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00:00 [CNET News] Hoodie iPad sleeve brings geek chic to your tablet

00:01 [Mother Jones] On Fox News, Romney Stands By "47 Percent" Claims From Leaked Videos

00:01 [Disinformation] TPP Trade Delegates Meet Behind Closed Doors

00:05 [ZDNET] Intel's new Clover Trail chip will support Android & Linux

00:06 [Russia Today] ­Charitable mission: Catherine Deneuve in Russia to tackle cancer

00:06 [The Onion] Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars'

00:09 [Fox News: politics] Maryland Dems find new candidate for House race after voter-fraud claims knock out primary winner

00:10 [Voice of America] Kenya Doctors Vow to Continue Strike

00:14 [Truthdig] People Will Like Anything Called ‘the New iPhone’

00:14 [CNET News] This mandala melds religion and technology

00:15 [CNN] Striking South African miners, company reach deal

00:16 [Fox News] Romney Defends '47 Percent' Remark, Says More Jobs = More Paying Taxes

00:18 [Fox News: politics] Federal probe finds North Carolina sheriff, deputies targeted Latinos

00:18 [msnbc] Chicago teachers to vote on ending strike

00:19 [straight] Win tickets to Lady Gaga before they go on sale

00:20 [Voice of America] Ghana’s New President to Nominate Vice President

00:21 [CNN] Politics of Clint Eastwood's empty chair


00:29 [CNET News] Facebook tries out its ads on other mobile apps

00:34 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Post-Arab Spring Democratic Gains at Risk, Group Warns

00:34 [Slashdot] AT&T Facing Net Neutrality Complaint Over FaceTime Restrictions

00:34 [msnbc] NBC/WSJ poll: Obama leads Romney nationally by 5 points

00:36 [Pravda] Champions League Matchday 1

00:36 [Fox News: politics] Customs probes use of helicopter for high school stunt

00:37 [CNN] Mercury probe points to different origin for 1st planet

00:37 [CNET News] Shuttle Endeavour prepped for valedictory tour, museum duty

00:38 [The Onion] TV Listings: MythBusters

00:40 [The Atlantic: Technology] How Did Groupon's Rise and Fall Change Chicago's Startup Scene? Not Much.

00:45 [CNN] Chicago teachers vote to return to work

00:46 [CNET News] Silicon Alley needs workers, Schumer says

00:47 [Reuters] Romney struggles to stabilize campaign after secret videos

00:48 [Deutsche Welle] Romney: Palestinians don’t want peace,,16249489,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

00:49 [NPR] Pa. High Court Orders Judge To Review Voter ID Law

00:51 [Russia Today] British troops home by Christmas – MP

00:51 [Topix Activism News] Student protest; activism main issue for Constitution Day

00:51 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: The Caucus Click: Obama and Letterman

00:52 [Reuters: politics] Romney struggles to stabilize campaign after secret videos

00:53 [CNN: Politics] Chicago teachers vote to return to work

00:54 [Raw Story] Sequestration will have ‘catastrophic consequences’ on medical research

00:56 [zero hedge] Your Taxes At Work: All You Need To Know About Who Pays What Taxes In The US

00:59 [The Progressive] In Hedges Case, Crucial Court Ruling on NDAA Up in the Air

01:01 [Mother Jones] Charts: You Might Be the 47 Percent If…

01:01 [Disinformation] ‘Tis the Season (for Election Season Propaganda)

01:04 [Raw Story] Burger poll adds some beef to presidential election

01:05 [CNN] 26 killed in blaze at Mexican gas facility near border

01:07 [BBC: Education] New guidelines on domestic abuse

01:07 [ZDNET] Seagate launches alliance to speed up private, public cloud adoption

01:09 [Raw Story] Clashes in east Jerusalem over anti-Islam film

01:09 [Big Think] An Etsy For Makers And Collectors Of Fine Art

01:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Proof Jesus was married?

01:11 [CNET News] These light switches are sure to turn you on

01:11 [The Independent] Britain is returning Tamil refugees to be tortured in Sri Lanka

01:14 [Raw Story] Obama on Romney’s 47 percent remarks: The president must represent the entire country

01:14 [] Yer Gök Aşk 88.Bölüm Fragmanı (24 Eylül Pazar

01:14 [NPR] Obama: As President, You Work Hard For The Entire Country

01:17 [Slashdot] MS Office 2013 Pushing Home Users Toward Subscriptions

01:17 [Guardian] 1m Britons have headaches from overusing painkillers

01:18 [straight] Too soon to erect roadside memorial to abortion debate

01:19 [Raw Story] Palestinians say Romney peace remarks ‘unacceptable’

01:20 [CNN] Real Madrid stun Man City with last-minute Ronaldo goal

01:20 [Slate Magazine] Does Mitt Romney Want Your Vote?

01:25 [CNET News] Apple, Intel skating to mobile face-off in 2013

01:26 [The Independent] William and Kate win legal battle - but lose war to keep topless photos under wraps

01:28 [CNET News] How to see inside businesses using Google Maps

01:28 [AL JAZEERA] Brahimi visits Syria refugee camp in Turkey

01:29 [Truthdig] Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly: The Debate

01:30 [Good] Learn how to compost in your apartment year-round.

01:31 [Russia Today] Palestinians slam Romney remarks as “absolutely unacceptable”

01:34 [NPR] Romney Explains Comments Again As GOP Unearths Obama Video

01:35 [Utne] Listen: Chris Hedges and Dinesh D'Souza Debate American Power

01:35 [CNN] Judge says Arizona can enforce most contentious part of immigration law

01:38 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Dust-Up Over Ad in Kentucky House Race Featuring Executive Dressed as Miner

01:38 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Corporate Profits Squeeze For Large Caps

01:39 [Big Think] Last Chance to Help the SSA and Camp Quest Win $5 Million!

01:46 [CNET News] Democratic senators call for 'cybersecurity' executive order

01:47 [Amnesty International] Syria: New evidence – High civilian death toll from campaign of indiscriminate attacks

01:52 [zero hedge] Re-Retaliation: Fire Spotted At Gate Of Chinese School In Kobe, Japan

01:55 [The Onion] Romney Campaign Sends In Champion Of The Poor Paul Ryan For Damage Control

01:55 [Slate Magazine] The Coming War Within the Republican Party

01:56 [] Chicago Teachers Vote to End Strike (But Not the Fight)

01:57 [CNET News] 6 questions for Raiders of the Lost Ark's Karen Allen

01:59 [Truthdig] Major League Baseball Player Suspended Over Gay Slur

02:01 [Disinformation] New Research on “Junk” DNA Raises Questions on Eve of Crucial Court Hearing

02:07 [Slashdot] Feds Add 9 Felony Charges Against Swartz For JSTOR Hack

02:13 [Fox News] Back to School: Teachers In Chicago Halt Strike

02:17 [CNET News] Technology's impact on similar crises, two decades apart

02:19 [OpEdNews] Can We Tear Down Christian Beliefs A Little More?

02:19 [Truthdig] Chris Hedges Debates the Black Bloc

02:19 [straight] Vancouver Opera launches new program for young artists

02:19 [CNN] King: For Romney, how bad is this?

02:26 [The Onion] Harry Kalas Narrates Steve Sabol's Ascension To Heaven

02:30 [CNET News] Zynga says farewell to another departing exec

02:32 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: The Caucus Click: Biden Makes Surprise Visit in Iowa

02:34 [Raw Story] Chicago Teachers Union to suspend strike and vote on contract

02:34 [Truthdig] Arab Outrage Should Come As No Surprise

02:36 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bettina's 'prostitute' fight

02:37 [CNN] Romney doesn't back away from message caught on secret tape

02:39 [zero hedge] The Inexplicable American Consumer Is Putting The Screws To Health-Care Expenses

02:47 [Reuters] Romney struggles to steady campaign after secret videos

02:49 [CNN] Saudis offer extra oil to control prices

02:51 [] After suspected murder-suicide, Druze protest violence against women

02:53 [Reuters: politics] Romney struggles to steady campaign after secret videos

02:53 [zero hedge] Tungsten-Filled 10 Oz Gold Bar Found In The Middle Of Manhattan's Jewelry District

02:56 [Topix Activism News] Amnesty: Indiscriminate Attacks Maiming Syrians

03:08 [zero hedge] Bernanke, The Blind Archer

03:08 [CNET News] 2013 Ford Fusion fun facts

03:08 [Deutsche Welle] Suu Kyi supports easing of US sanctions,,16249514,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

03:09 [Raw Story] California won’t arrest those who call 911 during drug overdoses

03:09 [Global Voices] Southeast Asia: Initiatives to Celebrate International Day of Peace

03:14 [Big Think] British Artist David Hockney’s California Dreaming

03:16 [The Independent] First Try: iPhone 5. Not only is this the coolest iPhone, it’s arguably the most attractive mobile phone yet made

03:16 [] Israeli man confesses to killing wife, 21 years after murdering first spouse

03:19 [CNET News] Initial iPhone 5 reviews arrive: Critics praise new screen

03:20 [straight] Self-published e-books can get boost from Amazon’s KDP Select

03:21 [CNET News] Join CNET for a Google+ Hangout featuring the iPhone 5!

03:21 [Disinformation] Nikola Tesla, Hacker Hero

03:24 [Truthdig] Arab Outrage Should Come as No Surprise

03:24 [CNET News] So, what's new? Comparing the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

03:26 [Unicef] Report on nutrition wraps up second regular session of the UNICEF Executive Board

03:27 [CNET News] iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Lumia 920: By the numbers

03:29 [OpEdNews] Ballot Access for Third Parties

03:29 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: A Mood of Gloom Afflicts the Romney Campaign

03:31 [Fox News: politics] 50 Beijing demonstrators damage US ambassador's car

03:32 [CNET News] Choosing an iPhone 5 carrier

03:33 [AlterNet] Right-Wing Religions of the World Unite to Oppress Women and Gays More Ruthlessly

03:37 [CNN] Colombian president: Wanted drug lord captured

03:38 [CNN] Aung San Suu Kyi begins U.S. tour

03:44 [msnbc] Chicago teachers vote to end strike

03:44 [OpEdNews] Religion And History

03:48 [Fox News] 'Redistribution' vs. 'Victims': Dueling Videos Shake Up White House Race

03:49 [Raw Story] Scientists ponder interstellar travel at NASA-backed space summit

03:54 [CNET News] For avian watcher, tweets truly are for the birds

03:58 [CNN] Tone, not frequency of ads irk swing state voters

03:59 [ZDNET] ABC threat kills iView downloader

03:59 [Global Voices] Myanmar: 500 Prisoners Released

04:04 [Global Voices] Myanmar: Video of Traffic Police Accepting Bribe

04:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fresh twist in KFC case

04:09 [Global Voices] Australia: Violence at Sydney Protest Against Anti-Islam Film

04:14 [Slashdot] Patent Troll Goes After Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, Others

04:15 [NPR] Romney Campaign Borrowed $20M, Is $11M In Debt

04:17 [ZDNET] China to step up broadband development

04:19 [Raw Story] Romney urged by Rush Limbaugh to grasp ‘golden opportunity’

04:20 [straight] Vancouver city council votes in favour of developing regional ban on shark-fin products

04:29 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Romney Campaign Borrowed $20 Million to Get Through Convention

04:33 [CNET News] Ford CTO on New Ford Fusion

04:35 [Fox News: politics] Romney borrowed $20M to keep up campaign leading up to convention

04:35 [Good] Trending on Therapy Dogs

04:37 [The Hindu - News] Obama jabs at Romney over his ‘47 per cent’ remarks

04:42 [Guardian] Obama rebukes Mitt Romney over his 47% remarks

04:44 [New York Times: politics] Romney’s Anxiety Over ‘Takers’ Conflicts With Longtime G.O.P. Stand

04:45 [ZDNET] My phone is bigger than yours. So what?

04:49 [Raw Story] Cuban hunger strikers cry victory after prisoner freed

04:50 [The Hindu - News] Japan launches new nuclear safety agency

04:54 [The Hindu - News] Myanmar’s location shows its strategic importance: Suu Kyi

04:55 [The Atlantic: Politics] Clint Eastwood: Obama Sleeper Agent

04:58 [The Hindu - News] Clay idols find greater acceptance

05:06 [The Hindu - News] Maulana’s family awaits return of third son

05:06 [Russia Today] Arizona police given green light to check immigrants papers

05:08 [zero hedge] Bundesbank's Weidmann Likens Draghi's OMT To "Devil's Work"

05:10 [The Hindu - News] The scientist who promoted self-reliance

05:14 [The Hindu - News] ‘Blackout’ for Unani Hospital patients

05:22 [ZDNET] NBN Co opens Gold Coast call centre

05:24 [AL JAZEERA] UN envoy Brahimi says Syrian crisis worsening

05:29 [OpEdNews] U.S. Veterans Urge Canada to Let War Resister Stay

05:31 [New York Times: politics] Much of Romney’s View on Taxes Conflicts With Longtime G.O.P. Stand

05:32 [The Hindu - News] Sheila for making Delhi disabled-friendly

05:38 [zero hedge] Politicians Swear to “Never Forget” 9/11 Victims … Then Slash Healthcare for Heroic First Responders

05:40 [Good] Follow The Frog

05:44 [AntiWar] 17 Killed in Iraq, Including Man Who Died in Police Custody

05:44 [New York Times: politics] Congress Nears End of Low-Output Session

05:44 [Guardian] Jesus cites wife in fourth-century script, says US scholar

05:45 [Global Voices] Philippines: ‘Anti-Cybercrime Law Threatens Media Freedom’

05:45 [CNET News] Amazon shutters popular shoe site

05:46 [The Atlantic: Technology] Who Knew the Most Creative Seed Fund Was in Grand Rapids?

05:48 [ZDNET] 5 reasons I'm passing on the iPhone 5

05:49 [Raw Story] Stewart knocks O’Reilly over Sandra Fluke: God forbid a woman speak about an issue close to her heart

05:49 [CNET News] Google brings new 'e-mail via text message' service to Africa

05:50 [The Hindu - News] “Speed up Food Security Act”

05:52 [The Hindu - News] ‘Disband Special Cell of Delhi Police’: Jamia teachers

05:58 [The Hindu - News] Gender divide across Delhi schools sports fields?

05:59 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart: By his logic, Romney’s dad wouldn’t vote for him

06:00 [The Hindu - News] Khar to meet Hillary Clinton on Friday

06:00 [zero hedge] Bank Of Japan Increases Asset Purchases By Y10 Trillion, Total Program Now Y80 Trillion

06:02 [Mother Jones] What's Behind the EPA's New 4-Gallon Minimum Purchase Mandate?

06:02 [CNN] California man held after threats against children posted on ESPN blog

06:03 [CNN] Yahoo to return $3B to shareholders

06:04 [The Hindu - News] Gender-based sex selection: Stricter punishment

06:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] William and Kate touch down

06:09 [Big Think] Can We Have Brain-to-Brain Communication?

06:09 [Deutsche Welle] South Africa miners end strike after hefty pay deal,,16249706,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

06:12 [ZDNET] Indonesia courts order liquidators to take over Telkomsel

06:14 [AntiWar] The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the Innocence Video

06:16 [NPR] The Big East Conference: What's In A Name?

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Another breakthrough for metro

06:21 [CNET News] Apple's iPhone 5: Everything you need to know (FAQ)

06:24 [Slashdot] Wikipedia Scandal: High Profile Users Allegedly Involved In Paid-Editing

06:24 [ZDNET] Australian public cloud market to grow, despite legal concerns: Gartner

06:25 [The Hindu - Opinion] The source of remittances

06:27 [CNET News] Media moguls partner to form new e-book publisher

06:31 [Disinformation] The Conspiracy Mockumentary

06:37 [The Hindu - News] Suresh Kumar visits garbage disposal plant in Salem

06:37 [Mother Jones] Corn on Hardball: More Secret Videos and Romney's True Thoughts on Israel

06:40 [OpEdNews] Nuclear Power on the Line in Vermont?

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Police to videograph Ganesh festival celebrations

06:45 [The Hindu - News] State police chief writes to BBMP seeking records

06:47 [] Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 163. Bölüm Fragmanı (20 E

06:48 [CNN] Kim Jong Il's sushi chef returns after fleeing for life

06:51 [The Hindu - News] 26 killed in Mexico pipeline fire

06:51 [Fox News: politics] Rhode Island school district bans gender-specific events, says they violate state discrimination law

06:52 [msnbc] US Muslims denounce both sides in Islam film furor

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Family’s tough climb for medals and meals

06:55 [OpEdNews] Republicans to 47% - You are "parasites"

06:55 [The Hindu - News] Day in Pictures

07:00 [Topix Activism News] Organizations join forces to purchase center for community arts and activism

07:02 [Fox News: politics] US and Japan reach agreement on Osprey deployment

07:06 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: Despite his rhetoric, Romney needs the "47 percent" to win

07:07 [The Hindu - News] City to receive chartered flights after a hiatus

07:08 [Slashdot] BioWare Founders Announce Retirement

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Mumbai celebrates Ganesh festival

07:13 [CNET News] iPhone 5 preorder delivery pushed back 3 to 4 weeks

07:20 [zero hedge] 2 U.S. Supreme Court Justices – And Numerous Other Top Government Officials – Warn of Dictatorship

07:21 [CNET News] Display tech, 4G hikes iPhone 5 cost to $199

07:27 [The Hindu - News] Demand for short-haul trains peaks

07:31 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Eyes on Spain and Japan


07:35 [Anarchist news] CALL TO ACTION: Stop the Keystone XL ASAP!

07:40 [The Hindu - News] In search of extraterrestrial life

07:40 [Telegraph] Barack Obama rebukes Mitt Romney over secretly recorded comments

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Naval Seaking squadron on cloud nine

07:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Isabella's tragic death

07:54 [Telegraph] China's Xi Jinping meets with Leon Panetta after two-week public absence

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Stations that are stuck in a time warp

07:58 [The Hindu - News] District Collectors asked to reassess land value

08:00 [Deutsche Welle] Drug kingpin captured in Venezuela,,16249775,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:02 [CNET News] Sony unveils super slim PlayStation 3

08:03 [] Dangerous Misconceptions About Sanctions on Iran and Its Nuclear Program

08:03 [ZDNET] Service catalogs: the new face of the datacenter

08:04 [Pravda] The Human Cost of Western Fundamentalism

08:05 [OpEdNews] Unlike Afghan leaders, Obama fights for power of indefinite military detention

08:06 [Global Voices] Bangladesh: First Ever Youth Tech Camp In Dhaka

08:06 [The Hindu - News] Hazare meets activists to chalk out future course of action

08:08 [] Palestinians condemn Romney for suggesting they aren't interested in peace

08:10 [The Hindu - News] World Bamboo Day observed

08:11 [Telegraph] Syrian regime 'will deploy chemical weapons as last resort'

08:11 [Voice of America] South African Miners Agree to End Strike, Return to Work Thursday

08:11 [ZDNET] BYOD: How and why?

08:12 [New Statesman] Quote of the day

08:12 [The Hindu - News] PM should step down, seek fresh mandate: Kunal Ghosh

08:15 [Good] Latest Fashion Trends

08:16 [The Hindu - News] NIIST ‘wood’ goes to the shop floor

08:18 [The Hindu - News] New emergency ward for eye hospital

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Samajwadi Party to decide on strategy on Thursday

08:23 [] IDF launches surprise live-fire drill in Golan Heights

08:23 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Where Should a Geek's Charitable Donations Go?

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Civic body seizes more rotten meat

08:26 [Disinformation] “Sometimes You Have To Think Outside The Box”

08:28 [The Hindu - News] Textbooks distributed for second trimester

08:30 [ZDNET] Virgin Mobile USA customers vulnerable to password security flaw

08:31 [Russia Today] Georgian prison torture: Citizens protest in thousands (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

08:32 [CNN] Myanmar's Suu Kyi to receive top congressional honor in Washington

08:32 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:32 [The Hindu - News] BJP calls for support to tomorrow’s bandh

08:35 [OpEdNews] Politicians Swear to "Never Forget" 9/11 Victims " Then Slash Healthcare for Heroic First Responders

08:38 [The Hindu - News] AU students decide to suspend stir

08:40 [ZDNET] Australian govt guides agencies on cloud adoption

08:40 [The Hindu - News] Promoting induced breeding of six fish species

08:41 [Guardian] Teenage victims of domestic violence targeted as definition is extended

08:43 [Telegraph] Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make flying visit Down Under

08:43 [CNN] NASA's last space shuttle to take wing to its retirement home

08:43 [] Former Syrian general: Assad planned to transfer chemical weapons to Hezbollah

08:45 [CNN] Chicago teachers vote to suspend strike, resume classes

08:45 [OpEdNews] Chicago's War on Education

08:49 [CNET News] Intel sets Windows 8 tablet event with HP, Samsung, others

08:49 [Truthdig] Topless Romney Photos

08:50 [The Hindu - News] Sale of eco-friendly Ganeshas picks up

08:54 [The Hindu - News] Markets abuzz with Vinayaka Chaviti shoppers

08:57 [Telegraph] Clare Higgins launches fightback against 'posh' actors

08:58 [The Hindu - News] Doctors perform delicate surgery

09:00 [The Hindu - News] Heavy rains trigger flood, landslides in Arunachal Pradesh

09:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] Agent Orange trait tackles weeds

09:05 [Topix Activism News] Farmers, activists to converge on EU headquarters to push for greener, fairer farm policy

09:06 [NPR] Scientists See Upside And Downside Of Sequencing Their Own Genes

09:06 [The Hindu - News] RTE: aided schools seek more time

09:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] The billionaires' club

09:07 [Slashdot] Sony Announces 'Superslim' PS3

09:08 [New York Times: politics] Obama Holds Edge Over Romney In Wisconsin, Poll Shows

09:09 [Guardian] Colombian drug lord 'Crazy Barrera' captured in Venezuela

09:10 [CNN] Amtrak: Missing retired firefighter may have fallen off train

09:12 [Fox News] Zombies to Invade Calif. Counter-Terrorism Summit

09:12 [Fin24 News] Rand boosted by Lonmin wage deal

09:13 [The Hindu - News] Govt to explain to Trinamool its decisions

09:13 [] Israel’s national baseball team looks to take opener from South Africa

09:16 [ZDNET] Good Technology debuts new BYOD services for speedier migrations

09:16 [NPR] So What Happens If The Farm Bill Expires? Not Much, Right Away

09:17 [BBC: Technology] Thieves hoard stolen digital cash

09:21 [The Hindu - News] Tough law soon to curb carry bags

09:23 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 5-crore work to be taken up in naxal-hit areas

09:24 [ZDNET] Symantec drops AU$1 million into security operations centre

09:25 [Deutsche Welle] US reassures China over Pacific,,16249853,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

09:29 [The Independent] Baby girl for Robbie Williams

09:29 [Telegraph] Keep the Flame Alive: volunteering charity sees surge in interest after Olympics

09:35 [Deutsche Welle] Turkey's youth orchestra bridges cultures,,16249158,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

09:37 [The Hindu - News] Students stage protest; removed by city police

09:44 [The Independent] Police defend bailing of Dale Cregan

09:45 [Fin24 News] Lonmin deal pressures other mining firms

09:45 [Telegraph] GOP Civil War Is Coming as Mitt Romney Campaign Flails in Video's Wake

09:45 [OpEdNews] GOP May Be Required By Law To Post Warning Label

09:47 [New Statesman] Will Clegg cave in on freezing benefits?

09:49 [Fin24 News] Cape Town factory workers peed-off

09:49 [The Hindu - News] Incomplete underground drainage work irks Selvapuram residents

09:51 [The Hindu - News] U.S. shuts Indonesia consulate amid film protests

09:52 [straight] My girlfriend refuses to indulge me in my bedroom favourites

09:52 [New Statesman] Why Eric Pickles is in a pickle over religion

09:53 [The Hindu - News] Davis Cup experience very special, says Balaji

09:57 [] Syria's Divided Opposition

09:59 [The Hindu - News] British Council launches global English test

10:00 [The Independent] NewBuy sales hit by mortgage rates, says house builder Redrow

10:00 [ZDNET] VMware pools resources to develop Socialcast Integration Engine

10:02 [] Chicago's War on Education

10:03 [] French weekly publishes new cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed

10:04 [BBC: Health] Painkillers 'cause' of headaches

10:06 [Pravda] Spain is falling apart like house of cards

10:06 [Russia Today] Anti-US protests rage on, Clinton pledges ‘aggressive steps’ to protect embassies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

10:07 [The Hindu - News] School bus detained for overloading, rash driving

10:09 [Truthdig] Orwell’s Weather Reports

10:13 [Guardian] Operation Elveden: police officer and journalists arrested

10:16 [The Independent] Do not arm all police, says Sir Hugh Orde

10:17 [Global Voices] China: Sola Aoi Appeals For Friendship Between Chinese and Japanese

10:17 [Slate Magazine] How Would Mitt Romney Fix the Mitt Romney Campaign?

10:19 [Raw Story] Taiwan civil servants fall for sex video trap

10:19 [Fin24 News] Inflation rises to 5%

10:19 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: live

10:19 [The Hindu - News] Villagers live dangerously close to fireworks factory

10:21 [The Hindu - News] Tirunelveli-Tenkasi train services to begin on Friday

10:22 [Pravda] Russian bees can stand summer heat, but not WTO

10:23 [New Statesman] The blood sacrifice in Afghanistan must now come to an end

10:24 [BBC: Education] Science GCSE grades now disputed

10:24 [Raw Story] Mexico hunts for escaped inmates, cartel suspected

10:25 [Deutsche Welle] Who profits from the anger?,,16249831,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:27 [Global Voices] China: Cancer Villages

10:27 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Uganda Oils Sales to China

10:30 [Deutsche Welle] Culture Shock,,16249968,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

10:31 [The Atlantic: Politics] Spinning '47 Percent': Watch Erick Erickson Evade Facts and Mislead Readers

10:33 [] Ancient papyrus fragment makes reference to Jesus' wife

10:34 [Raw Story] Study finds link between childhood obesity and soda can’s BPA chemical

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Lay service lanes from Palpannai to Thuvakudi: DMK

10:39 [Raw Story] 11 more American billionaires join Gates, Buffett charity pledge

10:41 [Guardian] Police shootings suspect Dale Cregan had been released on bail

10:41 [The Hindu - News] Tiger Airways starts lifting cargo from Tiruchi

10:42 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] EU Cap ‘Only Boosts Biofuels’

10:47 [The Independent] Postcard from... Milan

10:47 [The Hindu - News] 12 members elected unopposed

10:49 [Telegraph] World's most complex mathematical theory 'cracked'

10:51 [CNN] Report on controversial gun running operation expected soon

10:53 [Mother Jones] Full Transcript of the Mitt Romney Secret Video


10:59 [AL JAZEERA] Syrians under 'indiscriminate' attack

11:06 [The Independent] Roman Catholic priests in abuse cover up claim

11:06 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Xenophobes Find Police Protection in Greece

11:07 [Telegraph] Sharon Beshenivsky widower calls for police to be armed

11:08 [New Statesman] Walmart chief: "We are able and willing to invest whatever it takes”

11:09 [BBC: Entertainment] Oscar nominations brought forward

11:09 [Raw Story] French magazine publishes naked Prophet Mohammed cartoons

11:15 [] Iran: Mismanaged IAEA Vulnerable to Terrorist Infiltration

11:15 [Good] Make Donating Money As Easy As "Liking" Something

11:17 [Russia Today] Japan joins global initiative to stimulate growth

11:17 [Slashdot] Maybe With Help From Google and Adobe, Microsoft Can Kill Windows XP

11:17 [Pravda] Dark cloud on the horizon: Moral relativism

11:18 [Spiegel] Prison Conversion: The Neo-Nazi Thug Who Found God

11:19 [The Independent] Ivory Coast: Arrests made in relation to plot to overthrow government

11:20 [Deutsche Welle] Porsche cleared of market manipulation,,16250047,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:22 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool stands by its decision: Mamata

11:23 [Telegraph] Sir Hugh Orde rejects calls for armed police after Manchester shootings

11:28 [Voice of America] Rights Group: Syrians Face 'Indiscriminate' Attacks

11:30 [Spiegel] Gay Players in The Closet: Coming Out Remains Taboo in German Football

11:32 [NPR] Syrian Rebels Seize Control Of A Border Crossing

11:33 [New Statesman] Bankers least trusted professionals, followed by journalists and politicians

11:34 [The Independent] David Cameron hosts meeting of first ministers

11:37 [CNN] Free speech or incitement? French mag runs cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

11:39 [Raw Story] Mitt Romney video fact check: Is 47 percent of U.S. ‘dependent’ on government?

11:41 [ZDNET] Groupon Singapore: Lemon Law not a problem for us

11:42 [Russia Today] Unrest feared: French mag publishes more caricatures of Mohammed

11:44 [Fox News] Judge: Arizona Cops Can Check Immigration Status

11:47 [Russia Today] 'US ambassador to Libya was shot like a dog' – Zyuganov

11:50 [The Independent] Journalists held in payments investigation

11:50 [Deutsche Welle] Greece plans to turn trash into cash,,16249609,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:51 [msnbc] Russia tells US: We don't want your aid money

11:57 [Guardian] Paris magazine's Muhammad cartoons prompt fears for French embassies

11:59 [Big Think] Planning or Regressing

12:00 [Deutsche Welle] 'US administration has put blame where it belongs',,16249973,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:04 [New Statesman] India's Pandora’s Box is now being opened

12:04 [Raw Story] Scientists use $40M camera to search for ‘dark energy’

12:05 [The Independent] Salman Rushdie dismisses latest death threat

12:07 [CNN] Romney faces immigration questions from Latinos

12:07 [ZDNET] Cyberweapon choice boils down to intent, capabilities

12:08 [Fin24 News] We will not negotiate pay - Gold Fields

12:09 [CNN] France says it will not authorize protests over anti-Muslim video

12:12 [] Obama: Romney was wrong to call Americans 'victims'

12:13 [Reuters] China's Xi says Japan's purchase of disputed isles a farce

12:17 [Russia Today] Saudi Arabia boosts output to balance feverish oil market

12:24 [Mother Jones] Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Smallest Extent Ever Recorded

12:26 [Fin24 News] South African consumers still upbeat

12:28 [CNN] William and Kate: Keeping calm and carrying on

12:28 [Spiegel] Hospitalized with Stings: Swarm of Hornets Attacks German Schoolchildren

12:30 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: The Early Word: Holding On

12:30 [Le Monde diplomatique] The persecution of John Kiriakou

12:32 [Slate Magazine] Tongue Oppressor

12:32 [Global Voices] Syria: Happy Birthday Bashar?

12:36 [CNN] Report: Syrian rebels seize crossing at Turkish border

12:37 [The Hindu - News] Mamata rules out compromise

12:37 [CNN] Old money Real Madrid hold off nouveau riche Man City

12:40 [CNN] Racism remains "significant" problem in English football

12:41 [The Hindu - News] Art of the matter

12:45 [Good] Manifesto for a Cinema Quijotesco

12:45 [Deutsche Welle] Researchers say your heart may need a break,,16248837,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:49 [Pravda] Who is guilty of innocence of Muslims?

12:50 [Telegraph] Male MPs struggle to balance family and politics just like women, says Children's Minister

12:54 [Raw Story] Snake venom could unlock cancer, diabetes cures: study

12:55 [The Hindu - News] Syrian rebels capture border crossing with Turkey

12:55 [Deutsche Welle] Deutsche Bahn orders trains in Poland, drives competition,,16250181,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:56 [The Independent] Greater Manchester police defend decision to bail Dale Cregan

12:58 [Spiegel] Republic of Abandoned Children: Desperate Moldovans Head West without Families

12:59 [straight] New on DVD/Blu-ray: American Horror Story: The Complete First Season, Marvel’s The Avengers, The Samaritan, Surviving Progress, Take This Waltz

13:00 [CNN] Romney makes case to Latinos, vows 'reasonable solution' on immigration

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Mamata’s decision bold and right: JD(U)

13:04 [Topix Activism News] Activists fear Cambodia's rising rights abuses

13:06 [Telegraph] France steps up security at embassies as magazine publishes Prophet Mohammed cartoons

13:07 [Russia Today] Surprise drill: IDF gets ready for war

13:08 [Global Voices] Brazil: Internet Bill of Rights Vote Postponed Again

13:08 [zero hedge] Overnight Sentiment: More Printing; More European Catch 22s

13:08 [CNET News] Dell adds Windows 8 to two new Latitudes

13:08 [Voice of America] Panetta: US Not Trying to Contain China

13:11 [ZDNET] Tencent, Qihoo 360 meet in court over unfair competition

13:12 [The Independent] Ten of the most shocking movies ever made

13:13 [The Hindu - News] Celebrating food

13:13 [CNN] Genes may play a key role in stress

13:14 [Raw Story] Human Rights Watch seeks release of ‘runaway’ Afghan women

13:15 [CNN] Russia boots out USAID

13:15 [New Statesman] The Tories hope (and Labour fears) that the political weather is changing

13:15 [Good] Sydney escorts

13:17 [Guardian] Germany: the new stereotypes

13:18 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: September 19

13:19 [The Hindu - News] Tunes beyond borders

13:19 [CNN] What is 'clean eating?' Tips from expert Tosca Reno

13:21 [The Atlantic: International] 'Playing With Fire': Time to Admit the U.S. Can't Control Egypt's Leaders

13:21 [Fox News: politics] White House opens door to other explanations behind Libya attack

13:22 [Russia Today] China to cripple Japan with financial war over isles row?

13:22 [Telegraph] Russia accuses US of funding opposition as it closes American aid agency

13:22 [CNET News] Bromium secures computers by holding apps in isolation

13:23 [Reuters] Russia says U.S. aid mission tried to influence elections

13:23 [The Independent] French magazine Charlie Hebdo gets guard after mocking Prophet Mohamed

13:24 [Raw Story] Mitt Romney: a full dissection of the video that launched a thousand gaffes

13:27 [Russia Today] Russia shows USAID the door

13:29 [Spiegel] 'Adventure Camp' for Recruits: Critics Slam German Military Ad Aimed at Teens

13:30 [ZDNET] New RAM promises longer battery life for ultrathin and Ultrabook devices

13:30 [CNET News] eBay sellers: iPhone 5 is yours for a mere $1,600

13:30 [Fin24 News] Lonmin deal stirs more mine strife

13:30 [Deutsche Welle] German authorities launch neo-Nazi database,,16249990,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:32 [NPR] France On Alert, Closing Embassies, After Magazine Publishes Muhammad Cartoons

13:32 [] France to close embassies in 20 countries in wake of Prophet Mohammed cartoons

13:34 [Raw Story] Rove group American Crossroads makes $10 million ad buys for Romney

13:38 [Telegraph] Woman arrested after discovery of baby body parts

13:40 [Fox News: politics] Poll: Obama job approval rising, race still tight

13:40 [CNN: Money] Stocks to get boost from Japan

13:42 [Russia Today] France pushes Euro treaty despite friction


13:42 [The Independent] France braces for protests after satirical magazine publishes nude Prophet Mohammed cartoons

13:47 [NPR] Shuttle Endeavour Is On Its Way To California

13:48 [ZDNET] Citrix Industry Analyst Meeting

13:48 [zero hedge] Chinese Protesters Chant "Down With US Imperialists", Attack Car Of US Ambassador In Beijing

13:48 [BBC: Technology] Sony slims down PS3 to help sales

13:51 [New Statesman] Women's sport sold down the river only a month after Olympic high

13:52 [Russia Today] Asian millionaires outnumber those in US

13:52 [CNN] Romney better off as a Latino?

13:52 [Voice of America] Ghana’s Oil Wealth Not Reaching Poor

13:53 [] "Show Me Your Papers" Law Takes Effect in Arizona

13:53 [The Hindu - News] No rules for success

13:54 [CNN] Syrian rebels seize Turkish border crossing, report says

13:54 [The Independent] Woman held after baby remains found on Tooting Bec Common in London

13:55 [The Hindu - News] Ready for bigger challenges

13:56 [CNN] Myanmar's Suu Kyi tours U.S., but then what?

13:56 [OpEdNews] How Mitt The Unfit Blew the Election!

13:57 [CBC: politics] Omnibus crime bill section struck down by Ontario court

13:58 [Reuters] Russia says U.S. aid mission sought to sway elections

13:59 [Big Think] New on AlterNet: The Dark Side of Interfaith

14:00 [BBC: Education] London joins online university

14:00 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Don't fall for the extremists' line,,16250296,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:02 [Russia Today] Rosatom wants to acquire Bulgarian NEC for debt

14:04 [Raw Story] Georgia minister quits over jail rape scandal

14:04 [CNN] Apple's secret plan to join iPhones with airport security

14:06 [Guardian] Syria crisis: Iran takes nine-point plan to Damascus - live updates

14:06 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Brilliant Prudence of Dwight Eisenhower

14:06 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Muslim Brotherhood will not be part of the blockade of Gaza and will not prevent resistance

14:06 [CNN] NASA's last space shuttle takes off to its retirement home

14:08 [Telegraph] The Children's Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest 2012

14:10 [The Independent] Lloyds draws £1bn from Bank of England's Funding for Lending scheme

14:11 [ZDNET] iPhone 5 16GB costs an estimated $207 to build

14:12 [Guardian] USAid covertly influencing political processes, says Russia

14:13 [Slashdot] Designers Criticize Apple's User Interface For OS X and iOS

14:14 [The Progressive] Chicago Teachers Union Has Suspended Their Strike

14:14 [CNN] 8 dead in Pakistan blast

14:14 [Truthdig] Mitt Antoinette

14:17 [Russia Today] ‘Even Barcelona loses sometimes,’ Unai Emery

14:19 [CNN] Grape expectations: Making wine taste good at 35,000 feet

14:21 [CNN] Tunisian artist grafittis minaret, fights intolerance

14:21 [New Statesman] How John Bercow always manages to pull adversity from the jaws of success

14:22 [zero hedge] JPY10 Trillion Intervention Half-Life: 5 Hours; Full Fade: 9 Hours

14:23 [] As Ice Melts, World Powers Vie for Arctic Supremacy

14:24 [Telegraph] Barcelona request all-female cabin crew

14:26 [CNN] Lindsay Lohan arrested again

14:28 [The Independent] Travellers to Czech Republic warned to avoid local spirits

14:30 [Good] Caine's Arcade: Cardboard Challenge & Global Day of Play

14:30 [CNN] Media don't get #MuslimRage

14:31 [Fin24 News] Skill, not race ensures jobs - SAIRR

14:31 [CNN] On the scene: E L James talks 'Fifty Shades' with Katie Couric

14:32 [Russia Today] Messiah married? 'The Gospel of Jesus' Wife' suggests Christ tied the knot

14:32 [] Foreign fish threaten Israeli marine life in Eastern Mediterranean sea

14:35 [Deutsche Welle] Is Han's bid for the South Korean presidency too late?,,16250344,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:37 [Russia Today] Klitschko Jr. wants Huck next

14:37 [Reuters] Housing starts fall on weak multifamily projects

14:37 [NPR] 18 Innings Are A Lot, But Orioles-Mariners Game Is No Record-Breaker

14:38 [CNN] Report on controversial gunrunning operation expected soon

14:38 [CNET News] EU to market test e-book settlement proposed by publishers, Apple

14:40 [Telegraph] US space shuttle on final flight to museum home

14:41 [Spiegel] The Kiryat Shmona Success Story: Israeli Soccer Champion Sparks Urban Revival

14:41 [ZDNET] Buying, streaming, and storing your music: One place to do it all?

14:42 [CNET News] SEC probes possibly fraudulent Facebook pre-IPO sales

14:42 [New Statesman] If the Lib Dems want a coalition with Labour, they need to start work now

14:42 [Reuters] Housing starts rise, multifamily projects weak

14:44 [Raw Story] Space shuttle ‘Endeavour’ on final flight to museum

14:45 [CNET News] Apple wants $3B in damages from Samsung, says report

14:46 [The Hindu - News] UPA govt. has no right to continue: Karat

14:50 [CNET News] T-Mobile names Legere as new CEO

14:52 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Hotline Gives a Voice to Victims of Turkish Police Violence

14:53 [CNET News] LG's quad-core-packing Optimus G to head to U.S. in Q4

14:53 [zero hedge] August Housing Starts Less Than Expected, Rise From Downward Revised Print

14:54 [Guardian] Kate topless photos: French police raid Closer magazine offices

14:54 [Raw Story] Colbert delivers ‘elegant’ version of Romney’s ’47 percent’ speech

14:55 [CNN] Kate's breasts, Pussy Riot, virginity tests and our attitude on women's bodies

14:56 [OpEdNews] The Innocence of Muslims: Sam "The Imbecile" Bacile, Religious Freedom and Free Speech

14:57 [The Independent] 'Minority Report'-style predictive policing trialled by West Midlands Police

14:57 [Slashdot] UK's 'Unallocated' IPv4 Block Actually In Use, Not For Sale

14:57 [Russia Today] Hyperactivity: Russia reveals mega-merger for hypersonic weapons production

14:57 [zero hedge] China Launches Cyberwar Against Japan As Hackers Take Down 19 Japanese Websites

14:59 [Spiegel] The World from Berlin: 'Who Wants an Amateur in the White House?'

15:00 [CNN] Dwyane Wade's home court advantage

15:01 [CBC: politics] Common-law, lone-parent families on the rise, census finds

15:02 [CNET News] Quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches with 5 carriers

15:03 [NPR] The End Of WASP-Dominated Politics

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Cong. skips Mamata’s Cabinet meeting

15:05 [CNN] We must fight rise of homegrown hate

15:06 [The Atlantic: Politics] Rand Paul: 'I Don't Believe Jesus Would've Condoned Killing'


15:08 [zero hedge] Why The 'Clinton' Recovery Is Unrepeatable

15:09 [ZDNET] Three Big Data partnerships on deck

15:09 [Spiegel] Fear of Muslim Backlash: France to Shut Embassies Over Muhammad Cartoons

15:10 [Telegraph] Sir Salman Rushdie dismisses fatwa talk

15:10 [Deutsche Welle] Former police chief and Communist Party await verdict,,16250526,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:10 [CNN] It's not all over for Romney

15:13 [The Independent] Nick Clegg outlines new domestic violence guidelines

15:14 [Big Think] How Much Of The Universe Is Dark Energy?

15:17 [msnbc: politics] Obama hits 50 percent

15:18 [Guardian] Syria crisis: Iran's foreign minster in Damascus talks - live updates

15:18 [Global Voices] Video: Anniversary Interview with Occupy Wall Street Movement's Leader

15:19 [The Hindu - Opinion] A muddled campaign [Tamil: Kalangiya kuttaiyaai oru pirachaaram] Editorial, September 19, 2012. Translated by A. Kumaresan, presented by V.B. Ganesan

15:19 [Foreign Policy in Focus] WaPo's Dana Priest's Alarmist Excursion Into the Nuclear Weapons-Industrial Complex

15:20 [Financial Times] Obama widens advantage over Romney

15:21 [CNN] Mobile phones give artists new tools to create

15:22 [Reuters] Housing starts rise as recovery edges ahead

15:23 [CBC: politics] Common-law families on the rise, census finds

15:23 [CNET News] Get an iZon remote room monitor for $64.99

15:25 [CNN] 9 dead in Pakistan blast

15:27 [ZDNET] Microsoft's Surface challenge: Proving it's a premium product worth a premium price

15:28 [] Woman from southern Israel suspected of stabbing her 3 children to death

15:28 [The Independent] Pakistani military 'kills 29 Taliban near Afghan border'

15:28 [Slashdot] Inside Look At Eastern European Vs. East Asian Hackers

15:28 [The Hindu - News] Now, ‘super rich’ can jump queue at Heathrow airport

15:29 [Raw Story] Chick-fil-A to halt funding of anti-LGBT groups: report

15:30 [] Uzbekistan: Nordic Telecom Accused of Paying Off Googoosha Crony

15:31 [Voice of America] South Korean Entrepreneur Enters Presidential Race

15:32 [CNET News] Apple's iOS 6 set for 10 a.m. launch, leaked image claims

15:33 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Democratic Ad Hits Romney on 47 Percent Remarks

15:34 [CNET News] Tablet shipments now expected to hit 117 million this year

15:35 [Good] Why We Need a Universal Language for Creativity in Classrooms

15:38 [NPR] Housing Starts Rose Again In August, Pace Remains Well Above Previous Years

15:38 [Global Voices] Dominican Republic: The Crime of Being a Rocker

15:41 [Fox News: politics] The political press that cried wolf

15:41 [Fox News] 'Redistribution' vs. 'Victims': Dueling Quotes Shake Up White House Race

15:41 [AlterNet] "Pink Slime" Company Brings Defamation Suit Against Media, Scientists and Whistleblowers

15:42 [OpEdNews] The Birthday of Occupy: Reflections on New York's Fattest

15:42 [BBC: Technology] New threats to block YouTube

15:44 [Raw Story] Japan backs off promise to end nuclear energy by 2040

15:44 [Telegraph] Crowd attacks US ambassador in Beijing

15:45 [ZDNET] Tizen Linux heads for vehicles as car makers and tech firms form workgroup

15:45 [Slashdot] A $20 Software Defined Radio For GNU Radio

15:46 [Deutsche Welle] The Rushdie controversy resurfaces amid film protest,,16250412,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:48 [NPR] U.S. Explodes Atomic Bombs Near Beers To See If They Are Safe To Drink

15:48 [Pravda] Riot of Muslims and innocence of Pussy

15:52 [OpEdNews] Open Letter to President Suzanne Bennett Johnson, American Psychological Association

15:52 [CNN] How to comment on Twitter without making enemies

15:52 [Russia Today] Rosneft seeks $15bln to buy TNK-BP shares

15:53 [Global Voices] France: Study Shows GM Corn Fed Rats Display Higher Tumors Levels

15:57 [Voice of America] Blast Kills 9 in Peshawar

15:57 [Disinformation] The Forgotten Anti-Moon-Landing Movement

15:57 [CNET News] LG's public image problem: It doesn't have one

15:57 [zero hedge] Spot The Odd Commodity Out

16:00 [Telegraph] BBC cannot just 'turf out' male presenters for female anchors, says new DG

16:01 [Fox News: politics] Obama to meet with Burma's Suu Kyi, source says

16:02 [ZDNET] Germany warns users to ditch Internet Explorer over security hole

16:02 [Russia Today] Earnings gap in the eurozone widens - Eurostat

16:02 [New Statesman] Mitt Romney's Palin-esque ignorance of Middle East politics

16:03 [NPR] Top Stories: France On Alert; Romney, Obama Spar; Housing Starts Rise

16:03 [Sydney Morning Herald] NRL star's Stilnox romp

16:04 [The Independent] Giant snails seized at Glasgow Airport

16:06 [Deutsche Welle] Film protests spiral in Muslim world,,16250598,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:08 [Reuters] Existing home sales rise in August, prices up from year ago

16:09 [Spiegel] Exporting Naked Protest: Femen Opens First Office Abroad

16:11 [Slashdot] TSA Spending $245 Million On "Second Generation" Body Scanners

16:14 [Raw Story] Ryan: Romney ‘obviously inarticulate… but the point still stands’

16:17 [Fox News] Anti-Islam Cartoon Prompts France to Close Embassies

16:18 [] Georgia Rocked by Prison Abuse Scandal

16:18 [CNET News] AirPlay challenger Miracast launches with Galaxy S3 support

16:23 [] Democracy Now!: Romney's Dismissal of "Dependent" 47% in Line With Tax Policies Favoring the "Country Club" 1%

16:25 [Mother Jones] Liberal Super-PAC Targets Koch Brothers With Attack Ads in Wisconsin and Iowa

16:26 [Financial Times] First hint of criminal charges for Bo

16:27 [Disinformation] “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…’”

16:27 [Russia Today] VTB shares slump 3.5% on SPO news

16:29 [The Hindu - News] IMG for de-allocation of 3 more coal blocks

16:30 [AlterNet] Jon Stewart on Romney's "Mr Burns" Moment: "Even His Dad Wouldn't Vote for Him"

16:30 [ZDNET] T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular announce Samsung Galaxy Note II coming soon

16:30 [The Independent] Danish magazine to print topless Kate Middleton photos

16:31 [The Atlantic: Technology] Make Videos, Get Money: Vimeo's CEO on Why Creators Should Get Paid

16:31 [The Atlantic: National] A Worthy Death: How Civil War Families Made Sense of Suffering

16:31 [The Atlantic: International] Free Speech in the Muslim World? Ask the Egyptian TV Station That First Aired the Anti-Muslim Movie

16:32 [zero hedge] French Magazine Portrays Prophet Mohammad Naked In Cartoons, Set To Further Infuriate Muslim World

16:33 [Telegraph] 'Amanda Knox's boyfriend was stripped and abused by police ', book claims

16:33 [Reuters] Home resales at two-year high, housing recovery advances

16:33 [NPR] Syrian Rebels Fear Radicals May Hijack Revolt

16:34 [Raw Story] Maddow: ’47 percent’ tape revives questions about Romney’s own tax returns

16:35 [Pravda] Keep the American flag at half staff: A nation in perpetual mourning

16:37 [CNN] Drone is Obama's weapon of choice

16:37 [Russia Today] Premier League Goals Galore: Week 8


16:38 [] Richest Jew in Argentina comes to the aid of Israel's Nochi Dankner

16:38 [ZDNET] Mobile Pwn2Own: iPhone 4S hacked by Dutch team

16:40 [Slashdot] Seaweed is Good for You and Can Be Tasty, Too (Video)

16:41 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Jordan faces complicated crisis but Islamists haven't closed the door on dialogue


16:43 [CNET News] Lobbying group led by Google, Facebook, announces launch

16:44 [Global Voices] Tunisia: In Defense (sort of) of French Weekly on the Muhammad Cartoons

16:46 [Canadian Dimension] Manifesto for a Doomed Youth

16:47 [Telegraph] Andrew Marr: I feel like a fool for groping researcher in street

16:48 [msnbc] Home sales jump to highest since May 2010

16:49 [Raw Story] ACLU takes CIA to court over drone strikes

16:50 [Amnesty International] Bahrain: UN human rights review must spur action not hollow pledges

16:50 [CNET News] AT&T fires up LTE in Seattle and Portland ahead of iPhone 5 launch

16:54 [Big Think] Warp Speed May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

16:55 [zero hedge] It's Time to Air Out Ben Bernanke's Dirty Laundry

16:56 [Deutsche Welle] Germans back out of Bhopal cleanup,,16250333,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:57 [OpEdNews] On Occupy, Anarchism, & Corporatism: A Response to Don Smith

16:57 [CNN] Advocate for homeless children charged with sex abuse

16:57 [Russia Today] The end of the end? St. Pete legislature seeks ban on ‘apocalyptic propaganda’

16:57 [ZDNET] Samsung plans new R&D center for Silicon Valley

16:59 [Global Voices] Iran: Government Offices Logging Off the Internet

16:59 [High Country News] The politics of public health

17:00 [CNN] France bans protests; Lebanese demonstrators call U.S. 'enemy of God'

17:01 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Historic records and manuscript exhibition opens in Gaza

17:02 [OpEdNews] America Put Thousands of 9/11s on Defenseless People Overseas that Remain Unavenged

17:02 [The Independent] Roman Abramovich 'courteous but ruthless', says High Court judge

17:05 [CBC: politics] Pensions top of mind as party caucuses meet

17:06 [The Atlantic: National] In Pennsylvania, a Clemency Catch-22

17:06 [Slashdot] Cinnamon 1.6 Brings New Features and Applets

17:07 [CNN] Annan: Ensure fair elections in all democracies

17:08 [] IDF soldiers instructed to bar non-Jewish citizens from settlement

17:08 [New Statesman] Egyptian Atheists and "The Innocence of Muslims"

17:09 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Trouble With Printing Money

17:09 [Topix Activism News] Protesters call for greener, fairer EU farm policy

17:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Can NBC's fall winning streak continue?

17:10 [CNN] Danish magazine to print topless Kate photos

17:12 [OpEdNews] Greece: Unemployment Climbs Steadily; So Do Prices

17:12 [CNET News] iPhone 5 weighs 3.95 ounces. The DynaTac was 2.5 pounds

17:12 [Guardian] Syria crisis: Iran's foreign minister in Damascus talks - live updates

17:13 [Slate Magazine] Can a White Author Write Black Characters?

17:13 [The Onion] Opinion: Now That My Campaign Is Over, I'd Like To Talk To You All About The Church Of Latter-Day Saints (by Mitt Romney)

17:14 [AlterNet] Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis: Deal Ending Strike a Victory for Education

17:15 [Fox News] 'Redistribution' vs. 'Victims': Dueling Quotes Shake Up White House Race

17:16 [CNN] Romney fights back in op-ed as Obama takes aim in 'Letterman' appearance

17:17 [The Independent] FSA warned Barclays over 'unsuitability' of Bob Diamond

17:18 [CNET News] HTC co-opts Microsoft's Windows Phone name for 8X, 8S

17:19 [New Statesman] Female? Have a law degree? Gotta job for you: womb surrogate

17:19 [Telegraph] Lindsay Lohan in NY hit-and-run

17:19 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Gaza Ahoy: Chronicling the Freedom Sailors

17:19 [Raw Story] Officials call for review of ‘Gangnam Style’ lifeguard parody video

17:19 [The Progressive] Wis. Mining Hearing Reveals Gaps in Oversight

17:19 [Mostly Water] Chicago's War on Education

17:21 [The Atlantic: National] Who Really Won in the Teachers' Strike?

17:22 [Slashdot] Roundup Tolerant GM Maize Linked To Tumor Development

17:23 [Mostly Water] Syria's Divided Opposition

17:24 [Fin24 News] Lonmin deal not lasting solution, Mps told

17:25 [BBC: Technology] HTC's Windows Phone 8 handsets

17:25 [Voice of America] Chinese Official Justifies Anti-Japan Protests

17:27 [zero hedge] Cashin On Gann Folklore And Friday's Fireworks

17:27 [Russia Today] When Prophet goes viral: ‘Freedom of speech has price’

17:29 [CNN: Technology] Massive demand awaits Friday's iPhone 5 sale

17:30 [CNN] Annan: Ensure fair elections in democracies

17:31 [Deutsche Welle] Calmer bond markets lap up German and Portuguese debts,,16250349,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

17:31 [The Atlantic: International] The Answers to Mitt Romney's Israel-Palestine Apathy

17:31 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan’s bid to resolve Cauvery row fails

17:32 [ZDNET] BBC swaps Flash for Air on Android and mobile iPlayer

17:32 [Disinformation] On The Validity Of Alienation

17:33 [The Independent] Man killed by bear in Romanian woods is second victim this week

17:33 [Slate Magazine] The Two Biggest Myths About QE3

17:33 [CNN] Massive demand awaits Friday's iPhone 5 sale

17:34 [New York Times: politics] Election Ads Seek to Politicize China Manufacturing

17:35 [Telegraph] Grant Shapps 'accidentally' signed off demolition of Ringo Starr's house

17:35 [CNET News] Google Nexus 7 $25 store credit ends Sept 30

17:37 [BBC: Technology] HTC unveils Windows Phone mobiles

17:37 [OpEdNews] Clash of Civilizations? Perhaps Not.

17:39 [Spiegel] Picture This: Cold Hearted

17:41 [Fox News: politics] Father of murdered teen urges Gov. Brown to veto bill ordering illegal immigrants released

17:41 [Deutsche Welle] Mobile application for cheap gas in Uganda,,16248919,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

17:42 [OpEdNews] Fearing backlash on Christians in Egypt: American Coptic Church denounces the anti-Islam movie

17:44 [CNN] Tunisian artist graffitis minaret, fights intolerance

17:47 [Guardian] News Corp shareholders in US want to sue over phone hacking scandal

17:48 [CNET News] Name your own price for a Mac software bundle

17:49 [Global Voices] Colombia: A Love Poem for Bogotá

17:49 [Voice of America] South Africa Platinum Miners Welcome Deal

17:50 [Fin24 News] Govt aims to stub out tobacco branding

17:51 [The Atlantic: Technology] Today, the Emoticon Turns 30 :-)

17:52 [OpEdNews] Bill McKibben: The 350 Parts Per Million* Solution?

17:52 [CNN] 45 days of intel work led to drug lord's capture in Venezuela

17:53 [Mother Jones] Obama is Killing It on Intrade

17:54 [Raw Story] Perry tells ‘Christian soldiers’ to ‘stand our ground’ against Obama

17:54 [CNN] UNESCO heritage sites across the globe

17:56 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Deep GOP Roots of Romney's 47% Remarks

17:56 [CNET News] 4K vs. OLED

17:57 [Russia Today] Too obscene for South Korea: Bans Marquis de Sade novel

17:57 [OpEdNews] The Moslem World's Rage; Justified or Misplaced?

17:58 [zero hedge] 19 Sep 2012 – “ The Thrill Is Gone " (BB King, 1969)

17:58 [CNET News] Verizon gets back on board with Windows Phone

17:59 [New Statesman] Revealed: how we pay our richest landowners millions in subsidies

18:00 [CNET News] AT&T CEO: iPhone 5 may be so popular, people will pay full price

18:02 [Russia Today] 11,000 jobs under threat, and 4,400 to go at American Airlines

18:03 [Slate Magazine] Life After Death Sentence

18:03 [CNN] Test your architectural knowledge

18:03 [] Israeli Arabs petition Google to remove anti-Islam film

18:04 [The Independent] Chef 'boiled wife's head for four days'

18:05 [Telegraph] Debt crisis: France denies German bank union rift - live

18:06 [CNN] Under fire on immigration, Romney vows 'reasonable solution'

18:07 [This Magazine] One Track Mind: Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud – Lucky Animals

18:07 [Slashdot] Major Backlash Looms For Apple's New Maps App

18:07 [OpEdNews] Between Iran and a Hambone

18:08 [zero hedge] Prepare For A 15% Food Price Surge, Rabobank Warns

18:08 [straight] News for Youse: Taser use declines, fires in Stanley Park, and Air Canada plans discount airline

18:09 [Global Voices] Syria: The Revolution through the designs of Wissam Al Jazairy

18:10 [The Atlantic: In Focus] America: 50 States in 50 Photos

18:12 [The Onion] American Voices: Romney Aide: Campaign Light On Details


18:14 [New Statesman] Why it's unlikely benefits increases will be linked to earnings

18:14 [CNN] NASA's last space shuttle on nostalgic flight to retirement home

18:18 [msnbc: politics] Romney faces pressure to shake things up amid concerns race is slipping away

18:18 [ZDNET] Concerns linger about corporate involvement in OpenStack Foundation

18:19 [CNET News] Apple fans invade Samsung's Facebook page

18:19 [Big Think] Closing The Evolution Gap Between Outer Space And Earth

18:21 [Telegraph] Boris Johnson calls for Londoners to 'mobilise' against third runway at Heathrow

18:21 [msnbc] Romney faces pressure to shake things up

18:23 [Guardian] Manchester police shootings: second man arrested

18:24 [The Independent] Police given more time to question boyfriend arrested over Cwbran house fire murder

18:25 [CNN] Danish, Swedish magazines to print topless Kate photos

18:26 [CNET News] HTC Trade-Up dangles up to $300 for your old smartphone

18:26 [ZDNET] openSUSE 12.2: My first take

18:27 [OpEdNews] Is Sauron Slipping?

18:27 [Anarchist news] Danish police arrest 14 over suspected political vandalism against police, public institutions

18:28 [Slashdot] Slashdot Turns 15, What Are You Doing Later?

18:28 [] New Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Ignites Fears of Job Losses

18:29 [CNET News] More than half of users polled would vote via mobile devices

18:29 [Global Voices] Egypt: 1.5km Human Chain Protest Outside Nile University

18:29 [Voice of America] Obama Counters Romney's '47 Percent' Comments

18:32 [AlterNet] 8 Terrible Things That Have Happened to Mitt Romney...Just This Morning

18:32 [Anarchist news] The Repressed & Oppressive Sexuality of Modern Society

18:33 [CNN] Myanmar's Suu Kyi to meet with Obama, receive congressional medal

18:34 [Raw Story] NC state senator says Romney-Ryan win would mean ‘real men in the White House’

18:34 [Global Voices] Mexico: A Photographic Glimpse into Midwifery Around the World

18:36 [The Atlantic: Politics] A Brief Black Liberal Rant

18:36 [The Atlantic: Technology] Online Payment System, Stripe, Makes Its First International Move

18:36 [CBC: politics] Wednesdays with @Kady: What's up for Parliament this fall?

18:37 [AL JAZEERA] Iran seeks solution to Syria conflict

18:37 [Russia Today] Our daily demo: Thousands in Lebanon protest anti-Muslim film (PHOTOS)

18:37 [CNET News] Museum-bound shuttle Endeavour heads for California

18:38 [zero hedge] Gundlach Is Not A Fan Of Socialism, Thinks Apple Is "Over-Bought"

18:39 [Raw Story] Forensic tests find no Trayvon Martin DNA on George Zimmerman’s gun

18:39 [CNN] Election winner faces a dangerous world

18:39 [The Independent] Bill Gates and Warren Buffett top Forbes' billionaires list again

18:44 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan Army still has vast presence in North & East

18:44 [CNET News] How to apply OS X software updates from the command line

18:44 [Global Voices] Egypt: Artists Re-Paint Murals Destroyed by Police

18:47 [OpEdNews] Time to End the Lesser of Evil Choice for President

18:48 [Slashdot] Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Rooted

18:50 [Good] Would You Want to Live in the Most Economically Equal Town in America?

18:50 [The Independent] Manchester shootings: Second man arrested over deaths of police women

18:50 [CNN] Spain face Canada in Davis Cup

18:51 [CNET News] ZTE's first Firefox OS devices to launch in first quarter

18:52 [Disinformation] The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Comedian Lee Camp

18:53 [Mother Jones] Romney Funder's Israeli Newspaper Buries Video Controversy

18:55 [ZDNET] Intel exec Maloney to retire

18:59 [Fin24 News] Close ranks, Patel tells Cosatu

19:00 [CNET News] iPhone dock extender solves the problem of bulky cases

19:00 [Voice of America] Can We Feed the World?

19:00 [CNN] First mother-daughter womb transplants performed in Sweden

19:01 [Deutsche Welle] German spyware business supports dictators,,16249165,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:02 [Russia Today] Chicago teachers finish first strike in 25 years

19:03 [Guardian] Did Jesus Christ really have a wife?

19:05 [CNN] Free speech or incitement? French magazine runs cartoons of Mohammed

19:06 [Deutsche Welle] German cabinet shifts stance on "failed states",,16251005,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf


19:07 [Telegraph] US Election: Mitt Romney and Ann Romney mount clean up operation

19:07 [Reuters] U.S. official says Benghazi consulate was "terrorist attack"

19:08 [zero hedge] The Five Key Differences Between The ECB's OMT And The Fed's QEternity

19:08 [Slate Magazine] Dear Prudence: Excessive Family PDA

19:09 [Raw Story] New Philippines law bans ‘cybersex’

19:12 [ZDNET] This Is The Biggest Competitor To The iPad In The Hot Education Market

19:12 [The Onion] Andrew Luck Gets First Whatever It’s Called When You Beat The Minnesota Vikings

19:13 [CNET News] BB10 smartphone images make their way to the Web

19:15 [straight] UBC to offer free noncredit courses online through Coursera

19:15 [Guardian] Nick Clegg apologises for tuition fees pledge

19:15 [Slashdot] DARPA Unveils System Using Human Brains For Computer Vision

19:16 [BBC: Health] Dementia research 'is in danger'

19:16 [BBC: Science & Environment] Furore greets GM-fed rat study

19:17 [Russia Today] Aerial pesticide spray to fight West Nile causes fear in cities

19:19 [CNN] Annan: Why we should grade countries on their elections

19:20 [Voice of America] Kenya Extends Amnesty to al-Shabab

19:22 [The Independent] Graduate Catherine Wells-Burr was likely killed before car fire

19:24 [International Crisis Group] Testimony prepared for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights: Examining the Role of Rwanda in the DRC Insurgency

19:25 [Global Voices] Puerto Rico: Corruption Ranking

19:25 [Good] A Day in a Pair: Pay it Forward with Coffee and Conversation

19:28 [] NOAA: Record High Ocean Temperatures in North Atlantic

19:29 [Slashdot] Hacking the D-Link DPH-128MS VOIP Phone

19:29 [New York Times: politics] With Tax Comments, Romney Wades Into a Conservative Rift

19:30 [BBC: Education] Clegg apology over tuition pledge

19:31 [The Atlantic: Politics] Is This the Best Political Ad of the Season?

19:32 [Fox News: politics] US removes penalties against Burma's president

19:32 [Russia Today] Islamic hackers threaten Bank of America and NY Stock Exchange

19:33 [CNN] Turkey: Facing a soft landing or serious turbulence?

19:33 [Guardian] Iain Duncan Smith criticised for Scottish independence welfare remarks

19:35 [New Statesman] New trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

19:36 [The Atlantic: Technology] Just So Tech Stories: How the 8.5" x 11" Piece of Paper Got Its Size

19:37 [The Independent] Nick Clegg: I'm sorry for breaking tuition fee promise

19:37 [BBC: Science & Environment] Record minimum for Arctic sea ice

19:38 [Utne] Preparing for the Inevitable: Former FEMA Director Tackles Climate Change

19:39 [Guardian] Kate topless photos published by Swedish magazine

19:39 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Wisconsin Senate Race a Tossup

19:41 [The Hindu - News] The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy

19:44 [] Hollywood Films Pushes Flawed Corporate-Minded Education Agenda

19:44 [] U.S. studio picks up Israeli spy television drama

19:46 [AlterNet] Hurt by Protests, Chick-fil-A Will Stop Funding Anti-Gay Groups

19:46 [World Policy Institute] Asian Intellectuals and the Roads Not Taken

19:47 [OpEdNews] Rocky Anderson Writes Response to Tom Hayden

19:48 [CNET News] Steampunk coffeemaker comes home

19:49 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Our Unscientific Drug Control Regime

19:49 [Big Think] Another Reminder That Antarctica's Warming Up Too

19:50 [Voice of America] France Raises Security Over Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

19:52 [CNET News] Apple's OS X 10.8.2 arrives with Facebook in tow

19:52 [The Independent] Boris Johnson 'mobilising and alerting' people of London over Heathrow third runway

19:53 [zero hedge] Dear Obese America: Unlce Sam Wants To Regulate What You Eat

19:53 [Slate Magazine] NFL 2012

19:53 [Telegraph] BBC boss calls for grey-haired woman to read the news

19:55 [Good] Go Public: Film Project Gives 'Day in the Life' Perspective to Public Schools

19:56 [Slashdot] Game Review: Borderlands 2

19:57 [CNET News] Who has the 'real' Windows Phone? HTC makes its case

20:04 [] Israel, Syria trade accusations at UN nuclear meeting

20:04 [Raw Story] Veteran benefits bill heads to vote as Democrats plead for end to GOP block

20:05 [CNET News] Samsung slams iPhone 5 linegoers in new attack ad

20:06 [ZDNET] Exploit beamed via NFC to hack Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.0.4)

20:06 [CNN] Wins, losses and draws in Chicago school strike

20:09 [CNN] Deaths mounting in Syria

20:09 [Truthdig] Occupy Your Victories

20:10 [Telegraph] Clegg apologises to Lib Dem supporters for tuition fee pledge

20:10 [CBC: politics] Wednesdays with @Kady replay: What's up for Parliament this fall?

20:10 [Voice of America] Homeless Female Vets Get Unique Final Salute

20:10 [The Independent] Sri Lankan asylum seekers removed from deportation flight at last minute after judge accepts there is risk of torture

20:11 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

20:11 [msnbc: politics] Obama leads in two Wisconsin polls, with third on the way

20:12 [Fox News: politics] Major report released on Fast and Furious, DOJ official resigns

20:14 [Fox News] 'Redistribution,' 'Victims' Quotes Shake Up Race

20:14 [Voice of America] Papyrus Scrap Ignites Jesus-Marriage Debate

20:15 [Fin24 News] Amplats: Safe to return to work

20:16 [straight] Photo of the Day: Flowers in autumn

20:16 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Planet's Most Powerful Digital Camera Captures Its First Images of the Universe

20:16 [The Atlantic: Politics] Picture of the Day: Barack Obama Chills With Jay and Bey

20:17 [Canadian Dimension] Where’s the Rage Over the Arbit Ragers?

20:17 [The Hindu - News] Congress confident of numbers, not for humouring Mamata any more

20:17 [Russia Today] Supreme Court to rule on legality of wiretapping through FISA

20:20 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: Not “Moving On” from Section 34

20:22 [Russia Today] CIA sued over drone killings

20:24 [zero hedge] The Curious Case Of Post-QE Oil Hangovers

20:25 [] Georgia: Anti-Turkish Sentiments Grow as Election Date Nears

20:27 [Russia Today] Rouble rebuke: Putin lashes out at ministers over budget

20:28 [OpEdNews] The First Year Anniversary of Occupy-- and the beginning of the Toppling of Top-Down Power

20:28 [CNN] Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

20:29 [CNN] Justice Department: Diciplinary action, no criminal sanctions in Fast and Furious probe

20:29 [CNN: Money] BYE, BYE BULL MARKET?

20:30 [CNET News] Gates up, Zuckerberg down in latest ranking of super-rich

20:30 [CBC: politics] Liberals want MP pension changes separate from budget bill

20:31 [Voice of America] UN Presses Kenya on Kismayo Civilian Protection

20:31 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka adamant: Jayalalithaa

20:31 [Guardian] France prepares for backlash to magazine's cartoons of Muhammad

20:32 [Mother Jones] Coal Exec Dresses Up Like Miner for Congressional Candidate's Campaign

20:34 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Young People Caretaking in an Aging Cuba

20:36 [Slashdot] Ask Director Daniel Knight About Filming Terry Pratchett's "Troll Bridge"

20:36 [Deutsche Welle] Brussels outlines plan for EU 'Peace Corps',,16251061,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

20:36 [The Hindu - Opinion] Kerala as investors’ paradise

20:38 [CNET News] iPhone 5 lines cropping up across country

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Mamata’s revolt

20:40 [Telegraph] Forest Boy 'has disappeared'

20:41 [The Atlantic: Politics] But What Does Hitler Think About the Secret Video?

20:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] An opportunity, not a crisis

20:45 [Truthdig] The Real Mitt Revealed

20:45 [Global Voices] What's the Verdict on Uganda@50 Independence Song?

20:46 [The Atlantic: Technology] Is This the Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen?

20:46 [The Atlantic: National] Inequality and the Marketplace of Ideas

20:47 [CNET News]'s Marc Benioff preaches the social enterprise gospel

20:47 [The Hindu - Opinion] Welcome

20:47 [The Onion] Posthumously Recorded Bob Dylan Album Receives Rave Reviews

20:48 [CNN] Why do leaves change color?

20:51 [The Hindu - Opinion] Salary for housewives

20:51 [CNET News] Amid weak reviews of Apple Maps, Google suggests an alternative

20:51 [CNN] Justice Department: Disciplinary action, no criminal sanctions in Fast and Furious probe

20:51 [Deutsche Welle] South Africa's Lonmin miners celebrate pay deal,,16250779,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

20:54 [CNN] Finland minister: Bid to stem euro crisis is working

20:54 [Raw Story] Lady Gaga smokes marijuana on stage

20:55 [New Statesman] Nick Clegg apologises for tuition fees pledge

20:56 [Telegraph] Millions owed by Stradivarius dealer

20:57 [The Hindu - Opinion] Kudankulam debate

20:57 [CNN] Attorneys to ask Pennsylvania judge to call off killer's execution, citing sex abuse

20:57 [Disinformation] Top 15 Issues On Which Romney and Obama Are No Different

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Will support any party giving special status to Bihar: Nitish

20:59 [The Hindu - Opinion] Ironical

20:59 [Guardian] Chelsea v Juventus: Champions League – live! | Paul Doyle

21:00 [Truthdig] Russia Gives USAID the Boot

21:00 [Global Voices] India: Hurrah For Hornbills - Defence Project Stalled in Narcondam

21:00 [] CSTO Exercises Tiptoe Around Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

21:01 [The Hindu - Opinion] The Mamata shock

21:02 [CNET News] Apple's Lightning connector and you: What you should know

21:04 [The Hindu - News] I cannot compromise, says Mamata

21:04 [] US Drought Brings Mass Livestock Slaughter, Soaring Food Prices to World

21:04 [Raw Story] Harry Reid: The 47 percent aren’t ‘using Cayman Islands tax shelters’

21:04 [The Progressive] Hedges Case Hangs in the Balance, As Do Our Rights

21:06 [Good] Putin Jailed My Wife: Pussy Riot Member's Husband Speaks Out

21:06 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi unhappy, but may not leave UPA for now

21:07 [American Independent] EXCLUSIVE: Police video prompts allegations of HIV discrimination

21:07 [Russia Today] Georgia jail shock: Rape by rubber buttons amid 'EU-quality prison' sham

21:09 [ZDNET] AT&T CEO: iPhone 5, business mobility resistant to economic worries

21:13 [CBC: politics] Olympians, Paralympians visit Ottawa today

21:13 [Fox News] Forum Warned of Attack On US Embassy in Cairo

21:15 [Voice of America] Phone Hotline in Turkey Helps Victims of Police Violence

21:16 [The Hindu - News] Chinese providing security to PoK projects: Army Chief

21:16 [straight] Hot Panda crafts catchy pop

21:17 [The Atlantic: International] Mitt Romney's Iran Hallucinations

21:21 [Financial Times] Iran underlines ‘right’ to nuclear energy

21:21 [CNET News] Sprint may boost plan prices when LTE network gets stronger

21:22 [Russia Today] America’s 400 richest: $1.7 trillion and counting

21:23 [OpEdNews] The Bible, Christians And True Believers

21:24 [Moral Low Ground] Boy Scouts Protected Many Child Molesters from Police, Parents

21:24 [Slashdot] All the TV News Since 2009, Now Available At the Internet Archive

21:24 [Topix Activism News] P!nk

21:24 [CNET News] New T-Mobile CEO plans to bring cool back to the carrier

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Rushdie longlisted for U.K.’s non-fiction prize

21:29 [msnbc] 'Fast and Furious' investigation clears Holder

21:29 [NPR] Smoke Cleared, Texas Gun Owners Remain Wary

21:30 [The Hindu - News] Rushdie longlisted for U.K.’s non-fiction prize

21:32 [The Hindu - News] Swifter clearance for ‘super rich’ planned at Heathrow

21:32 [New York Times: politics] FiveThirtyEight: The End of a Kansas Tradition: Moderation

21:32 [CNN] Justice Dept.: Disciplinary action, no criminal sanctions for 'Fast and Furious'

21:34 [NPR] Deep South Democrats Seek Path Back To Relevance

21:34 [Raw Story] Holder slams Republicans after being cleared in ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation

21:35 [ZDNET] The high price of connecting with an Apple iPhone 5

21:37 [The Atlantic: International] The Sad Decline of Republican Foreign Policy

21:37 [Slashdot] New Hobbit Trailer Debuts

21:38 [The Hindu - News] NIA seeks details of suspected ISI module

21:39 [zero hedge] WaLL STReeT PiRaTeS oF THe OBSCeNe...

21:42 [CNET News] GoldieBlox: Construction toy gets girls into engineering early

21:42 [The Hindu - News] DMK’s youth wing meet soon

21:42 [Telegraph] Hey Dad! actor 'sexually abused child co-star from popular Australian show'

21:45 [zero hedge] South African Violence Returns As All Miners Demand Pay Hike

21:46 [CNN] McCain chokes up as he praises Suu Kyi at congressional ceremony

21:47 [Deutsche Welle] Karim: Agenda dictated by a minority of extremes,,16251232,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

21:47 [The Atlantic: International] I Trust This Is Meant Ironically

21:47 [Fox News: politics] EXCLUSIVE: Probe of Secret Service prostitution scandal may cite White House advance staff involvement

21:48 [OpEdNews] Did Jesus Have a Wife? If So, How Does That Change Things- Open Thread

21:49 [] Born on Third Base: How the Wealthy Inherit the Earth

21:49 [NPR] FDA Weighs Federal Standard To Limit Exposure To Arsenic In Rice

21:50 [Amnesty International] Chad: Judicial harassment of political opponents and journalists must stop

21:52 [The Atlantic: National] On Voting Rights, Pennsylvania's High Court Says, 'Don't Look at Us'

21:54 [The Hindu - News] There are sharp differences: Santosh Hegde

21:57 [Slashdot] Motorola Seeks Ban On Macs, iPads, and iPhones

21:57 [Disinformation] The Positive Effects of a Deviant Coworker

21:57 [Russia Today] Obama vs. Romney leaves US voter no choice – Ventura

21:57 [] Turkish PM: Israel sent 'the world's richest Jew' to broker a deal with Turkey

21:58 [CNET News] The 404 1,133: Where we put the Apple iPhone 5 on a pedestal (podcast)

21:58 [The Hindu - News] Vaiko stopped en route to Sanchi

21:58 [Telegraph] Stephen King announces sequel to The Shining after 36 years of suspense

21:59 [Slate Magazine] When Did Bare Breasts Become Taboo?

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court says ‘no’ to review of Right to Education verdict

22:03 [OpEdNews] Hearts and Mines

22:04 [Raw Story] Several injured in wake of Folsom Prison riot

22:06 [Fox News: politics] Court rehears case on Texas town's rental ban on undocumented immigrants

22:07 [The Hindu - Opinion] Crunching numbers to soften Coalgate

22:08 [zero hedge] Deutsche Bank: Gold Is Money

22:12 [Fox News] 'Furious' Report Slams 'Disregard' for Public Safety as DOJ Officials Quit

22:12 [The Hindu - News] CBI grills Jayaswals over Coalgate

22:12 [Disinformation] Are You an Internet Kook? Quite Possibly.

22:13 [ZDNET] customers talk up Chatter at Dreamforce '12

22:14 [CNET News] Twitter CEO touts building 'true platform,' ignores developers' anger

22:14 [Raw Story] Astronomers find galaxy born at dawn of the universe

22:14 [The Progressive] Ann Romney, Paul Ryan Spin Themselves Dizzy in Defending Romney

22:14 [NPR] Tiny Bubbles: Injectable Oxygen Foam Tested For Emergency Care

22:15 [] Turkmenistan: Reflections on the Demise of the Peace Corps

22:15 [Electronic Intifada] Leaked documents show PA outsourced Palestinian land and rights to Turkish firm

22:15 [The Hindu - Opinion] Cross-border lessons in saving lives

22:16 [Doctors Without Borders] [Special Report] Progress Under Threat: Perspectives on the HIV Treatment Gap

22:16 [Fin24 News] Minister says SAA funding not cut off

22:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] Required, two tongues

22:19 [Raw Story] Sudan blocks YouTube over anti-Islam film

22:22 [Russia Today] ‘One rule for the holocaust another for Islam’- Journalist

22:22 [CNET News] HTC Windows Phone 8X vs. Nokia Lumia 920: Specs and more

22:23 [ZDNET] JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson on Steve Jobs: Transformation isn't easy

22:23 [Mother Jones] Republicans and the 47%: A Case Study

22:25 [The Hindu - Opinion] Bill seeks more green cards for the highly-qualified

22:26 [Good] Interactive Infographic: Immigration in America

22:29 [Raw Story] Romney: Obama fosters a ‘web of dependency’

22:30 [Slashdot] xkcd's 13-Gigapixel Webcomic

22:30 [The Hindu - News] Don’t sweat it, bedwetting is just a phase

22:31 [straight] Anthrax calls it a comeback

22:32 [The Onion] American Voices: French Magazine Runs Muhammad Cartoons

22:32 [Russia Today] DNA tests confirm Martin didn't grip Zimmerman's gun

22:32 [The Hindu - News] Corporation to up vigil in coastal areas

22:33 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: The #Missing2Min in the Romney Video? Everyone Has a Theory

22:34 [The Hindu - News] Papyrus claim is exciting, says scholar

22:36 [The Hindu - News] Air India’s loaded hope takes to the skies

22:37 [Slashdot] Raspberry Pi Hits 1GHz With Official 'Turbo Mode'

22:38 [zero hedge] Bonds Up, Stocks Up (Just)

22:38 [The Hindu - News] Defiant private water tankers continue strike

22:39 [NPR] Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook Among Those Forming New Lobbying Group

22:40 [ZDNET] Intuit's secret to going global lies in thinking local

22:40 [The Hindu - News] 325 agitators booked for anti-US protests

22:42 [Russia Today] Internet giants unite to lobby Congress

22:42 [The Hindu - News] Schools send out conflicting messages

22:44 [Telegraph] Alexander Litvinenko 'was victim of state directed murder'

22:44 [Raw Story] Bill Gates still richest person in U.S., says Forbes

22:47 [The Hindu - News] Hindu Marriage Act in Bangladesh

22:49 [CNN] Myanmar democratic activist accepts top congressional honor

22:51 [ZDNET] Resiliency Is No Longer Optional

22:51 [The Hindu - News] Israeli bid to corner Iran-Syria-Hizbollah alliance

22:52 [Disinformation] Jesse Ventura: Break the Two Party Dictatorship, Impunity for Bush & Obama War Crimes

22:55 [The Hindu - News] Trial implicates Bo in scandal


22:57 [The Hindu - News] New three-star hotels can get bar licence

22:58 [AlterNet] Anatomy of a Big Lie: There Is No 47 Percent Who Pay No Taxes

22:59 [CNET News] See how healthy your lungs are -- just blow into your phone

23:00 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Supreme Court Denies Request to Block Electoral Maps in Texas

23:01 [The Hindu - News] Endosulfan victims awaiting final nod for relief package

23:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ariel Edwards-Levy: MI-2012 President: 52% Obama (D), 44% Romney (R) (CNN/ORC 9/14-9/18)

23:02 [The Onion] Infographic: Fast Food Chains Aim For Healthier Image

23:03 [] Jailed Palestinian activist 'critical' after refusing water, food

23:08 [zero hedge] The Fate Of The Rally Now Rests In The Hands Of The US Consumer

23:08 [OpEdNews] Fat of the Land: Empire's Empty Offer

23:10 [Voice of America] CPJ: Journalists Need New Ways to Stay Safe

23:12 [Deutsche Welle] Rome court upholds CIA 'imam kidnap' convictions,,16251219,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:13 [The Hindu - News] Rudisha to promote Delhi half-marathon

23:14 [CNN] Romney seeks advantage from controversial comments

23:14 [Big Think] The Shred of Truth in Romney’s “47 Percent” Gaffe

23:14 [Raw Story] Online initiative seeks to help the world’s poor with digital payments

23:14 [Telegraph] Aung San Suu Kyi receives Congressional honour

23:17 [The Atlantic: Politics] Does Romney Know Anything About Nukes?

23:20 [CNN] Two out-of-print Nora Ephron titles to be published as a single volume

23:20 [Voice of America] USAID Shutdown in Russia Will Hurt Civil Society

23:20 [Slashdot] Richard Branson 'Determined To Start a Population On Mars'

23:21 [straight] Los Straitjackets keep the instro-rock flame alive

23:22 [zero hedge] What Mitt Romney Also Said: A Glimpse Of The Endgame?

23:22 [Fox News: politics] Tax penalty to hit nearly 6M uninsured people

23:22 [Russia Today] Messi crush Spartak’s rebellion

23:25 [NPR] Halliburton Loses Radioactive Rod, The National Guard Is Called In to Help

23:27 [The Atlantic: International] Does Romney Know Anything About Nukes?

23:28 [CNET News] Apple releases OS X 10.7.5 and Snow Leopard security updates

23:29 [New York Times: politics] Inspector General Reports on Fast and Furious

23:30 [Telegraph] Only one in six 'baby boomers' in good health

23:32 [CNN] Oscar showing not enough for Chelsea

23:33 [CNET News] Office 2011 gains Retina display support

23:33 [Mother Jones] What Was Romney Doing in the #missing2min?

23:35 [The Hindu - News] Rudisha to promote Delhi half-marathon

23:35 [ZDNET] American Airlines Now Up To 23,000 Samsung Galaxy Tablets

23:37 [Deutsche Welle] Bayern maintain perfect German start,,16251297,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:37 [Slashdot] Open Compute Project Publishes Final Open Rack Spec

23:38 [] IAF strike kills three in Hamas officers in Gaza

23:39 [Reuters: politics] Romney's "47 percent" remarks damage his image with voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

23:39 [CNN] Shakira announces pregnancy, cancels festival appearance

23:40 [Truthdig] Does Romney Dislike America?

23:41 [CNET News] Adobe meets Q3 estimates, cuts outlook based on cloud transition

23:42 [Fox News] Pastors to Preach Politics In Protest of IRS Rules

23:44 [Raw Story] U.S. rejects calls to slow Afghan withdrawals

23:45 [NPR] Subsidies Help Get Modern Malaria Drugs To Millions In Africa

23:46 [CNN] NHL cancels some preseason games

23:46 [CNET News] MacBook EFI Firmware updates follow OS X 10.8.2 release

23:49 [CNET News] Photokina 2012: Full frame, FTW

23:49 [Fox News: politics] Buffett Rule Act allows taxpayers to donate to Treasury

23:50 [Red Pepper] The Dutch elections: From euphoria to red neoliberalism?

23:53 [CNET News] FTC near decision on Google antitrust inquiry, report says

23:55 [Truthdig] GOP Turns on Mitt, Fox News Backs Romney, and More

23:55 [Slashdot] Is the Can Worse Than the Soda?

23:57 [New York Times: politics] The Caucus: Veterans' Jobs Bill Blocked in the Senate

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