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00:00 [Deutsche Welle] Snowden blows lid on German-US intel ties

00:03 [CNN] 13 dead, 37 still missing after runaway train explodes

00:03 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Tippy Tippens, Designing for Social Change

00:03 [Good] VIDEO: Want To Know Where the North Pole Really Is?

00:03 [Disinformation] Is Thelema a Religion or not?

00:07 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Preventing Snowden-Style Security Breaches?

00:07 [The Progressive] Rick Perry Is Damaged Goods

00:07 [Reuters: politics] Judge rejects state secrets defense in wiretapping lawsuit

00:09 [Reuters] Quebec disaster death toll jumps to 13, with some 37 missing

00:10 [zero hedge] The Remarkable Goldman Extrapolation Engine Strikes Again

00:12 [Raw Story] Massive smelly ‘huge deformed penis’ flower blooms in Brussels

00:16 [Slate Magazine] The Sherry Cobbler

00:16 [Slate Magazine] Andy and Jamie

00:16 [CNET News] Samsung, Intel dangle $4M in prizes for Tizen apps

00:16 [CNET News] Judge: Lawsuit alleging illegal NSA spying may continue

00:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for More Protests in Egypt

00:19 [NPR] With An Eye Toward 2016, Rick Perry Reboots

00:22 [CNET News] DirecTV and Time Warner said to make power play for Hulu

00:22 [CNET News] Students create smartphone-powered driverless car

00:23 [Reuters: politics] Chef's embezzlement trial could shake Virginia governor's race

00:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] Eliot Spitzer Buys Some Honey

00:25 [] Israel urged U.S. not to halt aid to Egypt, says top American official

00:25 [Reuters] Asiana plane was far below target speed before San Francisco crash

00:25 [Reuters] Friends testify it's Zimmerman on 911 call for help

00:27 [Slashdot] English Schools To Introduce Children To 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Robotics

00:30 [Infoshop] Interview with the OASL about the protests in Brazil

00:30 [Reuters: politics] Texas Governor Perry says he will not seek re-election in 2014

00:31 [CBC: politics] Train disaster triggers political debate on rail safety

00:32 [zero hedge] Ken Rogoff: "Policymakers Should Be Cautious Seeing Gold's Drop As A Vote Of Confidence"

00:32 [CNET News] Another Amazon victim - this time it's Barnes & Noble's CEO

00:32 [Truthdig] The Marrying Kind

00:34 [Telegraph] Choral singing regulates heartbeat

00:34 [Voice of America] Report Blasts Pakistani Leaders Over Bin Laden

00:38 [Global Voices] Al Jazeera Accused of “Biased” Egypt Coverage

00:39 [Reuters: politics] U.S. will not cut off aid to Egypt immediately

00:40 [Infoshop] Anarchy, understood in all its senses

00:40 [Voice of America] Canada Derailment Toll Rises to 13

00:45 [Fox News] CAIRO CASH FLOW White House: Keep Aid $$ To Egypt — For Now

00:46 [Slate Magazine] Hang Up and Listen: The Virginal Vessels of Virtue Edition

00:46 [Slate Magazine] Creep Therapy

00:46 [Fox News] Texas Gov. Perry won't seek re-election in 2014

00:50 [Deutsche Welle] Leaked bin Laden report criticizes Pakistani failures

00:50 [Telegraph] Irregular bedtime 'lowers children's intelligence'

00:50 [Telegraph] Egypt's interim president announces election timetable

00:50 [Telegraph] Canada train crash: fire fighters cut brakes due to engine fire

00:56 [CNET News] Best portable mini Bluetooth speakers

00:57 [CNN: Money] Barnes & Noble CEO resigns as company struggles

00:57 [Fox News: politics] Group: IRS mistakenly posted thousands of Social Security number on website

00:58 [CNN] Student loan fight heats up as Congress returns from break

01:02 [Voice of America] Brazil Investigates US Spying Allegations

01:03 [Disinformation] Obama’s ‘War on Coal’ Isn’t Real–But It’s Really in the Newspaper

01:04 [Reuters] Quebec disaster death toll jumps to 13, some 37 still missing

01:06 [CNN: Politics] Student loan fight heats up as Congress returns from break

01:06 [CNN: Politics] Texas residents weigh in at Texas 'fetal pain' bill hearing

01:07 [Raw Story] Fox News contributor blames contraception mandate on ‘extraordinary creeping paganism’

01:07 [Raw Story] Church of England restarts process to ordain women bishops

01:07 [Slashdot] The Dangers of Beating Your Kickstarter Goal

01:10 [] Intellectuals and artists call on Netanyahu to oust Habayit Hayehudi over support of extremist rabbi

01:11 [CNET News] How to prevent inadvertent Hot Corner activation in OS X

01:11 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Doing the Macarena for science

01:13 [AL JAZEERA] Indonesian men survive days trapped by tigers

01:15 [Guardian] Irregular bedtimes may affect children's brains

01:16 [CNN] Mariah Carey hurt in video mishap

01:19 [Reuters: politics] House votes to block watchdog from imposing audit term limits

01:19 [zero hedge] CNBC Viewership Collapse Continues; Cramer, Kudlow Audience At Record Lows

01:19 [Guardian] Bolivia's indigenous people join fight to save Gran Chaco wilderness

01:19 [Guardian] Europe opens trade talks with US amid ongoing tensions over spying

01:22 [Raw Story] Protest outside Egypt’s Republican Guard ends in bloodshed

01:22 [Raw Story] Strength and frequency of tropical cyclones could increase dramatically: study

01:22 [Raw Story] MSNBC host asks Eliot Spitzer: Should prostitution be legal?

01:26 [CNN] Istanbul's Gezi Park reopens and closes again as protests continue

01:32 [Truthdig] Spectacle in Summer: The Guilty Pleasures of ‘The Lone Ranger’

01:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Mariah Carey injured in video mishap

01:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Lauryn Hill reports to prison

01:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Controversial celeb deaths

01:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Randy Travis critically ill with heart infection

01:34 [CNN: Health] Toddler dies after experimental surgery

01:34 [CNN: Health] Couple drops nearly 200 pounds

01:34 [CNN: Health] Lung transplant girl has pneumonia

01:35 [CNET News] Harry Potter's Diagon Alley apparates onto Street View

01:35 [AL JAZEERA] Greece secures $8.7bn in rescue loans

01:35 [CNN] Kenny Ortega testifies in Michael Jackson death trial

01:36 [Telegraph] Britain's job centres are failing young people, think-tank finds

01:36 [Telegraph] Care home boss: let people choose how to die

01:36 [Telegraph] David Cameron to announce that the UK will not 'opt out' of European arrest warrant

01:36 [Telegraph] Zero-tolerance drug drive proposals to be unveiled

01:37 [CNN: Entertainment] Randy Travis critically ill

01:37 [Fox News: politics] Judge blocks new Wisconsin abortion law

01:40 [CNN] Director of MJ show testifies singer needed 'a top psychiatrist'

01:40 [CNN] 13 dead, 37 missing after runaway train explodes

01:42 [CNN: Health] Couple drops nearly 200 lbs

01:42 [Slashdot] Code Released To Exploit Android App Signature Vulnerability

01:43 [CNET News] Android's Jelly Bean surpasses Gingerbread for the first time

01:47 [Truthdig] America’s Lowest Class

01:48 [Guardian] Death toll in Canadian oil train disaster rises to 13

01:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Mariah hurt in video mishap

01:50 [BBC: Health] Late nights 'sap kids' brain power'

01:52 [BBC: Education] Late nights 'sap kids' brain power'

01:52 [Telegraph] Nicolas Sarkozy stages premature return to help save France's main opposition party from bankruptcy

01:55 [] The Hague weighs criminal probe of Israel over 2010 Marmara raid

01:55 [Topix Activism News] Privacy group sues over NSA data dragnet

01:56 [CNN] Ex-partner: 'Bulger just kept shooting' in 1982 homicides

01:58 [Global Voices] Japan: Winny Developer Dies at 42

02:04 [Slate Magazine] Forget and Forgive

02:06 [Fox News: politics] Senate procedural vote on student loans set for Wednesday

02:07 [AL JAZEERA] Venezuela's Maduro offers Snowden a home

02:07 [Truthdig] Perry Makes Major Announcement, Koch Brothers Try to Kill Obamacare, and More

02:08 [Telegraph] Singer Lauryn Hill starts 3-month prison sentence

02:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Mariah Carey hurt in video mishap

02:10 [] Chicky: Big Brother atmosphere at Israel's biometric roll-out

02:11 [zero hedge] Rainman Economics

02:15 [Voice of America] Reuters: Syria Invites UN Chemical Arms Chief; Access in Doubt

02:16 [Reuters] Egypt seeks quick elections, in shock at more bloodshed

02:21 [CNN: Politics] Court asked to stop phone snooping

02:21 [CNN: Politics] Battle over student loans

02:22 [Truthdig] How to Opt Out of AT&T’s Sale of Your Personal Information

02:25 [Reuters: politics] Lobbyists launch push on immigration in House

02:26 [BBC: Health] 'Smelly urine' bladder cancer test

02:32 [CNET News] iPad 5 sooner, Mini Retina later: Suppliers sing similar tune

02:40 [CNET News] Chrome Packaged Apps gaining Android powers

02:42 [Raw Story] Nude woman distracts Tennessee man as his house is burglarized

02:45 [Voice of America] Sharon Behn: Cairo Merchants Seek Calm after Violence

02:45 [] Videotape shows false testimony of man convicted of murdering parents

02:47 [Reuters: politics] Firearms group sues to reverse new gun-control law in Connecticut

02:51 [Voice of America] Luis Ramirez: Defense Opens in Manning WikiLeaks Case

02:51 [Fox News] 3RD AMENDMENT SUITFamily Allegedly Forced From Home by Police

02:56 [CNET News] Netflix hangs up on earnings call in favor of video discussion

02:59 [AL JAZEERA] Manning defence shows video of Baghdad attack

03:06 [CNN] Director of MJ's comeback show takes stand

03:07 [Amnesty International] South Sudan, two years on

03:09 [CBC: politics] 13 dead, many still missing in Lac-Mégantic

03:12 [Raw Story] Supreme Court asked to suspend NSA and FBI’s blanket collection of phone data

03:12 [Raw Story] White House dodges questions of Egyptian ‘coup’ as military aid continues

03:12 [Slashdot] Secure Boot Coming To SuSE Linux Servers

03:13 [Big Think] Mexico Replaces America as World's Heaviest Country

03:16 [BBC: Science & Environment] Choirs 'synchronise heartbeats'

03:17 [Reuters: politics] District judge temporarily blocks part of Wisconsin's new abortion law

03:20 [zero hedge] A Historic Inversion: Gold GOFO Rates Turn Negative For The First Time Since Lehman

03:21 [Voice of America] Reuters: Brazil Drops Plans to Import Cuban Doctors

03:29 [BBC: Technology] Predicting earthquakes using smartphones

03:33 [Reuters] Bin Laden's life on the run revealed by Pakistani inquiry

03:33 [Reuters] U.S. soldier in WikiLeaks case had free access to secret files

03:34 [BBC: Technology] Post Office finds computer defect

03:34 [Good] Why My Ramadan Fast Is a Reminder to Not Be an Asshole

03:34 [CNET News] Samsung breaks ground on futuristic Silicon Valley campus

03:51 [Voice of America] Arizona Holds Memorial for US Firefighters

03:54 [CNN] John Kerry's wife upgraded to fair condition

03:54 [Reuters] Insight: How a train ran away and devastated a Canadian town

03:55 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt timetable issued after massacre

04:01 [] Documents show Israel held other anonymous prisoner at same time as Ben Zygier

04:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Molly Alexander Darden: If We Are Political Extremists, How Can We Make That Work?

04:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Julie J. Park: Class Diversity in Higher Education: A Complement, But Not a Replacement, for Race

04:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Jones: Even as a Republican, I Embrace Obamacare

04:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Weigant: Boehner's Immigration Dilemma

04:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lester & Charlie: Dispatch From the Whites Only Men's Room

04:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dean Baker: The One Percent Want Your Kidney: Tales of Redistribution

04:07 [CNN] Judge orders Aaron Hernandez case evidence documents to be released

04:11 [Telegraph] Barack Obama considering 'zero option' for US troops in Afghanistan

04:11 [Reuters] Asiana plane was far below target speed before San Francisco crash

04:11 [zero hedge] Radioactive Tritium At Record High Levels In Fukushima Ground- And Sea-Water

04:12 [Slashdot] The Black Underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'

04:13 [Disinformation] For The Canine Crowd: DogTV

04:19 [CNET News] Microsoft will reportedly unveil major restructuring Thursday

04:22 [Financial Times] Chinese inflation rebounds in June

04:22 [Fox News] ObamaCare Subsidy Cost Has Increased Dramatically, Critics Say

04:22 [Fox News] ZIMMERMAN TRIALDefense Allowed to Show Martin Had Pot in System /i/redes/icon-video.gif

04:22 [Fox News] SEX FOR VISAS?State Dept. Probes US Consular Official in Guyana

04:22 [Raw Story] ‘Friendly Atheist’ informs megachurch: We’ve heard all of it before

04:30 [Deutsche Welle] Interim President Mansour outlines Egypt election plan after deadly clashes

04:31 [] IDF investigating colonel who sought women using false Facebook identity

04:41 [Telegraph] Severe storm knocks out power in Toronto

04:42 [Raw Story] Pentagon puts 650,000 workers on unpaid leave due to cuts

04:43 [Big Think] Making Sense in Egypt

04:43 [BBC: Health] China coal policy 'cut lifespans'

04:43 [AL JAZEERA] Syria's ruling party shakes up leadership

04:56 [BBC: Science & Environment] The drama of Man versus Machine

05:00 [zero hedge] U.S. Government’s Secret Move To Hide Files On The Osama Bin Laden Raid

05:03 [AntiWar] Young Athletes Again Attacked; 33 Killed Across Iraq

05:12 [Raw Story] Rand Paul mocks Rick Perry: Can’t remember third good reason for him to be president

05:17 [Fox News] Quinn Defends Constitution

05:21 [] Israel 'dangerously reliant on handful of exports'

05:21 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt timetable issued after shootings

05:28 [Reuters: politics] Federal judge temporarily blocks part of Wisconsin's new abortion law

05:29 [AL JAZEERA] Japan slams 'coercive' Chinese naval action

05:36 [Mother Jones] Afghanistan's Future Now Belongs to the Afghans /files/images/Blog_Karzai_Peace_Jirga.jpg

05:43 [Telegraph] Trial of Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino to begin

05:43 [Telegraph] Card fees pushing rural petrol stations 'to the wall'

05:43 [CNET News] Cyberattack on South Korea was part of 4-year spying campaign

05:47 [Raw Story] Zimmerman’s attorney: Low dose of marijuana can lead to aggression

05:47 [Truthdig] Egypt’s Dark Future

05:54 [Guardian] Chinese police shot Tibetan monks, says rights group

05:57 [CNN] Obama considering withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan in 2014

06:01 [AntiWar] US Still Preparing for Nuclear War

06:01 [AntiWar] Snowden Honored by Ex-Intel Officials

06:14 [Topix Activism News] Vinita child-porn maker's sentence changed because of '85 percent' confusion

06:21 [Reuters: politics] Use insurance companies to end U.S. pension crisis: Senator Hatch

06:23 [Voice of America] Arizona Remembers Firefighters Killed in Wildfire

06:30 [Global Voices] Egypt's “People's Revolution” in the Eyes of Russians

06:31 [AntiWar] Vital Interests vs. Democratic Ideals

06:31 [Slashdot] Sent To Jail Because of a Software Bug

06:33 [Big Think] Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, But You Need Happiness to Make Money

06:35 [CNN] Presidential declaration limits powers, set timetable for elections

06:47 [Fox News: politics] Group: IRS mistakenly posted thousands of Social Security number on website

07:02 [Guardian] China fishing ban east of North Korea builds tension between uneasy allies

07:06 [Voice of America] Turkish Police Disperse Protesters in Istanbul

07:07 [Reuters] Turkish police fire water cannon to prevent park protest

07:07 [Reuters: politics] U.S. mulls leaving no American troops behind in Afghanistan

07:10 [Deutsche Welle] Worries in Berlin over Egyptian developments

07:12 [Guardian] Misuse of stop and search powers risks undermining police, says watchdog

07:26 [CNN: Money] Pollution cuts 5.5 years of life in China

07:31 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband gambles with £9 million in Labour funds to reign in unions

07:31 [Telegraph] Zebras, snakes, camels and racoons should be excluded from a circus ban, say MPs

07:31 [Telegraph] Royal Mail will be sold off in biggest state privatisation for two decades

07:35 [CNN: Money] Pollution shortens lives in China

07:36 [Fin24 News] Office lunch etiquette

07:36 [CNN: Money] Credit card delinquencies lowest since 1990

07:41 [] Egypt military in dire straits after falling into Muslim Brotherhood trap

07:47 [Telegraph] US man arrested after woman spots him inside septic tank beneath toilet

07:50 [Voice of America] Washington Considers No Troops Left in Afghanistan

07:50 [Voice of America] UN Chief Urges Syria Truce for Ramadan

07:50 [Voice of America] China Trying to Change Regional Status Quo 'By Force:' Japan

07:50 [Voice of America] Venezuela Receives Snowden Asylum Request

07:50 [Deutsche Welle] EU finance ministers in a holiday mood

07:53 [Guardian] Future of UK offshore wind power in 'serious doubt'

07:55 [Reuters: politics] Texas House nears vote on proposed abortion restrictions

07:56 [Fin24 News] DA: Medupi delay to cost taxpayers R10bn

07:56 [Fin24 News] US bank ups Transnet investment

08:07 [Fox News: politics] Venezuelan president urges Snowden to decide on asylum

08:25 [CNN] Report: Osama bin Laden - doting grandpa, paranoid terrorist

08:27 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt election timetable issued after deaths

08:31 [Reuters] Bangladesh garment sales soar despite deadly incidents

08:33 [Telegraph] Mandarins oppose 'dangerous' civil service shake-up

08:33 [Telegraph] One in four stop and searches unlawful and could spark riots, watchdog concludes

08:33 [Telegraph] Outlook for housing transactions is brightest in 14 years

08:33 [Telegraph] Japan's elderly overtake teenagers in the shoplifting stakes

08:33 [Telegraph] April Jones's killer Mark Bridger slashed in prison attack

08:41 [] Former students file $380 million sex abuse lawsuit against Yeshiva University

08:45 [CNN] Report: Osama bin Laden -- doting grandpa, paranoid terrorist

08:56 [CNN] Federal judge temporarily blocks new Wisconsin abortion law

08:57 [NPR] Video: Kidnapped Cleveland Women Say Thank You To The Public

09:00 [CNN] 13 dead in Indian hotel collapse

09:00 [Deutsche Welle] Trial of Costa Concordia captain set to begin

09:02 [NPR] Video: 3 Kidnapped Cleveland Women Say 'Thank You'

09:05 [Deutsche Welle] US intelligence leaker Snowden applies for asylum in Venezuela

09:07 [Fin24 News] Eskom: Medupi always a problem child

09:09 [Good] Our Top Five Health-Themed Infographics

09:11 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: IMF demands growth push as Greece secures bailout funds

09:13 [Slashdot] UK Government Surveillance Faces Legal Challenge.. In Secret Court

09:14 [Voice of America] US, China Discuss Cyber Security as Dialogue Begins

09:16 [CNN] 'Thank you:' Cleveland kidnapping victims speak out for the first time

09:19 [BBC: Technology] Should online jokes be criminal?

09:20 [Telegraph] Nigella Lawson was planning to make marriage work, friends claim

09:21 [CNN: Crime] Ex-partner: 'Bulger just kept shooting' in 1982 homicides

09:21 [CNN: Crime] Judge orders Hernandez case evidence documents to be released

09:21 [CNN: Crime] 'Thank you:' Cleveland kidnapping victims speak out for the first time

09:21 [Global Voices] Journalist Sued for Comparing Tajik ‘Intelligentsia’ to Excrement

09:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Deborah Nardone: Correct Your Course on Natural Gas, Mr. President

09:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark A. Ashwill: When Nationalism and Militarism Become One

09:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] RJ: Richard (RJ) Eskow: Where the Hell Is the Outrage?

09:33 [Pravda] Greece shuts the doors for Syrian refugees

09:33 [Pravda] Russians need sense of humor to test state-of-the-art nuclear subs

09:39 [Guardian] Bin Laden killing: official report criticises Pakistan and US

09:42 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Virtuoso who plays piano and iPad

09:42 [NPR] Treating The 'Body And Soul' In A Russian TB Prison

09:45 [BBC: Entertainment] Russia sacks head of Bolshoi ballet

09:45 [BBC: Entertainment] Sheeran guitar to benefit hospices

09:49 [Fin24 News] Wildcat strike at Amplats ends

09:51 [Guardian] 'Massacre' of Morsi supporters leaves Egypt braced for new violence

09:52 [NPR] Pedal Power To Horsepower: Toys Point Towards Future Of Cars

09:52 [NPR] As Biotech Seed Falters, Insecticide Use Surges In Corn Belt

09:52 [NPR] Why There's Too Few Cooks For New York City's Elite Kitchens

09:52 [NPR] Employers Face Changes After Same-Sex-Marriage Ruling

09:52 [NPR] What Egyptian State TV Says About The State Of Egypt

09:52 [Truthdig] A Gift From the United States to Mideast Zealots

09:54 [Reuters] Three Ohio women freed from abduction ordeal release video

09:56 [Global Voices] What Should International Development Look Like After 2015?

10:02 [] Snowden says Israel, U.S. created Stuxnet virus that attacked Iran

10:04 [Pravda] War crimes by Syrian "Opposition"

10:08 [Telegraph] Heatwave expected to continue until the weekend

10:08 [Telegraph] Simon Danczuk MP: 'Labour's militant left no better than BNP'

10:08 [Telegraph] Welby reignites row with Government over 'benefits scroungers'

10:09 [Financial Times] Egypt’s interim leader sets out poll plan

10:09 [Financial Times] Chinese police fire on unarmed Tibetans

10:09 [Financial Times] Chevron graft case spooks investors

10:13 [AL JAZEERA] Seoul slams Tokyo claims over disputed islets

10:15 [Guardian] British hot weather to continue into weekend

10:16 [Fox News] White House wants aid to Egypt to continue for now- 54 killed in clashes at Cairo Republican Guard HQ

10:18 [Voice of America] Brazil Seeks Foreign Doctors

10:19 [CNN] Q&A: How does an air crash investigation work?

10:19 [Fin24 News] Eskom contractor seeks business rescue

10:29 [Topix Activism News] Oversight board hears testimony on NSA spying

10:30 [BBC: Entertainment] Lauryn Hill starts prison sentence

10:38 [Telegraph] 'Godfather of Heroin' dies in Burma

10:38 [Telegraph] Kevin Rudd gives Labour bounce ahead of Australia polls

10:38 [Telegraph] Bolshoi Theatre director replaced after scandals

10:38 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband's reforms attacked by union boss Billy Hayes

10:39 [CNN] Flash flooding traps Toronto train passengers, stalls rush hour

10:40 [Reuters] Egypt seeks end to crisis with quick elections

10:40 [BBC: Entertainment] US country star Travis in hospital

10:42 [Voice of America] Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Calls for More Protests

10:44 [Voice of America] Muslims Around the World Celebrate Ramadan

10:47 [AL JAZEERA] Explosion rocks Shia suburb in Beirut

10:52 [Raw Story] New abortion restrictions reignite culture wars

10:53 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly blast rocks Shia suburb in Beirut

10:55 [Reuters: politics] U.S. considers pulling all troops from Afghanistan: officials

10:55 [Guardian] Mark Bridger attacked in prison

10:55 [Guardian] Global corruption survey reveals one in four people paid a bribe in past year

10:56 [CNN: Money] Barnes & Noble CEO resigns amid struggles

10:56 [Global Voices] Bosnian Lawmakers Fail to Meet ‘Babylution’ Protest Demands

10:57 [Guardian] Second Boeing 777 suffers mid-air incident

10:58 [New Internationalist] Let’s talk about parenting

11:00 [Fin24 News] Metrobus workers to strike indefinitely

11:00 [Voice of America] VOA News: Muslim Brotherhood Urges New Protests

11:04 [CNN] Hundreds to return to town gutted by oil train fire in Canada

11:06 [Slate Magazine] Oh, #Florida!

11:07 [Raw Story] How I learned to stop worrying about email hacking

11:09 [AL JAZEERA] Report says US Bin Laden raid 'an act of war'

11:10 [Telegraph] David Cameron risks backbench revolt by sticking with 30 EU justice powers

11:10 [Telegraph] James 'Whitey' Bulger 'wore wig and fake moustache for murder'

11:11 [Slashdot] Former Valve Hardware Designer Recounts Management Difficulties

11:15 [Deutsche Welle] Protectionism through the back door

11:15 [Deutsche Welle] Transparency International survey finds increase in corruption

11:17 [] Explosion rocks Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut

11:17 [Fox News] Snowden Urged to Decide on Asylum /i/redes/icon-video.gif

11:17 [Fox News] 'OVER BUDGET' Critics Say ObamaCare Subsidy Cost Increases /i/redes/icon-video.gif

11:17 [Fox News] 'PRIVACY BREACH'IRS Exposes Thousands of Social Security Numbers /i/redes/icon-video.gif

11:17 [Fox News] CRITICAL CONDITIONSinger Randy Travis in Hospital With Heart Ailment /i/redes/icon-video.gif

11:22 [Raw Story] How spiders use an electrical charge to trap insects

11:22 [Raw Story] Roswell UFO incident: Why we love alien visitors

11:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] China coal policy 'cut lifespans'

11:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] Mexico unveils stone-age etchings

11:27 [Guardian] Whole-life jail sentences without review breach human rights, European court rules

11:27 [CNN: Money] Governments lose trust as corruption soars

11:28 [Le Monde diplomatique] Dancing and tears greet book treaty for blind

11:28 [Reuters] Several dead after car bomb hits southern Beirut

11:30 [Voice of America] UN Chief Urges Syria Truce for Ramadan

11:31 [CNN] Ten controversial Pat Robertson quotes

11:35 [CNN: Money] Governments losing trust as corruption booms

11:37 [Slate Magazine] “Why Did You Want to Film That?”

11:37 [Raw Story] NJ Governor Chris Christie wins endorsement of black ministers, who call for school vouchers

11:39 [CNN] Powerful blast shakes southern Beirut

11:40 [Deutsche Welle] 'Mordida' remains Mexican way of life

11:40 [Deutsche Welle] Munich Re calls floods costliest natural disaster in Germany

11:45 [Reuters] Eighteen hurt as car bomb hits Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut

11:48 [Financial Times] Probe details Bin Laden’s life on the run

11:51 [BBC: Entertainment] Rembrandt show for National Gallery

11:52 [Slate Magazine] Down With Lemonade Stands

11:52 [Raw Story] Data analytics firm Spotter launches social media ‘sarcasm detector’

11:52 [Voice of America] Car Bomb Wounds 15 in Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon

11:54 [BBC: Technology] Spiderbot crawls into action

11:55 [BBC: Entertainment] ROH announces first West End transfer

11:57 [Guardian] Whole-life jail terms without review breach human rights - European court

11:57 [CNN] Federer facing new world order

11:58 [Telegraph] Pornography found on airline's Facebook page

11:58 [Telegraph] Profile: Jeremy Bamber's 25 year fight against life sentence

11:58 [Telegraph] Jeremy Bamber wins human rights victory over 'life means life' sentences

11:58 [Telegraph] Andy Murray poked in the eye as he is mobbed outside restaurant

11:58 [Telegraph] Chinese Harry Potter making thousands with online 'spell' emporium

11:58 [Telegraph] Death Valley tourists get egg warning

11:59 [CNN: Money] Cyberattacks are the bank robberies of the future

11:59 [CNN: Money] Crowdfunding for adoptions, fertility treatments

12:02 [] Israel's fanciest pool has no swimmers

12:02 [Raw Story] Lessons from the first millionaire online teacher

12:02 [Voice of America] Car Bomb Explodes in Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon

12:05 [The Atlantic: Politics] Gay-Marriage Campaigners Reveal Their Next Steps

12:05 [AL JAZEERA] Car bomb rocks Shia suburb in Beirut

12:06 [CNN: Money] The four-day work week

12:07 [Raw Story] Barnes and Noble chief executive resigns

12:07 [Raw Story] Second ‘Prisoner X’ held in top secret in Israel

12:09 [Good] Watch: Your Life Visualized In a Pile of Jelly Beans

12:09 [Good] Bank on Art: Modified ATM Machines as Virtual Exhibitions

12:09 [Good] Six Things We Learned From Rock Climbing Legend Lynn Hill

12:09 [Good] 12 Awesome Toilets from Around the World

12:09 [Good] Buy One Get One: The Pencil Pack That Gives Back

12:10 [Voice of America] Washington Considers No Troops Left in Afghanistan

12:12 [Mother Jones] Foiled in the United States, Anti-Gay Evangelicals Spread Hate in Africa

12:12 [Mother Jones] Snowden's Ticket Out of Moscow: A Private Jet?

12:12 [Raw Story] Silicon Valley’s ugly rich-poor gap is growing

12:14 [Telegraph] Tony Blair: Miliband is being 'bold and strong' over unions

12:14 [Telegraph] Beirut rocked by large car bomb attack

12:14 [Telegraph] Rare bird has pang of conscience after fighting off rival

12:15 [Reuters: politics] Illinois could end last state ban on carrying concealed guns

12:15 [CNN: Money] Fiat's fresh face

12:15 [CNN: Money] Immigrant to top CEO: 10 who made it big

12:16 [Deutsche Welle] Bolshoi Theater replaces director Anatoly Iksanov

12:17 [CNN] Shock and survival: Asiana plane crash through the eyes of children

12:21 [BBC: Technology] UK flights restricted after glitches

12:21 [CNN: Money] Corruption boom lowers trust

12:22 [Spiegel] Aid for Athens: France Demands Direct Funding for Greek Banks

12:22 [CNN] Powerful car bomb rips through southern Beirut

12:23 [BBC: Science & Environment] Ariane 6 rocket design selected

12:24 [Voice of America] China Trying to Change Regional Status Quo 'By Force:' Japan

12:26 [BBC: Technology] Computer glitches affect UK flights

12:27 [Raw Story] U.S. considering speeding up Afghanistan pullout: NYT report

12:27 [Raw Story] Two injured in Pamplona bull run

12:27 [Raw Story] Chinese police ‘fire on Tibetans honoring Dalai Lama’

12:29 [BBC: Science & Environment] Energy firm E.On hit by £3m penalty

12:29 [Guardian] Prince Charles's letters to ministers to remain private, court rules

12:32 [Spiegel] Far-Right Fears: German-Israeli Football Match Cancelled

12:38 [Pravda] Origin of the Moon still generates fantastic theories

12:38 [New Internationalist] Independent Arab cinemas: against all odds

12:40 [Slate Magazine] First Lost, Then Murdered

12:40 [Slate Magazine] Attack of the Baby Snatcher

12:40 [The Atlantic: Politics] A PATRIOT Act History Lesson: How Prescient Warnings Were Mocked

12:40 [CNN] Africa's magnificent mountains: 7 amazing climbs

12:41 [Deutsche Welle] Will Latvians embrace the euro?

12:42 [Raw Story] Are telegrams dead?

12:42 [Raw Story] ‘Scent’ test can detect bladder cancer: study

12:46 [Telegraph] Barry George loses latest compensation bid

12:46 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 9 July 2013

12:46 [Telegraph] China pollution slashes life expectancy by over five years in north

12:46 [Telegraph] Children's injuries rise with hot weather

12:50 [BBC: Technology] Computer problems affect UK flights

12:51 [Deutsche Welle] Latvia gains final approval to join eurozone

12:51 [Deutsche Welle] Explosion hits Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut

12:52 [Raw Story] Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings have rocketed over the past three days

12:53 [Pravda] Director of Bolshoi Theater dismissed after 13 years of work

12:54 [Guardian] Toddler held in suspected armed siege in Kidlington

12:54 [Reuters] Dozens hurt as car bomb hits Hezbollah Beirut stronghold

12:59 [Fin24 News] Liquor boss in trouble over debt hold

12:59 [Fin24 News] Sabotage 'may be cause of Medupi delay'

12:59 [Fox News: politics] House Republicans craft path for immigration debate, stress border security

13:02 [CNN] Judge allows evidence of Trayvon Martin's marijuana use

13:02 [Raw Story] Brazil confirms investigation into reports of NSA spying

13:02 [Telegraph] Giant solar-powered bins text council when full

13:02 [Telegraph] Singapore Airlines unveils new interiors

13:02 [Telegraph] Costa Concordia's Francesco Schettino 'thrown off cruise liner'

13:05 [CNN] Top iPhone, iPad apps now free in Apple store

13:07 [Raw Story] Author Vikram Seth asked to return $1.7 million advance for ‘A Suitable Boy’ sequel

13:07 [Raw Story] WATCH: Three Cleveland victims release ‘thank you’ video

13:09 [Pravda] Russia returns 23 tons of infected vegetables to China

13:09 [Pravda] Ethnic conflict sparks in Russia's south

13:10 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Run-up set to continue

13:10 [CNN: Health] Pioneer toddler dies after surgery

13:10 [CNN: Health] Country singer Randy Travis critically ill

13:10 [Voice of America] Car Bomb Wounds 37 in Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon

13:11 [CNET News] How the Wright brothers' 'flying machine' changed the world

13:11 [CNET News] NSA Senate oversight bill may handcuff U.S. companies

13:11 [Reuters] Portugal needs unity, quick return to growth, says new economic czar

13:11 [Reuters] Ex Cypriot defense minister found guilty over 2011 munitions blast

13:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Sky Arts axes Mariella's Book Show

13:12 [Global Voices] Mozambique: Tax Justice Campaign

13:14 [NPR] Egypt's Interim Leader May Tap Emergency Law Used By Mubarak

13:15 [CNN] Asiana flight attendants hailed as heroes

13:17 [Reuters] Groups gather in Turkish protest park after night of clashes

13:17 [Fin24 News] Accidental spill leads to relief remedy

13:18 [Guardian] Ed Miliband's speech on reforming Labour's links with unions: Politics live blog

13:18 [Guardian] The World's End - first look review

13:18 [CNN] Did Asiana passengers ignore safety messages?

13:18 [CNN] How bad is that health 'mistake'?

13:20 [zero hedge] Alcoa's "Tapered" Earnings Beat Sets Bullish Global Mood

13:22 [Raw Story] Corruption seen as on the rise, global study finds

13:24 [Guardian] Toddler released in suspected armed siege in Kidlington

13:24 [CNN: Health] How bad is that health 'mistake'?

13:24 [NPR] Book News: Barnes & Noble's CEO Quits

13:24 [Pravda] Britain creates its own anti-Russian Magnitsky List

13:28 [CNN] Edward Snowden: Movements and asylum requests

13:32 [Raw Story] Jim Carrey apologizes to assault weapon owners

13:32 [Raw Story] Geeks Out activists call for ‘Ender’s Game’ boycott over author’s anti-LGBT views

13:32 [Raw Story] Obama should review force-feeding at Guantanamo: judge

13:35 [CNN: Money] Futuristic bank stickups

13:36 [Deutsche Welle] EU seeks WTO ruling on Russian car levy

13:37 [CNN] Tigers chase men up trees, trap them there for days

13:40 [Reuters] South Africa's Mandela remains in 'critical but stable' condition

13:41 [BBC: Education] 30 tips for first-time parents

13:42 [AL JAZEERA] Canada train disaster death toll rises to 13

13:42 [Pravda] Egypt/US - Horns of a Dilemma

13:42 [Pravda] Japan accuses Russia, China and North Korea of cyber attacks

13:45 [Voice of America] Reuters: 5 Police Wounded in Somali Bombing by Islamists

13:45 [zero hedge] Portugal Socialists Call For Early Elections

13:45 [zero hedge] Water, Water Everywhere - Just Buy it, Don’t Drink it!

13:47 [CNN] Opinion: New York's sex scandal candidates

13:47 [CNN] North and South Korea inch toward reopening joint complex

13:50 [Guardian] CPS considers whether to charge ex-MP Denis MacShane over expenses

13:52 [CNN: Money] Why gold is crashing

13:52 [CNN: Money] Corruption boom lowers trust worldwide

13:52 [CNN: Money] Tesla joining Nasdaq-100

13:52 [CNN: Money] Cyberattacks: Bank robberies of the future

13:52 [Financial Times] Russia replaces Bolshoi Theatre boss

13:52 [Financial Times] Egypt coup adds to pressure in Gaza

13:53 [Spiegel] Snowden's Odyssey: Venezuela Offers Refuge as Germany Dithers

13:53 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: July 9

13:57 [Pravda] US pilots replace paper maps with iPads mini

13:59 [Fox News: politics] FBI nominee Comey faces questioning on surveillance

14:01 [CNN] Five internship secrets from superstar interns

14:03 [BBC: Technology] Vodafone under fire over new charges

14:05 [The Atlantic: Politics] What Every Presidential Daily Briefing Should Include

14:08 [] State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route /sites/

14:08 [Slashdot] Federal Judge Rejects State Secrets Claims: EFF Case To Proceed

14:09 [CNN: Travel] Did Asiana passengers ignore safety messages?

14:10 [BBC: Education] 'Zombies' used in evacuation study

14:12 [Pravda] Dangerous MERS virus kills 38 in Saudi Arabia

14:12 [Raw Story] Oklahoma man accused of peeping from under outhouse toilet

14:12 [Raw Story] Mom accused in disabled daughter’s death lived with corpse for days, officials say

14:12 [] Prisoner X's lawyer: Another inmate committed 'far more severe' offenses

14:13 [Spiegel] World from Berlin: The Pope 'Embraced the Lepers of Today'

14:13 [Spiegel] 'A Toxic System': Why Austerity Still Isn't Working in Greece

14:14 [CNN: Politics] Obama strongly considers 2014 Afghanistan pullout, source says

14:15 [CNET News] Pandora iOS update adds autopause, better buffering

14:15 [CNET News] Nokia's 'cancelled' Windows RT tablet outed on the Web

14:15 [CNET News] Nokia Lumia 1020 pops up in AT&T inventory list

14:15 [CNET News] Facebook Graph Search displays limitations of 'Like'

14:17 [CNN: Politics] Shorter road to redemption?

14:18 [CNN] Opinion: Why you won't die in a plane crash

14:21 [Fox News] Firearms group sues to reverse Connecticut gun law

14:21 [Fox News] STARNES: Preacher arrested for saying being gay is sin- St. Louis Cardinals remove cross from mound

14:21 [Fox News] Okla. man arrested after woman spots him in toilet

14:21 [Fox News] Plane crash probe focus shifts to pilot�s inexperience- Unusual pattern of spine injuries from jet crash

14:21 [Fox News] Florida alligator bites teen on the head at park

14:21 [Fox News] TSA flags wounded Marine for 'too much metal'

14:21 [Fox News] Fugitive caught after sending taunting tweet

14:21 [Fox News] 911 call screams becoming focus of Zimmerman trial - Gavel-to-Gavel Coverage: Zimmerman Trial

14:21 [Fox News] Denver reportedly mulls tax on recreational pot sales

14:21 [Fox News] Secretary of State Kerry's wife in 'fair' condition

14:21 [Fox News] Judge to unseal search warrants in Hernandez case

14:22 [Reuters] Former associate of Boston crime boss Bulger to return to stand

14:23 [CNN] Opinion: The generation we love to dump on

14:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Venezuela and Dominican Republic Come Calling at CARICOM

14:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Over a Barrel, Caribbean Seeks Finance for Clean Energy

14:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Needed in Brazil: Integrated Urban Transport System

14:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.S. Has “Largely Failed” to Protect Marine Species

14:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Kenya’s Mothers Shun Free Maternity Health Care

14:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Saving Côte d’Ivoire’s Fragile Forests and People

14:25 [NPR] Washington Monument Now Glows At Night

14:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Congress Gets Elected—in 5 Charts

14:26 [zero hedge] Presenting China's First Too Big To Fail "Lack Of Liquidity" Casualty

14:27 [Voice of America] VOA News: Air Pollution in Northern China Blamed for Drop in Life Span

14:29 [CNN: Travel] America's luxury 'beercations'

14:29 [CNET News] Get a refurbished Samsung Chromebook for $169.99

14:29 [Voice of America] VOA News: Mandela Still in Critical Condition

14:29 [Voice of America] Aru Pande: Global Retailers to Inspect Bangladesh Garment Factories

14:32 [BBC: Science & Environment] New idea explains Earth core puzzle

14:32 [CNN: Money] Libor moving to NYSE Euronext

14:33 [BBC: Science & Environment] New idea tackles Earth core puzzle

14:34 [Reuters] Iranian authorities foil suspected suicide attack: agency

14:34 [Telegraph] 'Dead' woman wakes up on operating table as organs about to be removed

14:34 [Telegraph] Luxury cars seized from Equatorial Guinea leader's son raise £2.8 million

14:34 [Telegraph] Former Fukushima nuclear plant boss dies of cancer

14:34 [Telegraph] Travellers admit lying to get an upgrade

14:34 [Telegraph] Nigel Farage: Andy Murray should not get a knighthood

14:34 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband: I may stop MPs having lucrative second jobs

14:35 [Voice of America] Corruption on the Rise, Global Survey Shows

14:36 [AL JAZEERA] Ministers to quit Moroccan coalition

14:36 [Deutsche Welle] Leaked bin Laden inquiry a 'humiliation'

14:38 [Topix Activism News] Running Of The Bulls: Economic Crisis + Activist Movement = A Dying Sport?

14:40 [Reuters] Journalist shot dead in Russia's Dagestan province

14:42 [Fin24 News] Consumers face double whammy

14:42 [Guardian] Jimmy Mubenga was unlawfully killed, inquest jury finds

14:43 [] WATCH: Cardboard bicycle makes debut in Tel Aviv

14:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Stanford: Adios, Mofo

14:47 [Reuters] Over 50 hurt as car bomb hits Hezbollah Beirut stronghold

14:47 [Reuters] Ex Cypriot defense minister found guilty for 2011 munitions blast

14:47 [CNN: Technology] Facebook's Graph Search available to all in U.S.

14:47 [CNN: Technology] New Facebook search now available

14:48 [CNET News] iOS 7 beta hints at AirPlay for your car

14:53 [Spiegel] SPD Grabs for Cigarettes on Campaign Trail

14:56 [Slashdot] Computer Failure Disrupts British Air Traffic Control Systems

14:58 [CNN] Report: Railway head says train in Canada tampered with

14:58 [CNN] David Millar: Blocking out doping's 'white noise'

14:58 [CNET News] Samsung's Galaxy S4 makes debut on C Spire network for $199.99

14:59 [BBC: Entertainment] Illness halts Sir Elton John tour

14:59 [CNN] NTSB to interview pilot in Asiana crash

14:59 [zero hedge] 1994 vs 2013: Spot The Carbon-Copy Similarities

14:59 [CNN: Living] Five internship secrets from superstar interns

15:02 [CNN: Living] Stories to make you U.S.-proud

15:03 [Global Voices] «E-Christians» Reject the New US Ambassador to Spain for Being Gay

15:05 [CNN] Opinion: Cost of U.S. childbirth outrageous

15:08 [Truthout] Shocking!

15:08 [Truthout] Morsi

15:09 [Reuters: politics] House votes to block watchdog from imposing audit term limits

15:11 [CNN] Running updates from the Zimmerman trial

15:13 [CNN: Money] Apple whipsawed by dueling supply chain reports

15:13 [Big Think] How To Attend Summer Camp Without Leaving Your House

15:15 [CNN] Opinion: Stop trashing millennials

15:16 [Reuters] Ex-Cypriot defense minister found guilty of 2011 munitions blast

15:17 [Raw Story] Watch live: Zimmerman trial of second-degree murder charges in killing of Trayvon Martin

15:19 [Truthout] "The Choices Are Stark": Richard Wolff Interviews Laura Flanders

15:21 [Telegraph] Boris Bikes scheme paid out £110,000 in compensation

15:21 [Telegraph] Bernie Nolan left legacy of love for teenage daughter

15:21 [Telegraph] Diet guru Pierre Dukan 'lied to patients about pill linked to hundreds of deaths'

15:21 [Telegraph] The Paralympic legacy is slipping away. Too many disabled people are being abandoned by the system

15:21 [Telegraph] Head teacher runs over keyboard in 'Fawlty-style' meltdown

15:21 [Telegraph] China's environment ministry 'one of four worst departments in world'

15:21 [Telegraph] Theresa May accused of 'disrespecting' Parliament by opting back into EU justice laws

15:21 [Telegraph] New letter for 'The' - ? - invented

15:22 [Raw Story] Limbaugh says it’s time to turn off Fox News

15:22 [Raw Story] Glenn Beck: John Kerry’s wife faking critical condition like Hillary’s head injury

15:23 [CNN: Crime] Director of MJ's comeback show takes stand

15:23 [BBC: Technology] Computer flight glitch hits south UK

15:24 [BBC: Education] NSPCC child abuse warning campaign

15:25 [CNN: Living] Secrets from superstar interns

15:25 [CNN: Living] Growing from dude to dad

15:25 [NPR] Crash Investigators Turn To Asiana Pilot Who Was At Controls

15:27 [BBC: Education] Teacher charity hires most graduates

15:27 [CNN] What -- and who -- will the royal baby look like?

15:27 [Reuters] Ex-minister found guilty over Cyprus munitions blast

15:28 [] World corruption survey: Most Israelis believe government agencies promote foreign interests

15:28 [Global Voices] Club-Goers Rebel Against Japan's Dance Regulation

15:31 [zero hedge] Japan Government To Change Inflation Calculation Ushering In Even More BOJ Liquidity

15:32 [Guardian] Toddlers released in suspected armed siege in Kidlington

15:36 [Slate Magazine] Let’s Make Genetically Modified Food Open-Source

15:37 [The Atlantic: International] Why it Matters That Osama Bin Laden Was Once Pulled Over For Speeding

15:38 [CNN: Crime] Federal judge temporarily blocks new Wisconsin abortion law

15:39 [Fox News: politics] Republicans chide Argentina president for barring official from testifying on Iran

15:43 [CNET News] 'Angry Travon' game to shut down following complaints

15:43 [CNET News] Equifax credit agency snags TrustedID

15:43 [CNN: Money] World economy stuck in neutral

15:43 [CNN: Money] Stocks buoyant as earnings get underway

15:43 [CNN: Money] Euro gets 18th member: tiny Latvia

15:43 [Global Voices] Former Fukushima Plant Manager Passes Away

15:44 [Guardian] International Monetary Fund upgrades UK growth forecast to 0.9%

15:44 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: IMF cuts global growth forecasts

15:44 [Truthout] Where the Hell Is the Outrage?

15:46 [Deutsche Welle] Muslim Brotherhood rejects Mansour's transitional road map for Egypt

15:46 [Deutsche Welle] Japan conservatives: 'Hate speech goes too far'

15:47 [Voice of America] Egypt Seeks End to Crisis With Quick Elections

15:47 [Raw Story] ‘Angry Trayvon’ smartphone game still available despite developers’ claims

15:50 [Slashdot] UCSD Lecturer Releases Geotagging Application For "Dangerous Guns and Owners"

15:52 [CNN] Car bomb rips through southern Beirut neighborhood

15:53 [CNN] Supporting the families of the fallen

15:54 [New Internationalist] Tope Folarin wins 2013 Caine Prize

15:55 [Truthout] Pelican Bay Prison Hunger-Strikers' Stories: Gabriel Reyes

15:56 [Guardian] Egypt faces 'post-apartheid challenge', says prime minister in waiting

15:56 [Reuters] Berlusconi's final tax fraud appeal hearing set for July 30

15:57 [Voice of America] Reuters: Egypt Seeks End to Crisis With Quick Elections

15:57 [The Progressive] Pakistan Issues Blunt Report on bin Laden Raid

15:58 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] South Sudan: 20,000 Neglected After Fleeing Disputed Border Region

15:58 [Guardian] Beirut car bomb blasts Hezbollah stronghold

16:01 [zero hedge] Preparing For Bernanke’s Speech With A Short “Who Said It?” Quiz

16:04 [Disinformation] Scientists Clone Mouse From Single Drop Of Blood

16:06 [Fin24 News] Ex-Sars official gets jail sentence

16:08 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rejects timetable

16:08 [] Revealed: NSA Put Latin American Countries in Cyber-Spying Crosshairs /sites/

16:08 [] Humanitarian Nightmare in Gaza as Egypt Shuts Rafah Border /sites/

16:09 [Telegraph] Toronto floods: Canada's largest city brought to a standstill by huge storm

16:09 [Telegraph] QE2 to sail for final time

16:09 [Reuters] Analysis: Confident Assad sees Syria tide turning

16:15 [CNET News] Road Trip Pic of the Day, 7/9: What is this?

16:19 [Voice of America] Greg Flakus: Fort Hood Shooter Trial Begins Tuesday

16:20 [Slashdot] Got Malware? Get a Hammer!

16:21 [NPR] Residents Heading Home In Blasted Quebec Town

16:22 [Raw Story] Judge suspends ‘troubling’ hospital requirements for Wisconsin abortion clinics

16:23 [Reuters] Residents of Quebec town allowed to go home after train disaster

16:24 [CNET News] New Grand Theft Auto V trailer highlights gameplay

16:25 [Telegraph] Mother sues nursery after staff spilt chicken fat on son

16:25 [Telegraph] Police to examine Murdoch tape for evidence of corruption conspiracy

16:25 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela 'very much alive', says grandson

16:26 [Deutsche Welle] European Court of Human Rights overrules Britain on murder jail terms

16:27 [CNN: Health] Ballpark food can add to your waist

16:29 [Voice of America] Reuters: Source: UAE to Give Egypt $3 bln in Loans, Grant, Saudi Aid Expected

16:30 [Red Pepper] Does Ed Miliband not want to be prime minister?

16:31 [CBC: politics] Afghanistan memorial being unveiled on Parliament Hill

16:31 [zero hedge] Tuesday Humor: Charting The Progression Of IMF Growth "Forecasts"

16:33 [] Netanyahu names top aide Ron Dermer as Israel's next envoy to Washington

16:33 [zero hedge] Egypt: 6 Charts And 2 Scenarios

16:34 [Slashdot] European Watchdogs Challenge Google Over Its Privacy Policy

16:35 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for July 9, 2013

16:35 [] Democracy Now!: Edward Snowden on Why He Stood Up to the NSA: Mass Spying "Not Something I'm Willing to Live Under"

16:35 [] Democracy Now!: Glenn Greenwald: Snowden Encouraged by Global Outrage over NSA Spying, Support for His Plight

16:35 [] Democracy Now!: Exclusive: Ecuador's Foreign Minister on Snowden, Assange & Latin American Resistance to U.S. Spying

16:40 [CNET News] Advisory firms follow ISS with Dell buyout endorsement

16:40 [CNET News] Apple envisions touch screen to control your car's key features

16:40 [Fin24 News] Ex-Sars official jailed for fraud

16:41 [NPR] Key Takeaways From Pakistan's Report On Osama Bin Laden

16:41 [Voice of America] VOA News: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Egypt Transition Plan

16:43 [Big Think] Coming Soon: More Apps For More Cars

16:47 [BBC: Entertainment] Pub crawl pals reunite for premiere

16:48 [] Remembering Amy Winehouse as the Jew she was not

16:48 [Global Voices] Barbados: Homophobia & Child Abuse

16:48 [zero hedge] Kermit Krushed By Latest Stolpering As Asmussen Sends EURUSD Under 1.2800

16:48 [zero hedge] Snowden Accepts Venezuela Asylum Offer

16:50 [Reuters] Russian lawmaker says Snowden accepts Venezuela asylum offer

16:51 [Deutsche Welle] Nigeria deploys vigilantes against Boko Haram

16:51 [CNN] Appendicitis sidelines Sir Elton John

16:52 [Raw Story] Santorum heading to Texas to give ‘voice to the unborn’ in abortion debate

16:52 [Slashdot] Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Devices In Stores, Opens Up App Payments

16:53 [Global Voices] Caribbean: Tropical Storm Chantal

16:55 [Fox News: politics] Russian official: Snowden accepts Venezuela offer of asylum

16:57 [Raw Story] Private paramilitaries guard Wisconsin mining site from protesters

16:57 [Raw Story] Russian official: Snowden agrees to asylum in Venezuela

16:58 [CNN: Money] How companies can resuscitate their health plans

16:59 [CNN: Health] No insurance? No problem

17:01 [CNN] Still too early to pin cause of Asiana crash, NTSB chair says

17:02 [Raw Story] Watch live: Texas special session on anti-abortion bill

17:03 [Truthdig] Egypt’s Uncertain Political Future Debated After ‘Massacre’

17:03 [] Egypt's former Finance Minister Hazem el-Biblawi named as interim PM

17:03 [] Russian lawmaker tweets that Snowden accepts Venezuela asylum offer, then deletes

17:03 [Voice of America] Snowden Justifies His Intelligence Leaks in New Video

17:05 [Voice of America] Afghan Taliban Shuts Doha Office in Protest at Symbol Removal

17:07 [Fin24 News] Eskom makes bad decisions: Chamber

17:07 [Fox News: politics] Obama’s Afghan Bug Out is Good Politics

17:08 [Mother Jones] The Way We Live Now

17:08 [CNN] Snowden accepts Venezuelan asylum offer

17:08 [Global Voices] Mafia Hukum, the Law Mafia in Indonesia

17:08 [The Onion] American Voices: Study: Unpaid Internships Don’t Lead To Jobs

17:09 [Telegraph] Taliban close Qatar office in protest at flag removal

17:09 [Telegraph] British climber becomes first blind man to conquer 3,000ft vertical rock face

17:09 [Telegraph] Goldie Hawn catches the tennis fever at a London charity ball

17:09 [Telegraph] Elton John postpones summer concerts due to surgery

17:09 [Telegraph] Internet troll who threatened to kill 200 schoolchildren is jailed

17:09 [Telegraph] Miliband criticised for appointing former union to oversee reforms

17:10 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Quatro: Why I turned down Elvis

17:12 [CBC: politics] Afghanistan memorial unveiled on Parliament Hill

17:13 [BBC: Entertainment] Joss Stone death plot man jailed

17:13 [Reuters] Spain could apologize to Bolivia for Snowden 'misunderstanding'

17:13 [Reuters] UK lawmakers recall Murdoch over phone-hacking evidence

17:13 [Reuters] Syrian rebel blockade in Aleppo leaves thousands hungry: activists

17:13 [Big Think] To Understand the Scale of Space, We Turn to Art

17:13 [Big Think] Should This Be a New Letter in the Alphabet?

17:13 [Big Think] The mourning march for Mandela

17:15 [Fox News: politics] GOP to White House: ObamaCare delay for businesses unfair to everyone else

17:18 [Doctors Without Borders] [Video] A Village Without Health Care in Malaria Season

17:18 [Doctors Without Borders] [Video] "Some Already Died": Violence Cuts Off HIV Patients From Treatment

17:18 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] Central African Republic Abandoned to its Fate

17:18 [Doctors Without Borders] [Special Report] Central African Republic: Abandoned to its Fate?

17:20 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Ender's Game' author's controversy

17:21 [CNN] Report: Snowden accepts Venezuelan asylum offer

17:23 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Ender's Game' controversy

17:23 [CNN: Entertainment] Carey injured in video mishap

17:23 [Voice of America] Reuters: Egypt Temporary Leadership Names Interim Prime Minister

17:23 [Spiegel] NSU Hit List: Would-Be Neo-Nazi Victims Live in Fear

17:23 [Global Voices] 50 Million Indonesian Kids have no Birth Certificates

17:25 [Telegraph] Hazem el-Beblawi named as Egypt's interim prime minister

17:25 [Telegraph] People with a perfect smile are happier in life

17:25 [Telegraph] Spain's Mariano Rajoy 'implicated after publication of slush fund documents'

17:25 [Telegraph] Sketch: Ed Miliband clears up the mess

17:25 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden 'accepts Venezuela asylum offer'

17:26 [CNN: Crime] Report: Snowden accepts asylum

17:27 [CNET News] Samsung's Ativ Odyssey joins U.S. Cellular's lineup

17:29 [Financial Times] UAE props up Egypt with $3bn aid offer

17:29 [Financial Times] Court rules against whole-life jail terms

17:31 [Slashdot] Linux-Based Smartpen Heads For Kickstarter

17:31 [NPR] Syria's War (The Official Version) Plays Out On TV

17:32 [zero hedge] Meet America's Second Largest Employer: A Temp Agency

17:33 [Global Voices] Immigrants on U.S Immigration Reform

17:35 [CNET News] Google to profit from self-driving cars by decade's end -- analyst

17:36 [zero hedge] Pipeline vs. Rail: Canada Oil Train Crash

17:36 [Deutsche Welle] South Sudan's stab at nationhood

17:36 [Deutsche Welle] Coming out of the shadows: can the Vatican bank clean up its act?

17:37 [The Atlantic: International] Here Are the Countries Where People Are Most Likely to Pay Bribes

17:38 [Truthdig] Morsi

17:38 [Truthdig] Texas’ Regulations

17:39 [The Onion] Your Horoscopes – Week Of July 9, 2013

17:39 [Voice of America] Reuters: Egypt Temporary Leadership Reportedly Names Interim PM

17:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Ryder set for Irish Beckett festival

17:41 [Telegraph] David Cameron: Miliband's second jobs pledge is a 'smokescreen'

17:41 [Telegraph] Jimmy Mubenga "unlawfully killed" inquest jury finds

17:42 [NPR] Who's Watching When You Look For Health Information Online?

17:42 [Slashdot] Deus Ex Creator On How a Video-Game Academy Could Fix the Industry

17:43 [Big Think] Lie Detectors: The return of trial by ordeal

17:43 [CNET News] 4K HDMI cables (are nonsense)

17:44 [Fox News: politics] Another ObamaCare glitch, computer problem temporarily limits penalties for smokers

17:46 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt names former minister as interim PM

17:47 [Reuters] U.S. debt collector hit with record penalty for abusive calls

17:47 [Reuters] Spanish corruption row seen shaking but not felling PM

17:48 [Guardian] Ed Miliband's union-levy proposals gain support from Blair and McCluskey

17:49 [Fox News] Advice From Bieber's Mom

17:49 [Fox News] Best and Worst Summer Foods

17:49 [Fox News] Jim to Gun Owners: My Bad!

17:49 [Fox News] Corpse-Eating Fly Alive Again

17:49 [Fox News] One Nude Video Art, One Not?

17:49 [Fox News] Google Interns Gone Wild

17:49 [Fox News] Laser Gatling Gun a Real Blast

17:49 [Fox News] Watch Spacewalk Live Now

17:49 [Fox News] Google Glass Hits the Road

17:49 [Fox News] Bynes Bong Toss Airs in Court

17:49 [Fox News] Coke's Icy New Bottle

17:49 [Voice of America] VOA News: Snowden Justifies Intelligence Leaks in New Video

17:52 [Reuters] Russian tweet on Snowden asylum decision deleted

17:53 [Truthdig] Soccer Sportsmanship

17:53 [CBC: politics] Travelling Afghanistan memorial honours the fallen

17:54 [Global Voices] Pulling Back on Police Powers in Jamaica?

17:56 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Surveillance-Internet Complex

17:56 [The Atlantic: Technology] The New New Naturalism in the Era of 'Processed' Relationships

17:59 [CNN: Health] Visit Dementia Village

17:59 [CNN: Health] World's Untold Stories: Dementia Village

17:59 [CNET News] Sprint completes Clearwire buy at $5 per share

18:00 [zero hedge] INDiaNa SNoWDeN...

18:01 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt nominates new interim prime minister and deputy president

18:01 [Deutsche Welle] Bundesliga stars dominate UEFA's best player shortlist

18:02 [Raw Story] NY school board lawyer fired for calling parent a ‘fat c*nt’

18:03 [Spiegel] Picture This: Practice Makes Perfect

18:04 [Disinformation] Lee Camp: Really? Advertisements Projected Directly Into Our Heads??

18:05 [The Atlantic: National] Newsroom Diversity: A Casualty of Journalism's Financial Crisis

18:06 [Slate Magazine] I Measure Every Single Thing My Child Does

18:06 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Big Brother' slurs draw criticism

18:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Appendicitis sidelines Sir Elton John

18:06 [CNN] ACLU files new lawsuit pushing for same-sex marriage rights

18:06 [CNN] Is cat poop dangerous?

18:07 [CNN: Health] Is cat poop dangerous?

18:07 [NPR] Is He Or Isn't He? Much Confusion Over Snowden & Venezuela

18:07 [NPR] The 'Sink-Urinal' Saves Water, Encourages Men To Wash Hands

18:07 [CNN: Money] Twinkies will return with longer shelf life

18:07 [The Atlantic: International] Do High Altitudes Shape Languages?

18:07 [CNET News] Lenovo reveals Haswell-powered 14-inch ThinkPad

18:08 [Mother Jones] Meet Greg Abbott, the Man Who May Make You Miss Rick Perry

18:08 [Mother Jones] Uber Fights the Taxi Industry in Los Angeles /files/blog_uber_la_0.jpg

18:09 [CNET News] World's nuttiest luxe Apple accessories

18:10 [zero hedge] Exposing The Lie Behind The Nonfarm Payroll Numbers

18:11 [Fin24 News] SuperSport remains top SA brand

18:12 [Raw Story] Key provision could be Voting Rights Act’s ‘secret weapon’

18:12 [Raw Story] NC lawmaker: ‘Medicaid expansion has absolutely nothing to do with women’s health’

18:13 [Slashdot] Malcolm Gladwell On Culture and Airplane Crashes

18:13 [Telegraph] Second 'Prisoner X' held in top secret in Israel

18:13 [Telegraph] HS2: concessions for homeowners 'blighted' by high speed line

18:13 [Telegraph] Queen could face Health and Safety prosecution after Sandringham gardener critically injured

18:13 [Telegraph] Up to 2,000 Libyan troops to come to Britain for training

18:13 [CBC: politics] Ex-NHL player Georges Laraque taking a shot at politics

18:17 [BBC: Technology] Emergency broadcasts 'can be hacked'

18:22 [Raw Story] Federal judge orders Secret Service to release files on Internet activist Aaron Swartz

18:23 [BBC: Education] Back math schools, universities told

18:24 [CNET News] Amazon launches Jet City Comics with help from George R.R. Martin

18:25 [Reuters: politics] Senior senator questions White House secrecy on Syria

18:26 [Reuters] British lawmakers recall Murdoch over phone-hacking evidence

18:26 [Reuters] Senior senator questions White House secrecy on Syria

18:27 [Slate Magazine] Hold the MSG

18:27 [NPR] Why Micro-Gardening Could Go Big

18:27 [Telegraph] Woman who made a string of false rape allegations is jailed

18:27 [Telegraph] Rupert Murdoch recalled to face MPs over secret tape

18:28 [Big Think] "And" Is To Ampersand As "The" Is To...

18:28 [Big Think] Charles Darwin Doesn't Want You to #UNPLUG from the Internet

18:30 [CNET News] Did Florida just ban all smartphones and laptops?

18:32 [zero hedge] Moscow Has Some Fighting Words For John Kerry

18:32 [Reuters] Roadside bomb kills 17 civilians in Afghanistan

18:33 [Spiegel] Crisis in Egypt: Mubarak's Old Guard Allies with Salafists

18:34 [Disinformation] Are We Living In A Secular Age? //

18:37 [Slate Magazine] Out, Damned Spot

18:40 [BBC: Entertainment] May to investigate Mercury gorilla

18:41 [Pravda] Will Britain sing America's anti-Russian tunes?

18:41 [CNET News] Amazon to fire up new Kindle tablets this year, says report

18:41 [Voice of America] Anita Powell: S. Africa Proposes Legal Auction of $1B Worth of Rhino Horn

18:41 [Canadian Dimension] Venezuela: War for oil fuels economic crisis

18:42 [Reuters] Ruling on Trayvon Martin shooting reconstruction deferred

18:42 [The Progressive] Why Wisconsin’s Morsi Is Still in Power

18:42 [Guardian] Mark Bridger protection will strain prison resources, says union

18:42 [Guardian] Facebook troll jailed for threatening to kill 200 US schoolchildren

18:43 [NPR] What It Takes To Cure Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

18:43 [Mother Jones] Obama is Learning the Limits of American Foreign Policy. When Will Republicans?

18:43 [] Wisconsin Judge Slows Attack on Women with Partial Block of Regressive Law /sites/

18:43 [] Fukushima Radioactive Leaks 'Surge' 90-Fold in Three Days /sites/

18:44 [CNN] Opinion: Bin Laden's life on the run

18:44 [Guardian] Rupert Murdoch to be recalled by MPs over comments on illegal payments

18:45 [CNET News] Flash quietly reemerges on Amazon's Kindle Fire

18:48 [Amnesty International] Turkey must release peaceful Taksim protesters

18:49 [CNN: Money] Copyright makes books and music disappear

18:49 [CNN: Money] The honest ticketing app

18:49 [Voice of America] pollution

18:53 [Slate Magazine] How to Fix the Magna Carta… Holy Grail App

18:53 [CNN: Crime] Snowden's future up in the air

18:53 [CNN: Crime] Bynes wears blue wig to court

18:53 [Topix Activism News] PETA not a part of the no-kill-shelter community

18:54 [AL JAZEERA] Giant Mongolia mine starts copper exports

18:54 [CNN: Living] Secrets of superstar interns

18:54 [CNN: Living] Yup: Cute baby duck is cute

18:55 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC axes Ben Elton sitcom

18:56 [CNN] Another wig, another court date for Amanda Bynes

18:58 [NPR] In Protest, German Activists Light Up U.S. Embassy

18:58 [Amnesty International] Lebanon: Death in custody and torture claims must be investigated

19:00 [Slashdot] Exposed SSH Key Means US Emergency Alert System Can Be Hacked

19:00 [CNN: Entertainment] Another wig, another court date for Amanda Bynes

19:02 [CNET News] BlackBerry faces questions about U.S. competitiveness

19:04 [Disinformation] Coincidence Control Network, Episode 48: Drunk Espionage for Activists

19:05 [CNN] 19 killed in roadside bombing in Afghanistan

19:08 [] Israel warns Arab diplomats against 'bashing' at UN nuclear meeting

19:09 [CNN] Can Rick Perry win in 2016?

19:10 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Telegraphing The Turnaround In Gold

19:10 [zero hedge] This Has Never Happened Before...

19:10 [CNN: Money] New Twinkies will double their shelf life

19:10 [CNN: Money] Gold bugs regain some swagger

19:10 [CNET News] Skymouse creates gesture recognition at your fingertips

19:13 [CNN] Egypt's military moves to allay fears of instability

19:13 [Mother Jones] These Numbers Show the Obama Administration Isn't Following Its Own Deportation Policy

19:13 [Mother Jones] Why Violent Right-wing Extremism Doesn’t Scare Americans

19:13 [Telegraph] Trayvon Martin 'had marijuana in system night he died', court to hear

19:13 [Telegraph] Internet troll jailed after threatening to kill US children on Facebook

19:13 [Telegraph] James 'Whitey' Bulger 'fled murder scene in Batmobile-style getaway car'

19:13 [Telegraph] Trust fund manager hands over £175,000 to man who he says he loves her

19:13 [] More Weather Extremes: Record Rainfall Drenches Toronto /sites/

19:15 [The Onion] Zoo Visitors Watch Mating Rituals Of Ice Cream Shop Staff

19:16 [Voice of America] Bomb Kills 17 Afghan Villagers, Afghan Soldier Kills NATO Member

19:18 [Financial Times] Fears grow on demonisation of Brotherhood

19:18 [Financial Times] Zuma dismisses former rival Tokyo Sexwale

19:18 [Fox News] Teen Was Leaning Over Zimmerman When Shot Was Fired, Expert Testifies /i/redes/icon-video.gif

19:18 [Fox News] OBAMACARE SHOWDOWN GOP Slams Selective Delay, Says Families 'Out in Cold'

19:18 [Fox News] BREAKING THE SILENCE Cleveland Kidnap Victims Thank Supporters in Video /i/redes/icon-video.gif

19:18 [Fox News] ZIMMERMAN TRIAL Defense Can Present Trayvon Drug Evidence /i/redes/icon-video.gif

19:18 [Fox News] SECRET PAYMENTS? Docs Show Qatar PM Gave Money to Morsi Pals

19:18 [Fox News] IRS exposes thousands of Social Security numbers

19:18 [Fox News] Okla. man arrested after woman spots him in toilet- Fugitive caught after sending taunting tweet

19:18 [Fox News] EXCLUSIVE: Study: Restructure US gov't to make 'huge' green changes in America

19:18 [Fox News] Republicans chide Argentina president for barring official from testifying on Iran

19:19 [CNN] Analysis: Is Obama bluffing about Afghanistan pullout?

19:19 [CNN] The Ex-files of George Clooney

19:19 [The Atlantic: In Focus] China's Manned Space Program

19:21 [Fox News: politics] Former judge admits flaws in secret court

19:23 [NPR] WATCH LIVE: Texas Lawmakers Debate Abortion Bill Again

19:27 [Truthout] Over 50 Killed in Egypt As Country Braces for More Violence

19:27 [Raw Story] Planned Parenthood leader among 64 arrested protesting North Carolina anti-abortion law

19:27 [CNET News] 3D-printed robot tarantula not for arachnophobes

19:30 [Voice of America] Jamie Dettmer: Lebanon Bomb Raises Fears of Further Sectarian Violence

19:32 [Truthout] Inside Gitmo Military Commissions

19:32 [zero hedge] 3 Year Bond Auction Sizzles, Provides Relief To Recent Collateral Shortage

19:32 [Reuters] Quest for answers starts in deadly Canada rail crash

19:36 [Reuters: politics] Obama has not decided post-2014 Afghanistan troop levels: Pentagon

19:37 [Truthout] Whistleblower: Obama's Secrecy Makes Bush Look Mild

19:38 [Reuters] Leaked Gitmo 'baseball cards' had little value: WikiLeaks trial witness

19:38 [Reuters] Obama has not decided post-2014 Afghanistan troop levels: Pentagon

19:39 [Guardian] Joss Stone murder plot: 'foot soldier' jailed for 18 years

19:41 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Sky Is (Not) Falling: A “Little More Chicken” Tale

19:42 [Slashdot] HTTP 2.0 Will Be a Binary Protocol

19:42 [Raw Story] Texas lawmaker brings knitting needle, coat hangers, turpentine to abortion debate

19:43 [Mother Jones] Trade Pact With Europe Might Gain Us Two Months of GDP

19:43 [Mother Jones] Report: Congressional Intel Committees Delay Aid To Syrian Rebels

19:43 [Reuters] Egypt wins Arab billions, names prime minister

19:45 [CNET News] Free tech training from the experts

19:47 [Raw Story] Same sex couples sue Pennsylvania for right to marry

19:48 [Truthout] Political Violence and Privilege: Why Violent Right-wing Extremism Doesn't Scare Americans

19:48 [CNN] Tropical Storm Chantal hones in Caribbean, heads toward Puerto Rico

19:48 [CNN] Newtown-based firearm group sues for repeal of Connecticut gun laws

19:48 [CNN] What should my child know about plane crashes?

19:50 [Voice of America] Kenya Seizes Three Tons of Ivory

19:51 [CNN: Money] Oops! Feds spent $3 million fighting fake malware

19:51 [Slate Magazine] Do Airlines Retire Flight Numbers After Crashes?

19:52 [Fox News: politics] IRS chief moves to cancel $70M in bonuses

19:54 [Global Voices] Venezuela's President Offers Asylum to Edward Snowden and Controversy Erupts

19:55 [Electronic Intifada] In photos: Palestinian workers' everyday nightmare at Israeli checkpoints

19:56 [Deutsche Welle] IMF shaves global forecast for growth, again

19:57 [Guardian] Egypt's interim presidency appoints PM and vice-president

19:57 [CNN: Entertainment] Another wig, another court date for Bynes

19:57 [CNN: Entertainment] Clooney's former flames

19:58 [CNN] Opinion: Abandon Afghanistan? A dumb idea

19:58 [CNN] Miami police exhibited pattern of excessive force, Justice Dept. says

19:58 [CNN] 9 classic U.S. dive bars

19:58 [Big Think] Do You Know What You’re Good At? (with Sir Ken Robinson)

19:59 [Global Voices] Why Can't Madagascar Settle on an Election Date?

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Snowden's future up in the air after retracted tweet

19:59 [CNN: Politics] WH: No immediate cut in U.S. aid to Egypt

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Student loan fight heats up

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Louis: New York's sex scandal candidates

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Bergen: Bin Laden's life on the run

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Egypt's military moves to allay fears of instability

19:59 [CNN: Politics] ACLU files new lawsuit pushing for same-sex marriage rights

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Analysis: Is Obama bluffing about Afghanistan pullout?

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Obama strongly considering 2014 Afghanistan pullout, source says

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Can Rick Perry win in 2016?

19:59 [CNN: Politics] Kerry's wife showed symptoms of seizure

19:59 [Telegraph] Pope Francis 'Man of the Year', says Vanity Fair

19:59 [Telegraph] Russia claims Syrian rebels have used sarin gas

19:59 [Telegraph] Sketch: Boris opposes the blooming thingummies

19:59 [Telegraph] Doctor Who star Karen Gillan sets dad on path to stardom

19:59 [Telegraph] Mother of 'Boston bomber' Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will not attend US court hearing

19:59 [Telegraph] Man mauled by fox while on the loo

20:00 [Reuters: politics] No decision imminent on U.S. force in Afghanistan after 2014: White House

20:01 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt on the brink of collapse?

20:03 [NPR] Kroger Buys Harris Teeter In $2.5 Billion Grocery Deal

20:04 [Disinformation] How to Survive the Empire

20:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Laura Barrett: A Hero on the Bench: WI Judge Takes on Real Impacts of Highway Expansion

20:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] USA, Ret.: Lt. General Robert G. Gard Jr. (USA, Ret.): Obama Picks Up His Own Nuclear Baton

20:04 [Financial Times] Saudi Arabia and UAE pledge $8bn to Egypt

20:06 [CNN: Living] Do kids need to know planes crash?

20:06 [CNN: Living] Does my child need to know planes can crash?

20:07 [The Atlantic: International] How a Deadly Explosive, When 3D Printed, Could Be Life-Saving

20:07 [Raw Story] Translating Liz Trotta From Wingnutese To English

20:08 [Truthdig] Muslim Brotherhood Calls for ‘Uprising’ as Plan for Elections is Announced

20:09 [Disinformation] Here is What’s Going On in Canada, Part 1: Two Telltale Speeches by Stephen Harper

20:10 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Christina Xu, Supporting Creativity for Meaningful Change

20:10 [Good] Summer Maker Camp Brings DIY Creativity to Life For Teens

20:11 [zero hedge] S&P Downgrades Italy From BBB+ From BBB; Full "Puffery" Statement

20:11 [zero hedge] The Revenue Recession Of 2013

20:12 [Fox News: politics] Texas House to vote on abortion restrictions

20:12 [Slashdot] China Environment Ministry Calls Itself One of Four Worst Departments In World

20:16 [Reuters: politics] Obama's Democrats threaten to end filibusters in Senate

20:16 [Anarchist news] 100 years of anarchism in New Zealand celebrated today

20:16 [CNET News] The 404 1,299: Where we disrupt your transmission (podcast)

20:16 [CNET News] 3D-printing with liquid metal at room temperature

20:16 [CNET News] Haswell MacBook Pro benchmarks show modest performance gains

20:16 [CNN: Money] Feds fight phantom menace

20:18 [AL JAZEERA] UK lawmakers recall Murdoch to testify

20:18 [CNET News] Fugitive tweets 'catch me if you can'; caught

20:18 [NPR] Teresa Heinz Kerry Improving

20:20 [The Onion] Andy Murray Claims It's Kind Of Pathetic Britain Taking So Much Pride In His Win At A Tennis Tournament

20:21 [Reuters: politics] Nominee for FBI director says waterboarding is torture

20:21 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Spitzer Myth: Sex Scandals Are Not Political Poison

20:21 [CNN] Zimmerman trial: Doctor details how Trayvon Martin bled to death

20:21 [Fox News] Sea Monster Age Shock

20:22 [Fox News] STARNES: Dad: Cops almost busted my naked toddlers

20:22 [Fox News] House GOP crafts path for immigration debate

20:22 [Fox News] Florida alligator bites teen on the head at park- Human skull found near ninth hole on golf course

20:22 [Fox News] Family cites Third Amendment in suit against police

20:22 [Fox News] 2 horses left to die survive months eating wood, manure

20:22 [Fox News] Russian official claims Snowden accepts Venezuela asylum offer — then removes tweet- Former judge admits flaws in secret court- US spied on Latin American nation's energy and telecom sectors, report says

20:22 [Fox News] 'Dead' woman awakens to docs ready to harvest organs

20:22 [Fox News] Texas House to vote on abortion restrictions

20:23 [Reuters] Pilots union says probe of Asiana crash revealed too much, too fast

20:24 [Truthout] Interview: Anarchism, Tamarrod and Sexual Violence in Egypt

20:26 [CNN] Cavendish in the clear

20:28 [Big Think] What Is The Difference Between "Facts" and "Opinions"?

20:29 [] Syrian rebels blame weapons depot attack on 'foreign forces'

20:32 [Telegraph] Government takes 1m out of fuel poverty - by changing the rules

20:32 [Telegraph] British intelligence 'birdwatchers spied on Nelson Mandela's hideout'

20:32 [The Progressive] Barbaric Sterilizations in California

20:32 [zero hedge] Caption Contest: The Drone Ranger

20:33 [NPR] Should Doctors Ask Older People If They Have Guns At Home?

20:34 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kenya Seizes Three Tons of Ivory

20:34 [CNN: Money] Playstation boss is feeling good about the PS4

20:34 [Global Voices] Decisive Moment for Pro-Immigration Movement in the United States

20:34 [Global Voices] Global Voices Launches Partnership with The North American Congress on Latin America

20:36 [CNN: Travel] Asiana flight attendants hailed as heroes

20:36 [BBC: Science & Environment] Glacier produces giant iceberg

20:36 [Voice of America] Arizona Holds Memorial for US Firefighters

20:36 [CNN] Bail hearing for Aaron Hernandez associate moved to August

20:37 [Raw Story] Federal agency spent millions destroying computers for no reason at all

20:39 [CNET News] Dropbox aims to replace the hard drive altogether

20:39 [CNET News] The July 9 management shakeup that proved Apple's salvation

20:41 [Reuters: politics] Illinois House votes to allow carrying concealed guns

20:41 [Campaign For Liberty] What Do We Have to Celebrate?

20:41 [CNET News] T-Mobile's 'Boldest' event: Join us at 11 am PT Wednesday (live blog)

20:42 [CNN: Money] Shell's big surprise: van Buerden to replace Voser as CEO

20:42 [Fox News: politics] John Kerry's wife improving at Boston hospital

20:42 [Fox News: politics] FBI nominee says surveillance can be valuable tool

20:43 [Truthdig] The Digital Empire’s Threat to Latin America

20:43 [Truthdig] Muslim Brotherhood Calls for ‘Uprising’ as Plan for Elections Is Announced

20:43 [Mother Jones] Short Takes: "Gideon's Army"

20:44 [] Swedish-led group raises capital for super-fast Internet network in Israel

20:44 [AL JAZEERA] Zuma sacks three ministers in reshuffle

20:45 [Reuters] Snowden has not yet accepted asylum in Venezuela: WikiLeaks

20:48 [Telegraph] Former BBC press officer killed herself after taking drug she found online to treat alcoholism, inquest heard

20:50 [CNET News] Game developers: Nintendo's Wii U a 'disappointment'

20:50 [CBC: politics] Canada Day bomb plot said to have 'elements of entrapment'

20:51 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Most Effective Recent Presidents: George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter

20:53 [CNN] Two years later, DSK still smarting over 'perp walk'

20:54 [CNN] Brakes key in train explosion in Lac-Megantic, railway chief says

20:54 [Global Voices] Anonymous Leaks the Accounts of Spain's Governing Party

20:56 [CNET News] Apple and Amazon stand down on 'app store' lawsuit

20:56 [CNET News] JVC fixes up its Adixxion POV cam

20:56 [CNET News] D'oh! Meet the real-life 'Simpsons' Homer-mobile

20:57 [Guardian] Iran launches 'national email service'

20:57 [Guardian] M&S chairman pleads for time as clothing sales fall further

20:57 [Guardian] China vows to 'deepen the struggle' against Dalai Lama

21:01 [Reuters] Expert bolsters Zimmerman account of Trayvon Martin shooting

21:01 [Slashdot] Obamacare Software Glitch Will Limit Penalties Charged To Smokers

21:02 [Deutsche Welle] Nigerian soccer teams suspended over 79-0 and 67-0 scorelines

21:04 [Disinformation] Human Breast Milk A New Luxury Service For China’s Rich

21:05 [CBC: politics] Safety of Lac-Mégantic tanker cars questioned in 1995 crash

21:06 [Reuters] Snowden has not yet accepted asylum in Venezuela: WikiLeaks

21:07 [Slate Magazine] Tipping Is an Abomination

21:07 [The Atlantic: International] Syrians Recover From War Wounds In Under-Funded Rehab Centers

21:07 [The Atlantic: International] The Atlantic In Paris--Dispatch #4

21:07 [Raw Story] Radio host: Persecution against anti-LGBT Christians has begun

21:08 [AL JAZEERA] Roadside bomb kills 17 in Afghanistan

21:10 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Head of Bolshoi Theatre sacked

21:12 [zero hedge] This Has Never Happened Before

21:12 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Dead Weight Of Sluggish Global Growth

21:12 [Raw Story] European Union gives Latvia final OK to join

21:12 [Raw Story] Floods cost billions in damage so far in 2013

21:14 [NPR] California's Prison Sterilizations Reportedly Echo Eugenics Era

21:15 [Guardian] Police investigate Rupert Murdoch over secretly recorded meeting

21:22 [The Onion] Jay-Z CEO Resigns After Stock Price Plunges

21:22 [The Onion] Aaron Hernandez Having Great Time In Prison Catching Up With Former Gators Teammates

21:22 [Raw Story] Australia tests telescope devoted to exploring origins of the universe

21:22 [Raw Story] Companies put baby formula on sale in China amid price-fixing investigation

21:24 [Telegraph] US raid that killed bin Laden was 'an act of war', says Pakistani report

21:24 [Telegraph] UN tells Vatican to hand over details of child sex abuse cases

21:24 [Financial Times] EU takes Russia to WTO for first time

21:25 [Financial Times] Saudis and UAE pledge $8bn to Egypt

21:25 [Fox News] Celebrities in Disguise

21:27 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Best Moments of People's Lives, Shared on Twitter

21:27 [Truthout] Americans Need to See the Violence of War, Police and Torture

21:27 [Raw Story] Police investigate Murdoch over secretly recorded meeting with Sun staff

21:27 [Raw Story] UN presses Vatican to release confidential files on child sex abuse

21:28 [Mother Jones] Chart of the Day: Even in a Recovery, Wages Are Declining /files/blog_nelp_wage_declines.jpg

21:28 [Mother Jones] GOP Super Lawyer Jim Bopp Crashes Press Conference Call About Jim Bopp

21:32 [CNN: Entertainment] Blood clot in lung hospitalizes Placido Domingo

21:32 [Raw Story] Florida doctor to perform vasectomies in front of live audience and Internet viewers

21:34 [] Half of Israelis decline biometric ID as national pilot program gets underway

21:34 [CNET News] Turn off vampire gadgets with your smartphone

21:34 [CNN] World War I Fast Facts

21:35 [Reuters: politics] Obama's Democrats threaten to end filibusters in Senate

21:35 [CNN: Crime] Miami police exhibited pattern of excessive force, Justice Dept. says

21:35 [CNN: Crime] Bail hearing for Aaron Hernandez associate moved to August

21:35 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman trial: Doctor details how Trayvon Martin bled to death

21:35 [CNN: Crime] 'Strong enough to walk through hell'

21:36 [CBC: politics] Transport Canada extends 'deepest condolences' to Lac-Mégantic

21:37 [Raw Story] Wikileaks documentarian reveals Assange demanded $1 million for an interview

21:37 [Raw Story] Nun gets 90 days in jail for stealing $128K from churches for gambling

21:39 [] GMO Failure Sparks Pesticide Downpour Across Midwest /sites/

21:43 [Reuters: politics] Illinois allows residents to carry concealed guns

21:43 [CNET News] Yelp now taking orders for pickup or delivery

21:44 [Slashdot] NASA's Polar Robotic Ranger Passes Test In One of Earth's Harshest Places

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Will Congress reverse the student loan rate increase?

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Comey moves gingerly toward Senate confirmation

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Bergen: Abandon Afghanistan? A dumb idea

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Is Obama bluffing about Afghanistan?

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Can Perry win in 2016?

21:45 [Fox News: politics] Illinois becomes last state in nation to allow concealed-carry

21:47 [Raw Story] France will no longer cut off Internet for illegal downloading

21:48 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Koch Brothers Fund Misinformation Campaign Aimed at Turning Americans Against New Healthcare Laws, And More

21:48 [zero hedge] The Golden Backwardation Rabbit Hole Gets Deeper: Subzero GOFO Slide Accelerates

21:48 [Truthdig] Woman Protests Texas Abortion Bill With Poem: ‘If My Vagina Was a Gun’

21:48 [Big Think] Will Google Glass Elevate Citizen Journalism?

21:48 [Big Think] Airline Crash Statistics: We're Going Down!

21:48 [Amnesty International] Russia: Journalist killed after appearing in “assassination list”

21:49 [] Egypt crisis sets off economic and humanitarian Gaza chain reaction

21:49 [NPR] 'Sputnik' Orbits A Russian City, Finding And Healing Tuberculosis

21:49 [Reuters: politics] Its relevance reduced, Detroit council picks new leaders

21:54 [Telegraph] The reality of being over-65 is love, jealousy and undignified sex, says author

21:54 [Telegraph] Royal Mail float has the Fallon stamp of approval

21:57 [Fin24 News] Medupi will cost R145bn - FMF

21:57 [CNN] Expletives fly between James "Whitey" Bulger, ex-partner during trial

21:57 [CNN] Jennifer Lopez: I was homeless

22:01 [CNN: Crime] Expletives fly between James "Whitey" Bulger, ex-partner during trial

22:02 [Deutsche Welle] Standard & Poor's downgrades Italy by one notch

22:02 [CNN] Brakes key in investigation of train explosion in Lac-Megantic

22:03 [Topix Activism News] Judge blocks portion of Wis. Capitol access policy

22:03 [Truthdig] Two Paths

22:03 [CNN] Nick Cannon: Mariah's a trooper

22:03 [CNN] World War II Fast Facts

22:04 [Voice of America] Canadian Investigators Look at Role of Earlier Fire in Oil Tanker Explosions

22:04 [Disinformation] Laws Of Man And Laws Of Nature

22:06 [CBC: politics] Canada Day bomb plot said to have elements of entrapment

22:07 [Deutsche Welle] Uwimana: "Access to basic services is hindered"

22:07 [Reuters] Turkish protesters break Ramadan fast as police stand by

22:07 [CNN] President crashes kids' 'state dinner'

22:09 [NPR] Members Of Elite Firefighting Unit Memorialized In Arizona

22:17 [Slashdot] Confessions of a Cyber Warrior

22:17 [Guardian] Cambodia's sugar rush leaves farmers feeling bitter at 'land grab'

22:18 [Fox News] GOP slams selective ObamaCare delay- Computer issue temporarily limits smoker penalties

22:20 [Global Voices] Vigilante Justice & Race Riots in Provincial Russia

22:20 [CNN: Entertainment] Nick Cannon: Mariah's a trooper

22:20 [CNN: Entertainment] Jennifer Lopez: I was homeless

22:21 [CNN: Money] Debt collector hit with record fine for harassment

22:21 [CNN: Money] Treasury Secretary expects reform in China

22:21 [Slate Magazine] Murder City

22:23 [Reuters] Egypt showered with Gulf billions in show of support for army

22:24 [Telegraph] Labour to end the automatic enrolment of union members

22:25 [CNET News] Beats takes a new track to push its music service

22:25 [CNET News] Super Mario re-created in snack food on Vine

22:25 [CNET News] 'Scent device' aims to sniff out bladder cancer

22:25 [Global Voices] The “fair” factor in Bangladesh

22:26 [Voice of America] US Considering 'Zero Option' for Afghanistan in 2014

22:26 [Voice of America] Michael Bowman: FBI Chief Nominee: Waterboarding Is Torture

22:26 [CNN: Crime] DSK still smarting over 'perp walk'

22:27 [CNET News] Samsung Galaxy S4 gets sizable software upgrade

22:27 [Raw Story] Berlin Wall to host exhibit on the world’s tensest borders

22:29 [Mother Jones] China's Coal Reliance Reduces Life Expectancy by 5.5 Years, Study Says

22:30 [CNN] Opinion: Zimmerman trial is about race

22:32 [zero hedge] Crude Soars To $104 Dragging Equities With It In "Summer Of 2008" Flashback

22:32 [zero hedge] DoubleLine Webcast On "The End Of QE As We Know It" With Bond Rout Update

22:33 [Big Think] Am I All About Me?

22:33 [Big Think] Why That Pain Reliever Ad Is Following You Around The Web

22:38 [AL JAZEERA] US rejects Russia's chemical weapons claim

22:40 [Telegraph] Workers face longer wait for state pension

22:40 [Telegraph] IMF predicts a sunnier outlook for economy

22:40 [CNN] Investigators interviewing pilot of crashed Asiana plane

22:40 [CNN] Heisman Trophy Fast Facts

22:42 [Voice of America] Biden Hails Fallen Arizona Firefighters

22:43 [Fox News: politics] House Democrats propose national park on the moon

22:43 [Reuters: politics] Illinois is last U.S. state to allow concealed carry of guns

22:44 [NPR] A Coup Or Not In Egypt?: $1.5 Billion In U.S. Aid At Stake

22:45 [Reuters] Republicans press White House to delay key Obamacare mandate

22:47 [Fox News] Neighbor: Zimmerman's Nose 'Very Disfigured' After Fight With Martin /i/redes/icon-video.gif

22:47 [Fox News] LAST IN THE NATIONIllinois Becomes Final State To Allow Concealed-Carry

22:47 [Fox News] DAMAGE CONTROL Africa Post Nominee Helped Contain IRS Fallout

22:47 [The Progressive] Here's Why We Need Immigration Reform

22:48 [Fox News] Republicans urge White House to delay ObamaCare individual mandate- Computer issue temporarily limits smoker penalties

22:49 [Reuters: politics] Republicans press White House to delay key Obamacare mandate

22:49 [Reuters: politics] Privacy fears grow as Obama weighs expanded gun-buyer database

22:51 [CNN] Randy Travis gets heart implant, still critical

22:51 [Reuters] Afghan officials skeptical as U.S. mulls complete withdrawal

22:53 [Truthdig] ‘I Think I’m an Interesting Woman’

22:55 [Reuters: politics] Afghan officials skeptical as U.S. mulls complete withdrawal

22:56 [Telegraph] Footballer John Terry's father charged with racist attack in London

22:56 [Telegraph] How working shifts can harm chances of having a baby

22:56 [Telegraph] Ahmed Assem: the Egyptian photographer who chronicled his own death

22:56 [Telegraph] One in the eye for the champion Andy Murray

23:02 [Fox News: politics] House Republicans push to slash IRS budget by 24 percent, cite abuses and sequestration

23:02 [CNET News] AT&T's BlackBerry Z10 picks up 10.1 software update

23:02 [Reuters] Pilots union criticizes Asiana crash investigation

23:03 [Slashdot] Apple and Amazon End Lawsuit Over the Term 'App Store'

23:03 [zero hedge] WTI Spikes Following News Of GOM Platform Loss Of Control, Spill

23:04 [Disinformation] Intact Lizard Fossil Found in Hunk of Amber

23:04 [] US, Israeli Interests in the Balance as Egypt 'Coup' Label Lingers /sites/

23:04 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: HRW Investigates Egypt Human Rights Abuses

23:05 [Global Voices] Saudi Families of Detainees Mark “Third Detainees Day”

23:10 [Global Voices] The “Fair” Factor in Bangladesh

23:10 [Global Voices] Saudi Families of Detainees Mark ‘Third Detainees Day’

23:10 [CNN: Money] The most stolen vehicles in America

23:10 [CNN: Money] TSA's gun policy: Confiscate it, Instagram it

23:12 [The Progressive] Pro-Choice Crowd in Austin Takes to the Streets

23:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Placido Domingo hospitalized

23:17 [Guardian] US must fix secret Fisa courts, says top judge who granted surveillance orders

23:17 [Raw Story] FBI nominee: Waterboarding during Bush administration was illegal torture

23:17 [CNET News] iOS 7 beta points to slow-mo cam feature in next iPhone

23:18 [CNN] Objective of 2020 mission to Mars: Signs of life, NASA says

23:18 [CNN] Of heart and hearth

23:20 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Competitive Suffering

23:20 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Speaking Openly in Serbia

23:22 [Slate Magazine] Is This Town Right About Washington?

23:22 [Slate Magazine] Wrong Number

23:22 [Fox News: politics] Top GOP Senator says he won't delay vote on Obama EPA pick

23:23 [CBC: politics] Death toll hits 15 in Lac-Mégantic, amid criminal probe

23:23 [Truthdig] 30,000 California Inmates Begin Hunger Strike Protest

23:23 [Truthdig] James Cameron Thinks Hollywood Studios Are Messing Up 3D

23:24 [Reuters: politics] Lawmakers plan retroactive fix on student loan interest rates

23:24 [NPR] Harmful Parasites In Cat Poop Are Widespread

23:26 [Electronic Intifada] Arab Bank mounts legal challenge against claims of aiding terror

23:27 [CNET News] Braggadocious! Fliike, a physical counter for Facebook 'Likes'

23:29 [] Pipeline vs. Rail? Neither, says Campaigners, Just Leave It in the Ground /sites/

23:29 [] Obama FBI Nominee Defends NSA's Dragnet Surveillance /sites/

23:31 [The Onion] American Voices: Bin Laden Wore Cowboy Hat To Avoid Detection

23:31 [The Onion] Slideshow: 10 SIZZLING HOT Sex Tips

23:31 [The Onion] Opinion: If You Think You Can Talk To Your Mother Like That, Then You’ve Paid Attention To The Way I’ve Subtly Degraded Her For Years (by Jim Travis)

23:32 [Deutsche Welle] Measles rise sparks vaccine debate in Germany

23:33 [CNET News] Were the Wright Brothers really first? Not in Brazil

23:36 [Reuters] Egypt's PM-designate to offer posts to Brotherhood party

23:37 [CNN] Biden praises courage of fallen Arizona firefighters

23:42 [AL JAZEERA] Hazem el-Beblawi named as Egypt's interim PM

23:42 [Telegraph] Discovery of rare bats could slow work on Andy Murray's luxury hotel

23:42 [Telegraph] No more free dinners for MPs, expenses watchdog set to announce

23:42 [Telegraph] Calls grow to boycott 'toxic' human rights court

23:42 [Voice of America] Scott Stearns: US Encourages Muslim Brotherhood to Join Egyptian Political Transition

23:49 [NPR] Congress Still Squabbling Over Student Loan Rate Increase

23:49 [NPR] For Now At Least, Egypt's Police Seen As The Good Guys

23:50 [Voice of America] Reuters: Four Nigerians Sentenced to Life for Islamist Bombings

23:51 [CNN: Money] Government spent $3M fighting phantom malware

23:55 [The Onion] Logo Of Smiling Cartoon Tooth Holding Brush Inspires Nothing But Confidence In Local Oral Surgeon

23:55 [CNN: Entertainment] Jim Foglesong, famed country music exec, dead at 90

23:56 [CNN] Police say there's evidence Canada train was tampered with

23:57 [Slashdot] New Atomic Clock Could Redefine the Second

23:59 [NPR] After Asiana Crash, Pilot Training Gets New Scrutiny

23:59 [NPR] Experience The Legacy Of The Civil Rights Movement In Song

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