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00:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] There's Reason to Be Optimistic About Congress—Seriously

00:02 [Slashdot] Microsoft, BSA and Others Push For Appeal On Oracle v. Google Ruling

00:02 [Raw Story] Rep. Adam Schiff to GOP: It’s not your message, it’s your policies

00:04 [OpEdNews] The SOTU, and the Politics of Invisible Labor

00:06 [CNN] FBI battling 'rash of sexting' among its employees

00:06 [Pravda] Yoani Sánchez - Blogger, mercenary or traitor?

00:09 [CNN] Newsquiz: Week of February 18

00:10 [zero hedge] Stanley Druckenmiller: "We Have An Entitlement Problem" And One Day The Fed's Hamster Wheel Will Stop

00:10 [Telegraph] Egyptian opposition tries to get Morsi blasted into space

00:12 [Raw Story] Massive winter storm blankets central United States

00:12 [Fox News] ACCESS DENIED:US Can't Question Libya Suspect Held in Egypt

00:13 [Reuters: politics] U.S. unions, business agree on guidelines for low-skilled visas

00:13 [Reuters: politics] Former GOP presidential candidate Huntsman backs gay marriage

00:13 [Electronic Intifada] Jim Crow in Palestine: parallels between US and Israeli racism

00:15 [Voice of America] China Drone Threat Highlights New Global Arms Race

00:17 [NPR] Sept. 11 Trial Judge Gives Defense Attorneys Access To 'Camp 7'

00:17 [CNN] Plane in Georgia crash hit utility pole, investigators say

00:17 [Raw Story] U.S. warns Iran over ‘provocative’ centrifuges at nuclear plant

00:17 [Raw Story] Most Catholics in the United States approve of a Third World pope: poll

00:19 [The Atlantic: Technology] NASA Releases Stunning Video of 'Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun'

00:19 [The Atlantic: Technology] Google Tests the Joke That People Now Think Screens Are Broken If You Can't Touch Them

00:20 [Reuters] Obama expresses doubt about a March 1 deal to head off cuts

00:21 [Voice of America] Morsi: Egypt to Hold Elections Starting April 27

00:21 [Pravda] A difficult problem for President Mujica

00:22 [Reuters: politics] Obama expresses doubt about a March 1 deal to head off cuts

00:23 [CBC: politics] Academics split on Canada's religious freedom ambassador

00:26 [CNN: Technology] Google unveils touchscreen laptop

00:26 [CNN: Technology] PlayStation 4: What gamers like, loathe

00:26 [CNN: Technology] Sony unveils PS4 (but no box)

00:26 [Guardian] Mohamed Morsi sets date for Egyptian elections

00:26 [Guardian] UN will not compensate Haiti cholera victims, Ban Ki-moon tells president

00:27 [Raw Story] Obama: Protecting the rich binds together the Republican Party

00:27 [Raw Story] Americans frequent victims of ‘seafood fraud’: report

00:27 [Raw Story] Biden on gun control: The American people are with us

00:31 [Reuters: politics] Public sentiment has turned in U.S. gun debate: Biden

00:33 [Big Think] A Day In the Life Of An Advertising Newsroom

00:38 [Slate Magazine] Can India’s Democracy Defeat Corruption?

00:39 [Topix Activism News] India to investigate Hyderabad bomb blasts, eyes the Indian Mujahideen... again

00:42 [BBC: Technology] Social tech ventures going global

00:43 [Electronic Intifada] After victorious hunger strike, Palestinian football star returns to Gaza for life of activism

00:43 [Voice of America] Lady Gaga Undergoes Hip Surgery

00:45 [Voice of America] North Korea, Maritime Disputes, Key Topics in Obama-Abe Talks

00:51 [Slashdot] Millionaire Plans Mission To Mars In 2018

00:57 [Raw Story] Sen. Rand Paul ‘not familiar with the details’ of anti-abortion bill he sponsored

00:58 [Telegraph] Laura Bush featured in gay marriage ad

01:03 [Fox News: politics] Obama administration to provide emails on CIA’s Libya talking points to Senate panel

01:05 [Mother Jones] The Women's Movement's Next 50 Years

01:05 [Reuters] Ending long break, White House and Republicans renew budget talks

01:06 [Reuters: politics] Another Republican senator backs Hagel for Pentagon chief

01:06 [Reuters: politics] Ending long break, White House and Republicans renew budget talks

01:06 [CNN] Report: Turkish police identify U.S. woman's killer

01:08 [CNN] Report: Turkish police identify suspect in U.S. woman's death

01:10 [zero hedge] Mugabe Proclaims Himself Africa's Goldman Sachs

01:12 [Pravda] Europa League: All three Russian clubs through

01:14 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Carmen: Staging a large scale opera

01:15 [Fox News] US Denied Access to Libya Suspect

01:17 [Slashdot] Blender 2.66 Released

01:19 [The Atlantic: Technology] How Big Data Can Catch Oxycontin Abusers and Bad Docs

01:22 [NPR] TV Ratings Agency Nielsen Will Begin Measuring Online Streaming

01:25 [CNN: Politics] GOP's civil war becoming bitter

01:25 [CNN: Politics] FBI reports detail sex, nudity, wiretapping

01:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Kirk Edgerton: The Wages of Living

01:26 [CNN: Technology] Why spend $1,500 for these glasses?

01:26 [Slashdot] DRM Lawsuit Filed By Independent Bookstores Against Amazon, "Big Six" Publishers

01:27 [CNN: Entertainment] Oscar fun facts: What to know about 2013 noms

01:27 [CNN: Entertainment] Get to know 2013's best actor nominees

01:27 [CNN: Entertainment] Get to know 2013's best actress nominees

01:27 [CNN: Entertainment] Oscars snubs: Then and now

01:27 [CNN: Technology] 6 ways your smartphone will get smarter

01:28 [Telegraph] How 'Just Do It' bomb plotters planned attacks as MI5 followed their every move

01:28 [Telegraph] Oscars glamour in Hollywood's golden age

01:28 [Telegraph] Republicans ask Barack Obama to withdraw Chuck Hagel nomination

01:32 [NPR] CNBC Adopts Tougher Tactic In Booking Wars

01:34 [msnbc] Why Obama has the PR upper hand in sequestration battle

01:34 [msnbc] Sequester madness: What it is, why it matters

01:34 [msnbc] Was felon neo-Nazi sympathizer plotting attack?

01:37 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Someone Is Always Making Money Somewhere

01:39 [CNN] Woman lied about role in Rwanda genocide, jury says

01:40 [Reuters] Iran move to speed up nuclear program troubles West

01:44 [Guardian] Lib Dem former chief executive accused of sexual harassment

01:46 [CNN] Tottenham fans attacked in France

01:47 [Voice of America] French, Mali Troops in Gao Push Out Islamist Rebels

01:52 [BBC: Education] University closes Muslim prayer room

01:55 [Reuters] Syrian opposition says Assad cannot be part of deal

02:00 [CNN: Politics] Lawmakers say they'd take pay cut, but they can't

02:03 [CNN] Hotel with corpse in water tank has notorious past

02:04 [CNN] Lawmakers say they'd take pay cut, but they can't

02:05 [msnbc] Red state Medicaid expansion no shock

02:07 [Voice of America] Robots Help US Manufacturers Compete With China

02:08 [Raw Story] Colorado lawmaker tells anti-gay Christians: ‘Get thee to a nunnery’

02:09 [Mother Jones] There Are Always New and Inventive Ways to Deny Health Coverage to Risky Prospects

02:13 [Slashdot] New Process Takes Energy From Coal Without Burning It

02:15 [Reuters] U.S. Gulf Coast oil spillers about to face day in court

02:30 [zero hedge] Nirvana, Creditopia, And Why Central Banks Are The Devil

02:33 [BBC: Entertainment] Getting teary over Les Miserables

02:36 [msnbc] Colorado moves decriminalize adultery

02:36 [BBC: Entertainment] The people who do the voices for the Hollywood stars

02:38 [Raw Story] Obama urged to defend ‘jailbreaking’ of smart phones

02:42 [Reuters: politics] U.S. House panel probes IRS contracts with Signet Computers

02:43 [Slate Magazine] Community, Season 4

02:51 [CNN: Politics] Lack of access to Hagel archives another flashpoint

02:51 [CNN: Politics] Establishment attacks fuel Cruz's popularity

02:56 [Global Voices] Haiti: The Politics of Identity

02:56 [Truthdig] No Winners in This Game

03:00 [CNN: Money] 10 cities with Zeitgeist: The places to be in 2013

03:00 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Samer continues his hunger-strike after being sentenced to eight months

03:04 [CNN] Chavez still facing respiratory problems as cancer treatment continues


03:09 [CNN: Politics] Reports detail FBI behaving badly

03:09 [CNN: Politics] Hagel archives another flashpoint

03:09 [CNN: Politics] On forced cuts, it's Groundhog Day

03:09 [CNN: Politics] New debate, same blame game

03:10 [zero hedge] Gold Versus Gold Miners: Has The Time Come To Flip The Switch?

03:11 [BBC: Education] Top UK maths pupils 'don't keep up'

03:12 [Fox News] Victim's Sister Cries Out in CourtAs Peterson Gets 38 Years in Prison

03:12 [Fox News] ACCESS DENIED: US Can't Question Libya Suspect Held in Egypt

03:12 [Fox News] CHURCH CRACKDOWN:China's Christians Alarmed Over Mounting Persecution

03:15 [CNN: Money] STOCKS TAKE 2-DAY HIT

03:18 [Raw Story] Jimmy Carter: Obama is president because of my grandson

03:19 [Voice of America] Same-Sex Couples Seek Equal Immigration Rights, with Powerful Support

03:22 [CNN] Chavez still faces respiratory problems as cancer treatment continues

03:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Despite Right-Wing Opposition, Hagel Looks Set for Confirmation

03:23 [Raw Story] Scientists warn of melting permafrost if temperatures continue to rise

03:27 [CNN] Citi unveils pay plan for executives

03:27 [CNN] Police officers in Mexico suspected in alleged rape

03:29 [BBC: Technology] Paypal launches chip-and-pin device

03:29 [OpEdNews] Wall Street's Misdeeds Cost Trillions, But It's Main Street Who's Getting Nickel-and-Dimed

03:32 [Voice of America] Wax Museum Focuses on African-Americans

03:32 [BBC: Technology] What could design a city?

03:40 [Infoshop] Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid?

03:41 [Global Voices] Hope on the Horizon for Gays in China

03:42 [NPR] The Political Perils Of Citing America's Peculiar Institution

03:49 [Fox News] BRACING FOR IMPACT:Va. Military Community Preps for Defense Cuts

03:53 [Raw Story] Activists press for additional $25 billion in fines against BP over Gulf oil spill

03:56 [zero hedge] The Global Risk Landscape For 2013

03:58 [CNN] Army Rangers caught high and dry while parachuting

03:58 [Slate Magazine] The Desplat Sound

04:07 [The Hindu - News] Union Home Minister Shinde visits Hyderabad blast scene

04:09 [The Hindu - News] Shinde visits the twin blasts site in Hyderabad

04:10 [msnbc] LA hotel where body found has chilling history

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04:11 [Fox News] 'YOU LIAR!': Victim's Sister Cries Out In Court as Peterson Gets 38 Years

04:19 [CNN: Crime] Woman lied about role in Rwanda genocide, U.S. jury says

04:19 [CNN: Crime] DA: Skull belongs to disabled girl Zahra Baker

04:19 [CNN: Crime] 3 killed in gunfight on Las Vegas strip

04:19 [CNN: Crime] Hotel with corpse in water tank has dark past

04:19 [CNN: Crime] FBI reports detail sex, nudity, wiretapping

04:19 [CNN: Crime] Drew Peterson sentenced to 38 years for ex-wife's murder

04:24 [CNN] Plastic bits in sausage leads to massive recall

04:26 [Voice of America] Venezuela's Chavez Suffers Breathing Problems

04:28 [CNN] Rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

04:31 [Reuters] Venezuela's Chavez still suffers breathing trouble

04:32 [Slashdot] RIAA: Google Failing To Demote Pirate Websites

04:33 [Slate Magazine] Archer, Season 4

04:39 [Guardian] Health of Hugo Chávez not improving, Venezuelan government indicates

04:40 [OpEdNews] The Austerity Agenda: An Electoral Loser

04:40 [zero hedge] US Drones Have Killed Over 4,700

04:42 [msnbc] Obama reaches out to GOP as budget cuts loom

04:48 [Raw Story] Liberal Super PAC: Death to Super PACs!

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Shinde visits the twin blasts site in Hyderabad

04:57 [zero hedge] The Men Who Built America: Remembering The Gilded Age Part 1

04:58 [Topix Activism News] San Onofre Nuke Plant Fight Moves to State Level

04:58 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

04:58 [The Hindu - News] Shinde visits twin blasts site in Hyderabad

05:00 [Fox News: politics] Colorado legislators look to decriminalize adultery

05:06 [Global Voices] Debate Over Representation of Chinese Ethnic Minority in ADs

05:09 [Guardian] Drew Peterson: Chicago ex-policeman gets 38 years for wife's murder

05:10 [OpEdNews] What If?

05:11 [Global Voices] Will High Speed Rail Improve Singapore-Malaysia Ties?

05:13 [Reuters: politics] Pentagon buyers authorized to discuss budget cuts with industry

05:23 [Raw Story] Maddow blasts Indiana’s mandated double trans-vaginal probe bill

05:25 [Telegraph] FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers

05:27 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:29 [The Hindu - News] State insurance scheme proves a hit

05:29 [The Hindu - News] Day 2 of strike paralyses banking, postal sectors

05:31 [The Hindu - News] Nemmeli plant to open today

05:31 [The Hindu - News] No price control in retail sector

05:31 [The Hindu - News] Why every grain of rice counts

05:31 [The Hindu - News] Woman goes into surgery, dies on operating table

05:31 [Fox News: politics] EPA estimates on drilling pollution unreliable, report says

05:33 [The Hindu - News] Students attempt robbery to pay fees

05:35 [The Hindu - News] Shinde visits Hyderabad blast site, toll climbs to 14

05:36 [Reuters] Russia leases planes to Cuba, writes off Soviet debt

05:37 [The Hindu - News] Doctors to protest against attacks

05:37 [The Hindu - News] Maudany discharged from hospital, back in jail

05:39 [AntiWar] String of Attacks Leaves 26 Killed, 50 Wounded Across Iraq

05:39 [The Hindu - News] City lurches back to life

05:41 [Slashdot] Mosquitoes Beginning To Ignore DEET Repellent

05:41 [Telegraph] Hugo Chavez still struggling to breathe, minister says

05:43 [The Hindu - News] Strike had wide support: trade unions

05:45 [The Hindu - News] Red alert sounded across State

05:45 [The Hindu - News] Ban Ki-moon condemns Hyderabad attack

05:53 [The Hindu - News] 157 billboards en route to airport pulled down

05:57 [AntiWar] One Thousand Days When One is Too Many

05:57 [AntiWar] Afghanistan, Garden of Empire

05:57 [AntiWar] Honor Bradley Manning

05:57 [AntiWar] Cut Commitments, Not Muscle

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Get us new buildings, BMCRI urges metro rail

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Shinde visits Hyderabad blast sites, toll climbs to 14

05:58 [Voice of America] 14 Dead, 119 Wounded in India Blasts

06:02 [The Hindu - News] MBA aspirants find CMAT-2 easy

06:06 [The Hindu - News] Sporadic violence marks second day of strike in city, suburbs

06:07 [NPR] After Prison, A Second Chance To Be A Better Mother

06:08 [Big Think] Are We Spending Our Limited Fiscal Resources Wisely?

06:10 [OpEdNews] Right Wing Media Pushes "Friends of Hamas" Rumor

06:12 [The Hindu - News] A royal who spoke commoners’ tongue

06:12 [The Hindu - News] ‘I put myself in the shoes of a victim while judging a case’

06:12 [The Hindu - News] Woman, daughter found murdered in Rohini

06:14 [The Hindu - News] Shutdown strikes hard rail and air passengers

06:16 [The Hindu - News] DH Ground gets a make-over

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Kundanoor bridge to be out of bounds from Friday

06:17 [Fox News] 'The Factor' vs. Obama's Uncle

06:18 [The Hindu - News] A toast to Indo-German friendship

06:18 [Fox News] CDC: Current flu vaccine less effective in elderly

06:20 [Fox News: politics] EPA estimates on drilling pollution unreliable, report says

06:22 [The Hindu - News] Shutdown on day-2 too

06:22 [The Hindu - News] Some cases of violence in Delhi on strike Day II

06:26 [The Hindu - News] Sixth Economic Census in Delhi begins

06:27 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius bail hearing: live

06:28 [The Hindu - News] Power failure at temple raises security concerns

06:28 [Fox News: politics] Colorado legislators look to decriminalize adultery

06:32 [The Hindu - News] More Central funds sought for water schemes

06:33 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart: Obama’s promises less durable than New Year’s resolutions

06:33 [Guardian] Georgia rushes through executions before lethal injection drugs expire

06:33 [Guardian] Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - watch live from LA

06:34 [The Hindu - News] Dip in milk sales

06:38 [Voice of America] Obama-Abe Meeting to Focus on Security, Economic Issues

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Nod for transit-oriented development projects

06:40 [The Hindu - News] John Kerry meets Ranjan Mathai; reaffirms importance of ties with India

06:40 [The Hindu - News] Women demand Kurien’s resignation

06:44 [Financial Times] Shanghai starts search for its heritage

06:45 [Slashdot] CAPTCHA Using Ad-Based Verification

06:46 [The Hindu - News] Ultra vires regulations

06:57 [The Hindu - News] A home of their own

06:57 [The Hindu - News] MU to confer honorary doctorate on Kadri Gopalnath, Kambara

06:57 [Mother Jones] Obama Does Indeed Have a Proposal to Avert the Sequester

06:57 [Fin24 News] French firm in bid to trademark Rooibos

06:57 [Fin24 News] State efficiency improving, says Zuma

06:59 [The Hindu - News] City ignores bandh on second day

07:00 [Fox News: politics] Obama administration to provide emails on CIA’s Libya talking points to Senate panel

07:01 [The Hindu - News] BJP leader joins JD(S)

07:02 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Anger over missing Banksy artwork

07:05 [The Hindu - News] Congress releases first list of candidates for Udupi CMC polls

07:05 [The Hindu - News] Choices beyond reach

07:13 [The Hindu - News] Awareness drive against illicit arrack

07:16 [CNN] South Korea's president-elect faces tough challenges

07:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Mozambican Farmers Fear Foreign Land Grabs

07:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Tuaregs and Arabs Not Ready to Return to Mali

07:32 [Telegraph] Bright pupils 'falling two years behind peers in Far East'

07:32 [Telegraph] Work Programme facing new crisis as failing firms threatened with losing contracts

07:32 [Telegraph] PCC elections timing 'not in the interests of voters'

07:39 [CNN: Money] China's property market heats up

07:39 [The Hindu - News] Shinde visits Hyderabad blast sites, assures thorough probe

07:40 [zero hedge] The Pullback Memo

07:41 [The Hindu - News] MLC poll: 45 per cent polling in Krishna

07:46 [Telegraph] Question Time: Lord Heseltine embarrassed after wife rings during live BBC show

07:47 [Global Voices] Taiwan Politician Disappeared from Chinese Weibo in less than 24 Hours

07:48 [The Hindu - News] Strike hits garbage collection in city

07:50 [The Hindu - News] State government has failed on all fronts, says Naidu

07:54 [Fin24 News] Absa appoints new board members

07:54 [The Hindu - News] All in a day’s work

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad blasts rock Parliament

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa calls for early constitution of Cauvery Board

08:02 [Telegraph] Russian woman discovers fiancé's affair on internet map site

08:02 [Telegraph] Weak pound and high wholesale prices drive up petrol costs

08:02 [The Hindu - News] This inflatable structure tells a story

08:08 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad blast: toll rises to 16

08:10 [CNN] Bail decision expected for Oscar Pistorius

08:10 [OpEdNews] Guilt by Accusation

08:12 [CNN] Indian city shaken by blasts; 15 dead

08:12 [The Hindu - News] People protest against power tariff hike proposal

08:14 [The Hindu - News] MLC polling peaceful in North Andhra

08:15 [OpEdNews] Straight Talk on Israel

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Security checks intensified in Bangalore

08:24 [The Hindu - News] Completely at sea!

08:24 [The Hindu - News] 3-day campaign on welfare schemes

08:25 [Guardian] BBC to publish censored version of Paxman criticism on Savile scandal

08:28 [The Hindu - News] 30,000 to sit for Plus Two in district

08:30 [The Hindu - News] Purandeswari’s plea to Defence Minister

08:31 [Pravda] Latvia wants Putin to apologize for 'Soviet occupation'

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Aged woman killed; body cut to pieces

08:40 [CNN: Crime] Bail decision expected for Pistorius

08:43 [The Hindu - News] Italian Marines can go home to vote: Supreme Court

08:45 [The Hindu - News] Alert officials on food adulteration; win prizes

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Madurai ATMs run out of currencies

08:48 [Guardian] Benedict resignation linked to inquiry into 'Vatican gay officials', says paper

08:49 [The Hindu - News] Guesthouse reopened in Madurai

08:50 [msnbc] Bail decision looms for 'Blade Runner'

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08:51 [The Hindu - News] Live wires fall on busy road

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Bench, bar in battle of wits

08:51 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] From Exploitation to Education

08:51 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] No Rest for Weary Massage Workers

08:51 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] India Undercuts Tribal Rights

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Roof of TNHB house collapses

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Every casual employee entitled to regularisation after 10 years: HC

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Woman found dead in Madurai field

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Dealers, vendors will be answerable

09:01 [The Hindu - News] SPS wants Shivakumar, Sindhia probed for illegal mining

09:05 [The Hindu - News] A family paralysed after son’s accident

09:05 [The Hindu - News] Egypt’s Parliamentary polls to start on April 27

09:06 [Telegraph] GP receptionists do not deserve their 'dragon' reputation: researchers

09:08 [Topix Activism News] No more gender-based activism

09:08 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Preparations for the Oscars begin

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Curfew imposed in parts of Kashmir Valley

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Egypt’s Parliamentary polls from April 27

09:14 [Fin24 News] SA environment not SME-friendly - study

09:17 [The Hindu - News] Cong MPs from TN meet PM, want resolution against Lanka

09:21 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Top UK maths pupils 'don't keep up'

09:22 [Telegraph] Snowy weekend ahead as cold snap refuses to lift

09:22 [Telegraph] NHS spent £15m gaging whistleblowers

09:27 [Pravda] Christian and Muslim families share their daughters switched at birth

09:28 [Fox News: politics] Virginia community braces for impact of defense cuts

09:28 [Slashdot] NASA's Basement Nuclear Reactor

09:31 [BBC: Science & Environment] Viewpoint: Farm virus spreads to deer

09:31 [CNN] Blinding, icy snow buries Midwest, heads Northeast

09:32 [Pravda] The hope of evolutionists

09:32 [BBC: Science & Environment] Hope over anti-resistant flu drug

09:33 [NPR] Ex-Inmates Speak Out About Labor Camps As China Considers 'Reforms'

09:33 [NPR] In Miami, A New Condo Boom Revives Hopes Of Housing Recovery

09:33 [NPR] The Whole Community Gets A Health Boost From HIV Treatment

09:33 [NPR] Honey, It's Electric: Bees Sense Charge On Flowers

09:33 [CNN] Rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

09:34 [Guardian] Birmingham terror gang who thought 7/7 was not deadly enough found guilty

09:34 [Guardian] Oscar Pistorius bail decision - live coverage

09:34 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Italian general election enters final stretch

09:37 [Pravda] Palestinians disqualify U.S. as peace broker

09:38 [msnbc] Winter storm pummels central US with snow, ice

09:38 [NPR] 'The Real Jiminy Cricket': Unlikely Candidate Upends Italian Elections

09:42 [BBC: Health] Scrubbing Up: Do hospitals legitimise junk food?

09:46 [Fox News] Virginia Military Town Preps for Cuts

09:46 [Fox News] CONTROVERSIAL EMAILS:White House to Give Senate Panel Libya Talking Points

09:46 [Fox News] SILENCING PRAYER: Saudi Religious Police Arrest Practicing Christians

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Helping farmers reach organic produce to the consumer

09:46 [BBC: Entertainment] Reporter's log: Oscars 2013

09:46 [Voice of America] Indian Police: Warned About Hyderabad Attack Last Year

09:47 [Financial Times] Death toll rises in Indian bomb attack

09:47 [Fox News] 'Blade Runner' may learn fate at bail hearing - OJ detective: Pistorius evidence is overwhelming

09:48 [The Hindu - News] Hearings on electricity rate revision from Friday

09:52 [msnbc] Prosecution: Pistorius' account of shooting a 'stretch'

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Living on a nutritional budget

09:55 [BBC: Entertainment] Farrell honoured at Irish awards

09:56 [Reuters] EU suspects cartels involved in fixing lending benchmarks

09:57 [Pravda] MENA Saga and Lady Gaga

09:58 [NPR] Inside An Amish Trade Show

10:01 [BBC: Education] Divorcing couples 'hide assets'

10:03 [CNN: Money] Stocks: A Friday end to the slide?

10:03 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures, premarket movers

10:05 [Reuters] EU widens lending benchmark investigation to Swiss franc

10:06 [Voice of America] Syria Rights Group: 83 Dead in Damascus Blasts

10:09 [msnbc] Prosecution: Pistorius' account of shooting a 'stretch'

10:10 [Telegraph] China admits pollution has caused 'cancer villages'

10:13 [Fox News] White House to Release Libya Emails

10:13 [Fox News] BRACING FOR IMPACT:Va. Military Community Preps for Defense Cuts

10:13 [Fox News] 'SINKING FEELING': LAPD Mentor's 'Long Shot' Tip Led to Dorner Manhunt

10:17 [The Hindu - News] Govt faces flak in Lok Sabha on Hyderabad blasts

10:21 [BBC: Entertainment] Oscar sets the stage for big night

10:23 [Fin24 News] Motorists in for another steep fuel hike

10:28 [The Hindu - News] Swagatham Krishna…

10:28 [The Hindu - News] Soaked in memories

10:31 [CNN] Midwest shoveling and shivering after fierce snowstorm

10:34 [The Hindu - News] Sing in the shower with a perfect bathroom in place

10:35 [Fin24 News] SA 'must develop its own ships'

10:36 [The Hindu - News] Baroque moves from ramps to homes

10:38 [The Hindu - News] Eight killed in Maoist blast in Bihar

10:38 [The Hindu - News] Classical exchange

10:43 [Fin24 News] SA 'must develop shipping sector'

10:46 [The Hindu - News] Intricacies of Aesthetics

10:46 [The Hindu - News] Found in translation

10:46 [The Hindu - News] What’s inside – Malayalam books

10:48 [The Hindu - News] Fair Pro 2013 back In town

10:48 [Voice of America] Death Toll Rises in Damascus Blasts

10:51 [CNN] Can the anti-Berlusconi pull Italy out of the mire?

10:51 [CNN] India probes twin blasts that killed 16

10:54 [The Hindu - News] Eat, shop, relax

10:55 [msnbc] 'Vet Ink' shares tales of battle, loss and life-long pride

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10:56 [] Time to Face the Truth about Iran

10:58 [Spiegel] Withdrawal Symptoms: NATO�Struggles�over�Afghanistan's Future

10:58 [Telegraph] Eastleigh by-election: Maria Hutchings, the Tory party's 'loose cannon'

10:58 [Telegraph] Recession 'not really hurting' most people, says Labour peer

10:58 [Telegraph] BBC releases Pollard report into the Savile inquiry

10:58 [Telegraph] Horse meat scandal: Birds Eye withdrawing ready meals

10:58 [Telegraph] Jobless mother-of-11 Heather Frost spends £1,000 on an exotic parrot

10:58 [Telegraph] Lord Rennard steps aside from role to fight allegations of sexual harrasment

11:04 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

11:05 [The Hindu - News] Focus on safety, modernisation in Rail Budget: Assocham

11:07 [BBC: Entertainment] Oddest Book Title shortlist revealed

11:10 [Reuters] Russia accuses U.S. of double standards over Syria

11:12 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: EC admits recession will be deeper than feared


11:17 [The Hindu - News] Pistorius’ version of events “improbable”, says prosecution

11:17 [Fox News] 'Blade Runner' bail decision expected today - OJ detective: Pistorius evidence is overwhelming

11:17 [Fox News] Japan uncovers spate of Boeing 787 jet problems

11:17 [Fox News] Colorado legislators look to decriminalize adultery

11:18 [Guardian] Hyderabad bomb investigators examine links with Islamist militant group

11:18 [Guardian] Papal resignation linked to inquiry into 'Vatican gay officials', says paper

11:19 [International Crisis Group] Somalia: más que Mogadiscio

11:21 [Financial Times] EU forecasts paint grim economic picture

11:21 [Financial Times] Egyptian elections to start in April

11:24 [Voice of America] India Lets Italian Murder Suspects Go Home to Vote

11:29 [The Hindu - News] The grand tease

11:32 [Voice of America] Voters Head to Polls in Djibouti

11:32 [Telegraph] Police secretly kept body parts of 90 children and babies

11:33 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad blasts: police yet to make headway

11:34 [Slate Magazine] Play the Slate News Quiz—Special Oscars Edition!

11:36 [CNN] Berlusconi renaissance would be 'disaster' for Italian economy

11:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Magic Slim, blues musician, dies

11:36 [Voice of America] India Blast Death Toll Climbs to 16

11:39 [Slashdot] How Sequestration Will Affect Federal Research Agencies

11:39 [The Hindu - News] Specific alert was sent to Hyderabad Thursday morning: Centre

11:42 [msnbc] From Minn. to NC, states brace for winter storm

11:42 [msnbc] Cops: 2 girls escape Calif. kidnapper

11:42 [New Internationalist] Palestinian hunger striker ‘hanging between life and death’

11:47 [BBC: Also in the news] 'Nuns' caught drinking illegally

11:47 [BBC: Also in the news] Google unveils touchscreen laptop

11:48 [Voice of America] Judge to Decide on Bail for 'Blade Runner' Pistorius

11:49 [BBC: Technology] Superfast broadband box installed

11:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Oscars: From West Bank to Hollywood

11:51 [CNN] Bail decision looms for Oscar Pistorius

11:51 [BBC: Also in the news] Lost Antarctic penguin dies in NZ

11:52 [Voice of America] Gunmen Kill 7 Pro-Government Militiamen in Iraq

11:57 [msnbc] From Minn. to NC, states brace for winter storm

11:57 [msnbc] Teens quizzed over video showing forced child fight

11:57 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC releases Savile inquiry papers

12:00 [Guardian] Petrol supplies under threat as BP tanker drivers strike

12:00 [Reuters] EU regulators offer banks chance to avoid fines in benchmark probe: sources

12:01 [CNN] Beppe Grillo: Clown prince of Italian politics

12:01 [BBC: Entertainment] Pistorius documentary for BBC Three

12:05 [Telegraph] Senator who tried to impeach Clinton admits lovechild

12:06 [The Atlantic: Politics] Senator Graham: America Has Killed 4,700 People With Drones

12:06 [The Atlantic: Politics] Will the Border Ever Be Secure Enough for Immigration Hawks?

12:06 [The Hindu - News] Man who killed college students executed in U.S.

12:07 [CBC: politics] Anti-hacking agency slow to learn about Chinese cyberattack

12:08 [Spiegel] Turning Up the Heat: Banks Face�Massive Fines over LIBOR Scandal

12:09 [BBC: Technology] What if you had a vision of a city?

12:10 [Reuters] Insight: Congo's neglected state miner hankers for past glory

12:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Author urges more dads to read

12:13 [BBC: Education] Author urges more dads to read

12:14 [msnbc] One victim's grim account of 'modern-day slavery'

12:14 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

12:15 [BBC: Education] Top maths pupils 'don't keep up'

12:18 [Guardian] BBC releases Jimmy Savile scandal transcripts - live coverage

12:19 [BBC: Education] University locks Muslim prayer room

12:20 [CNN] Berlusconi: Italy's most colorful, controversial public figure

12:24 [BBC: Entertainment] Savile rumours were 'common gossip'

12:25 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Sabra and Shatila documents revealed: Ariel Sharon feared indictment for genocide over Israel's role

12:27 [Good] Kibera: Nairobi's Biggest Slum Challenges the Development Narrative

12:27 [Good] Public School Utopia? Let's Make This Vision for Education a Reality

12:27 [Good] Forget Energy Efficiency: These Office Buildings Actually Make Power

12:27 [Good] Hyperlocal News Sites Like 'Nextdoor' Give Local News a Makeover, Foster Neighborliness

12:27 [Pravda] Russian sailors kidnapped by Nigerian pirates are well

12:27 [CNN: Money] Eurozone economy to shrink again in 2013

12:28 [CNN] Unpredictable Oscar race holds promise for exciting night

12:28 [Mother Jones] "Owlcatraz" and 9 Other Terrible Corporate-Named Sports Venues

12:28 [Mother Jones] Exclusive: Free Download of "Anonymous," the New Single by Conor Oberst's Desaparecidos

12:28 [Mother Jones] How H-1B Visas Are Screwing Tech Workers

12:28 [Mother Jones] 9 out of 10 French Wines Contain Pesticides

12:28 [Mother Jones] Zero Dark Thirty and the Mysterious Killing of Osama Bin Laden

12:28 [Mother Jones] In "The Gatekeepers," Israeli Security Chiefs Say What US Leaders Can't

12:28 [Slashdot] Official: Playstation 4 Will Play Used Games

12:28 [The Hindu - News] Gunmen kill 7 Sunni fighters in Iraq

12:30 [CNN] Best and worst Oscar hosts of all time

12:31 [Voice of America] Iran Denies Involvement With Nigerian Terror Suspects

12:32 [Truthdig] Two 2016 Prospects Spotlight Democrats’ Identity Crisis

12:32 [Pravda] Russia to write off $35 billion of Cuba's debt

12:32 [The Hindu - News] An inspired fun ride

12:33 [Utne] Voicing the Unvoiceable: Why Energy Healing Is So Un-PC

12:34 [Fin24 News] State focus now on foreign farm owners

12:35 [Reuters] Analysis: Global central banks will keep taking it easy

12:39 [Telegraph] BBC releases Pollard report into the Savile inquiry: live

12:39 [Telegraph] Las Vegas 'safe' for tourists

12:39 [BBC: Education] Horse meat withdrawn from college

12:45 [The Hindu - News] Quick Five: Neha Sharma - A dream come true

12:45 [CNN] Fierce storm leaves 20 states shoveling and shivering

12:45 [CNN: Entertainment] Unpredictable Oscar race holds promise

12:45 [CNN: Entertainment] Jackman: 'Just going to enjoy it'

12:45 [CNN: Entertainment] Best and worst Oscars hosts of all time

12:48 [NPR] Let's Get Randy

12:48 [NPR] Fifty/Fifty

12:48 [NPR] One Or More

12:48 [NPR] Misquoting Mark Twain

12:48 [NPR] Soft Rock Cafe

12:48 [NPR] Agrarian Maps

12:51 [The Hindu - News] Coast Guard commissions high-speed interceptor boat

12:51 [The Hindu - News] The grand tease

12:51 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why $46 Billion in Pentagon Cuts Shouldn't Make Us Less Safe

12:52 [New Internationalist] Where are they now? Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani

12:53 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 22 February 2013

12:53 [Telegraph] One in 12 parents have favourite child

12:53 [Telegraph] Prince Harry to meet Cressida Bonas's family as he flies to South Africa for her sister's wedding

12:53 [zero hedge] Dollar Consolidates After Big Week

12:54 [BBC: Entertainment] Fox to star in Mutant Ninja Turtles

12:57 [CNN: Money] AN END TO THE SLIDE?

12:57 [CNN: Money] Gas prices: Up 15% in 36 days

12:57 [CNN: Money] China housing heats up

12:58 [Spiegel] Bail-In: Cyprus Bailout Could Hit Russian Bank Accounts

12:59 [CNN] Best and worst Oscars hosts of all time

12:59 [CNN] How to make your workout seem shorter

12:59 [CNN] Report: Injured Russians leave hospital, analysis of meteorite fragments begins

13:00 [Reuters] Iran appears to advance in construction of Arak nuclear plant

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Tamil Nadu CM discusses security measures

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Watch, eat and shop

13:02 [CNN] Danica Patrick races for history

13:03 [CNN] Aspiring Rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

13:05 [Voice of America] France: 15 Islamist Rebels Killed in Northern Mali Fighting

13:06 [BBC: Technology] North Korea to launch 3G network

13:06 [CNN] The forgotten godfathers of black American sport

13:06 [CNN: Money] How Apple should deal with its cash: Go with the Flo.

13:06 [CNN: Money] Transgender job seekers face uphill battle

13:06 [CNN: Money] Apple tops Samsung in mobile ad share

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Drug trials claim 436 lives in 2012

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Shot Cuts: Hitting a century

13:08 [Raw Story] Chavez’s breathing problem persists: minister

13:08 [CNN: Health] New SARS-like virus a medical mystery

13:08 [CNN: Health] Plastic bits in sausage leads to massive recall

13:08 [CNN: Health] Make your workout go by faster

13:08 [CNN: Health] Control your health care costs

13:09 [The Hindu - News] Fighting words

13:10 [zero hedge] Euro Slides As First LTRO-2 Repayment Less Than Half Expected

13:11 [The Atlantic: Politics] Romney, Jeep, and China: A Case Study in America's Fact-Checking Fetish

13:13 [Raw Story] Pistorius bail hearing enters final day

13:13 [Raw Story] Guatemala checking if Mexico drug lord killed in clash

13:13 [Fox News] Bail decision to be announced at Pistorius hearing - OJ detective: Pistorius evidence is overwhelming

13:13 [Fox News] Georgia executes man who killed 2 college students

13:14 [CNN] Can a Bersani-Monti coalition work for Italian economy?

13:17 [CNN] Key match-fixing suspect 'assisting' police

13:17 [The Hindu - News] The browser kingdom

13:17 [The Hindu - News] The course of love…

13:18 [Spiegel] Crash Course in Demagoguery: New Book Traces�Education of Adolf Hilter

13:18 [Spiegel] World from Berlin: German Bishops�Accept Morning-After Pill

13:19 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

13:19 [Slate Magazine] Don’t Talk to Us About Your Sinking Island

13:22 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Is Tulisa now Ex-Factor and more news

13:22 [Topix Activism News] Researcher 'had bombing conviction'

13:25 [CNN: Money] How Apple should deal with its cash

13:25 [Reuters] EU offers banks chance to cut fines in rate-fixing probe: sources

13:26 [CNN] Meet the man who turns big cats into movie stars

13:37 [CNN] Nike duo Woods and McIlroy humbled in the Arizona desert

13:38 [Raw Story] Australia gambles on move to tackle slot machine addicts

13:38 [Raw Story] Locksmiths and firemen refuse to aid evictions in Spain

13:40 [zero hedge] Overnight Sentiment: Dull Levitation Returns

13:40 [Fox News] Mila calling it quits?

13:41 [Fox News] Report: China's Christians see mounting persecution

13:41 [Fox News] Ohio landlord allegedly whips tenant for late rent - Police: Utah women poured hot sauce in boy's eyes

13:41 [Fox News] TODD STARNES: Tebow cancels church appearance after firestorm among media, gay marriage advocates

13:41 [Fox News] NY man dies on way to late wife's funeral service

13:41 [Fox News] Nation's top deadbeat dad admits owing $1.2 million

13:41 [Fox News] Worker fired from stress ball factory, lashes out

13:43 [CNN: Money] What's at stake in Europe's elections

13:43 [CNN: Money] India's new craving for luxury chocolates

13:43 [Raw Story] China holds general’s son for gang rape

13:43 [Raw Story] Eurozone ‘facing recession right through 2013′

13:43 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Big Bird back in US politics

13:44 [Financial Times] Damascus car bomb kills dozens

13:44 [The Hindu - News] To culture an oystercatcher

13:45 [msnbc] Video: Judge makes bail decision in Pistorius case

13:45 [msnbc] Toxic mice airdrop aims to wipe out island's snakes

13:47 [Global Voices] A Timeline of the Colombian Peace Talks

13:48 [The Hindu - News] Furry comfort

13:49 [] Despite Right-Wing Opposition, Hagel Looks Set for Confirmation

13:50 [The Hindu - News] Lights, Camera, Conversation.. - Art or accident?

13:51 [The Atlantic: National] The Persistance of the 'Cyprus Problem'

13:51 [The Atlantic: National] The Supreme Court's Threat to the Voting Rights Act: A History

13:51 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Egypt's Shura Council adopts the amendments of the constitutional court on the electoral law

13:52 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: February 22

13:53 [CNN] Did rehab fail McCready?

13:53 [CNN] Pope's Twitter account to close as he leaves office, Vatican Radio says

13:54 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa inaugurates desalination plant at Nemmeli

13:56 [The Hindu - News] Book, by chance

13:57 [Guardian] Adolf Hitler v Frankenstein! Odd names run for election in India

13:58 [The Hindu - News] Hard rock at café

14:00 [CNN: Politics] Lawmakers say they would take pay cut if they could, but they can't

14:00 [The Hindu - News] Inconsistencies alleged in Presidential address

14:02 [CNN] Hope for Congo, and the world's deadliest war

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Tales in your backyard

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad, a day after the twin blasts

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Positive association with waste

14:03 [Guardian] Italians weigh up 'least worse' option as election looms

14:07 [Fin24 News] NUM: strike to hit Kumba

14:08 [CNN] 9 glamorous movie-star hotels

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Old world charm

14:09 [The Atlantic: International] The Perils of Invading Afghanistan

14:10 [zero hedge] Spain's "Inverse Austerity" Leads To Multi-Year High Budget Deficit

14:10 [The Hindu - News] Ooh La La Ooh La La…

14:12 [CNN: Travel] 9 glamorous movie-star hotels

14:12 [The Hindu - News] Not on pilgrimage

14:12 [The Hindu - News] A mouthful of flavour

14:15 [The Hindu - News] Art or accident?

14:15 [Telegraph] Tiny weaver birds make huge nests on telegraph poles in the Kalahari desert

14:17 [CNN: Travel] Fierce storm leaves 20 states shoveling and shivering

14:17 [Slashdot] Unnecessary Medical Procedures and the Dangers of Robot Surgery

14:18 [msnbc] Double funeral after husband dies on way to wife's wake

14:18 [msnbc] Plane wreckage may be linked to fashion icon

14:18 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

14:20 [The Hindu - Opinion] Shades of khaki

14:21 [CNN: Travel] Boeing to propose Dreamliner fix

14:24 [BBC: Education] Ofsted blitz sees schools improve

14:24 [Slate Magazine] What Will “Truth” Mean in the Future?

14:26 [CNN] Mark Kelly: Gun loophole makes no sense

14:27 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israel extends the administrative detention of Hamas MP

14:27 [The Hindu - News] Rich and delightful

14:27 [The Hindu - News] Actor factor

14:29 [] Obama's Possible Frack-Friendly Energy Plan a 'Nail in the Coffin' for Climate

14:33 [The Hindu - News] Amid tensions in Asia, Obama hosts new Japan PM

14:38 [CNN] Hope for an end to the world's deadliest war

14:39 [The Hindu - News] Text in the right context

14:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] The Milner Awards: A germane offering

14:41 [The Hindu - News] Centre dragging its feet in Italian marines case: Supreme Court

14:41 [The Hindu - News] Text in the right context

14:42 [CNN] How to buy art

14:45 [The Hindu - News] Eight killed in landmine blast in Bihar’s Gaya district

14:46 [CBC: politics] Greg Weston: Anti-hacking agency slow to learn about Chinese cyberattack

14:47 [Guardian] Tunisia's ruling Islamist party Ennahda names new prime minister

14:47 [Telegraph] Phone hacking: former executive editor of the News of the World Neil Wallis will not face prosecution

14:47 [The Hindu - News] Son of the soil

14:48 [Slashdot] First Dedicated Asteroid-Tracking Satellite Will Be Canadian

14:51 [The Atlantic: National] Book Tip: 'The Insurgents'

14:51 [The Hindu - News] Istanbul and its old world charm

14:51 [The Hindu - News] ‘Ala Modalaindi’: An inspired fun ride

14:51 [CNN] Hope for an end to world's deadliest war

14:53 [The Hindu - News] Azim Premji gives more to trust

14:55 [CNN] Expert eye: How to buy art

14:57 [zero hedge] Sequester: Front-Loaded Pain, No Gain

14:57 [zero hedge] Nationalized Bankia To Post Largest Corporate Loss In Spanish History

14:57 [zero hedge] Friday Humor: Extra Cruel Parents Edition

15:00 [Pravda] USA justifies terrorism to pinch Russia

15:01 [CNN: Living] Newly published Lincoln letter asks for babysitter

15:01 [CNN: Living] Applying for college? 2 is better than 1

15:01 [CNN: Living] How bad is that beauty habit?

15:01 [CNN: Living] Expert eye: How to buy art

15:03 [Raw Story] Colbert on Hagel: ‘What else is he hiding that hasn’t happened?’

15:03 [Telegraph] Patient bled to death at hospital where cuts 'put lives at risk'

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Pope moves top official amid leaks fallout

15:08 [The Hindu - News] Pointsman arrives

15:08 [Fin24 News] ArcelorMittal ops to resume after fire

15:09 [Voice of America] East African Nations Assess Drought Resilience

15:09 [] With Little More Than a Note, Obama Deploys US Troops To Niger

15:13 [Raw Story] Report: Papal resignation linked to investigation into ‘blackmailed gay clergy’

15:13 [Raw Story] China to expand pre-broadcast censorship to cover TV documentaries

15:14 [The Hindu - News] At home

15:14 [The Hindu - News] ‘Jabardasth’: An inspired fun ride

15:17 [OpEdNews] The Keystone Pipeline: Which Side Are You On?

15:18 [The Hindu - News] The shutdown victims

15:18 [Raw Story] Two rare Malayan sun bears found in abandoned Cambodian garment factory

15:18 [The Onion] TV Listings: The Biggest Loser

15:19 [CBC: politics] Garneau calls Trudeau's Clarity Act line a 'rookie mistake'

15:19 [CBC: politics] Alberta's premier optimistic Keystone XL will be approved

15:20 [The Hindu - News] An acorn that grew into an oak

15:20 [msnbc] Hagel appears headed for confirmation

15:20 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

15:21 [The Atlantic: National] On Indian Land, Criminals Can Get Away With Almost Anything

15:21 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Emphasis Added: The Foreign Policy Week in Fragments

15:23 [Guardian] Oscar Pistorius granted bail - live coverage


15:23 [CNN: Money] Stocks: An end to the slide?

15:23 [CNN: Money] Tesla stock tumbles 9%

15:24 [The Hindu - News] Reality hurts

15:24 [CNN] Judge sets out case before making Pistorius bail ruling

15:26 [The Hindu - News] Banking on the Act

15:26 [CNN: Crime] Rapper, 2 others die in fiery Maserati crash after Las Vegas shooting

15:26 [CNN: Crime] Oscar Pistorius granted bail

15:26 [CNN: Entertainment] Best, worst Oscars hosts of all time

15:26 [CNN: Entertainment] Memorable Oscar fashion

15:28 [Raw Story] ‘Snitch’ filmmaker: Reagan-era drug laws keep prisons overflowing

15:28 [Raw Story] Sequester budget cuts may have triggered Miami shooting rampage

15:30 [The Hindu - News] Oscar Pistorius granted bail

15:32 [Fin24 News] Ramaphosa punts significance of NDP

15:34 [CNN] Oscar Pistorius granted bail

15:35 [Reuters] South Africa's Pistorius awarded bail

15:35 [Telegraph] Elton John: parenting has been easier second time round

15:36 [msnbc] 'Blade Runner' granted bail ahead of murder trial

15:37 [CNN] Don't recall sending that message? Maybe you're 'sleep texting'

15:37 [CNN: Technology] The embarrassing rise of 'sleep texting'

15:37 [OpEdNews] I Don't Think I Can Stand

15:38 [Slashdot] al-Qaeda's 22 Tips and Tricks To Dodge Drones

15:38 [The Hindu - News] Sports and stories

15:39 [Reuters] South Africa's Pistorius awarded bail in murder case

15:40 [zero hedge] JPM's Tom Lee Goes... Bearish!?

15:40 [zero hedge] The Gold, Silver Morning Smackdown Is Back

15:42 [BBC: Science & Environment] Siberia permafrost thaw warning

15:42 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan condemns Hyderabad blasts

15:42 [The Hindu - News] TOP shot director Lal Jose

15:43 [Global Voices] A First for Africa: Ex-Dictator to be Judged on the Continent

15:44 [The Hindu - News] 2 killed as Bangladesh police, protesters clash

15:46 [The Hindu - News] An acorn that grew into an oak called Providence Women's College

15:47 [Financial Times] Pistorius is granted bail

15:47 [CNN: Money] Stocks bounce back after two-day slide

15:47 [CNN: Money] Why Republican governors are caving on Medicaid

15:47 [CNN: Money] Citigroup CEO Corbat's pay: $11.5 million

15:48 [Raw Story] China detains general’s son on suspicion of gang rape

15:48 [The Hindu - News] China, Russia hold talks ahead of Xi’s visit

15:50 [The Hindu - News] Rafeeq Ahamed on song

15:50 [The Hindu - News] TOP shot director Lal Jose on winning his first-ever state film award

15:51 [Telegraph] India criticised for failing to prevent Hyderabad attack

15:51 [Telegraph] Facebook helps keep pensioners sharp

15:51 [Telegraph] Pollard report into the corporation's Savile inquiry: transcripts

15:52 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Where Are the Peace-Intelligence Professionals?

15:53 [The Hindu - News] Speed racing: Curb it!

15:53 [The Hindu - News] Vijay Yesudas scores high with 'Akaleyo nee'

15:53 [The Hindu - News] Tunisia Islamist party chooses new prime minister

15:53 [Voice of America] NATO Deciding on Troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014

15:55 [CNN: Money] Stocks rebound after two-day slide

15:55 [CNN: Money] Tesla shares bounce back

15:55 [Guardian] BBC bosses were 'faffing about' during Jimmy Savile row, says Lord Patten

15:58 [Global Voices] In Pictures: The Polluted Rivers of China

15:58 [Raw Story] Defending One’s Position As The Token Looks Bad, Like An Unwashed T-Shirt

15:58 [Raw Story] Video of tiny, squeaking frog drives dogs crazy

15:59 [The Hindu - News] Tomy David's delicious baking story

15:59 [Campaign For Liberty] Like an Addict, DC is Out of Touch with Reality

15:59 [Campaign For Liberty] Intern With Campaign for Liberty This Summer!

15:59 [Reuters] Tunisian president asks Islamist to form government

15:59 [Disinformation] Researchers Give Lab Rats A ‘Sixth Sense’

16:03 [The Hindu - News] Managing talent

16:03 [Reuters: politics] Obama tells Congress U.S. military personnel arrive in Niger

16:04 [Reuters] South African court grants Pistorius bail in murder case

16:05 [Voice of America] INDIA BLASTS, 2ND UPD

16:06 [BBC: Entertainment] Damien Hirst skull gets red nose

16:06 [zero hedge] Obama Dispatches 100 US Troops To Niger To "Support Predator Drone Base"

16:07 [Telegraph] Pollard report: key points

16:07 [Telegraph] Second Israeli soldier disciplined for online photographs

16:07 [Telegraph] Jeremy Paxman condemns 'contemptible' BBC behaviour over Jimmy Savile investigation

16:07 [Telegraph] Family had 'miracle' escape from swollen river

16:07 [Telegraph] Labour could link benefits level to work history

16:07 [Telegraph] US ambassador to Moscow calls on Russia to stop exploiting adoption row

16:09 [Financial Times] Islamist hardliner nominated Tunisia PM

16:11 [Voice of America] Obama-Abe Meeting to Focus on Security, Economic Issues

16:13 [The Hindu - News] Civil Services (Mains) results out

16:15 [Fox News] BENGHAZI RAID:White House to Release Talking Point Emails

16:15 [Fox News] HACK ATTACK:Family Recounts Chinese Cyber War on Small Biz

16:16 [Fox News] Authorities uncertain about how woman's body ended up in LA hotel water tank

16:16 [Reuters: politics] Beyond economy, asset buys also have fiscal benefits: Rosengren

16:18 [BBC: Entertainment] Hidden Bacon scraps up for auction

16:20 [CNN] How to post to Facebook, Twitter after you die

16:21 [Telegraph] Backing for 'more rounded' private school entrance exam

16:22 [CBC: politics] PM Harper shuffles cabinet to fill aboriginal affairs gap

16:23 [CNN] Hope for an end to world's deadliest war

16:24 [Slashdot] Homeland Security Stole Michael Arrington's Boat

16:24 [CNN: Politics] Why is health care so costly?

16:31 [The Onion] Magazine: This Season's Hottest Flu Fashions

16:32 [Topix Activism News] Activists report shelling near Damascus airport

16:33 [Global Voices] Ecuador's Political Future After Correa's Reelection

16:33 [Guardian] Horsemeat scandal: Scotland bans frozen beefburgers in schools

16:38 [Middle East Monitor] Ibrahim Hewitt, Zulaikha Abdullah and Samira Quraishy: Monthly Meida Digest - January 2013

16:38 [Raw Story] Coulter booed by libertarian ‘pussies’ for saying ‘gays’ should marry opposite sex

16:38 [Raw Story] Obama taps ‘Kid President’ to announce White House Easter egg roll

16:39 [Telegraph] David Cameron will face leadership crisis if Tories lose Eastleigh by-election, says Nigel Farage

16:39 [Telegraph] Abandoned puppy with untraditional looks seeks new home

16:39 [Telegraph] British girl, 13, dies on school skiing trip

16:40 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

16:40 [zero hedge] Guest Post: ObamaCare: The Neutron Bomb That Will Decimate Employment

16:40 [zero hedge] Bernanke: "There Is No Bubble"

16:41 [Spiegel] 'A Timeless Canon of Values': German President Makes Plea for More�Europe

16:44 [CNN] Hope for an end to world's deadliest war

16:44 [Slate Magazine] The New Dad Mag

16:48 [CBC: politics] Why David Suzuki is backing Joyce Murray for Liberal leader

16:50 [The Atlantic: Technology] Mischievous Cats in World History, Part 3

16:53 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for February 22, 2013

16:53 [] Democracy Now!: Torture at Guantánamo: Lt. Col. Stuart Couch On His Refusal to Prosecute Abused Prisoner

16:53 [] Democracy Now!: "The Terror Courts": An Inside Look at Rough Justice, Torture at Guantánamo Bay

16:55 [CNN] Your (additional) Rules of the Internet

16:55 [CNN] Lights, camera, vacation! Film tourism

16:58 [Raw Story] Paralympic icon Pistorius granted bail by South African magistrate

16:58 [Slashdot] Quadrocopters Throwing and Catching an Inverted Pendulum

16:58 [BBC: Technology] Apple patent hints at smart watch

17:00 [CNN] Will the slap heard 'round the country have lasting effects?

17:00 [BBC: Technology] North Korea to launch mobile internet

17:01 [CNN: Travel] Lights, camera, vacation!

17:01 [CNN: Travel] Lights, camera, vacation! Film tourism

17:01 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Kyoto, Japan

17:02 [Truthdig] The News That Wasn’t Fit to Print

17:06 [Pravda] Benedict XVI resigns due to homosexuality in Vatican?

17:07 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Layla at Lake Aloha

17:07 [CNN] The Times They Are a-Changin' -- Landmark moment for U.S. disability sport?

17:07 [OpEdNews] Papa Obama

17:07 [OpEdNews] The Sins of the Father

17:09 [The Atlantic: International] The Persistance of the 'Cyprus Problem'

17:09 [The Atlantic: International] In Face of Mainland Censorship, Taiwanese Revisit Reunification Question

17:09 [The Atlantic: International] The Failure of Obama's Syria Policy

17:10 [Reuters] A day with Brazil's ambitious but indebted shoppers

17:10 [zero hedge] Franco-German Divide Nears Record High

17:11 [Voice of America] Chinese Ministry Expresses Concern about 'Cancer Villages'

17:12 [Telegraph] Prince Charles visits favoured tailor

17:12 [Telegraph] 'Common gossip' at BBC that Jimmy Savile liked 'young girls', says Jeremy Paxman

17:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Tyler leads Songwriters Hall of Fame

17:12 [OpEdNews] Legalize Growing Hemp to Improve U.S. Economy

17:14 [Slate Magazine] The Slate Culture Staff Oscar Pool

17:14 [Slate Magazine] Could Humans Go Extinct?

17:14 [Slate Magazine] Another Dingbat Sexual Selection Theory

17:19 [Fox News] Is Jailed Doc Oscar's Biggest Drama?

17:21 [Spiegel] Our Right to Poison: Lessons from the Failed War on Drugs

17:21 [The Onion] American Voices: Man Demands No Black Nurses Touch Newborn

17:23 [Big Think] How the Scientific Revolution Stalled and How to Start it Again

17:24 [Mother Jones] Steven Brill Explains Why Hospitals Screw the Uninsured: Because They Can

17:25 [Reuters] Tunisia's new premier promises inclusive government

17:26 [CNN] Pistorius case: South Africa's legal system in the spotlight

17:28 [zero hedge] The Best Thing to Happen to America in a Long Time

17:28 [Raw Story] Texas bans shooting immigrants from helicopters

17:28 [Global Voices] Evacuate the Children of Fukushima

17:29 [Voice of America] New Prize Awards Millions to Life Scientists

17:30 [Disinformation] China’s Massive Eugenics Project To Choose High-IQ Embryos

17:31 [Voice of America] Mali Car Bombing Leaves 5 Dead

17:35 [Reuters] Pistorius wins release on $113,000 bail

17:38 [BBC: Entertainment] Roobarb animator dies aged 91

17:38 [The Progressive] States are showing the way on immigration reform

17:39 [Le Monde diplomatique] You've come a long way, baby (or have you?)

17:41 [msnbc] Obama deploys drones, US military personnel to Niger

17:43 [Fin24 News] France acts on firm in horsemeat scandal

17:48 [Slashdot] Flu Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting Older People This Year

17:48 [CNN] New late-stage breast cancer treatment approved

17:49 [Spiegel] Picture This: Hooligan Hello

17:49 [Slate Magazine] Fatal Adoption

17:50 [CNN] Goodbye 'celluloid ceiling': Female directors take center stage

17:50 [Moral Low Ground] California Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski Introduces Anti-Citizens United Ballot Measure

17:51 [The Atlantic: Technology] PlayStation 4: A Videogame Console

17:51 [Reuters: politics] Ron Kirk says U.S. Congress primed for more trade deals

17:51 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: Selling a haunted mirror

17:51 [The Onion] Danica Patrick Lauded For Breaking Down Barriers For Attractive Women

17:51 [The Onion] Infographic: The 2013 Best Picture Nominees

17:52 [OpEdNews] Thinking About George W. Bush, Who So Darkened a Terrible Eight Year Period in American History

17:53 [Big Think] In America, Illness is Still Big Business

17:53 [Voice of America] Cuban President Raul Castro Suggests Retirement

17:53 [CNN: Politics] Kelly: Gun loophole makes no sense

17:57 [zero hedge] 99 Market Wisdoms

17:57 [zero hedge] EURUSD Slumps To Worst 3-Week Run In 7 Months

18:00 [Disinformation] Unlocking the Conspiracy Mind-Set

18:00 [Telegraph] Al-Qaeda wants terror knowledge spread throughout Europe to 'whack' people here

18:00 [Reuters] Fed officials point to fiscal benefits of bond buying

18:00 [Reuters] Sizzling prices heat up wage talks in Argentina

18:01 [CNN] Political movies battle again for the Oscar

18:04 [Slate Magazine] Community, Season 4

18:04 [Slate Magazine] Let's Talk Oscars

18:08 [CNN: Health] New late-stage breast cancer treatment approved

18:08 [Raw Story] Economist to Moyers: Minimum wage hike would benefit millions

18:08 [Raw Story] Miami art dealer auctioning Banksy mural says he’s ‘scapegoated’ over its disappearance

18:08 [Raw Story] Indianapolis man arrested for bar fight after another man hurled the n-word

18:08 [Raw Story] Man with high-powered rifles and ‘tank buster’ bullets arrested for posting liberal ‘hit list’

18:08 [CNN: Entertainment] Unpredictable Oscars race

18:08 [CNN: Entertainment] Best and worst Oscars hosts

18:08 [CNN: Entertainment] Mel B. joins 'America's Got Talent'

18:09 [Spiegel] From Brash to Bawdy: Berlusconi's Most Revealing Gaffes

18:10 [zero hedge] Europe's €1.7 Trillion Maturity Cliff In A Declining Excess Liquidity Context

18:12 [Truthdig] Rand Paul Gives Money to Treasury, McCain Gets Heckled at Town Hall, and More

18:12 [msnbc] US government joins lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

18:12 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

18:12 [msnbc] Aspiring rapper among dead after Vegas Strip shooting

18:13 [Fox News] Uncommon Valor on Iwo Jima

18:13 [Fox News] Kate Webb Hits 'Splash' Pool

18:13 [Fox News] Margaritas Worth Their Salt

18:13 [Fox News] Worst Oscar Dresses Ever

18:13 [Fox News] Where American Royalty Stayed

18:13 [Fox News] Josh Brolin & Diane Lane Split

18:13 [Guardian] German president pleads with Britain to think again and stay in the EU

18:13 [Guardian] Florida's Medicaid retreat a 'tipping point' in health battle, reformers say

18:13 [Guardian] Oscar Pistorius released on bail after tense court hearing

18:13 [Guardian] Banksy mural: I'm being scapegoated, says Miami art dealer

18:13 [Guardian] Magnifique! Académie française elects first British-born member

18:14 [Middle East Monitor] Dr. Amira Abuel Fetouh: The fraudulent claim that Egypt has been "Ikhwanified"

18:14 [CNN: Health] New late-stage breast cancer drug approved

18:15 [Reuters] Exclusive: Bankrupt San Bernardino picks twice bankrupt manager

18:16 [Telegraph] John Lewis to deliver orders to petrol stations and corner shops

18:16 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius bailed: Paralympian freed pending trial over Reeva Steenkamp's death

18:16 [Telegraph] Students offered cocaine for scientific trial

18:16 [Telegraph] Athens hit by worst storms in 50 years

18:16 [Telegraph] China admits failure to control chemicals has turned who regions toxic

18:16 [CNN: Money] 'HOW WE GET BY'

18:16 [CNN: Money] Behind Facebook's tax bill

18:17 [CNN: Health] New breast cancer drug approved

18:17 [Voice of America] Immigrants in Germany Struggle With Legal Status

18:18 [Global Voices] Journalists Under Pressure in the Gambia Turn to Blogs

18:21 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Most Telling Moment in Our Story About Online Bullying

18:22 [The Onion] Baseball Fan Reports For Spring Training Overweight

18:23 [OpEdNews] Talkin' 'bout My Generation: In Defense of Baby Boomers

18:24 [Fin24 News] R18m revving up SMMEs

18:24 [Mother Jones] The GOP's Benghazi Obsession Explained!

18:25 [] Egypt Ordered 140,000 Made in the U.S.A Tear Gas Canisters

18:27 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Sequestration: Our Military is Due for Downsizing

18:27 [msnbc] US government to join suit against Lance Armstrong

18:28 [The Hindu - News] On D-day, OGH found wanting; staff brave all odds

18:28 [NPR] Does Danica Patrick Have An Edge In The Daytona 500?

18:28 [NPR] Dead Mice Are Going To Be Dropped On Guam From Helicopters (Really)

18:29 [Spiegel] Melting Permafrost: Scientists Warn of Dangers of�Trapped Carbon

18:29 [Spiegel] Information Graphic: Guns in Germany

18:32 [The Hindu - News] Jamaat-led protests turn violent

18:33 [Slashdot] Zendesk Compromised; Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest Users Affected

18:33 [Reuters: politics] White House says not exaggerating impact of automatic spending cuts

18:34 [CNN] Heal thyself: The 'bio-inspired' materials that self-repair

18:34 [CNN] LaHood: Forced cuts mean flight delays, some control tower closures

18:34 [Reuters] NATO considers post-2014 Afghan force of 8,000-12,000

18:35 [Voice of America] NATO Discusses Leaving Troops in Afghanistan Past 2014

18:36 [The Hindu - News] People keep away from busy commercial hubs

18:38 [BBC: Technology] In pictures: GEEK Expo

18:38 [Raw Story] Experts: Florida’s Medicare turnaround paves the way for Obamacare

18:38 [Raw Story] ‘Five Broken Cameras’ sparks debate over Israel funding

18:39 [Reuters] South Africa's Pistorius goes free on $113,000 bail

18:40 [zero hedge] Europe is Safe... Just Ask Spanish Depositors... Who Have Lost EVERYTHING

18:40 [zero hedge] By Midyear, Europe 'Can No Longer Live With This Euro'

18:40 [zero hedge] The Groundhog 'German Confidence' Day Market

18:40 [CNN: Money] Sony's PS4 future lies in the cloud

18:42 [Truthdig] ‘Oscars 2013’: What ‘Best Picture’ Nominees Say About America

18:42 [Truthdig] Tiger and Obama Golf

18:43 [msnbc] US government to join suit against Lance Armstrong

18:43 [NPR] After Uproar Over Removed Mural In London, A New Banksy-Like Work Appears

18:47 [The Atlantic: In Focus] The Tunnels of NYC's East Side Access Project

18:48 [Telegraph] Buckfast firm takes legal action over police campaign

18:48 [Telegraph] Boots buys stake in hearing chain

18:48 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius: the holes in the case as seen by the magistrate

18:48 [Telegraph] Cardinal Keith O'Brien: New Pope should let priests marry

18:48 [Telegraph] Schools, care homes and Armed Forces supplied by firm selling contaminated beef

18:49 [CNN] Aspiring rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

18:50 [Guardian] Egypt 'spent £1.7m on teargas' amid economic crisis

18:50 [CNN] Oscar Pistorius leaves jail after bail granted

18:50 [CNN: Technology] Materials that magically mend

18:51 [Pravda] Psychic kills depressed models to improve their karma

18:54 [Mother Jones] Can the President Target American Citizens on U.S. Soil?

18:56 [The Hindu - News] Mecca blast case casts doubts on narco

19:00 [CNN] Hamilton brushes off title talk

19:00 [Amnesty International] USA: Florida to execute man denied federal review

19:01 [CNN: Politics] Political movies battle again for the Oscar

19:02 [Guardian] Lloyds chief executive in line for £1.4m bonus

19:02 [Guardian] British schoolgirl dies after chairlift fall in Italian Alps

19:02 [Truthdig] Immigration Plan

19:02 [Truthdig] China Army Hackers

19:02 [Good] Clever 8-Bit Video Game Style Promo for Blood Donation

19:03 [CNN: Travel] Icky jobs fell to 'amazing' cruise ship crew

19:04 [Telegraph] Transylvanian manager of Prince Charles' homes defends Romania

19:05 [Slashdot] North Korea To Enable Mobile Internet Access — For Visitors Only

19:07 [CNN: Money] NBC hack infects visitors in 'drive by' cyberattack

19:07 [CNN: Money] Weak economy pinches Red Lobster

19:07 [CNN: Money] The auto industry's best-kept secret

19:08 [CNN] Anthony Kennedy Fast Facts

19:08 [Raw Story] Fischer: Tim Tebow being bullied by ‘Big Gay’ groups

19:10 [zero hedge] The Geography Of Defense Cuts

19:13 [Raw Story] Fugelsang slams Fox News: ‘A mecca for people who hate Mecca’

19:13 [Big Think] Oscar's Red Carpet is Decadent and Depraved

19:13 [Big Think] The Sartre Fallacy, or Being Irrational About Reason

19:14 [NPR] Is China's Military Behind Cyberattacks on U.S.?

19:15 [The Hindu - News] Sino-Pakistan friendship a ‘model’ for bilateral ties: Chinese think-tank

19:16 [CNN: Money] Dow jumps more than 100 after a two-day slide

19:17 [Truthdig] Sequestration

19:17 [Truthdig] Boy Scouts

19:19 [The Hindu - News] Appointing CJ as interim PM unconstitutional: Nepal lawyers

19:19 [Voice of America] Islamist Party in Tunisia Chooses New Prime Minister

19:20 [Telegraph] Frozen beef products removed from Scottish school menus

19:20 [Telegraph] Belgian creche stabbings: 'The Joker practiced at home before going on killing spree'

19:20 [Telegraph] Oscars 2013: Nate Silver predicts the winners - and it's Argo for best picture

19:21 [The Atlantic: Technology] You Can Now Take Classes From the Most Selective College in the Country on Coursera

19:22 [CNN] Flu vaccine less effective, especially among elderly

19:24 [Reuters] U.S. air travelers will feel budget cut effects quickly: union

19:25 [Slate Magazine] Justified, Season 4

19:25 [The Hindu - News] U.S.-Russia rift on Syria re-emerges after blasts

19:26 [CNN] With Chavez away for months, big changes roil Venezuela

19:26 [CNN] Chavez announces his return to Venezuela; cancer treatment to continue

19:27 [The Hindu - News] LeJ leader taken into custody

19:27 [Good] Recess: An App to Help You Escape Your Laptop and Save a Little Energy

19:28 [CNN] First photos of ailing Chavez released amid lengthy absence

19:28 [CNN] Isn't it time to respect Venezuela's democracy?

19:29 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Tunisia's President accepts nomination of Al-Areed to head new government

19:30 [Disinformation] LSD Concentration Camps In ‘Wild In The Streets’

19:32 [CNN] NASCAR driver Waltrip 'racing for a reason'

19:32 [Reuters: politics] U.S. air travel delays loom after sequester: LaHood

19:32 [The Hindu - Opinion] A cauldron of competing demands

19:33 [CNN] Crews to begin removing parts of grounded U.S. Navy ship

19:33 [CNN] Supreme Court to weigh divisive voting rights case

19:33 [BBC: Technology] Samsung faces disability setback

19:34 [Utne] Labor Gets Militant

19:35 [The Hindu - News] Taj Group mulls China expansion, eyes Tibet

19:36 [Moral Low Ground] Cops Called after Pastafarian Aaron Williams Refuses to Remove Spaghetti Strainer for NJ Driver’s License Photo

19:38 [CNN: Health] Flu vaccine less effective, especially among elderly

19:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Gandhi and the guerilla

19:40 [zero hedge] Dr. Copper Sends A Deja Vu Warning Signal

19:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] Indefensible yes, but seditious?

19:42 [Fox News] FBI Stonewalled in Probe of NASA Tech Leak, Sources Say

19:42 [Fox News] OSCAR DRAMA:Support Urged for Doc Who Helped Find Bin Laden

19:42 [Fox News] 'BAILED RUNNER':South African Olympian Gets Bail in Murder Case

19:42 [Fox News] BLAME JANE:Ted's Son Says Fonda Turned Dad Into a Liberal

19:42 [Fox News] Argument leads to Vegas Strip shooting, fiery crash

19:42 [Fox News] The 'Jaws' of goldfish found in Lake Tahoe- Nature's Giants: The world's biggest critters

19:42 [BBC: Entertainment] Hillsborough single on Wall of Fame

19:43 [CNN: Money] Dow jumps 100 points after two-day slide

19:44 [NPR] Venezuela Says Chávez Still Suffering From Respiratory Problems

19:44 [NPR] Despite Lingering Drought, USDA Predicts A Flood Of Grain

19:44 [Global Voices] Bangladesh Raises Voice to End Violence Against Women

19:45 [The Hindu - Opinion] Jyoti Punwani responds:

19:45 [] Blackwater Off the Hook Again in Plea Deal with Bush Appointed Judge

19:48 [Guardian] 97 Burmese asylum seekers die after 25 days stranded at sea

19:48 [The Onion] Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds Of Morning Murders

19:48 [The Onion] Bob Dylan Lays Off 2,000 Workers From Songwriting Factory

19:48 [The Onion] Sportsgraphic: Great Moments In NFL Combine History

19:49 [Voice of America] Syrian Opposition to Form Government in Rebel Areas

19:50 [Campaign For Liberty] Norm Singleton talks to LRC

19:51 [CNN: Politics] Supreme Court to weigh divisive voting rights case

19:51 [CNN: Politics] LaHood: Cuts mean flight delays, control tower closures

19:51 [Slashdot] For Businesses, the College Degree Is the New High School Diploma

19:51 [The Atlantic: National] Why Is the NYPD Investigating Alec Baldwin's Speech?

19:52 [Telegraph] Asteroid early warning system taking shape at UN

19:53 [Voice of America] Reports: US to Join Suit Against Lance Armstrong

19:54 [The Hindu - News] Maestro in action

19:54 [This Magazine] Friday FTW: Toronto to be Canada’s first “Sanctuary City”

19:54 [Reuters] France ready to start Mali withdrawal despite attack: army chief

19:55 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

19:55 [Slate Magazine] Ask Emily Bazelon Anything

19:55 [Slate Magazine] Enlightened, Season 2

19:55 [Financial Times] Abe seeks to boost security links with US

19:55 [Financial Times] Huawei denies link to work of Shane Todd

19:55 [Financial Times] German president urges UK to stay in EU

19:55 [Financial Times] Italy’s poll promises to spring surprise

19:55 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for February 22, 2013

19:55 [Mother Jones] More Drones, Ever More Drones

19:55 [] In Ancient Caves, Evidence Shows Small Uptick in Temps Could Spell 'Massive' Permafrost Melt

19:55 [zero hedge] A SeQueSTRaTioN PiCTuRe CaPSuLe (How did we get here?)...

19:56 [The Hindu - News] Unusual calm in Dilsukhnagar

19:58 [Guardian] Man who beheaded Briton in Tenerife found guilty of murder

19:58 [CNN: Money] Hedge funds bullish on stocks, AIG is new darling

20:00 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: 2,500 Syrian children born in Turkish refugee camps

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Brand Hyderabad losing sheen

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Decks cleared for new players in banking space

20:01 [CNN] Man pleads guilty to owing $1.2 million in child support

20:02 [Good] The Blood Cup: A Hockey Tournament That Saves Thousands of Lives

20:03 [The Hindu - Opinion] It pays to redistribute

20:03 [msnbc] Does he mean it? Castro hints at retirement

20:04 [Reuters] Defense cuts jeopardize NATO's effectiveness, Panetta warns

20:05 [Reuters: politics] Defense cuts jeopardize NATO's effectiveness, Panetta warns

20:06 [The Hindu - News] Swapna’s unfulfilled dream

20:07 [The Hindu - Opinion] Policing needed, not politics

20:09 [Reuters] Obama says across-the board cuts are not inevitable

20:10 [The Hindu - News] Search for livelihood ends on a fatal note

20:10 [CNN] Attorney: Feds join whistle-blower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

20:10 [Reuters: politics] Obama says across-the board cuts are not inevitable

20:11 [Fox News] Driver ID�d in fatal Vegas shooting-crash

20:12 [The Hindu - News] For Wasey, it’s trulylife beyond death

20:13 [Big Think] Dolphins Call Their Loved Ones by Name

20:15 [CNN: Crime] Supreme Court to weigh divisive voting rights case

20:15 [CNN: Crime] Man pleads guilty to owing $1.2 million in child support

20:15 [CNN: Crime] Florida task force recommends keeping 'stand your ground' law

20:15 [The Hindu - Opinion] The monarch and the mask

20:15 [CNN] John Paul Stevens Fast Facts

20:15 [CNN] Florida task force recommends keeping 'stand your ground' law

20:16 [Guardian] My diary of a Nazi death camp childhood

20:16 [The Hindu - News] 22HYVGN01-GHMC

20:18 [Financial Times] France asks Brussels for budget pass

20:20 [The Hindu - News] Friday prayers offered amid fear

20:23 [The Hindu - Opinion] Inhuman

20:23 [The Hindu - Opinion] Strike and after

20:24 [The Hindu - News] Terror Thursday shatters marriage plans

20:24 [Telegraph] Guilty, the drug addict who decapitated a British grandmother in Tenerife

20:24 [Telegraph] Nato mulls leaving 12,000 troops in Afghanistan post-2014

20:24 [Telegraph] Cancer patients 'at risk from delays'

20:24 [Telegraph] Prince Charles turns tailor during factory visit

20:24 [Telegraph] One million Brits 'descended from Romans'

20:24 [Reuters] Five killed in Islamist car bomb attacks in north Mali

20:25 [Mother Jones] Who's Saying What About Gerrymandering?

20:25 [Mother Jones] Why Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott Flip-Flopped on Obamacare

20:25 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: Defining "Politically Plausible" Down

20:25 [CNN] Kvitova to face Errani in Dubai final

20:27 [zero hedge] What The 'Real' Money Thinks Of The Italian Election

20:28 [Guardian] Allow Catholic priests to marry, urges Cardinal Keith O'Brien

20:28 [Raw Story] FBI: Neo-Nazi amassed 40,000 rounds, 18 weapons in plot black and Jewish leaders

20:28 [The Hindu - News] On strike day, he walked straight into jaws of death

20:29 [The Hindu - Opinion] Terror target again

20:30 [Disinformation] Vatican Gay Priest Network Linked To Pope’s Resignation

20:30 [] Rebuking Harper Agenda, Toronto Becomes 'Sanctuary City'

20:30 [The Hindu - News] Amanullah couldn’t keep his promise

20:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Valiant Lowitz: Robin Hood: Taxing Men in Suits

20:33 [Raw Story] FBI: Neo-Nazi amassed 40,000 rounds, 18 weapons in plot to kill black and Jewish leaders

20:34 [NPR] FBI Raids 'The Scooter Store;' Will TSA Crack Down On 'Wheelchair Miracles?'

20:34 [The Hindu - News] For Wasey, it’s truly life beyond death

20:36 [Voice of America] Syrian Opposition to Form Government in Rebel Areas

20:37 [Truthdig] Rep. Alan Grayson Honors Aaron Swartz

20:37 [Slashdot] New GPU Testing Methodology Puts Multi-GPU Solutions In Question

20:38 [Guardian] Oscar Pistorius freed on bail until murder trial begins in June

20:38 [CNN] Police search for Range Rover after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

20:42 [Voice of America] Obama, Abe Discuss North Korea's 'Provocative' Action

20:42 [CNN: Money] Fed officials: Don't worry if we lose money

20:43 [Raw Story] ‘Birther’ Arpaio supporter’s lawsuit reveals ignorance of election law

20:44 [NPR] Aquarium Dumping Linked To Giant Tahoe Goldfish

20:45 [CNN] The fairy tale on spending cuts

20:49 [The Hindu - News] Too early to blame anyone, says Shinde

20:49 [The Onion] Pistorius Case Takes Dramatic Turn As Altered Plane Of Reality Results In Paralympian Shooting John Lennon

20:52 [Topix Activism News] Is the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to kill Egypt's NGOs?

20:52 [Truthdig] Georgia Expedites Executions Ahead of Drug Expiration

20:56 [Telegraph] New Pope should allow priests to marry, says Cardinal O'Brien

20:56 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius could wait a year or more for trial into death of Reeva Steenkamp

20:57 [zero hedge] David Rosenberg Goes In Search Of A Positive Exogenous Shock


20:58 [CNN: Money] Transgender financial struggles: 'How we get by'

20:59 [The Hindu - News] Over a dozen policemen, stone-pelters injured in J&K

20:59 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court nod for marines’ visit home

21:01 [The Hindu - News] No compromise on more powers for Sri Lankan Tamils, Manmohan tells MPs

21:02 [Good] Animation Intermission: Michael Jackson Shakes a Lego

21:02 [CNN] John Lewis Fast Facts

21:03 [Big Think] Meditation Is the New Yoga: Bringing Mindfulness Into the Workplace

21:08 [CNN] John McCain Fast Facts

21:08 [The Progressive] Lifting the Lid on "Fix the Debt"

21:10 [Campaign For Liberty] John Tate Pens Open Letter to RNC Chair Reince Priebus

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Nemmeli plant brings hope to parched city

21:12 [Guardian] Liberal Democrats under pressure to reopen old claims of sexual harassment

21:12 [Fox News] WashingtonPop Quiz

21:12 [Fox News] Most Scandalous Slip Ever?

21:12 [Fox News] Star-Studded Oscar Recipes

21:13 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Will Cars Eventually Need a Do-Not-Track Option?

21:13 [The Hindu - News] ‘Five cities were specifically alerted’

21:14 [Global Voices] Bolivia's President to Seek a Second (or Third?) Term

21:15 [The Hindu - News] Corporation gets helping hand for conservancy work

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad police knew of IM recce

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Finding the gaps for the play on the field

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Test not a crowd-puller on day 1

21:18 [OpEdNews] Music Video: Say Goodbye to .... Happy Days Are Here Again

21:18 [CNN] Banksy mural torn from wall, up for auction

21:19 [The Onion] [video] NRA: 'It's Probably Best If You Just Ignore What We're About To Say'

21:19 [The Hindu - News] No deactivation if it’s Rs. 20: TRAI

21:20 [The Nation] Remembering Ronald Dworkin

21:23 [Raw Story] W. Kamau Bell’s joy over ‘end of slavery’ interrupted by man slapping ‘n—er’ baby

21:25 [The Hindu - News] If unions are not engaged in talks, another strike will follow: Dasgupta

21:25 [The Nation] Sundance, the Oscars and the Decline of Film Criticism—Not Just a Lady Problem

21:26 [Telegraph] Italy election: Bersani warns country could go the way of Greece

21:26 [Telegraph] British al-Qaeda recruits told to spread terror training through Europe

21:27 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 22 February 2013

21:27 [Truthdig] How Bad Will It Be When the Permafrost Melts?

21:29 [NPR] In Document Left Behind By Al-Qaida, 22 Tips To Avoid Drones Strikes

21:30 [The Hindu - News] 30 kg of pangolin scales seized, three arrested

21:30 [Slate Magazine] The Sequestering Obama’s Golf Game Gabfest

21:32 [The Hindu - News] Intelligence inputs not specific: Botcha

21:32 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) blasts State’s "negligence"

21:32 [The Hindu - News] Naidu faults Centre, State

21:32 [The Hindu - News] Two boys working in dhabas freed

21:33 [Raw Story] 10 things the FBI won’t fire you for

21:33 [Raw Story] Supersonic skydiver’s record confirmed

21:34 [The Hindu - News] New interceptor boat joins Coast Guard

21:34 [Reuters] Cuba's Raul Castro jokingly hints at possible retirement

21:34 [Voice of America] US Joins Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong

21:34 [Global Voices] SenseCamp Berlin: a Social Entrepreneurship Gathering

21:36 [Guardian] Chaotic, toxic, frantic: how Savile crisis engulfed BBC

21:40 [The Hindu - News] Show no leniency to hooch cases accused, says Supreme Court

21:40 [zero hedge] Guest Post: World's Biggest Gold Storage Company Dumps US Citizens

21:40 [zero hedge] Titan CEO vs France Round 3: "The Wackos Of The Communist Union Destroy The Highest Paying Jobs"

21:42 [The Atlantic: Politics] False Equivalence: The Ur-Text

21:42 [Reuters: politics] U.S. air travel upheaval looms with budget cuts: transport chief

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Chidambaram to launch CPC (TDS) today

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Drought hits milk production in Mysore, Chamarajanagar

21:44 [Global Voices] The Worst Companies of the Year

21:44 [Telegraph] Andrew Cuomo aide 'shamed employee on air'

21:45 [Slate Magazine] Let's Talk Oscars

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Yogeshwar quits Assembly and joins Congress

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Two police teams to visit Hyderabad

21:48 [The Hindu - News] SMEs can see speedy growth by adopting cloud computing

21:49 [NPR] Justice Department Joins Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong

21:49 [The Onion] [audio] Picture At Party Comes Out Great

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Gujarat’s low-cost housing promise no more than a pipedream

21:51 [Fox News] Sex charge added in Colorado school girl killing case

21:51 [Fox News] CHRIS STIREWALT: On sequester, the worse the better for Obama

21:51 [Fox News] Tennis pro allegedly solicited sex with 13-year-old

21:51 [Fox News] Midwest storms damage roads, cancel flights- FOXNEWS.COM EXTREME WEATHER CENTER - CHECK YOUR FLIGHT

21:51 [Fox News] Utah trooper accused of making bogus DUI arrests

21:51 [Fox News] White House to release talking point emails on Libya

21:52 [The Hindu - News] Dress code for degree college lecturers?

21:54 [The Hindu - News] Teacher held for allegedly raping 13-year-old

21:55 [Disinformation] Pope’s Retirement Linked To The Blackmailing Of A Circle Of Gay Vatican Officials, Reports Italian Press

21:55 [Disinformation] In The Neurosoup with Krystle Cole

21:55 [CNN] Feds join whistle-blower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

21:56 [Slashdot] Growing Public Unrest Leads China To Admit To 'Cancer Villages'

21:56 [The Hindu - News] Diana’s India dress to go under the hammer

21:58 [The Hindu - News] Man’s eye damaged for taking part in strike

21:58 [Raw Story] DOJ to join suit against Armstrong over Postal Service sponsorship

21:58 [Raw Story] Thousands riot in Bangladesh over writings of ‘atheist bloggers’

22:00 [Slate Magazine] Forget Sequestration

22:02 [Good] Power Shift: Downtown Pittsburgh To Halve Energy Consumption by 2030

22:02 [CNN: Travel] LaHood: Forced cuts mean flight delays, some control tower closures

22:03 [Raw Story] After bail, what’s next for Pistorius?

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Seven awards for `Celluloid’

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Image of suspect caught by camera on traffic signal

22:06 [CNN] 5 promising games for the PS4

22:06 [CNN] The Oscars just don't matter

22:08 [The Hindu - News] Suryanelli: Division Bench to consider case on Monday

22:08 [The Hindu - News] LDF not to manoeuvre to bring down UDF: Pinarayi

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Achuthanandan to attend óCPI(M) rally

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Property tax to go up in Kerala

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Why police failed to act on inputs on IM recce?

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Rajnath Singh wants India to scale down ties with Pakistan

22:13 [CNN: Health] Flu shot less effective than thought

22:16 [The Hindu - News] Parents of Pratibha Cauvery crew member commit suicide

22:16 [The Hindu - News] Opposition targets Centre for not averting blasts

22:18 [Big Think] The Argument for a Higher Gasoline Tax

22:19 [The Hindu - News] When death came calling at favourite joint

22:20 [The Onion] American Voices: Megan Fox To Star In 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

22:20 [The Onion] Funeral Held For Door Shot 4 Times By Oscar Pistorius

22:25 [The Hindu - News] After the strike, unions expect some budget sops for working class

22:25 [The Hindu - News] HC flays government for not implementing court orders

22:25 [CNN: Money] S&P, Nasdaq wrap up worst week of 2013

22:26 [CBC: politics] Mulcair risks losing spot on parliamentary priority list

22:26 [CBC: politics] Pentagon grounds F-35s due to crack in turbine blade

22:26 [The Atlantic: Technology] On Nuclear Weapons as Units of Measurement

22:26 [Guardian] German president: make English the language of EU

22:26 [Guardian] Eastleigh byelection: Tories urged to tell voters Chris Huhne is a liar

22:27 [The Hindu - News] Two senior functionaries of DMK given police protection

22:27 [Truthdig] Your Guide to the Sequestration Horrors

22:28 [Slashdot] Fruit Flies Medicate Offspring With Alcohol

22:29 [The Hindu - News] NCSC unhappy with slow pace of rehabilitation at Dharmapuri

22:31 [The Hindu - News] When the no fire zone became a killing field

22:34 [NPR] Contagion On The Couch: CDC App Poses Fun Disease Puzzles

22:35 [The Hindu - News] Second CID closure report in Yogita Thakre case also rejected

22:38 [CNN] Democrats raise pressure on GOP for a spending cut compromise

22:39 [The Hindu - News] ‘Iron Fist’ sets desert sky ablaze

22:40 [The Atlantic: International] Why the Drone Memos Are Still Secret

22:40 [zero hedge] S&P Has First Weekly Loss Of Year As Dow Regains 14,000

22:41 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court to get two more judges

22:43 [Slashdot] Carmack On VR Latency

22:43 [The Hindu - News] Ugly rule, woman make-up artist tells Supreme Court

22:44 [Electronic Intifada] Palestinian students "surrounded by guns" at Israeli universities

22:45 [The Hindu - News] MHA to conduct independent probe into rape by Delhi cops

22:51 [CBC: politics] Mike Duffy to pay back expenses claimed for Ottawa home

22:53 [Raw Story] Researchers: Giant goldfish spreading from Lake Tahoe to international waters

22:53 [Raw Story] Consumer protection bureau begins regulation of predatory private student lenders

22:53 [The Hindu - News] High stakes for the Sangmas

22:55 [zero hedge] Farewell AAA: Moody's Downgrades The UK From AAA To Aa1

22:55 [Disinformation] “Billionaires: Are They @ssholes?” – The Moment of Clarity SHOW

22:55 [The Hindu - News] ‘We share some blame, but others are not clean either’

22:55 [The Hindu - News] Look East, say six tribes

22:57 [Mother Jones] Tea Party Group Behind Saturday's Gun Rallies Under Fire

22:57 [The Hindu - News] A coalition, again?

22:58 [CNN] Oscar-nominated editors clear up the biggest category misconception

22:59 [CNN: Entertainment] Oscar-nominated editors speak

23:00 [Voice of America] Obama Pushes for Budget Deal to Stop Sequester

23:02 [Fox News: politics] Former rep appeals in suit against pro-life group over election loss

23:03 [Telegraph] Ukip MEP defects to Tories with broadside against 'dictatorial' Farage

23:03 [The Hindu - News] Image of bomb blast suspect caught by camera on traffic signal

23:05 [Global Voices] Saudi Lone Protester Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

23:06 [CNN: Money] Moody's downgrades United Kingdom from AAA

23:11 [Fox News] Lawmakers push to rein in traffic cameras

23:11 [The Nation] Comments of the Week: "Forward on Climate," #TheRealTANF and Immigration

23:13 [Raw Story] Rwandan woman stripped of U.S. citizenship after lying about role in genocide

23:14 [NPR] Pentagon Grounds Fleet Of F-35 Fighter Jets Because Of Engine Problems

23:14 [Reuters] Rockets hit Aleppo, killing at least 29: monitor

23:17 [Good] Foldable Disaster Housing That Literally Pops Up

23:21 [Reuters: politics] White House brings out Republican Cabinet member to warn on cuts

23:21 [Reuters: politics] Brennan backers to push for vote next week on CIA nominee

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] New Order Drags Back Released Prisoners

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Egypt Tilts Against Assad

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] U.N. Lambasted for Denying Compensation to Haiti’s Cholera Victims

23:23 [Reuters] Manhunt underway for suspects in fatal Las Vegas strip shooting

23:23 [Red Pepper] Italian elections: choosing our ground

23:23 [Red Pepper] The agonies of Bangladesh (and British ‘Islamo-fascist-left’ conspiracy theory)

23:24 [NPR] Sequester In South Carolina: A Tale Of Fighter Jets And Preschools

23:24 [NPR] After Long Isolation, Myanmar Now Has Suitors

23:26 [CBC: politics] Mike Duffy to repay expenses claimed for Ottawa home

23:28 [zero hedge] UK's George Osborne Responds To Moody's Downgrade

23:28 [zero hedge] Bitter Pill: The Exorbitant Prices Of Health Care

23:31 [Guardian] UK's credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA1 by Moody's

23:31 [Financial Times] Abe lays out vision of Japan power in Asia

23:31 [Financial Times] Celebrities defend Lebedev as trial nears

23:31 [Slashdot] Copyright Alert System To Launch Monday


23:35 [Telegraph] Britain's credit rating downgraded from AAA to Aa1

23:35 [Telegraph] Councils spend £155m on taxis to ferry children to school

23:35 [Telegraph] RSPCA could hire 'experienced criminal barrister' to review prosecutions, Attorney General suggests

23:35 [Telegraph] Chaos and 'faffing' at BBC as Jimmy Savile scandal detonated

23:35 [Telegraph] Clegg's top aide told of Lord Rennard sexual harassment claims in 2010

23:35 [] Bradley Manning: 1,000 Days in Detention and Secrecy Still Reigns

23:35 [] 'Morally Abhorrent' Censorship of Torture at Gitmo Trials Challenged

23:38 [Voice of America] Warhol Works to be Auctioned in Cybersale

23:38 [Reuters] Pentagon suspends F-35 flights due to engine blade crack

23:43 [CNN] Globovision excluded from digital broadcasting system

23:43 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Teaching maths by juggling

23:45 [CNN] Marines look to post-Benghazi security force

23:46 [BBC: Education] Gulf conference abruptly cancelled

23:48 [Fox News] F-35 fleet grounded after engine crack found

23:48 [The Onion] Man Who Bought 34th Anniversary Reissue Of Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' Feeling Like Real Idiot After Passing Display For 35th Anniversary Edition

23:53 [Telegraph] France's horsemeat industry races back

23:55 [Disinformation] Alchemical Alembics and Desert Wines – An Interview with James Maynard Keenan

23:57 [Topix Activism News] Rockets hit eastern Aleppo, killing 12 - activists

23:58 [Voice of America] Officials: US to Deploy Unarmed Drones to Niger

23:59 [OpEdNews] Open Letter to ACLU Director Anthony Romero

23:59 [NPR] Attack By Chondrite: Scientists ID Russian Meteor

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