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00:00 [CNET News] This is how much you get on Google's nerves

00:00 [CNET News] Pandora One hikes subscription price, nixes annual option

00:00 [NPR] Obama's Foreign Policy: More 2nd Term Misses Than Hits

00:00 [NPR] A Bittersweet Goodbye: White House Pastry Chef To Move On

00:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bolt's hypocrisy adds insult

00:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'If only the bitch was gone'

00:03 [Guardian] George Osborne and Mark Carney issue pre-budget economy alerts

00:07 [CBC: politics] Jim Flaherty's 20 years in politics

00:08 [Fox News: politics] Ill. GOP voters seek to upend political order

00:09 [Reuters] Two dead in news helicopter crash near Seattle Space Needle

00:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dozens Arrested In 'Moral Monday' Protest In Atlanta

00:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ted Cruz Visits Iowa, Embraces Religious Side

00:11 [zero hedge] Citi On International Finance As War By Any Other Means

00:18 [Russia Today] Rush for gun permits following overturn of California firearms law

00:19 [] When the Ukraine was run by Jews

00:20 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: George Osborne to announce new £1 coin

00:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Public School Students Will Look Pretty Different By 2022, Recent Projections Show

00:22 [Financial Times] Ukraine key to stable EU, says Yushchenko

00:23 [Raw Story] Thousands potentially left without care as Minnesota mental health clinic group closes

00:23 [Raw Story] Rolling Stones postpone tour after death of L’Wren Scott

00:24 [straight] David Suzuki: We can't just geoengineer our way out of climate change /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/files/images/inline/DavidSuzuki_3_3_0_0_0_0.jpg

00:24 [straight] Homeless in Vancouver: Google’s public DNS server pwned by hackers /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/dns-server-theft.jpg

00:25 [Slashdot] Waves Spotted On Titan

00:25 [Global Voices] Activists Add Female Heroines to Wikipedia in Macedonian

00:25 [CNN] Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim: MH370 pilot supported me, but was no hijacker

00:25 [straight] Vancouver designers pick the perfect trench coat /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/FAS_Aprilshowers5_2413.jpg

00:32 [Deutsche Welle] Eberhard Schneider: 'This Cold War could last 10 years'

00:33 [Topix Activism News] Deported Immigrant Activist Asks for US Asylum

00:33 [Raw Story] Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloid paid private investigator to ‘monitor’ royal staffers’ phonecalls

00:35 [CNN: Money] Porsche to replace GT3 engines

00:36 [Telegraph] Children seperated from their families by courts must know why

00:40 [CNET News] Rejoice! SimCity's offline mode has landed

00:40 [CNET News] The enchanting Tesla ad that wasn't made by Tesla

00:42 [zero hedge] The Dominoes Begin To Fall In China

00:42 [Deutsche Welle] 'This Cold War could last 10 years'

00:45 [Global Voices] Is There Anything More Public Than Twitter?

00:45 [Global Voices] Macedonian Government to Introduce Internet Filtering

00:45 [Slate Magazine] Friendly Fire

00:46 [straight] Jeep Compass Limited ready for rugged rides /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/COL_GettingThere_2411.jpg

00:46 [Voice of America] NATO: Russia Going Down 'Dangerous Path'

00:50 [CNN] Toyota to settle Justice Department probe over unintended acceleration

00:50 [CNN] Lessons from 'Batman,' a former member of Chicago's Gangster Disciples

00:51 [CNN: Politics] Obamacare and the young

00:51 [CNN: Politics] Inside Politics: Premiums to rise

00:51 [CNN: Politics] Obamacare "the" issue of 2014?

00:51 [CNN: Politics] Missing plane: No evidence found against pilots so far

00:51 [CNN: Politics] Ukraine cries 'robbery'

00:53 [Raw Story] Google announces push to expand Android platform to ‘smartwatches’

00:53 [Raw Story] Civil rights group calls for Abu Ghraib prisoner torture case to be reopened

00:56 [straight] Photo of the Day: The powerlines /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/13231615085_57d41bf2f1_c.jpg

00:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] West Virginia's Only Billionaire Calls for End to Negativism

00:57 [zero hedge] ATMs Open to Hacking

00:57 [Truthdig] How the ‘Starving Student’ Cliche Became a Harrowing Reality

00:59 [msnbc: politics] Obama, Merkel Consult on Crimea

01:00 [Guardian] Mark Carney says Bank of England needs more power

01:00 [CNET News] 'Star Wars: Episode VII' tells tale 30 years after 'Jedi'

01:00 [CNET News] A beating patch of cells could mend broken hearts

01:00 [CNET News] Blood testing coming to a touch screen near you

01:03 [OpEdNews] Lynching Adegbile

01:03 [CNN: Politics] If GOP wins the Senate, then what?

01:03 [CNN: Politics] Questions about Clinton in Jewish community

01:04 [Reuters] Google takes consumers' wrists to next frontier with Android watch

01:04 [Reuters] Oracle quarterly results disappoint Wall Street; shares fall

01:04 [Reuters] Venezuelan Congress seeks probe of protest leader

01:04 [Russia Today] Ukrainian nationalists force head of main state TV channel to resign

01:07 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Mies Julie /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/picture%20contest%20Mies%20Julie.jpg

01:09 [] Palestinian officials: Two-state solution is losing air

01:11 [Slashdot] Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers

01:12 [BBC: Health] Statins 'may help control MS'

01:12 [zero hedge] Paris Is Not Beijing But The Pollution Is As Bad

01:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] From Crimea to Clearwater, It's All Obama's Fault

01:16 [Fox News: politics] Krauthammer: Russia sanctions 'a joke'

01:16 [Fox News] Vegas man smacked with $407G bill despite ObamaCare sign-up- Study: ObamaCare not necessarily increasing insurance competition- OPINION: Obama increases insurance company bailout despite outrage- BRET BAIER: Coverage for everyone?

01:18 [Raw Story] Tenn. Governor Haslam will appeal federal ruling supporting marriage equality

01:18 [CNN: Politics] Ukraine: What's Obama's next move?

01:18 [CNN: Politics] Vets receive belated honors

01:18 [CNN: Politics] Medals of Honor long overdue

01:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] 11 days missing, 7 theories

01:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] How did you get my number?

01:19 [BBC: Health] Lost sleep may mean lost brain cells

01:21 [The Independent] New lead in Claudia Lawrence case as police reveal they have a DNA profile from a cigarette butt linked to mysterious 'left-handed smoker'

01:21 [The Independent] Budget 2014: £1 coin to be replaced with 12-sided version, says Chancellor

01:21 [The Independent] Flood risk for George Osborne’s 21st Century garden city

01:21 [The Independent] Postcard from... Milan

01:22 [CNET News] Google Chromecast arrives in Europe: undercuts Apple, Roku

01:22 [CNET News] Glasshole heaven: Hotel offers free drink if you wear Glass

01:22 [CNET News] NSA can reportedly record every call made in a foreign country

01:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Give the Crimeans What They Want

01:24 [] Lapid proposes exempting first-time home buyers from VAT

01:25 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Sound Space Architecture /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/HBASHAW_credit_JensGerbitz.jpg

01:27 [zero hedge] Fact Or Fiction: US Freezes Putin's Netflix Account

01:27 [CNN: Politics] Ukraine: What's next U.S. move?

01:27 [CNN: Politics] Medals long overdue

01:32 [CNN] FBI looks into dispute between CIA, Senate

01:32 [Guardian] British intelligence watchdog is like Yes Prime Minister, says MP

01:35 [Sydney Morning Herald] The plane with no pilots

01:36 [Voice of America] Putin Signs Treaty Making Crimean Peninsula Part of Russia

01:36 [Telegraph] William and Kate's £5,000 donation for flood victims

01:36 [Telegraph] Teacher criticises Gove at TV awards

01:37 [Disinformation] Do You Know Whether This Was Written by a Human?écrivain-225x300.jpg

01:42 [zero hedge] Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Like Every New Fed Chair Gets A Test

01:44 [AL JAZEERA] UN: Thousands killed and abused in S Sudan

01:46 [Fox News] CHARTER CRACKDOWN Fla. district moves to close 3 schools in new push

01:46 [Fox News] SCARY SEARCHES Google data reveals bizarre internet queries

01:46 [Fox News] Putin answers Obama sanctions with Crimea treaty- Republicans want tougher sanctions against Russia- FOX NEWS FIRST: Putin defies Obama in power play- OPINION: Where is America's missing foreign policy?- Krauthammer: Russia sanctions 'a joke'

01:46 [Fox News] Vets want answers after being put on no-fly list

01:48 [OpEdNews] K.I.S.S. Principle

01:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Historic Sydney housing to be sold

01:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Jet detected but no one was told

01:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Low-flying jumbo' seen flying over Maldives

01:50 [Guardian] Michelle Obama's visit to China will highlight contrast in styles of first ladies

01:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The System Is Not Broken, but Maybe Some of Us Are

01:52 [The Independent] Surprise discovery shows multiple sclerosis sufferers' lives are significantly improved by taking statins

01:52 [Reuters: politics] Illinois primary voters pick candidates for governor, senate

01:52 [Telegraph] US investigators arrest 14 'operators' of massive global child pornography website

01:53 [Raw Story] 5-year-old Florida boy: ‘My dad shot my mom on the stomach … my mom was bleeding’

01:58 [straight] Edward Snowden speaks to TED conference through a robot (video) /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/13253375744_702dba5603_b.jpg

01:59 [Russia Today] 'EU showed its oligarchic face by condemning the Crimean referendum'

02:01 [Mother Jones] Sorry, But Childhood Obesity Hasn't Budged in the Past Ten Years /files/blog_child_scales.jpg

02:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Pat Quinn Wins Primary In Illinois Gubernatorial Race

02:02 [Truthdig] What the MH370 Story Tells Us About ‘The New Anti-Journalism’

02:04 [Voice of America] Penelope Poulou: Religious Films: Not All Created Equal

02:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] Most credible theory so far?

02:06 [Guardian] Tony Benn may share with Thatcher honour of undercroft lying in state

02:08 [Reuters] Putin signs Crimea treaty as Ukraine serviceman dies in attack

02:08 [Raw Story] Oklahoma postpones two executions over shortage of lethal injection components

02:08 [Raw Story] Pentagon overseer admits he was ‘not aware’ of NSA’s bulk data collection

02:12 [zero hedge] Has The World Gone Mad (Again)?

02:13 [Slashdot] Code Combat: Free, Open Source, Multiplayer Programming Lessons

02:15 [BBC: Science & Environment] New doping test '1,000 times better'

02:17 [CBC: politics] Joe Oliver to replace Jim Flaherty as finance minister

02:19 [straight] In Portland, take a wine growler to go /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/SBLU64-A_1024x1024_opt.jpeg

02:19 [straight] Fast-paced Titanfall keeps it fresh /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Titanfall-Screen-1.jpg

02:21 [Fox News] Bond cars on sale for $33M

02:21 [Fox News] Billionaire philanthropist Jim Stowers dies at 90

02:21 [Fox News] SCARY SEARCHES Google data reveals bizarre Internet queries

02:22 [Telegraph] Italian high court confirms Silvio Berlusconi's ban from public office

02:23 [Deutsche Welle] Italian court confirms two-year public office ban for Berlusconi

02:24 [Voice of America] US: Search of Malaysian Pilot's Home Yields No Terrorism Evidence

02:24 [straight] Composer Scott Smallwood makes heavy machinery sing /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_VNM_2413.jpg

02:31 [NPR] In Photos: With All Troops Home, Canada Marks End Of Afghan Mission

02:35 [Russia Today] Rare victory for online surveillance opponents following federal ruling

02:40 [Russia Today] ​Missing Malaysia Airlines plane was programmed to divert just before signoff – report

02:40 [Russia Today] Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Missing plane search timeline

02:41 [straight] Proposed downtown Vancouver development aims to reshape public space /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/RealEstate2413_1_601WestHastings.jpg

02:43 [CNET News] Homeland Security busts child porn ring on Tor network

02:43 [Topix Activism News] EU, US denounce China's arrests of activists

02:47 [CNN] New chapter in castaway Alvarenga's tale: Keeping promise to companion

02:48 [Fox News] Missing jet had changed course before co-pilot's final message, source says /i/redes/icon-video.gif

02:54 [CNN] How do ocean recoveries work? No clue too small after crashes

02:55 [straight] Dining Out for Life marks its 20th anniversary /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/gotham.jpg

02:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Illinois Senate Primary: Jim Oberweis Wins Race To Challenge Dick Durbin

02:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jim Oberweis Wins Primary In Illinois Senate Race

02:59 [AlterNet] Seattle Teachers Boycotted Standardized Testing — and Sparked a Nationwide Movement

02:59 [AlterNet] Flight 370 Story is the New Anti-Journalism — All Data, No Real Facts, Endless Theories

02:59 [AlterNet] AlterNet Comics: Sen. Graham Works a Crimea Case

02:59 [AlterNet] 2013 Was a Record Year For Oil-Train Accidents, and Insurers Are Wary

02:59 [AlterNet] Courtney Love Claims She Found the Missing Malaysia Flight

02:59 [AlterNet] Looming SCOTUS Decision Could Deal Another Blow to Campaign Finance Regulations

02:59 [AlterNet] America's Poorest State to Spend Money Drug Testing Its Poorest Residents

02:59 [AlterNet] Meet Paul Ryan's 'Inner City Expert' Who Claims Blacks and Latinos Have Lower IQs

02:59 [AlterNet] Prison Reform Is a Bipartisan Issue Now. Why Does the GOP Still Need to 'Win'?

02:59 [AlterNet] Ad That Inspired #McConnelling Could Violate Campaign Finance Laws

02:59 [AlterNet] Libertarian Ron Unz’s Effort to Raise California Minimum Wage Derailed by Lack of Funds

02:59 [AlterNet] How Many Types of Orgasms Can a Woman Have? You May Be Surprised!

02:59 [AlterNet] Mother's Powerful Tale: Despite Son's Heroin Addiction, I Held Biases About Drug Addicts

02:59 [AlterNet] Stop the Deportations and Drone Wars: What We Told the Homeland Security Chief

02:59 [AlterNet] America's Right-Wing Has Gone Gay Crazy

02:59 [AlterNet] Conspiracy Theories Running Rampant: How Misinformation Spreads on Facebook

02:59 [AlterNet] Robert Reich: 'Austerity Is a Terrible Mistake'

02:59 [AlterNet] Why Paul Ryan Is a Very Useful Idiot for the Right-Wing 1%

02:59 [AlterNet] The Privatization of Mexico's Oil Is a Scheme to Enrich the 1%

02:59 [AlterNet] What Psychedelic Drugs Can Teach Us about Mental Health

02:59 [AlterNet] Demands Are Growing for UN Drug Policy Reform

03:02 [zero hedge] So You Want To Be A Speculator

03:03 [CNN] Can Wisdom save the world's albatross population?

03:07 [Reuters: politics] Jim Oberweis wins Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Illinois: media

03:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] Why Sinodinos should stand aside

03:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] Balmain blow as plan rejected

03:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] Parliament 'TV gym wars' resolution

03:10 [] Israel strikes Syrian military targets

03:12 [CNN] Scarface in a fez? Classic films get a Turkish makeover

03:12 [Reuters] Venezuelan Congress seeks probe of opposition leader over protests

03:15 [Fox News] Rauner running strong in Ill. governor primary

03:17 [Slashdot] Judge Tells Feds To Be More Specific About Email Search Warrants

03:24 [CNET News] Office for iPad rumors give Microsoft's stock a boost

03:25 [] No room for doubt: Assad behind unrest in north

03:32 [Voice of America] Michael Eckels: Russians Celebrate Crimea Annexation On Red Square

03:32 [zero hedge] Japanese Stocks Tumble To 13-Month Low Against Dow After 35th Consecutive Trade Deficit

03:33 [Disinformation] Queer Christian Response to News About Fred Phelps Sr’s Health

03:40 [Unicef] Foot soldiers in Haiti’s fight against cholera

03:41 [Guardian] China attacked over human rights at UN forum in Geneva

03:44 [AL JAZEERA] Lebanon protests flare over Syria spillover

03:45 [] Israel to ease restrictions on military weapons exports

03:45 [] Netanyahu’s selective vow of silence: A roaring success

03:47 [CNN] Country star lends voice to 'Rett's Angels'

03:47 [zero hedge] Signs of Inflation in China… And What They Mean For the Markets

03:48 [Raw Story] Cenk Uygur rips MSNBC host’s ‘horsecrap’ campaigning for Hillary Clinton

03:49 [BBC: Technology] Sony unveils virtual reality headset

03:51 [straight] UBC has a stellar global reputation /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_86289961_0.jpg

03:51 [straight] B. J. Novak's One More Thing has wit both sweet and slight /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/BOO_One-More-Thing3_2411.jpg

03:52 [Fox News] Missing jet changed course before co-pilot's final message, source says /i/redes/icon-video.gif

03:54 [OpEdNews] Emersonian Self-Reliance and Jesuit Spirituality

03:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Lost plane in Malacca Strait, says crowd of 3 million

03:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Pilot home search finds no sign of terrorism

03:58 [straight] Dorthe Nors's Karate Chop hits hard /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/karatechop.jpg

04:00 [] Post-army travelers or Dead Sea scammers? U.S. at odds over Israeli visas

04:02 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gitmo Prosecutors Want Probe Into KSM 'Propaganda' Leak To HuffPost

04:02 [zero hedge] Chinese Foreign Policy: A New Era Dawns

04:05 [CNET News] 'Smart tags' can sense when food or medicine go bad

04:06 [NPR] Rauner Leads Dillard In Illinois Governor Primary

04:08 [AL JAZEERA] Russia FM tells US sanctions 'unacceptable'

04:08 [Fox News: politics] Oberweis wins Illinois GOP Senate primary, will challenge Durbin

04:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Assistant Treasurer Sinodinos stands down

04:11 [NPR] Rauner Leads Dillard In Illinois Governor Primary

04:11 [CNN] TED Prize winner: Rip veil off corporate criminals

04:12 [The Hindu - News] U.S. rules out Malaysian jet landed at its Indian Ocean base

04:14 [CNN: Money] Toyota to pay $1B in acceleration probe

04:16 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

04:16 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

04:18 [Slashdot] Python 3.4 Released

04:18 [Fox News: politics] Bruce Rauner wins GOP nomination in Illinois gubernatorial race

04:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Illinois Governor Primary: Bruce Rauner Wins Race To Challenge Pat Quinn

04:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bruce Rauner Wins Primary In Illinois Gubernatorial Race

04:25 [Infoshop] Emergency Picket & Phone Zap For Insomnia Cookies Workers

04:25 [straight] Best of the Vancouver International Wine Festival's Vintners Brunch pairings /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/FOO_Uncorked5_2413.jpg

04:25 [Sydney Morning Herald] Possible sighting as 'low-flying jumbo' seen flying over Maldives

04:26 [NPR] Rauner Wins GOP Nomination For Illinois Governor

04:26 [Slate Magazine] “Kid, I’m Sorry, but You’re Just Not College Material”

04:26 [Voice of America] Jim Stevenson: Q&A with David Lampton: The Dramatic Evolution of Chinese Leaders

04:26 [AL JAZEERA] Al-Shabab launch suicide raid on Somali hotel

04:28 [Reuters: politics] Illinois Governor Quinn wins Democratic primary, faces tough re-election

04:33 [Reuters] Investigations into missing Malaysia jet appear stalled

04:33 [Raw Story] Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin faces re-election challenge from GOP state senator

04:33 [Raw Story] Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will be challenged by GOP businessman candidate

04:35 [AntiWar] 51 Killed, 78 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Clashes

04:38 [Reuters: politics] Bruce Rauner wins Republican nomination for Illinois governor: media

04:41 [Slate Magazine] Embryo Testing Should Not Be Controversial

04:43 [Raw Story] Fukushima operator halts water decontamination system

04:44 [Reuters: politics] U.S. senators urge Obama to be tough on Iran nuclear program

04:46 [Fox News] Rauner wins GOP nomination for Illinois governor - Oberweis wins Illinois GOP Senate primary

04:55 [Sydney Morning Herald] Execution-style killing: man held

04:57 [Russia Today] ‘DeepFace’ could provide instantaneous facial recognition via Facebook

04:57 [straight] Denver TV station sorry for showing penis during KOMO helicopter crash coverage /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/oops.png

05:01 [AntiWar] Why Is the U.S. So Hypocritical in Foreign Policy?

05:06 [The Hindu - News] 2 killed in Seattle news helicopter crash

05:06 [CNET News] Dropbox to bring personal and work account toggling in April

05:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Illinois Primary Results: Bruce Rauner Wins GOP Nominaton, Calls Pat Quinn A 'Failure'

05:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] White House Unveils Climate Data Website To 'Empower America's Communities To Prepare'

05:08 [CNN] Women: Alzheimer's more likely than breast cancer

05:09 [OpEdNews] Obama Backs Down on Crimea

05:11 [Slate Magazine] The Way to Go

05:12 [Voice of America] Zlatica Hoke: Iranians Prepare For Traditional New Year Celebrations

05:16 [Fox News] Vegas man smacked with $407G bill despite ObamaCare sign-up- Study: ObamaCare may not be increasing competition- OPINION: Obama boosts insurance company bailout- BRET BAIER: Coverage for everyone?

05:16 [Fox News] Families of 'affluenza' case victims settle civil suits

05:16 [Fox News] Putin answers Obama sanctions with Crimea treaty- Republicans want tougher sanctions against Russia- OPINION: Where is America's missing foreign policy?- Krauthammer: Russia sanctions 'a joke'

05:16 [Fox News] 4 college football players charged with theft by deception

05:16 [Fox News] Report reveals out-of-sync response to LAX shooter

05:16 [Fox News] Winning numbers in $400M Mega Millions jackpot- Massachusetts official seeks to prevent sex offenders from collecting large lotto payouts

05:16 [Fox News] 'GREEN RUSH' FALLOUTColo. lawmakers work to close loopholes in pot law /i/redes/icon-video.gif

05:17 [Russia Today] ​Surveillance watchdog ‘was not personally aware’ of bulk NSA spying

05:19 [The Hindu - News] Prozone likely to launch project in Coimbatore this year

05:19 [Fox News: politics] Obama administration unveils climate change data initiative

05:19 [Slashdot] Sony Announces Virtual Reality Headset For PS4

05:22 [Russia Today] 'West lost its leeway to influence Russia with sanctions'

05:22 [Big Think] Optimizing Your Performance: A CEO Coach's Tools for Expanding Your Range

05:25 [Reuters: politics] Illinois Governor Quinn to face businessman Rauner in November election

05:30 [] Ovadia Yosef's daughter wins Israel Prize for lifetime achievement

05:30 [] Your next Mideast news source: Hezbollah launches new app

05:30 [] Haredi leader calls for nationwide protests over arrest of yeshiva draft-dodger

05:30 [Voice of America] Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature, Demand End to China Trade Pact

05:30 [AL JAZEERA] Israel bombs Syria's Golan after blast

05:31 [AntiWar] Was the Crimean Secession Vote ‘Legitimate’?

05:32 [Reuters] Israel bombs Syrian posts over Golan attack on its troops

05:32 [The Hindu - News] Election publicity material sale dull in Madurai

05:33 [straight] The Husband puts Nymphomaniac to shame /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/husband_0.jpg

05:41 [The Hindu - News] Chai pe Charcha may now shift to leaders’ houses

05:43 [The Hindu - News] India’s longest mural adorns Tihar Jail

05:44 [Voice of America] VOA News: Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature, Demand End to China Trade Pact

05:45 [Telegraph] Barack Obama awards Medal of Honor to 24 veterans denied by discrimination

05:47 [Topix Activism News] Sony unveils virtual reality headset for PS4

05:48 [CNET News] After rough IPO, concern for Apple supplier Japan Display

05:49 [OpEdNews] Billionaires ... First They Came for the Economy

05:50 [Guardian] Israel bombs Syrians on Golan Heights

05:50 [Fox News] White House announces climate change data initiative

05:50 [Fox News] Report: Justice Dept. to announce Toyota settlement

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Manapparai shandy site languishing without amenities

05:57 [Russia Today] Key witness testimony in bin Laden son-in-law’s trial subject to block attempt by prosecution

05:58 [Reuters] Investigations into missing Malaysian jet appear deadlocked

06:00 [Voice of America] US Suspends Syrian Embassy Operations

06:02 [The Hindu - News] Modi may visit Karnataka again

06:05 [CNN] Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: How do planes change flight paths?

06:06 [Slashdot] Google and Viacom Finally Settle YouTube Lawsuit

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Election campaign takes folk route in Vijayawada

06:14 [The Hindu - News] Vast tracts of Palakkad forests perish in fire

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Rahul Gandhi cancels Mizoram visit

06:19 [OpEdNews] Money in Hyping the Generational War Story

06:20 [Fox News: politics] NSA reportedly recording all phone calls in a foreign country

06:20 [Reuters] Two dead in news helicopter crash near Seattle Space Needle

06:21 [CNN] Do anti-pollution car bans actually work?

06:21 [Mother Jones] How Mismanagement of GMO Corn Created a Super Predator /files/blog_corn_crop.jpg

06:24 [The Hindu - News] AAP to focus on piped gas in Vijaywada

06:25 [Reuters: politics] NSA records all calls in targeted foreign nation: report

06:27 [The Hindu - News] New four-lane road to Kochi airport to be opened soon

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Infighting comes to the fore in Jharkhand BJP

06:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Shoot me!' - Elijah's last moments

06:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Doomsday approaches for XP users

06:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Sydney enjoys record warm spell

06:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] Station toilet sex assault 'false claim'

06:28 [Sydney Morning Herald] MH370's man in the middle

06:29 [The Hindu - News] PG medical aspirants in Vijayawada allege paper leak

06:34 [AL JAZEERA] Former Bogota mayor's dismissal approved

06:40 [Infoshop] Review - Making Another World Possible

06:42 [The Hindu - News] Mutyala Papa holds announcement, after meeting Jagan

06:43 [Fox News: politics] Reviews say Pentagon must increase internal security after Navy Yard shooting

06:50 [CNET News] Man, mad at Internet seller, texts him Shakespeare (all of it)

06:53 [Fin24 News] Govts must stop short-term energy planning

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Industrialisation threat looms over Pulicat’s biodiversity

06:56 [Slate Magazine] My Dementia

06:58 [Deutsche Welle] Israel bombs Syrian military sites in Golan retaliation

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Nagarika Seva Trust presents ideal party manifesto

07:03 [Reuters: politics] U.S. Labor's Perez details Obama's overtime rules overhaul

07:04 [Telegraph] Protesters storm parliament in Taiwan

07:04 [The Hindu - News] Italian court upholds verdict against Berlusconi in tax fraud case

07:16 [Anarchist news] Brighton: Squatters attack cops with bottles and paintbombs, then set trap which leaves one cop with broken ribs (UK)

07:16 [Anarchist news] Anarchism as a Reality

07:16 [Voice of America] Iran Nuclear Talks Continue After 'Substantive' Discussions

07:19 [Fox News] Scary Google searches

07:19 [Fox News] US transfer of Internet control years in making - Some fear US handover could spur censorship

07:19 [Fox News] Report: Toyota in $1B settlement with Justice Dept.

07:19 [Fox News] FISH TANK BURST Giant aquarium ruptures at Downtown Disney eatery

07:20 [] In blistering attack, U.S. official accuses Ya'alon of 'undermining' relations with Washington

07:21 [Guardian] A sounder pound: new £1 coin unveiled

07:21 [Financial Times] Israel attacks Syrian military targets

07:23 [Slashdot] Turing Award Goes To Distributed Computing Wrangler Leslie Lamport

07:24 [The Hindu - News] Govt. will provide maximum relief to hailstorm-hit farmers: Chavan

07:26 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Marlene Dietrich's belongings for sale

07:28 [Deutsche Welle] China's Crimea dilemma: a diplomatic balancing act

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Protest against fuel price hike hits Kathmandu

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Varkala cliff to get geological monument tag

07:29 [The Hindu - News] 116 TN fishermen reach Karaikal port

07:31 [Reuters] Toyota in U.S. settlement over unintended acceleration: CNN

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Vaiko asks cadre not to attack any party during campaign

07:34 [Telegraph] Tony Benn could share chapel honour with Margaret Thatcher

07:37 [The Hindu - News] HC declines to cancel bail for G.K. Mani

07:37 [The Hindu - News] Congress renominates five Delhi MPs

07:44 [Financial Times] China frustrations grow at US companies

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Kongu Retail Summit organised at Coimbatore

07:44 [The Hindu - News] ‘Delhi JD(U) workers join BJP’

07:44 [The Hindu - News] AAP candidates for 8 seats in Tamil Nadu

07:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] MH370: plea to release Pine Gap secrets

07:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] Rapid departure limits damage to Abbott

07:48 [Telegraph] Being slim will not ward off breast cancer, women need to exercise as well

07:48 [Telegraph] Venezuelan Congress seeks criminal investigation in to opposition deputy

07:48 [Telegraph] Israel bombs Syrian posts in response to Golan attack in its troops

07:50 [OpEdNews] Army Makes Case Against Enlisting

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Attempt to treat elephant for injuries in Coimbatore

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Don’t sell your future: Kamal Haasan

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Holi celebrations turn tragic, five drown in the Yamuna

07:55 [The Hindu - News] Delhi cop found murdered, fiancé held

07:56 [CNN] Was Oscar Pistorius on his stumps? Ballistics expert testifies

07:57 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt's Mansour to expedite Al Jazeera trial

07:57 [The Hindu - News] Wage agreement: deadlock continues in Tirupur

07:57 [The Hindu - News] 7 years RI for abduction, rape of minor girl

08:03 [Voice of America] Reuters: Shanghai Aims for Cleaner Energy, Lower CO2 Growth

08:03 [Disinformation] Into the MYSTIC: NSA Can Retrieve and Replay Month-Old Telephone Calls

08:03 [Reuters] Tepid exports cloud Japan outlook, more BOJ stimulus seen after sales tax rise

08:03 [Deutsche Welle] Greece reaches financial agreement with troika

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Medical college teachers deny hindering government takeover

08:06 [Mother Jones] Richard Reynolds, Mother Jones Communications Director for 32 Years, Passes Away at 71 /files/Richard-Reynolds-300_0.jpg

08:07 [Guardian] MH370: plane search sweeps far to north and south of equator

08:08 [The Hindu - News] Ukraine crisis: Australia imposes sanctions on Russians

08:08 [The Hindu - News] Water theft on the rise in Kochi

08:09 [Voice of America] CHINA TAIWAN LEGISLATURE, 1st UPD - V

08:09 [Voice of America] White House to Launch Interactive Website on Climate Change

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Where do all the missing mobile phones go?

08:18 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'His offences were abhorrent'

08:19 [AL JAZEERA] Search for Malaysian plane appears deadlocked

08:19 [Voice of America] Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature, Demand End to China Trade Pact

08:20 [Fox News] NSA reportedly collects all of foreign country's calls

08:20 [Fox News] 2 winning tickets in $400M Mega Millions jackpot- Massachusetts official seeks to prevent sex offenders from collecting large lotto payouts

08:20 [Fox News] Missing jetliner's flight path changed before co-pilot's signoff, source says /i/redes/icon-video.gif

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Manish Tewari to contest from Ludhiana

08:20 [Telegraph] Falkland Islands will be ours, says Argentina's new minister

08:20 [Telegraph] Dementia is 'the new normal' charity says

08:20 [Telegraph] Claudia Lawrence: New DNA evidence discovered in hunt for missing chef

08:20 [Telegraph] Porridge 'could protect' against cancer and heart disease

08:20 [CNN: Money] China real estate firm at risk of bankruptcy

08:21 [CNN] Was Russia's annexation of Crimea opportune or opportunistic?

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Kudumbasree’s masons all set to enter construction industry

08:23 [AL JAZEERA] Israel warns Assad after Golan Heights blast

08:25 [Fin24 News] Steinhoff to buy 98% of ailing JD Group

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Tending fields naturally

08:29 [straight] My son is sexually attracted to Pokémon /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/746px-Dan_Savage_Provided.jpg

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Strict watch on foreign currency exchange in Madurai

08:33 [The Hindu - News] ‘Political discourse should include violence on women’

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Approach forum if huge amount of money is collected by schools: HC

08:34 [Sydney Morning Herald] Severe thunderstorm warning

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Will be happy to vacate seat for Modi: Vadodara MP

08:35 [The Hindu - News] BJP’s ‘reach the kitchen’ campaign

08:35 [The Hindu - News] These children will remind you to vote

08:36 [CNN] Wide search, ticking clock in search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

08:38 [The Hindu - News] AAP's Dakshina Kannada nominee sees conspiracy

08:38 [The Hindu - News] Will be happy to vacate seat for Modi: Vadodara MP

08:39 [Russia Today] Sevastopol protesters storm Ukrainian Navy base in Crimea

08:40 [Slashdot] Lego Robot Solves Rubik's Cube Puzzle In 3.253 Seconds

08:42 [The Hindu - News] Ward committees: Sorake’s unkept promise

08:46 [Reuters] Missing Malaysian jet most likely in southern Indian Ocean: source

08:47 [Fox News] Putin answers Obama sanctions with Crimea treaty- Clinton warns of further Russian aggression- OPINION: Where is America's missing foreign policy?- Krauthammer: Russia sanctions 'a joke'

08:47 [Fox News] Report reveals out-of-sync response to LAX shooter- Reviews say Pentagon should boost internal security after Navy Yard shooting

08:50 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius murder trial: live

08:50 [The Hindu - News] Tharoor files nomination papers

08:50 [The Hindu - News] Candidates of major parties shift gears in central TN districts

08:50 [Fox News: politics] White House backs off surgeon general nominee push amid Dem resistance

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Methane extraction project fuels statement war in Thanjavur

08:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Toyota Set To Pay $1 Billion In U.S. Probe

08:56 [NPR] Israeli Airstrikes Target Syrian Army Sites

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Legal Aid Clinic opened at Tamil Nadu National Law School

08:57 [The Hindu - News] High and dry on a hot day

08:57 [Reuters] Thai justice minister questions latest court case threatening PM

09:01 [The Hindu - News] 3 held for Erode SIPCOT gas leak deaths

09:04 [Russia Today] Solving the crisis in Ukraine

09:05 [The Hindu - News] Air Marshal Kanakaraj presented NIT-T award

09:06 [CNN] Shift workers: Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says

09:12 [The Hindu - News] Withdraw CISF from NLC: unions

09:12 [The Hindu - News] CBI working with ‘crazy logic’, ignoring facts: Bhave

09:12 [CNET News] Oppo debuts world's first 5.5-inch Quad HD Find 7

09:13 [CNN] Report: Pro-Russians storm Ukrainian navy base in Crimea

09:14 [Guardian] Ukraine navy's Black Sea HQ stormed by pro-Russian troops

09:14 [The Hindu - News] Report on complaint against TN Minister to be submitted today

09:16 [CNN] Thunder from Down Under confronts man in Las Vegas dressing room

09:22 [Telegraph] Koran teacher who abused girl is spared jail to help his family

09:22 [Telegraph] Three key questions that can predict whether a relationship will last

09:26 [Fin24 News] Eskom more than power stations, blackouts

09:27 [AL JAZEERA] Pro-Russia forces enter Ukraine naval base

09:27 [The Hindu - News] Crimean forces storm Ukrainian navy HQ

09:33 [Voice of America] Vietnam: Blogger Jailed for 15 Months for 'Abusing Democratic Freedoms'

09:33 [Deutsche Welle] Taiwanese students storm parliament building over trade pact

09:36 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lanka frees detained human rights activists

09:36 [Guardian] Oscar Pistorius trial day 13 – live coverage

09:38 [BBC: Science & Environment] Lost sleep may mean lost brain cells

09:39 [Telegraph] 'Secretly gay husband murdered wife to hide sexuality', court hears

09:41 [AL JAZEERA] Deaths in shooting at Turkey institute

09:44 [Fin24 News] Inflation quickens to 5.9%

09:45 [The Hindu - News] Special drive to prevent illegal transportation of liquor in Puducherry

09:45 [CNN] Ballistics expert testifies Pistorius likely fired from his stumps

09:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Putin On Crimea Incursion: I Have No Intention Of Invading Other Regions Of Ukraine

09:51 [Fox News] BAD MEDICINE? Dems push back against surgeon general pick /i/redes/icon-video.gif

09:51 [Voice of America] Marianne Brown: Former Vietnamese Official Jailed for Critical Blog Posts

09:52 [Guardian] Budget 2014 - live

09:53 [The Independent] Budget 2014: George Osborne 'to woo votes of ordinary working people' in penultimate pre-election Budget

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Man robbed of cash, jewels in Vellore

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Pan Pari Market shopkeepers seek alternative path

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Unaccounted election pamphlets of SDPI seized

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Security for Puducherry teachers sought

09:55 [Telegraph] Teacher who shot pupil during lesson is reinstated

09:55 [CNN] For Ukrainians, 'it's hard to not be concerned'

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Tourism, farm sectors yet to be tapped in Bijapur

09:56 [Reuters] World powers and Iran resume nuclear talks, eyeing Ukraine

09:57 [Topix Activism News] Swaziland: Free editor and human rights lawyer jailed after summary proceedings

09:58 [Guardian] Pro-Russian forces enter Ukraine navy's Black Sea HQ

10:01 [The Hindu - News] Yogeshwar back in Congress

10:04 [Guardian] Claudia Lawrence: new fingerprints found five years after chef went missing

10:04 [Guardian] Love machine: how Gen Yers used technology to tranform the dating game

10:05 [BBC: Education] Call for improved child web safety

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Six arrested for kidnap in Chennai

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Aim to complete my father’s unfinished work: Geeta Shivarajkumar

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Face-detection facility at Chennai railway stations

10:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Crimean forces storm Ukrainian HQ

10:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Child sex charges: 'Dootch' Kennedy steps down

10:09 [The Independent] Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian troops storm naval base as Clinton warns of 'aggression' from Putin

10:10 [The Hindu - News] Krishna: I don’t perceive a Modi wave anywhere in the country

10:10 [The Hindu - News] Work begins on new burns centre at KMC

10:10 [The Hindu - News] Uncertain leads, new theories on 12th day of airliner search

10:10 [Guardian] Love machine: how Gen Yers used technology to transform the dating game

10:10 [Fin24 News] Zim caps salaries for 'fat cat' state execs

10:11 [NPR] For Pro Sports, Public Relations Going High-Tech, Real Time

10:11 [NPR] There's A Reason They Call It Madness

10:11 [NPR] Potential Charges Against Incumbent Throw D.C. Mayor's Race Up In Air

10:11 [NPR] Is Organizing For Action Too Close To The White House?

10:11 [NPR] Sony Pictures To Lay Off Interactive Group

10:12 [Slashdot] Overuse of Bioengineered Corn Gives Rise To Resistant Pests

10:14 [Fox News: politics] Midterm mafia: Democratic pundits hitting the panic button

10:14 [The Hindu - News] 'Kerala fishing community not a vote bank for politicians’

10:14 [The Hindu - News] Pilgrims to Sabarimala temple brave heat and dust

10:14 [The Hindu - News] Curtains up for Panguni music, dance festival

10:14 [The Hindu - News] Role of spirituality stressed

10:17 [The Hindu - News] NRI moves SC for right to vote from abroad

10:19 [CNN] Tourism industry hopeful as Thailand lifts state of emergency

10:21 [The Hindu - News] ‘Road safety, a national challenge’

10:21 [The Hindu - News] Mock polls in Kozhikode

10:21 [The Hindu - News] Pelicans flock to Chembarampakkam

10:21 [The Hindu - News] ‘Lamp’ to shed light on new energy

10:21 [The Hindu - News] Agitate wells by lowering bucket of water: expert

10:22 [BBC: Entertainment] The Incredibles and Cars for sequels

10:23 [Deutsche Welle] Malaysian authorities examine new radar data on missing plane

10:23 [Deutsche Welle] Champions League dream brings no respite for Dortmund

10:23 [CNN] Is Russia's annexation of Crimea opportune or opportunistic?

10:25 [The Independent] L’Wren Scott dead: Rolling Stones cancel entire Australia and New Zealand tour

10:25 [Telegraph] New £1 coin: every shopping trolley in Britain will have to be adapted

10:25 [Telegraph] Malaysian Airlines MH370: March 18 as it happened

10:25 [Voice of America] Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy Headquarters

10:26 [The Hindu - News] Congress trying to keep Gujarat riots issue alive: BJP

10:26 [] Let me count the ways: Bibi office releases '2013 achievements' clip

10:30 [The Hindu - News] Wanted Maoist Sabyasachi Panda’s wife joins Ama Odisha Party

10:30 [The Hindu - News] Disabled seek ease of access for voting

10:30 [The Hindu - News] Unravelling life

10:30 [The Hindu - News] Web portal seeks to give voice to voters’ grievances in Chennai

10:31 [] After Afghan Border Violence, Turkmenistan Reportedly Calls Up Reservists

10:35 [The Hindu - News] Women, children’s groups envision an inclusive society

10:35 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy Headquarters

10:37 [Truthdig] How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed Liz Wahl’s Resignation

10:39 [AL JAZEERA] Vietnam jails blogger for critical posts

10:39 [AL JAZEERA] Deaths in Egypt's Nile Delta shootout

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Left’s hit-or-miss poll experiment in Kerala

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa condoles killing of NLC worker

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Fire in Tirumala forests ravages vegetation

10:39 [The Hindu - News] We will make a big impact: V. Muraleedharan

10:39 [The Hindu - News] A musical rewind

10:40 [The Independent] Utah house almost entirely obscured by tumbleweeds following windstorm

10:40 [The Independent] Manchester United v Olympiakos: 10 reasons for Manchester United to be optimistic of Champions League progress

10:41 [] Senior Palestinian official denies offering to recognize 'Jewish State'

10:41 [The Hindu - News] AP farmers’ plight likely to impact polls

10:41 [The Hindu - News] Wool but cool

10:42 [Fin24 News] Barclays awards top managers £32m in shares

10:42 [CNN] Kindergartens in China suspected of medicating children

10:43 [Reuters: politics] Biden meets Baltic leaders, pledges support

10:46 [The Hindu - News] Facelift for Abdul Wahab tomb in Andhra Pradesh

10:48 [CNN] Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Some data deleted from flight simulator

10:48 [Fox News] US suspends diplomatic relations with Syria- Israel hits Syrian Army targets after bomb hurts 4 soldiers

10:48 [Fox News] KURTZ: Democratic pundits hitting panic button over midterms

10:48 [Fox News] Feds seize customer list from Calif. gun parts store in ATF raid

10:48 [Fox News] Tensions mount in Crimea as Russians warn US over sanctions- Clinton warns of further Russian aggression- OPINION: Where is America's missing foreign policy?- Krauthammer: Russia sanctions 'a joke'

10:48 [Deutsche Welle] Royal Residence for Bavarian Kings

10:48 [Deutsche Welle] Ukraine sends defense minister to Crimea as military tensions escalate

10:48 [Deutsche Welle] Allianz insurer starts pay-outs on missing Malaysian airliner claims

10:49 [CBC: politics] Oliver's seasoned hand takes finance reins from Flaherty: Greg Weston

10:49 [Guardian] Tony Benn's remains may rest in Westminster chapel

10:50 [The Hindu - News] Pawan’s ISM touted as social instrument and resource tool

10:50 [The Hindu - News] Adopt, spay and neuter

10:50 [The Hindu - News] No dearth of loyal party workers: APCC chief

10:50 [Financial Times] Crimea forces take over peninsula navy HQ

10:52 [The Hindu - News] Poll code may cast a shadow on Ugadi festivities

10:53 [Spiegel] Three Years of Revolt: What Has Become of�Syria's Revolutionaries

10:54 [Pravda] Will sanctions backfire?

10:54 [Pravda] Where is the Malaysian aircraft?

10:55 [CNN] Pro-Russians storm Ukrainian navy base in Crimea

10:55 [BBC: Entertainment] Broadchurch scoops two RTS prizes

10:55 [Telegraph] Two children and a woman stabbed in Birmingham

10:55 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 19 March 2014

10:56 [] Jerusalem approves 186 housing units beyond Green Line

10:56 [The Hindu - News] Options galore

10:56 [The Hindu - News] Shabbir to head spokespersons’ team

10:57 [BBC: Technology] Snowden is surprise speaker at Ted

10:59 [AL JAZEERA] Lebanese army deploys in restive border town

11:01 [The Hindu - News] Steeped in tradition

11:01 [The Hindu - News] Problem of plenty for TD

11:04 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures

11:04 [CNN: Money] Woman chases oil boom, hits it big

11:05 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad crucial to TDP’s poll plans

11:07 [Mother Jones] Your Coffee Pods' Dirty Secret /files/KCupsEarth3_0.jpg

11:07 [Mother Jones] The House GOP's Obamacare Alternative Won't Curb Health Care Costs—But It Will Enrich the Insurance Industry

11:07 [Mother Jones] Hillary Insiders Say They Won't Work for Her If She Hires This Man

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Naidu dares KCR on Dalit CM for ‘T’

11:09 [Voice of America] Tensions Spill Over as Chinese MH370 Relatives Demand Answers

11:11 [Fin24 News] Food, petrol fuel inflation

11:11 [The Hindu - News] Hall of shame

11:11 [The Independent] Lost sleep could cause 'permanent damage to brain cells' scientists warn

11:11 [The Independent] Miley Cyrus’ tour bus captured bursting into flames in New Orleans

11:11 [The Independent] Quids in: How to spot a fake one pound coin

11:11 [The Independent] Crimea just a blip? Time lapse map video shows 1000 years of Europe's history in three minutes

11:13 [The Hindu - News] RLD upbeat after Rakesh Tikait joins the party

11:15 [The Hindu - News] Despite agrarian distress, suicide, rural Bhopal hold banner for BJP

11:15 [The Hindu - News] RSS moves court against Rahul

11:17 [Fin24 News] Sanral collects R250m from e-tolls

11:17 [Fox News] Search for missing Malaysia Airlines jet turns to southern Indian Ocean /i/redes/icon-video.gif

11:17 [Fox News] CRIMEA STANDOFF Tension mounts as Russia warns US over sanctions

11:17 [Fox News] Fla. district moves to close three charter schools- High school student jailed, expelled over knife in car

11:17 [Fox News] Colo. lawmakers look to close pot law loopholes- VIDEO: Consequences of marijuana legalization

11:17 [Guardian] Chinese authorities fish out 157 dead pigs from river

11:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Progressives Pick Sides In Hawaii's Democratic Senate Race

11:18 [Deutsche Welle] Toyota to settle with US Justice Department over car safety problems

11:18 [Deutsche Welle] Taking control of Everest climbers' environmental impact

11:20 [The Hindu - News] DMK warns partymen against having links with Alagiri

11:21 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Refocusing on the Fed

11:21 [CNN: Money] Borrowers pay mortgages over credit cards

11:21 [CNN] Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Southern search area seen as most likely

11:21 [CNN] Formula One: "Ferrari playing catch up"

11:24 [Sydney Morning Herald] Scrutiny set to continue

11:24 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'No one talked about it then'

11:24 [The Hindu - News] The Moor returns

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Jagdambika Pal, actor Raju Srivastava join BJP

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Despite agrarian distress, suicide, rural Bhopal holds banner for BJP

11:24 [Pravda] US child prostitution network dismantled

11:26 [The Hindu - News] Looking into the mirror

11:27 [The Independent] Oscar Pistorius trial: Reeva Steenkamp was 'standing up' when shot through locked toilet door

11:27 [The Independent] Disgruntled online shopper texts entire works of Shakespeare as revenge

11:27 [Telegraph] Ukraine crisis: live

11:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ted Strickland Joins Top Democratic Think Tank, Has 'No Plans For The Senate'

11:31 [CNN: Crime] Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay enters treatment after arrest

11:31 [CNN: Crime] Exotic dancers confront gunman in dressing room, cops say

11:31 [] Israel strikes Syrian army targets after border blast

11:37 [The Hindu - News] Director’s chair

11:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Spirit of the 4th Amendment–And the NSA's Disregard for It

11:39 [Guardian] Batang Kali massacre: judges reject call for inquiry into 1948 shootings

11:39 [BBC: Also in the news] Germans 'squatting' in NZ quake house

11:41 [The Hindu - News] Data deleted from Malaysian pilot’s flight simulator

11:43 [Voice of America] VOA News: Tensions Spill Over as Chinese MH370 Relatives Demand Answers

11:43 [Telegraph] UK employment rises to new record

11:43 [Deutsche Welle] Are Japan-South Korea ties beginning to thaw?

11:45 [The Hindu - News] EC issues guidelines on poll ads in social media

11:47 [Voice of America] Tensions Spill Over as Chinese MH370 Relatives Demand Answers

11:49 [CNN] How do you mend a broken heart? Tales of triumph from a top surgeon

11:49 [Voice of America] Israeli Planes Bomb Syrian Military Sites

11:51 [Reuters] JPMorgan to sell physical commodities business to Mercuria

11:51 [New Internationalist] QUIZ: could you be a whistleblower?

11:56 [The Hindu - News] Vigil for culture

11:57 [CNN: Money] Gold vs. bitcoin: An apocalyptic showdown

11:57 [CNN: Money] Customers not scared off by GM recall

11:57 [CNN: Money] New Corolla: No longer the king of the hill

11:57 [CNN: Money] GM: Steps to a recall nightmare

11:57 [CNN: Money] Sometimes Uncle Sam can actually get it right

11:57 [Fin24 News] Adcock profit under extreme pressure

12:00 [BBC: Also in the news] Aberdeen fans score Human League hit

12:01 [Reuters] Russian forces storm Ukraine naval HQ in Crimea

12:01 [] Putin’s red lines go way beyond Crimea

12:02 [The Hindu - News] BJP in favour of Gorkhaland: Ahluwalia

12:02 [The Hindu - News] What lies beneath

12:06 [CNN: Money] Russia's U.S. debt not a threat

12:08 [Deutsche Welle] For Afghan interpreter, school was a prize - at a price

12:08 [Raw Story] Drivers ordered to alternate car days to combat Paris pollution

12:09 [Voice of America] VOA News: Israeli Planes Bomb Syrian Military Sites

12:10 [The Hindu - News] Tell tale

12:11 [New Internationalist] Could you be a whistleblower?

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Royal mint unveils new pound coin

12:13 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius trial: athlete 'most likely' not wearing prosthetic legs when he shot girlfriend

12:13 [Telegraph] Ukraine crisis in pictures: Pro-Russian forces take control in Crimea

12:13 [Telegraph] Cambridge forced to drop 'racist' May Ball theme

12:13 [The Independent] What's worse than one asteroid hitting Earth? Scientists identify double impact crater

12:13 [The Independent] Michael Douglas's son Cameron released from two years solitary confinement after father’s emotional Emmys plea

12:13 [The Independent] Kevin Spacey to star in one-man show at The Old Vic

12:16 [Financial Times] Pro-Russian forces take Ukraine navy HQ

12:16 [The Hindu - News] Drama baazi

12:17 [Big Think] Taking Your Next Step (Part 1 of 3): Personal Learning Network

12:18 [Reuters] Syria says Israeli air strike near Golan Heights killed one

12:18 [Deutsche Welle] German cabinet approves EU Associations Agreement with Ukraine

12:18 [Deutsche Welle] German film portrays composer pitted between both Koreas

12:21 [Fox News] Authorities say simulator files deleted as search focuses on Indian Ocean /i/redes/icon-video.gif

12:21 [Fox News] KURTZ: Democratic pundits hitting panic button over midterms

12:21 [Fox News] Feds seize customer list from Calif. gun parts store in ATF raid

12:21 [NPR] Borderland: Where 2 Nations' Emerging Futures Meet

12:23 [Red Pepper] An Angry Person’s Guide to Finance – a free Red Pepper pamphlet

12:23 [Raw Story] Supreme Court could duck decision on corporate religious rights in contraception case

12:23 [Guardian] Jacob Zuma accused over $23m revamp to private home

12:25 [CNN] Tips to make you rich: Africa's top entrepreneurs share their secrets

12:25 [CNN] How a 3-D printed arm gave hope to boy maimed in bomb blast

12:25 [Fin24 News] Vavi leads jobs march, Zola distracts crowd

12:27 [The Hindu - News] Riding the pink wave

12:27 [Big Think] Senior Housing & Technology: Industry Disrupted or Transformed?

12:28 [Reuters] Alibaba's choice of U.S. IPO spurred by rivals, Hong Kong impasse: sources

12:28 [Reuters] Lawyers ply the Internet to score clients for GM lawsuits

12:28 [Global Voices] Flipboard Adds Global Voices to Local Content Guides

12:31 [CNN] Formula One: Ferrari plays catch up

12:31 [Fin24 News] JSE investors eye data, Nkandla report

12:31 [] Israel strikes Syrian army targets after border blast; one dead

12:31 [] Netanyahu orders IDF to prepare for possible strike on Iran

12:33 [Raw Story] Anti-Choicers Really Upset, For Some Reason, That Random Feminist Lady Doesn’t Want Babies

12:33 [Raw Story] Texas set to execute inmate whose ‘slavery’ letter from prison went viral

12:33 [zero hedge] Steady Overnight Futures Levitation Puts New All Time High In Target On FOMC Day

12:35 [AL JAZEERA] S Africa's Zuma criticised for home upgrade

12:35 [Guardian] Reeva Steenkamp was standing when Pistorius fired first shot, court told

12:36 [BBC: Also in the news] Frantic hunt for S Korea space rocks

12:37 [The Hindu - News] Printpick

12:40 [BBC: Entertainment] Young directors 'need more support'

12:42 [Guardian] Pro-Russian forces seize Ukraine's naval headquarters in Sevastopol

12:42 [The Hindu - News] I am… Saji S.K.

12:44 [CNN: Health] Cancer will be No. 1 killer in U.S.

12:44 [CNN: Health] 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's

12:44 [CNN: Health] Shift workers beware: Sleep loss may cause brain damage

12:44 [CNN: Health] First steps after cancer diagnosis

12:44 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Can the U.S. Know Its Secrets Are Safe?

12:44 [BBC: Entertainment] Critics praise 'sparkling' Lansbury

12:45 [The Independent] 'Accidental Tyler Durden' as Fox news station airs penis picture amid helicopter crash coverage

12:45 [The Independent] Paddy Power Oscar Pistorius ‘money back if he walks’ ad broke rules and brought UK advertising into disrepute, ASA finds

12:45 [The Independent] Weatherman duped into giving 'Hugh Janus' a birthday shout out: 'I totally fell for it, didn't I?'

12:45 [The Independent] Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos denies health problems after he appeared to 'wet himself' during a televised speech

12:45 [Voice of America] Jamie Dettmer: Donetsk Russians Say Putin Only One to Save Them

12:46 [Guardian] Seattle helicopter crash: investigators to file initial report within five days

12:46 [The Hindu - News] The big fat brunch

12:47 [Fox News] 'MYSTIC' PROGRAMReport: NSA recording all calls in a foreign country

12:47 [Fox News] US suspends diplomatic relations with Syria- Israel hits Syrian Army targets after bomb hurts 4

12:47 [Fox News] KURTZ: Dem pundits hitting panic button over midterms

12:47 [Fox News] Florida district moves to close three charter schools

12:47 [Fox News] Colo. lawmakers look to close pot law loopholes

12:47 [Fox News] Giant aquarium ruptures at Disney eatery

12:47 [Fox News] Vegas man smacked with $407G bill despite ObamaCare sign-up- Study: ObamaCare may not be increasing competition- OPINION: Obama boosts insurance company bailout

12:47 [Fox News] College football players charged with theft by deception

12:47 [Fox News] 'Partridge Family' then & now

12:47 [Fox News] 'The Factor' vs. Putin fans

12:48 [CNN] Opinion: In prison reform, Democrats and Republicans can be bedfellows

12:48 [The Hindu - News] The icing on the cake

12:49 [zero hedge] USA: Economic Thumbs-Down

12:49 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: March 19

12:50 [The Hindu - News] Go bananas!

12:50 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: On a high

12:50 [The Hindu - News] It’s story time

12:50 [The Hindu - News] Bombing hits Israeli military vehicle near Syrian border: Reports

12:52 [The Hindu - News] Musical mystic

12:52 [The Hindu - News] Bombing hits Israeli military patrol near Syria

12:53 [Fin24 News] SA's retail sales grow more than expected

12:55 [CNN] Opinion: GM's recall defense: 'That was then, this is now'

12:55 [CNN] Madeleine McCann case: Police hunt man who assaulted other girls

12:55 [CNN] Elton John Fast Facts

12:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] There's Now A 'Bitcoin' For Legal Marijuana -- And Another For Your Black Market Drug Needs

12:57 [The Hindu - News] A come back story

12:57 [The Hindu - News] 1 Syrian soldier killed, 7 wounded in Israeli airstrikes

12:58 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Winslet at premiere weeks after baby

12:58 [Guardian] Man held after three people stabbed in Birmingham house

12:59 [The Hindu - News] QED to decide on Varanasi soon

12:59 [Telegraph] US accuses Moshe Ya'alon of 'undermining ties' with Washington

12:59 [Telegraph] Yard has 'the best opportunity' to find Madeleine McCann

12:59 [Telegraph] Madeleine McCann: hunt for man who sexually assaulted five British girls in Algarve

13:00 [Financial Times] Pro-Russian forces take Crimea navy HQ

13:00 [The Independent] Madeleine McCann police hunting 'tanned, dark-haired man' wanted for sexually assaulting five other young British girls

13:00 [The Independent] Tony Benn to be only the second politician (after Thatcher) to rest in Westminster chapel

13:01 [The Hindu - News] I am... Syed Mohammed - butcher

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan to form media commission

13:01 [] Elements in Washington targeting Ya'alon over his political stance, associates claim

13:03 [Disinformation] Denver Fox Affiliate Station Accidentally Flashes Dick Pic on Live Television (VIDEO)

13:03 [The Hindu - News] Audio Beat: Thiraipada Nagaram - Cinema on cinema

13:03 [The Hindu - News] Page turners

13:04 [zero hedge] FedEx Misses Across The Board, Guides Lower, Cuts CapEx Spending Forecast - Blames It All On Weather

13:05 [AlterNet] 50,000 Activists Demand Sexual Assault Reform at Dartmouth After Student Publishes ‘Rape Guide’

13:08 [Guardian] Madeleine McCann police seek intruder who attacked girls at holiday homes

13:08 [Guardian] Hacker Andrew Auernheimer attempts to overturn conviction

13:11 [BBC: Education] Exam board to re-mark GCSE exam

13:11 [BBC: Entertainment] Cinematographer Morris dies aged 98

13:11 [Reuters] Iran, six powers lock horns over nuclear reactor that could yield plutonium

13:11 [NPR] Tensions Build As Pro-Russian Forces Enter Ukrainian Navy Base

13:12 [The Hindu - News] Advani prefers Bhopal to Gandhinagar?

13:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Condi Rice: The U.S. Can't Step Back And Let Others Lead

13:13 [Deutsche Welle] BMW races to record earnings, sees significant boost in 2014

13:14 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Satisfied Unsubsidized: Obamacare’s Hidden Winners

13:14 [Guardian] Jacob Zuma accused over £14m revamp to private home

13:16 [The Independent] New one pound coin: Every vending machine, shopping trolley and parking meter in the UK could need to be adapted, the Royal Mint hints

13:16 [Fox News] Injury made Biebs seem drunk?

13:16 [Fox News] Believed medical conspiracies

13:16 [Fox News] Lange gives love, sex advice

13:16 [Fox News] Man gets $407G bill despite ObamaCare sign-up- Study: ObamaCare may not be increasing competition

13:16 [Fox News] Gun tattoo in Maine prompts heavy police response

13:16 [Fox News] Colorado lawmakers look to close pot law loopholes

13:16 [Fox News] Report reveals out-of-sync response to LAX shooter- Reviews: Pentagon should boost internal security

13:16 [Fox News] Medal of Honor for 24 who served in shadow of bigotry

13:18 [CNN: Money] TED dispatch: Edward Snowden makes his case

13:18 [CNN: Money] Can this startup be the lender for the world's emerging middle class?

13:18 [CNN: Money] The tech that keeps fashion week ticking

13:18 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lanka’s Northern Province to revive talks with Rajapaksa

13:18 [The Hindu - News] On board the Moonbeam

13:19 [zero hedge] Russian Forces Storm Ukraine Naval Base In Crimea: Klitschko Calls For Ukraine Troop Withdrawal

13:19 [Voice of America] Zuma Told to Repay Part of $23 Million Home Makeover

13:19 [Slashdot] Facebook's Face Identification Project Is Accurate 97.25% of the Time

13:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Director quits Ghostbusters sequel

13:22 [Reuters] Russian forces storm Ukraine naval headquarters in Crimea

13:23 [Deutsche Welle] For Afghan interpreter, education came at a price

13:24 [CNN: Entertainment] No, Love didn't find missing plane

13:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Beckham top underwear model

13:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Steve-O's big leap

13:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Muppets quiz: Which one are you?

13:24 [The Hindu - News] A peek at the past

13:24 [The Hindu - News] Pots and pans

13:24 [The Hindu - News] Striking contrasts

13:25 [Fox News: politics] Teachers who lose job over ‘immoral conduct’ often keep license in Wisconsin

13:25 [] Russia Raises Flags Over Ukraine Naval HQ in Crimea /sites/

13:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] 'One of the Greatest Discoveries in the History of Science' Hasn't Been Peer-Reviewed. Does It Matter?

13:25 [The Atlantic: Technology] A 26-Story History of San Francisco

13:25 [CNN] Muppets quiz: Which one are you?

13:25 [CNN: Entertainment] Beckham top underwear model?

13:26 [CNN] Speedway champion Tai Woffinden overcomes pain through body art

13:28 [CNN: Entertainment] No, Love didn't find the missing plane

13:29 [The Hindu - News] The world’s their stage

13:29 [CNN] Confessions of a nervous flier

13:30 [CNN: Politics] Long overdue

13:30 [CNN: Politics] Pro-Russians storm Ukrainian navy base in Crimea

13:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Campaign Finance Reports Hint At Parties' Goals

13:31 [The Independent] Japanese ex-dolphin hunters says Taiji cove slaughter is not centuries-old tradition

13:31 [The Independent] Dappy pleads not guilty to assaulting man outside nightclub in Essex

13:32 [Telegraph] Top Gear's James May tells inquest of 'a soul in torment'

13:32 [Telegraph] 17-year-old arrested after 'stabbing mother and two sisters'

13:32 [Telegraph] Epic 53-day round-the-world train journey launched

13:32 [Telegraph] Boris Johnson: Public back my calls to give police water cannon

13:32 [Telegraph] Russian forces storm Ukrainian navy headquarters

13:32 [Telegraph] Dogs' sense of smell signals love for owners, say scientists

13:32 [BBC: Technology] New app taps into "no friend" trend

13:33 [Raw Story] ‘Affluenza’ teen’s parents settle lawsuit with some of victims’ families

13:34 [zero hedge] Russia Launches Military Aviation "Drills" Near East Ukraine

13:34 [The Hindu - News] Khaleda Zia, son indicted in corruption cases

13:37 [CNN] Madeleine McCann case: Police hunt intruder who assaulted other girls

13:38 [The Hindu - News] She’ll buy it if it’s pink...

13:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Facts About A Totally Unsexy Issue That Ought To Raise Some Eyebrows

13:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Separatism Everywhere : The New Global Epidemic

13:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Leaders Meet Amid Common Core Discord

13:42 [CNN: Travel] Confessions of a nervous flier

13:42 [CNN: Travel] Flight 370: How do passenger jets change flight paths?

13:42 [CNN: Travel] Thailand lifts state of emergency in Bangkok, tourism industry hopeful

13:42 [Guardian] Batang Kali relatives to appeal to UK supreme court to hold inquiry

13:42 [The Hindu - News] Lives in music

13:44 [Fox News: politics] Philadelphia charter school sues district over suspended regulations

13:44 [Reuters] Toyota in U.S. settlement over unintended acceleration: source

13:45 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly shootout in Egypt's Nile Delta

13:47 [CNN] Israel retaliates in Syria after bomb attack against Israeli troops

13:48 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: live

13:48 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Key points at a glance

13:48 [Telegraph] Malaysia Airliines MH370: distraught relatives dragged out of conference

13:48 [Guardian] Batang Kali massacre ruling clears way for UK supreme court appeal

13:48 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Once at the Forefront of Transition to Capitalism, Hungary Slips Back

13:49 [The Hindu - News] India not to support Western sanctions against Russia

13:49 [The Hindu - News] UK calls for tougher measures against Russia

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Russia, Crimea sign accession pact

13:51 [Voice of America] VOA News: Zuma Told to Repay Part of Home Makeover

13:51 [NPR] 'Saint Death' Now Revered On Both Sides Of U.S.-Mexico Frontier

13:52 [Truthdig] Guess What Creationists? There’s Major New Proof the Big Bang Happened

13:53 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan's first LNG terminal to be ready by November

13:53 [Deutsche Welle] EU executive fines car bearings producers in cartel settlement

13:55 [Financial Times] Osborne promises ‘resilient’ recovery

13:57 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 20,000 cr package sought for victims of hailstorm in Maharashtra

13:58 [Guardian] Hacker Andrew 'Weev' Auernheimer attempts to overturn conviction

13:58 [CNN: Money] U.K. unveils new pound coin to fight fraud

13:58 [CNN: Money] Tesla or Apple? Netflix or Amazon? You pick

13:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 4 Reasons It's So Hard For The Middle Class To Buy A House

14:02 [Telegraph] Tolkien translation of Beowulf to be published for first time

14:03 [The Hindu - News] "Meticulous" search in China finds no trace of plane

14:04 [Guardian] Co-op Group delays full-year results as it revamps management

14:04 [Guardian] China deploys drones to spy on polluting industries

14:05 [Slashdot] Full-Disclosure Security List Suspended Indefinitely

14:07 [Reuters] Toyota in U.S. settlement over unintended acceleration -source

14:07 [Reuters] Exclusive: States to probe Comcast plan to buy Time Warner Cable

14:07 [The Hindu - News] Welcome to QuizUp

14:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Dems Could Blow It Big Time

14:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] This Chart Shows How Little We Really Know About Where Political Money Comes From

14:09 [zero hedge] Goodbye Blythe Masters: JPM Sells Its Physical Commodities Business To Mercuria For $3.5 Billion

14:10 [BBC: Science & Environment] Twitchers flock to glimpse rare bird

14:11 [Topix Activism News] Sri Lankan police release 2 rights activists

14:11 [Truthout] Henry Giroux | Beyond Neoliberal Miseducation

14:13 [Raw Story] Utah ‘goblin’ topplers avoid jail time but must pay for signs warning others of their mistake

14:13 [Raw Story] Cosmologists find ‘tell-tale’ energy pattern in cosmic background, confirming inflated universe theory

14:13 [Deutsche Welle] Wild West museum in row over Native American scalps

14:14 [The Hindu - News] Manage the chaos in your inbox

14:14 [BBC: Education] Exam board to re-mark GCSE papers

14:16 [The Hindu - News] What’s in this ‘auto’biography?

14:16 [Guardian] FGM: thousands of women treated in London hospitals

14:18 [The Independent] Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Investigators trying to restore deleted data from flight simulator in pilot's home

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A Big Bang Theorist Gets Speechless Over A New 'Smoking Gun' Discovery

14:18 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Reeva 'was standing' when she was shot

14:18 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) releases third list of Lok Sabha candidates

14:19 [Fox News] 'A CRUSHING DEFEAT'Al Qaeda mag issues order for car bombs in US cities

14:19 [Fox News] Veterans want answers after being put on no-fly list

14:19 [Fox News] Teachers who lose job over �immoral conduct� often keep license in Wisconsin

14:19 [Fox News] Seattle to review helipad rules after chopper crash

14:19 [Fox News] Sony's virtual reality gear

14:19 [Fox News] Isaac's mixing drinks, advice

14:19 [Fox News] Ancient Egypt's cat skeleton

14:19 [Fox News] Starbucks is everywhere

14:19 [Fox News] Stodden�s style gets wild

14:19 [Fox News] How to go back in 4 years

14:19 [Fox News] World travel destructive?

14:19 [Fox News] Watch: World record jump fail

14:19 [CNN] Equinox Fast Facts

14:20 [The Hindu - News] Rahul applauds Manipur youth

14:20 [The Hindu - News] Mutyala Papa holds announcement, after meeting Jagan

14:20 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

14:22 [msnbc: politics] First Thoughts: Obama Touts Sweet 16 in Last Health Care Push

14:22 [CNN: Money] New counterfeit-proof 12-sided coin

14:23 [CNN] 8 killed as Egyptian police raid militant hideout, reports say

14:23 [Raw Story] Eastern seaboard is a tidal energy hotspot

14:24 [zero hedge] From Quantitative Easing To Qualitative Guidance: What To Expect From The Fed Today

14:24 [Fin24 News] Call to revive agriculture co-ops

14:24 [Fin24 News] Surprise growth in retail sales

14:24 [The Hindu - News] Seminar on Coastal environ, health in Goa

14:24 [The Hindu - News] Classic act

14:24 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

14:25 [] Amidst the Guns, Free Choice for Crimeans /sites/

14:26 [Guardian] Andy Coulson 'tried to buy silence' of journalist who admitted phone hacking

14:27 [NPR] Top Stories: Crisis In Crimea; Search Continues For Missing Jet

14:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Here in the Third World

14:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joe Scarborough: 'I'm Not Running' For President -- Or At Least I 'Don't Expect' To

14:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Biden Warns Russia: U.S. Will Defend Allies

14:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] In Poland, Biden Puts Foot In Mouth Once More

14:28 [Raw Story] Researchers use nanomaterials to create energy producing ‘bionic’ plants

14:28 [Raw Story] Federal court says FBI’s secret GPS tracking memos can stay secret

14:28 [The Hindu - News] Congress faces flak over South Goa seat

14:31 [Voice of America] Tensions Spill Over as Chinese MH370 Relatives Demand Answers

14:33 [The Hindu - News] Biden warns Russia, says US will defend NATO allies

14:33 [Raw Story] Citing 13-year-old groom, Florida lawmaker proposes bill to outlaw child marriage

14:34 [The Independent] Budget 2014: George Osborne warns of hard choices ahead despite higher growth

14:34 [Telegraph] Chinese gymnastics academy that trains Olympians hit by scandal

14:34 [Telegraph] Budget 2014 in 360 degrees: Osborne leaves Number 11

14:34 [Telegraph] Budget 2014 in 360 degrees: Osborne leaves Number 11

14:34 [Telegraph] In pictures: Cavers explore New Zealand's Nettlebed cave system

14:36 [Financial Times] Osborne scraps compulsory annuities for pensions

14:37 [Slashdot] More Troubles For Authors of Controversial Acid-Bath Stem Cell Articles

14:37 [] Israel's mega-hit talent show now a 'rising star' in Ukraine, Greece

14:37 [Truthout] The Woman Who Took Birth Control

14:37 [CNN] 5.6 magnitude off Taiwan lightly shakes island

14:37 [CNN] Missing simulator data probed in Malaysia Flight 370 disappearance

14:37 [msnbc: politics] Biden: We Stand With Baltic Allies, Against Russian Aggression

14:38 [Raw Story] Is Western civilization on the brink of collapse?

14:39 [The Hindu - News] Infosys pool campus drive at VIIT tomorrow

14:39 [zero hedge] Copper Plunges To Fresh 5-Year Low

14:39 [CBC: politics] Joe Oliver, MPs arrive at Rideau Hall for cabinet swearing-in

14:41 [] Crimean Brigands Grabbing Booty

14:41 [CNN] Searching for the plane truth -- amid speculation

14:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Anti-Gay 'Revolution' On The Way, Because People Are Fed Up With 'Homosexual Agenda,' Scott Lively Claims

14:43 [CNN: Health] Two-thirds of Alzheimer's cases: Women

14:43 [CNN: Health] River blindness: 'you never sleep'

14:43 [CNN: Health] Women: Increased Alzheimer's risk

14:43 [Guardian] More safeguards needed to ensure rights for disabled, rules supreme court

14:43 [Guardian] My guilty pleasure: Showgirls

14:43 [Disinformation] Secrets of Success: Winners Wear Sweatpants //

14:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Love obsessed with missing plane

14:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Jagger speaks onScott's death

14:43 [CNN: Entertainment] New 'DWTS' contestants

14:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Beckham top model

14:44 [Fin24 News] Solidarity needs R10m for AA cases

14:50 [Reuters] Russian forces storm Ukraine base in Crimea, U.S. sees 'dark path' to isolation

14:50 [Reuters] U.S. says Toyota to pay $1.2 billion penalty over safety issues

14:50 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Air Passenger Duty reforms welcomes by airlines

14:50 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Summary of The Independent's coverage

14:50 [The Independent] Should news on the web be free? Or are paywalls inevitable? London Press Club debate draws mixed views

14:50 [Telegraph] Madeleine McCann: Police release video appeal for man who sexually assaulted young girls

14:50 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: air tax reform provides boost for holidaymakers

14:51 [This Magazine] Gender Block: Why didn’t she leave?

14:52 [Fox News] NSA TAPS A NATION?Report: Agency recording calls in a foreign country

14:52 [Fox News] CALL FOR CAR BOMBSAl Qaeda mag issues order for attacks on US cities

14:52 [Fox News] Duped dater sues OkCupid after losing $70G

14:52 [Fox News] Lasso-yielding officers chase loose bull in Texas

14:52 [Fox News] Pa. charter school sues over suspended regulations- Fla. district moves to close 3 charter schools

14:52 [Fox News] White House backs off surgeon general nominee push amid Dem resistance

14:52 [Fox News] Josh Hardy�s health improving after receiving lifesaving drug

14:52 [Fox News] Obesity genes? Fried foods worse for some people

14:52 [Fox News] Florida dad, son ran out of air while cave diving on Christmas

14:52 [Truthout] Heart Surgery

14:54 [zero hedge] Ukraine Folds? Prepares To Evacuate Citizens From Crimea

14:54 [zero hedge] The Bank Of England Goes Austrian?

14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A Middle Way for a Polarized Washington

14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Obama Administration Has Turned The Parental Into The Political

14:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] One Year Of The Equality House Across The Street From Westboro Baptist Church

14:55 [The Hindu - News] Hoardings up in Advani's support in Bhopal

14:56 [BBC: Entertainment] Lewis Carroll letter sold at auction

14:57 [The Hindu - News] Three youths meet watery grave

14:57 [The Hindu - News] Jaipal Reddy at a crossroads, scouts for new constituency

14:57 [Truthdig] Russian Annexation of Crimea, Israeli Annexation of Palestine

14:57 [Truthdig] ‘Climate Change Is impacting Peoples’ Lives, Now. Not at Some Time in the Future’

14:58 [Fin24 News] Jhb sets R60m aside for road repairs

14:58 [Raw Story] Kansas ‘retaliation’ bill would allow police to arrest people who complain about officers

14:58 [Raw Story] Illinois Republican who blamed autism and tornadoes on LGBT rights wins her primary

15:01 [Guardian] Mexican vigilantes who ousted Knights Templar cartel could bring new violence

15:01 [Reuters] U.S. says Toyota to pay $1.2 billion over safety issues

15:01 [CNN] Shouts, chaos as families protest handling of missing plane

15:03 [CNN: Money] Stocks flat as investors wait for Yellen

15:03 [straight] Israel Galvan’s dance draws on cinema /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_Galvan_2413.jpg

15:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Texas AG Greg Abbott Pays Women Less Than Men For Same Job

15:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Toyota Admits It Misled The Public About Multiple Safety Issues

15:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 2013 Global Emergencies Stretched Resources 'To The Limit': Report

15:05 [The Independent] Houdini cat: Meet Chamallow, the feline escape artist

15:05 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Tax relief for theatre shows

15:05 [The Independent] Train company investigates announcement warning passengers to 'be aware of pickpockets and gypsies' before disembarking

15:05 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Stamp duty clampdown hits rich buying houses through companies

15:05 [Fox News: politics] Hawkish Hillary strikes again

15:05 [CNN: Living] The art world's $250,000 wonder

15:05 [The Hindu - News] CPI releases list of its candidates for Tamil Nadu

15:05 [The Hindu - News] Marriage, not anymore a knotty issue

15:06 [CNN] Winter blues will turn pink: Cherry blossom season starts

15:07 [Guardian] Budget 2014: reaction to George Osborne's speech - live

15:07 [Big Think] Galileo on the Sun

15:09 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for March 19, 2014

15:09 [] Democracy Now!: Black, Latino Firefighters in New York City Settle Long-Running Suit over Racial Discrimination

15:09 [] Democracy Now!: Fukushima Fallout: Ailing U.S. Sailors Sue TEPCO After Exposure to Radiation 30x Higher Than Normal

15:09 [The Hindu - News] ‘Selection of candidates based on reports’

15:09 [The Hindu - News] Another hailstorm-hit farmer ends life in Maharashtra

15:09 [The Hindu - News] CP Joshi switched constituencies as ‘his credibility was at stake’

15:09 [Voice of America] Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy Headquarters

15:11 [CNN: Living] Tech: Women's friend and foe

15:12 [Mother Jones] Watchdog: Feds Are Muzzling Us for Reporting Alleged Immigrant Detainee Sex Abuse

15:12 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for March 19, 2014 /files/0319-630x354.jpg

15:12 [Truthdig] Should Women Be Charged with Murder for Giving Birth to Stillborns Due to ‘Fetal Harm’?

15:12 [Fin24 News] Nigerians fork out billions for airtime

15:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A Simple Way To Raise Women's Wages Without 'Leaning In'

15:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Elvira Arellano And 20 Others Seek Asylum In The U.S.

15:13 [Deutsche Welle] French appeals court partially upholds Kerviel jail sentence

15:13 [CNN] Sri Lanka's 'anti-terror' arrests: An attempt to intimidate activists?

15:15 [CNN: Travel] Winter blues to turn pink

15:15 [CNN: Travel] Cherry blossom festival: Winter blues turn pink

15:15 [CNN: Travel] More pilot screening needed?

15:15 [The Hindu - News] Raghuveera to sound poll bugle from Srikakulam

15:16 [Reuters] Family anger erupts as Malaysia jet search appears deadlocked

15:16 [Fox News] Blue Angels back in action

15:16 [Fox News] Fans to Bravo: Fire Brandi!

15:16 [Fox News] Family of missing Rice U. student appeals for help

15:16 [Fox News] Plan for English test, dress code drives cabbies crazy

15:16 [Fox News] BREAKING NEWS: Justice Department announces $1.2B settlement with Toyota

15:16 [Fox News] UKRAINE DEFIANTForces won't leave Crimea despite Russian annexation

15:19 [Voice of America] Israeli Airstrikes Kill Syrian Solider

15:19 [The Hindu - News] Delay in submission of Helen cyclone loss report, says Central team

15:21 [Reuters: politics] Pentagon chief to meet top U.S. business leaders amid Ukraine crisis

15:21 [Voice of America] Toyota Agrees to $1.2 Billion US Fine for Hiding Car Malfunctions

15:22 [CNN: Money] Toyota's huge fine won't dent its $60B cash

15:23 [Slashdot] Enlightenment E19 To Have Full Wayland Support

15:24 [CNN] Lego robot shatters Rubik's Cube record

15:24 [The Hindu - News] Venkateswara Swami temple inaugurated

15:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hillary Insiders Say They Won't Work For Her If She Hires This Man | Mother Jones

15:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Federal Judge's Decision Closes Black Farmers' Lawsuit, Leaves Some Disappointed

15:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Foreign Policy

15:24 [zero hedge] John McCain's 11-Step Plan To Impose "Costs" On Russia

15:24 [Telegraph] Max Clifford 'used daughter to lure girl of 12', court hears

15:24 [Telegraph] Jacob Zuma must repay some of 'unlawful' £14m home renovations costs

15:28 [CBC: politics] Hilary Clinton says Canada has key NATO role in dealing with Putin

15:30 [The Hindu - News] Panchayat Raj official in ACB net

15:30 [The Hindu - News] Where government school students are second to none

15:31 [OpEdNews] Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Inimitable Colonel Manners

15:31 [World Policy Institute] Remilitarizing Japan: An Enticing Prospect

15:33 [Raw Story] Florida man sues cop who arrested him for videotaping officers arresting another man

15:33 [Deutsche Welle] Greek public sector workers launch two-day strike action over austerity

15:36 [AlterNet] Populism Is Growing—Just Look at the Fast-food Workers Protests, Anti-frackers and More

15:37 [CNN: Money] Toyota fine won't dent its $60B cash pile

15:37 [CNN: Money] 7 surprising 2014 tax facts

15:37 [CNN: Money] Got Obamacare, can't find doctors

15:38 [The Hindu - News] ‘Overall skills matter, not just academic excellence’

15:38 [Reuters] JPMorgan sells physical commodities unit to Mercuria for $3.5 billion

15:38 [Raw Story] Google won’t face class action lawsuit over email privacy violations

15:39 [zero hedge] Netanyahu Orders Israel Army To Prepare For Possible Military Strike Against Iran In 2014

15:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why Everyone Loves to Blame the Tea Party

15:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] Russia's Naked Truth: Late-Night Comedy Roundup

15:39 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Help for exporters doubled to £3bn

15:39 [The Independent] Budget 2014: George Osborne unveils major pensions and savings shake-up

15:39 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Manufacturers get £7bn cut on energy bills

15:39 [The Independent] Courtney Love's Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 conspiracy theories spark slew of new findings. Including Where's Wally, Tupac and Big Foot

15:39 [The Independent] Budget 2014: George Osborne reduces taxes on business investment

15:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 8 Things You've Always Wondered About, Finally Explained

15:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Advice Too Secret to Ignore

15:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Some Of Nation's Best Cancer Hospitals Still Out-Of-Reach For Patients, Despite Health Care Law

15:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Texas Democrats Working To Make Sure Lyndon LaRouche Disciple Doesn't Get Senate Nod

15:42 [CNN] Alzheimer's facts and figures report: Every 67 seconds...

15:43 [CNN: Crime] How GM dodges liability in car recall

15:44 [Financial Times] Biggest UK pensions shake-up for generation

15:44 [The Hindu - News] ‘Lok-Folk’ festival on March 21

15:45 [CNN: Technology] Boy wounded by bomb gets 3-D printed arm

15:45 [CNN: Technology] Wounded boy gets 3-D printed arm

15:45 [CNN: Technology] The moment after the Big Bang

15:45 [CNN: Technology] Scientists see moments after the Big Bang

15:48 [Raw Story] States to join Justice Department probe of Comcast’s plan to buy Time Warner Cable

15:48 [Raw Story] Drought-plagued California to ease water restrictions in move to help farmers

15:48 [Raw Story] Historic ceasefire in question after Israel bombs Syrian military positions

15:49 [Truthout] Banks Seek To Sway Critical GAO Report

15:49 [Fox News: politics] Study: 38 percent of private employers will cut workers if minimum wage is raised

15:50 [The Hindu - News] ‘Make TDS payment by March-end to avoid penalty’

15:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tea Party Challenger Matt Bevin Advises Mitch McConnell To 'Retire With Dignity'

15:51 [Fin24 News] SAA halts flights to Malawi

15:52 [Amnesty International] Ukraine: Nationalist MP launches brutal attack against TV executive

15:54 [Slashdot] Ex-Head of Troubled Health Insurance Site May Sue, Citing 'Cover-Up'

15:54 [The Hindu - News] Narendra Modi most searched CM on Google

15:54 [The Hindu - News] EC guidelines to social networking sites on positng of election related matters

15:55 [The Independent] Budget 2014: A good day to bury bad news? The stories you missed

15:55 [The Independent] Budget 2014: George Osborne announces plans for 200,000 new homes

15:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] Treble Versus Bass in the Earbud Decade

15:56 [The Hindu - News] Mobile telephony grows skirting health issues

15:56 [Telegraph] 'House husband' wins right for divorce case to be heard in UK

15:56 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Plans for new generation of garden cities

15:56 [OpEdNews] Ukraine: how Putin put a stop to a march of folly

15:57 [Mother Jones] Obama's Approval Rating Is Remarkably Steady No Matter What Happens /files/blog_obama_approval_march_2014.jpg

15:58 [Raw Story] Ted Cruz tells home-schooled kids: The ‘job of a chaplain is to be insensitive to atheists’

15:58 [Raw Story] U.S. considering sending military forces to the Baltic states: Biden

15:59 [Truthout] Rachel LaForest and Madeline Janis on Fighting for Fairness

15:59 [Le Monde diplomatique] Advice too secret to ignore

16:00 [Voice of America] Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature

16:00 [CNN: Money] Shareholder research firms are not the enemy

16:00 [The Hindu - News] Kandukuri Town Hall in shambles

16:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Moral Injury: The Recruits - The Huffington Post

16:01 [] Billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvil and Georgia's President End Their Beautiful Friendship

16:01 [OpEdNews] Life in Kochistan

16:01 [OpEdNews] Obama---s Drones Made Simple

16:02 [CNN] Two Egyptian officers killed in shootout with militants

16:03 [Disinformation] How Misinformation Spreads on Facebook //

16:03 [CNN: Entertainment] The art world's $250,000 wonder

16:03 [AL JAZEERA] Missing pilot's flight simulator data deleted

16:03 [Guardian] Israel is warned of being sucked into Syrian conflict after Golan bombings

16:03 [Guardian] Sri Lankan activists freed after international outcry

16:03 [Guardian] Human bones found in Cambodia could be missing backpacker Eddie Gibson

16:03 [Guardian] Tony Benn's body to share parliament chapel honour with Thatcher

16:03 [Deutsche Welle] 'Not much hope' for Afghan women's rights

16:03 [Deutsche Welle] OSCE's Cold War structure still useful in Ukraine crisis

16:03 [Deutsche Welle] Cambodia's stability is hanging by a thread

16:04 [straight] This Stays in the Room at the Gallery Gachet /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_THIS-STAYS_2413.jpg

16:04 [straight] ALDO's crystal ear cuff adds edge /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/FAS_KoolThing_2412.jpg

16:04 [straight] Brahms Festival at the Vancouver Playhouse /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_Jerusalem-Quartet2-_2413.jpg

16:04 [straight] Nashville Hurricane at Performance Works /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_Hurricane_2413.jpg

16:04 [straight] Innocence Lost at Studio 58 /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/Innocence-Carousel.jpg

16:04 [straight] Azano at Granville Island’s Anderson Street Space /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ARTSPIX_Azano_2413_opt.jpeg

16:04 [Truthout] Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?

16:04 [The Hindu - News] I felt the need for political intervention: Prakash Jha

16:04 [The Hindu - News] 'No one in Pakistan knew about Osama'

16:05 [Fin24 News] Jim: Voetsek youth wage subsidy

16:06 [OpEdNews] POLL: Americans' Knowledge About Global Warming Is Inverse to Their Confidence About It.

16:06 [OpEdNews] Canada, Ukraine, and "the rest of the world"

16:07 [NPR] Britain Plans New 12-Sided £1 Coin To Combat Counterfeiting

16:08 [Raw Story] Kenya elephant and rhino poaching crisis a ‘national disaster’

16:08 [Raw Story] Tibetan mastiff puppy ‘sold for $2 million’ in China

16:08 [Raw Story] Female GOP rep: Advocating for better laws for women make them ‘look like whiners’

16:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Justice in El Salvador

16:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Bruce Rauner's Primary Win Sets Up Clash On Economy In Illinois Governor's Race

16:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Obama's Bracket Has Michigan State Winning It All In 2014 NCAA Tournament

16:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Politics-Proof Economics?

16:09 [zero hedge] China's Housing Problem In One Chart

16:10 [Telegraph] Family's anger at inquest of Royal Navy poster girl

16:10 [The Independent] Rare emu chased by Lincolnshire Police officers

16:10 [The Independent] Budget 2014: At a glance - the key announcements

16:10 [The Independent] Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Shocking video shows passengers' relatives dragged away from media

16:10 [The Independent] Budget 2014: What does it mean for you?

16:11 [The Hindu - News] GVMC plumps for bar-coding of files

16:11 [OpEdNews] Holder Calls for Sentencing Reform, Maybe

16:12 [Voice of America] Ashton: Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume April 7

16:12 [] Before Abbas recognizes the Jewish state, Israel must define it

16:12 [Slate Magazine] Strong Female Characters

16:13 [BBC: Entertainment] Alan Titchmarsh to end chat show

16:14 [Truthout] Bob Pollin: Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget Strikes Back Against Austerity

16:14 [AlterNet] Terrifying Precedent: Woman to Be Tried for Murder for Giving Birth to Stillborn When She Was 16

16:16 [OpEdNews] Letter from an American Syrian Resident

16:16 [OpEdNews] USBIG NewsFlash Vol. 15, No. 72, March-April 2014

16:16 [OpEdNews] Change?

16:16 [OpEdNews] Counterproductive Reactive Saudi Policies

16:19 [The Hindu - News] CBI probe into MCX-SX

16:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Moral Injury: The Recruits - The Huffington Post

16:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rick Perry, Unfazed By Jerry Brown's 'Fart' Criticism, Goes Back To California

16:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Florida School District Decides To Stop Hitting Students... But Not For The Reason You Might Think

16:22 [OpEdNews] Save Ukraine!

16:22 [OpEdNews] On Asphalt, Pickle Jars, Wall Street Tycoons and Chicken Feathers

16:22 [Fox News] 'BLATANT DISREGARD'DOJ, Toyota settle on $1.2B over failed safety response

16:22 [Fox News] Lost sleep leads to lost brain cells, study says

16:22 [Fox News] Study: 38 percent of private employers will cut workers if minimum wage is raised

16:22 [Fox News] Report: NSA recording all calls in foreign country- Snowden makes surprise TED appearance

16:22 [Fox News] Pa. charter school sues over suspended regulations

16:22 [Fox News] Josh Hardy�s health better after getting lifesaving drug

16:22 [Fox News] Historic hotel evacuated after resident uses toxic substance to kill self

16:22 [Fox News] Earth dodges huge solar blast

16:22 [Fox News] 'Titanfall': David or Goliath?

16:22 [Fox News] Willie: God's not dead

16:23 [Fox News: politics] President Obama reveals Final Four picks for NCAA March Madness

16:25 [CNN: Health] Older women and Alzheimer's

16:25 [The Atlantic: National] Oklahoma Injected Lethal Drugs Into Its Death Row Convicts–After They Were Executed

16:26 [Guardian] Budget 2014: George Osborne presents 'budget for savers' as growth upgraded

16:26 [Telegraph] George Osborne: Independent Scotland would face £1,000-per-person black hole

16:26 [Telegraph] Qatar World Cup 2022 investigation: Lord Triesman 'not surprised' by Warner allegations

16:26 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Turing Institute to research big data

16:27 [OpEdNews] Nice Job Neocons: Another Fine Mess in Ukraine

16:27 [The Independent] Budget 2014: The speech in full

16:27 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Chancellor under fire over raised duty on fixed-odds betting terminals

16:27 [The Independent] Dionne Warwick excused from paying back debts after racking up more than $10million in unpaid taxes

16:27 [] Palestinian boy killed by Israeli army fire in South Hebron Hills

16:28 [BBC: Technology] Alan Turing Institute to be set up

16:28 [Raw Story] New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez issues ‘declaration of war’ on unions

16:29 [AlterNet] School District Censors Gay Teen's Coming-Out Story in Yearbook

16:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Billionaire Is Sort Of Sorry About His Nazi Comparison

16:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] State GOP Accused Of Scheming To Keep Rivals Off The Ballot

16:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 'Renzie,' Italy's New Premier, Grabs the Reins: Can a Young Man Run a Country Dominated By the Old?

16:29 [AL JAZEERA] French rogue trader's jail sentence upheld

16:29 [The Atlantic: International] A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Russian and Ukrainian Militaries

16:32 [Voice of America] Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy Headquarters

16:32 [Slate Magazine] The Culture Gabfest “Prime Directive” Edition

16:35 [Fin24 News] KZN Eskom workers evacuated

16:37 [Reuters] Google won't face email privacy class action

16:40 [Slashdot] First Automatic Identification of Flying Insects Allows Hi-Tech Bug Zapping

16:41 [] Turkey: Is Law Being Rigged to Help Azerbaijan’s SOCAR

16:42 [The Independent] Scientists observe first ever extra-terrestrial ‘waves’ on Saturn’s moon Titan

16:42 [The Independent] Relatives of Malaysians killed by British troops in the Batang Kali massacre vow to take their fight to the Supreme Court

16:42 [The Independent] Man gets revenge on Gumtree seller by texting him entire works of Shakespeare

16:42 [] Israel's chief rabbis urge Netanyahu to block conversion bill

16:43 [Telegraph] Disabled people in care facilities 'deprived of liberty' - judge

16:43 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Everything you need to know

16:43 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius trial: Shots fired at Reeva Steenkamp gave her time to scream

16:44 [zero hedge] Crimea Wastes No Time - Mints New Coinage Already

16:44 [zero hedge] How Corporations Are Masking Inflation… Without the CPI Moving

16:45 [Fox News: politics] Author of ‘EPA Playbook’? Report claims notorious fraudster was behind costly EPA regulations

16:46 [Voice of America] Toyota Agrees to $1.2 Billion US Fine for Hiding Car Malfunctions

16:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] An Interview With Michael Oppenheimer

16:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Edwin Edwards Explains That He Couldn't Have Voted For Obama Because He Was In Prison

16:48 [Fox News] White House chef quits

16:48 [Fox News] How ketchup can clean

16:48 [Fox News] Willie: We're not backing down

16:48 [Fox News] Obama reveals Final Four picks for March Madness

16:49 [Deutsche Welle] Golan Heights attack aims to bait Israel

16:50 [Truthout] Advice Too Secret to Ignore, Col. Manners Answers Your Questions on CIA Practices, Proper Cyberwar Behavior, and Invasion Etiquette

16:50 [Financial Times] Iran’s new year brings price rises

16:51 [The Hindu - News] What goes into the making of a napkin

16:51 [The Hindu - News] Awareness programme on obesity held

16:52 [New Internationalist] QUIZ: Could you be a whistleblower?

16:52 [Mother Jones] Bobby Jindal Is Running for President

16:52 [Amnesty International] Sri Lankan government amplifies its ‘dirty tactics’ during UN session

16:53 [CNN] Robin Wright, and more stars who date younger men

16:56 [Pravda] Land On The Edge

16:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Tamps Down 2016 Speculation 'Morning Joe' Helped Fuel

16:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Where Have Civil Rights Gone?

16:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Principal Fired For Trying To Keep Students From Speaking Spanish

16:57 [CNN: Money] Got Obamacare, but can't find doctors

16:59 [Telegraph] China launches 'blanket drug testing' for children

16:59 [The Hindu - News] Handmade carpet industry in doldrums

17:00 [zero hedge] The Changing Face Of The Low-Wage Worker In America

17:03 [Disinformation] Grant Morrison – Perdurabo

17:03 [Raw Story] Michigan students could get free college tuition under innovative new measure

17:03 [Raw Story] Hacker ‘Weev’ attempts to overturn ‘flawed’ conviction in key test of Internet freedom

17:04 [Spiegel] Erdogan and the Traitors: Scandal and Protests Threaten Turkey's AKP

17:04 [CNN] Has George Clooney found someone new?

17:04 [CNET News] Dancing with the 'Star Wars': Billy Dee Williams cha-chas as Lando

17:04 [CNET News] A standalone Samsung Gear could be a sign of things to come

17:04 [CNET News] Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal faces probe from US states

17:04 [CNET News] AT&T Moto X sees Android 4.4.2 update

17:04 [CNET News] How to issue your own emotional Bitcoin

17:04 [CNET News] Moto 360 smartwatch to ship in limited quantity, says report

17:04 [CNET News] Get a smartphone-controlled RC race car for $39.99

17:04 [CNET News] Twitter reportedly nixes plan to secure messages from snooping

17:04 [CNET News] Do you ever get to really hear stereo sound?

17:04 [CNET News] Facebook sees surge in mobile ad sales -- report

17:04 [CNET News] Titanfall for Xbox 360 pushed back to April 8

17:04 [CNET News] Comcast adds 18 live-streaming channels to Xfinity TV Go

17:04 [CNET News] Find the path to yoga with these free smartphone apps

17:04 [CNET News] Sony kicks off Android 4.4 KitKat rollout across Xperia line

17:04 [CNET News] Khronos finishes WebCL 1.0 to let Web apps tap into GPU

17:04 [CNET News] Microsoft touts study showing the cost of pirated software

17:04 [CNET News] Apple dubbed top billion-dollar brand in US

17:04 [CNET News] Adobe stock hits new peak as investors cheer subscriptions

17:04 [CNET News] Google Fiber copycat to deliver 1Gbps broadband in Mississippi

17:04 [CNET News] To thwart counterfeiting, UK mint proposes new pound coin

17:05 [CNN: Money] Pandora raises subscription fees

17:05 [CNN: Money] Report: Google will thrive in mobile shift

17:05 [AL JAZEERA] Teenager killed as Egypt marks anniversary

17:05 [Fin24 News] UK raises tax on gambling machines

17:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Speaker Boehner: The Real 'Deporter in Chief'

17:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A New York Jail Let A Homeless Man 'Bake To Death'

17:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Texas, Arizona Beg Tesla To Build Factories While Banning It From Selling Cars

17:06 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

17:06 [CNN] Oscar Pistorius could take stand next week in murder trial

17:07 [OpEdNews] ---The Koran tells us to cover our nakedness---not cover ourselves in black bags.---

17:07 [NPR] Air France Relatives Have Sad Bond With Malaysia Air Families

17:07 [Big Think] NASA's Video About the Equinox

17:07 [straight] Watch Chris Hadfield's TED talk about dealing with danger in space /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/media-youtube/Zo62S0ulqhA.jpg

17:07 [straight] Blue Man Group's Russell Rinker goes silent for surreal gig /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_BlueMan_2341.jpg

17:08 [The Hindu - News] Lands behind bars for harassing woman on FB

17:11 [Slashdot] Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 Ready For Pre-Order Today

17:11 [Fin24 News] Nkandla: Zuma could've saved taxpayers money

17:13 [Telegraph] Queen says Tony Benn's body can be given rare Parliamentary honour ahead of funeral

17:13 [The Independent] Picked up for scrap at a midwestern bric-a-brac stall the remarkable story of the £20m Faberge Egg that nearly ended up in the melting pot...

17:13 [The Independent] Budget 2014: George Osborne's speech - analysis, summary and reactions

17:13 [The Independent] Scientists suggest they have the answer to the mystery of the narwhal's tusk

17:13 [The Independent] Business Secretary Vince Cable wants degree-level apprenticeships to become the 'new norm'

17:13 [The Independent] Life inside one of the largest 'favela' complexes in Rio de Janeiro

17:13 [The Independent] Female genital mutilation: thousands of girls and women treated in London hospitals

17:14 [zero hedge] China's "Minsky Moment" Is Here, Morgan Stanley Finds

17:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Energy Industry Overestimated Cost Of Pollution Controls: Study

17:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Americans Think Congress Is Probably Kind Of High, Don't Really Care

17:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Keystone XL Opposition Persists In Nebraska As Some Landowners Grow Apathetic

17:19 [AlterNet] Col. Manners Takes Your Top Secret Questions on CIA Practices, Invasion Etiquette and More

17:19 [AlterNet] Our Media Is Mostly Corporate Garbage -- If America Went Socialist, It Could Be First Class

17:20 [Voice of America] Joe DeCapua: Drug Resistant TB is Global Threat

17:22 [CNN: Living] My school doesn't hold dances

17:22 [CNN: Living] I'm no Pinterest mom -- and that's OK

17:23 [CNN: Money] Smartphones are history. This is next

17:24 [CNET News] The 404 1,448: Where rich or poor, it's nice to have money (podcast)

17:24 [CNET News] Airbnb co-founder: Firm could expand beyond lodgings

17:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Back in the USSR

17:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] America's Extreme Right Has a Patriot Problem

17:27 [CNN] Would-be immigrants storm Spanish enclave in Morocco

17:28 [Guardian] Al-Qaida spokesman takes stand in his own terrorism trial

17:29 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Chancellor promises multimillion-pound cash injection for British science to boost links between academia and the tech industry

17:29 [Telegraph] Pets to get protection from domestic violence

17:29 [Telegraph] President of Veneto joins campaign for Venetian independence from Italy

17:29 [Telegraph] L'Wren Scott 'was planning to close down her business' when she killed herself

17:30 [Truthout] GOP Bill Designed To Disrupt John Doe Dark Money Probe, Court Filings Confirm

17:31 [CNN: Health] No more Pap tests?

17:31 [CNN: Health] 'Fashioning Cancer:' Dresses inspired by cancer cells

17:33 [Raw Story] Florida woman charged for performing fatal C-section on dog without anesthesia

17:33 [Raw Story] Mentally ill homeless vet ‘essentially baked to death’ in New York City jail cell

17:33 [Raw Story] Fox News host Bill Hemmer explains missing plane: ‘It took 2,000 years to find Noah’s Ark’

17:33 [Raw Story] Egyptian dean blames ‘unconventional’ dress after mob sexually harasses student

17:34 [Deutsche Welle] Rheinmetall poised to honor military delivery contract with Russia

17:36 [The Hindu - News] Woman caretaker at burial ground

17:36 [The Hindu - News] ‘Diamond of Vizag’ slipsinto annals of history

17:36 [The Hindu - News] HC order on Tsunduru murder case soon

17:37 [NPR] Why A Sweet Tooth May Have Been An Evolutionary Advantage For Kids

17:37 [Mother Jones] Elizabeth Warren Pens a Book, Is Still Totally Not Running for President

17:37 [Fin24 News] Rand steady after inflation data

17:38 [Guardian] England's lights 'would go out without Scotland's renewable energy'

17:39 [straight] Grumpy Cat not amused by plush toy recall /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/47409121.jpg

17:39 [straight] Love is a force for freedom in Mies Julie /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_MiesJulie_2413.jpg

17:39 [CNN] An agony for relatives of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers

17:39 [CNN: Money] @GSElevator gets a new 6-figure book deal

17:41 [Fox News: politics] NATO chief calls Russian aggression in Crimea a 'wake-up call'

17:41 [CNN: Crime] Lessons from an ex-Chicago gangster

17:41 [CNN] Jo Wood says business woes may have triggered L'Wren Scott's suicide

17:41 [CNN] Al Gore Fast Facts

17:41 [CNN] Opinion: On prison reform, Democrats and Republicans bond

17:41 [This Magazine] March/April cover story: Cop out

17:41 [Slashdot] Security Industry Incapable of Finding Firmware Attackers

17:42 [Spiegel] Leading Candidates Square Off: The Race for Europe's Top Job

17:43 [Reuters] Teenager, army officers killed in violence in Egypt

17:43 [Reuters] Toyota to pay $1.2 billion penalty over safety issues

17:44 [The Atlantic: Politics] 'It's Better Than Being Last': Rand Paul on His Political Ascent

17:44 [Fox News] MISSING JET MYSTERYPilot deleted files on flight simulator, Malaysia says /i/redes/icon-video.gif

17:44 [Fox News] MISSING SINCE 2007Police eye sex offender in Madeleine McCann case

17:44 [Fox News] RUSSIA TIGHTENS GRIPUkraine defiant in face of Crimea navy base seizure

17:44 [Fox News] Justice Dept. announces $1.2B settlement with Toyota

17:44 [Fox News] Minnesota court reverses convictions of former nurse accused of encouraging suicides

17:44 [Fox News] Firefighter shot, killed by neighbor, 64, after trying to enter her home, police say

17:44 [Fox News] What's in a name: Is the US really giving up control of the Internet?

17:44 [Fox News] L'Wren feared turning 50

17:44 [Fox News] 911 fires spark total recall

17:44 [Fox News] We can reach moon in 4 years

17:44 [Fox News] Brittany's final film released

17:44 [Fox News] G-force knocks out Maria

17:44 [The Independent] Neknomination: French attempt to outlaw social media binge drinking craze

17:44 [The Independent] Republicans go after disaffected hipsters in new video adverts

17:44 [The Independent] My Mad Fat Diary star Nico Mirallegro: Sex scenes with Sharon Rooney were fun

17:44 [The Independent] Penis size does matter - in the locker room at least

17:44 [Guardian] Exam board to re-mark 318 English GCSE papers following internal review

17:45 [Telegraph] Drone films dolphin stampede

17:45 [Telegraph] In pictures: Aerial photos of surfers riding Botany Bay's big waves near Sydney

17:45 [straight] St. Vincent's latest is deliciously weird /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_StVincent_2413.jpg

17:45 [straight] Calgary musician Matthew Swann goes it alone as Astral Swans /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_AstralSwans_2413.jpg

17:45 [straight] Perfect Pussy thrives on feedback and chaos /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_PerfectPussy_2413.jpg

17:46 [Fin24 News] Naspers, mining drags JSE lower

17:46 [The Hindu - News] Khammam district reels under severe heat

17:47 [OpEdNews] Taxation Without Represenatiom

17:48 [CNET News] Epic Games makes Unreal Engine 4 available to public for $19 a month

17:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Coulson 'urged silence on hacking'

17:51 [Russia Today] Rewind and Play: NSA storing “100 percent” of a nation’s calls

17:52 [Fin24 News] Naspers, mining drag JSE lower

17:53 [Amnesty International] UN: Mexico must address dire human rights situation with concrete actions not rhetoric

17:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi: 'It Is Difficult to Leave the Tribal, Misogynist and Monopolist Approach Behind'

17:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Would-Be Hillary Clinton Campaign Insiders Have One Non-Negotiable Demand For 2016

17:54 [Deutsche Welle] Rayner: "Doubts on Swaziland’s commitments to the UN Human Rights Council"

17:54 [Deutsche Welle] German biopharmaceutical CureVac wins EU's first vaccine innovation prize

17:55 [The Hindu - News] Poll season pushes up sale of khadi products

17:55 [The Hindu - News] After tea, it’s tree per charcha!

17:55 [The Hindu - News] Women see a silver line in securing voter ID

17:56 [CNN: Crime] Airborne truck almost hits deputies

17:57 [NPR] Obama Picks Michigan State To Win Men's Basketball Title

17:57 [NPR] Doctors Say Obamacare Rule Will Stick Them With Unpaid Bills

18:00 [zero hedge] Ukraine Demands Its "Seized Personnel" Be Released Shortly, Or Else

18:01 [The Hindu - News] ‘Diamond of Vizag’ slips into annals of history

18:01 [The Hindu - News] Modi is the most searched CM on Google

18:01 [Russia Today] Russia to redirect trade elsewhere in case of EU-US sanctions

18:01 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Ed Miliband says Britons 'worse off' under Tories

18:01 [Telegraph] Torment continues for family after police say human remains are not missing British teenage backpacker

18:03 [Disinformation] Skeleton Key to the Conspiracy: The Eriksson Twins

18:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ted Cruz Staffer Leaves Office To Lead 2016 Presidential Super PAC For The Senator

18:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Obama To Appear On The Ellen Show To Talk Obamacare, Maybe Dance

18:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Greg Abbott Says He Would Not Sign Lilly Ledbetter-Like Fair Pay Bill

18:05 [BBC: Technology] EA games web server hacked

18:05 [] Train Line Blockaded: Action Demands Justice for Missing, Murdered Women /sites/

18:06 [CNET News] FAA deems 787 Dreamliner safe despite years of problems

18:06 [CNET News] Use Cloak to avoid social-network frenemies in real life

18:06 [CNET News] Victor the trash-talking robot hates losing at Scrabble

18:06 [CNET News] The Netherlands paves the way for carrier-free SIM cards

18:06 [CNN] Justin Bieber egging 'a silly prank,' not a felony, lawyers argue

18:06 [CNN] Ivan Reitman will not direct 'Ghostbusters 3'

18:06 [CNN: Technology] 007's classic cars on display

18:07 [Guardian] NI lawyer offered Goodman 'crude carrot and stick' deal to keep job

18:07 [The Hindu - News] Lalit Kala Akademi hosts artwork from across the country

18:08 [CNN: Money] China: Are U.S. companies falling out of love?

18:08 [straight] Amanda Palmer plans “awesome” ninja gig tonight in Vancouver /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/8515178880_ff1a289356_b.jpg

18:08 [straight] Muppets Most Wanted almost delivers /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_MuppetsMostWanted3_2413.jpg

18:08 [straight] Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac inspires more than lust /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_Nymphomaniac2_2413.jpg

18:08 [straight] Honesty is the key for the U.K.’s Bear’s Den /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_BearsDen_2413.jpg

18:10 [Voice of America] Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy Headquarters

18:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Pay Off $1 Trillion in Student Loans by Closing Overseas Military Bases

18:11 [The Hindu - News] Hoardings in Advani’s support appear in Bhopal

18:11 [The Hindu - News] RLD upbeat as Rakesh Tikait joins party

18:12 [The Nation] Colonel Manners Answers Your National Security Questions

18:13 [Slate Magazine] One Striking Moment

18:13 [The Hindu - News] ‘E-visa service for India may start this year’

18:13 [CNN: Politics] Inside Politics: GOP attacks Tea Party

18:14 [CNN: Money] China: Is the American love affair over?

18:14 [straight] The Lunchbox contains subtle flavour /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_TheLunchbox_2413.jpg

18:15 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: You tell us

18:15 [Global Voices] Protesters Occupy Taiwan's Legislature Over China Trade Deal

18:17 [OpEdNews] It's OFFICIAL, market crash in the offing--good time to unload?

18:17 [OpEdNews] The Embarrassment Must Stop

18:17 [] Hezbollah's Nasrallah sent secret assurances to Israel

18:19 [Foreign Policy in Focus] If I Didn’t Have a Hammer

18:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Boehner Gives Thumbs Down To Unemployment Benefits Deal, Citing Implementation Problems

18:20 [CNN] Academy Awards Fast Facts

18:21 [Topix Activism News] Syria air force pounds Damascus suburb, breaking truce: activists

18:21 [The Hindu - News] Advani stays in Gandhinagar

18:22 [Truthdig] Twitter Stopped Encryption Project: Report

18:23 [CNN: Money] IRS has $760 million in unclaimed refunds

18:25 [Guardian] Islamabad targets slums after suicide bomb attack

18:25 [The Hindu - News] High Courts to get 25 per cent more judges to clear backlog

18:25 [The Hindu - News] GVMC move to track movement of files

18:25 [The Hindu - News] Don’t let in malicious content, EC tells social media

18:28 [Slate Magazine] The Mystery of the Exploding Tongue

18:28 [CNN: Politics] Ukraine

18:28 [CNN] Hundreds occupy Taiwan's Legislature to protest China pact

18:28 [The Atlantic: In Focus] In Syria: Three Years of War

18:29 [Slashdot] Routing and DNS Security Ignored By ISPs

18:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Amina And Fahad Trimizi, Muslim Couple, Sue Empire State Building Over Discrimination

18:29 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tomorrow's News Today: The GOP on 'How We Lost the House'

18:29 [Guardian] NI lawyer 'offered Goodman crude carrot and stick deal to keep job'

18:29 [The Hindu - News] Benefits of yoga

18:29 [The Hindu - News] 1India not to support Western sanctions against Russia

18:30 [zero hedge] CFTC Investigates The "Secret" HFT-Exchange Incentive Programs

18:31 [The Independent] 'An appalling practice': David Cameron vows to fight sex-selective abortions

18:31 [The Independent] Almost 4,000 women and girls treated for effects of female genital mutilation in London hospitals since 2009

18:31 [The Independent] Co-operative Group announces management overhaul

18:31 [Canadian Dimension] Is the U.S. becoming a police state?

18:31 [Telegraph] Queen's quirky Commonwealth gifts go on display

18:31 [This Magazine] WTF Wednesday: New law bans medical marijuana users from growing their own pot

18:33 [] Abbas' son: Dad, a one-state solution would be easier

18:33 [Mother Jones] White House Unveils New Climate Data Project

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Modi can’t escape moral responsibility: Pawar

18:33 [The Hindu - News] Congress activists join TDP

18:33 [straight] Hamid Salimian starts Persian New Year with kookoo sabzi frittata /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/FOO_Cooking_2413.jpg

18:33 [straight] Le Week-End finds most of the right notes /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/WeekendLe_0.jpg

18:34 [CNN] Madeleine McCann: Hunt for missing girl goes on

18:37 [Infoshop] Abolish Prisons! An interview with Isaac Ontiveros

18:39 [straight] Stranger by the Lake is a smartly crafted gem /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_StrangerbytheLake2_2413.jpg

18:39 [CNN: Politics] Michelle Obama's travels

18:40 [The Hindu - News] D.N. Rao new RINL Director

18:40 [The Hindu - News] FBI trying to recover data deleted from captain’s flight simulator

18:40 [The Hindu - News] RTC staff on the warpath

18:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gov. Cuomo's Moment of Truth

18:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Original Koch Brothers Campaign

18:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Obamacare Saved a Small Business Owner From Financial Ruin

18:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Darrell Issa Targets White House Politics Shop

18:41 [Guardian] Orange France investigates second wave of suicides among staff

18:41 [Russia Today] Cameron comes out as fundamentalist with nukes

18:41 [] If Crimea Sanctions Bite Russia, Central Asia Will Feel the Pain

18:42 [The Hindu - News] Rs.14 lakh worth gutka seized

18:42 [The Hindu - News] HUDCO official to inspect GVMC works

18:42 [Voice of America] Reuters: Israeli Troops Kill West Bank Teenager

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Lawyer: Bieber egging 'a silly prank'

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Reitman will not direct 'Ghostbusters 3'

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] No, Courtney Love didn't find the missing plane

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] What Angus T. Jones looks like now

18:43 [AL JAZEERA] Army officers killed in shootout near Cairo

18:43 [Raw Story] Georgia lawmakers approve Martin Luther King Jr. statue for the Capitol grounds

18:43 [Raw Story] U.S. Army general admits to mistreating junior female officer during adulterous affair

18:45 [msnbc: politics] Boehner: 'Strong Concerns' About Senate Jobless Benefits Deal

18:45 [zero hedge] Ukraine To Seek Compensation From Russia For Seized Assets, Introduces Visas For Russians

18:46 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan Navy arrests 75 fishermen with 31 boats

18:46 [The Independent] Jared Leto admits taking style inspiration from Jesus Christ, plus other famous look-a-likes

18:46 [Russia Today] Germany arrests 93-yo former Nazi medic over WWII Auschwitz massacres

18:47 [Fox News] WHAT'S YOUR THEORY? Missing jet mystery puts all speculation on the table /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:47 [Fox News] BREAK IN CASE? Police eye sex offender in Madeleine McCann case

18:47 [Fox News] NYC inmate 'baked to death' in cell, city officials say

18:47 [Fox News] High-techmilitary gear

18:47 [Fox News] What is Duke porn star doing?

18:47 [Fox News] 'Divergent' gal's daring dress

18:47 [Telegraph] Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Clues deleted from Malaysia Airlines pilot's flight simulator

18:47 [Telegraph] Britain calls for Russia to be expelled from G8

18:47 [Telegraph] Scotch whisky duty frozen in last Budget before independence referendum

18:47 [Telegraph] Budget 2014 sketch: A tax break for the thriving smoke and mirrors industry

18:47 [Guardian] Tory MP tells party to end obsession with Boris Johnson

18:47 [CNET News] Prepare Barbie for battle with 3D-printed armor

18:48 [The Hindu - News] Congress may field Amarinder against Jaitley

18:48 [The Hindu - News] Gaurav Awards

18:48 [The Hindu - News] High command tells DMK cadre to steer clear of Alagiri

18:48 [Reuters] Toyota's $1.2 billion settlement may be model for U.S. probe into GM

18:51 [CBC: politics] Medical marijuana users worried about lack of commercial supply

18:53 [CNN: Money] Tim Cook calls new Apple book 'nonsense'

18:53 [Reuters] Fed poised to trim bond buying, rewrite rates guidance

18:53 [CNN] Opinion: Why are we so obsessed with Malaysia Flight 370?

18:54 [The Hindu - News] Nobody is upset or angry, says Pune Cong. candidate

18:54 [The Hindu - News] Court asks CEO to clarify on holding polls

18:54 [The Hindu - News] ‘Kiran knew about bifurcation decision’

18:54 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) announces third list

18:55 [BBC: Technology] Gates talks up joys of philanthropy

18:57 [NPR] Boeing 787 'Dreamliner' Is Safe, FAA Team Concludes

18:57 [Infoshop] Is There No Room for Rod Coronado in the Animal Rights Movement? The Problem with Veganism as the Moral Baseline

18:57 [Truthout] Sri Lanka Bans Monsanto Herbicide Citing Potential Link to Deadly Kidney Disease

19:00 [zero hedge] The Most Important Chart For Trading The FOMC Statement

19:02 [The Independent] As wife's divorce costs hit £920,000, judge attacks 'out of control' foreign divorce cases 'squeezing out needy litigants'

19:02 [The Hindu - News] Clarify position on human rights issues, Amnesty tells party heads

19:02 [The Hindu - News] Efforts on to check accidents involving two-wheelers

19:02 [The Hindu - News] Boy falls to death from school building

19:02 [The Hindu - News] EC takes cognisance of complaint against Goa CM

19:03 [] Optimism at Vienna: Final Iran deal possible by July

19:03 [Amnesty International] Saudi Arabia must back concessions on human rights with action

19:03 [Disinformation] 93 Year-Old Former Auschwitz Medic Arrested For War Atrocities

19:03 [Mother Jones] The Trade Deficit Is Down, But There's a Catch /files/blog_current_account_2013.jpg

19:03 [Telegraph] Ukraine holiday a 'great way to learn about the crisis'

19:03 [Telegraph] SNP: Bannockburn celebration 'will not be political'

19:03 [Raw Story] 1,800-year-old papyrus turns out to contain homesick Roman soldier’s complaint

19:04 [Deutsche Welle] South Africa's Zuma under fire over $23 mln home upgrade

19:04 [Deutsche Welle] Iran nuclear talks 'substantive and useful,' but without breakthrough

19:04 [straight] The men of Mounties know laws are meant to be broken /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MUS_Mounties_2413.jpg

19:04 [straight] Ricky Gervais shows Muppet love /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_RickyGervais_2412.jpg

19:04 [straight] Arnould /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/CAR_Arnould_2413.jpg

19:04 [straight] Red Meat /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/CAR_Meat_2413.jpg

19:04 [straight] The Single Moms Club's concept is stale /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_SingleMomsClub2_2413.jpg

19:04 [straight] TransLink referendum date still up in the air /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/PollingStn-SH.jpg

19:04 [straight] The Husband is pretty hard to forget /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/MOV_TheHusband2_2413.jpg

19:04 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool fields candidates from Varanasi, Rae Bareli

19:04 [The Hindu - News] Congress, the party you can trust: Jairam

19:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Susanne Atanus, Who Blames Gay Rights For Tornadoes, Wins GOP Nomination For Congress

19:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kansas House Bill Eliminating Anonymous Complaints Against Police Draws Criticism

19:06 [Fin24 News] Wage subsidy risks job cuts, warns Vavi

19:07 [The Nation] How to Avert a New Cold War Over Crimea

19:07 [OpEdNews] Crazy is the New Normal

19:08 [Voice of America] US Officials: Boeing 787 Dreamliner is Safe

19:09 [CNET News] Volvo cars become road maintenance probes

19:09 [straight] Carole Taylor and Trevor Linden could challenge Gregor Robertson, pollster says /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/files/images/associated/COL_TaylorRobertson_2087.jpg

19:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Australia reduces search area

19:09 [CNN] Toyota to pay $1.2 billion in settlement with U.S. over recalls

19:10 [Reuters] Fed revamps rates guidance, trims bond buys further

19:10 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Meet the Kings of Dance

19:10 [The Hindu - News] Row over Advani’s nomination

19:10 [The Hindu - News] Children of Tibetan refugees can vote

19:10 [The Hindu - News] AP Congress manifesto prioritises development

19:10 [The Hindu - News] CBI working with ‘crazy logic’, ignoring facts: Bhave

19:11 [CNN: Money] Why women (still) don't get hired for jobs involving math

19:12 [Financial Times] China to shift Beijing bureaucrats to Baoding

19:17 [Slashdot] $30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

19:17 [NPR] Debate: It May Be Flexing Its Muscles, But Is Russia A Marginal Power?

19:17 [BBC: Also in the news] The 'no makeup' selfie trend

19:17 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Osborne aims to save the pub trade with tax cuts for beer and bingo

19:17 [The Independent] 'A classic Tory con': Ed Miliband blasts George Osborne's 2014 Budget for ignoring the fall in living standards

19:17 [The Independent] Man whose gun tattoo was mistaken for a weapon woke up to find armed police on his driveway

19:17 [The Independent] Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Hijack suspect's father fights to keep hope alive (and insists his son is innocent)

19:18 [Slate Magazine] Dear Prudence: Mother Who Can’t Tell the Truth

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Lawmaker Likens Medicaid Expansion To A 'Tar Baby,' Says He 'Meant Nothing Racial' By It

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ger Brennan, Irish Soccer Player, Makes Progressive Reference To Teammate's 'Boyfriends' During Victory Speech

19:18 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan rights activist, priest freed

19:18 [Raw Story] Right-wing Christian leader: Antichrist Obama tempting God’s wrath like biblical Nimrod

19:20 [Reuters] Family anger erupts as Malaysia jet search enters 12th day

19:20 [zero hedge] Yellen's Fed Tightens ($10bn Taper) And Loosens (Lower For Even Longer); Blames Weather - Full Statement Redline

19:21 [CNN: Health] 'Fashioning Cancer': Dresses inspired by cancer cells

19:22 [Telegraph] Malaysia Airlines flight not hijacked says Lockerbie expert

19:22 [Russia Today] ​Europe offers further €1 billion in financial aid to Ukraine

19:22 [Fox News] Yuck or yum? Wine milkshake

19:22 [Fox News] World's fastest hovercraft?

19:22 [Fox News] Educator at center of 'No Spanish' policy will likely be fired

19:22 [Fox News] Parents save premature baby's life by keeping him in icebox

19:22 [Fox News] Woman says gym told her to cover up because she was intimidating members

19:22 [CNN] Wimbledon champion Andy Murray cuts ties with coach Ivan Lendl

19:22 [The Hindu - News] How to break through the glass ceiling

19:22 [The Hindu - News] Sibal seeks Chief Justices’ views

19:23 [Raw Story] World War I shell kills two after exploding in Belgian town of Ypres

19:24 [The Hindu - News] Schoolgirls’ suicide: two teachers detained

19:24 [The Hindu - News] Centre seeks ECI nod for relief to ryots

19:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036

19:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Fed Trims Stimulus By Another $10 Billion

19:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Daily Szep -- Russian Circus

19:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Putin's Morning After

19:29 [CNET News] Flappy Bird is coming back to the App Store

19:29 [CNET News] Preserved woolly mammoth autopsy shows cloning is a real possibility

19:29 [CNET News] LG G Pro vs. iPhone 5S? Alternative brackets to March Madness

19:30 [Voice of America] US Central Bank Again Trims Direct Support of American Economy

19:31 [The Hindu - News] Politics is not my cup of tea, says Shivarajkumar

19:31 [The Hindu - News] Drive nets 202 runaways at City railway station

19:31 [The Hindu - News] OU JAC members disrupt VHR’s meeting briefly

19:31 [AL JAZEERA] US and Iran: More work needed on atomic deal

19:32 [Russia Today] Russia green lights road and rail bridge to Crimea

19:32 [OpEdNews] World's First Electronic Bank Run- charged to the taxpayer - 5th of series

19:33 [The Hindu - News] 38 Maharashtra farmer suicides in a month

19:34 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: as it happened - March 19, 2014

19:34 [Telegraph] Kenyan police park massive car bomb outside their offices after missing explosives in vehicle

19:36 [zero hedge] Fed Lowers GDP Forecast, "Dots" Indicate 13 Participants See First Firming In 2015, Up From 12 In December

19:36 [zero hedge] Stocks And Bonds Disagree With "Reportedly Dovish" Statement, Dollar Spikes

19:36 [zero hedge] Janet Yellen's First FOMC Press Conference - Live Feed

19:36 [zero hedge] Peak Complexity And Confusion: March FOMC Statement Has A Record 877 Words In It

19:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Massachusetts Becomes 8th State To Offset Food Stamp Cuts

19:37 [Russia Today] Police will hire former Berkut troopers – Interior Minister

19:38 [Guardian] Kiev announces plans to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Crimea

19:39 [The Hindu - News] Additional battalions of APSP sought post division

19:39 [The Hindu - News] Video shows youth raising pro-Pakistan slogan

19:39 [The Hindu - News] PIL seeks Rs.20,000-cr. Central package

19:39 [CNN: Money] Stocks drift after Fed, but bond rates jump

19:39 [Sydney Morning Herald] Changing face of Sydney's elite

19:40 [Financial Times] Fed points to earlier rate rises

19:40 [CNN] Would-be immigrants storm Spanish enclave on Moroccan coast

19:40 [CNN] Chimp attack victim appeals for permission to sue Connecticut

19:42 [Reuters] Fed says to keep rates low even after economy regains health

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Panel to monitor paid news

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Engg. graduates prefer SMEs to big companies

19:43 [The Hindu - News] 24 private hospitals refuse CGHS benefits

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Get cracking, Naidu tells BC leaders

19:43 [The Hindu - News] We made mistakes, admits Sam Pitroda

19:44 [Deutsche Welle] US investors worry about German energy policy

19:44 [Deutsche Welle] Germany suspends Rheinmetall military contract with Russia

19:45 [The Hindu - News] Disqualify loan defaulters, bank unions urge CEC

19:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] White House Petitioned To Legally Recognize Non-Binary Genders

19:47 [msnbc: politics] Poll: Majority Opposes Employers Opting Out of Contraception Mandate

19:47 [straight] Vancouver prescription heroin users wage court battle with the fed /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/COL_NewsDrugs_2413.jpg

19:48 [CNN: Money] Fed moves economic goalposts

19:48 [CNN: Money] Here come the next generation cyber warriors

19:49 [The Independent] Ultimate rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel will go to jail for three years, but may have less to pay as new trial ordered to reassess £4bn penalty for damages

19:49 [The Independent] Budget 2014: Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls admits Labour will not oppose George Osborne's proposed welfare cap

19:49 [The Hindu - News] 81 motorists held for drunken driving

19:49 [The Hindu - News] Akhil Gogoi gets conditional bail

19:49 [The Hindu - News] Rise in temperatures across State

19:49 [CNET News] Custom 3D-printed kayak is a homemade work of art

19:49 [CNET News] Customize Android's icons with Nova Launcher

19:49 [CNET News] Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 now on sale for $350

19:49 [Fox News] Lindsay & Ashton once lovers?

19:49 [Fox News] Educator at center of 'No Spanish' policy faces ouster

19:49 [Fox News] Parents save premature baby by keeping him in icebox

19:49 [Fox News] Ukraine preparing to pull troops from Crimea- NATO chief calls Russian aggression in Crimea a 'wake-up call'- FOX NEWS FIRST: Hawkish Hillary strikes again- OPINION: Where is America's missing foreign policy

19:49 [Fox News] NAZI FUROR Eatery chooses MLK Day to host WWII dinner party

19:50 [Voice of America] Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature Over China Trade Pact

19:51 [zero hedge] Hilsenrath's 712 Words-In-4-Minutes Keeps 'Fed Still Dovish As Ever' Dream Alive

19:51 [Global Voices] In Peru, Racism Strikes Again

19:53 [] Ukraine draws up withdrawal plan for Crimea troops

19:53 [The Hindu - News] Railways to provide more security, coaches

19:53 [The Hindu - News] TDP to field Rayapati from Narsaraopet LS seat

19:53 [The Hindu - News] Chirag Paswan, Meira Kumar file papers

19:53 [The Hindu - News] KCR trains guns on BJP

19:54 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Toward a Permanent Nuclear Deal with Iran

19:54 [Guardian] US tech giants knew of NSA data collection, agency's top lawyer insists

19:54 [Fox News: politics] Facing drought, California farmers rally against regulations limiting water supplies

19:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Scott Brown Touted His 'People's Pledge' Right Up Until His New Hampshire Bid Began

19:57 [NPR] Could Our Food Supply Be A Target For Terrorists?

19:57 [The Hindu - News] An endearing piece of work

19:57 [The Hindu - News] Contestant carries TV to drive home message

19:57 [The Hindu - News] ‘No TRAI norms yet on roaming in A.P, Telangana’

19:57 [Big Think] Livestream: Selling Space with Neil deGrasse Tyson

19:58 [Reuters] Russian forces storm Ukraine base in Crimea

20:00 [Guardian] NoW offered hacking reporter 'crude' deal to keep job by not spreading blame

20:01 [The Hindu - News] Focus on uneven economic growth

20:02 [Infoshop] The Ukrainian Revolution & the Future of Social Movements

20:03 [Disinformation] CNN Sickeningly Exploits Missing Plane Victims for Profit | Weapons of Mass Distraction

20:03 [Slashdot] It Was the Worst Industrial Disaster In US History — and We Learned Nothing

20:04 [Truthout] Abby Huntsman Promotes the Wall Street Banksters' Big Lie

20:04 [Telegraph] Ukraine's troops pack their bags and leave their bases in Crimea

20:04 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Tax breaks for regional theatre

20:04 [Telegraph] White House pastry chef leaves sweetest job in Washington

20:04 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: £200million more to mend potholes

20:04 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Wealthy people will have to pay tax upfront 'like everyone else'

20:04 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Osborne cuts 1p off a pint of beer

20:04 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Bingo halls given tax break lifeline

20:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Thad Cochran Facing Tough Tea Party Challenge In Senate Primary

20:04 [The Independent] Suicide voyeur: Former nurse who persuaded online contacts to take their own lives while he watched via webcam is freed

20:04 [Reuters: politics] U.S. CEOs get forum to question top Obama officials over Ukraine

20:05 [Fox News: politics] State Department rips Israeli defense minister comments

20:05 [The Hindu - News] CPI announces candidates for nine constituencies

20:06 [Global Voices] Zapatista Textbook Now Available in English

20:06 [Guardian] Jacob Zuma told to repay cash spent on private home

20:06 [Guardian] MH370: Malaysian police drag away relatives as missing flight anger boils

20:07 [NPR] Fed Continues Tapering Economic Stimulus

20:08 [Financial Times] UK urges end to reliance on Russian energy

20:08 [Financial Times] Prospect of sanctions hit City realpolitik

20:08 [straight] From Spanish soles to Japanese soap, spring style goes global /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/StyleBites_JudithCharles.jpg

20:08 [] After Kerry protests to Netanyahu, Ya'alon to 'clarify' attack on U.S.

20:09 [CNN] Opinion: Putin's breathtaking lies about Russia

20:09 [CNN] Missing Malaysian jet: The latest thinking

20:09 [CNN] Beckham named 'No. 1 underwear model'

20:09 [The Hindu - News] Ready to face police action: AAP candidates

20:09 [The Hindu - News] A serene spot turns 40

20:11 [Global Voices] Three Years of the Syrian Revolution: “Our Dream Remains Alive”

20:11 [The Hindu - News] Pan-Telangana appeal high on TRS agenda

20:12 [Voice of America] Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukraine Navy Headquarters

20:13 [The Hindu - News] Western Ghats row eclipses solar scam

20:14 [Reuters] Tanker with contraband oil steams toward Libya overseen by U.S. sailors

20:15 [] In Private Immigrant Detention Centers, Hunger Strikes Spread

20:17 [CNN] Virtual reality gets a new player with Sony's 'Project Morpheus'

20:17 [Financial Times] Fed points to earlier interest rate rises

20:17 [OpEdNews] The Importance of "The Monuments Men"

20:17 [Fox News] PRO FOR A DAYHockey team signs boy who thought he had no friends

20:17 [Fox News] Al Qaeda calls for car bombs in US cities, other 'crusader' countries- Feds: 9/11 mastermind's testimony should be barred

20:17 [Fox News] Scrap dealer's bargain turns out to be Faberge egg worth millions

20:17 [Fox News] Ashton on LiLo's 'lovers list'

20:17 [Fox News] Real 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

20:18 [The Hindu - News] Rakshita to join BJP today

20:18 [The Hindu - News] Boost for Congress in Karnataka

20:19 [straight] Privacy advocates blast Health Canada for threating to share medical-pot user info with the RCMP /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_58043302.jpg

20:20 [The Independent] Blooming lovely: 10 best flower vases

20:20 [The Independent] Scam busters: The man who bombarded a con-artist with Shakespeare texts isn't the only victim getting even

20:20 [The Independent] Style over substance: The Yves Saint Laurent biopic doesn’t quite measure up

20:20 [The Independent] Lands of milk and honey: The edible atlas

20:20 [Telegraph] Pope meets Argentine Falklands veterans and calls for South Atlantic peace

20:20 [Reuters] Video shows Toronto mayor inhaling from glass cylinder -police

20:21 [zero hedge] "Print Yellen Print" - Meanwhile Russia Warns U.S. Sanctions "Unacceptable", Threatens “Consequences”

20:21 [zero hedge] Ladies And Gentlemen: Presenting The Federal Open Meteorologist Committee

20:21 [zero hedge] Meanwhile, The NY Fed's Trading Desk Skeleton Crew Is Getting A Work Out

20:22 [Guardian] Nigel Evans trial: 'I just froze. I felt in shock,' alleged rape victim tells court

20:23 [CNN: Money] Oprah Chai Tea comes to Starbucks

20:23 [CNN: Money] Putin's folly: Crimea is a money pit

20:23 [Raw Story] Neighbors catch second Florida man raping his dog this month

20:24 [The Hindu - News] Poll pitch rises but slowly in Vidarbha

20:24 [Deutsche Welle] US' Biden warns Russia is on 'dark path' to isolation

20:26 [The Hindu - News] Innocent braves the cut and thrust of polls

20:26 [Sydney Morning Herald] Manus suicide attempts, worms in bread

20:26 [Voice of America] Israeli Airstrikes in Golan Heights Kill Syrian Solider

20:28 [Russia Today] US warship Truxtun begins naval exercise in Black Sea

20:28 [The Hindu - News] Withering crop, wilting lives, but BJP’s fortunes in the pink in Bhopal

20:28 [straight] Health Canada blasted for threatening to share medical-pot user info with the RCMP /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_58043302.jpg

20:28 [Mother Jones] "Purge" May Not Mean What You Think It Means

20:28 [Guardian] Manchester United v Olympiakos – live! | Scott Murray

20:31 [Reuters] U.N. Security Council authorizes boarding Libya rebels' oil tankers

20:32 [The Hindu - News] Pattern in party-hopping in Bihar

20:32 [Slashdot] Unreal Engine 4 Launching With Full Source Code

20:32 [Voice of America] Golkar Tries to Rehabilitate Suharto Legacy in Indonesia

20:33 [Russia Today] Up to 60% of Catalonians want independence – poll

20:33 [CNN: Politics] Putin's breathtaking lies about Russia

20:33 [Raw Story] ‘Noah’ actor Russell Crowe attends Pope Francis’s general audience

20:33 [Raw Story] PA man shocked with Taser in ambulance and jailed after suffering seizure at sandwich shop

20:33 [Raw Story] Earth was nearly devastated by a massive solar blast in 2012

20:35 [The Independent] Angelina Jolie’s former stunt double battles to have phone-hacking case heard in US

20:35 [The Independent] Atos given responsibility for new childcare scheme despite previous fitness-for-work fiasco

20:35 [The Independent] Regulator gave Dungeness nuclear power plant a week to address safety fears

20:35 [The Independent] Andy McSmith's Diary: Paying lip service to endangered species as the poachers run amok

20:36 [The Hindu - News] Russia’s statute court rules accession legal

20:36 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Conservative MPs barrack Ed Miliband as he attacks falling living standards

20:36 [Telegraph] Patriot buys only made-in-France products for 10 months

20:37 [NPR] Half Of Americans Believe In Medical Conspiracy Theories

20:37 [straight] Prisoner advocates say coroners inquest on solitary deaths missed an opportunity for reform /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/mountaincemetary1_140319.jpg

20:37 [World Policy Institute] An Interactive Series: Arctic in Context Part 2

20:37 [OpEdNews] U.S. to Putin and Russia- Condemnation, Demonization, Threats and Stirring Up Hysteria

20:38 [Russia Today] Top 10 powerful quotes from Putin’s historic Crimea address

20:38 [Guardian] Reeva Steenkamp standing in toilet as Oscar Pistorius opened fire, court hears

20:39 [CNN: Money] Stocks plunge on Yellen rate hike remark

20:41 [CNN] No excuses: Do what makes you happy

20:41 [CNN] Frederik Willem de Klerk Fast Facts

20:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Coloradans Even Happier About Legal Weed After A Few Months Of Retail Sales

20:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] RNC Looking To 'Hand-Pick' Moderators For 2016 Primary Debates

20:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Oprah Claims She Was Unaware Of Dem's Checkered Past, Still Plans To Fundraise For Her

20:42 [OpEdNews] Neocons' Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit

20:43 [Slate Magazine] The Solar System's Biggest Moon, Mapped

20:44 [The Hindu - News] BJP finalises names for 6 TN seats; PMK-DMDK row almost resolved

20:44 [Fox News: politics] Russia warns West it may change stance on Iran, in retaliation over sanctions

20:46 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: Hollick Arvon Prize Finalists

20:47 [AL JAZEERA] Saudi accepts 181 UN human rights proposals

20:48 [msnbc: politics] Crowd Jabs Obama As He Confuses CD and DVD

20:48 [Voice of America] US Central Bank Again Trims Direct Support of American Economy

20:49 [Financial Times] Biggest change in a century for UK pensions

20:50 [straight] Minda Richardson: Is the “war on AIDS” over? /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_98186804.jpg

20:51 [zero hedge] Summarizing Yellen's First (Disastrous) Press Conference

20:51 [zero hedge] THe PuTZ...

20:51 [The Independent] Outgoing NHS boss Sir David Nicholson to work with press regulator to stop health service being undermined by ‘sensational’ newspaper stories

20:51 [CNET News] Voice is not enough: Motion is key to Android Wear

20:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Corporatization of Higher Education, Through the Eyes of an Adjunct Professor

20:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The President's Overtime Makeover -- And the Winners Are?

20:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dem Attorney General On Gay Marriage Decision: 'I Wanted To Be On The Right Side Of History'

20:51 [CBC: politics] Joe Oliver 'an embarrassment' as finance minister, Tom Mulcair says

20:51 [Fox News] PRO FOR A DAYHockey team signs boy who felt he had no friends

20:51 [Fox News] ANOTHER FAKE-OUT?EPA fraudster wrote US environmental 'playbook'

20:51 [Fox News] Porn: Empowers or degrades?

20:53 [CNN] Gay Arkansas student says his profile was pulled from yearbook

20:53 [] Israeli DJs join Iranian-born techno musician to produce record

20:53 [Russia Today] First passports handed out to new Russian citizens in Crimea

20:53 [Russia Today] Armed police surround man’s house after tattoo mistaken for gun

20:54 [The Hindu - News] Australia plans road safety practices on ECR

20:55 [The Atlantic: Technology] How a California Earthquake Becomes the News: An Extremely Precise Timeline

20:56 [The Hindu - News] BJP wants Advani in Gandhinagar

20:58 [Slate Magazine] Sponge of Life

20:59 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Supreme Court Contraception Mandate Cases: Religious Leaders Release Statement Supporting Contraception Access

21:00 [straight] Myfanwy MacLeod's cultural provocation on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_MacLeod_2413.jpg

21:02 [CNN: Money] Mixed reviews for Janet Yellen on Twitter

21:02 [The Hindu - News] Asaduddin Owaisi sitting pretty

21:02 [The Hindu - News] India not to back sanctions

21:02 [Truthdig] Toyota to Pay $1.2 Billion for Deadly Defect Cover-Up

21:03 [Disinformation] Robot Eric Snowden Delivers TED Talk

21:03 [Russia Today] Damaging selfie: Student breaks 19th century statue in Milan while taking pic of himself

21:03 [Russia Today] Nicolas Maduro: Ukrainian crisis is response to US and EU anti-Russian policy

21:03 [Russia Today] Mentally ill homeless vet 'baked to death' in scorching 100+°F NYC jail cell

21:03 [Slate Magazine] Prodigal Sponge

21:04 [Reuters] Kerry protests remarks by Israeli defense chief -spokeswoman

21:05 [Truthout] The Iraq War: Forgotten in Plain Sight

21:06 [zero hedge] Goldman's FOMC Statement Post-Mortem

21:06 [Telegraph] Budget 2014: Two Cabinet ministers 'slept through Budget'

21:06 [Telegraph] DfE bars 14 academy chains from taking on more schools

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Ghats row and its aftermath

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Joshi switched constituencies as ‘his credibility was at stake’

21:07 [NPR] In The Absence Of Answers, We Return Repeatedly To The Questions

21:07 [NPR] To Save Her Husband's Life, A Woman Fights For Access To TB Drugs

21:07 [NPR] Most U.S. Women Wouldn't Know A Stroke If They Saw Or Felt One

21:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Federal Legislation: SOS Act, But Is It Enough for NY?

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21:09 [Reuters] Fed says may have to keep rates low after economy finds footing

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21:13 [Infoshop] Anarchism as a Reality

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21:16 [] NSA Attorney: Tech Companies Knew About Bulk Data Mining /sites/

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21:20 [msnbc: politics] Obama Admits He's 'Lonely' Without First Family

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21:38 [straight] B.C. rent "loophole" feared for Downtown Eastside residents as area plan moves ahead /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/DJLarkin_1.jpg

21:38 [straight] Photo of the Day: Purple rain /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/13255475574_3bd6262bdf_c.jpg

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21:52 [Reuters] Fed may raise rates as soon as next spring, Yellen suggests

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21:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] Pistorius trial takes dramatic turn

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