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00:01 [Amnesty International] Chile must provide 11-year-old pregnant rape victim with all options, including abortion

00:02 [] Microsoft helped NSA, FBI access user info, The Guardian reports

00:05 [Slashdot] Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Simulator 4.0 With Test Receipts

00:05 [Reuters: politics] North Dakota clinic is on front lines of abortion-rights battle

00:07 [CNN] Mohamed Morsy's son: 'Dad, you are the legitimate leader'

00:07 [CNN] Snowden's future up in the air after retracted tweet

00:08 [NPR] Are Antibiotics On The Farm Risky Business?

00:10 [Voice of America] Prosecutors in High-Profile Florida Murder Trial Close Arguments

00:11 [zero hedge] Visualizing Uncle Sam's Missing Money

00:12 [CNN] NTSB: Asiana crew calls twice to abort landing before crash

00:12 [CNN] Impala escapes cheetahs by leaping into tourists' car

00:12 [CNN] Is Snowden ready to take flight? WikiLeaks hints at next move

00:17 [Reuters: politics] U.S. judge rules against new Guantanamo detainee search policy

00:19 [BBC: Technology] New offer in Dell takeover battle

00:20 [CNN: Technology] The sportswriter who made Twitter cry

00:20 [zero hedge] SPX EBITDA GP

00:21 [Slashdot] Math and Science Popular With Students Until They Realize They're Hard

00:23 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Leni Zumas, Putting the Human Condition on Paper

00:23 [Good] The Dalai Lama's To-Do List: Meditate, Listen to the BBC, Skip Dinner

00:30 [Telegraph] Government rings changes on ice cream chimes

00:31 [Reuters: politics] Washington state marijuana regulators want more federal clarity on rules

00:33 [Guardian] Arms and explosives – including semtex – seized by police in Dublin

00:33 [Guardian] US markets hit record highs with Federal Reserve interest rate pledge

00:34 [Global Voices] Press Freedom Déjà Vu in Trinidad & Tobago

00:36 [Reuters] Obama cautious on his role in Congress immigration debate

00:37 [Fox News: politics] Teresa Heinz Kerry upgraded from 'fair' to 'good' condition, moved to rehab hospital

00:38 [Financial Times] Senators seek bank reform on Glass-Steagall lines

00:39 [Truthdig] The Groundwork Obama’s Laying for America’s Future

00:39 [Truthdig] Facebook Friend

00:39 [Truthdig] Obamacare

00:39 [Truthdig] Student Loans Bite

00:39 [Reuters: politics] Obama cautious on his role in Congress immigration debate

00:41 [CNN: Politics] House approves farm bill

00:42 [Reuters] Microsoft aims to power mobile effort in major overhaul

00:44 [Raw Story] Pennsylvania Republicans: Not defending same-sex marriage ban destroys democracy

00:44 [Raw Story] Brazil workers launch nationwide protest over labor conditions

00:44 [Global Voices] Guyana: Sea Wall Mended

00:45 [Slate Magazine] Pacific Rim

00:49 [CNET News] BestBuy offers $200 for old iPads in trade-in deal

00:49 [CNET News] How to password-protect a PDF before e-mailing in OS X

00:51 [AL JAZEERA] Tense Egypt set for further rival protests

00:52 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Chernobyl At Sea? Russia Building Floating Nuclear Power Plants

00:57 [CNET News] Dropbox features show up in Yahoo Mail, Asana, and more

00:59 [Reuters] Trayvon Martin dead due to wrong assumptions: prosecutor

01:00 [The Atlantic: Technology] Will Humans Still Be Humans in an Age of Artificial Intelligence?

01:00 [Slate Magazine] The Stupidest Thing Apple Ever Did

01:00 [Slate Magazine] The Newest Trayvon Martin Race-Baiting Theory from the Right

01:08 [] Six more ex-students accuse Yeshiva University of sex abuse cover-up

01:08 [] Steve Grossman, ex-AIPAC chair, running for Massachusetts governor

01:10 [Slashdot] Researchers Now Pulling Out of DEF CON In Response To Anti-Fed Position

01:12 [zero hedge] Markets Rally on Bernanke Re-Clarification

01:12 [zero hedge] Seth Klarman: "Don't Be A Yield Pig"

01:12 [Mother Jones] Farm Bill Passes House with Zero Funding for Food Stamps

01:18 [CNET News] The five ideal customers for the new Apple AirPorts

01:19 [Fox News] Sheen After Loch Ness Monster

01:19 [Fox News] Time to Retire The N-word

01:25 [Reuters: politics] House passes controversial farm bill without food stamps

01:25 [Guardian] Enda Kenny threatened with excommunication over abortion reform

01:26 [Deutsche Welle] Kosovo grants amnesty to ethnic Serb minority

01:26 [CNN: Money] Tentative student loan deal hits snag

01:28 [BBC: Technology] New ideas to make work more rewarding

01:28 [Voice of America] Reuters: Quebec Premier Lashes Out at Rail Company After Inferno

01:31 [Disinformation] Johnny Walker Scotch Roundhouse Kicks the Memory of Bruce Lee in Disturbing Advert

01:34 [NPR] Prison Sterilization Report Prompts Call For Inquiry In California

01:34 [Raw Story] Republican: ‘Scream and yelling’ on Fox News scares away voters

01:35 [CNET News] Tackle OS X applications opening outside the bounds of your display

01:35 [CNN] America's luxury beer vacations

01:38 [] U.S. Navy ships in Red Sea move close to Egypt as precaution

01:38 [CNN] Boyfriend convicted of swimsuit designer's murder

01:38 [CNN] Prosecution uses Zimmerman's own words against him

01:38 [CNN] U.S. criticizes China's handling of Snowden case

01:39 [Raw Story] U.S. to deliver F-16 fighters to Egypt despite recent upheaval

01:42 [CNET News] NASA serves up first glance at solar system's comet-like tail

01:42 [CNN] "Whitey" Bulger trial: Jurors view photos of alleged victims' remains

01:42 [CNN] NTSB: 2 Asiana pilots call for landing to be aborted

01:43 [Reuters] Zimmerman called 'wannabe cop' whose errors got Martin killed

01:47 [Telegraph] Canada train crash: first victim identified as official death toll reaches 24

01:47 [Telegraph] New 'holy grail' of skin serums set to cause stampede

01:49 [CNN: Politics] Why House GOP isn't likely to help Obama

01:51 [CNET News] Facebook 'massacre' joker out of jail

01:51 [CNET News] It's no stretch: Kid's rubber band gizmo could save lives

01:52 [zero hedge] 27 Facts That Prove That The Family In America Is In The Worst Shape Ever

01:53 [] Syria war imperils education of 2.5 million children, aid agency report shows

01:58 [BBC: Health] Ireland backs 'life-saving' abortion

02:00 [CNET News] Vine for Android updates with camera tools and widget

02:04 [CNN] Railway head: People in Canadian city 'wanted to throw stones at me'

02:08 [CNET News] Escaping Google's gravity: How small search engines define success

02:08 [CNET News] Amazon in its prime? Share price passes $300

02:09 [Raw Story] Edward Snowden has not replied to asylum offer: Venezuela

02:09 [CNN] N.C. House passes restrictive abortion bill

02:09 [AL JAZEERA] Microsoft accused in latest Snowden leaks

02:11 [Guardian] Ireland passes law allowing limited rights to abortion

02:14 [Slate Magazine] Street Protests Are the Easy Part

02:18 [Reuters] Zimmerman called 'wannabe cop' whose errors got Martin killed

02:23 [] John Kerry's wife moved to Boston rehab hospital as condition improves

02:24 [Reuters] Egypt braces for more protests, prays for calm

02:25 [Slashdot] What the Government Pays To Snoop On You

02:25 [Slashdot] Iris Scans Are the New School IDs

02:28 [CBC: politics] B.C. Premier Christy Clark beaming after byelection win

02:38 [CNET News] Be afraid: DARPA unveils Terminator-like Atlas robot

02:39 [Raw Story] Can the Democrats really win back the House in the 2014 midterms?

02:48 [zero hedge] Is Someone Listening?

02:48 [zero hedge] China GDP To Hit 6.7%

02:49 [CNET News] 'Cry analyzer' helps identify neurological or developmental disorders in infants

02:49 [Telegraph] Ireland's parliament approves abortion when mother's life is at risk

02:49 [AL JAZEERA] Ireland passes controversial abortion law

02:52 [Voice of America] Carolyn Presutti: US Public Split Over NSA Surveillance

02:53 [] Migrants find a home away from home on Israel’s sports fields

02:53 [] Are Israel's Orthodox parties trying to inch back into coalition through yeshiva funding negotiations?

02:57 [CNET News] Netflix in talks for new season of 'Arrested Development'

03:01 [Disinformation] Today in Disinformation: 7/11/13

03:02 [Reuters] No sign automatic equipment failed in San Francisco crash: NTSB

03:02 [Reuters] U.S., China to relaunch talks on investment treaty

03:05 [CNN] Hunger strike on for 12,000 California inmates

03:05 [CNN] Irish Parliament OKs exception to abortion ban

03:06 [Fox News: politics] Mayor of San Diego apologizes amid sexual harassment claims

03:07 [Reuters] Ballmer tightens grip on Microsoft with major revamp

03:08 [CNN] Police: 6 protesting Shell by climbing London's Shard arrested

03:10 [Truthdig] In the War Against Apartheid

03:10 [Truthdig] Senators Introduce New Glass-Steagall, ‘Motorcyle’ Abortion Bill Passes, and More

03:10 [Global Voices] Is WeChat the next Sina Weibo in China?

03:10 [CNET News] Thief steals iPhones, leaves Samsung Galaxy

03:11 [zero hedge] What 'Trickle-Down' Wealth Effect?

03:14 [Raw Story] Ireland moves step closer to legalizing abortions when mother’s life at risk

03:14 [Raw Story] San Diego mayor confesses to sexual harassment but doesn’t resign

03:15 [CNN] Death Valley scrambles to clean up after egg-frying frenzy

03:15 [CNN] Serial Killers Fast Facts

03:19 [Telegraph] US 'very disappointed' with China's handling of Edward Snowden

03:19 [CNET News] Human-powered helicopter finally takes Sikorsky Prize

03:29 [AL JAZEERA] Mass escape from Indonesian prison

03:30 [Global Voices] Outcry Over Hush-Hush Nuclear Fuel Complex Plan in Southern China

03:37 [CNN] Guns OK in post office parking lots, federal judge rules

03:38 [Reuters: politics] San Diego mayor apologizes for disrespect toward female staffers

03:41 [Reuters] For cost-crunching retailers, Bangladesh reigns supreme

03:43 [Slashdot] Hands On With the Nokia Lumia 1020

03:48 [Topix Activism News] Dead Russian lawyer Magnitsky found guilty

03:48 [Topix Activism News] Egypt's liberals pressing for democracy after coup

03:48 [Topix Activism News] Egypt's liberals pressing for democracy after coup

03:50 [Big Think] Oliver Stone Checks the Surveillance State

03:50 [Big Think] How To Shampoo In Zero Gravity

03:50 [zero hedge] David Stockman: "The Born-Again Jobs Scam"

03:51 [Guardian] Lac-Mégantic train crash: first official victim named

04:05 [Telegraph] San Francisco plane crash: investigators find no evidence of mechanical faults

04:12 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: The family circus aged two to 66

04:13 [Guardian] Thousands on streets in Brazil protests

04:14 [zero hedge] Paper Vs. Physical Gold: Picturing The COMEX/SGE Divide

04:21 [CNN] Mary Tyler Moore Fast Facts

04:25 [Slashdot] HP Keeps Installing Secret Backdoors In Enterprise Storage

04:28 [] Israel's AG asks chief rabbi hopeful to explain anti-Arab statements

04:29 [Raw Story] Father: Son doing ‘really well’ despite being jailed for months over Facebook joke

04:30 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Biopic celebrates India's 'Flying Sikh'

04:31 [Deutsche Welle] Irish lawmakers vote to allow 'life saving' abortions

04:37 [Telegraph] Egyptian policeman killed in militant attack in Sinai

04:37 [BBC: Education] Class divide for boys' reading

04:39 [CNN] Regis Philbin Fast Facts

04:39 [Raw Story] Republicans renew attacks on Obama administration over Benghazi attack

04:42 [Reuters] Arizona serial killer died of anti-depressant overdose: medical examiner

04:42 [BBC: Science & Environment] Distant quakes linked by waste water

04:42 [BBC: Science & Environment] Germany's energy storage dilemma

04:44 [CNN] Hubble telescope spots azure blue planet where it rains glass

04:46 [Fox News] House Passes Scaled-Down Farm Bill /i/redes/icon-video.gif

04:51 [CNN] Nearly naked rape victim left outside as scared homeowners call 911

04:57 [zero hedge] Stasi Vs The NSA: Compare And Contrast

04:59 [Reuters] Treasury Secretary says China to hand audit work to SEC

05:02 [Voice of America] Manyang David Mayar: Dozens Feared Dead in Jonglei Attacks

05:12 [Mother Jones] WATCH: A Coup or Not a Coup? [Fiore Cartoon]

05:14 [Fox News] 'Factor' vs. Mermaid Parade

05:14 [CNN] China, U.S. agree to investment treaty talks

05:14 [CNN] San Diego mayor admits he needs 'help' amid sex harassment accusations

05:15 [Global Voices] Should Indonesia's Foreign Correspondents Learn Bahasa?

05:28 [Fox News: politics] Spitzer meets signature deadline to get on NYC ballot

05:28 [] Homeless Palestinian man finds more than 120 Israeli ID cards in trash behind Jerusalem Interior Ministry office

05:39 [Voice of America] Convicts, Including Terrorists, Escape from Indonesia Prison

05:43 [] Israel puts off decision on whether to draft 5,100 ultra-Orthodox Jews

05:53 [Telegraph] Mass breakout at Indonesia jail sees 150 inmates escape

05:55 [Reuters] Families of Connecticut shooting victims may each get $281,000

05:56 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly riots at Indonesian prison

05:56 [CNET News] Carl Icahn says he'll sweeten offer for Dell on Friday

05:59 [Raw Story] Pennsylvania man arrested for recording his teen son set a 7-year-old boy on fire

06:03 [zero hedge] Hello, Who Are You?

06:04 [BBC: Education] Ban packed lunches, schools urged

06:05 [Big Think] How Blind is Double-Blind?

06:05 [Slate Magazine] This Is the Studio That Brought Us Sharknado

06:05 [AntiWar] Creating a Military-Industrial-Immigration Complex

06:05 [AntiWar] No Evidence for Charge Iran Linked to JFK Terror Plot

06:05 [AntiWar] Our Afghan Wasteland

06:05 [AntiWar] Snowden a Hero to Americans

06:06 [CNN] Death toll continues rising in landslide in southwest China

06:09 [The Atlantic: Politics] If You'd Like a Good, Clean Explanation of the Filibuster Disaster ...

06:10 [BBC: Education] Parents' angst over packed lunches

06:11 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt bracing for rival protests after week of violence

06:13 [Mother Jones] How the Failure of Immigration Reform Might Pave the Way for Filibuster Reform /files/blog_immigration_mexico.jpg

06:17 [NPR] A Father And Daughter 'Keep The Faith' During Cancer Fight

06:23 [Reuters: politics] U.S. lawmakers could ease 'coup' ban on aid to Egypt

06:23 [Reuters: politics] Lawmakers urge re-test of missile defense system

06:31 [BBC: Health] Gang members prone to mental illness

06:38 [Reuters] Quebec town takes small steps toward normalcy after train disaster

06:38 [Reuters] U.S., China agree to restart investment treaty talks

06:40 [Guardian] Hundreds of inmates break out of Indonesian jail after deadly riot and fire

06:40 [Reuters: politics] Spitzer has enough signatures to run for NYC comptroller

06:56 [Telegraph] Malala Yousafazi to address the UN as friends in Swat Valley listen with pride

07:04 [CNN] China airports world's worst for on-time performance

07:07 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt's opinion leaders using social media

07:10 [Guardian] Malala Yousafzai to tell UN: books and pens are our most powerful weapons

07:13 [Reuters] Analysis: 911 calls highlight emergency response challenges in Asiana crash

07:16 [Guardian] Pupils face ban on packed lunches in new school food plans

07:17 [Slashdot] First Successful Unmanned Drone Landing On an Aircraft Carrier

07:27 [CNN: Money] The hot business of exporting U.S. franchises

07:33 [Voice of America] James Butty: Sierra Leone Opposition Criticizes Government’s new Development Plan

07:39 [BBC: Entertainment] Proms to launch with world premiere

07:42 [CNET News] Debate sparked about benchmark for Intel, ARM chips

07:49 [] In Portugal, Jewish law of return moves from Facebook to law book

07:52 [Deutsche Welle] US ‘very disappointed’ with China over Snowden amid treaty talks

07:52 [CNN] Manhunt for hundreds of Indonesian prison escapees

07:56 [Guardian] Kevin Rudd bounce puts Labor on course to pick up six Queensland seats

07:58 [CNET News] Mozilla fleshes out Firefox OS simulator features

08:02 [Topix Activism News] Pregnant 11-year-old Chilean girl must be allowed abortion: Amnesty International

08:05 [Voice of America] Taiwan, China Prepare for Typhoon

08:05 [Voice of America] Irish Lawmakers Vote for Limited Abortion Rights

08:06 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly riots erupt at Indonesian prison

08:12 [Telegraph] Milkman banned from whistling

08:12 [Telegraph] Parents 'conniving' to help children use Facebook are putting them in danger, says expert

08:12 [Telegraph] Thousands go on strike in Brazil over conditions and public services

08:12 [Telegraph] Record high number of abortions which are 'repeats'

08:12 [Telegraph] New campaign group wants Tories to freeze fuel duty and loosen planning rules in northern cities

08:12 [Telegraph] Poor boys 'two-and-a-half years behind wealthy peers'

08:12 [Telegraph] Civil servants spent £1 billion on taxpayer-funded credit cards

08:12 [Telegraph] Fewer children 'should take pack lunches to school'

08:12 [Guardian] Typhoon Soulik threatens chaos in China and Taiwan as flood toll mounts

08:15 [CNN] Repairs to start on San Francisco runway after Asiana crash

08:22 [AL JAZEERA] US and China to resume talks on trade treaty

08:24 [CNN] Morsy supporters march again to deadly spot, as new government forms

08:34 [Raw Story] Massive hacker confernece DEF CON tells federal employees not to attend

08:35 [Fin24 News] M&R boss: Construction firms under fire

08:39 [CNN: Crime] Bulger trial: Jurors views photos of alleged victims' remains

08:39 [CNN: Crime] Boyfriend convicted of swimsuit designer's murder

08:39 [CNN: Crime] Hunger strike on for 12,000 California inmates

08:39 [CNN: Crime] Naked rape victim left outside as frightened homeowners call 911

08:39 [Raw Story] NASA’s IBEX –Interstellar Boundary Explorer– maps solar system’s tail for the first time

08:43 [CNN: Crime] Tribunal reinstates genocide charge against Karadzic

08:43 [CNN: Crime] Russian court convicts whistle-blowing lawyer after his death

08:44 [AL JAZEERA] California warns prisoners over hunger strike

08:45 [Reuters] Venezuela says Snowden has still not formally responded to asylum offer

08:45 [Voice of America] INDONESIA ESCAPE

08:53 [NPR] Sweeping Parts Of Southern Seas Could Become A Nature Preserve

08:53 [NPR] Mary Hamilton, The Woman Who Put The 'Miss' In Court

08:58 [NPR] Will A Health Insurer Sponsor The Next 'Jackass' Movie?

09:04 [Raw Story] Parents keep Austin-Healey Sprite automobile baby accidentally bought on eBay with iPhone

09:04 [Guardian] George Zimmerman: a wannabe cop 'sick and tired' of criminals, court hears

09:09 [] One third of Israeli Jews want Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem, poll finds

09:09 [Voice of America] US, China Clash Over Snowden

09:10 [Guardian] How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

09:14 [CNET News] Crave giveaway: Swann Bolt HD wearable action camera

09:17 [Slashdot] The Pope Criminalizes Leaks

09:22 [Guardian] G4S faces fraud investigation over tagging contracts

09:22 [Guardian] Lee Rigby's toddler son a reminder of pointless Woolwich death

09:27 [Deutsche Welle] Scores of prisoners still on the loose after fiery prison break in Indonesia

09:27 [Financial Times] Sino-US investment deal sought

09:27 [Financial Times] Ireland backs limited abortion rights

09:28 [NPR] Messy Rollout Of Health Law Echoes Medicare Drug Expansion

09:28 [NPR] In Southern Syria, Rebels Say U.S. Support Is Critical

09:28 [NPR] Israel's Internal Battle Over Ultra-Orthodox Soldiers

09:28 [NPR] Chuck Foley, Co-Created Twister, Dies At 82

09:32 [Fin24 News] Africa must boost regional trade - UN

09:32 [CNN] Railway head: People in Canadian city 'wanted to throw stones at me'

09:34 [Raw Story] Ireland passes law allowing extremely limited rights to abortion

09:37 [Voice of America] Snowden to Meet with Human Rights Groups

09:39 [] Young immigrants in Tel Aviv stand up for their rights with new social movement

09:40 [Guardian] Packed lunches: pupils face ban in new school food plans

09:41 [Pravda] Magnitsky's death was used to launch anti-Russian campaign

09:46 [CNN] Traditional beliefs pin Mandela's health to family dispute

09:51 [CNN] Zimmerman jury has 3rd option as it prepares to deliberate

09:54 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan's Malala to be honoured at UN

09:57 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt braces for rival rallies on first Friday of Ramadan

10:06 [CNN] Morsy supporters plan march to deadly spot as Egypt forms a government

10:06 [CNN] Moscow airport: Snowden to meet with human rights group

10:10 [Reuters] Fugitive Snowden says U.S. officials preventing his asylum

10:12 [Topix Activism News] Amnesty official in Russia plans to meet Snowden

10:14 [Pravda] Moldova next on the line after Syria?

10:14 [Pravda] Microsoft now belongs to Steve Ballmer

10:16 [Fin24 News] Numsa wants Nkandla report made public

10:27 [CNN] Lawyer confuses Nancy Grace with nanny Grace in Jackson death trial

10:28 [Reuters] New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war

10:33 [CNET News] Dislike Adobe subscriptions? Xara udpated its design suite

10:38 [CNN] Moscow airport: Snowden to meet with human rights groups

10:38 [CNN] Gulfstream takes the long view with the new luxury jet

10:39 [] Snowden says U.S. officials preventing his asylum

10:40 [Fin24 News] Sisulu: We won't tolerate corruption

10:46 [Telegraph] Stylish celebrity cyclists

10:46 [Telegraph] Lee Rigby's family say the 'country is united' behind their 'hero' ahead of the funeral this morning

10:46 [Telegraph] Royal Navy photographer of the year 2013

10:46 [Telegraph] Elephants spared death in France

10:46 [Telegraph] Britain set for hottest weekend of the year

10:46 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden's chances of reaching Venezuela 'are slim at best'

10:46 [Telegraph] 'Dead' candidate elected as mayor of Mexican village

10:46 [Telegraph] Policewoman sues grandmother after being injured by her runaway goat

10:46 [Telegraph] City banker 'forced out of 'bunga bunga' firm by sexism and racism'

10:46 [Telegraph] Parents 'conniving' to get children on Facebook, warns David Cameron's childhood tsar

10:46 [Telegraph] Stillborn risk after emergency Caesareans

10:54 [CNN] After Malala, girls carry on education mission

10:55 [Guardian] Heatwave health alert as weekend temperatures set to reach 31C

10:55 [Guardian] UK plans for plain cigarette packaging to be shelved

10:56 [BBC: Science & Environment] Space penetrator passes icy test

10:56 [BBC: Science & Environment] UK issues Greece jellyfish warning

10:57 [Deutsche Welle] Chinese Finance Minister expects sharp drop in growth

10:57 [Deutsche Welle] Japan braces for exceptionally hot summer

10:57 [Voice of America] Snowden to Meet with Human Rights Groups

10:58 [Fin24 News] Miners, unions set for tough wage talks

11:04 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

11:05 [Fin24 News] Sibanye accepts Amcu as majority union

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Russia Convicts Dead Lawyer of Tax Evasion

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Q&A: “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights”

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] No Evidence for Charge Iran Linked to JFK Terror Plot

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Battle Over Seeds Heats Up in Argentina

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] When Children Give Birth to Children

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Denial of Airspace to Bolivian Leader Resonates at U.N.

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Climate Change Takes Centre Stage in U.S.-China Talks

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Report Gives Graphic Details of Guantanamo Force-Feeding

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Curbs on Abortion Spread Across East Europe

11:05 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Biofuels Get a Dubious Boost

11:05 [BBC: Health] Labour criticise cigarette 'U-turn'

11:08 [BBC: Entertainment] Travis has surgery after stroke

11:08 [BBC: Health] Labour criticises cigarette 'U-turn'

11:10 [CNN] Google Project Loon: Balloon-powered Internet

11:11 [The Atlantic: International] French Is A No Huddle Offense

11:12 [Deutsche Welle] Guardian: Microsoft helped NSA obtain users information

11:12 [CBC: politics] U.S. eyes high-tech security boost at Canadian border

11:14 [Pravda] Modern people in their 90s smarter than same age group born decade ago

11:14 [] Rabbi Ovadia Yosef endorses his youngest son for Sephardi chief rabbi

11:15 [Big Think] What All Civil Rights Movements Must Have in Common

11:16 [Telegraph] Indonesia army takes control of prison after riot

11:16 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden 'to meet head of Amnesty International Russia'

11:18 [CNN: Money] Pin the tail on China's growth target

11:18 [BBC: Entertainment] Eurythmics top misheard lyrics poll

11:19 [International Crisis Group] Support Arab-Israeli Peacemaking by Beefing Up UNDOF

11:19 [NPR] Oakland Braces For Seeing Subway Shooting On The Big Screen

11:21 [CNN] Oh no, it's "Sharknado" and it's ravaging Twitter

11:24 [Anarchist news] NATO 3 Trial Postponed Till March 2014, One Motion to Dismiss Charges Denied and Another Awaiting Ruling

11:24 [Anarchist news] The Ex-Worker Podcast, Episode 5: Still Not Lovin' the Police

11:26 [AL JAZEERA] Free Syrian Army commander killed by rivals

11:28 [CNN] Buddhists convicted of Muslim massacre in Myanmar

11:28 [CNN] Zimmerman case likely in jury's hands in a few hours

11:31 [Slashdot] Kenyans Will Soon Be Able To Send Bitcoin By Phone

11:32 [Voice of America] Sharon Behn: Another Day of Mass Protests in Divided Egypt

11:32 [Deutsche Welle] Wannsee is Berlin's place to rest from Berlin

11:32 [Global Voices] Caribbean: Encouraging Innovators?

11:36 [BBC: Education] Teachers announce one-day strike

11:37 [zero hedge] Why I Would NEVER Invest in Early Stage Infrastructure Projects

11:43 [Guardian] All primary pupils should have free school meals, report recommends

11:44 [] Supreme Court to Tel Aviv: Draft guidelines for removing homeless from public spaces

11:46 [Pravda] The origins of global warming

11:50 [Voice of America] Cambodian King Signs Pardon for Exiled Opposition Leader

11:50 [CNN: Money] Bracing for a choppy day

11:50 [CNN: Money] U.S. premarket movers

11:50 [CNN: Money] Greed is making a comeback

11:58 [Voice of America] Attacks in Iraq Target Shiites

12:01 [Slate Magazine] Headless Chickens Who Happen to Be Excellent at Their Jobs

12:01 [Slate Magazine] Ode to a Straw Man

12:05 [Telegraph] Where is Edward Snowden? latest

12:05 [Telegraph] China's failing footballers forced to attend 'patriotism education' classes

12:05 [Telegraph] Duchess of Cambridge: her pregnancy in pictures

12:05 [Telegraph] Pictures capture the Milky Way stretched over 'Hovis' hill

12:06 [Reuters] Analysis: Experts advise Snowden: fly commercial

12:08 [CNN: Money] Higher interest rates: A bitter pill for banks

12:08 [CNN: Money] China's growth forecasts: A moving target

12:11 [BBC: Entertainment] Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece for sale

12:12 [Spiegel] Joseph Beuys: New Letter Debunks More Wartime Myths

12:13 [Mother Jones] Zimmerman Verdict: Why Is the Right Worried About Race Riots?

12:13 [Mother Jones] The Doubters Are Wrong: Edward Snowden Is a Game-Changer /files/blog_anti_terrorism_poll_0.jpg

12:13 [Mother Jones] 5 Key Questions That Could Determine George Zimmerman's Fate

12:18 [AL JAZEERA] Cambodian opposition leader pardoned by king

12:19 [] Pentagon report: China, Iran and North Korea close to nuclear capability

12:21 [Telegraph] Last surviving British Dambuster honoured

12:21 [Telegraph] Two schoolboys discover Saxon human skeleton while playing in river

12:21 [Telegraph] Dog owners warned of lethal dangers of dried up seaweed

12:21 [Telegraph] Royal birth: What sort of care can the Duchess of Cambridge expect in the Lindo Wing?

12:21 [Telegraph] Prisoners should do yoga as a cheap way of improving their behaviour, according to academics

12:24 [Good] Artist Punches Wall 27,000 Times in Honor of Nelson Mandela

12:24 [Good] Ubuntu: Fighting Xenophobia in South Africa

12:24 [Good] This NYC Skateboarding Nonprofit's Transforming the Lives of Low Income Youth

12:25 [Guardian] 'Dead' man elected mayor of Mexican village

12:27 [Guardian] Edward Snowden: US officials are preventing me claiming asylum

12:29 [Financial Times] Snowden set to meet activists in Moscow

12:29 [Reuters] Portugal's PM says committed to reaching cross-party deal

12:30 [Financial Times] Senators take aim at largest US banks

12:32 [Slate Magazine] Sensitive Literary Man

12:32 [Slate Magazine] Sex and the Single Intellectual

12:32 [Le Monde diplomatique] Gilbert Achcar's radical exploration of the Arab Spring

12:34 [] Contrary to Bennett's statements, sources in Jerusalem say threat of European boycotts on Israel is real

12:34 [] Morsi supporters call for more protests in Egypt, after week of bloodshed

12:38 [Voice of America] Swiss Banks Near Deal on US Tax Information

12:44 [BBC: Also in the news] Russia buys typewriters 'over leaks'

12:44 [BBC: Also in the news] 'Dead' man wins Mexico mayoral vote

12:44 [BBC: Also in the news] Brazil row over topless fan ban

12:45 [NPR] Snowden To Meet With Activists, Issue New Statement

12:48 [CNN: Money] Computer glitch causes latest Obamacare delay

12:48 [CNN: Money] Financial education: Where your state ranks

12:48 [CNN: Money] Sergio Marchionne's high-wire act at Fiat-Chrysler

12:50 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden says US is preventing his asylum

12:52 [BBC: Health] Minister denies cigarette 'U-turn'

12:55 [Guardian] Orange Order parade passes peacefully in Belfast

13:04 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Smart nappy detects infections

13:06 [CNN] You're crazy! Overcoming others' negativity in training

13:07 [Telegraph] Baby's cry could reveal undetected health problems

13:07 [Telegraph] Civil Service chief could be ousted by Cameron, according to rumours

13:07 [Telegraph] Chinese Communist party officials quit cigarettes 'to help pollution'

13:07 [Telegraph] Lee Rigby funeral: He was a 'fantastic soldier' says commanding officer

13:07 [Telegraph] Teachers to strike over pay, pensions and workload

13:07 [Telegraph] Britons would pay more for child-free flights

13:07 [Telegraph] Opera singer died after head-on collision with another musician

13:10 [Voice of America] Closing Arguments Expected in Zimmerman Trial

13:11 [CNET News] Steve Ballmer remakes Microsoft one more time

13:11 [zero hedge] S&P Going For 6 Ouf Of 6

13:17 [Guardian] Ashes 2013: England v Australia: day three – live! | John Ashdown

13:18 [Slate Magazine] The Audio Book Club on The Interestings

13:20 [] Report: Twitter agrees to disclose details of French anti-Semitic users

13:20 [Voice of America] Cambodian King Signs Pardon for Exiled Opposition Leader

13:21 [Telegraph] Litvinenko: ministers reject calls for public inquiry

13:22 [CNN: Health] Obama wants you to understand Obamacare

13:22 [CNN: Health] You're crazy! Overcoming others' negativity in training

13:22 [CNN: Health] National gay blood drive aims to lift donor ban

13:22 [CNN: Health] Maximize your doctor's visit

13:22 [CNN: Health] Find this in a personal trainer

13:22 [CNN: Health] What to look for in a personal trainer

13:22 [CNN: Health] 'Dementia village' inspires new care

13:22 [CNN: Health] Good carbs vs. bad carbs

13:22 [CNN] Friends, family pay tribute to slain British soldier Lee Rigby

13:24 [Fox News] Zimmerman Defense Gets Its Turn /i/redes/icon-video.gif

13:24 [Fox News] SEEKING HELP? Official: Snowden to Meet With Human Rights Groups

13:24 [Fox News] $22B OBSTACLE Senate Deal on Student Loans Stumbles on Costs

13:24 [Fox News] 'THE MAN'S A HERO'Man Swims 5 Hours to Save Family After Capsize

13:24 [Fox News] TOUGH QUESTIONING Obama Nominee Grilled Over Benghazi at Hearing /i/redes/icon-video.gif

13:24 [Fox News] Carney unaware of $34M military HQ troops won't use

13:24 [Fox News] NTSB: No sign of mechanical trouble on Asiana flight

13:24 [Fox News] Army relieves general after adultery, altercation charges

13:24 [Fox News] Sen. Paul stands by aide with reported shock jock past

13:24 [Fox News] Convicted child sex abusers sue ex-NY gov for $10M

13:24 [Fox News] 24 bodies now found in Quebec train crash, police say- PHOTOS: Deadly train derailment

13:25 [NPR] READ: Instructions For The Jury In Trial Of George Zimmerman

13:26 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden accuses US of preventing his asylum

13:26 [BBC: Technology] Microsoft's work with NSA revealed

13:29 [Raw Story] ‘Dead’ man wins election in Mexico town

13:29 [Raw Story] Experts squabble over ‘earliest’ Chinese inscriptions

13:32 [BBC: Entertainment] Fox to turn hit films into musicals

13:32 [Amnesty International] Bradley Manning: US must drop “aiding the enemy” charge

13:34 [AL JAZEERA] UK refuses to inquire Russian spy poisoning

13:34 [Raw Story] U.K. govt postpones plain cigarette pack plans

13:34 [Raw Story] Twitter hands over data in French anti-semitism case

13:37 [BBC: Entertainment] UK arts festival plan is dropped

13:37 [Telegraph] Health warning issued as Britain prepares for hottest weekend

13:37 [Telegraph] Poll: Where is Edward Snowden?

13:37 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 12 July 2013

13:39 [Raw Story] Three gored in Pamplona bull run

13:39 [Raw Story] Malala defies Taliban to take world stage

13:41 [Guardian] England v Australia: Ashes 2013 – day three live! | John Ashdown

13:43 [CNN: Health] How to pick a personal trainer

13:44 [Raw Story] South American leaders to discuss U.S. spying

13:45 [NPR] Book News: 'The Great Gypsy'? School Reading List Is Error-Riddled

13:48 [Pravda] Russian military satellite to fall on July 16

13:48 [] Snowden: 'Unlawful' US Campaign Blocking My Right to Asylum /sites/

13:48 [Slate Magazine] Dressing for Two

13:48 [Slate Magazine] The World's Smartest News Reader

13:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Broadcaster Alan Whicker dies at 87

13:50 [] Supreme Court once again pushes back eviction of Amona outpost

13:51 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Bracing for a choppy day

13:51 [zero hedge] JPM Beats Thanks To $1.4 Billion Reserve Release; Net Interest Margin Drops To Record Low; Mortgage Production Slides

13:52 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistan's Malala addresses the UN

13:52 [Deutsche Welle] Liberians underwhelmed by anti-graft promises

13:52 [Deutsche Welle] Media attacks in Egypt follow familiar pattern

13:52 [Deutsche Welle] Claims of peace talks between Boko Haram and Nigeria

13:53 [CNN: Money] JPMorgan's profits surge

13:54 [Fin24 News] Gold heads for big gain, despite fall

13:54 [Raw Story] U.S. and China clash over Snowden but see trade progress

13:56 [BBC: Entertainment] Obituary: Alan Whicker

13:57 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: July 12

13:58 [Reuters] Fugitive Snowden to meet with human rights groups

13:58 [Voice of America] Syrian Rebels Say Commander Killed by al-Qaida Militants

13:59 [Raw Story] Edward Snowden: U.S. officials are preventing me claiming asylum

14:00 [AL JAZEERA] Pro-Morsi protesters gather in Cairo

14:00 [NPR] Teen Jailed For Facebook Post Expresses Regrets

14:00 [CNN] Opinion: Millennials, health care is our fight

14:00 [CNN] Morsy supporters fill Cairo streets

14:00 [CNN] Armstrong era remains albatross around UCI's neck

14:02 [Spiegel] Weed War: Hundreds of Marijuana Plants Sprout in German City

14:03 [Pravda] Humans not prepared for mission to Mars

14:03 [Pravda] Supporters of Egyptian president Mursi call for protests

14:04 [Fin24 News] Gold heads for big gain despite fall

14:05 [CBC: politics] Canada Post workers allege OT claims punished

14:08 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Broadcaster Alan Whicker dies

14:09 [Slashdot] Electrical Engineering Labor Pool Shrinking

14:09 [CNN: Politics] Wendy Davis: Real Texans ready to fight

14:09 [CNN: Politics] San Diego mayor admits he needs 'help,' but refuses to resign

14:09 [CNN: Politics] U.S. criticizes China's handling of Snowden case

14:12 [Deutsche Welle] 'Poverty is a massive crime against humanity'

14:15 [Guardian] Egypt's upheaval makes waves across region

14:16 [CNET News] Twitter releases anti-Semitic tweets to French authorities

14:16 [Topix Activism News] Opposition condemns Syrian rebel blockade

14:17 [Disinformation] Tired of Helping the CIA? Quit Facebook

14:19 [Pravda] Russian tourist dies after falling from hotel room balcony in Turkey

14:20 [AL JAZEERA] UK refuses to probe Russian spy poisoning

14:22 [Red Pepper] One year after London 2012, a call for a dissident Olympics in Rio

14:26 [BBC: Entertainment] Seinfeld tops US comedian rich list

14:26 [CNN] Babying yourself royally in London

14:27 [zero hedge] NSA FaMiLY VaLueS...

14:28 [CNN] UK: No expanded probe in death of ex-KGB agent Litvinenko

14:31 [zero hedge] Spanish "Bad Bank" Fairy Tales

14:31 [zero hedge] JP Morgan's "Ooops" Chart... Or All Praise FAS 115

14:31 [BBC: Technology] US unveils humanoid robot test bed

14:32 [CNN: Money] JPMorgan: Solid gains, some 'fluff'

14:32 [BBC: Technology] Microsoft's work with NSA 'revealed'

14:34 [CNN] Fresh, free produce: By the people, for the people

14:35 [Pravda] Eleven hurt after feeding giraffe at Moscow zoo

14:35 [Guardian] Lee Rigby's funeral brings thousands out on streets of Bury

14:36 [Voice of America] Irish Lawmakers Vote for Limited Abortion Rights

14:39 [The Progressive] Recruited By the NSA

14:39 [Guardian] Edward Snowden to meet Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow airport – live coverage

14:39 [Guardian] England v Australia: Ashes 2013 – day three live! | John Ashdown and Rob Bagchi

14:40 [] Justice Minister Livni phones Abbas on occasion of Ramadan

14:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Celebrities who have been homeless

14:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Daniels on 'Newsroom' return

14:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Malkovich hates sound of voice

14:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Lawyer at Jackson death trial: Nancy Grace or nanny Grace?

14:41 [The Atlantic: International] As Malala Heads to the UN, Attacks on Education Rise

14:45 [NPR] VIDEO: 'I Need Help' San Diego Mayor Says

14:48 [CNET News] LG offers up 55-, 65-inch Ultra HD TVs; prices start at $6,999

14:48 [] With Glass-Steagall Revival, A Call to Bust Up the Megabanks

14:50 [Slate Magazine] Oh, #Florida!

14:53 [Reuters] In rural Syria, a rare peace threatened by sectarian war

14:56 [CNN: Money] Solid gains, some 'fluff'

14:56 [BBC: Technology] NHS trust handed £200,000 data fine

14:58 [Slashdot] Aussie Telco Telstra Agreed To Spy For America

15:00 [zero hedge] China Contracts!

15:00 [zero hedge] UPS Slashes Guidance Amid "Slowing U.S. Industrial Economy

15:00 [CNN] Battling summer skin shame with fashion

15:02 [Disinformation] A Smell Camera To Record Aromas For Posterity

15:02 [Spiegel] 'United Stasi of America': Light Artist Wanted by Berlin Police

15:02 [CNET News] Possible Moto X pic leaks, shows off back of phone

15:03 [Foreign Policy in Focus] From Egypt to Syria: Is the Gulf Cooperation Council the Tail That Wags the U.S. Dog?

15:04 [zero hedge] New Look at US-China Trade

15:04 [zero hedge] PPI At 2.5% Has Biggest Annual Jump Since March 2012 On Soaring Energy Prices

15:06 [Reuters] Rights groups summoned to meet fugitive Snowden

15:08 [Voice of America] Ayaz Gul: Despite Stumbles, Observers Say Momentum Remains for Afghan Peace Talks

15:09 [Raw Story] Watch live: George Zimmerman trial

15:10 [The Atlantic: National] The Zimmerman Trial and the Meaning of Verdicts

15:10 [CNN: Living] Don't be a scary stage parent

15:10 [CNN: Living] Battling summer skin shame with fashion

15:11 [Fin24 News] Sars commissioner Oupa Magashule quits

15:11 [The Atlantic: International] Russia's 'Hero of Labor' Comes to Washington

15:12 [Deutsche Welle] NGOs in Russia refuse 'agents' label

15:14 [Raw Story] Chinese airline passengers face worst travel delays

15:15 [Fin24 News] Sars commissioner Oupa Magashula quits

15:15 [NPR] On The Economy: Inflation Accelerates; Fed Rumors Rise

15:16 [Truthout] Blue Moon Over Congress: Opening to Push for Diplomacy with Iran

15:17 [Reuters] Portugal junior coalition head says crisis can be overcome

15:18 [CNET News] BlackBerry A10 gets the leaked-pic treatment

15:20 [The Atlantic: Politics] This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Elections: The Dysfunctional FEC

15:21 [CNN: Money] Apple dominates tech chatter

15:22 [Fox News] Defense Begins Closing ArgumentsIn George Zimmerman Trial /i/redes/icon-video.gif

15:24 [Raw Story] Former Republican strategist: GOP needs to ‘de-kookify’ itself to be taken seriously

15:24 [Raw Story] Geraldo Rivera: Jury would have shot Trayvon ‘a lot sooner than George Zimmerman’

15:24 [Reuters: politics] IRS documents show liberal groups vetted like Tea Party: Democrats

15:25 [CNN] Opinion: Be afraid of Lyme disease

15:25 [CNN] Defense presenting closing argument in Zimmerman case

15:26 [AL JAZEERA] Thousands gather for pro-Morsi rally in Cairo

15:26 [Voice of America] Snowden Calls A Meeting at Moscow Airport

15:29 [zero hedge] Portugal's Presidential Warning Spikes Yields To 8 Months Highs

15:29 [Raw Story] Experts disagree over veracity of ‘earliest’ Chinese characters

15:29 [Raw Story] Suicides in Singapore hit all-time high in 2012

15:29 [The Progressive] Walmart Signs Toothless Deal in Bangladesh

15:32 [Slate Magazine] Jincy Willett and Thomas Dunne

15:32 [Slate Magazine] Fire!!

15:35 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Big Brother Is Watching Us

15:37 [Deutsche Welle] How deep is the split in Turkish society?

15:37 [Financial Times] Litvinenko public inquiry request denied

15:39 [Raw Story] Nelson Mandela’s wife ‘less anxious’ about her husband’s condition

15:39 [Raw Story] German soccer fans outraged over ‘sexist’ ad that portrays female player doing laundry

15:42 [Truthout] Legalize?

15:42 [Truthout] Path to Citizenship

15:43 [BBC: Entertainment] In pictures: Whicker's World

15:43 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden found - latest

15:46 [NPR] Top Democrat Says Documents Show IRS Also Targeted Liberals

15:47 [Slashdot] Gladwell's Culture & Air Crashes Analysis Badly Flawed

15:47 [Slate Magazine] The One Issue Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On

15:47 [Slate Magazine] The Light Fantastic

15:49 [Global Voices] The State of the Internet in Bolivia

15:50 [CNN: Money] Stocks inch higher into record territory

15:50 [The Atlantic: Politics] How to Make 11 Million People Much Better Off

15:50 [Voice of America] Snowden Meets with Rights Activists at Moscow Airport

15:51 [CNN] NBA star Rose says poverty to blame for Chicago gun crime

15:51 [CNET News] Get a Google Nexus 7 (16GB) tablet for $149

15:54 [Financial Times] Twitter hands over data to French

15:55 [Guardian] Edward Snowden meets Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow airport – live coverage

15:56 [CNN] 'Coulda beens' not enough to convict Zimmerman, defense says

15:56 [CNN] Omega-3s linked to higher risk of cancer

15:58 [Reuters] Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia: Twitter post

15:58 [CNN: Health] Health 'mistakes' may not be bad

15:58 [CNN: Health] Opinion: Millennials, health care is our fight

15:58 [CNN: Health] Hold the salmon: omega-3s linked to higher risk of cancer

15:58 [CNN: Health] Omega-3s linked to cancer

15:59 [CNN: Money] A reorganized Microsoft looks a lot like Apple

15:59 [CNN: Money] Computer glitch delays Obamacare

15:59 [CNET News] Google's Schmidt: Our relationship with Apple has improved

15:59 [Raw Story] Conan O’Brien reveals Bieber’s other apology tweets

16:00 [zero hedge] Gas Prices Have Biggest Daily Jump In 6 Months

16:00 [zero hedge] Snowden Wants To Stay In Russia After All

16:00 [] Appointment of new Bank of Israel governor hits snag amid allegations of Hong Kong shoplifting

16:03 [BBC: Education] Malala Yousafzai speaks at UN

16:05 [CNN: Travel] Baby yourself royally in London

16:06 [BBC: Science & Environment] Volunteers hailed as 'green heroes'

16:06 [NPR] What Motivates Us To Collaborate?

16:06 [NPR] Can You Code A Better Government?

16:06 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden meets activists at Moscow airport

16:07 [Deutsche Welle] China and US see progress on investment treaty

16:08 [Voice of America] VOA News: Snowden Meets Rights Activists at Moscow Airport

16:10 [CNN] Running updates from the Zimmerman trial

16:11 [zero hedge] Shanghai Gold, Silver Volumes Surge To Records and Premiums Rise As Night Trading Begins

16:12 [Deutsche Welle] Can the ISI be tamed?

16:12 [Spiegel] Bratwurst in Iraq: German Restaurateur Cashes in on Crises

16:13 [BBC: Technology] Twitter gives up data to ID racists

16:14 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden to seek temporary asylum in Russia

16:14 [Voice of America] Pro, Anti-Morsi Groups Rally in Cairo

16:15 [CNN] The great pregnancy food chase

16:16 [CNET News] Road Trip Pic of the Day, 7/12: What is this?

16:19 [Slashdot] Kremlin Security Agency To Buy Typewriters To Avoid Leaks

16:19 [Slate Magazine] The Professor-Student Love Affair, Revisited

16:20 [CNN] Edward Snowden meets with human rights groups in Moscow airport

16:20 [CNN] Why China's role as global economic savior is under threat

16:20 [Voice of America] Suicide Bomber Kills 2 in Somalia

16:21 [CNN: Money] New start-up helps you predict soccer success

16:21 [Guardian] Edward Snowden appears at Moscow airport and renews Russia asylum claim – live

16:22 [Financial Times] Snowden to seek asylum in Russia

16:22 [CNN: Living] 5 tips to save your wedding, sanity

16:22 [CNN: Living] The great pregnancy food chase

16:22 [CNN: Living] Flatscreen or flowers on the mantel?

16:22 [Deutsche Welle] Snowden plans request for asylum in Russia

16:22 [Reuters] Pakistan's Malala celebrates 16th birthday with U.N. education appeal

16:23 [Amnesty International] Amnesty International meets US whistleblower Edward Snowden

16:24 [Raw Story] Documents reveal IRS put Occupy groups on ‘watch list’ too

16:25 [CNN: Living] Flatscreen or flowers over your mantel?

16:26 [Topix Activism News] Amnesty: Election clampdown continues in Zimbabwe

16:27 [Fin24 News] ZSE reaches all-time high

16:29 [Raw Story] Doocy: Forcing Walmart to pay living wage could be ‘the death of free enterprise’

16:29 [Telegraph] Groom-to-be who contracted shingles after 'kidnap' prank finally able to tie the knot

16:29 [Telegraph] Parents should be prosecuted for 'not loving' or 'ignoring' their children, MP claims

16:29 [Telegraph] The week in pictures: 12 July 2013

16:30 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan's Malala adresses UN

16:30 [CNN: Crime] Police: Princess charged after servant escapes

16:30 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman jury has 3rd option

16:30 [CNN: Crime] 911 called as rape victim left outside

16:32 [zero hedge] Consumer Confidence Misses For First Time In 2013

16:32 [zero hedge] Janet Napolitano Quits: Will Be Next University Of California President

16:36 [CNN: Crime] Closing arguments in George Zimmerman trial

16:38 [CNN] Malala at U.N.: Taliban failed to silence us

16:38 [CNN] Jeff Daniels: I own Will McAvoy in 'Newsroom' season two

16:39 [The Onion] American Voices: Judge: Apple Conspired To Drive Up E-Book Prices

16:40 [Truthdig] Corals Face Extinction By 2100

16:41 [CNN] Napolitano leaving Obama Cabinet

16:41 [CNN: Money] Obamacare delayed by glitch

16:43 [Le Monde diplomatique] Egypt: political turmoil, wildlife crisis

16:45 [The Atlantic: Politics] Do Women Make Better Senators Than Men?

16:45 [Telegraph] Sketch: Tobacco policy goes up in smoke

16:46 [NPR] Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Stepping Down

16:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: Suicide Bomber Kills 2 in Somalia

16:48 [Voice of America] Reuters: US Homeland Security Chief to Resign

16:49 [Reuters: politics] Treasury postpones foreign anti-tax-dodging law by 6 months

16:49 [Global Voices] The Bahamas: Life Begins at 40?

16:49 [BBC: Education] Fanatics fear education, Malala says

16:50 [Slate Magazine] The Lost Great Novel of Middle Age

16:50 [Voice of America] Snowden Reportedly Wants Asylum in Russia, Kremlin May Agree

16:53 [Fox News] WINDOWSMicrosoft Reportedly Gave NSA Access to Email, Data

16:53 [Fox News] NO OBAMACARE DELAY?Pelosi Claim Doesn't Let Facts Get In Way

16:53 [Fox News] BREAKING NEWSNapolitano to Resign as Head of Homeland Security

16:54 [CNN] Opinion:Egypt's fever of violence: Where is accountability?

16:54 [CNN] Snowden meets with rights groups, seeks temporary asylum in Russia

16:54 [Truthout] Blinded by the Stereotype Spotlight

16:54 [Voice of America] US Hackers Cooling Off Towards Federal Agencies

16:55 [CNN: Politics] Breaking: Napolitano to leave Obama Cabinet

16:55 [Big Think] A First-Aid Kit For Those One-Handed Situations

16:55 [Big Think] My Four Heroes

16:55 [Big Think] Seeing the Funny Side of Sainthood

16:56 [Pravda] Which bags kill planet Earth faster - plastic or paper?

16:57 [CBC: politics] NDP calls for Commons committee to sit this summer on rail safety

16:58 [zero hedge] Lies, Damned Lies, And Rappers' Net Worths

16:58 [zero hedge] To Celebrate Snowden's Russian Asylum Request, Here Is Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" Speech

16:59 [Raw Story] Official: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to resign

16:59 [Raw Story] Snowden announces plans to apply for asylum in Russia

16:59 [Truthout] Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn’t Enough -- We Need the Power to Stop It

17:00 [Reuters] Egypt's bruised Islamists protest after bloody week

17:00 [Reuters] Fugitive Snowden to seek temporary asylum in Russia

17:00 [Slate Magazine] The Trouble With Twins

17:00 [Slate Magazine] The Unexpected Guest

17:04 [Voice of America] Snowden Reportedly Wants Asylum in Russia, Kremlin May Agree

17:07 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistan's Malala makes appeal to UN for universal education

17:10 [Guardian] Hillsborough: watchdog believes 55 more police statements were altered

17:10 [Guardian] Anger as plain cigarette packaging plans put on hold by ministers

17:10 [Guardian] Edward Snowden says he is requesting asylum in Russia as next step

17:10 [Guardian] Eddy Shah cleared of raping schoolgirl

17:10 [Truthdig] Confirmed: Fracking Triggers Quakes

17:12 [Financial Times] Restaurants spring up to serve Iran elite

17:13 [Spiegel] Own Goal: German�TV�Blasted for�Sexist Football Ad

17:14 [Slashdot] DHS Chief Janet Napolitano Resigns

17:15 [Truthout] Party of No

17:18 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Net neutrality 'regulation needed'

17:18 [Reuters] Consumer sentiment slips on fears over stock prices, rates

17:19 [Fox News] BIG BROTHER ON SKYPEMicrosoft Reportedly Gave NSA Access to Email, Data

17:24 [BBC: Education] VIDEO: Malala Yousafzai speech in full

17:24 [Global Voices] New Sugar Cane Farming Bill in Brazil Threatens Amazon

17:25 [The Atlantic: National] Janet Napolitano to Leave Homeland Security, Head University of California

17:25 [Pravda] Snowden wants freedom of movement, says he is fine at Moscow airport

17:26 [CNN: Money] UPS expects weak second-quarter results

17:27 [Deutsche Welle] US-German talks begin on NSA spying allegations

17:27 [CNET News] Friday Poll: Do you play games on Facebook?

17:27 [CNET News] Facebook 'massacre' joker: It's been blown out of proportion

17:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] Late-Night Comedy Roundup: The New School House Rock

17:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] Not a Filibuster Problem, a Nullification Problem

17:31 [CNN] Malala at U.N.: Taliban 'failed' to silence us

17:32 [Telegraph] Bob Crow's union makes thousands on the stock market

17:32 [Telegraph] British 'Jungle Journals' made in Japanese PoW camps discovered

17:32 [Voice of America] Reuters: IRS Documents Show Liberal Groups Vetted Like Tea Party

17:33 [Reuters: politics] Treasury delays offshore tax-dodging law by six months

17:34 [Raw Story] Pakistani activist to UN: Terrorists think God is ‘tiny, little conservative’ who sends ‘girls to hell’

17:34 [AL JAZEERA] Shias targeted in deadly Iraq attacks

17:36 [NPR] Report: Beijing, Shanghai Among Worst Airports For Delays

17:37 [CNN: Money] Stocks move further into record territory

17:37 [The Onion] Derrick Rose Wondering If He Should Start Rehabbing Knee Sometime This Summer

17:39 [Global Voices] New Internet Law in The Gambia Puts Gag on Government Criticism

17:39 [Slashdot] Italian Team Cures Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome With the Help of HIV

17:40 [Guardian] European countries step up Hamas contact despite EU policy of isolation

17:40 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for July 12, 2013

17:40 [] Democracy Now!: A Hunger Strike Against Solitary Confinement: Shane Bauer on Inhuman Prisons From California to Iran

17:40 [] Democracy Now!: Josh Fox on Gasland Part 2, the Fracking-Earthquake Link & the Natural Gas Industry's Use of Psyops

17:40 [] Democracy Now!: From North Carolina to Texas: Grassroots Movement Grows To Resist Anti-Abortion Bills

17:40 [] Democracy Now!: Moral Mondays: 700 Arrested in North Carolina Civil Disobedience Campaign Against GOP Lawmakers

17:42 [Guardian] The best healthy packed lunch recipes

17:43 [CNN: Money] More oil than ever shipping by rail

17:43 [Spiegel] Eco-Blowback: Mutiny in the Land of the Wind Turbine

17:44 [Mother Jones] Steve King and Immigration: His 8 Greatest Hits

17:44 [Mother Jones] Here's the Latest in Race-Baiting Conspiracy Theories From the Right

17:44 [Mother Jones] Rick Perry's New Quest: Middle East Peace

17:48 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden's statement to human rights groups in full

17:48 [Slate Magazine] Roger Ebert’s Pilgrimage

17:48 [Fox News] STIREWALT: On abortion, Dems gather on thin ice

17:48 [Fox News] Girl calls 911 for mom, thinks she's talking to dad

17:48 [Fox News] Arizona woman arrested with cocaine taped to rear end

17:48 [Fox News] STARNES: Airman objects to gay wedding, is punished

17:48 [Fox News] Pakistani teen shot by Taliban celebrates 16th birthday with UN address

17:48 [Fox News] Iowa court upholds ruling on firing of attractive worker

17:48 [Fox News] Detective: Woman with visions led to Calif. boy's body

17:48 [Fox News] 12-year-old boy arrested after Michigan bank break-in

17:52 [Guardian] News Corp to leave Wapping

17:55 [The Atlantic: National] The City That Never Stops Complaining: A Map of NYC By Each Area's Top 311 Complaint

17:55 [CNN] Opinion: Did Trayvon Martin die for 'standing his ground'?

17:56 [NPR] Zimmerman Attorney: Prosecution Failed To Make Its Case

17:57 [CNET News] Find your misplaced stuff with a $24.99 wireless finder kit

17:57 [CNET News] Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia before trek to Latin America

17:57 [Disinformation] What If You Could Learn Everything?

17:59 [Global Voices] Gulnara Karimova: Mocked Abroad, Loved (and Feared) at Home

17:59 [Raw Story] Snowden’s full statement from Moscow: ‘I did what I believed right’

18:00 [CBC: politics] Senate aiming to release Wallin audit report Aug. 13

18:00 [] Israel's new U.S. envoy: Influential policy hound or another 'CNN Ambassador'?

18:03 [Spiegel] Picture This: Fast Food

18:04 [Guardian] Police investigate suspected nail bomb near West Midlands mosque

18:04 [Guardian] Malala Yousafzai calls on governments to provide free education for all

18:04 [Slate Magazine] Pattern Recognition

18:04 [CBC: politics] Senate aiming to release Wallin audit report Aug.13

18:05 [Truthdig] Confirmed: Fracking Triggers Quakes (Video)

18:07 [Disinformation] The Future Of Data Mining Your Health

18:08 [CNN: Money] Vatican may widen bank corruption probe

18:09 [zero hedge] JPMorgan Slashes Q2 GDP By Half To 1%

18:09 [zero hedge] European Peripheral Bonds Plunge Most In A Year As Portugal Risk Flares

18:09 [zero hedge] Portuguese Rates Spiked To A 19 Month High Today, How'd We Predict This 2 Years In Advance?

18:10 [Big Think] Why Going Analog Won't Keep Your Data Safe

18:10 [Big Think] The Non-Compliance Revolution

18:10 [BBC: Education] Kids in the kitchen

18:11 [Spiegel] After the Flood: Life in Germany's Disaster Zone

18:11 [Spiegel] Girl Rising: Mahala Fires Up a New Generation

18:12 [The Atlantic: International] What's Missing From Egypt's Latest Revolution? People

18:12 [NPR] A Quick History Of Accidental Online Purchases By Kids

18:12 [NPR] 'Can't Even See The Sky': Ex-Prisoner On Solitary Confinement

18:12 [NPR] Everything Old Is New Again: The Toilet-Sink Edition

18:15 [] With upheaval in Arab world, IDF facing future of threats unlike any in the past

18:16 [Reuters] U.S. IRS documents show liberal groups vetted like Tea Party: Democrats

18:17 [CNN] Nigeria's peace 'the peace of a graveyard'

18:20 [Truthdig] Napolitano to Trade Her Helmet for a Cap and Gown

18:20 [Truthdig] Listen: Egyptian Boy Criticizes Muslim Brotherhood

18:22 [Fin24 News] SA’s gambling plan globally the best

18:23 [Truthout] Republicans Nix Food Stamps: This Is Who They Are

18:23 [Spiegel] Democratic Deficits: Prague Slides into Central European Trap

18:23 [CNN: Money] Startup says it can predict soccer results

18:24 [Reuters: politics] U.S. IRS documents show liberal groups vetted like Tea Party: Democrats

18:24 [CNN] Heathrow traffic on hold for fire on unoccupied plane

18:24 [CNN] Mine Kafon: Low-tech, high-design tumbleweed minesweeper

18:24 [Raw Story] Anti-Obamacare Rep. now wants to sue Obama for not implementing it

18:25 [zero hedge] Fed's Plosser Admits Fed Was Responsible For Last Housing Bubble, Doesn't Want To "Create Another"

18:25 [This Magazine] Does the music industry need a gender count?

18:25 [The Atlantic: National] Priced Out in New York City, Where Space Makes Everything Possible

18:25 [Slashdot] New Analysis Casts Doubt On Intel's Smartphone Performance vs. ARM Devices

18:27 [NPR] Remembering A Scholar Who Reshaped States

18:27 [NPR] Heavy Rains Send Iowa's Precious Soil Downriver

18:29 [Voice of America] Plane Fire Closes Runways at Heathrow Airport

18:30 [BBC: Also in the news] Sporting spectacle on the piazza

18:30 [AL JAZEERA] Heathrow closes runways after plane fire

18:32 [Topix Activism News] Amnesty International says US should dismiss most serious charges in WikiLeaks case

18:32 [zero hedge] Meanwhile In Europe - Burning 787 Boeing In Heathrow; Crashed Train In Paris

18:32 [zero hedge] Spanish Banks Petition To Convert Historical Losses Into Bank Capital

18:33 [Reuters] Insight: Fast-growing U.S. craft brewers struggle with worker safety

18:33 [Financial Times] Nigeria fantasy football scores spark probe

18:34 [Slate Magazine] Pyramid Scheme

18:35 [CNN: Money] Hedge funds see big inflow of cash

18:35 [CNN: Money] Mercedes sells at auction for record $30 million

18:35 [] Tourist tip #285 / The farmers' market, Tel Aviv port

18:36 [Telegraph] Analysis: al-Qaeda in Syria unchecked by the US

18:36 [Telegraph] Police investigate 'terror nail bomb' explosion at mosque

18:37 [NPR] Let Women Ride In The Tour De France, Cyclists Say In Petition

18:37 [NPR] Russia Goes Retro To Keep Kremlin Secrets

18:38 [CNN: Technology] Teen jailed for Facebook 'joke' is released

18:39 [] 'Day of Struggle' Brings Out Thousands of Brazilians Nationwide /sites/

18:39 [] Snowden Calls Out for Justice and Support: 'I Did What I Believed Right' /sites/

18:40 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Branagh: Macbeth 'gets under skin'

18:40 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: New Bolshoi boss 'no revolutionary'

18:41 [Voice of America] Snowden Seeking Temporary Russian Asylum, Kremlin May Agree

18:41 [CNET News] Microsoft announces minor updates to Windows Phone 8

18:41 [CNET News] 'Portable' computer from 1979 wins CNET's old tech contest

18:44 [Guardian] Quebec oil train disaster: 24 bodies recovered so far

18:44 [Mother Jones] The Not-So-Triumphant Return of Glass-Steagall /files/blog_big_bank.jpg

18:45 [Big Think] Climate Change Is Not the World's Biggest Problem

18:45 [CNN] 8 reportedly dead in train derailment south of Paris

18:46 [Guardian] Hamas claims increased contact with European countries

18:47 [NPR] Does The Canadian Rail Explosion Make Pipelines Look Safer?

18:49 [CNET News] Is Android fragmentation over with Jelly Bean's rise? Nope

18:50 [Telegraph] Headache for Obama as Janet Napolitano quits as Homeland Security secretary

18:50 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden striving to keep his options open

18:50 [Telegraph] Heathrow Airport closed after fire breaks out on Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner on runway

18:50 [Telegraph] Train crash near Paris: 'many casualties'

18:50 [Telegraph] Democrats warn of end to filibuster as Republicans block appointments

18:50 [Reuters] Pakistan's Malala, shot by Taliban, takes education plea to U.N.

18:50 [AL JAZEERA] UK's Heathrow closes runways after plane fire

18:50 [AL JAZEERA] Casualties feared in Paris train derailment

18:51 [Fox News] ZIMMERMAN DEFENSE FINAL PLEA /i/redes/icon-video.gif

18:51 [Fox News] FUZZY LOGICMilitary Spends $$$ to Save Gophers Amid Furloughs

18:52 [CNN] FDA proposes new rules for arsenic levels in apple juice

18:54 [Raw Story] Zimmerman lawyer closes by showing jury shirtless Trayvon photo

18:54 [Raw Story] Vatican freezes Italian cleric’s assets in money laundering probe

18:54 [Raw Story] Mexican journalist acquitted of drug charges pens book on hellish prison experience

18:54 [Raw Story] New Yorkers to experience century-old French amusement park

18:55 [The Atlantic: National] Great Walls Don't Work, Truman Capote Has a Problem, Colleges Are Pinching the Poor: The New Atlantic Weekly Is Out

18:56 [Guardian] Malala delivers defiant riposte to Taliban militants as UN hails 'our hero'

18:56 [Guardian] Plane fire closes Heathrow airport runways

18:57 [NPR] 3-D Casts So Cool That You'll Almost Want To Break A Bone

18:57 [CBC: politics] Chairman rejects NDP call for summer Commons committee on rail safety

18:59 [CNET News] Apple sued because its devices display porn

18:59 [Voice of America] Plane Fire Closes Runways at Heathrow Airport

18:59 [CNN: Money] Mercedes sells for $30 million

18:59 [CNN: Money] 'First batch' Twinkies go on sale at Wal-Mart

19:00 [The Atlantic: Politics] Dear Congress, Please Fix the Student-Visa System Too

19:01 [The Atlantic: Technology] What If You Could Snapchat a Scent?

19:02 [Reuters] Stock price drop takes glow off U.S. consumer sentiment

19:02 [Deutsche Welle] Zimbabwean authorities accused of pre-poll clampdown

19:02 [Deutsche Welle] Romanian minister jailed for 5 years over corruption

19:04 [] Calif. Mobilization Against Solitary as Prisoners on Hunger Strike Face Retaliation /sites/

19:04 [Truthout] Opponents Vow to Fight On as Texas Advances Restrictive Abortion Bill

19:04 [The Progressive] Why Obama May Appoint Chris Christie at Homeland Security

19:04 [BBC: Science & Environment] Meteor's debris seen close up

19:06 [] Poland's parliament votes to uphold ban on kosher slaughterhouses

19:06 [Telegraph] Train crash near Paris: 'at least seven dead'

19:09 [Fin24 News] Metrobus strike ends

19:09 [Truthout] Prisoners Stage Hunger Strikes Worldwide

19:11 [zero hedge] Boeing Craters On Another Burning Dreamliner; Deadly Train Crash In Paris

19:11 [zero hedge] Photos Of An Extinguished Dream(liner)

19:12 [Deutsche Welle] Interview: Irish abortion law, the first step on a long road

19:13 [Voice of America] VOA News: Defense Gives Closing Arguments in Zimmerman Trial

19:13 [Spiegel] Freeze Frames: Melancholy Paintings Evoke Holocaust Trial

19:13 [Slashdot] Google Raises Campaign Funds For Climate Change Denier

19:14 [Truthout] Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years for Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms

19:14 [Mother Jones] Pentagon Unveils Friendly Killer Robot /files/blog_atlas_robot.jpg

19:15 [Voice of America] 5 Dead in Indonesia Riot, Mass Prison Escape

19:16 [The Onion] FBI Can’t Bring Themselves To Bust Guy Torrenting Every Season Of ‘Picket Fences’

19:16 [CNET News] Death Valley: The eggs are out of control

19:17 [NPR] Passenger Train Derails Near Paris, 'Many Casualties' Feared

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Michele Bachmann: I'm quitting my House seat in 2014

19:19 [msnbc: politics] For powerful appeals court, Senate will struggle to fill vacancies

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Obama transforms mission as military struggles to remake itself

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Obama challenges Naval Academy graduates to help restore trust in institutions

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Heckler repeatedly interrupts Obama speech

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Obama announces narrower drone strike strategy

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Lawmakers push new bill to crack down on military sexual assault

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Holder says drone strikes since 2009 have killed four U.S. citizens

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Sparks will fly: House panel braces for heated IRS hearing

19:19 [msnbc: politics] 'I hope I get a second chance': Anthony Weiner launches bid to become NYC mayor

19:19 [msnbc: politics] Obama: Help for tornado ravaged Oklahoma will be there 'as long as it takes'

19:19 [CNN] What are the odds of a Snowden getaway?

19:20 [Slate Magazine] The Death of Hulu

19:20 [Slate Magazine] The "Come Back Eliot, All Is Forgiven" Gabfest

19:20 [AL JAZEERA] Deaths in Paris train derailment

19:21 [] Snowden in first public remarks: I will seek asylum in Russia

19:21 [Financial Times] Al-Qaeda kills rival Syrian commander

19:24 [The Progressive] War on Women: the Homefront

19:24 [CNN] Heathrow reopens after brief closing for fire on empty 787 Dreamliner

19:26 [CBC: politics] Ice cream and laughs as Gary Doer hosts bash for Jacobson

19:26 [CNN: Money] Stocks dragged down by Boeing

19:31 [Voice of America] Snowden Seeking Temporary Russian Asylum

19:32 [Topix Activism News] Lawmaker: Snowden says he wants asylum in Russia at meeting with activists

19:32 [zero hedge] French-Owned Fitch Downgrades FrAAAnce To AA+

19:32 [Disinformation] Child Raising In Non-violent Cultures

19:33 [CNN] 'Blackfish': A chilling doc on captive killer whales

19:36 [Telegraph] Sharknado movie becomes surprise summer hit

19:37 [Reuters] Victim in Asiana crash was run over by fire truck: police

19:39 [Raw Story] Irish lawmaker pulls female MP onto his lap during abortion debate

19:41 [CNN: Health] FDA proposes new rules for arsenic levels in apple juice

19:41 [CNN: Health] Crossfit is not for the weak

19:42 [The Atlantic: International] Does Waze Mark the Beginning of the End of Israel's Brain Drain?

19:43 [Fox News: politics] Justice Department proposes curbing power to seize reporters' records

19:43 [Electronic Intifada] Though small, Palestine's queer movement has big vision

19:43 [Reuters] Obama to speak with Putin on Friday: White House

19:45 [Mother Jones] Why the Latest Zimmerman Race Riot Conspiracy Theory is the Dumbest Yet

19:45 [Mother Jones] Ron Wyden Has a "Feeling" Obama May Halt Bulk Phone Record Collection

19:45 [Truthdig] Egypt’s Military

19:45 [Truthdig] Citizenship

19:45 [Truthdig] Egypt

19:45 [Big Think] Are You Standing in Your Own Way? (with Sir Ken Robinson)

19:45 [Big Think] More Proof That The Landline Is Dying A Slow Death

19:46 [Fox News] Jury hears from former drug dealers at Bulger trial

19:47 [Deutsche Welle] Passenger train derails near Paris, fatalities

19:47 [CNN: Politics] House approves farm bill without food stamp aid

19:47 [CNN: Politics] Napolitano to leave Obama Cabinet

19:47 [CNN: Politics] 5 key differences on immigration

19:47 [CNN: Politics] Napolitano to leave Cabinet

19:47 [CNN: Politics] Five reasons immigration reform isn't happening

19:49 [] Fracking: Causes Water Pollution, Global Warming, and now... 'Earthquake Swarms' /sites/

19:49 [Raw Story] All-male Iowa Supreme Court rules employer can legally fire someone for being too ‘attractive’

19:50 [Guardian] Paris train crash kills seven people and injures dozens

19:50 [Reuters: politics] Justice Department to revise leak investigation policy

19:50 [CNN: Politics] Texas abortion bill a step closer to law

19:52 [Telegraph] Dreamliner plane catches fire at Heathrow

19:52 [Deutsche Welle] 'First step on a long road' for Irish abortion law

19:54 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Blackfish': A chilling doc

19:55 [CNN] MLB All-Star Game Fast Facts

19:56 [CNET News] Low Latency No. 68: There's a phone in my camera!

19:56 [CNET News] Cash in on Tech Sweepstakes

19:56 [CNET News] Hulu's sellers cry "cut"; scrap sale

19:57 [zero hedge] Remember The Debt Ceiling?

19:58 [AL JAZEERA] Heathrow reopens after 787 Dreamliner fire

19:59 [CNN: Money] Time to retire the word 'disrupt'

19:59 [CNN: Money] Hulu is no longer for sale

20:00 [This Magazine] FTW Friday: Sweet news for bees

20:01 [Slashdot] 787 Dreamliner On Fire Again

20:01 [Voice of America] Joe DeCapua: OPEC Sees Oil Demand Decline Again

20:01 [Reuters] Boeing Dreamliner catches fire at Britain's Heathrow airport

20:06 [CNN] Did investigators blow the Zimmerman case?

20:06 [CNN] Justice Dept. changes policy on investigations and journalists

20:07 [NPR] Teen Who Died In Asiana Crash Was Hit By A Fire Truck, Police Say

20:07 [CNET News] Tactile watch for blind shows time with ball bearings

20:08 [Guardian] Delay on plain cigarette pack decision 'sad day for child health'

20:08 [CNET News] 787 Dreamliner catches fire at London's Heathrow Airport

20:11 [Voice of America] Henry Ridgwell: Abortion Law Vote Polarizes Ireland

20:12 [NPR] Another 787 Dreamliner Fire Means Turbulence For Boeing Stock

20:13 [Reuters] At least six dead as French train derails

20:15 [CNN] French minister: 7 dead in train derailment near Paris

20:15 [CNN] Jurors hearing instructions in Zimmerman trial

20:15 [CNN] At least 2 killed in suicide blast near peacekeepers in Somali capital

20:18 [Fox News] DOJ proposes curbing power to seize reporters' records

20:20 [Financial Times] At least six killed in French train crash

20:21 [Infoshop] NATO 3 Trial Postponed Till March 2014, One Motion to Dismiss Charges Denied

20:22 [CNN: Money] Why national broadband plans work

20:23 [Reuters: politics] Obama to speak with Putin on Friday: White House

20:23 [Anarchist news] Anarchist Prisoner Costa Sokkas Released

20:25 [CNET News] Here's the flexible E Ink screen that could be in the 2014 Kindle

20:26 [Reuters] Dead Asiana crash victim was run over by fire truck: police

20:26 [Infoshop] Hundreds of Earth First!ers shut down oil & gas chemical supplier to protest fracking

20:28 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Sinkholes: When the Earth Opens Up

20:29 [zero hedge] Guest Post: What Marx Got Right

20:29 [Good] How Meditation Eased My Case of Internet Brain

20:29 [Good] These Little Dolls Make Organ Donation Adorable

20:30 [Truthdig] Journalist Shane Bauer on Inhumane Prisons From California to Iran

20:32 [Slashdot] Energy Production Causes Big US Earthquakes

20:32 [Disinformation] Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist

20:32 [CNN: Money] Boeing's problems are back

20:33 [Fin24 News] Gordhan: Several changes at Sars

20:34 [CNET News] If it LEDs, it shreds: Firefly guitar pick lights up in tempo

20:34 [Raw Story] Tea party Republicans flocking to appear Monday at white nationalist-connected march

20:34 [Raw Story] Gitmo’s prisoner force-feeding regimen could become reality for inmates on hunger strike in California

20:36 [CNN: Politics] Justice Dept. changes policy on investigations and journalists

20:36 [CNN: Politics] Five reasons immigration reform may not happen

20:37 [NPR] 5 Stars: A Mosquito's Idea Of A Delicious Human

20:38 [Telegraph] Slumdog Millionaire professor sets up first 'cloud schools' for teacherless lessons

20:39 [CNN] O'Mara: No winners possible in Zimmerman case

20:39 [CNN] Jurors begin deliberations in Zimmerman trial

20:39 [CNN] The Royal Baby: Live updates

20:40 [msnbc: politics] Compromise or second-class status? 'Legalization' vs. 'citizenship'

20:42 [CNET News] The 404 1,302: Where we make first contact (podcast)

20:43 [Electronic Intifada] Gaza Palestinians still stranded abroad by Egypt's restrictions

20:48 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan's Malala takes education plea to UN

20:49 [Reuters] Quebec town takes small steps to normalcy after train disaster

20:50 [CNN] Cavendish wins stage at Tour de France as Froome's lead cut

20:51 [Infoshop] The California Prison Strike Begins

20:52 [NPR] How Much Arsenic Is Safe In Apple Juice? FDA Proposes New Rule

20:54 [Telegraph] Last journey for Whicker, who brought the world to his viewers

20:54 [Telegraph] Soldiers locked up for training negligence which killed comrade

20:54 [Telegraph] Obama to call Putin as Edward Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia

20:54 [Telegraph] Boeing Dreamliner fire at Heathrow sparks travel chaos and new concerns about aircraft

20:54 [Telegraph] Dreamliner: world's 'most eco-friendly aircraft' has troubled history

20:55 [CNN] U.S. State Department calls for Morsy's release

20:55 [Voice of America] Europe, US Say Trade Talks Start Well

20:56 [Guardian] Andrew Marr to return to TV after stroke

20:57 [zero hedge] Boeing Stock Re-Crashes On Heaviest Volume In 15 Years As 2nd Event Confirmed

20:57 [zero hedge] Bernank's Bluff and the Coming Crash

20:57 [zero hedge] When Effect Leads Cause: Nikkei 2x Levered ETF Activity Up 1158% YTD

20:57 [Deutsche Welle] Friedrich: US gives assurances on Prism

20:59 [Raw Story] Swiss prosecutors return pre-Columbian artifacts to Peru after arresting attempted online seller

21:00 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 12 July 2013 /files/blog_domino_2013_07_12.jpg

21:00 [The Onion] Egyptians Concerned About Direction Government Is Toppling In

21:07 [Disinformation] Senators Propose Bill To Break Up Biggest Banks

21:08 [Reuters: politics] Justice Department revises leak investigation policy

21:09 [The Progressive] Chris Christie to Obama's Cabinet?

21:10 [CNN] Democrats highlight IRS targeting of liberals, slam probe

21:10 [Telegraph] Body of two-year-old boy found at home of death plunge mother

21:10 [Telegraph] Mystery of superglued udders grips farm show

21:11 [zero hedge] UNiVeRSiTY oF GuLaGFoRNiA...

21:15 [Big Think] The Neo-Masochism of Motherhood and Femininity

21:15 [Big Think] Hi There...Just Wanted To Return This Pile Your Dog Left

21:19 [CNET News] Lyft sells carpooling business to Enterprise

21:20 [Reuters: politics] Obama to speak with Putin on Friday, raise Snowden concerns

21:20 [The Onion] Defense: ‘George Zimmerman Is, You Know, He’s A Decent Enough Guy’

21:22 [Deutsche Welle] Flights suspended at London's Heathrow after Dreamliner fire

21:23 [CNN: Crime] Cleveland kidnapping suspect now faces 977 counts

21:23 [CNN: Crime] Zimmerman's fate in jury's hands

21:23 [CNN: Crime] Naked rape victim left outside

21:23 [CNN: Crime] Teen jailed for Facebook 'joke' freed

21:26 [Slashdot] E-Voting Source Code Made Public In Estonia

21:27 [CNN] DOJ tightens rules on subpoenas, warrants involving journalists

21:29 [Raw Story] New Jersey bus driver filmed masturbating in Lincoln Tunnel

21:29 [Raw Story] John Kerry lends support to closed-door negotiations over protecting waters around Antarctica

21:30 [Big Think] This Cool Video Urges You to Pay Attention to the Food You Waste

21:30 [Guardian] Lib Dem MP attacks coalition's plans for immigration reform

21:31 [Voice of America] Plane Fire Closes Runways at Heathrow Airport

21:31 [zero hedge] US Banks As Broken As Ever: JPM Excess Deposits Rise To New Record; Loans At Pre-Lehman Levels

21:34 [Raw Story] Sen. Schumer: ‘Stop and frisk’ Ray Kelly should be new Homeland secretary

21:39 [Voice of America] Train Derails Near Paris, Killing Passengers

21:39 [Financial Times] Snowden revelations stir up anti-US sentiment

21:39 [Financial Times] Bill to restore Glass-Steagall unnerves Wall St

21:41 [] Word of the Day / Ofanoa - Motorcycle

21:42 [Reuters: politics] Fed's Bullard: beware basing policy off optimistic forecasts

21:46 [The Onion] [video] U.S. Border Patrol Increases Staff By Hiring Cheap Immigrant Labor

21:47 [CNN: Money] Even insiders dislike Facebook

21:51 [CNN] Janet Napolitano Fast Facts

21:51 [CNN] Opinion: Napolitano stumbled on immigration reform

21:54 [] Panicked Obama to Dial Putin After Snowden's Statement /sites/

21:54 [Guardian] Plan to target food poverty likely to stay off menu until 2016

21:56 [CNET News] Stream your media libraries to your iDevice with

21:56 [CNET News] How the U.S. is forcing Internet firms' hands on surveillance

21:59 [CNN] French interior minister: 7 dead in train derailment near Paris

21:59 [CNN] Man faces charges in burning of girlfriend's son

21:59 [] Panicked Obama to Dial Putin After Snowden Appearance /sites/

21:59 [Campaign For Liberty] When we see Big Sis go, we will say YIPPEE!

22:00 [Guardian] Clashes in Belfast following Twelfth of July parades - live updates

22:02 [Disinformation] Inside the Mind of a Sociopath

22:03 [Reuters] Zimmerman lawyer says Martin lay in wait to attack

22:04 [zero hedge] What Is A "Liquidity Trap" And Why Is Bernanke Caught In It?

22:07 [NPR] Texas Abortion Fight Is Just One Of Many This Year

22:08 [CNN: Crime] Man faces charges in burning of girlfriend's son

22:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Oprah lands Lohan interview and series

22:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Review: 'Pacific Rim' a mash-up

22:09 [Raw Story] Health officials confirm deadly flu-like MERS virus jumped from Saudi Arabia to the UAE

22:10 [Global Voices] Caring For The Migrant Workers in Maldives

22:14 [Slashdot] The Savvy Tech Strategy Behind Obamacare

22:14 [CNN: Technology] Spotify's 10 most misquoted songs

22:15 [CNET News] Microsoft details hardware requirements for Windows 8 devices

22:17 [NPR] Man Hailed As A Hero After Epic Swim Saves Stranded Family

22:18 [CNN] Fire aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner renews concerns

22:19 [Voice of America] Nick Long: DRC Peace Talks Stall, Rebels Say

22:20 [Reuters] Egypt's bruised Islamists protest, US calls for Mursi release

22:24 [CNET News] Moto X phone flaunted by Google chairman

22:25 [The Atlantic: National] How the Sequester Is Holding Up Our Legal System

22:26 [CBC: politics] Reconstructed debates bring acrimonious 1873 House to life

22:28 [CNET News] Meet e-David, the robot that paints

22:29 [Telegraph] Schools 'playing the system' to boost GCSE exam grades

22:29 [Good] Watch: Powerful Spoken Word on the Right to Breastfeed

22:30 [CNN] Murder trial jurors can be overwhelmed, traumatized

22:30 [CNN] They're watching as guru in sweat lodge case goes free

22:32 [zero hedge] Bernanke-Based Buying Bonanza Buoys Bonds, Bullion, And Boeing-Less Stocks

22:32 [NPR] Awkwardly Awaiting The Zimmerman Trial's Outcome

22:34 [Raw Story] Hulu owners cancel sale of video service

22:36 [Slate Magazine] Fruitvale Station

22:38 [CNN: Health] Murder trial jurors can be overwhelmed, traumatized

22:39 [Slashdot] Japanese Gov't Accidentally Shares Internal Email Over Google Groups

22:39 [Raw Story] US, EU kick off Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks despite Snowden revelations

22:39 [Voice of America] Lionfish Threaten Atlantic Reefs

22:41 [AL JAZEERA] Malala takes her fight for education to UN

22:43 [Telegraph] Liverpool Care Pathway to be axed in favour of individual treatment plans

22:43 [Telegraph] Aerial footage of French train crash

22:43 [CBC: politics] Conservative policy convention rescheduled for late October

22:45 [Big Think] Prague's Metro Is Getting Into The Matchmaking Business

22:46 [CNN] Opinion: Napolitano stumbled on immigration

22:46 [CNN] At least 6 dead in train derailment near Paris, French official says

22:46 [Fox News] FDA sets new limits on arsenic in apple juice- DNA helps doctors avoid false cancer diagnoses

22:46 [Fox News] Jury hears from former drug dealers at Bulger trial - Police exhuming remains in Boston Strangler case

22:46 [Fox News] Mexican mayor fakes death to avoid gang rape charge before election

22:46 [Fox News] Hundreds of new charges filed in Ohio kidnap case

22:46 [Fox News] US flies deportees far into Mexico to discourage returns

22:46 [Fox News] Heathrow closes runways after fire on Dreamliner- At least 6 dead in train derailment near Paris

22:46 [Fox News] GOP lawmakers blame Obama administration over failed missile tests

22:46 [Fox News] Teen victim of Asiana plane crash was struck by fire truck, police say

22:46 [Fox News] Obama to speak with Putin amid tensions over Snowden

22:46 [Fox News] American, two Spaniards gored at running of bulls

22:46 [Fox News] Obama glossing over poverty? Study shows issue rarely mentioned by president

22:47 [Guardian] Paris train crash kills six people and injures dozens

22:49 [AL JAZEERA] Israeli group decries juvenile's detention

22:50 [Reuters: politics] IRS also vetted liberal groups like 'Occupy': Democrat

22:53 [Deutsche Welle] South American bloc accuses US of violating privacy

22:53 [zero hedge] The Week That Was: July 8th - 12th 2013

22:53 [Reuters] Egypt's bruised Islamists protest, U.S. calls for Mursi release

22:58 [NPR] U.S., Germany Call For Release Of Ousted Egyptian Leader

23:00 [zero hedge] Friday Humor: The Most Blatant Closing Ramp Ever

23:01 [CNN: Money] Stocks close at records, Boeing sinks

23:02 [Disinformation] Google Plans Wearable Computer For Dogs //

23:04 [Raw Story] Who edited Shakespeare?

23:09 [CNN: Crime] Sweat lodge guru goes free

23:09 [CNN] After days of courtroom drama, 6 jurors deliberate Zimmerman's fate

23:09 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: Anti-smoking head cage

23:11 [CNET News] Jet engine-powered shopping cart hits 44 mph

23:13 [Voice of America] Scott Stearns: US Calls for Morsi's Release

23:14 [Anarchist news] the poststructural anarchist

23:14 [] Mercosur Countries Recall European Ambassadors Over Morales Plane Blockade

23:15 [CNN: Politics] Snowden meets with rights groups, seeks temporary asylum in Russia

23:16 [Reuters] Bomb attack in coffee shop in Iraqi city of Kirkuk kills 31: sources

23:17 [CNN] Newtown victim families could each receive $281,000 from donated funds

23:18 [Deutsche Welle] Snowden's asylum bid causes dilemma for Russia

23:18 [NPR] Justice Tightens Guidelines For Obtaining Records From Media

23:19 [Raw Story] Germany stops Icelandic whale meat shipment to Japan in environmentalist victory

23:21 [Reuters] Islamist protests in Cairo grow, U.S. seeks Mursi release

23:25 [Slashdot] Amazon One-Click Chrome Extension Snoops On SSL Traffic

23:33 [CNN: Technology] Teen jailed for Facebook 'joke' is freed

23:33 [CNN: Technology] The writer who made Twitter cry

23:33 [CNN: Technology] 5 apps that drove App Store's success

23:33 [Deutsche Welle] Bayern's Guardiola whips up storm with Barcelona comments

23:33 [The Onion] American Voices: Microsoft Announces Major Company Overhaul

23:34 [Raw Story] U.S. Army promises to locate lost Iraq, Afghanistan records that keep veterans from getting benefits

23:36 [CNN: Politics] Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia

23:36 [CNN: Entertainment] Adam Sandler's acting regrets

23:36 [Reuters: politics] Obama speaks with Putin on Friday, raises Snowden concerns

23:39 [Raw Story] Edward Snowden’s journey from high school drop-out to focus of international intrigue

23:41 [The Onion] Infographic: Famous Whistleblowing Cases In U.S. History

23:41 [Topix Activism News] Tentative settlement on Ohio Jesus portrait suit

23:44 [CBC: politics] Conservative convention rescheduled for Halloween

23:44 [Reuters] Bomb attack in Iraqi city of Kirkuk kills 31

23:44 [Reuters: politics] Treasury delays offshore tax-dodge law by 6 months

23:45 [Mother Jones] Sen. Schumer's Bright Idea: Ray Kelly for DHS Secretary

23:45 [CNET News] AT&T to acquire Leap Wireless

23:48 [NPR] Years Later, Miss Indian America Pageant Winners Reunite

23:49 [Reuters] Jury deliberates Zimmerman case, asks for evidence list

23:50 [CNN: Travel] Impala escapes cheetahs via SUV

23:50 [CNN: Travel] Fire, 'technical issue' on two Dreamliners

23:50 [CNN: Travel] Death Valley scrambles to clean up after egg-frying frenzy

23:54 [CNET News] How to add logic to search results in OS X

23:55 [Slashdot] Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate

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