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14:59 [The Independent] Amazing escape as lorry plunges off flyover from one motorway on to another

14:59 [The Independent] 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' set to enter UK Official top 40 following Margaret Thatcher's death

14:59 [The Independent] Lulzsec members admit cyber attacks on CIA and Serious Organised Crime Agency

15:00 [CNN: Travel] World's most colorful cities

15:00 [CNN: Living] What the late 1960s really looked like

15:00 [Telegraph] In pictures: the Russian city of Samara being 'eaten alive' by sinkholes

15:02 [zero hedge] Small Businesses Planning To Hire: 0%

15:02 [zero hedge] The Day The Government Seized Americans' Gold - April 5th 1933

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Son arrested for Deepak Bhardwaj murder

15:03 [] Voter Information Wars: Will the GOP Team Up With Wal-Mart’s Data Specialist?

15:03 [Big Think] Leverage Technology to Increase Your Organization’s Human Factor

15:03 [Russia Today] Arrests at Thatcher death celebrations as shop windows smashed, police injured

15:03 [CNN] Will we care about internet privacy in 20 years?

15:04 [The Hindu - News] A link to the past

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Beat Street: Bon Jovi — What About Now

15:04 [The Hindu - News] 100 is just a number

15:04 [The Hindu - News] HOG the limelight

15:04 [The Hindu - News] American pie

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Caur and colour

15:08 [Voice of America] Washington, D.C.: Sabotage Threat to Undersea Cables is Overblown

15:08 [Russia Today] Alrosa's plan to sell large diamonds at Sotheby's under threat

15:08 [The Hindu - News] 5 Indian peacekeepers killed in South Sudan ambush

15:11 [Slashdot] Teachers Know If You've Been E-Reading

15:12 [Voice of America] Obama to Unveil Budget Proposal on Wednesday

15:13 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Bulgaria's Podkrepa Made the Same Mistake as Solidarity

15:14 [The Hindu - News] SFI activists heckle West Bengal finance minister

15:15 [CNET News] Printing images with fire

15:16 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly quake shakes Iran near nuclear plant

15:17 [The Independent] Apple 'to begin production of fifth-generation iPad this summer'

15:17 [Fox News] S. Korea says N. Korea workers not coming to factory- N. Korea urges foreigners in S. Korea to evacuate

15:18 [CNN: Money] Job hoppers, like Mom and Dad

15:18 [CNN: Money] Wall Street remains too bullish on the job market

15:18 [Deutsche Welle] Iran records 6.3-magnitude earthquake near nuclear facility

15:18 [Slate Magazine] Mad Men, Season 6

15:18 [The Hindu - News] BJP hopes to do “exceedingly well” in Karnataka polls: Jaitley

15:19 [Reuters] North Korea warns foreigners to leave South amid new threats of war

15:19 [Reuters] Several U.N. peacekeepers, civilian staff killed in South Sudan

15:19 [CNET News] Microsoft to add dual-factor sign-on security 'soon': report

15:19 [CNET News] U.K. carrier to push download speeds to 80Mbps in 10 cities

15:19 [CNET News] AMD chips to make their way to next Xbox console

15:20 [zero hedge] Mr Soros Trumps Mrs Watanabe

15:23 [The Hindu - News] A point about decimals

15:23 [The Hindu - News] Iraqi al-Qaeda, Syrian militants announce merger

15:23 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Conservative Black Hope

15:23 [The Atlantic: National] The Conservative Black Hope

15:23 [NPR] Earthquake Rocks Southern Iran, Gulf States

15:24 [Truthout] Iraq: The Deadliest War for Journalists

15:24 [CBC: politics] Tory MPs' appeal of Saskatchewan riding changes too late?

15:28 [Raw Story] Secret audio: McConnell, staff scheme about Ashley Judd’s ‘emotionally unbalanced’ mental health

15:28 [Deutsche Welle] Aspiring media players tackle diversity deficit

15:28 [Deutsche Welle] Thatcher funeral scheduled for April 17

15:28 [Global Voices] Rare, Live Glimpse into Pakistan's Blooming Fashion Industry

15:29 [The Hindu - News] Quake hits southern Iran, 3 killed

15:29 [CNN] In just seconds, a boy, a gun, a death, then grief

15:29 [CNN] State TV: Three dead after quake hits Iran, near nuclear site

15:30 [AlterNet] Peace Plan Nixed: How the West Fueled the Ever-Growing Carnage in Syria

15:31 [The Hindu - News] All party meeting on Land acquisition bill on April 18

15:31 [msnbc: politics] First Thoughts: GOP miscalculates on filibuster?

15:32 [The Independent] TV weatherman Fred Talbot arrested in sex abuse investigation

15:33 [Big Think] Staying Unspoiled In The Age Of Social Media

15:33 [Good] Interactive Infographic: What If Waste Had Worth? [Sponsored]

15:33 [Global Voices] Rare, Live Glimpse into Pakistan's Progressive Fashion Industry

15:34 [Truthout] El Salvador's Gang Problem: A Difficult Artifact of Globalization

15:35 [CNET News] Apple now selling refurbished 27-inch iMacs

15:35 [The Hindu - News] ‘Vocal sans lyrics’

15:37 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan in poll mode

15:38 [Slashdot] Competitors Complain To EC That Free Android Is a 'Trojan Horse'

15:39 [CNN: Crime] ExxonMobil faces lawsuit after Arkansas oil spill

15:39 [CNN: Crime] After sex assault case, Hagel seeks changes to military legal process

15:39 [CNN: Crime] Brand victim of 'swatting' prank

15:39 [CNN: Crime] Fox News reporter faces jail

15:39 [CNN: Crime] A boy, a gun, a death, then grief

15:39 [Truthout] Steering Mechanisms

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Honouring the wild

15:43 [The Atlantic: Technology] Watch the Navy Take Down a Drone With ... a Laser

15:43 [CNN: Money] 5 jobs with the biggest pay hikes

15:44 [Truthout] Reconfigured

15:45 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan in poll mode

15:46 [Voice of America] Al-Qaida in Iraq Merges with Syrian Jihadist Group

15:48 [Deutsche Welle] Why Pakistan's nuclear bombs are a threat

15:49 [The Independent] China's inflation fall fails to dispel recovery doubts

15:49 [The Independent] Bus giant FirstGroup defies the downturn

15:49 [The Independent] A friend of the City: Margaret Thatcher's impact on London's financial centre praised

15:49 [The Independent] New Virgin Atlantic boss Craig Kreeger backs Boeing’s Dreamliner hopes

15:49 [The Independent] Another blow for George Osborne as hopes of export-led rebound hit by poor trade figures

15:49 [The Independent] Margaret Thatcher playlist - Songs written about, inspired by and railing against the Iron Lady

15:51 [CNN: Money] Stocks open higher

15:52 [CNN: Travel] Americans who've been inside North Korea

15:52 [CNN] 5 Indian U.N. peacekeepers killed in South Sudan, official says

15:53 [Fox News] 3,587 MPG Car Breaks Record

15:54 [Middle East Monitor] Dr Adnan Abu Amer: Hamas needs to build a broader political future in Egypt

15:54 [CNN] Halle Berry joins growing group of older moms

15:56 [Slashdot] Vendors Combine To Standardize Virtual Networking With OpenDayLight

15:58 [Disinformation] Disgraced New York City Councilman’s Pagan Rituals Exposed

15:58 [NPR] Cher's Alive, Despite What You Read On Twitter

15:58 [Voice of America] Powerful Quake Strikes Near Iranian Nuclear City

15:58 [Russia Today] Eurozone: Death by a thousand cuts

15:59 [CNN] Meet football's answer to Tintin: Barcelona and PSG's comic book hero

15:59 [The Hindu - News] Indian parliamentarians in Sri Lanka

15:59 [The Hindu - News] Two US troops killed in Afghanistan copter crash

16:00 [CNET News] Tablet Tuesday: Get a 10.1-inch Android 4.0 tablet for $129.99

16:00 [AL JAZEERA] Iran nuclear plant 'undamaged' after quake

16:01 [zero hedge] Japan at War

16:01 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The "It Can't Happen Here" Syndrome

16:03 [Raw Story] Limbaugh freaks: Melissa Harris-Perry a ‘foreign’ Marxist who wants to steal children

16:03 [Raw Story] Logs reveal someone in Vatican is illegally downloading porn

16:03 [The Atlantic: International] Why Turkey Won't Go Into Syria

16:03 [NPR] Strong Earthquake Rocks Southern Iran, Gulf States

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Congress violating model code of conduct: BJP

16:04 [AlterNet] 4-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots and Kills Police Officer's Wife

16:04 [Voice of America] Strong Quake Near Iran's Nuclear Plant Kills 3

16:07 [BBC: Science & Environment] Stretchy material alters function

16:07 [CNN: Money] Regulators probe more bank deception

16:08 [Raw Story] Republican rep. on Cuba trip probe: ‘The diva of Beyonce’ is not ‘above the law’

16:08 [Raw Story] French agency: Pregnant women’s exposure to certain plastics can lead to breast cancer for children

16:08 [Raw Story] Carnival cruise group expands in Asia

16:08 [Amnesty International] Afghanistan: Urgent need to protect civilians following fresh attacks

16:08 [Russia Today] MasterCard engaged in ‘anticompetitive’ behaviour- EU Commission

16:10 [BBC: Education] University strips Bettison of honour

16:10 [Slashdot] No Such Thing As a Tax-Free Lunch At Google?

16:11 [zero hedge] Bitcoins or Gold? Part I

16:13 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Beyonce Effect

16:14 [CNN] Snow, tornado threat mix in spring weather tango

16:15 [CNET News] LG to expand retail stores in emerging markets, WSJ says

16:17 [CNN] How 'Lady T' built transatlantic bridges

16:18 [BBC: Technology] UK to host cybersecurity centre

16:18 [Big Think] The Art of Listening

16:18 [Big Think] Conservatives Love Science More!

16:19 [Middle East Monitor] Syed C: Palestinian fighters hit armoured vehicle during Israeli incursion in Gaza

16:20 [The Hindu - News] BofA-ML sees credit growth of Indian banks diving to 15-year low in FY14

16:20 [CNN] N. Korea actions called 'clear and direct threat' to U.S. security

16:20 [CNN] An inside tour of Myanmar

16:21 [CNN: Money] Climate change means bumpy flights

16:21 [CNN: Money] Car repair costs on the rise

16:22 [Spiegel] The Unflinching Capitalist: For Better or Worse, Thatcher Changed World

16:23 [Russia Today] Iraq’s Al-Qaeda confirms ties with Syrian rebel Nusra Front – reports

16:23 [OpEdNews] Barbara Garson: Going Underwater in the Long Recession

16:26 [AlterNet] Who's Provoking Who? America's B52 Bombers Bring War Clouds Over North Korea

16:26 [CNN] Zeppelin, Stones engineer Andy Johns dead at 61

16:26 [Slashdot] OpenWLANMap: Free WLAN-Based GPS Replacement

16:27 [BBC: Science & Environment] Earthquake near Iran nuclear site

16:28 [Disinformation] DisinfoCast: Got Any Questions for Daniele Bolelli?

16:28 [CNN: Living] Women, consider freezing your eggs

16:28 [CNN: Living] Girl, you look great in that tie

16:28 [] Kazakhstan: Soldier Suicides Highlight Broader Problems in Military

16:28 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for April 9, 2013

16:30 [CNET News] Apple eyes way to automatically copy files between devices

16:32 [zero hedge] Ackman Reprieve: Herbalife Halt Likely Due To Resignation Of Auditor KPMG

16:33 [The Onion] American Voices: Deadly Strain Of Bird Flu Spreading In China

16:33 [Raw Story] Strong earthquake hits southern Iran

16:34 [Spiegel] Digital Gold Rush: The Bitcoin Boom and Its Many Risks

16:34 [Truthout] "The Kissinger Cables": Three Years After "Collateral Murder," WikiLeaks Explores US Diplomacy

16:35 [CNN] Gabby and Mark: The new 'Bradys' of gun control

16:37 [Telegraph] Former Blairite Alan Milburn says Baroness Thatcher helped to 'spawn' New Labour

16:37 [Telegraph] Youth police commissioner warns of dangers of social networks as she resigns over 'racist' tweets

16:37 [Telegraph] Giant John Paul II statute to be unveiled in Poland

16:37 [Telegraph] Earthquake hits near Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant

16:37 [Telegraph] Calls for a statue to honour Margaret Thatcher in Trafalgar Square

16:37 [Telegraph] Uhuru Kenyatta sworn in as Kenya's fourth president

16:37 [The Independent] British airline stewardess Evelyn Clarke dies after falling from high-rise building in Dubai

16:37 [The Independent] 'Iran cannot have a nuclear weapon': John Kerry issues stark warning after meeting Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel

16:37 [The Independent] Paris Brown walks away from role as Britain's first youth crime commissioner after Twitter row

16:37 [The Independent] 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' could reach number one following Margaret Thatcher's death

16:37 [The Independent] Three killed as earthquake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr

16:38 [Russia Today] ‘Certain states would take advantage of ATT’s vast potential for misuse’

16:39 [Global Voices] Thailand: Lese Majeste Law Criticized in Book Fair

16:40 [AL JAZEERA] Iran says nuclear plant 'undamaged' by quake

16:40 [CNN: Money] Climate change = bumpy flights

16:40 [Fox News: politics] Obama Poised to Fail First Test of Second-Term Clout

16:42 [CNN: Money] IMF: Don't sweat inflation

16:43 [Deutsche Welle] Wulff rejects legal deal over corruption allegations

16:43 [Deutsche Welle] 'Thousands of names haven't been analyzed'

16:43 [NPR] Arsenic In Beer May Come From Widely Used Filtering Process

16:43 [] Azerbaijan: Davos Forum Turns into Snoozefest

16:43 [Russia Today] Russian Jews call for Israel not to give in to western peace calls

16:45 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

16:45 [CNN] Meet football's answer to Tintin: Barcelona and PSG's comic hero

16:46 [zero hedge] Does Government Create Jobs?

16:47 [The Hindu - News] Vijayawada archers fail to qualify for World Cup in China

16:48 [CNN] Five fish stow away on tsunami-tossed boat

16:48 [Big Think] How Reading This Post Could Land You In Jail Someday

16:48 [Big Think] Nice Guys Finish First: How Empathy Leads to Success

16:48 [Amnesty International] Q&A: North Korea’s human rights crisis

16:48 [Russia Today] Russia moves to introduce jail sentences for insulting believers’ feelings

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for April 9, 2013

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Undercover Activist Details Secret Filming of Animal Abuse & Why "Ag-Gag" Laws May Force Him to Stop

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Debate: After Activists Covertly Expose Animal Cruelty, Should They Be Targeted With "Ag-Gag" Laws?

16:49 [New Statesman] How the pundits are becoming more influential than the politicians

16:49 [Middle East Monitor] Syed C: Italian surgical team perform heart surgery on boy in Gaza

16:49 [BBC: Technology] UK Lulzsec hacker pleads guilty

16:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Threat of 'thermo-nuclear' war

16:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Record $5m for wonderhorse

16:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'We've been protecting you'

16:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Gillard scores China coup

16:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Turnbull's plan is 'indeed a lemon'

16:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Demise of the Sydney cottage

16:50 [msnbc: politics] McConnell campaign alleges it was bugged, seeks FBI investigation

16:50 [Voice of America] Kenya Inaugurates President Kenyatta

16:52 [Financial Times] N Korea urges foreigners to leave South

16:52 [The Independent] Matt Smith lands the Tardis lands in Trafalgar Square for Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode

16:52 [The Independent] Israel’s wealthiest man Idan Ofer set to move to London amid tax row

16:52 [CBC: politics] NDP proposes plan to fight criminal use of tax havens

16:53 [Deutsche Welle] Kerry calls for Middle East peace done 'right'

16:54 [Global Voices] The Role of Monarchy in Modern Thailand

16:54 [Voice of America] Uhuru Kenyatta Sworn in as Kenyan President

16:55 [Truthout] Leaked EPA Documents Expose Decades-Old Effort to Hide Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction

16:57 [Slashdot] Gecko May Drop the Blink Tag

16:57 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Mary Tyler Moore' cast still tight

16:58 [CNET News] BlackBerry Q10 coming to Canada April 30

16:58 [Raw Story] Coulter: Thatcher wanted to teach Sarah Palin ‘proper English’

16:58 [Raw Story] Colbert to Clinton: Team up with Ted Talks for ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Initiative’

16:58 [AL JAZEERA] Queen to attend Thatcher's funeral

16:59 [CNN] State TV: 4 dead after quake hits Iran, near nuclear site

16:59 [CNN] 'Mary Tyler Moore' cast still tight

17:00 [Truthout] Homeless in High Tech's Shadow

17:00 [AlterNet] How Big Pharma Is Bringing Forced Drug Tests To a State Near You

17:01 [BBC: Technology] Tweet row youth PCC stands down

17:03 [The Hindu - News] Efforts will be made to ensure free, fair polls in Karnataka: CEC

17:03 [The Atlantic: International] Are These Photos of Kim Jong Un Performing in 'Grease'?

17:04 [OpEdNews] Divide And Conquer

17:04 [Middle East Monitor] Samira Shackle: Deir Yassin remembered

17:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Impac Literary Award list announced

17:08 [The Atlantic: National] Let's Set a National Standard for Our Students—a Really Low One

17:08 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: Big Brother Loves You

17:09 [OpEdNews] Israeli Authorities drop a major fraud investigation to protect the Israeli Diamond Industry

17:10 [CNN: Money] Stocks stuck in neutral

17:10 [Voice of America] Quake Near Iran's Nuclear Plant Kills 3, Injures 500

17:11 [CNN: Living] Patek Philippe clock sells for record $2.3 million

17:11 [CNN: Living] Clock sells for record $2.3 million

17:11 [CNET News] Redesigned Google Play app plays up entertainment

17:12 [zero hedge] Charles Gave: "France Is On The Brink of A Secondary Depression"

17:13 [NPR] State Laws Could Muddle Same-Sex Marriage Benefits

17:13 [NPR] Charges Fly In Ky. Senate Race After McConnell Tape Surfaces

17:14 [OpEdNews] President Obama: Driving on Cruise Control

17:14 [CNN] Hagel seeks changes to military legal process

17:16 [straight] Billy Elliott audience votes to kill Thatcher

17:18 [CBC: politics] NDP calls for national revenue minister to defend cuts

17:19 [Russia Today] Thatcher and the Soviet Union: The Iron Lady who helped bring down the ‘Evil Empire’

17:19 [CNET News] Mozilla brands Persona as password killer

17:20 [AL JAZEERA] French trade unions oppose labour-law changes

17:21 [Fox News: politics] Commander defends move to delay missile test, says US can defend against NK launch

17:22 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh Presidential poll set for April 29

17:22 [CNN: Money] 10 jobs before age 25

17:22 [CNN: Money] Budget cuts cause long wait times on IRS help line

17:22 [CNN: Money] Climate change = bumpy, costly flights

17:23 [Spiegel] Picture This: Blown Away

17:23 [Telegraph] Teenage victim of woman who pretended to be a man speaks out

17:23 [Telegraph] New plan to slash £2 billion a year legal aid bill

17:23 [Telegraph] Queen's attendance at Margaret Thatcher's funeral 'very significant'

17:23 [CNN] Fox News reporter urged to reveal source in Aurora shooting

17:23 [CNN] ExxonMobil faces lawsuit after Arkansas oil spill

17:23 [CNN] Report: 600,000 forced labor victims in Middle East

17:23 [Truthdig] Anti Aircraft Laser Cannons are Here (Video)

17:23 [Disinformation] Mass Death Of Bees Accelerated Greatly In 2012

17:23 [The Independent] Shamed HBOS chief executive Sir James Crosby to hand back knighthood and take pension cut

17:23 [AlterNet] Ed Rendell’s Fracking Ties Deeper Than Originally Thought

17:23 [AlterNet] How the Right-Wing War on Science Has Infected US Society at All Levels

17:24 [Russia Today] Slovenia could become next Cyprus, may need EU bailout

17:24 [The Hindu - News] Italian PM calls Manmohan Singh over marines issue

17:26 [CNN] Duchess of Cambridge to name Princess cruise ship

17:27 [Fin24 News] Microsoft escalates anti-Google campaign

17:29 [Mother Jones] CHART: Welfare Benefits Far Smaller Than Scorn Heaped On Them

17:30 [Fox News: politics] Obama to nominate five candidates for National Labor Relations Board

17:30 [CNET News] Apple's fifth-generation iPad hits factories this summer -- report

17:30 [The Hindu - News] Pope makes Easter pleas for West Asia peace

17:31 [CNN: Entertainment] Sara Gilbert is engaged

17:32 [zero hedge] Herbalife Issues Press Release On KPMG Resignation Which Is Unrelated To Herbalife Operations

17:32 [zero hedge] European Governments' Unpaid Bills

17:33 [CBC: politics] Google trolley-cams to snap inside look at Parliament Hill

17:33 [The Onion] Cinderella Story One-Seed Completes Magical Journey

17:33 [CNN: Crime] Did Arias witness show bias?

17:33 [CNN: Crime] Ex-inmate: Prisoners 'fish' for drugs in New Orleans

17:33 [Electronic Intifada] Hundreds of Gaza children blocked from visiting parents in prison

17:36 [CNN: Money] Need tax help? IRS has cut 10,000 jobs in 2 years

17:38 [The Independent] Four killed as earthquake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr

17:38 [The Independent] Classical pianist with a paralysed arm wins BBC Music Magazine Award

17:39 [Russia Today] Adieu, Bordeaux? Frances’ wine-producing areas may dry up by 2050 – study

17:39 [CNN] Hakken family located in Cuba

17:40 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] “20th Century Agriculture, 19th Century Logistics” in Brazil

17:40 [straight] Eat steak, boost your risk of a heart attack

17:41 [straight] Billy Elliot audience votes to kill Thatcher

17:42 [BBC: Science & Environment] Deadly quake hits south-west Iran

17:43 [Slashdot] Fox, Univision May Go Subscription To Stop Aereo

17:43 [CNET News] iPhone 5S to offer multiple screen sizes, analyst says

17:43 [Raw Story] 4-year-old New Jersey boy shoots 6-year-old playmate in the head

17:43 [BBC: Science & Environment] Ancient whales surprise scientists

17:43 [NPR] Purging Candidates Offers Pakistan A Bit Of Comic Relief

17:43 [Slate Magazine] The Politics of Prude

17:43 [Slate Magazine] Postcards From Camp

17:44 [CNN] CNN exclusive: Hakken family located in Cuba

17:45 [Fin24 News] Fire threatens 3 000 Sibanye Gold jobs

17:46 [Voice of America] Fitch Ratings Agency Cuts China's Credit Standing

17:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Cartoonist Scarfe on how he loved to loathe Thatcher

17:52 [CNN] National Spelling Bee adds vocabulary challenge

17:52 [CNN] Brazil police arrest 4th person in tourist's attack

17:52 [AL JAZEERA] Scores dead in Iran quake near nuclear plant

17:53 [Deutsche Welle] Risk of social unrest rises in EU

17:54 [World Policy Institute] Anger and Frustration in Post-Election Kenya

17:54 [] Report: Turkmenistan Attacks Azerbaijan In Caspian, Aliyev Asks Help From Russia

17:54 [Global Voices] China Sings the Iron Lady's Praises

17:54 [The Independent] Stand by for Spring! 20C temperatures heading up from the south - but not till after the weekend

17:54 [The Independent] Marine fined £300 for wearing dress uniform and medals to which he was not entitled at family wedding

17:54 [The Independent] Quentin Tarantino to make 'less bloody' Django Unchained to appease Chinese censors

17:56 [AlterNet] 4 Lessons for Building a Solar Economy

17:56 [AlterNet] Want to Get Americans Off Junk Food? Pay Them a Living Wage

17:58 [Raw Story] Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell fails to disclose connection to natural gas firm in pro-fracking column

17:58 [Deutsche Welle] UN warns of 'uncontrollable' situation on Korean peninsula

17:59 [Mother Jones] Left and Right Team Up to Propose New Bank Regulations

17:59 [OpEdNews] "Carry On Margaret": Still Playing in Theaters Near You

17:59 [OpEdNews] Etcetera

18:00 [CNN] Halle Berry and Michael Kors want to end hunger

18:00 [CNN: Money] KPMG resigns as Herbalife's auditor

18:01 [Slashdot] Climate Change Will Boost Plane Turbulence, Suggests Study

18:02 [zero hedge] Former U.S. Nuclear Chief: American Nuclear Plants Should Be Phased Out — “Can’t Guarantee Against Accident Causing Widespread

18:02 [zero hedge] Italian Bank Holdings Of Italian Debt Rise To All Time High

18:03 [Spiegel] Real Fakes: 'Hitler Diaries' Reporter Wants Them Back

18:03 [The Atlantic: International] The Unknown Indian: The Incredible Story of an Uncontacted Tribe Member

18:05 [CBC: politics] Revenue Canada cuts undermine tax haven crackdown, NDP says

18:07 [Fox News: politics] McConnell camp brings in FBI after strategy session on Ashley Judd secretly recorded

18:07 [straight] Cory Schneider posts fifth shutout as Canucks beat Coyotes

18:08 [Raw Story] Tennessee politician arrested for habit of masturbating out car window at 90 mph

18:08 [The Atlantic: Politics] Margaret Thatcher's Giant Turquoise Feather Duster

18:08 [CNET News] Poll: What's stopping you from getting a projector?

18:08 [NPR] New Data Show Ford Doing Well In Overseas Markets

18:08 [NPR] Social Security Will 'Lose Credibility' If We Do Nothing

18:08 [NPR] Sports Round-up: 'Smarmy' Pro Golf And A Maddening March

18:09 [CNN: Money] JC Penney's most discounted item: Its bonds

18:09 [Telegraph] Indonesian woman, 83, fights off Komodo dragon attack with a broom

18:09 [Telegraph] Margaret Thatcher: the Brighton Grand pays its respects

18:09 [Telegraph] Rapist to receive damages after his 'human rights were breached'

18:09 [Telegraph] Margaret Thatcher dies: as it happened

18:09 [Telegraph] Gabrielle Giffords expresses enthusiasm for gun ownership

18:09 [Telegraph] Google 'removes word favela' from Rio maps

18:09 [Global Voices] Jamaica: Twitter 101

18:10 [CNN: Travel] Duchess to be ship's godmother

18:10 [CNN: Travel] Duchess of Cambridge to name Princess cruise ship

18:10 [The Independent] Stars gather to celebrate Olivier Award nominations

18:10 [CNN] Zlatan Ibrahimovic rejects 'bad boy' tag

18:11 [Reuters: politics] Treasury secretary talks up policies to spur demand in Europe

18:11 [zero hedge] Tens Dead, Hundreds Injured As 6.1 Earthquake Hits Near Iran's Nuclear Power Plant

18:13 [msnbc: politics] Colbert-Busch tries to define herself as more than comedian's sister

18:13 [NPR] Osteen Hoaxster Explains: Goal Wasn't To Defame Pastor

18:14 [Slate Magazine] Scrap the Corporate Income Tax

18:14 [CNN: Technology] Is online privacy an outdated concept?

18:14 [CNN: Health] Older moms are on the rise

18:14 [CNN: Health] Young cancer patient makes touchdown

18:16 [CNN] Hakken family located in Cuban marina

18:18 [The Progressive] From Our Archives: The Iron Lady

18:19 [New Statesman] How Wikipedia covered Thatcher's death

18:20 [Middle East Monitor] Syed C: Israel stipulates recognition as a Jewish state for resumption of peace talks

18:21 [Reuters] Kerry promises steps to help Palestinian economy

18:22 [CNET News] Spotify takes over YouTube for a day with new ad campaign

18:23 [straight] Dan Savage Podcast Episode 337

18:24 [] New Warning Ratchets Up Anxiety of War on Korean Peninsula

18:24 [Topix Activism News] Activist investors find allies in mutual, pension funds

18:24 [CNN: Technology] Admit it: Online privacy is a fading concept

18:24 [New Statesman] How Wikipedia covered Thatcher's death

18:25 [The Independent] Margaret Thatcher to have final word with approved new posthumous autobiography

18:25 [The Independent] Toni Pearce elected NUS president: Students elect first leader not to have been to university

18:25 [The Independent] Artefacts galore: City dig revealed as 'most important ever' in London

18:26 [CNET News] Apple patents method to let you buy iTunes content offline

18:26 [CNET News] T-Mobile will sell budget Nokia Lumia 521 in May

18:28 [Fox News: politics] Stephen Colbert lures Bill Clinton to Twitter

18:28 [CNN] MMA fighter suspended for comments about transgender fighter

18:28 [Raw Story] Dutch restaurant chain to offer cannabis mayo on French fries

18:28 [Raw Story] Court sentences Israeli settler to 2 life terms for 1997 Palestinian murders

18:28 [straight] News for Youse: Birth control recall, rules for parents, and Kesler's back on the ice

18:28 [Big Think] Instead Of Paying The News Site, Pay The Journalist

18:28 [Big Think] Who Are the Most Influential Scientists Today? Today's Mind Memes

18:28 [Big Think] In Defence of Pseudonyms in Science: Defending the Right to Write

18:28 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Robot soldier tests military clothes

18:28 [Disinformation] 3D-Printed Guns Get Better

18:29 [Mother Jones] Oklahoma One Step Away From Banning Islamic Law (Again)

18:29 [CNN] Iran quake kills 30, injures hundreds

18:29 [CNN] Opinion: Don't be offended by Paisley's 'Accidental Racist'

18:30 [Slashdot] G2 Crowd Wants to Crowdsource Enterprise Software Reviews (Video)

18:32 [zero hedge] Cyprus Paved the Way For an FDIC-Approved Money Grab

18:33 [CNN: Money] Obama's deficit reduction scorecard

18:33 [The Progressive] Happy Birthday, Paul Robeson

18:33 [The Onion] Your Horoscopes — Week Of April 9, 2013

18:33 [The Onion] Opinion: I'm Weighing Whether Or Not I Want To Go Through The Hell Of Appealing To You Idiotic, Uninformed Oafs (by Hillary Clinton)

18:34 [CNN] Brace yourself: Transatlantic flights set to be bumpier, costlier

18:35 [msnbc: politics] McConnell campaign alleges Judd discussions were bugged, seeks FBI investigation

18:37 [Truthout] Fracking Free Speech

18:37 [CBC: politics] Think tank fears more job cuts than feds pledged

18:37 [Reuters] Herbalife auditor KPMG resigns amid information leak

18:37 [Reuters] Treasury secretary talks up policies to spur demand in Europe

18:39 [Russia Today] Sequester might delay bin Laden son-in-law's trial

18:40 [CNET News] Google Fiber heads to Austin

18:40 [CNET News] Patent trolls launched majority of U.S. patent cases in 2012

18:42 [CNN: Politics] Senate talks fall short of universal background checks

18:42 [The Hindu - News] Bridges of Madras — A link to the past

18:43 [CNET News] Colbert strongarms Bill Clinton to join Twitter

18:45 [Fox News] URGENT: HAVANA HAVEN? Man in Cuba Claims He's Dad Accused of Kidnapping Kids

18:45 [straight] Jason Segel gets into the author game with new YA series

18:47 [Truthout] Could Democrats Be Rebranded As the "Anti-Social Security Party?"

18:48 [BBC: Entertainment] Jane Campion to get Cannes honour

18:48 [Truthdig] The Return of Debtors’ Prisons (Video)

18:49 [NPR] Should We Abolish The Minimum Wage?

18:49 [Voice of America] Quake Near Iran's Nuclear Plant Kills 30, Injures 800

18:49 [OpEdNews] The BoJ's Kuroda Wheels Out the Heavy Artillery -- Media Wants it Kept Under Wraps

18:50 [AL JAZEERA] Dozens die in quake near Iran nuclear plant

18:51 [BBC: Education] Military school pupil welfare probe

18:51 [CNN: Money] Google Fiber to launch in Austin, Texas

18:53 [Raw Story] Former Navy chaplain: ‘Biologist’ Jesus opposed ‘three women and a dog’ marriage

18:55 [Telegraph] Al-Qaeda in Iraq claims merger with Syria's Jabhat al-Nusra

18:55 [Telegraph] Twitter uproar as Uganda minister announces plan to ban miniskirts

18:56 [The Independent] Vatican pornography: Transsexual adult films 'downloaded on computers within Catholic Church headquarters'

18:56 [AL JAZEERA] Britain prepares for Thatcher's funeral

18:57 [Truthout] Seven Chilling Facts About Retirement in America That Should Make Obama Tremble Before Cutting Social Security and Medicare

18:58 [CNET News] LulzSec hackers plead guilty to attacks on Sony, Nintendo, more

18:58 [Raw Story] Report: Anti-government couple spotted in Socialist Cuba with children

18:58 [The Progressive] Seeking Justice 10 years after U.S. Attack on the Palestine Hotel

18:59 [Mother Jones] Guess Who Waits Longest to Vote?

18:59 [Fin24 News] Labour dept probes Woolworths crane crash

19:00 [Reuters] Analysis: Public doubt on bird flu a ghost of China's past

19:01 [zero hedge] Guest Post: What Do Interest Rates Tell Us About The Economy

19:01 [zero hedge] The Fed’s Own Fear Scale Soars: Holdings of Cold Hard Cash

19:03 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: The risks and rewards of Twitter diplomacy

19:03 [The Atlantic: International] Of All Places, Is Moldova Leading On Gay Rights?

19:04 [Infoshop] Palestine-Israel: The hopes of Spring still have not been scorched by Summer illusions.

19:04 [Russia Today] ExxonMobil found liable of contaminating New Hampshire

19:04 [Russia Today] Peace, but no reconciliation: Decade after Iraq, US vets struggling to justify war

19:05 [Fin24 News] Labour probes Woolworths crane crash

19:06 [AL JAZEERA] UK prepares for Margaret Thatcher's funeral

19:07 [Reuters: politics] Treasury Secretary talks up policies to spur demand in Europe

19:08 [straight] Black Sabbath brings its legendary metal to the Gorge this summer

19:08 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Signs of Spring

19:10 [CNET News] Yanked iOS app AppGratis: We're 'far from finished'

19:10 [CNET News] Robot car enthusiasts worry about new threat: lawyers

19:10 [CNET News] How Code for America upgrades local government

19:10 [CNN] Budget cuts ground Blue Angels, Thunderbirds

19:10 [Reuters] Quake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr, 30 dead

19:11 [CNN: Money] AIG: Too big to ignore? - opinion

19:11 [CNN: Money] Google Fiber's next city is...

19:11 [Telegraph] Fine for Royal Marine exposed on Facebook impersonating superior officer

19:11 [Telegraph] Movers called to North Korea embassy in London

19:11 [Telegraph] Reddit users go to FBI over murder 'confession'

19:11 [Telegraph] Vogue signs contract to protect models at work

19:12 [The Independent] Police scour social media websites as anger mounts over taxpayer-funded funeral for Margaret Thatcher

19:12 [CNN] World media reacts to Thatcher's death

19:12 [CNN] MMA fighter calls transgender fighter 'disgusting freak,' is suspended

19:13 [Big Think] Can Black People Swim? Yes, No and Maybe

19:13 [Big Think] It’s Time to Debate a Constitutional Landmine

19:13 [The Atlantic: Technology] Gorgeous 'Light Paintings' of D.C.'s Cherry Blossoms at Night

19:13 [BBC: Technology] Google runs fibre to Austin, Texas

19:14 [NPR] A View From South Korea: The North Is 'A Playground Bully'

19:14 [Slate Magazine] Animal Personalities

19:16 [Slashdot] Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will

19:17 [Reuters: politics] FBI asked to probe recording of Senator McConnell's campaign strategy session

19:20 [CNN: Money] 'I had 10 jobs before I was 25'

19:22 [Mostly Water] Obama's Dangerous "Counter-Provocation" Plan Against North Korea

19:23 [The Hindu - News] Shot Cuts

19:23 [CNN] Texas college locked down after report of stabbing

19:24 [] Guantánamo Officials Release Names of Prisoners Tortured by Force Feeding

19:24 [] US Navy Champions Latest Laser Technology for 'Revolutionizing' War Making

19:24 [] Ties That Bind: Ernest Moniz, Keystone XL Contractor, American Petroleum Institute and Fracked Gas Exports

19:24 [straight] Canada's Davis Cup doubles team outlast to win

19:24 [Russia Today] Homeland Security top officer to work on UN’s new global Internet rules

19:24 [CNN: Politics] Budget cuts ground Blue Angels, Thunderbirds

19:25 [straight] Canada's Davis Cup doubles team outlasts to win

19:26 [AlterNet] Revealed: Obama's DOE Nominee Ernest Moniz Is Super Cozy With Tar Sands, Oil and Gas Industries

19:26 [CNN: Health] 'Dying was easy: It's the living that's hard'

19:26 [CNN: Health] Bataan Death March: 'Dying was easy'

19:26 [CNN: Health] Young cancer patient's touchdown

19:26 [CNN: Health] More women getting pregnant after 40

19:26 [CNN: Health] Hepatitis A scare prompts 239 to get vaccinated

19:26 [CNET News] The weird things you find in a Japanese electronics shop

19:27 [Reuters] Dell's evaluation of buyout bid flawed: shareholder

19:27 [Telegraph] EU rules would double cost of British pensions

19:27 [The Independent] France begins troop withdrawal ahead of UN peacekeeping mission in Mali

19:27 [The Independent] Coptic Pope rebukes Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi over clashes at cathedral

19:27 [The Independent] Margaret Thatcher talking points: The best quotes, headlines, most confused reactions and self-serving comments

19:27 [The Independent] Iraqi al-Qa'ida declares takeover of leading Syrian rebel group

19:27 [The Independent] North Koreans called back to the fields as appetite for war fades

19:27 [The Independent] Serbian man kills 13 people in armed rampage in village

19:28 [Raw Story] Survey: One screen isn’t enough for watching TV

19:28 [Raw Story] Georgia lawmaker who supported drug testing for welfare gets second DUI

19:28 [CNET News] The future of music, according to Spotify's Daniel Ek

19:28 [CNET News] Surface tablet updates take aim at Wi-Fi issues

19:29 [NPR] Actor Who Played Satan Scoffs At Obama Comparison

19:29 [Voice of America] At Least Five UN Peacekeepers Killed in South Sudan

19:29 [Mother Jones] Mitch McConnell's Campaign Fundraises Off Secret Audio

19:29 [CNN: Travel] Climate change may = bumpy, costly flights

19:31 [Slashdot] Google Fiber's Austin, Texas Rollout Confirmed

19:31 [zero hedge] The 2012 Analog Continues

19:31 [zero hedge] Non-Dealer Interest In 3 Year US Paper Plunges To January 2009 Levels

19:31 [zero hedge] FeDeRaL ReSeRVe DoPe...

19:32 [Truthout] Interview With Rob Witherell: Representative, United Steelworkers (USW)

19:33 [Electronic Intifada] Israeli firms shed crocodile tears for Palestinian workers

19:33 [Good] The 2013 Webby Nominees Are Out: Here's an Awesome Video About It

19:34 [Financial Times] Euro states set to disclose account details

19:34 [Reuters: politics] New York proposes new laws against public corruption

19:35 [Financial Times] Uncertainty looms over Pakistan poll

19:35 [CBC: politics] Alberta premier lobbying for Keystone XL pipeline in Washington

19:35 [CBC: politics] Stephen Harper to attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral

19:36 [CNET News] Crucial M500 brings SSD pricing to a new low

19:36 [CNN: Money] Stocks hold onto modest gains

19:38 [Raw Story] When It Comes to Compliments and Female Politicians, Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor

19:38 [Raw Story] Florida Republican’s anti-Sharia bill would ban courts from recognizing Jewish divorces

19:38 [The Progressive] U.S. Kills 11 Afghan Kids. Anyone Here Care?

19:42 [straight] Health Canada issues recall for Alysena birth control pills

19:43 [The Independent] An Englishman's home is his chateau: Potential bargains for Brits as bottom falls out of French second home market

19:43 [The Independent] 8,000 artefacts and rising: City dig pronounced the 'most important ever' in London

19:43 [Big Think] Have Celebrities Hijacked Our Diplomatic Process?

19:43 [Big Think] Who Is Facebook Home's Real Audience?

19:43 [CNN] Celebrity 'swatters' beware: Cops are closing in

19:44 [CNET News] Pilot's texting at issue in fatal crash of medical helicopter

19:44 [Global Voices] Peace Demonstrations Kick Off in Colombia

19:44 [Global Voices] Bermuda: Is Thatcherism the Living Dead?

19:46 [CNET News] Chiplets: The future of tech circuitry?

19:48 [Fox News] CAUTIOUS DECISION: 'Unpredictable' Kim Too Big a Risk for Missile Test

19:48 [Fox News] GUN VOTE LOOMS: Law Backers Eye Hold-outs As Filibuster Threat Grows

19:48 [Fox News] SWEET CHARIOT: Custom Wheelchair King Inspired by Love for Wife

19:48 [Fox News] HAVANA HAVEN? Couple Suspected in Kidnap Believed In Cuba

19:48 [Fox News] URGENT: At least 5 reportedly stabbed on Texas college campus

19:48 [Slashdot] FBI's Smartphone Surveillance Tool Explained In Court Battle

19:49 [CNN] Multiple people reported stabbed at Texas college

19:49 [CNN] Opinion: Brad Paisley's risky song on race

19:50 [The Hindu - News] U.S. papers hope to reverse decline with new revenue sources

19:52 [Mostly Water] Eulogy for a Welfare State Arsonist

19:53 [Raw Story] ‘Fox & Friends’ proposes IQ test for politicians sponsoring gun control legislation

19:54 [OpEdNews] Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts

19:54 [Reuters] FBI probes trading as KPMG quits as Herbalife, Skechers auditor

19:56 [straight] Jessie Ware keeps things classy, cool and chatty with Vancouver Straight Series show

19:56 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors the R2R Film Festival’s Not Just for Kids

19:56 [straight] Yeah Yeah Yeahs finally say what we've all been thinking

19:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Celebrity 'swatters' beware

19:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Celebrity 'swatters' beware: Cops are closing in

19:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Don't be offended by 'Accidental Racist'

19:56 [The Hindu - News] APPlying empowerment solutions, digitally

19:58 [Disinformation] Londoners Take To The Streets To Celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s Death

19:59 [CNN: Money] Tons of Nutella stolen in food crime spree

19:59 [Slate Magazine] Don’t Listen to E.O. Wilson

19:59 [Mother Jones] One Reason That We All Love Lists

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Magicians allege bias at Ugadi Puraskars

20:00 [CNN] Multiple people injured in Texas college stabbing incident

20:02 [straight] Jessie Ware keeps things classy, cool, and chatty with Vancouver Straight Series show

20:02 [CNET News] QWERTY Sofa: The comfiest keyboard you'll ever nap on

20:03 [Raw Story] Blind human rights activist accuses China of violating U.S. deal to secure his freedom

20:03 [Raw Story] German Amazon warehouse workers protest over working conditions

20:03 [Raw Story] French budget minister asks for email leaks that show wealthy politicos hiding money in offshore accounts

20:03 [Good] We Redesigned Musical Notation So It's Actually Easy to Read

20:03 [CNN: Crime] Texas college locked down after report of stabbing

20:03 [CNN: Crime] Cops closing in on celeb 'swatters'

20:04 [The Atlantic: International] 969: The Strange Numerological Basis for Burma's Religious Violence

20:04 [OpEdNews] "The 99%" Redefined: 99 Percent of Americans Know Little About the Dangers of AUMF 2001 & NDAA 2012

20:08 [CNN: Money] Job-hopping millennials just like their parents

20:08 [CNN: Money] Aereo could bring down broadcast TV

20:08 [CNN: Money] China draining world baby milk supply

20:08 [Mostly Water] New York Times Supports Targeted Killings

20:08 [Truthdig] Michael Hudson Remembers What Margaret Thatcher Did

20:09 [The Hindu - News] The Hindu Impact: Blast victims begin to get their due

20:09 [The Hindu - News] Margaret Thatcher to be given ceremonial funeral

20:09 [Voice of America] Newly Oil-Rich Ghana Struggles to Please

20:09 [Moral Low Ground] Chinese Man Undergoes Emergency Surgery after Inserting Live Asian Swamp Eel in Anus

20:12 [zero hedge] Dow Jones At New All Time Highs - Here's Why

20:13 [Voice of America] April 9, 2013

20:13 [Voice of America] US Urges Balanced Economic Approach in Europe

20:13 [Mostly Water] Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts

20:13 [Raw Story] Chinese-French abstract painter Zao Wou-Ki dies at 93

20:14 [Telegraph] China's new leaders will not bring change, says blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng

20:14 [Telegraph] Love is in the air for giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang

20:14 [The Independent] Bin Laden son-in-law trial may be delayed by cuts

20:14 [The Independent] US man with frog phobia wins $1.6m in damages after run-off water turns home into amphibian-friendly wetland

20:14 [The Independent] Father and son shot 'by mistake' in revenge attack

20:14 [The Independent] Dying mother told abortion a 'Catholic thing'

20:14 [straight] Tonight's ticket: SPIN at The Cultch

20:15 [The Hindu - News] Kukatpally sits high on the rental graph

20:16 [Fox News] URGENT: 12 reportedly hospitalized after stabbing at Texas college; suspect in custody, one at large

20:16 [The Onion] Kim Jong-Un Wonders If Nuclear Threats Distracting Him From Real Goal Of Starving Citizenry

20:17 [Reuters] Quake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr, 32 dead

20:17 [straight] The Georgia Straight presents Passenger at the Vogue

20:18 [Truthout] How the 40-Year "Long Recession" Led to the Great Recession

20:19 [The Hindu - News] Australia elevates China ties, a strategic ‘breakthrough’

20:21 [zero hedge] Short Squeeze? Silver Surges Most In 7 Months

20:21 [CBC: politics] Think tank fears more job cuts than Ottawa pledged

20:21 [CNN] Giffords' health improves, but she'll never be the same

20:23 [The Hindu - News] London Metropolitan University ban on foreign students revoked

20:24 [Fin24 News] MasterCard fees comes under scrutiny

20:24 [NPR] Multiple People Hurt At Houston-Area College Campus, Following Stabbing Incident

20:24 [NPR] KPMG Partner May Have Traded Inside Information

20:28 [AlterNet] Margaret Thatcher Wrecked Great Britain

20:28 [Deutsche Welle] S. Sudan ambush leaves UN peacekeepers among 13 dead

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Do not text and…fly

20:29 [The Hindu - News] 14-year-old commits suicide

20:30 [The Independent] The 10 Best gym bags

20:30 [The Independent] Days after her appointment, youth crime adviser, Paris Brown, quits over Twitter comments

20:30 [The Independent] 'Strip me of my knighthood and please accept my apology over HBOS collapse': Former chief executive Sir James Crosby makes public act of contrition in wake of scathing report

20:30 [Telegraph] Welsh Guards to provide guard of honour at Margaret Thatcher funeral

20:30 [Telegraph] 'Cookie Monster' appears in court

20:30 [Telegraph] North Korean army 'split' over Kim Jong-un

20:30 [Telegraph] Lady Thatcher's funeral wishes will save taxpayer £800,000

20:30 [Telegraph] Beyoncé Cuba trip was 'fully approved by US government'

20:30 [Telegraph] Tricky decision over Argentines at Lady Thatcher funeral

20:30 [CNET News] Xbox: Proof that Microsoft can get consumer electronics right

20:32 [zero hedge] Independent Foreclosure Review: Payments to 4.2 Million Borrowers Covered by Fraudclosure Agreement to Begin April 12

20:32 [zero hedge] The Next Capital Control: Banning The €500 Bill

20:33 [Raw Story] Young immigrants blame high fees as deportation deferral applications drop dramatically

20:33 [Good] Big Brother is Watching Canada: Woman Arrested for Instagramming Street Art

20:33 [Good] A 'Drive-In' Cafe for Bikes Pops Up in Zurich

20:34 [Slashdot] Classic BBC Sci-fi Series Blake's 7 To Return On Syfy Channel

20:35 [CNN] 14 injured in Texas college stabbing incident, authorities say

20:35 [The Hindu - News] Suspended home guard held for killing wife

20:36 [CNN: Money] Dow hits new all-time high

20:39 [The Hindu - News] Antarctic team digs deep to find climate future

20:40 [Reuters: politics] Obama names three to troubled labor relations board

20:41 [CNN: Money] 5 tons of Nutella stolen in food crime spree

20:41 [CNET News] Hands on: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6

20:41 [CNET News] Love-struck gamer creates 4-hour video game proposal

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Two killed as lorry rams into autorickshaw

20:43 [Voice of America] FBI Asked to Investigate Whether Senator's Office is Bugged

20:43 [Truthout] The Consequences of Obama Shooting Santa Claus…

20:44 [straight] Vancouver Park Board votes for unruly parents to perform pushups

20:45 [CNN] 15 injured in Texas college attack, official says

20:45 [Reuters] At least 14 people injured in stabbing at Houston college

20:45 [Voice of America] 14 Stabbed on Texas College Campus

20:46 [The Onion] JCPenney CEO's Severance Package Includes 34,000 Pea Coats

20:48 [The Hindu - News] Nursing students’ strike: impasse continues

20:48 [Truthout] Economic Update: Economic Reality Checks

20:49 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

20:49 [Slate Magazine] Spike and the Block

20:49 [Russia Today] LulzSec hackers plead guilty to attacking CIA, NHS and Sony websites

20:49 [Russia Today] You hack me, I hack you: Israeli hackers break Anonymous’ website

20:50 [AlterNet] Are States Still Enforcing Unconstitutional Sodomy Laws?

20:51 [CNN] Reid to force a vote Thursday on debating gun proposals

20:53 [Mostly Water] Burns Lake Band Members Evicted from their Blockade by Armed Riot Police

20:53 [Raw Story] Watch live: Biden and Holder deliver remarks on gun control

20:54 [Fox News: politics] Navy cancels Blue Angels shows for 2013 due to sequester

20:54 [Fox News: politics] EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency

20:56 [Reuters] Italy's Bersani meets Berlusconi to seek end to impasse

20:56 [Reuters] Analysis: North Korea tests Obama's "strategic patience"

20:57 [Mostly Water] Exploiting Holocaust Remembrance Day

20:58 [Disinformation] Florida Man Kills Girlfriend As Astrology-Motivated ‘Sacrifice’

20:59 [NPR] Blacks' Election-Day Waits Nearly Double Those Of Whites, But Why?

20:59 [NPR] Giant-Killing Louisville Women Look To Keep Charmed Run Alive

21:01 [CNN: Politics] Reid to force a vote Thursday on debating gun proposals

21:01 [CNN: Politics] 'Stronger, better, tougher': Giffords improves, but she'll never be the same

21:02 [Financial Times] N Ireland unsettled by protest and crisis

21:02 [Financial Times] US offers economic incentive for Mideast talks

21:03 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Good Banker, Bad Banker

21:03 [Raw Story] Pat Robertson: Mass shooters ‘usually under the influence of psychedelic drugs’

21:03 [Good] Intermission: Meet the Coffee Portrait Artist

21:04 [The Atlantic: International] Being a Foreign Service Officer Became Much, Much Harder After 9/11

21:04 [The Hindu - News] North Korea warns foreigners in South to make evacuation plans

21:04 [Russia Today] Big Pharma made $711 bln overcharging seniors and disabled

21:06 [Reuters] Senate to hold initial gun control vote Thursday

21:09 [straight] Queens of the Stone Age release new single: "My God is the Sun"

21:09 [CNN: Money] Deficit reduction scorecard

21:09 [OpEdNews] Korea: B2 bombers offering a path to peace?

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Richter's zombified tour

21:10 [Reuters: politics] Senate to hold initial gun control vote Thursday

21:11 [AlterNet] 9 Tactics and 5 Mistaken Beliefs: The Christian Right's New 'Religious Liberty' Campaign Deconstructed

21:12 [CNN: Travel] Bourdain: I'd love to see North Korea

21:13 [CNN: Health] Cancer patient's touchdown

21:15 [CNET News] The 404 1,245: Where we print with fire (podcast)

21:15 [CNET News] AT&T follows Google with gigabit network plans for Austin

21:16 [The Hindu - News] A model college for entrepreneurs

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Amit Mitra manhandled in Delhi, CPI(M) offices attacked in West Bengal

21:17 [CNN] NFL wants players' suit over concussions dismissed

21:17 [CNN] Pakistan fights militants near Afghan border

21:18 [CNN: Money] Worker: I miss the old J.C. Penney

21:18 [The Hindu - News] Brimming with ideas

21:19 [NPR] Immigration Overhaul 'Feels Unstoppable Now,' Backers Say

21:19 [The Hindu - Opinion] Keep the green tax

21:21 [Middle East Monitor] Syed C: PA refuses US modifications to Arab peace initiative

21:22 [Slashdot] EA Repeats As 'Worst Company In America'

21:23 [AL JAZEERA] New leaks detected in Japan's Fukushima plant

21:27 [CNN] At least 14 injured in Texas college stabbings, official says

21:27 [The Hindu - Opinion] Fencing in the RBI

21:28 [Topix Activism News] Immigrants play more vocal role in reform debate

21:28 [Raw Story] Harris-Perry to Beck and Limbaugh: ‘Allow me to double down’

21:28 [Raw Story] 15 injured in second Texas community college attack this year

21:29 [Mother Jones] Before the Great Recession, There Was the Long Recession

21:29 [Russia Today] Putin’s warning: The dangers of Korean Chernobyl to Russia

21:30 [CNET News] Maserati Ghibli set to be company's first diesel

21:30 [CNET News] Warm yourself on Bender's shiny metal belly

21:30 [Telegraph] Dutchman accused of Kashmir murder of Briton 'was paranoid and on the run'

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Cables indicate Gandhi family’s commercial influence: Jaitley

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Circle 10 tops property tax collection

21:33 [Raw Story] South Africa creates offshore marine refuge

21:33 [The Progressive] Egypt’s Bassem Youssef Responds to Controversy

21:34 [CNN] Police: Army recruiter shoots teenage recruit, then self

21:34 [CNN] UN: 12 dead in South Sudan attack

21:34 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Mayors Against Illegal Guns Create Grading System to Score Lawmakers on Gun Safety, and More

21:35 [The Hindu - Opinion] Vivekananda’s legacy of universalism

21:36 [CNN] Two in critical condition after Texas college stabbings, official says

21:37 [The Hindu - News] Germans may find it hard to sell their subs

21:39 [NPR] 'It's Not Normal': Syrian War Transforms Lives

21:40 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.N. Chief Singles Out Monaco for Raising Climate Awareness

21:40 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] OP-ED: Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy: A Sputtering Start

21:41 [CNN] Two in critical condition after stabbing at Texas college

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Expert group calls for monitoring China’s run-of-the-river projects

21:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] Last resort

21:43 [Raw Story] Google announces experimental superfast Internet service to be installed in Austin, Texas

21:44 [Sydney Morning Herald] 14 students stabbed at US college

21:44 [NPR] Pacific Commander: U.S. Can Intercept North Korean Missiles

21:44 [NPR] How A Spring Birthday Could Pose A Risk For Multiple Sclerosis

21:44 [] Report Uncovers 'Water-Apartheid' in the Occupied West Bank

21:44 [OpEdNews] Sleep Treatments: Whats New in Sleep Medicine Today

21:45 [The Hindu - News] Modi mocks at Manmohan, attacks UPA

21:45 [Fox News] SECRET RECORDING:McConnell Calls on FBIAfter Strategy Talks Taped

21:45 [Fox News] NOT YOUR KIDS? MSNBC Host Records Bizarre Ad on Raising Kids

21:45 [Fox News] BREAKING NEWS: At Least 14 Injured in Texas College Stabbing Attack

21:45 [CNET News] Huawei and the Jonas Brothers: A match made in paradise?

21:45 [The Hindu - Opinion] Margaret Thatcher

21:45 [straight] Surrey complains to B.C. political parties about financial plight of municipalities

21:45 [straight] Alt-J's love affair with its fans is well underway

21:46 [Fox News] Woman accused of hanging boyfriend's dog in garage- Police: Suspected Wash. burglar feeds couple's dog

21:46 [Fox News] Babies� immune system influenced by birth month

21:46 [Fox News] UCLA water polo player accused of raping acquaintance

21:46 [Fox News] As vote looms, gun-control backers ramp up pressure on Congress- STARNES: School says Americans can't bear arms

21:46 [Fox News] Snowboarder Chelone Miller dies at age 29

21:46 [Telegraph] Bill Clinton joins Twitter - thanks to Stephen Colbert

21:46 [Telegraph] 14 wounded in school stabbing in Texas

21:46 [Telegraph] Russian ballet star Sergei Polunin re-surfaces in Moscow

21:46 [Telegraph] Carol Thatcher to be accompanied by 'on-off' boyfriend at Baroness Thatcher's funeral

21:46 [Telegraph] Several MPs set to boycott Thatcher tributes

21:46 [Telegraph] British air stewardess dies after Dubai building fall

21:47 [The Onion] WrestleMania 29 Marred By Inconsistent Officiating

21:47 [The Onion] American Voices: Navy Develops Drone-Destroying Laser Cannon

21:47 [The Onion] Fast-Talking Computer Hacker Just Has To Break Through Encryption Shield Before Uploading Nano-Virus

21:47 [The Hindu - News] Modi showers encomiums on Mamata

21:48 [Raw Story] Alabama governor signs bill that may close state’s few remaining abortion clinics

21:48 [Raw Story] Land desertification and drought causes up to $450 billion in lost farm output

21:49 [The Hindu - Opinion] The exposé

21:49 [Moral Low Ground] Canadian Gang-Rape and Bullying Victim Rehtaeh Parsons Commits Suicide

21:49 [CNN: Travel] An inside look at Myanmar

21:49 [CNN: Travel] Duchess of Cambridge to be ship's godmother

21:50 [Reuters] Senate to cast first gun-control votes on Thursday

21:50 [CNN: Politics] Biden: Gun control opponents in time warp

21:50 [straight] Shop designer closets at Re-Fashion Vancouver

21:51 [Slashdot] The Search Engine More Dangerous Than Google

21:51 [CNN: Money] Obama will target wasteful spending

21:51 [CNN: Money] 3 jobless Americans for every opening

21:51 [CNN: Money] First Solar surges 50% on sunny guidance

21:51 [CNN: Money] You'll pay less for gas this summer

21:51 [Voice of America] 14 Stabbed on Texas College Campus

21:53 [Raw Story] Nugent calls Obama ‘the Chicago gangster’ and asks NRA host to ‘help me shoot somebody’

21:53 [Raw Story] Canadian high school student improves experimental cancer treatment

21:54 [CNN: Travel] 11 things to know about Myanmar

21:54 [Reuters: politics] Senate to cast first gun-control votes on Thursday

21:55 [The Hindu - News] A.K. Padmanabhan re-elected CITU chief

21:57 [The Hindu - News] Imphal research scholar murder case cracked, 3 held

21:57 [The Hindu - News] The entire structure came down in the blink of an eye, says church collapse survivor

21:57 [The Hindu - News] Actress goes missing from city hotel

21:58 [CNN] 2 in critical condition after stabbing at Texas college

21:58 [Raw Story] Thatcher was trailblazer who said she ‘owed nothing’ to feminism

21:59 [The Hindu - Opinion] A carload of troubles

21:59 [The Hindu - News] Crowds prove obstacle to rescue operations

21:59 [The Hindu - News] Actor goes missing from city hotel

21:59 [] Armenia: After Dueling Ceremonies, Opposition at Crossroads

21:59 [] Turkey: Ankara Putting Brakes on Rapprochement with Israel?

21:59 [Mother Jones] Watch: McConnell Says "Political Left Bugged My Headquarters"

22:00 [Russia Today] PETA wants its own fleet of drones

22:00 [CNN] U.S. official: North Korea could fire at any time

22:01 [The Hindu - News] CCS will decide on report on Manipur fake encounters, SC told

22:02 [zero hedge] HY Investors Quietly Exit Stage Left

22:02 [zero hedge] Korea's Boy Who Cried Wolf Is Now Screaming "Thermonuclear War"

22:03 [Raw Story] Jackie Chan’s plan to move ancient buildings to Singapore angers China

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Spotlight on LPG terminal to pluck trucks off roads

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Construction on wetland site gets CRZ nod

22:03 [Good] Performance Versus Learning: What's the Purpose of Education?

22:04 [NPR] Spring Storm Brings Snow To Colo., High Winds To Wyo., Dust Storm In Ariz.

22:05 [OpEdNews] Good Riddance Thatcher and Other Thoughts on Dead Vile People

22:05 [Russia Today] Poland and Germany fall out over who was more antisemitic during WWII

22:05 [The Hindu - News] In State, anti-dowry officer stares at lack of complaints

22:05 [The Hindu - News] HC orders police to clear up illegal auto stands in Kochi

22:06 [CNN] U.S. believes North Korea could test fire missiles at any time

22:06 [CNN] Saudi denies paralysis punishment sentence

22:07 [The Hindu - News] School of Drama’s loss is Pondy varsity’s gain

22:11 [CNET News] Microsoft fixes two critical flaws for April's Patch Tuesday

22:11 [The Hindu - Opinion] Young, educated and dangerous

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Day after disaster, Aroor under a pall of gloom

22:12 [Reuters] Texas college student wounds 14 in stabbing spree

22:14 [The Atlantic: Technology] Astronauts' Favorite Space Food: Shrimp Cocktail

22:14 [Deutsche Welle] Germany restarts nuclear waste storage search from scratch

22:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Morning Express: Sun for Sydney

22:16 [The Hindu - News] Killing of peacekeepers a war crime: Ban ki-Moon

22:16 [Telegraph] Margaret Thatcher: History of one of the first Right To Buy council houses

22:16 [Telegraph] Man arrested after six-year-old boy and mother found stabbed to death

22:17 [The Onion] Future Christian Drinking And Doing Drugs And Thinking It's One Big Joke

22:17 [CNN: Money] Obama will target $25 billion in wasteful spending

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Are authorities waiting for disaster to strike?

22:19 [CNET News] Blast your angry face into space to ward off alien invasions

22:19 [] Sanders and Over 2 Million Others to Obama: Don't Cut Social Security!

22:19 [] CDC: Adults in US Skipping Medicine to Save Money

22:19 [The Hindu - Opinion] Rahul Gandhi’s dragon cliché

22:20 [OpEdNews] Iraq: The Deadliest War For Journalists

22:20 [The Hindu - News] Rape accused held, victim’s detention to be probed

22:20 [Fox News] Mind-Blowing Caverns

22:20 [Fox News] NASA's NextBig Mission

22:20 [Fox News] LeAnn Shows Off Beach Bod

22:20 [Fox News] Missing Link to Chimps?

22:20 [Fox News] Fox: From 'Teen Beat' to AARP

22:20 [Fox News] United Books Dreamliner

22:21 [Fox News] Iran announces 2 nuke-related projects after talks stall- Earthquake strikes town near Iranian nuke plant

22:24 [The Atlantic: Politics] All Obama Asked For on Gun Control Was a Vote—Will He Even Get That?

22:24 [The Hindu - News] 5 Indian parliamentarians in Sri Lanka

22:25 [OpEdNews] The Invisible Class

22:26 [Financial Times] Silicon Valley’s lobby bid attacked by rivals

22:28 [Reuters] Oshkosh to cut 900 jobs in defense unit

22:29 [Mother Jones] "I May Be a Republican. I'm Not an Idiot."

22:30 [Russia Today] Russia, G8 reject North Korea’s ‘provocative and bellicose’ behavior

22:30 [CNET News] Barnes & Noble launches new publishing platform

22:30 [The Hindu - News] EC to convene all-party meet on changes in EVMs

22:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Sick to the stomach'

22:31 [Fox News: politics] Climate change skeptics seize on reports showing temperatures leveling

22:32 [Telegraph] New Age travellers camp to be built with £1 million public money

22:32 [Telegraph] London Metropolitan University continues legal fight over foreign students

22:32 [Telegraph] Homeopathy on the NHS is 'mad' says outgoing scientific adviser

22:33 [CNN: Money] I miss the old J.C. Penney

22:36 [The Hindu - News] Bhopal gas tragedy survivors stage demonstration in Mumbai

22:38 [The Hindu - News] Heat hits early, city set for scorching summer

22:38 [The Hindu - News] Minor variations can’t shake eyewitness version: Supreme Court

22:40 [Russia Today] Court ruling: Obama administration overlooked fracking risks

22:41 [AL JAZEERA] Iraqi al-Qaeda and Syrian group 'merge'

22:41 [Slashdot] Why AppGratis Was Pulled From the App Store

22:43 [CNET News] Injustice? EA wins Worst Company in America again

22:43 [Reuters: politics] Recording of Republican leader's campaign meeting revealed by magazine

22:43 [Voice of America] Obama Unveils Proposed 2014 Budget Wednesday

22:44 [CNN] 'Dying was easy: It's the living that's hard'

22:45 [CNN] Huxtables are the '80s family you most want to adopt you

22:46 [straight] Old Navy recalls baby sleepwear due to fire hazard

22:46 [The Hindu - News] ‘Jobs of IMU faculty safe’

22:46 [zero hedge] Another Dow Record As 3:30 Pump Becomes 3:30 Dump

22:48 [Big Think] The Difference Between Prayer and Meditation

22:49 [Telegraph] Salmond asked to stop huge wind farm above Loch Ness

22:49 [Telegraph] Tom Cruise: 'I did not expect my divorce'

22:50 [Global Voices] Iran Quake After Shocks Felt in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

22:50 [The Hindu - News] After decades, a triumphant return to alma mater

22:51 [Fox News: politics] Blind activist Chen tells US lawmakers China breaking promise

22:51 [Anarchist news] Milan: ZAM Squat Evicted

22:51 [Anarchist news] "Start your own local uprising!": an interview about the uprisings in Slovenia

22:51 [Anarchist news] An Angry Anarcho Communist Perspective on the Korean Conflict

22:55 [CNN: Entertainment] You wanna be a Huxtable

22:55 [CNN: Health] Giffords: 'Stronger, better, tougher'

22:57 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa to soon inaugurate revamped Aavin daires in Tiruvallur

22:57 [CBC: politics] Outsourcing bank jobs is common practice, say employees

22:58 [CNN] Rap/country collaborations nothing new

22:58 [CNN] Seth Green: 'Sexy Evil Genius'

22:59 [Disinformation] Maori Dance Ritual Offends Danish MP During Trip to New Zealand

22:59 [msnbc: politics] Biden: Filibuster threat on guns 'embarrassing' to the nation

23:00 [Mother Jones] VIDEO: There's No "Reasonable" Solution for Climate Change, Says Leader of Climate-Change Subcommittee

23:00 [CNN] Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signs law raising requirements for abortion clinics

23:00 [zero hedge] Meet The KPMG Partner Who Leaked Secret Client Data To The Highest Bidder

23:01 [The Hindu - News] Man threatens to jump from cellphone tower

23:01 [The Hindu - News] Dengue vaccine closer to reality, say scientists

23:01 [The Hindu - News] Departures from new airport terminal delayed yet again

23:01 [CNN: Entertainment] Seth Green: 'Sexy Evil Genius'

23:01 [CNN: Entertainment] Rap/country collabs not new

23:01 [Reuters] Quake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr, 37 dead

23:01 [Reuters: politics] Magazine releases recording of senior Republican's campaign meeting

23:02 [CNN: Money] Banks used small business funds to pay off bailout

23:02 [CNN: Money] Dow closes at new record high

23:02 [CNN: Money] Payments coming in $3.6B foreclosure settlement

23:03 [The Hindu - News] Decks cleared for acquisition of land for Adambakkam station

23:03 [Good] Apartment Agriculture: Fresh Greens Grown Indoors, Without Sun or Soil

23:03 [straight] B.C. NDP vows to increase tax credits for film and television production

23:05 [The Hindu - News] Sewer lorry strike raises a stink in extended city

23:08 [CNN] Opinion: GOP's cowardly gun filibuster threat

23:09 [Deutsche Welle] Dortmund advance to Champions League semis

23:09 [The Hindu - News] 12-year-old strides towards dream on prosthetic leg

23:09 [The Atlantic: National] Air Travel as Rashomon: Mammoth Wrap-up of United Airlines Theories

23:09 [NPR] Will The Future GOP Be More Libertarian?

23:10 [CNET News] Astronauts don't cry: Chris Hadfield shows tears in space

23:10 [CNET News] Apple's iMessage, FaceTime experiencing problems

23:11 [AL JAZEERA] Scored killed in fierce clashes in Pakistan

23:11 [AL JAZEERA] Texas student goes on stabbing 'spree'

23:13 [The Hindu - News] Manipur encounter deaths show pattern of carelessness, says Supreme Court

23:13 [The Hindu - News] TNPCB justifies closure of Tuticorin Sterlite plant

23:13 [The Hindu - News] BSP leader Bhardwaj’s younger son hatched conspiracy, held

23:14 [Deutsche Welle] Turkey profits from German 'brain drain'

23:14 [Moral Low Ground] 38 Montana Republican Lawmakers Vote Against Advancing Bill to Decriminalize Gay Sex

23:15 [CNN] Air Force fighter jets a casualty of budget cuts

23:15 [CNN] U.S. official: North Korea could test fire missiles at any time

23:17 [straight] DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2013 queer flick picks: James Franco, Divine, and more

23:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Shot in the back in 'random attack'

23:17 [The Hindu - News] Left parties protest Maharashtra patronising IPL

23:18 [Voice of America] Malawi to Begin Treason Trial of Former Officials

23:18 [Voice of America] South Korea Largely Ignores Latest North Korean Threat

23:18 [CNN] Texas college stabbing: 14 injured, 2 in critical condition

23:18 [CNN] Justice Department tax lawyers pursuing cheats despite spending cuts

23:19 [Telegraph] Bolshoi dancer wants reprimands from theatre annulled

23:19 [The Hindu - News] Left parties protest Maharashtra patronising IPL

23:19 [The Hindu - News] CM expresses shock over cut in kerosene allotment

23:23 [The Hindu - News] Atrocities against Dalits touched their peak in 2012: study

23:23 [Raw Story] Teenage rape victim commits suicide after being bullied by peers

23:24 [NPR] Genetically Modified Rat Is Promising Model For Alzheimer's

23:24 [NPR] Vermont Bests The Nation In Local Chow

23:25 [The Hindu - News] Marathi writer sent to police custody over rape charges

23:26 [Slashdot] Speeding Ticket Robots — Laws As Algorithms

23:28 [The Progressive] Mairead Maguire

23:28 [Topix Activism News] Kansas abortion rights activists deliver petitions

23:29 [Reuters] Penney, Macy's court fight comes down to plastic pitchers

23:30 [Mother Jones] Did McConnell Use Senate Employees for Oppo Research on Ashley Judd?

23:30 [Russia Today] US soldier who fought in Syria could get the death penalty

23:31 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - April 10, 2013

23:31 [The Hindu - News] DMDK members evicted from Assembly

23:33 [The Hindu - News] Kattabomman memorial planned

23:34 [Reuters: politics] Rhode Island gun measures would ban assault weapons, large clips

23:35 [Telegraph] Operation True Blue: Baroness Thatcher's funeral plans

23:35 [Telegraph] 'No gushing hysteria, just quiet, dignified respect': the sombre but patriotic mood in Lady Thatcher's constituency

23:35 [Telegraph] National Union of Students elects president who doesn't believe in university

23:35 [Telegraph] How the US nearly turned to Bob Dylan to destroy communism

23:37 [The Hindu - News] Modi prays at Dakshineswar

23:37 [The Hindu - News] 16,726 conservancy workers to be appointed

23:39 [CNN] Alabama Gov. Bentley signs law raising requirements for abortion clinics

23:39 [The Hindu - News] File affidavit on SEC plea, court tells WB

23:40 [CNN] Elie Wiesel Fast Facts

23:42 [straight] CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos headed to CNN for TV series

23:44 [The Hindu - News] NHRC asks acting CJ to take proper action against HC Registrar General

23:44 [The Hindu - News] Expelled BJD leader Pyarimohan Mohapatra launches new party

23:44 [CNN: Money] 48% of U.S. teens own an iPhone. 62% plan to buy one

23:45 [CNN: Politics] Forced cuts ground third of Air Force fighter jets

23:45 [CNN] Daily Discussion - April 10, 2013

23:46 [Voice of America] White House, Gun Victim Families, Make Major Push for Reform

23:48 [AlterNet] Was RFK's Confessed Assassin the Subject of a Govt. Program to Create Hypnotized Killers? Sirhan Sirhan's Attorney Fights for a New Trial

23:48 [The Hindu - News] Woman dies in Tenali protecting daughter from drunken youths

23:49 [AlterNet] Student Loan Interest Rates Scheduled to Double July 1

23:49 [AlterNet] 15 Things You Need to Know About the Tar Sands Oil Spill

23:49 [NPR] How Louisville Went From 'Little Brother' To Powerhouse

23:50 [CNN] U.S, North Korean officials met secretly in March

23:50 [The Hindu - News] State intent on drafting legislation for control, regulation of acid sale

23:51 [Reuters: politics] Rhode Island seeks to ban assault weapons, large clips

23:51 [Telegraph] Cameron to lead House of Commons in tribute to 'greatest peacetime leader'

23:54 [Slate Magazine] Will Bitcoins Make Me Rich?

23:55 [CNN] That Twitter account might not be who you think

23:56 [Voice of America] Panel Calls for Sweeping Changes in US Science Education

23:56 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool ransacks CPI(M) offices after SFI attacks Amit Mitra in Delhi

23:58 [CNN] Teacher Feedback for April 10, 2013

23:58 [The Hindu - News] State orders recovery of money in bogus bill scam in Magadi

23:58 [Raw Story] County commissioner apologizes for ‘n*gger rigging’ remark

23:59 [CNET News] Russian Wikipedia's 'smoking pot' page goes bong-less

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