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00:00 [OpEdNews] Ralph Nader: Sanders Should Stay in Democratic Race, Is Only Losing Due to Anti-Democratic System

00:00 [Big Think] Philip Perry: How Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Healthcare

00:01 [CNN] Swaddling and SIDS: About that alarming study ...

00:01 [CNN] Trump's ideas on debt would devastate U.S., global economy

00:01 [CNN] El Chapo is playing games on extradition

00:02 [Electronic Intifada] Rami Almeghari: How does harvesting wheat threaten Israel?

00:05 [CNN] CNN Student News - May 11, 2016

00:07 [Truthdig] Facebook Denies Allegations It Ordered Them to Suppress Conservative News

00:07 [straight] Brittany Duggan: Vancouver Art Gallery starts talking tour in Kelowna

00:07 [Slate Magazine] Dahlia Lithwick: No News Is No News

00:07 [Mother Jones] Tom Philpott: Almost Half of US Honeybee Hives Collapsed Last Year /files/losschart2016-2%20copy.jpg

00:08 [Guardian] Steve Bell: Steve Bell on David Cameron's anti-corruption summit – cartoon

00:09 [CNET News] Laura Hautala: Senators debate limits on NSA spy databases - CNET

00:09 [CNET News] Danny Gallagher: Safe sexting? Durex wants a condom emoji - CNET

00:09 [CNN: Politics] US official: Terror kills as many or more in Africa than Mideast

00:09 [CNN: Politics] Government won't seek death penalty in Benghazi case

00:09 [CNN: Politics] Fight over bumper sticker puts state Senate candidate in surgery on Election Day

00:11 [Reuters: politics] Cruz returns to Washington, warns of 'volcanic anger'

00:11 [Reuters: politics] Former Illinois congressman requests to plead guilty in tax case

00:11 [Reuters: politics] Pennsylvania state senator, Democratic official charged in vote-buying scheme

00:12 [Slashdot] manishs: British Hacker Love Wins Court Battle Over Encryption Keys

00:13 [NPR] Laura Wagner: Is Facebook Suppressing Politically Conservative Content?

00:14 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Saving Is Dumb... Say The Central Bankers

00:17 [CNN: Politics] Nebraska exit polls: Government spending top concern

00:17 [Voice of America] Michael Bowman: Republican Senators Coming to Grips with Trump as Nominee

00:20 [straight] Charlie Smith: Transit police issue statements about a bus driver being punched and a passenger being sexually assaulted

00:20 [CNN] Exit polls: Economy top concern for West Virginia voters

00:20 [CNN] Scientists create lotion that makes wrinkles invisible

00:22 [Truthdig] Facebook Denies Allegations That It Suppressed Conservative News

00:23 [Guardian] Anushka Asthana and Jamie Grierson: Afghanistan and Nigeria 'possibly most corrupt countries', Cameron lets slip

00:24 [CNN: Politics] Trump video intercuts Clinton laughing while Benghazi burns

00:25 [Raw Story] Reuters: Ex-Illinois lawmaker asks to plead guilty in tax case because of death threats

00:27 [Mother Jones] Hannah Levintova: Anti-Abortion Group Once "Disgusted" by Donald Trump Now Supports Him

00:28 [CNN] Trump video intercuts Clinton laughing while Benghazi burns

00:29 [] jkucera: U.S.-Russia Tension Spills Over Into Moldova's Victory Day

00:30 [CNET News] Gael Fashingbauer Cooper: Who's 'Jaws' now? Drone footage shows dolphins attacking shark - CNET

00:30 [CNET News] Anne Dujmovic: Senate panel asks Facebook about claims of bias in trending topics - CNET

00:31 [Voice of America] New Film ‘Elvis & Nixon’ Tells Improbable Story Behind Meeting

00:32 [Fox News: politics] AP Interview: Donald Trump says he's narrowed VP shortlist

00:37 [Guardian] Richard Adams Education editor: Academy trust lauded by Cameron falls apart as executive head quits

00:37 [Slate Magazine] Mallory Ortberg: Dear Prudence Live Chat

00:41 [CNN: Politics] Trump needs cash, but GOP donors not opening their wallets

00:41 [Good] Tod Perry: Couple’s ‘Infertility Announcements’ Have Fun With A Tough Topic

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TED CAN'T LET IT GO? Cruz resurfaces, adding drama to Nebraska, West Virginia primaries

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'COMMON SENSE' WIN Man, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in pond battle

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Lawyer: 'El Chapo' says his new cell is 'dirty and ugly,' wants to return to max security prison

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amazon surges: Will it reach $1,000 a share?

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel melted gold to launder drug proceeds in the U.S.

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Star Alliance plane makes emergency landing after passenger dies during flight

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NY law to serve pregnant women puts bartenders in a bind

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: India can supposedly bypass iPhone encryption

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Autistic student 'humiliated' at prom after sister barred - Traveling prom dress sisterhood honors friend lost to cancer

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: OPINION: What teen girls really want from relationships (hint: it's not just sex)

00:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Warrant: Minnesota doctor saw Prince, prescribed drugs

00:45 [Raw Story] Reuters: Ted Cruz returns to Senate — but won’t endorse Trump

00:45 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: WATCH LIVE: ‘The Young Turks’ cover West Virginia Democratic primary

00:46 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Trump vs. Hillary: The "Slugfest" Of The Most Disliked Candidates Of Modern Times

00:46 [CNN] Prince's Minnesota home being searched by police

00:46 [CNN] Donald Trump needs cash, but donors not opening wallets

00:49 [Guardian] now: Clinton camp expects a loss in West Virginia primary – campaign live

00:49 [Guardian] David Agren and the Associated Press in Mexico City: Suspects in missing Mexican students case say they were tortured to confess

00:49 [Guardian] Ronnie Cohen: 'Marijuana superstore' wins legal battle over medical pot shops in California

00:50 [BBC: Entertainment] Car park orchestra wins classical award

00:52 [CNN] Julian Castro on VP role: 'That's not going to happen'

00:54 [CNN: Health] Swaddling and SIDS: About that alarming study ...

00:54 [CNN: Health] 'Second skin' lotion makes wrinkles invisible temporarily

00:54 [CNN: Health] North Carolina's bathroom bill: Where does it go now?

00:56 [Slashdot] BeauHD: 15-Year-Old Boy Discovers Long-Lost Ancient Mayan City Using Constellations And Google

00:56 [CNN] Senate Republicans rule out Garland confirmation in lame duck session

01:02 [Truthdig] How Donald Trump and CNN’s Jeff Zucker Made Their Business America’s Political Problem

01:03 [Voice of America] Economists Say Trump Trade Policy is Big Loser for the US

01:05 [Raw Story] Rory Carroll, The Guardian: California ‘marijuana superstore’ wins four-year legal battle after feds abandon push to close it

01:07 [Electronic Intifada] Charlotte Silver: Israeli court convicts boy who was mocked on video as he lay injured

01:07 [Slate Magazine] Will Oremus: Of Course Facebook Is Biased

01:08 [Mother Jones] Josh Harkinson: Trump Campaign Corresponded With Its White Nationalist Delegate Long After “Database Error" /files/CampaignEmail.png

01:12 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: This 65-Year-Old American Lost His Life's Savings For Failing To File A Form

01:12 [zero hedge] Pivotfarm: War Is Stupid!

01:13 [CNN] Philippines gets its own Trump (Opinion)

01:16 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: English actress who is a Nigerian film star

01:17 [CNN] West Virginia exit polls: economy top concern

01:18 [CNET News] Andrew Krok: Nikola Motor Company: The EV startup with the worst, most obvious name ever - Roadshow

01:18 [CNET News] Chris Matyszczyk: ESPN wants you to stop watching Netflix. Right now! - CNET

01:18 [CNET News] GameSpot Staff: Disney Infinity video game discontinued - CNET

01:21 [CNN] Arkansas judge resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct

01:21 [Voice of America] May 10, 2016

01:21 [Deutsche Welle] French government to face no-confidence vote

01:22 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Dying coral reefs 'dull fish senses'

01:27 [Reuters] Disney reports rare earnings miss, shares sink

01:28 [CNN: Politics] Where does NC's bathroom bill go now?

01:28 [CNN: Politics] Ex-Mexican President knocks Trump, Sanders

01:28 [CNN: Politics] Julian Castro on Clinton VP role: 'That's not going to happen'

01:28 [CNN: Politics] NE exit polls: Government spending top concern

01:31 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Japan Banks May Soon Pay Borrowers To Take Out Loans

01:35 [Guardian] now: Donald Trump wins West Virginia primary – campaign live

01:35 [Raw Story] David Edwards: WATCH: Fox News pundits freak out over Facebook news ‘slant’ without a shred of self awareness

01:36 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Germany Had So Much Renewable Energy That It Had To Pay People To Use Electricity

01:37 [Truthdig] From the Truthdig Archives: The Terror America Wrought

01:38 [Slate Magazine] Mike Pesca: Neither Frightened Nor Rabbit

01:40 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: Bernie Sanders projected to win West Virginia Democratic primary

01:40 [CNN] Donald Trump finds an ally in Europe's far right

01:40 [CNN] Alleged Syrian hacker appears in Virginia court

01:41 [Deutsche Welle] 10 countries qualify for Eurovision final

01:44 [CNN] Transcript: Jon Stewart finally weighs in on 2016, Donald Trump

01:44 [CNN] 3 brothers indicted in Maryland police station attack

01:44 [CNN] Bernie Sanders holds early lead in West Virginia

01:44 [CNN] Mitch McConnell shows confidence in Donald Trump

01:45 [OpEdNews] Crappy Politics

01:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'NEED TIME TO THINK' Sharon speaks out about split from hubby Ozzy

01:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Navy SEAL trainee dies during basic training

01:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Texas town OKs $63M for a high school football stadium - VIDEO: Controversy over Texas town's plan for HS football stadium

01:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Oklahoma governor declares state of emergency after tornadoes, strong storms kill 2 - Surveyors assess Oklahoma communities in wake of EF3 tornado - VIDEO: Deadly tornadoes strike Oklahoma - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

01:48 [CNN] Donald Trump campaign OKs white nationalist as GOP delegate after 'database error'

01:50 [OpEdNews] Gallup: Hillary has Worst Favorability Rating in Dem History

01:51 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Watch Out - A Big Policy Change Looms In China

01:51 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Bernie Beats Hillary (Again) In West Virginia

01:58 [CBC: politics] Peter Zimonjic,Karina Roman: Federal government confirms provision of equal health care for indigenous children

02:00 [CNN: Politics] US destroyer sails near disputed Chinese island

02:00 [CNN: Politics] Senate Republicans rule out Garland confirmation in lame-duck session

02:00 [CNN: Politics] Alleged Syrian hacker appears in Virginia court

02:00 [CNN: Politics] Trump finds allies on Europe's right

02:00 [CNN: Politics] Citing swing-state polling, McConnell shows confidence in Trump

02:00 [CNN: Politics] Trump campaign approves white nationalist as GOP delegate after 'database error'

02:00 [Big Think] Paul Ratner: A 15-Year-Old Teen Stunningly Discovers a Lost Mayan City

02:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Matheran toy train services suspended after recent derailments

02:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: No information about Priyanka getting U. P. assignment: Mistry

02:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: One more heat-related death in Odisha

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Bengal Class X results declared

02:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Take steps if RTI activists threatened: CIC to DMs, SPs

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Chit fund scam stalls Odisha House proceedings

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Bindu Shajan Perappadan: Book questions Kandhamal

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Cong. for better water, power supplies in Malkangiri

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Gadkari panel to review pleas of cab operators

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Pul urges voters to ensure victory of PPA candidate

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Jatin Anand: Bhairon Marg ‘to be as good as new’ soon

02:02 [The Hindu - News] CM a puppet of Governor, says Congress

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: A deck of cards reimagined by hundred artists

02:02 [The Hindu - News] White Paper on crime tabled

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Damini Nath: This is why we can’t have nice things

02:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Journalist arrested with drugs

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Child diagnosed as HIV-positive after blood transfusion

02:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: India may burn its ivory stockpile as poaching deterrent

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Dalit families attacked over use of village pond’

02:02 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Action taken against two jail warders

02:02 [The Hindu - News] AAP demands probe over CAG report in M.P.

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Oust both the Dravidian parties, says CPI (M) leader

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Man held for cheating

02:04 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Rs 5 crore for odd-even ads

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Rajulapudi Srinivas: “Couples splitting over trivial issues”

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: New Kadapa Collector’s assurance

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: ‘Caste census report by June 25’

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent – VSP: In Coimbatore Today

02:04 [The Hindu - News] IT employee is a ‘workman,’ says court

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Man nabbed at Metro

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Mohammed Iqbal: High Court asks JNU to explain rustication of Umar, Anirban

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Ensure supply of essentials for anganwadis, says Joint Collector

02:04 [The Hindu - News] R. Vimal Kumar: Bitter experiences for garment makers

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Fake ticket racket busted

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘No room for free discussion’

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: HSL clears junk under Swachh Bharat drive

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Swathi Vadlamudi: Rural healthcare in a shambles: study

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Scope high for a new government college at Sathy

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: BMRCL told to set up multi-level parking lots

02:04 [The Hindu - News] K. Manikandan: A two-rupee catamaran ride saves women a long walk

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Campaign reminds candidates on rights of children

02:04 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: SDMC has money, why is it not giving pensions, asks Congress

02:08 [CNET News] Steven Musil: Facebook unveils WhatsApp apps for Mac, Windows desktops - CNET

02:08 [CNET News] Ashley Esqueda: MIT's Materiable platform can mimic sand, rubber, water and more (Tomorrow Daily 362) - CNET

02:08 [CNN] Frontier Airlines pilots challenge breastfeeding policies

02:08 [CNN] 20 of Europe's most beautiful hotels

02:10 [The Hindu - News] ‘Corrupt Ministers contesting again’

02:10 [The Hindu - News] All in a day's work

02:10 [The Hindu - News] M. Soundariya Preetha: A constituency in need of basic facilities

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: FIR on ‘ragging’ in DPS Noida

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Kritika Sharma Sebastian: Amid drama, JNU V-C walks out of Academic Council meet

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Lost in translation

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Students create awareness on 100 per cent voting

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: 2 killed in hit-and-run cases

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Shubhomoy Sikdar: Man held with woman’s body in car

02:10 [The Hindu - News] From lotus to two leaves in a jiffy

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Quick response teams begin patrolling

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Child loses thumb at daycare centre; mother files FIR, turns to Facebook

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Online presence of SMEs

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: School transport vehicles inspected

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Jatin Anand: 5,000 diesel cabs need to be phased out annually

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Three held, four vehicles recovered

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Bindu Shajan Perappadan: NGT notice to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Workshop for students

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Mohammed Iqbal: Delhi govt, cops to look into background of cab drivers

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Woman, child taken to home

02:10 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: AAP MLAs respond to EC notice

02:11 [Fox News: politics] Former Mexican president Vincente Fox doubles down on Trump criticism, calls him 'hated gringo'

02:11 [Fox News: politics] Trump projected to win W. Virginia Republican primary

02:11 [Fox News: politics] Gov't 'waste' report: Researchers paid to sting genitals, study wet animals – and more

02:11 [Fox News: politics] Wyoming welder, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond

02:11 [straight] Tammy Kwan: Eighth annual Deighton Cup releases early bird tickets today

02:11 [Good] Tod Perry: Video Shows How Men Can Stop Talking Over Women

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Sruthisagar Yamunan: The bald reality of life

02:12 [The Hindu - News] ‘Cash transported in govt. vehicles’

02:12 [The Hindu - News] S. Vijay Kumar: Did police probe Meiyappan, Vindu Dara Singh: Court

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Over Rs. 4 crore siezed

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Scores of candidates have a criminal record

02:12 [The Hindu - News] S. Poorvaja: She is now a ‘social media star’, thanks to polls

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘New Pudhu Vaazhvu project rollout soon’

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: IT engineer gets VII rank in Civil Services examination

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Raid conducted

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: EC declares Tiruvadanai ‘expenditure sensitive’

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Offer letters given to 1,450 students in KLU

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Two AIADMK cadres caught bribing voters

02:12 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Case filed against BJP candidate for raising “provocative slogans”

02:15 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: Ex-Seattle cop investigated after trapping woman in his car while driving for Uber

02:15 [Voice of America] Waakhe Simon Wudu: Deadly Clashes in New South Sudan State Heighten Tensions

02:15 [Anarchist news] thecollective: Nihilism: A Lie In Service To The Existing

02:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Fox News projects Trump wins West Virginia primary, Dem. race too close to call

02:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MALL KNIFING SPREE At least 4 stabbed, suspect shot in Massachusetts

02:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Judge accused of trading sexual favors for lighter sentences resigns over nude photos on computer

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘BMC moving towards scientific processing of garbage’

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Sanjay Vijayakumar: US startup to offer free data in India

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Elephant abandons calf

02:16 [The Hindu - News] PTI: One more heat-related death in Odisha

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: 8 members of snake gang convicted

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Steps on to prevent impersonation: EC

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Call to end use of money power

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Power outages a poll issue in Cliff House area

02:16 [The Hindu - News] P Sridhar: Digital campaign begins

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Youth provide water to animals

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Janata Dal(S) expects Congress support for Shankar Madalgi

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: BJP candidates elected president, vice-president of Shikaripur TP

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Radhakrishnan Kuttoor: Poor inflow to reservoirs

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Refugees demand disbursement of monthly assistance

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Trying to break up fight, cop injured

02:16 [The Hindu - News] S. Vijay Kumar: IPL betting: Trial court points to ‘lapses’ in CB-CID charge sheet

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Karthik Madhavan: Poverty forces former corporation councillor to take up conservancy work

02:16 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Take steps if RTI activists threatened: CIC to DMs, SPs

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Workshop on Islamic law inaugurated

02:16 [The Hindu - News] M.P. Praveen: Lighting up their football dreams

02:16 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: “People pledge to vote ethically”

02:18 [The Hindu - News] M. Balaganessin: Cashew yield in Pachamalai hit

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Sloganeering by TDP men irks Chinarajappa

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Man held in Devendra murder case

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Vellore residents take a vow to vote ethically

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: 15 sportspersons presented Ekalavya awards

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Rajesh B. Nair: An interesting scene in Varkala

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Seeking their rightful due

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Engagements

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Lawyers stay off courts

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: State’s helping hand to win medals

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Rajesh B Nair: Development claims rule poll scene

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘RS seat was conceded to AIADMK out of gratitude’

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CII to conduct interactive session

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Indian companies reworking appraisal system for right talent, says PwC study

02:18 [The Hindu - News] S Senthalir: Providing craftsmen an affordable platform

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Writ plea against Minister

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Trapped in a tug-of-war

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CM faces tough questions on free rice scheme

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Serish Nanisetti: New bill on mapping may lead to red tape

02:18 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Rain disrupts power, damages vehicles

02:18 [The Hindu - News] R. Krishna Kumar: Government clears diversion of forest land for road widening at Chamundi Hills

02:21 [Deutsche Welle] Amnesty report details 'horrendous conditions' of Nigerian detainees

02:21 [Deutsche Welle] Alberta scrambles to restart oil sands operations after massive wildfire

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Progyaa Dutta: IIT Bombay, U.S. varsity roll out executive MBA

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Piyush Pandey: JSW Steel confirms interest in Tata UK steel assets

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Surveillance heightened in farms, bird sanctuaries

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Organ donations save 4 lives

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Bankruptcy code to help in ease of doing business: Crisil

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Five die in car accident

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Sanpada builder dies a day after he shot himself

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CII to unveil water evaluation method in 50 districts

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: DC suspends Chief Officer of Sorab Town Panchayat

02:22 [The Hindu - News] R. Krishna Kumar: Drive to expand crop insurance cover

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Farmers want norms relaxed

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Coach derailment affects train schedules

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Case against BJP candidate for raising “provocative slogans”

02:22 [The Hindu - News] PTI: ‘Big B’s compliment means the world to me’

02:22 [The Hindu - News] H.S.Narasimha Kumar.: Engagements

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Zahra Amiruddin: A fresh launch pad for musicians

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Organ donations save 4 lives

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Music: Jan Graveson

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Renni Abraham: Defunct water body returns dam proposal

02:22 [The Hindu - News] Art: The Subconscious Expression

02:22 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Will file reply on forest fires, Uttarakhand govt tell NGT

02:24 [BBC: Health] Do you inherit your parent's mental illness?

02:24 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: NIRP's Not Working

02:24 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Collector administers ethical voting pledge

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: More facilities to come up at ESIC Medical Complex

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Anti-nuclear activist arrested in Theni

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Install time switches on streetlights, Gescom told

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Left parties seek drought relief works

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Correspondent: Birth anniversaries of social reformers

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Correspondent: Rs. 12.81-crore surplus budget for Kalaburagi City Corporation

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: JD(S) eyes two more Assembly seats in Raichur

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Correspondent: Congress, JD(S) win top posts in Yadgir TP

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Sites promised for island evictees

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: School libraries meet from tomorrow

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Congress protests deletion of Nehru from textbook

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Vijaykumar Patil: CREDAI takes up work to remove silt from Rakkaskop reservoir

02:26 [The Hindu - News] PTI: 30 per cent rise in tiger count from 2010 to 2014: govt

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Mother takes on daycare centre on Facebook after daughter loses thumb

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Rishikesh Bahadur Desai: Wild animals suffering from water scarcity in Bidar

02:26 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Raid on houses of Minister’s associates, kin

02:27 [CNN] Rest stops: A dying slice of Americana

02:27 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Billionaire Tech Investor Peter Thiel To Back Trump As GOP Presidential Candidate

02:28 [Reuters] Several people stabbed at Massachusetts mall

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Jipmer’s health education initiative completes a year

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: State ranks fourth in road accidents in 2015

02:28 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Journalist arrested with drugs

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Congress protests deletion of Nehru from textbook

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: PG dental courses allotment from today

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: City candidate gets 84 {+t} {+h} rank in civil services

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: BJP forgot its promises to State, says Botcha

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao: New districts proposal opposed in Mahabubabad, Mulug

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Ginger grower ends life in Mandya

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Amit Shah fires broadside at Sonia

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Flag march taken out

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: AIADMK leaders not sure if elections will be fair

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Child diagnosed as HIV-positive after blood transfusion

02:28 [The Hindu - News] PTI: 30 per cent rise in tiger count from 2010 to 2014: govt

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: TS for bill in Parliament on categorisation of SCs

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Experts air concerns over draft wetland rules

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Andhra Pradesh Bureau: Special status: YSRC stages protests

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CPI slams Minister on bauxite mining

02:28 [The Hindu - News] S. Harpal Singh: Picturesque habitat saves vulture from extinction

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Farmers agitation for Mahadayi waters enters 300th day

02:28 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Protesters observe hunger strike

02:30 [Raw Story] Reuters: Missouri Republicans push bill through restricting public access to police bodycams

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: KLU declares engg. entrance exam results

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Major role for BAI in State’

02:30 [The Hindu - News] P. Samuel Jonathan: Velagapudi on the boil after construction worker’s death

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: PIOs must understand RTI Act, says Sridhar

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Living hell, say workers

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Act fast on division of institutions: MP

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Labour Dept. announces aid

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Good turnout for summer camp

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Special Category Status is our right, says Jagan

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: HSL clears junk under Swachh Bharat drive

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Sumit Bhattacharjee: Girls outshine boys in SSC exam

02:30 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: All five bodies retrieved

02:33 [CNN] At least 4 stabbed at Massachusetts mall, residence

02:36 [CNN: Money] Staples and Office Depot call off merger

02:36 [CNN: Money] Disney's Iger needs an heir to secure story-book finish

02:36 [Reuters: politics] Trump says he would like Speaker Ryan to chair Republican convention: Fox

02:40 [Raw Story] Reuters: Trump offers olive branch to Paul Ryan: ‘I’d love for him’ to chair GOP convention

02:40 [Raw Story] David Edwards: Ann Coulter calls on Trump to blow off GOP leaders: ‘He is the party, he is the heart and soul’

02:41 [Good] Gabriel Reilich: What You Should Know About Planned Parenthood

02:41 [Good] Caitlin Gallagher: Walgreens Is Launching A Major Initiative Aimed To Improve Mental Health

02:45 [Raw Story] Reuters: Multiple stabbings reported at Masschusetts mall

02:45 [Reuters] Four stabbed in attacks at Massachusetts mall, home

02:47 [straight] Janet Smith: At Arts Umbrella, Crystal Pite workshops epic ideas while a dancer from Lebanon comes full circle

02:52 [CNN] Gupta: Let's end the prescription drug death epidemic

02:52 [CNN] Ben Carson still advising Donald Trump on possible VPs

02:57 [BBC: Education] UK 'losing international student share'

02:57 [BBC: Education] Poor school buildings 'harming pupils'

02:57 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: "If You've Got Gold, You've Got Money; If Not, You've Got A Problem"

02:59 [Guardian] Staff and agencies in Edmonton: Fort McMurray wildfire cuts Canada's oil output by a third

03:00 [Raw Story] Star Tribune: Police obtain search warrants for Prince’s medical records

03:03 [Reuters] Suspect shot after four stabbed at Massachusetts mall, home

03:04 [CNET News] Emme Hall: Hyperloop One: New name, same goal - CNET

03:04 [CNET News] Steven Musil: Ransomware goes to Washington - CNET

03:05 [Voice of America] VOA News: Bangladesh Executes Islamist Leader for Wartime Atrocities

03:05 [Guardian] now: Trump wins West Virginia and Nebraska primaries – campaign live

03:06 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Netflix Cuts Out Over 6 Days Of Commercials From Your Life Per Year, Compared To Cable TV

03:08 [CNN] Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton battle for West Virginia

03:08 [Reuters] Clinton loses to Sanders in coal state of West Virginia

03:09 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Challenges Chinese Duties on Chicken Exports at WTO

03:13 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Forget FriendFinder - Maple-Match 'Connects' Trump-Hating Americans With Considerate Canadians

03:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: Sanders upsets Clinton with West Virginia primary win, Trump adds to delegate count

03:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: WACKY GOV'T SPENDING? Researchers paid to sting genitals, study wet animals

03:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MASS. KNIFING SPREE 4 stabbed at home, mall before suspect shot

03:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: US judge blocks proposed merger of Staples, Office Depot

03:19 [CNN: Politics] Transcript: Jon Stewart finally weighs in on 2016, Trump

03:19 [NPR] Laura Wagner: Staples And Office Depot Call Off Merger After Judge's Ruling

03:20 [Big Think] Stefani Cox: Adverse Childhood Experiences Can Be Overcome With Help

03:21 [Reuters: politics] Clinton loses to Sanders in coal state of West Virginia

03:23 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: Unemployment Among Young High School Grads Is...Pretty Much Normal These Days /files/blog_unemployment_high_school_under_24_1q_2016.jpg

03:27 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Oldest axe' made by early Australians

03:29 [CNN: Money] Musk's Hyperloop vision races toward first public test

03:32 [CNN] Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in West Virginia

03:34 [NPR] Jessica Taylor: Bernie Sanders Wins West Virginia Primary

03:36 [Deutsche Welle] US senator presses Facebook on anti-conservative bias

03:38 [Topix Activism News] Just Paint's mural project combines activism with public art

03:39 [Reuters] Asia shares bounce on bright earnings, yen bruised

03:41 [CNN: Money] CNN projects Sanders will win West Virginia

03:41 [Guardian] now: Sanders and Trump win West Virginia primary – campaign live

03:42 [BBC: Technology] US senator enters Facebook 'bias' row

03:42 [CNN] Suspect, 2 victims dead in Massachusetts attacks, police say

03:45 [CNN: Politics] Sanders wins in West Virginia, CNN projects

03:45 [Raw Story] Medical Daily: Your body treats junk food the same as diabetes: researchers

03:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEADLY KNIFING SPREE 2 dead, suspect killed after Mass. stabbing rampage

03:46 [Deutsche Welle] Sanders, Trump win West Virginia primary

03:47 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The War In Afghanistan Has Turned A Generation Of Children Into Heroin Addicts

03:47 [zero hedge] EconMatters: API Reports Another 3.5 Million Barrel Build in Oil Inventories (Video)

03:48 [Slashdot] BeauHD: A Bored Hacker Easily Stole And Defaced More Than 70 Subreddits

03:48 [Mother Jones] Pema Levy: Sanders Wins West Virginia, Keeping the Pressure on Clinton

04:00 [CNN: Politics] Despite reports the contrary, Carson still advising Trump on possible VPs

04:02 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Hillary Clinton Son-In-Law's Hedge Fund Shuts Down Greek Fund After 90% Loss

04:07 [The Hindu - News] Naveena Vijayan: When the beautician knocks…

04:09 [Fox News: politics] Vote on San Francisco immigrant sanctuary policy postponed

04:09 [CNN: Politics] Trump's ideas on debt would devastate US, global economy

04:09 [CNN: Politics] CNN's West Virginia primary coverage in 90 seconds

04:09 [Voice of America] Marissa Melton, Nastasia Peteuil: Uber Struggles, but Spreads in Africa

04:10 [CBC: politics] Aaron Wherry: Liberals hope to move forward with electoral reform committee

04:12 [CNN] West Point clears black cadets over raised-fists photo

04:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: WEST VIRGINIA GOES FOR BERNIE Sanders tops Clinton in Dem. primary while Trump adds to delegate count

04:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: No punishment for 16 West Point cadets in raised-fist photo

04:15 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: ‘America is weak, cheap, and tastes like pee’: Twitter ridicules Budweiser’s patriotic name change

04:16 [CNN] For Clinton, beating Trump isn't a slam dunk (Opinon)

04:21 [The Hindu - News] AP: Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca threatens legal action against ICIJ

04:21 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Child loses thumb at daycare centre; mother files FIR, turns to Facebook

04:23 [The Hindu - News] HAROON HABIB: Bangladesh executes Jamaat chief Nizami for war crimes

04:24 [CNN] Why Hillary Clinton wins even when she loses (Opinion)

04:28 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Obama's Toilet Revolution

04:29 [The Hindu - News] Haroon Habib: Bangladesh executes Jamaat chief Nizami for war crimes

04:31 [The Hindu - News] Shiv Sunny: Boy falls in open drain, dies; locals blame PWD

04:31 [Deutsche Welle] Three dead, two wounded in Massachusetts mall stabbing attack

04:34 [Reuters] Medical records search warrant carried out in Prince case

04:35 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Sue Googe Uses Google's Font To Run For US Congress

04:37 [The Hindu - News] Avinash Bhat: Parking problems aplenty at Bengaluru metro stations

04:37 [The Hindu - News] Cinthya Anand: Police pursue dropouts, put them back in school

04:37 [The Hindu - News] M.L. Melly Maitreyi: AP to demarcate Krishna floodplain before construction of capital

04:37 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Never settling for less

04:37 [The Hindu - News] What's happening in Chennai today

04:37 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: BMRCL told to set up multi-level parking lots

04:37 [The Hindu - News] Damini Nath: Dreary road ahead for odd-even?

04:39 [BBC: Health] Patients sent home with little support

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: A deck of cards reimagined by hundred artists

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Damini Nath: This is why we can’t have nice things

04:41 [The Hindu - News] PTI: India may burn its ivory stockpile as poaching deterrent

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: SDMC has money, why is it not giving pensions, asks Congress

04:41 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Matheran toy train services suspended after recent derailments

04:41 [The Hindu - News] M. Rajeev: Three airports set to take wing in AP

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: ‘Dalit families attacked over use of village pond’

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Fish kill: BBMP says drainage flowed into Ulsoor lake in rain

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Medigadda: Telangana, Maharashtra agree on submergence area

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Action taken against two jail warders

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Old-school heist: gang drills into, burgles jewellery shop

04:41 [The Hindu - News] AAP demands probe over CAG report in M.P.

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Nitish kick-starts anti-liquor campaign in Jharkhand

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Nagesh Prabhu: Facing flak, govt. includes mayor in Vision Group

04:41 [The Hindu - News] PTI: No information about Priyanka getting U. P. assignment: Mistry

04:41 [The Hindu - News] PTI: One more heat-related death in Odisha

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Bindu Shajan Perappadan: Book questions Kandhamal

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Gadkari panel to review pleas of cab operators

04:41 [The Hindu - News] Jatin Anand: Bhairon Marg ‘to be as good as new’ soon

04:43 [The Hindu - News] Muralidhara Khajane: Women actors don’t get even 5 per cent of what men do: Aindrita

04:43 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Telangana for bill in Parliament on categorisation of SCs

04:43 [The Hindu - News] White Paper on crime tabled

04:44 [CNN] Donald Trump begins voter modeling plan in key states

04:45 [Raw Story] Van Winkle's: How ‘fatigue amnesia’ makes some doctors so tired they can’t remember saving patients’ lives

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Yunus Y Lasania: Traffic chaos in Hyderabad for two more years?

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Bengal Class X results declared

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Summer is not over yet!

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Chit fund scam stalls Odisha House proceedings

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Anil Kumar Sastry: MRPL procures blended petrol from Paradip

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Cong. for better water, power supplies in Malkangiri

04:47 [The Hindu - News] Pul urges voters to ensure victory of PPA candidate

04:47 [The Hindu - News] CM a puppet of Governor, says Congress

04:48 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Goldman Closes "Short Gold" Recommendation With 4.5% Loss; Will Continue Buying Gold From Its Clients

04:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: At least 10 hurt as storms move into Ohio River Valley - Surveyors assess Oklahoma communities in wake of EF3 tornado - VIDEO: Deadly tornadoes strike Oklahoma - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

04:49 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Vote on San Francisco immigrant sanctuary policy postponed

04:49 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Summer showers bring cheer to city residents

04:49 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Hyderabad Police bust gang of ATM thieves

04:50 [Raw Story] David Edwards: ‘Your mic is hot!’: Sean Hannity screams for Geraldo to stop insulting Bernie during victory speech

04:52 [OpEdNews] Winona LaDuke: Stories From the Front LInes of the Modern Indian Wars

04:53 [The Hindu - News] K. Manikandan: A two-rupee ride in a catamaran for work

04:53 [The Hindu - News] R. Srikanth: Mugging rampant at industrial complex

04:53 [The Hindu - News] Hiran Unnikrishnan: When policemen saved the day for a couple

04:53 [The Hindu - News] K.A. Martin: Piravom poised tantalisingly as campaign gains momentum

04:56 [CNET News] Steven Musil: Facebook Moments launches in Europe, Canada -- without facial recognition - CNET

04:57 [The Hindu - News] Zubeda Hamid: Stress levels spike as results draw close

04:57 [The Hindu - News] Counselling services in schools to be mapped by CBSE

04:57 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Vijayawada candidate gets 84th rank in civil services

05:01 [The Hindu - News] Sunitha Sekar: Metro trains for airport segment to be tested soon

05:01 [The Hindu - News] Tharun Boda: Summer effect: beer, liquor sales up in Vijayawada

05:01 [The Hindu - News] Udhav Naig: Civic issues top T. Nagar’s list of woes

05:01 [The Hindu - News] G. Venkataramana Rao: Green tribunal hearing against Amaravati posted for July 11

05:05 [The Hindu - News] S. Poorvaja: She is now a ‘social media star’, thanks to polls

05:05 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: PM humiliated Kerala: CM

05:05 [The Hindu - News] Mohamed Nazeer: Pre-poll incidents trigger fears of rising tension

05:05 [The Hindu - News] Sruthisagar Yamunan: The bald reality of life

05:09 [The Hindu - News] Rajesh B. Nair: An interesting scene in Varkala

05:09 [The Hindu - News] S. Poorvaja: One paati, two parties

05:11 [Guardian] Staff and agencies: Doctor named who saw Prince 'day before death' and gave prescriptions

05:13 [The Hindu - News] S.R. Praveen: State IAS topper opts for Karnataka

05:17 [CNN] Primary results: 5 takeaways from West Virginia and Nebraska

05:19 [Reuters] Brazil Senate set to vote on Rousseff impeachment

05:22 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About The Government's Secret Experiments

05:25 [Raw Story] The Conversation: This is how much you need to eat when you’re built like ‘The Mountain’ on ‘Game of Thrones’

05:29 [CNN] The secret lives of airplane passengers

05:29 [CNN] Impeaching Dilma Rousseff: What's going on?

05:35 [Voice of America] Mariama Diallo: In Africa, Examining 'Critical Vulnerabilities' to Terrorism

05:36 [CNN] Bangladesh executes Islamist leader for war crimes

05:42 [Deutsche Welle] Brazil's Rousseff makes 11th-hour appeal to stop impeachment

05:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bring Ryan Reynolds home

05:43 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DATE DRAMA Autistic student told he can't bring sister to prom

05:44 [CNN] Could Rodrigo Duterte affect U.S.-Philippines ties?

05:45 [CNN: Politics] Why Hillary Clinton wins even when she loses

05:45 [CNN: Politics] Trump begins voter-modeling project in key November states

05:45 [CNN: Politics] CNN's WV primary coverage in 90 seconds

05:45 [CNN: Politics] 5 takeaways from West Virginia, Nebraska

05:45 [Raw Story] The Guardian: Bernie Sanders rips Trump amid West Virginia primary win: ‘It is not enough’ to just reject him

05:46 [Guardian] Tom Phillips in Beijing: Queen says Chinese officials were 'very rude' during Xi Jinping's state visit

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Congress may seek early poll in Uttarakhand

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Devesh K. Pandey: India fails to get Mallya deported

05:56 [CNET News] Luke Lancaster: Google employees fighting gender inequality with emojis - CNET

06:01 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Open Source Artificial Pancreas Helps Engineer's Son Survive With Type 1 Diabetes

06:01 [AL JAZEERA] Bernie Sanders beats Clinton in West Virginia primary

06:01 [The Hindu - News] Suhasini Haider: Interview with Husain Haqqani

06:02 [Guardian] Monica Tan: Gary Foley and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy: 'We were all young, crazy, but we believed in a quest for justice'

06:05 [Raw Story] David Edwards: Colbert tells Paul Ryan how to endorse Trump: ‘Just shut your eyes and think of Reagan’

06:05 [The Hindu - News] Rani Devalla: A school that drew many smart students

06:05 [The Hindu - News] Suhasini Haidar: Interview with Husain Haqqani

06:07 [Deutsche Welle] Wars displace record 40.8 million people: report

06:08 [Fox News: politics] Sanders, Trump win W. Virginia, Trump also takes Nebraska

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Oust both the Dravidian parties, says CPI (M) leader

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Harbour defence systems inaugurated at Vizag

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Former GVMC corporator dead

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Over 280 candidates declare pending criminal cases

06:09 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: IT engineer gets VII rank in Civil Services examination

06:11 [Voice of America] Luis Ramirez: Kerry to Face Questions at Anti-Corruption Summit

06:13 [AL JAZEERA] Bangladesh executes Motiur Rahman Nizami for war crimes

06:13 [The Hindu - News] Biju Govind: My fight is against murder politics of CPI(M): Rema

06:13 [The Hindu - News] Karthik Madhavan: Poverty forces former corporation councillor to take up conservancy work

06:13 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: DMK’s assurance on 58-canal scheme

06:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: WEST VIRGINIA GOES FOR BERNIE Sanders tops Clinton in Dem. primary while Trump adds to delegate count

06:21 [Voice of America] Taiwan Park Creates Art From Plastic Bottles

06:25 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: NYC Mayor de Blasio says bars cannot refuse to serve alcohol to pregnant women

06:25 [The Hindu - News] Sharad Vyas: Railways bills Rs 4 crore for water trains

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Sonam Saigal: Theft most common crime in Delhi and Mumbai

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Sanjay Vijayakumar: Online courses that lead to jobs

06:31 [The Hindu - News] Sonam Saigal: Theft most common crime in Delhi and Mumbai

06:33 [AL JAZEERA] No apology from Obama for Hiroshima

06:33 [The Hindu - News] S. Poorvaja: Kasturi paati stars in both DMK and AIADMK ads

06:33 [The Hindu - News] Sankhayan Ghosh: ‘Why would you autotune a Shreya Ghoshal?’

06:33 [Voice of America] Over 20 Percent of World Plants Face Extinction

06:34 [Guardian] Ben Doherty: Bangladeshi refugee dies on Nauru of suspected heart attack

06:34 [Guardian] Paul Evans: Thrushling tests the edges of its hedge-world

06:34 [Financial Times] Insurance Act to empower claimants

06:35 [The Hindu - News] What's killing the fish in Bengaluru's Ulsoor lake?

06:39 [The Hindu - News] Bhanuj Kappal: As good as the hype

06:41 [Voice of America] Over 20 Percent of World Plants Face Extinction

06:43 [Voice of America] VOA News: Sanders, Trump Win West Virginia Primaries

06:43 [Voice of America] George Putic: Over 20 Percent of World Plants Face Extinction

06:43 [BBC: Entertainment] Detectives question Prince's doctor

06:45 [CNET News] Luke Lancaster: NASA releases dozens of patents into the public domain - CNET

06:47 [Truthdig] Sanders Wins West Virginia Primary - And No, It’s Not Inconsequential

06:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'LAPSE OF AWARENESS'? Cadets in raised-fist photo won't face punishment

06:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEADLY KNIFING SPREE 2 dead, suspect killed after Mass. stabbing rampage

06:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amputee from 9/11 attacks wins 7 medals at Invictus Games

06:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 15-year-old claims to have found lost Mayan city -- without leaving his house

06:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woman says she was booted from Garth Brooks concert for using men's bathroom

06:48 [Guardian] Agencies: US defies Myanmar government request to stop using term Rohingya

06:51 [Reuters] Federal U.S. judge rules Texas tycoon Wyly committed tax fraud

06:51 [Reuters] Putin prevails in Sochi all-star ice hockey game

06:53 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Ami Bera’s father admits illegal campaign contributions

06:53 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Sanders wins West Virginia, unlikely to stop Hillary march

06:55 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: US won’t seek death penalty against suspect in Benghazi attacks

07:03 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: Fact Check: The Economy Is Doing Pretty Well These Days

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Varghese K. George : Barack Obama to make historic Hiroshima visit

07:14 [Guardian] Felicity Lawrence: The gangsters on our doorstep | Felicity Lawrence

07:14 [Guardian] Rafael Behr: The BBC’s civilising thread runs through our democracy | Rafael Behr

07:14 [Guardian] Martin Chulov in Makhmour, Iraq: Mosul: the city that will define not just Iraq’s war, but its future

07:14 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Colorado inmate claims Prince is his father, asks for DNA test - Warrant: Doctor saw Prince, prescribed drugs

07:15 [Sydney Morning Herald] Amy Remeikis: Queensland Parliament live: May 11, 2016

07:25 [AL JAZEERA] Philippines: The contradictions of Rodrigo Duterte

07:28 [straight] Martin Dunphy: David Suzuki: Ain't nothing like the real thing—but virtual reality comes close

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Archana Nathan: ‘Actors don’t speak up fearing boycott’

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Amarnath Tewary: Rocky Yadav’s mother JD(U) MLC Manorama Devi faces arrest, goes into hiding

07:34 [Guardian] Agence France-Presse: Transgender politician wins seat in Philippines parliament

07:35 [AL JAZEERA] Spanish lab testing street drugs for free overwhelmed

07:35 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Jawan killed in Kupwara encounter

07:40 [Guardian] Guardian Staff: Is this the best pizza in the world?

07:41 [CNET News] Luke Lancaster: Don't feel guilty: This is your brain on piracy - CNET

07:41 [The Hindu - News] AP: Impeachment of Brazil President goes from long-shot to likely

07:44 [Topix Activism News] 4 women Frontier pilots want new policies for moms at work

07:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEADLY KNIFING SPREE 2 dead, suspect killed after Mass. stabbing rampage

07:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Colorado inmate claims Prince is his father, asks for DNA test - Warrant: Doctor saw Prince, prescribed drugs

07:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: VIDEO: New York law to serve pregnant women puts bartenders in a bind

07:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DC Metro faces complete shut down if safety directives aren't implemented

07:51 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson named in latest Panama Papers leak - Documents could shed light on secretive Skull and Bones society

07:53 [CNN] Navy SEAL student James Derek Lovelacedies during pool exercise

07:56 [Guardian] Staff and agencies: Inaction man: Vladimir Putin slips up during all-star ice hockey game

07:59 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: Live: 'India's FDI in the U.S. is Rs. 50,000 crore'

08:03 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Congress may seek early polls in Uttarakhand

08:04 [CNN] Australia: Terror suspects bought boat to sail to Syria

08:05 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Congress may seek early polls in Uttarakhand

08:06 [Guardian] Frances Ryan: Benefit sanctions are now hitting ‘hardworking’ families | Frances Ryan

08:09 [The Hindu - News] AP: Why Dilma faces impeachment?

08:09 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Introducing The London Kleptocracy Bus Tour

08:10 [Guardian] Sam Jones: Baby and toddlers among 149 dead at Nigerian military prison, says Amnesty

08:12 [CNN] Cause of fatal Texas fertilizer blast to be announced

08:15 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Define time limit for declaration of drought: Supreme Court tells Centre

08:15 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: Live: Parliament proceedings — '100 smart cities to be developed in five years'

08:16 [Guardian] Tom Phillips in Beijing: Queen says Chinese officials were 'very rude' during president's state visit

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DISCOVERY FROM AFAR Canadian teen claims to have found lost Mayan city

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: State Dept. faces questions over missing tape, amid scramble over WH aide's Iran boast - VIDEO: Iran deal a con job?

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: At least 10 hurt as storms move into Ohio River Valley - VIDEO: Deadly tornadoes strike Oklahoma - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Life is horrible': Syria's Christians fear total genocide - OPINION: World must protect desperate Syrians who have no place left to go

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Convicted robber who broke out of prison 48 years ago finally caught - VIDEO: Escaped prisoner caught after nearly half century on the run

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Wyoming welder, facing $16M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond

08:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: College protesters apply scornful tag to dissenting minorities - VIDEO: Conservative minority student demonized as 'shady'

08:18 [Guardian] Dan Roberts and Ben Jacobs in Washington: Bernie Sanders takes West Virginia as Donald Trump rolls on

08:20 [Guardian] Associated Press: Massachusetts stabbings: two dead in attack at shopping mall and home

08:22 [Guardian] Staff and agencies: Doctor who saw Prince 'day before death' and gave prescriptions is named

08:22 [Guardian] David Hytner at Upton Park: West Ham sink Manchester United in thrilling Boleyn Ground sendoff

08:23 [The Hindu - News] AP: Shallow quake hits Tibet, state media say casualties likely

08:23 [The Hindu - News] Peerzada Ashiq: Army launches operation against militants in Kashmir

08:23 [The Hindu - News] AP: Why Dilma faces impeachment

08:26 [Guardian] Alan Smith and David Hytner: West Ham party turns sour as Manchester United bus attacked

08:27 [Deutsche Welle] Australia stops five people suspected of plotting sailing trip to Syria

08:31 [AL JAZEERA] Albinism in Malawi: Living in fear

08:32 [CNET News] Luke Lancaster: Students go 'Mission: Impossible' to cheat on entrance exam - CNET

08:32 [CNN] Rivaldo: Don't come to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

08:34 [The Hindu - News] AP: Why is Dilma facing impeachment?

08:38 [Guardian] James Lasdun: Zero K by Don DeLillo review – the problem of mortality

08:43 [Financial Times] S Africa bank governor upbeat on economy

08:50 [Guardian] Reuters in Wellington: New Zealand warns hikers away from Lord of the Rings volcano

08:54 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Two bodies exhumed in syringe murder case

08:54 [The Hindu - News] Staff Reporter: Gang threatened victims with snakes

08:54 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Modi owes apology for unseating Rawat government: Sudheeran

08:54 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: FIR against Congress candidate

08:57 [Reuters] Stuck with dangerous dollar dominance

08:57 [Deutsche Welle] German utility Eon's operating profit rises, but ...

08:58 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Next mahamastakabhisheka to be a simple affair

08:58 [The Hindu - News] PTI: TRAI regulation on call drops arbitrary, unreasonable: SC

09:01 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Atomic Oxygen Detected In Martian Atmosphere

09:07 [BBC: Entertainment] The theatre company causing Mischief

09:08 [Guardian] Rose George: Does a smear test hurt? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Rose George

09:08 [Guardian] Press Association: North-east Atlantic mackerel wins back sustainable status

09:08 [Guardian] Alison Flood: Sats tests will harm next generation of writers, says Society of Authors

09:08 [Guardian] Elena Pastou: Silence your phone and let go of guilt: 10 tips to improve your wellbeing at work

09:12 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Harish Rawat back as Uttarakhand Chief Minister

09:13 [Voice of America] VOA News: Five Men Held in Australia Suspected of Planning Trip to Syria

09:13 [Voice of America] James Butty: Uganda Opposition Announces Alternative Presidential Inauguration

09:14 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Shots Fired: "OPEC Has Practically Stopped Existing" - Rosneft CEO Mocks Defunct Oil Cartel

09:14 [Guardian] Press Association: 13,000 suspected and convicted criminals on run after skipping bail

09:16 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: EU referendum: Boris Johnson's Today interview - Politics live

09:17 [CNN] World's oldest ax found in Australia

09:17 [Financial Times] Queen calls Chinese officials ‘very rude’

09:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: CDC labs repeatedly sanctioned for mishandling bioterror germs, report claims

09:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Proposed merger of Staples, Office Depot blocked

09:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Officials identify vandals accused of killing rare fish

09:25 [Voice of America] Chris Hannas: West Virginia Solidly Trump's, But National Demographics Favor Clinton

09:28 [The Hindu - News] Atul Aneja: China develops a bridgehead to service One Belt One Road

09:30 [Financial Times] Padoan to pursue banks on mis-selling

09:31 [Reuters] French finance minister admits to 'inappropriate' conduct towards female journalist

09:31 [AL JAZEERA] Turkey's visa ordeal and Europe's refugee deal

09:34 [The Hindu - News] R. Ravikanth Reddy: Telangana SSC pass percentage rises by 8 per cent

09:36 [BBC: Entertainment] Music News LIVE: 11 May

09:42 [The Hindu - News] Ashok Kumar: Child loses thumb at daycare centre; mother files FIR, turns to Facebook

09:42 [Guardian] Guardian music: David Bowie's second album breaks Discogs' price record

09:43 [Financial Times] Gulf governments set debt record

09:48 [The Hindu - News] S. Poorvaja: Kasturi paatti stars in both DMK and AIADMK ads

09:53 [Reuters] Car bomb in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 16, sources say

09:53 [AL JAZEERA] Nigeria rebuffs David Cameron over corruption remarks

09:53 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Queen Elizabeth II: Chinese Officials Were ‘Very Rude’

09:54 [BBC: Entertainment] Cannes 2016: Reporter's diary

09:56 [CNN] Queen: Chinese officials 'very rude' during Xi UK trip

09:58 [The Hindu - News] AP: Rescued son of Pakistan’s ex-PM to be flown home from Kabul

09:58 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: Harish Rawat back as Uttarakhand Chief Minister

10:04 [CNN] 'World's oldest ax' found in Australia

10:08 [The Hindu - News] TN Elections: Rajesh Lakhoni explains Election Commission's strategy

10:08 [Guardian] Elle Hunt: Antiques Roadshow expert mistakenly values school art project at $50,000

10:09 [BBC: Technology] AI patient app launched at Alder Hey

10:10 [Guardian] Patrick Barkham Social policy editor: Plan to force workers on universal credit to take second jobs 'is risky'

10:11 [CNET News] Sally Neiman: The hidden tech behind Broadway's 'Aladdin' - CNET

10:15 [] Kazakhstan: Tiger Death Casts Doubt Over Zoo’s Future

10:16 [Fox News] Fox News Online: China says US patrols in South China Sea 'provocative' - Queen Elizabeth II caught on camera calling Chinese officials 'rude'

10:16 [CNN] Publix recalls cranberry nut and seed mix, citing listeria concerns

10:18 [Guardian] Tom Phillips in Beijing: Queen says Chinese officials were 'very rude' during Xi Jinping state visit

10:18 [Guardian] Michael Slezak: World's carbon dioxide concentration teetering on the point of no return

10:19 [Voice of America] VOA News: Brazil's President on Verge of Suspension

10:24 [OpEdNews] Sanders blows away Clinton in West Virginia. What next?

10:24 [Guardian] Guardian Staff: Gene Simmons apologises after calling Prince's death 'pathetic'

10:26 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: EU referendum: Boris Johnson accuses Cameron of 'demented scaremongering' - live

10:27 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Mapping The Most Miserable Countries In The World

10:27 [Deutsche Welle] German police investigating 40 refugees as potential terrorists

10:27 [Deutsche Welle] Mitsubishi fuel-efficiency cheating scandal widens

10:27 [BBC: Entertainment] Russia through to Eurovision final

10:28 [Pravda] Star Wars: US afraid of Russia's attack in space

10:40 [Reuters] Car bomb in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 22, sources say

10:40 [Financial Times] What is Dilma Rousseff accused of?

10:40 [Fox News: politics] Top Clinton aide Mills reportedly walks out of FBI interview about emails

10:41 [Voice of America] Ayaz Gul: Rescued Son of Ex-Pakistani Leader Returns Home From Kabul

10:43 [Pravda] Alternative Germany wants to lift sanctions against Russia to save 42,000 jobs

10:44 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Congress wins Belagavi ZP president’s post

10:44 [NPR] Carrie Kahn: A Wider, Deeper Panama Canal Prepares To Open Its Locks

10:47 [CNN] Brazil impeachment: Fate of President Dilma Rousseff in Senate hands

10:47 [Voice of America] VOA News: Car Bomb Explodes in Baghdad's Sadr City

10:48 [CNN: Money] The latest U.S.-China trade spat is over chicken

10:50 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Oldest known axe found in Australia

10:50 [The Hindu - News] Biju Govind: After Somalia comparison in Kerala, #PoMoneModi trends on Twitter

10:53 [AL JAZEERA] India's Love Detectives

10:56 [Guardian] Tom Phillips in Beijing: China silent on 'golden era' of UK relations after Queen's comments

10:58 [CNN] ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Baghdad bombing

10:58 [Guardian] Nadia Khomami and agency: Heathrow to ban night flights as part of plan for third runway

10:58 [BBC: Entertainment] Taylor Swift given Taylor Swift award

11:04 [NPR] Elizabeth Blair: George Carlin's 'Stuff' Gets A New Home At National Comedy Center

11:04 [NPR] Julie McCarthy: Can India's Sacred But 'Dead' Yamuna River Be Saved?

11:05 [CBC: politics] Éric Grenier: How Conservative and NDP leadership contenders stack up on the money

11:05 [CBC: politics] John Paul Tasker: Legal truce over veterans benefits on shaky ground, lawyer warns MPs

11:05 [CBC: politics] Aaron Wherry: Liberals criticized for using time allocation to limit debate

11:07 [Financial Times] Turkey demands EU’s €3bn for refugees

11:12 [Deutsche Welle] DR Congo's Katumbi on rough road to presidency

11:13 [Pravda] US National Intelligence uncertain how much harm Snowden caused

11:14 [The Hindu - News] IANS: New Chief Justices in Tripura, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan

11:15 [Fox News: politics] Howard Kurtz: Media revive Trump's playboy period, but does past talk about women hurt him?

11:19 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Chinese City Halts Petrochemical Plant Study After Protests

11:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BERNIE BEAT GOES ON Sanders wins W. Va., Trump adds to delegate count

11:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: OFF LIMITS? Clinton aide reportedly leaves FBI interview over email query

11:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: No punishment for West Point cadets in raised-fists photo

11:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: China says US South China Sea patrols 'provocative' - Queen Elizabeth II caught on camera calling Chinese officials 'rude'

11:21 [New Internationalist] Male baldness v malaria?

11:21 [CNN: Money] Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

11:21 [CNN: Money] Chelsea Handler on Netflix: What's the verdict?

11:22 [The Hindu - News] Drought: The government’s manual

11:22 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Congress wins Belagavi ZP's top posts

11:24 [CNN] ISIS claims responsibility for bombing in Baghdad's Sadr City

11:26 [Guardian] Michael Butler: Football teams relegated despite not being in the drop zone all season | The Knowledge

11:26 [Guardian] Amy Dicketts: Tales from the London commute: 'I escaped persecution for being gay'

11:27 [Deutsche Welle] Move over Donald Trump, these presidential candidates make you look tame

11:27 [Deutsche Welle] Report: German interior minister questions visa-deal for Turks

11:28 [Pravda] Does Russia defeat US in Middle East?

11:32 [CNN] Prescription addiction: Doctors must lead us out

11:32 [Guardian] Graeme Wearden: UK factory output suffers biggest fall since 2013 - business live

11:32 [Guardian] Angelique Chrisafis in Paris: French minister admits to 'inappropriate' conduct towards journalist

11:34 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Sheena Bora case: driver wants to turn approver

11:36 [Reuters] In remote corner of Iraq, an unlikely alliance forms against Islamic State

11:37 [CNN: Health] Gupta: Doctors must lead us out of our opioid abuse epidemic

11:37 [CNN: Health] Publix issues recall for cranberry nut mix due to listeria concerns

11:39 [Reuters] Car bomb in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 50: police, medics

11:40 [Guardian] Guardian readers and Sarah Marsh Eleni Stefanou: Waiters reveal what they really think about tipping

11:40 [The Hindu - News] AP: Car bombing in Baghdad commercial area kills 18

11:41 [AL JAZEERA] Algeria economy: 'The worst is to come'

11:44 [CNN] Husband's plea: Release British-Iranian wife

11:44 [Guardian] animator: Autism: getting lost in London – video

11:45 [Financial Times] Temer on the cusp of becoming Brazil’s president

11:46 [Guardian] Chris Cole: We need a debate on drone killings – whether they should be happening at all | Chris Cole

11:46 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Bomb scare on Mysuru-Delhi express train

11:48 [Reuters] Mitsubishi Motors says improper data may have been used for more models

11:48 [CNN] Javier Bardem: Bombing humanitarians is far from human

11:48 [CNN] How a diamond rush led to an ancient, underwater secret

11:49 [Financial Times] China routes Rmb5tn into transport

11:50 [Guardian] David Pollock: LCD Soundsystem – 10 of the best

11:50 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: Harish Rawat has won trust vote, concedes Centre in SC

11:52 [Deutsche Welle] Takata logs huge annual loss over recall crisis

11:54 [Guardian] Jasper Jackson: Leave.EU campaign fined £50,000 for sending spam texts

11:54 [NPR] Elissa Nadworny : What Young Men Of Color Can Teach Us About The Achievement Gap

11:56 [Guardian] Reuters in Baghdad: Baghdad market car bomb attack kills dozens

11:57 [CNET News] Manish Singh: Nearly 1 billion Indians still have no internet access - CNET

11:58 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: CID traces source of PU question paper leak to Hanagal

11:58 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: Rawat has won trust vote, admits Centre in Supreme Court

11:58 [The Hindu - News] Peerzada Ashiq: Jawan killed in Kupwara encounter

12:00 [CNN] 5 things to know for Wednesday, May 11

12:01 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq: At least 50 killed in Sadr City market explosion

12:01 [Slashdot] BeauHD: NASA's Planet Hunter Spots Record 1,284 New Planets, 9 In A Habitable Zone

12:02 [Deutsche Welle] Deer driven to autobahn's next exit in 'weapon-free eviction'

12:02 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: EU referendum: Boris Johnson accuses Cameron of 'demented' scaremongering - live

12:06 [The Hindu - News] PTI: VVIP chopper scam: Never met Sonia, Manmohan or Antony, says middleman Christian Michel

12:08 [Guardian] Hannah Ellis-Petersen: Sheridan Smith misses Funny Girl performance for second night running

12:08 [The Hindu - News] As told to Athira M.: I am…Abdul Kareem

12:08 [CNN] Russia's military might: Putin's policy in numbers

12:08 [CNN] Hillary Clinton's plan to win suburban women

12:08 [CNN] The two Donald Trumps

12:08 [Slate Magazine] “I Feel Like I’m Not Well-Balanced on the Earth”

12:10 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: EU referendum: Boris Johnson accuses Cameron of 'demented' scaremongering - live

12:12 [Reuters] Crooks, terrorists, tax evaders: Can new shell company rule stop them?

12:12 [Topix Activism News] 4 female Frontier pilots want new policies for moms at work

12:12 [CNN: Money] Toyota profits are being slammed by rising yen

12:12 [CNN] Judge suggests that black South Africans condone rape

12:13 [Reuters] Exclusive: Chipotle hires former critic to help improve food safety

12:13 [Reuters] Dollar dips from two-week high, stocks in the red

12:14 [Mother Jones] Tim McDonnell: Environmentalists Hate Fracking. Are They Right? /files/gen-new.jpg

12:14 [Mother Jones] Tom Philpott: That Meal-Kit Company That Sends You Dinner May Be Doomed

12:14 [Mother Jones] Patrick Caldwell: #NeverTrump Has a Hail Mary Plan to Block Trump

12:14 [Mother Jones] Samantha Michaels: N.C.'s Transgender Skirmish Is Just the Latest in a Long History of Bathroom Freakouts /files/Duchamp_Fountaine_1.jpg

12:14 [Mother Jones] Tom Philpott: Mark Bittman Leaves Vegan Meal-Kit Company Purple Carrot

12:14 [The Hindu - News] Srinivasa Ramanujam: This election season, film world offers freebies too

12:15 [BBC: Technology] EU regulators block 3's takeover of 02

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: At least 10 hurt as storms move into Ohio River Valley - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Brazilian soccer legend urges tourists to skip Rio Olympics

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NASA identifies 1,284 new exoplanets, most ever announced at once - NASA plane detects atomic oxygen on Mars - Elon Musk wants his SpaceX astronauts to be suited up Marvel-style

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Baghdad car bomb kills at least 29, ISIS claim responsibility

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'NCIS' manhunt gets hairy

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tiger Woods' exes at odds

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Get to know Giada

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: High-tech bionic hearing?

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Down syndrome bodybuilder

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Adult Disney adventures

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cheryl dating boy toy

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dolly admits she’s all fake

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Jewel addresses divorce

12:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Colliding black holes chirp

12:16 [The Hindu - News] PRIYADARSHINI PAITANDY: Taking fashion to work

12:17 [zero hedge] Sprott Money: Proof That the Top 0.1% Create Crashes

12:18 [Guardian] John Plunkett: BBC rejects fears EU referendum debate could be hijacked

12:18 [Guardian] Ben Child: China sentences man to seven years in jail for watching 'sensitive' film

12:18 [Guardian] Sian Cain: Lionel Shriver: Donald Trump's too far-fetched for fiction

12:19 [Reuters: politics] Clinton loss in West Virginia signals trouble in Rust Belt

12:19 [CNN: Politics] Hillary Clinton's plan to win suburban women

12:19 [CNN: Politics] The two Trumps

12:20 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Rick ‘Hemorrhoids’ Perry endorses Donald ’Ass Cancer’ Trump in hilarious fake campaign ad

12:20 [The Hindu - News] DEEPA ALEXANDER: Tales from a trunk

12:22 [Deutsche Welle] Car bomb kills scores at Baghdad market

12:22 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Russ Wellen: Killing bin Laden May Have Harmed U.S. National Security

12:22 [The Hindu - News] Nita Sathyendran: All aboard for adventure

12:24 [Reuters] Clinton loss in West Virginia signals trouble in Rust Belt

12:26 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Supreme Court extends Sahara chief's parole

12:28 [CNN: Politics] Clinton's plan to win suburban women

12:29 [Pravda] UK: Government Ministers Risk Murder Prosecution for Drone Strikes

12:29 [Pravda] Diplomacy and International Relations and Moscow's copy-book

12:30 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Trevor Noah shreds NC’s fight to discriminate: ‘You’re willing to give up $2B over bathrooms?’

12:31 [BBC: Technology] EU blocks Three's takeover of O2

12:32 [Truthdig] What’s the Best Move Bernie Sanders Can Make Right Now to Strengthen the Progressive Movement?

12:32 [Guardian] Keith Stuart: Six reasons why everyone is hating on Call of Duty

12:32 [Guardian] Carlos Garcia Rawlins: Food scarcity and emtpy cupboards in Venezuela - in pictures

12:33 [Reuters: politics] Trump, in Capitol Hill visit, faces party skeptics looking for unity

12:38 [BBC: Entertainment] Pianist producer Gutowski dies aged 90

12:42 [Guardian] Ed Aarons: Liverpool in competition with Borussia Dortmund for £28m Ousmane Dembélé

12:42 [Guardian] Phillip Inman Economics correspondent: UK manufacturing sector falls back into recession

12:42 [Guardian] Constanze Letsch in Istanbul: Turkey dismisses UN alarm at alleged rights abuses in Kurdish region

12:44 [Pravda] John Kerry admits Russia saves tens of thousands of lives in Syria

12:45 [Raw Story] Reuters: Trump heads to Capitol Hill to show GOP lawmakers he’s ‘sophisticated’ and can ‘pick smarter fights’

12:46 [Guardian] Anushka AsthanaPolitical editor: Gordon Brown enters EU debate with passionate appeal to Labour voters

12:47 [Truthdig] Majorities of Muslim Arabs in North Africa Want Separation of Religion and State

12:48 [Guardian] Alberto Mora: Abu Ghraib prisoners deserve, finally, their day in court | Alberto Mora

12:49 [AL JAZEERA] The situation in Gaza requires immediate action

12:50 [NPR] Camila Domonoske: Car Bomb In Baghdad Kills Dozens Of People

12:50 [Raw Story] Reuters: Colorado inmate files first paternity claim for Prince’s estate

12:50 [Raw Story] Reuters: San Francisco deputies charged with felonies over videotaped beating of car thief injured in crash

12:52 [Guardian] Helen Pidd North of England editor: Lake District road reopens after five months of misery

12:54 [Guardian] Noam Chomsky: Playing by the al-Qaida gameplan: how the war on terror spread jihadi influence

12:55 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: 'Civil War' directors creating new Chinese superhero, won't be called Captain China though - CNET

12:55 [CNET News] Nick Hide: George R.R. Martin publishes new chapter of his next 'Game of Thrones' book - CNET

12:56 [CNN] Cannes Film Festival 2016: An A-Z of film

13:00 [Raw Story] The Conversation: The White House won’t be handed to Clinton

13:00 [Raw Story] Latin Times: Canadian teen discovers ancient Maya ruins by studying stars from his home

13:00 [BBC: Education] Flagship academy trust head steps aside

13:01 [The Hindu - News] PRIYADERSHINI S.: 05komp Reem Kadem

13:01 [BBC: Technology] Google designs 'empowered' women emojis

13:02 [Deutsche Welle] Germany to abolish provider liability law, open path to more free WiFi

13:02 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: Cameron and Corbyn at PMQs - live

13:04 [CNN: Money] Pizza Hut delivers to top of Mount Kilimanjaro

13:04 [CNN: Money] Latin America's crusade against corruption

13:04 [The Nation] John Washington: These Haunting Photos Show the Deadly Absurdity of the US-Mexico Border Wall

13:05 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Black GOP ex-lawmaker slams Trump: ‘You can’t be a constitutionalist and ignore the Constitution’

13:06 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: US Futures, European Stocks Drop As USDJPY Tumbles

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Srinivasa Ramanujam: After 'Beep Song', Simbu does 'Vote Song'

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: Four held for burglary

13:07 [Reuters] U.N. investigators tell states to stop Syria war crimes

13:09 [Slate Magazine] L.V. Anderson: Open-Plan Offices Are the Worst

13:09 [BBC: Also in the news] 'Erdogan-Burgers' back on German menu

13:10 [Voice of America] Associated Press: India Seeks Tycoon's Extradition, says UK Nixes Deportation

13:11 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Aviation Minister orders inspection of Chennai Airport

13:11 [The Hindu - News] PTI: 'Captain' takes ethical voting pledge

13:15 [The Hindu - News] T. Saravanan: Y. Yuvaraj, Audio Technician

13:17 [Deutsche Welle] Second suicide in two weeks as desperation mounts for asylum-seekers eying Australia

13:19 [The Hindu - News] Koushik Narayanan, Roshan Sriram: TCS World 10K raises Rs. 4 cr for charity

13:20 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Why corporate criminals are so hard to nab

13:20 [Raw Story] Reuters: Clinton loss in West Virginia signals trouble in Rust Belt

13:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Baghdad car bomb kills at least 45, ISIS claim responsibility

13:20 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Carnival horror: 11-year-old girl scalped by ride

13:23 [The Hindu - News] AP: In unusual remarks, Queen calls Chinese officials ‘very rude’

13:23 [The Hindu - News] Neeraja Murthy: ‘What I want is a good painting’

13:23 [The Hindu - News] T. Saravanan: Exploring new horizons

13:23 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Bomb scare on Mysuru-Ajmer express train

13:23 [Financial Times] Buhari hits back after Cameron gaffe

13:24 [CNN] How do women handle their periods in space?

13:24 [CNN] West Ham threatens bans to Manchester United attackers

13:25 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: France's Hollande Boldly Bypasses Parliament To Push Through Labor Reform Bill

13:26 [Financial Times] Obama plans trip to Hiroshima

13:27 [The Hindu - News] M L Narasimham: VELUGU NEEDALU (1961)

13:27 [The Hindu - News] PRABALIKA M BORAH: Ayushman Gupta: Pulse of being Indian

13:28 [Guardian] Sean Farrell: Three's takeover of O2 blocked by Brussels on competition concerns

13:28 [CNN] Thailand test cheating: Students caught using camera in glasses

13:29 [Pravda] In Ukraine, combat helicopter attacks Poroshenko's neighbors

13:31 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Bomb scare on Mysuru-Ajmer express train

13:32 [Deutsche Welle] Brussels shoots down O2-Hutchison merger

13:34 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Mitsubishi Motors Says Mileage Cheating May Be On All Models

13:35 [The Hindu - News] K. Jeshi : ‘Our work is spontaneous. And, very personal’

13:36 [Voice of America] VOA News: Erdogan: Turkey Has Killed 3000 IS Fighters

13:39 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ’Job quota under Art. 371 (J) not being implemented’

13:40 [Guardian] Associated Press in Baghdad: At least 45 killed in Baghdad market car bomb attack

13:41 [New Internationalist] Should Britain leave the European Union?

13:42 [Voice of America] Reuters: Panama, Lebanon Among Recent Joiners of Global Tax info Sharing Deal

13:42 [Deutsche Welle] Is Germany green enough?

13:43 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Nigeria, Afghanistan "fantastically corrupt": Cameron

13:43 [High Country News] Why I’m fighting foreign garlic growers and their U.S. allies

13:45 [CNN] Opioids: A patient's guide to prescription painkillers

13:47 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: Live: Parliament proceedings — '100 smart cities will be developed in five years'

13:48 [BBC: Science & Environment] Swarm tracks Earth's turbulent shield

13:48 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: Government called to answer urgent question on the future of the BBC - live

13:49 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Frontrunning: May 11

13:49 [CNN: Money] Europe blocks $15 billion telecoms deal

13:49 [CBC: politics] Julie Ireton: Canada 'moving forward' on asbestos ban, Justin Trudeau says

13:50 [Guardian] Alan Yuhas: Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment vote in Brazil's Congress – live updates

13:51 [CNET News] Kelsey Adams: Five things I would never have said about Marvel movies in 2008 - CNET

13:51 [CNET News] Eric Mack and contributors: 'Crowd Control,' part 3: Forever young is so cliche... - CNET

13:51 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: Sign up to be a Firefox Test Pilot, it's just like being a real pilot only a crash won't kill you - CNET

13:51 [CNET News] Manish Singh: Nearly 1 billion Indians still have no Internet access - CNET

13:54 [Reuters] Car bomb in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 52: police, medics

13:54 [The Nation] Michelle Chen: Gentrification and Occupation at the Brooklyn Museum

13:56 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Queen Elizabeth Caught On Camera Describing Chinese Officials As "Very Rude"

14:00 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Trump turns his attention from ‘Crooked Hillary’ to ‘Crazy Bernie’

14:02 [Voice of America] Chris Stein: Amnesty: Over 140 Dead in Nigeria Military Detention

14:04 [CNN] Players Championship 5th major

14:04 [CNN] Taunton mall stabbings: Suspect, 2 victims dead in Massachusetts attacks

14:04 [Guardian] Guardian Staff: Underworld webchat – live now!

14:04 [The Nation] Jon Baskin: Don DeLillo’s American Dream

14:04 [The Nation] Joyce Chu: These Grannies Are Helping to Plug the School-to-Military Pipeline at Its Source

14:05 [Reuters] Global stocks fall, dollar eases back from two-week high

14:06 [zero hedge] Steve H. Hanke: Monetary Analysis With Money, Please

14:07 [Deutsche Welle] China refuses entry to German chair of human rights committee

14:08 [Campaign For Liberty] ns_admin: How the Fed feeds big government and debt

14:09 [Slate Magazine] Reihan Salam: Trumpsplaining

14:10 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: Arizona man trying to be a ‘hero’ charged after opening fire on shoplifting suspects on busy street

14:10 [Guardian] Press Association: BBC radio presenters appear in court accused of child sex offences

14:11 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Amended draft of anti-torture Bill ready: Govt.

14:12 [Voice of America] Reuters: Drought-hit South Africa Partners with Iran to Build Desalination Plants

14:12 [CNN] Prince death: Paisley Park being searched by police

14:12 [CNN] Queen Elizabeth: Visiting China officials 'very rude'

14:13 [CNN: Health] A patient's guide to prescription painkillers

14:13 [CNN: Health] How do astronauts handle their periods?

14:14 [Guardian] Jane Martinson: Salaries of top BBC stars could be made public under government plans

14:14 [Pravda] Ukraine wants Crimea as economically isolated island

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Giada considers acting?

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Fan kicked out of Garth show

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Best truck tire is..?

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: No punishment for cadets in raised-fists photo

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: ISIS-claimed car bomb in Baghdad kills at least 45 - ISIS advances toward Syrian city of Palmyra

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: House panel rejects new funding for fighting opioids - Gov't 'waste' report: Researchers paid to sting genitals, study wet animals – and more

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Soccer legend urges tourists to skip Rio Olympics

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Rise of German right reflected in anti-Muslim platform

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Philippines elects first transgender politician

14:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: At least 10 injured, homes destroyed as storms move into Ohio River Valley - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

14:16 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Paul Singer: "Gold Rally Just Starting" As JPM Predicts A New Gold Bull Market

14:16 [CNN] Facebook needs more 'human bias' (Opinion)

14:17 [The Hindu - News] Internet Desk: Hiroshima: a touchy topic for the U.S.

14:17 [The Hindu - News] AP: 3,000 IS militants killed in Turkey, says Erdogan

14:18 [Voice of America] Reuters: South Africa Partners with Iran to Build Desalination Plants

14:18 [Guardian] Jasper Jackson: Jeremy Clarkson's Amazon show to be called The Grand Tour

14:19 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Cairn offers to pay 15% of principal amount pending tax case

14:19 [AL JAZEERA] Children dying in Nigeria military detention: Amnesty

14:21 [CNN: Health] Former smokers share jarring, emotional stories for CDC campaign

14:22 [Truthdig] Searing Heat May Spark Climate Exodus

14:22 [Guardian] Agencies in Baghdad: At least 63 killed in Baghdad market car bomb attack

14:25 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Congress wrests Belagavi ZP from BJP

14:25 [AL JAZEERA] Teenage Syrian refugees: 'I didn't want to kill anyone'

14:25 [AL JAZEERA] Burkina Faso drought triggers water and power shortages

14:26 [Guardian] Guardian Staff: Elvis Costello review – stripped-back star at his impish best

14:30 [Fox News: politics] Computer error blamed after white nationalist named on Trump delegate list

14:31 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Macy's Massacred After Slashing Outlook On "Uncertain Consumer" As Inventories Reach Record Highs

14:32 [Deutsche Welle] Dutch reporter leaves Turkey after arrest over 'insulting' tweets

14:32 [CNN] So Far So Goude: Jean-Paul Goude's influence on pop culture

14:36 [CNN: Money] Musk's Hyperloop vision races toward 1st public test

14:36 [CNN: Money] Mitsubishi's fuel test scandal just tripled in size

14:37 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Culling on at poultry farm in Humnabad

14:38 [Reuters] Brazil's Senate set for vote that will likely suspend President Rousseff from office

14:40 [Reuters: politics] Trump to face Republican party skeptics in Capitol Hill visit

14:40 [Raw Story] Sarah Smith, ProPublica: Obama administration criticized over legal memo allowing faith-based charities to discriminate

14:41 [The Hindu - News] Bomb hoax call delays Mysuru-Ajmer Express

14:43 [Fox News: politics] House Republicans huddle to talk Trump, ahead of Ryan meeting

14:44 [CNN] David Cameron calls Nigeria, Afghanistan'fantastically corrupt'

14:44 [CNN] Top 10 hot mic gaffes from world leaders

14:44 [Guardian] Nadia Khomami: Receptionist 'sent home from PwC for not wearing high heels'

14:47 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Gartman: "We Have Suffered One Of Our Worst Days Of The Year"

14:47 [The Hindu - News] Staff Correspondent: JD(S)-BJP alliance bags top posts in Tumakuru ZP

14:47 [Reuters] Mitsubishi Motors says has cash to ride out widening mileage affair

14:47 [AL JAZEERA] Rodrigo Duterte: A new era in the Philippines

14:48 [Canadian Dimension] David Hugill: On Childhood: Introduction

14:48 [Guardian] Frances Perraudin: 'Allahu Akbar' cry at terror drill was scripted, police admit

14:51 [New Internationalist] Jeremy Seabrook wins Bread and Roses 2016 award

14:52 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: You can help rebuild Eric, one of the world's first robots - CNET

14:52 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: Major mobile merger blocked in UK as EU says 'enough is enough' - CNET

14:52 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: The Marvel movies that never were - CNET

14:52 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: 12 Marvel movies that never made it (pictures) - CNET

14:54 [Fox News: politics] Baltimore mayor bans travel to North Carolina, Mississippi

14:57 [Truthdig] American Power Under Challenge: Masters of Mankind (Part 1)

14:58 [Financial Times] Juppé stakes popularity on French reforms

14:58 [CNN] Instagram analysis: Stay off the roads on Fridays in August

14:58 [CNN] Gene Simmons apologizes for Prince comments

15:00 [Voice of America] Associated Press: High-tech Devices Take Cheating to New Level in Thai Schools

15:00 [Raw Story] France24: Jesse Jackson recoils from encounter with French far-right leader Le Pen

15:00 [Raw Story] Patrick Hillsman, The Influence: High school suspends drug-free black teen for ‘drug possession’ — after sniffing her hand

15:00 [CNN] Gene Simmons apologizes for calling Prince's death 'pathetic'

15:02 [Slashdot] BeauHD: Mozilla Launches Test Pilot, A Firefox Add-On For Trying Experimental Features

15:02 [Deutsche Welle] Italian police bust Somali mafia ring trafficking asylum seekers

15:03 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Italian Banks Are Crashing (Again) After Bad-Loan Writedowns Soar

15:03 [The Hindu - News] Aarushi Chauhan: Inside view

15:03 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Allow farmers to take silt from Tungabhadra reservoir, demands KPRS

15:03 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Aviation Minister asks AAI to inspect Chennai Airport

15:03 [Canadian Dimension] Helena Smith: ‘Everyone’s outraged’: angry Greeks foresee Grexit and drachma’s revival

15:05 [CNN] Joe Biden: 'I would have been the best president'

15:09 [Slate Magazine] Bronwen Dickey: Freeing Dogs With Fences

15:10 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Wide Arrests in Egypt Signal No-Tolerance Policy on Critics

15:10 [Raw Story] International Business Times: ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ volcano in New Zealand likely to erupt

15:11 [Guardian] Hannah Ellis-Petersen: Sheridan Smith to miss Funny Girl performance for third night running

15:11 [Guardian] Ed Aarons: David Sullivan and West Ham illustrate how not to handle a crisis | Ed Aarons

15:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Gene Simmons apologizes for calling Prince's death 'pathetic'

15:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Prince's Minnesota home being searched by police

15:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Colorado inmate says he is singer's son

15:11 [CNN: Entertainment] Reality star shows off stretch marks

15:15 [Raw Story] International Business Times: ISIS ‘kill lists’ target average Americans

15:15 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: NC school allows students to carry pepper spray in case they encounter trans classmates in bathroom

15:17 [BBC: Technology] Malware parasites feed on gossip fans

15:17 [Reuters] Brazil Senate opens session on Rousseff impeachment trial

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Blake to Miranda: You miss me?

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Diver HUGS a shark?

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gene: Prince's death pathetic

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NTSB: Tail broke off in fatal Long Island plane crash

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Three killed, including suspect, two injured in Mass. stabbing spree - VIDEO: Shooting, stabbing at Massachusetts mall

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Baltimore mayor bans travel to North Carolina, Mississippi - Justice Department, North Carolina file dueling lawsuits over bathroom law

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Workers Party yearbook? North Korea offers particularly good look at Kim, other leaders

15:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEADLY ISIS BOMBING At least 63 killed, dozens hurt in Baghdad car blast

15:20 [BBC: Entertainment] Malware parasites feed on gossip fans

15:20 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: A Hint Of What's To Come? Joe Biden Says He "Would Have Been The Best President"

15:21 [Guardian] Jonathan Drennan: Meet Tony Moran, the homeless boxer who became a world champion aged 42

15:22 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Shallow Quake Hits Tibet, Causing Landslides, 60 Hurt

15:23 [The Hindu - News] PTI: If judge’s call 'Dial 100' is unanswered, what about common man, asks High Court

15:23 [Canadian Dimension] teleSUR: 300 Economists Urge World Leaders to Close Down Tax Havens

15:24 [CNN: Politics] 'Is this thing on?' World leaders' top 10 'hot mic' gaffes

15:24 [CNN: Politics] Biden: 'I would have been the best president'

15:25 [NPR] Emily Corwin: When Time Behind Bars Cuts Addiction Treatment Short

15:25 [CNN] Woody Allen and the danger of questions unasked

15:25 [CNN] And this year's best airline is ...

15:25 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Scotland ‘most gay-friendly country in Europe’

15:27 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: ‘Reject Sadashiva Commission report’

15:29 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: EU referendum: Osborne questioned by Treasury committee - Politics live

15:30 [CNN: Entertainment] Ronan Farrow writes about Woody Allen

15:32 [Truthdig] The Democratic Party Must Listen to Millennials or Risk Losing More Than Just Votes

15:32 [CNN] Donald Trump: Maybe I should start focusing on 'Crazy Bernie' Sanders

15:32 [Deutsche Welle] Grafing knife attacker left psychiatric clinic day before stabbing, police say

15:33 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Brazilian Soccer Star Warns Olympic Visitors "Stay Home, Your Life Is At Risk Here"

15:33 [Financial Times] Germany keeps border checks in place

15:33 [The Hindu - News] ALLAN MOSES RODRICKS: From Kabir to Kannadasan

15:33 [The Hindu - News] PTI: If judge’s call to 'Dial 100' is unanswered, what about common man, asks High Court

15:34 [Reuters] Clinton suffers primary setback as Trump marches toward November

15:35 [NPR] Camila Domonoske: Brazil's Senate Due To Vote On President Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment

15:36 [Big Think] Brandon Weber: A 'Magic' Pill That Can Neutralize Traumatic Memories And Fears?

15:36 [OpEdNews] Destiny Watford: Goldman Prize Winner from Baltimore

15:36 [Reuters: politics] Clinton suffers primary setback as Trump marches toward November

15:41 [CNN: Money] Marissa Mayer's secret $23M bet went bust

15:41 [CNN: Money] Macy's is in serious trouble

15:41 [CNN: Money] Union to rep 35K Uber drivers in NYC with limits

15:41 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: Nintendo 2DS drops to $80, includes Mario Kart 7 - CNET

15:41 [CNET News] Richard Trenholm: Jeremy Clarkson's 'Top Gear' rival is called...'The Grand Tour' - Roadshow

15:41 [CNET News] Bonnie Burton: Watch Deadpool narrate his own parody video - CNET

15:43 [Guardian] Phillip Inman Economics correspondent: UK industry falls back into recession

15:45 [Raw Story] The Conversation: Here’s how a woman could go a full nine months without knowing she’s pregnant

15:46 [CNN: Politics] Trump: Maybe I should start focusing on 'Crazy Bernie'

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Orlando jumping to Selena?

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ronan: Allen was in sis’ bed

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sharks not so dangerous?

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Syrian national extradited to US, charged with hacking Americans for Assad

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: House panel rejects new funding for fighting opioids

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man cleaning gun shoots himself but doesn't realize it until 3 days later

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Man suspected of killing 3-year-old in Cleveland arrested in Georgia

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gaza kids festival focuses on killing Israeli troops, new video reveals

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bundy sues judge in Nevada standoff case

15:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Calif. deputies charged in beating of suspected car thief caught on video

15:47 [The Hindu - News] Omar Rashid: We supported Congress to weaken communal forces: Mayawati

15:49 [Fox News: politics] Trump: Won't release tax returns before November, won't take public financing

15:49 [Reuters] Brazil's Senate opens session that will likely suspend Rousseff

15:50 [Raw Story] The Conversation: The San Andreas fault is about to crack — here’s what will happen when it does

15:51 [OpEdNews] Hillary's Email Bombshell: Saudi's Financed the Benghazi Attack - World Beyond War . . .

15:52 [Slashdot] manishs: Jeremy Clarkson's Amazon Show To Be Called The Grand Tour

15:52 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The Coming War Of Central Banks

15:54 [Slate Magazine] Brian Wise: Rebels With Bows

15:56 [CNN] Sid Blumenthal: There is no Hillary Clinton bombshell

15:56 [CNN] London Mayor Sadiq Khan: 'I'm hoping' Trump doesn't win

15:57 [Deutsche Welle] Cairo opens border with Gaza for first time in three months

15:57 [Deutsche Welle] Everything you need to know about the 2016 Cannes Film Festival

15:59 [Truthout] Obama Broke Pledge to Demand Syrian Opposition's Separation From Nusra Front

16:00 [Voice of America] Kasim Cindemir, Uzay Bulut: Turks Tell VOA of Struggles Under Crisis

16:01 [CNN: Politics] London Mayor Sadiq Khan: 'I'm hoping' Trump doesn't win

16:01 [OpEdNews] Government and Technology: A Modest Proposal

16:04 [CNN] Prince death investigation: Doctor saw Prince twice

16:07 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: An Unexpected Supporter For Donald Trump Emerges

16:07 [The Hindu - News] AP: SpaceX Dragon departs space station, heads home with cargo

16:08 [Voice of America] VOA News: Presidential Candidates’ Names Not Inspiring Baby Monikers

16:10 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Will evangelicals stay home to avoid Trump?

16:11 [OpEdNews] Peak Oil: Now Is A Good Time To Get Serious Pt 1

16:12 [Voice of America] VOA News: Queen Caught Off Camera Saying Chinese Officials ‘Very Rude’

16:14 [BBC: Also in the news] Bundesliga rivals in bridge colour spat

16:16 [OpEdNews] Women, Illegal Drugs and Vulnerability

16:19 [Reuters] Two more car bombs in Baghdad kill 22, sources say

16:19 [Reuters] Exclusive: Security bug SAP patched years ago draws U.S. government alert

16:19 [Truthout] Millennials' Non-Voting Habits, Explained

16:19 [Truthout] The Problem With Obamacare

16:19 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Pondicherry University Vice-Chancellor Chandra Krishnamurthy submits resignation

16:20 [NPR] Shefali Luthra: State Insurance Mandates For Autism Treatment Fall Short

16:20 [Voice of America] Reuters: Nine Sherpas First to Climb Everest After Nepal Disasters

16:20 [CNN: Money] Brazil: Latin America vs. corruption

16:20 [CNN: Money] Google bans all ads for payday loans

16:20 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: 5-year-old Detroit girl dies after accidentally shooting herself with grandmother’s gun

16:22 [zero hedge] Reggie Middleton: Veritaseum Blockchain-based Bank Research Hits Another Home Run - Banco Popular Shown to be Bear Stearns Redux!

16:22 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: France Discusses Ban Of Imported U.S. Shale Gas

16:23 [Slashdot] manishs: WhatsApp Now Has a Desktop App, Available on Windows, OS X

16:24 [Financial Times] Abu Dhabi raises stakes in 1MDB dispute

16:25 [CNN: Politics] Sid Blumenthal: There is no Clinton bombshell

16:25 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq: 63 killed in Baghdad market explosion

16:29 [CNN] Federal grandy jury indicts ex-officer in Walter Scott death

16:29 [Reuters] Quietly, Vietnam hosts arms gathering attended by U.S. companies

16:30 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: NY priest threatened to send black student ‘back to the jungle’ and spewed hate towards women: suit

16:30 [Pravda] Eight myths about women alcoholism

16:32 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: Join a Mount Everest climb in real time, via Snapchat - CNET

16:32 [CNET News] Lance Whitney: Android trounces Apple across the globe - CNET

16:32 [CNET News] Marguerite Reardon: Republic Wireless gets more phones for its cheap Wi-Fi mobile service - CNET

16:32 [Topix Activism News] Home Minister: Bangladesh executes leader of Islamist party

16:35 [Guardian] Marina Hyde: Cycling’s unnecessary pain from marginal gains of an obvious arsehole | Marina Hyde

16:35 [The Nation] Jessica Pishko: How Will Philadelphia’s District Attorney Handle Resentencing Its Juvenile Life-Without-Parole Population?

16:36 [Reuters] Temporary housing first step as wildfire-ravaged Fort McMurray recovers

16:36 [Reuters: politics] U.S. House panel cancels plan to introduce Puerto Rico bill: aide

16:37 [Deutsche Welle] Julian Draxler returns to training in bid to prove fitness ahead of Euros

16:39 [The Hindu - News] AP: Car bombing in Baghdad commercial area kills 63

16:40 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: BUSTED: Google bans all ‘payday lender’ ads — calling them ‘harmful financial products’

16:43 [Guardian] Jon Henley: Reality check: how fair are Boris Johnson's claims about EU rules?

16:43 [Guardian] Alex Hern: Angry about Facebook censorship? Wait until you hear about the news feed

16:44 [BBC: Entertainment] Clarkson show named The Grand Tour

16:45 [Guardian] Agencies in Baghdad: Scores of people killed across Baghdad in three car bomb attacks

16:45 [Guardian] Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor and Ruth Maclean: Nigeria not seeking a Cameron apology, but 'wants its assets back'

16:47 [Truthdig] How Swedish Socialism Failed

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEALING WITH DONALD House Republicans huddle to plan Trump strategy

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: STUNNING ALLEGATION Woody Allen's son accuses him of molesting sister

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Indian couple in their 70s welcome first child

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Powerful Russian missile system arrives in Iran

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Several tons of bomb-making chemical seized at Afghan-Pakistan border

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Student buys 100 meal vouchers for classmates

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Autistic student told he can't bring sister to prom - 5-year-old with birth deformity gets art surprise in class

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: BREAKING NEWS: SC ex-cop indicted on federal civil rights charges in deadly shooting on video - Calif. deputies charged in beating of suspected car thief caught on video

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson named in latest Panama Papers leak - Documents could shed light on secretive society

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Rat DNA found in burgers

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Fire breaks out WHERE?

16:47 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Drew: I'm the biggest failure

16:47 [Deutsche Welle] A comparison of Germany's AfD and France's National Front

16:47 [Deutsche Welle] Spain's Podemos, IU sign left-wing deal that could spell trouble for Socialists

16:52 [CNN] Are we really happy with air travel?

16:52 [Deutsche Welle] Freed son of former Pakistani premier returns home, thanks US, Afghanistan

16:54 [Spiegel] 'I Can Hardly Breathe Here': German Refugee Shelters Face Sexual Assault Problem

16:56 [CNN] Walter Scott shooting death: Grand jury indicts ex-officer on federal charges

16:56 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Oil Spikes After DOE Reports Huge Inventory Draw, Production Drop

16:57 [Reuters] Exclusive: Trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton in national U.S. poll

16:57 [Deutsche Welle] Italian parliament votes to go ahead with gay civil unions

16:58 [CNN: Money] The best time to start taking Social Security

17:00 [NPR] Josh Cassidy: Meet The Tiny Critters Thriving In Your Carpet, Kitchen And Bed

17:00 [CNN] Prince's last days: What we know

17:01 [AL JAZEERA] Iraq: Dozens killed in Baghdad car bomb blasts

17:02 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Minnesota Doctor Saw Prince, Prescribed Drugs: Warrant

17:02 [Slashdot] manishs: Italian Military To Save Up To 29 Million Euro By Migrating To LibreOffice

17:02 [Spiegel] 'Death Awaits': Africa Faces Worst Drought in Half a Century

17:03 [Guardian] Hannah Jane Parkinson: Instagram unveils new logo, but it's not quite picture perfect

17:03 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Rahul Gandhi not to visit Kerala on May 12

17:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: The Nuclear Arms Race Is Back: Russia Furious As US Launches European Ballistic Missile Shield

17:04 [CNN: Health] Prince's last days: What we know

17:06 [Reuters: politics] Trump to offer views on law and order, judges in speeches: NYT

17:06 [Reuters: politics] Exclusive: Trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton in national U.S. poll

17:08 [CNN] House GOP warns Paul Ryan to back Donald Trump

17:09 [] jon: Targeting Big Pharma Price Gouging, Sanders Backs California Ballot Fight

17:10 [Raw Story] Agence France-Presse: French 19-year-old commits suicide live on Periscope

17:11 [BBC: Technology] Disney: Infinity is over

17:12 [CNN] Trump resists calls to disclose his tax returns

17:12 [CNN] Maria Toorpakai: Squash player who defied the Taliban

17:15 [NPR] Merrit Kennedy: WATCH: A Day Of British Diplomatic Honesty Caught On Camera

17:15 [Reuters] European rights watchdog complains about Greek migrant camps conditions

17:16 [Voice of America] Ken Bredemeier: Trump Strives to Win Key Republican Support

17:17 [Deutsche Welle] Israel's Independence Day is Nakba for Palestinians

17:17 [Deutsche Welle] Brazil Senate opens session on President Dilma Rousseff impeachment trial

17:17 [The Hindu - News] PTI: People suffered a lot during DMK regime: Jayalalithaa

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Will Britney ever be free?

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ozzy living a double life?

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: People hate Bud's 'America'?

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Britney a 34-year-old child?

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: California dog reunited with owner after six years

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: US Marine’s $10M lawsuit vs. Iran cites 4-year imprisonment, torture - Powerful Russian missile system arrives in Iran

17:18 [Fox News] Fox News Online: STUNNING ALLEGATION Woody Allen son rips stars siding with 'predator' dad

17:20 [Raw Story] Travis Gettys: Michael Moore: Tump can win if he focuses on midwestern states Clinton lost to Sanders

17:20 [CNN: Money] Google proposes 'professional women' emojis

17:21 [Guardian] Saba Imtiaz: Turmeric latte: the ‘golden milk’ with a cult following

17:21 [Guardian] Guardian sport: Swansea City head coach Francesco Guidolin signs new two-year contract

17:24 [Slate Magazine] Helaine Olen: I’ve Lost Three Jobs in Three Years. Can I Buy a Home?

17:24 [CNN: Politics] House GOP warns Ryan to back Trump

17:24 [CNN: Politics] Trump resists calls to disclose his tax returns

17:25 [NPR] Jason Beaubien: They're The Invisible Ones: Refugees Who Aren't Officially Refugees

17:25 [The Nation] Tim Shorrock: Here’s What Obama Should Do When He Visits Hiroshima

17:25 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: Bernie Sanders Has Been the Most Influential Insurgent Candidate Since the 70s /files/blog_bernie_hillary.jpg

17:25 [Fox News: politics] Chris Stirewalt: Trump puts GOP on notice: It's his party now

17:27 [Guardian] Andrew Sparrow: Chaos in Cardiff as Labour fails to win first minister vote - Politics live

17:27 [Guardian] Press Association: Heather Watson out of Rome Masters after losing to Barbora Strycova

17:27 [Guardian] Ranj Alaaldin: It’s Iraq, not Isis, that’s on the way out | Ranj Alaaldin

17:28 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: In Dramatic Reversal, Trump Is Now Tied With Hillary In Latest National Poll

17:28 [Reuters: politics] Top U.S. House Democrat expects movement on Puerto Rico bill in days

17:29 [Guardian] Guardian sport: Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck faces nine months out after knee surgery

17:30 [CBC: politics] The Canadian Press: Bell's appeal of fibre internet ruling denied by federal cabinet

17:30 [] The Perils of Smoking Cigarettes in Turkmenistan

17:31 [CNET News] Andrew Krok: Greenlight wants to turn your smartphone into a dashcam - Roadshow

17:31 [CNET News] Stephen Shankland: Souped-up Vivaldi browser nabs nearly a million users - CNET

17:31 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: Instagram hits refresh on its iconic icon - CNET

17:31 [CNET News] Marguerite Reardon: Republic Wireless snags more phones for cheap Wi-Fi calling - CNET

17:31 [Big Think] Natalie Shoemaker: MIT's Second Skin Makes Wrinkles Disappear

17:31 [OpEdNews] Hillary and Her Surrogates (including media) Specious Claim She Is Winning the Popular Vote

17:31 [New Internationalist] Pt 1: A British-Syrian’s experience of a refugees journey

17:33 [Deutsche Welle] Greek minister: 'We're half-hearted' on some austerity measures

17:33 [Guardian] Nadia Khomami: Azealia Banks axed from UK festival after racist rant at Zayn Malik

17:33 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Supreme Court allows fresh assessment of Amitabh Bachchan’s tax liability

17:35 [The Nation] John Nichols: Bernie Sanders Keeps Winning Primaries and Keeps Shaping the Anti-Trump Agenda

17:36 [Financial Times] Japan warned of flaw in coal power plan

17:36 [Reuters: politics] Bid to stop heavy water purchase from Iran blocked in U.S. Senate

17:39 [Slate Magazine] Jacob Brogan: The “How Does a Curator Work?” Edition

17:39 [] nika: Report: US Not Even Meeting Inadequate Goal on Syrian Refugees

17:41 [CNN: Politics] Cruz plans to run for re-election in 2018

17:42 [Reuters] Islamic State bombs kill 80 in deadliest Baghdad attacks this year

17:42 [Reuters] Georgia begins U.S.-led military exercise, angering Russia

17:43 [CNN] Detroit girl, 5, shoots herself with gun found under pillow

17:43 [CNN] Ted Cruz plans to run for re-election in 2018

17:43 [Slashdot] manishs: Facebook Open-Sources Capture the Flag Competition Platform As It Encourages Students

17:45 [CNN] Iraq ISIS attacks: Terror group claims multiple bombings

17:45 [CNN] Brazil impeachment: Senate weighs Dilma Rousseff's fate

17:45 [Guardian] Mike Selvey: England women’s cricket will be a harsher world without Charlotte Edwards | Mike Selvey

17:45 [zero hedge] williambanzai7: THe END oF CaNKLeS...

17:45 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Spain Sells 3x Oversubscribed 50-Year Bond

17:45 [] Kyrgyzstan: Army Crisis May Hasten Chewing Tobacco's Demise

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: EMAILS OFF LIMITS? Clinton aide reportedly walks out of FBI interview

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEALING WITH DONALD: Ryan can't 'pretend' GOP unified behind Trump

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: 'Fat activist' lectures college kids on 'thin privilege'

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: California dog reunited with owner after six years - Grieving Texas teacher gets surprised with kittens, video goes viral

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SC ex-cop indicted on federal civil rights charges in deadly shooting on video - Calif. deputies charged in beating of suspected car thief caught on video - Los Angeles arson suspect mad about police killings., witness says

17:45 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bookstore finds rare Napoleonic War journal hidden in storage cabinet

17:46 [Pravda] Russia will break any siege, Putin says

17:47 [Guardian] Heather Stewart Political editor: George Osborne says Treasury is planning for Brexit

17:47 [Guardian] Fay Schopen: Since when has it been OK for well-heeled people to ask acquaintances for money? | Fay Schopen

17:48 [Deutsche Welle] Public anger mounts after two more car bombings in Baghdad

17:52 [Voice of America] Wayne Lee: Report: Nearly 41 Million People Internally Displaced Globally

17:52 [Truthdig] The Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers Earned $13 Billion in 2015

17:53 [Deutsche Welle] Bangladesh struggling to balance energy and environment needs

17:54 [Slate Magazine] Gerda Saunders: My Dementia

17:54 [Slate Magazine] Madeline Raynor: The House from Psycho, Recreated for the New York Skyline

17:54 [] deirdre: The Fort McMurray Fire: 'Absolutely a Harbinger of Things to Come'

17:55 [Raw Story] Reuters: Trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton in national US poll

17:55 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: Elizabeth Warren laughs at Trump’s wimpy insults: ‘That’s the best you could come up with?’

17:55 [] dcox: The Poor Are the First to Fight in Nagorno-Karabakh

17:57 [Reuters] Ex-S.C. policeman indicted on federal charges in shooting of unarmed black man

17:57 [AL JAZEERA] Bangladesh buries Motiur Rahman Nizami amid protests

18:00 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Ronan Farrow blasts media over Woody Allen allegations

18:00 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Watch Trump bizarrely take credit for Budweiser’s new ‘America’ beer can on Fox & Friends

18:01 [zero hedge] globalintelhub: The Two Faces Of Facebook

18:01 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: What Manipulation Does To The Free Market 

18:01 [Financial Times] Panama yields to data exchange pressure

18:05 [CNN] Eugenie Bouchard Comeback Taking Shape With Kerber Win

18:05 [CNN] Trump jokes Budweiser 'America' label reflects anticipated win

18:05 [CNN] Sharon Osbourne opens up about split from Ozzy

18:06 [The Hindu - News] From lotus to two leaves in a jiffy

18:08 [Deutsche Welle] Steinmeier hosts talks on eastern Ukraine with foreign ministers in Berlin

18:09 [CNN: Money] This startup wants to start a league for combat robots

18:09 [CNN: Money] Microsoft abandons controversial Windows feature

18:09 [CNN: Money] She's the latest celeb to use Panama Papers firm

18:09 [] lauren: To Counter Rise of Far-Right, International Labor Leaders call for 'Global New Deal'

18:13 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Dis-May In Europe: STOXX 600 Trades Like 2001 & 2008

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Cat's high-wire act goes viral

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Justin Bieber: 'I'm done'

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Israel marks Memorial Day with moment of silence

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Undertaker loses hearse, body during boozy lunch

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Worker accused of stealing 29,503 quarters - Suspected shoplifter caught after his act of politeness

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SC ex-cop indicted on federal civil rights charges in deadly shooting caught on video - Calif. deputies charged in beating of suspected car thief caught on video - Los Angeles arson suspect mad about police killings., witness says

18:13 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Three killed, including suspect, two injured in Mass. stabbing spree - VIDEO: Shooting, stabbing at Massachusetts mall - Stabbing, fire at apartment kills woman, wounds girl

18:19 [Guardian] Kate Connolly in Berlin: Germany to quash historical convictions of gay men

18:20 [Mother Jones] Pema Levy: Don Blankenship Is Heading to Prison. But His Allies Still Bought a Judicial Election in West Virginia.

18:20 [CNN] Overcoming addiction: From bank robber to family man

18:21 [CNN: Health] Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Doctors must lead us out of our opioid abuse epidemic

18:21 [Guardian] Alan Yuhas: Brazil supreme court rejects Dilma Rousseff's last minute appeal – live

18:21 [Guardian] Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent: MoD may allow gay marriage ceremonies on military bases

18:21 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: PC gamers rejoice: Civilization VI is coming October 21 - CNET

18:21 [CNET News] Amanda Kooser: World's oldest living cat still qualifies as a Millennial - CNET

18:21 [CNET News] Andrew Krok: Nissan's xStorage is a home battery pack like Tesla's Powerwall - Roadshow

18:21 [CNET News] Katie Collins: IBM's Watson aims to make hospital stays suck a whole lot less - CNET

18:21 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: Google bans payday lenders from AdWords - CNET

18:22 [OpEdNews] The Paperclip Theory Why "Alternative" Media is the New Mainstream

18:22 [Truthdig] Republican Donors and Anti-Obamacare Lobbyists to Host Democrats’ Nominating Convention

18:23 [Slashdot] manishs: NASA Releases 56 Patents Into the Public Domain For Commercial Use

18:24 [Slate Magazine] Dan Kois: Slate Comes to Amazon Echo!

18:24 [CNN] The faces of addiction: A father-son story

18:24 [BBC: Technology] Woman 'filmed suicide on Periscope'

18:25 [Fox News: politics] Senate blocks measure to forbid buys of Iran 'heavy water'

18:25 [Raw Story] Reuters: Ex-SC policeman indicted on federal charges in shooting of unarmed black man Walter Scott

18:25 [Raw Story] Reuters: US Senate backs Arlington burial honor for female pilots

18:26 [BBC: Technology] Kickstarter cash 'used to build home'

18:27 [OpEdNews] Bernie Sanders has earned a path to the White House

18:27 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: What Is Paul Ryan Up To?

18:28 [Voice of America] Jeff Seldin: Former Defense Chief to US: ‘Get Serious’ on Foreign Policy

18:28 [Reuters] After British corruption slip, Nigeria demands stolen assets back

18:29 [CNN: Money] Walmart sues Visa over chip debit card rules

18:29 [CNN: Money] This airport is becoming a circus ... literally

18:29 [AL JAZEERA] Over 8 million people displaced by conflict in 2015

18:29 [AL JAZEERA] Italy police foil Naples Mafia bomb plot

18:30 [Voice of America] Carla Babb: Sci-Fi Made Real: Pentagon Unveils Stunning Technology

18:30 [Raw Story] Reuters: Missouri to execute man who killed three, including deputy sheriff

18:30 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: NRA board member Ted Nugent fantasizes about Hillary Clinton being gunned down on live TV

18:33 [Guardian] Martin Chulov: Car bomb attacks in Baghdad kill at least 90

18:35 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: American Workers Are Destroying Corporate Profits /files/blog_cpi_2015_2016.jpg

18:35 [Raw Story] The Conversation: Do smart people tend to be more liberal? Yes, but it doesn’t mean all conservatives are stupid

18:36 [CNN] Players Championship: Golf's fifth major?

18:36 [CNN] How wildfires can return from the dead

18:36 [CNN] Cause of deadly Texas fertilizer blast to be revealed

18:39 [Slate Magazine] Jessica Winter: Are You a Boy or a Girl?

18:39 [Slate Magazine] Julia Turner: The Culture Gabfest “Who Brought the Chardonnay” Edition

18:39 [] andrea: Hedge Fund Managers Are Winning: 2015 Another Year of 'Outrageous Compensation'

18:40 [NPR] Sylvia Poggioli: Chinese Cops In Italy? Joint Patrols Aim To Ease Chinese Tourists' Jitters

18:40 [Raw Story] The Conversation: Queen’s Chinese gaffe shows that imperial arrogance dies hard

18:41 [CBC: politics] Marilyn Boone: 135 new research jobs in Fisheries and Oceans Canada hiring blitz

18:44 [CNN] Skywatch: Your guide to space

18:46 [Voice of America] VOA News: Air Pollution Could Cause Over 500,000 Premature Deaths in India

18:46 [Reuters: politics] Poll finds Trump, Clinton even as they turn to general election

18:48 [Fox News: politics] Texas fugitive-turned-mayor is turned out by West Virginia voters

18:48 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Bonds, Tame Bonds!

18:49 [Guardian] Laura Bates: The Laura Kuenssberg petition should be condemned – not just removed

18:50 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Gene Simmons apologizes for comments on Prince’s death

18:51 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Islamic State Buries Alive Dozens Of Its Own Soldiers To Stem Soaring Defections

18:53 [CNN: Money] Instagram debuts new icons for its apps

18:53 [Reuters] Brazil's Senate debates impeachment trial for President Rousseff

18:55 [NPR] Dana Farrington: Elon Musk's Hyperloop Dream Is About To Have Its 1st Public Demo

18:56 [Reuters: politics] Trump, Sanders fans share hunger for campaign T-shirts, coffee mugs

18:56 [Reuters: politics] Ryan strikes conciliatory tone ahead of Trump meeting

18:58 [Deutsche Welle] Frankfurt's future as a financial hub

18:58 [Financial Times] Dozens killed in Baghdad bomb blasts

19:00 [The Hindu - News] MRIDULA ARYA: Weight and watch

19:00 [The Hindu - News] AP: 86 killed in 3 Iraq blasts

19:00 [The Hindu - News] Varghese K. George: Sanders wins West Virginia primary

19:00 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Sadiq Khan: I hope Donald Trump doesn’t win

19:00 [Raw Story] Dave Schilling, The Guardian: Paul Ryan: Creep, failure — and hero of the hour

19:02 [BBC: Health] Zika virus 'shrinks brains' in tests

19:02 [Slashdot] manishs: Microsoft Removes Wi-Fi Sense From Windows 10, Will Stop Sharing Your Wi-Fi Soon

19:05 [straight] John Lucas: Q&A: Santigold on motherhood, narcissism, and retaining her creative voice

19:05 [straight] Jon Cranny: Students’ handmade homewares go high-design at Vancouver Special

19:05 [straight] Miles Keir: Savage Love: No sex after kids means living as parenting roommates?

19:05 [CNN: Politics] Trump jokes Budweiser 'America' label reflects anticipated win

19:05 [AL JAZEERA] ISIL claims responsibility for deadly Iraq bombings

19:06 [The Hindu - News] Varghese K. George: Congressman Ami Bera’s father guilty of election crime

19:07 [Guardian] Tom Clark: Unless we think imaginatively, benefits will be consigned to history | Tom Clark

19:08 [Deutsche Welle] The math behind Panini's football stickers

19:08 [Deutsche Welle] Lone wolf terrorist: The security official’s worst nightmare

19:08 [Deutsche Welle] Uganda tense ahead of presidential inauguration

19:08 [CNN: Money] Sextortion is scarily common, new study finds

19:08 [CNN: Money] Bloomberg is funding campaign to keep U.K. in Europe

19:08 [Financial Times] Obama Hiroshima trip boosts Asia ‘pivot’

19:09 [Slate Magazine] Laura Miller: Whit Stillman, Meet Jane Austen

19:10 [The Hindu - News] Haroon Habib: Jamaat leader Nizami’s hanging sparks clashes

19:10 [The Hindu - News] MADHUR TANKHA: From dressmaker to dishmaker

19:10 [The Hindu - News] Atul Aneja: A bridgehead to service Silk Road

19:10 [The Hindu - News] SWATI DAFTUAR: Spectacle with substance

19:10 [The Hindu - News] MADHUR GUPTA: Finding life in music

19:11 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Friends In High Places: Hillary Clinton Has Received Nearly $75,000 In DOJ Political Contributions

19:12 [Fox News: politics] Watchdog inspects VA kitchen after reports of roaches in food

19:15 [NPR] Camila Domonoske: Google Announces It Will Stop Allowing Ads For Payday Lenders

19:15 [The Nation] Stephen F. Cohen: Vladimir Putin: The 21st Century’s Greatest Statesman or Its Greatest Threat?

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: SEMI-REVOLUTIONARY Truckin’ down the highway is about to get a new look

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: String of Baghdad bombings kills at least 66; ISIS claims responsibility - ISIS advances toward Syrian city of Palmyra - Elite Turkish forces carry out rare anti-ISIS raid

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Michigan teen graduates from college while still a sophomore in high school

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gruesome killing of woman, kids shakes Salvadoran community in Hawaii

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Spanish court orders exhumation of bodies from Franco's era, reopens debate

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Canadian teen claims to have found lost Mayan city - Mexican experts cast doubt on teen's discovery

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: High-tech devices take cheating to new level in Thai schools

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Three killed, including suspect, two injured in Mass. stabbing spree

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Upskirt undies ad sparks anger

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: World's oldest axe discovered

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Reality of weight loss

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Sex jokes are easy way out

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tiny card stores HOW MUCH?

19:15 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Wear a second layer of skin

19:16 [The Hindu - News] ANUJ KUMAR: The revenge of the villain

19:16 [The Hindu - News] Parvathi Menon: ‘I am not a Muslim leader, I speak for the city of London’

19:16 [The Hindu - News] S. RAVI: Of good parents and productive employees

19:16 [The Hindu - News] Sonam Saigal : Sheena Bora case: driver wants to turn approver

19:18 [Deutsche Welle] Liverpool's Emre Can wins public German Football Ambassador prize

19:20 [CNET News] Lance Whitney: Former Apple CEO John Sculley not sold on Apple Watch - CNET

19:20 [CNET News] Katie Collins: How rose gold became the new black (for gadgets) - CNET

19:20 [CNET News] Bonnie Burton: Grab a virtual seat on Disney's new Tron Lightcycle roller coaster - CNET

19:20 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: Facebook's trending topics controversy is now a Facebook trending topic - CNET

19:20 [CNET News] Ben Fox Rubin: The inside poop on baby tech (The 3:59, Ep. 43) - CNET

19:20 [CNET News] Dan Ackerman: Google bans ads for payday loans - CNET

19:20 [CNN] Carlie Trent, missing Tennessee girl, may be 'in imminent danger'

19:20 [CNN] Fire that led to Texas fertilizer blast set on purpose, officials say

19:20 [CNN] Flying public close to 'breaking point' with TSA

19:20 [CNN] Planned Parenthood shooting suspect due in court for competency hearing

19:20 [CNN] Portugal selfie seeker destroys historic statue

19:20 [CNN: Money] Jamie Dimon calls community banker 'a jerk'

19:20 [CNN: Money] Honest Company: April was our best month ever

19:20 [CNN: Money] The Force is strong with EA ... but not Disney

19:22 [Voice of America] Associated Press: Canadian Professor: Olympics Should Be Postponed Due to Zika

19:22 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: President’s rule lifted, Rawat to be CM again

19:22 [The Hindu - News] Krishnadas Rajagopal: SC pulls up Centre, States for failing to tackle drought

19:22 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Yuuuge 10Y Auction: Whopping Demand For US Paper, Record Foreign Central Bank Demand

19:23 [Deutsche Welle] Malaria quick urine test developed in Nigeria

19:23 [Deutsche Welle] Study: Most EU carmakers report false CO2 emissions

19:24 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Cairn offers to pay 15% of principal amount in tax case

19:24 [Slate Magazine] Jacob Weisberg: Are the Republicans Done?

19:26 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Rahul cancels Kerala visit

19:26 [The Hindu - News] Mohammed Iqbal: If judge’s call to 'Dial 100' is unanswered, what about common man, asks High Court

19:28 [Deutsche Welle] African economies diversify to become resilient

19:28 [CNN] Trump: No regret over questioning McCain's heroism

19:29 [straight] Jon Cranny: Disability and sex meet on-stage in SexyVoices

19:30 [Raw Story] International Business Times: Employee loyalty: a thing of the past?

19:30 [Raw Story] Pro Publica: How to background your Tinder dates

19:30 [Raw Story] National Post: Alleged polygamist leader of cult-like church pleads guilty to ‘corrections and chastisements’

19:30 [Raw Story] Eric W. Dolan: School janitor molests 9-year-old girl — then runs her over with golf cart for reporting him: suit

19:34 [CNN: Politics] Trump's refusal to release his tax returns is totally unprecedented

19:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Why One Trader Thinks "There’s A Growing Belief That This Can’t End Peacefully"

19:35 [Guardian] Frances Perraudin: Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood tied in battle to become Welsh first minister

19:37 [Foreign Policy in Focus] John Feffer: Sadiq Khan and the End of Islamophobia

19:38 [Deutsche Welle] VW eases up on its board while workers raise the pressure

19:40 [CNN: Politics] Clinton's big worry

19:40 [CNN: Politics] The four big questions about Donald Trump

19:40 [CNN] Trump, RNC begin voter modeling project in key November states

19:41 [Slashdot] manishs: Slashdot Asks: How Long Before Self-Driving Cars Become Mainstream?

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ripa: 'People make mistakes'

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Hershey's changes WHAT?

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Israel marks Memorial Day with moment of silence

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Worker accused of stealing 29,503 quarters - Suspected shoplifter caught after his act of politeness - 7,650 laptops stolen from warehouse at gunpoint

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Apple can't restore phone belonging to missing teen fisherman, lawyer says

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Three killed, including suspect, two injured in Massachusetts stabbing spree

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Watchdog inspects VA kitchen after reports of roaches in food

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Powerful storms destroy homes in Ohio River Valley; 10 hurt - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER

19:42 [Fox News] Fox News Online: College student gives 100 meal vouchers to hungry classmates

19:43 [Financial Times] Brexit threatens ‘to unravel EU’

19:45 [NPR] Merrit Kennedy: Former S.C. Police Officer Indicted On Civil Rights Charges In Death Of Black Man

19:45 [AL JAZEERA] Italy: Mafia plot to kill Giovanni Colangelo foiled

19:45 [AL JAZEERA] Over 8m displaced by conflict in 2015, says report

19:45 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: Sadistic Israel clinic ‘cures’ US drug addicts by dressing them like babies and screaming in Hebrew

19:47 [Guardian] Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome: Italian investigators cannot unlock iPhone of alleged Bari terror ring suspect

19:47 [Guardian] Angelique Chrisafis in Paris: UK told to target tax secrecy in its overseas territories 'right to the end'

19:47 [Guardian] Tom McCarthy: Ryan eases off Trump: 'I want to be part of GOP unifying process' – campaign live

19:48 [Deutsche Welle] Turkey says it fulfilled refugee deal criteria, won't amend terror laws

19:48 [CNN] Amir Hekmati sues Iran captors for alleged torture

19:49 [Guardian] Scott Murray: Sunderland v Everton: Premier League – live!

19:50 [NPR] Emily Harris: Why The U.S. Is Promoting Crops Grown In Gaza

19:52 [CNN] First Everest summit in three years within reach

19:52 [The Atlantic: In Focus] The Unreal World (35 photos)

19:54 [zero hedge] Pivotfarm: Biggest Insurance Claims in Modern History

19:54 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Establishment Scaremongery Escalates Amid "The Fog Of Brexit"

19:55 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: Donald Trump's Negatives Could Go Up...Or Down /files/blog_trump_clinton_unfavorability.jpg

19:58 [Deutsche Welle] French government under pressure ahead of no confidence vote

19:58 [straight] Jon Cranny: B.C. Greens recruiting backroom heavyweights to prepare a full slate for the 2017 election

19:58 [straight] Jon Cranny: Vintage bulbs meet local wood in handmade lamps

19:58 [straight] Jon Cranny: Heritage meets sustainability in unique Strathcona project

20:00 [CNN: Health] Watch CNN's 'Prescription Addiction' town hall, 9 p.m. ET Wednesday

20:00 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Florida man tricks Asian students into prostitution

20:04 [CNN: Money] A fight club for giant robots is in the works

20:04 [straight] Jon Cranny: Comedian Ben Gleib cuts through with original voice

20:06 [Voice of America] Reuters: In Remote Corner of Iraq, an Unlikely Alliance Forms Against Islamic State

20:07 [Guardian] Vikram Dodd Police and crime correspondent: Imitation Uzi was in car in which man was shot dead by police, jury told

20:07 [Guardian] Associated Press: Texas fertilizer plant explosion was result of criminal act, authorities say

20:07 [Guardian] Nicky Woolf: Raccoon's power station caper cuts electricity to 40,000 Seattle homes

20:08 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: 10 May Anarchy Radio

20:08 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: Seventh CommunIque of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

20:08 [Anarchist news] Anonymous: Wild Reaction responds to “Destruye las prisiones”

20:09 [CNN] Clinton's plan to win suburban women

20:11 [straight] Jon Cranny: Meal ticket: 10th annual Spot Prawn Festival

20:11 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Is China's Trillion Dollar Q1 Credit Surge Already Wearing Off?

20:12 [CNET News] Andrew Morse: SpaceX Dragon leaves orbit, heads for Baja - CNET

20:12 [CNET News] Lance Whitney: Windows 10 to kill option to share your Wi-Fi password - CNET

20:12 [CNET News] Carrie Mihalcik: Panama Papers secrets could fall to crowdsourcing muscle - CNET

20:12 [CNET News] Lance Whitney: Nintendo's next two mobile games will be free to play - CNET

20:14 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: According To JPM's Quant Guru, This Is The "Main Risk For The Market"

20:15 [] nadia: After Outcry, North Carolina School System to 'Rethink' Pepper Spray

20:15 [Guardian] Denis Campbell Health policy editor: Jeremy Hunt misleading voters over NHS budget increase, says thinktank

20:15 [Mother Jones] Inae Oh: Former Cop Who Shot and Killed Walter Scott Now Faces Federal Charges

20:15 [Raw Story] Newsweek: Why 2016 is the end of the culture war as we know it — and the rise something even more sinister

20:17 [Guardian] Suzanne Moore: Who needs the digital detox? Being connected is our lifeline | Suzanne Moore

20:17 [straight] Jon Cranny: Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra plays Gershwin's Jazz-Age gems

20:17 [straight] Jon Cranny: Small space counters shine design spotlight on kitchen stools

20:18 [Voice of America] Probing the Mysteries of Brain Function

20:20 [The Hindu - News] T. Ramakrishnan: No takers for revamping Sri Lankan Airlines, says Minister

20:21 [Fox News: politics] Comey rebuffs Clinton claim FBI only conducting ‘security inquiry’ on emails

20:25 [NPR] Camila Domonoske: '70s High School Art Project Mistakenly Valued At $50K On 'Antiques Roadshow'

20:25 [CNN] Fire that led to West, Texas fertilizer blast set on purpose, officials say

20:27 [Guardian] Murithi Mutiga in Kakuma and Emma Graham-Harrison: Kenya says it will shut world's biggest refugee camp at Dadaab

20:29 [The Atlantic: Politics] David A. Graham: Can Trump Win a Data-Free Campaign?

20:30 [] lauren: Renewable Wind-fall as Germany's Green Energy Meets 90 Percent of Demand

20:30 [Raw Story] Alex Henderson, AlterNet: Here are 9 reasons why America is a terrible place to raise kids

20:32 [Slashdot] manishs: 'I Know How To Program, But I Don't Know What To Program'

20:33 [CNN: Politics] Trump: No regret over questioning McCain's heroism

20:33 [CNN: Politics] Former Marine Amir Hekmati sues Iran for alleged torture

20:35 [Guardian] Tim Hill: Liverpool v Chelsea: Premier League – live!

20:37 [CNN: Money] How can Trump 'print the money'?

20:37 [CNN: Money] Nixon released his tax returns. Why can't Trump?

20:37 [straight] Jon Cranny: Rule-breaking rosemary gimlet trades lime for limoncello

20:37 [straight] Jon Cranny: Diskordanse creates steampunk-style drama with Coalesce

20:37 [straight] Jon Cranny: Crib sheet: Stackable seat suitable for indoors and out

20:40 [NPR] Maanvi Singh: Care Packages: How The U.S. Won Hearts Through Stomachs After WWII

20:40 [CNN] Donald Trump: Rudy Giuliani for 'radical Islam' commission

20:42 [Voice of America] Chris Stein: Armed Herders' Raids Spur Crackdown Pledge in Nigeria

20:42 [CBC: politics] CBC News: Federal government announces $5M to help Zika virus fight

20:42 [Good] Sarah Baird: Get Out Of My Feed: Brands Are Driving Millennials Away From Social Media

20:42 [OpEdNews] Cry For Hiroshima, Please

20:42 [OpEdNews] Bush-Obama Powers Will Pass to Next President

20:44 [Voice of America] Read a book, fall asleep, a Book and Bed Hotel

20:44 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: This Is What $80 Million Gets You - Hyperloop 'Unleashed'

20:44 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Donald Trump - Republican Party Savior?

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Tanker washes ashore, crew vanished

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: DEALING WITH DONALD Ryan can't 'pretend' GOP is unified behind Trump

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: IT’S AN ‘INVESTIGATION’ FBI boss rebuffs Hillary’s ‘security inquiry’ narrative

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Firefighters' dramatic attempt to save house from wildfire captured on camera

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Arson probe launched as officials say deadly fertilizer plant blast was criminal

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Massachusetts teacher killed in mall stabbing remembered as hero who confronted attacker

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Emails off limits? Clinton aide reportedly walks out of FBI interview - VIDEO: Clinton email probe gets tense - VIDEO: Why did Clinton aide walk out?

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Gaza kids festival focuses on killing Israeli troops, new video reveals - Israel marks Memorial Day with moment of silence

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: New Amazon show called..?

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Bits of RAT found in burgers?

20:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: WWE star Adam Rose busted

20:48 [Deutsche Welle] Four policemen killed in 'IS' suicide attack in Tunisia

20:51 [AL JAZEERA] Brazil: Senate debates Dilma Rousseff's impeachment

20:52 [OpEdNews] DownWithTyranny!: A Corporate Convention: "Comcast Presents ... The Democratic Party. Welcome to Philadelphia."

20:52 [straight] Jon Cranny: Guest pick: Avant-garde musician Koichi Makigami brings the high weirdness

20:54 [Slate Magazine] Mallory Ortberg: Friends With Ambiguous Benefits

20:55 [Reuters: politics] Planned Parenthood sues Ohio over plan to restrict funds

20:57 [OpEdNews] Cruzbio's Cuba, and Selling the System

20:58 [CNN] Azealia Banks: Here's why people are talking about her

20:58 [CNN] Joe Biden says Donald Trump-style rhetoric harming U.S. security

20:59 [The Atlantic: Technology] Kaveh Waddell: How Should ‘Sextortion’ Be Punished?

21:00 [NPR] Marc Silver: Dancing With The South African Star: Keo Motsepe

21:00 [] andrea: 'This is History': Police Officer Indicted on Federal Charges in Walter Scott Killing

21:02 [CNET News] GameSpot Staff: Battlefield 1 interview: 'It's not worth stepping on people's memories' - CNET

21:02 [CNET News] GameSpot Staff: Nintendo 2DS price cut, new games announced - CNET

21:02 [CNET News] Eddie Makuch: 'Voltron' reboot gets a new trailer and release date - CNET

21:02 [CNET News] Bonnie Burton: SpaceX suits to be designed by superhero armor creator - CNET

21:02 [CNET News] GameSpot Staff: Witcher 3 Dev: Blood and Wine is definitely final expansion - CNET

21:02 [CNET News] Lance Whitney: Windows 10 to kill Wi-Fi password-sharing option - CNET

21:03 [straight] Charlie Smith: LifeSpace Gardens' self-watering planters get growing in condos

21:03 [straight] Charlie Smith: Indian Summer festival will feature Rajasthan Josh, human rights activist Vandana Shiva, and filmmaker Deepa Mehta

21:03 [straight] Jon Cranny: Where to find belly-filling meals in Vancouver that won’t break the bank

21:03 [Guardian] Anushka Asthana and Heather Stewart: Suliman Gani sues Michael Fallon over claim he backed Isis

21:04 [Voice of America] May 11, 2016

21:05 [NPR] Morgan Springer: Should An Anonymous Donor Be Able To Save A Public School?

21:06 [Big Think] Robby Berman: Music Can Help You Be Productive, As Long As It’s The Right Music

21:07 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Justice Department's Reputation At Stake As Hillary-Email Decision Looms

21:07 [OpEdNews] How to Oppose the Draft for Women and Not Be Sexist

21:09 [straight] Jon Cranny: Editor’s choice: Archytas Quartet's Music on Main program has brains and beauty

21:10 [The Nation] Richard Kreitner: The Roots of Today’s Racism and Police Violence, in an ‘Inconceivably Brutal’ Riot 150 Years Ago

21:10 [Slashdot] manishs: Peachy Printer Funds Embezzled To Build New Home Instead of $100 3D Printer

21:10 [Raw Story] What new polls say about Trump-Clinton fight in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania

21:10 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: There's More to "Improper Payments" Than Meets the Eye /files/blog_improper_payments_0.jpg

21:11 [Reuters: politics] Trump, Clinton in poll dead heat as campaign heats up

21:12 [Doctors Without Borders] Elias Primoff: Mali: Protecting and Caring for Children in Koutiala

21:13 [CNN: Money] Volkswagen probe clears top executives

21:18 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: States hesitant to acknowledge drought: SC

21:19 [The Atlantic: Politics] Ron Fournier: The Presidency Is Not the 'Ultimate Reality Show'

21:20 [Raw Story] Los Angeles Times: Many voters supporting Sanders now are ready to back Clinton in November

21:20 [Raw Story] Reuters: Boston better prepped for tech talent than Bay Area

21:20 [Mother Jones] Josh Harkinson: Texas Republicans Inch Closer to Secession

21:22 [Truthdig] Budweiser Changes Beer’s Name to ‘America’ for the Election Season

21:23 [Deutsche Welle] Germany set to annul historical convictions of gay men

21:24 [Voice of America] Ken Bredemeier: US General: Islamic State in Iraq ‘Getting Weaker’

21:25 [CBC: politics] The Canadian Press: Health Canada announces more mental health workers for Attawapiskat

21:25 [Raw Story] Reuters: Planned Parenthood sues Ohio over plan to restrict funds

21:25 [Raw Story] Sam Levin, The Guardian: Colorado family sues pot dispensary after murder blamed on edible

21:28 [CNN: Money] Is this the solution to crazy airport security lines?

21:29 [CNN] Clinton questions why Donald Trump isn't releasing his tax returns

21:29 [AL JAZEERA] Brazil begins Dilma Rousseff impeachment debate

21:30 [Raw Story] Oliver Milman, The Guardian: 28 percent of US bees wiped out this winter — suggesting bigger environmental issues

21:30 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: Comedian takes massive swing at Woody Allen for rape allegations at Cannes Film Festival

21:30 [Raw Story] Sarah K. Burris: Hindu nationalists and 5 other wacky groups that have endorsed Donald Trump

21:33 [CNN] Nancy Pelosi dismisses Donald Trump's candidacy: 'We've had our fun'

21:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: According To JPM's Quant Guru, This Is The "Main Risk For The Market" Right Now

21:34 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Big Test Looms For Oil Stock Rally

21:38 [Deutsche Welle] Will Hindu gods help Trump become US president?

21:38 [Fox News: politics] Reid confronts fellow Democrat Grayson over ethics allegations

21:39 [straight] Jon Cranny: 6 grilling gadgets and décor items that will get you outdoors in style

21:39 [straight] Jon Cranny: Theatre vets shine in fierce 5 @ 50

21:40 [CNN] Taunton stabbings: Details emerge about attacker

21:40 [The Hindu - News] Arunangsu Roy Chowdhury: Zarina’s charity flows freely, in Mumbai slum

21:40 [The Hindu - News] Mahesh Langa: Two Gujarat professors say Modi enrolled for M.A.

21:42 [Good] Tod Perry: Poll Shows That Americans Have a Higher Opinion Of Head Lice Than Donald Trump

21:43 [OpEdNews] Bernie Takes West Virginia

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Prakash Kamat, Dinakar Peri: After 33 years in service, Sea Harriers fly into history

21:45 [NPR] Laura Wagner: Deadly Texas Fertilizer Plant Fire Was Intentionally Set, Authorities Say

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Biggest celeb penny-pinchers

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Julia: Amal changed George

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Meet the new Instagram

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Why is Cuoco freaking out?

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Texas fugitive-turned-mayor is shut down by West Virginia voters

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Massachusetts teacher killed in mall stabbing remembered as hero who confronted attacker - VIDEO: Off duty police officer stops deadly mall stabbing rampage

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Judge lets ex-cop indicted on federal civil rights charges stay free on bail - Calif. deputies charged in beating of suspected car thief caught on video - Los Angeles arson suspect mad about police killings., witness says

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: High-tech devices take cheating to new level in schools

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MIT lecture: 'Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?' - 'Fat activist' lectures college kids on 'thin privilege'

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TODD STARNES: School play depicts rape, filthy language and public urination

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Firefighters' dramatic attempt to save house from wildfire captured on camera - VIDEO: iPhone captures home burning down from Canadian wildfire

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: String of Baghdad bombings kills at least 66; ISIS claims responsibility - ISIS advances toward Syrian city of Palmyra - Elite Turkish forces carry out rare anti-ISIS raid - VIDEO: ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Baghdad car bombing

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: IT'S AN 'INVESTIGATION' FBI boss rebuffs Hillary’s ‘security inquiry’ narrative

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: MYSTERIOUS GHOST SHIP Tanker washes ashore in Liberia, crew vanished

21:46 [Fox News] Fox News Online: LESSER-OF-TWO EVILS? Trump, Clinton make play for crossover votes

21:48 [CNN: Politics] Sanders: Dem convention tilted toward Clinton

21:48 [CNN: Politics] West Virginia exit polls: Economy top concern

21:48 [CNN: Politics] Trump: Giuliani for 'radical Islam' commission

21:48 [CNN: Politics] Biden says Trump-style rhetoric harming US security

21:48 [CNN: Politics] Pelosi dismisses Trump's candidacy: 'We've had our fun'

21:48 [CNN: Politics] Clinton questions why Trump isn't releasing tax returns

21:48 [straight] Charlie Smith: 3 elements to consider before you get your green thumb on

21:48 [straight] Adrian Mack: DOXA review 2016: A Matter of Time

21:48 [High Country News] Why doesn’t the West report its lead data?

21:48 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Turkey Threatens Europe: "Unless Visas Are Removed, We Will Unleash The Refugees"

21:49 [Financial Times] Sapin acknowledges inappropriate behaviour

21:52 [Reuters] Former South Carolina officer used excessive force in fatal shooting: indictment

21:52 [The Hindu - News] Legal Correspondent: President clears four new judges for Supreme Court

21:53 [Guardian] Press Association: David Cameron apologises after saying ex-imam 'supported Islamic State'

21:55 [Slashdot] manishs: Scientists Found 74 Genetic Variants Linked To Education Level

21:55 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: Republican ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill will turn crimes against cops into hate crimes in Louisiana

21:56 [Voice of America] Margaret Besheer: UN Seeks to Counter Terrorist Activity Online

21:56 [CNN] Breaking down the mythical 'Mayan city' discovery

21:56 [CNN] Nigerian president: David Cameron was just 'being honest' about corruption

21:56 [The Hindu - News] PTI: ED mulls attaching Mallya’s assets

21:56 [CNET News] GameSpot Staff: Civilization 6 revealed, brings major changes - CNET

21:56 [CNET News] Andrew Morse: Wendy's takes bite out of data hack - CNET

21:56 [CNET News] GameSpot Staff: Xbox boss: 'Partnership with Nintendo has been great' for Minecraft - CNET

21:56 [CNET News] Chris Matyszczyk: Donald Trump polls a lot better online than in phone interviews - CNET

21:56 [CNET News] Amanda Kooser: Assemble this crazy-detailed classic 'Ghostbusters' proton pack - CNET

21:56 [CNET News] Bridget Carey: New emoji requests for career women and... condoms - CNET

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21:58 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Domestic violence Act misused: Centre

21:59 [AL JAZEERA] Tunisia unrest: Deaths in Tatouine and near Tunis

22:00 [Voice of America] Peter Clottey: Zambia Commission Bans Cellphone Use in Polling Stations

22:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] UPSC results

22:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] Up in smoke?

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22:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] Bangladesh’s future

22:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] Cartoonscape — May 12, 2016

22:02 [The Hindu - News] PTI: Indian rescued from pirates in Nigeria

22:04 [CNN] Flint mayor diverted water-crisis money to political PAC, suit says

22:04 [CBC: politics] Janyce McGregor: Mauril Bélanger's bid to revise O Canada to get 2nd debate slot May 30

22:04 [CBC: politics] John Paul Tasker: Paul Martin's portrait unveiled on Parliament Hill

22:04 [The Hindu - News] Vijaita Singh: MHA official linked to Teesta files missing

22:05 [straight] Jon Cranny: Vancouver Cantata Singers light beacon in darkness with Lux Antiqua

22:05 [straight] Miles Keir: Things go very awry in promising Dheepan

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22:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Sharon Osbourne opens up about split

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22:10 [The Nation] Jeffrey Wasserstrom: How Will China Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Cultural Revolution?

22:10 [straight] Carlito Pablo: Vancouver supporters hail bombastic Philippine president-elect dubbed Trump of the East

22:11 [CNN: Money] Farrow to media who ignore Allen allegations: Time for 'soul searching'

22:11 [Guardian] now: Ryan eases off Trump: 'I want to be part of GOP unifying process' – campaign live

22:11 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Concerned 'Anti-Republican' Writes "Dear Hillary, I'm Worried..."

22:12 [Doctors Without Borders] Elias Primoff: Key Latin American Countries Must Reject Harmful TPP Agreement that Will Keep Medicine Prices Unaffordable

22:12 [CNN] Queen's Chinese gaffe shows that imperial arrogance dies hard

22:12 [CNN] FBI director on Clinton email probe: 'There's no special set of rules'

22:14 [The Hindu - News] B. Kolappan: ‘T.N. voters will not prefer a coalition govt.’

22:16 [straight] Colten Dom: Bringing garbage to life at the Vancouver Playhouse

22:18 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Stocks Dump, Bonds Jump As Retail Wreckage Trumps Crude Spike

22:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Amazon takes on YouTube

22:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Ohio restaurant owner says he was machete-wielding terrorist's target

22:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NOW IT'S MASS MURDER Officials: Deadly fertilizer plant explosion was arson

22:19 [Fox News] Fox News Online: IT'S AN 'INVESTIGATION' FBI boss Comey rebuffs Hillary’s ‘security inquiry’ narrative on emails

22:20 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Allahabad University admission row figures in RS

22:21 [Guardian] now: Trump says proposed ban on Muslims was 'only a suggestion' – campaign live

22:22 [Reuters] Trump, Clinton in poll dead heat as campaign heats up

22:22 [Reuters] Accused Planned Parenthood clinic gunman ruled mentally incompetent

22:22 [Electronic Intifada] Asa Winstanley: How Jeremy Corbyn's enemies are gunning for Labour's ruling body

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22:28 [OpEdNews] New Rules On Corporate Secrecy Have Glaring Loopholes

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22:29 [CNN: Money] Billionaire: I'd cut off Muslims from coming to US

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22:29 [AL JAZEERA] Indonesia's tobacco industry 'using child labourers'

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22:30 [The Hindu - News] Special Correspondent: Now Congress has hopes on Arunachal

22:31 [The Atlantic: National] Matt Vasilogambros: Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Ruled Not Fit for Trial

22:35 [Mother Jones] Ben Dreyfuss: Donald Trump: Are We Not In The Trust Tree?

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22:38 [The Hindu - Opinion] Puja Mehra: It is disinvestment, not privatisation

22:38 [Slashdot] manishs: Guy Who Didn't Invent Email Sues Gawker For Pointing Out He Didn't Invent Email

22:39 [The Atlantic: Technology] Chris Bodenner: Orbital View: The World's Largest Offshore Windfarm

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22:40 [Raw Story] Arturo Garcia: Mitt Romney rips Trump for not releasing his taxes: He can only be hiding ‘bombshell of unusual size’

22:40 [CNN] Poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump run tight races in key swing states

22:40 [CNN] How Bernie Sanders has changed the Democratic Party

22:42 [Truthdig] Keeping Us Safe From an Information Explosion

22:42 [Good] Alicia Kennedy: Italian Judge Rules It’s Okay For The Hungry To Steal Food

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22:48 [Voice of America] VOA News: US Investigators: Deadly 2013 Fertilizer Explosion Deliberately Set

22:48 [CNN: Money] Morley Safer retires from "60 Minutes"

22:51 [Guardian] Daniel Taylor at the Stadium of Light: Sunderland safe after Lamine Koné double sinks crumbling Everton

22:51 [Guardian] Alan Yuhas: Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment as Brazil's senate debates – live

22:51 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Peter Boockvar Warns "If Central Bankers Get Their Way, The Global Bond Market Will Blow Up"

22:52 [Reuters: politics] Romney: It's 'disqualifying' for Trump not to release tax returns

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22:53 [CNN] Antonov An-225: Rare flight for world's biggest plane

22:55 [AL JAZEERA] Indonesia tobacco plantations using child labour

22:55 [Raw Story] Reuters: Planned Parenthood gunman declared mentally incompetent for trial

22:56 [Voice of America] VOA News: Local Official: Somali Commandos Kill 15 in Raid on al-Shabab Base

22:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Nissim Mannathukkaren: Taxing times for the nation

22:58 [The Hindu - Opinion] Feroze Varun Gandhi: Insure farmers against climate change

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23:00 [Raw Story] Bethania Palma Markus: Doctors used to literally ‘blow smoke up your ass’ with 18th Century medical treatment

23:01 [CNN] Walter Scott shooting death: Grand jury indicts ex-officer

23:03 [Guardian] Patrick Wintour and Heather Stewart: Cameron to introduce new corporate money-laundering offence

23:03 [Guardian] Rowena Mason Political correspondent: Public consent is key in immigration debate, says Boris Johnson

23:03 [Guardian] Mark Sweney: BBC3 to move half of its operations to hub in Birmingham by 2018

23:03 [Pravda] European Russophobia through the prism of Immortal Regiment

23:04 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Bill Ackman Releases Ghastly Portfolio Update; Defends Valeant, Other Money-Losing Investments

23:05 [Mother Jones] Inae Oh: Elizabeth Warren Mocks Trump on Twitter, and Goads Him Into Striking Back

23:05 [Mother Jones] Patrick Caldwell: Romney on Trump's Taxes: He's Hiding Something

23:06 [Voice of America] Shipping Giant Sponsors Medical Drone Delivery in Rwanda

23:07 [Financial Times] Middle class takes a hit in most US cities

23:07 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: Obamacare Rules Change Opens Door For State Bailouts

23:08 [CNN] With Donald Trump as nominee, delegate spots lose appeal

23:09 [The Atlantic: Politics] David A. Graham: If You Liked Ben Carson's Fundraising, You're Gonna Love Trump's Fundraising

23:11 [straight] Jon Cranny: High five: 5 arts events you just can’t miss this week

23:11 [Fox News: politics] Romney calls decision by Trump not to release tax returns 'disqualifying'

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: TEACHER HAILED A HERO He died protecting others during stabbing rampage

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Indiana's 'baby boxes' save abandoned newborns

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Dr. Manny: Trump is the right candidate to tackle America's drug problem

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Murder charge dropped against man serving life sentence for killing teen in 1998

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Climbers scale Mount Everest after 2 years of disasters

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter mentally incompetent

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: NY man who won $1M lottery for 2nd time: 'This is impossible'

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Revolutionary semi truck

23:12 [Fox News] Fox News Online: Woody rape joke at Cannes

23:14 [CNN] Judge orders 'Bridgegate' names to be released

23:15 [NPR] Merrit Kennedy: Final Sexual Assault Charge Withdrawn Against Former CBC Host Jian Ghomeshi

23:15 [Raw Story] David Edwards: White nationalist ex-Trump delegate: ‘Real deal’ Donald will stop ‘precipitous decline’ of whites

23:16 [CNN] The Trump 6: Who could be on Trump's shortlist?

23:17 [Electronic Intifada] Charlotte Silver: Israel jails astrophysicist for Facebook posts

23:17 [Slashdot] manishs: French Inquiry Launched After Live Suicide Broadcast On Periscope

23:20 [The Nation] David Cole: Michael Ratner, 1943-2016

23:20 [CNN: Politics] FBI director on Clinton email probe: 'There's no special set of rules'

23:20 [CNN: Politics] With Trump as nominee, delegate spots lose appeal for Republicans

23:20 [CNN: Politics] Why Sanders is a better bet against Trump

23:23 [OpEdNews] The EPA's Ties to Monsanto Could Be Disastrous for the US

23:24 [Voice of America] Reuters: Corruption Crackdown Costs 1,400 Police Their Jobs in Colombia

23:25 [NPR] Sarah McCammon: Official Says 'Too Late' For White Nationalist To Resign As Trump Delegate

23:25 [AL JAZEERA] Do Europe's refugees represent an economic opportunity?

23:25 [AL JAZEERA] Gay rights activists praise Italy same-sex unions bill

23:25 [Mother Jones] Josh Harkinson: Whenever Trump Gets Cozy With Bigots, His Campaign Cites Technical “Errors"

23:28 [Deutsche Welle] Ukraine recovers 17 precious paintings stolen from Verona museum

23:30 [NPR] NPR Staff: Public Health Professor: Because Of Zika, Rio Olympics 'Must Not Proceed'

23:32 [CNN] Donald Trump nabs billionaire GOP backer T. Boone Pickens

23:32 [CNN: Politics] The 2 Trumps

23:33 [Reuters] North Carolina students sue U.S. over stance on bathroom access

23:37 [CNET News] Aloysius Low: Cowa Robot is a suitcase that follows you like a puppy - CNET

23:37 [CNET News] Emme Hall: Hyperloop One shows us how fast we'll get from here to there - CNET

23:37 [CNET News] Andrew Morse: Walmart, Visa go to court over how you pay for your unicorn helmet - CNET

23:37 [CNET News] Gael Fashingbauer Cooper: 360-degree video puts you right inside terrifying tornado - CNET

23:37 [CNET News] Andrew Morse: SpaceX Dragon splashes down after month parked in space - CNET

23:38 [Reuters] Brazil Senate debates impeachment trial as Rousseff's removal looms

23:39 [zero hedge] Tyler Durden: US Senator Shocked - "Are Americans OK With White House Propaganda?"

23:40 [Voice of America] Reuters: Freed Mexican Drug Lord Still in Business, US Says

23:44 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: And the Taylor Swift Award goes to...

23:45 [Raw Story] Reuters: Arizona man gets six months in jail for stranding 5-year-old granddaughter in desert with gun

23:46 [Reuters] Trump draws even with Clinton in national White House poll

23:50 [NPR] Michaeleen Doucleff: How The Zika Virus Damages The Brain

23:52 [CNN] Penn State's president defends Joe Paterno's legacy

23:52 [CNN] Donald Trump handed over tax returns in casino bids

23:53 [straight] Lucy Lau: Tickets now available for 2016 Vancouver Craft Beer Week’s brew-packed lineup of events

23:53 [Guardian] Reuters in Santiago: Unprecedented 'red tide' crisis deepens in Chile's fishing-rich waters, amid anger

23:55 [Reuters: politics] Louisiana legislature passes 72-hour waiting period for abortions

23:55 [Reuters: politics] Trump draws even with Clinton in national White House poll

23:55 [NPR] Brett Neely: Mitt Romney: Trump's Decision To Not Release Tax Returns Is 'Disqualifying'

23:55 [Raw Story] Reuters: Louisiana lawmakers pass bill requiring 72-hour waiting period for abortions

23:56 [Mother Jones] Kevin Drum: BinC Watch: Donald Trump Has Now Changed His Mind on the Minimum Wage Three Times In Three Days

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