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00:00 [The Nation] A Daughter’s Memory

00:01 [Slashdot] A Link Between Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement

00:02 [straight] Joseph Lopez: How to survive office holiday parties /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_71219773.jpg

00:04 [Global Voices] Australia: Celebrating International Day of People with Disability

00:05 [Reuters] In largest-ever U.S. city bankruptcy, cuts coming for Detroit creditors, retirees

00:05 [CNET News] We learn to drive Skoda's IRC rally car with a WRC star

00:06 [NPR] Obama Offers Second Chance For Missouri Court Nominee

00:06 [NPR] Mammograms In 3-D May Be Better, But Hard Proof Is Missing

00:07 [Voice of America] U.S. Military Halts Shipments Through Pakistan

00:07 [Fox News: politics] US stops shipping from Afghanistan amid risks from protests

00:08 [Moral Low Ground] ‘Knockout Game’ Takes Center Stage

00:08 [] Veteran Israeli comedian Sefi Rivlin dies

00:09 [CNN] SpaceX rocket lifts off from Florida

00:10 [OpEdNews] Does Hillary's Silence on Iran Deal Show Neocon Pull on Her Presidential Run?

00:12 [straight] Joseph Lopez: How to survive office holiday parties /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_71219773.jpg

00:13 [Fox News: politics] Illinois Legislature approves historic fix for $100B pension crisis

00:14 [Guardian] Henry V – review

00:14 [CNN] Syrian civil war creates new set of defectors -- from rebels to regime

00:16 [Reuters: politics] Tighter fraud filter needed for Obamacare tax credits: IRS watchdog

00:18 [Raw Story] Music site Spotify accused of short-changing artists on royalties

00:22 [Fox News] NOT BUYING: America's young and uninsured passing on ObamaCare /i/redes/icon-video.gif

00:22 [Fox News] FINDERS NOT KEEPERS Bill to give TSA-collected change to troops advances /i/redes/icon-video.gif

00:22 [Fox News] ASLEEP AT CONTROLS? Engineer in fatal NY train wreck reportedly lost focus /i/redes/icon-video.gif

00:22 [Fox News] UNLIKELY PAPAL PAST Pope reveals he once worked as a bar bouncer

00:23 [] Alleged Sydney anti-Semitic attacker pleads not guilty

00:26 [Fox News: politics] Campaign aide to Wisconsin Gov. Walker fired over tweets

00:27 [CNET News] SpaceX's Falcon 9 successfully blasts into outer space

00:28 [Truthdig] George Orwell Nearly Died Halfway Through Writing ‘1984’

00:28 [Truthdig] After Years of Troubles, Largest Student-Loan Servicers Get Stepped-up Oversight

00:28 [CBC: politics] Embattled Mike Duffy recovering after 2nd heart surgery

00:28 [Telegraph] New York metro derailment: driver 'nodded off'

00:28 [Telegraph] Second new nuclear plant given go-ahead for as Government sells off Eurostar stake

00:28 [Telegraph] Hundreds of British jihadists in Syria

00:28 [Telegraph] David Cameron challenges China over cyber spying

00:28 [Telegraph] Barack Obama's uncle claims future president stayed with him in 1980s

00:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Bill Clinton: 'I Never Denied That I Used Marijuana'

00:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Eric Cantor's Security Scare Fact Checked

00:35 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Military Halts Shipments Through Pakistan

00:36 [Guardian] Obama takes on healthcare critics and says: there's no going back

00:36 [NPR] Lawmakers In Name Only? Congress Reaches Productivity Lows

00:36 [NPR] Illinois Approves Rescue Of Its Ailing Pension System

00:37 [CNN] Union rep: Train engineer William Rockefeller 'was nodding off'

00:37 [zero hedge] A Cash-Strapped Europe's Latest Craze: Rented Clothes

00:38 [] Bloomberg to use $1 million Genesis Prize for Israeli-Palestinian economic ties

00:38 [Raw Story] Police: Activist leader of Brazil’s Guarani tribe stabbed to death

00:40 [OpEdNews] No Such Thing as a Board Certified Feminist

00:40 [OpEdNews] The Stealth Revolution

00:40 [BBC: Science & Environment] SpaceX launches commercial satellite

00:41 [Reuters: politics] Lead negotiator sees January finish for overdue U.S. farm bill

00:41 [CNET News] Cyber Monday the biggest online spending day in history

00:42 [CNN: Money] Illinois OKs pension cuts in landmark reform

00:42 [CNN: Money] Gogo flying high but turbulence ahead

00:43 [straight] The Georgia Straight presents the Cave Singers at the Rickshaw /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Cave%20Singers%2020131203.jpg

00:43 [AL JAZEERA] Hezbollah blames Saudi for embassy attack

00:43 [Mother Jones] First, Last, and Always, Obamacare is About Politics /files/blog_obamacare_site_new.jpg

00:44 [Reuters] Driver in fatal New York train crash was 'in a daze': sources

00:44 [Telegraph] Caesarean case mother: 'I'm suffering like an animal'

00:48 [Truthdig] U.S. Determined to Mend Fences With Iran, Critics Notwithstanding

00:48 [Truthdig] Wall Street Santa

00:48 [Truthdig] For and Against

00:48 [Russia Today] Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes mask during Obamacare protest

00:48 [Raw Story] Hotel shortage may push Syria peace talks out of Geneva

00:51 [NPR] FCC Proposes Changes To Give AM Radio A Boost

00:52 [CNET News] Big changes to little-known Chrome OS Camera app

00:52 [Big Think] On Data Horticulture

00:53 [Truthdig] U.S. Catholic Bishops Sued After Hospital Turns Away a Woman Miscarrying

00:59 [The Atlantic: Technology] NASA Might Stop Exploring the Planets: Here's Why That's Terrible

01:00 [CNET News] Russell Brand wants you to pirate his new DVD

01:01 [Reuters: politics] Illinois lawmakers pass long-awaited pension reform

01:01 [Reuters: politics] Obama praises Colombia efforts to seek peace with rebels

01:01 [Slashdot] How To Hijack a Drone For $400 In Less Than an Hour

01:01 [NPR] FCC Proposes AM Radio Changes To Give The Band A Boost

01:02 [zero hedge] As Long As The Market Keeps Rising "This" Doesn't Matter

01:03 [Raw Story] Kentucky town from ‘Colbert Report’ to pay police chief in Bitcoin

01:04 [Guardian] Michael Gove stands by school reforms

01:06 [NPR] SpaceX Launches First Major Communications Satellite

01:08 [] Israel fights against becoming tax haven for Diaspora Jews

01:10 [Guardian] Eurostar stake up for grabs in £10bn sell-off of government assets

01:10 [Guardian] David Cameron challenges China to be more open about cyber-security

01:11 [CNN] U.S. military halts cargo shipments out of Afghanistan

01:14 [CNET News] Congressional leaders propose updating 1996 Communications Act

01:14 [Telegraph] SpaceX launches commercial satellite

01:14 [Telegraph] David Cameron denies 'staying slient' on China's human rights record

01:15 [OpEdNews] Welcome Back, Jesus

01:15 [The Independent] Government crackdown on radicals ‘will lead to attacks on Muslims’

01:15 [The Independent] Postcard from... New York

01:15 [The Independent] The war on Twitter: Social media sites threaten justice system, warns Attorney General

01:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Charles Kolb: Promises, Promises

01:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Inez Moore Tenenbaum: Saying Goodbye to CPSC With the Wind in Its Sails, Set On The Right Course

01:18 [Disinformation] ‘Bacon Bowl’ Makes It Easier To Stuff Fat, Stupid American Faces With More Bacon

01:18 [Raw Story] MSG State Of Mind: Billy Joel announces monthly NYC concert series

01:23 [] El Al selling tickets on flights that won't exist next year

01:26 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Big Issue seller first to take cards

01:28 [Guardian] A&E visits rise steeply during coalition government, NHS figures reveal

01:28 [BBC: Entertainment] Venezuela's musical visionary

01:30 [Telegraph] Gadget Round-Up featuring an arcade table, stunt stilts and Sex Panther

01:31 [The Independent] Downton Abbey Christmas special 2013: First details revealed

01:33 [Russia Today] Report: Disguised Pope Francis sneaks out of Vatican for night charity patrols

01:33 [Slashdot] Australian Defense Scientists Plagiarizing Trade Secrets

01:35 [zero hedge] Caption Contest: Putin Shows Berlusconi His Dog's Balls

01:35 [OpEdNews] Response to Christopher Calder, Climate Change and the End Times

01:35 [straight] David Suzuki: We can make Canada’s environmental reality match its image /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_128712251.jpg

01:38 [Raw Story] Tablet computer sales beginning to lose steam

01:41 [CNN] African artifacts net $23,000 in Goodwill auction

01:42 [CNN: Money] Disgraced ex-Tyco CEO Kozlowski gets parole

01:43 [Mother Jones] Could the Government Erase Everything Snowden Exposed?

01:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Wisconsin Abortion Law Questioned By Chicago Judges

01:44 [Deutsche Welle] Syria turning into 'World War II scenario'

01:45 [Reuters] Arafat did not die of poisoning, French tests conclude

01:47 [Fox News] Judge rules Detroit bankrupt, pensions may be slashed to shed billions in debt /i/redes/icon-video.gif

01:48 [Fox News: politics] ObamaCare faces another challenge in federal court

01:48 [Fox News] Ukraine's gov't hangs on amid protest over EU deal

01:48 [Fox News] FBI bribery probe at Calif. statehouse roils Democratic ranks ahead of 2014 elections

01:48 [Fox News] Cyber warfare keeps insurance execs awake at night

01:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: George H.W. Bush Given Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation Award

01:51 [CNN] Trucker accused of kidnapping teenage relative

01:53 [Reuters: politics] Short-term fix eyed for another problem with U.S. healthcare website

01:53 [Reuters: politics] Insurers warn of problems with Obamacare enrollment surge

01:57 [zero hedge] The Unbridled Idiocy Of "Cash On The Sidelines"

01:58 [Moral Low Ground] Rachael C. Black: Heavy Mental

01:58 [Raw Story] Britain urges U.S. court to end contract ban on BP

02:02 [Telegraph] Britons gamble £46 billion on betting machines

02:02 [Telegraph] Britain should be 'grateful' for migrants, says Romanian minister

02:03 [Amnesty International] ‘I refuse to take an assault rifle and point it at another human being’

02:03 [The Independent] Britain expected to enter talks with China over cyber spying

02:06 [CNET News] Merriam-Webster's word of the year isn't selfie, it's science

02:07 [Reuters] In largest-ever U.S. city bankruptcy, cuts coming for Detroit creditors, retirees

02:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Bill Clinton Calls For Better Rules On Intelligence Gathering

02:13 [Amnesty International] From businessman to ‘spy’: a Canadian-Iranian man’s ordeal in Tehran’s Evin Prison

02:13 [CNN] Watch out for climate 'surprises,' scientists warn

02:15 [OpEdNews] US Shutting Down a Key News Source

02:19 [Slashdot] SpaceX Launch Achieves Geostationary Transfer Orbit

02:20 [Fox News] Judge rules Detroit bankrupt, pensions may be cut to shed billions in debt /i/redes/icon-video.gif

02:20 [Fox News] MINIMUM WAGE FIGHT Union front targets 100 cities for demonstrations /i/redes/icon-video.gif

02:20 [Fox News] NOT BUYING IT Young and uninsured passing on ObamaCare

02:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kate Abbey-Lambertz: Doug Sedenquist, Michigan Republic Party Central Committee Member, Reportedly Jailed Again

02:28 [zero hedge] Tuesday Humor: The United States According To Google "Autocomplete"

02:28 [] Court to rule on Israeli army's raid of Palestinian TV station

02:28 [Raw Story] Picasso’s grandson offering a chance to win $1 million painting for $135

02:30 [Fox News: politics] Families face coverage gap amid insurance cancellations, ObamaCare website woes

02:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Pierre Omidyar: WikiLeaks, Press Freedom And Free Expression In The Digital Age

02:32 [BBC: Education] Foster children may stay till age 21

02:36 [Reuters: politics] Biden won't make headway in China if he repeats 'erroneous' remarks: paper

02:36 [Reuters] Biden won't make headway in China if he repeats 'erroneous' remarks: paper

02:38 [Anarchist news] Olympia Graffiti in Solidarity With Mi'kmaq Warriors

02:38 [Russia Today] British investigators threaten Guardian editor with terrorism charges for publishing GCHQ leak

02:42 [CBC: politics] NDP's Tom Mulcair to make energy policy power play

02:44 [Deutsche Welle] US stops shipments out of Afghanistan through Pakistan

02:45 [OpEdNews] Hell No, We Won't Go!

02:45 [BBC: Health] Pump provides liver disease relief

02:46 [CNN] Feds: Metro-North train accidents 'unacceptable'

02:46 [Reuters: politics] Illinois Senate advances incentive bill to keep ADM headquarters

02:46 [Reuters: politics] Illinois lawmakers pass long-awaited pension reform

02:47 [CNET News] Snapchat poaches Facebook exec for COO role

02:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Dick Cheney Was 'Surprised' By 'Attack' On Liz Cheney Over Anti-Gay Marriage Stance

02:51 [BBC: Health] Exercise 'is good dementia therapy'

02:53 [Anarchist news] Anarchists infiltrated by at least four undercover police officers

02:56 [Voice of America] Deyane Moses: A Day in the Life of Hollywood Paparazzi

02:56 [CNET News] Yahoo snags mobile-video startup Ptch

02:56 [CNET News] Eight little-known tips for OS X users

02:56 [NPR] Protests Intensify Over Ukraine's Rejection Of EU Pact

03:01 [Fox News: politics] Krauthammer: How many people enrolled in ObamaCare -- not just visited

03:01 [CNN] 2013: The Web's year of the hoax

03:02 [The Hindu - News] Obama rules out reversal of affordable healthcare

03:03 [Disinformation] Pure Nightmare Fuel: Man Spends Two Days in Tiny Air Bubble In Sunken Ship

03:06 [CNN: Technology] The trouble with iPhone 5S's fingerprint reader

03:08 [Raw Story] Climate change-denying Texas Rep. to lead House meeting on extraterrestrials

03:15 [The Hindu - News] India, Pak want a stable, secure Afghanistan: US

03:16 [straight] Wines to enjoy right now /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/FOO_Uncorked2_2398.jpg

03:16 [straight] TIFF announces Canada's top ten films of 2013 /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/VicFloSawABear.jpg

03:18 [Russia Today] Rusbridger’s inquisition: Another scene of the ‘theatrical’ spying saga by UK officials

03:19 [The Hindu - News] International community patience on Sri Lanka could wear thin: US

03:22 [Big Think] How Art Spiegelman Is More Than Just Maus

03:23 [CNET News] Prototype malware jumps 'air gap' barrier using audio signals

03:28 [] Israelis less critical of home the longer they live in U.S., survey shows

03:28 [] U.S. to present Israel with plan for security arrangements in future Palestinian state

03:35 [zero hedge] The World Is Upside Down: CIO Of Buffett's GenRe Issues Direst Warning Yet

03:35 [OpEdNews] Rohingya: People Rejected?

03:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kristal High: Broadband Progress on the Horizon If Net Neutrality Debate Doesn't Stand in the Way

03:38 [Raw Story] Scott Walker aide behind ‘Black Friday’ fundraiser fired for racist tweets

03:38 [Raw Story] U.S. stops shipment route from Afghanistan through Pakistan

03:42 [Reuters: politics] After healthcare website woes, Obama turns to economic agenda

03:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chloe Fox: Mayor Bloomberg To Headline Sen. Schatz Fundraiser In Hawaii

03:45 [straight] B.C. launches arts engagement programs for youth /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/CreativeYouthInitiatives_0.jpg

03:50 [CNN] Ahmed Fouad Negm, Egypt's 'poet of the people,' dies at 84

03:54 [CNET News] Hotfile forks over $80 million to settle MPAA copyright suit

03:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joanna Zelman: Newsweek Print Edition Is Returning, NYT Reports

03:55 [The Hindu - News] Enroute via courier, phone turns into a stone

03:57 [The Hindu - News] Depression likely but rains may give city a miss

03:57 [The Hindu - News] Between Coimbatore and Chennai, phone turns into a stone

03:58 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.S. Vows Support for Colombia Peace Talks

03:58 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] WTO Urged Not to Treat Water Like Widgets

03:58 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Public, Elite See U.S. Power in Decline

03:58 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Off-Radar Gold Mine Sustains Kyrgyz Mountain Village

03:58 [Raw Story] Researchers: Bees’ economic benefits have been underestimated

03:59 [The Hindu - News] Do not run marathons unprepared, warn doctors

03:59 [The Hindu - News] Depression likely but rains may give Chennai a miss

04:00 [OpEdNews] Cuba for the Misinformed: Facts from the Forbidden Island - A Book Review

04:01 [The Hindu - News] Polling begins in Delhi

04:02 [Fin24 News] Triple price blow for consumers

04:03 [Russia Today] Utilizing the Arctic: Putin promises further exploration

04:03 [The Hindu - News] GPS meters for Chennai autos in six months

04:04 [The Atlantic: National] Events: Pritzker; Simon, Doctorow, Gessen, & Nafisi; Kummer & Levenson

04:05 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

04:05 [The Hindu - News] Soon, bond with birds, turtles at Vandalur zoo

04:05 [BBC: Technology] Huawei South Korea deal worries US

04:05 [BBC: Technology] Legal warning for social media users

04:06 [Topix Activism News] PETA attacks animal research for sexual health issues

04:10 [The Hindu - News] Louis Vuitton bids goodbye to Chennai

04:16 [The Hindu - News] Educationist Sundararajan remembered

04:17 [BBC: Education] Poorest teens 'see stealth cuts'

04:18 [The Hindu - News] Man detained for fishing at Vedanthangal sanctuary released

04:18 [Russia Today] ‘Global finance capitalism is a fraud’

04:18 [Russia Today] Pentagon’s increasingly militarized Santa tracking experience riles up child advocates

04:19 [Deutsche Welle] Vatican balks at sharing sex abuse investigations with UN

04:21 [Fox News] 'A GUY WHO DID HIS JOB' 'Babe' Heffron, of 'Band of Brothers' fame, dies at 90

04:21 [Fox News] CALIF BRIBERY PROBE FBI scrutiny of Dem state senator roils party

04:21 [Telegraph] US halts shipments from Afghanistan through Pakistan

04:23 [CNN] Obama's uncle wins immigration battle, gets OK to stay in U.S.

04:23 [Russia Today] Pentagon's Santa tracking experience adds armed jet escorts, riles up child advocates

04:24 [The Hindu - News] Calling all young scientists

04:28 [CNN] Mexican cartel threatened Catholic seminary, archbishop says

04:28 [CNN] Man who entered Maryland church on fire had run-ins with police

04:28 [] Want to swim in Lake Kinneret? Then pay for it

04:30 [Fox News: politics] Rep. Nunes says Benghazi testimony 'outstanding' help to probe of attack

04:30 [The Hindu - News] Renowned artistes honoured

04:32 [The Hindu - News] ‘Music, a great healer, unifier’

04:34 [The Hindu - News] Chennai bus drivers block road in protest

04:35 [zero hedge] PC Shipments Collapse At Fastest Pace On Record

04:35 [zero hedge] Russian Banks Most Exposed As Ukraine's "Precarious" Finances Spike Risk To 3 Year High

04:36 [The Hindu - News] Isai Perarignar award for dance teacher Krishnakumari

04:36 [The Hindu - News] TNPCB issues notice to Chennai vet college

04:37 [Telegraph] US woman denies Google Glass distracted her while driving

04:38 [Voice of America] Michael Lipin: African, Asian Nations Agree on 'Urgent' Steps to Save Elephants

04:40 [CNN] New York train crash: Who is William Rockefeller Jr.?

04:44 [CNET News] YouTube's music service said to be delayed until next year

04:46 [The Hindu - News] KWDT verdict: Jagan alleges conspiracy

04:48 [Fox News] Families face ObamaCare Christmas scramble as coverage gap looms

04:48 [Russia Today] Shop-and-Frisk? NY retail stores under fire for allegedly targeting customers based on race

04:49 [Raw Story] Michael Jackson’s mother seeks retrial for final tour promoters

04:49 [Raw Story] Greenpeace activists arrested after crashing energy conference

04:52 [The Hindu - News] Thailand violence eases ahead of King's birthday

04:52 [Reuters: politics] Washington state ex-campaign director sentenced for embezzlement

04:56 [zero hedge] Are Things Falling Apart For US-Asia Foreign Policy?

04:56 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

04:58 [The Hindu - News] Pumpset manufacturers in Coimbatore see drop in business

04:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Scott Walker Fires Campaign Aide Following Racist Tweets

04:59 [Slashdot] Spotify's Own Math Suggests Musicians Are Still Getting Hosed

05:00 [CNN] Midair collision kills two skydivers, Arizona police say

05:03 [CNET News] Sekisui Chemical claims cheap, long-range lithium battery tech

05:06 [OpEdNews] Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium and the Catholic Vote

05:06 [OpEdNews] A Thanksgiving Message from OEN's Joan B

05:06 [The Hindu - News] Police on ‘zero child marriage’ campaign

05:11 [The Hindu - News] DMK leaders refuse to receive body of party cadre

05:15 [The Hindu - News] Stage set for polling in Yercaud

05:19 [The Hindu - News] Space beneath bridges to be beautified

05:19 [The Hindu - News] Onchiyam case: 28 officers transferred from Kozhikode jail

05:20 [Guardian] Nigella Lawson due to give evidence at fraud trial of former personal assistants

05:20 [CNET News] Mobile Chrome Apps closer than you think

05:25 [The Hindu - News] Krishna river authority need of the hour: YSRC

05:26 [Slashdot] AMD A10 Kaveri APU Details Emerge, Combining Steamroller and Graphics Core Next

05:29 [Raw Story] California woman denies ‘Google Glass’ caused driving distraction

05:29 [Raw Story] Debbie Wasserman Schultz schools Newt Gingrich over ‘war on women’ crack about Joe Biden

05:38 [Voice of America] Reuters: The Heat is On as FIFA Announces Convoluted Draw Procedure

05:38 [Voice of America] John Tanza: South Sudan, World's Newest Honeymoon Destination

05:41 [The Hindu - News] 24x7 operations at Vizag airport from New Year, says ENC Chief

05:41 [The Hindu - News] Onchiyam case: Mullappally for steps to prevent jail breaches

05:41 [The Hindu - News] Mars spacecraft crosses sphere of influence of Earth

05:46 [OpEdNews] Everyday Low Wages at Walmart: Brought to You by Government Policy

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Renewed efforts to drive elephant herd back into Bandipur forest

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Asaram’s son arrested in Surat sexual assault case

05:53 [Fin24 News] Sanral blames e-toll glitches on EFTs

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Polling begins at Yercaud Assembly constituency

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Another farmer killed by tiger in H D Kote in Mysore

05:54 [CNN] HGTV host Bill Beckwith is dead

05:55 [The Hindu - News] 10 lakh compensation to deceased sugarcane farmer’s family

05:56 [Telegraph] Joe Biden arrives in China for talks

05:58 [Reuters] Thai military says situation normal soon, rules out coup: navy

05:58 [Slate Magazine] Pass the Courvoisier

05:59 [Raw Story] Soccer-like Lebanese sport gets country’s first womens’ league

05:59 [CNN] Paul Walker's death: Video shows car erupted in flames after 1 minute

06:04 [AntiWar] Suicide Bombers Target Security Personnel Across Iraq; 67 Killed, 98 Wounded

06:04 [AntiWar] Long Live ‘Isolationism’!

06:04 [AntiWar] 1984 Was an Instruction Manual

06:04 [AntiWar] The Real Reason Hawks Are Trying To Kill the Deal With Iran

06:07 [NPR] Polar Bear Researcher Gets $100,000 In Settlement With Feds

06:12 [The Hindu - News] Sonia Gandhi votes in Delhi Assembly election

06:13 [CNN: Money] Newsweek to revive print edition

06:13 [Slate Magazine] The 21 Best Lines of 2013

06:13 [Slate Magazine] Culture Clash

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Desam MPs arrested, Naidu slams PM

06:21 [Reuters] Driver in fatal New York train crash 'zoned out': union

06:23 [Big Think] Does Depression Go Away on Its Own?

06:24 [Slashdot] 1.5 Million Pages of Ancient Manuscripts Online

06:24 [The Hindu - News] High Court directs Attur police to take custody of body

06:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Reince Priebus Face Off In Obamacare Debate

06:32 [CNN: Money] 23andMe CEO: We failed to communicate

06:32 [Voice of America] Biden to Discuss China ADIZ in Beijing

06:34 [The Hindu - News] Only a few admissions under RTE are genuine

06:37 [Reuters] Thai anti-government protesters rally at police HQ; navy chief rules out coup

06:39 [Fin24 News] SA economic growth held back - Sarb

06:40 [CNN: Money] Millennials need to save more for retirement

06:41 [CNET News] How the Moto X Cyber Monday deal 'do over' will go down

06:42 [The Hindu - News] Strawberry farming flourishes in The Nilgiris

06:46 [Fox News] Ben Stiller makes his mark

06:46 [Fox News] Do you really need this fork?

06:46 [The Hindu - News] City police to prepare a database of Gurkhas

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Elephant triggers panic in Valparai

06:50 [Deutsche Welle] Temporary calm in Thailand ahead of king's birthday

06:50 [The Hindu - News] ‘Low number of bidders not to affect quality and safety of Kochi Metro’

06:51 [Fin24 News] E-tags mooted for KZN motorists

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Traffic warden case: report says police acted fairly

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Dikshit keeps fingers crossed for her toughest battle

06:56 [The Hindu - News] LMD water for Vemulavada shrine hangs fire

06:58 [Truthdig] The Hook

06:58 [Truthdig] Hillary Clinton vs. Richard Nixon: The Movie

06:59 [CNET News] Heads up Apple, Android to make big gains in 2014, IDC predicts

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Details of candidates’ expenses on website

07:00 [CNN] Newtown school shooting 911 calls to be released Wednesday

07:02 [The Hindu - News] Southern Naval Command to give pageant, ball a miss

07:05 [Deutsche Welle] The plight of Europe's 'euro orphans'

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Yercaud by-poll: 18 per cent polling recorded in first two hours

07:07 [AL JAZEERA] Thai protests ease ahead of King's birthday

07:07 [AL JAZEERA] US halts army shipments out of Afghanistan

07:07 [AL JAZEERA] Delhi votes in key assembly elections

07:08 [BBC: Science & Environment] Big changes for renewable subsidies

07:09 [AL JAZEERA] Syrians beyond the reach of humanitarian aid

07:11 [CNN] 25 years gone: Texas inmate Michael Morton cleared in wife's murder

07:11 [CNN] Exonerated: An Innocence Project fact sheet

07:11 [The Hindu - News] ‘Madurai Sungudi’ needs patronage to revive its glory

07:14 [Mother Jones] The Obamacare Website Wasn't an Epic Disaster. It Just Didn't Have Enough Time.

07:17 [The Hindu - News] Govt-aided middle school functioning with single teacher

07:17 [Reuters] Smuggling cartels, militants hinder revival of Somali port

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Bait to gold smuggling: lure of huge lucre

07:21 [CNN] U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrives in China amid airspace dispute

07:23 [] UnrealIRCd Survey

07:24 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart skewers Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly’s defense of ‘inexorable black hole that is Christmas’

07:25 [The Hindu - News] Man arrested for murder

07:27 [The Hindu - News] In times of crunch, yellow metal market turns to grey

07:28 [CBC: politics] 4th Canadian soldier dies in apparent suicide in over a week

07:28 [Telegraph] Twitter and Facebook users given court warnings on high profile trials

07:28 [Telegraph] Downton Abbey goes to Buckingham Palace while BBC viewers are served festive repeats

07:28 [Telegraph] Woman could one day run military, says top female officer

07:28 [Telegraph] Church of England upgrades Prayer Book as smartphone app

07:28 [Telegraph] Caution needed over Chinese HS2 investment

07:29 [Fox News: politics] Biden meets with China's Xi Jinping amid air defense zone dispute

07:33 [Slashdot] Plastic Waste Threatens Marine Diversity

07:33 [Guardian] Young Elizabeth and Margaret: pantomime dames

07:33 [The Hindu - News] University pensioners observe fast

07:37 [The Hindu - News] 17 per cent polling in first couple of hours in Delhi

07:41 [The Hindu - News] Kochi LNG terminal to be launched by PM

07:41 [The Hindu - News] Farmer associations oppose BKT award

07:43 [The Hindu - News] Psephologist Baskaran dead

07:44 [Telegraph] Missing WW2 mega-submarine found off Hawaii

07:48 [straight] Homeless in Vancouver: Japanese house cat /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/hello-kitty-in-the-window.jpg

07:49 [Guardian] Rocket debris hits Chinese village

07:49 [The Hindu - News] Snowden files: MI5 chief to justify leaks claim in public

07:49 [The Hindu - News] Farmers from four States picket Mangalore port, demand India exit WTO talks

07:53 [The Hindu - News] Differently abled showcase their talent

07:54 [Russia Today] Hezbollah accuses Israel of assassinating commander

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi junction records 36 mm. rainfall

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Huge number of seized leopard claws puzzles Forest officials

07:57 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Accra’s High Rents Means Ghanaians Lose

07:58 [The Hindu - News] A blast from State’s agricultural past

08:00 [The Hindu - News] Toll booth vandalism: Nitesh Rane, 3 others freed on bail

08:02 [Fin24 News] E-tolls violating CPA?

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi-Dindigul track doubling taken up on two stretches

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Vizhinjam: panel for eco-clearance

08:09 [] Hezbollah says commander assassinated near home in Beirut, blames Israel

08:10 [Fin24 News] Disabled protest e-toll let-down - report

08:14 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 6.34-lakh assistance given away to HIV-affected children

08:14 [The Hindu - News] Debates on conservation, a welcome spin-off of Western Ghats reports

08:14 [BBC: Also in the news] Bikes outsell cars in EU countries

08:15 [Topix Activism News] PETA to Stage Protest in Old Town Pasadena Against Sea World's Rose Parade Float

08:16 [OpEdNews] Detroit Bankruptcy Bankrupts Democracy

08:17 [AL JAZEERA] One of Hezbollah leaders killed in Beirut

08:19 [Voice of America] Thai Protests Pause Ahead of King's Birthday

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Mahatma Gandhi’s march of 1913 re-enacted in South Africa

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Green tribunal to be moved against port at Dugarajapatnam

08:22 [The Hindu - News] TRAI session highlights facilities for consumers

08:25 [CNET News] Watch the YotaPhone e-ink smartphone reveal live on CNET

08:25 [Guardian] Tweeters warned about contempt of court

08:26 [The Hindu - News] May review support to UDF, says KC(Jacob)

08:26 [Slashdot] The Challenge of Cross-Language Interoperability

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Eight barrages built to quench thirst of animals in Hosur forests

08:29 [AL JAZEERA] US and china set for tense air zone talks

08:31 [Reuters] Thai protesters end rally at police HQ but say fight will go on

08:31 [AL JAZEERA] US and China set for tense air zone talks

08:32 [The Hindu - News] Police to ask resorts to tighten security

08:32 [The Hindu - News] Farmers see a raw deal

08:34 [The Hindu - News] Black jaggery scarcity forces Kalamkari units to down shutters

08:36 [Fox News: politics] ObamaCare faces another challenge in federal court

08:36 [The Hindu - News] Drama and denouement of a film exposition

08:38 [The Hindu - News] Contractors up in arms against VMC

08:38 [Financial Times] Ukraine opposition demands new government

08:39 [Voice of America] VOA News: Thai Protests Pause Ahead of King's Birthday

08:39 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:40 [Deutsche Welle] US Vice President Joe Biden in China amid air defense row

08:40 [Deutsche Welle] Hezbollah leader 'assassinated' in Lebanon

08:40 [The Hindu - News] ‘T’ issue a lesson for Telugu people, says JP

08:40 [The Hindu - News] ‘Brain house’ to make classrooms smart

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Meet the ensemble cast of world cinema here

08:44 [Telegraph] Strictly Come Dancing: Rachel Riley's partner to star opposite Elaine Page

08:44 [The Hindu - News] ‘Tribunal award will affect Uttarandhra’

08:46 [The Independent] Lambeth night bus attack: Two men charged over attack on woman that left her unconscious after 'argument over her dress'

08:48 [The Hindu - News] Disability sports workshop in Vizag to begin from December 12

08:49 [Reuters] Ukraine ministers beat street blockade, ready for cabinet meeting: spokesman

08:49 [Voice of America] VOA News: Christmas Tree Arrives at US Capitol

08:49 [CNN] Merriam-Webster's 2013 word of the year is ... science

08:49 [Moral Low Ground] ACLU Lawsuit: Michigan Catholic Hospital Risked Tamesha Means’ Life by Denying Her Abortion

08:50 [Guardian] Joe Biden arrives in China amid air zone tensions

08:50 [Guardian] Tax allowance 'is first step towards recognising marriage in tax system'

08:50 [The Hindu - News] Aim is to debilitate the police: Thiruvanchoor

08:50 [The Hindu - News] GVMC to streamline IT wing

08:51 [Voice of America] Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Killing Commander in Beirut

08:53 [The Hindu - News] National symposium on remote sensing

08:53 [Voice of America] VOA News: Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Killing Commander in Beirut

08:54 [Russia Today] US global power at 40-year low, Americans say

08:56 [Pravda] European Union takes Croatia to fascism

09:00 [Guardian] Fukushima two years on: a dirty job with no end in sight

09:00 [Telegraph] A galaxy? A supernova? No, it's NASA's website

09:00 [Telegraph] Sam Mendes lifts stipulation that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rapper must be black

09:01 [The Hindu - News] NHAI firm on opening toll plaza on NH 73 at Brahmarakootlu

09:02 [The Independent] Tesco's turnaround plans under scrutiny as sales decline 1.5% in third quarter

09:02 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Foster care 'may continue to 21'

09:05 [Anarchist news] 2014 Kitchener-Waterloo Anarchist Bookfair Call-out

09:05 [CNET News] YotaPhone e-ink phone hits Europe, but no US launch yet

09:05 [straight] If it's not exactly cheating, does my boyfriend still have the right to know? /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Dan_Savage_Podcast_1.jpg

09:08 [Fin24 News] Atlas answers fraud allegations

09:11 [The Hindu - News] Tanker runs over 3-year-old in Bangalore, angry residents go on rampage

09:12 [Pravda] Do Europeans owe their lives to migrants?

09:12 [BBC: Technology] Two-screen phone with e-ink launched

09:12 [NPR] OMG, BuzzFeed's Investing In Serious News Coverage! Is It FTW?

09:12 [NPR] Why $7-Per-Gallon Milk Looms Once Again

09:12 [NPR] Around The World, Ford's Mustang Fuels A Dream

09:12 [NPR] There And Back Again: One Afghan's Journey To Find Home

09:12 [NPR] To Liven Up NFL Pregame Shows, Take A Cue From 'The View'?

09:16 [Telegraph] Onshore wind farm subsidies will be cut

09:17 [CNET News] Confused about online sales taxes? You're not alone

09:18 [The Independent] Terror police arrest soldier after nail bomb found at house in Salford

09:18 [The Independent] Glasgow crash: Experts to examine police helicopter

09:21 [CNN: Crime] Newtown 911 calls to be released

09:21 [CNN: Crime] Trucker accused of kidnapping teenage relative

09:21 [CNN: Crime] Tables turn for wrongly convicted man

09:23 [The Hindu - News] Newsweek returns to print edition in early 2014

09:24 [Reuters] Support for Afghanistan at risk if security pact delayed further: U.S.

09:24 [Guardian] Hezbollah accuses 'Israeli enemy' of killing commander in Beirut

09:25 [BBC: Entertainment] Armando Iannucci: My comedy secrets

09:26 [CNN] Bill Beckwith, host of HGTV's 'Curb Appeal,' killed in crash

09:26 [CNN: Money] Detroit ruling: Winners and losers

09:26 [CNN: Money] Millennials must save more for retirement

09:31 [Pravda] The true war on Christmas

09:31 [The Hindu - News] Husband hacks his wife to death

09:33 [Telegraph] Skydivers killed in freak collision

09:33 [Telegraph] Hizbollah commander 'assassinated'

09:33 [AL JAZEERA] One of Hezbollah leaders killed in Beirut

09:35 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool calls for Ganguly’s resignation

09:36 [Guardian] Charity Commission 'not fit for purpose', says Margaret Hodge

09:36 [Guardian] Italian woman who was given forced caesarean section: I want my baby back

09:37 [The Hindu - News] Liquor flows freely on Delhi election eve

09:38 [CNN] Protesters, police maintain delicate truce in Thailand

09:42 [Guardian] Banks braced for EU rate-fixing fines; Tesco sales slide - business live

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Actor Rajpal Yadav jailed for contempt of court

09:46 [Fox News: politics] Colorado governor says secession vote strengthened state

09:47 [Telegraph] World War Two Japanese submarine discovered off the coast of Hawaii

09:47 [Telegraph] Drug addict became heroin dealer after heart transplant

09:47 [Telegraph] Church policy stops Archbishop of Canterbury joining 'Good Samaritan army'

09:47 [Telegraph] Soldier arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after nail bomb found

09:48 [The Hindu - News] Campaigning shifts from streets to social media

09:48 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] The Asia-Africa Link Is IT

09:49 [The Independent] Kanye West hires Andy Warhol’s cousin to paint Kim Kardashian’s portrait

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Creamy layer limit to apply for educational benefits also

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Decision on probe into mining permission soon: Chandy

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Kerala Budget is likely to be presented on Jan. 17

09:55 [New Statesman] The Tories are struggling in the marginals /sites/default/files/images/Grimsby.jpg

09:56 [CNET News] Andy Rubin's next Google moonshot project: robots

09:58 [The Hindu - News] Moderate to brisk voting till around noon

09:59 [Fox News: politics] Iran enrichment capacity expanded dramatically on Obama's watch

09:59 [Reuters] North Korean leader's ousted uncle alive and safe: South Korean minister

10:00 [Fin24 News] PMI nudges up to 51.6

10:02 [New Internationalist] Disasters: no quick fix to recovery

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Caustic cartoons, the last resort of Nethravati activists

10:04 [CNN] Bear Grylls Survival Academy expands into Africa

10:08 [The Hindu - News] Father gets death for killing children

10:10 [The Hindu - News] Fishermen meet PM, seek dedicated ministry for fisheries

10:10 [CNN] Senior Hezbollah commander killed

10:12 [Guardian] Police hunt man over shooting of officer in Leeds

10:14 [The Hindu - News] Scientists have certified Bt cotton seeds are of poor quality: Agriculture Minister

10:18 [The Hindu - News] Amid protests, Karnataka passes Bill on essential services

10:18 [The Hindu - News] 'Almost 100 p.c. loss under Mahyco Bt Kanaka variety'

10:19 [Telegraph] Top Gun inspiration becomes most powerful woman at The Pentagon

10:19 [Telegraph] Leeds manhunt after police woman shot

10:20 [The Hindu - News] ‘Blacklist Monsanto or we will launch direct action’

10:20 [The Independent] Man on run after female police officer shot in Leeds

10:21 [Voice of America] Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Killing Commander in Beirut

10:22 [The Hindu - News] Blacklist Monsanto or we will launch direct action: KRRS, Hasiru Sene

10:22 [The Hindu - News] Newsweek to return to print in early 2014

10:24 [The Hindu - News] Sugarcane growers say they will resume protest if they do not get ‘fair price’

10:29 [CNN] 3 questions the Obama administration won't answer about Obamacare

10:34 [The Hindu - News] Orders issued to shoot man-eater

10:35 [Guardian] Banks braced for €1.7bn EU rate-fixing fines - business live

10:35 [The Independent] Tom Daley dating Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black?

10:35 [The Independent] Andy McSmith's Diary: An ingenious solution to blue-on-blue attacks - ban them

10:39 [The Hindu - News] 36 IAS, IPS, IFS officers facing various inquiries

10:39 [BBC: Also in the news] Chimpanzee 'should be legal person'

10:40 [CNN] Florida officials search for bear that mauled woman's face

10:40 [CNN] NTSB kicks train union out of crash investigation

10:41 [The Hindu - News] ‘Palace Grounds case in Supreme Court’

10:41 [Guardian] Tesco sales fall across all major markets

10:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'White lightning': the next Usain Bolt?

10:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] Abbott staffer 'a control freak'

10:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] Schoolie falls from Bali balcony

10:44 [AL JAZEERA] Turkey's popularity dives in MENA region poll

10:44 [CNN] Bolshoi's Sergei Filin: I can't forgive attackers who took my eyesight

10:47 [The Hindu - News] ‘Disability census will be the first step to correct the system’

10:47 [Guardian] West Yorkshire police hunt man over shooting of officer in Leeds

10:47 [Guardian] Young people to be allowed to remain in foster care until age 21

10:47 [Voice of America] Biden to Discuss China ADIZ in Beijing

10:49 [The Hindu - News] Foot-and-mouth disease claims 7,945 head of cattle in Karnataka

10:49 [Slashdot] FLOSS 2013: the Survey For Open Source Contributors, a Decade Later

10:49 [Russia Today] Truck with dangerous radioactive materials hijacked in Mexico - IAEA

10:50 [Fox News] ObamaCare faces another court fight

10:50 [Fox News] NUCLEAR GROWTH Iran enrichment capacity expanded under Obama

10:50 [Fox News] PLASTIC GUN BAN House renews limits on undetectable firearms /i/redes/icon-video.gif

10:50 [Fox News] BIBLE VERSE FLAP School says Lil' Wayne is fine, but Jesus is not

10:51 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 60 cr. released for Karnataka coconut growers

10:51 [Fox News] Ukraine's gov't hangs on amid protest over EU deal

10:51 [Fox News] Pope Francis reveals he used to work as a bar bouncer

10:51 [Fox News] Mass. prosecutors claim Hernandez girlfriend lied

10:51 [Fox News] Rep. Nunes says Benghazi testimony 'outstanding' help to investigation of attack

10:51 [Fox News] Detroit bankruptcy moves forward as judge rules city can shed debt- Should workers in other broke cities be scared?- Ill. legislature approves fix for pension crisis

10:51 [The Independent] No tax cuts until end of decade says Prime Minister with married couples set to benefit further

10:51 [The Independent] Japanese World War Two super-submarine discovered off the coast of Hawaii

10:53 [Global Voices] Football, Building Social Cohesion in Niger

10:54 [Russia Today] Montreal cops to deploy drone fleet to identify, ‘neutralize’ criminals

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Veenapani Chawla

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Vidya Shah

10:57 [CNET News] With new USB connector, no more wrong-way-up cables

10:57 [Fin24 News] Energy-saving firms to get tax cuts

10:57 [The Hindu - News] A.R. Venkatachalapathy

10:57 [Voice of America] Ukraine's PM Warns Protesters Not to Escalate Tensions

11:00 [AL JAZEERA] Assad 'to remain' president in transition

11:01 [CBC: politics] PMO emails: 3 questions about Ben Perrin's account

11:01 [Fin24 News] Rooibos prices to rise by 15%

11:01 [The Hindu - News] Duped depositors hold massive rally

11:01 [The Hindu - News] BJD wins two urban local bodies polls in Kandhamal district

11:03 [The Hindu - News] Duped depositors hold massive rally in Bhubaneshwar

11:05 [The Hindu - News] Govt. gets HC notice on PIL seeking Bhushan plant closure

11:05 [Telegraph] Driver gets traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass

11:06 [CNN] Some Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare

11:07 [Fox News: politics] Drone Warfare: Jeff Bezos, the feds, and media manipulation

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Assembly elections 2008: party positions

11:09 [CNN: Money] Stocks poised to snap 3-day drop

11:09 [Russia Today] Russian MPs brawl over monument to 19th-century Chechen conflict

11:12 [CNET News] YotaPhone: The genesis of a dual-screen smartphone (Q&A)

11:12 [Deutsche Welle] EU to impose record fine on banks for benchmark rigging

11:12 [NPR] NPR's Book Concierge: Our Guide To 2013's Great Reads

11:15 [New Statesman] We don't have to "wire" our children's brains to reinforce gender stereotypes

11:18 [Fox News] Wash. mill where silo collapsed had six 'serious' safety violations on record

11:19 [Fin24 News] Thousands of public operators exempt from e-tolls

11:19 [The Hindu - News] Jagan meets Jayalalithaa

11:21 [Telegraph] Manhunt launched after police woman shot: latest updates

11:22 [AL JAZEERA] Radioactive material stolen in Mexico

11:22 [Deutsche Welle] Spaniards fight financial crisis with flamenco

11:23 [The Independent] Paul Walker death: Fast & Furious 7 filming suspended

11:23 [The Hindu - News] Re-polling in 7 booths of Rajasthan on Dec 6

11:25 [The Hindu - News] High Court directs Attur police to take custody of DMK worker's body

11:26 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: How Do I Convince Management To Hire More IT Staff?

11:29 [Voice of America] Robert Carmichael: Cambodia Garment Wages Set to Rise as H&M Pushes New Approach

11:29 [Russia Today] Hubble wows again by spotting water on 5 distant worlds

11:31 [BBC: Entertainment] McQueen wins best director honour

11:31 [BBC: Entertainment] Village show for Turner Prize art

11:31 [CNN] Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson due to testify at fraud trial

11:31 [BBC: Health] Why do people troll themselves online?

11:34 [Reuters] Ukraine PM calls for end to tension, but police brace for action

11:34 [Reuters] Hezbollah says commander killed in Beirut, blames Israel

11:34 [Russia Today] Mind the gap: New age of inequality & its advocates

11:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Paul Walker film on hold after death

11:37 [Telegraph] US Postal Service sued over Statue of Liberty error

11:37 [Telegraph] 385,000 Romanians and Buglarians will come to Britain, a report has warned

11:37 [Telegraph] Nigella Lawson court appearance live updates

11:38 [The Independent] Nigella Lawson to give evidence in trial of two former personal assistants

11:38 [The Independent] 'Thou shalt not wear trainers!' - Pope Francis reveals he worked as a bouncer in Buenos Aires

11:41 [BBC: Technology] Roaming offer extended by 3 to US

11:41 [Guardian] Banks fined record €1.71bn by European Commission over rate-fixing cartels - business live

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Yercaud by-poll: 67 per cent polling till 2 p.m.

11:42 [Deutsche Welle] New battlegrounds emerge at Egypt's universities

11:49 [Fin24 News] Branson: Don't prop up Qantas

11:50 [New Statesman] Why Cameron's marriage tax break plan is dangerous for the Tories

11:50 [CNN] Mexico reports theft of truck with radioactive material

11:51 [Telegraph] American Samoa to arm police with guns

11:51 [Telegraph] Assad 'will remain president of Syria' after talks, minister says

11:51 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 4 December 2013

11:52 [Reuters] Thai government says protest leader must surrender, no talks

11:53 [Reuters: politics] U.S. vice president urges Chinese to challenge their leaders

11:54 [CNN: Money] Detroit is biggest city bankruptcy ever

11:54 [The Independent] Hezbollah blames Israel for 'professional' murder of commander Hassan al-Laqqis outside his Beirut home

11:54 [The Independent] Britain to export pig semen to China in £45m trade deal

11:54 [The Independent] UK chef creates world's most expensive ready meal - a fish pie costing £314

11:55 [Russia Today] Anti-drone protests halt US military convoys at Pakistan border

11:55 [Russia Today] EU fines 8 major banks record 1.7 billion euros for illegal rates rigging

11:58 [The Hindu - News] 48 per cent polling till 3 pm in Delhi

12:01 [Voice of America] Scott Stearns: Kerry, Ashton Discuss Next Steps in Iran Nuclear Deal, Syria Talks

12:01 [BBC: Entertainment] Heatherwick receives critics' honour

12:02 [The Hindu - News] Awami League firm on polls despite boycott threats

12:04 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Can Marvel Comics’s Latest Superhero Strike a Blow Against Islamophobia?

12:05 [Russia Today] Ukraine PM calls for dialogue as opposition seek to topple govt

12:05 [Reuters] Biden says relations with China must be built on trust

12:05 [New Statesman] Do smart people drink more? Here's some science to ease your hangover

12:08 [Telegraph] World Cup 2014: Brazil's football unveiled

12:08 [Telegraph] Britain's multimillion pound deal to ship pig semen to China

12:08 [Telegraph] Spare £80? How about a raffle ticket for a Picasso worth $1 million

12:10 [Reuters] Newtown braces for release of 911 recordings from school massacre

12:10 [The Independent] Lorry carrying 'extremely dangerous' radioactive material stolen in Mexico

12:10 [The Independent] Eurostar stake to be sold and nuclear power station to be build in new UK infrastructure spending plan

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Capital’s asset

12:13 [CNN: Money] EU fines banks record $2.3B over Libor

12:15 [Mother Jones] Timeline: A Short and Sweet History of Fake Meat /files/john-harvey-kellog.jpg

12:15 [Mother Jones] Charts: Why Fast-Food Workers Are Going on Strike /files/Unhappy_300_0.jpg

12:15 [Mother Jones] Why Some Meteorologists Still Deny Global Warming

12:15 [Mother Jones] 4 Reasons Obama's New Dark-Money Rules Won’t Stop Dark Money

12:15 [Mother Jones] Wooden Shjips' "Ghouls" Takes You on a Psychadelic Journey

12:18 [The Hindu - News] Peppered with passion

12:18 [Global Voices] PHOTOS: Places of Remembrance in Santiago, Chile

12:19 [Guardian] Banks fined record €1.71bn by EC over rate-fixing cartels - business live

12:19 [Guardian] Onshore windfarm subsidies to be cut in further shakeup of green levies

12:20 [AL JAZEERA] Senior Hezbollah leader killed in Beirut

12:21 [Fox News] 'THIS IS OUR MISSION' Santa tracker slammed for animated fighter jet escort

12:21 [CNN: Crime] Innocent man: How inmate Michael Morton lost 25 years of his life

12:21 [CNN: Crime] 'Unreal Dream': Justice gone wrong

12:21 [Voice of America] Seoul: Kim Jong Un's Uncle Likely Fired

12:24 [Telegraph] Man arrested after police woman shot

12:24 [Telegraph] Bear Grylls survival academy to launch in Africa

12:24 [CNN: Technology] '3D' display lets you touch real world

12:25 [The Independent] Royal Mail and union leaders reach deal averting Christmas strike risk

12:25 [The Independent] PS4 for sale in San Francisco ends in murder

12:27 [BBC: Entertainment] Writer Suri honoured for bad sex

12:27 [Guardian] Syria's chemical weapons to be shipped in delicate US-Danish operation

12:30 [Topix Activism News] Russia needs Arctic presence to guard against U.S. threat: Putin

12:33 [The Hindu - News] Army recruitment done on caste, region, religion lines, SC told

12:33 [BBC: Entertainment] Nigella Lawson denies drug claims

12:33 [Guardian] Banks fined record €1.71bn by EC over rate-fixing cartel scandal - business live

12:35 [] Russia: Iran deal will eliminate need for missile defense in Europe

12:36 [Fin24 News] Prasa set for R7bn rail signal upgrade

12:36 [Reuters] Biden calls for trust with China amid airspace dispute

12:37 [The Hindu - News] Hezbollah commander killed outside home in Lebanon

12:38 [Fin24 News] Prasa plans R7bn rail signal upgrade

12:38 [Fox News: politics] Obama’s same ol’ speech

12:39 [Voice of America] Nuclear Material Stolen in Mexico

12:40 [Telegraph] Nicolas Maduro says he has proof Venezuela blackout was Right wing sabotage

12:40 [Telegraph] Chief executive handed over £600k after being duped by lover, court hears

12:41 [The Independent] Eight banks fined record £1.4bn over rate rigging scandal

12:41 [The Independent] Katy Perry named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

12:43 [The Hindu - News] Goals for coaches too

12:43 [Voice of America] NATO, Russian Foreign Ministers Support Syria Peace Talks

12:45 [BBC: Entertainment] Jude Law's Henry V 'reigns supreme'

12:46 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures

12:49 [BBC: Technology] Google reveals plan to make robots

12:49 [CNN] Report: Russia calls for 'stability and order' in Ukraine

12:49 [The Hindu - News] Goa Police to summon Shoma

12:51 [The Hindu - News] The dialogue continues…

12:52 [Guardian] Nigella Lawson accuses Charles Saatchi of threatening to destroy her

12:52 [BBC: Entertainment] Saatchi trying to 'destroy' Nigella

12:52 [BBC: Also in the news] Saudi Arabia mulls prayer rules for malls

12:53 [Pravda] Americans launch first commercial satellite

12:53 [Pravda] Pope Francis lifts the veil of his past

12:54 [BBC: Also in the news] Toilet TV show invoked in Ukraine row

12:54 [BBC: Education] Abuse tackled at children's football

12:56 [Telegraph] Wartime bomber hero celebrates 70 years of marriage to wife involved in Dambusters raid

12:56 [Telegraph] Three scraps roaming charges for US travellers

12:56 [Telegraph] Christmas post strike off as Royal Mail finally unveils peace deal with unions

12:56 [Telegraph] François Hollande admits he was treated for 'benign' enlarged prostate

12:56 [Telegraph] Onshore wind subsidies cut but payments to offshore turbines increased

12:57 [The Independent] Apple patents technology to allow devices to be controlled by their users’ faces

12:57 [The Hindu - News] Between the Covers

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Dusk in your eye

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Designs on a dish

13:02 [Guardian] Sandy Hook: Newtown residents warned over release of 911 calls

13:02 [Reuters: politics] Biden calls for trust with China amid airspace dispute

13:03 [The Hindu - News] Mum’s the word

13:05 [The Hindu - News] A body of one’s own

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Mandela putting up ‘courageous fight from deathbed’

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Making the jump to mechanical

13:06 [Guardian] Banks fined record €1.7bn over benchmark interest rate rigging cartel

13:07 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC 'determined to address diversity'

13:07 [Voice of America] VOA News: NATO, Russian Foreign Ministers Support Syria Peace Talks

13:08 [NPR] Hezbollah Commander Dies In Attack Outside Beirut Home

13:09 [Pravda] Tatarstan Airline CEO dismissed after deadly crash

13:09 [The Hindu - News] A phone for keeps?

13:10 [AL JAZEERA] EU fines eight banks over rigging rates

13:11 [CNN: Health] Living without a pulse

13:12 [Telegraph] The Queen and Princess Margaret star in war-time pantomime

13:12 [Telegraph] Nigella Lawson: Saatchi tried to 'destroy' me

13:12 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela in courageous 'deathbed' fight, says family

13:12 [Telegraph] UN warning as 'extremely dangerous' radioactive material stolen in Mexico

13:12 [Telegraph] Andrew mitchell to be sued by 'Plebgate' officer

13:12 [Telegraph] Joe Biden tells Chinese to challenge their leaders

13:12 [Telegraph] Lawyer dies sandboarding in Namibia

13:13 [The Independent] Plebgate police officer to sue former chief whip Andrew Mitchell for libel

13:13 [The Independent] Nelson Mandela is in 'courageous fight' from his 'deathbed', says daughter Makaziwe

13:13 [The Independent] ‘Nigel Farage – this ain’t no mirage’: Pro-Ukip rap appears on YouTube

13:13 [The Hindu - News] Ground reality

13:14 [zero hedge] Getting Ready for the Big One: February 2014

13:15 [Slate Magazine] The Best Poetry Books of 2013

13:15 [Raw Story] Truck with ‘extremely dangerous’ radioactive material stolen in Mexico

13:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Braden Goyette: EU Fines Banks $2.3 Billion For Market Rigging

13:15 [The Hindu - News] Live and let live

13:16 [New Statesman] Watching 12 Years a Slave in a Blindingly White Capital City

13:16 [Fox News] Iran's enrichment grew under Obama /i/redes/icon-video.gif

13:16 [Fox News] OBAMACARE BATTLES IRS subsidy regulation challenged in federal court

13:16 [Fox News] GETTING THE BOOT NTSB yanks rail union from commuter train crash probe /i/redes/icon-video.gif

13:18 [Guardian] Plebgate row police officer to sue Andrew Mitchell for libel

13:19 [BBC: Entertainment] Saatchi 'trying to destroy' Nigella

13:20 [straight] EUFF: God Loves Caviar gets everything wrong /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/EUFF-Caviar%202013.jpg

13:20 [] Smiles and suspicions: When Israel's new ambassador to the U.S. met Obama

13:21 [The Hindu - News] Counter culture

13:22 [Deutsche Welle] German interior ministers set to debate NPD ban

13:22 [CNN: Money] EU fines banks record $2.3 billion over Libor

13:22 [CNN: Money] New mortgage rules may mean less choice

13:26 [The Hindu - News] Vedanthangal diary

13:26 [The Hindu - News] The Rishta endures

13:26 [Pravda] Russian PM Medvedev receives dual-screen YotaPhone

13:26 [Pravda] Healthy obesity not healthy at all, new study says

13:26 [CNN: Crime] Wife killed, he's jailed but innocent

13:28 [Fin24 News] Hadebe steps down as Land Bank CEO

13:28 [Telegraph] 385,000 Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Britain, report warns

13:28 [Telegraph] US warns Sri Lanka over failure to investigate war crimes

13:29 [The Independent] President Barack Obama's uncle allowed to stay in the US

13:29 [The Independent] Standard Chartered warns of first profit fall in ten years

13:30 [The Hindu - News] The Mahi way

13:30 [Guardian] Nigella Lawson accuses Charles Saatchi of spreading false claims about drug use

13:32 [Deutsche Welle] Eurozone recovery to remain fragile EU data suggest

13:34 [The Hindu - News] Close in on the crowd

13:34 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC must tackle diversity 'problem'

13:35 [The Atlantic: National] The Vigilante of Clallam County

13:35 [Reuters: politics] Wisconsin lawmakers consider delay in state Medicaid changes

13:36 [Guardian] Revealed: £200m funding hole in free school meals pledge

13:38 [The Hindu - News] State of satraps

13:39 [CNN] Felix Baumgartner: What next for the man who fell to earth?

13:41 [CNN] Mali: 21 bodies found in mass grave, Defense Ministry says

13:42 [Fin24 News] SA may put nuclear plans on hold

13:44 [The Independent] Nasa's Hubble telescope finds signs of water on five distant planets

13:44 [The Independent] Helena Bonham Carter has radioactive pipe removed from home

13:44 [zero hedge] Futures Fail To Ramp On Lack Of Yen Carry Excitement

13:44 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: December 4

13:45 [Raw Story] White House warns Congress not to undermine Iran nuclear deal with more sanctions

13:45 [Raw Story] About one-fifth of customers pay nothing at Chinese pay-what-you-like restaurant

13:46 [Voice of America] William Ide: US Vice President Calls for Result-Oriented Cooperation With China

13:50 [The Hindu - News] NSEL investors call for fast-track probe

13:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Swanson: Even Republicans Don't Like The Right-Wing Plan To Stop Electing Senators By Popular Vote

13:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Obama To Speak On Income Inequality

13:54 [] 'Americanization' Leading the Way... To Gutting Worker Protections /sites/

13:55 [Red Pepper] A poem in memory of our disabled dead

13:56 [The Hindu - News] All in the game

13:56 [BBC: Technology] Two million stolen passwords online

13:57 [Deutsche Welle] Animal rights group asks US courts to recognize chimpanzees as 'legal persons'

13:58 [NPR] NTSB Bars Train Union From Crash Inquiry, Citing Confidentiality

13:58 [BBC: Technology] Google ramps up plan to make robots

13:58 [The Hindu - News] A scene of inspiration

13:58 [Telegraph] Lee Rigby trial: alleged killer showed 'no signs of remorse'

13:58 [Telegraph] Open thread: your clever exam answers?

13:58 [Pravda] Insurgency responsible for civilian plight of Syrians

14:00 [Raw Story] 70 percent of Hollywood’s silent films lost forever, Library of Congress confirms

14:00 [Raw Story] ESA’s ‘Rosetta’ spacecraft on track for historic January 2014 comet landing

14:00 [The Atlantic: Technology] Imgur: The Biggest Little Site in the World

14:01 [Financial Times] Thai protest leader vows win by year end

14:01 [New Statesman] Osborne and Carney should enjoy their day in the sun

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Making a difference: Hopeless end to endless hope

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Polling in Delhi may touch record 70%

14:04 [The Hindu - News] Opposition leader of Sri Lanka’s northern council held for murder

14:05 [CNN] Pennsylvania coach accused of cover-up in alleged rape of player

14:05 [CNN] French lawmakers consider fining prostitutes' clients

14:05 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Democratic Party: How Did It Get Here?

14:06 [BBC: Entertainment] Blinded Donmar actor wins damages

14:06 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Ben Stiller set in Hollywood stone

14:06 [The Hindu - News] Short films on a roll

14:08 [Guardian] Lorry carrying radioactive material stolen in Mexico

14:10 [Raw Story] Regular exercise might help slow down progression of dementia, says study

14:10 [Fox News: politics] Politics unworthy of mention

14:12 [The Hindu - News] Right for the role

14:12 [New Internationalist] Who’s the ugliest of the all? Glencore Xstata is a hot contender for worst corporation award

14:13 [CNN: Money] When should you start cashing in on Social Security?

14:14 [Voice of America] Biden Meets With Chinese President, No Public Mention of ADIZ

14:14 [Slashdot] The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!

14:14 [Guardian] David Cameron does not rule out tax cuts as economy recovers

14:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maxwell Strachan: Now Is A Horrible Time To Cut Food Stamps, In 1 Depressing Chart

14:14 [Telegraph] Poacher fined after boasting about haul in YouTube video

14:14 [The Hindu - News] Cast in rain

14:15 [zero hedge] Europe Fines 8 Banks €1.7 Billion For Rate Rigging In Largest Ever Cartel Penalty In History

14:15 [zero hedge] Goldman Reveals "Top Trade" Reco #6 For 2014: Buy US, Japanese And European Banks

14:15 [Russia Today] Australia to ‘abolish phony debt ceiling’, continue spending-spree

14:16 [The Independent] ‘Put it in my mouth’: Viewers outraged by apparent reference to oral sex in e-cig advert

14:16 [New Statesman] Five questions answered on the UK governments’ infrastructure plans

14:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Harry Reid Rails Against Joe Heck On Immigration Reform

14:16 [The Hindu - News] India raises snooping issue again with US

14:17 [New Internationalist] Who’s the ugliest of them all? Glencore Xstata is a hot contender for worst corporation award

14:20 [Fox News: politics] Politics unworthy of mention

14:20 [Fox News: politics] Liberal ‘media’ group gets $520k dark money donation for war on right

14:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: My Conservative Father-In-Law Is Going To Hate Me For Finding This One

14:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Utah Gay Marriage Ban Faces Court Challenge

14:21 [The Hindu - News] Life’s stories in stone

14:22 [CNN] Opinion: Josh Romney's tweet showed a class act

14:23 [NPR] Radioactive Truck Goes Missing In Mexico; Alerts Are Issued

14:23 [CNET News] Get a 24-inch LED monitor for $99.99 shipped

14:23 [CNET News] Curvy LG G Flex begins global rollout next week

14:25 [The Hindu - News] His library, your library

14:25 [Raw Story] Ohio teen won’t give up wearing Confederate flag belt buckle to school despite fights and suspension

14:27 [The Hindu - News] Nationwide figures reveal financial insecurity for the elderly

14:29 [The Hindu - News] Print Pick

14:29 [CNN: Entertainment] HGTV host Beckwith dies

14:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: Dick Cheney Surprised By Backlash To Daughter's Gay Marriage Comments |

14:30 [Fox News: politics] Boehner accused of tilting toward 'amnesty' with new hire

14:30 [Russia Today] 'Sizeable proportion of Ukrainians would resist another Orange Revolution'

14:30 [Telegraph] US tourist held in North Korea 'was part of covert unit during Korean War'

14:30 [Telegraph] Caesarean case mother 'was six weeks off due date when baby was forcibly removed'

14:31 [The Hindu - News] I am… Thirunavakarishu Pillai, watch repair man

14:31 [Financial Times] West Ukraine warned not to back protests

14:31 [New Statesman] PMQs review: Clegg sings from the Conservative hymn sheet

14:31 [CNN: Money] When to start collecting Social Security

14:34 [Guardian] Revealed: £150m funding hole in free school meals pledge

14:35 [Slate Magazine] Promiscuity Is Pragmatic

14:35 [CNN: Crime] Why late pardons still matter

14:35 [The Hindu - News] Congress, BJP leaders join forces to attack media

14:35 [The Hindu - News] Tickets please

14:35 [The Hindu - News] Over 80 per cent cast their votes in Yercaud bypoll

14:37 [The Hindu - News] Malfunctioning EVM fails to deter Kalam from voting

14:37 [CNN] Russia calls for 'stability and order' in Ukraine as protests continue

14:39 [The Hindu - News] Driving force

14:39 [The Hindu - News] Article 370 “violative of fundamental rights”: Jaitley

14:40 [] Hezbollah assassination marks biggest blow to group since Mughniyeh killing

14:41 [CNN: Politics] Some Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare

14:41 [CNN: Politics] Biden arrives in China amid tense airspace dispute

14:41 [CNN: Politics] Washington could still screw up your holidays

14:41 [Reuters] U.S. trade deficit narrows as exports hit record high

14:45 [Raw Story] Scientists will re-trace 1913 journey of legendary Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson

14:45 [CNN] Warm public greeting between Xi, Biden belie tensions over airspace

14:45 [The Hindu - News] Naval patrol vessel catches fire in Vizag

14:46 [CNN: Money] Private sector hiring strongest in a year

14:46 [Guardian] John Kerry in fresh push to unblock Israel-Palestine talks

14:46 [Telegraph] Football coach fired after telling his under-10s side they're not playing for fun

14:47 [The Independent] Hibu shareholders hit out at Yellow Pages 'conspiracy'

14:47 [The Independent] 'If anything happens tell my kids I love them': Woman found stabbed to death left chilling Facebook post

14:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: GOP Debunked On Food Stamps

14:50 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Britney 'delighted' to move to Vegas

14:51 [The Hindu - News] Meet the pros who spread the word

14:53 [Fin24 News] Eskom's race against time

14:53 [The Hindu - News] More women, transgender, sex workers queue up for voting

14:54 [] Both Public and 'Establishment' Elite See US Power in Decline /sites/

14:54 [CNET News] Payment startup Clinkle continues to tap Netflix's brain trust

14:54 [CNET News] Mint app brings its money moxie to Windows Phone

14:54 [CNET News] Sony mulls Renesas chip plant buy, report says

14:55 [Raw Story] Arafat widow says she’s convinced his death was not natural

14:55 [Raw Story] Dennis Rodman headed back to North Korea to train basketball team

14:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jack Mirkinson: Bill Clinton Swipes At Media's Hillary Coverage, And NY Times Journalists Swipe Back

14:56 [Voice of America] VOA News: Biden Meets With Chinese President, No Public Mention of ADIZ

14:57 [] Gallup Poll: Armenia Suffers Second-Most in the World

14:57 [Fin24 News] Eskom's race against time to keep lights on

14:57 [CNN: Living] Opinion: "Make love," not bigotry

14:58 [Voice of America] 12 Killed in C.A.R. Attack, Ahead of U.N. Vote

14:58 [zero hedge] ADP Soars To 215K Smashing Expectations, Prior Months Revised Higher Reviving Tapering Fears

14:58 [Slashdot] Death to the Trapezoid... Next USB Connector Will Be Reversible

14:59 [CNN] After Snowden, we're self-censoring and we don't care

15:00 [Raw Story] Texas principal bans Hispanic students from speaking Spanish to ‘prevent disruptions’

15:00 [Raw Story] SpaceX finally launches commercial satellite on third try

15:00 [Voice of America] Slain Hezbollah Commander Fought in Syria

15:00 [Voice of America] Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Killing Commander in Beirut

15:00 [AL JAZEERA] Kenya denies bail to suspects over mall raid

15:01 [Telegraph] Lee Rigby trial: head was 'almost detached' says accused

15:01 [Telegraph] The places where Google Glass is banned

15:01 [Telegraph] Nigella Lawson: Charles Saatchi had a 'temper' and would 'shout and swear'

15:01 [Reuters] Iran eyes better ties with UAE after nuclear deal with West

15:01 [The Hindu - News] India to lead developing nations in WTO ministerial meeting, urges BJP

15:02 [BBC: Health] 'Let me keep my dead husband's sperm'

15:03 [The Independent] St Modwen strikes M&S deal to open new store in billion pound revamp

15:03 [The Independent] Lee Rigby murder trial: Michael Adebolajo showed 'no regret or remorse' over soldier's death during psychiatrist interview

15:03 [The Independent] Sage announces dividend hike as trading update sends shares higher

15:03 [CNN] Ex-husband Saatchi threatened to destroy me, Nigella Lawson says

15:03 [The Hindu - News] Tripura police launches probe into NIT student’s death

15:05 [Guardian] Charles Saatchi spread false claims about drug use, claims Nigella Lawson

15:05 [Guardian] West Yorkshire police arrest man over shooting of officer in Leeds

15:06 [Reuters] Mali, Tuaregs fault France on failing peace talks

15:06 [BBC: Also in the news] The Dutch men, 60, swapped at birth

15:07 [The Hindu - News] Beijing defends air defence zone as Biden arrives

15:08 [CNN] Opinion: After Snowden, we're self-censoring and we don't care

15:11 [The Hindu - News] Temples, birds and serenity

15:11 [The Hindu - News] India must lead developing nations in WTO ministerial meeting, urges BJP

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Randy Turner: I Enrolled in Obamacare and I Like It

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Immigration: You Cannot Do Nothing

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Arin Greenwood: PETA To Johns Hopkins: Stop Using Rodents In Erectile Dysfunction Studies

15:14 [The Hindu - News] NDA to press for Telangana Bill in Winter Session

15:16 [Russia Today] Dozens injured in Argentina civil unrest after cops go on strike over low pay

15:19 [The Independent] Irish unemployment falls to lowest level since 2009

15:19 [The Independent] Armed protection for Belgium's Crown Princess Elisabeth after neo-Nazi threat

15:19 [The Independent] Paul Walker tragedy sparks Eddie Murphy death hoax

15:19 [Guardian] Truck carrying radioactive material stolen in Mexico

15:19 [BBC: Technology] Launch of world's biggest 'ship'

15:20 [Raw Story] Chinese demand return of priceless British Museum artifacts ‘illegally plundered’ during Boxer rebellion

15:21 [BBC: Health] What is 'highway hypnosis'?

15:22 [Truthout] The Facts Are in: Austerity Politics Doesn't Work

15:22 [The Hindu - News] Gypsy queen

15:22 [Deutsche Welle] Niger's president in anniversary interview with DW's Hausa service

15:23 [CNET News] Google Glass wearer challenges distracted driving charge

15:23 [CNET News] Zuckerberg, Gates lead funding round for education not-for-profit

15:23 [CNET News] Hubble telescope spots signs of water on five planets

15:23 [CNET News] Uber kicks off the holidays with Christmas tree deliveries

15:23 [CNET News] Backblaze: enterprise drives aren't worth the price premium

15:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Let me keep my dead husband's sperm'

15:28 [zero hedge] US Deficit Shrinks To $40.6 Billion As October Petroleum Exports Rise To New Record

15:28 [zero hedge] "Good News" Spikes USD & Bond Yields (But Bullion Bid?)

15:29 [Financial Times] Technology could have stopped train crash

15:30 [Raw Story] Georgia electric car owner charged with stealing about 5 cents worth of fuel

15:30 [CNN: Money] Stocks poised to drop, again

15:31 [Slashdot] App Detects Neo-Nazis Using Their Music

15:32 [Voice of America] VOA News: Slain Hezbollah Commander Fought in Syria

15:32 [Truthout] Bernie Sanders on 2016: His Candidacy, Elizabeth Warren and the Clintons

15:33 [Telegraph] Youth services cut by councils were 'crap' anyway, a minister has said

15:33 [Telegraph] RSPCA Young Photographer of the Year 2013 shortlist

15:33 [Financial Times] Fuel crunch adds to Gaza’s mounting woes

15:34 [Fox News: politics] Obama defends redistribution

15:35 [The Independent] Video: Trick shot Titus - toddler beats Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum in basketball shoot off

15:35 [The Independent] 'Delighted' Eurotunnel wins competition appeal to operate Dover ferry services

15:36 [Russia Today] Khodorkovsky, Pussy Riot members may be part of amnesty

15:37 [Deutsche Welle] Dangers multiplying at Libya's border triangle

15:38 [CNN: Entertainment] Felicity Jones teaches Conan brummie slang

15:40 [AL JAZEERA] Iran's Zarif in UAE on charm offensive

15:40 [Le Monde diplomatique] Georgia dreams of a new transport system

15:41 [zero hedge] US Retailer Hell In One Chart

15:41 [zero hedge] Part 1 - Era Of Depositor Bail-In Cometh

15:42 [CNET News] Researchers discover database with 2M stolen login credentials

15:44 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The U.S. Cuba Embargo: Making Diplomacy Impossible

15:45 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart congratulates ‘old white men’ of GOP for their role in ending racism

15:45 [CNN] The battle over Ukraine: Towards a new geopolitical game

15:47 [Guardian] Lee Rigby murder trial shown police film of suspect describing attack

15:47 [Guardian] Joe Biden praises Xi Jinping's ability to manage disputes

15:48 [Truthout] After Newtown

15:48 [Voice of America] Hilary Heuler: Uganda Hopeful UN Drones Will Help Combat ADF

15:48 [CNN: Money] Detroit bankruptcy ruling: We've been here before

15:48 [The Hindu - News] Beyond horizons

15:48 [Fox News] BLAMING BUSH? Iran enrichment soared under Obama /i/redes/icon-video.gif

15:49 [Guardian] Man who beheaded flatmate with cleaver is jailed for life

15:49 [Telegraph] Autumn Statement: What to expect on pensions

15:49 [Fox News] Boehner accused of tilting toward 'amnesty' with new hire

15:49 [Fox News] KURTZ: Jeff Bezos, the feds, and media manipulation

15:50 [The Independent] King of Belgium has used powers to pardon 11 people for driving offences in just five months

15:50 [The Independent] Fitness to work test DOES disadvantage mentally ill: Court of Appeal upholds ruling against Government

15:50 [The Independent] Beyoncé and Jay Z go vegan

15:50 [The Independent] In pictures: France debates prostitution bill as protests spread outside the parliament

15:53 [Truthout] The Hook

15:54 [] Humanity Wholly Unprepared for Abrupt Climate Impacts, Warns Report /sites/

15:54 [The Hindu - News] Engineer shot at, injured in Sehore

15:54 [The Hindu - News] History as metaphor

15:56 [CNN: Living] Gap ad lesson: 'Make love,' not bigotry

15:56 [CNN: Living] 'Make love,' not bigotry

15:56 [CNN: Living] Michael Connelly's 'Lincoln Lawyer' returns in latest book

15:56 [CNN: Living] 'Before I Die': Walls put dreams into words

15:56 [zero hedge] Is Bob Shiller Right? Mortgage Applications Collapse Back To 5 Year Lows

15:57 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Food Security, Trade Facilitation Clash in Bali

15:57 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Where Is the Global Economy Heading?

15:58 [NPR] U.S. Job Growth Reported To Be Strongest In A Year; Trade Gap Shrinks

15:58 [The Hindu - News] Fishing to conserve

15:59 [CNN: Money] Stocks down as investors sweat the Fed

16:00 [Slate Magazine] The Power of No

16:01 [Guardian] BBC 'should not avoid investigative reporting after Savile and McAlpine'

16:02 [New Statesman] Ifa Muaza: Anatomy of a failed rendition

16:02 [Deutsche Welle] Japan turns to robots as population declines

16:05 [Disinformation] Google Is Now Pouring Money Into Far-Right Wing Organizations

16:05 [CNET News] Kindle gets bigger, and Amazon e-books get shorter

16:05 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg: Labour's energy policy 'pure fantasy'

16:05 [Telegraph] Court to rule on wheelchairs or pushchairs have priority on public transport

16:05 [Telegraph] Autumn Statement 2013: How the married tax allowance will affect you

16:05 [Telegraph] Schoolboy feared to have killed himself after being falsely branded a rapist on Facebook

16:05 [The Independent] Video: SpaceX launches satellite into orbit

16:06 [Russia Today] Oil and gas association sues Colorado cities to reverse fracking bans

16:06 [Russia Today] Why the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal’s genocide verdict against Israel sets a key precedent

16:06 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Cashing in on Paul Walker's death

16:07 [CNN] Green with envy: Why emeralds make some of us mad with desire

16:07 [Deutsche Welle] Biden, Xi stay mute on East China Sea islands dispute

16:08 [CNN: Health] Foam rollers used to ease pain

16:11 [Russia Today] Flying zombie swarms to serve your will for $400

16:11 [Reuters] U.S. private employers step up hiring, trade deficit narrows

16:14 [CNN] Opinion: Why race car drivers crave speed

16:15 [Fox News] NATO chief: Any Afghan gov't official can sign US pact

16:15 [Fox News] Teen to be arraigned in killing of high school teacher- LAX shooting suspect to make first court appearance

16:15 [Fox News] Judge tosses votes of WWII vet, wife on technicality

16:15 [Fox News] 5 former Kansas City Chiefs sue team over head injuries

16:15 [Fox News] Biden meets with China's Xi Jinping amid tensions over air defense zone

16:15 [Fox News] 2 skydivers dead after colliding during Arizona jump

16:15 [Fox News] Newtown to release 911 calls from school shooting

16:15 [Fox News] Orders pour in after Ore. girl told she can't sell mistletoe, but can beg for money

16:15 [Fox News] Union front targets 100 cities for fast-food strikes

16:15 [Fox News] Mystery diner leaving 'tips for Jesus' across US

16:15 [Fox News] Rockwell masterpiece may set record at NYC auction

16:16 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for December 4, 2013 /files/1204-630.jpg

16:16 [Reuters: politics] Most youth unhappy with Obama's job performance: poll

16:17 [CBC: politics] Retrieved emails and #ReformAct on Wednesdays with Kady

16:18 [CNET News] Second-generation YotaPhone already slated for late 2014 launch

16:18 [CNET News] Honda 2014 Civic goes eyes-free with Siri

16:18 [The Progressive] Leak Reveals ALEC's Fundraising Crisis and IRS Concerns

16:19 [Truthout] Syria's Criminal Rebels

16:19 [Telegraph] North-South language divide to disappear?

16:19 [Telegraph] Autumn statement 2013: OBR projections compared

16:19 [Telegraph] Tom Daley 'in relationship with Oscar-winning Hollywood scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black'

16:19 [Guardian] Jack Monroe's budget Christmas

16:21 [Russia Today] Double-sided Russian smartphone to take on market leaders

16:21 [Guardian] UK axes £100m southern Africa aid programme over 'serious concerns'

16:21 [Fox News: politics] Liberal ‘media’ group gets $520G dark money donation for war on right

16:22 [BBC: Technology] Drones 'vulnerable to flying hack'

16:25 [Slate Magazine] Trapped in an Underwater Air Bubble for Three Days

16:25 [CNN] Some Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare exchanges

16:27 [New Statesman] Norman Baker interview: David Kelly's death is "unfinished business"

16:27 [CNN] Biggest questions in deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

16:27 [Slashdot] Yota Phone Launches With Secondary E-Ink Display

16:28 [zero hedge] ISM Services Miss (Lowest Since June) As Employment Plunges To 6-Month Lows

16:28 [zero hedge] October New Home Sales Surge By Most Since 1980 As Median New Home Price Drops To One Year Low

16:29 [CNN: Money] This startup turns illegal guns into jewelry

16:29 [BBC: Entertainment] Nigella Lawson admits taking cocaine

16:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] 82 Years Before Edward Snowden, There Was Herbert O. Yardley

16:31 [CNN: Health] Accident crushed firefighter's body, not his spirit

16:31 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for December 4, 2013

16:31 [] Democracy Now!: Detroit Bankruptcy: Wall Street, Lost Revenues Forced Decline, But City Pensioners to Pay the Costs

16:31 [] Democracy Now!: Vandana Shiva & Jane Goodall on Serving the Earth & How Women Can Address Climate Crisis

16:32 [Voice of America] Reuters: Kerry Urged to Salvage Israeli-Palestinian Talks

16:34 [CNN: Politics] From 'Top Gun' to Pentagon's No. 2

16:37 [The Independent] Was Jessica Hart fired by Victoria’s Secret following Taylor Swift slur?

16:37 [The Independent] Schoolgirl dies in Norfolk PE lesson after catching foot on pommel horse

16:37 [CNN] Bill Beckwith, co-host of HGTV's 'Curb Appeal,' killed in crash

16:37 [Deutsche Welle] OPEC leaves 2014 oil output steady despite anticipated Iran, Iraq surge

16:38 [Reuters] Afghan ministers will not sign US pact unless demands met: Karzai

16:39 [CNN: Money] New home sales surge 25% in October

16:39 [CNN: Money] Stocks bounce back on home sales report

16:42 [Voice of America] Reuters: Russia Urges Order in Ukraine as Gas Talks Begin

16:44 [Topix Activism News] Pope prays for Syrian nuns

16:45 [Truthout] The 'Axis of Evil,' Revisited

16:48 [Voice of America] Mohammed Yusuf: Kenyan Journalists Push Changes to Media Bill

16:48 [The Progressive] Arafat's Widow 'Completely Convinced' he was 'Poisoned'

16:50 [Reuters] Private employers step up hiring, trade deficit narrows

16:51 [Telegraph] Three post-Soviet Ukrainian presidents support protests

16:53 [Financial Times] Economic data boost confidence in Ireland

16:53 [CNET News] iPad Air scores big during Black Friday weekend

16:53 [CNET News] Stenheim Alumine: Elegant high-end speakers from Switzerland

16:53 [CNET News] "House of Cards" returns to Netflix February 14

16:54 [Financial Times] UN set to approve troops for CAR

16:57 [CNET News] Report: Samsung plans 5 smartphones for early 2014

16:58 [NPR] Rule Spells Out How Insurers Must Cover Mental Health Care

16:58 [Big Think] The Ambition of Thomas Carlyle

16:58 [The Progressive] U.N.: Nuclear 'Dirty Bomb' Materials Stolen in Mexico

16:59 [zero hedge] "Bad" News Send Stocks Soaring

16:59 [CNN] 'Fast & Furious 6' proceeds to go to Paul Walker's charity

17:00 [Slashdot] Anonymous Member Sentenced For Joining DDoS Attack For One Minute

17:00 [Raw Story] Bill O’Reilly: Jesus is not ‘down with’ food stamps because most poor people are drug addicts

17:00 [Raw Story] Ohio mom accuses other parents of bullying her transgender daughter

17:00 [The Atlantic: Technology] 5 Intriguing Things: Wednesday, 12/4

17:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Batman Pope: Late-Night Comedy Roundup

17:01 [CNN] F1 rips up the rulebook: The 2014 changes explained

17:01 [CNN] 4 whales die, others trapped off Florida

17:01 [Amnesty International] Mali must urgently identify bodies found in mass grave

17:02 [Fox News: politics] 'Sea change': Poll shows young people skeptical of ObamaCare, amid Obama outreach

17:03 [NPR] Bach To Travel To Brazil To Check On Rio Preps

17:03 [NPR] Kerry To Present Security Plan In Mideast Visit

17:03 [NPR] Detroit Bankruptcy Decision Puts Pensions At Risk

17:03 [NPR] Hezbollah Commander Killed Outside Home In Lebanon

17:03 [NPR] Puerto Ricans Honor Paul Walker, Cause Chaos

17:03 [NPR] Rule Spells Out How Insurers Must Cover Mental Health Care

17:03 [NPR] Ill Nelson Mandela Putting Up 'Courageous Fight'

17:03 [NPR] Iran Readies For Big Oil Production Hike

17:03 [NPR] US Service Sector Grows At Slower Pace Last Month

17:03 [NPR] US New-Home Sales Jump In Oct. After Sept. Drop

17:03 [NPR] Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Admits Cocaine Use

17:05 [Truthout] The Layers of Unemployment Remain Hidden

17:07 [CNN: Living] Own a Picasso ... for 100 euros

17:07 [Telegraph] Sketch: Harriet Harman's big brake

17:07 [Telegraph] Brazil World Cup: football fans told to plan their tactics

17:07 [Telegraph] Germany says hundreds of unsolved killings may be linked to neo-Nazi group

17:07 [Telegraph] Man arrested over police woman shooting in Leeds told students: 'I'm going to put bullets in you'

17:07 [Telegraph] 2014 Sony World Photography Awards entries

17:08 [The Independent] Christmas dinner on a budget: treat yourself to a festive feast for £2.73

17:08 [NPR] Even Disconnected Computers May Face Cyber Threats

17:08 [NPR] European Union Fines Banks Billions For Rigging Interest Rates

17:10 [CNN: Crime] Innocent man jailed 25 years

17:10 [CNN: Crime] Coach accused of covering up player's rape

17:10 [Global Voices] French Strategical Report to Counter China's Economic Influence in Africa

17:10 [Truthout] Sorry, Tea Party: Conservatives Don't Agree With You on Climate Change

17:10 [CNN] French lower house passes bill to fine prostitutes' clients

17:10 [CNN] Autopsy results coming in Walker, Rodas crash deaths

17:11 [Russia Today] The Rebel Sell: Walmart caught peddling Banksy's anti-consumerist 'destroy capitalism' art

17:13 [CNN] Chef Nigella Lawson tells court she used cocaine twice

17:13 [CNN] Gap ad with Sikh defaced, but response shows love, Valarie Kaur says

17:15 [CNN] Paul Walker crash: Why Porsche Carrera GT is not a car to mess with

17:16 [Mother Jones] Chart of the Day: We Are Deliberately Destroying Our Medical Future /files/blog_nih_funding.jpg

17:17 [CNN: Health] Rocco on cooking, eating healthy

17:18 [New Statesman] The New Statesman could eventually be written by a computer - would you care?

17:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Edward Falzon: Are You a Citizen Lobbyist? You Can Be!

17:21 [Truthout] We Are In A Class War

17:21 [Reuters] Rocket fire kills 17 in Syrian city of Aleppo

17:22 [Fin24 News] ConCourt to hear traders' application

17:22 [BBC: Education] JK Rowling among 10 literacy heroes

17:22 [Financial Times] Hundreds of companies track porn use

17:22 [Deutsche Welle] Hunting criminals on Facebook

17:23 [Truthdig] Broken Promise: Bankruptcy Judge Says Detroit Can Cut Pension Payments

17:23 [Guardian] I have used cocaine twice and smoked the odd joint, says Nigella Lawson

17:24 [straight] Lower Mainland house market rebounds /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/11000778916_c91e215cbb_c.jpg

17:26 [CNET News] AT&T jumps into health-monitoring biz with EverThere service

17:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: Diligent Asian Students Dominate Global Exam

17:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Yasmine Hafiz: 'Tell Rush Limbaugh: We Support Pope Francis!' Catholic Petition Demands An Apology

17:26 [Financial Times] Hizbollah commander assassinated in Beirut

17:26 [CNN: Crime] Buried evidence proved his innocence

17:26 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: How not to break law on social media

17:28 [CNN: Entertainment] 'The Blacklist' gets second season order

17:28 [CNN: Entertainment] Jones teaches Conan brummie slang

17:28 [CNN: Entertainment] Verdict on Spears' new album

17:28 [CNN: Entertainment] Walker had little time before fire

17:28 [zero hedge] And The Top Paid CEO Of 2013 Is...

17:28 [Reuters] Local election gains boost Mozambique's MDM opposition party

17:30 [Guardian] Nigella Lawson: I have used cocaine twice and smoked the odd joint

17:30 [BBC: Also in the news] Mountie told 'no pot-smoking in uniform'

17:30 [The Atlantic: Technology] Airplane Emergency Landing Cards Can't Compare to This French Nuclear Blast Guidebook

17:31 [Truthout] Seattle WTO Collapsed 14 Years Ago: Lessons for Today

17:31 [Truthout] US Government Has Secret Kill Switch for Communications

17:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Universal donating to Walker's charity

17:34 [Reuters] Ukraine PM warns protesters as delegation seeks financial help in Moscow

17:36 [Guardian] Montana judge defends job after remarks about 14-year-old rape victim

17:36 [Infoshop] Oakland Port Truckers and the 99% Maintain Roaming Blockade of the Oakland Port

17:36 [CNET News] Could the Galaxy S5 be this mystery Samsung phone?

17:36 [Truthout] John Fullerton: Carbon Crisis, Fossil Fuels, and Finance

17:36 [AL JAZEERA] Libya assembly votes for Sharia law

17:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Woods: Michigan 11th District Seat Held By Tea Party Pol Kerry Bentivolio Won't Be Challenged By Democrat

17:37 [Telegraph] World War history 'overshadowed' understanding of German culture, British Museum director says

17:38 [New Internationalist] This is not the Spain I knew

17:40 [The Independent] Joanna Lumley’s garden bridge over the Thames gets £30m seal of approval from Government

17:40 [Raw Story] Olympic skater Johnny Weir calls LGBT activists ‘idiots’ for opposition to Russian games

17:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Balamory and High Road actress dies

17:41 [Truthout] Why the World Should Care About Honduras' Recent Election

17:41 [Truthout] Animating Noam Chomsky: French Director Michel Gondry on New Film "Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?"

17:43 [CNN] New York train wreck survivor to sue Metro-North railroad

17:43 [New Statesman] Why local councils should become energy suppliers

17:43 [The Progressive] How Will We Know When Climate Change Kicks Into Overdrive?

17:43 [OpEdNews] The Fed Must Go

17:44 [Guardian] MI5 chief agrees to appear before MPs to justify claim of security threat

17:44 [Fin24 News] Rand extends losses on Fed taper talk

17:45 [Raw Story] Georgia school: We were ‘terrorized’ by Fox News’ false ‘Christmas card censorship’ report

17:45 [The Atlantic: International] Sandwiches and Sleeping Bags: Inside Ukraine's Opposition HQ

17:45 [The Atlantic: International] Where the World's Biggest Christmas Shopaholics Live

17:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Bobby Jindal Slams Obama, 'Extremist Left' And Lady Gaga On Energy Policy

17:46 [Russia Today] Professor may go to jail for not attending classes'oro-718/

17:46 [Mother Jones] People With Cushy Jobs Don't Care Much About People Who Don't Have Cushy Jobs /files/blog_public_elite_cfr_priorities.jpg

17:46 [Mother Jones] Nuns' Group Responds After Rush Limbaugh Says Pope Spouts "Pure Marxism"

17:46 [Truthout] Vandana Shiva and Jane Goodall on Serving the Earth and How Women Can Address Climate Crisis

17:51 [The Onion] American Voices: Study: Gut Instincts Help Predict Marital Happiness

17:53 [The Hindu - News] LS polls referendum on Telangana issue: Jagan

17:54 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

17:55 [The Independent] The mystery of the teenager found in Coventry who might as well "have fallen from the sky"

17:55 [The Independent] Millions vote in Delhi state poll which could indicate how general election might play out

17:55 [The Independent] ‘Know that your mother loved you; it is not your fault’: Judge’s heart-breaking message to baby girl of Italian woman forced to have a caesarean

17:56 [Infoshop] Guardian: We have published 1 pct of Snowden leak

17:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Gerken: Kaveh Kamooneh Arrested For Charging Electric Car At Chamblee, Georgia Middle School

17:57 [CNET News] Amazon offers free online storage to Android phone buyers

17:57 [Deutsche Welle] Botswana summit pledges action to save elephants

17:57 [Deutsche Welle] Mexico thieves steal 'extremely dangerous' radioactive material

17:58 [zero hedge] President Obama Explains How Great The Economy Is (Just Don't Tell The Fed) - Live Webcast

17:58 [zero hedge] “Implicit” Government Guarantees To Bail Out Bank Creditors Tighten Their Grip On US Taxpayers

17:59 [Reuters] Most youth unhappy with Obama's job performance: poll

17:59 [Reuters] EU, Turkey take step towards visa-free travel

17:59 [CNN] Chef Nigella Lawson admits using cocaine twice, denies drug problem

17:59 [Voice of America] Reuters: Kerry Visits Western-Leaning Moldova to Show Support

18:01 [CBC: politics] Conservatives and NDP battle over competing energy policies

18:01 [Infoshop] U.S. appeals court affirms contempt judgment for anarchist

18:01 [Russia Today] Biden gets sharp rebuke in China

18:01 [Russia Today] IAEA suggests Fukushima consider ‘controlled discharge’ of toxic water into ocean

18:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Elba: Mandela 'hard' act to follow

18:03 [Voice of America] Reuters: Kerry Visits Western-leaning Moldova

18:03 [BBC: Technology] Five held following Bitcoin scams

18:04 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Korea’s Domestic Cold War

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Obama: Income Inequality Is 'Defining Challenge Of Our Time'

18:05 [Reuters] UK major threw laptop with sensitive Iraq photos from ferry

18:05 [Slate Magazine] Will We Treat Chimps Like People?

18:07 [CNN] Biden tells Chinese president of 'deep concerns' over air defense zone

18:07 [CNN] 10 trips to whisk you away for the holidays

18:07 [This Magazine] WTF Wednesday: Brian Pallister is awful

18:08 [Guardian] France's lower house passes law imposing fines on prostitution clients

18:10 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden 'attended hacking course in India'

18:10 [Raw Story] Pope Francis calls for prayers for nuns held hostage in Syria

18:10 [Raw Story] Nigerian police free 16 pregnant girls held captive in ‘baby factory’

18:10 [Raw Story] Men Do Not Need Guns Or Violence To Be Men

18:11 [Reuters] In Honduras slum, acid test for new leader's drug gang battle

18:11 [The Independent] Unprecedented breakthrough in the hunt for a dementia drug within 'five years'

18:12 [BBC: Education] School kitchens to get extra £150m

18:14 [CNN: Money] Ron Paul: Bitcoin could 'destroy the dollar'

18:14 [CNN: Money] China's game of chicken in the East China Sea

18:15 [Fox News] DONATION HYPOCRISY? Liberal group gets secret $$ as it blasts secrecy on right

18:15 [Fox News] 'AMNESTY' FIGHTImmigration bill foes sound alarm on Boehner hire

18:15 [Fox News] DRONE DECEPTION? Amazon's plan not as set for delivery as portrayed

18:15 [Fox News] BLAMING BUSH?Iran ups centrifuges by 400 percent under Obama /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:15 [Fox News] NTSB pulls rail union from NYC train crash probe

18:15 [Fox News] Albanian mom's deportation put on hold after she defies an order from ICE

18:15 [Fox News] New home sales surge 25.4 percent in Oct., biggest leap since '80

18:15 [Fox News] Family says Mandela putting up 'courageous fight'

18:15 [Fox News] NORAD's Santa tracker slammed for fighter jet escort- School removes black Santa display amid outrage

18:15 [Fox News] Man's freedom sought after DNA IDs new suspect in 1996 killing

18:15 [Fox News] Rockwell piece sells for record $46M at NYC auction

18:15 [Slate Magazine] The Most Neurosexist Study of the Year?

18:17 [Reuters] U.S. enrollment totals 29,000 for Sunday and Monday

18:20 [Guardian] Hezbollah suffers heaviest blow in years as commander is shot dead in Beirut

18:21 [Infoshop] U.S. spied during 2010 G20 summit in Toronto: Snowden leak

18:21 [The Hindu - News] Detroit bankruptcy ruling endangers pensions

18:22 [The Onion] Red Lobster Welcomes Back ‘Defrosted Shrimp Days’

18:22 [The Onion] Onion Poll: Do You Trust The Mainstream Media?

18:22 [CNN] Pope: Pray for abducted nuns in Syria

18:22 [Fin24 News] Rigging scandal: €1.7bn fine for banks

18:22 [AL JAZEERA] Nour says will back Egypt draft constitution

18:23 [NPR] Norman Rockwell's 'Saying Grace' Sells For $46 Million At Auction

18:24 [OpEdNews] The truth behind unemployment numbers

18:24 [Reuters] Brazil delays vote on anti-spying Internet bill -lawmaker

18:24 [CNN: Money] Average student loan debt: $29,400

18:25 [Voice of America] Reuters: Rocket Fire Kills 17 in Aleppo, Syria

18:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: Obamacare Signups Surge As 29,000 Enroll For Health Insurance On Sunday And Monday

18:25 [The Hindu - News] Mandela putting up brave fight, says family

18:25 [CNN: Travel] 10 ways to cut loose for the holidays

18:25 [CNN: Travel] 10 holidays around the world

18:25 [CNN: Travel] Supreme Court appears split over frequent flyer case

18:25 [Slate Magazine] Noir! What Is It Good For?

18:26 [CNN] Pele promises 'fantastic' 2014 World Cup amid Brazil stadium fears

18:26 [Telegraph] Man arrested after police woman shot in the face

18:26 [Telegraph] French one step closer to reforming prostitution law

18:26 [Infoshop] Edward Snowden's Latest Leak Is A Real Doozy for Australia

18:26 [Guardian] Obama: income inequality is 'defining challenge of our time' – live

18:26 [Guardian] Nigella Lawson: I have used cocaine and smoked the odd joint

18:27 [The Independent] Hewlett-Packard to axe 1,124 jobs in UK

18:28 [zero hedge] A Dogmatic Slumber

18:28 [zero hedge] WaLL STReeT'S FiRST GooD TRaDe...

18:28 [Big Think] Neutrino Hunters: A Detective Story with Cosmic Implications

18:29 [OpEdNews] Amazon, Domino's and Big Brother: Drones Flying the Not-So-Friendly Surveillance Skies

18:29 [The Hindu - News] Any Afghan representative can sign pact, says NATO chief

18:31 [Russia Today] Washington DC cop charged with taking lewd child photos while on duty

18:31 [The Hindu - News] Woman fights ticket for driving with Google Glass

18:33 [The Progressive] House Republicans Hide From Constituents on Plastic Gun Ban

18:33 [Truthdig] Drones

18:33 [Truthdig] AIDS Epidemic Met With Silence and Laughter by the Reagan Administration

18:34 [OpEdNews] Hospital Price-Gouging Widespread

18:35 [The Hindu - News] Beating that sinking feeling for 3 days

18:36 [Moral Low Ground] Guantánamo Detainees Sue Poland over CIA Rendition, Torture

18:36 [AntiWar] Another Security Installation Targeted in Iraq; 21 Killed, 87 Wounded

18:37 [BBC: Education] Lib Dems say Gove department 'rogue'

18:38 [CNN: Money] Stocks drift lower despite upbeat data

18:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Grim: Is This What You Want? Author Of Viral Poverty Piece Takes Out Teeth To Prove Her Story

18:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: D.C. Council Unanimously Approves Minimum Wage Hike

18:39 [Voice of America] Biden, Xi Discuss ADIZ, Wide Range of US-China Issues

18:39 [BBC: Technology] Spotify artists earn $0.007 per play

18:40 [Global Voices] 10 Bangkok Rallies That Almost Toppled the Government

18:40 [Slate Magazine] Two Cheers for Unpaid Internships

18:41 [CBC: politics] Justin Trudeau takes questions as Senate controversy continues

18:42 [zero hedge] The Fed's Impersonation Of The Hunt Brothers Continues

18:43 [Deutsche Welle] Shake-up in Pyongyang

18:43 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: The NPD is just a symptom

18:43 [The Independent] Dustin Lance Black: Five things you definitely didn’t know about Tom Daley’s boyfriend

18:43 [The Independent] Exclusive: High Court judge orders life-saving bone marrow transplant to go ahead for three-year-old boy against father's will

18:43 [The Independent] New breed of cycle warriors go digital by strapping on helmet-mounted cameras to take on dangerous drivers

18:43 [The Independent] Video: Volcano erupts in Indonesia

18:43 [CNN: Crime] Buried evidence frees man after 25 years

18:43 [CBC: politics] NDP Leader Tom Mulcair lays out energy policies

18:44 [OpEdNews] Saudi-Israeli Alliance Boosts Al-Qaeda

18:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Weisbrot: Honduran Elections Marred by Violence, Fraud Allegations: Will International Observers Look at the Evidence?

18:45 [msnbc: politics] Obama: Income gap threatens our 'way of life'

18:47 [Voice of America] Obama: Economic Inequality is Hurting America's Future

18:47 [CNET News] Facebook dominates mobile apps

18:50 [The Hindu - News] New deadline by Bangladesh opposition

18:50 [CNET News] Is Cannonball the best iPad e-mail client yet?

18:50 [Raw Story] Tea party radio host misses felony court date because he was in jail for extortion and drugs

18:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Antonia Blumberg: Russian President Vladimir Putin Backs Amnesty Proposal That Could Free Pussy Riot, Khodorkovsky

18:52 [The Onion] Report: Everyone Starting New Exciting Stage Of Life Except You

18:52 [Fox News: politics] Crunch Time: Congress running up against partial shutdown deadline, again

18:53 [Deutsche Welle] Humboldt 'America' diaries to stay in Germany

18:53 [straight] Go Top Less for the holidays /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_LocalMotion_2398.jpg

18:53 [straight] Hockey fans, here’s the 2014 NHL Heritage Classic presale code /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/canucks_0.jpg

18:53 [straight] Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen gets cooking /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_Claus_2398.jpg

18:55 [AL JAZEERA] Luxembourg gets first openly gay PM

18:55 [Voice of America] US CEOs Slightly More Optimistic About Economy

18:56 [Telegraph] Vladimir Putin plays ball with Berlusconi poodle

18:56 [Telegraph] Nigella Lawson: I took cocaine

18:57 [Voice of America] Ukraine's PM Warns Protesters Not to Escalate Tensions

18:57 [CNN: Money] Apple has its mojo back

18:57 [CNN: Money] Bair: Is BlackRock too big to fail?

18:58 [The Hindu - News] Shoma, former journalists to depose in Goa

18:58 [CNN: Politics] 3 questions administration won't answer about Obamacare

18:58 [CNN: Politics] Crossfire: Party leaders spar: 'Are you kidding me?'

18:58 [CNN: Politics] 3-D printer guns at center of House vote to extend screening law

18:58 [CNN] 6 whales die, dozens trapped off Florida

18:58 [The Independent] NMP chairman apologises for botched nuclear clean-up bill

18:58 [The Independent] Asda gives working mums 'nativity leave' to see children in plays

18:58 [NPR] Poll: Support For Obama Among Young Americans Eroding

19:00 [Raw Story] How bureaucrats thwart compassionate release of elderly and terminally ill prisoners

19:00 [Raw Story] Putin backs amnesty proposal that could free Pussy Riot members from Russian labor camps

19:00 [Raw Story] Oil exploration in the Arctic ‘a new menace to polar bears’

19:00 [Slashdot] Valve Joins the Linux Foundation

19:00 [Slashdot] Hotfile Settles With MPAA, Drops Countersuit Against Warner Bros

19:00 [Slashdot] Andy Rubin Is Heading a Secret Robotics Project At Google

19:01 [Global Voices] Follow the Money, South Korean Politicians Got Money from Construction Companies

19:02 [Financial Times] EU considers asylum overhaul

19:02 [The Hindu - News] India raises snooping issue with U.S. afresh

19:03 [Deutsche Welle] Germany launches probe for far-right motives in unsolved murders

19:03 [CNET News] Chase the Blues Brothers with frame-by-frame Lego remake

19:03 [CNN: Money] Snapchat ads closer to reality

19:03 [The Progressive] Coca-Cola's Fat-Headed Front Groups Are On The March

19:03 [Truthdig] Food Stamp Games

19:04 [Financial Times] Human DNA decoded from ancient thigh bone

19:05 [Disinformation] On Consumer Choice And The Quest For Meaning

19:05 [Raw Story] Secular activists who defied Egypt’s new protest laws released from jail

19:06 [Slate Magazine] Pachyderme

19:11 [Global Voices] Iranian Artist was Arrested

19:11 [CNN] Death near Chiefs' stadium ruled homicide

19:11 [CNN] Autopsy determines how Walker, Rodas died

19:12 [] Truck Carrying Radioactive Materials Hijacked in Mexico

19:12 [] Economic Pain Inflicted, Austerity-Pushers Now Targeting Human Rights

19:12 [] Anti-Drone Blockade in Pakistan Forces Halt to US Military Shipments

19:12 [Telegraph] Assad should face war crimes trial, not peace conference, says Qatar

19:12 [Telegraph] Road toll plans dropped by Government

19:12 [zero hedge] Stocks Displeased As Obama's Anti-Inequality Rant Brings Up End Of QE Concerns

19:13 [Reuters: politics] Incoming New York mayor begins filling top administration jobs

19:13 [The Independent] Video: Norad's Santa Claus tracker

19:13 [NPR] Income Inequality 'Challenge Of Our Time,' Obama Says

19:13 [The Progressive] Top Walker Campaign Aide Fired Over Racist Tweets

19:14 [CNN: Money] Sheila Bair: Is BlackRock too big to fail?

19:18 [The Hindu - News] Shinde to meet Manipur team to allay fencing fears

19:19 [CNN: Politics] Biden to China: U.S. has 'deep concerns' over air defense zone

19:20 [Raw Story] Atheist group: Take back Christmas from Christians!

19:20 [Fin24 News] Don't blast your year-end bonuses - NCR

19:21 [Russia Today] UK food poverty a ‘public health emergency’, say leading experts

19:22 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'He said he'd destroy me'

19:22 [Sydney Morning Herald] Truck carrying nuclear waste stolen

19:22 [The Onion] Employee Slowly Realizes Boss Attempting To Have Normal Conversation With Her

19:22 [The Hindu - News] Engineer shot at in Sehore

19:23 [Fox News: politics] CIA witnesses offer more evidence Benghazi attack planned

19:23 [NPR] Mushroom Foraging: When The Fun(gi) Hunt Gets Out Of Hand

19:24 [OpEdNews] Intimidating China Militarily: Reckless, Foolhardy, A Disaster in the Making

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Security forces in hot pursuit of gunrunners in northeast

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Gunman hijacks school van

19:26 [CNET News] Apple report on suppliers touts improved working conditions

19:26 [CNET News] Beats to launch streaming music service in January

19:27 [] European 'Bike Revolution' Gaining Speed /sites/

19:28 [The Hindu - News] Agni V’s next trial will be canister-based

19:28 [zero hedge] Gold And Silver "Bitcoin"-ed

19:28 [Telegraph] What a Formula 1 race does to your eardrums

19:28 [Telegraph] What to do if your boyfriend watches porn: smash up his iPad

19:29 [The Independent] Scientists sequence oldest human DNA from fossilised leg bone found in Spain

19:30 [Raw Story] Cops: Pennsylvania coach told student to ‘forget about the rape and it will go away’

19:30 [The Hindu - News] A poor family loses its sole breadwinner

19:30 [The Atlantic: Technology] Shazam for Neo-Nazi Music

19:31 [CNN: Politics] Obamacare: Some Dem staffers exempt

19:31 [CNN: Politics] Could DC ruin holidays?

19:32 [CNN] Avian Flu Fast Facts

19:32 [Slashdot] For First Three Years, Consumer Hard Drives As Reliable As Enterprise Drives

19:34 [The Hindu - News] Jagan: give confidence to people and State will be united

19:35 [BBC: Technology] Next-generation USB is reversible

19:36 [BBC: Science & Environment] Leg bone gives up oldest human DNA

19:36 [The Hindu - News] High Court stays order on PoC against IBC Knowledge Park

19:36 [The Hindu - News] “Filomena’s Journeys a work of integrity, research, scholarship”

19:38 [CNN: Money] 2M Gmail, Facebook passwords stolen

19:38 [The Hindu - News] ‘State disaster response force will be operational by 2015’

19:39 [AL JAZEERA] Mass grave found near Mali military base

19:39 [OpEdNews] Third Way's Anti-Populist, Anti-Warren and Deceptive "Dead End"

19:39 [CNN] Autopsy results released in Walker, Rodas crash

19:39 [CNN] Media outlets cautious ahead of Newtown 911 recordings release

19:39 [CNET News] The Mercedes G-Class: Luxury off roading from the 70's

19:40 [straight] All we want for Christmas are big, shiny films /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_Hobbit3_2398.jpg

19:40 [straight] Western Front’s annual Toque sale /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_Touque_2398_opt.jpeg

19:40 [straight] Theatre for Living’s Corporations in our Heads tours Vancouver /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_Theatre_2398.jpg

19:40 [straight] Vancouver Christmas Market at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/media-youtube/Ap6CGPadXTw.jpg

19:40 [straight] Pacific Baroque Orchestra at Pyatt Hall and Langley Community Music School /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_Leblanc_2398.jpg

19:40 [straight] Michael Audain and Yushiko Karasawa donate Emily Carr self-portrait to Vancouver Art Gallery /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/emily%20carr.jpg

19:41 [Voice of America] Nigeria's Military Wants 500 Tried for Alleged Terrorism

19:41 [CNN: Crime] Lawson denies drug problem

19:41 [CNN: Crime] Death near Chiefs' stadium ruled homicide

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan army warns of “disproportionate response” in future wars with India

19:43 [The Hindu - News] NIMHANS gets an organic waste converter

19:43 [The Hindu - News] UPA diverting Telangana issue, alleges BJP

19:44 [The Independent] Canberra’s conduct towards East Timor branded ‘unconscionable’

19:44 [The Independent] The road from Iraq to Damascus: Iraqis fight to the death to defend Shia shrines - they show less zeal for Assad's regime

19:45 [Telegraph] E.ON to announce £50 increase in gas and electricity bills

19:45 [Telegraph] Four-in-10 adults without qualifications in parts of UK

19:45 [Fin24 News] Don't blow your year-end bonus - NCR

19:45 [CNN] 'It brings me little joy' to kill, suspect in Lee Rigby slaying says

19:46 [Reuters] Upbeat U.S. data points to growth momentum

19:46 [Mother Jones] How Good Are American Kids at Math? /files/blog_timss_pisa_math_ranking.jpg

19:47 [The Hindu - News] 45-year-old man ends life in park

19:47 [The Hindu - News] With new name comes new local flavour for BIA

19:47 [The Hindu - News] Mars orbiter now in interplanetary space

19:48 [Financial Times] Putin faces balancing act on Ukraine

19:51 [Guardian] George Osborne announces £1bn-a-year spending cuts

19:51 [CNN] New Jersey, Mexico and South Korea axed from Formula One calendar

19:51 [BBC: Technology] China awards first 4G licences

19:52 [] Nation's Libraries Warn of NSA's 'Ravenous Hunger' for Data

19:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Nigella: I took cocaine

19:55 [The Hindu - News] U.N. monitors say Taliban sanctions failing

19:55 [The Hindu - News] Ex-IPS officer in the dock in alleged land grabbing case

19:55 [Raw Story] Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

19:55 [straight] 10 ways to help the animals this holiday season /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/shutterstock_121566424.jpg

19:55 [straight] Bring restaurant favourites home with The White Spot Cookbook /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/WhiteSpotFrontCover_Web.jpg

19:55 [straight] Families still waiting for action on Missing Women Commission of Inquiry recommendations /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MonaWoodwardFeb14h_opt.jpeg

19:56 [World Policy Institute] The ICC: The Politics of Criticism

19:56 [Slate Magazine] Candy and Monsters

19:57 [CNN] Obama to talk Obamacare with young Americans

19:57 [The Hindu - Opinion] Cure the malaise, not its symptoms

19:58 [CNET News] European Commission approves Microsoft's Nokia buy

19:58 [Reuters] Attack on intelligence HQ in northern Iraq kills six

19:59 [zero hedge] Millennials Abandon President; 57% Disapprove Of Obamacare "Unlikely To Enroll, Even If Eligible"*xJmx*PTEzODYxODA2MTMxMzQmcHQ9MTM4NjE4MDYxNjA1MSZwPSZkPSZnPTImbz*xN2UxMzAyY2NkODc*Y2UyYTVlZTU4ZTk*/OGY*OTk2MiZvZj*w.gif

19:59 [The Hindu - News] Khurshid, Egyptian Minister seek to expand bilateral ties

19:59 [The Hindu - News] ‘Action yet to be initiated in biggest scam in State’

19:59 [Voice of America] Egyptian Atheists

19:59 [Telegraph] Alex Salmond chooses 'fourth wise man' for Christmas card

19:59 [Telegraph] Anger at Disneyland Paris as union representatives 'branded illiterate'

19:59 [Telegraph] Appetisers on an app: Applebees lets customers order on tablet

20:00 [The Independent] North Korean official ‘was expected to fall out of favour’: Various theories persist about the disappearance of Jang Song-taek

20:00 [The Independent] Anger as Belgium's King Philippe ‘frees’ 11 people convicted of traffic offences

20:00 [The Atlantic: Technology] No Big Deal, Just a Robot Walking Around Campus

20:01 [The Hindu - News] Move out of Siachen, Pakistan tells India

20:01 [The Hindu - News] School van runs over six-year-old in playground

20:01 [Infoshop] Seattle WTO Collapsed 14 Years Ago: Lessons For Today

20:03 [Guardian] Lee Rigby was struck until his head 'almost detached', says defendant

20:03 [The Hindu - News] ‘Fruits of research not reaching farmers’

20:07 [The Hindu - News] NIA probes doctor’s links as family protests his innocence

20:07 [The Hindu - News] Article 370 has nothing to do with secularism: Jaitley

20:08 [Fox News: politics] Obama shifts to economy, calls for minimum wage hike

20:09 [The Hindu - News] For the poor, retirement remains a luxury they can’t afford

20:09 [CNN] Newtown school shooting 911 calls released

20:09 [straight] El Ten Eleven at Electric Owl /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUSICPIX_ElTenEleven_2398.jpg

20:09 [straight] The White Buffalo at the Biltmore /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/whitebuffalo.jpg

20:12 [straight] Basia Bulat walks on the dark side /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_BasiaBulat_2398.jpg

20:12 [Reuters: politics] Kerry visits Western-leaning Moldova to show support

20:13 [Financial Times] Inequality undermining society – Obama

20:13 [CNN: Crime] The case that could change a nation

20:13 [The Hindu - News] Hazardous industries denied permits in high population density areas: KSPCB

20:13 [NPR] Biden Visits Chinese Leader As Flight Zone Dispute Simmers

20:14 [CNN] Media outlets cautious as Newtown 911 recordings released

20:15 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Ancient DNA find is 'very exciting'

20:15 [zero hedge] Beige Book "Modest To Moderate" In Its Boredom, Bashes Obamacare

20:15 [Raw Story] Obama cites Pope Francis to attack income inequality and call for minimum wage increase

20:15 [Telegraph] Soldier arrested after 'nail bomb' discovery

20:16 [The Independent] George Osborne makes waves with cut to onshore windfarm subsidies

20:16 [The Independent] What made Charles Saatchi grab my throat, by Nigella Lawson - as she accuses him of threatening to 'destroy' her with drug claims

20:17 [Mother Jones] GOP Lawmaker Open To Nuking Iran

20:17 [] Kazakhstan: Corporate Retreat from LSE Raises Governance Questions

20:18 [CNN] How to hold bad prosecutors accountable

20:21 [Reuters] Newtown massacre recordings reveal calm, anguish and gunshots

20:21 [Russia Today] China’s century: ‘More and more economies will want to trade in yuan’

20:22 [Fox News] Scrawny kid now Hollywood hunk

20:22 [Fox News] Never-published Rockettes pics

20:22 [Fox News] New show on Fox Business

20:22 [Fox News] Meet the new Wonder Woman

20:22 [Fox News] Record-breaking gingerbread

20:22 [Fox News] Microsoft to make 'smart bra'

20:22 [Fox News] Best places to see cool planes

20:22 [Fox News] Get rid of your sodium habit

20:22 [Fox News] Stars who got rid of implants

20:22 [Fox News] Egypt's artifacts in trouble

20:22 [Fox News] Nigella: Yes, I did cocaine

20:23 [The Hindu - News] GoM clears Telangana bill, Cabinet meeting today

20:24 [straight] David Bromberg goes beyond the blues on eclectic CD /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_DavidBromberg3_2398.jpg

20:24 [straight] Transit advocate Eric Doherty says bus riders get no respect /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/backtoschooltransit2.jpg

20:25 [Raw Story] Canada’s prime minister wants to claim the North Pole

20:25 [The Hindu - News] AP Inc. gives soldiers the snub

20:26 [The Hindu - Opinion] Bangladesh’s new radical Islamists

20:26 [CNN: Money] Fox Sports sells out Super Bowl ads

20:26 [CNET News] Spike Away vest keeps people out of your personal space

20:27 [Reuters] Obamacare uncertainty harming economic rebound, CEOs say

20:27 [The Hindu - News] Exit polls predict BJP winning three northern States, leading in Delhi

20:28 [zero hedge] Hugh Hendry Goes Stock, Bitcoin Bull Retard: "Don't Tell Me The Valuation, It Is Trending"

20:28 [Big Think] Clones Are Us?

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Prime Ministers spar on Kashmir

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Making light of his lightless days

20:30 [The Independent] Sketch: Nigella, the steely Queen of the Kitchen, dishes dirt on ‘Mr Saatchi’ as she settles old scores

20:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why Millennials Fell Out of Love With Obama

20:31 [Guardian] Discovery of oldest human DNA in Spanish cave tangles human family tree

20:31 [CNN] Microsoft developing a 'smart' bra

20:31 [Telegraph] Britain holds first face-to-face talks with Islamists fighting Assad

20:32 [Russia Today] Video that led to Aaron Swartz’s arrest released

20:32 [CNN] Teen pleads not guilty to rape, murder of algebra teacher

20:32 [Truthout] Pension Theft: Class War Goes to the Next Stage

20:33 [Guardian] Bishop threatens to excommunicate Greek MPs who vote for gay unions

20:33 [The Hindu - News] Food security issue at WTO creates room for fresh talk

20:33 [The Hindu - News] Illegal water connections to be regularised

20:35 [Disinformation] There’s a £60m Bitcoin Heist Going Down Right Now – Watch It In Real Time

20:35 [Raw Story] Discovery of 400,000-year-old DNA raises questions about human evolution

20:35 [Raw Story] Alleged ‘Anonymous’ hacker denied bail in Singapore

20:36 [Slate Magazine] The Culture Gabfest “Eat My Shortz” Edition

20:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Crash and fire killed Hollywood star

20:36 [Infoshop] Noam Chomsky: Modern universities designed to ‘deprive you of your freedom’

20:38 [The Hindu - News] Telangana bandh: autorickshaws, buses to stay off roads

20:38 [The Hindu - Opinion] On Telangana

20:38 [CNN] Man accused in LAX shooting makes court appearance

20:38 [NPR] U.S. Job Growth Surged In November, Report Signals

20:38 [NPR] Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Goes Missing In Mexico

20:39 [Guardian] Manchester United v Everton – live! | Daniel Harris

20:39 [Guardian] Lee Rigby trial: Adebolajo says soldier's head was 'sawed – almost detached'

20:39 [CNN] Justices hear protester's appeal over speech rights on easements

20:39 [CNN] Autopsy blames impact and fire for actor Paul Walker's death

20:39 [BBC: Entertainment] Spotify artists earn $0.007 per play

20:40 [The Hindu - News] Repolling in eight Rajasthan booths

20:40 [The Hindu - Opinion] Debating Article 370

20:40 [The Hindu - Opinion] Looking East

20:40 [CNET News] Dad arrested for plugging Nissan Leaf into school's outlet

20:41 [Infoshop] Peace is the truth of the Brazilian protests

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Antony sounds parties again on Chief of Defence Staff post

20:42 [The Hindu - Opinion] Economic agenda

20:42 [The Hindu - Opinion] For mutualism

20:43 [straight] Lee Ranaldo explores early influences with the Dust /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_LeeRanaldo_2398.jpg

20:43 [straight] Buika believes in playing live without a safety net /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_Buika_2398.jpg

20:43 [CNN: Politics] Obama to talk Obamacare with young Americans

20:43 [CNN: Politics] A year after Newtown, nation torn on guns

20:43 [CNN: Politics] Sandy Hook killer took motive to his grave

20:43 [CNN: Politics] Newtown school shooting 911 calls released

20:43 [NPR] Even Disconnected Computers May Face Cyberthreats

20:44 [The Hindu - News] Poor security imperils monuments

20:44 [The Hindu - Opinion] 1984 riots

20:44 [Topix Activism News] Homosexual, Global Warming Alarmist Sam Champion Leaves ABC for Weather Channel

20:46 [Telegraph] 'Strasbourg not superior to British courts' says former senior judge

20:46 [Telegraph] America to be hit by fast food strike as Barack Obama warns of gap between rich and poor

20:46 [The Hindu - News] Probe caste-based segregation in gurdwaras, panel tells Punjab DGP

20:46 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sharpen the focus

20:46 [The Hindu - Opinion] New bird flu strains

20:46 [CNN: Politics] Obama's uncle wins immigration battle, gets OK to stay in U.S.

20:47 [Russia Today] US aircraft bombard Guam with thousands of mice

20:47 [The Independent] The day we left Hitler behind: Survivors of the Kindertransport tell their stories

20:47 [The Independent] PM backs our campaign to protect Africa’s elephants

20:47 [Mother Jones] Yeah, Liberals Should Be Pretty Pissed Off at Obama Over the Obamacare Website FUBAR

20:50 [Raw Story] Indiana University display used negative stereotypes to ask: Can Santa Claus be black?

20:52 [] Free From Jail But Still Trapped in Russia, 'Arctic 30' Seek Exit Visas /sites/

20:54 [The Hindu - Opinion] In for a penny, in for a pounding

20:55 [Raw Story] Pat Robertson: God approves of sex changes but homosexuality should be a mental illness

20:55 [Raw Story] Republican Rep: Nuke Iran with ‘massive aerial bombardment’ if they defy us

20:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] Surgeons in Spain remove 25kg tumour

20:58 [zero hedge] President Unleashes The Obama Youth To Preach Obamacare Gospel

20:58 [CNN] Opinion: Train engineer likely to be indicted

20:59 [Voice of America] Joana Mantey: Cell Phones Boost Access to Contraceptives in Ethiopia

21:00 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan army warns of “disproportionate response” in future wars

21:00 [Raw Story] Southern California to become Southern Somalia and I am so excited

21:00 [Raw Story] Martin Bashir announces resignation from MSNBC days after apologizing for Pailn remark

21:00 [The Atlantic: Technology] Can That Viral Photo of the Fogged-In Grand Canyon Possibly Be Real?

21:00 [The Atlantic: Technology] New York City's Energy Infrastructure Transformed Last Month and Nobody Noticed

21:02 [Telegraph] Robert Mugabe's cousin worth £180 million claims wife in Zimbabwe divorce case

21:02 [CNN: Money] Pentagon to cut jobs, contracts by $1 billion

21:02 [The Independent] Andy McSmith's Diary: An MP revealing his depression? It hardly seems like news any more

21:02 [The Independent] Donald Macintyre's Sketch: Nick Clegg plays PM, Harriet Harman tells jokes

21:03 [CNN: Money] This wine brought to you by ... retired teachers

21:03 [CNN: Money] 'Wolverine' director James Mangold embraces technology

21:04 [The Hindu - News] WTO: deal ‘out of reach’ on Day 2

21:05 [Good] It's Not Rocket Science: Students Need Clean Drinking Water

21:08 [The Hindu - News] Telangana: all eyes on President

21:08 [The Hindu - News] WTO is biased, says BJP

21:11 [Slashdot] Fearing Government Surveillance, US Journalists Are Self-Censoring

21:11 [Slashdot] EV Owner Arrested Over 5 Cents Worth of Electricity From School's Outlet

21:11 [Slashdot] NASA Will Send Seeds to the Moon In 2015

21:11 [The Onion] Biologist Completes 5-Minute Study Of Pathetic Organism In Mirror

21:12 [The Hindu - News] Bicycle track along Cooum River proposed

21:12 [CNN: Money] 2 million Gmail, Facebook passwords stolen

21:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] Murder charge after body found in Sydney house

21:13 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: ALEC's 2014 Legislative Agenda, and More

21:13 [Reuters] After health law woes, Obama returns focus on middle class, poor

21:14 [NPR] Accused LAX Gunman Ordered Held Pending Trial

21:14 [CNET News] What to expect from the 2015 Ford Mustang debut

21:15 [AL JAZEERA] Former Ukrainian presidents warn of chaos

21:16 [The Hindu - News] ‘Charge sheet against Tejpal in 2 months’

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Remove Sunita Sawant as IO for unbiased probe, Goa Governor urged

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan army warns of ‘disproportionate response’ in future wars

21:16 [CNN] School punishes teen who helped drunk friend

21:16 [CBC: politics] Military health system questioned after soldiers' deaths

21:17 [Fox News: politics] Martin Bashir quits at MSNBC over Palin slur

21:18 [CNN: Health] Microsoft developing a 'smart' bra

21:18 [The Hindu - News] Sikh groups rally around Gurbaksh Singh

21:20 [Raw Story] Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor says the Bible, not partisanship, should guide politics

21:20 [The Hindu - News] NIFT joint director accused of harassment, transferred

21:21 [CNN] Is Sinead O'Connor's advice to Miley Cyrus good for girls?

21:21 [CNN] Big questions in Walker crash probe

21:21 [CNN] Paul Ciancia, accused in LAX shooting, ordered held without bond

21:22 [The Hindu - News] Ex-MP, 3 others get lifer in murder case

21:24 [Reuters: politics] After health law woes, Obama returns focus on middle class, poor

21:24 [CNN: Health] Injured firefighter an advocate

21:24 [The Hindu - News] Cash transfer scheme for girls helps curb poverty in Odisha

21:25 [Reuters] German minister snubs Ukraine leaders on Kiev visit

21:25 [straight] Gwynne Dyer: The war on democracy in Thailand /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_142224283.jpg

21:25 [straight] Century-old Ming Sun Benevolent Society building to be demolished /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/mingsun.JPG

21:25 [straight] Government research shows Fukushima radiation spike over southwestern British Columbia in 2011 /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Radiation%201a.png

21:25 [CNN: Politics] D.C. could still screw up your holidays

21:25 [Anarchist news] Yolanda’s aftermath and Autonomous Initiative (Philippines)

21:28 [zero hedge] How Has The UK Economy Performed Since The Coalition Came To Power?

21:29 [straight] Red Meat

21:29 [straight] Arnould /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/CAR_Arnould_2398.jpg

21:31 [The Hindu - News] HC quashes detention of Guru under NSA

21:31 [Slate Magazine] Shoot First! Han Solo's Heavy Blaster Is Going up for Sale.

21:32 [CNN] What parents are telling kids about Trayvon

21:33 [CNN] How not to be a scary stage parent

21:33 [The Progressive] 20 Years After Escobar's Death, Futile Drug War Drags On

21:34 [NPR] Sandy Hook Elementary 911 Calls Reveal Panic From Inside School

21:34 [Telegraph] Sandy Hook massacre 911 calls reveal terror of school staff

21:34 [OpEdNews] Open Our Eyes

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Eight of Dalit family attacked

21:35 [zero hedge] The Last Two Times This Happened, Things Didn't End Well

21:36 [CNET News] Sony patents 'smart wig': Toupee with sensors on the way?

21:41 [Voice of America] Activists Critical of Amended Vietnamese Constitution

21:42 [Russia Today] Iran names European, US firms it wants back to its oilfields

21:43 [straight] Blim celebrates 10 years of community art /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Yuriko_Iga.jpg

21:44 [NPR] Administration Says You Can Now Escape HealthCare.Gov 'Prison'

21:44 [Fox News] NEWTOWN 911 CALLSTapes reveal dispatchers dealing with panic calls /i/redes/icon-video.gif

21:44 [Fox News] MILLENNIAL MELTDOWNPoll shows most 18-29s skeptical of ObamaCare

21:44 [Fox News] BREAKING NEWS Martin Bashir quits over disparaging Palin remarks

21:44 [Fox News] HIGH ON THE HOGDrones newest weapon against pesky feral pigs

21:44 [Fox News] Liberal group gets secret $$ as it blasts secrecy on right - Restaurant union serving up protests for higher wages

21:44 [Fox News] Six whales die after stranding themselves in Everglades

21:44 [Fox News] Kentucky woman drives more than 5,000 miles to fight $56 traffic ticket

21:46 [Reuters: politics] U.S. lawmaker wants big banks to disclose donations to think tanks

21:46 [Moral Low Ground] LA Times Exhaustively Details Cardinal Roger Mahony’s Complicity in Clergy Child Sex Abuse

21:52 [] Flammable Water Near Gas Drilling Sites in Louisiana

21:52 [The Hindu - Opinion] Focus on grooming of players

21:53 [straight] Captain Jean-Luc Picard sings "Let It Snow" /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/JeanLucPicard_131204.jpg

21:55 [The Hindu - News] Renewed efforts to track man-eater of H.D. Kote

21:55 [Raw Story] Elizabeth Warren pledges to finish term and not run for president

21:56 [Reuters: politics] Wisconsin Assembly approves delay in state Medicaid changes

21:57 [CBC: politics] PM to meet Kathleen Wynne to talk Ring of Fire

21:57 [The Hindu - News] Relief for cane growers from Bhadra factory command area

21:57 [CNET News] 150M people try to help Facebook spruce up Android

21:57 [CNN] Accident crushed firefighter's body, not his spirit

21:58 [Big Think] Oldest Known Early Human DNA Recovered

21:59 [The Onion] Jason Campbell Cleared For Light Brain Activity

22:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] Unrest over PM's 'star chamber'

22:00 [Slashdot] Retail Radeon R9 290X Graphics Cards Slower Than AMD's Press Samples

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Herd driven 20 km away from Mysore city

22:01 [Voice of America] Accused LA Airport Gunman Denied Bail

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Panjab University overtakes IITs, JNU in ranking

22:04 [NPR] U.S. Military Lingo — The (Almost) Definitive Guide

22:05 [Disinformation] Spate Of Frightening Clown Stalking Continues In United Kingdom

22:05 [Truthout] What the Media Isn't Telling You About Detroit's Bankruptcy

22:07 [Reuters: politics] U.S. seeks to better understand Syria Islamists

22:07 [CNET News] Hurt techies complain that 'techie' is an insult

22:09 [NPR] Sunken Japanese Super-Sub From WWII Located Off Hawaii

22:09 [The Hindu - News] Iron ore mining: Vigilance probe mooted

22:09 [OpEdNews] Paging Santa's Puppet Repair, Pentagon on Line 1

22:11 [Reuters] Thaksin's homecoming hopes dashed as Thai crisis reignites

22:11 [AL JAZEERA] Several feared dead in Iraq gunfight

22:14 [zero hedge] As "Expected" EURJPY 139.00 Lifts Stocks Into The Green

22:14 [OpEdNews] Ohio GOP Resurrects Voter Suppression Efforts

22:17 [Mother Jones] NSA Tracks 5 Billion Cellphone Locations Each and Every Day /files/images/Blog_NSA.jpg

22:17 [Global Voices] ‘How Many Burning Bodies Will Satisfy Them?': Political Violence in Bangladesh

22:17 [The Hindu - News] Onchiyam case: DGP’s petition rejected

22:17 [The Hindu - News] Hopes sink for seaplane service

22:18 [CNN: Politics] Bashir resigns after Palin remarks

22:19 [CNET News] Icahn beats Apple buyback drum again with new proposal

22:21 [CNN: Health] Messy eating leads to learning

22:22 [CNN] 'Nirbhaya' victim of India gang rape fought for justice

22:23 [straight] Tatiana Maslany takes the highway to her Hollywood /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_TatianaMaslany_2397.jpg

22:23 [straight] The Georgia Straight’s holiday gift guide for 2013 /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_157945172.jpg

22:23 [straight] Vancouver developer Peter Wall brings arts venues to life /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/COL_News_Wall_2398.jpg

22:23 [straight] Dazzling gamers with gift-giving gets easier /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Batman-Arkham-Origins_-Screenshot011.jpg

22:23 [straight] Favourite titles recap a year of reading /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Joseph-Boyden2_horiz.jpg

22:23 [straight] Gifts for the music fan in your life /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Gift_Music_SonosSpeake_opt.jpeg

22:23 [straight] A gift guide to the new year’s arts shows /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_Holiday_2398.jpg

22:23 [straight] From bow ties to skivvies, Christmas looks cool /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Bowtie.jpg

22:23 [straight] From RFID blockers to neck pillows, gifts for travellers add security, comfort /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Gift_Travel_HoodiePillow2_2398.jpg

22:23 [straight] Giving bodies and souls jolly, healthy, sexy gifts /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/frou-frou.jpg

22:25 [Raw Story] Rush Limbaugh: Obama is ‘having an orgasm’ because the pope is ‘ripping America’

22:27 [Global Voices] “The Outside World Frightens Putin”: Russians Talk Ukraine

22:28 [CNN] The real 'Alpha House': Yes, this is where some Senators actually live

22:28 [Fox News: politics] Democratic Sen. Warren vows not to run for president in 2016

22:28 [Big Think] A Picture-Perfect Milestone Launch for SpaceX's Falcon9

22:29 [CNET News] The 404 1,395: Where OK Glass, where is the pulmonary artery? (podcast)

22:29 [CNN: Money] Fresh fast food strikes planned for Thursday

22:29 [CNN: Money] Stocks see-saw despite upbeat data

22:29 [OpEdNews] GE + TEPCO = Fukushima/Entropy/Death Part II

22:30 [CNN: Politics] CNN goes inside the real 'Alpha House'

22:30 [The Onion] American Voices: House Votes To Renew Ban On Plastic Guns

22:30 [The Onion] Pathetic Hands Subject To Man’s Every Whim

22:31 [CNN] Survival 'expectation low' for stranded pilot whales in Everglades

22:32 [Global Voices] Facebook Refused to Delete a Video on How to Make a Petrol Bomb

22:34 [CNN] Obama urges young supporters to talk up Obamacare

22:34 [Voice of America] Tibetan Man Self-Immolates in China

22:34 [NPR] Second Meningitis Outbreak Erupts In Southern California

22:35 [Raw Story] Spanish surgeons cut 55-pound tumor from woman’s womb

22:35 [The Independent] Group Captain Ronnie Churcher: RAF bomber pilot who worked with Guy Gibson and served in the King's Flight and Queen's Flight

22:35 [The Independent] Ahmed Fouad Negm: Poet whose revolutionary work inspired decades of leftist protest against Egypt's ruling elite

22:35 [The Independent] Alvaro Maccioni: Chef and owner of La Famiglia restaurant who helped transform eating out in postwar Britain

22:37 [Telegraph] Obama's puppy knocks over young child at White House

22:37 [Telegraph] NHS promise £15 million to improve 'concerning' ambulance response times

22:40 [Slashdot] To Open Source Rendering Engine Replacement JavaScript Framework

22:40 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Application Security Non-existent, Boss Doesn't Care. What To Do?

22:42 [Russia Today] Kentucky town to pay police chief in Bitcoin

22:44 [Voice of America] NATO, Russian Foreign Ministers Support Syria Peace Talks

22:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Laura Bassett: Lawmaker Blasts 'One Of The Most Misogynistic Proposals' She's Ever Seen

22:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Elise Foley: Erika Andiola: Stop Deportations First, Then Fight For Legislation

22:45 [CNET News] Google's quest to build a robot fleet

22:45 [Raw Story] Vatican gives ‘a slap in the face’ to sex abuse victims by stonewalling UN panel

22:47 [Global Voices] Egypt Mourns Poet of the People Ahmed Fouad Negm

22:49 [Financial Times] Cyber war tech exports to be regulated like arms

22:50 [CNN] Do-nothing Congress: Lawmakers pass more blame than bills

22:51 [The Independent] Lewis Hamilton's father hits out at F1 driver Paul Di Resta over accusations of incompetence

22:51 [The Independent] Judge who ordered mentally ill pregnant woman to undergo Caesarian birth insists that decision was in her best interests

22:51 [The Independent] Judge rules that man in vegetative state should not be resuscitated if his condition deteriorates

22:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andrea Rael: Broomfield Passes Fracking Ban While Pro-Fracking Groups Sue

22:51 [Slate Magazine] Always Be Selling

22:51 [Slate Magazine] Have You Tried Signing Up for Obamacare—Just for Kicks?

22:54 [The Progressive] Fox News Invents New Front in Imaginary 'War on Christmas'

22:54 [CNN: Politics] Lawmakers pass more blame than bills in do-nothing Congress

22:54 [Slashdot] Gov't Puts Witness On No Fly List, Then Denies Having Done So

22:55 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Inflation Since 2000 Is "Not Contained"

22:56 [Guardian] Manchester United v Everton – as it happened | Daniel Harris

22:56 [Guardian] Gales and tidal surges expected along British coasts, agencies warn

22:57 [straight] Expressionist Renderings: The Prints of Alistair Bell an ode to a master printmaker /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_Bell_2398.jpg

22:57 [straight] Casey Affleck fires up for Out of the Furnace /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_FurnaceCaseyAffleck2_2398.jpg

22:57 [Russia Today] Two million passwords for Facebook, Twitter and Google posted online

22:58 [BBC: Entertainment] Martin Bashir resigns from MSNBC

22:58 [Big Think] Make a Little, Sell a Little: Let Creative People Prove Their Ideas Are Great

22:58 [Big Think] Better Learners are Better Leaders

22:59 [CNN] Most-arrested man to face judge, friends hope for 'Christmas miracle'

22:59 [CNN] Chef Nigella Lawson admits using cocaine, denies drug problem

22:59 [NPR] NSA Collecting 5B Cellphone Locations A Day, News Report Says

23:01 [The Atlantic: Technology] How to Take a Picture of a Single, Ultra-Magnified Snow Flake

23:02 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Uganda Police Deny Detaining Kampala Leader, Family

23:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Thomas E. Perez: Minimum Wage Momentum

23:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: 12 Years A Slave And The Obama Era -- Daily Intelligencer

23:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Sledge: NSA Cellphone Tracking: What About The Fourth Amendment?

23:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Rockwell painting in record sale

23:04 [Truthdig] Bill O’Reilly Gets Schooled on Jesus and Food Stamps

23:05 [Raw Story] Geeky Gift alert: Han Solo’s pistol from ‘Star Wars’ films set for auction

23:06 [CNN] The real reason behind the multiples baby boom

23:06 [CNN: Health] The real reason behind the multiples baby boom

23:06 [Telegraph] Martin Bashir resigns from MSNBC over Sarah Palin outburst

23:07 [Global Voices] Traffickers Force Smuggled Refugees to Rape Each Other in Sinai

23:08 [Reuters] U.S. seeks to better understand Syria Islamists

23:08 [Reuters] Billionaire investor Icahn steps up pressure on Apple

23:10 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: African Union Expresses Concern over Security in Central African Republic

23:10 [CNN: Crime] Most-arrested man to face judge

23:12 [Global Voices] Seditious iPhone Reviews? Iran Arrests 7 from Tech News Site

23:14 [NPR] These Days, School Lunch Hours Are More Like 15 Minutes

23:14 [NPR] Fertility Drugs, Not IVF, Are Top Cause Of Multiple Births

23:14 [NPR] Immigration Advocates Face Hurdles In GOP House Districts

23:14 [CNET News] Kentucky police chief to be paid in Bitcoin

23:16 [straight] In The Summit, the mountain is the monster /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_TheSummit_2398.jpg

23:16 [straight] Top form cast brightens the bleak Out of the Furnace /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_FurnaceCaseyAffleck3_2398_0.jpg

23:16 [straight] Laura Robinson seeks court order against John Furlong /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/LauraRobinson.jpg

23:16 [Moral Low Ground] Minnesota Judge Orders Catholic Archdioceses to Release Names of 46 Suspected Pedophile Priests

23:17 [Mother Jones] Just Released, a 1969 Thelonious Monk Recording Still Feels Fresh /files/TheloniousMonkParis300.jpg

23:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] Why Charles grabbed Nigella

23:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alexis Kleinman: Here's The Video That Got Aaron Swartz Arrested

23:20 [Guardian] Discovery of oldest human DNA in Spanish cave sheds light on evolution

23:21 [CNN] Microsoft developed a 'smart' bra

23:21 [Slate Magazine] Why Can’t I Button the Bottom Button of My Jacket?

23:24 [Truthdig] Ukraine Wants to be European

23:24 [Truthdig] Happy Holidrones

23:24 [Truthdig] Amazon Drones

23:24 [CNN: Politics] Senator: 911 tapes relive tragedy

23:24 [Guardian] Nigella Lawson: I've taken cocaine

23:25 [Raw Story] Teenage Queen Elizabeth II pictured in royal panto

23:26 [zero hedge] This Is How The NSA Is Tracking You This Instant

23:27 [Fox News: politics] Hagel announces $1B in Pentagon staff cutbacks, amid budget talks

23:27 [Russia Today] California for the first time fines oil company for dumping fracking discharge

23:27 [straight] Inequality for All shows where it all went wrong /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_InequalityForAll_2398.jpg

23:27 [straight] Bettie Page Reveals All—and then some /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_BettyPageReveals_2398.jpg

23:28 [CNN] Paramedic who responded to Texas plant blast sentenced for pipe bomb

23:28 [CNN] Who's in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' cast?

23:28 [The Onion] Pretty Obvious Which Sibling Going To Have To Deal With All The Nursing Home Stuff

23:28 [straight] Economics is crucial in At Berkeley /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_AtBerkeley_2398.jpg

23:30 [OpEdNews] Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China

23:30 [CNN: Entertainment] Who's in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' cast?

23:30 [CNN: Entertainment] Celeb chef: I used cocaine twice

23:30 [CNN: Entertainment] Autopsy results in Walker crash

23:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Yasmine Hafiz: President Obama Quotes Pope Francis In Speech About Income Inequality

23:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Juan Escalante: Immigration Reform Requires You to Interrupt, Speak Up

23:31 [Slate Magazine] Paying Amy

23:35 [Sydney Morning Herald] England threat to boycott Gabba

23:35 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I think there is someone shooting'

23:35 [Disinformation] Snapped in the Seventies: Angel Dust, LSD and High School

23:37 [CNN: Money] Christie's weighs in on Detroit's art

23:37 [CNN: Money] Average student loan debt up 10%

23:37 [CNN: Money] Super Bowl ad spots already sold out

23:37 [Reuters: politics] Iran's ability to enrich uranium troubles U.S. lawmakers

23:38 [The Independent] Should British universities grade students using an American-style system?

23:38 [CNN] CNN Student News - December 5, 2013

23:38 [Telegraph] Britain's baby boomer generation suffering ill-effects of years of hard living

23:39 [NPR] Telemundo's 'Highly Unusual' Resurrection of 'El Señor'

23:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Danielle Cadet: NAACP Leader, 11 Others Guilty In North Carolina 'Moral Monday' Protests

23:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] William Lambers: Farm Bill Should Fight Hunger

23:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: NSA Tracking Billions Of Cellphone Records Daily: Report

23:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Benjamin Hart: Moms Demand Action Releases Devastating Ad Timed To Anniversary Of Newtown Shooting

23:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jonathan Richards: Happy Holidays

23:40 [CNN] All by my selfie! Taking travel photos with imaginary girlfriend

23:40 [CNN] Manchester United misery for Moyes as Everton defeats former boss

23:44 [straight] Sun Media newspaper chain to lay off 200 workers /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_94476472.jpg

23:44 [straight] Bad Milo! takes the comedy—and the horror—out of horror-comedy /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_BadMilo_2398.jpg

23:47 [Fox News: politics] Illinois pension battle could create deeper fiscal hole

23:47 [Russia Today] Libyan Assembly votes in favor of sharia law

23:47 [Russia Today] Militants take hostages in Iraqi mall after deadly attack on intelligence HQ - reports

23:48 [Voice of America] 3 Ex-Ukrainian Presidents Back Anti-Government Protests in Kyiv

23:48 [Guardian] Whales trapped in Everglades waters as workers try to set them free

23:49 [NPR] Pipeline On Wheels: Trains Are Winning Big Off U.S. Oil

23:49 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq forces storm Kirkuk shopping centre

23:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Blumenthal: HUFFPOLLSTER: The Challenges Of Polling Millennials

23:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Morgan: Warning Signals: Metro-North Accident Underscores Need for Investment in Rail Infrastructure

23:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eliot Nelson: HUFFPOST HILL, sponsored by API - Future Obama Meal Attacks Child

23:52 [] Romanian Fight Against Fracking Heats Up As Winter Sets In

23:54 [Telegraph] Severe flooding alerts issued as east coast braced for worst tidal surges in 30 years

23:54 [Telegraph] Autumn Statement 2013: millions to work longer for a pension as life expectancy rises

23:54 [Telegraph] Lord Bhatia accused of spending £600,000 belonging to charity he helped found

23:54 [Telegraph] Actor Paul Walker died from 'multiple injuries'

23:54 [Telegraph] NSA 'tracks mobile phones around the world'

23:54 [New Statesman] Clegg has made coalition work. Now he must show he believes in more than hung parliaments

23:55 [zero hedge] The Fed & 2013's Wall Of Worry

23:55 [Raw Story] Harsh Amazon UK work climate brought to light in BBC report

23:56 [CNN: Money] 2 million passwords stolen

23:57 [Russia Today] Snowden leak reveals NSA tracks cell phone locations on unprecedented scale - report

23:57 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan: Cold Leaders, Warm Ties

23:58 [CNET News] NSA tracks hundreds of millions of cell phones worldwide

23:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: GOP Abortion Opponent Realizes That His Own Party's Amendment Helped Cover Abortions

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