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00:03 [Disinformation] Guns for Armes: The Amazing True Story of the World’s First Real Life Superhero

00:03 [Slashdot] Insight On FBI Hacking Ops

00:03 [Sydney Morning Herald] Missing teenager dyed hair: police

00:04 [Infoshop] 20 Things the Poor Do Everyday That the Rich Never Have to Worry About

00:09 [Russia Today] Bitcoin hangout with Max Keiser: The Napster of currency

00:09 [Infoshop] Nearly 1 in 4 US Writers Has Self-Censored For Fear of Government Surveillance

00:13 [Deutsche Welle] Auschwitz cases dogged by legal obstacles

00:13 [Deutsche Welle] Germany’s FDP picks Lindner as new leader after election debacle

00:16 [Fox News] Hagel addresses Arab leaders' concern over Iran deal- Obama defends Iran nuke deal at DC Mideast forum

00:16 [Reuters] Exclusive: Mexico's draft energy reform spans profit-sharing to licenses

00:18 [CNN] Garage deaths: 3 believed dead for weeks before discovery in Florida

00:24 [Telegraph] MPs' saleries to rise to £74,000 a year despite opposition

00:29 [Raw Story] Judge orders anti-gay-marriage bakery to end discrimination

00:29 [Infoshop] An Antagonist’s Guide To Destroying The Surveillance State

00:31 [Topix Activism News] An AP reporter's quest to find bodies of victims killed by Malian military ends in the desert

00:45 [CNN] Sudan's second most powerful figure resigns in Cabinet reshuffle

00:47 [zero hedge] Highest Radiation Level Ever, Lethal In 20 Minutes, Recorded Outside Fukushima Reactor

00:49 [Infoshop] Yolanda’s aftermath and Autonomous Initiative (Philippines)

00:54 [Infoshop] Victor Serge: The Worst of the Anarchists

00:55 [Reuters: politics] Obama defends interim Iran deal, seeks to assure Israel

00:59 [Raw Story] Campbell’s Soup apologizes for tasteless Pearl Harbor SpaghettiOs Tweet

01:00 [Big Think] Bitcoin is Trust

01:02 [] Dutch PM cancels ceremony in dispute over cargo scanner for Gaza crossing

01:02 [CNET News] 'Bubble 2.0' is the hint from a glut of blogs about a glut of knockoffs

01:03 [Slashdot] Nobody Builds Reactors For Fun Anymore

01:05 [The Independent] Please Sir, can we have some more? Theatre's hitmaker Daniel Evans on 'Oliver' and bringing 'The Full Monty' to the stage

01:05 [The Independent] TV to unleash your little monster: The best family viewing

01:05 [The Independent] Geese, gorillas, grandads... and growing up: The world of children's books

01:05 [The Independent] Back in Black (Sabbath): On the comeback trail with Ozzy Osbourne and crew

01:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Palmer clubs with world leaders

01:10 [Global Voices] Causes of Bangkok Road Accidents

01:11 [Guardian] Co-operative Group slashes funding for charities

01:17 [] German court releases alleged Auschwitz guard, says unfit for trial

01:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] Captain Cook falls to Mojo again

01:32 [CNN] Teen dies after medical emergency on Delta flight

01:33 [Fox News: politics] Calif. health exchange shares data without permission

01:33 [Reuters] Exclusive: Mexico's draft energy reform spans profit-sharing to licenses

01:36 [CNN] Winter weather: Power outages, travel nightmares

01:40 [Telegraph] British aid to Typhoon Haiyan boosted by government donation one month on

01:45 [Reuters] Greek parliament approves 2014 budget plan

01:49 [Raw Story] WTO agrees to trillion-dollar trade deal

01:50 [Global Voices] Review of University Websites in Southeast Asia

01:52 [] Widow loses legal battle against Dubek tobacco

01:56 [Telegraph] US newlyweds arrested after Craigslist murder

01:56 [CNN] Eight die in Colombian bomb blast, national police say

01:58 [Deutsche Welle] Troika suspends Greek negotiations as Athens clears budget

01:59 [CNET News] The iPad Air: One month in, a tote-worthy tablet

02:03 [Disinformation] Graham Hancock at the National Arts Club: The Research Behind His Novel ‘War God ‘

02:03 [Disinformation] Healing Trauma in Veterans with MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

02:05 [Russia Today] ​‘It’s about democracy’: EU delegation urges Ukraine protesters to seek Euro-integration via referendum

02:06 [Amnesty International] Belarus: Out in the open

02:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Qantas too big to fail, Bowen says

02:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fears over 'unfair' WestConnex valuation system

02:18 [Disinformation] The World of Hidden Emotions

02:22 [] Obama and Kerry spark speculation by outlining Israeli-Palestinian deal

02:25 [Slashdot] Excite Kids To Code By Focusing Less On Coding

02:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Benjamin Hart: Barack And Michelle Obama To Attend Service For Nelson Mandela In South Africa

02:26 [zero hedge] 21st Century - Reality Vs. Storyline

02:33 [Voice of America] Ukraine Opposition: No Negotiations Until Yanukovych Fires Government

02:35 [Reuters] Sports-mad South Africa salutes Mandela 'The Captain'

02:37 [] Emotional South Africa plays on, sweeps group for late President Mandela

02:39 [Raw Story] Newborns may be more cognitively developed than we think

02:40 [Global Voices] Monitoring Indonesia's 2014 Election Campaign

02:41 [Reuters] Mexico energy reform eyes big opening for private capital

02:49 [Fox News] American citizen Merrill Newman deported from North Korea lands in San Francisco- Biden praises N. Korea's release of Newman

02:52 [The Hindu - News] Today’s verdict to set the stage for 2014

02:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kathleen Miles: Calif. Obamacare Shares Data Without Consent

02:56 [OpEdNews] Mandela: a Dissenting Opinion

02:59 [zero hedge] US-Asia Foreign Policy - In One Cartoon

02:59 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela: Barack and Michelle Obama confirm they will attend memorial

02:59 [Telegraph] Greek parliament approves tough 2014 budget plan

03:09 [Raw Story] Killer storm moves through southwest US; 11 dead

03:10 [Sydney Morning Herald] Missing teenager girls found at station

03:10 [Sydney Morning Herald] England slump as Mojo, Siddle strike

03:12 [The Hindu - News] Assembly elections 2013: Counting day — Live updates

03:13 [BBC: Health] 'Singing on prescription' for lung disorder

03:14 [Reuters] Exclusive: Mexico energy reform eyes big opening for private capital

03:15 [BBC: Entertainment] Fifth Beatle becomes comic book star

03:19 [Fox News] ObamaCare's first victim? Maryland official in charge of exchanges quits

03:19 [Fox News] NEWTOWN'S LEGACY?Report: States increase spending on mental health

03:19 [Fox News] 'STORM OF PROBLEMS' Chinese-themed 'city' pitched for NY's Catskills

03:19 [Fox News] FACT VS FICTION History buffs weigh in on Mandela biopic's accuracy /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

03:20 [The Hindu - News] Madhya Pradesh: Current party position

03:22 [AL JAZEERA] Greece approves more austerity cuts

03:25 [The Hindu - News] Rajasthan: Current party position

03:25 [CNN] Winter storm aims at East Coast

03:27 [The Hindu - News] Delhi: Current party position

03:27 [Voice of America] Winter Storm Grips US

03:27 [Voice of America] VOA News: Ukraine Opposition Gives Yanukovych Ultimatum

03:28 [AlterNet] 10 Biggest Doozies From the Right-Wing Wackosphere This Week

03:29 [zero hedge] HaPPY PeaRL HaRBoR DaY 2013

03:31 [The Hindu - News] Chhattisgarh: Current party position

03:37 [] IDB to offload Given Imaging at market cap of $955 million to undisclosed buyer

03:38 [Deutsche Welle] "La Grande Bellezza" wins big at 2013 European Film Awards

03:45 [The Hindu - News] Hygiene, safety high priority in railway amenities report

03:47 [The Hindu - News] Poll counting begins in Chhattisgarh

03:47 [The Hindu - News] Anjaneya condemns made snana ritual

03:48 [Guardian] Greek parliament approves budget projecting sliver of growth

03:49 [The Hindu - News] Panel set up to amend UGC Act

03:51 [The Hindu - News] Citizen-official joint action helps protect public property

03:51 [The Hindu - News] K.H. Srinivasa resigns from KJP

03:53 [CNN] President: Nine die in 'terrorist' bomb blast in Colombia

03:53 [The Hindu - News] Four arrested for teacher’s murder in Tumkur

03:54 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The State Causes The Poverty It Later Claims To Solve

03:57 [The Hindu - News] Strike by BEL workers on December 11

03:58 [AL JAZEERA] Sudan's vice president steps down

03:58 [AL JAZEERA] Obama defends interim Iran deal

03:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Credlin critics told to 'back off'

03:59 [The Hindu - News] MCC brings down illegal hoardings

03:59 [The Hindu - News] Tourist vehicle operators upset over imposition of annual tax

04:01 [The Hindu - News] Madhya Pradesh Assembly poll: Congress, BJP neck and neck

04:04 [Raw Story] AT&T rejects ‘transparency report’ shareholder demand; FBI can secretly turn your laptop camera on

04:05 [The Hindu - News] ‘PHCs should have at least 3 vials of snake antivenom’

04:05 [The Hindu - News] Counting begins in Delhi amid high security

04:09 [The Hindu - News] Udupi to get synthetic track soon

04:09 [The Hindu - News] ‘Casteist’ made snana sparks protest

04:11 [The Hindu - News] Test shows 5 p.c. pentoxide in phosphorous

04:13 [Fox News] California health exchange shares consumer data without permission

04:21 [Global Voices] Outrage Over Famous Chinese Director Zhang Yimou's Extra Kids Privilege

04:26 [The Hindu - News] Early trends show close race between AAP and others

04:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ashes 2013: Australia grabs two wickets with England facing massive task to save match

04:32 [The Hindu - News] Madhya Pradesh: BJP looks at a big win

04:33 [AntiWar] Shooting Spree Targets Baghdad Liquor Stores; 21 Killed, 36 Wounded Across Iraq

04:36 [The Hindu - News] Counting of votes begins in Chhattisgarh

04:37 [Russia Today] Sweden engaged in industrial espionage against Russia - report

04:41 [Topix Activism News] CO Baker Found Guilty for Denying Gay Couple Wedding Cake - May Face a Year in Jail

04:42 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 40; Congress: 16

04:47 [The Hindu - News] BJP leads in 31 seats in Rajasthan

04:49 [The Hindu - News] Tirupur sub-jail to be upgraded into district jail

04:49 [The Hindu - News] Ondipudur STP work in full swing

04:51 [Fox News] TASTELESS TRIBUTE?Campbell Soup sorry after SpaghettiOs Pearl tweet

04:51 [The Hindu - News] Corporation to computerise process for water connection

04:51 [The Hindu - News] Congress, BJP neck and neck in Chhattisgarh

04:55 [The Hindu - News] Sugar mill’s loss up at Rs.230 cr.

04:55 [The Hindu - News] Avocado emerges as prime cash crop

04:55 [The Hindu - News] BJP leads in 74 seats in Rajasthan

04:57 [The Hindu - News] Child marriage stopped

04:59 [The Hindu - News] Congress, BJP neck-and-neck in Chhattisgarh

04:59 [The Hindu - News] Close race develops between AAP and BJP in Delhi

05:01 [The Hindu - News] Tangedco notifies two-hour load shedding schedule

05:01 [The Hindu - News] VOC road crying for attention

05:03 [The Hindu - News] Official inspects railway line

05:03 [The Hindu - News] Congress leads in Chhattisgarh

05:07 [The Hindu - News] Congress, BJP neck-and-neck Chhattisgarh

05:07 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 96; Congress: 36

05:07 [The Hindu - News] Sheila Dikshit shuts herself in

05:07 [Russia Today] ‘Not freedom but treason’: Erdogan slams Turkish media over whistleblowing

05:09 [The Hindu - News] Concern over dwindling horseshoe crab population

05:13 [The Hindu - News] EO sends notice to Podhu Dikshithars on coral necklace donated to temple

05:13 [The Hindu - News] Cong ahead on 20 seats, BJP on 17 in Chhattisgarh

05:13 [The Hindu - News] BJP extends lead in Rajasthan across 96 seats

05:14 [Slashdot] StackOverflow and Github Visualized As Cities

05:16 [Global Voices] In Japan, Disaster and a Radio Show Put Refugees On the Agenda

05:19 [The Hindu - News] Congress ahead in Chhattisgarh

05:19 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 95; Congress: 45

05:25 [The Hindu - News] Seemandhra bandh disrupts normal life

05:25 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 98; Congress: 44

05:26 [OpEdNews] A bunch of sexy, badass patriots

05:27 [The Hindu - News] ‘Bifurcation could harm federal fabric’

05:27 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet note throws light on power sharing

05:29 [Raw Story] Afrikaners fear post-Mandela ‘night of the long knives’

05:29 [The Hindu - News] Congress, BJP neck-and-and in Chhattisgarh

05:33 [The Hindu - News] TDP leaders, including MP, MLA, under house-arrest

05:36 [The Hindu - News] TDP leaders taken into custody

05:36 [The Hindu - News] TDP takes exception to Pulichintala inauguration

05:36 [Voice of America] Kent Klein: Obama: '50/50' Chance of Final Iran Deal, Defends Interim Plan

05:40 [CNN] Online fundraiser brings Kenyan runners to run in California

05:42 [The Hindu - News] Sri Venkateswara Kalyanam performed

05:42 [The Hindu - News] BJP slightly ahead in Chhattishgarh

05:43 [CBC: politics] RCMP step up video surveillance of Parliament Hill

05:44 [The Hindu - News] Special drive to enrol young voters: Joint Collector

05:44 [The Hindu - News] Congress leader S. Gopal dead

05:44 [CBC: politics] Harper, former PMs, former GG to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

05:44 [CNN] Going it alone: 7 tips for successful solo travel

05:46 [Fox News] SERVED UP NJ waitress in anti-gay receipt note flap loses job

05:46 [The Hindu - News] BJP extends lead in Rajasthan across 102 seats

05:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] Leichhardt's last butcher gone

05:54 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to form government in Delhi

05:54 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 126; Congress: 58

05:56 [Global Voices] Upholding the Essential Values of the Bhutanese Youth

05:56 [OpEdNews] Let's Begin Ending War Again

06:00 [The Hindu - News] BJP, Congress neck-and-neck in Chhattisgarh

06:05 [CNN] Online fundraiser brings Kenyan marathoners to run in California

06:06 [Big Think] Ray Kurzweil and the Brains Behind the Google Brain

06:06 [The Hindu - News] Senate hall roof starts leaking

06:06 [The Hindu - News] AIADMK leads in Yercaud

06:08 [Disinformation] From The Mouths Of Murderers (How I Accidentally Started the Sixties)

06:08 [The Hindu - News] Corporation to ink pact with contractors on street lights

06:08 [The Hindu - News] A trek across worlds on Day 2

06:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup

06:10 [Voice of America] Obama: 50/50 Odds for Final Iran Deal

06:12 [CNN] Metro-North train derailment spurs talk about emerging technology

06:14 [The Hindu - News] New sub depot for KSRTC at Vadakara

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Etched forever

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Chennithala: shed light on mining row

06:19 [Guardian] Prince Harry's race to the South Pole abandoned for safety reasons

06:20 [The Hindu - News] LDF blockade will notbe symbolic: Viswan

06:21 [Reuters] Venezuelans vote in local polls that test Chavez legacy

06:26 [AL JAZEERA] Ethnic clashes in Kenya leave dozens dead

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Mani warns traders staying out of VAT

06:31 [CNN] Conyers Davis crowdsources to bring Kenyan marathoners to California

06:33 [The Hindu - News] A waste treatment plant is on the way, but Kochi Corporation knows nothing

06:33 [Russia Today] South Korea expands air defense zone in territory row with China

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Naval rehearsal sets the pulse racing

06:39 [The Hindu - News] LDF blockade will not be symbolic: Viswan

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Decks cleared for bypass work at Alappuzha, Kollam

06:41 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 150; Congress: 63

06:45 [The Hindu - News] Hope prevails in the AAP camp

06:47 [The Hindu - News] Now picnic to your heart’s content at India Gate

06:48 [Sydney Morning Herald] Indonesia confused by spying stance: official

06:48 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ashes 2013: Late wickets before tea damage England's hopes of salvaging draw

06:49 [Fox News: politics] Supreme Court justice turns down stay of American/US Airways merger

06:50 [Telegraph] Central African Republic declares mourning peroid for dead

06:50 [Telegraph] Venezuela: municipal elections to test popularity of Nicolas Maduro

06:52 [Guardian] South Korea extends its air defence zone to overlap with China's

06:52 [OpEdNews] Nelson Mandela: A Jewish Perspective

06:55 [Financial Times] Chinese ships enter waters near Senkaku

06:55 [The Hindu - News] BJP set to sweep MP — BJP: 150; Congress: 67

06:56 [Financial Times] Mandela: man on mission to bind a nation

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Bon APPetit

06:58 [CNN] American, US Air merger a go after Supreme Court refuses stay request

07:01 [The Hindu - News] BJP, Congress still tied in Chhattisgarh

07:03 [The Hindu - News] Striking a chord

07:08 [Fox News: politics] Report: States restore, add to mental health spending as Sandy Hook anniversary nears

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Computing in the Cloud

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Delhi results a verdict against misdeeds of Congress: Vardhan

07:12 [AL JAZEERA] India ruling party faces state election loss

07:15 [The Hindu - News] Disappointed but accept people’s verdict: CONG

07:15 [The Hindu - News] Nao steals the show

07:15 [The Hindu - News] Congress inches ahead in Chhattisgarh

07:16 [Voice of America] South Korea Declares New Air Defense Zone, Overlapping China's

07:18 [The Hindu - News] ACCA modules online

07:20 [Telegraph] South Korea declares expanded air defence zone in disputed area

07:22 [The Hindu - News] What's New

07:23 [Fox News] The perfect wine glass?

07:23 [Fox News] 1st US moon trip in 40 years?

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Disappointed but accept people’s verdict: Congress

07:30 [The Hindu - News] AIADMK consolidates lead in Yercaud

07:32 [The Hindu - News] Invest and learn

07:34 [Deutsche Welle] Obama lukewarm on Iran deal as inspectors head for Arak

07:34 [The Hindu - News] South outdoes the North

07:38 [The Hindu - News] Scholarship Alert

07:38 [The Hindu - News] BJP takes massive lead in Rajasthan

07:40 [The Hindu - News] Internships

07:42 [Financial Times] New area includes rock also claimed by China

07:44 [The Hindu - News] At home in Toledo

07:44 [Financial Times] S Korea expands air defence zone amid rising tensions

07:44 [Financial Times] WTO global trade deal nears approval

07:44 [Financial Times] Berlin gives ground in banking union debate

07:50 [Fox News] States increase mental health spending as Newtown anniversary looms

07:50 [Fox News] OBAMACARE PRIVACY? California exchange shared data without permission

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Indian varsities lag behind in research

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Mughal elements in Madurai Palace?

08:00 [Voice of America] South Korea Declares New Air Defense Zone, Overlapping China's

08:02 [Global Voices] Interview With Chinese Political Cartoonist

08:02 [Fin24 News] Lessons from Mandela

08:03 [] German firms sold sensitive equipment to Iran even during sanctions regime

08:03 [] Israel and Netherlands in row over security scanner at Gaza border

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Remembering Mandela

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Chouhan performs hat-trick in MP — BJP: 152; Congress: 69

08:06 [The Hindu - News] I am... K. Ganesh - Food, medicine delivery man

08:09 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: Act Two

08:09 [Deutsche Welle] Troops called in to cope with flood of refugees

08:11 [The Hindu - News] Raje credits Modi for BJP showing in Rajasthan

08:11 [Reuters] Al Qaeda thrives in Yemen amid weak security, stalled dialogue

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Visual or violent impact?

08:14 [Slashdot] US Issues 30-Year Eagle-Killing Permits To Wind Industry

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Tuber truths

08:17 [Reuters] Thai PM proposes referendum on her future as protesters prepare big push

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Is oil healthy?

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Ask Shahnaz

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Where stories take shape

08:39 [Telegraph] Anger of Prince William's friend at BBC cocaine joke

08:39 [Telegraph] Why I turned down The Hunger Games, by Gladiator writer William Nicholson

08:39 [Telegraph] The Queen takes the Duchess of Cornwall under her wing

08:39 [Telegraph] Prince Charles summons Bank of England Governor Mark Carney

08:39 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg: I still want to govern with either party

08:39 [Telegraph] 'Scotch malt is no match for American whiskey'

08:39 [Telegraph] Judges to rule on 'right to die'

08:39 [Telegraph] Mandela funeral: quiet mourning in Qunu as world's elite prepare to descend

08:43 [The Hindu - News] BJP wins Delhi, AAP surprises

08:45 [Topix Activism News] Activists say US trying to railroad...

08:46 [Voice of America] Hagel Given Assurances on Afghan Security Deal

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Bands of boys

08:48 [] Israel's Defense Ministry seeking $853m to buy missile boats from Germany

08:49 [Deutsche Welle] South Korea announces expanded air defense zone over disputed area

08:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Hit-run fugitive 'is a victim'

08:55 [Telegraph] Lost in paradise: the EU's embassy in the South Pacific

08:55 [Telegraph] Husband of The Woman in Black author Susan Hill exits, stage left

09:05 [CNN] Sheriff Rick Clark refuses to lower flag in honor of Nelson Mandela

09:06 [Guardian] Ofsted chief says England's schools failing white working-class children

09:10 [Sydney Morning Herald] Australia on the verge of victory

09:10 [Sydney Morning Herald] Australian tourist missing in NZ

09:11 [Telegraph] Ofsted warns over 'wasted potential' of poor white pupils

09:11 [Telegraph] Watch live: Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs gives lecture

09:13 [NPR] Winter Storm Moves Into Mid-Atlantic

09:15 [Russia Today] Ukraine braces for biggest protest in a decade as violent unrest goes on

09:20 [Voice of America] VOA News: South Korea Declares New Air Defense Zone, Overlapping China's

09:23 [Fox News] Teen dies aboard Delta flight from Seattle to Atlanta

09:27 [Telegraph] Bill fiasco at npower: 'A shock demand for £1,800'

09:27 [Telegraph] Deaf schoolboy from musical family given implants to make him hear

09:27 [Telegraph] Flood aftermath in Norfolk

09:27 [Telegraph] Now's the time to end the boys' and girls' toys gender divide

09:27 [Telegraph] Storm surge: the clear up after the chaos

09:28 [The Hindu - News] BJP inches ahead in Chhattisgarh

09:32 [The Hindu - News] BJP retains Surat West by huge margin

09:35 [Guardian] MPs' 9% pay rise set to embarrass party leaders

09:41 [Telegraph] Lawyers offer support to Alessandra Pacchieri forced caesarian case

09:48 [AL JAZEERA] Israel minister: Annex West Bank settlements

09:49 [Fin24 News] Dames: I just need a rest

09:54 [AL JAZEERA] Tension over South Korea airspace expansion

09:57 [Telegraph] Migrants cost up to £8k each in NHS care, schools and welfare

09:58 [CNN] Thrill killing charge: Newlyweds lure victim, stab him, police say

10:01 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

10:02 [Global Voices] Infinite Detention Legalized in Saudi Arabia

10:05 [Fin24 News] Festive season hotel bookings unaffected

10:07 [The Independent] Ashes 2013: England face ignominious defeat in Second Test

10:07 [The Independent] Three myths about elephants you probably believed, and three amazing facts you’ll be glad to know

10:08 [CNET News] Living with the Leon: Taking the Leon to the Limit

10:11 [New Statesman] Do economists ever get it right?

10:11 [Fin24 News] Vilakazi Street buzzing with hawkers, tourists

10:12 [AL JAZEERA] Israeli forces kill Palestinian teenager

10:13 [Telegraph] Children could have DNA tested at birth

10:13 [Telegraph] David Cameron risks Tory backlash over EU military plans

10:14 [CNN] Police: Newlyweds lure man through Craigslist for thrill killing

10:15 [Anarchist news] December 2013 update from The Anarchist Library

10:15 [Anarchist news] T.W.A.T. Action Report

10:17 [Fin24 News] SAA may increase flight capacity, frequency

10:20 [Reuters] South Africa remembers Mandela with day of prayers

10:22 [The Hindu - News] Yercaud verdict recognition of govt. welfare schemes: Jayalalithaa

10:22 [Fox News: politics] Obama says odds of final Iran deal not 'more than 50-50'

10:22 [The Independent] An 11% pay rise for MPs equals a salary of £74,000 and angry voters

10:24 [The Hindu - News] Thai PM offers to dissolve parliament

10:24 [CNN] Ukraine braces for more anti-government protests

10:31 [Guardian] Police launch new investigation into football match-fixing claims

10:32 [CNN] South Korea expands its air defense zone in reaction to China

10:34 [The Hindu - News] Uncertainity prevails in Chhattisgarh

10:36 [Truthdig] Reducing Sunlight ‘Will Not Cool Earth’

10:38 [] Peres says willing to meet Iranian counterpart Rohani

10:40 [The Hindu - News] Poll results underline need for good governance: India Inc.

10:42 [Reuters] Banks trim risk but fail to raise provisions ahead of EU review

10:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] Toddler pulled unconcious from pool

10:46 [The Hindu - News] Raman Singh retians Rajnandgaon

10:46 [AL JAZEERA] Vice-president of Sudan steps down

10:47 [CNN] Thai opposition party members to resign en masse from parliament

10:51 [Truthdig] Amend the Fed: We Need a Central Bank that Serves Main Street

10:55 [Financial Times] Deal shows ‘coming alive’ of WTO

10:56 [AL JAZEERA] Israel blamed in Palestinian teenager's death

10:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] How funds found ASIC favour

10:59 [Guardian] Thailand opposition to quit government

10:59 [Telegraph] State pension age rises: how to retire at 55, not 70

10:59 [Telegraph] MPs' salaries to rise to £74,000 a year despite opposition

11:03 [Fin24 News] Inside Numsa’s expansion plan

11:06 [Big Think] The Faith of Diego Rivera

11:06 [The Hindu - News] BJP looks set to retain MP, Chouhan thanks people

11:09 [BBC: Entertainment] Almodovar slams Spanish government

11:09 [Guardian] William Hague letter brings hope to Shaker Aamer in Guantánamo

11:10 [Reuters] U.N. decries 'low, uneven' use of law protecting Afghan women

11:18 [Fox News] Obama says chances of final Iran nuclear deal no more than 50-50

11:21 [The Hindu - News] Raman Singh retains Rajnandgaon

11:21 [The Hindu - News] BJP nearly in as AAP makes stunning debut in Delhi

11:22 [Guardian] German president boycotts Sochi Winter Olympics

11:23 [] UN nuclear watchdog inspectors begin rare visit to Iran nuclear facility

11:28 [Financial Times] India’s ruling party routed in state elections

11:31 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly bombings hit Baghdad province

11:31 [The Hindu - News] Dikshit stunned as party failed to read Delhi’s mood

11:32 [Guardian] Ukip councillor Victoria Ayling sparks immigration row

11:33 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Easy Wi-Fi-Enabled Tablet For My Dad?

11:33 [CNN] Heart cancels SeaWorld show amid 'Blackfish' documentary

11:34 [Deutsche Welle] Thai opposition says will resign from parliament

11:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Doug Bandow: Time to Leave Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai Gives Washington a Welcome Shove

11:46 [Telegraph] Telegraph Christmas Charity Appeal today

11:48 [Global Voices] 3,000 Students Protest against Educational Reform in Gabon

11:48 [Fox News] Snow, sleet, freezing rain to continue east Sunday- FOX NEWS EXTREME WEATHER CENTER

11:49 [NPR] Between Pigs And Anchovies: Where Humans Rank On The Food Chain

11:49 [NPR] Economists Toast 20 Years Of NAFTA; Critics Sit Out The Party

11:49 [Reuters] South Korea expands air defense zone to partially overlap China's

11:49 [Reuters] Insight: Family, politicians battle over "Brand Mandela"

11:49 [The Hindu - News] Dikshit stunned as party failed to read Delhi’s mood

11:51 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt court acquits 155 protesters

11:59 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] An African Dream Called Lampedusa

12:00 [Reuters] India's Congress party punished in state polls, early results show

12:02 [Guardian] Nelson Mandela: national day of prayer for country's 'guiding light'

12:02 [Guardian] Susan Boyle: 'I have Asperger's'

12:04 [Fin24 News] Watching rugby with Madiba

12:06 [Big Think] Hire Hard So You Can Manage Easy

12:12 [The Hindu - News] A life across shores

12:12 [The Independent] 10 stone five-year-old taken into care

12:13 [AL JAZEERA] Thai opposition MPs to resign en masse

12:15 [Mother Jones] My Day in Prison with Nelson Mandela

12:16 [The Hindu - News] History in retrospect

12:18 [Telegraph] MPs' pay rise wrong - Danny Alexander

12:18 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela in pictures: South Africans observe national day of prayer

12:22 [The Hindu - News] Revolution by jute

12:22 [The Hindu - News] Yercaud by poll: AIADMK leads by more than 60,000 votes after round 17

12:24 [The Hindu - News] A hint of spice

12:24 [Guardian] UK flights return to normal after air traffic control glitch

12:27 [The Independent] Queen to miss Nelson Mandela funeral over security and long-haul flight concerns

12:28 [The Hindu - News] Dress circle

12:29 [AL JAZEERA] Thai opposition MPs resign en masse

12:29 [Deutsche Welle] Brotherhood trials raise fears of fresh violence

12:30 [The Hindu - News] ‘I am greedy’

12:32 [Telegraph] Ukip MP defends comments about sending all immigrants back home

12:34 [The Hindu - News] The wonder years

12:37 [CNN] Series of blasts kill 24 in Iraq

12:44 [The Hindu - News] Past through moist eyes

12:45 [Topix Activism News] Basu: U.S. activism helped bring end to apartheid

12:46 [The Hindu - News] Old Delhi in a new avatar

12:47 [AL JAZEERA] Interactive: World Cup 2014 draw

12:49 [AL JAZEERA] CAR president 'not in complete control'

12:50 [Fin24 News] Tata Madiba - A prince of the people

12:50 [The Hindu - News] BJP gets absolute majority in Rajasthan Assembly

12:51 [BBC: Entertainment] Jay Z dominates Grammy nominations

12:55 [Reuters] South Africans remember Mandela with praise and prayers

13:04 [Deutsche Welle] South Africa commemorates Mandela with day of prayer

13:04 [Deutsche Welle] India's nationalist BJP party makes gains in state elections

13:04 [Telegraph] RSPCA axes free missing pets service

13:04 [Telegraph] Ukip politician defends comments about sending all immigrants back home

13:05 [The Hindu - News] AIADMK wins Yercaud bypoll

13:05 [Financial Times] Spanish airport up for sale

13:06 [Big Think] The Promise of Microgravity Experiments

13:06 [Financial Times] India’s ruling party routed in elections

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Chouhan performs hat-trick in MP — BJP: 158; Congress: 66

13:10 [Fin24 News] Etisalat set for emerging markets boom

13:11 [Financial Times] Uruguay set to legalise cannabis

13:11 [CNET News] With Walmart's help, HP tries a QVC-style live pitch

13:13 [Reuters] Dynasty's Congress party punished in Indian state elections

13:14 [The Independent] 'Send the lot back': UKIP councillor defends anti-immigration video comments

13:15 [The Hindu - News] Creamy, aromatic and tasty

13:15 [The Hindu - News] Thai crisis deepens as opposition quits Parliament

13:17 [The Hindu - News] Queering the pitch

13:19 [The Hindu - News] ‘Everyone can watch a film, not everyone can read a book’

13:19 [The Hindu - News] Delhi: Congress out, BJP in as AAP makes dream debut

13:20 [Telegraph] Stop complaining about immigrants and find a job of your own, former M&S boss says

13:21 [The Hindu - News] A show of strength

13:25 [The Hindu - News] AIADMK retains Yercaud Constituency by a margin of 78,116 votes

13:25 [The Hindu - News] BJP romps home in Madhya Pradesh third time

13:30 [CNN] Probe into Jenni Rivera plane crash focuses on age of pilot, plane

13:30 [Guardian] Thailand opposition to quit parliament

13:34 [Russia Today] The hijacking of Mandela's legacy

13:34 [Russia Today] 'Not real James Bonds': Assange explains why 'small publisher' WikiLeaks beat the Pentagon

13:37 [BBC: Science & Environment] Inmarsat begins global roll-out

13:37 [The Hindu - News] Visual or violent impact?

13:40 [CNN] Where the Higgs -- or 'God particle' -- was found

13:43 [Guardian] Football spot-fixing claims: three held by police

13:44 [Russia Today] Israel military accused of shooting Palestinian teenager dead in the back

13:45 [The Hindu - News] Eat like a Lannister

13:45 [The Hindu - News] Creating child Olympians

13:47 [The Hindu - News] Stretch and twist

13:49 [NPR] Norway Wins Women's WCup Relay

13:49 [NPR] France Tries To Rewrite Its Role In Africa

13:49 [NPR] Susan Boyle Says Asperger's Diagnosis Was A Relief

13:49 [NPR] Norway's Solemdal Wins Biathlon WCup 10K Pursuit

13:49 [NPR] 'La Cage Aux Folles' Director Dies

13:49 [NPR] When Parents Refused To Talk, Angelou Explained Sex — And Healing

13:49 [NPR] South Africans Pray For Mandela

13:49 [NPR] 1 Month On, Progress In Philippine Typhoon Zone

13:49 [NPR] Police Launch New Football Match-Fixing Probe

13:49 [NPR] Ukraine's Capital Hit By Mass Anti-Govt Protest

13:49 [NPR] Thai Crisis Deepens As Opposition Quits Parliament

13:51 [Fox News] Snow, sleet, freezing rain to continue east- FOX NEWS EXTREME WEATHER CENTER

13:51 [Fox News] Billy Graham's health has 'declined quite a bit,' son says

13:51 [Fox News] Rand Paul seeks wife's input on '16 presidential race

13:51 [Fox News] South Korea announces expanded air defense zone

13:51 [Fox News] Kim Jong-Un's uncle reportedly edited out of documentary footage- American deported from N. Korea arrives in US

13:51 [Fox News] 6 detained in Mexico theft of radioactive material

13:51 [Fox News] Pearl Harbor attack ceremony marks 72nd anniversary- Campbell Soup apologizes for Pearl Harbor Twitter pic

13:51 [Fox News] Conn. boys' Instagram gun photos draw police

13:51 [Fox News] Conn. HS principal shelves planned performance of 'Rent' over subject matter

13:51 [Fox News] South Africa holds 'day of prayer' to honor Mandela- OPINION: Lessons we should learn from Mandela

13:51 [Fox News] 2 men with HIV thought to be cured see virus reappear- Doctors say gene therapy helping fight cancer

13:51 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela's neighbours pray for his soul

13:51 [The Hindu - News] The wall street journals

13:53 [Guardian] India's Congress party suffers local election 'meltdown'

13:54 [NPR] Help Is Hard To Get For Veterans After A Bad Discharge

13:55 [Guardian] Ukip councillor Victoria Ayling defends immigration video remarks

13:55 [Voice of America] Bombings Across Baghdad Kill 25

13:57 [CNN] Heart cancels SeaWorld show amid 'Blackfish' controversy

14:01 [The Independent] Millions of families living in poverty despite being in employment says new study

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Health in the desert and traditional practices

14:04 [The Hindu - News] University automating exam system

14:04 [NPR] South Africans Celebrate Mandela On National Day Of Prayer

14:04 [Russia Today] Thai PM agrees to early elections referendum as protest leader prepares ‘final blow’ to topple govt

14:06 [Big Think] Welcome to Our Future World of Ubiquitous, Constant Information

14:06 [Fin24 News] Numsa delays congress in honour of Madiba

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Sonia accepts defeat with humility

14:08 [CNN] The ultimate male feminist? 5 things Nelson Mandela did for women

14:14 [] Gay-rights bills fall in Israeli cabinet vote

14:15 [Fox News] OPINIONBotha: Mandela is gone, but his legacy is undying

14:15 [Reuters: politics] Cash-strapped Iranian students in U.S. hope nuclear deal will ease tuition woes

14:17 [Voice of America] VOA News: South Africa Honors Mandela with Day of Reflection

14:19 [NPR] Countering China, S. Korea Expands Its Own Air Defense Zone

14:20 [Reuters] Cash-strapped Iranian students in U.S. hope nuclear deal will ease tuition woes

14:22 [The Hindu - News] Obviously people are unhappy, says Sonia

14:25 [Reuters] After vote, lawsuits likely next hurdle for Volcker rule

14:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael Calderone: Politico, Hill Reporters Get Rare Access For Hillary Clinton Book

14:27 [Guardian] Fulham v Aston Villa – live! | Dan Lucas

14:29 [Deutsche Welle] Tymoshenko urges Ukraine president's resignation as protest swells

14:31 [Reuters] Bomb attacks across Iraq kill 30, wound nearly 100

14:31 [Voice of America] South Africa Honors Mandela with Day of Reflection

14:33 [The Independent] New probe into match-fixing allegations

14:33 [The Independent] Susan Boyle reveals she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s

14:35 [CNN] Opinion: At holidays, a tip from a gift to Sinatra

14:37 [Telegraph] Ex Premier League players in new match-fixing investigation

14:40 [Fox News: politics] Obamas to attend Tuesday service for Mandela

14:42 [Reuters] Ukraine opposition rally keeps pressure on Yanukovich

14:42 [The Hindu - News] AAP to play the role of constructive opposition: Kejriwal

14:43 [Voice of America] Bombings Across Baghdad Kill 30

14:55 [The Hindu - News] A victory for people of Chhattisgarh: Raman Singh

14:55 [The Hindu - News] Modi takes jibes at Congress over election debacle

14:56 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Astronomical Hijinks of the Shortest Day of the Year

15:03 [The Hindu - News] Modi takes dig at Congress over election debacle

15:03 [Guardian] Baghdad bomb attacks leave dozens dead

15:04 [] Dutch PM: No idea why Israel would refuse scanner at Gaza border

15:06 [Big Think] The Three Major Challenges for Water in the World

15:07 [Fin24 News] Mandela: Backbone of business

15:09 [Telegraph] Thailand faces referendum as opposition resigns

15:21 [Voice of America] VOA News: UN: Afghanistan Slow to Enforce Law Protecting Women

15:21 [Guardian] MPs' pay authority faces mass defiance over proposal to raise salaries by 11%

15:22 [Fox News] Obama casts doubt on Iran nuke deal /i/redes/icon-video.gif

15:24 [Telegraph] Cabinet ministers pledge to refuse pay increase

15:24 [OpEdNews] Pope Francis' Revolutionary Vision: What Progressives Have Been Waiting for (Sunday Homily)

15:24 [OpEdNews] GI War Experiences Nostalgia in Mindboggling Ignorance of Participation in Crimes Against Humanity

15:24 [NPR] U.N. Inspectors Visit Iranian Plant Linked To Nuclear Program

15:25 [Raw Story] ATF used mentally disabled as bait, other rogue tactics in stings across the nation

15:29 [OpEdNews] To Honor Nelson Mandela's Legacy, we must " (?) | Resistance Report #14

15:30 [Raw Story] Germany’s President Joachim Gauck becomes first major political figure to boycott Sochi Winter Olympics

15:30 [Fox News: politics] Sen. Paul knocks call for more long-term jobless aid, says creating 'perpetual unemployed'

15:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tommy G. Thompson: Medicare Drug Benefit Kept Its Promise, Must Improve

15:37 [AL JAZEERA] Protesters back on the streets in Kiev

15:40 [Telegraph] Anti-corruption party leads rout of ruling Congress in India elections

15:40 [Telegraph] Taliban magazine urges jihad - and profiles the Honda 125

15:41 [CNN] Israeli President Peres on meeting Iranian President Rouhani: Why not?

15:41 [Slashdot] Meet Paunch: the Accused Author of the BlackHole Exploit Kit

15:41 [Slashdot] Killing Cancer By Retraining the Patient's Immune System

15:43 [Voice of America] Afghan President Meets Iranian Counterpart in Tehran

15:47 [AL JAZEERA] In pictures: Rouhani's charm offensive

15:51 [CNN: Money] Stocks: No news may be good news

15:51 [CNN: Money] Ex-Goldman VP sentenced for cover-up

15:57 [zero hedge] Livestream From Ukraine, Where Tens Of Thousands Return To Protest At Kiev's Main Square

15:58 [The Hindu - News] Arrangements in place for Mizoram counting

15:58 [CNN] Susan Boyle tells British paper she has Asperger's

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: Gay Holidays: 5 Tips On How To Enjoy Them Now That You've Come Out

16:00 [Raw Story] It’s time for brain science to ditch the ‘Venus vs. Mars’ cliche

16:01 [Fin24 News] JSE set for little activity

16:04 [Disinformation] Canadian Mountie Fights For Right To Smoke Marijuana While In Uniform

16:04 [NPR] Nelson Mandela And The Virtue Of Compromise

16:05 [Russia Today] Epic mail fail: Indian minister in charge of secure email policy uses Hotmail

16:05 [Russia Today] Chinese border city gives green light to use of ruble

16:06 [The Hindu - News] South Korea expands air defence zone

16:06 [The Hindu - News] EC to recognise Aam Aadmi Party as State party in Delhi

16:06 [The Independent] Rebecca Black's back with Saturday (it's a sequel to Friday, see?)

16:09 [Deutsche Welle] President Gauck's decision not to go to Sochi widely seen as a boycott

16:10 [Raw Story] Statue of pharaoh Tutankhamon’s sister stolen during 2011 Egyptian riots recovered

16:10 [Raw Story] Rand Paul: Unemployment benefits program is a ‘disservice’ to black workers

16:10 [Raw Story] Archbishop of Canterbury hails Nelson Mandela’s ‘courage in face of evil’

16:10 [Fox News: politics] ObamaCare architect claims 'big PR campaign' will ensure law's success

16:11 [Big Think] Don't Fret, You Are More Adaptable Than You Think

16:12 [Guardian] US attempts to halt Paris auction of sacred Native American artefacts

16:12 [Telegraph] Eton headmaster tells schools to adapt to the internet - or die

16:15 [Raw Story] Activists say U.S. is trying to railroad secret talks at Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) meeting

16:16 [The Hindu - News] After China move, South Korea expands air defence zone

16:16 [The Hindu - News] Modi credits team work for BJP’s show

16:17 [Fox News] TEEN DIES ON PLANE16-year-old dies on flight from Seattle to Atlanta

16:17 [CNN] 12 bombs rock Baghdad

16:18 [Guardian] Nigel Farage defends Ukip councillor Victoria Ayling over immigration remarks

16:19 [Voice of America] Thousands Gather for Protest Against Ukraine Government

16:20 [Raw Story] U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel backs NATO force in Afghanistan post-2014

16:20 [Raw Story] Ukraine protests draw 200,000 to anti-Yanukovych rally

16:21 [The Atlantic: Politics] Newt Gingrich To Conservatives: 'What Would You Have Done?'

16:22 [The Independent] Unidentified body found washed up on beach near Southampton

16:25 [] Kiev Rally Draws Hundreds of Thousands in Ukraine /sites/

16:26 [zero hedge] Janet Yellen, a 'White Dove'?

16:26 [Slashdot] In Three Years, Nearly 45% of All the Servers Will Ship To Cloud Providers

16:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Amanda Terkel: Rand Paul: Unemployment Benefits Extension Would Be A 'Disservice' To Workers

16:28 [Telegraph] Ex-Ku Klux Klan leader expelled from Italy fights travel ban

16:28 [Telegraph] Prince Charles to attend Nelson Mandela's funeral on behalf of the Queen

16:28 [Telegraph] Europe and UN 'to foot bill' for French intervention in Central African Republic, says Hollande

16:28 [Telegraph] Headmaster shocked at teachers' grammar calls for new standards

16:28 [The Hindu - News] Opposition demands extension of winter assembly session, Chavan rejects it

16:28 [CNN] Ukrainian protesters back in streets for anti-government rally

16:29 [NPR] Large Contingent Of World Leaders Expected At Mandela's Funeral

16:30 [Raw Story] Thailand’s embattled Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra offers elections as opposition MPs quit en masse

16:32 [Guardian] Fulham v Aston Villa – as it happened | Dan Lucas

16:34 [] Netanyahu: A nuclear Iran will preclude Israeli-Palestinian peace

16:35 [Raw Story] One month after Super Typhoon Haiyan, survivors struggle to put their lives back together

16:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hunter Stuart: Questions Over $1 Billion U.S. Purchase Of Russian Helicopters For Afghan Military

16:38 [The Independent] Backlog of flights could see airport chaos continue

16:43 [AL JAZEERA] Huge protests sweep Ukrainian capital

16:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Linkins: TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

16:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Tea Party Battles Business Over Atlanta Braves Stadium

16:49 [Reuters: politics] U.S. defense chief to visit Pakistan for talks with prime minister

16:49 [] Army accuses soldier under house arrest of deserting

16:50 [Guardian] Arsenal v Everton – live! | Ian McCourt

16:50 [Raw Story] Secessionist movement emerges in rural Maryland

16:50 [Topix Activism News] Rocky Jones, civil rights activist, honoured

16:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Senate Democrats Push Obama Nominees While GOP Bides Its Time

16:58 [zero hedge] Why The Fed Won’t Taper In December

16:58 [Telegraph] Five year old taken into care after weight reaches 10st

16:58 [Telegraph] Father of woman forced to have caesarean backs British court's decision

16:59 [Fox News: politics] Netanyahu urges nuke negotiators to demand Iran change 'genocidal policy'

16:59 [Fox News: politics] Hagel plans to stop in Pakistan on Monday

17:03 [The Hindu - News] Madhya Pradesh Assembly Polls 2013

17:04 [Disinformation] National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Logo Collection: From HP Lovecraft to the Illuminati

17:05 [Truthout] More UN States Quietly Say No to Drug War

17:07 [Reuters] Venezuela local vote tests President Maduro's strength

17:07 [The Hindu - News] Congress humiliated in Delhi

17:07 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Chuck Hagel To Stop In Pakistan On Monday

17:09 [Deutsche Welle] Calm returning to the Central African Republic, as France make presence felt

17:09 [Deutsche Welle] Lindner vows new direction for FDP, hits out at CDU

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Hat-trick for BJP in Madhya Pradesh

17:13 [Slashdot] Air Traffic Control "Telephone Glitch" Delays Hundreds of UK Flights

17:14 [Financial Times] France deploys 1,600 troops to CAR

17:15 [Raw Story] Young newlyweds celebrate at strip club after fulfilling dream of ‘killing someone together’

17:18 [CNN] Winter storm aims at East Coast

17:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alexis Kleinman: Insurance Agents Feel Left Out Of Obamacare

17:19 [CNN] Police: 3 freed, 2 arrested in slavery bust

17:20 [Slate Magazine] You Are Your Brain

17:21 [The Hindu - News] Opposition in Maharashtra calls for extension of winter session

17:21 [CNET News] Audiophiliac speaker of the year: Zu Druid V

17:21 [Electronic Intifada] “We don’t have the luxury to wait” for Israel to change on its own, says Ilan Pappe

17:24 [BBC: Also in the news] Egypt recovers ancient stolen statue

17:24 [BBC: Entertainment] Egypt recovers ancient stolen statue

17:24 [The Independent] Deadly ice storm sees US temperatures drop to -29C

17:27 [AL JAZEERA] S Africa begins Mandela week of remembrance

17:27 [The Hindu - News] BJP sweeps Rajasthan

17:27 [The Hindu - News] It's Raman Singh in Chhattisgarh

17:29 [Telegraph] Philippines rebel deal could end decades-long bloody insurgency

17:30 [CNET News] Viral genius Rebecca Black back with, um, 'Saturday'

17:34 [NPR] TEDWomen 2013: In Innovation, Age Is Nothing But A Number

17:35 [msnbc: politics] Paul says his economic plan is the only hope for depressed areas such as Detroit

17:38 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: U.S. budget deal could bring truce, minimize shutdown threats

17:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Woman's Christian Temperance Union Targeting Marijuana

17:38 [CNN] Man wakes up on United jet, locked in and alone

17:39 [CNN: Money] El-Erian: Report is better than you think

17:39 [CNN: Money] Bitcoins bought a Tesla

17:42 [CNN] Police: 3 freed, 2 arrested in UK slavery bust

17:44 [Voice of America] Peter Cox: South Africans Offer Prayers for Madiba

17:44 [Deutsche Welle] Quick start puts Wolfsburg past Freiburg in Bundesliga

17:45 [Raw Story] Texas campus cop empties gun on unarmed student: ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’

17:45 [Fox News] Netanyahu urges nuke negotiators to demand Iran end 'genocidal policy'

17:45 [Fox News] JUST A 'PR' PROBLEM?ObamaCare architect: Need 'big' campaign for success

17:49 [AL JAZEERA] Police teargas student protesters in Egypt

17:52 [Reuters] Ukrainian protesters topple Lenin statue in challenge to Yanukovich

17:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Amanda Terkel: Newt Gingrich 'Very Surprised' At Nelson Mandela Backlash

17:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Elizabeth Grossman: Doing the Math on Walmart: Average Take-Home Pay Barely Covers the Basics

17:57 [straight] Homeless in Vancouver: I thought it was beginning to warm up! /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/frozen-water-01.jpg

17:58 [Guardian] Ukraine protesters topple Lenin statue in Kiev

17:58 [CNN] Lenin statue toppled in Ukraine protest

17:59 [Fox News: politics] Rand Paul: No beef with Amazon drone idea

18:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Boyle reveals Asperger's diagnosis

18:11 [The Independent] From refugee to war reporter: Yalda Hakim fled Afghanistan as a baby. Now she reports from the world’s conflict zones

18:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Republicans Tout Campaign To Blunt Obama Powers

18:16 [Pravda] Women's Rights: A Universal issue

18:17 [Telegraph] Ukraine protesters topple Lenin statue in central Kiev

18:17 [The Atlantic: National] 'Springbok, Cleared for Landing': More on the Language of the Skies

18:21 [Financial Times] India’s state voters spurn Congress party

18:22 [Financial Times] Thailand’s crisis deepens as opposition quits

18:22 [Voice of America] Hagel Given Assurances on Afghan Security Deal

18:25 [Slashdot] Do Earthquakes Spread Like Wildfire?

18:26 [zero hedge] China October Gold Imports Surge To Second Highest Ever

18:27 [CBC: politics] Harper heads to South Africa for Mandela memorial, funeral

18:27 [The Independent] Guide dog mauled while helping owner deliver Christmas cards

18:29 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt police fire tear gas at student protest

18:29 [NPR] In Kiev, Protesters Topple Statue Of Vladimir Lenin

18:30 [] Saving the Net from the Surveillance State: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Up (Q&A)

18:32 [Telegraph] Death of Palestinian youth 'cold-blooded assassination', says Mahmoud Abbas

18:32 [The Progressive] Breaking: Wisc. State Sen. Vinehout Injured in Car Wreck

18:36 [Voice of America] Ukrainian Protesters Topple Lenin Statue

18:39 [CNN: Money] Cover-up lands former exec in prison

18:41 [Truthdig] Mandela’s Lessons

18:42 [CNN: Money] FHA to pull back on big mortgages

18:43 [The Independent] Ed Balls: I couldn’t give a toss over shadow Chancellor ousting speculation

18:44 [Deutsche Welle] Ukraine protesters keep up the pressure on President Yanukovych

18:44 [The Hindu - Opinion] No shortcuts for Daimler

18:45 [Raw Story] Creator of ‘The Wire’ says ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show.’

18:45 [Raw Story] Atheist group considers filing human rights complaint after billboard rejected

18:45 [Raw Story] Ken Blackwell: GOP doesn’t ‘have a problem talking to women’ because our ‘policy is right’

18:46 [Telegraph] Mandela prayers: 'We will see him again in heaven'

18:47 [AlterNet] The Bankruptcy and Privatization of Detroit Is a Terrifying Preview of What Republicans Want to Do to the Rest of the Country

18:49 [OpEdNews] Making good news out of bad: BLS 7% Jobless Rate for November is Nothing to Cheer About

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Police verified claim made in Dutt’s parole plea: official

18:51 [The Hindu - News] As religious tourism declines, Ukhimath residents face a new challenge

18:51 [Financial Times] Ukraine security services allege coup plot

18:52 [Canadian Dimension] Beyond Stop Harper

18:55 [The Hindu - News] People reject draft impact report on Sutlej hydel projects

18:56 [Voice of America] US AFGHANISTAN 1ST UPD

18:56 [Truthdig] Legalized Marijuana

18:56 [Truthdig] Mandela on Forgiveness

18:56 [Truthdig] Impeach the Pope

18:59 [The Independent] Life on Earth may have developed below rather than above ground, reveal scientists

18:59 [The Independent] Statue of Lenin torn down in Kiev amid huge pro-EU protest in Ukraine

19:01 [Guardian] Arsenal v Everton – as it happened! | Ian McCourt

19:01 [CNN: Money] New questions for Steve Jobs' surgeon

19:02 [Infoshop] Chomsky: It Is All Working Quite Well for the Rich, Powerful

19:03 [Russia Today] Obama: ‘Ideal’ Iran deal not possible, we have to be realistic

19:04 [Disinformation] Five Steps You Can Take to Democratize Your Community | Interview with Gar Alperovitz

19:09 [The Hindu - News] Congress scorched by BJP’s massive wins

19:10 [] Israel may scale back chemical warfare defenses

19:11 [Guardian] Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer: an audience with geek royalty

19:11 [Guardian] Venezuela goes to polls in crucial test for Nicolás Maduro

19:11 [Fox News: politics] SC sheriff won’t lower flag for Mandela -- though honor for foreign dignitaries not new

19:16 [Mother Jones] Curing Blindness the Cheap Way vs. the Very, Very Expensive Way /files/blog_lucentis.jpg

19:16 [Reuters] U.N. inspectors visit Iranian site linked to nuclear program

19:17 [The Hindu - News] The AAP has arrived

19:17 [The Hindu - News] Passengers can now track MMTS trains

19:19 [straight] City staff recommend rate hike after neighbourhood-energy utility posts higher-than-expected loss /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/NEU.jpg

19:21 [The Hindu - News] All set for counting in Mizoram

19:22 [Fox News] BOOTED OFF FLIGHTPearl Harbor veteran loses seat over jet fuel rule

19:23 [Slashdot] Storing Your Encrypted Passwords Offline On a Dedicated Device

19:25 [] Lapid: Deadlock with Palestinians imperils Israeli government

19:25 [] 'Whose Sarin?' Investigative Bombshell Questions Obama's Case for Syria War /sites/

19:27 [The Hindu - Opinion] Larger messages from economic data

19:27 [Reuters] Relative calm returns to Central African Republic after French troops deploy

19:27 [The Hindu - News] A mixed bag for former royals

19:27 [The Hindu - News] AAP humbles Congress, stops BJP in its tracks

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Congress rout takes even BJP by surprise in Rajasthan

19:29 [Reuters: politics] Democrats wouldn't reject U.S. budget deal over jobless aid: senator

19:30 [NPR] WATCH: U.S. Air Force Band Stages A 'Holiday Flash Mob'

19:30 [NPR] Go Ahead And Mail Your Boring Holiday Cards

19:30 [The Independent] NHS weekend failings: Report shows patients 24% more likely to die if operation is on a Friday

19:30 [] Bacevich and Chomsky on the Iran Nuclear Deal

19:31 [The Hindu - News] Complaint against hotel for its ‘unfair trade practice’

19:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Rhode Island Gun Permit Flap Puts Officials' Jobs In Jeopardy

19:33 [AL JAZEERA] Yemen's presidential advisor survives attack

19:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] We can't save every Aussie icon

19:34 [OpEdNews] The Hijacking Of Mandela's Legacy

19:35 [Guardian] New Indian party claims revolution in the air as Congress vote collapses

19:35 [The Hindu - News] BJP secures landslide victory in Rajasthan

19:36 [Voice of America] Hagel to Visit Pakistan Monday

19:38 [Reuters] Democrats wouldn't reject U.S. budget deal over jobless aid: senator

19:39 [Guardian] Ed Balls: 'I couldn't give a toss' about criticism

19:40 [Truthout] Five Reasons Cash, Not Cans, Helps the Hungry

19:40 [Global Voices] Ukranian Civil Society Calls for International Investigation of Yanukovych's Financial Activities

19:42 [The Hindu - News] Essential services Bill opposed

19:42 [The Hindu - News] Shops at malls pull a fast one on innocent customers

19:42 [The Hindu - News] Modi credits team work for win

19:44 [zero hedge] The Bitcoin Derivatives Market Has Arrived

19:44 [CNN] Nelson Mandela: Churches honor late leader's legacy

19:44 [Reuters] Ukraine protesters fell Lenin statue in challenge to Yanukovich

19:45 [Guardian] UN nuclear weapons inspectors visit Iranian plant

19:45 [Truthout] Chicago Neighborhoods Fight for $1.7B in Unused Cash

19:45 [The Independent] Colin Wilson: Author

19:45 [The Independent] Stan Tracey: Musician

19:46 [The Hindu - News] Hard going, but easy to crack

19:46 [Voice of America] French Troops Patrol CAR Capital

19:50 [The Hindu - News] Actor Manchu Manoj injured as SUV overturns

19:50 [Truthout] How Shall We Remember Nelson Mandela?

19:52 [CNN] Arsenal held to draw by Everton at Emirates

19:52 [CNN] Report: German president to boycott Olympics in Russia

19:52 [The Hindu - News] Here's an true school for thought

19:54 [Financial Times] New sanctions threaten Iran nuclear talks

19:54 [The Hindu - News] Pedestrian killed in road accident

19:54 [The Hindu - News] A day of fluctuating fortunes favours BJP at the end

19:54 [straight] Homeless in Vancouver: This mess is a dream come true /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/emily%20carr%201.jpg

19:56 [Truthout] Forces of Outrage: Best Military in the World, Really?

19:56 [The Hindu - News] No one complains about these ‘one-sided’ books

19:56 [The Hindu - News] Giants bite the dust in M.P.

19:56 [The Hindu - News] Air Force officer arrested for alleged dowry harassment

19:58 [Infoshop] The Post-GMO Economy: Farmers Are Returning to Traditional Seeds

19:58 [The Hindu - News] Chhattisgarh Congress sees sabotage from within

19:58 [The Hindu - News] The second most sought-after item at Kadlekai parishe

19:58 [The Hindu - News] ‘Only two of 695 frozen works are necessary, says report’

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Major fire at Jeedimetla ink factory

20:00 [Raw Story] Christian school suspends teacher after photo appears on ‘revenge porn’ website

20:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lisa Longo: What If

20:02 [The Hindu - News] Kejriwal will become Delhi CM one day, says Hazare

20:04 [Financial Times] Obamacare’ plans exclude top hospitals‘

20:06 [Truthout] So Iran is Britain's Enemy…

20:07 [Voice of America] Afghanistan Plans Cooperation Pact with Iran

20:07 [Guardian] Obama and Netanyahu downplay differences on Iran nuclear deal

20:07 [Telegraph] Priceless missing statuette of Tutankhamun's sister found

20:07 [Telegraph] Mandela memorial service: Cameron, Obama and Rouhani among 50 leaders to attend

20:08 [The Hindu - News] U.N. envoy for deferring Bangladesh poll date

20:08 [The Hindu - News] BU trips on scholarship for BPL students

20:08 [The Hindu - News] Congress looks to retain power in Mizoram

20:08 [The Hindu - News] No luck for cops, girl remains untraceable

20:09 [CNN: Money] Where to you put your money now

20:10 [Raw Story] Michael Eric Dyson rips Mary Matalin for ‘amnesia’ after Cheney branded Mandela a terrorist

20:10 [The Hindu - News] NOTA vote maximum in Chhattisgarh

20:11 [CNN: Money] Severe pollution hangs over Shanghai

20:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alexis Kleinman: Madoff's Scam Still Stings Ex-Clients 5 Years Later

20:11 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian forces 'kill children' near capital

20:12 [The Hindu - News] Modi had major impact only in Rajasthan

20:12 [The Hindu - News] Revenue Department steps in to restore temple land

20:14 [The Hindu - News] “People want non-BJP, non-Congress alternative”

20:15 [NPR] Debate On Wage And Wealth Gap Heats Up; Solutions Elusive

20:16 [Global Voices] What the Situation of Street Children in Port-au-Prince is Telling a Haitian Citizen

20:16 [The Hindu - News] BJP to go it alone in West Bengal

20:16 [Truthdig] Mandela’s Africa Cuff

20:16 [Truthdig] Unemployment IS Down: When Good News Really Isn’t

20:18 [The Hindu - News] We will learn from AAP’s success, says Rahul Gandhi

20:18 [The Hindu - News] A case of homes, schools and livelihoods sacrificed in the name of security

20:18 [The Hindu - News] Verdict calls for deep introspection: Sonia

20:20 [Raw Story] Nelson Mandela: How US conservatives viewed him then and now

20:20 [Financial Times] Riot spoils Singapore’s harmonious image

20:20 [The Hindu - News] Results a pointer to Modi’s growing popularity: Rajnath

20:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Chuck Hagel Offers Troops Rare Hope On Defense Budget

20:21 [Telegraph] Untrained staff are fine to teach in schools, says Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw

20:21 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela drew his final breath unaided

20:21 [Telegraph] White House fights to stop Congress imposing fresh Iran sanctions

20:21 [Telegraph] Fine wine fraudster to appear in New York court

20:22 [The Hindu - News] Pro-ILP activists unhappy with MHA official’s statement

20:23 [Financial Times] Obamacare’ plans exclude top hospitals

20:24 [straight] Veteran school trustee Allan Wong crosses the floor from COPE to Vision Vancouver /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/CNYParade-SH-2013-1958.jpg

20:24 [The Hindu - News] Police question Shoma Chaudhary

20:25 [Raw Story] U.S. Court secretly allows government to share Megaupload evidence with copyright industry

20:26 [The Hindu - News] Ex-Nepal PM objects to arrest of cadre

20:27 [Slashdot] Secret New UAS Shows Stealth, Efficiency Advances

20:28 [The Hindu - News] When a jailor mourned the prisoner

20:29 [Guardian] Football spot-fixing claims: three held

20:30 [] Egypt's new constitution: Greater freedom - subject to military approval

20:31 [The Hindu - News] I hate India being called a developing nation: Amitabh

20:34 [Deutsche Welle] Dozens of people killed in latest violence to hit Iraq

20:35 [CNET News] One woman's small nightmare with a demo iPad Air sold by AT&T

20:35 [The Hindu - Opinion] Nationalism and free press

20:35 [Guardian] Edward Snowden to give evidence to EU parliament, says MEP

20:35 [Telegraph] Hilary Mantel: I was 'avid' viewer of BBC's The Tudors while writing Wolf Hall

20:35 [Telegraph] Ukraine protests: Toppling of Lenin will be viewed in Moscow as deliberately provocative

20:35 [Telegraph] Pope Francis's life 'was saved by a nun'

20:35 [Telegraph] Archbishop of Canterbury praises Mandela's 'extraordinary' courage

20:35 [Telegraph] Lord Puttnam: Labour handed Tories 'gift' by selecting Ed Miliband over David to be leader

20:37 [Guardian] Nelson Mandela funeral preparations put authorities under pressure

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] The rout of the Congress

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Larger messages from economic data

20:41 [Guardian] Labour's new Falkirk candidate aims to 'regain people's trust'

20:42 [The Nation] Academic Freedom and the ASA's Boycott of Israel: A Response to Michelle Goldberg

20:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] The not-quite ‘semi-final’ and what it portends

20:45 [Raw Story] The ten most toxic ingredients used by fossil fuel industries

20:47 [The Hindu - Opinion] Mandela’s legacy

20:47 [The Hindu - Opinion] A shame

20:47 [Guardian] Football spot-fixing claims: six held

20:48 [The Independent] Strong gains for Hindu party in Indian elections

20:48 [The Independent] Nightclubs and markets flourish as Cuba slowly embraces capitalism

20:48 [The Independent] Syria’s moderate rebel groups launch ‘soft power’ plan to beat Islamists

20:49 [CNN] Gay waitress loses job after probe into whether customers denied tip

20:49 [The Hindu - Opinion] Winds of change

20:50 [NPR] Is Mining On The Moon's Horizon?

20:51 [The Hindu - Opinion] The Modi effect on voter behaviour

20:51 [Truthdig] Nelson Mandela Obit

20:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] Dealer accused of wine con

20:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] Morning Express: Toddler drowns in pool

20:53 [The Hindu - News] Massive protest in Kiev

20:55 [Topix Activism News] South Africans praise Mandela on national day of prayer

20:55 [OpEdNews] The 10 Percent Solution to Expensive Weddings

20:55 [Raw Story] Amazon’s drone army welcomed by civil libertarians

20:55 [Raw Story] Fox News guest tells female host to quit, get married, have babies and ‘thank men’

20:55 [Raw Story] The 7 greenest vehicles on the planet

20:55 [The Hindu - Opinion] Brilliant campaign, audacious debut

20:55 [The Hindu - Opinion] A change in national mood

20:57 [The Hindu - Opinion] Rising hostility towards the press in Ecuador

20:58 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Shale Oil Boom is More "Mirage" than "Miracle"

21:00 [OpEdNews] Facts Every American Should Know

21:00 [OpEdNews] Lessons from My South Africa Visit

21:00 [] Only shared ground on child-custody amendment: Everybody hates it

21:01 [Fox News: politics] Billy Joel, 4 others receive Kennedy Center Honors

21:01 [Fin24 News] Cashing in on the Mandela brand

21:03 [The Independent] Poor pick polygamy over love in Kazakhstan

21:04 [Disinformation] Are Differences in IQ to Blame for Income Inequality?

21:04 [Deutsche Welle] European Central Bank in search of staff

21:05 [Anarchist news] Anarcho-Nihilist Social Cannibalism statement by Sister Amazon of Gender Anarky

21:06 [Truthdig] Truthdigger of the Week: Nelson Mandela, Radical Beloved

21:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Revealed: how to save Holden

21:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Johnson stokes the fires

21:07 [Telegraph] More than half of people living in poverty have a job

21:08 [Reuters] Protesters fell Lenin statue, tell Ukraine's president 'you're next'

21:12 [straight] Canucks undermine scalpers by releasing late tickets to tonight's game against Avalanche /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Canucks%20tickets%202.png

21:12 [CNN: Money] Largest air carrier to form Monday

21:17 [Fox News] New chapter for Jake Owen

21:17 [Fox News] The iPhonekeyboard case

21:17 [Fox News] 'Frozen' topsbox office

21:17 [Fox News] Buckeyes perfect no more

21:17 [Fox News] Boyle: I have Asperger's

21:17 [Fox News] Toughest tongue twister

21:17 [Fox News] Most insane bridge ever

21:17 [Fox News] US needs Day of Listening

21:17 [Fox News] Words banned on Google

21:17 [Fox News] Pain meds you don't need?

21:17 [Fox News] Record-breaking gingerbread

21:17 [AL JAZEERA] Sudan's Bashir unveils new cabinet

21:19 [The Independent] Commons in chaos as MPs attack pay rise plan as ‘incomprehensible’

21:19 [The Independent] After days of sectarian violence, French troops bring calm to the Central African Republic

21:19 [The Hindu - News] Despite AAP’s grand showing, Delhi faces hung Assembly

21:19 [The Hindu - News] Thumping win for AIADMK in Yercaud

21:20 [Reuters: politics] Rand Paul says 'seriously thinking about' 2016 White House run

21:20 [Raw Story] ‘Flipped’ classrooms challenge the very definition of ‘homework’

21:23 [Slashdot] Climatologist James Hansen Defends Nuclear Energy

21:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eric Zuesse: United States Is Now the Most Unequal of All Advanced Economies

21:23 [The Hindu - News] Landslide for BJP in Rajasthan

21:28 [The Hindu - News] MHA’s stand on Inner Line Permit in Meghalaya, Manipur criticised

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Decision on PM candidate at opportune moment: Sonia

21:28 [The Hindu - News] BJP scores a hat-trick in M.P.

21:30 [The Hindu - News] Debutant DMDK polls 2,300 votes in Delhi

21:30 [NPR] Report Details ATF's Use Of Mentally Disabled In Gun Stings

21:30 [] Netanyahu cancels South Africa trip over high travel costs

21:32 [The Hindu - News] Ex-commando wins polls in Delhi

21:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Suchitra Vijayan: Happy Birthday, Professor Chomsky

21:35 [Raw Story] ‘March of a Million’ protestors pull down Lenin statues in Kiev

21:36 [The Hindu - News] Cold wave continues in Himachal

21:36 [Reuters] Car bomb attacks across Iraq kill at least 39

21:36 [Global Voices] Syria's Desolate Winter Just Got $100,347 Times Warmer

21:37 [CNN] Paul Walker fans in fast cars, on foot meet at crash site in his honor

21:38 [CNN: Money] Largest airline to form Monday

21:38 [The Hindu - News] BSF puts in place anti-sniping measures along Pakistan border

21:40 [The Hindu - News] Lack of facilities forces Ayyappa devotees to cook on the roadside

21:40 [The Hindu - News] Opposition in Maharashtra calls for extension of winter session

21:40 [Raw Story] Were Pinochet’s own soldiers also victims of Chile’s ‘Dirty War’?

21:41 [Truthdig] Winners and Losers of the November Jobs Report

21:42 [The Hindu - News] Pranab to lead team at Mandela’s memorial service

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Return to work or quit, AI tells employees on sabbatical

21:48 [The Hindu - News] ‘All women station’ concept arrests US cop’s attention

21:54 [The Hindu - News] We do not dread these election results: Moily

21:58 [Reuters] France to start disarming Central African Republic fighters on Monday

21:59 [zero hedge] The 1% Also Don't Pay Their Bills: 10 Ultra Luxury Properties In Foreclosure

22:00 [The Hindu - News] People will vote BJP to power in 2014: Sadananda Gowda

22:05 [The Independent] Police rescue three male ‘slaves’ from traveller sites

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Bandipur tiger’s scat to be sent for testing

22:08 [Telegraph] Damien Hirst submits plans to build entire town in Devon

22:08 [Telegraph] Record number of Swinging Sixties generation hospitalised for drug taking

22:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Fernando Espuelas: Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart Becomes an Immigration Fabulist

22:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joe Conason: Why Republicans Can't Address Rising Inequality

22:11 [Truthdig] Ukrainians Topple Lenin Statue in Protest

22:14 [The Hindu - News] Suggestion boxes at Sabarimala

22:15 [CBC: politics] Independent MP Bruce Hyer hints at joining Green Party

22:15 [Voice of America] Michael Bowman: Washington Week: Focus on Budget Deadline

22:20 [Deutsche Welle] Netanyahu calls on powers to demand change to Iran's 'genocidal' policy

22:21 [The Independent] The death of Nelson Mandela: ‘The politicians live in their palaces; the rest of us do not see any of this wealth’

22:21 [The Independent] The death of Nelson Mandela: In churches, mosques, synagogues and halls, they came to pray for Madiba

22:21 [CNN] Jesse Owens' gold medal auctioned for nearly $1.5 million, sets record

22:25 [Sydney Morning Herald] MP, his nephew and $70k vouchers

22:25 [Sydney Morning Herald] Toddler drowns in country NSW pool

22:26 [Slashdot] New Superconductor Theory May Revolutionize Electrical Engineering

22:27 [The Atlantic: Technology] Why Are Upworthy Headlines Suddenly Everywhere?

22:27 [Moral Low Ground] Report: Launch Codes for US Nukes Was ’00000000′ for 20 Years

22:27 [Fox News: politics] Hagel tells troops in Afghanistan budget deal could ease cuts to military

22:29 [Voice of America] French Troops Patrol CAR Capital

22:30 [Raw Story] Mirrors in Giant Magellan Telescope ready to capture light from dawn of universe

22:37 [The Independent] Nelson Mandela was no terrorist, says Justin Welby

22:37 [The Independent] Icon or terrorist: Nelson Mandela’s complex bond with Britain

22:39 [Telegraph] Fifa in sexism row over World Cup draw

22:39 [The Hindu - News] Ecology trumps economics in Attappady

22:40 [CNN] Appeals court hearings now going live and online

22:41 [The Hindu - News] Mild tremors felt in Kozhikode, Malappuram

22:43 [The Hindu - News] 2 killed in factory blast in Nalgonda district

22:43 [AlterNet] Must See: Jon Stewart Blasts Arguments Against Raising the Minimum Wage

22:47 [The Hindu - News] Results confirm Modi’s influence: Venkaiah

22:48 [Reuters] North Korea says uncle of leader Kim Jong Un dismissed

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Anti-Congress winds blowing across the country: Naidu

22:55 [NPR] Lawmaker Says Snowden May Testify Before EU Parliament

22:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I was already there and didn't know'

22:56 [straight] Live Beatles LP sparks memories of first vinyl purchase /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/beatles_at_the_bbc.jpg.size_.xxlarge.letterbox.jpg

23:00 [Deutsche Welle] Jesse Owens gold medal from Berlin 1936 Olympics sold at auction

23:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nancy Altman: Stealing From Federal Civil Servants: You May be Next

23:04 [Disinformation] Banks brace for €1.7bn EU fines over Libor

23:05 [Raw Story] London medical school makes library of ancient bones digitally available for study

23:11 [Telegraph] Mediterranean diet key to dementia battle, PM told

23:11 [Telegraph] Singapore foreign worker riot triggered by bus accident

23:12 [Guardian] Fans seriously injured after violence halts Brazilian league match

23:13 [zero hedge] Japan Press: "China-Japan War To Break Out In January"

23:21 [] Turkish students detained at Auschwitz for alleged Nazi salute

23:21 [Reuters] North Korea says Kim's uncle dismissed for 'criminal acts'

23:23 [The Independent] Gurdwaras-turned-food banks: Sikh temples are catering for rise in Britain’s hungry

23:23 [The Independent] Prince Andrew: ‘We must give young people confidence in the workplace’

23:27 [Telegraph] GPs under pressure not to refer patients to specialists, doctors warn

23:27 [Telegraph] Ed Balls, shadow chancellor turned pianist, in concert

23:27 [Telegraph] BBC show dropped feature on heritage awards 'for being English only'

23:27 [Slashdot] Scientists Uncover 3,700-Year-Old Wine Cellar

23:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michelangelo Signorile: Nelson Mandela's Impact On Gay Rights Discussed By South African Journalist Mark Gevisser

23:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Whose Sarin?: London Review Of Books

23:35 [Guardian] Middle-aged drink and drug abusers put strain on NHS

23:39 [The Independent] First social supermarket opens selling ‘surplus’ food – and advice

23:39 [CNN: Money] Where do you put your money now

23:39 [CNN: Money] 'Volcker rule' finally at finish line

23:40 [NPR] Don't You Dare Call Me A Hipster! I, Sir, Am A 'Hep Cat'

23:41 [CNN: Money] Sneak preview: 10 new car models for 2015

23:44 [CNN] CNN Student News - December 9, 2013

23:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: Fortune 500 Firms Expand Gay Rights Support After DOMA Decision

23:51 [Fox News] 'NOT AGAINST' TECH Anti-drone warrior Paul has no beef with Amazon plan /i/redes/icon-video.gif

23:54 [The Independent] Coalition is ‘totally ignoring’ disabled on transport issues

23:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Munir Moon: Time for a Holiday That Brings Full Employment

23:57 [Moral Low Ground] Armed F-18 Escort for NORAD’s Santa Tracker Alarms Child Advocates

23:57 [Telegraph] North Korea says Kim Jong-un's uncle was 'dismissed for criminal acts'

23:58 [CNN] Brazil: Police fire tear gas as fighting erupts in football stands

23:58 [Voice of America] VOA News: French Troops Patrol CAR Capital

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