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00:00 [CNN] Why Putin and Trump both like Le Pen

00:01 [NPR] Lucian Kim: Young Entrepreneurs Find Funky Niche In Products 'Made In Ukraine'

00:01 [NPR] Eleanor Beardsley: In French Election, Established Politicians Are Out

00:01 [NPR] Ron Elving: Looking Ahead At Trump's First 100 Days In Office

00:01 [NPR] One Arkansas Execution Takes Place As Other Inmates Head To Death Chamber

00:06 [CNN] Why there was an anti-Elon Musk ad in your Sunday paper

00:10 [Telegraph] Our Foreign Staff: 'Anti-fascist' protesters clash with Paris police in riot after Marine Le Pen French presidential success

00:11 [Voice of America] Hasib Danish Alikozai, Noor Zahid: How Could Taliban Breach Heavily-guarded Afghan Army Base?

00:13 [Financial Times] Vietnam’s drivers trade up from two wheels to four

00:20 [Reuters] BD to acquire Bard in $24 billion medical tech deal

00:26 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Dow Jumps, Gold Dumps As Markets Open After French Vote; Trader Warns "Beware The Hangover"

00:26 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Taleb Trashes The "Interventionistas" & Their Mental Defects

00:28 [Raw Story] David Ferguson: Trump’s Homeland Security director John Kelly admits: ‘I don’t know how to stop’ domestic terrorists

00:31 [Reuters] Europe's populist wave stalls as Macron storms into French runoff

00:33 [CNN] CNN 10 - April 24, 2017

00:34 [CNN: Money] Macron and Le Pen face-off

00:34 [CNN: Money] There was an anti-Elon Musk ad in your Sunday paper

00:34 [zero hedge] ZeroPointNow: NYT: FBI Refused To Pay $50K For FISA-Linked Trump Dossier After Former MI6 Agent Failed To Corroborate Claims

00:39 [Financial Times] Le Pen faithful hail first step to ‘saving France’

00:40 [Telegraph] Press Association: TOWIE star's boyfriend Arthur Collins charged over nightclub acid attack

00:44 [Slashdot] EditorDavid: Is Social Media Making Us Hate Each Other?

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Not enough coffins' after deadly Taliban attack on Afghanistan army base - Taliban’s surprise attack forced 30 coalition troops to ‘shelter in place’

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Hooters girls covering up?

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Truth about frozen veggies

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Lost City' found in Kansas

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bethenny's nude film past

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Facts' star: I was an addict

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Star smokes pot with her kids

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Flight attendant confessions

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Facebook battles revenge porn

00:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Uber driver fat-shamed me'

01:00 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Visualizing The Evolution Of The American Economy Over The Past 50 Years

01:02 [CNN: Money] Macron-Le Pen face-off: EU supporter vs. economic nationalist

01:10 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: UK's rarest plants at risk of extinction as road verges become their final refuge

01:10 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Breakthrough in multiple sclerosis research as scientists discover possible cause of the disease

01:10 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Seven-year-olds have the most expensive birthday parties with parents shelling out £188

01:10 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Facebook is not an 'arbiter of the truth', Sheryl Sandberg says as she addresses fake news criticism

01:10 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: 'Bed-blocking' patient left waiting three and a half years to be discharged from hospital despite being well enough to leave

01:10 [Telegraph] Simon Johnson: Jeremy Corbyn a 'danger' to the Union as he and Nicola Sturgeon speak at same Scottish conference

01:10 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: George Osborne 'disrespected' Parliament by taking newspaper job

01:12 [Reuters] Local, global security firms in race along China's 'Silk Road'

01:13 [CNN: Money] Macron and Le Pen face off

01:13 [Financial Times] Macron and Le Pen to contest French run-off

01:13 [The Atlantic: International] Uri Friedman: Trump Was Wrong About France

01:14 [Truthdig] Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen to Advance to French Election Runoff

01:18 [Raw Story] David Ferguson: Dem strategist: ‘Bigot’ Trump’s presidency is just like his businesses — built on failure and fraud

01:18 [CNN: Politics] US tells North Korea to cease 'destabilizing actions and rhetoric'

01:19 [Voice of America] VOA News: Netanyahu Warns Foes on Holocaust Remembrance Day

01:21 [Reuters: politics] Trump condemns anti-Semitism on Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day

01:23 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: Anews podcast - episode 8

01:30 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Trump To Hold Top Level Briefing On North Korea Following US Citizen Arrest

01:30 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Dollar Breaks Below Key Technical Support, Hits 5-Month Lows

01:33 [BBC: Health] 'I've given up everything to care for mum'

01:33 [CNN] Queen Elizabeth II Fast Facts

01:33 [CNN] Neil Simon Fast Facts

01:33 [CNN] Los Angeles Riots Fast Facts

01:33 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pitched Battles in Syria Reported Near IS Raqqa Stronghold

01:34 [Truthdig] Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen Advance to French Election Runoff

01:39 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Confronting Russophobia

01:40 [CNN] Jean-Claude Duvalier Fast Facts

01:40 [Telegraph] Henry Samuel: French election: Macron and Le Pen through to presidential run off, partial results show

01:44 [Slashdot] EditorDavid: Scientists Consider 'Cloud Brightening' To Preserve Australia's Great Barrier Reef

01:47 [CNN] Glen Campbell Fast Facts

01:47 [CNN] Yasser Arafat Fast Facts

01:47 [CNN] Osama bin Laden Fast Facts

01:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'A DEVASTATION' 5 dead, including 3 kids, in New York City house fire

01:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Trump adds tax reform to agenda ahead of key week - Congress returns from recess, aiming to avoid government shutdown - VIDEO: Mulvaney on looming budget deadline, ObamaCare repeal

01:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit - 'Time to fight back': Pirro slams 'snowflakes' trying to silence free speech

01:49 [Reuters] Small children among five dead in New York house fire

01:54 [CNN] George H. W. Bush Fast Facts

01:54 [CNN] Aaron Hernandez Fast Facts

02:01 [CNN] Serena Williams Fast Facts

02:01 [CNN] What the French elections mean for Americans

02:01 [CNN] Passover Fast Facts

02:01 [CNN] Missing Children Fast Facts

02:02 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Key Highlights From Trump's AP Interview

02:02 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Seven Charts For Bullish Investors To Ignore

02:03 [msnbc: politics] Leigh Ann Caldwell: Congress Aims to Avoid Shutdown As Trump Presses for Wins

02:08 [CNN] Violence Against US Politicians and Diplomats Fast Facts

02:08 [CNN] Roe v. Wade Fast Facts

02:08 [CNN] Death of Osama bin Laden Fast Facts

02:14 [Voice of America] Reuters: Trump to Sign Executive Orders on Environment, Energy This Week

02:15 [CNN] Billy Joel Fast Facts

02:20 [Reuters] Becton Dickinson to acquire Bard for $24 billion

02:20 [Reuters] Toddler among five dead in New York house fire

02:22 [CNN] Euro jumps as Macron emerges as favorite to lead France

02:22 [CNN] Julian Assange Fast Facts

02:22 [CNN] The death row inmates Arkansas is rushing to execute

02:22 [CNN] Tony Blair Fast Facts

02:24 [Truthdig] Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen Favored to Advance to French Election Runoff

02:26 [Reuters] Macron must win big now to have a chance of fulfilling pledges

02:29 [CNN] WikiLeaks Fast Facts

02:29 [msnbc: politics] Leigh Ann Caldwell: Congress Aims to Avoid Shutdown as Trump Presses for Wins

02:32 [CNN: Money] Euro jumps as Macron emerges as favorite to lead France

02:34 [Truthdig] Why Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Is Unfit to Serve as Attorney General

02:36 [BBC: Technology] Geeks vs government

02:38 [Telegraph] Our Foreign Staff: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advance to second round of France's presidential election: How the world reacted

02:44 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Convicted Jihadist With California Ties Loses US Citizenship

02:48 [Raw Story] David Ferguson: Trump ‘hate-watches’ news that is critical of him as aides struggle to manage his TV addiction

02:49 [CNN] NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson sets space duration record, will get a call from Trump

02:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: American monitor killed in Ukraine when land mine hits vehicle - Russia upset over being blocked from Syria chemical weapons probe

02:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woman whose 10-year-old daughter was killed in 1999 loses second daughter to murder - Hunt on for missing 5-year-old California boy, dad arrested

02:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ex-soldier's parole for Louisiana murder yanked at last minute

02:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit - Anti-Zionist Muslim activist Linda Sarsour to speak at NYC university

02:57 [Topix Activism News] Rescued greyhound from China delivers dog meat message

03:02 [CNN] Does the Dubai Frame depict an ugly picture?

03:02 [Reuters] Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week

03:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Outrage After At Least 5 EU Nations Elect Saudi Arabia On UN Women's Rights Council

03:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make $783,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?

03:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: FX Volatility Crashes As Traders Unwind "Existential Euro" Hedges

03:10 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Burt Reynolds Makes Rare Public Appearance at Film Festival

03:14 [Truthdig] Why Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Is Unfit to Be Attorney General

03:16 [CNN] Carol Burnett Fast Facts

03:17 [Reuters: politics] Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week

03:33 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Key Events In The Coming Busy Week: US GDP; ECB & BOJ Meetings, And Lots Of Earnings

03:33 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: These Are The Tallest Buildings In Each State

03:35 [CNN] France is the weakest of Europe's big 3 economies

03:38 [Raw Story] David Ferguson: Trump announces WH dinner for Supreme Court justices — then hours later postpones it indefinitely

03:38 [Telegraph] Chiara Palazzo: An equation with two unknowns: How newspapers reacted to Macron and Le Pen wins in first round of French election

03:42 [Reuters] American member of watchdog OSCE killed in Ukraine

03:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DOUBLE TRAGEDY Mom loses daughters to murder, 18 years apart

03:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 5 dead — including 3 children — in NYC house fire - Arkansas firefighter captures moment 4-year-old girl falls out of bus

03:48 [CNN] North Korea detains US citizen as tensions rise

03:52 [Slashdot] EditorDavid: Ask Slashdot: Do You Like Functional Programming?

03:55 [CNN] Alila Fort Bishangarh: India's most exciting new luxury hotel

03:55 [CNN] After months of quiet travel, Obama to speak in Chicago

03:55 [CNN] 'Touching my dreams': Designer turns ideas into surreal images

03:59 [Truthdig] Rocket Science

04:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Lawmaking, still a man’s world

04:03 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Trump: If The DOJ Wants To Arrest Assange, "It's OK With Me"

04:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: One held for diverting mid-day meal funds

04:15 [BBC: Science & Environment] Road verges 'last refuge' for plants - conservation charity

04:15 [CNN] Homeless girls bond in Girl Scout Troop 6000

04:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: 3-language formula here to stay: Naidu

04:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Flash sale of special publications

04:16 [The Hindu - News] R. Sujatha: Smart preparation will help crack NEET, say experts

04:16 [The Hindu - News] Damini Nath,

JatinAnand: Highest turnout seen in east Delhi, lowest in south

04:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘The state of free speech has come under pressure’

04:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Mani has no moral right to continue in office: BJP

04:26 [The Hindu - News] K. Umashanker: TN woodcutters prevented from large-scale felling of red sanders

04:26 [The Hindu - News] Vedika Chaubey: WR does star turn, earns over ₹1 crore from film shoots

04:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Pinarayi, Kodiyeri express disapproval

04:28 [Raw Story] Los Angeles Times: North Korea ratchets up tensions by detaining US citizen: report

04:28 [Raw Story] New Jersey cities conduct nuclear blast drills this week

04:33 [Raw Story] STAT: 7 takeaways from the March for Science

04:33 [Raw Story] Tribune Washington Bureau: Trump desperate for some kind of win this week as 100-day milestone nears

04:34 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Ex-Minister wants CM to be elected post merger

04:34 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Two held on charges of ‘cyberbullying’

04:34 [The Hindu - News] Aloysius Xavier Lopez: Corporation goes high-tech to clean up city’s canals

04:34 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Chennithala demands Mani’s resignation

04:34 [The Hindu - News] Kumar Buradikatti: Campaign to create demand for MGNREGA jobs yielding results

04:35 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Chinese Stocks Are Plunging

04:38 [The Hindu - Opinion] S. Muthiah: The ancient ports of India

04:38 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: 1-minute late rule will not be enforced for Eamcet

04:38 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Edappadi-led govt. here to stay’

04:38 [The Hindu - News] T. Nandakumar: New guidelines for inland fisheries

04:38 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Praise for a centenarian

04:38 [Raw Story] International Business Times: New laws could boost cannabis on stock market

04:38 [Telegraph] Our Foreign Staff: Police stop 12-year-old boy more than 1,000km into attempt to drive across Australia

04:44 [The Hindu - News] Rani Devalla: A step beyond lending books

04:46 [The Hindu - News] M P Praveen: An ardent mission to save lives

04:46 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: State allots ₹12.25 cr. for Pudukottai

04:46 [The Hindu - News] G.V. Prasada Sarma: Repairs to Yeleru canal improve water yield beyond expectations

04:46 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Kochi district to hit its target of 100 clean ponds soon

04:46 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Arrangements apace for ‘Chandanotsavam’

04:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FRANCE ELECTION STUNNER: Far-right Le Pen, centrist Macron make runoff as main parties miss out

04:48 [CNN] WH officials: Busy week, but no health care vote or shutdown

04:50 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Good response to ‘Namma Ooty’ campaign

04:50 [The Hindu - News] Santosh Patnaik: Move to open liquor shop sparks protest

04:54 [The Hindu - News] S.P. Saravanan: Work on four green parks nearing completion

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Jagan sees conspiracy behind Yerpedu tragedy

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Take active part in groundwater recharge, RWAs told

04:54 [The Hindu - News] R. Vimal Kumar: TNPCB to tighten noose on CETPs for violation of affiliated units

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Ernakulam contributes nearly ₹19,000 crore to State exchequer

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CMFRI’s GIS-based info to step up security at sea

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Fine imposed on five for illegal safari

04:55 [CNN] Farewell Kate O'Beirne of CNN's 'Capital Gang'

05:00 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Paul Craig Roberts Asks "If This Is Freedom And Democracy, What Is Tyranny?"

05:00 [The Hindu - News] B. Muralidhar Reddy: Naidu: Plan to double farm productivity yielding results

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Telangana Bureau: VVIP ‘coolies’ raise funds in lakhs for TRS public meeting in Warangal

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Ongole sizzles at 45.5° C

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: KCR to meet Modi today

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Foundation of modernity under threat: writer

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Lorry, poultry associations to support bandh

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Geo-mapping of mangrove cover in Krishna dt. soon

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Stinking heaps of refuse pile up on city streets

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff ReporterDINDIGUL: Govt. tackling drought: Forest minister

05:06 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Concerted efforts needed to protect kadamba trees’

05:06 [The Hindu - News] S. Annamalai: Wanted, road map for long-term water management

05:09 [CNN] Former child soldier wins prize for risking his life to protect Congo's wildlife

05:10 [CNN: Politics] Farewell Kate O'Beirne of CNN's 'Capital Gang'

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: 59% attendance for Group-III screening examination

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Rohan Premkumar: Security guard at Jayalalithaa’s Kodanad Estate hacked to death

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Report on Pizhala bridge girder collapse likely in 10 days

05:27 [Reuters] Carrier group heads for Korean waters as Trump calls leaders

05:28 [Raw Story] David Ferguson: ‘Aren’t we the worst? We are the worst! Bye bye!’ John Oliver re-enacts Trump call to Turkish dictator

05:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Welfare assistance given

05:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Book lovers throng The Hindu

05:30 [The Hindu - News] J. Praveen Paul Joseph: Two TTPS units remain on standby

05:30 [CNN] A hero in American Airlines incident

05:34 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Seek technical expertise on maintaining temple tanks’

05:34 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: NH widening: locals up in arms against asset valuation survey

05:34 [Telegraph] Henry Samuel: French election: Macron and Le Pen through to presidential run off, results show

05:40 [The Hindu - News] S. Senthalir: The undying love for comics

05:40 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Stone sculpture displayed at museum

05:42 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Books make life better’

05:44 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Medical college holds health camp for rural residents

05:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BIGGEST TEST YET? Trump adds tax reform to docket in crucial week

05:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: North Korea threatens to strike US aircraft carrier to show 'military's force' - North Korea detains US citizen, the 3rd American being held there - North Korean dictator's resort revealed as his people starve

05:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Maine police scoop up pair of pygmy goats

05:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Magnitude-3.6 earthquake rattles California coast near Santa Barbara

05:52 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Moody, magical landscapes leave Kozhikode spellbound

05:54 [BBC: Science & Environment] Ex-child soldier wins environment prize

05:59 [Truthdig] ‘On Contact With Chris Hedges’: Eugene O’Neill Shatters the American Myth in ‘Electra’

06:02 [CNN] How fight over Obamacare could shut down the government

06:02 [CNN] Malaysia Airlines CEO attempts 'greatest turnaround'

06:09 [Reuters] Pence trims Asia trip to deal with domestic priorities

06:10 [CNN] Shoah Foundation is using technology to preserve Holocaust survivor stories

06:10 [CNN] These states are celebrating Confederate Memorial Day on Monday

06:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael McLaughlin: New Study Shows Anti-Semitism Soared Last Year

06:13 [CNN: Money] Could Obamacare fight shut down Washington?

06:13 [CNN: Money] Malaysia Airlines CEO attempts 'greatest turnaround'

06:13 [CNN: Money] Preserving Holocaust survivor stories with technology

06:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Russia upset over being blocked from Syria chemical weapons investigation

06:17 [CNN: Health] Surgeon general resigns

06:22 [The Hindu - News] Reuters: At least 35 killed in drug violence across Mexico: officials

06:22 [The Hindu - News] B Kolappan: Tamil cinema and its struggle to strike the right balance

06:23 [CNN] Trump relies on magic wand of growth to pay for tax cuts

06:23 [Reuters: politics] Pence trims Asia trip to deal with domestic priorities

06:25 [Fox News: politics] Bloomberg urges world leaders not to follow Trump's lead on climate change

06:28 [CNN: Money] Trump relies on magic wand of growth to pay for tax cuts

06:29 [Fin24 News] | Zuma's plan to retain sway in SA

06:40 [Reuters] Trump resorting to unilateralism with steel probe: China Daily

06:40 [Voice of America] Steve Herman: Trump Again Calls Leaders of China and Japan to Discuss North Korea

06:41 [Anarchist news] thecollective: Topic of the Week: Anarchist Utopias

06:42 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Edappadi raises NEET, Cauvery issues at NITI Aayog meeting

06:47 [Fin24 News] | Questions over equal pay for equal work at RAF

06:50 [CNN] Head to head: How Le Pen and Macron compare

06:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Philippines' Duterte insists he can be 50 times more brutal than terrorists

06:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bloomberg urges world leaders not to follow Trump's lead on climate change

06:52 [Slashdot] EditorDavid: Wall Street IT Engineer Hacks Employer To See If He'll Be Fired

06:53 [Raw Story] David Ferguson: Is Hannity next to fall? Fox guest says anchor tried to pressure into hotel room sex

06:56 [Voice of America] VOA News: US: Famine Could Be Cause of Uptick in Piracy off Somalia

07:01 [CNN: Money] There was an anti-Elon Musk ad in your paper

07:03 [Telegraph] Chiara Palazzo: The eight things you might have missed this weekend

07:10 [CNN] Will Trump follow his heart or his head on French election?

07:10 [CNN] Victim's family on Arkansas execution: 'Ready for it to be done'

07:15 [Reuters] Arkansas plans to execute two convicts Monday

07:16 [The Hindu - News] PTI: South Korea, allies brace for North Korea follow-up act

07:16 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: Google marks Kannada actor Rajkumar’s birthday with a doodle

07:20 [Reuters] Tesla’s big Model 3 bet rides on risky assembly line strategy

07:25 [Reuters] Carrier group heads for Korean waters, China calls for restraint

07:25 [Fox News: politics] Sessions downplays criticism over Hawaii remarks, says 'nobody has a sense of humor'

07:25 [AL JAZEERA] The lawyers taking on Duterte over his 'war on drugs'

07:28 [The Hindu - News] C. Gouridasan Nair: Blow for LDF Govt. as SC orders reinstatement of T.P. Senkumar

07:42 [msnbc: politics] Kelly O'Donnell: Obama Returning to Public Stage at Univ. of Chicago

07:44 [The Hindu - News] AFP: Trump to insist on border wall funds as budget deadline looms

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal,

C.Gouridasan Nair: SC orders reinstatement of T.P. Senkumar as Kerala DGP

07:45 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Fears Madeleine McCann was 'snatched for rich family' after reports of Morocco sightings

07:45 [Telegraph] Chris Graham: Amber Heard's 'cheeky' photo of Elon Musk in Australia fuels reports of relationship

07:45 [CNN] Macron and Le Pen: How two outsiders defeated France's political elite

07:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: THIRD AMERICAN HELD North Korea detains Korean-American at airport

07:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: French presidential election: Le Pen, Macron win first round to advance to runoff - BELLWETHER: Can Le Pen finish the job?

07:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sessions downplays criticism over Hawaii remarks, says 'nobody has a sense of humor'

07:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Carter Page: Media, 'corrupt Clinton regime' kept tying me to Trump team

07:49 [Fox News: politics] Trump discusses North Korea tensions with Asian leaders

07:53 [Fin24 News] | Robust rand dips below R13/$

08:01 [AL JAZEERA] How to fight 'fake news' in a post-truth environment

08:07 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Ukraine, Korea, Syria, Iran... Falsifying History Is Uncle Sam's Way To War

08:11 [AL JAZEERA] Arkansas death row inmates ask court to halt executions

08:12 [Fox News: politics] Obama meets with at-risk youth ahead of first major speech since presidency

08:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HARROWING VIDEO Footage captures moment girl falls from back of bus

08:15 [Telegraph] Henry Samuel: French election 2017: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen through to presidential run off

08:15 [Telegraph] Pictures of the Day: 24 April 2017

08:18 [The Hindu - News] Sureshkumar: Prime accused in Vijayan murder case acquitted

08:18 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: SC orders reinstatement of T.P. Senkumar as Kerala DGP

08:19 [Fin24 News] | Ramaphosa: 'Rot has set in' at ANC

08:20 [Voice of America] VOA News: Venezuelan President Endorses Local Elections, not Presidential

08:29 [Telegraph] Steven Swinford: Jeremy Corbyn condemned by military chiefs and own Labour MPs over defence policy shambles

08:38 [The Hindu - News] R. V. Smith: The delicious link

08:38 [The Hindu - News] Shailaja Khanna: A true master

08:43 [Reuters] France's Macron favorite for presidency in runoff with Le Pen

08:44 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Rescue operation continues to save girl stuck in borewell

08:44 [The Hindu - News] Madhur Tankha: Scripting sustainability...

08:48 [Reuters] U.S. carrier group heads for Korean waters, China calls for restraint

08:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Obama meets with at-risk youth ahead of first major speech since presidency

08:51 [BBC: Health] 'The grief can damage your mental health'

08:53 [CNN] Win or lose, Marine Le Pen is a nightmare for the EU

08:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jade Walker: Arkansas Plans To Execute 2 Convicted Killers On Monday

09:00 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Fearing Worker Shortage, Farmers Push Back on Immigration

09:00 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Centre should seriously think about welfare of J&K: Mehbooba

09:00 [The Hindu - News] Sureshkumar: DMK moves HC on govt’s alleged attempt to circumvent SC order on bar ban

09:03 [AL JAZEERA] Trump: Putin's best frenemy, part 2

09:12 [BBC: Technology] Warning over fake celebrity accounts targeting children

09:14 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Afghan Army Chief, Defense Minister Resign Following Attack

09:21 [CNN] Jalapeno-flavored chips recalled over Salmonella fear

09:21 [BBC: Technology] GE17: No electronic voter registration for Northern Ireland

09:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Goldman Prize for Prafulla Samantra, the activist who blocked Vedanta's Niyamgiri mine

09:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ed Mazza: San Antonio Mayor Suggests Atheists Are 'Broken People' Who Cause Poverty

09:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Caught On Tape: U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire On Somali Pirates

09:34 [zero hedge] Monetary Metals: To Frexit or Not to Frexit, Report 23 April, 2017

09:36 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: We have only two demands: OPS camp

09:36 [The Hindu - News] AFP: On Day 100, Trump clings to border wall funds as budget deadline looms

09:40 [AL JAZEERA] The lonely pyramids of Giza: Egyptian tourism falling

09:42 [Voice of America] Luis Ramirez: Macron, Le Pen Head to Runoff in French Presidential Race

09:43 [ZDNET] Zack Whittaker: Surprise! Your online banking password might not be as secure as you thought

09:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FREAK ACCIDENT Ill. college student killed during track and field meet

09:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Afghan army chief, defense minister resign following deadly Taliban attack

09:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Report: Cases of anti-Semitism increased last year

09:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New Orleans begins to take down prominent Confederate monuments

09:45 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: 'We did it!': Man who was suicidal runs marathon with the stranger who talked him down from a bridge

09:47 [NPR] Doreen McCallister: NYPD Deems Judge's Death 'Suspicious' After Leaning Toward Suicide

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Latheef Naha: AI pilot notices engine failure, averts accident before take off

09:53 [Slashdot] EditorDavid: Richard Stallman Interviewed By Bryan Lunduke

09:56 [CNN] US Defense Secretary Mattis visits Afghanistan

09:56 [CNN] Investors cheer as Macron emerges as favorite to lead France

09:56 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Clashes break out in Srinagar college

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Jaideep Deo Bhanj,

SoumyaPillai: It is Modi vs Kejriwal for most voters as candidates matter little

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Jatin Anand,


HemaniBhandari: Tough time for elderly, disabled

10:00 [Reuters] Gloves off in French election as Le Pen aide calls Macron 'arrogant'

10:01 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Murder arrest after ex-Royal Navy officer run down by his own car as he tried to stop burglars

10:05 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Target2 & Secret Bailouts: Will Germany Be Forced Into Fiscal Union With Rest Of Eurozone?

10:05 [BBC: Health] Three countries get first malaria vaccine

10:06 [AL JAZEERA] China urges restraint on North Korea in Trump call

10:07 [The Atlantic: Politics] Morton Keller: Don't Grade a President on His First 100 Days

10:07 [The Atlantic: Politics] David Frum: How Trump Is Upending the Conventional Wisdom on Illegal Immigration

10:08 [Voice of America] Carla Babb: US Defense Secretary Makes Unannounced Trip to Afghanistan

10:08 [Voice of America] Brian Padden: US and China Intensify Pressure on North Korea

10:08 [BBC: Entertainment] Original Bananarama line-up reunite for first ever tour

10:10 [CNN] Millions under flood threat in Carolinas

10:12 [AL JAZEERA] China urges restraint on North Korea in Xi-Trump call

10:12 [The Hindu - News] PTI: CM’s chopper makes emergency landing after bird hit

10:12 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Fresh clashes break out in Srinagar college

10:12 [The Hindu - News] Damini Nath,

JatinAnand: 54% turnout in Delhi civic polls

10:14 [BBC: Technology] Latest technology tested out in Arctic Circle trek

10:15 [CNN] China ups calls for calm after tense weekend on Korean Peninsula

10:16 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Siddaramaiah’s chopper makes emergency landing

10:17 [Telegraph] Jack Maidment: Nicola Sturgeon to say Labour no longer a threat and Scotland a 'two-horse race' between SNP and Tories

10:20 [AL JAZEERA] China urges restraint in dealing with North Korea

10:20 [Fin24 News] | Gigaba: Meeting with Moody's was robust and constructive

10:22 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Kharge unhappy over slow progress of railway works in Hyderabad-Karnataka region

10:27 [Financial Times] Australia and China in pact against cyber theft

10:33 [Telegraph] Danny Boyle: French election reaction: Emmanuel Macron described as 'France's John F Kennedy' as he fights with Marine Le Pen for presidency

10:37 [NPR] Patti Neighmond: Is It Time For Hearing Aids To Be Sold Over The Counter?

10:37 [NPR] Joel Rose: New Jersey Residents Brace For Trump's Weekend Whirlwinds To Blow Their Way

10:40 [The Hindu - News] Mohamed Nazeer: Senkumar verdict: Govt. will act after getting copy of SC judgment, says Pinarayi

10:40 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: Probe into Jayalalithaa's death if court orders so: CM's camp

10:42 [NPR] Nina Totenberg: Supreme Court To Decide If Prosecution, Defense Can Share Experts in Capital Case

10:43 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: 'The French Trudeau': Social media goes mad for Macron

10:43 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: What is a general election and how does it work?

10:50 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Hassan greenfield airport project will help farmers, says former PM

10:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ed Mazza: John Oliver Reveals How Frighteningly Little We Know About Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner

10:55 [CNN] Jack Ma: In 30 years, the best CEO could be a robot

10:58 [Fin24 News] | UPDATE: Rand breaches R12.90/$ as markets cheer French vote

11:02 [CBC: politics] Janyce McGregor: Softwood lumber decision Tuesday is Trump's next chance to hammer Canada

11:03 [The Hindu - News] G. Anand: Momentous victory, the journey continues: Senkumar

11:03 [The Hindu - News] PTI: PDP leader shot at by militants

11:03 [BBC: Education] Cash starved youth groups fear closure

11:04 [Voice of America] Ron Corben: WHO, Medical Workers, Mark Progress in Southeast Asia Malaria Fight

11:04 [CNN: Money] Euro and stocks surge after French election first round

11:04 [CNN: Money] Jack Ma: In 30 years, the best CEO could be a robot

11:09 [CNN] French election rally; China stocks plunge; Oil stabilizes

11:13 [Telegraph] Ashley Kirk: UK general election 2017: Poll tracker and latest odds

11:13 [Telegraph] Danny Boyle: French election reaction: Emmanuel Macron hailed as 'France's John F Kennedy' as he fights with Marine Le Pen for presidency

11:13 [Reuters] China clamps down on excess steel as Japan decries Trump 'protectionism'

11:13 [CNN: Money] French election rally; China stocks plunge; Oil stabilizes

11:14 [AL JAZEERA] The black jockeys shaking up South Africa's horse-riding scene

11:14 [Fox News: politics] Howard Kurtz: Trump team turns on Wikileaks, but Julian Assange remains out of reach

11:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'EXERCISE RESTRAINT': Trump talks North Korea issue with China, Japan

11:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ON THE CLOCK Congress returns with gov't shutdown looming

11:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FOX NEWS PRIME TIME Tucker Carlson leads brand new evening lineup

11:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HATE BOILING OVER? Report: Cases of anti-Semitism surged last year

11:16 [BBC: Entertainment] The Night Manager wins Bafta craft awards

11:28 [AL JAZEERA] Afghan officials resign after Taliban attack

11:29 [Telegraph] Jack Maidment: Labour General Election campaign chief contradicts Jeremy Corbyn as he says he would act to kill Isil leader

11:29 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: Runner stops during the marathon home stretch to propose to his girlfriend

11:29 [Pravda] Russia among world's three biggest defense spenders

11:29 [BBC: Technology] Driverless cars trial set for UK motorways in 2019

11:32 [Voice of America] Ralph Jennings: Journalism NGO picks Taipei as Asia Base

11:40 [AL JAZEERA] Ambush kills off-duty Iraqi soldiers in Anbar province

11:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Tollgate ransacked allegedly by AP MP’s son at Bagepalli

11:41 [The Hindu - News] PTI: PDP leader shot at by militants in Pulwama

11:41 [Fin24 News] | Anglo American iron ore, diamond output shines

11:43 [Telegraph] Reuters: Afghan defence chief quits after deadliest ever Taliban attack as US Defence Secretary arrives

11:43 [msnbc: politics] Alex Seitz-Wald: Can Bernie Sanders Save the Democratic Party?

11:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cheapest way to cruise?

11:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dean: Where I've been

11:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Samsung fixes S8 problem

11:44 [Fox News] Fox News Online: World’s fanciest 40 oz

11:44 [Pravda] Kremlin comments on French presidential election

11:45 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Over 600 youths get job at fair in Kolar

11:45 [Big Think] Teodora Zareva: Gamers Around the World Will Compete With Algorithms to Find a New Earth

11:46 [Voice of America] Reuters: Lawyer for Philippines Hit-Man Files Complaint Against Duterte At ICC

11:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: Rights Group Wants China to Release North Koreans

11:48 [Reuters] Gloves off in French election as Le Pen aide slams Macron

11:49 [CNN] Exclusive tours offer behind-the-scenes access to world's busiest attractions

11:52 [Financial Times] Trump calls Xi and Abe as N Korea tensions simmer

11:56 [CNN] Jimmy Choo (the company) is now on sale

11:57 [Fin24 News] | Critical price problem for the SA wines

11:59 [Telegraph] Even if Marine Le Pen loses the far-right threat is not over

11:59 [Telegraph] Ashley Kirk: Macron v Le Pen: Seven charts that show how we got here - and what will happen next

11:59 [Telegraph] 'He was a gent': Marathon runner who collapsed praises the man who helped him across the finish line

11:59 [Fin24 News] | Brexit won’t interrupt SA-UK trade, says Davies

12:00 [Voice of America] Reuters: News Agency: 5 Dead After Migrant Boat sinks off Greece's Lesbos

12:00 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Al-Qaida Leader Tells Fighters to Prepare for Long Syria War

12:00 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Family: Iran Rejects Detained British-Iranian Woman's Appeal

12:01 [CBC: politics] Austin Grabish: Kellie Leitch vows to deport border crossers after visit to Manitoba border town

12:01 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Le Pen, Macron Progress To Second Round As Establishment Parties Crash

12:01 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: One Trader Is Surprised At Market Euphoria From A "Result That Was Everybody's Base Case"

12:03 [CNN] Welcome to the biggest week of Donald Trump's presidency

12:06 [msnbc: politics] Petra Cahill and Associated Press and Reuters: China Calls for 'Restraint' on North Korea in Call With Trump

12:06 [msnbc: politics] Leigh Ann Caldwell: Shutdown Showdown: Congress, Trump on Collision Course

12:07 [NPR] David Folkenflik: Beyond Sexual Harassment, Lesser Known Scandals Could Cost The Murdochs A $14B Deal

12:08 [Raw Story] Reuters: US Congress returns as Trump pressures Democrats ahead of funding deadline

12:10 [CNN] T.I. speaks out on police brutality

12:10 [CNN] Trump's grand plans collide with 100-day mark

12:10 [CNN] Border wall fight looms as White House, Capitol Hill scramble for deal to avert shutdown

12:12 [The Atlantic: Politics] Emma Green: Who Does the Anne Frank Center Represent?

12:13 [CNN: Money] Jimmy Choo (the company) is now on sale

12:14 [Voice of America] Reuters: French Election Relief Sends Europe Soaring

12:14 [Pravda] Russia's S-500 air defense system to step 25 years into the future

12:17 [Reuters] Congress returns as Trump pressures Democrats ahead of funding deadline

12:17 [Reuters: politics] Congress returns as Trump pressures Democrats ahead of funding deadline

12:17 [CNN] 5 things for Monday, April 24: France, North Korea, Trump, Afghanistan

12:18 [Raw Story] Newsweek: US Astronaut Peggy Whitson makes space history again

12:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ERASING THE PAST? New Orleans starts taking down Confederate statues

12:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DNC chair slammed for continuing anti-Trump profanity on 'unity tour'

12:20 [BBC: Science & Environment] Government seeks clear air plan delay

12:21 [BBC: Also in the news] Man lived above Japanese toilet for three years

12:23 [CNN] Obama re-emerges in public after avoiding political spotlight

12:25 [The Hindu - News] Jaideep Deo Bhanj: Delhi’s iconic landmark Hall of Nations demolished

12:26 [AL JAZEERA] April storm 'Arlene' sets Atlantic record

12:29 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: Zac Goldsmith set to return to the Tories to regain Richmond Park seat

12:29 [Telegraph] Dominic Selwood: On this day in 1731: Daniel Defoe, powerful propagandist and father of the English novel, dies

12:30 [CNN] Could more female police lead to safer communities?

12:30 [CNN] 100 days in, Democrats' biggest asset is Trump

12:35 [zero hedge] ZeroPointNow: Violent Antifa Assault On Jack Posobiec Captured On Camera - Along With Probation Violating Ping Pong Plotter Luke Kuhn!

12:39 [The Hindu - News] Reuters: Lawyer for Philippines hit-man files complaint against Duterte at ICC

12:39 [CNN: Money] Stocks: 6 things to know before the bell

12:44 [ZDNET] Steve Ranger: The death of the smartphone is closer than you think. Here's what comes next

12:45 [Telegraph] Associated Press: Ghana, Kenya and Malawi chosen to test world's first malaria vaccine in huge trial on young children

12:48 [Raw Story] Reuters: Arkansas plans to execute two convicts Monday

12:48 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Somali pirates ‘motivated by drought:’ US commander

12:48 [Raw Story] The Conversation: Surprise! Round one of the French presidential election went pretty much as expected

12:51 [CNN] France urged to reject Le Pen in French presidential vote run-off

12:53 [Fin24 News] | Zim rejects call to make rand official currency

12:53 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: Charles Blow inspired by the growing resistance: Americans aren’t numb to Trump’s ‘unmitigated disaster’

12:54 [Voice of America] Reuters: French Election Relief Sends Euro Soaring

12:58 [CNN: Money] U.S. futures rally after French election first round

13:02 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Euphoria Returns: European Stocks Soar, Dax Hits Record; S&P Futs Surge In "French Relief Rally"

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Prakash Kamat: Digambar Kamat gets anticipatory bail in mining scam case

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Andhra MP’s son ransacks Karnataka Bagepalli tollgate

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Peerzada Ashiq: PDP leader shot dead by militants at Pulwama

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Reuters: Afghan defence chief quits over attack, as Mattis flies in

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Rescue operation

13:11 [CNN] How these students got into every Ivy League school

13:11 [CNN] The next great medical innovations that could save children

13:14 [Pravda] North Korea readies to conduct 0.5 megaton thermonuclear explosion

13:15 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: Seven CRPF men injured in encounter with Maoists in Sukma

13:15 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: 'What about beekeepers?': Ukip mocked after being forced to clarify their veil-banning policy

13:15 [Telegraph] Rozina Sabur: Easter Rising centenary: How the 1916 insurrection shaped modern Irish history

13:15 [Telegraph] The story of the search for Madeleine McCann, in pictures

13:16 [msnbc: politics] Alex Seitz-Wald: Can Bernie Save the Democrats?

13:17 [CNN] El Clasico: Social media reacts as Barcelona, Lionel Messi snatch victory

13:21 [The Hindu - News] Ranjani Ranjendra: Beyond a coworking space

13:23 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: ohn Oliver shreds Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: All they’re good at is not being Steve Bannon

13:25 [CNN] China is squeezing North Korea - but not too hard

13:25 [BBC: Entertainment] Top Gear: Has Matt LeBlanc saved the series?

13:27 [Fin24 News] | SIM-swap victims mull legal action against banks

13:29 [Telegraph] Danny Boyle: French election: European Commission backs Emmanuel Macron as it says Marine Le Pen 'seeks destruction' of EU values

13:29 [Telegraph] Laurie Chen: British woman mauled by shark in St Helena saved 'after husband punched it'

13:31 [The Hindu - News] Reuters: Bomb attack hits U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan

13:31 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Andhra MP’s son vandalises Karnataka Bagepalli tollgate

13:33 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: A Delighted Wall Street Reacts To The French Election

13:33 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Pence Cuts Asia Trip Short; Returns Early To Focus On Critical Week For Trump

13:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lauren Weber: Monday's Morning Email: How Far-Right Forces Are Impacting The French Election

13:34 [AL JAZEERA] Cow-protection vigilantes held in Jammu and Kashmir

13:35 [Slashdot] EditorDavid: Aurora Enthusiasts Discover A Strange New Light In The Sky And Named It Steve

13:37 [The Hindu - News] PTI: ‘India’s participation crucial for China’s silk road project’

13:38 [Voice of America] Alvaro Algarra: Venezuela's Government Unable to Stop Protests

13:38 [Voice of America] VOA News: Ghana, Kenya, Malawi to Test First Malaria Vaccine

13:38 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Militants Ambush Convoy With Off-duty Iraq Soldiers, Kill 10

13:39 [CNN: Health] How these students got into every Ivy League school

13:39 [CNN: Health] Chips recalled over Salmonella fear

13:39 [CNN: Health] The next medical innovations that could save children

13:39 [CNN: Health] Could more female police lead to safer communities?

13:44 [CNN: Politics] Welcome to the biggest week of Trump's presidency

13:45 [Pravda] Russians name Putin's greatest achievement

13:45 [CNN: Money] China is squeezing North Korea - but not too hard

13:45 [CNN: Money] France is the weakest of Europe's big 3 economies

13:51 [CNN] 'I could not even dream': What it's like to be gay in North Korea

13:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Leo W. Gerard: The Price For Killing Workers Must Be Prison

13:55 [msnbc: politics] Jane C. Timm : New Roger Stone Documentary Reveals Trump's Man

13:57 [NPR] Geoff Bennett: Congress Focused On Averting Government Shutdown, But Trump Wants More

13:57 [CNN] France urged to reject Le Pen in presidential vote run-off

13:57 [CNN] Ilie Nastase: Romanian suspended from tennis after Fed Cup outbursts

13:59 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Work at Chabahar Port in Iran progressing fast: Gadkari

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: 11 CRPF men killed in encounter with Maoists in Sukma

14:01 [Telegraph] Nigel Bunyan: Rhys Jones murder: Who were gunman Sean Mercer's accomplices?

14:01 [Telegraph] Neil Connor: China’s Xi Jinping urges restraint from Donald Trump amid fears of North Korea nuclear test

14:02 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Frontrunning: April 24

14:02 [zero hedge] Secular Investor: Executive Order From Trump Will Change The US Commodity Sector

14:03 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Hubble spies a nebula surrounding a nearby Wolf-Rayet star

14:03 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Tony Blair may return to politics over Brexit

14:04 [CNN] French elections: Can Marine Le Pen actually win?

14:04 [CNN] Bipartisan group wants clean spending bill to avoid shutdown

14:05 [Fin24 News] | JSE rises as market favourite Macron wins French poll

14:06 [Fox News: politics] Paul Bedard: Wash Post poll hides: Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%

14:08 [AL JAZEERA] April storm Arlene sets Atlantic record

14:11 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Pakistan army says it will play its due role in Panamagate probe

14:11 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: 12 CRPF men killed in encounter with Maoists in Sukma

14:11 [CNN] Meet the woman who just made American space history

14:11 [CNN] Huge iceberg towers over Canadian town

14:17 [Telegraph] Danny Boyle: French election: EU leaders back Emmanuel Macron as Marine Le Pen 'seeks destruction' of European values

14:18 [Voice of America] Jamie Dettmer: The Center Holds in France

14:18 [Voice of America] Reuters: Japanese Demand for Nuclear Shelters, Purifiers Surges as N.Korea Tension Mounts

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cena, Bella get nude for vid

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amber Heard confirms rumor

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ‘GOT’ guy’s surprising move

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Reba: Fam thought I died

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kelsea: It ‘crippled me’

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Erin Moran's final days

14:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Arkansas prepares for first double execution since 2000

14:21 [CNN: Money] Meet the woman who just made American space history

14:22 [NPR] Bill Chappell: North Korea Threatens To Sink U.S. Carrier; China Urges Restraint

14:23 [Raw Story] Newsweek: How the West can press Putin to keep Assad in order

14:23 [Raw Story] How prepared are we for a nuclear blast? Drills this week aim to find out

14:23 [Raw Story] euronews: China calls for restraint from all sides as tensions mount on the Korean peninsular

14:23 [Raw Story] German Press Agency: Trump insists Mexico will fund wall as US shutdown deadline looms

14:23 [Raw Story] STAT: As a competitor encroached, Mylan took one state to court to push EpiPen sales, documents show

14:23 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Amber Heard confirms relationship with Elon Musk

14:23 [Raw Story] Brad Reed: ‘It’s been a disaster’: Voter tells CNN he regrets his choice for ‘unpresidential’ Trump

14:24 [CNN] Firefighters can see through smoke with new thermal mask

14:25 [The Hindu - News] PTI: BJP zero in work but hero in polls: Shiv Sena

14:32 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: An "Increasingly Worried" Chinese President Tells Trump To "Exercise Restraint" Over N.Korea

14:32 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Chinese Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Shun Global Euphoria Amid Government Leverage Crackdown

14:32 [BBC: Technology] YouTube restores 'blocked' LGBT videos

14:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz Satlin: 7 Baffling Moments From Donald Trump's AP Interview

14:33 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: Weird clouds may have inspired ‘The Scream’: scientists

14:36 [msnbc: politics] First Read's Morning Clips: Low Marks

14:37 [BBC: Entertainment] Comic Relief complaints won't be investigated by Ofcom

14:39 [CNN] New Orleans begins controversial removal of Confederate monuments

14:40 [AL JAZEERA] The lonely pyramids of Giza: Egyptian tourism's decline

14:43 [The Hindu - News] M. BalaganessinNAGAPATTINAM: Work on police station completed

14:43 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: 24 CRPF men killed in encounter with Maoists in Sukma

14:45 [Telegraph] Stuart Graham: 'A laughing man with an axe killed my family' says 22-year-old accused of murdering his parents and brother

14:45 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: Seagull steals a pair of false teeth

14:45 [Telegraph] Patrick Scott: Analysis: How the Conservatives can take nine seats off the SNP at the 2017 General Election

14:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: New Orleans Removing Monuments Honoring Racially Segregated Past

14:47 [CNN] Panera to hire 10,000 as it expands delivery service

14:49 [msnbc: politics] Chuck Todd and Mark Murray and Carrie Dann: First Read: Trump Is Holding On to His Base — But He's Losing Nearly Everyone Else

14:53 [BBC: Education] UN warns of schools lost in conflict

14:54 [Reuters] Le Pen attacks Macron on security ahead of French presidency runoff

14:58 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Uber nearly got kicked out of the App store

14:58 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Trump won’t fire Spicer ‘because of ratings’

14:58 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Computer simulations bolster the case for dark matter

15:00 [Voice of America] Anjana Pasricha: India Bans Coveted Red Light Beacons Atop Official Cars

15:00 [Voice of America] Steve Miller: World Leaders Discuss North Korea

15:01 [Telegraph] Raf Sanchez: Marwan Barghouti: Can a man convicted of terrorism lead Palestinians to peace?

15:01 [Telegraph] Rhys Jones murder case: In pictures

15:01 [Telegraph] Telegraph Video: North Korea warns of all-out war over US provocations

15:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: Congress Returns To Work As Deadline Looms To Avert Government Shutdown

15:03 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: WATCH LIVE: Trump press secretary Sean Spicer holds White House media briefing

15:05 [CNN] 12-year-old boy drives 800 miles across Australia

15:11 [zero hedge] GoldCore: Gold Sovereigns - 'Treasure' Trove Found In UK - Don’t Be The Piano Owner

15:11 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Bomb Attack Hits Secretive US Base In Afghanistan As Mattis Makes Surprise Visit To Kabul

15:12 [CNN] His stepdad said he'd never graduate college. Guess who got the last laugh?

15:13 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Erin Moran was broke and homeless when she died

15:13 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: Obama to deliver speech on leadership and civic duty at University of Chicago

15:13 [Raw Story] International Business Times: 2 key things Cassini discovered on mission to Saturn

15:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Help find aliens

15:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lea Michele shares racy pics

15:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NES Classic: Where to buy

15:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Popular wine has a new look...

15:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Arkansas firefighter captures terrifying moment 4-year-old girl falls out of bus

15:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: UNHAPPY DAYS Erin Moran's final moments shrouded in mystery

15:15 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: 15-year-old prospective child bride rescued

15:15 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: 24 CRPF men killed in encounter with Maoists in Sukma

15:17 [Telegraph] Jonathan Pearlman: Boy, 12, arrested trying to drive across Australia avoided suspicion because 'he is 6ft tall and looks 19'

15:17 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Murder arrest after ex-Royal Navy officer run down by his own car as he tried to stop burglars, leaving wife screaming for help

15:20 [AL JAZEERA] Chhattisgarh: Suspected Maoist rebels kill 12 soldiers

15:20 [CNN] 10-year-old with autism arrested at Florida school

15:20 [CNN] Stocks soar on French election, Trump tax cut hopes

15:22 [CNN: Health] His stepdad said he'd never graduate college, but ...

15:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Carol Kuruvilla: Trump Pledges 'Never Again' On Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day

15:25 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Get consent of gram sabha before allowing new projects’

15:25 [The Hindu - News] M. Balaganessin Special Correspondent: Poor arrival of mangoes

15:25 [CNN] Today in politics: Live updates

15:25 [CNN] CEO resigns after firm admits paying armed groups in Syria

15:29 [Raw Story] Reuters: Funeral set for former NFL star Aaron Hernandez

15:29 [The Hindu - News] R Rajaram: Marked rise in foreigners using e-visa facility

15:30 [Fin24 News] | Call for probe into possible Eskom, ANC ties

15:31 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: UK weather: Met Office warns of snow showers 'just about anywhere' as Arctic blast to sweep Britain

15:32 [CNN] The Clinton Center has been bugged, literally

15:34 [AL JAZEERA] Chhattisgarh: Suspected Maoist rebels kill 24 soldiers

15:35 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Tamirabarani Satyagraha’ to continue till water supply pact is scrapped: Ramakrishnan

15:35 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Engg. entrance test evokes mixed reactions

15:35 [CNN: Money] Stocks soar after French election first round

15:35 [CNN: Money] Panera to hire 10,000 as it expands delivery service

15:37 [NPR] Bill Chappell: Astronaut Peggy Whitson Sets New NASA Record For Most Days In Space

15:37 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Border Wall Showdown: Team Trump Threatens Government Shut Down Over 'Beautiful' Wall

15:37 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: China Threatens Retaliation To Trump's Steel "Protectionism"

15:39 [Truthdig] For First Time, a U.S. President Backs a Fascist France

15:39 [Truthdig] First 100 Days: Trump and the Degradation of the Presidency

15:41 [The Hindu - News] PTI: No breach of pact by denying consular access to Jadhav: Abdul Basit

15:41 [The Hindu - News] AP: Death toll from migrant boat sinking in Aegean rises to 16

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: 26 CRPF men killed in encounter with Maoists in Sukma

15:42 [Fox News: politics] Steven Nabil: Post-ISIS, Iraqis debate US troops remaining in their country

15:44 [CNN: Money] Firm admits paying armed groups in Syria, CEO resigns

15:45 [CNN] Kenny G. makes dreams and nightmares come true with mid-air concert

15:45 [CNN] Obama to deliver first public remarks of post-presidency

15:46 [Pravda] Russia's new White Swan Tu-160 bomber plane raises serious concerns in the West

15:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: STILL THE ONE Trump would best Clinton in do-over, new Washington Post poll shows

15:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'EXERCISE RESTRAINT' Trump talks North Korea tensions with China, Japan

15:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Burka ban, stopping female genital mutilation proposed by Britain's UKIP

15:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Crosby goes after Nugent

15:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kim's 4-year-old hospitalized

15:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Christie's kids mock her

15:51 [The Hindu - News] AP: Egypt sentences 20 to death in police killings

15:52 [CNN] What SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan is reading this week

15:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Obama Makes First Major Appearance Since Leaving The White House

15:54 [Fin24 News] | Downgrades will make doing business tougher - CEO

15:55 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Handwriting Wizards finale tomorrow

15:55 [Truthout] Taxcast: The Panama Papers, One Year On

15:56 [Voice of America] Lisa Schlein: UN: Developing Countries Must Join eCommerce Revolution or Be Left Behind

15:57 [Reuters: politics] U.S. top court preserves Alabama campaign finance curbs

15:58 [CBC: politics] Introduction of final candidates in CSA's astronaut recruitment campaign LIVE

15:59 [Truthdig] In the U.K., Criminals Have Dramatically Decreased Their Carbon Footprint

16:01 [Slashdot] msmash: 'Heartbroken' After Being Caught Selling User Data To Uber

16:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: City police stations to have PROs

16:01 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: A journey to stress importance of restoring prime rivers

16:02 [AL JAZEERA] Refugee boat sinks between Greece and Turkey, 16 drown

16:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maddie Crum: 17 Spine-Tingling New Books For Fans Of Dystopia

16:05 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Why The Crude Rally Has Fizzled - Part 2

16:05 [zero hedge] The_Real_Fly: Head of Holcim Steps Down Due to Reports that Company Funded Terror Groups in Syria

16:05 [zero hedge] kimblecharting: Fear Index tanking, after hitting this resistance!

16:06 [The Atlantic: Technology] Adrienne LaFrance: Uber Did What!?

16:06 [CNN] Marc-André ter Stegen: 'Lionel Messi is the greatest ever,' says Barcelona keeper

16:06 [CNN] Jewish community center bomb threat suspect charged in US as investigation continues

16:06 [CNN] Teen wears Black Lives Matter-inspired dress to prom

16:09 [Raw Story] Kali Holloway, AlterNet: Forget nuisance and statesmanship — here are 6 times Donald Trump goofed up the painfully simple stuff

16:09 [CNN: Travel] Exclusive tours of the world's busiest attractions

16:10 [Fin24 News] | Patel: State capture could wreck radical economic transformation

16:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hayley Miller: New Orleans Begins Tearing Down Confederate Statues

16:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jenna Amatulli: Hey, Donald Trump, The Internet Wants To Know Who General E. Watch Is

16:14 [Raw Story] Brad Reed: Distributor rebranded Ivanka’s clothing line without her knowledge — and dumped it at a discount retailer

16:16 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: France Is 'Fixed'? - Credit Risk Collapses Most In History

16:16 [Good] Vivienne Woodward: Hotness Versus Health: Which Earns You More?

16:16 [Good] Kate Ryan: 3 Ways The French Presidential Election Will Affect The Entire World

16:17 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Power generation from two TTPS units resumes

16:17 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Speed up work on Hassan airport, says Deve Gowda

16:19 [Raw Story] Newsweek: ‘Clinton V Trump’ again: Moscow reacts to French vote

16:19 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: Sarah Palin uses Marine vet who suffered PTSD in Iraq to bash college students

16:19 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Why Trump shutdown threat is a no-win for Republicans

16:20 [AL JAZEERA] Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri calls for 'guerrilla war' in Syria

16:22 [Voice of America] Carla Babb: Mattis Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

16:22 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Astronaut Peggy Whitson Breaks Record for Most Time in Space by American

16:25 [Truthout] Great Barrier Reef Reaches "Terminal Stage" as CO2 Levels Rise at Record Rate

16:25 [BBC: Entertainment] Captain America Chris Evans to read CBeebies bedtime story

16:26 [CNN] Wells Fargo scandal: Where was the board?

16:29 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: ‘I feel used up’: Carrier workers aren’t happy about losing jobs after Trump’s ‘deal’

16:29 [Raw Story] Reuters: New Orleans removes first of four racially divisive statues

16:30 [AL JAZEERA] Israel punishes hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners

16:30 [Voice of America] Lisa Schlein: UN Condemns Ongoing Torture of Detainees in Afghanistan

16:32 [CBC: politics] Governor General David Johnston presents volunteer awards LIVE

16:33 [CNN] These states are observing Confederate Memorial Day on Monday

16:33 [CNN] Saudi Arabia reverses pay cuts for state workers

16:33 [The Atlantic: Politics] Conor Friedersdorf: The Opioid Epidemic, the Border Wall, and Magical Thinking

16:35 [CNN: Money] Saudi Arabia reverses pay cuts for state workers

16:35 [CNN: Money] student loans katie

16:39 [Raw Story] David Edwards: ‘Better you than me’: NASA astronaut tells Trump drinking pee in space isn’t ‘as bad as it sounds’

16:39 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: AI flight crash-lands after engine failure

16:39 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: VAOs chalk out agitation programme

16:40 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The Streak Is Over: Caterpillar Posts First Positive Retail Sales After 51 Months Of Declines

16:40 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: In Today's Fiat Money Financial System, 'The House' Always Wins

16:40 [CNN] Trump congratulates NASA astronaut who sets space record

16:40 [CNN] Fast track job to the middle class: Become a dental hygienist

16:41 [BBC: Science & Environment] Munch inspired by 'screaming clouds'

16:41 [Slashdot] msmash: Amazon Launches Marketplace For Digital Subscriptions

16:43 [The Hindu - News] Varghese K George: WB, IMF try to woo Trump administration, but no sign of success

16:43 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Second ‘Sathyagraha’ needed for effective water conservation’

16:43 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Pinarayi should quit, says Chennithala

16:43 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Public cautioned against housing scheme

16:43 [The Hindu - News] G. Anand: A momentous verdict, says Senkumar

16:43 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: It’s up to govt: Behera

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: This why you eat too much?

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: JLo spills on love life

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Justin Bieber: I've changed

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kelly reveals swimsuit woes

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: How not to hate your husband

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Holy pizza coming to NYC

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New Orleans starts taking down Confederate statues

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Post-ISIS, Iraqis debate US troops remaining in their country - Afghan army chief, defense minister resign following deadly Taliban attack

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: French presidential election: Le Pen, Macron win first round to advance to runoff - BELLWETHER: Can Le Pen finish the job? - Stocks surge on optimism over French election

16:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: CHOICE WORDS Dem boss Perez ripped for slamming party's pro-lifers

16:46 [AL JAZEERA] Suspected Maoist rebels kill 24 troops in Chhattisgarh

16:46 [CNN] France has not escaped Marine Le Pen just yet

16:46 [CNN] Trump voters split over accomplishments as 100 day mark nears

16:46 [Voice of America] Mariama Diallo: Armenians Mark 102nd Anniversary of Genocide

16:47 [Pravda] Russia warns of fabricated chemical attack near Damascus

16:47 [CNN: Money] Wells Fargo scandal: Where was the board?

16:49 [The Hindu - News] Sayoni Sinha: The importance of playing Chanakya

16:49 [Truthdig] John Oliver: It’s Dangerous to Think of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as a Moderating Force (Video)

16:51 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Mani must go to Munnar, apologise: Kummanam

16:53 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Everything will be done legally: Pinarayi

16:53 [CNN] Google cofounder's 'flying car' makes its debut

16:53 [CNN: Money] Fast track to the middle class: Become a dental hygienist

16:54 [Raw Story] Lynn Parramore, AlterNet: Corporations used racism to destroy the middle class and turn the US into a developing nation

16:55 [The Hindu - News] 1341_Bharath: Top 10 stories of the day - April 24, 2017

16:55 [Truthout] What if Uber Is a Joke?

16:55 [Truthout] The Trumps' Conflict of Interest Issues

16:55 [Truthout] Hollow Privacy Promises From Major Internet Service Providers

16:55 [CNN: Politics] Today in politics: Live updates

17:01 [The Hindu - News] Reuters: From Jordan to Chad, “Syria’s Malala” battles early marriage to bring girls back to school

17:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent Erode: 1,425 drinking water supply works to be fast-tracked

17:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tom Engelhardt: Why Trump’s Wars Should Seem So Familiar

17:04 [zero hedge] Phoenix Capital Research: Will the Democrats Trigger Another 2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis Just to Stop the Wall?

17:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Double Data Disappointment Today Follows Worst Macro Week In 6 Years

17:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: 11 Facts That Prove The 2017 US Economy Is In Far Worse Shape Than It Was In 2016

17:04 [zero hedge] William Craddick: Reddit Allows “Syrian Rebel” Group To Promote Al-Qaeda Affiliates

17:06 [Voice of America] Mariama Diallo: Armenians Mark Genocide Anniversary as Recognition Debate Continues

17:07 [Fin24 News] | SHARE WATCH: Focus on newsworthy JSE-listed firms

17:07 [CNN] Justin Bieber reflects on his troubled past

17:07 [CNN] Want to be a millionaire? Increase your 401(k) contributions

17:09 [The Hindu - News] Sukma attack: A cowardly act, says Modi

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Special CorrespondentTIRUCHI: Boy drowning case: Resort owner, manager arrested

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Peerzada Ashiq: Women students join protests

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: Frame anti-torture law, SC tells govt.

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: IOCL to introduce IDFC Bank micro-ATM facility

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Man held for stealing TV sets from hotels

17:11 [The Hindu - News] Peerzada Ashiq: Senior PDP leader shot dead in Pulwama

17:14 [CNN] 'Feud' Season 2 will be 'a very different kind of feud,' says Ryan Murphy

17:15 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Don't Look Now But Bond Yields Are Tumbling

17:17 [Fin24 News] | Congo nears Eskom power-supply deal to boost copper output

17:17 [Fin24 News] | Top iron ore forecaster says prices will sink back below $50

17:17 [Fin24 News] | R2m up for grabs on entrepreneur competition

17:17 [NPR] Jason Slotkin: Road Warrior, Not So Fast: 12-Year-Old Australian Drives 800 Miles Solo

17:19 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Furious Sean Hannity loses it in caps-lock rant against accuser: ‘I will fight every single lie’

17:19 [The Hindu - News] Reuters: Ghana, Kenya and Malawi to pilot GSK malaria vaccine from 2018

17:19 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Panjab varsity students start shoe-polishing protest

17:19 [The Hindu - News] Nistula Hebbar: Let States learn another’s songs, script: Modi

17:19 [The Hindu - News] Special CorrespondentMadurai:: TN farmers got huge opportunity in tapping, sale of neera: Nallasami

17:19 [The Hindu - News] PTI: No breach in pact: Pak. over Jadhav

17:20 [CNN] Bus driver will not be charged after 4-year-old's fall, police say

17:20 [CNN] F1: Snapping the world's fastest drivers

17:21 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: PIL against raising eucalyptus trees

17:21 [Fin24 News] | R2m up for grabs in entrepreneur competition

17:21 [ZDNET] Robin Harris: Ashley Madison blackmail roars back to life

17:23 [Slashdot] msmash: Billionaire Jack Ma Says CEOs Could Be Robots in 30 Years, Warns of Decades of 'Pain' From AI

17:23 [The Hindu - News] Vidya Ram: A mirror to the Empire: London’s Migration Museum

17:25 [Truthout] Hundreds of Thousands Take to the Streets Worldwide for the Global March for Science

17:25 [Truthout] Richard Wolff on Public Debt, Printing Money and How Governments Pay for Wars

17:26 [msnbc: politics] Petra Cahill and Associated Press and Reuters: China's President Calls for 'Restraint' on N. Korea in Call With Trump

17:29 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Speaker comes out against Mani

17:30 [Topix Activism News] Guatemalan land activist wins prestigious Goldman prize

17:31 [CNN: Money] Google cofounder's 'flying car' makes its debut

17:32 [Pravda] How France has killed itself

17:34 [Raw Story] Reuters: Anti-Semitic acts spiked since Trump election win, watchdog says

17:34 [CNN: Money] She just made American space history

17:34 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Thousands Visit Auschwitz for Yearly Holocaust Memorial Event

17:34 [CNN] Donald Trump can't stop talking (and talking) about the 2016 election

17:35 [The Hindu - News] B. Muralidhar Reddy: KCR seeks PM’s help in raising quota

17:35 [The Hindu - News] Sriram Lakshman: Macron, Le Pen get ready for final battle

17:39 [The Hindu - News] R. Avadhani: Singoor canals spur reverse migration

17:39 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The 56 French Villages Where Marine Le Pen Didn't Get A Single Vote

17:39 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Who Will Live In The Suburbs If Millennials Favor Cities?

17:42 [CNN] Russia is now the world's third largest military spender

17:43 [BBC: Education] UN warns of millions missing school in conflict zones

17:44 [Raw Story] Brad Reed: Trump lists failed travel ban as one of his biggest ‘achievements’ of first 100 days

17:46 [CBC: politics] Michelle Gagnon: France makes a clear call for change – but what way?

17:47 [NPR] Camila Domonoske: Arkansas Prepares For First Double Execution In U.S. Since 2000

17:48 [CNN] Watch now: Obama delivers first public remarks of post-presidency

17:48 [CNN] Can Serena Williams return to the top of tennis after giving birth?

17:48 [CNN] Extreme Cuba: 1,450 kilometers in 57 hours on two wheels ... listening to one song on repeat

17:48 [CNN] Why everyone's laughing at this $400 juicer

17:48 [Voice of America] Ken Bredemeier: Chicago Event Puts Obama Back in Public Eye

17:48 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Beloved 600-year-old White Oak Tree Takes Final Bow in New Jersey

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Frail Burt spotted in public

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: JLo: Yes, I have a new man

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Alanis is unrecognizable

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mississippi recruits homegrown doctors to cure shortage

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Surgeons remove pencil from boy's chest after freak accident nearly kills him

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woman drowns after rescuing her 2 dogs - Woman's 2 pit bulls reportedly found beheaded

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Congress wants answers as disabled vets' caregivers say VA stripping benefits

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Texas officer shares story behind viral hopscotch video with girl

17:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: French presidential election: Leftist protesters grow violent after results come in - Candidates' families play roles in success - BELLWETHER: Can Le Pen finish the job? - Stocks surge on optimism over French election

17:49 [Fin24 News] | De Beers sells twice as many diamonds

17:52 [AL JAZEERA] Marwan Barghouti's health in serious decline: NGO

17:53 [msnbc: politics] Ali Vitali : Trump to NASA Astronauts: 'Who's Ready to Go to Mars?'

17:53 [The Hindu - News] M P Praveen: City bus services continue to operate without doors

17:54 [CNN] Erin Moran likely died of cancer complications

17:55 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: No epidemic outbreaks in district, say Health officials

18:00 [Big Think] Frank Jacobs: European Capitals Replaced by Cities with the Same Latitude

18:01 [CNN] Erin Moran likely died of cancer complications, officials say

18:01 [CNN] France urged to reject Le Pen in presidential vote runoff

18:01 [Slashdot] msmash: No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car

18:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: DMK has no moral right to fight for farmers: Pon. Radhakrishnan

18:01 [The Atlantic: Technology] Adrienne LaFrance: Trump Says He Is Cutting Back on Cable TV

18:02 [Voice of America] Mariama Diallo: Armenians Mark Genocide Anniversary as Recognition Debate Continues

18:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Erin Schumaker: Most Americans Support Restrictions On Where Firearms Can Be Carried

18:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Steven Hoffer: Claims That Steve Bannon Continues To Profit From 'Seinfeld' Appear To Be False

18:04 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Far-right media gets its ewn White House reception

18:04 [] eowen: Armenia and Turkey’s Genocide Row: Battleground Hollywood

18:05 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Experts to devise action plan to tackle traffic snarls

18:06 [Reuters] Hollande urges French to reject Le Pen in presidential runoff vote

18:06 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Watch Live: Obama's First Public Speech Since Leaving The White House

18:06 [zero hedge] Sprott Money: The REAL New World Order

18:06 [zero hedge] Knave Dave: You Got Trumped! The Donald’s personal military revolution is just Trump change

18:08 [CNN] Google's new virtual reality camera has 17 lenses

18:09 [CNN: Money] Russia is now the world's 3rd largest military spender

18:14 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: ‘West Wing’ actress Allison Janney: ‘The best thing about Sean Spicer is Melissa McCarthy’

18:15 [CNN] Google's new VR camera has 17 lenses and costs $18,000

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NASA astronaut breaks record

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amanda Bynes resurfaces

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Nintendo Switch: Where to buy

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: More trouble for Subway?

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Reba's secrets revealed

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Alanis looks totally different

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Crash kills 11-yr-old racer

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Illinois college student killed in freak accident during track and field meet

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Texas Dem fasts to protest sanctuary cities crackdown

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Trump talks North Korea tensions with China, Japan - North Korea detains US citizen, the 3rd American being held there

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Arkansas prepares for first double execution in US since 2000

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: US Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicates conservation center in Maryland

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ohio boy, 10, sets fire inside store, causes $200G worth of damage, cops say

18:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FRANCE IS BURNING Violent protests spiral after presidential election

18:16 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Trump's Cabinet Picks Fuel Stage Drama in London, New York

18:16 [msnbc: politics] Mark Murray : Poll: 73 Percent Back Independent Probe of Russian Election Interference

18:16 [msnbc: politics] Pete Williams: Supreme Court Declines Appeal of Man Paralyzed by Cop Shooting

18:19 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: Noam Chomsky fears humanity may not survive the Republican Party

18:20 [The Atlantic: International] Samuel Earle: The Fall of the French Left

18:21 [The Hindu - News] Rohit P.S: Confusion over ₹10 coin continues in Hyderabad

18:21 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Two sons of A.P. MP held

18:21 [Fin24 News] | International markets positive following French election

18:21 [Reuters: politics] U.S. State Department appoints Fox News anchor as spokeswoman

18:23 [CNN] Macron shows you don't need to be populist to be popular

18:23 [CNN] These are the 100-day accomplishments Trump is touting

18:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Shapiro: Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Inspired 11,000 Women To Run For Office

18:24 [Raw Story] Reuters: Liberal US justices lean toward death row inmate in mental health dispute

18:24 [Voice of America] VOA News: American OSCE Monitor Killed in Ukraine Identified as Joseph Stone

18:24 [Voice of America] Joyce Huang: China Launches Corruption Crackdown on Social Media Ahead of Party Congress

18:28 [CNN] Ontario launches guaranteed income program for 4,000 residents

18:29 [Truthdig] Director Laura Poitras Had No Idea Why She Was Constantly Detained at Airports — Until Now

18:33 [Electronic Intifada] Michael F. Brown: New York Times continues to flunk geography

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Salsa sweeps town off its feet

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Mohammed Iqbal: ‘Cow vigilantes havinga free run in Rajasthan’

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Special CorrespondentTIRUCHI: Arrested girl students observe fast in prison

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Niyamgiri’s hero gets Goldman Prize

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Nirnimesh Kumar: Chhota Rajan, 3 others held guilty in fake passport case

18:34 [BBC: Technology] 'Anomaly' blamed for £10k first class railway ticket

18:34 [CNN] Trump to astronaut: 'Better you than me' to drink urine

18:36 [msnbc: politics] Kelly O'Donnell: Watch Live: Obama Returns to Public Stage at University of Chicago

18:39 [Raw Story] Reuters: US State Department appoints Fox News anchor as spokeswoman

18:39 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Whoopi Goldberg’s advice for Trump: If he actually wants to help people – take away student debt

18:39 [Telegraph] Harriet Alexander: Barack Obama returns to the fray in Chicago with first speech since stepping down as president: live

18:39 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: When is Mother's Day in the US? Everything you need to know and how to celebrate

18:39 [Telegraph] Katie Morley: Bank of England's staff gym lockers not accepting new £1 coins

18:39 [Telegraph] Neil Connor: US Senate summoned to the White House for North Korea briefing, as China’s Xi Jinping urges restraint from Donald Trump

18:39 [Telegraph] Nick Squires: 'Mass is cancelled because of a lack of parishioners': Historic churches in Venice close down as faithful dwindle

18:39 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Sales manager who tried to send Facebook birthday message while driving killed pensioner

18:39 [Telegraph] Michael Wilkinson: First past the post voting system

18:39 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Pensioner dies in freak fireball accident 'after rubbing petrol-covered hands on his clothes'

18:39 [Telegraph] Helena Horton: 'Get to Mars during my first term': Donald Trump talks to Nasa astronauts in livestream

18:39 [Telegraph] Harry Yorke: Cleaner found guilty of stealing Russian billionaire's £330,000 luxury watches spared jail because of his wealth, court hears

18:39 [Telegraph] Justin Huggler: Man accused of bombing Borussia Dortmund team bus 'is a quiet loner who lived with his parents'

18:39 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: Prince Charles drives childhood steam train that his donation helped restore

18:39 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporters: When is the next UK bank holiday and how many are there in 2017?

18:39 [Telegraph] Jonathan Pearlman: When is Anzac Day and why is it important to commemorate?

18:39 [Telegraph] Agence France-Presse: 'Mother-of-pearl' clouds may have inspired Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'

18:39 [Telegraph] Henry Samuel: French election: Marine Le Pen accuses Emmanuel Macron of being 'weak' on Islamist terror and 'arrogant' for staging glitzy party

18:39 [Telegraph] Pictures reveal inside of Afghan caves at 'Mother of All Bombs' blast site

18:39 [Telegraph] Nick Squires: Pope Francis shuns bullet-proof vehicle for visit to Cairo despite recent terrorist attacks

18:39 [Telegraph] Ben Farmer: Iraq torture claims lawyers Leigh Day had evidence clients were scheming insurgents, tribunal hears

18:39 [Telegraph] Charlotte Krol: Shocking moment girl, 4, falls from moving school bus in Arkansas caught on dashcam

18:39 [Telegraph] David Chazan: Defeated Fillon leaves behind broken party as he faces corruption charges without presidential immunity

18:39 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Performance audit for LSGD officials from June 1

18:40 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Despite "Mega-Relief-Rally", RBC Warns Beware "The Reflation Trap"

18:40 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Fox News Anchor Heather Nauert Named State Department Spokeswoman

18:41 [High Country News] Local power gets results for Thompson Divide

18:41 [Slashdot] msmash: Some of the Biggest Economies Aren't a Big User Of Social Media

18:42 [Voice of America] VOA News: Internet Access More Important than Laundry Facilities for Apartment Dwellers

18:43 [CBC: politics] CBC News: Vic Toews to face Canadian Judicial Council investigation over conflict-of-interest breaches

18:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Outspeak: News Roundup For April 24, 2017

18:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SECRET CANCER BATTLE Erin Moran likely died of Stage 4 illness, doc says

18:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: 2 people reportedly shot at Dallas office building

18:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Massachusetts boy, 9, in critical condition after being hit by line drive

18:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Trump talks North Korea tensions with China, Japan

18:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Drexel faces backlash from donors, students over professor's offensive tweets

18:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: European nations not returning Jewish properties taken during Holocaust era - Holocaust Remembrance Day: Thousands at Auschwitz for yearly memorial event - US Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicates conservation center in Maryland

18:46 [Financial Times] Brussels pressed to rethink Turkey ties

18:46 [Financial Times] Germany sees rise in crime by asylum seekers

18:46 [Financial Times] African Development Bank warns of extremism risk

18:46 [AL JAZEERA] WHO: Malaria vaccine to be 'real life' tested in Africa

18:46 [CNN: Money] Fast track job to the middle class

18:48 [Pravda] Interview: North Korea teaches that 'a small, blocked country may resist' US domination

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Sukhois join frontline squadron in Punjab

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Vijaita Singh: Hindi being ‘promoted’ as per Act: Rijiju

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Vikas Pathak: Moderation system to end

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Satyasundar Barik: Educating prisoners, Odisha shows the way

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: NGT pressure sees work progress in Bellandur

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Iruthulli shrinks as land grab goes unchecked

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent,

NistulaHebbar: Let there be unity of songs, scripts, sports: PM

18:51 [The Hindu - News] G. Anand: Momentous verdict: Senkumar

18:51 [Fin24 News] | Mergers and acquisitions to feel the impact of the downgrade

18:52 [NPR] Merrit Kennedy: Top Afghan Defense Officials Resign After Attack Kills More Than 100 Troops

18:52 [Voice of America] Carla Babb: Top US Military Officials 'Not Refuting' Russia Arming Afghan Taliban

18:54 [CNN] Kenny G. makes a smooth move with mid-air concert

18:54 [CNN] Verizon launches Google Fiber-like speeds for its entire Fios network

18:54 [CNN] GOP rep stands by controversial health care comments to mom

18:57 [BBC: Entertainment] Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o movie conjured up on Twitter

18:59 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: No conflict of interest, says Rana Singh

18:59 [The Hindu - News] Iboyaima Laithangbam: Arms haul in border village causes concern

18:59 [The Hindu - News] Vikas Pathak: Solve a problem, win ₹1 crore

18:59 [The Hindu - News] Kallol Bhattacherjee: No romance, this is diplomat’s song

19:01 [Telegraph] Harriet Alexander: Barack Obama says 'society has become more individualistic' as he urges young people in Chicago to get involved in politics in first speech since stepping down as president: live

19:04 [Raw Story] Brad Reed: Trump-loving Virginia gubernatorial candidate says ‘ISIS has won’ after Confederate monument removed

19:07 [zero hedge] TDB: How Sane Cannabis Policy is Blocked by the Machine

19:07 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: What Happens If The Government Shuts Down

19:07 [BBC: Entertainment] Seven bands from the 80s we wish would reunite

19:08 [Reuters] Trump: Time to remove 'blindfolds'; U.N. must ready new North Korea sanctions

19:08 [CNN] Prosecutors: JCC bomb threat suspect tried to extort US state senator

19:08 [CNN] Jennifer Lopez talks Alex Rodriguez romance

19:13 [Reuters] Trump pushes Democrats on border wall as government shutdown looms

19:13 [Telegraph] Hayley Dixon: New speeding fines will add extra burden on police and courts, officers warn

19:13 [Telegraph] Simon Johnson: Nicola Sturgeon tries to decouple independence from election after polls show Tories taking SNP seats

19:14 [] Tajikistan: State Media Forced to Always Call President By Unwieldy Title

19:17 [Reuters: politics] Trump pushes Democrats on border wall as government shutdown looms

19:18 [AL JAZEERA] Kashmir students, India police clash in Srinagar

19:18 [msnbc: politics] Special Report: President Trump's First 100 Days

19:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TRUMP'S FIRST 100 DAYS: Supporters see a plan taking shape

19:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BIAS ALERT NY Times stops using term ‘female genital mutilation’

19:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tom Perez draws rebuke from Pelosi after declaring Dems can't be pro-life - Texas Dem fasts to protest sanctuary cities crackdown

19:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New Orleans starts taking down Confederate statues - VIDEO: New Orleans Confederate memorial removed in dead of night

19:22 [Slashdot] msmash: The Linux Foundation Launches IoT-focused Open Source EdgeX Foundry

19:22 [NPR] Jessica Taylor: Obama Returns To Public Stage, Encouraging Next Generation To 'Take Up The Baton'

19:22 [CNN: Money] Ontario launches guaranteed income program

19:22 [CNN: Money] Verizon launches Google Fiber-like speeds Fios

19:22 [CNN: Money] Google's new VR camera has 17 lenses

19:22 [CNN: Money] In their own words: Preserving Holocaust survivor stories

19:23 [Telegraph] Harriet Alexander: Barack Obama tells Chicago students "failure is terrible but sometimes necessary" in first speech since stepping down as president

19:24 [Voice of America] Mohamed Olad Hassan: Somalia Executes 4 Linked to 2016 Baidoa Blasts

19:25 [The Atlantic: International] Scott Sayare: The French Election Is Macron's to Lose

19:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] Trump speaks to record-breaking Nasa astronaut Peggy Whitson

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Associated Press: Thousands gather at Auschwitz

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: 25 CRPF men killed in Maoist attack

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: PM appears amenable to talks in J&K: Mehbooba

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: Reinstate ousted Kerala DGP: SC

19:27 [The Hindu - News] S. Vijay Kumar,

RohanPremkumar: Armed robbers attack Jaya’s estate, kill guard

19:29 [msnbc: politics] Benjy Sarlin: In Their Own Words: Experts on Donald Trump's Presidency

19:30 [Fin24 News] | Africa needs strong policies to tap into potential, says IMF

19:31 [BBC: Technology] Uber 'tracked iPhones to stop fraud'

19:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The Mysterious Movements Of US Oil Production, Demand, Price, & Interest Rates 

19:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Wayfair Tumbles After Amazon Launches Furniture Seller Program

19:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: "It's All About Oil Now": Citi Charts The Biggest Risk To The Global Reflation Trade

19:35 [CNN] Donald Trump has one real measure of success: Ratings

19:35 [CNN] Ended: Obama delivers first public remarks of post-presidency

19:35 [Telegraph] Katie Morley: Unusual weather means asparagus stems have grown "wonky" - as supermarket slashes prices

19:35 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Child rights panel seeks ban on vacation classes

19:35 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: House to go digital

19:37 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Manju Warrier hits out at Minister

19:37 [The Hindu - News] S. Anil Radhakrishnan: App takes tedium out of travel planning

19:38 [Fin24 News] | Aspen in Competition Commission price-fixing probe

19:38 [Voice of America] Katherine Gypson: Will US Government Shut Down on Trump's 100th Day in Office?

19:38 [Voice of America] Madeeha Anwar: Millions of Children in Restive Pakistani Province Lack Access to Education

19:38 [The Atlantic: Politics] David A. Graham: 'I Never Realized How Big It Was'

19:41 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Portraits of the Earth-Moon System (21 photos)

19:42 [CNN] "I Dreamed of Africa" author in 'stable condition' after shot by raiders

19:47 [Good] Tal Pinchevsky: Hockey’s Growing Cold War

19:47 [Good] Stacey Leasca: The US Government Only Has 5 Days To Avoid A Shutdown

19:47 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Health dept. warns against heatstroke

19:48 [CNN] New DNC chair charts new 'coarse' with profane words

19:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: Dan Savage Raises $100K With ‘Impeach The Mother F*cker Already’ Swag

19:55 [The Atlantic: International] Alan Taylor: Portraits of the Earth-Moon System

19:55 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Minister expresses solidarity with Kooriyur villagers

19:55 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: VCK leader urges police to nab murder accused

19:56 [CNN] 'Genius,' 'Z' series biographies aren't such a bright idea

19:56 [CNN] Senate investigators chafe at pace of Russia investigation, grinding forward

19:57 [Telegraph] Simon Johnson: Jeremy Corbyn tells Scots: SNP are 'poor imitation' of 'real thing' Labour and cannot be government

19:57 [Telegraph] Harry Yorke: Croydon tram drivers admit falling asleep at controls amid claims that safety device does not work

20:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Staff of cooperative societies, fair price shops to go on strike from May 22

20:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Doctors go on mass casual leave, stage protest

20:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Creating awareness of economic offences

20:02 [CNN] American Airlines investigates after video shows mom in tears

20:03 [Slashdot] msmash: World's First Vaccine Against Malaria To Arrive Next Year, Says WHO

20:03 [Reuters] U.S. sanctions hundreds of employees of Syrian research center

20:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: U.S. State Department Appoints Fox News Anchor As Spokeswoman

20:04 [Raw Story] Robert Reich: Trump has trashed the presidency’s moral authority in less than 100 days

20:05 [Topix Activism News] Guatemalan land activist wins prestigious Goldman prize

20:05 [Topix Activism News] Maldives: Killing of activist a 'direct attack' on...

20:05 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Rly. seeks rehabilitation of encroachers

20:05 [The Hindu - News] Pavan Dahat: Maoists fighting to save last bastion: Raman Singh

20:06 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Sanctions Syrian Officials Over Gas Attack

20:07 [NPR] Katherine Hobson: We're All Tired. But When Could Fatigue Mean a Medical Problem?

20:07 [Telegraph] Martin Evans: Ched Evans set to return to Sheffield United six months after being cleared of rape charge

20:07 [Telegraph] Christopher Hope: Paul Nuttall could become first party leader to sit out a general election since Lord Salisbury in 19th century

20:07 [Telegraph] Hayley Dixon: British woman mauled by shark near Ascension Island saved after husband punched it

20:08 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: US Sanctions 271 Syrians, Freezes Their US Assets

20:08 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: What The Wage Equality Crusaders Don't Understand

20:08 [AL JAZEERA] Syria gas attack: 'We found bodies all over the floor'

20:09 [CNN] Anti-Semitic incidents rose a whopipng 86% in the first 3 months of 2017

20:10 [BBC: Science & Environment] Plastic-eating caterpillar offers waste solution

20:12 [Financial Times] Spanish political veteran quits in fraud scandal

20:13 [The Hindu - News] A Correspondent: Initiate probe against Mani, panel tells police

20:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jamie Feldman: Ivanka Trump's Brand Was Purposely Mislabeled Under Another Name At Stein Mart

20:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alexander C. Kaufman: EPA Quietly Asked The Public Which Clean Air Rules To Cut. Industry Answered Loudest.

20:14 [CNN: Money] Fast track job to middle class: Dental hygienist

20:14 [] Turkey-Armenia Ties Growing, Even As Historical Dispute Thwarts Reconciliation

20:15 [CNN] Anti-Semitic incidents rose a whopping 86% in the first 3 months of 2017

20:15 [CNN] Funeral under way for ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MARRIED HIS TEACHER French candidates' unusual family backgrounds

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEVELOPING: 2 people shot at Dallas office building

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ohio boy, 10, sets fire inside store, causes $200G worth of damage, cops say - New York City home where 5 died in fire didn't have smoke detectors

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tom Perez draws rebuke from Pelosi after declaring Dems can't be pro-life

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Arkansas prepares for first double execution in US since 2000 - Accused South Carolina serial killer denied permission to go to mom's funeral

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: London marathoner thanks runner who helped him finish race

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Post-ISIS, Iraqis debate US troops remaining in their country

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Aaron Hernandez death: Family to get his suicide notes

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bail set for California dad found passed out at park; 5-year-old son still missing

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Jimmie won't drive here

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Disturbing new sex trend

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Andie does 1st nude scene

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Married man busted by hoax

20:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man runs half marathon drunk

20:17 [Good] Penn Collins: A Recent Trump Tweet Wavers On His Promise That Mexico Will End Up Paying For That Wall

20:18 [Fin24 News] | Central Energy Fund mum on fate of PetroSA board members

20:19 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Dhinakaran admits to knowing Sukesh’

20:19 [The Hindu - News] Legal Correspondent: Panel moots UID numbers for cows

20:22 [CNN] How a plastic-munching caterpillar could help save the earth

20:24 [Raw Story] Brad Reed: Longtime Bannon colleague says he deeply admired Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl

20:24 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: ‘I miss having a human president’: The internet welcomes back Obama and his ‘intelligible words’

20:24 [Raw Story] David Edwards: Sean Spicer whitewashes Trump’s 100 days of failure: ‘It’s unbelievable what he has been able to do’

20:24 [CNN: Money] Fast track to middle class: Become a dental hygienist

20:25 [msnbc: politics] Martha C. White: Is Politics the Biggest Threat to Our Economy?

20:28 [CNN: Health] How a plastic-munching caterpillar could help save the earth

20:29 [CNN] American killed in Ukraine identified

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Woman killed self, children’

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Satyasundar Barik: It’s fetters to letters in Odisha prison

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Mani remark: Kerala Speaker joins issue

20:29 [The Hindu - News] G. Anand: A momentous verdict: Senkumar

20:29 [The Hindu - News] Jaideep Deo Bhanj: Pragati Maidan icon is gone

20:30 [Campaign For Liberty] jm_admin: "I love Wikileaks"

20:32 [Reuters: politics] White House says vote on healthcare plan may not come for weeks

20:34 [Voice of America] Luis Ramirez: France's Final Round: Change, But How Much?

20:35 [zero hedge] williambanzai7: WE'RE CLOSED...

20:35 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Schumer: "U.S. Is No Longer Fact-Based" Nation; Breitbart News A "Threat To Democracy"

20:35 [The Hindu - News] Mahesh Langa: P.K. Sinha gets a year’s extension

20:35 [The Hindu - News] Somesh Jha: ‘Child artistes can work only for 5 hours a day’

20:35 [The Hindu - News] Sonam Saigal: Gazdar gave Naik loan of ₹90 lakh: ED

20:35 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Schools declare early vacations in Odisha

20:35 [The Hindu - News] M. Soundariya Preetha: ‘Potential high for growth of economic ties between India and Kazakhstan’

20:35 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: SC for broad anti-torture legislation

20:36 [CNN] Michigan doctors charged in first federal genital mutilation case in US

20:36 [CNN] Second copy of Declaration of Independence discovered

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Neera Chandhoke: Silence is not an option

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sujatha Byravan: The climate fight is global

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] The best laid plans: On NITI Aayog

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] A stark choice: On French presidential polls

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Vision plan

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Shrivelling agriculture

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Thermocol experiment

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] World Book Day

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Keshav: Cartoonscape - April 24, 2017

20:38 [AL JAZEERA] Parisians react to first round, mull Le Pen's chances

20:38 [msnbc: politics] Ali Vitali : Treasury Targets Assad Regime Scientists with New Sanctions

20:39 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Obama jokes about ‘some big reveal’ over his pot smoking youth: ‘I know, it was in my book’

20:41 [Slashdot] msmash: Amazon Might Be Planning To Use Driverless Cars for Delivery

20:42 [CBC: politics] Jordan Press: Terrorism concerns lead to security changes at passport offices

20:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Marina Fang: Barack Obama Returns To Public Life To Champion The Next Generation Of Leaders

20:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Lohr: Tad Cummins’ Sister Says He’s In Denial Over Kidnapping

20:44 [AL JAZEERA] What is albinism and what causes it?

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Firoz Rozindar: Team hit hurdle just as it reached Kaveri...

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Hard work pays, says K. Viswanath

20:47 [NPR] Sarah McCammon: For Drone Pilots, Warfare May Be Remote But The Trauma Is Real

20:49 [Raw Story] Reuters: White House says negotiations continuing on border wall funding

20:49 [Raw Story] Reuters: White House says vote on healthcare plan may not come for weeks

20:49 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: San Antonio mayor blames poverty on ‘broken people’ who aren’t ‘in a relationship with their creator’

20:51 [Financial Times] US sanctions target Syrian weapons agency staff

20:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 100-DAY DASH: Trump preps spate of exec orders as benchmark nears

20:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: RARE BRIEFING Entire Senate called to WH for North Korea update

20:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man targets boss before killing himself at Dallas office, report says

20:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BIAS ALERT: New York Times scraps 'female genital mutilation' for being 'culturally loaded' term

20:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Willie Nelson is back

20:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Stunning Declaration discovery

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Two sons of Andhra Pradesh MP held for ransacking toll plaza at Bagepalli

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Legal Correspondent: Orders reserved on Srilakshmi’s plea

20:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hayley Miller: Jordan To Abandon Law Allowing Rapists To Go Free If They Marry Their Victims

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Multiplex ticket price cap to be effective in 2 days

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Sonam Saigal: ‘Gave Naik ₹90 lakh loan as he was respectable’

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Alok Deshpande: In bumper crop year, govt. leaves farmers holding 80% of tur produce

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: UAS-B convocation: Women dominate medal count

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Law Ministry nod for land acquisition law

20:55 [The Hindu - News] PRESS TRUST OF INDIA: Jadhav: No breach of pact, says Pak.

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Power from Jaitapur only if affordable, say sources

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘GST will improve economy’

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Rajkumar to be part of curriculum next year

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Nagesh Prabhu: Govt. promises stringent law to punish firms not capping defunct borewells

21:02 [CNN] George Clinton: 'Ain't no funk in the Trump'

21:02 [Voice of America] Nike Ching: US-China to Launch 4 Rounds of Talks, as Trump 'Looks Forward' to Beijing Visit

21:02 [Voice of America] VOA60 Africa- Kenya: WHO announces 360,000 children to receive new malaria vaccine between 2018 and 2020 in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi

21:02 [Voice of America] Dorian Jones: Turkish Referendum Result Sparks Peace Process Speculation

21:03 [CNN: Politics] Senate investigators chafe at pace of Russia investigation, grinding forward

21:03 [The Hindu - News] Jyoti Shelar: Eman hasn’t lost much weight, docs are lying: sister

21:04 [Raw Story] International Business Times: 10 Republican senators poorer than Bernie Sanders

21:04 [Raw Story] Brad Reed: Racist Trump fans fear the Jews are taking over after president issues Holocaust Memorial statement

21:05 [msnbc: politics] Andrew Rafferty: Obama to Focus Post-White House Work on Engaging Young People

21:05 [msnbc: politics] Obama 'Incredibly Optimistic' If Next Generation Prioritizes Civic Engagement

21:05 [The Hindu - News] Renni Abraham: Frustrated govt. hikes penalty for overstaying in official quarters by 100%

21:05 [The Hindu - News] Vidya Ram: London’s Migration Museum holds up a mirror to the U.K.

21:06 [Canadian Dimension] Christo Aivalis: The 2016 Ontario NDP Convention: Lessons Learned, Steps Forward

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: UT CM refuses to join issue with Bedi

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: NLCIL felicitates employee

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Govt. issues summer advisory

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Laiqh A. Khan: Trin Trin launch likely in first week of May

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Government doctors go on mass casual leave

21:08 [CNN] Sh*t talking is Democrats' new strategy

21:08 [CNN: Money] Want to be a millionaire? Put more in your 401(k)

21:10 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The Passive Indexing Trap

21:10 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Trump To Order Corporate Tax Rate Cut To 15%, Load Up To $2 Trillion In Extra Debt

21:10 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: June Rate Hike Odds Soar To 69% As Debt Ceiling Looms

21:12 [NPR] David Folkenflik: Ailes Accuser Says Fox News Execs Ordered Eavesdropping On Her Digital Devices

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: SC orders notice on CRZ nod to KKNPP units 3-6

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Couple reconciles; court lets off man, but with a rider

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Probe Kodanad murder’

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: DMK slams Tiruvannamalai district administration

21:13 [The Hindu - News] T. K. Rohit: Arasu Cable bouquet of channels and subscription rate set to rise

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Tanu Kulkarni: In a first, CET papers to be bilingual; clause allows switch

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Shankar Bennur: Mysuru’s bright young woman PSI gets Dy. SP post

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Power shutdown in many areas today

21:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jenna Amatulli: Ann Coulter, Berkeley College Republicans File Lawsuit Against UC Berkeley

21:15 [CNN] Elizabeth Thomas' sister: 'Long, long road ahead of us'

21:17 [Reuters: politics] Highlights: The Trump presidency on April 24 at 3:00 p.m. EDT/1900 GMT

21:17 [Good] Penn Collins: After An Ignorant Remark About Hollywood Treatment Of Race, Chris Pratt Was Very Quick To Make A Heartfelt Apology

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Civic polls may be held by July end

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Highway alcohol ban: HC to hear DMK plea today

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Peerzada Ashiq: Women students join anti-police protests in Srinagar

21:18 [Electronic Intifada] Mohammed Asad: "Poor man's kebab" is Gaza's most treasured food

21:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MARRIED HIS TEACHER French candidates' unusual family backgrounds

21:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Whole Foods shares pop on Albertsons' reported takeover interest

21:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Germany's national security breakdown, which failed to prevent terror attack, spurs debate - Post-ISIS, Iraqis debate US troops remaining in their country

21:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Deadliest Catch star arrested

21:22 [Slashdot] msmash: The EPA Won't Be Shutting Down Its Open Data Website After All

21:23 [The Hindu - News] T. K. Rohit: ‘No sign of delinking Sasikala family from ruling party’

21:23 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CM lied on infrastructure, says Stalin

21:23 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Bonus issue: Private varsity gets breather

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Raj to reach out to party workers

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Vedika Chaubey: Motorman misses destination, Malad passengers end up in Kandivali yard

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Veerendra P.M.: Artificial waterholes created in Shettyhalli sanctuary

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: After steel flyover fiasco, George looks to tunnels

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Sureshkumar: Vijayan murder: HC acquits prime accused Banu

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Anil Kumar Sastry: NH 66 incomplete at crucial points in Udupi district

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Edappadi camp rejects OPS faction’s preconditions for merger

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: High Court gives a month to BBMP to set up ward committees

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Team OPS stands firm on its demands

21:26 [Doctors Without Borders] Melissa Pracht: Tell Pfizer & GSK to Lower the Price of the Pneumonia Vaccine

21:26 [Doctors Without Borders] Melissa Pracht: Preventing Cervical Cancer in the Philippines

21:27 [Reuters: politics] Trump urges U.N. reform to make U.S. investment worthwhile

21:28 [Reuters] Trump urges U.N. reform to make U.S. investment worthwhile

21:29 [CNN] Dear Berkeley: Even Ann Coulter deserves free speech

21:29 [CNN] The man who could be France's next president married his school teacher

21:29 [CNN] Barack Obama isn't the action figure we need against Trump

21:31 [Telegraph] Camilla Turner: Kids Company trustees could be banned from serving as company directors

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: More funds for sought Mahamastakabhisheka

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Shah to launch party drive from Naxalbari

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: Ex-CM, officials too guilty: SC

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Staff ReporterCHITRADURGA: 200 villages to be taken up under Adarsh Gram

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Two airport staffers arrested for attempting to smuggle out gold

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Meena R. Prashant: Endangered Red Sand Boa rescued

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: 11 vehicles transporting sand seized

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Legal Correspondent: U.P. to fill 1 lakh police vacancies

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Rishikesh Bahadur Desai: ₹1 mirchis turn out to be a big hit

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Help farmers trade online, Minister tells APMCs

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Three farmers commit suicide in separate incidents

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Gautam S. Mengle: Sex cult doc tried to build a following among teenagers

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Accused in girl’s murder held in Yadgir district

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Agence France Presse: 100m at 101: Miracle mom from Chandigarh bags another gold

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Vedika Chaubey: Railways evict garbage collectors from premises

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Films with a message should reach the people, particularly the youth’

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Kharge unhappy with slow pace of railway works in Hyderabad-Karnataka

21:34 [ZDNET] Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft starts integrating Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn

21:34 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Obama urges compromise on immigration

21:34 [Raw Story] Reuters: UC Berkeley sued over Ann Coulter’s planned visit

21:35 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Marine Le Pen Temporarily Steps Down As Head Of National Front Party

21:35 [CNN] The latest poll numbers should make Trump smile

21:35 [CNN] First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Raina Assainar: Kamothe doctor used to counsel patients

21:35 [The Hindu - News] M.T. Shiva Kumar: Plan to develop Melkote in limbo

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: BBMP council to take up ward committee issue tomorrow

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Onus is on Muslim clerics to dispel misconceptions in Islam’

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Cleanliness drive undertaken around court complex

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Vaidehi Pathak: Five injured after high tension wire collapses on house

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Raina Assainar: 18 held for organising Ponzi scheme seminar

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Correspondent: Private Members Bill likely to bridgerural-urban gap in education

21:35 [The Hindu - News] AFP: 100m at 101: Miracle mom from Chandigarh bags another gold

21:37 [NPR] Camila Domonoske: U.S. Announces Sanctions On 271 Syrians Over April 4 Chemical Attack

21:37 [NPR] Nina Martyris: A Watergate Villain Walks Into A Berkeley Restaurant. What Could Go Wrong?

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Sonam Saigal: Minor gets ₹2 lakh under Manodhairya scheme

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Screening applications for ration cards from May 3, says Khader

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Shreya Ramachandran: Women sweepers take a break from work to exercise, meditate

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Janapara Janandolana Jathalaunched in Dharwad

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Anil Kumar Sastry: NH 66 incomplete at crucial points in Udupi district

21:40 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Goldman Burned By These Corporate Debt Trades In Q1

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Shreya Ramachandran: MU to go in for digital evaluation from this year

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Prakash Kamat: Faleiro should quit, says Goa Cong. general secretary

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Busy agenda for Assembly

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Need intensive research on Kanakadasa’s works’

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Engineering entrance examination begins

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Jaideep Deo Bhanj: International accolades weren’t enough to save Hall of Nations

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Woman murdered

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Chetan Bhagat’s novel may become part of DU syllabus

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Man found murdered

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: WGSHA students distribute 1,000 kg rice

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Gautam S. Mengle: Debit card cloning: accused used data of foreign nationals

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Agriculture link up with MNREGS faulted

21:42 [CNN: Health] First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year

21:43 [Reuters] Arkansas preps for first U.S. double execution since 2000

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Golf club to be upgraded

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Biju Govind: Uncertainty prevails over appointment of IIMK Director

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Cheers! Happy hours back in 30 bars, hotels

21:43 [The Hindu - News] A Correspondent: Hartal in Idukki total, peaceful

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: BBMP council to take up ward committee issue on Wednesday

21:44 [The Atlantic: Politics] David A. Graham: Trump: 'I Never Realized How Big It Was'

21:44 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Guatemalan Land Activist Wins Prestigious Goldman Prize

21:44 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Senators to Receive Rare Briefing on North Korea

21:45 [CBC: politics] The Canadian Press: Security of Israel a key in Canada's fight against ISIS, says Freeland

21:45 [Telegraph] Henry Samuel: Marine Le Pen steps down as leader of France's Front National in bid to widen appeal ahead of presidential election

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Domestic help held on theft charge

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: 51 students to be transferred to three colleges

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Neyyar clean-up drive begins

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Rescue operations fail to save Kaveri

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Akanksha Jain: HC accepted heritage panel’s rule

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Pumping from Neyyar to begin on April 29

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Public hearing on power tariff, surcharges on May 29, June 6

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Jaideep Deo Bhanj: Gone overnight: iconic Hall of Nations demolished

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Corporation targets better fund utilisation

21:47 [Good] Penn Collins: After An Ignorant Remark About Hollywood’s Treatment Of Race, Chris Pratt Was Very Quick To Make A Heartfelt Apology

21:47 [Good] Bella DePaulo: More People Than Ever Before Are Single. Here’s Why That’s Really Good News

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ₹338 cr boost to govt press

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: BBMP to seek police help in tweaking trade licences

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao: Warangal painted pink ahead of TRS meeting

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Watch cool ‘flying car’

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Deadliest' star arrested

21:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Pot 'smoke-in' on Capitol grounds: 4 arrests for lighting up

21:53 [Reuters] Hollande urges French to reject Le Pen in presidential run-off vote

21:53 [Reuters] UC Berkeley sued over Ann Coulter's planned visit

21:56 [The Hindu - News] S. Harpal Singh: Acute cash crunch in banks delays loan disbursal

21:56 [CNN] State Dept. blog promotes Trump's Mar-a-Lago, prompting ethics concerns

21:57 [NPR] Merrit Kennedy: Under Cover Of Night, New Orleans Begins Dismantling Confederate Monuments

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Most-prescribed drugs at AIIMS not available in hospital store

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Attack on cattle traders: 1 held

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Students protest outside UGC office over NET exam

22:00 [The Hindu - News] PRESS TRUST OF INDIA: Pay interest or property may be attached: SC to Unitech

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Attacked journo on recovery path

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Aslesha: A month on, Gurugram in high spirits even as Cyberhub remains sober

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Gurugram intersections’ upgrade on fast track

22:00 [The Hindu - News] PRESS TRUST OF INDIA: ‘Will challenge L-G order on recovery of ₹97 cr’

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Comfortably placed’ BJP enjoys a quiet Monday

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: AAP mulling new ‘movement’

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Purusharth Aradhak: UP CM seeks report on Noida SHO

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Soumya Pillai: Day after poll, AAP keeps fingers crossed as BJP loosens up

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Nirnimesh Kumar: Virbhadra’s wife files plea against CBI charges

22:00 [Big Think] Big Think Editors: Being Optimistic Is Good. Knowing about Optimism Bias Is Better.

22:01 [CNN: Entertainment] George Clinton: 'Ain't no funk in the Trump'

22:01 [Slashdot] msmash: Ontario Launches Universal Basic Income Pilot

22:03 [CNN] Who does President Trump follow on Twitter?

22:03 [CNN] Barack Obama returns to remind us how radically different he is from Donald Trump

22:03 [CNN] This is what Trump sees when he opens his Twitter feed

22:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mary S Papenfuss: Ex-Soccer Officials Hit With $20 Million Lawsuit Over Massive Bribery Scheme

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Haryana’s Ballabgarh is now Balramgarh

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Hemani Bhandari: Man with two wives shot dead over ‘illicit affair’

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Women toll operators brought in to keep tempers in check

22:06 [The Hindu - News] PRESS TRUST OF INDIA: CBSE notice to 5 schools in Capital

22:08 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Will Macron Serve The Interests Of The American Deep State?

22:08 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Le Pen 'Loss' Sparks VIX-Driven Stock-Buying-Panic But Bond Yields, Crude, & Dollar Drop

22:09 [CNN] Cherokee Nation sues pharmacies, drug distributors over opioid epidemic

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: BSNL chooses Hyderabad to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Traffic restrictions for President’s visit

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: One more IPL betting gang busted

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Trujet to launch new services to Kadapa, Nanded from April 27

22:11 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Labour facing election wipeout as polls suggest Tory majority of up to 150

22:12 [Voice of America] April 24, 2017

22:12 [Voice of America] Steve Baragona: After Global March, Scientists Plot Next Moves

22:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Linkins: It's Pretty Hard To Make A List Of Trump's '100 Days' Accomplishments, Apparently

22:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: How much is safe to drink?

22:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amid global donor fatigue, UN asks new billions for famine relief

22:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Obama talks immigration, Fox News in first post-White House event

22:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Venezuelans shut down roads and highways as protests enter 4th week

22:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 100-DAY DASH Trump preps spate of exec orders as benchmark nears

22:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: RARE BRIEFING: Entire Senate being called to White House on North Korea

22:15 [CNN: Health] Opioid epidemic may be underestimated, CDC report says

22:15 [CNN: Health] Cherokee Nation sues pharmacies, drug distributors over opioid epidemic

22:16 [CNN] US commission dings Trump admin for immigrant arrests at courthouses

22:16 [CNN] Opioid epidemic may be underestimated, CDC report says

22:24 [CNN] Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas: 'Mentally and emotionally I'm not here'

22:24 [CNN] How to stop apps from collecting your email data

22:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan J. Reilly: Man Who Died Of Thirst In Sheriff David Clarke's Jail Had Water Cut Off For A Week

22:24 [Raw Story] Reuters: Two Bundy supporters convicted in Nevada: attorney

22:27 [Reuters] Trump calls for new U.N. sanctions against North Korea

22:31 [CNN] CIA director Mike Pompeo repeatedly cited WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during campaign

22:31 [CNN] Poll: Trump, Democrats and GOP all unpopular

22:31 [CNN] Former press secretary Josh Earnest doesn't have much sympathy for Sean Spicer

22:32 [NPR] Jason Beaubien: Malaria Wiped Out In U.S. But Still Plagues U.S. Hospitals

22:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Carolina Moreno: Maria Elena Salinas Searches For 'The Real Story' Behind High-Profile Crimes

22:34 [Raw Story] David Edwards: Fox hacked Andrea Tantaros’ phone and used her dead brother in campaign of psychological torture: lawsuit

22:34 [Raw Story] Reuters: Up in Smoke: Marijuana activists cuffed after lighting up at US Capital

22:36 [Topix Activism News] Climate justice activism: 'To call a place home'

22:36 [Topix Activism News] Al-Qaida leader tells fighters to prepare for long Syria war

22:37 [CNN: Money] Former press secretary has no sympathy for Spicer

22:37 [CNN: Money] Silicon Valley's Dark Secret

22:38 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: In "Spectacular Heist" Dozens Of Heavily-Armed Robbers Steal $40 Million From Paraguay Vault

22:41 [Reuters] Trump tax push raises questions about scope of his 'reform'

22:42 [msnbc: politics] Abigail Williams : Former 'Fox & Friends' Anchor Heather Nauert New State Department Spokesperson

22:42 [Slashdot] msmash: Linux 4.11 Delayed For a Week

22:43 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Remoaners draw up 'attack list' of 20 Brexiteer MPs

22:44 [CNN] Numerous states considering anti-protest bills

22:44 [CNN] How America's best barista makes a perfect cup of coffee

22:44 [CNN] 8 endangered UNESCO sites to see now in the Americas

22:46 [Reuters] Up in Smoke: Marijuana activists cuffed after lighting up at U.S. Capital

22:49 [Raw Story] Elizabeth Preza: Tapper ridicules Trump for ‘cramming like a college kid during finals week’ as 100-day deadline looms

22:50 [Reuters: politics] Trump tax push raises questions about scope of his 'reform'

22:52 [CNN] Funeral held for ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez

22:52 [CNN] Obama made his return after leaving the White House, and he didn't wear a tie

22:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Marina Fang: Fox News Host Argues Against Border Wall Using Racial Stereotypes

22:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Zach Carter: The Federal Government Is Officially Promoting Mar-A-Lago

22:57 [CNN] This poll number should scare Democrats

23:00 [Slashdot] msmash: Apple Cuts Affiliate Commissions on Apps and In-App Purchases

23:02 [NPR] Natalie Jacewicz: What Fish Is Good For Me And The Planet? New Documentary Explores

23:02 [Reuters] UC Berkeley sued over postponement of Ann Coulter speech

23:02 [Reuters] Up in Smoke: Marijuana activists cuffed after lighting up at U.S. Capitol

23:04 [CNN] Senate Russia investigation to add 2 more staffers after pace criticized

23:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael Calderone: Former Fox News Host Accuses Network Of Hacking And Online Harassment

23:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Justin Bieber reflects on troubled past

23:11 [CNN] CNN 10 - April 25, 2017

23:11 [CNN] Trump's 100-day score card

23:12 [CNN: Entertainment] Kenny G. plays impromptu concert on Delta flight

23:13 [Telegraph] Christopher Hope: Labour plan to frustrate Brexit by scrapping Great Repeal Bill 'raises prospect of second EU referendum'

23:15 [Big Think] Derek Beres: New Research Suggests Working Out With a Friend, Even Online, Makes You Healthier

23:16 [CNN] Former Fox News host accuses network of illegal electronic surveillance

23:16 [AL JAZEERA] US officials in Afghanistan suggest Russia arms Taliban

23:17 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: New Poll Finds Record Number Of Americans Want More Government In Their Lives

23:17 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Google Market Cap Hits An All Time High $600 Billion

23:17 [NPR] Jason Slotkin: Anti-Semitic Incidents Up 86 Percent Compared To Same Time Last Year

23:17 [Good] Kate Ryan: 3 Major Takeaways From Barack Obama’s First Public Address

23:17 [Good] Jeremy Repanich: Watching This Bowler Try To Roll A Perfect Game In Less Than 90 Seconds Is Mesmerizing

23:17 [Good] Penn Collins: The Many Reasons That Yellow Is The Color Of Choice For Cartoon Characters

23:19 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Here’s everything Melania Trump has done as first lady

23:20 [Truthdig] American Neocon Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante’s Vision of Hell

23:20 [Voice of America] Reuters: Spain, Brazil Want EU-Mercosur Deal, Worry About Venezuela

23:20 [Voice of America] Reuters: Italy, Greece Look to Macron to Help Douse Anti-EU Fires

23:21 [Slashdot] msmash: Microsoft's Nadella Banks On LinkedIn Data To Challenge Salesforce

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Where is ET hiding?

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Moran 'likely died' of cancer

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amid global donor fatigue, UN asks new billions for famine relief - United Nations elects Saudi Arabia to Women's Rights Commission

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bundy Ranch trials: 2 convicted, mistrial declared for 4 others

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: European nations not returning Jewish properties taken during Holocaust era - Holocaust Remembrance Day: Thousands at Auschwitz for yearly memorial event

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Aaron Hernandez death: Family to get his suicide notes - VIDEO: Aaron Hernandez's family seeks probe into his death

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Washington home intruder watching women sleep in their beds, police warn

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Venezuelans shut down roads and highways as protests enter 4th week - Hollywood adulation of Venezuela’s socialist government proven wrong -- again

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tom Perez draws rebuke from Pelosi after declaring Dems can't be pro-life - Top California Dem takes heat for linking Trump policies to 'white supremacy'

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dallas office shooting: Man fatally shoots boss before killing himself

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New Hampshire family throws party for autistic teen turned away from school dance

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Casinos and lottery could go online in Pennsylvania

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: State Department promotion of Trump's Mar-a-Lago draws fire

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Trump prepares executive order spree in dash to 100-day mark - Trump supporters see a plan taking shape - Trump slams pollsters as survey buries popularity over Clinton - HALFTIME REPORT: Trump's learning curve collides with campaign hype

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HISTORIC DISCOVERY Rare copy of Declaration of Independence found in UK

23:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SECURITY THREAT? Report: Iranians freed in nuke deal posed danger

23:22 [Reuters: politics] Trump-backed Navy expansion would boost costs some $400 billion over 30 years: study

23:22 [Reuters: politics] Obama makes no mention of Trump in first major post-presidential appearance

23:23 [Reuters] Trump-backed Navy expansion would boost costs some $400 billion over 30 years: study

23:23 [Reuters] Obama makes no mention of Trump in first major post-presidential appearance

23:23 [msnbc: politics] Carrie Dann: Despite Trump's Low Numbers, Dem Surge is No Guarantee

23:23 [msnbc: politics] Trump to U.N. Security Council Diplomats: Remove 'Blindfolds' on North Korea

23:23 [CNN] GOP to advance bill aimed at unraveling Dodd-Frank next week

23:23 [CNN: Money] Former Fox host accuses network of illegal surveillance

23:23 [CNN: Money] GOP to advance bill to unravel Dodd-Frank

23:27 [NPR] Marilyn Geewax: State Department Website Features Trump's For-Profit Club, Mar-A-Lago

23:30 [CNN] Google's new VR camera has 17 lenses and costs $17,000

23:31 [CNN: Politics] Trump's 100-day score card

23:32 [CNN: Money] Google's new VR camera has 17 lenses and costs $17,000

23:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Wood: This Is How The Next World War Starts

23:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Caroline Bologna: New York State Will Cover Breast Milk Donations For Preemies From Low-Income Families

23:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Robins-Early: A Terror Attack Didn't Sway France's Election, But That's No Surprise

23:34 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Victory for Le Pen would surpass even Trump’s surprise

23:37 [NPR] Laurel Wamsley: 'Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' Author Robert M. Pirsig Dies At 88

23:38 [CNN] USS Michigan nuclear sub heads to South Korea

23:39 [Raw Story] Reuters: Trump-backed Navy expansion would boost costs some $400 billion over 30 years: study

23:41 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: China's First Home Made Aircraft Carrier Is Ready For Launch

23:45 [CNN: Politics] State Dept. blog promotes Trump's Mar-a-Lago, prompting ethics concerns

23:47 [NPR] Laurel Wamsley: Albert Freedman, Game Show Producer Made Famous in 'Quiz Show', Dies At 95

23:49 [Raw Story] Tom Boggioni: Trump rally broadcast network forced to apologize after host calls for death of CNN personalities

23:49 [Raw Story] Newsweek: US sanctions 271 Syrian scientists after gas attack

23:52 [CNN] Four-year-old falls out of moving bus

23:52 [CNN] Letters to HUD Secretary Ben Carson: 'Help us'

23:52 [CNN] North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier

23:54 [Raw Story] Elizabeth Preza: Choboni yogurt sues Alex Jones and InfoWars for falsely linking brand to sexual assault case

23:56 [msnbc: politics] Carrie Dann: Despite Trump's Unpopularity, Poll Shows Dems Still Have Work to Do

23:58 [CNN] Trump administration full of mixed messages ahead of shutdown fight

23:59 [The Atlantic: Politics] Elaine Godfrey: The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Guess Who’s Barack In Town

23:59 [Telegraph] Barney Henderson: Elton John hospitalised after contracting 'potentially deadly' infection

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