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00:00 [Raw Story] Rep. Speier takes aim at ex-gay therapy

00:00 [NPR] Despite Protection Efforts, Rhino Poaching Soars

00:03 [Topix Activism News] Egypt court sentences 8 to death over prophet film

00:06 [Pravda] Gaza: "Pinpoint Accuracy" - More Child Sacrifices

00:09 [The Independent] Charles van Commenee: 'I got rid of cynicism in UK athletics'

00:11 [CNET News] YouTube rolls out auto-captions for six European languages

00:11 [Russia Today] Congressman proposes moratorium on new Internet laws

00:15 [Raw Story] Veteran abandoned in Oakland jail with a ruptured spleen, lawsuit claims

00:15 [NPR] Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar Dies At 86

00:16 [Russia Today] Iran to boost uranium enrichment ‘with intensity’ – nuclear chief

00:18 [Fox News: politics] Panel: Texas Democratic Rep. Reyes may have broken ethics rules, law

00:18 [Slashdot] Research Discovery Could Revolutionize Semiconductor Manufacturing

00:20 [Big Think] Guest Post: "After the Drone"

00:23 [OpEdNews] Grover Norquist's Budget Is Largely Financed by Just Two Billionaire-Backed Nonprofits

00:23 [Good] Culinary Misfits: Saving Ugly Vegetables from Rejection

00:23 [BBC: Health] Birth tests 'can predict obesity'

00:23 [The Atlantic: National] The Killing Of Jordan Russell Davis

00:26 [CNET News] Fujitsu pet pedometer helps chunky dogs slim down

00:28 [Disinformation] Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura- Season Three, Episode #4: The Ozarks

00:31 [Global Voices] The Lives of Hui Muslims in China

00:35 [CNET News] Obama opposes Silicon Valley firms on immigration reform

00:36 [Russia Today] 'Key witness' in Magnitsky case suddenly dies in UK - report

00:36 [Global Voices] Spotlight on China's ‘Re-education Through Labour'

00:37 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Science And Sortilege In Today's Political Economics

00:40 [United Nations Foundation] Abortion in Ireland: The Injustice and Day-to-Day Terror Faced by Countless Women

00:40 [Sydney Morning Herald] PM must quit over 'sordid mess': Pyne

00:46 [The Onion] Lax PetSmart Background Check Allows Deranged Gerbil To Slip Through The Cracks

00:49 [Slate Magazine] Why Is Public Nudity Illegal?

00:52 [straight] Sarah McLachlan releases free Christmas song

00:53 [CNET News] This quadrotor flies -- and rolls -- over just about anything

00:54 [CNN] New York City logs murder-free Monday, police say

00:54 [Deutsche Welle] US government bans BP from new contracts

00:55 [Raw Story] Researcher Rick Doblin optimistic about future of psychedelic drugs

01:01 [CNN] Syrian villagers cheer downed jet; rebels display captured missiles

01:05 [NPR] Sea Level Rising Much Faster Than U.N. Projections


01:07 [CNN] UK newspapers brace for Leveson verdict on media regulation

01:07 [zero hedge] Goldman's Stolper Sets 'New' Four-Year FX Plan

01:08 [msnbc] Fired-up congressional panel vows strict VA oversight

01:10 [Mother Jones] Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic Might Soon Disappear

01:11 [The Independent] Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: Will my Samsung Galaxy II work as a phone while in Japan?

01:11 [Voice of America] College Agents May Face Drastic Changes in China

01:16 [Fox News] EXCLUSIVE: Feinstein Researching Ways to Bring Gitmo Detainees to US

01:17 [Slashdot] Bluetooth Used To Track Traffic Times

01:20 [Big Think] Newly Found: A Supermassive Black Hole

01:20 [Truthdig] Bungee-Jumping Over the Fiscal Cliff

01:22 [CNET News] HP gets hammered as Moody's cuts rating

01:23 [Telegraph] Bogus student warnings ignored

01:25 [Electronic Intifada] Palestinian forces increasingly join Israel in repression of journalists

01:27 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - November 29, 2012

01:30 [Reuters: politics] Obama says hopes for deficit deal by Christmas

01:38 [zero hedge] Will We Hold It Wednesday – Fiscal Cliff Fever Edition

01:38 [OpEdNews] Ignoring the Global Warming Reality

01:40 [Truthdig] Who Is Grover Norquist?

01:40 [Raw Story] Scientists record most powerful quasar blast ever

01:40 [CNN] Gmail allows 10 GB file sharing with Google Drive

01:40 [Mother Jones] The 10 Best Tweets From Obama's #MY2K Campaign

01:43 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] President-elect Pushes New Mexican Image in Washington

01:46 [Fox News] EXCLUSIVE: Top Dem Researching Ways to Bring Gitmo Detainees to US

01:47 [CNET News] Weatherman's fiancee stages naked coup of his Twitter feed

01:49 [Amnesty International] South Korea: The politically motivated onslaught on free speech

01:51 [Guardian] WikiLeaks suspect Manning mistreated by military, psychiatrist says

01:52 [straight] Dams in Metro Vancouver watersheds could generate electricity

01:55 [Truthdig] Let the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Expire Already

01:58 [Good] How Digital Hopscotch Can Help Kids Study (and Exercise)

01:58 [OpEdNews] SCOTUS Is Not Us: The DC Debut of "Unequal Justice"

02:00 [Raw Story] George Zimmerman offers signatures to legal fund donors

02:01 [The Onion] [Video] Powerball Officials Admit They Lost All The Balls

02:03 [CNN] TSA chief will be a 'no show' at congressional hearing

02:07 [Global Voices] Hundreds Rally Against Anti-Semitism in Hungary

02:07 [Slashdot] Scientific American's Fred Guterl Explores the Threats Posed By Technology

02:08 [zero hedge] Guest Post: BRICS: The World's New Bankers?

02:09 [Deutsche Welle] Egyptians protest against Muslim Brothers

02:10 [Truthdig] Our Climate Future and the Doha Summit

02:10 [AL JAZEERA] Al-Qaeda urges Mali to reject foreign troops

02:11 [Mother Jones] Why the Super Rich Have Turned So Bitterly Against Obama

02:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] Heatwave coming to NSW

02:13 [Guardian] CIA faces lawsuit over scientist's 1950s death

02:22 [Slashdot] Caltech and UVic Set 339Gbps Internet Speed Record

02:23 [The Atlantic: National] The Killing of Jordan Russell Davis

02:28 [Good] Poverty Doesn't Matter in Education? Tell That to an 11-Year-Old Living in the Tenderloin

02:30 [] Equality is Not Equal

02:31 [BBC: Also in the news] NYC sees day of no violent crime

02:35 [Voice of America] US Suspends Oil Giant BP From New Federal Bids

02:40 [CNET News] LivingSocial said to lay off nearly 10 percent of staff

02:40 [CNN] Egypt speeds new constitution amid Morsy protests

02:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] Oh no, Yoko

02:49 [Amnesty International] France: Protect against forced evictions

02:50 [CNN] For Powerball winner, along with all those bucks can come unexpected change

02:53 [straight] Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan slams Broadway SkyTrain line talk

02:55 [zero hedge] The Top Ten 'Fiscal Cliff' To-Do List

02:57 [Reuters: politics] Cracks surface in Republican unity on tax rates

02:58 [The Atlantic: Technology] Why People Really Love Technology: An Interview with Genevieve Bell

02:58 [The Atlantic: National] Why Gays Should Carry Guns

03:00 [Truthdig] New York City’s Day Off

03:01 [Russia Today] Afghan politicians complicit in ‘Ponzi’ Kabul Bank - report

03:03 [CNN] Palestinian move at U.N. won't solve anything

03:05 [Raw Story] CIA faces lawsuit over 1950s ‘LSD experiment’ death of scientist

03:05 [Reuters: politics] Cracks show in Republican unity on tax rates

03:07 [Slashdot] Anthropologist Spends Three Years Living With Hackers

03:11 [CNET News] Obama tax plan hashtag hijacked by conservative think tank

03:11 [Telegraph] Police uncover Australia's biggest credit card fraud

03:15 [Truthdig] It’s the Economy, Stupid!

03:21 [Infoshop] Cleveland anarchist bomb plot aided and abetted by the FBI

03:24 [CNN] For Powerball winner, along with all those dollars can come unexpected change

03:25 [Big Think] 588 - No Land Ho: Sandy Island and the Age of Un-Discovery

03:25 [Voice of America] Troops Disperse Burmese Mine Protest

03:28 [Disinformation] Which “News” Organizations Got Trolled During Hurricane Sandy?

03:30 [Truthdig] U.S.-Size Ice Cube Melts

03:30 [Fox News: politics] Final House race decided as Rouzer concedes to McIntyre after North Carolina recount

03:32 [The Onion] Powerball Super Fans Camping Out Before The Big Drawing Dressed Up As Their Favorite Numbers

03:38 [zero hedge] How Do the Chinese View the Gold Market?

03:45 [CNN] Men accused of running $8M bank fraud from prison get 25 years

03:46 [CNET News] Apple's iTunes 11 could debut tomorrow, report says

03:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Not so dumb after all

03:50 [Truthdig] Defense Attorney Blames Child Victim for Being Gang Raped

03:51 [Moral Low Ground] Travel + Leisure Ranks US Cities with Most (and Least) Beautiful People

03:54 [The Hindu - News] Myanmar cracks down on mine protest; dozens hurt

03:57 [Telegraph] Barack Obama voices support for Susan Rice

03:58 [The Hindu - News] Garbage doesn’t spare even Masti’s house

04:01 [Mostly Water] Solidarity or Exclusion? British Columbia Unions and Chinese Mineworkers

04:02 [The Hindu - News] Contract pourakarmikas to strike work today

04:03 [CNET News] Apple branches out with new campus in Santa Clara

04:05 [Voice of America] US, AU Want Action on Neutral Force for Rebel-Held Areas of Congo

04:06 [The Hindu - News] ‘Free dialysis facility should be extended to middle class too’

04:07 [zero hedge] Hump-Day Humor: 4 Fun Facts On 2012/2013 Earnings

04:08 [CNN] Mexican police deny accused drug lord's government corruption claims

04:08 [The Atlantic: Politics] Post-Thanksgiving Links: Sexy Kim, Bloviating Solons, Twilight of McCain

04:13 [Topix Activism News] Young activists - fight for their future'

04:13 [Telegraph] Brad Pitt on marriage to Angelina Jolie, 'Killing Them Softly', and THAT Chanel ad

04:15 [Raw Story] Julian Assange warns the Internet is a threat to civilization

04:20 [CNN] China looks to lead the Internet of Things

04:21 [CNN] Bing takes on Google in fight for holiday shoppers

04:32 [CNN] The old man and the sea: 73-year-old to sail solo around world in 'bathtub' boat

04:44 [The Hindu - News] School to foot student’s medical bill

04:46 [The Hindu - News] School to foot student’s medical bill

04:47 [Fox News] TICKET TO MURDER: Did Lottery Winner Fall Victim to Deadly Swindle?

04:49 [OpEdNews] American Religion- Part Two- All Hail The Economy!

04:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ponting quits Test cricket

04:50 [The Hindu - News] Athletes cry foul over stadium mismanagement

04:54 [The Hindu - News] ‘I’m trying to reclaim patriotism from the right’

04:55 [zero hedge] Censored: Poverty Report in Germany

04:56 [The Hindu - News] Finally, tainted BDA official suspended

04:57 [Reuters] New home sales stagnant, cast shadow on housing

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Lokayukta court dismisses case against R.K. Dutta

05:02 [The Onion] [Video] UPDATE: Powerball Execs Find Missing Powerballs

05:06 [Russia Today] Assange develops chronic lung infection – Ecuador’s envoy to UK

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Traffic violations on the rise

05:11 [Voice of America] UN Votes Thursday on Palestinian Status

05:11 [Slashdot] Researchers Build Objects With 3D Printing Using Simulated Moon Rocks

05:12 [The Hindu - News] The same picture here, before and after RTE

05:14 [The Hindu - News] Tripping over bad stairs

05:16 [The Hindu - News] From Ramayana to Marquez: keeping an art alive

05:18 [The Hindu - News] Subordinate courts erred in Soorinje case, says Saldanha

05:20 [Raw Story] O’Reilly bashes ‘fascist’ atheist: Christianity not a religion, so Christmas displays are OK

05:21 [Russia Today] Assange develops chronic lung condition – Ecuador’s envoy to UK

05:25 [Deutsche Welle] Argentina tries pilots for crimes against humanity

05:39 [OpEdNews] Fighting back against the eurozone tyrants

05:44 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Rule of Law Strongest in Nordics, Weakest in Asia

05:45 [Slate Magazine] American Horror Story, Season 2

05:46 [Telegraph] Amanda Knox releases title and book cover for $4million memoir 'Waiting to be Heard'

05:46 [Mother Jones] Et Tu, Susan?

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Day in Pictures

05:49 [The Hindu - News] A cricket fan to the core

05:50 [Raw Story] Los Angeles ports disrupted by strikes

05:55 [The Hindu - News] Survey of differently-abled children from Dec. 3

06:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Weigant: The New Deal

06:00 [Telegraph] Not a Google error? 'Phantom' Pacific island Sandy found on 136-year-old maps

06:00 [Big Think] Inside Elon Musk's Mars Math

06:01 [The Hindu - News] Rural colleges welcome cap on engineering seats, urban colleges question the move

06:05 [The Hindu - News] London Mayor keen on tie-ups for city regeneration projects

06:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Red beaches glow blue

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Light intensity tremor experienced in parts of TN

06:11 [CNET News] Singles go for smartphones, while couples like tablets?

06:14 [The Atlantic: National] For Migrant Workers, Still the Harvest and the Shame

06:15 [Slate Magazine] Make ’em Talk

06:15 [The Hindu - News] HPS duo walks away with the honours

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Strong resolve by GHMC to continue demolitions

06:25 [The Hindu - News] These dishes can detect food poisoning

06:30 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart exposes blatant hypocrisy of McCain and Graham

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Do not trust KCR, Naidu tells people

06:32 [Russia Today] Transition in chaos: Morsi taking Egypt down Mubarak road

06:32 [Telegraph] Powerball $550m jackpot: Lottery fever grips US with 130,000 tickets sold every minute

06:33 [The Hindu - News] Kakinada RLNG terminal to be ready by 2013-end

06:37 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Optimism elsewhere, but Russian markets lagging

06:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ponting a straight shooter

06:37 [CNET News] 'Six-strike' anti-piracy campaign postponed until 2013

06:39 [OpEdNews] AP believes it found evidence of Iran's work on nuclear weapons

06:41 [Moral Low Ground] CIA Sued for Murder, Cover-Up in Death of Frank Olson, Bioweapons Expert Unwittingly Dosed with LSD in 1953

06:43 [CNET News] PeopleBrowsr wins temporary injunction against Twitter

06:43 [Disinformation] The Transexual Revolution – Televised

06:45 [CNN] South Korea to make new attempt to put satellite in orbit

06:56 [zero hedge] Overnight Futures 'Fat-Finger' $750mm Notional In One Minute

06:57 [The Hindu - News] People’s movements say no to cash transfer, yes to PDS

07:01 [The Hindu - News] “Delhi Govt. displacing slum dwellers mindlessly”

07:05 [The Hindu - News] Now DU to hold public durbars on Thursdays

07:08 [The Hindu - News] India’s first astronomy-photography festival from December 8

07:12 [The Hindu - News] Engineers’ body for independent review of CAG’s Games report

07:15 [Fin24 News] US halts oil contracts with BP

07:16 [The Hindu - News] Palestinians certain to win recognition as a state

07:16 [Voice of America] Sierra Leone Opposition Threatens Post-Election Boycott

07:20 [The Hindu - News] Survey team ready for Metro land acquisition

07:24 [The Hindu - News] Private buses for the people by the NGO

07:26 [Guardian] Julian Assange suffering lung problems, says Ecuador

07:28 [Global Voices] Egypt: Down with The Tyrant - Take Three!!

07:30 [The Hindu - News] CBSE youth festival gets rolling

07:32 [The Hindu - News] Festival of lamps

07:33 [Global Voices] Egyptians Back on the Street

07:34 [Telegraph] Getting pensioners online could solve elderly loneliness crisis

07:35 [Fin24 News] Gold Fields to unbundle SA assets

07:35 [Deutsche Welle] UN observer status beckons for Palestinians

07:38 [The Hindu - News] Tribespeople flay move to rope in private bodies

07:38 [zero hedge] Ayn Rand Was NOT a Libertarian

07:40 [Financial Times] Geithner deployed for fiscal cliff talks

07:42 [The Hindu - News] Impasse ends; Speaker allows FDI debate with voting

07:45 [Fox News] $579.9M Jackpot Numbers Drawn

07:46 [The Hindu - News] Embrace Malayalam, youth told

07:48 [Telegraph] New York policeman's gift to homeless man turns into an internet hit

07:51 [Reuters] Cracks show in Republican unity on tax rates

07:52 [Infoshop] Charges Filed for the May Day Vandalism

07:55 [Fin24 News] BAT playing dirty, says Mugabe

07:55 [CNN] Winning Powerball tickets sold in Missouri, Arizona

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Left bodies to take out march

07:57 [Infoshop] Prefigurative Politics and Self-Management Practices: Saint-Imier and Beyond

08:00 [The Hindu - News] Rewarding farm lesson

08:00 [CNN] Philippine economy bucks global headwinds

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Monument to be demolished

08:02 [CNN] Bodies found inside drifting ship near Japan

08:04 [Telegraph] Chinese thugs knocked out by amateur Kung Fu fans

08:07 [Infoshop] Anarchist Economics

08:08 [The Hindu - News] Two unauthorised structures sealed

08:12 [CNET News] Meet Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Hollywood's new copyright ally

08:14 [Global Voices] Time for Civil Rule in Mauritania

08:16 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Server Room Toolbox?

08:20 [New Statesman] Quote of the Day

08:22 [Infoshop] “Direct Struggle Against Capital”, or anarchism and syndicalism

08:23 [msnbc] Two winners to split $580 million Powerball jackpot

08:24 [The Independent] WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suffering from a chronic lung condition, says Ecuador

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Encroachments at Ganapathy, Flower Market removed

08:27 [Topix Activism News] Looking Back at the Last Year in HIV Science, Activism and Policy

08:28 [The Hindu - News] ‘Remove VAT on generator sets’

08:29 [Global Voices] Families of Kidnapped Lebanese Protest Authorities' Neglect

08:29 [CNN] Egypt speeds new constitution amid Morsy protests

08:32 [Infoshop] Ireland: 20 years of inaction on abortion access - now a tragedy

08:32 [The Hindu - News] Concern over mosquito menace

08:34 [Telegraph] Aspirin can cut liver cancers and deaths study finds

08:35 [OpEdNews] Arafat's Body Exhumed

08:36 [The Hindu - News] Water released from Vaigai dam to be stopped

08:36 [NPR] Hunt For Powerball Winners Begins; 2 Tickets Match

08:39 [Global Voices] Kuwait: Who is Dumping Garbage Outside My Home?

08:39 [The Independent] UKBA staff failed to check thousands of tip-offs about overseas students

08:40 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:40 [Pravda] Moscow supports neither Syria's Assad nor opposition

08:40 [The Hindu - News] 747 dengue cases, 17 deaths

08:41 [Fox News] Winning Powerball Jackpot Tickets Purchased in Arizona and Missouri

08:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Glamour rules on red carpet

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Light is the highlight

08:45 [The Hindu - News] Government ready with white paper on dengue, says Health Minister

08:46 [CNN] South Korea halts latest attempt to put satellite in orbit

08:50 [Telegraph] Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to make American drama

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Ullal effluent treatment plant yet to become operational

08:53 [The Hindu - News] ‘Fill vacant government posts’

08:54 [Global Voices] Algerian Rulers and Contemporary Performance Arts

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Survey of school dropouts from next month

08:55 [The Independent] Ricky Ponting to retire at end of third Test against South Africa

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Kulkunda cattle fair begins without a hitch

08:57 [Infoshop] Boycotting Israel works,” says Rachel Corrie’s dad

09:01 [Pravda] Shocking statement about Mars by NASA scientist

09:02 [Infoshop] Unpacking the Fukushima Disaster

09:05 [OpEdNews] We Need A Million People To Stop The Filibuster

09:06 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Fiscal cliff hopes buoy markets

09:06 [CNET News] Curiosity: Behind the amazing success (and disaster) of a mobile gaming hit

09:06 [Telegraph] Leveson Inquiry: profiles of Lord Justice Leveson and his assessors

09:07 [Slashdot] NASA Cancels Nanosat Challenge

09:12 [] Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire

09:17 [Fox News] FUGITIVES NABBED: Couple Accused of Burning Boy Arrested at Parade

09:19 [CNN] Romanian gang arrested in Australia's biggest-ever credit card ID theft

09:26 [The Independent] She's back: Sally Bercow returns to Twitter

09:27 [Russia Today] 23 killed, at least 84 wounded in Iraqi bomb attacks

09:27 [Topix Activism News] Myanmar cracks down on mine protest; dozens hurt

09:37 [Russia Today] Russia gets tough opponents at UEFA Under-21 Champs

09:37 [The Hindu - News] Facebook row: Police to drop case against girls

09:38 [Fin24 News] Sarb sounds inflation warning

09:39 [CNN] Outgoing Mexican president defends legacy in wake of drug war

09:41 [The Independent] Moscow blanketed by record snowfall

09:42 [Russia Today] Bradley Manning harsh detention ‘senseless’ – military shrink

09:45 [The Hindu - News] CPI-affiliated body condemns attack on Dalits

09:46 [Guardian] Leveson report to be published amid intense debate on nature of regulation

09:47 [Russia Today] Disney, Sears and other global retailers implicated in Bangladesh factory tragedy

09:48 [CNN] Deadly bomb attacks rock Iraq for a third day

09:49 [The Hindu - News] State treads herbal route in its fight against dengue

09:51 [The Hindu - News] Fresh impetus to solve undetected grave crimes

09:53 [The Hindu - News] Religious fervour rages on in Srirangam

09:55 [The Hindu - News] Uninterrupted power around Srirangam temple during Ekadasi

09:56 [] As if Iraq never happened: the media and fake evidence that Iran is building a nuclear bomb

09:57 [straight] European Union Film Festival: Estonia's Demons attacks casino gambling with a familiar fervour

09:57 [The Independent] White House dresses up for holidays

09:57 [The Hindu - News] Shettar confident of solving Cauvery dispute

09:58 [] Arafat's Body Exhumed

09:59 [The Hindu - News] Manginapudi Beach, Krishna banks come alive

10:01 [New Statesman] Leveson day: what happens when?

10:01 [The Hindu - News] No second crop for second consecutive year?

10:03 [The Hindu - News] 3 BP staff arraigned on Gulf oil spill charges

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Hostels to be renovated with Rs. 4.5 cr.

10:07 [The Hindu - News] JNNURM housing loans turn into NPAs

10:09 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: live

10:09 [CNN] Assange disregards questions on free press, his reported ill health

10:11 [New Internationalist] Jeet Thayil: 'writing makes nothing happen'

10:11 [The Hindu - News] Fishing sector feels the heat

10:12 [Russia Today] No step back to Stalin times – Medvedev

10:12 [Moral Low Ground] Indiana State Police Chief Paul Whitesell: Legalize & Tax Marijuana

10:13 [The Independent] Ford says China should embrace electric cars as traffic worsens

10:13 [The Hindu - News] Industry cries foul over power penalties

10:15 [The Hindu - News] Devotional fervour

10:17 [Russia Today] Russian football authorities find nothing suspicious in Anzhi win

10:19 [CNN] Hacking victim: Stress led to marriage breakdown

10:20 [International Crisis Group] كيفية خروج مصر من المرحلة الانتقالية المضطربة

10:23 [Telegraph] New airline to link Brighton and Paris

10:24 [The Hindu - News] Learning to fight back

10:24 [Global Voices] Singapore: Bus Drivers Participate in “Illegal Strike”

10:26 [The Hindu - News] Theatre drives home the message

10:27 [msnbc] Two winners to split $580 million Powerball jackpot

10:27 [Russia Today] Top 200 US private firms earned about $1.5tn in 2012

10:27 [CNN] Dozens wounded as Myanmar police break up copper mine protests

10:30 [The Hindu - News] Aakash manufacturer dismisses controversy over Chinese parts

10:30 [Fin24 News] Consumers ditching pricy medical aid

10:36 [New Statesman] The Hour: series 2, episode 3

10:37 [Russia Today] US won’t follow Israel “like a stupid mule” - Brzezinski

10:38 [zero hedge] Goldman Wins Again As European Union Court Rules To Keep ECB Involvement In Greek Debt Fudging A Secret

10:38 [CNN] Two arrested in beheading of Afghan girl

10:42 [The Hindu - News] Aakash maker dismisses made-in-China controversy

10:42 [Russia Today] Opposition demands coalition government to prevent future corruption scandals

10:43 [BBC: Science & Environment] Bizarrely big black hole baffles

10:46 [BBC: Technology] US piracy crackdown delayed again

10:49 [Fox News: politics] Judge rules atheist court case seeking removal of Jesus statue meant as World War II memorial near Montana ski resort can continue

10:51 [BBC: Education] UKBA 'failed to check' tip-offs

10:51 [Financial Times] Egypt’s president to address the nation

10:53 [CNN] Two arrested in brutal attack of Afghan girl

10:55 [Voice of America] Egypt President to Address Nation, Panel Set to Vote on Constitution

11:00 [The Independent] Ryanair imposes new booking charges

11:00 [BBC: Entertainment] Leveson media report findings due

11:01 [Guardian] UK weather turns frosty after floods

11:02 [The Hindu - News] PIL to amend IT Act

11:04 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

11:05 [Global Voices] Politically-Charged Questionnaire Triggers Tibetan Student Protest in China

11:05 [Deutsche Welle] US court averts Argentina default at the last minute

11:08 [Slashdot] Virus Eats School District's Homework

11:11 [New Internationalist] Animal abuse leads to human abuse

11:12 [Russia Today] Carlsberg buys out Russia´s Baltika

11:13 [msnbc] US officials await Murdoch phone-hacking report


11:15 [Truthdig] Egypt

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Indian economy to grow at 6.5% in 2013: Goldman Sachs

11:17 [Telegraph] Rowan Atkinson stars in new Blackadder sketch... on bankers

11:20 [The Hindu - News] 5% quota to Special Backward Class in Rajasthan

11:21 [BBC: Entertainment] Clegg to give Leveson response

11:23 [Voice of America] Aung San Suu Kyi to Visit Controversial Copper Mine

11:25 [Fin24 News] Mugabe cautions greedy bank execs

11:25 [Global Voices] Chinese Shareholders Trapped in the Stock Market's “Fraud”

11:27 [NPR] Facebook Arrests Ignite Free Speech Debate In India

11:27 [zero hedge] First Greek Bailout Snag - Greek Bankers Refuse To "Voluntarily" Participate In Critical Bond Buyback

11:28 [BBC: Entertainment] Director Milos Forman honoured

11:31 [Telegraph] Lord Justice Leveson publishes report into press standards: live

11:32 [Russia Today] City of Angels: New York goes whole day without violent crime

11:33 [Pravda] Carlsberg takes over Russian brewer Baltika

11:35 [Truthdig] In Baseless Persecution of Rice, Republican Reputations Will Sink

11:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] The last of Australia's dominant generation leaves the game

11:49 [CNN] Argentina debt repayment order frozen

11:50 [CNN] Pakistan police: 3 boys arrested on way to suicide bomb training

11:56 [OpEdNews] Susan Rice's Conflict of Interest - Major Holdings in Tar Sands Oil, Keystone XL Pipeline, and Canadian Financiers

11:57 [Russia Today] UN prepares to vote on Palestinian status

11:58 [straight] Back to 1942 is an engaging historical epic

12:00 [Slate Magazine] Why the Art World Is So Loathsome

12:02 [Russia Today] Russian court bans Pussy Riot internet videos

12:09 [The Hindu - News] Only 22 of 1,517 housing projects completed under JNNURM: CAG

12:10 [Fox News] PRICEY PENALTY: Woman Sues After Racking Up $100G in Parking Fines

12:11 [Voice of America] Iraq Bombings Target Shi'ite Areas

12:12 [Russia Today] Soviet soldiers’ remains in Poland reburied only on paper

12:13 [Telegraph] UK net migration falls by a quarter

12:13 [Voice of America] China Border Patrols to Search, Expel 'Illegal' Foreign Ships

12:15 [Big Think] Single-Issue Lives: On Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Hero Worship

12:17 [Guardian] Energy bill published – live reaction

12:17 [New Statesman] Why is the left silent on the scourge of consumerism?

12:17 [CNN] Knowing when to quit: Golf legend Sorenstam displayed perfect timing

12:17 [Mother Jones] Baby Steps Expected at Doha Climate Meeting

12:18 [The Independent] D-Day: Coalition in split over Leveson as Brooks and Coulson face court

12:19 [Pravda] Tolbachik may become another Eyjafjallajökull

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Major rail accident averted in Alappuzha

12:25 [The Hindu - News] Syria rebels kill ruling party official with bomb

12:27 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 29 November 2012

12:28 [CNN] How Murdoch bounced back from his 'most humble day'

12:29 [Good] Coding for GOOD Office Hours Part 3: Join Our Live Chat

12:30 [Slate Magazine] Beyond the Pale

12:30 [CNN] James Murdoch: Son of the Sun king

12:32 [NPR] Arrests Ignite Free-Speech Debate In India

12:32 [New Statesman] What to look out for in the Leveson report

12:32 [Russia Today] Russian snowboarding stars show off their skills on screen (VIDEO)

12:32 [CNN] 'Digital detox': Hotels help gadget junkies go cold turkey

12:33 [CNN] Mideast men go under knife for manly mustaches

12:35 [Global Voices] Life Sentence for Qatari Poet for Insulting Amir

12:35 [Fin24 News] SA armed forces in dire straits

12:35 [CNN] Lindsay Lohan arrested over alleged altercation

12:35 [Reuters] U.N. set for implicit recognition of Palestinian state, despite U.S., Israel threats

12:37 [Russia Today] US firms rush dividends to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

12:41 [The Hindu - News] Kejriwal’s party prepares “Black Paper” on irrigation in Maharashtra

12:50 [zero hedge] A Market Only A Mother Could Love

12:52 [New Statesman] In the Critics this week

12:53 [] Germany backtracks on Palestinian bid; Israeli official: 'We lost Europe'

12:56 [Voice of America] UN Mulls Mali Military Mission

12:57 [CNN: Money] JOBLESS COST: $520 BILLION

12:58 [The Hindu - News] Confident strides

12:58 [straight] Bill C-42 gags the Mounties on torture

12:59 [Telegraph] Malala Yousufzai's classmates return to school

13:00 [Global Voices] ElBaradei to Egyptian Protestors: Hold Your Ground

13:00 [Raw Story] U.S. firms rush special payouts to beat tax hike

13:02 [CNN: Money] TAKING A $520 BILLION HIT

13:02 [The Hindu - News] All about strong narratives

13:02 [New Statesman] Where were all the women at the British Comic Awards?

13:04 [The Independent] Postcard from... Moscow

13:06 [The Hindu - News] ‘Swamiyae… Saranam Aiyappa’

13:06 [CNN] Rupert Murdoch: The last press baron

13:10 [Raw Story] Russia bans access to Pussy Riot videos

13:13 [Telegraph] US doctors fits Indian heart patients with second-hand pacemakers

13:15 [Raw Story] Britain awaits crucial report into press ethics

13:15 [Deutsche Welle] Temporary fiscal cliff fix only postpones clarity

13:18 [msnbc] Key US lawmaker awaits Murdoch scandal report

13:19 [Spiegel] Nazi Name: One German Town's Struggle with History

13:20 [CNN] A new Egypt must learn political compromise

13:20 [The Independent] Net migration to Britain falls by almost a quarter as student visa rules take effect

13:20 [Global Voices] Morslini Meets Hitler in Egypt

13:25 [Raw Story] Japanese mobile phone will monitor skin condition

13:26 [CNN] International tribunal acquits former Kosovo PM in war crimes retrial

13:28 [New Statesman] The Leveson report liveblog

13:29 [The Atlantic: International] Why Susan Rice Would be a Plausible Secretary of State

13:29 [Telegraph] BOE says bank may not have enough capital - debt crisis live

13:30 [CNN] How to ensure no schoolchild dies of an allergy attack

13:30 [Raw Story] Chinese demand fuels illegal logging: report

13:30 [Global Voices] Are Communications in Damascus Down?

13:32 [Topix Activism News] Abseiling BHP protesters to be charged

13:34 [The Atlantic: International] Kosher Jesus: Messianic Jews in the Holy Land

13:35 [CNN] Searching for the 'Secrets in the Ice'

13:35 [The Independent] Torture claims halt detainees' move to Afghan custody

13:37 [CNN] Hate your body? 4 ways to get your sex life back

13:37 [Spiegel] Letter from Berlin: Why Merkel Need Not Fear the Opposition

13:38 [CNN] Three reforms to unstick the Senate

13:38 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: November 29

13:38 [New Statesman] Why Cameron shouldn't celebrate the fall in net migration

13:41 [Fox News] Gitmo Detainees In Your Backyard?

13:42 [CNN] We still need answers on Benghazi

13:42 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] /UPDATE*/ Africa – Calling for a GMO-Free Continent

13:43 [Caritas Internationalis] Caritas aid gets through to Congo camps

13:49 [Guardian] Egypt crisis: rushed constitution published - live updates

13:50 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Opposition groups "settling accounts" with the Muslim Brotherhood

13:50 [Fin24 News] Zim minister slams PnP deal

13:50 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Theft Is Not the Only Threat Militants Pose to Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons

13:51 [The Independent] Lindsay Lohan held over 'assault' in New York nightclub

13:57 [Russia Today] Serena named best WTA player in 2012

14:00 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Egypt to allow construction materials into Gaza through Rafah

14:00 [Fin24 News] Sibanye Gold could be 'industry catalyst'

14:00 [Raw Story] Al-Qaeda figure killed by drone had been in custody

14:01 [] Anti-Drone Activists Could Get 7 Years for 'Irritating' US Air Force Colonel

14:01 [Telegraph] Sulphur miners in clouds of noxious fumes at Ijen volcano crater in Indonesia

14:02 [Slashdot] Critic Cites Revenge of the Sith As "Generation's Greatest Work of Art"

14:03 [CNN] In Sandy's wake, help comes in unexpected ways

14:07 [The Independent] Jeremy Bamber loses legal appeal against whole life tariff

14:07 [NPR] Winning Powerball Tickets Sold In Arizona And Missouri; Who Bought Them?

14:07 [The Hindu - News] Women save money, men spend: Ramesh

14:07 [Russia Today] Egypt votes to make Islamic law main source of Egypt’s constitution

14:08 [Fin24 News] Govt awards R6bn HIV drugs contract

14:08 [zero hedge] Gold Falls Just 1.3% Despite Massive, Odd 3.5 Million Ounce Sell Orders

14:12 [CNET News] Tony Fadell: Apple's Forstall 'got what he deserved'

14:15 [The Progressive] Bernie Sanders Skewers Simpson, Bowles

14:15 [Telegraph] Female doctor axed to death in Chinese hospital

14:15 [Deutsche Welle] Pussy Riot videos banned online by Russian court

14:17 [CNET News] iPhone 5 now in stock at Apple Stores; online ship time drops

14:19 [The Atlantic: International] The Global Geography of HIV: 20 Years of Change—in 1 GIF

14:19 [The Hindu - News] Katju criticises Mamata; she hits back

14:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Gotye cleans up at Aria Awards

14:21 [Pravda] Russia wants to feed Europe with organic food

14:22 [International Crisis Group] Sudan: Major Reform or More War

14:22 [Voice of America] Geithner, Congress to Meet for 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks

14:23 [CNN] Private jets spread their wings in Africa

14:27 [CNN] A pit bull perception problem: What's a dog owner to do?

14:27 [NPR] What Will A U.N. Upgrade Mean For Palestinians?

14:29 [The Hindu - News] Tribunal dismisses Sahara group appeal against Sebi

14:35 [Slate Magazine] You Can’t Wrap an E-Book

14:37 [AL JAZEERA] Palestinians to renew UN statehood bid

14:37 [msnbc] Murdoch's papers, others condemned in phone-hack report

14:40 [Reuters] Jobless claims fall for second straight week

14:41 [CNN] Australia's Ponting announces retirement from Test cricket

14:41 [Guardian] Leveson report published - live coverage

14:41 [Fox News: politics] Applications for US jobless aid fall to 393,000

14:42 [Russia Today] Leveson Inquiry verdict: UK govt needs media watchdog

14:43 [NATO] Afghan National Army teach counter explosives course for first time

14:44 [] Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 173.Bölüm Fragmanı

14:47 [Slashdot] California Software Maker's Fortunes Track Dispute With Chinese Gov't

14:47 [Russia Today] Leveson Inquiry verdict: UK needs media watchdog

14:47 [Telegraph] Leveson Report: the key points at a glance

14:48 [The Hindu - News] “Namdhari booked under murder charges”

14:49 [Disinformation] The DisinfoCast: Episode 35: Carla Wills-Brandon

14:51 [Fox News: politics] Obama, Romney to meet for lunch at White House

14:52 [CNET News] iPhone 5 clears network hurdle on path to China launch

14:53 [The Independent] John Yates should have handed phone hacking investigation to other officer because of News of the World links, says Leveson

14:55 [zero hedge] 4-Week-Average Jobless Claims At 13 -Month High As Sandy Effects Gone

14:56 [Electronic Intifada] Book review: Miko Peled sets the record straight on Palestine's dispossession

14:56 [The Hindu - News] Qadhafi tried to obtain N-bomb from Kazakhstan

14:57 [Russia Today] Fashion capital Milan severs sister city ties with St Petersburg over gay rights

14:58 [Fin24 News] Manufacturing confidence improves

14:59 [Spiegel] Germany's Abstention: Berlin Stuck in the Middle on Palestinian Vote

15:00 [straight] Microsoft opens Black Tusk video game studio in Vancouver

15:00 [BBC: Science & Environment] Energy Bill for 'cleaner economy'

15:00 [Big Think] Would You Pay For A 3D Model Of Your Unborn Child?

15:01 [CBC: politics] Navy spy Delisle's top secret security check was overdue

15:02 [The Hindu - News] 9 LPG cylinders this year if oil companies get extra Rs 3,000 crore

15:02 [NPR] Third-Quarter Economic Growth Revised Upward

15:02 [Russia Today] Ex-Kosovo PM acquitted of war crimes, Belgrade thunders

15:02 [Fox News: politics] Conservative activist reportedly threatens to steer donors away from RNC over taxes

15:05 [Middle East Monitor] Dr. Daud Abdullah: Obama tells Palestinians to choose between crumbs from the table or freedom

15:06 [Global Voices] 2013 Dakar Rally Will Visit Peru, Argentina, and Chile

15:06 [OpEdNews] Wikileaks: European Commission enabling blockade of WikiLeaks by U.S. hard-right Lieberman/King

15:06 [BBC: Technology] 3D printer 'could use Moon rocks'

15:07 [zero hedge] Ugly Q3 GDP Confirms Personal Consumption Collapsing; Headline "Growth" Driven By Government, Inventory Accumulation

15:09 [The Independent] Leveson: the press will be horrified by this radical change in the way that newspapers operate

15:10 [Raw Story] Colbert tells women how to win the ‘War on Men’

15:11 [] Quantico Psychiatrist: Military's Mistreatment of Pfc. Manning 'Unprecedented'

15:15 [Raw Story] GAO: Guantanamo can now be closed safely

15:16 [CBC: politics] Early clues to navy spy Delisle's guilt overlooked

15:20 [Telegraph] Leveson inquiry report in full

15:20 [Reuters] Inventories boost economic growth, but trend weak

15:20 [Deutsche Welle] Search engine bill before German parliament

15:22 [msnbc: politics] Not everyone is moving on from election loss

15:22 [NPR] Key To E. Coli-Free Spinach May Be An Ultrasonic Spa Treatment

15:22 [CNET News] B&N: Nook sales 'doubled' over Black Friday weekend

15:24 [The Hindu - News] India to issue multi-city visas to Pak cricket fans

15:24 [The Independent] Prisoners cannot be transferred to Afghan custody due to risk of torture, admits Defence Secretary

15:25 [United Nations Foundation] Kansans for Life's False Claims About "Right to Know" Websites

15:27 [Spiegel] Endangered Christmas Tradition: Birthplace of the Nutcracker Seeks New Recruits

15:29 [] Chicky: Labor members head to the polls as Yacimovich pushes for 'balanced list'

15:30 [The Onion] Obituaries: Minnie Caren

15:30 [The Hindu - News] Britain needs independent media regulator: Report

15:30 [The Nation] A Short Message to Those Who Have Signed Petitions Asking to Secede From the Union

15:30 [Raw Story] Country star wears Confederate flag for NBC Christmas special

15:31 [CNN] Bodies found inside drifting boat near Japan

15:32 [Fox News: politics] Geithner to meet with congressional leaders for `fiscal cliff' talks

15:32 [CNN] Leveson urges new independent regulator for UK press

15:34 [Telegraph] Carla Bruni-Sarkozy apologises for 'clumsy' feminism remarks

15:34 [The Atlantic: International] Vladimir Putin's Acute China Envy

15:35 [The Nation] The Walmart Rebellion

15:35 [Raw Story] Maddow dings GOP for ‘diverse’ all-male leadership picks

15:37 [Pravda] Diplomacy versus Lobbying

15:37 [Slashdot] The Secret To Iranian Drone Technology? Just Add Photoshop

15:38 [zero hedge] Fattest Finger Ever Slams Stockholm Stock Exchange With $460 Trillion Buy Order

15:38 [CNN: Technology] How fake Google story spread online

15:39 [CNET News] iPad Mini cannibalizing sales of iPad 4, says analyst

15:39 [New Statesman] No, Leveson hasn't banned "off-the-record" briefings

15:39 [The Independent] UK press has ignored its responsibilities, say Leveson

15:40 [Raw Story] China to be world’s largest film market by 2020

15:41 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israel protests to EU about possible labelling of settlement products

15:46 [Voice of America] IAEA Questions Iran's Nuclear Intentions

15:47 [NPR] U.K. Inquiry: News Media 'Wreaked Havoc,' New Watchdog Needed

15:47 [Russia Today] Copping it sweet: NYPD officer’s ‘random act of kindness’ makes web impact

15:51 [CNN] Lordy lordy, look who's 40

15:52 [Fox News: politics] Former South Dakota Gov. Rounds announces run for US Senate

15:52 [Russia Today] EU to start free trade talks with Japan

15:52 [Voice of America] Agriculture Day Set to Dominate at Climate Conference

15:54 [] Germany abstaining at UN because Israel wouldn't budge on settlements, official says

15:55 [CNET News] AT&T yet again the worst-rated carrier in U.S.

15:55 [The Independent] French appeals court overturns manslaughter case against Continental Airlines over Concorde crash that killed 113

15:57 [Fin24 News] Treasury: Provinces spent R82bn

15:57 [CNN] Hotels that feel like home for the holidays

15:57 [Russia Today] ­Van Gogh and John Lennon’s letters to go under hammer in New York

15:59 [Disinformation] On A Future Saliva DNA Test For One’s Sexual Orientation

16:02 [CNN] Jeff Zucker named new president of CNN Worldwide

16:02 [Voice of America] Suicide Bomber Attacks Militant Commander in NW Pakistan

16:03 [Mother Jones] Will Congress end indefinite detention of Americans?

16:03 [CNN: Money] BEST 4G SERVICE

16:05 [Reuters] Pending home sales rise, beating expectations

16:08 [zero hedge] Cashin Catches Juncker In Rare Truth-Telling Act, Confirming Everything Is A Lie

16:10 [Slate Magazine] DoubleX Gabfest: The Nobody’s Business Edition

16:11 [The Independent] Islamist-led assembly votes on Egypt constitution

16:11 [CNET News] Basis watch keeps eye on health

16:11 [Global Voices] Shock Over Tunisian Police Use of Shotgun Shells Against Protesters

16:14 [Guardian] Leveson report - Statements from Cameron and Clegg, and political reaction: Politics live blog

16:14 [] Egypt's assembly votes on constitution draft as crisis deepens

16:14 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Holiday Hysteria Could Force Politicians to Cut a Fiscal-Cliff Deal

16:14 [New Statesman] Chart of the day: underemployment highest in two decades

16:17 [CNN] iPod creator: Apple's Forstall 'got what he deserved'

16:20 [Telegraph] Egyptian draft constitution to keep sharia as 'main' source of law

16:20 [Raw Story] Fear of Vulnerability and Geek Misogyny

16:23 [Voice of America] Bangladesh Factory Owner Was Unaware of Need for Fire Exits

16:23 [BBC: Technology] Internet 'cut off across Syria'

16:23 [The Hindu - News] Assembly @ 60

16:24 [Caritas Internationalis] Caritas discusses the politics of agriculture in Doha

16:26 [OpEdNews] Manufacturing an anti-Taliban icon: Project Malala

16:27 [Voice of America] Election Observers Readying Report on Somaliland

16:30 [Raw Story] Parents charged with forcing Aspergers teen into ‘military style’ punishment

16:31 [OpEdNews] Simple Solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

16:34 [The Atlantic: International] Yemen's Democratic Revolution, One Year Later

16:35 [New Statesman] Cameron rejects state-backed regulation but Miliband accepts it

16:35 [Big Think] For Soldiers, Protection Against The Smallest Enemies

16:35 [Slashdot] The Coming Wave of In-Dash Auto System Obsolescence

16:35 [CNET News] Apple tops on mobile ad network, but Samsung catching up

16:37 [CNN] An awards show for the selfless

16:38 [Caritas Internationalis] Caritas exhibit in Doha attracts many guests

16:38 [BBC: Education] Gap years and cannabis 'linked'

16:38 [zero hedge] Why I Paid Up For That Negotiations Class

16:40 [CNN] Sunni Islam leader calls for peace, urges Muslims to have 'patience and wisdom'

16:40 [Reuters] Inventories boost U.S. economic growth, but trend weak

16:40 [Slate Magazine] Gaming Gay Marriage

16:41 [The Nation] Generals Behaving Badly

16:42 [The Independent] 'Train fire halts' Channel Tunnel services

16:42 [Russia Today] Chateau de Chine: Chinese buy prestige Bordeaux vineyard

16:44 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Internet Is Down in Syria

16:44 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] The Price of Ignoring the Sexuality of Kenya’s HIV Positive Youth

16:45 [CNN] Mistrust continues to vex fiscal cliff talks

16:47 [OpEdNews] I Say, Over The Cliff

16:51 [Amnesty International] Kosovo: If they are not guilty, who committed the war crimes?

16:51 [Deutsche Welle] Leveson report: Britain needs independent press watchdog

16:52 [New Internationalist] Morsi condemned as the new Mubarak

16:53 [CNET News] Blackout: Syria vanishes from Internet

16:53 [Fin24 News] Duvenhage: Outa's challenge excellent

16:54 [Slashdot] In a Symbolic Shift, IBM's India Workforce Likely Exceeds That In US

16:57 [OpEdNews] William Astore: Generals Behaving Badly

16:57 [Voice of America] DRC Rebels Looting Before Goma Withdrawal

16:57 [Russia Today] Web wipeout: Syria suffers nationwide internet blackout

16:58 [The Independent] David Cameron raises serious objections to Leveson's regulation plans

17:00 [Guardian] Egypt crisis: rushed constitution published - Thursday 29 November

17:00 [New Statesman] Hitman: Absolution shows you can't just be a good new game with a revered old name

17:00 [CNN: Travel] Learning 'Lincoln': 5 stops in the U.S.

17:00 [Truthdig] Sucking Up to the Military Brass

17:00 [The Onion] American Voices: Consumer Confidence Highest Since 2008

17:01 [CNN] How 'Slam Dunk' Manga artist brings characters to life

17:01 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Haniyeh meets families of the war dead

17:02 [Caritas Internationalis] World AIDS Day

17:02 [NPR] Webcast: NPR & Wilson Center Host National Conversation On Foreign Policy

17:03 [Mother Jones] Republicans Getting Cold Feet on Entitlement Reform

17:04 [] Assad cuts Internet, phones in parts of Syrian capital Damascus, activists say

17:05 [Big Think] Watch More TV--Part 2: BIG LOVE

17:06 [CNET News] Clay Jam: Zynga rolls out last game from recent mobile partnership

17:07 [OpEdNews] The NFL's Coming Conflict on Canibus

17:10 [Guardian] Egypt crisis: rushed constitution published - live

17:10 [Fox News] Mitt, Obama set to do power lunch

17:11 [CNET News] Nintendo's Iwata 'very sorry' for Wii U's launch omissions

17:12 [OpEdNews] The Election Is Over, but the Fight Goes On

17:12 [NPR] Trayvon Martin Update: Zimmerman's Defense Fund Is Offering His Autograph

17:14 [The Independent] 16-year-old schoolboy's hockey ball death ruled 'tragic accident'

17:14 [CNET News] AT&T's rugged Samsung Rugby III lands Dec 14 with PTT

17:14 [] Democracy Now!: Smoke Signals: Martin Lee On Growing U.S. Movement to Legalize Marijuana

17:15 [Truthdig] What Is the U.S. Military Building in Israel?

17:16 [Financial Times] Fighting closes Damascus airport road

17:17 [Fox News: politics] Obama Has Romney to Lunch, Republicans for Lunch

17:19 [CNN] Iran importing gold to evade economic sanctions, Turkish official says

17:21 [Deutsche Welle] Court clears Continental Airlines on Concorde crash

17:21 [Mostly Water] Arafat's Body Exhumed

17:22 [Telegraph] SAS hero Sgt Danny Nightingale could be released today

17:22 [Russia Today] Raging battle outside Damascus shuts down airport road, flights canceled

17:22 [CNN] Syria shuts down most Internet connection, group says

17:23 [Voice of America] US Economy Advancing Faster Than First Estimated

17:24 [Mostly Water] Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire

17:24 [Pravda] Where can people get world's best edcuation?

17:24 [] Supreme Court: Israeli suspected of war crimes can be extradited to Bosnia

17:27 [Russia Today] Friends no more: "Homosexual propaganda" law leads Venice to break ties with St. Petersburg

17:29 [The Independent] The Leveson Report: David Cameron's Commons statement in full

17:29 [Voice of America] Syria Pushes Back as Rebels Advance

17:31 [New Statesman] Clegg joins Miliband in supporting state-backed press regulation

17:31 [Deutsche Welle] December 2012: DW's culture calendar

17:32 [Russia Today] ‘While Israeli army in West Bank, no UN resolution will make a difference’

17:33 [Mother Jones] Study: ALEC is Bad for the Economy

17:35 [Raw Story] India to amend hate speech law after Facebook controversy

17:36 [New Statesman] Ken Loach turns down an award

17:36 [Deutsche Welle] AfricaLink - Newsletter

17:36 [Fox News: politics] Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Houston for bronchitis

17:37 [zero hedge] Will Boehner Crash The Party? - Live Webcast

17:37 [CNN] Continental Airlines cleared of criminal responsibility in Concorde crash

17:38 [Telegraph] UK banks exposure to PIIGS £174bn - debt crisis live

17:39 [Voice of America] Republicans Debate Their Political Future

17:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] So Joe Biden Walks Into a Costco ...

17:39 [CNN] Palestinian observer bid goes to United Nations

17:40 [msnbc: politics] Romney to meet with Obama at White House lunch


17:42 [Slashdot] PressureNET 2.1 Released: the Distributed Barometer Network For Android

17:43 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Veracruz – a Black Hole in Mexico

17:45 [The Independent] David Cameron raises serious objections to Leveson's regulation plans while Nick Clegg breaks cross party consensus

17:46 [Reuters: politics] Geithner travels to Capitol for U.S. 'fiscal cliff' talks

17:46 [CNN: Politics] Issa proposes 2-year ban on bills about Internet

17:47 [CNN] Sundance 2013: Sex and comedies dominate competition

17:47 [Global Voices] Developing Latin America Draws Near!

17:47 [New Internationalist] The end for hands-on toilet cleaning in India?

17:47 [Spiegel] 'Bounty Loves Hurricanes': A Legendary Ship's Final Hours Battling Sandy

17:51 [Amnesty International] Qatar: Outrageous life sentence for ‘Jasmine poet’

17:52 [zero hedge] Euro Schizophrenia Continues

17:52 [New Internationalist] Argument – Should hate speech be a crime?

17:53 [The Onion] 'I Am A Brand,' Pathetic Man Says

17:54 [Telegraph] Two people win share of $580 million Powerball lottery

17:55 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Endangering Women Human Rights Defenders

17:55 [Spiegel] Where Did the Yo Go?: Russia High-Tech Offensive Stalls

17:56 [Topix Activism News] Colombian Prosecutor Charging Human Rights Defender is Implicated in Forced Disappearance

17:57 [OpEdNews] The Security State

17:57 [NPR] Former President George H.W. Bush In Hospital

17:59 [Disinformation] Manifesto for Disorder

17:59 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Changing Power Dynamic Between Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

18:01 [zero hedge] Stocks Slump On Boehner's "No Substantive Progress" Reality Check

18:02 [CNN] Judge says some new charges needed if Manning plans to enter pleas

18:03 [Mostly Water] What Really Happened in Gaza

18:04 [Good] Less Shop, More Share: Yerdle One-ups Freecycle With Sharing Circles

18:05 [CNN] Virtually all Internet service in Syria shut down, group says

18:05 [Reuters] No "substantive" progress made on fiscal cliff: Boehner

18:05 [Big Think] Turning A Desk Into A Touchscreen, Using A Lamp

18:05 [Raw Story] Fast-food workers protest for a living wage in New York City

18:05 [Spiegel] Conquering the Capital: The Ruthless Rise of the Nazis in Berlin

18:06 [The Nation] The War of the Image Managers

18:07 [Russia Today] ­Pussy Riot film to be screened at Sundance Film Festival

18:11 [CNN] Hillary Clinton unveils 'blueprint' to combat AIDS

18:11 [CNET News] Dell, Intel eye investment in Sharp, report says

18:12 [Reuters: politics] Geithner travels to Capitol for U.S. "fiscal cliff" talks

18:16 [Slate Magazine] Dan Kois’ 15 Favorite Books of 2012

18:16 [CNN] 'No substantive progress' in fiscal cliff talks, U.S. House speaker

18:16 [Deutsche Welle] Bomb attacks kill at least 30 Shiite Muslims in Iraq

18:16 [The Independent] Court bans video of Pussy Riot's performance

18:17 [Global Voices] Why Have Honduras Expats Stopped Blogging?

18:18 [Guardian] Leveson report: David Cameron rejects call for statutory press regulation

18:18 [Fin24 News] Miners‚ resources drive JSE rally

18:20 [CNN: Technology] Almost all Internet service shut down in Syria

18:24 [zero hedge] Will Reid's Rebuff Mark The Top Again? Transcript Below

18:25 [CNN] Internet shut down in Syria, group says, as fighting rages at airport

18:26 [CNET News] GE touts the 'Industrial Internet' to make business more efficient

18:26 [Deutsche Welle] Case against Kenyan presidential candidates dropped

18:27 [Slashdot] Dell's Ubuntu Ultrabook Now On Sale; Costs $50 More Than Windows Version

18:27 [Fox News: politics] Arizona Gov. Brewer sued over license policy for immigrants

18:27 [Russia Today] Privacy up for vote: Senate considers new electronic communication law

18:28 [Spiegel] Concorde Crash Ruling: French Court Overturns Criminal Conviction of Continental Airlines

18:28 [CNN] Meet the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012

18:28 [CNET News] Senate panel strengthens e-mail, cloud privacy law

18:29 [Voice of America] UN Tribunal Clears Kosovo's ex- PM of War Crimes

18:30 [Truthdig] Regulatory Outcome of British Press Inquiry Uncertain (Video)

18:31 [The Nation] Hamas the Victorious?

18:32 [CNN] Messi and Ronaldo battle for Ballon d'Or

18:32 [NPR] Message Behind African Heaters For Norway Spoof

18:32 [New Internationalist] ‘Pinpoint accuracy’ in Gaza

18:35 [CNET News] C Spire launches shared data plans Dec 3

18:36 [Spiegel] Picture This: Fanfare

18:38 [CNN] Scolari "obliged" to win World Cup for Brazil

18:39 [The Atlantic: International] Book Burning Goes Digital: Pussy Riot Video Declared 'Extremist' in Russia

18:40 [] A home in Spain and a green card to sweeten the deal

18:41 [Deutsche Welle] EU could put squeeze on development aid

18:42 [CNN] 'Father of the internet': Why we must fight for its freedom

18:42 [OpEdNews] How About News We Can Trust?

18:42 [Guardian] Syria internet and phone lines cut as Damascus fighting intensifies – live

18:42 [NPR] An Act Of Kindness: Photo Of NYPD Officer Giving Barefoot Man Boots Goes Viral

18:45 [Moral Low Ground] Pastafarians Urge Inclusion in Pennsylvania Courthouse Holiday Display

18:47 [Global Voices] Jamaica: In Search of Reliable Partners

18:47 [NPR] In Syria: Battle Rages Outside Damascus Airport, Internet Goes Down

18:49 [The Hindu - News] Taliban leader targeted in suicide attack

18:51 [Slate Magazine] Don’t Be a Wife

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Egypt constitution drafting fast tracked, deepening crisis

18:52 [CNET News] Microsoft to IE haters: You're sad

18:52 [World Policy Institute] Uganda’s Anti-Gay ‘Christmas Gift’

18:54 [zero hedge] Taking Advantage Before Year-End

18:55 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Hitham's Tale

18:55 [Raw Story] Watch live: White House briefing

18:56 [CNET News] Military judge accepts plea terms in Bradley Manning case

18:56 [Telegraph] Syria cuts off internet as fighting rages in Damascus

18:57 [Reuters: politics] Boehner sees no fiscal cliff progress after Geithner meeting

18:57 [The Hindu - News] Additional spectrum: Bench asks CBI to proceed against telecom firms

18:59 [CNN] Conversion therapist: Lawsuit won't stop us

18:59 [Disinformation] Bank Hackers Deny Being Iranian Agents

19:01 [The Hindu - News] Court refuses to extend deadline for DAS

19:02 [Global Voices] Ten Years after Attempt on Ex-President's Life, Rumors Linger in Turkmenistan

19:02 [OpEdNews] Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Cypherpunks, Surveillance State, from DemocracyNow

19:02 [The Independent] UN set for recognition of Palestinian state, despite threats from US and Israel

19:03 [straight] New poll finds majority of Canadians, Americans support marijuana legalization

19:03 [Mother Jones] America Needs To Stop Sucking Up to Generals

19:04 [The Hindu - News] Historic vote on symbolic day

19:04 [CNN] Mine Kafon: The low-tech, high-design tumbleweed minesweeper

19:04 [Guardian] UN appears set to upgrade Palestine status in face of US-Israeli opposition

19:05 [msnbc: politics] Romney meets with Obama at White House lunch

19:05 [Reuters] Mursi hopes Egypt constitution vote will ease crisis

19:06 [The Hindu - News] Russia backs Syrian rebel splinter group

19:06 [CNET News] Tackle OS X file sharing not allowing additional users

19:07 [CNET News] Apple launches redesigned iTunes 11 after delay

19:07 [Russia Today] TSA lashes out at whistleblower for revealing security breaches

19:08 [The Hindu - News] Qadhafi’s bid for ‘Islamic nuclear bomb’ revealed

19:08 [zero hedge] What Is Obama So Afraid Of?

19:10 [The Hindu - News] I will turn all negative publicity into positive, says Mamata

19:12 [] Haiti, Dominican Republic to Request $2.2 Billion to End Cholera Epidemic

19:12 [New Internationalist] Barclays considers quitting food speculation

19:14 [Slashdot] Syria Drops Off the Internet Grid

19:15 [The Progressive] Ian’s Pizza Owner Sticks Up for Health Care

19:17 [Fox News] Reports 'no progress' in fiscal talks

19:17 [Russia Today] US accelerates intervention in Syrian war

19:20 [The Hindu - News] Pandya’s wife plunges into electoral battle

19:23 [United Nations Foundation] Brownback's Faux-Life Reality: Kansas Kids Denied a Place—and a Future—at the Table of Privilege

19:24 [The Atlantic: International] Mr. China Thinks of Becoming Mr. America

19:24 [The Atlantic: National] The Pentagon Says No to Disabled Daughter of Navy Captain

19:26 [CNET News] The Surface Pro will cost $899

19:26 [Telegraph] Too many marathons can kill, warn doctors

19:29 [CNN] U.S. Supreme Court looks at whether to take up same-sex marriage

19:30 [Big Think] Coming Soon: A Real Medical Tricorder

19:31 [CNET News] Pandora's Web radio bill is doomed - well, for now

19:31 [The Hindu - Opinion] In Ethiopia, trial of Muslim leaders reveals simmering unrest

19:32 [The Hindu - News] BJP, CPI(M) will have another chance to block FDI in retail

19:33 [Voice of America] Somaliland Municipal Vote Called Peaceful

19:34 [The Hindu - Opinion] ‘We need to control migration into U.K.’

19:34 [Mother Jones] Chart of the Day: Our Economy's Real Problem

19:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] What DNA Actually Looks Like

19:38 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool MPs stall House on LPG issue

19:38 [zero hedge] Presenting The Overnight Futures Ramp Full 'Millisecond' Frontal

19:39 [CNET News] NASA: There will be a year 2013, so plan accordingly

19:40 [The Hindu - Opinion] Serving up a better alternative for mother and child

19:40 [The Hindu - News] DMK seeks PAC’s special meetings to discuss R.P. Singh issue

19:42 [Telegraph] Leveson Report: tighten Data Protection laws to defend privacy

19:44 [The Onion] Fuck It, Man On Death Row Just Going To Read Entire Harry Potter Series

19:44 [Disinformation] Dennis McKenna’s ‘Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss’ Now Available in eBook Format

19:45 [CNN] UK court suspends sentence for soldier over Iraqi pistol

19:45 [Moral Low Ground] How to Avoid a Traffic Ticket when You’re Pulled Over by Police

19:45 [Raw Story] Macy’s brand health plummets among women after petition to dump Trump

19:47 [CNET News] LED desk lamp wirelessly charges smartphones

19:48 [Russia Today] GMO giant hires retired cops to hunt down farmers

19:50 [The Hindu - News] Anna to campaign for AAP if it fields ‘clean’ candidates

19:51 [Deutsche Welle] Scientists dig up a dirty, unlikely cause

19:52 [The Hindu - Opinion] Poverty amid prosperity

19:55 [Fox News: politics] Washington lawmakers threaten cutoff of Palestinian aid

19:56 [Raw Story] Artist Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe goes on display in Mexico City

19:56 [msnbc: politics] Boehner 'disappointed' by lack of 'substantive progress' on fiscal cliff talks

19:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Growing crisis of drug prices

19:59 [Telegraph] Leveson Report: Police officers warned over dangers of drinking with journalists

20:00 [CNN] Florida Georgia Line 'Cruise' to stardom

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Defence Ministry looking into Mazagaon Dock’s decision on joint venture

20:01 [Raw Story] Secretary Clinton unveils roadmap to AIDS-free generation

20:01 [CBC: politics] No Commons marathon repeat as Speaker limits budget votes

20:01 [Slashdot] Notch Expands On 0x10c, Microsoft and Quantum Computing

20:02 [The Hindu - Opinion] Ponting’s unique legacy

20:02 [The Hindu - News] GMR seeking legal remedy to stay on in Male

20:03 [straight] Go Max Go vegan chocolate bars recalled in Canada over undeclared milk

20:03 [CNET News] Flickering Mac Minis to get a fix

20:04 [Good] Infographic: The Importance of Early Learning

20:04 [Financial Times] Clashes hit flights to Damascus

20:05 [The Independent] Leveson: So who will regulate the bloggers and tweeters?

20:05 [Voice of America] Former US President George HW Bush Hospitalized

20:06 [Slate Magazine] Urine the Money

20:06 [The Hindu - News] India to reconsider aid package to Maldives

20:07 [zero hedge] Guest Post: When Escape From A Previously Successful Model Is Impossible

20:09 [Reuters] Mursi pins hopes on Egypt constitution vote

20:10 [The Hindu - Opinion] For UPSC

20:10 [Moral Low Ground] ‘The Moral High Ground’: Photo of NYPD Cop Lawrence DePrimo Giving Boots to Homeless Man Goes Viral


20:13 [The Hindu - News] Army Chief pledges support to Captain Kalia’s family

20:13 [Telegraph] Lord Justice Leveson publishes report into press standards: as it happened

20:14 [The Onion] Half-Dressed Man Frantically Scrambles Out Of Home After Hearing Toyotathon Deals Won't Last Long

20:17 [Slashdot] Nobel Prize Winner Got Free House and Free (as In Beer) Beer

20:17 [NPR] Ambassador Susan Rice Is Financially Tied To Keystone Pipeline Company

20:18 [CNN] Manning testifies at pretrial hearing; defense plans plea to some charges

20:18 [The Onion] Colin Kaepernick Admits He Learned Nothing From Watching Alex Smith Play Quarterback

20:19 [The Atlantic: International] China's Government Goes Digital

20:20 [The Independent] Police set to investigate website trading scholarships for sex

20:21 [Raw Story] UN leader warns Middle East peace is on ‘life support’

20:24 [CNN] The mythical "war on men"

20:25 [CNET News] Apple sneaks nifty gift card scanner into iTunes 11

20:26 [Truthdig] Are You My Mother?

20:31 [Raw Story] Michigan teacher suspended for playing pro-marriage equality song

20:33 [CNN] Irish abortion controversy headed for European court

20:34 [Mother Jones] A New (Bogus) Front in the GOP War on Susan Rice

20:34 [CNN] Greenland, Antarctica ice melt speeding up, study finds

20:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] Hey, I Need to Talk to You About This Brilliant Obama Email Scheme

20:34 [The Atlantic: International] The Limits of Femen's 'Female Revolution'

20:36 [Slate Magazine] American Horror Story, Season 2

20:36 [The Independent] George Chesterton: Cricketer and schoolmaster

20:38 [Russia Today] Qatari poet jailed for life for ‘insulting’ Emir with his poem

20:40 [CNN: Entertainment] Florida Georgia Line 'Cruise' to stardom

20:41 [Truthdig] Powerball

20:42 [NPR] Space Probe Finds Ice In Mercury's Craters

20:43 [CNET News] Amazon-Google cloud price war heats up

20:44 [CNN] Dear New York, what's up with the niceness?

20:45 [zero hedge] Is Muddy Waters Becoming A Fade?

20:45 [Telegraph] Egypt rushes through new constitution

20:51 [Raw Story] Conan’s ‘Grover’ Norquist threatens to ‘fu*k’ Elmo if Republicans raise taxes

20:52 [The Independent] Cameron and Hunt let off lightly with conflict of interest warning

20:53 [CNET News] Ford Fusion wins 2013 Green Car of the Year award

20:54 [CNN] Lindsay Lohan faces new criminal charges

20:59 [Disinformation] Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality?

21:00 [Big Think] World's First 3D-Printable Gun Almost Ready For Prototyping

21:01 [Telegraph] Fierce clashes by Damascus airport as Syria loses internet

21:01 [Amnesty International] Tibetan activist talks about the alarming escalation of self-immolations in China

21:01 [Deutsche Welle] Communication blackout in Syria, especially Internet

21:03 [NPR] Former NBC Chief Jeff Zucker Taking Over At CNN

21:03 [CNN] Insults fly as stalled fiscal talks spark familiar disputes

21:03 [The Hindu - News] Shinde moves Unlawful Activities Bill, takes along AIADMK, BJD

21:04 [straight] Ryan Beil works hard in The Santaland Diaries

21:04 [This Magazine] One Track Mind: Cryptopsy — Cryptopsy — Two-Pound Torch

21:06 [Raw Story] ACLU sues to force Arizona to offer licenses to deferred-deportation immigrants

21:06 [CNET News] Messaging app Kik, now at 30M users, adds slick way to share

21:07 [The Independent] Press feel wrath for failing to put house in order

21:08 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: What Web Platform For a Small Municipality?

21:08 [zero hedge] The Buffett Tax Explained Using A Hippopotamus And An Oxpecker

21:09 [The Hindu - News] No mention of corruption in White Paper on irrigation

21:11 [CNN] Conflict continues to displace Afghans, study finds

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Defamation complaint against Elangovan

21:15 [CNN] Insults fly as bogged-down fiscal talks spark familiar disputes

21:15 [The Hindu - News] Excess power from Delhi cannot be given to State, says Centre

21:17 [Telegraph] Leveson: Naked Harry and Kate pictures show internet is an "ethical vacuum"

21:17 [OpEdNews] White Guys Still Rule the GOP

21:18 [The Hindu - News] Second case of farmer’s suicide within four days

21:22 [The Hindu - News] Farmers express shock over failure of talks

21:22 [BBC: Science & Environment] Sea-level rise finally quantified

21:22 [The Nation] Uproar in Egypt Over President Morsi's Power Play

21:24 [The Hindu - News] No walkout by Jayalalithaa: Karnataka

21:26 [Raw Story] Johnson & Johnson won’t enforce anti-AIDS drug patents in developing world

21:26 [The Progressive] Coming to Terms with Palestine

21:26 [The Hindu - News] Yeddyurappa to resign from Assembly membership today

21:27 [] Questions Over Obama's 'Targeted Killing' Program Linger After Yemen Drone Strike

21:28 [Global Voices] Tortured Sudanese Female Journalist Speaks Up

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Shettar suggests three-point formula

21:28 [Voice of America] Government Cuts Internet Access Across Syria

21:28 [CNN] 'Lost' baddie turns good guy for CBS

21:31 [CNN] Zucker, with 'news in his veins,' to take helm at CNN

21:32 [The Hindu - News] 60 years of intense debate and pioneering lawmaking

21:32 [CNET News] It's deja vu all over again at the 2012 LA Auto Show

21:33 [Telegraph] Leveson Report: New Labour spin damaged democracy

21:34 [The Hindu - News] The CMs who were MLCs

21:34 [Mother Jones] Congress About to Get Hit in the Head With the Price of Climate Change

21:35 [Slashdot] How Can Linux Gain (Even) More Enterprise Acceptance? (Video)

21:36 [Raw Story] Manning testifies for first time in WikiLeaks case

21:37 [The Onion] Infographic: Remaking The Republican Party

21:37 [The Independent] Leveson’s landmark inquiry concludes press must be regulated by law, but PM expresses concern over recommendations

21:38 [Global Voices] Tajik Official Blocks Facebook and Summons its CEO

21:38 [zero hedge] The Danger Of Dyslexic Headline Scanning Algos

21:40 [The Hindu - News] A tragic death in the crossfire of gang war

21:40 [msnbc] 'I screwed up royally,' Petraeus writes to old Army chum

21:43 [Fox News: politics] Senate votes to accelerate withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan

21:44 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Caribbean Fed Up with U.S. Rum Subsidies

21:44 [The Hindu - News] A colonial vestige that has been home to democracy

21:45 [The Atlantic: National] Florida Tries to Execute the 'Prince of God'

21:46 [The Hindu - News] As roads get wider, buildings to get taller

21:47 [CBC: politics] Canada urged to bolster aerospace industry

21:48 [The Hindu - News] Now, monsoon hopes pinned on December

21:49 [Middle East Monitor] Ramona Wadi: Mobilisation of worldwide solidarity with Palestinians

21:50 [The Atlantic: Politics] Caption Contest: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Meet in the Oval Office

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Schools jump the queue, start admissions

21:51 [CNET News] Pac-Man soon showing at Museum of Modern Art

21:53 [The Independent] Men jailed for robbing student during riots freed after error

21:54 [msnbc: politics] Republicans protest Obama inaction on entitlements but ignore previous proposals

21:54 [CNN] As rebels appear to gain ground, Internet shuts down in Syria

21:54 [The Hindu - News] Winter session to be held till December 21

21:56 [CNET News] Linux arrives on loaded Dell ultrabook

21:56 [Voice of America] Kenyan Anti-Poaching Laws May Get Overhaul

21:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘Invite only BCs for Phule Jayanti’

21:58 [NPR] Tastier Winter Tomatoes, Thanks to A Boom in Greenhouse Growing

21:59 [Disinformation] Sheriff’s Deputy Protects the Rights of ‘Opt-Out’ Activists/Journalists at Airport

22:02 [The Hindu - News] KSEB seeks continued restrictions

22:03 [Guardian] Palestinian statehood vote at United Nations – live updates

22:03 [Reuters: politics] Boehner sees no progress in fiscal cliff talks

22:03 [Telegraph] Palestinians risk wrecking peace talk with UN vote

22:04 [Mother Jones] White House Makes Laughable Defense Bill Veto Threat

22:04 [The Hindu - News] List before Congress high command

22:05 [The Atlantic: Technology] One for the Kids: Houdini's Copy of the Book of 'Scientific Amusements'

22:05 [straight] Photo of the Day: Path to the city

22:06 [Topix Activism News] Brewer sued over license policy for immigrants

22:06 [Raw Story] Oregon passed ballot measure to copy edit state constitution

22:06 [CNN] The mythical 'war on men'

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Dalits end fast after MLA intervenes

22:07 [CNN] iTunes11 finally available for download

22:07 [] 'Definitive' Study Shows Ice Melting, Seas Rising at Alarming Rate

22:08 [NPR] Clinton Reveals Blueprint For An 'AIDS-Free Generation'

22:08 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Paul Krugman's Dangerous Misconceptions

22:09 [Good] Art-cade: Super Mario Bros. and Other Video Game Classics to Become MoMA Exhibition

22:10 [The Hindu - News] In search of her biological parents

22:18 [AL JAZEERA] Palestinians renews UN statehood bid

22:19 [Telegraph] Bradley Manning: WikiLeaks accused on how he considered suicide in prison

22:21 [Raw Story] Fox News analyst panics over same sex marriage licenses: ‘What will happen to heterosexual marriage?’

22:23 [CNET News] NASA confirms rumors about Mars discovery 'incorrect'

22:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] How Can There Be Water Ice on Mercury, Which Is Right Next to the Sun?

22:25 [Slashdot] NPD Group Analysts Say Windows 8 Sales Sluggish

22:26 [AL JAZEERA] Palestinians renew UN statehood bid

22:28 [Global Voices] “My Vote Under Arrest” Support for Iran's Opposition Leaders

22:28 [CNET News] MirrorLink turns cars into dumb terminals

22:31 [Truthdig] Senators Band Together to End NDAA’s Indefinite Detention Provision

22:31 [Raw Story] Senate committee passes email privacy bill

22:35 [CNET News] Bluetooth headset buying guide

22:37 [zero hedge] GDPhursday – Fiscal Cliff Progress Good for 200 Points Ahead of GDP

22:38 [OpEdNews] US Ending the War in Afghanistan? It Depends on the Meaning of the Word "War'

22:39 [Good] Intermission: Cheetahs Running Mindblowingly Fast in Mindblowingly Slow Motion

22:40 [The Independent] The Sketch: In the court of public opinion, Nick and Ed believe they have the winning argument

22:41 [The Progressive] U.S. Wrong to Oppose Palestine U.N. Recognition Bid

22:41 [CNN] Colombian negotiators meet with FARC rebels in Cuba

22:42 [Slashdot] World's First Fully Functioning Missle Shooting Robotic Transformer

22:42 [Voice of America] US Outlines AIDS 'Blueprint'

22:43 [Global Voices] Each Year More Than 100,000 Amur Falcons Are Killed In Nagaland

22:46 [Slate Magazine] What Obama Can Accomplish Without Congress

22:51 [CNET News] Syria goes dark

22:55 [The Independent] Leveson’s landmark inquiry concludes press must be regulated by law, but David Cameron expresses concern over recommendations

22:56 [CNN] Accused eco-terrorist surrenders at U.S.-Canada border


22:58 [Russia Today] UN votes to upgrade Palestinians to ‘non-member observer state’

22:58 [CBC: politics] Harper to announce Muskrat Falls deal in Labrador

22:58 [Slashdot] MESSENGER Probe Finds Strong Evidence of Ice On Mercury

23:00 [Disinformation] Sightings Of The Ghost Of Occult Alchemist Cagliostro Reported In Italian Town

23:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] The 3 Key Votes That Could Make or Break a Fiscal-Cliff Deal

23:01 [Raw Story] Living Social group deal company cuts 400 jobs

23:01 [Slate Magazine] The Performance-Enhancing Drug That Doesn’t Enhance Performance

23:02 [CNN] Recall leaves glass-specked drug in hands of patients

23:02 [AL JAZEERA] UN votes to upgrade Palestinian status

23:03 [Guardian] Leveson report: David Cameron refuses to 'cross rubicon' and write press law

23:03 [NPR] U.N. Votes To Give Palestinians 'Non-Member Observer State' Status

23:05 [CNN] U.N. approves Palestinian "observer state" bid

23:06 [Deutsche Welle] Muslim Brotherhood pushes ahead with constitution

23:08 [The Onion] Statshot: What Are We Putting In The Hotel Room Safe?

23:08 [OpEdNews] Why Do We Have Methadone Clinics?

23:09 [Guardian] UN general assembly recognises Palestinian state – live updates

23:13 [OpEdNews] Christmas and Jesus? Debunking, Paganism, & Conflicts Continue

23:19 [CNN: Politics] Norquist pledge has survived challenges

23:19 [Reuters] Opposition cries foul as Egypt constitution vote proceeds

23:19 [CNN] Ohio cops share $1M Powerball prize

23:21 [Deutsche Welle] UN upgrades Palestinian status to non-member state


23:23 [Russia Today] CIA sued for murder of scientist

23:24 [CNN] Accused leaker Manning says he considered suicide while in custody

23:25 [The Independent] Sex for tuition fees anyone? Students being offered up to £15,000 a year to cover cost of university, in exchange for having sex with strangers

23:27 [Financial Times] UN votes for Palestinian ‘birth certificate’

23:31 [CNET News] New Microsoft ad Scroogles on the Surface

23:31 [Slate Magazine] Ask Prudence Anything

23:32 [msnbc] UN upgrades Palestinian status, bolsters statehood claim

23:34 [Mother Jones] Immortal Oil: BP, Corexit, and Long-Term Side Effects

23:35 [Telegraph] Cameron threat to veto Leveson

23:38 [The Onion] New Nolan Ryan Cookbook Features Over 200 Recipes For Baseballs

23:38 [Slashdot] Carl Sagan Was On US Team To Nuke the Moon

23:40 [CNN] Despite supply concerns, Apple has iPhone 5s well stocked

23:40 [Voice of America] US Urges Increased Humanitarian Aid to Syria

23:41 [Raw Story] Watch: Zebra and pony run free in Staten Island

23:43 [] Manning Takes the Stand -- 917 Days Later

23:43 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: Kublalsingh's Hunger Strike Continues; So Does the Debate

23:46 [CNN] U.N. approves Palestinian 'observer state' bid

23:49 [Reuters] Boehner sees no progress in fiscal cliff talks

23:50 [Voice of America] UN General Assembly Approves Palestinian Status Upgrade

23:51 [Raw Story] Virginia official sorry for calling atheist group ‘terrorists’

23:51 [Telegraph] Gerard Depardieu detained for driving scooter while drunk

23:53 [CNN] Newsquiz: Week of November 26

23:54 [CNN: Technology] Apple now able to meet demand for iPhone 5

23:54 [This Magazine] 2nd place poetry: Opening the Door

23:55 [CNET News] New calculator predicts newborn's obesity risk

23:56 [Truthdig] Latest Sanction Against BP Goes Beyond Gulf Spill

23:56 [Raw Story] Fiscal cliff negotiations stall as Republicans refuse to budge on tax rates

23:57 [The Independent] James Moore: Follow different routes with these fellow travellers

23:58 [CNET News] Scout bridges navigation gap between car and phone

23:58 [World Policy Institute] Gaza Portfolio: From the Rubble, Life

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