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00:00 [Slashdot] Microsoft Wants You To Trade Your MacBook Air In For a Surface Pro 3

00:01 [CNN: Technology] How to date a genius

00:01 [CNN: Technology] World Cup: Biggest social event ever?

00:01 [CNN: Technology] What we want in Apple's smartwatch

00:03 [zero hedge] Dean Foods -7.5% After Icahn-Mickelson Probe Subpoena

00:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] For the Ocean's Sake, Tame the High Seas 'Wild West'

00:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Fewer Students Are Going Hungry Thanks To A Landmark Program

00:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Virginia Lawmakers Are Forming A 'Redskins Pride Caucus'

00:05 [Disinformation] Rock N’ Roll Samizdat: Soviet Era Bootleg Records Pressed From X-Ray Film

00:06 [NPR] The New American Man Doesn't Look Like His Father

00:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Most Oppose Sending U.S. Troops To Fight In Iraq

00:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HUFFPOLLSTER: Reviewing The Oklahoma Senate Primary Polls

00:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If ISIS Is Such a Threat, Why No Air Strikes?

00:16 [Slashdot] Perl Is Undead

00:17 [CNN] Tsunami warning issued after Alaska earthquake

00:19 [Financial Times] US viewers learn to love the World Cup

00:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Syria: 4 killed, 9 wounded in Israeli airstrikes - Syria hands over last declared chem weapons

00:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mixed message: Joe Biden hints that some migrant children would be allowed to stay in the US

00:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lawmakers: Jailed Marine 'needs to come home' - #MarineHeldinMexico Marine's fight for freedom

00:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tsunami warning issued after earthquake off Alaska

00:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Billions at risk as West Coast port contract nears end

00:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mormon church excommunicates women's group founder

00:21 [zero hedge] The IMF, Lagarde and QE

00:22 [CNN: Health] Ebola epidemic is 'out of control'

00:22 [CNN: Health] From diet to doctor: My 99-pound weight loss

00:24 [The Atlantic: Technology] Hubble's Time-Lapse of a 'Light Echo'

00:25 [Reuters: politics] Obama to award Medal of Honor to U.S. ex-paratrooper Pitts

00:26 [NPR] Pro-Russian Separatists To Join Ukrainian Cease-Fire

00:30 [AL JAZEERA] Rebels agree to respect Ukraine ceasefire

00:30 [Pravda] It's Brazil versus Chile!

00:31 [Reuters: politics] U.S. cancels plans to fly illegal immigrants from southern border to California

00:31 [Reuters: politics] First civil trial over 2004 GOP convention arrests begins in NY City

00:32 [Deutsche Welle] Brazil brush aside Cameroon, Mexico leave it late to pound Croatia

00:33 [zero hedge] The Fed's "Too Large & Too Illiquid" Bond Trap

00:36 [Voice of America] Tra Mi: Rights Advocates Criticize Vietnam on UPR Rejections

00:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why Tim Sbranti Won

00:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Major Marriage Hearing Approaches (VIDEO)

00:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] VA Couldn't Help This Homeless Vet With Disabilities, So A Bunch Of Strangers Stepped In Instead

00:41 [CNN] How Hillary Clinton flubbed the wealth question

00:42 [Deutsche Welle] Court case puts police violence on trial

00:44 [Telegraph] The 'bad girl' of British tennis came good at Wimbledon

00:45 [Sydney Morning Herald] How to lose a cool $1 billion

00:46 [CNN] Brazil 2014 World Cup: Final group games get underway

00:46 [Slashdot] Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen

00:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FACEBOOK CRACKDOWN ISIS gear pages pulled after query

00:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mormon church excommunicates Kate Kelly, the founder of prominent women's group

00:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Children win broader access to donor lungs

00:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: WORLD CUP: Mexico, Brazil advance to knockout stage - US fans still hopeful about team's chances - What's next for Team USA? - WORLD CUP COVERAGE: Fox News Latino brings you the latest soccer news from Brazil

00:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Secretary of State Kerry Pays Lip Service to LGBTI Equality While Denying Pride Visas for LGBTI Africans

00:51 [zero hedge] Mapping Africa's "Totally Out Of Control" Ebola Epidemic

00:58 [Reuters] Top court mostly upholds Obama bid to curb carbon emissions

00:58 [Moral Low Ground] FBI Rescues 168 Children In Nationwide Sex Trafficking Crackdown

00:58 [Telegraph] Daughter of Monaco property heiress killed French Riviera shooting arrested

00:58 [Telegraph] Ukraine crisis: rebel leaders agree temporary truce with government

01:00 [Disinformation] John Alan Simon Discusses His Movie of Philip K. Dick’s ‘Radio Free Albemuth’

01:01 [CNN] Cochran, a quiet pragmatist, faces tough Senate runoff

01:03 [Reuters: politics] Top court mostly upholds Obama bid to curb carbon emissions

01:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] Neymar's World Cup ton

01:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] The real reason why Peter Greste was jailed

01:05 [Raw Story] Bill Maher mocks Clinton smears by telling The View about Karl Rove’s ‘murdered gay lover’

01:08 [AL JAZEERA] Bangladesh court set to rule on Jamaat leader

01:11 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Military Offensive Deepens Housing Crisis in Northern Pakistan

01:14 [Reuters: politics] White House staffer subpoenaed in congressional inquiry of IRS

01:14 [Telegraph] Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake hits Alaska

01:14 [Telegraph] Isis strengthens grip on Iraq's western borders

01:14 [BBC: Technology] Business travel in hi-tech facelift

01:16 [Voice of America] Scientists Looking at Coldest Objects in Universe

01:16 [NPR] As Heart Attacks Rise In China, So Does Attention To Quality Of Care

01:16 [NPR] Congressman Rangel Battles For Political Survival

01:16 [Slashdot] NOAA: Earth Smashed A Record For Heat In May 2014, Effects To Worsen

01:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Capitol Hill concerns over prosecution immunity for US troops in Iraq

01:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'A TRAGIC DAY' Mormon church expels founder of women's group

01:18 [Voice of America] George Putic: Scientists Looking at Coldest Objects in Universe

01:21 [zero hedge] IRS Commissioner Koskinen Vs Darrell Issa Round II - Live Feed

01:24 [Voice of America] Da Hai Han: Hong Kong Voters Demand Election Reform in Unofficial Poll

01:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mississippi Requires Voter ID, But No Party Registration

01:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Iraq's Air Force

01:29 [Reuters: politics] Michelle Obama says will not go into politics after White House

01:30 [CNN] Ferran Adria: elBulli chef has big new ideas

01:34 [AL JAZEERA] Two feared dead as German planes collide

01:38 [Voice of America] Reuters: Monet 'Water Lilies' Fetches $55M in London Auction

01:39 [Mother Jones] Better Anti-Boycott Arguments, Please /files/blog_beverly_hills_hotel.jpg

01:39 [zero hedge] Kiev Doubles The Price Of Cold Water, Shuts Off Hot Water

01:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michelle Obama 'Definitely' Will Not Go Into Politics After Leaving The White House

01:40 [Russia Today] Mormon Church excommunicates member who advocated for female priesthood

01:43 [CBC: politics] Temporary Foreign Worker Program complaints began in 2006

01:44 [Telegraph] Families of two more British teenagers fighting in Syria speak of 'limitless grief'

01:44 [Telegraph] Car bomb explodes in Beirut suburb in apparent suicide attack

01:48 [Voice of America] Reuters: Russia Asks Twitter to Block a Dozen Accounts

01:48 [CNN] Tsunami advisory issued after Alaska earthquake

01:50 [Reuters] Review finds 'inexplicable delays' in Pennsylvania's handling of Sandusky case

01:52 [CNN: Money] 25 million watch U.S. in World Cup

01:57 [CNN: Crime] Soccer star Hope Solo pleads not guilty to assault charges

01:57 [CNN: Crime] Aaron Hernandez moved to hospital

01:57 [CNN: Crime] FBI targets pimps, rescues 168 children

01:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] The one thing Socceroos lack

01:58 [CBC: politics] Expat voting: Court denies Ottawa's fight for 5-year rule for voters abroad

01:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] One Last Fight

02:00 [Telegraph] EU allies berate 'incompetent' Cameron

02:00 [Disinformation] Lee Camp: The Shocking Reason Gun Control Doesn’t Matter

02:02 [Voice of America] Reuters: Michelle Obama says Will Not Go into Politics After White House

02:02 [Slashdot] Improperly Anonymized Logs Reveal Details of NYC Cab Trips

02:06 [CNN] Whistle-blower: VA deaths were covered up

02:07 [Big Think] Does Monkey Parking App Take "Sharing Economy" Too Far?

02:07 [Reuters] Kerry promises 'intense and sustained' U.S. support for Iraq

02:07 [Reuters] Fighting strains Ukraine ceasefire, Putin urges dialogue

02:10 [Voice of America] Reuters: US Senate Panel Calls on CDC to Explain Anthrax Incident

02:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Sharing Economy and the Mystery of the Mystery of Inequality

02:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Charlie Rangel Suggests Republican Opposition To Obama Is Rooted In Racism

02:16 [Telegraph] World Cup 2014: US goes football mad with highest-ever World Cup viewing figures

02:16 [Telegraph] Doctors surgeries striking off thousands of patients due to lack of GPs

02:17 [Reuters] Review finds 'inexplicable delays' in Pennsylvania's handling of Sandusky case

02:20 [AL JAZEERA] Outrage as Egypt jails Al Jazeera staff

02:21 [zero hedge] China's Port-Ponzi-Probe Spreads To Entire Warehousing Sector

02:22 [Voice of America] VOA News: Witnesses: Car Bomber Strikes in Lebanese Capital

02:22 [Reuters] Quake hits off Alaska's Aleutian Islands

02:23 [Fox News: politics] Polish president defends relationship with US despite diplomat's alleged vulgar comments

02:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Italy cops solve 105-year-old NYPD mob detective’s murder

02:24 [Unicef] Adolescent theatre builds peace in Sierra Leone

02:24 [Unicef] Podcast #92 – More funding needed to keep the promise of education

02:26 [Sydney Morning Herald] Australia's 'feeble' bid rejected

02:30 [Raw Story] Fox’s Shep Smith accuses Glenn Greenwald of calling U.S. military troops ‘terrorists’

02:30 [Raw Story] Report hits ‘inexplicable delays’ in Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case

02:30 [Russia Today] Autism, developmental delays linked to pesticide exposure during pregnancy - study

02:33 [CBC: politics] Court asked to order release of Toronto Port Authority audit

02:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Medical Marijuana Patients Can't Bring Up Drug's Medical Use In Federal Trial

02:35 [Raw Story] Friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect rejects plea deal

02:39 [Reuters] Major quake hits off Alaska's Aleutian Islands

02:39 [zero hedge] Record Stock Buybacks: First In The US, Now In Japan

02:39 [CBC: politics] No one leaving Kathleen Wynne's cabinet, but shuffle taking place

02:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Send home the clowns

02:43 [CNN: Politics] Donna Brazile: Ted Cruz is a show horse

02:43 [CNN: Politics] Hillary fatigue: too much, too soon?

02:43 [CNN: Politics] Jones: 'Hillary's blowing it.'

02:43 [CNN: Politics] 'Truly well off': Hillary steps in it

02:43 [CNN: Politics] Clinton's 'truly well off' comment

02:43 [CNN: Politics] How Hillary Clinton flubbed the wealth question

02:46 [Voice of America] Reuters: UN Urges Israeli Restraint in Hunt for Teens

02:47 [Telegraph] Police 'solve' century-old mafia murder

02:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Immigrant death pit? Mass graves of unidentified bodies discovered in south Texas cemetery

02:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Polish president defends relationship with US despite diplomat's alleged vulgar comments

02:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Italy cops solve 105-year-old NYPD detective’s murder

02:48 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'A slap in the face and a kick in the groin'

02:55 [Topix Activism News] Iggy Pop Loves Justin Bieber? He Might Under Torture

02:57 [Reuters: politics] Republican lawmaker slams U.S. IRS over emails in Tea Party affair

03:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle-blower says

03:04 [Voice of America] US Military Advisers Ready to Start Helping Iraq

03:10 [zero hedge] Checkers Versus Chess

03:11 [Reuters] Loral rejects $7 bln deal to sell itself and Telesat-sources

03:12 [Big Think] Teaching Your Brain to Ward Off Bad Habits

03:12 [Deutsche Welle] Suicide car bomb hits southern Beirut

03:15 [CNN: Politics] 120,000 vets waiting for VA care

03:15 [CNN: Politics] VA performance reviews: No bad upper managers

03:15 [CNN: Politics] Gingrich outraged: VA bill fattening, not fixing

03:15 [CNN: Politics] Whistleblower: VA deaths were covered up

03:15 [CNN: Politics] VA whistleblower: They shut me up

03:16 [Reuters] Egypt jails Al Jazeera journalists, U.S. calls sentences 'chilling'

03:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Senate Roundtable On College Sexual Assault Reveals Split On Campus Alerts

03:22 [Reuters] Alstom workers relieved as GE wins takeover bid

03:23 [CNN: Politics] Kerry pledges 'intense' support in Iraq

03:23 [CNN: Politics] Rand Paul vs. Dick Cheney divide on Iraq

03:23 [CNN: Politics] Biden gets his (water) gun

03:26 [Voice of America] VOA News: IRS Offers Break to Some Expats With Tax Problems

03:30 [Raw Story] Breaking: Whistle-blower says Phoenix VA falsifying records, hiding veteran’s deaths

03:32 [CNN: Politics] Court slows EPA on emissions, but largely backs its rules

03:32 [CNN] Wife: Penn State sex abuse scandal takes toll on Sandusky children

03:33 [Telegraph] May was the hottest month ever for Earth

03:33 [Fox News: politics] 'You have a problem with credibility': IRS chief comes under fire at House hearing

03:36 [Russia Today] Netanyahu resurrects controversial terrorist house demolition policy

03:37 [Reuters: politics] Senate panel calls on CDC to explain anthrax incident

03:39 [zero hedge] Why Standard Economic Models Don’t Work - Our Economy Is A Network

03:41 [CNN: Politics] VA: Congress had its chances

03:41 [CNN: Politics] Kerry: 'Intense' support for Iraq

03:41 [CNN: Politics] Brazile: Cruz is a show horse

03:41 [CNN: Politics] Clinton flubs on wealth

03:42 [Fox News: politics] Up to 20 dogs dead at Arizona kennel under care of senator's son

03:46 [Voice of America] Reuters: Parents of Australian Journalist Jailed in Egypt ‘Shattered’

03:46 [NPR] AP: Parts Of Irish 'Mass Graves' Story Exaggerated By Media

03:47 [Reuters] Argentina seeks U.S. court stay to avoid new debt crisis

03:47 [BBC: Technology] Google 'testing' domain name service

03:52 [CNN] Treasury launches probe of lost IRS e-mails

03:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Confronting Terrorism and Instability in the Middle East: The Common National Interests of Iran and the United States

04:01 [Disinformation] Brazil’s Twelve-Fingered Family Counts World Cup Wins

04:02 [Infoshop] The 2014 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

04:02 [Reuters: politics] Tech moguls raise cash to fight Washington's 'big money problem'

04:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] Meet Jonas, the millionaire who referees for fun

04:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] #cityfail, train commuters stranded

04:07 [Infoshop] The cybernetics of Occupy: an anarchist perspective

04:07 [Slashdot] World's First Large-Scale Waste-to-Biofuels Facility Opens In Canada

04:09 [zero hedge] Head Of German Gold Repatriation Initiative Responds To Bloomberg Story About Repatriation Halt

04:11 [Fox News: politics] Kansas boy fighting back after outdoor library shut down by ordinance

04:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Threats, intimidation': Bianca's character test

04:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'A slap in the face, a kick in the groin'

04:13 [BBC: Science & Environment] Your pictures: Mighty minibeasts

04:17 [Financial Times] Climate change ‘to hit southern US hardest’

04:22 [CBC: politics] Del Mastro used backdated invoices to hide overspending, trial told

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'A PROBLEM WITH CREDIBILITY': Heated exchange at House IRS hearing

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: RED PEN REBUTTAL Walmart issues scathing response to NYT columnist

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: PROSECUTION SHIELD? Capitol Hill concern for US troops' immunity in Iraq

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HEATED IRS HEARING Agency chief comes under fire at House hearing

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Court releases memo justifying drone strikes on Americans - READ: Memo on targeted killing of American citizen

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man sues after being sent to Grenada, not Granada

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kansas boy fighting back after outdoor library shut down by ordinance

04:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sudanese mom sentenced to die for Christian faith is freed

04:23 [BBC: Science & Environment] Pesticide toll 'impossible to deny'

04:30 [Reuters: politics] California drought plan stalls in state Senate as deadline looms

04:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Daily Szep -- Caricature of VA's Sloan Gibson

04:41 [CNN: Politics] Mississippi spending surge pushes advertisers off the air

04:45 [Raw Story] Doctors Without Borders: Ebola epidemic in West Africa is ‘out of control’

04:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ENOUGH PROTECTION? Capitol Hill concern for US troops' immunity in Iraq

04:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sudanese mom facing death for Christian faith is freed

04:51 [Russia Today] Was Iraq War worth the cost? 75% of Americans say no - poll

04:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tea Party Will Be Closely Watched For Voter Intimidation In Mississippi Senate Runoff

04:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Native Hawaiians React To Federal Officials In An Emotional Public Hearing

04:51 [Sydney Morning Herald] Umpires? Didn't you say vampires?

04:55 [Raw Story] Ordain Women leader, Kate Kelly, excommunicated by Mormon church

05:09 [CNN] Finnair opens mixed-sex sauna in new airline lounge

05:09 [CNN] Sri Lankan Muslims fearful after Buddhist mob violence

05:10 [Fin24 News] Platinum strike in a nutshell

05:10 [Voice of America] Frances Alonzo: Q&A with Shelby Quast: Americans and FGM

05:12 [Deutsche Welle] South Korea premier nominee, Moon Chang-keuk, withdraws

05:16 [Reuters: politics] California lawmakers pass bill to update currency law, aid Bitcoin users

05:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FBI says 168 kids rescued in sex trafficking crackdown

05:22 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Ten years for a coffee'

05:28 [Fox News: politics] 'You have a problem with credibility': IRS chief comes under fire at House hearing

05:29 [CNN] 7.9 earthquake near Alaska, no tsunami

05:39 [Reuters] IRS accused of obstruction over lost emails in Tea Party affair

05:40 [Mother Jones] The Supreme Court Is a Remarkably Agreeable Place /files/blog_supreme_court_justices_agreement.jpg

05:47 [Reuters: politics] IRS accused of obstruction over lost emails in Tea Party affair

05:51 [Russia Today] 168 children rescued, 281 pimps arrested in mass sex-trafficking sting

05:53 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'A PROBLEM WITH CREDIBILITY': Heated exchange at House IRS hearing

05:53 [Fox News] Fox News Online: GRISLY FIND Immigrant mass grave discovered in Texas

05:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 2nd Bridge Inquiry Said To Be Linked To Christie

05:57 [BBC: Education] Working-with-children bans falling

05:58 [The Hindu - News] Alaska quake spawns small tsunami

05:59 [Reuters] Inspection tensions add to Bangladesh garment industry's woes

06:00 [AntiWar] Security Forces Accused Again of Killing Prisoners; Over 300 killed Across Iraq

06:01 [Russia Today] ISIS takes over Iraq's main oil refinery at Baiji - reports

06:06 [Disinformation] MP George Galloway: ISIS Western American Allies and Enemies

06:06 [AntiWar] In Iraq, Obama Needs To Have an Eisenhower Moment

06:06 [AntiWar] Death of the Masked Men

06:06 [AntiWar] Make Congress Vote On War

06:07 [CNN] Rangel's last fight has been his hardest

06:07 [CNN] Lung transplant policy changed for some child cases

06:07 [Big Think] How to Order Wine like an Oenophile

06:08 [Slashdot] Opera Releases a New Version For Linux

06:09 [Reuters: politics] White House officials to meet with activist Tom Steyer on climate

06:10 [CNN] 5 primaries worth watching on Tuesday

06:10 [CNN] Chris McDaniel: A Mississippi son's challenge

06:10 [BBC: Technology] Google's Nest unveils kit tie-ups

06:10 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart mocks ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe’ Dick Cheney and his ‘Sith apprentice’ daughter

06:12 [Fin24 News] Rich worry about money too

06:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mother's Day that didn't happen

06:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Red faces as Myer fires 'star' hire

06:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] White House Plans Another Big Climate Push

06:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'A PROBLEM WITH CREDIBILITY': Heated exchange at IRS hearing

06:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Capitol Hill concern for troops' immunity in Iraq - ISIS joins with Saddam loyalists in quest for power - Kerry says Iraq lawmakers will form new gov't

06:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: San Francisco warns app to stop auctioning public parking spaces

06:22 [The Hindu - News] Abbott hopes for presidential pardon for journalist Greste

06:22 [The Hindu - News] The story of India's abandoned widows

06:23 [CNN] Nation's ugliest primary enters final chapter

06:23 [Reuters: politics] U.S. to face multibillion-dollar bill from climate change: report

06:26 [Reuters] U.S. to face multibillion-dollar bill from climate change: report

06:28 [The Hindu - News] BRT system will save 27,000 lives in India: World Bank

06:30 [Voice of America] UN Security Council Meets On Ukraine

06:35 [Telegraph] Mormon church excommunicates prominent women's group founder

06:35 [Telegraph] Not enough new homes are being built to meet demand, warn housebuilders

06:36 [Reuters] Loral rejects $7 billion deal to sell itself and Telesat: sources

06:38 [CNN] IRS e-mail hearing gets heated over hard drive crash

06:41 [The Hindu - News] BJP cadre asked not to tolerate TMC ‘attacks’

06:52 [Telegraph] Hunt for MH370 could take 'decades', admits airline chief

06:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Parts Of America Will Be 'Unsuited For Outdoor Activity' Thanks To Climate Change, Report Finds

06:53 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 1942 Oscar fetches just under $80G at auction

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Parents want wards studying in Kerala residential schools back

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Rail fare hike anti-people: Trinamool

06:53 [The Hindu - News] 7 students from eastern India chosen for U.S. trip

06:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] Multibillion-dollar hole blown through budget

06:57 [The Hindu - News] PIL opposes plan for flea markets

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Bonded labourers rescued from Tiruvallur

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Residents object to flyover alignment

06:59 [The Hindu - News] Bird watchers’ paradise in Nanmangalam

07:00 [Fox News: politics] Kansas boy fighting back after outdoor library shut down by ordinance

07:00 [AL JAZEERA] US promises Iraq 'intense' support

07:00 [Raw Story] Maher to Stewart: ‘Drugs are good, religion is bad’ and Obama’s spirituality is ‘bullsh*t’

07:01 [The Hindu - News] UN award for govt’s Mobile Seva initiative

07:04 [Topix Activism News] Court releases memo of U.S. justifying drone attacks on citizens

07:05 [CNN] Australia: New analysis on MH370 search area this week

07:06 [Voice of America] VOA News: Australia Summons Egyptian Ambassador After Journalists' Conviction

07:12 [The Hindu - News] South Korean PM nominee Moon Chang withdraws

07:12 [The Hindu - News] 3-day film fest offers window into Slovenian culture

07:12 [The Hindu - News] Airlines asked to pay elderly passenger

07:12 [The Hindu - News] West Africa’s ebola epidemic is ‘out of control’

07:14 [The Hindu - News] A house for Mr. Kejriwal gets embroiled in dispute

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Celebrations on a note of uncertainty

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Conflicting guidelines confound Delhi college principals

07:19 [The Hindu - News] More foot over-bridges coming up in Delhi

07:23 [The Hindu - News] Delhi High Court forbids illegal streaming of FIFA matches

07:23 [The Hindu - News] EWS patients not given their due at Delhi private hospitals

07:24 [CNN] Journalists dismayed by Al Jazeera convictions

07:24 [Reuters: politics] Democrats clamoring for Hillary Clinton as midterms campaigner

07:24 [Reuters: politics] Tea Party takes on veteran Cochran in Mississippi runoff

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Catching up with some scholarly powwow

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Obsolete, bugged machines bog down electricity bill collectors

07:28 [The Hindu - News] CENTAC counselling for MBBS to begin today

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Puducherry residents protest outage

07:31 [Russia Today] Dinosaur skeleton as old as 120mn years discovered in Siberia

07:32 [Voice of America] VOA News: Organized Opposition to Thailand Coup Emerges

07:32 [The Hindu - News] Velmurugan made Principal District and Sessions Judge

07:35 [The Hindu - News] High Court reserves verdict on allotment of office space inside ‘omni’ bus stand

07:35 [The Hindu - News] Inmates of home have an “animal existence:” lawyer

07:35 [The Hindu - News] Differently abled woman stages protest, seeks help

07:35 [The Hindu - News] Plea to hand over house sites

07:37 [The Hindu - News] A bridge needed, not a railway underpass

07:37 [The Hindu - News] ‘104’ scheme yet to gain pace

07:37 [The Hindu - News] Vehicular emission, a cause for concern

07:37 [CNN] China's state media calls for calm from dog activists

07:40 [Raw Story] An Iraqi perspective: How America’s destruction of Iraqi society led to today’s chaos

07:43 [Deutsche Welle] ISIS: Iraq today and possibly Jordan tomorrow

07:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] Gotye, travel snaps and a Photoshopped general

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Hyder Ali’s bail plea: hearing on June 30

07:48 [The Hindu - News] Schools back out; say parents are touchy

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Remove encroachments: Welfare Association of Residents

07:50 [Raw Story] Astronomers may have found coldest, faintest White Dwarf star ever

07:52 [Telegraph] Today's teenagers more likely to follow parents' in their career

07:52 [Telegraph] Scottish separatism? I blame that dreadful Braveheart film

07:52 [Telegraph] Former NSA officer placed on leave over racy photo posted online

07:52 [Telegraph] Schools 'struggling to prepare' for Clegg's free meals plan

07:52 [Telegraph] Alex Salmond's local income tax 'to cost families £550 extra'

07:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'IT'S RIDICULOUS' Town tells Kansas boy to take down 'little free library'

07:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lawmakers demand answers about immigrant mass grave in Texas

07:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'I'VE LOST MY PATIENCE' Issa slams IRS boss at heated House hearing

07:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Autopsy reveals hypothermia killed outdoors writer on Mt. Rainier

07:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Jogger rescues Texas baby dumped in woods by car thief

07:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Facebook pulls pages hawking ISIS gear after query

07:55 [CNN] Iraq: Militants fight for control of oil refinery

07:57 [Truthdig] Truthdig and IWMF Join Forces for ‘Global Voices’ Project

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Minister promises to protect Mangalavanam

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Retirees demand quick settlement of benefits

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Betel farmers’ plea

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Nagore fish landing centre to have breakwaters project

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Poultry farming turns a lucrative alternative

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Six innovators get KSEB’s stamp of approval

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Kochi agrees to process waste from Defence units

08:02 [The Hindu - News] For Thirukochi, it’s a long wait for KSRTC buses

08:02 [The Hindu - News] Sugarcane growers flag delay in payments

08:03 [CNN] Underground Budapest: Caverns, churches and bunkers

08:03 [CNN] 20 dogs die in Arizona heat after AC kicks out

08:04 [Voice of America] VOA News: Obama: Putin, Separatists Should Comply with Ukraine Peace Plans

08:06 [The Hindu - News] IT’s a nice time to borrow some money

08:08 [Telegraph] Fifa will 'fully investigate' match-fixing

08:08 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq claims control of Baiji oil refinery

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Kudumbasree on how to use machines for work in fields

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Cyberpark project talks fail, stir to go on

08:13 [The Hindu - News] No load-shedding from Friday

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Karaparamba-Karikkamkulam stretch a nightmare for motorists

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Largest fruit gets the biggest neglect

08:16 [Voice of America] James Brooke: Russia Pushes Rebels into Ceasefire, Political Talks With Ukraine

08:16 [NPR] IRS Head Says No Obstruction Of Congress In Probe

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Karate gives them a kick

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Best of three worlds

08:24 [Telegraph] Felix Dennis leaves £500 million fortune to his forest

08:24 [Telegraph] James Bond films no longer funny because Asian audiences don't get the joke, says John Cleese

08:24 [Telegraph] Karate expert warned MBE could be stripped if qualifications don't add up

08:24 [Telegraph] The secret to a happy marriage - getting divorced

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Thrissur district witnesses spurt in diseases despite break in rain

08:31 [The Hindu - News] A life-saving helmet to curb drunk driving

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan Navy arrests 11 Pudukottai fishermen

08:34 [AL JAZEERA] Israel pins Golan attack on Assad forces

08:34 [AL JAZEERA] Report: Iraq rebels control Baiji refinery

08:37 [CNN] 5 Things: What to expect at the World Cup on Tuesday

08:38 [Reuters] Israel says Assad forces behind Golan attack that killed boy

08:38 [The Hindu - News] Dalit girl raped and murdered in Karur

08:40 [AL JAZEERA] ISIL rebels control Baiji refinery in Iraq

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Saamna criticises rising prices

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Thailand disappointed at EU sanctions over coup

08:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: #MarineHeldinMexico Lawyer asks sergeant's supporters for patience

08:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Walmart issues scathing response to NYT columnist

08:49 [Reuters] Major earthquake hits off Alaska's Aleutian Islands

08:50 [AL JAZEERA] 'Several dead' in Kenya coast attack

08:51 [Fin24 News] Woolworths moves on Australia's Country Road

08:54 [Telegraph] Is it the end of the Ukip adventure for Sir Ranulph Fiennes?

08:54 [Telegraph] Lord Lloyd Webber says America is where he calls home

08:54 [Telegraph] £100 million bill for Government's botched projects

08:59 [The Hindu - News] Kerry in talks with key Kurdish leader Barzani

09:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] John Kerry Returns To Iraq For Second Day Of Diplomatic Talks

09:04 [The Hindu - News] Southern Railway announces revision of train fares

09:04 [The Hindu - News] Cow slaughter: Hindu outfits ultimatum to Modi Government

09:06 [Disinformation] Teddy Roosevelt Responsible For Piranha’s Bloodthirsty Reputation

09:10 [AL JAZEERA] Bangladesh defers verdict on Jamaat leader

09:10 [Telegraph] Mother watched her son drown in Lancashire reservoir

09:11 [The Hindu - News] A year on Mars in Martian time: Rover passes milestone

09:11 [The Hindu - News] T.N. opposes time extension for engineering admission

09:11 [The Hindu - News] Pro-FYUP DU teachers resort to hunger strike

09:14 [Slashdot] How Vacuum Tubes, New Technology Might Save Moore's Law

09:16 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kerry Meets Kurdish Leaders in Push for Iraqi Political Reforms

09:18 [Deutsche Welle] Kerry travels to Kurdistan to talk inclusive government amid Iraq crisis

09:18 [AL JAZEERA] Ask Sue Turton about the Al Jazeera verdicts

09:19 [Reuters] Exclusive: Iran seeks to resolve HSBC freeze on some trade financing - sources

09:19 [CNN] Malaysia to Christians: Don't say 'Allah'

09:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Where's Saddam Hussein When the U.S. Needs Him?

09:20 [The Hindu - News] ‘Lack of funds, staff hindering schemes to increase green cover’

09:20 [The Hindu - News] Sandalwood artisans in distress

09:20 [The Hindu - News] Kabul renews plea for military aid from India

09:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Companies Urged to Disclose “Plastic Footprint”

09:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Obama, Rights Groups Protest Egypt Sentencing

09:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Red Card for Exploitation of Children at Brazil’s World Cup

09:20 [CNN] Texas jogger finds child in bushes after car theft

09:24 [The Hindu - News] Encroachments on 2.04 lakh acres of forest land in Karnataka

09:24 [Telegraph] John McCain joins last hours of Republican battle in Mississippi

09:27 [Truthdig] Where’s Saddam Hussein When the U.S. Needs Him?

09:27 [Truthdig] The New York Times’ Desperate Dive to the Bottom

09:31 [Reuters] Kerry in Kurdistan to urge leaders to be part of national government

09:32 [NPR] With Cash And Fat Fryers, Americans Feed Cuba's Growing Free Market

09:32 [CNN] Michael Schumacher's purported medical files 'for sale'

09:34 [Fin24 News] Strike deal averts 'catastrophe' - premier

09:37 [NPR] As Sea Levels Rise, Norfolk Is Sinking And Planning

09:37 [NPR] Tequila Nation: Mexico Reckons With Its Complicated Spirit

09:37 [NPR] Measles Outbreak In Ohio Leads Amish To Reconsider Vaccines

09:38 [CNN] At least 5 killed in attack on Kenyan village

09:40 [Fox News: politics] Kerry meets with Kurdish leaders on second day in Iraq

09:41 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh postpones war crimes verdict

09:42 [Reuters] Exclusive: India likely to extend price caps to more drugs - sources

09:43 [CNN] 'We are facing a new reality and a new Iraq'

09:47 [NPR] A Bear On The Loose In Washington

09:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Honour killing apologist' prompts Opera House boycott

09:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] Chinese tycoon breaks house record

09:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] He reinvented the light bulb. Now he has a brighter idea

09:49 [Pravda] Russia not planning plastic money

09:50 [Fin24 News] Rand holds gains as platinum strike ends

09:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Rogen film angers NoKo

09:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: '24' reveal a letdown?

09:52 [Reuters] Ukraine government reports rebel attacks despite ceasefire

09:54 [CNN] In Iraq unrest, Kurds in bargaining position

09:57 [NPR] Cuba's Budding Entrepreneurs Travel A Rocky Road Toward Success

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Vigilance questions nod for Mukkunnimala mining

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Tomb of Mar Ivanios opened

10:04 [Pravda] China serves one of major trade partners of Nizhny Novgorod region

10:05 [CNN] Inside the case against Aaron Hernandez

10:06 [The Hindu - News] Up-‘Klose’ at Goethe Zentrum

10:06 [The Hindu - News] A fruitful mission takes steps on the museum premises

10:06 [Financial Times] S Korea prime minister candidate withdraws

10:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] He reinvented the light bulb. Now he has an even brighter idea

10:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Wild winds cut power, cause commuter chaos

10:10 [Topix Activism News] Rights group to Thai junta: release activist

10:10 [Telegraph] 'Neets' given work experience in Whitehall

10:13 [Spiegel] Queen's Quandary: Chancellor Merkel's Power Erodes in Europe

10:14 [Red Pepper] Event: The radical case for Scottish independence

10:15 [CNN] On Mars, Curiosity rover has done a lot in a long year

10:21 [CNN] Passenger sues airline for flight mix-up

10:21 [BBC: Entertainment] Maxine Peake hails her sporting hero

10:21 [BBC: Entertainment] The world's greatest living artist?

10:23 [Deutsche Welle] Competing objectives complicate US Mid-East policy

10:23 [Deutsche Welle] Germany's Steinmeier to meet Poroshenko in 'decisive' week for Ukraine

10:27 [BBC: Entertainment] War poets' battle restaged in wood

10:29 [Pravda] US State Department too blind to see 12,500 Ukrainian refugees in Russia

10:32 [The Hindu - News] Sandalwood artisans in Karnataka distressed

10:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Immigration Crisis: U.S. To Turn Texas Warehouse Into Child Migrant Processing Center

10:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Monet's Water Lilies sells for £32m

10:40 [Reuters] Bangladesh Islamist party chief war crimes verdict postponed

10:40 [Telegraph] Acrebury, the one man soap is revived for its fans

10:40 [Telegraph] The Queen to tour prison where Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson held during the Troubles

10:40 [Telegraph] Quarter of food thrown away each year is never opened, figures show

10:40 [Telegraph] Vietnam flight lands at wrong airport

10:40 [Voice of America] Victor Beattie: US Welcomes Release of Christian Woman in Sudan

10:44 [CNN] Destination unknown: Will Kurds use oil to break free from Iraq?

10:44 [Pravda] Khrushchev's great-granddaughter says Arnold Schwarzenegger could become US Ambassador to Russia

10:45 [Reuters] E-cigarettes could stub out tobacco bonds sooner than thought

10:48 [Sydney Morning Herald] Gotye and a Photoshopped general

10:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Silent protest condemns Egypt ruling

10:53 [The Hindu - News] Witness turns 'hostile' in Salman hit-and-run trial

10:58 [Fin24 News] Sacci calls for compulsory secret strike ballot

10:59 [Pravda] Putin arrives in Austria to guarantee Europe warm winter

11:00 [Voice of America] Ayaz Gul: Tahirul Qadri Returns to Pakistan to Oppose Government

11:03 [Deutsche Welle] Argentina seeks stay on US court debt ruling to avoid default

11:04 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: UK ban on drug khat worries growers

11:08 [CBC: politics] Senate Liberals still not disclosing spousal travel expenses

11:09 [Voice of America] VOA News: Car Bomber Kills 1, Wounds 19 in Lebanese Capital

11:10 [Fox News: politics] Hillary Not 'Truly Well Off'? Obama allies call her an out-of-touch Romney

11:12 [CNN] The best light projections in the world

11:12 [Telegraph] Meriam Ibrahim: First photos of Sudanese woman reunited with her family

11:12 [Telegraph] Japan may ease ban on dancing

11:13 [BBC: Education] Fee-paying schools doubt Wales GCSEs

11:17 [Slashdot] Mozilla Introduces Browser-Based WebIDE

11:17 [CNN] U.S. Navy sailor dies after parachute jump accident

11:17 [Reuters] Egypt president says will not interfere in judicial rulings

11:18 [Sydney Morning Herald] Chance lost in Milne's road rage

11:18 [Fin24 News] Footwear settlement reached - Sactwu

11:21 [Reuters] Iran seeks to resolve HSBC freeze on some trade financing: sources

11:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Shiite villagers claim ISIS committed 'savage massacre' in northern Iraq

11:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'ABSOLUTE DISGRACE' Texas pol wants answers on immigrant mass grave

11:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kansas boy fighting back after outdoor library shut down by city ordinance

11:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Earthquake off Alaska coast spawns small tsunami

11:22 [Russia Today] Presidential bill bans foreign bank accounts for civil servants

11:22 [Sydney Morning Herald] Egyptian President 'will not interfere' in ruling

11:24 [Fin24 News] Sarb business indicator unchanged

11:27 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 24 June 2014

11:27 [Telegraph] Cameron is isolated in Europe, says Hunt

11:27 [Telegraph] MH370 latest: Pilot spoke final words from cockpit, says wife

11:27 [Russia Today] 7.9 earthquake hits off Alaska's Aleutian Islands, triggers tsunami warning

11:32 [AL JAZEERA] Sisi: Will not interfere in court verdicts

11:32 [AL JAZEERA] Congo switches off to watch the World Cup

11:32 [The Hindu - News] Fishermen arrest: Jayalalithaa writes to PM again

11:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Soap's race depiction 'not authentic'

11:36 [AL JAZEERA] More than a dozen killed in CAR attack

11:37 [CNN] Police: 9 shot in Maimi

11:39 [Reuters] Kerry urges Kurds to save Iraq from collapse

11:40 [Fin24 News] Amcu, miners disagree over potential job cuts

11:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Chaos as wild winds cut power

11:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Egyptian leader delivers new blow to Greste

11:47 [BBC: Technology] Microsoft unveils Android phone

11:49 [Reuters] Egypt's president says will not interfere in judicial rulings

11:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: To jetpack or not to jetpack?

11:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Unhealthiest cookout foods

11:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Can diet help fight disease?

11:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: KURTZ: Not 'Truly Well Off'? Obama allies call Hillary an out-of-touch Romney - Book: Obama told Clinton to use video explanation after Benghazi

11:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ukraine separatists vow to honor cease-fire

11:50 [CNN] Police: 9 shot in Miami

11:50 [CNN] 'Bionic eye' lets blind man 'see' again

11:50 [CNN] U.N. report: Our oceans are trashed with plastic

11:53 [New Internationalist] Who should I cheer for?

11:56 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Six things to know before the open

11:56 [CNN: Money] Check U.S. futures

11:57 [Fin24 News] SA spammer pays up

11:59 [Voice of America] VOA News: Japan, Philippines Reaffirm Defense Ties

11:59 [Telegraph] Jeremy Hunt: BBC 'extraordinary' to criticise me over mental health commitment

11:59 [Telegraph] China orders media to 'delete' Hong Kong democracy poll

11:59 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Atheists, the “Ultimate Other” in Turkey

12:00 [Pravda] Russia to protect its market should Ukraine sign EU Association Agreement

12:00 [The Hindu - News] Andhra Assembly resolution gives go ahead to Polavaram project

12:02 [Russia Today] ‘You are unauthorized’: nearly 50% of EU organizations deny access to personal data

12:03 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Sunni Caliphate’s Little-Known Counterpart — the Shiite Imamate

12:05 [CNN] Rescue official: 2 die in Miami shooting

12:06 [AL JAZEERA] Sisi 'will not interfere' in court verdicts

12:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Olympian drawn into family feud

12:07 [The Hindu - News] 91, including 60 girls, abducted in northeast Nigeria

12:08 [Deutsche Welle] Why India needs hi-tech bio toilets to stop 620 million people defecating in the open

12:09 [The Atlantic: Politics] A Ray of Sunlight on Obama's Extrajudicial Killings

12:10 [Mother Jones] Fabulous Photos From America's Longest Running Gay Prom /files/GayProm_01_jpg.jpg

12:10 [Mother Jones] This Millennial Bro Is Running for Congress Using the Family Trust Fund

12:12 [Russia Today] Putin asks Federation council to revoke decision to use military force in Ukraine

12:13 [Telegraph] Roma boy attacked in Paris 'had wife and two children'

12:13 [Telegraph] 45,000 migrants 'cheated English tests'

12:13 [Financial Times] Kerry urges Kurds not to abandon Iraq

12:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Angie: TV gals sexy, tough

12:18 [Deutsche Welle] World Cup day 13: Italy and Uruguay in winner-takes-all clash

12:18 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt President el-Sissi refuses to interfere in Al Jazeera case

12:18 [Deutsche Welle] Germany's Ifo index at six-month low as business climate cools

12:18 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court refuses to intervene in FYUP row

12:23 [BBC: Education] London students 'face crime risk'

12:27 [Russia Today] ​ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op

12:27 [Russia Today] ​Humanitarian situation in Ukraine aggravates every minute

12:27 [BBC: Entertainment] Top UK stunt man Terry Richards dies

12:27 [BBC: Entertainment] The faceless men

12:29 [Telegraph] 'New Iraq' will emerge as country 'falls apart', Kurdish leader tells John Kerry

12:34 [The Hindu - News] Delhi varsity VC Dinesh Singh quits

12:42 [The Hindu - News] Mamata to set up wax museum in Kolkata

12:43 [Fin24 News] Amcu: Platinum deal signing imminent

12:45 [Telegraph] Islamist fighters 'kidnap 90 women and children' from Nigeria villages

12:46 [Raw Story] Many parts of US will be too hot and humid for outdoor activity by century’s end, report says

12:46 [Raw Story] Voters in MS will choose between Tea Partier McDaniel, incumbent Cochran in GOP runoff

12:47 [Voice of America] VOA News: Boko Haram Suspected in Mass Kidnappings of Nearly 100

12:47 [Russia Today] ‘UK govt does not know where it stands when it comes to opposition to Assad’

12:47 [CNN] World Cup: Can little Uruguay roar?

12:49 [The Hindu - News] Chromepet commuters demand side shades

12:49 [The Hindu - News] Rising Star

12:49 [The Hindu - News] ‘If we were silkworms, we’d be boiled alive for threads’

12:49 [The Hindu - News] IRS officer by accident, guide by choice

12:49 [The Hindu - News] Residents in power

12:49 [CNN] Western-born jihadists rally to ISIS's fight in Iraq and Syria

12:51 [Raw Story] Democratic candidates seek Hillary Clinton’s backing in midterm campaigns

12:51 [The Hindu - News] Liquor outlet causes a stir

12:52 [Reuters] Russian parliament to revoke resolution on intervention in Ukraine: Interfax

12:54 [BBC: Technology] Social media 'half of police calls'

12:54 [Financial Times] Brussels looks at levy to fund watchdogs

12:57 [BBC: Entertainment] Opera singer sacked for gay slur

12:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Presidents and Strategic Leadership

12:59 [Telegraph] UK flights disrupted by French air strikes: latest

13:01 [Raw Story] US stands to lose hundreds of billions of dollars due to climate change: bipartisan report

13:01 [Raw Story] Ex-Penn State coach Sandusky should have pension restored: independent examiner

13:01 [Raw Story] More than 60 women and girls abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram militants

13:02 [Russia Today] United Russia MP seeks probe into ‘openly cheeky’ Twitter

13:03 [Voice of America] Moki Edwin Kindzeka: 40 Suspected Boko Haram Militants Arrested in Cameroon

13:04 [CNN: Money] Seattle $15 wage plan is unfair to me

13:04 [CNN: Money] Why these sunglasses cost $150

13:06 [Raw Story] World must act within five years to save oceans from pollution and overfishing: watchdog

13:06 [BBC: Entertainment] Coulson guilty of phone-hacking

13:06 [BBC: Entertainment] Royal couple visit Belfast film set

13:07 [Russia Today] Austria and Russia sign South Stream gas pipeline treaty

13:10 [Fox News: politics] Senator's report claims more than 1,000 vets may have died due to VA 'mismanagement'

13:11 [Voice of America] Deadly Car Bomb in Beirut

13:13 [Reuters] Murdoch protege Brooks cleared of all hacking charges in UK trial

13:15 [Telegraph] Chinese crime gang 'lured foreigners to karaoke honey traps'

13:15 [CNN] 12 forgotten hand-colored images of life in the 1800s

13:18 [CNN: Money] Can this bank lift 80,000 out of poverty?

13:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] Brooks found not guilty in phone hacking trial

13:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] Charge for iView, ABC told

13:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Rotary engine reinvented

13:22 [NPR] Kerry Visits Kurds To Urge A United Iraq

13:23 [Deutsche Welle] Abdel Kader Haidara awarded Germany's 2014 Africa Prize for rescuing Timbuktu manuscripts

13:23 [Deutsche Welle] Russia to cancel resolution allowing for military intervention in Ukraine

13:23 [Deutsche Welle] Messing with the sex life of the mosquito

13:24 [The Hindu - News] Raft of issues come up for discussion

13:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] Discontinued GPS Networks and the Mystery Islands That Go With Them

13:28 [zero hedge] Overnight Equity Futures Algos Jittery After Discovering Dubai On The Map

13:29 [CNN] Where is Iraq's oil?

13:29 [Reuters] Russia's Putin renounces right to send troops to Ukraine: Kremlin

13:30 [The Hindu - News] ‘Public speaking developed my confidence’

13:30 [The Hindu - News] Walk at your own risk

13:31 [Raw Story] Gary Oldman slams ‘political correctness,’ defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin in Playboy

13:31 [Raw Story] Mystery object in lake on Saturn’s moon Titan intrigues scientists

13:31 [Telegraph] Rebekah Brooks cleared but Andy Coulson guilty in phone hacking trial

13:33 [Deutsche Welle] The 'non-aggression pact of Gijon' remains the longest 80 minutes in football history

13:33 [BBC: Entertainment] Brooks cleared in hacking trial

13:34 [CNN: Money] Same-sex marriage: Our finances now

13:34 [CNN: Money] Stresses of the super rich

13:35 [Reuters] Murdoch protegee Brooks cleared of all hacking charges in UK trial

13:35 [Amnesty International] China: Supreme Court overturns death sentence of woman who killed violent husband

13:36 [CNN] Deep brain stimulation offers hope for OCD patient

13:37 [Voice of America] Anjana Pasricha: India Opens Civilian Nuclear Facilities to IAEA Oversight

13:37 [The Hindu - News] Twin dangers on arterial road

13:38 [CNN] Opinion: George Will is so wrong about sexual assault

13:38 [BBC: Entertainment] Andy Coulson guilty of phone hacking

13:39 [CNN] To improve memory, exercise your brain

13:39 [The Hindu - News] Mylapore MRTS station deserves better

13:39 [The Hindu - News] Aziz Qureshi praises Modi, Rajnath

13:42 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Queen resists lure of Iron Throne

13:42 [BBC: Education] Fewer offered chosen school places

13:42 [Russia Today] Wozniak gathers US tech moguls to rein in excessive election spending

13:44 [The Hindu - News] Park turns gymnasium

13:44 [The Hindu - News] Hardly a safe stretch for school children

13:46 [CNN: Health] Ha! Laughter is the best medicine

13:46 [CNN: Health] Deep brain stimulation helps OCD

13:46 [CNN: Health] Drug gives bald man lots of hair

13:46 [CNN: Health] Time to get your brain in shape

13:46 [CNN: Health] It's time to get your brain in shape

13:46 [CNN: Health] Kids can now receive adult lungs

13:46 [CNN: Health] This bionic eye lets blind people see

13:47 [Telegraph] West African Ebola epidemic 'out of control'

13:47 [Telegraph] Jeremy Hunt vows to tackle unreporting of safety incidents in hospitals

13:47 [Telegraph] In pictures: GoPro camera films inside grizzly bear's mouth in Alaska

13:48 [CNN] Coulson guilty of phone hacking; Rebekah Brooks cleared

13:49 [The Hindu - News] To fly over the bustle

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Matrix of dots

13:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 2 killed, multiple wounded in Miami shooting

13:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Emily can't hear 'Lines' tune

13:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sip this for a better workout

13:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Burns always a 'Baywatch' babe

13:52 [Truthdig] Why You Need an EV: Radicalism in Iraq Menaces the World’s Most Important Oil Fields

13:53 [BBC: Technology] San Francisco bans parking app

13:54 [CNN] Opinion: Why do Americans accept costly health care?

13:54 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Angelina Jolie joins fans in Japan

13:55 [The Hindu - News] A serene retreat on a chaotic street

13:57 [CNN] Coulson guilty in phone hacking trial; Brooks cleared

13:57 [CNN] Opinion: How we can help kids crossing the border

13:57 [CNN] UK phone-hacking trial: Who is Andy Coulson?

13:57 [Russia Today] Iraq grants US Special Forces 'acceptable assurances' on immunity

13:57 [Russia Today] Frenchman eats from trash cans across Europe to protest food waste

13:58 [Deutsche Welle] Berlin 'Heroes' challenge sexist notions of honor

13:58 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: June 24

14:01 [Raw Story] Hoax called on MS family raising money off claim that KFC kicked out disfigured girl

14:01 [Disinformation] Slime Mold Colony Intelligence Explored In New Documentary ‘The Creeping Garden’

14:01 [Telegraph] Phone hacking: how Rebekah Brooks rose from secretary to one of the most powerful women in Britain

14:01 [Telegraph] Parents' fury at headteacher's term time holiday to watch World Cup in Brazil

14:01 [Telegraph] New Kenya coast gun attack near tourist island of Lamu kills 11

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Karur rape: Dalits demand arrest of culprits

14:02 [AL JAZEERA] Scores abducted in northeast Nigeria

14:04 [Financial Times] Putin moves to lift Ukraine troop mandate

14:05 [Fin24 News] Cyber war rages, blame hard to pin

14:06 [CNN] Paixao brothers help rugby come out of shadows in Brazil

14:06 [The Hindu - News] Who is the villain?

14:06 [The Hindu - News] Building waiting to be inaugurated

14:06 [] Egypt Rebuffs Global Call to Free Al Jazeera Journalists /sites/

14:07 [AlterNet] Is a College Degree the Sure Bet it Once Was?

14:07 [CNN] Phone-hacking scandal: Who is Rebekah Brooks?

14:07 [Big Think] Wealth From Waste: How “The First Ethical” 3D Printer Filament Empowers The Lowest Class In India

14:08 [Slashdot] $500k "Energy-Harvesting" Kickstarter Scam Unfolding Right Now

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] In Pursuit of the American Dream

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Name Game: If A Brat Beats a Cantor Can A Teachout Beat a Cuomo?

14:10 [zero hedge] Are You Over Or Underpaid

14:10 [The Hindu - News] Pedestrians on a new high

14:10 [The Hindu - News] Cops on their toes after series of petty crimes

14:11 [Fin24 News] Resources stocks pull JSE lower

14:13 [The Hindu - News] RTO springs a surprise

14:13 [The Hindu - News] Transformer eats into road space

14:13 [The Hindu - News] Chennai's corridor of flavour

14:13 [CNN] Sudanese Christian woman rearrested

14:15 [Voice of America] VOA News: Bangladesh Delays War Crimes Verdict

14:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BOOK DRIVE Boy, 9, fights back after city nixes free lawn library

14:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mormon church excommunicates founder of women's group

14:17 [The Hindu - News] Pak cleric, 1,400 supporters booked under terror charges

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 11 Million People In The U.S. Have A Secret. Two Young People Are Breaking The Silence.

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] This Is One of the Craziest Fox News Rants Ever, and It's Not Hannity or O'Reilly

14:18 [Deutsche Welle] Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson found guilty of phone-hacking

14:19 [Fin24 News] SABC to get new boss soon, says Muthambi

14:21 [CNN] Report: Environmental crime 'threatens global security'

14:24 [CNN: Politics] Treasury launches probe of lost IRS e-mails

14:24 [CNN: Politics] Mississippi son challenging political godfather

14:24 [CNN: Politics] Ugliest primary nears end

14:24 [CNN: Politics] Key races in Mississippi, Oklahoma

14:24 [CNN: Politics] 5 primaries worth watching

14:24 [Topix Activism News] China indicts activist who backed press freedom

14:25 [CNN: Money] A $6.9 million bet on a clean shave

14:27 [Fox News: politics] Biden admits to having ‘no savings account,’ plans to live off taxpayers

14:29 [Financial Times] Sisi will not interfere in Al Jazeera case

14:29 [zero hedge] Dubai Stocks Crash On Levered Liquidations, Margin Calls Turmoil

14:30 [The Hindu - News] Andy Coulson convicted of phone hacking; Rebekah Brooks acquitted

14:30 [The Hindu - News] DU crisis: A course that has gone awry

14:31 [Raw Story] New York Rep. Charles Rangel faces voters in congressional primary

14:31 [CNN] Opinion: History's lessons: Mississippi burned again

14:33 [Telegraph] Phone hacking: David Cameron to make 'profound apology' over Andy Coulson

14:33 [Telegraph] Doctors' health at risk from stress

14:33 [Telegraph] Phone hacking trial: 'old school' Stuart Kuttner cleared

14:33 [Telegraph] Fewer pupils get preferred school

14:35 [] South Ossetia to Vote to Become Part of Russia

14:36 [Fin24 News] Amcu members sing outside Lonmin offices

14:36 [Raw Story] Democrats clamoring for Hillary Clinton to join them on the campaign trail

14:36 [Raw Story] Israel claims Assad’s forces behind cross-border attack that killed teen

14:36 [Raw Story] ‘We still have a long, long way to go’: Transgender rights make quiet advances in U.S.

14:36 [Raw Story] Ukraine insurgents agree to ceasefire as Obama warns Putin of new sanctions

14:36 [CNN] Timeline of the UK phone hacking scandal

14:38 [Fox News: politics] Bill Clinton budgeted to receive nearly $1 million in taxpayer money in 2014

14:41 [Raw Story] CNN launches new research project: Using drones for journalism

14:41 [Raw Story] Steve Wozniak and other tech moguls launch Super PAC to fight ‘big money’ in D.C.

14:42 [zero hedge] Germany Still Wants Gold Back – Repatriation Campaign Continues Read more at

14:42 [NPR] UK Phone-Hacking Trial: Brooks Cleared, Coulson Found Guilty

14:42 [NPR] Will Mississippi's Black Democrats Save A Republican?

14:42 [Financial Times] Coulson guilty as Brooks walks free

14:42 [Russia Today] 'God particle' teaches that Universe should have ceased to exist

14:42 [The Hindu - News] 17 more Indians evacuated from Iraq

14:45 [The Hindu - News] Plea to DU VC not to resign

14:45 [Voice of America] Reuters: Italy's Renzi Calls for Europe to Change Course on Austerity

14:45 [CNN] Opinion: Hillary Clinton is no Mitt Romney

14:45 [CNN] Opinion: Hillary Clinton, money changes everything

14:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Illinois Police Ticket Quotas Now a Thing of the Past

14:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jessie Lee Herald's 'No-Brainer' Plea Deal Includes Vasectomy Requirement

14:47 [Telegraph] Queen visits historic Crumlin Road prison in Northern Ireland

14:47 [Telegraph] Leading Republicans launch report warning climate change 'to cost billions'

14:47 [Telegraph] UK flights disrupted by French air traffic strikes: latest

14:47 [Telegraph] In pictures: John the Baptist feast day celebrations in the Philippines

14:47 [Telegraph] Video shows pensioner protesting against cuts to free travel being restrained by police

14:47 [Telegraph] Phone hacking trial: Cheryl Carter lost job and house before being cleared

14:53 [Fox News: politics] City slogans: If you brand it, will they come?

14:54 [Slashdot] Google Building a Domain Registration Service

14:55 [CNN] Kerry: 'Words are cheap' but promising in Iraq

14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Thad Cochran, Chris McDaniel Face Off In GOP Primary Runoff

14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] IRS Head Says No Laws Broken In Loss Of Emails

14:56 [Raw Story] Wisconsin Republican donor busted for voting 5 times in Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election

14:57 [Russia Today] Battlefield USA: American police ‘excessively militarized' - ACLU study

14:58 [CNN: Money] Seattle's $15 wage plan is unfair to me

15:00 [zero hedge] Meet "Osama Bin Bieber": ISIS' Latest Recruit

15:01 [Reuters] Assange lawyers file Swedish court appeal to end arrest warrant

15:01 [Raw Story] ‘Hitler’ charged with attempted murder in Rainbow Family Gathering knife attack

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Knitting skills into women's lives

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Post office needs aconcrete structure

15:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Money Men Bloomberg, Steyer And Paulson Tally Costs Of Climate Change In New Report

15:03 [Telegraph] Vladimir Putin revokes Russia's mandate for use of military force in Ukraine

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Let’s call this love-in-law

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lanka to dig up eastern mass grave site

15:07 [NPR] In Iraq, More Than 1,000 Were Killed In June

15:07 [Big Think] Does Society Need a Science Court to Help Establish "The Facts"?

15:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Honour killings' talk cancelled after boycott

15:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] Phone hacking: Brooks not guilty

15:09 [Truthout] Iraq

15:09 [World Policy Institute] The Street Child World Cup

15:11 [Raw Story] NY judge: Religious objection to vaccines doesn’t outweigh public health concerns

15:11 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) welcomes restoration of DU’s 3-year course

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jon Stewart Giddy Over Fox News Calling Dick Cheney Out For His 'Disingenuous Blame Game'

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] These States Are Failing To Follow Disability Law, U.S. Says

15:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] We Need a Citizen Maker Movement

15:14 [Truthout] Iraq

15:16 [Raw Story] Connecticut man busted for bringing sock full of marijuana into courthouse

15:16 [Raw Story] Republican favored to replace Florida’s cocaine-snorting congressman Trey Radel

15:16 [Fox News: politics] Election irregularities crop up on eve of GOP runoff in Mississippi

15:19 [Telegraph] Australia's billionaire mining dynasty at war: son of Gina Rinehart called sister 'oxygen thief', court hears

15:19 [Telegraph] MPs to be taught 'difference between right and wrong' after Maria Miller scandal

15:19 [Telegraph] Wimbledon 2014: Day two, in pictures

15:19 [Telegraph] Braying donkey foils attempted burglary

15:19 [Telegraph] Lenny Henry: We are hemorrhaging black talent to America

15:20 [CNN] 7 amazing things we learned during the hacking trial

15:21 [Voice of America] Reuters: UN: Surging Environmental Crime Funds Conflicts, Hurts Growth

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: House swipes at IRS boss' credibility

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BOOK BATTLE Boy, 9, fights back after city nixes free lawn library

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'SAVAGE MASSACRE' Villagers claim ISIS behind brutal murders of 40 in Iraq

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: #MarineHeldinMexico: Lawyer asks for patience from jailed Marine's supporters - FULL COVERAGE: Marine's fight for freedom

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Explorer claims to find 17th-century wreck in Lake Michigan

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ukraine accuses Russia of using landmines in Crimea region

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Biden admits to having 'no savings account,' plans to live off taxpayers - Bill Clinton budgeted to receive nearly $1M in taxpayer money in 2014

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Former UK tabloid editor cleared in phone hacking case

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: City slogans: If you brand it, will they come?

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New world heritage sites

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Bach' Andi's shocking move

15:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Whitney Cummings talks Tinder

15:24 [Fin24 News] Amcu, platinum firms sign mine deal

15:26 [The Hindu - News] Confusion over DU VC’s resignation

15:27 [Sydney Morning Herald] New blow for jailed journalist

15:27 [Fox News: politics] Cochran, Rangel challenged on busy primary day

15:28 [The Hindu - News] Never too Old for business

15:30 [zero hedge] Summing Up Last Night's IRS "Lost Emails" Hearing (In 1 Cartoon)

15:30 [The Hindu - News] Nothing illegal about rail fare hike: High Court

15:31 [CNN: Money] Same-sex couples cheer no-stress taxes

15:31 [CNN: Money] Are $150 sunglasses worth it?

15:33 [Pravda] Young woman robbed of valuable rare kitten and half million rubles in Moscow

15:33 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Giant Cocoon on display at the Serpentine

15:35 [Telegraph] Suspected killers of Monaco property heiress Helene Pastor arrested

15:35 [Telegraph] Sudan apostasy: Meriam Ibrahim rearrested with husband at Khartoum airport

15:36 [CNN: Travel] 11 endangered U.S. historic places

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Wrong way! Grenada vs Granada and other flight mix ups

15:36 [CNN] Sudanese Christian woman rearrested, legal team says

15:36 [The Hindu - News] Splash factor

15:38 [The Hindu - News] FYUP row reaches Delhi High Court

15:40 [Slashdot] US Court Dings Gov't For Using Seized Data Beyond Scope of Warrant

15:40 [The Hindu - News] Israel to open centres on agri-horticulture in Bihar

15:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Henry criticises BBC diversity plans

15:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gary Oldman Rants About Political Correctness, Defends Mel Gibson And Alec Baldwin

15:41 [CNN] Rupert Murdoch: The last press baron

15:42 [CNN] Mexico coach Herrera a hit with wild touchline antics

15:42 [The Hindu - News] For the sheer joy of dance

15:42 [Russia Today] ‘EU is completely politically and economically irrational dealing with Russia’

15:42 [Russia Today] ​South Korea ‘knocking at Eurasian door’

15:43 [Deutsche Welle] Afghan official's resignation 'won't resolve standoff'

15:44 [Truthout] Data Storms and the Tyranny of Manufactured Forgetting

15:44 [Truthout] Teachers, Unions, Students Build Trinational Movement Against Neoliberal Education

15:45 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Six things to know

15:46 [Raw Story] U.S. warns thousands of undocumented child migrants will be deported

15:46 [Raw Story] Russia demands Twitter block ‘extremist’ accounts

15:46 [The Hindu - News] Sounds good

15:47 [BBC: Entertainment] Serpentine unveils giant 'doughnut'

15:48 [zero hedge] Case-Shiller Index Has Slowest Annual Home Price Increase In A Year

15:49 [Telegraph] Ban today's under-14s from smoking for life

15:49 [Telegraph] Queen tours Game Of Thrones set in Belfast

15:51 [The Hindu - News] Desserts with a hole

15:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] De Blasio Defends Central Park Five Settlement As 'Moral Obligation'

15:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] President Hillary Clinton Will Be Far More Conservative Than You Think

15:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 2 DC Universities Make Deal To Buy Solar Power

15:52 [NPR] 1 Editor Cleared, 1 Found Guilty In U.K. Phone-Hacking Trial

15:53 [Deutsche Welle] Kerry pushes for inclusive solution in Iraq, UN reports over 1,000 killed in violence

15:54 [Financial Times] Renzi likens Europe to ‘old boring aunt’

15:55 [The Hindu - News] Beatstreet: Afrojack – Forget The World

15:55 [The Hindu - News] Selling like hot cakes

15:56 [BBC: Health] Phones carry bacterial 'fingerprint'

15:58 [AL JAZEERA] UK PM's ex-aide found guilty in hacking case

15:59 [BBC: Science & Environment] Phones carry bacterial 'fingerprint'

15:59 [Voice of America] Reuters: Paramount, Chinese Company Resolve 'Transformers' Dispute

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Amid Backdrop Of World Cup, New Homeless Camp With 800 Residents Reveals Stark Inequality

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How US Aid to Central America's Rich Drives Its Poor to Our Borders

15:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] It’s the Oil, Stupid!

16:00 [zero hedge] Politicians For Sale? There's An App For That

16:00 [CNN], Mensa create dating site for geniuses

16:01 [Disinformation] American Exchange Student In Germany Gets Rescued From Giant Vagina Sculpture

16:01 [Canadian Dimension] Noam Chomsky: American Socrates

16:01 [The Hindu - News] Decision on additional protocol not to be linked with future programmes

16:01 [The Hindu - News] Stitch in time

16:05 [The Hindu - News] I’m print attached

16:06 [Telegraph] School admissions: 4,000 pupils left with no primary place

16:06 [Telegraph] Ministers admit 'systemic cheating' in immigration language tests

16:06 [Telegraph] Royal Navy investigates mystery Russian warship in Baltic

16:06 [Raw Story] New Jersey detective accidentally shoots himself in the leg while using bathroom

16:06 [CNN: Money] Japan cuts business tax to secure recovery

16:08 [Deutsche Welle] Long live the future football kings of Colombia

16:09 [Truthout] White House Meeting Logs: Big Rail Lobbying Against "Bomb Train" Regulations it Publicly Touts

16:09 [Le Monde diplomatique] It's the oil, stupid!

16:11 [Slashdot] Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

16:12 [Good] Ten Brazilians Outside Brazil on Being Brazilian

16:13 [Le Monde diplomatique] From the Elysée to beyond

16:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Unemployment Extension Debate Returns With New Senate Bill

16:14 [Fin24 News] Zuma: Thank you for efforts to end strike

16:16 [Fox News: politics] Primary Guide: Mississippi gamblers place big bets

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Jenny to be axed from 'View?'

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Hank3: Today’s country ‘sucks’

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Zoo bans woman who tried to feed lions cookies

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sudanese mom re-arrested day after being freed from death row - Egyptian Christian gets 6 years for contempt of religion

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Jogger rescues baby dumped in woods by car thief - Long-haul trucker accused of kidnapping woman

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Autopsy reveals hypothermia killed outdoors writer on Mount Rainier

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Senator's report claims more than 1,000 vets may have died due to VA 'mismanagement'

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Election irregularities crop up on eve of GOP runoff in Miss. - Cochran, Rangel challenged on busy primary day

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: City warns app to stop auctioning public parking spots - City slogans: If you brand it, will they come?

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Former UK tabloid editor Rebekah Brooks cleared of all charges in phone-hacking trial

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Explosion at medical school in Nigeria kills at least 8 - Witnesses: 60 females, 31 boys abducted in Nigeria

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ukraine accuses Russia of using landmines in Crimea region - Putin withdraws request to use force in Ukraine

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: LeBron James reportedly will become free agent - Agent says Carmelo Anthony wants to explore options

16:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 2 killed, several wounded in Miami shooting - Las Vegas cop killers had diapers, heavily armed, cops say

16:18 [Russia Today] EU surpasses US as world’s biggest agri-food exporter

16:18 [Russia Today] ​Famous Barcelona bullring may be converted into Europe’s biggest mosque

16:18 [zero hedge] Consumer Confidence Surges To Highest Since Jan 08

16:18 [Deutsche Welle] Sudanese woman cleared of death sentence rearrested

16:19 [CNN: Money] The Marxist behind Seattle's wage hike

16:19 [CNN: Money] Stocks lost in summer doldrums

16:19 [CNN: Money] 5 endangered brands

16:21 [CNN: Travel] UNESCO's newest World Heritage Sites

16:21 [Raw Story] California-based skyTran to build futuristic levitating public transit system in Israel

16:21 [Canadian Dimension] The Soaring Profits of the Military – Industrial Complex and Casualties

16:21 [CNN] Joan Lunden, former 'GMA' host, has cancer

16:22 [NPR] Vladimir Putin Asks Parliament To Revoke His Power To Invade Ukraine

16:22 [AlterNet] A SWAT Team Blew a Hole in My 2-Year-Old Son

16:23 [Russia Today] Upside-down drive: NASA tests under-ice space rover

16:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Time for California to Set a Fair Standard for Minimum Wage Pay

16:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kate Kelly's Excommunication Is A Warning To All Activists In Mormon Church, Experts Say

16:24 [BBC: Education] Student visa fraud 'truly shocking'

16:25 [CNN] LeBron James choosing free agency, source says

16:29 [CNN] World Cup: Mexico coach Herrera's wild touchline antics a hit on social media

16:30 [zero hedge] New Home Sales Surge By 18.6% In May, Now Only 63% Below Pre-Crisis Highs

16:30 [BBC: Also in the news] Monet's Water Lilies sells for £32m

16:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] RJ: A Secret Plan to Close Social Security's Offices and Outsource Its Work

16:33 [Voice of America] Elizabeth Arrott: Against the Odds, Libyans to Elect New Parliament

16:33 [The Hindu - News] One for the laughs

16:33 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for June 24, 2014

16:33 [] Democracy Now!: Should Obama Go to Tehran? How a U.S.-Iran "Grand Bargain" Could Help the Crisis in Iraq

16:33 [] Democracy Now!: Can the President Strike an American Anywhere in the World?: Drone Memo Raises Troubling Questions

16:33 [] Democracy Now!: Water is a Human Right: Detroit Residents Seek U.N. Intervention as City Shuts Off Taps to Thousands

16:35 [CNN: Money] The Seattle Marxist behind $15/hour wage

16:35 [CNN: Money] Home prices jump nearly 11% in April

16:35 [CNN] Iraq's 'new reality' shakes global oil markets

16:35 [CNN] 'Game of Thrones:' Queen Elizabeth visits set

16:35 [CNN] Opinion: How to keep the mentally ill away from guns

16:36 [Raw Story] Fox News guest: Bill Clinton plotted using own death to make Hillary president

16:36 [Raw Story] Police: West Hollywood salon owner sought Neo-Nazis to kill her gay, Latino competitor

16:36 [CBC: politics] Canada’s feeble response to injustice in Egypt: Neil Macdonald

16:37 [NPR] Employer Health Costs Are Expected To Rise In 2015

16:37 [NPR] Iraq's Most Influential Man Gets Pulled Back Into Politics

16:38 [Truthdig] Redskins Trademark

16:38 [Telegraph] Charlie Brooks: charming rogue who was cleared in phone hacking trial

16:38 [Telegraph] 'Hunch' saves hundreds from car bomb at Beirut World Cup screening - but costs officer his own life

16:38 [Telegraph] Revealed: how Google moves international borders

16:41 [Voice of America] Kane Farabaugh: Militant Advance in Iraq a Blow to Families of Fallen

16:42 [NPR] LeBron James Will Reportedly Become Free Agent, Ending Miami Contract

16:43 [Truthdig] Irag

16:43 [AlterNet] Matt Bors on Who's to Blame for Horrific Iraq Mess

16:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] He owes me millions: Harvey

16:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Lucky 13th win for Lleyton Hewitt

16:46 [Mother Jones] Is it Obnoxious to Support Health Care For the Poor?

16:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Send in the Drones (With Apologies to Stephen Sondheim)

16:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rachel Maddow Makes Fun Of John McCain For Saying The Same Thing Over And Over

16:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Which Side Are You On? Inequality and the Case for Unions

16:46 [Reuters] CDC reassigns director of lab behind anthrax blunder

16:47 [Fox News: politics] House panel drags White House attorney to testify on missing IRS emails

16:48 [zero hedge] If It's Tuesday, It's "Short Squeeze" Time

16:48 [BBC: Also in the news] Giant tortoise treated for sinusitis

16:49 [Fin24 News] Naspers CEO outlines road ahead

16:49 [Truthout] Low-Wage Workers Butt Heads with 21st Century Capital

16:53 [Russia Today] Climate change policy could boost global GDP $2.6tn – World Bank

16:53 [Deutsche Welle] Germany's conservatives call for crackdown on homegrown jihadists

16:54 [Infoshop] Dining Hall Protest: Prisoners Challenge Food Cutbacks at SCI Coal Township

16:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] I Still Write in Shorthand, And This Is How It Works

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The geopolitics of soccer

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tea Party Faces Off Against GOP Establishment

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] What Romney's Really Thinking About 2016

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If Voters Want Gay Marriage, GOP Senator Ron Johnson Is 'Not Going To Oppose It'

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Time for America's Middle East Allies to Forge Their Own Destinies

16:57 [Reuters: politics] Second bridge probe linked to Christie is underway: report

16:58 [Russia Today] ‘US needs Poland just as a base area through which to threaten Russia’

16:58 [AlterNet] America's Dangerous Stumble Back Into Iraq

16:58 [AlterNet] A Secret Plan to Shut Down Social Security’s Offices and Outsource Its Work

16:58 [Slashdot] They're Spying On You: Hacking Team Mobile Malware, Infrastructure Uncovered

16:59 [Truthout] What Is the Quality of Scientific Evidence Against Iran?

17:00 [] Turkey Objects To End Of NATO Patriot Deployment

17:00 [zero hedge] America's Most Important Housing Market Signals A Red Alert For Housing Bubble Watchers

17:01 [Mother Jones] These 7 Democrats Sent Staffers to an Anti-NSA "Party"

17:03 [Truthdig] To Be Poor or Not to Be

17:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gallup: The Lowest-Rated Living President Or Ex-President Is Barack Obama

17:07 [NPR] In Mafia Arrests, Clues To Slaying Of An NYPD Officer A Century Ago

17:07 [Big Think] How Drones Are Revolutionizing Film Making

17:08 [Russia Today] Unknown planes bomb ISIS positions in N. Iraq, Pentagon denies it’s US

17:08 [Telegraph] Job-shares for MPs should be considered to bring more women into politics, women's ministers says

17:08 [Telegraph] How Isis used Twitter and the World Cup to spread its terror

17:08 [Telegraph] In pictures: The Queen visits the Game of Thrones set in Belfast

17:08 [Telegraph] Albania to begin EU accession talks as David Cameron drops opposition

17:09 [Infoshop] Brazilian Workers Buck Union Officials to Strike

17:14 [Infoshop] The Broken Teapot - Epilogue

17:14 [Truthout] It's the Oil, Stupid!

17:15 [CNN] Marine jailed in Mexico is upbeat, two congressmen say

17:16 [AlterNet] Jon Stewart: Dick Cheney Is ‘America’s Tragedy Herpe’

17:17 [Voice of America] Kane Farabaugh: Militant Advance in Iraq Blow to Families of US Fallen

17:18 [zero hedge] US Drones Strike ISIS Targets BBC Reports; Pentagon Denies

17:18 [AL JAZEERA] Sudan rearrests woman released from death row

17:19 [Pravda] T-shirts with Putin save little boy from Slavyansk

17:19 [Pravda] Chelyabinsk region eyes development of sport

17:19 [Pravda] Nizhny Novgorod signs protocol on cooperation with Anhui Province of China

17:19 [Truthout] ACLU: Documents Show Effort of Police and US Marshals to Deceive Courts in Use of Controversial "Stringrays"

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HOSTILE TERRITORY: Tempers flare as WH lawyer quizzed on Lerner emails

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS Report: Sudanese mom spared death is re-arrested

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New home sales soar to six-year high in May

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: LeBron James will become free agent - Agent says Carmelo Anthony wants to explore options

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Former UK tabloid editor Rebekah Brooks cleared of all charges in phone-hacking trial

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FOX NEWS FIRST: Mississippi gamblers place big bets - Election irregularities crop up on eve of GOP runoff in Miss. - Cochran, Rangel challenged on busy primary day

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dad's dance with ill daughter

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Satellite search for Lost Ark

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Starbucks raises prices today

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lunden: I have cancer too

17:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Wie's wild Open celebration

17:23 [The Hindu - News] Narmada Bachao

17:23 [CNN: Money] U.S. stocks bounce back; Dubai tanks

17:23 [CNN: Money] 6 endangered brands

17:23 [Russia Today] E. Ukraine militia down chopper near Slavyansk, 9 feared dead – military spokesman

17:23 [Fin24 News] Platinum agreement stops hardships: Magara

17:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] We Have a Moral Imperative to Intervene in Iraq

17:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How One GOP-Controlled Committee Is Waging A War On Science

17:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 12 Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At The World Cup

17:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition Hosts March And Rally For Transgender Civil Rights

17:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Iraq: The Narratives of Intervention

17:23 [Spiegel] Russian Riddle: EU Can't Agree on a Natural Gas Strategy

17:23 [Reuters] Exclusive - India likely to extend price caps to more drugs: sources

17:24 [Telegraph] All private schools 'to be given Ofsted-style inspections'

17:24 [Telegraph] Do not comment on hacking trial until all verdicts are in, judge tells MPs

17:24 [Telegraph] Ibuprofen could prevent premature ageing by combating arthritis, study shows

17:24 [Truthout] Across Europe, Migrants March for Freedom of Movement, Protest EU Policies

17:25 [CNN: Entertainment] Coco's booty is real, haters!

17:25 [CNN: Entertainment] Daytime Emmys' stir up controversy

17:25 [CNN: Entertainment] Joan Lunden has cancer

17:25 [CNN: Entertainment] Ice T: Coco's booty is real, haters!

17:29 [Truthout] "Baghdad Is a Frightened City": As ISIS Gains Ground, Iraqi Capital Gripped by Fear and Uncertainty

17:29 [Truthout] Pressuring Israel, Presbyterian Church Divests From Firms Tied to Occupation of Palestinian Land

17:33 [Truthdig] John Oliver Takes on the ‘Dangerously Misleading’ Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplement Industry

17:33 [Slashdot] First Phone Out of Microsoft-Nokia -- and It's an Android

17:34 [CNN] Will Kurds use oil to break free from Iraq?

17:34 [AlterNet] Robin Thicke's Creepy, Stalker-ish Video

17:36 [Raw Story] WATCH: Airport cops rough up drunken Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett during arrest

17:37 [zero hedge] Pro-Russian Separatists Down Ukraine Chopper As Putin Revokes Right To Military Intervention

17:37 [The Hindu - News] In China’s new diplomacy, a revival of ‘Panchsheel’

17:38 [Telegraph] Diner calls 999 to complain to police about his McDonalds burger

17:38 [Telegraph] Gen Sir Peter Wall: Britain may need its Army 'sooner than some would have us think'

17:43 [Truthdig] Do You Know How Many People Are Poor in Today’s World? Neither Does the U.N.

17:43 [Truthdig] Drink Your Broccoli, Kids! It May Save You From Air Pollution’s Effects

17:43 [Voice of America] Steve Herman: Thailand Seafood Industry Denies Links to Human Trafficking

17:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Thomas Piketty and Elizabeth Warren Demolished the Conventional Wisdom on Debt

17:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Shelby County One Year Later: Good for Voting Rights?

17:47 [Fin24 News] Concerns about aftermath of platinum strike

17:47 [NPR] World Cup Ratings Spike: How Popular Is Soccer In The U.S.?

17:50 [Reuters] CDC says more lab workers may have been exposed to anthrax

17:51 [Raw Story] Anti-feminists are outraged that feminists argue you should only kiss people who are kissing you back

17:51 [AlterNet] Can the President Strike an American Anywhere in the World? Drone Memo Raises Troubling Questions

17:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Clinton Global Initiative

17:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] More Politics Than Economics: Brat's Views On Immigration Contradict Economic Reality

17:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Judge To Fast-Food Worker: 'Why Can't You Get A Real Job?'

17:53 [Russia Today] Putin: Weeklong cease-fire in Ukraine should be extended, accompanied by talks

17:53 [Russia Today] ​EU sanctions on Crimea lead to deadlock – Republic’s head

17:53 [Deutsche Welle] Sieren's China: China save the Queen

17:54 [Telegraph] Leading former Republicans launch report warning climate change 'to cost billions'

17:56 [CNN: Politics] 2016: So that's a no?

17:56 [CNN: Politics] #Chipotus Ew! Obama's fast food flub

17:56 [CNN: Politics] Kerry: 'Words are cheap' but promising in Iraq

17:56 [CNN: Politics] 5 primaries worth watching today

17:57 [The Atlantic: In Focus] 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Part II

17:58 [Russia Today] RT condemns Egypt's jailing of Al Jazeera journalists

17:59 [BBC: Science & Environment] Growing pains of China's water needs

17:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mitt Romney Set To Endorse Scott Brown In Senate Race

17:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Religious Objections To Vaccines Can't Threaten Public Health, Judge Kuntz Rules

17:59 [Truthout] Tom Engelhardt | The Slow March Back Into Iraq and Toward Disaster|-the-slow-march-back-into-iraq-and-toward-disaster

17:59 [Truthout] Presbyterians Divest From the Israeli Occupation: The End of the Beginning?

17:59 [New Internationalist] ‘How did our community survive this?’

18:00 [The Nation] It’s Still About the Oil, Stupid!

18:01 [Disinformation] Pair Jailed For Attacking Edinburgh Mosque With Bacon

18:01 [Mother Jones] America Unhappy Over Obama's Lack of Magic Iraq Wand /files/blog_magic_wand.jpg

18:02 [] Pakistan Military Air Strikes Kill Hundreds, Including Civilians, Over Past Six Months /sites/

18:05 [Reuters] Murdoch protegee Brooks cleared in case shaking British establishment

18:06 [zero hedge] "Old" VIX Plunges To Record Low

18:08 [Telegraph] Sketch: David Cameron, too nice for his own good

18:08 [Telegraph] Puppy tries his best to see newborn baby

18:08 [CNN: Living] Samaritan stops DUI by offering free ride

18:09 [Fin24 News] JSE edges lower as platinum shares fall

18:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] John Boehner: Obama Administration Hasn't 'Done A Damn Thing' On IRS Scandal

18:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] House Committee Makes Rare Move In Favor Of Abortion Rights

18:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Race Is On To Preserve Little-Known French Dialect In Missouri

18:12 [NPR] New Approaches To Discipline Strive to Keep Kids Out of Jail

18:14 [Infoshop] Why I left libertarianism: An ethical critique of a limited ideology

18:14 [BBC: Technology] Iraqis use 'off grid' messaging app

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Eerie celebrity look-alikes

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Futuristic floating beach

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Hank3: I hate pop country

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Detroit groups reach out to UN as water customers are tapped out

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Explorer says Griffin shipwreck may be found

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: LeBron tells Heat he will become free agent - Agent says Carmelo Anthony wants to explore options

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ARRESTED AGAIN Sudanese Christian mother spared death held at airport

18:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HOSTILE TERRITORY: Tempers flare as WH lawyer grilled on Lerner emails

18:15 [Voice of America] Reuters: S.Africa Platinum Union, Mines Sign Wage Deal

18:16 [CNN] Google wants to sell domain names

18:16 [Slashdot] Venture-Backed Bitcoin Miner Startup Can't Deliver On Time, Gets Sued

18:18 [The Hindu - News] Naidu vows to make farmers debt-free

18:19 [CNN: Technology] Guys, your Tinder pics need help

18:19 [CNN: Technology] Harley's electric bike 'sounds very cool'

18:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hardcore Capitalists Warn That Climate Change Is A Big Deal For American Businesses

18:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Valerie Jarrett On Gender Pay Gap: Women Are More Important To Family Income Than Ever

18:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Come On, Silicon Valley, You Can Do Better Than This

18:19 [Pravda] Well-preserved, 120-million-year-old carcass of dinosaur uncovered in Siberia

18:19 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: The IMF Calls Lawmakers to Raise the Minimum Wage, and More

18:21 [Reuters: politics] Boehner: House Republicans weighing U.S. Export-Import Bank renewal

18:21 [Raw Story] MA man shoots ex-girlfriend’s lover through home window after spying her in bedroom

18:21 [Raw Story] Boehner: House Republicans weighing U.S. Export-Import Bank renewal

18:22 [The Hindu - News] EC recognition to TD in AP, Telangana

18:22 [Big Think] Darwin on Poetry and Music

18:23 [Russia Today] Sudan re-arrests Christian woman one day after death row release

18:24 [The Hindu - News] Inter-State red sanders smuggler held under PD Act

18:24 [Infoshop] Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism)

18:25 [CNN] Sudanese Christian woman arrested again, legal team says

18:25 [CNN] Ukrainian helicopter shot down days after cease-fire

18:25 [] Russia Holds Kyrgyzstan's Hydropower Dreams Hostage

18:27 [AlterNet] Southern GOPer Says Only Christians Should be Protected by Constitution

18:28 [Russia Today] Key to ultra-rare genetic disorders? Scientists create face recognition software for better diagnosis

18:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] California Lawmakers Back Amendment Overturning Citizens United

18:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why Obama's Foreign Policy Is So Unpopular. Hint: It's Not His Realism

18:29 [Topix Activism News] Meet the new face of anti-coal activism

18:29 [Financial Times] Renzi likens EU to ‘old boring aunt’

18:30 [The Hindu - News] Naidu vows to make farmers free of debt

18:31 [CNN] Opinion: The real gun problem is mental health, not NRA

18:31 [Mother Jones] These Maps Show How Many Brutally Hot Days You Will Suffer When You're Old /files/DaysOver95-MJ.jpg

18:33 [Russia Today] Dubious dubbie! World's first e-joint... that doesn’t get you high

18:33 [Voice of America] Joe DeCapua: IFAD Head calls for People Investment

18:34 [CNN] Report: Bigger iPhones coming this fall

18:34 [Pravda] How Israel has betrayed America

18:35 [Fin24 News] NUM rejects Eskom wage offer

18:36 [zero hedge] Credit Suisse "Fear Barometer" Hits All Time High

18:36 [Raw Story] Warming oceans may shrink Florida stone crab supply

18:36 [Raw Story] NJ Gov. Chris Christie faces second bridge investigation involving the Pulaski Skyway

18:36 [Raw Story] Venezuelan man charged with phone threats to Newtown residents after school shooting

18:36 [The Hindu - News] AP Assembly resolution gives go ahead to Polavaram project

18:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Fault in Our Stars tops UK chart

18:37 [AL JAZEERA] Israel re-arrests dozens freed in Shalit deal

18:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Could Your Flame Retardant Sofa Kill Firefighters?

18:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] New Restrictions on NASA Contracts Compromise U.S. Leadership in Space

18:38 [The Hindu - News] Commercial LPG use worries OMCs

18:38 [The Hindu - News] ASI teaches music to children

18:39 [Voice of America] Elections in Libya

18:40 [The Hindu - News] Centre urged to restore medical seats at KMC and GMC

18:40 [Telegraph] Prince Charles' Highgrove retail business to focus on online sales after shop closure

18:40 [Telegraph] Ukraine army helicopter 'shot down by pro-Russian rebels' less than 24 hours after ceasefire

18:40 [Telegraph] Longitude Prize 2014: Saving antibiotics for humanity's future

18:41 [Mother Jones] These 204 Republicans Don't Want To Punish Companies That Steal Workers' Wages

18:42 [NPR] 'Shameful' Verdict Exposes Egyptian Journalists' Fears

18:45 [CNN] 'American Idol' keeps Seacrest and judges

18:48 [Russia Today] Climate change could cost US $700 billion by year 2100 – report

18:48 [Slashdot] Long-Lasting Enzyme Chews Up Cocaine

18:48 [Deutsche Welle] 'Vulture' bondholders circle Argentine debt

18:48 [Deutsche Welle] Le Pen setback as EU far-right alliance fails

18:50 [The Hindu - News] A cure worse than the disease

18:53 [Reuters] Further fighting in Central African Republic kills over 50

18:53 [CNN] Final chapter underway in nation's ugliest primary

18:53 [Deutsche Welle] Dozens 'abducted' by Islamist extremists in Nigeria

18:53 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Seeking Justice—Or at Least the Truth—for ‘Comfort Women’

18:54 [The Hindu - News] NC gains at UML’s cost in Nepal polls

18:56 [Campaign For Liberty] GOP leadership’s hysterical attacks on Massie Amendment

18:56 [Telegraph] Gary Oldman is wrong, says Mel Gibson's arresting officer

18:56 [Telegraph] Parents should spend quality time with their children, says Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

18:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Citizens Fight Against Big Oil in Louisiana Continues

18:58 [The Hindu - News] Gale disturbs fluttering elegance

18:59 [Financial Times] Ex-minister insists Sunni can beat Isis

19:00 [CNN: Entertainment] 'American Idol' keeps Seacrest and judges

19:00 [CNN: Entertainment] Rogen aims at Kim Jong Un

19:00 [CNN: Entertainment] Star couples who can't stay apart

19:00 [CNN: Entertainment] Oh baby! Stars who are expecting

19:00 [The Hindu - News] Land purchase for Tata’s project leaves residents perturbed

19:01 [CNN] By the Numbers: Congress and civil rights

19:01 [Disinformation] When Titans Attack The Kingdom Of Pop Culture

19:01 [Fin24 News] Battle for R12 500 not over, says Mathunjwa

19:02 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: How Do You Ensure Creative Commons Compliance At Your Company?

19:03 [The Hindu - News] An ideal and cool place to live in

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Dug-up roads irk locals

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Badminton tourney getsunder way

19:05 [The Hindu - News] AMC students donate blood

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Anand’s book on economy released

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Tribunal puts off verdict against Nizami

19:06 [Raw Story] Wisconsin 4-year-old foils sitter’s plot to blame ‘home invasion’ and robbery on ‘black men’

19:06 [zero hedge] The Fed's Hobson's Choice: End QE/ZIRP Or Destabilize The Dollar & The Treasury Market

19:06 [CNN] Iraq government claims gains in anti-militant fight

19:06 [CNN] France admits it needs to be friendlier to visitors

19:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] New Bill Aims To End Bias Against Women In Clinical Trials

19:10 [Telegraph] Prince Harry gets rock star welcome in Belo Horizonte

19:10 [Telegraph] Danny Alexander overspends on children's £10 shopping challenge

19:11 [The Hindu - News] Panther still elusive

19:11 [The Hindu - News] AU B.Ed. courses exam schedule

19:12 [CNN: Money] Yes, a college degree is still worth it

19:12 [CNN: Money] U.S. companies should pay U.S. taxes

19:15 [Financial Times] Foreign direct investment up 9% in 2013

19:15 [The Hindu - News] Indonesia invites investors to take part in 29th Trade Expo

19:16 [Raw Story] MT judge who gave one-month sentence to rapist orders 5-year term for vandal

19:16 [CNN] Report: VA scandal may have killed more than 1,000 vets

19:16 [CNN] 'Obvious Child': A film about romance and ... abortion?

19:16 [CNN] NTSB faults pilots in deadly Asiana crash

19:16 [CNN] Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer off to winning starts

19:17 [The Hindu - News] Parents sell newborn girl for Rs. 5,000

19:17 [The Hindu - News] House-breaking gang busted

19:17 [BBC: Technology] Flying cars to be built in Tel Aviv

19:19 [AlterNet] The Nasty Chemical Leached into Your Body from Nalgene Bottles

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Fans protest Garth show

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mobile beach for sweaty city

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Giant diamond star

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Hank3: No more 'true' country

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mexico, Brazil advance to knockout stage - California celebration of Mexico victory turns ugly - WORLD CUP COVERAGE: Fox News Latino brings you the latest soccer news from Brazil

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woman sees drone peeping into apartment window

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FOX NEWS FIRST: Mississippi gamblers place big bets - Election irregularities crop up before Miss. GOP runoff - Cochran, Rangel challenged on busy primary day

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 2 killed, several wounded in Miami shooting - Cops: Vegas cop killers had diapers, heavily armed

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Witnesses: 60 females, 31 boys abducted in Nigeria

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ukraine: Russia is using landmines in Crimea region - Putin withdraws request to use force in Ukraine

19:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: KURTZ: Not 'Truly Well Off'? Obama allies call Hillary an out-of-touch Romney

19:21 [The Hindu - News] 16 from Vizag caught in Iraqi strife

19:22 [NPR] On Capitol Hill, A Debate Over What's Driving Central American Exodus

19:23 [The Hindu - News] Coffee table book unveils charms of Adilabad

19:23 [The Hindu - News] Governor approves five names for nomination to Council

19:23 [The Hindu - News] Ambareesh’s remarks trigger dharna

19:23 [CNN: Health] Hope for calming OCD

19:23 [CNN: Health] Mental health laws need fixing

19:23 [CNN: Health] Drink this to live longer

19:23 [CNN: Health] Report: Bad VA care may have killed more than 1,000

19:23 [CNN: Health] Opinion: Let's look at mental health laws

19:24 [zero hedge] 2 Year Auction Stops 0.4 bps Through, Prices At Highest Yield Since May 2011

19:24 [zero hedge] Momentous EU Summit This Week

19:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] New Jersey Town Without Police Force To Put Armed Guards In School

19:25 [CNN] Brazil 2014 World Cup: Who will qualify from Group D?

19:25 [CNN] Boko Haram abduct 60 females, kill 30 men in Nigeria

19:25 [Voice of America] Reuters: Russia to Set Own Barriers in Response to Ukraine's EU Trade Pact

19:26 [Telegraph] Independent Scotland 'could not charge English students tuition fees'

19:27 [NPR] FBI Says It Freed 168 U.S. Children In Sex-Trafficking Raids

19:28 [Deutsche Welle] Kenyan killings deepen divide between government and opposition

19:29 [Infoshop] The story of the unsung heroes: Black Bloc Brazil

19:29 [CNN: Politics] Rangel's last run has been hardest

19:29 [CNN: Politics] 36-year Senate veteran could lose seat

19:30 [AlterNet] 7 Disturbing Charts That Show the Impact of America's Warped Economic Priorities

19:31 [Raw Story] Woman banned from Tennessee zoo for life after trying to feed cookies to lions

19:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gov. Steve Beshear Urges Fellow Democrats To Take Obamacare 'And Run With It'

19:34 [Infoshop] Why Progressives Should Think Twice About Embracing Uber and Lyft

19:35 [The Hindu - News] Parambikulam road plan shelved

19:35 [The Hindu - News] Senior citizens need vaccination, say doctors

19:35 [The Hindu - News] Finally, chess player Karthik goes to Glasgow

19:35 [Voice of America] VOA News: Attacks in Central African Republic Kill 18

19:36 [zero hedge] Stocks Erase All Gains And Then Some On Back Of 2 Year Auction

19:37 [The Hindu - News] Court seeks report on police probe into child ‘trafficking’

19:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] DON'T SHRED ON ME! Join The Open-Carry Guitar Rally

19:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hope for Our Country

19:38 [Russia Today] Curiosity rover marks its first Martian year with selfie

19:40 [Fox News: politics] Senate Democrats unveil $9B for highway bill

19:41 [CNN] Pilots blamed for Asiana crash

19:41 [The Hindu - News] Two more NHs for the State

19:41 [Mother Jones] Is Your Cereal Giving You a Vitamin Overdose?

19:41 [Mother Jones] Is ISIS a Monster of Our Allies' Creation?

19:42 [Fin24 News] Nene: Business, govt must work together

19:42 [NPR] Never Too Young: Pediatricians Say Parents Should Read To Infants

19:42 [Telegraph] Mother's 'sweet photo' of toddler banned by Instagram for being 'inappropriate'

19:42 [Telegraph] India to reopen the Road to Mandalay

19:42 [Telegraph] In pictures: Prince Harry's sporting visit to Brazil

19:43 [AL JAZEERA] Kerry holds crisis talks with Iraq's Kurds

19:43 [The Hindu - News] 8,000 acres available for setting up educational institutions: report

19:43 [The Hindu - News] No boom in realty sector: VMC

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Telugus to install NTR statue in Andamans

19:43 [The Hindu - News] ‘Reducing Kolleru size unviable’

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka sets target for solar power generation

19:43 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Why Repression Continues in Honduras

19:46 [CNN: Living] A movie about romance and ... abortion?

19:46 [Reuters] Ukraine's Poroshenko says rebels break ceasefire, one soldier killed

19:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Chobani duping public?

19:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Hank3: Today's country 'sucks'

19:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Team USA video goes viral ahead of Germany match - California celebration of Mexico victory turns ugly - WORLD CUP COVERAGE: Fox News Latino brings you the latest soccer news from Brazil

19:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man dies in 'gruesome' wood chipper accident

19:48 [Slashdot] San Francisco Bans Parking Spot Auctioning App

19:49 [The Hindu - News] Lambada garments may soon be thing of past

19:51 [Reuters] AT&T tells U.S. lawmakers DirecTV deal is not Comcast/Time Warner

19:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Frank Schaefer's Defrocking Overturned By United Methodist Church

19:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Texas Prisons Feel The Heat As Summer Takes Hold

19:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Higher Gun Death Rates In States With Weak Gun Laws And High Ownership: Report

19:53 [The Atlantic: National] The Sociology of Sorry

19:53 [The Atlantic: National] Kicked Out of Heaven for Wanting Women Priests

19:53 [Russia Today] California man uses surveillance drone to keep an eye on cops from above (VIDEO)

19:54 [The Hindu - News] Confusion over Delhi University V-C’s ‘resignation’

19:54 [zero hedge] The Ugly Truth About Where The 2nd Half Earnings Growth Miracle Is Supposed To Come From

19:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Lost Innovation History of Doritos Tacos Locos

19:56 [BBC: Education] AUDIO: 'Holding Michael Gove to account'

20:00 [The Hindu - News] ANU presents vision document to Naidu

20:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] Stratfor on American Grand Strategy in Iraq and Ukraine

20:00 [The Nation] The US Still Has Soft Spot for Brutal Military Dictators

20:01 [Raw Story] New York authorities raid Rikers Island jail in crackdown

20:01 [Disinformation] Indian Company Offers Water Purifier For Vegetarians

20:02 [CNN] World Cup: Luis Suarez embroiled in fresh controversy

20:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear: Keep The Triple Crown As Is

20:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Being seen and heard at work

20:04 [The Hindu - News] Centre to simplify laws for single window clearance

20:06 [The Hindu - News] Objections from judges force rethink on judicial accountability Bill

20:06 [The Hindu - News] Chilli commission agents flay licence renewal delay

20:06 [The Hindu - News] Schools closed for two days

20:06 [The Hindu - News] Rotary Club to donate benches to State schools

20:06 [Middle East Report] Under-the-Radar Palestinian Connections

20:06 [zero hedge] Chelsea Clinton's Heartfelt Confession: "I Was Curious If I Could Care About Money And I Couldn't"

20:07 [The Atlantic: International] Stratfor on American Grand Strategy in Iraq and Ukraine

20:07 [The Atlantic: International] Beware the Salesmen of Simple Solutions to Iraq

20:08 [Reuters] Russia's Putin renounces right to send troops to Ukraine

20:08 [Deutsche Welle] Several dead after military helicopter is shot down in Ukraine

20:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] NASA's Curiosity Rover Takes A 'Selfie' To Celebrate Its First Martian Year

20:13 [Telegraph] Iraq crisis: the country is facing imminent break up say Western diplomats

20:13 [Telegraph] Theresa May: New surveillance powers 'question of life and death'

20:14 [CNN] One-ton shark headed to Texas coast

20:17 [CNN: Politics] Obama's major lunch faux pas

20:17 [CNN: Politics] Hillary Clinton flubs on wealth

20:17 [CNN: Politics] Ugly primary nears end

20:18 [Russia Today] UK doctors seek permanent ban on selling cigarettes to those born after 2000

20:18 [Russia Today] Greenpeace executive to stop flying to work after public uproar

20:18 [Deutsche Welle] Uruguay put the bite on Italy to reach Round of 16

20:18 [Reuters] Murdoch protegee Brooks cleared in case that shook British establishment

20:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] Suarez in biting row

20:21 [CBC: politics] John Baird, Lisa Raitt subject of Ontario PC "draft" campaigns

20:22 [The Hindu - News] In its last days, UPA allowed Ministers to retain govt. houses

20:25 [Fox News: politics] Kerry says ‘nobody expected’ Mosul collapse, despite reported warnings

20:26 [Raw Story] TN football player wants rape case dismissed because unconscious victim was ‘promiscuous’

20:26 [CNN: Politics] 2016: Romney says no again and again

20:27 [NPR] NTSB: Too Much Technology, Too Little Training Caused Asiana Crash

20:27 [CNN: Money] World Cup winner: Buffalo Wild Wings

20:28 [The Hindu - News] In China’s new diplomacy, a revival of ‘Panchsheel’

20:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Obama Gets Low Marks For Handling Of Iraq

20:29 [AL JAZEERA] Rebels shoot down Ukraine helicopter

20:29 [Voice of America] June 24, 2014

20:30 [The Hindu - News] Teesta high on Dhaka’s agenda

20:30 [CNN] World Cup: Luis Suarez embroiled in new 'biting' storm

20:32 [Big Think] And the Best Country in the World Is...Ireland! (U.S. Ranks 21st)

20:33 [Russia Today] Feds plans to turn Texas warehouse into massive immigration processing center for kids

20:34 [Slashdot] China Starts Outsourcing From ... the US

20:34 [The Hindu - News] India yet to ratify land border pact

20:35 [Pravda] Putin thanks God he did not have to use Russian Army in Ukraine

20:38 [CNN: Politics] Romney on 2016: So that's a no?

20:38 [CNN: Politics] Obama's big lunch faux pas

20:38 [The Hindu - News] India yet to ratify land border pact

20:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Electing Afghanistan's New President

20:39 [Reuters: politics] U.S. federal judge rules no-fly list violates Constitution

20:40 [CNN: Travel] Pilots blamed for Asiana crash

20:40 [CNN: Travel] France admits it needs to be friendlier to visitors

20:41 [Disinformation] According to the World Bank, Preventing Climate Change Would Help the Economy

20:42 [The Hindu - News] AP Assembly passes resolution on Polavaram

20:42 [The Hindu - News] SRPC asks power utilities of AP, Telangana to maintain status quo

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Curbing black money: Andhra Pradesh joins the chorus

20:43 [zero hedge] And Now, What The Consumer Really Thinks: Gallup Poll Finds Confidence Tumbles To 2014 Lows

20:43 [Deutsche Welle] Wage deal ends South African platinum miners' strike

20:45 [Telegraph] England's World Cup humbling complete as they draw with Costa Rica

20:45 [Telegraph] Prospect of interest rates rise recedes as Mark Carney says millions not getting pay rises

20:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] America Must Examine the Merits of Further Involvement in Iraq

20:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bill Clinton: 'We Were Several Million Dollars In Debt'

20:47 [The Hindu - News] Swiss denial of black money list a setback, but we won’t stop: Justice Shah

20:47 [The Hindu - News] Fee reimbursement: Governor’s intervention sought

20:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TAXPAYERS TO FUND HIM? Joe Biden admits to having 'no savings account'

20:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'NOBODY EXPECTED' IT? Kerry claims Mosul collapse a surprise, despite warnings

20:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kansas boy fighting back after outdoor library shut down by ordinance

20:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Team USA video goes viral ahead of Germany match - Uruguay defeats Italy 1-0 - California celebration of Mexico victory turns ugly - WORLD CUP COVERAGE: Fox News Latino brings you the latest soccer news from Brazil

20:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gary defends Mel, Alec

20:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Flight worth a 'Mint'

20:48 [Truthdig] News of the World Hacking Trial: Brooks Cleared, Coulson Guilty

20:48 [CNN: Living] Would you see 'abortion rom-com'?

20:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Teen's Ballot Joke Lands Him Job As GOP Politician

20:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bernie Sanders and America's Political Revolution

20:49 [Voice of America] Margaret Besheer: UN: Numbers of Displaced Ukrainians Rising

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Panel on crop loan waiver meets RBI Governor

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Sparks fly in the House

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Protests, bus breakdown cause traffic snarls

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Centre urged to set up more industries in A.P.

20:53 [The Hindu - News] KCR meets Governor on water row

20:53 [AlterNet] Detroit Activists Seek U.N.'s Help as City Shuts Off Water to Thousands of Residents

20:53 [AlterNet] Media Hold Silent Protest Over Egypt's Jailing of Journalists

20:53 [AlterNet] Israel's Leaders Are Using a Kidnapping to Push a Sinister Agenda

20:55 [CNN: Money] U.S. stocks slide; Dubai tanks

20:55 [zero hedge] Ukraine President Threatens To Revoke Ceasefire, And Putin Wins Again

20:55 [Reuters: politics] Bill Clinton says Hillary 'not out of touch' on wealth

20:55 [Reuters: politics] Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution

20:57 [Mother Jones] Watch: What The Dick Cheney/Rand Paul Feud Tells Us About the GOP

20:57 [Financial Times] China pushes for World Bank rival

20:58 [BBC: Entertainment] Bob Dylan lyrics set auction record

20:58 [Deutsche Welle] Powerful women descend on London

20:59 [The Hindu - News] BU’s programme not same as DU’s: VC

21:00 [World Policy Institute] Interactive Map: Coins of the Realm

21:01 [The Hindu - News] ‘BU’s is not a 4-year course’

21:01 [The Hindu - News] “Naidu’s reply to Governor’s address yet another farce”

21:01 [The Hindu - News] T-AP row over water release blows over as CWC intervenes

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Release of NSP water remains contentious issue

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Two MLCs to join TRS

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Godavari, Krishna river boards to be in place soon

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Land for SCs scheme from Aug. 15

21:01 [The Hindu - News] YSRC recognised party in AP, T

21:01 [The Hindu - News] ‘TDP, YSRC elected representatives should resign’

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Naidu extends olive branch to Telangana govt.

21:03 [The Hindu - News] Sugama Sangeeta programme

21:03 [The Hindu - News] 799 vacancies in BWSSB: CM

21:05 [The Hindu - News] International short film fest in August

21:06 [Slashdot] Searching For Ocean Life On Another World

21:06 [Raw Story] Open Carry Texas insists ‘we don’t see color’ after calling off march in black neighborhood

21:07 [NPR] Federal Judge Rules No-Fly List Process Is Unconstitutional

21:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Washington to Cairo: Start Acting Like a Democracy

21:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Never Mind What the Constitution Says, Our Prison Sysem Has Run Amok

21:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Deadline Looms For Victims Of North Carolina's Forced Sterilization Program

21:09 [Reuters: politics] District of Columbia approves 'yoga tax' as part of budget

21:09 [The Hindu - News] When safety measures turn into road killers

21:09 [The Hindu - News] New OGH block on jail land in Chanchalguda sought

21:11 [Sydney Morning Herald] Suarez in new biting storm

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Lepakshi wins The Hindu PRESSENSE bumper draw

21:11 [The Hindu - News] New police vehicles are welcome, what about fuel?

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Governor nominates five persons to legislative council, four elected

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Police call for traffic safety curriculum

21:13 [Russia Today] Spanish World Cup team plane struck by lightning approaching Madrid

21:13 [Russia Today] Putin: US unhappy with South Stream because it wants to deliver gas to Europe

21:14 [CNN] Fed official: IRS did not follow the law

21:15 [The Hindu - News] He lets his nose do the talking

21:16 [Moral Low Ground] Obama: US Should Have Paid Maternity Leave

21:17 [Canadian Dimension] A dangerous lurch to the extreme Right: India’s new Prime Minister

21:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Do Witnesses Feel Testifying Against Accused War Criminals?

21:21 [CNN] Gary Oldman on hypocrisy, political correctness

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Heat wave conditions prevail in Telangana

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Juvenile held for attacking DRDO official

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Collectors to blame for housing project delay, says Mayor

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Have lots to learn, says Balayya

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Officials told to ensure cleanliness near mosques

21:21 [The Hindu - News] OUCET results released

21:21 [Voice of America] Jonas Bernstein: Separatists Down Ukrainian Military Helicopter

21:22 [Mother Jones] Yes, You Can Now Call Your Crock Pot on Your iPhone

21:22 [Big Think] The Quest for the Self or Searching for Selfies?

21:22 [NPR] Draft Of Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' Sells For $2 Million

21:23 [CNN: Money] Auto recall record set -- in just 6 months

21:23 [The Hindu - News] Online building plans for permissions in a jiffy

21:23 [The Hindu - News] Illegal constructions: GHMC begins demolitions

21:23 [The Hindu - News] The epileptic have hope

21:25 [zero hedge] These Fake Rallies Will End In Tears: "If People Stop Believing In Central Banks, All Hell Will Break Loose"

21:26 [Fox News: politics] Jeh Johnson to visit border facilities in Arizona

21:26 [Fox News: politics] 'Tiger selfies' would go extinct under New York bill

21:26 [Reuters] Special Report: Rebekah Brooks - The tangled tale of a tabloid career

21:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ted Olson Calls Ted Cruz Comments Against Marriage Equality 'Very, Very Sad'

21:27 [The Hindu - News] Navy must adopt proactive role: Jaitley

21:31 [CNN] Wife of jailed American Alan Gross visits Cuba

21:31 [Telegraph] Iraqi female politician killed fighting Isis

21:32 [Mother Jones] Senate Democrats Re-up Their Dark-Money Disclosure Bill—and Dare GOPers to Block It

21:32 [] Report: World's Oceans On Brink of Collapse /sites/

21:32 [] Drone Memo Exposes 'Dangerous' US Claim to Boundless War Powers /sites/

21:32 [Big Think] Truth vs. Happiness: Depressives Have a More Accurate View of Life, Optimists Are Happier and More Successful.

21:33 [AL JAZEERA] Sudan detains woman released from death row

21:35 [Truthout] Bringing Down the New Jim Crow

21:35 [The Hindu - News] UGC asks DU to issue letters to all colleges

21:36 [Fox News: politics] US forces flow into Baghdad to assess Iraq troops

21:36 [Raw Story] ‘Texas Values’ leader says gay people planning ‘concentration camps’ over wedding cakes

21:37 [The Atlantic: International] Gorillas, Guns, and Oil: A Journey Inside Virunga National Park

21:38 [The Hindu - News] No change in LPG, kerosene prices

21:38 [Russia Today] Veterangate: VA whistleblower says records of deceased vets were altered

21:39 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan plane attacked in Peshawar

21:39 [CNN] Congress, feds debate surge of immigrant kids

21:41 [Voice of America] Reuters: EU Sets Albania on Road to Membership

21:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] When Rights Collide

21:43 [zero hedge] The Baltic Dry Index Is Down 60% Year-To-Date; Worst On Record

21:44 [The Hindu - News] 33% quota for women in police force in Gujarat

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Indians in Iraq advised to stay indoors

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Saif seeks CCTV footage of scuffle

21:45 [Telegraph] TV debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling collapses

21:46 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Kenya Opposition Dialogue Demands, Outside Constitution, Says Official

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Sunil Tatkare tipped to head Maharashtra NCP

21:46 [The Hindu - News] ‘Goa Governor Wanchoo offered to resign’

21:46 [Fox News: politics] US: Looking at all options in immigration surge

21:48 [CNN] 450,000 displaced as Pakistan attacks militants

21:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gun Owners Ease Off Buying Binge, Not So Worried About Washington Anymore

21:50 [CNN] World Cup: Luis Suarez embroiled in new 'biting' storm

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'DID NOT FOLLOW LAW' Archives boss: IRS had to report lost Lerner emails

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BIDEN'S BILLS ON US 'Poor' Joe's OK relying on taxpayers for golden years

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kerry says 'nobody expected' Mosul collapse, despite reported warnings - Villagers: ISIS behind brutal murders of 40 in Iraq

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: LeBron tells Heat he will become free agent

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gun control advocates push to take firearms from those accused of threatening violence

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Restaurant labor group targets tips in next phase of minimum wage fight

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Teen's meltdown after wisdom teeth removal caught on video

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tornado damages 3 homes near Indianapolis

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Team USA video goes viral ahead of Germany match - Uruguay's Suarez appears to bite Italian player - California celebration of Mexico victory turns ugly - WORLD CUP COVERAGE: Fox News Latino brings you the latest soccer news from Brazil

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Drivers to set speed limits?

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lena's strange shower pic

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Democrats Launch New Bid To Unmask Secret Campaign Donors

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Is It Time To Rethink U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Cuba?

21:51 [Slashdot] FAA Bans Delivering Packages With Drones

21:52 [CNN: Entertainment] Gary Oldman goes off on hypocrisy, political correctness

21:54 [Russia Today] Pesticides linked to honeybee decline are affecting other species, scientists say

21:54 [Infoshop] Five Reasons why “If Modern Anarchists fought in Spain” isn’t Funny or Clever

21:55 [Fox News: politics] Judge: No-fly list violated constitutional rights

21:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] Is Nuclear Power Ever Coming Back?

21:56 [Voice of America] Militant Advance in Iraq a Blow to Families of Fallen

21:57 [CNN: Health] Experiment offers hope for OCD

21:58 [The Hindu - News] One killed after Pakistan plane fired on

22:01 [Disinformation] Man Claims To Have Spent 17 Years Protecting Secret Martian Colony

22:02 [Mother Jones] May Was Hottest on Earth Since Records Began

22:02 [Mother Jones] Neo-Nazi Banners, Blackface, and Homophobic Chants: World Cup Fans Behaving Badly

22:03 [Reuters: politics] Frustrated U.S. lawmakers urge tough action on child migration

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Congressman Says Obama Should Violate Law And Deport Minors At Border

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sorry, Starbucks: An On-Campus Degree Is Better Than an Online One

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Environmental Groups: Joni Ernst Is Beholden To Sarah Palin

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] John Boehner Backs Off Support For Export-Import Bank

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why Being A Lesbian Helps Me To Understand Straight Parents In A Unique Way

22:04 [Infoshop] Rise of the Fit Punks

22:06 [Campaign For Liberty] Blame DC, not doctors, for raising health care costs

22:09 [Deutsche Welle] Austria defies US, EU over South Stream during Putin visit

22:09 [Deutsche Welle] Sudanese Christian woman 'not rearrested' after prison release

22:10 [Reuters: politics] Washington state plans to keep recreational pot from kids

22:10 [Truthout] Could John McCain Be Responsible for the Next 9/11?

22:11 [Raw Story] ACLU victory: Federal judge rules no-fly list violates the Constitution

22:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] LICH Leftovers

22:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Christie, Anais Nin and the Enforcement of Motherhood

22:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Missing People: The Pain of Waiting

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Narmada dam oustees oppose NCA decision

22:13 [NPR] The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before

22:13 [zero hedge] Martin Armstrong Asks "Will Society Ever Wake Up?"

22:15 [Telegraph] Wimbledon bans flasks of tea over terrorism fears

22:15 [Telegraph] British man charged with murder of his wife on Caribbean island

22:16 [Voice of America] Al Pessin: Kerry Appeals for Unity in Iraq

22:18 [NPR] At Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery, Siege Nears A Complicated Conclusion

22:18 [NPR] What's Behind The Collapse Of Iraq's Military?

22:18 [NPR] A 'Major Shift' Promised In Oversight Of Special Education Programs

22:18 [NPR] A Wild West In Flight: Drones Outpace The Rules Reining Them In

22:18 [NPR] Iraqi Crisis Brings Focus On Indian Migrants Who Seek Profit Amid Peril

22:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Zoo bans woman who tried to feed lions cookies - 'Tiger selfies' would go extinct under NY bill

22:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Radical onslaught: Body count mounts as Islamic fanatics wage global war

22:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Team USA video goes viral ahead of Germany match - Uruguay beats Italy, 1-0, as Suarez bites again; Costa Rica and England tie - WORLD CUP COVERAGE: Fox News Latino brings you the latest soccer news from Brazil

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Buta Singh asked for rent-waiver

22:18 [The Hindu - News] Ness Wadia abused me three times, says Preity Zinta

22:21 [Raw Story] U.S. military advisers begin working with Iraqi military

22:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Darrell Issa Calls For Obama To Restart Deportation Of Dreamers

22:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] With Atlantic Article On Reparations, Ta-Nehisi Coates Sees Payoff For Years Of Struggle

22:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Republican Rep. Andy Harris Will Try to Block Marijuana Decriminalization In DC

22:23 [The Atlantic: National] An Immigrant's Dreams for Her Daughters

22:24 [Russia Today] Federal judge says no-fly list rules are unconstitutional

22:24 [The Hindu - News] Mukesh–backed SEZ owes govt. agency Rs.237 cr.: CAG

22:24 [The Hindu - News] Move to acquire house of Homi Bhabha opposed

22:25 [CNN] Julian Assange Fast Facts

22:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] Slavery Made America

22:28 [NPR] In Rift Over Interfaith Ban, A New Fault Line For Burmese Politics

22:28 [zero hedge] Terrible Tuesday - Trannies Tumble To Red For June

22:29 [Reuters] AT&T tells lawmakers DirecTV deal not like other mergers

22:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Congressional Leaders Join Hands In Moving Capitol Hill Moment

22:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Activists Beg United Nations For Help After Detroit Shuts Off Water For Thousands

22:31 [Telegraph] Head of free school arrested again over fraud allegations

22:32 [Mother Jones] The World Bank Says Tackling Climate Change Would Grow the Global Economy

22:32 [Big Think] Debunking "Disruption": How the New Business Gospel Does More Harm than Good

22:33 [The Hindu - News] Reliance can fix initial Metro fare: Bombay HC

22:33 [The Hindu - News] Transgender raped by police in Ajmer

22:33 [The Hindu - News] Partial roll back of fare hike in second class travel

22:36 [CNN] Gunmen fire on Pakistani plane, killing one

22:36 [Raw Story] Brazil’s ‘silent army’ sorts the World Cup’s trash, five tons at a time

22:37 [CNN: Money] Ouch. Dow sinks over 100 points

22:39 [The Hindu - News] An unlikely choir saves the day at public event

22:39 [The Hindu - News] Pakistani boy undergoes successful kidney and liver transplant in Noida

22:39 [The Hindu - News] Overhaul at airport soon?

22:40 [CBC: politics] Justice minister accused of stereotyping in Mother's Day, Father's Day messages

22:41 [Raw Story] NTSB prepares to rule on Asiana airliner crash

22:41 [BBC: Also in the news] Bob Dylan lyrics set auction record

22:41 [BBC: Also in the news] Hover cars to be built in Tel Aviv

22:42 [zero hedge] CNBC Viewership Drops To Lowest Since 1997, Cramer Has Worst Month Ever

22:44 [Topix Activism News] Billionaire activist to meet with White House officials

22:44 [CNN] Sudanese Christian woman detained at airport

22:44 [CNN] Facebook looks to block ISIS clothing sales

22:45 [The Hindu - News] Student’s suicide: hostelmate held

22:45 [The Hindu - News] Activists obstructing development: Pawar

22:45 [The Hindu - News] 60 years of promoting motorsports in the country

22:45 [The Hindu - News] BJP cornered in U.P. Assembly on ‘Vande Mataram’

22:46 [Raw Story] French police probe theft of racer Michael Schumacher’s medical records

22:46 [Raw Story] Washington state will require kid-proof packaging for pot

22:48 [NPR] 3-D Mammography Finds More Tumors, But Questions Remain

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Copyright shocker on Thyagaraja kritis

22:49 [The Hindu - News] 3-member committee to inspect P. Orr and Sons Ltd

22:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] House Passes Bill To Aid Koch Brothers, Deregulate Wall Street

22:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] New blow for Peter Greste

22:54 [CBC: politics] Christine Elliott, widow of Jim Flaherty, to run for Ontario PC leadership

22:55 [The Nation] So Begins the Slow March Back into Iraq and Toward Disaster

22:56 [BBC: Technology] European bank 'hit by cyber-thefts'

22:57 [CNN] LeBron James choosing free agency, source says

22:57 [CNN] Judge: U.S. violated rights of those on no-fly list

22:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kerry in Iraq: Four Interviews - and Fox News, Too

22:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Rep's Chief Of Staff Resigns Following Porn Star's Tweet

22:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Iraq Is Beyond Cheney's Comprehension

22:59 [The Hindu - News] HC bans shampoos, soaps in Courtallam falls

22:59 [The Hindu - News] Artur Fischer keeps plugging away

22:59 [The Hindu - News] Arms used by Napoleon’s army found

22:59 [The Hindu - News] Where it is a struggle to be heard

23:01 [Telegraph] Dawn of bionic age? Paralysed man becomes first to use power of thought to move hand

23:02 [] Report: Militarization of Police Turning Communities into 'War Zones' /sites/

23:03 [NPR] Addressing Border Crisis, Politicians Find Invitation In Misperception

23:05 [The Hindu - News] State asked to identify land for AIIMS-like institution

23:05 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa again flags Katchatheevu retrieval

23:05 [Reuters: politics] U.S. export lender in jeopardy as Republicans pull support

23:05 [Reuters: politics] Washington state moves to keep recreational pot from kids

23:05 [Reuters: politics] Senate panel to consider $9 billion highway fund infusion

23:06 [Slashdot] The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of Battlefield

23:07 [Mother Jones] In Iraq, It's Always Been About the Oil

23:08 [NPR] Report Points To 'Dangerous Militarization' Of U.S. Law Enforcement

23:08 [NPR] In Wyoming, Going Deep To Draw Energy From Coal

23:08 [NPR] Living Up To His Past, Suarez Apparently Bites Italian Opponent

23:08 [Truthdig] Calamity on an ‘Ungrateful Volcano’

23:09 [CNN] Opinion: 5 ways to fix the broken VA

23:09 [The Hindu - News] Target set for producing 1,000 MW of solar power

23:09 [The Hindu - News] Karur rape: Dalits demand arrest of culprits

23:12 [CNN: Politics] Final chapter underway

23:12 [CNN] Pastor who officiated son's same-sex wedding reinstated

23:12 [CNN] Ryan Seacrest to host shows on four major TV networks

23:13 [NPR] Meet The New Stars Of Campaign Ads: Mom And Dad

23:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] There They Go Again

23:15 [The Hindu - News] KPCC meet has local body polls in focus

23:15 [The Hindu - News] Five-day week for State higher secondary schools

23:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Vietnam and Iraq: What Do They Have in Common?

23:17 [Telegraph] Gunmen open fire on passenger plane in Pakistan, killing one

23:17 [Telegraph] £100m phone-hacking trial ends in Rebekah Brooks walking free

23:17 [Telegraph] Cleared: the loyal PA, the shattered executive and the blameless guard

23:17 [Telegraph] At £100m, trial makes history for expense

23:17 [Telegraph] 'Wicked Witch' Rebekah Brooks was not so wicked after all

23:17 [Telegraph] Charlie Brooks: I was dissapointed with David Cameron's reaction

23:17 [Telegraph] Treasury figures show more than 3 million UK jobs are reliant on the EU

23:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Fears of beer-free fest dry up

23:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Intel official says 'multiple' warnings given on ISIS, as Kerry claims 'nobody expected' crisis in Iraq - Villagers: ISIS behind brutal murders of 40 in Iraq

23:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DETAINED AGAIN Sudanese Christian mother spared death held at airport

23:18 [CNN] Dalai Lama Fast Facts

23:18 [CNN] Tibet Fast Facts

23:19 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: An example was made of Al Jazeera

23:19 [Deutsche Welle] Gunmen fire on Pakistani passenger plane as it lands in Peshawar

23:19 [The Hindu - News] Congress shocks BJP in Northeast Teachers segment

23:19 [The Hindu - News] Puttanna registers a hat-trick in Bangalore Teachers segment

23:19 [CBC: politics] Advance turnout slumps in Alberta, Ontario byelections

23:21 [Raw Story] Senate panel will consider $9 billion highway fund infusion

23:22 [Slashdot] Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

23:25 [Fox News: politics] Mississippi Sen.Cochran battles to hold on to seat in GOP primary runoff

23:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Arkansas Republican Official: Hillary Clinton Would 'Probably Get Shot At The State Line'

23:27 [Reuters] U.S. investigators propose review of flight controls after Asiana crash

23:28 [NPR] A New Jersey Law That's Kept Smart Guns Off Shelves Nationwide

23:28 [Voice of America] Trung Nguyen: Vietnam Makes First Payments to Riot-hit Companies

23:31 [zero hedge] The Simple Reason Why Everyone's Wrong On The 'Short Euro' Trade (Including Draghi)

23:33 [Telegraph] David Cameron taunted by Jean-Claude Juncker over 'lack of common sense'

23:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Missing Pieces in Analysis of Targeted-Killing Memo

23:35 [CNN: Money] What stresses the super rich

23:35 [CNN: Money] Is this government agency worth saving?

23:36 [Voice of America] Reuters: Harley Creates Buzz with Electric Bike, 'Hog' Fans Snort

23:37 [Big Think] Federal Court: Unvaccinated Children Don't Have Full Rights to Public Education

23:38 [Truthdig] It’s too Late, Mr. Kerry

23:38 [Sydney Morning Herald] Foster, Slater feud flares up again

23:40 [Voice of America] Reuters: Bob Dylan Lyrics for 'Like a Rolling Stone' Sell for $2M

23:42 [Voice of America] Fans in Rio Favela Celebrate Brazil World Cup Qualification

23:43 [zero hedge] From Polar Vortex To Solar Vortex: Globe Suffers Hottest May On Record

23:44 [Voice of America] VOA News: Gunmen Fire on Pakistani Flight; Killing 1

23:44 [CNN: Entertainment] Like Seacrest? You'll be seeing him more

23:44 [CNN: Entertainment] Couples who can't stay apart

23:44 [CNN: Entertainment] 'GOT:' Queen Elizabeth eyes hot seat

23:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HUFFPOLLSTER: What We Don't Know About Tuesday's Mississippi Runoff

23:47 [Reuters: politics] U.S. lawmakers - Egypt's 'descent toward despotism' risks U.S. aid

23:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Arizona Official Pressured To Resign After Calling Welfare Recipients 'Lazy Pigs'

23:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] When 'Do You Have Weapons?' Is Heard More Often In Schools Than 'Do You Have Dreams?'

23:51 [Telegraph] Bob Dylan lyrics fetch $2 million in New York auction

23:52 [CNN: Money] Madoff's accountant pleads guilty

23:54 [Fox News: politics] Fox News Poll: Most expect combat troops to return to Iraq as Obama’s foreign policy rating hits new low

23:54 [Fox News: politics] Fox News Poll: Voters say Obama 'disengaged,' US losing its standing

23:54 [Fox News: politics] Fox News Poll: Voters think IRS emails were deliberately destroyed

23:55 [Reuters: politics] U.S. 2015 war-funding request due to go to Congress soon: official

23:55 [Reuters: politics] Bill Clinton defends Hillary, says she 'not out of touch'

23:55 [Reuters] Bill Clinton defends Hillary, says she 'not out of touch'

23:55 [Reuters] Washington state moves to keep recreational pot from kids

23:57 [Mother Jones] Arab Spring-Inspired Show "Tyrant" Had Plenty of Muslim, Arab Input

23:58 [NPR] 'Natural' Food Sounds Good But Doesn't Mean Much

23:58 [CNN] China aims to build the next tallest building

23:58 [CNN] Crisis in Iraq: Latest developments

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