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00:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robert L. Borosage: The Sanders Challenge

00:03 [CNN: Money] These 5 drugs are costing the government billions

00:03 [AL JAZEERA] UN says fuel shortage threatens relief work in Yemen

00:03 [AL JAZEERA] Reforms or reset in Saudi Arabia?

00:03 [Slashdot] Soulskill: Space Radiation May Alter Astronauts' Neurons

00:04 [CNN] Yemeni civilians die in Saudi airstrikes, officials say

00:06 [Anarchist news] sodajerks: New anti-work zine out today

00:08 [Good] Mark Hay: At Nonprofit Organizations, a Lack of Regulation Invites Failure

00:10 [CNN] Trending watch: The week's buzziest stories

00:10 [CNN] Who is Marilyn Mosby?

00:10 [Deutsche Welle] Obama comments on indictment of police officers involved in Freddie Gray's death

00:11 [AL JAZEERA] Somalia journalist and wife shot dead

00:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Wing: Police Wanted Us To Believe Freddie Gray Killed Himself. We've Heard Stories Like This Before

00:16 [Fox News: politics] James Rosen: Analysis: In Baltimore unrest, liberalism on trial?

00:17 [CNN] White House hits 'AWOL' Congress for shirking AUMF

00:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: Tlisova: Media Outlets in Tight Grip of Russian Government

00:21 [CNN: Politics] White House hits 'AWOL' Congress for not granting war powers in ISIS fight

00:22 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Dear CFTC, The Market Is Still Broken

00:22 [zero hedge] williambanzai7: PLaNeT OF MiSTaKeS...

00:22 [Mother Jones] Samantha Michaels: If Black People Lived As Long As Whites, Our Election Results Would Be Very Different

00:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Brennan Williams: Larry Wilmore Sits Down With Baltimore Gang Members To Discuss Truce And Ongoing Unrest

00:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Robbie Couch: Truck Drivers Can Help Fight Sex Trafficking. Here's How

00:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lilly Workneh: Freddie Gray's Family Is 'Satisfied' With Charges Against Officers

00:24 [Fox News] Fox News Online: US reportedly in talks on keeping restrictions on ‘Taliban Five’ as deal set to lapse

00:24 [CNN: Money] Apple confirms tattoos stop Apple Watch from working

00:25 [CNN] Turkish mayor calls U.S. official a 'dumb blonde'

00:25 [BBC: Science & Environment] Why some quakes are worse than others

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00:26 [ZDNET] Menaravisi: Weddingku Directory

00:26 [ZDNET] Catawiki: Catawiki - online auctions for exceptional items

00:27 [NPR] Susan Brink: A Man Said To Be Ebola Free Could Still Infect A Partner During Sex

00:27 [NPR] Martin Kaste: Law Enforcement Reacts To Baltimore Officer Criminal Charges

00:30 [Reuters] FAA considers beyond-line-of-sight drone initiatives: sources

00:32 [ZDNET] Vikas Jain: Celeb Quiz - Guess who is the Celebrity

00:32 [ZDNET] Homee from Yahoo! JAPAN: Cute wallpaperPastel Star

00:32 [ZDNET] PogiPlay, Inc.: Pac Mouse - Man Of The House

00:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nathan Gardels: Weekend Roundup: The WorldPost Hosts Fareed Zakaria

00:33 [Disinformation] Mandelbrot: Esperanto — continuing where the Babylon Empire left off

00:35 [CNN] Freddie Gray 'did not hurt himself' says fellow rider

00:35 [CNN] Man hangs up on the Pope -- twice

00:35 [Deutsche Welle] German President Gauck raises prospect of reparations for Greece

00:37 [AL JAZEERA] Nigeria frees more children and women from Boko Haram

00:38 [CNN: Politics] Backlash against Turkish mayor who called U.S. diplomat a 'dumb blonde'

00:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: One Of These Photos About Religious Freedom Is Nothing Like The Others

00:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Moye: RI Police Chief Stops Accepting Guest List Of Motel With High Crime Rate

00:41 [Slashdot] timothy: Judge Tosses United Airlines Lawsuit Over 'Hidden City' Tickets

00:42 [ZDNET] Chainsys: Chase Opps

00:42 [ZDNET] Modest, Inc: The Red Balloon Store

00:42 [ZDNET] Csymplicity Software Solutions Inc: WoundHelp

00:42 [Raw Story] Reuters: Iowa Gov. Branstad declares state of emergency as bird flu outbreak expands

00:47 [Telegraph] AP: Policeman who arrested Freddie Gray had guns confiscated over mental health

00:47 [NPR] Kirk Siegler: Show Us The Aid: Anger In An Ancient Nepali Town

00:52 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Chief Execution Officers Update: A Fresh Look At The Death Penalty World

00:54 [CNN: Politics] Sources: Capitol cops left guns in bathroom stalls

00:55 [Deutsche Welle] German President Gauck raises prospect of World War Two reparations for Greece

00:57 [CNN] Comic Book Day and 'Regrettable Superheroes'

00:57 [AL JAZEERA] Somalia journalist and his wife shot dead

01:03 [CNN: Money] Bets 'unprecedented' on Mayweather-Pacquiao

01:05 [AL JAZEERA] US Congress' real power on a US-Iran nuclear deal

01:10 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: "Hedge!!"

01:11 [BBC: Entertainment] The tech that helps techno artists get paid

01:11 [Topix Activism News] Nigerian military rescues more women, girls from Boko Haram

01:12 [BBC: Education] 'Maverick heads stifled by Ofsted'

01:12 [Mother Jones] Gabrielle Canon, Bryan Schatz, and AJ Vicens: This Map Shows the Freddie Gray Protests Across the Country /files/map_image630.png

01:12 [BBC: Technology] The tech that helps techno artists get paid

01:13 [BBC: Science & Environment] Wildlife drop 'may empty landscape'

01:16 [CNN] Study: Sexual assault in military plummets

01:16 [CNN] Bruce Jenner sued over fatal car accident

01:16 [CNN] Supreme Court takes up death penalty drug case

01:17 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Kate Middleton baby wait: everything we know on Saturday

01:17 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal baby wait live: Will new arrival be born on Saturday morning?

01:17 [Telegraph] Telegraph Reporter: Coronation Street actress Alison King who plays Carla Connor quits

01:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mount Everest shrank as Nepal quake lifted Kathmandu - Nepal quake death toll at 6,260 - VIDEO: US charity to bring drinkable water to quake victims

01:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Give me Liberland: Micro-nation officially declares independence on May Day - VIDEO: May Day marches around the world

01:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 2 Jewish residents of Paris assaulted by mob in latest anti-Semitic incident

01:18 [Truthdig] VIDEO: Former FBI Agent Weighs In on Freddie Gray Case

01:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeffrey S. Trachtman: In Four Supreme Court Clashes Over 15 Years, a Consensus for Equality Emerges

01:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tyler Kingkade: Saint Mary's Students Demand Overhaul Of Sexual Assault Policies

01:22 [Slashdot] timothy: Android and iOS App Porting Will Not Be Available At Windows 10 Launch

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01:26 [ZDNET] Alexander Nowak: Launch Buttons full

01:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Frida Berrigan: Baltimore is burning -- not just in flames, but with a righteous anger

01:28 [BBC: Health] Crush syndrome: Saving life in Nepal

01:29 [AL JAZEERA] Baltimore celebrates charges in death of Freddie Gray

01:32 [ZDNET] Properly Home Sharing: Properly Host

01:32 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: Baltimore prosecutor: If you don’t hold bad cops accountable it does a disservice to good cops

01:33 [Truthdig] ‘Left, Right & Center’: Baltimore, Same-Sex Marriage & Bernie Sanders

01:33 [Disinformation] 5T1V: Ann Lewis GILF activist artist’s SHATTERING catharsis

01:38 [CNN] U.K. politics: More dysfunctional than in the U.S.

01:40 [Deutsche Welle] US state of Iowa declares state of emergency over pathogenic H5 avian flu

01:42 [NPR] Domenico Montanaro: 12 Motivational Moments With An Ohio Republican. No, really.

01:42 [ZDNET] Texas Fish & Game Publishing Co.: Texas Fish & Game Mag

01:42 [ZDNET] Emoji Keyboard Theme: Emoji Keyboard Theme for S6

01:42 [ZDNET] Pink Emoji Keyboard Home: Romantic Eiffel Tower Theme

01:44 [CNN: Politics] Cameron, Miliband spar before vote

01:44 [CNN: Politics] The UK election's importance to America

01:44 [CNN: Politics] Why British politics are even more dysfunctional than America's

01:44 [CNN: Politics] Reports of sexual assault in the military plummet, study finds

01:47 [CNN: Politics] Study: Sharp decrease of sexual assault in military

01:47 [Telegraph] Agencies: Nigeria troops rescue 224 more women and girls from Boko Haram stronghold

01:52 [Raw Story] Reuters: FAA reportedly considering expanding flight ranges for commercial drones

01:54 [CNN] Singer Nathan Morris embraces homeless Senate worker

01:58 [CNN] Ben Carson skeptical over Baltimore death

02:00 [Fox News: politics] State Dept. won't say whether US asking Iran to free seized cargo ship

02:03 [Slashdot] timothy: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think

02:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: New York State Senate Leader To Be Arrested On Corruption Charges: Report

02:07 [Raw Story] Reuters: Bruce Jenner sued for wrongful death in California car crash

02:09 [CNN: Politics] Ben Carson skeptical over Gray case

02:10 [Voice of America] Carla Babb: US Military: Reported Sexual Assaults Increase 11 Percent

02:12 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Well That Hasn't Happened Before - Exhibit 6

02:12 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned To Accept Martial Law In America?

02:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Linkins: The 2016 Election Cycle Bids A Fond Farewell To April's Shiny Nonsense!

02:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: STILL A THREAT? US in talks to extend restrictions on ‘Taliban 5,' report says

02:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: US Navy accompanies 4 US-flagged ships through Strait of Hormuz - State Dept. won't say whether US asking Iran to free seized cargo ship - VIDEO: Navy to accompany US-flagged ships after Iran seizes vessel

02:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NY woman who claimed fiancé drowned in kayak mishap charged with murder

02:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points -- Run, Bernie, Run!

02:27 [CNN] B.B. King "in home hospice care"

02:27 [NPR] Eyder Peralta: Baltimore Protests: What We Know About The Freddie Gray Arrest

02:30 [Reuters] Air strikes kill civilians in Yemeni capital

02:30 [ZDNET] HANNA RUDAK: Study Russian Language Free

02:30 [ZDNET] Morningstar: Morningstar for Advisors Client Reporting. Portfolio Analysis. Market Data.

02:30 [ZDNET] Carlos Martinez Vila: Radio Greece Free

02:33 [Disinformation] Joseph Allen: Files from the Academic Fringe: Pt. 4 – Skepticism

02:35 [Reuters] Six Baltimore officers charged in death of Gray, one with murder

02:35 [Deutsche Welle] Two German navy ships in Mediterranean to save migrants in distress

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02:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Udoka Okafor: Understanding the Baltimore Protests Over the Death of Freddie Gray

02:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mollie Reilly: Bernie Sanders Raised $1.5 Million In First Day Of His Campaign

02:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jesse Rifkin: 'Mission Accomplished' Was 12 Years Ago Today. What's Been The Cost Since Then?

02:46 [ZDNET] CROOZ Ltd.: Card King: Dragon Wars

02:46 [ZDNET] Apartment Mobile Apps, LLC: Highpoint at Cypresswood Apartments

02:46 [ZDNET] Sharefaith: Hope In Christ Fellowship

02:47 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: Authorities release mug shots for Baltimore officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death

02:48 [CNN: Politics] Christie officials cleared of strong-arm allegations

02:49 [Fox News: politics] Krauthammer on Gray charges: 'It looks like appeasement of the mob'

02:53 [CNN] Christie officials cleared of strong-arm allegations

02:57 [Raw Story] Reuters: Researchers monitor undersea ‘Axial Seamount’ volcanic eruption off Oregon coast

03:00 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: CFTC Helps Deutsche Bank Avoid "Bad Actor" Tag

03:02 [NPR] Eliza Barclay: #NPRreads: Why Black Leadership Didn't Matter In Baltimore

03:03 [Disinformation] Good German: May Day Occupation at Guggenheim Closes Museum #GuggOccupied

03:09 [AL JAZEERA] Burundi policemen killed in grenade attack

03:17 [Reuters: politics] New York Senate leader, son face arrest on corruption charges: N.Y. Times

03:23 [CNN] Turkish mayor posts picture calling Harf 'dumb blonde'

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03:32 [ZDNET] School Website: Bedford School

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03:35 [Deutsche Welle] Nigerian troops free 234 more women and children from Boko Haram

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03:38 [ZDNET] lymphoryx: Beach 4K Live Wallpaper

03:42 [Raw Story] Reuters: NY Republican Senate Majority Leader and son face arrest on corruption charges

03:44 [Voice of America] Eunjung Cho: US Envoy Rails at N. Korean Diplomats for UN Disruption

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03:44 [ZDNET] Offerbook Ltd.: Discount, Voucher, Coupons, Local Deals - OfferbookNZ

03:46 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don't Want You To See

03:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: GIVE ME LIBERLAND Micro-nation declares independence on May Day

03:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lawmakers fuming over report Capitol police left guns in bathrooms

03:53 [CNN] "Gotham's" must-watch finale

03:58 [Voice of America] Celebration Erupts in Baltimore After 6 Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray's Death

03:58 [Good] Abby S. Marino, Distractify: Bad-Ass Pooch Fights Back Against Dog-Kicking Cop

04:07 [CNN] St. Louis women question fate of 'dead' babies

04:15 [Slashdot] timothy: Humans Dominating Poker Super Computer

04:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Former Christie ally pleads guilty in Bridgegate probe, two other ex-Christie officials indicted - VIDEO: Former Christie ally pleads guilty in GW Bridge case - VIDEO: Presidential Contenders — Gov. Chris Christie

04:18 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Uber Offices Raided In China After "Illegal Operator" Crackdown

04:20 [Deutsche Welle] Police disperse left-wing May 1 rallies in Hamburg

04:22 [Voice of America] Greg Flakus: Evelyn Rubio Releases Sexy and 'Saxy' New CD

04:29 [Reuters] Six Baltimore officers charged in death of Freddie Gray

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04:44 [Reuters] Thousands still missing after Nepal quake

04:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mayweather or Pacquiao?

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04:57 [ZDNET] Gerardo Arellano: The true color

04:58 [Truthdig] Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Spectacle Behind the Gold Mine

05:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Reuters: New York Senate Leader, Son Face Arrest For Corruption: Report

05:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Reuters: Balitmore Officers Released On Bail Following Freddie Gray Death

05:12 [Voice of America] Reuters: Study: Cosmic Rays May Damage Brains of Astronauts

05:12 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: Megyn Kelly lets anonymous cop call Freddie Gray a snitch and ‘guess’ that drugs caused arrest

05:18 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Freedom Of Opportunity, Not Equality Of Opportunity

05:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Nigerian army rescues more women, girls from Boko Haram

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05:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: EARLY URBAN PLANNING Latest discovery finds Mayan city built on grid

05:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: OPINION: The simple prayer that's become a way of life

05:54 [AntiWar] Margaret Griffis: Politicians Blame Anbar Refugees for Baghdad Blasts; 65 Killed across Iraq

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06:02 [AntiWar] Shane Smith: Drone Operators, Not American Snipers, Rack Up the Biggest Body Count

06:07 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: D.L. Hughley tells Bill Maher: You’ll never see a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt at a GOP convention

06:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mother duck, brood waddle through school on trek to nearby creek

06:29 [CNN] At least 30 graves found in southern Thailand

06:33 [CNN] Baltimore top cop Anthony Batts no stranger to riots

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06:51 [Slashdot] timothy: Seafloor Sensors Record Possible Eruption of Underwater Volcano

06:53 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Boston Marathon runner looking for man she kissed on dare

06:56 [Telegraph] Reuters: Burundi arrests 600 in protests against ruling party

06:59 [Fox News: politics] Lawmakers fuming over report Capitol police left guns in bathrooms

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07:01 [ZDNET] Sharefaith: Freedom Worship Center

07:01 [ZDNET] Sharefaith: Lebanon First Baptist

07:09 [Reuters] Three die in grenade attacks in Burundi capital, more than 10 hurt: police

07:14 [Reuters] Ohio's Kasich says 2016 presidential run depends on money

07:19 [CNN] Freddie Gray case: Curfew enforced after charges

07:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SAFETY DOWN THE DRAIN: Capitol cops left loaded guns in Hill bathrooms

07:28 [Telegraph] Javier Espinoza: Creationism still taught in faith schools despite Government funding threat

07:28 [Telegraph] Telegraph Staff: The week in pictures: 2 May 2015

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07:56 [Reuters] Three die in grenade attacks in Burundi capital, more than 10 hurt

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07:58 [Telegraph] Hannah Furness: VE Day hugs and kisses recreated to celebrate peace

08:02 [CNN] Royal baby: Duchess of Cambridge goes into labor

08:21 [Reuters] Clashes erupt at May Day march in Seattle, police use stun grenades, pepper spray

08:21 [Reuters] Britain's Duchess of Cambridge in labor, admitted to London hospital: BBC

08:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SIGH OF RELIEF Protesters celebrate as cops charged in Gray death

08:22 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Kerry in Sri Lanka to Cheer On Democratic Reforms

08:26 [Reuters] Britain's Duchess of Cambridge in labor: Kensington Palace

08:30 [Telegraph] Matthew Holehouse: Labour's frustration at Ed Miliband's 'weak' defence of Brown's deficit

08:30 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Nicola Sturgeon: The SNP 'nippy sweetie' who learned how to crack (a bit of) a smile

08:30 [Telegraph] Lyndsey Telford: Head-butts, Nazis and 'sham' campaigns: The scandals linked to the SNP firebrands who could be MPs

08:30 [Telegraph] Hannah Furness: Famous picture missing for 120 years found - in Bamber Gascoigne's house

08:32 [NPR] L. Carol Ritchie: Kate Middleton, Wife Of Prince William, Is In Labor

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08:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MORE SAVED Nigeria rescues 234 females from Boko Haram


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09:10 [Voice of America] VOA News: Death Toll From Nepal Quake Surpasses 6,600

09:17 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Kate Middleton baby latest: Duchess of Cambridge in hospital after going into labour

09:22 [Raw Story] The Guardian: Bail set for charged Baltimore cops less than what was set for those arrested for rioting

09:25 [CNN] Royal babies: Five things you didn't know

09:30 [Deutsche Welle] Grenade attacks claim lives in anti-government protests in Burundi

09:30 [Fox News: politics] 2 Russian nuclear bombers entered Alaska airspace, report says

09:32 [Voice of America] VOA News: Nigeria's Military Rescues More Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram

09:33 [Reuters] Clashes erupt in U.S. west coast cities during May Day marches

09:39 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: 6 Baltimore Cops Charged After MD Attorney Finds Them "Grossly Negligent...Freddie Gray's Death Was A Homicide" - Live Feed

09:45 [Slashdot] timothy: Unnoticed For Years, Malware Turned Linux Servers Into Spamming Machines

09:47 [Telegraph] Telegraph Staff: Royal baby: Latest photos from St Mary's Hospital as Duchess goes into labour

09:47 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter: Royal baby: meet the doctors who will deliver Kate Middleton's second child

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09:51 [CNN] Party princess or dutiful daughter: Life as spare heir

09:54 [AL JAZEERA] Nepal: A tragedy in pictures

09:54 [AL JAZEERA] Towards the Federal Republic of Cyprus

10:00 [Deutsche Welle] Nepal excludes possibility of survivors in rubble, to concentrate on aid for victims

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10:02 [ZDNET] School Website: Worth School

10:02 [ZDNET] School Website: Athelstan Primary School

10:16 [AL JAZEERA] Nepal quake: When will the misery end?

10:28 [AL JAZEERA] Australia: Is halal food funding terrorism?

10:30 [Reuters] Britain awaits royal birth as duchess Kate goes into labor

10:33 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal baby news live: Kate Middleton in labour - here he or she comes!

10:33 [Telegraph] Telegraph Staff: David Cameron: child benefit safe with me for five years

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10:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NOT SO FUNNY NFL player ripped on Twitter over Sept. 11 joke

10:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Duchess of Cambridge in hospital for birth

10:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 2 Russian nuclear bombers entered Alaska airspace, report says

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11:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Bruce Jenner sued over crash death

11:04 [AL JAZEERA] Baltimore set for 'victory rally' as officers charged

11:05 [Fox News: politics] State Department reportedly deems mission to rescue Americans in Yemen too risky

11:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: State Dept. deems mission to rescue Americans in Yemen too risky, report says

11:18 [Pravda] Muslim women: Oppressed and happy

11:27 [Reuters] Relief goods for Nepal quake victims held up at customs: U.N.

11:33 [Big Think] Robert Montenegro: Economists Propose a Global Marshall Plan For Lasting Peace Through the 21st Century

11:36 [CNN] Boston boos: Alex Rodriguez ties Willie Mays' 660 homers

11:37 [NPR] Diane Cole: You Want To Go To Nepal And Help Out. Is That A Good Idea?

11:42 [CNN] Aid agencies issue urgent appeals for Nepal relief

11:47 [CBC: politics] Robert Fisher: Will upstart Patrick Brown upend Christine Elliott in Ontario PC leadership race?

11:52 [AL JAZEERA] Gaza's energy crisis increases risk of fires

11:52 [Raw Story] Reuters: Grand Canyon visitor plunges 400 feet off South Rim to death

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11:55 [CNN] Aid agencies issue urgent appeals for Nepal relief

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11:58 [ZDNET] East Interactive: Couples Deals

12:02 [Raw Story] Reuters: Woman killed by Atlanta cops was not properly searched, police chief says

12:02 [Raw Story] International Business Times: The truth is getting closer: X-Files to soon start filming revival

12:04 [Fox News: politics] Obama administration worries increase over Saudi campaign in Yemen

12:06 [ZDNET] Clark Online Network: Heart of Worship Church

12:06 [ZDNET] Element Cell Game Limited: Shepherd Saga 2

12:06 [ZDNET] Janak Shah: Talk Sport Radio

12:06 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Tributes to R&B legend Ben E King

12:07 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Seattle explodes as May Day protests turn violent

12:07 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Bernie Sanders raises $1.5 million in donations in campaign’s first day

12:08 [Mother Jones] Maddie Oatman: The Kentucky Derby Is Fueled by Tamales, and Other Gems From a Great New Podcast /files/Tina-SFA-Headshot-by-Pableaux-Johnson.jpg

12:15 [CNN] May Day: Clashes erupt in Seattle; 3 officers injured

12:15 [CNN] Nepal surrogate mother to father: Baby's well

12:17 [Raw Story] International Business Times: VA doctors can’t talk about marijuana with patients

12:17 [Raw Story] Zaid Jilani, AlterNet: Jeb Bush praises book by notorious ‘Bell Curve’ race theorist Charles Murray

12:18 [AL JAZEERA] Maldives opposition leaders arrested after clashes

12:19 [CNN] Second royal baby: Catherine gives birth to a girl

12:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: STILL A THREAT? Report: US in talks to restrict 'Taliban 5' longer

12:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: State Dept. reportedly deems mission to rescue Americans in Yemen too risky

12:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Nigerian army rescues more females from Boko Haram

12:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lawmakers fuming over report Capitol police left guns in bathrooms

12:21 [Telegraph] Eleanor Steafel: Royal Baby: After baby number two, will Kate have a third child?

12:22 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Starbuck’s celebrity-endorsed Ethos Water is sourced from ‘exceptional drought’ region of California

12:25 [Deutsche Welle] Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby girl

12:30 [Reuters] UK's Duchess Kate gives birth to a daughter: Kensington palace

12:34 [AL JAZEERA] UN threatens sanctions on Mali fighters

12:37 [NPR] L. Carol Ritchie: Kate Middleton, Wife Of Prince William, Has A Baby Girl

12:37 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter: Royal baby: meet the doctors who delivered Kate Middleton's second child

12:37 [Telegraph] Rozina Sabur: Celebrities gather for David Beckham's 40th birthday

12:45 [Slashdot] timothy: Square Enix Witch Chapter Real-Time CG DX12 Demo Impresses At Microsoft BUILD

12:48 [Mother Jones] Bill Gardner: How Humans Can Keep Superintelligent Robots From Murdering Us All

12:48 [AL JAZEERA] Asylum seekers eye Europe from Tunisia's shores

12:48 [ZDNET] iApps And iGames: Simulator Neon Grenade

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12:48 [ZDNET] Detention Apps: Donut Maker Cooking Game Free

12:51 [Telegraph] Michael Wilkinson: Welcome, royal princess! Everything we know about the royal baby and her name

12:52 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Kerry Travels to Sri Lanka to Cheer on Democratic Reforms

12:56 [AL JAZEERA] Reporting Baltimore

12:56 [AL JAZEERA] Dozens killed in US-led air strikes in northern Syria

12:58 [ZDNET] CareZone: AARP Caregiving

12:58 [ZDNET] Thomas Grimmenstein: Income Clock - Watch Your Earnings add up in realtime

12:58 [ZDNET] nianchun zheng: Cupid Forever

13:03 [CBC: politics] Katharine Starr: Alberta election 2015: Rachel Notley, Brian Jean look to unseat Jim Prentice

13:06 [Reuters] Britain's Duchess Kate gives birth to daughter, both well, palace says

13:06 [ZDNET] KimYaong: AnimalChess!

13:06 [ZDNET] Cogoo Inc.: Wicked Snow White

13:06 [ZDNET] Beantown Game Shop: Kingdom Come - Puzzle Quest

13:08 [Telegraph] Telegraph Staff: Royal baby: Photos as Kate gives birth to a Princess

13:11 [CNN: Money] Buffett fans splurge on ice cream, ketchup and bras

13:18 [CBC: politics] The Canadian Press: Harper makes surprise visit to Iraq

13:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: CHARGES BRING CALM Mood shifts in Baltimore protests as 6 cops charged

13:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby girl

13:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TOO RISKY: Hundreds of Americans stranded in Yemen during unrest

13:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cowboys' Greg Hardy slammed on Twitter over 9/11-related joke

13:24 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal baby born: Kate Middleton gives birth to a girl! - live updates

13:24 [Telegraph] Rosa Prince: General Election 2015: Conservatives enter final week a point ahead in opinion polls

13:24 [Voice of America] Associated Press: It's A Girl! Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth to Princess

13:34 [AL JAZEERA] Afghanistan trial in mob killing of woman begins

13:37 [NPR] Owen Phillips: Grade-Skippers: Where Are They Now?

13:43 [CNN] Royal baby: Catherine gives birth to a girl

13:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Linkins: So That Happened: The Economic Context Behind What's Going On In Baltimore

13:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michael McAuliff: Chuck Schumer Warns Obama His Trade Agenda Is Dead Without A China Currency-Manipulation Crackdown

13:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Julia Craven: Mentoring Inquiries Surge After Baltimore Riots

13:49 [ZDNET] FunGameStudio: Oh My God:The Hardest Game

13:49 [ZDNET] Autonomous: Solitaire Watch

13:49 [ZDNET] caramba: WatriX - Experience Game Playing on your Apple Watch!

13:50 [Deutsche Welle] North Korea claims to detain US-based South Korean student for illegal entry

13:55 [CNN: Money] Revenge porn: My naked photos everywhere

13:55 [CNN: Money] Meet the other Oracle of Omaha

13:59 [ZDNET] Engage by MINDBODY Connect: Vibez Studio

13:59 [ZDNET] Warner Bros.: My Friend Scooby-Doo!

13:59 [ZDNET] nianchun zheng: School Appointments

14:02 [NPR] Rachel Otwell: Lincoln's Tomb Site At Risk With State Budget Cuts

14:02 [NPR] David Welna: Citing Religious Beliefs, Muslim Gitmo Inmates Object To Female Guards

14:02 [NPR] Michael Sullivan: In Danang, Where U.S. Troops First Landed, Memories Of War Have Faded

14:02 [NPR] Pam Fessler: Demonstrators Jubilant After Baltimore Police Charges

14:02 [NPR] Author: Clinton Foundation Disclosures 'Sloppy At The Very Least'

14:02 [NPR] Councilwoman: Police Can Get A Fair Trial In Baltimore

14:02 [NPR] Conditions Slowly Improve After Nepal Quake

14:02 [NPR] Carrie Johnson: Georgia Settles Case Alleging Assembly-Line Justice For Children

14:02 [NPR] A Boxing Match And A Derby: The Week In Sports

14:07 [ZDNET] Desap: Tiffin Bites Indian Restaurant

14:07 [ZDNET] Great Time Apps: Urban Sweetheart

14:10 [Telegraph] Rosa Prince: Traditional crooks including violent offenders turn to cyber crime

14:23 [BBC: Entertainment] Author Ruth Rendell dies aged 85

14:30 [Slashdot] timothy: The Pioneer Who Invented the Weather Forecast

14:30 [AL JAZEERA] Xenophobia in South Africa

14:33 [Reuters] Baltimore heads into weekend of rallies after officers charged

14:33 [The Atlantic: International] Alice Su: 'Gaza Is Hell'

14:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Steve Nelson: Do Torture, Shunning, Shaming and Humiliation Build Character?

14:37 [NPR] Scott Neuman: Baltimore Activists To Hold 'Victory Rally' After Charges In Gray Death

14:39 [Pravda] Has the human race become demonic?

14:39 [The Atlantic: Technology] Olga Khazan: Last Meals of the Famous

14:40 [Telegraph] Telegraph reporter: Clooneys' plans for £10 million Berkshire manor hit troubled waters

14:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: CRIMSON TURNS BLUE Harvard faculty backs Dems 96 percent of time

14:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Loyalty Rewards? Clinton donors, allies on Africa ‘safari’ with ex-president - ‘Hustler’ magnate Larry Flynt endorses Clinton

14:46 [Voice of America] Obama Praises Work of 3 Immigrant Journalists

14:49 [ZDNET] bestquotes: Spanish Recipes - Homely food

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14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Zogby: A Night to Remember

14:59 [Reuters] It's a girl - Britain's Duchess Kate gives birth, both well, palace says

15:04 [Reuters] Clashes erupt in U.S. West Coast cities during May Day marches

15:04 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Iraq: At Least 6 Killed in Suicide Attack West of Baghdad

15:05 [Deutsche Welle] Afghan court begins trial in woman's killing by mob

15:09 [ZDNET] Liah Vearen: Penguin Goes Up 3D

15:09 [ZDNET] sfiera: Antares

15:09 [ZDNET] TenLogix: Princess Salon 3D - Girls Summer Party Makeup & Latest Fashion Dress Up Game

15:10 [AL JAZEERA] Riyadh Yaseen: 'Bombing despite civilian casualties'

15:12 [Telegraph] Rozina Sabur: Best-selling crime writer Ruth Rendell has died

15:14 [Financial Times] Russia accused of disrupting work on Baltic power link

15:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joseph V. Micallef: This Week in World War I, May 2-8, 1915

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Drones are helping in Nepal

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cheap airline ticket secrets

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Avoid anxiety traps

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Easter Island solved?

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: GoDaddy done with Danica

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Actor freaks out on subway

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cowboys' star slammed over 9/11-related joke

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ohio college brings academic analysis of zombies to life

15:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: George Soros reportedly could face up to $7B tax bill, after delaying payment for years

15:22 [AL JAZEERA] Nepal rules out finding more quake survivors

15:22 [NPR] Scott Neuman: May Day Protesters, Police Clash In Seattle

15:28 [Slashdot] timothy: Long Uptime Makes Boeing 787 Lose Electrical Power

15:28 [CNN] Lindsey Graham on 2016: 'Get ready'

15:30 [Voice of America] Deborah Block: Campaign Raises Money to Free Jailed Journalists

15:32 [Raw Story] Tom Boggioni: Frustrated CNN reporter confronts Baltimore cop at protest: ‘Are we under martial law?’

15:33 [Disinformation] Mandelbrot: Things that are not in the Constitution

15:35 [Deutsche Welle] UN warns Yemen's infrastructure on "brink of collapse"

15:36 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Presenting The Most Overvalued Housing Market In The World In One Chart

15:38 [CNN: Politics] Lindsey Graham on 2016 plans: 'Get ready'

15:38 [The Atlantic: International] Emma Green: Why It Will Be Easier for the New Royal Baby Girl to Become Queen

15:39 [Topix Activism News] Earthquake animals: Humane Society International arrives in Nepal

15:42 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal princess: Duke and Duchess set to hire second nanny to help with new princess

15:42 [Telegraph] Chris Tilbury: Millionaires row owners' parking fury with film crews

15:42 [Telegraph] David Millward: Forger arrested after liking wanted poster on Facebook

15:45 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kira Brekke: Dear Justice Alito: Here's What Homosexuality Was Really Like In Ancient Greece

15:51 [ZDNET] tinybitz: Paleo Caveman Recipes

15:51 [ZDNET] GAMEVIL: MLB Perfect Inning 15

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15:58 [Telegraph] Telegraph Staff: David Beckham's birthday: In pictures

16:02 [NPR] Ezra David Romero: All Tapped Out In A Tiny California Town

16:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Benjamin Hart: U.S. Indictment Details Plotting in New Jersey Bridge Scandal

16:08 [CNN] UK Phone Hacking Scandal Fast Facts

16:08 [CNN] Invited back to North Korea: The mystery is why

16:08 [CNN] Earthquakes Fast Facts

16:09 [ZDNET] LLSoft: Slides

16:09 [ZDNET] Engage by MINDBODY Connect: Hipline

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16:11 [Reuters] Death toll from U.S.-led strike rises to 52 civilians in Syria

16:12 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: Britain celebrates birth of royal princess to Kate Middleton, Prince William

16:13 [ZDNET] Brand Apps: Wok Wow, Salisbury - For iPad

16:13 [ZDNET] Cool Apps Media: Beginner Nails Step by Step 2

16:13 [ZDNET] Spinlight Studio: Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo

16:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mary Bottari: GOP Prosecutor Defends Scott Walker Criminal Probe, Says "Let's Get the Truth Out"

16:14 [CNN: Money] Buffettpalooza: Ice cream, ketchup and bras

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: EYE IN THE SKY 2 Russian nuclear bombers flew in US airspace: report

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: A PRINCESS IS BORN Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby girl

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: American Pharoah looks to outrun Dortmund in Kentucky Derby

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Harvard faculty backs Dems 96 percent of time

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MDA telethon pulls plug

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Baldwin out of rehab

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Judd makes Derby history

16:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Natalie out of 'Today?'

16:15 [Deutsche Welle] Berlin marks 70th anniversary of the end of World War II

16:17 [CNN] Anthony Bourdain, Iggy and Miami: A long-standing dream

16:17 [CNN] Imprisoned U.S. Spies - Fast Facts

16:17 [NPR] Scott Neuman: Novelist Ruth Rendell, Author Of 'Wexford' Books, Dies At 85

16:20 [Deutsche Welle] 'Grande dame' crime writer Ruth Rendell dies at 85

16:22 [Slashdot] timothy: Should Developers Still Pay For Game Engines?

16:22 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: Popular British crime writer Ruth Rendell dies at age 85

16:27 [CNN: Politics] Bridget Kelly accuses David Wildstein of being 'a liar'

16:27 [CNN: Politics] 1 guilty plea, 2 indictments and 'liars'

16:27 [CNN: Politics] U.K. election: Betting the odds

16:27 [CNN: Politics] The U.K. election's importance to America

16:27 [CNN: Politics] British politics: More dysfunctional than America's

16:28 [Telegraph] Matt K Lewis: American Way: Why a diverse range of candidates could help Republicans against Hillary

16:28 [Telegraph] Telegraph Staff: New Royal baby will change family tree

16:28 [Telegraph] Nick Allen: Couple's house wrecked after renting it out to 'drug-taking partygoers' on Airbnb

16:33 [Disinformation] majestic: Millennials Don’t Trust Anyone

16:34 [Voice of America] Lisa Schlein: UN Denies Child Sex Abuse Cover Up in Central African Republic

16:36 [zero hedge] Marc To Market: Dollar's Demise Exaggerated: Technicals Anticipate Turn in Fundamentals

16:36 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The US Equity Bubble Depends On Corporate Buybacks; Here's The Proof

16:50 [Voice of America] Steve Herman: Nepal’s Government Faces Criticism for Quake Aid Response

16:51 [ZDNET] Electronic Arts: Minions Paradise

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16:53 [Truthdig] Sanders Runs

16:53 [Truthdig] Hillary Bill Crime

16:53 [Fox News] Fox News Online: B.B. under hospice care

16:58 [NPR] Scott Neuman: Death Toll In Nepal Crosses 6,800

16:58 [Big Think] Orion Jones: For the Aging, Mobile Technology is the Most Freeing

17:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Robins-Early: Hundreds Of Families Trapped By Fierce Fighting In Yemen's City Of Aden

17:02 [CNN] Tunisia Fast Facts

17:02 [CNN] Cuba Fast Facts

17:02 [CNN] Tibet Fast Facts

17:02 [CNN] Serial Killers Fast Facts

17:02 [CNN] U.S. School Violence Fast Facts

17:05 [Deutsche Welle] Syria: More than 60 possibly killed in US-led airstrikes

17:06 [CNN] NBA Finals Fast Facts

17:06 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Thousands Gather for Protest Rally in Baltimore

17:07 [Raw Story] Tom Boggioni: Top cop in Freddie Gray case had guns confiscated, was hospitalized over mental health concerns 3 year ago

17:08 [AL JAZEERA] The economic impact of Nepal's earthquake

17:12 [zero hedge] Capitalist Exploits: Colombia: Sam Zell May be Onto Something

17:12 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Baltimore PD Releases Charged Cop Mugshots; Attorney Says Case Is "Politically Motivated"

17:14 [ZDNET] Itay Naftaly: Trivia Star - Smart? Lets test it!

17:14 [ZDNET] Home Base Marketing: OldFashion Health

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17:18 [Truthdig] Supreme Court Vote

17:19 [CNN] Jack Nicholson Fast Facts

17:22 [Slashdot] timothy: AT&T Bills Elderly Customer $24,298.93 For Landline Dial-Up Service

17:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Charlotte Alfred: What's Behind Saudi Arabia's Dramatic Palace Reshuffle

17:27 [Raw Story] ‘Bridgegate’ appears to be roadblock to Chris Christie’s run for the 2016 GOP nomination

17:31 [Voice of America] Associated Press: 3 Killed in Burundi Grenade Attack

17:31 [Telegraph] Tim Ross: Nick Clegg makes coalition offer to David Cameron on migration

17:33 [Truthdig] To Rebuild Baltimore, First Clear the Blight

17:33 [Disinformation] Nick Margerrison: Psychic Soldier Exclusive!

17:34 [The Atlantic: Technology] Robinson Meyer: The Internet Mapmakers Helping Nepal

17:36 [AL JAZEERA] Manny Pacquiao: From bread vendor to boxing champion

17:36 [AL JAZEERA] Burundi vows crackdown after grenade attack

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17:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: A PRINCESS IS BORN Prince George meets baby sister for first time

17:55 [The Atlantic: National] James Fallows: William Pfaff: Clarity in the American Interest

18:02 [AL JAZEERA] House of Saud: What's next?

18:08 [Big Think] Big Think Editors: WATCH: Learn to Invest and Start a Business in Under an Hour

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18:14 [ZDNET] Lacq: Norway Expert

18:14 [CNN: Money] 'Ultron' makes $84.5 million on opening day in U.S.

18:15 [Deutsche Welle] Kerry warns Maldives democracy at risk after mass opposition arrests

18:17 [Telegraph] Patrick Sawer: Royal baby: Prince George steals the show

18:19 [Slashdot] timothy: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

18:21 [Reuters] Buffett celebrates 50th year at Berkshire, defends 3G ties

18:21 [Reuters] Customs checks hold up relief for Nepal quake victims: U.N.

18:23 [Voice of America] Reuters: Monitor: Syrian Death Toll From US-led Strike Rises to 52

18:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NO EASY WAY OUT Americans stranded in Yemen during unrest

18:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Baltimore cops accused in Freddie Gray's death identified; freed on bail

18:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Report: US in talks to restrict 'Taliban 5' longer

18:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Worst predictions of all time

18:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sequel better than original?

18:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bush ride honors heroes

18:25 [] lauren: Targeting ISIS, US-Led Strikes Kill 52 Civilians, Including 7 Children

18:25 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: "Completely Absurd" To Think Greece Won't Default In May: Official

18:25 [zero hedge] Phoenix Capital Research: The Final And Ultimate Crisis Will Be a Crisis of Faith

18:25 [Deutsche Welle] Schalke deal Stuttgart late blow, Paderborn dream of survival

18:41 [Deutsche Welle] Buckingham Palace says mother and baby "both doing well"

18:42 [CNN: Money] Buffett grilled over predatory lending, layoffs

18:42 [Raw Story] Tom Boggioni: New York cop under investigation for racist Facebook post after fellow officers turn him in

18:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Igor Bobic: Rick Santorum: If Bruce Jenner 'Says He's A Woman, Then He's A Woman'

18:52 [ZDNET] Damian Guy: Kathmandu Zone, Middlesex - For iPad

18:52 [ZDNET] Hidden Object World: Hidden Object - Marionettes

18:52 [ZDNET] Damian Guy: Pizza World, Hartlepool - For iPad

18:55 [Topix Activism News] In Defense of Hillary Clinton, Democrats Embrace Citizens United Decision

18:55 [Topix Activism News] Activists: Suspected chemical attacks in Syria injure 40

18:56 [Deutsche Welle] Baltimore police union contest indictment ahead of mass 'victory rally'

18:56 [Deutsche Welle] Schalke deal Stuttgart late blow, Paderborn dream of survival

18:57 [CNN] Royal baby name: Is there an odds-on favorite?

18:57 [CNN] Goal race: Ronaldo 50-49 Messi

18:58 [Fox News: politics] Chad Pergram: As sequester continues, pressure mounts for Congress to pass a better budget deal

18:59 [Financial Times] Coalition air raid kills civilians in Syria

19:03 [Telegraph] Michael Wilkinson: It's a girl! Welcome, royal princess: Everything we know about the royal baby on Saturday evening

19:03 [Telegraph] David Millward: Celebrate it like Beckham

19:10 [CNN: Money] Move over, Manny. Buffett wants to fight Mayweather

19:11 [CNN] FAA: Dreamliner battery could lose all power

19:11 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Markets Are Stirring: Complacency Meets Froth

19:14 [CNN] Crane collapses at Dutch car show; 1 killed, 10 injured

19:16 [ZDNET] Sharefaith: New Life on the Go

19:16 [ZDNET] Net Fun Media Srl: Save the Little Fairies

19:16 [ZDNET] DoubleDutch: 2015 LTEN Annual Conference

19:18 [ZDNET] Keith Adler Studios: What is different? Animals Edition

19:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Pressure mounts for Congress to pass a better budget deal

19:23 [CNN] Freddie Gray case: Protests in Baltimore, other cities

19:28 [NPR] Scott Neuman: 30 Graves, Thought To Be Burmese Migrants, Found In Thailand

19:31 [Deutsche Welle] Police: Suspects in German bomb plot had extremist videos

19:33 [Disinformation] Incognito Chupacabra: Because the Japanese Lolita Sex Dolls Just Aren’t Creepy Enough

19:37 [Raw Story] Tom Boggioni: CA. teacher banned from using Bill Nye/Ken Ham evolution debate to sneak creationism into classroom

19:39 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: Tales From City of Hope #10: Rebound Is Here!

19:41 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Did A Tap On The Shoulder "Prevent" The US Economy From Sliding Into Recession?

19:45 [Slashdot] timothy: Inside the Military-Police Center That Spies On Baltimore's Rioters

19:46 [Deutsche Welle] Royal princess presented to world

19:46 [Financial Times] Labour seeks to shore up Scottish support

19:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lilly Workneh: Baltimore Holds Massive Rallies Remembering Freddie Gray

19:48 [CNN: Money] Dave Goldberg, husband of Sheryl Sandberg, dies suddenly

19:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maxwell Strachan: Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Bans Rachel Nichols, Michelle Beadle From Fight

19:49 [Telegraph] David Blair: Baghdadi may be gone, but his empire will live on

19:49 [Telegraph] Christopher Hope: Lily Savage star Paul O'Grady to leave Britain if Conservatives wins election

19:52 [ZDNET] Fabien Lefebvre: SPLnWATCH (SPLnFFT's companion)

19:52 [ZDNET] Perfect+: 11 +

19:52 [ZDNET] Sharefaith: River of Life Church -Raleigh

19:53 [Truthdig] Livestream: Art, Technology, Empathy and Disgust at ‘Seven on Seven’

19:57 [Financial Times] Baby princess makes public debut

20:00 [CNN: Money] Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg, dies

20:03 [Voice of America] VOA News: Greece Says it Won't Request New Bailout

20:05 [Telegraph] David Millward: Carly Fiorina set to announce White House bid

20:10 [AL JAZEERA] Hundreds of migrants rescued off Libyan coast

20:13 [Big Think] Robert Montenegro: College Exams Should Foster Critical Thinking, So Allow Students to Use Google

20:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Lohr: Eric Frein Jury Pool Tainted By DA's 'Graphic' Re-Election Campaign: Lawyer

20:18 [ZDNET] WSAD - WE SAID AND DID: Ice Slush Maker

20:18 [ZDNET] Vimo Labs Inc.: Vimo Fitness - 7 Minute Workout

20:18 [ZDNET] Vimo Labs Inc.: Vimo Fitness - Workouts by Celebrity Personal Trainer

20:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Royal family takes new princess home

20:24 [Reuters] Seattle police say prepared for more protests after May Day clashes

20:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Igor Bobic: Barack And Michelle Obama 'Delighted' By Birth Of Britain's Royal Princess

20:26 [Deutsche Welle] The Odessa file: What happened on May 2, 2014?

20:33 [CNN: Money] Dave Goldberg, husband of Sheryl Sandberg, dies

20:37 [Telegraph] Michael Wilkinson: It's a girl! Welcome, Princess: Everything we know about the Royal baby on Saturday evening

20:37 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal baby girl born: Kate Middleton and family leave hospital (but still no name) - live updates

20:41 [Voice of America] Protesters March in Baltimore

20:47 [Slashdot] timothy: Native Hawaiian Panel Withdraws Support For World's Largest Telescope

20:48 [BBC: Technology] Silicon Valley's Dave Goldberg dies

20:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Why he won't marry you

20:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: IT'S A GIRL Royal family takes new princess home

20:52 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: A Hill Street Blues Financial World - Be Careful, Its Dangerous Out There

20:52 [Raw Story] Tom Boggioni: Christian hate group targets gay top executive at Catholic charity to raise money

20:53 [ZDNET] JaeYoung Lee: Space Showtime

20:53 [ZDNET] mGamey: Dog Pet Care

20:53 [ZDNET] Thuan Nguyen: Time for Pics - for reddit

20:56 [Deutsche Welle] Leverkusen turns lights out on shade of a Bayern

20:58 [Truthdig] Live Stream: Art, Technology, Empathy and Disgust at ‘Seven on Seven’

20:58 [CNN] Rio Ferdinand: Tributes paid as ex-Manchester United star's wife passes away

20:59 [AL JAZEERA] UN warns of imminent Yemen infrastructure collapse

21:00 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The Most And Least Popular GM Car Models, And Everything Inbetween

21:00 [Reuters] Buffett celebrates 50th year at Berkshire, gave no hint of successor

21:01 [The Onion] Article: Pinwheeling, Out-Of-Control Horse Crashes Into Kentucky Derby Stands

21:06 [Reuters] Seattle police say prepared for more protests

21:07 [Telegraph] Robert Mendick: Clamping up 60pc since tax disc changes

21:07 [Telegraph] Nicola Harley: Kate Middleton: "She's fast asleep"

21:16 [CBC: politics] The Canadian Press: Canada deploys Disaster Assistance Response Team to Nepal

21:21 [ZDNET] Cocos Apps: Pregnant Princess Hospital

21:21 [ZDNET] Cinemark USA: Cinemark Convention

21:21 [ZDNET] Stanislav Svec: Yes or No: Watch

21:23 [ZDNET] Honey Badger Apps: Eye Surgery Doctor

21:26 [Deutsche Welle] Migrants drown in boat capsize off Egypt, dozens saved off Libya

21:26 [CNN: Politics] Why the U.K. election matters to America

21:29 [The Atlantic: Politics] Chris Heller: The Day Nixon Cracked

21:31 [Deutsche Welle] Burundi government promises crackdown after grenade attacks leave two police dead

21:33 [Fox News: politics] Feds preparing criminal charges against NY state senate leader

21:33 [Disinformation] Marcie Gainer: Did Washington Post Columnist Cherry-Pick Estimates on Israel Nukes?

21:38 [Telegraph] Eleanor Steafel: Royal baby: Duchess unlikely to have been induced

21:38 [Telegraph] Robert Mendick: The princess who will be worth £1bn before she's 10

21:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christine Pelosi: Democrats renew call to reform, justice and investment in our communities

21:39 [Slashdot] timothy: Free Comic Book Day Event Features Neil Gaiman, the Simpsons

21:42 [Raw Story] Valerie Tarico, AlterNet: ‘I don’t believe this anymore': What it’s like to escape an abusive, right-wing religion

21:43 [AL JAZEERA] Nepali volunteers deliver quake aid on bike

21:47 [Reuters] Thai mass grave held bodies of 26 suspected trafficking victims

21:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: IT'S A GIRL! Kate and William leave hospital with new baby

21:53 [Pravda] Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya dies of heart attack at 89

21:54 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal baby girl: Kate Middleton gives birth to the Princess the nation had longed for

21:57 [ZDNET] unidroid: Fire Screen Prank

21:57 [ZDNET] Stefano Russello: FollowMe - Share your GPS tracking in real time

21:57 [ZDNET] BrooklynAppFactory: TrackWatch NYC - Instant MNR, LIRR & NJT departures on your watch or phone

22:02 [] As Israel Lobby Pushes Full-Access Inspections, US Makes False Claims on Iran Nuclear Deal

22:03 [NPR] Scott Neuman: Mayweather, Pacquiao Ready For The Ring — And A Big Payday

22:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The High Cost Of Centrally Planning The Global Climate

22:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Charlie Munger Compares Greece To a "Frivolous, Drunken Brother-In-Law"

22:05 [] jkucera: EU Issues New Challenge To Russia With Caspian Pipeline Project

22:05 [CNN] Goal race: Ronaldo 53-51 Messi

22:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Robins-Early: Some 1,400 Migrants Saved By Italy, France In Sea Off Libya

22:07 [Raw Story] Zaid Jilani, AlterNet: Mayweather-Pacquiao is more than a fight: It’s class war in one ring

22:10 [Telegraph] Gordon Rayner: Royal baby girl: birth of Princess a masterpiece of stage management

22:12 [Raw Story] Reuters: Pope Francis defends missionary Junipero Serra from accusations of brutality prior to canonization

22:16 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Texas Republican Blasts Governor's "Embarrassing" & Irrational Response To Jade Helm

22:22 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: David Goldberg, husband of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg dies suddenly at 47

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22:31 [CNN] Magnitude-4.2 earthquake shakes west Michigan

22:33 [Slashdot] timothy: Researchers Bypasses Google Password Alert For Second Time

22:35 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: Blocking the Tech Commute

22:35 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: Police and Border Patrol Unions Attacked in Tucson

22:35 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: New Orleans: Vandalization of new St. Roch market

22:37 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: Former president Jimmy Carter urges Palestinians to hold elections

22:37 [Raw Story] Baltimore Sun: Legal experts question state’s attorney charges against police in Freddie Gray death

23:03 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Buffett Loses A Bet, Fails To Pay... Again

23:06 [CNN] Perry, Cruz get warm receptions in South Carolina

23:07 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pope Celebrates Mass in Honor of Controversial Missionary

23:08 [Fox News: politics] Portman faces balancing act on trade as he seeks re-election

23:12 [Telegraph] Josie Ensor: Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg's husband dies 'suddenly' on vacation

23:14 [CNN: Politics] Perry, Cruz get warm receptions in South Carolina

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23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Biggest, baddest SUV?

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Nepal quake shrank Everest

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Feds preparing criminal charges against NY state senate leader

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: On 150th anniversary, hundreds re-enact funeral in Lincoln's hometown

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: North Korea arrests South Korean studying in US for illegal entry

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amid crumbling economy, Venezuela's Maduro raises minimum wage 30 pct

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 7 killed on holiday weekend during Mexican anti-drug cartel operations

23:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: LOYALTY REWARDS? Clinton donors on African ‘safari’ with ex-president

23:25 [Voice of America] VOA News: Trial Opens for 49 Accused in Afghan Woman's Fatal Beating

23:25 [The Atlantic: National] James Fallows: Build Your Vocabulary, "Ass Baton" Edition

23:26 [Telegraph] Tom Rowley: 4,000 years of British history in the shade of our 'oldest tree'

23:27 [CNN] Free Comic Book Day and 'Regrettable Superheroes'

23:27 [CNN] Cristiano Ronaldo overhauls 'unselfish' Lionel Messi

23:27 [CNN] Freddie Gray case: Rallies in Baltimore, other cities

23:31 [Slashdot] timothy: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

23:33 [Disinformation] Marcie Gainer: Space travel may be bad for your brain – here’s why

23:33 [ZDNET] Addison Rich: Criminal Case

23:34 [BBC: Entertainment] Russia ballet great Plisetskaya dies

23:39 [Mother Jones] Ben Dreyfuss: Floyd Mayweather Has at Least One Person Rooting for Him

23:42 [Telegraph] Anita Singh: Aboriginal art unfit for Western eyes

23:42 [Telegraph] Hannah Furness and Kat Brown: Archers' fans accuse bosses of 'disrespecting' them

23:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nick Robins-Early: Protests Against Burundi President's Election Plan Paused

23:45 [Reuters] Baltimore rallies in hope after police charged

23:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: With federal probe over, Gov. Christie must decide if he will launch a 2016 White House bid

23:51 [Reuters] Buffett celebrates 50th year at Berkshire, faces tough questions

23:52 [CNN: Money] The biggest payday in sports

23:53 [NPR] The Voices Of Baltimore

23:53 [NPR] Pam Fessler: After Police Are Charged In Gray's Death, Baltimore Awaits Next Steps

23:53 [NPR] Psychological Association Accused Of 'Complicity' In Bush-Era Torture

23:58 [Telegraph] Javier Espinoza: Eton head: Private schools too expensive

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