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00:03 [Electronic Intifada] Palestinians banned from seeking top student post at Israeli college

00:03 [Disinformation] “If I Wanted America to Fail” (Video)

00:04 [CNET News] Andreessen Horowitz partners to give away half of VC earnings

00:07 [ZDNET] Akamai CEO Sagan to step down in 2013

00:07 [The Atlantic: Technology] Social Media's Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships

00:09 [Slashdot] Bug Bounty Hunters Weigh In On Google's Vulnerability Reporting Program

00:10 [Big Think] Are We In a Golden Age For Inventors?

00:11 [The Progressive] Occupy Disrupts Wells Fargo Meeting, Starts Season of “99% Power”

00:12 [The Onion] TV Listings: Cash Cab

00:12 [Raw Story] Rep. Israel slams the tea party: ‘The House is in range’ for Democrats

00:13 [OpEdNews] Under Control: Relax, Our Nuclear Spill isn't an 'EPPI'

00:13 [] Houston Set to Join Growing Bike Sharing Program

00:17 [CNN] Ronaldo goes from hero to zero as Bayern beat Madrid

00:20 [Fox News] Romney Turns Attention to Former Rivals' Backers

00:20 [Russia Today] Bayern join Chelsea in Champions League final

00:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Otaviano Canuto: Less Poor but More Unequal

00:25 [CNET News] Denon's 2012 AV receivers announced: AirPlay-friendly

00:33 [Truthdig] Not So Free Love

00:35 [ZDNET] Red Hat and SUSE join IBM in new Linux system, Canonical opts out

00:35 [CNN] Mexico investigates Wal-Mart permits

00:39 [The Independent] Steve Richards: Cameron can't easily dismiss the toxic trail to Murdoch's bid

00:40 [Russia Today] Trampling on the tribes: ‘The Corporate Way’


00:42 [Raw Story] White House threatens to veto cyber security bill CISPA

00:43 [straight] City of Vancouver taken to task over Olympic Village

00:44 [AL JAZEERA] Blast in Syria's Hama kills many

00:45 [Big Think] Bryan Sykes: de Tocqueville with a DNA Kit (LIVE Video Rebroadcast)

00:46 [zero hedge] Bubbles

00:46 [CNN] Bobby Brown sentenced to probation in alcohol-related driving incident

00:47 [CNET News] 30 women in brawl over Facebook post, police say

00:47 [The Atlantic: Technology] Can Last-Minute Amendments Redeem the Troubling Cybersecurity Bill?

00:49 [CNN] Stolen babies scandal haunts Spain

00:53 [CNN] Former altar boy testifies of sexual abuse at trial of two Philadelphia priests

00:55 [CNET News] The Hulk says 'gamers get girls' in bizarre viral vid

00:56 [Slashdot] VMware Confirms Source Code Leak

00:56 [AlterNet] Prison Labor as the Past -- and Future -- of American "Free-Market†Capitalism

00:58 [Deutsche Welle] Bayern in Champions League final after Madrid thriller,,15910552,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

01:00 [Russia Today] Lugovoy ‘could not condition himself not to react to lie detector’

01:05 [Slate Magazine] Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner. And Detergent. And Explosives. And Floor Wax.

01:10 [The Independent] i Editor's Letter: Exciting times

01:11 [CNET News] Google Drive crashes into China's Great Firewall

01:12 [Raw Story] Marine discharged over anti-Obama Facebook posts

01:13 [CNN] Boehner offers student loan deal

01:13 [Truthdig] Forget Le Pen, It’s Down to Two

01:15 [CNET News] 'Star Wars' AT-AT cat condo: May the fur be with you

01:22 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - April 26, 2012

01:23 [Truthdig] The NSA Is Watching You

01:26 [Moral Low Ground] ‘The Moral High Ground’: Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy Signs Bill Abolishing Death Penalty

01:27 [Fox News: politics] GOP lawmaker on TSA pat down: 'He touched me in my private parts and it hurt'

01:28 [Truthdig] This Is Newt Gingrich Signing Off

01:29 [Telegraph] More pupils in private schools despite fees hike

01:35 [Russia Today] At war with Islam? Pentagon to probe military training course

01:42 [Raw Story] Texas Rep. Canseco: TSA agent assaulted me

01:43 [CNN] Dominican pageant: Married beauty queen must return crown

01:43 [straight] Stawamus Chief park expansion proposed in response to Sea to Sky Gondola project

01:44 [The Atlantic: National] Hey, Capitol Hill People Love Spaceships Too!

01:46 [Slashdot] Is Siri Smarter Than Google?

01:52 [CNN] Former aide questioned at John Edwards trial

01:52 [Fox News] Justice Official Under Fire Lands Law School Post

01:56 [CNET News] Google Drive for Android is a beefier Google Docs app

01:58 [Disinformation] Anonymous Starts Social Music Platform: Anontune

02:03 [Electronic Intifada] Al-Walajah village explores theater as a form of resistance

02:04 [msnbc: politics] Obama uses represenatives' words against them

02:05 [Slate Magazine] A Few Reasons To Miss Newt Gingrich

02:06 [Slashdot] Insects Develop Pesticide Resistance Through Symbiosis With Gut Flora

02:09 [CNN: Politics] Romney sweeps easily, launches 'new chapter'

02:09 [Unicef] On World Malaria Day, UNICEF distributes mosquito nets in DR Congo

02:11 [CNET News] Apple secures 25 patents, including iMac, iPad Smart Cover

02:12 [CNN] Family pleads for return of missing Arizona girl

02:12 [Global Voices] Colombia: Video of Art Installation and Performance in Bogotá

02:15 [Big Think] Climate Wisconsin: Video Storytelling About a State of Change

02:17 [Fox News] Victim Wonders if Rapist Struck Again in Teen Case

02:20 [Slate Magazine] The Supreme Court Would Like To See Your Papers

02:20 [Fox News: politics] Perry endorses Romney for president

02:22 [Raw Story] Earth faces a century of disasters, report warns

02:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] PORTUGAL: Legacy of Carnation Revolution Withers under Austerity Measures

02:36 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Blue Crab Revival Offers Hope for Ailing Fisheries

02:36 [Reuters] Fed stands pat but says will act if needed

02:41 [CNET News] Skype lands on PlayStation Vita

02:41 [BBC: Health] 'No evidence' of harm by mobiles

02:43 [straight] From CISPA to C-30: Weekly update from

02:44 [CNN] Songwriter LP goes into the wild -- as a singer

02:46 [BBC: Education] Private schools 'show ethnic mix'

02:50 [BBC: Science & Environment] Population and consumption 'key'

02:50 [BBC: Technology] 'No evidence' of harm by mobiles

02:57 [msnbc] Marine: I'm sorry I criticized Obama on Facebook

02:59 [CNET News] Congresssional task force to study government's wireless spectrum use

03:02 [Raw Story] Dalai Lama says ‘Middle Way’ still best for Tibet

03:04 [Topix Activism News] France urges tougher measures if Syrian peace plan fails

03:07 [Mercy Corps] Benghazi activists honor the price of war

03:08 [Deutsche Welle] France seeks further sanctions against Syria,,15910565,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

03:09 [Financial Times] Obama sets rallies to kick off campaign

03:23 [CNN] U.N. official concerned about NGO freedoms

03:33 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Hunger strike casts shadow over Euro 2012,,15910439,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

03:36 [zero hedge] The National Debt as a Road Trip

03:36 [Fox News: politics] Ex-aide testifies how cover-up of Edwards' affair unraveled, along with their friendship

03:39 [CNN] Dalai Lama: World belongs to 'humanity,' not leaders

03:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] RJ: Richard (RJ) Eskow: Will a Young Generation's Dreams Be Rescued - Or Bundled and Sold On Wall Street?

03:43 [Reuters: politics] It's official. Obama rallies mark shift to general election

03:46 [CNN] Preparing for tsunami debris, wherever it may make landfall

03:46 [] Palestinians call on UN to stop Israeli settlement legalization

03:48 [CNN] Humor behind headlines of cartoonist who raises awareness as well as smiles

03:52 [Raw Story] Wisconsin veteran ‘pissed off’ that he couldn’t vote with Veteran ID card

03:53 [Deutsche Welle] Interview: 'Tymoshenko shouldn't risk her life',,15909579,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

04:02 [Global Voices] Video: Mothers Around the World Share their Different Experiences

04:04 [New York Times: politics] Republicans Urge Romney to Promote Positive Vision

04:08 [CNN] Sister and mother testify at trial of alleged subway bomb plotter

04:09 [Topix Activism News] Burger King makes cage-free eggs, pork promise

04:18 [CNN] Partially blind triathlete sues over requirement he wear blackout glasses

04:18 [] Will Turkey Keep U.S. Nukes, Get Its Own, Or Go Nuke-Free?

04:29 [CNN] Rupert Murdoch: Media magnate grilled on power, influence

04:30 [AntiWar] Iraq’s Kurds And Sunnis Complain Over Lack of Power Sharing

04:36 [zero hedge] Doug Casey On Taxes And Freedom

04:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Koehler: State of Fear

04:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'The most ridiculous thing'

04:52 [Slashdot] Study Suggests the Number-Line Concept Is Not Intuitive

04:53 [Fox News] Should Taxpayers Pay for Obama Swing State Travel?

04:58 [Truthdig] Rodney King Reflects on 20th Anniversary of L.A. Riots

05:01 [ZDNET] Brydge Kickstarter project could have been called 'ToasterFridge'

05:05 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Peak Housing, Peak Fraud, Peak Suburbia And Peak Property Taxes

05:06 [Telegraph] Bo Xilai 'spied on China's president and other top leaders'

05:07 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Koehler: State of Fear

05:11 [CNN] Opinion: Public spectacle not enough to clean up graft in the Philippines

05:13 [Global Voices] Peru: The Festival of the Peruvian Cajon

05:16 [Reuters] Fed's reassurance, earnings optimism lift global shares

05:23 [New York Times: politics] Gingrich Tells Romney He Will End Campaign

05:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Trash Disposal Complicates Climate Change Fight in Jamaica

05:27 [Raw Story] Apple enjoying fruit of China’s labor

05:29 [Mother Jones] Rearranging the Deck Chairs at the Postal Service

05:31 [Reuters] Fed's reassurance, earnings optimism lift shares

05:35 [Russia Today] ‘Trillion Dollar Debt Day:’ US students write off unbearable dues in protest (PHOTOS)

05:41 [Fox News: politics] Feds urge vigilance 1 year after bin Laden's death

05:41 [CNET News] Soccer fans set tweet-per-second record

05:43 [Global Voices] Chile: Reasons to Protest Again

05:50 [Fox News] Dershowitz Blasts Case Filed Against Zimmerman

05:56 [AntiWar] Nullify the NDAA

05:57 [The Nation] Will People Power Defeat Scott Walker and His Cronies?

05:59 [Fox News: politics] White House 'gate crasher' to run for governor of Virginia

06:05 [zero hedge] SchizoFEDia

06:09 [Deutsche Welle] Japan clears political heavyweight of funding scandal,,15910633,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

06:11 [CNET News] Google Ideas tackles violent extremism

06:16 [Big Think] Viral Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

06:16 [CNN] Verdict expected in Pakistani prime minister contempt case

06:24 [CNN] Venezuela's Chavez returns home

06:26 [AntiWar] Peter Beinart and the Specter Haunting American Jewry

06:27 [Raw Story] Salon’s Steve Kornacki: Romney can’t ‘etch-a-sketch’ away from immigration laws

06:31 [CNET News] LinkedIn iPad app wants to have coffee with you

06:37 [Infoshop] Toronto Anarchist Bookfair 2012 - Callout for Workshop Proposals

06:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] The Murdoch inquisitor

06:44 [OpEdNews] What if Zimmerman Gets an All White Jury?

06:49 [Deutsche Welle] US refuses to lift Myanmar sanctions,,15910689,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

07:05 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan's PM convicted of contempt of court

07:07 [] Fitch retains Israel retains high ratings, despite tensions with Iran

07:09 [OpEdNews] You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going To Do About It?

07:09 [msnbc: politics] Obama uses representatives' words against them

07:11 [CNET News] Samsung announces quad-core chip for Galaxy S phone

07:11 [Telegraph] Rupert Murdoch: I wanted Scottish Sun switch to SNP

07:12 [Infoshop] Book Reviews From Rebel Worker

07:18 [Amnesty International] Dominican Republic: Presidential candidates urged to take a stand on human rights

07:22 [CNN] Pakistani prime minister convicted of contempt but avoids prison time

07:38 [New York Times: politics] Two Parties Find a Way to Agree, and Disagree, on Student Loan Rates

07:38 [Sydney Morning Herald] Crash plane was overloaded

07:41 [ZDNET] Meaningful use: ready and willing, but not sure how able

07:42 [Infoshop] Why anti-authoritarians are diagnosed as mentally ill

07:43 [Telegraph] Japanese politician found not guilty in funding scandal

07:47 [CNN] Closing arguments may come in subway plot trial

07:51 [Slashdot] White Space Wireless Broadband Trial In UK Is a Success

07:53 [ZDNET] Kaspersky: Apple '10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security'

07:54 [Infoshop] Easton Cowboys: The Whos, Whats, Hows and Whys

07:55 [CNET News] Groupon CEO tells employees the site needs to grow up

07:57 [Telegraph] Airport security screeners arrested for accepting bribes to smuggle drugs

08:00 [CNN] Closing arguments may come Thursday in subway plot trial

08:04 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan PM found guilty in contempt case

08:05 [CNN] Brother of Bo Xilai resigns from Hong Kong firm

08:15 [Telegraph] Russian oligarch demands £1.7m refund from Christie's for 'fake' work

08:17 [Topix Activism News] David Banner's Confusing Statement about Hip Hop, Trayvon and Activism

08:20 [Russia Today] Market buzz: Investors welcome good news from Fed

08:25 [The Independent] SFA trio threatened over Rangers

08:25 [CNET News] Intel-based Lava Xolo phone measures up, says report

08:25 [Russia Today] Medvedev to give final interview as president

08:31 [Telegraph] George Galloway frees Celebrity Big Brother housemate Pete Burns from police cell

08:36 [zero hedge] Robert Wenzel Addresses The New York Fed, Lots Of Head-Scratching Ensues

08:36 [Sydney Morning Herald] Flying Fox walks free

08:44 [Disinformation] Years of Vid/Pysch/Facebook/NYC PyschMoron Is Therapy is Bullshit …

08:47 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: live

08:53 [Fox News: politics] Senator seeks to allow geese near airports to be killed after multiple collisions with planes

08:55 [CNET News] Mom's Facebook humiliation of mouthy teen daughter

08:56 [zero hedge] FaT BoTToMeD GoLDMaN GiRLs

08:59 [] Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Rails Against Western Cultural Imperialism

08:59 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistan's top court convicts Gilani of contempt,,15910772,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:59 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

09:03 [Telegraph] Anger as Brussels sqanders millions then demands budget rise

09:04 [OpEdNews] Abbas Censors Truth

09:06 [BBC: Technology] O2 launches mobile wallet service

09:07 [CNN] Former aide faces more questions at John Edwards trial

09:09 [OpEdNews] A Nation of Morons

09:12 [The Independent] Barclays takes £300m hit on mis-sold PPI claims

09:13 [Truthdig] Barney Frank Makes a Misdiagnosis on Obamacare

09:14 [Deutsche Welle] German president cancels trip to Ukraine,,15910782,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

09:16 [CNN] Court to issue verdict in trial of Charles Taylor

09:19 [Fox News] Poll: 83 Percent of Voters Think US Still In Recession

09:22 [] Benny Grantz and the Real Reason for the Target Over Tehran

09:23 [CNN] Aide asked if he fabricated some stories about John Edwards

09:28 [The Independent] David Cameron urgerd to order Jeremy Hunt inquiry

09:29 [OpEdNews] Murder for Fun and Profit

09:33 [Truthdig] Halfway Through the Lost Decade

09:40 [Reuters] Dollar dips on Fed comments, shares firmer

09:43 [] Syria opposition: Assad's forces kill 102, despite ongoing UN mission

09:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Scheer: Halfway Through the Lost Decade

09:48 [CNN] Court acquits Japanese political heavyweight of funding scandal

09:50 [OpEdNews] From Mary Magdalene To Mary Haynes: The 2000-Year-Old War On Women And Religion's Role In It.

09:59 [Global Voices] Bolivia: Discussing Indigenous Issues and Natural Resources in the Chaco

10:00 [Russia Today] US Sergeant booted off Marines for Obama Facebook posts

10:01 [The Independent] Syria blames rebels for massive blast in Hama

10:02 [Telegraph] Kazakhstan extends ban on Communist Party

10:11 [ZDNET] Nintendo posts first annual loss on weak console sales

10:15 [OpEdNews] The World Needs Thomas Paine Now!

10:16 [The Independent] Kate and Gerry McCann encouraged by new moves

10:17 [CNN] Baltimore police arrest man in death of teen found in river

10:20 [Telegraph] New York woman 'sacked after donating kidney to save boss's life'

10:21 [CNN] Arab League calls emergency meeting as Syria's truce waivers

10:24 [CNN] Daring to speak out about Bo Xilai thriller

10:25 [Russia Today] Veiled beauty: Turkish mag fuses fashion and tradition

10:26 [CNET News] Kristofize: A Global Birthday Surprise for Nick Kristof Aims to Do Some Good

10:35 [Guardian] Jeremy Hunt is a firewall for David Cameron, says Ed Miliband

10:45 [New Statesman] Miliband on Today: the highlights

10:47 [Red Pepper] The Big Energy racket: democracy now!

10:47 [The Independent] 'Mini tornado' sweeps through Warwickshire town

10:49 [Fox News] Poll: Most Say US Still In Recession

10:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Ewan McGregor joins Cannes jury

10:54 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband: Jeremy Hunt is being used as a firewall to protect David Cameron


10:58 [CNN] Court to deliver milestone verdict in Charles Taylor's war crimes trial

10:58 [Slashdot] German Court Rules That Clients Responsible For Phishing Losses

11:00 [Russia Today] Egypt’s voters perplexed which president to choose

11:03 [Guardian] Charles Taylor war crimes trial - live coverage of the verdict

11:04 [CNN] Charles Taylor: Lay preacher and feared warlord

11:04 [AL JAZEERA] Taylor faces verdict in 'blood diamond' trial

11:09 [Global Voices] Bulgaria: “Big Change Begins With Small Steps”

11:10 [Russia Today] Gazprom powered boat to bring sailing glory to EU

11:12 [Telegraph] Reports: Bakerloo line tunnel 'collapsed between Embankment and Waterloo'

11:14 [Global Voices] Bulgaria: Penalty For Getting Pregnant

11:19 [ZDNET] Unpatched server led to GlobalSign breach

11:32 [ZDNET] Trial: Page, Rubin and Schmidt: How did they do?

11:32 [Telegraph] British Airways to resume flights to Tripoli

11:35 [The Independent] Tube hit by tunnel wall 'collapse'

11:35 [zero hedge] Germany Folding? Europe's Insolvent Banks To Get Direct Funding From ESM

11:38 [] Peres at Independence Day event: Israel's enemies mustn't repeat mistakes of the past

11:39 [Global Voices] Armenia-Azerbaijan: Attitudes to Nagorno Karabakh conflict resolution

11:41 [Reuters] Euro, shares gain on renewed growth focus

11:44 [AL JAZEERA] Taylor faces verdict in 'blood diamond' trial

11:44 [Deutsche Welle] Indigenous Filipinos battle for their land,,15910904,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:48 [Telegraph] It's time to stop dealing with Bahrain

11:50 [The Independent] Leveson Inquiry: Rupert Murdoch stands by Gordon Brown 'war' claim

11:52 [AL JAZEERA] Taylor awaits 'blood diamond' case verdict

11:53 [Guardian] Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry – Day 2 live

11:58 [Spiegel] Auschwitz at the Biennale: Polish Curator Lights a Fire under Berlin Art Scene,1518,829691,00.html#ref=rss

12:00 [New Statesman] What Hollande must do next

12:04 [ZDNET] When will Windows 8 ship? Readers make their predictions

12:05 [zero hedge] News That Matters

12:06 [Telegraph] Jeremy Bamber to remain in jail after losing appeal bid over deaths of his family

12:07 [The Independent] Rangers manager Ally McCoist condemns SFA threats

12:10 [ZDNET] Steady progress on green data center front, research shows

12:10 [Slate Magazine] Honeymoon, Interrupted

12:13 [Good] How 'Take Back the Night' Keeps Some Victims Silent

12:14 [ZDNET] Intel to appeal EU antitrust fine

12:14 [Mother Jones] "Gangbang Interviews" and "Bikini Shots": Silicon Valley’s Brogrammer Problem

12:15 [Russia Today] Russia’s best fighters try on Golden Belts

12:19 [Deutsche Welle] National interests trump personal ties for Romney,,15911010,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:20 [Fox News] Cops: Suspect Beat White Teen Over Trayvon Case

12:21 [New Statesman] "Local press needs level playing field on subsidies"

12:21 [Big Think] New on AlterNet: The End-Times Obsession

12:23 [The Independent] Tube hit by disruption amid claims of 'collapsed tunnel'

12:24 [] Report Offers a Rare Peek inside Georgia’s Lesbian Scene

12:24 [Telegraph] Like baboons, our elected leaders are literally addicted to power

12:25 [Global Voices] France: The Presidential Election Through Foreign Eyes

12:27 [Topix Activism News] Activist vows 'I'll continue crusade'

12:28 [Spiegel] Spain's Credit Crunch: Euro Group Considers Direct Aid for Banks,1518,829904,00.html#ref=rss

12:30 [CNN] Rupert Murdoch apologizes, admits phone-hacking 'cover-up'

12:31 [New Statesman] Jeremy Hunt faces three investigations over BSkyB bid

12:32 [New Internationalist] To BP or not to BP?

12:33 [CNN] Syrian opposition demands U.N. take action on issue of civilian casualties

12:39 [The Independent] Raleigh sold to Dutch rival Accell

12:40 [Global Voices] Brazil: Activists Protest in Memory of Military Dictatorship

12:42 [Telegraph] Samsung's Next Galaxy will be HD and quad core

12:46 [Spiegel] Warfare with Malware: NATO Faced with Rising Flood of Cyberattacks,1518,829908,00.html#ref=rss

12:48 [straight] New Westminster's urban revival

12:49 [Guardian] Rupert Murdoch admits NoW phone-hacking cover-up

12:50 [Russia Today] ‘19th-century’ border control plans signal storm in EU

12:54 [The Independent] Police given more time to quiz Luton terror suspects

12:55 [Slate Magazine] The Great Divergence

12:58 [Spiegel] When the West's Not Best: Eastern Germany Welcomes Wave of Reverse Migration,1518,829537,00.html#ref=rss

12:58 [AL JAZEERA] Taylor guilty of Sierra Leone war crimes

12:58 [Telegraph] Police granted more time to quiz terror suspects

13:00 [AL JAZEERA] Charles Taylor found guilty of war crimes

13:01 [ZDNET] VMware ESX source code 'leaked online'

13:07 [Reuters] Hague court convicts Taylor of crimes in Sierra Leone

13:07 [Raw Story] No evidence that mobile phones harm health: study

13:10 [The Independent] Analysts say North Korea's new missiles are fakes

13:10 [CNN] Court finds Charles Taylor guilty of aiding rebels; more rulings coming

13:10 [AL JAZEERA] War crimes court finds Charles Taylor guilty

13:10 [Russia Today] Premier League’s Goals Galore: Week 40

13:13 [The Atlantic: Technology] Picture of the Day: A Slice of the Billions of Planets in the Milky Way


13:14 [Financial Times] Taylor guilty of aiding war crimes

13:15 [Slate Magazine] Why We Love the Water

13:16 [Russia Today] US grain company seeks a piece of Russian wheat pie

13:16 [Reuters] Hague court convicts Taylor of war crimes in Sierra Leone

13:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'The big C has finally bitten'

13:19 [CBC: politics] Auditor general set to defend F-35 findings

13:21 [msnbc] Ex-Liberia leader guilty in 'watershed' war-crimes case

13:22 [New Internationalist] A word with Adonis

13:22 [Raw Story] Peres dismisses Holocaust, Iran comparison

13:26 [New Statesman] Review: Damsels in Distress

13:26 [The Independent] Thousands defy Anders Breivik with children's song in Norway

13:29 [BBC: Education] Parents 'ignore Facebook age bar'

13:30 [Slate Magazine] Big Problems, Big Solutions

13:31 [CNN] For Paul's true believers, a study in American optimism

13:33 [Telegraph] Director blames benefits system after new employees fail to turn up

13:35 [Deutsche Welle] UN court convicts Taylor of war crimes in Sierra Leone,,15911111,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:35 [ZDNET] HTC beats Nokia in the camera game with the Titan II (review & gallery)

13:36 [Russia Today] Blast rips Nigerian newspaper office in Abuja, at least 3 killed (PHOTO)

13:36 [zero hedge] Overnight Sentiment: Overbought, Underconfident

13:36 [Big Think] Moore's Law Maintained by 3D Computer Chip

13:41 [Russia Today] Blast rips through newspaper office in Nigeria's Abuja, at least 3 killed (PHOTO)

13:41 [The Independent] Charles Taylor convicted of 'aiding and abetting war crimes' in historic ruling at ICC

13:45 [Slate Magazine] How Corrupt Are Politicians?

13:46 [Russia Today] German Jews: Republishing Mein Kampf ‘good idea’

13:46 [Spiegel] Champions League Euphoria: Germany Revels in Bayern Munich Triumph,1518,829923,00.html#ref=rss

13:48 [Reuters] Murdoch blames rogue tabloid for phone-hacking

13:48 [CNN] Rupert Murdoch admits phone-hacking 'cover-up,' apologizes

13:49 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Secretly Serviced

13:50 [Fox News: politics] Obama to hold first official campaign rallies next week

13:52 [Raw Story] Cher ‘upset’ as Adelaide key sells for $95,900

13:53 [ZDNET] Laptop manufacturers planning cheaper clones of high-priced Ultrabooks

13:58 [BBC: Science & Environment] Stain-shedding coating gets tough

14:01 [Slashdot] TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl

14:06 [Spiegel] Animal Rights Conundrum: Does Getting Lab Animals Off Planes Really Help Them?,1518,829779,00.html#ref=rss

14:06 [CNET News] GlobalSign breach stemmed from unpatched server

14:07 [Telegraph] Jeremy Hunt need not resign because Gordon Brown didn't over Damian McBride affair, says minister

14:08 [CNN] After 70 killed in Hama blast, opposition demands action

14:08 [Amnesty International] Charles Taylor guilty of aiding Sierra Leone war crimes

14:09 [msnbc] Ex-Liberia leader guilty in 'watershed' war-crimes case

14:10 [BBC: Technology] Digital Economy Act faces delay

14:10 [Deutsche Welle] Volkswagen profits double as sales hit record,,15911478,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:10 [CNET News] Nintendo slides to massive loss as revenue falls off a cliff

14:12 [Reuters: politics] Former Senator Edwards' defense to continue grilling ex-aide

14:12 [The Independent] Thousands celebrate Charles Taylor verdict

14:15 [] FCC Ruling Exposes Broadcaster Reluctance to Public Interest

14:23 [Telegraph] Charles Taylor found guilty of 'aiding and abetting' war crimes

14:26 [New Statesman] Gingrich's influence will still be felt

14:28 [The Independent] Bakers protest against 'pasty tax' at Downing Street


14:29 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Global Fund for AIDS, TB, Malaria "Not in Crisis"

14:29 [Disinformation] The Strangest School In The World?

14:31 [Russia Today] CISPA battlefield: Facts & Figures

14:33 [CNN] Court finds Charles Taylor guilty of aiding rebels; sentencing set for May

14:33 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Does India Face East or West?

14:34 [CNET News] Spotify reportedly creating online radio station to rival Pandora

14:36 [zero hedge] Just As Predicted, Initial Claims Miss Huge, Yet Magically Improve

14:39 [CBC: politics] Auditor general speaks at F-35 probe this morning

14:40 [Reuters] Insight: Collusion probe latest Mexico woe for Telefonica

14:41 [CNN] Report: Secret Service involved in second prostitution scandal

14:42 [Slashdot] Univ. of Florida Announces Plan To Save CS Department

14:43 [BBC: Also in the news] Stain-shedding coating gets tough

14:44 [The Independent] So, Permanent Secretary, did your minister tell Parliament the truth yesterday?

14:45 [CBC: politics] Auditor general defends F-35 findings this morning

14:46 [Fox News] Will Killing Birds Make JFK Airport Safer?

14:48 [Good] How the Greenest Cities in the World Clean Up Their Trash

14:50 [CNN] Real-life 'Lion Kings': African big cats caught on film

14:55 [Deutsche Welle] Court delivers landmark verdict in Taylor case,,15910262,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:56 [Russia Today] LGBT film fest kicks off in Moscow

14:57 [Reuters: politics] Biden knocks Romney for "back to the future" foreign policy

14:57 [CNN] Rupert Murdoch: Media magnate grilled on power, influence

14:57 [CNET News] Buy a product on, pay

14:58 [Fox News: politics] US jobless aid requests near 3-month high

14:59 [The Independent] Credit card fraud websites shut down on three continents

15:00 [Reuters] Jobless claims ease but four-week average rises

15:00 [] Obama Approves Expanded Drone War in Yemen

15:00 [ZDNET] UK's anti-piracy law delayed: 'Three-strike' warnings on hold

15:00 [Global Voices] Panama: New Law Establishes Ministry of Culture

15:05 [zero hedge] Translating "Growth" Into European

15:05 [AlterNet] Does Mitt Romney Have an Education Platform?

15:06 [ZDNET] Cloudera partners with IBM, as its own influence grows

15:08 [Reuters] Jobless claims barely fall in latest week

15:08 [AlterNet] Facebook and Google Turned Into Government Spies? The Dangerous New Law Before Congress (CISPA)

15:10 [Deutsche Welle] Belgrade relocates Roma to make way for street,,15911691,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:11 [New Statesman] Apple by numbers

15:14 [CNN] Hama deaths prompt call for U.N. action

15:14 [ZDNET] Five not-so-obvious reasons why Apple won't be Sony redux

15:16 [The Atlantic: International] The End of Pax Americana: How Western Decline Became Inevitable

15:16 [The Progressive] America's Mad Cow Crisis

15:17 [Raw Story] Stewart asks top astrophysicist if asteroid mining is bulls**t

15:21 [Russia Today] No fear for Google: Yandex reports profit up and expansion plans

15:24 [] IDF chief: Other countries are prepared for possible Iran strike

15:24 [Fox News: politics] Obama's EPA Could Be Toxic to His Re-Election Hopes

15:25 [Slashdot] Sci-Fi Publisher Tor Ditches DRM For E-Books

15:26 [Global Voices] Colombia: “San Andrés belongs to Colombia”

15:28 [CNET News] Three-deal Thursday: A Canon EOS Rebel, Nook Simple Touch, and free video converter

15:31 [Big Think] In 15 Years, Machines Will Do 90% of Journalism

15:31 [zero hedge] LTRO #Fail 2: European Credit Supply And Demand Fading Fast

15:31 [CNN: Travel] Getting away, celebrity style

15:31 [New Statesman] HSBC announces it will cut 3,167 jobs across the UK

15:32 [CNN] Emotional toll too much for Djokovic

15:32 [Raw Story] Expert warns world needs to move ‘rapidly’ toward ‘population shrinkage’

15:35 [ZDNET] Workers in coffee shops -- take your phone calls outside

15:35 [Fox News: politics] Edwards' defense gets tough with ex-aide after days of lurid testimony

15:38 [CNN] When Romney faces Latino voters

15:38 [Amnesty International] Serbia: Hundreds of families face uncertainty after Belvil eviction

15:39 [CNN] Why wave of Mexican immigration stopped


15:41 [Russia Today] International military operation looms for Syria

15:41 [CNN] Court finds Charles Taylor guilty of aiding war crimes

15:41 [The Progressive] Walker Slashes Workers’ Cost of Living Increases

15:43 [BBC: Science & Environment] World's glaciers 'out of balance'

15:43 [CNET News] Would Apple be hurt by a strike at Foxconn Brazil?

15:44 [msnbc: politics] Obama retains electoral edge

15:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jared Bernstein: Principal Reduction: But One Tool for Home Repair

15:45 [CBC: politics] 'Significant things missing' from government's F-35 costs

15:46 [The Nation] The Other America, 2012: Confronting the Poverty Epidemic

15:48 [The Onion] [audio] Reverend Blessed With Nine-Inch Penis

15:49 [Fox News] Boy Told He's Too GoodFor Girls' Field Hockey

15:49 [] The top 8 headlines you may have missed / Haaretz Newsline, April 26

15:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Image at Cross purposes

15:51 [The Atlantic: International] What Did the Israeli Army Chief Actually Say About Iran?

15:51 [ZDNET] Nuance sees better-than-expected Q2

15:51 [The Nation] A Fight Bigger Than ALEC

15:52 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Seedbed of Technology Flourishes in Guatemala

15:53 [CNET News] No, Apple won't go the Sony route

15:57 [New Statesman] Barry Sheerman's "small English rant"

15:58 [Spiegel] The World from Berlin: 'Europe Could Economize Itself to Death',1518,829936,00.html#ref=rss

15:59 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: Sheikh Raed Salah's lawyer named The Times 'lawyer of the week'

15:59 [Disinformation] Anderson Cooper Discusses Government UFO Conspiracy With MUFON

16:01 [Russia Today] Opposition protests Medvedev’s project of independent Public TV

16:01 [zero hedge] NY Fed's Brian Sack: Paint The Tape, Close Green, And Get Away Clean

16:02 [CNET News] BlackBerry 10 devices set for August unveiling?

16:02 [Raw Story] McCain rips Schumer for being on TV too much


16:04 [The Independent] Pair killed in motorway crash

16:05 [CNN: Entertainment] Why Cusack loves Poe

16:06 [Russia Today] Klitschko Jr bets on Povetkin in Rahman bout

16:06 [The Atlantic: International] Scary Thought: Biden May Be Right about Romney's Foreign Policy

16:06 [Big Think] Clay Johnson: Software Developers, Step Up!

16:09 [Slashdot] Backdoor Found In Arcadyan-based Wi-Fi Routers

16:10 [The Atlantic: National] Politics and Education Don't Mix

16:14 [CNN] Why John Cusack loves Edgar Allan Poe

16:15 [Deutsche Welle] Hamas steers a new course after break from Syria,,15911823,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:17 [karmalised] Jack Ross: Peter Beinart and the Specter Haunting American Jewry

16:18 [The Onion] 30 Miserable Lives Lost In Greyhound Bus Crash

16:20 [Fox News: politics] Obama to award Medal of Freedom to Albright

16:21 [Telegraph] British student died after being beaten with metal pipe by Polish bus driver

16:22 [The Independent] Three held over rape victim naming on Twitter

16:24 [CNN: Politics] High court appears to lean toward Arizona

16:26 [CNN] Obama should push bankruptcy relief for student loans

16:30 [Fox News: politics] Report: Health care law rebates to top $1B

16:32 [Raw Story] Colbert: Global warming caused by immigrants

16:32 [Topix Activism News] Amnesty International Public Statement

16:34 [Disinformation] I’m Back: First Case of Mad Cow in the U.S. in Six Years

16:34 [] Democracy Now!: Obama Admin Challenges Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law While Overseeing Unprecedented Mass Deportations

16:35 [Deutsche Welle] Eurozone's business confidence takes severe blow,,15912017,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:35 [zero hedge] The Bailout Of The US Postal Service Begins: Cost To Taxpayers - $110,000 Per Union Vote "Saved Or Gained"

16:35 [ZDNET] Microsoft reissues patched Service Pack 2 for Office for Mac 2011

16:37 [The Independent] Robert Redford criticises David Cameron's 'narrow' view of British film industry

16:38 [Spiegel] Charles Taylor Verdict: Former Liberian President Found Guilty of War Crimes,1518,829999,00.html#ref=rss

16:41 [OpEdNews] Whoops! Coming End of US Wars for Wall St. - Demonstrators Indicting Not Protesting

16:41 [The Nation] A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC

16:45 [Mother Jones] Obama's Honeymoon Lasted Zero Days

16:46 [msnbc] Obama retains electoral edge

16:46 [OpEdNews] Pepe Escobar: A Full Spectrum Confrontation World?

16:46 [zero hedge] Guest Post: H.L. Mencken Was Right

16:47 [New Statesman] Thousands of Norwegians gather to sing song Breivik hates

16:48 [Telegraph] Huge discounts offered on holidays to Greece

16:49 [Reuters] Jobless claims suggest stumbling labor recovery

16:50 [Deutsche Welle] Twin bombings hit Nigerian newspaper,,15911991,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:53 [The Independent] April deluge 'won't halt drought'

16:56 [Russia Today] Putin’s spokesman compares British embassies and Russian dry cleaners

16:56 [CNET News] Smartphone buyers nix paying more than $50 a month for data

16:57 [New Statesman] Web Only: the best of the blogs

17:00 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] DRC Cassava Farmers Reap Rewards from New Methods

17:02 [Telegraph] Neil Heywood 'not a spy', William Hague insists

17:03 [CNN] Searching for a medical miracle

17:04 [The Atlantic: Politics] Should Occupy Embrace Specific Goals When It Reemerges?

17:06 [World Policy Institute] The Future of the City

17:07 [Raw Story] Michelle Malkin: Democratic ‘lynch mobs’ are attacking ALEC

17:08 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Administration Buys Lies About Iran Using Latin America as Base for Terrorism

17:09 [The Atlantic: Politics] Pandering to a Privileged Class: The Student Loan Rate Debate

17:09 [CNET News] Madden 13 first look: yep, it's still Madden

17:09 [The Independent] Portuguese police refuse to open new Madeleine inquiry

17:11 [Slate Magazine] The Great Divergence

17:11 [Fox News: politics] Secret Service looking into latest prostitution claim -- this time in El Salvador

17:11 [OpEdNews] Halfway Through the Lost DecadeHalfway Through the Lost Decade

17:13 [The Atlantic: Technology] Art and the Romanticization of Work Past

17:14 [ZDNET] 'Scrub your social media profiles.' Enough, already!

17:15 [Mother Jones] Corn on "Hardball": Romney and "Fairness"

17:16 [Spiegel] German President Cancels Trip: Ukraine Blasted over Treatment of Tymoshenko,1518,829985,00.html#ref=rss

17:17 [Slashdot] Cybercriminals Exploit Björk's Biophilia App To Compromise Androids

17:18 [New Internationalist] ‘Israel's gone way beyond apartheid’

17:18 [The Onion] Tips: Bicycle-Safety Tips

17:19 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama Set to Kick Off Campaign With Ohio, Virginia Events

17:19 [zero hedge] Chart(s) Of The Day: Follow Where The Money Was, Is, And Will (Not) Be

17:20 [Telegraph] Bo Xilai 'tapped Hu Jintao's phone calls'

17:21 [Russia Today] 'Farewell Intercourse' law allowing sex with dead wives sparks fury in Egypt

17:21 [Fox News] 'Crucify' Slip 'Revealing' Of Obama Energy Policy?

17:21 [CNN: Technology] Top analyst: Without Jobs, 'Apple will decline'

17:22 [ZDNET] Behind AmazonSupply, a nuts-and-bolts service oriented architecture

17:23 [Voice of America] Tranquil Arizona-Mexico Border Mask Economic Woes

17:24 [CNN] Prince William a 'natural' as he cradles baby at charity event

17:24 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] CLIMATE CHANGE-CARIBBEAN: Low-Cost Adaptation Measures Needed

17:25 [The Independent] 32 people injured after bus crash in Romania

17:25 [Reuters] SEC starts probe of Chesapeake CEO's well stakes

17:26 [CNET News] Sony debuts first waterproof Handycam

17:29 [] Israeli left-wing activists held indoors by police during Independence Day event

17:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Leslie Sheridan: Here's to the State of Arizona: A Song in Protest of S.B. 1070

17:32 [AlterNet] Occupy The Progressive Movement: Why Occupy Should Embrace "Co-Optation"

17:32 [New Statesman] The Royal Society has a beauty pageant moment

17:34 [Telegraph] Charles Taylor: former child soldiers 'delight' in conviction

17:36 [Big Think] Jon Stewart Calls B.S. On Asteroid Mining. Neil de Grasse Tyson Says It's For Real.

17:38 [ZDNET] US military dismisses marine who criticized Obama on Facebook

17:39 [] When Polish chulent met Iraqi kibbeh: Israel's quirky fusion cuisine

17:40 [CBC: politics] Flaherty moves to tighten CMHC supervision

17:40 [ZDNET] Ubuntu 12.04 arrives and it's great


17:43 [msnbc: politics] Battle for control of Congress tightens considerably

17:43 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Lockheed Throws Its Weight Around (Again)

17:43 [CNN] Prosecute Wal-Mart, but get rid of anti-bribery law

17:44 [The Atlantic: Politics] Conservatives Need Social Issues to Paper Over Their Fiscal Failures

17:45 [Middle East Monitor] Khalid: Why Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike

17:46 [Spiegel] Picture This: Field Day,1518,830017,00.html#ref=rss

17:48 [CNN] Taylor verdict: Why peace must accompany justice

17:50 [] Don't get your hopes up for an Iran deal!

17:50 [zero hedge] 84% of All Stock Trades Are By High-Frequency Computers … Only 16% Are Done By Human Traders

17:50 [Telegraph] Daggers drawn for May Day in French elections

17:50 [] 26th Anniversary of Chernobyl: Ukraine Urges Extreme Nuclear Caution

17:51 [Russia Today] Disney in a bad light at English National Opera

17:54 [Disinformation] Why Nobody Cares What You Think (And What You Can Do About It)

17:55 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Pakistan PM Found Guilty in Contempt Case

17:56 [CNN: Money] THE ZERO TAX CLUB

17:56 [Slate Magazine] America’s Other Immigration Problem

17:56 [Russia Today] Medvedev’s interview entrapped in the Net

17:56 [Slashdot] Privacy Advocates Slam Google Drive's Privacy Policies

17:57 [Raw Story] Smartphone app files official TSA complaints in real-time

17:57 [CNN] Federal judge issues injunction against drug testing of Florida state employees

17:59 [Disinformation] President Obama’s Top Official (In Charge of Drug Control Policy) Conflates Hemp with Marijuana

18:00 [Deutsche Welle] Norwegians sing against Breivik,,15912342,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:00 [] Quebec Spring: Students Back on the Streets in Ongoing Struggle Against Tuition Hikes

18:03 [NATO] 167th Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session

18:06 [zero hedge] Gold “Bargain of Lifetime” As Gold Standard Inevitable, Possibly Within Year - $10,000/oz Looms

18:06 [Big Think] Jimmy Carter (More Than) Okay with President Romney

18:06 [Telegraph] Martin Hoskins

18:06 [Guardian] Rupert Murdoch admits NoW phone-hacking culture of cover-up

18:11 [ZDNET] Case study: Strategic approach to disaster recovery and data lifecycle management pays off for Australia's SAI Global

18:11 [Russia Today] Green clouds over Moscow spark disaster fears (PHOTOS)

18:12 [The Independent] Dutch politicians close to austerity budget deal

18:13 [BBC: Also in the news] Sachin in parliament 'nomination'

18:14 [Disinformation] Hospitals Begin Planting Debt Collectors In Emergency Rooms

18:15 [ZDNET] Warning: Fake Biophilla app on Android is malware

18:15 [Mother Jones] Barack Obama = One Hip Dude (Wink Wink)

18:15 [CNN] LinkedIn launches iPad app, takes new direction

18:16 [Russia Today] Cancer patient asked to prove she won't die on flight home

18:16 [CNN] EU: Ukraine's Tymoshenko beaten in prison

18:17 [CNN] Man clad as Afghan soldier kills coalition member

18:21 [CNET News] Is Microsoft's Bing secretly for sale?

18:21 [ZDNET] Google: Sun, Oracle couldn't compete with Android

18:22 [Telegraph] Lawyer Tom Crone brands Murdoch's 'cover up' claims a 'shameful lie'

18:26 [Slate Magazine] Slipping With the Yemenis

18:27 [The Onion] 'Underground Railroad' Carries Slaves From Brooklyn to Manhattan

18:27 [New Statesman] House of Lords reform: what difference will it make?

18:28 [The Independent] Portuguese police refuse to reopen Madeleine McCann case

18:28 [CNN] Author: U.S. averting gaze from Syria slaughter

18:29 [Truthdig] Trump Tees Off in the Scottish Legislature

18:30 [CNN] Jordan's prime minister resigns

18:35 [CNET News] Apple, HTC planning launches on Verizon's network this fall, report says

18:36 [zero hedge] Of Disasters Natural And Keynesian

18:36 [Big Think] Self-Driving Cars Are Safer & More Efficient

18:37 [Global Voices] Puerto Rico: Feminism and Friendship

18:37 [ZDNET] Let a financial type run your data center? Survey says it may happen

18:39 [Slashdot] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Out; Unity Gets a Second Chance

18:41 [Slate Magazine] Zuckerbergonomics

18:41 [Russia Today] US soldier shot and killed by man in Afghan Army uniform

18:42 [Global Voices] Kenya: Four Young African Men Stand Up to Hollywood Stereotypes

18:43 [Financial Times] Charles Taylor guilty of aiding war crimes

18:44 [Truthdig] Connecticut Abolishes Capital Punishment

18:46 [] Now Over 2,000 Palestinian Hunger Strikers in Israeli Prisons

18:47 [Raw Story] Lakota man accuses hospital of burning ‘KKK’ into his torso

18:49 [CNET News] Dear Microsoft: Please don't take away my Live Mesh

18:49 [ZDNET] Former Sun CEO defends Java openness in Oracle-Google trial

18:50 [AlterNet] The World's Insurers Brace For Climate Change -- Except In America

18:50 [straight] News for Youse: Student protests in Quebec escalate to smashy smashy level, dangerous subversive Dr. Seuss punted from BC schools

18:52 [Global Voices] Puerto Rico: 30 years of the Organization of the Working Woman

18:53 [ZDNET] Facebook launches Support Dashboard

18:54 [Truthdig] Billionaire Bloomberg Vetoes Living Wage Bill

18:54 [CNN] U.S. official acknowledges past Secret Service misconduct

18:54 [Fox News: politics] California city on bankruptcy brink discovers illegal payouts to elected officials

18:54 [Disinformation] Everything Thomas Sowell Thinks is Wrong (Video)

18:56 [Russia Today] Bears great and small gather to mark Teddy’s 110th birthday

18:57 [The Onion] Spectacular Intramural Sports Play Still Intramural Sports Play

18:57 [Raw Story] Liberian ex-leader Charles Taylor guilty of Sierra Leone war crimes

18:58 [Good] The Color of Change: Can Colorful Images Help Solve Social Problems?

18:59 [The Independent] Redford the Sundance Kid takes a shot at Cameron

19:00 [CNET News] iPads are the new entry point to Apple products, study says

19:01 [OpEdNews] Will a Young Generation's Dreams Be Rescued - Or Bundled and Sold on Wall Street?

19:03 [CNN] Man clad as Afghan soldier kills U.S. coalition member

19:03 [msnbc] Battle for control of Congress tightens considerably

19:05 [Deutsche Welle] Africa reacts to Taylor verdict,,15912252,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:06 [Spiegel] Dress Rehearsal for Blitzkrieg: A Survivor Recalls the Horrors of Guernica,1518,830023,00.html#ref=rss

19:07 [Global Voices] Cuba: Bloggers Summit in Matanzas

19:07 [BuzzFlash] America's Mad Cow Crisis

19:11 [Russia Today] Secret Service linked to yet another prostitution scandal

19:11 [Big Think] How Does this End?

19:11 [CNET News] How Wavii understands news (Reporters' Roundtable)

19:11 [OpEdNews] The Global War on Terror, in the Original German

19:14 [The Independent] Spy poisoning 'cannot be ruled out', says forensic expert

19:15 [Mother Jones] Samuel L. Jackson Not Really the Highest Grossing Actor Ever

19:18 [Slashdot] Opus Dei To Hunt Down Vatican Whistle-Blowers

19:21 [OpEdNews] Elizabeth Warren will lead

19:22 [ZDNET] Dell provides Internet2 computing power & collaboration

19:22 [CNET News] Apple to build private restaurant to keep out snoopers

19:24 [Telegraph] US election: Barack Obama rallies to remind voters of star power

19:24 [Disinformation] Mysterious 450-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Fossil Baffles Scientists

19:25 [CNN] Hundreds killed since start of U.N. mission, opposition says

19:25 [CBC: politics] Budget bill contains environment policy overhaul

19:26 [Slate Magazine] The Creepiness Factor

19:27 [Raw Story] Puppy on the runway shuts down New York’s LaGuardia airport

19:29 [Amnesty International] Taylor verdict sends message that no-one is above the law

19:30 [The Independent] So, Permanent Secretary, did Jeremy Hunt tell Parliament the truth yesterday?

19:31 [OpEdNews] U.S. Contingency Plans To Attack Iran Readied in 2005

19:34 [Truthdig] Broadcasters’ Last-Ditch Push to Hide Political Ad Data

19:34 [CNET News] Oracle and Java were no match for Android, Google says

19:34 [CNN] Bombs target newspapers in Nigeria

19:36 [Big Think] Investigating Power: American University Professor Launches a Video History of Investigative Journalism

19:36 [zero hedge] Project 'End-Up-Like-Japan' Continues

19:36 [Slashdot] Mozilla Considers H264 After WebM Fails To Gain Traction

19:40 [The Atlantic: National] Sympathy And Trayvon Martin

19:40 [Telegraph] Anna Ryder Richardson weeps in court over health and safety claims

19:41 [] March in Chile, 50,000 Strong for Education

19:41 [Russia Today] A guest from the past: Old-style London cab hits Moscow streets

19:42 [Global Voices] Uganda: Netizens React To Female Politician Sexual Abuse

19:43 [Financial Times] War victims welcome Taylor verdict

19:47 [CNN: Politics] Spokesman: Gingrich to end White House bid

19:49 [Truthdig] Broadcasters’ Last-Ditch Push to Hide Political Ad Data

19:49 [CNET News] Awesome DIY cell phone has universal appeal

19:51 [AlterNet] John McCain Lights Into 'Imaginary' War On Women

19:52 [CNET News] Design your own iOS games with Sketch Nation Studio

19:52 [AlterNet] Doomed To Repeat It: Is Tennessee's New "Monkey Law" Just Scopes All Over Again?

19:52 [Fox News: politics] US official: Expanded Yemen drone strikes approved

19:54 [Disinformation] 4-Year Old Gets TSA Pat-Down Following Hug From Grandma

19:55 [Reuters] SEC begins probe of Chesapeake CEO's well stakes

19:56 [Slate Magazine] Where Did All the Accomplished People Go?

19:56 [CNET News] Schwartz: For Java phone work, Sun would have paid Google

19:56 [The Atlantic: International] A Congo Mother Survives Cannibalism to Save Her Children: Why Her Photo Matters

19:56 [Telegraph] Neil Heywood did not work for UK government, Hague insists

19:57 [Raw Story] Rick Santorum’s heavy investment in direct mail suggests big future plans


20:00 [Slashdot] Steve Jobs' Idea For an Ad-Supported OS

20:05 [CNN] Nadal and Murray cruise past Colombian challenge in Barcelona

20:05 [zero hedge] When Did Austerity Become A 4 Letter Word?

20:05 [Deutsche Welle] Regime, opposition exchange blame for Syria blast,,15912658,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

20:06 [Big Think] What Is 'Pivoting' & Why Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Know

20:14 [ZDNET] Trial: Former Sun CEO gets into catty fight with Oracle lawyer

20:14 [CNET News] MMA star Simon Marcus whacks at Sonim's rugged Bolt

20:15 [BBC: Science & Environment] UK industry to build Sun mission

20:15 [Mother Jones] Marc Andreeson Thinks You're a Patsy

20:17 [OpEdNews] Government to Bradley Manning and Others -- "Tell on us, and we'll put you behind bars for the rest of your life"

20:17 [CNN] Microsoft head: How 'the cloud' could save Europe

20:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Suzanne Langlois: Connecticut Repeals the Death Penalty

20:17 [Raw Story] McCain: Dems ‘conjured up imaginary war’ on women

20:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Taylor's War Crimes Conviction Sends Powerful Message

20:20 [Fox News] Another City — Another Prostitution Scandal?

20:26 [Russia Today] Massive Siberian oil spill leaves thousands without water

20:26 [CNN: Politics] Gingrich's 2012 campaign leaves mixed legacy

20:28 [The Atlantic: Technology] On Facebook, Your Privacy Is Your Friends' Privacy

20:29 [CBC: politics] Bev Oda pays up for controversial car rental

20:30 [] Germany to publish Mein Kampf for first time since World War II

20:30 [Voice of America] Brazilian Congress Adopts Relaxed Land Usage Rules

20:31 [Slate Magazine] Edgar Allen Poe, Action Hero

20:33 [The Nation] Meet the Twenty-eight Lawmakers Who Have Quit ALEC This Month

20:34 [CNN] For victims in Sierra Leone, Taylor's verdict brings relief

20:35 [zero hedge] Market Meltup Meets Non-Farm-Payroll Resistance

20:35 [Red Pepper] Beyond church and state

20:37 [ZDNET] Facebook hacker tells his side of the story (video)

20:40 [CNET News] Former Sun CEO says Google's Android didn't need license for Java APIs

20:41 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Sources For Firmware and Hardware Books?

20:42 [OpEdNews] Studies of Unconscious Bias Suggest Racism Not Necessarily Perpetrated By Racists

20:43 [Fox News: politics] Michelle Obama's Spain vacation cost taxpayers nearly $470G, watchdog group claims

20:43 [The Atlantic: Technology] Google Now Translates As Much Text in a Day As Human Pros Can in a Year

20:44 [Truthdig] Your CISPA Primer

20:44 [The Onion] [video] Guatemalan Flight's Data-Recording Parrot Holds Clues To Crash

20:45 [Telegraph] Syrian rebels call for emergency UN meeting after video showing activist being 'buried alive'

20:45 [Mother Jones] WATCH: CISPA, the Cyber Law That Makes Snooping Snuggly [Fiore Cartoon]

20:45 [Moral Low Ground] ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Ordered to Pay $5.77 Million in Tamara Favazza Exploitation Retrial

20:46 [] Uzbekistan: Karimova’s Philanthropic Activities Raise Concern

20:47 [OpEdNews] Rob a Bank: Get Shot or Go to Jail. Rob a Woman: Get Rich and Live Free

20:47 [Topix Activism News] Lawmakers Visit Alleged CIA Prison In Lithuania

20:47 [Raw Story] Obama’s ‘get Bin Laden’ memo now public

20:48 [The Independent] Websites linked to £500m credit card fraud shut down by police

20:51 [straight] The acting is solid in Henry and Alice: Into the Wild

20:54 [Fox News: politics] Republicans clashing with Obama over election-year student loan push

20:56 [Big Think] Invest in Memorable Social Experience

20:59 [Amnesty International] Killing of Cambodian environment activist must be investigated

21:00 [Disinformation] Animal Rights Protester Agrees To Be Tortured

21:01 [Telegraph] 'Afghan soldier' kills US serviceman

21:04 [The Nation] Adiós ALEC

21:05 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Man Tries To Relinquish US Citizenship. Application Denied

21:09 [BuzzFlash] Every President Has Campaigned for Re-Election on Air Force One...So Why Is Obama Different?

21:09 [The Atlantic: Politics] For Obama and Romney, 2012 Is a Referendum on the Past

21:10 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt announces list of presidential contenders,,15912680,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

21:11 [ZDNET] Oracle tries to rebound with help from Sun co-founder

21:15 [Financial Times] China reform drive boosted by Bo’s fall

21:15 [Mother Jones] China Has the Rare Earths, So That's Where Apple Makes its iPads

21:16 [Slate Magazine] The Veepstakes Word Cloud

21:17 [The Progressive] Chilling Academic Freedom on Israel

21:17 [Telegraph] Charity tax could deter philanthropists, Boris Johnson says

21:17 [Global Voices] Bangladesh: Voices from the Korail slum

21:17 [Raw Story] 5 ways CISPA could be worse than SOPA for Internet activists

21:21 [Slashdot] Trimble To Acquire Google SketchUp

21:23 [High Country News] The truth about wolves is hard to find

21:25 [msnbc] Congress steering economy toward a 'fiscal cliff'

21:26 [Big Think] Obama v. Romney on Facebook

21:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Julie Stewart: Victim of an Unjust Law

21:27 [CNN] Attorney: Bin Laden widows, daughters leaving Pakistan


21:31 [CNET News] Your best Droidy Photoshop challenge images

21:32 [OpEdNews] US Double Standards: India's Ballistic Missile Test and Pakistan, the Whipping-Boy

21:35 [zero hedge] What Would Fed Chairman Krugman Do?

21:39 [CNN] Why Marco Rubio can't save the GOP

21:41 [] Afghanistan: Fuel Supplies at Bagram Diversified

21:42 [Fox News: politics] Boehner: Difficult to do Rubio's immigration bill

21:42 [Global Voices] India: The Hand Drawn Rickshaws in Kolkata

21:43 [CNN] 4 killed, 11 wounded in twin bomb blasts in Baghdad

21:44 [The Onion] No One Can Remember Seeing Houston Astros For At Least A Week

21:45 [Mother Jones] "If Paul Ryan Knew What Poverty Was, He Wouldn't be Giving This Speech"

21:46 [Russia Today] ‘US not ready to wage war against Iran’

21:47 [CNET News] The 404 1,041: Where we unbox this box (podcast)

21:47 [Telegraph] Labour is less ready to govern than ever

21:47 [Raw Story] Biden: Obama ‘has a big stick, I promise’

21:49 [Guardian] Rupert Murdoch apologises, and says there was a 'cover-up' at the NoW

21:51 [Russia Today] 'Children of the Rainbow' launch vocal assault on Breivik

21:52 [straight] Cats invade Taiwan’s Pier-2 Art Center

21:52 [Raw Story] Study: Lava flows carved Mars valleys

21:54 [The Atlantic: Politics] 5 Takeaways from the Immigration Argument at the Supreme Court

21:56 [zero hedge] NiGHT oF THe LiViNG KeYNeSiaNs

21:56 [Big Think] Nanotechnology Creates a Genetics Lab on a Microchip

21:59 [CNN] Barnes & Noble nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is a winner

22:01 [Slate Magazine] The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women

22:02 [ZDNET] Kindle Fire owns over half of Android tablet market

22:02 [OpEdNews] Enlightened Backbone of Liberalism Amputated: How it Happened

22:03 [Telegraph] Falklands sovereignty is not up for discussion with Argentina

22:04 [Truthdig] 40,000 Norwegians Defy Anders Breivik With Song

22:04 [Slashdot] Is Extraterrestrial Life More Whimsical Than Plausible?

22:07 [OpEdNews] The US Press Sell-out on Iraq War

22:10 [Disinformation] How Pigeons Navigate by Magnetic Field

22:10 [CNN] Deported bin Laden widows, daughters leaving for Saudi Arabia

22:12 [Fox News] Teacher Axed Over In Vitro Fertilization?

22:15 [Reuters] Starbucks profit up, but Europe shows weakness

22:16 [Slate Magazine] I Watched Every Richard Linklater Movie

22:16 [CNN] Teacher who was fired after fertility treatments sues diocese

22:19 [Telegraph] Osama bin Laden's wives deported

22:19 [Doctors Without Borders] Haiti's Rainy Season Brings Cholera Back to Port-au-Prince and Léogâne

22:20 [ZDNET] NetSuite Q1 strong amid revenue surge

22:25 [CNET News] Zynga Q1 offers upside surprise, investors stage relief rally

22:29 [The Atlantic: Technology] Wikipedia and the Shifting Definition of 'Expert'

22:29 [Truthdig] Merkhollande

22:33 [Telegraph] Demands for inquiry into Jeremy Hunt's links with Rupert Murdoch

22:34 [ZDNET] Western Digital: We've mostly recovered from Thailand floods

22:38 [CNET News] Oracle turns to McNealy to bolster its case

22:40 [ZDNET] Amazon's Q1 stronger than expected; Is it the Kindle effect?

22:41 [] Report: Humanity Must Stabilize Population, Consumption or Face 'Downward Vortex' of 'Ills'

22:44 [Slashdot] CISPA Bill Obliterates Privacy Laws With Blank Check of Privacy Invasion

22:46 [CNN] Do war crimes trials really help victims?

22:48 [Raw Story] Franken cries during VAWA speech recalling Paul and Sheila Wellstone

22:49 [Good] GOOD Maker Finalists: Unconventional Lending Libraries

22:50 [CNN] Romney, GOP shift on vulnerable issues

22:51 [Topix Activism News] ACLU Sues Border Patrol Over Traffic Stops

22:52 [CNN: Money] Stocks gain as 'stimulus addicts' look for a fix

22:52 [straight] This Is Our Stop app makes Vancouver bus stops (sort of) social

22:54 [Fox News: politics] Judge refuses to dismiss most serious charge in WikiLeaks case.

22:55 [CNET News] First app for Google's Project Glass: Sharing photos

22:56 [Moral Low Ground] Indian Teen Laxmi Sargara Annuls ‘Marriage’ Arranged at Age 1


22:59 [The Onion] Report: Typical City Bus Contains No Fewer Than Four Erections At Any Given Time

23:00 [CBC: politics] Harper rejects motion on studying when life begins

23:01 [] Georgia Gets No Love From State Dept.

23:01 [Russia Today] New York reinstates beer tax and brewers are hopping mad

23:04 [Reuters] Starbucks profit up, but Europe is a challenge

23:05 [Telegraph] Four killed in Nigerian bomb attacks

23:06 [zero hedge] S&P Cuts Spain to BBB+, Outlook Negative

23:08 [Raw Story] Michigan Senate Minority Leader ‘embarrassed’ by attack on stem cell research

23:10 [Reuters] Amazon trounces Street targets, shares jump

23:15 [Mother Jones] Who Is Charles Taylor, Anyway?

23:15 [Deutsche Welle] What's so special about the Franco-German relationship?,,15912600,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:16 [Fox News] GOP, Obama in Student Loan Battle

23:18 [CNET News] Can Groupon grow up?

23:19 [CBC: politics] MPs debate motion on studying when life begins

23:21 [ZDNET] Report says Hotmail exploit "spread like wild fire," is now fixed

23:21 [Big Think] Holding Their Tongues? Public Employees’ Rights and the Testing Debate

23:21 [Telegraph] Ken Livingstone: fury at 'concentration camp guard' jibe was a "huge fuss over nothing"

23:22 [CNET News] House bill to put government spectrum on auction block

23:26 [Slashdot] Terminal Mixup Implicates TSA Agents In LAX Smuggling Plot

23:27 [CNN] Review: Barnes & Noble's new glowing Nook is a winner

23:30 [CNET News] MIT's web-spinning robot: Be very afraid?

23:35 [Deutsche Welle] EU interior ministers argue over border controls,,15912718,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:36 [zero hedge] Student Loan Debt Slaves In Perpetuity - A True Story Of "Bankruptcy Hell"

23:38 [Raw Story] U.S. returns looted artifacts to Italy

23:39 [CNET News] Amazon quarter better than expected; is it the Kindle effect?

23:41 [Russia Today] Virginia lawmakers agree to reject NDAA

23:44 [CNN: Entertainment] Ringwald talks 'Breakfast Club'

23:46 [Mother Jones] Big Changes in Ocean Salinity Intensifying Water Cycle

23:48 [Slashdot] Organics Can't Match Conventional Farm Yields


23:50 [CNN] New Orleans Saints GM: Never eavesdropped on foes

23:52 [CNET News] Address Desktop wallpaper reverting in OS X

23:53 [straight] Eight B.C. mayors sign letter in support of marijuana legalization

23:54 [Good] GOOD Attacks! Hunger with 13,484 Pounds of Fruit

23:55 [Canadian Dimension] Government ends negotiations with Quebec’s striking students

23:57 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] In New U.S. "Bioeconomy", Industry Trumps Environment

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