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00:02 [Deutsche Welle] EU edges towards recognizing Syria opposition

00:07 [Raw Story] Ecuador says asylum for Syria’s Assad not ruled out

00:08 [Pravda] Animal welfare: Russia in the forefront

00:08 [Slashdot] Physicists Turn Pull Into Push

00:08 [zero hedge] Presenting The Fund-tastic Four: Ireland, Greece, Spain And... The U.S.

00:14 [CNN] Man fatally shot on New York City street

00:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Soft and sympathetic'

00:17 [CNN] Bashar al-Assad - Fast Facts

00:19 [CNET News] GhostShell claims breach of 1.6M accounts at FBI, NASA and more

00:19 [OpEdNews] Let's Make a Deal!


00:23 [NPR] U.S. To Add Syrian Rebel Group To Terror List

00:23 [Pravda] Syria: Nobel Winners, Dodgy Deals, Clinton and Osama bin Laden's Ally

00:24 [CNN] Life sentence closes oldest cold case

00:27 [CNET News] Facebook suffers major outage, site inaccessible

00:30 [CNN] Benfica maintain Sporting's misery

00:33 [The Onion] Boehner Just Wants Wife To Listen, Not Come Up With Alternative Debt-Reduction Ideas

00:35 [CNET News] Twitter takes on Instagram with new photo filters

00:41 [CBC: politics] Lawyers argue politics on 1st day of robocalls challenge

00:42 [High Country News] Up the road and a world away: A review of Elsewhere, California

00:43 [Slashdot] Own Every SNES Game Ever Made For $24,999

00:44 [CNET News] Lacoste imagines some truly techy clothing

00:44 [zero hedge] Only In California: School Owes $1 Billion On $100 Million 'PayDay' Loan

00:45 [Global Voices] Remembering the Short-Lived Crimean People’s Republic

00:46 [Voice of America] Synagogues Aim to Remake Themselves in New Era

00:46 [Telegraph] Gérard Depardieu sets up legal residence in Belgium to escape French tax laws

00:47 [CBC: politics] Most Canadians cool to temporary foreign workers, poll says

00:50 [CNN] Smartphone apps can compromise kids' data, trade panel says

00:55 [Fox News: politics] California doubles down on solar power, as critics question cost, job results

00:55 [CNET News] Instagram improves camera, editing and adds new filter

00:57 [CNN] Nuri al-Maliki - Fast Facts

00:58 [Disinformation] ‘Most Famous Wolf in the World’ Shot by Hunters

01:00 [Global Voices] Romania's General Election Results “As Expected”

01:02 [Telegraph] Dominique Strauss-Kahn reaches settlement with maid over sexual assault case

01:02 [Raw Story] Virginia lawmaker proposes new GOP-friendly electoral college system

01:03 [Sydney Morning Herald] Boy, 9, killed while crossing road

01:05 [CNN] Smartphone apps can compromise kids' data, FTC says

01:05 [Moral Low Ground] 14-Year-Olds Marcus Velasquez & Todavia Cleckley Allegedly Murdered Young Mom Kayla Peterson over Cigarettes

01:07 [AL JAZEERA] HSBC 'to pay' $1.9bn money-laundering fine

01:09 [Reuters: politics] Neither side giving ground in U.S. "fiscal cliff" talks

01:14 [CNET News] Quad-core smartphone shootout

01:14 [The Independent] From Francis Walsingham to Mohammed Sidique Khan - Surveillance through the ages

01:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Aggressive, negative' tactics used on PM

01:20 [CNN] DJs broke 'Do No Harm' rule

01:20 [Reuters: politics] Neither side giving ground in "fiscal cliff" talks

01:20 [Global Voices] Crowdmapping Corruption in Kosovo

01:22 [zero hedge] The Fiscal Cliff... In Context

01:22 [Raw Story] Stewart nearly quit The Daily Show in 1999 due to ‘a**holes’

01:30 [Voice of America] Ghana to Form Transition Team Following Election

01:32 [Telegraph] Ed Miliband: my wife's a big admirer of Miriam Clegg

01:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Mystery man who fell to earth

01:37 [Slashdot] TSMC and Global Foundries Plan Risky Process Jump As Intel Unveils 22nm SoC

01:41 [msnbc] GOP set to deliver blow to labor in union-heavy Michigan

01:47 [CNET News] Cats beware, dogs can drive

01:48 [msnbc: politics] Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii hospitalized: 'For the most part, I'm OK'

01:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Boy killed crossing road

01:51 [Topix Activism News] Egyptian army takes over security ahead of vote


01:58 [Truthdig] Glenn Greenwald Condemns ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Torture Porn

01:59 [BBC: Science & Environment] Rhino anti-poaching deal signed

02:08 [zero hedge] Guest Post: A Few Thoughts On Gold, Part 1 – Gold As An Investment

02:08 [Slashdot] Outrage At Microsoft Offshoring Tax In the UK, Google Caught Avoiding US Taxes

02:12 [Raw Story] FBI data: Hate crimes against LGBT people on the rise

02:14 [Fox News] Right Time to Give Egypt More F-16s?

02:18 [Truthdig] Pot Is Officially Legal in Colorado, Allen West Is a Sore Loser, and More

02:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] $1b plan to reshape Sydney

02:24 [CNN: Politics] Supreme Court to take up same-sex marriage

02:34 [Telegraph] Colorado becomes second US state to legalise marijuana

02:36 [CNET News] Why Bloomberg would be stupid to buy LinkedIn

02:42 [Raw Story] HSBC to pay $1.9 billion to settle money laundering claims: report

02:45 [Mother Jones] Corn on Hardball: Binders Full of Women, Legitimate Rape, 47 Percent, and Other Memorable Election Quotes

02:46 [Global Voices] An Appeal to President Xi Jinping from the International Tibetan

02:48 [Russia Today] Israel behind bogus Iran nuclear data leak - report

02:48 [Deutsche Welle] US authorities settle with HSBC for over $1 billion

02:48 [CNN] Nurse death sparks outrage, casts glare on 'shock jocks'

02:50 [zero hedge] Steve Keen - Lessons On The Fiscal Cliff From The 1930s

02:51 [Global Voices] Human Rights Issues in Singapore

02:58 [Russia Today] Israel behind bogus Iran nuclear data leak - reports

02:58 [CNET News] Antivirus guru John McAfee sells rights for movie about his life

03:03 [Disinformation] Cop Punches Handcuffed Woman in the Face, Loses Job, Gets Job Again After Review

03:04 [CNET News] Jammie Thomas asks Supreme Court to take file-sharing case

03:04 [Telegraph] Russia's anti-Mormon campaign

03:10 [Unicef] Through its early childhood development programme, UNICEF helps build a strong foundation for refugee children at Kigeme camp in Rwanda

03:13 [Deutsche Welle] Report: US settles with HSBC for nearly $2 billion

03:18 [CNN] America would soon have gotten to know Jenni Rivera

03:21 [CNET News] Is Time Machine really backing up your drives?

03:27 [BBC: Technology] Clegg opposes web-monitoring bill

03:28 [Deutsche Welle] Obama presses to keep US from going over 'cliff'

03:32 [Raw Story] Ed Asner: Fox News host Sean Hannity ‘behind on his rabies shots’

03:50 [Infoshop] Something Rotten In The ANC State

03:51 [Telegraph] Mali PM Cheick Modibo Diarra arrested by soldiers

03:53 [The Hindu - News] US defends Walmart lobbying

03:55 [zero hedge] Dare To Balance The Budget? An Interactive Guide To Washington's Biggest Nightmare

03:55 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Critics Brand Climate Talks Another Lost Opportunity

03:58 [The Onion] [Video] CVS Poised To Be Nation's Top Seller Of Shitty Office Party Gifts For Your Coworkers

04:00 [BBC: Also in the news] Ikea monkey headed to sanctuary

04:01 [Global Voices] Vietnam: Hùng Kings Ritual Recognized by UNESCO

04:08 [zero hedge] The Socialist Heart Of France Spits Out Its First Victim

04:09 [Sydney Morning Herald] The $1 billion plan to reshape Sydney

04:10 [The Hindu - News] Congress, JD(S) dither over no-confidence motion

04:12 [Slashdot] Four Cups of Coffee A Day Cuts Risk of Oral Cancer

04:14 [Fox News] California Doubles Down on Solar Power as Critics Question Cost

04:16 [The Hindu - News] Meteorological forecast vital for IAF’s operational preparedness: Air Marshal

04:20 [Infoshop] Kropotkin: The Anarchist Formerly Known as Prince

04:21 [BBC: Education] Court hears GCSE grade challenge

04:21 [CNN] Twitter adds its own Instagram-like photo filters

04:31 [Financial Times] Moon rises in key S Korea battleground

04:32 [CNN] America missed out on getting to know Jenni Rivera

04:34 [The Hindu - News] ‘Disability legislation must focus on rights, not charity’

04:36 [The Hindu - News] Man dupes girl on Facebook

04:38 [The Hindu - News] Local flavour at Chennai International Film Fest

04:43 [Reuters: politics] U.S. "fiscal cliff" talks picking up pace

04:46 [The Hindu - News] ‘Those doctors watched her die' : Savita's father

04:48 [The Hindu - News] Junta arrests Mali’s Prime Minister

04:54 [The Hindu - News] ‘Equip teacher trainees to teach differently-abled students’

04:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Austereo cancels party

04:58 [Disinformation] U.S. Army’s Chemical Weapons Expert Reveals Details Of Experiments

04:59 [CNN] Dallas Cowboys players involved in fatal crash were 'like brothers'

05:02 [The Hindu - News] Best city to live in is on a downward slide

05:07 [The Hindu - News] Call to set up ‘Gurukuls’ for vocational skill training

05:08 [Russia Today] Ecuador may consider political asylum for Syria’s Assad

05:12 [Moral Low Ground] ‘The Moral High Ground’: Merck Foundation Suspends Boy Scouts Funding over Anti-Gay Policy

05:12 [Raw Story] Obama’s corporate charm offensive: Wooing the Republicans’ beloved base

05:13 [Deutsche Welle] Mali's prime minister arrested by military junta

05:17 [The Hindu - News] Hollywood influence undesirable, says film-maker

05:19 [The Hindu - News] TNAU, Industry join hands to promote carbon-neutral schools, colleges

05:23 [CNET News] IDC device maker ranking shows Apple value, Samsung volume

05:23 [The Hindu - News] Yawn. There’s yet another pothole

05:27 [The Hindu - News] OU students counsel slum-dwellers on AIDS

05:29 [The Hindu - News] Why the city’s roads are so lethal

05:30 [OpEdNews] As Washington Fiddles over the Fiscal Cliff, the Real Battle Over Inequality Is Happening in the Heartland

05:35 [The Hindu - News] Motorists sceptical about speed limit on Tank Bund in Hyderabad

05:41 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka High Court wants to know why councillor not arraigned yet

05:42 [Sydney Morning Herald] Sex, lies and videotape

05:45 [Fox News: politics] Sec. Clinton cancels trip to Arab world due to illness

05:47 [CNET News] Google Maps lets users explore NASA's 'Black Marble'

05:47 [The Hindu - News] Karnataka Women’s Commission presses for public inquiry into Savita’s death

05:50 [Mother Jones] Washington Doesn't Have a Spending Problem. It Has a Healthcare Problem. Period.

05:53 [Voice of America] Pertussis Rises, Research Focuses on Vaccine

05:53 [Global Voices] China's Disempowered Urban Planners Build Support Through Weibo

05:56 [The Hindu - News] Dancing peacocks and pining lovers

05:58 [Raw Story] Maddow: Conservatives getting rich off ‘impotent political rage’

05:59 [Sydney Morning Herald] Machete murder: 3 jailed

06:00 [OpEdNews] Walmart CEO To Be Picketed in NYC at Speech on Global Responsibility

06:02 [The Hindu - News] Fitting a changing mould

06:03 [Global Voices] Standing Up for Stalking Victims in Japan

06:06 [The Hindu - News] Making light of the dark

06:06 [AntiWar] The Civilian Toll of Israel’s Bombs

06:08 [The Atlantic: National] A Simple Test: What's Your Visual IQ?

06:10 [The Hindu - News] Seasoned Snippets

06:11 [Topix Activism News] Texas regulators prepare major oil drilling rule changes

06:11 [CNET News] Survey: Adobe discount draws customers to subscription plan

06:13 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart rips Fox News for their perpetual outrage at gun control talk

06:13 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: Investors cautious about Italy

06:13 [CNET News] Patent trolls now behind most patent infringement lawsuits

06:14 [The Hindu - News] Congress MLAs hit out at Kerala government

06:17 [Big Think] The statistical significance scandal: The standard error of science?

06:37 [CNN] Satmar Hasidic leader found guilty in child sex abuse case

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

06:44 [The Hindu - News] Hawking has a little problem to solve

06:53 [Voice of America] Mali's Prime Minister Resigns

06:55 [Fin24 News] Council to help US compete in SA

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Iyothee Thass’s works are weapons for liberation, says Jeyamohan

07:03 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

07:08 [Fin24 News] Banks warn ANC over policy decisions

07:11 [Topix Activism News] Meeting delay a sign of cooling US-Vietnam ties

07:11 [The Hindu - News] LPG delivery boys strike work in Madurai

07:13 [The Hindu - News] ‘Plain packaging can reduce use of tobacco products’

07:14 [CNN] Opinion: Tibetans reject Chinese rule with one voice

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Young man in Delhi arrested in 100-crore marketing fraud

07:21 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Govt. allows use of LAD funds in new regularised colonies

07:22 [HuffingtonPost: politics] RJ: Richard (RJ) Eskow: Four Bad Liberal Arguments For Raising the Medicare Age

07:23 [The Hindu - News] Inaugural run of special trains to Chennai and Shirdi launched

07:25 [The Hindu - News] e-rickshaw owners protest against harassment by traffic police

07:27 [The Hindu - News] IOB plans to set up special agri branches in the East and West Godavari districts

07:29 [CNN] Snakes on the loose at Chinese university

07:33 [Deutsche Welle] Italy, the eurozone detonator?

07:36 [The Hindu - News] 'Public awareness key to prohibit child marriage'

07:38 [The Hindu - News] Hearing impaired stage protest

07:40 [The Hindu - News] Awaiting justice

07:43 [The Independent] GCSE grades challenge goes to court

07:43 [Telegraph] Tax breaks to help with child care costs

07:44 [The Hindu - News] A two-wheeler is not a toy

07:46 [The Hindu - News] Uproar in Parliament over promotions quota, Walmart

07:48 [The Atlantic: National]

07:50 [The Hindu - News] National seminar on CSR activities held at Visakhapatnam

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Activists demand lifting of prohibitory orders in and around Kudankulam

07:52 [AL JAZEERA] HSBC to pay $1.9bn money-laundering fine

07:55 [Infoshop] Despite huge spend Irish anti-choice demo attracts only a couple of thousand

07:56 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] China’s Tops in South African Trade

07:58 [Deutsche Welle] German city of Bochum hit hard by Opel closure

07:59 [Telegraph] Christianity not 'fading away' says Archbishop ahead of census figures

08:00 [Reuters] HSBC to pay record $1.9 billion fine in money laundering case

08:03 [Global Voices] Movement to “Respect The Constitution” in Ethiopia

08:05 [CNN] 'Black Swans': Pandemic, solar storms and a democratic China

08:12 [The Hindu - News] China detains monks for ‘inciting’ self-immolations

08:13 [Truthdig] Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court’s Historic Choice

08:13 [Deutsche Welle] No more trust in the Muslim Brotherhood

08:16 [The Hindu - News] Strauss-Kahn, hotel maid settle suit

08:18 [Pravda] Partialize or Perish

08:19 [CNN: Money] HSBC TO PAY $1.92 BILLION

08:28 [Global Voices] Japan's First Live Streamed Political Debate

08:29 [The Independent] Mali's PM Cheikh Modibo Diarra resigns after army arrest him

08:29 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:31 [CNN] Record fines: 'New normal' for banking business?

08:36 [OpEdNews] Abbas: Betrayal Pays Well

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Quiz Corner

08:41 [OpEdNews] Syria Boils

08:42 [Fox News: politics] Federal judge rules North Carolina's 'Choose Life' license plate unconstitutional

08:48 [Raw Story] Google Chromebooks steeply discounted for classrooms –with a catch

08:48 [Telegraph] Downton Abbey Christmas special: Kisses (and misses?)

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Drop in enrolments at Ampapuram driving school

08:51 [CNET News] New Twitter (with filters) not available yet for iPhone

08:55 [The Hindu - News] Cess collected, but not remitted to Labour Dept.

08:55 [] Tajikistan To Enter WTO

08:57 [The Hindu - News] Of political parties and their offices in Vijayawada

08:59 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) lay siege sub collector’s office

09:01 [The Hindu - News] WTC: students form human chain

09:03 [The Hindu - News] Sutherland pips Genpact to buy Apollo Health Street in all-cash deal

09:06 [CNET News] ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch for Windows 8 arrives

09:07 [BBC: Entertainment] Eminem to play Reading and Leeds

09:09 [The Hindu - News] Industry in need of better solutions for corrosion control, says BHEL official

09:11 [The Hindu - News] Catch up with the latest trends

09:12 [AL JAZEERA] Mali PM Diarra resigns after arrest

09:13 [Raw Story] New York judge’s ruling on $20 billion hedge fund sparks nationalist surge in Argentina

09:17 [The Hindu - News] ‘Save kabaddi from going the hockey way’

09:19 [Pravda] Is Swedish neutrality over?

09:22 [AL JAZEERA] Mali prime minister resigns after arrest

09:23 [The Hindu - News] IIMT maintains winning streak

09:32 [The Hindu - News] Youth murdered due to suspected enmity

09:33 [Raw Story] Dominique Strauss-Kahn court case settled as hotel maid receives rumored $6 million

09:33 [NPR] Feds Say 'No' To Partial Medicaid Expansion

09:35 [New Statesman] Clegg declares that coalition "cannot proceed" with snoopers’ charter

09:38 [Deutsche Welle] HSBC settles in US money laundering probe

09:40 [The Hindu - News] Sports meet for differently-abled persons held

09:41 [CNET News] Photoshop, Illustrator get Retina display support

09:42 [CNN] Cathay cabin crew threaten no-smile service

09:43 [Raw Story] Frail Nelson Mandela’s ‘sparkle fading’: wife

09:46 [Financial Times] Mali prime minister steps down

09:47 [CNET News] Twitter vs. Instagram in a knock-down, drag out filters fight

09:47 [The Independent] Post-mortem due to take place on Duchess of Cambridge nurse Jacintha Saldanha

09:48 [Telegraph] North Korea takes down part of rocket

09:48 [Deutsche Welle] Facebook thumbs down democracy

09:48 [Fox News] ObamaCare Fee Likely to Hit Workers

09:55 [New Internationalist] Whistleblowers are us

09:58 [Raw Story] Pentagon report faults Pakistan over Afghan war

09:58 [Russia Today] Rosneft and Lukoil go for Norwegian shelf

09:58 [Global Voices] Deadly Storm in the Philippines: “Everything was flying. It was surreal.”

09:59 [Fin24 News] SA's rich nestled in Sandton, Cape Town

10:02 [CNN] Philippine toll from typhoon above 700 and likely to rise, authorities say

10:03 [The Independent] Programmer unleashes bad-grammar bot on Twitter

10:03 [Russia Today] Breach of app privacy: FTC investigates sharing of children’s personal data

10:04 [Telegraph] Duchess hoax call: radio station to donate profits to nurse's family

10:04 [Pravda] European feminists gang up on children's fairytales

10:05 [BBC: Education] England global science rank slips

10:13 [Russia Today] MP proposes to jail journalists for gore & violence on TV

10:13 [] Israel suspected over Iran nuclear programme inquiry leaks

10:18 [The Independent] MP targeted by petrol bomb as violence flares again in Belfast

10:21 [OpEdNews] After Sandy--we need a National Power Authority

10:23 [Russia Today] Fly the Flag! Belfast gang attempted to murder cop with Molotov Cocktail

10:28 [Raw Story] World leaders face enormous challenges in 2013

10:28 [Deutsche Welle] Bochum's Opel plant gets no money from policy makers

10:29 [Global Voices] Lao Startup Wins ASEAN Award

10:30 [] DIY graphic design of shody sources

10:32 [BBC: Education] England in maths global top 10

10:33 [Russia Today] Too fat to serve: US army gives tons of overweight soldiers the boot

10:34 [BBC: Science & Environment] Honey bees' genetic code unlocked

10:34 [Telegraph] Nelson Mandela suffering from lung infection and 'sparkle fading'

10:39 [Spiegel] Whistleblower Accusations: Did Deutsche Bank Fraudulently Hide Huge Losses?

10:39 [Voice of America] US Labels Syrian Rebel Group as Terrorists

10:40 [New Statesman] We’re all complicit in the humour of humiliation

10:41 [CNN] Nelson Mandela has lung infection

10:48 [CNN] Mali's prime minister abruptly resigns after arrest

10:49 [Spiegel] Bomb in Bonn?: Bag with Explosives Shuts Down Train Station

10:49 [The Independent] Sir Ian McKellen speaks of prostate cancer shock

10:51 [The Hindu - News] Chacko now says Sonia will decide Rahul’s role in next polls

10:53 [Russia Today] NHL Lockout: on verge of a complete wreck

10:53 [BBC: Health] Nelson Mandela has lung infection

10:58 [Raw Story] Britain’s ‘under-trained’ drone pilots create ‘significant risks’

10:58 [Russia Today] From US, with conditions: Russia gets Syrian crisis plan - newspaper

10:58 [Good] Infographic: Who's Using Alternative Modes of Transportation?

11:02 [msnbc] HSBC to pay $1.9 billion in money-laundering case

11:05 [The Independent] Postcard from... Moscow

11:05 [Pravda] Is God really imperfect?

11:05 [International Crisis Group] Thailand: The Evolving Conflict in the South

11:08 [zero hedge] “Interesting Times” Best Times To Own Real, Tangible, Physical Gold

11:11 [CNN] Monti in talks to run for Italian PM

11:13 [Voice of America] Concern Mounts Over Egypt's Proposed Constitution

11:19 [BBC: Entertainment] Danny Boyle rules out Bond movie

11:19 [CNN] Starbucks tax woes give Costa extra shot

11:20 [Topix Activism News] Mali's PM resigns after being arrested by junta

11:20 [New Statesman] 2000 AD: A British institution

11:20 [The Independent] Matt Smith: I'll stay the Doctor for another year

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Court seeks SEBI records on Bharti Infratel IPO

11:27 [Spiegel] Banking Union: Berlin Refuses to Relent as Summit Approaches

11:29 [Global Voices] Pakistan: Mehzar - Youngest victim of Violence Against Shias

11:35 [The Independent] HSBC to pay $1.9bn to settle money-laundering probe

11:36 [Telegraph] Gay marriage: Tory MP to hold local vote on same-sex weddings

11:38 [CNN] Policewoman targeted as Northern Ireland tensions rise

11:40 [New Statesman] Business quote of the day: HSBC, or not HSBC?

11:41 [Voice of America] North Korea Said Taking Apart Rocket for Repairs

11:42 [Fin24 News] Strikes hit gold output hard

11:43 [Russia Today] Russian investigators produce evidence of foreign financing of riots

11:44 [CNN] Hospital slams prank call radio station over nurse's death

11:48 [Deutsche Welle] Violence in Cario ahead of mass protests

11:51 [The Independent] Abu Qatada 'moves to new home' as David Cameron prepares to raise extradition battle issue with Jordan

11:55 [Reuters] HSBC to pay record $1.9 billion U.S. fine in money laundering case

11:58 [Russia Today] HSBC and Standard Chartered to pay US over $2bn in charges

11:58 [Good] Let Students Design Their Own Social Change Projects

11:58 [The Atlantic: Politics] Slugger George Will Strikes Out in His Column on Drones

12:02 [CNN] Memphis, most obese U.S. city, moving from fat to fit

12:03 [Russia Today] Zombie doomsday at CERN: Horror set at LHC released on YouTube

12:03 [Slate Magazine] Barbie Math

12:05 [New Statesman] We should celebrate the rise of mixed race Britain

12:07 [The Independent] I really, really wanted to write it (not zig-a-zig, ah): Jennifer Saunders 'was the sixth Spice Girl'

12:08 [Russia Today] Scent of war: Gaza launches rocket perfume to commemorate conflict

12:09 [NPR] What Happens If We Fall Off The 'Fiscal Cliff'?

12:17 [CNN] Group: Number of jailed journalists worldwide reaches record high

12:18 [Foreign Policy in Focus] "Non-Member Observer Status" a Hollow Victory for Abbas

12:22 [The Independent] Number of Christians living in England and Wales decreases as atheist total rises, reveals Census

12:23 [The Hindu - News] Opposition seeks independent probe into Walmart issue

12:23 [Mother Jones] China's Economy to Outgrow United States' by 2030

12:25 [Topix Activism News] Lawyer: Sentence reduced for Bahrain activist

12:28 [Telegraph] OBR: loss of AAA rating is nothing to fear

12:33 [Slate Magazine] Liar vs. Jerk

12:34 [Voice of America] Ghana Opposition Party to Discuss Election Challenge

12:35 [BBC: Entertainment] Jackson defends Hobbit film speed

12:37 [The Independent] Oh, it's not occurring, alright? Ruth Jones stamps out rumours of US Gavin and Stacey

12:38 [Telegraph] Debt Crisis: Berlusconi says Monti 'too German' - live

12:47 [zero hedge] Dollar Soft, FOMC Awaited

12:49 [Financial Times] Gloves come off in Italy’s election contest

12:51 [Pravda] Hugo Chavez's days are numbered

12:51 [CNN] UK banks hit by record $2.5B U.S. fines

12:53 [The Independent] UK would breach human rights commitments by ignoring Strasbourg on prisoners voting

12:54 [Voice of America] Gunmen Fire at Protesters in Cairo Ahead of Rallies

12:56 [CNN] Can women drive the future of the car industry?

12:58 [Raw Story] Clinton cancels Morocco trip due to illness

12:59 [Spiegel] Suspected of Tax Evasion: German Online Porn King Arrested in Belgium

12:59 [CNN] Nine wounded in predawn attack in Cairo

13:01 [New Statesman] Osborne will score a financial own-goal tomorrow

13:03 [NATO] Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council pays respect to late Ambassador Milinkovic of Serbia

13:03 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Marriage Plot

13:06 [Fox News: politics] Obama administration set to boost ties with Syrian opposition

13:06 [CNN: Money] CHINA TO SURPASS U.S.

13:06 [Pravda] North Korea dismantles its 'ballistic missile'

13:08 [Raw Story] Mobile news gains across generations: survey

13:08 [The Independent] Look who's smooching who at Downton Abbey this Christmas Special

13:12 [] The Impact of Sanctions on Iranian Society and Artists

13:13 [Russia Today] Russia stops lease of ‘outdated’ Gabala radar

13:13 [The Atlantic: International] The World in 2030 Won't Look Anything Like You Think

13:16 [New Statesman] How many Labour MPs oppose gay marriage?

13:17 [Guardian] Lord Hunt reports to MPs on press regulation - live

13:17 [Spiegel] Whirlwind Rescue: Helicopter Blows Trapped Deer Off Icy Lake

13:18 [Raw Story] Thousands set for South Korea’s ‘battle of the singles’

13:21 [] Russia Says Good-Bye to Gabala

13:22 [msnbc] HSBC to pay $1.9 billion in money-laundering case

13:23 [Raw Story] Syria: from revolution to all-out war

13:24 [The Independent] GCSE grading row: pupils are 'victims of statistical fix', High Court hears

13:25 [Telegraph] Judge blames 'diet of DVDs' after boy, 17, murders mother

13:28 [The Hindu - News] Gujarat poll campaign: Rahul calls Modi ‘marketeer’

13:28 [Deutsche Welle] Bullish German investors cause ZEW indicator to jump

13:29 [Financial Times] Gunmen fire on Egyptian protesters

13:32 [CNN] Syria opposition rejects U.S. moves to blacklist al-Nusra fighters

13:33 [CNN] The gain game: Why do sports stars cheat?

13:33 [Russia Today] Three arrested in UK over Libor rate fixing scandal

13:33 [Slate Magazine] No Reason for the Season

13:35 [Guardian] HSBC pays record fine to settle US money-laundering accusations

13:36 [Pravda] Indian school bans jeans and short skirts for female students

13:37 [BBC: Technology] No 10 to redraft 'web snoop' plan

13:38 [zero hedge] Overnight Sentiment: ZEW Rises, Greek Buyback Scheduled To End

13:38 [Russia Today] France urges foreign military intervention in Mali after PM arrest

13:39 [Guardian] Mali prime minister resigns hours after army arrest

13:41 [Telegraph] Debt Crisis: Berlusconi says Monti 'too German' - live

13:41 [New Statesman] Prisoner kept in jail for nine years beyond the end of his sentence

13:45 [Global Voices] China's Weibo Guru Kai-fu Lee Talks About Higher Education Issues

13:45 [Guardian] Gay marriage Commons statement day two: Politics live blog

13:46 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: December 11

13:51 [Guardian] Alan Rusbridger gives evidence to MPs on press regulation

13:52 [The Hindu - News] Bangalore lad makes it to Grammy fame

13:54 [Voice of America] Panetta Makes Surprise Visit to Kuwait

13:54 [CNN] Prank call radio station to donate funds to nurse's family

13:54 [CNET News] Interest for premium-priced Apple TV high, analyst says

13:56 [The Independent] Masked gunmen attack Egyptian opposition protesters in Tahrir Square

13:57 [Telegraph] Woman gives birth in helicopter

13:58 [Raw Story] Bedouins brave elements to attend bamboo school

13:58 [zero hedge] Credit Suisse Deploys Motivational Secret Weapon: Announces Another 120 Unnamed Layoffs Coming

13:58 [Russia Today] Winter Olympics Update: Putin unveils Sochi’s brand new rail line

14:01 [Sydney Morning Herald] Secret plan to muddy the water

14:03 [CNET News] The Facebook vote and a nation-state in cyberspace


14:05 [CNET News] LinkedIn's 'influencers' make big predictions for 2013

14:05 [CNN: Technology] Twitter adds its own Instagram-like photo filters

14:06 [Pravda] Noah's Ark launched in the Netherlands

14:06 [The Hindu - News] Govt to raise LPG cap to 9 cylinders a year

14:08 [The Hindu - News] Armed men barge into Gurgaon hospital, shoot at two persons

14:10 [The Hindu - News] CSIR and HP develop new system for better healthcare

14:11 [CNET News] Google offloads Motorola's China, Brazil factories

14:11 [The Independent] Three men arrested in Libor rigging inquiry

14:13 [Fin24 News] Anglo, Rio Tinto sell stakes in Palabora

14:16 [New Statesman] Balls confirms that Labour will vote against Osborne's welfare bill

14:17 [CNN] Jennie Garth on '90210,' Amanda Bynes, Peter Facinelli

14:18 [Russia Today] They can hear you: US buses fitted with eavesdropping equipment

14:19 [Guardian] Gay marriage plans offer 'quadruple lock' for opposed religious groups

14:19 [Spiegel] The World from Berlin: Romania Joins Greece as an Acute Problem for EU

14:19 [CNN: Money] A PROFIT ON AIG

14:23 [Russia Today] US eugenics victim: ‘I didn’t know what they were doing to me’

14:25 [Guardian] Egypt crisis: rival protests over referendum - live updates

14:28 [Disinformation] Banking Giant HSBC Settles For $1.9 Billion Over Laundering Billions For Mexican Drug Cartels, Saudi Terrorists, And Iran

14:29 [NPR] Syrian Defector: Assad Will Use Chemical Weapons If He's Desperate

14:30 [Topix Activism News] Syrian rebels take full control of army base

14:30 [CBC: politics] Budget watchdog to release tally of public service costs

14:30 [] Israeli Pre-Dawn Raid on Palestinian NGOs Called 'Retaliatory'

14:31 [] Kazakhstan: Conscript Accused of Border Massacre Gets Life

14:32 [Voice of America] Nigerian Police Continue Search for Minister’s Kidnapped Mother

14:32 [OpEdNews] Corporate Colonization of the Left Message Has to Stop

14:35 [The Hindu - News] No early hearing on Walmart lobbying issue: SC

14:35 [Guardian] Census data released – live coverage

14:35 [CNET News] Samsung Galaxy S4 will not make an appearance at CES

14:38 [zero hedge] So Much For "Confidence" - NFIB Small Business Outlook Drops To Record Low

14:38 [Slate Magazine] Struggling Against the Dark

14:41 [Slashdot] Kazakhstan Wants Russia To Hand Over Their Baikonur Space City

14:42 [The Independent] Church of England banned from offering same-sex marriages but all other religious organisations can 'opt in' for gay ceremonies

14:43 [Telegraph] British student fighting for life after Chamonix snowboard accident

14:45 [Global Voices] When a Coup is not a Coup in Mali

14:46 [The Onion] HAMMOND, IN—Five-year-old David Groen figured if he’s made it that far, it’s okay to be really, really bad on Christmas Eve.

14:48 [Russia Today] The battle of the sexes moves to swimming pool

14:49 [CNN] New hope for Somalia, says scholar MP

14:51 [CNET News] Nokia engineer explains how to hack Windows 8 games

14:55 [CNET News] Microsoft's SkyDrive app comes to Xbox 360

14:55 [The Hindu - News] Gunmen attack Egyptian opposition protesters

14:55 [zero hedge] Is It Time To Pile Upon The Apple Shorts Or Should We Go Long The Greatest Company In The World?

14:57 [CNN] 7 travel gifts to inspire exploration

14:58 [CNN] Caregiver lives rerouted yet enriched by aging parents

14:58 [Raw Story] Dominique Strauss-Kahn settles New York maid sexual assault claim for $6 million

14:59 [Telegraph] Lioness sets record by giving birth to eight cubs - while on the pill

15:00 [Global Voices] Rare Protest in Beijing Against Express Train Catches China by Surprise

15:01 [Guardian] Alan Rusbridger and Lord Hunt's evidence to MPs – as it happened

15:03 [Raw Story] Security group: China will be dominant world economic power by 2030

15:04 [CNET News] Members get first dibs on latest Photoshop updates

15:05 [Global Voices] Land Grabbing for BioFuel in Madagascar

15:06 [New Statesman] I'd Rather You'd Quit Partying Than Raped People

15:07 [CNN] All I want for Christmas

15:07 [zero hedge] October US Exports Plunge By Most Since January 2009 As Trade Deficit With China Hits Record

15:09 [Deutsche Welle] France says Mali mission more urgent after PM resignation

15:10 [CNN] 'Gangnam Style' to 'Kony 2012:' This year's top viral videos

15:12 [The Hindu - News] Blackboard and beyond

15:13 [Big Think] Commuting With The Help Of The Crowd

15:13 [Raw Story] Watch live: Zimmerman attends court hearing

15:13 [msnbc: politics] Fiscal cliff deal likely to be a fragile one

15:13 [The Independent] The day that Tower Bridge was raised for a rubber duck

15:13 [Russia Today] Russian opera legend Galina Vishnevskaya dies aged 86

15:14 [CNET News] Cheap smartphones will go mainstream by 2017, study says

15:16 [The Hindu - News] Smart buys at Organzaa

15:16 [The Onion] Stockwatch: Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)

15:17 [Slashdot] VLC Running Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Native Windows 8 App

15:17 [CNN] Rubio, Ryan, start using political capital

15:17 [Telegraph] Leveson Report: newspapers should be bound by contracts, not statute, says PCC chairman Lord Hunt

15:18 [Truthdig] Going Up

15:21 [CNN] New voter rules announced ahead of Egypt referendum

15:24 [The Hindu - News] 12 short films, 12 clues, 12 cities, one story

15:24 [NPR] Today's Three Stories To Read About The 'Fiscal Cliff'

15:28 [Raw Story] Soledad grills Jeff Sessions: ‘You hurt people who need food’ with food stamp cuts

15:29 [CNN] Jeb Bush tests sway with GOP

15:30 [msnbc] Fiscal cliff deal likely to be a fragile one

15:30 [The Hindu - News] The Margazhi Gallery - Part 2

15:30 [Global Voices] Access Innovation Prize 2012 Recognizes Costa Rican Facebook App

15:30 [CBC: politics] Robocalls case back in court for day 2

15:30 [CNN: Technology] Feds: Apps are compromising kids' privacy

15:31 [] Poisoning the Well: How the Feds Let Industry Pollute the Nation’s Underground Water Supply

15:31 [Telegraph] Census 2011: fewer than half of people living in London are white

15:32 [Le Monde diplomatique] The Barack Obama story

15:34 [Deutsche Welle] Germans see 'positive' development in North Korea

15:37 [CBC: politics] Robocalls case back in court for Day 2

15:38 [zero hedge] Berlusconi to Run Against Merkel

15:39 [CNET News] Yahoo Mail revamp aims for speed, simplicity

15:39 [CNN] Paralympian Pistorius to race a horse

15:40 [Voice of America] South Africa’s Mandela Hospitalized for Lung Infection

15:40 [Global Voices] Egypt: “Which Article of the Constitution Are You Objecting?”

15:44 [Fin24 News] Wages in SA grow, but still unequal

15:44 [The Independent] Northern Rock loans blunder costs taxpayer £270m

15:46 [The Hindu - News] Facebook removes TTP page

15:47 [CNET News] WiLAN sues RIM over BlackBerry Bluetooth technology

15:48 [The Hindu - News] Sabarimala witnesses a near-stampede situation

15:49 [CNN] U.S. branding of al-Nusra as terrorists may have unintended consequences

15:50 [Middle East Monitor] Dr. Bashir Nafe'a: Egypt's unnecessary battle

15:53 [Raw Story] Fourth man accuses Elmo puppeteer of underage sexual abuse

15:54 [Russia Today] Chechen leader blasts ‘end of the world’ news as sinful rumors

15:54 [The Hindu - News] Sabarimala witnesses near-stampede situation

15:54 [Mother Jones] Will Congress Rein in Warrantless Spying on Americans?

15:57 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] OP-ED: Women Out Loud

15:58 [Raw Story] UK government proposes allowing same sex civil marriages

15:58 [Electronic Intifada] Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike "until freedom or death"

15:59 [Fox News: politics] Teachers call out as protests rev up against Michigan union bill

16:00 [CNN] Can Jeb Bush sway the GOP on taxes, debt?

16:02 [Financial Times] Optimism at US small business plunges

16:02 [Slashdot] UK Government To Revise Snooping Bill

16:02 [CBC: politics] Toews set to introduce witness protection legislation

16:04 [NPR] World's Most Expensive Whisky? It's Not The One We Toasted

16:04 [The Hindu - News] CPI leader Raja seeks revival of Hindustan Photo Films

16:05 [] Democracy Now!: Charles Glass on Syria's Mutual Destruction and the Unconvincing Fears of Assad's Chemical Weapons

16:05 [Telegraph] Mayan apocalypse: Chinese farmer builds survival pods in case of a disaster

16:06 [The Hindu - News] Kochi Biennale — India’s first — begins tomorrow

16:08 [zero hedge] Goldman Q4 GDP Forecast At 1.0% Following Trade Data

16:08 [Fox News: politics] Obama Shows Second Term Swagger on Michigan Labor Unrest

16:08 [Voice of America] Tibet Slams Beijing Crackdown on Immolation 'Inciters'

16:08 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court refuses to stay Jallikattu

16:09 [Russia Today] ­Jeans no more: Indian college bans girls from wearing 'western' outfits

16:10 [CNN] Seth MacFarlane on hosting the Oscars, being hated by 'South Park'

16:13 [CNET News] Get a Toshiba 1TB portable USB 3.0 hard drive for $69.99

16:14 [Voice of America] After Debating for Decades, EU Adopts Common Patent

16:16 [The Independent] Northern Rock loans blunder to cost taxpayer £270m

16:16 [CNN] U.S. blacklists al-Nusra Front fighters in Syria

16:17 [The Onion] American Voices: Iran Debuts State-Run YouTube Substitute

16:18 [Raw Story] British police arrest 3 in Libor-fixing scandal

16:19 [NPR] How A Health Insurer's Overpayment Can Become Your Problem


16:24 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for December 11, 2012

16:25 [CNN] Researchers hope to uncover who's behind the 'Mona Lisa' smile

16:25 [CNET News] Microsoft's Surface isn't quite taking over the Web, study shows

16:27 [Financial Times] Morsi puts Islamists on the defensive

16:29 [Disinformation] Haiti: US Backed Coup, UN Occupation, Cholera Epidemic, Solutions

16:31 [The Independent] Anti-mafia campaigner Roberto Saviano sues mobsters who ordered his death

16:32 [Fin24 News] FastJet promises cheap flights

16:33 [zero hedge] Guest Post: On Jamie

16:33 [Telegraph] Home counties demand stronger poison to deal with mutant 'super rats'

16:34 [Deutsche Welle] Afghan campaigns against women assassinations

16:35 [CBC: politics] Toews introduces bill improving witness protection program

16:39 [Pravda] Russia to stop feeding Kazakhstan for renting Baikonur spaceport

16:39 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Greek secures crucial debt deal

16:43 [The Progressive] Global Warming Talks Produce Little of Consequence

16:43 [The Hindu - News] Tribute to Bharati: V. Balasubramanian

16:44 [The Atlantic: International] Turkey's Distinctive Brew

16:45 [CNN] Diet strategies show promise in lowering diabetes risk

16:45 [The Hindu - News] Tribute to Bharati: T. Ramakrishnan

16:46 [zero hedge] Go West Young Man, To The "New Normal" Dream Job: California State Workers Earning $822,000

16:47 [New Statesman] The rise and fall of the great British football comic

16:47 [The Hindu - News] Tribute to Bharati: Rajasekaran Nagarajan

16:48 [Spiegel] Mismanagement and Losses: ThyssenKrupp Steels Itself for Radical Shakeup

16:48 [Raw Story] Fox News analyst: Liberals ‘won’t be happy until we give terrorists food stamps’

16:49 [CNN] 'Learning to live again' with U.S. Paralympian Weggemann

16:49 [The Hindu - News] Tribute to Bharati: Nazir Ahamed

16:51 [The Hindu - News] India and Africa could make films together, says Cisse

16:52 [New Statesman] The data bill debate must move beyond terrorists and Orwell

16:52 [Slashdot] Google CEO Larry Page Talks Apple, Android, Google+

16:53 [CNET News] Microsoft Office on iPad: More hints emerge

16:53 [CNN] Angry with Obama, GOP threatens political war next year

16:55 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt set for rival rallies over constitution

16:56 [CNN] Aussie DJ scandal: Does radio share the blame?

16:58 [Raw Story] Scalia: It’s ‘effective’ to compare homosexuality to bestiality and murder

16:58 [BBC: Also in the news] Africa gets first city Monopoly

17:02 [The Independent] Danny Boyle dismisses knighthood talk

17:05 [Amnesty International] Bahrain must release activist after 'hollow' appeal verdict

17:06 [CNET News] LinkedIn for the working man: SkillPages hits 10M users

17:08 [CNN] Serial killer a murder addict, police say

17:08 [zero hedge] Greek Debt Buyback Falls Short Of Goal, Will Reduce Greek Debt/GDP Target Less Than Required

17:09 [Deutsche Welle] VW to break sales record, but outlook grim

17:09 [Reuters] HSBC to pay $1.9 billion U.S. fine in money-laundering case

17:10 [Mostly Water] Beyond NAFTA: Shaping the Future of North American Integration

17:11 [Global Voices] What is Web Mapping?

17:11 [Fox News] Teachers Ditch School Kids to Protest Vote on Right-to-Work

17:13 [Guardian] Cameron questioned by MPs on policing, crime and green policies; Politics live blog

17:14 [Russia Today] Texas judge halts construction of Keystone XL pipeline

17:14 [Disinformation] Eleven Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See

17:14 [CNET News] Larry Page: Steve Jobs and I were friendly 'at times'

17:14 [Mostly Water] Abbas: Betrayal Pays Well

17:17 [Financial Times] Mandela diagnosed with lung infection

17:18 [CBC: politics] Judge starts hearing evidence in robocalls case

17:18 [The Independent] BBC One drama Last Tango in Halifax re-commissioned for second series

17:18 [Raw Story] Londoners amused at sight of 50-foot-tall rubber duck

17:18 [Mostly Water] Syria Boils

17:19 [Russia Today] Taste of Japan in central Moscow

17:19 [zero hedge] Is The EUR Too Expensive?

17:19 [Telegraph] Who shot Santa? Surreal scenes photographed in sets made of cardboard boxes

17:21 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Abbas says negotiations can take place from where Olmert left off

17:22 [CNET News] Newly flush with wine, Facebook Gifts rolls out to all U.S. users

17:23 [CNN: Politics] Amid fanfare, same-sex couples exchange marriage vows in Seattle

17:24 [The Atlantic: International] China's War on Corruption Is About to Get Real

17:25 [Mother Jones] Scientist Discovers a Gene For Tax Response (Sort Of)

17:25 [Pravda] Russia throws poisonous meat back to US

17:26 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israeli forces raid NGO offices in Ramallah

17:33 [American Independent] Amid online education wave, a rural college chooses face-to-face programs

17:33 [The Progressive] Overcoming Powerlessness

17:33 [CNN] George H.W. Bush remains in hospital

17:35 [Telegraph] Air rage on the rise in China

17:36 [New Internationalist] Daring to tackle chauvinism

17:36 [Slashdot] Linux 3.7 Released

17:37 [CNN] What's the "right-to-work" battle all about?

17:37 [BBC: Technology] Robot 'race' to fix nuclear plant

17:38 [Raw Story] McConnell lashes out at ‘robo-squirrel’ on Senate floor

17:39 [Voice of America] UN: Millions in Somalia Need Aid

17:40 [CNN] Hugo Chavez undergoes surgery in Cuba, political ally says

17:44 [Deutsche Welle] Mali's military want 'no foreign boots'

17:46 [CNN] Proposal would allow same-sex marriage in England, Wales

17:47 [CNET News] BlackBerry 10 goes 'gold' for developers

17:47 [Guardian] Egypt crisis: rival protests over referendum - Tuesday 11 December 2012

17:48 [The Onion] Your Horoscopes - Week Of December 11, 2012

17:48 [OpEdNews] 6 Ways to Flirt With Your Wife Instead of Me

17:49 [The Independent] Hugo Chavez undergoes cancer surgery in Cuba, says Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa

17:50 [zero hedge] Stop Hunt Retraces Post-Election Market Losses

17:51 [Telegraph] Duchess of Cambridge hoax call: nurse Jacintha Saldanha wrote 'suicide note' before killing herself

17:53 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Reconnecting the Balkans

17:53 [OpEdNews] David Vine: The True Costs of Empire

17:54 [The Atlantic: International] Russian Billionaires: The Comic Book

17:54 [Mostly Water] Irish Budget Deepens Misery for Working People

17:55 [Pravda] Hype, Hypocrisy and Human Rights Day

17:55 [CNET News] Netflix ranks ISPs by streaming performance, Google Fiber wins

17:56 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: EU and Abbas should criticise Hamas not Israeli settlements, bemoans Netanyahu

17:56 [The Nation] Picking Up a $170 Billion Tab

17:58 [OpEdNews] Recent large earthquake near Fukushima

17:59 [NPR] Calorie Tracking Apps May Help Boost Weight Loss

18:00 [zero hedge] 11 Dec 2012 – “ (Ain’t That) Good News ” (Sam Cooke, 1964)

18:01 [Global Voices] Netizens “Bow Farewell” to Guyanese Writer Jan Carew

18:01 [] Sea Shepherd Buys Anti-Whaling Ship Under the Nose of Japanese Whalers

18:03 [OpEdNews] Low Information Voters - the Republican Electoral Base


18:04 [The Independent] 'Bonuses restricted' after HSBC is ordered to pay $1.9bn to settle money-laundering probe

18:04 [Slate Magazine] The War on Terror Will Be Ever With Us

18:05 [The Hindu - News] Motorola Mobility to suspend work at Chennai centre

18:05 [msnbc] Thousands protest Michigan's 'right to work' bill

18:05 [Reuters: politics] Boehner to give update on "fiscal cliff" talks

18:06 [Financial Times] Dublin makes it easier to repossess homes

18:07 [New Statesman] Reviews Round-up

18:07 [Slashdot] Google Sync Clobbers Chrome Browsers

18:08 [CNN] Costas' call to disarm: NFL has gun culture problem

18:09 [Russia Today] Key CIA agent in bin-Laden hunt denied promotion

18:09 [Disinformation] A Dinner Conversation: Israel and Armenia, Oppression and Genocides, Reality and Denials

18:09 [Mostly Water] Canada as Global Bully: The Congo Example

18:11 [CNET News] How and why Gmail and Chrome crashed yesterday

18:11 [Middle East Monitor] Ramona Wadi: Palestinian delegation visits Venezuela

18:12 [New Statesman] No longer the default religion: is being a Christian now a political statement?

18:17 [msnbc: politics] Michigan House passes right-to-work legislation

18:17 [Fin24 News] Transnet keeps Africa economy on track

18:17 [New Statesman] Chart of the day: renting space

18:18 [BBC: Science & Environment] US spaceplane set to launch again

18:18 [Spiegel] Picture This: Snowmen

18:18 [Raw Story] LAPD refuses to release video of woman’s fatal arrest involving kick to the groin

18:18 [The Onion] The Onion's Gift Guide For Kids

18:19 [NPR] Are 'Fiscal Cliff' Conversations Going Anywhere?

18:21 [CNN] Mother with autistic son worried what fiscal cliff could do to her family

18:22 [Telegraph] Marine Le Pen may face charges over comparing Islamic prayers to Nazi occupation

18:23 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Cost of Occupying Planet Earth

18:25 [Voice of America] UN: S. Sudan Failing Journalists, Rights Advocates

18:25 [Mother Jones] The World's Easiest Plan to Rescue Social Security

18:25 [Pravda] All the forgotten EU instruments

18:26 [CNET News] Bing Augmented Reality team building SDK, tablet apps

18:27 [New Statesman] Teach politicians how to use Twitter BEFORE you give them Twitter, people

18:28 [CNET News] Could Verizon nix unlimited data for everyone?

18:28 [OpEdNews] Who Says It's Not Safe? US Cattle and Hog Producers Furious Over Russia Meat Ban

18:29 [Russia Today] Anti-union law ignites mass protests in Michigan (PHOTOS)

18:34 [Topix Activism News] NTSB: Require ignition locks for all drunk drivers

18:34 [The Independent] 500 victims, 200 allegations: full shocking scale of Jimmy Savile's alleged sexual abuse to be revealed

18:36 [CNET News] Google may dump its Motorola set-top box unit -- Bloomberg

18:38 [Telegraph] Record number of 'racist' attacks on English in Scotland

18:38 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Essays In Fragility: Our One-Off Economy

18:39 [Voice of America] CPJ: Record Number of Reporters Jailed Worldwide

18:39 [msnbc] Michigan passes anti-union measure amid protests

18:41 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: As Israel killed 183 during 8-day offensive against Gaza, almost 1,200 babies were born

18:42 [The Nation] Remembering Jane Holtz Kay

18:46 [CNN] Welcome to the most Christmassy places on the planet

18:48 [Spiegel] Accusations of Torture in Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Metes Out Vigilante Justice

18:48 [Raw Story] Putin under fire for comparing Lenin’s corpse to holy relics

18:48 [Truthdig] Raiding Consciousness: Why the War on Drugs Is a War on Human Nature

18:48 [The Onion] Opinion: I Get To Determine Whether Gay People Can Marry (by Clarence Thomas)

18:49 [Deutsche Welle] Cayman islands leader arrested

18:49 [The Independent] Sir Ian McKellen speaks of the 'special dwarf' with whom he forged a bond during The Hobbit

18:51 [] Police in Riot Gear Confront Thousands as Michigan House Passes 'Right-to-Work' Legislation

18:52 [CNET News] Microsoft, Apple in battle over App Store fees -- report

18:54 [Telegraph] Census 2011: 2.1m unpaid carers devote over 20 hours a week to looking after loved ones

18:55 [Mother Jones] The Tea Party's Obamacare Hail Mary

18:56 [CNET News] Sony launches new entertainment app for Xperia users

18:57 [straight] Dan Savage Podcast Episode 320

18:58 [Raw Story] Family of American subjected to indefinite detention pleads for international human rights review

19:01 [] Sport Hunting to be Banned in Costa Rica

19:02 [CNN] Drunken driving is not about the NFL

19:03 [Raw Story] Fox News host: Woman can ‘go get a job elsewhere’ if she doesn’t like Michigan union busting

19:03 [The Progressive] Right to Work: As Goes Michigan, So Goes The Nation

19:03 [Fox News: politics] Boehner, McConnell call on Obama to detail proposed cuts in fiscal talks

19:04 [Slate Magazine] Does

ZeroDark Thirty Advocate Torture?

19:06 [CNET News] Unofficial 'Firefly' Serenity Lego kit goes on sale

19:08 [zero hedge] The Cover Up: E-mails Show BP Lied To Authorities On The Deepwater Horizon Spill

19:08 [Raw Story] Ohio’s Secretary of State now admits voter fraud ‘very rare’

19:09 [Slashdot] Degree Hack: Cobbling Together Credit Hours For Cheap

19:09 [The Atlantic: Technology] Google Gives $5 Million to Drone Program That Will Track Poachers

19:09 [Russia Today] Israel spends $647 million to load up on US munitions following Gaza war

19:09 [Deutsche Welle] Clashes feared as rival demonstrators gather in Cairo

19:10 [Reuters: politics] Boehner stands firm but says hopeful on U.S. "fiscal cliff" talks

19:13 [The Progressive] EU Unworthy of Nobel Peace Prize

19:15 [AL JAZEERA] Rival rallies held in Egypt over constitution

19:17 [CNN] Four more arrests made over Dutch linesman death

19:17 [Fox News] House Passes Right-to-Work Measure While Teachers Skip School to Protest

19:18 [Guardian] Afghan women still suffer abuse despite law to protect them, says UN report

19:18 [Raw Story] Twitter: 150 million tweets sent about London Olympics

19:19 [Slate Magazine] Bizarre Weather Around the Solar System

19:21 [The Independent] The 10 Best carol services

19:21 [Voice of America] UN: Afghan Women Better Off, But Abuse Lingers

19:22 [CNET News] Apple's Australian maps mishap linked to local data

19:24 [Russia Today] Senate kills Pentagon's 'alternative CIA'

19:24 [Telegraph] Tory MP Brian Binley tells David Cameron: Your policies will lose us 2015 election

19:25 [Mother Jones] Breaking: The US Military Can't Decide Whether to Be Nice to Afghans

19:28 [Truthdig] Michigan Becomes a Right-to-Work State (Video)

19:29 [The Atlantic: Technology] The State of Intellectual Property Around the World

19:29 [Russia Today] Bahrain reduces sentence for human rights activist

19:29 [Reuters: politics] Boehner stands firm but says hopeful on "fiscal cliff" talks

19:31 [CNN] What's the 'right-to-work' battle all about?

19:32 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israeli internet services banned in Gaza

19:32 [Fox News: politics] Federal court strikes down Illinois ban on carrying concealed weapons

19:33 [Raw Story] Cayman Islands prime minister arrested on suspicion of ‘financial irregularities’

19:33 [OpEdNews] "True the Vote" Fakes the "Voter Fraud"

19:36 [CNET News] A modern take on 'Seinfeld' racks up Twitter followers

19:37 [] Kazakhstan: Shymkent’s HIV Scandal, Six Years Later

19:38 [zero hedge] Weak 3 Year Aution Sees Lowest Indirect Take Down Since 2007 Despite Record Low Yield

19:39 [Voice of America] Correa: Chavez Undergoes 'Very Delicate Operation' in Cuba

19:40 [Telegraph] Ash dieback response delayed due to other outbreaks

19:40 [Slashdot] Live Interview: Luke Leighton of Rhombus Tech

19:40 [The Hindu - News] U.S. geophysicist says he was deported as he was in a blacklist

19:43 [The Onion] Toddler Leaders Call For Increased Duck Visibility

19:44 [CNN] How to see your 2012 highlights on Twitter

19:46 [Guardian] US military 'kept Bradley Manning on suicide watch against medical advice'

19:47 [Voice of America] Record Number of Journalists Are Jailed in 2012

19:49 [The Atlantic: Technology] Against 'Objective' Algorithms: The Case of Google News

19:49 [Sydney Morning Herald] Warney can't do a midlife crisis

19:49 [zero hedge] One Small Voice

19:50 [CNN] Nadal to make long-awaited tennis return

19:53 [Raw Story] More graves discovered in 100-year-old Florida school abuse scandal

19:54 [Slate Magazine] Is It Better To See a Younger Doctor or an Older Doctor?

19:55 [The Hindu - News] Will not allow Walmart to set up shop in India: Karat

19:55 [Mother Jones] Americans for Prosperity Lures Michigan Right-to-Work Fans with Gas Cards, Free Food

19:55 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Students Stuck With Shoddy Textbooks in Afghanistan

19:56 [Telegraph] Bowel cancer test delayed by IT glitch

19:58 [Raw Story] Michigan mounted police trample pro-union protester with horse

19:59 [Disinformation] Corporate Workfare Arrives In British Classrooms

19:59 [CNET News] Apple fixes Mac Mini video flicker with firmware update

20:00 [Financial Times] Nieto seeks to open Mexican energy sector

20:02 [The Hindu - Opinion] Death penalty

20:04 [Good] Landfill Harmonic: Making Music From Trash in a Paraguay Slum

20:05 [CNN] Once-in-a-lifetime 12/12/12 date spawns mass weddings, superstitions

20:06 [Infoshop] Palestine-Israel: The Joint struggle continues with tense political background

20:06 [The Hindu - Opinion] Fierce nationalist

20:06 [Moral Low Ground] El Salvador: Court Orders Probe of 1981 El Mozote Massacre

20:08 [CNN] An afternoon with a Syrian bombmaker

20:08 [Guardian] Delta Air Lines buys 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic

20:08 [The Hindu - Opinion] Notice to Katju

20:10 [The Hindu - Opinion] Hoax call row

20:12 [The Hindu - Opinion] Startling disclosure

20:14 [American Independent] Merck suspends funding for Boy Scouts

20:18 [Guardian] Egypt's IMF loan deal postponed after Mohamed Morsi scraps tax increases

20:19 [NPR] NFL Players' 'Bountygate' Suspensions Vacated

20:19 [CNET News] Swivl pan-and-tilt platform makes room for iPads, dSLRs

20:22 [Fox News] Hero Doctor Who Helped Catch Bin Laden is Tortured in Prison

20:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] T20 politics has run its course

20:24 [Russia Today] Mozilla rallies for opposition against secret Internet treaty

20:25 [Mother Jones] Soledad O'Brien Slams GOP Senator on Food Stamps

20:26 [Telegraph] France's Jean-Marc Ayrault slams flight of the 'greedy rich'


20:28 [straight] Diane Loomer, founder of Chor Leoni Men's Choir and Elektra Women's Choir, has died

20:30 [Slashdot] New EU-Wide Patent System Approved

20:33 [Truthdig] Why Is There No Good Data on the Use of Police Force?

20:34 [Deutsche Welle] Bahrain cuts jail sentence for top activist

20:36 [CNET News] For Groupon CEO, there are more questions than answers

20:38 [Big Think] Coming To London's Black Cabs: Free Wi-Fi

20:40 [Guardian] Syrian opposition to unveil aid plans

20:41 [CNET News] Yoda head: Original 'Star Wars' items up for auction

20:41 [CNN] Chavez prepares for surgery in Cuba, information minister says

20:43 [Raw Story] Michigan approves ‘right to work’ legislation amid massive protests

20:43 [OpEdNews] Obdurate Washington

20:44 [Russia Today] US officially designates key Syrian opposition group as al-Qaeda affiliate

20:44 [NPR] Sick Of Year-End Lists Yet? Or Do You Love Them?

20:51 [] Dramatic Gas Line Explosion in West Virginia Closes Interstate

20:52 [CNET News] Apple's Find My iPhone app gets driving directions

20:53 [zero hedge] It's Not The Economy, It's The Deja Deja Deja Deja Deja Vu Pre-FOMC Rally, Stupid

20:53 [New Statesman] What are "matters of conscience" in a non-religious country?

20:54 [Russia Today] ­Mock ‘Hobbit’ film shelved by court

20:55 [Mother Jones] How the Fiscal Cliff Might Be Slowing the Economy Already

20:58 [Guardian] Three arrested in Libor manipulation investigation

20:59 [The Atlantic: National] Some Clarification on Thomas Jefferson

21:00 [The Hindu - News] All abuzz with Kutcheris

21:01 [Voice of America] Nations Supporting Syrian Opposition to Meet in Morocco

21:02 [The Hindu - News] A wholesome kutcheri experience

21:03 [Raw Story] Retta from ‘Parks and Recreation’ blows Conan away, Puccini-style

21:04 [Russia Today] 'Everyone has moral responsibility to avoid paying tax'

21:04 [Good] RX Made: How We're Upcycling Building Waste and Creating Jobs


21:06 [The Hindu - News] Mylapore Memories...

21:08 [zero hedge] Harry Reid Speaks; Stock Market Leaks

21:09 [Fox News: politics] CIA helping Libyan militias in hunt for alleged WMDs, source says

21:09 [The Onion] Kidnappers' Demands Only Make Sense Given Economy

21:10 [The Hindu - News] Cited as sighted by Naughty Kurinji

21:10 [CNET News] 'Treegonometry' uses math for perfect Xmas tree

21:10 [] Lieberman: Israel won't renew transfer of PA tax funds for at least four months

21:11 [The Hindu - Opinion] Long march to democracy

21:12 [The Hindu - News] A musicologist, to boot

21:12 [Telegraph] Egypt's military demands opposition attend dialogue with Morsi

21:13 [The Hindu - Opinion] Depoliticising the Cauvery

21:13 [Raw Story] Beck dons wig to mock Costas with tasteless rant about Jerry Brown’s death

21:13 [CNN] American citizen being held in North Korea, U.S. says

21:14 [Fox News] WHICH SPENDING CUTS?Boehner, McConnell Urge Obama to Explain Deal

21:16 [The Hindu - News] A day after gory accident in Chennai, court initiates suo motu proceedings

21:19 [OpEdNews] Euro-area Economy Austerity Bad Strategy for the U.S.

21:20 [Guardian] Mali prime minister resigns amid 'period of crisis'

21:21 [Slashdot] Samba 4.0 Released: the First Free Software Active Directory Compatible Server

21:23 [The Hindu - Opinion] Three countries, one centre of gravity

21:24 [OpEdNews] To Cut Carbon, Tax it

21:26 [CNET News] Double-barreled bread maker for perpetual bread

21:28 [straight] Metro Vancouver postsecondary students to vote on keeping U-Pass

21:29 [OpEdNews] Prosecutorial Indiscretion in Litvinenko Case

21:29 [Disinformation] Perfection in Deception?

21:31 [The Hindu - Opinion] In Nepal, the quest for April elections

21:33 [Raw Story] Texas landowner secures temporary restraining order against Keystone XL

21:34 [Good] Intermission: Anthony Kiedis and Ed Ruscha on Creativity and Los Angeles

21:38 [The Hindu - News] Drop any such move as code of conduct is in force: EC

21:39 [CNET News] We're putting CNET video on every screen

21:39 [Voice of America] Report Sees Change in US Global Status

21:39 [NPR] Rush Is In! The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, That Is

21:40 [The Onion] American Voices: Union Supporters Throng Michigan Capitol

21:41 [] U.S. designates Syrian rebel group as terror organization

21:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] Looking back in anger

21:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Garth on '90210,' and her ex

21:41 [Voice of America] Sources: Google, US Regulators Close to Deal in Patents Dispute

21:42 [Fox News: politics] Quote on MLK Memorial in DC to be removed

21:42 [CNET News] Facebook: no more voting but we're still listening

21:45 [The Hindu - News] India’s Consulate among missions hit by China counterfeit scam

21:47 [Moral Low Ground] Video: Police Horse Tramples Michigan Right-To-Work Protester

21:48 [Big Think] Bringing The Farmers’ Market To Your Office

21:49 [The Hindu - News] India to host 300 Pakistani VIPs, top leaders for cricket series

21:49 [Deutsche Welle] UN condemns Mali PM ousting

21:53 [The Hindu - News] Akali workers assault scribe, singer

21:55 [CNET News] Report: Google likely to settle with FTC on patents

21:55 [Mother Jones] How the Pentagon Spends $170 Billion

21:56 [CBC: politics] Misleading election calls widespread, lawyer argues

21:58 [zero hedge] Meanwhile In Lansing, Michigan...

21:58 [Raw Story] Ikea monkey sent to live coatless in animal sanctuary

21:59 [Slate Magazine] Napoleon Wasn’t Defeated by the Russians

22:01 [The Hindu - News] Bullets fly in Gurgaon hospital ICU

22:02 [Slashdot] Blizzard Has a Version of Diablo 3 Running On Consoles

22:03 [CNET News] Firefox 'porn mode' finally to match competition

22:04 [Russia Today] Pentagon’s secret Guantanamo videos will stay classified

22:09 [The Hindu - News] MLAs exchange blows in West Bengal Assembly

22:10 [The Onion] Taylor Swift Apparently Now Dating 'Garfield' Creator Jim Davis

22:10 [CNN] U.S. alleges Alabama men planned 'violent jihad' in Africa

22:11 [msnbc: politics] Democrats seek delay in one Obamacare tax increase

22:11 [CNET News] How to enable pinch-to-zoom in Gmail on your Android device

22:13 [Raw Story] Software engineer McAfee expects to be freed ‘soon’

22:14 [Russia Today] Obama approved F-16 fighter jets as gift to Egypt

22:17 [The Hindu - News] Centre intervenes to help Indians in UAE facing deportation

22:18 [Raw Story] Public busses being outfitted with sophisticated audio surveillance across U.S.

22:19 [The Hindu - News] Vicky Chandhok re-elected

22:20 [NPR] Kids' Eating Binges Could Signal Other Problems Ahead

22:22 [Fox News: politics] Lawmaker urges US to cut aid to Tunisia over blocked access to Libya terror suspect

22:23 [CNN] Champion boxer Hector 'Macho' Camacho dies after shooting

22:27 [BBC: Science & Environment] US military spaceplane launches

22:27 [The Independent] Less religious and more ethnically diverse: Census reveals a picture of Britain today

22:27 [The Hindu - News] BSNL on life support as Pitroda’s recommendations gather dust

22:28 [CNET News] Hide the pigs, Angry Birds movie is really happening

22:28 [Big Think] Public Buses Now Adding Audio Surveillance

22:28 [CNN] Space legend Neil Armstrong dies

22:29 [OpEdNews] The Budget Thugs: What Do They Know About the Economy?

22:29 [Deutsche Welle] German police detain two after bomb found in Bonn station

22:31 [The Hindu - News] Russian police rescue abducted Indian

22:32 [] In Blow to Tar Sands Pipeline, Texas Landowner Wins Restraining Order

22:32 [Slashdot] Air Force Sends Mystery Mini-Shuttle Back To Space

22:35 [The Hindu - News] Verdict on Chisti appeal today

22:36 [] Prominent Orthodox rabbi calls on Israel to recognize Reform Judaism

22:36 [CNN] Lena Dunham threatens legal action, Gawker removes leaked book proposal

22:37 [The Nation] Jenni Rivera Fought For Women, Immigrants and LGBT Youth

22:37 [CNN] 'Jeffersons' star Sherman Hemsley dies at 74

22:38 [CNN] Sally Ride, first American woman in space, dies

22:39 [Topix Activism News] Gate was closed before fatal Nevada Amtrak crash

22:42 [The Hindu - News] I can’t help if Kejriwal is in his dreams, says Hazare

22:42 [CBC: politics] Evidence suggests election robocalls were targeted, court hears

22:42 [CNN] 'Gentleman's Agreement' actress Celeste Holm dies

22:43 [Truthdig] Where the Real Battle Over Inequality is Happening

22:43 [Reuters: politics] Boehner stands firm but hopeful on "fiscal cliff" talks

22:43 [CNN] Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's premier and key U.S. ally, dies at 57

22:44 [CNET News] It's official: Microsoft Surface headed to non-Microsoft stores


22:44 [CNN] Jon Lord, keyboard player with seminal hard rock act Deep Purple, dies

22:45 [Fox News] 'THERE WILL BE BLOOD':Dem Makes Vow as Mich. Passes Right-to-Work Law

22:46 [The Hindu - News] Vijay Kumar appointed Senior Security Adviser in Home Ministry

22:47 [] In Istanbul, Profiteroles Make Way for Shopping Malls

22:47 [CNN] Actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95

22:48 [The Hindu - News] SC pulls up DM for false affidavit on scavenging

22:48 [Raw Story] U.S. blacklists al-Qaeda-linked rebel group in Syria

22:49 [zero hedge] 'Technical' Ramplosion Ends With Stocks "Off The Highs" And Credit "At The Lows"

22:50 [The Hindu - News] Sankeshwar resigns from Council

22:52 [The Hindu - News] Police lathi-charge protesters outside Suvarna Vidhana Soudha main gate


22:54 [OpEdNews] More than 30 Top U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes, Boyle Says

22:56 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: Conservatives Are Crazy

22:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Divine right to take us for a ride

22:56 [The Hindu - News] Pawar discharged from hospital

22:57 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: How the Grief Stole Christmas

22:58 [CNN] CNN Student News Transcript - December 12, 2012

22:58 [The Hindu - News] CSIR, HP develop new system for better healthcare

22:58 [Truthdig] Facebook’s Walking Dead: Why Are Anarchists and Dead People ‘Liking’ Corporations?

22:59 [Slate Magazine] Nordic Sibling Rivalry

23:02 [The Hindu - News] A Gateway for developed nations to baulk at commitments

23:04 [Russia Today] LAPD in court for abusing journalist

23:04 [The Atlantic: National] Albert O. Hirschman

23:06 [The Hindu - News] Tax sops for biogas plants, says Ali

23:07 [CNN] Actor Andy Griffith dead at 86

23:07 [] What Are The IMU's Designs In Central Asia?

23:08 [Raw Story] Federal court strikes down Illinois ban on carrying firearms in public

23:08 [zero hedge] The 'Other' Confidence Indicator

23:10 [Sydney Morning Herald] Nurse left 'suicide note'

23:10 [The Hindu - News] WGEEP report unrealistic: Chandy

23:10 [The Onion] Slovenian 8th-Graders Surprised Even They Outperformed U.S. Students In Science

23:11 [CNN] Former 'Family Feud' host Richard Dawson dies

23:11 [msnbc: politics] GOP makes new 'fiscal cliff' offer to Obama

23:12 [CNN] Robin Gibb, member of the Bee Gees, dies after battle with cancer

23:12 [The Hindu - News] Maldives for deeper ties with China

23:13 [CNN] Nora Ephron, prolific writer and filmmaker, dies at age 71

23:13 [Fox News] Outrage Grows at F-16s for Egypt

23:13 [Truthdig] Why Are Anarchists and Dead People ‘Liking’ Corporations on Facebook?

23:14 [The Atlantic: Technology] Spy Researchers Are Testing Cyborg Methods for Making Better Predictions About the Future

23:17 [CNN] Disco queen Donna Summer dies at 63

23:17 [Telegraph] PM paves the way for greenfield building

23:17 [Guardian] Bleak day for British banking as Libor arrests follow record fine for HSBC

23:18 [Voice of America] Islamists Gaining Ground in Syria

23:18 [The Hindu - News] Nellore, Chittoor to be included in Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor

23:19 [zero hedge] DoubleLine's Gundlach Shorts JPY And Prefers Gold To Stocks - Full SlideShow

23:20 [CNN] Memphis soul bassist 'Duck' Dunn dies

23:20 [The Hindu - News] Statue row: Balayya hits out at Purandeswari

23:21 [CNN] Mexican author Carlos Fuentes dies

23:22 [Slashdot] Laser Fusion Put On a Slow Burn By US Government

23:22 [The Hindu - News] Congress yet to get invite for all-party meet: Botcha

23:23 [Guardian] Ukip plans to derail David Cameron over gay marriage

23:24 [CNN] Tagliabue rescinds penalties in NFL bounty case

23:24 [The Hindu - News] Documents link Wal-Mart to gutted firm

23:24 [The Atlantic: National] Vocabulary and Reading: Give Your Kids a Fighting Chance

23:25 [NPR] Seafood Sleuthing Reveals Pervasive Fish Fraud In New York City

23:26 [The Hindu - News] AP Legislative Council passes SC/ST Sub-Plan Bill

23:27 [CNN] 'Goober Pyle' actor George Lindsey dies

23:28 [CNET News] Burrito Bomber drone drops non-weaponized meals

23:29 [Slate Magazine] The Zen of the Fiscal Cliff

23:29 [Disinformation] Sudan Claims it Captured Israeli ‘Spy Vulture’

23:30 [The Hindu - News] Hawking confronts an earthly problem

23:32 [Voice of America] Researchers Develop Promising Treatment for Leukemia

23:33 [Electronic Intifada] Gaza doctors rebuild medical center destroyed by Israel

23:33 [Truthdig] Moyers and Sanders on America’s Media Oligopoly

23:36 [msnbc] Mich. labor fight puts 'tough nerd' Snyder under partisan spotlight

23:38 [Moral Low Ground] Yasmin Nakhuda, Owner of Darwin the Ikea Monkey, Wants Her ‘Baby’ Back

23:38 [CNN] Levon Helm, co-founder of The Band, dead at 71

23:38 [Big Think] Big Idea: Let's Bring Back Gentlemen (or Even Chivalry)

23:39 [Good] Cheaper than Solar: Gravity-Powered Lights for the Developing World

23:40 [CNET News] Sprint in talks to buy out Clearwire, report says

23:42 [] Activists Picket Walmart CEO Speech on Corporate Responsibility

23:43 [Global Voices] Global Voices Where Every Voice Counts

23:43 [The Hindu - News] Villagers, VCK cadre stage road roko near Periyakulam

23:44 [The Atlantic: Technology] Netflix Would Like to Tell You About the Internet's Fastest Internet

23:45 [The Hindu - News] Three held for thrashing girls in public

23:52 [zero hedge] Tempting Tuesday – Things Begin to Look Up Again

23:52 [CNN: Technology] Great gadgets for holiday giving

23:53 [The Hindu - News] School penalises woman for son’s mistake

23:54 [Reuters: politics] White House, Boehner exchange new proposals on "fiscal cliff"

23:55 [CNET News] Microsoft Surface still the top Windows 8 device, ad data says

23:55 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Tunisia Gears Up to Host World Social Forum

23:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Slipper case thrown out

23:58 [The Progressive] Unionists Gather in Lansing to Denounce "Right to Work"

23:59 [The Hindu - News] Monitoring stations planned near KKNPP site

23:59 [Pravda] Iran to propose a comprehensive plan to resolve the crisis in Syria

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