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00:02 [Telegraph] Cargo plane crashes during takeoff in Ghana, killing at least 10

00:03 [CNN] Biggest wildfire in New Mexico's history burns with only 15% containment

00:06 [zero hedge] IceCap Asset Management: Hope Is Never A Good Strategy

00:10 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Subtle Usefulness of 'NSFW'


00:18 [Deutsche Welle] Regional leaders want Zimbabwean reforms,,15995195,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

00:22 [AL JAZEERA] Protests grow in Tahrir after Mubarak verdict

00:29 [Raw Story] Scahill: Obama has ‘murdered’ people with drone strikes

00:30 [Fox News: politics] Michigan congressman ends write-in campaign

00:32 [CNET News] Sizing up the iPhone 5: The screen

00:34 [CNN] Late lapses cost Tiger at Memorial

00:40 [Moral Low Ground] ‘American Idiots’: Nearly HALF of Americans Believe God Created Humans Within Last 10,000 Years

00:40 [Disinformation] Was A Georgia College Student Arrested Because She Likes to “Blow Things Up”?

00:41 [Slashdot] Whose Cameras Are Watching New York Roads?

00:45 [Fox News] New Mexico Braces for More Flames

00:52 [OpEdNews] Beware of R.A.T.S.

00:58 [] IDF inquiry finds Israeli youth tied and beat Palestinian after he was shot by settlers

01:03 [Deutsche Welle] Protests in Egypt after Mubarak evades noose,,15995203,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

01:06 [The Independent] Is English wine really as good as anything France has to offer?

01:11 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Crisis in Syria Calls Out for an Intervention -- with Russia

01:13 [msnbc] Video: Judge hands Mubarak stiff sentence

01:21 [ZDNET] Vizio confirms its new desktops, laptops will be shipping this month

01:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alan Grayson: Yesterday: The Lowest Interest Rates in History

01:36 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Tips For Designing a Modern Web Application?

01:52 [OpEdNews] Pentagon Prepares for Confrontation in the Asia-Pacific

01:54 [Infoshop] A Poster for 5 Anarchists in Cleveland

02:04 [Raw Story] Florida suspends Gov. Scott’s voter purge tactics

02:14 [straight] Great Canadian Railtour workers and union lose bid to overturn injunction in B.C. Court of Appeal

02:19 [Raw Story] 1,200 firefighters tackle record-breaking U.S. blaze

02:19 [Global Voices] Peru: Mayor of Espinar Arrested Amid Mining Conflict

02:20 [Disinformation] The War on Kids (Trailer)

02:21 [CNN] 5 bodies found in burned-out SUV in Arizona desert

02:39 [CNN] 12 dead in Lebanon in violence spurred by Syria unrest

02:39 [Infoshop] Snake Oil Medicine Show: John Graham appeal, denied

02:42 [CNN] Shots fired at a Toronto mall

02:42 [OpEdNews] Israel Uber Alles

02:43 [Mostly Water] Baghdadi Mahmoudi Faces Torture and Death in Libya

02:49 [Raw Story] Thousands protest tuition hikes in Montreal

02:50 [Reuters] Egypt's Mubarak sentenced to life, protests erupt

02:55 [Mostly Water] Risking Global War

02:59 [CNN] Shots fired at Toronto mall

03:02 [New York Times: politics] Intersecting Worlds of Romney and Obama

03:05 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Canada Oil Sands And The Precautionary Principle

03:18 [CNN] 1 dead in Toronto mall shooting

03:24 [] Israel's sex offenders' unit warns that pedophile can't be tracked

03:30 [Disinformation] CDC: ‘Does Not Know of a Virus or Condition That Would Reanimate the Dead’

03:32 [OpEdNews] Birthers, Billionaires and Fox: The GOP Freak Show in Full Effect

03:34 [Sydney Morning Herald] Don't judge, it's a man fling

03:47 [OpEdNews] Why the right, the GOP and some Dems fear Elizabeth Warren and Occupy Wall Street

03:55 [CNN] 1 dead, 7 injured in Toronto mall shooting

04:05 [] One year after protests, Israel's consumers mark success in lowering prices

04:07 [CNN] 'Desperate Housewives,' 'West Wing' actress Joosten dies of lung cancer

04:12 [Russia Today] UN Syria report 'a step forward’ – researcher

04:19 [CNN] Calle 13 talks beginnings, new growth

04:19 [Slashdot] Copyright Infringer Tries To Shut Down Reporting On Her Infringement

04:19 [Raw Story] Media critic: Fox ‘goddamn ratings’ won’t ever impress me to hire their employees

04:29 [Raw Story] Tintin comic cover fetches record price at auction

04:34 [New York Times: politics] Intersecting Worlds of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

04:56 [zero hedge] As Soros Starts A Three Month Countdown To D(oom)-Day, Europe Plans A New Master Plan

04:56 [msnbc: politics] NYT: Constraints on economy hurting Obama

04:59 [Raw Story] Panetta to visit former U.S. base in Vietnam

05:09 [msnbc] NYT: Constraints on economy hurting Obama

05:10 [] Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip, no injuries reported

05:16 [straight] Striking workers forced to yell "fuckwits" at scabs after B.C. court ruling

05:17 [BBC: Entertainment] Tintin cover fetches record price

05:25 [Sydney Morning Herald] They cried: 'Pray for us'

05:29 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Taliban Setting Up Human Shields

05:35 [CNN] Calle 13 talks about beginnings, new growth

05:35 [Infoshop] Conflict, Safe Spaces and Removing People

05:40 [CBC: politics] Sask. premier has 'concerns' with Mulcair's Dutch Disease

05:43 [Fox News] New Mexico Braces for More Flames

05:58 [Big Think] The Right Mindset

06:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] The diet dilemma

06:06 [CNET News] Maingear joins the 11-inch gaming laptop battle with the Pulse 11

06:13 [Fox News] Protests Erupt in Egypt After Verdict

06:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup

06:28 [Fox News: politics] Panetta arrives at former US base in Vietnam in effort to identify war dead

07:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] Broncos v Knights

07:05 [Slashdot] NASA Tool Shows Where Forest Is Being Cut Down

07:06 [CNN] China's crackdown on foreigners raises specter of xenophobia

07:08 [OpEdNews] Unraveling the Welfare Safety Net - Europe Moves Closer to Banktatorship

07:39 [CNN] Judge's deadline nears for Zimmerman to surrender

07:58 [Big Think] Rethinking Monogamy

08:11 [AL JAZEERA] Anger in Cairo as Mubarak aides acquitted

08:13 [AL JAZEERA] Anger in Cairo as Mubarak officials acquitted

08:17 [Telegraph] Vatican leaks: Why is the Pope's butler in a cell beneath the fortress?

08:17 [AL JAZEERA] Anger in Cairo as Mubarak aides acquitted

08:23 [AL JAZEERA] Anger in Cairo as Mubarak-era aides acquitted

08:26 [CNN] Rights group: Stop new business with Syrian arms suppliers

08:33 [Telegraph] How David Cameron won 'battle' over Aung San Suu Kyi

09:03 [Telegraph] Thousands of EU students owe £20 million in unpaid loans but just nine have been taken to court

09:09 [OpEdNews] Opposing Doctrines: Putin v. Obama

09:20 [Telegraph] Hindus withdraw from government's Diamond Jubilee faith initiative

09:24 [CNN] Thailand's largest refugee camp welcomes Aung San Suu Kyi

09:24 [AL JAZEERA] Many killed as Lebanese clash over Syria

09:36 [CNN] Largest wildfire in New Mexico's history threatens to grow

09:38 [The Independent] Aung San Suu Kyi returns to Burma after tour

09:43 [Fox News: politics] Pentagon tries not to make waves with 'Pacific Pivot' to Asia

09:46 [Slashdot] US Warns Users of Child-Porn Blackmail Ransomware

09:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fast start, fast finish

09:54 [The Independent] UK hostage recovers after special forces rescue

09:56 [Deutsche Welle] 'Smart borders' - Europe's new high-tech frontiers,,15995226,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Up-front Grant: Blues bolter

10:06 [Telegraph] Anger as National Trust bows to health and safety fears over grazing cattle

10:06 [Deutsche Welle] French police hunt for Canadian dismemberment suspect,,15995397,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:07 [] Iran vows 'proportionate' response to any strike

10:17 [Spiegel] Secret Cooperation: Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German Submarines

10:18 [CNN] 9 militants in Pakistan killed in suspected U.S. drone strike, official says

10:22 [Telegraph] William and Harry's military missions keep them from first day of Jubilee celebrations

10:32 [AL JAZEERA] Assad says Syrian reforms 'moving forward'

10:35 [CNN] iReport: The best of Poland

10:36 [Reuters] Egyptians threaten more protests after Mubarak verdict

10:36 [AL JAZEERA] Assad says Syrian reforms 'moving forward'

10:37 [Spiegel] Secret Cooperation: Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines

10:40 [AL JAZEERA] Assad says Syrian reforms moving forward

10:41 [zero hedge] JP MoRoN ZoMBiE FiNaNCe X-POSED

10:44 [CNN] Syrian president: 'We are facing a war from abroad'

10:48 [Fin24 News] MTN exec admits to bribe

10:48 [AL JAZEERA] Assad says Syrian reforms moving forward

10:51 [Deutsche Welle] Euro 2012 boycott plans draw mixed reactions in Ukraine,,15938853,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:52 [Telegraph] Assad condemns foreign plot destroying Syria

10:53 [BBC: Entertainment] Housewives actress Joosten dies

10:57 [Global Voices] Africa: African Perspectives Online

11:04 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Calls for Jihad Split Salafist Movement

11:08 [CNN] Panetta visits former U.S. base in Vietnam

11:09 [Guardian] Cameron: government's U-turns a sign of 'resolve, strength and grit'

11:15 [CNN] Palestinian militant injured in Israel airstrike dies

11:36 [AL JAZEERA] Assad: Syria faces 'real war' from outside

11:41 [Deutsche Welle] Assad blames terrorists, outside forces for Syrian conflict,,15995515,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:48 [Global Voices] Iran: A Blogger's Life in Danger

11:53 [AL JAZEERA] Assad: Syria faces 'real war' from outside

11:55 [Telegraph] Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Live

12:03 [Big Think] Why Be Happy When You Could Be Interesting?

12:07 [CNN] Centuries-old Canaletto inspires modern royal knees-up

12:11 [msnbc: politics] CPI: $63.5M Wis. recall is state's most expensive

12:12 [Mother Jones] Book Review: Full Body Burden

12:12 [CNN] Egyptians mass for new protest after Mubarak sentence

12:28 [The Onion] Fan On The Street: On The Orioles’ Hot Start

12:36 [Deutsche Welle] Politicians, not players, carry Euro 2012 boycott burden,,15963013,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:43 [CNN] Pakistan acquits 4 men in Times Square bomb plot

12:44 [The Independent] Hunt acted 'wisely and fairly' says Cameron

12:49 [Slashdot] Canadian Agency Investigates US Air Crash

12:50 [CNN] Syria-related clashes rage in Lebanon, leaving 13 dead

12:51 [Slate Magazine] The Longform Guide to Airplanes

12:57 [Guardian] Cameron: Hunt acted 'wisely and fairly' over BSkyB bid

13:04 [CNET News] A bet that Diller-backed Aereo will win its day in court

13:13 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Verdict Revives Egyptian Anger

13:15 [Raw Story] The kinds of spears that cavemen used to kill dinosaurs

13:15 [OpEdNews] California's Ballot Choices: Lost and Out of Touch. Vote for your Kids, Instead

13:15 [The Independent] Ten people killed as plane crashes into bus in Ghana

13:15 [Fox News] 5 Burned Bodies Found in Charred Vehicle in Arizona

13:33 [Big Think] Why We All Cheat & Steal, If Just a Little Bit

13:40 [Raw Story] World IPv6 Internet address system upgrade likely to be smooth

13:46 [CNN] Church blast kills 3, wounds dozens in Nigeria

13:50 [Raw Story] Growing Japan investigation highlights culture of insider trading

14:01 [Deutsche Welle] Suicide bomber strikes church in Nigeria,,15995684,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:02 [Fin24 News] Prasa accused of derailing black business

14:02 [CNN] Pomp, pageantry and pouring rain for Diamond Jubilee

14:06 [CNET News] Tokyo subway straps beam ads to your smartphone

14:09 [Fox News] Assad: Syria Massacre an 'Ugly Crime'

14:10 [Raw Story] Amelia Earhart: New evidence tells of her last days on a Pacific atoll

14:13 [CNN: Money] Investors pin hopes on central bankers

14:14 [Telegraph] Iran warns Israel attack would trigger a thunderous blow

14:14 [Fin24 News] Eskom maintenance may push up tariffs

14:14 [CNN] Obama's campaign going to the dogs -- and cats and chickens

14:15 [CNN] What's so addictive about 'Angry Birds'?


14:26 [msnbc] Assad: Syria faces 'real war waged from the outside'

14:27 [CNN] Defectors aim to create next 'Angry Birds'

14:27 [Slashdot] Facebook Smartphone a Dumb Idea, Says Farhad Manjoo

14:27 [Guardian] Cameron: budget errors left government 'ploughing into brick wall'

14:43 [CNN] Bumming a smoke from the queen: When the security bubble bursts

14:44 [Telegraph] Diamond Jubilee: Perfect weather, says narrowboat skipper

14:48 [The Independent] Crowds start to build as drizzle dampens Jubilee celebrations

14:50 [CNN] Church blast kills 15, wounds dozens in Nigeria

14:50 [Voice of America] Chavez Meets Belarus Leader

15:00 [Raw Story] ‘War on women’ comes to the Wisconsin recall

15:00 [CNN: Technology] What's so addictive about 'Angry Birds'?

15:00 [Telegraph] Prince Charles mobbed at street party as Diamond Jubilee fever grips Britain

15:01 [CNN] Want a great career? Find your passion

15:01 [Deutsche Welle] Emissions trading hit by price collapse,,15995664,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:02 [AL JAZEERA] Lebanon sends troops to quell deadly clashes

15:03 [Big Think] New Device to Treat Depression with Electromagnetism

15:05 [Raw Story] Britains armed forces minister deems ‘cyber strikes’ a ‘civilized option’

15:10 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Bangladesh Braces for HIV Epidemic

15:13 [Fox News] Syria's Assad Denies Role in Massacre

15:15 [CNN] Marco Rubio's deeds and words don't match

15:16 [Telegraph] Diamond Jubilee: picnic hampers, Highgrove burgers and music from The Ritz

15:17 [CNN] Syrian president denies government role in Houla massacre

15:19 [The Independent] Anti-monarchy group 'Republic' stages Jubilee protest on the banks of the Thames

15:20 [Raw Story] Race to map Africa’s forgotten glaciers before they melt away

15:25 [Raw Story] Wildfire budget cuts in Congress put communites in danger, experts warn

15:26 [CNET News] Mario Cuomo's three wishes for US: education, immigrants, tech

15:26 [Guardian] Queen's diamond jubilee: Thames flotilla - live

15:28 [CNN] Crunch time for recall volunteers

15:32 [Slashdot] How Chemistry Stymies Attempts To Regulate Synthetic Drugs

15:33 [Big Think] Are You Related To George Washington, Like I Am?

15:36 [Fox News: politics] Panetta urges more US Naval access to Vietnam harbor

15:40 [Raw Story] The final frontier? Trillion-dollar plan to build Starship Enterprise

15:45 [The Progressive] Legal Cloud Gathers Over Walker

15:49 [CNN] Obama outspends Romney on online ads

15:52 [CNN] Church blasts kill 15, wound dozens in Nigeria

15:53 [Fin24 News] Zim property 'ripe for exploitation’

15:55 [OpEdNews] Can Edwards Recover Like Clinton?

16:00 [OpEdNews] Those Unfortunate Men In The Land Of The Free

16:02 [Telegraph] Eight killed and dozens wounded in Nigerian church attack

16:02 [] Thousands Continue Protest in Montreal after Government, Student Talks Fail

16:04 [Fox News: politics] Biden's daughter marries doctor in Delaware

16:08 [CNN] Report: Putin, Ahmadinejad to meet before nuclear talks

16:09 [Fin24 News] SA seems ‘closed for business’

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Slipper's costly coat

16:16 [Telegraph] Director takes to stage after actor falls

16:17 [Fox News] Syria's Assad Denies Massacre Role

16:26 [New Statesman] Mubarak protests hit Tahrir Square

16:28 [Slashdot] Why the GPL Licensing Cops Are the Good Guys

16:30 [CBC: politics] Mulcair blames Harper for East-West divisions

16:32 [Telegraph] US Navy prepares mission to solve riddle of Amelia Earhart's death

16:35 [CNN] Zimmerman returns from undisclosed location amid threats

16:36 [zero hedge] Why Do Economists Say that Ron Paul Would Be the Best President for the Economy?

16:44 [Big Think] How Genius Is Linked to Madness

16:48 [BBC: Entertainment] TV star Richard Dawson dies at 79

16:57 [CNN] Former 'Family Feud' host Dawson dies

16:58 [CNN] Eyes of world on spectacular Thames royal pageant

16:59 [Reuters] Europe mulls major step towards "fiscal union"

17:02 [CNN] Paris police search for Canada killing suspect

17:02 [CNET News] What's the best-sounding record you ever heard?

17:02 [] Weekend Drone Toll up to 12 in Pakistan

17:05 [Telegraph] Tokyo subway sarin gas attack doomsday cult fugitive arrested

17:11 [CNN] Messi inspires Argentina in World Cup qualifying victory

17:11 [Fox News: politics] Obama, Romney camps trade punches over latest dismal jobs report

17:19 [Telegraph] Leon Panetta becomes highest ranking official to visit Vietnam base since war

17:20 [CNN] Syrian president condemns Houla massacre, rejects accusations

17:23 [The Independent] David Cameron holds Downing Street Jubilee party

17:25 [Raw Story] Romney adviser: Walker victory would mean unions can’t be ‘too greedy’

17:35 [Telegraph] Diamond Jubilee: Train network overwhelmed by revellers

17:36 [zero hedge] As Greek Polling Moratorium Begins, Syriza Goes Out With A Bang: Europe Now Flying Blind

17:38 [Slashdot] Despite Game-Related Glitches, AMD Discontinues Monthly Driver Updates

17:38 [The Independent] A million attend Pope's open-air Milan Mass

17:42 [Deutsche Welle] Queen's jubilee hits highlight with Thames flotilla,,15995889,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

17:47 [Fox News] War of Words Over Grim Jobs Report

17:51 [Telegraph] Queen's Diamond Jubilee: the most familiar wave in the world

17:55 [Raw Story] George Will uses Bloomberg’s soda ban to blast climate change laws

17:57 [Truthdig] Julian Assange Faces Justice

18:00 [The Onion] Man Putting Huge Amount of Pressure on Self To Excel At Completely Meaningless Activity

18:01 [OpEdNews] Prepare for Disaster!

18:03 [CNN] Former bath-salts addict: 'It felt so evil'

18:04 [Big Think] World's First Whole-Brain Wiring Diagram Takes Step Forward

18:05 [Telegraph] Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon face off again for French votes

18:06 [CNN] Jaded No. 1 Azarenka crashes out of French Open

18:06 [zero hedge] Europe's Bailout Costs In One Chart: €2 Trillion And Counting

18:10 [Raw Story] Krugman slams Romney advisor: Truth on Ryan’s ‘fraud’ plan is ‘anti-bipartisan’

18:12 [ZDNET] Hands on with the Ivy Bridge mobile processor

18:12 [Truthdig] Vaticanleaks

18:13 [Mother Jones] How I Spent My Summer Vacation

18:14 [CNET News] Google's fear: An Apple-Facebook love fest

18:16 [OpEdNews] Exploiting the Houla massacre as Syrian-Lebanese lines are being blurred

18:19 [CNN] Passenger plane crashes in Nigeria

18:20 [Raw Story] Romney adviser dismisses women’s issues as ‘shiny objects’

18:27 [Truthdig] VaticanLeaks

18:31 [Reuters: politics] Activists converge on Wisconsin for historic recall vote

18:34 [Slashdot] DirecTV CEO Scoffs At Competition From Apple TV

18:37 [Telegraph] The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Pageant set sail

18:43 [] Israel Reneges on Hunger Strike Agreement, Palestinian Prisoners May Renew Strike

18:50 [Raw Story] 153 feared killed as plane crashes in Lagos: air chief

18:50 [msnbc] 153 feared dead in Nigerian plane crash

18:53 [Telegraph] Rags-to-riches horse and jockey compete for Triple Crown glory

18:54 [Mostly Water] "Left-Wing Nationalism"

19:00 [CNN] New charge against Mubarak's sons as protests grow

19:02 [Deutsche Welle] Plane crashes in Nigeria's Lagos,,15995995,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:03 [CNET News] Apple TV will start slow revolution in 2013, says analyst

19:04 [Big Think] Is Infidelity Harmful Enough to Undermine Freedom?

19:06 [zero hedge] The politics of the underwater homeowner.

19:09 [AL JAZEERA] Plane crashes into building in Nigeria

19:15 [AL JAZEERA] Plane crashes into building in Nigeria

19:16 [Reuters: politics] Obama, Romney campaign advisers trade blame on job creation

19:20 [Raw Story] Real cost of the smartphone revolution

19:23 [Telegraph] Gunman kills one and wounds seven in Toronto shopping mall

19:24 [Financial Times] Prosecutors to challenge Mubarak ruling

19:27 [Fox News: politics] Barrett says Walker should have kept focus on jobs

19:28 [Guardian] Leaked documents reveal UK fight to dilute EU green energy targets

19:34 [Big Think] When Is the Fear of Cancer Worse than Cancer Itself?

19:34 [CNN] Former 'Family Feud' host Richard Dawson dies

19:38 [CNET News] Verizon's 300 Mbps Fios plan to cost $205

19:39 [Slashdot] Students Looking For Easy a Target Online Courses, Where Cheating Is Easier

19:39 [Mostly Water] When You Hear About Massacres, Reach For Your Truth Detector

19:44 [Mostly Water] Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies About Houla Massacre

19:47 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Schools Plant Seeds of Sectarianism

19:47 [CNN] Big scares for Djokovic and Federer at French Open

19:50 [Global Voices] Kazakhstan: Pay to Get Your Artwork Noticed

19:56 [CNET News] How older men can get a job at Google, Facebook: Brotox

19:56 [Disinformation] Advice for Those Considering Joining the Military (Video)

19:57 [Mostly Water] The Limbo of Death Row

20:04 [zero hedge] Has The Euro/SPOO Correlation Broken Down, Or Is Long EURUSD The ABX Trade Of 2012?

20:05 [The Onion] Photographer Specializes In Those Pictures Where Lights Going By Fast Look Like Lines

20:08 [CNN] Zimmerman surrenders, is booked into jail

20:10 [Telegraph] 150 feared dead as passenger plane crashes into building in Lagos

20:10 [Raw Story] George Zimmerman returns to Florida for jail after judge revokes bond

20:11 [Fox News] Passenger Plane Crashes in Nigeria

20:13 [The Independent] Critics slam BBC's 'inane' Diamond Jubilee coverage

20:19 [CNN] Experimental drug offers new way to battle certain breast cancer

20:20 [Moral Low Ground] Top Ten Zombie Apocalypse Memes

20:21 [CNN] Firefighters battle largest wildfire in New Mexico's history

20:25 [straight] Soft language used to describe killing of a bear, which likely ate human remains

20:29 [The Independent] Queen's Diamond Jubilee river pageant comes to an end

20:30 [AntiWar] Shi’ite Cleric’s Orders Could Halt Iraq PM No-confidence Vote

20:31 [Mostly Water] Obama Uses Myths About Vietnam to Silence Anti-War Protest Today

20:36 [Slate Magazine] A Queen for the Ages

20:45 [The Independent] Passenger jet crashes in Nigeria

20:45 [msnbc: politics] Gov. McConnell: Obama deserves some credit

20:45 [Slashdot] Another Step Forward In Small Scale Electrical Generators

20:45 [Raw Story] CBS host to RNC chair: Romney ‘silly and petty’ for Solyndra stunt

20:47 [CNN] Lorenzo extends MotoGP lead with Spanish success

20:53 [Mostly Water] Chicago: Show Me What a Police State Looks Like

20:54 [Big Think] The Fat Tax? The Stupid Tax?

20:54 [Fox News: politics] Romney could pick running mate earlier than expected, advisers say

20:55 [zero hedge] Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Such As The Spread Between Gold And Gold Miners

20:56 [Disinformation] Western Banks ‘Reaping Billions From Colombian Cocaine Trade’

21:00 [The Independent] Boy arrested in drug death inquiry

21:03 [CNN] Zimmerman surrenders, is booked into Florida jail

21:05 [zero hedge] Zombie Apocalypse Real-Time Tracker, Disaster Preparedness Simulation And Dispatch Form

21:10 [The Onion] IRVINE, CA—Misha Bailey, 47, would have baked blueberry muffins for her new friends on the jury if they weren't all sequestered.

21:15 [Mostly Water] How to Do Right By Yourself While Busy Saving the World

21:16 [CNN] Euro 2012: The squads

21:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Turning Disaster Management Strategy Into Action – Part 1

21:26 [straight] Video: Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebrated with 1,000-boat flotilla

21:27 [CNN] Venezuela's Chavez appears chipper, energetic on state TV

21:37 [Deutsche Welle] Syria crisis a hot topic as Putin hosts Russia-EU summit,,15996088,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

21:42 [Telegraph] Egypt: protesters return to Tahrir Square as Hosni Mubarak appeal announced

21:43 [CNET News] Facebook, Yahoo close to burying patent hatchet?

21:44 [CNN] Passenger plane with 153 aboard crashes in Nigeria

21:46 [Disinformation] Americans’ Heads Getting Bigger In Size And Changing Shape

21:47 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Syncing Files With Remote Server While On the Road?

22:00 [Raw Story] Music artist Adam Lambert: ‘F**K’ anti-gay group ‘One Million Moms’

22:10 [] Obama’s Secret War Against Iran Dooms Diplomacy and Imperils American Interests

22:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Red, white, blue ... and grey

22:21 [Reuters] Obama, Romney campaign advisers trade blame on job creation

22:25 [Raw Story] Five bodies found in burned car on Arizona drug smuggling route

22:26 [OpEdNews] THE JFK CASE: THE TWELVE WHO BUILT THE OSWALD LEGEND (Part 7: The hand-off from De Mohrenschildt to the Paines)

22:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] Red, white, blue ... and grey

22:39 [CNET News] Instagram competitor PicPlz to shut down in July

22:44 [Telegraph] Nicolas Sarkozy 'bored' three weeks after leaving office

22:45 [CNN] Official: No survivors after plane with 153 aboard crashes in Nigerian neighborhood

22:48 [CNN] Suspect in Toronto mall shooting still on the loose

22:48 [Slashdot] New Evidence Indicates Amelia Earhart Survived For a Time on Pacific Atoll

22:52 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt candidate warns of Islamist 'dark ages' amid protests,,15996145,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

22:56 [zero hedge] Complete Eurocrisis Summary

22:59 [CNN] Miss USA pageant to include Twitter questions

23:00 [Telegraph] Canadian porn star involved in dismemberment case still in Paris, police say

23:00 [The Onion] Unsung Heroes: Ellen Cooper

23:11 [CNET News] Microsoft to unveil AirPlay-like 'Smart Glass' app?

23:16 [AL JAZEERA] All passengers dead in Nigeria plane crash

23:16 [Disinformation] How California Could Force the Rest of the U.S. to Label GMO Foods

23:17 [Deutsche Welle] Roman treasures along the Rhine,,15978326,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:20 [Raw Story] Israel may jail illegal African migrants for three years without charge

23:31 [Telegraph] The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Happy and glorious, the river Queen

23:37 [OpEdNews] Birds of a Feather: The Hardcore Faith of the Ruling Clucks

23:50 [CNN] CNN Student News: Daily Discussion

23:50 [Raw Story] Study finds Stone Age artists were the first animators

23:52 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - June 4, 2012

23:53 [Slashdot] Worst Companies At Protecting User Privacy: Skype, Verizon, Yahoo

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