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00:01 [NPR] How Campus Sexual Assaults Came To Command New Attention

00:05 [CNN] Meet Atlanta's 'kimchi missionary'

00:06 [CNN] Inside the inflight movie industry

00:07 [Mother Jones] Is It Time for Obama to Change Course on Iraqi Kurdistan? /files/blog_iraq_kurdistan.jpg

00:11 [Slashdot] Maryam Mirzakhani Is the First Woman Fields Medalist

00:15 [CNN: Technology] Is this the high-tech future of parenting?

00:15 [CNN: Technology] Is this the future of parenting?

00:16 [NPR] Uber And Lyft Spar Over Alleged Ride Cancelations

00:16 [Reuters: politics] Education aide to Pennsylvania governor resigns amid controversy

00:18 [CNN] Robin Williams: The man beyond the screen

00:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] David Axelrod Hits Hillary Clinton Over Foreign Policy Dig

00:20 [The Atlantic: Politics] Two Ways of Looking at the Hillary Clinton Interview

00:22 [Sydney Morning Herald] Teen ISIL supporter storms off

00:22 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bid to find AC/DC manager's killers

00:27 [Reuters] Obama calls Missouri shooting death tragic, urges reflection

00:28 [Russia Today] Two dead, several trapped following double earthquake in Ecuador

00:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HUFFPOLLSTER: New Survey Finds Obama Hurting Democrats' Midterm Chances

00:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] HUFFPOST HILL - NRCC Launches Low-Quality News Site To Compete With HuffPost Hill

00:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Obama, Clinton Camps Move To Downplay Schism

00:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Human Charlie Crist Attacked By Robo-Charlie Crist In Clever Bit Of Political Chicanery

00:29 [The Atlantic: International] Two Ways of Looking at the Hillary Clinton Interview

00:31 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Williams' death confirmed as suicide

00:37 [Mother Jones] How the US Willingly Blew a Chance to Prevent More Wars in Gaza

00:39 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Gentlemen at War

00:40 [Telegraph] Two 'shot dead' in Ledbury

00:44 [CNN: Entertainment] Robin Williams: The man beyond the screen

00:44 [CNN: Entertainment] 7 Robin Williams movies that made your childhood

00:44 [CNN: Entertainment] Robin Williams leaves behind four films

00:46 [CNN] Charles Keating, 'Another World' actor, dies at 72

00:47 [zero hedge] How To "Value" Sovereign Bonds In 2 Words: US 'Friend' Or 'Foe'

00:47 [zero hedge] Bank Of America & Morgan Stanley Comment On Commodities

00:49 [AL JAZEERA] Clinton calls Obama to clarify Syria remarks

00:50 [HuffingtonPost: politics] U.S. Weighs International Rescue Mission For Yazidi Refugees

00:52 [The Atlantic: Technology] In the Brain, Memories Are Inextricably Tied to Place

00:58 [CNN: Entertainment] Actor Robin Williams dead at 63

00:58 [Deutsche Welle] Iran heavily involved in Iraqi power struggle

00:58 [Raw Story] Arizona Republican’s horse is excited about his run for Congress. REALLY excited.

00:59 [Slashdot] Reversible Type-C USB Connector Ready For Production

00:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] Push to find AC/DC manager's killers

01:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'It just came out of my mouth'

01:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Feds Investigating Claim Of Civil Rights Violations In Schools On Chicago's South Side

01:06 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Oregon Could Generate Up To $40 Million In Tax Revenue From Legal Weed

01:07 [Voice of America] Lisa Schlein: UNHCR: Kurdish Region Overwhelmed by Influx of Displaced from Northern Iraq

01:08 [Russia Today] Bioengineers develop dissolvable anti-HIV ‘tampon’

01:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Pentagon To Send 130 More Military Advisers To Iraq

01:10 [BBC: Technology] Vine's six second superstars cash in

01:13 [Russia Today] US sends 130 additional military advisors to Iraq

01:15 [Campaign For Liberty] Libertarians know helping others is individual responsibility

01:15 [AL JAZEERA] EU says states can send arms to Iraqi Kurds

01:17 [zero hedge] "Central Bank Post-Crisis Quasi-Coordination Has Broken Down"

01:17 [zero hedge] Forget Piketty; The Real Problem In The US Is Inebriation Inequality

01:17 [BBC: Education] Head teachers plan own league tables

01:21 [CNN] Sen. Mary Landrieu's campaign trip charged to taxpayers

01:21 [Voice of America] VOA News: Europeans Will No Longer Resupply International Space Station

01:23 [Russia Today] Obama calls Turkey's next president Erdogan for first time in months

01:23 [Raw Story] Times Square’s costumed superheroes team up against NYPD crackdown

01:23 [Raw Story] At least two dead in Ecuador as 5.1-magnitude earthquake triggers fatal landslides

01:31 [NPR] The Perseid Meteor Shower Due To Shine Tonight

01:34 [Disinformation] Firsthand Account of Working for a Right-Wing “Outrage News” Site

01:34 [CNN] Robin Williams' struggle: We all wear a mask (Opinion)

01:38 [Russia Today] Canada will donate up to 1,000 experimental Ebola vaccine doses to WHO

01:42 [Voice of America] Reuters: Libyan Parliament Agrees to Direct Presidential Election

01:45 [Slashdot] Getting IT Talent In Government Will Take Culture Change, Says Google Engineer

01:46 [CNN] Robin Williams' other role: humanitarian

01:47 [zero hedge] Vacationing Obama Sends 130 More "Military Adviser" Marines To Help Kurds Fight ISIS

01:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Brooklyn Bridge flag swap: German artists claim responsibility

01:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] Push to find AC/DC manager's killers

01:52 [Sydney Morning Herald] $8.6b profit, but 'cautiously positive'

01:53 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Prominent HIV/AIDS Organizations Oppose California's A.B. 1576

01:53 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Turning tyres into art

01:54 [Voice of America] Daniela Schrier: West African Immigrants Worry About Family, Friends as Ebola Spreads

01:56 [Reuters: politics] Amid drought, California Democrats seek Republican votes on water plan

01:58 [Voice of America] Daniela Schrier: West African Immigrants Worry About Family, Friends as Ebola Spreads

01:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Drug addict mother gets girl's compo

01:58 [Deutsche Welle] Hagel: US sends 130 more military advisers to Iraq

01:58 [Raw Story] California Democrats seek Republican votes on water plan amid epic drought

02:01 [NPR] 130 U.S. Personnel Sent To Iraq, Defense Secretary Hagel Says

02:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Splitting Up California Won't Do The GOP Any Favors, Study Finds

02:07 [AL JAZEERA] Suicide bomb explodes near Iraqi PM's home

02:08 [Big Think] Albert Einstein's Report Card

02:08 [Russia Today] Syria’s sarin gas stockpile destroyed, Pentagon confirms

02:12 [Voice of America] Reuters: Spain Picks Up Almost 1,000 African Migrants in 2 Days

02:13 [Reuters] U.S. ready to help new Iraq leader, Iran welcomes choice

02:13 [AL JAZEERA] US sends 130 more military advisers to Iraq

02:13 [Raw Story] ‘Honest differences’: Hillary Clinton denies attacking Obama’s policy on Syria and Iraq

02:14 [CNN] Michael Brown shooting: Who pulled the trigger?

02:17 [Slashdot] New Watson-Style AI Called Viv Seeks To Be the First 'Global Brain'

02:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: EBOLA EXPERIMENT Liberia to test new drug on 2 docs as death toll rises

02:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: German artists claim responsibility for Brooklyn Bridge flag swap

02:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Death of a General and the Racket of a War

02:23 [Deutsche Welle] Film and stage actress Lauren Bacall dies aged 89

02:26 [Voice of America] Carol Pearson: WHO Endorses Use of Experimental Ebola Drugs

02:26 [Reuters: politics] Mississippi Senate hopeful lists own lawyer's vote as tainted

02:26 [NPR] Reports: Actress Lauren Bacall Dies At 89

02:28 [Voice of America] US Monitors S. China Sea after Beijing Knocks Down Proposal

02:28 [Telegraph] Lee Child: scrap books and let Scarlett Johansson whisper stories to readers

02:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why Is America 50 Years Behind the Times When It Comes to the Death Penalty?

02:32 [CNN] Lauren Bacall Fast Facts

02:32 [CNN] Japan's defense plans raise hackles in China

02:34 [Voice of America] Mike O'Sullivan: In Hollywood, Fans Remember Robin Williams

02:35 [zero hedge] Japanese GDP Plunges 6.8% As Consumer Spending Collapses By Most On Record

02:35 [zero hedge] Iraq Policy: Washington’s Puzzle Palace Keeps Getting Curiouser

02:40 [CNN] Artists from Germany claim Brooklyn Bridge flag switch

02:40 [Sydney Morning Herald] CBA's $8.6b profit, but 'cautiously positive'

02:42 [BBC: Entertainment] US actress Lauren Bacall 'dies at 89'

02:43 [BBC: Education] Russian dictators 'A-level choice'

02:45 [Reuters] Los Angeles Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer finalized: NBA

02:46 [CNN] Robin Williams: Full of talent, full of heart

02:46 [Truthdig] Iraq Roundup: Al-Maliki’s Ouster, ISIS’ Onslaught and America’s Airstrikes

02:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Actress Lauren Bacall dead at 89, according to multiple reports

02:48 [Raw Story] BREAKING: Actress Lauren Bacall dead at 89

02:52 [BBC: Science & Environment] GM flies 'could save crops'

02:53 [zero hedge] Deflation Hits Oldest Profession In The World: Hookers By The Numbers

02:54 [CNN] Actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89

02:56 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michelle Rhee Reportedly Prepares To Leave CEO Position At StudentsFirst, Group She Founded

02:59 [Telegraph] US sends 130 more military advisers to Iraq

03:00 [Voice of America] Jamie Dettmer: As Showdown Looms, Humanitarian Situation Worsens in Eastern Ukraine

03:00 [CNN] What hand will al-Maliki play in Iraq?

03:06 [CNN: Money] Japan GDP collapses amid tax shock

03:06 [Fox News: politics] White House official defends Obama Syria policy after Clinton criticism

03:08 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Michelle Rhee Reportedly Set To Leave CEO Job At StudentsFirst, Group She Founded

03:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ferguson's miracle chopper escape

03:10 [BBC: Entertainment] US actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89

03:13 [CBC: politics] Justin Trudeau's pot stance, Marc Emery targets of latest Tory attack

03:14 [Voice of America] VOA News: Earthquake Rattles Ecuador’s Capital City

03:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kurds fend off Islamic State onslaught, urgently await help from US, Baghdad

03:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS Legendary actress Lauren Bacall dead at 89

03:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Connecticut Governor Primary: Tom Foley Wins Republican Nomination To Challenge Dannel Malloy

03:18 [Slashdot] Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers

03:18 [Deutsche Welle] Canada to send experimental Ebola drugs to West Africa

03:18 [Raw Story] Tea Party’s Scott McDaniel asks that his own lawyer’s Senate vote be ruled invalid

03:23 [AL JAZEERA] Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall dies at 89

03:24 [Voice of America] VOA News: Legendary Actress Lauren Bacall Dies at 89

03:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] First and Foremost, Border-Children Crisis Is a Civil Courts Crisis

03:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why Governor Abercrombie Was 'Blasted' Out Of Office

03:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] CBA's $8.68b inconvenient profit

03:34 [Disinformation] Freemason, Scholar and Master Builder, Randall Carlson (Part 2)

03:35 [zero hedge] Can Europe Survive Without Russian Gas?

03:39 [Fox News: politics] Connecticut GOP voters set up rematch between Dem Gov. Malloy, 2010 opponent

03:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] The Robin Williams tweet that went too far

03:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'How's big man going with $120K?'

03:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: LAUREN BACALL DEAD Legendary Hollywood actress dies at 89

03:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: White House official defends Obama Syria policy after Clinton criticism

03:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Atheist group tells Georgia high school football team to punt the prayers

03:59 [Telegraph] Lauren Bacall, star of Hollywood's golden age, dies aged 89

04:00 [Fox News: politics] Former Trek executive wins Wisconsin Dem governor nomination to face GOP Gov. Walker

04:00 [Reuters] Comedy great Robin Williams hanged himself at home

04:05 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Too much information'

04:06 [zero hedge] The One Question About Ebola That Nobody Can Seem To Answer

04:10 [BBC: Entertainment] Brazilian author Marcelo Rubens Paiva's hopes for justice

04:11 [CNN] Hollywood recalls screen legend Lauren Bacall

04:18 [Russia Today] #IfTheyGunnedMeDown: Social media calls out MSM for portrayal of Mike Brown

04:18 [Raw Story] Experts concerned ‘Genie, you’re free’ Williams tweet is dangerous, will cause copycat suicides

04:19 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt protest deaths: Linked to president?

04:20 [Slashdot] Scientists Who Smuggle Radioactive Materials

04:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Paul Ryan Wins Primary To Defend His Seat In The House

04:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mike McFadden Wins Minnesota Senate Primary To Challenge Al Franken

04:21 [Unicef] In a country in conflict, a single hospital for children

04:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] The great parking gouge-a-thon

04:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I'm disgusted with my husband'

04:21 [Infoshop] IWW Starbucks Workers Union Releases Critical Report on Starbucks

04:21 [Infoshop] Noam Chomsky on How Israel Limits Food & Medicine in Occupied Gaza

04:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BUMPER AUTO AUCTION Hoard of over 200 classic cars to be sold off

04:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Robin Williams hanged himself with belt, had cuts on wrist, coroner says - Williams remembered as brilliant, with a dark side - Are comedians more plagued by depression? - ABLOW: What I would have told Williams - VIDEO: An emotional Wynonna Judd remembers Williams

04:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Conn. voters set up rematch between Dem Gov. Malloy, 2010 GOP challenger

04:24 [CNN] NASA's NuSTAR can see black hole bending light

04:24 [CNN] Opinion: Why is the pope going to South Korea?

04:26 [Good] Ja Rule and Kanye's Online Pick-Me-Ups

04:31 [Infoshop] Hey, Step Back with the Riot Shaming

04:47 [Reuters] With Clippers deal in hand, Ballmer turns focus to fans

04:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tom Emmer Wins Minnesota House Primary In Race To Succeed Michele Bachmann

04:49 [Fox News: politics] Krauthammer:  Obama administration “dithering along” on Iraq strategy

04:53 [Deutsche Welle] "Trust in Russia has reached rock bottom"

04:56 [CNN] Lauren Bacall's memorable quotes

04:59 [Telegraph] Hillary Clinton plans to 'hug it out' with Barack Obama over foreign policy

05:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Obama's Pentagon Covered Up War Crimes In Afghanistan, Amnesty International Says

05:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Mary Burke Becomes First Woman Nominated For Wisconsin Governor By Major Party

05:09 [Voice of America] VOA News: Iranian Becomes First Woman to Win Math's Top Prize

05:12 [BBC: Entertainment] Williams death confirmed as suicide

05:15 [Telegraph] Canada to donate own Ebola vaccine to WHO for use in Africa

05:18 [Raw Story] Scientist tells Neil deGrasse Tyson how she stumped New York Times’ sexist reporting

05:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] Williams made two attempts on his life in his final moments

05:25 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Former Trek executive wins Wisconsin Dem governor nomination to face GOP Gov. Walker

05:33 [Fin24 News] | Building constrained in SA - FNB report

05:37 [AL JAZEERA] UN threatens S Sudan leaders with sanctions

05:39 [Russia Today] Bioengineers build 3D tissue mimicking brain structure

05:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Johnson Wins Republican Primary To Challenge Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

05:53 [Fox News] Fox News Online: WHO says using untested drugs, vaccines during Ebola outbreak is ethical

05:53 [Deutsche Welle] Final day of Gaza cease-fire talks in Cairo

05:54 [Russia Today] ‘ISIS is manifestation of US imperial agenda for the Middle East’

05:59 [Russia Today] German artists claim responsibility for Brooklyn Bridge ‘white flag’ incident

06:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Glenn Grothman Wins The Republican Nomination In Tight Wisconsin House Primary

06:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] There Are A Lot More Adults Working In Schools Lately, And Most Of Them Are Not Teachers

06:11 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Deploys Military Advisers to Northern Iraq

06:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Breakup to make up: Couples reunited

06:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Screen icon Lauren Bacall dies

06:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Comic geniuses gone too soon

06:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Hollywood recalls Lauren Bacall

06:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Depression and the serious side of comedy

06:14 [CNN: Entertainment] Tony Stewart's hard driving life

06:15 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Deploys Military Advisers to Northern Iraq

06:18 [Telegraph] Better Together calls for no more donations after post-TV debate flood of cash

06:18 [Telegraph] Scottish independence: SNP's 'paper thin' record on boosting number of women execs attacked

06:19 [Voice of America] VOA News: Japanese Economy Sees Worst Quarterly Decline Since 2011

06:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dogged pursuit to save strays

06:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Kurds fend off militant onslaught, await help from US, Baghdad

06:22 [Slashdot] Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

06:29 [Fox News: politics] Officials: Pentagon considering rescue mission for Iraqis trapped on mountain

06:34 [Deutsche Welle] Kroos shines as Real Madrid win UEFA SuperCup

06:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rush Limbaugh Says Robin Williams Killed Himself Because Leftists Are 'Never Happy'

06:39 [Raw Story] ‘There is no trust’: Local official rips Ferguson cops’ ‘heavy-handed’ response to protests

06:43 [Mother Jones] How is Robin Williams Like Hillary Clinton?

06:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: US weighs rescue mission for Iraqis trapped on mountain, officials say

06:50 [BBC: Health] Canada to give WHO Ebola vaccine

06:55 [Reuters] Japan PM says to protest to Russia over military exercises on disputed islands: Jiji

06:55 [Reuters] Obama calls Missouri shooting death tragic, urges reflection

06:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] Hockey threatens 'emergency' action

07:00 [Reuters] Talks on ending Gaza war 'difficult', but truce holds

07:08 [Big Think] What Does it Mean to Be a Good Company?

07:11 [AL JAZEERA] Israel-Hamas talks tackle Gaza blockade

07:16 [Reuters] U.S. rolls back oversight of potentially dangerous experiments

07:19 [CNN] Michael Brown shooting: Who pulled the trigger?

07:23 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Citing death threats, police resist calls to identify officer who shot unarmed black Missouri teen

07:24 [CNN] Source: Bieber to plead guilty to misdemeanors in Miami

07:26 [Good] Remains of the Day

07:30 [CNN] Source: Bieber to plead guilty to misdemeanors in Miami

07:31 [Sydney Morning Herald] I didn't care if I died: 'Girls' star

07:34 [Telegraph] Head teachers to publish alternative GCSE league tables

07:34 [Telegraph] Universities 'should cut fees for students from poor homes'

07:34 [Telegraph] Indonesian Hindus throw live offerings into Mt Bromo volcano, in pictures

07:34 [Telegraph] Ministers unveil £200million fund to protect the countryside from building

07:34 [Telegraph] How sudoku conquered the world

07:34 [CNN] Beijing gets taste of Silicon Valley with TechCrunch

07:39 [Slashdot] Auralux Release For Browsers Shows Emscripten Is Reaching Indie Devs

07:42 [CNN] Source: Bieber to plead guilty to misdemeanors

07:45 [AL JAZEERA] Actor Robin Williams' death was 'suicide'

07:48 [Voice of America] Reuters: China Urges Public to Walk, Ride Bikes to Help Cut Smog

07:50 [Telegraph] Airport heist in Chile sees gunmen escape with £4m

07:50 [Telegraph] Ecuador earthquake leaves at least two people dead

07:50 [Telegraph] A-levels: 'Hitler and the Henrys' still dominate in history

07:50 [Telegraph] GM fruit flies could be released into the wild

07:52 [Fin24 News] | Madonsela: Auditors should act as conscience

07:53 [Reuters] Japan says to 'strongly protest' over Russia's military exercises on disputed islands

07:59 [Deutsche Welle] Maryam Mirzakhani first woman to win prestigious math prize

08:04 [Telegraph] Mystery of white flags on Brooklyn Bridge solved as German artists claim responsibility

08:10 [Fin24 News] | Woolworths shuffles management in Australia

08:12 [CNN] Family of American in North Korea asks for help

08:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kerry Praises Past and Present Ties with Solomon Islands

08:20 [Telegraph] Six in 10 doctors in Scotland do not want independence

08:20 [Telegraph] Iranian Stanford professor first woman to win top maths prize

08:20 [Telegraph] 'Girl power' marriages end in tears as toy-boys revert to the younger model

08:20 [Telegraph] Pill could stop middle-aged spread before it starts

08:21 [Financial Times] Japanese GDP shrinks most since 2011 quake

08:24 [Slashdot] The Quiet Before the Next IT Revolution

08:25 [AL JAZEERA] Iranian the first woman to snare maths prize

08:26 [Voice of America] VOA News: Israel, Palestinians Continue Talks as Cease-fire End Nears

08:27 [CNN] How to be an L.A. local: 8 tips for faking it

08:28 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Federal judge upholds key parts of Maryland gun control law

08:29 [zero hedge] How Can the State Bank of India Pay Interest in Gold?

08:30 [CNN] World's first surviving panda triplets 'very healthy'

08:30 [CNN] Best Los Angeles theme bars

08:34 [Russia Today] ​US press freedom watchdog calls on Kiev to free Russian journo

08:36 [Telegraph] Windsor Castle at risk from professional scrumpers

08:36 [Telegraph] Should Today have led with Robin Williams' death?

08:39 [Fin24 News] | African M-Pesa technology expands in Europe

08:39 [BBC: Entertainment] Supreme marks first hit anniversary

08:44 [BBC: Also in the news] Russian dictators 'A-level choice'

08:44 [BBC: Also in the news] Tiny pieces of gold 'boost chemo'

08:50 [Telegraph] The West End prepares to be underwhelmed

08:51 [Reuters] Japan says to "strongly protest" over Russia's military exercises on disputed islands

08:51 [Reuters] Obama says Missouri shooting death tragic, reflection needed

08:51 [Fin24 News] | Rand ticks lower ahead of retail sales data

08:53 [AL JAZEERA] Obama urges calm over black teenager's death

09:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] What Robin Williams should have said

09:08 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Poor people don't drive far': Hockey under fire

09:09 [Deutsche Welle] Japan's GDP slumps after tax hikes

09:15 [BBC: Technology] Candy Crush maker reduces forecasts

09:21 [CNN] Time running out on Gaza truce between Israel and Hamas

09:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: GUN RIGHTS STANDOFF Wis. sheriff's race that drew big money too close to call

09:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Michigan flooding blamed for 2 deaths

09:22 [Telegraph] Australia will not rule out sending troops to Iraq

09:22 [Telegraph] Gaza conflict: Clock ticks down to truce deadline

09:30 [NPR] In Stockton, Calif., Punks Are The New Mall Rats

09:33 [Financial Times] Lauren Bacall, film star, 1924-2014

09:36 [Telegraph] Robin Williams' friend reveals actor resented having to do new Mrs Doubtfire

09:40 [NPR] Biologists Choose Sides In Safety Debate Over Lab-Made Pathogens

09:49 [Deutsche Welle] Victim or sex object: Tough women take back video games

09:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Officials say three bodies may have been spotted on Mount Rainier

09:52 [Telegraph] Thousands of NHS operations cancelled at last minute

10:00 [Voice of America] Reuters: USGS: Magnitude-5.8 Earthquake Strikes Southwest Mexico

10:00 [BBC: Entertainment] Saturdays singer set for Strictly

10:08 [Telegraph] Fancy getting paid to look at Facebook? You could be in luck

10:08 [Telegraph] Scottish independence will leave rest of Britain 'diminished', former army chief warns

10:09 [CNN] Michael Brown killing protests in Ferguson end in chaos

10:16 [Reuters] Owner of Bangladesh ferry arrested on murder charge after accident

10:16 [Reuters] Twelve Ukrainian nationalist fighters killed in separatist ambush

10:17 [BBC: Also in the news] Best beer in Britain announced

10:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'YOU WILL BE MISSED' Late-night hosts lead tributes to Robin Williams

10:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89 - VIDEO: Hollywood legend passes away

10:27 [Fin24 News] | Sarb warns on high wage expectations

10:28 [CNN] And the world's best zoo is ...

10:32 [Reuters] Japan 'strongly protests' against Russian exercises on disputed isles

10:39 [Russia Today] No longer a man’s math world: Iranian woman becomes 1st female winner of ‘math Nobel’

10:39 [Fin24 News] | Mantashe: Farmers need funding to survive

10:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] Wran's daughter arrested over murder

10:43 [Reuters] Israel, Palestinians pursue Gaza deal with ceasefire clock ticking

10:50 [CNN] Couple arrested over killing of American woman in Bali

10:55 [Telegraph] Israel's shelling of Gaza is a vast game of Russian roulette

10:55 [Telegraph] Veto of human rights rulings will damage Britain's stance on Iraq, Dominc Grieve warns

10:55 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 13 August 2014

10:55 [Telegraph] Barack Obama says shooting of unarmed teenager 'heartbreaking'

10:55 [Telegraph] Lauren Bacall: life and career in pictures

10:56 [Fin24 News] | Fitch cuts Naspers' debt status

10:56 [Financial Times] US military advisers arrive in Erbil

11:00 [CBC: politics] Robocalls verdict coming Thursday in trial of Michael Sona

11:08 [AL JAZEERA] Nationalist fighters killed in Ukraine

11:09 [Reuters] builds brick-and-mortar presence with card-swiping device

11:09 [Deutsche Welle] German inflation lowest since early 2010

11:12 [Fin24 News] | Merafe promises more dividends, lower debt

11:14 [Russia Today] Ecuador: We don’t need a permission to trade with Russia

11:18 [AL JAZEERA] Trial of Egypt's Mubarak over deaths resumes

11:20 [Reuters] Islamic State seizes more territory in Syria: monitor

11:23 [Big Think] Don't Fear the Internet: It's Not Stealing Your Attention, Memory, or Life

11:25 [Telegraph] Singer Frankie Bridge to join new series of Strictly Come Dancing

11:30 [Fin24 News] | Merafe promises dividends, lower debt

11:32 [Slashdot] Twitter Reports 23 Million Users Are Actually Bots

11:40 [CNN] High-tech arms race causing stock market 'tsunamis'

11:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Artists claim Brooklyn Bridge stunt

11:41 [Telegraph] Gaza conflict: Foreign journalist among five killed after an Israeli missile explodes

11:41 [Telegraph] Number of Romanian and Bulgarian workers in Britain hits new high

11:45 [Russia Today] Putin’s electoral rating doubles in 2014

11:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Bus crash causes traffic chaos near Broadway

11:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'NO ONE CARES' Syria rebels encircled by Assad and Islamic State

11:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Alaska GOP senator tells Dem counterpart: Stop using my name in ads - OPINION: Why the country's hottest Senate race may be in Alaska - Full Midterm Coverage

11:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Storms complicate Western firefighting efforts

11:51 [CNN] American woman's body found in suitcase in Bali

11:55 [Telegraph] Europe and US increase humanitarian aid as support grows for new Iraqi PM

11:55 [Telegraph] Punching Above Your Weight winner weds bride

11:57 [BBC: Education] The real teachers inspired by Dead Poets Society

12:00 [Voice of America] VOA News: Ukraine Minister Denounces Russian Aid Convoy

12:02 [Foreign Policy in Focus] ISIS Leader a Product of Zarqawi and US Detention

12:08 [New Internationalist] Cambodia brings Khmer Rouge leaders to justice

12:08 [Reuters] Iraq's Maliki says Abadi's appointment as PM 'has no value'

12:09 [Mother Jones] Black and Hispanic Kids Have a 50 Percent Chance of Developing Diabetes

12:09 [Mother Jones] Texas Pays "Thoroughly Discredited" Expert $42,000 to Defend Anti-Abortion Law

12:09 [Mother Jones] Marines First Accepted Women Enlistees 96 Years Ago /files/6035544890_acc946a6ae_z.jpg

12:09 [Mother Jones] Ferguson Is 60 Percent Black. Virtually All Its Cops Are White. /files/FergusonCard1_0.jpg

12:11 [Telegraph] Daniel Radcliffe, Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake feature in Celebrity Sightings

12:11 [Telegraph] 'Lauren Bacall, you will be missed': A-list actors pay tribute to Hollywood star

12:14 [BBC: Also in the news] VIDEO: 'Giant' spider photobombs newscast

12:14 [Fin24 News] | Naspers debt 'small compared to value of investment'

12:14 [Fin24 News] | Mining must benefit majority: Ramatlhodi

12:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Crowd funding med bills?

12:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Report: Biebs cops a plea

12:17 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Fatah boasts of number of Israelis killed even as it seeks to end ongoing fighting in Gaza Strip - Palestinians reportedly weighing Egypt truce proposal

12:18 [Reuters] Ukraine says Russian aid convoy won't be let in, denounce Moscow's 'cynicism'

12:20 [HuffingtonPost: politics] #DirtyDenier$ Day 8: Shelley Moore Capito

12:24 [Raw Story] Obama calls police shooting of MO teen tragic, urges reflection after two days of violence

12:24 [Deutsche Welle] Owner of sunken Bangladesh ferry arrested, facing homicide charges

12:24 [Deutsche Welle] NGO: 'Islamic State' captures northern Syria towns near Aleppo

12:25 [Russia Today] Unhappy meal: Russia takes McDonald's to court over alleged violations

12:26 [Truthdig] Why Is the Cuomo Administration Automatically Deleting State Employees’ Emails?

12:28 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Downton Abbey star meets 'double'

12:28 [Pravda] Hungry Russia builds new economic ties

12:31 [Truthdig] Iraq: Al-Abadi Garners Iranian, U.S., Saudi Support: But Can He Unite Iraq?

12:34 [Raw Story] Near-record floods in Detroit blamed for at least one death

12:34 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq PM 'will not quit' without court ruling

12:34 [Spiegel] Russia's Soul: What Crimea Says about Putin's Future

12:35 [Russia Today] ​Iraq – a crisis for the Western elites? Or is it all going to plan?

12:35 [Russia Today] ​‘Western media neglect of Moscow’s MH17 evidence is shameful’

12:38 [BBC: Health] Ebola: Mapping the outbreak

12:39 [Sydney Morning Herald] Clumsy Hockey fails spectacularly to sell tax

12:39 [Sydney Morning Herald] Broadway bus crash injures eight

12:39 [Reuters] Thai military government moves to outlaw commercial surrogacy

12:41 [Telegraph] Pope Francis to take message of peace to Korea on first Asia trip

12:41 [Telegraph] Iain Duncan Smith hails largest drop in unemployment since 2009 but wages are squeezed

12:41 [Telegraph] Iraq crisis: David Cameron breaks off holiday to lead response

12:44 [CNN] Inside the 'tee-pee capital of the world'

12:44 [CNN] As al-Maliki's ouster looms, incumbent Iraqi PM objects

12:44 [Raw Story] CA man claims it was his ‘destiny’ to fatally stab parents, sons, family dog: police

12:44 [Raw Story] Vaccination could halt ‘troubling’ spike in whooping cough cases: Idaho health officials

12:44 [Reuters] Maliki says Abadi's appointment as Iraqi PM 'has no value'

12:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Shore excursion tips

12:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: America's worst supermarkets?

12:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: How Williams helped Jess

12:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: French officials say 5 climbers dead, 1 missing on Mt. Blanc - 3 bodies possibly spotted on Mt. Rainier

12:49 [BBC: Technology] Samsung reveals metal-framed phone

12:49 [Deutsche Welle] Ukraine's Avakov insists Russian convoy won't be allowed in

12:49 [Reuters] Ukraine says Russian aid convoy won't be let in, denounces Moscow's 'cynicism'

12:50 [CNN] Football: Gerardo 'Tata' Martino appointed Argentina coach

12:50 [Russia Today] France to supply weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq

12:54 [CNN] Bagpipes and snail hunting: Greece tourism shifts gears

12:55 [BBC: Health] Kenya 'at high risk' of deadly Ebola

13:01 [BBC: Science & Environment] Hemp fibres 'better than graphene'

13:01 [CNN] The Obama Doctrine: Inarticulate or disengaged?

13:02 [CNN] Inside the 'teepee capital of the world'

13:04 [BBC: Also in the news] Denmark opens 'free' supermarket

13:04 [Deutsche Welle] France to send arms to Kurdish forces in Iraq 'in coming hours'

13:04 [Fin24 News] | Farmers raise concerns on land reform

13:06 [Reuters] EU's Ashton ready to call special meeting on Iraq, Ukraine

13:10 [Russia Today] Death toll in Ukraine conflict doubles in 2 weeks, reaches 2,086 - UN

13:10 [Russia Today] 45% of Brits want to bring back death penalty – 50 yrs after last execution

13:11 [BBC: Entertainment] Smith to return to BBC's Countryfile

13:13 [CNN: Money] Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

13:13 [CNN: Money] Big businesses fight for same-sex marriage

13:13 [CNN: Money] Oil tycoon could lose billions in divorce

13:13 [Telegraph] Five climbers die on France's Mont Blanc

13:13 [Telegraph] Financial advice to be dished out at food banks

13:14 [Raw Story] Massive Alexander-era tomb unearthed in Greece — but who’s buried in it?

13:15 [CNN] Exodus from Iraq: Exhausted Yazidis flee ISIS

13:15 [The Atlantic: Politics] There Is No 'Party of Ideas'

13:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Focus was character assassination'

13:27 [Reuters] US rolls back oversight of potentially dangerous experiments

13:28 [Telegraph] Wolves attack Chinese villager defending their sheep in Xinjiang

13:28 [Telegraph] Diego Garcia: The facts, the history, and the mystery

13:28 [Telegraph] Britain 'discussed' US request to build Guantanamo-style prison on Diego Garcia after September 11 attacks, officials say

13:28 [BBC: Entertainment] Family pays warm tribute to Williams

13:30 [Russia Today] Iraq crisis: UK steps up role with move to support Kurds, Yazidis against ISIS

13:30 [Russia Today] ​Western sanctions ‘didn’t hurt Russian arms trade’

13:31 [CNN] Avoid the 'back-to-school plague'

13:37 [BBC: Technology] Manchester United bans tablets

13:38 [CNN: Health] Avoid the 'back-to-school plague'

13:38 [CNN: Health] Canada offers Ebola vaccine

13:38 [CNN: Health] In his own words: Robin Williams on depression

13:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Source: Bieber to plead guilty in Miami

13:42 [CNN: Entertainment] 'The Giver' and cherishing life

13:42 [CNN: Entertainment] Williams: The man beyond the screen

13:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How Obama Suddenly Became Pro-Worker

13:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Colorado's Marijuana Black Market Is More Complicated Than It Looks

13:44 [Telegraph] Hosni Mubarak due to speak publicly for first time since Tahrir Square ouster

13:44 [Telegraph] Man's face disfigured after attack by burglars

13:44 [Telegraph] April Jones killer denied compensation for jail attack

13:44 [Deutsche Welle] Berlin Wall: On the path of history

13:45 [Russia Today] Islamic State supporters leaflet Central London, declaring ‘dawn of a new era’

13:45 [NPR] Iraq Update: France Will Arm Kurds; More Refugees Leave Mountain

13:48 [CNN] Will Iraq's Nouri al-Maliki go without a fight? 5 things to know

13:49 [Fin24 News] | Gaza lights SA social media firestorm

13:50 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt's Mubarak denies killing protesters

13:50 [Russia Today] ​Why there should be no sanctions war between Russia and the West

13:50 [Russia Today] Record high US income gap threatens housing recovery

13:54 [zero hedge] Just The Right Amount Of Bad Overnight News To Ramp Global Equities

13:54 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: August 13

13:58 [CNN] Kim Kardashian's selfie orgy (Opinion)

13:58 [CNN] Ebola outbreak: Canada to donate vaccines

13:58 [CNN] I met Robin Williams: Your stories of the comic legend

14:00 [Telegraph] Ukraine denounces Russian 'cynicism' as aid convoy nears border

14:00 [Telegraph] Ukip donations soar to £1.4million - more than Lib Dems for first time

14:00 [Telegraph] Robin Williams dies: how to access depression and suicide services

14:01 [Fin24 News] | Cosatu warns of break-up

14:03 [Fin24 News] | Retail sales flat at 0.0%

14:04 [Raw Story] Teacher may get job back after calling students ‘lazy n*ggers’ for coming late to ‘motherf*cking class’

14:07 [CNN: Health] Avoid 'back-to-school plague'

14:08 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Case for a Foursquare That Helps You Avoid Your Ex

14:10 [CBC: politics] Klaus Nielsen, accused of trying to export pathogen to China, to enter plea

14:11 [Fox News: politics] 20 left-leaning watchdog groups call for CIA Director Brennan's resignation

14:14 [Raw Story] Louisiana councilwoman who proposed ban on LGBT discrimination receives threats as vote nears

14:14 [Raw Story] California hunter pleads not guilty to starting massive wildfire near Yosemite

14:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Associated Press video journalist killed in Gaza - Palestinians reportedly weighing Egypt truce proposal

14:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Wordsmiths square off in 25th National Scrabble Championship

14:17 [CNN: Living] Meet Atlanta's 'kimchi missionary'

14:17 [CNN: Living] Festival flower power

14:17 [BBC: Technology] Fugitive juggler caught by face tech

14:19 [Voice of America] Reuters: Islamic State Militants Seize More Syrian Towns

14:20 [CNN: Living] Atlanta's 'kimchi missionary'

14:20 [Slashdot] The IPv4 Internet Hiccups

14:21 [CNN: Politics] The Obama Doctrine: Inarticulate or disengaged?

14:21 [CNN: Politics] Clinton tries to mend ties with Obama

14:21 [CNN: Politics] Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama both wrong

14:21 [CNN: Politics] What hand will al-Maliki play in Iraq?

14:21 [CNN: Politics] Rand Paul Tweaks Christie, Hillary

14:21 [CNN: Politics] Landrieu's campaign flight was charged to taxpayers

14:21 [CNN: Politics] Opinion: Rand Paul -- the flip-flop king

14:24 [Raw Story] New York man who keeps threatening Obama despite arrests gets ‘messages from Jehovah’

14:24 [Raw Story] Only 300 left, but US wildlife managers deny federal protections for wolverines

14:25 [CNN: Living] An open carry book for kids

14:25 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: North Korean daily life on film

14:29 [BBC: Science & Environment] Kenya 'at high risk' of deadly Ebola

14:30 [Russia Today] 2 passenger train wagons derailed in SE Switzerland

14:30 [Telegraph] Jo Pavey becomes oldest ever female European champion

14:30 [Telegraph] Vicious swan Asboy is 'next Mr Asbo' as he attacks Cambridge rowers

14:33 [Voice of America] Reuters: Obama says Missouri Shooting Death Tragic, Reflection Needed

14:33 [CNN: Money] No Shark Week bite for Discovery stock

14:33 [CNN: Money] How close are you to a 1%-er?

14:34 [BBC: Entertainment] Gruff Rhys up for Gordon Burn Prize

14:37 [Reuters] Maliki refuses to go as Iraqis turn to new leader

14:37 [zero hedge] Ukraine Slams "Provocation By A Cynical Aggressor", Refuses Russian Convoy Entry

14:39 [Deutsche Welle] Switzlerand officials call train derailment 'serious'

14:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hillary Clinton Has Made Her First Major Blunder of the 2016 Campaign

14:40 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Wired's Edward Snowden Cover Shows Him Holding The American Flag

14:40 [Russia Today] Official warns of attempts to disrupt record-breaking nationwide poll in September

14:41 [CNN: Money] Amazon undercuts Square with swipe service

14:41 [CNN: Money] Wages fall in U.K.'s booming economy

14:42 [Spiegel] Suras and Tolerance: Meet Europe's Gay Imam

14:42 [CNN: Money] Amazon takes on Square with swipe service

14:43 [Fin24 News] | Power system remains tight - Eskom

14:44 [Raw Story] Wife of top Texas anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with lesbian partner

14:44 [Pravda] Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says

14:45 [NPR] Another Police Shooting Reported In St. Louis Suburb

14:46 [Telegraph] Iraq: Islamic State leaves behind fear and humiliation in Kurdish settlement

14:47 [CNN] Arab neighbors joined ISIS slaughter, Yazidi says

14:47 [CNN: Travel] Before you touch 'Play': How in-flight movies work

14:47 [CNN: Travel] Your best travel photos

14:47 [CNN: Travel] 'Speed demons' and other airplanes

14:47 [CNN: Travel] Thousands attend Gay Games in Cleveland

14:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Deception

14:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hillary Clinton Plans 'Hugging It Out' At Party With Obama

14:50 [Slashdot] A Look At Advanced Targeted Attacks Through the Lens of a Human-Rights NGO

14:52 [Reuters] U.S. retail sales flat in July, autos fall for second straight month

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sofia: I NEED my makeup

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Can hot tubs make you sick?

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Another McGraw country star?

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Viral gal dating PGA champ?

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lauren Bacall dies at 89

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: German shepherd who saved family from bear attack gets last-minute reprieve

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Wisconsin public sector unions still losing members

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 20 left-leaning watchdog groups call for CIA Director Brennan's resignation

14:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: White House eases ban on lobbyists on federal boards, committees

15:00 [Russia Today] Playing the ‘Blame Russia’ game, Examiner misses out on... the real news

15:00 [Telegraph] Iain Duncan Smith hails largest drop in UK unemployment rate since 2009 but wages are squeezed

15:03 [Reuters] U.S. retail sales flat in July, autos fall for second month

15:04 [New Internationalist] ‘School can make girls into women, not FGM’

15:05 [Voice of America] VOA News: Germany, Guinea-Bissau React to Ebola Outbreak

15:14 [Raw Story] Undercover audio exposes stalker tactics used by Texas anti-abortion groups

15:14 [Raw Story] Yes, everyone should be allowed to take photos of themselves having fun. How is this a thing?

15:17 [Telegraph] Lady GaGa, Alexa Chung and Nigella Lawson feature in Celebrity Sightings

15:17 [Telegraph] Frenchwoman miraculously survives 36 hours clinging to paddle board off Normandy coast

15:17 [Telegraph] Activists arrested outside Moscow's Ukrainian Embassy

15:17 [Telegraph] 'Bake Off effect' boosts sales of glace cherries

15:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Democrats Court Palin In Big Fight

15:18 [Fox News: politics] ‘Ghost employee:’ High-paid Pennsylvania governor aide to resign amid allegations

15:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TENSIONS BOIL OVER Police cite threats, refuse to ID cop who shot teen

15:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: No joke: Chicken crossing road blocks traffic in Ore.

15:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Train derails in Switzerland in 'serious accident'

15:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: O.J. Simpson civil judgment to be auctioned online

15:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Former NBA No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden due in court on battery charges

15:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: #MarineHeldinMexico: Attorney for Marine jailed in Mexico to file motion to dismiss evidence in case - Full Coverage: #MarineHeldinMexico

15:20 [Deutsche Welle] EU caught in balancing act over Russia food embargo

15:22 [Financial Times] Europe’s peach growers feel sanctions pain

15:24 [zero hedge] Retail Sales Miss For Third Month In A Row, Worst Print Since January

15:24 [zero hedge] Stocks & Dollar Drop, Bonds & Bullion Pop On Dismal Retail Sales Print

15:24 [Reuters] Weak retail sales point to slowdown in U.S. consumer spending

15:24 [Reuters] Swiss passenger train derails into ravine, several injured

15:25 [CNN] Kurt Fearnley: From death's door to golden gladiator

15:25 [Russia Today] ‘US used ISIS as an instrument to reinvigorate its influence in Iraq’

15:25 [Russia Today] ​UK unemployment falls, but youth still feeling pinch

15:28 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Too Bad Obama Didn't Follow His Own Advice

15:28 [CNN: Entertainment] I met Robin Williams

15:28 [CNN: Entertainment] Kim Kardashian's selfie orgy

15:29 [Reuters] Ukraine accuses Russia of cynicism over convoy; death toll rises sharply

15:30 [Deutsche Welle] Analyst: Modi 'compelled' to take tougher stance on Pakistan

15:30 [Russia Today] ‘Life stopped for us’: RT joins Lugansk residents fleeing violence in E. Ukraine

15:30 [CNN: Money] Oil tycoon faces most expensive divorce

15:31 [CNN] Group: Last batch of Syria's sarin precursor destroyed

15:33 [Telegraph] Mark Carney confirms contingency plans after Scottish bank run warning

15:33 [Telegraph] Could the CIA have run a 'black site' detention centre on Diego Garcia?

15:34 [Raw Story] Conservative Christians infuriated that Navy orders Bibles removed from its lodges

15:34 [Disinformation] University President Shares Salary with Lowest-Paid Workers

15:35 [Russia Today] UK govt to block arms exports to Israel if Gaza fighting resumes

15:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Evidence Shows Mitt Romney Isn't Even Close to Being The GOP Frontrunner

15:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, And Michael Brown Were White, Would The Tea Party Declare Tyranny?

15:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words...

15:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] If a Self-Driving Car Gets in an Accident, Who—or What—Is Liable?

15:38 [Slashdot] Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Featuring Metal Frame and Rounded Corners

15:40 [Deutsche Welle] Gaza teen's tweets tell of everyday survival in a warzone

15:40 [Russia Today] ‘Ebola was declared dangerous just when it started to apply to white people’

15:41 [Voice of America] Events in Iraq

15:42 [zero hedge] Ferguson Reignites As Police Shoot 2nd Man; Obama's Response "Insultingly Inadequate"

15:46 [Fin24 News] | Business as usual at African Bank – curator

15:46 [Reuters] Islamic State seizes more territory in Syria: monitor

15:49 [Telegraph] Record number of migrants arriving in Italy and Spain as Madrid blames Morocco

15:49 [Telegraph] Salmon fired over dams using fish cannon

15:49 [Telegraph] Andy Coulson still in Category A prison six weeks after sentencing

15:50 [Deutsche Welle] Military deal with Australia is 'part of US pivot to Asia'

15:52 [AL JAZEERA] Ukraine vows to block Russian 'aid' convoy

15:53 [CNN] Michael Brown shooting and racial injustice (Opinion)

15:55 [Russia Today] A tribute to Palestinian resistance

15:56 [Reuters] Violence erupts again after killing of black Missouri teen

15:59 [Raw Story] Pro-Confederate group protests ‘Ole Miss’ rebranding efforts, urge secession

15:59 [Raw Story] ‘Shut up, n*gger!’: CA man goes on racist tirade when he’s caught throwing dog into the street

15:59 [CNN] U.S. considers air evacuation of refugees in Iraq

16:00 [Russia Today] Russia suspends alcohol imports from Ukraine - consumer rights watchdog

16:02 [Reuters: politics] Banker back on stand in corruption trial of Virginia ex-governor, wife

16:02 [BBC: Entertainment] London Grammar lead indie awards

16:03 [Telegraph] Blind boy's soulful blues performance goes viral

16:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Hillary Clinton Twists Herself In Knots To Avoid Blaming Israel For UN Bombing

16:03 [CNN] First time: A woman awarded math's highest prize

16:05 [Voice of America] Eunjung Cho, Jee Abbey Lee: US Congressman: America Has Key Role to Play in 'Comfort Women' Issue

16:05 [CNN] When mental illness affects your family

16:06 [NPR] In A Shift, China Allows Pope Francis To Use Its Airspace For Asia Trip

16:10 [Deutsche Welle] Germany urges citizens to leave Ebola hit nations

16:12 [zero hedge] New “London Silver Price” Launching In Just Two Days - Confusion Reigns

16:12 [zero hedge] The Housing Recovery Continues Apace - Mortgage Apps At 14-Year Low

16:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 9 Powerful Photos That Show Ferguson Is Pretty Much Being Treated Like A War Zone

16:14 [Raw Story] Time running out for tens of thousands of Iraqis besieged by Islamic State jihadists

16:14 [Raw Story] Non-Jewish spouses of Israeli gays can get nationality

16:14 [Raw Story] ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery back in Canada after four years in US prison

16:14 [Raw Story] US job openings hit 13-year high in June: report

16:15 [Russia Today] Big tobacco fuming: Philip Morris threatens to sue over plain cigarette packaging

16:16 [NPR] Palestinians Consider Egyptian Proposal As Cease-Fire's End Looms

16:17 [CNN] Group: Batch of Syria's sarin precursor destroyed

16:19 [Telegraph] Russian authorities crackdown on Western food imports

16:19 [Telegraph] Ukip MEP marks fiftieth anniversary of the death penalty abolition with campaign to bring it back

16:19 [Telegraph] £30 for an orange squash? Hotels urged to scrap minimum spend

16:19 [Telegraph] Swiss train derails and crashes into ravine

16:20 [CNN: Money] Have you ever taken a sabbatical?

16:21 [Voice of America] Lenny Ruvaga: For Nairobi's Disabled, an Equal Chance Behind the Wheel

16:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Companies Predict Small 2015 Health Cost Rise -- With A Catch

16:22 [Financial Times] Ukraine races to beat Russian convoy

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'LOVED SO DEEPLY' Robin Williams' family, fans struggle to cope with death

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff leading rival in heated primary - Former Trek exec gets Dem nod to face GOP Gov. Walker

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Atheist group tells Ga. football team to punt the prayers

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gay volleyball coach to keep job at SD private school

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Pawn startups see continued growth, even as economy improves

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dog after MMA guy who did this

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Real-life 'Night at Museum'

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Garth fixes ticket flub

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Giant fish faces extinction

16:22 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Staying sober in Hollywood

16:24 [Fox News: politics] Dither thou goest, Mr. President?

16:24 [zero hedge] ISIS Now A Commodity "Trading" Powerhouse: Islamic States Steals Iraq's Grain Then Sells It Back To Iraq Government

16:26 [Slashdot] Password Gropers Hit Peak Stupid, Take the Spamtrap Bait

16:26 [AL JAZEERA] IS fighters capture towns in Syria's north

16:30 [Deutsche Welle] Schumann: Both sides 'still pursuing military option' in South Sudan

16:31 [CNN] Police decline to ID officer in Michael Brown shooting

16:32 [Fin24 News] | SA's coal clean-up digs deep with gasification

16:33 [CNN: Health] Venom may hold cancer cure

16:33 [CNN: Health] Stevia? Sugar substitutes 101

16:33 [CNN: Health] When mental illness affects your family

16:33 [CNN: Living] When mental illness affects your family

16:33 [CNN: Living] Meet a 'kimchi missionary'

16:33 [CNN: Living] Festival fashion: Then and now

16:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Asylum seeker driven to self harm

16:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] The hungriest place on earth

16:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'People here are really pissed off'

16:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Social media feeds terrorism support

16:34 [Disinformation] 18th Century Mexican Statue of Christ Found to Have Human Teeth

16:36 [NPR] And Now For Something Completely Different

16:37 [Reuters] Weak retail sales point to slowing U.S. consumer spending

16:38 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan beefs up security ahead of protests

16:42 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Screaming fans greet Lady Gaga

16:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Who Aches With Me?

16:42 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Congressman Who Voted Against Minimum Wage Hike Complains He Hasn't Gotten A Raise

16:44 [Raw Story] Fearing genocide against Christians, Vatican approves Iraq air strikes despite peace policy

16:44 [Raw Story] Pentagon chief: US sending 130 more military advisors to Iraq

16:46 [Campaign For Liberty] This week in Irony: Federal Transparency website missing $169 billion dollars

16:46 [Fin24 News] | More concern about safe business travel in Africa

16:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Best waterparks in US

16:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Robin's daughter flees Twitter

16:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Celine cancels all shows

16:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woman arrested for workers' comp fraud after competing in beauty pageants

16:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HUNTING DOG TV Bounty Hunter goes after fugitive MMA fighter

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for August 13, 2014

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: The Rise of ISIS: US Invasion of Iraq, Foreign Backing of Syrian Rebels Helped Fuel Jihadis' Advance

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Glenn Greenwald on Iraq: Is U.S. "Humanitarianism" Only Summoned to Control Oil-rich Areas?

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Intel Agencies Provide "Key Ingredient" in Enabling Israeli Aggression in Gaza

16:49 [] Democracy Now!: Glenn Greenwald Criticizes NPR For Relying on CIA-Linked Firm in Report on Impact of Snowden Leaks

16:49 [Telegraph] Prince Harry urges British team to 'beat everybody else' in Invictus Games

16:50 [CBC: politics] Virginia Hillis, Gwendolyn Deegan sue Ottawa over new FATCA tax rules

16:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Colleen Hanabusa Threatens To Sue To Stop Friday's Special Election In Hawaii Senate Race

16:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Death Of Michael Brown Inspires Moving Protests And Vigils Nationwide

16:52 [CNN] Wang, Africa's last polar bear, dies

16:53 [Fox News: politics] Rift grows between Obama, media as press groups blast administration ‘spin’

16:54 [Slashdot] Solid State Drives Break the 50 Cents Per GiB Barrier, OCZ ARC 100 Launched

16:55 [CNN] Justin Bieber to enter plea in DUI case, source says

16:55 [CNN] 6 injured in train derailment in Swiss Alps, police say

16:56 [The Atlantic: Politics] Life With Legal Weed

16:56 [Fin24 News] | African Bank curator answers concerned clients

16:56 [CNN: Money] 5 best and worst airports for cell phones

16:56 [CNN: Money] How 4G speeds stack up at airports near you

16:56 [CNN: Money] 5 myths about buying a home

16:58 [AL JAZEERA] Iran dismisses direct US talks

16:59 [Raw Story] iPhone’s Siri thinks a swamp is a good place to hide a murdered roommate’s body, trial reveals

16:59 [Raw Story] After days of unrest, Ferguson police gun down second black Missouri man

17:01 [NPR] At Niger's School For Husbands, The Lesson Is "Space Your Children"

17:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Joni Ernst Flirtations With Political Fringe Could Come Back To Haunt Her

17:01 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Chuck Norris In NRA Ad: Register To Vote 'Because I Said So'

17:05 [Deutsche Welle] Gaza ceasefire nears expiry, ordnance blast kills cameraman

17:07 [Voice of America] Events in Ukraine

17:10 [CNN] Ebola outbreak: Inside Nigeria with the CDC

17:10 [Fin24 News] | African Bank: Curator answers questions

17:10 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tesla Hits Record High Despite Bad Reviews

17:12 [zero hedge] We're Relying On Phantom Wealth To Fund Our Retirement

17:12 [zero hedge] What's Wrong With This Chart?

17:12 [CNN: Health] Inside the Ebola outbreak with the CDC

17:15 [BBC: Technology] Amazon launches credit-card reader

17:15 [Pravda] Russians to fly domestic aircraft to Crimea

17:17 [CNN: Living] Mental illness in the family

17:17 [CNN: Living] Eat these 7 foods before summer ends

17:17 [CNN: Living] Avoid the 'back-to-school plague'

17:17 [CNN] Russian convoy to Ukraine abruptly changes course

17:18 [BBC: Education] University 'in crisis' after row

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 5 climbers dead, 1 spotted in crevasse at Mt. Blanc - 3 bodies possibly spotted on Mt. Rainier

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dairy-free milk is here

17:19 [AL JAZEERA] France to supply weapons to Iraqi Kurds

17:20 [Fin24 News] | Regulations will impact health insurance - expert

17:21 [NPR] Math's Highest Honor Is Given To Woman For The First Time

17:21 [Telegraph] Woman cleared of smuggling terror cash in her knickers

17:21 [Telegraph] Flash flood inundates Nebraska hospital

17:21 [Telegraph] Iraq conflict: David Cameron pledges to 'get these people off that mountain'

17:21 [Telegraph] Robot butler piloted at California hotel

17:21 [Telegraph] Where should I bury my roommate? Ask Siri

17:21 [Telegraph] Prisoner, 27, escapes from hospital after police mistakely guard elderly patient

17:22 [CNN: Money] $9 million claim against O.J. Simpson up for auction

17:23 [CNN: Crime] What we know about Ferguson shooting

17:23 [CNN: Crime] Michael Brown case: Shooter's name withheld after threats, police say

17:23 [CNN: Crime] Bieber to plead guilty, source says

17:24 [Financial Times] Iraq’s Sunnis split on PM nominee

17:24 [Mother Jones] A Republican Lawsuit Against Obama Will Mostly Just Piss Off Democrats /files/blog_lawsuit_voting_enthusiasm.jpg

17:26 [CNN: Entertainment] Comedians who left us too soon

17:26 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Another World' villain dies

17:26 [CNN: Entertainment] 7 Williams movies that made your childhood

17:28 [Big Think] How to Switch Off Your Work Phone and Keep Your Job

17:28 [zero hedge] The Oil Market QE Premium Is Coming out of Price*

17:29 [Raw Story] Cincinnati talk radio host accused of shooting wife in back during argument

17:29 [The Atlantic: International] South Korea's First and Only Astronaut Just Quit Her Job

17:31 [NPR] Many Big Employers Plan To Offer Skimpy Health Plans Despite Law

17:31 [NPR] What Policing Looks Like To A Former Investigator Of Misconduct

17:31 [Doctors Without Borders] Iraq/Syria: MSF Responding To Flood of Displaced From Sinjar

17:31 [Doctors Without Borders] Iraq/Syria: MSF Responding To Flood of Displaced From Sinjar

17:32 [Fin24 News] | NCR welcomes African Bank curatorship

17:34 [Reuters: politics] Senator urges FCC net neutrality hearings outside Washington

17:34 [Disinformation] An Analysis of “Right-Wing Women”

17:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sen. James Inhofe's Son Was Flying New Aircraft Solo, Report Says

17:35 [CNN: Money] $9M claim against O.J. Simpson up for auction

17:35 [Telegraph] David Cameron: Britain to play a role in rescuing Iraqi Yazidis

17:36 [Russia Today] Helicopter crashes onto houses in Santos, Brazil, at least 10 injured

17:37 [AL JAZEERA] Helicopter crashes into Brazil homes

17:37 [Voice of America] Ayesha Tanzeem: American Yazidis Seek US Help for Iraqi Peers

17:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] What the 2nd Amendment and Roe v. Wade Mean in Alabama

17:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] British-American Translation

17:37 [HuffingtonPost: politics] On UK Anniversary, Death Penalty in U.S. Remains Abnormal

17:38 [The Atlantic: Technology] South Korea's First and Only Astronaut Just Quit Her Job

17:38 [CNN] Massoud Barzani Fast Facts

17:39 [Raw Story] Fox’s Todd Starnes does not care for Obama being nice to the parents of dead black kids

17:40 [Slashdot] Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding

17:41 [The Nation] The Alternatives to More War in Iraq

17:41 [CNN: Money] The new USB connector: It's reversible!

17:41 [CNN: Money] $9M claim against O.J. Simpson in auction

17:41 [CNN: Money] Kellogg's echoes rival in green initiative

17:42 [BBC: Entertainment] Dion career on hold 'indefinitely'

17:44 [Mother Jones] Anonymous' "Op Ferguson" Says It Will ID the Officer Who Killed Michael Brown

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Best time to book hotel is...

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Off-road tractor trailer?

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Improperly supervised DEA informant killed New Mexico man, lawsuit claims

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Associated Press video journalist killed in Gaza - Palestinians weighing Egypt truce proposal

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Syrian forces, Islamic militants encircling key rebel city of Aleppo

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Officials: Pentagon considering rescue mission for Iraqis trapped on mountain

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Texas authorities respond to alligator on junior high school campus

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ukraine-bound Russian convoy stuck amid doubts over route

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: AEHQ: UNION PAYBACK? Dems tap Walker rival in bid to settle old score

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Full-Court Press: Media groups blast Obama administration 'spin'

17:47 [Reuters] Brazil presidential candidate Campos in plane crash: source

17:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Scandal-Ridden David Rivera To Resume Campaigning For Congress

17:47 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 10 Internet Petitions Helped The Little Guy Beat The System

17:47 [CNN] Russia's food ban leaves Europeans with sour taste

17:51 [Russia Today] LAPD kills young black man days after Ferguson shooting

17:51 [Telegraph] Liberal Democrat MP censured for saying he would fire a rocket at Israelis is cleared by his party

17:51 [Telegraph] Golfers' anger at being frisked when Barack Obama arrived to play a round

17:51 [Telegraph] Cruise industry urges swift solution for Venice ship ban

17:55 [Doctors Without Borders] Gaza: Entire Streets Are No More than Piles of Rubble

17:55 [Doctors Without Borders] CAR: "I Do Not Know What To Do With My Life"

17:57 [AL JAZEERA] Deadline looms as Gaza truce efforts continue

17:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Harriet Wran arrested

17:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Dire straits for Holden suppliers

17:58 [Fin24 News] | Rand reaps rewards of weaker US, China data

18:00 [CNN] Where is Iraq's oil?

18:03 [Reuters] Brazil presidential candidate Campos killed in plane crash: GloboNews

18:04 [BBC: Also in the news] New York bans 'tiger selfies'

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Why It's Hard to Believe Israel's Claim That It Did Its Best to Minimize Civilian Deaths

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Our Safety Net Is Failing The Impoverished Women Who Need Birth Control

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sincere, but Ideological: Judges Can Be Partisan, Even if Not Consciously Biased

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] One Year After Egypt's Rab'a Massacre, U.S. Still Funding Repression

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Migrant Children, Uninvited Guests, and Welcoming the Stranger

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Draft Schweitzer for Montana Senate Seat

18:04 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matt Barber Calls For 'Civil Disobedience' To Stop Gay Marriage, Says Christians Are Being 'Persecuted'

18:04 [Fin24 News] | JSE stumbles, dragged by resources

18:05 [Deutsche Welle] How Islamists forced Obama's hand in Iraq

18:06 [Russia Today] EU denies pressuring Russia on food trade

18:06 [Russia Today] Two-thirds of mentally ill Britons receive no treatment

18:07 [Telegraph] Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos' plane thought to have crashed in Sao Paulo state

18:07 [Telegraph] Couple's week-long sailing trip turns into 16-year round-the-world voyage

18:07 [Telegraph] Warning of loom band charms safety

18:07 [Telegraph] Underwater 'street view' planned for Florida Keys

18:07 [Telegraph] Africa's last polar bear dies 'from a broken heart'

18:07 [Telegraph] Trio climb over Pompeii's walls to enact their sexual fantasies in ancient red light district

18:07 [Telegraph] Restaurant diners warned on rise of bank call scam

18:08 [Big Think] How Social Networks Help Foster Genocide

18:09 [Raw Story] Tony Perkins blasts the Republican Party for supporting three gay candidates in November

18:09 [Raw Story] Tea Party official opens Miss. meeting with prayer asking for violence against Republicans

18:09 [Raw Story] LAPD fatally shot an unarmed black man lying face down in the street, say his family

18:11 [Slashdot] NASA's Greenhouse Gas Observatory Captures 'First Light'

18:11 [Russia Today] Gun sales near Ferguson spike after three days of riots

18:11 [CNN: Money] 'Pink slime' is back and headed for your burger

18:11 [CNN: Money] Kellogg's, too, wants to help environment

18:12 [Fox News: politics] Jeb Bush making 1st campaign appearance of the year, to stump for Florida governor

18:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Democrats Begin Ad Blitz Against N.C. Senate Candidate Thom Tillis

18:12 [CNN] Will Iraq's Nuri al-Maliki go without a fight? 5 things to know

18:12 [zero hedge] Brazilian Presidential Candidate Dies In Jet Crash

18:12 [zero hedge] Market Catalyst? East Ukraine Rebel Leader Strelkov Gravely Injured, Russian Media Reports

18:13 [Voice of America] Ayesha Tanzeem: American Yazidis Seek US Help for Iraqi Peers

18:13 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: First female winner for maths medal

18:14 [] Labor Migrants Get Sneak Preview of Russian History Test

18:16 [Financial Times] A hug cannot heal US split over Iraq

18:16 [BBC: Science & Environment] Giant Amazon fish 'locally extinct'

18:17 [CNN] Celine Dion cancels shows as husband fights cancer

18:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: HIGH TENSIONS St. Louis cop shoots man near site of Brown protests

18:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Officials: Pentagon considering rescue mission for Iraqis trapped on mountain - FOX NEWS FIRST: Dither thou goest, Mr. President?

18:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woman arrested for workers' comp fraud after competing in beauty pageants

18:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Murphy biopic unauthorized?

18:22 [Telegraph] How do you spot a terrorist in a crowd?

18:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rand Paul Thinks Deciding Between Politics And Medicine Is A 'Trick Question'

18:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Koch-Backed Senate Hopeful Invested In Startup That Owes $100,000 In Delinquent Taxes

18:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dog Elected Mayor In Minnesota

18:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] U.S. Military Deaths In Afghanistan At 2,199

18:26 [CNN] WHO: Ebola cases near 2,000, with more than half dead

18:29 [Reuters] Brazil presidential candidate Campos dies in plane crash: TV

18:29 [The Atlantic: International] A Plea for Empathy and Moderation in the Middle East

18:30 [BBC: Technology] Michael J Fox charity turns to tech

18:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Federal Court Refuses To Delay Virginia Gay Marriage Ruling

18:30 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Military Revises 'Racially Biased' Hairstyle Rules

18:31 [AL JAZEERA] Brazil air crash kills presidential hopeful

18:31 [Russia Today] US wanted Britain to build 2nd Guantanamo – report

18:31 [Russia Today] Ebola a ‘high risk’ in Kenya, WHO warns

18:31 [NPR] Brazilian Presidential Candidate Campos Dies In Plane Crash

18:32 [CNN: Entertainment] Celine Dion puts career on hold as husband fights cancer

18:33 [AL JAZEERA] Canada sends trial Ebola vaccine to W Africa

18:34 [Disinformation] [Poll] The Poll of Polls

18:36 [CNN] On social Web, folks take the #IceBucketChallenge

18:39 [Fin24 News] | Mining sector is in crisis, says Sangqu

18:41 [CNN: Money] 'Pink slime' is back, headed for your burger

18:41 [CNN: Money] SeaWorld stock gets soaked, plunges 30%

18:42 [CNN] Brazil presidential candidate killed in plane crash

18:43 [Big Think] Why Mothers Are an Asset in the Workplace

18:43 [Big Think] Lauren Bacall, 1924 - 2014

18:44 [] Moldova: Can an Apple a Day Keep Russia at Bay?

18:46 [NPR] Schoolchildren Who Add Hand Sanitizer To Washing Still Get Sick

18:46 [Truthdig] Russell Brand: Is a World That Robin Williams Can’t Live In Broken?

18:48 [HuffingtonPost: politics] From Suffrage to Sufferance

18:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Lohan West End co-stars announced

18:52 [Financial Times] Germany prepares military aid for Kurds

18:53 [Fin24 News] | Fortress CEO hints about big acquisition

18:55 [Deutsche Welle] Highway to Everest: infrastructure at the expense of nature?

18:57 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Why the U.S. Should Engage North Korea Right Now

18:57 [Slashdot] Snowden: NSA Working On Autonomous Cyberwarfare Bot

18:59 [Mother Jones] Arming the Syrian Rebels Wouldn't Have Stopped ISIS

19:01 [zero hedge] Bill Ackman On Why Using Debt To Buyback Stock Is Great And Much More: Full Q2 Investor Letter

19:01 [Truthdig] Stanford Math Professor Becomes First Woman to Win the Fields Medal

19:01 [Truthdig] Put Down the Bottled Water! It’s Draining Drought-Stricken California

19:01 [Reuters] U.S. retail sales pause, seen rebounding in months ahead

19:03 [CNN] Bacall, Bogart and more reel-to-real romances

19:03 [Fin24 News] | Naspers disappointed by Fitch ratings downgrade

19:04 [Raw Story] GOP governor begs wrong group of Satanists to cancel Oklahoma City ‘black mass’

19:04 [Raw Story] Oklahoma man arrested after threatening to kill Harry Reid for ‘fraud and treason’

19:04 [Raw Story] Senator Patrick Leahy urges FCC to host net neutrality hearings across the US

19:04 [BBC: Health] Michael J Fox charity turns to tech

19:06 [Russia Today] Hillary Clinton says she didn't attack Obama after calling his foreign policy a 'failure'

19:07 [Financial Times] Eduardo Campos dies in Brazil plane crash

19:09 [Infoshop] The utter insufficiency of anti-suicide activism

19:11 [Russia Today] Pulitzer Prize winners demand DOJ stops threatening New York Times journalist with jail

19:11 [Russia Today] ​Zlatan Ibrahimovic gives $50,000 to help Swedish learning difficulties team make World Cup

19:11 [NPR] More Details Surface On Missing IRS Hard Drive

19:11 [NPR] In Peru's Blood Festival, It's The Condor Versus The Bull

19:13 [Fox News: politics] Delay denied in ruling on Virginia gay marriage ban

19:13 [Big Think] Genetically Modified Food is the Future, says Nicholas Negroponte

19:13 [Financial Times] Planning for Iraq rescue mission begins

19:14 [Raw Story] Cyber war program ‘MonsterMind’ could ignite accidental conflicts, warns Edward Snowden

19:14 [Disinformation] Let’s stop trying to teach students critical thinking

19:15 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Russia's deceptive game with Ukraine's woes

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Teen reportedly lived in Walmart for four days

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: VIDEO: Luxurious, chic and over $900 per night

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Rogues Gallery? Human rights concerns raised in wake of US-Africa summit

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 6 climbers killed in fall on Mont Blanc peak - 3 bodies possibly spotted on Mt. Rainier

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TODD STARNES: Georgia town to atheists: Stop bullying our kids

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Unstoppable off-road RV

19:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Model slams racy BK ad

19:17 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Debt Disaster for Argentina? (Don't Hold Your Breath for It)

19:21 [Russia Today] US income gap widest in decades, based on housing market data

19:23 [CNN] Hollywood icons named in Madonna's 'Vogue' have died

19:23 [CNN] Brazilian presidential candidate killed in plane crash

19:23 [Fin24 News] | Naspers disappointed by Fitch ratings downgrade

19:26 [Russia Today] UK prisoners detained in cells without power, running water for 2 days

19:27 [Reuters] Brazil presidential candidate Campos killed in plane crash

19:28 [Telegraph] Doctors hopeful of new breast cancer treatment

19:28 [Telegraph] Cleared smuggler looks to launch music career

19:28 [Telegraph] Robin Williams' daughter Zelda quits social media after being targeted by cruel Twitter trolls

19:28 [Telegraph] Second MP calls for suspension of Greater Manchester Police chief constable Sir Peter Fahy

19:28 [Telegraph] Right-to-die campaigner commits 'meticulously planned' suicide

19:28 [Telegraph] Rodeo school opens in Australia

19:28 [Telegraph] Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Africa attempt to cross to Spain using inflatable rafts

19:29 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Corporate Open Source Policy?

19:29 [The Atlantic: International] The Yazidis, a People Who Fled

19:29 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: Honda Is Keeping Car Thievery Alive /files/blog_honda.jpg

19:30 [BBC: Science & Environment] Chile quake hazards remain high

19:31 [CNN: Money] Fake IRS callers take $5 million from victims

19:31 [CNN: Money] These resume lies are whoppers

19:32 [CNN: Entertainment] With Bacall, all Madonna's 'Vogue' icons have died

19:32 [CNN: Entertainment] Bacall, Bogart and more reel-to-real romances

19:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The GOP's Fake Border War

19:35 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Zephyr Teachout Gets Big Boost In Challenge To Andrew Cuomo

19:37 [Voice of America] Moki Edwin Kindzeka: CAR Refugees Face Harrowing Trip to Cameroon

19:38 [CNN] Lauren Bacall, the last existential heroine (Opinion)

19:39 [AL JAZEERA] Ukraine vows to block Russian aid convoy

19:40 [Deutsche Welle] Russia aid convoy stalled amid Ukrainian skepticism

19:42 [CNN: Money] Snowden and the American flag: His first big PR blunder?

19:42 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Bombing the Caliphate

19:42 [Telegraph] Woman who attempted to smuggle cash in her knickers cleared of funding jihadists in Syria

19:43 [Reuters] Swiss passenger train derails into ravine, eleven injured

19:44 [Raw Story] Reporting Robin Williams’s death: The good, the bad and the ugly

19:44 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Israeli Media Blaming Kerry Reflects the Tortured Logic That Started the War in the First Place

19:45 [CNN: Travel] How in-flight movies work

19:45 [CNN: Travel] 'Speed demons' and other gems

19:45 [CNN: Travel] Inside the 'teepee capital of the world'

19:46 [Pravda] Russia bans imports of Ukrainian beer and vodka

19:46 [Pravda] Ukrainian troops commit act of massive killings of civilians in Uglegorsk

19:48 [Reuters: politics] California breakup plan would create rich and poor states: report

19:49 [zero hedge] THe RuNaWaY...

19:50 [Reuters: politics] Obama, Clinton to mingle on Martha's Vineyard after foreign policy spat

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cubans await construction of 1st new Catholic church since 1959 revolution

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Carlos Slim Foundation launches website aimed at helping Latinos navigate US life

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Official: Brazil presidential candidate dies in plane crash

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Polar bear surprises women in tent on Alaska coast

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Town moves to rename JFK center for Obama

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Syrian forces, Islamic militants encircling key rebel city

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Delay denied in ruling on Virginia gay marriage ban

19:52 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dodge's 204 mph family car

19:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Walgreens Did the Right Thing, But Most Corporations Won't Without a Change in Tax Rules

19:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Terror Hugs

19:54 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Deval Patrick Signs Overhaul Of Massachusetts Gun Laws

19:55 [Voice of America] Anita Powell: UN Report Predicts African Baby Boom

19:56 [Telegraph] Double shooting: husband killed wife after battle against gypsy camp

19:56 [Russia Today] AP journalist, translator, three bomb disposal experts killed in Gaza blast

19:56 [Truthdig] WHO Puts Kenya on Notice for Ebola Outbreak

19:57 [CNN: Money] Edward Snowden's first big PR blunder

19:57 [CNN: Money] Banks are lending at faster clip

19:59 [Raw Story] New York suburbs hit by flash floods after record rainfall of 13.26 inches

20:01 [zero hedge] 10 Year Paper Auctioned Off With A Small Tail As Yield Drops To Lowest Since June 2013

20:01 [zero hedge] Obama Plans "Non-Boots-On-The-Ground Humanitarian-Adviser-Marines-Led" Yezidi Rescue Mission In Iraq

20:01 [zero hedge] Saxo Bank Warns There Are 3 'Other' Geopolitical Risks Investors Are Ignoring

20:01 [zero hedge] Ebola Control Goes 'Medieval': From Patient Zero To Pandemic In 7 Months

20:03 [CNN: Politics] U.S. considers air evacuation of refugees in northern Iraq

20:03 [CNN: Politics] Fox host: First lady should 'drop a few'

20:04 [] Snowden Reveals NSA Program Described as 'Last Straw' Before Leak

20:04 [Raw Story] Associated Press cameraman among 5 killed in Gaza ordnance blast

20:07 [CNN] Robin Williams and the next generation of comics

20:09 [Voice of America] Reuters: Ashton Ready to Call Special Meeting on Iraq, Ukraine, Gaza

20:10 [Deutsche Welle] US defense deal with Australia aims at 'ensuring regional stability'

20:11 [AL JAZEERA] Africa's last polar bear dies

20:12 [Telegraph] Four-year-old survives 11-day ordeal in bear-infested Siberian forest

20:12 [Telegraph] Caretaker's death ends charges he drank £200,000 worth of old whiskey

20:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Sucked Down by a DREAMer's Ambush Interview

20:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] White House Official: U.S. Would Consider Ground Troops In Iraq To Help Save Refugees

20:13 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Oregon Man Claims Apple Store Employee Handed Him Receipt With Anti-Gay Message

20:13 [Fin24 News] | Lekgotla tackles mining woes

20:14 [] U.S.-Trained Troops, European Planes Taking Part In SCO Drills

20:15 [Voice of America] August 13, 2014

20:15 [Voice of America] Reuters: Brazil Presidential Candidate Campos Dies in Plane Crash

20:16 [Slashdot] DEFCON's Latest Challenge: Hacking Altruism

20:21 [NPR] Gay Marriages May Begin In Virginia Next Week, After Court Denies A Stay

20:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Give Youth a Chance

20:28 [Telegraph] IDS doubts 'bedroom tax' disability figures

20:33 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Subway Dancers Protest Arrests, Call Out 'Broken Windows' Policing

20:34 [Raw Story] Elisabeth Hasselbeck links atheists forcing prayer out of school to Christian deaths in Iraq

20:34 [Raw Story] Google’s Calico company unveils website devoted to human life extension

20:34 [Raw Story] Maryam Mirzakhani of Iran becomes first woman to win Nobel Prize of mathematics

20:34 [Infoshop] Protest and Revolt in Ferguson, Missouri - Latest News and Opinion

20:34 [Disinformation] The United States of America Is Not For Black People

20:34 [CNN: Money] Elon Musk's SpaceX sued for labor violations

20:34 [CNN: Money] 'As Seen On TV' company accused of fraud

20:34 [CNN: Money] How close are you to the top 1%?

20:37 [zero hedge] A Look At The Typical State Employee Health Plan: Full Breakdown By State

20:39 [Raw Story] BAD DAD: Man shoots daughter thinking she’s a burglar, crashes car driving her to ER

20:40 [Fin24 News] | SA pig farming is ethical, says Sappo

20:41 [Russia Today] US nuke accusations ‘part of infowar set to discredit Russia’ over Ukraine crisis

20:41 [NPR] 'This Is A Congress That's Really Doing Nothing,' Says NYT Reporter

20:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Announces Support For Medicinal Cannabis Oil

20:43 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Oklahoma Governor Gives Free Publicity To Area Satanists For Some Reason

20:44 [CNN: Technology] Will you take the #IceBucketChallenge?

20:44 [CNN: Technology] Woman wins math's highest honor

20:44 [CNN: Technology] See a black hole bending light

20:44 [CNN: Technology] Black hole bends light -- and we can see it

20:49 [zero hedge] Russia Sanctions Blowback: Finland's Largest Dairy Lays Off 800, Spain Seeks EU Aid, Poland Complains To WTO

20:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Bieber pleads guilty to careless driving

20:49 [CNN: Entertainment] Robin Williams and the next generation of comics

20:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Islamic State's shocking barbarity prompts calls for world to act

20:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: FULL-COURT PRESS Media groups blast administration 'spin'

20:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tensions increase after St. Louis police officer shoots man near site of Brown protests

20:50 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 6 climbers killed in fall on Mont Blanc peak

20:50 [CNN] German Super Cup: Bayern Munich beaten by Borussia Dortmund

20:50 [CNN] Justin Bieber takes Miami plea deal to end DUI case

20:51 [Reuters] Egypt's Mubarak tells Cairo court his conscience is clear

20:51 [Russia Today] Obama to decide on sending ground troops to Iraq within days

20:56 [Truthdig] Yawning: Puzzler of the Ages

20:56 [NPR] What Policing Looks Like To A Former Officer

20:57 [CNN] 'Death simulator' attraction to open in China

21:00 [Deutsche Welle] Arms for Kurdish peshmerga to affect military balance

21:00 [Deutsche Welle] Brazilian presidential candidate dies in plane crash

21:00 [Deutsche Welle] Dortmund dominate Bayern to claim Supercup

21:00 [Deutsche Welle] Ribery announces retirement from French national side

21:01 [Slashdot] T-Mobile To Throttle Customers Who Use Unlimited LTE Data For Torrents/P2P

21:02 [Pravda] Putin holds meeting of Russian Security Council in Crimea

21:05 [CBC: politics] Iraq conflict: White House talking to Canada, others about rescue operation

21:05 [CBC: politics] Photographer to use drone to shoot PM's visit to Iqaluit

21:06 [Reuters: politics] U.S. senator urges FCC net neutrality hearings outside Washington

21:06 [NPR] Edible Flowers Find A Sweet Companion In Chocolate

21:09 [BBC: Science & Environment] Super-sharp Earth imager launches

21:11 [Truthdig] Robin Williams’ Masks

21:11 [CNN] What we know about Michael Brown's shooting

21:14 [Raw Story] ‘Selling on fear’: Guns stores see 50 percent spike in sales after Missouri shooting

21:16 [Slashdot] Why Hasn't This Asteroid Disintegrated?

21:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Rand Paul: Obama Should Seek Congressional Authorization On Iraq

21:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] One Percenter Sacrifices Some of His Wealth to Raise Minimum Wage

21:18 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Report: Rocket Hits Israel Hours Before Ceasefire Expires

21:19 [zero hedge] BofAML Warns "Start Looking For An S&P Top"

21:20 [Mother Jones] The Paperless Office Has Beaten Out the Paperless Bathroom After All

21:21 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man accused of dismembering 5 dogs at motel

21:22 [Voice of America] Jessica Berman: Researchers Use Bacteria to Kill Tumors

21:24 [Raw Story] Teenager found living at Texas Walmart for nearly three days

21:24 [Raw Story] Appeals court declines to stay ruling against Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage

21:24 [Raw Story] Dog the Bounty Hunter joins manhunt for cage fighter who brutally beat porn actress

21:24 [Raw Story] Billionaire’s plan to split up California would divide the rich from the poor: report

21:24 [Infoshop] Unmediated Solidarity; Just Do It! Uncovering and Disrupting Police Disinfo in Ferguson

21:24 [CNN] Gaza cease-fire between Hamas, Israel ends hours early

21:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Former FCC Commissioner Seeks Meeting With Obama On Net Neutrality

21:26 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Violence At Rikers Island Surged During Bloomberg Years, According To Report

21:26 [Russia Today] Rocket fired from Gaza into S. Israel hours before 3-day ceasefire expiry

21:27 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Bacall 'very sharp and very funny'

21:28 [Reuters: politics] Prosecutors to wrap up corruption case against Virginia governor, wife

21:28 [CNN: Money] Treating workers well boosts stock returns

21:30 [Voice of America] VOA News: Kenneth Bae Transferred to N. Korea Labor Camp

21:32 [Voice of America] Tra Mi: Rights Group Files Complaint Over EU-Vietnam Trade Talks

21:32 [CNN] ISIS: Yazidi women, children abducted, taken to Mosul

21:34 [Disinformation] Iran bans vasectomies to boost birth rate and ‘strengthen national identity’

21:37 [Fox News: politics] LA to pay $26 million after banning garbage worker naps

21:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Tea Party Leader Jim DeMint Botches 'Socialistic' Op-Ed

21:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] 76 Colleges Are Now Under Investigation For How They Handled Sex Assault Cases

21:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] How John Boehner Gets Re-Elected: Avoiding Women, Minorities

21:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] ACLU Files Sunshine Law Requests To ID Officer Who Shot Michael Brown

21:38 [HuffingtonPost: politics] US Ground Troops Land On Iraq's Mt Sinjar To Evacuate Trapped Yazidis | World News |

21:38 [Reuters] Missouri police call for daylight rallies after violence flares

21:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] Harriet Wran charged over murder of drug dealer

21:42 [CNN: Money] Big hedge fund set to go public in 2014

21:45 [Reuters: politics] Maine campaign finance law challenged as unfair to independents

21:46 [NPR] On Net Neutrality, California Cares; Texas? Not So Much

21:46 [NPR] Long Island Soaked By Record-Breaking Rainfall

21:47 [Slashdot] Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites

21:49 [Infoshop] Strikes peak in China with new generation of interconnected blue-collar workers

21:49 [Reuters] Japan 'strongly protests' Russia maneuvers on disputed isles

21:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: AEHQ: HIGH FLIER GOP touts female fighter pilot in key House race

21:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Jeb Bush making 1st campaign appearance of year for Florida Gov. Scott

21:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff leading rival in heated primary

21:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Israel says rockets fired before end of temporary cease-fire - Associated Press video journalist killed in Gaza - FOX NEWS PHOTOS FROM GAZA

21:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ward’s father says 'there’s no reason’ for son to die in Tony Stewart crash

21:51 [CNN] 'Star Wars: Episode VII' to resume filming

21:52 [Voice of America] Lauren Bacall, 1924 - 2014

21:52 [Voice of America] VOA News: Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty to Careless Driving in Florida Case

21:53 [CNN] Robin Williams' daughter quits social media after abuse

21:55 [Mother Jones] Take Two: What's Behind the Religious Conflicts in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq

21:56 [Voice of America] Scott Bobb: Gaza Conflict Brings New Worries to Israeli Border Communities

21:56 [The Atlantic: Politics] Is Tennessee's Ruling Against Gay Marriage a Setback for the Cause?

21:56 [NPR] More Dads Want Paternity Leave. Getting It Is A Different Matter

21:56 [Russia Today] Madrid approves $10bn oil exploration project in Canaries despite protests

21:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] Robin Williams 'started to disconnect'

21:57 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'I'm shaking': Williams’ daughter driven off Twitter by vicious trolls

21:58 [Telegraph] Robin Williams's daughter Zelda quits Twitter after being trolled over father's suicide

22:03 [HuffingtonPost: politics] McLenin's: The Taste of Communism

22:08 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Email Fave Button Could Actually Happen

22:08 [CNN] 'Veronica Mars' cast in for new Web series

22:10 [CBC: politics] Homer stays, Medvedev out: Why Stephen Harper unfollowed Russia's PM on Twitter

22:14 [Raw Story] Russia bans Ukrainian alcohol importation in escalating trade war

22:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Judge Puts 9/11 Case Back Together Again

22:14 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Principles in the Paradox: United States Foreign Policy

22:14 [CBC: politics] Statistics Canada identifies 'human error' in July jobs report

22:14 [Telegraph] Academic becomes instant hit on Twitter with Lego's female scientist figures

22:14 [Telegraph] Newlywed dies of cervical cancer after being 'too young' for a smear test

22:14 [Telegraph] Is the Internet full? Major sites brought down by technical problems

22:14 [Telegraph] Justin Bieber agrees to anger management classes after street race arrest

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22:20 [Mother Jones] Anonymous Releases St. Louis Police Dispatch Tapes From Day of Ferguson Shooting

22:20 [Deutsche Welle] Israel says rocket fired ahead of ceasefire expiry

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22:29 [Raw Story] Why there will never be a right wing Robin Williams

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22:34 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Star Wars: Episode VII' to resume filming

22:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Bieber pleads guilty

22:34 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Veronica Mars' cast in for new Web series

22:34 [CNN: Entertainment] Actor Ed Nelson, 'Peyton Place' star, is dead at 85

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22:58 [AL JAZEERA] Palestinians and Israelis agree to new truce

22:58 [CNN] Despite new report of rockets, Gaza cease-fire extended

23:01 [Telegraph] Richard Dawkins: Churchgoers enable fundamentalists by being 'nice'

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23:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ABOUT-FACE Facial recognition tech nabs 14-year fugitive

23:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Rep. Grimm says record more important than indictment - WATCH CAVUTO'S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH GRIMM TONIGHT AT 8 P.M. ET ON FOX BUSINESS NETWORK

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23:36 [Deutsche Welle] Germany considers "everything short of arms exports"

23:36 [Fox News: politics] Private sector steps up to protect US power grid as feds stall

23:39 [Raw Story] Federal law forces elderly Colorado woman out of her apartment for possessing legal marijuana

23:39 [Raw Story] Ferguson police chief says officer involved in Michael Brown shooting was injured

23:39 [] Following Assault on Gaza, 'Freedom Flotilla' to Sail Against Siege

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23:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Obama weighs Iraq rescue mission — but claims no 'combat role' for troops

23:48 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Palestinian official says temporary Gaza cease-fire to be extended for 5 days - Associated Press video journalist killed in Gaza - FOX NEWS PHOTOS FROM GAZA

23:51 [Slashdot] California May Waive Environmental Rules For Tesla

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23:55 [zero hedge] On The Path To War

23:56 [Electronic Intifada] In photos and video: Tender farewell to Hebron boy shot dead by army

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