17 [Fox News: politics] Judge Napolitano: Obama could be considered a war criminal if US attacks Syria

22:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard Goldstein: Gay Is Not Enough

22:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matthew Dowd: The President and Syria: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Chennai's private medicos rarely get to dissect

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Arab countries reduced to ‘marionettes’

22:19 [Telegraph] Wife of George Zimmerman claims he threatened her with a gun

22:20 [Truthdig] Use a Dead Man’s Switch to Announce NSA Sabotage

22:22 [Raw Story] Alaska could be the next state to legalize marijuana

22:22 [CNN: Money] Dow jumps 140 points

22:23 [Voice of America] Tra Mi: Vietnam Questions Bloggers After Embassy Meetings

22:23 [CNET News] Why fear of a tech elite-fueled Burning Man burnout is sooo wrong

22:24 [] Georgia: Will the Presidential Election be Porn-Free?

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Double murder in Maduravoyal: Family friends killed women

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Yunus to face legal action

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Slaying myths, winning hearts

22:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Cherkis: Syria Debate Shows Some Senators Listen To Constituents, Just Not On Gun Control

22:29 [] Central Asia: In for a Bumpy Ride in 2014 and Beyond?

22:31 [Voice of America] China Publishes New Online Rumor Guidelines

22:31 [Financial Times] Russia bids to head off US Syria strikes

22:31 [CNN: Entertainment] Jared Leto 'stopped eating' for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

22:32 [zero hedge] Stock Bulls Pleased, Shorts Squeezed, Bond Bulls Teased

22:32 [zero hedge] Kerry Tells Lavrov Chemical Disarmament Demand Was "Rhetorical", Not Meant To Be Proposal

22:32 [Raw Story] Senate to hold procedural vote on military strike against Syria on Wednesday

22:32 [The Hindu - News] Stolen laptops retrieved, lorry driver arrested

22:32 [CNN: Politics] Syria 'welcomes' Russian proposal to control chemical weapons

22:32 [The Onion] Nation’s Math Teachers Introduce 27 New Trig Functions

22:32 [The Onion] American Voices: Iowa Issuing Gun Permits To The Blind

22:32 [CNET News] Apple's campus gets dressed up for Tuesday's special event

22:33 [Big Think] Why Bombing Syria is Probably Illegal, No Matter How Congress Votes

22:34 [The Hindu - News] Indian team to monitor second round too

22:35 [The Atlantic: Politics] Mark Sanford Got an Exemption to Take His Fiancée on a Junket to Israel

22:36 [Slashdot] China Allows Most Online Criticism But Cracks Down On Mobilization and Gossip

22:36 [CNN] George Zimmerman threatened wife, her dad, she tells 911

22:37 [CNET News] PS Vita TV is Sony's new spin on streaming

22:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roberta Sklar: Christine Quinn: New York City's Next Mayor

22:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: Telecoms Use Astroturf Lobby Against Net Neutrality

22:37 [Raw Story] Susan Rice: Attack on Syria would deter Iran

22:37 [Raw Story] Koch Industries to buy electronic manufacturer Molex

22:37 [Raw Story] High radiation detected at Fukushima monitoring well: reports

22:38 [The Hindu - News] Chapathis to be on menu of Amma canteens soon

22:38 [OpEdNews] Cornel West and the Fight to Save the Black Prophetic Tradition

22:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Born to rule

22:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Juvenile offenders

22:40 [Russia Today] ‘New urgency’ to stop NSA-spying after latest Snowden leak, congressman says

22:40 [Reuters: politics] White House says to take 'hard look' at Russia offer on Syria

22:40 [Truthdig] DC Gives Poor Excuse for Nixing Batwoman’s Lesbian Wedding

22:41 [CNET News] LinkedIn wants to map, improve global economy

22:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] Communal poison

22:41 [Voice of America] Dan Robinson: White House in Full Press for Congressional Approval of Syria Strike

22:42 [The Hindu - News] Good show by Kremlin critic in Moscow mayoral poll

22:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] Playing with fire

22:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] Thumbs up for Tokyo, wrestling

22:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] Selling the dream for a song

22:44 [NPR] U.S. Mulls Broader Range Of Targets In Possible Syria Strike

22:45 [The Hindu - Opinion] G for going it alone in Syria

22:45 [The Hindu - Opinion] Poisoned by the lure of money

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alexis Kleinman: iPhone Users Are 'Zombies' And Steve Jobs Was 'Big Brother,' According To The NSA: Report

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Roy Blunt On Syria: GOP Senator Opposes Military Strike

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eunice Hyon Min Rho: History Repeats Itself: Why Is South Dakota Denying American Indians an Equal Opportunity to Vote?

22:47 [Raw Story] McCain says John Kerry’s comments on Syria strike are ‘unbelievably unhelpful’

22:47 [Raw Story] Yahoo plans a ‘major expansion’ of news gathering

22:47 [Reuters: politics] California plans full online launch of Obamacare on October 1

22:49 [Telegraph] Dozens killed as bus falls from Guatemala cliff

22:50 [Fox News] OBAMACARE PENALTY Small business owners may face $100-per-day fine

22:50 [Fox News] DOMESTIC DISPUTE Police question Zimmerman after alleged gun incident

22:50 [Fox News] CYRUS GONE CRAZY Naked Miley does more than twerk in new video /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

22:51 [Slashdot] New Research Could Slow Human Aging

22:51 [Fox News] Afghan interpreter who saved US soldier gets visa

22:51 [Fox News] $250M donation to small Kentucky college withdrawn

22:51 [Fox News] '47 percent' not paying fed taxes now at 43 percent

22:51 [Fox News] Man's hunt for softball leads to saving drowning man

22:51 [Fox News] CDC says hard-hitting anti-smoking ads save lives

22:51 [Fox News] TODD'S AMERICAN DISPATCH: Florida official tells Christian charity to kick Jesus to the curb- STARNES: Church: Film R-rated due to faith message

22:51 [Fox News] Disability double-dipping drains $$ from NJ pensions

22:51 [Fox News] Town battles state over law allowing guns in parks

22:51 [Fox News] Man who vanished 4 months ago in Andes found alive

22:51 [Fox News] Profile in courage: India rape victim faces attackers

22:51 [Fox News] Brazilian massage therapist jumps in to prevent goal in soccer game, gets chased out of stadium

22:52 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan Human rights Sunila Abeysekara no more

22:54 [NPR] Police Question George Zimmerman After Confrontation With Wife

22:55 [Truthdig] Waiting for the Green Light

22:58 [The Atlantic: National] Sioux Falls: It's Been a Boom Town Before

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22:58 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan rights activist Sunila Abeysekera no more

22:58 [The Hindu - News] Chinese daily warns India against new border posts

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23:00 [zero hedge] How Has This Not Led To Outright Revolution Yet?

23:02 [New Statesman] Miliband goes on the attack as he compares Cameron to Thatcher and Romney

23:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Can offhand comment stop a war?

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23:04 [Disinformation] George Galloway: U.S. In Bed With Al Qaeda, Christian Leaders Overseeing the Destruction of Christian Sites

23:07 [Telegraph] John Kerry criticised for claiming military action against Syria will be 'unbelievably small'

23:07 [Telegraph] Bashar al-Assad warns America to 'expect everything' in retaliation for military strike

23:07 [Telegraph] Russia seizes on American offer to Bashar al-Assad and urges Syria to 'destroy' its chemical arsenal

23:07 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Kenya Deputy President Ruto’s ICC Trial to begin Tuesday

23:08 [BBC: Technology] James Bond's submarine car auctioned

23:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Jared Leto 'stopped eating' for role

23:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Pitt's dramatic history lesson

23:10 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Stern's' Quivers battled cancer

23:10 [Truthdig] George Zimmerman’s Wife Says He Threatened Her With a Gun

23:10 [Truthdig] Russell Brand Banned From Awards Party For Speaking Truth to Rich People

23:13 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan calls up Akhilesh, conveys concern

23:14 [NPR] Microbe Transplants Treat Some Diseases That Drugs Can't Fix

23:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jack Mirkinson: Jake Tapper On US Syria Intelligence Case: 'I Don't Like Agreeing With Assad, But He's Right' (VIDEO)

23:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan J. Reilly: DOJ Marijuana Memo No Big Deal, Some Federal Prosecutors Insist

23:16 [Reuters] Russia proposes Syria chemical weapons deal to avert U.S. strike

23:17 [The Hindu - News] Notice to Centre, nine States over anti-Naxal plan

23:17 [Raw Story] Why are Americans so against a strike on Syria? Because of the Iraq debacle

23:17 [CNN] When street art meets runway style

23:19 [The Atlantic: Technology] Meet the Family That Shuns Technologies Introduced After 1986

23:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] ‘Obama must apologise for NSA snooping’

23:21 [CNN] Study: Smaller testicles, more-involved dads?

23:23 [The Hindu - News] Misuse of tricolour by cricket fans: apex court issues notice

23:27 [Reuters: politics] Obama's IRS chief nominee worth up to $27 million: U.S. filing

23:28 [CNN: Money] James Bond submarine car sells for $920,000

23:28 [Reuters] Internet companies in new effort to disclose more on NSA requests

23:29 [] Allegations Resurface Of Azerbaijani Support of PKK

23:31 [Slashdot] Tricorder Project Releases Prototype Open Source 3D Printable Spectrometer

23:31 [zero hedge] US, Russian Naval Deployment Near Syria - Update

23:31 [The Hindu - News] Verdict in Delhi gang rape case today

23:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: Petition Pushes For Change At Florida High School Named After KKK Member

23:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sam Stein: Joe Manchin On Syria: Russia's Proposal Moved The Ball, 'Thank God For That'

23:32 [Reuters: politics] Internet companies in new effort to disclose more on NSA requests

23:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Can offhand comment stop war?

23:33 [Big Think] In Jamaica, Supporters Push Towards Marijuana Legalization

23:35 [Voice of America] Egyptian Military Presses Attacks on Sinai Militants

23:37 [Telegraph] Osborne promises to cut household bills as he says economy is 'turning corner'

23:37 [Telegraph] Give elderly proper care, GPs told

23:37 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg tells Chris Huhne: Don't blame the press for your downfall

23:37 [Telegraph] Motorists face detour to avoid new road tolls

23:37 [CNET News] Meta's Space Glasses apps: No code but ideas

23:39 [NPR] Obama To Make Case For Syria Strike In Network Interviews

23:40 [CBC: politics] Robocalls revealed by Michael Sona, investigator alleges

23:41 [The Hindu - News] Solar Scam: Chandy free to decide on terms of reference

23:41 [The Hindu - News] FIR against several BJP leaders; death toll up to 33

23:41 [The Hindu - News] Riot victims recount tales of terror

23:41 [CNN] CNN Student News - September 10, 2013

23:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Approval Sinks: Polls

23:42 [CNN] New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's medical marijuana changes pass house

23:42 [CNN] New van Gogh painting discovered: 'Sunset at Montmajour'

23:43 [The Hindu - News] Lavalin deal violated Central norms: CBI

23:45 [Fox News] PROFILE IN COURAGE Victim of brutal gang rape faces attackers at India trial

23:46 [CNET News] PayPal introduces hands-free payments with Beacon device

23:47 [The Hindu - News] Extramarital affair by itself not ‘cruelty’ if wife commits suicide: court

23:47 [The Hindu - News] MHA calls for more forces to be deployed

23:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Sydney to scorch after warm night

23:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Abbott may be forced to woo Greens

23:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] The one man who could rule

23:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Lost hiker lived on rats and raisins

23:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Caroline Fairchild: Barclays To Pay $36 Million Over Subprime Loan Allegations

23:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Budget Debate: House Prepares For Battle Over Short-Term Spending Bill

23:49 [The Hindu - News] New media presents scope for misuse: Tewari

23:51 [The Hindu - News] Paramedical student’s family wants nothing less than death for guilty

23:51 [The Hindu - News] ‘Free run’ for most KSRTC buses

23:53 [CBC: politics] Mentally ill Kingston inmates to be moved twice

23:53 [Electronic Intifada] New York tech university evasive about Israeli partner's role in arms industry

23:54 [CNET News] Hey Apple, don't forget these Macs need updates, too

23:54 [CNET News] Report: Twitter buys a mobile ad network for $350M in stock

23:56 [The Hindu - News] Find out truth behind Sushmita murder: brother

23:56 [The Hindu - News] PSC plans 3 online exam centres in Kerala

23:57 [CNN: Health] Man loses 245 lbs with the three 'P's'

23:57 [CNN: Health] Study: Smaller testicles, more involved dads?

23:59 [NPR] How Expansion Will Change The Look Of Medicaid

23:59 [NPR] Constituent Mailbag: A Deluge Of Opposition To Syria Strikes

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