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00:03 [The Hindu - News] India to conduct complex interceptor missile test

00:03 [The Hindu - News] Modi has hijacked BJP, says Chavan

00:03 [The Hindu - News] Modi’s poser to PM on Siachen

00:09 [The Hindu - News] Congress has reason to smile in Punjab

00:13 [The Hindu - News] Fielding Misa may prove to be Lalu’s masterstroke

00:13 [The Hindu - News] Bipolar battle on the cards in Karnataka

00:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paying Your (Un)Fair Share on Tax Day

00:15 [CNN: Money] 10 best convertibles for spring

00:16 [CNN] Most photographed places in the world are ...

00:17 [Telegraph] Deadly blaze destroys 1,000 homes in Valparaiso

00:17 [Telegraph] Olivier Awards: how a tiny theatre in north London trounced the West End

00:17 [Telegraph] Gunman kills three at two Jewish centres in Kansas

00:17 [Telegraph] Ukraine: 'We are armed with our hearts and spirits. And a few other things too.'

00:18 [NPR] Drought Could Complicate Already Difficult Food Crisis In Syria

00:19 [The Hindu - News] Not a women’s field in Maharashtra

00:19 [The Hindu - News] Only one Muslim MP elected from Rajasthan since 1952

00:19 [The Hindu - News] TDP not keen on sharing power at Centre

00:21 [The Hindu - News] TRS will be part of third alternative: KCR

00:24 [Deutsche Welle] Military spending on the rise, except in the West

00:24 [BBC: Science & Environment] The IPCC and the elephant in the room

00:31 [Slashdot] Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

00:34 [The Hindu - News] 11 dead as fire hits Chile's historic Valparaiso

00:40 [The Hindu - News] 2 kgs of gold hidden in flight from Dubai seized at Cochin airport

00:40 [The Hindu - News] Achuthanandan alleges graft in bar licence renewal

00:40 [The Hindu - News] Revenue Department laxity hits building tax collection In Kerala

00:41 [Anarchist news] Supermarket expropriated in the district of Vyronas as a minimum act of resistance

00:42 [zero hedge] CME Sued For Giving "High-Frequency Traders Peek At Market" Since 2007

00:44 [The Hindu - News] Wild elephant reluctant to go back

00:44 [The Hindu - News] When flights make way for a deity

00:44 [The Hindu - News] 2 kg gold hidden in flight from Dubai seized at Cochin airport

00:44 [Raw Story] Utah woman arrested after police discover seven dead babies in her home and garage

00:47 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pope Begins Holy Week With Impromptu Homily

00:47 [Telegraph] Inquiry into 'Islam plot' widens to 15 schools

00:48 [The Hindu - News] Gujarat nod sought to reveal Vajpayee-Modi exchanges

00:49 [Deutsche Welle] Police arrest suspect after fatal shooting at US Jewish facilities

00:57 [CNN] Bubba Watson dons Green Jacket for second time

01:04 [Raw Story] Thousands flee, 11 dead, as killer blaze tears through Chile

01:04 [AL JAZEERA] Chile port city devastated by wildfire

01:04 [Disinformation] Wearable Eyes Turn You Into Emotional Cyborg

01:08 [NPR] Bubba Watson Dons Green Jacket For Second Time At Masters

01:17 [Telegraph] Nigeria: Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks

01:17 [Telegraph] Cameron plans more access to GPs and better care for elderly

01:22 [Fox News] 'Draft Day' a win?

01:22 [Fox News] Marines, Army prepare women for combat

01:22 [Fox News] Airmen shave heads to support boy, 5, with cancer

01:22 [Fox News] WILL DOME BE BUILT?Chernobyl cap at risk amid crisis in Ukraine

01:29 [Voice of America] Tensions Escalate in Ukraine as Deadline Looms

01:31 [Voice of America] Bubba Watson Wins Masters Golf Title for Second Time

01:33 [Telegraph] 'Hostility, defensiveness and denial': millions suffer in silence due to public sector complaints system

01:39 [Voice of America] Macedonia Heads for Presidential Runoff Vote

01:45 [The Hindu - News] On the baobab trail

01:46 [Russia Today] Security Council to hold an open session on Ukraine

01:47 [Slashdot] Mr. Schmidt Goes To Washington: A Look Inside Google's Lobbying Behemoth

01:48 [Global Voices] China Blocks Short Sci-Fi Film From Hong Kong

01:50 [Fox News] READY FOR BATTLE? Army, Marines taking steps to prep women for combat

01:50 [Fox News] Bus hits truck on Mexico highway; 36 reported dead

01:50 [Fox News] Feds halt cattle roundup, to start legal fight vs. rancher- VIDEO: What is the battle over the Bundy ranch about?

01:50 [Fox News] Bubba Watson wins Masters

01:53 [NPR] Kiev Government To Deploy Troops In Ukraine's East

01:54 [Deutsche Welle] Bubba Watson wins second Masters title

01:54 [Deutsche Welle] Preliminary results point to run-off vote for Macedonian presidential race

02:03 [CNN] Borgata Casino: Poker champ Phillip Ivey won $9.6 million by cheating

02:10 [CNN] Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home

02:15 [Reuters] Ukraine gives rebels deadline to disarm or face military operation

02:16 [Big Think] 10 Facts About Bitcoin

02:21 [The Hindu - News] Fashioning Paper

02:25 [The Hindu - News] Me, myself

02:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] FDR, LBJ and BHO

02:28 [zero hedge] UN Security Council Begins Discussion Of Situation In Ukraine

02:31 [Reuters] Israel appropriates land in West Bank: newspaper

02:31 [Reuters] Blackberry plans Heartbleed patches as mobile threat scrutinized

02:31 [Reuters] Abdullah leads in first official results from Afghan vote

02:31 [Reuters] Three people killed in shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas

02:31 [Reuters] Officials consider underwater robot launch for Malaysia jet

02:36 [CNN] U.N. meeting under way amid deepening Ukraine crisis

02:41 [The Hindu - News] Veggies’ delight

02:41 [The Hindu - News] In a tribe of its own

02:44 [Deutsche Welle] Overall global military spending falls, with increases seen in Russia, Asia and Africa

02:47 [The Hindu - News] Easteride tragedies

02:48 [Fox News] Melissa shows off new bod

02:48 [Fox News] Awesomely creepy places

02:48 [Fox News] I'm scared to do my taxes

02:48 [Fox News] 'Heartbleed' bug explained

02:48 [Fox News] Taxing your vices

02:50 [Telegraph] Royal tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge urged to have more children

02:54 [Raw Story] Woman calls police on ‘Homeless Jesus’ statue installed in upscale neighborhood

02:54 [CNN] Amritsar and beyond: 6 ways to experience India's Punjab region

02:57 [CNN] MH370: Is it time to stop searching for pings?

03:02 [The Hindu - News] And drops formed an ocean…

03:03 [zero hedge] Gold Jumps To 3-Week Highs, EUR Fades As Tensions Rise In Ukraine

03:03 [Reuters] Nevada ranching family claims victory as government releases cattle

03:04 [Slashdot] Pluto May Have Deep Seas and Ancient Tectonic Faults

03:04 [Disinformation] Why We Need Media Critics Who Are Fiercely Independent

03:06 [The Hindu - News] 14ndmp Chikarmane AAP

03:12 [The Hindu - News] ‘Human-scapes’ captured

03:12 [The Hindu - News] Pedal pushers want adrenaline rush

03:14 [BBC: Education] Teachers report mental health fears

03:15 [Fox News] FBI joins investigation into deadly shootings at Jewish centers

03:15 [Fox News] 'FLAT-OUT WRONG'Sebelius says timeline for ObamaCare rollout rushed

03:16 [The Hindu - News] Vishukkani (1977)

03:16 [The Hindu - News] A safe ride for Gautham Karthik

03:17 [CNN] Legography in Hong Kong

03:18 [zero hedge] Beta Earthquake

03:20 [BBC: Education] Graduate starting pay 'falling'

03:21 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Lists 10 More ‘False’ Russian Claims on Ukraine

03:22 [The Hindu - News] A new generation New Year

03:23 [Amnesty International] Algeria: Pre-election clampdown exposes ‘gaping holes’ in human rights record

03:26 [The Hindu - News] That face of the ‘Mango Man’

03:28 [Anarchist news] Police think two fugitives are behind bank blast

03:28 [Anarchist news] Grand Jury Resister Steve Returns Home!

03:49 [zero hedge] QE TiTaNiC 2014...

03:49 [zero hedge] Did CIA Director Brennan Visit Kiev Recently?

03:50 [CNN] U.N. Security Council meets amid deepening Ukraine crisis

03:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If 'Money Shouts,' How Can Democracy Lower the Decibel Level So Both Sides Are Heard?

03:52 [Telegraph] Syria: Bashar al-Assad says war is turning in regime's favour

03:54 [Raw Story] Wall Street Journal: Citigroup cuts 200-300 jobs

03:54 [Raw Story] Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad: war turning in regime’s favour

03:56 [AL JAZEERA] Saudi leads Middle East military spending

04:00 [Voice of America] Russia, West Face Off Over Ukraine at UN Meeting

04:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Is Washington Just Impossible?

04:14 [Raw Story] Recap: ‘Game of Thrones,’ Season Four, Episode Two: ‘The Lion and the Rose’

04:18 [CNN] 3 killed in shootings at Kansas City-area Jewish centers

04:19 [zero hedge] Ukraine Mobilizes Military, Gives Separatists Ultimatum; Russia Slams Escalation As "Criminal", Yanukovich Warns Of Civil War

04:22 [CNN: Living] Golf's Masters of fashion

04:22 [CNN: Living] 'Speak' author: Talk to kids about sex

04:22 [CNN: Living] Evolution of 'Mad Men' style

04:22 [CNN: Living] What the '60s really looked like

04:23 [Reuters] Guinea-Bissau counts votes after big turnout in crucial poll

04:24 [Deutsche Welle] UN Security Council holds emergency session on Ukrainian crisis

04:25 [CNN] U.N. Security Council meets as Ukraine 'teeters on the brink'

04:28 [Reuters] Searchers consider undersea robot in hunt for MH370

04:29 [Raw Story] Chicago man pulls submachine gun over a 22-cent Pepsi sales tax dispute

04:34 [zero hedge] Weekly Sentiment Report: Horrific? Hardly!

04:34 [Reuters] Sebelius says she told Obama staying 'wasn't an option'

04:34 [Reuters: politics] Sebelius says she told Obama staying 'wasn't an option'

04:36 [Telegraph] Royal tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take their sporting rivalry to the cricket pitch

04:37 [CNN] Dutch architects to build 'world's first' 3D printed house

04:37 [The Hindu - News] 3 killed in Kansas City shooting; Obama condoles death

04:38 [AL JAZEERA] Kansas shooting attack kills three people

04:44 [Reuters] U.N. Security Council meets over Ukraine hours before deadline

04:48 [Fox News] GUN LAW BACKFIRES Backlog allowed felons, fugitives to buy firearms

04:48 [Fox News] NFL PLAYER ARRESTED49ers LB claimed he had bomb at airport, police say

04:48 [Fox News] Another Democrat suggests racism within GOP, drawing another sharp response

04:48 [Fox News] Military taking steps to prepare women for combat- Airmen shave heads to support boy, 5, with cancer

04:48 [CNN] Guinness record-setting mural offers relief in war-torn Syria

04:50 [AL JAZEERA] US: Russia orchestrating Ukraine violence

04:55 [Reuters] Rancher's son says force was necessary to stop cattle seizure

05:05 [Disinformation] Michigan State Offers a Course on How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

05:08 [The Hindu - News] Kiev government to deploy troops in Ukraine's east

05:09 [CNN] 12 dead in Chile wildfire; 2,000 homes consumed

05:09 [Deutsche Welle] Chile president declares state of emergency in Valparaiso as deadly fire ravage hilltops

05:10 [The Hindu - News] UN Security Council meets on Ukraine crisis

05:10 [Slashdot] Seattle Bookstores Embrace

05:17 [] Former Klansman kills 3 in Kansas Jewish center

05:18 [AL JAZEERA] Gaddafi sons and officials to face trial

05:18 [AL JAZEERA] Saudis lead Middle East military spending

05:23 [AL JAZEERA] Kansas shooting attack leaves three dead

05:25 [AL JAZEERA] Kansas gun attack targets Jewish centres

05:44 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:44 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

05:53 [Fox News] Feds end Nev. ranch standoff, vow legal action- VIDEO: What is the Bundy ranch standoff about?

05:53 [Fox News] Iraq car bomb kills at least 16 people

05:53 [Fox News] Woman arrested after 7 dead babies found inside home

05:53 [Fox News] US, Russia trade accusations over Ukraine at UN- Kiev government to deploy troops in Ukraine's east- McCain agrees Moscow is behind Ukraine unrest, but wants tougher US response

05:53 [Reuters: politics] U.S. senator warns of disenchanted voters in New Hampshire

05:54 [Telegraph] Ukraine crisis: UN meeting told Russia is amassing 40,000 troops on the border

05:56 [The Hindu - News] Gunfight resumes in Srinagar as tension prevails in Khrew

05:58 [Voice of America] Frances Alonzo: Q&A with Ishtiaq Mannan: Preventing Newborn Deaths

06:00 [The Hindu - News] Gunfight resumes in Srinagar

06:05 [CNN: Entertainment] MTV Movie Awards red carpet

06:06 [The Hindu - News] US woman arrested for killing 7 babies

06:07 [Financial Times] US and Russia in UN clash over Ukraine

06:10 [Voice of America] Gunman Kills 3 at US Jewish Centers

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Over 1,500 Jains take part in rath yatra

06:11 [The Hindu - News] Anbumani campaign spotlights NDA divide

06:15 [Deutsche Welle] Egyptians protest new law on demonstrations

06:15 [The Hindu - News] Mega Lok Adalat awards Rs. 32 crore in compensation

06:15 [The Hindu - News] Final poll rolls released

06:15 [CNN] MH 370: With no more pings detected, underwater vehicle to be deployed

06:16 [Voice of America] VOA News: Gunman Kills 3 at US Jewish Centers

06:16 [Big Think] Businesses Can Create a Better World

06:16 [Russia Today] ​US facing intelligence ‘black hole’ over Ukraine events

06:18 [Fox News] At least 2,000 homes destroyed in Chile forest fire

06:21 [The Hindu - News] ‘PM material present only in NDA’

06:24 [Raw Story] 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith detained at Los Angeles airport after saying he had a bomb

06:24 [Reuters] Lawyers start mining the Medicare data for clues to fraud

06:25 [The Hindu - News] Pink warriors run for a cause

06:26 [Reuters: politics] Lawyers start mining the Medicare data for clues to fraud

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Plus Two results by May 15, SSLC after April 20

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Both fronts optimistic in Pathanamthitta

06:35 [The Hindu - News] From waste to wealth, saving water and plants

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Prohibitory orders at Taliparamba

06:35 [The Hindu - News] KSRTC to get 10 Volvo multi-axle buses

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Krishna Iyer hails Sudheeran stand on liquor policy

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Murder case: police on the lookout for five persons

06:45 [The Hindu - News] Government urged to make drought mitigation efforts

06:49 [The Hindu - News] EPFO completes computerisation process

06:52 [Voice of America] Pro-Russians Facing Deadline to Disarm in Eastern Ukraine

06:55 [The Hindu - News] Chain-snatchers held

06:55 [The Hindu - News] More women voters but no woman candidate in Madurai constituency

06:57 [Telegraph] Malaysia Airlines MH370: submarine to be deployed as oil slick spotted

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Madurai’s Sourashtrians are a disappointed lot

06:59 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi lashes out at Jayalalithaa for power cut

07:05 [The Hindu - News] India, China strategic talks today; focus on continuity

07:05 [The Hindu - News] Senior artistes honoured at shradhanjali

07:05 [The Hindu - News] “All parties except AIADMK engaged in dynasty politics”

07:07 [] Former Klansman kills three in Kansas City Jewish center

07:10 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pro-Russians Facing Deadline to Disarm in Eastern Ukraine

07:14 [CNN] 'Game of Thrones': Who did it?

07:16 [The Hindu - News] Maoist leader killed in Narayanpatna

07:17 [Fox News] Kansas shooting suspect identifed, believed to be white supremacist /i/redes/icon-video.gif

07:20 [The Hindu - News] ADRC can ensure speedy justice: Acting CJ

07:22 [The Hindu - News] A walk down the memory lane

07:23 [Reuters] Faster Wi-Fi on flights leads to battle in the sky

07:23 [Reuters] Goldman dodges a shareholder battle that dogs rivals

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Writer strikes a chord with voters

07:26 [The Hindu - News] A straight drive from Badrinath

07:27 [BBC: Technology] NSA denies it knew of Heartbleed bug

07:27 [Telegraph] UK has 'moral duty' to give Supreme Court power over European Court of Justice

07:27 [Telegraph] Bad behaviour in students is glossed over to maintain schools' reputation, says study

07:30 [The Hindu - News] Two workers suffocate to death in manhole

07:34 [Reuters] Three killed in shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas

07:36 [The Hindu - News] Railway shelves plan for station at Nedumbassery

07:36 [The Hindu - News] No safety gear for workers

07:36 [The Hindu - News] 2 kgs of gold hidden in flight from Dubai seized

07:37 [CNN: Money] Investors dip a toe into emerging markets

07:39 [Reuters] Israeli gas holds promise of better ties with neighbors

07:40 [Deutsche Welle] Submarine to be deployed in search for missing Malaysian Airlines plane

07:40 [The Hindu - News] Police step up security ahead of festival season

07:40 [The Hindu - News] 2 kgs of gold hidden in flight from Dubai seized

07:45 [Fox News] 'Hunger' MTV's big film winner

07:45 [Fox News] Malaysia Airlines searchers say they'll deploy sub to search for wreckage

07:46 [Voice of America] Australia to Deploy Mini-Sub in Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

07:46 [The Hindu - News] A paradise in capital city

07:49 [Fin24 News] Steinhoff to list shares of European unit

07:50 [Voice of America] VOA News: Australia to Deploy Mini-sub in Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Museum artefacts get a fresh look

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Juice, buttermilk stalls do brisk business

07:50 [The Hindu - News] Goods train derails at Ukshi; Konkan route affected

07:54 [CNN] MH 370: Pings go silent; underwater sonar sub to be deployed

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Shedding light on the city’s water scenario

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Prayers usher in Passion Week

07:59 [Telegraph] US woman charged after seven dead babies found in garage

08:00 [The Hindu - News] For this Vishu, city prefers an organic fare

08:00 [The Hindu - News] Ration dealers allege PDS shortage, Minister denies

08:00 [CNN] 8 hotels that changed the industry

08:00 [CNN] Police arrest 'raging anti-Semite' in Kansas Jewish center shootings

08:04 [Raw Story] Kansas shooter ran for U.S. Senate, governor, declared war on Jews and ‘white race traitors’

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Fraudsters aplenty at medical college hospital

08:06 [The Hindu - News] Painted Stork nesting sighted at Kumarakom

08:06 [The Hindu - News] Rs.7 crore for works on cattle feed plant

08:07 [AL JAZEERA] Search for missing MH370 moves underwater

08:10 [The Hindu - News] Unmanned submarine to be deployed to search for missing plane

08:10 [The Hindu - News] A home that launched many lives now needs care

08:12 [Slashdot] First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands

08:13 [Telegraph] Graduate earnings 'premium' cut by up to a third in five years

08:16 [Reuters] Ukraine's east braces for 'full-scale' anti-rebel operation

08:17 [The Hindu - News] NBT to open stores at two more metro stations

08:17 [The Hindu - News] CISF goes for passenger profiling to nab criminals

08:21 [The Hindu - News] N-E students gherao police station after another ‘attack’ on Manipuri men

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Women to be inducted as officers in SSB

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Private ambulance services fighting for survival

08:21 [Fox News] Kansas shooting suspect identified, believed to be white supremacist /i/redes/icon-video.gif

08:21 [Fox News] 'ABSOLUTE DISGRACE' Lesson asks students to compare MLK, cop killer

08:21 [Fox News] Sebelius: ObamaCare rollout timeline 'flat-out wrong'- GOP promises Burwell confirmation hearings will be fair, but focus on ObamaCare

08:27 [The Hindu - News] Ranney well quenches the thirst of Old Delhi railway station

08:29 [Telegraph] Maths teacher faces £2,600 phone bill - for downloading a Neil Diamond CD

08:29 [Telegraph] Royal tour day 8: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge play cricket

08:29 [Telegraph] Michael Schumacher 'showing signs of progress'

08:29 [Telegraph] Helen McCrory: Women who obsess about their looks have too much time on their hands

08:29 [Telegraph] GlaxoSmithKline 'bribed' doctors to promote drugs in Europe, former worker claims

08:29 [Telegraph] Super-rats immune to poison 'growing as big as cats'

08:29 [Telegraph] Trauma can be inherited from parents

08:29 [Telegraph] Half of victim surcharge not paid last year

08:29 [Telegraph] Horrible Histories creator Terry Deary says school is a waste of time

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka ahead of Gujarat in industrial development: CM

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Rangolis, skaters nudge voters to get inked

08:35 [The Hindu - News] SVEEP fails to take off on beach

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Need to look beyond BJP, Congress: Yogendra Yadav

08:37 [The Hindu - News] Has Nalin spoken on any issue in Lok Sabha: Siddaramaiah

08:39 [Fin24 News] Platinum miners 'best paid for their jobs'

08:40 [Voice of America] Reuters: Saudi Arabia Jails 13 for Aiding Overseas Fighters

08:42 [Voice of America] Gunman Kills 3 at US Jewish Centers

08:47 [The Hindu - News] TDP cadres object allocation of Itchapuram seat to BJP

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Tribal votes may not go en bloc to any party

08:48 [Fox News] 'Thrones' shocker: Who died?

08:48 [Fox News] Feds to revisit bus safety rules after deadly Calif. crash

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Decision not to contest is ‘personal’: Priyanka

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Two militants killed in Manipur encounter

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Mamata hits out at GJM for failure to suggest candidate for Darjeeling seat

08:57 [Fin24 News] Glencore sells mine for $6bn to China buyer

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Sonia Gandhi to campaign in north Bengal on April 22

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Small parties may play spoiler

08:59 [CNN] No sign of crackdown as Ukraine deadline passes

08:59 [Reuters] Malaysia Airlines search heads deep underwater in new phase

09:01 [The Hindu - News] KLO commander nabbed from jungle at Jamalpur

09:06 [Voice of America] Huge Fire Burns in Chile's Historic Port City

09:10 [Reuters] Ukraine's east braces for anti-rebel operation as deadline passes

09:13 [Le Monde diplomatique] AFRICOM goes to war on the sly

09:14 [Voice of America] VOA News: Huge Fire Burns in Chile's Historic Port City

09:15 [Telegraph] London Marathon runner, 42, dies after collapsing at the finish line

09:16 [Fox News] NY man wrongfully jailed for 25 years sues state for $25M

09:17 [AL JAZEERA] Saudi jails 13 for security offences

09:17 [Russia Today] Afghanistan’s elections & the illusion of progress

09:18 [The Hindu - News] Sena slams Congress for targeting Modi on his marital status

09:18 [Financial Times] Australia to launch sub in hunt for MH370

09:19 [Fin24 News] Massmart CEO could be R55m richer

09:23 [NPR] A Gold Obsession Pays Dividends For Indian Women

09:27 [Truthdig] Greenland’s Icecap is Becoming Unstable

09:31 [CNN] Anti-Semitic violence: We were warned about this

09:31 [Telegraph] Blood type influences prostate cancer relapse, study shows

09:33 [NPR] Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach

09:36 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Kansas Murder Suspect Is Hate Leader Who Cut Deal With Feds

09:36 [The Hindu - News] AAP’s Nalanda candidate attacked during campaigning

09:42 [Truthdig] The Insider’s Economic Dictionary: R is for Rentier

09:46 [Voice of America] UN Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting on Ukraine

09:48 [Fox News] HOUSE OF HORROR Utah woman arrested after 7 babies found dead

09:48 [Fox News] 49ers linebacker arrested after claiming he had bomb at airport, police say

09:49 [CNN] MH370: How do underwater sonar subs work?

09:50 [Voice of America] Pistorius Continues Testimony in Murder Trial

09:52 [Russia Today] West increases tensions over Crimea for political gain

09:52 [Truthdig] AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly

09:54 [CNN] Oscar Pistorius back on the stand for second week

09:55 [Financial Times] Pro-Russia separatists defy Kiev deadline

09:55 [BBC: Technology] Smart phones 'black market' exposed

10:03 [Reuters] Three dead in shootings at Kansas Jewish centers; man to face charges

10:03 [Telegraph] Abu Hamza terror trial set to begin in US

10:03 [Telegraph] Thandie Newton: my racist abuse growing up in Cornwall

10:08 [Fox News: politics] McCain agrees Moscow is behind Ukraine unrest but wants tougher US response

10:10 [Deutsche Welle] ThyssenKrupp to say good-bye to shipbuilding in Sweden

10:12 [The Hindu - News] Water problem is the hot topic in Bangalore Rural

10:13 [CNN] Kansas City shooting: Grandfather and grandson among victims

10:14 [Pravda] Ukraine agrees to pay $386 for Russian natural gas

10:16 [Voice of America] VOA News: Pistorius Continues Testimony in Murder Trial

10:17 [AL JAZEERA] Saudi Arabia jails 13 for security offences

10:19 [The Hindu - News] Proceedings in 5,000 sensitive polling booths to be webcast

10:19 [The Hindu - News] Second day of search operation yields savings documents worth Rs. 35.24 cr.

10:19 [The Hindu - News] 19,435 new voters in Kolar LS constituency

10:19 [The Hindu - News] ‘Nothing wrong in writers campaigning’

10:19 [NPR] Official Says Sub Will Be Used In Search For Jet

10:22 [Voice of America] Gunman Kills 3 at US Jewish Centers

10:23 [The Hindu - News] Sonnet of a bird

10:23 [The Hindu - News] A promotion that didn’t make the employees celebrate

10:23 [AL JAZEERA] Ukraine's east braces for military operation

10:24 [NPR] Supremacist ID'd As Suspect In Kansas Attacks

10:25 [AL JAZEERA] Nigeria bus station bombed in rush hour

10:29 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Rayalaseema

10:29 [Pravda] Russia to punish international payment systems for single-handed actions

10:29 [Pravda] It is up to the West to save Ukraine from civil war

10:29 [Pravda] Russia may ask for 22-million-euro refund from PACE

10:33 [The Hindu - News] Free bird

10:33 [The Hindu - News] Modi fans throw stones at AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi

10:35 [The Hindu - News] AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi attacked

10:35 [Financial Times] GSK faces fresh corruption claim

10:38 [Voice of America] Many Feared Dead After Explosion in Nigerian Capital

10:39 [NPR] Police Seek Answers After 7 Dead Babies Found

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Fresh FIR against Azam Khan

10:39 [The Hindu - News] Security tightened for Manipur general LS seat

10:39 [New Internationalist] There’s now a cure for hepatitis C… but most can’t afford it

10:44 [NPR] Kiev Deadline For Disarming In East Ukraine Passes

10:45 [Pravda] CIA Director Brennan Blamed for Civil War in Ukraine

10:45 [Fox News] UKRAINE CRISIS McCain calls for 'severe penalties' against Russia

10:45 [Fox News] Md. background check backlog allowed gun sales to fugitives, felons- New push on to overturn Calif. 'open carry' ban

10:50 [Telegraph] The 100 exotic birds on the verge of extinction

10:53 [Voice of America] VOA News: Many Feared Dead After Explosion in Nigerian Capital

10:57 [Russia Today] Moscow not interested in destabilizing Ukraine - Lavrov

11:01 [Voice of America] OPCW: Syria Sends Out More Chemicals, Must Increase Pace

11:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] Work starts to protect rare seabird

11:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] Work to restore Caledonian forest

11:04 [Fin24 News] Rand retreats to week low

11:06 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 14 April 2014

11:07 [CBC: politics] If NATO calls, will Canada stand by Ukraine?

11:08 [Fox News: politics] Eric Holder and the Race Card: The Issue the Media Can't Resist

11:10 [Deutsche Welle] Blast hits bus station outside Nigeria's capital Abuja

11:10 [Deutsche Welle] Steinmeier: Germany, China don't want Crimea to set 'precedent' for Ukraine

11:11 [The Hindu - News] Akhilesh slams EC over action against Azam Khan

11:15 [Pravda] Washington is humanity's worst enemy

11:15 [BBC: Entertainment] Captain America rules US box office

11:17 [Russia Today] Politicians face personal fines for ignoring reporter’s enquiries

11:18 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Fear, uncertainty and earnings

11:19 [Slashdot] 44% of Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted

11:21 [The Hindu - News] Jaya Prada terms Mulayam’s comment as ‘shameful’

11:22 [Russia Today] ​Protest expands in eastern Ukraine as Kiev threatens military op

11:23 [Fox News] Another Democrat suggests racism within GOP, drawing another sharp response- KURTZ: Holder and the Race Card: The Issue the Media Can't Resist

11:23 [Fox News] Pistorius faces fourth day under cross-examination

11:24 [Fin24 News] BMF: Transformation slow in the workplace

11:34 [The Hindu - News] Congress appears to be getting more desperate: Jaitley

11:35 [Voice of America] Reuters: Thais Brace for Recession as Crisis Nears Crunch Time

11:36 [Telegraph] Hundreds of students and teachers DNA tested to find rapist

11:36 [Telegraph] Nigel Evans: I don't recognise 'Sexminster' image of parliament

11:38 [Financial Times] Nigerian blast leaves at least 35 dead

11:40 [Deutsche Welle] Loss to Dortmund shows chinks in Bayern's armor

11:40 [Deutsche Welle] French carmaker PSA trims model range to return to profitability

11:42 [Fin24 News] Outa applauds taxi call to boycott e-tolls

11:46 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Tamil Nadu

11:47 [BBC: Education] 25 schools probed over 'Islam plot'

11:48 [Reuters] Syria opposition claims has evidence of chlorine gas attack

11:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Forsyth explains Strictly decision

11:50 [CNN] Carpenter who cut off his fingers makes 'Robohand' with 3-D printer

11:50 [Fox News: politics] Sebelius says timeline for ObamaCare rollout 'flat out wrong'

11:52 [Telegraph] Half of nurses work through breaks or beyond their shift

12:02 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Kerala

12:02 [The Hindu - News] Bidding goodbye

12:05 [Foreign Policy in Focus] An Open Letter to Aung San Suu Kyi

12:06 [The Hindu - News] YSR Congress announces list for LS, Assembly polls

12:07 [Russia Today] ‘World must triple nuclear and renewable energy’ – United Nations

12:08 [Telegraph] Police officer begged colleagues not to arrest him for drink driving

12:08 [Telegraph] Battle of Britain hero's medals to go under the hammer

12:09 [Voice of America] Ukraine President: Not Against a National Referendum on Country's Future

12:11 [BBC: Entertainment] Hunger Games leads MTV Movie Awards

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Dozens killed in Nigeria blast

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Unmanned submarine to be deployed to search for MH370

12:15 [CNN: Crime] 3 killed in Jewish center shootings

12:16 [The Hindu - News] Gunmen kill NATO truck drivers in Pakistan

12:16 [The Hindu - News] Vijayamma to contest for Lok Sabha, Jagan for assembly

12:16 [Fox News] Sebelius says timeline for ObamaCare rollout was 'flat out wrong'

12:16 [Fox News] KANSAS SHOOTING White supremacist ID'd as suspected gunman /i/redes/icon-video.gif

12:16 [Fox News] DUI crash a tax break?

12:19 [AL JAZEERA] Trial begins for Gaddafi sons and officials

12:19 [Raw Story] Travelers expect in-flight wi-fi, but airlines wary of investing in ‘betamax’ technology

12:20 [The Hindu - News] We expect real attacks after election: Kejriwal

12:21 [Fin24 News] Four from SA among top African innovators

12:26 [The Hindu - News] 2G scam dented Congress’s image: Natchiappan

12:26 [The Hindu - News] We expect real attacks after election: Kejriwal

12:30 [Reuters] Ukraine President threatens military operation as unrest grows

12:38 [Telegraph] Jewish group demands ban on Paris auction of Hitler and Goering effects

12:38 [Telegraph] Nudity no longer naughty in Munich

12:38 [Telegraph] Britain needs to lead the digital world

12:39 [Raw Story] ‘Have fun’: Lawyers mining Medicare data for fraud after unprecedented document dump

12:41 [The Hindu - News] Success shall follow

12:46 [Reuters] Bus station blast near Nigerian capital kills at least 35

12:47 [The Hindu - News] Kaleidoscope: Hyderabad

12:49 [The Hindu - News] China 'confident' that good ties 'consensus of all Indian parties'

12:50 [CNN] Rampage Killings Fast Facts

12:51 [The Hindu - News] BJP foisting narrow ideology: Sonia

12:52 [Reuters] Insight: Israeli gas holds promise of better ties with neighbors

12:52 [Reuters] Israel says Kerry remarks on Iran nuclear threshold 'not acceptable'

12:57 [Voice of America] Pistorius Continues Testimony in Murder Trial

12:57 [CNN] Blast kills 35 people at bus station in Nigeria

12:59 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian army seizes towns near Lebanon border

12:59 [BBC: Entertainment] Broadway actress Frelich dies at 70

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Congress usurping credit due to Ambedkar: Modi

13:02 [CNN] Masters Golf Tournament Fast Facts

13:02 [CNN] Detained Americans Fast Facts

13:04 [NPR] Suspect In Killings At Kansas City Jewish Sites Linked To KKK

13:06 [CNN] Ebola: A swift, effective and bloody killer

13:08 [Telegraph] More schools to be investigated over 'extremist Muslim' plot fears

13:08 [Telegraph] Catwalk debut for battered Good Samaritan after reconstructive surgery

13:08 [Telegraph] Lesbian couple make history with first same-sex church wedding

13:10 [Deutsche Welle] Iran jockeys for position in gas supplies to Europe

13:11 [The Hindu - News] Young World Quiz

13:11 [The Hindu - News] Change makers

13:12 [CNN] She found love, left sugar and lost weight

13:13 [Spiegel] Investigating Surveillance: German Parliament Divided over Snowden Subpoena

13:14 [Raw Story] Rancher’s son: ‘Weapons needed to intimidate’ feds during Nevada cattle seizure standoff

13:17 [Russia Today] Migrants seek Russian military service to oppose ‘aggressive pressure from West’

13:18 [The Hindu - News] On a hunt for treasure

13:18 [CNN: Money] Budgeting for a new home, and a disability

13:18 [Fox News] 6 odd car tax breaks

13:18 [Fox News] Hendricks: Kids? Not for me

13:18 [Fox News] Upton wishes chest was smaller

13:18 [Fox News] When Disney stars grow up

13:18 [Fox News] Shocking 'Thrones' death

13:18 [Fox News] Pistorius reduced to tears during cross-examination

13:18 [Fox News] Wildlife agency kills several bears after Florida woman mauled outside home

13:18 [Fox News] Report: Hillary, Boeing skirted State Dept. ethics guidelines

13:18 [Fox News] 49ers linebacker arrested after claiming he had bomb at airport, police say- Kaepernick: Sex assault allegations 'completely wrong'

13:18 [Fox News] Bubba Watson wins Masters for 2nd time in 3 years

13:18 [Fox News] Lesson plan asks students to compare Martin Luther King with cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

13:18 [Fox News] UKRAINE CRISIS Pro-Russia militants seize another gov't building

13:20 [zero hedge] Futures Tread Water As Geopolitical Fears Added To Momentum Collapse Concerns

13:22 [CNN: Health] 'I cut off my fingers, so I made new ones'

13:22 [CNN: Health] She found love, left sugar and lost weight

13:22 [CNN: Health] Scan a brain, read a mind?

13:22 [CNN: Health] Ebola: A swift, effective and bloody killer

13:24 [Telegraph] Royal tour: Duke of Cambridge hints at return to the skies as a commercial pilot

13:24 [Telegraph] Separatists seize Ukrainian police HQ as Hague blames Russia

13:25 [CNN: Money] Invest in next Facebook...for a few bucks

13:27 [Fin24 News] Nashua Mobile to close shop

13:27 [Fin24 News] Building in Africa moves from mining to malls

13:27 [BBC: Also in the news] 'Monkey Christ' woman in music video

13:27 [BBC: Also in the news] Calligraphers to copy Buddhist texts

13:28 [The Hindu - News] On a learning curve

13:28 [The Hindu - News] Wild bear beaten to death in AP

13:28 [The Hindu - News] Reading wonder

13:28 [The Hindu - News] Congress usurping Ambedkar's credit: Modi

13:31 [Voice of America] Many Feared Dead After Blast in Nigerian Capital

13:32 [The Hindu - News] Easter at the farm

13:32 [The Hindu - News] House of Quiet

13:32 [BBC: Entertainment] Professor Green postpones UK tour

13:32 [Russia Today] No room for error? Fukushima basements mistakenly flooded with 200 tons of radioactive water

13:33 [AL JAZEERA] 10,000 evacuated as Chile wildfire flares up

13:35 [Deutsche Welle] Samaritan ritual slaughter keeps tradition alive

13:38 [The Hindu - News] ‘The first time I saw Hindi films, I thought they were unrealistic’

13:38 [The Hindu - News] Grandma’s friend

13:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Budget: The Anti-Robin Hood Spending Plan

13:41 [Fin24 News] JSE survives new wave of risk aversion

13:42 [CNN: Money] 7 businesses Amazon wants to shake up

13:42 [CNN: Money] Don't miss these Tax Day deals

13:42 [CNN: Money] Long-term unemployment: What the U.S. can learn from Sweden

13:42 [CNN: Money] America's (quality) jobs creator: Community colleges

13:42 [CNN: Money] Baseball brings new tech to the plate

13:42 [Truthdig] Even the 99 Percent Get Kidnapped In Mexico

13:43 [CNN] Bubba Watson has the stomach for success ... and waffles

13:46 [Reuters] Libya starts trial of ex-Gaddafi officials, sons absent

13:49 [NPR] In Ukraine: Pro-Russia Occupiers Stay Put, War Fears Grow

13:50 [New Internationalist] British aid is helping agribusiness carve up Africa

13:50 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: April 14

13:50 [zero hedge] East Ukraine Braces For Military Operation As Ultimatum Passes: Full Ukraine Event Recap

13:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Rise Of Corruptionism

13:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Will The Snowden Reporters Win A Pulitzer?

13:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Media Is Still Dancing Around The Word 'Torture'

13:51 [] Former KKK Leader Charged for Murders at Kansas Jewish Centers /sites/

13:52 [The Hindu - News] One a penny…

13:52 [The Hindu - News] Medley of humour and horror

13:55 [Deutsche Welle] Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine defy Kyiv's ultimatum

13:56 [Reuters] Toll from Nigeria bus station bomb rises to 71 killed, 124 wounded

13:57 [CNN] Opinion: Democrats, show some spine on taxes

13:57 [Russia Today] ​‘If you’re evading tax, we’ll find you’ – George Osborne

13:57 [Russia Today] 'Time for a new recession'

13:58 [The Hindu - News] Will Modi’s marital status help common man, asks Shiv Sena

13:58 [The Hindu - News] They want to vote and be counted

13:59 [Raw Story] Science writer rips Jenny McCarthy after she denies being anti-vaccine

14:00 [The Hindu - News] Bottoms up

14:00 [The Hindu - News] Contempt of court petition against Musharraf dismissed

14:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Taxes: The Debate We're Not Having

14:01 [] SIPRI: Last Decade Saw Eurasian Arms Race

14:02 [The Hindu - News] A space for sports

14:03 [Russia Today] 71 people killed, 124 wounded in Nigeria bus station blasts - police

14:05 [CBC: politics] Alison Redford flew daughter on dozens of government flights

14:07 [CNN] Opinion: Never do this in the morning

14:07 [Truthdig] U.S. Sent CIA Director as Ambassador to Tehran After CIA Overthrew Iran’s Democratic Government

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Beachwear blast

14:09 [Slashdot] Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

14:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] One Year After The Boston Bombing, A City Begins To Heal

14:09 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Remembering The Tragedy: Timeline Of Events In The Boston Marathon Bombing

14:10 [Telegraph] East Ukraine atmosphere 'explosive' after weekend violence

14:10 [Telegraph] Amusement park bans men's bare chests

14:12 [CNN] Oscar Pistorius on trial: Explore each side's case

14:12 [The Hindu - News] Mobbed in a flash

14:12 [The Hindu - News] Easy food

14:12 [The Hindu - News] Will Modi’s marital status help common man, asks Shiv Sena

14:13 [Voice of America] Images from Ukraine

14:15 [Deutsche Welle] Bayern Munich sign Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Sebastian Rode

14:16 [Financial Times] Nigerian blast leaves dozen dead

14:17 [Reuters] Citigroup profit rises on smaller loss from troubled assets

14:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dozing through "the Great Moving Right Show"

14:19 [The Hindu - News] Wanted: A candidate for change

14:19 [The Hindu - News] BJP writes to EC over Mumbai flyover inauguraton

14:19 [The Hindu - News] At least 71 killed in Nigeria blast

14:19 [Raw Story] Fur flies as U.S. gets to grips with horde of feral cats

14:19 [Raw Story] Israel minister warns John Kerry over ‘surrender’ to Iran

14:19 [Raw Story] NASA to go ahead with Dragon capsule SpaceX launch despite glitch

14:19 [Raw Story] Teen convicted of disorderly conduct for using iPad to record bullies tormenting him

14:20 [zero hedge] BofAML Warns VIX Complacency Suggest Stocks Fall Further

14:20 [Fox News] White supremacist ID'd as gunman in deadly shootings at Jewish centers /i/redes/icon-video.gif

14:20 [Fox News] 'FLAT OUT WRONG'Sebelius slams timelinefor ObamaCare rollout

14:20 [Fox News] PISTORIUS IN TEARSBlade Runner breaks down on fourth day of testimony

14:20 [Fox News] HOUSE OF HORROR Utah woman arrested after7 babies found dead

14:20 [Fox News] Pro-Russia militants seize another gov't building- US, Russia trade accusations over Ukraine at UN- McCain calls for tough US response to Russia

14:20 [Fox News] 'I AM A BULLY' sign-holder calls sentence unfair

14:20 [Fox News] 9 Disney star scandals

14:20 [Fox News] Upton wishes they were small

14:20 [Fox News] 'Mad' recap: Joan up, Don down

14:20 [Fox News] MTV names big movie winners

14:22 [The Atlantic: Politics] Are Pot Reformers Too Optimistic? The View From 1977

14:23 [BBC: Entertainment] Mixed reviews for Strictly musical

14:24 [Raw Story] Donald Trump: GOP not racist because ‘a lot of Republicans voted for the black president’

14:26 [Telegraph] Councils issue parking ticket every four seconds, says survey

14:26 [Telegraph] Anti-business Miliband and Balls are Tories' ace cards, says Milburn

14:26 [Telegraph] Phone hacking trial: Andy Coulson gives evidence

14:26 [Telegraph] SNP's nuclear stance 'unacceptable for Nato allies', ex-defence chiefs warn

14:27 [CNN: Politics] Doubts about if Jeb Bush is ready

14:27 [CNN: Politics] Hillary calculus: The shoe, the book and 'thinking' about it

14:27 [CNN: Politics] Russia: Ukraine heading for civil war

14:27 [CNN: Politics] Burwell's D.C. history

14:27 [CNN: Politics] Will Obamacare shakeup make a difference?

14:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Federal Judge Set To Issue Key Ohio Gay Marriage Ruling

14:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How A Medical Marijuana Measure Could Boost Florida Democrats

14:30 [CNN] Opinion: What if the government guaranteed you an income?

14:33 [Fin24 News] World trade picture a bit rosier - WTO

14:34 [BBC: Health] Glaxo 'paid Polish doctors bribes'

14:34 [NPR] Dozens Dead, Scores Injured After Bomb Blast In Nigeria

14:35 [zero hedge] Commodity-Backed Currencies? China Buys Huge Copper Mine; Russia Onshores Largest Gold Miner

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Staying Focused

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Commons as a Rising Alternative to State and Market

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Google's Gotten Really Good At Lobbying

14:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Now Is the Time to Rebuild Our National Infrastructure

14:39 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Game of Thrones': Who did it?

14:40 [Telegraph] Artificial blood 'will be manufactured in factories'

14:42 [CNN] Blast kills 71 people at bus station in Nigeria

14:43 [Reuters] Nigeria bus station bombing kills 71 on edge of capital

14:44 [Raw Story] Sen. Bernie Sanders: Americans are losing faith in the political system

14:45 [Deutsche Welle] Chavez: 'Migrant workers in the US deserve new laws'

14:46 [CBC: politics] 900 SINs stolen from Revenue Canada via Heartbleed

14:50 [zero hedge] Retail Sales Surge By Most In 18 Months Led By Spike In Auto Sales

14:50 [Deutsche Welle] WTO expects modest increase in global trade in the years ahead

14:51 [] Create 'Age of Renewables'... Or Face Climate Doom /sites/

14:54 [Reuters] U.S. retail sales post biggest gain in one-and-a-half years

14:56 [] Over 70 Dead in Nigerian Bus Station Bombing /sites/

14:56 [Slashdot] Akamai Reissues All SSL Certificates After Admitting Heartbleed Patch Was Faulty

14:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Highly Compelling Case For Wealth Redistribution Made By The Exact Right Person

14:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why Hillary v. Jeb Would Be Great For America

14:57 [Telegraph] Olivier Awards 2014: in pictures

14:57 [Telegraph] Blasts at bus station near Nigeria capital kills 71

14:58 [Fin24 News] Weak rand SA's bitter remedy for recovery

14:59 [BBC: Entertainment] Jeremy Kyle Show breaks Ofcom rules

14:59 [Raw Story] God doesn’t exist, credit-reporting agency tells Brooklyn man with unique name

14:59 [Raw Story] Disease threatens to wipe out most of the world’s bananas

15:01 [Voice of America] Blast Kills More Than 70 in Nigerian Capital

15:03 [The Atlantic: International] Why Most Brazilian Women Get C-Sections

15:03 [The Hindu - News] No more a chocolate boy

15:04 [CNN] Libraries are dying? Think again

15:05 [The Hindu - News] Sissi submits bid for Egypt presidency

15:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly

15:06 [Truthout] Gender Pay Equity?

15:07 [CNN] Prosecutor rips at Oscar Pistorius' version of events in murder trial

15:07 [Global Voices] Kuntur: A New Birdwatching App Launched in Colombia

15:09 [The Hindu - News] Chavan refute claims on leaked information from PMO

15:10 [Reuters] Bullish U.S. March retail sales brighten growth outlook

15:11 [Truthout] National Blade Association

15:13 [Telegraph] Police officer sacked over Twitter account which called force bosses 'scum'

15:13 [Telegraph] The Duchess of Cambridge solves style's trickiest conundrum

15:13 [BBC: Entertainment] 'Banksy' artwork appears near GCHQ

15:13 [The Hindu - News] Initial reaction

15:13 [The Hindu - News] Were you there?

15:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] We Need to Promote Public Service in Government

15:15 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Angry Patients Find Obamacare's Annual Checkups May Not Be Free

15:17 [Big Think] The Hidden Wonders of the Natural World

15:18 [CNN] Opinion: Why fugitives would surrender to Chuck Stone

15:18 [Fox News] PISTORIUS IN TEARS'Blade Runner' breaks down under prosecutor's grilling

15:18 [Fox News] 2 runners die near finish line of half marathon in NC

15:18 [Fox News] At least 71 killed in blast at bus station in Nigeria

15:18 [Fox News] 527 potential suspects in French high school rape lead to mass DNA test

15:18 [Fox News] Israel prepares for Passover in shadow of peace talks

15:18 [Fox News] How far Disney stars fell

15:18 [Fox News] Obesity and breast cancer

15:18 [Fox News] Extreme selfies

15:20 [Fox News: politics] 'Violence and incitement': US, allies scramble to ease new Ukraine standoff

15:21 [CNN: Money] Things are looking up for Citigroup

15:23 [AL JAZEERA] Dozens killed in Nigeria bus station bombing

15:24 [The Hindu - News] Holding the seat of power

15:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Send In Bill Clinton To Save The Democratic Midterm Campaign

15:25 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ron Pundak and the Legacy of Middle East Peace

15:26 [The Hindu - News] Severed baby’s head found at home of cannibals in Pakistan

15:26 [The Hindu - News] Stairway to heaven

15:26 [BBC: Education] Ofsted is 'broken', teachers claim

15:28 [Russia Today] ​German space center 'spied on by foreign intelligence'

15:29 [Fox News: politics] Can Obama scare supporters to the polls?

15:30 [The Hindu - News] ‘Striped shirt with striped tie? No!’

15:30 [The Hindu - News] Rahul dubs Gujarat model as ‘toffee model’

15:32 [CNN] NASA: Beautiful blood moon, when lunar eclipse comes Tuesday

15:34 [The Hindu - News] Who says Chennai doesn’t rock?

15:34 [The Hindu - News] BJP writes to EC over Mumbai flyover inauguration

15:34 [Raw Story] Tennessee pastor charged with child rape and sexual battery

15:35 [zero hedge] Citi Mortgage Originations Drop To Record Low

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Libraries are dying? Think again

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Hong Kong in Lego form?

15:36 [CNN: Travel] 6 ways to experience Punjab

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Most photographed places are ...

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Step inside 27 stunning libraries

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Avgeeks set on solving plane mystery

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Hong Kong in Lego form

15:36 [CNN: Travel] 6 ways to experience Punjab region

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Flight 370: Pings go silent; search goes underwater

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Aviation geeks set on solving Malaysia mystery

15:36 [CNN: Travel] Cruise ship passengers sickened on luxury liners

15:40 [CNN: Living] 'Speak' author: Parents must talk to kids about sex

15:40 [CNN: Living] Libraries are dying? Think again

15:40 [CNN: Living] Never do this in the morning

15:40 [Deutsche Welle] Ex-Gaddafi officials appear at trial in Libya, sons absent

15:41 [CNN: Politics] Inside Politics: Who's winning the tea party primary?

15:41 [CNN: Politics] Inside Politics: Will U.S. arm Ukraine?

15:41 [CNN: Politics] Will U.S. arm Ukraine?

15:41 [CNN: Politics] Who's winning tea party primary?

15:41 [Reuters] Nigerian bus station bombing kills 71 on edge of capital

15:42 [Truthout] The Hedge Fund Managers Tax Break: Because Wall Streeters Want Your Money

15:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mounds Of Trash Take The Bloom Off Cherry Blossom Festival

15:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gov Brags That Scott Brown, Who Was Born In Maine, Was 'Born Virtually' In New Hampshire

15:43 [Telegraph] Reeva Steenkamp 'leaving due to argument' when Pistorius shot her, prosecutor claims

15:43 [Telegraph] Chinese protesters ambush anti-corruption team at luxury hotel

15:43 [Telegraph] North Korea stages its first international marathon

15:43 [Telegraph] Pregnant Italian woman to keep twins after IVF 'mix-up'

15:43 [Telegraph] Andy Coulson 'spent weekend with David Cameron after resigning as No 10 spin chief'

15:43 [Slashdot] Mathematicians Use Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun To Calculate Pi

15:44 [The Hindu - News] Were you at the santhai?

15:44 [NPR] Search For Jet Goes Underwater, Oil Slick Also Being Analyzed

15:44 [Raw Story] Court rules child pornographer’s 120-year sentence is neither cruel nor unusual

15:47 [CNN: Money] Pot taxes won't be as high as hoped

15:47 [CNN: Money] Russian ruble rattled by Ukraine unrest

15:47 [CNN] 'Captain America' fights off box office competition

15:50 [Fin24 News] Branson buys luxury Franschhoek estate

15:52 [The Atlantic: Politics] A Reader's Case for Punishing Gay-Marriage Opponents

15:52 [Truthout] Was Marx Right?

15:52 [Truthout] AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly

15:52 [Truthdig] U.S. Press Once Again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism

15:53 [World Policy Institute] Lebanese Politics Need More Than a Quick Fix

15:56 [The Hindu - News] Kannababu all set to return to Congress fold

15:56 [The Hindu - News] Ukraine asks for UN peacekeepers

15:56 [Reuters] Separatist unrest spreads in Ukraine, no sign of military crackdown

15:57 [Voice of America] Reuters: Pulitzer Prizes to Be Awarded Monday

15:59 [Raw Story] Woman who threw shoe at Clinton thinks Colorado theater shooter is living in her head

15:59 [Raw Story] Tea Party rep. says ‘un-American’ cattle roundup reminds her of Tiananman Square

16:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Newt Gingrich Slams Kathleen Sebelius, Democrats As 'Nut-Cake Ideologues'

16:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Greenwashing Away Minority Land Rights in Costa Rica

16:00 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Your Chances Of Getting Audited By IRS Are Lowest In Years

16:03 [The Atlantic: International] The Rise of Japan's Creepy-Cute Craze

16:03 [Russia Today] ​Drug users moving to buy narcotics online, says Global Drugs Survey

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Shooting for ‘Boochadu’ launched

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Chavan refutes claims on leaked information from PMO

16:06 [The Hindu - News] No differences with Modi, says Joshi

16:07 [BBC: Science & Environment] Dutch unveil glow in the dark road

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for April 14, 2014

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: "This Award Is For Snowden": Greenwald, Poitras Accept Polk Honor For Exposing NSA Surveillance

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: "We Won't Succumb to Threats": Journalists Return to U.S. For First Time Since Revealing NSA Spying

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: Polk Winner on Afghanistan: Slain Journalists, Ghost Polls & Unresolved U.S. Ties to Deaths, Torture

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Sikhs offer prayers to mark ‘Khalsa Sajana Diwas’

16:09 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Captain America' fights off competition

16:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Poitier's Oscar anniversary

16:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Zac Efron loses shirt at MTV awards

16:10 [zero hedge] Flashing Red Warning: Q1 Earnings Growth Plunges To Lowest Since 2012

16:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Saber Rattling, Mostly Foolhardy, From the Potomac to the Pacific

16:11 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michelle Nunn Raises Huge Haul In Senate Bid

16:13 [Telegraph] Not just an expression: The Duchess of Cambridge shows off her looks

16:13 [Telegraph] Mickey Mouse banned from Brandenburg Gate

16:14 [Campaign For Liberty] Ron Paul: Another Phony Budget Debate

16:17 [The Hindu - News] Priyanka ‘myth’ too needs to be exploded: BJP

16:17 [Pravda] Will Russia interfere if Kiev starts civil war?

16:18 [Fin24 News] Anglo seeks buyer for Amplats' NWest mine

16:19 [Fox News] $100 chocolate toothpaste

16:19 [Fox News] Emma Stone scary skinny?

16:19 [Fox News] What's launching into space?

16:19 [Fox News] NSA surveillance report among Pulitzer contenders

16:19 [Fox News] Pistorius breaks down under prosecutor�s grilling

16:19 [Fox News] Vet, 91, held captive by Nazis to receive POW medal

16:19 [Fox News] At least 36 dead in Mexico bus crash

16:19 [Fox News] French auction of Hitler box, Nazi items nixed

16:19 [Fox News] Man wrongfully jailed for 25 years sues NY for $25M

16:19 [Fox News] FOX NEWS FIRST: Can Obama scare supporters to the polls?- KURTZ: Holder and the Race Card: The issue the media can't resist

16:19 [Fox News] RUSSIA'S FINGERPRINTS?US, allies scramble to contain Ukraine violence

16:19 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Obama Remembers Kansas Shooting Victims

16:23 [The Hindu - News] Four held in coop credit society fraud

16:23 [Russia Today] Russia needs to break world monopoly of rating agencies – First Deputy PM

16:23 [Voice of America] RFE/RL: Q&A: Former Ukraine President Says Only West Can Resolve Crisis

16:24 [Raw Story] Canada taxpayer data stolen in ‘Heartbleed’ breach

16:27 [Truthout] Six Reasons Sen. Bernie Sanders Should Run for President

16:28 [BBC: Technology] Dutch unveil glow in the dark road

16:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sexual Assault Is a Crime Against Women's Health

16:28 [Reuters] Bullish March retail sales brighten growth outlook

16:29 [Slashdot] Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

16:29 [Telegraph] Britain's aid spree the biggest in Europe

16:29 [Telegraph] Ukraine crisis: Russia 'orchestrating destabilisation of eastern regions'

16:29 [Voice of America] Ukraine: Protesters Seize Police HQ in Horlivka

16:30 [Disinformation] No Thanks, Reddit: No ‘RedPill’ For Me

16:32 [Fin24 News] MTN drops call rate, takes fight to Cell C

16:33 [Russia Today] Ukraine’s great unraveling, brought to you by corporate America

16:33 [Voice of America] Blast Kills Over 70 In Nigerian Capital

16:35 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Something to smile about

16:35 [CNN: Money] How Zuck met Oculus: The story behind Facebook's big bet on virtual reality

16:35 [The Hindu - News] Coalgate: Parakh book faults Manmohan

16:35 [The Atlantic: Technology] Google, Powerbroker

16:36 [Deutsche Welle] Commercial project threatens Pakistan's historic temple

16:37 [The Hindu - News] Dalits prevented from voting in Giridih: CPI (ML)

16:38 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Game of Thrones' shocker: Who did it?

16:38 [CNN] MH 370: Pings go silent; sonar sub deployed as search goes underwater

16:38 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

16:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] What Would Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Do?

16:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 4/14/14-4/20/14 Pollster Open Thread

16:40 [zero hedge] US Pays Half Of Gazprom's Overdue Invoice With $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Guarantee

16:41 [The Hindu - News] Kinjarapu house ransacked

16:43 [BBC: Technology] Android devices await Heartbleed fix

16:43 [BBC: Technology] Pentagon eyes drone wi-fi hotspots

16:44 [CNN] Top 5 moments at the MTV Movie Awards

16:44 [This Magazine] Gender Block: New Brunswick’s abortion regulations are a danger to women

16:44 [Raw Story] Texas taxpayers on the hook for most of ‘affluenza’ teen’s mental health treatment

16:46 [Deutsche Welle] Edenhofer: Climate protection a 'task that can be solved'

16:46 [Deutsche Welle] Australia goes European for silly night of song

16:46 [Fin24 News] SABMiller SA to cut 1 400 jobs

16:47 [Slashdot] Lucas Nussbaum Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader

16:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] House Dems to Obama: Hurry Up On Detainee Declassification

16:47 [BBC: Entertainment] AUDIO: Woman's £2600 Neil Diamond mobile bill

16:51 [Fox News] Saving Eliza: Fight for a cure

16:51 [Fox News] Microsoft's Siri-like Cortana

16:51 [Fox News] Colbert only for progressives?

16:51 [Fox News] Cop who helped rescue Jaycee Dugard sues for right to carry concealed weapon

16:51 [Fox News] How obesity may raise breast cancer risk

16:51 [Fox News] 2 runners die near finish line of NC half marathon

16:52 [zero hedge] Mohamed El-Erian Quits Pimco, Becomes A Blogger

16:54 [Financial Times] Nigerian blast leaves more than 70 dead

16:55 [CNN: Crime] Oscar Pistorius back on the stand for second week

16:55 [CNN: Crime] Cops: Pantless thief steals wine

16:55 [The Hindu - News] Three killed in shooting at Kansas Jewish centre

16:55 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Promoting a “Right to Heal” from Ft. Hood to Abu Ghraib

16:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Top 5 moments at the MTV Movie Awards

16:56 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Captain America' wins weekend

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Putin Warned

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gun Violence Is a Public Health Issue -- Doctors Should Treat It That Way

16:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HUFFPOLLSTER: Scott Brown Trails In New Hampshire Senate Race

16:58 [BBC: Science & Environment] Pentagon eyes drone wi-fi hotspots

16:58 [Russia Today] Kiev urges UN to hold joint anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine

16:59 [CNN: Technology] 'I cut off my fingers, so I made new ones'

17:01 [Fin24 News] Taxi body slams e-tolls boycott reports

17:01 [Fox News: politics] Obama remembers Kansas shooting victims

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Beijing tests Russian energy politics

17:01 [Slashdot] NASA To Send SpaceX Resupply Capsule To ISS Despite Technical Problems

17:01 [Telegraph] 'iPriest' launches Arabic app for Catholic prayers to skirt Islamic bans

17:01 [Telegraph] What do you buy a baby Prince?

17:01 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg refuses to hold inquiry into Cyril Smith child abuse allegations

17:01 [Telegraph] Nick Clegg: garden cities provide 'answer' to housing crisis

17:02 [The Atlantic: National] Passover, the Jewish Holiday for Gentiles

17:03 [Truthout] Momentum on Fossil Fuel Divestment Grows as Harvard Professors, Desmond Tutu Call for Action

17:05 [The Atlantic: Technology] Behind the Machine's Back: How Social Media Users Avoid Getting Turned Into Big Data

17:07 [The Hindu - News] Vijayawada Div. to have 150 automatic railway ticket vending machines soon

17:09 [Raw Story] Orange Couch Recaps Mad Men: S7E1, “Time Zones”

17:09 [Raw Story] Tea Party candidate’s ‘electile dysfuncation’ ad claims Boehner has gone limp

17:09 [Raw Story] Wisconsin Republican Party to vote on succession at state convenction in May

17:09 [The Hindu - News] Cong. fields techies, doctor in Srikakulam

17:11 [Reuters] Citi posts higher income as troubled assets perform better

17:11 [CNN: Health] Dangers of testing Ebola

17:11 [CNN: Health] Think thoughts are private?

17:12 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama's Real Job: Fundraiser in Chief

17:13 [Truthout] "This Award Is for Snowden": Greenwald, Poitras Accept Polk Honor for Exposing NSA Surveillance

17:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Congressmen Have Questions In Jill Kelley Leak

17:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Boston Bombing Heroes From Viral Photo Speak Out One Year Later

17:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Republicans Have 'Led The Fight For Women's Equality'

17:14 [NPR] For Many, Clouds Likely To Block Tonight's 'Blood Moon' Eclipse

17:15 [Telegraph] Oscar Pistorius 'using emotional state to dodge tough questions'

17:19 [NPR] The Grumpy Point: When A Man Turns 70

17:19 [Raw Story] Sen. Ted Cruz again attacks Obama for not enforcing federal drug laws

17:21 [CNN] Can successful women have it all?

17:22 [Big Think] Bulgakov on Cowardice

17:23 [Voice of America] Obama Decries Religious Violence

17:24 [Truthout] Decriminalization vs. Legalization

17:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Course Correction Needed for Democrats in the 2014 Mid-Terms

17:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Money, Corruption and the Free Thinker Principle

17:24 [Amnesty International] Viet Nam: Prisoners of conscience released but dozens remain jailed

17:24 [Raw Story] Sharp increase in number of U.S. Internet users who had data stolen: survey

17:25 [zero hedge] Do You Belong In The Stock Market?

17:25 [zero hedge] Facebook Takes Life Seriously and Moves To Create Its Own Virtual Currency, Increases UltraCoin Valuation Significantly

17:27 [CNN] Opinion: U.S. giving Putin green light in Ukraine?

17:27 [CNN] Opinion: How did Boston Marathon attack change you?

17:28 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Fire Destroys 2,000 Houses in Valparaiso

17:31 [Deutsche Welle] Soccer match-fixer Sapina gets reduced sentence in retrial

17:31 [Telegraph] Hillsborough inquest: footage 'too gruesome' to be shown

17:32 [Reuters] Pistorius 'using emotions as an escape', prosecutor says

17:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] While Misinformed Opponents of Immigration Stall Reform, Change Begins at the Local Level

17:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Fakhera Mousavi: "The Afghan woman rests in the coma of her predecessors"

17:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If You Thought Detroit's Art Was Finally Safe, You Were Very Wrong

17:33 [Pravda] How American conspiracies profit from global inertia

17:33 [The Atlantic: International] Surviving Syria's Civil War With Heavy Metal

17:33 [Russia Today] Russia-Crimea underwater telecom cable ready, as Ukraine crisis intensifies

17:33 [Russia Today] Canada to be first G20 country to abolish door-to-door postal service

17:35 [Disinformation] Dolphin Translator Relays First Word

17:35 [The Atlantic: Technology] The First Emoticon May Have Appeared in ... 1648

17:35 [CNN: Crime] Mom shocks at vigil for slain family

17:35 [CNN: Crime] Pistorius back on the stand

17:36 [Financial Times] Coulson takes stand in hacking trial

17:37 [Truthdig] Germany Sees ‘Signs’ Russia’s Backing Militias In Ukraine

17:37 [Truthdig] Russia Urges U.S. to Explain Report CIA Chief Visited Kiev

17:40 [The Hindu - News] Laugh and be well, says Guntur Humour Club

17:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Ohio Authorities Must Recognize Out-Of-State Gay Marriages, Judge Rules

17:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] American Hero Stories: A Navy SEAL

17:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Justice Department To Probe Hate Crimes Link In Kansas Shootings

17:41 [The Onion] American Voices: Americans Opting For Small Dogs Over Babies

17:43 [Reuters] Suspect in killings at Kansas Jewish centers has hate-filled history

17:44 [The Hindu - News] Annual fishing ban from today

17:44 [NPR] Deficit Forecasts Shaved, But Likely Won't Shrink Much Longer

17:46 [BBC: Science & Environment] SpaceX to launch supplies to station

17:46 [The Hindu - News] Rich tributes paid to Ambedkar

17:48 [Slashdot] The Best Parking Apps You've Never Heard Of and Why You Haven't

17:49 [Fox News] HOUSE OF HORRORUtah woman arrested after7 babies found dead /i/redes/icon-video.gif

17:49 [Fox News] Massachusetts man, 4 daughters to run Boston marathon together

17:49 [Fox News] White supremacist ID'd as gunman in deadly shootings at Jewish centers- PHOTOS: Cops ID white supremacist as suspect - Obama remembers Kansas shooting victims

17:49 [Fox News] Study: Young dads have risk of postpartum depression

17:49 [Fox News] Wildlife agency kills bears after Fla. woman mauled

17:49 [Fox News] Fallon's crazy barroom weekend

17:49 [Fox News] Mars, Earth closest approach

17:49 [Fox News] $2.5 mil needed to save girl

17:49 [Fox News] Gordon Ramsay's tough love

17:51 [Voice of America] Reuters: SpaceX Poised for Space Station Cargo Run Monday

17:53 [CNN: Politics] Inside Politics: Is the GOP racist?

17:53 [CNN: Politics] Inside Politics: So long Sebelius

17:53 [Russia Today] Ex-KKK leader charged with attacking Jewish centers, killing three

17:53 [The Onion] Editorial Cartoon: Not-So-Good Friday

17:53 [AL JAZEERA] France tries mass DNA test in hunt for rapist

17:54 [The Hindu - News] Time to savour ‘thati munjalu’

17:54 [The Hindu - News] Howrah-Yeswanthpur premium trains from April 21

17:54 [NPR] French Police Deploy DNA Dragnet To Solve Rape Of Teen

17:54 [CNN: Travel] Amazing wave photos

17:55 [zero hedge] Russian Fighter Jet Flies Repeatedly Within 1000 Yards Of US Warship In The Black Sea

17:57 [CNN] Opinion: 'We've got a debt to pay': Voices from the battlefield

17:58 [BBC: Science & Environment] Americas set for total lunar eclipse

17:58 [Reuters] Separatist unrest spreads in Ukraine; ultimatum ends with no crackdown

17:59 [Voice of America] Reuters: US in Prime Position to View Eclipse

18:00 [Financial Times] Papal envoy put to test in Venezuela talks

18:02 [BBC: Also in the news] Ladies do lunch to fight 'sexism'

18:04 [Campaign For Liberty] Then Act Decently

18:05 [Disinformation] Mitch Horowotiz: New Wave of Witch-Hunters Rising Around The World

18:06 [CNN: Living] Latest taste for prom: KFC corsage

18:06 [CNN: Living] Whisk prom date away with KFC corsage

18:07 [CNN] Income Tax Fast Facts

18:07 [CNN] Passover Fast Facts

18:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Old-Fashioned Republican Endorses Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

18:08 [Russia Today] India’s opposition BJP gives strong message to Pakistan and US

18:09 [NPR] Ohio Ordered To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

18:10 [zero hedge] Palladium, Gas and Wheat Surge On Supply Concerns

18:12 [Good] Veronika Scott Empowers Homeless Women to Find a Way Forward

18:13 [CBC: politics] Payouts to departing federal political staff cost $30M since 2006

18:13 [CBC: politics] John Baird addresses recent developments in Ukraine

18:14 [CNN] Boston Marathon Terror Attack Fast Facts

18:17 [Fox News] Fallon's wild barroom nights

18:17 [Fox News] Teachers return to Pa. school where 22 were stabbed

18:17 [Fox News] US, allies scramble to contain Ukraine violence- Ukraine asks for UN peacekeepers as pro-Russia militants seize more buildings

18:17 [Fox News] FOX NEWS FIRST: Can Obama scare voters to polls?- KURTZ: Media can't resist Holder, race issue

18:17 [Fox News] RUNNING DEATHS2 die at finish line of race, cardiac issues suspected

18:17 [BBC: Science & Environment] Submarine search for MH370 wreckage begins

18:17 [Telegraph] Trial of Colonel Gaddafi's sons begins without its star defendants

18:17 [Telegraph] Suspect in anti-Semitic murders named as white supremicist

18:17 [Telegraph] Topless men banned from theme park

18:17 [Telegraph] Gandhi feud re-erupts over cousin 'led astray' by BJP

18:17 [Telegraph] New UN report describes horrific and systematic torture of Syrian victims

18:18 [The Nation] The US Military Has Been ‘At War’ in Africa on the Sly For Years

18:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Motion vs. Action at Foggy Bottom

18:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Bully Mentality

18:19 [Reuters] Syrian army seizes ancient Christian town near Lebanese border

18:19 [NPR] Japan May Send Maglev Train Expertise To U.S., Without A Fee

18:19 [NPR] Patients Often Win If They Appeal A Denied Health Claim

18:20 [Fox News: politics] Russian jet passes at close range over US warship in Black Sea

18:21 [BBC: Entertainment] Matisse exhibition hailed by critics

18:23 [Russia Today] Pentagon: Russian fighter jet repeatedly flew over US destroyer in Black Sea

18:23 [Russia Today] Oh, that awkward moment: Ukrainian PM greets Swiss president with Danish flag

18:23 [Spiegel] 'A Partner for Russia': Europe's Far Right Flirts with�Moscow

18:25 [CNN] Domenicali quits as Ferrari F1 team boss

18:26 [zero hedge] Did the Department of Homeland Security Just Admit that the Government Knew about the Heartbleed Bug?

18:26 [Voice of America] Jeff Seldin: US Condemns Russian Flyover Near Ship in Black Sea

18:26 [Deutsche Welle] New leadeship for Ghana’s NPP as it eyes 2016 poll

18:26 [Deutsche Welle] Landmark UK trial against FGM

18:27 [The Hindu - News] Talks to resolve Toyota tussle resume on Tuesday

18:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A Final Nail in the USSR Coffin? Thank You From NATO, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

18:27 [HuffingtonPost: politics] A Culture of Hypermasculinity Is Driving Sexual Assault in the Military

18:27 [CNN: Money] Twitter insiders aren't cashing out yet

18:30 [Voice of America] Kidnapped Venezuelan Journalist Freed

18:32 [BBC: Technology] Heartbleed hackers steal Canada data

18:33 [Slashdot] The Best Way To Watch the "Blood Moon" Tonight

18:33 [Telegraph] Four Weddings writer Richard Curtis in 'worst ever marriage proposal'

18:35 [AL JAZEERA] Olympic great Phelps ending retirement

18:36 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Week In Pictures – Week Of April 14, 2014

18:37 [BBC: Education] Laws calls for 'education stability'

18:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Candidate Wants His Rivals To Chill Out

18:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michele Bachmann Gives Endorsement In GOP Primary For Her Seat

18:37 [CNN] Solheim Cup: Carin Koch named Europe's captain for 2015

18:37 [CNN] The Masters: Strong start for reigning champion Adam Scott

18:39 [Raw Story] Reddit co-founder tells Joe Rogan: Cable companies about to ‘f*ck up’ the Internet

18:43 [The Hindu - News] Donkey symbol sought for NOTA option

18:45 [CNN] The Masters: Arnold Palmer still magnetized by Augusta's 'mystique'

18:46 [CNN] Eminem, Rihanna bring 'Monster' to MTV Movie Awards

18:46 [zero hedge] As MOMO Fever Fades, These Are The Stocks Goldman Is Rolling Into

18:47 [Fox News] Chicken with pizza toppings?

18:47 [Fox News] Video game cities in real life

18:47 [Fox News] Floods cancel Lady A show

18:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] This WSJ Chart About Taxing The Rich Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

18:47 [Truthdig] Greenwald, Poitras: ‘This Award is for Snowden’

18:47 [The Hindu - News] TDP clears Nani’s name for Vijayawada LS

18:48 [Telegraph] World spends less on military armaments

18:48 [CBC: politics] New cancer study needed, says Fort Chipewyan Chief

18:48 [Russia Today] Navy christens most expensive stealth destroyer ever

18:51 [The Hindu - News] ‘TRS chief never keeps his word’

18:52 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama on Voter Suppression: The Right Speech in the Wrong Place

18:54 [Voice of America] Pro-Russia Demonstrators Defy Ukraine's Ultimatum

18:54 [CNN: Money] IRS: File your taxes, ignore Heartbleed

18:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Five Pot-Farming Brothers Are Convincing Evangelicals To Embrace Marijuana Legalization

18:55 [The Hindu - News] Magunta to join TDP

18:56 [] Armenia: New PM Appointed

18:56 [BBC: Technology] Mumsnet and Canada hit by hackers

18:58 [World Policy Institute] Russia's Anti-Gay Law: Fueling an AIDS Crisis

18:59 [The Hindu - News] YSRC’s surprise choice has TDP smiling

18:59 [The Hindu - News] MIM to improve its tally

18:59 [The Hindu - News] CPI, CPI (M) to support each other in Seemandhra

19:01 [Deutsche Welle] You need persistence - and these tips - to get your kids to eat seven portions of fruit

19:02 [The Atlantic: National] Obama on Voter Suppression: The Right Speech in the Wrong Place

19:03 [CNN: Living] 'Leaning In' to land a first job

19:03 [CNN: Living] 'Leaning In' to land my first job

19:03 [CNN: Living] Author: Talk to kids about sex

19:03 [CNN: Money] Getting along at work: A primer on personal intelligence

19:03 [The Hindu - News] I am a loyal Congress worker: Sailajanath

19:05 [Disinformation] Desmond Tutu Calls for an Apartheid-Style Boycott of the Fossil Fuel Industry

19:06 [Voice of America] Syrian Army Retakes Strategic Christian Town

19:06 [Reuters] Lawsuit claims CME gave high-frequency traders special access

19:07 [Fin24 News] FSB fines insurer, investment firm

19:08 [CNN: Money] Inside the Shapeways 3D printing factory

19:09 [Global Voices] The Last Place of Cultural Dynamism in Luanda is No More

19:09 [CNN] Teen arrested for tweeting airline terror threat

19:09 [CNN] Recent grad: 'Leaning In' helped me land a job

19:09 [The Hindu - News] ‘Over a lakh manuscripts need to be preserved’

19:09 [The Hindu - News] Film actor Pawan Kalyan to campaign for BJP

19:11 [AL JAZEERA] US 'Cuban Twitter' given secret security clearance http://www.aljazeera.comhttp//

19:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hawaii Governor Challenges Authenticity Of Late Senator's Deathbed Wish

19:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] This Woman Was Killed While Dancing With A Cop -- And Her Family Wants The Case Reopened

19:14 [The Hindu - News] Six from Kiran’s Cabinet get TDP ticket

19:14 [The Hindu - News] JANA SENA ROAD SHOW

19:15 [Raw Story] Pastor John Hagee: Tuesday’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse signals the end of the world

19:15 [Raw Story] Texas Gov. Rick Perry hires high-powered lawyer to defend him in bribery, coercion probe

19:15 [Raw Story] Twitter executives meet with Turkish officials to discuss social media ban

19:15 [Raw Story] Pakistani man arrested for cannibalism allegedly ate newborn baby

19:15 [Raw Story] Gaza cops save money by trading in bullets for makeshift laser guns

19:15 [Raw Story] EU sees Russia’s hand in Ukraine and threatens sanctions

19:15 [Raw Story] Lawsuit claims NJ high school teacher called student gangbanger, car thief during racist rants

19:15 [Raw Story] Guantanamo defense lawyers tell judge they are being probed by FBI

19:15 [Fox News] BRIBERY DIPLOMACY?USAID accused of using 'slush fund' to push policies

19:15 [Fox News] Surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect faces trove of evidence, but questions remain

19:15 [Fox News] Dutch police arrest 14-year-old girl who tweeted alleged Al Qaeda threat to American Airlines

19:15 [Fox News] 'Insulting' emails stop French auction house from selling Nazi items

19:15 [Fox News] Olympic legend Michael Phelps ending retirement

19:15 [Fox News] Sebelius says timeline for ObamaCare rollout 'flat out wrong'

19:15 [Fox News] Bell: From indie to undie star

19:16 [zero hedge] When The Fed’s Refi Madness Ended, Bank Mortgage Profits Evaporated

19:17 [Big Think] Saturn in Blue and Gold

19:17 [CNN] Opinion: Hate-filled violence threatens us all

19:17 [] 10,000 Russians Rally Against 'Lies' of State-Run Media /sites/

19:17 [] 9/11 Defense Lawyers: The FBI Spied on Us /sites/

19:17 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Irony of Cliven Bundy's Unconstitutional Stand

19:17 [Financial Times] France backtracks over EU deficit target

19:18 [Russia Today] Army rejects clemecy for Chelsea Manning

19:19 [Slashdot] Using Supercomputers To Predict Signs of Black Holes Swallowing Stars

19:19 [NPR] Banksy Is Believed To Be Behind Eavesdropping Mural Near British Spy HQ

19:20 [CNN] Barbara Walters Fast Facts

19:20 [The Hindu - News] KCR’s hidden agenda in mooting third alternative

19:20 [The Hindu - News] TJAC divided over supporting TRS

19:20 [Telegraph] Israel accused over new Hebron settlement move

19:20 [Telegraph] Vending machine selling cannabis for consumers debuts in Colorado

19:20 [Telegraph] Sarah Wollaston: Parliamentary figures have 'turned a blind eye' to sexual harassment

19:20 [BBC: Technology] Heartbleed hackers hit Mumsnet

19:22 [BBC: Entertainment] EastEnders actress Dore dies at 93

19:23 [Financial Times] Social media bans darken Turkey’s prospects

19:23 [Truthout] Years of Living Dangerously: Is This the New Trend?

19:24 [Fin24 News] Why insurance is important

19:24 [The Hindu - News] TDP to field Balakrishna from Hindupur Assembly

19:24 [The Hindu - News] A ‘terraced’ film festival

19:24 [The Hindu - News] 5.84 lakh more voters in four Bangalore constituencies

19:24 [The Hindu - News] Labourer killed in mishap

19:24 [The Hindu - News] Woman, friend beaten up by two men on scooter

19:24 [The Hindu - News] Traffic to be diverted for Karaga festival

19:24 [The Hindu - News] 11,000 police personnel to be deployed on voting day

19:24 [The Hindu - News] Jagan eyes Pulivendula, Vijayamma from Vizag

19:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Terry Branstad, Iowa's Popular Governor, Suddenly Put On Defense

19:24 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Wisconsin Republicans To Vote On Secession

19:25 [CNN: Travel] Teen arrested for tweeting airline terror threat

19:26 [The Hindu - News] ‘Parties raining unrealistic promises on voters’

19:26 [The Hindu - News] ‘BJP and TDP cadres working in tandem’

19:28 [Russia Today] White House confirms CIA director travelled to Ukraine over weekend

19:29 [CNN] How to help Boston bombing survivors, one year on

19:29 [CNN] Mark Geragos Fast Facts

19:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chelsea Manning Named Honoary San Francisco Pride Grand Marshal

19:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] GOP Senate Candidate In Georgia Can't Decide If He Actually Hates Obamacare

19:30 [CNN: Politics] Say NO to the Comcast takeover

19:32 [The Hindu - News] Distribution of voter ID cards begins

19:32 [Truthdig] Step Away From Your Cellphone! It May Be Killing You

19:32 [The Atlantic: National] This Is Us: Portrait of a Changing America

19:32 [BBC: Education] Extremism in Birmingham schools?

19:34 [CNN: Entertainment] More Netflix April releases

19:34 [CNN: Entertainment] When stars get real

19:34 [Voice of America] Man to Face Hate Crimes Charges in Kansas Shooting

19:35 [CNN: Money] Deficit now expected to be even lower

19:36 [CNN] What the killings at Kansas Jewish sites say about U.S. hate groups

19:36 [The Hindu - News] For this girl hockey is everything

19:36 [The Hindu - News] Blast rocks packed bus station in Nigeria

19:40 [The Hindu - News] Sisi submits bid for Egypt presidency

19:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Holding the World Bank Accountable for Reproductive Health Commitments

19:42 [The Atlantic: Politics] If Doctors Don't Like Electronic Medical Records, Should We Care?

19:42 [The Onion] Parents Surprised Cruel Teen Daughter Hasn’t Pushed Classmate To Breaking Point Yet

19:43 [CNN: Crime] What the killings say about U.S. hate groups

19:44 [The Hindu - News] Come summer Vakalpudi beach beckons visitors

19:44 [The Hindu - News] Students design machine to prevent fires in trains

19:44 [NPR] Russian Attack Aircraft Buzzes U.S. Warship In Black Sea

19:44 [NPR] Dutch Test Glow-In-The-Dark Road Of The Future

19:45 [Reuters: politics] U.S. lawmakers visit Afghanistan to press case for troops to stay

19:46 [zero hedge] Enlightened Self Interest and Financial Industry Hypocrisy - Chapter One of Three

19:47 [Truthdig] Gourmet

19:47 [Truthdig] TurboTax Maker Linked to ‘Grassroots’ Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing

19:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] NYPD Oversight Board Still Sits On Sidelines Despite Controversial Police Spying

19:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Trump May Run

19:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Army General Upholds Chelsea Manning's 35-Year Sentence

19:50 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian army seizes towns near Lebanon border

19:50 [Telegraph] Cycling event targeted by saboteurs laying nails in road

19:50 [Telegraph] Blast in Nigerian capital kills 71

19:50 [Telegraph] Matilda Temperley photographs the people of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia

19:50 [Telegraph] Woman gives birth while in coma after horror crash

19:50 [Fox News] HOUSE OF HORRORUtah woman admits killing 6 babies in home, police say /i/redes/icon-video.gif

19:50 [Fox News] Lambert: I need a break

19:50 [The Hindu - News] Kodandaramiah retires after 50 years of service

19:50 [The Hindu - News] 11 dead as fire hits Chile's historic Valparaiso

19:52 [] Canadian Community: We Reject Enbridge's Tar Sands Pipeline /sites/

19:53 [Fox News: politics] Nobody wants $760 million? IRS poised to keep unclaimed tax refunds

19:53 [Reuters: politics] White House confirms, downplays CIA director visit to Kiev

19:54 [The Hindu - News] Visakhapatnam archers excel

19:55 [Financial Times] Pro-Russia separatists strengthen grip

19:56 [The Hindu - News] Portal designed to help students plan career

19:58 [The Hindu - News] Expo held on fire safety

19:58 [The Hindu - News] Valparaiso still aflame; 12 dead, 500 injured

19:58 [Russia Today] Tax day: Chances to get audited by IRS lowest in decades

19:58 [Russia Today] Turkey accuses Twitter of tax evasion, demands local office

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Congress cadre unhappy with choice of candidates

20:01 [zero hedge] San Fran Fed Asks How Important Are Hedge Funds In A Crisis

20:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Morris Dees and the Kansas City Murders

20:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Cesar Millan: End The 'Genocide' Against Pit Bulls

20:02 [The Atlantic: National] I Was Racially Profiled in My Own Driveway

20:04 [Voice of America] April 14, 2014

20:04 [Voice of America] Lisa Schlein: UN: Detainees Tortured in Syria

20:04 [Fin24 News] SA looking for more electricity: Martins

20:04 [Telegraph] Turkey 'aided Islamist fighters' in attack on Syrian town

20:04 [Telegraph] Murder trial opens for France's 'Black Widow'

20:04 [Telegraph] Network Rail 'mealy-mouthed' in level crossing safety response

20:04 [Reuters] Bullish U.S. retail sales brighten growth outlook

20:04 [The Hindu - News] This summer demand for berths escalates

20:04 [The Hindu - News] Industries pay rich tributes to B R Ambedkar

20:05 [Disinformation] The Narcicyst Breaks the Stage on Conscious Hip Hop, ‘Sumeria’ & ‘Leap of Faith’

20:05 [CNN: Money] Beef prices hit record high

20:05 [The Atlantic: Technology] If Doctors Don't Like Electronic Medical Records, Should We Care?

20:06 [] Kazakhstan: Russians Blend Loyalty to Nazarbayev with Pro-Kremlin Sentiments

20:07 [The Hindu - News] Kiev leaders ‘not against’ a referendum

20:07 [The Hindu - News] Odia New Year celebrated

20:07 [The Hindu - News] Heralding ‘Pohelo Boishakh’

20:07 [CNN: Technology] Google Glass on sale Tuesday

20:09 [Slashdot] Inside the Stolen Smartphone Black Market In London

20:10 [CNN: Health] Reproductive organs grown in a lab

20:10 [CNN: Health] She found love, left sugar, lost weight

20:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] McCurry Divinely Inspired - Says Hillary Won't Run

20:11 [The Hindu - News] RTC reduces farefor AC buses

20:11 [The Hindu - News] British journalist Patrick Seale dies at 84

20:12 [Voice of America] Olympic Swim Legend to Make Comeback

20:12 [The Onion] Margin Notes Left On Menu From Previous Ruby Tuesday Customer

20:12 [The Onion] Onion Poll: Do You Believe Felons Should Have The Right To Vote?

20:13 [The Hindu - News] Shifting of fishing harbour not now, says port official

20:13 [The Hindu - News] ‘Movie Mogul’ sets sightson another ambitious flick

20:13 [The Hindu - News] Nepal Maoist party boycotts three-party meeting

20:14 [Amnesty International] Libya: Trial of former al-Gaddafi officials by video link a farce

20:15 [The Hindu - News] Prosecutor presses Pistorius at murder trial

20:16 [zero hedge] Morning Euphoria Fizzles As Biotechs Turn Red Again

20:18 [Fox News] YOU HAD YOUR CHANCEIRS poised to keep $760Min unclaimed tax refunds /i/redes/icon-video.gif

20:18 [Fox News] HOUSE OF HORRORUtah woman admits killing 6 babies inside home /i/redes/icon-video.gif

20:18 [Fox News] Best In-N-Out locations

20:20 [Truthout] Season of Emancipation

20:20 [Telegraph] Police Federation figures condemn 'toxic' environment

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Anais Celini Allegedly Blocked From Attending Prom With Boyfriend Nathaniel Baez, Who Is Transgender

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rick Perry Ethics Case To Get Texas Grand Jury

20:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Maryland Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession

20:26 [CNN: Money] Inside Facebook's 3-day, $2 billion deal

20:26 [CNN: Money] Sony, Microsoft turn to game titles as console launch buzz fades

20:27 [Reuters] Suspect in Kansas Jewish center killings faces hate crime charges

20:27 [The Hindu - News] Boy rescued from borewell in Sankarankovil

20:27 [The Hindu - News] EC wants black ink on all 63 lakh voters in city

20:28 [CNN] Will Ferrell: A serious note

20:28 [CNN] Crazy things Americans tried to take on planes in 2013

20:29 [World Policy Institute] Defending Human Rights in Latin America

20:30 [Raw Story] Comedian Greg Proops skewers Reagan for destroying the utopian spirit of the 1970s

20:31 [CNN] College after cancer

20:32 [Reuters] Libya adjourns trial of ex-Gaddafi officials and sons

20:32 [zero hedge] Guest Post: How To Get A Job Despite The Economy

20:32 [Voice of America] Pro-Russia Demonstrators Defy Ukraine's Ultimatum

20:33 [Canadian Dimension] If I Had a Hammer: David Rovics’ songs of social significance

20:33 [The Hindu - News] Fishermen talks mooted for May 12

20:36 [Telegraph] London marathon runner who died after collapsing at finish line named Robert Berry

20:36 [Telegraph] Andy Coulson: affair with Rebekah Brooks should not have happened

20:36 [Telegraph] Inquiry into Muslim infiltration claims extends to 25 schools

20:37 [The Hindu - News] Chennai hub of illegal poll money transactions: ED

20:38 [The Onion] Infographic: The Rising Cost Of Weddings

20:39 [Russia Today] Israel lashes out at Kerry again, this time for ‘surrendering’ to Iran

20:39 [Slashdot] Reviving a Commodore 64 Computer Using a Raspberry Pi

20:40 [Raw Story] NC man fires 13 bullets into strip club because he can’t put hand in dancer’s underwear

20:42 [Financial Times] Kiev’s troops invisible in east Ukraine

20:42 [Financial Times] US retailers lift clouds on Wall Street

20:42 [Financial Times] ‘Heartbleed’ steals data and mums’ emails

20:44 [Russia Today] ​Russian banks vote for national payment system from the scratch

20:44 [AL JAZEERA] Libya: How to end the political crisis?

20:44 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Nigeria President Jonathan Vows to End Terrorism, Says Adviser

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Maoists issue ‘travel advisory’ for govt employees in Chhattisgarh

20:45 [CNN: Money] 3 reasons the economy has some spring in its step

20:46 [Voice of America] Declining Health Care Costs Will Lower US Budget Deficit

20:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Road Bumps, Drama and Noise: Officials Dismiss Complaints about Common Core

20:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Medicare Claims Database Finally Public

20:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Eric Holder Says He Wasn't Playing Race Card When Decrying GOP Opposition

20:49 [The Hindu - News] PM could have averted coal scam: Parakh

20:50 [Raw Story] Neuroscientist: Effects of trauma experienced by father can be passed down to children

20:50 [AL JAZEERA] US: Russian jet made close-range passes

20:51 [Deutsche Welle] EU responds to Ukraine events with expanded travel-ban, asset-freeze list

20:51 [Deutsche Welle] Tensions high in eastern Ukraine as pro-Russia separatists gain ground

20:53 [The Hindu - News] Swamy hands over records on Vadra link in land deal

20:54 [Russia Today] US considers offering military help to Ukraine – Kerry advisor

20:55 [Raw Story] Lewis Black praises socialism as ‘enforced Christianity’ in National Press Club speech

20:55 [Raw Story] Google to buy drone-maker Titan Aerospace in hopes of expanding Internet access

20:55 [Raw Story] Southwest Airlines flight diverted after unruly man tries to open cabin door

20:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Democratic Republic of Congo, Christianity and International Adoption

20:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] FBI Said To Question Member Of 9/11 Case Defense

20:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Woman Who Threw Shoe At Hillary Clinton Has Bizarre History With Aurora Shooter

20:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nevada GOP Drops Opposition To Gay Marriage, Abortion From Official Platform

20:55 [HuffingtonPost: politics] My Moreland Mission

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Maoists issue 'travel advisory' for govt employees in Chhattisgarh

20:58 [The Onion] Slideshow: What Up, This Is Ice Cube And Today, After Weeks Of Delays, I’m Going To Take You On A Ride Along

21:00 [NPR] Why Babies Cry At Night

21:00 [Raw Story] Judge orders Ohio to recognize out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples

21:02 [zero hedge] White House Admits CIA Director Brennan Was "Secretly" In Kiev

21:02 [CNN: Money] Time is running out for Box competitors

21:02 [The Atlantic: National] Swampwise!

21:02 [Fin24 News] Rail renewal crucial in Gauteng - Vadi

21:04 [Campaign For Liberty] Tax Day Remix

21:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Three Jewish Junior Obama Staffers Brought The First Passover Seder To The White House

21:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Golden Opportunity from the Golden State

21:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 'Let Me Google That For You' May Soon Be Etched In Law

21:05 [Disinformation] In Vitro Fertilisation Patient Pregnant With Wrong Embryos

21:06 [The Hindu - News] Rentals shoot through the roof, thanks to bifurcation

21:06 [CNN] Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps to make comeback

21:06 [Telegraph] Hacking trial: Mystic Meg paid more than £200,000 a year by News of the World

21:06 [Telegraph] Omagh bomb 'suspect' arrested

21:09 [BBC: Technology] Google buys solar drone maker

21:11 [Deutsche Welle] Terror attack plunges Nigeria into chaos

21:12 [Big Think] Jennifer Sky on Regulating the Modeling Industry

21:12 [The Hindu - News] More heat brings cheer to salt farmers

21:12 [The Atlantic: Politics] Ted Cruz Is Beating Rand Paul in the Tea Party Primary

21:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Top 5 (Okay, 6) State Tax Charts

21:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Here Are Your 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winners

21:15 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: New 'Banksy' work appears near GCHQ

21:16 [CNN: Politics] Democrats, show some spine on taxes

21:17 [zero hedge] "Priceless"

21:17 [CNN: Entertainment] Celebrity substance abuse confessions

21:19 [Russia Today] Guardian US, Washington Post share Pulitzer Prize for coverage of NSA surveillance

21:19 [Fox News] See 'blood moon' tonight

21:19 [Fox News] This is screen of the future

21:19 [Fox News] Feds to revisit bus safety rules after deadly Calif. crash- At least 36 dead in Mexico bus crash

21:19 [Fox News] LASIK eye surgery safe in long-term, experts say

21:19 [Fox News] In mix-up, woman pregnant with other couple's twins

21:19 [Fox News] Mars makes closest approach to Earth in 6 years

21:20 [NPR] Pulitzer Prizes Are Out: 'Washington Post,' 'The Guardian' Win For NSA Stories

21:20 [Fox News: politics] Alleged mastermind of Bell, Calif. corruption scandal gets prison for tax evasion

21:20 [The Hindu - News] Showers likely

21:20 [The Hindu - News] Kiran’s name missing in JSP first list

21:20 [Telegraph] Don't email in capital letters, court tells 'insensitive' father in custody dispute

21:21 [Truthout] American Democracy No Longer Works

21:21 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: More Than 100 Scientists and Economists Called on the Obama Administration to Reject Keystone XL, and More

21:22 [Voice of America] Blast Kills Over 70 in Nigerian Capital

21:23 [Reuters] Reuters, Guardian US, Washington Post, Boston Globe win Pulitzer prizes

21:23 [HuffingtonPost: politics] More Than 900 Environmental Advocates Slain In A Decade As Concern For The Planet Grows

21:24 [Slashdot] Will This Flying Car Get Crowdfunded?

21:25 [CNN] Ebola Fast Facts

21:26 [The Hindu - News] ‘IT industry needs policies favourable for growth’

21:26 [The Hindu - News] Showers likely

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Book on city’s heritage released

21:28 [The Hindu - News] I&PR identifies 7 fictitious channels

21:28 [The Hindu - News] Advertising fraud in I&PR department unearthed

21:30 [Raw Story] Dutch teenage girl arrested for pretending to be Al Qaeda member on Twitter

21:30 [Raw Story] Guardian and Washington Post share Pulitzer Prize for NSA reporting

21:31 [CNN: Money] Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace

21:31 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Monday rally fizzles out

21:31 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Schools probed over 'Islam plot'

21:33 [Reuters] Separatists tighten grip on east Ukraine, EU agrees more sanctions on Moscow

21:34 [World Policy Institute] What It Would Take To Stop Boko Haram

21:36 [The Hindu - News] AAP candidates opt out of crucial constituencies

21:36 [The Hindu - News] Student suicide

21:36 [Telegraph] Pro Russian mobs defy Kiev's call to surrender

21:37 [zero hedge] Nasdaq Re-Loses 4,000

21:38 [Fox News: politics] Regulation Nation: Breweries fight back against new government grain rules

21:38 [The Hindu - News] 13 property offenders nabbed

21:38 [The Hindu - News] Donna Tartt wins fiction Pulitzer for 'Goldfinch'

21:38 [The Hindu - News] Smart phones, apps lead the way

21:39 [CNN] Jewish Center shooter 'knocked family to its knees,' relative says

21:40 [BBC: Education] Police ‘not listening’, teachers told

21:42 [The Atlantic: Politics] Barack Obama's Challenge To American Morality

21:47 [Big Think] Crowdfunding Tip #1: The Campaign Video

21:47 [] Pulitzer! Snowden Reporters Win Top Journalism Honor /sites/

21:49 [Reuters] CBO sees relatively modest premium hikes for Obamacare benchmark plan

21:49 [Reuters: politics] CBO sees relatively modest premium hikes for Obamacare benchmark plan

21:50 [Raw Story] Insurance premium hikes from Obamacare will not be as severe as predicted: CBO

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The GOP Would Kill the 1964 Civil Rights Bill Today

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Green Groups Join Forces To Direct Donor Dollars To Pro-Environment Candidates

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Nazism In Europe and Kansas City

21:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Pulitzer Prizes Just Demolished The Idea That Edward Snowden Is A Traitor

21:51 [Fox News] Washington Post, Guardian win Pulitzers for revelations about NSA spying

21:52 [Telegraph] Mumsnet hit by Heartbleed hackers

21:54 [The Hindu - News] Chennai is a melting pot of celebrations

21:57 [CNN: Technology] Anyone can buy Google Glass Tuesday

21:59 [Reuters] Ex-Ku Klux Klan leader charged in Kansas Jewish center killings

22:01 [The Onion] Rival PGA Hooligans Clash During Final Round Of Masters

22:03 [The Hindu - News] Customers conned at petrol bunks

22:04 [Russia Today] 'Blood Moon' is here: Rare lunar eclipse to be seen tonight

22:05 [Disinformation] Parents of Affluenza Teen Who Killed Four Driving Drunk Pay A Fraction of His Rehab Costs

22:06 [Telegraph] Abu Hamza goes on trial for terrorism in New York without his hook

22:07 [The Hindu - News] Poll expenses data on web portal

22:07 [Truthdig] TurboTax Maker Linked to ‘Grass-Roots’ Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing

22:08 [Voice of America] Vietnam Frees Two More High-Profile Dissidents

22:08 [Reuters: politics] New York finalizes $8 billion Medicaid accord with federal government

22:09 [The Hindu - News] Chennai cinema lovers have a new hunting ground

22:10 [NPR] Restaurants: The Modern-Day Lab For Our Smartphone-Obsessed Ways

22:10 [Slashdot] Google Buys Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

22:10 [CNN] Kansas City shooting: 3 lives defined by love, taken by gunman's rage

22:11 [Deutsche Welle] NSA revelations win newspapers the Pulitzer Prize

22:11 [Deutsche Welle] OPCW warns that Syria must speed up handover of chemical weapons

22:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Syria: High-Priced Economic Card for Iran?

22:13 [The Hindu - News] Make it possible for commuters to walk

22:15 [NPR] Defiant Of Deadline, Pro-Moscow Occupiers Persist

22:15 [NPR] Suspected Kansas Shooter Had Ties To KKK

22:15 [NPR] Nevada Ranch Dispute Ends As Feds Back Down — For Now

22:17 [The Hindu - News] MDMK releases photos of Vaiko with Rajinikanth

22:19 [Russia Today] Putin to Obama: Use your influence to prevent bloodshed in Ukraine

22:19 [CNN] Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Co-pilot's cell on, U.S. official says

22:20 [Raw Story] US Airways replies to Twitter complaint with graphic sexual photo involving a toy plane

22:20 [NPR] Sandwich Monday: The Passover Sandwich

22:21 [Reuters] CBO slightly lowers U.S. deficit estimates as health subsidies fall

22:21 [zero hedge] Unrigged Market Soars On 3:30 PM Fundamental Bullish Catalyst

22:23 [The Hindu - News] AAP accuses DMK and AIADMK of TASMAC scam

22:24 [Russia Today] ‘Rights of believers are violated’: High-ranked Orthodox priest flees Ukraine to escape Kiev repressions

22:25 [CNN] Flavor Flav pleads guilty to domestic violence charges, avoids trial

22:26 [CNN: Money] Mozilla names interim CEO

22:27 [The Onion] Man With No Plans Just Too Exhausted To Go Out

22:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Most Used Drugs According To 2014's Global Drug Survey

22:33 [The Hindu - News] MGNREGS is a trump card for Congress

22:35 [Raw Story] ‘Heartbleed’ online bug hits 1.5 million users of British parenting site

22:35 [NPR] After Deaths, Renewed Focus On Leaky Gas Pipelines

22:35 [Reuters: politics] CBO slightly lowers U.S. deficit estimates as health subsidies fall

22:39 [Telegraph] Costa Concordia captain accused of mounting cover up

22:40 [Global Voices] The State Of Women In The Present Indian Society

22:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Instead

22:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HUFFPOLLSTER: A Quarter Of You Still Need To File Your Taxes

22:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Google Buys Drone-Maker For Supposedly Non-Evil Reasons

22:41 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Pastor Kevin Swanson Slams Honey Maid's 'Wholesome' Ad, Compares Being Gay To Murder, Cannibalism

22:42 [AL JAZEERA] Ukraine: Forces ready for pro-Russia rebels

22:45 [Raw Story] Chris Christie’s friend interviewed him as part of bridge scandal review

22:46 [Fox News] Officials: Shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas were hate crimes /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

22:46 [Fox News] 'PROVOCATIVE' ACTIONSRussian airplane tauntsUS destroyer near Ukraine

22:46 [Fox News] 'BLOOD MOON' RISING Total lunar eclipse to take center stage in night sky

22:46 [Fox News] REGULATION NATIONAmerican beer makers battle government's grain rules

22:46 [Fox News] USAID accused of using 'slush fund' to push policies- Family, friends of US contractor held in Cuba plead for US to do more to secure release- OPINION: Prayers for Alan Gross' freedom on Passover 2014

22:46 [Fox News] 2 runners die at finish line of race, cardiac issues suspected

22:46 [Fox News] Utah woman admits killing 6 babies inside home

22:47 [BBC: Entertainment] Nazi memorabilia auction cancelled

22:47 [The Hindu - News] Parties sceptical about impact of Modi-Rajini meet

22:50 [Raw Story] SpaceX cancels space station cargo run after discovering helium leak

22:50 [Fox News: politics] Snowden’s revenge: Journalists win Pulitzers for his NSA leaks

22:51 [CBC: politics] Senate panel to push for substantive change to Fair Elections Act

22:51 [zero hedge] Guardian, WaPo Win Pulitzer For Proving Millions Of Conspiracy Theorists Right

22:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen

22:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If We Build It, Will They Come? Drug Treatment and the Affordable Care Act

22:52 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Skin Color Is Not a Crime: Why Stop and Frisk Doesn't Work

22:54 [Voice of America] US Surveillance Coverage Wins Pulitzer Prize

22:55 [Global Voices] Uncle Sam's Ukraine Failure in Russia

22:57 [CNN] Don't make these stupid travel mistakes

22:57 [CNN] First on CNN: Tax-writing lawmakers' tax issues -- do as I say...

22:57 [CNN] Stories about NSA surveillance, Snowden leaks win Pulitzer Prizes

22:57 [Slashdot] Carpenter Who Cut Off His Fingers Makes "Robohand" With 3-D Printer

22:58 [CNN: Money] Stocks bounce back...somewhat

22:59 [Russia Today] Italy opens bidding for Venice Island

23:00 [Fox News: politics] Obama speaks with Putin as tensions in eastern Ukraine rise

23:01 [CBC: politics] Canada, Poland to unveil Ukraine help package

23:02 [CNN: Politics] First on CNN: Tax-writing lawmakers' tax issues -- do as I say...

23:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] President Obama's Remarks At Easter Prayer Breakfast Pay Tribute To Kansas Shooting Victims (FULL TEXT)

23:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] One Lawyer's Campaign To Improve Legal Defense For Indigent

23:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michelle Obama, 'First Dogs' Visit Military Families

23:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hurting Americans Who Worked Hard, Played by the Rules

23:05 [CNN: Travel] Don't make these stupid travel mistakes

23:05 [NPR] Swimming Superstar Michael Phelps Emerges From Retirement

23:05 [Pravda] Tony Blair, George W. Bush and David Cameron: Hi-jacking God?

23:05 [The Atlantic: Technology] This Crazy Purple Cube Is 1 Giant Step for Space Agriculture

23:09 [Russia Today] Feds start rounding up wild horses in Utah

23:10 [Reuters] 'Heartbleed' blamed in attack on Canada tax agency, more expected

23:10 [NPR] John Boehner Foe Targets 'Electile' Dysfunction

23:11 [CNN: Money] Mozilla tries to move past controversy

23:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jesus Lived in a Police State

23:13 [The Hindu - News] Rising number of old age pensioners causes disbursal delay

23:13 [The Nation] What Was Socialism?

23:15 [The Hindu - News] CEO seeks explanation on Modi meet

23:20 [Raw Story] U.S. sky-watchers ready for total lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning

23:20 [Raw Story] Game of Thrones Makes Its Audience Complicit

23:21 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michigan Sued For Treating Gay Couples Like 'Second-Class Citizens'

23:21 [The Hindu - News] Anxious moments for DMK in Namakkal

23:22 [zero hedge] Behind The Fed's Monetary Curtain: Wizards? Or Scarecrows Who "Do An Awful Lot Of Talking"

23:23 [The Hindu - News] It’s our unity vs. their uniformity: Sonia

23:23 [Telegraph] Scottish independence would 'damage' Britain's defence

23:23 [Telegraph] Weather: Easter Sunday set to be washout, warn forecasters

23:24 [Fox News] FATAL SHOOTING PROBEOfficials say Jewish center attacks were hate crimes /i/redes/icon-slideshow.gif

23:24 [Fox News] Obama speaks with Putin on Ukraine

23:24 [Fox News] 5 ways to kill a classic

23:27 [The Hindu - News] What magic wand does Modi have: Sonia

23:28 [CNN: Money] Don't miss Tax Day deals and freebies

23:28 [CNN: Money] Which CEOs make the most?

23:29 [Slashdot] Climate Scientist: Climate Engineering Might Be the Answer To Warming

23:29 [The Hindu - News] PM was made a rubber stamp: Javadekar

23:29 [The Hindu - News] Modi biased against Dalits: Congress

23:29 [The Hindu - News] Parakh’s book also shows PM was never in control: BJP

23:29 [The Onion] American Voices: Beef Prices Highest In 27 Years

23:31 [CNN] 'Mad Men' returns to lowest premiere in years

23:31 [Reuters] After success on Iran, U.S. Treasury's sanctions team faces new challenges

23:34 [Voice of America] Pro-Russia Demonstrators Defy Ukraine's Ultimatum

23:35 [NPR] A 'Roller Coaster' Year For Texas Town Rocked By Blast

23:35 [The Hindu - News] Continuity in China ties despite regime change: official

23:36 [CNN: Entertainment] Flavor Flav pleads guilty to charges

23:36 [CNN: Entertainment] See SNL parody of Obama selfie

23:36 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Mad Men' has lowest premiere in years

23:36 [CNN: Entertainment] Coachella Music Festival

23:37 [zero hedge] Could the Markets Be Setting Up For an Autumn Crash?

23:37 [The Hindu - News] No accord on consulate in Lhasa

23:38 [Reuters: politics] After success on Iran, U.S. Treasury's sanctions team faces new challenges

23:40 [NPR] NSA Coverage Garners Pulitzers For Post And Guardian

23:41 [The Hindu - News] Personal appeal vs cadre base in Madhya Pradesh

23:43 [Financial Times] Renzi forces sweeping change at state companies

23:43 [CNN: Money] Google buys drone maker

23:43 [The Hindu - News] Standing alone for the first time, Patnaik battles ‘Modi wave’

23:43 [The Hindu - News] Garment workers: numerically strong, but with weak bargaining powers as voters

23:45 [Global Voices] Tunisian Blog Launches Whistleblowing Platform

23:46 [The Onion] Man Appalled At Date Who Lied Slightly More Than Him On Online Dating Profile

23:46 [CNN] Commercial Passenger Airplane Crashes Fast Facts

23:46 [CNN: Entertainment] A mad, mad, mad 'Mad Men' world

23:46 [CNN: Entertainment] Colbert to take over 'Late Show'

23:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Conflict Management, Not Resolution: America's Role in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

23:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mitch McConnell Has Best Fundraising Quarter So Far This Cycle, Takes In $2.4 Million

23:49 [The Hindu - News] Farmer leader challenges sugar barons

23:55 [Raw Story] FBI abruptly leaves Senate hearing after being asked about ‘Insider Threat’ program

23:55 [Raw Story] U.S. hints at more sanctions against Russia after tense phone call between Obama and Putin

23:55 [CNN] Police: Utah mom admits to killing at least six babies

23:55 [NPR] Gene Linked To Alzheimer's Poses A Special Threat To Women

23:55 [Global Voices] Syria: From Inventor to Laborer

23:57 [zero hedge] Monday Humor: So You Want To Be A Trader...

23:57 [zero hedge] To the 34% of American Adults Who Are "Worried a Great Deal" about "Global Warming"

23:57 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Social Security Administration Halts Effort To Collect Old Debts

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