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00:01 [Raw Story] Rare Mandela mementos to go up for auction

00:02 [Deutsche Welle] Ukraine puts deal with EU on ice - for now

00:02 [CBC: politics] Medical marijuana users outed in Health Canada privacy gaffe

00:02 [Guardian] Maria Miller dismisses attacks on BBC by fellow Conservatives

00:04 [Disinformation] Fuel Your Body And Nightmares With This Algae Helmet

00:04 [NPR] 'Ghost Particles' In Antarctica Offer Glimpse Of Deep Space

00:05 [CNN] The greatness that is 'Monty Python'

00:06 [CNN] Victim 9 in Sandusky case sues Penn State

00:06 [CNN] 5 children pulled from icy pond after car crash in Minnesota

00:07 [The Progressive] Richer Nations Are Wrecking the Climate Talks

00:08 [CNN: Money] Obamacare in California 10K apps a day

00:09 [CNET News] Unsnooze game for iPhone: Get points for waking up

00:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Andy Campbell: Michael Skakel Murder Case: Key Events For Kennedy Relative

00:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Obama Orders Flags To Be Flown At Half-Staff On JFK Assassination Anniversary

00:09 [Reuters: politics] Republican governors seek distance from Washington gridlock

00:09 [Reuters: politics] House committee rejects provision requiring account of drone casualties

00:09 [] Labor primary likely to turn on a few thousand votes

00:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Nuclear Option Provides Relief For Dispirited Dems

00:13 [The Atlantic: National] In Texas, Prosecutors Add Twitter Insult to Capital Punishment

00:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Hugh Jackman has skin cancer removed

00:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Aaron Carter is bankrupt

00:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Another "Breaking Bad" spinoff

00:14 [CNN: Entertainment] The greatness that is 'Monty Python'

00:14 [CNN: Living] Social media advice for parents

00:15 [CNN: Entertainment] Monty Python promising 'comedy, music, ancient sex'

00:16 [Raw Story] Pennsylvania ‘libtard’-hating chief charging $25 a month to serve in ‘militia’

00:17 [CNN] 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire': What to know about the Quarter Quell

00:17 [Financial Times] WTO on verge of global trade pact

00:18 [CNET News] Playing video games makes opponents think and feel alike

00:22 [Slate Magazine] How Democrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

00:23 [CNN: Entertainment] What you need to know about 'Catching Fire'

00:23 [CNN] Prosecutor: Letter from suspect in Paris attacks criticized media

00:23 [Voice of America] David Byrd: Smithsonian Zoo's New Panda Cub Healthy, Active

00:24 [] U.S., Israeli defense chiefs to attend Halifax security forum

00:26 [Raw Story] Jury awards Apple $290 million in Samsung patent case

00:27 [Deutsche Welle] London police makes domestic slavery arrests

00:28 [Mother Jones] The GOP's Filibuster Freakout: 13 Dramatic Reactions from Senate Republicans

00:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: Ruling On Arizona Ethnic Studies Law Appealed

00:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Shadee Ashtari: Florida Voters Overwhelmingly Support Medical Marijuana Legalization

00:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Arthur Delaney: David Vitter's Food Stamp Felon Ban Would Barely Save Any Money

00:34 [NPR] Prepare For Cabin Noise: FCC May End Ban On Phones During Flights

00:35 [Moral Low Ground] Illinois Legalizes Gay Marriage

00:36 [Reuters: politics] Reid pledges to move ahead with Iran sanctions in U.S. Senate

00:37 [zero hedge] Obama's Flip-Flopping In Shambles As California Rejects Proposed One-Year Plan Extension

00:37 [Reuters] Iran nuclear talks make some progress, but still differences

00:41 [Voice of America] Dan Robinson: US Stresses Importance of Signing Afghan Security Pact by End of Year

00:43 [Reuters] Six dead, dozens feared trapped in Latvia supermarket collapse

00:44 [CNET News], other Microsoft sites hit by service disruption

00:44 [CNET News] Watch a volcanic eruption form a new island south of Japan

00:44 [Slashdot] Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) On Every Raspberry Pi

00:47 [Slate Magazine] A Filibuster FAQ

00:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: John Boehner Successfully Enrolls In Obamacare Only 45 Minutes After He Blogs About 'Frustrating' Experience

00:53 [CNN: Money] Banks warned on high-interest loans

00:56 [Raw Story] U.S. regulators to propose use of cell phones in flight

00:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] Typing error ends in toddler's death

00:58 [Mother Jones] Republicans Refuse to Cover the Poor, Then Complain that Obamacare Isn't Covering the Poor /files/blog_obamacare_talking_point.jpg

01:06 [Truthdig] Gay Marriage

01:06 [Truthdig] Apple $290 Million Richer, Courtesy of Samsung (And a Federal Jury)

01:07 [CNN] At least four die in roof collapse at Latvian mall

01:07 [CNN] Suspicious fires plague Detroit's popular Heidelberg Project

01:07 [Slate Magazine] The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

01:07 [Slate Magazine] The Filibuster Had to Be Killed

01:09 [NPR] A Quick History Of Filibuster Flip-Flops

01:09 [NPR] Filibuster Changes Could Be Most Apparent In Federal Courts

01:09 [NPR] Filibuster Vote Marks Escalation In D.C.'s Partisan Wars

01:10 [] More Palestinians working in Israel, but unemployment rising sharply in West Bank and Gaza

01:10 [Reuters] United States gives Afghanistan year-end deadline for crucial security deal

01:11 [CNET News] Tech sector hiring more women, data shows... or is it?

01:11 [Unicef] In Tacloban, creating an oasis where children can be children, and safe

01:11 [Unicef] School clubs help conflict-affected Syrian children access remedial education

01:12 [CNN] Is American man detained in North Korea a bargaining chip?

01:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maxwell Strachan: Walmart Protests Promised To Be Even Bigger This Black Friday

01:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Geoffrey R. Stone: The Nuclear Option: A Sad Day for America

01:13 [zero hedge] SEC Compliance Examiner Arrested For Non-Compliance, Misreporting Stock Holdings

01:14 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: How Reproducible Is Arithmetic In the Cloud?

01:15 [BBC: Technology] How do game companies share massive files?

01:15 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Moving 750 million pages of print

01:17 [The Independent] Prosecutions for under-age alcohol sales fall to quarter of 2008 level

01:17 [The Independent] Postcard from... Berlin

01:17 [Slate Magazine] Gabfest Extra: The Nuclear Option

01:18 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Nigeria Anti-Corruption Group Urges President to Veto Measure

01:21 [Truthdig] Apple $290 Million Richer, Courtesy of Samsung (and a Federal Jury)

01:21 [Truthdig] Zimmerman Thanksgiving

01:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard (RJ: The "Real JFK" - Not Conservative, and Not Forgotten

01:24 [Campaign For Liberty] Grant the American People the Transparency They Deserve

01:26 [CNN] Karzai urges delay of U.S., Afghanistan security pact

01:26 [Raw Story] Antarctic ice lab sees sub-atomic particles in space

01:26 [Raw Story] French hostage recounts escape after captor left door open

01:27 [BBC: Technology] Global launch for Microsoft Xbox One

01:27 [BBC: Technology] Web inventor warns on surveillance

01:27 [Reuters] U.S. signals North Korea can improve ties by freeing Americans

01:28 [msnbc: politics] Christie deflects 2016 questions on first day as RGA head

01:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort: Why José Saramago Was Right

01:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Grim: Nuclear Fallout: The Real-World Consequences Of Senate Filibuster Reform

01:32 [BBC: Technology] The new meaning of spyware

01:34 [NPR] Charges Are Dropped In Florida Cyberbullying Case

01:41 [Raw Story] NY lawmaker asks for federal help as ‘knockout game’ attacks increase

01:45 [] Nuclear talks hit standstill as Iran demands right to enrich uranium, sanctions relief

01:52 [Reuters: politics] Republican governors seek distance from Washington gridlock

01:53 [CNET News] 'Batkid Rises': Watch the unofficial movie trailer

01:59 [CNN] 3 California students charged with racially bullying black roommate

02:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] Tired of sleeping with 'the Chairman'

02:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] Raise pension age to 70: report

02:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gabriela Aoun: Maui Signs Agreement With Monsanto Regarding Pesticide Use

02:01 [Slashdot] FCC To Consider Cellphone Use On Planes

02:02 [Voice of America] 6 Dead After Roof Collapse at Latvian Store

02:04 [Disinformation] Lee Camp: Dystopia Will Not Attack Us, It Will Slowly Consume Us

02:04 [Topix Activism News] Hologic adopts poison pill after Icahn reports stake

02:04 [zero hedge] Have Larry Summers And Paul Krugman Just Had Their Dimon/Dudley Moment?

02:08 [CNN] 'Baby Hope' slaying suspect Conrado Juarez's indictment unsealed

02:09 [CNET News] How to reveal items in the OS X Finder

02:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: Oil And Gas Industry Advocates Accused Of 'Hijacking' Texas Textbooks

02:10 [CNN] Koch Bros.-backed group gave millions to small business lobby

02:12 [Voice of America] Obama Proclaims Day of Remembrance for JFK

02:13 [Financial Times] Phone chatter likely to hit new highs

02:16 [Raw Story] Rescue workers among six dead in Latvian supermarket cave-in

02:16 [Fox News] Obama cheers Senate Dems after passage of historic filibuster overhaul /i/redes/icon-video.gif

02:16 [Fox News] JFK ASSASSINATION The woman who knew both the President and his killer /i/redes/icon-video.gif

02:16 [Fox News] EPA POWER GRAB? Claims new water reg may bring feds to your backyard

02:16 [Fox News] SURF OR SCIENCE? Google execs' jetting may be partly paid by taxpayer

02:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Wake up to breakfast TV reality

02:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Mr X' payout over email porn

02:17 [CNET News] AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile agree not to charge for spam texts

02:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jon Ward: Chris Christie: Can He Avoid Becoming The Next Marco Rubio?

02:28 [Slate Magazine] The Old Senate Was Already Dead

02:32 [Slashdot] Mozilla's 2012 Annual Report: 90% of Revenue Came From Google

02:34 [Big Think] 631 - A man, a Plan, a Canal, Karakalpakstan!

02:34 [zero hedge] Daniel Hannan Sums Up The US Political System In 140 Characters (Or Less)

02:36 [Raw Story] Filipino coconut farmers face ruin after Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation

02:43 [Reuters: politics] California exchange rejects extension of Obamacare-canceled plans

02:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Obscure FBI Unit Does The Domestic Spying That The NSA Can't

02:56 [Raw Story] Mexico vows to stop expansion of civilian ‘self-defense’ groups

02:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robin Wilkey: Maine Marijuana Legalization Fails

02:58 [msnbc: politics] Walker makes the case for a governor, perhaps himself, as 2016 GOP nominee

03:01 [zero hedge] Only 20% Of Economic Expansions In History Have Lasted Longer

03:07 [Deutsche Welle] German spies keep tabs on asylum-seekers

03:09 [Reuters] Eight dead, more feared trapped in Latvian supermarket collapse

03:09 [BBC: Education] Post graduate training cash set out

03:09 [BBC: Education] Discovery reveals how to rebury a medieval king

03:12 [CNN] Cocaine congressman: Will he stay or will he go?

03:16 [Raw Story] Actor Hugh Jackman reveals he was treated for skin cancer

03:18 [CNN] Kendrick Johnson footage released; expert finds it 'highly suspicious'

03:18 [CNN] Jackie Kennedy's pink suit locked away from public view

03:18 [BBC: Entertainment] Poets' Corner honour for CS Lewis

03:18 [BBC: Entertainment] How did Doctor Who reflect the news?

03:18 [BBC: Entertainment] Remembering Benjamin Britten at 100

03:22 [Deutsche Welle] US Senate filibuster rule change for presidential nominees

03:23 [BBC: Health] Discovery of the second-class male

03:23 [BBC: Health] Can my doctor be my Facebook friend?

03:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] William Bradley: Obama Sets Big Trip As He Regroups Around the Asia-Pacific Pivot

03:31 [Raw Story] Miami Gardens store owner films a year’s worth of outrageous behavior by local cops

03:31 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The New World Order – Part 1. The Betrayal Of The Nation

03:34 [Big Think] How Rodin Turned Early Neurology into Modern Sculpture

03:45 [CNN: Politics] Cocaine Congressman: Will he stay or will he go?

03:45 [CNN: Politics] Karzai urges delay of U.S., Afghanistan security pact

03:45 [CNN: Politics] The Lead: Perks of Christie's new gig

03:45 [CNN: Politics] How Chris Christie took over GOP governors group

03:47 [The Hindu - News] Chennai Corporation to tackle dusty roads

03:47 [The Hindu - News] Chennai airport ramps to be ready in January

03:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lincoln Mitchell: Hillary Clinton's Outsider Insider Candidacy

03:52 [CNET News] Google's insanely playful, Dalektable Doctor Who doodle

03:53 [The Hindu - News] Stones on tracks: suburban train services disrupted in Chennai

04:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Hillary Clinton Says Sustainability Has To Be Priority

04:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert L. Cavnar: 50 Years Ago in Texas - Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old

04:01 [Raw Story] ‘Black Beauty’ meteorite reveals warm, wet dawn on Mars

04:01 [The Hindu - News] U.S. flags to be lowered for Kennedy; death day images prevail

04:02 [AntiWar] Bombs Across Central Iraq Leave 79 Dead, 106 Wounded

04:03 [The Hindu - News] U.S. flags to be lowered for Kennedy

04:04 [Disinformation] Anti-advertising is the New Advertising

04:05 [The Hindu - News] Woman gets implant to replace damaged elbow

04:06 [zero hedge] Peter Schiff On Gold vs Bitcoin

04:06 [CNN: Politics] Will Radel stay or will he go?

04:06 [CNN] Massachusetts teen Philip Chism indicted for murder of teacher

04:09 [The Hindu - News] SHRC issues summons in dogs’ killing case

04:11 [The Hindu - News] Thousands stranded at Manipur border

04:13 [The Hindu - News] Four men run over by trains

04:13 [The Hindu - News] Patrol team nabs murder suspects

04:15 [Slashdot] Hammerhead System Offers a Better Way To Navigate While Cycling

04:15 [The Hindu - News] Meet Chennai’s own commentator

04:26 [Raw Story] Socialist Seattle City Council member defends accusing Boeing of ‘economic terrorism’

04:30 [The Hindu - News] 30 killed, 50 wounded in Iraq violence

04:36 [zero hedge] Goldman's Global Leading Indicator Collapses Into Slowdown

04:36 [zero hedge] What Happened The Last Time The Market Was This Far Ahead Of Strategists' Expectations?

04:36 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

04:40 [NPR] Mix Of Young And Old Signing Up For Health Care In California

04:41 [CNN] Trying out Tokyo's earthquake simulator

04:46 [Fox News] 'I FELT ASHAMED' Prof fights charges in '95 'rape revenge' murder

04:48 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

04:56 [Raw Story] iPhone maker Foxconn invests $40 million into boosting U.S. operations

04:56 [Voice of America] Dems Change US Senate Rule on WH Nominees

04:58 [The Hindu - News] Six dead in Riga supermarket roof collapse; dozens buried

05:01 [BBC: Science & Environment] Post graduate training cash set out

05:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] NGOs walk out of UN climate talks

05:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] Cosmic bang is 'brightest yet'

05:02 [The Hindu - News] Boeing jumbo jet lands at wrong U.S. airport

05:03 [zero hedge] The Scariest Chart for Stock Bulls Ever -- Not So Fast!

05:03 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

05:04 [Disinformation] The Onion: Buddhist Extremist Cell Vows To Unleash Tranquility On West

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Gold seized at Coimbatore airport

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Number of bodies in Mexico burial pits rises to 31

05:06 [Truthdig] Why Elizabeth Warren Should Run For President

05:11 [CNET News] Encrypted messaging coming to Microsoft's Office 365 next year

05:18 [Voice of America] Daniel Schearf: North Korea's 'World Class' Cyber Attacks Coming from China

05:20 [Fox News] Mel out as 'Mad Max'

05:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Terry O'Neill: JFK'S Contribution to Women's Rights--and What He Might Want Us To Do Next

05:31 [The Hindu - News] Foot-and-mouth disease scare hits Aavin procurement

05:31 [The Hindu - News] JD(S) MLAs miffed over list of drought-hit taluks

05:36 [Raw Story] ‘No explanation’ for federal raid on Denver-area pot dealers

05:37 [The Hindu - News] The stomping ground of three Bharat Ratna recipients

05:38 [Slate Magazine] Play the Slate News Quiz

05:38 [Slate Magazine] How Jackie Mourned

05:38 [Slate Magazine] A Grave Matter

05:41 [The Hindu - News] Reunion of dog and man costs Rs. 1 lakh

05:43 [CNN] Top Chinese court bans confessions obtained under torture

05:43 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi traders want integrated complex like Koyambedu market

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Modi to address four more rallies in Karnataka

05:53 [Guardian] Latvia supermarket collapse leaves dozens feared dead or trapped

05:53 [Slate Magazine] Every John F. Kennedy Street, Park, Airport, and School in the World

05:53 [Slate Magazine] Why’d Oswald Do It?

05:55 [The Hindu - News] Biju killed Reshmi: witness

05:55 [The Hindu - News] DYFI flays Centre, State for clearing airport project

05:55 [CBC: politics] Senate scandal: At Issue panel weighs in on what Harper knew

05:56 [Reuters] Rescue services say 12 dead after Latvia supermarket roof collapse

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Tibetans’ arrival in Vijayawada signals onset of winter

06:00 [AntiWar] We’re Never Leaving Afghanistan

06:01 [The Hindu - News] KSBB helpline flooded with calls

06:01 [The Hindu - News] DYFI flays Centre, State for clearing Aranmula project

06:04 [Big Think] November, 22, 1963: The Birth of a Legacy

06:06 [The Hindu - News] Visakhapatnam stadium outfield regains glory

06:06 [The Hindu - News] BJP demands action against Thamarassery, Idukki bishops

06:09 [Mother Jones] President Obama Is Getting Camera Shy /files/blog_obama_photographers.jpg

06:14 [The Hindu - News] Special athletes to make nation specially proud

06:14 [The Hindu - News] Indian-American takes over as Obama’s point person for South, Central Asia

06:18 [The Hindu - News] AAP promises action within 24 hours

06:18 [CNET News] Here's how Walmart will fight off Amazon on Black Friday

06:19 [Topix Activism News] Rights groups urge UN to back privacy protection

06:22 [The Hindu - News] AAP leader offers to opt out of poll after sting operation

06:24 [The Hindu - News] ‘Zip Pole’ may get green signal in Tamil Nadu

06:25 [CNN: Money] Big tech scrambles for Israeli firms

06:27 [CNN: Money] Businessperson of the Year

06:32 [CNN] Guide to Hungary's signature dishes

06:32 [Deutsche Welle] Russian threats block Ukraine-EU trade deal

06:32 [Voice of America] Iran, World Powers Enter Crucial Third Day of Nuclear Talks

06:34 [Slashdot] Researcher Shows How GPUs Make Terrific Network Monitors

06:36 [CNN] Key part of passed test but was still shelved

06:36 [The Hindu - News] MP polls: Chouhan upbeat; confident of a hat-trick

06:41 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart mocks Mitch McConnell’s warning to Democrats: Someday you will want to be obstructionist a*sholes

06:42 [Fin24 News] Dow breaks through 16 000 for first time

06:46 [The Hindu - News] Chennai Mahila Court rejects Godman’s petition

06:48 [CNN] State-of-the-art military planes vie for air supremacy in Middle East

06:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Alman: Ted Cruz Readies Another Obamacare Attack In Budget Talks

06:51 [Voice of America] VOA News: Iran, World Powers Enter Crucial Third Day of Nuclear Talks

06:51 [Fox News] Calif. health insurance exchange votes against enacting ObamaCare 'fix'

06:51 [Fox News] JFK ASSASSINATION The woman who knew both the president and his killer /i/redes/icon-video.gif

06:51 [Fox News] FILIBUSTER OVERHAUL Obama praises Reid, critics warn of Senate 'damage'

06:53 [The Hindu - News] 4 detained under Goondas Act in Coimbatore

06:59 [The Hindu - News] Sting operation: AAP forms committee to probe matter

07:01 [The Hindu - News] New faces challenge the old guard in Janakpuri

07:02 [Guardian] UK must do more to explain stance on Saudi Arabia, say MPs

07:02 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Kyiv snubs Europe

07:03 [CNN] Speaking out against cell service on planes

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Bhumi puja for bridge at CMCH performed

07:07 [The Hindu - News] AAP forms panel to probe illegal funds issue

07:11 [Reuters] On 50th anniversary of JFK death, Dallas holds its first memorial

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Work begins on Edappally flyover, bridges

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Power cut increases in Coimbatore

07:13 [The Hindu - News] Quarries may find lifeline in Kasturirangan report

07:15 [The Hindu - News] Heavy rains lash AP coast as Helen nears

07:15 [CNN: Travel] FCC considers allowing cell phone calls on flights

07:17 [The Hindu - News] Driver held, HM suspended in Coimbatore auto accident

07:20 [Guardian] Paul Flowers arrested in drugs inquiry

07:27 [CNET News] Heads up Apple, here comes 64-bit Android on Intel

07:27 [The Hindu - News] Thrikkakara municipality chairman stays on despite call for ouster

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Assault on traffic warden: women’s panel members meet Chandy

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Cotton farmers in Adilabad a happy lot

07:31 [The Hindu - News] Nedumaran released from Tiruchi Central Prison

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Madurai-Dubai flight service to start from Friday

07:36 [CNET News] Twitter launches advertising tool to target TV conversations

07:37 [The Hindu - News] When banks let their guard down

07:39 [The Hindu - News] Again, HC directs State to find water for Vypeen

07:41 [The Hindu - News] Shruti Haasan lodges complaint against stalker

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Secondary education scheme a partial success

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Plea for Madurai Corporation to pass estimates

07:47 [] An Armenia-Turkey Reconciliation Sequel?

07:47 [Voice of America] Ralph Jennings: Taiwan President Says Political Talks With China Can Wait

07:48 [The Hindu - News] National Commission for Women asks Goa Police to file FIR against Tejpal

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Lukewarm response to service tax scheme

07:51 [Voice of America] Americans Mark 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

07:51 [Reuters] Indonesia, Australia spy claim tension spreads to corporate world

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Gang busted, five autorickshaws recovered in Madurai

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Protester’s death was an accident: father to court

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Archaeological exhibition in Tiruchi offers a peek into the past

08:00 [The Hindu - News] Dharmasthala deaths: CPI(M) for CBI probe

08:03 [CNN] Dealey Plaza to go quiet at time Kennedy was shot

08:06 [Guardian] Kennedy assassination: memory and myth refuse to die after 50 years

08:08 [The Hindu - News] In the footsteps of his guru

08:09 [Fin24 News] Lid stays on residential building activity

08:12 [CNN] Minnesota car crash leaves 1 child dead, 4 others injured 1 child dies

08:12 [The Hindu - News] SC refuses to entertain PIL against Narendra Modi

08:12 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi industry body seeks incentives to revive units

08:14 [The Hindu - News] Merits, demerits of Bt cotton explained

08:14 [The Independent] Former Co-op bank chairman Paul Flowers arrested

08:14 [The Independent] Ashes 2013-14: England collapse in shambolic style

08:18 [Guardian] Ashes 2013-14: Australia v England: first Test, day two – live! | Andy Bull, Geoff Lemon and John Ashdown

08:18 [The Hindu - News] SC rejects PIL against Modi declaration

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Police verification for passport to be speeded up in Thanjavur

08:22 [The Hindu - News] CPN-UML, NC in close fight in Nepal elections

08:24 [The Hindu - News] 3 women freed in London after 30 years of slavery

08:25 [Voice of America] 18 Killed in Latvia Supermarket Roof Collapse

08:25 [Reuters] Twenty-one dead, more feared trapped in Latvian supermarket collapse

08:28 [Financial Times] HK$1m China cuppa goes on the block

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Tiruchi Corporation sanitary workers protest over assault

08:30 [Financial Times] Phone chatter likely to hit new heights

08:30 [The Independent] 17 killed in Latvia roof collapse

08:30 [The Hindu - News] Photo exhibition on Sachin in Vijayawada

08:30 [The Hindu - News] Labour department inspects industries in Kozhikode on complaints of child labour

08:31 [Fin24 News] Major garnishee fraud uncovered

08:32 [The Hindu - News] 3 women rescued from 30 years of slavery in London

08:37 [The Hindu - News] Move to prevent abuse of domestic help

08:38 [CNN] At least 18 die in roof collapse at Latvian mall

08:41 [The Hindu - News] Sky gazers in Vijayawada can spot ISON comet

08:42 [Guardian] Ashes 2013-14: Australia v England: first Test, day two – as it happened | Andy Bull, Geoff Lemon and John Ashdown

08:48 [BBC: Science & Environment] National Tree Week 40th Anniversary

08:51 [BBC: Science & Environment] Birds have 'predator-specific' calls

08:51 [BBC: Health] Emotional scars of Typhoon Haiyan

08:51 [Raw Story] Aldous Huxley: Prophet of our brave new digital dystopia

08:52 [BBC: Health] Male Y chromosome 'could be scrapped'

08:54 [CNN] Obamacare signup delayed -- for 2015

08:57 [Voice of America] Reuters: Top Indian Journalist Embroiled in Sex Scandal, Sparks Debate

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Indian cargo ship detained in Singapore

09:01 [The Hindu - News] Fire in east China oil pipeline kills 22

09:03 [The Hindu - News] CBI, Kerala get SC notice in ice cream parlour sex case

09:05 [The Hindu - News] Indian Counsellors Association to be launched on Sunday

09:05 [The Hindu - News] 21 dead in Riga supermarket roof collapse; dozens buried

09:07 [Guardian] Ashes 2013-14: England collapse on day two as Australia take charge

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Fighting for farmers

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Many teenagers part of gangland groups in Kerala

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Labour department inspects industries on complaints of child labour

09:10 [NPR] Thanksgivukkah: A Mash Of Two Holidays That's Easy To Relish

09:10 [NPR] Charter Schools In Philadelphia: Educating Without A Blueprint

09:10 [NPR] Witnessing History In A Dallas Emergency Room

09:11 [CNET News] Crave giveaway: Kanex Bluetooth Multi Sync Keyboard

09:13 [The Hindu - News] Slavery and abduction cases worldwide

09:15 [NPR] A Bitcoin Insider On Crime, Congress And Satoshi Nakamoto

09:17 [Deutsche Welle] Third day of P5+1 Iran nuclear talks begins in Geneva

09:18 [CNN: Crime] More questions, no answers in Kendrick Johnson footage

09:18 [CNN: Crime] 3 San Jose State University students charged with hate crime

09:18 [CNN: Crime] 3 men, including 2 ex-cops, charged in '94 slayings of Ky. prostitutes

09:18 [CNN: Crime] Mass. teen indicted on murder, rape charges in teacher's death

09:23 [The Hindu - News] Bank Unions to observe one-day strike on Dec 19

09:26 [CNN: Money] Samsung to pay Apple $290M more

09:26 [Financial Times] Death toll rises in Latvia store collapse

09:27 [Deutsche Welle] Artists give big data a new purpose

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Cyclone Helen: heavy rains predicted in Visakhapatnam

09:28 [Financial Times] Dublin warned on deficit target risk

09:29 [Voice of America] Karzai Says He'll Delay Signing Security Pact

09:31 [Guardian] London slaves: three women freed after 30 years' captivity

09:33 [The Independent] Jeremy Stafford quits as UK chief of scandal-hit security group Serco

09:36 [The Hindu - News] Sarkar murder case: SC notice to Pappu Yadav on CBI plea

09:38 [The Hindu - News] Protest against water meters leads to tension at GVMC

09:39 [Fin24 News] ArcelorMittal SA to build 800MW gas plant

09:41 [Fin24 News] New minimum wage for domestics

09:42 [The Hindu - News] Woman held for making false job offers in army

09:42 [The Hindu - News] Visakhapatnam gets bio-toilets

09:42 [The Hindu - News] 25 dead in Riga supermarket roof collapse; dozens buried

09:43 [Guardian] CQC report says hospital care has not improved since Mid Staffs scandal

09:43 [Guardian] Hugh Jackman has skin cancer operation

09:43 [Guardian] Oil pipeline fire leaves 22 dead in China

09:47 [Deutsche Welle] German third-quarter growth held back by slowing exports

09:49 [Guardian] European stock markets upbeat after Dow sets new record – business live

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Fears Rise of ‘Taliban-Style’ Justice in Syria

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Media Workers ‘Targeted’ in Syria’s North

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Cleopatra Drives in Haiyan’s Climate Change Message

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Trinidadian Fishers Choose Jail over “Seismic Bombing”

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Storm Brews at U.N. Climate Talks

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Multinationals’ Interest Grows in Sustainable Bioplastics

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Mideast Airline Deal May Overshadow Military Sales

09:50 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Big Coal Angles For a Slice of Climate Finance Pie

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Six airlines likely to operate from capital

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Navy Mela starts off in Andhra Pradesh

09:58 [The Hindu - News] One treatment plant, two inaugural functions

10:00 [The Hindu - News] Konaseema faces worst storm since 1996

10:00 [The Hindu - News] Making it serene

10:02 [The Hindu - News] William Dalrymple

10:02 [The Hindu - News] Ravi Subramanian

10:02 [The Hindu - News] Mary Kom

10:04 [CNN] At least 26 die in roof collapse at Latvian mall

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Goa police file FIR against Tejpal

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Students told to apply research to solve social, local problems

10:07 [Guardian] Arctic 30 Briton freed on bail from Russian jail

10:07 [Deutsche Welle] Ex-chairman of UK's Co-op Bank Flowers held in drugs probe

10:12 [The Hindu - News] Helen makes landfall near Machilipatnam

10:13 [Voice of America] Crisis in C.A.R.

10:17 [The Hindu - News] Filibusters lose sting as US Senate changes debate rules

10:19 [The Hindu - News] Tehelka case: Home Ministry seeks report from Goa

10:19 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

10:19 [Guardian] Royal Mail gets warning from Ofcom after missing delivery targets

10:21 [The Hindu - News] Globalisation has strengthened the Indian diaspora: expert

10:22 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Is this the world's smartest cab?

10:23 [Topix Activism News] Study finds digital activism effective and mostly non-violent

10:25 [Guardian] Supermarket collapse in Riga, Latvia claims 21 lives

10:25 [BBC: Technology] Web inventor in surveillance warning

10:25 [BBC: Technology] Samsung in $290m payout to Apple

10:31 [The Hindu - News] Tehelka Managing Editor defends action in Tejpal issue

10:31 [The Hindu - News] Bhushan Steel: State shifts official from post

10:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] Landing at the Wrong Airport: Sigh

10:35 [The Hindu - News] ‘Southco failed to restore power to Phailin-hit Ganjam’

10:35 [The Hindu - News] PCB starts criminal proceedings against Bhushan Steel

10:36 [BBC: Science & Environment] AUDIO: Bird alarm: Great tits use predator-specific calls

10:37 [The Hindu - News] National award for Cuttack district

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Tejpal offers fullest cooperation to police

10:47 [The Hindu - News] Tejpal offers 'fullest cooperation' to police

10:48 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: The timeless appeal of Dr Who

10:49 [The Hindu - News] East Godavari facing the fury of Helen

10:51 [Voice of America] Reuters: Philippines Tries to Attract Private Sector Funds for Rebuilding

10:53 [Guardian] Women freed from 'slavery' in London thank charity that helped them

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Goa Police file FIR against Tejpal

10:59 [The Hindu - News] 2008 cash scam: Amar Singh, Sudheendra Kulkarni discharged

11:01 [BBC: Education] Call to crack down on child drinking

11:01 [BBC: Education] Suspended 'super head' resigns

11:02 [CBC: politics] JFK's image endures as his conservative legacy fades: Stockwell Day

11:02 [CBC: politics] Chris Hall: Where is the 'new accountability' in the Wright-Duffy affair?

11:03 [BBC: Education] Postgraduate training cash set out

11:03 [Voice of America] 32 Killed in Latvia Supermarket Roof Collapse

11:03 [The Hindu - News] Chikkodi tops the chart in education in Karnataka

11:04 [The Atlantic: Technology] Inside the Navy's New Stealth Destroyer

11:04 [CNN] Pipeline explosion kills 22 in China, report says

11:04 [CNN] 20 most annoying things people do on planes

11:06 [BBC: Education] Free school row governors stand firm

11:08 [CNN: Crime] More questions in Kendrick Johnson footage

11:08 [Reuters] Sinopec oil pipeline blast kills 22 in eastern China: media

11:09 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Gearing up for another record?

11:10 [The Hindu - News] Congress in the habit of breaking promises, says Modi

11:12 [BBC: Also in the news] Russian boxers in tram rescue drama

11:12 [BBC: Also in the news] Spring comes very early for Moldova

11:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Tolkien biopic in the pipeline

11:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Hughes: 'Scandal' Shockers About Olivia's Mom, Fitz's Plans For His Future With Olivia (VIDEO)

11:16 [NPR] Remembering JFK By Rewatching His Inaugural Address

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Death toll in Haiyan in Philippines tops 5000

11:21 [CNN] At least 32 die in roof collapse at Latvian mall

11:21 [CNN] Bumpy road ahead for London cabbie business

11:22 [Guardian] MPs to debate EU referendum bill

11:22 [Guardian] Dozens die in supermarket collapse in Riga, Latvia

11:23 [Topix Activism News] Cambodian land activist Yorm Bopha freed from jail

11:24 [The Hindu - News] None of 1,020 Karnataka government schools make it to ‘A-Plus’ grade: study

11:27 [] Tajikistan's Long-Serving Defense Minister Replaced

11:28 [Deutsche Welle] Ornstein: 'Filibuster change is historic'

11:28 [Deutsche Welle] New NSA leaks lead to anti-Australia protests in Indonesia

11:28 [Deutsche Welle] Germany's Schäuble urges Greece to stick to reform courseäuble-urges-greece-to-stick-to-reform-course/a-17245496?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:28 [Deutsche Welle] Kenya's new water reserves to boost drought-stricken Turkana region if managed properly

11:28 [The Hindu - News] GAIN from GARBAGE

11:28 [BBC: Science & Environment] Satellite trio to map magnetic Earth

11:30 [Fin24 News] Zim gives 30 day ultimatum to foreign shops

11:31 [CNN] Minnesota car crash leaves 2 children dead, 3 others injured

11:32 [Guardian] Paul Flowers: police arrest former Co-Op Bank chairman in drug inquiry

11:33 [Voice of America] Anjana Pasricha: India Opens Bank Especially for Women with Aim of Economic Empowerment

11:34 [CNN] Exploring Namibia's pristine Skeleton Coast

11:34 [CNN] Reinventing the wheel -- new high tech wheel could be revolutionary

11:37 [Voice of America] Anjana Pasricha: New Indian Women's Bank Promotes Economic Empowerment

11:38 [The Hindu - News] Chouhan confident of a hat-trick in MP

11:38 [The Hindu - News] Latvia roof collapse toll rises to 32

11:39 [Reuters] Iran, six powers struggle to overcome snags in nuclear talks

11:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Orange Tree appoints new director

11:44 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa places priority on higher education

11:46 [Reuters] China president to promote allies in sweeping reshuffle: sources

11:49 [Voice of America] Robert Carmichael: Cambodia's Supreme Court Orders Land Activist Freed on Bail

11:52 [The Hindu - News] London police bust domestic slavery racket

11:53 [Voice of America] Mexico Investigating US Spying

11:57 [BBC: Entertainment] Vives collects trio of Latin grammys

11:58 [CNN] London 'slaves' accused couple released on bail

11:59 [The Hindu - News] Cases are baseless, Cong pursuing political vendetta: Ramdev

11:59 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: Dhanush’s next in Hindi

12:02 [Guardian] Warsaw climate talks – final day live blog

12:03 [CNN] Astronaut Karen Nyberg captures Typhoon Haiyan from space

12:03 [CNN] Surgery in a blackout: The doctor healing children's broken hearts

12:04 [Mother Jones] Are Coke and FedEx Worried About Sponsoring the Redskins? /files/Coca-Cola_Logo_Script_0.jpg

12:04 [Mother Jones] How Our Soldiers Come Home From the Wars: Broken /files/TheyWereSoldiers300_6_1.jpg

12:04 [Mother Jones] The House GOP's Hypocrisy On "Too-Big-To-Fail"

12:04 [Mother Jones] Life Sucks in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Because of Climate Change

12:04 [Mother Jones] The Real Conspiracy Behind the JFK Assassination

12:04 [Mother Jones] How the Simpsons Have Secretly Been Teaching you Math /files/simpsonblackboard630_0.png

12:04 [Mother Jones] Three Charts Explain Why Democrats Went Nuclear on the Filibuster /files/filibuster-dead-01_0.jpg

12:07 [Voice of America] Daniel Schearf: North Korea Issues Threats for Anniversary of South Korean Island Shelling

12:08 [Financial Times] Hopes for Iran deal despite differences

12:10 [Guardian] Businessman Scot Young hid £40m from estranged wife, judge rules

12:11 [The Hindu - News] Ambience and aroma

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Two killed as cyclone Helen crosses south of Machilipatnam

12:15 [Voice of America] Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Tops 4,900

12:18 [Reuters] EU loses out on Ukraine, but may have dodged a bullet

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Tejpal booked for rape

12:25 [CNN] Driverless cars: From Hollywood to real world

12:26 [The Atlantic: Politics] Face It: America Is Likely to Torture Again

12:27 [The Hindu - News] Thousands evacuated, life thrown out of gear as Helen makes landfall

12:28 [New Internationalist] PODCAST: Super Typhoon Yolanda versus Warsaw Climate talks

12:28 [Deutsche Welle] Relatives of Arctic 30 watch and wait

12:29 [CNN: Money] Wal-Mart workers question holiday pay

12:29 [The Hindu - News] Maldives to ramp up ties with India

12:30 [Reuters] Afghanistan rejects U.S. call for quick backing for troop deal

12:31 [Voice of America] Ukraine: EU Suspension Order was 'Economic' Move

12:31 [Voice of America] Simone Orendain: Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Tops 4,900

12:32 [Spiegel] Modern Missionaries: Shrinking Catholic Church Imports Priests

12:33 [The Hindu - News] On a common plate

12:33 [Voice of America] Iraq Shootings, Bombings Kill 9

12:37 [The Hindu - News] Spaces

12:37 [The Hindu - News] Run, women, run

12:39 [The Hindu - News] Want to protect interests of both sugarcane farmers, mills: Akhilesh

12:41 [CNN] The 'Jimmy Choos' of horseshoes

12:41 [CNN] What's your favorite Louvre artwork?

12:41 [CNN: Money] Million-dollar housing markets

12:41 [CNN: Money] The danger when one client is 80% of sales

12:43 [CNN] At least 33 die in roof collapse at Latvian mall

12:43 [The Hindu - News] Yet another lake is dying

12:43 [The Hindu - News] Property Q & A

12:43 [The Hindu - News] Cong believes in delivering on promises: Rahul

12:44 [CNN: Money] Federal cuts biting into home heating aid

12:45 [The Hindu - News] Wildflowers for company

12:48 [BBC: Entertainment] Sony to slash film production unit

12:50 [The Hindu - News] An epic moment

12:50 [The Hindu - News] Cute corners

12:50 [CNN] Russian authorities release most of Greenpeace protest group

12:52 [The Hindu - News] Colour it teal

12:52 [Spiegel] Housing Shortage: Berlin Bans Short-Term Vacation Apartments

12:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ann Brenoff: Where Were You When You Heard Kennedy Was Shot?

12:54 [The Hindu - News] Taking care of the source

12:54 [BBC: Science & Environment] Fresh effort to clone extinct animal

12:56 [CNN: Money] Buyer beware: Retail cards have costly trap

12:56 [Reuters] Sinopec oil pipeline blast kills 35 in eastern China

12:58 [The Hindu - News] 5 negotiation tips

13:00 [Guardian] Three Arctic 30 Britons freed on bail from Russian prison

13:01 [NPR] Death Toll In The Philippines Rises Above 5,000

13:02 [The Hindu - News] Who is Dara Shukoh?

13:02 [The Hindu - News] Get the best from a water tank

13:04 [The Hindu - News] The way ahead

13:06 [The Hindu - News] Catchy and classical

13:08 [BBC: Science & Environment] Satellites launch to map magnetism

13:09 [Reuters] ECB's Praet warns of deflationary pressures in euro zone

13:10 [Voice of America] VOA News: Iraq Shootings, Bombings Kill 9

13:10 [The Hindu - News] Facebook’s feel-good brigade

13:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Levin: What We Can Learn from the Debacle

13:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jack Mirkinson: How News Of The JFK Assassination Unfolded In Real Time

13:12 [CNN] Olympic champion: 'In life, there is always a hurdle'

13:12 [CNN] Learn how to fight off cancer

13:13 [Deutsche Welle] Kabul rejects US call for swift signing of security pact

13:13 [Deutsche Welle] Views clash ahead of Swiss vote on trimming executives' pay

13:14 [Voice of America] Kim Lewis: Study Reveals Economic Impact of Uneducated Children

13:14 [The Hindu - News] Prudence pays

13:16 [The Hindu - News] Facts, figures are testimony to UPA’s good work: Sibal

13:20 [The Hindu - News] How to make a big dumb movie... with smarts

13:21 [Reuters] Afghanistan rejects U.S. call for quick security deal

13:21 [NPR] Wal-Mart Food Drive Unwittingly Fuels Talk Of Minimum Wage Hike

13:21 [Raw Story] China tests first stealth combat drone, state media reports

13:24 [BBC: Technology] Google patents social media helper

13:25 [Reuters: politics] Embattled Utah Attorney General to resign amid misconduct probes

13:26 [zero hedge] Overnight Carry Continues To Push Risk To New Highs

13:26 [CNN: Money] Single dad struggling to heat home

13:26 [The Hindu - News] Conversations with light

13:26 [The Hindu - News] Sharif says drone strikes injustice against Pakistan

13:26 [The Atlantic: Politics] Marco Rubio on Edward Snowden: 'This Man Is a Traitor' Who Sparked 'Conspiracy Theories'

13:26 [The Atlantic: Politics] ​What Happened to Immigration Reform?

13:26 [Guardian] Five Arctic 30 Britons freed on bail from Russian prison

13:27 [Financial Times] Governments crack down on web dissent

13:27 [CNN] Zombie killers vs snail thieves: African gaming apps

13:28 [Deutsche Welle] Artificial intelligence: robots will have to think for themselves in space

13:29 [Financial Times] Hong Kong holds first rare tea auction

13:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Catherine Taibi: How 34 Newspapers Reported JFK's Assassination

13:31 [Raw Story] Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel released on $1.2 million bond after murder conviction vacated

13:31 [Raw Story] Vancouver bans doorknobs in future construction

13:33 [Spiegel] World from Berlin: Ukraine's Complaints Are 'Insolent'

13:33 [CNN: Health] Learn how to fight off cancer

13:33 [CNN: Health] The last cigarette: 9 ex-smokers

13:33 [CNN: Health] Lower your cancer risk

13:33 [CNN: Health] 'There is always a hurdle'

13:33 [CNN: Health] Olympic champion: 'In life, there is always a hurdle'

13:33 [CNN: Health] 3 meningococcal disease cases at California college

13:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Lost Excitement, Pathos, and Beauty of the Railroad Timetable

13:34 [The Hindu - News] 64 squares and limitless creativity

13:39 [CNN] London couple accused of slavery released on bail

13:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeffrey Young: Single-Payer Advocates: It Hurts To Say I Told You So

13:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan J. Reilly: This Prosecutor May Have Made Batkid's Day, But Her Fight Against Cannabis Is Hurting Sick Children

13:42 [BBC: Also in the news] Berlusconi 'just like JFK', says paper

13:43 [CNN: Politics] Dealey Plaza to go quiet at time Kennedy was shot

13:43 [Deutsche Welle] Foxconn joins in US manufacturing renaissance, invests in Harrisburg plant

13:44 [BBC: Education] New trust to run Al-Madinah school

13:44 [CNN: Politics] GOP Obamacare playbook: Spread negative perception

13:44 [CNN: Politics]'s Anonymous Shopper shelved

13:44 [CNN: Politics] What if JFK had lived?

13:46 [CNN: Money] Yahoo is selling stock (so it can buy it back)

13:46 [Raw Story] LG admits collecting data on viewer habits but promises to correct ‘bug’

13:48 [BBC: Entertainment] DiCaprio donates $3m to save tigers

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Delhi police team at Tejpal’s house

13:49 [CNN] At least 33 die in roof collapse at Latvian supermarket

13:49 [CNN] Michael Skakel Fast Facts

13:49 [Fox News] Nov. 22, 1963: A DAY THAT CHANGED AMERICA /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

13:49 [Fin24 News] VW to invest over $100bn to be number one

13:50 [Fox News] Senators pledge to move forward with Iran sanctions - OPINION: What would a good nuclear deal with Iran look like? Straight talk from an Israeli ambassador

13:50 [Fox News] At least 32 killed in grocery roof collapse in Latvia

13:51 [NPR] Disaster In Latvia As Store's Roof Collapses, Killing Dozens

13:52 [] Armenia’s Gyumri Becomes Putinville

13:52 [] Tajikistan: Mothers Ask Russia to Deport Deadbeat Husbands

13:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Adams: 13 Timeless Photos Of John F. Kennedy, Our Most Dapper President

13:56 [BBC: Education] Call to check campus speeches

13:56 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: November 22

14:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: White House Urges Democrats To Focus On Economy

14:02 [CNN] Report: Typhoon Haiyan death toll jumps to 5,209 in Philippines

14:02 [CNN] Opinion: Israel, U.S. -- stop dissing each other over Iran

14:02 [CNN] Opinion: Is Harry Potter stamp un-American?

14:02 [CNN] At least 37 die in roof collapse at Latvian supermarket

14:04 [Disinformation] Propaganda: Edward Bernays

14:06 [Foreign Policy in Focus] China: What Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Israel, and the U.S. Have in Common

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kevin Short: EU Criticizes 'Unacceptable' Conditions For World Cup Workers

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Scott Walker Tries To Climb Into 2016 Conversation With Book Tour

14:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gary Hart: An Idealist Without Illusions

14:09 [BBC: Technology] Danish trial for Pirate Bay founder

14:09 [Slate Magazine] The Developing World Shouldn't Fear MOOCs

14:10 [CNET News] Welcome back: Apple's 'lost' iWork features make triumphant return

14:10 [CNET News] Friday Poll: Which Xbox One feature excites you most?

14:10 [CNN] Cooking up a storm: Chef puts Polish cuisine on the map

14:13 [Deutsche Welle] Philippines announces Haiyan toll tops 5,000

14:13 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan to address police chiefs tomorrow

14:15 [Guardian] Freedom charity deluged with calls after slavery case

14:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'He did it': Scribbles shed light on death

14:16 [CNN: Travel] 20 most annoying things people do on planes

14:17 [The Hindu - News] AAP to file defamation case against web portal

14:18 [Voice of America] Iran, World Powers Enter Crucial Third Day of Nuclear Talks

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Wing: JFK's Assassination Video Was Kept From The Public For 12 Years. Here's What We Saw When It Aired.

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Edward Jay Epstein: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?

14:19 [CNN: Money] Marissa Mayer hasn't saved Yahoo yet

14:21 [NPR] World Headlines: Ukrainians Protest Government Decision On EU

14:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jamie Lee Curtis: Birth and Death: 11/22/1963

14:23 [Deutsche Welle] Belgium debates euthanizing suffering children

14:26 [Voice of America] US, Afghans at Odds Over Timing of Security Pact Signing

14:26 [CNET News] Xbox One buyers beset by buggy disc drives

14:26 [zero hedge] With Ackman, Druckenmiller, Robertson, PTJ And Dimon On Deck, Here Are The Best "Robin Hood" Day 1 Hedge Fund Ideas

14:26 [The Atlantic: Politics] Harry Reid: Constitutionalist

14:26 [The Atlantic: Politics] Liz Cheney, Ted Cruz, and the 'Animal House' Republicans

14:28 [The Hindu - News] US backtracks on financial commitments to climate change

14:28 [Voice of America] Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Tops 4,900

14:28 [CNN: Travel] Dusk to dark at Atlanta's airport

14:29 [Slate Magazine] Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs?

14:31 [Raw Story] Who was the best Doctor Who?

14:32 [The Hindu - News] The quiet achiever

14:33 [CNN] Opinion: Why women are still 'mean girls'

14:34 [The Hindu - News] Dalai Lama holding Buddhist conference in Chahttisgarh

14:38 [The Hindu - News] Twist to ethnic weaves

14:38 [CNN] Iran nuclear talks may continue past announced final day

14:40 [Fin24 News] Embrace employment equity bill - BMF

14:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Danziger: Stop Worrying - Love the Bomb

14:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: On The Anniversary Of JFK's Death, These Photos Show The President Doing What He Did Best In Life

14:43 [CNN] Angelcare recalls baby monitors after 2 deaths

14:43 [CNET News] Five-deal Friday: Cheap iTunes gift cards, free Amazon Prime, and more!

14:43 [CNET News] ARM: Who needs 128-bit processors when we already have 64-bit?

14:45 [] Despite US Opposition, UN Pushes Forward Surveillance Bill of Rights /sites/

14:46 [CNN] Manny Pacquiao: 'I cried when I saw the devastation'

14:50 [Voice of America] Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Tops 5,200

14:51 [NPR] How Precious: You Can Explore Middle-Earth On Google Chrome

14:54 [The Hindu - News] Crafting legacies in timber

14:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Richard Brodsky: The Filibuster and Unwritten Laws: Who's An Oxymoron?

14:56 [zero hedge] How Manny Pacquiao Became The Philippino POMO

14:56 [zero hedge] Bitcoin: For Smuggling, Ordering Hits, Paying For College And Now - Going To Space

14:56 [Raw Story] Brazilian who auctioned off virginity wants to sell it again

14:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Anthony Lappé: What if JFK Lived? The Impact of JFK's Two Terms as President on the 60s and Our World Today

14:59 [CNET News] Microsoft montage reveals future Xbox One games

15:00 [The Hindu - News] Right cut

15:02 [CNET News] Focal shift: Press photogs riled by White House social media

15:05 [Mother Jones] Why Do Piers Morgan and Nancy Grace Keep Giving Airtime to George Zimmerman's White-Power Buddy?

15:06 [Raw Story] Animated documentary film brings Chomsky’s ideas to life and reveals his human side

15:08 [The Hindu - News] Billed for trouble

15:11 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Bizarrely Named 'Nuclear Option' Did Not 'Humiliate' Republicans

15:12 [CNET News] Dish's Hopper: Now with less TV-input switching

15:12 [Voice of America] Americans Mark 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

15:13 [Financial Times] Putin accuses EU of Ukraine ‘blackmail’

15:13 [Deutsche Welle] 'Russian prisons are essentially torture chambers'

15:13 [Fox News] MIDTERM STRATEGY? Round 2 of ObamaCare enrollment delayed

15:13 [Fox News] ARMY'S 'UGLY' BATTLE Miss Kansas blasts push for GI plain Jane in ads

15:14 [Fin24 News] Gold set for biggest loss in two months

15:14 [The Hindu - News] Dos that DARE

15:15 [CNN] JFK assassination memories from 1960s children

15:15 [CNN] Oliver Stone: There's nothing in 'JFK' I would go back on

15:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Timothy English: JFK's Five Favorite Songs & What They Tell Us About Him

15:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Memorials Mark Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy's Death

15:19 [The Hindu - News] A few more steps

15:21 [CBC: politics] Chuck Hagel, Rob Nicholson meet ahead of security forum

15:23 [CBC: politics] New cyberbullying law has 'larger agenda,' expands police powers

15:23 [CBC: politics] Wright-Duffy affair tests Harper's 'new era of accountability': Chris Hall

15:23 [The Hindu - News] A rare opportunity

15:23 [Spiegel] Pizza and Politics: Conservatives and Greens Revisit Past Flirtation

15:26 [CNN] How did Kennedy's assassination change the world?

15:27 [Truthout] Fracking Lobby ANGA's Tax Forms: Big Bucks to Media Outlets, "Other ALECs"

15:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bob Hagan: Up Against the Wal-Mart

15:28 [CNET News] Nokia Lumia 1520 may not reach buyers until December

15:28 [zero hedge] Lack Of Crime Doesn't Pay: JPM Banker Pay To Remain Flat In 2013

15:29 [CNN] The bones of Peter and the eyes of faith

15:30 [The Hindu - Opinion] Creative Commons: thinking beyond copyright

15:30 [CNN] Felipe Massa: Brazil faces F1 driver crisis

15:35 [The Hindu - News] Stories through music

15:35 [Reuters] On 50th anniversary of JFK death, Dallas holds first memorial

15:36 [Raw Story] White supremacist flyers posted around Eastern Kentucky University campus

15:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: Fix Will Be Tougher Than Obama Thinks, Experts Say

15:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Creigh Deeds Released From Hospital

15:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ross Luippold: Stephen Colbert Destroys Oklahoma Governor For Blocking Same-Sex Military Benefits

15:38 [CNN: Technology] Designer reinvents the wheel -- no, really

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Beastly tales

15:43 [Deutsche Welle] Volkswagen unveils massive investments in race to become world auto leader

15:43 [Deutsche Welle] Kennedy faces tough issues in first diplomatic post

15:43 [Topix Activism News] Corporate Espionage and the Secret War Against Citizen Activism

15:44 [Guardian] Russia 'blackmailed Ukraine to ditch EU pact'

15:44 [Guardian] Freedom charity deluged with calls after 'slavery' case

15:44 [Fin24 News] Agriculture trying to save electricity

15:45 [Good] Why We Want Kids to Design Solutions for Our Future

15:45 [Red Pepper] Chile’s fractured social movement

15:45 [] White House: Our Visual Propaganda a "Clear Win" for American Public /sites/

15:47 [BBC: Technology] US prepares for more online gambling

15:48 [Truthout] 11/22: The Day "Truth" Died

15:48 [Truthout] Judicial Nominees

15:48 [Truthout] Affordable Cartoon Act

15:48 [CNN: Travel] FCC: End ban on in-flight calls

15:48 [The Independent] Traveller's Guide: Lapland - drive huskies, meet Santa Claus and try to catch the Northern Lights

15:53 [CNN] 5 things you might not know about JFK's assassination

15:55 [Slate Magazine] Democrats Are Itching for a Fight

15:56 [NPR] Why Did That Jet Land At The Wrong Airport? Well, It Happens

15:56 [zero hedge] David Stockman Blasts "It's 2007/8 All Over Again"

15:58 [Deutsche Welle] Russia frees Arctic Sunrise captain and further crew members

15:59 [CNN: Money] The temper tantrum: The key to smart management?

15:59 [CNN: Money] Stocks wobble at all-time highs

16:00 [Guardian] Doctor Who's least fearsome foes

16:01 [World Policy Institute] Central Europe’s Bad Bet

16:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jared Bernstein: Will Things Economic Soon Be Looking Up?! Sorry, I Don't See It...

16:02 [CNN] When God isn't on the guest list

16:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bob Burnett: It's Inequality, Stupid: Defending Affordable Health Care

16:06 [CNN: Living] Your thoughts on teens and social media

16:06 [CNN: Living] When God isn't on the guest list

16:06 [CNN: Living] Selfie named word of the year

16:06 [Voice of America] 35 Killed in China Oil Pipeline Blast

16:07 [CNN] Review: 'Catching Fire' is smoothly exciting

16:08 [CNN: Money] In-flight phone calls will cost you

16:11 [Raw Story] Maddow: Why is a quack ‘ex-gay therapist’ on staff at the U.S. Air Force Academy?

16:11 [Raw Story] Ohio sheriff to drug users: Please make sure you’re buying heroin, not krokodil

16:12 [CNET News] Are super-compact EVs the ride of the future?

16:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Center for Public Integrity: The 'lobbyist' is dead

16:13 [Deutsche Welle] US lawmakers push for German entrance to Five Eyes spy alliance

16:14 [Fin24 News] Fatality at Harmony Gold mine

16:15 [Slate Magazine] The Economics of The Hunger Games

16:16 [The Hindu - News] Seasons of change

16:18 [The Hindu - News] Madhubani beyond the living rooms

16:18 [CNET News] How do we use our iPads? Apple counts the ways

16:20 [CNN: Entertainment] Franco has an impersonator

16:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ross Luippold: Obama Apologizes For Obamacare Rollout... And A Bunch Of Other Stuff, Too, On 'Fallon'

16:23 [BBC: Science & Environment] Hope for climate talks' final hours

16:24 [The Hindu - News] On a comeback trail

16:25 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for November 22, 2013 /files/1122-630.jpg

16:26 [Guardian] Bank intern Moritz Erhardt died from epileptic seizure, inquest told

16:26 [CNN] Young adult books from page to screen

16:29 [CNN: Entertainment] Review: 'Catching Fire'

16:29 [Financial Times] Latvia faces worst disaster in decades

16:31 [zero hedge] Europe Unveils Its Latest Deus Ex Machina Growth Bazooka: Encourage Debt-Cutting "Reform" With Even More Debt

16:31 [zero hedge] CoNSPiRaCY MeMe...

16:31 [zero hedge] Bill Ackman Admits $500 Million Herbalife Loss, Stock Surge Adds To Pain

16:31 [CNN: Politics] Rep. Yoho: GOP playbook needs solutions

16:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hunter Stuart: Class In America Summed Up In One Incredible Photo

16:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Radley Balko: Tenn. Hearings Demonstrate Absurdities Of Asset Forfeiture

16:31 [NPR] VIDEO: Spectacular Animation Of Biggest Bang Ever Seen

16:32 [The Hindu - News] Spice on skewers

16:35 [CNN: Crime] 3 women held 30 years; couple arrested

16:35 [CNN: Crime] Posthumous pardons in Scottsboro Boys case

16:36 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for November 22, 2013

16:36 [] Democracy Now!: As Environmentalists Walk Out of UN Talks, Top US Envoy Says No to Reparations for Climate Damage

16:36 [] Democracy Now!: "You've Made a Wager of Our Future": Somali Youth Activist Pleads to U.N. Summit for Climate Action

16:36 [] Democracy Now!: Climate Activists: Carbon Trading a “False Solution” Pushed by Bankers and Bureaucrats

16:36 [] Democracy Now!: “We Can’t Take Crumbs from the High Table”: Global Activists Hold Their Own Climate Justice Summit

16:36 [] Democracy Now!: “Africa Is Being Pushed Closer to the Fire”: Africans Say Continent Can’t Wait for Climate Action

16:36 [The Hindu - News] Right on course

16:40 [Slate Magazine] Getting On

16:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: The House GOP's Hypocrisy On 'Too-Big-To-Fail'

16:40 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

16:42 [CNET News] Assemble the $99 Kano DIY computer in minutes

16:42 [Guardian] European stock markets hesitent despite Dow setting new record – business live

16:43 [Reuters: politics] Democrats ditch historic U.S. Senate rule blamed for gridlock

16:44 [Big Think] Brightest Cosmic Explosion Ever Witnessed Puzzles Scientists

16:45 [Good] Small Business Owner? The 5 People You Might Want in Your Corner

16:45 [Fox News] Rescuers use cell phones in search for survivors after Latvian grocery store roof collapse kills at least 45

16:45 [Fox News] Va. lawmaker Creigh Deeds leaves hospital after stabbing

16:45 [CNN] One World Trade Center Fast Facts

16:46 [] Only Half of Drugs, Other Newly Emerging Contaminants Removed From Sewage /sites/

16:46 [Raw Story] Poetry breaks through fog of Alzheimer’s sufferers

16:46 [Raw Story] ‘Monstrosity! Ludicrous! Insane!’ Huge ‘Youabian Puma’ car raises eyebrows at LA auto show

16:46 [Raw Story] Antarctic ice lab sees sub-atomic particles in space

16:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rebecca Klein: Texas Board Of Ed Votes To Drop Algebra II Mandate

16:50 [The Hindu - News] Rushes

16:51 [CNN: Entertainment] Return of the movie soundtrack

16:51 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Boston's Finest' star dies

16:51 [CNN: Entertainment] Oliver Stone wouldn't change 'JFK' movie

16:52 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Friend of science' Kavli dies at 86

16:52 [CNET News] Foxconn set for US with $40 million investment in Pennsylvania

16:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joel K. Goldstein: JFK's Legacy After the 'Kennedy Half Century'

16:53 [CNN: Health] 600k baby monitors recalled

16:53 [CNN: Health] Stay in shape at work

16:53 [CNN: Health] Celebs sweat just like us

16:53 [CNN: Health] 600,000 baby monitors recalled after deaths

16:53 [Deutsche Welle] Security in Mali fragile as voters elect a new National Assembly

16:54 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

16:55 [zero hedge] Spot The Manipulated FX Market Moment

16:55 [Mother Jones] The Senate Really Can't Get Much More Dysfunctional at This Point

16:56 [Voice of America] VOA News: At Least 35 Killed in China Oil Pipeline Blast

16:56 [Raw Story] Siats meekerorum: Meet the dinosaur that terrorized Tyrannosaurus rex

16:56 [Raw Story] Rhino poaching nearly outpaces births, group warns

16:56 [Raw Story] Alabama grants three posthumous pardons in notorious ‘Scottsboro Boys’ case

16:56 [Raw Story] Philippine typhoon death toll passes 5,200

16:59 [The Hindu - News] Santosh Lad resigns

16:59 [CNN: Health] Extreme migraine treatment

16:59 [CNN: Health] Pics: Celebs sweat like us

17:00 [Slate Magazine] Happy Valentinukkah’s Day!

17:00 [Slate Magazine] The Case of the Killer Hot-Dog Toss

17:00 [CNET News] LG: We're committed to being a major player in mobile

17:00 [CNET News] Putting the Southwest Airlines gate-to-gate Wi-Fi to the test

17:01 [CNN: Money] Virgin's space travelers can pay with Bitcoin

17:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] John W. Whitehead: Kennedy Was Right: We Are the Heirs of the First Revolution

17:01 [Spiegel] 'Fat Cat' Backlash: Swiss Executive Pay Debate Gets Ugly

17:03 [CNET News] Teens aren't dumping Facebook, says chief operating officer

17:03 [Deutsche Welle] Magnus Carlsen wins chess world championships aged 22

17:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Swanson: Americans Are Convinced Climate Change Is Connected To Stronger Storms, Poll Says

17:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Adam Goldberg: Health Law Is Dividing Republican Governors -

17:04 [The Atlantic: Technology] Why This Shepherd Loves Twitter

17:04 [The Atlantic: Technology] 5 Intriguing Things

17:04 [Financial Times] Tribunal orders Russia to free Greenpeace ship

17:06 [Raw Story] Afghanistan rebuffs U.S. demand to sign security pact

17:06 [Raw Story] Hundreds of thousands evacuated as Cyclone Helen hits India

17:07 [CBC: politics] Ontario can limit pharmacy-brand drugs, Supreme Court rules

17:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jody Williams: End to Violence Rides on Honduran Elections

17:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Now You Can Own A George W. Bush Painting

17:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ashley Woods: GOP Taps Rand Paul To Open Minority Outreach Office

17:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Pearl Korn: Our Mission Is Clear: Amend Citizens United

17:11 [Raw Story] Want to get stoned without losing your memory? Take ibuprofen, scientists say

17:13 [The Hindu - News] Alive and kicking

17:14 [Guardian] Unspeakable horrors in a country on the verge of genocide

17:15 [Slate Magazine] Who Wants to Be a Trillionaire?

17:15 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

17:18 [Deutsche Welle] Kayani leaves behind an insecure Pakistan

17:19 [Fox News] TRUMPED UP CHARGE? Hero doc in bin Laden raid named in 'murder' case

17:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Jordan collects playwriting honour

17:20 [CNN: Money] Fly to outer space without your wallet

17:20 [CNN: Money] Gold prices near lows of the year

17:20 [CNN: Money] 5 housing bubbles to watch

17:20 [CNN: Money] Million-dollar housing zips

17:21 [Spiegel] Migrant Abuse: MEPs Plan Qatar Trip after Damning Resolution

17:21 [NPR] Insomnia Could Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Death In Men

17:21 [NPR] Project Xpat: Exploring The Expatriate Life

17:22 [CNN: Technology] Xbox One launches -- now it's a console war

17:23 [This Magazine] Friday FTW: Vancouver Opens a Door to Equality

17:24 [New Internationalist] Quick, get to eBay - nature's for sale!

17:25 [CNN] Xbox One's midnight launch officially starts new console war

17:25 [zero hedge] Close Encounter Of The Tornado Kind: Watch What Happens When Nature's Fury Is Unleashed

17:25 [zero hedge] Dollar's 30 Year Slide May Be Gold's New Life: 2014 Outlook

17:26 [Truthout] Vietnam and the Legacy of the JFK Presidency - Peter Kuznick on Reality Asserts Itself

17:30 [Financial Times] Swiss executives braced for poll on pay

17:30 [Financial Times] Honduran presidential poll on knife edge

17:31 [Truthout] How Can Fed Policy Help Main Street?

17:31 [Raw Story] Louisiana Attorney General’s Office officially declares ‘roosters’ to be ‘chickens’

17:31 [Raw Story] Report: Corporations use professional spies-for-hire to monitor and undermine nonprofits

17:32 [CNN] Nation pauses to remember John F. Kennedy's death

17:33 [Spiegel] Picture This: Glee Cub

17:36 [World Policy Institute] "Alliance for Progress" Still a Noble Goal in Latin America

17:37 [BBC: Technology] Opposition to mobile chat on planes

17:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Inae Oh: Bloomberg Likens De Blasio Victory To A Change In 'Hemlines'

17:37 [The Hindu - News] Party official outlines limits to China’s reform moves

17:38 [The Progressive] The Four Most Compelling JFK Assassination Films

17:38 [Deutsche Welle] Blatter: Europe also to blame for World Cup worker welfare concerns

17:40 [BBC: Also in the news] Altered Images: When old news photos resurface

17:40 [BBC: Also in the news] The Loop: Duran Duran and those natty ties

17:40 [Slate Magazine] When the Swing Justice Doesn’t Swing

17:40 [Voice of America] 47 Killed in Latvia Supermarket Roof Collapse

17:40 [Voice of America] US, Afghans at Odds Over Timing of Security Pact Signing

17:41 [CNN] How to recover after decades of slavery?

17:42 [Truthout] "Nature Does Not Negotiate": Environmentalists Walk Out of UN Climate Summit in Warsaw

17:43 [zero hedge] Which Is It? According To The BLS, The Average Monthly Job Gain In 2013 Is Either 184K Or 20% Lower

17:43 [BBC: Also in the news] Altered Images: How to verify photos

17:43 [CNN: Money] Get ready for Middle East airline domination

17:44 [CNET News] Premium Mathematica software free on budget Raspberry Pi

17:44 [CNET News] Psst, hey buddy, want a free BlackBerry Z10 phone?

17:44 [CNET News] LG's rumored Odin processors get ready for primetime -- report

17:44 [Big Think] What is Conspiracy Theory Psychology?

17:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dr. Jill Biden: TechWomen: Supporting a Global Network of Women in STEM

17:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Yasmine Hafiz: Congress Pushes For Release Of Pastor Saeed Abedini From Iranian Prison

17:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Freeman: Evolution Battle Engulfs Texas Board Of Education All Over Again

17:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Whoops! Obamacare Turns Out To Be Great Deal Personally For Boehner

17:45 [The Hindu - News] No double standards on drone strikes: Sharif

17:46 [Truthdig] How to Reverse a Slow-Motion Apocalypse

17:46 [CBC: politics] Stephen Harper to make announcement with Manitoba premier

17:48 [CNN] Husband of Katherine Harris kills himself, police say

17:49 [The Onion] Magazine: We Tell You Straight Up How Much Jessica Lange Weighs

17:49 [The Onion] Infographic: Controversy Over ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Sequel

17:49 [The Onion] American Voices: Poll: Most In U.S. Believe JFK’s Death A Conspiracy

17:50 [CNN] UK police investigate women's 'invisible handcuffs' in slavery case

17:50 [CNN] Hunger Games is 'Catching Fire' in Hawaii

17:51 [NPR] Pakistani Who Helped CIA Find Bin Laden Is Charged With Murder

17:53 [Deutsche Welle] Asian workers' fight for fairness tours Germany

17:54 [The Atlantic: International] What’s Behind the Wave of Terror in the Sinai

17:55 [CNN: Money] Fly me to the moon. With Bitcoin.

17:55 [Fin24 News] Barclays finds way to sidestep bonus cap

17:55 [Mother Jones] This Woman State GOP Chair is Paid $20k Less Than Her Male Predecessor

17:57 [zero hedge] Regulators Watch Porn and Literally Sleep with Industry They’re Supposed to Rein In … Instead of Protecting the Public

17:57 [zero hedge] Circular Bubble Logic

17:58 [CNN] Maria Sharapova has a new man in her life

17:58 [The Hindu - News] Aziz concerned over drone strike

17:58 [BBC: Entertainment] James Arthur cancels engagements

17:59 [Guardian] US backs timetable for global climate deal at Warsaw talks

17:59 [Disinformation] Presenting Assassination Market: The Bounty Killer Crowdfunding Website

18:03 [CNN] Massachusetts affidavit: Details of slaying of teacher Colleen Ritzer

18:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Gerken: Sea Level Rise Survey Reveals Researchers' Concern About High-End Scenarios

18:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Curtis M. Wong: 'Weird Al' Yankovic On Support For Gay Marriage, LGBT Rights

18:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Gerken: Americans Uninformed About Fracking Says New Study

18:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: JFK's Legacy Extends Far Beyond Conspiracy Theories (But Those Are Popular, Too)

18:07 [Guardian] David Cameron urged to break logjam as Gibson and Chilcot reports delayed

18:07 [CNN: Money] Cities with the most million-dollar homes

18:08 [The Hindu - News] A weak Warsaw mechanism on Loss and Damage almost final

18:11 [NPR] Esperanza Spalding: Guantanamo 'Is Not Our America'

18:11 [The Atlantic: Politics] You Call This a Nuclear Option? Late-Night Comedy Roundup

18:11 [The Atlantic: Politics] Are Libertarians Going Soft?

18:13 [The Progressive] Debunking Kennedy's False Legacy

18:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dr. Kevin Simmons: An Eerie Silence

18:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paige Lavender: Obama To Visit California Dreamworks Studio

18:13 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel lauds Greece progress as Samaras visits

18:16 [Fox News] Police search for mom after 2 sons, dad found dead

18:16 [Fox News] Evolution debate again engulfs Texas school board - Common Core divides private schools

18:16 [Fox News] Calif. school abandons Apache mascot after outcry

18:16 [Fox News] Va. state Sen. Deeds leaves hospital after stabbing- DR. ABLOW: How psychiatry killed Gus Deeds, son who stabbed Va. state Sen. Creigh Deeds

18:17 [CNN: Money] BofA inquest sheds light on intern hours

18:18 [CNET News] iPhone 5S, unlocked and SIM free, now sold through Apple

18:18 [CNET News] Google Play warms up to tablet-friendly apps

18:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: 47 Killed in Latvia Supermarket Roof Collapse

18:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Trita Parsi: Enrichment Dispute Between Iran and P5+1 Resolved

18:21 [NPR] Tech Week That Was: Video Gaming, Bitcoin And Landlines

18:23 [CNN] South African papers defy ban, photograph President Jacob Zuma's home

18:23 [Spiegel] Campfire Kids: Going Back to Nature with Forest Kindergartens

18:26 [zero hedge] Larry Summers: "History Will Overwhelmingly Approve QE"

18:26 [The Hindu - News] Nutrition levels among vegetarians better: study

18:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Luke Johnson: Chuck Hagel: No Post-2014 Afghanistan Force Planning Until Afghans Sign Pact

18:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: 20 Years Later, These Are The Issues Mrs. Doubtfire Will Make Us Think About Into Eternity

18:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Anna Almendrala: California's Obamacare Success Marred By Canceled Insurance Policies, According To Critics

18:29 [CNN: Travel] Hawaii stars in new 'Hunger Games'

18:29 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Bulls continue record run

18:30 [CNN] At least 47 die in roof collapse at Latvian supermarket

18:30 [Slate Magazine] Taking the “Meh” out of Metadata

18:30 [Slate Magazine] If Corn Loses, We Win

18:30 [The Hindu - News] With robots, helping students get their logic right

18:31 [] Bob Woodward Doesn't Understand Why Whistleblowers Like Snowden Avoid Journalists Like Him /sites/

18:31 [Raw Story] Conservative groups plan prayer vigil against pornography

18:31 [Raw Story] ‘Young Turks’ mocks ‘Fox prick in disguise’ John Stossel for ‘homeless’ act

18:31 [Raw Story] 14-year-old allegedly raped popular math teacher with an object before killing her

18:33 [Voice of America] US Presses Afghanistan to Sign New Security Pact

18:33 [Deutsche Welle] Kimberley Process meeting fails to redefine 'blood diamonds'

18:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] Map: The Nation's Public Radio Stations

18:34 [The Hindu - News] A dubious mishap route: two-wheelers in death trap

18:36 [Truthdig] Let’s Call It Wal-Mart’s ‘Black Eye Friday’

18:36 [Reuters] Insight: For Cisco and Huawei, a bruising rivalry reaches stalemate

18:36 [Reuters] Analysis: Brazil's Rousseff working to prevent a debacle in 2014

18:41 [The Hindu - News] EU climate head panned

18:41 [Raw Story] Wives who aren’t subservient to husbands are preaching ‘false gospel,’ Southern Baptist official warns

18:42 [Reuters] Syria Islamists unite as faction-fighting goes on

18:43 [Voice of America] Obama, Clintons Honor President Kennedy 50 Years After Assassination

18:43 [The Progressive] Republicans Are Causing Obamacare's Biggest Failure

18:43 [Guardian] JFK: America marks 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination – live

18:43 [Guardian] European stock markets edge higher after Dow sets new record – as it happened

18:45 [The Hindu - News] Telugu varsity in a fix over Bachupally campus

18:47 [The Hindu - News] Cotton traders found duping farmers

18:50 [Fox News] OBAMACARE DELAYED Signups pushed back — but it's not what you think

18:50 [Fox News] NOV. 22, 1963 Retracing JFK's final hours on day that shook America /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

18:51 [The Hindu - News] Two zoo staffers among three arrested

18:51 [Fox News] FOX NEWS FILE: Deadly effects of synthetic drugs masked by innocent-sounding names

18:51 [Fox News] Washington Times, reporter sue DHS over home search

18:51 [Fox News] Mass. teen who allegedly killed teacher left behind chilling note, court papers say

18:51 [NPR] Chemist Pleads Guilty In Massachusetts Crime Lab Scandal

18:53 [CNN] 9 things everyone should know about the drug Molly

18:53 [The Hindu - News] Debate on opinion polls spotlights level-playing field for parties

18:53 [Reuters: politics] Virginia lawmaker released from hospital after stabbing

18:53 [Reuters: politics] White House says 2015 enrollment for Obamacare pushed back one month

18:55 [BBC: Also in the news] Rebuilding after 9/11

18:55 [Guardian] European markets edge higher after Dow sets new record – as it happened

18:55 [The Onion] Area Man Can Remember Exactly Where He Was, What He Was Doing When He Assassinated John F. Kennedy

18:56 [Mother Jones] What The Labels Don't Tell You About 6 Top Fake Sugars /files/truvia.jpg

18:56 [Mother Jones] Google Prods a Coal-Fired Utility Into Making Money on Green Power

18:56 [Mother Jones] WATCH: A Message from the Health Insurers of America [Fiore Cartoon]

18:56 [zero hedge] Bitcoin Or A Bank? Here's How They Stack Up

18:58 [The Progressive] America Somberly Marks the Passing of a President

18:58 [CNN] Pope to put 'St. Peter's bones' on display at Vatican

18:58 [CNN] Ex-Massachusetts chemist gets 3 to 5 years in tampering case

18:59 [The Hindu - News] Musi belt bites, thanks to mosquito menace

18:59 [The Hindu - News] Mars orbiter sends sharp pictures of the Earth

19:00 [zero hedge] Hugh Hendry Capitulates: "Can't Look At Himself In The Mirror" As He Throws In The Towel, Turns Bullish

19:00 [Slate Magazine] Dining With Dear Leader

19:01 [The Hindu - News] Two car drivers held for stealing cash from businessman

19:03 [BBC: Entertainment] The appeal of the celebrity roast

19:03 [CNET News] Nokia workers vow to continue strike over Microsoft deal

19:07 [The Hindu - News] Ministries consulted on Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill

19:08 [CNN: Living] The 'Fratshionistau' fashion guide

19:10 [Fin24 News] Merrill Lynch intern died of natural causes

19:11 [] Congress Votes to Keep Drone War Deaths Secret /sites/

19:11 [] Which Side on Your On? Anti-Austerity Cops Face Off Against Riot Police in Portugal /sites/

19:11 [The Hindu - News] Device to help people in distress to hit the market soon

19:11 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Did the Senate Become Washington's Bright Spot?

19:12 [CNN] Ex-Massachusetts chemist gets 3 to 5 years in tampering case

19:14 [CNET News] Tech Retrospect: Xbox One launches and Samsung loses again

19:14 [CNET News] Amazon lets users give Prime memberships as gifts

19:14 [CNN] Miley Cyrus to ring in 21 with MTV reins

19:15 [Good] How Dog Athleticism Helps Us Understand Dog and Human Nutrition

19:15 [Guardian] Tacloban mayor in power tussle with president following Haiyan disaster

19:16 [] Bob Woodward Doesn't Understand Why Whistleblowers Like Snowden Avoid Journalists Like Him /sites/

19:16 [] House Votes to Keep Drone War Deaths Secret /sites/

19:16 [] Which Side on Your On? Anti-Austerity Cops Face Off Against Riot Police in Portugal /sites/

19:17 [The Hindu - News] Domestic slavery racket busted in London

19:18 [] Georgia: Authorities Spend First, Vote Later

19:18 [] Ukraine's East-West Dilemma Evokes Century-Old Memories

19:18 [Deutsche Welle] Coalition talks near their final round

19:19 [Voice of America] Report: US Economic Growth Improving - Slowly

19:19 [The Hindu - News] Tough questions remain at Geneva

19:22 [NPR] 2015 Health Insurance Deadline To Be Pushed Back One Month

19:25 [Slate Magazine] What a Difference a Light Bulb Makes

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Pakistani doctor now charged with murder

19:26 [Mother Jones] Retiree "Replacement Rates" Are Tricky Things (A Bit Wonkish, Sorry) /files/blog_retirement_replacement_rate.jpg

19:26 [Truthdig] Henry Giroux Shares His Message With Bill Moyers

19:28 [The Hindu - News] Opposition warns of ‘paralysis’ when poll schedule is announced

19:28 [The Progressive] Internet's Creator: Spying 'Threatens' Democracy

19:30 [zero hedge] The Most Despised Tax-And-Retreat French President Sinks Deeper Into Economic Quagmire

19:32 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Surviving Climate Change: Towards a Climate Revolution

19:32 [CNET News] Microsoft to get EU approval for $7.3 Nokia deal, report says

19:33 [Deutsche Welle] Tymoshenko calls for Ukraine protests, Putin slams EU's 'blackmail'

19:36 [CNET News] They're already in their tents outside Best Buy for Black Friday

19:36 [CNET News] Sonic Foamer blasts bubbles into your beer (hands-on)

19:36 [Red Pepper] Alternative Christmas gift: a subscription to Red Pepper magazine

19:36 [Raw Story] Seventeen-year-old shot in the head while in police custody

19:37 [NPR] Norway's Magnus Carlsen Is New Chess Champion

19:37 [NPR] Eye Makeup Used to Protect Children Can Poison Them Instead

19:37 [The Hindu - News] China flies indigenous stealth drone

19:37 [The Hindu - News] Maryam Sharif to head PM youth programme

19:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] The importance of being Mr. Chouhan

19:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Miley Cyrus to ring in 21 with MTV reins

19:42 [CNN: Money] Stamp prices to go up 1 cent in January

19:42 [NPR] Norway's Magnus Carlsen Is New Chess World Champion

19:42 [NPR] Eye Makeup Used To Protect Children Can Poison Them Instead

19:42 [NPR] To The Tardis! There's A 'Whodle' Taking Over The Web!

19:43 [CNET News] Dropbox drops new app design on iOS 7

19:43 [Topix Activism News] Torture rife in Uzbekistan, U.N. watchdog says

19:43 [BBC: Education] Free school faces closure

19:44 [Big Think] Are the Jobs of the Near Future Beyond our Imaginings?

19:44 [Big Think] Dark Matter Explained in One Minute

19:46 [Fox News] FOX FILES: Deadly effects of synthetic drugs masked by innocent-sounding names

19:46 [Raw Story] Internet founder Tim Berners-Lee warns growing surveillance ‘threatens democracy’

19:46 [Raw Story] Toronto crack mayor gets laughs with self-deprecating speech

19:49 [Truthout] Bill Moyers | Henry Giroux: Zombie Politics and Casino Capitalism|-henry-giroux-zombie-politics-and-casino-capitalism

19:51 [Raw Story] Washington State GOP chair claims ‘war on women’ responsible for pay-reduction

19:53 [Voice of America] VOA News: Report: US Economic Growth Improving - Slowly

19:53 [CNN] How do you get rid of Syria's chemical weapons? Industry may help

19:55 [Reuters: politics] U.S. government rarely uses best cybersecurity steps: advisers

19:55 [Voice of America] Plant Nutrients/Breast Cancer

19:55 [The Hindu - News] ATM attack: banks racing against time to meet police deadline

19:56 [Mother Jones] Obamacare Has a Friend in the Health Care Industry

19:56 [Truthdig] Warsaw—Day 12: Too Little Too Late to Save the Planet

19:56 [CNN: Health] 9 things to know about Molly

19:57 [The Hindu - News] Former mayors draw up plan for Bangalore 2050

19:58 [CNN] At least 49 die in roof collapse at Latvian supermarket

19:58 [Deutsche Welle] Europe aims to clamp down on human organ trade

20:00 [CNN: Money] Cable stocks surge on takeover chatter

20:00 [zero hedge] Carl Icahn Lambasts Ackman's "Rantings Of A Sore Loser"

20:01 [CNET News] Google's Schmidt: I'm worried about Russian Internet freedom

20:05 [The Hindu - News] Lawyers react positively to anti-superstition bill

20:05 [The Hindu - News] Speed breaker of the worst kind

20:07 [NPR] This Is What America's School Lunches Really Look Like

20:07 [CNN] 5 ways life changes in the Senate after nuclear option on filibusters

20:07 [The Hindu - News] Don’t burden teachers, MLC tells BBMP

20:09 [Reuters: politics] No decision on Kerry going to Geneva for Iran nuclear talks: State Department

20:09 [The Hindu - News] Tight race in Nepal elections

20:10 [Slate Magazine] Centrists Should Mourn the Demise of the Filibuster

20:11 [Truthdig] A Theory of the Young-Girl

20:11 [Truthdig] Cops in Michigan and Florida Target Blacks in Grotesque Abuses of Power

20:11 [The Hindu - News] Knowing the mathematics of Planet Earth

20:11 [The Hindu - News] ATM attack: false alarms, but no breakthrough yet

20:11 [The Hindu - News] VTU ready to hold practicals after theory for 800-odd students: VC

20:12 [NPR] This Is What America's School Lunches Really Look Like

20:12 [NPR] British Case Points To Hidden Nature Of Modern Slavery

20:13 [Moral Low Ground] McDonald’s Advises Poverty-Wage Workers to Sell Christmas Presents, Break Food Into Smaller Pieces

20:15 [Good] Four Ways to Get Behind the #GivingTuesday Movement

20:15 [The Hindu - News] India rejects WTO Peace Clause proposal

20:16 [Raw Story] North Carolina Christian school orders families to sign anti-LGBT ‘Biblical Morality’ pledge

20:18 [CNET News] Google Glass finds a prescription lens partner

20:18 [CNET News] 10 must-see videos of the week

20:19 [The Hindu - News] GST panel wants compensation mechanism finalised

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] Divisive

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] Surveillance & privacy

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] ATM security

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] 50 golden years

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] Atonement & recusal

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] Troubling questions

20:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] The Great Syrian Risk Game

20:21 [Raw Story] Kennedy assassination: Memory and myth refuse to die after 50 years

20:22 [Reuters] Bombings, shootings kill at least 23 across Iraq

20:24 [The Hindu - News] Yameen prioritises ties with New Delhi

20:24 [CNN] How to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors

20:24 [The Atlantic: International] The Next Pussy Riot

20:25 [Reuters: politics] Virginia state Senator Deeds: 'Some wounds won't heal'

20:25 [The Hindu - Opinion] Standing with an oppressed people

20:25 [The Hindu - Opinion] Discontent along the Yamuna

20:26 [Raw Story] Obsessing over cultural gender norms: What’s the problem if girls act masculine?

20:27 [Reuters] Iran, six powers may be edging toward compromise nuclear deal

20:30 [zero hedge] If You're Poor In Latvia, Move To Denmark

20:31 [Voice of America] Americans Mark 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

20:31 [Voice of America] Henry Ridgwell: Saudi Migrants Flee Amid Visa Crackdown

20:32 [The Hindu - News] ‘Surrender bogus ration cards by December 31 or face action’

20:34 [The Hindu - News] Need to build strong domestic defence industrial base, says PM

20:34 [Disinformation] Genetic Analysis Suggests Ancient Humans Interbred Extensively Neanderthals, Denisovans And An “Unknown Population”

20:36 [CNN: Technology] Text and talk in the air?

20:36 [The Hindu - News] Eggs, bananas likely under midday meal

20:36 [The Hindu - News] Shah is Law Commission chief

20:37 [Voice of America] Report: US Economic Growth Improving

20:38 [The Progressive] Senate Majority Invokes the 'Democracy Option'

20:38 [The Hindu - News] National Lok Adalat to take up 19 lakh cases today

20:40 [The Hindu - News] TN metamorphosing into innovation hub, says CM

20:42 [The Hindu - News] Corporation to remove illegal cables laid by 20 telecom firms

20:42 [The Onion] Man Doesn’t Know How Parents Ever Going To Pay Off Massive Student Loan Debt

20:43 [CNN: Health] 8th case of meningitis confirmed at Princeton

20:43 [CNN] Don't sabotage your wallet this holiday

20:43 [CNN] Obamacare sign-up delayed -- for 2015

20:43 [CNN] 8th case of meningitis confirmed at Princeton

20:44 [Financial Times] Tymoshenko warns against EU pact failure

20:45 [Reuters: politics] Americans get extra week to sign up for Obamacare as website improves

20:45 [Slate Magazine] Watch the Most Waterproof Material Ever in Action

20:46 [Campaign For Liberty] Coming soon to a bank neear you: negative interest rates?

20:46 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Signature' deal to protect forests

20:46 [BBC: Science & Environment] Russia told to free Greenpeace ship

20:46 [The Hindu - News] Ancient rock paintings discovered at Tirumayam Fort

20:46 [] No Keystone XL? No Problem. Tar Sands Production Moving Full-Steam Ahead

20:46 [] International Tribunal to Russia: Free the Arctic 30 /sites/

20:48 [The Hindu - News] Nod sought for Fakhrudeen interview

20:48 [Fox News] FILIBUSTER FALLOUT Legislative agenda may be victim of Reid, Obama win

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Metrowater looks to plug sewage flow into waterways

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Videorecording of consent for clinical trials mandatory

20:52 [The Hindu - News] Mayawati: why is Modi mum on snooping episode?

20:52 [The Hindu - News] School children deal with foul odour

20:53 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: FETSUM on music and his Eritrean roots

20:54 [CNN: Money] JPMorgan lawyer fires back at regulators

20:54 [CNN: Money] A startup is born, and a co-founder dies

20:54 [CNET News] Making sense of lock security

20:54 [The Hindu - News] Passport seva kendras limit walk-ins

20:54 [The Hindu - News] Deadline for stormwater drains extended in parts

20:55 [Reuters: politics] State Department says Kerry will not attend OSCE meeting in Ukraine

20:55 [CNN] Judge finds Amanda Bynes mentally fit for trial

20:55 [CNN] At least 51 die in roof collapse at Latvian supermarket

20:55 [Slate Magazine] The Triumphant Return of Ja’mie

20:56 [Campaign For Liberty] Coming soon to a bank near you: negative interest rates?

20:56 [Mother Jones] Do Governors Make the Best Presidents? /files/blog_presidents_governors_1.jpg

20:56 [The Hindu - News] Carlsen is King

20:56 [The Hindu - News] Living her dream, off the board too

20:56 [Raw Story] College students who were spanked as kids more likely to become criminals, study finds

20:57 [NPR] Why Slather This Spinach Field In Poop? It's All For Science

20:58 [The Hindu - News] T. Nagar post office to get 1st postal ATM

20:58 [The Hindu - News] More women feel empowered to complain against harassment, say activists

20:58 [The Hindu - News] Pensioner carries on in the spirit of MGR

20:58 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Ingratiation is unnecessary

20:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Historic first: Queen's rep backs gay marriage

21:00 [zero hedge] Europe Shocked, Furious While Putin Triumphs Again: Ukraine Spurns Europe, Turns Toward Moscow

21:02 [Reuters] Iran, six powers may be nearing a nuclear deal

21:03 [CNN] Meningitis Fast Facts

21:03 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: No need for ingratiation

21:05 [CNN: Health] Photos: Celebs sweat like us

21:06 [CNN] State Department: North Korea confirms detention of an American

21:06 [Guardian] Freed Arctic 30 activist would risk freedom again for oil protest

21:07 [CNN] Opinion: Are women mean or just stating the facts?

21:12 [NPR] $1.1 Million Dune Buggy: Youabian Makes Splash At L.A. Car Show

21:12 [The Onion] New Report Finds Climate Change Caused By 7 Billion Key Individuals

21:13 [The Hindu - News] School zones to ensure safety of children

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Pinarayi alleges graft behind clearance

21:15 [The Hindu - News] Assembly panel chief terms MoEF decision unfortunate

21:15 [Good] We Need Kids to Have a Love Affair With Reading More Than Ever

21:15 [Slate Magazine] An Iceberg the Size of Singapore Just Broke From Antarctica

21:15 [Slate Magazine] Live From Brooklyn: The Ich Bin Ein Gabfester Gabfest

21:16 [Fox News] OBAMACARE DELAYS Signups pushed back — but it's not what you think

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Goa police to question Tejpal

21:20 [Reuters: politics] Rights group asks U.S. judge to halt NSA phone data program

21:22 [CNN: Entertainment] Judge finds Bynes mentally fit for trial

21:24 [The Atlantic: International] How Do You Rank Refugees?

21:25 [The Hindu - News] Helen claims four lives

21:25 [Reuters: politics] Kerry to travel to Geneva for Iran talks, U.S. says

21:25 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: Shreddies Fart filtering underwear

21:26 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 22 November 2013 /files/blog_domino_2013_11_22.jpg

21:27 [zero hedge] The Amazing Disappearance Of Gold From The American Psyche

21:27 [zero hedge] Dear "5.4 Star" Tesla, Tone Down Hyperbolic Hype, Love NHTSA

21:28 [CNN: Money] The bulls are back. Dow at all-time high.

21:28 [Guardian] London 'slavery' case: police investigate cult motive

21:28 [Guardian] Co-operative Bank inquiry ordered as political row intensifies

21:31 [The Hindu - News] CMO denies rift with Assembly Speaker

21:31 [The Hindu - News] Naidu goes all out to woo youth

21:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] What 3,700-Year-Old Wine Tasted Like

21:35 [The Hindu - News] J&K police freeze bank accounts of sacked official

21:35 [Reuters: politics] As Arctic ice melts, U.S. military adapting strategy, forces

21:35 [CNN] FIFA act over Josip Simunic's 'pro-Nazi' chants

21:38 [Voice of America] Kerry Heading to Geneva for Iran Nuclear Talks

21:38 [CNET News] Blog re-creates every burger from 'Bob's Burgers'

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Pakistani doctor who aided CIA charged with murder

21:40 [CNN] Looking back on 50 years of 'Doctor Who'

21:42 [zero hedge] Behold The World's Real "Death Cross"

21:43 [The Hindu - News] Panel rejects proposal to include GST in Union List

21:44 [Big Think] The End of the Filibuster: John Rawls Belly Laughs and a Justice Failure is Corrected

21:44 [CNN: Travel] Feds open probe into how cargo jet landed at wrong airport

21:45 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'He did it': Sisters decode 'goodbye' note

21:46 [Fox News] White House ponders new carbon emission cuts in wake of Warsaw climate conference

21:46 [Reuters: politics] Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks in bid to bridge gaps

21:47 [Reuters] Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks in bid to bridge gaps

21:51 [Guardian] Paris shootings: mystery of 'voluble fantasist' held by police

21:51 [Truthdig] Wal-Mart Woes

21:51 [Truthdig] Why Paul Ryan Is Rebranding That Old ‘Compassionate Conservatism’

21:51 [Truthdig] Family Feud

21:51 [Truthdig] JFK

21:51 [CNN] All bars are showing in reaction to cell phone calls on airplanes

21:53 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court issues notice to CBI, Kerala in ice cream parlour case

21:56 [CBC: politics] Nortel bankruptcy fees hit $1B US

21:56 [CNN] Kerry to join other top diplomats for Iran nuclear talks

21:56 [Raw Story] Sen. Rand Paul to headline opening of GOP’s ‘African-American Engagement Center’ in Detroit

21:57 [CNN: Politics] JFK remembered

21:57 [CNN: Politics] Nation pauses to remember Kennedy's death

21:57 [CNN: Politics] 'Nuclear' changes in the Senate

21:57 [CNN: Politics] 5 things about the nuclear option in the Senate

21:57 [CBC: politics] Harper says he didn't OK call to Deloitte about Duffy audit

22:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tyler Kingkade: Millennials Won't Be In Charge Of Congress Until At Least 2035

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court rejects plea against Modi

22:02 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kerry Heading to Geneva for Iran Nuclear Talks

22:02 [CNN] Colorado Theater Shooting Fast Facts

22:03 [Guardian] Death toll rises in Latvian supermarket collapse

22:03 [CNN: Politics] 2015 Obamacare signup delayed

22:03 [Reuters] Obamacare tech guru says website capacity to double

22:03 [Reuters] Child killed by gunfire in clashes in Egypt's Suez city

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Victor Williams: A Constitutional -- Not a Nuclear -- End to Confirmation Filibusters

22:04 [The Atlantic: Technology] Wall Street's New Cash Cow: Your Roof

22:06 [Truthdig] Enough of GOP Obstruction

22:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dr. Saud Anwar: Having Faith in a Community

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Fight for justice for Ishrat Jahan almost won, says sister

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Tehelka’s Goa ‘Thinkfest’ dogged by controversies

22:12 [Reuters: politics] Obamacare tech guru says website capacity to double

22:13 [CNET News] The Range Rover Hybrid is like a Range Rover, but greener

22:13 [CNN: Entertainment] Looking back on 'Doctor Who'

22:13 [Deutsche Welle] Poland wants details on Gurlitt collection

22:14 [Big Think] How to Resist Casual Sexism

22:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Danielle Cadet: Harry Belafonte: JFK 'Knew So Little' About The Black Struggle (VIDEO)

22:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Yarrow Axford: What's Really on Trial in the Arctic: The Future

22:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Basel Hamdan: JFK-Nikita Khrushchev Relationship Explained By Khrushchev's Granddaughter

22:15 [Slate Magazine] New R2-D2 to Be Created by Fans for Star Wars Episode VII

22:16 [Truthdig] The Legend Will Never Die

22:20 [The Hindu - News] Brinda seeks action against officials using sexist language

22:21 [CNET News] The 404 1,390: Where we need a doctor's note (podcast)

22:21 [CNET News] 'Doctor Who'/'Hunger Games' mashup is a bloody good time

22:21 [CNN: Money] S&P 500 above 1,800. Dow hits record again.

22:21 [Guardian] Magnus Carlsen made chess look sexy – now he's world champion

22:22 [Raw Story] Despite threat of nicotine poisoning, federal law allows 12-year-olds to work in tobacco fields

22:22 [NPR] 5 Ways JFK Still Influences Presidential Politics

22:26 [The Hindu - News] NGO demands action against Tejpal and Deputy Director of IFFI

22:26 [Reuters] On 50th anniversary of JFK death - tears, memories, suspicion

22:26 [Reuters] Death toll jumps over 50 in Latvian supermarket collapse

22:26 [] Congress Passes Fracking Friendly Bills as Industry Donations Skyrocket /sites/

22:27 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why Is Maternity Care Such an Issue for Obamacare Opponents?

22:27 [Guardian] John Kerry flies to Geneva as Iran nuclear deal edges closer

22:28 [The Hindu - News] ‘Panel to look into IFFI sexual harassment complaint’

22:30 [CNET News] Battle of the Benjamins: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. Droid Mini, HTC One Mini, iPhone 5C

22:30 [Slate Magazine] Intern at Slate

22:30 [Slate Magazine] Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?

22:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bill Watson: For Free Trade's Sake, Get IP Out of the TPP

22:32 [The Hindu - News] FIR: Cognisable offence committed by Tejpal

22:34 [Sydney Morning Herald] Safety scare for Children's Panadol

22:34 [The Hindu - News] “Act against killers of peacekeepers”

22:36 [The Hindu - News] More financial clout for CBI director

22:37 [Raw Story] Charity sale of David and Victoria Beckhams’ clothes turns into shopping frenzy

22:37 [NPR] To Test Drive A Concept Car, Fire Up The PlayStation

22:37 [NPR] Walter Cronkite On The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

22:37 [NPR] Hard-Core And Casual Gamers Play In Different Worlds

22:38 [Anarchist news] UK: New squatting law starts to crumble - Keep squatting!

22:38 [Anarchist news] KINGSTON, ON: Banner Drop In Solidarity With Striking Prisoners

22:38 [Anarchist news] Green Syndicalism vs. Anti-Civ: Social Revolution or Primitivist Reaction? A Polemic /images/IWWGreenSyn.jpg

22:41 [The Onion] [video] Helpless Typhoon Articles Cling To Life On Edge Of Reader's Consciousness

22:42 [The Hindu - News] AAP terms sting operation CD doctored, to sue portal

22:42 [zero hedge] S&P Closes Above 1800, Posts 7th Consecutive Weekly Increase: Longest Streak Since 2007

22:42 [zero hedge] The Time To Hike Rates Is Now According To The Beveridge Curve

22:44 [Voice of America] Death Toll in Latvia Roof Collapse Exceeds 50

22:45 [Fox News] JFK SECRET FILES Official tips hand to possible CIA-Oswald connection /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maxwell Strachan: Abercrombie's Sales Continue To Decline With No End In Sight

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ryan Buxton: Exploring An Alternate History: What Would The World Look Like If JFK Survived? (VIDEO)

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Roque Planas: Arizona Study Highlights Importance Of Investing In Latino Students

22:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jon Ward: Iowa Caucus Documentary's Real Stars Are Ordinary Americans Who Get First Pick Of Presidents

22:47 [CNET News] Xbox One and PlayStation 4: Facial recognition shootout

22:47 [CNET News] Are in-flight phone calls in our future?

22:48 [CNN: Money] S&P 500 above 1,800. Dow hits record.

22:48 [The Hindu - News] Class war between Modi and Rahul in M.P.

22:55 [The Hindu - News] SC notice to Jayalalithaa

22:55 [The Hindu - News] Amar Singh, BJP MPs discharged in cash-for-vote scam

22:55 [Guardian] Poorest students face £350m cut in grants

22:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Sledge: Government Claims Americans Have No Right To Challenge NSA Phone Surveillance

22:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Reese Schonfeld: Shadow of a Gunman

22:57 [Raw Story] Jihadists cut down 150-year-old oak in Syria

22:57 [The Nation] How ‘The Nation’ Covered John F. Kennedy’s Assassination, Fifty Years Ago

22:59 [Disinformation] DisinfoCast: 82: Lyle Blackburn: ‘Lizard Man’

22:59 [CNN] Thanksgiving by the numbers

23:00 [Voice of America] China Test Flies Stealth Drone

23:02 [CNN] Are Philippine politicians using typhoon aid to their advantage?

23:02 [CNN] Lindsey Vonn puts comeback on hold after training crash

23:02 [CNN] Pipeline explosion kills 35 in China, report says

23:07 [NPR] JPMorgan Says It Broke No Law. So Why Pay The $13 Billion?

23:07 [NPR] More Children Are Being Medicated For ADHD Than Before

23:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maxwell Strachan: S&P 500 Ends Above 1,800 For First Time

23:11 [Mother Jones] Why Institutional Divestment Might Be One of Our Best Tools For Fighting Climate Change

23:14 [CNN] Lindsey Vonn postpones comeback

23:14 [CNN] Opinion: GOP's 'playbook' to deny Americans health care

23:16 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rodrigo Ribera D'Ebre: The Ownership Revolution

23:17 [Raw Story] French prime minister puts wine up for auction

23:17 [NPR] Rate Of Coastal Wetlands Loss Has Sped Up, U.S. Study Says

23:20 [Voice of America] Anita Powell: Angola Opposition Urges Protest After Killing of Activists

23:20 [CNET News] Aacorn app anticipates what kids want to say

23:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ernestine Fu: The Need for Immigration Reform

23:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] George Mitrovich: November 22 -- That Terrible Day

23:22 [Raw Story] Massive gamma-ray burst has scientists’ theories ‘going down the drain’

23:22 [Raw Story] Dick Dynasty V: Making up is hard to do

23:23 [Financial Times] Kerry to fly to Geneva to join Iran talks

23:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark Blumenthal: HUFFPOLLSTER: Support For Health Care Law Declines

23:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Linda Tirado: This Is Why Poor People's Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense

23:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert Reich: How the Republican Tempest Over the Affordable Care Act Diverts Attention from Three Large Truths

23:26 [zero hedge] WTF Chart Of The Day: Margin Expectations Edition

23:28 [Reuters: politics] Hand over tax audit information, clock is running: IRS

23:28 [The Progressive] Walker Pooh-Poohs "War on Women' as Ladies Invade Capitol

23:29 [Deutsche Welle] Borussia Mönchengladbach pass traveling test at Stuttgartönchengladbach-pass-traveling-test-at-stuttgart/a-17247171?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mark R. Kennedy: Time to Revive JFK's "Ask Not" Call

23:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tom Hayden: Afghanistan - A Bandaid on America's Defeat

23:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Obamacare Website Gets Upbeat Assessment

23:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nan Aron: Nuking obstruction: This could be the start of something big

23:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Megan Griffo: Kid President On The 20 Things We Should Say More Often (VIDEO)

23:32 [CBC: politics] Harper, Trudeau write voters in Brandon-Souris byelection race

23:36 [Voice of America] Jamie Dettmer: VOA Reporter Involved in Standoff Between Syrian Troops and Kurds

23:37 [CNN] Official: Iran nuclear deal may be imminent

23:37 [CNN: Living] GoldieBlox: Rage against the princess machine

23:37 [CNN: Living] Don't sabotage your wallet this holiday

23:37 [CNN: Living] The 'Fratshionistau' fashion guide for young men

23:37 [CNN: Living] Super centerpieces to try

23:43 [CNN] Opinion: Phone calls on planes? Please, no!

23:44 [Voice of America] Twin Bombings Kill 7 in Karachi, Pakistan

23:47 [Raw Story] Forensics expert says ‘original files’ are missing from security cameras at dead Georgia teen’s school

23:51 [Sydney Morning Herald] Children's Panadol safety scare

23:52 [CNN] Phones on a plane: To talk or not to talk?

23:52 [Topix Activism News] Syrian Islamic rebels join forces

23:54 [CNET News] Store owner installs surveillance cameras to spy on police

23:54 [CNET News] Twitter upping security to thwart government hacking

23:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Barry Lando: Iran's Nukes: 2 Elephants in the Room

23:57 [CNN] And credit for the nuclear option goes to...

23:57 [The Nation] JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal Plan Is a Fact, Not Speculation

23:58 [The Progressive] Wisconsin Supreme Court Compounds Republican Lawlessness

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