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00:03 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - March 7, 2013

00:04 [OpEdNews] British Litvinenko Case against Russia Disintegrating

00:06 [Slate Magazine] Obama’s Schmoozing the GOP Again

00:06 [Topix Activism News] In grim milestone, UN says number of Syrian refugees tops 1 million

00:06 [Topix Activism News] Mass. high court asked to rule on drug lab scandal

00:07 [NPR] House Gives OK To $982 Short-Term Spending Bill

00:08 [CNN: Travel] Airports can make case to keep their control towers open

00:08 [CNN: Travel] Former TSA chief backs 'knife' decision; suggests machetes, too

00:09 [OpEdNews] Clinton, Simon Strategies May Put Ashley Judd in Senate

00:10 [zero hedge] Cable Snaps (Again) As British Budget Goes Activist

00:10 [Telegraph] George Lucas planning to build visual storytelling museum

00:10 [Telegraph] Economy is turning the corner, says Cameron

00:11 [Reuters: politics] In Louisiana, a conservative backlash against gun control

00:12 [Voice of America] New Navigation Technology Predicts Traffic Conditions

00:13 [CNN: Money] Time Warner to spin off Time Inc. magazines

00:13 [CNN: Travel] Airports can argue to keep towers open

00:18 [Slashdot] Protecting the Solar System From Contamination

00:22 [NPR] U.S. Spent Too Much In Iraq, Got Little In Return, Watchdog Report Says

00:22 [CNN] Teacher feedback for March 7, 2013

00:23 [Raw Story] Obama to dine with Republicans in budget push

00:23 [Raw Story] Ohio executes man for drug-fueled bookstore murder

00:23 [Raw Story] House passes bill to prevent government shutdown

00:26 [Telegraph] Sex abuse victims list 'dirty dozen' papal candidates

00:26 [Telegraph] Hugo Chavez: Danny Glover praises 'social champion'

00:29 [Disinformation] The Divine Farce

00:29 [Reuters: politics] Hopes for a political thaw sprout in wintry Washington

00:29 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Top 10 Celebrity Pip Blips

00:30 [CNN: Technology] 'Tomb Raider' reboot makes Lara Croft a wimp

00:31 [CNN: Money] 3 questions about the Time Inc. spinoff

00:32 [Financial Times] Obama to sit down with his foes

00:32 [Voice of America] Rejected Votes in Kenya Spur Controversy

00:33 [Financial Times] Lobbyists fear loss of British sway in EU

00:33 [Slashdot] Planescape: Torment Successor Funded In 6 Hours

00:34 [OpEdNews] Of Flies and Philosophers: Wittgenstein and Philosophy by Michael Lynch posted by

00:34 [Financial Times] Sarkozy hints at return to public life

00:37 [Mother Jones] Republican Senator Filibusters Obama's CIA Nominee Over Drones

00:37 [Mother Jones] Heartwarming Story About Student's Sex-Change Surgery Was Misunderstanding, College Says

00:40 [zero hedge] The Government Has It Bass-Ackwards: Failing To Prosecute Criminal Fraud by the Big Banks Is Killing – NOT Saving – the Economy

00:42 [Pravda] Champions League: PSG and Juve

00:42 [Fox News] Officer reportedly injured in Conn. college lockdown

00:42 [Fox News] High school teacher dies in freak bicycle accident

00:42 [Fox News] Thousands without power as storm hits Mid-Atlantic - EXTREME WEATHER CENTER

00:42 [Fox News] Colorado toddler reportedly killed on Mexico vacation- Tennessee soldier shot, killed in Colorado home

00:42 [Fox News] Nebraska tax reform push foiled by special interests

00:42 [Fox News] Atlanta airport worker turns in $7,000 in lost cash

00:44 [OpEdNews] Goodbye Blue Sky

00:46 [BBC: Also in the news] 'Viking sunstone' found in shipwreck

00:46 [BBC: Also in the news] Sabbath star pens Eurovision entry

00:46 [BBC: Also in the news] Hanoi bans short, fat traffic police

00:48 [Good] WATCH: Pulse-Quickening Motion Magnification from M.I.T. Could Bring Medical Advances

00:48 [zero hedge] Guest Post: A Look At The Richest Oil Barons In The U.S.

00:49 [OpEdNews] Great News Or Disinfo? -- All Global Banks & Corporate Governments Have Been Foreclosed and Their Assets Seized!

00:55 [CNN: Money] Even Justin Timberlake has $3,500 in unclaimed cash

00:55 [Reuters: politics] U.S. commander seeks to ease human-rights rules that limit training

00:56 [Slate Magazine] The Laptop of the Future

00:56 [Financial Times] Filibuster delays Brennan CIA confirmation

00:56 [CNN: Politics] Senate GOP blocks vote for judicial nominee

00:57 [Telegraph] Lion kills man at US animal sanctuary

00:57 [Pravda] Hugo Chávez (1954-2013)

00:57 [Pravda] Arctic sea ice will disappear during the summer, scientists predict

01:00 [CNN] Lion kills worker at sanctuary in California

01:00 [Voice of America] Doctors Say Most Heart Disease is Preventable

01:01 [CNN: Politics] Game for students aims to make Congress serious fun

01:03 [BBC: Science & Environment] Cull half of UK's deer - scientists

01:03 [Raw Story] Sen. Rand Paul: I’ll end filibuster once Obama says no to drone strikes in the U.S.

01:04 [BBC: Technology] Google Street View - a closer look

01:06 [Reuters] Monte Paschi's spokesman found dead: sources

01:06 [Fox News: politics] Hundreds of California sex offenders go missing under new law

01:07 [Reuters: politics] Email to Obama's Secret Service choice part of racism lawsuit

01:08 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Advice For Summer Before Ph.D. Program?

01:09 [CNN] Bolshoi Ballet 'villain' arrested in director's acid attack

01:09 [CNN] Suspect in hit-and-run crash that killed N.Y. family surrenders

01:10 [zero hedge] Markets Quietly Higher

01:11 [Slate Magazine] Everybody Loves Filibusters

01:12 [Reuters] Anxiety builds as Kenyans wait for presidential winner

01:12 [Reuters] U.N. set to crack down on North Korea financing, illicit cargo

01:14 [Fox News] SEQUESTER-EVE DEAL:TSA Signs $50M Uniform Contract Amid Budget Cuts

01:14 [Fox News] SURVEILLANCE NATION:FBI 'Spying' on Google Users, Company Reveals

01:14 [Fox News] NO MORE FLAT TIRES:Polaris 'Airless' Tires to Withstand Rough Terrain

01:17 [CNN] Facebook to announce new look for News Feed

01:18 [Guardian] Police arrest eight men suspected of grooming and raping girl

01:18 [Guardian] Microsoft fined €561m for 'browser choice' error

01:20 [zero hedge] Top-Down & Bottom-Up In 7 Sad Slides

01:20 [CNN: Technology] Facebook to announce new look for News Feed

01:22 [Reuters: politics] Gabby Giffords takes gun control message to scene of Tucson shooting

01:22 [Reuters: politics] Arkansas bans abortion at 12 weeks, earliest in U.S

01:27 [Telegraph] Man arrested over New York car crash that killed expectant parents and baby

01:27 [Telegraph] Parents of girl too ill for treatment give away £22,500 to another sick child

01:34 [Raw Story] Ron Wyden joins Senate filibuster: Americans have the right to know when they can be targeted

01:35 [BBC: Entertainment] The extraordinary rise of Wool

01:35 [CBC: politics] MPs reject Clarity Act repeal in 283-5 vote

01:36 [CNN] SXSW may have peaked, and that's not a bad thing

01:36 [CBC: politics] MPs vote against NDP motion to abolish Senate

01:43 [Telegraph] Missing Birmingham school girl found after being recognised by security guards

01:43 [Telegraph] Millions left without money as RBS systems crash

01:43 [Telegraph] DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

01:43 [Telegraph] 'Defence cuts could undermine Nato and Special Relationship'

01:43 [Telegraph] Eat venison to save Britain's countryside

01:47 [BBC: Education] Teenagers' book choices 'too easy'

01:49 [zero hedge] Public College Tuition Soars By Most Ever (Or Searching For Deflation In All The Wrong Places)

01:50 [Slashdot] Hockey Sticks Among Carry-On Items TSA Has Cleared For Planes

01:54 [Campaign For Liberty] Dining With the President…

01:55 [CNN: Politics] Dixie Chicks were right all along

01:55 [CNN: Politics] Will states go where Congress hasn't?

01:55 [CNN: Politics] Photos: 'Snowquester'

01:55 [CNN: Politics] George H.W. Bush: Clinton is 'de man!'

01:55 [CNN: Politics] Rocky start to second term raises questions about Obama approach

01:55 [CNN: Politics] 'Snowquester' doesn't pan out in DC; situation nastier in VA

01:59 [Disinformation] Why Do Gay Porn Stars Kill Themselves?

02:00 [Financial Times] Holder says some banks are ‘too large’

02:02 [Reuters] Mourning Venezuelans parade Chavez's coffin, prepare for vote

02:03 [CNN: Politics] Elder Bush: Clinton is 'de man!'

02:03 [CNN: Politics] Obama strategies questioned

02:05 [CBC: politics] Jason Kenny makes surprise visit to Iraq

02:05 [CBC: politics] Senator ends relationship with staffer amid controversy

02:07 [Reuters: politics] Senators seek tougher gun background checks for mentally ill

02:08 [Global Voices] Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Gives Farewell Report to Parliament

02:09 [Raw Story] Scientists use brain electrodes to treat anorexia

02:12 [Reuters: politics] Paul Ryan's U.S. budget plan sees balance by 2023, modestly deeper cuts

02:12 [Reuters] House passes funding bill, Obama reaches out to Senate

02:15 [Reuters: politics] House passes funding bill, Obama reaches out to Senate

02:17 [BBC: Education] New vocational courses unveiled

02:19 [Truthdig] Holder on Too Big to Jail, Nation’s Strictest Abortion Ban Enacted, and More

02:25 [Fox News: politics] Arkansas House overrides veto of bill that would ban abortions after 12th week

02:29 [Telegraph] Spokesman for Italian bank Monte Paschi di Siena found dead

02:29 [Telegraph] Family of Duchess hoax nurse refused legal aid

02:33 [Slashdot] Raspberry Pi's Eben Upton: "Programming Will Make You a Better Doctor"

02:36 [Fox News: politics] Alabama governor endorses abortion clinic regs

02:37 [Mother Jones] Republicans Vote to Restore Defense Cuts in the Sequester

02:38 [Global Voices] Netizens Frown Upon China State TV's Live Broadcast of Execution

02:39 [Raw Story] Fox News contributor: Obama has ‘profound sadness’ because Chavez was ‘his comrade’

02:39 [zero hedge] AND NoW FoR A BRieF DRoNe MeSSaGe FRoM ERiC HoLDeR...

02:39 [zero hedge] Sequestration: Last Minute Stopgap Budget

02:39 [zero hedge] Guest Post: 30 Facts On The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change Everything

02:39 [The Progressive] Bravo to Rand Paul!

02:44 [OpEdNews] Shall We Gather at the River?

02:49 [Raw Story] American Legislative Exchange Council behind push to lower minimum wages: report

02:51 [Guardian] Theresa May boosts Tory leadership chances with approach to right

02:51 [Guardian] NatWest hit by system failure less than a year after last outage

02:54 [Truthdig] Rand Paul’s Filibuster of John Brennan

02:54 [Truthdig] Budget Wars: A Case For Hope

03:00 [CNN] Police: No charges in 911 call death

03:01 [Guardian] Missing teenager Zoya Anwar found in Birmingham city centre

03:06 [Reuters: politics] Energy Department plans to ship Hanford nuke waste to New Mexico

03:06 [Reuters: politics] Senator leads filibuster of Brennan nomination as CIA head

03:08 [Reuters] Senator leads filibuster of Brennan nomination as CIA head

03:09 [Slashdot] Sunstone Unearthed From Sixteenth Century Shipwreck

03:09 [zero hedge] Venezuela After Chavez

03:13 [Global Voices] Guyana: Taming the Beast of Power

03:18 [Fox News] Fla. lawmaker: Gun buyers need anger management - Sheriff blasts testimony of pro-gun control police chief - Georgia city may require all residents to own guns

03:18 [CNN] Officer shoots self in foot during lockdown at Connecticut college

03:19 [Raw Story] Fox News chief Roger Ailes calls Obama ‘lazy’ in new biography

03:19 [CNN] U.N. diplomats get sobering warning about drinking

03:19 [OpEdNews] How "Liberal Media" Keep Blaming Obama for GOP's Radical Behavior

03:20 [Big Think] Will Tech Moguls Save the Art World?

03:27 [Fox News: politics] Bill would posthumously grant freedom to New Hampshire slaves

03:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] UNRWA Head Warns of Palestinian Crisis in Syria

03:30 [BBC: Health] Processed meat 'early death' link

03:30 [BBC: Health] Salt 'linked to immune rebellion'

03:30 [BBC: Health] Electrode therapy 'helps' anorexia

03:34 [Raw Story] Personhood Mississippi seeks second statewide vote on anti-abortion proposal

03:34 [CNN] Arkansas legislature overrides veto of ban on early abortions

03:38 [The Hindu - News] Pipeline ready, but CNG still a pipe dream

03:39 [Reuters: politics] Paul Ryan's budget plan sees balance by 2023, modestly deeper cuts

03:40 [OpEdNews] Dangerous "State Sovereignty" Myth

03:40 [The Hindu - News] Pipeline ready, but CNG still a pipe dream in Bangalore

03:40 [CBC: politics] Taxpayer group tags Saskatchewan chief's salary for 'waste'

03:42 [The Hindu - News] Garbage: ward panel members get the jitters

03:47 [Telegraph] Syrian rebels detain 21 UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights

03:49 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Why Our Current Way of Living Has No Future

03:50 [The Hindu - News] Pedestrian subways: filthy, smelly and unsafe

03:54 [Raw Story] New Zealand court: Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom can sue spy agency

03:54 [Raw Story] Bipartisan Senate bill bars the mentally ill from buying guns

03:54 [The Hindu - News] Bangalore boy makes a ‘deep impact’ on Spielberg

04:00 [The Hindu - News] Woman gang-raped, dumped in front of her residence

04:00 [The Hindu - News] BBMP targets star hotels to recover tax dues

04:02 [The Hindu - News] Savadi’s nephew attacked

04:06 [The Hindu - News] Using sports to beat discrimination

04:07 [Reuters] Surge in English-speaking militants worries U.S., European officials

04:10 [OpEdNews] El comandante has left the building

04:10 [Slashdot] US Attorney General Defends Handling of Aaron Swartz Case

04:10 [BBC: Science & Environment] Native frogs beat invasive toads

04:17 [NPR] Syrian Rebels Seize U.N. Peacekeepers

04:20 [CBC: politics] MacKay says department 'incorrectly coded' funding request

04:21 [Topix Activism News] North Korea blurs lines between prison camps, villages - Amnesty

04:23 [CNN] Tax fails to end Chinese love of property

04:24 [Raw Story] Lion attacks and kills worker in California cat sanctuary

04:32 [The Hindu - News] HC quashes allotment of CA sites in favour of three companies

04:33 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] Syria: Humanitarian Assistance Deadlocked

04:33 [Doctors Without Borders] [Special Report] Syria Two Years On: The Failure of International Aid

04:33 [Doctors Without Borders] [Video] Syria: Behind the Lines

04:33 [Doctors Without Borders] [Video] "A Humiliating Situation": Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

04:33 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] MSF Research Points to Ways to Expand Viral Load Testing for HIV in Developing Countries

04:35 [The Hindu - News] A star who became the mother to stars

04:37 [CBC: politics] The Nanos Number: Conservatives losing support

04:39 [The Hindu - News] Government doctor held for kidnap and murder

04:39 [The Hindu - News] Charisma that floored them all

04:40 [zero hedge] Global Risk Appetite Signals 'Risk-Off' Process Starting

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Shettar gives green signal

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Toddler knocked down by water tanker

04:41 [The Hindu - News] II PU exams: 44 centres declared hypersensitive

04:43 [The Hindu - News] Motorist killed in road accident

04:43 [The Hindu - News] Boy drowns in sump while parents are at work

04:45 [The Hindu - News] Light showers bring down temperature

04:45 [The Hindu - News] Mayor eyeing credit for presenting two budgets

04:46 [BBC: Science & Environment] UK in court on air pollution levels

04:49 [BBC: Science & Environment] DNA ancestry akin to 'astrology'

04:49 [Telegraph] Hugo Chavez: Venezuelans file past open casket to pay their respects

04:50 [CNN] Guitarist Alvin Lee of Woodstock fame dies at 68

05:09 [Fox News: politics] Federal judge rules Idaho 'fetal pain' abortion law is unconstitutional.

05:11 [The Hindu - News] The technical hand holding in defence

05:11 [The Hindu - News] Syrian rebels detain UN peacekeepers on Golan Heights

05:12 [CNN] 5.6 earthquake strikes northeastern Taiwan

05:12 [CBC: politics] F-35 fighter panned by U.S. test pilots

05:13 [Fox News] FATAL ATTACK:Lion Mauls, Kills Female Intern at Calif. Sanctuary

05:13 [Fox News] STRICT NEW BAN:Arkansas Adopts Nation's Toughest Abortion Limits

05:13 [Fox News] REPAIRING TIES:US Faces Tightrope Walk In Post-Chavez Venezuela

05:13 [The Hindu - News] Catch the nuances of direct selling industry

05:13 [Reuters: politics] Mitt Romney takes post-campaign role at son's investment firm

05:14 [Global Voices] Chavez’ Legacy & How His Death Could Affect the Caribbean

05:15 [The Hindu - News] A prescription for medicines quality

05:21 [Reuters: politics] Republican senators share "candid" dinner with Obama

05:25 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:25 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

05:25 [CNN] What women want: Hotels look to cater for more female business travelers

05:30 [OpEdNews] 10 Years Later, Preemption Still Doesn't Work

05:31 [The Hindu - News] Detailing the lives of the aged

05:32 [CNN] Life in limbo for China's migrant families

05:35 [Campaign For Liberty] Winning

05:35 [The Hindu - News] Five rape cases in Delhi

05:39 [The Hindu - News] 5,000 DDA flats yet to be taken

05:42 [Fox News] Anti-Drone Filibuster Tops 11 Hours

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Saluting unsung heroines

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Wanted: Gender-just rape laws

05:52 [CNN] Celibacy for priests a hot issue, just not for church leaders

05:52 [Fox News: politics] Paul mounts Senate filibuster of Obama's CIA nominee over drone concerns

05:53 [Fox News: politics] Federal judge rules Idaho 'fetal pain' abortion law is unconstitutional

05:54 [AntiWar] Syrian Jets and Rebels Strike in Iraq, 13 Killed Across Country

05:57 [CBC: politics] Venezuela protests Harper statement on Chavez as 'insensitve'

05:57 [zero hedge] When $40 Billion Isn't Enough or, Pray for the Retail Investor

05:57 [AntiWar] ‘They All Looked Alike’

06:01 [CNN] Why we're raising money to support Obama agenda

06:02 [The Hindu - News] The right way forward: lessons for contractors

06:04 [The Hindu - News] Natesan Institute gets modern classrooms

06:04 [The Hindu - News] T.N. Seshan and Grammy nominee Tandon honoured

06:05 [Big Think] 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) Is Turning the Impossible Into the Possible

06:05 [Big Think] How You Decide What To Buy Online

06:08 [The Hindu - News] A one-way ticket to Singapore at Rs. 2, 700

06:10 [The Hindu - News] Silence dawns on Hampankatta as women protest against abuse

06:10 [The Hindu - News] Now, property tax reminder through ePost

06:12 [The Hindu - News] Car passengers assaulted in highway robbery

06:14 [The Hindu - News] MCC, six other ULBs go to polls

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Udupi all set for the V-day

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Koniamman temple festival held

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Rare spine surgery performed in Tirupur

06:18 [The Hindu - News] Tantransco caution to the public

06:26 [Reuters] Safety board says will issue report on Boeing 787 probe Thursday

06:27 [AntiWar] Talking Turkey About Zionism

06:28 [CNN] Does royal gender slip give palace the baby blues?

06:30 [OpEdNews] A Bigger Problem for President Obama than Poll Numbers Drop

06:32 [Slashdot] MIT's Charm School For Geeks Turns 20

06:34 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart praises Rand Paul for shining light on ‘the execution of executive executions’

06:44 [The Hindu - News] Textile units shifting base

06:44 [The Hindu - News] Should judges go on vacation…

06:46 [CNN] Study links gun laws and lower gun mortality

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Pedestrian subways in Bangalore: filthy, smelly and unsafe

06:52 [The Hindu - News] Instil secular thoughts in children: writers

06:56 [The Hindu - News] Protest against power tariff, water charges

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Curfew continues in Kashmir Valley

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Refusal of hall-ticket drives student to end life

07:02 [The Hindu - News] Commissioning of phone booths at Tiruchi prison reaches final stage

07:04 [Fin24 News] Exxaro earnings hit by lower coal price

07:06 [The Hindu - News] Borstal School, Pudukottai jail to get more cameras

07:06 [The Hindu - News] Only 67 p.c. of Tiruchi residents have recorded biometric data

07:06 [The Hindu - News] Apt portrayal of woman in her myriad avatars

07:06 [The Hindu - News] TN aims at achieving GER of 25 per cent by 2023: Minister

07:06 [The Hindu - News] SCR Vijayawada division feels let down

07:08 [Financial Times] BoJ rejects fresh call for monetary easing

07:08 [Fin24 News] Standard Bank CEO Jacko Maree retires

07:09 [BBC: Technology] Kim Dotcom 'can sue NZ spy agency'

07:10 [Moral Low Ground] Pentagon Sent Retired US Colonels James Steele and James Coffman to Oversee Iraqi Torturers

07:13 [Reuters: politics] Gun-control drive to get first votes in Congress

07:18 [NPR] Sen. Rand Paul Ends Filibuster On Brennan Nomination

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Help in rolling out CNG infrastructure in Bangalore, Shettar tells Moily

07:19 [Raw Story] Obama promised to close Guantánamo. Instead, he’s made it worse.

07:19 [Guardian] Labour immigration policy will focus on short-term student visitor visas

07:19 [Guardian] Lion kills intern at California animal sanctuary

07:21 [The Hindu - News] LIC agents oppose Bill

07:22 [Reuters] Analysis: North Korea's Kim Jong-un to ride out sanctions in nuclear push

07:23 [NPR] Law Targets Sexual Violence On College Campuses

07:24 [Telegraph] 'Disgraceful' Serco falsified GP out-of-hours figures

07:24 [Telegraph] 'Mickey Mouse' courses banned from college league tables

07:24 [Telegraph] Social workers arrived to seize baby in labour ward

07:24 [Telegraph] Yvette Cooper: Labour will keep Coalition's immigrant cap

07:24 [Telegraph] Secondary school children 'shunning difficult books'

07:25 [The Hindu - News] Terror suspect narrates his ordeal

07:27 [The Hindu - News] KIADB case: Katta Subramanya Naidu withdraws petition

07:27 [Voice of America] Report: N. Korean Prison Camp Perimeter Spills into Villages

07:31 [Reuters: politics] Senator ends filibuster of Brennan nomination as CIA head

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Chandy expects good response from Centre on Nafed copra procurement

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Government college takes steps to fight sexual harassment

07:31 [The Hindu - News] UDF meet to decide Ganesh’s future

07:31 [Guardian] Bid to halt polar bear trade fails

07:32 [Reuters] Senator ends filibuster of Brennan nomination as CIA head

07:32 [Financial Times] Senator ends filibuster on CIA nominee

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Indra automation system comes on stream

07:35 [The Hindu - News] New helpline for women in Thiruvananthapuram

07:38 [Mother Jones] The President Breaks the Ice With Republicans

07:38 [Fin24 News] New budget airline to take to the skies

07:40 [Telegraph] US man facing jail for laughing too loudly

07:40 [Telegraph] Rand Paul concludes marathon 12-hour filibuster

07:43 [The Hindu - News] Away from the hustle and bustle of city

07:43 [The Hindu - News] Facebook chat with U.S. Consular Chief on student visas

07:45 [The Hindu - News] ‘Heart attack killed Chávez’

07:47 [Pravda] America is always itchy to interfere into everything

07:49 [The Hindu - News] Apartment complex: GVMC role comes under scanner

07:51 [The Hindu - News] An opportunity to show commitment to Vizag

07:52 [Reuters] Senator ends filibuster of Brennan CIA nomination

07:52 [Reuters: politics] Senator ends filibuster of Brennan CIA nomination

07:53 [The Hindu - News] A melange of emotions

07:53 [Guardian] Cancer risk higher among people who eat more processed meat, study finds

07:54 [Raw Story] Cardinals want youngish, polyglot MBA-type for next Pope

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Godown, six huts gutted in major fire

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Step up vigil, hoteliers told

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Away from the hustle and bustle of Vizag

07:56 [Telegraph] Just a chipolata a day, say health experts

07:56 [Telegraph] Britain cannot afford the spare room subsidy

07:56 [Telegraph] Duke and Duchess of Cambridge urged to give modern art the royal seal

07:56 [Telegraph] Nurse accuses top hospital over Liverpool Care Pathway

07:56 [Telegraph] Google search data could spot drugs side effects

07:56 [Telegraph] IRA man on the run from Mafia investigators says he is innocent

07:57 [The Hindu - News] Minister inspects solar toilets

08:01 [Reuters] Insight: Palestinian street boils at plight of prisoners

08:04 [Raw Story] Rand Paul ends ‘as long as it takes’ filibuster in 13th hour

08:07 [Reuters] Insight: Beppe Grillo - Italian clown or political mastermind?

08:14 [Fox News] MOVE DRAWS OUTCRY:Citgo Lowers Flags at US Offices to Honor Chavez

08:14 [Fox News] FATAL ATTACK:Lion Mauls, Kills Female Intern at Calif. Sanctuary

08:17 [The Hindu - News] Chief’s Dream may score

08:18 [Guardian] Thousands of children ineligible for free school meals but live in 'hidden poverty'

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet okays right to time-bound services bill

08:22 [Reuters] Kenyan authorities urge patience as vote count drags on

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Twin blast suspects also spotted at Lalazar cross

08:25 [OpEdNews] Persecuting Hanin Zoabi

08:26 [CNN] Electors to meet and mingle over coffee before start of conclave

08:26 [Telegraph] UK men 'losers in European prostate cancer lottery'

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Poetry and Pence

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Escaping the Housewife Trap

08:31 [OpEdNews] Media Scoundrels Pillory Chavez Before He's Buried

08:32 [CNN: Crime] Jodi vs. Casey: Lies

08:32 [CNN: Crime] Alexander speaks in new video

08:32 [CNN: Crime] 'Perceptive' jury questions

08:32 [CNN: Crime] Arias answers jury's questions

08:32 [CNN: Crime] N.Y. hit-and-run suspect surrenders

08:37 [Fin24 News] MTN sets sights on Myanmar

08:39 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: 'Half of UK's deer should be culled'

08:40 [Topix Activism News] PETA criticizes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

08:41 [Pravda] America, the land of the free – whatever!

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Nanosuit mandatory

08:51 [CNN] Worker mauled to death at California sanctuary by her favorite lion

08:51 [Fin24 News] Gold stocks stage technical rally

08:53 [CNN] Philippine clan leader calls for ceasefire in Malaysia's Sabah

08:58 [Telegraph] Instant laser test for breast cancer 'could cut costs and spare anxious wait for thousands of women'

08:58 [Telegraph] Helena Kennedy takes Theresa May to task over human rights laws

09:01 [Reuters] China faces social, financial risks in urbanization push

09:01 [Reuters] Monte Paschi's spokesman was under pressure over bank probe: reports

09:04 [Truthdig] Hungry Children Will Be Among First to Suffer From Sequestration

09:08 [Slashdot] The Green Grid Publishes New Data Center Recycling Metric

09:11 [Fin24 News] Mines 'not responsible for housing'

09:12 [The Hindu - News] It’s advantage English in civils exam

09:12 [Telegraph] SNP anger at 'enemies' in the BBC boils over

09:12 [Telegraph] Harrods guard tells Welsh women dressed in national costume: 'You can't come in here dressed like that'

09:16 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Jude Law on films, fame, and turning 40

09:17 [Fox News] Paul Ends Nearly 13-Hour Filibuster

09:17 [Fox News] CASE CLOSED:Cops Won't File Charges After Woman Denied CPR

09:18 [Fox News] Fla. lawmaker: Gun buyers need anger management - Sheriff blasts testimony of pro-gun control police chief

09:18 [Fox News] Lion mauls, kills female intern at California sanctuary- Boy dies after pit bull attack in Wisconsin

09:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Glass pavilion plan for Southbank

09:21 [BBC: Technology] Record complaints on phone insurance

09:23 [NPR] Eating Out: Obama's New Overtures To GOP Lawmakers

09:24 [CNN] Arkansas lawmakers back nation's most restrictive abortion bill

09:25 [Global Voices] Jamaica: Art & Blackness

09:26 [BBC: Entertainment] Bonnie Tyler chosen for Eurovision

09:28 [NPR] Andrew Sullivan Is Doing Fine

09:28 [NPR] In Post-Revolution Egypt, Fears Of Police Abuse Deepening

09:28 [NPR] With Budget Cuts For Ports, Produce May Perish

09:28 [NPR] Challenge To Michigan's Gay Marriage Ban Grows From Adoption Case

09:28 [NPR] Obama Looks For A Spring Thaw With Congress To Start Melting Deficit

09:28 [NPR] BP Bows Out Of Solar, But Industry Outlook Still Sunny

09:32 [Pravda] Bolshoi Ballet acid attack solved, real men arrested

09:36 [Fin24 News] Implats Zim deal in jeopardy

09:44 [Telegraph] Travel chaos as Waterloo trains stopped for four hours

09:44 [Telegraph] Hugo Chavez said: 'I don't want to die' before suffering massive heart attack

09:44 [Telegraph] Pacemaker in the brain 'could treat anorexia sufferers'

09:44 [The Hindu - News] National free roaming likely before October: Sibal

09:46 [Fin24 News] Consumers less confident in economy

09:48 [CNN: Money] Venezuela's 4 cents a gallon gas won't go away

09:48 [CNN] Kenyan PM Odinga's running mate calls for vote tallying to stop

09:56 [Guardian] Talks under way to free 21 UN peacekeepers held in Syria – live updates

09:56 [Guardian] More than 2 million people give up work to care for relatives

09:56 [CNN] Final cardinal-elector expected in Rome ahead of conclave

09:58 [Telegraph] Managers and skilled workers make up bulk of far right supporters

09:58 [Telegraph] Chinese visa rules 'are not working', Yvette Cooper warns

09:59 [Voice of America] Bolshoi Dancer Admits Ordering Attack

10:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Bolshoi acid attack 'was a mistake'

10:04 [CNN: Money] Stocks: The Dow is on a roll

10:07 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Afghanistan a Minefield for the Innocent

10:07 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] North Kivu Refugees Hope to Find Peace in Uganda

10:07 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Fishing Labour Out of the Dark Ages

10:10 [zero hedge] Governments Worldwide are Implementing Orwellian Gold Confiscation Today. You Just Haven’t Realized it Yet.

10:10 [zero hedge] Governments Worldwide are Implementing Orwellian Gold Confiscation Today. You Just Haven’t Realized it Yet.

10:12 [Slashdot] Boeing 787s To Create Half a Terabyte of Data Per Flight

10:17 [Pravda] Living in tiny cages already reality in Tokyo

10:20 [Guardian] Aviva axes bonuses and freezes executive pay

10:21 [CNN] Amid angry threats, U.N. to vote on new North Korea sanctions

10:30 [New Internationalist] A word with acclaimed singer Meklit Hadero

10:30 [Fin24 News] Standard Bank bids farewell to Maree

10:30 [Telegraph] Bolshoi attack: 'Ivan the Terrible' did not want acid thrown in ballet chief's face

10:30 [Telegraph] North Korea conducting unusual military drills

10:30 [Telegraph] Energy campaigners concerned with protecting environment are 'bourgeois', says minister

10:31 [Spiegel] Encumbered Lumber: Europe Seeks Hard Line on Illegal Logging

10:32 [Voice of America] Malaysia Rejects Ceasefire Offer by Filipino Muslim Group

10:35 [Fox News: politics] Paul ends Senate filibuster of CIA nominee over drone concerns after nearly 13 hours

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Is Google Glass a threat to our privacy?

10:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] On George W. Bush: the 'Decider' Who Didn't Decide?

10:44 [Voice of America] Venezuelans Pay Final Respects to Chavez

10:46 [Guardian] Talks under way to free 21 UN peacekeepers held in Syria – live coverage

10:48 [Fox News] US Faces Tightrope Walk Post-Chavez

10:48 [Fox News] TAX REFORM PUSHBACK:Nebraska Gov's Plan to Nix State Income Taxes Foiled

10:48 [Fox News] 'THE BEST WE COULD': Paul Ends Nearly 13-Hour Anti-Drone Filibuster

10:50 [Fin24 News] Business confidence slips

10:53 [Financial Times] China backs stronger N Korea sanctions

10:56 [CNN] Kenyan presidential contender's camp says vote 'doctored'

11:01 [Telegraph] Cult of Mao should be reassessed, says grandson

11:01 [Telegraph] Kenyan presidential running mate alleges vote 'doctoring'

11:01 [Telegraph] Police warn over mystery 'Rockstar' drug

11:01 [Telegraph] Ram-raid hits flagship Gucci store

11:01 [Telegraph] Bonnie Tyler to represent UK at Eurovision Song Contest

11:01 [Telegraph] Toddler in the care of the same council involved in Baby P scandal is left on a bus

11:01 [Reuters] Kenya presidential hopeful challenges count in tense vote

11:12 [Voice of America] Bolshoi Dancer Admits Ordering Attack

11:12 [Voice of America] Odinga Running Mate Says Kenya Vote Count 'Doctored'

11:15 [Fox News] N. Korea vows nuke attack on US over sanctions

11:17 [Telegraph] RBS customers call for compensation as cash machines crash again

11:18 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures and premarket movers

11:18 [CNN: Money] Ford sees "green shoots" in Europe

11:21 [Reuters] North Korea threatens U.S. with preemptive nuclear strike

11:21 [Fin24 News] Sanlam profit growth lags consensus

11:22 [CBC: politics] 6 potential stumbling blocks to Canada-EU trade deal

11:26 [Voice of America] N. Korea Threatens Preemptive Nuclear Attack on US

11:26 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] ‘Humanitarian Diplomacy’ Fights Nukes

11:32 [Slashdot] Dotcom Wins Right To Sue NZ Government

11:32 [BBC: Education] The parent-child battles over a costume for World Book Day

11:33 [Telegraph] Schoolgirl bitten by foot-long rat as she slept

11:34 [Truthdig] Coal Triggers Carbon Level Rise

11:34 [BBC: Education] Lone parent rate trebles in 40 years

11:35 [Fin24 News] Sick miners file suit against Anglo

11:36 [Guardian] Labour outlines measures to restrict benefits for new EU arrivals in UK

11:36 [Guardian] Passenger stabbed to death on Birmingham bus

11:36 [Guardian] Supreme court may force UK to act on air pollution

11:39 [Spiegel] Storming the Corridors of Power: A�Manifesto for Working Women

11:42 [Financial Times] Malaysia rejects rebels’ ceasefire plea

11:42 [Fox News] SANCTIONS ANGER:N. Korea Vows US Nuke Strike as UN Plans to Vote

11:42 [Guardian] Baby in foster care is left on bus

11:43 [Financial Times] China agrees to N Korea cargo checks

11:43 [Fox News] Arkansas adopts nation's toughest abortion ban


11:44 [BBC: Also in the news] The man who demolished Shakespeare's house

11:44 [BBC: Also in the news] The parent-child battles over a costume for World Book Day

11:44 [Guardian] Furious NatWest customers pledge to leave bank following latest IT crash

11:45 [Financial Times] UN works to free Filipino peacekeepers

11:46 [BBC: Education] Latest school checks show uplift

11:48 [Slate Magazine] We’re Spreading What on Our Parks?

11:51 [zero hedge] China Threatens Currency War Retaliation, Warns Japan Against Using China As "Garbage Bin" In Race To Debase

11:51 [CNN: Money] Workers don't share in companies' gains

11:51 [CNN: Money] Stressful jobs that pay badly

11:51 [OpEdNews] Sequester this!

11:52 [Reuters] Regulators end probe of big five EU telecoms firms over standards

11:53 [BBC: Entertainment] Kenny Ball, jazz trumpeter, dies

11:54 [Voice of America] Philippines Condemns Seizing of Peacekeepers by Syrian Rebels

11:55 [CNN] Mali only waited months, why has Darfur suffered for a decade?

11:56 [Guardian] John Lewis staff celebrate bonus of nine weeks' pay

11:58 [Guardian] North Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike against US

12:00 [CNN: Money] Help! The state won't give me my money back

12:00 [CNN: Money] Save money for retirement. That's an order

12:00 [BBC: Technology] Frozen phones give up data secrets

12:05 [Telegraph] Schoolgirl, 15, stabbed to death on rush-hour bus

12:05 [Telegraph] Pakistani scouts step in to protect persecuted Shia minority

12:06 [CNN] Philippine clan leader calls for cease-fire in Malaysia's Sabah

12:09 [Mother Jones] What the Washington Post Didn't Tell You About the Daily Caller's Senate Sex Story

12:09 [Mother Jones] NRA Fires Back in Defense of Gun Myths

12:09 [Mother Jones] Countdown to Catblogging

12:11 [Reuters] Italy court sentences Berlusconi to 1 year jail in wiretap trial

12:11 [Reuters] Safety board says will issue report on Boeing 787 probe on Thursday

12:12 [] World powers must cut a deal with Iran before it's too late

12:15 [CNN: Money] Why the ban on telecommuting won't become a trend

12:16 [Voice of America] Malaysia Rejects Ceasefire Offer by Filipino Muslim Group

12:16 [Reuters] French minister visits troops in north Mali, says mission not over

12:19 [Telegraph] North Korea warns of 'thermonuclear war'

12:19 [Telegraph] Bushfire ends 15-month Australia tree sit-in

12:19 [zero hedge] Previewing Today's ECB's Decision

12:20 [Guardian] Clegg fails to back Cable's call for more borrowing to fund capital investment

12:20 [Guardian] Schoolgirl stabbed to death on Birmingham bus

12:20 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Chavez remembered in Gaza vigil

12:21 [Reuters] Syria rebels want troop pullback before they free U.N. men

12:21 [Reuters] Berlusconi sentenced to 1 year jail in wiretap trial

12:24 [CNN: Money] Why telecommuting bans won't become a trend

12:25 [Good] A Truly Godless Place: Why We Designed a Temple for Atheists

12:25 [Good] You See Garbage, I See Value: Let’s Make Recycling a Business No-Brainer

12:25 [Good] Connecting Beyond Creed Through Multimedia and Social Justice

12:25 [Good] A Pop-Up Farmers Market Cafe: Buy Some Veggies and Poof, Dinner

12:25 [Good] Fewer Ingredients, Fewer Fridays: Crib Notes for the March Food Challenge

12:26 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Chavez remembered in Gaza vigil

12:26 [Reuters] North Korea warns U.S. of preemptive nuclear strike

12:27 [BBC: Education] Graduate pay gap - women paid less

12:33 [Slate Magazine] The Littlest Member

12:34 [] UN Official Hans Blix: Iran Nuke Threat is Overhyped

12:35 [Telegraph] How China came to worship the mango during the Cultural Revolution

12:35 [Telegraph] Pussy Riot member seeks parole to spend time with daughter

12:39 [Spiegel] Real Estate Locusts: Developers Cash in on Europe's Poorest

12:43 [CNN] Final cardinal expected in Rome ahead of vote on pope

12:43 [CNN] Kenya elections: What you need to know

12:45 [The Hindu - News] Devotion-filled journey

12:45 [The Hindu - News] With grace and intensity

12:45 [The Hindu - News] The Kamban dream

12:51 [The Hindu - News] Street to stage

12:51 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to year in prison

12:51 [Telegraph] North Korea warns of 'thermonuclear war' against US

12:51 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 7 March 2013

12:51 [Telegraph] Falkland islands referendum: Argentina preparing for bad news

12:51 [Telegraph] Bonnie Tyler releases music video for Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Believe In Me'

12:51 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg warns Increasing borrowing could push up mortgages and bills

12:51 [Topix Activism News] Palestinian street boils at plight of prisoners

12:53 [CNN] Berlusconi gets year sentence over published wiretap

12:58 [CNN] Ghostly underwater art gallery breathes new life to sunken ship

12:59 [The Hindu - News] A.P. Council polls: Tough for Cong, TDP to finalise candidates

13:01 [Spiegel] America's New Mommy Wars: An Elitist Assault on Working Women?

13:03 [BBC: Education] Poor children 'denied free lunch'

13:03 [The Hindu - News] Small world charm

13:04 [Voice of America] Berlusconi Sentenced for Publishing Wiretap Transcript

13:04 [Financial Times] Live: Central bank rate decisions

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Reinstate Mirza in DRDO, besides open apology: Katju

13:07 [BBC: Entertainment] Authors make libel reform plea

13:09 [CNN] Egypt hungry for 'food revolution'

13:10 [CNN] Branded a rebel: Sporting mercenaries or crusaders for a cause?

13:10 [CNN: Health] Tips to help you sleep

13:10 [CNN: Health] 5 million more living with diabetes

13:10 [zero hedge] Futures Ignore 13 Year High In French Unemployment, Tumble In German Factor Orders; Rise On Spanish Auction

13:11 [The Hindu - News] Reinstate Mirza in DRDO with open apology: Katju

13:13 [The Hindu - News] Meeting of artistic minds

13:13 [The Hindu - News] Apologise, reinstate Mirza in DRDO: Katju

13:14 [Raw Story] Bolshoi dancer appears in court over acid attack

13:14 [Raw Story] Ukraine’s topless feminists go international

13:14 [Fox News] N. Korea Threatens US Nuke Attack

13:15 [Caritas Internationalis] International Women’s Day: Tapa in Tonga

13:18 [BBC: Education] Households renting 'rises to 15%'

13:19 [The Hindu - News] ‘Gandhi’s first non-violent movement had Chinese link’

13:19 [CBC: politics] Shipbuilding announcement planned for Thursday

13:20 [Fin24 News] Sisulu: Moves afoot to curb corruption

13:21 [Telegraph] Legal victory for Leeds children's heart unit

13:21 [Telegraph] Lion kills woman at US animal sanctuary

13:21 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg: Sacking Sir David Nicholson would 'falsely satisfy' Mid Staffs families

13:22 [CNN] The human body in 'Google map' form

13:22 [CNN: Health] Your body in 'Google map' form

13:22 [CNN: Health] Watch the 'Escape Fire' trailer

13:22 [CNN: Health] The human body in 'Google map' form

13:22 [CNN: Health] 'Escape Fire': How to fix health care

13:24 [Raw Story] Randy pandas get privacy at Tokyo zoo

13:24 [Raw Story] Safety agency still has questions about Dreamliner

13:25 [The Hindu - News] Khurshid to host lunch for Pak PM

13:27 [The Hindu - News] Kenya polls: Odinga camp alleges tampering

13:28 [Fin24 News] Consumers less confident on economy

13:28 [Global Voices] Venezuela: An Open-Air Museum Few Dare to Visit

13:29 [Guardian] Cameron's economy speech & Yvette Cooper's immigration speech: Politics live blog

13:30 [BBC: Education] School checks 'show improvement'

13:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] Cliffs Notes for the Filibuster: Rand Paul in His Own Words

13:34 [Raw Story] North Korea threatens ‘pre-emptive’ nuclear strike

13:34 [Raw Story] New album rekindles Bowie’s Berlin love affair

13:35 [The Hindu - News] Give the body a break

13:37 [Telegraph] Teenage girl stabbed to death on Birmingham bus

13:37 [Telegraph] Moonwalking Shetland pony was handpicked in X-factor style contest

13:37 [Telegraph] Mikhail Gorbachev tells Vladimir Putin 'not to be afraid of his own people'

13:37 [The Hindu - News] The Marriage Trap

13:39 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Bolshoi acid attack 'was a mistake'

13:39 [CNN: Money] Yahoo's Mayer gets $1.1 million bonus

13:41 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: March 7

13:42 [Voice of America] Pakistan Prepares for Historic National Elections

13:43 [NPR] Book News: Who's Afraid Of Sheryl Sandberg?

13:45 [BBC: Entertainment] Sugar 'no intention' of paying out

13:45 [Fox News: politics] Eyes on Senate after House passes bill to avoid government shutdown

13:45 [The Hindu - News] Brokers or Breakers?

13:45 [The Atlantic: National] 'Be More Like The Jews'

13:46 [Fin24 News] NDP full of hijacked DA policies - Numsa

13:47 [The Hindu - News] The bastion on the hill

13:47 [The Hindu - News] India donates 10,000 cycles to Sri Lankan war displaced

13:48 [The Atlantic: International] Turning Japanese: Obama's "Asia Pivot" Centers on Japan

13:48 [Fin24 News] NDP hijacked DA policies - Numsa

13:48 [NPR] Nearly 13 Hours Later, Sen. Paul Ends His Filibuster; Here's The Video

13:50 [Reuters] Berlusconi sentenced in wiretap trial

13:51 [The Hindu - News] Black and forth

13:53 [BBC: Science & Environment] Polar bear vote defeated at meeting

13:53 [The Hindu - News] Rail Nirman Nilayam goes green

13:53 [The Hindu - News] Malaysia rejects ceasefire offer in Sabah

13:54 [Global Voices] Video: Expats’ Knowledge about China's Politics

13:54 [BBC: Entertainment] Bonnie Tyler Eurovision entry reaction

13:54 [CNN] French soldier killed in Mali fighting

13:54 [Financial Times] Kenyan candidate claims vote rigging

13:55 [The Hindu - News] Bank of England turns down another stimulus

13:56 [Fin24 News] High unemployment to sap growth

13:57 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Palestinians offer condolences for death of Chavez

13:57 [Financial Times] Bolshoi acid attacker refuses to apologise

13:58 [CNN: Politics] George H.W. Bush: Bill Clinton is 'de man!'

13:58 [CNN: Politics] Messina: Why we're raising money to support Obama agenda

13:58 [CNN: Politics] Arkansas lawmakers back nation's most restrictive abortion bill

14:00 [The Hindu - News] MPs walk out of Lok Sabha on Sri Lankan Tamils issue

14:00 [Reuters] Dell says Icahn opposes go-private deal

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Three cheers

14:04 [Raw Story] Berlusconi sentenced to year in prison over leaks

14:04 [Raw Story] CIA seizes bin Laden son-in-law: report

14:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Jazz trumpeter Kenny Ball dies

14:05 [The Atlantic: Politics] A Devastating 26-Word Challenge to President Obama's Leadership

14:05 [CNN: Money] Fed's stress test may not be stressful enough

14:05 [CNN: Entertainment] Guitarist Alvin Lee dies at 68

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Saugata Roy resigns as Mamata’s adviser

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Bastion on the hill

14:11 [zero hedge] CCAR | Stress Test Follies & Zombie Banks

14:11 [zero hedge] ECB Keeps Rates Unchanged

14:11 [zero hedge] Berlusconi Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Wiretapping

14:12 [The Hindu - News] My five…

14:12 [CNN: Money] MAYER'S $1.1 MILLION PAYDAY

14:13 [Slashdot] Using Google To Help Predict Side Effects of Mixing Drugs

14:15 [Fox News: politics] Cost of Entitlements: To cover $35T promise, future generations face steep tax hikes

14:17 [Fox News] Regis Joins Fox

14:17 [Fox News] Demi's Secret Half-Sister

14:17 [CNN] Shame on Democrats for race-baiting

14:18 [CNN: Politics] Holder: Drone strike possible

14:18 [Fox News] Al Gore sued over sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera

14:18 [Fox News] Man charged with stealing $19G in Girl Scout cookies

14:18 [Fox News] Suspect arrested in NYC crash that killed family

14:18 [Fox News] US cardinals cancel briefing amid concern of leaks- PICKING A POPE: Complete conclave coverage

14:18 [Fox News] NY widow accused of keeping servant virtually prisoner

14:18 [Fox News] Obama, GOP senators dine amid sequester woes- Email shows push to up sequester pain, rep says- TSA signs $50M uniform deal amid budget cuts

14:20 [The Hindu - News] France calls on Europe to ease off austerity

14:20 [Reuters] Dell shareholder Icahn opposes go-private deal, seeks payout

14:23 [] Progressives: Paul's Filibuster Against 'Targeted Killing' Right on Target

14:23 [Slate Magazine] The Memex in Your Pocket

14:24 [CNN: Politics] Obama dines with GOP senators

14:25 [Telegraph] Bonnie Tyler in pictures

14:25 [Telegraph] Student who fried hamster sentenced

14:25 [Telegraph] Apprentice winner is 'after my money' claims Lord Sugar

14:25 [Telegraph] Fewer jail terms for knife possession, figures reveal

14:26 [Voice of America] Angolans Left Homeless or Detained After Forced Evictions

14:27 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: UN Human Rights Council holds minute's silence for Chavez

14:28 [BBC: Entertainment] Kenny Ball: The swinging jazz star

14:29 [CNN: Money] ECB leaves interest rates unchanged

14:29 [Guardian] Rupert Murdoch seeks to reassure bailed Sun journalists

14:29 [Guardian] My rapists were rewarded, says Somali woman cleared of making false claims

14:29 [Guardian] Jazz trumpeter Kenny Ball dies aged 82

14:29 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: 'Why deer cull must go ahead'

14:34 [The Hindu - News] Making herself heard

14:35 [Reuters: politics] Obama continues outreach on budget, to meet with more lawmakers

14:36 [CNN] Is TSA serious about letting people carry knives?

14:38 [The Hindu - News] Music, her life

14:40 [The Hindu - News] 60 per cent polling in Karnataka local polls

14:40 [Reuters] Jobless claims unexpectedly fall, signal labor market gains

14:41 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Will the Next Pope Embrace Liberation Theology?

14:41 [zero hedge] Devaluation

14:41 [zero hedge] Mario Draghi's ECB Press Conference - Live Webcast

14:42 [Voice of America] French Defense Minister Visits Troops in Northern Mali

14:43 [Fin24 News] Hundreds of farmers ask for wage waiver

14:43 [Fox News] Obama, GOP senators dine amid sequester woes- Email shows push to up sequester pain, rep says- Eyes on Senate after House passes bill to avoid gov't shutdown

14:43 [NPR] Top Stories: Sen. Paul's Filibuster; North Korea's Warning

14:43 [NPR] Suspect In New York City Hit-And-Run Surrenders To Police

14:43 [CNN] Abuse victims' group names preferred picks for new pope

14:43 [CNN] Israel says it won't intervene in Syrian-U.N. incident

14:44 [The Hindu - News] Drawn to Kerala

14:46 [CNN] What does the rising Dow mean?

14:48 [Slashdot] North Korea Threatens US With Preemptive Nuclear Strike

14:48 [The Hindu - News] ECB holds rates at historic low amid fresh eurozone worries

14:48 [NPR] Mixed Signals: Jobless Claims Dip; Layoff Plans Rise

14:49 [Raw Story] Colbert: Racism is solved! Drop the fully integrated balloons!

14:50 [Spiegel] World from Berlin: 'Venezuela Faces Difficult Times'

14:52 [The Hindu - News] Poetic feats of artistry

14:52 [The Hindu - News] Lion kills woman at US exotic animal park

14:53 [CNN: Money] Good jobs news: Initial claims fall

14:54 [Global Voices] Chinese Households Have $2.34 Trillion in Hidden Income

14:55 [BBC: Technology] Quick success for Planescape reboot

14:55 [Telegraph] David Cameron tells Tory backbenchers there will be no unfunded tax cuts in the Budget

14:55 [Telegraph] British tourists kidnapped on way to Sharm El Sheikh

14:55 [Reuters] Dancer says did not want acid used in Bolshoi attack

14:56 [The Hindu - News] Speaking up for the silenced

14:57 [zero hedge] Okun Shrugs With Productivity Plunging, Labor Costs Surging, And Claims Improving

14:57 [zero hedge] Samsung Will Be Ready To Do That Fruit Thing, Just Like Blackberry & Apple - Courtesy Of Google, #MarginCompression!

14:57 [zero hedge] Trade Deficit Snaps Back In January, Larger Than Expected

14:58 [Middle East Monitor] Touseef: Canada to cut aid if PA pursues Israel at International Criminal Court

14:59 [Raw Story] Cenk calls Rand Paul a ‘constitutional hero’ for Brennan filibuster

15:00 [Spiegel] Up a Creek, Pirate Party Looks for a Paddle

15:00 [Reuters] Dancer says did not want acid used in Bolshoi attack

15:03 [] Afghanistan a Minefield for the Innocent

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Print Pick: Fiction and non-fiction books

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Giving the game their best shot

15:05 [CBC: politics] Wireless spectrum auction to start November 19th

15:06 [CNN: Money] Ed Zabitsky's $270 per share Apple price target

15:07 [CNN] Els' coach wants quick belly putter decision

15:09 [Financial Times] Malaysia troops kill 31 Philippine militants

15:10 [Fox News: politics] Gun safety measures face first votes in Congress Thursday

15:10 [The Hindu - News] Quick Five: Diana Silvester - Setting a record

15:10 [The Hindu - News] Giving a fair perspective

15:11 [Reuters] New claims data signal labor market gains, trade gap widens

15:11 [Reuters] Berlusconi gets jail sentence in wiretap trial

15:14 [Global Voices] Iran's President Says “Chavez Will Return with Christ”


15:17 [CNN: Technology] SXSW may have peaked, and that's not a bad thing

15:18 [The Atlantic: International] Super Mario on the Nile: Egypt's Protesters Try Western Memes

15:18 [The Hindu - News] Reality bytes from the small screen

15:18 [The Hindu - News] Connecting through music

15:19 [CBC: politics] Failure to Charter-proof bills breaches privilege: NDP MP

15:19 [Raw Story] Arkansas lawmaker: ‘We are not eliminating choice at all’ with 12-week abortion ban

15:19 [Raw Story] NAACP’s Julian Bond to Colbert: Scalia is Limbaugh of Supreme Court

15:23 [The Hindu - News] ‘At the end, we could erase a little bit of mediocrity’

15:23 [NPR] Today: First Key Votes On Gun Laws Since Newtown Shootings

15:25 [The Hindu - News] India profits from loss-making biennale

15:26 [CNN: Technology] Facebook: New look for News Feed

15:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Cigarette Companies Mock Tobacco Control Laws in Latin America

15:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.S. Hopes for Some Rapprochement After Chávez

15:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] North Korea Threatens U.S. with Nuclear Attack

15:27 [CNN] How to ensure no schoolchild dies of an allergy attack

15:28 [Telegraph] 'Bright and popular' schoolgirl named as victim of bus knife murder

15:28 [Telegraph] Kenny Ball: great of British jazz dies

15:32 [Slashdot] Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Java, Win 8 All Hacked At Pwn2Own

15:32 [Pravda] Barents Sea of discord for Russia and Norway

15:33 [The Hindu - News] Defence Ministry asks AgustaWestland to explain linkages with 2 firms

15:33 [CNN: Entertainment] Behind the scenes of 'Wizard'

15:33 [CBC: politics] Martha Hall Findlay takes 2nd run at Liberal leadership

15:33 [CBC: politics] Aboriginal prison population has jumped in 10 years

15:35 [Guardian] Russian officials told to stop using phrases linked to corruption

15:35 [Guardian] Schoolgirl stabbed to death on Birmingham bus named

15:36 [Financial Times] Live: Coverage of Draghi press conference

15:36 [CNN: Politics] Shame on Democrats for race-baiting

15:37 [The Hindu - News] The role of role models

15:37 [The Hindu - News] Women and wanderlust

15:39 [The Hindu - News] Keeping the torch alight

15:39 [The Hindu - News] AIR women presenters complain of harassment

15:39 [CNN: Health] Alligator blood as an antibiotic?

15:41 [Foreign Policy in Focus] I'll Miss Hugo

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Swimming against the tide

15:42 [Telegraph] Graphic: how the United Kingdom has changed, 1971-2011

15:42 [CBC: politics] Wireless spectrum auction to start Nov. 19

15:42 [OpEdNews] The Worsening of War by Despicable Uses for Drones

15:43 [The Hindu - News] Being the change

15:43 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for March 7, 2013

15:43 [] Democracy Now!: Operation Condor Trial Tackles Coordinated Campaign By Latin American Dictatorships To Kill Leftists

15:43 [] Democracy Now!: The Girl: Abbie Cornish Stars in Film About Tragic Smuggling of Immigrants Across US-Mexico Border

15:44 [CNN] Obama woos GOP, finally

15:44 [CNN: Money] Dow continues record run

15:46 [CNN] A taxing time for French football?

15:46 [Fox News] N. Korea Vows Nuclear Strike on US

15:47 [The Hindu - News] Cool coconut

15:49 [NPR] Egypt's Locust Plague Threatens Israel

15:51 [The Hindu - News] A woman’s struggle

15:53 [CNN] Why 'nightmare bacteria' on the rise

15:53 [The Atlantic: Technology] A History Of Lunarcraft

15:53 [Fin24 News] Exxaro mines hit by wildcat strikes

15:54 [CBC: politics] Spectrum auction seeks lower cell prices

15:55 [Disinformation] On The Legacy Of Hugo Chavez

15:55 [The Hindu - News] Shopping NETWORK

15:57 [Reuters: politics] Senator urges early renewal of Africa trade bill

15:57 [The Hindu - News] Swathe of society

15:58 [Telegraph] Vicky Pryce: Profile of woman whose quest for revenge brought her down

15:58 [Telegraph] Read in full: the emails that reveal Vicky Pryce's plot to 'nail' cheating Chris Huhne

15:58 [Telegraph] Vicky Pryce: Guilty of perverting the course of justice

15:58 [Telegraph] The 2013 Iditarod sled dog race across 1,000 miles of snowy wilderness in Alaska

15:58 [Telegraph] Police should collect blood samples after all accidents, ministers told

15:59 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Peres clashes with EU officials over settlements

16:00 [Reuters] Obama continues outreach on budget, to meet with more lawmakers

16:01 [The Hindu - News] Sticks to the heart

16:03 [The Hindu - News] Cardinals get finance brief but no conclave date

16:03 [Guardian] Vicky Pryce convicted over Chris Huhne speeding points switch

16:03 [Guardian] Businessman's bomb-detection kits 'were based on novelty golf gadgets'

16:05 [The Hindu - News] East and best

16:05 [Big Think] Coming Soon: An SUV That Runs Exclusively On Hydrogen

16:07 [The Hindu - News] She runs, so she is

16:07 [The Hindu - News] Quick Five: Prachi Desai - My image and I

16:07 [CNN: Entertainment] Mendes won't direct next 'Bond'

16:07 [CNN: Entertainment] Stewart breaks from 'Daily Show'

16:09 [Raw Story] Luke Russert: Gohmert’s golf ban on Obama ‘reveals a pettiness on both sides’

16:09 [Raw Story] Top 5 moments of the Brennan filibuster

16:11 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Exchange Traded Funds 'Dumping Gold' – Does It Matter?

16:11 [zero hedge] Chart Of The Day: Plunging Gasoline Demand vs The "Soaring" Recovery And Record Dow Jones

16:11 [zero hedge] Euro and S&P 50: Don't Be Fooled by the Optics

16:11 [The Hindu - News] We, the patriarchs

16:11 [The Hindu - News] Intriguing war tales

16:11 [BBC: Science & Environment] Canadian glaciers face 'big losses'

16:12 [Fox News: politics] Historic filibuster renews bipartisan focus on drone expansion

16:12 [OpEdNews] Bad News on the Keystone Pipeline

16:14 [NPR] Will Breaking Bread Break The Deadlock In D.C.?

16:15 [Reuters] At Chavez's coffin, Venezuelans vow more revolution

16:15 [The Hindu - News] Legally speaking

16:15 [The Hindu - News] Funny man's story

16:15 [Fox News] Obama, GOP senators dine amid sequester woes- Future generations face tax hikes to cover $35T- Eyes on Senate as House passes bill to avoid shutdown

16:17 [Pravda] Russian Army to be reinvented from head to foot

16:17 [The Hindu - News] Different expressions

16:18 [CBC: politics] Spectrum auction aims to lower wireless costs

16:19 [The Hindu - News] The pathbreaker

16:19 [The Hindu - News] Tribute to veena maestro

16:20 [Reuters] Obama to meet with more lawmakers on budget

16:21 [The Hindu - News] Thrilling presentation

16:22 [CNN] Amid angry threats, U.N. passes new North Korea sanctions

16:22 [OpEdNews] Peter Van Buren: One Day Even the Drones Will Have to Land

16:23 [Slashdot] Android In Space: STRaND-1 Satellite To Activate Nexus One

16:23 [CNN: Money] Chavez's death could hit Florida real estate

16:23 [The Onion] [Video] Obama Issues Presidential Pardon To Get Biden Out Of Jail For Third Time This Year

16:23 [The Onion] American Voices: New Samsung Phone To Be Controlled By Eye Movements

16:25 [CNN] International Women's Day: Whose words inspire you?

16:25 [The Hindu - News] Cafemoto, mobikes and coffee

16:25 [The Hindu - News] Rare scholarly feat

16:26 [New Internationalist] Kenya still deciding

16:26 [Voice of America] Europe Central Bank Downplays Italy Election Impact on Markets

16:27 [The Hindu - News] Studying the two styles

16:28 [Slate Magazine] All The Kink’s Men

16:29 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Administrative Justice Court blocks Egyptian elections

16:30 [Telegraph] British tourists released after being kidnapped on way to Sharm El Sheikh

16:30 [Telegraph] How Vicky Pryce smeared innocent Lib Dem activist

16:30 [Telegraph] Chris Huhne: the role of newspapers in bringing him down

16:30 [Telegraph] 'Dodgy investments' helped Chris Huhne make his millions, ex-wife claims

16:30 [Telegraph] Senior Lib Dems deny they knew about Vicky Pryce points swap

16:30 [Telegraph] Judge Constance Briscoe could be prosecuted for 'lying to police' about role in exposing Chris Huhne

16:30 [Disinformation] DisinfoCast 48: ‘Secret History of the Reptilians’ With Scott Alan Roberts

16:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] Good for Rand Paul

16:30 [Spiegel] G�ring's List: Should Israel Honor a Leading Nazi's Brother?

16:31 [Reuters: politics] Obama to meet with more lawmakers on budget

16:31 [The Hindu - News] The Ugly Truth

16:32 [Financial Times] Berlusconi given one year jail sentence

16:34 [Raw Story] Russian scientists find new bacteria in Antarctic lake

16:34 [Raw Story] Texas GOP Peddling Anti-Choice Conspiracy Theories

16:35 [Big Think] The forbidden fruit: How grapefruit could kill you

16:35 [The Hindu - News] The network of women

16:38 [Fin24 News] Business body: Maree a force of nature

16:40 [CNN: Money] Paul Ryan's balanced budget quest

16:40 [Fox News: politics] Lawmaker: Bin Laden spokesman caught in Jordan

16:40 [Fox News: politics] Obama Pushed to the Point of Pleasantry

16:41 [zero hedge] Blast From Dick Bove's Long And Illustrious Past

16:42 [The Hindu - News] Some more momos

16:42 [CNN] France defense chief visits troops in Mali

16:44 [The Hindu - News] International jumble

16:44 [Truthdig] Kim Jong Un Meeting Rodman

16:44 [Truthdig] Harlem Shake

16:44 [Truthdig] College of Cardinals

16:44 [Truthdig] Latino Outreach

16:46 [The Hindu - News] Shout and be heard

16:46 [Telegraph] Arkansas passes most restrictive abortion law in US

16:46 [Telegraph] Teenager stabbed to death on journey to school 'had tweeted about fears over man on bus'

16:50 [The Hindu - News] Simplicity is all

16:51 [CBC: politics] Ottawa signs $288M contract for design of Arctic ships

16:52 [The Hindu - News] Stories from the soul

16:52 [zero hedge] Stocks Are At New Highs... But We're All Poorer For It

16:52 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Retiree's No Better Off Than In 1999

16:53 [Slashdot] The Data That Drove Yahoo's Telecommuting Ban

16:53 [The Onion] Statshot: Least Popular Pope Names

16:53 [The Onion] Thin Mints Exchange Hurried Farewells As Carol Enters Breakroom

16:54 [CNN] Berlusconi gets 1-year sentence over published wiretap

16:54 [Financial Times] ECB cuts eurozone growth forecasts


16:56 [CNN: Money] Workers fall behind as companies get ahead

16:56 [New Internationalist] PODCAST: Protecting the Arctic

16:58 [CNN: Living] Surrogate offered $10K to abort

16:58 [CNN: Living] Opinion: To stem violence against women, men must step up

16:58 [CNN: Living] Gallery brings life to sunken ship

16:58 [BBC: Entertainment] Artist Tracey Emin picks up CBE

16:59 [Middle East Monitor] Jamal Kanj: EU-funded Israeli theft

17:00 [Mother Jones] Texas Rep. Wants a George W. Bush National Park

17:00 [Mother Jones] Rand Paul's Semi-Serious Filibuster

17:00 [The Hindu - News] From professor to bandit

17:00 [Telegraph] Ofsted: tough new inspections 'driving improvements'

17:00 [Telegraph] North Korea hit with tough new sanctions in wake of nuclear test

17:00 [Telegraph] Crufts 2013: the world's biggest dog show in pictures

17:00 [Telegraph] Bolshoi's 'Ivan the Terrible' charged with grievous bodily harm

17:02 [Topix Activism News] PETA protest fails to snuff out donkey hoops at RU High

17:03 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Tracey Emin appointed CBE

17:03 [CBC: politics] Border agent fired for giving organized crime pals a pass

17:03 [Guardian] Talks under way to free 21 UN peacekeepers held in Syria – as it happened

17:05 [The Progressive] In the Wake of Hugo Chávez’s Death

17:05 [Reuters] Initial claims data signal labor market gains

17:06 [CNN] To stem violence against women, men must step up

17:07 [CNN: Money] Opinion: Why is Best Buy is up 60% this year?

17:08 [Spiegel] Jail Sentence: Court Convicts Scandal Maestro Berlusconi�

17:09 [NPR] U.N. Security Council Approves New Sanctions On North Korea

17:09 [Raw Story] Ed Schultz points out that the real voter fraud comes from Republicans

17:09 [Raw Story] Former wife: NRA official banned from carrying gun after ‘years of domestic violence’

17:09 [Guardian] Silvio Berlusconi convicted over publication of wiretapped conversations

17:10 [zero hedge] Russia, Korea And Central Banks Accumulate Gold On Dip Below $1,600/oz

17:12 [CNN] Ikea finds horse meat in Russian hotdogs

17:14 [Truthdig] Holder Argues for Homeland Drone Killings

17:14 [Truthdig] Venezuela and the Middle East After Chavez

17:15 [Reuters] North Korea threatens nuclear strike, U.N. expands sanctions

17:16 [Fox News] Special Ops vs. Poachers?

17:16 [Fox News] Pregnant Kim Taken to Hospital

17:16 [Fox News] Lost and Found Agent Secrets

17:16 [Fox News] Gore Sued for Al-Jazeera Sale

17:16 [Fox News] Fans: Give Us Our Cool Ranch!

17:16 [Fox News] Hey Stars! Dress Your Age!

17:16 [The Atlantic: National] When a Minister Is Murdered, There Is No Right to Counsel

17:16 [CNN] Senate panel agrees to new legislation on guns

17:18 [The Atlantic: International] In Burma, the End of Censorship Means a Scramble to Figure Out Journalism

17:20 [Reuters] Exclusive: U.S. audit watchdog to criticize PwC - PwC internal memo

17:21 [Guardian] School mourns 16-year-old student stabbed to death on Birmingham bus

17:22 [Voice of America] Danish NGO Defuses RPG in South Sudan City

17:23 [Financial Times] Billionaires in China’s parliament named

17:26 [The Hindu - News] U.S. softens resolution blow to Sri Lanka with handouts

17:29 [Middle East Monitor] Ramona Wadi: Hugo Chavez and the Palestinian resistance

17:30 [Mother Jones] Presidents Have Lots of Options for Killing People

17:30 [The Progressive] The Hollywood Left Says Goodbye to Hugo Chavez

17:30 [CNN: Travel] Former TSA chief backs 'knife' decision

17:30 [Reuters] Syria rebels want troop pullback before they free U.N. men

17:30 [The Hindu - News] U.S. announces Sri Lanka reconciliation awards

17:30 [Big Think] Know Your White Rabbit

17:30 [Big Think] Graphene Antenna Could Enable Faster-Than-Fast Wi-Fi

17:31 [Financial Times] UN toughens North Korea sanctions

17:31 [CNN] 'One Day at a Time' actress Bonnie Franklin dies

17:32 [Telegraph] Work-to-rule teachers 'may be breaking their contracts'

17:32 [Telegraph] New life form found in Lake Vostok

17:32 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi's party threaten rebellion in wake of latest verdict

17:32 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius: Hilton Botha quits police

17:32 [Telegraph] Martin McGuinness 'warned by police of death threat from dissident republicans'

17:33 [CNN] New York's brash former mayor, Ed Koch, dies at 88

17:33 [CNN] Makeup master Stuart Freeborn of 'Star Wars' dead at age 98

17:33 [CNN] The maker of the Dallas Cowboys' logo has died

17:33 [CNN] One of the last members of Glenn Miller Orchestra is dead

17:33 [CNN] Cowboy actor Dale Robertson dead at 89

17:33 [CNN] Legendary pianist Van Cliburn dead at 78

17:37 [Le Monde diplomatique] Why the invasion of Iraq was the single worst foreign policy decision in American history

17:37 [CNN] U.S. says U.N. sanctions 'will bite' after North Korea threatens nuclear attack

17:38 [Spiegel] Picture This: Cable Guys

17:39 [Raw Story] State Department uses social media for diplomacy

17:39 [Raw Story] French mother who put ‘I am a bomb’ T-shirt on son goes on trial

17:39 [Truthdig] Dow Jones

17:39 [CNN] Pauline Phillips, longtime Dear Abby advice columnist, dies at 94

17:39 [CNN] Baseball Hall of Famer Earl Weaver of Baltimore Orioles dies at 82

17:39 [CNN] Baseball great Stan 'The Man' Musial dies at 92

17:39 [CNN] Dolores Prida, Latina 'Dear Abby,' dies

17:39 [CNN] Respected Turkish journalist dies

17:39 [CNN] Last Andrews Sister, Patty, dies at 94

17:40 [BBC: Technology] Samsung loses case versus Apple in UK

17:40 [zero hedge] Former Head Of Plunge Protection Team Lands At DE Shaw

17:40 [zero hedge] Are Stocks Cheap?

17:41 [Slashdot] Kinect Can Detect Clenched Fist

17:44 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

17:44 [Slate Magazine] The Wrong Way to Discuss New Technologies

17:45 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Groups Like the NRA Captured Congress—and How to Take It Back

17:45 [The Atlantic: Politics] Is Michelle Obama About to Honor an anti-American antiSemite?

17:45 [CNN] Legendary cricket commentator Martin-Jenkins dies

17:45 [CNN] John Sheardown, Canadian 'hero' in Iran hostage crisis, dies

17:45 [CNN] California public TV icon Huell Howser dead at 67

17:46 [The Atlantic: National] Sex Ed Without Condoms? Welcome to Mississippi

17:47 [CNN] Patti Page, 'Tennessee Waltz' singer, dead at 85

17:47 [OpEdNews] How Israel Is Dodging Its Bad Credit History By Selling Dollar Bonds

17:48 [Voice of America] Cardinals Continue Preparations for Electing a New Pope

17:48 [Voice of America] ICC Delays Trial for Kenyan Presidential Candidate

17:48 [The Hindu - News] Incumbent Kenyan PM alleges rigging, demands recount

17:48 [CNN] Tony Lip, who played 'Sopranos' mob boss, dies

17:48 [CNN] Richard Ben Cramer, influential campaign biographer, dies at 62

17:50 [CNN] 21 U.N. peacekeepers held for own safety, rebel leader says

17:52 [OpEdNews] The Immoral Inanity of Intelligent Design Creationism

17:54 [The Onion] NHL Game Seats Now Marketed Primarily As Nice Places To Sit Down

17:54 [The Onion] WICHITA, KS—Emma Luck, a grown woman, joined a softball team to make friends.

17:54 [The Hindu - News] Protect Bangladeshi Hindus, says Amnesty

17:54 [The Hindu - News] U.N. peacekeepers taken hostage by Syrian rebels

17:55 [Fin24 News] SAA slams attack on Nico Bezuidenhout

17:57 [zero hedge] EURJPY Dominates As Europe's Stocks Flatline

17:58 [CNN: Money] Betting on boring stocks pays off

17:59 [The Hindu - News] Chavez’s final words

17:59 [CNN] Botha, former Pistorius detective, off police force

18:00 [Middle East Monitor] Samira Shackle: UNICEF report reveals Israel's "institutionalised" ill-treatment of Palestinian children

18:00 [Disinformation] Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized For Dogs?

18:00 [Disinformation] It’s World Book Day!

18:00 [Big Think] No MOOCs?!

18:00 [Big Think] No MOOCs?!

18:01 [CNN] Ron Paul Fast Facts

18:03 [The Hindu - News] City stares at dwindling water levels

18:04 [NPR] Bin Laden's Son-In-Law Arrested, Brought To U.S.

18:04 [Truthdig] Jon Stewart Praises Rand Paul’s Filibuster of Brennan Nomination

18:05 [The Hindu - News] Berlusconi lashes at magistrates as he earns new conviction

18:05 [The Progressive] Behind the Hatred and Love of Hugo Chavez

18:05 [The Atlantic: Politics] Rand Paul's Filibuster May Have Been Dishonest, but Obama Asked for It

18:06 [CNN] Dolphins may be calling each other by name

18:07 [CNN] Oknoplast spies Europe' s window of opportunity

18:07 [The Hindu - News] SCB gears up to tackle water woes

18:08 [Spiegel] Aka-Aki: Left Behind by the Berlin Start-Up Boom

18:09 [Raw Story] Hannity chuckles at Herman Cain’s sexist impersonation of Nancy Pelosi

18:09 [Raw Story] United Nations: Sanctions against North Korea after threat of pre-emptive nuclear strike

18:09 [Raw Story] Rand Paul considered catheter for filibuster: ‘I’ve put them in before’

18:09 [Raw Story] Watch live: Senators debate use of drones on American citizens

18:11 [The Hindu - News] Tragedy chases Army man, literally

18:11 [zero hedge] The ECB's Press Corps Realize They Have No Idea What OMT Is: "The Rules Are What They Are" Explains Draghi

18:13 [The Hindu - News] Labourer held for rape of 5-year-old

18:13 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Ancient camel fossils found in Arctic

18:13 [] NY Assembly Passes Two Year Fracking Moratorium, Senate Hoped to Follow

18:14 [Voice of America] UN Security Council Passes New N.Korea Sanctions

18:15 [BBC: Entertainment] AUDIO: Tyler sings Eurovision song a cappella

18:17 [BBC: Entertainment] The parent-child battles over a costume for World Book Day

18:18 [Telegraph] Hugo Chavez: Venezuelans file past open coffin to pay their respects

18:19 [The Hindu - News] Lovers end life on tracks

18:19 [Raw Story] Maddow: Republicans more loyal to NRA than to their constituents

18:20 [Guardian] Coronavirus kills 69-year-old man in Saudi Arabia

18:21 [CNN] Bin Laden son-in-law seized, held by U.S.

18:23 [OpEdNews] Rand Paul's Message to Obama: Don't Drone Me Bro

18:23 [OpEdNews] Russia Draws Up Business Plan To Revive The Northern Sea Route

18:24 [The Atlantic: Technology] Sesame Street's Count von Count ... Can't Count

18:24 [CNN] Tennis serves up new measures in the fight against doping

18:24 [The Onion] Value Of U.S. Dollar Plummets After Joe Flacco Signs NFL's Richest Contract

18:25 [Reuters] Syria rebels want troop pullback before freeing U.N. men

18:25 [BBC: Science & Environment] Fun and games 'can save the planet'

18:25 [The Hindu - News] ‘Muslim women being subjected to exclusionary practices’

18:26 [CBC: politics] Zahra Kazemi's son wins bid to appeal Iran lawsuit case

18:30 [Mother Jones] Americans Might Think They're Healthier Than They Really Are

18:30 [Disinformation] Wall Street Whistleblower Gets Reamed

18:32 [Guardian] US warns North Korea over 'suicidal' nuclear threat as UN approves sanctions

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Hussainsagar cruiser was ’07 terror target

18:34 [Raw Story] New Mexico police search for the horrible person who shot this puppy with a crossbow

18:34 [Raw Story] United Nations: Governments fail to tackle drought effects

18:36 [Voice of America] UN Imposes Tough New Sanctions on DPRK

18:39 [Electronic Intifada] Canadian students challenge Harper's support for Israeli apartheid

18:40 [Reuters] EU parliament sees "enormous opportunity" in U.S. trade deal

18:40 [zero hedge] Tax-Refunds Won't Save Us From Disposable Income Drop This Year

18:40 [zero hedge] Are Attorney General Holder’s Statements on Banks and Drones Connected?

18:41 [The Hindu - News] Our hands were tied, say OGH doctors

18:42 [CNN] Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fast Facts

18:43 [Slashdot] EU To Vote On Proposal That Could Ban On All Online Pornography

18:48 [Voice of America] Floating Plants Could Be New Biofuel

18:49 [CNN: Politics] Senate panel agrees to new legislation on guns

18:49 [Fox News] 'SEA OF FIRE': North Korea Vows Nuclear First-Strike Against US

18:49 [Fox News] DRONE ON: Paul's Anti-Drone Filibuster Gets Bipartisan Attention

18:49 [Fox News] 'POLITICAL RULING'? Sparks Fly as Ala. Judge Blocks School Choice Bill

18:49 [Fox News] FIELD OF DREAMS: 54-Year-Old Makes Pitch For Spot on MLB Team

18:49 [Fox News] 'POLITICAL RULING'? Sparks Fly as Ala. Judge Blocks School Choice Bill

18:52 [Reuters: politics] Boehner warns Senate Democrats on government funding bill

18:53 [Fin24 News] ANC silent as Numsa rejects NDP

18:54 [Raw Story] No, women shouldn’t change their names when they get married. Let men change theirs.

18:54 [Raw Story] HTC unveils new flagship smartphone

18:54 [Truthdig] Money for the People: Comedian Grillo’s Populist Plan for Italy

18:54 [Voice of America] US Media: Bin Laden's Son in Law Captured

18:55 [The Hindu - News] Khurshid won’t have substantive talks with Ashraf

18:58 [OpEdNews] War Is A Lie

18:58 [OpEdNews] Racism and Hypocrisy: Celebrating Diversity--Just Not Among Humans

18:59 [NPR] Small Towns Struggle Too

18:59 [NPR] Facebook Set To Unveil Big Changes To Your News Feed

18:59 [NPR] Startup Wants To Redefine How Local Foods Get To Your Door

18:59 [NPR] To Save A Life, Odds Favor Defibrillators In Casinos

18:59 [NPR] NPR's Brenda Box, An Excellent Editor, Wicked Wit And True Friend, Dies

18:59 [NPR] Rand Paul Talks His Way Into The Political Big Time

18:59 [CNN] Al Qaeda spokesman, Bin Laden's son-in-law, held by U.S.

19:00 [Mother Jones] Known and Suspected Terrorists Can Buy Guns in America

19:02 [Moral Low Ground] Arkansas Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto, Affirms 12-Week Abortion Limit

19:02 [CNN: Entertainment] Valerie Harper has brain cancer

19:02 [CNN: Entertainment] Comedian Jeselnik's shark love

19:04 [CNN] John Thune Fast Facts

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Don’t remain spectator at UN meet: Opposition

19:06 [Telegraph] Blue Peter Book Awards 2013 winners: Tom Gates triumphs

19:06 [Telegraph] Kenyan presidential running mate alleges vote 'doctoring'

19:06 [Telegraph] Birmingham stabbing: headteacher pays tribute to Christina Edkins

19:06 [Telegraph] UN votes unanimously for tough new North Korea sanctions

19:08 [Campaign For Liberty] Stand With Rand!

19:08 [OpEdNews] Judge Acquits Occupy Activists

19:08 [] North Korea: US Has No Monopoly on Right to Preemptive Nuclear Attacks

19:09 [NPR] China's Citizens Hide As Much As $2.34 Trillion In Income, Researcher Says

19:11 [zero hedge] MeeT LiL KiM...AnD LiL RoD...

19:11 [zero hedge] Howard Marks' Full Presentation On "Investing In Uncertain Times"

19:11 [zero hedge] The Eurozone Rift: It Would Be Wrong “To Give In To Panic”

19:14 [CNN] Clarence Thomas Fast Facts

19:15 [Slashdot] Texas Bills Would Bar Warrantless Snooping On Phone Location

19:18 [OpEdNews] Holder Has It Bass-Ackwards: Failing To Prosecute Criminal Fraud by the Big Banks Is Killing the Economy

19:18 [OpEdNews] Liberalism's Death Bell Tolls, Part 2: How the Left Became Irrelevant

19:20 [Telegraph] Venture capital firm makes £2m selling hospital to NHS

19:20 [CNN: Politics] Borger: Obama woos GOP, finally

19:20 [BBC: Technology] Facebook gives itself a facelift

19:23 [CNN] Tom Vilsack Fast Facts


19:24 [CNN: Money] Chavez death could hit Florida real estate

19:24 [CNN: Money] Opinion: Why is Best Buy up 60% this year?

19:24 [Raw Story] FBI renews $1 million reward for return of agent missing in Iran

19:24 [Raw Story] Banking group warns there’s too much ‘easy money’ in global economy

19:24 [The Onion] Gunman Kills Zero At Kansas City Area Mall

19:25 [Good] The Other White Meat as Answer to Global Food Insecurity? Yup, Says the Pork Industry

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Differing with Mamata, MP quits as industry advisor

19:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Guardians of Life and of the Earth

19:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Invisible War Decimates Brazil’s Youth

19:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Gaza Women Suffer on ‘Their’ Day

19:30 [The Hindu - News] Train service hit, life in Patna normal

19:30 [Reuters] Vatican battles to maintain secrecy ahead of conclave

19:32 [The Hindu - News] Court stays probe against lawyers

19:32 [Financial Times] Political centre at risk as eurozone fears revive

19:33 [OpEdNews] What Hypocrisy! Which Government Employees Will Not Take Salary Cuts Under Sequestration?

19:33 [CNN] Rebel leader: Red Cross can pick up 21 U.N. peacekeepers

19:34 [The Hindu - News] Injury toll crosses 90 in Jaipur as lawyers continue protests for second day

19:34 [NPR] Newtown, Conn. Students Are Granted A Waiver On Exams

19:34 [Financial Times] Distractions mask Argentine discontent

19:35 [CBC: politics] Olivia Chow mulling Toronto mayoral run

19:35 [Reuters] Facebook unveils "mobile first," picture-friendly newsfeed

19:36 [CNN: Money] Subaru recalling almost 50,000 zombie cars

19:36 [Telegraph] South Africa is bleeding and on the brink, warns Nelson Mandela's wife

19:36 [Telegraph] Scuffle breaks out in Jordanian parliament

19:36 [CNN] Bin Laden's son-in-law, once al Qaeda's 'mouthpiece,' held by U.S.

19:37 [Guardian] Bin Laden son-in-law detained in Jordan over links to al-Qaida

19:37 [Guardian] Oscar Pistorius case detective resigns from police

19:38 [The Hindu - News] Give women their due, says Pranab

19:39 [NPR] Please Tell Us You've Done This Too: Ever Worn Mismatched Shoes?

19:39 [Raw Story] McCain blasts Rand Paul’s filibuster as a ‘political stunt’

19:39 [Raw Story] Mentally ill man missing in alleged pattern of ‘patient dumping’ by Nevada health officials

19:40 [The Hindu - News] Open up and engage with media, Centre urged

19:40 [Slashdot] Former MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos Talks About Managing Remote Workers (Video)

19:42 [CBC: politics] Aboriginal corrections report finds 'systemic discrimination'

19:43 [Fox News] FBI spying on Google users, company reveals

19:43 [Fox News] Mom faces fine for son Jihad's 'I am a bomb' shirt

19:44 [The Hindu - News] Navy sans aircraft carrier, for now

19:44 [Truthdig] Tuition at Public Colleges Rises to Record Level

19:45 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Unpopped Housing Bubbles Abound

19:45 [zero hedge] Experts on the Deficit

19:49 [CNN] Steel giant exec: EU target emission impossible

19:49 [Guardian] Daughter of Cuban opposition leader who died in Spain cries foul play

19:49 [The Atlantic: International] Central Asia's Working Moms: 'I Took A Lot of Abuse'

19:49 [Infoshop] A Response to 'Being White In Philly'

19:49 [Raw Story] Bryan Fischer: Attending tea party is an ‘excuse’ to be ‘vaporized’ by a drone

19:51 [CNN] Oknoplast sees Europe' s window of opportunity

19:52 [Telegraph] Sketch: David Cameron's roadside abyss

19:54 [The Hindu - News] Tagore award for Ravi Shankar

19:55 [The Onion] Police Continue Search For Missing Gunman

19:55 [The Onion] Lone Gunman Enters Crowded Restaurant

19:55 [Reuters] Obama hosts Ryan lunch in new outreach to Republicans on budget

19:55 [Reuters] Jobless claims drop, signaling labor market gains

19:55 [Good] 5 Crucial Etiquette Tips For the Modern Dinner Party

19:55 [Disinformation] Attorney General Eric Holder Says Drone Killings On U.S. Soil Are ‘Hypothetically’ Doable

19:56 [Reuters: politics] Obama hosts Ryan lunch in new outreach to Republicans on budget

19:57 [Voice of America] US Congressman: Bin Laden's Son-in-law Captured

19:58 [OpEdNews] How Deregulation Resurrected American Economic Insecurity

19:59 [Truthdig] Court Delving Into Latin American Terrorism Effort

20:00 [CNN: Money] Why is Best Buy up 60% this year? - Opinion

20:00 [Reuters] Facebook unveils "mobile first," picture-friendly newsfeed

20:00 [zero hedge] Cross-Border Flows Drive European Dis-Integration

20:01 [CNN] Brain map seeks to unlock mysteries of the mind

20:01 [Middle East Monitor] Faris Al Khattab: Erdoğan and Zionism

20:09 [CNN] Furloughs bite for Customs workers

20:09 [CNN: Health] Dancing can cause injuries

20:09 [CNN: Health] Unlocking mysteries of the mind

20:10 [Mother Jones] Attorney General: Obama Can't Order Drone Attack on Americans on US Soil

20:10 [Mother Jones] A Bigger, Badder Climate "Hockey Stick"

20:14 [Doctors Without Borders] Thousands Flee as Violence Continues in Kitchanga, North Kivu

20:15 [Reuters: politics] Interior nominee pledges "certainty" to oil, gas drillers

20:17 [Topix Activism News] UN peacekeepers taken by opposition gunmen appear in new video posted online

20:17 [CBC: politics] MPs to consider waiving privilege on some ATI requests

20:18 [CNN] World rejects new protections for polar bears

20:19 [Raw Story] Watch live: Obama signs renewed Violence Against Women Act

20:20 [Reuters] France to secure Mali before handing over mission

20:21 [Big Think] Fast-Acting Gel Stops Bleeding "Instantly"

20:21 [Voice of America] March 7, 2013

20:23 [Reuters: politics] Eric Holder clarifies policy on drone attacks on U.S. soil

20:24 [Slate Magazine] DoubleX Gabfest: The Join My Consciousness-Raising Group Edition

20:24 [Fox News: politics] US postpones award for Egyptian woman over anti-Semitic tweets

20:25 [The Onion] Photo Of Masked Gunman Released

20:25 [Good] Put Down the Post-Its: We Need to Define What 'Innovation' Really Means

20:29 [NPR] Holder Responds To Paul About Drone Strikes On U.S. Soil

20:29 [NPR] South Florida Beaches Reopen After Shark Scare

20:33 [Reuters: politics] Obama advocacy group says it won't accept corporate cash

20:35 [BBC: Entertainment] Canadian folk star Tom Connors dies

20:36 [Global Voices] Greece: Corruption, Police State and Struggle in Skouries

20:36 [The Atlantic: Politics] Pouring (a Tiny Bit of) Cold Water on Rand Paul's Filibuster

20:39 [Telegraph] Bees get a buzz from caffeine

20:39 [Reuters] Facebook facelift feeds mobile appetite, may appeal to advertisers

20:40 [Mother Jones] John Roberts and Black Voter Turnout: A Followup

20:40 [Mother Jones] Insurers on Climate Change: Whatevs

20:41 [zero hedge] Buy-Or-Sell - The Only Chart You Need

20:41 [Guardian] Pentagon investigating link between US military and torture centres in Iraq

20:41 [Guardian] Daughter of Cuban opposition leader who died in car crash cries foul play

20:41 [Guardian] UN expands North Korea sanctions after US warning over nuclear threat

20:42 [CNN: Money] Ford CEO Mulally's $317 million haul

20:42 [CNN: Money] Gap stock spikes after strong sales report

20:43 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Brace for faster, steelier boat rides

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Get up, stand up for your rights

20:47 [The Hindu - News] Circular boat services from city to West Kochi, Vypeen mooted

20:49 [The Hindu - News] 50 per cent Cusat teachers not to get pay panel arrears

20:49 [Raw Story] Europe drops investigation into mobile phone collusion pricing

20:49 [Raw Story] Air France marks Women’s Day with all-female crew on Airbus

20:49 [Raw Story] U.S. diplomat warns of global effort to curb Internet freedom

20:49 [Reuters] Senate panel passes bill seeking to curb illegal gun purchases

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Malayali male gaze that scorches every woman

20:51 [The Hindu - News] When protectors turn predators

20:52 [Reuters: politics] Senate panel passes bill seeking to curb illegal gun purchases

20:52 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Flagged Channels For XBMC PVR?

20:53 [The Hindu - News] CNG shift: Kerala must take the driver’s seat

20:53 [The Hindu - News] New Supreme Court judge to be sworn in on March 8

20:54 [NPR] To Make Mice Smarter, Add A Few Human Brain Cells

20:55 [Telegraph] Sir Ben Ainslie receives knighthood

20:55 [Telegraph] Apprentice winner's legal action 'tantamount to blackmail', says Lord Sugar

20:55 [Telegraph] Birmingham stabbing: police confirm arrest of 22-year-old man

20:55 [Telegraph] Human brain cells 'make mice more intelligent'

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Food for job guarantee scheme is poison for self-help groups

20:55 [The Onion] Crazed Gunman Critically Injures 4

20:55 [CNN] President signs Violence Against Women Act

20:55 [CNN: Politics] Obama dines with Republicans

20:55 [CNN: Politics] Senate panel agrees to new gun bill

20:55 [CNN: Politics] Paul on historic 13-hour filibuster

20:55 [Good] Values Ain't Everything: Next Generation of Nonprofits Needs Business Savvy to Survive

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Missing students traced to Madhya Pradesh

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Man arrested for sexual assault on 3-year-old

20:58 [Financial Times] Bold reforms of president buoy Mexico

20:58 [Financial Times] Senators seek bigger FBI role in Todd death probe

20:58 [Reuters: politics] Lawmakers take on legalization of cellphone "unlocking"

20:59 [] After Record-Breaking 'Angry Summer' Australia Finally Draws Link to Climate Change

20:59 [] Shadowy Group at the Root of US Wage Suppression: Who Else, But ALEC?

21:00 [CNN: Politics] President signs Violence Against Women Act

21:00 [The Progressive] Rand Paul, Right On!

21:01 [zero hedge] Some Advice To Americans: Don't Be Engaged In Combat On American Soil

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Khurshid promises best possible decision on Sri Lanka in Geneva

21:03 [Guardian] Tottenham Hotspur v Inter – live! | Daniel Harris

21:04 [NPR] How Did Strom Thurmond Last Through His 24-Hour Filibuster?

21:04 [Raw Story] Pelosi demands minimum wage increase after massive stock market gains

21:05 [CNN] Rand Paul scores points with father's skeptical supporters

21:06 [CNN: Money] Meet Facebook's new News Feed

21:06 [This Magazine] 1st place, fiction: Shuffle Gods

21:08 [OpEdNews] Establishing Dictatorships: Lessons from History

21:09 [The Hindu - News] Soon, the web will have .Bharat in local languages

21:09 [Slate Magazine] Justified, Season 4

21:10 [Mother Jones] Eric Holder Watches Filibuster, Replies

21:10 [Mother Jones] Organizing for Action, Obama's Big-Money Muscle, Will Reject Corporate and Foreign Money

21:11 [Global Voices] Maduro and Capriles will Define Venezuela's Political Future

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Fisherman shot at by Sri Lankan Navy

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Nod for Bill to make services time-bound

21:15 [The Hindu - News] Nitish thanks Manmohan for growth tweet

21:19 [Voice of America] US Republicans Look for New Leadership

21:19 [The Hindu - News] Police, agitators clash at Posco project site

21:19 [Raw Story] Scientists discover evidence of Earth-like oceans on Jupiter moon

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Medha held for protesting demolition of slums

21:24 [Reuters: politics] Obama meets American Jewish leaders ahead of Israel trip

21:24 [NPR] Ahmadinejad Says Chávez Will Rise With Christ; Is Chastised By Cleric

21:24 [Raw Story] District suspends police-in-schools program after officer discharges gun

21:25 [Telegraph] Long Island homeowners who bought cottage for $300,000 find $30m of Arthur Pinajian art in the garage

21:25 [The Onion] American Voices: Rand Paul Filibusters For 13 Hours To Protest Drones

21:25 [The Onion] TSA To Allow Small Terrorists On Planes

21:25 [The Hindu - News] India won’t interfere in domestic affairs: Congress

21:25 [Good] Illumination Intermission: What 25,000 Dancing LEDs on a Bridge Look Like

21:29 [Voice of America] Galactic Neighbor Closer Than Previously Thought

21:29 [Raw Story] The Earth is on track to to be the hottest it’s been in 11.3 millennia

21:30 [CNN: Politics] Rand Paul scores points with father's skeptical supporters

21:31 [The Hindu - News] Rebuff to Rahul in Tripura, says Karat

21:33 [CNN: Money] WHY IS BEST BUY UP 60%?

21:35 [Reuters] Senate to vote on Brennan confirmation to head CIA

21:35 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) may move cut motion to restore subsidies

21:36 [Big Think] Hybrid Solar-Pedal Vehicle Now In Production

21:37 [Slashdot] Apple Patent Describes iTunes Reselling and Loaning System

21:37 [The Hindu - News] Sachin Pilot attending Chavez’s funeral

21:39 [Slate Magazine] Banks Borrow Way Too Much

21:39 [Raw Story] Bees pollinate better when they’re buzzing on caffeine

21:39 [Raw Story] Beached sperm whale in Spain dies after eating large amounts of plastic

21:39 [Raw Story] Facebook announces transforming its news feeds

21:40 [CNN: Technology] Facebook revamps site and mobile apps

21:40 [zero hedge] US Households Have Never Been More Reliant On The Stock Market For Their "Net Worth"

21:41 [Telegraph] Vast flood plains beneath surface of Mars

21:41 [Reuters: politics] Senate to vote on Brennan confirmation to head CIA

21:43 [OpEdNews] The NRA: Proud Sponsor of Mass Murder Since 1871

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Ensure passage of resolution, says T.R. Baalu

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Consensus on universal pensions linked to inflation index: Jairam

21:45 [CNN] Facebook revamps site, tweaks mobile apps

21:48 [CNN] 'Walking Dead': What to expect next

21:49 [The Atlantic: International] Iran's President Believes Chavez will Rise From the Dead, like Jesus

21:52 [The Hindu - News] More lawyers injured in Jaipur protest

21:53 [The Onion] Guy's Entire Job Just Asking People If They Have Time For A Quick Chat

21:54 [Raw Story] Justice Department opens investigation into violation of deaf prisoner rights in Denver

21:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] Miami Wants to Be the Next Big Start-Up City

21:55 [Reuters] Senate approves Brennan as new CIA director

21:56 [Disinformation] The Fox (Monsanto) Buys the Chicken Coop (Beeologics)

21:57 [Voice of America] Cardinals Debate Qualifications for Pope

21:57 [Reuters: politics] Senate approves Brennan as new CIA director

21:58 [OpEdNews] What If a Drone Attacked in the US?

21:59 [] HuffPo Makes Deadly Reality of US Drone Policy Painfully Clear

21:59 [Raw Story] Warren: Drug possession warrants jail time but money laundering for cartels doesn’t?

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Decision in Geneva will be guided by March resolution: Azad

22:00 [Reuters] Domestic abuse law expanded to protect gays, immigrants

22:02 [The Hindu - News] At MNCs, sexual harassment complainants face uphill battle

22:03 [OpEdNews] Shale gas unlikely to wipe sheen off Russian shares

22:04 [] North Korea: US Has No Monopoly on Right to Preemptive Nuclear Attacks

22:04 [] White House Explores How to Make 'War on Terror' Policies 'Permanent'

22:04 [] Will 'Angry Summer' Report Finally Crack Australian Media's 'Climate Silence'?

22:04 [] 'Indictment of Two-Tiered Education System': Black Students Hit Most by Mass School Closings in Chicago

22:04 [] Shadowy Group at the Root of US Wage Suppression: Who Else But ALEC?

22:04 [] HuffPo Makes Deadly Reality of US Drone Policy Painfully Clear

22:04 [NPR] The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever Isn't Scary Enough

22:04 [NPR] Senate Approves Nomination Of John Brennan As CIA Chief

22:04 [CNN: Entertainment] The Buzz Today

22:04 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Walking Dead': What to expect next

22:05 [Reuters: politics] Domestic abuse law expanded to protect gays, immigrants

22:06 [CNN] Knives on a plane? Really?

22:08 [The Hindu - News] UN imposes new sanctions on North Korea

22:08 [OpEdNews] The Ethnic Cleansing of Judaism in Medieval and Renaissance Art

22:09 [Slate Magazine] Dark Side of Oz the Great and Powerful

22:10 [Infoshop] 550 Gray Wolves Killed This Season: Hunt Saboteurs Rise Up

22:10 [Infoshop] IWW Star Tickets Workers Win NLRB Election

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Gang-rape by cops: Witness gives key leads to investigators

22:10 [zero hedge] Federal Government Injects Near Record Amount In Student Loans In January As Consumer Credit Rises

22:10 [zero hedge] ViSuaL "CoMBaT"-- A PRaCTiCaL DeFiNiTioN

22:11 [Mother Jones] Elizabeth Warren Slams Federal Regulators Over Bank Money Laundering

22:12 [Fox News: politics] Brennan confirmed to lead CIA

22:13 [Telegraph] Baroness Thatcher's birthplace to have statue erected in her honour

22:13 [CNN] Ben Bernanke Fast Facts

22:13 [CNN] Chelsea humbled by Steaua Bucharest in Europa League tie

22:13 [CNN] Haley Barbour Fast Facts

22:14 [NPR] Plague Of Locusts Has Israelis Asking: Are They Kosher For Passover?

22:16 [Fox News] 'SIGNIFICANT VICTORY': Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Captured, In US Custody

22:16 [Fox News] 'FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS': Teen Shot by Taliban Speaks on Women's Rights

22:16 [Fox News] WILL IT END THREATS? UN Security Council OKs Tough N. Korea Sanctions

22:16 [Fox News] 'POLITICAL RULING'? Sparks Fly as Judge Butts In on School Choice Bill

22:16 [Fox News] Sen. Paul Declares Victory After Holder Gives Assurance on Drones

22:16 [Fox News] Dita Von Teese in DIY Dress

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Post-Wharton snub, Modi finds taker in U.S. House member

22:18 [Fox News: politics] Obama signs expanded Violence Against Women Act

22:19 [OpEdNews] The Agony of Ecstasy

22:21 [Disinformation] Swarm Of 30 Million Locusts Consumes Egypt

22:23 [Slashdot] Cherry's New Keyboard Switches Emulate IBM Model M Feel

22:23 [CNN: Travel] Knives on a plane? Really?

22:23 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Cape Cod

22:24 [The Hindu - News] Green way to tackle buzzing menace

22:24 [Financial Times] Decade-old reforms still divide SPD

22:24 [Financial Times] US drones-at-home threat rejected

22:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] Scientists Identify Drugs' Side Effects by Analyzing Search Data Collected From Millions of Users

22:26 [Good] This Mobile 'Think Tank' Will Give Science Experiments Street Cred

22:29 [OpEdNews] The Cross and The Drone--Symbols of Faith

22:29 [Voice of America] Senate Confirms Brennan to Head CIA

22:32 [CNN: Money] Mitt Romney returns to private equity

22:32 [CNN: Money] The biggest announcement Facebook didn't make

22:32 [The Hindu - News] Students protest, blame hospital

22:34 [OpEdNews] The Great American Script

22:34 [Reuters] Senate confirms Brennan as new CIA director

22:34 [The Hindu - News] 5-year-old boy run over by bullock cart

22:36 [CNN] Newsquiz: Week of March 4

22:36 [CNN] Venezuela extends period of mourning for Chavez

22:36 [The Hindu - News] Water agency will remain advisory: State

22:36 [The Hindu - News] Mudichur to get cheap, packaged water

22:38 [Moral Low Ground] ‘The Moral High Ground’: Rand Paul Delivers Epic Senate Filibuster Against Obama’s Drone Policy

22:38 [CNN: Crime] Uncle: Victim's family won't attend Oscar Pistorius' trial

22:38 [CNN: Crime] 'Forgotten' inmate gets $15.5 million from jail

22:40 [Truthdig] As Goes Los Angeles, Comes Nobody

22:40 [The Hindu - News] OMC case: Centre nod for Srilakshmi’s prosecution

22:40 [The Hindu - News] TESO seminar coincides with UNHRC session

22:41 [zero hedge] Trannies Tumble As Dow Hits New-er-er All-Time High

22:41 [zero hedge] Surprise! All Banks Pass Stress Test (Except Ally)

22:41 [Mother Jones] John Yoo to Rand Paul: Leave Barack Obama Alone on Targeted Killing!

22:42 [Reuters: politics] Senate confirms Brennan as new CIA director

22:42 [CNN: Money] 4-CENT-A-GALLON GAS

22:42 [CNN: Money] Why is Best Buy up 60% this year?

22:43 [Telegraph] Walking 'aids stroke recovery'

22:44 [The Hindu - News] Renowned Sanskrit scholar passes away

22:44 [Raw Story] Senate confirms John Brennan as next CIA director

22:44 [Raw Story] Georgia Republican proposes relaxing gun restrictions on mentally ill

22:46 [The Hindu - News] TRS seeks 7-hour power supply to farm sector

22:46 [Global Voices] U.N. Passes Sanctions After North Korea's Nuclear Threat

22:47 [CNN] 'Forgotten' inmate gets $15.5 million settlement from N.M. county

22:49 [CNN] Bin Laden confidant emerged as voice of al Qaeda

22:49 [NPR] Young Chinese Translate America, One Show At A Time

22:49 [NPR] In The Iditarod Race, 'Pee Pants' Get An Endurance Test

22:50 [CNN: Technology] Has the hype peaked over SXSW?

22:50 [The Hindu - News] Sexual harassment safeguards absent

22:50 [The Hindu - News] In Mararikulam villages, women and girls pack a punch

22:50 [CNN: Travel] For passenger in need, crew wings it

22:52 [The Hindu - News] O.V. Vijayan’s statue at school vandalised

22:54 [Slashdot] In Wake of Poor Reviews, Amazon Yanks SimCity Download

22:54 [NPR] Shrimp Trawling Comes With Big Risks

22:54 [The Hindu - News] Eshwarappa steps down as State BJP president

22:56 [Good] Celebrate International Women's Day With the Ladies of Skateistan

22:59 [Financial Times] Senate confirms John Brennan as CIA head

23:00 [BBC: Science & Environment] Antarctic lake yields 'new life'

23:03 [Voice of America] Law Group Warns of Delays in Kenya Election Results

23:03 [Guardian] Tottenham Hotspur v Inter – as it happened | Daniel Harris

23:06 [Big Think] Of Artists and Entrepreneurs

23:06 [Big Think] This Bike Helmet Records 360 Degrees Of Video

23:06 [CNN: Money] Stress tests: Banks could lose half a trillion dollars

23:09 [Reuters] Kenyatta lead shrinks in Kenya vote count, raising chance of run-off

23:11 [zero hedge] Does This Look Like An "Adverse Scenario"?

23:14 [OpEdNews] The Sequester aka ultimate poker...only the rich can win

23:14 [OpEdNews] The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case: Plot Thickens

23:19 [NPR] If Caffeine Can Boost The Memory Of Bees, Can It Help Us, Too?

23:19 [NPR] Federal Probe Targets Uneven Discipline At Seattle Schools

23:21 [Fox News] Police find woman concealing gun in crotch

23:21 [Fox News] Lion mauls, kills volunteer intern at California sanctuary- Sharks swarm Florida shore, force beach closings- First ever Great White captured, tagged in Florida

23:21 [Fox News] Chavez's last words: 'Don't let me die,' general claims

23:21 [Fox News] Hunt for thieves who poisoned officer's dogs in robbery

23:21 [Fox News] Colorado toddler killed in Mexico by baby sitter's boyfriend, police say

23:21 [Fox News] Giant wave kills American tourist in Mexico

23:22 [CNN] Foster kids get wishes granted online

23:24 [Financial Times] US urges China to enact N Korea sanctions

23:24 [Fox News: politics] Sen. Carl Levin will not seek re-election in 2014

23:26 [Good] WATCH: Sheet of Spandex + Xbox = Amazing Light and Sound Show

23:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Victims Want Voice and Vote in Colombia’s Peace Talks

23:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Haiti Moves to Tighten Laws on Sexual Violence

23:29 [Telegraph] Mice 'cured' of lung cancer with gene therapy

23:29 [Telegraph] Farage suggests Conservative pact at secret dinner with Murdoch

23:29 [Telegraph] Patients 'gambling with their lives' with some GPs

23:29 [Telegraph] Sally Jewell, nominee for Secretary of the Interior, profited from oil, coal and cigarette companies

23:29 [Reuters] Facebook puts focus on photos in new look; may boost ads

23:31 [CNN] Bale hurts Inter again as Chelsea stumble in Romania

23:31 [CNN] Five questions: Targeting Americans on U.S. soil

23:31 [CNN] 20 fun and useful new mobile apps

23:31 [Reuters: politics] Obama lunches with budget hawk Ryan, deal still far off

23:32 [CNN: Money] Pandora up 20%, CEO steps down

23:37 [Voice of America] US: Bin Laden's Son-in-Law to be Tried in New York

23:39 [Reuters] Icahn demands Dell pay $16 billion dividend to avert fight

23:40 [Raw Story] Van Jones: ‘Civil rights villian’ Rand Paul is a civil liberties ‘hero’

23:40 [Reuters: politics] Senator Levin says will not seek re-election in 2014

23:43 [Slashdot] Google and MPEG LA Reach VP8 Patent Agreement

23:44 [CNN] After intern's death, cat sanctuary says safety protocols were in place

23:44 [CNN] Website shows foster kids their wishes are worthwhile

23:44 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - March 8, 2013

23:44 [NPR] Michigan Sen.Carl Levin Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection

23:44 [Reuters] NTSB still seeking root cause of Boeing 787 fire

23:45 [Truthdig] Rand Paul’s Filibuster Win, Bill O’Reilly Apologizes, and More

23:47 [Unicef] Towards abandoning female genital mutilation/cutting in Somalia for once, and for all

23:48 [CNN] McIlroy toils again but Tiger tames Doral

23:50 [Slate Magazine] Slate at SXSW

23:52 [CNN] Gates, Zuckerberg: Kids, learn to code

23:53 [Unicef] Two years after earthquake and tsunami in Japan, commitment to affected children remains strong

23:53 [CNN] No smoking gun in NTSB report on Dreamliner battery fire

23:53 [Voice of America] US: Bin Laden's Son-in-Law to be Tried in New York

23:54 [Guardian] Bin Laden son-in-law detained in US intelligence operation in Jordan

23:54 [CNN] Arianna Huffington tells women: 'Less stress, more living'

23:56 [Disinformation] Midday Veil’s Deliciously Witchy New Video (with Interview and Tour Details)

23:58 [CNN] Teacher feedback for March 8, 2013

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