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00:00 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Georgian skull discovery explained

00:01 [CBC: politics] Pamela Wallin's lawyer threatens Senate legal action

00:02 [zero hedge] Friday Humor: "Don't Worry Ben, I Got This!"

00:02 [Big Think] The Method to My Language Learning Madness

00:02 [Big Think] Six Degrees Of Separation? Facebook Beats That By Two

00:07 [straight] Ballet B.C.’s season opener serves up a great deal of adventure /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/ART_BalletBC_2392.jpg

00:10 [CNN] Hollywood's African-American film renaissance

00:14 [Slashdot] New EU Rules To Curb Transfer of European Data To the U.S.

00:18 [Truthdig] Illness Cured

00:21 [Reuters] In debate over bubbles, one Fed official warns against tighter policy

00:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sen. Jay Rockefeller: Announcing My Online Health Insurance Marketplace Resource Center

00:21 [Slashdot] Are Cable Subscribers Subsidizing Internet-Only TV Viewers?

00:22 [Raw Story] Boeing cuts production on 747 jumbo jets again

00:30 [CNN] Review: 'Carrie' is a ''new'' version of a classic

00:30 [CNN] Enrico Letta Fast Facts

00:30 [CNN] A face you're bound to know: Actor Ed Lauter dead at 74

00:32 [zero hedge] You Are Here

00:32 [Big Think] Idea Entrepreneurship is Going Viral

00:32 [Big Think] Be Cautious of the Fallacy Fallacy

00:38 [CNET News] Dell's Windows 8.1, quad-core tablet now on sale for $299

00:38 [Reuters: politics] Latinos urge California attorney general to probe Herbalife

00:39 [] Pope Francis e-mails Jewish American professor about presence of God during Holocaust

00:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paul Blumenthal: Senate Conservatives Fund Shutdown Strategy Led To Record Fundraising

00:42 [straight] Canadian file-sharing website IsoHunt shuts down after lengthy legal dispute /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/fung1_131018.jpg

00:42 [straight] Vancouver Public Library grows digital audiobook collection /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/shutterstock_115068634.jpg

00:43 [Reuters] Thousands march for Mursi across Egypt; policeman killed in Sinai

00:45 [The Atlantic: Technology] A Wondrous GIF Shows the Most Popular Baby Names for Girls Since 1960

00:47 [Raw Story] French ‘doctor to the stars’ gets 10 years in jail for raping and assaulting patients

00:48 [Fox News] Obama nominates Jeh Johnson for DHS chief- Ex-House Speaker Tom Foley dies at 84

00:48 [Fox News] Florida church flooded with calls after 15-year-old orphan asks for family to adopt him

00:49 [Deutsche Welle] Leipzig memorial 200 years after Napoleon defeat in Battle of Leipzig

00:49 [CNET News] How to find files via the OS X Terminal

00:49 [Voice of America] Jim Malone: Split Grows Within US Republican Party

00:49 [Slate Magazine] Tea-ism

00:51 [CNN] Review: '12 Years A Slave' agonizingly magnificent

00:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Vivian Norris: Healthcare and Financial Disaster: We All Know Someone, Even the President

00:53 [CBC: politics] Pamela Wallin's treatment 'completely unfair,' Senate colleague says

00:57 [CNET News] Crave Ep. 142: Electronic makeup gives new meaning to inter-'face'

00:58 [straight] Post-VIFF theatrical runs: Blue is the Warmest Colour, The Armstrong Lie, and more /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/blue-is-the-warmest-colour.jpg

01:01 [Voice of America] US to Use Romanian Airbase for Afghan Pullout

01:01 [Voice of America] Mugume Davis Rwakaringi: Smallholder Farmer in South Sudan Has Big Dreams

01:02 [Disinformation] Chevron Sues Oil Victims after Destroying Amazon Rainforest

01:03 [The Independent] Postcard from... Brussels

01:03 [Truthdig] ‘Left, Right & Center’: Lessons of the Shutdown

01:03 [Telegraph] Welfare fiasco chief 'to resign'

01:03 [Telegraph] Assad regime snipers 'targeting unborn babies'

01:03 [Telegraph] PM criticises 'appalling' campaign against mosque opening

01:04 [OpEdNews] Debt No More! How Obama can defeat Austerity Thugs by Using the Constitution and Debt-Free Money

01:05 [Slate Magazine] All Is Lost. Or Is It?

01:08 [Guardian] Ed Davey urges big six energy firms to come clean on size of their profits

01:08 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Takei on Star Trek, WWII and Facebook

01:12 [zero hedge] Things That Make You Go Hmmm... Like The Freaking Fed

01:12 [Guardian] Alex Salmond: vote for Scottish independence is act of self-belief

01:14 [Slashdot] Tech's Highest-Paid Engineers Are At Juniper

01:14 [CNN] A defeated GOP wants to unite, move on, fight another day

01:15 [straight] Canadians encouraged to sip, swirl, and study during the National Tasting /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Peter%20Lehmann%20Shiraz.jpg

01:17 [Raw Story] Larry Klayman defends his anti-Muslim remarks and calls Mitch McConnell ‘a whore’

01:18 [Guardian] US shutdown fallout: why the show of bipartisanship is unlikely to last

01:18 [straight] Planetary survival at stake in Pikmin 3 /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/media-youtube/9mUmDp3WHxE.jpg

01:20 [Reuters: politics] Conservative groups target U.S. Republicans who voted to end shutdown

01:21 [CNET News] Saturn's blings: Diamonds may float in the planet's atmosphere

01:22 [CNN] Rise in lasers pointed at aircraft in New York, FBI says

01:24 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors the Modulus Festival /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Calder%20%282%29.jpg

01:26 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'We have to start from scratch'

01:26 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Is this what the future is like?'

01:33 [CNN: Entertainment] A black film renaissance

01:33 [Telegraph] Councils investigate elderly who sign over homes to children

01:33 [Telegraph] Seven day a week opening for GP practices branded 'unrealistic'

01:36 [CNN] Fall TV scorecard: What's hot and what's not

01:37 [Raw Story] Five Thirty Eight pollster Nate Silver prepares for ESPN venture

01:37 [Voice of America] Google Stock Price Rises Above $1,000

01:38 [CNN: Politics] Shutdown: Four things we learned

01:38 [CNN: Politics] Could Dems retake the House?

01:38 [CNN: Politics] A defeated GOP wants to unite, move on, fight another day

01:38 [Reuters] Pakistan tells U.N. at least 400 civilians killed by drone strikes

01:43 [Voice of America] Kent Klein: Changes Coming Atop US Intelligence Agencies

01:44 [NPR] Court Clears Way For Same-Sex Marriages In New Jersey

01:44 [] Lebanese Shi'ite pilgrims kidnapped in Syria freed

01:45 [straight] Banksy gives new meaning to outsider art /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/FOR_WEB_day_wide.jpg

01:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joanna Zelman: Bill Young Dead: Florida Rep. Dies At 82

01:50 [Telegraph] Towns and cities could lose millions under HS2

01:50 [Telegraph] Syrian rebels free kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims

01:52 [BBC: Entertainment] The Africa Express: Pictures of recording an album in Mali

01:52 [Operation USA] A Letter from President and CEO Richard Walden

01:54 [NPR] Tom Foley, A House Speaker Who Embraced Compromise And Comity

01:54 [OpEdNews] Shutdown Takeaway: The US Wants A Fair Society, Not "Defund Obamacare" Crazy

01:55 [CNN] Convicted Florida murderers still free as officials deflect blame

01:56 [straight] Mascara exempt from United Nations mercury treaty /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/shutterstock_105544043.jpg

01:57 [Slashdot] Crossing the Divide From Software Dev To Hardware Dev

02:05 [CNET News] Apple again said to be trimming iPhone 5C production

02:08 [msnbc: politics] Rep. Bill Young of Florida dies at 82 -- was one of longest-serving members of House

02:09 [CNN] Rep. Bill Young, longest-serving GOP member in House, dies at age 82

02:10 [CNN: Politics] Another shutdown looms

02:12 [zero hedge] 9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The U.S. Dollar

02:13 [CNN: Politics] Rep. Bill Young dies at 82

02:13 [CNN] 'Ghost' goal lifts Bayer Leverkusen to top spot, Roma still perfect

02:16 [straight] NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert questions B.C.'s commitment to capital funding for culture /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/spencer-herbertarts.jpg

02:17 [Raw Story] White House tours set to start again after being suspended since March

02:17 [CNN: Politics] Fleischer: Another shutdown looms

02:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joanna Zelman: Dick Cheney On '60 Minutes' Says He Feared Heart Device In Assassination Effort

02:17 [Voice of America] Former US House Speaker Foley Dies

02:18 [Fox News] NEW ROLL-OUT WORRY? Critics warn of poor checks on ObamaCare 'navigators'

02:19 [Fox News] Fla. Republican Rep. C.W. 'Bill' Young dies at 82

02:20 [Telegraph] Dick Cheney had heart device partially disabled to thwart terrorists

02:21 [The Independent] Vince Cable on the defence over Royal Mail float’s ‘lost millions’

02:21 [The Independent] Shock as Saudi Arabia rejects seat on UN Security Council - just hours after winning a coveted place

02:21 [The Independent] Britain's cruellest care home: 'Institutional abuse' contributed to deaths of five pensioners

02:22 [CNN: Politics] Government back in business

02:22 [CNN: Politics] Budget talks to start

02:22 [CNN: Politics] GOP wants to move on

02:25 [Reuters: politics] Conservative groups target U.S. Republicans who voted to end shutdown

02:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Sledge: Bill De Blasio On 'Transcendent Moment' That Exposes Income Inequality's Wrongs

02:32 [Big Think] Study: Music In Bars Encourages Women To Drink Faster

02:34 [NPR] Bill Young, Longest-Serving Republican Congressman, Dies

02:36 [Reuters: politics] Longest-serving Florida Republican Congressman Bill Young dies: staff

02:36 [CNN] Autistic teen Avonte Oquendo sought in train yard, source says

02:37 [The Independent] London: the new Silicon Valley?

02:37 [The Independent] Market Report: Asian insurer AIA boosts Prudential

02:37 [The Independent] Chinese economy picks up pace but exports are under pressure

02:37 [The Independent] Anthony Hilton: MPs’ posturing about ‘underpriced’ Royal Mail share sale is all a bit rich

02:37 [The Independent] US tax fight sees closure of second Swiss bank

02:37 [The Independent] German deal sets up change of image for Wonga

02:37 [The Independent] UK court dismisses action against Madoff directors

02:37 [Guardian] Bushfires: toll of properties lost soars, with more dangerous weather ahead

02:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fire tears through iconic Zig Zag Railway

02:47 [Raw Story] WATCH: Former GOP Rep. struggles to explain putting his daughters on campaign payroll

02:48 [Unicef] A fellowship programme in the Niger gives rural girls access to secondary education

02:48 [Good] 'School House Rock' for Healthier Communities?

03:02 [Slashdot] A Ray of Hope For Americans and Scientific Literacy?

03:02 [Raw Story] Brazilian oil workers walk off the job for the second straight day

03:02 [Disinformation] Send in the Cows (or, How to Reverse Desertification, Build Soils, and Sequester Carbon)

03:10 [zero hedge] Is The Debt Still Worth The Degree?

03:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points [278] -- ...And The Law Won

03:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jason Linkins: This Should Be Fun: Sen. Bernie Sanders Will Be On Budget Conference Committee

03:12 [CNET News] NSA site where Snowden worked hadn't updated anti-leak software, says report

03:13 [Truthdig] Do We Sleep to Clean Our Brains?

03:15 [Fox News] NEW OBAMACARE WORRIES: Critics warn of weak checks on 'navigators'

03:15 [Fox News] CAUGHT IN CROSS-FIRE Marine's career in jeopardy despite exposing threat

03:15 [Fox News] SKEPTICS CENSORED? LA Times bans letters from climate change doubters

03:15 [Fox News] US SHIP SEIZED Indian police arrest crew on weapons charges

03:28 [CNET News] Illinois court throws out 'Amazon tax' online sales law

03:35 [CBC: politics] Crime law to target 'most heinous' offenders: Peter MacKay

03:37 [Raw Story] Rise in shark fin exports from Peru leads to thousands of dolphin killings

03:37 [CNN] Mother of girl accused of bullying teen arrested on unrelated charges

03:42 [Raw Story] JPMorgan Chase will pay $4 billion fine over junk mortgages

03:43 [Topix Activism News] Amnesty International denounces death threats against blind dissident in Cuba

03:45 [OpEdNews] The Descenders

03:46 [Fox News] Ex-House Speaker Tom Foley dies at 84- Fla. Republican Rep. C.W. 'Bill' Young dies at 82

03:50 [CNN] Bay Area commute crawls as union offers latest bid to end BART strike

03:54 [Reuters: politics] Rep. Bill Young, longest serving Republican in U.S. Congress, dead at 82

03:57 [Raw Story] Bernie Sanders tells Ed Schultz: Southern Democrats are tired of being abandoned by the party

03:58 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Timothy Holbrook: Where Are the Gay Federal Appellate Judges?

03:59 [CNN] School attorney: Others in surveillance footage of gym mat death case

04:00 [Sydney Morning Herald] Emergency warning for Bell residents

04:00 [BBC: Science & Environment] Living lab tests urban food farming

04:01 [zero hedge] Lacy Hunt Warns Federal Reserve Policy Failures Are Mounting

04:02 [Big Think] How To Pitch Frozen Yogurt (And Other Processed Foods) To Men

04:15 [CNN: Entertainment] Character actors: Hey, isn't that ...?

04:15 [CNN: Entertainment] Donald Glover: I was just expressing myself

04:18 [CNN] 'Community' actor Donald Glover: I was just expressing myself

04:21 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan establishment approved drone strikes: UN report

04:27 [Raw Story] Argentinian protesters push Russia to release Greenpeace activists

04:32 [Sydney Morning Herald] Threat intensifies in the Blue Mountains

04:35 [OpEdNews] Beware of Paul Ryan's Lose-a-Battle, Win-a-War Strategy

04:38 [The Hindu - News] ASI surveyed area on Centre’s directive before launching gold hunt

04:44 [Deutsche Welle] Google shares pass $1,000 mark as S&P 500 index closes in record territory

04:47 [Raw Story] Dick Cheney altered his defibrilator to fight terrorist hackers

04:50 [CNN] Lionfish infestation in the Atlantic Ocean now a growing epidemic

04:55 [straight] The new Carrie remake is average at best /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/20130404_carrie_trailer2.jpg

04:57 [CNN] Second suspect arrested in airport dry ice explosions

05:02 [Disinformation] Thug Notes: Animal Farm

05:04 [] Iran leveraging its nuclear program to boost global, regional standing

05:07 [The Hindu - Opinion] Puns intended

05:14 [Voice of America] New Jersey Court: Same-Sex Marriage Can Begin Monday

05:14 [The Hindu - News] Images of the week

05:16 [The Hindu - News] Images of the week

05:17 [Raw Story] A green 007?: Tesla CEO Elon Musk buys James Bond’s ‘submarine car’

05:17 [Raw Story] S.E. Cupp defends D.C.’s NFL team: ‘Native Americans have real problems’

05:24 [Reuters] Maldives election officials say new presidential poll stopped by police

05:26 [Voice of America] New York Man Arrested for Trying to Join al-Qaida

05:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joanna Zelman: Texans Stick With Cruz Despite Defeat In Washington

05:33 [Slashdot] Advances In Cinema Tech Overcoming a Strange Racial Divide

05:33 [The Hindu - News] Kochi roads crumble as PWD gives Minister's deadline a miss

05:35 [The Hindu - News] U.S. debt increases to $17 trillion

05:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] C.J. Prince: Why This Gay Mom Says 'No' to Marriage Equality on the Ballot

05:45 [The Hindu - News] Obama nominates Pentagon lawyer to head Homeland Security

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Snowden says Russia, China, did not get NSA documents

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Sonia’s photo in State govt. ad triggers a row

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Deepavali shopping frenzy takes over Madurai city

05:47 [The Hindu - News] 3,060 head of cattle have fallen to foot-and-mouth disease

05:47 [The Hindu - News] World Bank praises India's Phailin evacuation efforts

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Cabinet clears new IT, textile policies

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Government decides to hand over probe into illegal mining to SIT and CBI

05:48 [CNN] Australian bush fires in New South Wales destroy nearly 200 homes

05:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] What happened to Maria? Police find four-year-old girl

05:51 [Guardian] Maldives police step in to preven rerun of presidential election

05:51 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka Government paving way for mines to resume operations

05:54 [Anarchist news] Layla AbdelRahim speak at Red and Black Cafe

05:55 [The Hindu - News] EU, Canada strike free trade deal

05:56 [Telegraph] Maldives police block presidential revote

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Mounting pressure on rice mill owners

06:01 [The Hindu - News] Stray elephants keep villagers awake

06:03 [The Hindu - News] KPCC chief meets Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

06:03 [The Hindu - News] 20 trapped in Colombia mine collapse

06:03 [AntiWar] More Bombs For Baghdad; 39 Killed, 63 Wounded

06:03 [AntiWar] Afghan Families Want Accountability, Not Apologies

06:03 [AntiWar] The Failed Policy of Collapsism

06:03 [AntiWar] Fractured Opposition Could Derail Syria Talks

06:04 [NPR] St. Louis Cardinals Advance To World Series

06:05 [Reuters] China rebukes Dalai Lama for seeking Tibetan independence: state media

06:05 [The Hindu - News] MP blames Corporation for poorprogress in JNNURM projects

06:07 [Big Think] Distorted Incentives: The Failure of the War on Drugs and a New Way Forward

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Eight held for attempt to sell sand boa

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Mayor opens ward offices

06:10 [Voice of America] US to Use Romanian Airbase for Afghan Pullout

06:15 [The Hindu - News] Google stock crosses $1,000 mark after earnings

06:16 [Reuters: politics] Americans find little to cheer in deal to end fiscal crisis: poll

06:19 [Guardian] Fresh emergency warnings for two Blue Mountains fires, as toll of destroyed properties soars

06:21 [The Hindu - News] Drought-hit coconut farmers seek compensation

06:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] John Culhane: Marriage Equality at Hand in New Jersey

06:22 [Voice of America] Maldives Police Stop Presidential Re-Vote

06:22 [Raw Story] Authorities investigate online death threats against Ted Cruz

06:22 [Raw Story] Ben Carson: If we don’t stop Obamacare, we’ll end up with a single-payer system

06:23 [The Hindu - News] Councillors demand respect from officials

06:26 [The Hindu - News] Oommen Chandy wins round one

06:28 [The Hindu - News] VOC Port to allow export of fireworks


06:30 [The Hindu - News] Dalit woman alleges police inaction

06:30 [Global Voices] Race Riots Remind Russians About Political Divide

06:32 [The Hindu - News] Wholesale merchant robbed of Rs. 15 lakh in Madurai

06:34 [Deutsche Welle] UN asks US how many civilians its unmanned drones kill

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Toll in Uttar Pradesh hooch tragedy climbs to 37

06:42 [The Hindu - News] Police reach out to slum dwellers

06:42 [BBC: Also in the news] US scouts in Utah ancient rock row

06:42 [BBC: Also in the news] Cannabis cat busted by prison guards

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Annabhishekam at Siva temples

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Squabbles hit UDF in Central Travancore

06:50 [The Hindu - News] Farmers plead for proper water management plan

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Merits of mechanisation on agriculture show

06:56 [The Hindu - News] Poompuhar whips up festive fervour

07:00 [The Hindu - News] Metro station at St.Albert’s ground: bigwigs mull options

07:00 [Fox News: politics] Administration says White House tours will resume

07:00 [Fox News: politics] Cheney feared heart device would be used in assassination effort

07:02 [The Hindu - News] Drivers at LPG bottling facility call off stir

07:02 [The Hindu - News] Metro station at St. Albert’s ground: bigwigs mull options

07:03 [CNN] Police: NBA legend Bill Russell arrested with gun at airport

07:08 [The Hindu - News] 20 killed, 44 injured in Philippine road accident

07:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] Warnings for fire with 'kilometres' of front

07:09 [Guardian] China: Nanjing mayor sacked in latest round of corruption crackdown

07:14 [The Hindu - News] Unveiling mystique of math wizard

07:16 [The Hindu - News] Tasmac restrained from opening outlet

07:16 [The Hindu - News] Girl prefers to go with her mother

07:23 [The Hindu - News] A stinking, sinking story world

07:23 [The Hindu - News] Maldives EC calls off re-vote after police intervene

07:25 [OpEdNews] "Our" weaponized Wahhabi bastards

07:28 [Telegraph] Blue Peter's content is 'falling short', says former presenter

07:28 [Telegraph] Axing GCSE coursework 'will lead to drop in girls' grades'

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Maldives EC calls off re-vote after police intervention

07:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] Family turns £525 into $1.2 million

07:41 [Fox News: politics] Gun rights rally to break century-long Alamo tradition

07:45 [NPR] Second Arrest Made In Connection With LAX Dry Ice Explosions

07:45 [OpEdNews] Ted Cruz vs. Twitter: Does Obamacare Hurt Americans?

07:46 [Fox News] Cardinals rout Dodgers to advance to World Series

07:52 [Topix Activism News] Blue Future: Water activist Maude Barlow's most comprehensive book yet

07:54 [Deutsche Welle] Syria rebels free nine Lebanese pilgrims

07:55 [Sydney Morning Herald] Stamp prices to rise amid losses

07:55 [Sydney Morning Herald] Anwar blasts 'weak' response

08:00 [CNN] Sex scandal engulfs Auckland 'super mayor' Len Brown

08:02 [Guardian] Manchester sex attacks: police seek 12-year-old boy

08:05 [The Hindu - News] Special drive to curb illicit operation of private vehicles

08:05 [The Hindu - News] ‘Discrimination against women unfortunate’

08:06 [The Hindu - Opinion] When patents, not patients, matter more

08:07 [The Hindu - News] Promoting road safety through awareness

08:09 [The Hindu - News] AAP popularity rising among the youth, slum dwellers and Dalits: survey

08:12 [Voice of America] Chinese Mayor Fired for Corruption

08:17 [The Hindu - News] This too may disappear

08:19 [The Hindu - News] Art’s own space

08:19 [The Hindu - News] Attorney General Vahanvati for immediate disqualification of convicted MPs

08:19 [The Hindu - News] The Royal Canvas

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Navigation training for marine police begins

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Who will the Muslims vote for?

08:24 [Guardian] HS2: cities that may lose hundreds of millions revealed

08:25 [The Hindu - News] Gambeeram testing track ready for operations

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Samaikyandhra stir hits Transport Dept. hard

08:32 [Slashdot] DNA Sequence Withheld From New Botulism Paper

08:33 [The Hindu - News] ‘Modi rally has increased BJP’s vote share’

08:37 [The Hindu - News] Notes from Washermenpet

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Lending a voice to HIV-infected kids

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Kiran rules out special Assembly session on division

08:40 [] A portrait of Israel presented in the lives of Jerusalem's liberators

08:41 [The Hindu - News] Post-strike, 1,300 RTC buses await fitness certificates

08:43 [The Hindu - News] T-Congress elated over ‘Jaitrayatra’ success

08:43 [The Hindu - News] It’s time for sweets, folks!

08:43 [The Hindu - News] India and Japan set to improve ties: Wanchoo

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Jnanpith awardee Ravuri no more

08:58 [The Hindu - News] A homemaker conquers the world

09:00 [BBC: Entertainment] Stage revival of film giant Laughton

09:02 [The Hindu - News] Kishan denies ‘T’ storm in party

09:03 [Telegraph] 'Our £130,000 bill from identity theft'

09:03 [Telegraph] Princess Diana's sister speaks out for the first time

09:03 [Telegraph] The Queen seeks boss of Windsor Castle with diplomatic skills

09:03 [Telegraph] Help to Buy map: Where it could work

09:04 [The Hindu - News] An epic tragedy

09:06 [BBC: Entertainment] Comedian Felix Dexter dies of cancer

09:10 [Global Voices] The Raqqa Woman who Faced the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

09:11 [CNET News] Mind-numbing mobile plans do buyers no favors (Smartphones Unlocked)

09:14 [Deutsche Welle] Foundation stone laid for Berlin's James Simon Gallery

09:14 [Deutsche Welle] Maldives police force delay of repeat presidential election

09:14 [Guardian] Mohammed Ansar: My 18 months with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson

09:19 [Reuters: politics] Latinos urge California attorney general to probe Herbalife

09:26 [The Hindu - News] Forest personnel now part of TN uniformed services

09:26 [The Hindu - News] Road users at a difficult juncture in Kozhikode

09:30 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka this week

09:30 [The Hindu - News] Tamil Nadu this week

09:30 [The Hindu - News] Kerala this week

09:34 [The Independent] Trafficked? Or abducted? Greece trying to identify girl found in Gypsy camp

09:34 [The Hindu - News] BSF foils infiltration bid in Samba, intruder killed

09:34 [The Hindu - News] A spot of sunshine

09:44 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bondi house sells for $15 million

09:47 [Fox News] SAVE THE RIGS? Environmentalists oppose removing sunken oil platforms

09:47 [Fox News] BACK TO BUSINESS?Obama administration to restart White House tours

09:47 [Fox News] OBAMACARE WORRIES Critics warn of weak checks on 'navigators' /i/redes/icon-video.gif

09:47 [Fox News] TREASURE TIPIndia digs for $50B cache after swami's dream

09:48 [] The road to finalizing a nuclear deal with Iran

09:49 [The Independent] 'A dark day for democracy': Maldives police halt presidential election

09:52 [Voice of America] Florida Congressman Young Dies at 82

09:55 [The Hindu - News] Savings come at a price

09:59 [Guardian] Blue Mountains besieged by fires, with more extreme weather to come

10:01 [The Hindu - News] Finding fingerlings

10:03 [The Hindu - News] YSRC MPs to approach court on rejection of resignations

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Syria reports blast in Damascus suburb

10:05 [The Hindu - News] Vijayawada legislators flay Purandeswari

10:07 [The Hindu - News] A marathon to highlight neglect of a college

10:07 [The Hindu - News] Philippines calls off search for quake survivors

10:13 [The Hindu - News] Officials criticised for poor road works in Kozhikode

10:15 [The Hindu - News] Bus terminus expected to go operational in two months

10:15 [] Mild earthquake rocks northern Israel overnight

10:17 [The Hindu - News] Delay in stormwater drain work irks residents

10:19 [The Hindu - News] Residents of Thiruvengada Nagar win two-year battle for a park

10:21 [The Independent] At least 400 civilians killed by drone strikes, Pakistan tells UN

10:21 [The Hindu - News] Residents vexed by dumping of garbage

10:21 [The Hindu - News] When buildings tear down lives

10:23 [The Hindu - News] Saving ecology through technology

10:25 [The Hindu - News] Andhra Pradesh this week

10:27 [The Hindu - News] French, Thai experts search for lost plane in Laos

10:29 [The Hindu - News] Roads that fare well during rains

10:31 [The Hindu - News] An eyesore, a safety hazard

10:31 [The Hindu - News] All walkers on board

10:32 [Le Monde diplomatique] What was “essential” and what wasn't

10:37 [The Independent] South African police arrest five over murder of toddlers found dead in Diepsloot township toilet

10:37 [The Independent] George Osborne 'actively considering' bad bank plan in RBS break-up

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Handicapped pets get a leg up

10:41 [CNN] Obamacare: 5 things that have happened since the launch

10:41 [CNN] The longest flight in the world

10:42 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: GP exam 'unfair to minorities'

10:42 [Reuters] Suicide blast kills at least 16 Syrian security personnel

10:48 [Voice of America] Blast Near Damascus Kills 16 Syrian Soldiers

10:55 [Guardian] SNP conference - Alex Salmond's speech: Politics live blog

10:56 [The Hindu - News] Delhi gets new kidney transplant unit

10:59 [CNET News] The perils of being 'the car guy'

11:00 [The Hindu - News] Ceasefire violations a matter of great concern: Khurshid

11:01 [] Suicide blast kills at least 16 Syrian security personnel

11:04 [The Hindu - News] Street vendors celebrate World Food Day in the Capital

11:06 [The Hindu - News] Peace returns to violence-hit AP town; curfew lifted

11:09 [CNN] Australia probes possible military link to wildfire

11:14 [Deutsche Welle] Syria suicide blast kills over a dozen soldiers

11:16 [CNN] Death toll climbs to 175 in Philippines earthquake

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Man held on charge of bashing up infant grand daughter

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan embarks on a five-day visit to Russia, China on Sunday

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Star Garden to come up at Kodanad

11:26 [The Hindu - News] 139 years old and refusing to be consigned to history

11:31 [Global Voices] Viral Video Compares Chinese Top Leaders to Kung Fu Masters

11:32 [Slashdot] 1.8 Million-Year-Old Skull Suggests Three Early Human Species Were One

11:34 [The Hindu - News] Ayurveda College to be centre of excellence

11:38 [The Independent] English FA 'letting down black players' says board member Heather Rabbatts

11:43 [The Hindu - News] NOTA option in Mizoram Assembly poll

11:43 [CNN] Activists: 16 soldiers die in blast in Syria

11:43 [Reuters] Suicide bomber kills 13 at restaurant in central Somalia: MP

11:45 [The Hindu - News] Lining up, for a few minutes with their CM

11:49 [CNN] Mystery blonde girl found in Greece prompts search for clues

11:49 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) protest peaceful

11:49 [The Hindu - News] Yercaud bypoll: CPM to support AIADMK

11:53 [The Hindu - News] Yercaud bypoll: CPI (M) to support AIADMK

11:53 [Telegraph] US signs deal to use Romanian air base

11:53 [Telegraph] US scout leaders get death threats for toppling rock

11:54 [The Independent] Italy court hands Silvio Berlusconi two-year ban from public office - but it won't apply unless he is expelled from Senate

11:54 [The Independent] Two in hospital after fire at Kidlington immigration centre

11:54 [Reuters] Afghan assembly to decide next month on future role of U.S. troops

11:57 [The Hindu - News] 3 more babies die in Malda hospital, toll rises to 18

11:57 [The Hindu - News] 106 BPL ration cards distributed

11:59 [The Hindu - News] Malda infant deaths: toll rises to 18

12:00 [Reuters] Italy court hands Berlusconi two-year ban from public office

12:01 [] Netanyahu announces new bill for prolonged detention of illegal migrants

12:01 [The Hindu - News] Raja Bhaiya gets Food and Civil Supplies portfolio

12:03 [The Hindu - News] Two-year public office ban for Berlusconi

12:04 [Guardian] Badger cull hit by legal challenge

12:05 [The Hindu - News] Kunal Ghosh summoned for 7th time

12:06 [Topix Activism News] Homeless advocates fight Wiener's effort to close parks at night

12:06 [Reuters] India charges 33 aboard armed U.S. 'anti-piracy' ship

12:07 [The Hindu - News] Excavation for treasure continues for second day at Unnao fort

12:07 [The Hindu - News] Students pay tribute to Ujire rape victim

12:11 [The Hindu - News] Panel to study impact of hydel projects on Uttarakhand ecology

12:11 [Reuters] Suicide bomber kills 13 at restaurant in central Somalia

12:13 [The Hindu - News] Notice to NHAI over bad road

12:14 [CBC: politics] Harper's government by Twitter isn't all bad for journalists

12:14 [Guardian] Syrian soldiers killed in Damascus suicide bombing

12:15 [CBC: politics] 5 ways the Canada-EU trade deal will impact Canadians

12:15 [The Hindu - News] Yeddyurappa makes formal move to be part of NDA

12:16 [] Israel becomes major hub in the international cocaine trade, abuse on the rise

12:21 [The Hindu - News] Kerala Bird Race on November 10

12:22 [Voice of America] Obama Lists 3 Areas Where Legislators Can Work Together

12:23 [Telegraph] Sunny summer to bring a riot of colour this autumn

12:24 [Mother Jones] The Worst Wildfires in a Decade Pour Acrid Smoke Over Sydney /files/c1.JPG

12:25 [The Hindu - News] Police seize PDS rice, lorry in raid at Tumkur

12:27 [The Hindu - News] Alternative farming lacks suitable forum in Mysore

12:29 [Deutsche Welle] Court bans Berlusconi from public office for two years

12:29 [The Hindu - News] Congress trying to water down probe in coal scam: BJP

12:29 [The Hindu - News] ‘Unfair to blame PM for decisions taken by bureaucrats’

12:31 [Global Voices] Gift from French Investing Group Bolloré to Ivorian University Stirs Controversy

12:31 [The Hindu - News] BJP to lay siege to CM’s home office

12:32 [Guardian] Fire at Campsfield House immigration removal centre leaves two in hospital

12:34 [The Hindu - News] Talavara, Parivara may be included in Scheduled Tribes list

12:34 [Deutsche Welle] EU to boost Europe's sluggish Internet

12:36 [The Hindu - News] Transport corporations incurring losses because of inefficient officers: Minister

12:37 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Public urged to slug spot in garden

12:38 [The Hindu - News] Dalits in Maharashtra village allege social boycott, harassment

12:39 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi banned from parliament and elections for two years

12:40 [The Hindu - News] BgSE offers VRS to staff

12:42 [The Hindu - News] 800 quintals of rice seized

12:46 [The Hindu - News] Kaveri (1959)

12:46 [BBC: Entertainment] Asthma-hit singer stops Beijing gig

12:48 [The Hindu - News] Cinema Quiz

12:53 [Sydney Morning Herald] Labor regains seat of Miranda

12:55 [Telegraph] Watch live: Malala Yousafzai at Edinburgh University

12:55 [NPR] '12 Years' Records Enslavement, But How Does The Story End?

12:55 [NPR] Credit Cards Under Pressure To Police Online Expression

12:55 [NPR] 'It Takes A Crisis': How '73 Embargo Fueled Change In U.S.

12:55 [NPR] Business Leaders Decry The Economic Cost Of Uncertainty

12:56 [The Independent] Twelve killed in Somalia suicide attack

12:57 [Raw Story] India goes to Mars

12:58 [Voice of America] VOA News: Burma Police Round Up Bombing Suspects

13:02 [The Hindu - News] Audio Beat: Ravana Desam - In search of an identity

13:04 [The Hindu - News] Spirited fare?

13:06 [Slate Magazine] Lessons of the Shutdown, Binge Drinking and Rape, and Not-So-Cool Technology

13:07 [Raw Story] Lt. Col. James Wilkerson says he was ‘dragged through the mud to satisfy a political agenda’ in military sexual assault scandal

13:08 [The Hindu - News] Audio Beat: All in all Azhaguraja - Laugh out loud

13:10 [The Hindu - News] Etcetera: Hero or zero?

13:11 [CNET News] Carbon-negative energy, a reality at last -- and cheap, too

13:12 [CNN] Tall, white Stetsons; belly-laughing truisms: Bum Phillips dies at 90

13:12 [The Independent] Anti-Assad fighters kill 16 soldiers in suicide bomb blast near Syrian capital, say activists

13:17 [Raw Story] Kenya mall video ‘shows soldiers with shopping bags’

13:17 [Raw Story] Groundwater radiation spikes at crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant

13:18 [The Hindu - News] After fiscal crisis, Washington must change: Obama

13:19 [Guardian] Newcastle United v Liverpool – live

13:19 [Guardian] George Osborne says RBS breakup decision imminent

13:22 [CNN] Mystery blonde girl found in Greece prompts search for parents

13:27 [The Hindu - News] French govt defends family expulsion

13:27 [Raw Story] Longest serving Republican in Congress Rep. Bill Young dead at 82

13:27 [Raw Story] From adultery to illegal gambling — U.S. military generals face tougher scrutiny for personal conduct

13:28 [The Hindu - Opinion] Native exotica

13:31 [Reuters] Islamist rebels say they were behind Somalia suicide bombing

13:36 [Reuters] Car bomb, clashes kill at least 16 Syrian security personnel

13:36 [] New Israeli legislation aims to change the definition of rape as we know it

13:36 [The Hindu - Opinion] Native exotica

13:37 [The Hindu - News] Lokayukta weakest in Rajasthan: Kothari

13:37 [The Hindu - News] Shahid: Law and disorder

13:37 [Raw Story] The man behind the emperor: major Augustus exhibit opens in Rome

13:38 [The Hindu - Opinion] Native exotica

13:39 [Deutsche Welle] The secrets of Germany's economic success

13:41 [The Hindu - News] 12 killed in Somalia suicide attack

13:41 [CNN] Death toll climbs to 183 in Philippines earthquake

13:41 [CNN] Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Three things I learned about Dick Cheney

13:41 [Telegraph] Comedy actor Felix Dextor dies aged 52

13:42 [Global Voices] Sydney's Devastating Early Season Bushfires Spark Climate Change Brawl

13:42 [Reuters] Car bomb explodes near Egypt army intelligence building: sources

13:42 [CNN: Health] Obamacare launch: What happened?

13:42 [CNN: Health] Dr. Gupta: 3 things I learned about Dick Cheney

13:43 [The Hindu - News] Escape Plan: Prison impossible

13:48 [The Hindu - Opinion] Going postal

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Captain Phillips: Excellent is the word

13:49 [The Hindu - News] Outtakes: Terence Davies

13:49 [CNN] Suicide bomber strikes in Somalia; 19 dead

13:53 [zero hedge] Dollar Breaks Down

13:55 [The Hindu - News] She made the mocking bird sing forever

13:55 [The Hindu - News] This Baas stinks

13:57 [The Hindu - News] Don’t take Modi seriously: Natchiappan

13:57 [The Hindu - News] Probe against Musharraf to be completed in 6 weeks

13:57 [Raw Story] Boy Scout leaders get death threats after video of them toppling massive 170 million-year-old rock goes viral

13:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Guilty of poverty

13:59 [Voice of America] 15 Killed in Somalia Attack; Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility

13:59 [The Independent] Boy as young as 12 sought by police over Manchester sex attacks

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Sabarigiri crisis: KEWF blames KSEB, Govt

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Gautham Menon teams up with Ajith?

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Malleswaram blast: chargesheet filed

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Sequels that sank

13:59 [The Hindu - News] Caught between two worlds in Lampedusa

14:01 [The Hindu - News] Many tales to tell

14:03 [The Hindu - News] Boss: This Baas stinks

14:05 [The Hindu - News] PMO: Hindalco coal block allocation based on merit

14:05 [The Hindu - News] Viewfinder

14:07 [The Hindu - News] Student of the year!

14:07 [Red Pepper] Open source energy

14:11 [NPR] St. Louis Heads To World Series; Here's How The Cards Did It

14:12 [Raw Story] Former head of Tijuana drug cartel Arellano Felix shot dead at family party

14:14 [The Independent] Brazil fire destroys huge Copersucar sugar terminal

14:15 [Reuters] Buy it or hate it, New Yorkers flock to Banksy's art

14:17 [Guardian] Felix Dexter dies aged 52

14:19 [Voice of America] VOA News: 15 Killed in Somalia Attack

14:22 [Raw Story] Massive asteroid TV135 due back near Earth in 2032

14:25 [CNN] Suspicion grows over Norwegian's role in Kenya mall attack -- Norway

14:26 [Reuters] Afghan assembly sets November date for decision on U.S. troops

14:26 [Reuters] Car bomb, clashes kill over 30 near Syrian capital

14:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Yasmine Hafiz: 'Yoga: The Art Of Transformation' Showcases 2,000 Years Of Body Spirit Connection

14:28 [Telegraph] Cartoon pyjamas gave away armed gang

14:28 [Telegraph] Al Qaeda-linked rebels kill 16 Syrian government troops

14:29 [CNN] Suicide bomber strikes in Somalia; 20 dead

14:29 [The Atlantic: Politics] A New Front in the Abortion War

14:30 [The Hindu - News] Modi: Bury vote bank politics forever

14:30 [The Independent] HS2: Cities which stand to lose out revealed

14:34 [CNN] Power lines blamed for 2 of Australia's dozens of fires

14:36 [The Hindu - News] SEC postpones Ganjam polls, schools to open after Oct. 29

14:37 [Raw Story] Zimmerman lawyer wants to hold parents accountable for kids’ cyberbullying following 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick’s suicide

14:37 [Raw Story] Kepler-56 tilted planetary system throws planet-formation theories for a loop

14:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rick Horowitz: They Shut It Down. They Got Nothing.

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Can Tanya Plibersek save the ALP?

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I received death threats', Aussie cricketer reveals

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Aussie exodus: London is, like, so last decade

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'You get a lot less today for a million'

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] MPs repay $20k in three weeks

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Close eye kept on repeat arson offenders

14:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Is the worst still to come?

14:42 [Raw Story] NJ Senator-elect Cory Booker: Our generation ‘has no right to indulge in cynicism’

14:44 [Fox News] 'REPREHENSIBLE'Scout leaders who toppled Utah rock may face charges

14:44 [Fox News] TRIUMPHANT RETURNSuspended student athlete shines in first game back

14:44 [Fox News] ORPHAN BATTLE CRY'Blind Side' mom tells kids to grab life by 'bootstraps' /i/redes/icon-video.gif

14:44 [Fox News] FLYING BLINDFBI's terrorism unit probes laser attacks on planes

14:44 [Fox News] 'UNPRECEDENTED': EPA accused of power grab over proposed water rule

14:45 [The Independent] Workers at the Grangemouth oil refinery to stage rally amid dispute over future of the site

14:46 [Slashdot] Huawei Using NSA Scandal To Turn Tables On Accusations of Spying

14:47 [Guardian] Syria: dozens killed in clashes after suicide attack in Damascus

14:48 [Reuters] Car bomb near Egypt army intelligence building wounds four

14:48 [The Hindu - News] Panel asks Cameron to boycott CHOGM

14:50 [Deutsche Welle] Australia forest fires destroy dozens of homes with conditions set to worsen

14:50 [Deutsche Welle] Deportation of Roma schoolgirl from France is 'lawful'

14:50 [The Hindu - News] Panel asks Cameron to boycott CHOGM

14:52 [The Hindu - News] 2008 cash-for-vote scam: Delhi Court defers order on charge

14:52 [Raw Story] Propaganda balloons carry rumor that Kim Jong Un’s wife once starred in a homemade adult film

14:54 [The Hindu - News] CLP will work together to win polls: Gogoi

14:55 [Voice of America] Blast, Fighting Near Damascus Kills 16 Syrian Soldiers

15:00 [Reuters] Italy court bans Berlusconi from public office for two years

15:02 [The Hindu - News] Expelled 15-year-old can come back alone: Hollande

15:05 [Reuters] Turkey rejects EU view of handling of protests, pleased with report

15:17 [The Hindu - News] GoM on AP bifurcation to study suggestions

15:17 [The Independent] Ghost goal strikes again as Bayer Leverkusen beat Hoffenheim thanks to a Stefan Kiessling header which went through a hole in the side netting

15:17 [Voice of America] Death Toll from Mali Boat Accident Rises to 72

15:17 [Reuters] Maldives police halt presidential election; Britain, United States denounce delay

15:21 [NPR] After Escape, Fla. Killers Signed In With Authorities

15:21 [CNN] What's got into the Saudis?

15:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Emily Swanson: Republicans Still Like Ted Cruz After Shutdown, Rest Of America Has Had Enough

15:22 [Raw Story] Google files patent for gesture-activated car controls

15:22 [Raw Story] Outgoing Wikipedia Foundation Chair Sue Gardner critical of the site’s fundraising efforts

15:23 [The Hindu - News] PM confident on Kudankulam reactor deal

15:25 [The Hindu - Opinion] Ticket, ticket...

15:30 [Telegraph] Meet Major Pricilla: the woman pacifying Rio's favelas ahead of the World Cup

15:31 [zero hedge] The Poverty Of The American Political Theater Of The Absurd

15:39 [CNN] Dozens hurt in Buenos Aires train wreck

15:40 [Deutsche Welle] Uranium ore tempts Tanzania to dig dangerously

15:41 [The Hindu - News] SC asks CBI to probe corporates in Radia tapes

15:42 [CNN] Weight loss success: Couple loses 538 pounds in 19 months

15:43 [The Hindu - News] Living Shahid’s life

15:44 [Reuters] Suicide bomber kills 16 in Somali cafe attack aimed at foreign troops

15:44 [Reuters] Car bomb near Egypt army intelligence building wounds six

15:46 [Guardian] Premier League clockwatch – live! | Ian McCourt

15:46 [Telegraph] US debt: 'Your shutdown is not an 'epic battle', it is bad governance'

15:49 [Voice of America] Henry Ridgwell: Tokyo Gears Up For 2020 Olympics

15:49 [The Hindu - News] RJD to be flexible towards seat adjustment: Ram Kripal Yadav

15:51 [Slashdot] Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party'

15:51 [CNN: Money] 25 highest-paid women

15:56 [NPR] Girl's Deportation Was Mishandled, But Legal, French Say

16:02 [Disinformation] Facebook Building Walled Corporate City For Employees

16:02 [Disinformation] Americans Increasingly Turn To Selling Body Parts

16:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Obama's Religion Is Out Of Spotlight But Christian Spirituality Serves During Tough Times

16:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Zogby: The Roots of Our Political Dysfunction

16:03 [The Independent] Expelled 15-year-old Roma schoolgirl can return to France - without her family

16:03 [The Independent] Schoolgirl Malala Yousafza reunited with friends injured in Taliban bus attack

16:03 [The Independent] Opponents of badger cull in Gloucestershire mount legal challenge to halt extension

16:04 [CNN] U.S. showdown roiled globe -- but default is not always a dirty word

16:13 [Truthdig] Hustler Publisher Asks Authorities to Pardon His Shooter

16:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Obama: 'There Were No Winners In This' Government Shutdown (VIDEO)

16:19 [Good] How Do You Really Figure Out What You Want to Do?

16:22 [Topix Activism News] Activists pressing Kroger to reject genetically modified salmon

16:26 [Fox News: politics] Pressure mounts for Sebelius to testify about ObamaCare website problems

16:26 [The Hindu - News] Car bomb hits military compound in Egypt

16:28 [The Hindu - News] Car bomb hits military compound in Egypt

16:29 [CNN: Money] Wal-Mart moms vent disgust with politics

16:29 [CNN: Money] Starbucks CEO has another Grande plan

16:31 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Danielle Cadet: President Obama Starts His Day With These Devotionals

16:32 [Truthout] The Right’s Closed Information Loop May Set Up the Next Shut Down

16:36 [NPR] Shedding Sterotypes, More Librarians Show Us Their Tats

16:42 [] Hamas PM calls for armed struggle, popular uprising against peace talks with Israel

16:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Arnold Schwarzenegger 2016? Former Governor Mulls Rule Change Push To Run For President: REPORT

16:44 [CNN] Suicide bomber strikes in Somalia

16:45 [Fox News] Sebelius feels pressure to testifyon ObamaCare website issues

16:45 [Fox News] CHARGES POSSIBLE170M-year-old formation toppled by scout leaders

16:45 [Voice of America] Maldives Police Block Presidential Re-Vote

16:46 [The Hindu - News] Mars mission delayed by a week due to late ship: ISRO

16:48 [Slashdot] Dick Cheney Had Implanted Defibrillator Altered To Prevent Terrorist Attack

16:50 [The Independent] John F. Kennedy assassination: US academic scorns 'completely flawed' evidence which fuelled conspiracy theories

16:50 [The Independent] Newcastle 2 Liverpool 2: Mixed emotions for Steven Gerrard after 100th Premier League goal dampened by failure to win

16:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: William Hilton Paul, Rand Paul's Son, Cited For Underage Drinking

16:56 [The Hindu - News] Mars mission delayed by a week due to late ship: ISRO

16:57 [OpEdNews] Tragedy Off Lampedusa: How Poverty and Population Factors Sink the Future of Immigrants

16:57 [Raw Story] Obama: Washington ‘has to change’ after shutdown and debt ceiling crisis

17:02 [zero hedge] Goldman: Entire S&P Move Higher Is Due To Multiple Expansion; Shiller P/E Says 30% Overvalued So... Buy

17:02 [Fox News: politics] Louisiana voters at polls to pick House candidates, amid large field

17:02 [Telegraph] Inside Farsala: the Roma camp in Greece where blonde four-year-old was found

17:02 [CNET News] What's up with Neil Young's Pono high-resolution music system?

17:03 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: New Report Reveals 48% of School Children Come from Low Income Families; Indicates Long-Term Trend in American Poverty

17:12 [CNET News] 'Eyes-Free Yoga' turns Kinect into teacher for the blind

17:18 [Telegraph] Magistrates throw out plan to ditch Bible oath

17:21 [The Independent] Dick Cheney feared terrorist heart attack

17:28 [Truthout] Hawaii: A Voice For Sovereignty

17:32 [] More than 100 olive trees uprooted in West Bank, Palestinians report

17:34 [Telegraph] Malala Yousafzai reunited with injured friends

17:34 [Telegraph] Art of war: special show for acclaimed murals

17:42 [Raw Story] Maddow to same sex couples: ‘Just get married’ whether it’s legal or not

17:49 [Truthout] Writer and Farmer Wendell Berry on Hope, Direct Action, and the "Resettling" of the American Countryside

17:52 [The Independent] 11 killas as Belgian plane carrying parachutists crashes

17:52 [The Independent] SNP Conference: UK ministers 'working against Scotland'

17:52 [Slate Magazine] The Longform Guide to Gay Talese

17:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: One Of The Nation's Strictest Death Penalty Provisions Is Under Scrutiny

17:55 [Voice of America] French, Thai Experts Aid Search for Laos Plane Wreckage

17:56 [Fox News: politics] MSNBC airs wrong photo in reporting retired Congressman Foley's death

17:59 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Week In Sports – Week Of October 19, 2013

18:02 [zero hedge] 4 Things To Ponder This Weekend

18:02 [Slashdot] Samsung Offers Patent Cease-Fire in EU

18:03 [straight] Halloween Video Countdown Day 19: Siouxsie and the Banshees /files/styles/section_thumbnail/public/Banshees.jpg

18:04 [Telegraph] Belgium plane crash kills 11 parachutists

18:07 [Big Think] Are Oreos More Addictive Than Cocaine?

18:10 [Deutsche Welle] Syrian refugees no longer welcome in Egypt

18:10 [Mother Jones] Happy Birthday to Me

18:11 [CNN] Skull sparks human evolution controversy

18:11 [Reuters] NBA legend Bill Russell cited for loaded gun at Seattle airport

18:15 [Voice of America] VOA News: French, Thai Experts Aid Search for Laos Plane Wreckage

18:17 [Fox News] PAY IT FORWARD Ellen rewards waitress who paid troops' lunch tab /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:17 [Fox News] GOOD DEED UNPUNISHEDWalmart offers Good Samaritan job back

18:17 [Voice of America] Reuters: Car Bomb Near Egypt Army Intelligence Building Wounds 6

18:20 [Telegraph] Francois Hollande: Deported Roma girl can return from Kosovo

18:20 [Telegraph] 'Queen Cristina' facing the end of her reign

18:20 [Telegraph] Violin thought to have been played by the Titanic's bandmaster fetches £900,000 at auction

18:20 [Telegraph] Alex Salmond challenges David Cameron to TV debate over Scottish independence

18:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tyler Kingkade: University Of California Budget Still Rocky After Years Of Drastic Cuts

18:22 [The Hindu - News] India may benefit from financial access initiative

18:23 [The Independent] SNP Conference: Alex Salmond reveals date his government will publish blueprint for independence

18:23 [The Independent] Violin 'that was played as Titanic sank' fetches £900,000 record price

18:26 [NPR] 190-Plus Nations In 23 Years For World's 'Most Traveled' Man

18:28 [CNN] Tiger Woods' agent threatens legal action for 'cheat' accusation

18:29 [Guardian] Belgium plane crash kills all 11 people on board

18:33 [OpEdNews] Ted Cruz as Mad Hatter (But Cruz Isn't Mad, He's a Sociopath)

18:33 [Truthdig] Compromise

18:33 [Truthdig] What Was “Essential” and What Wasn’t

18:33 [Truthdig] Snidely Whiplash

18:35 [Deutsche Welle] Bayern come back to beat Mainz

18:39 [CNN] NYPD: Arrest in bikers' clash with SUV driver

18:39 [The Independent] Chelsea 4 Cardiff 1 match report: Samuel Eto'o finally opens his Blues account as Jose Mourinho is sent to the stands

18:43 [Voice of America] Brahimi Pushes for Syria Peace Talks on Egypt Visit

18:46 [CNET News] At Apple, gold iPhone 5S is known as 'the Kardashian phone'

18:47 [] Israeli Arab thought dead in Syria contacts family

18:47 [Fox News: politics] Pennsylvania mayor asks residents not to vote for him

18:55 [The Independent] Girl trafficked into UK to have organs harvested, says Government report

18:57 [straight] Why the B.C. NDP should pay attention to Christy Clark's newfound interest in arts and culture /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/christy%20clark%20four%20seasons%202.png

18:58 [OpEdNews] Ideological Disaster

19:03 [Slashdot] OCZ May Be On Its Last Legs

19:03 [CNN: Crime] Family seeks Greenpeace captain's return

19:03 [CNN: Crime] Police: NBA legend Bill Russell arrested with gun at airport

19:03 [CNN: Crime] Hernandez acquaintance pleads not guilty

19:03 [CNN: Crime] Police seek mistakenly freed killers; DOC says it's not to blame

19:03 [CNN: Crime] Mile high couple fined for in-flight sex

19:04 [straight] Sensible B.C. calls on businesses to help keep its canvassers out of the rain /files/styles/small_image_teaser/public/sensiblebc1_130927_0.jpg

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Ravuri laid to rest with full state honours

19:05 [The Hindu - News] Disqualify convicted MPs without further delay: AG

19:07 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Sings To Joe Arpaio, Botches Geography

19:07 [Big Think] How Being A Night Owl Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

19:11 [] Police Block Maldives Presidential Vote

19:12 [zero hedge] Weekend Humor: Obamacare's "Success" In Context

19:12 [CNN: Crime] Couple fined for in-flight sex

19:12 [CNN: Crime] Same-sex marriages can start Monday in New Jersey

19:12 [Raw Story] How young heroines helped redefine girlhood as a state of strength

19:12 [Raw Story] Violin played to calm Titanic’s soon-to-be-dead passengers sells for world-record $1.45 million at auction

19:12 [Raw Story] Nissan under mounting pressure as United Auto Workers union targets Mississippi plant

19:12 [Raw Story] ‘Desperate’ donors tighten purse strings on right-wing groups and ‘self-immolating’ GOP

19:16 [Fox News] 'THIS IS THE ENEMY'Yellowstone anglers ordered to kill rainbows

19:16 [Fox News: politics] Pot legalization effort moves eastward to Maine

19:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: Brahimi Pushes for Syria Peace Talks on Egypt Visit

19:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Diane Ravitch: The Shame of Our Nation

19:18 [OpEdNews] US vs. Lavabit

19:24 [Voice of America] October 19, 2013

19:24 [Telegraph] British tourist dies saving a swimmer in Cyprus

19:24 [Telegraph] Bermuda may send prisoners to British jails

19:25 [The Hindu - News] Brain stroke fast growing phenomenon in Indian youth

19:26 [CNN] MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo hits seagull, sets lap record at Phillip Island

19:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Christopher Rosen: 'The Fifth Estate' Bombs On Friday Night; 'Gravity' Holds No. 1

19:32 [Raw Story] Orionids meteor shower will peak Sunday night

19:32 [Raw Story] Brewers and vintners brace for climate change

19:33 [CNN] Polio cases suspected in Syria

19:34 [CNN] Convicted Florida murderers still free as officials deflect blame

19:35 [Deutsche Welle] German Greens elect Peter as female co-leader

19:42 [The Hindu - News] Launch girders of Metro Rail pressed into service

19:43 [zero hedge] Unlike America, China Is Embracing Bold Reform

19:45 [Deutsche Welle] Egyptian intelligence center in Suez city Ismailia attacked

19:45 [Deutsche Welle] Multiple deaths in Belgian plane crash

19:48 [The Hindu - News] Agitations increased work pressure of police: DGP

19:50 [Guardian] Assassination pushes Libya towards civil war two years after Gaddafi death

19:52 [The Hindu - News] Lecturer ends life as friend spurns his love

19:52 [Raw Story] Harry Belafonte sues Martin Luther King Jr.’s heirs in copyright fight

19:56 [Slashdot] How PR Subverts Wikipedia

19:58 [Truthout] What to Expect During the Cease-Fire

19:58 [Truthdig] Abenomics in 14 Words

20:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Cory Booker's Win Exposes Glaring Senate Reality

20:04 [The Hindu - News] All is not well at the nursing hostel on hygiene front

20:11 [Telegraph] Protests in Rome turn violent as demonstrators attack economy ministry

20:11 [Telegraph] House of Commons Speaker John Bercow: I didn't plant question at PMQs

20:11 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The JPMorgan Problem Writ Large

20:12 [Big Think] Discovered: A New Connection Between Excess Belly Fat And Dementia

20:12 [The Hindu - News] A ‘fine’ way to raking in the moolah

20:13 [Truthdig] The Debt Ceiling Circus: The Show Must Go On

20:15 [The Hindu - Opinion] Camus in the covers

20:15 [Fox News] Prank turned proposal

20:15 [Fox News] Best way to pay down $50k debt

20:18 [Truthout] Whether or Not You Like It, You're Helping McDonald's Succeed

20:18 [Truthout] The Abject Failure of Reaganomics

20:22 [Raw Story] Democratic Rep: ‘Rabid, sophomoric’ tea partiers are ‘domestic enemies’ of the U.S.

20:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Maine Marijuana Vote Has Heavy National Implications, Could Be 'The Next Domino'

20:23 [Truthout] Jim Hightower | Health Care Hypocrisy

20:26 [NPR] Violin Said To Have Been On The Titanic Sells For $1.5M

20:26 [Topix Activism News] Damon Root and Clark Neily Talk Judicial Activism, Fundamental Rights, and Suing the Government

20:27 [CBC: politics] Harper government joins court challenge of Quebec's right to secede

20:27 [CNN] Violin played as Titanic sank sells for $1.7 million

20:30 [CNET News] Microsoft yanks Windows RT 8.1 update from Windows Store

20:40 [Deutsche Welle] Austerity protests draw tens of thousands in Italy, Portugal

20:41 [Telegraph] Iran attempts to silence its 'Death to America' chants

20:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Gay Marriage Spotlight Shines On New Jersey, Pennsylvania

20:47 [The Hindu - News] PMO defends allocation of coal block to Hindalco

20:49 [Fox News: politics] ObamaCare site glitches run risk of turning off millenials

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Probe criminal dimensions of Radia conversations, court asks CBI

20:56 [CNN] Plane carrying skydivers crashes in Belgium

20:56 [CNN] ATP Tour: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's finals hopes hit by Austrian setback

21:00 [Voice of America] VOA News: Titanic Violin Nabs Record $1.4 Million

21:02 [Slashdot] Reprogrammed Bacterium Speaks New Language of Life

21:03 [Disinformation] Video Captures Police Stop And Frisk As Practiced In Philadelphia

21:03 [The Hindu - News] ANR struck by cancer of intestine

21:05 [Reuters] JPMorgan in tentative $13 billion deal with U.S.: source

21:05 [The Hindu - News] CMTI, NAL ink pacts

21:05 [The Hindu - News] Despite ban, sale of tobacco continues in city

21:07 [CBC: politics] Feds invest $2.6M in poultry technologies, vaccines

21:09 [Fox News: politics] US quietly releasing $1.6B in Pakistan assistance

21:09 [The Hindu - News] United Spirits asked to compensate consumer for ‘defective whisky’

21:11 [] Worldwide Actions Call for Clean Energy in 'Global Frackdown'

21:11 [zero hedge] When Hyman Minsky Runs For The Hills: Japan Central Bank To "Own" 100% Of GDP In 5 Years

21:12 [Big Think] How A Good Night's Sleep Can Literally Clean Out The Brain

21:16 [NPR] Reports: JPMorgan Reaches $13 Billion Mortgages Settlement

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Chargesheet filed against 14 in Malleswaram blast case

21:20 [Global Voices] Free Expression, Right to Information Focus of Blog Action Day Brazil

21:22 [Raw Story] Cruz rails at Republicans who ended shutdown: Expect to be challenged from the right

21:26 [CNN] 9 Lebanese nationals swapped for 2 Turkish pilots

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Five sand smugglers booked for attempt to murder

21:30 [The Hindu - News] ATM transactions: two banks penalised

21:30 [CNN] Family members of escaped Florida inmates plead for their surrender

21:31 [The Independent] Of mice and menus: The wonderful world of Walt Disney, waffles, and growing waistlines

21:33 [Truthdig] ‘We Could Have Achieved So Much…’ Say Progressives

21:33 [OpEdNews] Poetic Justice: Kansas Supreme Court Revokes Law License of Anti-Abortion Zealot Former AG

21:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dan Agin: The Way It Was, the One Percent, and What's Changed?

21:38 [Reuters] JPMorgan in tentative $13 billion deal with U.S. Justice Deptartment: source

21:44 [msnbc: politics] Sebelius will be a no-show at Obamacare hearing

21:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Murray Fromson: Reflections on "The Crisis"

21:46 [CNET News] Google Hangouts for iOS dials up free voice calls for US, Canada

21:46 [CNET News] Evernote's Phil Libin on how his company was saved at the eleventh hour

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Experts exchange ideas on prevention of stroke

21:52 [Raw Story] Albuquerque embraces ‘Breaking Bad’ with funeral for Walter White

21:52 [Guardian] Police cars forced to act as ambulances as A&E overflows

21:52 [Guardian] Manchester sex attacks: boy, 14, one of two arrested

21:54 [The Hindu - News] Chennai heritage building gets Rs. 11 cr

21:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Harry Bradford: Larry Summers Was Offered Job As Head Of Bank Of Israel

21:56 [The Hindu - News] Water Board to focus on revenue collection

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Engagements - Chennai, October 20

22:02 [The Hindu - News] Anna University leaves publishers high and dry

22:03 [Truthdig] Political Suicide Bomber

22:04 [The Hindu - News] Cancer screening technology to be extended to diabetes

22:05 [Guardian] Nick Clegg turns on Michael Gove over his 'ideological' school reforms

22:05 [Global Voices] ‘Chayn', a New Website for Pakistan's Victims of Domestic Abuse

22:05 [Global Voices] Saudi Prisoners’ Visits Canceled, Family Members Arrested

22:10 [CNN] Parachutist dies at Florida air show

22:10 [Global Voices] Saudi Prisoners’ Visits Cancelled, Family Members Arrested

22:11 [] Fireball Hits Sky as Train Carrying Crude Oil, Gas Derails

22:11 [zero hedge] JPMorgan To Pay Record $13 Billion Mortgage Settlement But Criminal Case Remains

22:12 [Big Think] Sorry, Housework's Not Making You Thinner

22:12 [The Hindu - News] Precise radiation therapy soon at Chennai GH

22:14 [CNN: Money] JPMorgan, U.S. in tentative $13 billion settlement

22:14 [Slashdot] US Should Cancel Plutonium Plant, Say Scientists

22:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe

22:15 [Global Voices] Encompassing the Emerging Talent in the Middle East

22:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Five injured in balcony collapse: south coast

22:16 [The Hindu - News] Chennai medicos live shabbily

22:17 [Guardian] Alex Salmond sets date for Scottish independence white paper

22:21 [Fox News] 'THIS IS THE ENEMY': Yellowstone anglers ordered to kill rainbows

22:21 [Fox News] LET'S TALKRepublicans want Sebelius to testify on website woes

22:22 [CNN: Money] JPMorgan, U.S. in tentative $13 billion deal

22:23 [The Hindu - News] Police yet to crack Chennai doctor's murder

22:25 [The Hindu - News] Chennai Metro Rail fares to be fixed next month

22:25 [CNN] U.S. releases $1.6 billion in aid to Pakistan

22:26 [The Hindu - Opinion] Pilgrims in peril

22:27 [The Hindu - News] CMRL: trying to stay on track

22:29 [The Hindu - News] Radia tapes: favours to public servants to be probed by CBI

22:30 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sabarimala learns from deadly stampedes, but slowly

22:31 [Telegraph] Defence chiefs: War no time to worry about rights laws

22:31 [Telegraph] The rise of 'Motherism' - prejudice against stay-at-home mums

22:31 [Telegraph] Volunteer ambulance driver fired for speeding wins a reprieve

22:31 [Telegraph] Steve Jobs: Apple founder a sexist bully, a skinflint and a liar says Chrisann Brennan, former partner

22:31 [Telegraph] EU passes British aid to Belarus dictator

22:31 [Telegraph] The EU, the consultants, the report on benefit tourists and £71m in fees

22:31 [Telegraph] Analysis: Was the BBC's reporting of migrant issue fair and balanced?

22:31 [Telegraph] Britain's anger at EC opposition to restriction on migrant benefits

22:33 [The Hindu - News] Probe corporate houses, court tells CBI

22:36 [The Hindu - Opinion] Party hard, prepare harder

22:39 [Guardian] Obama: Washington 'has to change' after shutdown and debt ceiling crisis

22:40 [The Hindu - Opinion] A sporting disaster revisited

22:45 [Fox News: politics] Clinton hits campaign trail in Virginia for long-time Dem backer McAuliffe

22:45 [Deutsche Welle] German troops leave Afghanistan's Kunduz province

22:51 [CNN] Premier League: Alex Ferguson backs struggling David Moyes at Man Utd

22:51 [The Independent] MoD staff ‘not properly consulted’ over semi-privatisation plan

22:51 [The Independent] Margareta Pagano: Angela Ahrendts proves women can have it all with move to Apple... but it helps if they’re American

22:51 [The Independent] Merlin hopes to conjure more market magic

22:51 [The Independent] How Throwing Muses' Kristin Hersh found her own muse of peace

22:51 [The Independent] Hamish McRae: Recovery is here – but we need five years of it before the next recession

22:51 [The Independent] Summer growth spurt fuels fastest advance for UK economy in more than three years

22:51 [The Independent] The National Youth Film Festival: How to train your cinephile

22:51 [The Independent] High-street giants such as Marks & Spencer and Asos give thanks to the style council

22:51 [The Independent] Great Britten: A timeless master of melody

22:51 [The Independent] In recovery? Fewer FTSE profit warnings

22:51 [The Independent] Business week in review

22:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: Ted Cruz Points Finger At GOP Colleagues: 'I Am Hopeful That In The Future The Senate Will Listen'

22:52 [Voice of America] Italy's Berlusconi Faces 2-year Ban from Public Office

22:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] A sporting disaster revisited

22:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Party hard, prepare harder

22:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sabarimala learns from deadly stampedes, but slowly

22:58 [Truthdig] Truce in Washington

23:02 [Raw Story] Female DUI suspects forced to strip in Seattle-area jail while secretly videotaped

23:08 [Disinformation] Sasquatch and the Seatco Indians: Conversation with Henry Franzoni

23:09 [OpEdNews] Connecting the Dots of Dysfunction

23:11 [] The U.S.’s 64-Square-Foot “Torture Chambers”

23:13 [Slashdot] Google Sparking Interest To Quantum Mechanics With Minecraft

23:13 [Guardian] Ireland's 'National Trust' throws down legal challenge over Hinkley N-plant

23:15 [Guardian] Marinaleda: Spain's communist model village

23:15 [Deutsche Welle] Lebanese and Turkish hostages return home in Syria swap

23:16 [Fox News] SANDY HOOK HERO Victim shouted for others to run before being shot

23:16 [NPR] Pitching Like It's 1860, Teams Play Ball With Vintage Flare

23:18 [msnbc: politics] Hillary Clinton returns to campaign trail, stumping for someone else -- for now

23:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chris Gentilviso: GOP Rep Apologizes For Berating Park Ranger During Shutdown: 'I Regret How I Handled That'

23:20 [Global Voices] Reflections of Eid in Syria's Art Scene

23:21 [NPR] JPMorgan Strikes Tentative $13B Mortgages Settlement

23:24 [OpEdNews] Ignoring Scientific Realities is Not Good for America

23:24 [The Hindu - News] Govt. agencies should keep off gold hunt: Pawar

23:31 [zero hedge] State Of Emergency Declared As Another Oil/Gas Train Derails In Canada

23:33 [Telegraph] Benefits in Europe: country by country

23:37 [CNN] Lou Scheimer, producer of 'Fat Albert' and 'He-Man,' dies at 84

23:38 [The Hindu - News] Parakh’s links to Hyderabad firm under scanner

23:43 [Fox News] Jethro's wild new ride

23:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Large factory fire in Sydney's southwest

23:50 [The Hindu - News] Pictorial depictions at Suseendram temple set to get facelift

23:52 [NPR] For Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, A Rough Midterm Report Card

23:52 [The Hindu - News] Eight CRPF men injured while handling IED in Coimbatore

23:54 [OpEdNews] McCutcheon: Plutocracy is Corruption

23:54 [The Hindu - News] How can there be quid pro quo, asks Parakh

23:57 [CNN] Three big takeaways from Hillary Clinton's return to politics

23:58 [The Hindu - News] Two Ukraine nationals held by ‘Q’ Branch police

23:58 [The Hindu - News] Trinamool MP questions probe in Saradha scam

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