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00:00 [The Hindu - News] Muslim League takes potshots at Congress

00:01 [Financial Times] Kenyan forces fight to rescue hostages in Nairobi

00:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Barack Obama Honors Victims At Navy Yard Memorial

00:03 [Spiegel] Wiped Out: Free Democrats Reel from Election Fiasco

00:03 [Spiegel] Germans Want a 'Mutti': The Secret of Merkel's Success

00:04 [Disinformation] Abby Martin’s Tribute to Occupy Wall Street | Call to Action

00:07 [The Independent] Labour Conference: Benefit-tests firm Atos is ‘a disgrace’ and should be sacked, Liam Byrne to say

00:07 [The Independent] Labour Conference: Party stands firm on Syria but claims it won’t neglect ‘global responsibilities’

00:07 [The Independent] Labour Conference Sketch: Ed exorcises demons as Damian McBride spreads havoc in party’s scary movie

00:07 [The Independent] Labour conference: Balls to call in spending watchdog to audit 2015 election manifesto in bid to gain fiscal credibility

00:12 [CNN: Money] AngelList raises $24 million at a heavenly valuation

00:13 [Raw Story] Boko Haram terrorists gun down at least 142 in newest Nigeria attacks

00:13 [Deutsche Welle] Kenyan military: Shopping mall seige all but over

00:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lincoln Mitchell: Still No Movement on Gun Regulation

00:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Danziger: Rich/Poor Gap

00:14 [Telegraph] Nairobi shopping mall attack: 'all we could hear was screaming and shooting'

00:17 [Fox News] Chris Young turns things up

00:17 [Fox News] 'Prisoners' topsbox office

00:17 [Fox News] Origin of the cronut

00:17 [Fox News] Meet theanti-Miley

00:17 [Fox News] Don't lead from behind

00:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] M4 delays after accident

00:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fakes, trolls and counterfeit politics

00:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'We're under attack'

00:23 [Slashdot] New Species of Legless Lizard Discovered Near LAX Runway

00:24 [OpEdNews] Weaponized Profits: The US Health Care System

00:29 [CNET News] Political bias! 58 percent of US House of Reps. have iPhones

00:30 [Voice of America] Suicide Attack at Pakistan Church Kills 78

00:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Ed Davis, Police Commissioner That Led Boston Marathon Bombing Response, Resigns

00:31 [zero hedge] Marc Faber: "Fed's Neo-Keynesian Clowns... Are Holding The World Hostage"

00:32 [Fox News: politics] Obama honors shooting victims, urges American to help stop gun violence

00:32 [NPR] Foster Care In America: Too Many Kids, Not Enough Homes

00:36 [] Germany's Merkel wins by a landslide but faces tough coalition choices

00:37 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Bad' night at the Emmys?

00:37 [NPR] Obama At Navy Yard Memorial: 'Once More, Our Hearts Are Broken'

00:38 [The Independent] Third time lucky? George Soros weds again

00:38 [The Independent] A masterclass in marriage maintenance? Welcome to Britain’s own Love School

00:41 [Topix Activism News] Mortar round lands in Russian Embassy in Damascus

00:43 [Raw Story] Watch an anti-Nazi rally in Leith, N.D. as people protest white supremacist town takeover

00:46 [Telegraph] Barack Obama tells Navy Yard memorial: our tears are not enough to stop gun violence

00:46 [Reuters] China's Xi stamps authority on party with Bo verdict

00:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fake gun pulled at Sydney house party

00:52 [Reuters] Islamist gunmen hold hostages in Kenya siege after 68 killed

00:54 [The Independent] BBC has too many chiefs, admits Patten

00:54 [The Independent] Funeral date set for April Jones

00:54 [The Independent] Dave Gorman: A comedian with a serious message about our modern media overkill

00:55 [AL JAZEERA] Russia says West exploiting Syria deal

00:56 [Guardian] Angela Merkel secures third election win

00:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andrew Reinbach: GOP 'Economics' Demolished in 167 Words

00:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Paul Ryan To Write Book On The State Of Conservatism

00:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ernest Drucker: An Amnesty for Prisoners of the War on Drugs

01:03 [Raw Story] Obama speaking at Navy Yard shooting memorial: ‘Our tears are not enough … We are going to have to change’

01:03 [Spiegel] Watershed Election: Merkel's Conservatives Prepare Next Move

01:03 [The Hindu - News] Kenyan military says most mall hostages rescued

01:06 [Guardian] Government has failed on library closures, says children's laureate

01:06 [Guardian] Esme Smith: messages reveal schoolgirl may have been bullied

01:08 [Guardian] Pope condemns idolatry of cash in capitalism

01:09 [The Independent] Postcard from... Brussels

01:09 [The Independent] Technology giant remains the Apple of Britain’s eye: CoolBrands survey shows luxury brands back at the top

01:09 [The Independent] Firefighters will not respond to less urgent calls during strike

01:09 [The Independent] Bangladesh clothing workers still exploited, five months after factory fire, Panorama investigation finds

01:09 [Reuters] Victorious Merkel must reach out to leftist rivals

01:12 [CBC: politics] Harper says Ottawa will help extend Toronto’s subway system

01:14 [Guardian] A4e found guilty of racial discrimination

01:18 [Reuters: politics] At Navy Yard service, Obama rails against 'routine' of gun violence

01:21 [] Netanyahu orders that settlers be allowed back into contested Hebron house

01:28 [Raw Story] Merkel, party win stunning parliamentary election victory in Germany

01:28 [Raw Story] iPhone 5S fingerprint reader manages to remain secure … for almost three days

01:32 [Fox News: politics] Obama honors shooting victims, urges Americans to help stop gun violence

01:33 [BBC: Health] Skin drug may treat type 1 diabetes

01:35 [Russia Today] Western countries blinded by ‘Assad must go’ mentality - Lavrov

01:37 [BBC: Science & Environment] Scientists map UK ash tree genome

01:38 [Sydney Morning Herald] Snake on Qantas plane causes delay

01:39 [BBC: Health] Tackling fears 'while you sleep'

01:40 [Voice of America] Merkel, Conservatives Triumph in German Vote

01:42 [New Statesman] The Tories cynically veto Balls's plan to allow the OBR to audit Labour's manifesto

01:44 [Slate Magazine] My Leap of Faith in Medicine

01:45 [AL JAZEERA] Greece resumes talks with creditors

01:45 [AL JAZEERA] Pope criticises focus on 'idol called money'

01:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: How Doug Band Drove A Wedge Through The Clinton Dynasty

01:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Stars gather for Primetime Emmy's

01:50 [Voice of America] Kenya Military Launches Attack to End Siege

01:51 [Spiegel] Grand Coalition?: Social Dems Deflect Talk of Merkel Alliance

01:53 [Reuters] Powerful typhoon kills 20 in southern China, swipes Hong Kong

01:53 [Deutsche Welle] Despite Merkel's clear victory, coalition results are uncertain

01:54 [CNET News] LinkedIn users claim company 'hacked' their e-mail accounts

01:56 [Slashdot] NASA Rover Fails to Turn Up Methane On Mars

01:58 [Deutsche Welle] After a clear Merkel victory, uncertain coalition talks to begin

01:59 [Reuters] Analysis: Nairobi attack may trigger tighter security at malls worldwide

01:59 [OpEdNews] Global Warming: Mitigate, Adapt... or Reverse?

02:02 [CNN: Money] 68 dead, 175 injured in Kenya mall standoff

02:02 [CNN: Money] AngelList raises $24 million

02:03 [zero hedge] Hong Kong Stock Exchange Open Delayed Due To Typhoon

02:03 [Deutsche Welle] Euro-skeptic Alternative for Germany makes strong election showing

02:04 [Disinformation] Congresswoman Jackie Speier: Same Lawmakers Cutting Food Stamps Spending Thousands on Taxpayer-Funded Trips

02:08 [Deutsche Welle] Euro-skeptic party makes strong election showing

02:08 [Deutsche Welle] Clear victory for Merkel but uncertain results

02:11 [Sydney Morning Herald] Organised crime raids: 13 arrested

02:11 [Sydney Morning Herald] Henrik's $12m jackpot

02:11 [The Independent] Consumer confidence on rise

02:11 [The Independent] Investors given access to first Vietnam equity fund

02:11 [The Independent] Firms face political pressure on Scotland independence debate

02:11 [The Independent] What the  Sunday  Papers said…

02:11 [The Independent] Caterham Cars speeds into global sports motor market

02:11 [The Independent] Beleaguered Co-op in fresh black hole challenge

02:11 [The Independent] Industry backs demand for 24-hour energy firm switch

02:15 [AL JAZEERA] Merkel's conservatives win German vote

02:19 [Telegraph] Angela Merkel gets her reward for being guided by the German public

02:20 [CNET News] Woz not turned on by iPhone 5C

02:21 [Reuters] Islamist gunmen hold hostages in Kenya siege after 68 killed

02:24 [zero hedge] What Shadow Banking Can Tell Us About The Fed's "Exit-Path" Dead End

02:27 [Global Voices] Peruvian Physician Among Victims of Attack in Nairobi

02:27 [The Independent] The Week Ahead: Analyst wheys up Dairy Crest profits

02:27 [The Independent] Lloyd Embley wants us all to know why the Daily Mirror is not like the others. Seriously

02:27 [The Independent] Small Talk: It’s time to relieve little firms of the business rate millstone

02:28 [Deutsche Welle] Obama uses navy shooting memorial to call for tighter gun control

02:32 [Global Voices] @ReporteYa: Citizen Journalism from #Venezuela

02:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Peter Dreier: America's Ruling Class Hall of Shame

02:37 [Guardian] Barack Obama urges resistance to 'creeping resignation' on gun laws

02:39 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmys surprise us

02:42 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kenya Military Launches Attack to End Siege

02:49 [Guardian] Hillary Clinton admits to 'wrestling' with run for president in 2016

02:56 [] Israeli startups seek new e-tourism frontiers

02:56 [] Death of Israeli Arab in Syria raises specter in community

02:56 [BBC: Science & Environment] Pause 'central' to climate report

03:08 [Deutsche Welle] Preliminary official German election results confirm Merkel's victory

03:11 [zero hedge] Sunday Humor? The NSA Tapes Infomercial

03:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard (RJ: They Could Still Cut Social Security and Medicare with a "Grand Bargain"

03:14 [Fox News] PROMISES, PROMISES: 'Red line' one of many of Obama's broken vows

03:14 [Fox News] 'MAJOR EVENT' FBI 'aggressively' probing terror attack at Kenya mall /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

03:14 [Fox News] 'A GOOD REUNION' Grandma arrested after boy missing for 13 years found

03:14 [Fox News] DRAMA ON EMMY NIGHT Klugman son mad Monteith gets tribute over dad /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

03:14 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Prioritizing Saleable Used Computer Books?

03:15 [AlterNet] Nowhere to Hide: The Government's Massive Intrusion Into Our Lives

03:15 [AlterNet] GOP’s Secret Anti-Choice Plot: The Shady Crackdown on Training Abortion Doctors

03:15 [AlterNet] Some Hid, Others Played Dead as Gunmen Stalked the Mall in Nairobi Siege

03:15 [AlterNet] The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business

03:15 [Fox News] Scrutiny mounts for Cruz's Senate filibuster plan- Pelosi: GOP using 'legislative arson' in budget fight

03:15 [Fox News] Cornell suspends men's lacrosse team for hazing

03:15 [Fox News] Computer problem delays space station supply ship

03:15 [Fox News] Syrian rebel leader vows there will be 'no cease fire'

03:15 [Fox News] Vietnam War vet dies days after son perishes in blaze

03:16 [Anarchist news] Egoism versus modernity: John Welsh's dialectical Stirner

03:18 [Raw Story] Syrian rebels kill Al-Qaeda affiliate chief: NGO

03:21 [CNET News] Five fun clips that show off iPhone 5S slow-motion video

03:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Rick Snyder Hopes To Be 'Reasonable Model' For GOP

03:24 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Veep' snags Emmy votes

03:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Too coarse for The Corso

03:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] When Jianlin flew in Nicole

03:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Henrik's stroke of fortune

03:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Why there is life beyond the HSC

03:28 [Reuters] '30 Rock,' 'Veep' win first Emmy comedy awards

03:30 [Mother Jones] Ted Cruz Announces That He Will Filibuster House Bill That Defunds Obamacare /files/blog_cruz_wallace.jpg

03:32 [straight] Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says reconciliation is inextricably linked to protecting Mother Earth /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Stewart%20Phillip.jpg

03:32 [Global Voices] Chinese Teenager Accused of Spreading Rumors Online Arrested

03:34 [straight] Walk for Reconciliation draws thousands in Vancouver /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/WalkforReconciliation.jpg

03:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Breaking Bad actress Gunn wins Emmy

03:40 [CNN: Money] German voters back Merkel

03:41 [AL JAZEERA] Powerful Typhoon Usagi lashes China

03:41 [] The Hebrew language to receive two new museums, and maybe more

03:44 [Reuters] China's Xi stamps authority on party with Bo verdict

03:44 [Reuters] '30 Rock,' 'Veep' win first Emmy comedy awards

03:46 [Fox News] Big stars back on Fox

03:48 [Raw Story] Hillary Clinton ‘wrestles’ with decision to run for president

03:52 [Voice of America] Merkel, Conservatives Triumph in German Vote

04:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] A new source of terror: who are al-Shabab?

04:01 [straight] Photos: Walk for Reconciliation fills the streets of Vancouver /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Reconciliation%20walk%200.jpg

04:03 [Truthdig] The Republicans: Insane or Just Crazy?

04:03 [Truthdig] Obamacare’s Strange Bedfellows

04:04 [Disinformation] Are We Misdiagnosing Smart But Introverted Kids as Autistic?

04:08 [CNET News] Apple's A7 chip makes a run at Intel

04:17 [CNET News] Get the BioShock trilogy for only $20 until September 25

04:17 [CNET News] In online TV first, Netflix wins Emmy for drama directing

04:17 [The Hindu - News] Neurosurgeon Subbiah succumbs to injuries

04:17 [BBC: Entertainment] Danes and Daniels win Emmy awards

04:18 [Truthdig] Destroying the Right to Be Left Alone

04:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HuffPost Radio: Both Sides Now: 'Pickett's Charge' as GOP Votes 42 Times Against Obamacare But Zero on Guns

04:23 [Telegraph] Bangladesh garment workers locked in factories and forced to work 19 hour shifts claim BBC

04:23 [Telegraph] Triumphant Angela Merkel begins search for new coalition ally after historic German election win

04:25 [Russia Today] Most hostages freed in Nairobi mall siege as rescue continues

04:29 [The Hindu - News] Corporation to install debris management plant

04:29 [Reuters] Daniels, Danes take top drama acting Emmy awards

04:30 [Russia Today] 20 dead after Typhoon Usagi hits Southern China

04:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] Lena's Emmys fashion fail

04:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christopher Calabrese: Destroying the Right to Be Left Alone

04:31 [zero hedge] China PMI Beats With Biggest 2-Month Surge In Almost 4 Years

04:35 [CNET News] BrdsNBz service lets teens text sex questions to a hotline

04:35 [The Hindu - News] State Government begins crackdown on playschools

04:35 [Reuters] Merkel romps to victory but faces tough coalition choices

04:35 [Reuters] Daniels, Danes take top drama acting Emmy awards

04:39 [The Hindu - News] Onion prices fall as arrivals increase

04:39 [The Hindu - News] Merkel set for third term

04:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Kuttner: The Government Shutdown Boomerang

04:49 [Fox News] 'MODERN FAMILY' SNUB 'Veep' wins big at Emmys dominated by sad tributes /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

04:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Of Meeting Joe Biden On The Red Carpet Of The Emmy Awards

04:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tom Engelhardt: No Privacy in Washington

04:53 [Telegraph] Barack Obama heads to UN with hopes of diplomatic breakthrough with Iran

04:54 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmys has shockers

04:55 [AL JAZEERA] Cambodian parliament meets amid boycott

04:55 [Topix Activism News] Cuccinelli at a crossroads: Can his luck continue?

04:56 [The Hindu - News] After 53 days, fishermen return to a tearful reunion

04:57 [Fox News: politics] Small plane makes emergency landing on main Chicago roadway

04:57 [CBC: politics] Celebrate Right to Know Week with #WWK!

04:58 [The Hindu - News] Cambodian opposition boycotts parliament over vote

04:58 [Deutsche Welle] Despite finishing first, the CDU could lose power in Hesse state

05:00 [The Hindu - News] HC intermim stay on AICTE show-cause notice to American College

05:01 [Sydney Morning Herald] A million in super not enough

05:02 [The Hindu - News] Mob sets truck on fire

05:02 [Reuters] Russia says West exploiting Syria deal to threaten force

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Exporter’s e-mail communication hacked

05:07 [Voice of America] Reuters: Moroccans Demonstrate Against Gas Price Hike

05:08 [The Hindu - News] Bo Xilai sentenced to life, found guilty on all charges

05:09 [Telegraph] Russia claims US trying to 'blackmail' it to accept UN resolution on Syria

05:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Reich: Why the Upcoming Shutdowns and Defaults Are Symptoms of a Deeper Republican Malady

05:15 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt set for rewrite of Morsi constitution

05:18 [The Hindu - News] Extent of NSA metadata swoop suggests access to Indian operators

05:20 [The Hindu - News] Voters can include their names online

05:20 [The Hindu - News] Rain triggers a flood of problems along Rettai Vaical

05:22 [The Hindu - News] Special court for landgrab cases opened

05:22 [The Hindu - News] Foot-and-mouth vaccination campaign

05:23 [Truthdig] Hackers Say They’ve Already Defeated the iPhone’s Fingerprint Scanner

05:24 [The Hindu - News] Modi visit: Gujarat police team work with Tiruchi cops

05:26 [Reuters] Cambodian opposition boycotts parliament, security tight

05:26 [The Atlantic: International] Why Is Merkel Still So Popular?

05:28 [CNET News] For Netflix at the Emmys awards: no wins, no matter

05:29 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmy wins a shocker

05:29 [CNN: Entertainment] 2013 Emmys: The Winners List

05:30 [OpEdNews] Is Burma's Government interested in genuine democracy?

05:31 [AL JAZEERA] Heavy gunfire heard in Nairobi shopping mall

05:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Elyse Siegel: This Is Why 'House Of Cards' Is The Best New Show (Even If It Didn't Win The Emmy For Top Drama)

05:32 [zero hedge] WHeN THe FaT LaDY SiNGS

05:33 [Voice of America] Reuters: Cambodian Opposition Boycotts Parliament, Security Tight in Phnom Penh

05:34 [The Hindu - News] Change in train services as Tiruchi-Thajavur line work extended till Oct

05:36 [CNET News] Twitter said to hire ex-Topspin exec to head music effort

05:36 [AntiWar] Funeral Bombing, Other Attacks Leave 33 Iraqis Dead, 131 Wounded

05:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Some Emmy wins a shocker


05:44 [The Hindu - News] Role of vetiver in checking landslides in Nilgiris stressed

05:49 [The Hindu - News] Samba cultivation picks up in Thanjavur

05:53 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Paddy on 50,000 acres in tail-end of Cauvery delta starved of water

05:55 [The Hindu - News] Kurivai harvest pegged at 8 tonnes per hectare

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

05:58 [Reuters] 'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family' win top Emmy awards

05:59 [The Hindu - News] Sand mining: Vijaykanth calls for action against officials, politicians

06:01 [The Hindu - News] IPAB rules in favour of ‘Casio’

06:01 [AntiWar] Destroying the Right To Be Left Alone

06:01 [AntiWar] China On Trial

06:03 [Big Think] A Bold Prediction: E.T. Will Call in Next 25 Years

06:03 [The Hindu - News] Enhance disability pension for war veteran, says tribunal

06:05 [The Hindu - News] New car for Thanjavur big temple soon

06:09 [Voice of America] Reuters: German Group Claims to have Hacked iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

06:11 [Voice of America] Reuters: German Group Claims to Have Hacked iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Parked vehicles, vendors usurp Thoppumpady footpaths

06:11 [The Hindu - News] 'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family' top Emmy Awards

06:15 [The Hindu - News] Madurai master plan to control mosquitoes’ yet to reach the Corporation

06:17 [The Hindu - News] Safety norms thrown to the wind

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Expert bats for vaccinating children against pneumonia

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary to tap ecotourism in a big way

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Drunk youths held for damaging ATM in Chennai

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Flat gutted in Kilpauk fire

06:19 [CNET News] Moto X beats out iPhone 5S, 5C, and Galaxy S4 for durability

06:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] A family torn apart by terror

06:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] Violent gang DLAST HR busted

06:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] A million dollars in super not enough

06:20 [Fox News] DID 'BREAKING BAD' WIN? Emmys have surprises, snubs, some sure things /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

06:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Liberace film takes top Emmy awards

06:21 [The Hindu - News] Service tax fear baseless, ministry assures educational institutions

06:23 [The Hindu - News] Neuro-muscular disorders: NGO hopes to set up holistic centre

06:25 [Guardian] Cocaine seizure: three Britons arrested in Paris, Venezuela says

06:27 [Reuters] BlackBerry move away from consumers unlikely to stem decline

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Kovalam all set to welcome another peak tourist season

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Civic body-run schools in Chennai to get generators soon

06:27 [The Hindu - News] HC interim stay on AICTE show-cause notice to American College

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Kovalam all set for peak tourist season

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Chennai watchman’s life moves in new direction

06:31 [The Hindu - News] From tokens to the Net, tobacco dealers devise ways to bypass ban

06:36 [Slashdot] Arctic Ice Extent Tops 2012's, But Is 6th Lowest In History

06:37 [The Hindu - News] No Niddodi without people’s nod: Oscar Fernandes

06:38 [Reuters] Gunfire heard at Kenyan mall under siege after 68 killed by Islamists

06:39 [Voice of America] At Least 25 Killed as Typhoon Usagi Strikes China

06:46 [Russia Today] Swiss region votes to ban full-face Muslim veils

06:48 [The Hindu - News] JNU library strives for excellence

06:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] MP dragged into donations controversy

06:51 [Voice of America] Kenya Military Launches Attack to End Mall Siege

06:52 [The Hindu - News] Typhoon blows into China, kills 33 people in Asia

06:52 [The Hindu - News] Cab drivers too join stir for Samaikyandhra

06:54 [Deutsche Welle] FDP, a post-war fixture, is out of parliament

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Typhoon blows into China, kills 33 people in Asia

06:56 [The Hindu - News] TDP sees nexus between Congress and YSRCP

06:58 [The Hindu - News] Siddhartha sports fraternity turns nostalgic

06:58 [The Hindu - News] Wage united struggle, women told

06:59 [Fin24 News] Little headway in petrol wage talks

07:05 [Fin24 News] Johannesburg buses and taxis impounded

07:06 [Reuters] 'Breaking Bad' finally makes good with best drama Emmy

07:08 [The Hindu - News] M. G. Sitaram's kin to suspend search for family members

07:10 [The Hindu - News] 405 M.E./M.Tech. seats to be allotted in extended round

07:11 [Reuters] A wild week ahead as Senate confronts shutdown deadline

07:11 [AlterNet] 'Final Assault' Begins in the Kenya Mall Siege

07:12 [The Hindu - News] Volunteers join to clean up city

07:14 [Telegraph] Emmy Awards 2013: complete list of winners from Breaking Bad to Veep

07:14 [The Hindu - News] VHP yatra begins in UP

07:14 [The Hindu - News] Ex-IAS officer bats for Telangana

07:16 [The Hindu - News] VHP yatra begins in UP

07:17 [Reuters] Analysis: Fed's underlying message a bad signal for U.S. profit growth

07:18 [The Hindu - News] Post-merger blues for former BHPV employees

07:20 [Reuters: politics] Insight: Chamber of Commerce turns to small courts for big wins

07:20 [Reuters: politics] A wild week ahead as Senate confronts shutdown deadline

07:22 [The Hindu - News] SFI call to reopen welfare hostels

07:23 [Fin24 News] Cosatu hampers economic change - Numsa

07:24 [Fox News: politics] NRA: Get 'homicidal maniacs' off streets

07:24 [The Hindu - News] Emergence of working class in rural India

07:24 [The Hindu - News] Those guilty of communal violence will be punished: PM

07:30 [Telegraph] Bullying fears as Barclays looks into letting 11 to 15 year-olds text money by phone

07:30 [Telegraph] SNP's '£32 billion of independence spending pledges"

07:30 [Telegraph] Car servicing charges drop nearly 10 per cent

07:30 [Telegraph] Boarding school fees 'now higher than average salary'

07:30 [Telegraph] It's the smell of success as Saucy Fish Co. is voted a "Cool Brand"

07:31 [Guardian] Labour promises 25 hours of free childcare a week

07:40 [Reuters] Gunfire at besieged Kenyan mall where Islamists hold hostages

07:46 [OpEdNews] In bankrupt Detroit, a phony Emergency Manager creates his own 9-11 emergency!

07:47 [Financial Times] Merkel seeks coalition partner after win

07:47 [Guardian] Mental health treatment is stretching services to the limit, report warns

07:49 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka hopes to get more ART centres under NACP IV

07:51 [Voice of America] 'Breaking Bad' Wins Top US TV Award

07:55 [NPR] New Surface Expected From Microsoft At NYC Event

07:59 [Deutsche Welle] Gunfire heard at Nairobi mall as siege enters third day

07:59 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan church blasts: toll rises to 81

08:04 [Disinformation] WeAreChange for Congress 2016?

08:05 [Voice of America] Assad: No Problem With Chemical Inspectors in Syria, But Security a Concern

08:07 [The Hindu - News] Udupi police plans to issue advisory on school transport

08:07 [The Hindu - News] Fate of hostages not clear: Kenya military spokesman

08:08 [The Independent] Breaking Bad makes good at Emmys - but Downton Abbey misses out

08:09 [The Hindu - News] Colombian author Alvaro Mutis dies in Mexico

08:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Jazmine's bullying payout

08:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Likely MP dragged into furore

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Shiradi Ghat tunnel won’t harm ecology: Oscar Fernandes

08:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jade Walker: How To End The Obamacare Debate

08:18 [Guardian] Snake found on Qantas plane at Sydney airport, forcing delay

08:19 [The Hindu - News] Jawan killed in Srinagar militant attack

08:21 [Russia Today] Assad: Terrorists may attack chemical weapons inspectors, blame Damascus

08:21 [Voice of America] VOA News: Assad: No Problem With Chemical Inspectors in Syria, But Security a Concern

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Kumaraswamy unfair: B. K. Chandrashekar

08:22 [Fin24 News] Minerals dept denies dictating BEE deal

08:23 [The Hindu - News] ‘67 children’s homes in Kanyakumari not registered’

08:24 [The Independent] Deadly Typhoon Usagi changes course and blows into China

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Solar powered borewells in Coimbatore forests by October end

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Spotted deer operated upon

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Rebels attack Philippine town, seize hostages

08:30 [The Hindu - News] KPSC answer paper evaluation flawed: Official

08:32 [] Georgia: More of the Same with Margvelashvili?

08:33 [CNET News] New OS X Trojan found and blocked by Apple's XProtect

08:34 [The Hindu - News] Shiradi Ghat tunnel won’t harm ecology: Oscar Fernandes

08:35 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:36 [The Hindu - News] Niche areas likely to spur real estate growth: FICCI-Ernst & Young report

08:36 [The Hindu - News] JIPMER to start deceased donor organ retrieval this year

08:39 [AL JAZEERA] South Swiss voters back ban on full-face veil

08:39 [AL JAZEERA] President of Sudan confirms US travel plan

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Gangrape case: HC issues production warrant to convicts

08:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Climate debate muddied by doubt, says Suzuki

08:43 [Voice of America] Death Toll in Pakistan Church Bombing Rises to 81

08:46 [The Hindu - News] Make it inevitable for others to learn Kannada: Siddaramaiah

08:48 [Telegraph] The priciest part of your takeaway coffee? It's the cup, not the beans

08:48 [Telegraph] Joanna Lumley launches appeal to save Peter Pan windows

08:48 [Telegraph] Diabetes timebomb warning over doubling in cases in two decades

08:48 [Telegraph] 107-year-old woman is UK's oldest driving licence holder

08:48 [Telegraph] Couples to have sex in a studio for new Channel 4 programme

08:48 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Terrorists Rob Somalia of Healthcare

08:52 [] Netanyahu orders settlers be allowed back into contested Hebron house

08:58 [The Hindu - News] PM stresses on communal harmony at NIC meet

08:59 [Deutsche Welle] Typhoon Usagi sweeps China, Hong Kong

09:00 [The Hindu - News] Touts thrive as Karur officials struggle to deliver welfare

09:04 [Telegraph] Lewis star Kevin Whately calls for a halt to crime and hospital dramas

09:05 [Voice of America] VOA News: Death Toll in Pakistan Church Bombing Rises to 81

09:07 [Voice of America] Cambodian Parliament Opens Despite Opposition Boycott

09:10 [The Hindu - News] Deal with communal violence sternly, PM tells states

09:11 [NPR] Scripps College Honors Ex-Rep. Giffords For Public Service

09:11 [Voice of America] ICC Adjourns Ruto Case Amid Kenya Mall Shooting

09:12 [Slashdot] Crowdfunding Platform For Drupal Development Launches

09:14 [The Hindu - News] Link road to Erode rly station stalled again

09:15 [CNN: Crime] Family of 5 found dead inside Texas home

09:15 [CNN: Crime] Deputy sold pot from squad car, feds say

09:15 [Slate Magazine] You Have Reached a 404 Page

09:15 [Slate Magazine] Slate’s New Look

09:15 [Slate Magazine] Dissecting the Slate Redesign

09:15 [Topix Activism News] ISIS's future in Syria unsure after Al-Qaeda leader's death Sunday

09:16 [Russia Today] 2 police dead, 20 injured incl civilians in car bomb attack in Russia

09:16 [The Hindu - News] Namakkal Govt. school student to participate in national science contest

09:16 [The Hindu - News] Sinister motive behind communal riots: Shinde

09:17 [Fox News] 'HOMICIDAL MANIACS' NRA head: More mentally ill should be committed

09:17 [Fox News] BASKETBALL TRAGEDY Florida high school player dies after practice collapse

09:17 [Fox News] US 'aggressively' probes Kenya attack /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

09:21 [Le Monde diplomatique] Warring across Syria's border with Turkey

09:23 [BBC: Science & Environment] Five key questions facing the IPCC

09:23 [Financial Times] Kenya shopping mall siege enters third day

09:24 [Financial Times] Merkel begins hunt for coalition partners

09:24 [Financial Times] Merkel’s almost total political triumph

09:25 [Reuters] Suicide bomber in Russia's North Caucasus kills two, injures 20

09:25 [Reuters] Gunfire at besieged Kenyan mall, Islamists threaten hostages

09:25 [The Hindu - News] Sikh professor attacked in US

09:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Jazmine's bullying payout

09:29 [The Hindu - News] Poster war heats up ahead of Assembly polls

09:29 [Deutsche Welle] German hacker group CCC cracks iPhone fingerprint scanner

09:29 [BBC: Technology] What's it like to live in a smart city?

09:29 [Voice of America] VOA News: ICC Adjourns Ruto Case Amid Kenya Mall Shooting

09:30 [Fin24 News] Vavi not behind special congress call - Cosatu

09:31 [Le Monde diplomatique] Beating swords into solar panels

09:33 [The Hindu - News] Now, IRCTC’s offering customised packages

09:33 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan court orders release of 35 TN fishermen

09:37 [The Hindu - News] National taekwondo championship to be held in Delhi

09:42 [] Syria's Assad denounces Western powers on UN draft resolution

09:42 [] Greece's far-right Golden Dawn loses support after rapper killing

09:44 [Guardian] Kenya Westgate mall siege - live

09:46 [NPR] Got Baguettes? Bakers' Lobby Tells France To Eat More Bread

09:46 [NPR] How A Pregnant Woman's Choices Could Shape A Child's Health

09:46 [NPR] Smart Teenage Brains May Get Some Extra Learning Time

09:47 [The Hindu - News] Many cards, but no cheap ration: Vijay Goel

09:48 [Fin24 News] Perol attendant strike enters third week

09:52 [Telegraph] Burkas and niqabs banned from Swiss canton

09:54 [Guardian] German election: Angela Merkel secures historic third win

09:55 [New Statesman] Labour dismisses alleged plan to remove child benefit from parents who refuse MMR jab

09:56 [Reuters] Merkel must reach out to leftist rivals after poll triumph

09:56 [Russia Today] 2 dead, 11 injured incl civilians in car bomb attack on police station in Russia

09:59 [Fin24 News] Petrol attendant strike enters third week

09:59 [The Hindu - News] ‘No rehabilitation for ex-manual scavengers’

10:04 [Pravda] NATO prepares for 'conventional war'

10:04 [Deutsche Welle] Jamaican iguana fights off extinction again

10:06 [Telegraph] Amanda Knox: I would take lie detector test to prove I'm innocent

10:07 [Reuters] Euro zone business activity growing faster than thought in September: PMI

10:09 [BBC: Education] Labour promise more free childcare

10:09 [Financial Times] Kenya mall siege enters third day

10:12 [] Kenya, Israel's forward base in Africa

10:14 [The Independent] Snake found on plane in Australia: Tokyo-bound Qantas passengers forced to spend night in hotel

10:21 [Fox News] Standoff continues at Kenya mall /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

10:22 [Telegraph] Nairobi shopping mall attack: September 22 as it happened

10:33 [Truthdig] The Act of Killing

10:34 [Global Voices] Hong Kong: Typhoon Usagi Passed Nearby

10:39 [Deutsche Welle] European perspectives on the German vote

10:40 [The Hindu - News] Communal violence cannot be allowed to spread: Nitish

10:40 [New Internationalist] How Somalia's coastal communities called time on the pirates

10:44 [Deutsche Welle] European shares stable as Merkel victory promises stability

10:44 [The Hindu - News] Valencia residents hit the streets on a clean-up drive

10:46 [The Hindu - News] Vote bank politics responsible for communal tensions: Shivraj Chouhan

10:48 [The Hindu - News] Scrap new land transaction rules: Social Democratic Party of India

10:49 [Deutsche Welle] Indonesia's child jockeys labor away

10:49 [Deutsche Welle] Europe weighs in on Merkel's election victory

10:50 [The Hindu - News] NSS Day on Tuesday

10:51 [CNN: Money] China's factories gain steam

10:51 [BBC: Entertainment] AUDIO: Downton: "America loves them"

10:54 [The Hindu - News] Parties disturbing communal harmony ahead of 2014 polls: Akhilesh

10:56 [The Hindu - News] NHAI, Collector play ping-pong over encroachments

10:57 [Fin24 News] China VAT hike to hit SA consumers

10:57 [BBC: Science & Environment] Slowdown 'central' to climate report

10:58 [The Hindu - News] At Gothuruth, a war of oars

10:59 [Global Voices] Greece: Anti-fascist musician stabbed to death by neo-nazi

11:01 [The Independent] Emmys 2013: List of winners in full

11:02 [The Hindu - News] A 'RURAL' RIDE IN THE CITY

11:06 [Pravda] Greenpeace has no relation to environmental protection?

11:06 [Pravda] The contrivance of global warming

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Hudson Memorial Church is now 109

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Work on metro’s first station to begin at Kaloor from Monday

11:11 [The Hindu - News] FACT keen to host sulphuric acid plant in Kochi

11:17 [The Independent] Rolf Harris arrives at Westminster Magistrates' Court to face indecent assault and child porn charges

11:17 [The Independent] Breaking: '20 hurt' and lorry and school bus collide

11:17 [The Independent] In pictures: Kenya attack

11:17 [The Independent] Terror tweets: Survivors of the Westgate terror attack in Nairobi describe their experiences

11:17 [The Independent] One VERY careful owner: 1961 car for sale with just 20 miles on the clock

11:19 [The Hindu - News] Traffic curbs for President's visit to Bangalore city today

11:19 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Firm after sharp Friday fall

11:23 [The Hindu - News] Onion prices come down with new crop arrival

11:25 [The Hindu - News] Science museum expansion rides on fresh hope

11:25 [BBC: Entertainment] Rolf Harris in court over assaults

11:25 [BBC: Entertainment] Patten restates cuts for BBC bosses

11:27 [The Hindu - News] Ishrat case: CBI grills Gujarat minister

11:29 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka moots law against black magic

11:29 [The Hindu - News] Ishrat case: CBI grills Gujarat minister

11:29 [Deutsche Welle] Factory workers protest in Dhaka and across Bangladesh

11:31 [The Hindu - News] Focus on keeping beaches clean

11:33 [The Independent] Labour Party conference: Ed Balls to pledge 25 hours free childcare for working parents

11:33 [The Independent] Ed Balls turns up heat on 'despicable' former spin doctor Damian McBride

11:33 [The Independent] Man charged over hit-and-run death of policeman Andrew Duncan in Sutton

11:33 [Spiegel] World From Berlin: Triumph Confirms 'Era of Merkelism'

11:34 [BBC: Technology] Tesco enters the tablet fray

11:34 [Sydney Morning Herald] Harris faces child sex charges

11:35 [The Hindu - News] Remembering a pioneer

11:39 [The Hindu - News] Visits of Sonia, Modi: security stepped up

11:40 [Pravda] An Open Post to Presidents Obama, Putin and the US Congress

11:41 [Telegraph] Tony Abbott's 'Prime Minister for Woman' typo sparks ridicule

11:43 [The Hindu - News] A joint effort to clean Beypore beach

11:45 [The Hindu - News] Two revellers stabbed to death in row during Ganesh procession in Bangalore

11:46 [New Statesman] How Labour can turn the economic recovery to its advantage

11:48 [AL JAZEERA] Assad says gunmen could hinder UN team work

11:48 [] The Jewish African-American who brought flash mob dancing to Israel

11:48 [] Iran's Rohani heads to New York, urges dialogue with West

11:48 [] Word of the day / Foo: Blowing out candles

11:48 [The Independent] Rolf Harris appears at Westminster Magistrates' Court on indecent assault and child porn charges

11:49 [The Hindu - News] A big step in their journey to normal life

11:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Assault sparks warnings of chat sites

11:51 [The Hindu - News] A decisive force: IUML

11:51 [The Hindu - News] National shame

11:53 [Spiegel] The Other Election: Stalemate in German State of Hesse

11:53 [Guardian] Rolf Harris makes first court appearance over child sex offences

11:53 [The Hindu - News] Senior IUML leaders air grievances against Congress

11:53 [Fin24 News] Samwu suspends Cape Town strike

11:56 [Pravda] A monumental folly!

11:57 [Telegraph] Rolf Harris arrives at court to face sex attack charges

11:59 [Guardian] Angela Merkel triumphs in German election to secure historic third term

12:02 [BBC: Health] Is 25 the new cut-off point for adulthood?

12:03 [BBC: Health] Universal flu vaccine 'blueprint'

12:03 [Le Monde diplomatique] UN, servants to the world

12:04 [International Crisis Group] Justice on trial in Guatemala: The Ríos Montt Case

12:05 [BBC: Entertainment] Harris in court over assault charges

12:05 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Steven Pinker’s “Better Angels” Ignores Demons That Lie Dormant

12:05 [CNET News] E30 BMW M3 or E92 M3 GTS? We look at the first and last BMW M3 coupes

12:06 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Tamil Nadu

12:06 [The Hindu - News] Zones of conflict

12:06 [] US-Iran talks are an opportunity for reconciliation that must not be wasted

12:06 [Voice of America] Lisa Schlein: Report Shows A Big Drop in New HIV Infections

12:06 [Slashdot] Oracle Promises 100x Faster DB Queries With New In-Memory Option

12:08 [BBC: Entertainment] Eurovision announces rule changes

12:10 [The Hindu - News] Narrow escape

12:11 [Telegraph] Bus driver arrested after around 20 children injured in schoolbus crash

12:11 [Telegraph] Interactive: Ed Miliband's summer of discontent

12:11 [New Statesman] Morning Wrap: today's top business stories

12:11 [] US-Iran talks are an opportunity for reconciliation that must not be wasted

12:12 [The Hindu - News] MIT students protest against Principal in charge

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Act against violent forces in society: Jayalalithaa

12:12 [Mother Jones] It's the Austerity, Stupid: How We Were Sold an Economy-Killing Lie /files/Austerity_2_WM_630.gif

12:12 [Mother Jones] These 12 Bills are the NSA's Worst Nightmare

12:12 [Mother Jones] How I Got Licensed to Carry a Concealed Gun in 32 States by Barely Trying /files/Utah_300wide.jpg

12:12 [Mother Jones] Tony Joe White's Steamy, Irresistable "Hoodoo" /files/tonyjoewhitecover300.jpeg

12:12 [Mother Jones] The Dirtbombs' Return to Glory /files/dirtbombs300.jpg

12:12 [Mother Jones] Here's Why You Seldom See Women Leading a Symphony

12:13 [Spiegel] Chaos Computer Club: Hackers Crack Apple's�Fingerprint Scanner

12:14 [Deutsche Welle] ILO sees marked decline in child labor globally

12:18 [The Hindu - News] Silver storytelling

12:20 [The Hindu - News] What’s On - Chennai

12:20 [The Hindu - News] BJP hits out at Chidambaram over Modi remark

12:22 [BBC: Education] Is 25 the new cut-off point for adulthood?

12:22 [The Hindu - News] As weather clears, KSEB keeps its fingers crossed

12:22 [Voice of America] Official: Kenyan Forces 'Closing In' On Mall Attackers

12:22 [CNN: Money] Best credit cards

12:22 [CNN: Money] Jobs' childhood home may become historical site

12:23 [Sydney Morning Herald] Rolf Harris pleads not guilty

12:24 [The Hindu - News] New on the rack

12:26 [The Hindu - News] Idukki dam sees high tourist inflow

12:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] Bloodhound Diary: Speedy politicians

12:28 [Voice of America] Bangladeshi Garment Workers Protest Pay, Shut Factories

12:28 [The Hindu - News] All adolescent girls in Kerala to be vaccinated against rubella

12:28 [The Hindu - News] Boo saves the day

12:28 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistani Christians protest church attack

12:29 [Reuters] Fifty-nine dead at Kenyan mall, Islamists threaten hostages

12:31 [New Internationalist] Nairobi mall attack unites Kenyans

12:32 [zero hedge] Big Picture to Begin Week

12:32 [The Hindu - News] Gold arrives in dead letter box

12:32 [The Hindu - News] Young World quiz

12:32 [The Hindu - News] At the crossroads

12:32 [CNET News] Mozilla: help us test touch-optimized Firefox for Windows 8

12:33 [CNN: Money] The barbarians are still at the gate

12:33 [CNN: Money] The 20 highest-paid executives under 40

12:33 [CNN: Money] Hey, taxi company, you talkin' to me?

12:34 [Fox News: politics] Hillary Clinton -- Someone better tell her she’s running!

12:36 [Reuters] 'Breaking Bad' finally makes good with best drama Emmy

12:36 [The Hindu - News] Clean Chennai @ Home in Chromepet and Kilpauk

12:36 [The Hindu - News] Global Citizen II

12:36 [The Independent] Missing Esme Smith found 'safe and well'

12:39 [Deutsche Welle] Eurozone recovery gathers steam in September

12:40 [The Hindu - News] Into worlds unknown

12:41 [BBC: Technology] Apple fingerprint ID 'hacked'

12:43 [BBC: Technology] Tesco enters tablet fray with Hudl

12:43 [Telegraph] Rare albino squirrel photographed in Sussex

12:44 [The Hindu - News] Travel through history

12:46 [Fin24 News] Oliphant intervenes in petrol attendant strike

12:46 [The Hindu - News] Sexually exploited minor girl gives birth to baby in Bangalore

12:46 [The Hindu - News] Modi staging ‘fake encounter with facts’, Chidambaram

12:48 [] Multiple blasts rock besieged Kenya shopping mall

12:48 [Voice of America] Official: Kenyan Forces 'Closing In' On Mall Attackers

12:50 [Fox News] 69 confirmed dead in Kenya attack /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

12:50 [Fox News] DEFIANCE IN SYRIA Rebel leader vows no cease-fire with Assad

12:50 [Fox News] 'SHELL-SHOCKED' Son of Ariel Castro revisits father's crimes in essay

12:50 [The Hindu - News] Second coming

12:51 [CNN: Money] Top 15 credit cards

12:52 [The Independent] Eurozone business growth faster than anticipated

12:52 [The Independent] Tesco launches £119 7-inch Hudl tablet with dedicated 'Tesco' button to drive online purchases

12:52 [The Atlantic: National] Jewish High Holidays With the U.S. Army: Building a Sukkah in Kuwait

12:54 [The Hindu - News] Modi staging ‘fake encounter with facts’, says Chidambaram

12:56 [AL JAZEERA] Explosions rock besieged Nairobi mall

12:56 [The Hindu - News] Five, including 4 policemen, killed in Pak bomb attack

12:56 [The Hindu - News] Kher conquers

12:57 [CNN: Money] Love beer? How to invest in a local brewery

12:59 [Reuters] Blast shakes Nairobi mall, smoke pours from building

12:59 [Telegraph] Woodland birds at greater risk from cold springs

12:59 [Telegraph] Nairobi shopping mall attack: British victim was 'trying to build a peaceful world'

13:00 [Pravda] No Show McCain and the West

13:03 [Raw Story] S. Korea urges N. Korea to reconsider delay of family reunions

13:05 [The Hindu - News] Reel love!

13:09 [The Hindu - News] Across the board

13:09 [Deutsche Welle] Resignations for Rösler, FDP and Greens after poor election showingösler-fdp-and-greens-after-poor-election-showing/a-17107107?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:11 [Reuters] Blasts shake Nairobi mall, smoke pours from building

13:12 [Mother Jones] How Austerity Wrecked the American Economy /files/blog_austerity_state_local_federal_spending_0.jpg

13:13 [Raw Story] Red Cross: 69 dead, 63 missing in Nairobi shopping mall massacre

13:14 [Guardian] North Korea criticises 'reptile media' for saying Kim Jong-un ordered executions

13:15 [Telegraph] Peshawar church attack: Nawaz Sharif warns that Taliban talks could be scrapped

13:15 [Telegraph] George Orwell: scarf he was wearing when shot going on sale

13:15 [Telegraph] Sex Box: Mariella Frostrup's chat show with lovers

13:15 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden 'emerges from hiding in disguise'

13:17 [Pravda] Jihadis in Syria

13:17 [Fox News] EMMY SURPRISES Good night for 'Bad,' 'Modern Family,' 'Colbert' /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

13:18 [Raw Story] New HIV infections plummet since 2001

13:18 [Raw Story] ‘Liberace’ takes home 3 Emmys after gay themes keep film from theaters

13:18 [Raw Story] Factories ablaze as Bangladesh garment workers protest

13:18 [] Israel believes Hamas won’t hesitate to attack again, despite growing isolation

13:18 [Fox News] Clinton 'pragmatic' about mulling presidential run- KURTZ: Someone better tell Clinton she's running!

13:18 [Fox News] 3 found, 2 missing after Navy helicopter crashes

13:18 [Fox News] Spokesman denies rumors of Putin's remarriage

13:18 [Fox News] NRA head: Get 'homicidal maniacs' off streets

13:18 [Fox News] Snake on plane grounds flight in Australia

13:18 [Fox News] Boston police commissioner to step down Monday

13:18 [Fox News] Plane makes emergency landing on Chicago road

13:18 [Fox News] Merkel wins Germany vote, but needs coalition

13:18 [Fox News] 'Red line one of many unfulfilled Obama vows- Spy review team closely tied to White House

13:18 [Fox News] Music score may have secret code leading to Nazi gold

13:18 [Fox News] Boy abducted in 2000 from Fla. found living in Mo.

13:20 [Guardian] Labour conference - Ed Balls' speech: Politics live blog

13:21 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Steady start on tap

13:21 [CNET News] Join CNET on Monday for live coverage of Microsoft's Surface 2 event

13:22 [AL JAZEERA] Israeli PM urged to rethink peace talks

13:23 [BBC: Entertainment] New footage 'added' to Salinger film

13:23 [Raw Story] Snake on a plane ground Qantas flight

13:23 [Raw Story] Snake on plane grounds flight from Australia to Japan

13:23 [Raw Story] Snowden ‘wears disguise, in danger’ his lawyer claims

13:24 [The Independent] Video: Amateur footage from Kenya shopping mall attack

13:25 [The Hindu - News] 1 militant killed as Army foils infiltration bid in J&K

13:25 [The Hindu - News] Kenyan forces "closing in" on Nairobi mall attackers

13:27 [Financial Times] Explosion rocks Kenya hostage mall

13:28 [NPR] Kenyan Police Say They're 'Closing In' On Mall Attackers

13:29 [Deutsche Welle] Paul Kuhn, German jazzman who lamented Hawaii's lack of beer, has died

13:30 [CNN: Money] Fidelity sued by employees over its own 401(k) plan

13:30 [Topix Activism News] How Civil Society Is Overcoming the Global Crackdown on Activism

13:31 [Telegraph] Downton Abbey opening episode pulls in record audience

13:31 [Telegraph] Kenya 'safe', says tourist board

13:31 [Telegraph] Fears over immigration figures as ONS confirms census to be abolished

13:31 [zero hedge] Lack Of Fireworks In German Election Aftermath Means Sideways Open

13:31 [zero hedge] With Tanks On Location, Kenyan Mall Siege Climax Near - Live Webcast

13:32 [AL JAZEERA] Merkel to court rivals for forming coalition

13:32 [Fin24 News] BlackBerry is in a death spiral - analyst

13:33 [] Multiple blasts rock besieged Kenya shopping mall, more hostages freed

13:33 [The Hindu - News] Kenyan forces ‘closing in’ on Nairobi mall attackers

13:39 [CNN: Money] Economic impact of a shutdown

13:39 [The Independent] Demolition begins at house where six children died in fire started by parents Mick and Mairead Philpott

13:39 [The Independent] 'Segregated' University of Alabama sororities finally admit black students

13:39 [The Independent] Video: Apple's new iPhones 'more breakable' than previous generation (but still tougher than the Samsung Galaxy)

13:39 [The Independent] Breaking Bad season 5 episode 15 preview: What will happen in 'Granite State'?

13:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Prisoners thrills US box office

13:41 [The Hindu - News] Govt mulling EC proposal to ban opinion polls during elections

13:41 [New Statesman] Do it yourself banking will only work if we can be bothered to do it

13:44 [Fox News: politics] Taxpayers on hook for molasses-spill clean up in Hawaii

13:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Wood: Military Suicide Leaves Survivors Struggling With Shame, Guilt And Social Stigma

13:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rick Horowitz: Gundamentalists

13:45 [The Hindu - News] Delhi gangrape: HC issues production warrant to convicts

13:48 [] Most hostages freed from besieged Kenya mall, two terrorists confirmed dead

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Merkel seeks coalition partner after poll triumph

13:50 [Global Voices] Brazilian Police: Censors and Censored

13:51 [BBC: Entertainment] Can a one-day course get you a book deal?

13:52 [New Statesman] Somaliland wants to be a trading hub. Here are the problems

13:53 [Raw Story] Japanese porn dealers arrested after catalogues sent to police

13:53 [Reuters] Triumphant Merkel starts tough task of seeking coalition

13:54 [Deutsche Welle] More hostages freed at Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya

13:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: For Latinos, California City's District Elections Represent Shift In Power Balance

13:56 [The Hindu - News] Two militants killed, nearly all Kenya mall hostages freed

13:56 [Voice of America] Kenyan Official: Most Hostages Rescued from Mall

13:56 [Guardian] Assad says Syrian rebels may block access to chemical weapons sites

13:57 [New Statesman] Turning off the QE tap is going to be impossible

13:57 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: September 23

13:59 [CNN: Health] From 'Golden Girl' to fit fashionista

13:59 [BBC: Education] Labour promises more free childcare

14:00 [Voice of America] Islamist Militants attack Nairobi Mall

14:00 [Global Voices] The Disneyfication of Ellen Sirleaf Johnson

14:02 [New Statesman] Banks are still too big to fail, jail, manage and regulate

14:02 [New Statesman] The teenage hormone that blocks puberty - and cancer

14:02 [Russia Today] ‘Go home!’ Hundreds protest neo-Nazi plan for ‘whites only’ town in North Dakota

14:03 [Spiegel] Party Shake-Up: FDP Leader Steps Down after Election Debacle

14:04 [BBC: Science & Environment] Human role in warming 'more certain'

14:05 [The Hindu - Opinion] ‘Not surprising India has become an important surveillance target’

14:05 [Reuters] Syria's Assad criticises U.S. threat of strikes: China TV

14:07 [Russia Today] Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities nationwide

14:07 [Pravda] The immorality of Australia's prostitution laws

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Rebels hold civilians hostage in southern Philippines

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: Latino Numbers Soar In Arizona

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Leo W. Gerard: Defacing America the Beautiful

14:10 [Global Voices] Tracking Kenyan Social Media During Westgate Mall Attack

14:11 [The Independent] Revealed: What the Sun will look like when it dies

14:11 [zero hedge] Key Events And Issues In The Coming Week

14:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Leona Lewis to make Brit film debut

14:13 [CNN: Money] BlackBerry stock sinks 5%

14:13 [CNN: Money] 11 reasons why iOS7 is the best update yet

14:14 [Slashdot] Learning To Code: Are We Having Fun Yet?

14:14 [The Hindu - News] SC dismisses plea of CBI probe against Asaram Bapu

14:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Rolf Harris to plead not guilty

14:16 [CNN: Politics] Navy Yard shooting victims

14:16 [CNN: Politics] What is the right choice for gun policy?

14:16 [CNN: Politics] Obama at Navy Yard memorial: 'We can't accept this'

14:16 [CNN: Politics] President honors Navy Yard victims

14:16 [CNN: Politics] 'There's a guy slaughtering people with a shotgun'

14:16 [CNN: Politics] Iran's president begins 'charm offensive'

14:16 [CNN: Politics] Obama U.N. visit will center on Middle East

14:16 [CNN: Politics] Hillary Clinton on possible presidency: 'I'm realistic'

14:18 [Raw Story] Pussy Riot punk on hunger strike to protest ‘death threats,’ slave labor

14:18 [Reuters] Ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai appeals life sentence: source

14:18 [Reuters] Egypt bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Government Shutdown Deadline In One Week

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Lindsey Graham Facing Toughest Senate Reelection Of His Career

14:19 [Financial Times] Smoke billows from Kenya hostage mall

14:19 [Telegraph] Rich Chinese hire American surrogate mothers for up to $120,000 a child

14:20 [The Hindu - News] Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood

14:20 [Global Voices] Potraits in Black: Africans in Italy

14:21 [] Merkel Victory a Blow to Europe Reeling Under Austerity's Thumb

14:23 [CNET News] iPhone 5S activations more than triple those of 5C, says report

14:24 [CNN: Travel] Too cute? Hello Kitty plane makes maiden U.S. flight

14:27 [The Independent] Children should be taught how to 'lose graciously', says independent schools leader

14:27 [The Independent] Video: Amanda Knox interview on Daybreak

14:27 [Russia Today] ‘Inhuman sanctions’ by US fail to achieve political goals, as people suffer

14:28 [Raw Story] George Takei leads world’s largest ‘chicken dance’

14:28 [AL JAZEERA] Assad says gunmen could hinder UN team's work

14:29 [Fin24 News] Environment could pay price for proposed new laws

14:30 [Reuters] Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities

14:30 [Reuters] Bumper orders in China and Europe signal worldwide improvement

14:32 [Voice of America] ICC Excuses Ruto After Kenya Mall Shooting

14:32 [Fox News: politics] Gut check time for Senate GOP

14:34 [The Hindu - News] CBI special court grants bail to Jagan

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Obama Opens UN Meetings With Diplomatic Opportunities On Syria, Iran And Middle East Peace

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Priscilla Frank: Remembering JFK's Death -- With The Help Of Andy Warhol

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Craggs: Rouhani Urges 'Interaction' At UN

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paul Abrams: Prosecution of Amanda Knox Looks Just Like U.S. Right-Wing Politics

14:38 [NPR] No Way, Man! Last VW Van To Soon Roll Off Assembly Line

14:38 [] Israel's newest smartphone get a rabbinic stamp of approval

14:39 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmy shockers and some old favorites

14:39 [CNN: Entertainment] Past Emmys hosts show up to help Neil Patrick Harris

14:39 [Guardian] Muslim Brotherhood banned by Egyptian court

14:39 [Deutsche Welle] Egyptian court bans Muslim Brotherhood

14:40 [CNN: Money] BlackBerry shares sink 5%

14:40 [CNN: Money] China's $8 billion plan to rival Hollywood

14:41 [CNET News] Despite troubles, BlackBerry invested in corporate jet in July

14:42 [Financial Times] China pushes to join $4tn services talks

14:42 [Financial Times] Pakistan’s Christians fear more persecution

14:42 [The Hindu - News] Two militants killed, most Kenya mall hostages freed

14:43 [NPR] No Way, Man! Last VW Bus To Soon Roll Off Assembly Line

14:43 [The Independent] Tesco Hudl vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7

14:43 [The Independent] BA boss Willie Walsh: Unwelcoming UK repelling Chinese tourists

14:43 [The Independent] Labour would review future of HS2, says Ed Balls

14:43 [The Independent] Man dies from ripped intestine after swallowing pill in its packaging

14:43 [The Independent] China's richest man Wang Jianlin signs Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman to create world's biggest film studio

14:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Katherine Fung: Sarah Palin To Chris Wallace: Reveal Republicans Who Are Trying To 'Trash Ted Cruz'

14:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert S. McElvaine: The Party of Mammon

14:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ruth Bettelheim, Ph.D.: Mental Disabilities in the Digital Age: Independence and Autonomy for All

14:47 [New Internationalist] Bittersweet victory for ‘Indian’ Miss America

14:49 [CNET News] Apple sells 9 million iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C units in first weekend

14:50 [CNN: Technology] Twitter: The angriest place on the Internet?

14:50 [AL JAZEERA] Sudanese president confirms US travel plan

14:50 [Voice of America] Egyptian Court Bans Muslim Brotherhood

14:51 [The Hindu - News] Al-Qaeda branch announces leader's death in Syria

14:51 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Prisoners' locks up big debut

14:51 [Spiegel] Warming Plateau?: Climatologists Face Inconvenient Truth

14:52 [BBC: Education] Will free childcare really be free?

14:52 [OpEdNews] Fukushima Economics

14:52 [OpEdNews] Of Brawls, Businessmen and The Surrogates For Self-Indulgence: The Gotta-Have-It Greed Over iPhones Says A Lot

14:52 [OpEdNews] A Tale of Two Congress Members

14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ursula Burton: Women and Children First

14:56 [zero hedge] It Begins: Monte Paschi "Bails In" Bondholders, Halts $650 Million In Coupon Payments

14:56 [zero hedge] AAPL Surges 4.5% On "Record" iPhone 5 Sales

14:57 [Guardian] Landslides kill 20 in Philippine provinces weakened by typhoon Usagi

14:58 [CNET News] LG unveils 5.2-inch Vu 3 smartphone

14:58 [CNN: Living] How to cut your kids' cell phone addiction

14:58 [CNN: Living] Pregnant lifter causes a stir

14:59 [CNN: Crime] Castro's son describes own torment

14:59 [CNN: Crime] Sikh professor says he was beaten by men yelling, 'Get Osama'

14:59 [The Independent] Brothers face court on charge of travelling to terror training camp

14:59 [The Independent] BlackBerry in jet row as it faces a $1bn loss

14:59 [The Independent] Centrica takes £240m hit as it drops gas storage projects

14:59 [The Independent] AG Barr counts cost of failed merger with soft-drinks rival Britvic

14:59 [The Independent] Karl Clay - Coventry sex offender who doused victims in petrol - sentenced to life in prison

15:00 [Reuters] Apple says sells nine million 5s, 5c iPhones in first three days

15:01 [Global Voices] October 26th: A Day for Defying Saudi Ban on Women Driving

15:04 [Disinformation] The Forgotten Radical Science Movement

15:04 [CNN: Living] Cutting kids' phone addiction

15:06 [Reuters] Attorneys for accused Boston Marathon bomber due in court

15:06 [Slashdot] NSA Posts Opening For "Civil Liberties & Privacy Officer"

15:06 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt court bans all Brotherhood activities

15:07 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Ted Cruz: Conservatives Were 'Embarrassed Voting' For John McCain In 2008

15:08 [] Rohani: I will use UN visit to present the true face of Iran

15:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: GOP's Secret Blue-State Playbook: The Trick They Use To Stay Alive

15:10 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Bloom impresses Broadway as Romeo

15:11 [The Hindu - News] Merkel speaks to Social Democrats to form new coalition

15:13 [Reuters] Smoke pours from Kenya mall as forces 'close in'

15:13 [Reuters] Apple sells nine million 5s, 5c iPhones in first three days

15:13 [Raw Story] Atheist group plans to open more than 2 dozen congregations worldwide

15:13 [Raw Story] Florida professor charged with ‘video voyeurism’ for filming up his student’s skirts

15:13 [NPR] Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Is Banned By Court

15:14 [BBC: Health] 'Dramatic' drop in global HIV infections

15:14 [BBC: Entertainment] Jane Austen ring to stay in UK

15:14 [The Independent] Apple announces record-breaking weekend sales: 9m iPhones sold since launch

15:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] William S. Becker: A War on Coal?

15:17 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa DA case: Prosecutor appointed without objection, says SC

15:17 [Russia Today] Kalashnikov switches to private hands in a $41mn deal

15:19 [Pravda] Hostage crisis in Nairobi: Several terrorists killed

15:20 [AL JAZEERA] Kenya forces mount assault to end mall siege

15:21 [Slate Magazine] The Biggest Physical Risk of Exploration Today Is Carpal Tunnel

15:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] India's indifferent scorecard in target-driven global move to improve Internet and broadband access

15:22 [] An Explosion, Gunfire and Smoke as Siege in Nairobi Continues /sites/

15:22 [The Atlantic: International] Photos: Egypt's Entrepreneurs Try to Build a New Tech Hub Amid Unrest

15:22 [The Atlantic: National] The Killing Of Jonathan Ferrell

15:23 [Voice of America] VOA News: Egyptian Court Bans Muslim Brotherhood

15:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Madeleine Albright Joins Twitter

15:24 [BBC: Science & Environment] Funds withdrawn in Richard III row

15:25 [Voice of America] Kenyan Official: Most Hostages Rescued from Mall

15:25 [Reuters] Rouhani says will present 'true face of Iran' at U.N.

15:27 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh garment workers protest low wages, loot firearms

15:30 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Real North Korean Threat

15:30 [The Independent] Home Office issues photos of brothers Istvan and Peter Toth, missing while facing trafficking charge

15:30 [CNN: Money] Next for Germany's Merkel: Fix Europe

15:30 [CNET News] Emmys tune up 17,000 tweets per minute

15:30 [CNET News] Get a 17.3-inch quad-core desktop replacement for $399.99

15:32 [zero hedge] US PMI Misses Expectations To 3-Month Lows; Orders And Employment Tumble

15:32 [OpEdNews] Carnage at Pakistan church after Sunday mass: 81 killed in suicide bombing

15:32 [OpEdNews] Draw the Line is About a Lot More than Keystone XL

15:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Food Stamp Cuts Move Ahead In States

15:33 [Raw Story] Zimmerman goes into hiding to put divorce on hold

15:35 [Fin24 News] Can online transactions ever be safe?

15:35 [The Hindu - News] Syria will allow access to chemical sites: Assad

15:37 [Reuters] Tunisia's Islamists resist proposal to step down

15:38 [NPR] Reports: Two Arrests In Chicago Shooting That Wounded 13

15:41 [The Hindu - News] A dance with the gods

15:43 [Raw Story] ‘Sons of Anarchy’ creator unloads on ‘liberal media’ watchdog: ‘You’re a pathetic f*cking douchebag’

15:46 [The Hindu - News] On being a parent

15:47 [OpEdNews] How to Be More than a Mindful Consumer

15:48 [Raw Story] Rihanna selfie leads to arrest of two men in Thailand

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Philippines Struggles With Muslim Rebels

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Israel Silent on Chemical Weapons

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Trinidad’s Farmers Outpaced by Climate Change

15:49 [Reuters: politics] Fed needs to push hard against U.S. headwinds: Dudley

15:49 [Deutsche Welle] International press highlights personal triumph for Merkel

15:50 [CNN: Money] Apple sells record 9 million iPhones

15:50 [CNN: Money] 20 highest-paid executives under 40

15:50 [CNN: Money] iPhone 5S stock sold out in less than a day

15:50 [The Hindu - News] Taliban kill 11 border police guards in Afghanistan

15:52 [The Hindu - News] The long run

15:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard Kirsch: The Next Real Fight for Obamacare Will Be in 2014

15:53 [Slashdot] Research Finds Link Between Inflation and Laughter In Federal Reserve Meetings

15:54 [Financial Times] Gunfire intensifies at Kenya hostage mall

15:54 [The Hindu - News] Yasin Bhatkal sent to judicial custody till October 17

15:54 [Telegraph] North Korea denies Kim Jong-un executed mistress to protect wife

15:54 [Telegraph] Austen ring to stay in Britain

15:54 [Telegraph] Angela Merkel reaches out to opposition to form German coalition

15:54 [Telegraph] Spain reports record tourism figures

15:54 [Telegraph] Cambodia 'best value' for backpackers

15:57 [Voice of America] Death Toll in Pakistan Church Bombing Rises to 81

15:58 [Raw Story] Kenya’s darkest day: The only journalist in Westgate mall details the horrific terrorist attack

15:59 [Deutsche Welle] International press highlights Merkel triumph

16:01 [Reuters] China's Xi stamps authority on party with Bo verdict

16:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Steven Cohen: New Yorkers Search for a User-Friendly Mayor

16:02 [zero hedge] The Credit Bubble Is Not Only Back, It Is 94% Bigger Than In 2007

16:02 [zero hedge] The Doves Hit The Tape: Dudley, Lockart Plead For More QE

16:02 [OpEdNews] It Was the Best of Weeks, It Was the Worst of Weeks

16:02 [Amnesty International] Kenya: Al-Shabab attack a despicable affront to human rights

16:04 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for September 23, 2013

16:04 [] Democracy Now!: Spilling the NSA's Secrets: Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on the Inside Story of Snowden Leaks

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Getting Aadhar card not mandatory: Centre

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Suu Kyi firm on Constitutional change in Myanmar

16:04 [Disinformation] Alien Cult Takes Over British TV Station

16:07 [Reuters] Apple sells 9 million 5s, 5c iPhones in first three days

16:08 [CNN: Money] Fed's Dudley: Economy still too weak to taper

16:08 [CNN: Money] Budget battle weighs on stocks

16:08 [Guardian] Labour throws 'mismanaged' HS2 rail project into doubt

16:09 [CNN: Living] Secrets of a Korean scrub mistress

16:09 [straight] Photo gallery: Reconciliation Week wraps up with Vancouver walk /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/ReconciliationWalkn.jpg

16:09 [Deutsche Welle] Africa’s expectations from Chancellor Merkel

16:09 [Deutsche Welle] Sri Lanka elections: 'A milestone for the future'

16:10 [BBC: Entertainment] Mozart tops list for callers on hold

16:10 [Le Monde diplomatique] Destroying the right to be left alone

16:11 [Campaign For Liberty] Internet Sales Tax Could Crush Small Businesses

16:12 [Amnesty International] UN Millennium Development Goals: Human rights must not be marginalized in post-2015 agenda

16:13 [Mother Jones] Sean Eldridge—Investor, Democratic Donor, and Husband of Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes—Is Running for Congress

16:14 [The Hindu - News] Variety: by variegated

16:17 [The Independent] Man’s penis amputated after Viagra overdose

16:18 [CNET News] Companies to pay $350,000 fine over fake online reviews

16:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Obama Endorses Bill De Blasio For New York City Mayor

16:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eleanor Goldberg: Pennsylvania Hands Down Another Controversial Homeless Feeding Ban

16:23 [Voice of America] Iran, World Powers to Hold Nuclear Talks at UN

16:23 [NPR] Child Labor Is Down, But 168M Children Still Work, U.N. Says

16:26 [Fox News: politics] What’s the end-game? Lawmakers seek way out of ObamaCare showdown

16:26 [Truthout] Should Poor People Eat? Let's Hear From Both Sides!

16:27 [Russia Today] Jailed Pussy Riot member goes on hunger strike to protest against ‘slave labor’

16:28 [Raw Story] Breaking Bad Recap: S5E15, “Granite State”

16:28 [CNET News] Instapaper creator takes aim at Apple with iOS podcast app Overcast

16:28 [The Hindu - News] The law on pet owners in apartments

16:29 [CNN: Money] Wal-Mart to hire 10% more for holiday rush

16:30 [CBC: politics] Toronto subway funding announcement coming from Ottawa

16:32 [Spiegel] Next Stop, Brussels?: German�Euroskeptics' Breakthrough Moment

16:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ellie Krupnick: Madeleine Albright's Pin Celebrates Her New Twitter Account In The Best Way

16:32 [zero hedge] So It Wasn't Demographics After All?

16:32 [zero hedge] Bill Dudley Explains The Fed's Logic Behind The New Overnight Reverse-Repo Facility

16:32 [Guardian] Army could have done more to stop soldier dying from heat, says coroner

16:36 [The Onion] American Voices: Study: Life On Earth Has 1.75 Billion Years Left

16:37 [Slashdot] "Ballooning" Spiders Use Electrostatic Forces To Generate Lift

16:38 [OpEdNews] Tomgram: Calabrese and Harwood, Privacy Down the Drain

16:38 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmys 2013: Get ready for the water cooler

16:38 [CNN: Entertainment] The 2013 Emmys in two minutes

16:38 [Reuters] China, Europe orders signal economic healing but U.S. disappoints

16:38 [The Hindu - News] Merging humour and suspense

16:40 [Deutsche Welle] Ex-US ambassador: Merkel victory validates her leadership

16:40 [Deutsche Welle] Security officials launch assault to end Nairobi shopping mall siege

16:40 [CBC: politics] Wireless spectrum auction won't include foreign bidders

16:40 [Telegraph] Esme Smith: missing teenager found 'safe and well' after member of the public spots her

16:40 [Telegraph] Couple find six double-yolk eggs in box

16:40 [Telegraph] First look inside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Anglesey home

16:40 [Telegraph] Weakest pupils 'suffer crisis of confidence in top schools'

16:41 [CBC: politics] Celebrate Right to Know Week with #WWK

16:41 [CBC: politics] Tea Party in a take-no-prisoners budget showdown: Neil Macdonald

16:41 [CBC: politics] Toronto subway extension to get $660M from Ottawa

16:42 [Global Voices] Latin America Remembers the Disappeared

16:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tom Weis: If Movement Fails to Draw the Line Against Keystone XL in TX & OK, We All Flunk the Climate Test

16:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Visser: Climate Week NYC 2013: Watch The Opening Ceremony (LIVESTREAM)

16:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dorian de Wind: Washington Navy Yard Massacre -- The Aftermath

16:43 [NPR] Is It Racist To 'Call A Spade A Spade'?

16:43 [NPR] $3.9 Billion U.S. Defense Contract Includes Missiles For UAE

16:44 [Fin24 News] Madonsela in ghost bridges probe

16:45 [The Hindu - News] Fragrances of life

16:45 [Fox News] Long-lost letter delivered

16:45 [Fox News] 19 of world's best nature pics

16:45 [Fox News] Emmy style: So hot, so not

16:45 [Fox News] Sixx: New Cr�e show too hot

16:45 [Fox News] 'Walking Dead' star does Maxim

16:45 [Fox News] Guide to world's best coffee

16:45 [Fox News] Can this thing save Microsoft?

16:45 [Fox News] Can drive-thru be healthy?

16:45 [Fox News] Wild ranches cool haycations

16:45 [Fox News] Emmy actresses skeleton thin

16:45 [Fox News] China building own Hollywood

16:46 [CNET News] BlackBerry delays official BBM app for Android, iOS

16:47 [Global Voices] In The Central African Republic, “We Still Hope to Live Together In Peace”

16:48 [Raw Story] Pennsylvania man shoots girlfriend in face after she leaves to get GED

16:48 [The Independent] Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood

16:49 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

16:49 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

16:49 [BBC: Health] Airport's 'groundhog day' for Aaran

16:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Locked Down for Life for a Nonviolent Offense Is Beyond Cruel and Unusual

16:50 [Guardian] Major fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground, senior diplomat warns

16:50 [Guardian] Nairobi attack: Kenyan forces battle to clear Islamist terrorists from mall

16:51 [Voice of America] Al-Shabab Twitter Account Suspended, New One Appears

16:52 [Pravda] Fifty percent of Kalashnikov shares to find private owners

16:56 [CNET News] Microsoft launches Surface Pro 2 tablet with better components

16:56 [Telegraph] Retiring later does not reduce survival chances - study

16:57 [The Hindu - News] CM seeks Central help to combat naxalites

16:58 [NPR] Boston Police Chief Is Stepping Down

16:59 [] Despite rise in West Bank terror attacks, it's too early to predict third intifada

16:59 [CBC: politics] Canada must re-engage the UN, experts says

17:00 [zero hedge] Spy Agencies Are Doing WHAT?

17:01 [Financial Times] Gunfire increases at Kenya hostage mall

17:01 [Slate Magazine] The Passion of the Cruz

17:01 [Slate Magazine] “Man at His Best” Moves to TV

17:01 [Slate Magazine] Breaking Bad, Season 5, Part 2

17:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: Joe Arpaio Booted From Latina Conference

17:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: EPA To 'Effectively Shut Down' Without Budget Deal

17:02 [Truthout] Killers Roam Free in Nepal

17:03 [zero hedge] The Role Of Fannie And Freddie In The US Housing Market In One Chart

17:04 [Disinformation] Media Roots Radio – Syrian War Tension & the Myth of al Qaeda

17:05 [Foreign Policy in Focus] After the Weekend in Nairobi and Peshawar, Hard to Believe World Is a Safer Place

17:06 [Pravda] Young man dies in airplane on the way to Moscow

17:07 [CNN: Technology] Twitter: The angriest place on the Web?

17:07 [CNN: Technology] Bounty offered for iPhone 5S hack

17:08 [The Atlantic: Technology] Stephen Colbert; Hero, Emmy Winner, Fitness Trainer to Astronauts

17:09 [The Hindu - News] Religious fetes misused to fan communal tensions: Nitish Kumar

17:09 [The Hindu - News] Attorney General gets hoax call imitating Sonia Gandhi

17:12 [BBC: Technology] BBM launch thwarted by app leak

17:12 [Telegraph] Agoraphobic found hanging after moving house

17:12 [Reuters: politics] Liberal NYC Democrat wins Obama's backing in mayoral race

17:12 [Russia Today] Time for alternative parties in Germany, not ‘lesser evil’

17:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] It's time to woo party faithful

17:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] GST will go up, like it or not

17:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] Police allegedly break student's leg over train ticket

17:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] Backers breathe life into climate body

17:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] The team no one wants to play

17:13 [Sydney Morning Herald] Jazmine's $150,000 payout increased

17:13 [Mother Jones] Finally, a Problem With Obamacare That's Actually Real /files/images/Blog_Health_Insurance_0.jpg

17:13 [The Hindu - News] AC coach of Magadh Express gutted in fire

17:13 [NPR] Toll In Pakistan Church Attack Reaches 85

17:14 [] Kerry to meet Iranian counterpart on sidelines of UN General Assembly

17:14 [CNET News] Surface 2 declassified: How Microsoft made Surface into the tablet the world said it wanted

17:14 [Spiegel] Coalition Wrangling: SPD Plays Coy as Merkel Puts Out Feelers

17:15 [Guardian] Two prisoners sentenced to life for murdering child killer in jail

17:15 [Deutsche Welle] German business content with Merkel election victory

17:15 [Deutsche Welle] Bo Xilai verdict: A political demise

17:17 [Global Voices] GV Face: Worldwide Media Coverage of Syria

17:18 [OpEdNews] Various items: NSA stories around the world

17:18 [Raw Story] 30K cops, others can access Ohio driver’s license database with no oversight

17:20 [The Hindu - Opinion] Corrections and Clarifications - September 24, 2013

17:20 [The Independent] Video: Militants warn of more attacks

17:20 [Reuters] Egyptian court bans Muslim Brotherhood activity

17:21 [Reuters] Sales of new iPhones top forecast, Apple polishes forecast

17:22 [Pravda] Putin's Russia to become part of new history textbooks

17:23 [Truthout] Obamacare: It’s Better Than You Think

17:23 [NPR] Monday News Clips: What We're Reading

17:23 [Fox News] Cornell details hazing that led to lacrosse suspension

17:23 [Fox News] 85 killed in Pakistan church bombing

17:23 [Fox News] School tells teen to change 'Duck Dynasty' T-shirt

17:23 [Fox News] Fla. prep basketball player dies after practice collapse

17:23 [Fox News] Baseball game delayed by swarm of bees in Anaheim

17:23 [Fox News] 3 sisters reunite in New York after 73-year separation

17:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Shai Franklin: If Netanyahu Talks Iran, It Is About Israel

17:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: 9/23/13-9/29/13 Pollster Open Thread

17:26 [Slashdot] Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones Over Weekend

17:27 [The Hindu - News] Pakistani Christians protest deadly church bombing

17:28 [Truthdig] Celebrated Statesman, Artist Killed in Kenya Attack

17:29 [BBC: Technology] Microsoft upgrades Surface tablets

17:30 [Reuters] Russia's Putin says Syria violence could hit ex-Soviet bloc

17:32 [The Atlantic: Politics] GOP Wonderland: Inside North Carolina's Conservative Makeover

17:33 [CNN: Health] Mom sews a new dream after toddler's death

17:33 [Truthout] Syrian Refugees March and Occupy to Demand Asylum in Switzerland

17:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tessie Castillo: White People Are Not Exempt from Drug Overdose

17:36 [The Hindu - News] CAG raises queries on delay in pipeline projects

17:36 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh garment workers protest low wages, loot firearms

17:36 [The Hindu - News] Eight killed as Muslim rebels attack Philippine town

17:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] What Did the Continents Look Like Millions of Years Ago?

17:38 [OpEdNews] The Wall Street Journal Pines for the Return of Liar's Loans

17:38 [Pravda] Can Elton John perform in Russia?

17:38 [Truthout] The F Word: Domestic Workers Aren’t Members of the Family

17:38 [NPR] To Succeed At Breast-Feeding, Most New Moms Could Use Help

17:41 [CNN: Living] Cut your kids' cell phone addiction

17:41 [CNN: Living] When one child is enough

17:41 [CNN: Living] Tragedy spurs family business

17:42 [The Hindu - News] Nelson Mandela presented humanitarian achievement award

17:43 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: Control Over the Internet is the "Struggle of our Generation"

17:43 [Raw Story] Aide: John McCain ‘f*cking hates’ Ted Cruz

17:43 [Raw Story] ‘Pastafarian’ to give invocation at California city council meeting

17:43 [CNET News] iTunes Radio snags 11 million users

17:43 [Truthout] Thanks to Governor Corbett, Philly Schools Open Overcrowded and Understaffed

17:43 [Truthdig] Twitter’s Dual Role in Nairobi Mall Attack

17:44 [CNN: Money] Japan's green energy revolution

17:44 [] Egyptian doctor's secretly taped talks give candid glimpse of Mubarak's views

17:46 [This Magazine] Gender Block: News flash – women care about the world’s happenings too!

17:46 [Slate Magazine] Debt Limit Bingo

17:46 [Slate Magazine] Redefining the “Typical” College Student

17:47 [Voice of America] Reuters: Attorneys for Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Due in Court

17:48 [Raw Story] Sikh professor attacked by teens in New York City: They called me ‘a terrorist’

17:48 [Fin24 News] Kenya attack unlikely to choke economy

17:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Grim: Here Is The Highest Profile Prosecution To Come Out Of The Mortgage Crisis

17:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jillian Berman: Gender Pay Gap Likely Won't Go Away Until After You Retire: Study

17:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Craggs: Iran Releases 80 Political Prisoners In Apparent Move To Renew Nuclear Talks

17:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: NSA Spying Review Board Has Close Ties To DNI

17:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Esther Armah: Emotional Justice: On 'Perfect' Victims and 'Ideal' Predators

17:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Sarah Palin: I Would Be 'Very Disappointed' With Hillary Clinton As President

17:52 [Topix Activism News] Kenya: Al-Shabab attack a despicable affront to human rights

17:53 [Reuters: politics] Kerry to take part in major powers' talks with Iran this week

17:53 [The Atlantic: National] The Questionable Security System That Gave Felons Access to Navy Installations

17:53 [CNN: Travel] Can your cell phone bring down a plane?

17:53 [Raw Story] Crackdown continues: Egyptian court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities

17:53 [Voice of America] Kenyan Forces Search for Gunmen, Hostages at Mall

17:55 [Deutsche Welle] Bayer Leverkusen to plumb their depth in Bundesliga challenge

17:59 [Truthout] Spilling the NSA’s Secrets: Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on the Inside Story of Snowden Leaks

18:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Sarah Palin: I Would Be 'Very Disappointed' With Hillary Clinton As President (VIDEO)

18:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Reich: The House Republicans' Dangerous New Constitutional Doctrine: Repealing Laws by De-Funding Them

18:00 [zero hedge] S&P Dumps 36 Points From Highs, Loses All Un-Taper Gains

18:00 [zero hedge] The New York Police Department Wants You To Update To iOS7

18:01 [Slate Magazine] Breaking Bad, Season 5, Part 2

18:02 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Government Shuts Down the Middle Class: Late-Night Comedy Roundup

18:03 [NPR] U.S. Team Sails Back From Brink In America's Cup

18:03 [NPR] Typhoon Usagi Destroys Homes And Causes 25 Deaths In China

18:04 [Disinformation] Canadian Sasquatch Footage?

18:06 [The Independent] Pakistan church blast: Christians angry after attacks which killed 85 in Peshawar

18:06 [The Independent] In pictures: Typhoon Usagi aftermath

18:07 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Jared Leto on why he turned Kanye down

18:08 [Raw Story] Putin: Aggression against Syria would violate international law

18:08 [Raw Story] ‘It is a good feeling’: Germany elects its first black lawmakers

18:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Craggs: Palestine UN Recognition: Abbas Will Not Pursue Further Palestinian State At General Assembly

18:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Wing: Dick Cheney's Gun Malfunctions During Hunting Competition

18:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alan Singer: Gideon's Math Homework

18:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Facing Stigma, Atheists Seek Political Clout

18:11 [Good] A City Education: How Do You Help Students Who Are Still Learning English?

18:12 [zero hedge] EU PMI Up but Economy Still Fragile

18:12 [zero hedge] Looking at guns in Mexico and at some farmers that take law into their own hands

18:12 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Pusher Has Made Us All Junkies

18:12 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmy winners: The backstage reactions

18:12 [CNET News] Gmail, Google Docs hit by service disruption

18:13 [Big Think] Rethinking Disease: A 21st Century Paradigm Shift

18:13 [Mother Jones] NRA's Wayne LaPierre: "There Weren't Enough Good Guys With Guns" During Navy Yard Shooting

18:14 [NPR] Escaping The Kenya Mall Attack

18:14 [NPR] Who Is al-Shabab?

18:14 [NPR] Is A Government Shutdown Good For Anyone?

18:14 [Slashdot] Comments About Comments

18:15 [Deutsche Welle] Guido Steinberg: "al- Shabab attacks in Kenya,a destabilization of the entire region"

18:15 [Deutsche Welle] Grand coalition - A controversial alliance

18:16 [Financial Times] ECB ready to act again on bank liquidity

18:20 [Deutsche Welle] Guido Steinberg: "al-Shabab attacks could destabilize the entire region"

18:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A Win for Whales: Seismic Airgun Testing Decision Delayed

18:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan J. Reilly: Guantanamo Officials Stop Daily Release Of Hunger Strike Numbers

18:21 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Oktoberfest 2013

18:21 [AL JAZEERA] Factories ablaze as Bangladesh workers rally

18:21 [BBC: Science & Environment] Emerging economies urged to go green

18:21 [Guardian] Costa Concordia captain blames helmsman for cruise ship disaster

18:21 [Fox News: politics] Guide to the Capitol Hill stand-off over defunding ObamaCare

18:22 [The Independent] Farmer arrested for putting hat on donkey and naming it after a general

18:23 [Fox News] Why did priest stop wedding?

18:23 [Fox News] Cuddly critters: baby animals

18:23 [Reuters: politics] Slide in illicit U.S. immigration stalls, maybe reversed: study

18:23 [CNET News] iPhone sales record bolsters Apple's quarterly estimates

18:23 [CNET News] BlackBerry down on its luck, but new phones keep popping up

18:23 [CNET News] Sprint sells Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Gear on October 4

18:25 [Reuters: politics] Senators urge Obama to take tough line on Iran

18:27 [] 'Global Heat Maps' Reveal India a Hot Target of NSA Spying /sites/

18:28 [CBC: politics] Omar Khadr appears in public for 1st time since capture

18:29 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Week In Pictures – Week Of September 23, 2013

18:29 [The Onion] Editorial Cartoon: The War On War

18:29 [Voice of America] Pre-Election Clashes Kill 1 in Guinea, Injure 51

18:29 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: East Africa Law Society Condemns Kenya ‘Terrorist’ Attack

18:29 [CBC: politics] Re-engage with the United Nations, Harper urged

18:29 [CBC: politics] PM Harper, Italian counterpart to talk Syria and trade

18:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Nichols: Brian Johnson, Evangelical Christian, Allowed To Distribute Bibles At Minneapolis Gay Pride

18:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kate Sheppard: Carbon Capture Won't Be Required For Existing Power Plants: EPA Chief

18:32 [Spiegel] Return of the Lion: Former Warlord Prepares for Western Withdrawal

18:34 [Truthdig] Congress Talking Out of Its Butts

18:34 [Truthdig] Head Injuries

18:37 [The Independent] Mark Duggan 'among Europe's most feared and violent criminals' before his death sparked the 2011 riots

18:37 [The Independent] Diana makes limp debut at the UK box office as Rush rises to number one

18:37 [The Independent] Labour Party conference: Ed Balls promises 25 hours' free childcare to help working parents

18:39 [The Hindu - News] The taste of a city

18:39 [straight] News for Youse: Canadians among dead in Kenya, Reconciliation walk, and Cory Monteith remembered /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/ReconciliationWalkn_1.jpg

18:40 [Deutsche Welle] Commentary: Kenya destabilized by militants

18:40 [Deutsche Welle] Fatal skies for birds in Malta

18:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: DA Investigating Racist Texts On Pa. School Phones

18:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alana Horowitz: Boehner Basks In Brief Glory As Doomed Budget Passes House

18:42 [Anarchist news] Confront the Keystone State Skinheads In Philly

18:42 [Anarchist news] Anarchism and Hope

18:44 [] Rabbi Ovadia Yosef put on respirator as health declines

18:44 [CNET News] Buy a 'life size' AT-ST Walker, you deserve it

18:44 [The Hindu - Opinion] India's indifferent scorecard in global move to improve Internet and broadband access

18:47 [Fin24 News] SA Post Office pay woes grow

18:48 [Raw Story] Top Pennsylvania school officials accused of racist texts: All blacks’ ‘last name is N*GGER!’

18:48 [OpEdNews] A Mean-Spirited Israel Rejects Iran's Olive Branch

18:49 [The Onion] Absolutely Disgusting Shower Curtain Liner Has Another 3 Years Left In It

18:50 [CNN: Politics] Zelizer: Party like it's the 1980s

18:50 [CNN: Politics] If Hillary Clinton runs, 2016 won't look like 2008

18:50 [CNN: Politics] Shutdown threat imperils immigration reform

18:50 [CNN: Politics] government shutdown or budget compromise?

18:51 [AL JAZEERA] Twin blasts kill mourners at Baghdad funeral

18:51 [CNN: Money] It's lights out for BlackBerry

18:51 [CNN: Money] Breaking Bad's Emmy is a win for Netflix, too

18:51 [Slate Magazine] The Tragedy of Grand Theft Auto V

18:53 [Spiegel] The Europe Question: Will Coalition Mean End of Austerity Angie?

18:53 [The Independent] Australia restricts news of arriving boat people in attempt to foil smugglers

18:53 [The Independent] In pictures: Oktoberfest 2013

18:53 [The Independent] Leading civil rights lawyers Tooks Chambers closes, blaming legal aid cuts

18:54 [Fox News] 'WE ARE CLOSING IN'Two Islamic militants deadin Kenya mall terror attack /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:54 [Fox News] 'REAGAN' VANDALIZEDStatue of 40th President torched at sports park

18:54 [Fox News] STORY CHALLENGEDBook: Matthew Shepard not murdered for being gay

18:54 [Reuters: politics] White House troubled by Al Shabaab recruitment in U.S.

18:55 [CNN: Technology] Group claims to have hacked iPhone 5S

18:55 [Reuters: politics] White House says up to Congress to avoid government shutdown

18:58 [OpEdNews] Spy Agencies Are Doing WHAT?

18:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ian Reifowitz: Obama Is Threading the Needle on Syria and Iran

19:00 [Deutsche Welle] Iran's foreign minister to meet with Western powers at UN meeting

19:00 [CNN: Politics] Iran president brings 'charm offensive' to U.N.

19:01 [Reuters: politics] U.S. says ready to work with Iran if Rouhani is serious

19:02 [zero hedge] Iceland Borrows European "Template" - Removes Large Deposit Guarantees

19:02 [zero hedge] THe CoNTiNuouS FaRCe oF BiG NoSe JaMie...

19:02 [zero hedge] MOMO No Mo

19:02 [CNN: Politics] EPA limits carbon pollution from new power plants

19:02 [Slashdot] What I Did During My Summer Vacation: Burning Man Edition

19:03 [Spiegel] Picture This: Eye of the Storm

19:03 [Spiegel] Coalition Stalemate: SPD and Greens�Balk Over Merkel Alliance

19:03 [CNN: Money] GM's debt is no longer junk

19:03 [CNN: Money] The slow death of the private office

19:03 [CNET News] Microsoft adds 200GB storage option to SkyDrive

19:04 [Disinformation] ‘Brain Dead’ Might Not Mean the Brain is Dead After All

19:05 [Fox News: politics] Obama facing pressure from lawmakers to stand ground against Iran

19:08 [Raw Story] Colin Farrell and Paula Patton to star in World of Warcraft movie: report

19:08 [Raw Story] Westgate mall terrorist attack has roots in Kenya’s intervention in Somalia

19:09 [The Independent] Saudi women to get behind the wheel on October 26 to defy driving ban

19:09 [The Independent] Bo Xilai appeals against life sentence for corruption

19:09 [The Independent] Jailed member of Pussy Riot goes on hunger strike

19:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Elise Foley: Undocumented Immigrant Population Estimated At 11.7 Million

19:12 [Good] Designing Streets for People, Not Just Cars

19:12 [Good] Figures of Progress: Bobby Grace, Lead Designer at Trello

19:12 [Voice of America] The Primetime Emmy Awards

19:12 [zero hedge] $17 Trillion U.S. National Debt? Try $211 Trillion

19:12 [zero hedge] A Day In The Life Of Edward Snowden: Under Guard, Secret Address, Learning Russian, And Heavily Disguised

19:13 [Big Think] China's Processed Food Market Expected To Surpass America's

19:13 [Mother Jones] The Public Is Massively Opposed to Shutting Down the Government Over Obamacare

19:13 [The Hindu - News] India’s first CSR index on its way

19:14 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC orders Blue Planet follow up

19:14 [Voice of America] US Supporting Chinese Efforts in Afghan Capacity Building

19:14 [CNET News] AngelList snags $24M, amps up assault on traditional tech funding

19:14 [CNET News] iPhone 5S fingerprint ID seems to work with other body parts, too

19:14 [CNET News] 5.9-inch Oppo N1 has swivel camera, rear touch sensor

19:16 [Slate Magazine] Vaccine Facts and Fictions

19:16 [Slate Magazine] I Love You, Mom

19:16 [Slate Magazine] Breaking Bad, Season 5, Part 2

19:18 [Voice of America] UN Launches Effort to Open Doors for Disabled

19:18 [The Onion] Nation Curious As To What Winning Formula Responsible For A’s Success

19:18 [The Onion] Length Of Relationship Mistaken For Quality Of Relationship

19:18 [Russia Today] Obama's 'independent' NSA review board staffed with administration insiders

19:18 [Slashdot] Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS

19:18 [] Georgian NATO Ambitions Annoy Russia, Even Under Ivanishvili

19:18 [CNN: Politics] Obama honors Navy Yard victims

19:18 [CNN: Politics] Can lawmakers avoid shutdown?

19:18 [CNN: Politics] Hillary: 'I'm realistic'

19:19 [Truthdig] Tiny Plankton May Have Perilous Impact

19:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeffrey Young: The Biggest Obamacare Change Won't Affect Most Americans' Insurance

19:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Nichols: Colion Noir, NRA Commentator, Slams Starbucks Anti-Gun Policy Using Gay Comparison

19:20 [CNET News] Steve Jobs' early home, garage tapped to become historical site

19:21 [Reuters] Exclusive - Oaktree group to sell U.S. foreclosed homes: sources

19:23 [The Nation] Security Council Begins Writing Resolution on Syria

19:24 [The Independent] Senior Greek police chiefs replaced over links to far right Golden Dawn party

19:24 [The Independent] Fare business? Trying out Hailo, the mobile taxi app that’s taking over London

19:25 [AL JAZEERA] Clashes in Hebron after Israeli troop deaths

19:25 [Reuters: politics] Obama unlikely to name Fed head this week: source

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Modi legacy stirs controversy at Vivekananda event in Chicago

19:27 [] Workers Set Factories Ablaze in Call for Decent Wage for Producing Globe's 'Cheap' Clothing /sites/

19:27 [] Egyptian Court Bans Muslim Brotherhood /sites/

19:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rev. Al Sharpton: 'Moral Man and Immoral Society'

19:29 [CNN: Politics] Government shutdown or budget compromise?

19:31 [zero hedge] Another Fed President Confirms Fed Credibility Undermined

19:32 [straight] Joe Satriani to sign autographs at Long & McQuade before Vancouver show /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/joe-satriani-autographed-signed-guitar-PSAJ16369-b.jpg

19:32 [Guardian] Esme Smith found safe and well in north London

19:33 [Reuters] Egyptian court bans Muslim Brotherhood

19:33 [Reuters] Obama unlikely to name Fed head this week: source

19:34 [NPR] Apple Sells 9 Million New iPhones In Opening Weekend

19:34 [CNET News] Twitter and CBS announce major content partnership

19:34 [CNET News] Location startup Addy wants to invent a worldwide address system

19:34 [] U.S. welcomes Iran 'commitment' to discussing nuclear program

19:35 [World Policy Institute] Europe is Ready for the Third Way

19:36 [The Hindu - News] HMDA plans satellite centres around Hyderabad

19:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] 49% of the Links Cited in Supreme Court Decisions Are Broken

19:38 [Raw Story] Anti-gay activist says pope wrong on gays: ‘Satan’s earthly minions’ intend to destroy church

19:39 [Truthdig] Neo-Nazis Seek to Take Over Small North Dakota Village

19:39 [Truthdig] The ‘Blob Fish’ Isn’t All That Bad

19:40 [The Independent] Adoption parties: the best way to find a child a family?

19:40 [The Independent] Four arrested at addresses in Wales on suspicion of slavery

19:42 [Truthout] The Trap

19:43 [zero hedge] BlackBerry Enters LOI With Fairfax Financial To Be Taken Private At $9.00/Share

19:43 [Mother Jones] The NSA Isn’t the Only Government Agency Destroying Your Right to Privacy

19:44 [Reuters] Analysis: Nairobi mall attack strikes at Africa's boom image

19:46 [CNET News] BlackBerry to be bought by consortium in $4.7B deal

19:46 [Voice of America] Typhoon Usagi

19:47 [Slate Magazine] Odd Duck

19:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: 10 Commandments Monument Toppled In Washington

19:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Grim: Bill Clinton Doesn't Have A Credit Card Because Other People Just Buy Stuff For Him, Report Says

19:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jarrett Hill: Opt Out-rage: On Why Republicans Make Me Sick But Don't Want Me to Have Health Care

19:47 [Fin24 News] Obama unlikely to name new Fed head soon

19:47 [Truthout] The Minimalist Show

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Gambia Media Crackdown Continues

19:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Kenya Forces Mount Assault to End Mall Siege

19:49 [Financial Times] Merkel says Europe policy ‘will not change’

19:50 [The Hindu - News] Nairobi siege continues as rebels still holed up in mall

19:50 [Deutsche Welle] Lebanese security forces regain control in southern Beirut

19:51 [CNN: Money] The IPO market is on fire!

19:53 [AL JAZEERA] HIV transmissions down dramatically http://www.aljazeera.comhttp//

19:54 [NPR] On Eve Of U.N. Goal-Setting, AIDS Agency Claims Big Progress

19:54 [Financial Times] Kenyan forces bid to end siege at mall

19:55 [Global Voices] Social Media Week Discusses Principles for a Collaborative World

19:55 [Reuters] BlackBerry in $4.7 billion takeover deal with Fairfax consortium

19:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Spitzer: Health Care Marketplaces: A Drumroll, Please

19:56 [The Hindu - News] Metro Rail plans to boost capital’s brand equity

19:58 [Raw Story] Learn theoretical physics with Stephen Hawking in under three minutes

19:58 [OpEdNews] The Act of Killing

20:02 [CNN: Health] Sewing a new dream after child's death

20:02 [The Hindu - News] Bad roads draw flak

20:03 [Fin24 News] BlackBerry agrees to $4.7bn buyout

20:04 [Telegraph] Coalition's free schools concentrated in Labour areas

20:04 [CNET News] Valve unveils SteamOS, its bid for living room PC gaming

20:04 [CNET News] Surface 2 accessories step up: backlit Type and Touch Covers, Power Cover, Docking Station (hands-on)

20:04 [Disinformation] New Yorkers Share City With Deer, Coyotes, Turkeys and More

20:05 [CNN: Crime] 2 held in Chicago mass shooting

20:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Nichols: Bi Political Leaders Blazing A Trail For Others

20:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: Fox News Brands U.S. Citizens With Undocumented Parents As 'Children Of The Corn'

20:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sam Stein: Sequestration Impact: Wyoming Courthouse May Have To Be Sold

20:06 [CNN: Money] BlackBerry plans to go private

20:08 [The Atlantic: Technology] Are Your Gmails Not Sending?

20:08 [Guardian] BlackBerry sold for $4.7bn in deal to take smartphone-maker private

20:09 [NPR] High-Level Meeting Set Between Kerry, Iranian Counterpart

20:09 [NPR] Detroit Has Many Strays, But 'We're Not Tripping Over Dogs'

20:09 [Fin24 News] BlackBerry in $4.7bn takeover deal

20:10 [The Hindu - News] ‘Mobile Voter e-Registration Van’ flagged off

20:13 [Mother Jones] The Economy Is Pretty Hard to Understand These Days /files/blog_reality_budget_deficit_small.jpg

20:14 [Voice of America] September 23, 2013

20:14 [The Hindu - News] Chidambaram pooh-poohs Modi’s claim on growth

20:14 [The Hindu - News] VHP begins Panch Kosi Yatra

20:15 [Reuters] BlackBerry in $4.7 billion takeover deal with Fairfax group

20:15 [CNET News] Surface Remix Project shows a different way to Click In

20:15 [CNET News] Move over, Mars: Manned Europa mission considered

20:17 [Slate Magazine] Bland Theft Auto

20:17 [straight] Artists for Conservation festival on Grouse Mountain to include symposium focused on oil transport /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/JeffWhiting.jpg

20:18 [Voice of America] Ashenafi Abedje: Nairobi Attack Tied to Kenyan Involvement in Somalia, says a Former US Diplomat

20:18 [Telegraph] Meningitis B booster could offer longer protection

20:18 [Telegraph] Damian McBride: Labour Party can 'learn' from my mistakes

20:18 [Telegraph] Gleneagles countdown begins: one year to go until Ryder Cup

20:18 [Telegraph] Time's up for siestas, delayed meetings and late nights, Spaniards told in effort to make them work better

20:18 [zero hedge] Fed Soaks Up $11.8 Billion In Liquidity In First Fixed-Rate Reverse Repo Test

20:18 [The Hindu - News] Five, including 4 policemen, killed in Pak bomb attack

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Danielle Cadet: Nelson Mandela Congressional Gold Medal Speech Was Given 15 Years Ago Today

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Shannon Watts: Gun Reform Is Dead; Long Live Gun Reform

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sam Stein: Government Shutdown Would Cause Trash Collection Delays Inside D.C.

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Lindsey Graham: I Associate 'Allahu Akbar' With A War Chant, And 'I Duck'

20:20 [Voice of America] Kerry to Join World Powers' Envoys at Iran UN Meeting

20:20 [The Onion] Infographic: How ‘U.S. News’ Ranks Colleges

20:20 [Guardian] Rouhani's visit to UN is unique chance for west and Iran, says Khatami

20:21 [Slashdot] BlackBerry Will Sell Itself For $4.7 Billion

20:23 [The Hindu - News] Naidu walks out of NIC meet

20:23 [The Hindu - News] NIA gets 15-day custody of Bhatkal

20:23 [Raw Story] Museum foils Kelly Clarkson’s attempt to keep rare Jane Austen ring

20:25 [The Hindu - News] Nitish, Advani meeting kicks up political storm in Bihar

20:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dale Hansen: Food Stamps: Republicans' Erroneous, SNAP Judgment

20:27 [The Hindu - News] Bangalore-based realtor goes missing

20:27 [The Hindu - News] Court orders indefinite postponement of Maldives polls

20:27 [The Hindu - News] Pickpocket kills brother for intruding into his ‘territory’

20:27 [Financial Times] US not ready to taper, says Fed official

20:29 [NPR] Sandwich Monday: The Woody Allen

20:31 [The Hindu - News] Minister being economical with truth: BJP

20:31 [The Hindu - News] Sense of fear and uncertainty as Peshawar toll crosses 80

20:31 [zero hedge] Hackers Breach iPhone 5S Fingerprint Security

20:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joseph A. Palermo: House Republicans: 'Yee-Haw! We're Shuttin' Down the Gov'mint!'

20:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Inae Oh: Ursula Jerry, Milwaukee Woman, Arrested For Bringing Loaded Gun To 9/11 Memorial

20:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Craig Crawford: Don't Mess With Texas?

20:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Obama: Kenyan Mall Attack A 'Terrible Outrage'

20:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Sattler: Why We Should Hope for a Government Shutdown

20:34 [] Holidays spending: Israelis vacation oversees, as foreign tourists flood local hotels

20:34 [Disinformation] NYPD Hits The Streets Telling People They Need To Download iOS 7

20:35 [The Hindu - News] V.K. Singh counters charges, admits ‘pro-India NGOs’ were funded

20:36 [AlterNet] GOP Congressman Demands Obama Slash Health Care Coverage for Seniors

20:36 [Reuters: politics] Obama calls Kenya attack 'terrible outrage,' U.S. cooperating

20:36 [Reuters: politics] U.S. Senate leader warns against Obamacare-funding bill link

20:37 [The Hindu - News] Bo trial: ‘everyone equal before law’ in China?

20:37 [The Hindu - News] Long wait for crematorium inauguration

20:37 [AL JAZEERA] Battle for control of Nairobi mall rages on

20:38 [Raw Story] Lindsey Graham: Using Arabic phrase ‘Allahu Akbar’ to praise God is really a ‘war chant’

20:39 [Truthdig] GOP Deja Vu

20:39 [NPR] Somalia's Al-Shabab: Four Things To Know

20:39 [Slashdot] Link Rot and the US Supreme Court

20:40 [straight] Reasonable Doubt: Creating good evidence for family law cases in the midst of computer rage /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/LaurelDietz_2011.jpg

20:41 [Fox News: politics] Visa request from Sudan's Bashir puts US in difficult situation

20:41 [The Hindu - News] Observers critical of Sri Lanka army interference

20:41 [Reuters] Apple polishes forecast after selling 9 million new iPhones

20:43 [Guardian] BlackBerry aims to go private in $4.7bn deal with Fairfax Financial group

20:43 [Big Think] In Peru, Government-Approved Mass Weddings Are On The Rise

20:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hunter Stuart: Robert Small, Maryland Parent, Arrested At School Meeting After Questioning Common Core (VIDEO)

20:43 [Russia Today] Iran says they’ve decoded downed CIA drone

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Adding to the wild ride at Bannerghatta

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Money lender missing: family suspect kidnap, police property dispute

20:45 [Deutsche Welle] BlackBerry agrees to $4.7 billion buyout

20:46 [Reuters] Putin says Syria violence could hit ex-Soviet bloc

20:47 [BBC: Technology] Blackberry agrees possible sale

20:47 [BBC: Technology] Valve announce free SteamOS platform

20:47 [The Hindu - News] Young golfer takes a swing at the big league

20:47 [Reuters: politics] White House has mishandled process of picking Fed chair: Fisher

20:48 [Raw Story] Football player removes glove and notices his middle finger has gone ‘missing’

20:48 [CNET News] The 404 1,348: Where we stop and frisk the iPhone 5S (podcast)

20:49 [The Onion] Sportsgraphic: NFL Week Three Winners And Losers

20:49 [The Hindu - News] Now, foot-and-mouth disease hits zoo

20:50 [CNN: Politics] 10 ways a government shutdown would affect your daily life

20:50 [CNN: Politics] Shutdown showdown over Obamacare moves to Senate

20:50 [CNN: Politics] How long can Hillary Clinton wait?

20:51 [AL JAZEERA] Battle for control of Nairobi mall rages on

20:52 [Slate Magazine] The Empress of Europe

20:52 [Voice of America] Reuters: Tunisia Heads for Confrontation As Islamists Dig In

20:52 [Reuters] Fairfax sets floor for BlackBerry with $4.7 billion offer

20:52 [Reuters] Bank of America goes to trial over U.S. mortgage fraud charges

20:53 [The Atlantic: National] If You Thought a Profitable Newspaper Was Surprising, How About This: A Pleasant Airport

20:53 [The Hindu - News] J&K youth shun job project, thanks to poor salaries & placements

20:53 [The Hindu - News] Two killed in separate accidents

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Probe stuck as Nagar leaves on ‘pilgrimage’

20:57 [The Hindu - News] ‘Pay-and-park system will only benefit contractors’

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Daughter keeps M.S. amma’s vocal style alive

20:58 [The Progressive] House Republicans Help Obama

21:01 [straight] Google tries to recapture the Motorola magic with Moto X /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/motorola2.jpg

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Is there any road free from hoardings, banners: HC

21:01 [The Hindu - News] ‘Russia ready to help India in achieving self-reliance’

21:02 [Slate Magazine] Attention Must Be Paid!

21:02 [The Atlantic: Politics] Are Gay-Rights Laws Trampling on Freedom of Religion?

21:02 [CNN: Money] Fed banker warns U.S. economy might be losing 'mojo'

21:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Lois Lerner Retires: Official At Heart Of IRS Scandal Leaving

21:03 [CNET News] Polar Pen: A pen-hybrid stylus made of magnets

21:03 [Raw Story] John Kerry: We stand with the Kenyan people

21:03 [The Hindu - News] 12-year-old delivers baby

21:03 [The Hindu - News] AgustaWestland firm on expanding footprint in India

21:03 [zero hedge] Bernankus Maximus: Richard Fisher Exposes The Chairman Dictator

21:04 [AlterNet] The Perfect Alternative to Wall Street Banks

21:05 [The Hindu - News] Trade unions’ to hold rally tomorrow

21:08 [Fin24 News] Govt not genuine about youth jobs - DA

21:10 [Slashdot] Book Review: Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials

21:10 [Fox News: politics] Lois Lerner, key player in IRS-Tea Party scandal, retiring

21:10 [Voice of America] Blackberry Agrees to Buyout

21:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: Who's The Latino Leader Of The United States?

21:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael McAuliff: Harry Reid Accuses GOP Of 'Thelma And Louise' Fanaticism Over Shutdown Threat

21:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Charles Clymer: Native American Woman Is Nominated to Federal Bench But Why Did It Take So Long?

21:11 [CNN: Living] Pregnant weightlifter causes a stir

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool leader sought Rs. 4 crore from Saradha chairman, alleges rebel MP

21:13 [CNET News] BlackBerry's loss is Windows Phone's gain

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Urban poor report put into cold storage

21:14 [Telegraph] Germany elects its first two black MPs in breakthrough hailed as 'historic'

21:15 [Reuters] Iran takes charm offensive to U.N., agrees to nuclear talks

21:17 [Slate Magazine] Screaming Heads

21:17 [Good] Video: How Data is a Game Changer at the US Open

21:17 [Fox News: politics] Ohio court could decide whether red-light cameras violate state constitution

21:18 [Raw Story] Guardian editor: Internet makes global snooping possible, but harder to hide

21:19 [AlterNet] New York Times’ Hit Piece on Bill de Blasio Makes Him Look Better

21:20 [The Hindu - News] President’s visit: patients in Victoria Hospital face the heat

21:20 [The Hindu - News] Withdraw cases against The Hindu RE, says IFJ

21:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jonathan Weiler: The Republican War on Reality Reaches its Terminal Phase

21:20 [Voice of America] Al-Shabab Twitter Accounts Suspended

21:21 [msnbc: politics] Michael O'Brien: Controversial IRS official retires

21:22 [CNN: Money] Is the U.S. economy losing 'mojo?'

21:22 [Fox News] WHAT'S THE END-GAME?Lawmakers seek way out of ObamaCare showdown /i/redes/icon-video.gif

21:22 [Voice of America] Vietnamese Dissidents Make Public Plea for Reforms

21:22 [Reuters: politics] U.S. senators urge Obama to take tough line on Iran

21:22 [Reuters: politics] Obama pledges U.S. support after Kenya 'outrage'

21:23 [Guardian] Mid Staffordshire hospital investigation dropped due to lack of evidence

21:25 [straight] Gwynne Dyer: Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime survives /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/syriasept15_130923.jpg

21:27 [Sydney Morning Herald] BlackBerry reaches $US4.7 billion deal

21:28 [The Hindu - News] The Hindu in School comes to Kolkata

21:28 [Raw Story] Ten Commandments statue outside Supreme Court toppled by vandals

21:28 [Raw Story] Reid slams GOP’s ‘Thelma & Louise’ plan to shut down government and kill Obamacare

21:32 [zero hedge] On This Day 15 Years Ago The LTCM Bailout Ushered In "Too Big To Fail"

21:32 [Reuters] Exclusive: JPMorgan to face new suit by U.S. prosecutors over mortgage securities - sources

21:32 [straight] Commune Café turns its attention to craft beer and comfort food /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/communce_cafe.jpg

21:33 [Financial Times] Nairobi mall siege poised to end

21:33 [AL JAZEERA] Clashes precede Guinea parliamentary polls

21:34 [NPR] $4.7 Billion Deal Would Take BlackBerry Private

21:36 [The Hindu - News] NSA targets Indian politics, space & n-programmes

21:37 [CNN: Technology] Group boasts of iPhone 5S hack

21:40 [Telegraph] Barack Obama poised to meet Iran's president Hassan Rouhani over lunch at United Nations

21:40 [Telegraph] White widow claims intensify amid reports a white woman terrorist was killed in Kenya attack

21:44 [Truthdig] Do Men With Wide Faces Inspire Selfishness in Others?

21:44 [Truthdig] Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on the Snowden Leaks

21:44 [Truthdig] Tea Party Loonies

21:44 [OpEdNews] Common Core: A Lesson Plan for Raising Up Compliant, Non-Thinking Citizens

21:48 [The Progressive] Winking at Greek Fascism

21:49 [Voice of America] Kenyan Forces Search for Gunmen, Hostages at Besieged Mall

21:49 [Electronic Intifada] Palestinians denied a voice in Canadian film set in West Bank

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kate Sheppard: Government Shutdown Would Paralyze The EPA, Administrator Says

21:50 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: GOP Has One Week to Continue Resolutions or Shut Down the Government

21:52 [CNN: Money] Is the economy short on 'mojo?'

21:52 [Topix Activism News] Internet Activism Is a 'Gateway Drug' to Doing Good

21:52 [The Hindu - News] Don’t tie up benefits to Aadhaar, court tells Centre

21:52 [Pravda] Perspective of an Average American on John McCain

21:52 [Pravda] The guardian angel of Angela Merkel

21:53 [] Ecological 'Wake-Up' Call Counters Corporate-Friendly 'Free' Trade /sites/

21:53 [] "Rattled" by Prospects of US/Iran Talks, Israel Lashes Out /sites/

21:53 [The Nation] Reflections on the Kenya Terror Attack

21:53 [] Turkey: Soccer Fans Give New Meaning to Political Football

21:55 [CNET News] Chrome begins barring browser plug-ins from Chrome

21:55 [CNET News] Meet Prem Watsa, the man who wants to save BlackBerry

21:55 [Slashdot] Universal Flu Vaccine "Blueprint" Discovered

21:55 [Deutsche Welle] UN reports major gains in the fight against HIV

21:56 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: GOP Has One Week to Continue Resolutions or Risk Government Shutdown

21:56 [World Policy Institute] The Facts of Life or the Will to Power?

21:56 [AlterNet] 20 White Males from the Power Elite Who Belong in the American Hall of Shame

21:56 [The Hindu - News] Social media should not be misused to fan hatred: PM

21:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mike Weisser: The Urban Institute's Gun Report Doesn't Add Up

21:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Armed robbers target cinema

21:59 [The Onion] Dad Explains Obamacare

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Ambiguity in abortion, other laws puts doctors in a fix

22:01 [Reuters] U.S. government to sue JPMorgan in mortgage case: sources

22:02 [zero hedge] Mapping The Collapse Of European Democracy

22:02 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Unpopular Is Ted Cruz Right Now?

22:03 [The Hindu - Opinion] Justice cannot follow a tough act

22:04 [CNN: Entertainment] Hugh Jackman the family man

22:04 [Disinformation] Norwegian Scientists Say LSD Might Be Good for Some

22:07 [CNN: Entertainment] Emmys 2013: What you need to know

22:08 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: How much is the planet warming?

22:09 [AlterNet] Robert Reich: We Can Save the Economy If We Get Serious About Taxing the Rich

22:10 [Slashdot] Vimeo Held Covered By DMCA Safe Harbor

22:12 [CNET News] Rumored Lumia 929 spotted in a leaked photo

22:12 [zero hedge] The Big-Picture Economy, Part 1: Labor, Imports And The Dollar

22:13 [The Hindu - News] Don’t take mileage from sectarian violence, PM tells parties

22:13 [Raw Story] Pentagon warns soldiers they might not be paid on time because of Congress

22:13 [Russia Today] Tehran, Moscow agree to build new nuclear power plant - Iran’s nuclear chief

22:13 [The Hindu - Opinion] Welcome on board

22:14 [Mother Jones] Is $7 Billion in Anti-Hunger Support Falling Through the Cracks?

22:14 [Anarchist news] CA Prisoner Hunger/Work Strikes roundup with Ed Mead

22:14 [Anarchist news] Bono chased by angry anarchists in Germany

22:14 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'We had to finish these guys'

22:16 [CNN: Money] Why iOS7 is best update yet

22:16 [BBC: Also in the news] US court to rule if horses 'vicious'

22:16 [BBC: Also in the news] Tiny snake grounds Qantas flight

22:17 [Slate Magazine] Science Teaches Us How to Get Served at a Crowded Bar

22:18 [The Hindu - Opinion] Testing time for Jaffna, Colombo

22:18 [The Progressive] Activists Draw the Line on Keystone XL

22:19 [The Hindu - News] Modi link casts shadow on Vivekananda event

22:20 [The Hindu - Opinion] NSA spying

22:20 [The Hindu - Opinion] Food for thought

22:21 [The Hindu - News] NC wants ‘tainted’ Minister eased out

22:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] Disturbing

22:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] Honest introspection

22:23 [] Humanity's Heating of Planet is Planting Seeds of Hunger: Report /sites/

22:23 [The Hindu - News] “Even seemingly innocuous posts on Facebook may be monitored by NSA”

22:23 [AL JAZEERA] Iran to join nuclear talks at UN

22:23 [Russia Today] Down the ‘Iron Silk Road’: Russia, North Korea open railway link

22:24 [NPR] Could Detectives Use Microbes To Solve Murders?

22:24 [NPR] IRS Official At Center Of Political Scandal Will Retire

22:24 [OpEdNews] A Black Hole Between Neuroscience and Mental Illness

22:25 [Telegraph] Angela Merkel's election victory leaves the EU's leaders anxious about the eurozone crisis

22:25 [Telegraph] No 'serious person' should doubt man behind climate change, says Tony Blair

22:25 [CNET News] Spin-chill a beer in 30 seconds with the Beerouette

22:26 [Fin24 News] Walmart in jobs bonanza

22:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Olmsted: How to Market Health Care Coverage

22:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jennifer Bendery: Lindsey Graham Knocks Ted Cruz Strategy For Defunding Obamacare: 'Not The Best Tactic'

22:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Rodda: Pentagon Assures Anti-Religious-Freedom Coalition That Rumor They Started Isn't True!

22:28 [The Hindu - Opinion] 'Not surprising India has become an important surveillance target'

22:29 [Slashdot] Air Force Wants Technology That Will Let Drones Sense and Avoid Other Aircraft

22:29 [The Hindu - News] Bail for Jaganmohan

22:31 [The Hindu - News] Dalit girl raped by known persons, no arrest yet in Haryana

22:32 [The Onion] Infographic: Highlights From Last Night’s Emmy Awards

22:32 [zero hedge] Bernanke Stock-Boost Busted, Bonds Best Bid

22:33 [Raw Story] Dick Cheney mocked by guy in a kilt after he loses antelope hunt over a ‘gun malfunction’

22:34 [The Hindu - Opinion] A sugar rush that could fuel the economy

22:34 [AlterNet] I Got Priced out of New York

22:34 [OpEdNews] Freedom of Expression: A Hollow Right Without the Power to Create Change

22:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Senators Seek Review Of NSA Spying

22:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Senate Approves Federal Election Commission Nominees

22:38 [The Hindu - Opinion] The sad story of a good vaccine

22:39 [Truthdig] Bellicose Obama

22:39 [NPR] A Young Afghan War Survivor Touches Two American Lives

22:39 [Telegraph] Germany is haunted by Eurosceptic spectre after Alternative für Deutschland wins support

22:40 [] Most hostages freed from besieged Kenya mall, three terrorists confirmed dead

22:41 [straight] Live stream: The 2013 Polaris Music Prize Gala featuring Metric, METZ, and more /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/metric1_130923.jpg

22:41 [The Hindu - News] Anna threatens stir

22:42 [zero hedge] Step Aside Trillion Dollar Coin, Here Comes The Trillion Dollar Bill

22:43 [CNET News] Touch ID hack verified as legit

22:47 [Slate Magazine] The Long Game

22:47 [AL JAZEERA] UN says HIV transmissions down dramatically http://www.aljazeera.comhttp//

22:48 [Guardian] Pakistani Christians mourn 85 killed in suicide bombings at Peshawar church

22:49 [CNET News] Microsoft's Surface 2, trying *again* to be cool

22:49 [The Hindu - News] Semi-pedestrianisation for Mylapore

22:51 [The Hindu - News] 13 injured in construction mishap

22:53 [The Hindu - News] Now, new international terminal marred by problems

22:53 [The Hindu - News] Neurologist succumbs to injuries

22:54 [Guardian] Demand soars at busiest A&E units

22:54 [straight] The Oblivion Series: A (Not So) Girlie Show doesn't deliver /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/oblivion_0.jpg

22:56 [Telegraph] SAS on hand as Kenyans launch final offensive in terror shopping centre

22:56 [Telegraph] Gordon Brown refuses to condemn McBride

22:56 [Telegraph] Egypt court disbands Muslim Brotherhood

22:56 [Fox News] DESPICABLE ME Will US give Sudanese war criminal a visa for UN talk?

22:57 [Fox News] Lawmakers seek way out of ObamaCare showdown- Guide to Hill stand-off over defunding ObamaCare

22:57 [Fox News] Muslim Brotherhood banned, assets to be confiscated

22:57 [Fox News] Man behind anti-Muslim film blamed for riots to be freed

22:57 [Fox News] Boy, 2, killed by pit bulls at baby sitter's house

22:57 [Fox News] Popular wipes blamed for clogs, backups in sewers

22:57 [Fox News] Apple says it has sold 9M new iPhones since Friday

22:57 [Fox News] Unions oppose Calif. bill to ban lead bullets for hunters

22:57 [Fox News] STARNES: Nat'l Park Service videos praise Islam

22:57 [Fox News] Navy calls off search for missing in helicopter crash

22:57 [The Hindu - News] Three IITians get Rs. 92L offer from Google

22:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Cohn: DOJ Prepares To Sue JPMorgan Over Mortgage Bonds

22:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Center for Public Integrity: Federal Election Commission gets new blood

22:58 [Slashdot] Schneier: Metadata Equals Surveillance

22:58 [The Nation] Destroying the Right to Be Left Alone

23:02 [The Hindu - News] CAB moves Supreme Court against Srinivasan

23:04 [CNET News] Hulu CEO: $750M means you start getting more scripts

23:05 [Disinformation] Veiled Threats and the Danger of Ideology

23:06 [The Hindu - News] Centre encroaching on State powers: Jayalalithaa

23:07 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Modern' creator: Emmys sad

23:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Wing: Army To Announce Ban On Tattoos Below Elbows, Knees

23:09 [Truthdig] They’re Not Exactly Tech Companies

23:10 [The Hindu - News] SC asks why Karnataka govt. did not oppose SPP posting initially

23:10 [] Iranian Jews in U.S. rebuff invitation to meet with visiting Iranian President Rohani

23:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Amanda Terkel: George W. Bush Library Given 'Climate Hero Award'

23:11 [zero hedge] Kenyan Foreign Minister Confirms Mall Attack Was By Al-Qaeda

23:12 [Telegraph] Was July 7 bomber widow Samantha Lewthwaite among Kenya attackers?

23:12 [Telegraph] 'The people who did this, they are animals': British businessman condemns terrorists who murdered his daughter

23:13 [CNN: Money] Wonder Bread returns to shelves

23:13 [CNN: Money] Microsoft improves tablet

23:13 [CNET News] Seven cool Siri tricks in iOS 7

23:13 [CNET News] Ouch! iPhone torture tests include slo-mo action

23:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: H. Adam Ackley, Transgender Theology Professor, Asked To Leave California's Azusa Pacific University

23:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan J. Reilly: Donald Sachtleben, Ex-FBI Agent, To Plead Guilty In AP Leak Case

23:16 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi urges PM to act on fishermen issue

23:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Machete used in cinema robbery

23:19 [AL JAZEERA] Kenya FM says al-Qaeda behind mall attack

23:19 [Fox News] BOON TO TERRORISTS? Kenya siege to help group recruit in US, say experts /i/redes/icon-video.gif

23:22 [The Hindu - News] No sneak, no stealth

23:22 [The Hindu - News] Where pirates plunder tinsel town

23:23 [Raw Story] Twitter suspends accounts connected to Kenyan mall attack

23:24 [The Hindu - News] Timing of overseas release may help

23:24 [NPR] Raising Tastier Sea Urchins For Foodies And The Environment

23:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Leslie K. Stein: Where Is the Outrage Crossing These Red Lines?

23:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lester & Charlie: A Bad Week for America's Invisible Men and Women, and for Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

23:28 [Raw Story] FAA considers easing flight restrictions on smartphone and laptop use

23:29 [Truthdig] The Voo-Doo-Doo That You Do

23:29 [Truthdig] Infoporn

23:29 [OpEdNews] Iran's Rouhani: "The World Has Changed"

23:30 [Slashdot] Microsoft Takes Another Stab At Tablets, Unveils Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro

23:31 [zero hedge] Women That Are Man Enough: Girls Who Run the World

23:31 [zero hedge] JPMorgan Brings The Second Public Coming Of Chrysler

23:32 [The Onion] Extremely Vibrant Town Able To Sustain Two Buffalo Wild Wings

23:33 [straight] Photo of the Day: Fallen beauty /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/9840918384_4979563d10_c.jpg

23:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Nine million iPhones sold in three days

23:34 [Russia Today] Dozens injured as 200,000 Bangladesh garment workers demand wages of $100 per month

23:34 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bill Moyers: Robert Reich on Inequality for All

23:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jennifer Bendery: Mitch McConnell Rejects Ted Cruz Push To Filibuster Bill Defunding Obamacare

23:36 [The Hindu - News] Police harassment of The Hindu continues

23:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] The History of Invisibility Cloaks, as Told by People in the Future

23:38 [The Hindu - News] Notorious red sanders smuggler Venkata Reddy held

23:38 [The Hindu - News] Jagan bail: TDP smells a rat

23:40 [Guardian] Blair-Brown feud was 'hugely destructive', says Damian McBride

23:42 [Reuters: politics] No compromise in sight as U.S. shutdown deadline nears

23:42 [Reuters: politics] Fed official blasts White House handling of Bernanke succession

23:43 [CNET News] Microsoft Surface Pro 2 versus the competition

23:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Brittney Bullock: Anti-Obamacare Ad Plays to Fears of Sexual Abuse, Ignores Women's Rationality

23:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Blumenthal: HUFFPOLLSTER: Americans Oppose Government Shutdown

23:44 [Truthdig] Chelsea W.

23:44 [Truthdig] SOS

23:44 [NPR] Former FBI Agent To Plead Guilty In Leak Case

23:44 [NPR] Online Review-Rigging Firms To Pay Fines In Yogurt Shop Sting

23:44 [The Hindu - News] Bronze icons, artefacts found in village

23:46 [Pravda] 2013-2014 season: Russian Premier League is hot!

23:46 [Pravda] Galvanizing women's economic empowerment

23:46 [The Hindu - News] Contaminated water claims girl’s life

23:46 [The Hindu - News] Pondicherry University students demand gender sensitivity committee

23:47 [Voice of America] Kenyan Govt: Army in Control of Besieged Mall, All Hostages Free

23:48 [Big Think] 625 - Gingers of the World, Unite!

23:48 [The Hindu - News] 35 Pamban fishermen may be repatriated soon

23:49 [Russia Today] NYPD urging New Yorkers to update their iPhones

23:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Making Local People Stewards of the Earth

23:49 [NPR] Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah

23:49 [NPR] Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General

23:49 [NPR] Costa Concordia Captain Blames Crash On Helmsman

23:49 [NPR] 8 Things To Know About A Government Shutdown

23:52 [CNN: Health] The best way to conquer fear? Sleep on it

23:52 [Doctors Without Borders] DRC: Innovative Vaccination Strategies to Respond to the Measles Epidemic

23:52 [Reuters: politics] U.S. Senate Republican McConnell won't block funding bill: aides

23:52 [Reuters] Militants hold out as Kenya forces try to crush cross-border jihad

23:52 [The Hindu - News] Summons for M. Karunanidhi

23:52 [The Hindu - News] Belgaum shows the way in reviving public wells

23:53 [CNET News] 15 must-see slow motion iPhone 5S videos

23:53 [CNET News] T-Mobile Moto X gets updated camera software

23:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Blumenthal: HUFFPOLLSTER: Americans Oppose Government Shutdown

23:55 [OpEdNews] The House Republicans' Dangerous New Constitutional Doctrine: Repealing Laws by De-Funding Them

23:57 [The Hindu - News] Pranab calls for raising spending in health sector

23:57 [The Hindu - News] 'These houses are unsuitable for humans'

23:58 [Global Voices] How the Nairobi Mall Attack Unfolded on Social Media

23:58 [Global Voices] Global Voices Author Remembers Friends Slain in Nairobi Mall Attack

23:58 [Raw Story] New WTO chief takes hands-on approach to creating ‘a different mood’

23:59 [straight] The book that changed your life: Mark Leiren-Young /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Mark%20Leiren-Young%20cut.jpg

23:59 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors All the Wrong Reasons /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/AllTheWrongReasons.jpg

23:59 [Voice of America] Aid Groups Urge World Leaders to do More for Syrian Refugees

23:59 [Voice of America] Reuters: Maldives Supreme Court Postpones Presidential Run-off

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