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00:01 [Slashdot] CPUs Do Affect Gaming Performance, After All

00:07 [zero hedge] Republicans Consider Returning To Gold Standard: Real Or Red Herring?

00:11 [Raw Story] Democrats exploit Todd Akin in Congress races

00:12 [Truthdig] Why the Western Media Hates Julian Assange

00:16 [The Onion] Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting

00:17 [Pravda] Syria: Talking sense

00:22 [Slashdot] Greatfire Keeps Tabs On Chinese Censorship, Automatically

00:23 [Pravda] The future of the Middle East

00:23 [Deutsche Welle] Hannover win in Wroclaw goal-glut,,16190252,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

00:25 [BBC: Also in the news] Sleepy flier missed Paris landing

00:27 [Disinformation] Message to Humanity: Video Collective Finished Project

00:28 [straight] Video: Orangutans use an iPad

00:36 [Reuters: politics] Campaigning for Romney, is Santorum contender-in-waiting?

00:37 [CNET News] Best tablets for gaming

00:40 [Slashdot] Should Developers Be Sued For Security Holes?

00:41 [CNN] Pairing 'angels' with cancer patients

00:45 [CNN] Pittsburgh police: Baby abducted from hospital is found

00:46 [Raw Story] Martin Bashir blasts Republican strategist for ‘demeaning’ General Dempsey

00:49 [ZDNET] Global TrapWire, INDECT protest planned Saturday, October 20

00:56 [Slate Magazine] The Uncanny Valley of Internet Advertising

00:56 [Mother Jones] The Backlash to the Todd Akin Backlash Starts to Take Form

00:57 [Disinformation] Dee Snider To Paul Ryan: Stop Playing ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

01:00 [CNN] Judge finds TVA liable in coal-ash disaster

01:02 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Debates Denied, Univision Turns to Candidate Forums

01:07 [ZDNET] Daily Cuppa: Microsoft revamps its logo, more iPhone 5 leaks

01:07 [CNET News] Court affirms $675,000 penalty in music-downloading case

01:07 [zero hedge] Florida Town Buys 9-Ton Emergency TK-4 Tactical Vehicle to “Provide Residents Extra Protection During Hurricanes”

01:08 [CNN: Politics] Fact check: Romney's welfare claims wrong

01:11 [Slate Magazine] The Next Kennedy

01:11 [CNET News] HTC: Rumors of Beats removal "categorically false"

01:12 [Fox News] Massacre Reports Haunt Former 'Person of Interest'

01:12 [Guardian] RBS may be bigger Libor culprit than Barclays, says MP

01:20 [CNET News] Sony readying super-sized 84-inch 4K TV

01:22 [Slashdot] Only English Final Fantasy 2 NES Cartridge On Sale for $50K

01:23 [Good] Back to School: Learn About a Great Artist #30DaysofGOOD

01:25 [Fox News: politics] US Capitol Police investigating reported threat against Rep. Akin

01:26 [Raw Story] Hampshire College launches scholarship for undocumented immigrants

01:27 [The Independent] Egypt's leaders under strain as fuel shortage adds to economic misery

01:29 [straight] James Franco fans may want to converge on the Bottleneck

01:30 [Big Think] New Fuel Cells Make Much More Energy From Waste

01:31 [Raw Story] Huckabee: Republicans who denounced Todd Akin ‘are not rational’

01:31 [Telegraph] Brett Sharman on verge of having contract cancelled by Northampton over offensive Mo Farah tweet

01:33 [Utne] Book Review: America's Other Audubon

01:41 [Raw Story] Leaked Bain documents renew pressure on Romney over finances

01:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] Usain who?

01:46 [Raw Story] Peru seizes 16,000 dried seahorses headed to Asia

01:48 [Unicef] Summer school at a refugee camp for Syrians in Iraq gives children a sense of stability

01:51 [ZDNET] 'Every company is a media company' fueling M&A

02:02 [CNN] Shackled Holmes attends hearing

02:02 [Disinformation] Stick-swinging Bigfoot Footage from Ohio the Real Deal? Probably Not.

02:02 [Guardian] Prince Harry's naked pictures published in the Sun

02:03 [The Onion] [audio] Scientists Combine 20 Tiny Dogs To Make Reasonably Sized Dog

02:04 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: The Caucus Click: Waiting for Akin

02:08 [zero hedge] Why One SEC Commissioner Spoiled The Fed And Treasury's Plan For Money Market Capital Controls: In His Words

02:10 [Slashdot] Robot Learning To Recognize Itself In Mirror

02:14 [CNN] Ten ICE agents file suit against policies on illegal immigrant removals

02:19 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Akin Is In, and if He Wanted Out, It Would Be Difficult

02:19 [msnbc] Tropical Storm Isaac threatens Haiti

02:20 [ZDNET] Kodak to sell off imaging business units

02:22 [Guardian] David Cameron meets Bahrain's king in low-key talks

02:25 [AL JAZEERA] South Africa mourns victims of mine carnage

02:29 [CNN] Veteran U.S. diplomat Crocker facing drunken driving, hit-and-run charges

02:29 [straight] Vancouver Queer Film Festival: Montreal director Jeanne Crépeau's tale of eviction resonates with Vancouverites

02:32 [Sydney Morning Herald] Can't buy love online?

02:32 [] The Shortwave Report 08/24/12 Listen Globally

02:36 [CNN] Audit: FAA ineffective in program to keep animals from hitting planes

02:36 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Even if Akin Wanted to Quit Race, It Would Be Difficult

02:38 [zero hedge] Central Banks, The Veil Of Secrecy, A Hotbed of Corruption, And Now Another One Got Ensnared

02:40 [Fox News] Before Massacre, Threats Prompted a Campus Ban

02:51 [CNN] Athens and Berlin in spat over funds

03:03 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel and Hollande talk tough on Greece,,16190275,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

03:03 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Abortion and Akin Were Off Limits During Romney Interview, Reporter Says

03:04 [ZDNET] Seven mobile-roaming options show lack of serious thought

03:06 [The Hindu - News] Style and the city

03:08 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Food Prices & The Solar Cycle

03:10 [CNN] Man gets 25 years for trying to buy military weapons for cartel

03:12 [Topix Activism News] Syrian rebels clash with troops along Iraqi border

03:17 [Fox News] Obama, Romney in a Virtual Tie

03:18 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Law Enforcement is Not Your Friend

03:18 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mott quits over Ten flops

03:19 [New York Times: politics] News Analysis: Romney Would Give Reins to States on Drilling on Federal Lands

03:27 [CNN] Chinese outrage over 'scripted' Olympic commentary on star hurdler

03:31 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Activists Protest Shell’s Arctic Oil-Drilling Plans

03:32 [ZDNET] India plans $2B electronics development fund

03:44 [New York Times: politics] Documents Show Details on Romney Family Trusts

03:49 [zero hedge] An Open Letter to the MSM: QE 3 Is Not Coming. Stop the Propaganda

03:53 [CNN] Barcelona take slender advantage over Real in Spanish Super Cup

03:55 [New York Times: politics] Republicans in Tampa Prepare for Tropical Storm Isaac

03:57 [zero hedge] For Marc Faber The Iron 'Ore' Lady Has Sung

03:57 [CNN] Questions raised after SEAL's identity revealed

03:59 [ZDNET] 3 reasons to hate BI dashboards

04:02 [CNN] First lady meets with victims, families of Sikh temple shooting

04:07 [Truthdig] Congress at Play

04:08 [Slashdot] Review: Google Compute Engine

04:15 [Big Think] Myths and Truths About Atheism+

04:21 [New York Times: politics] Agents Sue Over Deportation Suspensions

04:22 [Truthdig] No Exceptions

04:27 [BBC: Health] Super-fertilty miscarriage theory

04:28 [CNN] America's fascination with the school lunchbox

04:29 [AL JAZEERA] Court to deliver verdict in Breivik trial

04:30 [straight] Jack Chivo: Open letter to new United Church moderator Gary Paterson

04:33 [Guardian] Lance Armstrong drops fight against doping charges

04:38 [msnbc] Will the GOP's counter-offensive on Medicare be enough?

04:42 [CNET News] Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button gets Playful, Artistic

04:51 [The Hindu - News] Dangling cable wires ruin cityscape

04:51 [Sydney Morning Herald] Lance Tour titles stripped

04:52 [CNN] Ten ICE agents target Obama deportation policy with lawsuit

04:53 [The Hindu - News] Mavallipura residents don’t want it in their backyard

04:54 [msnbc] USADA to ban Armstrong for life, strip Tour titles

04:59 [CNET News] iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launching at the same time? Why?

04:59 [Reuters] Seoul court rules Apple infringed two Samsung patents

05:01 [The Hindu - News] Doctors raise health concerns

05:03 [CNN] Lance Armstrong calls it quits in fight against doping charges

05:04 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Best Use For an Old Smartphone?

05:06 [CNET News] Apple infringed on two Samsung patents, says Korean court

05:07 [Slate Magazine] Louie, Season 3

05:11 [Raw Story] 113 arrested in Chile student protests

05:13 [Global Voices] Tanzania, Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi ‘Tweets' from Grave

05:27 [New York Times: politics] Romney Uses Array of Props to Explain Ideas to Voters

05:28 [Global Voices] Zambia: President’s Salary Secretly Hiked Twice in Three Months

05:30 [The Hindu - News] Congress MLA facing disproportionate assets case

05:33 [AntiWar] Two Iraqis Killed; al-Qaeda Claims Old Attacks

05:34 [The Hindu - News] State Cabinet approves farm loan waiver

05:36 [Raw Story] Maddow: Republican Convention ‘re-rolling out the Iraq war’

05:36 [Sydney Morning Herald] Armstrong to lose titles

05:39 [New York Times: politics] For Paul and Janna Ryan, a Union Across Political Lines

05:39 [BBC: Technology] Apple and Samsung get Korea ban

05:40 [The Hindu - News] Dhoni and his team mates given plots

05:42 [The Hindu - News] Facility for printing question papers inaugurated

05:43 [Fox News] Armstrong Faces Ban, Loss of Titles

05:44 [The Hindu - News] AICC not to entertain demand for change in KPCC leadership

05:44 [CNN] 'Mama said knock you out': LL Cool J broke burglary suspect's nose, jaw, ribs

05:46 [The Hindu - News] Have a 100cc vehicle? You cannot have BPL card

05:52 [The Hindu - News] Warding off evil, old city style …

05:54 [The Hindu - News] Stand named after V.V.S. Laxman

05:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘Surprise exodus was a challenge for railway police’

05:57 [Mother Jones] From the Annals of Jackassery

05:58 [AntiWar] The Pursuit of Julian Assange Is an Assault on Freedom and a Mockery of Journalism

06:00 [Big Think] How Social Networks Can Make Us Healthier And Happier

06:02 [The Hindu - News] Say it with flowers this Onam

06:03 [CNN] International firms caught in China's security Web

06:04 [The Hindu - News] High Court to decide on minority tag for schools

06:05 [CNN] L.A.-based hospital chain to pay $16.5 million in kickback case

06:06 [The Hindu - News] Heavy rain throws city out of gear

06:06 [ZDNET] 500,000 forum posts results in web host TOS violation

06:07 [CNN] Condemn the powerful elite over 'honor' murders

06:08 [Reuters] Seoul court rules Samsung didn't violate Apple design

06:26 [The Hindu - News] Women demand food security, better conditions

06:32 [CNN] 'Accidental' millionaire's spending spree ends in prison

06:32 [straight] Rafe Mair says CBC Radio fired him as a commentator

06:33 [The Hindu - News] ‘Public-private partnership key to growth’

06:33 [Deutsche Welle] Israel weighs in on circumcision debate,,16190328,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

06:34 [Slashdot] BitInstant Continues Bitcoin Paycard Plan

06:37 [The Hindu - News] Kowdiar Park gets an e-toilet

06:39 [The Onion] Nation's Underfunded Public Education System To Experiment With Shortened 6-Day School Year

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Kidnapped child rescued

06:41 [Telegraph] Lance Armstrong to be stripped of seven Tour de France titles and banned for life

06:47 [The Hindu - News] ‘Ankita won’t be questioned in Geetika suicide case’

06:49 [The Hindu - News] Ushering in Onam, with floral carpets

06:51 [The Hindu - News] BJP joins fight of Delhi apartment owners

06:55 [The Hindu - News] States told to get serious about fighting malnourishment

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Inspections held at eateries

07:04 [AL JAZEERA] Norway to deliver verdict on Breivik sanity

07:05 [The Hindu - News] Indian-American selected as Presidential Innovation Fellow

07:11 [CNET News] PCs still slowing, and Windows 8 won't change that soon, says IDC

07:13 [Deutsche Welle] German police trained Lukashenko's Belarusian militia,,16190363,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

07:15 [CNET News] Korean court: Apple, Samsung infringed each other's patents

07:16 [Topix Activism News] Train collision injures 2 dozen in northeast China

07:17 [CNET News] Can Windows 8 win over CNET's Mac reviewer?

07:27 [Telegraph] Ecuador urges Britain to remove 'threat' to embassy

07:30 [CNN] Official: US Anti-Doping Agency to slap Armstrong with lifetime ban, loss of titles

07:31 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] In Israel, Opposition to Attacking Iran Gains Upper Hand

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Electricity infrastructure under stress

07:32 [straight] U.S. Anti-Doping Agency bans Lance Armstrong for life and plans to take away his titles

07:33 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Romney May Be Nominated Early

07:34 [CNN] Hospital chain to pay $16.5 million in kickback case invollving the homeless

07:37 [The Hindu - News] Incentives for low-draft vessels on anvil: Minister

07:38 [Slashdot] Twin Craft To Study Space Weather From Within Earth's Radiation Belts

07:39 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 1.7 crore allocated for water supply, roads in remote villages

07:42 [Guardian] Court fines both Apple and Samsung for patent breaches

07:43 [Telegraph] Richard III 'buried under council car park'

07:43 [The Hindu - News] ‘Emerging Kerala’ gets a celebrity blogger

07:48 [CNN] Apple, Samsung both lose in South Korean court

07:49 [Anarchist news] Mega Black Bloc: S17 NYC at Zuccotti park!

07:51 [The Hindu - News] Missing Coimbatore woman found dead in Mysore

07:53 [The Hindu - News] Three killed in accident

07:54 [Anarchist news] Queers Fucking Queers (A) Contribution to Oakland Pride

07:56 [Fin24 News] Mediclinic details terms of rights offer

07:57 [Telegraph] Former US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker facing drink drive charges

07:59 [Global Voices] Russia: Government Bans Serbian Film for Underage Sex & Drugs

08:04 [The Hindu - News] 2G case: SC dismisses plea against Chidambaram

08:10 [The Hindu - News] Bank staff oppose panel recommendations

08:13 [CNN] Kites untether China's grip on air pollution data

08:14 [Telegraph] NHS managers must be paid through normal channels: Sir David Nicholson

08:15 [Deutsche Welle] Calls for stict rules for circumcision,,16190327,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:15 [CNET News] Solyndra plant may find a buyer in Seagate

08:16 [The Hindu - News] Power crisis worsens in south

08:16 [CNN] Infant abducted at Pittsburgh hospital found, suspect arrested

08:18 [The Hindu - News] 14 tanks bone dry: PWD report

08:22 [The Hindu - News] TDP, CPI maha dharna tomorrow

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Samaikyandhra JAC threatens stir

08:31 [Fox News: politics] Gay judge in NYC to challenge father's will

08:34 [CNN] Infant abducted at Pittsburgh hospital found; suspect arrested

08:35 [Fin24 News] Embattled Lonmin appoints acting CEO

08:38 [The Hindu - News] Power crisis may lead to flight of investments

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Coalgate: Parliament disrupted for fourth day

08:43 [CNN] Official: U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to slap Armstrong with lifetime ban, loss of titles

08:46 [The Hindu - News] Nabard initiative to improve rural livelihoods

08:46 [Guardian] Lance Armstrong: seven-time Tour de France winner drops fight against doping charges

08:52 [The Hindu - News] Bank strike hits customers hard

08:52 [Guardian] Sun publishes pictures of naked Prince Harry

08:54 [The Hindu - News] Leptospirosis ruled out in two deaths in Sullia

08:56 [The Hindu - News] Builders to pool in Rs. 1 cr. for a new swimming pool

08:59 [Pravda] British pound sterling: Strong, devoted, pompous

09:00 [Telegraph] Lance Armstrong to be stripped of Tour de France titles and banned for life as he gives up fight over drug charges

09:02 [CNET News] Crave giveaway: Tokyoflash Kisai Upload wristwatch

09:02 [Slashdot] Samsung Opens New Apple Store In Australia

09:02 [High Country News] Even pests have a purpose

09:02 [The Hindu - News] Private service bus drivers go on snap strike

09:04 [The Independent] How the Prince Harry affair saw red-tops deal with a new regime

09:06 [CNET News] Go ahead and blame Verizon for a Jelly Bean-less Galaxy Nexus

09:08 [CNN] Hospital chain to pay $16.5 million in kickback case involving the homeless

09:10 [The Hindu - News] ROB opened for traffic

09:14 [Pravda] How to make a fortune on doomsday

09:15 [] Saving a Failed System

09:16 [AL JAZEERA] Norway to rule on mass killer Breivik

09:17 [Telegraph] Tony Blair still costs the public £400,000 a year

09:18 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

09:18 [The Hindu - News] Manpower shortage plagues taluk headquarters hospital

09:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] OP-ED: Some Thoughts on the Nonaligned Movement Summit in Tehran

09:25 [The Hindu - News] NIT-T’s CEDI all set to foster entrepreneurship

09:27 [The Hindu - News] Be the change you want to see

09:27 [BBC: Science & Environment] Tags to reveal hairy ant secrets

09:29 [The Hindu - News] Cloudburst catches citizens unawares

09:30 [Pravda] The US/UN/NATO Race for Global Full Spectrum Dominance. Part III

09:33 [The Hindu - News] Singur land row: SC notice to Tata Motors

09:33 [Telegraph] Want to get out of recession? Start building houses

09:33 [Slate Magazine] Why Can’t a Cop Photograph a Naked Sorceress?

09:33 [straight] Premium Rush doesn't skimp on speed

09:37 [The Hindu - News] Promoting water conservation

09:37 [Fox News: politics] Protesters start to trickle into Tampa for GOP convention

09:38 [Guardian] Anders Breivik's verdict: sanity the issue at centre of mass-murder trial

09:43 [The Hindu - News] P. Chidambaram: Chronology

09:46 [] War of Words on Iran

09:47 [CNN] Verdict due in trial of Norway killer Anders Breivik

09:48 [Slate Magazine] Here Comes the Hillbilly, Again

09:51 [ZDNET] Filemaker Pro + Filemaker Go - The ultimate SIS (and much more)?

09:51 [The Independent] Archaeologists begin dig to uncover grave of Richard III

09:53 [The Hindu - News] AICC nod likely for Dharmana’s resignation

09:55 [The Hindu - News] Power cuts claim weaver’s life in Sircilla

09:56 [Deutsche Welle] ECB banking supervision remains controversial,,16190290,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

09:56 [Guardian] Apple-Samsung trial: court fines both companies for patent breaches

09:59 [CNN] Tropical Storm Isaac sets eye on Haiti, Dominican Republic

09:59 [The Hindu - News] Four taken into custody by NIA in Beed

10:03 [Guardian] Breivik verdict: sanity the issue at centre of Norway's mass-murder trial

10:03 [The Hindu - News] Bank strike: transactions to the tune of Rs. 20,000 cr. hit

10:03 [Slate Magazine] Play the



10:03 [Global Voices] France: Mandatory Car Driver Breathalyzers in Bid to Reduce Accidents

10:03 [Telegraph] Prince Harry: The Sun defies Royal Family to print naked pictures

10:07 [msnbc] Norway mass killer Anders Breivik declared sane

10:08 [The Independent] Ex-US ambassador Ryan Crocker faces hit-and-run charges

10:09 [Fin24 News] Some Angloplat miners down tools

10:11 [The Hindu - News] Over 80,000 children born with genetic disorders each year in State

10:15 [The Hindu - News] Mid-day meals for pregnant women and children too

10:17 [Guardian] Breivik verdict: mass-murderer declared sane and sentenced to 21 years

10:18 [AL JAZEERA] Norway gives 21 years to mass killer Breivik

10:18 [Slate Magazine] What the Supreme Court Did This Summer

10:18 [ZDNET] LogMeIn Central adds remote antivirus management

10:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] Christ: what a mess

10:19 [Telegraph] Prince Harry 'had no expectation of privacy', says Louise Mensch

10:22 [CNN] Norway killer Anders Breivik ruled sane, given 21-year prison term

10:23 [The Hindu - News] ‘Competition harming media ethics’

10:24 [Financial Times] Breivik given 21 years for Norway killings

10:27 [The Hindu - News] Interrogation of chain snatchers unravels 3 murders

10:29 [The Hindu - News] Rumours fly thick and fast

10:31 [CNN] South Africa miners demand resolution of grievances

10:31 [The Hindu - News] How OU’s Journalism Dept. came into being

10:31 [Deutsche Welle] Breivik judgement in Norway,,16190558,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:32 [CNN] Suspected drone attack kills 5 in Pakistan

10:33 [Slate Magazine] A New Slur

10:33 [The Hindu - News] RR district Collector transferred to Vizag

10:33 [Telegraph] Anders Behring Breivik verdict: live

10:35 [The Hindu - News] Mayor, Commissioner pull up GHMC staff

10:37 [The Hindu - News] After Gandhi Hospital, medicos plan strike at OGH

10:38 [New Statesman] Chart of the day: Disparities in earned income

10:39 [The Independent] Anders Breivik jailed for 21 years

10:41 [The Hindu - News] IIT Kanpur student ends life in city

10:41 [Guardian] Anders Behring Breivik declared sane and sentenced to 21 years

10:50 [Telegraph] Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik found sane

10:52 [Fin24 News] Ford to create 800 jobs

10:54 [ZDNET] Consumer group files motion to oppose Google, FTC settlement

11:02 [Pravda] Journalist jumps from 9th floor apartment killing her two sons, self in Belarus

11:05 [Global Voices] Chessmaster Gary Kasparov's Arrest During Pussy Riot Trial

11:08 [Pravda] Parents return their adoptive daughter to orphanage in 14 years

11:14 [The Independent] Activists storm Russian Prirazlomnaya oil rig


11:22 [The Hindu - News] Day in Pictures

11:22 [Slashdot] Ex-Lulzsec-Head Sabu Rewarded Six-Month Sentencing Delay

11:24 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mass killer found sane

11:24 [CBC: politics] Franklin search about politics as well as history

11:24 [Telegraph] Anders Breivik found sane: the verdict explained

11:28 [Guardian] UK GDP revised upwards – but economy remains in double-dip

11:28 [CNN] What you need to know about Syria today

11:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] Live: Sea Eagles v Broncos

11:30 [The Hindu - News] News in Pictures

11:30 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Syrian Crisis Brings a Blessing for Kurds

11:31 [CNN] When political gaffes turn toxic

11:35 [Topix Activism News] Greenpeace activists storm Russian oil rig

11:41 [CNN] Paralympic stars on fast track to London

11:41 [Fox News] Lance Armstrong Faces Lifetime Ban, Loss of Titles

11:41 [Global Voices] Syria: You are an Embarrassment to the Revolution

11:44 [CNN] Tropical Storm Isaac sets eye on Haiti

11:44 [The Independent] Green Day, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

11:47 [Fin24 News] Free State biggest water waster

11:51 [Guardian] GCSE results row piles pressure on Michael Gove to order inquiry

11:54 [International Crisis Group] Mer de Chine : tensions en eaux troubles

11:55 [msnbc] Mass killer Breivik ruled sane, gets 21-year sentence

11:56 [CNN] Suspected drone attack kills 10 in Pakistan

11:56 [Telegraph] Anders Breivik verdict: live

11:58 [CNN] Micro managers: Learn to trust your people

12:00 [Spiegel] 'The Black Plague': Russia Plays Game of Arctic Roulette in Oil Exploration

12:01 [Foreign Policy in Focus] West's Idea of No Nukes Doesn't Include Itself (Part 5)

12:02 [CNN] UK tabloid prints naked Prince Harry pictures

12:08 [The Hindu - News] Breivik deemed sane, sentenced to prison

12:10 [The Hindu - News] Naxals kill two villagers in Gadchiroli

12:13 [] Tajikistan Begins Troop Withdrawal After Rallies in East

12:14 [] The bankrupt US policy on Syria and Iran

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Police probing on crude bomb near railway track, says Thiruvanchoor

12:15 [Middle East Monitor] Dr Daud Abdullah: West Bank oil and gas discovery looks set to prolong already intractable conflict

12:15 [ZDNET] SEC passes new rules on 'blood minerals'

12:17 [The Independent] Postcard From...Naples

12:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] "Nobody shares Pakistan’s vision for Afghanistan"

12:19 [The Hindu - News] Gawli convicted in Sena corporator’s murder

12:22 [Mother Jones] This Week in Dark Money

12:23 [Global Voices] Arab World: 1.3m Active Twitter Users Across Arab Countries

12:24 [Good] India's Bailing on the Most Influential International Standardized Test

12:25 [Slashdot] Fathers Pass Along More Mutations As They Age

12:27 [Telegraph] Amazon rumoured to launch phone on September 2

12:31 [The Hindu - News] Third wave of floods grip Assam

12:34 [ZDNET] Dreamforce '12 preview: Get ready for next version of Salesforce platform

12:38 [Reuters] Armstrong ends fight against doping charges, to lose titles

12:41 [The Hindu - News] A touch of tradition

12:43 [Guardian] Tory party 'has moral duty' to return £440,000 in donations from Polly Peck

12:45 [The Hindu - News] Maria Lourdes is Philippines' first female chief justice

12:48 [CNN] Texas Democrats: Judge who said Obama could trigger civil war should quit

12:48 [Spiegel] Massive Raids: Authorities Target Neo-Nazis in Western Germany

12:55 [Deutsche Welle] Volkswagen boosts sales despite eurozone crisis,,16190872,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:59 [The Hindu - News] Sathyabama prevails over Jain

13:00 [Telegraph] Prince Harry naked: The Sun was right to publish 'cute' pictures, says Murdoch's daughter

13:01 [CNET News] Apple's Tim Cook notches first year as CEO

13:03 [The Hindu - News] Muthu Kumar and Karunakaran shine

13:03 [Fox News: politics] GOP officials press ahead with convention plans as storm approaches

13:04 [CNET News] 'We the People' goes open source

13:04 [The Independent] Archaeologists begin dig to uncover grave of Richard III in Leicester

13:04 [Global Voices] Kenyan Blogger Detained Over Controversial Tweets

13:05 [The Hindu - News] City sports today

13:11 [The Hindu - News] St. Paul’s Cup from today

13:12 [Raw Story] Al-Qaeda front group claims 43 attacks in Iraq

13:14 [Fox News] Obama, Romney in Virtual Tie Ahead of Party Conventions

13:15 [The Hindu - News] Manrayar’s effort in vain

13:15 [CNN] Syria 101: A crash course on the conflict

13:16 [Guardian] Prince Harry pictures: Sun was right to publish, says Elisabeth Murdoch

13:18 [CNN] How to make sure your first marathon isn't your last

13:19 [The Hindu - News] All for the love of art

13:20 [ZDNET] Apple's Tim Cook: One 'year' on, what's changed?

13:22 [Guardian] Family of Muslim man in right-to-life case 'vindicated' by video evidence

13:22 [Raw Story] Smiling Norway mass killer Breivik jailed for 21 years

13:23 [Fox News: politics] Dems add business leaders to convention speaking roster


13:25 [Deutsche Welle] Samaras holds crisis talks with Merkel in Berlin,,16190275,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:28 [Truthdig] The Wrong Kind of Experience: Paul Ryan’s Big Foreign Policy Credential

13:29 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Hard Right Is Paranoid About the Wrong Things

13:30 [Global Voices] India: Government Guidelines For #SocialMedia Use

13:31 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: Greek PM, Antonis Samaras, and Angela Merkel in crisis talks - live

13:31 [The Hindu - News] Nine companies banned from exporting granite

13:34 [Guardian] Breivik verdict: Norwegian extremist declared sane and sentenced to 21 years

13:37 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: August 25

13:38 [] India’s participation at XVI NAM Summit at Tehran

13:40 [Guardian] Lance Armstrong, the man who strong- armed cycling, gives up fight

13:42 [The Hindu - News] Serving the city silently

13:42 [Raw Story] Deadly flare-up in Lebanon stokes Syria spillover fears

13:48 [New Statesman] Can the country be any more unified against George Osborne that it already is?

13:50 [Spiegel] Angela's Adversary: Author Takes 'Merkel System' To Task

13:51 [Deutsche Welle] Syrian refugee flow spikes as fighting grips Damascus,,16190923,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:55 [ZDNET] Square adds monthly service fee option

13:56 [The Atlantic: National] In Defense Of Pro Bono Legal Service, Whatever Form It Takes

13:56 [CNET News] LG teases latest quad-core superphone in video

13:57 [Raw Story] Haiti Faces New Tragedy as Storm Isaac Swells

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Twitter suspends Deora’s genuine account, lets fake handle stay

14:02 [Raw Story] Lance Armstrong won’t fight doping agency claims

14:03 [Telegraph] Mafia boss gunned down in Italian resort town

14:05 [CNN: Technology] Apple, Samsung both lose in South Korean court

14:05 [Voice of America] Tropical Storm Isaac Takes Aim at Hispaniola

14:07 [zero hedge] Mitt Romney Explains What He Learned At Bain Capital

14:09 [Slashdot] Study Finds Unvaccinated Students Putting Other Students At Risk

14:09 [The Independent] Homes evacuated amid factory blaze in Radcliffe

14:13 [ZDNET] Graphene-like material paves way for faster chips

14:14 [The Hindu - News] Maharashtra police appeals Maoists to surrender

14:15 [msnbc: politics] Romney uses secretive data-mining, exec says

14:16 [The Hindu - News] NESO plans agitation against exodus on Sept. 6

14:18 [The Hindu - News] Local court gave bail to farmer dubbed as Maoist

14:20 [Telegraph] Cosplay enthusiasts dress up for the 2012 Animation and Comics Fair in Beijing

14:20 [Reuters: politics] Romney highlights Bain experience in WSJ op-ed

14:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Murdoch: No aim to replace Rupert

14:22 [zero hedge] Obama Requests Europe Bail Out His Reelection

14:25 [CNET News] Get a 24-inch LCD HDTV for $109.99

14:27 [Guardian] Rafael Correa hits back over Ecuador's press freedom and calls of hypocrisy

14:31 [ZDNET] Is Poland finally getting out of the broadband slow lane?

14:31 [Fin24 News] Where to fund your small business

14:32 [Deutsche Welle] China eyes big investments in German firms,,16191048,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:32 [Raw Story] Berlusconi got me pregnant: German starlet ‘Queen Bee’

14:35 [CNN] Is Ryan an immigration pragmatist?

14:36 [Slate Magazine] Where’s Obama?

14:38 [CNET News] Kodak to sell its film business

14:38 [Global Voices] India: Strong Reactions To Social Media Censorship

14:39 [BBC: Also in the news] Fish play video game at Princeton

14:39 [Guardian] Sun's Prince Harry pictures: press watchdog receives 150 complaints

14:43 [Global Voices] Puerto Rico: Film “Under My Nails” Wins Award

14:45 [BBC: Science & Environment] Test predicts hair and eye colour

14:45 [BBC: Education] Review into English exam grades

14:48 [Reuters] Durable goods rise in July on Boeing orders

14:50 [Telegraph] Anders Breivik declared sane: live

14:53 [zero hedge] July Core Durable Goods Ex-Transports And Defense Implode

14:53 [CNN] Standby travel: Not for the faint of heart

14:54 [Slashdot] Apple and Samsung Both Get South Korea Bans

14:56 [CNET News] Apple v. Samsung: What's the worst that could happen?

14:57 [zero hedge] S&P Futures At Tipping Point On German FINMIN GRExit Chatter

14:57 [The Independent] Dover Coastguard in false alarm as man found playing with seal

14:58 [CNN] Asian fans cheer 'Linsanity'

14:58 [Global Voices] Bolivian Women Lead TIPNIS Struggle

15:02 [Deutsche Welle] Art meets industry at Ruhrtriennale 2012,,16190973,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] A Dog's breakfast

15:11 [Fox News] Mass. College Offers Aid to Undocumented Immigrants

15:15 [New Statesman] Where did all the productivity go?

15:17 [Reuters] Business spending plans weak in July

15:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] Soldiers and suicides (Malayalam: Sainikarum aatmahatyayum). Editorial, August 23, 2012. Translated by Rasmi Binoy, presented by A Correspondent

15:22 [Raw Story] Extreme events prompt experts to link weather to climate change

15:25 [ZDNET] The Dreamforce party dampene

15:26 [The Hindu - News] Syria spillover clashes escalate in Lebanon

15:29 [msnbc: politics] Romney in striking distance despite tough summer

15:29 [Disinformation] The Meaning Of Drones

15:30 [CNN] Several shot at Empire State Building, authorities say

15:34 [High Country News] Love and tomatoes -- a natural combination

15:35 [Slashdot] Paying Through Facebook May Become a Reality

15:37 [New York Times: politics] Definition of Rape Is Shifting Rapidly

15:38 [zero hedge] Area In Front Of Empire State Building Closed Following Shooting Of 5 People

15:38 [Telegraph] Indian government blocks Telegraph website

15:39 [Global Voices] Cuba: Foul Play in Death of Oswaldo Payá?

15:41 [CNET News] Alleged iPad Mini cases reveal spot for rear camera

15:42 [Raw Story] Gunman and several others shot at Empire State Building

15:44 [Fox News] Race Tightens Before Conventions

15:46 [Slate Magazine] The Films of Norman Mailer

15:50 [The Hindu - News] Let the festivities begin, again

15:51 [AL JAZEERA] US air strikes hammer North Waziristan bases

15:54 [Telegraph] Mum-of-five turns her house into a nursery for 50 fake babies

15:56 [Topix Activism News] ACLU: Pittsburgh police discriminate in hiring

15:57 [Mother Jones] Podcast: "A Movie & an Argument"—Tony Scott Memorial Edition

15:59 [Spiegel] Suddenly Out of Fashion: Support Wanes for Germany's Upstart Pirates

16:00 [CNN] Sweet success for 'chocolate' bonds

16:01 [AL JAZEERA] Norway rules mass killer Breivik sane

16:02 [The Independent] Two dead after New York Empire State shooting

16:04 [CNN] At 10 shot at Empire State Building, authorities say

16:06 [Fin24 News] 'Leaders taking advantage of Lonmin'

16:07 [] Drone Stikes in Pakistan Kill 18 Amid Continued Protests

16:07 [Deutsche Welle] Zimbabwe groans under chronic drinking water shortage,,16190944,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:07 [zero hedge] Why Volume Matters - The UnBearable Lightness Of Market Rallies

16:07 [Raw Story] American household income dropped nearly 5 percent in economic recovery

16:08 [Guardian] Empire state building shootings in New York – live coverage

16:08 [CNET News] Amazon-NBCU deal expands Instant Video content

16:08 [CNN] Q&A: Government weighs in on Bahrain protests

16:09 [Fox News: politics] The Task in Tampa: Reintroducing Romney

16:10 [Pravda] Russia to build world's largest nuclear icebreaker of new generation

16:10 [The Hindu - News] Court rejects bail plea of two accused in Shukkoor murder case

16:11 [Telegraph] Anger at Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang's 'staged' Olympic race

16:13 [CNN] Election a stark choice on America's future

16:16 [CNET News] Samsung offers peek into inspiration behind Galaxy S3

16:16 [New Statesman] PCC receives over 150 complaints over The Sun's publication of Prince Harry photos

16:17 [Slashdot] Radio Royalty Legislation Described As 'RIAA Bailout'

16:17 [The Progressive] Obama Eulogizes Ethiopian Dictator

16:20 [The Atlantic: Politics] What's the Matter With Missouri?

16:20 [Pravda] Teachers' salary to be raised in Yakutia

16:20 [The Hindu - News] Rain bring cheer in Ooty

16:24 [CNN] Dress to impress: Venus' style revival

16:24 [Middle East Monitor] Abdullah: Mayor claims settlement boycott harms Palestinian economy

16:24 [Sydney Morning Herald] To love and to submit

16:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] In Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, 89% of Those Arrested for Jaywalking Are Black

16:27 [Telegraph] Katherine Jenkins denies affair with David Beckham

16:27 [Deutsche Welle] Ex-chess champ Kasparov in court after Pussy Riot protest,,16191906,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:29 [CNN] Is Zuckerberg to blame for Facebook's slumping stock?

16:29 [AL JAZEERA] Shooting at New York's Empire State building

16:29 [Amnesty International] Iran must immediately release prisoner of conscience Arzhang Davoodi

16:30 [Disinformation] Asian Disease Likened To New AIDS

16:30 [Pravda] Boris Yeltsin's monument desecrated with blue paint in Russia

16:36 [CNN] At least 10 shot at Empire State Building, authorities say

16:36 [The Independent] Angela Merkel offers Greek PM Antonis Samaras no extra time on bailout

16:37 [CNN] Lance Armstrong could face lifetime ban, loss of titles

16:37 [zero hedge] For Germany, The Four Year Business Cycle Is Complete

16:37 [] Democracy Now!: "Be Honest About the History of Our Country": Remembering the People's Historian Howard Zinn at 90

16:38 [ZDNET] 5 nagging questions ahead

16:39 [CNN: Technology] Is Zuckerberg to blame for Facebook's slump?

16:42 [Deutsche Welle] Chinese-Koreans say South Korean visa policy unfair,,16191409,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:42 [CNN: Money] APPLE VS. SAMSUNG

16:42 [Raw Story] Jennifer Garner channels Bachmann by battling heathen stripper in ‘Butter’ movie

16:43 [Telegraph] Bank Holiday weather: month's worth of rain due on Saturday

16:43 [Fox News] Race Tightens Before Conventions, Poll Shows

16:52 [CNET News] In defense of real buttons on gadgets

16:53 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: The Early Word: Iran

16:54 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Brazil Perfects Monitoring of Amazon Carbon Emissions

16:57 [Telegraph] Empire State Building shooting: several shot

16:57 [Mother Jones] Iranian Oil Sanctions Still Biting

17:01 [msnbc: politics] Republican convention will feature tribute to Ron Paul

17:02 [Slashdot] Judge Orders Release of Ex-Marine Detained Over Facebook Posts

17:02 [Mostly Water] War of Words on Iran

17:03 [CNN] Study: Spending time with Dad good for teen self-esteem

17:03 [CNET News] Microsoft Surface street art ads pop up in NYC

17:05 [Mostly Water] Saving a Failed System

17:05 [] Georgia Looks to India for a Cash-Rich Cinema Comeback

17:06 [Slate Magazine] Louie, Season 3

17:07 [The Atlantic: International] The New York Times Flubs a Big One

17:07 [zero hedge] David Rosenberg With The $64,000 Question On The Political Fed's "NEW QE"

17:07 [Reuters] Ten shot, 2 dead near New York's Empire State Building

17:07 [Raw Story] Study: Troops suffer concussions during combat training

17:08 [The Independent] Bridge collapse kills 3 and train crash hurts 24 in tragic 24 hours for Chinese province's transport

17:08 [Guardian] Live bullfights back on Spain state TV amid outcry over 'shunning of culture'

17:09 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly shooting near New York's Empire State

17:09 [CNN: Entertainment] 'GMA' cast on beating 'Today'

17:09 [msnbc] Several people shot outside Empire State Building

17:10 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why Todd Akin Could Still Win Missouri (Seriously)

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Metro to close 6 central Delhi stations on Sunday

17:12 [Canadian Dimension] Questioning Being Black and White in Canada

17:12 [Raw Story] Republican sheriff candidate promises not to murder abortion doctors if elected

17:15 [CNET News] HTC Proto, if real, won't help HTC regain the Android crown

17:19 [Global Voices] Ecuador on Alert over Spewing Tungurahua Volcano

17:20 [] Armenia’s Deadly Dress Code

17:21 [Mostly Water] Washington and its Allies Work to Destabilise Lebanon (Part Two)

17:22 [ZDNET] We need to talk about sensors: How the internet of things could affect privacy

17:26 [Big Think] A Confederacy of Cheaters: How to End “Bigger, Faster, Stronger Syndrome”

17:27 [The Atlantic: National] 7 Years After Katrina, New Orleans Is Overrun by Wild Dogs

17:27 [CNET News] Apple exec: Television may not be in the cards for now

17:29 [Telegraph] The Soul of Scotland: photographs by Max Milligan

17:29 [Spiegel] 21 Years in Prison: Breivik Gets the Verdict He Wanted

17:30 [Disinformation] An Oral History Of Gay Punk

17:32 [CNET News] Get 50GB of free cloud storage from MediaFire

17:32 [Canadian Dimension] Mainstream Corporate Media – Psychiatry’s Publicists

17:33 [CBC: politics] Arctic military exercise targets human-smuggling 'ecotourists'

17:35 [CBC: politics] Liberal campaign in Guelph fined for robocalls violation

17:37 [CNN] PTSD: Know the symptoms and when to get help

17:37 [zero hedge] Bernanke To The Rescue "There Is Scope For Further Action By The Federal Reserve"

17:37 [Raw Story] Chinese women use ‘appearance consultants’ to snag rich bachelors

17:37 [Spiegel] The World from Berlin: Greek Request for 'More Time Equals More Money'

17:38 [BBC: Technology] File sharer loses damages appeal

17:38 [Fin24 News] Lonmin 'working towards peace'

17:39 [Slashdot] Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

17:40 [Fox News] This Time, No Hollywood Glitter for Obama, DNC

17:40 [The Hindu - Opinion] Wanted, a Law for refugees [Tamil: thevai, agathigalukkaana oru chattam] Editorial, August 24, 2012. Translated and presented by V.B. Ganesan

17:42 [CNN] 2 shot dead, at least 9 wounded outside Empire State Building, authorities say

17:42 [Mostly Water] Don't Lose Sight of Why the U.S. Is Out to Get Julian Assange

17:43 [CNN] Witnesses recount chaotic, unsettling scene at Empire State shooting

17:45 [CNN] Empire State Building shootings wounds 11, killing 2, police say

17:48 [Fin24 News] Parliament's CFO given the boot

17:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Galliano stripped of French award

17:51 [New Statesman] Police plan to arrest Assange caught on camera

17:52 [The Atlantic: National] Cancelling the LeBron Sneaker Release?

17:52 [Raw Story] Fox New co-host: ‘No woman should aspire to be’ Sandra Fluke

17:53 [CNET News] LG to unveil new products for video and audio buffs

17:56 [Guardian] The birthing of surfing in the UK

17:56 [CNET News] Apple's smartphone share in China plunges

17:57 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for August 24, 2012

17:57 [The Progressive] Obama’s Achilles Heel

17:57 [Reuters] Ten shot, two dead near New York's Empire State Building

17:59 [ZDNET] Enterprise telepresence sales slide: More than economy at fault

17:59 [Telegraph] Anders Breivik the Norwegian mass killer found sane

17:59 [Spiegel] Embracing the Wind: Denmark's Recipe for a Model Democracy

18:00 [Truthdig] Happy Birthday Howard Zinn

18:00 [Middle East Monitor] Abdullah: Israeli unemployment at 3 year high

18:06 [The Hindu - News] Chennai, a nurturer of Tamil

18:06 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] “The Truth is That All Problems Have Solutions” – Even Climate Change in Ethiopia

18:07 [CNN] Review: 'Premium Rush' delivers action, no bells and whistles

18:07 [zero hedge] Europe Ends Weak Week With Spanish Risk At 10-Day High

18:08 [Fox News: politics] Santorum to release delegates

18:09 [BBC: Education] Heads demand urgent GCSE inquiry

18:09 [msnbc] 2 killed, 9 injured in shooting near Empire State Building

18:09 [Spiegel] Grimacing Against the Crisis: Spain Keeps Smiling with Ugly Face Competition

18:11 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Hubble's Hidden Treasures

18:11 [The Independent] London 2012 Olympic Games legacy 'non-existent', says medalist Liz McColgan

18:12 [Mostly Water] Israeli Probe Into Rachel Corrie's Death Wasn’t 'Credible'

18:12 [CNN] This month on Inside the Middle East

18:14 [CNN] Tampa airport and airlines eye Isaac ahead of Republican convention

18:15 [Good] "Free" Tea For $1: Honest Tea Tests the Honor System

18:16 [The Onion] Slideshow: SLIDESHOW | Lance Armstrong: Cyclist, Survivor, Liar, Hero

18:17 [ZDNET] Analyst: Apple execs say no TV set any time soon

18:17 [Deutsche Welle] Iran or the US? India caught in a diplomatic dilemma,,16192256,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:17 [Spiegel] Picture This: Neck and Neck

18:18 [Fox News: politics] Court: gov't can fund embryonic stem cell research

18:19 [zero hedge] What Today's Real ECB News Really Means

18:20 [Disinformation] Time Wars

18:22 [Raw Story] Romney claims Mormon faith dictates tax return secrecy

18:26 [CNET News] Dish sued by FTC for violating 'Do Not Call' rules

18:28 [Slashdot] Voyage to the ATX Hackerspace in Austin, Texas (Video)


18:31 [Telegraph] Court detains Mandela grandson

18:34 [Mostly Water] Courting the House of Saud: Canada's Complicity with Misogyny and Repression

18:35 [The Atlantic: Technology] We're Close to Strengthening the Privacy of Your Cell Phone's Location! (But Only in California.)

18:35 [ZDNET] Could the tech beneath Amazon's Glacier revolutionise data storage?

18:36 [Guardian] Angela Merkel and Antonis Samaras put on display of friendly diplomacy

18:36 [Slate Magazine] Lance Armstrong Loses (Almost) Everything

18:38 [Fox News: politics] GOP panel ejects Maine delegates behind Paul

18:39 [straight] News for Youse: Flu shots, Anders Breivik declared sane, and Lance Armstrong gives up

18:42 [Deutsche Welle] The 'Wahabi Republic' of Pakistan,,16191055,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:42 [CNN] Empire State Building shootings kill 2 and wound 9, police say

18:42 [Guardian] Sun's Prince Harry pictures: watchdog receives hundreds of complaints

18:43 [The Nation] How the Right Is Building Its 'Poll Watcher' Network for November

18:49 [Fin24 News] Oliphant meets Marikana parties

18:49 [msnbc: politics] Romney in Michigan: 'No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate'

18:52 [The Atlantic: International] A Different Justice: Why Anders Breivik Only Got 21 Years for Killing 77 People

18:53 [Reuters: politics] Romney says tithing makes him hesitant to release tax returns

18:55 [CNN] Showers for dirty workers, money for college

18:56 [Reuters] Bernanke says Fed has scope to provide more stimulus

18:57 [Mother Jones] American Doctors, Hospitals, and Pharmaceutical Companies Are Overpaid

18:57 [Spiegel] Twenty Years after Rostock: Racism and Xenophobia Still Prevalent in Germany

18:59 [Fin24 News] Lonmin: We need peace

19:00 [Guardian] Mal fresco! Botched Ecce Homo restoration woman has 'anxiety attack'

19:01 [Telegraph] Lance Armstrong stripped of seven Tour de France titles and banned for life for doping by USADA

19:01 [The Independent] Police ordered to arrest Assange 'under all circumstances' if he leaves embassy

19:02 [Reuters: politics] Would a second term mean "Obama Unleashed" on world stage?

19:03 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Fantasy of Debt: No Trade-Offs, No Sacrifices

19:04 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: With Ryan, Romney Loses Claim to Outsider Status

19:06 [CNET News] Angry Birds go to Mars, make first contact with astronaut pig

19:06 [Guardian] GCSE results: headteacher attacks Michael Gove over marking 'butchery'

19:06 [Slate Magazine] The Global Network

19:07 [Slashdot] Aussie Tax Office Wants Phone Tapping, Data Retention

19:07 [zero hedge] More 'Like' Obama Even As They Admit Romney Better For Economy, Gallup Finds

19:10 [Disinformation] German Pussy Riot Copycats Face Jail For Church Protest

19:10 [Global Voices] Angolan Tourists Spend Big Bucks in Portugal

19:11 [CNET News] China's mobile Internet is backward, says government official

19:11 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Review: Bending History

19:12 [Deutsche Welle] Indonesia confirms plan to buy German tanks,,16192519,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:15 [Good] August 24: Our Latest Pet Finds

19:17 [] US: Israel's Inquiry Into Rachel Corrie's Death Not 'Thorough, Credible and Transparent'

19:17 [CNN] Lance Armstrong facing lifetime ban, loss of titles

19:18 [The Independent] Two men arrested over department store boy rape

19:18 [The Onion] Fed Chief Makes Diplomatic Visit To Econopolis

19:22 [Guardian] Syrian regime hits back in Damascus as ill-equipped rebels struggle

19:22 [Raw Story] Hundreds of Scottish pigeons go AWOL again in Yorkshire’s Bermuda Triangle

19:23 [CNET News] Friday Poll: What do you think of Microsoft's new logo?

19:26 [CNN: Politics] Texas judge warns of civil war if Obama is re-elected

19:26 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Romney Makes a Birth Certificate Joke on the Stump

19:27 [Raw Story] Romney: ‘No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate’

19:33 [Telegraph] Romney: No one asks to see my birth certificate

19:36 [Slate Magazine] Louie, Season 3

19:37 [zero hedge] Guest Post: A Gold Standard: Easier Said Than Done

19:39 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: Would a second term mean "Obama Unleashed" on world stage?

19:39 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors the Vancouver International Fringe Festival

19:40 [The Atlantic: Politics] How To Give a Convention Speech that Will Get You Re-Elected

19:41 [Slashdot] Does Recent Goodwill Undo Years of Patent Trolling For Intellectual Ventures?

19:42 [CNET News] Meowbify: Because the Internet needs more cats

19:42 [msnbc] Romney in striking distance despite tough summer

19:43 [New York Times: politics] Capitol Dome Is Imperiled by Cracks and a Partisan Divide

19:44 [CNN] Behind the scenes look at 'Indiana Jones' treasures

19:44 [Guardian] Romney faces crucial task as speech of his life looms at GOP convention

19:45 [The Atlantic: Technology] What the Internet's Nikola Tesla Obsession Means for the Future of Museums

19:45 [Good] Forty Percent of Our Food Ends Up in the Trash


19:47 [CNN] Under threat of storm the GOP convention will still go on

19:48 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Pop-up' idea in cause of tsunami

19:49 [The Onion] Sportsgraphic: Augusta National's Social Progress

19:50 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: as it happened - August 24, 2012

19:52 [The Atlantic: National] Broad Sympathy For Some; Broader Skepticism For Others.

19:52 [CNET News] Apple keeps Mountain Lion up-to-date in the Mac App store

19:54 [International Crisis Group] Beijing’s distracted leadership leaves Japan ties on hold

19:55 [Truthdig] Death at the Empire State Building

19:55 [CNN] 3 U.S. Marines injured in Mexico attack

19:57 [Deutsche Welle] Breivik verdict and the after-effects of terrorism,,16192515,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

20:03 [The Hindu - News] Disgruntled worker behind shooting

20:03 [CNN] Empire State Building shootings kill 2 and wound 8, police say

20:06 [ZDNET] Semiconductor market revenue projected to decline for first time in 3 years

20:06 [Slate Magazine] The Twitter Tragedy

20:07 [CNN] Social media may knock conventions off-script

20:07 [zero hedge] The Definitive QE3 Odds Calculator

20:08 [The Independent] Two killed and at least eight injured in shooting near Empire State Building in New York

20:08 [Guardian] David Cameron's reshuffle will bring whips back to the fore

20:10 [Truthdig] Tape of MLK Interview Turns Up in an Attic

20:10 [Topix Activism News] Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson win battle to free elephant in India

20:17 [The Hindu - News] Impasse over Assange could drag on, says Ecuador

20:17 [Raw Story] Report: Seniors to pay $60,000 more under Romney/Ryan Medicare plan

20:19 [zero hedge] The Other Side

20:20 [Telegraph] WikiLeaks: Met police embarrassed as Assange plan revealed

20:21 [] Rumors Of U.S. Base in Uzbekistan A Russian Disinformation Campaign?

20:23 [Fox News: politics] Solyndra headquarters could sell at fraction of original price

20:23 [CBC: politics] Helena Guergis lawsuit against Stephen Harper tossed out

20:23 [The Hindu - News] Waheed says presidential elections after legal issues are settled

20:25 [Truthdig] Government Surveillance: Cheaper and Deeper

20:26 [New York Times: politics] Cardinal Dolan’s Convention Role Shows G.O.P.’s Push for Catholic Vote

20:26 [CNET News] Crowdwire looks at politics via lens of social media, branding

20:27 [The Hindu - News] No auction of coal blocks this year: Jaiswal

20:27 [CNN] 'Honor' crime: Why just kissing a boy can trigger murder

20:30 [Guardian] Black teenager 'stopped 50 times' plans to sue Met police for harassment

20:34 [CNN] Gunmen attack U.S. diplomatic vehicle in Mexico

20:36 [Telegraph] 'Justice not done' as man who murdered six found guilty of manslaughter

20:36 [Slashdot] Why Professors Love (and Loathe) Technology

20:37 [CBC: politics] Guergis lawsuit against Harper, Conservatives, tossed out

20:37 [The Hindu - News] Normality restored in south, safe to return: Gadkari

20:38 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Marketing in the Mud Along the Dominican Border

20:40 [Good] Oregon Wave Farm to Be First in United States to Harness Motion in the Ocean

20:40 [straight] Photo of the Day: Sailing the Ocean Blue

20:43 [The Hindu - News] Drones continue rampage in Pakistan

20:44 [CNET News] Teardown reveals Chromebox Series 3 isn't your average desktop

20:45 [zero hedge] The Real Election-Year Cycle: Buy Volatility In August, Sell In October

20:49 [The Onion] INDIANAPOLIS—Having accounts with almost every social media and online sharing site available, 32-year-old Darlene Wilson’s life is now officially overdocumented.

20:50 [The Atlantic: Politics] Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate 'Joke'

20:53 [Guardian] It's bloody in-tents: Britain's first 'horror camp'

20:53 [The Hindu - News] Chidambaram remains accountable, says BJP

20:55 [Slashdot] Facebook's Project Prism, Corona Could Ease Data Crunch

20:57 [Deutsche Welle] Breivik and prosecution say they won't appeal verdict,,16192809,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

20:57 [Raw Story] Texas man spreads gospel with his dog ‘the Prophet’

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Government, Left move to end blockade

20:58 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 24 August 2012

20:59 [CNET News] Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

20:59 [BBC: Technology] Super Hi-Vision 8K TV approved

21:00 [Disinformation] Flavors of Uncertainty: The Difference between Denial and Debate

21:01 [CNN] Suspect in shooting at Family Research Council pleads not guilty

21:03 [Fox News: politics] Rangel says Biden 'talking about slavery' with 'chains' comment

21:04 [The Hindu - News] Legal opinion sought on leases: Mines secretary

21:05 [Guardian] Jersey court convicts builder of knife massacre

21:06 [Telegraph] US election: Tories turned off by 'extreme' Republican party


21:08 [The Hindu - News] Singur law valid, claims Mamata Banerjee

21:09 [Slashdot] Iran Universities To Ban Women From 77 Fields of Study

21:09 [CNET News] In Apple v. Samsung, it's up to the jury now

21:10 [Good] Pop Up Prose: Shakespeare Makes a Paralympic Appearance

21:12 [Slate Magazine] The Dirtiest Comments in the World

21:12 [The Atlantic: National] Terrifying Teen Speech in the News Again

21:12 [The Independent] Sealed for 99 years and 363 days - so what was inside the mysterious parcel left to a small town in Norway?

21:12 [The Progressive] Obama's Hard Case on the Economy

21:17 [Guardian] Empire State Building gunman shot dead by police after killing boss

21:17 [Raw Story] Christian music star Randy Travis charged with assault

21:18 [Voice of America] Isaac Bears Down on Hispaniola

21:18 [The Hindu - News] India, Pakistan MPs push for better ties

21:20 [Disinformation] A Thousand Pages Of Romney’s Confidential Bain Documents Leaked

21:22 [Telegraph] Breivik likely to spend rest of life in prison after court rules he is sane

21:23 [CNN: Politics] Strippers look to GOP to 'make it rain'

21:23 [CNET News] The ugly truth behind the FCC's Verizon-spectrum approval

21:24 [The Hindu - News] “Show us proof, we’ll act”

21:25 [CNN] Reports: U.S. diplomatic vehicle attacked in Mexico

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Aruna Roy calls for end to installation andcommissioning of nuclear energy projects

21:29 [CNN] Prosecutors: Theater shooting suspect told classmate he wanted to kill people

21:30 [The Onion] Orlando Magic 2012-13 Season Preview Guide To Feature Photo Of Arena On Cover

21:32 [CNET News] Design 3D lava lamps with gestures on Handy-Potter

21:33 [New York Times: politics] Bill Clinton, in New Commercial, Channels Obama

21:34 [The Hindu - News] ‘Fake’ NEC website detected

21:35 [Slashdot] Old Cars Are Getting Ahead With New Tech

21:36 [The Onion] [video] Everyone Unaware How Much Freshman Doing Keg Stand Secretly Misses His Parents

21:37 [CNET News] Latest rivalry between Samsung, Apple: Tablet margins

21:38 [Deutsche Welle] Libya struggles with warring tribes and hostile militia,,16192847,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

21:38 [zero hedge] With 30 Minutes To Go, NYSE Volume Run-Rate Hits Low Of Year

21:38 [The Hindu - News] A school with seven teachers, but no students

21:40 [Good] Thanks to Student Activism, Los Angeles Schools Have Banned Styrofoam

21:41 [straight] Olympic stars Sophie Schmidt and Emily Zurrer will open City Chase at Vancouver Art Gallery

21:41 [CNN] Armstrong's cancer foundation still strong

21:42 [Care] CARE Helps Disaster-Weary Haitians Prepare for Isaac

21:52 [CNN] Immigration lawsuit revives DREAM Act debate

21:52 [CNET News] Fisker Karma shows Concours d'Elegance the future

21:52 [Raw Story] Report: Corruption in Algeria is pervasive

21:55 [The Atlantic: Politics] Ideals Make Us American, Not Origins.

21:56 [Slashdot] Location Privacy Act Approved By California Legislature

21:57 [Raw Story] Sierra Leone passes law that carries heavy sentences for sexual abuse offenders

21:58 [CNN] One death consumes Syrian family's life

21:58 [Mother Jones] What to Make of Mitt Romney's Birther Joke?

21:58 [The Hindu - News] Mukul Roy calls for health audit of rail tracks

22:01 [CNN] Tropical Storm Isaac barrels toward Haiti

22:01 [msnbc] Romney in Michigan: 'No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate'

22:02 [] Secret Police Documents Reveal Plan to Arrest WikiLeaks' Assange

22:04 [CNET News] Top 5 internal drives: The state of solid-state drives

22:04 [The Hindu - News] China to train 300 Indian teachers in Mandarin

22:05 [Electronic Intifada] Israeli lies unchecked, Palestinian perspectives censored on BBC

22:06 [CNET News] iTypewriter for iPad makes you a modern Kerouac

22:08 [zero hedge] Thank You Wall Street

22:08 [CNN] Romney stirs controversy with joke about his birth certificate

22:10 [Disinformation] Romney Jokes About Obama’s Birth Certificate

22:15 [CNN] Reddit co-founder plans 'Internet 2012' bus tour

22:16 [CNN] Reddit co-founder plans Internet 2012 bus tour

22:18 [AL JAZEERA] Norway killer will not appeal sentence

22:18 [The Onion] Magazine: Your Old High School Teachers: How Many Of Them Are Dead Now?

22:19 [Guardian] Families raising funds to treat children for cancer abroad

22:20 [Fox News: politics] GOP to Florida: No more primary calendar changes

22:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] Beyond the reprieve

22:24 [CNET News] The 404 1,117: Where we get lost in time (podcast)

22:24 [The Hindu - News] Lance Armstrong banned for life

22:26 [The Hindu - Opinion] Coalgate

22:27 [Slate Magazine] Say It Ain’t So, Joes

22:28 [Mother Jones] BREAKING: Todd Akin To Say Something Today

22:29 [ZDNET] Will forcing employees to use Android actually improve the miserable app?

22:29 [Amnesty International] Ethiopia: Detention of editor signals continuation of Meles-era crackdown

22:31 [Global Voices] Bermuda: Learning from London

22:33 [The Hindu - News] Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan to stage dharna on Sunday

22:34 [The Hindu - Opinion] The strike & after

22:36 [Reuters: politics] Romney birth certificate remark rekindles Obama controversy

22:38 [zero hedge] Gold And Silver Win The Week As Dow Sees First Weekly Loss In Seven

22:38 [The Hindu - Opinion] Reservation

22:38 [Slashdot] Lance Armstrong and the Science of Drug Testing

22:39 [ZDNET] Is this the world's greenest diesel freight train engine?

22:41 [straight] There’s plenty of enthusiasm on display in Oliver Fannie

22:41 [Fox News: politics] Akin to hold press conference, aide says he'll stay in race

22:42 [Raw Story] GOP platform will call for ‘considering’ a return to the gold standard

22:43 [Guardian] Putting modern art on the map

22:44 [The Hindu - Opinion] Waiting to happen, a hundred Tri-Valleys

22:45 [The Hindu - News] Government warns PATH

22:47 [Big Think] Our Furniture—Ourselves?

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Rajasthan rain death toll is 33

22:50 [Truthdig] Breivik Declared Sane, Given Maximum Sentence

22:51 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Why You Always Want Physical Everything

22:54 [CNET News] Amazon about to start a new Fire

22:55 [Telegraph] US election: Romney: 'no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate'

22:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] Why We Honor Men of Letters in the Rocks and Dust of Mars

22:55 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Explaining Role-Playing Games To the Uninitiated?

23:00 [Disinformation] Wire Service Dutifully Writes Down Ecuadorean Government’s Claims About the Assange Affair

23:02 [The Hindu - Opinion] Chasing an Olympian dream, in B&W

23:03 [] Immigrants March in Greece Against Racist Attacks

23:03 [Deutsche Welle] Reus and Götze share spoils as Dortmund beat Bremen,,16192890,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:05 [The Hindu - News] Adi Godrej for acceleration of reforms

23:07 [The Independent] The 50 Best back to school buys

23:09 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi concerned at samba crop prospects

23:11 [Telegraph] Prince Harry pictures: Hen party surprised by lack of security


23:15 [CNN] 'Honey Boo Boo' ratings rise to series high

23:17 [Big Think] American Democracy: You Have to be THIS RICH to Ride This Ride

23:18 [CNN] Official: No motive for death in notes left by director Tony Scott

23:19 [The Onion] Opinion: Haven’t We All Done Steroids, In A Way? (by Lance Armstrong)

23:23 [] Risk of Voter Suppression Resurfaces: Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks to Reinstate Voter ID Law

23:23 [Slashdot] IT Industry Presidential Poll: 'Not Sure' Beats Both Obama and Romney

23:24 [The Nation] Comments of the Week: Todd Akin and This Summer's Under-Reported Stories

23:25 [The Hindu - News] Four Corporation officials suspended

23:27 [The Hindu - News] Vallalar lives on in century-old house in city

23:27 [Raw Story] Romney snooping on Americans’ private data to sniff out potential donors

23:28 [CNN] Report: Gambia executes first inmates in about 30 years

23:28 [Mother Jones] The Weekly Standard Defends Ryan on Redefining Rape

23:29 [The Hindu - News] Decision on Mavallipura only next Wednesday

23:31 [The Hindu - News] Not dengue, says Chennai Corporation

23:33 [msnbc: politics] Akin: 'We're going to be here through the November election'

23:35 [The Hindu - News] Open more goshalas if need be: Shettar

23:37 [Global Voices] Kyrgyzstan: China Inc. Under Attack

23:37 [zero hedge] Discount Rate For Banks: 0%; Discount Rate For The "Rest Of US": 400%; For Everything Else There's TaxpayerCard

23:38 [CNN] Mexican Federal Police attack U.S. diplomatic vehicle

23:39 [The Hindu - News] Five arrested for circulating fake currency notes

23:40 [The Atlantic: Technology] 6 Years Ago Today, Pluto Was Demoted

23:41 [Telegraph] Children at risk from contaminated boreholes

23:41 [CNET News] Facebook campus gets the Guggenheim Museum treatment

23:41 [CNN] Akin vows to remain a candidate for the U.S. Senate

23:42 [Global Voices] Pakistan: Controversial Detention of 11-year-old Accused of Blasphemy

23:42 [straight] Lindsay by Elliott Brood

23:43 [Guardian] Arm of the law reveals Julian Assange arrest tactics

23:43 [The Hindu - News] CI, SI suspended after 14 gamblers escape from custody

23:44 [Fox News] Clock Shock: Debt Nears $16 Trillion

23:48 [CNET News] Breaking: Verdict in Apple-Samsung trial imminent

23:49 [The Hindu - News] Chief Minister announces release of Mettur water on September 17

23:52 [CNN] Champions Dortmund kick off Bundesliga with win

23:55 [Truthdig] The GOP’s Hidden Campaign Against Obama

23:55 [CNN] Romney stirs 'birther' controversy, Akin to stay in Senate race

23:55 [CNET News] How qualified is the Apple-Samsung jury? We found out

23:55 [The Hindu - News] Spirit flowing through check-posts

23:57 [Telegraph] Chess champion Garry Kasparov cleared of Pussy Riot protest

23:57 [Raw Story] As Tropical Storm Isaac advances, Gulf oil firms evacuate

23:59 [Pravda] Ahmadinejad inaugurates Defense Industry Day

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