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00:00 [NPR] Fixing Your Online Reputation: There's An Industry For That

00:03 [Disinformation] Monsanto vs The World

00:05 [Reuters: politics] U.S. regulators issue rules on workplace wellness programs

00:07 [CNN: Money] Top 1% get big bang from tax breaks

00:09 [OpEdNews] "42" and 44

00:09 [Slashdot] Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook's Home App Needs Some Work

00:09 [The Progressive] Afghan Peace Volunteers Thank Bradley Manning

00:09 [Voice of America] Lawyers: US Soldier Accused of Afghan Massacre to Plead Guilty

00:10 [NPR] 'Soda Mouth' Can Look A Lot Like 'Meth Mouth'

00:10 [NPR] Bachmann's Legacy: A Trailblazer, For Better And For Worse

00:10 [NPR] Obama To Name Former Justice Official As FBI Chief

00:11 [Deutsche Welle] Early-birds Germany ease past battling Ecuador in 4-2 friendly

00:12 [CNN] Lawyer: Soldier to plead guilty in killing of 16 Afghan villagers

00:18 [Raw Story] Bird ancestor reclaims its branch on tree of life

00:18 [Raw Story] Newsweek up for sale yet again: report

00:19 [OpEdNews] The Long Emergency, Permaculture, and Towns That Food Saved

00:20 [Telegraph] British assisted Rigby murder suspect after arrest in Kenya

00:20 [CNN] Threatening letter to Bloomberg tests positive for ricin

00:21 [Russia Today] New York's Bloomberg latest target of ricin letters

00:21 [CNN: Money] Buffett's MidAmerican Energy to buy Nevada utility

00:22 [Guardian] Syria peace talks in jeopardy as both sides entrench positions

00:24 [OpEdNews] Anti-Match-Fixing Law Of India In Pipeline But Online Gambling And Betting Still Untouched

00:25 [NPR] Police Say New York Mayor Bloomberg Sent Ricin-Laced Letters

00:26 [Deutsche Welle] France says more Hezbollah militia fighing for al-Assad in Syria

00:27 [Good] VIDEO: Think Your Work Commute is Long? This Courier Bikes 80+ Miles A Day

00:27 [Good] Makin' Sense: Introducing Fun, Fresh Finance Explainers and Advice on GOOD

00:29 [OpEdNews] I am successful turning

00:30 [New Statesman] With a bit of chutzpah, Miliband could rip the Tories in half over the EU. Does he dare?

00:32 [zero hedge] Understanding Gold Market Dynamics

00:34 [Voice of America] Scientists Develop Therapy That Someday Might Protect Public Against Flu Pandemics

00:34 [CNN] Arizona mom's daughter: 'I'm praying that she will be set free'

00:37 [CNN: Technology] Teen builds submarine

00:38 [CNN: Politics] Fix our tax headaches

00:38 [CNN: Politics] Timeline: DOJ investigates reporter

00:38 [CNN: Politics] Threatening letter to Bloomberg tests positive for ricin

00:39 [CNN] Love and marriage in China

00:39 [CNN] 22-year-old charged with murder in UK soldier's hacking death

00:39 [Slashdot] Judge Orders Child Porn Suspect To Decrypt His Hard Drives

00:42 [Voice of America] Uninsured Americans Face Confusing Bills, Inconsistent Charges

00:43 [AL JAZEERA] US soldier to plead guilty to Afghan massacre

00:43 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian opposition sets conditions for talks

00:44 [CNET News] FCC tips Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with support for AT&T

00:48 [Reuters] Wife of Philadelphia abortion doctor sentenced to prison

00:48 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Illinois teacher punished after advising students of their Constitutional rights ahead of survey

00:49 [CNN] China in soft power push with foreign students

00:50 [CNN] Two coaches of Chivas USA allege team fired them for not being Latino

00:51 [CNN] Opinion: Helping Syrian rebels a dangerous risk

00:52 [Telegraph] US soldier charged with killing 16 Afghan civilians to plead guilty to avoid death penalty

00:53 [Pravda] Palestine says the time for two-state solution is in order

00:55 [zero hedge] Flipping Homes Back To 2005 Levels

00:59 [Reuters: politics] Obama expected to pick James Comey as next FBI chief : source

01:01 [CNET News] 'Blue Waters' supercomputer helps crack HIV code

01:02 [Guardian] Woolwich attack: Michael Adebowale charged with murder of Lee Rigby

01:03 [Raw Story] Maine governor: Might as well go home and ‘get our guns’ over alleged censorship

01:04 [Voice of America] China's Appetite for Pork Spurs $4.7B Smithfield Deal

01:04 [Slashdot] Why Everyone Gets It Wrong About BYOD

01:09 [OpEdNews] True Humor Demands Courage

01:09 [Reuters] Top US tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy : CBO

01:12 [CNN] Threatening letters to Bloomberg test positive for ricin

01:14 [Guardian] Man arrested in Glasgow after 17-year-old girl goes missing

01:15 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Illinois teacher punished after advising students of their Constitutional rights ahead of survey- School panics over tiny toy gun

01:16 [CNET News] Facebookers beware: Profile posts can get you job rejections

01:17 [CNN] A wary Midwest watches the sky for another day

01:18 [Reuters: politics] Top US tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy : CBO

01:20 [Voice of America] Ricin-Laced Letters Sent to New York Mayor

01:20 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Festival winner shows America's 'pimples'

01:21 [CNN: Living] Prom: No date? Go anyway!

01:21 [CNN: Living] How to get hair 'to dye for'

01:21 [CNN: Living] No prom date? Go solo!

01:27 [CNN: Living] 'Attractive & Fat' ad tackles bias

01:28 [CNET News] Moto X smartphone is real and will be launched between now and October

01:30 [CNET News] The great, the good, and the gah of iPhone cases

01:34 [Slate Magazine] A Legacy Litigated

01:36 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Facebook to review 'hateful' content

01:38 [Telegraph] Letters containing ricin sent to NY mayor Michael Bloomberg

01:38 [Telegraph] Miss Universe Canada crowns wrong winner

01:38 [Telegraph] New portrait of Queen for Royal Mail stamp is ridiculed

01:38 [Telegraph] Planning reforms will do 'lasting damage' to high streets, councils warn

01:38 [Telegraph] Painkiller taken for arthritis is heart risk

01:38 [Telegraph] A&E crisis: ambulances turned away as hospitals are full

01:40 [Fox News: politics] Obama set to nominate former Justice Dept. official as new FBI head

01:41 [Russia Today] Femen activists stage first Arab world stunt (PHOTOS)

01:43 [AL JAZEERA] Israel 'to build' new outposts in Jerusalem

01:46 [Russia Today] Illinois teacher punished for 'mischaracterizing' Fifth Amendment issue

01:46 [Russia Today] US Army sergeant behind Afghanistan atrocity makes bid to avoid execution

01:47 [Fox News] Obama Bid to Sell FDR-Era Utility Riles Some Southern Residents

01:50 [BBC: Health] Common painkillers 'pose heart risk'

01:50 [BBC: Health] War on drugs 'driving hep C pandemic'

01:54 [Slashdot] User Accounts Compromised

01:57 [Good] GOOD Ideas: Transportation Warriors

01:58 [Raw Story] Louisiana lawmakers kill repeal of unconstitutional creationism law

01:59 [CNN] Officials: Obama to nominate Comey as next FBI head

02:00 [Voice of America] Lack of Hospital Regulations Leads to Soaring US Health Care Costs

02:00 [zero hedge] Volcker On Bernanke's Grand Monetary Experiment: "Good Luck In That"

02:00 [Truthdig] Hammond, Manning, Assange and Obama’s Sledgehammer Against Dissent

02:00 [CNET News] Carpool creation site open for business

02:01 [NPR] Algerian Terrorist Leader Clashed With His Bosses

02:02 [BBC: Education] Means-test degree fees, says charity

02:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] India village gets electricity after 65 years

02:02 [Guardian] Britain may begin handover of Afghan prisoners at Camp Bastion to Kabul

02:04 [Reuters: politics] Angry about immigration plan, some gay donors cut off Democrats

02:04 [Reuters: politics] Obama expected to pick James Comey as next FBI chief: source

02:05 [Reuters] Angry about immigration plan, some gay donors cut off Democrats

02:06 [CNN] Hurricane Barbara weakens to a tropical storm over Mexico

02:09 [Telegraph] Barack Obama expected to name former Bush official James Comey next head of FBI

02:11 [CNN: Travel] TSA removes body scanners criticized as too revealing

02:11 [CNN: Travel] Cruise line gets points for response

02:12 [Voice of America] Researcher Explores Native American Herbal Remedies

02:14 [CNN] TSA removes body scanners criticized as too revealing

02:14 [OpEdNews] Naming a Nameless War

02:14 [Global Voices] What's Wrong with Russia's Online Petitions?

02:24 [zero hedge] Japanese Stocks Open Down 3%, Yen Spikes, Bonds Greatly Unrotated

02:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Guy Who Wore the Same Clothes as His Wife for 35 Years Also Designed the Pink Garden Flamingo

02:27 [AL JAZEERA] Iran accused of Latin America terror plot

02:30 [Truthdig] Surprise: Jesus Lives in Australia

02:33 [Raw Story] Christian radio host upset by female breadwinners: Women not designed to be providers

02:34 [Voice of America] UNICEF Calls for End to Discrimination Against Children With Disabilities

02:34 [Guardian] Nick Clegg launches inquiry into MP facing sexual assault claims

02:34 [Guardian] How one Irish woman made $22bn for Apple in a year

02:36 [CNN: Politics] Officials: Obama to tap ex-Bush official as next FBI chief

02:36 [CNN: Politics] 5 things about the controversy surrounding Eric Holder

02:37 [Reuters] U.S. drone kills Pakistan Taliban No 2 : security officials

02:37 [Reuters] Buddhist mobs attack Muslim homes in Myanmar, one dead

02:37 [Reuters] Wife of Philadelphia abortion doctor sentenced to prison

02:37 [Reuters] Top tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy: CBO

02:38 [Raw Story] Attorney General Eric Holder to meet with press over leak investigations

02:38 [Slashdot] Stanford's Flying Fish Glider

02:39 [CNN: Politics] Sen. Paul: Helping Syrian rebels a risk

02:39 [CNN: Politics] What's next for Bachmann?

02:41 [CNET News] Apple reportedly taps Pegatron to make new low-cost iPhone

02:42 [Reuters: politics] Top tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy: CBO

02:44 [OpEdNews] Sing Hallelujah!

02:45 [CNN: Politics] Christie on weight, future

02:45 [CNN: Politics] Archives: Bachmann-isms

02:45 [zero hedge] The "Damped Harmonic Oscillator" Algo Exorcism Of Fannie Mae

02:46 [NPR] Soldier Accused In Afghan Shooting Rampage To Plead Guilty

02:49 [CNN: Entertainment] AEG exec grilled on 'smoking gun' email

02:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Is Bynes the new Lohan?

02:50 [Truthdig] Bachmann’s Craziest Comments, Ricin Letter Sent to Bloomberg, and More

02:55 [AL JAZEERA] UK accused of unlawful Afghan detentions

03:00 [Reuters] Top U.S. tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy: CBO

03:01 [Russia Today] Friend of Boston bombing suspect unarmed when killed by FBI

03:01 [Reuters: politics] Top U.S. tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy: CBO

03:03 [Raw Story] Ricin-laced letters sent to Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group

03:03 [Raw Story] Florida courthouse to see country’s first atheist monument

03:05 [Truthdig] Willful Defiance Against Suspensions

03:07 [Slashdot] Taking Action For Free JavaScript

03:09 [CNET News] Facebook pulls pages depicting violence against women

03:10 [CNN] Accused Arizona mom weeps inside Mexican jail

03:11 [CNN] Promoter grilled about 'smoking gun' e-mail in Jackson death trial

03:11 [zero hedge] Copper Withdrawal Orders From LME Soar To Record

03:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Bon Jovi waives concert fee in Spain

03:29 [OpEdNews] A Vision for Social Security

03:35 [CNET News] Dish increases offer for Clearwire to edge Sprint

03:41 [CNN] Reports: Man killed by FBI agent was unarmed

03:48 [zero hedge] Sean Corrigan: "Abenomics Is Riddled With Inconsistencies"

03:56 [Reuters] U.S. soldier accused of killing Afghans in deal to avoid execution -lawyer

03:56 [Voice of America] Ferocious Battle Underway in Syria Over Border City

03:57 [Telegraph] Friend of Boston bomber was unarmed when shot by FBI

04:01 [Russia Today] Monsanto website downed as Anonymous claims hack

04:03 [Disinformation] Coffee vs. Beer: Which Drink Makes You More Creative?

04:09 [Slashdot] Gene Therapy May Protect Against Flu

04:09 [OpEdNews] The Future's So Fracked, We've Got to Wear Masks

04:11 [Reuters] Judge rejects legal challenges by accused Colorado theater gunman

04:11 [BBC: Science & Environment] Apes are emotional about choices

04:12 [zero hedge] Visualizing When Bankruptcy Makes Cents

04:15 [AL JAZEERA] Ricin-laced letters sent to New York mayor

04:17 [Reuters: politics] Senator John McCain confident of identifying 'good guys' in Syria

04:22 [CNN] David Beckham Fast Facts

04:28 [CNET News] Hacker accused of massive Stratfor attack pleads guilty

04:33 [Raw Story] U.S. soldier to confess to Afghan civilian massacre to avoid death penalty

04:33 [Raw Story] Apple to ease dependence on Foxconn: report

04:51 [zero hedge] Is This Why Social Unrest In Europe Has Been Subdued (For Now)?

04:55 [Reuters] Obama says Democrats could win back U.S. House in 2014

04:55 [Reuters: politics] Obama says Democrats could win back U.S. House in 2014

04:58 [CNN] Attorney: Boy, 12, pleads not guilty to killing little sister

04:58 [CNN] Is your voice boss enough?

05:00 [CBC: politics] Nanos Number: Dirty politics on the way?

05:01 [Deutsche Welle] Police charge Michael Adebowale of killing British soldier

05:04 [The Hindu - News] PM winds up Tokyo visit, heads for Bangkok

05:06 [The Hindu - News] No way Delhi will go powerless: Chief Minister

05:10 [Global Voices] China: Otherland

05:16 [CNET News] Google adds color labels to its Calendar app for Android

05:16 [Fox News] Tea Party Groups Sue Over Targeting

05:16 [Fox News] FAKE HERO TO KILLER?Man's Plot to be Hero Ends In Teen's Death, Cops Say

05:16 [Fox News] MAMMOTH FIND:Blood Extracted From 10,000-Year-Old Carcass

05:17 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Illinois teacher punished after advising students of their Constitutional rights - School panics over tiny toy gun

05:18 [Raw Story] Fox contributor: Liberals who reject that men should dominate women are anti-science

05:19 [BBC: Science & Environment] UN mulls ethics of 'killer robots'

05:21 [Russia Today] Israel prepares to build 1,000 new homes in occupied East Jerusalem

05:21 [Russia Today] Dollar could be in danger as the world’s currency

05:23 [zero hedge] Guest Post: It's Not About Obama...

05:27 [CNET News] Tesla expanding Supercharger network for coast-to-coast driving

05:30 [CNN] Chinese baby, rescued from toilet, is released to grandparents

05:43 [The Hindu - News] Chennai’s first train to arrive from Brazil in June

05:48 [Raw Story] Ecuador’s top diplomat to visit WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

05:48 [Raw Story] Five reasons Democrats will miss Michele Bachmann

05:49 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

05:51 [The Hindu - News] Conflicting opinions, conflicting ‘Open Days’ at Delhi University

05:52 [Fox News] Miller on Strange Bedfellows

05:54 [Fox News: politics] California bill would give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

05:54 [Fox News: politics] Top GOP senator expresses concern as Obama set to nominate former DOJ official as new FBI head

05:55 [OpEdNews] Help Giraffe Heroes' Ann Medlock Celebrate Her Birthday with Great Project

05:55 [Reuters] Civil rights group wants review of FBI shooting of Chechen man in Florida

05:55 [CNN] Paterno family and others to file lawsuit against NCAA

05:59 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:59 [The Hindu - News] Syria talks offer last chance, says Turkey

06:01 [The Hindu - News] The Hindu report draws High Court’s attention

06:03 [Raw Story] El Salvador’s Supreme Court denies life-saving abortion to woman

06:05 [CNN] Floods force evacuations in Alaska

06:06 [CNN] Trailer comes unhitched from truck, kills 7

06:06 [CNN] Turbulent storm beats up Wisconsin campground

06:08 [Big Think] Thinking Beyond Memes: The Macrotrends that Matter

06:12 [The Hindu - News] Police looking for co-accused in cheating case

06:14 [Reuters: politics] California's Democratic lawmakers push for tighter gun control

06:18 [The Hindu - News] Ten new prospective landfill sites identified for Delhi

06:18 [CNN: Money] ExxonMobil rejects LGBT discrimination ban

06:18 [CNN: Money] Foreclosure sales fall to lowest level since 2008

06:18 [Voice of America] On Peacekeepers Day, UN Vows to Protect South Sudanese

06:19 [Fox News] Obama to nominate DOJ official to lead FBI

06:19 [Fox News] El Salvador rules against exceptions to abortion ban

06:19 [Fox News] Mystery surrounds death of ex-college football star

06:19 [Fox News] Disney World patron, grandson find loaded gun on ride

06:19 [Fox News] Chinese girl handcuffed for spilling water on gov't car- Chinese group buys largest US pork distributor

06:19 [Fox News] 100,000 Christians killed each year, Vatican says

06:20 [Truthdig] Bachmannism’s Legacy

06:20 [Truthdig] Michele Bachmann Retires

06:22 [Voice of America] HRW: North Korean Refugees at Risk of Torture

06:23 [CNN] Inside the hunt for a leaker: State Dept., search warrants and Fox

06:24 [The Hindu - News] Rare sighting of Egyptian Vultures surprises bird lovers

06:25 [OpEdNews] Will Journalists Take Any Steps To Defend Against Attacks On Press Freedom?

06:26 [The Hindu - News] Mobs spread fear among Myanmar's Muslims

06:27 [Electronic Intifada] Why I have two brothers called Omar

06:28 [The Hindu - News] Road blocked by old transformer

06:29 [Slashdot] Space Diving: Iron Man Meets Star Trek Suit In Development

06:30 [The Hindu - News] Sharp showers fell trees, hold up traffic but delight residents

06:34 [Fox News: politics] ObamaCare to usher in health insurance cancellation notices

06:34 [The Hindu - News] Not so universal

06:36 [The Hindu - News] On GST Road, more holes, less pavement

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Tennis ace Vijay Amritraj feted

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Second round of RTE admissions begin

06:40 [The Hindu - News] Actor Shantanu victim of fake FB page, fraud

06:40 [Voice of America] UN Chief: Progress Slow on Syria Peace Talks

06:42 [The Hindu - News] A bullish start

06:45 [Guardian] China: mother of baby freed from sewer pipe speaks out

06:48 [Fox News] Police: 7 dead in tractor-trailer, minivan crash in NY

06:48 [Fox News] Paterno estate to sue NCAA over Sandusky sanctions

06:48 [Fox News] Soldier charged in Afghan massacre to plead guilty

06:48 [Fox News] Nevada developer guilty of illegal contributions to Reid

06:48 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Illinois teacher punished after advising students of their Constitutional rights

06:48 [Fox News] Miami's miracle cancer fighter, 10, leaves legacy

06:48 [The Hindu - News] In need of a silk revolution

06:50 [The Hindu - News] No end in sight to rodent menace at Govt. Hospital

06:58 [The Hindu - News] Annual tree census begins

07:00 [Financial Times] Philippines economic growth hits 7.8%

07:05 [The Hindu - News] What is the right way of taking oath?

07:07 [The Hindu - News] New SP takes charge in Coimbatore

07:09 [CNN] 'Game of Thrones' tours launched in Croatia and Ireland

07:11 [BBC: Science & Environment] Threat of hunger in oil-rich Niger Delta

07:12 [Fox News: politics] Obama rallies Democrats and donors at Chicago fundraiser

07:13 [The Hindu - News] ‘Engineering education needs restructuring’

07:13 [The Hindu - News] Revanna relies on ‘auspicious time’

07:15 [CNN] Court in Brazil grants bail to defendants in deadly nightclub fire

07:16 [Global Voices] Blackout Mapping in Cambodia

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Shettar denies reports on inviting Yeddyurappa back to the BJP

07:21 [The Hindu - News] Farmers plan protest against toll gate

07:22 [Russia Today] Cruel limbo - Prisoners pay for UK failures in Afghanistan

07:23 [The Hindu - News] Delhi police seize cash paid to Sreesanth

07:25 [Reuters: politics] Supporters of U.S. immigration bill unsettled by Rubio message

07:25 [Guardian] Number of ambulances turned away from A&E increases by 24%

07:25 [OpEdNews] 'Meet Me In Zuccotti Park'

07:27 [Russia Today] Cruel limbo - Prisoners pay for UK failures in Afghanistan

07:27 [The Hindu - News] Yeddyurappa ready for tie-up with non-BJP parties

07:29 [The Hindu - News] GH plans green cover for patients’ comfort

07:31 [AL JAZEERA] Sandwich narrowly misses Australian PM

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Case against principal for not informing police about clashes

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Statewide campaign planned to tackle spread of dengue

07:33 [Telegraph] Two-thirds of pupils 'alarmed by rising cost of a degree'

07:33 [Telegraph] SNP 'has no plans to research separate Scotland's credit rating'

07:33 [Telegraph] Nationalists call Sir Chris Hoy a traitor to Scotland

07:33 [Telegraph] Alex Salmond's majority on the line in Aberdeen Donside by-election

07:33 [Telegraph] Network Rail chiefs pocket bonuses as punctuality falls and maintenance worsens

07:33 [Telegraph] Baby 59: newborn found in sewage pipe in China released from hospital

07:36 [Voice of America] Lawyers: US Soldier Accused of Afghan Massacre to Plead Guilty

07:38 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Spain facing health insurance row

07:39 [The Hindu - News] PHCs will be developed on a par with private hospitals: Minister

07:39 [The Hindu - News] Invoking divine power to lessen official burden

07:43 [The Hindu - News] Road blocked by old transformer in Perambur

07:43 [CNET News] Coursera partners with 10 universities for online classes

07:45 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian opposition sets conditions for talks

07:49 [Telegraph] Police hunting man over war memorial vandalism

07:49 [Telegraph] Pensioner has become first British dementia sufferer to die at suicide clinic

07:49 [Telegraph] Opponents of gay marriage like supporters of apartheid, says senior bishop

07:49 [Telegraph] Babies will be born blind if teens don't get MMR jab, scientist warns

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Fluctuating ginger price may stabilise by harvest time

07:53 [Guardian] China sewer pipe baby back with mother

07:54 [The Hindu - News] ‘Schools not complying with RTE Act will lose recognition’

07:55 [AL JAZEERA] Boko Haram denies losing Nigeria battle

07:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘Amma Unavagam’ trial run held

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Renowned filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh dies

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Teachers in aided school seek a better deal

08:04 [The Hindu - News] RTE-related pleas to be heard from June 3

08:05 [Telegraph] Eating probiotic yoghurt relieves anxiety, says study

08:05 [Telegraph] Katherine Jenkins dropped by record label over 'diva demands'

08:05 [Telegraph] Two US defence attache staff shot in Venezuelan 'strip club'

08:16 [BBC: Entertainment] India filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh dies

08:16 [The Hindu - News] In a lather over missing soaps? Blame row over payment

08:20 [The Hindu - News] CBSE Class X results declared

08:22 [The Hindu - News] IIM-B sacks tainted official

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Corporation approves Plan fund for 2012-13

08:25 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:28 [The Hindu - News] From June 1, look for cabbies’ display card

08:34 [The Hindu - News] Students, get your concessional passes from June 6

08:41 [The Hindu - News] A void that can’t be filled, says Soumitra

08:41 [The Hindu - News] Councillor slapped me five times: BBMP employee

08:41 [AL JAZEERA] Dozens killed in Baghdad blasts

08:42 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Focus on global growth, US Fed plans

08:43 [The Hindu - News] Onchiyam: call detail records submitted

08:45 [The Hindu - News] A bit of village in a glitzy city

08:45 [The Hindu - News] Urgent drain safety work on 5 roads

08:45 [The Hindu - News] Unruly scenes at council meet over woman’s death

08:47 [The Hindu - News] 1.5 lakh plantains to be grown at Vallachira

08:47 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Focus on global growth, US Fed plans

08:49 [The Hindu - News] Falling trees injure athlete in Cubbon Park

08:50 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Meet Steve, the ancient tree hunter

08:51 [Telegraph] Woolwich attack: Michael Adebowale charged with murder of soldier Lee Rigby

08:51 [Telegraph] Living relatives of Mary Rose crew may be identified through DNA

08:51 [Telegraph] Are we ignoring the dangers of mobile phones?

08:53 [The Hindu - News] AICTE says government free to decide on management admission test

08:53 [The Hindu - News] ‘Let children grow naturally’

08:55 [The Hindu - News] School bags, raincoats leak sales tax

08:55 [Guardian] UK faces court action over migrant benefits

08:57 [The Hindu - News] How green is the plan?

08:59 [The Hindu - News] It was a mix of joy and disappointment

08:59 [BBC: Health] HIV inner shell structure revealed

09:01 [The Hindu - News] Mere marriage registration does not entitle second wife for pension: CAT

09:05 [Slashdot] Hospital Resorts To Cameras To Ensure Employees Wash Hands

09:05 [The Hindu - News] Sugar decontrol will affect PDS, says Jayalalithaa

09:05 [The Hindu - News] Centre clears cargo movement at Madurai airport

09:06 [Deutsche Welle] Removing the stigma of disability

09:07 [NPR] Breathing Easier: How Houston Is Working To Clean Up Its Air

09:07 [The Hindu - News] ‘Media has breached citizens’ trust, but all is not lost’

09:07 [CNN: Crime] No Texas links for Marine in shooting spree, authorities say

09:07 [CNN: Crime] Wife of convicted Pennsylvania abortion doctor gets jail time

09:07 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman defense team: Need more cash for proper defense

09:07 [CNN: Crime] Officials: Obama to tap ex-Bush official as next FBI chief

09:07 [CNN: Crime] Tsarnaevs' sister pleads not guilty on pot charge

09:07 [CNN: Crime] Probe sought into death of man who knew Boston bombings suspect

09:08 [Telegraph] Blair's Tuscan holiday villa seized over investigation into aristocratic owner

09:08 [Telegraph] Women continue to be judged by their looks, Clare Balding warns

09:08 [Telegraph] Women continue to be judged by their looks, Clare Balding warns

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Retaining extra water akin to overdrawal of power, says TN in suit against Karnataka

09:09 [Pravda] War on terror over, war for Islamic terrorism just begun

09:11 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Japan's Nikkei tumbles 5%

09:11 [Guardian] Apple's multi-billion dollar, low-tax profit hub: Knocknaheeny, Ireland

09:11 [The Hindu - News] TNAU to offer integrated Ph.D. programmes in four disciplines

09:11 [Deutsche Welle] Police charge suspect in killing of British soldier

09:11 [Deutsche Welle] France says more Hezbollah militia fighting for al-Assad in Syria

09:13 [The Hindu - News] Semi-nude dance at 2009 party: resort owner, son arrested

09:15 [The Hindu - News] Rescued bonded labourers sent home

09:17 [NPR] How A Trip To Costco Can Work As An Investment Strategy

09:17 [NPR] Palestinian Girls Look For Ways To Protest, Without Stones

09:17 [NPR] Years Of Combat Experience, And Just Turning 20

09:17 [NPR] GMO Wheat Found In Oregon Field. How'd It Get There?

09:17 [The Hindu - News] ICF workers want outsourcing contracts to be cancelled

09:19 [Fox News: politics] Ohio politicians speak out against IRS targeting at hundreds-strong gathering of tea party activists

09:19 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: V&A's games designer in residence

09:21 [The Hindu - News] Petition seeks filing of FIR against Narayanaswamy

09:22 [Telegraph] George Osborne to stop energy firms exploiting £900m tax loophole

09:22 [NPR] Will Chinese Firm Bring Home The Bacon With Smithfield Deal?

09:22 [BBC: Technology] UN mulls ethics of 'killer robots'

09:23 [The Hindu - News] Varsity simplifies PG admission

09:25 [Reuters: politics] Obama expected to pick James Comey as next FBI chief: source

09:27 [AL JAZEERA] Fresh blasts rock Baghdad

09:28 [The Hindu - News] ‘Dalit Christians neglected’

09:31 [Deutsche Welle] Letters to NY mayor, gun control group test positive for ricin

09:31 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel, Hollande seek increased competitiveness, job creation

09:34 [The Hindu - News] The power of ideas

09:34 [The Hindu - News] ‘Super schools’ in Namakkal gear up for admission to Plus One

09:36 [Reuters] Assad says Syria has received Russian missile shipment: Lebanese media

09:37 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq violence claims more lives

09:38 [The Hindu - News] CET toppers welcome reimbursement of fees

09:38 [The Hindu - News] Self-imposed ban bars fishermen from venturing into Sri Lanka

09:38 [New Internationalist] Country Profile: Indonesia

09:42 [The Hindu - News] Comply with RTI Act, Vizag officials told

09:42 [The Hindu - News] No more coal dust from Vizag Port

09:43 [CNN] Victims of Australian child abuse scandal look for peace

09:44 [The Hindu - News] Visakhapatnam gears up for ‘World No Tobacco Day’

09:44 [The Hindu - News] 500 more trees to be raised in YSR Park at Visakhapatnam

09:44 [The Hindu - News] Nod for Raiwada pipeline project

09:46 [The Hindu - News] EVMs inspected in Visakhapatnam

09:48 [The Hindu - News] Two summer trains between Hyderabad - Kakinada

09:48 [The Hindu - News] Manginapudi beach ideal destination for tourists

09:48 [The Hindu - News] 5 more years for modernisation of Krishna delta?

09:48 [The Hindu - News] New norms to spur green development in coastal regions

09:49 [AL JAZEERA] Assad to 'respond to Israeli attack'

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Gandhi Hill drain to get a facelift

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Prepare for floods in Vijayawada districts, officials told

09:50 [The Hindu - News] 125 unrecognised schools in Vijayawada

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Vijayawada NGO uses ‘Snakes & ladders’ to help TB and HIV patients

09:51 [Guardian] Heathrow to name noisy airlines

09:51 [Financial Times] EU agrees to end decades of overfishing

09:51 [Financial Times] US soldier in Afghan murders plea deal

09:54 [Telegraph] Europe to take Britain to court over immigrant benefits

09:54 [Telegraph] Does anyone know the rules to Monopoly?

09:54 [Telegraph] EDL supporters exposed in hacked list

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Consumer forum orders builder to rectify defective apartments

09:55 [AL JAZEERA] Assad vows response to Israeli attack

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Dharmarajan retracts charges against Kurien

09:58 [The Hindu - News] No decision on deputy CM post: Chandy

10:00 [The Hindu - News] NSS, SNDP nominees resign from Devaswom Board

10:00 [The Hindu - News] No objection to Chennithala becoming Deputy CM: Mani

10:02 [The Hindu - News] Sashay the roads in raincoats

10:04 [Pravda] Bashar Assad receives first batch of Russian S-300 systems

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Court temporarily lifts ban on Comedy Central

10:08 [BBC: Science & Environment] HIV inner shell structure revealed

10:10 [Telegraph] Driver to be investigated after 17 whiplash claims in eight years

10:10 [Telegraph] Afghanistan war has cost every British household more than £2,000, new book claims

10:10 [Reuters] Family of Penn's Paterno to join lawsuit against NCAA -attorney

10:15 [New Statesman] Grant Shapps rebuked for misrepresenting benefit statistics

10:16 [Reuters] China says has no need to steal U.S. military secrets

10:17 [The Hindu - News] Sreesanth’s friend gets bail

10:18 [] Syria has already received S-300 missile shipment from Russia, Assad says

10:18 [Big Think] Forget Work-Life Balance. The Question is Rest Versus Effort.

10:20 [New Statesman] Grant Shapps rebuked by UK Statistics Authority for misrepresenting benefit figures

10:20 [New Statesman] Beware the undertow on the Jersey Shore

10:22 [Pravda] Adam Levine explains his four words

10:25 [The Hindu - News] 13 killed in Iraq bomb attacks

10:26 [Deutsche Welle] Migrants to Thailand face new exploitation

10:30 [New Statesman] Morning Wrap: today's top business stories

10:30 [New Statesman] China’s Shuanghui International to acquire Smithfield Foods for $4.7bn

10:30 [New Statesman] Berkshire Hathaway’s power unit agrees to buy NV Energy for $5.6bn

10:31 [Guardian] British businessman missing in Japan

10:31 [Guardian] April Jones jury to deliberate for second day - in tweets

10:35 [Pravda] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev starts speaking, tells his mother he's fine

10:38 [Reuters] Assad says Syria received Russian missile shipment: Lebanese media

10:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Bon Jovi waive concert fee in Spain

10:40 [Truthdig] Engineering

10:40 [Truthdig] Christie And Obama

10:41 [Pravda] Two gay men tie the knot in France officially

10:43 [Guardian] Syria: first shipment of Russian missiles has arrived, says Assad – live updates

10:44 [Fox News] CONSUMER 'CONFUSION':Many Could Lose Health Policies Under ObamaCare

10:44 [Fox News] FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE: Navy Invests in High-Tech Ships Amid Missile Threats

10:45 [The Hindu - News] World-class education in government school

10:47 [The Hindu - News] Local bodies should ensure proper waste disposal, says MLA

10:47 [The Hindu - News] Health care programme for women in farm sector launched

10:48 [] Israel's public housing law may soon be revoked, due to treasury pressure

10:49 [Guardian] Georgia Williams: man arrested on suspicion of murder

10:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Liberace film watched by 2.4 million

10:51 [The Hindu - News] Haridath case: court adjourns bail plea hearing

10:53 [CNN: Crime] Court in Brazil grants bail to defendants in deadly nightclub fire

10:53 [The Hindu - News] CPI decries move to amend Act

10:55 [The Hindu - News] 10,000 encroachers to get title deeds

10:55 [The Hindu - News] State can meet Maoist threat: Thiruvanchoor

10:56 [Telegraph] Woolwich attack: anti-terror funding cut in borough where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed

10:56 [Telegraph] Children with disabilities face bullying and even murder, UN report says

10:56 [Telegraph] Julia Gillard attacked with a sandwich... again

10:57 [Financial Times] Manufacturing underpins Philippine growth

10:57 [The Hindu - News] Assam, Goa cricket associations seek Srinivasan’s ouster

10:57 [The Hindu - News] Kiran to seek national status for Pranahita, Polavaram

10:59 [Guardian] Ricin letters sent to New York mayor Michael Bloomberg

10:59 [BBC: Health] EU sues Spain in health card dispute

11:02 [CNET News] Samsung's flagship phone gets smaller cousin: Galaxy S4 Mini

11:02 [CNN: Money] Japan stocks plunge again

11:02 [Global Voices] Workers and Security Forces Clash in the North of Mauritania

11:03 [Spiegel] Botched Thefts: Police Warn of Exploding Train Ticket Machines

11:03 [CNN] Baghdad blasts kill 8, wound 33

11:04 [The Hindu - News] Vijayashanti’s meeting with Kiran creates a flutter

11:04 [CNN] Man to appear in London court over soldier's killing

11:07 [Deutsche Welle] IMD competitiveness study sees US on top, Germany ranked 9th

11:07 [Deutsche Welle] UN report finds disabled children among the world's most marginalized

11:07 [Voice of America] VOA News: UN Chief: Progress Slow on Syria Peace Talks

11:07 [CNN] Soldier slain on London street was a machine gunner, drummer, dad

11:08 [The Hindu - News] 135 BT assistants receive transfer orders in Tiruchi

11:08 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi toll free numbers for water supply, child marriage complaints

11:08 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi BHEL safety meet aims at zero accident complex

11:08 [The Hindu - News] Kacheguda-Madurai weekly service from June 1

11:08 [The Hindu - News] Port rejects LuLu plea for return of money

11:08 [BBC: Entertainment] Five original TV series for Amazon

11:10 [The Hindu - News] Timeline for Tiruchu school admissions under RTE issued

11:12 [The Hindu - News] Steep drop in temperatures

11:12 [Telegraph] Brussels takes Britain to EU court over immigrant benefits

11:12 [Telegraph] Israel to build 1,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem

11:12 [Telegraph] Pollution is rising because of cheap coal, says environment boss Lord Smith

11:12 [Telegraph] Special Forces 'snatched' Woolwich murder suspect from Kenya

11:15 [CBC: politics] 3-month 'fiasco' raises questions about disability savings fund

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Timeline for Tiruchi school admissions under RTE issued

11:17 [Guardian] Japan's Nikkei tumbles 5%, but eurozone confidence picks up - live

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Jagan’s supporter ends life

11:18 [] Drought tax: the most effective method of boosting water conservation in Israel

11:18 [Big Think] Why Perfectionists Won't Finish First

11:19 [AL JAZEERA] Everest climber sets uphill record

11:20 [Truthdig] Taxes and Gravity

11:20 [Truthdig] Defense Seal

11:20 [Truthdig] Bachmann Out

11:20 [Truthdig] Chain of Command

11:21 [New Statesman] What the scandal of the Doncaster Belles tells us about modern football

11:21 [Fox News] FAKE HERO TO KILLER?Man's Plot to Be Hero Ends In Teen's Death, Cops Say

11:22 [The Hindu - News] Poor response to solar energy projects in Krishna district

11:24 [CBC: politics] A crusader's legacy: How Henry Morgentaler changed Canada's laws

11:24 [CNN] English FA and West Brom embroiled in Claudio Yacob transfer dispute

11:26 [Reuters] Economic mood in euro zone brightens again in May

11:26 [New Statesman] Are Playboy bunnies feminism’s biggest paradox?

11:28 [Telegraph] Georgia Williams disappearance: friend arrested on suspicion of her murder

11:28 [The Hindu - News] Direct cash transfer will not lead to misuse: Montek

11:28 [Pravda] Dolce and Gabbana to be jailed for 2.5 years

11:31 [New Statesman] "It is wrong for Network Rail to be paying out such large sums to senior managers”

11:31 [New Statesman] Finally there's agreement that payday lending needs to be tackled. But how?

11:33 [] Superland to reconsider Arab-Jewish segregation policy in wake of uproar

11:34 [New Internationalist] Welcome to Manila, the gates of hell

11:35 [Voice of America] VOA News: Wave of Violence Continues in Iraq

11:35 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Another down day beckons

11:35 [CNN: Money] Track futures and pre-market movers

11:35 [Guardian] Syria: first shipment of Russian S-300 missiles has arrived, says Assad – live updates

11:36 [The Hindu - News] Intensely Chettinad

11:37 [Guardian] Painkillers can increase risk of heart attack, study says

11:37 [Guardian] UK 'will not cave in' on EU migrant benefits

11:39 [BBC: Education] Independence 'no risk' to uni fees

11:42 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband voted less competent than Gordon Brown

11:42 [Telegraph] Crocodile kills Indonesian man fishing for crabs

11:42 [CNN: Money] Sellers calling the shots on home deals

11:48 [Fox News] Many Americans May Lose Current Health Policies Under ObamaCare

11:48 [Fox News] 'IT ISN'T APPROPRIATE': Holder Plan to Keep Press Talks Off Record Hits Snag

11:49 [Fox News] 7 killed after tractor-trailer, minivan crash in New York

11:50 [CBC: politics] Probe into AECL contracts hushed up

11:51 [CNN: Money] Japan stocks plunge 5%

11:51 [CNN: Money] The man behind @GSElevator

11:51 [CNN: Money] Pittsburgh becomes expat hot spot

11:51 [CNN: Money] Federal disability trust fund on the brink

11:51 [CNN] Africa's 'new cities': Urban future or utopian fantasies?

11:55 [Slashdot] New Best Way To Nuke a Short-Notice Asteroid

11:57 [Deutsche Welle] Courageous comedians challenge dictators with punch lines

12:00 [CNN: Money] Got a Swiss bank account? Time to fess up.

12:00 [CNN: Money] Investors doubt Spain's rosy economic picture

12:00 [Slate Magazine] Heel

12:01 [BBC: Health] Sick Salvadoran woman denied abortion

12:03 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Roberts Mbabazi, Brewing Industry Opportunities In Uganda

12:03 [Good] Flying Lab: This Solar Plane is Breaking World Records

12:03 [Good] Would You Trade in Your Car for This App?

12:03 [Good] Documenting the Egyptian Revolution Through Street Art

12:03 [Good] Makin' Sense: What Apple's Dodgy Tax Strategy Means for Your Finances

12:03 [BBC: Education] Students get 'extreme tweet' skills

12:07 [Deutsche Welle] Austerity chokes off Spanish economy

12:07 [Deutsche Welle] Syria 'receives' Russian S-300 air defense system

12:10 [BBC: Science & Environment] AUDIO: Australian crocodile 'can puncture boat'

12:11 [Financial Times] India’s power shortage is economic drain

12:12 [Guardian] Japan's Nikkei tumbles 5%, but eurozone economic confidence picks up - live

12:12 [New Statesman] The Guardian has a coffee shop now.

12:12 [Reuters] Troops patrol Myanmar city after violence, Muslims hide

12:12 [Financial Times] Grim view for Iran industry ahead of poll

12:12 [Financial Times] Tehran puts focus on diplomacy with Damascus

12:14 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg: we will strike a balance on 'snoopers charter' after Woolwich attack

12:14 [Telegraph] Bland reaches out to Dull and Boring

12:16 [Slate Magazine] Sexy and I Know It

12:16 [BBC: Entertainment] Underground Warhol dispute settled

12:17 [CNN: Money] Apple's new security system has holes

12:17 [AL JAZEERA] S Korea rally presses for Kaesong reopening

12:18 [Big Think] Why We Resist Our Inner Calling

12:23 [Reuters] Pakistani Taliban pick new number two after drone strike: sources

12:28 [Telegraph] Man threatens to blow up government building over misspelt sign

12:32 [The Hindu - News] The fabled forest

12:33 [Spiegel] WWII Drug: The German Granddaddy of Crystal Meth

12:36 [The Hindu - News] Notice to accused on plea to call Anil Ambani as 2G case witness

12:38 [Amnesty International] India: Maoist attack puts civilians at risk of further violence

12:38 [] Superland amusement park to reconsider Arab-Jewish segregation policy

12:39 [CNN] Man appears in London court over soldier's killing

12:41 [Reuters] Chinese media rejects accusation of pressure on EU in solar row

12:41 [CNET News] EC leader calls for unified European mobile networks

12:41 [OpEdNews] National Short Story Month: Five Questions with Five More Writers

12:43 [CNN: Money] Track futures

12:46 [Fox News: politics] Holder runs into roadblocks on off-the-record meetings with news organizations

12:47 [Reuters] Exclusive: Japan public pension mulls shift after stock rally - sources

12:47 [BBC: Health] EU warns Spain in health card row

12:48 [Guardian] Michael Adebowale appears in court for Woolwich murder

12:48 [Russia Today] 2014 Sochi Olympic medals unveiled

12:48 [Amnesty International] Human rights education changes lives in Africa

12:48 [Amnesty International] “Without human rights education, policy remains theory”

12:48 [The Hindu - News] Remembering Vina Mazumdar

12:50 [CNET News] New $229 iPod Touch loses rear camera, color options

12:51 [AL JAZEERA] Ugandan police end newspaper siege

12:52 [New Statesman] Is Osborne about to abolish the culture department?

12:52 [Reuters] Crisis states lead way as euro zone's economic mood brightens

12:53 [Russia Today] Russia's up 6 points in the world competitiveness ranking

12:53 [] Tourist tip #248 / Za'atar, the spice of Israel

12:53 [] Israel's capital market has too much money ahead (and that's a problem)

12:58 [The Hindu - News] Pregnant runner wins women’s Everest Marathon

12:59 [CNN: Money] U.S. stocks set to shrug off Japan drop

12:59 [CNN: Money] Mobile surging, wearables will be huge

12:59 [CNN: Money] Pinterest CEO is cautious about making money

13:00 [Telegraph] Bland's plan to link with Dull and Boring

13:00 [Telegraph] Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation: 10 reasons why Heathrow should be renamed

13:00 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 30 May 2013

13:00 [Telegraph] Never-before-seen scrapbook from Queen's body double published

13:02 [CNN] Warning: Men's natural sex supplements may not be

13:02 [CNN] Stroke recovery: One woman's story

13:03 [Russia Today] Russia's Renova invests $400 mn in African solar energy

13:07 [Deutsche Welle] Rallying behind Russia's 'foreign agent' Levada Center

13:07 [Deutsche Welle] Apple likely to ease dependence on Foxconn

13:08 [The Hindu - News] First batch of Russian missiles delivered to Syria, says Al-Assad

13:11 [CNET News] Honda heats up EV battle with reduced lease price

13:11 [CNET News] Apple and the DOJ face off over e-book price fixing (FAQ)

13:11 [zero hedge] Nikkei Plunges Another 5% But "Unsourced" Stick Save Arrives Just In Time

13:13 [Russia Today] BP pushes for ‘blocking’ rights in Rosneft merger

13:13 [CNN: Health] Stroke recovery: One woman's story

13:13 [CNN: Health] My stroke recovery story

13:13 [CNN: Health] Natural sex supplements may not be

13:14 [Financial Times] Influential lobbyists push Keystone plan

13:15 [AL JAZEERA] Myanmar 'reaches truce' with Kachin rebels

13:16 [Telegraph] LS Lowry doodles given to his favourite hotel waiter sell for more than £60,000

13:16 [Telegraph] Armed robber employed as NHS chief on six-figure salary

13:16 [Telegraph] Do tell your daughter she is beautiful, Nick Clegg says

13:16 [Telegraph] Good degree grade 'worth extra £2,000 a year in wages'

13:16 [Telegraph] Woolwich attack: Michael Adebowale appears in court accused of soldier's murder

13:16 [Telegraph] Mike Hancock could have Liberal Democrat whip suspended over sex assault court case

13:16 [OpEdNews] Immortality Technologist/Evangelizer ; Dmitry Itskov Interview Transcript

13:16 [OpEdNews] Bachmann's House of Cards: Mostly Jokers ... And Glenn Beck.

13:16 [OpEdNews] A Slight Blow to Monsanto: Jury Finds Peaceful Farmer Does Not Need Licenses

13:16 [The Hindu - News] Qatar government backs tighter online media codes

13:18 [NPR] Book News: Sci-Fi Author Jack Vance Dies At 96

13:19 [CNN: Money] David Petraeus joining KKR

13:19 [CNN: Money] Brad Garlinghouse: How to make it in tech

13:19 [CNN: Health] Baby's teeth: What you should know

13:19 [Fox News] Tea Party Groups Sue Over Targeting

13:19 [BBC: Technology] HTML5 web locks 'stifle innovation'

13:22 [New Statesman] Extremists point to western foreign policy to explain their acts. Why do we ignore them?

13:22 [New Statesman] After Shapps' bad data, the DWP is back in the spotlight

13:23 [Fox News: politics] Connecticut lawmakers approve driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

13:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] The GOP Coalition Doesn't Just Want Limited Government

13:26 [The Atlantic: Technology] Oh, Wait, We Do Have Jetpacks! Just Only on Spacesuits

13:27 [The Hindu - News] Enter the pink ladies

13:27 [The Hindu - News] Dancing like a man

13:31 [Slate Magazine] The Director of the Theater of Horror

13:31 [BBC: Entertainment] Jenkins parts ways with Warner Bros

13:32 [Deutsche Welle] Several killed, many injured in fresh bombings in Iraq

13:32 [Telegraph] All prisoners on licence face foreign travel ban

13:32 [Telegraph] Argentine prosecutor accuses Iran of establishing Latin America terrorist networks

13:34 [Financial Times] Glimmer of hope for Europe economy

13:35 [CNN] Suspect in UK killing out of hospital, at police station

13:35 [CNN] Opinion: Bring medical misdeeds into the light

13:35 [CNN] UK police: 3 more suspects arrested in Woolwich soldier killing

13:35 [CNN] Kenya: Before British soldier's slaying, suspect was tied to terror

13:36 [Guardian] Mark Bridger found guilty of April Jones murder

13:36 [CNN] New York's 'Hot Dog Hooker' arrested by undercover cop

13:39 [] Israelis getting a lesson in manners on the Jerusalem Light Rail

13:39 [The Hindu - News] Flavours from the heart

13:41 [AL JAZEERA] Baby rescued from sewer returned to mother

13:43 [Raw Story] High doses of pain-killers such as ibuprofen ‘can cause heart attack’

13:43 [Raw Story] UN scientists warn of massive jellyfish overpopulation in the Mediterranean

13:47 [CNN] From Samba to carnival: Brazil's thriving African culture

13:47 [CNN] The Arab World's lost generation

13:47 [zero hedge] Here Are The Holdings Of The Japanese Public Pension Fund

13:47 [The Hindu - News] Toon star

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Full of verve

13:51 [The Hindu - News] Four kids buried in landslide in southern Philippines

13:52 [CNN: Politics] Inside the hunt for a leaker: State Dept., search warrants and Fox News

13:52 [New Statesman] Drought

13:53 [CNN] Incredible video captures floating science lab's Antarctic adventure

13:53 [Russia Today] First S-300 air defense systems already in Syria – Assad

13:53 [Russia Today] ‘Shocking’: Brussels sees highest infant mortality rate in Europe

13:53 [The Hindu - News] Dhoni says he will speak at the right time

13:53 [Raw Story] Man lived for years with mysterious pencil inside his head

13:53 [Raw Story] Iraq to restore ancient Arch of Ctesiphon to woo back tourists

13:53 [NPR] China's 'Pipe Baby' Out Of Hospital; With Mother's Family

13:55 [CNN: Health] Opinion: Why medical misdeeds need exposure

13:55 [CNN: Health] Dangers of sex supplements

13:58 [Russia Today] 2014 Sochi Olympic medals unveiled

13:58 [Russia Today] Russia's up 6 points in the world competitiveness ranking

13:58 [Russia Today] Russia's Renova invests $400 mn in African solar energy

13:58 [Russia Today] BP pushes for ‘blocking’ rights in Rosneft merger

13:58 [Russia Today] First S-300 air defense systems already in Syria – Assad

13:58 [Russia Today] ‘Shocking’: Brussels sees highest infant mortality rate in Europe

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Exit of the TV age?

14:01 [CNN: Money] Come clean on Swiss accounts

14:01 [CNN: Money] The 5 most competitive countries in the world

14:01 [Fox News: politics] Pro-Israel organizations audited by IRS, say actions may have been coordinated

14:02 [Deutsche Welle] Croatia's EU membership spells trouble for Bosnia's farmers

14:02 [CBC: politics] Alward's Senate reform plans on hold

14:02 [Telegraph] April Jones murder trial: how a normal school day ended in horror

14:02 [Telegraph] April Jones murder trial: Mark Bridger confessed to dismembering body and throwing it in river

14:02 [Telegraph] April Jones murder trial: how Mark Bridger shunned his middle class upbringing for a life of lies and violence

14:02 [Telegraph] April Jones murder trial: Mark Bridger watched clips of violent rape scene before abducting five year-old

14:02 [Telegraph] April Jones murder trial: how Mark Bridger tried to find an excuse at every turn

14:02 [Telegraph] April Jones murder trial: Mark Bridger found guilty

14:03 [Russia Today] US media execs rebuff Holder’s closed-door wiretap scandal meeting

14:03 [Raw Story] Forty-two kids advance to semi-finals in National Spelling Bee

14:03 [Raw Story] Mother takes son’s police shooting case to UN Human Rights Committee

14:04 [Reuters] China says it has no need to steal U.S. military secrets

14:04 [Reuters] Baghdad blasts kill 14, extending sectarian bloodshed

14:06 [The Hindu - News] CBI summons IB official in Ishrat Jahan encounter

14:06 [CNN] Riding a motorcycle to school

14:06 [CNN] Brazil unveils shaky answer to the vuvuzela for World Cup

14:06 [CNN] Brazil's middle-class boom -- but are they tempting a bust?

14:08 [Russia Today] ‘We don’t need US military secrets’: Beijing slams White House theft claim

14:08 [Raw Story] Gulf states ‘may place Hezbollah on terror list’

14:08 [Raw Story] Starbucks ‘toilet water’ coffee prompts outrage in Hong Kong

14:09 [] U.S. Jewish leaders cautiously optimistic after meeting with Sharansky over Western Wall access

14:09 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian opposition to boycott Geneva talks

14:11 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: May 30

14:13 [CNN] Man convicted of murdering missing girl in Wales

14:14 [BBC: Technology] Samsung launches Galaxy S4 Mini

14:15 [CNN] Saudi Tweeter gets cyber-pummeling over sex harassment mistranslation

14:15 [CNN] Museum gives close-up view of Henry VIII's Mary Rose warship

14:16 [Fox News] Calif. man arrested after shooting at burglary suspects- Cops kill grandpa responding to burglary alarm

14:16 [Fox News] Chinese baby freed from sewer pipe returned to mom

14:16 [Fox News] Conn. lawmakers approve driver's licenses for illegals

14:16 [Fox News] Disney World visitor, grandson find loaded gun on ride

14:16 [The Hindu - News] Mostly about books

14:16 [The Hindu - News] Assad admits delivery of first batch of Russian missiles

14:16 [Reuters] Hollande reform defiance sparks German anger

14:18 [The Hindu - News] Syrian opposition won’t participate in Geneva talks

14:18 [Russia Today] UK divided: Islam used as scapegoat in extremist attacks?

14:18 [Telegraph] Train kills four elephants in eastern India

14:22 [Financial Times] European business complains over lost China revenues

14:22 [CNN] Opinion: When mom earns more, it's tough on dad

14:22 [Reuters] Analysis: Hungary hails victory of 'Orbanomics' but there's a cost

14:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] It Might Finally Be Time for the 'Nuclear Option' in the Senate

14:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] Your Tax Dollars at Work: The DEA Renovates Its Propaganda Museum

14:26 [CNN: Politics] Human error blamed in deaths of 7 Marines during training

14:29 [Pravda] Soviet nuclear shelter could stand 100-kiloton nuclear strike

14:30 [Slashdot] EFF Makes Formal Objection to DRM In HTML5

14:30 [The Hindu - News] Ode to Muruga

14:30 [The Hindu - News] A slice of the sea

14:31 [zero hedge] Gold Bar “Supply Constraints” In Singapore Sees Record Premiums

14:34 [CNN] The Belles toll: Women's game in uproar over 'joke' decision

14:34 [CBC: politics] FFAW weighs pros, cons of minimum processing

14:36 [The Hindu - News] Man accused of killing British soldier appears in court

14:36 [The Hindu - News] The Omega-3 issue

14:39 [NPR] VIDEO: Miranda Lambert's Tears At 'Healing In The Heartland'

14:40 [The Hindu - News] Coir village and international centre planned in Alappuzha

14:41 [CNN] Opinion: The real, and dirty, Obama scandal

14:42 [CNET News] New cases hint at iPad 5 with thinner bezel

14:42 [Guardian] Mark Bridger found guilty of the abduction and murder of April Jones

14:43 [Raw Story] Thirty-mile ‘ice jam’ floods Alaska town and forces residents to flee

14:43 [zero hedge] EU27 Youth Unemployment Hits 23.5%

14:43 [zero hedge] First Shipment Of Russian S-300 Rockets Arrives In Syria

14:43 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian opposition to boycott Geneva talks

14:44 [The Hindu - News] How to make… Kuzhambu maavu upma

14:44 [The Hindu - News] Consecration after 160 years

14:46 [] State Department Inspector General Investigating Keystone XL Contractor ERM's Conflicts of Interest

14:46 [] US Accused of Politicizing Weapons of Mass Destruction

14:47 [BBC: Education] Women with a first 'earn no more'

14:47 [Deutsche Welle] Cambodia advised to mend its textile industry

14:48 [CNN] Let's talk about autism in public spaces

14:48 [Raw Story] Study offers intriguing new theory to explain why Venus doesn’t have oceans

14:48 [Raw Story] U.S. and European firms take different paths in aftermath of Bangladesh factory tragedy

14:48 [The Hindu - News] Peerless propagator

14:48 [The Hindu - News] Tuneful stopover

14:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Edinburgh Fringe line-up announced

14:50 [The Hindu - News] Police action traumatised anti-dam tribals in MP

14:51 [CNN: Crime] Boy pleads not guilty to killing sister

14:52 [CNN: Money] U.S. economy continues sluggish recovery

14:53 [The Hindu - News] Out of Africa

14:53 [CNET News] Apple patent application eyes eye-tracking technology

14:53 [Fox News: politics] US economy grew 2.4 percent in first quarter

14:53 [Big Think] Behavioral Economics Can Solve Alimony Meltdowns and Motherhood Wars

14:55 [CNN] Chinese baby, rescued from toilet, is released to grandparents

14:55 [Voice of America] VOA News: Syrian Opposition Demands Assad Departure Deadline

14:57 [The Hindu - News] Dec 16 incident casts its shadow in Women Deliver conference

14:57 [The Hindu - News] My five: Sukanya Shaji

14:57 [The Hindu - News] Art in transition

14:57 [The Hindu - News] Muscle power fails to move government

14:59 [The Hindu - News] You are hired

14:59 [The Hindu - News] The man behind the mask

14:59 [The Hindu - News] Spot-fixing scandal: 4 more arrested in Delhi

14:59 [The Hindu - News] Daredevils ramp it… in style

14:59 [The Hindu - News] Dunkin em’ in

14:59 [The Hindu - News] Beat the heat

14:59 [Slashdot] Writer Jack Vance Dead At 96

15:00 [zero hedge] Bad News Is Good As GDP, Claims Miss Pushes Futures Higher; Five States' Data "Estimated"

15:00 [CNN: Crime] Threatening letters to Bloomberg test positive for ricin

15:00 [CNN: Crime] Lawyer: Soldier to plead guilty in killing of 16 Afghan villagers

15:00 [CNN: Crime] Boy denies killing sister

15:03 [The Hindu - News] Adding gestures to his lyrics

15:03 [The Hindu - News] Young entrepreneurs

15:03 [Spiegel] Austerity Auction: Paris Cleans Out the Palace Wine Cellar

15:03 [Disinformation] Germany To Use Anti-Graffiti Drones

15:05 [The Hindu - News] Unusual theme, well-handled

15:07 [Deutsche Welle] Europeans drop summer holiday travel as austerity bites

15:07 [Deutsche Welle] Singapore Airlines places huge orders with Boeing, Airbus

15:09 [The Hindu - News] The fizz is intact

15:09 [CNN: Crime] Man convicted of murdering missing girl in Wales

15:10 [BBC: Entertainment] Five Stairsteps singer Burke dies

15:11 [The Hindu - News] We are Game

15:11 [The Hindu - News] New initiative to boost family planning services for vulnerable groups launched

15:11 [CNET News] Waze directs drivers to Facebook events

15:11 [CNET News] No Start button for Windows 8.1

15:12 [zero hedge] "No Warning Can Save People Determined To Grow Suddenly Rich"

15:13 [Truthout] Life on Penalty of Death

15:14 [The Atlantic: International] Sex and Drug Charges: Post-Soviet Governments' New Weapons Against Activists

15:14 [NPR] New Data Confirm That Economy Isn't Growing As Fast As Hoped

15:14 [NPR] Arab Americans: A 'Growing' Community, But By How Much?

15:14 [] Date set for Syria peace talks, but opposition threatens boycott amid Assad 'massacres'

15:17 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

15:19 [CNN: Money] 5 most competitive countries

15:19 [The Hindu - Opinion] At home in Mumbai

15:19 [The Hindu - News] Keshava Rao, 2 Congress MPs join TRS

15:21 [BBC: Entertainment] Strike action affects UK museums

15:21 [The Hindu - News] Keshava Rao, 2 Congress MPs to join TRS

15:22 [Fox News] 'POWERFUL MESSAGE': Tea Party Groups Sue Over IRS Targeting

15:24 [Truthout] Hundreds Protest Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees in North Carolina

15:25 [New Internationalist] Sold to the sea: trafficking in the Thai fishing industry

15:25 [BBC: Also in the news] Caption Challenge: Take aim

15:25 [BBC: Also in the news] Odd names for people's loved ones

15:25 [BBC: Also in the news] 10 reasons why so many people are moving to Texas

15:25 [BBC: Also in the news] How the Coronation kick-started the love of television

15:26 [The Atlantic: Technology] Could the NYT Mag 'My Plane Almost Crashed' Story Actually Be True?

15:27 [BBC: Also in the news] Did The Rite of Spring really spark a riot?

15:27 [BBC: Also in the news] Global flight paths: Five interpretations

15:27 [BBC: Also in the news] The 'comfort women' for whom WWII never stopped

15:27 [The Hindu - News] New mediums, new horizons

15:27 [CNET News] Apple touch screen could react to the force of your touch

15:28 [Guardian] Assad says Russian S-300 missiles have arrived in Syria

15:28 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Spanish hospital 'wanted credit cards'

15:28 [Russia Today] EU taking UK to court over migrants’ benefits test

15:28 [Raw Story] UN expert demands moratorium on killer ‘robot’ weapons

15:29 [Truthout] Good Consumers, Bad Citizens

15:29 [The Hindu - News] On a nostalgic note

15:29 [The Hindu - News] Moments in oil

15:31 [Financial Times] US first-quarter growth revised lower

15:32 [BBC: Technology] Start button returns to Windows

15:33 [The Hindu - News] Man behind the golden voice

15:33 [Voice of America] Wave of Violence Continues in Iraq

15:34 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Spain hospital 'wanted my credit card'

15:36 [Telegraph] El Salvador says no abortion for seriously ill woman

15:36 [Telegraph] Letters reveal plans for 1914 Christmas time football matches were stopped by superiors

15:36 [Telegraph] Baby 59: newborn found in sewage pipe in China 'leaves hospital with grandparents'

15:37 [The Hindu - News] End of a laya line

15:37 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

15:38 [Reuters] Besieged Syria rebels plead for help, Assad confident

15:38 [Slashdot] Casting a Harsh Light On Chinese Solar Panels

15:38 [Raw Story] Rep. Rush blasts Rep. Kirk’s ‘elitist white boy’ plan to jail ’18,000 black men’

15:39 [The Hindu - News] A scribe never retires

15:40 [The Progressive] Chart a pathway to citizenship without border walls

15:41 [CBC: politics] Harper goes on attack as Duffy, Wallin questions mount

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Facets of a legend

15:42 [OpEdNews] An Anti-War Blockbuster

15:43 [CNN: Money] Apple security system has holes

15:43 [The Hindu - News] The city’s posh promenade

15:44 [NPR] Top Stories: FBI Pick; New Severe Weather Warnings

15:44 [] Israel holding more than 100 prisoners, including minors, in isolation under harsh conditions

15:45 [Fox News] A Smaller (Cheaper?) S4

15:46 [AL JAZEERA] Rescued baby returned to mother in China

15:46 [CNN: Money] Are we at risk of another banking crisis?

15:47 [CNN] Photos: National Spelling Bee champions

15:47 [The Hindu - News] The city’s posh promenade

15:48 [Russia Today] Rebel rehab: Former Gitmo prisoners to be ‘de-programmed’ in Yemen

15:49 [CNN: Living] Talking about autism in public

15:49 [NPR] Tornadoes, Severe Storms Again In Forecast

15:49 [Truthout] Jamaica Kincaid: The Things We Must Say

15:49 [Truthout] Learning Indicator

15:49 [The Hindu - News] For gender equality

15:49 [The Hindu - News] Nava rasa at his command

15:50 [Telegraph] Syria opposition: no peace talks until Hizbollah and Iran halt their 'invasion'

15:50 [Telegraph] Bon Jovi drops Spain concert fee

15:50 [Telegraph] Village dog show descends into a brawl

15:50 [Telegraph] Verb for 'French kiss' finally enters the French dictionary

15:51 [Slate Magazine] From Fashion to Films

15:51 [Spiegel] Unprotected: How�Legalizing Prostitution Has Failed

15:52 [CNN: Money] Got a Swiss bank account? Time to fess up

15:53 [CNET News] Hulu International chief Larcher steps down -- report

15:53 [Raw Story] Cop kills Costco worker who ‘frightened’ her boss with knife

15:54 [BBC: Science & Environment] Spring will be 'coldest in 50 years'

15:55 [Truthout] Deep Science

15:56 [The Atlantic: Technology] 'Hovv Yov Ovght to Hold Your Penne'

15:57 [Slashdot] Iron In Egyptian Relics Came From Space

15:58 [The Hindu - News] Woman leaps to death from gym as fire breaks out in Hyderabad

15:58 [The Hindu - News] CHAATing up!

15:59 [CNN] Will mammoths be brought back to life? Blood find fuels cloning hopes

16:00 [The Hindu - News] Smoking out a killer

16:00 [The Hindu - News] CBI seeks Anil Ambani, wife as witnesses in 2G case

16:00 [CNET News] Get Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire Complete (PC) for $9.99

16:01 [CNN: Money] Japan jitters don't rattle U.S. stocks

16:02 [CNET News] Music discovery app Shazam launches for Windows Phone 8

16:02 [zero hedge] ECB Warns Calm Before Storm Ending

16:02 [zero hedge] The US Economy Is "Off The Lows"

16:03 [BBC: Technology] Start button returns to Windows 8

16:03 [Disinformation] DisinfoCast: 59: Sam Sheridan, ‘The Disaster Diaries’

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Say no to tobacco

16:04 [NPR] Paterno Family To Sue NCAA To Reverse Sandusky Sanctions

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Puffing away

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Ankeet Chavan gets interim bail for his marriage

16:09 [New Statesman] All white on the night

16:09 [CNET News] Bluestacks extends GamePop's free console giveaway

16:09 [Voice of America] VOA News: London Attack Suspect Appears in Court

16:10 [Red Pepper] Upholding a coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship

16:11 [Slate Magazine] Arrested Development, Season 4

16:11 [Spiegel] 'Abyss of Autocracy': A Protest Movement Simmers in Kuwait

16:13 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Restoring Slovenia's Erased

16:13 [BBC: Entertainment] Hometown launch for Stone Roses film

16:14 [The Hindu - News] Mausam (1975)

16:14 [The Hindu - News] Courageous act

16:16 [CNN] STD site partners with school district

16:17 [CNN: Politics] Opinion: Myths about Obamacare

16:18 [zero hedge] This Is Your Market On Centrally-Planned Steroids

16:18 [The Hindu - News] 20 killed in Iraq bomb attacks

16:18 [Russia Today] Panasonic to cut 5,000 jobs

16:18 [Russia Today] Kill shot? Photos show Boston bombing suspect’s friend took FBI bullet to top of head

16:18 [Raw Story] Toronto mayor verified existence of crack-smoking video to staff weeks ago

16:21 [Le Monde diplomatique] The Cold War redux?

16:21 [Spiegel] Container-Mania: World's Largest Ship Christened in Hamburg

16:22 [CNN: Money] Mortgage rates are highest in a year

16:22 [CNET News] Android poised to overtake Apple in tablets, ABI says

16:22 [Guardian] Mark Bridger jailed for life for April Jones murder

16:22 [Guardian] Pakistani Taliban appoint new deputy after US drone strike

16:22 [Guardian] El Salvador judges deny abortion to seriously ill woman

16:22 [BBC: Health] HIV vaccine trial starts in London

16:23 [Telegraph] Mark Bridger found guilty of murder: how will we ever get over this, April Jones's mother asks

16:23 [Telegraph] Mars Curiosity rover locates ancient stream bed

16:24 [NPR] Even Terrorists Have To Fill Out Expense Reports

16:24 [The Hindu - News] The fizz is intact

16:25 [CNN] Summer in the park: Grand Teton

16:26 [Slate Magazine] The Real Mismatch

16:27 [CBC: politics] Baird expected to address Syria plans as missiles arrive

16:27 [CNN: Health] STD site partners with school district

16:27 [CNN] Iraq mayhem 'ready to explode' into wider conflict, U.N. official says

16:28 [Slashdot] First Looks At Windows 8.1, Complete With 'Start' Button

16:28 [CNN] Lawyer: Special ops troops gave accused killer alcohol, steroids

16:33 [Russia Today] Head of New Economic School in Moscow leaves 'for political reasons'

16:36 [Truthout] Judge Frees Patriot Coal To Eliminate Retiree Benefits for 20,000

16:36 [CNN] Rudy Giuliani Fast Facts

16:37 [Reuters] Obama administration extends life of anti-foreclosure program

16:38 [CNN: Health] Teen text: You've got STDs

16:38 [Russia Today] Russia creates $9bn bonanza for oil rig manufacturers

16:39 [Telegraph] Judge describes Mark Bridger as a paedophile harbouring 'morbid fantasies'

16:39 [Telegraph] Czech mother defies 1 in 60m odds with country's first natural quintuplets

16:39 [Telegraph] Woman jailed by 'secret court' for taking father out of care home talks for first time of her ordeal

16:39 [Telegraph] Spring to be coldest for 50 years

16:39 [Telegraph] Iran amends law on stoning for adultery

16:39 [Telegraph] April Jones's mother: I will forever live with guilt of letting her out to play

16:39 [Fox News: politics] Republican National Committee seeks documents on Benghazi

16:39 [Fox News: politics] Should Congress take a haircut? Senator says barbershop, other perks ripe for savings

16:41 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for May 30, 2013

16:41 [] Democracy Now!: Did Public Television Commit Self-Censorship to Appease Billionaire Funder David Koch?

16:41 [] Democracy Now!: As Lawmakers Target Food Stamp Funding, New Report Finds 1 in 6 in U.S. are Going Hungry

16:41 [Reuters: politics] Obama administration extends life of anti-foreclosure program

16:42 [CBC: politics] Clement says poor performers hurt public service morale

16:43 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Foreign Aid Is Afghanistan's Resource Curse

16:43 [Reuters] Could youth vote stir up next European elections?

16:43 [Russia Today] European businessmen the least confident in Chinese economy than ever

16:43 [Russia Today] ‘Foreign agents’ law may hurt economy – Russian academics

16:46 [CNN: Crime] Lawyer: Special ops troops gave accused killer alcohol, steroids

16:46 [Truthout] War on Democracy in Wisconsin: Bill Would Enact Voter ID, End Disclosure, Limit Early Voting and Expand Lobbyist Influence

16:47 [The Hindu - News] India, Thailand sign extradition treaty

16:47 [zero hedge] The Other Great Rotation?

16:47 [CNN: Politics] The hunt for a leaker

16:47 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: Teatime for Hitler

16:48 [Reuters] Baghdad bombs kill 16 in Sunni-Shi'te bloodletting

16:48 [Raw Story] Former employee: Assange tried to hide ties to man who exposed rape accuser

16:49 [] Intel joins bidding for Micron microchip plant

16:51 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC unveils 'digital' Glastonbury

16:51 [Pravda] Japan finds 'its land' in China

16:51 [Voice of America] Reuters: Karzai Denounces Taliban for Killing Countrymen

16:52 [OpEdNews] Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes Have Increased Tremendously

16:53 [The Hindu - News] The hugging one or the demanding one?

16:54 [Global Voices] Brazil: Belo Monte Dam Area Reoccupied by Natives

16:55 [CNN] Salvadoran court denies abortion to ill woman

16:57 [The Hindu - News] One man charged over Woolwich killing

16:57 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Economy Advancing, but Less Than First Estimate

16:59 [NPR] Assad Says Missiles Are There; Rebels Said To Balk At Talks

16:59 [The Hindu - News] Fantasy outing

16:59 [Slashdot] Google Advocates 7-Day Deadline For Vulnerability Disclosure

17:00 [CNET News] Dear Microsoft: Add folders to the Windows 8 Start screen

17:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] Just Look at This Photo of Ron and Rand Paul's Family With Reagan in 1976

17:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why Did the FBI Kill an Unarmed Man and Clam Up?

17:02 [Truthout] Defined by Debt: How the Strike Debt Movement Redefined Occupy

17:02 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Europe's recovery still a long way off

17:02 [OpEdNews] Leave it to Priebus

17:02 [CNN: Crime] On bail for 19 years, son born in jail works to raise $172 bond for mom

17:03 [zero hedge] Jeff Gundlach: "There Is No Such Thing As Economic Analysis Anymore"

17:03 [The Hindu - News] A sight for sore eyes

17:03 [Disinformation] Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving The Freedom Award

17:04 [NPR] Misplaced Blame On Childhood Ritalin For Later Substance Abuse

17:05 [The Hindu - News] Simply scintillating

17:05 [The Hindu - News] Course and conversations

17:05 [Truthdig] The Cold War Redux?

17:07 [The Hindu - News] India, Thailand hope to conclude FTA talks soon

17:08 [Raw Story] Grandma finds loaded gun on Walt Disney World ride

17:09 [CNN: Travel] Nature untamed: Grand Teton

17:09 [CNN: Travel] Summer in the Park: Grand Teton

17:09 [CNN: Travel] Goodbye, backscatter scanners

17:09 [CNN: Travel] On site with 'Game of Thrones'

17:09 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Positano, Italy

17:09 [CNN: Travel] Disneyland worker arrested in connection with explosion

17:09 [Telegraph] 'Hitler kettle' sells for $199 on eBay

17:09 [Telegraph] Father of Chechen killed in Boston probe wants FBI agents tried

17:09 [Telegraph] Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol Foundation settle banana fight

17:09 [The Hindu - News] Water for farming: Greenpeace slams Maharashtra Govt.

17:09 [The Hindu - News] A vision to woo

17:09 [Fox News: politics] Wisconsin appeals court: Voter photo ID constitutional

17:11 [CNET News] Glu Mobile to offer cash for gaming

17:11 [CNET News] LinkedIn gets into the business of photo sharing

17:12 [CBC: politics] Both sides in Syria must attend talks, Baird says

17:13 [The Hindu - News] Syria has first batch of Russian S-300 missiles: Assad

17:14 [Fox News] 'HERO' PLOT FOILED: Man Killed Girl in Staged Kidnap, Rescue, Police Say

17:14 [The Atlantic: International] Women Tell Dirty Jokes, Rely on Opium, and Other Insights From Afghanistan

17:14 [Guardian] Georgia Williams: search continues after man arrested on suspicion of murder

17:15 [Fox News] Man blames zombie attack for throwing concrete at hotel

17:15 [The Hindu - News] What’s inside

17:15 [The Hindu - News] UoH to release results today

17:16 [AL JAZEERA] UN court acquits Serb officials of war crimes

17:17 [zero hedge] Word Of The Day: UP, As In Stocks, Bonds And VIX

17:19 [CNN: Living] STD site partners with school district

17:19 [The Hindu - News] Notes on Kathakali

17:19 [The Hindu - News] Savouring success

17:20 [CNN] Pakistani Taliban vows to avenge death of No. 2 man

17:20 [The Progressive] Wis. Republicans Find 7 New Ways to Punish the Unemployed

17:20 [CNET News] BlackBerry Q10 landing on Verizon June 6

17:21 [CNN] Indian son works to bail mother

17:22 [OpEdNews] Redundant CIA Drone Strikes Won't End The Resistance

17:23 [Spiegel] Flight-Path Fiasco: EU Challenges Problem-Prone Berlin Airport�

17:23 [Big Think] Michael Malice's 'Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il'

17:23 [Big Think] Heating And Cooling People Instead Of Buildings

17:24 [The Hindu - News] Flawless exposition

17:25 [CNN: Crime] El Salvadoran says she needs abortion for health; court says no

17:26 [CNN] Trailer comes loose from truck, kills 7

17:26 [The Hindu - News] Painting the town creatively

17:27 [The Onion] Football Coach Who Just Cursed Out 14-Year-Old Also Special Education Teacher

17:27 [Voice of America] Reuters: Russian Forces Kill 3 Suspected Rebels in Dagestan Shootout

17:28 [The Hindu - News] Paeans to guru bhakti

17:28 [The Hindu - News] On the road to discovery

17:30 [The Hindu - News] Fab 5

17:31 [] Salvadoran Supreme Court Denies Woman Her Right to Life

17:31 [Voice of America] Jim Randle: Online Classes May Force Changes at Universities

17:32 [The Hindu - News] Tangled in tradition

17:32 [The Hindu - News] Rare sighting of Egyptian Vultures surprises bird lovers

17:33 [CNN] Families remember Oklahoma tornado victims

17:33 [CNN] Wilbur Ross Fast Facts

17:34 [NPR] Priest, Author And Critic Rev. Andrew Greeley Dies

17:36 [CNN] French presidential wine goes up for sale

17:36 [CNN] A tornado's heading your way: Now what?

17:37 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] Afghanistan: MSF Strongly Condemns Violence Against Humanitarian Workers and Facilities

17:37 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] Jordan: International Aid Urgently Needed for Syrian Refugees

17:37 [Deutsche Welle] German development minister in Uganda and Rwanda

17:38 [Raw Story] New Minnesota law spawns fresh lawsuits over decades-old priest sex abuse

17:39 [Reuters] U.N. concerned over fate of nine North Korean defectors in China

17:40 [Truthdig] The Bias in WikiLeaks Documentary ‘We Steal Secrets’

17:41 [Telegraph] Q &A: Benefits for European immigrants explained

17:41 [Telegraph] Big feet are sexy according to the Karo Batak in Indonesia

17:41 [Telegraph] Georgia Williams: police search woodland 20 miles from missing 17 year-old's home

17:42 [OpEdNews] Collective Occlusion: American Narratives and Silencing of Important Cultural Memories

17:43 [Le Monde diplomatique] Senior citizens around the world

17:46 [CNN: Health] Baby's dental health: The facts

17:46 [CNN: Health] Tracking a deadly virus

17:46 [CNN: Health] Fighting for childbirth rights in China

17:46 [CNN: Health] Salvadoran court denies abortion to ill woman

17:46 [CNN: Health] New virus takes more lives

17:49 [] High Court justice removed from panel hearing petition against his West Bank settlement

17:52 [Voice of America] Lisa Bryant: In France, Gay Marriage Law Debate Continues

17:52 [CNN] Source: Letter to NY mayor threatened violence if guns were seized

17:52 [CNN] Famous Okies pull off benefit in bad weather

17:52 [Reuters: politics] More than 100 insurers sign up for Obama healthcare exchanges: memo

17:53 [Raw Story] Hollywood filmmakers engage in ‘artistic surrender’ to keep markets in China open

17:55 [BBC: Science & Environment] Key EU fishing reform deal clinched

17:56 [Slate Magazine] Confusing Sanctions Are Aiding Government Repression

17:57 [Le Monde diplomatique] To innovate is to fight

17:57 [Le Monde diplomatique] DRC's battle against mosquitoes

17:57 [Le Monde diplomatique] The Millennium health challenges

17:57 [Le Monde diplomatique] Making history together

17:57 [Le Monde diplomatique] Francophone Africa fights AIDS

17:57 [Le Monde diplomatique] We come from the future

17:58 [CNN: Technology] Motorola's Moto X phone to be made in the U.S.

17:59 [NPR] Smelted In Space? Ancient Iron Beads Linked To Meteorite

18:00 [Slashdot] California Bill Would Mandate Open Access To Publicly Funded Research

18:00 [CBC: politics] Harper speaks to reporters with Chilean president

18:00 [zero hedge] This Won't End Well

18:00 [CNET News] Evernote locks down three new security features

18:01 [The Onion] Statshot: Least Popular College Graduation Speakers

18:01 [CNN: Money] Elon Musk: Now you can drive a Tesla from LA to NY

18:01 [Financial Times] Merkel party figures criticise Hollande

18:01 [Spiegel] Picture This: Traffic Stopper

18:03 [CNN] New spelling champ to be chosen from among 42

18:03 [Good] Figures of Progress: Andreas Heinrich, Atomic Memory Principal Investigator

18:03 [Good] Stunning Photographs of India's Oldest Transportation System

18:03 [Financial Times] EU groups complain of lost China revenues

18:03 [Disinformation] Swaziland Bans Witches From Flying Above 150 Meters

18:04 [zero hedge] Are Gold Miners About to Explode Higher?

18:05 [CNN] Border patrol intercepts almost $1 billion in cocaine headed to U.S.

18:08 [CNN: Technology] 'Hitler' teapot goes viral

18:09 [Russia Today] Congressional research: cost of tax breaks $12 trln, benefits mostly rich

18:10 [CNET News] Google shows off vision of connected life

18:10 [Truthdig] Assange’s Australian Senate Bid Might Have What It Takes

18:11 [Slate Magazine] Sister Dearest

18:11 [Slate Magazine] DoubleX Gabfest: The Monkey Desire Edition

18:12 [CNET News] HTC One Nexus User Experience confirmed

18:13 [Reuters] Egyptian draft law dashes hopes of free civil society: activists

18:13 [Reuters] War crimes court acquits two ex-Serbian security officials

18:13 [Reuters] First quarter GDP revised slightly lower; austerity bites

18:13 [Raw Story] Fox Business host: Cut government because ‘no one’ died of starvation before welfare

18:16 [CNET News] Justin Timberlake tops billing of iTunes Festival this year

18:17 [CNN] Syrian arms embargo: Why sending weapons to rebels is a mistake

18:18 [CNN: Entertainment] Famous Okies pull off benefit

18:18 [CNN: Entertainment] Close: Zeta-Jones is 'remarkable'

18:18 [Raw Story] Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele sing ‘Epic Church and State Breakup’ in bizarre video

18:19 [Russia Today] Iconic Empire State Building goes public

18:19 [Russia Today] Man jailed for threatening Obama on Twitter

18:19 [CNN: Money] Mortgage rates highest in a year

18:22 [AL JAZEERA] Eritrea accuses Canada of 'bullying'

18:24 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pakistani Taliban Confirms Killing of Top Commander

18:24 [BBC: Health] 'First' dementia assisted suicide

18:27 [Telegraph] John McCain denies he knowingly posed with with 'rebel kidnappers' in Syria

18:27 [Telegraph] Cairo Opera on strike in protest at Muslim Brotherhood sacking of director

18:28 [CNN] Source: Obama gets suspicious letter

18:28 [CNN] Syrian arms embargo: Why more weapons to Syria is a mistake

18:28 [CNN: Money] YouTube runs a reform school for copyright violations

18:28 [Raw Story] Iran amends stoning-for-adultery law to allow judges discretion on type of execution

18:29 [CNET News] Lego brings real robotic bricks to life for PlayStation

18:30 [Voice of America] Reuters: Rwandan Held in Britain on Genocide Extradition Request

18:31 [zero hedge] Time To Sell Foreclosed Homes Hits Record

18:35 [Guardian] Iain Duncan Smith accuses European commission of benefits 'land grab'

18:35 [Guardian] Norwegian lottery millionaire buys share in footballer

18:35 [Slashdot] Pitcher-Turned-Law Student On Cheating In Baseball

18:35 [Reuters] Baghdad bombs kill 25 in Sunni-Shi'te bloodletting

18:37 [Deutsche Welle] EU probes flight paths for sputtering Berlin airport

18:37 [Deutsche Welle] Uganda lifts ban on Daily Monitor newspaper and two radio stations

18:37 [OpEdNews] Michael Klare: A Future in Arms

18:38 [CNET News] Physicists rejoice! Will Smith is one of you

18:40 [CNN: Health] Playground safety

18:41 [CNN] Iranian-American gets 25 years in plot to kill Saudi ambassador

18:41 [] 'Mechanical Slaughter' Likely If No Ban on Killer Robots, Expert Warns UN

18:43 [CNN: Politics] Granderson: Bachmann exit helps GOP scrub stupid away

18:44 [Russia Today] Regime-change case for Poirot: Syria conflict as ‘whodunnit?'

18:44 [Voice of America] Joe DeCapua: Women Bear Brunt of Population Growth

18:45 [Truthdig] Pakistani Taliban Replaces Leader Killed by Drone

18:46 [zero hedge] French Jobseekers Reach All-Time High

18:46 [zero hedge] Death of the Dollar

18:46 [Fox News] FREEZE OUT: Media Outlets Boycott AG Talks on Reporter Surveillance

18:46 [] 'Mechanical Slaughter' Likely If No Ban on Killer Robots, UN Official Warns

18:46 [Financial Times] French unions make deals on labour reform

18:47 [Financial Times] Canada turns to Kerry allies on Keystone

18:50 [] Dreyfus letter fetches nearly $500,000 at Paris auction

18:51 [CNN] Li comes up short between the showers at Roland Garros

18:52 [Reuters: politics] Rhode Island's Chafee says Obama inspired party switch

18:52 [CNET News] Google's Sundar Pichai offers 'guiding hand' for Android's user experience

18:53 [Reuters] Besieged Syria rebels seek help, Assad eyes missiles

18:55 [CBC: politics] Harper says he wouldn't have approved Duffy payment

18:56 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Google ABC Book

18:56 [Slate Magazine] Wild in the Seats

18:57 [Guardian] Bashar al-Assad says Russian S-300 missiles have arrived in Syria

18:57 [CNN] Paterno family and others file lawsuit against NCAA

18:57 [CNN] Suspicious letter for Obama intercepted

18:57 [OpEdNews] Syria Escalation Poses Growing Risk Of Regional War

18:58 [Raw Story] Tea partier: Way to change Susan Collins’ mind on immigration is to ‘shoot her’

18:58 [Raw Story] Acne benefits of contraception outweigh blood clot risk: watchdog

18:59 [Telegraph] Twelve minutes' exercise per week 'enough to stay fit'

18:59 [Telegraph] Pakistani Taliban withdraw talks offer after leader killed

19:00 [New Statesman] Evening Wrap: today's top business stories

19:01 [CNN: Money] Disability fund on the brink

19:01 [CNN: Money] Microsoft shares up 30% this year

19:01 [CNN: Money] Warren Buffett's latest newspaper acquisition

19:01 [CNN: Money] The heart of private equity's political problem

19:02 [Deutsche Welle] Elysee Palace wine cellar partly up for auction

19:03 [Disinformation] Who is Ashtar Command? (UFO religion pt. 2)

19:03 [Disinformation] How to Make Tin-Foil Hats (for beginners)

19:04 [AL JAZEERA] Myanmar Muslims seek shelter in monastery

19:04 [NPR] Another Letter Sent To The President Being Tested For Ricin

19:04 [NPR] Texas Man To Serve 25 Years In Plot To Kill Saudi Ambassador

19:05 [] Israel's Religious Services Ministry to allow non-Orthodox state-funded neighborhood rabbis

19:06 [] US Loses Billions to 'Weather Whiplash'

19:06 [] Britain's Largest Privatization in Over a Decade Underway

19:06 [] "Off the Record" Meetings with DOJ Exposes Deep Subservience of DC Press Corps

19:08 [Slashdot] Ubuntu Closes Longstanding Bug #1

19:08 [Amnesty International] Afghanistan: Attacks on humanitarian workers must end

19:09 [Guardian] Japan's Nikkei tumbles 5%; French jobless rate at new high - live

19:09 [NPR] Immigrants Subsidize, Rather Than Drain, Medicare

19:10 [CNN: Money] Home sellers are calling the shots

19:10 [CNN: Money] Crowdfunded telescope puts your photo in space

19:10 [CNN: Money] Apple's new environmental VP was inspired by Love Canal

19:12 [zero hedge] 4 'Incendiary' Charts For Trouble In Socialist Paradise

19:12 [CNN: Politics] Suspicious letter for Obama intercepted

19:14 [Russia Today] Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports

19:18 [OpEdNews] National Review Pitch Points to America's Political Pathology

19:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: Iran's Presidential Hopefuls to Face Off Friday

19:18 [The Hindu - News] Role of India Cements, Royals’ owner to be probed

19:19 [Guardian] Japan's Nikkei tumbles 5%; French jobless total hits new high - live

19:19 [CNN: Money] Elon Musk: Drive a Tesla from LA to NY - soon

19:19 [The Onion] Slideshow: 19 Tweets From The Audubon Society/Barack Obama Twitter Feud

19:19 [CNET News] Spider-Man and two Captain Americas in Hollywood brawl

19:22 [Voice of America] Nick Long: Suspected Ebola Fever Surfaces in DRC

19:22 [The Hindu - News] Assad says Syria has first batch of S-300s

19:23 [CNET News] Atheer bringing 3D augmented reality and gesture control to Android

19:26 [The Atlantic: Technology] World: We Have Lost the First Webpage. Professor: Oh, I Have a Copy of It Right Here.

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Kipling admitted to plagiarism

19:27 [Truthout] Chicago Closes 50 Public Schools, Spends $100 Million in Taxpayer Funds on Private College Stadium$100-million-in-taxpayer-funds-on-private-college-stadium

19:27 [Electronic Intifada] Israeli "social justice" movement ignores racism

19:28 [CBC: politics] Fantino's office linked to 'editorials' on government website

19:28 [Raw Story] Third ricin letter threatens Obama over ‘God-given’ gun rights

19:30 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Over Libya's Coast

19:30 [The Hindu - News] Archaeopteryx back on its perch

19:31 [BBC: Technology] Mind the app: Tube warns phone users

19:31 [Financial Times] Battle ahead to relax Swiss banking law

19:31 [Financial Times] Offshore wealth grows despite crackdown

19:31 [Fox News: politics] Secret Service: Suspicious letter to White House intercepted

19:31 [CNN: Crime] Paterno family files suit against NCAA

19:32 [zero hedge] Treasury Closes Issuance Week With Strong 7 Year Auction; Direct Takedown Second Highest Ever

19:32 [Truthout] Chicago Closes 50 Public Schools, Spends $100 Million in Taxpayer Funds on Private College Stadium

19:32 [CNN] Samsung to make a mini version of its Galaxy S4

19:32 [The Hindu - News] After Maoist attack, police dismantle big camp in Sukma

19:33 [OpEdNews] Catherine, a Sandy Hook Angel

19:33 [CNN] The startup factory behind the hit game 'Dots'

19:36 [Utne] Life Riding the Freight Trains

19:36 [The Hindu - News] First French gay marriage in tense ambience

19:37 [Reuters] Nigeria arrests Lebanese suspected of Hezbollah ties

19:37 [Deutsche Welle] Schengen states to granted more control over borders

19:37 [Deutsche Welle] Weapons exports reveal faults in German system

19:38 [The Hindu - News] Chennai hotelier’s anticipatory bail plea rejected

19:40 [The Progressive] The FBI’s Fishy Story on Killing Tsarnaev’s Friend

19:42 [Reuters] Threatening letter sent to Obama, U.S. Secret Service says

19:42 [Reuters] U.N. concerned about North Korean defectors in China

19:42 [CNN] National contest isn't bee-all and end-all

19:42 [The Hindu - News] A gutsy filmmaker whose craft transcended the confines of region

19:45 [The Hindu - News] ‘Someone with style had arrived in Bengali and Indian cinema’

19:45 [The Hindu - News] Myanmar Muslims shelter in monastery

19:45 [zero hedge] Trickle Down Works: UBS Joins Federal Reserve In Hiking Banker Salaries By 9%

19:45 [New Statesman] The Tories shouldn't assume that Miliband's unpopularity will save them

19:45 [Telegraph] Children of elderly parents at lower cancer risk

19:45 [Telegraph] Gunman opens fire in Zurich city street

19:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: Officials: Letter Sent to White House May Contain Ricin

19:47 [The Hindu - News] 12,000 more Saudi papers to be processed

19:47 [The Hindu - News] CBI wants Anil Ambani, wife summoned in 2G case

19:47 [Truthout] Did Public Television Commit Self-Censorship to Appease Billionaire Funder David Koch?

19:47 [Truthout] A Special Message from William Rivers Pitt

19:48 [Reuters: politics] Threatening letter sent to Obama, U.S. Secret Service says

19:50 [The Onion] After Careful Deliberation, Baby Goes With Homosexuality

19:50 [AL JAZEERA] Father says FBI 'executed unarmed son'

19:50 [CNN] 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts

19:50 [CNN: Technology] The rise of Chinese smartphones

19:51 [The Hindu - News] Finally, New Delhi, Bangkok sign extradition treaty

19:52 [CNET News] 'Family Ties' actress goes to college to learn coding

19:52 [Slashdot] 'Smart Gun' Firm Wants You To Fund Its Prototype

19:53 [Big Think] 1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare A Cyberwar

19:53 [Raw Story] El Salvador Denies A Woman’s Right To Life

19:54 [Russia Today] CIA whistleblower imprisoned despite prosecutor's promise

19:55 [The Hindu - News] India, Thailand hopeful of trilateral highway by 2016

19:57 [The Hindu - News] Mumbai police to question Tinku Mandi

19:59 [The Hindu - News] Money trail complete in spot-fixing case: police

19:59 [NPR] As The Clock Ticks, U.S. Forces Scale Back Afghan Goals

20:00 [CNN] Tiger Woods Fast Facts

20:01 [The Hindu - News] Maoists may target urban areas: Shinde

20:03 [Good] How Can We Fix Education? Listen to Young People

20:03 [Disinformation] Physicist Discovers Computer Code Embedded Within the Equations of String Theory

20:06 [CNN] Roger Clemens Fast Facts

20:06 [CNN] Radiation on Mars trip would have unknown health effects

20:07 [CNET News] HTC could release 5.9-inch 'phablet' later this year

20:08 [Amnesty International] European Court again chides Greece over discrimination against Roma schoolchildren

20:09 [The Hindu - News] Soni Sori gets bail in one more case

20:09 [NPR] 'Chicago Sun-Times' Fires Its Photographers

20:10 [Reuters] Germans irked as Hollande says EU cannot dictate French reforms

20:10 [] Nigeria nabs Hezbollah cell plotting attacks on Israeli, U.S. targets

20:10 [CNN: Money] Bond yields on the rise. Don't panic

20:12 [zero hedge] Virtually Entire US Media Boycotts "Off The Record" Meeting With Eric Holder

20:13 [OpEdNews] Gallup Poll Shows Republicans Are More Manipulable Than Democrats

20:13 [The Hindu - News] CBI summons IB official for ‘fake alerts’ ahead of Ishrat encounter

20:13 [Raw Story] Nigerian lawmakers enact same sex marriage ban with penalty of up to 14 years in prison

20:14 [Russia Today] Dartmouth students punished for protesting rape

20:15 [Guardian] Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebowale charged in court

20:15 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why Can't Republicans Get Any Decent Candidates to Run in Swing States?

20:15 [Telegraph] Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg sent ricin letters over gun control

20:15 [Telegraph] Ukip are outflanking us on herbal medicine, says homeopathy MP

20:15 [Telegraph] NHS director sacked after colleague discovered he had been jailed for armed robbery

20:16 [Fox News] Want to Fly an Airbus A380?

20:16 [Fox News] Where's 'Beaver' Cast Now?

20:16 [Fox News] Baseball Tarp Devours Crew

20:16 [Fox News] Best (and Worst!) Beach Bodies

20:16 [Fox News] Ford Ranger SUV Spotted?

20:16 [Fox News] Hot Stars Before the Fame

20:17 [Slate Magazine] Reproductive Rights Around the World

20:17 [Slate Magazine] No, Mermaids Do Not Exist

20:17 [CNN] Nicolas Maduro Fast Facts

20:18 [OpEdNews] Media Supression of the Marches Against Monsanto

20:19 [Guardian] Japan's Nikkei tumbles 5%; French jobless total hits new high - as it happened

20:19 [The Hindu - News] Modi sets tongues wagging in U.P.

20:20 [The Onion] Company Hosts Fun Night For Employees To Get Drunk And Complain

20:21 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan elected to RS for fifth term

20:22 [CNN: Money] Why you shouldn't panic about rising yields

20:23 [Raw Story] Homeless man bites off Florida man’s ear in sudden attack

20:23 [Raw Story] Italian lawmaker promises bill to recognize same sex unions

20:23 [Truthout] Cold War Redux: Are Washington, Moscow, and Beijing Using the Global Arms Trade to Create a New Cold War?

20:25 [Global Voices] Ukrainian Journalists Protest Over Attack on Colleagues and Police Inaction

20:25 [The Hindu - News] Two Congress MPs to join TRS on June 2

20:28 [CNN: Living] National contest isn't bee-all and end-all

20:28 [CNN: Living] Spelling champ on life after

20:30 [CNET News] Former Windows boss Sinofsky happy with Windows 8 sales

20:30 [CNET News] New BMW X5 makes navigation, apps, standard

20:30 [CNET News] Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the GS4

20:31 [Telegraph] Teenager killed in botched 'staged kidnapping'

20:32 [The Hindu - News] Delhi gang-rape overshadows India’s achievements

20:32 [zero hedge] David Stockman: "The Error Of Central Banking Has Become Universal"

20:32 [zero hedge] Next Shoe To Drop: Shoddy Solar Panels From China

20:33 [Raw Story] European council promises to comb U.S. wheat for Monsanto GMO strains

20:34 [The Hindu - News] Three elephants felled by speeding train in North Bengal

20:34 [AL JAZEERA] Up to $30bn 'stolen' from Sochi Olympic funds

20:36 [CNN] Freight train derails after colliding with truck in Maryland

20:38 [The Hindu - News] UoH admission results today

20:38 [Slashdot] Slashdot Killed My Kickstarter Campaign

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Minimum need

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Love in Tokyo

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Intellectual filmmaker

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] A code to defend

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] BCCI & Srinivasan

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Lucky UPA

20:40 [The Progressive] Why Did the FBI Kill Tsarnaev's Friend?

20:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] Now, politics with dummies

20:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] An Anglo-Indian insurance policy

20:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] Rolling stone who anchored the women’s movement

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Gogoi comes to rescue of man despairing of ailing sons

20:43 [CNN: Money] Why this is Musk's moment

20:43 [CNN: Money] SAP's Lars Dalgaard joins Andreessen Horowitz

20:44 [CNET News] Killer robots may wage 'mechanical slaughter,' U.N. warns

20:44 [The Hindu - News] Jammu groups demand CBI probe into Chennai teenager’s death

20:45 [Guardian] Treasury chief says threats to quit EU undermine UK's economic revival

20:45 [Fox News] Girl Scout troop may crumble under debt in cookie mixup

20:46 [The Hindu - News] Greenpeace slams Maharashtra for diverting water

20:46 [The Hindu - News] State likely to ban gutka in battle against tobacco

20:46 [] 'Pushed to the Edge,' Seattle's Low Wage Workers Join Sweeping Movement

20:46 [] From War to Wall Street: Gen. Petraeus Puts "Killer" Skill Set to New Use

20:48 [CNET News] Google exec sees Google Fiber as a 'moneymaker'

20:48 [The Hindu - News] Case against sacked constable for blocking Akhilesh’s car

20:48 [OpEdNews] Reagan's Chickens Home to Roost?

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Bangalore University ‘suspends’ BS course

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Court temporarily lifts ban on Comedy Central

20:51 [CNN: Money] Rally on Wall Street gains steam

20:52 [The Onion] American Voices: Chinese Buy America’s Largest Pork Producer

20:52 [The Onion] Nation Gathers Around Area Man Trying To Parallel Park

20:54 [The Hindu - News] KMF milks customers for change

20:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘IITs are incubators of intellectual prowess’

20:56 [The Hindu - News] Soaring vegetable prices leave Mysoreans seething

21:00 [Reuters: politics] U.S. lawmakers press Obama to include currency in Pacific trade deal

21:01 [zero hedge] GoDZiRA IS DeaD?

21:01 [zero hedge] Guest Post: How Cheap Credit Fuels Income/Wealth Inequality

21:01 [CNN: Money] Drive a Tesla from LA to NY

21:02 [Telegraph] Bashar al-Assad dares foes to take him on

21:02 [Telegraph] Alison Lapper artwork criticised at Venice Biennale

21:02 [Telegraph] Villagers abandon homes for Elephant highway

21:02 [Voice of America] May 30, 2013

21:02 [Deutsche Welle] Brazil call on Bayern's Dante and Luiz Gustavo, despite German Cup final

21:03 [Good] Video: Where Are You From? No, I Mean Where Are You Really From?

21:03 [Raw Story] Utah top gun lobbyist arrested for threatening ex-wife with ‘Zombie Response Vehicle’

21:03 [Raw Story] Dolly Parton cherishes role of ‘Book Lady’ to thousands of kids

21:03 [Disinformation] What It’s Like To Live As A Dead Person

21:04 [CNN] New spelling champ to be chosen

21:06 [The Hindu - News] Centre grants in-principle nod for sports centre at Hyderabad’s Gachibowli sports complex

21:06 [CNN] $1 billion in cocaine intercepted en route to U.S.

21:07 [Guardian] Andy Coulson: Samantha Cameron should be key part of election campaign

21:07 [CNN] How the next battle over Obamacare could be the ugliest yet

21:08 [Fox News: politics] Former IRS chief Shulman reportedly visited White House at least 157 times

21:10 [The Hindu - Opinion] IPL must appoint sincere men to run the show

21:10 [NPR] Joblessness Shortens Life Expectancy For White Women

21:10 [NPR] Ubuntu Marks 'Bug No. 1' As Fixed, After Nearly Nine Years

21:10 [NPR] Four Men In A Small Boat Face The Northwest Passage

21:11 [CNET News] 3D model gets you up close with the Xbox One

21:11 [CNET News] Mortar and pestle meets grater and slicer

21:11 [zero hedge] Being Bernanke - The Game

21:12 [The Hindu - News] Aadhaar relief: linkage deadline is now Aug. 31

21:12 [The Hindu - News] Centre’s move will hit sugar supply: Jayalalithaa

21:12 [CBC: politics] Duffy sought perks for 'expanded' party role in 2009, email says

21:15 [CBC: politics] Duffy sought cabinet perks for 'expanded' party role, email says

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Tragedy at marriage: teenager killed as cylinder blows up

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Gutka ban comes into effect

21:17 [Slate Magazine] Arrested Development, Season 4

21:17 [Slate Magazine] Did Hitler Invent the Hitler Mustache?

21:17 [Slate Magazine] Drone On

21:17 [Deutsche Welle] France and Germany agree on 'full time' eurozone boss

21:18 [Telegraph] Fuel tanker 'ordered to block Russian plane from taking off at Czech airport'

21:18 [Telegraph] British failure to act on anti-Israel protests 'borders on anti-Semitism'

21:18 [Telegraph] Hard-to-read fonts 'can boost pupil results by up to a fifth'

21:21 [The Hindu - News] MRO under scanner for illegal land allotments

21:23 [OpEdNews] Google Executive Chairman Let's Slip Again That His Firm Is a "Profitable Capitalistic 'Country'"

21:23 [Big Think] This Mosquito Might Prefer Your Guinea Pig To You

21:23 [Raw Story] Maroon 5′s Adam Levine apologizes for ‘I hate this country’ remark

21:25 [] ADL gets $7.5 million to launch global anti-Semitism index

21:25 [] U.S.: Iranian support for terror reaches 20-year-high

21:25 [CNN] Mexican judge to decide by Friday on smuggling charges for U.S. mom

21:25 [CNN] Both sides express doubts on Syrian peace talks

21:25 [CNN: Living] 10 fast food fails you forgot

21:27 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad airport bags prestigious safety award

21:29 [Slashdot] Wii Street U Uses Google Maps to Create 'An Immersive Experience' (Video)

21:30 [BBC: Science & Environment] Radiation poses manned Mars dilemma

21:31 [CNN] 10 embarrassing fast food fails

21:31 [CNN] Jockey Dettori cleared to return after six-month cocaine ban

21:32 [Voice of America] US Households Have Yet to Recover Half of Recession's Lost Wealth

21:32 [Voice of America] Dozens Dead from Massive Oklahoma Tornado

21:32 [Voice of America] White House Letter May Contain Ricin

21:32 [Voice of America] Father of Chechen Immigrant Shot During Interrogation Denounces FBI

21:32 [Voice of America] Rights Group: North Korean Refugees at Risk of Torture

21:32 [Voice of America] Nigeria House Votes to Ban Gay Marriage

21:34 [Financial Times] UK to fight Brussels on benefits

21:34 [The Atlantic: National] Why the Boomers Are the Most Hated Generation

21:34 [The Atlantic: National] A Religion of Colorblind Policy

21:34 [The Atlantic: National] 'Foreign Law' Apparently Not a Problem When It Comes to Corporations

21:34 [The Atlantic: National] Preventive Destruction of Leafblowers: The Moral Imperative, the Practical Implications

21:34 [The Atlantic: National] Annals of the Security State: 'Is Puerto Rico in America?'

21:34 [The Atlantic: National] Why a Media Shield Law Isn't Enough to Save Journalists

21:36 [CNET News] Google Music All Access coming 'soon' to iOS

21:37 [Slate Magazine] Work at Slate

21:39 [Guardian] Air safety officials deny claim that BA jet was close to catastrophe

21:41 [The Hindu - News] ASI to develop Ashoka rock site as tourist spot

21:41 [CNN] Tornado warning issued for parts of central Oklahoma

21:42 [CBC: politics] Arthur Porter changes mind and will fight extradition, lawyer says

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Jana rules out leaving Congress

21:43 [CNET News] Sweet! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic lands on iPad

21:43 [Raw Story] Mississippi sued over for-profit prisons that risk imates’ ‘death and loss of limbs’

21:44 [The Atlantic: International] Futuo! How the Romans Swore

21:46 [Fox News] IT AIN'T HAPPENIN': Media Response to AG's Off-the-Record Invite

21:46 [Fox News] TIME FOR A TRIM?Senate Barbershop, Car Perks Eyed for Savings

21:46 [Fox News] DIGGING HISTORY: Nazi Bomber to Be Raised From English Channel

21:47 [Fox News] Man killed girl in staged kidnap, rescue- Philly police kill suspect in third shooting in a day

21:47 [Fox News] Microsoft manager becomes marijuana mogul, plans to import drugs from Mexico

21:47 [Fox News] Museums help Air Force grads get ceremonial flyover- VIDEO: Air Force cadets celebrate graduation

21:47 [Fox News] Mom jailed in Mexico says she has nothing to hide

21:47 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Staples says gun store can't enter contest

21:47 [Fox News] Outspoken priest, best-selling author Rev. Greeley dies

21:49 [The Hindu - News] Police dismantle big camp in Sukma

21:49 [The Hindu - News] When Kipling admitted to plagiarism

21:49 [Russia Today] Schools scanned students' irises without permission

21:49 [Russia Today] Miami cops choke teenager because he gave them a stare

21:51 [The Hindu - News] IUML shoots down Deputy CM proposal

21:51 [The Hindu - News] Money trail complete in Sreesanth case

21:52 [The Onion] Man On Cusp Of Having Fun Remembers Every Single One Of His Responsibilities

21:52 [The Onion] Infographic: Features Of Motorola’s New Moto X Smartphone

21:52 [CNN] Opinion: Holder should discuss leaks publicly

21:52 [CNET News] Tumblr brings in-stream ads to Web dashboard

21:53 [The Hindu - News] Chennithala’s phone tapped: NSS

21:55 [The Hindu - News] ‘He stood for what he believed in’

21:56 [Truthout] When Economic Prudence Is Seen As Folly

21:57 [The Hindu - News] Centre rules out more electricity

21:57 [CNN] Suspicious letter meant for Obama intercepted

21:58 [OpEdNews] Benghazi, IRS, Leaks -- WHAT ABOUT JOBS??

21:59 [The Hindu - News] Seaplane service announces its arrival under a plume of water

21:59 [The Hindu - News] One more arrested in Merc speeding case

22:01 [zero hedge] Yen Spikes On News Japan Set To Impose New Forex Margin Trading Rules

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Fabry receives fabulous welcome on touchdown

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Project to spread its wings by year end

22:02 [CNET News] Are you suffering from smartphone fatigue? (Poll)

22:02 [Fox News: politics] Louisiana Democratic Party chief says ObamaCare critics motivated by race

22:03 [Good] Five Exhibits We're Dying to See at the Venice Biennale

22:03 [Good] Best Businesses for the Planet? See Who Tops B Lab's List

22:03 [The Hindu - News] No response to request for forces, says Bengal Govt.

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Attack on rural poll nominees continue, says Left

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Bihar official booked for corruption

22:08 [The Hindu - News] IIT aspirants gear up for D-day

22:08 [The Hindu - News] Class X results out today, students optimistic

22:08 [AL JAZEERA] Start button back for Windows after criticism

22:08 [OpEdNews] Obama's New FBI Chief Approved Bush's NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Scheme

22:08 [Disinformation] Celebrities Speak Out

22:08 [Disinformation] Human Doll Cloning Hot In Japan

22:09 [Guardian] April Jones's mother speaks of her anguish as Mark Bridger is jailed for life

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Kishore Chandra Deo cautions against deploying Army to tackle Maoist problem

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Off the saddle, ‘Kudirai’ Kumar puts on poor show

22:10 [NPR] Headed To Mars? Watch Out For Cosmic Rays

22:10 [NPR] Father Of Chechen Killed In Florida Says His Son Was Executed

22:10 [] Assad dodges questions about delivery of Russian-made S-300 missiles to Syria

22:11 [CNET News] The 404 1,278: Where we take a ride to Margaritaville (podcast)

22:11 [CNET News] 'Arrested Development' a bust? Netflix laughs off the critics

22:11 [Financial Times] Assad says Syria to get Russian missiles

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Naxalites must be dealt with iron fist: Pilot

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Multi-crore road project faces more delays

22:14 [Raw Story] Cop sued over revenge porn by woman he met working a similar case

22:14 [The Hindu - News] Gogoi backs Rahul remarks on AGP

22:14 [The Atlantic: International] Why Turkey is Essential for the Syrian Opposition

22:15 [CNET News] Woz: Apple's tax practices are stinky

22:16 [The Hindu - News] Don’t fly animals to their death, activists urge AI

22:16 [Financial Times] Brussels throws ‘grenade’ with benefits case

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Fruit vendor hacked to death in Choolai

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Detained actor to arrive in city today

22:18 [High Country News] A Utah realtor’s quest to sell a ghost town

22:18 [High Country News] Mining for dark matter in Lead, South Dakota

22:18 [High Country News] Bighorn needn’t lose out to oil and gas trucks

22:18 [High Country News] Elwha, a story of today's West

22:18 [High Country News] War Bird

22:18 [High Country News] A swim through housing data

22:20 [NPR] Headed To Mars? Watch Out For Cosmic Rays

22:20 [The Hindu - News] Fewer takers for less lucrative specialty courses

22:20 [The Hindu - News] Kolkata bids adieu to ‘golden artiste’

22:21 [CNN: Money] Wall Street keeps the rally going

22:22 [The Hindu - News] Protest over drains spills on to road

22:22 [The Hindu - News] Corporation to issue notice to mall, establishments

22:22 [CNET News] Windows 8 update includes Start button (sort of)

22:22 [Voice of America] Reuters: China to Study Possibility of Joining US-led Trade Talks

22:24 [Big Think] Helping Schizophrenics Fight The Voices In Their Heads

22:24 [The Hindu - News] Outsourced staff of courts seek justice

22:24 [Russia Today] ‘Dickensian Britain’: Half a million rely on food banks, charities reveal

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Probity of party’s probe panel questioned

22:26 [The Hindu - News] Mining above 10 hectares needs green nod

22:28 [Slashdot] ReactOS 0.3.15 Released

22:28 [Slashdot] Mars Explorers Face Huge Radiation Problem

22:28 [The Hindu - News] Gas project in limbo

22:28 [CBC: politics] Baird talks internet-age diplomacy at Google event

22:31 [zero hedge] When An FX Margin Clerk Flaps Its Wings In Japan, US Stocks Slide

22:32 [The Hindu - News] Parliamentary panel to seek Ministry’s views on land deal

22:32 [The Hindu - News] The yes and no of mergers

22:32 [The Hindu - News] Seaplane service announces arrival under a plume of water

22:33 [CNN] Father of man killed by FBI searches for answers

22:33 [Fox News: politics] Study shows 'red' states rank highest in economic potential

22:35 [NPR] No, Frosted Mini-Wheats Won't Make Your Kids Smarter

22:35 [NPR] U.S. Shot Putter Awarded Gold, Years After 2004 Olympics

22:36 [Telegraph] Eat the 'Noma diet' to cut cholesterol, study finds

22:36 [Telegraph] GPs can no longer provide safe care, top doctor warns

22:36 [Telegraph] Huge rise in numbers treated for alcoholism

22:36 [The Hindu - News] Seaplane announces arrival under a plume of water

22:37 [Slate Magazine] Brazil’s Special Miracle

22:38 [Truthout] Republican Lies Thwart Attempts to Reach Democratic Ideal of Educated Citizenry

22:38 [CNET News] Oh noes! Dots high scores disappear

22:38 [CNET News] Acer $400 'PC' will run Android, pack Intel's Haswell chip

22:38 [CNET News] Look, no hands: Feds urge safety measures for self-driving cars

22:39 [CNN] Maine police: Staged kidnapping led to girl's death

22:40 [Global Voices] A Platform For Celebrating Sri Lanka’s Diversity

22:41 [Truthdig] Anderson Cooper Slams Michele Bachmann Over Lies

22:41 [Guardian] Snooper's charter is threat to internet freedom, warn web five in letter to May

22:45 [The Atlantic: Politics] Michele Bachmann: She Coulda Been a Contender

22:48 [CNN] UK arrests five Rwandans over 1994 genocide

22:48 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan Taliban withdraws peace talks offer

22:49 [Raw Story] Leading neuroscientist: Religious fundamentalism may be a ‘mental illness’ that can be ‘cured’

22:49 [The Atlantic: National] Why YouTube Was Invented

22:49 [The Atlantic: National] The Conservative Case For Doing Nothing About The Wealth Gap

22:49 [Russia Today] Discovery of Monsanto GMO wheat threatens US exports

22:50 [zero hedge] US Worker Wages: "Not Off The Lows"

22:50 [Fox News: politics] Iran support for global terror surged in 2012, administration report says

22:50 [NPR] Public Servant Herman Boudreau, Heroic Under Enemy Fire

22:50 [NPR] Baton Rouge's Corroded, Overpolluting Neighbor: Exxon Mobil

22:50 [NPR] Drive-Ins Face Hollywood's Digital Switch

22:53 [OpEdNews] Our Ongoing Health Crisis, Part 2: The Cadillac Tax Is Still Foolish and Cruel

22:53 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Received Letters Poisoned With Ricin, and More

22:54 [Big Think] The Value of Self-Paced Learning

22:54 [Big Think] Class of 2013: The Graduation Speech I Didn’t Give

22:54 [Big Think] Caterpillar Offers New System To Help Combat Driver Fatigue

22:54 [Russia Today] Discovery of Monsanto GMO wheat threatens US exports

22:58 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Is GNU/Linux Malware a Real Threat?

23:00 [CNN] Central Oklahomans brace for tornadoes

23:00 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Ugandans ‘Displeased, Bitter’ Over Newspaper Closure

23:01 [Truthdig] Pregnant El Salvador Woman Denied Life-Saving Abortion Even Though Fetus Is Missing Brain

23:01 [Truthdig] Toronto Mayor Reportedly Knew Location of Video Said to Show Him Smoking Crack Cocaine

23:03 [Good] This Rapping Flight Attendant Makes Flying Fun

23:03 [Good] VIDEO: 25 People Who Should've Won the Nobel Peace Prize

23:04 [Disinformation] Former NASA Official Found Dead in Thailand with Rope Around Neck and Genitals

23:04 [AL JAZEERA] Assad agrees to peace talks 'in principle'

23:05 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

23:05 [CNN] Newsquiz: Week of May 27

23:06 [Telegraph] 'Billions missing from Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics fund'

23:07 [CNN: Money] Disability fund on the brink of running out of money

23:08 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Kenya Law Group Files Complaint over MP’s Pay Increase

23:09 [Raw Story] Father of slain Chechen: FBI executed my son in Florida

23:10 [NPR] Online College Courses Get A Big Boost, But Doubts Persist

23:12 [Deutsche Welle] 'Freedom of movement is slowly being undermined'

23:13 [Slashdot] DOJ Fights To Bury Court Ruling On Government Surveillance

23:17 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - May 31, 2013

23:17 [CNN] Opinion: Facebook rejects rape culture. Can you?

23:18 [Fox News] This is the Most Visited City

23:18 [Fox News] Black Market Doughnut

23:18 [Fox News] Hero's Road to Recovery

23:19 [CNET News] Walkmac revisited: The inside story of the 'first' portable Mac

23:22 [Telegraph] Murder of April Jones 'proves porn link to sexual assaults'

23:27 [CNET News] How to quickly annotate and send a screenshot in OS X

23:27 [CNET News] Huge asteroid buzzing Earth has its own moon

23:27 [CNN: Money] Government proposes rules for self-driving cars

23:27 [CNN: Money] Gmail's new killer feature: Spam blocking 2.0

23:27 [CNN: Money] How your checking account stacks up

23:29 [Raw Story] Israel president hopeful Pope Francis can ignite interfaith peace talks

23:29 [Raw Story] Oil prices climb despite record stockpiles

23:29 [Raw Story] Radiation measurements suggest new obstacle in human trip to Mars

23:29 [Slashdot] Singapore Seeks Even More Control Over Online Media

23:29 [The Onion] Opinion: You Haven’t Seen ‘Frances Ha’ Until You’ve Seen It In IMAX (by Noah Baumbach)

23:30 [CNET News] Concept Coke can splits in two for sharing

23:32 [zero hedge] Are Bond Yields Set To Soar? Not So Fast

23:33 [OpEdNews] U.S. Foreign (War) Policy: Outdated, Misguided, Self-Defeating

23:34 [AL JAZEERA] US lifts key high-tech sanctions against Iran

23:36 [Telegraph] Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 'assures parents he is innocent'

23:36 [Telegraph] Britain risks losing its soul if 'growth is put before beauty'

23:36 [Telegraph] US fears over cuts in British defence

23:36 [Telegraph] Hay Festival 2013: Don't sign up to Gove's insulting curriculum, Schama urges

23:36 [Telegraph] Marriage makes people happier than six figure salaries and religion

23:37 [Slate Magazine] Care to Share My Hotspot?

23:41 [The Atlantic: Technology] Trippy Timelapse of Curiosity's Mission to Mars So Far

23:41 [The Atlantic: Technology] The NYT Mag Editor Responds on the 'Terror in the Skies' Article

23:42 [Deutsche Welle] UN tribunal acquits Serbian ex-security officials

23:43 [CNN: Health] Teen text msg: You've got STDs

23:44 [CNN: Entertainment] The Buzz Today

23:44 [CNN: Entertainment] Conan on how 'Breaking' should end

23:44 [The Atlantic: International] 'French Kiss,' Finally Featured in the French Dictionary

23:45 [NPR] Administration Touts Competition In Insurance Exchanges

23:46 [] Israel's Religious Services Ministry to allow non-Orthodox, state-funded community rabbis

23:48 [CNN] What was life like on board a 16th-century warship?

23:48 [CNN] Conan O'Brien: How 'Breaking Bad' should end

23:48 [Voice of America] Reuters: After GMO Wheat Discovery, US Races to Reassure Global Buyers

23:52 [CNET News] Sony CEO on PlayStation 4: Gamers come first

23:58 [Pravda] Cooperation or servility? Visit of Mr. Joe Biden to Brazil

23:59 [OpEdNews] Forget droning on about changed policies: President Obama will have to Prove He's a Changed Man

23:59 [Raw Story] Topless feminist protester goes on trial in Tunisia

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