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00:00 [CNET News] Tim Cook to propose tax overhaul before Congress

00:00 [Slashdot] Rice Professor Predicts Humans Out of Work In 30 Years

00:01 [Disinformation] Crazy FBI Tactics to Bug Your Home

00:01 [zero hedge] Biderman Busts The 'Sustainable' Deficit Reduction Meme

00:03 [CNN] UNICEF to auction CNNFC signed shirt and Champions League ball

00:05 [The Hindu - News] A format that lends itself to corruption

00:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mining industry not an ATM for government: Rinehart

00:08 [CNET News] Microsoft's nasty, nasty anti-Google ad magically appears

00:08 [CNET News] Google Glass spurs privacy questions from Congress

00:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Diann Woodard: Education Policies Operating in the Dark

00:10 [Fox News: politics] ICE admits hundreds of illegal immigrants with criminal records released

00:10 [msnbc: politics] Obama vows crackdown on sexual assault in military

00:11 [CNN] Brand Beckham: Persona more than play helped promote soccer in America

00:12 [zero hedge] Visualizing The Great Gold Rout

00:13 [Mother Jones] Study: Conservative Anti-Immigration Paper by Controversial Scholar Had Basic Errors

00:14 [Reuters: politics] Republicans advance bill to tie student loan rates to markets

00:14 [Reuters: politics] U.S. House lawmakers in last-ditch bid to save immigration bill

00:14 [Voice of America] Green Card Lottery Faces Elimination Under US Immigration Reform

00:14 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Real Benghazi Scandal

00:15 [CNET News] Drool-worthy white Nexus 4 may hit Google Play, June 10

00:16 [Pravda] Russia rejects creation of no-fly zone over Syria

00:18 [Good] Compton, Who? With a $70 Million Donation, it's 'Dre Day' For Elite USC

00:18 [Fox News] SIGNS OF ANCIENT LIFE?Scientists Find Oldest Water on Earth in Mine

00:18 [CNN] Nephew: Michael Jackson was my 'support system' when molested

00:18 [CNN] Newsquiz: Week of May 13

00:20 [The Independent] Steve Harper: My darkest times

00:22 [CNN: Money] Biggest Bitcoin exchange lands in feds' crosshairs

00:23 [Slate Magazine] Scandal Jujitsu

00:24 [CNET News] Tabletop PCs: The first wave

00:28 [Voice of America] Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest in Jerusalem, Vowing to Defy Draft

00:30 [CBC: politics] Nigel Wright has 'full confidence' of PM after Duffy cheque

00:30 [CNET News] How Google slurps in Street View data -- not just from streets

00:31 [Raw Story] Rare Van Gogh sketchbook copies up for unprecedented sale

00:31 [Raw Story] Michigan school bans ‘baby bumps’ from yearbook pics

00:32 [msnbc: politics] Obama admin responds to IRS scandal as second top official resigns

00:33 [NPR] There's No Ignoring This 800-Pound Gator

00:33 [NPR] Federal Prosecutors Arrest Uzbekistan National On Terrorism Charges

00:34 [CNN] 'Arab Idol's' first contestant from Gaza grabs spotlight

00:35 [The Independent] Richemont chief to take a breather in Antarctica

00:35 [The Independent] CPP bosses walk out to cut the costs

00:35 [The Independent] Market Report: Profit-taking puts brakes on Footsie

00:35 [The Independent] Sir Win Bischoff faces wrath of Lloyds shareholders

00:35 [The Independent] Private equity: We don't know why Bramson is targeting us – 3i

00:35 [The Independent] Strong demand for tablet computers helps Dixons sales surge

00:36 [Sydney Morning Herald] Girlfriend tricked into abortion

00:38 [Voice of America] Republicans Keep Up Pressure on White House Over IRS Scandal

00:40 [Russia Today] Russian mom detained after babies found in fridge

00:41 [CNET News] Intel ex-CEO looks back at biggest blown call: Missing out on the iPhone

00:41 [CNET News] Bill Gates crowned world's richest person, once again

00:41 [CNET News] How injectable nanogel could help fight diabetes

00:41 [CNN] Intentional fire, golf cart not ruled out in probe of Texas explosion

00:41 [Campaign For Liberty] Glenn Jacobs issues a challenge

00:43 [NPR] A New Front In The War On Obamacare: Twitter

00:43 [NPR] Gerard Depardieu To Star In Two Chechnya-Based Films

00:44 [The Atlantic: Technology] A Robot Just Broke the Human Record for Miles Driven in Space

00:44 [CNN] Retired NASCAR driver Dick Trickle dies of apparent self-inflicted wound

00:46 [The Hindu - News] Water packaging units strike against closure of units

00:46 [The Hindu - News] Deserted villa spotlights owner’s fall

00:46 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Dealing With a Fear of Technological Change?

00:48 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Empire's Next Effort To Extract Your Wealth

00:49 [msnbc: politics] House again votes to repeal 'Obamacare'

00:49 [CNET News] More PC woes: AMD tanks, Windows 8 misfires in Europe

00:50 [Russia Today] Femen crucifies, burns Barbie doll to protest Berlin’s ‘Dreamhouse’ opening (PHOTOS)

00:52 [Pravda] Smellephone: Crean smartphone that can send fragrances

00:52 [The Hindu - News] Thirsty for more? Long wait ahead

00:52 [OpEdNews] Cynicism Gets Us Nowhere. It's Time To Fight Back with the Other Ninety-Nine Percent!

00:53 [Slate Magazine] Tax-Free Like You and Me

00:54 [CNN: Entertainment] Jackson's nephew admits sex abuse, defends uncle

00:54 [The Hindu - News] Textbooks for classes I-IX to be out by June

00:55 [CNN: Politics] Changes proposed as military struggles with sex assaults

00:57 [Fox News: politics] House votes to repeal ObamaCare in 229-125 vote

00:57 [Fox News: politics] Fort Campbell harrassment program head arrested in domestic dispute

00:57 [CNET News] Enormous asteroid to zip by Earth

00:57 [CNET News] Former Groupon CEO shares "business wisdom" through song

00:58 [] Senior Fatah officials call for single democratic state, not two-state solution

00:58 [CNN] U.S. soldier gets life in killing of comrades in Iraq

00:58 [The Hindu - News] Relief from power cuts remains sporadic

00:58 [The Hindu - News] Man attacked at Egmore court

00:59 [CNN] Troubled youth run 'old skool' bistro

01:01 [The Hindu - News] Major passport racket busted

01:01 [Disinformation] How Journalists Can Protect Themselves from Government Spying

01:01 [Raw Story] Scientists look to West African snake for help building better camouflage

01:04 [Voice of America] Can Worker Safety Momentum in Bangladesh Last?

01:04 [CNN] Papa John's deliveryman accused of selling cocaine with pizza

01:07 [The Independent] The rise and fall of 'Kai', New Jersey's Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker

01:08 [AL JAZEERA] Lulzsec hackers handed jail terms in UK

01:09 [Mother Jones] Republicans Debate Their Ransom Demand For Next Hostage-Taking Opportunity

01:09 [Mother Jones] Spock and Awe: How 4 Lucky Iraq War Vets Landed Roles in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

01:09 [NPR] Who Are The Terrorism Informants In Witness Protection?

01:10 [msnbc: politics] After Obama’s bad week, is he now fighting back?

01:10 [msnbc: politics] GOP attacks, quest to impeach Obama could backfire

01:10 [msnbc: politics] Sideshow: Ghosts of National Security Past

01:10 [msnbc: politics] Right-wing’s Benghazi conspiracy theories begin to fall apart

01:10 [msnbc: politics] Leaving a legacy: the Emanuel brothers

01:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Molested Jackson nephew says Michael helped him cope

01:11 [straight] Chicken wing battle in Gastown this Sunday

01:12 [CNN] Feds investigate ricin-tainted letters in Washington state

01:13 [The Hindu - News] CAG talks about misappropriation of funds in MGNREG scheme

01:13 [] Israeli law professors call out IDF on draft resister's 10th jail sentence

01:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Why Galifianakis quit drinking

01:14 [Guardian] CBI chief John Cridland issues warning over European Union exit

01:14 [Guardian] Government criticised over efforts to safeguard civil partnership bill

01:14 [Guardian] IRS tax-targeting scandal forces resignation of second senior official

01:16 [CNET News] Google Glass apps: Striving for the familiar (hands on)

01:17 [The Hindu - News] With second highest tele-density in country, TN set to give m-commerce a big boost

01:17 [Reuters: politics] U.S. House votes to repeal Obamacare in 37th symbolic act

01:19 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Inside the human robot factory

01:20 [Telegraph] Dedicated traffic courts set up to fast-track motoring offences

01:20 [Guardian] IVF could be revolutionised by new technique, says clinic

01:20 [Fox News] 'Gross Mismanagement': Report Says DOJ Lost Track of Possible Terrorists

01:21 [Fox News] House votes to repeal ObamaCare in 229-125 vote

01:21 [Fox News] Boston bombing suspect left note inside boat

01:21 [Topix Activism News] Terrorism-related charges dropped against metro smoke-bomb suspects

01:21 [The Independent] Breakthrough in IVF treatment could triple number of births

01:21 [The Independent] IPCC to re-examine custody death of Sean Rigg

01:21 [The Independent] i Assistant Editor's Letter: Pick up the phone and talk to your relatives, before you have in-laws too!

01:21 [The Independent] PM could change rules on childcare numbers in bid to break Coalition deadlock

01:21 [The Independent] Postcard from... Brussels

01:23 [Sydney Morning Herald] Truck in bridge drama

01:24 [BBC: Technology] Bringing Lebanon's designers online

01:26 [Raw Story] Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Israelis stage rally protesting military draft

01:31 [zero hedge] Mystery Sponsor Of Weapons And Money To Syrian Mercenary "Rebels" Revealed

01:31 [Raw Story] Army sexual harassment officer accused of stalking ex-wife

01:31 [Raw Story] Australian dancer contradicts testimony, says Michael Jackson sexually abused him

01:36 [CNET News] Android to assimilate Bluetooth smart technology

01:36 [Reuters: politics] Top U.S. general warns of sexual assault 'crisis,' meets Obama

01:39 [Slashdot] Google Betting Its Google+ Systems Know What's Best For You

01:39 [Sydney Morning Herald] Web filtered 'through back door'

01:39 [NPR] Bipartisan House Group Says It's Reached Immigration Deal

01:43 [] For first time, Israel's Water Authority to pump Kinneret water into Jordan River

01:44 [NPR] Bipartisan House Group Says Its Reached Immigration Deal

01:45 [CNN] U.S. contractor jailed in Cuba in court settlement with company

01:47 [Truthdig] Act of Congress

01:47 [Truthdig] What the Benghazi Emails Reveal, Rove Blames Obama for Scandals, and More

01:47 [CNET News] Qantas: Forget the Kindle, read a book we just wrote for you

01:47 [CNET News] Xbox Unveiled: Join CNET's live coverage on Tuesday, May 21

01:47 [CNET News] Yahoo lucks out, Mexican court chucks $2.75B damages award

01:51 [Big Think] Real-Time Video Analysis At An Affordable Price

01:51 [CNN] Pretzel bag leads feds to child porn suspect in California

01:52 [Telegraph] Flypast marks 70th anniversary of Dambuster raid

01:52 [CNET News] Google goes under the sea with Street View at Google I/O

01:52 [Reuters: politics] Obama picks temporary IRS head as Tea Party decries scandal

01:54 [msnbc: politics] Can Weiner be the next comeback kid?

01:54 [msnbc: politics] Another Republican claims he supported background checks when he didn’t

01:54 [msnbc: politics] The House GOP’s priority fail

01:54 [msnbc: politics] White House does damage control

01:59 [NPR] Head Of Sexual-Harassment Program At Fort Campbell Arrested

02:00 [straight] Stan Douglas wins $50,000 Scotiabank Photography Award

02:00 [straight] Gold & Youth gets fashionable in video for "Jewel"

02:00 [Voice of America] Skylab-Era Astronauts Reflect on Life Off Earth

02:01 [Disinformation] Clang Quartet’s Christian Noise

02:03 [OpEdNews] Pyromaniacs on the Potomac: The Problem With Obama's Second Term

02:05 [CNET News] Google likes like the look of Microsoft multitouch for Web

02:05 [msnbc: politics] Tea Party Republicans politicizing scandals

02:06 [Telegraph] Padstow speedboat driver wasn't attached to kill cord that could have saved family

02:06 [AL JAZEERA] Israel to approve four West Bank settlements

02:11 [CNN] Alaska volcano 'fountaining' with fire, spreading expansive ash cloud

02:11 [CNN] Internet celebrity hitchhiker with hatchet arrested in murder case

02:11 [CNN] University professor, wife killed in Nebraska

02:12 [zero hedge] Peter Thiel Gets the Bitcoin Bug

02:14 [Voice of America] Cigarette Smuggling Suspects May Have Ties to Terrorists

02:16 [Russia Today] Cell phone users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’ – judge

02:20 [Slashdot] How To Talk Like a CIO

02:21 [Russia Today] BP blasts US judge in fight against compensation claims

02:24 [NPR] Drought Eases In The East, But Still Worrisome Out West

02:28 [OpEdNews] Hypocrisy, Neocon Style

02:38 [Telegraph] Iranian cleric says women cannot be president as 30 females try to have names added to the ballot

02:41 [Reuters: politics] U.S. House lawmakers in last-ditch bid to save immigration bill

02:41 [Reuters: politics] Obama picks temporary IRS head as Tea Party decries scandal

02:41 [Reuters] U.S. House lawmakers reach tentative deal to revamp immigration

02:41 [Reuters] Penney CEO says company needs time to climb out of 'abyss'

02:41 [Reuters] Obama: U.S. preserves diplomatic, military options on Syria

02:41 [Reuters] Obama picks temporary IRS head as Tea Party decries scandal

02:44 [straight] Soccer great David Beckham announces retirement

02:46 [Reuters] Dell's profit dives as billionaire battle rages on

02:46 [Reuters] Top U.S. general warns of sexual assault 'crisis,' meets Obama

02:46 [Raw Story] Facebook and Twitter unveil apps for Google Glass

02:49 [Fox News: politics] Judge allows Arizona immigrant driver's license policy move forward

02:49 [Reuters: politics] Top U.S. general warns of sexual assault 'crisis,' meets Obama

02:51 [Fox News] ANOTHER ONE GONE:Second IRS Official Leaving Agency Amid Scandal

02:51 [Reuters] Turkey's Erdogan says sees opportunity for Cyprus deal

02:51 [Reuters] A stretched Samsung chases rival Apple's suppliers

02:55 [NPR] House Republicans Vote (Again) To Defund Obamacare

02:57 [Reuters: politics] Amid damage control efforts, White House listens to outside advice

02:57 [Reuters] New York says breaks cigarette-smuggling ring linked to militants

02:58 [CBC: politics] Senator Mike Duffy quits Tory caucus

02:59 [] Patients, doctors go on hunger strike outside minister's home to protest restrictions on medical marijuana

03:00 [CNN] Obama: Pentagon leaders 'ashamed' over sexual assaults in military

03:00 [zero hedge] 10 Perspectives Into The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker

03:00 [CNET News] Google Glass as Congressional catnip: Now, that didn't take long

03:00 [CNET News] Apple TV to boost its offerings with CW app

03:01 [Disinformation] Documentary: ‘Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century’

03:01 [Raw Story] Uzbekistan native arrested on federal terrorism charges

03:03 [OpEdNews] Postcard from the End of America: Scranton

03:08 [OpEdNews] Republicans' New Benghazi Killer Meme

03:09 [Telegraph] Paralysed man's blinks lead to murder verdict for the man who shot him

03:11 [CNET News] Al Gore and Bono invest in Biz Stone's mystery startup

03:17 [Fox News] ICE: Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records Released

03:18 [Deutsche Welle] LulzSec cyber hackers jailed in Britain

03:18 [Deutsche Welle] Hollande proposes eurozone 'government,' as differences with Merkel show

03:18 [BBC: Education] Brain stimulation maths boost link

03:20 [NPR] Honolulu Jury Convicts Man Of 2011 Shooting Rampage

03:21 [Big Think] Scooting Along On A Solar Panel With Wheels

03:23 [OpEdNews] The Hushpuppy's Lukomorie

03:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Developing World to Dominate Global Investment by 2030

03:29 [AL JAZEERA] Nigerian forces target Boko Haram strongholds

03:30 [Moral Low Ground] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ‘Boat Note’: America Reaps What it Sows

03:31 [Raw Story] Russian senior official admits: ‘We have no national strategy’ against AIDS

03:35 [CNET News] Google+ gets a feature-packed redesign (video)

03:39 [CNN] By the Numbers: Internal Revenue Service

03:44 [] Market Report / Technology shares, Teva pull TASE higher

03:46 [Russia Today] Rebels film execution of 11 Syrian soldiers, as Obama continues anti-Assad rhetoric

03:47 [CNN] Uzbek national arrested in terrorism case

03:51 [CNN: Politics] With IRS defanged, politics can run rampant

03:51 [CNN: Politics] By the Numbers: Internal Revenue Service

03:51 [Big Think] Should Museums Stop Teaching?

03:51 [Raw Story] CDC: 20 percent of U.S. youths have mental health issues

03:57 [AL JAZEERA] Boston suspect 'wrote message in boat'

03:58 [OpEdNews] Patriotic Yardsticks for Unpatriotic Giant Corporations

03:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Terrible way to die': jail for Tosha's killer

03:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mining not an ATM: Rinehart

04:01 [zero hedge] Austrian "Good" Banks Balk At Bad-Bank Bailout

04:01 [Disinformation] From The Monster Files: Werewolves

04:07 [CNET News] Yahoo, Tumblr tie-up in the works?

04:09 [BBC: Education] Schools 'struggle to find heads'

04:09 [Mother Jones] It's Official: Those Bogus Email Leaks Came From Republicans

04:10 [Slashdot] Robotic Bartender Assembles Your Drink, Monitors Alcohol Consumption

04:11 [Telegraph] Texas fertiliser factory blast: investigation says cause 'undetermined' with criminal activity not ruled out

04:11 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Trick To Suppressing Revolution: Keeping Debt/Tax Serfdom Bearable

04:13 [straight] Marc Emery blogs from prison about the B.C. election, the NDP loss, and the B.C. Greens' future

04:15 [CNET News] Google engineers talk Android at I/O 2013

04:15 [CNET News] Google security: you (still) are the weakest link

04:15 [CNET News] Mars rover Opportunity hits new record for miles driven in space

04:27 [Telegraph] US soldier sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of five colleagues in Iraq

04:28 [Deutsche Welle] Sexual minorities face discrimination across EU, report says

04:28 [BBC: Education] Graduate fast-track to social work

04:34 [] Israel far behind West in number of nurses, hospitals

04:35 [Global Voices] China's Kunming Residents Stage Another Chemical Plant Protest

04:36 [Russia Today] Assange warns US communications dominance threatens Latin America’s sovereignty

04:39 [OpEdNews] Raping the World -- Sexual Assault In The US Military

04:43 [CBC: politics] Denis Coderre makes mayoralty bid official amid protests, arrests

04:45 [zero hedge] The View From The Highest Point In The Western Hemisphere

04:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I'm not guilty of anything'

04:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] He indicated his brother did it: man jailed after 20 years

04:50 [msnbc: politics] Republicans completely ignore shrinking deficits

04:50 [msnbc: politics] Benghazi ‘scandal’ lacks anything actually scandalous

04:50 [msnbc: politics] The real wrongdoing in our week of scandals

04:50 [Fox News] SeaWorld's Penguin Explosion

04:50 [Fox News] Antebellum Are Golden

04:52 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Time-lapse embryo imaging 'improves IVF'

04:54 [AlterNet] Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Scahill: The Truth About America's Secret, Dirty Wars

05:01 [Raw Story] Report: Republicans were source of bogus Benghazi quotes

05:01 [Raw Story] Costa Rican president used rumored drug associate’s private plane

05:05 [CBC: politics] Denis Coderre makes mayoralty bid official amid protests

05:08 [AlterNet] The Real Scandal: How the IRS Favors the Rich

05:11 [Voice of America] On SPLA 30th Anniversary, Peace Eludes South Sudan

05:14 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Witty and thought provoking

05:16 [Raw Story] Health officials: Feces found in almost 60 percent of public pools

05:17 [msnbc: politics] American ingenuity sometimes the best steward of freedom

05:17 [msnbc: politics] IRS mistake a serious breach of trust

05:17 [msnbc: politics] Exposure of double agent at heart of AP investigation

05:17 [msnbc: politics] Republicans fall quiet in face of Obama deficit success

05:26 [Russia Today] Concussion epidemic linked to underreported US military suicide – study

05:28 [Reuters: politics] Lawmakers blast Air Force moves on cancelled Northrop drone

05:30 [Global Voices] China: Reform on Petitioning System?

05:36 [Topix Activism News] Dartmouth student faces 4 counts of rape

05:46 [Fox News] SeaWorld's New Antarctica

05:46 [Raw Story] Mexican court tosses $2.7 billion penalty in Yahoo! case

05:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] 31,541,507 reasons to celebrate

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Long wait ahead for packaged drinking water in Chennai

05:51 [AL JAZEERA] Thousands protest against China plant

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Fewer local students in TN deemed varsities

05:54 [CBC: politics] Are Tories angling for early summer House break?

05:55 [Global Voices] Chinese Reaction to Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy

05:57 [AntiWar] Bombings Continue in Baghdad, Kirkuk; 40 Killed

05:59 [Telegraph] 'Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker', Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, arrested for murder

06:01 [AntiWar] What Should Americans Die For?

06:01 [AntiWar] Unravelling the Propaganda of Impending Civil War in Afghanistan

06:03 [Sydney Morning Herald] Witty or thought provoking: best comments

06:03 [Sydney Morning Herald] Budget nonsense: the silliest bit

06:03 [The Hindu - News] As lakes near zoo go dry, crocodiles pop up

06:05 [The Hindu - News] Carnatic musician Ananthalaksmi Sadagopan no more

06:05 [The Hindu - News] Three die in accident as lorries collide

06:06 [Raw Story] Report: Shrinking glaciers behind a third of rise in sea levels

06:07 [The Hindu - News] Thursday was hottest day this month

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Telangana state will have 24 districts: KCR

06:12 [Russia Today] Terrorists slipped federal police before skipping no-fly list

06:13 [Telegraph] Chinese protesters take to the streets in Kunming over chemical plant plans

06:14 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

06:15 [Global Voices] Hong Kong: Security Chief Tells Women: “Reduce Drinking” to Get Raped Less

06:16 [The Hindu - News] Companies to stub out smoking, educate employees on ills of tobacco

06:18 [Deutsche Welle] Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest over Israeli army enlistment

06:20 [The Hindu - News] Residents oppose merger move

06:20 [Global Voices] Hong Kong Security Chief Tells Women: “Reduce Drinking” to Get Raped Less

06:21 [CNN] Are we falling out of love with our cars

06:21 [Big Think] We're All Babes in the Cyberwilderness

06:23 [CNN] Official: Dreamliner suffers 'minor' setback

06:24 [CNN] Drivers lose privacy in a world of connected cars

06:28 [The Hindu - News] 11 more colleges to open soon, announces Anna University

06:30 [The Hindu - News] Tribal couple hand over girl child to Sishu Gruha

06:30 [AntiWar] Our Civil Liberties, RIP

06:30 [AntiWar] Despite Horrific Violence, the US Should Stay Out of Syria

06:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] $43m of meth hidden as hair dye

06:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bruised dollar hit by another major sell-off

06:34 [The Hindu - News] It’s a nail-biting wait for nativity certificates

06:34 [The Hindu - News] Water being supplied to 40 villages in Gulbarga district

06:34 [The Hindu - News] Confined woman rescued

06:38 [BBC: Education] Cameron floats childcare compromise

06:39 [The Atlantic: Politics] A Newcomer's Guide to the 3 Obama Scandals

06:40 [The Hindu - News] Grameena Bank crosses Rs. 11,700-cr. biz

06:40 [The Hindu - News] ‘Advances in biomedical engineering has helped patients’

06:41 [Raw Story] Stewart mocks horse-race media for ‘attention span of a concussed goldfish’

06:42 [The Hindu - News] Cannon at Fort Museum to fire off peace message

06:44 [Slashdot] Larry Page: You Worry Too Much About Medical Privacy

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Soon, more parks, playgrounds along Chennai's waterways

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Fight caste system: Raghavulu

06:50 [The Hindu - News] Abid Rasool Khan to head State Minorities Commission

06:52 [The Hindu - News] Loan cards for tenant farmers soon

06:54 [CNN: Crime] University professor, wife killed in Nebraska

06:54 [CNN: Crime] Pretzel bag leads feds to child porn suspect in California

06:54 [CNN: Crime] Papa John's deliveryman accused of selling cocaine with pizza

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Bewildered that my name came up in IPL spot-fixing: Tait

06:56 [Raw Story] Young people using Alzheimer’s dementia drugs to boost brain power

06:57 [CNN: Crime] Suspect: Boston attack was payback

06:59 [OpEdNews] Grassroots Activism Brings San Onofre to the No Nukes Brink

07:02 [CNN] David Beckham: Rise of the metrosexual

07:03 [The Hindu - News] His violin sang

07:05 [The Hindu - News] ‘Drop cheap liquor proposal’

07:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Search for missing toddler Tyler

07:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Car row: man threatened with sex toy

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Students from Kolar stage protest

07:09 [OpEdNews] National Short Story Month: Five Questions with Four Writers

07:09 [OpEdNews] La Terreur Moderne

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Study finds contaminated water supply by KWA

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Rewards and omissions

07:13 [The Hindu - News] EducationPlus career counselling on Sunday

07:15 [Telegraph] Head teachers launch new school inspection system

07:15 [Telegraph] Multi-million dollar cigarette smuggling ring with possible inks to terrorism uncovered in New York

07:16 [Reuters] Political storm over IRS targeting scandal shifts to Congress

07:17 [The Hindu - News] Dengue threat looms large over Pathanamthitta

07:17 [The Hindu - News] The church that St. Thomas built

07:17 [The Hindu - News] Banashankari residents don’t want waste segregation plant in their backyard

07:18 [CNN: Money] Google Hangouts: Chat gets a makeover

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Vijayanagar residents oppose waste segregation plant inside park

07:21 [The Hindu - News] It’s APPening!

07:21 [The Hindu - News] Vijayanagar residents oppose waste segregation plant inside park

07:23 [The Hindu - News] Water crisis: BWSSB stops 15 pumps

07:25 [Reuters: politics] Political storm over IRS targeting scandal shifts to Congress

07:25 [The Hindu - News] Sweet as Kandee

07:27 [The Hindu - News] Master of spices

07:29 [The Hindu - News] GRT Jewellers stores raided by Income Tax officials

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Family cries foul over pregnant woman’s suicide

07:29 [Slashdot] Swedish Data Center Saves $1M a Year Using Seawater For Cooling

07:31 [Telegraph] Parents 'failing to get children ready for school', say heads

07:33 [CNN] A traveler's guide to eating insects

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Techie falls to death from 17th floor flat

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Varsity council decides to disaffiliate 70 B.Ed. colleges

07:37 [The Hindu - News] Information is rationed at Civil Supplies department

07:39 [CNN] Uzbek terror suspect to appear in court

07:39 [The Hindu - News] Death toll at 13 after Cyclone Mahasen hits Bangladesh

07:39 [Guardian] Union sets up its own schools inspectorate as alternative to Ofsted

07:41 [The Hindu - News] Udupi police seek private support to install 500 cameras

07:42 [CNN: Money] Gen X to be worse off than Boomers

07:43 [The Hindu - News] Responsible borrowers feel cheated by waiver

07:46 [The Hindu - News] Three arrested for assault on newspaper vendor

07:48 [The Hindu - News] For them, success is at the top

07:48 [The Hindu - News] ‘Blasts’ test Kannur’s disaster readiness

07:48 [The Independent] Millions escape brunt of Cyclone Mahasan

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Court grants bail to Liyaqat Shah

07:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] Dollar dives like 'falling knife'

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Collector holds adalat in Dalit colony

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Cleaning of Big Tank progressing

07:55 [Mother Jones] U.S. Murder Rate on Track to Be Lowest In a Century

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Nutrition policy to suggest steps to tackle anaemia

07:58 [Deutsche Welle] NSU investigation was 'total failure,' review panel says

08:00 [The Hindu - News] Pathanamthitta striving for 100% Aadhaar seeding

08:01 [Raw Story] 80-year-old Japanese man starts ascent of Mount Everest

08:04 [Telegraph] Blow to Olympic legacy as 'schools are forced to cut sport'

08:04 [Telegraph] IVF advance triples couples' chances of having a baby

08:10 [The Hindu - News] SDMC to provide free education to children of Pakistani refugees

08:10 [CNN] Australian politician injured in kangaroo attack

08:11 [Reuters] House lawmakers reach tentative deal to revamp immigration

08:14 [The Hindu - News] Krishna Tirath signs IBSA resolution to empower women

08:16 [The Hindu - News] 11 illegal mobile towers atop schools, nursing homes

08:18 [Telegraph] Driver fined for pulling into bus lane to let fire engines pass

08:19 [The Independent] Dell profits drop 79 per cent as battle takeover battle rages on

08:21 [Reuters] ECB eyes supervisor role to squeeze weak banks

08:22 [The Hindu - News] Children of Bawana win the battle for park

08:22 [Reuters: politics] House lawmakers reach tentative deal to revamp immigration

08:24 [CNN] Vice Premier to Chinese tourists: Be polite!

08:24 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Government helpline gets over 2 lakh calls in four months

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Sarabjit’s lawyer says his kidnappers were ‘Pashto-speaking’

08:26 [The Hindu - News] Now a common ‘samadhi’ for all national leaders

08:29 [BBC: Entertainment] The healing power of music

08:30 [The Hindu - News] Wake up with aid

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Spot-fixing: TN Police conducting searches in Chennai

08:34 [Telegraph] Coalition minister claims he can see 'green shoots' of recovery

08:34 [Telegraph] Coalition will not break up early, insists No 10

08:37 [The Hindu - News] Dignity behind bars

08:39 [Sydney Morning Herald] Four primary schoolgirls assaulted

08:40 [] Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar weds journalist Geula Even

08:41 [The Hindu - News] Achievers in exam still labour for their families

08:42 [Guardian] US army sergeant jailed for life for Iraq killings

08:47 [Fox News] ICE UNDER FIRE: Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records Released

08:47 [Fox News] OUTRAGE GROWS: Fort Campbell Sex Abuse Prevention Chief Arrested

08:50 [Telegraph] 'Shady middle men' driving up fuel prices, AA claims

08:50 [The Independent] Angry Scottish mob forces Ukip leader Nigel Farage to flee to shouts of ‘go back to England’

08:50 [The Independent] 'Most exciting breakthrough in IVF treatment in 30 years' could triple number of births

08:51 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:52 [BBC: Science & Environment] Late arrival for rare butterflies

08:56 [BBC: Education] Fall in young learning after 17

08:57 [The Hindu - News] On being ‘normal’

08:57 [BBC: Education] Graduate social workers fast-tracked

08:59 [Anarchist news] Missing The Point On DGR's Transphobia and Essentialist Feminism

08:59 [Anarchist news] France: It’s been four years since Zoé died

09:01 [CNN] Live large, pay small in Panama City

09:02 [CNN] Officials: Cigarette-smuggling ring in East Coast may have terror link

09:06 [The Independent] Fire service overhaul 'save save £200m'

09:07 [Truthdig] An Interview With Ron Wyden, the Senate’s Powerful Policy Wonk

09:07 [Truthdig] Texas Blast Exposes the New Normal

09:07 [Truthdig] The Boob Tube

09:07 [Truthdig] Cover Up

09:07 [The Hindu - News] Washerfolk dig deep to sustain livelihood

09:07 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Crude recovery could bump Russian floors

09:08 [Deutsche Welle] The ballad of Berlin

09:08 [Deutsche Welle] Bundesliga merchandise sells like hotcakes

09:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] What happened to son of 'Kaput'?

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Rythu sadassulu a poll gimmick, says CPI(M)

09:10 [Slashdot] Bill Gates Regains the Position of World's Richest Person

09:10 [Voice of America] Bangladesh Cleans Up After Cyclone

09:10 [CNET News] Crave giveaway: Crucial SSD, plus System Mechanic PC tune-up software

09:11 [The Hindu - News] Relay stations for FM channel in Pudukottai, Karur

09:13 [NPR] Are Buddhist Monks Involved In Myanmar's Violence?

09:13 [NPR] LA Mayor Candidates Try To Persuade Voters To Pay Attention

09:13 [NPR] AP Case Adds To Obama Team's Tough Record On Leaks

09:13 [NPR] Why Is There An Ammunition Shortage In The U.S.?

09:13 [NPR] A Gift Of Life And Friendship After A Family's Loss

09:14 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

09:15 [The Hindu - News] Ministers facing allegations are innocent: Anam

09:20 [CNN] Cleanup begins after 16 tornadoes hit North Texas, killing 6

09:20 [Telegraph] Shortcuts catalogued to bypass the automated phone maze

09:20 [Telegraph] Mobile phones cause blood pressure to rise

09:20 [Telegraph] David Cameron right on Europe, says Vince Cable

09:20 [Telegraph] Countryfile presenter John Craven celebrates new BBC contract at the age of 72

09:22 [The Hindu - News] Ring leader of gang that kidnapped Gilani’s son arrested

09:24 [The Hindu - News] Ring leader of gang that kidnapped Gilani’s son arrested

09:28 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly sectarian attacks strike Iraq

09:28 [AL JAZEERA] UN chief in Russia as Syria crisis deepens

09:28 [The Hindu - News] GoM will work to give functional autonomy to CBI: Chidambaram

09:30 [The Hindu - News] Usage of banned Oxytocin drug rampant in dairying

09:34 [CNN] 7 still missing from deadly Texas tornadoes

09:34 [The Hindu - News] Government taking municipal employees for a ride?

09:36 [The Hindu - News] HPCL refinery fire put out, none injured

09:37 [The Independent] Morrisons to use Ocado deliveries

09:38 [Guardian] Fire service in England needs transforming, says report

09:38 [Guardian] US army sergeant jailed for life over Iraq killings

09:38 [The Hindu - News] The season of thirst

09:40 [] Even before a single budget cut is carried out, Lapid loses trust and affection of much of his electorate

09:41 [Topix Activism News] Climate Change Is Happening?? So What?

09:42 [Guardian] Thousands of children as young as five act as family carers, figures show

09:44 [The Hindu - News] 92 illegal drinking water units served closure order: TNPCB

09:44 [] Uzbekistan: Exiled Opposition Leader Sees No Post-Karimov Role

09:48 [Deutsche Welle] Press freedom - and its limitations

09:48 [Deutsche Welle] Unions commend deal after Bangladesh collapse

09:48 [BBC: Education] Childcare costs will be tackled - PM

09:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Rankin comes face to face with death

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 1,481 crore for coastal risk mitigation project

09:52 [Raw Story] Most people expect to be worse off than parents in retirement – except the Chinese

09:52 [Fox News] Second Court Invalidates Obama Appointments to Labor Board

09:52 [Fox News] 'JUST STUNNING':Scandal-Tied IRS Official Leads ObamaCare Unit

09:52 [New Statesman] Philip Hammond taken to task over anti-gay rights record

09:52 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi’s poser to government

09:53 [BBC: Entertainment] Hi-de-Hi! actor Paul Shane dies

09:53 [The Independent] Samantha Womack to reprise role of Ronnie Mitchell in EastEnders following baby swap plot drama

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Separate ministry for fisheries sought

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Police probe for spot-fixing in other RR matches

09:58 [Voice of America] US 'Concerned' at Conviction of Vietnamese Activists

10:00 [AL JAZEERA] Iran rejects women presidential hopefuls

10:08 [The Independent] Fatboy Slim to headline at Bestival's 10th anniversary

10:08 [The Independent] One Direction global tour announcement leaves a million Directioners all of a Twitter

10:08 [The Independent] Jazz star Jamie Cullum to play charity rooftop gig

10:10 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Webscape: Apollo 11 mission site

10:10 [] Report: Russia sends advanced missiles to Syria, signaling commitment to Assad

10:13 [Deutsche Welle] Rise in April sales boosts hopes for auto recovery in Europe

10:17 [New Statesman] Only a fifth of MPs over 50 are female. Are they being airbrushed out of Parliament?

10:18 [Guardian] Australian politician sorry for 'liking' Facebook photo of teenager's genitals

10:21 [CNN] Nigeria military: Insurgents killed in raid on militant camps

10:22 [Telegraph] WH Smith voted the worst shop on the high street

10:24 [The Independent] Cannes Film Festival 2013: Sofia Coppola's movie about celebrity starring Emma Watson opens 'Un Certain Regard' section

10:24 [The Independent] Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt back in jail

10:25 [The Hindu - News] Denial of rice to fish workers resented

10:28 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Read Klingon on your computer screen

10:29 [The Hindu - News] Steel production may cross 200 million tonnes by 2020

10:32 [New Statesman] Morning Wrap: need to know business stories

10:33 [The Hindu - News] ‘Injustice’ to Waltair Division inaugmentation of coaches too

10:37 [New Statesman] Obama's crappy week

10:37 [The Hindu - News] Motivation key to success: RINL CMD

10:38 [Telegraph] Fire Service needs to be 'transformed', review finds

10:38 [Telegraph] Police should name arrested suspects that are already identified by the press, Theresa May says

10:39 [Pravda] Becks hangs up his boots

10:39 [The Independent] 'Press 1 to go directly to the person you actually want to speak to': One man's bid to save us all from the automated 'hell' of call centre phone menus...

10:39 [The Hindu - News] House nod for Annamalai University Bill

10:39 [The Hindu - News] BCCI emergency meet to discuss IPL spot-fixing ‘fallout’

10:40 [CNN: Crime] Cigarette smuggling ring in East Coast may have terror links

10:43 [The Hindu - News] Subsidised solar tracking pumps for farmers

10:43 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa defends making statements under Rule 110

10:45 [The Hindu - News] They enter the campus full of cheer

10:52 [The Hindu - News] Medical camp by tribal healers

10:52 [Guardian] No huge demand for same-sex marriage, says Philip Hammond

10:52 [Spiegel] Protesting Pink: Barbie Dreamhouse Gets Fiery Welcome in Berlin

10:54 [The Hindu - News] Police to keep a tab on auto charges

10:55 [The Independent] International hunt underway for mother of two-year-old girl found dead at house in Oxfordshire

10:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘Flying Carpet’ to land in Kozhikode

10:58 [The Hindu - News] Doctors examined in Onchiyam trial

10:58 [The Hindu - News] Drought dominates grievance day meet

11:02 [The Hindu - News] EU survey reveals many gays live in fear

11:02 [The Hindu - News] Childline is in distress

11:04 [The Hindu - News] Thanjavur palace gets a makeover

11:04 [The Hindu - News] Pak frees 51 Indian fishermen as goodwill gesture

11:04 [AL JAZEERA] EU report says LGBT face discrimination

11:05 [CBC: politics] Chris Hall: Senator Duffy and the little matter of accountability

11:08 [Telegraph] Rio Tinto puts largest 'red' diamond on market

11:08 [Voice of America] Man Sentenced 8 Years for Killing British Soldier in Cyprus

11:10 [The Hindu - News] Ooty flower show begins today

11:10 [The Independent] Morrisons signs 25-year deal to use Ocado deliveries

11:10 [The Independent] Emeli Sandé's unstoppable rise compounded by two Ivor Novello awards

11:14 [The Hindu - News] Gingelly price doubles, but total acreage under cultivation falls

11:16 [The Hindu - News] Collective landing permits for foreign tourists in groups

11:16 [The Hindu - News] KGMOA flays move to set up new medical colleges

11:16 [BBC: Science & Environment] AUDIO: Has global warming stalled?

11:17 [New Statesman] The government is building a network of spies to make immigrants' lives impossible

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Torn National Flag yet to be lowered at Kanakakunnu

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Solar-powered irrigation pumpset has its limitations, say farmers

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Phase III work under BSUP at Karimadom to begin this month

11:20 [OpEdNews] Last Chance - Stop Florida's HB 87 and ForeclosureGate II

11:22 [Guardian] Nigel Farage attacks 'fascist scum' protesters

11:22 [Guardian] No huge demand for gay marriage, says Philip Hammond

11:22 [The Hindu - News] Moulding an honest workforce via classes

11:23 [Voice of America] UN Chief Discusses Syria with Russian Officials

11:23 [Fox News: politics] IRS official who oversaw unit targeting Tea Party now heads ObamaCare office

11:24 [Telegraph] US fears after Chinese missile test

11:24 [Telegraph] Gina Rinehart: Australian politicians treating miners 'like an ATM'

11:24 [Telegraph] Ukip leader Nigel Farage condemns 'fascist scum' who forced him to take refuge in Edinburgh pub

11:24 [Telegraph] Spain's King Juan Carlos gives up luxury yacht 'Fortuna'

11:24 [Telegraph] Burglar betrayed by his sweet tooth

11:26 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Arab Magazine Challenges Attitudes About Arab Women

11:26 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Ethiopia Playing at Being Good Neighbours

11:26 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Is Aid to South Africa Drying Up?

11:26 [The Independent] UK tourist jailed for killing British soldier David Lee Collins on Cyprus

11:26 [The Independent] No great demand for gay marriage but plans have caused widespread upset, says Government Minister Philip Hammond

11:26 [The Independent] Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell in court today for alleged child sex offences hearing

11:26 [The Independent] Ukip leader Nigel Farage condemns 'fascist scum' nationalists after Edinburgh pub confrontation, before hanging up during BBC interview

11:26 [The Hindu - News] Complaint against poor quality of water

11:26 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 1.50 lakh fine imposed on contractor

11:26 [The Hindu - News] Obama rules out unilateral action on Syria

11:26 [The Hindu - News] Safety checks on at mango trading centres

11:26 [Big Think] Prosthetics Meets High Fashion Design

11:28 [The Hindu - News] Case against Central Excise official

11:30 [Slate Magazine] Play the Slate News Quiz

11:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] Search for missing toddler suspended

11:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] Four schoolgirls assaulted

11:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] Live: Rabbitohs v Tigers

11:33 [New Statesman] Confessions of an ex-Muslim

11:35 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Poised for brighter start

11:35 [CNN: Money] Track futures and pre-market movers

11:37 [The Hindu - News] ‘Anna Hazare’ takes out padayatra against graft

11:37 [Voice of America] Bangladesh Garment Factories Re-Open

11:39 [Slashdot] Brain Zapping Improves Math Ability

11:41 [The Hindu - News] Cash transfer: banks step up efforts to meet June 1 deadline

11:42 [The Independent] Libel victim Chris Jefferies backs Home Secretary's campaign to avoid naming crime suspects until they are charged

11:42 [CNN] 2 Minnesota women sentenced for funding Somali terror group

11:45 [CNN] 2 Minnesota women sentenced for funding Somali militants

11:47 [The Hindu - News] Corporation plans to abolish plastic bags, cups

11:48 [Fox News] IRS Official Who Led Scandal-Linked Unit Now Heads ObamaCare Office

11:48 [Fox News] ANOTHER BLOW: Second Court Invalidates Obama Labor Board Picks

11:48 [Fox News] $625,000 MYSTERY: Gold Vanishes from Miami Airport in Suspected Heist

11:48 [Fox News] 4-YEAR-OLD SAFE: Alleged Abductor Nabbed After Mom Crashes Into Car

11:49 [The Hindu - News] Three injured as ‘chemical waste’ explodes in dust bin

11:49 [CNN: Crime] Smuggling smokes tied to terrorism?

11:55 [BBC: Technology] EA stops making games for Wii U

11:56 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Bailey: I was sold owl in restaurant

11:57 [The Independent] Great British Break Off: Paul Hollywood splits from his wife of 15 years

12:01 [] Egyptian policemen block crossing with Gaza

12:02 [BBC: Entertainment] Eurovision: Ken Bruce marks 25 years

12:03 [Russia Today] Iraq in ruins: Post-war life overshadowed by crumbling infrastructure, corruption, poverty

12:05 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement: Snag-a-Sidekick With Eaton's Claw O-Matic

12:05 [Slate Magazine] Google Glass Isn’t Lame

12:09 [The Hindu - News] BCCI emergency meet to discuss IPL spot-fixing fallout

12:10 [Pravda] Sasha Grey sets off on long motor rally across Russia

12:12 [Spiegel] Neo-Nazi Trial: Excrement Smeared on Lawyer's Office Door

12:13 [Russia Today] Islam could be dominant UK religion in 10 years – census analysis

12:13 [The Independent] WH Smith gets lowest customer service rating in UK as Apple tops satisfaction league table

12:13 [The Independent] Speculation of taxpayers' pay-back as Lloyds shares pass break-even price

12:13 [The Independent] Video: Oh Deer! White-tailed deer smashes through window of bus

12:13 [The Independent] Dan Stevens after Downton Abbey: The erstwhile Matthew Crawley is back in period costume

12:13 [The Independent] Eight charged and Aston Martin seized after 'Meow Meow' raids in Manchester

12:13 [The Independent] Police target Soho drug dealers in overnight raids

12:13 [CNN] Albino activist Josephat Torner fights witchcraft killings

12:15 [Fox News] Outgoing IRS Commissioner Faces Hearing Amid 'Stunning' Revelation

12:16 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly blasts hit mosques in Pakistan

12:18 [Good] How to Get Your Neighbors to Cook Dinner For You Every Week

12:18 [Good] 6 Not-So-Awkward Ways to Make Friends with Strangers

12:18 [Good] Save the Pallet Pavilion, A Treasured Pop-Up Public Space

12:18 [Good] Bike Sharing: The New Corporate Perk?

12:18 [Good] Death of Traditional Books? Kids Prefer Reading Via Screen

12:20 [The Atlantic: Politics] How to Prevent the IRS From Abusing Its Power Again

12:21 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Islands start 'puffin census'

12:21 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Emphasis Added: The Foreign Policy Week in Pieces (5/17)

12:22 [Reuters: politics] Obama shifts focus to jobs, eases building permit process

12:22 [Guardian] British man jailed for killing soldier David Lee Collins in Cyprus

12:25 [Mother Jones] Benghazi: What Did the CIA Know, and When Did It Know It?

12:25 [Mother Jones] Dubious Dealings of Tea Party Groups Could Have Drawn IRS Scrutiny

12:25 [Mother Jones] Blame Congress For the IRS-Tea Party Mess

12:25 [Mother Jones] The Next Senator From Georgia Will Probably be Nuts

12:27 [Reuters] Gunmen attack police station beyond Nigeria emergency zone

12:27 [Reuters] Mine union threatens to bring South Africa to 'standstill'

12:28 [CNN] Preakness Stakes: Five fun facts

12:29 [The Independent] Red Arrows back with nine-plane displays after safety sign-off

12:29 [The Independent] Man convicted of murder after paralyzed victim identifies his assailant by blinking

12:32 [The Hindu - News] Bieber will have to pay for German monkey business

12:33 [Deutsche Welle] Westerwelle sees peace 'opportunity' in Middle East

12:34 [Reuters] Japan PM sets targets in latest growth strategy tranche

12:34 [] Uzbekistan Man Detained on Terrorism Charges in Idaho

12:40 [The Hindu - News] CIA chief makes unannounced Israel visit

12:40 [NPR] Congress Due To Grill Ousted IRS Chief

12:40 [AL JAZEERA] Nigeria military shells fighters' camps

12:40 [Guardian] CIA chief John Brennan makes surprise Israel visit for Syria talks

12:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Bob Dylan joins US Arts Academy

12:43 [Telegraph] Ruby the Heart Stealer testifies in Milan

12:43 [Telegraph] Briton jailed for 8 years for stabbing soldier in Cyprus

12:43 [Telegraph] Chinese tourists can be 'uncivilised', says official

12:44 [The Hindu - News] China State Grid to buy stake in Australia network

12:45 [The Independent] One month on, arson remains a focus for Texas blast investigators

12:48 [The Hindu - News] Egyptian police close Gaza border to protest kidnap of colleagues

12:48 [New Statesman] What we talk about when we talk about welfare

12:49 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Women seen and not heard in film?

12:51 [Reuters] Myanmar frees political prisoners before president goes to U.S.

12:55 [Voice of America] 10 Killed in Pakistan Blast

12:55 [Topix Activism News] Tea party tax returns show activism on a budget

12:56 [CNN] Why you keep playing the lottery

12:56 [CNN] Blast kills 4 near Pakistan mosque

12:57 [Telegraph] British backpacker died after drinking 'poisoned' gin in Indonesia

12:57 [Telegraph] Russia 'does not understand' uproar over Syria arms sales

12:57 [Telegraph] The Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood splits from wife

12:57 [Telegraph] Gay marriage laws have created 'real sense of anger', Philip Hammond says

12:57 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 17 May 2013

12:57 [Pravda] Russia hopes to supply Kamov helicopters to India

13:00 [The Independent] Mother comes face-to-face with men accused of murdering Delhi gang-rape victim

13:00 [The Independent] Special courts will deal will traffic-light jumpers and speeding motorists

13:02 [The Hindu - News] Myanmar President frees prisoners ahead of US visit

13:07 [CNN] Learning to eat again: Man drops 130 pounds after surgery

13:08 [Deutsche Welle] Bill Gates again world's richest man in ranking

13:08 [Guardian] World's tallest dam approved by Chinese environmental officials

13:08 [Guardian] Greek addicts turn to deadly shisha drug as economic crisis deepens

13:09 [Voice of America] UN Chief Discusses Syria with Russian Officials

13:10 [CNET News] Facebook's rocky year as a public company

13:10 [CNET News] Beam this up: Creating the sounds of Star Trek

13:10 [CNET News] Google: Dart will rescue browsers from JavaScript

13:10 [CNET News] Is the unlocked Nexus Galaxy S4 worth the hefty price tag?

13:12 [Spiegel] Beuys Biography: Book Accuses Artist of�Close Ties to Nazis

13:13 [Telegraph] Spanish five-year-old breaks-up football row

13:13 [Telegraph] Nigel Farage hangs up on BBC interview over 'hatred' in its questioning

13:13 [Telegraph] Ryanair accused of 'exploiting' staff

13:14 [BBC: Entertainment] Director Greenaway to return to UK

13:14 [Guardian] Fire and rescue services in England should merge, says report

13:15 [The Independent] Video: Ukip leader Nigel Farage evacuated from Edinburgh pub

13:15 [The Independent] Downing St stresses gay marriage is 'free vote' issue after comments from Government Minister Philip Hammond

13:15 [The Independent] That takes the biscuit: Burglar caught after leaving fingerprints on box of Jaffa Cakes

13:15 [The Independent] Wanted: Polar bear spotter to protect Norwegian scientists - must be loud and good with guns

13:16 [Reuters: politics] Budget crisis, union ties weigh heavily in Los Angeles mayor race

13:18 [Russia Today] ECB to become chief euro bank supervisor

13:18 [Deutsche Welle] A strong economy, a strong Japan

13:18 [Deutsche Welle] Germany becoming magnet for tourists, record hotel bookings

13:20 [NPR] Reports: Russia Sends More Missiles, Has Ships Near Syria

13:20 [Reuters] Turkey detains prime suspect in car bombings near Syrian border

13:21 [The Hindu - News] Spot-fixing: Five bookies taken into custody in Chennai

13:21 [Fox News: politics] Outgoing IRS chief faces hearing after 'stunning' revelation on another scandal-tied official

13:22 [CNN: Health] Man drops 130 pounds after surgery

13:22 [CNN: Health] Workouts may prevent cancer

13:22 [CNN: Health] Why you play the lottery

13:22 [CNN: Health] 'My mom needs you'

13:23 [The Hindu - News] Philippines fears for workers in Taiwan amid fisherman death row

13:25 [BBC: Also in the news] HK taxi sued for 6 cent overcharge

13:25 [BBC: Also in the news] Bob Dylan joins US Arts Academy

13:25 [BBC: Also in the news] Dutt takes mattress and fan to jail

13:25 [BBC: Also in the news] Brain stimulation maths boost link

13:25 [Reuters] Nigerian forces bombard Islamist militant camps from the air

13:25 [CNN] Relations sour between Taiwan and Philippines over fisherman's death

13:27 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Purifying America's Textbooks of Ethnic Studies

13:27 [] Lavrov: Iran Should Take Part in Syria Conference

13:28 [BBC: Technology] Man lists 12,000 call menu options

13:29 [Telegraph] KFC smuggled into Gaza from Egypt through underground tunnels

13:31 [The Hindu - News] Sreesanth’s lawyer claims ‘mistaken’ arrest

13:31 [The Independent] Nascar legend Dick Trickle kill himself after calling police to tell them where to find his body

13:31 [The Independent] Arsenal confirm interest in Auxerre striker Yaya Sanogo - but Arsene Wenger refuses to discuss move for Wayne Rooney

13:31 [zero hedge] Dull Overnight Session Set To Become Even Duller Day Session

13:31 [zero hedge] Google Spreads Its Wings Launching A Plethora Of Game Changing Products & Initiatives Causing Analysts To Scramble

13:32 [Raw Story] U.S. soldier gets life for 2009 killings in Iraq

13:32 [Raw Story] Rio Tinto puts largest ‘red’ diamond on market

13:32 [Spiegel] Crisis of Friendship: Split Persists�Between Berlin and Paris

13:34 [msnbc: politics] Marijuana: the new diet drug?

13:34 [msnbc: politics] Rewriting Washington on the I.R.S.

13:34 [msnbc: politics] Conservative editors warn Republicans

13:34 [msnbc: politics] Washington’s week in scandals

13:34 [msnbc: politics] The White House taking charge

13:35 [The Hindu - News] A historic model

13:35 [The Hindu - News] Judge appointed to probe Sarabjit’s murder

13:35 [BBC: Entertainment] Jewel theft at Cannes film festival

13:36 [The Atlantic: National] What Commencement Speeches Leave Out

13:37 [Raw Story] Scientists prepare to explore the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

13:37 [Raw Story] Ai Weiwei creates giant map of China from baby formula

13:38 [New Statesman] Mass migration or myths and stereotypes?

13:39 [The Hindu - News] CM disagrees with Mullappally over police probe into TP murder

13:41 [msnbc: politics] Weiner's wife represented clients while at State; could that impact his NYC run?

13:41 [The Hindu - News] Tree bay: Shoots and leaves

13:42 [Raw Story] Hong Kong light railway accident injures 50

13:42 [Raw Story] Israel rabbi speaks out on being gay and Orthodox

13:43 [The Hindu - News] 13 killed in blasts at two mosques in northwest Pakistan

13:43 [The Hindu - News] Pappu Yadav acquitted in CPI(M) leader murder case

13:43 [New Statesman] The stereotypes used against Eastern Europe are as old as they are wrong

13:43 [CNN] 8 things to know before visiting Libya

13:43 [CNN] Castellanos: Obama's troubles not related to race

13:44 [Reuters] Bahraini security forces raid top cleric's house: opposition

13:45 [Voice of America] Burma Releases Political Prisoners Ahead of President's US Visit

13:47 [The Independent] Keep dancing! Sir Bruce Forsyth, 85, signs up for new series of Strictly Come Dancing

13:47 [The Independent] 'I think I've killed Colin - he was getting on my nerves': Gran who smothered terminally ill former partner escapes jail term

13:47 [The Independent] Breaking: Jewels worth more than $1m stolen from Cannes hotel room

13:47 [The Hindu - News] Scaling heights

13:48 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: May 17

13:50 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Biggest Obama Scandals Are Proven and Ignored

13:51 [OpEdNews] The News That Isn't In An Age of Missing Information

13:51 [The Hindu - News] The church that St. Thomas built

13:52 [msnbc: politics] Joe Scarborough: ‘It’s been a bad week’ for Obama

13:52 [msnbc: politics] Obama in damage control mode over recent scandals

13:52 [msnbc: politics] Hearings on IRS scrutiny begin Friday: What to expect

13:53 [The Hindu - News] Dramatic effect

13:55 [The Hindu - News] Court grants bail to Liaquat Shah

13:57 [Guardian] Keeping up with Teresa Forcades, a nun on a mission

13:57 [Guardian] April Jones killer claims 'mental block' over what happened to body

13:57 [CNN: Health] Saved from life in the bathroom

13:58 [The Hindu - News] ‘I eat six chocolates before every game’

13:58 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistanis protest against ‘poll rigging’

13:58 [Deutsche Welle] UN pushes for swift action in Syrian conflict

13:58 [Pravda] Dutchman, who stabbed Russian boy, suffers from autism

13:59 [Telegraph] Chelsea Flower Show 2013: Prince Harry visits Sentebale garden

13:59 [CNET News] Samsung: Galaxy S4 sales to hit 10 million next week

14:02 [Reuters] Hold Syrian peace talks soon, says U.N. chief

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Siena’s building secrets now unveiled

14:02 [The Hindu - News] A world in the making

14:02 [The Independent] Police begin international hunt for mother of two-year-old girl found dead in Oxfordshire

14:03 [CNN: Travel] Intriguing summer escapes

14:03 [CNN: Travel] Bourdain's Libya surprises

14:03 [CNN: Travel] Live large, pay small in Panama

14:03 [CNN: Travel] Beijing to Chinese tourists: Be polite!

14:03 [CNN: Travel] Live large, pay small in Panama City

14:03 [CNN: Travel] Official: Dreamliner suffers 'minor' setback

14:04 [msnbc: politics] IRS officials set to testify at House hearing

14:04 [AL JAZEERA] Nigerian forces 'shell fighters' camps'

14:04 [AL JAZEERA] Dozens hurt in Hong Kong train accident

14:06 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: Time for celebration!

14:06 [NPR] Kai The 'Hatchet Hitchhiker' Is Accused Of Murder

14:07 [CNN] Bradley Wiggins withdraws from Giro d'Italia

14:09 [Pravda] Gangster state America

14:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Rabbit-dozed: Souths trounce Tigers

14:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fire gets in way of Daft Punk launch

14:11 [BBC: Entertainment] PM's old masters exhibition opens

14:12 [Raw Story] Russia dismisses uproar over Syria arms sales

14:12 [The Hindu - News] A record of sorts

14:13 [BBC: Also in the news] The people with a religious duty to have children

14:13 [Russia Today] Rosneft eyes Alrosa’s $1bn gas assets to strengthen position in the market

14:13 [Russia Today] No sensation, only standing contracts – Lavrov on Russia’s weapons supplies to Syria

14:14 [CNN: Money] Facebook IPO: Winners & losers

14:14 [CNN: Money] Track futures

14:15 [Telegraph] Bangladeshi baby born in storm shelter named after Cyclone Mahasen

14:15 [Telegraph] Prague introduces singles only 'love carriages' on underground trains

14:15 [Fox News] Scary Celebrity Mug Shots

14:16 [CNN: Politics] Obama: Military 'ashamed' of sexual assaults

14:16 [Fox News] Minnesota lakes reportedly contaminated with cocaine- Majority of pools are contaminated by poop

14:16 [Fox News] Delivery man accused of selling drugs from pizza boxes

14:16 [Fox News] Idaho man accused of trying to help terror group

14:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] Breaking the rules of the gender game

14:17 [CNN: Money] The $1 million mouse hunt

14:17 [CNN: Money] Crowdfunding tries to grow up

14:18 [The Hindu - News] Green tales from the terrace

14:18 [The Hindu - News] New fund, old problems

14:18 [The Independent] Facebook user cautioned after offensive comments opposing plans for Muslim prayer centre

14:18 [The Independent] British worker Chris McManus died just minutes into attempt to rescue him from Nigeria kidnappers, inquest told

14:20 [Slashdot] Opportunity Breaks NASA's 40-Year Roving Record

14:21 [Pravda] Dollar crisis and the coming collapse of US global hegemony

14:21 [] Turkish police detain prime suspect of bombings that killed over 50 on the Syrian border

14:22 [CNN] Opinion: What Angelina Jolie forgot to mention

14:22 [CNN: Money] Facebook IPO: Missed out and couldn't be happier

14:22 [The Hindu - News] Summer blooms

14:22 [AL JAZEERA] Myanmar frees group of dissidents

14:23 [zero hedge] Venezuela Runs Out Of Toilet Paper

14:24 [CNN] 'The Office': Brian Baumgartner talks 10 memorable episodes

14:24 [CNN] Bomb explodes outside Sunni mosque north of Baghdad

14:24 [New Statesman] "Lame Duck" MPC stands pat and waits for the new Governor

14:25 [Guardian] Jewellery heist hits Cannes film festival

14:25 [Guardian] Google chief Eric Schmidt to meet David Cameron after tax row

14:25 [Guardian] Chris McManus killed by kidnappers minutes after rescue mission began

14:25 [Guardian] China's deputy PM warns Chinese tourists about behaving badly overseas

14:25 [Sydney Morning Herald] Jewels worth $1m stolen at Cannes

14:25 [Fox News: politics] Obama focusing on job creation in Baltimore visit

14:26 [CNN] Inside the rape crisis center that's helping Somalia's women

14:27 [Voice of America] Nigeria Launches Air Strikes Against Militant Camps

14:28 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Jewellery theft at Cannes film festival

14:28 [CNN: Living] Greetings from Campowerment

14:28 [CNN: Living] UK wool industry making a comeback

14:29 [New Statesman] “I think that you do do evil”

14:30 [CNET News] HTC One volumes to double in May

14:31 [CNN: Living] UK wool industry comeback

14:36 [Reuters] Turkey detains prime suspect in car bombings

14:37 [The Progressive] Texas: America’s Rotting Banana Republic

14:38 [msnbc: politics] Sharpton: GOP has already overreached on Benghazi, IRS

14:38 [The Hindu - News] The living tree

14:39 [CNN: Politics] Opinion: Obama's woes not race related

14:39 [CBC: politics] Crack cocaine allegations against mayor Rob Ford

14:40 [Pravda] Requiem for North Korea

14:40 [CNN: Money] I missed Facebook's IPO. Yea!

14:40 [CNN: Money] Facebook has grown ... but not its stock

14:42 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Bling Ring premieres in Cannes

14:42 [Raw Story] Colbert: How dare you cast aspersions on Louie Gohmert’s asparagus!

14:42 [The Hindu - News] Teacher held for beating student to death in West Bengal

14:43 [Guardian] Chinese tourists warned over bad behaviour overseas

14:43 [Russia Today] US companies treat UK citizens like ghosts to rip them off

14:44 [CBC: politics] Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at centre of crack cocaine allegations

14:45 [The Hindu - News] Tales that a river tells

14:45 [CNET News] BlackBerry regains some lost market share in Canada

14:47 [Telegraph] Google Maps helps Chinese man find home 23 years after abduction

14:47 [Telegraph] Soldier who survived worst battlefield injuries awarded MBE

14:47 [Voice of America] Dozens Killed in Bombing Outside Baghdad

14:48 [CNN] House committee to question IRS officials on targeting

14:49 [The Hindu - News] Sunny side up!

14:49 [The Hindu - News] Colour me happy

14:53 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: Sound of music

14:53 [The Hindu - News] Ask us

14:57 [CNN] 'Dell'wether: Desktop decline points to era's end?

14:57 [CNN] Yuck! What's in your pool water

14:57 [CNN] Bombs in Iraq striking Sunnis kill dozens

14:57 [CNN: Health] Yuck! What's in your pool water

14:58 [AL JAZEERA] Scores killed in Iraq mosque bombing

14:59 [The Hindu - News] Virat Ko(h)li varuval or Poricha meen Pollard?

15:01 [zero hedge] US Dollar Surges To Near 3-Year High

15:01 [CNN] $1M in Chopard jewels stolen from Cannes hotel, police say

15:01 [The Hindu - News] A lonely problem

15:01 [NPR] Book News: Amazon May Be Called Before Parliament Over Taxes

15:01 [NPR] Gingrich Cautions GOP About 'Overreach' On Scandals

15:05 [The Hindu - News] The continuing thirst

15:05 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh assesses cyclone damage as toll climbs to 17

15:05 [The Independent] Dead children's named used as aliases by undercover police at Scotland Yard

15:05 [The Independent] Police name two-year-old girl found dead in Oxfordshire house as international search for her mother gets underway

15:07 [msnbc: politics] IRS officials testify at House hearing

15:08 [Deutsche Welle] Bundestag approves bank reform to protect taxpayers

15:08 [Deutsche Welle] Nigerian military strikes insurgent targets in northeast

15:09 [The Hindu - News] Waging a futile war

15:09 [Slashdot] Florida Activates System For Citizens To Call Each Other Terrorists

15:10 [CNN] Los Angeles sports teams go from good to bad

15:10 [CNN: Money] Student loan delinquencies: Check your state

15:10 [CNET News] Apple orders hint at iPad Mini shipment decline

15:10 [CNET News] Nvidia Shield preorder date moves up, starts today

15:12 [Raw Story] Which Public Enemy Lyric Is Most Conservative? A Poll.

15:15 [The Hindu - News] In the shadow of guns

15:17 [Disinformation] One Quarter Of Britons Say They Are Curious To Try Cannibalism

15:17 [Fox News] Outgoing IRS Commissioner Faces Hearing Amid 'Stunning' Revelation

15:18 [Fox News] House votes to repeal ObamaCare in 229-195 vote

15:18 [Fox News] Toronto mayor reportedly seen smoking 'crack cocaine'

15:18 [Fox News] Standoff after man runs onto frozen lake to avoid jail

15:18 [Fox News] Up to 1 in 5 children suffer from a mental disorder- Warning over a dangerous drug called 'Molly'

15:18 [Fox News] Gold vanishes from Miami airport in suspected heist

15:18 [Fox News] 26 dead in blast outside Sunni mosque in Iraq

15:19 [CNN] Q&A: Clear Channel's Bob Pittman

15:19 [CNN] Big-name music DJs

15:19 [CNN] Who needs radio? I'll take the Web

15:19 [CNN] Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?

15:19 [CNN] Balotelli threatens to walk off pitch if racially abused again

15:19 [Guardian] Beleaguered Obama looks to fight back as critics ask: is he a lame duck already?

15:19 [Guardian] Video of Russian orphans being beaten sparks outrage

15:19 [Guardian] Global warming has not stalled, insists world's best-known climate scientist

15:19 [The Hindu - News] New kid in town

15:20 [The Independent] Australian politician accidentally 'likes' Facebook picture of teenager exposing himself

15:20 [] Experts: Fed's Push for More Wiretapping a Recipe for Security Disaster

15:21 [CNN: Politics] House committee to question IRS officials on targeting

15:21 [OpEdNews] Republicans Aren't Christians

15:21 [The Atlantic: International] How Iran Benefits From an Illicit Gold Trade With Turkey

15:23 [Truthout] Surveillance After Boston

15:23 [The Hindu - News] Willow power

15:24 [New Statesman] How two farm-boys-done-good could change the world

15:24 [msnbc: politics] Bob Woodward: I wouldn't compare this to Watergate...not yet

15:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Tribes Keep Uneasy Peace in Southern Libya

15:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Afghan Women Harassed into Unemployment

15:25 [CNN: Crime] Jodi Arias: Life or death?

15:25 [CNN: Crime] Legally drunk? Here's how to tell

15:25 [CNN: Crime] Internet celeb wanted in murder

15:25 [CNN: Crime] Troubled kids run 'old skool' bistro

15:25 [CNN: Crime] 2 Minnesota women sentenced for funding Somali militants

15:25 [CNN: Crime] Pretzel bag tipped off search for child porn suspect

15:25 [The Hindu - News] Another child dies in Attappady tribal belt

15:25 [Slate Magazine] Washington Is Outdoing California and Texas in Renewable Energy

15:29 [Russia Today] OpGTMO: Zero hour to Anonymous global anti-Gitmo action nears

15:29 [The Hindu - News] If you like it, share it

15:30 [Financial Times] China censor acts on anti-Japan films

15:30 [Financial Times] Nigerian air force attacks rebel camps

15:31 [Financial Times] Qatar bankrolls Syrian revolt

15:31 [CNN] Brady Center sues Georgia town that requires residents to own guns

15:31 [CNN] $1 million in Chopard jewels stolen from Cannes hotel, police say

15:31 [CNN: Politics] Paul: There was a 'cover up' with Benghazi

15:31 [Voice of America] Chinese Environmental Protestors Demand Transparency

15:31 [The Hindu - News] In Hemingway’s hometown

15:31 [The Hindu - News] Gandhian activist arrested in MP, adivasis up in arms

15:32 [NPR] Venezuelans Stock Up On Toilet Paper Amid Shortage

15:32 [Raw Story] Greek parents welcome adult children moving back in thanks to financial crisis

15:32 [zero hedge] The Ugly Truth Behind Spain's First Trade Surplus In Over 40 Years

15:32 [zero hedge] IRS Witch-Hunt Congressional Hearing Begins - Live Webcast

15:33 [Telegraph] David Cameron rejects gay marriage criticism

15:34 [The Hindu - News] In Hemingway’s hometown

15:34 [Russia Today] Italian ‘Tango Down’ operation arrests 4 Anonymous hackers

15:34 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] DRC: MSF Treats Survivors of Attack on Village in North Kivu

15:36 [The Hindu - News] A pervert behind the lens

15:36 [msnbc: politics] O’Donnell: Obama needs to concentrate on how to control leaks

15:37 [Raw Story] Colorado woman fatally shot in head with her own assault rifle

15:37 [Raw Story] Ritual circumcision kills 23 men and boys in South Africa

15:38 [The Hindu - News] Beyond seven songs

15:38 [The Hindu - News] In search of the Jacana

15:39 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Hove v Gove battle for new free schools bid

15:39 [Slashdot] Patenting Open Source Software

15:40 [The Hindu - News] Nothing Cannes can’t see

15:41 [BBC: Technology] US questions Google on Glass privacy

15:42 [The Hindu - News] Anbumani illegally allowed admission in medical college: CBI

15:42 [The Hindu - News] The connect and the camera

15:42 [The Hindu - News] Pitch perfect

15:43 [Spiegel] Beaten, Bullied, Badgered: EU Study Finds Widespread Homophobia in Europe

15:43 [CNN: Money] Google Android's enterprise problem

15:44 [Russia Today] Thirty-two killed by blasts outside Sunni mosque in Iraq

15:44 [The Hindu - News] Handled with care

15:45 [Reuters] Bahrain forces raid top cleric's house: opposition

15:47 [Raw Story] Hardline cleric and election watchdog proclaims that Iranian women cannot run for presidency

15:47 [Raw Story] Former IT manager named ‘hero’ after publishing list of ways to skip call center delays

15:47 [Raw Story] Nick Mancuso’s ‘God is a gangster’ play gets police protection

15:47 [msnbc: politics] Acting IRS head blames 'foolish mistakes' for targeting of conservative groups

15:47 [Telegraph] 'Extravagant' academy school bosses blow thousands on luxury hotels and first-class travel

15:47 [Telegraph] Sketch: Nigel Farage versus the 'fascists'

15:48 [The Hindu - News] Driving while woman

15:48 [The Hindu - News] Punjab on a platter

15:48 [The Hindu - News] Labour union boss threatens to bring South Africa’s economy to a “standstill”

15:48 [The Hindu - News] It is all about discipline

15:49 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Idol' winners: Where are they now?

15:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Remember rock 'n' roll radio?

15:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Soap actor charged

15:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Molested nephew says Jackson helped him

15:50 [The Hindu - News] An olive garden

15:51 [The Independent] Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell pleads 'Not guilty' 19 times to series of child sex charges

15:51 [The Independent] Nascar legend Dick Trickle kills himself after warning police about body

15:51 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Pressure Mounting on U.S. over Congo Violence

15:52 [The Hindu - News] Flavours from Ben Rinnes

15:52 [CNN: Politics] Miller: "Targeting... is a pejorative term"

15:53 [Truthout] Another CIA Debacle: The Real Benghazi Scandal

15:53 [Deutsche Welle] Postcard: Love thy neighbor? Europeans say 'no'

15:53 [Deutsche Welle] Blasts targeting Sunni worshipers near Baghdad leave scores dead

15:53 [Deutsche Welle] Report: 'US government in GM-industry's pocket'

15:54 [The Hindu - News] The lost action heroes

15:54 [New Statesman] No, Farage, the protesters weren't anti-English, they were anti-UKIP

15:56 [The Hindu - News] Magic sautéed with science

15:57 [CBC: politics] Supreme Court upholds acquittal of mom in Wal-Mart baby case

15:58 [The Hindu - News] A brand new story

15:58 [The Hindu - News] Paradise regained

15:58 [msnbc: politics] Acting IRS head apologizes, blames 'foolish mistakes' for targeting of conservative groups

15:58 [BBC: Entertainment] George Michael injured in M1 crash

15:58 [CNN: Politics] Miller: Knew "not of targeting, but of the process"

16:00 [] Georgia: Angry Mob Scuttles Anti-Homophobia Rally

16:00 [The Hindu - News] It’s all in the family

16:02 [Raw Story] Two-thirds of Europe’s LGBT community ‘still afraid to show sexuality’

16:02 [Raw Story] Cannes Film Festival rocked as $1 million worth of red carpet ‘loaner’ jewels are stolen

16:02 [Disinformation] Sangreal, The Holy Grail: Recovering the Cosmic Science of Antiquity – Part 1

16:02 [The Hindu - News] Technology in sleep mode

16:03 [Spiegel] Living by the Numbers: Big Data Knows What Your Future Holds

16:03 [AlterNet] Colbert Deconstructs 3D Printed Guns

16:03 [Telegraph] Using dead children's identities was 'common practice' amongst undercover officers

16:03 [Telegraph] Verona to charge two euros to see Romeo and Juliet's balcony

16:04 [Truthout] Ambiguity in Tax Rules and Disintegration of Election Law May Have Led to IRS Tea Party Mess

16:04 [The Nation] Why Christians Like Me Should Listen to Kathryn Joyce on Evangelical Adoption

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Shopping fest

16:06 [CNN: Politics] IRS hearing begins

16:06 [CNN: Politics] IRS commissioner says he knew "not of targeting, but of the process"

16:06 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] South Sudan: MSF Hospital Severely Damaged in Intentional Attack

16:06 [The Hindu - News] Living theatre

16:06 [The Independent] Google chief Eric Schmidt to meet David Cameron days after MPs maul search giant over tax affairs

16:06 [The Independent] The £1 million cakes: Huge cocaine haul baked into cakes found at Gatwick airport

16:07 [CNN: Money] Stocks headed for fourth week of gains

16:07 [CNN: Money] Millennials: Don't call me 'entitled'

16:07 [CNN: Money] My very cheap day

16:07 [Reuters] May consumer sentiment rises to highest in nearly six years

16:07 [Reuters] Two blasts at Iraqi Sunni mosque kill 43

16:07 [Voice of America] Secret Life of Egyptian Pigs

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Rights group says it found Government torture rooms in Syria

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Cause and effect

16:09 [Deutsche Welle] Ice hockey world championship to be co-hosted by Cologne and Paris in 2017

16:09 [Deutsche Welle] German lawmakers calling for more consumer rights on the mobile apps market

16:09 [Russia Today] Priests lead Orthodox anti-gays in violent Tbilisi clashes with rights activists, police (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

16:09 [Russia Today] 'Non-political' Bitcoin is 'like internet – can’t be put away easily'

16:09 [msnbc: politics] First Thoughts: And the venting begins

16:10 [CNN: Technology] Meet your robot bartender

16:10 [CNN: Technology] Tech tools tell you you're drunk

16:10 [The Hindu - News] A ‘Super’ ride

16:11 [zero hedge] Chinese Profitability Squeezed Further By Third Year Of Double-Digit Wage Gains

16:12 [CNN: Politics] Paul: There was a 'cover up'

16:12 [The Hindu - News] Spring cleaning outsourced

16:13 [Reuters] After tough week, Obama tries to change the subject to jobs

16:13 [Fox News] Paul: Yoko Didn't End Beatles

16:14 [Russia Today] FSB: CIA crossed ‘red line’ with agent Fogle

16:14 [Truthout] A Novel Idea: Asking an Afghan About Afghanistan

16:14 [Truthout] Hijacked Organic, Limited Local, Faulty Fair Trade

16:14 [The Nation] Why Christians Like Me Should Listen to Critiques of Evangelical Adoption

16:14 [The Hindu - News] Konnichiwa Chennai!

16:14 [The Hindu - News] Social networking spotlight on spot fixing

16:15 [CNN: Money] Apple stock: Who bought and sold last quarter

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Playing to the crowd reaps rewards

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Abbott: GST is back on the table

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Gates back on top of fortune list

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Beware the intrusion of the market

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Prisoners 'gagged, deprived'

16:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Boys need education on steroid harm

16:16 [Financial Times] FT hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

16:16 [CNN: Politics] IRS commissioner says he knew 'not of targeting, but of the process'

16:16 [Reuters: politics] Virginia governor's race to test Tea Party Republicans' allure

16:16 [Reuters: politics] After tough week, Obama tries to change the subject to jobs

16:17 [Raw Story] ‘Poor data sharing’ blamed for U.S. government losing track of two terrorists in witness protection

16:17 [Raw Story] ‘F*cking right-wing’ Toronto mayor reportedly seen smoking crack on video

16:17 [Raw Story] New report outlines U.S. miltary’s solar-powered might

16:17 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Greece on track to exit slump next year, says Troika

16:17 [Guardian] George Michael injured in car crash

16:17 [Guardian] Madeleine McCann case: Scotland Yard identifies new leads

16:17 [Guardian] Silvio Berlusconi aides' 'bunga bunga' trial: Ruby takes the stand

16:18 [The Hindu - News] Farmers protest against power plant hits 1000th day

16:18 [The Hindu - News] Driving while woman

16:19 [Truthout] Profiling

16:19 [Truthout] Inside the Cooper Union Occupation's First Hours

16:19 [Voice of America] Dissident Artist Draws Inspiration from Milk Fears

16:19 [Voice of America] Jewels for Cannes Movie Stars Stolen from Hotel

16:19 [CNN: Travel] Greetings from Campowerment: A getaway to go deep

16:21 [msnbc: politics] Ways and Means member: I'm concerned about the culture of the IRS

16:22 [The Independent] Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Grand Final: Get the lowdown on the 25 countries competing in Malmö

16:22 [CNN] 'Crazy ants' a threat in southern U.S.

16:23 [Spiegel] Coveted Coves: Emir's Greek Isle Purchase�Inspires Hope

16:24 [CNN] Ex-Argentine dictator dies

16:24 [Truthout] New Regs

16:25 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Police claim Sreesanth confession

16:26 [CNN: Travel] Photos: A tour of Morocco

16:26 [CNN: Travel] 8 things to know before visiting Libya

16:27 [The Hindu - News] International terminal at Chennai to be commissioned within a month, says minister

16:27 [Slashdot] 97% of Climate Science Papers Agree Global Warming Is Man-made

16:27 [Guardian] Jimmy Mubenga security guards had racist jokes on their mobile phones

16:28 [CNN] Daily life at Guantanamo: Hunger strikes, sprays of filth

16:28 [CNN] 5 things to know about dangerous, SARS-like virus

16:29 [CBC: politics] Duffy's Senate expenses may get 2nd look from auditors

16:29 [Russia Today] Sugar producer tops Russia's largest landowner list

16:30 [CNN] Quake reported in Canada

16:31 [zero hedge] Michigan Confidence Soars To Highest Since 2007, Biggest Beat Of Expectations On Record

16:33 [Guardian] Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond clash over protesters

16:34 [Deutsche Welle] Bundestag debates nuclear waste "disposal"

16:34 [BBC: Education] Phones 'used like digital dummies'

16:35 [Truthout] AP Monitoring Raises Fears of Government Overreach: How Far Will Obama Go to Crack Down on Leaks?

16:35 [Truthout] Taxing Corporate Profits Will Force Investment

16:35 [Telegraph] NHS electronic system to reduce drug blunders

16:35 [Telegraph] Singer George Michael hurt in car crash

16:35 [Telegraph] Police identify new Madeleine McCann suspects

16:35 [Reuters] Former Argentine dictator Videla dies in prison at 87

16:37 [NPR] For Trainer Of Derby Champion, 'My Dream Came True'

16:38 [The Independent] The Museum Of Bad Art: Latest exhibition to feature images of wildlife realistic, imaginary (and unidentifiable)

16:38 [The Independent] Census figures show Christianity in sharp decline whilst belief in Islam dramatically increases

16:38 [Reuters: politics] Lawmakers accuse IRS officials of lying in tax scandal

16:39 [AlterNet] Republican Congressman: 'Abortion on Demand' Causes School Shootings

16:39 [AlterNet] NYPD Arrested and Committed Woman to Psychiatric Ward for Legally Baring Breasts

16:39 [Voice of America] Developing World Investment Potential Rises

16:40 [CNN: Money] Blackberry's desperate move

16:40 [CNN: Money] Fortune Brainstorm Podcast: GM CEO Dan Akerson

16:41 [Voice of America] Developing World Investment to Rise

16:42 [Raw Story] Papa John’s delivery man busted for selling a kilo of cocaine to cops while on the job

16:42 [Raw Story] Fox News hires Allen West for his ‘valuable point of view’

16:43 [CNN] Human stem cell cloning: 'Holy Grail' or techno-fantasy?

16:43 [CNN] 7 ways budget cuts will hit national parks

16:44 [msnbc: politics] IRS official in charge of scrutinizing political groups now heads agency's role in 'Obamacare'

16:45 [Truthout] "The Other IRS Scandal": David Cay Johnston on Dark Money Political Groups Seeking Tax Exemption

16:45 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Uncanny Face Model They Made With Richard III's Skull

16:47 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for May 17, 2013

16:47 [] Democracy Now!: "Astoundingly Disturbing": Obama Administration Claims Power to Wage Endless War Across the Globe

16:47 [] Democracy Now!: Obama Worse Than Nixon? Pentagon Papers Attorney Decries AP Phone Probe, Julian Assange Persecution

16:47 [] Democracy Now!: Released From Prison, Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher on Civil Disobedience & Building Movements

16:47 [BBC: Science & Environment] GPS 'improves early tsunami alerts'

16:49 [AL JAZEERA] Turkey arrests 'prime suspect' over blasts

16:49 [zero hedge] Goldman Issues Q&A On Tapering: Says "Not Yet"

16:50 [CNN] After the storm: 'I thought that lady was gonna die in my truck'

16:51 [CNN] U.N. says more than 1.5 million refugees have fled Syria

16:52 [The Atlantic: International] Amid Ethnic Tension in Turkey, Some Syrian Refugees Return to a War Zone

16:52 [NPR] Famed Race Driver Dick Trickle Dies, Suicide Suspected

16:52 [NPR] Young Gazan Men Get Unwanted Haircuts, Courtesy Of Police

16:53 [The Independent] Eurovision 2013 to feature first lesbian kiss

16:54 [Deutsche Welle] Former Argentine military dictator Videla dies in jail

16:56 [Mother Jones] Competitive Pricing in Oregon is a Test Case for Obamacare

16:57 [Raw Story] Student, masked intruder killed in home invasion at sorority house near Hofstra University

16:57 [] A day after violent protest, Haredi coverage ranges from delicate criticism to complete disregard

16:58 [Fox News: politics] Plot Thickens on AP Records Scandal

16:59 [New Internationalist] Is Europe becoming more homophobic?

16:59 [The Hindu - News] International terminal in Chennai to be commissioned within a month, says minister for Civil Aviation

17:01 [CNN: Money] Google Chat gets a makeover

17:01 [msnbc: politics] IRS head: ‘I did not mislead Congress’

17:01 [CNN] IRS official denies intentional political targeting, lying to Congress

17:04 [Russia Today] India and China to dominate world savings and investment by 2030

17:04 [CNN: Crime] Oh, la, la! $1M jewel heist

17:04 [CNN: Crime] Georgia town sued for gun requirement

17:05 [Telegraph] Ukip donor says women in trousers are 'hostile' and unmarried mothers need a 'smack'

17:05 [Telegraph] Bomber Command veterans boycotting 'insulting' award

17:05 [Telegraph] Nigel Farage: 'Anti-English' protest shows fascist side of Scottish nationalism

17:05 [Telegraph] Russia's FSB reveals identity of CIA Moscow station chief

17:05 [Telegraph] Argentina's former dictator Jorge Videla dies

17:06 [The Hindu - News] Indian experts team on Brahmaputra in China ahead of Li’s visit

17:06 [CBC: politics] Ritz making food safety announcement in Saskatoon

17:06 [CNN: Travel] 7 ways budget cuts will hit national parks

17:06 [Amnesty International] Egypt: Fears of spurious charges in trial of another opposition activist

17:08 [Voice of America] Change Looms for Ethiopia's Ancient Salt Trade

17:09 [CNET News] Low Latency No. 62: No one is safe

17:09 [The Independent] Will the UK be Totally Eclipsed? Bookmakers not betting on a Bonnie Tyler Eurovision Song Contest victory

17:09 [The Independent] Madeleine McCann case: Police review identifies new leads and 'people of interest'

17:09 [The Independent] Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Grand Final: Get the lowdown on the 25 countries competing in Malmö

17:09 [The Independent] Human Rights groups claims torture evidence found in Syrian prisons

17:09 [Guardian] Sats girl takes Michael Gove, the comma chameleon, to task

17:09 [Guardian] Police spies' use of dead children's identities was common, MPs told

17:10 [Voice of America] Malaria-Infected Mosquitoes More Attracted to Humans

17:10 [The Hindu - News] South African park ranger rescues little girl from lion

17:10 [CNN: Money] Whew!, I missed Facebook's IPO

17:10 [CNN: Money] Financial Times hit by hackers

17:11 [Reuters] May consumer sentiment highest in nearly six years

17:11 [Reuters] Lawmakers accuse IRS officials of lying in tax scandal

17:11 [zero hedge] Charting Irrational Credit Bubble Exuberance Euphoria

17:12 [OpEdNews] Weaving People and Communities Together: The Joyfully Painful Labors of Lillian Lake

17:12 [The Hindu - News] Select content carefully, regulator tells cartoon channels

17:12 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

17:13 [CNN] Triathlete conquers first time in the ocean

17:13 [CNN] Opinion: Why tiger moms are great

17:15 [CNET News] Get 10 free movies from CinemaNow

17:15 [Topix Activism News] Dicker: Activists in the Oil Patch

17:16 [The Hindu - News] Google IO: by a user, for users

17:17 [OpEdNews] How To Really Conquer Homelessness

17:18 [The Hindu - Opinion] Playing Muslim in Bhopal

17:18 [CNN: Crime] How a pretzel bag led to his capture

17:19 [CNN] Is Yahoo about to buy Tumblr?

17:20 [Slashdot] Mozilla Delays Default Third-Party Cookie Blocking In Firefox

17:21 [CNN: Health] Company fights to keep monopoly on gene

17:21 [CNN: Health] 5 things to know about dangerous, SARS-like virus

17:21 [CNN: Health] Triathlete conquers first time in the ocean

17:21 [CNN: Health] Fighting for gene monopoly

17:21 [Telegraph] Asteroid nine times the size of the QE2 to pass Earth

17:21 [Telegraph] Rihanna sues Topshop over 'unauthorised' t-shirts bearing her image

17:21 [Telegraph] Octogenarian mountaineers in battle to conquer Everest

17:21 [Telegraph] Creative people more likely to hold phone to left ear, study finds

17:22 [OpEdNews] It is due to kindness (Poem)

17:23 [Reuters] Nigerian forces bomb Islamist militant camps from the air

17:24 [msnbc: politics] Political Minute: Scandal Fever?

17:24 [msnbc: politics] Congressman slams IRS screening: ‘Is this still America?’

17:24 [msnbc: politics] IRS head: ‘We are not targeting’ Tea Party

17:24 [The Independent] George Michael airlifted to hospital 'with head injuries' after car crash on M1

17:24 [The Independent] Denmark's Emmelie de Forest the favourite to win Eurovision 2013

17:24 [CNET News] Apple iOS 6 devices get nod for U.S. military use

17:26 [CNN] Quake reported in eastern Canada

17:26 [Financial Times] US consumer sentiment nears six-year high

17:27 [Reuters] Former Argentine dictator Videla dies in prison at age 87

17:27 [CNN: Politics] IRS official denies intentional political targeting, lying to Congress

17:27 [Truthdig] Recurring Nightmares? Wake Up and Take Action

17:28 [The Hindu - News] Innovation to the fore at Intel fair

17:29 [AlterNet] The Other IRS Scandal: Outright War Against Marijuana Dispensaries

17:30 [Voice of America] US Tax Chief: 'Foolish Mistakes' Made

17:30 [The Hindu - News] Indian origin students dominate Intel Fair in Phoenix

17:30 [CNET News] NASA craft to visit asteroid approved, destination chosen

17:30 [CNET News] Game industry has awful April as hardware sales plummet 42 percent

17:31 [CBC: politics] Elijah Harper, key player in Meech Lake accord, dies at 64

17:32 [Raw Story] Police: New York man rubbed pepperoni on penis, put it back on shelf

17:33 [NPR] Listener Encourages Hugs And Violins

17:33 [NPR] Millennials Choosing Buses And Bikes Over Buicks

17:33 [NPR] How Best To Encourage Black 'Teenpreneurs'

17:33 [NPR] Could The President's Week Get Any Worse?

17:33 [NPR] Nearly Half The Country Doesn't Know Health Law Exists

17:34 [Russia Today] ‘Central banks looking at Bitcoin as real threat to dominance’

17:34 [The Hindu - News] South African park ranger rescues little girl from lioness

17:37 [OpEdNews] Alan Hart and What It Takes to Struggle On -- An Analysis

17:37 [Guardian] Public sector pensions 'will be reduced by a third' under reforms

17:38 [CNN] Blasts kill 15 near Pakistani mosques

17:39 [BBC: Also in the news] The Loop: Floral swim caps and kissed biceps

17:39 [New Internationalist] Kenya Occupy protesters charged over live pig protest

17:40 [BBC: Also in the news] Man lists 12,000 call menu options

17:43 [Spiegel] Insufficient Efforts: Report Faults Cyprus on Money Laundering

17:43 [CNN: Money] Tesla may be a bubble ... but nobody cares

17:43 [CNN: Money] Morgan Stanley's happy Facebook anniversary

17:44 [Global Voices] Angola: Government threatens to shut down media vehicles

17:45 [The Atlantic: Technology] Is This Virtual Worm the First Sign of the Singularity?

17:46 [Slate Magazine] The DSM-5 Is Not Crazy

17:46 [Slate Magazine] The Saturday Night Live Sketch Predictor

17:47 [Financial Times] Russia grows at slowest rate since 2009

17:49 [Financial Times] Jordan town feels strain of Syrians’ influx

17:49 [zero hedge] Which EU Economies Are Growing?

17:49 [zero hedge] More Foreclosures and Suicides than During the Great Depression

17:50 [CNN] Powerball jackpot is 3rd largest in history

17:50 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama Goes on the Offensive, Hold the Charm

17:50 [Slashdot] How BlackBerry Is Riding iOS and Android To Power Its Comeback

17:51 [CNN: Money] Signs of new housing bubble

17:52 [CNET News] Sprint grabs U.S. Cellular spectrum, customers for $480m

17:52 [The Atlantic: International] Republicans and Millennials Are More Likely to Find Syria on a Map

17:53 [Spiegel] Picture This: Jelly Invasion

17:53 [Spiegel] Design Crimes: Exhibit Celebrates Bad Taste Through the Years

17:55 [The Independent] Lawyer who took Rupert Murdoch's News International to court over hacking complains of 'bully boy tactics' over possible counter-claim

17:55 [The Independent] Nascar legend Dick Trickle kills himself after calling police to tell them where to find his body

17:56 [Voice of America] Air Strikes Hit Nigeria's Militant Camps

17:56 [Amnesty International] El Salvador: Supreme Court toys with young mothers life

17:57 [msnbc: politics] IRS head explains why he resigned

17:57 [] IDF stung by government's new budget, but a bonus looms on the horizon

17:58 [straight] The VPL’s Vogon poetry slam brings out the worst in words

17:58 [The Onion] Magazine: Getting That Perfect Souffle In A World Of Uncertainty And Pain

17:59 [Deutsche Welle] IMF predicts Cyprus to return to growth in 2015

17:59 [Russia Today] Federal Reserve: rising inequality jeopardizes economic recovery

18:00 [CNET News] The looming big business of facial recognition

18:01 [Slate Magazine] The Barack Obama Is Richard Nixon Gabfest

18:02 [Disinformation] App Scans Grocery Store Items To Identify Monsanto Products

18:04 [Russia Today] Dead children’s names used by undercover police in London

18:04 [AlterNet] 7 Teenagers Arrested for End-Of-Year Water Balloon Prank

18:05 [Guardian] Black and gay police officer hounded out of force 'like enemy of the state'

18:07 [Big Think] PackBots To Go Civilian At 2014 World Cup

18:07 [Financial Times] Spain has first trade surplus since 1971

18:07 [CNN: Money] Google says you'll know when Glass is sketchy

18:07 [CNN: Money] Best deals on food and drink

18:07 [BBC: Also in the news] Tom Ripley and a talent for evil

18:08 [Telegraph] One woman in ten cares more about fictional playboy than her own partner

18:10 [Voice of America] Survey: Europe's Gays Fear Violence, Discrimination

18:11 [CNN] Mario Balotelli: Happy to have left England

18:11 [The Independent] Star academy group misspent public money on lavish expenses

18:11 [The Independent] Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla dies in prison age 87

18:11 [The Independent] Financial Times becomes the latest victim of Syrian Electronic Army

18:12 [CNN] France court ruling clears way for gay bill

18:12 [Truthout] Getting Past the Icon - Should Photographers Depict Reality, or Try to Change it?

18:12 [Truthdig] Save Our Democracy: Buy the L.A. Times for $660 Million

18:14 [BBC: Science & Environment] Expert issues UK tree threat warning

18:15 [msnbc: politics] Ousted IRS chief gets grilled on Capitol Hill

18:15 [CNET News] Meta glasses bring 3D and your hands into the picture

18:17 [CNN] Police probe possible link in Nebraska killings

18:18 [CNN: Politics] IRS offical denies targeting

18:18 [straight] News for Youse: Mayor condemns arson, Rob Ford crack controversy, and Ryder Hesjedal pulls out

18:19 [CNN] Bombings kill dozens of Sunnis in Iraq

18:20 [New Statesman] Does boredom explain the Tories’ rebellious class of 2010?

18:21 [] Happening Now: Activists Mark Gitmo Day 100 With Media 'Storm'

18:22 [CNET News] iOS 7: What it needs, and what it won't be getting (Video)

18:23 [Good] Want to Teach Youth About Small Business? Have them Run One

18:24 [Telegraph] Nuns, nurses and bunga bunga: Ruby the Heart Stealer finally testifies

18:24 [Voice of America] Dozens Killed in Bombings Outside Baghdad

18:25 [The Onion] Skill Difference Between Top, Bottom High School Tennis Seeds Hilarious

18:25 [CNN] From Oscars to Olympics, a gatecrashing hall of infamy

18:27 [The Independent] Errors and Omissions: The latest rail excuse? There's an elephant on the line

18:27 [The Independent] Oxford University's business school faces protests over visit by Rwanda president Paul Kagame

18:27 [The Independent] Jamie Oliver says unhealthy packed lunches are tantamount to 'child abuse'

18:28 [CNN: Health] 'Lose weight or die' prompts 130-lb loss

18:29 [Slashdot] Geologists In Norway Are Using Drones With Cameras To Hunt For Oil

18:29 [Russia Today] US weakens fracking rules

18:30 [Financial Times] Spain records first surplus since 1971

18:30 [CNET News] Samsung announces Galaxy S4-compatible TecTiles 2

18:31 [CNN] Review: 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

18:31 [CBC: politics] Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies crack cocaine allegations

18:31 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out

18:31 [zero hedge] THe PRoCToLoGiST MaY 2013...

18:32 [Raw Story] Rangel to IRS official: Citizens United was ‘invitation… for abuse’ of the tax code

18:33 [CNN] What it costs to keep Guantanamo Bay open

18:33 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

18:33 [Financial Times] Thein Sein’s US trip to focus on investors

18:33 [Mostly Water] Rethinking Industrial Agriculture

18:36 [Slate Magazine] Privacy for the Other 5 Billion

18:37 [Big Think] Will Facebook Go the Way of MySpace?

18:38 [Telegraph] Litvinenko inquest in danger of collapse

18:38 [Telegraph] Sacked IRS head Steven Miller accused of lying to Congress

18:39 [CNN] Her vision: Better, clearer sight

18:39 [CNN] Police: Suspects ID'd in British girl's '07 disappearance

18:39 [Deutsche Welle] Is Africa's economic boom a myth?

18:39 [Global Voices] Catalonia: a civic statement warns against Spain's hostile strategy

18:40 [Reuters] Colombian president hints he will run for re-election in 2014

18:41 [AlterNet] Fuel on a Middle Eastern Fire: U.S. Intervention in Syria Would Make a Catastrophic Situation Worse

18:41 [CNN: Health] Her vision: Better, clearer sight

18:42 [CNN: Money] Oil price manipulation: The next Libor scandal?

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Review: 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Review: New 'Star Trek'

18:42 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Days of Our Lives' actor charged in drug case

18:42 [Truthdig] Googleland: Coming Soon to a Country Near You

18:43 [Spiegel] Traffic Stopper: Mini Hot Rod Hits German Roads�

18:43 [NPR] Washington Green? State Creates Logo For Legal Pot

18:43 [zero hedge] The World's Uberwealthy Scramble To Buy Greek Isles

18:44 [Russia Today] Russia’s economic growth in 1Q 2013 the slowest since 2009 - Rosstat

18:45 [CNET News] Apple graphics-chip supplier hints at future iPad (Q&A)

18:46 [Reuters] Protesting Egyptian police block Gaza crossing

18:47 [msnbc: politics] First Read Minute: Tough week for the White House

18:47 [msnbc: politics] Congressman: Subtext of chief’s testimony says IRS is ‘incompetent’

18:48 [CNET News] Maker Faire CEO: Rockets and robots instead of pigs and pies (podcast)

18:49 [AL JAZEERA] Cannes festival rocked by $1m jewellery heist

18:49 [Global Voices] Comoros Chats About Identity on Twitter

18:49 [Russia Today] ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ might be repealed in Senate

18:49 [Russia Today] Litvinenko inquest in peril: ‘Russian involvement not to be considered’

18:51 [The Onion] Joint Chiefs Chairman Pretty Sure He Could Pull Off Junta If He Really Wanted To

18:51 [CNN: Money] Boeing is the new hedge fund favorite

18:52 [CNN] Opinion: IRS scandal is about donors, not tax

18:52 [Reuters] IRS chief declines to identify employees involved in scandal

18:53 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Thira, Greece

18:55 [Reuters: politics] IRS chief declines to identify employees involved in scandal

18:57 [Amnesty International] Argentina: Death of former military leader who did not escape justice

18:57 [AlterNet] Nerds, Jocks and Jailed Dissidents: Inside the World of Israel’s High School War Resisters

18:58 [The Independent] Andy McSmith's Diary: A soapbox for the rich and obstinately opinionated

18:59 [CNN: Politics] Carney's insight on AP phone record seizure

19:00 [CNN: Politics] U.S. contractor jailed in Cuba in court settlement with company

19:00 [CNET News] Get a full-size Electrohome CD/MP3 jukebox for $799.99 shipped

19:01 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for May 17, 2013

19:02 [Raw Story] Republican law would punish Ohio colleges for helping students vote

19:02 [Mostly Water] Fitzgerald’s "The Great Gatsby" Versus Prince Harry and his Polo-Playing American Friends

19:02 [Disinformation] It Was the Devil Who Sent Me: Leonarda Ferreira Paixão and the Skulls of Sao Paulo

19:02 [Disinformation] Medicine’s Big New Battleground: Does Mental Illness Really Exist?

19:02 [Truthdig] How Profitable Are Students in 2013?

19:03 [] German FM to Peres: Nuclear-armed Iran is not an option

19:03 [NPR] Flax Seed: The Next Superfood For Cows And Beef?

19:04 [Voice of America] Chad Arrests Accused Ex-President's Police Chief

19:06 [New Statesman] Evening wrap up: today's late breaking business stories

19:06 [Voice of America] Free Press, Security Concerns Clash in AP Case

19:07 [Big Think] How Religion Can Reduce Stress

19:07 [Big Think] To Find Meaning in a Secular Age, Stop Searching

19:07 [Big Think] Two Guys Walk into a Bar: The Basics of the Higgs boson

19:08 [Guardian] Cannes jewellery heist takes shine off stars on red carpet day

19:09 [Financial Times] Argentine ex-dictator Videla dies in jail

19:10 [CNN] Parents of children allegedly slain by nanny are expecting baby boy

19:10 [Telegraph] Secret arrest plans in disarray

19:10 [Telegraph] Diamond thief kills himself and wife at plush London address

19:11 [Mother Jones] Here's Why the Government Went Ballistic Over the AP Leak

19:14 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis as it happened: Greece on track to exit slump next year, says Troika

19:14 [AlterNet] 4 Inhumane Realities about the Guantanamo Hunger Strike

19:15 [The Onion] Sportsgraphic: Biggest Sports Collapses

19:15 [Mostly Water] Stop and Frisk: NYPD Racial Profiling

19:17 [Financial Times] Japan PM unveils goals to boost economy

19:18 [Financial Times] Italy takes steps to boost economy

19:19 [CNET News] Sonic the Hedgehog hits Android, Nintendo platforms

19:19 [CNET News] Glasses with Google Glass: prescription versions appear at Google I/O

19:19 [Deutsche Welle] Human rights activist Pamfilova: 'Demand for change in Russia is increasing'

19:19 [Slashdot] Amtrak Upgrades Wi-Fi

19:20 [BBC: Education] Academy group expense extravagance

19:21 [AL JAZEERA] Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest Israel army draft

19:22 [The Atlantic: International] In Italy, Austerity Is Served on Homemade Bread

19:22 [Voice of America] Asteroid Sampling Mission Gets Green Light

19:22 [OpEdNews] The case of the missing photographs

19:23 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad’s bookies are poorer, but they fix matches too

19:23 [Good] Transit Tunes: Five Songs to Celebrate Bikes

19:25 [] Turkey: End in Sight for “Cancer Village”

19:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Walking Tours Connect Palestinians to Their Past

19:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Migratory “Flyways” Decimated by Human Expansion

19:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Civil Society Under Attack Around the World

19:25 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Pioneering Italian Town Leads Europe in Waste Recycling

19:26 [Telegraph] EU to ban olive oil jugs from restaurants

19:27 [Raw Story] What ‘Bea Arthur Naked’ says about your deep-seated Freudian longings

19:31 [] Burning Tar Sands = 'Unsolvable' Climate Crisis: Hansen

19:31 [zero hedge] Europe Is 'Just Plain Silly' Too

19:31 [zero hedge] Wal-Mart Warns of a Slowdown

19:32 [Raw Story] Ex-dictator who waged Argentina’s Dirty War dies

19:32 [Raw Story] Italian police raid hackers who took on Vatican

19:33 [CNN] Jennifer Lopez Fast Facts

19:36 [Slate Magazine] What’s the Matter With Portland?

19:37 [Raw Story] U.S. pledges to stamp out ‘evil’ of human trafficking

19:37 [Raw Story] Pregnant Canadian women sue over faulty birth control pills

19:37 [The Hindu - News] Mecca Masjid blast anniversary: Hyderabad’s Old City on high alert

19:38 [Guardian] Russia reveals identity of CIA Moscow chief following Ryan Fogle's expulsion

19:38 [Guardian] Syria missile sale played down by Russia

19:38 [The Atlantic: In Focus] 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

19:41 [The Hindu - News] Protest against power plant in U.P. hits 1000th day

19:41 [Mother Jones] WATCH: Snuggly Bear from DOJ Says, "Don't Worry About the AP Scandal" [Fiore Cartoon]

19:41 [Mother Jones] Filibuster Reform in July?

19:44 [Fox News] Tips to Live to 101

19:44 [Fox News] George Michael Hurt in Crash

19:44 [Fox News] Carmen Won't Cover Up

19:44 [Fox News] Gassy Uranus Has Violent Wind

19:44 [Fox News] NASCAR's Dick Trickle Dies

19:44 [Fox News] 11 SUVs Flop Crash Test

19:44 [The Independent] Andrew Grice: Friends abroad, but blood-scenting rivals at home

19:44 [The Independent] Fair inquest for Litvinenko impossible, judge warns

19:44 [The Independent] Doctors in dispute: What exactly is normal human behaviour?

19:45 [The Atlantic: Politics] There Was No Surge in IRS Tax-Exempt Applications in 2010

19:46 [Reuters: politics] Treasury tells Congress it has more time under debt ceiling

19:47 [Raw Story] Apple and U.S. lawmakers in showdown over taxes and huge offshore cash stockpiling

19:47 [Raw Story] Congressional caucus raises Google Glass privacy concerns

19:47 [CNN] Tony Blair Fast Facts

19:47 [Truthdig] Factory Collapse Kills Two Workers in Cambodia

19:48 [Slashdot] Sorry, Larry Page: Tech-Industry Viciousness Is Here To Stay

19:48 [Voice of America] May 17, 2013

19:48 [msnbc: politics] White House slow response to controversies could derail agenda

19:48 [msnbc: politics] What’s a real scandal?

19:48 [msnbc: politics] Since Citizens United, 501(c)(4) applications skyrocketed

19:48 [msnbc: politics] How globalization impacts worker safety

19:50 [Russia Today] Big Bang: Biggest meteorite explosion rocks the Moon

19:50 [Russia Today] Radioactive leak found at Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

19:51 [Slate Magazine] Dangerous Minds

19:53 [Electronic Intifada] Palestinian refugees are not at your service

19:53 [The Hindu - News] Select content carefully, cartoon channels told

19:56 [CNN] Bombs kills 9, wound 70 in Afghanistan

19:56 [Telegraph] Button Moon creator wins rights to keep Mr Spoon

19:56 [Telegraph] Animal photos of the week: 17 May 2013

19:58 [AlterNet] Hospitals Should be Care Providers not Loan Sharks

20:00 [The Independent] Graham Norton: The go-to guy for anything from the Baftas to becoming 'the new Terry Wogan' and hosting the Eurovision Song Contest

20:00 [The Independent] Not quite the real thing: Coca-Cola's 'secret formula' is out of the bottle but can the famous flavour be recreated at home?

20:00 [The Independent] Nigerian troops begin biggest ever assault on Islamist sect

20:00 [The Independent] Violence and prejudice against gay people common, says EU study

20:00 [The Independent] Imams to preach against grooming of girls for sex

20:00 [The Independent] Everest climber aims to reach his peak at 80

20:00 [Voice of America] Iranian Wrestlers Unexpectedly Leave US Early

20:02 [The Hindu - News] Tait denies link to arrests

20:02 [The Hindu - News] CAG talks about misappropriation of funds in MGNREGA scheme

20:02 [Raw Story] Man sues after personal lubricant allegedly destroys his penis

20:03 [Reuters: politics] House passes controversial SEC cost-benefit analysis bill

20:03 [CNET News] Google Play Music All Access vs. Spotify

20:04 [Guardian] Litvinenko inquest coroner agrees to keep crucial evidence secret

20:06 [msnbc: politics] Obama administration works overtime on damage control

20:06 [The Hindu - News] More SCR trains to feature bio-toilets

20:06 [Slate Magazine] Secrets and Scoops

20:07 [Raw Story] Lawmakers reach deal on ‘pathway to citizenship’ for undocumented immigrants

20:07 [Disinformation] Interview with Chris Stedman, Author of ‘Faitheist’

20:07 [CNET News] Report: Facebook and Microsoft flirting with Tumblr too

20:11 [Reuters: politics] Treasury to free up $260 billion to avoid debt cap

20:12 [The Hindu - News] Six children rescued from biscuit-making unit

20:12 [CNN] Mystery anteater birth, no mate required

20:12 [CNN] Judge temporarily blocks Arkansas abortion law

20:14 [Reuters: politics] Senator seeks probe into impact of alleged EU oil price manipulation

20:14 [] 3 Glaring Hypocrisies in Obama's Iran Policy

20:14 [Financial Times] EU regulates restaurant olive oil bottles

20:15 [The Independent] You thought the attendants had it bad? Wait ’til you hear about Ryanair’s pilots

20:15 [The Independent] Obama accused of cover-up over tax-targeting scandal

20:15 [The Independent] Unsuccessful crowd-funders forced to do the Kickstarter walk of shame

20:15 [The Independent] Police review of Madeleine McCann case identifies new leads and 'persons of interest'

20:17 [AlterNet] How Video Footage of the 'Most Powerful Antiwar Act' in U.S. History Was Rescued From Obscurity

20:18 [CNN: Entertainment] Our favorite movie villains

20:19 [Reuters: politics] Divided House passes SEC cost-benefit analysis bill

20:19 [NPR] Aw-Inspiring Video: Sea Lion Worries When Little Girl Falls

20:20 [Fox News] IRS scandal ignites America's outrage

20:20 [The Hindu - News] Pitani takes a dig at Sharmila

20:21 [Fox News] Internet celebrity 'Kai' arrested as murder suspect

20:21 [CNN: Money] He's glad he missed the Facebook IPO

20:22 [Raw Story] Zombie climate skeptic theories survive only in newspapers and on TV

20:22 [Raw Story] Justice Department reveals that it lost track of two suspected terrorists in witness protection

20:22 [msnbc: politics] Capping week of scandal management, Obama says focus remains on jobs

20:22 [The Hindu - News] Accent on social engineering in PCC revamp

20:22 [The Hindu - News] AP SSC exams: Residential schools steal the show

20:22 [OpEdNews] Dems to DOJ: "Very Troubled," "Inexcusable," "No Way to Justify This"

20:23 [zero hedge] In Diplomatic Escalation, Russia Publicly Exposes The CIA Station Chief In Moscow

20:24 [CNN: Money] Glass raises privacy questions

20:24 [CNN] Bombs kill 9, wound 70 in Afghanistan

20:24 [The Hindu - News] Chief Minister backs ‘tainted’ Ministers during talks with Sonia, Azad

20:24 [The Hindu - News] Woman dead, daughter critical in Machilipatnam after consuming soft drink

20:24 [Financial Times] IRS chief denies political bias

20:25 [CNN] Jets running back Mike Goodson arrested on drug and gun charges

20:26 [Telegraph] Founder insists gel was not dangerous

20:27 [straight] Photo of the Day: Colourful world

20:27 [msnbc: politics] Military under fire amid new allegations of abuse

20:27 [msnbc: politics] Syria remains a problem for US, Israel

20:28 [Guardian] Lib Dem minister urges coalition to carry out plain cigarette packet plan

20:29 [AL JAZEERA] Syria hackers breach Financial Times accounts

20:30 [CNET News] Zinio Z-Pass gives you three magazines for $5 per month

20:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] How Obama Has Contributed to His Own Aura of Scandal

20:32 [The Onion] Call From Daycare Can't Be Good

20:32 [Reuters: politics] House bill to have more stringent immigrant controls: aides

20:32 [Reuters] House bill to have more stringent immigrant controls: aides

20:33 [msnbc: politics] Michelle Obama urges grads to be 'an example of excellence'

20:34 [Pravda] Teen girls torture small children in Russian orphanage

20:34 [NPR] Former Argentine Dictator Who Oversaw Death Squads Dies At 87

20:35 [CBC: politics] Tenderized beef to get new safe-cooking labels

20:37 [Big Think] Coming Soon To The US: More Italian Cured Meats

20:37 [Amnesty International] Iran’s ban on female presidential candidates contradicts Constitution

20:37 [The Progressive] AUMF Must Be Amended

20:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Saving a temple

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] On Afghanistan

20:39 [NPR] Mother Of India Gang Rape Victim Faces Suspects In Court

20:40 [Slashdot] Congress Demands Answers From Google Over Google Glass Privacy Concerns

20:40 [CNN] Uzbek terror suspect pleads not guilty in Idaho

20:40 [CNN] Djokovic loses at Rome Masters, hurting French Open preparations

20:40 [CNN] Murder charge stuns some fans of "Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker"

20:40 [Financial Times] Dublin proposes law to hold banking probe

20:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] IPL in a spot

20:41 [Mother Jones] Getting By in America

20:41 [Mother Jones] IRS Speaks Out: We Messed Up, But We Would've Scrutinized Tea Partiers Anyway

20:41 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 17 May 2013

20:42 [Voice of America] Study Finds Marijuana Helps Control Blood Sugar, Waistlines

20:43 [The Hindu - News] 29 Ministers to be inducted today

20:45 [The Hindu - News] BJP wooing Yeddyurappa’s supporters

20:46 [The Independent] Elena Ambrosiadou wins legal battle with ex-husband Martin Coward over software

20:47 [Amnesty International] El Salvador: Supreme Court toys with young mother's life

20:47 [The Hindu - News] Congress to replicate Karnataka experiment in other States

20:47 [The Hindu - News] BJP suspends Lehar Singh after he confronts Advani on corruption

20:48 [zero hedge] Latvia Joins Greece In Deflation As EU Inflation Slumps

20:48 [CNET News] 'Star Trek' musical goes where no school has gone before

20:48 [CNET News] How Google, with your help, is overhauling its maps

20:49 [The Hindu - News] Dilemma over Roshan Baig, D.K. Shivakumar

20:49 [Reuters] Illinois Senate approves marijuana for medical uses

20:49 [Reuters] France opposes Syria conference if Iran to attend

20:49 [msnbc: politics] Obama greets pre-kindergarten kids

20:49 [msnbc: politics] Obama vows to crack down on military sexual assaults

20:51 [Slate Magazine] Is Wal-Mart in Trouble?

20:55 [Russia Today] FBI investigates exiled Chechen militant in connection with Boston bombing

20:55 [The Hindu - Opinion] Time to put garbage on the table

20:57 [OpEdNews] Boston Suspect's Writing on the Wall

20:58 [Telegraph] France least tolerant country in Western Europe of homosexuals

20:59 [NPR] Up For Discussion: Cost Of Cancer Care Avoided Too Often

20:59 [NPR] 'Picture Cook': Drawings Are The Key Ingredients In These Recipes

21:02 [CNN: Money] Google Glass raises privacy questions

21:02 [The Independent] Heading for the States? Prepare for longer US immigration queues than ever

21:02 [Disinformation] The News That Isn’t: How We Are Fed False Stories Driven By Missing Information

21:02 [CNET News] Twitter teams with NBA to offer in-tweet pro hoops replays

21:02 [CNET News] Friday Poll: Does 'Star Trek' really trump 'Star Wars?'

21:05 [The Hindu - Opinion] Turkey’s Kurdish challenge

21:06 [Voice of America] UN Chief Discusses Syria with Russian Officials

21:06 [The Atlantic: National] The Social Construction of Race

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Kerala Census: Child population declines

21:08 [The Onion] Cleveland Browns Gearing Up To Punt Ball Down Opponents’ Throats

21:08 [This Magazine] Friday FTW: Girls hacking into the tech world

21:08 [Fox News: politics] Benghazi probe co-leader subpoenaed by House panel

21:09 [The Hindu - News] Kerala Excise Department to have Crime Records Bureau

21:09 [The Hindu - News] Nothing like a good, clean game of cricket

21:09 [NPR] Advice TO GOP: Don't Legislate, Focus On Scandals

21:10 [Global Voices] Jorge Videla, Argentina's Ex-Military Leader, Dies in Jail

21:12 [msnbc: politics] Report: Russia raises stakes in Syria

21:13 [CNN] Ostomy saved me from a life in the bathroom

21:14 [CNET News] Xbox rumors ramp up before unveiling

21:17 [Raw Story] Outgoing IRS chief tells Congress abuses were ‘foolish mistakes’ and not political

21:17 [AL JAZEERA] Argentine military leader Videla dies at 87

21:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] Our human rights deserve better

21:19 [Topix Activism News] Rights groups: Syria holds thousands incommunicado

21:19 [NPR] After Deadly Chemical Plant Disasters, There's Little Action

21:20 [CNN: Money] Federal workers under fire

21:21 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement: The Week's Top IT Stories: 03/29

21:21 [Slate Magazine] The Longform Guide to Elephants

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Green energy from blue sea

21:22 [Reuters: politics] FCC nominee Wheeler to divest telecoms holdings if confirmed

21:22 [CNN] Bob Dylan Fast Facts

21:22 [CNN] Pathology department link raises questions in 2 double homicides

21:23 [CNN: Money] Supercomputer Watson's future revealed

21:23 [Electronic Intifada] Settlers attack West Bank farmer twice a week

21:23 [Good] Watch: Pedestrians in Shanghai Paint Beautiful Trees By Crossing the Street

21:23 [Good] Barbie Gets Crucified in Germany

21:24 [The Hindu - News] KSEB’s cup of woes full to the brim

21:24 [NPR] Illinois Lawmakers Send Medical Marijuana Bill To Governor

21:26 [The Hindu - News] Centre’s new control order to slash drug prices in Kerala

21:26 [] Aaron Swartz's Last Gift: Site Launches Whistleblower Safe House

21:26 [CNET News] Giant robot arm gets caption hand from readers

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Replacement for Ganesh soon

21:28 [Telegraph] When it rains it pours: Barack Obama suffers umbrella gaffe

21:28 [Telegraph] Monaco: Picasso celebration could be derailed by gambling scandal

21:28 [Telegraph] France to sign gay marriage into law

21:30 [Mostly Water] FBI Twists History: "Terror" War Gets Stupider as Shakur is Added to the List

21:30 [Slashdot] Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

21:32 [zero hedge] Dax Future Triggers Stops, Goes Parablic, Launching Late Day Megaramp

21:35 [CNN: Money] Debt ceiling: Treasury starts juggling act

21:35 [Fox News: politics] 'Foolish' -- but was it a crime? Investigations into IRS will probe whether laws broken

21:37 [Big Think] Rethinking Population Growth: Would you be better off if fewer people had lived before you?

21:37 [Raw Story] Scientists to Moyers: Lead poisoning ‘doesn’t kill anymore’ but there are new ‘troubling problems’

21:37 [Raw Story] Texas man builds fake graveyard to keep homeless off property

21:38 [The Hindu - News] Moscow confirms weapons supply to Syria

21:39 [CNET News] Half of relationships contain Netflix adulterers

21:39 [CNET News] Yahoo schedules NYC product event for Monday

21:40 [The Hindu - News] India-to-U.S. human trafficking ring busted

21:42 [Raw Story] Six ways the GOP could screw up the Obama administration’s scandals

21:42 [The Hindu - News] Jaffna: From building a house to securing a community

21:44 [Mostly Water] Uninvited and Unwelcome: First Nation Asks Enbridge to Leave Territory Following Botched Consultation

21:44 [Voice of America] Bombs Targeting Iraqi Sunnis Kill 70

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Indian-American poised to join U.S. Appeals Court

21:46 [CBC: politics] AECL to cost $236M more than expected this year

21:46 [Canadian Dimension] Harper stokes resentments in discreet class war

21:49 [Deutsche Welle] Morgan Tsvangirai stakes claim to Zimbabwean presidency

21:49 [Deutsche Welle] Afghanistan car bombs kill 9 and injure 50 in southern city of Kandahar

21:49 [msnbc: politics] Issa issues subpoena to Benghazi review board leader

21:49 [msnbc: politics] 2016 notebook: Republicans try to dent Clinton's armor

21:50 [Mostly Water] Israel Threatens More Syrian Attacks

21:50 [Global Voices] South Korea: Video of LGBT Rights Group's Protest

21:51 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Another strong week

21:51 [CNN] Murder charge stuns some fans of 'Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker'

21:52 [Raw Story] U.S. seizes operator accounts of major Japanese Bitcoin exchange

21:52 [The Hindu - News] Now, send SMS to book rail ticket

21:53 [OpEdNews] Religious Truths? Don't Be So Sure.

21:53 [Financial Times] Todd linked to Huawei plan, inquiry hears

21:53 [AL JAZEERA] Two bombs strike complex housing Afghan elite

21:53 [Good] America's Most Bikeable Neighborhoods and Cities

21:55 [Reuters] Oil price probe widens, senator wants Justice Department help

21:55 [Reuters: politics] House votes for more scrutiny of economic impact of SEC rules

21:56 [straight] Taiwanese animators take on Rob Ford crack smoking allegations

21:56 [msnbc: politics] Obama handles controversy-filled week

21:59 [Telegraph] Long-lost plaque commemorating MP found in Livorno's Old English Cemetery

21:59 [Telegraph] Syria: death and prayers in Damascus

21:59 [Telegraph] Toronto mayor Rob Ford 'caught smoking crack on video'

21:59 [zero hedge] Friday Humor: Summing It Up

21:59 [CNET News] Future Firefox takes tougher stance on mixed content

21:59 [CNET News] One issue holding up Apple iRadio: The economics of skipping songs

22:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] Shocking betrayal on Western Ghats

22:02 [Raw Story] Federal judge stays application of Arkansas’ restriction 12-week abortion ban

22:03 [CNN: Technology] Is Yahoo about to buy Tumblr?

22:04 [AntiWar] Retaliation Against Sunnis Leave 83 Dead, 173 Wounded Across Iraq

22:04 [The Independent] The next coalition? Why Ed Miliband needs to get Nick Clegg's number

22:04 [The Independent] Jim Armitage: Doan Nguyen Duc, the Vietnam Gooner and land grab claims

22:04 [The Independent] US news website Gawker launches crowdsourcing campaign in attempt to buy video allegedly showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack

22:04 [CNN] Reports: Video appears to show Toronto mayor using crack pipe

22:04 [NPR] A Field Guide To Democratic Responses To Scandals

22:05 [] Georgia Photos: Religious Mob Attacks LGBT Activists

22:05 [The Nation] I Knew J. Billington Bulworth and You, Mr. President, Are No Bulworth

22:06 [Reuters: politics] Two states say 2014 Obamacare insurance costs on low side

22:07 [Big Think] Siri, You Can Drive My Car

22:07 [AL JAZEERA] Scores killed in attacks on Iraqi Sunnis

22:08 [The Hindu - Opinion] Dalai Lama’s birthplace to get a makeover

22:08 [CNN] A risk that paid off: Students scarred by war earn college degrees

22:09 [Deutsche Welle] Freiburg's Champions League fight marks Bundesliga's final weekend

22:09 [Slashdot] 9th Grade Science Experiment: Garden Cress Won't Germinate Near Routers

22:10 [Fox News: politics] US slams Russia for sending anti-ship missiles to Syria

22:11 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Lucy Liu unveils own UK art exhibit

22:11 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Mark Kermode reviews The Great Gatsby

22:11 [Fox News: politics] Hagel orders review of sex-abuse prevention

22:12 [Mother Jones] Ad Slams Arizona Sen. Flake for Flaking on Background Checks

22:12 [Mother Jones] Is the Government Spying on Reporters More Often Than We Think?

22:13 [The Hindu - News] Suicide of woman leads to tension in Tripunithura

22:14 [Guardian] Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond trade insults in battle of nationalists

22:14 [Guardian] Primary schools go supersize

22:14 [Reuters: politics] FCC nominee Wheeler will divest holdings if confirmed

22:15 [CNET News] A coffeemaker for every day of the week

22:15 [The Atlantic: Technology] 2,060 Minutes: Gordo Cooper and the Last American Solo Flight in Space

22:15 [Russia Today] Insult and punishment: Russian MPs mull softer penalty for religious offenses

22:16 [The Hindu - Opinion] Copy by the book or risk killing academic publishing

22:17 [The Hindu - News] Teacher in search of eluding justice

22:17 [straight] Reasonable Doubt: Do we have adequate access to justice?

22:18 [CNN: Politics] GOP using Benghazi to smear

22:18 [CNN] NRA pushes for recall of top legislator in Colorado

22:19 [The Hindu - News] YouSpeak: A success story on pipe composting

22:19 [CNN] Flesh-eating bacteria amputee Aimee Copeland uses new bionic hands

22:20 [Guardian] 1,000 pupils and rising – primary schools go supersize

22:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] Shamnad Basheer responds

22:23 [The Hindu - News] In 6 years, PM has become 8 years older

22:23 [zero hedge] S&P 1666

22:23 [Good] VIDEO: The Sticker Saving Thousands of Lives from Starvation

22:25 [The Hindu - News] After a break, pirates back to terrorising movie makers

22:26 [Russia Today] Only one-in-four Americans fit to serve in the military

22:27 [The Hindu - News] Lessons from an idol’s fall from grace

22:27 [The Hindu - News] Bookies approached three more IPL players

22:28 [CNN] Opinion: Cell phone made me a theater vigilante

22:29 [CNN] 'Don't Trust the B---' new episodes put online

22:29 [The Hindu - News] CMC to appoint more doctors

22:30 [The Onion] Coworker Who Went To Gym This Morning A Chipper Little Fucker

22:31 [Telegraph] Health Secretary: patients pushed from pillar to post amid A&E staff crisis

22:31 [The Hindu - News] Bets were placed also on runs in sessions

22:31 [The Hindu - News] BCCI meeting on May 19

22:31 [The Hindu - News] Bookies approached three more IPL players

22:34 [The Hindu - Opinion] All but lynched by the media

22:35 [The Independent] Unmasked at last: mother comes face to face with men accused of raping and killing her daughter in India

22:37 [Big Think] This is Water: David Foster Wallace's Classic Commencement Speech Brought to Life

22:39 [] U.S. warns Russian missiles may embolden Syria's Assad, prolong conflict

22:40 [msnbc: politics] Obama visits schoolchildren in Maryland

22:41 [] Groups Launch Campaigns Against Tribune Buyout and "Koch Hate"

22:43 [Truthdig] The History That Birthed the Tsarnaev Boys

22:44 [CBC: politics] High Arctic research station saved by new funding

22:45 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Don't Trust the B---' new episodes online

22:46 [msnbc: politics] The Week Ahead: The tax man cometh

22:48 [Reuters: politics] Incoming IRS chief asked to conduct "thorough review" of agency

22:49 [CNET News] Apple removes Bang With Friends from App Store

22:50 [The Hindu - News] Let’s accept stapled visas: Arunachal leader

22:54 [The Hindu - News] Dutt wants to be shifted from ‘Anda’ cell

22:56 [CNN] Opinion: Will scandals stall Obama agenda?

22:56 [Reuters] SAC Capital won't cooperate unconditionally with government: letter

22:57 [CNET News] Google cuts network usage by terabytes by switching to WebP

22:58 [Moral Low Ground] Helping Vernon Hugh Bowman, the Farmer Who Owes Over $80K after Losing Monsanto Patent Case

22:59 [CNN] Tornado touches down in northern Alabama

22:59 [straight] Former MLA David Schreck predicted a B.C. NDP election debacle in 2010

22:59 [straight] The Arts Club's Dreamgirls is a kinetic affair

22:59 [Slashdot] Nintendo Hijacks Ad Revenue From Fan-Created YouTube Playthroughs

23:00 [CNET News] The Week in Pictures: Google's utopia to a stem cell burger

23:00 [The Hindu - News] Nivedita house handed over to Ramakrishna Mission

23:00 [zero hedge] The Week That Was: May 13th- May 17th 2013

23:02 [The Hindu - News] Demands of unions under study, says PM

23:03 [OpEdNews] Washington Gets Explicit: Its 'War On Terror' Is Permanent

23:05 [NPR] Obama U: What Graduation Speeches Say About The President

23:06 [CNET News] Which ear you hold your cell phone to may reveal brain dominance

23:06 [Reuters] Nigeria bombs Islamists, U.S. sounds alarm

23:06 [The Hindu - News] IPL has spurred a gambling and sex racket: Sena

23:06 [The Hindu - News] Bookies had paid for protection

23:06 [The Hindu - News] IPL spot fixing: Six bookies held, hunt on for Delhi-based kingpin

23:07 [Big Think] What is a Virtual Particle?

23:07 [Big Think] What An Underwater College Lecture Sounds Like

23:08 [Fox News: politics] Russia slammed by US for sending anti-ship missiles to Syria

23:08 [The Hindu - News] CBI officer probing Coalgate, inspector held on bribery charge

23:08 [The Hindu - News] Hockey may lose ground to metro

23:09 [AlterNet] Popular Resistance Is Percolating Across the Country -- The Inspiring Actions True Patriots Are Taking That the Corporate Media Always Ignores

23:09 [CNN: Money] Is this the next Libor scandal?

23:10 [The Atlantic: Politics] 3 Followups on 3 'Scandals'

23:10 [The Hindu - News] Two more held in Staines case

23:10 [The Hindu - News] Defence expo gets under way

23:10 [The Hindu - News] A trendsetter in the making

23:12 [The Hindu - News] Australian gets 45-year jail for rape, murder of Indian student

23:12 [Disinformation] Israel’s Narrative of Control

23:13 [Truthdig] Military Justice

23:13 [Truthdig] Scandal

23:13 [Voice of America] $600 Million Lottery Fever Grips US

23:15 [NPR] Boston Bombings Prompt Fresh Look At Unsolved Murders

23:15 [NPR] America's Cup Death Raises Concerns Over High-Tech Race Boats

23:16 [The Hindu - News] Suspended Jammu jail official made undertrial write exam for her

23:17 [Raw Story] Hit-and-run driver flees scene to avoid ‘defecating in his pants’

23:17 [The Onion] [video] ‘Angelina Jolie Is A Brave, Heroic Woman,’ Says Blogger Who Once Said She Looks Like An Alien

23:17 [Telegraph] PM's ally: our party activists are 'loons'

23:17 [Telegraph] Conservatives float two-tier benefits system in private survey in Labour marginals

23:18 [Reuters: politics] House panel demands deposition from Benghazi investigator

23:18 [Reuters: politics] Treasury gears up to buy time under reimposed debt cap

23:18 [The Hindu - News] Don’t play politics with cooperative societies, Supreme Court warns States

23:19 [CNET News] Intel kicks off ultrabook road trip in New York

23:20 [The Hindu - News] We can’t ask GoM to study House panel reports on CBI, says court

23:21 [Russia Today] Obama’s media shield law makes prosecuting journalists even easier

23:21 [Russia Today] ‘Bitcoin threatens economic monopoly, bolsters free speech’

23:22 [The Hindu - News] Farmers’ suicide rates soar above the rest

23:24 [Deutsche Welle] EU study: Gay people still face discrimination

23:24 [Deutsche Welle] Iraq bomb blasts cause deadliest day in eight months

23:24 [The Hindu - Opinion] Farmers’ suicide rates soar above the rest

23:25 [NPR] Experts Agree: 'Psychiatry's Bible' Is No Bible

23:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] The IRS's Bizarre Parsing of the Word 'Targeted'

23:26 [Russia Today] Brutal orphans beating clip goes viral, outrages Russia

23:26 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Official Bullying Lurks Behind Prep for Olympics in Brazil

23:26 [Guardian] Cannabis: Colorado's budding industry

23:32 [AlterNet] Blowback Spelled Out: Boston Suspect’s Writing on the Wall Reveals Motivation Behind Attack

23:33 [Telegraph] 300 police officers gagged at cost of up to £250,000 each

23:33 [Telegraph] Pakistani community must tackle grooming gangs, justice minister insists

23:33 [Telegraph] Oil price manipulation 'could have driven up food and household goods prices' as well as petrol

23:33 [Telegraph] David Cameron accused of "scaremongering" over health tourism

23:33 [Telegraph] Foreign Office launches major marketing campaign in Bulgaria months before borders open

23:34 [CNN] How Google+ is pushing its way into all Google products

23:35 [CNET News] Watch the tiny teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins

23:35 [AL JAZEERA] Australian jailed over Indian student murder

23:37 [The Independent] Stoke City investigate 'religious' abuse after 'pig head is found in Kenwyne Jones' locker'

23:38 [straight] Fleetwood Mac's setlist bodes well for fans of the Rumours album

23:38 [straight] United Nations to all LGBT people: You are not alone

23:38 [OpEdNews] The IRS and the Real Scandal

23:39 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi slams AIADMK for failing to control prices

23:39 [The Hindu - News] Navy flies high with addition of Boeing P-81

23:40 [Slashdot] Australian Government Backdoor Internet Filter Shuts Down 1,000 Websites

23:41 [The Onion] Obama Fondly Recalls Frustration Of First Term

23:41 [The Onion] Nation Supposes It's Outraged By White House Scandals

23:42 [The Progressive] House GOP: No Free Lunch for 200,000 Poor Kids

23:43 [Financial Times] Swiss set to reform corporate tax system

23:45 [Reuters] SAC Capital won't fully cooperate with government: letter

23:45 [The Hindu - News] Railways to improve safety levels with communications-based control system

23:45 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Time Exxon Went Into the Semiconductor Business (and Failed)

23:45 [AlterNet] Being a Democracy Hating, Corporate Power-Defending Newspaper Owner Runs Deep in the Koch Family

23:45 [AlterNet] Keep the Arctic Cold: Why the Rush to Drill Must Be Stopped

23:46 [Global Voices] First Latin American Congress of Living Cultures

23:46 [Fox News] BENGHAZI PROBE:Issa Subpoenas Diplomat, Wants Private Briefing

23:46 [Fox News] 'LIKE THE WILD WEST': Missing Men Mystery in US Boomtown Oil Fields

23:46 [Fox News] BEAR MEETS WIFE:Brave Woman Saves Husband From Mauling

23:46 [Fox News] IRANIAN BOYS CLUB:Religious Leader Denies Women Bid at Presidency

23:46 [Fox News] IRS WITHHOLDING? Agency pressed for names on scandal

23:46 [Fox News] US slams Russia for sending Syria anti-ship missiles

23:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] Daft Punk a no-show in Wee Waa as album 'launched'

23:47 [Sydney Morning Herald] School fundraising shows divide

23:49 [The Hindu - News] Transgender secures job at GH, respect in family and neighbourhood

23:51 [CNN: Money] Exclusive: Bernie Madoff can't sleep

23:52 [Mother Jones] Elizabeth Warren Slams Wall Street Again

23:53 [The Hindu - News] Jayalalithaa fires yet another salvo at PM

23:55 [The Hindu - News] Outpatient services thrown out of gear in Jipmer

23:56 [Global Voices] In Wake of Brutal Murder, Bloggers Question Roots of Russian Homophobia

23:58 [Truthdig] Super PAC Suggests Rand Paul Is Running For President in 2016

23:58 [Moral Low Ground] Borderless Cities: Sanctuary Cities for Migrants Taking Roots Across Canada

23:59 [CNET News] Forced to live with BB10, and kind of liking it

23:59 [CNET News] BBQ Dragon can light a grill fire in 10 minutes or less

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