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00:00 [Big Think] This Week Mainstream Media Debated the Meaning of Journalism

00:01 [CNN] Five things to know about guns

00:02 [CNN: Politics] Obama: Pay no attention to that man we can't capture

00:02 [Disinformation] Canada’s CSEC Runs Massive Domestic Spying Program

00:03 [Slate Magazine] The Best Pixar Movies

00:05 [Truthdig] Obama Lands in South Africa as Mandela Remains Hospitalized

00:06 [CNN] Opinion: Obama is right on climate change

00:09 [CNET News] Control how drunk the band is in awesome music vid

00:09 [AL JAZEERA] Guantanamo criticised over inmate death

00:09 [AL JAZEERA] Father says Snowden would return to US

00:15 [Raw Story] Judge blocks Michigan benefits ban for same-sex workers

00:15 [Fox News] Prosecutors: Seeking 'interest' in Jackson homes

00:15 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: A drop in the unemployment ocean

00:17 [AL JAZEERA] Syria rebels seize key Deraa army post

00:18 [CNN] Opinion: NFL doesn't have answers on Hernandez

00:19 [Pravda] Scolari vs. tiki-taka

00:19 [Reuters: politics] House Republicans mull ways to advance immigration bill

00:20 [CNET News] How to manage services in OS X

00:24 [NPR] Deadly Violence Hits Egypt In Clashes Over Morsi's Leadership

00:25 [Reuters: politics] Reuters/Ipsos poll: Views on gay marriage still divided after court ruling

00:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ginny Sloan: Will More Video Surveillance Cameras Make Us Any Safer?

00:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christopher Brauchli: The Truth Tellers

00:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eliot Nelson: HUFFPOST HILL - Eric Cantor: TL;DR

00:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rep. Hank Johnson: Republican Obstructionism Leads to Doubling Student Loan Rates

00:27 [Fox News: politics] US warns against Egypt travel after reports say American killed

00:28 [Telegraph] 'The secrets of my long affair with Ava Gardner'

00:28 [CNET News] Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

00:29 [Good] This Amazing Poster Turns the Alphabet Into a Tool For Social Justice

00:30 [Big Think] A Camera That Captures Scents Instead Of Images

00:33 [Slate Magazine] Who Needs Hispanic Votes?

00:34 [NPR] Gun Group Aims To Stop Immigration Bill

00:35 [Pravda] India: First Asian country to ban cosmetics testing on animals

00:36 [zero hedge] Collateral Transformation: The Latest, Greatest Financial Weapon Of Mass Destruction

00:36 [zero hedge] Stand By Your Man

00:42 [CNN] Opinion: Can we forgive Paula Deen?

00:43 [Slashdot] Seismic Data Set Could Improve Earthquake Forecasting

00:45 [Raw Story] Protester vandalizes masterpiece by artist John Constable

00:45 [Deutsche Welle] Two killed in Egypt as President Morsi opponents, supporters clash

00:49 [NPR] Retired General Defends Himself Amid Leak Reports

00:53 [Reuters: politics] Court lifts ban on gay marriage in California

00:55 [CNN: Politics] On immigration, GOP offers fear, not ideas

00:55 [CNN: Politics] Obama: Pay no attention to Snowden

00:55 [CNN: Politics] Analysis: Supreme Court term ends with no easy way to label it

00:56 [CNN: Money] Paula Deen's upcoming cookbook canceled

00:56 [CNN: Money] Deen's business partners vow to support her

01:01 [Red Pepper] Photos of anti-G8 action

01:02 [CNN] Court gives go-ahead for same-sex marriages in California

01:03 [Infoshop] NATO 3 Internet Auction July 6-12

01:05 [Raw Story] Activist tells Moyers: Iowa Rep. King ‘pinning the problems’ of the country on the poor

01:08 [Infoshop] European-Style GM Crop Destruction Strikes Oregon

01:10 [Reuters: politics] Who makes the most in Obama's White House?

01:11 [Voice of America] Reuters: Tour de France Riders Say 'Enough Is Enough' Regarding Doping

01:13 [CNN] Same-sex marriages resume in California after court gives OK

01:13 [CNN] California ex-wife sentenced for cutting off husband's penis

01:16 [Fox News: politics] Hold on Calif. gay marriages lifted by federal appeals court

01:17 [Voice of America] Clashes in Egypt; US Citizen Among 2 Killed

01:19 [Fox News] Witnesses Describe Bloodied But Calm Zimmerman After Shooting /i/redes/icon-video.gif

01:19 [Fox News] INK LINKED TO GANGS? Jail Officials Reportedly Scour NFL Star's Tattoos

01:19 [Fox News] SECOND SURGERY:Another Set of Lungs For Sarah Murnaghan

01:19 [Fox News] FEATHERED FATALITY:Watchers Horrified As Rare Bird Flies Into Wind Turbine

01:24 [zero hedge] Eric Sprott: "Have We Lost Control Yet?"

01:25 [Raw Story] NASA picks Florida agency to take over shuttle landing strip

01:27 [Reuters] Court lifts ban on gay marriage in California

01:27 [Reuters] Egypt violence builds, American among dead

01:28 [CNET News] Access menus via the keyboard in OS X

01:28 [Guardian] Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury 2013 – review

01:29 [CNN] Cuban columnist says bribes get US visas, US diplomats say not true

01:30 [Raw Story] Court order clears the way for marriage equality in California

01:31 [Slashdot] D-Wave Large-Scale Quantum Chip Validated, Says USC Team

01:34 [NPR] Gay Marriages Can Resume In California, As Stay Is Lifted

01:35 [Mostly Water] Mostly Water Shutting Down

01:37 [Mostly Water] Challenging U.S. Lawlessness

01:43 [AL JAZEERA] Kerry steps up Israel-Palestine shuttle talks

01:44 [Canadian Dimension] It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Another Capitalist Superhero

01:52 [CNN] Process begins to allow federal benefits for same-sex spouses

01:52 [CNN] Hundreds of Park Police guns unaccounted for, report says

01:55 [Reuters: politics] New Jersey's Christie vetoes Medicaid expansion bill

01:59 [CNN] California begins same-sex marriage ceremonies

02:01 [zero hedge] The Golden (Sentiment) Rule: If It Isn’t Off The Chart Now, It Will Be Soon

02:02 [Telegraph] Turkish security forces fire on protesters in Diyarbakir

02:02 [Telegraph] Andrew Marr hints that stress at work and home may have prompted stroke

02:02 [Telegraph] John Lewis blasts 'mad' OFT over warranties

02:10 [CNET News] Future of search and rescue: Cockroaches piloted by Kinect

02:14 [Fox News: politics] Virginia governor's ex-chef seeks subpoena of attorney general

02:15 [Fox News] Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s homes named in forfeiture motion

02:16 [Telegraph] Courts lift ban on gay marriage in California

02:17 [CNET News] A hail and farewell to AltaVista

02:19 [BBC: Technology] Fans braced for Google Reader demise

02:21 [Reuters] Court lifts ban on gay marriage in California

02:24 [Guardian] Ban on same-sex marriages in California lifted

02:25 [Raw Story] Sequester forces Justice Department to offer unpaid positions

02:25 [Reuters: politics] Court lifts ban on gay marriage in California

02:30 [Good] Giving Young Girls A New Role Model: An Engineer

02:32 [Voice of America] Meredith Buel: US Presidents Seek Broader Ties to Africa

02:33 [Infoshop] Announcing Attentat

02:34 [Voice of America] Same-Sex Marriage Ban Lifted in California

02:35 [Reuters: politics] Gay marriages resume in California after five-year hiatus

02:37 [Reuters] Gay marriages resume in California after five-year hiatus

02:40 [CNN] Zoo CSI shows how panda may have escaped

02:43 [Reuters] Egypt violence builds, American among dead

02:48 [Reuters] South Africa's Mandela 'improving' as Obama flies in

02:50 [CNN: Politics] Top U.S. general under investigation

02:54 [Reuters] Eyewitness describes Trayvon Martin's fatal struggle to Florida jury

02:55 [Raw Story] Researchers: ‘Parrot Dinosaur’ learned to walk upright like human child

02:55 [Raw Story] Republicans enlisting sports world’s help against Obamacare

02:56 [CNN] Scorching Southwest bracing for days of dangerous heat

03:00 [zero hedge] The Days Of The Super-Powered Chinese Economy Are Over

03:00 [Truthdig] ‘Left, Right & Center’: Monumental Movement on Gay Marriage, Voting Rights and Immigration

03:02 [Slashdot] FBI Paid Informant Inside WikiLeaks

03:06 [Deutsche Welle] Court lifts California ban on same-sex marriages

03:07 [The Atlantic: Technology] In the Future, Your Seatbelt Could Be Tailored to Your Body

03:12 [Voice of America] VOA News: Excessive Heat Warning for US Southwest

03:20 [Raw Story] American citizen dies amid anti-government protests in Egypt

03:27 [CNN] Thousands at Gettysburg for 150th anniversary

03:28 [The Atlantic: International] 10 Years After the Fall of Saddam, How Do Iraqis Look Back on the War?

03:29 [zero hedge] When Milton Friedman Opened Pandora's Box...

03:29 [NPR] Tour De France: A Fresh Start For 100th Race?

03:30 [Truthdig] The Ex-Con

03:31 [BBC: Health] The value of checking illegal drugs

03:32 [CNET News] Plaintiffs tussle with Facebook over proposed settlement of ad-related lawsuit

03:36 [Topix Activism News] PETA want to help Dax Sheparda

03:39 [CNN: Politics] First lady joins Instagram

03:39 [CNN: Politics] Obama: Pay no attention to leaker

03:39 [CNN: Politics] Court defies labels

03:45 [CNN: Politics] Court defies easy labels

03:45 [Truthdig] Mr. Fish: The Movie

03:50 [Mostly Water] Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act

03:50 [Raw Story] Chris Christie blocks Medicare expansion for New Jersey

03:50 [Big Think] 613 - Faces of Earth: A Mapping Contest Between Man and Machine

03:52 [Mostly Water] Lynne Stewart Denied Compassionate Release

03:56 [Mostly Water] Obama in Africa

04:02 [Mostly Water] Snowden: Shooting the Messenger

04:04 [Mostly Water] Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program

04:04 [Telegraph] Third arrest in former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez murder case

04:05 [Raw Story] California woman gets life in prison for severing husband’s penis

04:09 [CNN] Family photo puts Zimmerman attorney back in court of public opinion

04:09 [CNN] Scarsdale mom pleads not guilty to pot growing charges

04:21 [Fox News] Witness: Zimmerman Bleeding From Nose, Scalp After Fatal Shooting /i/redes/icon-video.gif

04:21 [Fox News] AMERICAN KILLED:US Warns Against Travel To Egypt After Clashes /i/redes/icon-video.gif

04:22 [Reuters] Analysis: Snowden's options appear to narrow in bid to evade U.S. arrest

04:33 [Guardian] Same-sex weddings resume in California after Proposition 8 ban is lifted

04:33 [Reuters: politics] Prosecutors seek forfeiture of homes owned by Jesse Jackson Jr.

04:38 [Mother Jones] VIDEO: "I Now Pronounce You: Spouses for Life"

04:48 [Fox News] Mick Jagger a Politician?

04:48 [Fox News] Gettysburg's Hallowed Ground

04:48 [Fox News] Martha: Sexting & Threesomes?

04:48 [Fox News] Fighter Jets Soar Over Jordan

04:48 [Fox News] Beiber Hooters GF Married?

04:48 [Fox News] New Corvette Stingray Revealed

04:48 [Fox News] Publisher Latest To Dump Deen

04:48 [Fox News] 9 Foods That Fight Pain

04:48 [Fox News] Farrah: Sheen Worse Than Bynes

04:48 [Fox News] Top New Restaurants

04:48 [Fox News] Alec's Anti-Gay Twitter Slur

04:50 [Raw Story] Facebook to launch ‘blacklist’ of offensive pages

04:59 [AL JAZEERA] US court jails former Mexico governor

05:07 [The Atlantic: Technology] You're Interacting With Dark Matter Right Now

05:22 [AntiWar] A Fourth Day of Attacks on Iraq Sports Fans: 41 Killed, 57 Wounded

05:26 [Deutsche Welle] Serbia on deck for EU entry talks as Croatia gears up for membership

05:33 [Reuters] China media warns Philippines of 'counterstrike' in South China Sea

05:35 [Fox News: politics] Plaintiffs in gay marriage case marry in San Francisco, Los Angeles

05:42 [Slashdot] Yahoo Puts AltaVista To Death

05:45 [Truthdig] Republicans Search High and Low For Women to Run As Republicans

05:50 [Raw Story] Florida man accused of killing and cooking family dog

05:53 [Telegraph] Woman in California sentenced to life in prison for chopping off husband's penis

06:00 [AntiWar] Ozymandias

06:00 [AntiWar] Israel and the War Party Have Panicked over Rowhani’s Election as Iran’s President

06:17 [Reuters] Kerry steps up shuttle talks with Abbas and Netanyahu

06:19 [NPR] Judge Who Struck Down Proposition 8 Knew Case Would Go Far

06:19 [Reuters: politics] Obama pledges to help Africa, pays tribute to Mandela

06:21 [Big Think] 10 Greatest Ideas in the History of Science

06:35 [Global Voices] Singapore: From Haze to Hail in Less Than a Week

06:39 [Telegraph] Plane crashes in Guatemala mountains killing six and sparking looting

07:08 [Voice of America] Bomb Kills 8, Wounds 4 in Southern Thailand

07:20 [Truthdig] Republicans Search High and Low for Women to Run as Republicans

07:25 [Telegraph] Alex Salmond's North Sea blockade threat unravels

07:25 [Telegraph] Sir Mick Jagger, head of the rock?'n'?roll high school

07:25 [Telegraph] George Osborne's flagship rights for shares scheme risks falling flat

07:26 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: good Islamists, bad Islamists?

07:36 [Deutsche Welle] Millions of Egyptians want to overthrow their president

07:38 [Slashdot] AT&T Gets Patent To Monitor and Track File-Sharing Traffic

07:42 [] Moishe Mana, the Israeli who made a fortune with his moving empire, wants to build a new Tribeca in Jersey City

07:46 [CNN] Airline recruits women to save fuel

07:48 [Fox News] Forfeiture motion names ex-Rep. Jackson's homes

07:57 [Topix Activism News] Pennsylvania hospitals' ban on hiring smokers prompts debate

08:23 [Fox News: politics] 101st seeking to save 'Band of Brothers' regiment from chopping block

08:32 [] Egypt's clerics warn of 'civil war,' as two killed, dozens injured in Alexandria

08:43 [Anarchist news] NATO 3 Internet Auction July 6-12

08:43 [Anarchist news] Paris: News Briefs from Lucioles #8 and #9

08:44 [AL JAZEERA] American killed in Egypt rival demonstrations

08:50 [CNN] In Egypt, clashes rage on between Morsy's supporters, foes

08:56 [Deutsche Welle] Russian youth camps irk Latvia

08:59 [Telegraph] Bee Gee Barry Gibb: I'm writing music about the Jodi Arias trial

08:59 [Telegraph] Prince Charles: Retiring? I haven't even begun my job

08:59 [Telegraph] Girl power in Sherlock drama is elementary dear, says Natalie Dormer

09:02 [AL JAZEERA] California resumes gay marriages after ruling

09:02 [] U.S. citizen, two Egyptians killed in protests as Egypt's clerics warn of 'civil war'

09:08 [AL JAZEERA] Obama in S Africa as Mandela 'improves'

09:13 [Telegraph] West should have negotiated with Taliban a decade ago, says British general

09:26 [Deutsche Welle] With equality assured, California starts performing same-sex marriages

09:32 [] Israeli official confirms four-way peace summit to take place in Amman

09:40 [CNN] Heat won't relent in scorched Southwest

09:40 [CNN] Obama starts South African visit in Mandela's shadow

09:45 [] Former US general James Cartwright named in Stuxnet leak inquiry

09:49 [Voice of America] US Condemns Cambodia Ban on Foreign Broadcasts

09:56 [Reuters] Obamas to meet Mandela family, but not visit hospital: White House

10:00 [CNN] Obama to meet Mandela's family, but not the anti-apartheid icon

10:10 [Fox News: politics] American killed in Egypt, US warns against travel there

10:13 [Reuters] Obamas to meet Mandela family, not visit hospital

10:16 [Deutsche Welle] Muslim separatists in south Thailand kill eight soldiers in bomb attack

10:19 [Voice of America] Ex-Wife Sees 'Great Improvement' in Mandela

10:20 [Fox News: politics] Obama to meet privately with family of Nelson Mandela in South Africa

10:26 [Slashdot] Google Adds Microsoft Word, Excel Editing To Latest Chrome OS Build

10:28 [Guardian] Holiday reading: The best books to pack this summer

10:52 [AL JAZEERA] Obama meets Zuma and pays tribute to Mandela

11:11 [Big Think] 50 Years of Eerie Silence is Not a Long Time

11:20 [NPR] Obama Will Not Meet With Critically Ill Mandela

11:23 [] Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, a man running from the news

11:35 [NPR] PR Experts On How To Prove You're Not A Racist

11:35 [NPR] Despite Alzheimer's, Couple Holds Tight To Old Memories

11:35 [NPR] Gay Marriage Battle Shifts To States

11:44 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly crackdown on Kurdish demonstration

11:45 [Slate Magazine] 500 Episodes and Counting

11:46 [Guardian] Edward Snowden has not weakened president, says Susan Rice

11:48 [Telegraph] Plaintiffs in US Supreme Court gay marriage battle wed in San Francisco

11:48 [Telegraph] Barack Obama will not meet Mandela but will visit his family

11:48 [Telegraph] American West bakes in 'brutal' heatwave as temperatures approach world record

11:53 [] Former accountant general: treasury is deliberately misleading the Israeli public

12:01 [Topix Activism News] Contentious issues show polarization at work

12:04 [Reuters] Egypt tense before rallies, American among dead

12:10 [Reuters] North Korea to discuss nuclear talks in Moscow - report

12:10 [Guardian] Lions v Australia: second Test – live! | Scott Murray

12:11 [Big Think] Dystopia is a Closed System

12:18 [CNN: Crime] California ex-wife sentenced for cutting off husband's penis

12:20 [Reuters] Syrian army launches offensive in Homs city

12:24 [zero hedge] Venezuela Is The "New Killing It", And It Doesn't Even Print

12:28 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Glastonbury: Morning after night before

12:34 [Telegraph] Rudd comeback gives Australia's ruling Labor party a popularity boost

12:42 [AL JAZEERA] Ecuador tells US to explain its spy programme

12:43 [Reuters] Rebels kill policeman, injure 14 others in Chechnya

12:46 [Deutsche Welle] US President Obama meets South African counterpart, Jacob Zuma

12:46 [Global Voices] The Strange Case of Puerto Rico and the Death Penalty

12:48 [Telegraph] Judy Murray: The only call me a pushy parent because I'm a woman

12:51 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kerry Holds More Talks With Palestinian President

12:56 [Deutsche Welle] 100th Tour de France kicks off in Corsica

13:01 [Deutsche Welle] Syrian army attacks Homs with planes and mortar

13:05 [NPR] What [BLANK] Folks Don't Understand About Rachel Jeantel

13:09 [Voice of America] VOA News: Obama Praises Mandela as Global 'Inspiration'

13:11 [Big Think] Can Parents Choose to Have Gay Children?

13:16 [Fox News] Memphis challenges lawsuit over Confederate parks

13:16 [Fox News] Pa. girl had a second lung transplant, family reveals

13:16 [Fox News] Hikers rescued trying to reach 'Into the Wild' bus

13:16 [Fox News] Witness testifies about George Zimmerman's injuries - COMPLETE COVERAGE: ZIMMERMAN TRIAL

13:16 [Fox News] Plaintiffs in Calif. gay marriage case wed in SF, LA

13:16 [Fox News] Christie: I didn't vote for Obama, he doesn't lead

13:16 [Fox News] Charges dropped against student who wore NRA shirt

13:16 [Fox News] Blazing heat wave bears down on Western states- FOX NEWS EXTREME WEATHER CENTER

13:16 [Fox News] Birdwatchers see rare bird killed by wind turbine

13:16 [Fox News] DC Metro police crack down ... on flower planting

13:16 [Fox News] Cops: Woman held captive in Pa. home for 3 weeks

13:16 [Slate Magazine] Gay Marriage, Flatware Etiquette, and Wendy Davis

13:16 [Reuters] Mandela still critical, Zuma says hopes he will leave hospital soon

13:17 [Reuters: politics] Obama says managing Afghanistan exit is a priority

13:20 [Slashdot] You Will Get DirectX 11.2 Only With Windows 8.1

13:20 [Telegraph] 'Terrorists' attack police station in restive Chinese province

13:20 [Telegraph] American killed in Egypt protest was teacher who 'cared profoundly' for region

13:20 [Telegraph] David Cameron: Talks with Taliban should have begun a decade ago

13:20 [Telegraph] Afghanistan memorial wall to be paid for by banking fines, says Cameron

13:21 [Reuters] Obama urges House to pass immigration reform by August

13:23 [Reuters: politics] Obama urges House to pass immigration reform by August

13:29 [zero hedge] Greenback Finishes Q2 on Firm Footing, What Next?

13:31 [Slate Magazine] The Time Harvard Expelled Its Gay Students

13:35 [CNN] Cameron visits British troops in Afghanistan

13:38 [CBC: politics] Half of voters don't see Conservatives as an option

13:40 [AL JAZEERA] Obama and Zuma pay tribute to Mandela

13:50 [Telegraph] Barack Obama salutes Nelson Mandela's 'moral courage'

13:52 [Fox News] Report: Hernandez's tattoos checked for gang ties - Conn. man arrested in ex-Patriot's murder case

13:52 [Fox News] House panel votes on pressing IRS's Lerner to talk

13:52 [Fox News] Arrest made in New Jersey nanny cam home invasion

13:52 [Fox News] 101st seeking to save 'Band of Brothers' regiment

13:54 [Reuters] Kerry extends Middle East peace mission

13:57 [Voice of America] VOA News: Obama Calls on Americans to Fight Climate Change

13:58 [] Netanyahu reassures Diaspora leaders he backs Sharansky plan for Western Wall prayer

14:02 [Guardian] Lions v Australia: second Test – as it happened | Scott Murray

14:02 [Guardian] Barack Obama will not visit Nelson Mandela in hospital, says White House

14:04 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq violence leaves several dead

14:07 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Philosophy of Netflix: Its Chief Content Officer Champions Storytelling

14:10 [NPR] Mandela Is 'Inspiration To The World,' Obama Says

14:10 [NPR] War Correspondent's Unflinching 'Diary Of A Very Bad Year'

14:10 [NPR] Preserving The Season's Fruits With A Canning Evangelist

14:11 [Big Think] Happiness Is A Work Ethic

14:12 [Guardian] Man charged over attack on Constable's The Hay Wain

14:12 [Guardian] Iran's president-elect calls his election victory a mandate for change

14:12 [CNN] One Fund Boston to distribute nearly $61 million to marathon victims

14:22 [Telegraph] Kevin Rudd and Australia's circular firing squad

14:23 [Reuters] Mandela still critical, Zuma hopes he will leave hospital soon

14:24 [Financial Times] Violent clashes leave three dead in Egypt

14:25 [Financial Times] Tapie investigated over alleged fraud

14:25 [Financial Times] German politics slows EU machine

14:25 [Financial Times] Art imitates life of Irish fiscal crisis

14:28 [Reuters] Mandela remains 'critical but stable'

14:32 [Slashdot] L.A. School District's 30,000 iPads May Come With Free Lock-In

14:34 [Reuters] Syrian army, backed by jets, launch Homs assault

14:36 [Guardian] Australia 16-15 Lions | Second Test match report

14:36 [Guardian] Australia 16-15 Lions: second Test – as it happened | Scott Murray

14:36 [Guardian] International forces will provide advice to Afghan military until 2020

14:39 [Voice of America] VOA News: Zuma: Mandela Still Critical but Stable

14:42 [The Atlantic: Politics] Contra George Mitchell, NSA Surveillance Is Not a Minor Issue

14:45 [Fox News: politics] NFL bucks call to promote ObamaCare, as Republicans pressure sports leagues to say no

14:46 [Guardian] Barack Obama pays homage to Nelson Mandela on first visit to South Africa

14:55 [Fox News: politics] Obama urges voters to demand climate change legislation from reps

14:55 [Fox News: politics] Government announces benefits for gay federal workers after court ruling

14:58 [] Syrian army, backed by jets, launches assault on Homs

15:00 [zero hedge] A Priest, A Banker And A Spook Go Into The Vatican's Money-Laundering Rabbit Hole...

15:02 [Reuters] South African police, protesters clash ahead of Obama visit

15:06 [Voice of America] Britain's Cameron Visits Afghanistan, Pakistan

15:06 [CNN] Europe's politicians tackle unemployment

15:10 [CNET News] This 2014 Corvette Stingray only costs $275

15:10 [NPR] Will Death Valley Top 130 Degrees? Here's Where To Watch

15:11 [Guardian] Laura Robson v Marina Erakovic: Wimbledon 2013 – live! | Tom Bryant

15:11 [Big Think] We Need to Stop Lying to Gay Kids

15:15 [CNN] Obama to meet Mandela's family privately

15:15 [CNN] Talib Kweli: Rap not 'talent-based game right now'

15:15 [The Progressive] Texas Gov Rick Perry v. Single Moms

15:22 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Closely Watching Political Unrest in Egypt

15:23 [Fox News: politics] Gen. Cartwright's lawyer: Leak allegations 'preposterous'

15:24 [Reuters] Obama tells Egyptians to talk, not fight

15:28 [AL JAZEERA] Obama meets Mandela's family in S Africa

15:29 [The Atlantic: International] Why Is It So Hard to Negotiate With the Taliban?

15:29 [Truthout] Egypt Braces for Millions to Retake the Streets in Protests

15:32 [Spiegel] Latvian Prime Minister: 'We Have Learned From Our Mistakes'

15:34 [AL JAZEERA] Obama meets Mandela's family in South Africa

15:35 [Truthout] Guns Lost, Stolen or Strayed

15:41 [Guardian] Syrian regime forces launch attack on rebel-held area of Homs

15:42 [Telegraph] Lessons in collaboration from America's gay marriage ruling

15:42 [Telegraph] Family struggles with tough decisions as Mandela ails

15:43 [Slashdot] MIT Researchers Can See Through Walls Using Wi-Fi

15:46 [BBC: Science & Environment] Journeys of discovery from Cortez to Cayman

15:48 [Fox News] NFL Punts on Promoting ObamaCare /i/redes/icon-video.gif

15:48 [Fox News] 'LAST OPPORTUNITY':Magpul to Give Away Ammo Mags Ahead of Colo. Ban

15:48 [Disinformation] How Encryption Works To Protect Your Email, IM and Phone Calls

15:48 [] American Jewish student killed in Egypt

15:49 [Fox News] $600M worth of diamonds left open in Swiss airlines cargo container at JFK

15:50 [AL JAZEERA] Karzai says Taliban peace talks to go ahead

15:50 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: The US Senate Approved the So-Called Comprehensive Immigration Bill, and More

15:55 [NPR] American Killed At Protest In Egypt ID'd As Kenyon Student

15:57 [Reuters] Obama meets Mandela family, police disperse protesters

15:58 [CNN] Obama meets with Mandela's family in South Africa

15:59 [CNN: Entertainment] Talib Kweli: Rap not 'talent-based game right now'

16:04 [AL JAZEERA] Karzai says Taliban peace process to go ahead

16:06 [Topix Activism News] Mandela: A hard act to follow for South Africans

16:10 [Voice of America] US Condemns Cambodia's Ban on Foreign Broadcasts

16:11 [Big Think] Stuck in a Creative Rut? Go Inside, Not Outside

16:11 [CNET News] Road Trip Pic of the Day, 6/29: What is this?

16:11 [CNET News] This e-mail will self-destruct in five seconds

16:13 [Telegraph] British man 'killed in climbing accident' in Austrian Alps

16:13 [Guardian] Barack Obama pays homage to Nelson Mandela on visit to South Africa

16:14 [CNN] Cameron visits British troops, Karzai in Afghanistan

16:14 [CNN] Opinion: My late wife is thanking you, too

16:15 [Raw Story] Maher: Justice Roberts pulled Voting Rights Act decision ‘out of his ass’

16:22 [CNN] Opinion: Gridlock at the Supreme Court

16:22 [AL JAZEERA] Russia to hold nuclear talks with North Korea

16:25 [Good] 10 Awesome (and Bizarre) DIY Ideas for Your Staycation

16:25 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Scott Thrift, Getting Creative With Time

16:26 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian regime assaults rebel stronghold Homs

16:29 [Telegraph] Mobile phone users could incur roaming charges if Scotland gains independence

16:31 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Behind the scenes: Pyramid Stage

16:38 [CNN] Hamilton produces 'phenomenal' lap to claim British Grand Prix pole

16:40 [Raw Story] Obama urges Egyptians to talk instead of fighting

16:40 [Raw Story] Same sex marriages resume in California after five-year hiatus

16:41 [Slashdot] NSA Revelation Leads FTC To Propose "Reclaim Your Name" Initiative

16:42 [Voice of America] Anne Look: CAR Rebels Accused of 'Rampant Abuses' Against Civilians

16:42 [Reuters] Russian pro-, anti-gay activists clash, police detain dozens

16:47 [Deutsche Welle] Obama says US not threatened by Chinese interest in Africa

16:48 [Disinformation] Pussy Riot On Their ‘Feminist Virus Infecting Your Thoughts’

16:52 [CNET News] Abyss AB-1266 headphones run $5,495, but they're worth it

16:52 [Fox News] Mick Not Satisfied?

16:54 [Voice of America] Anita Powell: Obama Encounters Protests, Praise on South Africa Visit

17:00 [zero hedge] Bill Gross Explains How To Escape A Sinking Ship

17:02 [Truthout] Thirteen Facts About America's Tax-Dodging Corporations

17:08 [Truthout] The Pushback Against Privatization Across the Country

17:10 [Raw Story] AIDS scientists in Malaysia hoping for cure

17:11 [Big Think] Shots of Awe: Jason Silva's New Techno Rapture

17:11 [] The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed /sites/

17:14 [Fin24 News] Obama: SA a critical partner

17:16 [NPR] Paula Deen's Next Cookbook Is Canceled

17:19 [] U.S urges dialogue as Egypt braces for protests; American Jewish student killed in Alexandria

17:19 [Guardian] Laura Robson beats Marina Erakovic at Wimbledon – as it happened| Tom Bryant

17:20 [CNN] How immigration reform would affect 3 families

17:24 [The Atlantic: National] A Catholic, a Baptist, and a Secular Humanist Walk Into a Soup Kitchen ...

17:31 [CBC: politics] Budget watchdog reveals bureaucracy ballooned under Harper

17:31 [Telegraph] Barack Obama pays homage to stricken Mandela

17:34 [] WATCH: Israeli artists say 'don't touch our Arak'

17:34 [CNN] Cameron arrives in Pakistan after visiting Afghanistan

17:37 [Guardian] US student killed in Egypt violence identified as Andrew Pochter, 21

17:38 [Voice of America] Obama Urges Dialogue in Egypt to End Unrest

17:40 [Mother Jones] Murder Rate Down Significantly In New York City /files/blog_crime_nyc.jpg

17:41 [Big Think] Does Collegiate Casual Sex Cause Anxiety and Depression?

17:42 [Slashdot] Australian Air Force's Recruiting Puzzle Shown To Be Unsolvable

17:42 [Reuters] France to seek 14 billion euros in cuts next year: paper

17:46 [CNN] Tour de Farce as first stage in Corsica disrupted by errant team bus

17:47 [Telegraph] Syrian warplanes bombard rebel areas in Homs

17:48 [Voice of America] Britain's Cameron Visits Afghanistan to Boost Peace Talks With Taliban

17:49 [Truthout] Harvest of Empire, Part 1

17:53 [Reuters] American student killed in Egypt violence taught English

18:08 [Voice of America] VOA News: Britain's Cameron Visits Afghanistan to Boost Peace Talks With Taliban

18:10 [AL JAZEERA] Kurdish mourners blast Turkish government

18:10 [Mother Jones] The No-Fly List: Orwellian or Kafkaesque?

18:10 [Mother Jones] Snowden Update: Father Trying to Broker Deal to Return to U.S.

18:11 [Big Think] Orwellian Phrase of the Week: "Orwellian"

18:11 [Guardian] Russian police detain dozens after clashes during gay rights march

18:15 [Guardian] Boston Marathon fund to share $61m among bombing victims

18:17 [Telegraph] Incoming Iranian president Rowhani pledges 'moderation in foreign policy'

18:19 [Fox News: politics] Roberts says high court too aggressive in questioning lawyers

18:19 [Fox News: politics] Obama-Court alliance on gay marriage sets up tough road ahead for same-sex union foes

18:21 [Reuters] Syrian army, backed by jets, launches assault on Homs

18:27 [Reuters] U.S. bugged EU offices, computer networks: German magazine

18:31 [zero hedge] The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers

18:31 [zero hedge] Profit By Betting Against The Crowd

18:32 [Slashdot] Number of Federal Wiretaps Rose 71 Percent In 2012

18:33 [Telegraph] Sri Lankan man dies from heart attack after receiving hiked up electricity bill

18:35 [Truthdig] Insurers Given Severe Weather Warning

18:41 [Raw Story] Maddow to Ohio women: ‘Welcome to your mandatory vaginal probe’ under new state budget

18:41 [Truthout] A Raw Deal From TransCanada and the Texas Railroad Commission

18:41 [] Snowden's Father: 'Ironclad Assurances' Son's Constitutional Rights Protected Could Bring Return

18:42 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt braces for Morsi anniversary protests

18:42 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt braces for day of rival protests

18:56 [Big Think] How Carbs Trigger Cravings for More Processed Foods

18:58 [Global Voices] Russians Celebrate Number One Political Prisoner's Birthday

19:01 [Truthout] Challenging Liberty: The Danger of DNA Databases

19:03 [CNN] Rossi wins in Assen as Lorenzo takes fifth with broken collarbone

19:06 [NPR] Bird On Rare Visit To U.K. Killed As Dismayed Twitchers Watch

19:06 [Big Think] Japan Creates a Pig that Grows Human Organs

19:14 [Voice of America] Obama Urges Dialogue in Egypt to End Unrest

19:16 [Fox News] Conservatives Grapple WithObama-Court Alliance on Marriage

19:16 [Fox News] LEAK PROBE:General's Lawyer Calls Allegations 'Preposterous''

19:16 [Fox News] FOURTH AND LONG:NFL Punts on Promoting ObamaCare Push /i/redes/icon-video.gif

19:16 [Fox News] WITHOUT A TRACE: Ariz. Teen Vanishes as Cell Shuts Off Waiting for Cab

19:16 [Fox News] YOU'RE FIRED:Court May Backtrack in 'Irresistible Attraction' Case

19:18 [Disinformation] Do Your Own Thinking: R. Buckminster Fuller

19:19 [Telegraph] Inside Hizbollah: 'Why we need Assad to stay'

19:23 [Guardian] Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff's support plummets in wake of protests

19:24 [] Likud minister says Israel, Palestinians nowhere near renewal of peace talks

19:25 [Good] Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdsourcing Creative Progress

19:27 [Reuters] Israelis and Palestinians downbeat as Kerry extends peace bid

19:27 [CNN] Colts' Lefeged arrested in Washington

19:32 [Deutsche Welle] Report: NSA spied on EU institutions

19:32 [Slashdot] How Silicon Valley's Tech Reign Will End

19:34 [AL JAZEERA] Brazil's Rousseff sees approval rating tumble

19:34 [CNN] Chemical release at Intel in Arizona sends 11 people to hospitals

19:36 [Truthdig] The Resilient Minority Wage Gap

19:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] Ezra Klein's Case Against Getting Your News From Twitter

19:41 [Raw Story] Atheists unveil monument in Florida and promise to build 50 more

19:42 [The Atlantic: Politics] Booz Allen Leader: How We See Snowden Inside the Company

19:48 [CNN] 5 things Obama wants young South Africans to know

19:48 [zero hedge] Okun's Brokun (More Than Ever)

19:52 [Deutsche Welle] US President Obama continues 'critical' South Africa visit

19:54 [] Palestinian PM unhurt in car accident with Israeli settlers

20:04 [CNET News] Trayvon Martin trial spawns insensitive Instagram from defense lawyer's daughter

20:05 [Telegraph] Britain will have to support Afghan National Army 'long after' 2014

20:05 [Telegraph] Obama calls for calm as Egypt braces for more violence

20:05 [Telegraph] Wimbledon: Laura Robson makes history to reach fourth round

20:06 [Big Think] Why Sugar Should Be Regulated Like Alcohol

20:08 [The Atlantic: Technology] A Reddit Co-Founder's Devastating One Line Takedown of Facebook

20:08 [AL JAZEERA] Iran's Rouhani seeks international dialogue

20:09 [] Security cabinet member says Israel, Palestinians nowhere near renewal of peace talks

20:10 [CNN] U.S. asks Ecuador to reject any asylum request from Edward Snowden

20:10 [Topix Activism News] From Dhaka to Broadway, Protests Target Bangladesh Factory Death Traps

20:17 [Deutsche Welle] 'An expression of greed and contempt'

20:18 [Fox News: politics] Biden, Ecuador's president discuss leaker Snowden

20:18 [Disinformation] Science and Spirituality: The Teachings of U.G.Krishnamurti

20:22 [AL JAZEERA] Bahrain student sentenced for insulting king

20:28 [Reuters] Britain's Cameron pushes peace in Afghanistan

20:30 [The Atlantic: International] A Realistic Model for New Democracies: The Most Corrupt American City Ever?

20:36 [Big Think] Infection Rates of Lyme Disease Erupt, Along With Controversy

20:45 [Guardian] David Cameron and army divided over Afghanistan role after 2014

20:47 [] Western US Swelters Under Blistering, Record-Breaking Heat /sites/

20:51 [Raw Story] Maher: Republicans hate ‘sluts who put out’ more than abortion

20:55 [CNET News] The best Robot vs. Rory McIroy contest you will ever see

20:55 [Reuters] Biden asked Ecuador not to give Snowden asylum: Correa

20:58 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Explaining Cloud Privacy Risks To K-12 Teachers?

20:59 [Voice of America] US Urges Ecuador to Deny Snowden Asylum

21:01 [Raw Story] Dozens hospitalized as western states bake in near-record heat

21:01 [Reuters] Thousands march in Istanbul in solidarity with Kurds

21:03 [Disinformation] ‘Psychic Attack’ Rumors Run Wild After 18 Hospitalized at Japanese High School

21:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Peter Dreier: Obama Embraces the Divestment Movement: From Apartheid to Climate Change

21:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Diane Dimond: There Ought to Be a Law Against an 'Incompetent' Congress

21:07 [Fox News: politics] Coal-state Dems chisel away at Obama climate plan

21:07 [Guardian] British climber dies after 200 metre fall in Austrian Alps

21:10 [AL JAZEERA] Biden asks Ecuador to refuse Snowden asylum

21:11 [NPR] 3 Things To Know About Edward Snowden's Passenger Purgatory

21:12 [AL JAZEERA] Kittel wins opening Tour stage

21:16 [CNN] Russia to hold talks with North Korea over nuclear program

21:19 [Guardian] Gay couples line up to wed in San Francisco after court lifts marriage freeze

21:21 [Telegraph] Joe Biden telephones Ecuador president to ask him not to grant asylum to Edward Snowden

21:24 [CNN] Chemical release at Intel in Arizona sends 11 to hospitals

21:31 [Raw Story] Biden spoke to Ecuador’s Correa about Snowden: White House

21:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] Kickstarters of Yore: Mozart, Lady Liberty, Alexander Pope

21:39 [CNN] Historic ruling opens way for immigration for same-sex spouses

21:42 [Guardian] Jeremy Hunt to crack down on immigrants' use of free NHS services

21:42 [Guardian] Biden and Correa discuss Edward Snowden in phone conversation

21:42 [Guardian] Hospitals are wasting 82,000 meals a day

21:44 [CNET News] MacBook Air rules thin-and-light laptop market, says NPD

21:46 [CNN] Djokovic breezes into second week; Gasquet falls to teen Tomic

21:51 [Reuters] U.S. asked Ecuador not to give Snowden asylum: Correa

21:52 [Guardian] Ecuador's Correa says Biden asked him to deny Edward Snowden asylum

21:52 [] Obama State Dept. Leaving Citizens in the Dark About Exact Keystone XL Pipeline Route /sites/

21:54 [Guardian] Texas Democrats prepare for special session after Wendy Davis filibuster

21:56 [NPR] It's 'Wedding Weekend In San Francisco' After Prop 8 Ruling

22:04 [Disinformation] Second Century Science Fiction Describes Trip to the Moon

22:08 [Reuters] Britain's Cameron in thwarted Afghan peace talks push

22:08 [Telegraph] All set for hottest day of the year

22:10 [Guardian] Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America

22:11 [zero hedge] Obama Goes To South Africa, Protests Ensue

22:11 [zero hedge] Presenting Inflation...

22:14 [Slashdot] ICANN Set To Broaden World of Domain Names

22:15 [] Assad forces bombard Homs; IDF deploys Iron Dome system near Haifa

22:16 [CNN] Southwest scorcher approaches hottest day ever on Earth

22:23 [Voice of America] Reuters: Syrian Army Launches Air Assault on Homs

22:24 [Telegraph] Marr blames his stroke on overwork, and that embarrassing picture

22:24 [Telegraph] Armed Forces Day: a day for those who keep us safe

22:24 [Telegraph] The violent criminal we can't deport because of his seven children by three different women

22:28 [Fox News: politics] Study: EPA influence over states grows

22:30 [AL JAZEERA] Obama pays tribute to personal hero Mandela

22:41 [NPR] Crashes, Chaos During Stage 1 Of Tour De France

22:46 [Reuters] Rousseff's popularity plummets in wake of Brazil protests

22:53 [The Atlantic: Politics] Jane Harman: The Top Secret Clearance System Is Like Something Out of the 19th Century

22:54 [Telegraph] Patients facing eight-hour waits in ambulances outside A&E departments

23:01 [Truthdig] Redacted FBI Documents Show Plot to Kill Occupy Leaders If ‘Deemed Necessary’

23:01 [Raw Story] Dozens of mummies found in ancient Peruvian royal tomb

23:02 [Slashdot] Mouse Cloned From Drop of Blood

23:04 [Disinformation] Rupert Sheldrake: Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory?

23:04 [Anarchist news] Fuck July 4th! Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity Noise Demo in Oakland

23:08 [The Atlantic: Technology] That Time an Astronaut Got a Pie Sent to the International Space Station

23:10 [Telegraph] Centre stage for Britain's Olympic winners

23:10 [Telegraph] Surgeon allowed to work despite inquiry into 10 deaths

23:10 [Telegraph] Church of England set to bury Synod homosexuality debate

23:10 [Telegraph] Coalition facing back-bench revolt over wind farm subsidies

23:10 [Telegraph] Voters back George Osborne's welfare crackdown, finds poll

23:10 [Telegraph] HS2 will suck up cash, warns Alistair Darling

23:10 [CNET News] Spammers show they give a fig about Instagram, launch fruit-based attack

23:13 [CNN] Four Vandy football players dismissed amid sex crime probe

23:16 [NPR] Biden Asks Ecuador To Deny Snowden Asylum

23:18 [CNN] Demonstration in Istanbul after death of young protester

23:21 [Fox News] Baldwin's Twitter shut down

23:21 [Fox News] 'The Heat' stars dish on film

23:21 [Fox News] Keep Fido Safe in Summer

23:21 [Fox News] Country Bans Video Game

23:24 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Has Brad DeLong Admitted To Being Unfair and Imbalanced?

23:27 [Voice of America] Somali al-Shabab Militants Kill Two Founders of the Group

23:28 [Guardian] GPs told to charge non-Britons for NHS services

23:30 [Guardian] Fears of a civil war growing as Egyptians prepare for day of reckoning over Mohamed Morsi

23:33 [Spiegel] Attacks from America: NSU Spied on European Union Offices

23:35 [CNN: Money] How do you decide where to live?

23:37 [Deutsche Welle] Three Germans kidnapped in Syria, says aid organization

23:41 [Raw Story] Mexico City launches trash-for-food clean-up program

23:46 [Raw Story] Hong Kong filmmakers unveil first movie adaptation of Snowden saga

23:49 [Fox News] 'WAR ON AMERICA': Coal-State Dems Slam Obama's Climate Plan

23:51 [CNN] Get caught up: Week 1 of Zimmerman trial

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