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00:01 [zero hedge] Holder Laid the Groundwork for “Too Big to Jail” In 1999

00:01 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Why the Fed Can't Stop Fueling The Shadow Bank Kiting Machine

00:01 [Reuters: politics] Top U.S. lawmaker looks to rein in military contractors' pay

00:02 [Raw Story] SARS-like virus spreads to Italy as 10 people test positive

00:12 [Raw Story] One-third of U.S. marriages start online: study

00:12 [CNN] New IRS chief asks for patience over targeting probe

00:12 [NPR] Miss. Turns To 'Cord Blood' To Track Down Statutory Rapists

00:14 [Truthdig] College Debt

00:14 [Truthdig] Gun Crime

00:15 [Slashdot] Mozilla, Foxconn Confirm Firefox OS Partnership

00:16 [Fox News] COUNTING SHEEP: Thousands Accidentally Get the OK to Bag Bighorns

00:17 [] Kerry to U.S. Jews: Next few days will determine Middle East fate for decades

00:17 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: What makes a box office hit?

00:20 [Good] Hack for Change: The U.S. Government Embraces Civic Hackers

00:26 [Voice of America] Grand Jury Indicts Man in Poisoned Letter to President Case

00:27 [Financial Times] White House unveils new Iran sanctions

00:28 [Reuters] U.S. says WikiLeaks soldier driven by 'arrogance'

00:31 [Reuters: politics] Obama administration disputes charge attorney general lied

00:33 [Disinformation] Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas – Singularity (ft. My Name Is Kay)

00:33 [OpEdNews] Air Force Admits F-35 Errors

00:34 [CNET News] Analyst: Xbox One to cost $399, PlayStation 4 pricetag at $349

00:34 [CNET News] App puts porn on to Glass, Google vows to block it

00:34 [Reuters] Obama administration disputes charge attorney general lied

00:40 [Financial Times] Secrecy surrounds start of WikiLeaks trial

00:40 [Deutsche Welle] Erdogan blames 'dissidents' as protests rage on in Turkey

00:42 [Raw Story] Pentagon weighs larger post-2014 force in Afghanistan

00:42 [Raw Story] Michael Douglas denies blaming oral sex for his cancer

00:43 [OpEdNews] Recession culprits? Start with Alan Greenspan and Jean-Claude Trichet

00:45 [Fox News: politics] Rep. McCarthy to undergo cancer treatment

00:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: Alleged Sender of Poisoned Letters to President Obama Indicted

00:46 [Voice of America] Reuters: Fake Shop Fronts Hide N. Ireland Economic Woes Before G8

00:49 [zero hedge] A Perfectly Normal Fat-Fingerish Dump To Restart Trading

00:50 [CNN] Sharapova full of praise for Stephens

00:50 [CNN: Politics] Lautenberg leaves tricky political question for Christie

00:50 [Good] Why Hitchhiking to Mexico is One Step in My Six Point Plan for Finishing Creative Projects

00:51 [Slashdot] Proxima Centauri To Bend Starlight For Planet Hunt

00:52 [Big Think] What I Want to Learn About the Universe

00:52 [Big Think] The American Consumer Is Not Back in the Game

00:53 [BBC: Entertainment] Douglas cancer 'not from oral sex'

00:53 [AL JAZEERA] Doctor in Syria's Qusayr pleads for help

00:54 [CNET News] Apple and DOJ's e-books court battle kicks off

00:55 [Reuters: politics] New IRS chief tells Congress he will clean up tax agency

00:56 [Reuters] New IRS chief tells Congress he will clean up tax agency

00:56 [Reuters] Death toll from Oklahoma tornadoes, storms rises to 18

00:56 [Voice of America] Turkish PM Dismisses Anti-Government Protests

00:57 [NPR] White House-Issa Fight: Nasty But Normal In Washington

00:59 [Fox News: politics] White House promises veto of GOP spending plan

01:00 [Reuters: politics] Petraeus scandal figure sues FBI, Pentagon over alleged leaks

01:00 [Global Voices] Two Ugandan Newspapers Reopen After Days-Long Closure by Police

01:02 [The Atlantic: Politics] No One Knows Who Ordered the IRS to Give Conservative Groups Extra Scrutiny

01:06 [CNN] Pia Zadora charged in fight with son over bedtime

01:07 [Raw Story] Boston fire chief resigns amid charges of losing control of marathon bombing scene

01:09 [Fox News: politics] Obama orders new economic sanctions on Iran

01:10 [Reuters: politics] Mississippi man linked to ricin letters indicted by grand jury

01:19 [CNET News] Remember Napster? Rhapsody is refreshing Europe's memory

01:28 [Slate Magazine] Emperor Erdogan

01:28 [The Progressive] An Urgent Letter from Turkey

01:29 [CNET News] The Yahoo e-mail privacy flap that wasn't

01:31 [BBC: Technology] Businesses tempt customers to be investors

01:32 [] The riddle no Israeli government could solve: How to handle the housing crisis?

01:33 [NPR] Mississippi Man Indicted On Charges Of Mailing Ricin Poision

01:34 [BBC: Technology] Blind group attacks Captcha security

01:35 [Utne] From Odysseus to Styrofoam

01:36 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius: Reeva Steenkamp's mother's warning to Paralympian

01:36 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: Order of service for 60th anniversary celebration at Westminster Abbey

01:36 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: Crown to leave Tower for first time since 1953 for Westminster Abbey service

01:36 [Telegraph] A&E waiting times reach nine-year high

01:37 [Raw Story] Sharks worth more in seas than in soups: study

01:37 [Raw Story] Fed Chair Bernanke tells worried Princeton grads: ‘Call your parents’

01:38 [Slashdot] GIS Community Blocks Esri's Geospatial 'Open Standard' REST API

01:38 [CNN: Politics] New IRS chief asks for patience from Congress

01:39 [Truthdig] Warren Shows Up McConnell, California Fights Back Against Wal-Mart, and More

01:43 [Reuters: politics] White House issues veto threat over House spending levels

01:44 [CNET News] No Droid HTC One for Verizon? No big deal

01:44 [Voice of America] Cindy Saine: US Congress Marks 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests

01:47 [CNN] Sandy Hook families could block release of crime-scene photos, docs

01:52 [Big Think] The End of College: Online Courses on the Rise

01:52 [Raw Story] Former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine breaks silence to eulogize Sen. Frank Lautenberg

01:52 [CNET News] Troubleshooting Auto Save and Resume in OS X

01:53 [zero hedge] How Many Cars Must Tesla Sell: This Interactive Calculator Has The Scary Answer

01:55 [CNN] 11 people disappear from Mexico City bar; relatives seek answers

01:56 [Russia Today] Supreme Court allows police to take DNA without a warrant

01:56 [Voice of America] Scott Stearns: Kerry: Collapse of Palestinian Authority Would be Worse for Israel and US

01:59 [CBC: politics] Canada not yet among 60 countries signing treaty on arms trade

02:00 [CNN] U.N. nuclear chief frustrated by stalemated talks with Iran

02:00 [CNET News] The Turkish revolution will not be televised, but it will be tweeted

02:08 [Reuters: politics] Representative McCarthy diagnosed with lung cancer

02:09 [CNET News] Toshiba updates its laptop line for back-to-school

02:10 [AL JAZEERA] US unveils new sanctions against Iran

02:11 [CBC: politics] Sousa wants transit funding meeting with Flaherty

02:11 [zero hedge] And Just In Case Abenomics Fails...

02:13 [Reuters] Death toll reaches 18 in Oklahoma tornadoes, storms

02:16 [CNN] Fukushima tuna study finds miniscule health risks

02:16 [Fox News] 'SOMETHING TO HIDE'?: GOP Rejects DOJ Explanation of Holder Testimony

02:16 [Fox News] IRS CLAMMING UP? Watchdog: Agents Won't Say Who Ordered Flagging

02:16 [Fox News] UN ARMS TREATY: Kerry Says US Will Sign Controversial Agreement

02:16 [Fox News] OUT OF THIS WORLD: New Alien Planet Spotted 300 Light-Years From Earth

02:17 [Reuters: politics] Senate largely rebuffs Obama plan for food-aid reform

02:20 [Slashdot] Own the Controversy! Blackbird DDWFTTW Up For Auction!

02:22 [Raw Story] Amazon and Google chiefs join other corporate tax avoiders at annual Bilderberg confab

02:25 [Voice of America] Ft. Hood Shooting Suspect Allowed to Be Own Lawyer

02:29 [CNN] Google bans porn on Google Glass

02:29 [CNN] Senior class trip takes huge detour when students are kicked off plane

02:33 [Reuters: politics] Obama administration disputes charge attorney general lied

02:35 [CBC: politics] Finance minister tight-lipped on friendship with Rob Ford

02:37 [] Chicky: New Israeli film debunks myth that Nazis made soap from Jews

02:41 [zero hedge] Detroit Bankruptcy Imminent

02:44 [AL JAZEERA] Turkey protests continue for fourth day

02:44 [CNN] Feds revamp Ellis, Liberty islands security plan

02:45 [Voice of America] VOA News: ICC Delays Trial Decision for Ivory Coast's Gbagbo

02:53 [NPR] IRS Chief Tells Panel 'Primary Mission' Is Restoring Trust

02:54 [BBC: Entertainment] The emerging art scene in post-Saddam Iraq

02:54 [Telegraph] Archaeologists find evidence French winemaking had roots in Italy

02:54 [BBC: Health] What's in a name? Codifying mental illness

02:55 [BBC: Health] Death: consensus on diagnosis urged

02:57 [BBC: Technology] Apple e-book deal 'cost millions'

03:01 [Reuters: politics] Republican defense bill would fund Guantanamo, bar transfers

03:01 [Russia Today] Future of the Arctic in focus as more countries start playing in the region

03:01 [Russia Today] Anti-WikiLeaks hacker group attacks as Manning trial begins

03:02 [Raw Story] Hiring a smoker costs U.S. firms $6,000 a head

03:02 [Raw Story] Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO ‘zombie wheat’ in Oregon

03:06 [Russia Today] ‘Ridiculous Manning trial proves demand for whistleblowers’

03:06 [CNN] Mississippi man indicted in case of ricin letters to Obama, others

03:07 [CBC: politics] Groups want cap on Nestlé's water permit during droughts

03:08 [Slashdot] Beer Fridge Caught Interfering With Cellular Network

03:09 [OpEdNews] Pipe Dreams

03:09 [CNN] Did Kansas cop kill wife, burn down their home?

03:10 [Deutsche Welle] Bradley Manning accused of knowingly passing intelligence to enemy

03:12 [zero hedge] Ron Paul: "Iraq Collapse Shows The Bankruptcy Of Interventionism"

03:15 [CNET News] Is Grokr Apple's foray into predictive search?

03:22 [] More Israeli parents refusing to vaccinate their babies according to state regulations

03:22 [Reuters: politics] New IRS chief tells Congress he will clean up tax agency

03:22 [CNN] By the Numbers: Internal Revenue Service

03:24 [Reuters] New IRS chief tells Congress he will clean up tax agency

03:31 [CNN] Marine reservist kidnapped in Mexico, FBI seeks public's help

03:34 [Reuters: politics] State Dept offers rewards for West Africa militant leaders

03:37 [Fox News: politics] Jill Kelley sues FBI, DOD over leaked information during Petraeus scandal

03:38 [Financial Times] French minister accuses Amazon of dumping

03:39 [CNN] 'Ready to go home:' Last Boston bombing victim leaves the hospital

03:42 [Russia Today] Exonerated Chicago man claims police tortured him into confession

03:42 [Russia Today] IRS wasted $50 mln on luxury hotels, alcohol and baseball tickets

03:44 [OpEdNews] The Banality of "Don't Be Evil"

03:45 [Deutsche Welle] New US sanctions target Iran's currency, car industry

03:52 [] Eritreans fear deportation and danger after Israel strikes deal with third country

03:56 [Telegraph] US offers $23m in rewards for leaders of five militant groups in west Africa

03:57 [Russia Today] Clashes as thousands of Cambodians protest Nike factory work conditions

03:58 [Disinformation] The 2045 Project: Cyborg Avatars Uploaded With Human Consciousness

04:00 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Japan’s Easy Money Tsunami

04:02 [BBC: Education] Over-50s' 'divorce and debt link'

04:02 [BBC: Education] Adverts warn of passive smoking risk

04:03 [Reuters] Wildfires hit U.S. West, could spread to Native American sites

04:08 [Fox News: politics] White House Issues Statement about American Pastor Held in Iran

04:08 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: With Grants Drying Up, How Is a Tech Non-Profit To Survive?

04:19 [Truthdig] Give Manning a Plea Deal

04:20 [CNN] Triceratops trio unearthed in Wyoming

04:22 [] 'The Gatekeepers' director slams Channel 1 for 'foolish' roundtable after Shin Bet series airs

04:26 [Telegraph] Salvadoran doctors perform Caesarean section on chronically ill woman denied abortion

04:28 [AL JAZEERA] US vehicle sales surpass expectations

04:29 [CNET News] Sean Parker slapped with $2.5M for wedding without permits

04:31 [Reuters] Ecuador says to talk with Britain on Assange on June 17

04:31 [zero hedge] GSE Privatization, Or "Fed Magic" - Here Are The Alternatives

04:32 [Russia Today] Day one of Manning trial focuses on intent of WikiLeaks source

04:37 [Raw Story] Zimmerman lawyers apologize for inaccurate testimony about video evidence

04:41 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago Writer Wins Commonwealth Short Story Prize

04:42 [Reuters] Ohio teacher awarded $171,000 after firing over artificial insemination

04:42 [CNN] Firefighters gain ground against Southern California wildfire

04:42 [Raw Story] Infamous U.S. mobster trial due to start in Boston

04:44 [OpEdNews] "We Steal Secrets": State Agitprop

04:46 [The Hindu - News] Actor Jiah Khan commits suicide

04:47 [CNET News] Future Windows 8.1 tablets to tap Qualcomm chip

04:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Blanche Lincoln: Giving Independent Contractors a Voice

04:49 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Digital foot race between real-world strangers

04:56 [Global Voices] Cuba: Yoani Returns

04:59 [OpEdNews] Bradley Manning's Legal Duty to Expose War Crimes

05:00 [zero hedge] The Problems With Japan's Plan B: The Government Pension Investment Fund's "House Of Bonds"

05:02 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Pia Zadora charged in fight with son over bedtime

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

05:29 [Voice of America] Charlton Doki: UN in S. Sudan Says Security Allows Return to Boma

05:35 [CNN] Heat headed back to NBA Finals

05:36 [CNET News] iPhones can apparently be hacked with malicious charger

05:38 [Russia Today] Second fatality, thousands injured as police try to curb Turkey protests

05:42 [Telegraph] Turkey protests: second fatality reported as widespread civil unrest continues

05:43 [] Israel's AG won't say why prosecutor sought harsher charges against Lieberman

05:43 [The Hindu - News] Honey bees bother Chennai airport now

05:44 [NPR] Heat Win East Title In Game 7, Beat Pacers 99-76

05:46 [BBC: Technology] Zynga announces further job cuts

05:49 [OpEdNews] June's Cosmic Story: Gemini New Moon June 8 & Capricorn Full Moon June 23, 2013

05:52 [Raw Story] Salvadoran doctors perform C-section in risky pregnancy

05:54 [AL JAZEERA] US announces bounty for African group leaders

05:56 [Good] Indie Rock Stars On an Indian Food Adventure

05:57 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart audits the IRS: ‘Where’s your receipts, a**holes?’

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Affiliation: varsity panel makes compliance time-bound

06:02 [Global Voices] Hong Kong: 24th Anniversary on Tiananmen Massacre

06:03 [The Hindu - News] Solar units rule the roost in Vijaywada

06:03 [The Hindu - News] With increased fleet, BMTC observes Bus Day today

06:05 [The Hindu - News] Mississippi man indicted in Obama ricin letter case

06:07 [The Hindu - News] Discipline is the key to success, says Arif

06:09 [The Hindu - News] We’re farmed out as domestic help: Bal Bhavan staff

06:09 [NPR] New Survey Takes A Snapshot Of The View From Black America

06:11 [Deutsche Welle] Flooding rages on in parts of central Europe

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Walkers do it in litter and spirit

06:12 [Slashdot] Marriages Spawned From Online Dating As Satisfying As From Traditional Dating

06:14 [Telegraph] Father who called one son Adolf Hitler dresses as Nazi for court hearing over visitation rights for youngest child

06:15 [The Hindu - News] The humble punt is an integral part of their lives

06:16 [Reuters: politics] Gun-rights activists submit petitions to recall Colorado lawmaker

06:16 [BBC: Entertainment] Bollywood's Jiah Khan found dead

06:16 [CNN: Money] Billabong shares crater as takeover talks end

06:17 [The Hindu - News] Audi crash: businessman’s son arrested

06:18 [Fox News] 'After Earth' Crashes

06:23 [Russia Today] FEMA refuses Hurricane Sandy aid to elderly US Army veteran

06:24 [The Hindu - News] Father tries to rescue son

06:24 [The Hindu - News] Private players to help manage Amma canteens

06:24 [The Hindu - News] Reduction in food wastage can save Kolleru Lake

06:26 [The Hindu - News] Eight hurt as lorry slams into vehicles

06:27 [Big Think] Absence of Ownership

06:28 [Telegraph] Death toll from latest Oklahoma tornadoes rises to 18

06:32 [The Hindu - News] Footpath encroachers to be arrested, produced in court

06:33 [CNET News] Nvidia shows off software-based pressure sensitive display

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Get to know your postman online

06:44 [AL JAZEERA] Central Europe floods leave several dead

06:44 [AL JAZEERA] Strike called to back Turkey protests

06:44 [The Hindu - News] Fishermen stay off sea, seek release of jailed villagers

06:46 [The Hindu - News] Police arrest 11 for bike-racing on arterial roads

06:49 [CNET News] Apple WWDC predictions: Deutsche Bank chimes in

06:49 [CNET News] E-Ink unveils Mobius flexible display for smartwatches

06:49 [CNN: Money] Natural gas boom fuels exports

06:52 [The Hindu - News] Plan to modernise water supply schemes in Khammam: Collector

06:52 [The Hindu - News] Document verification begins

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Bangalore University nixes seat enhancement at day college

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Samaritan doctors reach out to rural people

07:04 [The Hindu - News] Facebook mogul to pay $2.5m for wedding violation

07:09 [The Hindu - News] Post-ban, demand for grandpa’s favourite chew shoots up

07:09 [The Hindu - News] Sheri tanda sickened by debts

07:11 [Reuters] "Blade Runner" Pistorius set to return to court in murder case

07:11 [Deutsche Welle] Complaints sound on Germany's flood preparedness

07:13 [The Hindu - News] What a yawn — it’s back to school

07:13 [The Hindu - News] More than 300 news websites blocked in Jordan

07:13 [The Hindu - News] BJP rules out truck with anti-‘T’ parties

07:15 [CNN] China plant fire that killed at least 120 linked to ammonia

07:17 [The Hindu - News] Main migrant source for Australia is India

07:29 [The Hindu - News] France to cut family benefits for richest

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchanur tangle: residents miffed over TTD’s decision

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Tungabhadra receives season’s first flood

07:32 [Reuters] U.S. military chiefs to draw line on sexual assault law

07:32 [Fox News: politics] Recall looms for Colorado lawmaker who supported gun control bill

07:32 [AL JAZEERA] Bollywood star commits suicide

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Regulator feels the heat over power tariff hike

07:37 [CNN] 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius due in court in murder case

07:38 [Reuters] Ecuador to talk with Britain on Assange on June 17

07:39 [The Hindu - News] Obama orders new economic sanctions on Iran

07:43 [Reuters: politics] U.S. military chiefs to draw line on sexual assault law

07:45 [The Hindu - News] Metro achieves final tunnel breakthrough at Janpath

07:47 [Telegraph] Pupils forced to turn to TV and internet for careers advice

07:47 [Telegraph] Come to Germany to work and find love, British are told

07:47 [Telegraph] Former SNP leader: Nationalists will lose independence referendum

07:47 [Telegraph] Free university tuition a middle-class benefit, says SNP's 'hand-picked' principal

07:47 [Telegraph] Students head to US in record numbers for a better value of degree

07:47 [Telegraph] On immigration, welfare and crime, cynical Britain just does not believe politicians anymore

07:49 [Voice of America] Turkey Protests Reach 5th Day

07:49 [Voice of America] China Marks 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Crackdown

07:51 [CNET News] Obama to target patent trolls with executive actions

07:51 [The Hindu - News] Tunnelling its way into a new record

07:54 [AL JAZEERA] Families demand answers on China factory fire

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Four stretches to pass below existing ones

08:00 [The Hindu - News] Recognising academic research into India’s cultural heritage

08:00 [Reuters] Exclusive: China tried to convince N.Korea to give up nuclear tests -source

08:00 [AL JAZEERA] Families demand answers on China blaze

08:02 [The Hindu - News] New DIG takes charge

08:03 [Telegraph] GCSEs to be replaced by new 'I level' exams

08:03 [Telegraph] 1.1m older people drowning in debt as credit card generation reaches retirement

08:03 [] Foreign Ministry strike leaves would-be diplomatic travelers like Ehud Barak stranded

08:03 [] LIVE BLOG: Turkey unrest enters day five

08:04 [The Hindu - News] DU protesters detained

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Bollywood mourns Jiah Khan’s untimely death

08:06 [Deutsche Welle] Verdict expected in foreign NGO case in Egypt

08:06 [The Hindu - News] Bomb explodes near police station in Manipur

08:06 [The Hindu - News] Uncertainty over Zinc Smelter continues

08:06 [BBC: Technology] Intel launches next-gen Haswell chip

08:08 [CNET News] Intel amps up horsepower, battery life with Haswell chip

08:08 [CNET News] Dell updates PC line for Intel Haswell: XPS 12, XPS One 27, Alienware X51, plus a new touchscreen monitor

08:08 [CNET News] Intel's new fourth-gen 'Haswell' processors: What you need to know (FAQ)

08:08 [CNET News] Hands-on with the XPS 11

08:10 [The Hindu - News] Apply online, students told

08:12 [The Hindu - News] Polish model allegedly molested

08:12 [The Hindu - News] Students of Ravindra Bharathi School bag prizes at NASA contest

08:20 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:22 [The Hindu - News] DERC hearing venue turns into a fortress

08:25 [OpEdNews] War Is A Queer Issue, But Bradley Manning Being Queer Is A Non-Issue

08:26 [NPR] Obama Administration Seeks To Loosen Antibiotic Approvals

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Delhi bid to re-use kitchen water for horticulture

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Capital’s five-stars promise to go green

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Witness: Manning put secret labels on CDs

08:30 [The Hindu - News] Five killed in road accident near Mindivanipalem

08:32 [AL JAZEERA] US to send missiles and F-16s to Jordan

08:32 [AL JAZEERA] Six killed in clashes in Lebanon

08:32 [The Hindu - News] No check on parking mafia worries NDMC councillors

08:33 [Telegraph] Majority of police files for court are inadequate, report finds

08:33 [Telegraph] Email 'raises stress levels'

08:33 [Telegraph] Wimbledon 2013: Men's Final tickets served up for £8,000 online

08:34 [The Hindu - News] Post-ban, they are all at sea

08:39 [Russia Today] German drone nearly hits 100-passenger Airbus jet – leaked video

08:41 [Deutsche Welle] Complaints arise over Germany's flood preparedness

08:42 [BBC: Science & Environment] MPs urge UK to consume less meat

08:44 [CNN] Hall of Famer defensive end Deacon Jones dies

08:44 [BBC: Science & Environment] French wine 'has Italian origins'

08:44 [AL JAZEERA] US to deploy missiles and jets to Jordan

08:44 [AL JAZEERA] Six killed in Lebanon clashes

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Drive to realise building cess arrears

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Political parties under RTI: Khurshid sounds warning note

08:48 [CNN: Crime] Three girls saved from traffickers

08:48 [CNN: Crime] High court's support of DNA collecting will help catch rapists

08:48 [CNN: Crime] Mississippi man indicted in ricin letters case

08:48 [CNN: Crime] 'Ready to go home:' Last Boston bombing victim leaves the hospital

08:48 [CNN: Crime] 'I was comfortable in prison'

08:48 [CNN: Crime] 11 people go missing from bar

08:48 [BBC: Technology] Trans-US solar plane makes St Louis

08:49 [Telegraph] Britain's first motorway pub set to open

08:50 [Pravda] Gay adoption and the Creator's sexual design

08:50 [BBC: Science & Environment] Trans-US solar plane makes St Louis

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Plan A ready to provide promised rice to poor

08:53 [CNET News] Foxconn taking Firefox OS to tablets, not just phones

08:55 [New Statesman] Morning Wrap: today's top business stories

08:55 [New Statesman] Apple denies charges of conspiring with publishers to fix ebook prices

08:57 [Fox News: politics] Parents can be ticketed, fined for child's bullying in Wisconsin town

08:59 [Truthdig] China Benefits From Bush’s Folly

08:59 [Truthdig] Waiting For Abigail Fisher

09:01 [The Hindu - News] BVB to celebrate platinum jubilee

09:03 [] Israel's treasury tries to allay budget cuts fears, as defense ministry foresees 'hard year'

09:05 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius: Paralympic athlete accused of murdering Reeva Steenkamp back in court

09:05 [Telegraph] Prince Charles cleared of not paying for books at Hay

09:05 [Telegraph] Wealthy hardest hit by recession, says Institute of Fiscal Studies

09:05 [Telegraph] Patients will be able to see surgeons' survival rates, says Jeremy Hunt

09:06 [Reuters] Turkish unions join fierce protests in which two have died

09:06 [Reuters] "Blade Runner" Pistorius back in court in murder case

09:06 [BBC: Science & Environment] Teeth unveil our ancestors' diet

09:08 [AL JAZEERA] Workers strike in support of Turkey protests

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Meiyappan, Vindoo get bail

09:13 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa to skip CM’s conference on Internal Security

09:15 [The Hindu - News] Together

09:16 [Deutsche Welle] Quest for coal forces resettlement in Germany

09:16 [Deutsche Welle] Lignite coal still Germany's primary energy source

09:17 [The Hindu - News] Committee issues ultimatum to implement Paramashivaiah report

09:19 [Pravda] Who needs rating agencies?

09:19 [Telegraph] Tory MP and his wife 'propositioned lesbian housekeeper'

09:19 [The Hindu - News] Monsoon active over coastal areas

09:19 [The Hindu - News] 14th edition of INTEC from June 6 to 10

09:20 [Slashdot] New Asus Device Runs Both Windows and Android

09:20 [BBC: Also in the news] Why Finnish babies sleep in boxes

09:21 [Deutsche Welle] Erdogan blames 'dissidents' as two die in Turkey protests

09:26 [Good] Infographic: The United Names of America

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Jellyfish surge in Mediterranean threatens biodiversity

09:32 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan’s note verbale over ‘attack’

09:34 [Reuters] Pistorius murder trial postponed until Aug 19- S. African magistrate

09:36 [NPR] With U.S. Forces On Their Way Out, Afghans Take The Lead

09:36 [NPR] High-Tech Sensors Help Old Port City Leap Into Smart Future

09:38 [Financial Times] Turkish union to join demonstrations

09:41 [Deutsche Welle] BASF launches Asia Pacific offensive

09:42 [CNN] 'Blade Runner' Pistorius makes brief court appearance; case postponed

09:42 [AL JAZEERA] Oscar Pistorius hearing postponed

09:45 [Reuters] "Blade Runner" Pistorius murder trial postponed until August

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Is the lawlessness of drones coming to haunt America?

09:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Scheer: China Benefits From Bush's Folly

09:50 [Pravda] Pyramids of Giza built by trade unions of hired workers?

09:51 [Telegraph] Fleet of Bronze age boats found in Cambridgeshire quarry

09:54 [CNN] Is Turkey on the verge of a meltdown?

10:01 [New Statesman] Social game developer Zynga to cut over 500 jobs

10:03 [CNN] 'Blade Runner' Pistorius back in court; murder case postponed

10:05 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Concerns escalate over slow China growth, US mfg data

10:08 [The Hindu - News] Crackdown on sale of spurious fertilizers

10:08 [The Hindu - News] High-scorers in Plus Two: A challenge for faculty?

10:11 [Deutsche Welle] Oscar Pistorius trial postponed until August

10:11 [New Statesman] Labour must make a principled defence of trade union funding

10:11 [zero hedge] The Quantitative Beatings Will Continue Until Economy Improves

10:12 [New Internationalist] Haiti: mistakes plus negligence equals death

10:13 [The Hindu - News] Complaint against Amrita Vidyalaya

10:13 [The Hindu - News] BJP to launch preparations for Lok Sabha elections this month

10:14 [Voice of America] Pistorius Appears in Court

10:15 [The Hindu - News] BJP slams references to ‘scams’ in address

10:18 [CNN] Missouri residents told to evacuate after levee breach

10:19 [The Hindu - News] End police harassment: Dalits

10:21 [The Hindu - News] IOC asks Indian association to submit amendments proposals

10:23 [Telegraph] Three days a year state workers spending waiting for PCs to start

10:23 [Telegraph] British couple freed after India kidnap

10:23 [] Knesset approves law barring 'infiltrators' from transferring money abroad

10:24 [Voice of America] China's Xi Inks Trade Deals with Costa Rica; Heads to Mexico

10:24 [BBC: Science & Environment] Dig finds Roman and medieval remains

10:25 [The Hindu - News] Assumes office

10:25 [Russia Today] Germany: Austerity solidarity or grubby politics?

10:27 [The Hindu - News] More deaths feared as floods engulf Central Europe

10:27 [Raw Story] Archaeologists excited by discovery of eight ‘startlingly well-preserved’ Bronze Age boats

10:29 [The Hindu - News] Into world of learning, with tears, smiles

10:31 [The Hindu - News] Acting to ensure a SAFE Trivandrum

10:31 [New Statesman] "This bleak economic scenario has created a fragile social environment"

10:32 [Raw Story] China blocks Tiananmen Square anniversary remembrance at cemetery housing victims of the 1989 crackdown

10:32 [Raw Story] Ten dead and thousands evacuated as floods sweep Europe

10:34 [CNN] Judge in 'Blade Runner' Pistorius case warns of 'trial by media'

10:35 [BBC: Entertainment] Stone Temple Pilots row escalates

10:38 [BBC: Also in the news] Magic moment Coronation cameras missed

10:38 [AL JAZEERA] UN: War crimes a daily reality in Syria

10:42 [CNN] US offers multi-million dollar reward for capture of African militants

10:42 [Raw Story] Yosemite National Park sees second accident fatality in two days

10:43 [The Hindu - News] Encroachers push pedestrians off the footpath

10:45 [The Hindu - News] Task force to check spread of diseases

10:45 [The Hindu - News] Public Health Act to be enforced to check diseases

10:47 [The Hindu - News] Rajasthan craft mela opened

10:47 [The Hindu - News] CBI to approach Govt again to quiz Gupta

10:49 [The Hindu - News] Showering blessings

10:51 [The Hindu - News] A long wait for an NDRF unit

10:51 [The Hindu - News] Permanent Cauvery Monitoring Committee must be formed: BJP

10:51 [The Hindu - News] Branded Maoists, publishers kept in custody

10:52 [Raw Story] U.S. might support Colombia NATO bid: State Department official

10:53 [Telegraph] Pensioners face cuts to TV licences as well as fuel allowances under Labour

10:53 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius appears in court for pre-trial hearing

10:53 [] UN has 'reasonable grounds' to believe chemical weapons used in Syria

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Kerala State schools more attractive: Rabb

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Kerala doctors want private practice norms changed

10:56 [BBC: Education] GCSE exam brand name under scrutiny

10:58 [Reuters] Fukushima plant operator reverses claim groundwater not contaminated

11:00 [The Hindu - News] Man shot dead during protest in Turkey

11:00 [The Hindu - News] 150-year-old government school gets a new lease of life

11:01 [Russia Today] US missile defense system may remain on Jordan-Syria border after drills

11:04 [CNN: Crime] Pistorius murder case delayed

11:06 [CNN: Crime] Police: Evidence in killing of former beauty queen points to ex-priest

11:06 [Deutsche Welle] Growth makes Brazil a hub for human trafficking

11:06 [Deutsche Welle] First defendant to be questioned as Neo-Nazi NSU trial resumes

11:06 [CNN] Unions join forces with Turkish protesters

11:08 [The Hindu - News] KSUDP projects likely to be hit

11:08 [The Hindu - News] ‘Remove foreign body from abdomen’

11:08 [BBC: Education] Ex Dragon warns parents on job help

11:09 [] WATCH: Israel's education minister cracks up over word 'penetration' during Knesset speech

11:09 [Telegraph] British climber killed in Yosemite

11:09 [Telegraph] Red Cross cuts its staff in Afghanistan as Nato withdrawal fuels turmoil

11:10 [Reuters] Cyber specialist to testify at U.S. soldier's WikiLeaks trial

11:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Dylan nominated for French honour

11:14 [The Hindu - News] HC directive to official on Vaigai contamination

11:14 [The Hindu - News] Reshaped health intervention sought in Attappady

11:14 [Voice of America] China Launches Corruption Probe Against Ex-Provincial Official

11:14 [Fox News: politics] Conn. lawmakers revise strict gun control legislation to reduce confusion

11:15 [Reuters] Floods sweep through Prague, move towards Germany

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Woman from Rwanda treated for cancer in Tiruchi

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi Narikorava community yearns for middle school

11:16 [CNN] Breakdown of the storm fatalities in Oklahoma

11:17 [Raw Story] Debt burden drives Indian family —including three children— to suicide

11:18 [The Hindu - News] ‘Shelve curriculum proposal'

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Netravati report to suggest steps to soften blow to ghats

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 5 crore sanctioned for self-employment training

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Oil-fired steam loco from Tiruchi for hill railway

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Karanth’s words in strokes and colours

11:22 [Raw Story] Bob Dylan’s pot-smoking past will not prevent him from receiving France’s highest honor after all

11:23 [CBC: politics] Final Canada-EU trade talks down to red meat issues

11:23 [Financial Times] China’s ‘great power’ call could stir friction

11:24 [] UN has 'reasonable grounds' to believe Assad forces used chemical weapons in Syria

11:24 [AL JAZEERA] Iranians mark anniversary of Khomeini's death

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Drive against dengue from June 10

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Udupi’s industrial plan to boost small entrepreneurs

11:25 [Slashdot] Lowest Mass Exoplanet Ever Directly Imaged. Probably.

11:25 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: live coverage

11:26 [Deutsche Welle] Solar tariffs on China are ‘counter-productive’

11:26 [New Statesman] Why UKIP's right wing economics won't appeal to the city

11:27 [CNET News] Production Nvidia Shield showed off at Computex

11:27 [New Internationalist] Introducing New Internationalist for iPad

11:28 [The Hindu - News] Silicon Valley at frontline of global cyber war

11:28 [The Hindu - News] Band-aid won’t work

11:28 [The Hindu - News] Forum to fight atrocities formed in Udupi

11:28 [The Hindu - News] IOC asks Indian association to submit proposed amendments

11:32 [Raw Story] Major trade union launches two-day strike backing Turkey protests

11:35 [CBC: politics] Rob Ford: The forces that shaped Toronto's polarizing mayor

11:36 [Russia Today] Central Europe on high alert amid worst-in-decade flooding

11:36 [Russia Today] Russian govt commission approves new guidelines for NGO restrictions

11:42 [Fox News] Alleged IRS Flagging Victims to Tell All

11:42 [Fox News] 'A STRONG MESSAGE': Recall Looms for Top Colo. Dem Over Gun Control Law

11:42 [Fox News] CRITICISM CITED: Boston Fire Chief Under Fire After Bombing Resigns

11:42 [Fox News] PARKER PAYS UP: Tech Mogul Owes $25M for Wedding in Coastal Zone

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Earthquake rattles Athens, no damage

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Another window

11:43 [Fox News] Hearing in 'Blade Runner' murder trial postponed

11:43 [Fox News] Tokyo trains stop as bomb squad blows up WWII dud

11:43 [Fox News] Death toll climbs to 18 in Oklahoma tornado outbreak- VIDEO: Is storm chasing heroic?

11:43 [Fox News] Gay couple voted yearbook's 'cutest' is online sensation

11:43 [Fox News] Fort Hood victims upset suspect can question them

11:43 [Fox News] SD accidentally approves Bighorn hunts for thousands

11:44 [Spiegel] Flood Disaster: Merkel Pledges Immediate Aid to Victims

11:44 [] Mott Green, Jewish anarchist chocolatier, dies aged 47

11:45 [The Hindu - News] A different spin

11:45 [The Hindu - News] Even after hike, power tariff less than in neighbouring States, says Minister

11:45 [BBC: Education] Why Finnish babies sleep in boxes

11:46 [BBC: Health] Why Finnish babies sleep in boxes

11:46 [New Statesman] 13 June 1953: There's nothing like a Coronation to test one's scepticism, one's innate Republicanism

11:47 [The Hindu - News] Unable to cook their dal

11:47 [The Hindu - News] NLC Indcoserve starts enrolling contract workmen

11:49 [BBC: Technology] Napster man's big fat wedding bill

11:49 [BBC: Health] C-section in Salvador abortion case

11:49 [BBC: Health] Douglas cancer 'not from oral sex'

11:49 [BBC: Health] Public consulted on organ donor plan

11:50 [BBC: Technology] Intel chip microsleeps to save power

11:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Sting 'to release new disc of songs'

11:52 [Raw Story] Ben & Jerry’s will remove all GMO ingredients from ice cream by year’s end

11:52 [Raw Story] California’s anti-fracking legislation postponed unitl next year

11:52 [CNN] Angry families demand answers after China plant fire kills 119

11:53 [The Hindu - News] JD(U) rejects CIC ruling on political parties

11:54 [Slate Magazine] Women Want Sex

11:54 [Slate Magazine] The Citizen Journalist

11:55 [BBC: Science & Environment] UN points to Syria chemical clues

11:56 [Russia Today] Gazprom brush-off: Germany’s largest gas supplier signs ‘milestone’ contract with Canada

11:59 [The Hindu - News] Cigarette companies’ signboards snuff out size rule

12:00 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Another Tuesday, another rally?

12:01 [The Hindu - News] Dumping of effluents makes life miserable for residents

12:02 [CNN: Money] A tornado destroyed my business. Now what?

12:03 [The Hindu - News] Sreesanth denied bail

12:06 [Deutsche Welle] German car registrations take a tumble

12:06 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel pledges immediate support as floods travel north

12:06 [Deutsche Welle] Sibylle Lewitscharoff wins 2013 Georg Büchner prizeüchner-prize/a-16857230?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:08 [Voice of America] Afghan Blast Kills Father, 3 Children

12:12 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: 1953 saw dawn of new Elizabethan era

12:12 [Telegraph] Turbulence causes chaos on Singapore Airlines flight

12:12 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: 1953 factfile

12:12 [Telegraph] Unhealthy lifestyles 'age a woman's skin by 10 years'

12:12 [New Statesman] Why on earth did the Katona pay-day loan ad get banned?

12:13 [The Hindu - News] New blueprint for old monuments

12:15 [Fox News: politics] Military chiefs to face sexual assault questions at congressional hearing

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Housing Scam: 61 accused acquitted for want of evidence

12:17 [CNN] Dozens of NGO workers, including Americans, sentenced in Egypt

12:18 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt jail terms for foreign NGO workers

12:19 [CNET News] Bose AE2w Bluetooth headphones now shipping

12:21 [Fox News] 'Blade Runner' Pistorius' murder case postponed

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Congress rejects CIC order on bringing political parties under RTI

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Ex-cricketers blast Dhoni over Rhiti Sports

12:22 [Raw Story] Bolivia tries to drum up demand for ‘legal’ coca products —including coca toothpaste

12:24 [Slate Magazine] Embraceable You

12:26 [Good] The Culinary Cyclist Pairs Bikes and Chocolate Sea Salt Cake

12:26 [Good] The Gezi Park Protests and the Emerging Mid-East Environmental Movement

12:26 [Good] Why We're Hitting the Road This Summer to Redefine American Business

12:26 [Good] Why Is New York City Knocking Down Public Schools to Build Luxury Housing?

12:26 [Deutsche Welle] Ships targeted as major polluters of nitrogen dioxide by clean air project

12:27 [New Statesman] Labour derides Tory MP for blaming immigrants for A&E crisis

12:28 [BBC: Technology] IPhones attacked via bogus charger

12:28 [AL JAZEERA] El Salvador abortion row baby dies

12:29 [The Hindu - News] Congress rejects CIC's RTI order

12:32 [New Statesman] SocGen strategist excoriates Osborne over Help to Buy

12:34 [The Hindu - News] India to attend Sharif’s swearing-in tomorrow

12:34 [The Hindu - News] J&K Sub-Inspector held for running militant module

12:34 [The Hindu - News] Political parties under RTI: Congress rejects CIC order

12:34 [Spiegel] Protests in Turkey: 'Taksim Square Belongs to Us'

12:34 [Reuters] Egypt court sentences at least 15 Americans in absentia in NGO case, jails one

12:42 [The Hindu - News] Up to 5 per cent of world GDP lost due to malnutrition: UN

12:44 [The Hindu - News] Jet Airways flight aborts take-off as cargo door remains open

12:44 [] Letter to readers from Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken

12:44 [CNN: Money] The right answer to the IRS debacle

12:46 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Five Ways the Arms Trade Treaty Advances Arms Control

12:48 [BBC: Health] WHO warns of Syria disease threat

12:49 [zero hedge] Bill Gross To Ben Bernanke: "It's Your Policies That Are Now Part Of The Problem Rather Than The Solution"

12:49 [zero hedge] Hope Beyond Hope That There Will Be an Upturn

12:52 [Raw Story] Sandy Hook victims’ parents slam Michael Moore in petition to block publication of ‘gruesome’ crime scene photos

12:56 [AL JAZEERA] Floods wreak havoc across central Europe

12:58 [BBC: Entertainment] Blackman is new children's laureate

13:00 [Telegraph] Sir David Attenborough undergoes heart surgery

13:01 [BBC: Science & Environment] MPs set to rebel over carbon target

13:01 [CNN] HIV discovery 'will change your life forever'

13:02 [CNN: Health] 'This discovery will change your life'

13:03 [NPR] 'Deacon' Jones, The NFL's Original Sackmaster, Dies

13:04 [Reuters] Relatives scuffle with police after China fire kills 120

13:05 [Voice of America] Turkey Protests Reach 5th Day

13:05 [BBC: Entertainment] Meet the laureate: Malorie Blackman

13:06 [Financial Times] Brussels backs down on solar panels

13:06 [CNN] Floods bring misery to parts of Europe

13:06 [CNN] NGO workers sentenced in absentia in Egypt

13:07 [New Statesman] Five reasons why MPs should back the 'green jobs' amendment

13:07 [Raw Story] American tourist gang-raped in northern India: police

13:11 [CNET News] Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote: Join us Monday (live blog)

13:11 [CNET News] Zeiss ships 12mm, 32mm lenses for Fujifilm and Sony cameras

13:11 [Deutsche Welle] Foreign NGOs must close in Egypt

13:11 [zero hedge] The Great Plunge is Coming

13:12 [Russia Today] Boeing looking at training pilots in Russia’s Skolkovo tech hub

13:12 [Russia Today] Virtual currencies under scrutiny: Bitcoin’s next

13:12 [Russia Today] Putin: S-300s not yet delivered to Syria

13:14 [Fox News: politics] Rubio proposes constitutional amendment to invalidate ObamaCare mandate

13:14 [] Kerry contradicts cliche: U.S. does want peace more than Israelis and Palestinians

13:15 [Fox News] Alleged IRS Flagging Victims to Testify

13:15 [CNN] Queen marks 60th anniversary of her coronation

13:16 [The Hindu - News] Caveat blocks stay on CIC order on political parties appeal

13:17 [Raw Story] Obesity and poor nutrition hurting world economy, UN warns

13:17 [BBC: Entertainment] Attenborough cancels Australian tour

13:17 [Reuters] U.N. rights team believes chemical weapons used in Syria

13:19 [CNET News] Goji could lock down smart home security

13:23 [Reuters] 'Blade Runner' Pistorius murder trial postponed until August

13:23 [Reuters] Wildfires hit West, could spread to Native American sites

13:24 [Fox News: politics] Top Obama appointees using secret email accounts

13:24 [Slate Magazine] Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

13:25 [Voice of America] China Marks 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Crackdown

13:25 [CNET News] HTC bleeding continues: Operations chief reportedly steps down

13:26 [CNN: Money] Dow's Tuesday streak on the line

13:26 [CNN: Money] The DOJ's antitrust case against Apple Inc. in 81 slides

13:26 [CNN: Money] PC makers push back against mobile devices

13:28 [] Exposed: "FrackNation" Deploys Tobacco Playbook in Response to "Gasland 2"

13:28 [zero hedge] Lucky 21?

13:29 [The Hindu - News] Ishrat case: Court grants permission to arrest Vanzara

13:29 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Logging our lives with wearable tech

13:30 [Telegraph] Evidence that chemical weapons have been used in Syria attacks reaches UN

13:30 [Telegraph] Malorie Blackman is new Children's Laureate

13:31 [The Hindu - News] Court asks Bengal to follow panchayat poll directives

13:31 [Deutsche Welle] Foreign NGOs must close in Egypt, court rules

13:31 [Deutsche Welle] Heynckes takes a break as coach, leaves the door open for more

13:32 [Russia Today] Russia has to react as NATO moves closer to its borders - Medvedev

13:33 [NPR] VIDEO: Kid's Salute Turns Cymbal Crash Into Symbolic Victory

13:33 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Paranoid Style of Bicycle Politics: A Bicoastal Freak Out

13:34 [Reuters] Pistorius judge attacks 'scandalizing' media coverage

13:37 [BBC: Education] Ex-Dragon warns parents on job help

13:37 [Raw Story] Woolly Mammoth found in Siberia with liquid blood in it reopens cloning debate

13:39 [Financial Times] Turkey’s deputy PM to meet protesters

13:39 [The Hindu - News] US national gang-raped in Manali

13:39 [The Hindu - News] From the look book…

13:40 [CNN] Opinion: The promise of vaccines

13:40 [CNN] Opinion: Obama administration overreached on leak investigations

13:41 [Financial Times] Flood waters engulf Prague suburbs

13:41 [The Hindu - News] A thread of thought

13:41 [The Hindu - News] Would you like to save the world?

13:41 [BBC: Education] Rise in working women could lift GDP

13:42 [CNN] Storm chasing: Science, thrill-seeking or tourism?

13:44 [] Putin denies S-300 missile system already been sent to Syria

13:44 [CNN: Money] The hottest trend in games? Free

13:44 [Spiegel] Historic High Water: Passau Suffers Worst Flood in 500 Years

13:45 [The Hindu - News] Iran leader tells candidates not to appease West

13:46 [Deutsche Welle] Porsche ex-finance chief fined for credit fraud

13:47 [Voice of America] VOA News: UN: 'Reasonable Grounds' to Believe Chemical Weapons Used in Syria

13:47 [The Hindu - News] Chopper deal: Court allows defreezing of Tyagi’s kin accounts

13:47 [Russia Today] UK soldiers confess to Afghan civilian abuse

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Heroes with fur

13:50 [AL JAZEERA] Turkey deputy PM sorry for 'excessive force'

13:52 [Raw Story] Pricey tickets for Rolling Stones tour test limits of live-concert market

13:53 [Financial Times] Brussels backs down on China solar panels

13:54 [New Statesman] Lez Miserable: "The fundamental problem with 'Straight Pride' is that homophobes have no idea how to party"

13:55 [The Hindu - News] Retro vibe

13:56 [CNN: Politics] IRS splurges on conference, Gilligan video

13:56 [CNN: Politics] How far did it go?

13:56 [CNN: Politics] Lautenberg had street-fighter instincts

13:56 [BBC: Technology] Hunt for 'buried' ET games confirmed

13:58 [BBC: Also in the news] So long, long words?

13:58 [Reuters] Turkish deputy PM seeks to calm anti-government protests

13:58 [Reuters] Egyptian court jails American, German in NGO case

13:59 [BBC: Also in the news] Napster man's big fat wedding bill

14:00 [zero hedge] Independent v. Mainstream News: Informed v. Re-Educated

14:00 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: June 4

14:00 [zero hedge] Previewing Today's Market In One Picture

14:00 [CNN: Politics] Death raises question for Christie

14:00 [CNN: Politics] Lautenberg had street-fighter instinct

14:01 [The Hindu - News] 35-year-old woman rescued from home in Bangalore

14:01 [The Hindu - News] Energy shot

14:02 [Raw Story] Colbert lauds Internet wifi-ready rifle that lets ‘your gun make Facebook friends’

14:02 [AL JAZEERA] UN points to chemical weapons use in Syria

14:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Retired judge to lead BBC Hall probe

14:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Gillan cast in Marvel Guardians film

14:03 [Voice of America] Russia's Putin Says No Missiles Delivered to Syria

14:03 [The Hindu - News] Sreesanths' counsel denounces decision to invoke MCOCA against cricketers

14:05 [Fox News: politics] Kerry heads to Latin America for summit with group he once disparaged

14:05 [The Hindu - News] Neatly trimmed

14:05 [The Hindu - News] UP Govt accepts Nimesh panel report, BJP cries foul

14:05 [The Hindu - News] Sreesanth's counsel denounces decision to invoke MCOCA against cricketers

14:06 [Deutsche Welle] China nudges US out of Iraqi oil boom

14:06 [Deutsche Welle] Taiwanese artist tries to save Tuvalu in Venice

14:06 [Deutsche Welle] Cairo court sentences NGO employees to jail

14:07 [Raw Story] Grounds to believe chemical use by both sides in Syria: UN

14:07 [The Hindu - News] Pretty feet

14:10 [BBC: Science & Environment] Fukushima fish 'pose little risk'

14:11 [Voice of America] Egypt Imposes Jail Sentences on Absent Foreign NGO Workers

14:11 [Deutsche Welle] UN needs 'more evidence' in Syria chemical weapons probe

14:11 [The Hindu - Opinion] Is Miller really sorry?

14:13 [] Frank Lautenberg, the Last of the New Deal Liberals

14:13 [NPR] Reports: American Woman Gang-Raped In India

14:13 [NPR] Book News: Neruda's Death? Experts Say The Assassin Didn't Do It

14:14 [The Hindu - News] A solution to Bangalore's water woes

14:15 [Slate Magazine] Good News for Liars

14:16 [CNET News] Apple to charge $149 for in-store iPhone 5 glass repair -- report

14:16 [CNET News] Windows Phone to capture 12 percent of smartphone market by 2017

14:16 [Telegraph] Police car that crashed and injured members of public was travelling at over 70mph in 30mph zone

14:16 [Telegraph] Leveson lawyer who had affair was paid £220,000 of taxpayers' money

14:18 [The Hindu - News] Befriend your environment

14:18 [NPR] With U.S. Forces On Their Way Out, Afghans Take The Lead

14:19 [Global Voices] Inclusive Citizen Reporters in Ecuador

14:20 [Slashdot] A Serious Proposal To Fix Windows 8

14:21 [CNN] Egypt sentences American NGO workers to jail

14:21 [CNN] What's driving unrest and protests in Turkey?

14:22 [Fox News] FBI investigates kidnapping of US Marine in Mexico

14:22 [Fox News] Jill Kelley sues FBI, DOD over Petraeus scandal

14:22 [Fox News] Parents can be fined for child's bullying in Wis. town- VIDEO: Fla. schools tracking children by eyes

14:22 [The Hindu - News] The spirit of an era

14:24 [Reuters] Merkel promises cash to German flood victims

14:26 [CNN] Police crackdown triggers anti-government riots

14:26 [CNN: Money] Lululemon solves sheer yoga pants problem

14:27 [Raw Story] 119 dead as survivors tell of ‘sea of flames’ at massive Chinese poultry plant fire

14:28 [The Atlantic: National] Annals of the Security State: Hypotheses

14:29 [CBC: politics] BMO settles with most in Alberta mortgage fraud lawsuit

14:31 [Voice of America] NATO to Send Expert Mission to Libya

14:32 [zero hedge] From Equity "Love" To Market Hate?

14:34 [CNET News] Apple to reach 600 million users by end of 2013, says analyst

14:34 [CNN: Health] Obesity leads to 'drastic' change

14:34 [CNN: Health] Fukushima tuna study finds miniscule health risks

14:34 [] Foreign Ministry union warns IDF, Shin Bet chiefs: Don't help organize Netanyahu's trip abroad

14:40 [CNN] Despite economic miracle, Erdogan targeted by protests

14:42 [CNET News] Intel's biggest issue in the mobile space: 'Lack of LTE'

14:43 [Russia Today] Destination unknown: Israel to deport thousands of African migrants

14:43 [Russia Today] Turkey imported 62 tons of teargas and pepper spray in 12 years – report

14:43 [Russia Today] Afghan colonel arrested amid probe into alleged US torture – report

14:43 [CNN: Health] Sex, cancer linked

14:43 [CNN: Health] The discovery changed her life

14:44 [Amnesty International] Tunisian FEMEN activist must be released

14:45 [Slate Magazine] "This Horse"

14:45 [Slate Magazine] The Darkest Year of Medical School

14:45 [Fox News] IRS SCANDAL: Alleged Victims of IRS Targeting to Testify on Hill

14:45 [Fox News] SECRET EMAILS: Top Obama Appointees Using Private Accounts

14:45 [Fox News] FACEBOOK MOGUL PAYS: Parker to Pay $2.5M for Nuptials in Coastal Zone

14:45 [Fox News] 'BASELESS ATTACKS': Boston Fire Chief Resigns Citing Marathon Criticism

14:45 [Fox News] Recall Push Over Gun Vote Advances

14:45 [Fox News] Kerry says US will sign UN arms control treaty

14:47 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'New levels of brutality in Syria'

14:49 [CNN: Health] HIV discovery almost didn't happen

14:50 [CNET News] Lenovo in 'talks' with smartphone 'party' for joint venture

14:50 [CNET News] iPad Mini 2 delayed, claims report

14:51 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Erdogan Goes All Robert Moses on Istanbul

14:51 [CNN] Possible Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby names

14:52 [CNN: Entertainment] Let's name that Kimye baby girl

14:52 [CNN: Entertainment] Pia Zadora charged in fight

14:52 [CNN: Entertainment] The cutest video ever?

14:52 [CNN: Entertainment] Latest Michael Jackson death trial news

14:53 [NPR] Top Stories: 'Deacon' Jones Dies; IRS Hearings Resume

14:53 [CNN: Crime] Video freed U.S. mom from Mexican prison

14:53 [CNN: Crime] Former cop: I didn't kill my wife, torch our home

14:53 [Voice of America] Turkey's Deputy PM Apologizes for Police Crackdown

14:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andrew M. Cuomo: Restoring New York as a Leader in Women's Rights

14:54 [Slashdot] Footage Reveals Drone Aircraft Nearly Downed Passenger Plane in 2004

14:55 [Reuters: politics] Obama to take steps to rein in patent lawsuits: White House

14:56 [Deutsche Welle] Lenders return to Greece for more austerity checks

14:57 [Raw Story] Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister apologizes to the injured, asking ‘responsible citizens’ to stop protesting

14:59 [CNN: Money] Out of the closet on Wall Street

14:59 [Global Voices] Extreme Anti-immigrant Groups Spread Throughout Europe

15:01 [zero hedge] US April Trade Deficit Rises But Less Than Expected

15:02 [Fox News: politics] White House tries to encourage high tech patents

15:02 [CNET News] Apple eyes NFC to sync data between devices

15:04 [The Progressive] The Art World Reacts to Bangladesh

15:07 [Raw Story] SEAL Team 6 member comes out as transgender ‘Warrior Princess’

15:08 [CNN: Crime] Murder case overturned, now another questioned

15:08 [CNN: Crime] Temperature's up -- so are shootings in NYC

15:08 [CNN: Crime] Indictment: Mississippi man sent ricin letters to Obama, other officials

15:08 [CNN: Crime] 11 people disappear from Mexico City bar; relatives want answers

15:08 [CNN: Crime] Ex-cop: I didn't kill wife, torch home

15:08 [CNN: Crime] Manning 'craved' notoriety

15:10 [CNET News] MSI shows off 4.1GHz Haswell gaming laptop

15:10 [CNET News] Bling it! Super-extravagant smartphones and tablets

15:12 [zero hedge] Who The US Imports Crude Oil From

15:13 [] As UN Warns of 'Human Costs,' US Sends More Weapons to Syria Border

15:13 [CBC: politics] Tory Senate leader calling in auditor general on expenses

15:15 [Slate Magazine] Louisiana’s Latest Anti-Scientific Folly, on Video

15:15 [Slate Magazine] Mad Men, Season 6

15:17 [Reuters] Powers set to press Iran on nuclear inquiry: diplomats

15:18 [NPR] Pistorius Murder Trial Postponed Until August

15:18 [Telegraph] Patrick Mercer under investigation by parliamentary watchdog

15:18 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: Archbishop praises monarch's 'utter self-sacrifice' over 60 years

15:19 [] Turkish government offers conciliatory moves as thousands return to protest in Taksim

15:20 [New Statesman] How to know who's heading up in the shadow cabinet reshuffle

15:21 [OpEdNews] HB 87 Means Disaster for Florida Homeowners

15:22 [Pravda] Russia invests heavily in ecological innovations

15:23 [NPR] As U.S. Troops Draw Down, Can Afghans Take The Lead?

15:23 [Spiegel] Solar Strife: EU�Fires First Shot in Trade War with China

15:25 [The Hindu - News] Don't appease West, says Khamenei

15:25 [CBC: politics] Red meat issues snag final Canada-EU trade talks

15:26 [Deutsche Welle] Our activists views on education

15:26 [Deutsche Welle] Spain posts surprisingly strong dip in jobless numbers

15:27 [Big Think] The Internet Suffix Of The "Evil Empire" Is Alive And Well

15:27 [The Hindu - News] 'Don't appease West'

15:28 [NPR] Another Report Shows Home Prices Taking A Big Jump

15:30 [Le Monde diplomatique] The wandering Europeans

15:31 [CBC: politics] NDP motion would shut down Senate by Canada Day

15:32 [Raw Story] Two white Texas officers fired for beating black woman over $150 fine

15:33 [Russia Today] Moscow mayor announces resignation plans, calls for early election

15:33 [Russia Today] President Putin says he is bored with the same sex marriage issue, but ready to sign adoptions ban

15:33 [Russia Today] China hacking vs. Pentagon whacking: An arms race in cyber-space?

15:33 [Russia Today] UN fails to determine perpetrator of Syria chemical attacks, urges on-site inquiry

15:33 [The Hindu - News] Sohrabuddin encounter case: Ex-minister appears in court

15:33 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Hypocrisy of a Conservative Elite's New York and D.C. Bashing

15:34 [Truthdig] Plant Growth Surges As CO2 Levels Rise

15:34 [Truthdig] The (Less Than) Eternal Sea

15:35 [Reuters: politics] Obama takes action to curb frivolous patent lawsuits

15:36 [Deutsche Welle] Join the discussion on education

15:36 [Deutsche Welle] Codetermination is not a question of education

15:36 [CBC: politics] Hefty fines coming if unsafe products stay on shelves

15:38 [Pravda] Summer floods wash Europe away

15:38 [Pravda] Turkish delight served right on time to Mr. Erdogan

15:40 [Reuters] Hong Kong marks June 4 crackdown as China tightens security

15:42 [CNN: Crime] Ex-cop: I didn't kill wife, burn home

15:43 [CNN] #Avgeeks take on terrorism

15:43 [Spiegel] High Court Clash: Land Dispute Could Curb German Coal Mining

15:44 [The Hindu - News] Dawood, Chhota Shakeel’s name surface in spot fixing scam

15:44 [CNET News] Solar-powered plane completes third leg of flight across America

15:44 [CNET News] Get a refurbished Gateway all-in-one system for $249.99

15:44 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Another Tuesday, another rally?

15:44 [CNN: Money] In e-book trial, U.S. and Apple state their cases

15:44 [CNN: Money] The Massachusetts health care experiment

15:45 [Slashdot] White House Announces Reforms Targeting Patent Trolls

15:45 [New Statesman] Over Bike-Share Schemes, The Wall Street Journal Loses the Plot

15:45 [Fox News: politics] Who will Christie choose? NJ governor has several options for Lautenberg replacement

15:47 [BBC: Entertainment] Artist sentenced over indecency

15:48 [The Hindu - News] Spot-fixing: SC to hear PIL for CBI probe next week

15:49 [BBC: Technology] London police target pirate websites

15:51 [Truthout] College Debt

15:51 [Voice of America] Obama Seeking Patent Lawsuit Reforms

15:52 [BBC: Technology] IPhones 'attacked' via bogus charger

15:53 [Spiegel] Permit Runaround: Politics Slow Archaeologists in Turkey

15:55 [Global Voices] Brazilian Transvestites Pump Up with Silicone to Attract World Cup Clients

15:56 [Deutsche Welle] Turkish government apologizes for police brutality during unrest

15:58 [NPR] In Syria's Bashar Assad Getting The Upper Hand?

15:59 [Slashdot] Dreambox: the World's First 3D Printing Vending Machine

16:00 [CNET News] Hulu, Amazon nibbling at more of Netflix's streaming-TV pie

16:01 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Why Suppressing Feedback Leads To Financial Crashes

16:01 [zero hedge] Here Come The Trade Wars: Europe Imposes Duties On China Solar-Panels

16:02 [Raw Story] Woman harassed by Petraeus’ mistress files defamation suit against feds

16:02 [Raw Story] Watch live: Senate holds hearing on military sexual assault

16:03 [Disinformation] The Emerging Speculative Genre Of “Cli Fi”

16:05 [New Statesman] We will end the merry-go-round of reoffending

16:06 [Telegraph] Spanish town posts dog mess back to offending hound owners

16:06 [Telegraph] Pianist Krystian Zimerman storms out of concert in protest at being filmed on phone

16:06 [Telegraph] Huge protests expected in Hong Kong on Tiananmen anniversary

16:06 [Telegraph] Glenn Close: 'If I remade Fatal Attraction, I'd pay more attention to mental illness'

16:06 [Telegraph] Sketch: Pushing the envelope on cash for questions

16:06 [Telegraph] Delusional burglar told police he thought he was Charles Dickens after breaking into house

16:07 [Truthout] Moral Imperative of Bradley Manning

16:08 [NPR] Is Syria's Bashar Assad Getting The Upper Hand?

16:08 [NPR] Lululemon's Pants Return With 'More Fabric Across The Bum'

16:09 [CNET News] Study: 35% of new marriages started with online intro (podcast)

16:09 [CNET News] Retooled WikiPad primed for launch

16:09 [CNET News] Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with your fingerprint

16:09 [CNET News] Salesforce aims $2.5B deal at ExactTarget

16:11 [CNN] #Avgeeks: The new warriors on terror

16:11 [Voice of America] Morsi Aide Apologizes After Ethiopia Remarks Broadcast Live

16:12 [CNN: Travel] #Avgeeks: The new warriors on terror

16:12 [CNN: Travel] Class trip takes huge detour when students are kicked off plane

16:12 [The Hindu - News] India further extends military training facilities to Singapore

16:14 [CNN] Floods bring misery to central Europe

16:14 [CNN] Sex assault in military 'enemy to moral, readiness' senator says

16:14 [CNN] Fukushima tuna study finds minuscule health risks

16:14 [CNN] Missourians grapple with flooding; Mississippi River expected to crest

16:15 [Fox News] CHRISTIE'S CHOICE: Lautenberg replacement

16:15 [Fox News] Top Obama Picks Using Secret Emails

16:15 [Fox News] IRS SCANDAL: Alleged Victims of IRS Targeting Tell Their Story

16:15 [Fox News] COLORADO GUN FIGHT: Recall Push Over TopDem's Vote Advances

16:17 [Truthout] Schools and the New Jim Crow: An Interview With Michelle Alexander

16:17 [Truthout] Second Amendment

16:17 [Raw Story] Maddow: Get ready for ‘long, hot, stupid summer’ with Republicans in Congress

16:18 [CBC: politics] 8 policy debates to watch at the Conservative convention

16:18 [CBC: politics] Ottawa rejects Telus takeover of Mobilicity

16:18 [CNET News] Amazon, Viacom sign deal for MTV, Comedy Central programs

16:18 [Disinformation] How Environmentalists Got One Firm to Quit Deforestation

16:20 [Truthdig] Dancing

16:20 [Truthdig] The Liberal’s Liberal Lautenberg

16:20 [CNN: Politics] Inhofe: Military sex assault 'enemy to morale, readiness'

16:22 [CNN] Honda-driven Japan first team to qualify for 2014 World Cup

16:22 [Fox News: politics] Former IRS commissioner's wife tweeted from Occupy Wall Street rally

16:23 [Russia Today] ‘Apple is not alone’: 18 top American companies avoid $92 billion in taxes

16:26 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for June 4, 2013

16:26 [] Democracy Now!: American Fascism: Ralph Nader Decries How Big Business Has Taken Control of the U.S. Government

16:26 [] Democracy Now!: Bradley Manning Trial: WikiLeaks Lawyer Sees Spurious "Enemy" Claims & Bid to Scare Whistleblowers

16:26 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Another Tuesday, another gain

16:26 [CNN: Money] 4 years post-recession: Where are we now?

16:26 [CNN: Money] Corporate raider seeks to snap up $3 billion in Greek debt

16:27 [Big Think] Redefining Intelligence: Q&A With Scott Barry Kaufman

16:28 [The Atlantic: National] Message to Congress: Stop Messing With Conservation Budgets

16:28 [NPR] AP: Top Obama Officials Use Secret Email Accounts

16:29 [Financial Times] Turkey’s deputy PM apologises to protesters

16:29 [Slashdot] World of Warcraft Film Shooting Begins Early 2014

16:31 [zero hedge] El-Erian: Central Banks "Have Materially Damaged Their Standing"

16:32 [Raw Story] Carrboro mayor among 150 arrested protesting North Carolina legislature

16:33 [CBC: politics] Ottawa blocks Telus takeover of Mobilicity

16:33 [Fox News: politics] Secret Emails Shake Confidence in Embattled Administration

16:33 [Fox News: politics] Heads of U.S. military fight to keep their authority over sexual assault cases

16:35 [Truthdig] Press Scandal

16:35 [Truthdig] Erdogan’s Facebook

16:36 [Deutsche Welle] Germany plans targeted aid for East Africa

16:40 [] Jinkx Monsoon, the narcoleptic Jewish drag queen

16:40 [AL JAZEERA] Germany pledges to help flood victims

16:41 [New Statesman] Healthcare: another thing that the Germans just do better

16:41 [CNN: Technology] Why the new Xbox still won't fix TV

16:41 [CNN: Technology] Fitness tools that tap power of your friends

16:41 [Voice of America] VOA News: Albright: Burma's Democratic Reforms on Right Track

16:43 [The Atlantic: International] Turks Have Learned the Power of Grassroots Politics

16:43 [CNN] Why the new Xbox still won't fix TV

16:46 [The Onion] American Voices: App Claims It Can 'Cure' Homosexuality In 60 Days

16:46 [New Statesman] Labour and the 50p rate: principle or pragmatism?

16:47 [zero hedge] Does A Rising Yield Curve Lead To Net Interest Margin Improvements?

16:47 [zero hedge] It's Official, the US is Back in Recession

16:47 [Raw Story] The GOP Continues To Believe The Solution Lies In Better Euphemisms

16:47 [Raw Story] ACLU report confirms nonwhites make up most of marijuana arrests

16:49 [Voice of America] VOA News: Senate Considers Changes to Curb Sexual Assault in Military

16:51 [New Statesman] Evening Wrap: today's top business stories

16:51 [The Hindu - News] VVIP chopper scam: AgustaWestland writes to Finance Ministry

16:51 [Fox News] Cocktails to Beat the Heat

16:51 [Fox News] Pat Can't Stop Eating Pizza

16:51 [Fox News] Tesla Loses Texas Tussle

16:51 [Fox News] Actor Rips Young Reporter

16:51 [Fox News] Pizza Delivery by Drones

16:51 [Fox News] NFL's Deacon Jones Dies

16:53 [NPR] 16 Americans Among Nonprofit Workers Convicted In Egypt

16:53 [The Hindu - News] Govt. studying CIC order on political parties

16:53 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Artist in the Mirror, as Seen Through a Smartphone

16:54 [CNET News] MSI's Haswell laptop comes with a 3K screen

16:54 [CNN: Entertainment] Dap-Kings' star has cancer

16:54 [CNN: Entertainment] Dap-Kings' Sharon Jones postpones tour for cancer surgery

16:55 [Truthdig] Mapquest

16:55 [Truthdig] Dark Money

16:57 [Big Think] How To Be A Thing In The Internet Of Things

16:59 [Slashdot] Labor Dep't Wanted $1M For E-mail Addresses of Political Appointees

16:59 [Slashdot] Indian FOSS Evangelist Atul Chitnis Dead At 51

17:00 [CNET News] IBM to buy cloud specialist SoftLayer

17:01 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Another Tuesday gain

17:01 [CNN: Money] 4 years post-recession: Where we are now

17:01 [CNN: Money] Will the housing rebound crush the job market?

17:02 [CNN] Jones, NFL coiner of 'sack the quarterback,' dies at 74

17:03 [NPR] The French Learned To Make Wine From Italians 2,400 Years Ago

17:05 [zero hedge] Chart Of The Day: The Fed's Taper In Perspective

17:07 [Voice of America] Reuters: Crown Stars at Queen Elizabeth's 60th Anniversary

17:09 [Telegraph] Israel's education minister gets the giggles in parliament

17:09 [Telegraph] Spanish Kung-Fu champion suspected of multiple murders

17:09 [Telegraph] American woman gang-raped in India

17:09 [Telegraph] Meredith Kercher award won by London student

17:09 [Telegraph] New cancer drug provides 'substantial improvement'

17:09 [Telegraph] British soldier pleads guilty to abusing Afghan boy

17:11 [CNET News] 5 great apps to customize your Android home screen experience

17:11 [CNET News] Amazon's secret weapon: $600 million in annual ad revenue

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Turkish govt shifts tactics, apologises to Taksim campaigners

17:16 [New Statesman] Developers of Draw Something, worth $180m in 2012, now worth $0m

17:17 [Raw Story] Florida man arrested and fined for firing AR-15 into own house

17:17 [Raw Story] Pennsylvania school crossing guard agrees to stop carrying pistol at work

17:17 [Reuters] Palestinian PM-designate hopes to form government this week

17:18 [The Hindu - News] Congress leaders still reluctant to ally with JMM in state

17:19 [Russia Today] New US sanctions on Iran target currency and automobile industry

17:19 [Voice of America] Turkey's Deputy PM Apologizes for Police Crackdown

17:20 [CNN] Partisan views of IRS scandal: political hijinks, mismanaged scrutiny

17:20 [CNN: Money] Corporate raider to buy $3 billion in Greek debt

17:20 [CNN: Money] The real reason behind Shanghui's purchase of Smithfield

17:21 [New Statesman] Equal marriage could only threaten gender roles if it magically turned everyone gay

17:21 [CNN: Health] Zoraida's double mastectomy

17:21 [CNN: Health] Adult prescription drug use leads to increased poisonings in kids

17:22 [Caritas Internationalis] A cry for peace for Central African Republic

17:24 [CNN] Turkey's Erdogan: Successful leader or 'dictator'?

17:25 [] Israel planning to integrate 500 Arabs teachers into understaffed Jewish schools

17:25 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Living fossil' back from the dead

17:26 [Deutsche Welle] EU announces tariffs on Chinese solar panels

17:28 [BBC: Science & Environment] Government sees off carbon rebellion

17:28 [CNET News] Turkish users sneak past censorship of Facebook, Twitter

17:29 [Reuters] U.S. blacklists global network of Iranian 'front' companies

17:31 [CNN] Partisan views of IRS scandal: Political hijinks, mismanaged scrutiny

17:31 [CNN] Military chiefs oppose removing commanders from sexual assault probes

17:33 [BBC: Entertainment] Hollywood stars try out local gym

17:34 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Divine Intervention Saved John Boehner's Speakership

17:35 [CNN: Money] Dora and SpongeBob head to Amazon service

17:35 [CNN: Money] TOMS goes to the 'Thrift Shop' in company video

17:35 [CNN: Money] Enterprise names Pamela Nicholson CEO

17:37 [OpEdNews] Leaving Truth outside the Court House at Bradley Manning's Trial

17:39 [Telegraph] Mother 'lost job at Boots after leaving work to take her child to hospital'

17:40 [Reuters] Obama names three judges to key appeals court, urges Senate to act

17:43 [NPR] At IRS Hearing: Talk Of 'Jackboot Of Tyranny'

17:45 [CBC: politics] EU trade details still being worked out by Ottawa and N.L.

17:45 [Voice of America] Tens of Thousands Mark Tiananmen Anniversary in Hong Kong

17:46 [Slashdot] Banking Malware, Under the Hood

17:46 [The Onion] Your Horoscopes – Week Of June 4, 2013

17:49 [CNN: Crime] Did Kansas cop kill wife, burn down their home?

17:49 [CBC: politics] EU trade talks 'back on track,' N.L. premier says

17:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Trust upholds BBC clock complaint

17:50 [Slate Magazine] Arrested Development, Season 4

17:52 [OpEdNews] Noam Chomsky: The Eve of Destruction

17:52 [Caritas Internationalis] Caritas supports victims of flooding disaster in Austria

17:53 [CNN: Money] Wal-Mart's low wages cost taxpayers

17:55 [CNN: Politics] A boy's joy...then grief

17:55 [CNN: Politics] IRS scandal: Watergate again or poor government management?

17:55 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Why Slumdog author won't give up day job

17:56 [CBC: politics] Is @pmharper too partisan on Twitter?

17:59 [CNN: Crime] Military chiefs oppose removing commanders from sex assault probes

17:59 [CNN] Who's running in Iran's presidential election?

18:01 [zero hedge] Gold Premium Surges In China - Wise ‘Aunties’ And Wealthy Buying

18:01 [zero hedge] The Lumber Chronicles: Margin Up, Limit Down

18:01 [zero hedge] Stock Market Crashes Through the Ages – Part I – 17th and 18th Centuries

18:01 [CNET News] Halo to hit Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in July

18:01 [CNET News] EU Net neutrality plan to outlaw throttling, site-blocking

18:02 [CNN: Money] Stocks drift on turnaround Tuesday

18:03 [Disinformation] FBI’s Proposed CALEA Law Would Require Websites And Devices To Be Wiretap-Ready

18:05 [Slate Magazine] The Most Ignored Dynasty in Sports

18:05 [CNN] UK airport tries to find century-old lost teddy's family

18:07 [Deutsche Welle] Fears for witness protection as transfer of ICC Kenya trial mooted

18:07 [Deutsche Welle] Floods hit Germany at economic low point

18:08 [Fox News: politics] Conservative group claims it has proof IRS leaked donor list

18:08 [CNN: Crime] Military chiefs oppose removing commanders from sex assault cases

18:09 [BBC: Entertainment] Sex offence artist spared jail term

18:10 [Reuters: politics] Tea Party groups emotionally describe harassment by IRS

18:11 [Telegraph] First transgender US Navy SEAL tells her story

18:12 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Will Saudi Arabia Allow The U.S. Oil Boom?

18:12 [Raw Story] Health Secretary Sebelius named in report over ‘recent’ secret government emails

18:12 [Spiegel] 'Outraged and Disturbed': Germany Blasts Egyptian Nonprofit Verdict

18:12 [Spiegel] Forbidden Photos: Secret Shots of Hitler's Bunker

18:12 [Spiegel] Picture This: Wildfire

18:13 [The Atlantic: International] Why an Article About a Middle-Eastern Spice Prompted an Internet War

18:13 [BBC: Education] Ex-Dragon defends jobs for daughters

18:15 [CNET News] President Obama takes on patent trolls with executive actions

18:16 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Goes After Iran's Puppet Companies

18:16 [Global Voices] Snowfall in the Tropics

18:16 [Global Voices] Video: Thousands Rage Against Iran's Regime at Funeral for Ayatollah

18:16 [Truthout] Life and Death Choices: Radiation, Children, and Japan's Future

18:19 [CNN: Money] EU slaps tariffs on Chinese solar panels

18:19 [CNN: Money] Dora and SpongeBob head to Amazon

18:21 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Game of Thrones': No wedding ratings gift

18:24 [Slashdot] Can Microsoft Survive If Windows Doesn't Dominate?

18:24 [BBC: Entertainment] Ivor Novello award in scrapyard

18:24 [Guardian] Decarbonisation target narrowly defeated in Commons energy bill vote

18:24 [Guardian] Serpentine Gallery becomes Serpen-Tron with radical new pavilion

18:24 [Guardian] Turkey: deputy PM apologises for 'excessive violence' against protesters

18:24 [Guardian] US peace plan failure could finish Palestinian Authority, Erekat signals

18:24 [Guardian] Lord's Resistance Army funded by elephant poaching, report finds

18:24 [Guardian] US tourist gang-raped in northern India

18:26 [Good] Chinese Netizens Are Skirting Attempts to Censor Mention of Tiananmen Square

18:27 [Raw Story] White House issues executive orders to curb ‘patent trolls’

18:27 [Raw Story] Recall petition for Colorado gun-safety Democrat gets twice the signatures it needed

18:27 [Raw Story] Sweden sees boom in stay-at-home dads

18:28 [The Atlantic: National] What President Obama's Mental Health Summit Left Out

18:30 [Russia Today] Smoking employees cause US businesses billions in indirect losses

18:30 [Russia Today] Obama’s top appointees use secret email accounts – AP

18:32 [Big Think] Is The Games Console Becoming Obsolete?

18:32 [Big Think] A Search for Tranquility Turns into a Gallery Opening

18:33 [NPR] Is It A Surprise That Single Black Men Are Looking For LTR?

18:33 [NPR] Discussing The African-American Experience

18:33 [NPR] What's At Stake With Supreme Court Decisions?

18:33 [NPR] Why Your Boss Should Update Your 401(k) Plan

18:33 [NPR] What Do We Know About 'African American Lives Today?'

18:33 [NPR] Jill Kelley Files Suit Against Feds Over Petraeus Scandal

18:34 [The Atlantic: Politics] Tweet of the Day: Newt Gingrich Backs Callista for 'Drop Dead Blonde'

18:34 [BBC: Technology] Trust upholds BBC clock complaint

18:35 [Slate Magazine] Turkish Tears

18:35 [CNN: Money] End the Fed ... speeches

18:36 [Guardian] Germany sends troops to help flooded cities as death toll rises

18:37 [Truthout] No Time for Pipeline

18:37 [OpEdNews] When It Comes to Business Profits, It's the Plutonomy versus the Realonomy -- and the Plutonomy is Winning

18:37 [Financial Times] Tehran bazaar revolts over tax increases

18:38 [BBC: Health] Research tracks the ageing brain

18:38 [NPR] That Employee Who Smokes Costs The Boss $5,800 A Year

18:38 [NPR] Rubber Ducky, You're (Not) The One. Hong Kong Quacker Spawns Others

18:38 [NPR] Judge Accepts James Holmes' Insanity Plea For Colo. Shootings

18:38 [CBC: politics] Ottawa blocks Telus-Mobilicity takeover

18:38 [Financial Times] Turkey’s deputy PM offers apology

18:38 [AL JAZEERA] France says tests from Syria shows sarin use

18:39 [Financial Times] Brussels presses China for solar deal

18:41 [Fox News: politics] IRS spent $4.1M on California conference, watchdog report says

18:43 [The Atlantic: International] Why the Foreign Minister From High-Growth Poland Still Supports the EU

18:43 [BBC: Science & Environment] France 'confirms sarin use in Syria'

18:43 [] Manning Trial Day 2: Live Coverage

18:44 [Voice of America] VOA News: Suicide Bomber Dies in Northern Mali Blast

18:45 [BBC: Science & Environment] Rediscovered frog is 'living fossil'

18:46 [CNET News] Smartphone shipments to surpass feature phones this year

18:47 [CNN] Obama nominates three to bench, courts political fight

18:47 [CNN] Opinion: Melissa Etheridge: Pot got me through

18:47 [OpEdNews] The Monsanto Tipping Point Has Been Reached: We Shall Overcome Global Food Injustice (GMO)

18:47 [Raw Story] Chambliss blames military rapes on ‘the hormone level created by nature’

18:47 [The Hindu - News] “Humanist” Manning wanted to lift fog of war

18:48 [CNN: Politics] Begala: Why you should thank Frank

18:48 [Fox News] A PLEA FOR FREEDOM: Wife of Pastor Jailed in Iran Takes Case to UN

18:49 [Fox News] Military heads fight to keep authority over sex assault cases

18:49 [Fox News] 7-foot alligator removed from Ohio basement- Okla. wildlife officials hope fish like tornado debris- Possible world record mako shark caught off Calif.

18:49 [Fox News] 25 people lucky to be unlucky after lotto snafu

18:50 [Russia Today] Egypt courts hands jail terms to 43 NGO workers, including 15 US citizens

18:51 [CNET News] Facebook file-sharing app Pipe goes wide Wednesday

18:53 [NPR] In Gaza, Hamas Targets Palestinian Informants In Crackdown

18:54 [The Atlantic: Technology] New Government Documents Show the Sean Parker Wedding Is the Perfect Parable for Silicon Valley Excess

18:57 [CNN] Neil Armstrong's 'small step for man' might be a misquote, study says

18:57 [CNN] Vine gets 'Rickrolled' by 16-year-old

18:57 [CNN] American woman allegedly gang-raped in India

18:57 [Telegraph] Police 'constantly' monitoring Choudary

18:58 [Reuters] U.N. believes chemical weapons used in Syria

18:58 [The Atlantic: National] Why Chris Christie Shouldn't Appoint Anyone to Lautenberg's Senate Seat

19:00 [Guardian] House of Lords to vote on gay marriage: Politics live blog

19:00 [CNET News] Pepsi vending machine takes Facebook love, not money

19:01 [CNN] Living a year of open source

19:01 [CNN] Jupp Heynckes to take break after Bayern treble

19:02 [zero hedge] The Housing Bubble Goes Mainstream

19:02 [zero hedge] Redemptions In The GLD Are Bullish For Gold

19:02 [OpEdNews] A Religion for Atheists

19:02 [CNET News] New proof-of-concept malware demonstrates virus for OS X

19:03 [CNN: Money] Massachusetts health care trial

19:03 [CNN: Money] Bill Gross: Hey Fed, your stimulus isn't working

19:03 [CNN: Money] New Chinese hacker group targets government

19:03 [CNN] Tsonga stuns Federer in Paris

19:03 [Disinformation] A Cyborgologist On What Facebook and Google Glass Really Mean

19:07 [CNN: Crime] American woman allegedly gang-raped in India

19:07 [CNN: Crime] A night out, then 11 go missing

19:08 [Slashdot] Researchers Pull Out of Talks With Publishers On Text-Mining

19:08 [Reuters: politics] House could pass immigration bill by August, committee chairman says

19:10 [Pravda] Russia profits from saying no to games with time

19:11 [CNN] There's proof: Sunscreen reduces skin aging

19:12 [CNET News] NFC mobile payments disappoint while money transfers boom

19:12 [CNN] Judge accepts theater shooting suspect's insanity plea

19:12 [Voice of America] Red Cross to Pull Some Afghan Staff

19:12 [The Onion] SPONSORED: Red Lobster: Taking Up The Vanguard In The Fight Against Women In The Workplace

19:13 [CNN: Crime] Judge accepts theater shooting suspect's insanity plea

19:13 [Telegraph] British doctor killed by falling rock on difficult California climb

19:15 [] France: Tests confirm sarin gas used several times in Syria

19:15 [] Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor damaged by quakes, diplomats say

19:16 [CNET News] Parents lack bandwidth to monitor kids' online activity, says study

19:16 [The Atlantic: In Focus] The Terrible Beauty of California's Powerhouse Fire

19:17 [Raw Story] Colorado judge accepts Aurora shooter’s insanity plea

19:17 [Raw Story] Glenn Beck defends tea party in bizarre ‘self-interview’

19:19 [Reuters: politics] Watchdog faults IRS over Star Trek video, conference

19:20 [Truthdig] Eat Your Vegetables. Really.

19:20 [CNN: Health] Sunscreen reduces skin aging

19:20 [Fox News: politics] Lawmakers urge Sebelius to let dying child have shot at lung transplant

19:20 [Slate Magazine] Why Isn't Tear Gas Illegal?

19:21 [CNET News] Apple pitches tax and financial gains of 'spaceship' HQ

19:26 [Good] Venice Biennale in Pictures: The Most Important Contemporary Art Today

19:27 [Telegraph] Europe's human rights judge warns UK over Convention threat

19:27 [Telegraph] The graph that shows Labour is to blame for the pressures on A&E

19:27 [Telegraph] Long Island lawyers, surgeons and socialites on prostitution 'wall of shame'

19:27 [Telegraph] China's Communist Party condemns trend of giant inflatable ducks

19:27 [Telegraph] Turkey's deputy prime minister apologises for 'wrong and unjust' protest break-up

19:27 [Telegraph] BBC rapped over 'inaccurate' clock on its website

19:30 [The Hindu - News] Turkey climbs down on protests

19:30 [Russia Today] Monsanto can't explain how GMO wheat survived

19:31 [AL JAZEERA] Colorado shooter's insanity plea accepted

19:32 [Voice of America] Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 60th Anniversary of her Coronation

19:32 [Big Think] Why Macroeconomics Is Going Nowhere

19:32 [Big Think] The De-Extinction of the Wooly Mammoth Would Be an Evolutionary Mistake

19:32 [OpEdNews] Palestinians To Be Cast As Fall Guys -- Again

19:33 [NPR] Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Apologizes To Protesters

19:34 [Truthout] When It Comes to Business Profits, It’s the Plutonomy versus the Realonomy — and the Plutonomy is Winning’s-the-plutonomy-versus-the-realonomy-and-the-plutonomy-is-winning

19:37 [Financial Times] Moscow mayor steals a march on rivals

19:37 [Deutsche Welle] SPD candidate Steinbrück pledges to pacify German foreign policyück-pledges-to-pacify-german-foreign-policy/a-16858529?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:41 [The Hindu - News] British soldiers punished for Afghan abuse

19:42 [CNET News] Pie in the sky: Domino's delivers pizzas via octocopter

19:42 [CNN: Health] Frozen fruit linked to hepatitis A recalled

19:43 [The Onion] [video] 'The Internship' Poised To Be Biggest Comedy Of 2005

19:43 [The Onion] Asian Guy Has Separate Group Of Just Asian Friends

19:43 [CBC: politics] Mountie told to return to work before testifying about harassment

19:43 [] Victory: Connecticut Becomes First State to Require GMO Labeling

19:43 [] 'The Effects Will be Felt for a Long Time': Floods in Central Europe Continue

19:43 [] Turkey, 62 Tons of Tear Gas, and the Interests of Power

19:44 [zero hedge] It's Not Growth 'Hopes' That Has Backed Up Rates

19:44 [Amnesty International] El Salvador: After Beatriz, no more women must suffer discrimination and torture

19:45 [CNN: Money] United: Pay $499 a year for extra legroom

19:45 [The Hindu - News] New leadership but old response to Tiananmen anniversary

19:46 [CNN: Politics] Obama taps three for DC court

19:46 [Fox News: politics] Former Miss America announces Illinois congressional run

19:47 [The Hindu - News] The icing on Parker’s wedding cake

19:48 [] Victory: Connecticut Becomes First State to Require GMO Labeling

19:48 [] Massive Flooding Grips Central Europe

19:48 [] Turkey, 62 Tons of Tear Gas, and the Interests of Power

19:49 [The Atlantic: Politics] Chris Christie Really Has No Good Options to Fill Lautenberg's Seat

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Reviving Zimbabwe’s ‘Growth Points’

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Ecuador’s Fragile Páramo Ecosystem Threatened by Climate Change

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Despite Peace Talks, Forced Displacement Still Climbing in Colombia

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Workers Strike in Support of Turkey Protests

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Africa Leading the New Patterns of Growth

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Gay Parents in Cuba Demand Legal Right to Adopt

19:50 [Slate Magazine] Mad Men, Season 6

19:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] RJ: Richard (RJ) Eskow: The World Economy's a Ticking Time Bomb (and the Fuse is Lit)

19:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Wardah Khalid: Boiling Pot: A Scalding Lesson on America's Enduring Racism

19:52 [CNN] Mystery deepens around missing Mexican youths

19:52 [Fox News] CHRISTIE'S CHOICE: Gov Has Tough Decision In Lautenberg Replacement

19:52 [Fox News] HOLMES' INSANITY PLEA: Judge OKs Accused Movie Theater Gunman's Defense

19:52 [Fox News] 'I'M BEGGING YOU': Lawmakers Urge Sebelius To Act on Girl's Transplant

19:53 [NPR] Room Upgrades, Videos & A 'Star Trek' Parody: Read IRS Audit

19:53 [Fox News] At least 7 injured after explosion at NY college

19:54 [The Atlantic: Technology] Scientists Gave Prairie Voles a Love Drug, and It Worked

19:56 [Voice of America] Judge Accepts Insanity Plea by Accused US Movie Shooter

19:57 [Deutsche Welle] 'Turkey needs time to change'

19:57 [Raw Story] Oregon woman loses $500 worth of sex toys in car break-in

19:57 [Raw Story] Mississippi gov.: America is ‘so mediocre’ because ‘mom is in the workplace’

19:58 [CNN: Technology] The perils of Snapchat

19:59 [Telegraph] Sketch: Woman Dumps Husband For Husband!

19:59 [Telegraph] Jenny Agutter says age would not prevent her from going naked on screen

19:59 [Telegraph] Colorado theatre shooting suspect James Holmes enters insanity plea

19:59 [Slashdot] IBM Buys Dallas Based Softlayer For $2 Billion

19:59 [CNET News] Pinterest adds ability to search your own pins

20:00 [Guardian] Peers back gay marriage bill by majority of 242: Politics live blog

20:01 [Russia Today] Cracks in Iran’s nuclear reactor facility following quakes – diplomats

20:01 [CNN] Fires, floods, storms: Mother Nature sends extremes across U.S.

20:02 [Big Think] The End of Privacy Means the End of Taboos

20:02 [Big Think] "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." Really?

20:02 [Big Think] The Pros And Cons Of BYOD

20:03 [AL JAZEERA] France says tests from Syria show sarin use

20:03 [CNN: Entertainment] The hot albums and festivals this summer

20:03 [CNN: Entertainment] Melissa Etheridge: Pot changed my life

20:03 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Idol' loses Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj

20:03 [CNN: Entertainment] Most persistent movie clichés

20:03 [CNN: Entertainment] 'One of a kind': What Liberace wore

20:03 [CNN: Entertainment] 'After Earth' crashes at the box office

20:04 [CNN: Crime] A night out, then 11 go missing

20:05 [Reuters] Obama sets stage for Senate battle over judicial nominees

20:06 [Reuters: politics] Senators mull timetable for liquidating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

20:06 [Reuters: politics] Tax agency faulted over spoof Star Trek video, spending

20:06 [Reuters: politics] Obama sets stage for Senate battle over judicial nominees

20:09 [] Victory for Press Freedom: Public Gains Manning Trial Transcripts

20:11 [zero hedge] Terrific Tuesday Traders Searching For Better Buying Prices

20:13 [The Onion] Indiana Pacers Feel Stupid For Believing In Themselves

20:13 [BBC: Science & Environment] Los Angeles air 'loses its sting'

20:14 [Reuters: politics] N.J. governor calls special Senate election to fill Lautenberg seat

20:14 [CNET News] Time Machine corruption bug may prevent backups

20:15 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet nod for conciliation with Vodafone in tax row

20:16 [Voice of America] US Conservative Groups Say Tax Agency Was Intrusive

20:16 [CNN: Crime] Jury selection starts in trial of longtime fugitive 'Whitey' Bulger

20:16 [Reuters] Analysis: Putin gambles by taking down Dagestan strongman

20:16 [CNET News] Apple: We wanted a 'level playing field' for publishers

20:17 [Deutsche Welle] Syria differences linger at Russia-EU summit

20:17 [Deutsche Welle] France says it has proof of chemical weapon use in Syria

20:17 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad’s beach volley has a ‘doctor’

20:18 [NPR] Special Election To Replace Sen. Lautenberg Set For Oct. 16

20:19 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet clears real estate bill

20:20 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: BBC Hangout: What makes art iconic?

20:21 [CNN] More officers hit the streets of New York after spate of gun violence

20:21 [Reuters] Obama takes action to curb frivolous patent lawsuits

20:24 [Guardian] Graham Ovenden walks free after judged no longer a sexual threat

20:26 [Global Voices] Jamaica: Environmental Dangers

20:28 [The Hindu - News] ISB-Laurus Labs ink pact to back technology commercialisation for scientists

20:28 [CBC: politics] Ex-Harper advisor denies whitewashing Duffy expense report

20:29 [Telegraph] Hunt under way for winners of £44 million unclaimed Premium Bonds

20:29 [Telegraph] France says it is 'certain' that sarin gas has been used in Syria's civil war

20:32 [Big Think] Stop Being Ordinary – Choose to be Extraordinary!

20:34 [Disinformation] Leading Neuroscientist: Religious Fundamentalism May Be a ‘Mental Illness’ That Can Be ‘Cured’

20:34 [CNET News] GTA IV gets Google Street View

20:35 [CNN] What you need to know about tornadoes

20:37 [Slashdot] Watching the Police: Will Two-Way Surveillance Reduce Crime?

20:38 [The Hindu - News] Sand mining threat to Osmansagar

20:39 [Reuters: politics] U.S. military challenged on sexual assault as Congress weighs laws

20:39 [Reuters: politics] N.J. governor calls special election to fill Senate seat

20:40 [Truthdig] Did Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas Into a House?

20:40 [Truthdig] House Republicans: God Told Us to Keep Boehner as Speaker

20:40 [CNET News] Twice in two weeks: Web app for processing raw photos

20:40 [CNN: Money] Chrysler refuses to recall 2.7 million Jeep SUVs

20:40 [CNN: Money] Why the housing rebound could crush job market

20:40 [CNN: Money] Is Cerberus still indirectly supporting the NRA?

20:41 [CNN] Jamie Dimon Fast Facts

20:41 [CNN] Pistorius hearing: Not just another day at court

20:42 [The Hindu - Opinion] Address the divergence

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Students may have to cough up more for bus passes

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Parties reject CIC order on RTI

20:43 [The Atlantic: International] After Six Years of Bloodshed, Mexico's Drug War Shows Little Sign of Waning

20:44 [Financial Times] Turkey’s politicians seek to ease tension

20:44 [Financial Times] Erdogan backers pour scorn on protesters

20:44 [The Hindu - News] Be gracious and accept CIC order, litigants tell political parties

20:45 [Telegraph] Police should name arrested suspects that are already identified by the press, Attorney General says

20:46 [Fox News] CHRISTIE'S CHOICE: NJ Gov Calls for Special Election to Fill Senate Seat

20:46 [] From video games to 'Game of Thrones': Israeli wedding invites ditch calligraphy for creativity

20:46 [] Market Report / Bank shares lead market higher

20:46 [The Hindu - News] Key suspect in RTC ticket fraud caught

20:46 [Guardian] Woman charged with trying to murder police officers in Belfast

20:47 [Raw Story] Jewish high schooler: Airline ‘treated us like terrorists’ in booting 101 students off plane

20:48 [The Hindu - Opinion] No place to hide

20:49 [CNN] Gas explosion injures 7 at New York's Nyack College, official says

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Chided by parents, teens immolate themselves

20:50 [The Hindu - News] AgustaWestland seeks release of Rs. 2,400 crore

20:51 [Russia Today] Socialite entwined in Petraeus scandal sues Pentagon

20:51 [Russia Today] Congress gives Holder one more day to answer allegations of perjury

20:52 [Doctors Without Borders] MSF Vaccinates Over 130,000 People Against Meningitis A in South Sudan

20:52 [The Hindu - Opinion] Playing hardball at the other Davos

20:52 [Guardian] Lawyers block road outside Ministry of Justice in protest against legal aid cuts

20:53 [OpEdNews] Eating Poison: Food, Drugs and Health--BLITZ REVIEWS

20:53 [NPR] Former Rep. 'Duke' Cunningham Freed After Bribery Sentence

20:54 [] 'We Are Movement, Not a Moment': North Carolina Peaceful Uprising Continues

20:54 [The Hindu - News] Two held for duping jobless youth of Rs. 80 lakh

20:55 [CNN: Politics] Biden jokes about Bradley Cooper

20:55 [CNN: Politics] IRS spending under scrutiny

20:56 [CNN] British cycling chief bids to oust UCI president and clean up sport

20:56 [The Hindu - News] Four engineering students booked for ragging actor Nikhil’s brother

20:56 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Mohamed Ali Niang, Packing a Nutritional Punch in Food Aid

20:56 [zero hedge] This Is What The IRS Spends Your Money On

20:57 [Raw Story] Colorado moose falls in love with moose statue, attempts gay moose sex

20:57 [Raw Story] Die Hard director John McTiernan ‘disintegrating’ in prison on 12-month jail sentence

20:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Media trial

21:00 [The Hindu - News] Gadkari plays it safe; Advani’s move comes a cropper

21:01 [Telegraph] John Galliano says he 'didn't mean' anti-Semitic rant that shattered his career

21:01 [Telegraph] Diplomat awarded £300,000 following accusations of inappropriate behaviour

21:01 [Telegraph] Analysis: Why Turkish protestors are furious with their country's media

21:02 [The Hindu - Opinion] BCCI matters

21:02 [CNN] Soldier on Soldier Attacks Fast Facts

21:02 [Raw Story] Unusual study suggests saving corals requires battling deforestation first

21:02 [Raw Story] Colorado ‘birther’ radio host loses job after assaulting producer

21:04 [Disinformation] Inside The Neverending Simulated Middle Eastern War At The U.S. National Training Center

21:04 [] "FrackNation": Koch Industries and the Ties That Bind

21:04 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sibal’s proposal

21:05 [CBC: politics] Political Traction: Government secrecy keeps Senate scandal alive

21:06 [The Hindu - Opinion] Historic judgment

21:06 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet clears mobile towers for Maoist-hit States

21:08 [CBC: politics] Ex-Harper adviser denies whitewashing Duffy expense report

21:08 [Voice of America] Egypt Imposes Jail Sentences on Absent Foreign NGO Workers

21:08 [Voice of America] June 4, 2013

21:09 [The Hindu - News] A hard road ahead for NCTC

21:09 [The Hindu - News] Mamata to skip meet again

21:11 [The Hindu - News] West Bengal poll panel a nagging, beautiful lady: Advocate-General

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Unclaimed bodies pile up at OGH mortuary

21:11 [CNN] Kim Kardashian's divorce is finally final

21:11 [CNN] France: Tests show sarin used in Syria

21:11 [zero hedge] Meanwhile, In Investment Grade Bond Land...

21:12 [Raw Story] Connecticut becomes first state to pass legislation requiring genetically modified (GM) food labeling

21:13 [The Onion] Dollar Tree CEO Officially Unveils Long-Rumored Foil Baking Pan

21:13 [NPR] Coronation Chicken: A Lowly Sandwich Filling With A Royal Pedigree

21:14 [The Progressive] Super-sized Tornadoes: The New Norm?

21:14 [Guardian] Westminster Abbey puts on a show for anniversary of Queen's coronation

21:15 [The Hindu - News] NDA will get 300 seats, says Rudy

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Jiah Khan found dead

21:17 [Telegraph] Lords give overwhelming backing to gay marriage

21:18 [Truthout] Lobbying And GMO Giant Monsanto Buckles In Europe

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Nano takes a new avatar

21:21 [Fox News: politics] EPA accused of singling out conservative groups, amid IRS scandal

21:21 [Russia Today] US discloses Israel’s top-secret military base outraging Tel-Aviv

21:22 [CNN] Naked, wet, free: 22 sexy skinny dips

21:22 [CNN] Serena overcomes nemesis Kuznetsova in toughest match to date

21:22 [CNN] Jury selection starts in Bulger trial

21:22 [Raw Story] ‘Extinct’ frog hasn’t croaked —it’s a ‘living fossil’

21:22 [Raw Story] Fort Hood shooting suspect says he was defending Taliban

21:22 [Raw Story] Bradley Manning reportedly punched a female soldier, was ‘non-responsive’ at times

21:23 [The Hindu - News] V.G. Sekaran is Chief Controller R&D, DRDO

21:25 [Slate Magazine] “No Wonder Everyone Thinks You Are Garbage”

21:25 [Slate Magazine] Arrested Development, Season 4

21:27 [The Hindu - News] Protesters attack commandos

21:27 [The Hindu - News] School boy awaits reply from PM, President

21:28 [Truthout] When Truth Becomes an Enemy of the State: Bradley Manning on Trial

21:28 [The Atlantic: National] Optimism Among Book Publishers at BookExpo America

21:29 [The Progressive] Scalia Surprises

21:30 [Slashdot] How Google Street View Keeps an Eye on Things Where There Are No Streets (Video)

21:30 [The Hindu - Opinion] Why the death penalty must end

21:30 [CNET News] Sony Xperia M landing in Q3

21:30 [CNET News] Honda builds 130 mph fire-spitting lawn mower

21:31 [The Hindu - News] A story of plight and patronage

21:31 [Telegraph] Nato suffered 2,500 cyber attacks in 2012

21:32 [zero hedge] Special Repo And Visualizing The Fed's All-Too-Visible Hand

21:32 [Big Think] Why Our Brains Are Hungry for Puzzles

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Rajasthan to get two new airports

21:33 [CNN] Flooding causes another Missouri levee breach

21:36 [CNN] Justice says it followed rules in AP probe; key question unanswered

21:39 [Reuters] Job gains seen lackluster, may temper Fed taper talk

21:39 [CNN: Money] Chrysler refuses to recall Jeeps

21:39 [CNN: Money] Stocks tumble in afternoon trading

21:40 [CNET News] Amazon going groceries?

21:40 [Truthdig] Youth Vote

21:42 [Guardian] Judge accepts James Holmes' plea of not guilty by reason of insanity

21:43 [CNN] Wimbledon Fast Facts

21:46 [CNN: Politics] DOJ says it followed rules in AP leak probe

21:48 [Reuters: politics] Tea Party groups say rights violated by IRS reviews

21:49 [Truthout] 240,000 Turkish Workers Join As Mass Protests Reach More Than 67 Cities

21:49 [The Atlantic: Politics] Republicans Are Furious at Chris Christie, Yet Again

21:50 [CNN] Embraer boss: Design and comfort a 'game-changer' in executive jets

21:50 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Kenya To Investigate Controversy over Odinga’s Airport Convoy

21:53 [AL JAZEERA] Lebanese army deploys to Tripoli

21:56 [Slate Magazine] Don’t Die, Joan Rivers. We Need You!

21:56 [Good] VIDEO: A Rainy Memorial Vigil for Tiananmen Anniversary

21:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Time to check the Khemka syndrome

21:59 [Slashdot] XCOR COO Warns That Proposed State Department Rule Could Cripple Space Tourism

22:02 [The Hindu - News] Mcoca slapped on Sreesanth & Co

22:02 [Big Think] The Improbable Truth: Lessons in Mindfulness from Sherlock Holmes

22:02 [Raw Story] Christian TV ‘prophet’: Native Americans need to ‘repent for their ancestors’ animism’

22:03 [CNN: Crime] Judge in Pistorius case warns of 'trial by media'

22:04 [NPR] Maternity Coverage Sought for Young Women On Parent's Plan

22:04 [NPR] Can Going Vegetarian Help You Live Longer? Maybe

22:04 [Disinformation] The Visual Art of Brian Eno: Light and Time

22:04 [Guardian] Peers defeat attempt to kill gay marriage bill

22:04 [Truthout] "Occupy Love" Documentary Asks "Can Crisis Be Turned into a Love Story"

22:05 [CNET News] New sex sim aims for hottest VR action ever

22:05 [CNN] Boy, 10, thwarts robbery attempt

22:05 [CNN] Jennifer Love Hewitt expecting first child

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Parties gang up on CIC order

22:06 [The Hindu - Opinion] Udmaroo is light years ahead

22:08 [The Hindu - News] Approval for bill to crack down on unscrupulous realtors

22:08 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet okays non-binding conciliation with Vodafone

22:08 [CNN] Parents of Boston bombing suspect share phone call with son

22:08 [CNN] How to behave on an airplane

22:09 [] Two Afghans Killed at Protest While Demanding Arrest of US Soldiers for Torture, Murder

22:09 [CNET News] Children's cancer wing transformed into superhero ward

22:10 [Truthout] Bradley Manning Trial: After 3 Years, Army Whistleblower Begins Court-Martial Shrouded in Secrecy

22:14 [CNET News] Draw Something team included in Zynga layoff

22:17 [Reuters: politics] N.J. governor calls special election to fill U.S. Senate seat

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Decorated counter-insurgency expert held for alleged involvement in terror attacks

22:18 [CNN] Ohio State president to retire in wake of verbal gaffes

22:19 [CNN: Living] CFDA awards: 'Oscars of fashion'

22:19 [CNN: Living] The 'Oscars of fashion'

22:22 [CNET News] The 404 1,281: Where we take our dosh to the bank (podcast)

22:22 [The Hindu - News] CBI questions Bansal

22:22 [The Hindu - News] Investors’ meet on for underwriting package for Jaitapur reactors even as protests continue

22:23 [CNN: Entertainment] Jennifer Love Hewitt expecting first child

22:23 [CNN: Entertainment] Kardashian's divorce final

22:24 [The Hindu - News] SEBI acts against firms defaulting on shareholding norms

22:25 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Doctors Agree About the Medicinal Benefits of Pot, and More

22:25 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Doctors Agree About the Medicinal Benefits of Pot, and More

22:25 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Doctors Agree About the Medicinal Benefits of Pot, and More

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Resurvey of area adjoining LuLu mall completed

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Madhya Pradesh wants more money to fight Naxals

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Food Bill: no consensus within UPA on ordinance route

22:26 [Good] Psst, Working Moms: Did You Know It's Your Fault Schools Are Struggling?

22:28 [OpEdNews] Assange Statement on the First Day of Manning Trial

22:28 [The Hindu - News] UGC panel to track four-year undergraduate programme

22:28 [The Hindu - News] “We haven’t submitted any interim report on Chhattisgarh attack”

22:28 [The Hindu - News] Police rescue woman from four-year house confinement

22:28 [Voice of America] Mohamed Elshinnawi: US Condemns Egyptian NGO Trial Verdicts

22:29 [NPR] Faces Of Drug-Resistant TB

22:30 [CNET News] New Intel chips to boost battery life

22:30 [The Hindu - News] 143 people test positive for dengue in State in two days

22:31 [zero hedge] Unlucky 21 As 3:30PM Ramp Proves Helpless To Preserve Streak

22:31 [zero hedge] Jeff Gundlach: "What In The World Is Going On" - Live Webcast

22:31 [CNN: Money] Dow's Tuesday streak at risk

22:32 [The Onion] Miami Heat Unable To Tell If Congratulations Are Sarcastic Or Not

22:32 [The Onion] Kate Middleton Feels Royal Baby Kicking During Queen’s Coronation Anniversary

22:32 [Guardian] Turkish crackdown on protesters 'wrong and unjust', says deputy PM

22:34 [Telegraph] British pensioner on Egyptian death row for drug smuggling claims he was 'set up'

22:34 [Telegraph] Tory MP and wife tried to get me into bed, says lesbian housekeeper

22:34 [The Hindu - News] Much chewing and spitting over gutka ban

22:37 [Global Voices] Turkey: A Social Media Chronology of Occupy Gezi

22:37 [CNN] Opinion: The lesson from Michael Douglas

22:38 [The Hindu - News] Sharmila lashes out at Congress, TDP

22:38 [Voice of America] Turkey's Deputy PM Apologizes for Police Crackdown

22:40 [CNN: Travel] New York City's largest hotel ends room service

22:40 [The Hindu - News] Seaplane operations in turbulent waters

22:40 [The Hindu - News] Regularisation of fishponds: farmers seek amendment to GO

22:40 [The Hindu - News] Fish kill by industries rampant in Kerala

22:42 [Raw Story] Catholic bishops declare victory after Illinois same-sex marriage bill stalls

22:42 [CNN] Opinion: 45 years ago, a boy's joy...then grief

22:43 [The Hindu - News] Couple abduction case: one held in U.K. resort

22:44 [Disinformation] Mayflower Oil Spill: Exxon Doesn’t Want You to Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick

22:45 [The Hindu - News] ‘Legislatures must focus on development issues’

22:45 [The Hindu - News] A sapling for a greener tomorrow

22:45 [The Hindu - News] “Uranium mining posing danger to people, habitat”

22:45 [The Hindu - News] Net result shows a green trend

22:45 [Truthdig] Meet the ‘Farce’

22:45 [zero hedge] The Most Over/Under-Valued Housing Markets In The World

22:46 [Slate Magazine] Will Your Dog Mourn Your Death?

22:47 [The Hindu - News] Lawrence rejects party stand, firm on stir against Bolgatty land deal

22:47 [The Hindu - News] On Shaji trail, cops raid Empee Group office

22:47 [The Hindu - News] Woman held on charge of duping many by promising solar plants

22:47 [The Hindu - News] ‘Sting’ operation at Chennai airport

22:48 [CNET News] Apple's OS X 10.8.4 arrives with fix for annoying iMessage bug

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Sasikala kin arrested

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Role of political parties in assault cases under scanner

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Shaji to pay for treatment of injured girl

22:49 [Slashdot] Wi-Fi Signals Allow Gesture Recognition All Through the Home

22:51 [The Hindu - News] Lorry operators’ stir threatens to choke Metrowater supply

22:52 [Fox News: politics] US criticizes Egypt for giving jail sentences to Americans

22:52 [Global Voices] Saudi Prisoners On and Off Hunger Strikes

22:53 [The Hindu - News] A shocker to friends and kin of Sreesanth

22:54 [The Atlantic: Technology] Animal Behaviorist: We'll Soon Have Devices That Let Us Talk With Our Pets

22:55 [The Hindu - News] Logic finds its way into arts colleges

22:55 [The Hindu - News] Media misguiding people, says Pinarayi

22:55 [The Hindu - News] Women teachers for girls’ schools: move slammed

22:57 [The Hindu - News] Kuwait issue: Chandy seeks PM’s intervention

22:57 [Global Voices] Tunisian FEMEN Activist Faces New Charges

22:58 [OpEdNews] Berm Collapses at Expanding Bayou Corne Sinkhole (Update)

22:59 [NPR] Ohio State President Will Retire In Wake Of Latest Gaffes

22:59 [The Hindu - News] Chandrasekharan had 51 wounds on him, says witness

22:59 [The Progressive] Austerity is Killing Us

23:01 [Voice of America] Reuters: Property Investors Wary of Turkey Before Riots

23:01 [CNET News] BlackBerry Q10 preorders begin June 5 for AT&T

23:02 [The Onion] Opinion: If You Wish To Be A Writer, Have Sex With Someone Who Works In Publishing (by Joyce Carol Oates)

23:03 [Voice of America] Reuters: Nobel Contender Sees Multiple Cosmic Mysteries

23:03 [The Hindu - News] CM to skip internal security meet

23:03 [CNN] A timeline of Kim and Kanye's 'will they/won't they' relationship

23:04 [CNN: Politics] IRS: Scandal or snafu?

23:05 [Voice of America] Reuters: US Seeks Fast Test to Settle GM Wheat Scare

23:07 [The Hindu - News] Motorman who halted train before collapsing nominated for award

23:07 [Raw Story] All-male House subcommittee votes to restrict abortion nationwide

23:10 [CNN: Entertainment] All grown-up: Child star transformations

23:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Rogen on evil alter-egos

23:11 [Voice of America] Egypt Sentences Foreign NGO Workers

23:11 [CNET News] Cuddly toys let your smartphone love you back

23:11 [The Hindu - News] Producer, director of Vijay’s next flick turn to cops to curb song leak

23:11 [The Hindu - News] “Breast cancer incidence growing at higher rate than cervical cancer”

23:12 [CNN: Money] Dow ends Tuesday winning streak

23:13 [CBC: politics] Manitoba MPs heading to court over election spending

23:13 [Reuters] New generation of defectors expose North Korean abuses

23:14 [Disinformation] World War III began in May 2006: Building the New Map of the Middle East in Real Time

23:15 [Truthdig] Rumsfeld Says He ‘Can’t Tell’ Whether Obama Has Switched Sides in War on Terror

23:15 [The Hindu - News] Entire Chennai airport to bebrought under CCTV surveillance

23:15 [The Hindu - News] Breast beating about cancer

23:15 [The Hindu - News] Man held in England for kidnap of British couple in Chennai

23:16 [Slate Magazine] Obama’s Fight Song (Finally)

23:18 [Reuters: politics] Gallup to alter polling methods after misfire on 2012 U.S. election

23:19 [CNN: Living] Kim and Kanye: A retrospective

23:19 [Fox News] EPA Also Faces Probe Over Alleged Targeting of Conservative Groups

23:19 [] US Delays While 65 Other Countries Sign 1st Global Arms Trade Treaty

23:19 [The Hindu - News] PIL plea to declare Kazis are not empowered to certify talaq

23:19 [The Hindu - News] Court notice on plea for probe into Marakkanam violence

23:20 [Fox News] Judge OKs insanity plea in theater massacre trial- Not guilty verdict in California model murder trial

23:20 [Fox News] Lawsuit: New Jersey woman mistaken for prostitute, beaten at Florida hotel

23:20 [Telegraph] Queen's coronation anniversary: an ancient ritual with a modern touch

23:21 [The Hindu - News] Poll for RS seats on June 27

23:21 [The Hindu - News] RS polls: CPI waits for Jayalalithaa’s response

23:24 [NPR] Obama's D.C. Court Nominations Heat Up Battle With Senate

23:24 [The Atlantic: Technology] NASA Reveals New, Detailed Portraits of Two of Our Closest Galactic Neighbors

23:24 [CNET News] 101 kids kicked off flight, allegedly wouldn't turn off cell phones

23:27 [Deutsche Welle] NATO members agree on quick-response cyber attack teams

23:27 [CNN: Money] Domino's tests drone pizza delivery

23:27 [Slashdot] Google Security Expert Finds, Publicly Discloses Windows Kernel Bug

23:28 [CNN] Daily Discussion - June 5, 2013

23:28 [CNN] Rutgers president's chief of staff named in age-bias lawsuit

23:29 [Reuters] U.S. ITC says Apple infringes Samsung patent, bans some products

23:31 [zero hedge] Taxpayers Could Face (Previously Undisclosed) $115 Billion Losses From FHA

23:32 [The Onion] Arena Security Prevents Erik Spoelstra From Celebrating With Miami Heat

23:32 [The Onion] Local Laundromat Employs Social Media Coordinator

23:32 [Big Think] The Tower of Terror

23:32 [Big Think] Is DNA Sampling an Unreasonable Search?

23:35 [Fox News: politics] Successor to "No Child Left Behind" introduced by Senate Democrats

23:36 [CNN] Behind the Picture: RFK's assassination, 1968

23:36 [Telegraph] Civil service is 'prehistoric and potty' and in desperate need of reform

23:36 [Telegraph] 'I don't manage my peacock Henry,' says the BBC's John Humphrys. 'He manages me'

23:36 [Telegraph] Policewoman spent night with robber wanted for questioning

23:36 [Telegraph] John Bercow: Migrants are better workers

23:36 [CNET News] ITC: Older iPhones, iPads infringe on Samsung wireless patent

23:37 [Deutsche Welle] Torsten Frings returns to Bremen as coach-in-training

23:37 [Raw Story] Texas tea party leader: GOP doesn’t want black people to vote

23:38 [CNET News] Wisconsin judge grants man forced encryption reprieve

23:39 [Voice of America] Meredith Buel: WikiLeaks Court Martial Underway

23:42 [CNET News] Will she? The first marriage proposal via Google Glass

23:43 [CBC: politics] Senate ethics office suspends review into Duffy expenses

23:43 [Reuters: politics] Sebelius says she talked to health firms on Obamacare outreach

23:43 [CNN: Money] McMansions make a comeback

23:44 [CNN] iPhone 5 repairs available while you wait at the Apple store

23:44 [NPR] Big Questions About Testosterone Treatment For Men

23:44 [NPR] Beer Fridge Blamed For Cellphone Network Blackout

23:44 [The Onion] American Voices: Supreme Court: Police Can Take DNA During Arrests

23:46 [Slate Magazine] The Iraqi Spiral

23:46 [Slate Magazine] Ex-Feminists

23:48 [Fox News] Rubio proposes constitutional amendment to invalidate ObamaCare mandate

23:48 [Fox News] Autism patients in demand by employers

23:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Nowhere to Turn for China’s Uyghurs

23:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Palestinian Child Labourers Face Grim Future

23:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] For First Time, U.S. to Lease Offshore Wind Blocks

23:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.N. Cold Shoulders International Day Against Homophobia

23:51 [Guardian] British booksellers seek Amazon curb

23:51 [] Israeli official: Palestinians giving Kerry two weeks to renew peace talks

23:52 [Telegraph] Property prices turn one in five middle aged workers into paper millionaires

23:52 [CNN: Money] The Romneycare experiment

23:52 [Russia Today] ‘Turkish govt not used to dealing with such large-scale civil unrest’

23:57 [CNN] CNN affiliate: Oakland video shows street shooting of pleading teen

23:58 [The Atlantic: National] Remembering Will Campbell

23:59 [Slashdot] Should the Power of Corporate Innovation Shift Away From Executives?

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