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00:00 [Big Think] Hello Health: First Aid for Doctors

00:01 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: How Long Should Devs Support Software Written For Clients?

00:02 [AL JAZEERA] Reports of many deaths in Syrian village

00:04 [Slate Magazine] Is It Hard to Kill a Drone?

00:04 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] RIO+20: Earth Summit Negotiated the Size of the Zero

00:07 [BuzzFlash] Farmworkers Face Rape and Sexual Abuse Epidemic in the Fields

00:07 [] At least 78 killed in Syria's Hama province; activists say

00:10 [Guardian] Act fast or break euro, Spain tells EU

00:13 [straight] Seven Emily Carr paintings on exhibit at prestigious international exhibition dOCUMENTA

00:13 [Global Voices] India: Less Trees Prompt A Boiling Urban Summer

00:18 [ZDNET] What does Windows Azure Web Sites bring to Microsoft's cloud?

00:21 [OpEdNews] Do Republicans Lie More Than Democrats? Here's What's Circulating...

00:21 [Telegraph] David Cameron 'must seize the opportunity of eurozone crisis'

00:26 [CNET News] What IPv6 means for you (FAQ)

00:28 [AL JAZEERA] Reports of many deaths in Syrian village

00:29 [CNET News] Here's what Batman: Arkham City on Wii U plays like

00:30 [Big Think] Glad Governor Walker Remains Governor Walker

00:34 [CNET News] New Google Maps kicks iPhone vs Android battle up a notch

00:38 [The Onion] Both Shawn Johnson, Houston Astros Confused Why Gymnast Signed One-Day Contract In Order To Retire An Astro

00:44 [Slashdot] Microsoft To Run Linux On Azure

00:45 [Fox News] Facebook Warns Users Of Internet Outage Threat

00:46 [CNET News] LinkedIn updates apps in response to privacy concerns

00:47 [Reuters: politics] Romney, Obama worlds apart on meaning of Wisconsin results

00:51 [Telegraph] Hosepipe ban to be lifted for millions

00:52 [Guardian] Spain calls for new tax pact to save euro

00:54 [CNET News] Nasdaq: We 'owe the industry an apology' for Facebook flubs

00:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kerry Kennedy: Day of Affirmation: "Ripple of Hope"

01:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] Google's secret weapon

01:01 [CNET News] Xbox Video headed to Windows Phone, Microsoft hints

01:04 [CNN: Technology] Google to offer 3-D, offline maps

01:05 [Amnesty International] UN Security Council: Urgent action needed to end Sudan’s humanitarian disaster

01:05 [CNN] Twitter's bird logo gets a makeover

01:06 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Is the Table Set For A Mania In Precious Metals?

01:09 [The Onion] TV Listings: The Bachelor's

01:09 [msnbc] Mass. teen gets prison for texting while driving

01:10 [Raw Story] Estonian president blasts Krugman over GDP graph

01:11 [Disinformation] Nearly Half Of Americans Believe in Creationism

01:13 [Moral Low Ground] ‘Zombie Apocalypse’: Lowpel Davis, Crazed Connecticut Wig Thief, Bites Store Owner and Cops

01:13 [straight] Photo of the Day: Cook Takes a Break 3 of 4

01:15 [Raw Story] Me and you and Ray Bradbury

01:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Harvey Rosenfield: How Retired Justice David Souter Can Save the U.S. Supreme Court

01:19 [The Independent] i Editor's Letter: Back to 'normal' news

01:20 [CNN] Underdog L.A. Kings on brink of first Stanley Cup in 44-year history

01:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Human Activity and Climate Change Threaten Tourism in Jamaica

01:23 [Telegraph] At least 78 'massacred' in Syria's Hama province

01:25 [BBC: Technology] LinkedIn passwords leaked on web

01:29 [Slashdot] FBI Used FedEx To Sneak Dotcom's Hard Drives Out of NZ

01:30 [Raw Story] Pawlenty: Obama’s drone strikes ‘don’t go far enough’

01:30 [Utne] How Not to Be Depressed After the Wisconsin Recall

01:32 [CNET News] What Airtime needs: A wish list

01:39 [The Onion] Corrections: Idi Amin

01:45 [Fox News] Panetta: Drone Strikes Will Continue

01:49 [Slashdot] An Asian Origin For Human Ancestors?

01:54 [Slate Magazine] Bill in a China Shop

01:55 [Big Think] Labor Unions and Liberty

01:55 [Raw Story] Rep. Barney Frank: Wisconsin recall was ‘a big mistake’

01:55 [Fox News: politics] Latest House GOP spending cuts mixed in with some increases

01:55 [CNET News] Microsoft-Motorola patent-infringement case to go to trial

01:58 [CNN] 45 indicted in Puerto Rico trafficking investigation

01:59 [CNET News] Managing problems with Apple's MacBook power adapters

02:01 [CNN] Massachusetts teen on trial, accused of texting before fatal crash

02:01 [The Atlantic: Politics] Romney's Odd Reference to Hitler

02:03 [] As Knesset defeats bill to legalize outposts, PM promises construction of 851 new West Bank homes

02:05 [CNET News] Psst! Intel will make ARM chips

02:06 [zero hedge] Fed Vice Chair Yellen Says Scope Remains For Further Policy Accommodation Through Additional Balance Sheet Action

02:08 [Topix Activism News] Syrian activists report wave of violence in Hama

02:09 [CNN] Police search New Jersey home of man accused in Etan Patz death

02:13 [Slashdot] US Labor Board: It's OK To Discuss Work and Pay with Coworkers On Social Sites

02:14 [straight] Vancouver park board vice-chair Aaron Jasper seeking “equitable distribution” of city's off-leash dog areas

02:23 [CNET News] Why Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S III has a dual-core processor (and why you shouldn't care)

02:26 [OpEdNews] Romney Quietly Hires Consulting Firm With Sordid History Of Destroying Democratic Voter Registration Forms

02:31 [CNET News] Improving driver safety with tech (Roadside Assistance)

02:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Howard Schweber: A Little Electoral Math

02:34 [Global Voices] China: Tiananmen Political Prisoner Li Wangyang Found Dead

02:36 [Sydney Morning Herald] Royal order of the boot

02:37 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Attacking Iran Likely Counter-Productive, Think Tank Warns

02:38 [CNN] Many Sandusky jurors have ties to Penn State

02:39 [Global Voices] New eBook of Games for Kids from Around the World

02:43 [Raw Story] Anti-porn group declares victory in Groupon boycott

02:53 [Raw Story] McCain leads lawmaker fury over classified data leaks

03:03 [CNN] Tour bus wrecks in Kentucky; dozens sent to hospital

03:05 [zero hedge] Guess Who Was Buying At The Bottom

03:10 [Deutsche Welle] Italian police detain suspect in school bomb attack,,16005807,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

03:11 [CNET News] eHarmony passwords also compromised

03:11 [OpEdNews] Colin Powell: Another War Criminal Cashes In

03:15 [CNN] Vacuum cleaner blamed for fire on nuclear submarine

03:20 [CBC: politics] MP Del Mastro not told of Elections Canada investigation

03:20 [CNN] Civil rights groups urge immigrants to use hot line

03:23 [Raw Story] 83-year-old woman wins case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act

03:27 [BBC: Technology] Google shows new maps technology

03:33 [CNN] Activists report new Syria massacre on eve of U.N. meetings

03:38 [] Violence continues in Syria amid mounting international pressure

03:39 [Truthdig] Ray Bradbury Loved Dinosaurs

03:40 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'You'll get another wife'

03:41 [ZDNET] Cloudant brings NoSQL to Microsoft's cloud

03:42 [CNET News] Airtime curtails privacy for the sake of safety

03:48 [zero hedge] David Takes On The Porn-Addicted Goliath: Egan-Jones Countersues The SEC

03:48 [CNET News] Five lessons from E3 2012

03:49 [CNN] Police: Brazilian woman kills, dismembers husband

03:54 [CNN] Prosecutors: Soldier lied about Purple Hearts, military combat

04:00 [Global Voices] Jailed Iranian Blogger Begins Dry Hunger Strike

04:06 [Slashdot] Online Courses and the $100 Graduate Degree

04:09 [Reuters] Yellen argues for more Fed easing amid Europe risk

04:11 [CNET News] Import bans over patents cause 'substantial harm,' FTC says

04:14 [Fox News] Syria Kills Women, Children in Attack

04:17 [AL JAZEERA] Reports of 'massacre' in Syrian village

04:18 [CNN] Deadbeat art buyers rise in China

04:29 [New York Times: politics] Democrats Get Line of Attack in Europe’s Woes

04:30 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lanka deports two Channel 4 employees

04:36 [The Hindu - News] Latin American nations form Pacific Alliance

04:36 [AntiWar] Iraqi PM Ends Sunni-Shi’ite Property Transfers To Stave Off New Violence

04:38 [CNN] China investment in Europe triples

04:43 [CNN] Book details Mel Gibson rants

04:50 [CNET News] Reading the Windows 8 tea leaves

04:53 [Raw Story] NATO air strike kills 18 civilians at Afghanistan wedding

05:06 [The Hindu - News] SI convicted in corruption case dies

05:08 [CNET News] Pirate Bay cordially accepts RIAA's quest for censorship

05:12 [The Hindu - News] Zoo visitors to see other two cheetahs soon

05:13 [CNN] Russian base jumper's world record claims shattered

05:14 [Slashdot] New Analysis Shows Dinosaurs Not As Heavy As Previously Believed.

05:14 [BBC: Health] CT scans 'can raise cancer risk'

05:20 [Fox News: politics] US offers millions in bounty for top members of Al Qaeda-linked group in Somali

05:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Drones Fire Both Ways

05:27 [The Atlantic: International] China Soft-Power Watch: Looking on the Bright Side

05:36 [zero hedge] Guest Post: God Don't Save The Queen

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Fresh shot at cracking double murder case

05:48 [Anarchist news] Update on the Movement of Freaks in New York City #4: The Real is on the Rise

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Minor fire at Finance Ministry office

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Be courageous to fight cancer, say survivors

05:57 [OpEdNews] As Language Goes

05:58 [AntiWar] Where Is the Outrage?

06:00 [CNN] Mideast women beat men in education, lose out at work

06:01 [CNET News] Microsoft seems to be excluding HTC from Windows

06:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Why Avis quit $250,000 job

06:03 [The Hindu - News] Naval war room leak: CBI conducts searches

06:06 [msnbc] Bernanke has few options as economy slows

06:06 [CNET News] Foursquare checks in with a slick new UI

06:06 [zero hedge] China's Auto Dealers' "Backs Are Broken" As 'Channel-Stuffing' Gets "Dangerous"

06:07 [The Hindu - News] Make no bones about it: it was indeed a creepy find

06:10 [Deutsche Welle] Chancellor Merkel visits German football squad,,16005841,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

06:11 [The Hindu - News] 4-year-old killed for 1.5 gm gold earrings

06:17 [Topix Activism News] PETA Porn Can Kill Your Boner

06:18 [Big Think] Creativity in the Cloud: From the Big Bang to Twitter

06:23 [Raw Story] U.S. won’t stop tweeting China air quality readings

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Osmania University registers 7 per cent drop in degree results

06:27 [Slashdot] EU "Clean IT" Project Considers Terrorist Content Database

06:30 [Reuters] Analysis: Romney, Obama see little benefit in euro zone talk

06:40 [ZDNET] Checking for password duplication in Keychain Access and 1Password

06:43 [The Hindu - News] L&T metro rail schedule on track

06:44 [Fox News: politics] F-16 intercepts small plane in Obama's air space over Los Angeles

06:49 [BBC: Also in the news] Tsunami dock washed up in Oregon

06:51 [msnbc] Panetta in Afghanistan for talks amid rising violence

06:56 [CNET News] Wireless tooth tattoo can detect bad bacteria

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Rainy days not so far away

06:58 [Guardian] Syria accused of massacring 100

07:00 [ZDNET] Time to feed the MacBook Pro more memory?

07:03 [The Hindu - News] Transit of Venus thrills astronomy enthusiasts

07:07 [Reuters] Insight: Can Occupy Wall Street survive?

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Maa Thota scheme a hit among tribal farmers

07:14 [The Hindu - News] Keeping heart healthy through EECP

07:14 [] Fair Trade Fashion Highlights Tampa Human Rig

07:24 [The Hindu - News] Du – third day madness

07:26 [CNN] L.A. Kings lose to Devils, must wait for first Stanley Cup

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Heat wave hits poultry industry

07:34 [The Hindu - News] Heat wave impacts arrivals at Rythu Bazars

07:35 [Telegraph] GP surgeries to be ranked out of 10

07:35 [Deutsche Welle] 'The EU is only as strong as it's member states allow it to be',,16005792,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

07:36 [The Hindu - News] Utilities asked to ensure uninterrupted power at night

07:37 [OpEdNews] Where is Eric Holder?

07:38 [The Hindu - News] Mahantesh murder mystery solved, four arrested

07:40 [CNET News] Facebook rolls out 'low-friction' mobile payments system

07:42 [OpEdNews] Can We Get Along Without Authorities?

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Volunteers step in to help disabled candidates

07:45 [CNN] Hot air balloon hits power lines just after bride-to-be accepts proposal

07:47 [OpEdNews] Embattled Idaho School Superintendent may lose his job

07:48 [The Hindu - News] India backs greater SCO role in Afghanistan

07:51 [Telegraph] Japanese dock torn off in tsunami floats to beach in Oregon

07:52 [Fin24 News] PetroSA applies for Nigerian oil

07:56 [zero hedge] News That Matters

07:58 [The Hindu - News] In intense heat, revenue dries up for autorickshaw drivers

07:59 [] Central Asia: Western Border Aid Has Little Positive Impact -- Report

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court dismisses Nupur Talwar’s pleas

08:08 [The Hindu - News] Presidential polls: DMK leaders meet PM

08:09 [Truthdig] Joystick

08:15 [Deutsche Welle] EU banks bailout part II,,16005831,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:16 [CNN] Dismembered man's family goes to Montreal, suspect still in Berlin

08:18 [The Hindu - News] Students of State schools can breathe easy

08:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] China's exams from hell

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Finding a way out of the mess

08:23 [Telegraph] CT scans 'triple childhood cancer risk'

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Andhra van carrying currency notes meets with accident

08:32 [The Hindu - News] End of the road for mentally ill?

08:39 [Pravda] Democracy in the hands of idiots

08:42 [Fox News: politics] Obama's run of celebrity-packed fundraisers continues on West Coast

08:48 [Spiegel] Interview with Greek Writer Nikos Dimou: 'We Like to Live Beyond Our Means'

08:51 [The Independent] Network Rail debt rises to £27bn

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Young & old turn up for Venus trail

08:54 [CNN] Belmont workers' strike averted leading up to third Triple Crown race

08:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] D'Arcy and Monk's bad shot

08:55 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Lusting for positive news

08:55 [Deutsche Welle] Tensions rise between Iran and Azerbaijan,,16006008,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:59 [The Hindu - News] Kazmi opposes court order granting 90 days more to complete probe

09:03 [The Hindu - News] High Court declines to dismiss petition against Chidambaram

09:04 [Guardian] Girlfriend defends Miami attacker accused of eating homeless man's face

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Police launch drive against tinted glasses in vehicles

09:10 [Telegraph] Lindsay Lohan channels Elizabeth Taylor in new biopic

09:10 [Slashdot] Dept. of Homeland Security To Build Better Cyber Workforce

09:13 [OpEdNews] Remembering Bob Chapman

09:13 [The Hindu - News] BJP will win all six seats: Ashok

09:19 [The Hindu - News] They survive against all odds

09:23 [The Hindu - News] Absence of service lane worries motorists

09:25 [] Uzbekistan’s Karimova Hypes Link to Bill Clinton

09:29 [The Hindu - News] Overloaded autos put children in huge risk

09:30 [] Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

09:37 [Global Voices] Armenia: U.S. Honors Human Rights Advocates

09:39 [The Hindu - News] One-way and no-parking zones in city revised

09:40 [Telegraph] Leon Panetta checks progress of war as he arrives in Afghanistan

09:41 [msnbc] Activists: Women, kids slain in new Syria massacre

09:43 [The Hindu - News] Venus pulls people out of their beds

09:45 [CNN] Investing in China just grew murkier

09:49 [The Hindu - News] B.Com. tops students' choice

09:53 [CNN] Drug raid targets baggage handlers, airline workers in Puerto Rico

09:53 [The Hindu - News] Employees of BPO firm allege ill-treatment

09:54 [The Independent] David Cameron praises UK-Norway energy link-up

09:54 [Pravda] Common diseases of Generation Digital

09:56 [Telegraph] Syria: David Cameron condemns 'brutal and sickening' killing of civilians

09:57 [BBC: Also in the news] Tsunami dock washes up in Oregon

09:59 [The Hindu - News] Coimbatore LPA proposes expansion of area under it

10:03 [The Hindu - News] ACB arrests 20 more people

10:09 [The Independent] 70mph winds set to batter Britain

10:09 [Fox News] $33M Bounty for Top Terror Leaders

10:09 [The Hindu - News] MSMEs likely to garner Rs. 20,000 cr. at Global Investors Meet 2012

10:10 [Pravda] Al-Assad addresses the new Syrian Parliament

10:11 [] Remembering Bob Chapman

10:12 [Slashdot] A Day In the Life of a "Booth Babe"

10:13 [Global Voices] Azerbaijan: Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator Withdrawn

10:13 [The Hindu - News] Top priority for tourism sector in TN: Minister

10:14 [Fin24 News] JSE tech stocks shine

10:14 [CNN] Euro 2012: 'A complicated adventure'

10:16 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel urges ceding more power to Europe,,16006106,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:17 [CNN] Karzai condemns NATO airstrike; Panetta arrives in Kabul

10:19 [Truthdig] Drowning

10:23 [OpEdNews] On Keeping The People Divided, Distracted, And Controlled

10:24 [CNN] Fighter jet intercepts plane near Los Angeles during Obama visit

10:25 [ZDNET] Microsoft's headache: Will Windows 8 be another Vista?

10:25 [The Independent] House prices show slight increase

10:26 [Deutsche Welle] German police raid biker gangs,,16006061,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:28 [OpEdNews] We Are Dehumanizing Society

10:29 [New Statesman] Syria: up to 100 dead in "new massacre"

10:30 [The Hindu - News] Autorickshaws sans permit seized

10:31 [CNN] U.N. meets to discuss Syria amid reports of new massacre

10:32 [Topix Activism News] Insight: Can Occupy Wall Street survive?

10:36 [CNN] Anger, suspicion over Chinese activist's 'suicide'

10:41 [The Independent] George Osborne 'optimistic' over Spain

10:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Scheer: Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin

10:42 [Telegraph] Guest on Royal Barge at Diamond Jubilee pageant 'was sex offender'

10:49 [Truthdig] Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin

10:49 [] Israeli soldiers use Palestinians to train army dogs, activist says

10:52 [CNN] Spain in eurozone crisis cross-hairs

10:56 [Deutsche Welle] Samsung, Apple patent war heats up over Galaxy S3,,16006132,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:56 [The Independent] Army faces merger of whole units, says Philip Hammond

10:58 [Telegraph] Marie Helvin: Jerry Hall and I 'drifted apart over children'

11:00 [The Hindu - News] CBI grills AP Minister in Jagan's illegal assets case

11:00 [Fin24 News] ConCourt ruling favours debt defaulters

11:10 [Russia Today] Oklahoma first to reach NBA finals

11:11 [Pravda] ALBA countries reject resolution against Syria

11:11 [Fox News] US Near Patience Limit With Pakistan

11:12 [The Independent] Anthony Bourdain & Nigella Lawson: A delicious duo or an over-ripe pair?

11:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lincoln Mitchell: The Bad News for Labor from Wisconsin

11:13 [CNET News] Hands-on with Madden 13 at E3: suddenly relevant again

11:14 [Telegraph] Winter storm to batter Britain with strong winds and torrential rain

11:19 [Slashdot] "Oil Strider" Device Mimics Water Strider Insects

11:20 [Russia Today] S. Africa ‘secrecy bill’ puts continent’s press freedom at risk

11:20 [The Hindu - News] A science lesson of astronomical proportions at early morning

11:21 [Deutsche Welle] 'The EU is only as strong as its member states allow it to be',,16005792,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:22 [ZDNET] HTC 'cut out' of the Windows RT loop: report

11:23 [New Internationalist] Diego Garcia's shameful history continues

11:24 [New Statesman] Video: Golden Dawn spokesman attacks left-wing politicians on live TV

11:24 [CNN] Factory workers riot at Foxconn China plant

11:26 [Pravda] Arab League: Violation of Universal Rights

11:28 [Global Voices] Cameroon: Electric Dreams for Development by 2035

11:30 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: live

11:30 [The Hindu - News] Chidambaram should go: Jayalalithaa

11:34 [The Hindu - News] Biometric identification of slum dwellers resumes

11:41 [Deutsche Welle] Panetta visits Afghanistan to take stock of progress,,16006121,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:43 [The Independent] Rail ticket system causes confusion, survey reveals

11:44 [The Hindu - News] Residents complain of inadequate piped water supply

11:45 [Financial Times] Scores die in new Syria massacre

11:51 [The Hindu - News] HC ultimatum on encroachments

11:52 [ZDNET] Samsung to fight Apple's border block of Galaxy S III sales

11:52 [CNN] British monarchy's long-lasting love affair with the sea

11:53 [Fin24 News] Business confidence hits 10-year low

11:57 [The Hindu - News] Rescued refugees sent back to camps

11:57 [CNN] Daimler gears up in Hungary

12:00 [Russia Today] All fit and healthy in Russia’s team day ahead of Euro 2012 opener

12:00 [CNN] Israel to build housing in West Bank

12:00 [Telegraph] The Apprentice 2012: A recruiter's verdict on the winner

12:01 [The Hindu - News] Relentless heat has city on its knees

12:02 [ZDNET] Revel Systems POS system turns iPad into cash register

12:02 [Good] Make Your Own Meals: Use a Family Recipe #30DaysofGOOD

12:04 [New Statesman] Miliband tackles the English question

12:05 [The Hindu - News] Water treatment plant in Red Hills to get a new lease of life

12:06 [zero hedge] The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System

12:10 [ZDNET] With 3D maps, Google looks to 'magic' to fend off Apple

12:15 [Slate Magazine] An Eccentric Doctor in a Strange Place

12:15 [The Independent] Continued Central line disruption fuels Olympic fears

12:16 [Telegraph] LinkedIn hacker 'also stole 1.5m passwords from dating site eHarmony'

12:19 [Spiegel] The World from Berlin: Putin Restricts Protests with 'Scandalous' New Law

12:19 [straight] Good weather means great summer style

12:20 [ZDNET] Microchip clears U.S. antitrust hurdle to acquire Standard Microsystems

12:24 [New Statesman] In this week's New Statesman: The A-Z of Iran

12:25 [Russia Today] Moscow bans gay pride for century ahead

12:26 [BBC: Entertainment] Obama leads Ray Bradbury tributes

12:28 [Global Voices] Saudi Arabia: “Release Our Detainees or Put Them on Trial!”

12:30 [] Sara Netanyahu in interview to German daily: Bibi is my best friend

12:31 [Mother Jones] See How Quickly "Stand Your Ground" Spread Nationwide

12:31 [The Hindu - News] China offers $10 billion loan to SCO members

12:33 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 7 June 2012

12:35 [The Hindu - News] Divine notes

12:36 [Amnesty International] Libyan surgeon accused of neglect faces spurious charges

12:37 [ZDNET] Google hit with cloud patent claim over Docs, Drive

12:45 [The Hindu - News] Polished and poised

12:45 [The Independent] Spectator fined over Stephen Lawrence piece

12:46 [CNN] Russia, China and partners call for non-intervention in Syria, Iran


12:50 [CNN] Flyers stung by charges for window and aisle seats

12:51 [Deutsche Welle] Spanish bond auction reaps more cash for higher interests,,16006373,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:51 [The Hindu - News] Short takes on life

12:51 [CNN] Can jumping spiders kill in space? Student's experiment set for orbit

12:53 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Youth Reaffirm Indigenous Identity

12:53 [Global Voices] US: Walters Art Museum Collection Online

12:55 [] Gaza power station shuts down after Sinai militants attack fuel convoy

12:55 [Reuters] Exclusive: Chesapeake documents detail how CEO fuses personal, corporate interests

12:55 [CNN] Should Cambodian 'blood antiquities' be returned?

12:59 [Fox News: politics] Bernanke likely to be pressed on health of economy

12:59 [Spiegel] Castle in the Sky: German Authorities Demolish Beekeeper's Dream

13:01 [ZDNET] LinkedIn's security issue reveals obvious: Passwords, users always a weak link

13:01 [The Independent] Spectator magazine fined over Stephen Lawrence article

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan CJ recuses himself from son’s case

13:04 [CNET News] Microsoft aims for the jugular with Xbox ecosystem

13:05 [Slate Magazine] My Narcissism Wears Spanx

13:06 [zero hedge] China Joins Global Easing Party By Cutting The Lending And Deposit Rates By 25 bps

13:06 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: The untold story of higher education for Palestinian students

13:09 [Raw Story] Consumerism poses threat to vulnerable species

13:10 [CNN] Dad walks 525 miles after son's suicide

13:11 [BBC: Technology] Scams hit worried LinkedIn users

13:11 [Spiegel] Europe's Football Party

13:11 [ZDNET] Possible iPhone 5 chassis appears on video

13:12 [Pravda] Happy Birthday Muammar Gaddafi!

13:15 [Le Monde diplomatique] The day Burma began to change

13:15 [Russia Today] ­Arriving in style: Russian billionaire's new ‘toys’ worth over $600mln (PHOTOS)

13:17 [The Independent] Spain enjoys successful bond sale after tough week

13:18 [CNN] Brazil competes with China, India to invest in Africa

13:19 [Raw Story] Huge Japan tsunami dock washes up on U.S. beach

13:20 [] Clinton: U.S. willing to work with Russia on orderly Assad ouster

13:24 [Raw Story] World’s city dwellers face ‘garbage crisis’

13:26 [CNN] Panetta: U.S. running out of patience with Pakistan on militant havens

13:26 [The Hindu - News] BJP wants Chidambaram sacked

13:27 [Middle East Monitor] Oraib Rantawi: Fatah and Hamas reconciliation still misses the main issues in the national struggle

13:29 [Raw Story] Poland to use testicle-biting dogs, sonic cannons for riot control at 2012 Euro Cup

13:32 [The Hindu - News] Govt. sets up Metro Advisory Board

13:33 [The Independent] Angela Merkel douses summit hopes

13:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Creamer: Republicans Attempt to Actively Sabotage U.S. Economy to Win Fall Election

13:33 [Telegraph] Queen's Diamond Jubilee beats Royal Wedding for tweets

13:35 [Russia Today] Those behind Hama ‘barbaric violence’ must be severely punished - Moscow

13:36 [The Hindu - News] Waiting to exhale

13:37 [The Atlantic: Technology] Picture of the Day: Where the World Has Traveled in 2012, According to Facebook

13:39 [Big Think] First Complete E-Wallet Comes to the iPhone

13:39 [Spiegel] Online Rebellion: Dealer Tries to Liberate Art from the Elite

13:40 [Fin24 News] Mulder: Land reform debate needed

13:40 [ZDNET] Updated 'Do Not Track' draft say IE 10's default setting breaks rules

13:42 [CNN] Could austerity be the right cure for Europe's hangover?

13:44 [Global Voices] Foreigners In China

13:45 [Russia Today] Russia supports Iran's right to civil nuclear energy – Putin

13:46 [CNN] A step backward for fair pay

13:46 [Deutsche Welle] FMG and the law in Germany,,16006333,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:49 [Raw Story] Samsung vows U.S. launch of S III despite Apple suit

13:49 [Spiegel] Step by Step: Merkel Lowers Expectations for Quick Euro Fix

13:50 [CNN] Spain in eurozone crisis crosshairs

13:50 [The Hindu - News] A tale of our times

13:51 [Deutsche Welle] China, Russia reject military intervention in Syria conflict,,16006632,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:53 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: June 7

13:54 [CNN] Why not let kids have Facebook pages?

13:54 [ZDNET] PC makers could earn money from Microsoft by recommending Windows 8 apps


13:57 [Disinformation] Tax Protester Tom Cryer: Gone But Not Forgotten

13:59 [Global Voices] Hong Kong: Brianwashing Education

14:00 [] Is Occupy Wall Street Dead?

14:02 [Slashdot] Oracle's Ellison Vows "Most Comprehensive Cloud On Earth"

14:04 [OpEdNews] Helping To Soothe Your Post-Wisconsin Hangover

14:04 [The Independent] Driving test examiners to strike

14:04 [Electronic Intifada] "Every third child in Gaza stunted by hunger": interview with renowned doctor Mads Gilbert

14:05 [Telegraph] Saudi head of religious police criticises agents for handling of 'nail polish' row

14:06 [ZDNET] Citrix buys Bytemobile, eyes mobile operators

14:06 [zero hedge] Overnight Sentiment: The People Demand A Bailout #POMOList

14:07 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Ahead of Rio+20, "The Economy is Already Turning Green"

14:08 [CNN] Denied divorce, some same-sex couples 'wed-locked'

14:09 [Spiegel] Surfing for Details: German Agency to Mine Facebook to Assess Creditworthiness

14:12 [ZDNET] Enjoy your HTC One content on the big screen with the Media Link HD (review)

14:15 [msnbc: politics] Few options left for Obama on economy

14:19 [OpEdNews] The drug days of summer horse racing

14:19 [Raw Story] Asian markets lifted by U.S. and Europe stimulus hopes

14:20 [The Independent] Clinton tells Syria's Assad to quit

14:21 [Telegraph] Legionnaires' disease: we still don't know the source as case number rises to 51

14:22 [zero hedge] Silver Surged 3% - ECB At 1%, Dovish Fed Comments and 'Helicopter Ben' Testimony

14:24 [OpEdNews] Pre-election rigging in Pakistan: Zardari regime's plan to damage independent judiciary unveiled

14:24 [CNET News] Samsung appoints Kwon Oh-hyun new CEO, reports say

14:25 [New Statesman] Green investments can overcome the paradox of thrift

14:27 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: Human rights groups call for immediate transfer of hunger strikers to civilian hospitals

14:31 [CNET News] Sprint confirms iPhone heading to Virgin Mobile

14:34 [The Progressive] A Visit to the Weapons Museum in Kabul

14:35 [Guardian] Annan at UN amid reports of new Syria massacre – live updates

14:35 [The Independent] Simon Cowell in talks over new cookery show

14:35 [Russia Today] Hamilton to join Fisichella and Hirvonnen in race around Kremlin

14:39 [CNN] Mutilated student's family travels from China to Montreal to take him home

14:41 [Reuters] Jobless claims fall, labor market still on mend

14:41 [CNET News] Apple iOS will kick in 40 percent of Google's mobile profits, says analyst

14:41 [Financial Times] UN blocked from Syria massacre site

14:42 [Slashdot] CryptoCat Developer Questioned At US-Canadian Border

14:42 [Topix Activism News] What the Wisconsin election results mean for the future of progressive activism

14:44 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Brownshirts of the Arab Spring: Tunisia's Salafists (Part 2)

14:44 [Fox News] Missing Twins, Caretaker Found Dead in Alabama

14:48 [CNN] Hard drive, bags removed from Etan Patz suspect's home

14:49 [OpEdNews] Clinton Pledges Increased Military Assistance to Georgia for New Conflicts

14:50 [Slate Magazine] Too Much Kindness

14:51 [ZDNET] Tech industry outsourcing: problem, symptom, or neither?

14:52 [The Independent] BBC 'will review Jubille coverage'

14:53 [The Atlantic: International] The Happiness of Latin Americans

14:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard Zombeck: Below the Fold: Irrelevant Accusations and Tea Party Benedict Arnolds

14:53 [Fox News: politics] Issa to face down Holder on Hill over new Fast & Furious information

14:56 [zero hedge] Initial Claims Beat Expectations, With Prior Revised Higher, As Whopping 105 Thousand Lose Extended Benefits

14:57 [Disinformation] No, It Has Not ‘Always Been This Way’

14:59 [CNN] Afghan leader condemns NATO airstrike; U.S. defense secretary visits Kabul

15:01 [] Attacking Iran Likely Counter-Productive, Think Tank Warns

15:01 [The Hindu - News] Naxalite dies in police custody, Nitish orders probe

15:03 [The Atlantic: International] India's Historic Outreach to Myanmar

15:03 [ZDNET] MD5 password encryption algorithm 'no longer considered safe'

15:05 [Fox News: politics] US unemployment aid applications fall to 377K

15:06 [Russia Today] The great Everest gamble - and why so many people are willing to take it

15:06 [CNN] Bahrain envoy to France denies assaulting staff

15:07 [The Independent] Israel bars Palestinian athlete from Paralympic celebration

15:07 [CNET News] LinkedIn woes put spotlight on password flaws

15:08 [CNN] Saddam Hussein aide executed in Iraq

15:09 [Big Think] How Long Until We Are All Part-Machine?

15:09 [OpEdNews] The Snipers of Jersey Shore

15:09 [BBC: Science & Environment] How vampire spiders spot victims

15:11 [Reuters] Jobless claims fall for first time since April

15:14 [Raw Story] Stewart: ‘Cat copter’ should replace EPA spy drones in Midwest

15:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Swimming's dumb guns

15:15 [CNN] From scrubbing floors to Ivy League: Homeless student to go to dream college

15:16 [Deutsche Welle] French President set to consolidate his power in parliament,,16006629,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:19 [msnbc: politics] Obama on defensive

15:19 [The Progressive] Accountability in Defeat in Wis.

15:19 [OpEdNews] Dear Principals: Please Stop Poisoning Our Kids!

15:19 [Global Voices] Spain: Crowdfunding Against the Impunity of the Banks

15:20 [The Nation] Letters

15:20 [New Statesman] In the Critics this week

15:20 [CNN] Poor and fat: The real class war

15:20 [Fin24 News] Investors eye Brics cable

15:21 [Slashdot] Why Do Programming Languages Succeed Or Fail?

15:23 [The Independent] Kazakh guard killed 15 and burned border post, says prosecutor

15:23 [Telegraph] Birmingham riots: gang who shot at police jailed for up to 30 years

15:24 [msnbc] UN monitors struggle to reach Syrian 'massacre' village

15:26 [Russia Today] Russian privatization plans shift up a gear

15:26 [] Hillary in Baku: A Reminder about Human Rights, a Pledge for Peace

15:27 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian army stops UN from reaching 'massacre'

15:28 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: Erekat calls Mofaz statement about borders and security "unfounded red herring"

15:28 [CNN] Romney remembered as CEO governor

15:30 [The Nation] Noted

15:31 [] US rejected Iranian no nukes offer in 2005

15:34 [Raw Story] Jack and Jill Politics blogger on pay fairness: ‘Transparency is power’

15:36 [zero hedge] And Here Is Today's Market Moving Soundbite Du Jour

15:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Scott Morgan: If You Think Marijuana Isn't an Important Issue, You're Dead Wrong

15:37 [CNET News] Microsoft's Do Not Track default in IE10 violates new specs

15:38 [Spiegel] Art Imitating Life: New Exhibit Highlights Germany's Growing Meth Problem

15:38 [The Independent] £460,000 tax bill for hospital donation philanthropist

15:39 [OpEdNews] Dissecting the News Dissector: "Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector "

15:39 [Pravda] Valery Shantsev ranked one of Russia's most influential governors

15:39 [Telegraph] British adventurer Sarah Outen stranded in Pacific after boat hit during tropical storm

15:40 [The Nation] Obama's Kill List: Silence Is Not an Option

15:40 [msnbc] Crackdown on pills fuels wave of heroin addiction

15:41 [Russia Today] Faltering colossus: Criminal case opened against MMM 2011 founder

15:41 [CNET News] Is AMD still relevant?

15:43 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Enterprise-Grade Linux Networking Hardware?

15:44 [Big Think] Udacity Pearson Partnership - Sell-Out, Buy-In or the Future of MOOCs?

15:46 [CNET News] Flame authors force self-destruct

15:47 [The Hindu - News] Jagan case: Mopidevi’s judicial remand extended till June 21

15:50 [CNN] Passion for Portland triumphs

15:54 [Raw Story] Study: CT scans put children at heightened risk for leukemia

15:54 [The Independent] Israel to build 850 homes in West Bank

15:55 [Slate Magazine] How To Fix the Gender Gap in Technology

15:55 [CNN] Fire on nuclear sub extinguished

15:56 [Russia Today] Russian unions blast anti-rally law, plan moving protests to Poland

15:56 [United Nations Foundation] Rep. Bruce Rendon's Anti-Abortion "Super-Bill" On Fast Track in Michigan Legislature

15:57 [CNET News] Best Buy chairman resigns, eyes options for his 20 percent stake

15:58 [Disinformation] Alice In Wonderland: The Mind Control Story (Video)

15:58 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: One hundred thousand Egyptian expats have cast their votes in the election run-off

16:00 [CNN] Bahrain envoy to France denies sex assault on former employee

16:03 [Slashdot] Could Cops Use Google As Pre-Cogs?

16:03 [CNET News] RIM says so long to the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook

16:04 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Shuttles Sail to Their New Homes

16:04 [CNN] For Egypt's trapped and teeming, revolution has barely begun


16:06 [ZDNET] Use you iPhone to manage your public/private cloud

16:06 [zero hedge] Bernanke Testimony Before Joint Economic Committee Live Webcast: More Operation Twist Hints

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Plan panel allocates Rs.36,000 cr for rural sanitation

16:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Forgiveness after tragedy

16:09 [OpEdNews] Martian School. Reading Ray Bradbury in Russia

16:09 [Guardian] UK government boycotts Euro 2012 over Ukraine treatment of Tymoshenko

16:10 [The Independent] Marks & Spencer boss awarded £2.5m pay deal

16:10 [ZDNET] Windows Phone to pass iOS by 2016, Android at 53%

16:11 [CNET News] Nokia Lumia 610 review: UK's cheapest Windows Phone

16:12 [The Hindu - News] Syria blocks monitors from massacre site: U.N.

16:12 [The Onion] [audio] Aroma Therapist Fails To Factor In Own Falafel Breath

16:13 [CNN] Zimmerman's bail hearing set for June 29

16:13 [Fox News] Panetta: US Near Patience Limit With Pakistan

16:14 [The Onion] American Voices: Disney Bans Junk Food Ads

16:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jared Bernstein: Another Dubious Fact Check From PolitiFact

16:19 [Raw Story] Human Rights Campaign survey finds ‘deck stacked’ against LGBT youths

16:19 [CNN] Erykah Badu upset over Flaming Lips video

16:20 [The Nation] After the Heartbreak in Wisconsin

16:21 [CNET News] HTC: Our phones don't infringe Apple patent

16:23 [Fox News: politics] Obama, Democrats raise $60 million in May

16:24 [OpEdNews] Todd Miller: Fortress USA

16:25 [The Independent] Topsy-turvy weather to continue with high-winds now set to batter Britain

16:25 [] Pro-Palestinian protests mar Israel celebration in Melbourne

16:26 [Amnesty International] Russia: Putin urged to reject law restricting the right to peaceful assembly

16:27 [Fin24 News] Demand for electricity increasing

16:27 [CNN] Rainn Wilson and others tweet tributes to the late Ray Bradbury


16:33 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Problem With Public Sector Unions—And How to Fix It

16:33 [Fox News: politics] Dems Can’t Make it Without Government Worker Unions

16:34 [Big Think] Vacuum Trains Could Cross the Atlantic in One Hour

16:35 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Fair Trade Alive and Well in Spain Despite Recession

16:36 [CNN] What's in the ink? Euro 2012 stars and their tattoos

16:36 [zero hedge] THe MaNiC OLD LaND oF EUR-OZ...

16:40 [The Nation] Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin

16:41 [Fox News] Spying Eyes in Our Skies: Where Is the Outrage?

16:41 [The Independent] 'London created America' Boris Johnson tells Letterman

16:42 [Telegraph] Underwater photography competition medal winners 2011/12

16:43 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Enduring Power of Ray Bradbury

16:43 [The Atlantic: Politics] Intercepted! Mitt Romney Harshes His California Neighbors' Mellow

16:43 [CNET News] Acer adds a new Ivy Bridge laptop, the Aspire V5

16:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Book details Mel Gibson rants

16:44 [Slashdot] Microsoft Ignores Usability With All-Caps Menu in Visual Studio

16:44 [] Democracy Now!: Five Broken Cameras: Home Videos Evolve Into Stirring Film on Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Wall

16:44 [BBC: Health] Foetus has its genome deciphered

16:45 [CNN] Blast kills 11 at religious school in Pakistan

16:46 [BBC: Science & Environment] Foetus has its genome deciphered

16:48 [The Hindu - Opinion] Clouds that cheer (Malayalam: Aahladam peyyunna mazha meghangal). Editorial, June 7, 2012. Translated by Kurien Pampadi, presented by a Correspondent

16:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Rural Zambia's Drinking Supply Fraught with Danger and Disease

16:49 [Raw Story] Data: Amazon deforestation at record low

16:51 [World Policy Institute] Why a Grexit Would Make Lehman Look Like Childs Play

16:51 [Deutsche Welle] Thailand sees new red-yellow confrontation,,16007050,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:52 [The Hindu - Opinion] A surgical purge [Telugu: Sunisitamaina prakshaalana]; Editorial - June 6, Translated by V.R. Subrahmanyam, presented by Srinivas Ghantasala

16:54 [The Hindu - Opinion] 'Bihar's caste curse' [Telugu: Bihar kula saapam] Editorial June 6, 2012. Translated by Venkateshwarlu, presented by Srinivas Ghantasala

16:55 [CNET News] iPad buyers can now grab more than two tablets per order

16:58 [Disinformation] Nonbelievers Who Aren’t Atheists?

16:58 [Financial Times] UN shot at near Syria massacre site

17:00 [The Nation] Fortress USA

17:01 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: Fed Still Waiting and Seeing

17:03 [The Atlantic: National] What America Can Learn From Germany's Justice System

17:03 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Water Knows No Border Between Angola and Namibia

17:03 [AL JAZEERA] Israel to build more West Bank homes

17:04 [Big Think] The Internet, IPv6 and a World of Abundance

17:06 [Russia Today] Russia ready to broaden cooperation with Afghanistan

17:06 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Is Capitalism Incompatible With Democracy?

17:06 [The Hindu - News] Workshop on rare kritis

17:07 [AL JAZEERA] UN chief condemns latest Syria 'massacre'

17:10 [ZDNET] Microsoft, GE receive regulatory clearance for Caradigm joint venture

17:11 [World Policy Institute] Offsides: Racism and Political Division Taint Euro 2012

17:11 [CNET News] Baidu integration lands on iOS as early as next week, report says

17:12 [The Independent] Bank of England holds interest rates at record low

17:13 [The Atlantic: Politics] What Was the Problem With the Wisconsin Exit Polls?

17:17 [Fox News] Dems Look to Keep Gov't Unions $upport

17:17 [Fin24 News] Marshalls' wage talks deadlock

17:19 [High Country News] The Black Hills await justice

17:19 [OpEdNews] Democrats Failed in Wisconsin Because They Failed Wisconsin

17:21 [] Top Israeli official holds rare meeting with newly-elected French president

17:22 [Slashdot] Germany Readying Offensive Cyberwarfare Unit, Parliament Told

17:22 [The Hindu - News] Army Chief lifts ban on Lt. Gen. Suhag’s promotion

17:23 [The Atlantic: Technology] I Fear This Will Be the Most Important News of 2012

17:23 [The Atlantic: National] The Boy of Pointe du Hoc

17:24 [Moral Low Ground] Chicago Police Taser Pregnant Woman Tiffany Rent During Parking Ticket Dispute

17:27 [Slashdot] MD5crypt Password Scrambler Is No Longer Considered Safe

17:28 [Telegraph] Leon Panetta says US 'reaching the limits of our patience' with Pakistan

17:28 [The Independent] UK ministers boycott Euro 2012 games in Ukraine

17:29 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: Erdogan says end of siege on Gaza and apology will end crisis with Israel

17:30 [CNN] Congressional leaders to meet with intelligence chief on leaks

17:30 [Reuters: politics] Romney, Republicans raise $76.8 million in May

17:33 [CNN: Politics] Walker deals unions big blow, Obama smaller one

17:34 [CNN] Military denies 'America's Got Talent' contestant's war injury claims

17:34 [Big Think] Wes Anderson: Whimsical Like a Fox

17:36 [CNN] Britain apologizes for playing apartheid-era anthem

17:36 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel demands 'More Europe!',,16007150,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

17:41 [ZDNET] ASUS Transformer Prime revisited: Still best Android tablet

17:42 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures - June 7, 2012

17:43 [The Atlantic: Politics] Romney, RNC Raise $76.8 Million in May, Far Outpacing Obama

17:43 [ZDNET] University of Michigan thinks green with modular data center

17:44 [The Independent] UN monitors shot at trying to reach site of 'massacre' in Syria

17:45 [The Onion] Nude Man Who Locked Self Out Of House Delivers Moving Treatise On Human Condition To Slowly Gathering Crowd

17:46 [] UN chief: Syria forces shot at monitors trying to reach scene of latest massacre

17:46 [] Solomon: Race for Congress Still 'Wide Open'

17:48 [Fin24 News] Parking marshalls' wage talks deadlock

17:49 [Raw Story] Eric Bolling: ‘Every terrorist on American soil has been a Muslim’

17:50 [Reuters: politics] Obama fundraising tops $60 million in May

17:50 [Global Voices] South Korea: Broadcasters Strike's Leadership

17:51 [Mostly Water] Remembering Bob Chapman

17:51 [zero hedge] Gold Plunges As Bernanke Speaks: China Is Most Grateful

17:54 [Mostly Water] Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

17:55 [CNN] Greek politician throws glass of water, slaps opponent on talk show

17:55 [Reuters: politics] Romney tops Obama in fundraising in May

17:56 [Fin24 News] Rate cut expectations rise

17:56 [zero hedge] How Long Until EURCHF Is Re-Pegged To 1.10?

17:58 [CNET News] Will people pony up for a prepaid iPhone?

17:58 [Disinformation] Gary Johnson: ‘Politics Be Damned’ Running to Win As Libertarian Presidential Candidate (Video)

17:58 [The Atlantic: International] India: The New Front Line in the Global Struggle for Internet Freedom

18:01 [CNET News] Google lends name to its trusted online merchants

18:01 [Russia Today] ­Original Shakespeare theatre discovered

18:01 [Deutsche Welle] German parties strike deal on financial market tax,,16006964,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:02 [Mother Jones] Did Union Members Turn Against Unions on Tuesday?

18:04 [Raw Story] Prince William qualified to command search-and-rescue helicopter

18:05 [New Statesman] The Spectator and the jury

18:07 [CNET News] Microsoft Office first desktop app to hit Windows 8 store

18:07 [CNN] E3 2012: 5 mobile games to watch for

18:08 [Spiegel] Euro 2012 Oracle Inflation: Yvonne the Cow Hopes to Channel Paul the Octopus

18:09 [Slashdot] Cognitive Software Identifies America's Brainiest Cities

18:09 [ZDNET] Oracle vs. Microsoft vs. Red Hat: Three cloud recipes

18:10 [AL JAZEERA] Annan: 'All-out civil war' looms in Syria

18:10 [New Statesman] Why the UK moved closer to the EU exit today

18:12 [Mostly Water] Mostly Water Taking a Break

18:12 [CNN] Annan warns of 'all-out civil war' in Syria

18:14 [Raw Story] El Huffington Post opens in Spain

18:15 [The Independent] Birmingham riot gang jailed for shooting at police

18:16 [CNN: Money] 6 RICHEST in U.S. PAID NO TAX

18:16 [Spiegel] Picture This: Double Trouble

18:16 [Deutsche Welle] UN observers blocked from Syrian massacre site,,16007450,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:21 [CNN] Records don't back 'America's Got Talent' contestant's war injury claims

18:23 [straight] Trailer for Django Unchained looks like a rollicking ride

18:24 [Raw Story] Shell Oil launch party for new Arctic drilling rigs goes hilariously awry

18:26 [CNET News] Gaming handhelds relegated to 'niche' status by iOS, Android

18:26 [CNN: Money] 6 RICHEST IN U.S. PAID NO TAX

18:29 [Big Think] Evangelical Darwinian Conservatism

18:29 [CNN] Blast kills 15 at religious school in Pakistan

18:30 [Telegraph] Gay Danish couples win right to marry in church

18:31 [The Independent] Speculation grows on Marks & Spencer bank launch plans

18:35 [msnbc] Team Romney, RNC announce raising nearly $77 million in May

18:36 [ZDNET] Dell reveals $100M for entrepreneurs, innovators

18:36 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Why You Should Be Excited About National Bankruptcy

18:39 [CNN] Platini: Referees will deal with racists at Euro 2012

18:40 [AL JAZEERA] Annan: 'All-out civil war' looms in Syria

18:42 [ZDNET] Bring your own device movement by the numbers

18:44 [Raw Story] 3 State Dept. employees to testify in Manning Wikileaks court-martial

18:46 [Global Voices] China: Gmail Users Warned of State-Sponsored Attacks

18:46 [The Independent] Charity Commission launches extremism investigation into Leyton Mosque

18:46 [CNET News] Computex booth babe: Exhibitors want us to show more skin

18:49 [Slashdot] AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

18:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Debbie Hines: Black Clergy Join Forces With Black Caucus on Voting Rights Issues

18:49 [OpEdNews] Why We Have To Raise Taxes On The Rich And End The Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy (And Bill Clinton Agrees)

18:50 [Financial Times] Clinton urges plan for post-Assad Syria

18:51 [Russia Today] Last warning? Panetta threatens Pakistan

18:51 [Deutsche Welle] Credit agency causes outcry over data privacy,,16007583,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:52 [] Behind The Scenes Of SCO Summit, China-Russia Competition For Central Asia?

18:53 [Disinformation] Epic Fail At Shell Oil’s Celebration Of Arctic Drilling


18:56 [Topix Activism News] 'Your God is wrong': Anti-abortion activist to appeal conviction, saying judge attacked religion

18:57 [New York Times: politics] FiveThirtyEight: Election Forecast: Obama Begins With Tenuous Advantage

18:59 [Big Think] New Touchscreen Features Disappearing 3D Keys

19:00 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: Red Cross spokesman: "No information about Gaza prisoners' visits"

19:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sarah Chasis: New Report Shows Obstructionist Politics Harming Ocean Management

19:01 [Russia Today] Fitch cuts Spain’s rating to BBB

19:01 [CNN] Intel chief plans more lie detector testing to deter leaks

19:01 [The Independent] Storm-hit UK rowers await rescue from Pacific attempt

19:02 [Mother Jones] No, Healthcare Reform Was Not a Mistake

19:02 [ZDNET] French E-voting portal requires insecure Java plugin

19:04 [Raw Story] Jeb Bush: George W. Bush deserves ‘tip of the hat’ for Obama’s foreign policy

19:06 [Global Voices] Greece: Inspiration Behind the Shocking ‘Modern Maenad' Photo

19:06 [ZDNET] investigating 'security issue', passwords leaked

19:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Book details Gibson rants

19:06 [] Defense of Marriage Act Found Unconstitutional in Federal Court, Again

19:06 [zero hedge] Fitch Follows S&P, Slashes Spain By 3 Notches To BBB, Only Moody Is Left - Step 3 Collateral Downgrade Imminent

19:06 [Deutsche Welle] Trophy time for Germany at Euro 2012,,16000758,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:11 [CNN] After LinkedIn: How to protect your password from hacks

19:12 [ZDNET] VMware frees up enterprise social network Socialcast

19:14 [CNN] Cotswolds Olimpicks: Shin-kicking at the 'other' Games

19:14 [zero hedge] The Swirlogram Speaks: "The World Has Reentered Contraction"

19:15 [CNET News] Introducing CNET's Facebook Timeline app

19:16 [] Netanyahu to Vanity Fair: 'I'm not naturally manipulative'

19:17 [The Independent] Britain's Got Palate: Simon Cowell set to launch new cookery talent show

19:18 [The Onion] Man Arrested For Stealing More Than $50,000 In Beards From Hank Williams, Jr.

19:18 [The Atlantic: International] International Relations 101: What Scholars Say About the World Today

19:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Spiral of Violence Causes Spike in PTSD

19:21 [Russia Today] Fitch cuts Spain’s rating three notches to BBB

19:21 [CNET News] Kids' playhouse made from recycled potato peels, veggie oil

19:21 [] Florida Defies DOJ Call to Halt Voter Purge

19:23 [The Atlantic: Technology] Why the Puppy Cam Is About to Make the Whole Internet Better at Photoshop

19:24 [straight] Vancouver bands hit the tracks

19:24 [CNET News] Facebook App Center leaks on iPhone

19:24 [CNN] Test your knowledge: End of 2011-2012 school year quiz

19:25 [Middle East Monitor] Jamal Kanj: The real story of the Six-Day War

19:26 [Guardian] Annan at UN amid reports of new Syria massacre – live

19:26 [CNET News] warns users of password leak

19:27 [CBC: politics] Liberals demand Del Mastro resign over spending questions

19:28 [BBC: Technology] suffers password breach

19:29 [CNET News] Printing tips and tricks in OS X

19:31 [Slashdot] Intel Builds On Top of Android, But Hedges On Open-Sourcing Improvements

19:32 [Mother Jones] There are More Insomniacs in America Than You Think

19:33 [Telegraph] Landlords in Mary Portas town 'cash in'

19:33 [The Independent] Rod Liddle is let off despite almost causing Lawrence trial to collapse

19:34 [Raw Story] Holder: DOJ only going after people ‘taking advantage’ of pot laws

19:34 [CNN] In Syria, a massacre feels eerily familiar

19:35 [CNN: Politics] Analysis: Wisconsin now less easy for Obama

19:36 [Global Voices] Cambodia: No Surprise During Commune Elections

19:37 [CNN] Axl Rose gets stolen jewelry back

19:38 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] World Faces Stark Choice at Rio+20, UN Report Warns

19:41 [ZDNET] Customer names, phone numbers leaked in HP v. Oracle

19:42 [CNN] Pelosi: McCain's claims on leaks 'a sad statement'

19:43 [CNN] U.N. observers in Syria come under fire as crisis boils

19:44 [zero hedge] Record Hot Winter And LTRO Sent US Household "Net Worth" Up By $2.8 Trillion In The First Quarter

19:45 [Fox News: politics] Boehner: 'No conversation' between GOP House and Holder on Fast and Furious

19:45 [OpEdNews] What Happened and Why

19:46 [Russia Today] Ruble’s fall pushing foreign vacation prices up 20%

19:46 [Global Voices] Myanmar: Revenge Killing After Girl Was Raped

19:48 [The Onion] Statshot: What Are Our Parents Still Paying For?

19:48 [The Independent] Edinburgh Legionnaires' cases rise to 37

19:50 [OpEdNews] Drone Wars, Kill Lists: A Dark, Deplorable Chapter in America's History

19:51 [ZDNET] Enterprise Entitlements Management: Moving beyond authentication

19:51 [Global Voices] Caribbean: Photographic Perspectives

19:51 [CNN] Another GSA official placed on leave in spending controversy

19:53 [The Atlantic: Technology] Attention Nerds: Here's the Census Bureau API You've Been Waiting For

19:56 [CNET News] Barnes & Noble chops e-reader prices for Father's Day

19:57 [CNN: Technology] After LinkedIn: How to protect your passwords

19:58 [Disinformation] Meet Command Central: The People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines

19:58 [The Hindu - News] Israeli plan infuriates Palestinians

19:59 [Truthdig] Bringing the Battlefield to the Border

19:59 [CNN] Crews search for missing helicopter in Peru

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Tsunami dock floats to U.S.

20:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alan Grayson: 11 Years Ago Today

20:01 [Global Voices] Catfight Between China and the US Over Air Quality

20:02 [CNET News] Verizon CTO: 4G LTE international roaming is coming

20:03 [The Independent] Rachel and Paul Chandler to set sail again

20:04 [Raw Story] Europe requires new cars to slash carbon emissions by a third

20:05 [Telegraph] US election 2012: Jeb Bush says 2012 was 'probably my time'

20:05 [OpEdNews] Greece and the Euro: Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover

20:06 [The Hindu - News] Dispute with Rajaratnam voided any motive: Gupta

20:06 [CNN] 5 highlights from E3

20:07 [] Turkey: Creationists Want to Airbrush Darwin Out of Evolutionary Picture

20:08 [CNET News] Disney delays DVD releases to rentals, Netflix

20:11 [ZDNET] Microsoft to fix dangerous IE, Windows security holes

20:11 [] Israel announces plan to erect 20,000 tents for African migrants

20:12 [Slashdot] After Launch Day: Taking Stock of IPv6 Adoption

20:16 [CNN] FAMU trustees vote 'no confidence' in president

20:21 [Global Voices] Jamaica, Guyana: Remembering Martin Carter

20:23 [zero hedge] The US Deleveraging Has Resumed

20:25 [OpEdNews] Pension Envy Promotes Serfdom

20:25 [ZDNET] Share your meal memories with others via Evernote Food for Android

20:26 [Reuters] Merkel says EU ready to act as Spain downgraded

20:26 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: The People & the Prado

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20:51 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Calls for an African Green Revolution, Only Smarter

20:51 [Telegraph] Ben Needham's mother contacted by man demanding £500,000 for information about her son

20:51 [Russia Today] Innocent, but still locked-up: Guantanamo prisoners stay behind bars years after being cleared for release

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20:57 [Deutsche Welle] Fitch downgrades Spain, Eurogroup at the ready,,16007674,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

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21:01 [The Hindu - News] After outcry, Centre backs off on water pricing & privatisation

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21:06 [ZDNET] Google teases upcoming release of Metro-enabled Chrome browser

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21:22 [] With Russian and Chinese backing, Iran continues to play tough

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21:26 [Fox News: politics] Romney raised $77 million in May, outperforming Obama effort for first time

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21:35 [Slashdot] Best Buy Chairman and Founder Resigns Ahead of Schedule

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21:37 [Telegraph] Saddam Hussein's personal secretary and chief bodyguard executed in Iraq

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21:39 [Electronic Intifada] Gaza farmers rush to grow wheat under fear of Israeli fire

21:41 [The Hindu - News] No evidence of existence of killer-spiders in Assam, say experts

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21:52 [] Senior Iranian exile to U.S. Jews: Target regime change rather than nuclear program

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21:56 [CNET News] BlackBerry developers say RIM is energized, on track

21:56 [Russia Today] New 'bath salts' zombie-drug makes Americans eat each other

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22:13 [ZDNET] Apple granted MacBook Air design patent; problems ahead for Ultrabook makers?

22:13 [Guardian] Assad regime has lost humanity – UN

22:16 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] MEXICO: Farmers Use Traditional Knowledge to Deal with Climate Change

22:16 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Teaching Chemistry To Home-Schooled Kids?

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22:21 [ZDNET] Kickstarter project turns any TV into an Ice Cream Sandwich computer

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22:22 [The Hindu - News] Russia plays hardball on ENR transfer to India

22:22 [Global Voices] Mexico: Netizens Weigh in on Documentary “Gimme The Power”

22:24 [CNN] Regime-backed militia does Syria's 'dirty work,' analysts say

22:25 [straight] Courts uphold Moscow's 100-year ban on gay pride parades

22:27 [CBC: politics] Food safety laws to merge and modernize

22:28 [The Hindu - News] FinMin shoots down DoT's mobile tower plan in Naxal-hit areas

22:28 [The Atlantic: Politics] Picture of the Day: Joe Biden Dances the Horah

22:28 [Disinformation] Gay Couples Can Marry But Are Wed-Locked With No Divorce In Some States

22:31 [Infoshop] Canada: The creation of Prairie Struggle Organization, its politics and its goals

22:32 [The Hindu - News] Now, more spending for toilets in rural areas

22:33 [CNET News] AIRbudz prototype earbuds let the ambient noise in


22:36 [Infoshop] The Unabomber's Pen Pal

22:36 [zero hedge] Late-Day Crumble As Stocks Join Gold's Stumble

22:36 [World Policy Institute] Latin American Leaders Stepping Out from the Shadows

22:39 [ZDNET] North Korea ships malware-infected games to South Korean users, uses them to launch DDoS attacks

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22:41 [Slate Magazine] Abolish the Triple Crown

22:41 [Infoshop] Are Anarchists the second generation of Occupy?

22:41 [Fox News] Holder Sidesteps 'Furious' Questions

22:45 [The Onion] [video] Insecure Miami Heat Can't Figure Out Who Garnett Called a "Sloppy-Chested Shit"

22:49 [Raw Story] House Dems propose $10 per hour minimum wage

22:51 [Russia Today] Chicago cops Taser 8-month pregnant woman for parking violation

22:54 [CNN] Big names drawn together at U.S. Open as Tiger renews Mickelson rivalry

22:58 [Slashdot] The Art of Elections Forecasting

23:00 [The Hindu - News] Defiance Technologies sets up social media centre for Nissan

23:02 [CNN] R.E.M. archive blog preemptively shut down by Universal

23:03 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Case for More Divisiveness in Politics

23:04 [CNET News] Game over: Schilling's 38 Studios files for bankruptcy

23:06 [zero hedge] Mike Krieger: China Will Blink And Gold Will Soar

23:06 [CNN] South Carolina mom with flesh-eating bacteria upgraded to fair condition

23:06 [The Hindu - News] 3 police personnel suspended

23:08 [CNN] Man's best friend helping war veterans heal

23:10 [The Hindu - News] Regulations for by-poll unveiled

23:14 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Chinese Dissident Found Hanged in Hospital

23:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Greek political smackdown

23:16 [Topix Activism News] Pressure grows on China to investigate activist's hospital death

23:18 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] 'All-Out Civil War' Looms in Syria, Annan Says

23:19 [Raw Story] F-16s scramble for Obama aircraft alert

23:20 [ZDNET] MindTouch does the boring stuff for in an engaging way

23:22 [CNN: Politics] Walker's win could spur more to take on unions

23:22 [Deutsche Welle] EU 'concerned' about new Russian protests legislation,,16007760,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:24 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Resurgent Arab Nationalism in Egypt?

23:26 [Telegraph] Samantha Bond bemoans lack of theatre roles for older women

23:26 [CNN] Two killed, two wounded at Georgia funeral

23:26 [straight] Vancouver city staff recommend keeping downtown bike lanes

23:27 [CBC: politics] Food safety laws to be streamlined in overhaul


23:29 [CNN] Depech Mode frontman Dave Gahan gets spiritual

23:29 [The Progressive] The Recall Is Not the End

23:33 [CNN] FAMU president gets no confidence vote amid hazing scandal

23:35 [CNN] Police: Musician Bob Welch kills self

23:35 [CBC: politics] Bob Rae to be allowed to run in Liberal leadership race

23:36 [Russia Today] Battling over Occupy

23:37 [Global Voices] France: Interview with 3 Candidates from the Pirate Political Party

23:38 [CNN] State ban on sex listings is a dangerous move

23:38 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama Supporters Know His Drone War Is Indefensible

23:39 [Truthdig] Muslim Group Challenges NYPD Surveillance With Lawsuit

23:41 [Slate Magazine] Your Pet’s Name vs. Where You Met Your Spouse

23:41 [CNET News] Judge cancels Apple's patent infringement trial against Motorola

23:44 [Slashdot] Huge Phytoplankton Bloom Found Under Arctic Ice

23:44 [The Onion] Man Figures Why Not, Adds Photo Of Ridley Scott To 'Alien' Wikipedia Page

23:47 [Fox News: politics] Al Qaeda strengthens in Yemen

23:49 [Raw Story] White House condemns ‘outrageous’ Syria violence

23:50 [CNN] Report: More than half of seniors now use the Web

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23:53 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - June 8, 2012

23:54 [Big Think] How Search Engines Are Becoming More Like Our Brains

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23:56 [Moral Low Ground] Virginia Honor Student Suspended for Allegedly Using American Flag as Hand Towel

23:56 [CNET News] Milk gone sour? There's an app for that

23:58 [The Atlantic: Technology] Is the Twitter Bird Extinct? (No, Really, Like the Species of Bird)

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