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00:00 [Deutsche Welle] Smartphones, social media aid Boston investigators

00:03 [The Hindu - News] Canberra Gallery response cold comfort for Nataraja

00:03 [The Hindu - News] Shibu-Narendra Modi meet stirs up a hornet’s nest

00:05 [Raw Story] Rule Britannia: Churchill, Thatcher top list of ‘most admired’ by CEOs

00:05 [Raw Story] Bombing suspects’ mother: FBI monitored older son ‘at every step’

00:05 [The Hindu - News] JSS for snapping ties with UDF

00:07 [The Hindu - News] Water-saving models from KAU stable

00:08 [Russia Today] US to give $130 million military aid package to Syrian rebels

00:08 [Voice of America] Iraqis Vote in First Polls Since US Withdrawal

00:12 [The Hindu - News] Three die after consuming Ramanavami panakam

00:12 [Slashdot] Weather Delays Antares Launch From VA Spaceport

00:13 [Russia Today] US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian rebels

00:14 [The Hindu - News] Three die after consuming Ramanavami panakam

00:16 [The Hindu - News] ‘Daughter’ of Terdal knocks

00:17 [Topix Activism News] AIDS Walk Miami Celebrates 25 Years of Activism

00:18 [The Hindu - News] “We have been made scapegoats”

00:20 [CBC: politics] French pitch new warships for next Canadian navy vessels

00:22 [The Hindu - News] They pray for the rape victim

00:24 [CNET News] Hackers send bogus tweets from '60 Minutes' account

00:26 [The Hindu - News] Musharraf under judicial remand

00:27 [CNN] Bayern brimming with confidence ahead of Barcelona clash

00:28 [The Hindu - News] Maoists release Greyhounds Inspector’s body

00:31 [zero hedge] Japan's Inflation Propaganda And Why The BoJ Better Hope It's Not Successful

00:32 [The Hindu - News] CBI may take up Google Mapathon case

00:32 [The Hindu - News] State committed to welfare of poor: Kiran

00:35 [Raw Story] Red Sox make emotional return to Boston’s Fenway Park

00:43 [NPR] Boat's Owner Hailed As A Hero After Bombing Suspect Tsarnaev Is Found

00:49 [Fox News] Terror Attacks Force US Officials To Balance Safety, Privacy Concerns

00:49 [Fox News] RETURNING HOME:Texas Residents Given OK To View Damage After Blast

00:49 [Fox News] TURN FOR THE WORSE:Missing Oklahoma Man Hallucinating, Sheriff Says

00:50 [Raw Story] Paraguayan senator mistakenly catches corruption in his own party

00:50 [Truthdig] Give the Boy Scouts a Merit Badge

00:57 [Voice of America] South Sudan Hospital Workers Strike over Bonuses

00:57 [Pravda] Boston, Chechnya and I$lamist contamination

00:58 [The Hindu - News] Child rape victim’s condition stable

00:59 [CNN] Terror, murder charges could be filed against Boston bombing suspect

01:01 [Disinformation] Is Our Addiction To Tragedy On Social Media Inspiring Violence?

01:11 [Slashdot] Hyundai's Flying Car Flies For an Audience

01:13 [CNN] Life edges back to normal in Boston -- with lives changed

01:13 [Global Voices] Indignation over Monsanto Being Named to Hall of Fame

01:14 [Guardian] Affair between Leveson lawyer and Hugh Grant's counsel 'did not affect outcome of press inquiry'

01:14 [Guardian] Doubts over childcare 'expert' feted by Tories

01:14 [Guardian] Australia's koala crisis: gene sequencing provides hope against killer diseases

01:14 [Guardian] Drones should be banned from private use, says Google's Eric Schmidt

01:15 [CNN] Police, citizens, technology lead to Boston bombing manhunt's success

01:15 [CNN] Authorities: 5 people dead in Colorado avalanche

01:15 [CNN] U.S. expands nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition

01:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] FBI probe into bomb suspect in 2011

01:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Hundreds jabbed after measles death

01:18 [The Independent] Pistachio friands

01:18 [The Independent] Soul survivor: How Bobby Womack overcame heart failure, drug addiction and even apparent Alzheimer's

01:18 [The Independent] Giorgio Napolitano re-elected Italy's president until he is 94

01:18 [The Independent] On the edge: How Greenland's Inuit village of Niaqornat is fighting for survival

01:18 [The Independent] Patients denied care as nurses fill in forms

01:18 [The Independent] Sport on TV: Sir Chris Hoy's achievements were literally out of this world

01:19 [Global Voices] The Russian Opposition “Snake Pit”

01:20 [Raw Story] Lawmaker: Texas fertilizer plant ‘was willfully off the grid’

01:28 [The Onion] Alfonso Soriano Spotted At White Sox Game After Calling In Sick To Work

01:30 [Raw Story] Long Island mom accused of driving kids during BB gun joyrides

01:35 [Raw Story] African ministers say the region is ready to ‘contribute to the global growth’

01:39 [zero hedge] 10 Signs The Paper Gold Crash Unleashed An Unprecedented Demand For Physical Gold And Silver

01:42 [Guardian] Boston bombing suspect was under FBI surveillance, says mother

01:43 [BBC: Science & Environment] Threat to life on Arctic frontline

01:43 [Russia Today] War of words: The new Chechen terror

01:44 [CNN] Official: Bombing suspect suffered a throat injury

01:44 [Fox News] US to provide Syrian rebels $123M more in aid

01:44 [Fox News] Egypt's Mubarak stays jailed despite release order

01:47 [Reuters] Merkel party loses support after female hiring quota dispute: poll

01:48 [Russia Today] US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian rebels

01:48 [Russia Today] War of words: The new Chechen terror

01:50 [AL JAZEERA] Avalanche kills snowboarders in Colorado

01:55 [Deutsche Welle] US to double non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition

02:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Suspects with foot in two worlds

02:05 [Voice of America] More than 150 Dead in China Earthquake

02:08 [CNN] Strong quake hits southwestern China, killing at least 160

02:09 [Reuters] Kerry says doubling U.S. non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition

02:09 [Reuters] Syria opposition voices frustration with international backers

02:12 [CNN] Official: Boston bombing suspect suffered a throat injury

02:13 [Slashdot] Baseball Software Can't Score What Jean Segura Did Friday

02:13 [NPR] First Residents Allowed To Return To Damaged Homes In West, Texas

02:15 [Reuters] Boston Marathon bombing investigation turns to motive

02:28 [AL JAZEERA] US approves additional $123m aid to Syria

02:31 [BBC: Technology] The mysterious powers of Microsoft Excel

02:35 [Raw Story] Google CEO Schmidt calls for end to private drone use

02:40 [Big Think] Why I Bet on Seinfeld

02:55 [Guardian] FBI faces questions over previous contact with Boston bombing suspect

02:55 [Raw Story] Venezuelan election official: Maduro’s victory will stand despite audit

03:00 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

03:00 [Slate Magazine] Doctor Who, Season 7, Part 2

03:02 [CNET News] Purported TV-caption slipup pegs Zooey Deschanel as alleged Boston bomber

03:09 [Global Voices] Bosnia & Herzegovina: “Dark Times, Black Humor”

03:15 [Raw Story] Two people shot during ’4/20′ rally in Denver

03:17 [Mother Jones] Who Will Immigration Reform Help More? Republicans or Democrats?

03:17 [Voice of America] Watertown Bounces Back

03:31 [Disinformation] Sacred Geometry with Randall Carlson &Vinny Eastwood

03:31 [CNN] Allies divided on Syria as U.S. doubles aid

03:34 [NPR] Shots Fired At Colorado Pot Gathering

03:35 [Sydney Morning Herald] Boston manhunt thermal images released

03:35 [Sydney Morning Herald] FBI probe into brother in 2011

03:45 [Raw Story] World Bank president vows to ‘eradicate’ poverty within a generation

03:50 [Sydney Morning Herald] Abbott vows to scrap Gonski reforms

03:51 [Fox News] Investigators Explore Possible Link Between Suspect, Extremist Group

03:51 [Fox News] TRAGIC ACCIDENT: 5 Snowboarders Killed in Colorado Avalanche

04:05 [Raw Story] ‘Sh-t Black’ elephant feces beer a hit in Japan

04:14 [AL JAZEERA] Boston bombing investigation turns to motive

04:17 [CNN] Official: Boston bombing suspect 'sedated'

04:18 [Anarchist news] Damned Lies and No Useful Statistics

04:27 [Reuters] China earthquake toll rises to 164, injuries at 6,700

04:27 [Topix Activism News] Students say high school stalling on club

04:32 [zero hedge] Boston: A Photographic Retrospective

04:32 [Reuters] Opposition, election body differ on Venezuela vote audit

04:35 [Global Voices] What Malaysians Expect in the General Elections

05:00 [Big Think] We'll Get the Internet We Deserve

05:11 [CNN] Leading economies promise to boost growth

05:15 [Deutsche Welle] IMF presses leading economies to boost confidence

05:18 [zero hedge] “But The Rising Star Is The USA”

05:21 [AntiWar] Nine Killed on Iraq Election Day

05:21 [Slashdot] TSA Accepting Public Comments On Whole Body Airport Screening

05:25 [Raw Story] FBI faces questions over contact with dead Boston bombing suspect

05:35 [Global Voices] Chinese President Xi Jinping's ‘Fake’ Taxi Ride Fools State Media

05:48 [AL JAZEERA] Conservatives 'likely to win Paraguay poll'

05:48 [CNN] Strong quake hits southwestern China, killing at least 179

05:48 [CNN] Ending pandemics: How close are we?

05:55 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bombing suspect's YouTube playlist evolved in path towards radicalism

05:59 [Reuters] North Korea moves two more missile launchers: report

06:00 [zero hedge] TWo KiNDS OF TeRRoRiSTS...

06:06 [Big Think] Brain Puzzle: What is Perception?

06:06 [Big Think] Addressing sexual harassment in science

06:06 [CNN] Strong quake hits southwestern China, 193 are dead or missing

06:07 [Fox News: politics] New York state senator sparks controversy with 'torture' tweet

06:08 [The Hindu - News] Sichuan quake toll rises to 179

06:09 [CNN] Runners head to London Marathon amid heightened security

06:11 [Deutsche Welle] Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 'serious but stable'

06:18 [The Hindu - News] VC search panel: fresh poll likely for Senate member

06:20 [The Hindu - News] Young Ganga’s family grieves over her death

06:23 [The Hindu - News] Contaminated water likely cause, says doctor

06:26 [CNN] Strong quake hits southwestern China, 180 are dead

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Boyfriend persuades mother to bury murdered boy, flees

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Blamed for poor voter turnout, IT workers talk politics

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Reliving the golden legacy of Swati Tirunal

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Outrage over police apathy over Delhi child rape

06:34 [Fox News: politics] US pledges to double Syrian aid to $250M, rebels want more

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Will strive for non-Cong. secular govt at Centre: Karat

06:39 [The Hindu - News] It’ll be multi-cornered fight in Kolar

06:39 [The Hindu - News] Will resolve Cauvery issue if voted to power: Kumaraswamy

06:39 [The Hindu - News] KSSP’s focus on green issues lauded

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Facebook posts trigger row

06:43 [The Hindu - News] 44 candidates withdraw nominations in Gulbarga

06:45 [The Hindu - News] Will Siddaramaiah be Lord of Varuna

06:46 [CNN] Hong Kong's secretive haunted houses databases

06:47 [The Hindu - News] A poet’s thoughts on humility, sharing

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Dust threatens prized paintings

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Ennore-Manali road project to be completed by year-end

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Their lifeline runs dry

06:54 [Russia Today] 'Confusion and inconsistencies': How US plans to distract public from real truth about Boston

06:55 [The Hindu - News] Hotels to remain closed on April 29 to protest service tax

06:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Detainee dies in hospital window fall

06:59 [The Hindu - News] Anti-Kudankulam protesters held

07:01 [The Hindu - News] SHRC orders takeover of aided school after complaints of maladministration

07:01 [The Hindu - News] Court sets aside TNIC order

07:03 [The Hindu - News] Department to probe caning charge against teacher

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Top priority to supply of drinking water: Chandy

07:15 [Anarchist news] Evergreen anarchist workshop halted after blogger's camera thrown off balcony

07:17 [Reuters] Surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect awaits charges

07:17 [Reuters] Analysis: Rough start to post-Chavez era augurs badly for Venezuela

07:22 [Reuters] Rescuers struggle to reach China quake zone as toll climbs

07:24 [The Hindu - News] 5-year-old rape victim in MP shifted to Nagpur

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Work launched on coastal corridor between Vallarpadam, Kozhikode

07:28 [The Hindu - News] “Cop’s suspension a precaution not punishment”

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Delhi outraged over barbaric rape

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Sichuan quake toll rises to 193

07:30 [The Hindu - News] ‘Indian model of policing not responsive’

07:30 [The Hindu - News] Protesters want Home Minister to step down

07:32 [The Hindu - News] Courts rap erring cops

07:35 [Truthdig] Truthdigger of the Week: Tom Engelhardt

07:38 [The Hindu - News] Willing to invite Modi for interaction: CII

07:40 [Raw Story] Gene wars: the last-ditch battle over who owns the rights to our DNA

07:41 [Deutsche Welle] Art theft in Albanian churches leading to cultural poverty

07:42 [The Hindu - News] Community chipping in

07:42 [The Hindu - News] ‘Give us refugee status or permanent citizenship’

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Waiting for a new chapter in life to begin

07:46 [The Hindu - News] High E.coli content detected

07:47 [Telegraph] Iran: how the West missed a chance to make peace with Tehran

07:48 [The Hindu - News] A case for water stewardship

07:48 [The Hindu - News] Tell-tale tablets

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Green energy and beyond

07:52 [The Hindu - News] The return of the native

07:54 [The Hindu - News] KWA officers face a volley of questions

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Spotted deer dies of dog bites in Vandalur

07:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] N Korea 'moves two more missile launchers'

08:00 [Reuters] Rescuers struggle to reach China quake zone

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Progress hides behind a facade of violence

08:12 [straight] Sequels the big winners at 2013 Canadian Videogame Awards in Vancouver

08:13 [The Hindu - News] Much needed to be done to empower women

08:14 [Fox News] China earthquake toll hits 180, thousands injured

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Three held for hurling bomb at hotel

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Cooperation in logistics needed

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Chief Minister opens overbridge at Koyilandy

08:17 [The Hindu - News] Deadline set to complete storm water drain work

08:17 [The Hindu - News] Activists seek e-complaint facility for crimes against women

08:17 [The Hindu - News] Over 250 cases settled at Mega Lok Adalat

08:17 [The Hindu - News] 5-member gang of train thieves held

08:17 [Financial Times] Blackstone CEO donates money to Tsinghua

08:19 [The Hindu - News] Older brother 'used' Dzhokhar, says uncle

08:19 [The Hindu - News] Fire breaks out at watch showroom

08:20 [Raw Story] The white mantis

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Two held for possession of idol

08:26 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: How To Track a Skype Account Hijacker?

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Police probing if second person is involved in 5-yr-old’s rape

08:28 [CNN] China earthquake shears off mountainsides, kills 180 people

08:28 [AL JAZEERA] Earthquake strikes off Japan's Honshu island

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Water released for Chithirai fete

08:32 [Topix Activism News] China hits back at U.S. in annual human rights survey

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Murder in ATM outlet: no headway in probe

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Suppression of facts no grounds for rejection in police selection: HC

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Employability of students an area of concern, says AICTE official

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Police probing if second person is involved in crime

08:37 [The Hindu - News] PWD plans public toilets across State

08:37 [The Hindu - News] Seeing the world after a gap of 18 years

08:38 [] Iran’s Nuclear Odyssy by Vaez and Sadjadpour

08:43 [The Hindu - News] Onchiyam case: phone images admitted in court

08:49 [Telegraph] Duke of Cambridge makes secret visit to Manchester United training ground

08:49 [Telegraph] Sex abuser Sir Cyril Smith is kept in place by MPs

08:49 [Telegraph] Bradley Cooper's new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse wins Hollywood role

08:49 [Telegraph] Top public school Roedean asks cosmetic doctor to give girls talk about surgery

08:49 [Telegraph] Dark matter could be next big discovery for Large Hadron Collider scientists

08:49 [Telegraph] Queen has completed 15,000 official engagements, study finds

08:51 [Deutsche Welle] Time for an Italian grand coalition?

08:51 [Deutsche Welle] Rescue efforts continue after China earthquake

08:51 [The Hindu - News] People look at Modi as a strong leader: Uma Bharti

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Sadananda urges Moily to quit ‘scam-riddled’ Union government

08:55 [The Hindu - News] All set for Thrissur Pooram

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Water scarcity irks Pangala residents

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Living in harmony

09:02 [The Hindu - News] BJP serves notices on five Halady-loyalist ZP members

09:02 [The Hindu - News] Yakshagana award for Gerukatte Gangayya Shetty

09:03 [Telegraph] 2012 Sunday Telegraph Art Prize: teenager's nervous soldier wins prize

09:03 [Telegraph] Prince Harry's 'marriage talk' spooks his free-spirited girlfriend Cressida Bonas

09:05 [] Despite Central Asia Focus, Armenia Still CSTO's Most Faithful Ally

09:06 [The Hindu - News] State BJP was aware of Shibu-Modi meet

09:06 [Deutsche Welle] Increased security at London Marathon after Boston

09:10 [Raw Story] What happened to #stopKony?

09:16 [The Hindu - News] Money bags thrive in iron-ore country

09:16 [The Hindu - News] ‘No MLA indicted in report on Council poll cross-voting’

09:20 [The Hindu - News] All set for CLAT

09:22 [The Hindu - News] Ten MLA-hopefuls cross 100-crore mark

09:24 [The Hindu - News] Creative pursuits

09:24 [AL JAZEERA] North Korea 'moves missile launchers'

09:26 [The Hindu - News] G.Corner grounds being cleaned upto accommodate wholesale traders

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Farmers’ body opposes construction of reservoir across Marudhayar

09:28 [The Hindu - News] ‘Clear silt in Kattalai High Level Channel to aid tail-end farmers’

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Clean, green celebrations at Samayapuram

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Beach at the Cauvery this summer

09:30 [The Hindu - News] Kiran dubs TRS ‘narrow-minded’

09:33 [The Independent] London Marathon 2013: Thousands to honour Boston victims as runners take to the capital amid tight security

09:35 [Telegraph] Nuclear industry at risk over ministers' dithering, experts warn

09:35 [Telegraph] Far-Left teachers hijacking protests against free schools

09:36 [CNN] New details emerge as Boston bombing suspect lies sedated in hospital

09:39 [Pravda] Americans take Czech Republic for Chechnya

09:40 [AL JAZEERA] Kuwait opposition politician slams 'bullying'

09:42 [The Hindu - News] CT Division–II crosses Rs. 1,000 crore mark

09:42 [The Hindu - News] RTC suffers Rs. 1-crore loss on BRTS buses

09:42 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan calls for collective fight

09:42 [The Hindu - News] GM chess camp concludes on a ‘promising’ note

09:42 [The Hindu - News] Unseasonal rains hit crops

09:45 [Pravda] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to be charged with terrorism

09:45 [Pravda] Death toll in China's Sichuan earthquake continues to climb

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Water crisis in delta dominates DRC meeting

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Rythu Chaitanya Yatras from tomorrow

09:46 [The Hindu - News] Kiran to lay foundation stone for Gandhi Hill renovation works

09:48 [The Hindu - News] Child rape victim responding well to treatment: doctors

09:50 [Pravda] North Korea moves missile launchers to east coast

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Australia-bound Tamils arrested by Sri Lankan Navy

09:53 [The Hindu - News] BSNL enables radiation-free mobile calling through FWP

09:57 [The Hindu - News] Prosecute cops for their inaction in Delhi rape case: Brinda Karat

09:59 [The Hindu - News] Give TDP another opportunity, says Naidu

10:01 [The Hindu - News] Ukkunagaram is enviously green

10:01 [The Hindu - News] Waltair Division bags ‘Overall efficiency shield’

10:03 [Sydney Morning Herald] 84 arrested at Sydney rave

10:03 [The Hindu - News] ‘Kidnapped’ boy to be restored to parents

10:03 [The Hindu - News] Garden City, nay ‘City in the garden’

10:04 [The Independent] Google Doodle honours Sir Norman Parkinson - the father of modern fashion photography

10:05 [Telegraph] Sunday Times Rich List: Alisher Usmanov is Britain's wealthiest man

10:05 [Telegraph] Actress Lynda Bellingham and the dotcom millionaire troll

10:05 [Telegraph] US to double aid to Syrian rebels following assurances

10:07 [CNN] 'We have a million questions' for bombing suspect

10:17 [Financial Times] Sichuan quake death toll climbs to 180

10:18 [Financial Times] FBI searches for bombing motive

10:19 [The Independent] CBS Twitter feeds hacked by 'pro-Damascus group'

10:22 [Guardian] Snowboarders killed in US avalanche

10:22 [Guardian] Labour down to 35% while Ukip surge continues – Opinium/Observer poll

10:23 [CNN: Crime] Officials: Prosecutors' deaths may have stemmed from grudge

10:23 [CNN: Crime] Three Doors Down bassist charged in fatal crash

10:23 [CNN: Crime] What the suspects' family has to say

10:23 [Reuters] Super-rich close gap between bonds and Bond Street

10:23 [Reuters] Insight: Battered by war, Syrian army creates its own replacement

10:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael Shank: 'Just Jobs Index' Launches: What the IMF, World Bank and G20 Won't Discuss

10:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mariners down Wanderers to win final

10:35 [The Hindu - News] BJP women activists protest outside Sonia’s residence

10:37 [New Statesman] Britain's 200 wealthiest people "are together worth £318.2bn"

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Taliban attack kills 6 Afghan police officers

10:38 [CNN] What are the Boston suspect's legal rights?

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Dubbed serials: TV artistes to reach out to public

10:49 [Fox News] A Million Questions for Bomb Suspect

10:49 [Fox News] POT HOLIDAY SHOOTING:Police Search for Suspects After 2 Injured at Colo. Rally

10:49 [Fox News] OPINION:I Know Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

10:50 [The Independent] Rescuers struggle to reach China quake zones as death toll rises

10:50 [The Independent] Police killed in Afghanistan checkpoint attack

10:52 [Telegraph] We won't see a black PM in my lifetime, says Stephen Lawrence's mother

10:52 [Telegraph] China: over 200 dead in Sichuan earthquake

10:54 [The Hindu - News] Lease to RINL will not affect interests of T, says Congress

10:54 [The Hindu - News] Inter first results: Telangana districts performance poor

10:54 [Guardian] Hartlepool nuclear power plant fire triggers emergency response

10:57 [BBC: Education] US tycoon unveils China scholar fund

11:03 [CNN] Three Doors Down bassist charged in fatal crash

11:07 [CNN] 3 Doors Down bassist charged in fatal crash

11:08 [The Hindu - News] Scrap bauxite mining leases, says CPI(M)

11:10 [AL JAZEERA] Desperate search for China quake survivors

11:10 [Truthdig] Boston and Washington

11:10 [Truthdig] Kim Jong Nuke

11:10 [Truthdig] Running the Gauntlet

11:10 [Truthdig] Gun Heart

11:10 [Truthdig] Venezuela Torn by Election Results

11:10 [Truthdig] Boston’s Message

11:13 [CNN] Taliban militants storm Afghan police checkpoint; kills 6

11:14 [The Hindu - News] More than just a dream

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Common scholastic aptitude test on cards

11:19 [CNN] China earthquake shears off mountainsides, kills 181 people

11:20 [NPR] Thirsty States Take Water Battle To Supreme Court

11:21 [CNN] Runners start London Marathon with silence for Boston victims

11:24 [Telegraph] Race row as locals fight boarding school for inner-city pupils

11:25 [Russia Today] Three people injured in Denver marijuana celebration shooting (PHOTOS)

11:28 [Financial Times] US doubles non-lethal aid for Syria

11:29 [CNN] Silence falls over London Marathon as thousands remember Boston

11:31 [The Hindu - News] Price fall precipitates gold rush

11:32 [Slashdot] Improving the Fedora Boot Experience

11:32 [Financial Times] Sichuan quake death toll climbs to 184

11:33 [New Statesman] School dominated by black and Asian pupils will lead to a "sexual volcano", warns Tory councillor

11:34 [AL JAZEERA] Clashes ahead of Bahrain Grand Prix

11:36 [The Independent] London Marathon 2013: Runners honour Boston victims as athletes take to streets of the capital amid amid heightened security

11:39 [The Hindu - News] Engineering minds

11:40 [Guardian] London Marathon runners pay tribute to Boston victims

11:41 [Deutsche Welle] US Defense Secretary Hagel makes first Israel visit

11:47 [The Hindu - News] Graduating to work

11:52 [The Independent] Palestinians hold first Bethlehem marathon

11:53 [Fox News: politics] Hagel says Israel, US see 'exactly same' threat from Iran

11:54 [Telegraph] Nurses swamped by paperwork

11:56 [Voice of America] Kerry Promises to Double US Aid to Syrian Opposition

11:57 [The Hindu - News] Smart buy

12:02 [Voice of America] Rescue Workers Struggle to Reach Victims of China Earthquake

12:06 [Reuters] Bahrain hosts F1 race amid tensions, protests

12:08 [The Independent] Boris Johnson calls for 'Thatcherite zeal' to curb trade unions

12:08 [CNN] Taliban militants claim responsibility for 2 attacks, killing 10

12:09 [The Hindu - News] Update yourself

12:10 [Telegraph] Three hospitalised by 'Clockwork Orange' legal high

12:10 [Telegraph] Boston bombing: thermal imaging camera allowed police to monitor suspect in boat

12:10 [Voice of America] China Slams US Human Rights Record

12:13 [Fin24 News] Farm mentors a boon

12:13 [The Hindu - News] Cracking the law test

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Spirit of the land

12:16 [Voice of America] Six Afghan Police Dead in Militant Raid

12:20 [NPR] Israel's 3 Airlines Strike Over EU Proposal

12:20 [Voice of America] Top US Military Officer Visits South Korea

12:21 [Deutsche Welle] Germany debates surveillance cameras after Boston

12:23 [The Independent] Olympic hero Mo Farah nearly late for the London Marathon after he overslept

12:26 [The Hindu - News] 22mp-miscellany

12:30 [The Hindu - News] Not about a girl

12:30 [The Hindu - News] Death penalty for child rapists should be considered: CPI (M)

12:30 [The Hindu - News] Post stringent norms, clinical trials in India plummet

12:30 [CNN] Governor: 'We have a million questions' for bombing suspect

12:30 [The Atlantic: National] Manhunts Appear to Be the New Car Chases

12:32 [The Hindu - News] ShotCuts: Uncommon views

12:34 [Reuters] Toyota re-styles no-frills models to drive China fightback

12:35 [Russia Today] Missile movement: Two Scuds ‘deployed’ to N. Korea’s east coast

12:38 [The Hindu - News] 'Takeover king' of Spencers

12:40 [The Hindu - News] Purple attraction

12:40 [Telegraph] Five year old victim abandoned in hospital as India faces child rape crisis

12:40 [Telegraph] Family of missing student falsely named as Boston terror suspect bombarded with hate messages

12:40 [Reuters: politics] U.S. arms deal with Middle East allies clear signal to Iran: Hagel

12:42 [The Hindu - News] I am...Imran — Fruit of labour

12:47 [Topix Activism News] Judge recuses in Arkansas abortion-ban lawsuit

12:48 [The Hindu - News] Have we lost them to TV?

12:54 [The Independent] Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov beats Richard Branson, Paul McCartney and Roman Abramovich to the top of the Sunday Times Rich List

12:54 [The Hindu - News] Steering ahead

12:54 [The Hindu - News] Ask Shahnaz

12:55 [BBC: Entertainment] DiCaprio celebrates at gay awards

12:55 [BBC: Entertainment] Outcry over song for new Dutch king

12:58 [New Statesman] The end of the epic: why the success of Bioshock Infinite is bad for gaming

12:58 [The Hindu - News] South Korea monitors new preparations for North missile launch

12:58 [Voice of America] Hagel Says Arms Sales a "Clear Signal" to Iran

13:00 [AL JAZEERA] More inmates join Guantanamo hunger strike

13:02 [The Hindu - News] There’s dough in dosa

13:04 [The Hindu - News] Between hope and hell

13:06 [The Hindu - News] Tata Power to set up 28.8 MW solar plant in Maharashtra

13:10 [The Independent] Tian Tian, UK's only female giant panda, artificially inseminated at Edinburgh Zoo

13:10 [The Independent] The FBI's big miss: Boston bombing fugitive shot dead was on radar two years ago

13:10 [Telegraph] Boston bomb suspect cannot speak as doctors treat throat wounds

13:10 [Telegraph] London marathon: runners defiant in the shadow of terrorism

13:14 [Fox News] 'Million Questions' for Bomb Suspect

13:14 [Fox News] 'CALL FOR JIHAD':FBI: Ill. Teen Tried to Join Al Qaeda-Linked Group

13:14 [Fox News] SYRIAN REBEL BOOST:US Doubles Aid to $250M, But Opposition Wants More

13:14 [Fox News] POT RALLY SHOOTING:Police Search for Suspects After 2 Injured at Colorado

13:15 [The Hindu - News] A perfect platter

13:18 [Reuters] Investors brace for more stock volatility on Apple earnings

13:19 [The Hindu - News] Delight in the details

13:21 [AL JAZEERA] Desperate hunt for China quake survivors

13:25 [The Independent] London Marathon 2013: Priscah Jeptoo wins the women's race while Mo Farah does his half marathon in just under an hour

13:25 [The Hindu - News] Mukesh Ambani gets ‘Z’ category security

13:25 [The Hindu - News] The shoe-stealers and sellers

13:25 [BBC: Entertainment] Daft Punk break Spotify record

13:29 [The Hindu - News] The shoe-stealers and sellers

13:31 [Guardian] Edinburgh's female panda artificially inseminated

13:33 [AL JAZEERA] Desperate search for China quake survivors

13:35 [NPR] Aid To Syria Comes With Fears Of Islamist Presence

13:35 [The Hindu - News] Of fort and fortitude

13:40 [The Independent] UK's only female giant panda Tian Tian is artificially inseminated at Edinburgh zoo

13:42 [Telegraph] Cath Kidston: "I do not aspire to be a housewife"

13:42 [Telegraph] Edinburgh panda who did not want to mate given artificial insemination

13:43 [The Hindu - News] Direct cash transfer to curb wastages, leakages: Manmohan

13:43 [The Hindu - News] Visa on arrival approved at two Kerala airports

13:43 [The Hindu - News] The woman’s touch

13:44 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Poachers Close in on Last Rhino Retreat

13:44 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] An End to a Cold War?

13:45 [Russia Today] ‘Race for blood’: Police clash with protesters ahead of Bahrain Grand Prix

13:47 [The Hindu - News] ASURAVITHU 1968

13:51 [Deutsche Welle] Kerry meets Palestinians, Hagel talks to Israel

13:56 [The Independent] Boris Johnson among Conservatives calling for 'Thatcherite zeal' against trade unions

14:00 [Fin24 News] Commodities slump knocks world economy

14:00 [NPR] Boston, Bombs And Lessons From Israel

14:04 [Financial Times] Rescue workers battle roads in Sichuan

14:11 [The Independent] Man who died in Swansea's measles outbreak was 'sent home by doctors', says mother

14:16 [Fin24 News] Super-rich turn to swanky real estate

14:21 [Guardian] Tottenham v Manchester City – live! | John Ashdown

14:24 [Fin24 News] Africa ready to add to global growth

14:26 [Deutsche Welle] Many protests, some unrest in Bahrain ahead of F1 race

14:26 [Financial Times] Rescue workers battle narrow Sichuan roads

14:34 [CNN] Rape of 5-year-old spurs protests, reflection in India

14:41 [Slashdot] The Eternal Mainframe

14:43 [The Independent] Google Doodle honours Sir Norman Parkinson - the man who revolutionised the world of British fashion photography

14:43 [AL JAZEERA] Frantic search for China quake survivors

14:45 [Telegraph] Stop using 'feeble' rhetoric on lifting of immigration restrictions, Bulgarian ambassador tells Nigel Farage

14:51 [Reuters] Big crowds, black ribbons for Boston at London Marathon

14:53 [CNN] 3 new planets could host life

14:54 [Financial Times] Eurozone anti-austerity camp on the rise

14:56 [Financial Times] Rescue workers fight narrow Sichuan roads

14:56 [Fin24 News] World Bank, IMF back bold poverty plan

14:56 [CNN] Clashes in Bahrain ahead of Grand Prix race

15:03 [AL JAZEERA] Israel airlines strike over 'open-skies' plan

15:05 [Voice of America] Ivory Coast Local Polls Begin Amid Boycott

15:07 [The Hindu - News] Tech news

15:10 [NPR] Boston Update: Officials Wait To Question Suspect; Memorial Held Sunday

15:11 [The Hindu - News] AAP activists protest outside PM’s residence

15:11 [The Hindu - News] The role of mobile phones in e-commerce

15:11 [CNN] That was the week from hell

15:13 [The Hindu - News] Mathematical genius Shakuntala Devi no more

15:13 [The Hindu - News] The enormous possibilities that open hardware offer

15:14 [Truthout] Nearly Half of Guantanamo Prisoners Now on Hunger Strike

15:15 [The Hindu - News] ‘Demand by IT companies has drawn engineers away from traditional fields’

15:16 [Deutsche Welle] A farewell to growth?

15:19 [Reuters] Bahrain F1 race starts amid tensions, protests

15:20 [Raw Story] Amsterdam forced Jews to pay rent while in WWII concentration camps

15:21 [Fox News] China earthquake toll hits 186, thousands injured

15:21 [Fox News] Police: NY woman told teens to shoot BBs from car

15:21 [Fox News] NY state senator's 'torture' tweet sparks controversy

15:21 [Fox News] Hundreds of cars unclaimed in Sandy to be auctioned

15:21 [Fox News] Mom says purse found in woods does not belong to missing daughter

15:21 [Fox News] 5 snowboarders killed in Colorado avalanche

15:21 [Disinformation] Koch Brothers Set To Buy Major Newspapers

15:24 [Fox News: politics] Hagel: Not enough information yet to tie bombing suspects to militant group

15:24 [Reuters] Exclusive: EBay recruits users in push against sales tax legislation

15:25 [Raw Story] 18-year-old headed for Syria arrested by FBI on terror charges in Chicago

15:25 [Raw Story] North Korea moves two more missile launchers: report

15:25 [CNN] Legendary sportscaster Al Michaels arrested on DUI charge

15:28 [Fin24 News] Gauteng govt to offer work experience

15:31 [Financial Times] Myanmar reform receives mixed reviews

15:34 [Truthout] How Monsanto Went From Selling Aspirin to Controlling Our Food Supply

15:35 [Raw Story] Tsegaye Kebede and Priscah Jeptoo win emotional London Marathon that included tribute to Boston victims

15:36 [Fin24 News] More toll roads on the cards

15:37 [The Hindu - News] No consensus in Ansari's all-party meet

15:40 [Raw Story] Oil buyers owe $4 billion to Iran that cannot be paid because of sanctions: top official

15:40 [Raw Story] Boston arrest sparks debate over reading of rights

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Kerry pushes Turkey-Israel rapprochement

15:41 [The Hindu - News] Thousands witness Thrissur Pooram in Kerala

15:42 [Slashdot] CBS Twitter Feed Compromised

15:42 [Reuters: politics] United States told Turkish PM better to delay Gaza trip: Kerry

15:44 [The Independent] Tory councillor condemned for 'openly racist language' after saying ethnic minority pupils will cause a 'sexual volcano'

15:46 [Reuters] Arms deal with Middle East allies signal to Iran: Hagel

15:50 [Reuters: politics] Arms deal with Middle East allies signal to Iran: Hagel

15:51 [Financial Times] Resentment at North Korea turns to alarm

15:53 [CNN] Greene: Billy Graham's other voice

15:53 [CNN] Alleged rape of 5-year-old spurs protests, reflection in India

15:55 [Raw Story] Obama accused of nuclear U-turn as guided weapons plan emerges

15:55 [Raw Story] North Caucasus rebels deny link to Boston Marathon attack: website

15:56 [Russia Today] Guantanamo hunger strike expands to nearly half of prisoners - prison officials

15:56 [The Hindu - News] Tough time ahead for Govt as Parliament resumes tomorrow

16:00 [The Hindu - News] Earthquake measuring 3.4 shakes Assam

16:00 [NPR] London Marathon Marked By High Security, Memories Of Boston

16:01 [Telegraph] Tories accused of attempting 'political stitch-up' over Tanni Grey-Thompson

16:01 [Disinformation] The Strange Case Of Edward Mordake’s Two Faces

16:01 [Deutsche Welle] Second-division Hertha Berlin secure promotion

16:05 [msnbc: politics] Women leading the way in New Hampshire

16:06 [Reuters: politics] United States asked Turkey PM to delay Gaza trip: Kerry

16:09 [AL JAZEERA] Clashes as Bahrain Grand Prix goes ahead

16:10 [Truthout] Contaminated Nation: Inhuman Radiation Experiments

16:14 [Reuters] Bahrain stages F1 race amid protests

16:15 [The Atlantic: International] Drone Strikes and the Boston Marathon Bombing

16:18 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Jonas Chartock, Teacher Leadership Advocate

16:23 [Fox News: politics] Feinstein 'regrets' talk of declaring Boston bombing suspect a military combatant

16:25 [Truthout] Gitmo Dilemma Remains a Monkey on the Back of US Democracy

16:25 [Raw Story] Peter King: Treat bomber as enemy combatant because ‘battlefield now in the U.S.’

16:26 [Slashdot] Disney Announces "One Star Wars Movie Per Year" Plan

16:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] Pyongyang shifts missiles

16:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] Airport set to fly into the big time

16:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] A world infused with anger

16:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] How Target was sold a pup

16:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] Divorce gets more lucrative

16:30 [Sydney Morning Herald] $33m Point Piper mansion

16:30 [The Independent] No action to be taken against Britain's first youth police and crime commissioner Paris Brown over 'offensive' tweets

16:31 [Guardian] Tottenham v Manchester City – as it happened | John Ashdown

16:31 [Guardian] Paris Brown: no further action to be taken over Twitter comments

16:38 [zero hedge] Ben Bernanke To Miss Jackson Hole Symposium Due To "Scheduling Conflict"

16:41 [CNN: Money] Netflix hopes for 'House of Cards' boost

16:47 [Reuters] Insight: How eurozone backwater Slovenia became its latest liability

16:47 [CNN] Ortiz of Boston Red Sox tosses F-word, FCC doesn't complain

16:47 [Telegraph] US academic describes gang-rape in Papua New Guinea

16:47 [Telegraph] Boston bomber's US citizenship bid 'rejected after background check'

16:47 [Telegraph] My children rampage around No. 10, says David Cameron

16:47 [Telegraph] Owen Paterson criticised for killing squirrels

16:49 [msnbc: politics] Boston bombing an example of pitfalls within culture of freedom

16:49 [msnbc: politics] A message from David Gregory on being ‘Boston Strong’

16:51 [AL JAZEERA] Man arrested in India over rape of child

16:53 [Guardian] Liverpool v Chelsea – live! | Jacob Steinberg

16:53 [Guardian] George Osborne prepares for battle with the IMF

16:55 [Truthout] Real Faces of the Minimum Wage

16:55 [The Progressive] At Long Last—The Truth About U.S. Torture

16:56 [Financial Times] Militant group denies Boston bomb link

16:57 [The Hindu - News] Direct benefit transfer will curb wastage: Manmohan

17:01 [Topix Activism News] Killing for ivory

17:01 [zero hedge] "Econogate" and Japan

17:01 [Russia Today] US Defense Secretary: Israel to make its ‘own decision’ to attack Iran

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Rescue crews struggle to reach quake victims in China

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Suspected US drone strike kills two militants in Yemen

17:05 [Voice of America] Kerry: 11 Nations to Direct Syria Aid Through Rebel General

17:05 [Truthout] Truthout TV Interviews Ellen Dannin and Ann Hodges About the Attack Against the National Labor Relations Act

17:06 [msnbc: politics] Terrorist suspect may have traveled to Russia 2012 under alias

17:06 [msnbc: politics] Boston native Doris Kearns Goodwin shares pride for response

17:06 [Truthdig] The Designation of an Enemy Combatant and Racism

17:09 [Fin24 News] Pay strike grounds Lufthansa flights

17:11 [Truthout] Mexico Lacks Water to Frack for Shale Gas

17:11 [The Hindu - News] 4-year-old rape victim in MP shifted to Nagpur

17:11 [Deutsche Welle] Vettel cruises to Bahrain victory, stretching lead

17:11 [Deutsche Welle] Paraguayans head to polls, and to banks?

17:15 [CNN] Official: Boston bombing suspect may be charged Sunday

17:15 [Raw Story] Ex-CIA deputy director: Boston bombing ‘more like Columbine than al Qaeda’

17:15 [Raw Story] ACLU to Kansas school district: Cancel creationist assemblies about dinosaurs

17:16 [Truthout] How the Sequester Will Take Its Toll on Access to Justice

17:18 [The Independent] Tottenham Hotspur 3 Manchester City 1: Quick-fire trio of goals gift Spurs three points

17:19 [CNN: Money] 101 ways to build wealth

17:19 [The Hindu - News] 4-year-old rape victim in MP shifted to Nagpur

17:21 [Fin24 News] SA gold firms bleeding cash

17:22 [msnbc: politics] Bombing suspect status: What lies ahead

17:22 [msnbc: politics] How America moves forward from Boston

17:22 [msnbc: politics] Boston bombing: A foreign connection?

17:22 [msnbc: politics] Suspect citizenship: Is he an enemy combatant?

17:25 [The Hindu - News] U.S. averse to direct military involvement in Syrian conflict

17:26 [Truthout] Serious Threat to Asian Economic Model

17:27 [msnbc: politics] Boston’s future: Has the threat passed?

17:27 [msnbc: politics] Terrorist suspect may have traveled to Russia in 2012 under alias

17:27 [Guardian] Scottish independence: Alex Salmond given currency ultimatum

17:29 [Slashdot] Terrible Advice From a Great Scientist

17:32 [zero hedge] Inside Ground Zero: Photos From The Suspects' Apartment

17:33 [The Independent] Authorities may never question bomb suspect says Boston mayor

17:36 [Truthdig] He Is Comfortable with Bush’s Inferno

17:36 [Truthout] Vieques Vive La Lucha Continua 10 Years After the Bombing Stopped

17:38 [CNN] Boston mourns as religious groups offer healing

17:39 [Voice of America] Ivory Coast Local Polls Begin Amid Boycott

17:44 [msnbc: politics] Will Boston tragedy impact future of immigration reform bill?

17:44 [The Hindu - News] Indian delegation to hold talks with Riyadh on Nitaqat law

17:45 [AL JAZEERA] Brazil police sentenced over jail killings

17:45 [Fox News] Bomb Suspect in Serious Condition, While FBI Team Awaits Questioning

17:45 [Fox News] COMMON THREAT:US, Israel Have Foe in Iran, But Differ on Plan of Attack

17:45 [Fox News] SURVIVOR SEARCH:China Rushes Relief After Quake Leaves 186 Dead

17:45 [Fox News] 'PROTECT YOUR RIGHT':Student Suspended for Wearing NRA T-Shirt

17:46 [The Onion] Man Purchasing Pair Of Red Pants Better Be Ready To Put Up Or Shut Up

17:46 [Fox News] Venezuela�s political climate worries Pope Francis

17:49 [The Independent] Police murder probe follows deaths in Lincolnshire

17:49 [Financial Times] US urges Erdogan to delay trip to Gaza

17:49 [msnbc: politics] 3: Boston’s aftermath and political implications

17:49 [msnbc: politics] Is there a culture of complacency?

17:49 [msnbc: politics] How to create a more secure America

17:49 [Mother Jones] A Tax Everyone Can Love (But No One Actually Does)

17:50 [Telegraph] Toddlers becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy

17:50 [] US Resumes Trend of Drone Attacks on Yemen

17:51 [Truthdig] We’re #2! We’re #2!

17:51 [Truthdig] Dignity

17:51 [AL JAZEERA] Syria activists report massacre near Damascus

17:52 [CNN] China earthquake shears off mountainsides, kills 186 people

17:53 [CNN: Travel] Silence falls over London Marathon as thousands remember Boston

17:59 [Fin24 News] More strike strife for Joburg commuters

18:02 [zero hedge] Five Shocks that Push Investors Off Balance

18:04 [Global Voices] Venezuela: Post-Election Suspicion and Uncertainty Spark Violence

18:04 [The Independent] Google Doodle honours Sir Norman Parkinson - one of Britain's most celebrated portrait and fashion photographers

18:05 [msnbc: politics] 1: Deval Patrick, national security experts give latest update on Boston bombing

18:05 [msnbc: politics] 2: Marathon bombing’s impact on America

18:05 [msnbc: politics] Violent tragedies create culture of suspicion

18:09 [Reuters] Boston Marathon bombing remains in hospital, unable to speak

18:10 [Raw Story] Feinstein calls out Peter King’s Islamophobia and ‘hatred’ for Muslims

18:11 [zero hedge] Silver Scarcity

18:11 [Voice of America] Caucasus Rebels Deny Link to Boston Bombing

18:15 [Reuters] Boston Marathon bombing suspect remains in hospital, unable to speak

18:19 [Financial Times] Businessmen warn against Italian impasse

18:19 [The Independent] Four thousand year old gold-adorned skeleton found near the Royal Borough in Windsor

18:20 [Telegraph] Kate Humble: I lived in a squat and took drugs

18:22 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Apple, Amazon, Netflix earnings on tap

18:22 [msnbc: politics] Post Show Thoughts: Terror in Boston

18:25 [CNN] Novak Djokovic takes Rafael Nadal's Monte Carlo crown

18:25 [NPR] Miranda Rights And Tsarnaev: Ashcroft Says U.S. Move Is The Right One

18:26 [Reuters] Bahrain stages F1 race amid protests, heavy security

18:31 [CNN] Residents let back in after deadly Texas blast

18:31 [Slashdot] Utility Box Exposed As Spy Cabinet In the Netherlands

18:31 [Deutsche Welle] Brazilian police face 156 years in prison for riot deaths

18:36 [Big Think] For a Happy Life, Choose Relationships Over Ambition

18:37 [Financial Times] Saudi king sacks deputy defence minister

18:38 [msnbc: politics] Boston bombing: The political implications

18:40 [Raw Story] Catholic bishops: Background check vote shows a ‘failure in moral leadership’

18:41 [Russia Today] Anonymous calls for internet blackout to protest CISPA

18:43 [The Hindu - News] India to discuss Nitaqat law with Riyadh in April

18:49 [AL JAZEERA] US to finalise Middle East weapons deal

18:50 [] How the West missed a chance to make peace with Tehran

18:50 [Telegraph] Paris Brown tweets offensive but not illegal, say police

18:50 [Telegraph] King of Soho Paul Raymond's 21-year-old granddaughter is youngest of Britain's 1,000 richest people

18:50 [Telegraph] Kate Middleton shows off baby bump in Mulberry coat

18:50 [Telegraph] Developers can build on nature reserves - if they 'offset' the damage elsewhere, says Government review

18:56 [Truthdig] Texas Plant Had 270 Tons of Explosive Material, Was Not Being Monitored for Safety

18:59 [Fox News: politics] Report: Communities used federal stimulus money to lobby for higher taxes

19:01 [zero hedge] The Secret World Of Gold

19:05 [CNN] North Korea diplomacy effort grows, but sides are still far apart

19:06 [NPR] An Exploration Of The Changing Lives Of Women

19:06 [Telegraph] US arms deal with Israel 'clear signal' to Iran, says Chuck Hagel

19:06 [Telegraph] David Cameron faces pressure over Tory councillor's 'racist' comments about school for inner-city pupils

19:10 [Raw Story] Koch brothers consider purchasing several major newspapers

19:10 [Raw Story] Lindsey Graham blames FBI for Boston bombing: ‘The ball was dropped’

19:11 [CNET News] Will Samsung's next phone be metal like the iPhone?

19:12 [Guardian] Liverpool v Chelsea – as it happened | Jacob Steinberg

19:12 [Guardian] Labour wades into race row over multiracial West Sussex academy

19:16 [Russia Today] Thousands rally against France’s gay marriage bill before parliament reading (PHOTOS)

19:17 [Slashdot] Senate To Vote On Internet Sales Tax (For Real This Time)

19:21 [The Independent] Metropolitan Police still institutionally racist 20 years after Stephen Lawrence murder, black police leaders say

19:21 [The Independent] London Marathon 2013: From Buzz Lightyear to Ed Balls, London’s runners get home safe amid heightened security

19:21 [The Independent] The 10 Best lightweight moisturisers

19:21 [Russia Today] Thousands rally against France’s gay marriage bill before parliament reading (PHOTOS)

19:24 [Guardian] Egypt's justice minister resigns in row over judiciary independence

19:24 [Guardian] Luis Suárez is both villain and hero as Liverpool draw with Chelsea

19:24 [CNN] Opinion: Nine questions about the Boston bombers

19:26 [Voice of America] Hagel: US-Israel Weapons Deal a 'Clear Signal' to Iran

19:28 [Fox News: politics] George Bush says brother Jeb best man for the White House

19:31 [Reuters] Analysis: Years of weak growth sow doubt in economic rescue plans

19:32 [zero hedge] Bill Gross' World View In Four Words

19:36 [Anarchist news] Spanish anarchists send Catholics explosive packages containing vibrators

19:37 [Deutsche Welle] Protesters in France make last-ditch effort to thwart gay marriage

19:37 [Telegraph] River Cam staff to be issued with stab vest due to rising tensions

19:37 [Telegraph] 'Imbecilic' song for new Dutch king withdrawn after outcry

19:40 [Guardian] Beppe Grillo attacks Italian president's re-election

19:40 [Guardian] Guantánamo hunger strikers make up half of inmate population, officials say

19:40 [] Denial of Boston Suspect's Rights 'Yet Another Erosion of the Constitution'

19:40 [Raw Story] Bill Clinton heckled at GLAAD Awards for signing Defense of Marriage Act

19:41 [NPR] Spirituality And Sprite, Aisle 1? What An Artist Sees In Wal-Mart

19:43 [AL JAZEERA] Paraguay votes to choose new leader

19:43 [AL JAZEERA] Protests continue in India over rape of child

19:53 [Fox News] FBI: Illinois teen tried to join Al Qaeda-linked group- Yemeni officials: US drone kills 2 Al Qaeda militants

19:56 [Financial Times] Research backs global warming theory

20:00 [CNET News] Google doodle honors eccentric photographer Norman Parkinson

20:00 [Raw Story] More than half of Guantanamo detainees on hunger strike: official

20:00 [Raw Story] Late 20th century was warmest in 1,400 years

20:05 [The Hindu - Opinion] Is the good news for real?

20:05 [Reuters] Israel cabinet OKs Europe open skies deal despite strike

20:07 [Telegraph] China earthquake: family buries boy by roadside as region mourns dead

20:11 [msnbc: politics] Lawmakers call suspect 'enemy combatant'

20:11 [msnbc: politics] Legal issues surrounding Boston bombing suspect

20:14 [Guardian] George Osborne boosts funding for lending scheme ahead of IMF visit

20:14 [Guardian] Jobcentre staff accused by councils of failing to alert public to poverty loans

20:15 [zero hedge] Guest Post: From Shirakawa To Kuroda: The Regime Change Explained

20:19 [Fox News] Paul Anka Doubles Up

20:19 [Fox News] Cult Rockers' Big Breakout

20:19 [Fox News] The Bible:Fact or Fiction?

20:19 [Fox News] Kids Take Chicago

20:19 [Fox News] Man's close call on roof

20:19 [Fox News] Microsoft Plans New Gadgets

20:20 [CNN] Texan town tries to rebuild with community, spirituality

20:20 [Slashdot] CipherCloud Invokes DMCA To Block Discussions of Its Crypto System

20:21 [Russia Today] Columns of black smoke screen Moscow sky causing Twitter storm (PHOTOS)

20:23 [Telegraph] Giorgio Napolitano's re-election raises hopes for new government in Italy

20:23 [Telegraph] Pope Francis 'to appoint more women to key Vatican posts'

20:23 [Telegraph] Britain and France renew efforts to lift arms embargo on Syrian rebels

20:23 [Telegraph] Avalanche kills five in worst tragedy since 1962

20:23 [Telegraph] Indian protests after two rape cases of young girls in Delhi

20:24 [CNET News] Producer-engineer Young Guru on what good sound sounds like

20:24 [Guardian] George Osborne boosts funding for lending scheme before IMF visit

20:25 [Raw Story] Study finds belief in free market economics predicts rejection of science

20:26 [CNN] Opinion: Don't scapegoat a faith for bombings

20:26 [CNN] Liverpool star Suarez bites Chelsea's Ivanovic

20:27 [Reuters] Rich political novice the favorite to win Paraguayan presidency

20:29 [CNET News] Hubble captures Horsehead nebula in stunning infrared

20:34 [CBC: politics] Oilsands environmental data to be released

20:35 [CNN: Politics] North Korea diplomacy effort grows, but sides are still far apart

20:35 [CNN: Politics] Bombing enflames immigration debate

20:35 [CNN: Politics] Navarrette: Bombing shouldn't derail immigration reform

20:35 [CNN: Politics] Boston suspect's legal rights

20:35 [CNN: Politics] Suspect interviewed in 2011

20:36 [Mostly Water] The Bloom Is Off Gold

20:37 [CNN] Sunday brings faith and healing in Boston

20:37 [The Hindu - News] When swimming becomes a private affair

20:38 [Reuters] Kerry says doubling U.S. non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition

20:39 [Fin24 News] Sanral: DA scraping the barrel on tolls

20:39 [The Hindu - News] After a drink, a session is too tiring, lament motorists

20:40 [Guardian] Boston Marathon suspect may never be able to be questioned, mayor says

20:40 [Raw Story] GOP newsletter author: ‘We most likely won’t try to kill’ pro-Obamacare Republicans

20:41 [The Hindu - News] Opposition, government gear for showdown

20:44 [CNN: Politics] N. Korea diplomacy effort grows

20:44 [Mostly Water] Venezuela's Maduro Inaugurated

20:44 [msnbc: politics] Potential implications of Boston bombing on immigration reform

20:44 [Voice of America] London Marathon Runners in Solidarity With Boston

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Adapting continuously is the mantra, says Manchu Lakshmi

20:47 [CNN: Politics] McCaul: Suspect was radicalized

20:52 [Deutsche Welle] German firm arms Qatar with tanks

20:52 [Deutsche Welle] Paraguayan presidential election gets under way

20:52 [Deutsche Welle] Kerry asks Turkish premier to postpone Gaza trip

20:52 [CBC: politics] Oilsands environmental data to be released for Earth Day

20:57 [straight] Vancouver Canucks clinch playoff spot with 2-1 win over Detroit

20:57 [Fox News: politics] Senators say bombings should spark immigration reform, not halt process

21:00 [zero hedge] Glenn Beck Claims to Give the Government Until Monday to Come Clean on Saudi National

21:01 [CNET News] Facial-recognition tech played no role in ID'ing bomb suspects

21:01 [CNN] Syrian activist group: Record number of dead found

21:01 [Disinformation] Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes GMO Labeling Bill

21:02 [The Hindu - News] Engineering students locked into Microsoft Office

21:02 [The Hindu - News] GHMC to go after 5 lakh property tax defaulters

21:02 [Infoshop] iSlave: Foxconn Workers Struggle in China - US Tour (4/15-5/25)

21:04 [Voice of America] Nigeria Boko Haram Commission in Dialogue to End Violence

21:06 [The Hindu - News] HMR to begin rail crossover work

21:06 [NPR] Hundreds Gather For Boston Memorial Service Near Marathon's Finish

21:08 [Guardian] London reclaims marathon spirit with Boston tribute

21:09 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband admits to meeting George Galloway prompting backlash from his own MPs

21:09 [Telegraph] Boston bomber: FBI 'dropped the ball' over Tamerlan Tsarnaev

21:10 [CNN: Money] An Apple/Samsung story stirs a hornet's nest

21:10 [Topix Activism News] Syrian opposition warns Hezbollah to stay out

21:10 [Raw Story] U.S. diplomat warns situation in Darfur deteriorating

21:11 [Russia Today] Boston Marathon suspects ‘armed with bombs and grenades, planned more attacks’

21:12 [The Hindu - News] Hunt on for one more suspect in Delhi child rape case

21:13 [CNN] 8 things to know about L.A.'s Koreatown

21:14 [The Hindu - News] Newborn girl found dead in factory yard

21:14 [The Hindu - News] Robber gangs ‘outsource’ info gathering

21:14 [The Hindu - News] Shutterbug captures the lifeless

21:15 [The Hindu - Opinion] The crisis in our community

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Parched throats here have nothing to ‘tap’ into

21:18 [CNN: Money] Social Security: Paying more than you'll get

21:26 [Guardian] Glencore traded with Iranian supplier to nuclear weapon's programme

21:27 [Infoshop] How Did They Work: A Reflection On the AVL 11 and May Day 2010

21:27 [Infoshop] Why I’m Returning my Copy of The Anarchist Turn

21:27 [Fin24 News] Proudly SA calls for wider food probe

21:30 [Raw Story] Alberto Gonzales tells CNN: ‘We can never be safe in a society like ours’

21:33 [Slashdot] Perceiving Robotic Industrial Arm Inches Toward Autonomy

21:35 [Truthout] Seeds of Change: Shifting National Agricultural Policies

21:35 [The Hindu - Opinion] The road from Boston

21:36 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) rebuffs Congress advances

21:40 [Telegraph] Police smash 'bomb vest' kidnap ring

21:40 [Telegraph] Half of Guantánamo prisoners on hunger strike

21:40 [Telegraph] Iran in drive to encourage couples to have more children

21:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] End this callousness

21:42 [Russia Today] ‘Boston Bombers’ Tsarnaev brothers: Where the dots won't connect

21:46 [] US Admits 16 Guantanamo Detainees Being Force-Fed

21:46 [] Obama Accused of Nuclear U-Turn as Guided Weapons Plan Emerges

21:46 [NPR] Outrage Erupts In India Over 5-Year-Old Girl's Rape

21:47 [Deutsche Welle] Boston bombing suspects were 'planning more attacks'

21:47 [Infoshop] Resistance is Fertile- (News From the Zad)

21:49 [The Hindu - Opinion] Rape capital

21:49 [The Hindu - Opinion] End of nightmare

21:50 [CNN] Docs: We're 'optimistic' for transit cop's recovery

21:50 [CNN] Iraq blast kills 2, wounds 22

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Weather, a major challenge in China

21:51 [NPR] Midwest River Towns Ready Themselves For Cresting Floodwaters

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21:54 [Reuters] Assad's forces kill 85 in Damascus suburb, activists say

21:56 [Fox News: politics] House committee wants answers about bombing suspect

21:56 [Voice of America] Syria Activists: Pro-Assad Forces Kill 80 Near Damascus

22:00 [AL JAZEERA] Boston bomb suspects 'planned more attacks'

22:00 [Raw Story] Graduate student: Didn’t take long to find errors in prominent pro-austerity study

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Pandas in quake-hit reserve unharmed

22:01 [zero hedge] German Airline Unions Are Revolting

22:05 [Fox News: politics] Newtown families vow to keep fighting for gun laws

22:05 [The Hindu - News] India can do better than Modi or Rahul

22:05 [The Hindu - News] Rs.20 crore NH funds go to waste

22:05 [The Hindu - News] NHAI agrees to bear half the cost of constructing bypasses

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22:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] Down to minus 45

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22:25 [CNN: Money] Apple, Amazon earnings on tap

22:25 [The Hindu - News] Traffic chaos may greet Salim Rajan overbridge

22:27 [The Hindu - News] Industry on the verge of losing development race

22:30 [AL JAZEERA] Nearly half Guantanamo now on hunger strike

22:30 [CNN: Crime] Legendary sportscaster Al Michaels arrested, charged with DUI

22:30 [CNN: Crime] Columbine survivor: Do better

22:30 [CNN: Crime] What are Boston suspect's legal rights?

22:30 [CNN] Timeline: A look at Tamerlan Tsarnaev's past

22:30 [CNN] China bird flu cases now at 102

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22:31 [zero hedge] An Unprecedented $660 Billion In Excess Debt Demand, And What It Means For Bond Yields

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22:37 [Infoshop] David Graeber looks at the Occupy movement, from the inside

22:40 [The Hindu - Opinion] The possibility of coexistence — 2

22:42 [Guardian] Party condemns councillor for remarks on pupils' nationalities

22:42 [Guardian] Syria: opposition anger over US refusal to fund arms

22:43 [Telegraph] Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may never speak again

22:45 [Voice of America] Tributes to Boston at London Marathon

22:45 [CNN] Golfer Jacquelin 'tired but happy' after marathon playoff victory

22:45 [Raw Story] Syrian opposition leader resigns, castigating global ‘inaction’

22:45 [Raw Story] Brits artificially inseminate panda after bear couple fails to mate

22:45 [Raw Story] Police bust kidnapping ring that strapped victims to bomb vests

22:47 [Deutsche Welle] Syrian opposition activists claim dozens dead in 'massacre'

22:57 [Telegraph] Boston bombers: Russian Islamic militants deny being behind marathon attack

22:57 [CNN] From backpacks to 'flash-bangs': Boston's week of terror

23:03 [Red Pepper] Meet Red Pepper’s new co-editor, Michelle Zellers

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23:04 [The Hindu - News] India, China working the phones to guard against escalation

23:06 [BBC: Science & Environment] Antares rocket begins test flight

23:06 [NPR] Antares Rocket Launch Is A 'Go' In Test Of Space Station Supply Vehicle

23:07 [CNN] Political rhetoric finds its way into post-bombing debate

23:08 [The Hindu - News] Direct Benefit Transfer will curb wastage, says Manmohan

23:11 [Guardian] MPs look lazy with short parliamentary hours, says Margaret Hodge

23:11 [Slashdot] In Development: An Open Source Language For Cell Programming

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23:14 [The Hindu - News] ‘Z’ security cover for Mukesh Ambani

23:14 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - April 22, 2013

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23:21 [CNN] Dead Boston bomb suspect posted video of jihadist, analysis shows

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23:21 [Big Think] Is Instant News Rotting Your Brain?

23:24 [The Hindu - News] Proactive for Ambani, but UPA sleeping over CAG recommendations

23:26 [NPR] Philly Turns Skyscraper Into Video Game Screen For Tech Week

23:27 [Reuters] Stricken Boston bomb suspect under guard, awaits charges

23:28 [CNN] Marquez makes history as MotoGP's youngest winner

23:29 [Telegraph] As Labour decides its future, Ed Miliband told: 'Don't panic'

23:29 [Telegraph] Renationalise Royal Mail or lose millions in donations, CWU tells Ed Miliband

23:29 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband 'right but unpopular' on welfare, MP says

23:29 [Telegraph] The 8,000 NHS staff on six figure salaries

23:29 [Telegraph] Britain and US 'risk repeating Iraq invasion mistake with Iran'

23:30 [CNET News] eBay CEO enlists users' aid to defeat online sales tax bill

23:30 [CNN] Official: Boston bombing suspects 'were going to attack' others

23:30 [Raw Story] New York Republican recommends ‘torture’ for teenage Boston bomb suspect

23:34 [The Hindu - News] Gujarat’s failure to check 2002 riots figures in U.S. report

23:39 [The Hindu - News] Sushma playing to the gallery, says Digvijay

23:41 [The Hindu - News] Smokers in city get younger

23:41 [Voice of America] Child Rape Survivor Improves, Protests Continue

23:42 [CBC: politics] Pipeline rules strengthened by National Energy Board

23:43 [The Hindu - News] Hang Manoj, says mother-in-law

23:43 [The Hindu - News] Koyambedu flyover to geta touch of green

23:45 [The Hindu - News] City’s courts see a rise in cheque bounce cases

23:45 [The Hindu - News] 70-year-old woman run over by fire tender dies

23:46 [Fox News] House Committee Demands Intel Answers About Bombing Suspect

23:46 [Fox News] NOT ENOUGH INFO YET: Hagel: Can't Yet Tie Bomb Suspects to Militant Groups

23:46 [Fox News] PRESTIGIOUS GIFT: Wall Street Tycoon Creates $300M China Scholarship

23:46 [Fox News] 'OUGHT TO RUN':George W. Bush Says Jeb Best Man for White House

23:47 [The Hindu - News] Chennai chokes as pollution levels soar

23:49 [The Hindu - News] Rape accused murdered by victim’s family

23:50 [Pravda] Iran and Lebanon strengthen resistance in the Middle East

23:51 [The Hindu - News] Aligarh rape-murder case cracked, say police

23:55 [The Hindu - News] Shia cleric rejects honour of Akhilesh government

23:55 [The Hindu - News] M.P. child rape victim airlifted to Nagpur, condition critical

23:59 [Telegraph] Boston bomber's wife 'returns to Tsarnaev home to collect cat'

23:59 [Telegraph] Britain to avoid triple dip as recovery starts, Tories believe

23:59 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool rules the roost as parties gear up for panchayat polls

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