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00:01 [The Hindu - News] More farmers, fishermen to tap information on monsoon and markets over mobiles

00:01 [CNN] Exclusive: 'I believe he is at peace,' Nelson Mandela's daughter says

00:03 [Disinformation] Rock-head! Man Thinks He Found a Bigfoot Skull

00:08 [AL JAZEERA] Nelson Mandela in critical condition

00:09 [The Hindu - News] Cost of food for schoolchildren goes up in Karnataka

00:09 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: For Obama, a world of Snowden troubles

00:09 [Reuters] Mandela's health worsens, condition now 'critical'

00:09 [Reuters] Analysis: For Obama, a world of Snowden troubles

00:11 [The Independent] Spending review: George Osborne finalises deals with Cabinet ministers on budgets that will cut £11.5bn from spending

00:11 [The Independent] Anger at Monmouthshire council limits on rubbish bags

00:11 [The Independent] Archbishop Justin Welby’s stance on Israel and Palestine raised by Middle East visit

00:11 [The Independent] Former minister Lord Fraser dies

00:11 [The Independent] Virtual reality strolls through Devon countryside tested as pain relief on soldiers with worst injuries

00:11 [The Hindu - News] Kumaraswamy meets Governor, says it was a courtesy call

00:11 [zero hedge] On Bullying Friends

00:13 [OpEdNews] Why Sharing News About Solutions Is a Revolutionary Act

00:13 [Spiegel] Unwitting Guinea Pigs: EU Seeks To Reduce Patient Protection in Medical Trials

00:13 [The Hindu - News] H.K. Patil invites Gandhians to advise on rural development

00:17 [The Hindu - News] CET seat allotment likely from month-end for Karnataka candidates

00:18 [OpEdNews] Yes Magazine: From Housing to Health Care, 7 Co-ops That Are Changing Our Economy

00:19 [Fox News] South African government: Nelson Mandela critical

00:19 [The Hindu - News] Five, including a child, die as van collides with lorry

00:23 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka excise police seize 4kg charas, six arrested

00:24 [straight] Malcolm Parry photo exhibit captures modern history of Vancouver /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/mac%20parry%2015.jpg

00:27 [Raw Story] Texas Republican swears gun Tweet was actually about unarmed fetuses

00:28 [Disinformation] Exclusive Video: WikiLeaks Lawyer Confirms Snowden Lands In Russia; Seeks Asylum in Unnamed Country

00:28 [AL JAZEERA] Qatari emir to meet ruling family members

00:28 [Russia Today] US 'disappointed' with Hong Kong, kindly asks Latin American countries to stop Snowden

00:30 [Deutsche Welle] Nelson Mandela’s health deteriorates to 'critical'

00:32 [zero hedge] David Kotok: Report from Leen’s Lodge

00:33 [OpEdNews] This Really Is Big Brother: The Leak Nobody's Noticed

00:33 [msnbc: politics] The human side of immigration reform

00:33 [msnbc: politics] Low wages and high priorities

00:33 [msnbc: politics] Only 1,234 days left

00:33 [msnbc: politics] To the moon, Boehner!

00:33 [msnbc: politics] Ben & Jerry's co-founder stamps the money out of politics

00:36 [AlterNet] Powerful New York Prosecutors Under Scrutiny As Many Convictions of Likely Dirty Cop Are Probed

00:36 [AlterNet] Female Masturbation? There's an App for That

00:36 [] Rockets fired from Gaza land in southern Israel

00:37 [Raw Story] Police infiltration of Greenpeace sparked Britain’s ‘McLibel’ scandal

00:37 [Truthdig] Hundreds Gather for Public Banking and Economic Justice

00:40 [Telegraph] Body of James Gandolfini flown back to US

00:41 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka excise police seize 4 kg charas, six arrested

00:42 [Global Voices] Salafists Attack Shia Homes in Egypt, Killing Four

00:43 [The Hindu - News] Nelson Mandela in critical condition

00:44 [CNN] 'Crimes of the Centrury': Watch the full premiere here

00:44 [Voice of America] Mandela's Health Condition Deteriorates to "Critical"

00:45 [The Hindu - News] Kabul wants answers on Taliban Qatar office

00:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sanjay Sanghoee: Why Edward Snowden Should Be Applauded -- But Stand Trial

00:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dana Radcliffe: Gun Makers See No Problem Selling for Self-Defense and Allowing Sales to Criminals

00:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Urizenus Sklar: Barrett Brown vs. the Private Intelligence Business

00:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joel K. Goldstein: Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Leadership

00:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Neil McCarthy: Meta-Data

00:49 [The Atlantic: International] Why Edward Snowden Is Looking to Ecuador for Asylum

00:51 [] Rockets fired from Gaza land in southern Israel after weeks of relative calm

00:51 [straight] Femen demonstrators go after French president Francois Hollande /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/media-youtube/pyg5jYdP6ZU.jpg

00:53 [zero hedge] The Biggest Prospective Housing Bubble Cities In The US

00:58 [Slashdot] Google Preparing "Google Mine" For Organizing and Sharing Your Stuff On Google+

01:00 [CNN] 'Devious Maids': The controversy behind the new Lifetime drama

01:01 [Guardian] Device outside mosque was bomb

01:03 [Disinformation] Ancient Native American Rock Art Reflects Complex Cosmological Belief System

01:10 [Telegraph] Wiltshire hillside transformed into giant illuminated breast

01:10 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela 'critical' in South Africa hospital

01:10 [Telegraph] Syria: rebels heed lesson of Qusayr to drive back Assad forces in Aleppo

01:12 [The Independent] Postcard from... Brussels

01:15 [Reuters] U.S. warns countries against Snowden travel

01:17 [Guardian] North Circular air pollution worst in London, emissions figures show

01:18 [CBC: politics] Peace Bridge dispute won't derail border plan, Doer says

01:20 [Fox News] US Revokes Snowden's Passport /i/redes/icon-video.gif

01:20 [Fox News] 'DEAD ON ARRIVAL':Paul Predicts Immigration Bill Doomed in House /i/redes/icon-video.gif

01:20 [Fox News] IVY LEAGUE CONS:Ex-Prisoners Run Social Work Program at Columbia

01:32 [Voice of America] Polls Close in Albania's National Election

01:33 [BBC: Health] Antidepressants 'risk to babies'

01:36 [BBC: Education] Foreign students 'feel less welcome'

01:43 [The Independent] Pressure grows on Lord Leveson to explain why he ignored hacking beyond the press

01:45 [BBC: Education] Mutilation victim 'aged just seven'

01:50 [CNN: Entertainment] The controversy behind 'Devious Maids'

01:57 [Telegraph] US 'disappointed' that Hong Kong refused to arrest Edward Snowden

02:01 [Sydney Morning Herald] Did Beale's boots cost the Wallabies?

02:02 [Raw Story] Watch live: Texas lawmakers debate whether to close nearly all abortion clinics

02:03 [Disinformation] Facts About The “Free” Market That Will Blow Your Mind

02:04 [AL JAZEERA] Violence mars Albania's general election

02:07 [zero hedge] JPMorgan Out-Squids Goldman As Frenkel Tentacles The Bank Of Israel

02:11 [Slashdot] The Aging of Our Nuclear Power Plants Is Not So Graceful

02:13 [Telegraph] Qatar's Emir to transfer power to son

02:13 [OpEdNews] Apartheid at NYU? Prof. Michael Rectenwald Is Afraid So - Part 2

02:13 [OpEdNews] The Right's Dubious Claim to Madison

02:14 [Reuters] U.S. warns countries against Snowden travel

02:16 [Topix Activism News] Marita Noon: Cheap Energy: A Human Right Killed By Bad Obama Math

02:25 [CBC: politics] Liberal cabinet minister Laurel Broten quits

02:29 [Telegraph] Cleaner air linked to more hurricanes

02:29 [Telegraph] Gang of non-students gatecrashed Oxbridge balls

02:29 [Telegraph] Patients should pay for health 'extras' themselves, say doctors

02:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] Wild weather heading to Sydney

02:41 [zero hedge] Neil Howe: "The Fourth Turning Has Arrived"

02:41 [] Abbas starts looking for new PM; top aides seen as front-runners

02:56 [CNET News] Watch the full supermoon in HD here

02:58 [CNET News] Bitcoin Foundation ordered to cease operations in California

02:58 [Guardian] Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador amid diplomatic storm

02:58 [Guardian] NSPCC launches helpline to protect girls from female genital mutilation

02:58 [Guardian] Glastonbury to provide festivalgoers with Wi-Fi via eco-tractor

02:58 [Guardian] Audi's 12th Le Mans win in 13 years clouded by death of Allan Simonsen

03:01 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Ball is in Kevin Rudd's court'

03:07 [CNN] 5-year-old girl in New Orleans dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

03:08 [BBC: Health] Virtual therapy for social anxiety

03:09 [Anarchist news] Bristol: FAI / Borderless Solidarity Cell torch 6 vehicles at UKBA crime team building & smash Tascor transporters (UK)

03:11 [zero hedge] The BIS Chart That Abe And Kuroda Would Rather You Didn't See

03:12 [] On the streets and in the courts, Egypt's Morsi is under siege

03:12 [Raw Story] Study finds H7N9 bird flu killed 1/3 of those infected

03:12 [Raw Story] Turkish transsexuals join popular protest marches

03:15 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel's conservatives agree election promises

03:17 [Fox News] FINAL BARNSTORM:Gomez Seeks Undecided In Mass. Senate Race

03:18 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mickey Arthur sacked on eve of Ashes

03:32 [Guardian] Qatar prepares for leadership handover

03:32 [Guardian] Gunmen kill at least nine foreigners in Pakistan

03:34 [Sydney Morning Herald] Australia coach sacked on eve of Ashes

03:36 [CNN] Lawmakers say tenuous ties shaken as Snowden lands in Russia

03:42 [Raw Story] Verdict looms in Berlusconi sex trial

03:45 [AL JAZEERA] Verdict due in Berlusconi underage sex trial

03:57 [] Rat-faced no more: Israeli scientists get rats of booze

04:09 [CNET News] Facebook reportedly working on mobile news-delivery service

04:09 [zero hedge] David Stockman's Non-Recovery Part 5: Peak Debt And The Wages Of Keynesian Sin

04:10 [Reuters] Police remove flagpole at center of Afghan, Taliban row

04:10 [Guardian] Mickey Arthur 'sacked' as Australia coach weeks before the Ashes

04:15 [Reuters] Analysis: For Obama, a world of Snowden troubles

04:17 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: For Obama, a world of Snowden troubles

04:18 [Disinformation] Dungeons & Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs

04:19 [CNN] Gandolfini funeral set for Thursday in NY

04:21 [Reuters] Syrian rebels renew fight for Aleppo

04:21 [Reuters] Erdogan defends riot police tactics in Turkey protests

04:23 [OpEdNews] In Yemen, Most Al Qaeda can be Captured, but Killing is Easier

04:26 [Reuters] Scattered, smaller protests continue in dozens of Brazilian cities

04:28 [OpEdNews] Snowden's escape: China, Hong Kong and Russia Foil US Attempt to Silence NSA Whistleblower

04:29 [Russia Today] Privacy services companies stand up against Big Brother

04:36 [Slate Magazine] Supreme Court 2013: The Year in Review

04:41 [AL JAZEERA] Deaths reported in Egypt sectarian attack

04:42 [] Bill bans strikes at vital Israeli government monopolies

04:42 [Guardian] Mickey Arthur sacked as Australia coach weeks before the Ashes

04:46 [The Nation] After Mandela

04:47 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela's health problems

04:47 [Telegraph] Nik Wallenda crosses Grand Canyon on high wire

04:50 [The Independent] Police hoped to ‘smear’ family of Stephen Lawrence, former officer claims

05:01 [Slashdot] PlayStation 4 Will Be Running Modified FreeBSD

05:03 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi faces verdict in underage sex trial

05:12 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

05:14 [The Hindu - News] Nelson Mandela in critical condition: Presidency

05:20 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:24 [AntiWar] Iraq: 43 Killed, including Saddam Executioner

05:27 [] Tabib’s headaches, Gaydamak’s legacy: Beitar Jerusalem’s new owner is inheriting a troubled history

05:32 [The Hindu - News] U.S. warns countries against sheltering Snowden

05:34 [OpEdNews] "Poor George, He Can't Help It . . ."

05:34 [CNN] Average pay of top bankers drops 10%

05:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I really will hurt her ... I will kill her'

05:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] The team is a divided, rudderless mess

05:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] Heavy rain on its way to Sydney

05:42 [The Hindu - News] City parks to get local trees

05:43 [CNN] Another 787 Dreamliner diverted

05:44 [The Hindu - News] 118 more to return today, 14 still stranded in hill State

05:46 [Fox News] 'Dead on Arrival': Rand Paul Predicts Immigration Bill Doomed in House /i/redes/icon-video.gif

05:46 [Fox News] ASYLUM IN ECUADOR?US Revokes Passport of NSA Leaker on the Run /i/redes/icon-video.gif

05:46 [Fox News] FINAL BARNSTORM:Gomez Courts Undecided In Mass. Senate Race

05:46 [Fox News] DEATH-DEFYING FEAT:Daredevil Does Tightrope Walk Near Grand Canyon

05:46 [The Hindu - News] Chennaiites mobilise for flood victims

05:47 [] Access Industries offers to take Clal Industries private

05:48 [The Hindu - News] Tales of woe, smiles of relief as more return

05:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Brian Rooney: Where's Waldo Snowden?

05:49 [Global Voices] Video Exposes Lavish Lifestyle of Thai Monks

05:53 [CNN] Gunmen kill 11 at base camp in Pakistan

05:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Combet contradicts PM as leadership crisis rumbles on

06:01 [AntiWar] Edward Snowden, A Modern Paul Revere

06:01 [AntiWar] What We Have Learned From Afghanistan

06:02 [Big Think] The Pursuit of Happiness

06:05 [The Hindu - News] ‘Rural posting is not solution to vacancies’

06:05 [Deutsche Welle] Egyptian army chief warns of intervention

06:08 [CNN] 'Climate bomb' warning over China coolant release

06:09 [CNN] The Zimmerman trial: What you need to know

06:09 [CNN] Nelson Mandela in critical condition an anxious nation waits

06:17 [The Hindu - News] Photojournalist killed in elephant attack

06:17 [The Hindu - News] A one-stop solution to power-related woes soon

06:21 [Reuters] When the Ben and Beijing party comes to an end

06:23 [The Hindu - News] Extra edge for urban students with ‘rural’ tag

06:23 [The Hindu - News] Makala Mane centres drawthe ire of anganwadi workers

06:26 [Topix Activism News] Iranian labour activist dies after heart attack in prison

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Activity cards in more languages now

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Dharwad residents stranded in Uttarakhand make it to safety

06:28 [AlterNet] 6 Facts About Hunger That Demonstrate the Shameful Excesses of American Capitalism

06:29 [Voice of America] Man Walks Across Grand Canyon on Tightrope

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Another oil leak in north Chennai, pipeline fixed

06:29 [CNET News] Apple notifies parents of in-app purchase settlement details

06:31 [CNN] Another 787 Dreamliner diverted for mechanical problem

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Kalachara pattu: win-win for Co-optex, weavers

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Ibrahim Roza suffers from authorities’ neglect

06:32 [Reuters] Mandela's health worsens, condition now 'critical'

06:37 [The Hindu - News] Important level crossing shut due to overbridge work

06:38 [Reuters: politics] White House says expects Russian government to look at all options available to expel Snowden back to U.S.

06:39 [The Hindu - News] Inter-caste couple excommunicated in Dharmapuri

06:39 [The Hindu - News] State plans to set up fast-track court to try rape case

06:40 [Sydney Morning Herald] PM defiant as pressure mounts

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Krishnaprasad: Task force report in cold storage

06:41 [The Hindu - News] DNA of Uttarakhand flood victims being preserved

06:41 [The Hindu - News] The dead have no place to rest here

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Uttarakhand floods: TN govt. offers Rs. 5 crore

06:45 [The Hindu - News] More pilgrims from Karnataka moved to safety

06:45 [Fox News] MAN ON THE RUN:US Lawmakers Warn Potential Snowden Havens /i/redes/icon-video.gif

06:49 [The Hindu - News] Fraudsters hack toll-free number, dupe customers

06:49 [Reuters] Snowden expected to fly to Cuba, U.S. urges his detention

06:51 [The Hindu - News] What security? Fifth digital display unit stolen from railway station

06:51 [The Hindu - News] Yellow fever shot farce at airport makes Bangalorean see red

06:55 [Reuters: politics] White House expects Russia to look at all options to expel Snowden back to U.S.

06:57 [Raw Story] Drug Policy Alliance: Marijuana reform ‘is not a laughing matter’ in 2013

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Madras HC: 'SHRC cannot enquire into a violation after expiry of one year'

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Monsoon filling up Peppara dam

06:59 [CNN] U.S. says it expects Russia to consider expelling Snowden

07:02 [CNN: Money] China's credit squeeze spooks markets

07:02 [The Hindu - News] Mafia trying to grab land: School authorities

07:04 [The Hindu - News] SFI, Aam Aadmi activists protest Manipal gang-rape

07:06 [Telegraph] Ecuador analysing Edward Snowden's asylum request

07:07 [Fox News: politics] Ecuador says it is 'analyzing' NSA leaker Snowden's request for asylum

07:07 [Fox News: politics] Lawmakers rebuke Snowden for fleeing, send message to countries that might provide haven

07:08 [The Hindu - News] Kozhikode pond saved from the brink

07:08 [The Hindu - News] Sushilkumar Shinde and P.Chidambaram inaugurate CISF camp near Karaikudi

07:10 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Baseball player becomes opera star

07:11 [CNN: Money] 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck

07:19 [AL JAZEERA] Japan's ruling bloc sweeps Tokyo vote

07:20 [The Hindu - News] Bhumana takes to the streets

07:20 [The Hindu - News] Government mulls airlifting AP pilgrims from Dehradun

07:20 [Guardian] Silvio Berlusconi's underage sex trial verdict expected

07:20 [Deutsche Welle] IT expert Constanze Kurz: Surveillance programs deeply 'ominous'

07:21 [Fox News] �DEAD ON ARRIVAL�: Paul Predicts Immigration Bill Doomed in House /i/redes/icon-video.gif

07:22 [Telegraph] Foreign aid is an investment in our future

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Proposed cut in levy rice procurement comes as a dampner

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Promotion cannot be withheld because of the mere pendency of investigation, rules CAT

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Choked by concrete, urban trees face slow death in Tamil Nadu

07:27 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'That's a view there buddy'

07:27 [Sydney Morning Herald] Markets Live: Downward spiral continues

07:27 [Sydney Morning Herald] Why sacked Mickey Arthur had to go

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Gonds shocked as four youths accused of robbery

07:30 [Deutsche Welle] US daredevil Wallenda crosses Grand Canyon on tightrope

07:32 [] Ultra-Orthodox Jews shun Jerusalem's supposedly 'modest' shopping mall

07:34 [The Hindu - News] TNERC tariff order disappoints farmers, textile mills

07:35 [AL JAZEERA] Ecuador 'analysing' Snowden asylum request

07:38 [The Hindu - News] More Tamil Nadu farmers, fishermen to tap information on monsoon and markets over mobiles

07:39 [CNN] Actress in critical condition after acid attack in Pakistan

07:39 [CNN] U.S. urges Russia to expel Snowden

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Horticulture Department to set up 50 farm-fresh vegetable outlets in Chennai

07:46 [BBC: Entertainment] Sir John Tavener: 'Sudden death at any time'

07:46 [The Hindu - News] Severe weather in Kerala till Tuesday

07:48 [The Hindu - News] Floods disrupt power generation

07:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Thicke and Kanye are number one

07:51 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistani Taliban claim attack on foreigners

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Haripad club wins boat race

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Rs.12.60 crore to protect Eravipuram coast

07:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] Murderer's pasta sauce alibi fails to convince jury

07:58 [Fin24 News] Mining hostels are an insult - Ramphele

07:59 [OpEdNews] Edward Snowden, A Modern Paul Revere

08:01 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Cows to rare orchids: CAP explained

08:01 [Slate Magazine] Mad Men, Season 6

08:02 [Raw Story] National Domestic Workers Alliance’s Ai-Jen Poo: ‘There’s a lot of cultural resistance to the notion that we’re aging’

08:03 [The Hindu - News] Vizhinjam project and coastal challenges

08:06 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Cows to rare orchids: Farming row

08:06 [Reuters] Analysis: Electing the EU Commission chief - a dumb bright idea?

08:08 [Telegraph] Mother arrested in Spain after baby found in drain

08:08 [Telegraph] Letting children watch hours of TV improves academic ability, study claims

08:09 [The Hindu - News] Jumbos stray into outskirts of Bangalore, trample one villager

08:09 [AL JAZEERA] India floods death toll soars to 1,000

08:12 [Reuters] South Africans resigned over 'critical' Mandela

08:12 [Slashdot] California Sends a Cease and Desist Order To the Bitcoin Foundation

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Do your bit

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Jambukeswarar temple’s 1,000 pillar mandapam renovation work begins

08:15 [Deutsche Welle] For Rousseff, tough questions on protesters' demands abound

08:18 [Fox News] Jamaicans rally in support of anti-sodomy law

08:18 [Fox News] Husband killed after confronting gunman to save wife- Customer shoots, kills robber outside Atlanta shop

08:18 [Fox News] Mass. couple's 2001 message in a bottle found

08:18 [Fox News] NJ man murdered after responding to Craigslist ad

08:18 [Fox News] Wash. cops investigating high school hazing ritual

08:18 [Fox News] Cold case playing cards let inmates assist police

08:18 [Fox News] Calgary residents allowed to return as floods recede

08:18 [Fox News] American among tourists gunned down in Pakistan

08:18 [Fox News] Indiana man shoots, kills leopard roaming his property

08:19 [The Hindu - News] NSA leaker Snowden expected to fly to Cuba

08:20 [Fin24 News] Cosatu to protest against e-tolling

08:21 [The Hindu - News] In the temple of language

08:21 [CNN] Man tries to rob people in line for Lebron James sneakers; is killed

08:22 [] Tires slashed, graffiti sprayed in fourth suspected 'price tag' attack in a month

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Broadcasting non-violence

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Snowden expected to fly to Cuba

08:24 [Telegraph] It's still 'who you know not what you know that matters', say two thirds of Britons

08:24 [Telegraph] Owners could face court if dog bites child fetching a ball

08:24 [Telegraph] Humanist marriage move could open way to surge in sham weddings, claim registrars

08:24 [Telegraph] Social workers admit 'fiddling the system' to get care for frail elderly

08:24 [Telegraph] Egyptian Islamist resigns as governor of Luxor

08:25 [The Hindu - News] HC allows petition challenging G.O. on minority status renewal

08:26 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:29 [The Hindu - News] DU sports trials begin amid confusion

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Training programmes to handle medical emergencies launched in Coimbatore

08:31 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Giant panda twins born in China

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Disaster helplines flooded

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Senior citizen drugged; robbed of car, cash

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Sonia, Rahul flag off relief material for Uttarakhand

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi roads: A grazing ground for animals

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Relief pours in for some, others left high and dry

08:41 [CNN] 'Hazardous' haze forces Malaysia to shut schools

08:42 [The Independent] Walsall mosque attack: Counter-terror police drafted in

08:43 [The Hindu - News] Cash stolen from a pawn shop at Adyar

08:44 [Sydney Morning Herald] Markets Live: Miners drag on index

08:45 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi pilgrims recount nature’s fury at Uttarakhand

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Many trains between Tiruchi and Thanjavur cancelled, regulated

08:47 [The Hindu - News] BJP uses development plank for Muslims

08:48 [BBC: Health] What is it like to be sectioned?

08:51 [The Hindu - News] 'Sri Venkateswara Vrathakalpam' in Tamil released

08:52 [Truthdig] The Eternal Rebel: Ronnie Kasrils

08:52 [BBC: Health] Samuel L. Jackson's cancer warning

08:52 [BBC: Education] Obesity: 'Give PE top school status'

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi gets back Rockfort Express

08:59 [Voice of America] Israeli Military Strikes Targets in Gaza

08:59 [The Hindu - News] Thiruvananthapuram schools closed for two days

08:59 [The Hindu - News] Legal action against those dumping waste near airport

09:02 [The Hindu - News] Rain and ban add to their daily toil

09:03 [Disinformation] Caught on Tape: Karate Student Brutally Attacks Mentally Challenged Man

09:04 [The Hindu - News] Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza Strip

09:04 [zero hedge] China Crashing: Shanghai Composite Tumbles Most Since 2009

09:08 [The Hindu - News] Keep an eye on your child’s vision

09:10 [The Hindu - News] Complaint boxes to be opened

09:10 [The Hindu - News] Fresh rain, landslips hamper rescue work in Uttarakhand

09:10 [The Hindu - News] Pantry car workers booked

09:12 [NPR] Why The AR-15 Is More Than Just A Gun

09:12 [NPR] Depression May Increase The Risk Of Dementia Later On

09:12 [NPR] Gloomy Thinking Can Be Contagious

09:13 [Guardian] Google confirms Waze acquisition being investigated by US FTC

09:13 [Pravda] Railguns, weapons of future

09:14 [The Hindu - News] They find the circular ‘laughable’

09:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] Court issues arrest warrant for Wallaby

09:15 [BBC: Technology] Snowden poised to fly out of Moscow

09:15 [Global Voices] Hong Kong: Hundreds of Account Deleted in Popular Online Forum

09:15 [CNET News] Now it's Microsoft's turn to rally developers

09:17 [NPR] Gloomy Thinking Can Be Contagious

09:17 [NPR] For Sharpest Views, Scope The Sky With Quick-Change Mirrors

09:17 [NPR] In Chicago, Public Housing Experiment Enters New Phase

09:17 [NPR] Can An Old Massachusetts Fishing Port Light The World Again?

09:17 [NPR] Proposed Changes In Organ Donation Stir Debate

09:19 [Guardian] Nelson Mandela: former South African president in 'critical' condition

09:19 [Guardian] Police 'smear' campaign targeted Stephen Lawrence's friends and family

09:19 [AL JAZEERA] Israeli warplane targets Gaza Strip

09:20 [The Hindu - News] Loss put at Rs.9 crore

09:20 [The Hindu - News] Ministers disappoint Congress cadre in Madurai

09:22 [The Hindu - News] Rains: Loss put at Rs.9 crore

09:23 [Guardian] Edward Snowden: diplomatic storm swirls as whistleblower seeks asylum in Ecuador

09:23 [] In tough market, Israeli physiotherapists moonlighting as waiters

09:23 [] Progressive rabbi to head center-right ticket in Argentinian national election

09:23 [] Hebrew-dubbed 'Pinocchio' to screen at Tel Aviv international film festival

09:23 [] Survey predicts sweeping victory for Ron Huldai in Tel Aviv mayoral race

09:23 [CNN] Spain seal top spot in Group B; Uruguay rout minnows Tahiti

09:26 [The Hindu - News] Aavin Madurai churns out a success story amidst fierce competition

09:26 [Telegraph] Divorce: 'It's not the economy, stupid' - think-tank

09:26 [Financial Times] Berlusconi awaits sex trial verdict

09:26 [CNN] Man tries to rob people in line for Lebron James sneakers, is killed

09:27 [AL JAZEERA] India plans mass cremation for flood victims

09:27 [Financial Times] Mandela’s health deteriorates further

09:27 [Financial Times] Egypt’s army cautions on civil war threat

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Rain, landslips hamper Uttarakhand rescue work

09:29 [Pravda] Saint Obama of the digital inquisition: God contacts Rome, Christ holds press conference

09:30 [Global Voices] China: Keywords Unblocked in Weibo

09:30 [The Hindu - News] Car rams into the wall of a house near Vadipatti

09:32 [New Internationalist] Country Profile: Malawi

09:34 [Reuters] Russia defiant as U.S. raises pressure over Snowden

09:34 [CNN] Transgendered 1st grader wins the right to use boy's restroom

09:39 [] Turkey Photo: Under the Eyes of Ataturk

09:39 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Calm day after a roller coaster week

09:43 [CNN] 12 Lebanese troops killed in clashes with Sunni radicals

09:44 [CNN] Reports: Australian cricket coach axed ahead of Ashes

09:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bike path blackspot costing cash

09:47 [Fox News] 'Dead on Arrival': Sen. Paul Predicts Immigration Bill Doomed in House /i/redes/icon-video.gif

09:47 [Fox News] MAN ON THE RUN: US Lawmakers Warn Potential Snowden Havens /i/redes/icon-video.gif

09:47 [Fox News] ROCK-ING OUT: NASA Asks Amateurs To Help Find Asteroids /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

09:47 [Fox News] DEATH-DEFYING FEAT:Daredevil Does Tightrope Walk Near Grand Canyon

09:53 [CNN] Transgendered 1st grader wins the right to use girls' restroom

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Julia not darling of Australians

09:55 [AL JAZEERA] Musharraf 'should face trial for treason'

09:55 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly fighting rages in Lebanon

09:56 [Telegraph] Ecuador considering Edward Snowden's asylum request

09:59 [Fin24 News] Rand hit by Mandela health fears

09:59 [The Independent] Don't look down! Nik Wallenda crosses the Grand Canyon on just two inches of steel rope

10:03 [The Hindu - News] Elderly couple from Coimbatore walk miles from Uttarkashi to reach home

10:04 [Reuters] White House expects Russia to look at all options to expel Snowden back to U.S.

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Arjun Balu enthrals home crowd

10:05 [Guardian] Israeli planes pound Gaza targets after rocket attack

10:06 [New Statesman] The social care system is on its knees: what is the Chancellor going to do?

10:06 [New Statesman] Labour promises higher benefits for older people, but who will pay?

10:08 [] 12 soldiers killed in second day of clashes in Lebanon

10:10 [BBC: Entertainment] Taking a fresh look at LS Lowry

10:11 [The Hindu - News] NLC disinvestment could lead to labour unrest, says CM

10:11 [Guardian] Eurozone government bond sell-off continues as China's stock market tumbles - live

10:13 [The Hindu - News] Corporation asked to repair Sathyamangalam—Sanganoor junction

10:15 [Fox News] Ecuador Says It Is 'Analyzing' NSA Leaker Snowden's Request for Asylum /i/redes/icon-video.gif

10:15 [Fox News] 'DEAD ON ARRIVAL': Paul Predicts Immigration Bill Doomed in House /i/redes/icon-video.gif

10:15 [The Independent] Glastonbury 2013: Festival-goers to get online with the help a tractor

10:15 [The Independent] From North West to number one: Kanye West continues to fly high by topping the UK album charts with Yeezus

10:15 [Global Voices] Dignity before Visa, Says Senegalese Prize Winner to France

10:16 [New Statesman] Morning Wrap: today's top business stories

10:17 [The Hindu - News] Car plunges into Ukkadam Big Tank

10:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] What does $25,000 a night buy you?

10:19 [The Hindu - News] SC dismisses Mamata Govt. plea against Calcutta HC order

10:22 [New Statesman] UK and China sign £21bn currency deal

10:22 [New Statesman] Rosneft signs $270bn oil deal with CNPC

10:22 [BBC: Health] Mutilation victim 'aged just seven'

10:23 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi hospital links its ICU care with Chennai centre

10:25 [The Hindu - News] Coconut cultivation can be a lucrative option, says farm varsity V-C

10:27 [New Statesman] Rio Tinto will keep diamond business

10:27 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi farmers’ association demands constitution of CMB, CRA on priority

10:28 [BBC: Entertainment] Monsters trounce Superman in cinemas

10:29 [The Hindu - News] Mangalore University to open its second PG centre in Belapu

10:30 [The Independent] When Will I Be Famous: Matt Goss revamps famous Bros tunes for big band

10:31 [Deutsche Welle] Kabel Deutschland to accept Vodafone's raised bid

10:31 [The Hindu - News] Karthik Madhavan: Nam Tamizhar Katchi protestors removed from DSS college

10:32 [CNN: Money] China stocks crater as banks warned over credit

10:32 [CNN] UNESCO adds 19 new sites to World Heritage List

10:33 [Fin24 News] Minister appeals for peaceful wage talks

10:33 [The Hindu - News] Govinda’s home to be turned into museum

10:33 [The Hindu - News] ‘Amendments to police Act will lead to favouritism’

10:35 [The Hindu - News] Karthik Madhavan: Abandoned race horse rescued in Finger Post area

10:35 [Topix Activism News] Chinese activist warns Beijing against suppression

10:36 [Financial Times] Mandela’s health remains critical

10:37 [Fin24 News] Asian shares tank, China in liquity slump

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Rape shows misogynistic attitude of society: writers

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Rain in Kanyakumari district

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Government urged to revive SPIC, TAC in Tuticorin

10:39 [BBC: Entertainment] Stars gather for Winner memorial

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Two killed in accident near Nanguneri

10:40 [Financial Times] Snowden applies for Ecuador asylum

10:40 [Financial Times] Qatar set for orderly transition of power

10:41 [The Hindu - News] Good response to book fair

10:43 [Fin24 News] MTN boss Sifiso Dabengwa highest paid

10:45 [The Independent] Jim Carrey withdraws Kick-Ass 2 support attacking 'the level of violence' after Sandy Hook

10:45 [The Independent] The Voice 2013: Partially sighted singer Andrea Begley's victory 'unexplainable', says

10:47 [New Statesman] It's time to remember Tony Wilding, the first tennis superstar

10:47 [The Hindu - News] 2,044 qualify in Army recruitment rally

10:48 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Unseen Lowry works go on display

10:49 [Pravda] Permanent peace is the need of time, why politicize?

10:51 [Fox News] Ecuador Says It Is 'Analyzing' NSA Leaker Snowden's Asylum Request /i/redes/icon-video.gif

10:53 [AL JAZEERA] Mandela remains in critical condition

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Centre suffering from ‘multi-organ failure’: Sinha

10:56 [Deutsche Welle] Lebanese forces close in after all-night battle linked to Syria conflict

10:57 [The Hindu - News] Where film distribution once flourished

10:58 [] Rocket attack from Gaza is Islamic Jihad's way of settling score with Hamas

11:01 [The Independent] American owner of Beijing factory held hostage by Chinese workers over pay dispute

11:01 [The Independent] Stephen Lawrence spying claims: Prime Minister David Cameron calls for full investigation into allegations police wanted to 'smear' family of murdered teenager

11:02 [The Hindu - News] A different kind of sentiment

11:02 [The Hindu - News] Declaration of Uttarakhand floods as a national calamity likely: Chiru

11:02 [The Hindu - News] VMC to float City Development and Beautification Trust

11:08 [The Hindu - News] Sinha demands fresh elections in Jharkhand

11:10 [Voice of America] VOA News: Zuma: Mandela Remains in Critical Condition

11:10 [The Hindu - News] Case filed against Shinde, Chidambaram in AP over Telangana issue

11:14 [Slashdot] The Security Risks of HTML5 Development

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Kiran to open model school

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Yuvaraj seeks status report on PPP projects

11:17 [The Independent] Nelson Mandela 'at peace with himself,' says daughter

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Live neuro endoscopy workshop conducted

11:18 [Fox News] Nelson Mandela in critical condition, South Africa says

11:18 [CNN: Money] China banks warned over credit

11:19 [Guardian] George Zimmerman trial: case that 'awakened America from a stupor' begins in earnest

11:19 [Russia Today] NSA leaker Snowden’s plane to Cuba will pass through US airspace - source

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Olympic Run-2013 a hit

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Fresh lease of life

11:21 [Guardian] Stock markets fall after China crashes into bear market - live

11:22 [Spiegel] Prism Informant: Moscow Welcomes Snowden with Open Arms

11:24 [Voice of America] Chinese Dissident Visits Taipei, Says Taiwan Can Be Political Model for China

11:28 [] IDF special forces take part in surprise drill simulating terror attacks

11:31 [Guardian] Stephen Lawrence: Cameron deeply concerned by smear campaign claim

11:31 [Guardian] Undercover police officer: 'I spied on the Stephen Lawrence campaign' - video

11:32 [The Independent] Aircraft has been sent to aid survivors of Montenegro bus crash that has killed 18 and left more injured

11:32 [The Independent] Soul legend Bobby 'Blues' Bland dies aged 83

11:32 [New Statesman] Starbucks tax: “There is simply nothing to commend this outcome"

11:33 [Guardian] Doctors to kickstart debate about charging patients for NHS care

11:33 [Guardian] Lebanon: clashes between army and supporters of Sunni cleric continue

11:36 [Fox News: politics] Texas House approves abortion restrictions in early-morning vote

11:36 [CNN] 65,000 Calgary residents get to return home as flood waters recede

11:36 [CNN] Pakistan's PM: Musharraf should stand trial for treason

11:36 [Deutsche Welle] China shares slump in biggest post-financial crisis selloff

11:36 [Slate Magazine] A House Divided

11:37 [New Statesman] The central bankers' central bank raises fear of a new banking crisis

11:40 [Voice of America] Kerry Meets with Indian FM in New Delhi

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Musharraf should be tried for treason: Sharif

11:44 [Telegraph] Pakistan travel advice updated after tourists killed

11:44 [Telegraph] Builders at Manchester City stadium told to remove Man U shirts

11:44 [Telegraph] Police force saves £5million in private deal

11:44 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela remains 'critical', says Jacob Zuma

11:44 [Telegraph] Top rescue dog Mij retires after saving 14 lives

11:44 [Telegraph] NHS watchdog found criticism 'unwelcome', says Mid Staffs investigator

11:44 [Telegraph] Julia Gillard facing calls to be replaced by Kevin Rudd

11:44 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden: 'China middleman told him to flee'

11:44 [Telegraph] David Cameron orders police to investigate allegations they spied on Stephen Lawrence family

11:44 [Telegraph] Dreamliner makes emergency landing

11:44 [Telegraph] Surge in 'digital dementia'

11:48 [The Independent] Stranded in Uttarakhand: 50,000 trapped by flooding and landslides after 'Himalayan tsunami' hits India

11:48 [The Independent] Fugitive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Moscow en route to seek asylum in Ecuador

11:48 [The Independent] Vodafone to buy Germany's biggest cable operator Kabel Deutschland in £9.1bn deal

11:48 [The Independent] Nelson Mandela 'at peace with himself,' says daughter, as South Africa's hero remains in 'critical' condition

11:48 [The Independent] Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza Strip

11:48 [The Independent] David Cameron calls for investigation into claims police spied on and wanted to 'smear' family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence

11:48 [The Independent] Supermarkets cut fuel costs prompting price war

11:48 [The Independent] Government rail policy 'a nonsense' says RMT

11:48 [The Independent] Brushed aside by the chaos of conflict: A Crisis of Brilliance at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

11:51 [Slate Magazine] Craft Whiskey Isn’t Necessarily Better

11:56 [The Hindu - News] Ishrat case: Gujarat HC recuses to hear accused cop’s plea

11:58 [] Two days before Kerry visit, Netanyahu dedicates West Bank school

11:59 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Award goes to... 'Curly' Rae Jepsen

11:59 [CNN: Money] 2014: When the economy finally takes off

11:59 [CNN: Money] Shoe shine ladies: 'We're not Hooters'

11:59 [Russia Today] Russia mulls jail terms for rehabilitation of Nazism

12:02 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Hydrofluorocarbons: Finally, Something the U.S. and China Can Agree On

12:03 [Reuters] Vodafone agrees $10 billion Kabel Deutschland deal

12:04 [The Independent] 'Clare's Law': Police urge women to help identify domestic abusers, after low take-up of scheme

12:04 [The Independent] Police call home-made outside Walsall's Ashia Mosque a 'hate crime' and draft in counter-terror police

12:04 [The Independent] Constance Briscoe trial to appear to appear at crown court accused of providing inaccurate statements to police investigating Chris Huhne

12:04 [The Independent] Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi will learn his fate as bunga-bunga trial comes to a climax

12:04 [The Independent] James Gandolfini funeral to be held on Thursday

12:05 [BBC: Technology] Millions exposed by Facebook error

12:05 [CNN] A fair World Cup deal for Brazil?

12:06 [Global Voices] Palestinian Assaf Wins Arab Idol Singing Contest

12:06 [zero hedge] First Hong Kong, Now Russia Refuses To Intervene On Snowden

12:06 [CNN: Money] The next Mark Zuckerberg

12:09 [BBC: Science & Environment] O3b space constellation to launch

12:10 [Mother Jones] Drones As Folk Art /files/Mahwish_Chishty_04.630.jpg

12:10 [Mother Jones] Jose Antonio Vargas, Documenting Himself

12:10 [Mother Jones] A Pulitzer Prizewinner's Photos of the Early DC Punk Scene /files/HardArt.jpg.jpeg

12:10 [Mother Jones] Alela Diane's Powerful "About Farewell" /files/aleladianecover.jpg

12:10 [Mother Jones] Report: Subcontractors in Afghanistan Do Crazy Things When They Don't Get Paid

12:10 [Mother Jones] What to Expect From Obama's Big Climate Speech

12:10 [Mother Jones] Obama Finally—Finally!—Picks 2 Nominees for the Federal Election Commission

12:12 [Fin24 News] Building firms face R1.48bn bid-rig fine

12:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Family Ties creator dies aged 68

12:14 [Reuters] Italy's Berlusconi faces verdict in underage sex trial

12:14 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 24 June 2013

12:14 [Telegraph] Magistrate suspended after telling court how cannabis killed her brother

12:15 [CNN] Pakistani prime minister: Musharraf should stand trial for treason

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza Strip

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Rain, landslips hamper rescue work in Rudraprayag

12:15 [CNN: Money] Coolest cars under $18,000

12:17 [Guardian] Stock markets fall after China crashes into bear market territory - live

12:18 [BBC: Also in the news] VIDEO: Tightrope across US river gorge

12:19 [Guardian] Palestinian prime minister announces exit via Twitter after 20 days in the job

12:19 [] NDN Only Carrying Four Percent Of U.S. Military Traffic Out Of Afghanistan

12:20 [The Independent] Sirs Roger Moore and Michael Caine attend Michael Winner memorial service

12:20 [The Independent] Gus Poyet sacked as manager of Brighton & Hove Albion while working live on BBC Confederations Cup programme

12:20 [Fin24 News] Zuma: Obama's visit big for SA economy

12:20 [The Atlantic: International] How a Massive Nuclear Nonproliferation Effort Led to More Proliferation

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Sharma seeks global investments

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Antony to review Uttarakhand relief work, future reconstruction

12:21 [Fox News] ZIMMERMAN ON TRIAL: Both Sides to Give Opening Arguments in Murder Case /i/redes/icon-video.gif

12:21 [CNN: Money] Why the economy can't save stocks from Bernanke

12:22 [CNN] Royal Ascot Enclosure: Lords and My Fair Ladies

12:22 [CNN] Police make arrest in Alps killing

12:24 [Pravda] Snowden can't tolerate triple standards of US, UK and France

12:27 [CNN] Wallenda walks fine line high, high above river gorge

12:28 [Fin24 News] Building firms face R1.46bn bid-rig fine

12:28 [New Statesman] This isn't the Great Recession, it's the Great Uncertainty

12:28 [Good] The Grave Mistake Many Social Entrepreneurs Make, and How to Avoid It

12:28 [Good] What if We Taught Kids About Skin Color and Racism The Way We Teach Math?

12:28 [Good] Australia's Crucial Role in Fighting Climate Change

12:28 [Good] Resilient Cities Need Social Infrastructure Too

12:31 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi bunga bunga trial: six things you should know

12:31 [Telegraph] Leading black judge in court for perverting the course of justice

12:31 [Telegraph] Twinkies to return next month

12:32 [zero hedge] Capital Market Drivers

12:32 [CNN: Money] Track stock futures

12:33 [AL JAZEERA] Severe smog suffocates Malaysians

12:33 [The Hindu - News] Maharashtra chemists oppose drug panel’s decision

12:35 [Spiegel] Global Surveillance: The Public Must Fight for its Right to Privacy

12:35 [The Independent] Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza Strip after rocket attack, breaking relative calm

12:35 [The Independent] Breaking: Man arrested in connection with Annecy family murders

12:36 [Fox News: politics] Supreme Court could consider suit to block sales of high-ethanol gas blend

12:37 [Raw Story] Russia defiant as U.S. raises pressure over Snowden

12:39 [The Hindu - News] Aeroflot confirms Snowden’s journey to Cuba

12:39 [CNN: Money] The economy can't save stocks from Bernanke

12:39 [CNN: Money] The latest on Snowden, Nelson Mandela from CNN

12:40 [The Atlantic: Politics] Standing Athwart History Shouting, 'Okay, Spy On Us Constantly'

12:41 [Deutsche Welle] German exports on expansion course, industry group says

12:41 [Deutsche Welle] Rama’s Socialist opposition takes early lead in Albania count

12:42 [BBC: Entertainment] Carey refuses to support Kick-Ass 2

12:47 [The Hindu - News] Rains, landslides hamper rescue work

12:48 [New Statesman] By offering austerity in a red rosette, Labour is failing voters

12:49 [NPR] 'Everything Possible' Being Done For Ailing Nelson Mandela

12:49 [The Hindu - News] Left parties demand discussion before any decision on KG basin gas price

12:51 [Guardian] Chris Huhne trial: witness in court on related charges

12:52 [The Independent] Indian home minister says Uttarakhand flood death toll over 1,000 and still rising

12:52 [The Independent] Doctors will be warned against prescribing pregnant women antidepressants after link between the drugs and heart defects is discovered

12:52 [The Independent] Celebrity MasterChef 2013: Who will take the cake? Boxer Joe Calzaghe pitted against Janet Street-Porter and Boyzone's Shane Lynch

12:52 [The Independent] Music review: The Killers, Wembley Stadium, London - Brandon Flowers looks on Mr Brightside

12:53 [New Statesman] Miliband's offer of austerity in a red rosette is failing voters

12:55 [AL JAZEERA] Syria: Peace talks not for transferring power

12:56 [CNN: Money] China stocks crater

13:01 [Deutsche Welle] Germany's Ifo business index rises on industry outlook

13:02 [BBC: Health] Alert over petting farm sickness

13:02 [Fin24 News] Beware credit wolves, warns user

13:03 [Telegraph] US aims to salvage Afghan peace talks with trip to Hamid Karzai

13:03 [BBC: Technology] Hamster ball robot to aid farmers

13:04 [The Hindu - News] Rain, landslides hamper rescue work

13:07 [Raw Story] Murder trial begins in earnest in Trayvon Martin case

13:07 [Raw Story] Climate change making insurers reassess natural disaster policy

13:11 [Deutsche Welle] Bayern Munich unveil Pep Guardiola as new coach

13:11 [zero hedge] US Traders Walk In To Another Bloodbath

13:12 [The Hindu - News] Pen-demonium

13:12 [Voice of America] Ralph Jennings: Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Visits Taiwan

13:12 [Raw Story] U.S. envoy heads to Afghanistan to restart peace efforts

13:14 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Tamil Nadu

13:14 [The Hindu - News] What’s On – Delhi

13:16 [CNN] Defining Moments: Capturing our changing world

13:16 [CNN] Man tries to rob people in line for LeBron James sneakers, is killed

13:17 [Telegraph] Firemen buy £17,500 plastic 'hands on sticks' for safety campaign

13:17 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden: Has he left Russia?

13:17 [Telegraph] Council bans mum's balloon tribute to dead baby

13:17 [Telegraph] Defence firms claim thousands from government for parties and magicians

13:17 [Telegraph] Father who abused children wins right to stay in Britain

13:17 [Telegraph] Bingo players arrested in Portugal pub

13:18 [Fox News: politics] Sen. Sessions warns Senate poised to vote on immigration bill 'no one has read'

13:18 [New Statesman] Dragon's Den is giving young entrepeneurs the wrong idea

13:19 [CNN: Money] Double whammy for stocks

13:19 [CNN: Money] China stocks crater after bank warning

13:19 [CNN: Money] Coolest cars under $18,000

13:20 [] Where in the World Is Edward Snowden?

13:21 [CNN] Opinion: Why do we keep executing people?

13:21 [BBC: Entertainment] Carrey refuses to support Kick-Ass 2

13:22 [Raw Story] India to begin mass cremation of flood victims

13:23 [New Internationalist] The People’s Assembly unpicked

13:24 [CNN] Style in the sky: How cabin crew went couture

13:24 [Voice of America] Phil Mercer: Poll Shows Australians Wary of China

13:24 [The Independent] What really killed Amy Winehouse was the eating disorder bulimia, her brother Alex claims

13:24 [The Independent] Fugitive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden fails to turn up on flight from Moscow to Havana

13:26 [The Hindu - News] Court allows suspended DMDK members to vote in RS poll

13:27 [Raw Story] Experimental cancer drug put on hold after patient dies

13:27 [Guardian] Edward Snowden fails to show up for flight from Moscow to Havana – live coverage

13:27 [Financial Times] Seoul rocked by poll spying allegations

13:28 [Pravda] Four women athletes could be men

13:28 [Pravda] ISON (C/2012 S1) comet to create meteor shower

13:28 [Pravda] Over 38 percent of Americans suffer from Internet addiction

13:28 [New Statesman] Five questions answered on the Vodafone/Kabel offer

13:30 [NPR] Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? Still Russia, It Seems

13:32 [BBC: Science & Environment] Bloodhound diary: 1,000mph wheels

13:32 [CNN] 'Crimes of the Century': Watch the full premiere here

13:32 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: June 24

13:33 [Telegraph] Phone hacking at high-profile firms investigated by MPs

13:33 [Telegraph] Pakistan says Pervez Musharraf should face treason trial

13:33 [Telegraph] Brother of Alps massacre victim Saad Al-Hilli arrested

13:35 [NPR] Book News: The FBI Monitored Mexican Writer Carlos Fuentes

13:36 [Voice of America] Kerry, Indian FM Discuss Regional Security, Economics

13:36 [The Hindu - News] West Bengal panchayat polls not possible without adequate forces: SEC

13:40 [The Independent] Jim Carrey support for Kick-Ass 2 attacking 'the level of violence' after Sandy Hook

13:42 [Pravda] Nelson Mandela's condition deteriorates

13:42 [Pravda] Russia's Central Bank welcomes new leader of female sex

13:42 [Raw Story] New Jersey to lower flags in honor of James Gandolfini

13:42 [Raw Story] Somalis asks British bank not to cut off funds

13:42 [Raw Story] Snowden not aboard flight from Russia to Cuba: reports

13:43 [CNN: Money] Start the countdown! Twinkies return July 15

13:43 [msnbc: politics] Why Snowden needs to 'face the music' in the US

13:44 [The Hindu - News] Army convoy attacked ahead of PM's visit

13:45 [Fin24 News] Motlanthe: SA can be global economic hub

13:48 [BBC: Technology] Snowden is 'not on plane' to Cuba

13:48 [] Israeli authorities not ready for rapid expansion of recycling program

13:48 [] Case against Rabbi Metzger could weaken ultra-Orthodox bid for Chief Rabbinate

13:49 [New Statesman] Bitcoins seized by US government agency

13:49 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela 'at peace', says daughter

13:49 [Telegraph] Petrol price war as supermarkets make first cuts since May

13:51 [Financial Times] Snowden fails to board Cuba flight

13:51 [Fox News: politics] Obama leaves father's birthplace Kenya off itinerary for Africa trip

13:52 [The Hindu - News] Army convoy attacked ahead of PM's visit to Srinagar

13:53 [Spiegel] Turkish AKP Lawmaker: 'Germany Applies Double Standards'

13:54 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan to visit J&K on Tuesday

13:55 [msnbc: politics] SCOTUS expected to reveal hotly anticipated decisions

13:55 [The Independent] Jim Carrey withdraws support for 'violent' Kick-Ass 2 in the wake of Sandy Hook massacre

13:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘Secularitis’ afflicts Cong, allies: Rajnath

13:56 [The Hindu - News] Edward Snowden and the NSA files – story so far

13:57 [Slate Magazine] Connecting the Dots, Missing the Story

13:57 [Pravda] Mikhail Kalashnikov hospitalized in Moscow

13:59 [] Kazakhstan’s Saiga Success: Endangered Antelope Numbers Rise

14:00 [zero hedge] Snowden Not On Aeroflot Flight To Cuba

14:00 [zero hedge] Meanwhile The 10 Year...

14:00 [BBC: Entertainment] Les Dennis for Celebrity MasterChef

14:00 [The Hindu - News] DMDK opposes stake dilution in NLC

14:03 [The Hindu - News] Journey to the top

14:03 [CNN: Technology] 2013: The state of the startups

14:03 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden 'likely' to have left Russia

14:03 [Guardian] Wimbledon 2013: day one – live! | Xan Brooks

14:03 [Guardian] French Alps murders: man arrested over murder of British family

14:05 [Telegraph] Lloyds TSB customers locked out of business accounts

14:05 [Telegraph] Syria: Ed Miliband to attend National Security Council meeting on Tuesday

14:06 [msnbc: politics] In Mass. Senate race, Gabriel Gomez is no Scott Brown

14:07 [The Hindu - News] Laws of relationships

14:08 [CNN: Money] Twinkies return in 3 weeks

14:11 [The Hindu - News] Of people and inspiring stories

14:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Friend: Gandolfini remains leaving Rome

14:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Mendes sex tape hits the Web

14:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Deen's contract not renewed

14:11 [CNN: Politics] Art of the Court Sketch

14:11 [CNN: Politics] Debate over Voting Rights Act in 2013

14:11 [CNN: Politics] The Supreme Court's closing act

14:11 [CNN: Politics] Veterans of forgotten voting war count the cost

14:11 [CNN: Politics] High court poised for a week of high-stakes rulings

14:11 [CNN: Politics] POW Bergdahl's parents agonize for four years

14:11 [CNN: Politics] Snowden, U.S. in intercontinental game of cat-and-mouse

14:12 [The Independent] Video: Stephen Lawrence's mother Doreen speaks about smear campaign

14:12 [The Independent] Rapist cab driver sent to prison

14:12 [The Independent] Just how did he do it? Magician Dynamo sails through London mid-air on the side of a double decker bus

14:13 [Spiegel] The End of Brazil's Boom: Inflation and Corruption Fuel Revolt

14:13 [CBC: politics] Bell accused of breaking labour law with unpaid interns

14:14 [CNN: Travel] Another 787 Dreamliner diverted

14:14 [CBC: politics] 'Like nothing we've ever seen before,' says Premier on floods

14:15 [The Hindu - News] Rescue work still underway

14:15 [NPR] Top Stories: Prayers For Mandela; Waiting For Supreme Court

14:15 [AL JAZEERA] Edward Snowden 'likely to have left Russia'

14:15 [CNET News] Shipments of PCs, tablets, mobile phones rise 6 percent, says Gartner

14:16 [Deutsche Welle] Blame game over haze in Southeast Asia

14:17 [msnbc: politics] Fmr. CIA director: Snowden caused 'substantial' harm to US security

14:17 [CNN: Entertainment] Gandolfini funeral set for Thursday

14:18 [Voice of America] Anjana Pasricha: Bad Weather Hampers India Flood Rescue Effort

14:21 [Telegraph] Chinese girls found dead after starving to death

14:21 [Telegraph] Stephen Lawrence family 'shocked' by police spying claims

14:21 [Guardian] Doctors pass motion of no confidence in health secretary Jeremy Hunt

14:23 [The Hindu - News] What’s On – Chennai

14:24 [zero hedge] Moody's Retaliates At Hong Kong For Snowden Insubordination

14:26 [Reuters] Egypt steps up Gaza tunnel crackdown, dismaying Palestinians

14:27 [The Independent] As a verdict approaches just what have we learnt from the Silvio Berlusconi 'Bunga Bunga' trial?

14:29 [The Hindu - News] Salman to face retrial in 2002 hit-and-run case

14:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] The Boof is back: Lehmann takes over

14:31 [OpEdNews] The Pursuit of Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World

14:31 [CNN: Politics] Voices from the voting rights war

14:32 [Slashdot] Obama's Climate Plans Face Long Fight

14:32 [CNN: Money] Controversial T-shirt destroys business

14:33 [New Statesman] Why the Tories will have to consider NHS charges after 2015

14:33 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: A satisfying role

14:34 [CNET News] Apple Store hit with partial outages, but all is well again

14:35 [] Ecuador: 'Freedom of Expression' Basis for Snowden Asylum

14:35 [The Hindu - News] Memorable triumph

14:35 [msnbc: politics] Paul Ryan: Democrats didn't deliver votes they promised on farm bill

14:36 [Deutsche Welle] Five years on, a change of heart in Iceland?

14:37 [BBC: Education] Make PE priority says paralympian

14:37 [CNN: Politics] Voices from the voting war

14:37 [CNN: Politics] What the court is considering

14:37 [The Hindu - News] 'Thalaivaa' hits the right notes

14:39 [CNN: Health] Obesity treatment may change

14:39 [CNN: Health] Best friends lose nearly 300 pounds

14:39 [CNN: Health] Girl awakens after lung transplant

14:39 [CNN: Health] 5 things to know about marijuana in the U.S.

14:39 [Guardian] Edward Snowden fails to show up for Moscow to Havana flight – live coverage

14:41 [Fin24 News] Construction firms in bid-rig settlement

14:42 [Slate Magazine] Marathon Everyman

14:42 [The Independent] Video: Nik Wallenda's terrifying tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon

14:43 [Spiegel] A Country Divided: Where Is Turkey Headed?

14:43 [Pravda] One tourist survives massacre in Pakistan

14:45 [CNET News] Qualcomm finally completes $120 investment in Sharp

14:46 [Topix Activism News] Syria: '136 killed' in fighting across country, say activists

14:47 [zero hedge] Bank Of China Declares Moratorium On Transfers, Online Banking; Counters Inoperable

14:49 [The Hindu - News] Stranded people safe, rescue work to finish in 2-3 days: Bahuguna

14:51 [International Crisis Group] La crisis siria se desborda hacia Turquía

14:51 [The Hindu - News] The stuff of Meg(h)a Dreams

14:51 [BBC: Entertainment] Charles Aznavour announces UK return

14:53 [New Internationalist] Stuff your austerity! We want something different

14:53 [Campaign For Liberty] What We Have Learned From Afghanistan

14:53 [The Hindu - News] Meet the bubble boy

14:53 [The Hindu - News] The Flinto adventure

14:54 [BBC: Technology] Blanco Cycling signs Belkin deal

14:55 [The Hindu - News] Written for posterity

14:55 [The Hindu - News] Young World quiz

14:56 [CNET News] Lenovo Yoga 11S convertible laptop now available for buyers

14:56 [Deutsche Welle] The 'Futureless zone': Can language affect economic behavior?

14:56 [Deutsche Welle] EU negotiators to hammer out deal on farming subsidies

14:57 [The Hindu - News] What about the food?

14:57 [The Hindu - News] He dares, wins

14:57 [The Hindu - News] Five jawans killed in attack on Army convoy in Srinagar

14:58 [The Independent] Al-Hilli killings: Brother of Annecy family murders victim arrested by police

14:58 [The Independent] Life on cinemas? David Bowie exhibition at the V&A to arrive at a silver screen near you

15:01 [Reuters: politics] Government begins 'Obamacare' outreach campaign

15:01 [Slashdot] Wikileaks Aiding Snowden - Chinese Social Media Divided - Relations Strained

15:01 [Financial Times] Albania’s opposition set for landslide win

15:01 [CNN] Paris Airshow 2013: Drone doubles on the rise

15:01 [Guardian] Stock markets fall after China enters bear market territory - live

15:01 [Guardian] Ed Miliband to attend National Security Council meeting

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Get more with less

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Social media fuels car

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Con hai?


15:03 [Disinformation] Former Facebook Security Chief Left To Join NSA in 2010

15:03 [zero hedge] Deluded Worlds And Unpleasant Realities

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Bill to prevent floods, settle water disputes

15:05 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman trial: What you should know

15:05 [CNN] Transgender first-grader wins the right to use girls' restroom

15:07 [Reuters] Alleged NSA snooping target is one of China's Internet hubs

15:07 [Raw Story] Transgender 6-year-old wins right to use girls’ bathroom at Colorado school

15:07 [Raw Story] Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin writes debut musical for Broadway

15:09 [] Frenkel appointment welcomed as 'surprising, but positive'

15:10 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Pandora's Box of NSA Data: On Trial for Murder Edition

15:11 [CNET News] Three Galaxy Tab 3s coming in July for the price of three

15:12 [The Hindu - News] The vernacular road to love

15:12 [Slate Magazine] Hemisphere Factor

15:13 [CNN] Opinion: Why four-day workweeks are best

15:14 [BBC: Education] Some universities may close, academics fear

15:15 [Truthout] Don't Tread on Me

15:15 [Pravda] USA infuriated over Russia's reluctance to arrest Snowden

15:16 [msnbc: politics] Pete Williams: Would be a surprise if SCOTUS didn't strike down DOMA

15:17 [CNN] Opinion: On the chopping block -- history, literature, civics, arts

15:18 [Voice of America] Daniel Schearf: Burma Objects to Time Magazine Criticism

15:19 [CNN: Money] You'll love (or hate) the BlackBerry Q10

15:20 [Truthout] The Naked Dragnet Emperor

15:23 [CNN] Ankara mayor's BBC spy claims spark hashtag war

15:24 [The Hindu - News] Rupee hits new lifetime low of 59.68

15:25 [Telegraph] Former Met Police commissioner: I did not authorise any spying on Stephen Lawrence family

15:25 [msnbc: politics] First Thoughts: What a week

15:26 [Voice of America] Street Battles Rage in Lebanon, Spillover from Syria

15:27 [CNN] Gandolfini's body returned to U.S.

15:27 [CNN] 8 hotels still fresh at 100

15:27 [CNET News] Amazon's Lovefilm inks deal to stream Star Trek, Dexter

15:27 [msnbc: politics] Gillibrand calls military sexual assaults a ‘pervasive’ problem

15:28 [The Hindu - News] Five killed, 14 injured in militant attack ahead of PM’s J&K visit

15:28 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

15:30 [The Independent] Fugitive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden fails to turn up on Moscow-Havana flight

15:30 [BBC: Also in the news] VIDEO: Mystery over museum's moving statue

15:31 [Guardian] Dozens of undercover officers could face prosecution, says police chief

15:32 [zero hedge] THe UNReaL LiVe ADVeNTuReS OF POTUS and BuTTHeaD...

15:32 [Reuters] Tenet Healthcare to buy Vanguard Health for $1.73 billion plus debt

15:32 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: A satisfying role

15:36 [The Hindu - News] India’s concerns over Taliban talks won’t be overlooked: US

15:36 [The Hindu - News] For an amazing time

15:37 [CNN: Travel] 8 fabulous hotels still fresh at 100

15:37 [CNN: Travel] Stalking the world's biggest planes

15:37 [AlterNet] How TV News Gets All the Eye-Gluing Benefits of Climate Change without Having to Deal with It

15:39 [] At inauguration of West Bank school, Netanyahu pleads the fifth on future of settlements

15:40 [NPR] Coming Up: Which Key Cases Will The Supreme Court Rule On?

15:41 [Fox News: politics] Reporter who exposed surveillance slams NBC host for asking whether he should be charged

15:41 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela: Jacob Zuma dismisses claims Barack Obama might cancel visit

15:41 [Telegraph] MI5 spy harassed ex-girlfriend after they split over his anger at Andy Murray

15:41 [Telegraph] Innovative new technologies

15:41 [Telegraph] Mother guilty of murdering her two-year-old son

15:43 [CNN] 8 fabulous hotels still fresh at 100

15:43 [CNN] Justices to rule on Obama recess appointments

15:43 [CNET News] Australian AG scraps ISP data retention plans

15:44 [zero hedge] Anglo-Irish Picked Bailout Number "Out Of My Arse" To Force Shared Taxpayer Sacrifice

15:44 [The Hindu - News] Govt committed to ensure no interference in CBI probe: Sibal

15:45 [The Independent] MI5 officer in court over alleged assault on colleague and former partner

15:45 [The Independent] American celebrity cook Paula Deen stirs up a storm of criticism after admitting to using the N-word

15:45 [The Independent] Police arrest 52-year-old man over the death of 11-year-old girl in Hertfordhire

15:45 [The Independent] Henderson links with US rival to form £13bn property fund

15:45 [The Independent] Buyers fail to take a shine to Rio Tinto’s diamonds arm

15:45 [The Independent] SABMiller’s Graham Mackay bags £14m

15:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Peter Dreier: Summer Reading About What Ails America and How to Fix It

15:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] William Astore: America Is the Greatest Country? Look at Our Health Care -- and Weep

15:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alison Winfield Burns: From Russia, With Love

15:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chip Ward: Trek West for the Big Picture

15:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Allen Frances: What Should Doctors Do When They Don't Know What to Do

15:47 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Fans line the streets for Johnny Depp

15:48 [Reuters] U.S. justices to hear presidential appointments case

15:49 [BBC: Technology] Freed hacker faces strict measures

15:49 [Financial Times] PBoC breaks silence over cash crunch

15:49 [Financial Times] Lebanese soldiers clash with Sunni gunmen

15:50 [NPR] Pakistan's Premier Says Musharraf Should Be Tried For Treason

15:50 [Fox News: politics] Supreme Court to hear challenge over Obama recess appointments

15:52 [BBC: Health] Migraine study 'opens door' to cure

15:52 [CNN: Money] Stocks slammed at the open

15:52 [The Progressive] Court voting rights ruling may have negative consequences

15:52 [CNN] Fair trial impossible in U.S., Snowden tells Ecuador in asylum request

15:54 [] Israel Police baffled by disappearance of father of two slain Bedouin girls

15:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Wait We Carry: Using Data Visualization to Capture America's Failure to Take Care of Its Veterans

15:55 [NPR] Bobby 'Blue' Bland Dies; 'Sinatra Of The Blues' Was 83

15:56 [msnbc: politics] Whereabouts of NSA leaker remain unknown

15:56 [msnbc: politics] Immigration reform bill continues to face criticism

15:56 [Voice of America] VOA News: Street Battles Rage in Lebanon, Spill Over from Syria

15:59 [Reuters: politics] U.S. justices to hear presidential appointments case

15:59 [Fox News: politics] High court to review dispute over children of immigrants

16:00 [CNET News] Amazon's Instant Video iOS app gets fresh coat of personal paint

16:00 [Reuters] Murder trial begins in earnest in Florida's Trayvon Martin case

16:00 [Slashdot] NSA Releases Secret Pre-History of Computers

16:00 [NPR] Not Local Food, And Not Afraid To Say It

16:00 [The Independent] Music review: Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy Live, Royal Festival Hall, London

16:00 [The Independent] Pele unwittingly becomes the face of a movement, after urging Brazil to 'forget all this commotion', sparking anger among protesters and fuelling further demonstrations

16:01 [Deutsche Welle] NSA leaker Edward Snowden not on board flight departing Russia

16:02 [Raw Story] Paul Ryan: ‘I didn’t support the farm bill’ but Democrats are to blame for its defeat

16:02 [Raw Story] Texas Republicans ram through anti-abortion legislation in dead of night

16:02 [Voice of America] Scott Stearns: Kerry Warns of 'Consequences' for Aiding Snowden

16:03 [CNN] Box office report: 'Monsters University' scares up $82 million

16:03 [CNN] Justices to hear abortion-related case for review

16:03 [Disinformation] The Wild Rants of Howard Bloom: Challenges the Assumptions of Science

16:05 [CNN: Health] Miliary wives lose nearly 300 pounds

16:05 [New Statesman] Hester's successor: the runners and riders emerge

16:06 [Reuters] Egyptian government faces blame in mob sectarian killing

16:07 [Raw Story] 5-year-old shoots self in head after being locked alone in home

16:08 [straight] The Georgia Straight presents The Straight Series featuring the Zolas and Hollerado at the Commodore /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Zolas_Hollerado%2020130621.jpg

16:08 [CNET News] CNET Road Trip 2013: Official Picture of the Day sweepstakes rules

16:08 [CNET News] Road Trip Pic of the Day, 6/24: What is this?

16:08 [Fin24 News] Fines level construction playing field

16:08 [msnbc: politics] Did Obama use Newtown to 'take advantage of a crisis'?

16:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Gandolfini's body returned to U.S.

16:10 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Devious Maids' controversy

16:10 [CNN: Entertainment] How did 'World War Z' fare at the box office?

16:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Paula Deen's Food Network contract not renewed

16:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Gandolfini funeral set

16:10 [Fox News: politics] Obama’s Troubles Change Thinking on Immigration

16:10 [Fox News: politics] Supreme Court to hear appeal of abortion clinic 'buffer zones'

16:11 [Deutsche Welle] Kyoto Protocol comes into force in Afghanistan

16:11 [Deutsche Welle] Wanderlust: Germans' insatiable need to roam

16:11 [Deutsche Welle] German politicians struggle with voter apathy

16:12 [Global Voices] Environmental Issues Drive Russians to Demand More of Their Leaders?

16:12 [zero hedge] Market Update: Surveying The Damage So Far

16:12 [zero hedge] Investor Sentiment: Unwinding Excessive Bullish Sentiment

16:12 [zero hedge] Ron Paul: Gold Could Go to 'Infinity'

16:12 [zero hedge] They Said To Sell In May... They Were Right

16:12 [AlterNet] Victory! Chipotle Labels GMO Ingredients

16:12 [AlterNet] "Stand With Snowden:" Julian Assange Speaks After 1 Yr in Ecuadorian Embassy

16:13 [msnbc: politics] High court agrees to hear Obama recess appointments case

16:15 [Infoshop] Poland: Protest against Liquidation of 8-hour Day and Attacks on the Rights of the Unemployed

16:15 [CNET News] Google Street View takes you to top of world's tallest building

16:16 [CNN: Money] Stocks slammed

16:16 [The Independent] Al-Hilli murder investigation: Brother of Alps family massacre victim arrested by police

16:17 [The Hindu - News] Case against Union Ministers registered, closed

16:17 [Reuters] Snowden whereabouts unknown as Russia defies U.S. pressure

16:18 [CNN] Police make arrest in Alps killings

16:18 [CNN] Australian cricket coach axed ahead of Ashes

16:18 [Voice of America] Hong Kong Leader Defends Role in Letting NSA Leaker Flee

16:20 [CNET News] Dell special committee says Icahn bid lacks credibility

16:22 [Truthout] Alternatives to School Cuts

16:24 [Financial Times] Bernard Tapie held over fraud allegations

16:25 [CNN] Supreme Court reaches decision in affirmative action case

16:26 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden 'persecuted' says Ecuador foreign minister

16:26 [Telegraph] José Manuel Barroso 'fuelling rise of French far-Right'

16:26 [Telegraph] Pippa brightens up the Royal Box at Wimbledon

16:26 [Telegraph] Woman gave bleach to stranger's baby in McDonald's

16:26 [Telegraph] Deutsche Bahn aims to roll back use of English

16:27 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet to decide on rehabilitation of Gulf returnees

16:28 [CNN] Mandela in critical condition days before Obama visit

16:29 [Reuters] EU clears ICE's $8.2 billion takeover of NYSE Euronext without conditions

16:29 [Reuters] Conviction of Galleon's Raj Rajaratnam upheld

16:31 [CBC: politics] Tory minister Bernier caught driving while suspended

16:32 [Global Voices] Saudi Activist Sentenced To Eight Years in Prison

16:32 [zero hedge] Chinese Politburo: "The United States Has Turned Out To Be The Biggest Villain In Our Age"

16:32 [The Independent] Downton Abbey faces another American invasion as Sideways star Paul Giamatti cast as Countess Cora's brother

16:32 [The Independent] Wimbledon 2013: Defending champion Roger Federer begins quest for eighth title in style

16:34 [CNN: Politics] Snowden, U.S. in game of cat-and-mouse

16:34 [CNN: Politics] Breaking: Supreme Court reaches decision in affirmative action case

16:36 [Guardian] Google-Waze acquisition will be investigated by the FTC

16:36 [Guardian] Jacob Zuma: Nelson Mandela is still in critical condition

16:37 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for June 24, 2013

16:37 [] Democracy Now!: Where is Edward Snowden? Glenn Greenwald on Asylum Request, Espionage Charge; More Leaks to Come

16:37 [] Democracy Now!: WikiLeaks Attorney Praises Ecuador For Considering Snowden Asylum Request Despite U.S. Pressure

16:37 [AL JAZEERA] Qatari emir to transfer power to his son

16:38 [Truthout] Pet Coke Pollutes Air, Water and Land on City's Riverfront; Detroiters Say No

16:39 [Fox News: politics] Supreme Court sends affirmative action case back to lower court, keeps challenge alive

16:41 [The Onion] American Voices: 70% Of Americans Take Prescription Drugs

16:41 [CNN] High court avoids larger ruling on affirmative action admissions policy

16:42 [Telegraph] German 'motorway sniper' arrested

16:42 [Telegraph] Tory councillor arrested for drink-driving after affair with schoolgirl

16:42 [Telegraph] Ryanair: with or without the frills?

16:42 [Reuters] Qatari emir informs family of decision to hand power to his son

16:42 [Raw Story] Supreme Court rules against employee who suffered racial harassment

16:42 [Raw Story] Supreme Court rules generic drug makers cannot be held liable for defects

16:42 [Big Think] Supermoons from Big Think Readers Around the World

16:42 [Big Think] Why Black Markets Thrive in Developing Countries

16:43 [Truthout] Recruitment Abuses Emerge in Immigration Reform Debate

16:44 [msnbc: politics] Republican gubernatorial candidate: I want to grow Virginia

16:45 [Voice of America] King of the High Wire

16:47 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Walking Dead' creator on show's success

16:48 [The Independent] British Medical Association passes vote of no confidence in Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

16:48 [The Independent] Will Smith is 'too expensive' for Independence Day 2, says director Roland Emmerich

16:49 [CNN: Politics] Breaking: Supreme Court punts affirmative action back to lower court

16:50 [The Atlantic: International] After Jailing Women, Bolivia Weighs Legalizing Abortion

16:51 [NPR] Supreme Court Sends Affirmative Action Case Back To Lower Court

16:51 [Slashdot] New Links Found Between Bacteria and Cancer

16:52 [Fin24 News] Zuma: SA better than before

16:53 [Truthout] Click Here to Kick Glenn Beck Off the Air: Web Activism's Big Wins—and What to Do Next—and-what-to-do-next

16:54 [Pravda] Roots of cannibalism in Papua New Guinea remain mystery to all

16:54 [CNN] Measured tones mask Washington's fury with Hong Kong

16:55 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Standing ovation for robot musicians

16:56 [OpEdNews] 'Christ Killers': The Hidden Agenda

16:56 [OpEdNews] Chip Ward, Rewilding the West

16:57 [CNN: Politics] Veterans of forgotten wars

16:58 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Bifurcation Nation

16:59 [Reuters] Appeals court upholds conviction of Galleon's Rajaratnam

17:00 [Infoshop] Egypt: Court Acquits 16 Black Bloc Members in Nile Corniche Clashes

17:00 [Guardian] French Alps murders: brother arrested over murder of British family

17:01 [msnbc: politics] SCOTUS rules on affirmative action

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Tougher rules for Japanese nuclear plants

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Ghana's mental health care underfunded

17:02 [Slate Magazine] Rethinking Gun Control

17:03 [Disinformation] ‘The Bond Code’ Author Philip Gardiner on James Bond, Aleister Crowley and Enochian Magick

17:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Singer Bobby 'Blue' Bland dies at 83

17:04 [The Independent] South Africa's president Jacob Zuma says Barack Obama will still meet 'critical' Nelson Mandela

17:04 [The Independent] Woman plunges 100ft to her death at Neist Point

17:04 [The Independent] Jim Carrey withdraws support for Kick-Ass 2 in the wake of Sandy Hook massacre

17:07 [Voice of America] Reuters: Opposition Ahead in Tense Albania Election

17:07 [Raw Story] SCOTUS sends affirmative action case back to lower court

17:07 [msnbc: politics] Castro: Immigration window within 2013

17:07 [msnbc: politics] Justices send affirmative action case to lower court

17:09 [Truthout] Why the GOP Can't Learn

17:10 [BBC: Entertainment] Lowry 'will always split art world'

17:10 [Reuters] Analysis - Al Qaeda's Syria rift may lead to open conflict among jihadis

17:11 [NPR] Read The Ruling: Inside The Affirmative Action Decision

17:11 [Mother Jones] Bernanke Tries to Contain Wall Street Panic

17:11 [Mother Jones] Supreme Court Punts on Big Affirmative Action Case

17:11 [Spiegel] Anglo-Saxon Spies: German National Security Is at Stake

17:12 [Telegraph] Downton Abbey: Paul Giamatti joins cast as 'maverick playboy' uncle

17:12 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Russia and China Fail to Meet Minimum Standards in Human Trafficking

17:12 [Canadian Dimension] Reinventing Progressive Politics

17:12 [Truthdig] Boehner’s House Implodes

17:14 [Truthout] Rewilding the West, One Step at a Time

17:15 [CNET News] Walt Disney, Sony Pictures test out rentals for in-theater films

17:16 [New Statesman] The Xbox One was never going to save videogames from themselves

17:16 [Reuters] Germany proposes delaying EU-Turkey talks over protests

17:17 [Raw Story] Fox News host jokes about network’s strategy: ‘We’ll make something up’

17:17 [Raw Story] Supreme Court takes up challenge to Obama’s recess appointment power

17:17 [Reuters: politics] Texas House of Representatives passes sweeping abortion restrictions

17:17 [CNN: Money] A new era for the U.S. dollar

17:20 [The Independent] Theresa May pledges 'zero tolerance' approach to police corruption as David Cameron demands 'full truth' over Stephen Lawrence smear claims

17:20 [The Independent] Baroness Hale of Richmond becomes first female Deputy President of the Supreme Court

17:20 [The Atlantic: International] Obama Succeeded in Libya; He's Failing in Syria

17:20 [Slashdot] Personal Audio's James Logan Answers Your Questions

17:20 [Fox News] '3's Company' Now & Then

17:20 [Fox News] Top Thrills in Mediterranean

17:20 [Fox News] Simon's Advice for Bieber

17:20 [Fox News] Twinkies ReturnOn July 15

17:20 [Fox News] 'Mad Men': Big Surprise

17:20 [Fox News] Worst Kids Meals

17:20 [Fox News] '70s Show' Star: Scary DUI

17:20 [Fox News] Jackson: 60 Days Without Sleep

17:20 [Fox News] Carrey Slams Guns in Own Film

17:20 [Fox News] Rockin' Makes Better Drivers?

17:20 [Fox News] Deen's Staff Take Big Hit

17:22 [Raw Story] Assange: Snowden receives refugee papers from Ecuadorian government

17:22 [Raw Story] Supreme Court to consider letting protesters near abortion clinics

17:24 [CNN] Why Nelson Mandela has six names

17:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Distributed Future of Manufacturing: Think Ikea, Minus the Furniture

17:26 [CNN: Money] Original Apple I computer up for auction

17:26 [CNN: Money] Michael Moritz is not ready to retire

17:27 [CNET News] Apple to cut iPhone orders for rest of year, claims analyst

17:27 [AlterNet] 10 Questions for MSNBC Host Who Shamelessly Suggested Greenwald Be Arrested for NSA Leaks

17:27 [AlterNet] U.S. Supreme Court Chips Away at Affirmative Action

17:28 [Telegraph] Home Secretary pledges to 'purge corruption' from police after Stephen Lawrence family smear allegations

17:28 [Telegraph] Man gets head trapped in traffic cone

17:28 [Telegraph] 'The NHS is not Tesco', say doctors

17:29 [BBC: Entertainment] Ballet dancer's attacker jailed

17:31 [zero hedge] Housing Stocks Near Bear Market; Turn Red Year-To-Date

17:31 [Deutsche Welle] Emir of Qatar to relinquish power to son: reports

17:32 [CNN] Qatar emir to transfer power to son

17:35 [CNN] Supreme Court sidesteps big ruling on Texas affirmative action

17:35 [CNN] Singer Bobby 'Blue' Bland dead at 83

17:35 [CNN] Guardiola's secret weapon? A water polo player

17:35 [Financial Times] Berlusconi found guilty in sex trial

17:35 [CNN: Money] Stocks are getting slammed

17:37 [CNN] Berlusconi gets 7 years in underage sex case

17:37 [Fin24 News] Rand outperforms emerging market peers

17:39 [Voice of America] Trial Begins in Racially Charged Florida Shooting Case

17:39 [Voice of America] Reuters: Dakar Fashion Week Takes Stand Against Skin Bleaching

17:41 [New Statesman] Fraser Nelson is wrong. The Tories are hurting, not helping the working class

17:41 [NPR] Silvio Berlusconi Found Guilty In Sex-For-Hire Case

17:42 [Big Think] Dronestream: Who Are We Killing?

17:44 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to seven years in jail in bunga bunga sex trial

17:44 [Reuters] Italy court finds Berlusconi guilty on sex charges

17:46 [Mother Jones] As Court Punts, Thomas Compares Arguments for Affirmative Action to Those for Slavery

17:50 [The Atlantic: International] Former Soviet Union Expats to Debut Russian Float at NYC Gay Pride Parade

17:50 [zero hedge] Berlusconi Convicted In 'Sex-With-Minor' Case; Sentenced To 7 Years In Jail

17:50 [zero hedge] The SINGLE Most Important Step to Protect Yourself from Government Spying

17:50 [Reuters] Lebanese army storms Islamist mosque as Syria crisis spreads

17:50 [Reuters] Qatari emir set to hand power to son, little policy change expected

17:51 [The Independent] Youngest female genital mutilation victim was 'aged just seven'

17:51 [The Independent] High hopes? Robbie Williams: If my daughter became an addict, I'd buy her the best drugs possible

17:51 [Deutsche Welle] Auditors visit Portugal amid protests by business leaders

17:51 [OpEdNews] Time for Courage Stop Massive U.S. Surveillance!

17:52 [Slate Magazine] Mad Men, Season 6

17:52 [Raw Story] Italian court sentences former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to 7 years for sex with minor

17:53 [This Magazine] Next big thing

17:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] Vertigo Integration: Street View Goes to the Top of the World's Tallest Building

17:55 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Week In Pictures – Week Of June 24, 2013

17:56 [OpEdNews] About the war in Afghanistan, from "The Operators" by Michael Hastings

17:57 [Big Think] In Poland, Urban Survival Course Teaches How to Live Without Money

17:57 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden healthy and safe, says Assange

17:57 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly fighting rages in Lebanon

17:58 [Guardian] Should we listen to wine critics?

17:59 [The Nation] Why I Love the San Antonio Spurs

17:59 [CNET News] Apple's patent win over Mirror Worlds stays intact

17:59 [CNN: Money] Starbucks starts paying taxes in U.K.

18:00 [CNN] Spanish judge orders 8 suspected militants be held in prison

18:00 [CNN] A profile of woman challenging University of Texas affirmative action

18:00 [Telegraph] Man arrested at Heathrow over Pakistani politician's murder

18:00 [Telegraph] Have online speculators cracked Dynamo's levitation trick?

18:00 [Telegraph] Crash father arrested on suspicion of murdering daughter

18:00 [zero hedge] European Stocks Plunge To Seven-Month Lows; Banks In Bear Market

18:01 [Deutsche Welle] Worsening fears for Mandela's health

18:02 [Raw Story] New York origami convention highlights West’s love of this Asian art

18:02 [Raw Story] Exiled blind Chinese activist urges Taiwan to stand up to China’s ‘illegitimate’ government

18:03 [CNN] Opinion: Is our suffering God's will?

18:03 [Voice of America] EU Clears Market Merger

18:03 [AL JAZEERA] Man held over killing of Iraqi-origin family

18:03 [Disinformation] Fruits and Veggies Can Be “Trained” to Defend against Herbivores

18:03 [Disinformation] Ancient Egyptian Statue Caught Moving On Its Own

18:04 [msnbc: politics] First Read Minute: Immigration, Snowden and SCOTUS

18:06 [The Atlantic: National] The Guileless Accidental Racism Of Paula Deen

18:06 [AlterNet] Chicago Police Accused of Using Gun to Sodomize Innocent Man

18:06 [AlterNet] Where is Edward Snowden? Whistleblower Did Not Board Flight to Cuba

18:06 [Deutsche Welle] Seven years jail for Berlusconi, appeal likely

18:06 [The Independent] Born to keep running? Bruce Springsteen working on a new album

18:06 [The Independent] Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to prison after being found guilty of sex with an underage prostitute

18:06 [NPR] What Does Supreme Court Ruling Mean For Affirmative Action?

18:06 [NPR] The Unease Over Classifying Obesity As A Disease

18:06 [Reuters: politics] U.S. justices to hear presidential 'recess appointments' case

18:07 [CNN: Health] Steve Gleason and ALS

18:07 [BBC: Entertainment] Ed Sheeran stage set for festival

18:07 [CNET News] Microsoft to send Bing to school this year

18:07 [CNET News] Six ways to share your exact location with family (and why)

18:07 [CNET News] Wikileaks: Edward Snowden is 'healthy and safe'

18:07 [CNET News] Photo-sharing site Imgur launches 'official' Android app

18:08 [CNN: Money] Stock sell-off a 'taper tantrum'

18:10 [CNN] Report: Qatar emir to transfer power to son

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Bulger trial opens window on mob world of cold violence, fierce loyalty

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Girl, 5, in New Orleans dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Man tries to rob people in line for sneakers; is shot and killed

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Court reaches decision in affirmative action case

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Detectives search player's house

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Is the death penalty just?

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Our fascination with the mob

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Berlusconi convicted in sex case

18:10 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman trial begins in Florida

18:11 [AL JAZEERA] Berlusconi convicted in sex-for-hire trial

18:11 [Spiegel] Merkel Promises Austerity Abroad, Profligacy at Home

18:11 [Spiegel] Exodus: Afghan Diplomats Defect as Western Withdrawal Nears

18:11 [NPR] Race And Admissions: The University Of Texas' Long History

18:12 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Brazilians' Demands: From Lower Bus Fares to a Fair Society

18:12 [Raw Story] Police arrest British man for murder of Iraqi family in French Alps

18:12 [Raw Story] Florida college reinstates professor who issued ‘Stomp Jesus’ lesson

18:12 [Raw Story] Zimmerman lawyer opens Trayvon murder trial with ‘knock-knock’ joke

18:12 [Slashdot] Harvard, IBM Crunch Data For More Efficient Solar Cells

18:13 [Reuters] Google says did 'good job' replying to EU antitrust probe

18:13 [Reuters] Trayvon Martin murder trial lawyers clash over shooter's motive

18:13 [Pravda] Drugs made from human flesh still considered useful

18:13 [Pravda] Kostin: Amnesty and unification of courts - response to public demand

18:13 [CNN: Crime] LAPD: Firing of Christopher Dorner 'sound and just'

18:13 [CNN: Crime] Gunman shoots 4 in North Carolina, then is shot by police

18:14 [CNN: Crime] Opinion: Is the death penalty just?

18:16 [Fox News] MAN ON THE RUN: Snowden Skips Cuba Flight As Ecuador Mulls Asylum /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:16 [Fox News] IMMIGRATION DEBATE: Republican Sounds Alarm On Bill 'No One Has Read' /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:16 [Fox News] GIRL SCOUT CRISIS: Lawmaker Calls for Probe Of Pensions, Camp Sell-Off

18:17 [CNN: Crime] Bulger trial opens window on mob world of violence, fierce loyalty

18:19 [] Veteran venture capitalists set up new Israeli fund

18:21 [msnbc: politics] Where is Edward Snowden?

18:21 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court rules on Affirmative Action Case

18:21 [msnbc: politics] Major vote to take place on immigration

18:21 [straight] News for Youse: Part of Powell Street closed, Calgarians return home, and Berlusconi sentenced /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Powell%20street%202.jpg

18:21 [CNN] Lessons learned from my birthday friend

18:22 [The Independent] Three little letters on Hillary Clinton's Twitter bio send the world into a will she/won't she frenzy over the 2016 presidential elections

18:22 [The Independent] Best-selling authors including Julia Donaldson and Joanne Harris vow to promote independent bookshops

18:22 [The Independent] French business tycoon Bernard Tapie arrested for questioning over alleged conspiracy with former President Nicolas Sarkozy to 'defraud' the state

18:22 [Slate Magazine] The Next Affirmative Action?

18:22 [Slate Magazine] Supreme Court 2013: The Year in Review

18:23 [Fin24 News] Murray & Roberts to pay R309m penalty

18:23 [The Onion] Editorial Cartoon: Register Number One

18:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Singer Bobby 'Blue' Bland dead at 83

18:24 [CNN: Politics] Immigration reform in the House

18:24 [CNN: Politics] The court's 'nuanced' decision

18:24 [CNN: Politics] Court punts on affirmative action

18:24 [CNN: Politics] Supreme Court punts affirmative action back to lower court

18:25 [CNN: Money] Dow tumbles over 200 points

18:26 [msnbc: politics] Edward Snowden on the move

18:26 [msnbc: politics] The Agenda: Snowden on the run and Obama to tackle climate change

18:26 [msnbc: politics] Senate to vote on 'border surge' amendment Monday

18:26 [CNN] Tests come back positive in NY for human remains

18:30 [CNN] Federer thoughts with Mandela after easy first win at Wimbledon

18:30 [Telegraph] Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe describes his shock at Stephen Lawrence smear allegations

18:31 [zero hedge] Where Are We Now? - A World View

18:32 [Big Think] Profile in Courage: Nicholas Merrill, Web Freedom Hero

18:33 [Truthout] Off the Chart Inequality in the US

18:33 [This Magazine] Lost girls

18:33 [This Magazine] New sound

18:33 [CNET News] iPhone case? Game controller? It's both, and it's back

18:34 [BBC: Entertainment] Island music festival cancelled

18:36 [Guardian] Mid Staffs activist to leave home after 'hate campaign'

18:36 [Guardian] Ian Brady hunger strike exposed as charade at medical tribunal

18:36 [Guardian] Silvio Berlusconi found guilty of paying for sex with underage prostitute

18:37 [AL JAZEERA] Lebanese army storms mosque as clashes spread

18:38 [The Independent] The 10 Best summer courses

18:38 [The Independent] A deaf man's best friend

18:38 [The Independent] Wimbledon 2013: Maria Sharapova battles past Kristina Mladenovic and dodges enquiries about her private life

18:38 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court sends affirmative action case back to lower court

18:38 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court ruling puts future of affirmative action in doubt

18:39 [CNET News] Apple shares again fall below $400, down 3 percent

18:40 [Reuters] Spain's crusading ex-judge Garzon mulls helping Snowden

18:40 [The Atlantic: Politics] Late-Night Comedy Roundup: Cat Videos Explain Border Control ...

18:41 [CNN] Testing finds human remains in New York gangster case

18:41 [Mother Jones] WikiLeaks: We Know Where Snowden Is, But We're Not Telling You

18:41 [CNN: Money] Attack of Galaxy S4 gadget spam

18:44 [The Atlantic: In Focus] The Solstice and the Supermoon

18:44 [CNET News] Does it still make sense to buy a digital camera? (Poll)

18:46 [The Hindu - News] 8 killed, 12 injured in militant attack ahead of PM’s J&K visit

18:46 [] 'The Continuing Effects of Our Nation's Racism': SCOTUS Sends Affirmative Action Case Back /sites/

18:46 [] Expect More Resistance: Direct Action Targets Tar Sands as #FearlessSummer Kicks Off /sites/

18:46 [] Blowback: Pakistan Taliban Say Killing of Foreign Hikers Retaliation for US Drone Strikes

18:46 [Reuters] Ecuador president vows 'sovereign' decision on Snowden

18:46 [Telegraph] British Triathlete dies crashing into wall in France

18:46 [Telegraph] Bollywood star Salman Khan faces homicide trial over hit-and-run

18:47 [NPR] Justice Thomas Says Court Should Have Gutted Affirmative Action

18:47 [Truthdig] Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Decision: A Whimper, Not a Bang

18:47 [Global Voices] Indonesia Fuel Price Hike Ignites Protests

18:49 [] Hoenlein to Haaretz: World Jewry must say 'enough' to delegitimization of Israel

18:49 [] Incoming Bank of Israel chief vows to work with Netanyahu, Lapid on policy making

18:50 [The Hindu - News] Salman Khan now faces more serious charge

18:51 [CNN] From Beyonce to Grace Kelly: Holiday on a celebrity superyacht

18:51 [Deutsche Welle] No let-up in smog plume smothering Malaysia

18:52 [Fox News] Oil, gas industries take ethanol debate to high court

18:52 [Fox News] Daredevil finishes tightrope walk near Grand Canyon

18:52 [Fox News] Former Italian Premier Berlusconi sentenced to seven years in jail in sex-for-hire case

18:52 [Fox News] 1 arrested in killing of man responding to Craigslist ad

18:52 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Army reprimands soldier under fire for religious beliefs

18:52 [Fox News] Where's Rusty? National Zoo loses red panda

18:52 [Fox News] Worries over China, US Fed prompt stocks sell-off

18:52 [Fox News] Texas lawmakers approve tough abortion restrictions- Court to hear appeal of abortion clinic 'buffer zones'

18:52 [Reuters] White House warns Russia, slams China over Snowden travel

18:52 [Reuters] Trayvon Martin murder trial opens with clash on shooter's motive

18:52 [NPR] 'Rusty The Panda' Is Missing From The National Zoo

18:52 [Slate Magazine] Get Rich Quick: Become a Teacher

18:54 [The Hindu - News] All riots are unfortunate: Rajnath

18:54 [CNN] Khaled Hosseini on parenthood and political asylum

18:54 [CNN] Supermoon linked to supercreativity?

18:54 [New Internationalist] Fracked off farmers unite with activists

18:55 [Topix Activism News] Saudi Activist Sentenced To Eight Years in Prison

18:56 [The Hindu - News] Court strikes down West Bengal’s tax on entry goods Act

18:56 [The Hindu - News] Hydel power projects hit at Uttarakhand

18:56 [The Hindu - News] Mamata accuses TV channels of indulging in false propaganda

18:56 [CNN: Health] Preventing lightning fatalities

18:58 [CNN: Money] Dow in triple-digit tumble

18:59 [BBC: Entertainment] Stephen Fry thanks 'kind' public

19:00 [CBC: politics] Royal baby bill prompted Manitoba to warn Harper government

19:00 [Guardian] Who wants to serve a billionaire?

19:01 [Slashdot] The Glorious Return of the Twinkie

19:02 [The Hindu - News] Elephant herd driven out of Anekal for now

19:02 [Telegraph] Moors murder Ian Brady 'eats toast and packet soups' despite being on hunger strike, judge told

19:02 [Telegraph] Sketch: Two inquiries for the price of one

19:02 [Telegraph] Little-known Lowry draft 'found' on back of painting in new Tate Britain exhibition

19:02 [Big Think] Why Brazil Is Protesting Its Own 2014 World Cup

19:02 [Big Think] Monday’s Supreme Court Decision and the Future of Affirmative Action

19:02 [Big Think] A Brief Guide to a Big Week at The Supreme Court

19:03 [Reuters] U.S. in touch with countries where Snowden may travel - White House

19:03 [Disinformation] The Pursuit of Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World //

19:05 [World Policy Institute] US and China: The Fight for Latin America

19:06 [The Hindu - News] India assures U.S. share of nuclear pie

19:08 [zero hedge] The Great Global Rig is Ending...

19:08 [zero hedge] When The Hilsen-Ramp Fails...

19:08 [Reuters] Qatari emir set to hand over to son, little policy change seen

19:09 [CNN] Obama's second term could look like his first

19:10 [CNET News] Get an Asus Zenbook Prime 13.3-inch Ultrabook for $699

19:10 [CNET News] Leap Motion opening up developer portal

19:10 [CNET News] Snapchat grabs $60M at $800M valuation

19:10 [msnbc: politics] Senate vote starts big week for immigration reform

19:11 [Mother Jones] Immigration Reform Bill Has Too Many Words (But At Least They're In English) /files/blog_obamacare_long.jpg

19:12 [Raw Story] Trump’s solution for whistleblower Snowden: ‘There’s still a thing called execution’

19:14 [Reuters] White House criticizes Snowden's choice of 'protectors'

19:14 [Reuters] Snowden whereabouts unknown as Russia resists U.S. pressure

19:14 [Reuters] U.S. conveys dismay to China and Hong Kong over Snowden: State Department

19:15 [] Kyrgyzstan: Vodka is no Elixir for Budget Woes

19:16 [Telegraph] Julian Assange says Edward Snowden 'not a traitor' and should be applauded

19:17 [CNN] Nadal crashes to stunning Wimbledon defeat to Belgian Darcis

19:17 [NPR] Doctors Say Wait Longer Before Treating Kids' Sinus Infections

19:19 [Financial Times] FOMC member warns off ‘feral hogs’

19:19 [] From a small room in London, Julian Assange is challenging the world order

19:20 [Reuters] Seven bomb blasts kill 27 people in Iraqi capital Baghdad

19:20 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan-Sonia team to visit Kashmir first time after Afzal Guru’s hanging

19:20 [The Atlantic: International] No More 'Bunga Bunga' for Berlusconi

19:21 [] Gitmo Prisoner: Administration Escalating Brutality Towards Hunger Strikers /sites/

19:21 [Amnesty International] Nigeria: Halt hangings of five men in Edo State

19:21 [Amnesty International] USA must not hunt down whistleblower Edward Snowden

19:22 [Slate Magazine] Supreme Court 2013: The Year in Review

19:25 [CNN] Silvio Berlusconi gets 7 years in underage sex case

19:25 [CNN] Militants ambush soldiers in Kashmir; 8 dead

19:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] What Is Mississippi's Strict New Teen-Pregnancy Bill Supposed to Accomplish?

19:27 [msnbc: politics] McAuliffe uses transportation against Cuccinelli in northern Virginia

19:28 [CBC: politics] A rare glimpse into Canada's eavesdropping agency

19:28 [Fox News: politics] Reid tells House to work out differences in farm bill, says Senate won't pass extension

19:28 [The Hindu - News] Left wants government to put on hold hike in natural gas prices

19:28 [The Hindu - News] Our efforts will continue till the last survivor is rescued: Antony

19:29 [CNN: Politics] Border security push is a joke

19:29 [CNN: Politics] At progressive gathering, hints of anxiety about Obama

19:29 [The Nation] Trek West for the Big Picture

19:30 [The Hindu - News] Snowden in ‘safe place’, says Assange

19:31 [Voice of America] Jennifer Lazuta: Liberian National Police Seeks More Female Recruits

19:31 [Voice of America] Heather Murdock: Nigeria Files Fresh Charges Against Lebanese Accused of Terrorism

19:32 [zero hedge] Uncle Sam Wants You To Invest In "The Patriot Fund"

19:32 [zero hedge] Markets Don’t Like China's ‘Reasonable’

19:32 [Fin24 News] Strike talks are premature - SAA

19:32 [Raw Story] Angelina Jolie blasts UN for lack of action on war rapes

19:32 [NPR] White House: We Expect Russia To Expel Snowden

19:32 [The Hindu - News] Water transport of cargo to be promoted in Kerala

19:33 [msnbc: politics] SCOTUS narrows affirmative action

19:33 [msnbc: politics] Snowden remains in Russia after speculation of seeking asylum in Ecuador

19:33 [msnbc: politics] Corker makes spirited pitch for border amendment

19:33 [msnbc: politics] How Snowden impacted national security

19:33 [msnbc: politics] On Snowden leaks: The hunt is the story

19:33 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court rules on Affirmative Action

19:33 [msnbc: politics] Zimmerman trial begins with opening statements

19:33 [AL JAZEERA] Dozens killed and injured in Baghdad blasts

19:34 [CNN: Crime] Court rules in affirmative action case

19:34 [CNN: Crime] Why would Snowden go to Ecuador?

19:34 [CNN: Crime] Snowden tells Ecuador: Fair trial impossible in U.S.

19:34 [Guardian] Rafael Nadal knocked out of Wimbledon by Belgian Steve Darcis

19:34 [Guardian] US stock markets fall sharply over Fed comments and China growth concerns

19:34 [Guardian] Nelson Mandela is still in critical condition in hospital, says Jacob Zuma

19:34 [The Hindu - News] Chandy scared of probe: Pinarayi

19:34 [The Hindu - News] 41 paise drop in rupee

19:36 [Reuters] Snowden says got Booz Allen job for access to NSA programs

19:36 [The Onion] Report: 80% Of Subway Track Repairmen Run Over Each Day

19:37 [OpEdNews] America: Have We Lost Our Way?

19:37 [Voice of America] VOA News: Google Street View Go Way, Way Up

19:39 [The Hindu - News] Sharma allays investor fears, seeks more FDI

19:40 [Slashdot] iFixit Giving Away 1,776 "iPhone Liberation Kits"

19:41 [The Hindu - News] Target folders for key institutions in Kerala vulnerable to terrorism

19:41 [Mother Jones] Is the Clock Running Down on Immigration Reform?

19:44 [CNET News] Smartphone use may make you wussy, says Harvard study

19:44 [CNET News] iOS 7 beta 2 arrives with bug fixes, iPad version

19:44 [CNN] Singer Bobby 'Blue' Bland dies at 83

19:47 [Big Think] Edward Snowden Does Not Exist

19:49 [Reuters: politics] NFL's help sought in promoting Obama health plan as outreach begins

19:50 [Guardian] Lord chief justice warns Chris Grayling on courts privatisation plans

19:51 [CNN: Money] What is behind Snapchat's massive valuation?

19:51 [CNN: Money] What Holiday Inn can learn from the Daily Show

19:51 [CNN: Money] Twitter founder uses phone during takeoff

19:51 [CNN: Money] Apple slides below $400

19:51 [Voice of America] Elizabeth Arrott: Egyptian Sectarian Fault Lines Grow

19:52 [Truthdig] Truthdig Named ‘Best News Website’ by Los Angeles Press Club

19:53 [Reuters] Car bombs kill 39 in Iraqi capital Baghdad

19:53 [CBC: politics] Glover's staff repaid some salary amid election questions

19:55 [] Armenia & Azerbaijan: A Caucasus Space Race is On!

19:57 [CNN] Senate nears key immigration reform vote

19:58 [Global Voices] Haze Chokes Singapore and Malaysia

19:59 [straight] Gwynne Dyer: World population growth and the African exception /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_129730406.jpg

19:59 [The Hindu - News] Frozen shrimps help seafood exports surge

20:00 [AlterNet] Texas Republican Thinks Rape Kits Are the Same as Abortion

20:00 [CNN] En route with Snowden

20:01 [The Hindu - News] JD(S) meeting crucial for Jose Thettayil

20:01 [Truthout] Brazil's Nationwide Protest Movement Enters Third Week

20:02 [Raw Story] Snowden says he got Booz Allen job for access to NSA programs

20:03 [NPR] Saudi Arabia Shifts Weekends To Friday And Saturday

20:03 [The Hindu - News] Sex racket: witnesses seek to implead in ice-cream parlour sabotage case

20:03 [CBC: politics] Calgarians cleaning up after massive flood

20:04 [Disinformation] Oliver Sacks, Exploring How Hallucinations Happen

20:04 [Disinformation] The Natural History of the Incorporeal Garage Dragon

20:05 [Voice of America] Jessica Berman: Hormone Estrogen Reduces Urinary Tract Infections in Older Women

20:06 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court clears one major case from their to-do list

20:06 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court decides on case focused on University of Texas’ affirmation action program

20:06 [msnbc: politics] What’s Snowden’s next step?

20:07 [Truthout] The Other James Gandolfini: "Sopranos" Actor Remembered for Support of Injured Vets, Community Media

20:08 [CNN: Living] Khaled Hosseini talks parenthood

20:10 [Doctors Without Borders] Chad: Humanitarian Conditions Remain Unacceptable for Refugees and Returnees in Tissi

20:11 [Amnesty International] Egypt: President Morsi must send clear message against attacks on Shi’a Muslims

20:11 [Reuters: politics] Senate leader Reid says no to farm law extension

20:12 [zero hedge] Market's 'Hall Pass' Is Gone: "Bad News Is No Longer Good News"

20:12 [Raw Story] Chris Brown accused of assaulting woman at California nightclub

20:12 [Financial Times] Rising wealth no guarantee of liberalisation

20:12 [Financial Times] Organised crime soars in wake of crisis

20:13 [Electronic Intifada] Israel breaks pledge to allow imprisoned Gaza engineer family visits

20:13 [The Hindu - News] Proceedings in House plunge to new low

20:13 [Voice of America] Another Down Day For World Markets

20:15 [CBC: politics] Calgary flood evacuation orders lifted for majority of homes

20:16 [CNN: Money] Living paycheck to paycheck

20:16 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistan to try Musharraf for treason

20:17 [OpEdNews] Quis Custodiet?

20:17 [The Hindu - News] Parents of Paravur girl convicted

20:18 [CNN: Money] Wall Street frets over China and the Fed

20:18 [NPR] Sandwich Monday: Zombie Burger

20:18 [Telegraph] Punter bets £200,000 on Scots rejecting independence

20:18 [Telegraph] Independent Scotland 'faces dilemma between Trident and Nato'

20:19 [The Hindu - News] Sreesanth emerges upbeat after three-hour BCCI hearing

20:21 [Fox News] SHOCK START: Graphic Quote, Flat Joke Open Zimmerman Trial

20:21 [Voice of America] Berlusconi Sentenced to 7 Years in Sex-For-Hire Case

20:22 [CNN] A nation with no airline security

20:23 [NPR] Twinkies, Ho Hos, Other Hostess Cakes To Return On July 15

20:23 [NPR] Why Would Ecuador Want Edward Snowden?

20:23 [CNN: Health] Military wives lose nearly 300 pounds

20:24 [Fin24 News] Rand outshines emerging market peers

20:25 [straight] Photo of the Day: Parsley and radishes /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/9112853882_32a175e666_b.jpg

20:25 [straight] Calgary music scene pulls together for impromptu shows featuring Sled Island bands /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/GiannaLauren.jpg

20:25 [straight] Live-In-Caregiver program questioned as jury prepares to decide on accusations of enslavement /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/files/images/associated/ART_Nanay_2145_RS.jpg

20:25 [The Hindu - News] Chopper hired by AP lying idle in Dehradun

20:25 [AL JAZEERA] Nadal exits Wimbledon in opening-day upset

20:26 [The Onion] Family Tells Ailing Mandela Racism Over

20:26 [CBC: politics] Calgary flood victims looking to government for help

20:27 [Raw Story] ‘Seduction guide’ author apologizes, announces partnership with group behind Kickstarter protest

20:28 [Moral Low Ground] Coy Mathis, 6-Year-Old Colorado Transgender Girl, Wins Right to Use School’s Female Restrooms

20:29 [msnbc: politics] Obama to make first tour of Africa

20:29 [msnbc: politics] Corker: Border amendment turning into 'Cheeto bag' argument

20:29 [Good] Make Room for Discovery: Five Simple Steps For Explorers

20:29 [Good] Ride Along With a Navajo Nation Community Health Worker

20:32 [Slashdot] Book Review: Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide

20:32 [AntiWar] Shabaniya Holiday Attacks Leave 47 Dead, 81 Wounded in Iraq

20:32 [Truthout] As Whistleblowers Hunted Worldwide, Celebrating Another Rebel, From Apartheid Era

20:34 [CNET News] Don't try shaking this robot ape off your car

20:35 [CNN: Travel] Skyjacked: A nation with no airline security

20:35 [CNN: Travel] Stalking world's biggest planes

20:35 [CNN: Travel] 8 hotels still fresh at 100

20:35 [CNN: Travel] Saving endangered places

20:35 [] Two men charged with sexual assault of boy at northern Israel boarding school

20:35 [CNN] Opening statements begin Zimmerman trial

20:36 [The Atlantic: National] Justice Alito's Inexcusable Rudeness

20:36 [The Atlantic: National] At the Supreme Court, A Great Day for Corporations

20:37 [AlterNet] Pay Raises for Atlanta Cops Will Be Funded By Traffic Tickets

20:37 [Reuters] Obama says following legal channels on Snowden case

20:37 [Raw Story] Watch: Sponsor of Texas anti-abortion bill claims rape kits ‘clean out’ pregnancy

20:38 [Reuters: politics] Obama says following legal channels on Snowden case

20:40 [The Hindu - News] Robbers pull off sensational heist in Rajahmundry

20:40 [CNN: Money] Wall Street frets China and Fed

20:40 [Guardian] Birmingham man found guilty of terror offences

20:40 [Guardian] Fed fears and China credit crunch concerns send jitters through markets

20:42 [Mother Jones] Snowden's Tour of the World's Least Press-Friendly Countries

20:42 [Mother Jones] Rewilding the American West

20:45 [BBC: Science & Environment] O3b satellite launch is postponed

20:46 [CNET News] The 404 1,290: Where we feel the vibrations (podcast)

20:46 [The Hindu - News] Naidu steals a march on AP government

20:46 [zero hedge] TIP this

20:46 [zero hedge] The Dark Side Of Soaring Rates: A Housing Market That Lost 16% Of Its Value In Under Two Months

20:49 [Telegraph] Government response to smear allegations inadequate, Stephen Lawrence's father says

20:49 [Telegraph] Crash father arrested on suspicion of murdering daughter

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Naidu politicising Uttarakhand floods, says Botcha Satyanarayana

20:52 [Guardian] Rebecca Shuttleworth to be given life sentence for beating son to death

20:53 [Reuters] U.S. presses Russia as mystery over Snowden deepens

20:54 [straight] We all know Jane is full of surprises /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_Jane3_2374.jpg

20:54 [The Hindu - News] Court refuses to lodge Jagan and Vijay Sai Reddy in separate jails

20:55 [CNN: Crime] Snowden: Fair trial impossible in U.S.

20:55 [Reuters: politics] Texas House passes sweeping abortion restrictions

20:55 [AL JAZEERA] UK police 'spied on race victim's family'

20:56 [The Hindu - News] Rising trend of allergies among children: expert

20:57 [Raw Story] Russian cosmonauts will take Olympic torch to International Space Station

20:57 [Truthdig] So When Will Dick Cheney Be Charged With Espionage?

21:00 [Reuters: politics] White House presses Russia to expel Snowden; sharp words for China

21:00 [CNN: Politics] Senate nears key immigration reform vote

21:02 [The Hindu - News] U. S. certain Snowden in Russia, Moscow pleads ignorance

21:02 [msnbc: politics] Senator: Blimps could catch 'smugglers,' patrol maritime border

21:02 [CNN] Three questions for Clarence Thomas

21:02 [Big Think] "Meaningless" Pop Music Banned in Uzbekistan

21:03 [CNN: Money] Stocks whacked by China and Fed

21:03 [CNN: Money] Sell-off is a 'taper tantrum'

21:03 [CNN: Travel] Today's travel photo: Ireland

21:03 [CNN: Travel] Your best travel photos

21:03 [NPR] New Pro League Tosses Its Disc Into The Frisbee Game

21:04 [Disinformation] Lost Mayan City Discovered Within Mexican Jungle

21:04 [Reuters] White House presses Russia to expel Snowden; sharp words for China

21:04 [BBC: Science & Environment] Knobbly reptile roamed vast desert

21:05 [Telegraph] Drinking water contaminated by gas near fracking sites in US

21:05 [Topix Activism News] Obama Walks Tightrope on Gay Rights in Africa

21:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Patrick Robbins: Eat the Rich! How the Food Stamp Cuts Reflect an Emerging Front in the Climate War

21:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Faux: Brazilian Protests; Could it Happen Here?

21:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Don C. Reed: The Day Before the Fourth of July, Fight for Freedom -- From Paralysis

21:06 [The Atlantic: National] A Narrow Escape for Affirmative Action

21:06 [] U.S. Soldiers Trained in Riot Control to Deploy to Egypt /sites/

21:07 [Raw Story] Hollywood tries to weaken copyright treaty for blind people

21:08 [The Hindu - News] China’s role in departure from Hong Kong in focus

21:08 [The Hindu - News] U. S. certain Snowden in Russia, Moscow pleads ignorance

21:08 [The Hindu - News] U.S. warns countries against sheltering Snowden

21:08 [Guardian] US scrambles to find Edward Snowden and urges Russia to co-operate

21:08 [Guardian] Barclays to sell customer data

21:10 [CNET News] iFetch: Ball launcher keeps dog drool off you

21:10 [The Hindu - News] Ex-Jamaat men indicted for 1971 war crimes

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] At 75, is Superman over the hill?

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] 'World War Z' is 'scary good'

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Summer movie guide: Top 20 picks

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Brad Pitt: From 'Dallas' to 'World War Z'

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] The Doors plan tribute concert for Ray Manzarek

21:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Singer Bobby 'Blue' Bland dies

21:11 [Slashdot] Formlabs In Settlement Talks Over 3D Printing Patent Lawsuit

21:12 [The Hindu - News] Berlusconi gets seven years in underage sex case

21:12 [The Hindu - News] Nelson Mandela in critical condition

21:12 [Slate Magazine] Mr. Former President

21:12 [Slate Magazine] What Did You Want to Be When You Were 8?

21:13 [Fox News: politics] Silicon Valley banks on immigration bill for access to foreign workers

21:15 [] Azerbaijan's Opposition Gears Up To Give Aliyev Serious Challenge

21:15 [AlterNet] 12-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Football Team Because Boys Had ‘Impure Thoughts’ About Her

21:15 [AlterNet] Jurors Hear Opening Statements in George Zimmerman Trial

21:15 [AlterNet] North Carolina Undocumented Youth Hold ‘UndocuGraduation,’ Demanding Tuition Equality

21:18 [The Hindu - Opinion] Congratulations

21:20 [The Hindu - Opinion] Ayyo Rama

21:20 [The Atlantic: Politics] How to Get Arrested on Moral Monday: A North Carolina Minister's Protest

21:20 [Middle East Report] 'Assaf, Palestine and the "Forgotten Palestinians"

21:21 [Telegraph] US demands Russia hand over Edward Snowden as escape turns to farce

21:21 [Telegraph] French police 'would have interviewed Zaid al-Hilli months ago'

21:21 [Voice of America] Reuters: Snowden Says Got Booz Allen Job for Access to NSA Programs

21:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] Educate people

21:22 [Raw Story] Jim Carrey says he regrets filming ‘violent’ Kick-Ass 2 after Newtown shootings

21:23 [AL JAZEERA] Lebanese army storms cleric's headquarters

21:24 [The Hindu - Opinion] Stop politicking

21:24 [Truthout] Oil Industry Must Pay for Its Waste

21:24 [straight] CBC's Recipe to Riches Vancouver audition: Canada's search for original recipes /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/CarloRota-highres.jpg

21:25 [Voice of America] Reuters: SCMP: Snowden Says He Took Job for Access to NSA Programs

21:26 [CBC: politics] Alberta premier promises $1B in flood emergency fund

21:27 [OpEdNews] Decline and Fall - Snoop Daddy ECHELON, Real Unemployment, Syria

21:28 [The Hindu - Opinion] The untold story from Uttarakhand

21:28 [Reuters: politics] IRS scraps 'be on the lookout' lists at heart of Tea Party fracas

21:29 [Disinformation] Plants Do Math //

21:29 [zero hedge] Fed Shocked To Find Student Loans Used For Anything But To Learn

21:31 [Voice of America] Reuters: Car Bombs Kill 39 in Iraqi Capital Baghdad

21:32 [CNN] 28 dead in Baghdad violence, police say

21:32 [Truthdig] Where in the World Is Edward Snowden?

21:33 [The Onion] Impatient Nation Demands Supreme Court Just Get To The Gay Stuff

21:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Nadal in Wimbledon shock

21:34 [NPR] Could LeBron and RGIII Help Sell The Affordable Care Act?

21:34 [The Hindu - Opinion] Redeeming the promise

21:34 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Senate Votes Today on "Border Surge" Amendment to Immigration Bill, and More

21:36 [The Hindu - Opinion] TRAI harder on roaming

21:36 [CNET News] Remote-control wall ovens heat up with GE upgrades

21:36 [Guardian] Qatar emir to hand over power to Crown Prince Tamim

21:37 [Telegraph] George Zimmerman 'profiled, followed and murdered' black teenage

21:37 [Telegraph] Spinster sisters could win legal right to be treated as married couples, Peers told

21:37 [Telegraph] Children's vocabularies boosted by visual clues

21:39 [AlterNet] Report: Immigrants and Their Children To Fill Workforce Gaps Left by Aging Baby Boomers

21:39 [CNN: Travel] Little or no airline security?

21:39 [CNN] Police: In Florida girl's slaying, generous offer led to deadly crime

21:40 [] Bedouin relocation plan wins slim Knesset majority after stormy 1st reading

21:42 [The Hindu - Opinion] Not that Great being an Indian Bustard

21:42 [Mother Jones] 6 Mind-Blowing Stats on How 1% of the 1% Now Dominate Our Elections /files/median-household-income-chart.jpg

21:42 [Mother Jones] Ecuador's Edward Snowden Problem

21:42 [Truthdig] Reform the Border Patrol, Too

21:42 [Guardian] Qatar's emir Sheikh Hamad to hand power to son, crown prince Tamim

21:43 [Slate Magazine] Supreme Court 2013: The Year in Review

21:43 [CNN: Money] Fed official: Investors are being 'feral hogs'

21:43 [Reuters] Trayvon Martin murder trial: Opening clash on shooter's motive

21:43 [Fox News: politics] IRS chief: Inappropriate screening was broad

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Obama comments on Snowden case

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Justices to rule on Obama recess appointments

21:44 [CNN: Politics] Navarrette: Court does minorities a favor

21:44 [CNN: Politics] IRS probe finds more screening lists

21:44 [Campaign For Liberty] Rand Paul: Youth with me on NSA issue

21:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Accuses China of Letting NSA Leaker Snowden Flee

21:46 [Pravda] Facebook censors Pravda.Ru

21:46 [CNN: Crime] Detectives search Patriots player's house again

21:46 [CNN] Vanishing acts: Ed Snowden, red panda

21:48 [The Hindu - Opinion] Dangerous games with devolution

21:49 [The Hindu - News] 23hyayk04-Haleem to cost more

21:50 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Supreme Court's Pleasant Surprise for Affirmative-Action Advocates

21:51 [CNN: Money] Stocks hit by China and Fed

21:52 [Financial Times] Parts of world becoming ‘uninsurable’

21:52 [OpEdNews] 7 Institutions That Have Grown So Monstrously Big They Threaten to Destroy America

21:52 [CNN: Crime] Fair trial impossible in U.S., Snowden tells Ecuador in asylum request

21:52 [CNN: Crime] Police: Offer led to deadly crime

21:52 [Raw Story] Accepting Apologies And Moving On

21:52 [Raw Story] CNBC host: ‘I’d almost arrest Glenn Greenwald’ for helping NSA leaker

21:53 [The Hindu - News] Compartmental students may make it to counselling

21:53 [The Hindu - News] India assures U.S. a share of nuclear pie

21:53 [The Hindu - News] 8 killed in militant attack ahead of PM’s J&K visit

21:53 [The Hindu - News] Snowden in ‘safe place,’ says Assange

21:53 [AlterNet] Psychedelic Renaissance: LSD, Ecstasy and Magic Mushrooms Are Helping People Face Death, Cope with Grauma and Quit Booze and Smokes

21:54 [zero hedge] Guest Post: How To Give The NSA The Finger

21:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] So Technology Changes the World? What World?

21:55 [CNN] Baby in Spain found in drain hole; mom arrested

21:56 [straight] B.C. Ferries navigation officer Karl Lilgert sentenced to four years in jail /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/queenofnorth_0.jpg

21:56 [The Hindu - Opinion] Beyond an opportunistic coalition

21:56 [Deutsche Welle] Snowden elusive, Germany queries Britain's Tempora tapping program

21:56 [Deutsche Welle] Dozens dead after multiple car bombs strike Baghdad

21:57 [The Onion] Markets In Turmoil As Price Of Money Skyrockets To $90 A Dollar

21:57 [The Hindu - News] Fresh rains hamper rescue operations

21:58 [Slate Magazine] Mad Men, Season 6

21:58 [CNN] Sharapova puts spat behind her to battle to win in Wimbledon opener

21:59 [The Hindu - News] Government now moots regulation of tour operators

22:01 [Infoshop] Thinking of Joining the ISO?

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Haleem to turn dearer

22:01 [Slashdot] CubeSats Spurring Satellite Revolution

22:02 [Voice of America] Reuters: FIFA Says No Alternative to World Cup in Brazil

22:02 [Big Think] We the People: Petition for Snowden Pardon Surpasses 100,000 Signatures

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Disaster Commissioner has his own tale to tell

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Case against Shinde, Chidambaram closed

22:03 [Fox News: politics] US envoy: Administration 'outraged' over Taliban's handling of new office

22:04 [Reuters: politics] Obama urges strong Senate vote on immigration bill

22:05 [Reuters] Qatari emir set to hand over to son, little policy change seen

22:05 [Reuters] Ten car bombs kill 39 in Iraqi capital

22:07 [CNN: Technology] Meet the kid-friendly version of Snapchat

22:07 [The Hindu - News] Locals rise to the task

22:07 [The Hindu - News] Liquor shops to double up as ‘bars’

22:07 [The Hindu - News] 776 pilgrims from city still stranded

22:07 [Telegraph] Clashes in Lebanon as Syria conflict spills over

22:07 [Telegraph] Daredevil eyes New York skyscraper walk after Grand Canyon stunt

22:08 [Voice of America] VOA News: Harvard and IBM Search for Better Solar Cells

22:10 [Voice of America] Dorian Jones: Turkish PM Takes Aim at Social Media

22:11 [straight] Toronto mayor Rob Ford finally comes out for Pride /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/RobFord.jpg

22:11 [The Hindu - News] Tihar inmates donate Rs. 10 lakh for flood victims

22:11 [The Hindu - News] Shinde asks VIPs to avoid going to Uttarakhand

22:13 [The Hindu - News] Only precise forecast of rain would have helped, says NDMA chief

22:14 [NPR] George Zimmerman Trial: 3 Highlights From The First Day

22:14 [msnbc: politics] Immigration reform still faces uncertain future in the House

22:14 [msnbc: politics] Report: Dow hits a two month low

22:15 [The Hindu - News] Court’s bail order for Sreesanth shoots holes in police case

22:15 [AlterNet] The Best of Tumblr Porn

22:15 [AlterNet] Where Is Edward Snowden? Reporters Are Chasing Rumors and Shadows, in Russia and Beyond

22:16 [CNN: Money] Feds launch Obamacare 'help' hotline

22:17 [The Hindu - News] Call it yummy but not cheap, anymore

22:18 [Reuters: politics] IRS junks 'lookout' lists at heart of Tea Party fracas

22:19 [Disinformation] Vegetable Lasagna with the Vegan Black Metal Chef

22:19 [The Hindu - News] KMRL seeks resurvey of Edappally canal

22:20 [CNET News] Samsung to exit desktop PC business, report says

22:20 [Fox News] A BIG APPLE NO:NYC Nixes Wallenda Empire State Wire Walk /i/redes/icon-video.gif

22:21 [The Onion] Infographic: The Case For And Against George Zimmerman

22:21 [The Hindu - News] Two more glass panels at airport develop cracks

22:21 [The Hindu - News] No action yet against poorly performing engineering colleges

22:23 [Guardian] Scotland Yard spied on critics of police corruption

22:23 [The Hindu - News] Chennai’s biggest burglary remains unsolved

22:24 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: Tourists Charged in Airport Altercation

22:24 [NPR] For Modern Jurors, Being On A Case Means Being Offline

22:25 [The Hindu - News] Mattancherry bridge takes a heavy toll on commuters

22:27 [Raw Story] U.S. Conference of Mayors asks Obama for flexibility on marijuana

22:28 [Moral Low Ground] US Government v. Edward Snowden Update

22:29 [The Hindu - News] HC asks govt. secretaries to audit biennale bills

22:29 [The Hindu - News] Bets of hundreds of crores placed on each IPL match, say police

22:29 [The Hindu - News] Shaji tells court he wasn’t at the wheel

22:31 [zero hedge] Stocks Tumble And Bonds Grumble Despite Dovish Hawks

22:31 [The Hindu - News] Royapuram’s tryst with royalty

22:33 [AlterNet] Supreme Court Stunner: Sometimes Workplace Harassment is OK

22:34 [The Hindu - News] Veggie outlets wilt as teething troubles crop up

22:34 [Campaign For Liberty] Watch Thomas Massie and “The New York Meeting” Live tonight at 6pm!

22:35 [The Nation] Tough as Bob War and Other Stuff

22:35 [CNET News] Play Pac-Man as a first-person horror game

22:36 [The Hindu - News] Move to sell Havelock bridge kept in abeyance

22:36 [The Hindu - News] NCERT told to remove sentence on north-east from textbook

22:36 [Sydney Morning Herald] Coles banned by Bangladeshi factory

22:37 [Big Think] You Are Not A Hero.

22:38 [The Hindu - News] Allies do not grow on trees, Sena tells BJP

22:39 [NPR] IRS Chief: No Evidence Of 'Intentional Wrongdoing' So Far

22:39 [NPR] Rafael Nadal Loses In First-Round Upset At Wimbledon

22:40 [The Hindu - News] Joint statement skirts key issues

22:41 [Infoshop] How to Answer the Dumb Things Climate Change Skeptics Say

22:42 [Truthout] "The Revolution Is Going to Be Fought With the Hoe" Agriculture and Environment in New Mexico

22:42 [CNN] IRS probe finds more screening lists

22:42 [msnbc: politics] Behind the scenes of the 2012 election

22:42 [CBC: politics] Alberta flood recovery could take 10 years, $1B, says premier

22:43 [The Onion] Johnny Depp Now Physically Unable To Walk Unless Whimsically Teeter-Tottering Across Rolling Log, Wobbly Plank, Or Swaying Beam

22:44 [Campaign For Liberty] Watch Thomas Massie and “The New York Meeting” Live tonight at 6pm!

22:46 [Infoshop] This Really Is Big Brother: The Leak Nobody's Noticed

22:47 [Truthout] "The Revolution Is Going to Be Fought With the Hoe": Agriculture and Environment in New Mexico

22:47 [Fox News] What to Eat to Beat the Heat

22:48 [Slashdot] Australian Government Rejects Data Retention Law After Report

22:50 [AL JAZEERA] Brazil leader pledges $25bn to end protests

22:50 [The Hindu - News] Centre seeks public comments on draft bills on water laws, river management

22:51 [] Global 'Bully': Critics Blast US for Manhunt Asylum Seeking Snowden

22:54 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Ghana Ministers to Sign Performance Contract

22:54 [The Hindu - News] JD(S) takes up arms for Thettayil, fires at its splinter group

22:56 [CNN] Silvio Berlusconi Fast Facts

22:56 [Reuters] Italy court convicts Berlusconi on sex charges

22:57 [CNN] 'Family Ties' creator Goldberg dies at 68

22:57 [Raw Story] Zimmerman lawyer: ‘Trayvon Martin armed himself with the concrete sidewalk’

22:57 [OpEdNews] A Ten-Step Plan To Care for Our Country and World

22:58 [Slate Magazine] Don’s Breakthrough

22:59 [zero hedge] Presenting Chinese Wealth Management Product's Infinite 'Risk' Loop

23:00 [CNN: Money] Investors are being 'feral hogs'

23:00 [CNET News] Supermoon captured by photo enthusiasts worldwide

23:02 [Voice of America] Jessica Berman: Improved Maternal Care in Malawi Reduces Newborn, Infant Mortality

23:03 [CNN: Money] Stocks fall 1% ... but it could have been worse

23:04 [Disinformation] Russ Tice Reveals the Truth About NSA Spying on the Corbett Report

23:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Shonky' claims of breakfast drinks

23:07 [Mother Jones] Elizabeth Warren: Why is the Government Backing Expensive Private Student Loans?

23:09 [msnbc: politics] IRS chief reveals additional targeting of groups

23:10 [AlterNet] Binational Gay Couples Optimistic, Hopeful About DOMA Ruling

23:10 [The Hindu - News] Sketch of Manipal gang-rape suspect released

23:12 [The Hindu - News] Woman raped in Hassan

23:12 [The Hindu - News] We’re working to bring in visible change in six months: Srinivas Prasad

23:12 [Raw Story] Sexual education in schools reminds Rep. Louie Gohmert of the Soviet Union

23:12 [OpEdNews] The Eternal Rebel: Ronnie Kasrils

23:13 [CNET News] T-Mobile says it has a fix to FCC auction rule debate

23:13 [Electronic Intifada] Israel's racists step up attacks on Palestinian citizens

23:14 [Fox News] US envoy: Administration 'outraged' over Taliban's handling of new office

23:14 [Fox News] Transgender six-year-old wins Colo. civil rights case

23:14 [Fox News] American says he's being held by workers in China

23:14 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Army reprimands soldier under fire for religious beliefs- University reinstates 'stomp on Jesus' professor

23:14 [Fox News] IRS chief: Inappropriate screening was broad

23:14 [The Hindu - News] ‘Barring polio-hit, AIDS patients from performing Haj against human rights’

23:15 [] Turkmenistan: Was a Turkmen Militant Captured in Syria?

23:16 [The Hindu - News] AITUC urges govt. to call for general strike

23:18 [Reuters] Behind Snowden's Hong Kong exit: fear and persuasion

23:18 [CNN: Crime] Baby in Spain found in drain hole; mom arrested

23:18 [The Hindu - News] NLC trade unions to convey displeasure through ‘intimation letter’

23:18 [CNN: Travel] World's most dangerous airport?

23:19 [CNN] Opinion: Supreme Court micromanaging diversity

23:19 [Guardian] Jury hears emotional opening statements in George Zimmerman trial

23:20 [CNN: Entertainment] The Buzz Today

23:20 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Family Ties' creator dies

23:20 [CNN: Entertainment] Paul Giamatti joins 'Downton Abbey'

23:20 [The Atlantic: Politics] Mitch McConnell Is Either Very Bad at Math or Horribly Disingenuous

23:20 [The Hindu - News] TN study to track TB patients being treated in private sector

23:22 [The Hindu - News] Contractor in charge of workers who died of asphyxiation is at large

23:22 [Financial Times] Qatar emir poised to cede power to his son

23:23 [Sydney Morning Herald] Sydney set to cop another soaking

23:24 [Telegraph] NHS watchdog failed to supply six years of emails about baby deaths

23:24 [Telegraph] Official: 13,000 more criminals to be jailed every year from Chris Grayling reforms

23:24 [Telegraph] Married couples to be offered tax breaks before the next election

23:24 [Telegraph] NHS cover up goes even deeper, victim's father warns

23:24 [Telegraph] Wimbledon 2013: Oh I say! It's a Glam Slam for Murray mania

23:24 [Telegraph] Could this crazy creature help us cure cancer?

23:24 [Telegraph] David Cameron: I can be Prime Minister without Nick Clegg

23:24 [Telegraph] Why Bitcoin is on the money

23:24 [The Hindu - News] RS polls: Congress MLAs await instructions from high command

23:25 [straight] Controversial Indian gay film Dunno Y to get sequel /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Dunno.jpg

23:25 [The Onion] American Voices: Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum In Ecuador

23:32 [Slashdot] Research Offers Promise of Devices That Can Detect Disease With a Drop of Blood

23:32 [Truthdig] Brazilian Protest

23:32 [Truthdig] Death of a Language

23:32 [Truthdig] Obama NSA

23:35 [] Georgia Photo: Behold the Lamb of God

23:37 [Mother Jones] Jumping the Shark on Edward Snowden /files/blog_edward_snowden.jpg

23:37 [Truthdig] Endless

23:38 [CNN] Opinion: A big step backward on race

23:40 [NPR] Our Beef With BuzzFeed's Viral Article On 8 Dangerous Foods

23:41 [straight] Festival LAUNCH! encourages a new generation of artists

23:41 [straight] Global warming and the future of urban living /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Flood18.jpg

23:42 [CNN] U.S. has few options on Snowden, experts say

23:42 [Deutsche Welle] German politicians demand details on British surveillance program

23:42 [Raw Story] Russian intelligence officials expected to interrogate Edward Snowden

23:42 [Raw Story] ‘Overkill’: Senate measure would spend billions to militarize U.S.-Mexico border

23:43 [Spiegel] Prison Sentence for Ex-Prime Minister: Berlusconi Has One Trick Left

23:44 [zero hedge] The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In The History Of The World

23:45 [CNET News] Garmin readies Android-powered Monterra outdoor GPS

23:46 [Fox News: politics] 'Insider threat'? Program urging federal workers to tattle on each other raises concerns

23:47 [The Progressive] Orwell Revisited: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

23:49 [msnbc: politics] Alex Wagner talks Essence Festival

23:49 [msnbc: politics] Cupp on Snowden: ‘Hate the leaker, love the leak’

23:49 [msnbc: politics] Justices send affirmative action case back to lower court

23:49 [msnbc: politics] Stock market roller coaster

23:50 [NPR] Among Conservatives, Concerns Grow Over New School Standards

23:53 [CNN] Opinion: What Zimmerman's all-female jury says about us

23:56 [Infoshop] Ireland: Shell pipeline construction preparations destroyed in direct action in Erris

23:57 [Truthdig] Immigration Bringing the GOP Down

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