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00:02 [Fox News: politics] Ferry that crashed in lower Manhattan suffered mechanical failure, captain says

00:04 [Slate Magazine] The Genius of Samsung

00:04 [Slate Magazine] How Did Humans Figure Out that Sex Makes Babies?

00:04 [NPR] For Young Republican, Defying Boehner In Washington Plays Well Back Home

00:07 [Slashdot] GM CIO Says HP Hiring Probe "Not the Best Use Our Legal System"

00:08 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Return of Mercantilism

00:09 [Telegraph] NRA 'disappointed' by Joe Biden meeting on gun control

00:09 [Telegraph] Alan Greaves murder: two men charged over church organist's killing

00:10 [The Independent] Insider attacks lead to new sidearms for British troops

00:10 [The Independent] Call 3,000 more midwives! TV smash inspires a new generation

00:10 [The Independent] Mobiles drive sales rise at Shop Direct

00:10 [The Independent] Rolls-Royce inquiry into Chinese bribery claims

00:10 [The Independent] Markets surprised by ONS inflation move

00:10 [The Independent] Made up: Channel 4 and WPP end advertising stand-off

00:11 [Pravda] Assad speech

00:12 [CNET News] Hands-on with Corning's bendable Willow Glass (Exclusive)

00:12 [AlterNet] AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on How Economy Hinges on the Unhinged

00:14 [Raw Story] Judge Napolitano: Second Amendment ‘protects your right to shoot tyrants’

00:14 [Raw Story] Canadian astronaut appeals for peace from space

00:15 [CNN] Chavez supporters take loyalty oath as president misses inauguration

00:15 [Fox News] Biden Hints at New Gun Controls, as NRA Warns of 'Attack' on Gun Rights

00:15 [Fox News] EX-MLB CHIEF SPEAKS:Give Cheaters Recognition In Their Own Hall Wing

00:15 [Fox News] FLU RUNS WILD:Why Are So Many People Avoiding Vaccinations?

00:18 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fire rips through hotel

00:19 [Raw Story] NRA: White House has ‘agenda to attack the Second Amendment’

00:19 [Raw Story] Billions in Afghan aid could be wasted: U.S. inspector

00:19 [Good] Debt and No Job Prospects: The Onion Satirizes the College Grad Experience

00:20 [Russia Today] Series of bombings kill 115 in Pakistan (PHOTOS)

00:20 [Russia Today] Cool Find: Russian team takes ice from biggest Antarctic sub-glacial lake, searching for life

00:20 [CNET News] HP tops Lenovo in lackluster PC market

00:21 [straight] Perez Hilton on Justin Bieber

00:21 [straight] North Vancouver’s Crave Conscious aims to feed demand for vegan, gluten-free food products

00:21 [straight] Window Seat: Fare-check blitz by transit cops just business as usual, TransLink says

00:21 [straight] Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band to play Vancouver (finally)

00:21 [straight] Waldorf makes international music news

00:24 [Big Think] UrtheCast To Stream Videos Of Earth From Space

00:25 [World Policy Institute] Dead or Alive? Chávez Brings Uncertainty to Venezuela

00:26 [Voice of America] Lebanon, Cyprus Look to Natural Gas Reserves

00:29 [CNN] Seau had brain disease that comes from hits to head, NIH finds

00:29 [Disinformation] Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control – Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera #157

00:29 [Telegraph] Barack Obama mocks Jack Lew's loopy signature

00:29 [Telegraph] Woman teacher 'caught in lay-by with sixth-form boy after ball'

00:29 [CNET News] Fitness sensor earphones gather health data, deliver music

00:30 [] Killing of Kurdish Activists in Paris Casts Shadow on Turkey-PKK Talks

00:32 [CNN] Pentagon weighs how to secure Syria's chemical weapons

00:32 [The Independent] 'We should have bought in summer,' says Alan Pardew

00:32 [The Independent] Martin Hardy: Butcher has taken the long road to become a wanted man again

00:33 [CBC: politics] First Nations meeting with PM in jeopardy

00:33 [Reuters: politics] Some conservatives warn Republicans against debt limit fight

00:34 [Slate Magazine] All the President's Men

00:34 [Slate Magazine] How To Destroy the Filibuster

00:34 [Fox News: politics] Newark mayor wrote in college about overcoming 'disgust and latent hostility' toward gays

00:39 [The Progressive] Obama Repeats Geithner Mistake in Picking Lew for Treasury Secretary

00:39 [Truthdig] Giving Voice to Americans Who Tell the Truth

00:40 [Reuters] Obama nominates Lew to succeed Geithner at Treasury

00:40 [Mother Jones] We're Almost Done With Deficit Reduction!

00:44 [CNET News] The 404 at CES 2013: Where we change out $100 (podcast)

00:48 [zero hedge] Jim Grant Exposes "The Bureau Of Money Materialization" And A Submerging America

00:48 [Voice of America] New Therapy for Peanut Allergy Shows Promise

00:49 [Raw Story] Consumer bureau moves to end high-risk mortgages that fed crisis

00:49 [NPR] Companies Invest In New Employees: Corporate Watchdogs

00:50 [Reuters] Biden draws NRA ire in drive against gun violence

00:51 [Reuters: politics] Pentagon ordered to begin steps to offset impact of looming defense cuts

00:51 [Reuters: politics] Obama nominates Lew to succeed Geithner at Treasury

00:54 [CNN] People head for safety as rivers rise in Louisiana

00:54 [CNN] Flu 'epidemic ... still on the uptick,' national health official says

00:54 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama Finally Solves His Pastor Problem

00:54 [CNET News] Plextor unveils various SSD-based products at CES 2013

00:56 [CBC: politics] First Nations meeting with PM thrown into disarray

00:57 [Slashdot] Windows RT Jailbreak Tool Released

00:57 [BBC: Technology] Viewpoint: Looking for innovation further afield

00:58 [Reuters: politics] Biden draws NRA ire in drive against gun violence

01:00 [Reuters] One student critically wounded in California school shooting

01:00 [OpEdNews] Talk About Politicizing Intelligence! Meet John Brennan, CIA Chief Designee

01:01 [CNN] Scores dead after bomb blasts in Quetta

01:01 [Telegraph] Royal Opera House seeks "open-minded" audience for radical new programme

01:03 [Guardian] NRA vows to fight Biden's gun control taskforce in Congress

01:04 [NPR] American Express To Cut 5,400 Jobs

01:05 [Reuters] Biden draws NRA ire in drive against gun violence

01:05 [Reuters] Obama nominates Lew to succeed Geithner at Treasury

01:05 [CNET News] Is there a self-driving car in your future?

01:05 [] Netanyahu government is Israel's most anti-Zionist ever, says Amoz Oz

01:07 [AlterNet] 10 Reasons Why British Security Firm G4S is the World's Worst Company

01:09 [Voice of America] Clinton, Karzai Discuss US Role in Afghanistan Beyond 2014

01:09 [zero hedge] What A Record $220 Billion "Deposit" Injection To Kick Start To The 2013 Market Looks Like

01:09 [zero hedge] Tape Tale

01:09 [Raw Story] Watch: Vice magazine profiles ‘Oath Keepers’ movement

01:10 [The Independent] i Editor's Letter: Thank you for your generosity

01:10 [The Independent] Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: Why Eurostar customers have become accustomed to wasting tickets if plans change

01:10 [Mother Jones] Corn on MSNBC: Can We Actually Pass Gun Control Laws?

01:10 [OpEdNews] US Journalist Dave Lindorff: US will not launch a war against Iran

01:12 [Fox News: politics] Early release program to restart in prisons in Illinois

01:14 [Reuters: politics] Obama nominates Lew to succeed Geithner at Treasury

01:14 [Reuters: politics] Biden draws NRA ire in drive against gun violence

01:16 [Moral Low Ground] Rizana Nafeek Executed by Beheading in Saudi Arabia

01:19 [Good] This is what a square looks like to Keith

01:21 [Sydney Morning Herald] And the nominees aren't ...

01:22 [straight] Anne Murray: Is Enbridge pipeline a threat to important marine birds in B.C.?

01:22 [straight] Caitlyn Vernon: Denied witness at the Enbridge pipeline hearings

01:24 [BBC: Technology] Health and safety technology booms

01:25 [AL JAZEERA] US says last chapter reached in Afghanistan

01:26 [AlterNet] Idle No More: How an Indigenous Protest Movement Erupted in Canada and Spread to the World

01:29 [Voice of America] 10-Billion-Year-Old Supernova Oldest Ever Identified

01:29 [AL JAZEERA] US says Afghanistan mission in last chapter

01:35 [CNN] Chinese newspaper in eye of censorship storm back on sale

01:37 [Voice of America] US Flu Outbreak Earlier, Spreading Faster

01:39 [NPR] NRA Says White House Has 'Agenda To Attack The Second Amendment'

01:40 [Slashdot] Anonymous Files Petition To Make DDoS Legal Form of Protest

01:47 [CNET News] Obama signs Netflix-backed amendment to video privacy law

01:51 [] France To Ship Military Equipment Through Kazakhstan

01:51 [zero hedge] Spot The "Blockbuster" Retail Season

01:51 [Global Voices] Venezuela: Legal Stand-Off over Chávez Absence

01:55 [AL JAZEERA] American Express to cut 5,400 jobs

01:55 [Reuters: politics] Obama Pentagon pick calls senators, clarifies views on Iran

01:55 [Reuters: politics] Analysis: Obama's Treasury choice untested outside budget expertise

02:00 [Reuters] American Express to cut 5,400 jobs, take charges in fourth quarter

02:01 [OpEdNews] Debt Ceiling and Guns: Using Presidential Authority to the Fullest

02:04 [CNET News] What mattered at CES day 3

02:04 [Truthdig] Pastor’s Anti-Gay Remarks Stir Inauguration Controversy, Taibbi Blasts Government Lies, and More

02:05 [Reuters] "Lincoln" crowned Oscar frontrunner as big directors snubbed

02:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Howard rejects IMF's 'big spender' tag

02:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Python's flying circus

02:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Larger than life Jobs tops CEO ranking

02:09 [Raw Story] Fox News: $1 trillion platinum coin would weigh 18,000 tons

02:12 [CNET News] I took a power drill to an iPhone at CES

02:12 [Slashdot] Symbian Sells Millions, Despite Nokia Pushing Windows Phone

02:15 [CNN] No sign of trapped killer whales, official says

02:15 [Guardian] Two charged with murder of organist on Christmas Eve

02:16 [CNET News] MetroPCS debuts new 4G LTE plans starting at $40

02:16 [CNET News] How to make the OS X Help Viewer less obtrusive

02:19 [Truthdig] Is It Hot Enough for You?

02:19 [Reuters: politics] Some conservatives warn Republicans against debt limit fight

02:19 [msnbc] Jenni Rivera 's company sued by plane crash victims

02:19 [msnbc] Sheriff: Staff 'heroics' end high school shooting

02:19 [msnbc] FAA will review Boeing 787 Dreamliner

02:19 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

02:19 [msnbc] Obama signs law to trace ‘this generation's Agent Orange’

02:21 [CNET News] Still emerging (for now): the 3D printers of CES 2013

02:21 [CNET News] Ford, GM, open up to developers at CES 2013

02:22 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors the Chutzpah! Festival 2013

02:22 [straight] Jane Sterk: Let’s be accountable, and open to new ideas

02:27 [Voice of America] California Shooting Comes Amid National Debate on Gun Violence

02:28 [Reuters: politics] America's first black president criticized for white male cabinet

02:33 [AL JAZEERA] Moody's downgrades Cyprus by three notches

02:38 [BBC: Education] Adoption map launch for campaign

02:41 [OpEdNews] Syria: A Jihadi Paradise

02:41 [BBC: Health] Lung infection breath test discovery

02:41 [BBC: Health] Post-obesity surgery baby warning

02:42 [Moral Low Ground] Federal Judge Rules NYPD ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Unconstitutional

02:43 [Voice of America] Obama, Karzai to Meet on Afghanistan's Uncertain Future

02:45 [Reuters] Colorado judge orders accused movie theater gunman to stand trial

02:45 [CNN] China's only children less trusting, avoid risk, study finds

02:46 [Fox News] Most Still Avoid Shots, as Flu Spreads

02:46 [Fox News] A $6 MILLION DODGE?Congressman: Shell Moved Troubled Rig to Avoid Tax

02:46 [Fox News] NRA VS. BIDEN: Regulations Loom, as NRA Warns of 'Attack' on Rights

02:46 [Fox News] HEAT DATA COOKED?Skeptics Question Report Calling 2012 Warmest Year

02:47 [Slashdot] IBM's Watson Gets a Swear Filter After Learning the Urban Dictionary

02:49 [Guardian] Hugo Chávez supporters stage inauguration day rally for absent leader

02:50 [Reuters] Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax

02:51 [OpEdNews] The Trillion-dollar Coin Trick

02:53 [CNET News] Mobile, Hotmail users hit by access troubles

02:54 [Raw Story] Intel calls for end to online gender gap

02:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ten minutes with Seth

02:55 [CNN] California sheriff: Youth who shot classmate felt he'd been bullied

02:57 [Reuters: politics] Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax

02:58 [CNN: Money] Japan unveils $117 billion stimulus package

03:00 [CBC: politics] Former Quebec premier Jean Charest joins law firm

03:02 [CNET News] The biggest laptop misses of CES 2013

03:06 [msnbc] Judge orders arraignment for Holmes

03:06 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

03:14 [Fox News] URGENT: Judge rules James Holmes should face trial in Colorado massacre

03:14 [The Atlantic: International] Not So Fast on The Rise of Israel's Far Right

03:15 [] Ayalon tells Jewish leaders: 'Hagel is a decent and fair interlocutor who believes in U.S.-Israeli partnership.'

03:15 [] IDF shot stun grenades, tear gas into schoolyard, Palestinians say

03:15 [] Teachers, students ask Tel Aviv not to fire principal for leftist views

03:15 [] Israel land appraisals chief ran regulatory body for 4 years with no legal authority

03:15 [] Facebook campaign seeks to keep missing Yemenite children issue alive

03:21 [CNET News] Uh-oh, Windows RT. Samsung's got second thoughts

03:21 [CNN] If you got the flu vaccine, are you covered?

03:23 [straight] Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson steps down as captain but still sails against Japanese whalers

03:23 [CNN] Brussels takes tough stance on Google

03:26 [Topix Activism News] Squatters fight to stay in derelict petrol station

03:27 [AlterNet] Biden Unveils 7-Point Agenda for Gun Control

03:27 [AlterNet] Is Sitting Worse Than Smoking?

03:28 [CNN] Colorado shooting suspect should face trial, judge rules

03:34 [Raw Story] Drought-damaged states face poor outlook as dry weather persists

03:34 [Raw Story] Massive flu outbreak claims lives of 18 children

03:35 [NPR] Enough Evidence For Holmes To Stand Trial, Judge Rules

03:39 [Big Think] Petition: Support Feminism and Diversity in the Secular Community

03:41 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Hideous, shocking, vile'

03:42 [zero hedge] USA 10th For Global Economic Freedom In 2013

03:44 [Raw Story] Idle No More: Canada’s indigenous ‘Occupy’ movement

03:46 [Fox News] Judge rules James Holmes should face trial in Colorado massacre

03:47 [AL JAZEERA] Mali seeks France help against rebel advances

03:47 [CNN] What to do if you have the flu

03:49 [The Hindu - News] Clinton meets visiting Afghan President Karzai

03:54 [Raw Story] Critics of Likud’s new vanguard say party has abandoned founder’s ideals

03:54 [Raw Story] Will gun control ‘dream team’ rival NRA for political firepower ?

03:54 [Disinformation] Chris Hedges on Activist Journalism, Obama’s Empire, Gun Rights & Serious Revolt

03:56 [CNN: Money] New law lets you share Netflix data on Facebook

03:59 [Raw Story] Taft students say gunman had a hit list and was bullied

04:01 [The Hindu - News] Three die of asphyxiation in Peenya factory fuel tank

04:02 [Guardian] Colorado shooting suspect sent to trial

04:04 [Reuters] Analysis: Glimmer of Japan reform hope among clouds of skepticism

04:05 [CNET News] Wikimedia Foundation launches travel site 'Wikivoyage'

04:07 [The Hindu - News] Denied passport, Dalit activist fails to receive Dutch honour in person

04:07 [The Hindu - News] Open copying in Open University exams

04:10 [Russia Today] UN calls for ‘rapid deployment’ of international troops in Mali

04:11 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ellen does an Oprah

04:13 [Financial Times] Japan unveils Y10.3tn stimulus package

04:14 [Financial Times] More than 100 killed in Pakistan bombs

04:15 [Financial Times] Cold weather fuels Chinese inflation

04:17 [Slashdot] The Science Behind Building a Space Gun

04:17 [Fox News] Judge: Holmes should face trial in Colo. massacre- List of injured victims released in Aurora tragedy

04:22 [CNN: Money] Food prices boost China inflation

04:24 [CNN] Will `Abenomics' lift Japan from recession?

04:24 [CNN] Report: DEA agent made prostitute arrangement for Secret Service agent

04:30 [The Hindu - Opinion] Floored by the door

04:36 [The Hindu - News] Announcement on ‘T’ before January 28, says Shinde

04:44 [Truthdig] Nate Silver’s Super Bowl Prediction

04:48 [The Hindu - News] Ration card hopefuls accuse department of ineptitude

04:50 [The Hindu - News] Free laptops distributed to Anna University students

04:51 [AL JAZEERA] Japan approves $224bn stimulus package

04:54 [The Hindu - News] New system to monitor attendance of teachers in Madurai

04:54 [Reuters] String of bombings kill 101, injure 200 in Pakistan

04:56 [The Hindu - News] IGNOU promoting courses in gender studies

04:56 [The Hindu - News] Hoax caller gets 18 months

04:57 [CNN] 3 U.S. citizens among dead as fire engulfs Philippine hotel

04:58 [CNET News] NASA deems Earth safe from massive asteroid strike in 2036

04:58 [Telegraph] Mali asks for help from France as Islamist rebels push forward

04:58 [Telegraph] James Holmes ordered to stand trial for Colorado massacre

05:00 [The Hindu - News] Final poll rolls for Madurai released

05:02 [The Hindu - News] ‘Mourning’ kin made away with papers, valuables: victim’s wife

05:04 [The Hindu - News] “Women, valuable human resources for nation-building”

05:05 [Russia Today] New York investigating evidence errors in 800 rape cases

05:07 [The Hindu - News] Renovation under way at Tirumalai Nayak Palace

05:09 [The Hindu - News] Show cause notice to varsity over B.Ed. college admissions

05:09 [Reuters] Accused Colorado movie theater gunman ordered to stand trial

05:11 [The Hindu - News] Will Dhansuhkodi get the missing link?

05:11 [Fox News] California Tests Gun Control's Limits

05:11 [Fox News] FLU RUNS WILD: Why Are So Many People Avoiding Vaccinations?

05:13 [The Hindu - News] Now, you can make cheese or a watch in Switzerland

05:14 [CNET News] Google's Kurzweil on teaching human language to computers

05:17 [Moral Low Ground] ‘Hero’ Teacher Ryan Heber Talks Taft Union High School Shooter Bryan Oliver into Laying Down Shotgun

05:19 [Raw Story] Judge orders Colorado theater gunman to stand trial

05:23 [CNN] Australia's farmers on the front line of global weather extremes

05:25 [Reuters] Fed hawks worry about threat of inflation

05:25 [The Hindu - News] Activists picket Coimbatore Collectorate

05:25 [The Hindu - News] Price rise makes Makara Sankranti a little less sweet

05:27 [msnbc] CBT: No. 4 Arizona's luck finally runs out against Oregon

05:27 [The Hindu - News] Nokia gets smart with Lumia phones

05:29 [The Hindu - News] Woman, infant run over by train near Thudialur

05:29 [Disinformation] The Handbook of Human Ownership

05:31 [The Hindu - News] Electoral rolls: women outnumber men in inclusion in Coimbatore

05:32 [Telegraph] California shooting: student had 'hit list' of targets

05:33 [The Hindu - News] UGD works damage phone lines

05:35 [Reuters] U.S. officials to launch review of Boeing's Dreamliner: source

05:37 [The Hindu - News] 5 edition of Coimbatore Vizha from January 19

05:37 [The Hindu - News] m-gov is here: pay bills, fines, taxes from your cellphone

05:37 [The Hindu - News] Equipping women to defend themselves

05:41 [The Hindu - News] UGD works across Coimbatore damage BSNL phone lines

05:45 [The Hindu - News] Roll revision sees dip in voter strength in three constituencies

05:45 [The Hindu - News] Tamil Nadu bids farewell to northeast monsoon

05:45 [Russia Today] Post-Assad plans: US focuses on Syrian chemical arms

05:46 [Reuters: politics] U.S. officials to launch review of Boeing's Dreamliner: source

05:47 [Global Voices] Set Phrases in China’s Diplomatese

05:55 [AntiWar] Is Hagel out of the Mainstream?

05:55 [AntiWar] Hagel Nomination: The Revenge of the Realists

05:55 [AntiWar] The Grilling that Brennan Deserves

05:55 [AntiWar] How Zero Dark Thirty Brought Back the Bush Administration

05:56 [Telegraph] Snake literally on a plane

05:56 [OpEdNews] Why Are Bob Woodward's WH Sources -- Or Woodward Himself -- Not On Trial Next To Bradley Manning?

05:57 [The Hindu - News] State has promised to lower income limit for RTE quota admissions: school body

06:03 [AntiWar] Bombings and Shootings Leave 16 Killed, 35 Wounded in Iraq

06:05 [AL JAZEERA] US and Afghanistan reach 'last chapter'

06:09 [Reuters] Gunman critically wounds student in California school

06:09 [Raw Story] Maddow: Confused and unorganized NRA fighting a two front war

06:14 [The Hindu - News] ‘All but 1,880 Aasare houses completed’

06:14 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart gleefully points out Murdoch’s ownership of anti-American network

06:14 [Big Think] Ai Weiwei: I'm Not an Activist

06:15 [Fox News: politics] Hobby Lobby says it has found way to delay rule that mandated it provide insurance coverage for emergency contraceptives

06:15 [Fox News: politics] Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says jail may be effective protest to contraception mandate

06:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Downfall of a beauty queen

06:18 [The Hindu - News] 5,728-km rural road project with Rs. 3,659-cr. outlay approved

06:19 [CNN] U.S. citizens believed to be among 6 dead as fire engulfs Philippine hotel

06:24 [CNET News] IBM crowned patent king for 20th year in a row

06:26 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

06:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] Galaxy crash sparks large spiral

06:27 [] Tajikistan Splits Facial Hairs

06:30 [The Hindu - News] RAWS hails inclusion of Gender Studies in CBSE curriculum

06:31 [msnbc] 'Argo,' 'Silver Linings' win at Critics' Choice

06:31 [msnbc] Police: Suspect arrested in deadly Manhattan blaze

06:32 [The Hindu - News] NLC takes up baseline survey in 120 villages as part of CSR

06:32 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

06:34 [The Hindu - News] Vijayakant offers gold crown at Sri Andal Temple

06:36 [The Hindu - News] Childline 1098 to ring in three more districts in TN

06:38 [The Hindu - News] Cleanliness campaign at Tiruchi junction

06:39 [Fox News: politics] Pentagon considers hiring freeze, contract delays

06:40 [The Hindu - News] Sites identified for RTO building in Srirangam

06:40 [Russia Today] Market Buzz: ECB and China fail to stir things up

06:46 [The Hindu - News] Final poll rolls for Tiruchi district out

06:46 [The Hindu - News] Yogish Bhat sets May deadline for completion of new dam at Thumbe

06:47 [Voice of America] Togolese Opposition Demands Reform, Halt to March Election

06:48 [The Hindu - News] LDF for talks, FETO calls off stir

06:49 [Fox News: politics] DEA agent hired prostitute for Secret Service agent in Colombia

06:51 [The Hindu - News] Death penalty for crimes against women

06:51 [The Hindu - News] Workers in Bunder demand better roads

06:52 [Slashdot] Device Sniffs Out Signs of Life After Disasters

06:55 [The Hindu - News] Kerala proposes death penalty for crimes against women

06:55 [Fin24 News] Farmers agree to wage talks

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 8.5 cr. for roads in Mangalore South

06:57 [The Hindu - News] Biometric tools for Kerala police stations

06:58 [CNN: Crime] 1 wounded in California school shooting

06:58 [CNN: Crime] Sandusky moves for new trial after sex abuse conviction

06:58 [CNN: Crime] Judge: Shooting suspect should face trial

06:59 [The Hindu - News] Railways to focus on doubling works

07:01 [The Hindu - News] Two more arrested in homestay attack case

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Fire at nursing student hostel in Thiruvananthapuram

07:07 [The Hindu - News] Lakshadweep seeks a wharf

07:09 [The Hindu - News] Don’t blame youth: Ravi Shankar

07:09 [Reuters] U.S. officials to review Boeing's Dreamliner - report

07:11 [The Hindu - News] Way to smoother traffic

07:12 [CNN] U.N. agencies: Stop the suffering in Syria

07:12 [CNN] NYPD: Washington Square Arch target in explosives case

07:13 [Reuters: politics] U.S. officials to review Boeing's Dreamliner - report

07:13 [The Hindu - News] Kerala to empower police, says Oomen Chandy

07:13 [Fin24 News] Madonsela prepares Post Office report

07:15 [The Hindu - News] SC quashes Karnataka Upa Lokayukta appointment

07:15 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Metro gearing up for ‘culture of safety’ at construction sites

07:17 [Fox News] Stray dogs in Mexico are murder suspects in 5 deaths

07:17 [Fox News] Why are so many people avoiding flu vaccinations?- VIDEO: Why aren't workers getting flu shots?

07:17 [Fox News] Va. official: 'Go to jail' to fight contraception mandate- Hobby Lobby says it can delay ObamaCare rule

07:17 [Fox News] Congressman: Shell moved troubled rig to avoid tax

07:17 [Fox News] Skeptics pounce on delay of report on Jesus' wife claim

07:17 [Fox News] DEA agent hired prostitute for Secret Service agent

07:17 [Fin24 News] Madonsela readies Post Office report

07:17 [The Hindu - News] Violence mars day 3 of strike in Thiruvananthapuram

07:18 [Moral Low Ground] Michigan Man Charles Ralph Horton Accused of Sodomizing Dog

07:18 [Guardian] Japan unveils stimulus package

07:19 [The Hindu - News] GKSF trade fair, a prop to small-scale sector

07:21 [The Hindu - News] Airport Metro to undergo safety test on January 15, 16

07:25 [Fin24 News] Implats to sell 51% stake to Zim locals

07:27 [OpEdNews] Take It to the Bank, Hagel Will Win

07:28 [The Independent] Series of bombings kill 115 people in Pakistan

07:30 [Topix Activism News] Causes acquires Votizen, bringing next-gen social activism tools under one roof.

07:30 [CNET News] At CES, two HP laptops do Windows 8 right

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Soldier fires shots in the air in Hyderabad

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Centre approves ownership rights for 45 slum clusters

07:35 [The Hindu - News] Sheila wants Aadhaar numbers on degrees, birth certificates

07:36 [msnbc] Attorney blames victim in India rape case

07:38 [Slashdot] Largest-Known Spiral Galaxy Discovered

07:40 [The Hindu - News] Women in black: burqa gets a makeover

07:41 [Telegraph] Pictured: kitten eats TV aerial and survives

07:41 [Telegraph] No 10 policy unit 'suggested lowering age of consent to 14'

07:41 [Telegraph] Quentin Tarantino in furious rant over Django Unchained violence questions

07:41 [Telegraph] Evangelical pastor forced out of Barack Obama inauguration over anti-gay comments

07:41 [Telegraph] Andrew Marr: stand-ins while BBC presenter recovers from stroke

07:41 [Telegraph] Alex Salmond gave 'muddled' answers in EU interview

07:41 [Mother Jones] Surely We Have Learned Some Lessons Since 2001?

07:42 [The Hindu - News] ‘Starting an airline not like operating bus service’

07:42 [The Hindu - News] Government to pay Rs. 5 lakh to minor sexually harassed by cop

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Update us on biennale probe, HC to Kerala

07:46 [The Hindu - News] DMRC invites tenders for Kochi Metro's civil works

07:47 [OpEdNews] Waking Up in Tehran

07:48 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan blasts toll rises to 115

07:48 [The Hindu - News] In God’s country, devotional centres take to ad blitz

07:48 [The Hindu - News] Dismantling of Ernakulam North overbridge begins

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Law alone cannot solve problems of society, says Gandhi’s granddaughter

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Steps will be taken to improve safety in industries: Ganta

07:52 [OpEdNews] "I'm Gonna Start Killing People": Tactical Response "Patriot" Video Warns America.

07:57 [Telegraph] Reindeer taken on Christmas ward round at children's hospital

07:57 [Telegraph] Andrew Marr is making good progress after stroke, says BBC

07:58 [Global Voices] Peru: Wendy Sulca, YouTube Phenomenon, Teased Once Again

07:59 [The Independent] Former minister Liam Fox says gay marriage plans are divisive

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Telugus get a raw deal from Railways

08:04 [Guardian] India v England – live | Rob Smyth

08:06 [The Hindu - News] Rape victim discharged

08:07 [CNN] Obama and Karzai to huddle on Afghanistan

08:08 [The Hindu - News] Freedom fighter passes away

08:08 [The Hindu - News] New buses for PRTC fleet

08:10 [The Hindu - News] Efforts are on to shift TASMACs on National Highways

08:10 [The Hindu - News] Ganta hails NMU role in RTC workers’ welfare

08:10 [The Hindu - News] “Swami Vivekananda promoted self-respect of women”

08:14 [AL JAZEERA] Sunni extremist group claims Quetta bombing

08:14 [Reuters] German efficiency in doubt after airport debacle

08:14 [CNN] Quest: U.S. economy to dominate Davos 2013

08:14 [The Hindu - News] State told to give Rs.7.32-cr. relief to Dharmapuri victims

08:16 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Killer whales escape from ice trap

08:16 [The Hindu - News] In protest mode

08:16 [The Hindu - News] High-level panel touring delta to assess crop damage

08:16 [The Hindu - News] SC shows green light for jallikattu in accordance with State Act

08:16 [The Hindu - News] Minister promises steps for revival of disused ports, jetties

08:22 [OpEdNews] Anti-Chavez Media War Rages

08:22 [OpEdNews] Obama Picks Jack Lew for Treasury

08:26 [Pravda] War more important than peace for Russia and USA?

08:26 [The Hindu - News] AP Rythu Sangham elects new body

08:29 [Telegraph] Women with pre-eclampsia should stay in hospital for three days post birth

08:29 [Telegraph] Dame Judi Dench helps actors win battle for TV credits

08:30 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Power cheapest in State, says Tulasi Reddy

08:32 [CNN: Crime] See store clerk halt robbery

08:32 [CNN: Crime] Grace: Arias acts like Anthony

08:32 [CNN: Crime] New gun law for Chicago?

08:32 [AL JAZEERA] Three Kurdish activists shot dead in Paris

08:34 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Military musical opens in S Korea

08:34 [Reuters] Rights group warns Pakistan faces worsening sectarian violence

08:35 [The Hindu - News] Writings of modern spiritual gurus on display

08:36 [Fin24 News] Smoke that

08:38 [msnbc] Trail Blazers 92, Heat 90

08:38 [Guardian] Japanese government unveils £138bn stimulus package

08:38 [Guardian] James Holmes to face trial over Aurora movie theatre shooting

08:39 [The Hindu - News] Hafiz Saeed was in PoK days before ambush, says Shinde

08:40 [AL JAZEERA] French police say Kurdish activists executed

08:41 [The Hindu - News] AP tops in implementation of 20-Point Programme

08:42 [CNN: Money] Tim Cook: China will be Apple's top market

08:45 [Telegraph] Wilbur Smith's young wife says her family have a tradition of marrying older men

08:45 [Telegraph] British troops issued new Glock pistols

08:45 [Telegraph] Savile 'abused children as young as ten', report expected to say

08:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Dave Johnson: Disarm the Hostage Bomb -- Stop Governing Based on Threats, Intimidation and Lies

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Speculation rife on transfer of Azeem

08:47 [CNN] Doing business behind China's 'Great Firewall'

08:50 [New Statesman] Fraggle Rock was as good as I remembered, but Count Duckula was much, much worse

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Lit for Life

08:57 [Slashdot] EU Antitrust Chief: Google "Diverting Traffic" & Will Be Forced To Change

08:59 [Reuters] EU's Rehn rules out debt "haircut" for Cyprus

09:01 [Guardian] India v England – first ODI live | Rob Smyth

09:01 [Telegraph] Employers inherently racist, study suggests

09:01 [Telegraph] Women having weight loss surgery should wait a year for a baby

09:04 [Reuters] Afghan troop levels top agenda for Obama-Karzai talks

09:05 [New Statesman] Gove has abandoned Labour's focus on school standards

09:05 [CNET News] Top tech at CES 2013

09:09 [Guardian] Pakistan bombings: Quetta death toll over 100

09:09 [Guardian] One in five women are victims of sexual offences

09:10 [Fin24 News] Pain ahead as Anglo prepares SA plan

09:11 [Pravda] Over 100,000 American orphans seek American love and care

09:13 [Guardian] Kurdish activists: Paris murders cast shadow over Turkish peace process

09:19 [The Independent] Up to 500 assaults: Extent of Savile child abuse to be revealed

09:23 [Reuters] Analysis: Euro convergence trades could return to fashion

09:24 [msnbc] Fake cops trying to rob heroin gang snared by sting

09:24 [msnbc] 3 kids, woman die after blaze in Texas home

09:24 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

09:28 [Reuters] Evidence suggests Paris murders an internal PKK feud: Turkish PM

09:32 [The Hindu - News] Tension prevails along Indo-Pak border

09:34 [The Independent] Snake on a plane - no really, ON a plane

09:36 [The Hindu - News] Another court issues summons to Akbaruddin

09:38 [Reuters] Boeing Dreamliner hit by two more mishaps in Japan

09:40 [The Hindu - News] Vizagites ‘steal’ the show

09:40 [The Hindu - News] Display of virtuosity

09:43 [CNN] Official: Flu cases falling off in portions of South and Southeast

09:45 [Reuters: politics] Boeing Dreamliner hit by two more mishaps in Japan

09:47 [Telegraph] 'Mr Teeth' found protecting marijuana stash

09:47 [Telegraph] Snow tomorrow and temperatures hit -9C by Tuesday

09:47 [Telegraph] Russian orphan's adoptive father hopeful dispute can be resolved

09:47 [Telegraph] Helmand veterans dispatched to defend Falklands

09:47 [Telegraph] Haemorrhagic fever carried by UK rats: scientists

09:48 [The Hindu - News] ‘Speak out against Congress misrule’

09:53 [The Hindu - Opinion] Learning from Mohan Bhagwat

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan suspends cross-LoC bus service

09:54 [The Hindu - News] Social schemes’ success depends on India Post, says Krupa Rani

09:55 [BBC: Entertainment] 'No plans' for Big Chill in 2013

09:55 [NPR] Mother To Daughter: 'That's When I Knew I Was Adopted'

09:58 [The Hindu - News] ‘Scope for relief to power consumers’

09:59 [Global Voices] Social Media Buzz: The Fallout of Assad's Speech

10:00 [NPR] After 50 Years, Cuba Drops Unpopular Travel Restriction

10:00 [NPR] This Butter Sculpture Could Power A Farm For 3 Days

10:00 [NPR] Geithner Began With 'Smoldering' Economy; What Does He Leave?

10:00 [NPR] Black Market Pharmacies And The Big Business of Spam

10:02 [The Hindu - News] TTD books in Assembly library soon

10:03 [Telegraph] Czechs head to polls for first ever direct presidential election

10:03 [Telegraph] Fiji dumps draft constitution

10:03 [Telegraph] Syria: 'Biased' UN envoy to meet US and Russia

10:03 [Telegraph] China's one-child policy 'has created risk averse little emperors'

10:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Britney Spears leaves US X Factor

10:05 [Fox News: politics] Obama and Afghan president Karzai to meet to discuss ending war

10:07 [The Independent] Honda to axe 800 jobs with first UK cuts in 20 years

10:09 [Truthdig] ‘Most Antagonistic’ Toward Israel? That Would Be Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary

10:09 [Truthdig] How to Reach the Last 20 Percent

10:09 [Truthdig] The Inconvenient Truth About Jack Lew

10:10 [Fox News] Pentagon Preparing for Drastic Cuts

10:10 [Fox News] TESTING THE LIMITS:Calif. Lawmakers Push for Gun Control After Newtown

10:11 [New Statesman] Poll Tax II: the coalition plans even bigger cuts to Council Tax Benefit

10:13 [CNN] Northern Ireland braces for further flag protests

10:13 [BBC: Education] US teacher stops school shooting

10:14 [Reuters] EU's Rehn rules out Cyprus debt restructuring

10:16 [Russia Today] Former Defense Minister gives evidence in Russian graft case

10:16 [New Statesman] Watering down Basel III's not a sop to the banks

10:17 [Telegraph] Indian gang-rape suspects 'set out to rape and kill'

10:17 [Telegraph] Cutting bus pass benefit for pensioners would impact three in four elederly people

10:17 [Telegraph] Hamid Karzai to urge US to commit to Afghanistan

10:17 [Telegraph] Britain spends millions on Ethiopian 'special police' linked to abuses

10:18 [BBC: Education] Bullying 'havens' on school route

10:19 [Global Voices] How Many More Syrians Must Die?

10:20 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: Why has norovirus been so bad?

10:21 [Russia Today] Rare Judaic collection worth $11 million to go under the hammer

10:22 [The Independent] Three more arrests over phishing scam targeted students

10:22 [AL JAZEERA] Obama and Karzai to discuss Afghan exit plan

10:23 [The Hindu - News] Ceasefire violations are cause of serious concern: Antony

10:24 [Global Voices] Man’s Death Inspires Solidarity in Midst of Devastating Storm in Lebanon

10:24 [Global Voices] 2012: Year of Milestones for Global Voices Lingua Project

10:24 [Truthdig] Filibuster Reform

10:24 [Truthdig] Induction

10:25 [The Hindu - News] “Worms that crawl in the dirt…”

10:26 [Voice of America] Dozens Dead, Missing in China Landslide

10:26 [Russia Today] Deafening silence: Chavez absent from inauguration celebrations

10:26 [Russia Today] Pullout price: Karzai to wrestle Obama for troops, aid

10:27 [msnbc] Elderly 'snowbirds' slain in their Florida home

10:28 [BBC: Science & Environment] Public picks best satellite image

10:29 [Global Voices] Who Should Be in the Internet Hall of Fame?

10:35 [CNET News] Google revs Chrome for Android faster with new beta release

10:35 [msnbc: politics] Troop levels to top agenda for Obama-Karzai talks

10:36 [Russia Today] Russia may ban all foreign adoptions

10:37 [The Independent] Probe launched: Did drive to track illegal immigrants breach data laws?

10:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Let us not be carried away!

10:40 [CNN] Planned Parenthood seeks injunction in Texas funding law

10:40 [BBC: Technology] Nigerian texters to take on the drug counterfeiters

10:41 [Russia Today] Russia’s e-market to boom in 2013 – Morgan Stanley

10:41 [Guardian] Syria conflict: winter storms bring new misery to refugees - live updates

10:42 [New Statesman] American Express to cut 5,400 jobs

10:43 [msnbc] Troop levels to top agenda for Obama-Karzai talks

10:46 [BBC: Entertainment] Argo triumphs at Critics Awards

10:48 [Voice of America] Sectarian Violence Expected to Rise in Pakistan

10:48 [AL JAZEERA] Paris PKK murders termed 'internal feud'

10:49 [The Hindu - News] Ceasefire violations are cause for serious concern: Antony

10:53 [Telegraph] California balances its books

10:53 [Telegraph] Information watchdog investigates after people wrongly told they must leave the UK

10:53 [The Hindu - News] Rhino killed in Assam

10:57 [CNN] Official: Flu deaths continue to rise among children

10:58 [] Georgia Photo: Four-Legged Pedestrian

10:58 [CNN] More rain for flooded parts of Louisiana

11:00 [NPR] Haiti Then And Now: 3 Years After The Earthquake

11:01 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Inside EU's new cybercrime unit

11:02 [New Statesman] Honda to cut 800 jobs

11:03 [Fin24 News] SA investment rating safe - analysts

11:03 [Guardian] India v England – first ODI live! | Rob Smyth

11:04 [Reuters] Rights group warns of worsening Pakistani sectarian violence

11:05 [BBC: Entertainment] Getty to return Hades sculpture

11:06 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Earnings season rolls on

11:06 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures and premarket movers

11:11 [The Independent] Savile could have been prosecuted, confirms official report

11:12 [New Internationalist] Which is the world’s worst company?

11:13 [Reuters] Turf war feared after Syrian rebel leader killed

11:13 [CNN: Money] APPLE'S NO. 1 CUSTOMER

11:14 [BBC: Entertainment] Extent of Savile abuse revealed

11:18 [] Azerbaijan: EU Denies Support for "Any Particular" Election Candidate

11:18 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court raps Delhi govt. over security

11:25 [Telegraph] Jamie Oliver to take over catering at Manchester City

11:26 [The Hindu - News] Pak serves démarche to Indian envoy over LoC firing

11:26 [AL JAZEERA] Myanmar Rohingya refugees rescued in Thailand

11:27 [Financial Times] Mali seeks urgent foreign military action

11:29 [msnbc] Aurora families brace for raw emotions of trial

11:29 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

11:30 [CNN: Money] Boomtown charity buys homeless one-way ticket out

11:31 [Pravda] Europe may have first leader tattooed from head to foot

11:33 [CNN] Brazil inflation rate prompts concerns

11:34 [Reuters] Boeing Dreamliner hit by two more mishaps in Japan

11:34 [Topix Activism News] Mourning Online for Pakistani Rights Activist Killed in Quetta Bombing

11:37 [BBC: Technology] Microsoft sets Messenger deadline

11:37 [CNN: Money] 'Tis the season to return gifts

11:38 [Reuters] UK's Savile abused hundreds over six decades: report

11:38 [AL JAZEERA] UK police reveal 50 years of Savile sex abuse

11:38 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian rebels 'capture' key northern airbase

11:39 [Guardian] Montreux jazz festival founder Claude Nobs dies after skiing accident

11:39 [Telegraph] Jimmy Savile police missed three chances to take case to trial, DPP admits

11:42 [The Independent] Savile abuse claims 'were not taken seriously enough'

11:42 [The Independent] BT strengthen sports profile by agreeing deal to show women's tennis

11:42 [New Statesman] Maybe The Reason Tarantino Shut KGM's Butt Down Was Because He's Been Asked The Same Question For 20 Years

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Govt approves 14 FDI proposals worth over Rs 1,300 cr

11:44 [msnbc] Tears of joy as Afghan teen learns of Oscar nod

11:45 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

11:45 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

11:45 [Slate Magazine] Play the Slate News Quiz

11:46 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sexual Danger and the Indian Transformation

11:46 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Nigerian texters to take on fake medicines

11:47 [CNN: Crime] Ex-Marines differ on gun laws

11:47 [CNN: Crime] Colorado shooting suspect should face trial, judge rules

11:47 [CNN: Crime] Planned Parenthood seeks injunction in Texas funding law

11:49 [Slashdot] Game Receives First R18+ "Adults Only" Classification In Australia

11:49 [CNN] James Gibson: The man who saved Manchester United -- twice

11:50 [AL JAZEERA] UK police report 50 years of Savile sex abuse

11:51 [Russia Today] UniLeaks: Universiade 2013 in center of scandal over 'finances'

11:53 [Reuters] Exclusive: JP Morgan faces U.S. order to improve compliance - sources

11:53 [Fin24 News] Herbalife denies Ponzi scheme claims

11:55 [BBC: Entertainment] Warner wins control of Superman

11:55 [Telegraph] Jimmy Savile 'abused children as recently as 2009'

11:55 [Telegraph] A picture of maturity: Duchess of Cambridge portrait unveiled

11:55 [Telegraph] 22 killed and 'dozens' trapped in Chinese landslide

11:56 [Voice of America] Malian Schools in Capital Close Amid Tensions

11:56 [CNN] Oscar Nomination More Bankable than Winning

11:58 [The Independent] Helen Hunt has us in stitches describing her Oscar-nominated role as a 'sex surrogate'

11:59 [Global Voices] Infographic: What does China think?

11:59 [CNN] Hey, big spender: Nigerians shop til they drop in London

12:00 [AL JAZEERA] Syria rebels capture key Idlib airbase

12:01 [Russia Today] Amazon’s new AutoRip service provides free digital copies of purchased CDs

12:01 [CNN] Police: Sex abuse TV host Jimmy Savile preyed on children, vulnerable

12:01 [Guardian] UK industrial production growth weaker than forecast

12:01 [Guardian] Jimmy Savile abused children at 14 hospitals across six decades, say police

12:03 [Guardian] Johnny Marr on the Smiths, Morrissey and putting politics back in pop

12:04 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Oscar nominees at Critics' awards

12:06 [Spiegel] Thoughts that Changed the World: Vivid Cinematic Essay�Examines Hannah Arendt

12:06 [Pravda] Up to 50 percent of all food on Earth left uneaten

12:11 [Telegraph] Nastassja Kinski praises half-sister for Klaus Kinski abuse claims

12:13 [OpEdNews] Book Review: Obama's War Against Libya

12:14 [Mother Jones] WATCH: Obama's Defense Picks Are Double Trouble [Fiore Cartoon]

12:14 [Mother Jones] Was Hitler Really a Fan of Gun Control?

12:14 [Mother Jones] Explained in 90 Seconds: What the @#% Is Climate Change Doing to El Niño?

12:14 [Mother Jones] Inside the Terror Factory

12:14 [Mother Jones] Watch: Fox News Wonders Why Armed Citizens Don't Stop Mass Shootings

12:14 [Mother Jones] In Theaters This Weekend, a Civil Libertarian's Nightmare

12:16 [Pravda] Russia and Armenia draft their roadmap until 2020

12:18 [msnbc] Would you pay $160 to check out this view?

12:18 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

12:19 [Good] Should Schools Fine Parents When Students Misbehave?

12:19 [Good] Human Trafficking in the U.S. and What You Can Do About It

12:19 [Good] Retrofitting Surburbia: Bringing Life to Vacant Spaces

12:19 [Good] We Can Work It Out: Architecture + Collaboration

12:19 [Good] Debranded: Selfridges Launches "No Noise" Campaign

12:21 [Russia Today] Hollande says France prepared for Mali intervention

12:21 [CNN: Money] The cost of power grab in Egypt

12:24 [New Statesman] The first official portrait of Kate Middleton makes her look like Aslan

12:24 [CNN] Sailing the world's most beautiful lakes

12:26 [Voice of America] France to Decide on Mali's Aid Request

12:26 [AL JAZEERA] China's one-child policy still breeds dissent

12:29 [Truthdig] Climate Change

12:29 [Truthdig] Sports

12:29 [Truthdig] Trillion Dollar Coin

12:29 [Truthdig] Hugo Chavez Missing His Inauguration

12:29 [Truthdig] Piers Morgan

12:31 [Russia Today] EU not planning debt swap for Cyprus

12:31 [BBC: Technology] Kenya's digital TV switch halted

12:31 [BBC: Technology] New US rare earth centre to be built

12:35 [The Hindu - News] 33 spotted deer found dead in Kanha Tiger Reserve

12:36 [BBC: Entertainment] New opera at Royal Opera House

12:36 [Fin24 News] New union threatens strike at SAA

12:39 [BBC: Science & Environment] Tiny machine apes production line

12:39 [New Statesman] Five questions answered on Honda’s jobs losses announcement

12:39 [Truthdig] Race to Fix the System

12:40 [AL JAZEERA] Landslide smothers village in southern China

12:40 [CNN] How L'Occitane went big in Japan

12:41 [Russia Today] Troublesome draw for Davydenko at Australian Open

12:41 [Russia Today] 2013: Year of redeeming the Russia-US reset?

12:43 [Guardian] Syrian rebels take Taftanaz air base - live update

12:44 [CNN: Money] 10 most valuable Corvettes

12:44 [Mother Jones] Beetlemania: Insects Are Gobbling Up 1,000-Year-Old Trees

12:45 [The Atlantic: Politics] President Obama Would Choose to Fight the Horse-Sized Duck

12:46 [Telegraph] 36 killed and 'dozens' trapped in Chinese landslide

12:46 [Telegraph] Paradors suffer under austerity measures

12:46 [Telegraph] Vodafone customers hit by BlackBerry failure

12:46 [Telegraph] Scrap rules banning NHS care in negligence payout cases, says doctors' defence body

12:46 [Telegraph] MPs' expenses: Helen Grant 'trying to sell £1.8m house'

12:46 [Telegraph] Hancock's half-hour: Tory minister accused of 'dishonesty' about missed TV appearance

12:48 [Reuters] Israeli women soldiers have "right stuff" for border watch

12:52 [AL JAZEERA] UN urges swift deployment of troops to Mali

12:52 [CNN] A week of growing pains for Dreamliner

12:53 [OpEdNews] Big Oil, Big Ketchup and The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

12:55 [BBC: Technology] US warns over key computer systems

12:55 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: New 'leap' in computer interaction?

12:55 [CNN] Jimmy Savile: National treasure in life, reviled 'sex abuser' in death

12:56 [The Hindu - News] Syria peace envoy meets US, Russian diplomats

12:57 [CNN: Money] European automakers: New year, same troubles

13:00 [BBC: Entertainment] US author Connell dies aged 88

13:01 [CNN] Syrian rebels say they've captured strategic military base

13:01 [Russia Today] Gitmo-go-round: No solution in sight on 11th Guantanamo anniversary

13:01 [BBC: Science & Environment] Synthetic farm virus built in lab

13:02 [The Hindu - News] Noida plot scam: PIL filed against IAS officer Rajiv

13:02 [The Hindu - News] ‘There’s a long way to go’

13:04 [CNN] Pakistani province in mourning after blasts kill scores

13:04 [Fin24 News] Minister calls farmers to the table

13:08 [Spiegel] Hungary's Racism Problem: Orb�n Friend Calls for 'Final Solution to Gypsy Question'

13:09 [CNN] Revealed: Disgraced TV star's charm offensive with ex-PM Margaret Thatcher

13:09 [zero hedge] Sentiment Shaped By Chinese Stimulus Stinginess vs Japanese Generosity

13:10 [The Hindu - News] Now, consumers can switch their LPG dealers

13:10 [Fin24 News] Economic freedom losing ground in SA

13:13 [BBC: Health] Tiny machine apes production line

13:14 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan blasts toll rises to 122

13:14 [Raw Story] Apple sees China becoming biggest market: report

13:15 [New Statesman] Will the Delhi gang-rape case actually change women's lives in India?

13:15 [New Statesman] Tory MP Matthew Hancock accused of talking "nonsense" over missed Daybreak interview

13:16 [Pravda] Alien from Sirius denies orgies with youngsters

13:17 [CNN: Health] What to do if you have the flu

13:18 [Voice of America] Hollande: France Ready to Help Mali, with UN Support

13:18 [Voice of America] US Hopeful Pending Russian Adoptions Can Continue

13:19 [Raw Story] Pollution turns Hong Kong harbour from ‘fragrant’ to foul

13:19 [Raw Story] Red-dust sunset as west Australia braces for cyclone

13:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Two Luthiers Emerge From Deep Bolivian Amazon

13:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Treaty “Insufficient” to Reduce Global Mercury Levels

13:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Mexico’s Gun Problems Go Beyond Drug Wars

13:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] People Pay for Research Against Migrants

13:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Morphine Kills Pain but its Price Kills Patients

13:20 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Netanyahu Suffers From Being Too Popular

13:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] At last, Tomic reaches dizzy new height

13:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] B-team bring A-game

13:20 [Sydney Morning Herald] Dubbo fire threatens 30 homes

13:21 [CNN: Money] Get ready for pricey 'Ultra HD' TVs

13:23 [Fox News: politics] FAA to launch comprehensive review of Boeing 787 after fire

13:24 [CNN] Mathieu first up for Djokovic in Melbourne hat-trick quest

13:24 [Raw Story] Iran denies responsibility in cyber attacks on U.S. banks

13:24 [Raw Story] Thief posts own picture on victim’s Facebook page

13:24 [Raw Story] Gun lobby takes aim at Biden’s guns task force

13:31 [CNN] Obama, keep your vow to close Gitmo

13:32 [CNN] Pakistan lodges protest with India over soldier's killing in Kashmir

13:32 [Telegraph] Rapists have an average of four previous convictions each

13:32 [Telegraph] Jimmy Savile prosecutors could lose their jobs over fiasco, says Downing Street

13:32 [Telegraph] Cat with purr as loud as a lion at 100 decibels

13:32 [Voice of America] Syrian Rebels Reportedly Seize Northern Air Base

13:32 [Voice of America] Japan's Abe Unveils Massive Stimulus Plan

13:33 [] Azerbaijan: Activists to Rally in Baku Against Soldier’s Death

13:34 [Fox News: politics] A-list performers to attend pared-back inaugural celebration

13:34 [AL JAZEERA] Thousands protest Quetta sectarian attacks

13:35 [The Hindu - Opinion] Oscar nomination & Brand Bombay Jayashri

13:35 [CNN: Money] Postal Service's fiscal cliff coming this spring

13:36 [BBC: Science & Environment] Asteroid 'will not hit in 2036'

13:38 [zero hedge] FX Mostly Consolidates after Big Moves Yesterday

13:38 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: January 11

13:43 [Reuters] France says ready to halt any rebel offensive in Mali

13:45 [The Atlantic: International] Obama, Israelis, and Palestinians: More Words, Less Action

13:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Glasgow to host 2015 Turner Prize

13:50 [CNN] Obama should override the debt ceiling

13:50 [Slate Magazine] Bring Back Prohibition!

13:51 [NPR] Reports: FAA To Order Review Of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

13:51 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israel hints at war with Egypt over bridge to Saudi Arabia

13:52 [BBC: Entertainment] Hundreds attend Anderson funeral

13:53 [Fin24 News] Constantia homeowner takes on Outsurance

13:54 [zero hedge] Spanish Tax Hike Sends Industrial Output Back To 1993 Levels

13:54 [Raw Story] Nastassja Kinski ‘proud’ of sister for abuse claims

13:54 [Raw Story] Anger as Norway police drop Breivik response probe


13:54 [CNN: Money] Ford's biggest white-collar job hiring in a decade

13:54 [CNN: Money] China to become Apple's No. 1 customer

13:56 [CNN] Police report: Children among hundreds of TV host Jimmy Savile's victims

14:01 [New Statesman] Friday Arts Diary

14:02 [Middle East Monitor] Dr. Daud Abdullah: Samer Al-Issawi: indomitable in the face of death

14:02 [Voice of America] Erdogan: Kurdish Slayings Stem from Internal Dispute

14:04 [Telegraph] Government refuses to take action on gambling games as addictive as 'crack cocaine'

14:04 [Telegraph] Silvio Berlusconi goes belly-to-belly with old foe

14:04 [Telegraph] Kate Middleton's fashion hits and misses in pictures

14:05 [The Hindu - News] The league of quiet, extraordinary gentlemen

14:05 [The Atlantic: Technology] Rare Photo of the Mushroom Cloud Over Hiroshima Discovered in a Japanese Elementary School

14:05 [Slate Magazine] Guys on Girls, Season 2

14:07 [Fin24 News] Zimplats signs away 51% stake

14:07 [The Hindu - News] NHRC unveils ‘Code of Ethics’ for Indian industry

14:08 [zero hedge] Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin Is "Not The Solution" - PIMCO's Gross

14:09 [CNN] 10 reasons we can't get enough Gosling

14:09 [The Hindu - News] The thunder dragon wakes gently

14:09 [The Hindu - News] No short-term goals

14:09 [The Hindu - News] Give & Tech — The Mayan Job

14:09 [The Hindu - News] The slow death of a romance

14:10 [Guardian] Jimmy Savile abused children at 14 hospitals across six decades - report


14:12 [] Farmers Rally at White House to Protest Monsanto's GMO Empire

14:13 [The Hindu - News] In perfect harmony

14:13 [BBC: Entertainment] Swept Away actress Melato dies

14:14 [Slashdot] Crowdsourcing Mars Images

14:16 [CNN: Entertainment] Why we can't get enough Gosling (Duh!)

14:16 [CNN: Entertainment] Webb keeping a low profile

14:16 [CNN: Entertainment] Montreux jazz festival co-founder dies after ski accident

14:16 [Russia Today] Russia’s Gazprom and Sintez rush for Greek gas company

14:17 [The Hindu - News] EC announces poll dates for Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland

14:18 [Reuters] Shi'ite leader challenges Pakistan army chief over attacks

14:19 [The Onion] American Voices: 'Lincoln' Leads With 12 Oscar Nominations

14:19 [The Hindu - News] It’s up to India, Pak to resolve LoC tension: China


14:21 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC One scores top viewers for 2012

14:22 [Voice of America] Austrian Neo-Nazi Sentenced

14:25 [CNN: Technology] Digital health for kids, seniors and workout buffs

14:25 [CNN: Technology] Suit highlights Web issues for disabled

14:25 [CNN: Technology] Amazon giving you free MP3s of your CDs

14:27 [CNN] How media lose interest in gun control

14:27 [CNN] Who will win battle for the new Tunisia?

14:27 [zero hedge] Stolper Time: Goldman Says To Go Long EURUSD With 1.37 Target, 1.29 Stop

14:27 [The Hindu - News] From school to screen

14:28 [CNN] US announces review of Boeing Dreamliner

14:28 [CNN] One way to defeat the NRA

14:29 [The Hindu - News] ‘It’s still sinking in’

14:30 [Financial Times] Japan and China island tensions mount

14:30 [Disinformation] A DIY Hat To Prevent Your Visibility On Cameras And Video

14:31 [Russia Today] Van Gogh given facelift by fun-loving photographer

14:31 [CNN: Travel] A week of growing pains for Dreamliner

14:33 [Reuters] Trade deficit widens sharply on consumer goods imports

14:34 [Telegraph] Duchess of Cambridge portrait: it's an aesthetic disaster

14:34 [Foreign Policy in Focus] At Least Being Railroaded Isn't as Bad as Being Waterboarded

14:35 [CNET News] Microsoft patent could make smartphones less annoying

14:35 [The Hindu - News] MNC insurers pitch for hike in FDI cap to 49 p.c.

14:36 [New Statesman] MPs can ask for higher wages, but they can't appeal to the market to get them

14:36 [CBC: politics] Loopy Lew's signature may not fit the bill

14:36 [msnbc] Cops: BBC legend Savile committed 214 sex crimes

14:38 [Reuters] Exclusive: JP Morgan faces U.S. order to improve compliance

14:38 [CNN] Montreux jazz festival co-founder dies after ski accident

14:39 [The Hindu - News] Inner landscapes

14:40 [Global Voices] Nobel Peacemaker Ramos Horta's Mission to Guinea Bissau

14:41 [The Hindu - News] Mallya’s plan to fly by summer finds no takers in Govt

14:42 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Ofer Prison stormed by Israeli Special Forces

14:42 [CBC: politics] 5 things to know about today's First Nations meetings

14:49 [The Progressive] The Draft Barney Frank for Senate Campaign

14:51 [Russia Today] Russian communists offer Depardieu party membership

14:52 [CNN] Police: TV host Jimmy Savile exploited fame to abuse children on vast scale

14:52 [Voice of America] Obama, Karzai Set to Meet at White House

14:53 [CNET News] Vodafone's BlackBerry users endure outage

14:54 [The Hindu - News] DTH premiere of Vishwaroopam before theatre release ruled out

14:54 [The Hindu - News] ...The vainika from the future

14:54 [Raw Story] Colbert: It’s never too early to declare Obama’s second term a failure

14:55 [zero hedge] US November Trade Deficit Soars To $48.7 Billion, Sub 1% Q4 GDP Revisions Imminent

14:58 [Reuters] Prolific sex abuser Savile "groomed a nation": UK police

14:59 [AL JAZEERA] Mali army 'backed' by foreign planes in Kona

15:00 [Disinformation] The Time-Lapse Transgender Transformation Video

15:01 [CNET News] Nearly 1 million more Xbox 360s than Wii Us sold in December

15:02 [Slashdot] US Near Bottom In Life Expectancy In Developed World

15:04 [Raw Story] Federal Aviation Administration plans review of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

15:06 [The Hindu - News] Savile committed more than 200 sex crimes: Report

15:06 [Telegraph] Saudi King Abdullah appoints women to Shura Council

15:06 [Telegraph] Some Russian children will be allowed to head to US for adoption

15:06 [Telegraph] Dark city: atmospheric photographs of London streets by night in the 1930s

15:06 [Telegraph] Japan scrambles jets over disputed islands

15:07 [AL JAZEERA] Mali army 'backed' by French planes in Kona

15:08 [CNN: Money] Wells Fargo earnings: Good but not great

15:09 [Raw Story] Astronomers spot biggest structure in the universe

15:09 [Raw Story] First portrait of Duchess Kate unveiled

15:09 [Raw Story] France reluctant to restrict newer generation birth control pill despite health concerns

15:10 [Global Voices] Journalist Killed During Ceasefire Talks in Central African Republic

15:11 [BBC: Education] A-level science funding fears

15:11 [NPR] Feeling Miserable? You're Not Alone, And The Flu Epidemic Has Yet To Peak

15:12 [CBC: politics] Ontario parents scrambling after teachers call off strike

15:13 [CNN] Review: 'Gangster Squad' offers a thin gloss on LA crime

15:13 [Financial Times] France ready to support Mali

15:13 [OpEdNews] Zombie Politics: 2013 Republicans

15:14 [CNET News] Microsoft's Messenger service to live on

15:16 [Spiegel] Activists�Killed in Paris: Murders Jeopardize Turkish-Kurdish Peace Talks

15:18 [Guardian] Tony Blair's old boarding school faces losing charitable status

15:18 [Guardian] France set to intervene in Mali conflict

15:18 [The Hindu - News] A blend of gospel, Blues and folk

15:19 [] Kazakhstan: Snug on the Steppe, Nomad-Style

15:20 [Good] GOOD Maker Challenge Winner: NY Iron Foundry Brings Manufacturing Home

15:20 [msnbc: politics] Second term agenda coming into focus

15:21 [Russia Today] Sergey Fedorov could return to ice rink

15:21 [CNN: Money] El-Erian: Two sides to the platinum coin

15:22 [Fox News: politics] DC Mayor: Redskins name change must be discussed if team moves

15:22 [Telegraph] George Osborne to the EU: Change or Britain will leave

15:22 [Truthout] Filibuster Reform

15:22 [Truthout] Middle Class

15:23 [CNET News] Firefox 19 betas: built-in PDF viewing, broader Android reach

15:24 [BBC: Entertainment] Decades of Savile abuse revealed

15:24 [Raw Story] Russia to allow some orphans to be adopted in U.S.

15:24 [Raw Story] Saudi King appoints woman to advisory council for first time

15:25 [msnbc] Second term agenda coming into focus

15:25 [CNN] Had a flu shot? You'll be OK -- maybe

15:25 [CNN] Falcons hope for something different, a playoff win

15:26 [Russia Today] Central Banks’ gambling: Is easy money that easy?

15:26 [Russia Today] Finland formally recognizes military grave of Russian submarine wreck

15:27 [Middle East Monitor] Samira Shackle: Qatar's enigmatic diplomacy and the Arab Spring

15:31 [NPR] Top Stories: Flu Epidemic; Dreamliner Review; Obama & Karzai To Meet

15:31 [New Statesman] Philip Larkin on the life of his greatest influence, Thomas Hardy

15:31 [New Statesman] “This is not fair because it was not the European Union that created the problems”

15:32 [Slashdot] Star Wars Live-Action Show Could Still Happen

15:33 [Fox News: politics] West Virginia Sen. Rockefeller won't seek re-election

15:33 [Reuters] Syria rebels seize base as envoy holds talks

15:33 [Reuters] Central African Republic signs peace deal with rebels

15:34 [Raw Story] Eric Bolling: Shooting ’4 or 5 rounds per second’ is a constitutional right

15:37 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: New Destiny's Child song and more news

15:38 [CNN: Money] How many iTVs would Apple sell?

15:38 [CNN: Money] Why are lawyers such terrible managers?

15:38 [Guardian] France will respond to Mali rebel advance, Hollande warns

15:39 [zero hedge] Wells Fargo Deposits Over Loans Rise To Record $176 Billion

15:39 [zero hedge] Mark Grant: "2013: The Year The Resplendent Masks Are Removed"

15:48 [BBC: Science & Environment] A-level science funding fears

15:49 [Topix Activism News] Kurdish activists' murder in Paris casts shadow over peace process in Turkey

15:50 [CNN] Gun debate fraught with fake quotations

15:51 [CBC: politics] Ontario high school teachers back off next week's walkout plan

15:52 [Telegraph] French ministers defy Francois Hollande and holiday abroad

15:52 [Telegraph] Pakistani Shias refuse to bury their dead as they demand better protection

15:53 [The Hindu - News] Beat route to fame

15:53 [CNN] Why basketball star turned his back on the NBA

15:54 [CNN: Money] Stocks stall as earnings season rolls on

15:55 [The Hindu - News] Hitachi team inks pact for desalination project with Dahej SEZ

15:55 [The Hindu - News] Little miss sunshine

15:56 [Pravda] Man fires hunting rifle at school and kindergarten for fun

15:57 [The Hindu - News] First official portrait of Prince William’s wife Kate unveiled

15:59 [The Hindu - News] Udaipur Muslim panchayat bans mobiles for girls

15:59 [Raw Story] Study suggests El Niño made worse by climate change

15:59 [Raw Story] EU and U.S. agree to share cybercrime data

16:01 [The Hindu - News] ESI Medical College to open next year at Parippally

16:01 [Pravda] Moscow gets rid of giant advertisements

16:01 [Pravda] Monument in memory of Steve Jobs unveiled in Russia's St. Petersburg

16:02 [Fox News: politics] Just a show? NRA says Biden group set on gun control despite latest meetings


16:02 [CNN: Money] FAA opens probe of Boeing Dreamliner woes

16:02 [Reuters: politics] Sen. Rockefeller to announce retirement: Senate source

16:02 [CBC: politics] Ontario high school teachers drop next week's walkout plan

16:04 [msnbc: politics] WV Dem Rockefeller won't run again in 2014

16:05 [CNN: Money] Build a strong portfolio out of multiple accounts

16:06 [Russia Today] ‘Total control’: Warner Bros. wins legal battle over Superman

16:08 [Telegraph] Hairdresser murdered by husband 'had told police four times about his abusive behaviour'

16:08 [Telegraph] Uproar over plans for Starbucks in Montmartre

16:08 [Telegraph] Greek journalists bombed over economic crisis reports

16:08 [Telegraph] Katy Perry and Alicia Keys join Barack Obama inauguration

16:09 [zero hedge] Tom DeMark: "Sell The World" And Soon, The US

16:10 [Fin24 News] Farm strike threatens production, jobs

16:11 [CNET News] Windows RT jailbreak tool unleashed online

16:13 [CNN] As pet deaths continue, airlines pressured to change their ways

16:14 [Mother Jones] We're Still at War: Photo of the Day for January 11, 2013

16:17 [] As Climate Crisis Grows Urgent, New York Times Shutters 'Environment Desk'

16:17 [Financial Times] France’s Hollande ready to intervene in Mali

16:18 [Reuters] Kurdish rebel group sees nationalist hand in Paris killings

16:19 [OpEdNews] Zero Dark Thirty: Journalism? Art? Propaganda?

16:19 [AL JAZEERA] France 'ready' for Mali military intervention

16:19 [Slashdot] Making Earbuds That Fit (Video)

16:19 [CBC: politics] Spence speaks amid talks to save PM-First Nations meeting

16:21 [Pravda] Russians come to America's rescue, always

16:22 [CNN] Kenyan lawmakers vote themselves a hefty retirement bonuses again

16:23 [CNN] Kenyan lawmakers vote themselves a hefty retirement bonus again

16:24 [Raw Story] Portland residents panic as men armed with assault weapons ‘educate’ the city

16:24 [Telegraph] Lord Patten accused of reneging on BBC pledge for Jimmy Savile hotline

16:24 [Telegraph] Jimmy Savile: the full report

16:24 [Telegraph] City wine bar to install rooftop barriers and employ guards after fourth jump death

16:24 [Voice of America] Changes in the 2013 Cabinet

16:25 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lankan parliament impeaches Chief Justice

16:27 [CNN: Health] NFL's Seau had traumatic brain disease

16:27 [CNN: Health] FDA lowers doses for insomnia drugs

16:27 [CNN: Health] The importance of a 'stop day'

16:27 [Spiegel] Crisis in Mali: West Scrambles to Counter Islamist Offensive

16:27 [CNET News] Beats' Iovine: I talked to Steve Jobs about music subscriptions

16:28 [Middle East Monitor] Amelia Smith: Israel is a different place from the outside looking in

16:28 [msnbc] CDC: Flu in 47 states, but may be waning in areas

16:28 [msnbc] WV Dem Rockefeller won't run again in 2014

16:28 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

16:28 [msnbc] Ex-wife arrested after Fla. man dragged behind truck

16:28 [Reuters] JPMorgan faces U.S. order to improve compliance: sources

16:31 [Russia Today] Billion-dollar US nuclear sub comes off worst in Strait of Hormuz collision with ‘fishing boat’

16:33 [Reuters: politics] Senator Rockefeller to announce retirement: Senate source

16:34 [Fin24 News] Zim BEE: Foreign banks will not be spared

16:34 [Big Think] One More Reason Kids Should Take Music Lessons

16:36 [Russia Today] Shura shake-up: Saudi women allowed on Consultative Council

16:37 [New Statesman] Trouble ahead for Osborne as economy is forecast to have shrunk again

16:38 [Reuters] Afghan troop levels top agenda in Obama-Karzai talks

16:39 [zero hedge] So Which Is It: iPhone 5 Now Blamed For Q4 GDP Drop

16:39 [Raw Story] Anti-Feminist Press Crows Over Book Celebrating Domestic Abuse, Then Finds Out How Bad It Can Get

16:39 [Raw Story] Tarantino loses temper in interview: ‘I am not your slave’

16:40 [Telegraph] Belgian monarchy rocked by Queen Fabiola tax row

16:40 [Telegraph] RSPCA accused of double standards over hunt prosecutions

16:40 [The Atlantic: National] The Strange Story of New York's Anarchist School

16:42 [Reuters] Imports point to soft fourth-quarter growth but firmer spending

16:42 [Reuters: politics] Afghan troop levels top agenda in Obama-Karzai talks

16:43 [CBC: politics] Divided First Nations leaders scramble to save PM meeting

16:46 [The Atlantic: International] China's Uneven Labor Revolution

16:46 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for January 11, 2013

16:46 [] Democracy Now!: "Failure of Epic Proportions": Treasury Nominee Jack Lew's Pro-Bank, Austerity, Deregulation Legacy

16:46 [] Democracy Now!: Matt Taibbi & William Black on Bailout Secrets & How New Foreclosure Deal Spares Banks From Justice

16:46 [] Democracy Now!: Three Years After the Quake, How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster

16:46 [Guardian] Boeing 787 Dreamliner to be investigated by US authorities

16:46 [Fox News] Biden Task Force: Is It All for Show?

16:46 [Fox News] BRACING FOR IMPACT:Pentagon Preps for Drastic Budget Cuts

16:46 [Fox News] LEW'S JOHN HANCOCK:Signatures Say A Lot, Even If You Can't Read Them

16:46 [Fox News] LOST BOY FOUND: Missing Indiana Abductee Located After 19 Years

16:46 [Fox News] 2 more kids die this week in deadly flu outbreak- VIDEO: Workers getting flu shots? - Reports of shortages of flu vaccine, Tamiflu

16:46 [Fox News] URGENT: West Virginia Sen. Rockefeller won't seek re-election

16:47 [Spiegel] Monstrous Talent: A Film Idol's Fall

16:48 [msnbc: politics] Troop levels top agenda for Obama-Karzai talks

16:50 [AlterNet] Outrageous: North Carolina Restaurant Owner Hands Anti-Gay Letter to Lesbian Couple

16:51 [CNET News] Two amazing deals on PC games

16:51 [CNET News] Car owners frustrated with onboard GPS

16:54 [CNN] Dakar deaths stack up following fatal accident

16:54 [Raw Story] Bachmann presidential campaign staffers still waiting to get paid

16:56 [Russia Today] Russia’s top basketball club on verge of bankruptcy

16:58 [CNET News] FCC, stakeholders align on communications policy -- for now

16:58 [msnbc] Troop levels top agenda for Obama-Karzai talks

17:01 [Fox News: politics] Biden’s Background Plan Riles Rurals

17:03 [New Statesman] Japan launches massive stimulus package

17:04 [CNN: Politics] Karzai bringing wish list

17:04 [CNN: Politics] Karzai to meet with Obama

17:04 [CNN: Politics] Biden group's results coming Tuesday

17:04 [CNN: Politics] NRA: Focus on mentally ill

17:04 [The Onion] TV Listings: Mythbusters

17:05 [CNN: Money] Poll: Is Herblife a pyramid scheme?

17:07 [Slashdot] FAA To Investigate 787 Dreamliner

17:08 [CNN: Living] When pet travel ends in tragedy

17:08 [CNN: Living] Is your smartphone killing your sex life?

17:08 [CNN: Living] Future computer could be a personal chef

17:08 [Guardian] Clare Balding: 'I want to make the world better, for women mainly'

17:08 [zero hedge] Chinese Military On "High Alert" After It Scrambles Fighter Jets To "Counter" Japanese Jets

17:08 [Voice of America] Minister: Zambia Losing Too Many Lions and Leopards

17:09 [Truthdig] Americans Live Sicker, Die Younger

17:09 [Truthdig] Where Has All the Warming Gone?

17:10 [CBC: politics] Idle No More protesters set to step up pressure today

17:10 [CNN: Entertainment] ABC to look at 'Star Wars' live-action series

17:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Review: 'Gangster Squad' offers a thin gloss on LA crime

17:11 [CNN] Outrage over beheading of Sri Lankan woman by Saudi Arabia

17:11 [Pravda] Egyptian man urinates into Eternal Flame in Russia's Volgograd

17:11 [Russia Today] ‘Guantanamo creates deep wounds’ – former detainees

17:12 [Reuters] U.S. to review Boeing 787 safety issues

17:14 [msnbc: politics] GOP congressman: Akin's rape comments were 'partly right'

17:16 [The Atlantic: International] Falklands Redux: Is President Kirchner South America's Biggest Troll?

17:16 [The Atlantic: International] How to Buy a Seat in Azerbaijan's Parliament

17:17 [Spiegel] Better than Buying: Barter Economy Matures from Niche to Trend

17:17 [Financial Times] Berlusconi shows survivors’s skills

17:18 [Financial Times] France ready for intervention in Mali

17:19 [Raw Story] 6 million volunteers clean up garbage worldwide

17:19 [Raw Story] NASA: ‘Doomsday’ asteroid poses no threat to Earth

17:20 [Truthout] Latvia’s Economic Disaster as a Neoliberal Success Story: A Model for Europe and the US?

17:20 [Reuters: politics] Boehner sets Feb 12 for Obama's state of the union speech

17:21 [AlterNet] Fox "News" Claims that Algebra Classes Are a Conspiracy of Liberal Indoctrination

17:21 [Anarchist news] Idle No More movement urged to remain grassroots ahead of January 11 protests

17:21 [Anarchist news] We’re Living in a Ruin - on Hurricane Sandy

17:21 [Anarchist news] Portland: slashed tires on yuppie cars for Kerry and Kiki

17:22 [CNN] Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait unveiled

17:22 [CNN] Tips: How to protect others when you cough, sneeze

17:22 [CNET News] Xerox CFO heading to Apple to assume controller position

17:23 [Fox News: politics] MSNBC host suggests ditching Bible for inauguration oath

17:23 [AL JAZEERA] Obama and Karzai discuss Afghan exit plan

17:25 [Disinformation] Pentagon Working On UFO-Style Aircraft For Surveillance Missions

17:27 [Telegraph] High tech coffin with speakers linked to web allows living to update playlists for the dead

17:27 [CNN] Cruise safety one year after Concordia

17:28 [New Statesman] December ABC figures: it doesn't look good

17:29 [msnbc: politics] Obama invited to deliver State of the Union on Feb. 12

17:29 [CNN] Be happy! Facebook app 'My Birthday Calendar' is OK

17:29 [Fox News: politics] State of the Union address set for Feb. 12

17:29 [Raw Story] Rep. Phil Gingrey: Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are right about rape

17:29 [Raw Story] ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ chairman: Slavery wouldn’t have happened if slaves were armed

17:30 [Reuters: politics] Fed's Plosser: exit strategy could be hurt if bond yields spike

17:30 [CNN] Obama, put a woman in charge of FCC

17:30 [CNET News] New intrigue on trail of cheaper iPhone

17:30 [Truthout] Five Things We Can Do To Help Fix the Economy in 2013

17:31 [CNN: Money] Should Ackman short JC Penney instead?

17:31 [CNN: Money] Poll: Is Herbalife a pyramid scheme?

17:31 [CNN: Crime] Sheriff: Accused shooter felt bullied

17:31 [AL JAZEERA] Boeing Dreamliner to face US aviation review

17:33 [New Statesman] The Savile case shows what happens when a celebrity becomes untouchable

17:33 [AlterNet] 375 Days Later, Michele Bachmann's Failed Presidential Campaign Still Hasn't Paid Her Staff in Full

17:34 [] Central Asia: Photographer's "White Road" Exposes Life in White, Black, Shades of Gray

17:36 [Truthout] Latvia's Economic Disaster as a Neoliberal Success Story: A Model for Europe and the US?

17:36 [Truthout] Five Things We Can Do to Help Fix the Economy in 2013

17:36 [Truthout] More Aging US Coal Plants Hit the Chopping Block

17:36 [NPR] Merck Halts Sale Of Niacin Drug In 40 Countries

17:36 [NPR] Ai Weiwei: In China, Lack Of Truth 'Is Suffocating'

17:36 [NPR] 'State Of The Union' Set For Feb. 12

17:36 [NPR] How Military Research On Anthrax Could Lead To A Weapon Against Gluten

17:37 [CNN: Travel] Cruise safety one year after Concordia

17:38 [BBC: Entertainment] Coronation Street's Hayley to quit

17:38 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Sunrise in Afghanistan

17:38 [Guardian] Syrian rebels take Taftanaz air base - Friday 11 January 2013

17:40 [Guardian] Saudi king allows women on top advisory council

17:41 [Fin24 News] DairyBelle strike to intensify

17:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Thunderbirds creator funeral held

17:41 [Truthout] Untold History: The Coup Against Wallace and What Might Have Been

17:42 [msnbc: politics] Obama to deliver State of the Union on Feb. 12

17:42 [CNN: Crime] Sheriff: Suspected shooter felt bullied

17:42 [Fox News] Swift Latest Deep-V Vixen

17:42 [Fox News] Snake on a Plane?

17:42 [Fox News] Catch Wave With Cruise Deals

17:42 [Fox News] Affleck Gets Oscar Revenge!

17:42 [Fox News] How to Make NFL Stadium Food

17:42 [Fox News] Webb Heading to Maxim?

17:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Review: 'Gangster Squad' offers thin gloss

17:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Montreux jazz festival co-founder dies

17:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Why we can't get enough Gosling

17:43 [CNN: Entertainment] Webb keeping ow profile

17:43 [Fox News] Poisoned lotto winner reportedly ate last meal alone

17:43 [Fox News] Virginia AG says jail may be effective protest to Obama care mandate

17:43 [Fox News] FAA orders review of troubled Boeing Dreamliner

17:43 [Fox News] Warnings not to use �E15� gas in your car

17:43 [Fox News] Walmart CEO knew of Mexico bribery, emails show

17:43 [AL JAZEERA] Peace deal signed in Central African Republic

17:45 [Mother Jones] U.S. Fiscal Policy: Pretty Darn Prudent, Actually

17:45 [Mother Jones] "Zero Dark Thirty" Filmmakers Start a Debate, But Don't Participate

17:45 [CNN: Technology] Facebook app My Birthday Calendar is OK

17:45 [CNN: Technology] Facebook birthday app not malware

17:46 [Truthout] Eleven Years of Guantanamo; Brennan CIA Nomination Consolidates Drone Assassination Strategy

17:46 [Truthout] We Share Life in Kabul

17:47 [Canadian Dimension] Idle No More: Journalists on the Wrong Side of History

17:48 [CNN] Judge agrees to delay plea for theater shooting suspect

17:48 [CNN] Ban Ki-moon - Fast Facts

17:48 [Guardian] Economy heading for triple-dip recession, NIESR warns

17:49 [OpEdNews] Reflections On The Occupy Movement For 2013

17:49 [Raw Story] Restaurant owner gives lesbian couple anti-LGBT letter ‘out of love’

17:50 [CNN] Become a 'Mastermind' with Sherlock Holmes' help

17:51 [The Atlantic: Politics] Rep. Phil Gingrey: Todd Akin Was 'Partly Right' About 'Legitimate Rape'

17:51 [Truthout] Chavez Misses Inauguration, Will Be Sworn in by Supreme Court if He Recovers

17:51 [AL JAZEERA] Peace deal signed for CAR after Gabon talks

17:53 [zero hedge] Investors Are Missing the Single Most Critical Fact About China

17:54 [The Nation] The Inconvenient Truth About Jack Lew

17:55 [Voice of America] British University Drops Uganda Ties in Dispute Over Gay Rights


17:55 [Reuters: politics] Obama to deliver state of the union speech February 12

17:55 [CNN: Crime] Judge agrees to delay plea for theater shooting suspect

17:57 [Financial Times] Rebels claim Syrian military air base

17:58 [CNN: Money] Facebook charges $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg

17:59 [Telegraph] Delhi gang-rape victim to haunt attackers with 'dying declaration'

17:59 [Telegraph] Map: the thousands of children waiting for adoption

18:00 [CNN] Balotelli on the brink: Sink or swim for 'Super Mario'?

18:00 [Slate Magazine] Extra Points Are for Losers

18:00 [Slate Magazine] The Movie Club

18:01 [Truthout] WalMart Empire Clashes with China

18:03 [CNN: Crime] Gun debate helps fake quotes spread

18:03 [CNN] Kurds rally in Turkey over murder of 3 women activists in Paris

18:04 [Middle East Monitor] Sawsan Ramahi: The health risks posed by water pollution in the Gaza Strip

18:04 [OpEdNews] The Truly "Unhinged" Are at the Ready

18:04 [Big Think] The Top 5 BigThinkiest Technologies at CES 2013

18:04 [Big Think] Worried About Drones? Try Wearing This Hoodie

18:05 [The Onion] Magazine: Pregnancy: The Best Way To Get Strangers To Touch You?

18:05 [The Hindu - News] ‘Prod society for a positive change’

18:06 [Truthout] Five Changes to Medicare to Watch for in 2013

18:06 [Truthout] Walmart Empire Clashes With China

18:06 [Guardian] French troops 'arrive in Mali' to stem rebel advance

18:06 [Guardian] Central African Republic president and rebels to form coalition government

18:06 [Guardian] Childcare sector awaits reform plans as nurseries struggle to make ends meet

18:06 [Guardian] Syrian rebels take control of key Assad airbase

18:07 [Mostly Water] Three Kurdish Nationalist Activists Assassinated in Paris

18:07 [Spiegel] Picture This: Aussie Apocolypse

18:07 [CNN: Entertainment] Jazz festival co-founder dies

18:09 [Slashdot] Mysterious Planet May Be Cruising For a Bruising

18:09 [zero hedge] US Q4 GDP: From 2.5% To Sub 1% in Under Six Months

18:09 [zero hedge] BaNZai7 and THe LiMeRiCK KiNG UNLoaD A CaVaLCaDe oF CRaP!

18:09 [OpEdNews] The Hierarchy Machine: Authority is the Enemy of Rationality

18:09 [CNN: Living] Want more brainpower? Think like Sherlock Holmes

18:10 [CNN: Entertainment] Webb keeping low profile

18:11 [The Atlantic: National] A Press Renaissance? The Legacy of China's 'Southern Weekend'

18:11 [Russia Today] Sky's the limit: Largest known spiral galaxy identified by accident

18:12 [AlterNet] The GOP Is Going to Be Badly Outsmarted on the Next Budget Showdown

18:12 [AlterNet] AlterNet Comics: Tom Tomorrow on Washington's Endless Series of Contrived Crises

18:13 [CNN: Money] Flu outbreak hits businesses hard

18:13 [CNN: Money] Inside Herbalife - from the bottom

18:13 [CNN: Money] Boeing 787 concerns are overblown

18:13 [Telegraph] Number of Indian students in higher education down 25%

18:13 [Telegraph] Vodafone's BlackBerry service hit by outage

18:13 [CNN] Notorious pirate quits: Now is shipping safe?

18:14 [OpEdNews] Whoops, There He Goes Again

18:15 [Mother Jones] Bobby Jindal Wants to Rob From the Poor to Give to the Rich

18:15 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan summons Indian envoy

18:16 [CNN] Teacher talks armed student into giving up, police say

18:16 [Global Voices] Kenya: Refugee-run online news magazine

18:17 [Fox News] LEW'S JOHN HANCOCK:Signatures Say A Lot (Even If You Can't Read Them)

18:17 [Fox News] PYTHON PURGE: Snake Showdown Draws Eco-Warriors, Thrill Seekers

18:17 [Fox News] WHERE'S THE REST?Millions Notice Pay Hit After Payroll Tax Hike

18:18 [Reuters] Exclusive: JPMorgan faces U.S. order on laundering controls

18:18 [Mostly Water] Anti-Chavez Media War Rages

18:19 [OpEdNews] US Senators still feeding from the same trough of questionable companies

18:19 [Raw Story] Belgium becomes conception haven for French lesbians

18:19 [Raw Story] Delaware couple arrested for sex with dog

18:20 [Reuters: politics] Senator Rockefeller announces retirement

18:21 [CNET News] Crave giveaway: Tablet that's ready for a Ford Sync hookup

18:21 [Mostly Water] Mexico: The December 1 Repression and the Struggle for the Release of the Political Prisoners

18:21 [NPR] Evangelical Pastor Pulls Out Of Inaugural Event

18:21 [NPR] Gun Control Reform Possible Without NRA Support?

18:21 [NPR] New Mortgage Rules Not A Fix All

18:21 [NPR] The Buzz On Silent Retreats

18:21 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court quashes appointment of Upalokayukta

18:22 [The Hindu - Opinion] The boss, his wife and their chauffeur

18:24 [OpEdNews] Rep. Steven Palzzo's Vote on Sandy Relief

18:25 [Mostly Water] Obama Picks Jack Lew for Treasury

18:25 [Disinformation] Seven Things All Americans Should Disapprove Of

18:27 [BBC: Entertainment] Sheffield arts venues face cuts

18:27 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Kate portrait: 'I tried my best'

18:27 [AL JAZEERA] France begins Mali military intervention

18:28 [The Hindu - News] Skirmishes won’t cripple polio drive

18:28 [The Hindu - News] Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura go to the polls next month

18:28 [Slashdot] Chrome 24 Released, Chrome Beta Channel For Android Added

18:29 [BBC: Technology] Cheap smartphones tempt buyers

18:29 [OpEdNews] Grappling on the Fiscal Cliff: Putting County Over Politics

18:29 [Raw Story] Miss. gov. targets last abortion clinic: ‘My goal of course is to shut it down’

18:29 [Middle East Monitor] Ben White: On the eve of elections, Israeli politicians remain united in 'defense of ethnic purity'

18:30 [CNN] Travel Photo of the Day

18:30 [CNN] Notorious Somali pirate quits: Now is shipping safe?

18:31 [Guardian] French troops arrive in Mali to stem rebel advance

18:31 [Guardian] Obama and Karzai meet to set out plans for Afghanistan once US troops depart

18:31 [straight] Reasonable Doubt: The costs of marriage fraud

18:31 [straight] News for Youse: Idle No More protests, Surrey break-ins, and Jimmy Savile abuse detailed

18:31 [msnbc: politics] Assault weapons ban remains politically tricky for White House

18:32 [CNN] Saudi execution: Brutal, inhuman and illegal?

18:33 [Reuters] U.S. stock mutual funds gain $7.5 billion, most since 2001: Lipper

18:33 [Reuters] Flu reaches epidemic level in U.S.: CDC says

18:34 [The Hindu - News] India suggests flag meeting on LoC

18:34 [Middle East Monitor] Ben White: On the eve of elections, Israel's politicians remain united in 'defense of ethnic purity'

18:35 [CNN] In search of 'superfruit'

18:35 [The Onion] Applebee's To Offer Divorced-Father-And-Child Specials Every Other Weekend

18:35 [Disinformation] The Onion: Man Has Alarming Level Of Pride In Institution That Left Him $50,000 In Debt, Inadequately Prepared For Job Market

18:36 [CBC: politics] Idle No More protesters close Ottawa streets

18:36 [Global Voices] Kenya: Prime Minister Raila Odinga Leads in Opinion Poll

18:37 [CNN: Money] Oil prices jump 10% in a month

18:37 [msnbc: politics] Booker files paperwork for likely Senate bid

18:37 [Spiegel] For Millionaires, By Millionaires: Transforming a Baltic Sea Village into Paradise

18:37 [Spiegel] Westerwelle Warning: German Foreign Minister�Urges�Britain to Stay in EU

18:37 [CNN: Health] In search of 'superfruit'

18:39 [zero hedge] Blame It On The Flu

18:39 [Fin24 News] Fitch downgrades Eskom‚ Transnet

18:39 [Raw Story] Poachers hack apart 2-month-old rhino with axes and machetes

18:39 [Raw Story] Study: Some men complain their penises are smaller after prostate cancer treatment

18:40 [The Hindu - News] Rs.1,311 cr worth FDI proposals cleared

18:43 [Reuters] France launches military operation in Mali

18:44 [Reuters: politics] Fed official warns about slipping into currency wars

18:44 [The Hindu - News] Karat warns Trinamool against attacks

18:45 [Mother Jones] Texas Joins the School Testing Backlash

18:45 [CBC: politics] Idle No More protesters picket Parliament Hill

18:45 [CNET News] 4K TV, tablets, and timepieces at CES 2013 (week in review)

18:45 [CNET News] Sony eyes $1 billion building sale in Japan

18:45 [Fox News: politics] NJ mayor Booker files to run for US Senate in 2014

18:46 [The Atlantic: International] A Press Renaissance? The Legacy of China's 'Southern Weekend'

18:46 [CNN] Flu cases down in some areas; child deaths up

18:46 [CNN] Syrian rebels claim capture of strategic military base

18:46 [Global Voices] Rethinking Public Service: Portuguese Bloggers Translate IMF Report

18:46 [Financial Times] Women appointed to Saudi Arabia council

18:48 [The Hindu - News] Centre scuttling probe into BSNL phone line scam, says plea in SC

18:49 [Voice of America] Pakistan Protests Attacks Along Indian Border

18:52 [AlterNet] Wyoming Wingnut Launches Unconstitutional Attack on Nonexistent Gun Laws

18:52 [The Hindu - News] Shias question Kayani on deaths

18:52 [The Hindu - News] LPG connection portability launched in Chandigarh

18:55 [CNN: Money] CBS blocks praise for legal foe Dish

18:56 [The Hindu - News] Decision on diesel, LPG price hike soon

18:56 [Russia Today] United States ill-prepared for skyrocketing cyberattacks against critical infrastructure

18:58 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: world's hottest curry

19:00 [Good] A Digitized Teaching Philosophy That Uses Tech Like Kids Do

19:00 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Summer Down Under

19:00 [The Hindu - News] Tribals beaten up for worshipping Jesus Christ

19:01 [CNN] Golden Globes TV nominees: Who will/should win

19:02 [The Hindu - News] Obama, Karzai to meet to chart out U.S. role in Afghanistan

19:04 [OpEdNews] The Dark Side of "Zero Dark Thirty"

19:05 [Voice of America] China Sends Troops to Burmese Border

19:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Globes TV nods: Who will win, and who should win

19:09 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Insights Into Cultural Shifts From A Visit To A Hardware Store

19:09 [zero hedge] A New Sheriff (Make That Business Model) Is Coming to Town For US Wireless Carriers, And He Won't Look Pretty!

19:10 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: World's hottest curry

19:10 [The Hindu - News] Reclaiming Vivekananda

19:12 [Slashdot] Molecular Robot Mimics Life's Protein-Builder

19:13 [Reuters] Exclusive: JPMorgan faces action on laundering controls

19:13 [Reuters] Insight: Foreign fighters seek Islamic state in post-Assad Syria

19:14 [CNET News] Android's next big challenge to the iPhone

19:14 [The Progressive] Behind the Thin Veneer of Bipartisanship in Wisconsin

19:15 [CNN] Eight flu shot questions addressed

19:17 [The Hindu - News] Chicago Address

19:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] From ‘incredible India’ to ‘area of darkness’

19:17 [] Texas Judge to Rule on Perry's 'Extreme' Anti-Abortion Law

19:17 [] Idle No More's Global Day of Action

19:18 [CNN] Gun violence task force to meet with members of video game industry

19:20 [CNN: Crime] Teacher talks armed teen into giving up

19:21 [The Hindu - News] Present social outlook

19:21 [Voice of America] Lebanon Wants Help to Deal With Syrian Refugees

19:21 [The Hindu - Opinion] From ‘incredible India’ to ‘area of darkness’

19:22 [CNET News] Best of CES PCs and Tablets: Lenovo Horizon Table PC

19:22 [CNET News] Best of CES Emerging Tech: 3D Systems CubeX 3D printer

19:22 [Mostly Water] Canada’s First Nations: Expect Resistance

19:25 [The Hindu - News] Disciples and friends

19:27 [The Hindu - News] It's friday fury yet again near Charminar

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Institution-builder

19:27 [Guardian] Six in hospital after taking hallucinogen

19:27 [Guardian] Obama and Karzai meet to thrash out details on post-2014 Afghanistan

19:29 [The Hindu - News] It's friday fury yet again near Charminar

19:30 [] Azerbaijan: EU Denies Support for "Any Particular" Election Candidate

19:30 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: UAE to build housing complex in Gaza for freed prisoners

19:30 [Disinformation] The Truth About The Truth

19:30 [Disinformation] Bigfoot’s Grave For Sale In Oregon

19:31 [The Atlantic: Politics] How the Fiscal-Cliff Deal Will Define Obama's Second Term

19:31 [Telegraph] BBC's Africa series 'doesn't play on viewers' emotions'

19:31 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Grapes of Laugh

19:31 [straight] Gangster Squad can't live up to its promise

19:31 [straight] Video: Japanese guy quick-draws his smartphone

19:31 [straight] Photo of the Day: You know you're in love...

19:31 [CBC: politics] Idle No More protesters march on Parliament Hill

19:31 [AlterNet] Occupy the Israeli Occupation: Palestinians Erect Tent City in Contentious Area

19:32 [CNET News] Turn your keyboard into a recliner with uChair

19:32 [CNET News] The truth about CES: Why the critics are right and wrong

19:33 [The Hindu - News] Cases dog Akbar like never before

19:33 [The Hindu - News] ‘Raise the masses slowly up, raise them to equality’

19:34 [Doctors Without Borders] Aiding the Victims of Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines

19:35 [The Atlantic: Technology] The U.K.'s Biggest Distributor of Children's Books Is About to Be ... McDonald's

19:35 [Slate Magazine] What’s in Your Vagina?

19:35 [Slate Magazine] Enlightened, Season 2

19:35 [Slate Magazine] The $1 Trillion Gabfest

19:35 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

19:35 [Slate Magazine] Oh, Alabama. Not Roy Moore Again?

19:36 [AL JAZEERA] Belgium PM slams queen over inheritance plan

19:36 [NPR] With End Of U.S. Forces' Role In Sight, Obama And Afghanistan's Karzai Meet

19:37 [CNET News] How to manage OS X Gatekeeper from the command line

19:37 [CNET News] Junk your QWERTY for this 10-key keyboard

19:37 [CNN] Children's flu drug in short supply

19:39 [The Hindu - News] Debates on the pages of The Hindu

19:39 [The Hindu - News] 150 kg of ganja seized, 4 held

19:39 [CNN] Spanish police say seized items intended for Iran nuclear program

19:39 [zero hedge] FleeceBook: Meet JP Morgan's Matt Zames

19:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] Why the middle class is revolting

19:43 [Reuters] U.S. launches safety review of 787 after recent woes

19:43 [Reuters] France carried out air strike in Mali: foreign minister

19:44 [CNN: Health] Children's flu drug in short supply

19:44 [CNN: Health] Flu cases down in some areas; child deaths up

19:44 [Raw Story] New fossils confirm existence of ‘Hobbit humans’

19:45 [The Hindu - News] ‘Prod society for a positive change’

19:45 [CNET News] Math wins the Mobile App Showdown at CES 2013

19:47 [Global Voices] Turkey: City of Zonguldak Hits the Headlines Once Again

19:47 [Reuters] France launches air strike in Mali

19:48 [Fox News: politics] North Dakota man to receive Medal of Honor

19:49 [Fox News] Obama, Karzai Plan Future Ties

19:49 [Fox News] ALL FOR SHOW?NRA Says Biden Gun Meetings Are About Control

19:51 [The Hindu - News] Not the vioceless lot anymore, it's time to resist

19:51 [Russia Today] Journalists targeted in Greece bombings

19:51 [Russia Today] Palestinians erect ‘tent city’ to protest Israeli settlements in West Bank

19:52 [Global Voices] Zonguldak Accident Draws Attention to Turkish Miners' Plight

19:52 [Global Voices] Free Online Course on Media and Information Literacy by UNESCO

19:56 [NPR] Jimmy Savile Sexually Abused Hundreds, Police Report Concludes

19:56 [NPR] CDC Says Flu Waning In Places, But Worst May Not Be Over

19:56 [Russia Today] At least 18 murdered in Chicago within the first 10 days of the year

19:57 [Global Voices] Conversations: The Mayor of a Christian Syrian Village

19:57 [Reuters] Obama: U.S. forces to move to Afghan support role in spring


19:59 [The Hindu - Opinion] Keep violence out of play

20:00 [] Turkey: Television Drama Generates Official Angst

20:00 [Good] A New Approach to Making Films That Matter

20:00 [Good] Curb Alert Improved: A Design To Help Share Useful Household Goods

20:02 [Slashdot] All New Homes In China Must Have Fiber Optic Internet Connections

20:03 [Telegraph] France launches air strike on al-Qaeda in Mali

20:03 [CNET News] Monetization of steroids: Facebook's hundred dollar experiment

20:05 [Financial Times] Belgium resists Arnault citizenship bid

20:06 [Financial Times] French forces intervene in Mali

20:07 [The Hindu - Opinion] Our songs, their movies

20:07 [CBC: politics] First Nations leaders begin meeting with PM

20:08 [] Palestinians Create New Village Where Israel Planning New Settlements

20:08 [The Onion] Jon Gruden Drawing Interest From Smiling Guy In Mirror

20:08 [The Onion] Investigation Finds Appalling Conditions In 'Cosmopolitan' Magazine Male-Pleasure Laboratory

20:08 [Topix Activism News] MDC youth activists opt for fight over flight

20:11 [CNN: Money] Bank stocks weigh on market

20:13 [] 'Like Wildfire': Images of Climate Catastrophe in Australia Go Global

20:13 [] Farmers Rally at White House to Protest Monsanto's GMO Empire

20:13 [] As Climate Crisis Grows Urgent, New York Times Shutters 'Environment Desk'

20:13 [] Texas Judge to Rule on Gov. Rick Perry's 'Extreme' Anti-Abortion Law

20:13 [] #J11: Idle No More's Global Day of Action

20:13 [] Palestinians Create New Village Where Israel Planning New Settlements

20:13 [Financial Times] Russia makes little headway on capital flight

20:14 [CNN: Politics] What would Jefferson say? Not that

20:14 [Fox News: politics] US budget deficit grows by $260M in December

20:15 [The Hindu - Opinion] Judiciary’s assault on democracy

20:16 [The Atlantic: National] Annals of the Security State, Glider Pilot Edition

20:16 [Mother Jones] GOP Rep.'s Gold Standard for Gun Stores Was Sued for Negligence

20:16 [Mother Jones] 3 Years After the Earthquake, Haiti Is Still in Shambles

20:17 [Voice of America] US Transportation Officials Reviewing Boeing's New 787

20:17 [Voice of America] Pakistani Shi'ites Protest Lack of Security

20:18 [Financial Times] France launches air strike in Mali

20:19 [Fox News] Afghan War Handoff Picks Up Pace

20:19 [Truthdig] How the Rentier Class Cannibalizes the Economy

20:20 [CNET News] Boeing 787 incidents prompt FAA review

20:20 [CNET News] Why Adobe (and other vendors) should give away older software

20:23 [The Hindu - Opinion] Interpreting Islam

20:23 [The Hindu - Opinion] U.N. probe

20:25 [CNET News] Moneual smart table lets you order and pay for your food

20:26 [NPR] In The Battle Between Health And Taste, Why White Bread Still Wins

20:27 [Reuters] Flu reaches epidemic level in U.S., says CDC

20:29 [CNN] Flu shot myths addressed

20:29 [The Hindu - Opinion] Beautiful?

20:29 [The Hindu - Opinion] Manual scavenging

20:29 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Postcard from Lebanon

20:30 [CNN] France taking on Islamist gangs in Mali

20:30 [Good] Kate Middleton's Unflattering Official Portrait Reveals Her As Role Model

20:32 [straight] A real trip: PuSh Festival's A Crack in Everything's surreal world

20:32 [straight] Amaluna brings down the tent after January 20

20:32 [straight] Waldorf Hotel operator's demise kills wedding plans

20:32 [straight] The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Jérôme Bel: Cédric Andrieux

20:32 [Anarchist news] My Encounter with the "Precarious and Service Workers Assembly" of Occupy Oakland

20:32 [CNN: Living] Bearing witness to abuse

20:32 [CNN: Living] Get Sherlock Holmes' brainpower

20:32 [CNN: Living] Your top 10 flu questions answered

20:32 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: What Practices Impede Developers' Productivity?

20:33 [Voice of America] Failure of Syria Talks Signal Conflict May Be Long Struggle

20:33 [Telegraph] BBC stars to keep Andrew Marr's seat warm as he recovers in hospital

20:34 [Raw Story] Ohio school board votes to arm janitors in wake of Newtown

20:35 [CNN] America flunks its health exam

20:36 [Russia Today] You have the woof to remain silent: Ohio man arrested for taunting police dog

20:37 [Global Voices] Discussing the Caribbean's Rape Culture

20:40 [OpEdNews] Public Banks: helping workers by helping people

20:41 [CNN: Money] One in three Americans have no paid sick days

20:43 [CNN: Travel] Top travel destinations for 2013

20:43 [CNN: Travel] 10 Europe hot spots

20:43 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Tanzania

20:43 [CNN: Travel] Today's photo: Wildlife in Tanzania

20:45 [Fox News] Obama, Karzai Back 'Taliban Office' In Efforts to Speed Up War Handoff

20:46 [Fox News] Flu reaches epidemic proportions in US- VIDEO: Workers getting flu shots? - Reports of shortages of flu vaccine, Tamiflu

20:46 [Fox News] West Virginia Sen. Rockefeller won't seek re-election

20:46 [Mother Jones] Understanding the Debt Ceiling Showdown: Default vs. "Default"

20:46 [The Hindu - News] Counterpoint: Swamy Vivekananda and theosophists (A Reply)

20:47 [Global Voices] Jamaica, Grenada: Master Sculptor Passes On

20:47 [Guardian] France launches air strikes on Mali

20:47 [Guardian] Betting shop roulette machines escape ban

20:47 [Reuters] U.S. forces to move to Afghan support role in spring: Obama

20:51 [NPR] Juarez Priest Finds 'Hand Of God In The Midst Of Mayhem'

20:52 [zero hedge] New York's Other Epidemic

20:52 [msnbc: politics] US troops moving into Afghan support role by spring

20:54 [msnbc] US troops moving into Afghan support role by spring

20:55 [msnbc: politics] Obama: US troops to move into Afghan support role in spring

20:56 [CBC: politics] PM meets chiefs amid First Nations boycotts and protests

20:56 [Reuters: politics] U.S. forces to move to Afghan support role in spring: Obama

20:57 [Guardian] Cameron's EU strategy falters as Merkel backtracks on treaty renegotiation

20:58 [CNN: Money] Investors plowed record $183B into ETFs

20:58 [The Onion] American Voices: Worst Flu Season In A Decade

20:58 [The Onion] NRA Sends Complimentary Bereavement Gun Baskets To Families Of Shooting Victims

20:59 [Raw Story] As Obama meets Karzai, future troop level in Afghanistan isn’t the only big issue

21:00 [Good] Coding for GOOD: Meet the Top Three Finalists

21:00 [Good] Intermission: Sick Beats Made From Paper and Scissors

21:02 [CNN] Vote for your favorite Monopoly token -- or else!

21:02 [AL JAZEERA] France launches Mali military intervention

21:02 [Reuters] France launches air strikes in Mali against Islamist rebels

21:03 [The Hindu - News] Industrialists heap praise on Modi

21:03 [Fox News: politics] Supreme Court to review whether US can require anti-prostitution pledges

21:04 [The Progressive] America, the Violent: Banning Semi-Automatic Weapons Is Not Enough

21:04 [Raw Story] Father of Aurora, Colorado massacre victim yells at gunman in courtroom: ‘Rot in hell!’

21:05 [The Hindu - News] Send strong message but don’t stop talking: Congress

21:07 [The Hindu - News] Safety has to come back to capital: Supreme Court

21:07 [Global Voices] A Cuban Poet at Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration

21:09 [The Hindu - News] Ban on criminals brooks no further delays, says Sampath

21:09 [The Hindu - News] ‘Ang Lee is a genius, he guided me through it’

21:09 [msnbc] Obama: US troops to move into Afghan support role in spring

21:09 [CNN: Entertainment] Globes film nods: Who will win, and who should win

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Akhilesh hands over Rs. 20 lakh to parents of gang-rape victim

21:11 [CNN] Golden Globes movie nominees: Who will win vs. who should

21:14 [CNET News] Judge OKs $527 million Kodak patent sale

21:15 [The Hindu - News] Congress Core Group discusses chintan shivir, fuel price hike, Cauvery issue

21:15 [The Hindu - News] Vishwaroopam’s DTH date on hold

21:16 [The Atlantic: Politics] Diversity in the 113th Congress Looks Pathetic When You Plot It On a Map

21:16 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 11 January 2013

21:17 [Slashdot] The Geek Art Movement

21:19 [The Hindu - News] Chennai to LA: how the sounds of Pi were recorded

21:20 [OpEdNews] New York City Stop and Frisk Police Harassment Found Unconstitutional

21:21 [The Hindu - News] Work on removing fallen girder begins

21:23 [The Hindu - News] Mamata accuses Opposition of ‘crab mentality’

21:23 [The Hindu - News] 16 more counters opened at CMBT

21:24 [Raw Story] Prisoner 552, Fayez al-Kandari, still waiting for Obama to make good on 2008 promise to close Gitmo

21:24 [Raw Story] NRA President: ‘I don’t know that the NRA is that powerful’

21:24 [Raw Story] Congress sets Obama ‘State of the Union’ speech for February 12

21:24 [Raw Story] America is totally sick right now: Flu, whooping cough and ‘winter vomiting disease’

21:25 [The Hindu - News] No end to spat between Governor and Trinamool Minister

21:26 [CNN] Facebook vs. Winklevoss case helps defend Superman

21:27 [The Hindu - News] Episode on Delhi gang-rape put off

21:28 [AL JAZEERA] Palestinian activists build E1 tent 'outpost'

21:29 [The Hindu - News] IED kept under CRPF jawan’s body exploded, says villager

21:29 [Reuters: politics] Democratic leaders to Obama: must be ready to avoid debt default

21:30 [Disinformation] World’s Largest Historical Collection Of Deviant Erotic And Drug-Related Cultural Works Now At Harvard

21:30 [Disinformation] Stitching Together Solidarity, Creating A Community

21:31 [The Hindu - News] CID to probe Dhule riots

21:31 [The Hindu - News] Protest at Vedanta headquarters

21:32 [straight] Idle No More begins #J11 march on Vancouver City Hall

21:32 [straight] Tarantino and Jackson Unchained

21:32 [straight] Here Be Dragons/Non plus ultra has a great deal of ambition

21:33 [Slashdot] Russians Retrieve First Sample of Lake Vostok

21:33 [] 'Catastrophic Mass Extinction' Likely as Temperature Rise 6 Degrees in Next Century

21:33 [CNN] Greek journalists' homes bombed

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Sarpanch gunned down in Sopore

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Lawyer remanded in custody

21:37 [Voice of America] Will 'Reset' in US-Russia Relations Continue?

21:37 [The Hindu - News] Officer faces Mamata’s ire

21:37 [Guardian] Police errors left Jimmy Savile free to 'groom the nation'

21:37 [Guardian] EDF £3bn deal with Network Rail makes trains 'mainly nuclear powered'

21:38 [zero hedge] Up To 3.5% Of US 2013 GDP Could Evaporate Due To Enacted Tax Hikes

21:39 [Reuters] U.S. launches safety review of 787 after recent issues

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Dalit leader walks out of PMK, quits politics

21:39 [The Hindu - News] Lesser duration of power cuts comes as a relief for other parts of State

21:43 [The Hindu - News] ‘Rational thinking can spin out innovations’

21:44 [The Progressive] Assault Ban Is a Good Idea, But Much More Needed

21:46 [The Atlantic: National] Hunters Need to Stop Letting the NRA Speak for Them

21:46 [Mother Jones] Australia's Climate Inferno "Encroaching on Entirely New Territory"


21:46 [The Atlantic: International] Are China's Journalists Spying on Us?

21:47 [The Hindu - News] ‘Girl students often misuse the burkha’

21:48 [] Yes, Global Warming Makes the World Hot and Dry (But Also Cold and Wet)

21:49 [Fox News] Miss America Surgery Shock

21:50 [msnbc: politics] Biden: NRA meeting was 'productive'

21:50 [Infoshop] We’re Living in a Ruin - On Hurricane Sandy

21:50 [CNN: Health] Common flu shot misconceptions

21:50 [CNN: Health] Update on flu epidemic

21:51 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Danziger: Platinum Coin

21:51 [Telegraph] Obama to 'accelerate' Afghan withdrawal

21:53 [Reuters] Obama, Karzai agree to speed up Afghan military transition

21:53 [The Hindu - News] Festive high: bus fare hits the skies

21:54 [Reuters: politics] Obama, Karzai agree to speed up Afghan military transition

21:55 [CNET News] App shows what 10 years of drinking could do to your looks

21:55 [The Hindu - News] Man critical after hit by police baton?

21:56 [Slate Magazine] Money Never Sleeps

21:57 [NPR] Computer Users Should Disable Java 7 Due To Security Flaw, Experts Say

21:57 [NPR] Spike That Email About Welfare And Work; Fact-Checkers Say It's Not True

21:57 [Russia Today] US trade deficit hits seven-month high as exports stay low

21:58 [The Hindu - News] It's Friday fury yet again near Charminar

21:59 [The Onion] [video] The Onion Review: Week Of January 11, 2012

21:59 [Guardian] Obama and Karzai close to agreement on US role in Afghanistan after 2014

21:59 [Truthdig] Gov. Jindal’s New Tax Scheme Would Punish the Poor

22:00 [The Hindu - News] Ex-serviceman held on charge of sexual abuse

22:01 [CNN] Dreamliner safety review: What it means for fliers

22:01 [CNET News] Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

22:02 [The Hindu - News] KAU scientists challenge studies on impact of endosulfan

22:02 [Russia Today] Unchartered waters: Japan and China scramble fighter jets in island dispute

22:03 [AlterNet] From Vietnam to Afghanistan: The War Victims We Forget

22:04 [Slashdot] Apple and Mozilla Block Vulnerable Java Plug-ins

22:05 [OpEdNews] Award-Winning Author Ellyn Bache on "The Art of Saying Goodbye"

22:05 [Infoshop] Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair 2013

22:05 [CNN: Health] Top 10 flu questions answered

22:07 [Anarchist news] Responsibility Claim for the Arson Attacks on Local Political Organizations - Athens

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Footpath repair: nightmare for pedestrians

22:10 [Infoshop] Ulster Loyalism, Flag Protests & the failure of zero sum politics

22:11 [The Nation] Comments of the Week: Gerda Lerner, Liberals and Poverty

22:11 [CNN: Technology] Facebook case helps defend Superman

22:11 [CNET News] Wrapping up CES 2013: Wi-Fi going strong, SSHD emerges

22:13 [CNN: Money] Stocks rise for 2nd week in a row

22:14 [The Hindu - News] Counterpoint: Swamy Vivekananda and theosophists (A Reply) - March 2, 1897

22:15 [CBC: politics] Idle No More protests held across Canada

22:15 [Fox News] Flu 'Epidemic' Rages Across US

22:15 [Fox News] 'OFFICE' FOR TALIBAN?Obama Backs Peace Talks In Afghan War Handoff Plan

22:15 [Fox News] LIGHTER CHECKS:Millions Notice Pay Hit After Payroll Tax Hike

22:15 [Fox News] 4B LIGHT-YEARS LONG:Largest Structure in the Universe Discovered

22:15 [Fox News] NRA: Biden gun meetings about control- STIREWALT: Biden proposals rile rurals- Gun groups prepare to battle proposed restrictions

22:16 [The Atlantic: International] Hillary Clinton and the Case for De-politicizing Foreign Policy

22:20 [OpEdNews] Billionaires Gain As Living Standards Fall

22:22 [Slashdot] GRAIL Mission Video Released

22:24 [CNN] Body of poisoned Illinois lotto winner to be exhumed

22:27 [NPR] Rockefeller's Exit May Test How Deep The Red Runs In W.Va.

22:29 [msnbc] Afghanistan battle hero to receive Medal of Honor

22:29 [msnbc] Sponsored By:

22:31 [The Nation] Why Do Democrats Want More Police in Schools?

22:31 [The Onion] Area Woman Decides Not To Post Facebook Status That Would Have Tipped Gun Control Debate

22:33 [straight] Your afternoon OMG CUTE: Dog helps puppy crawl down stairs

22:33 [straight] Nardwuar not an asshole—official

22:34 [Reuters: politics] Democrats urge Obama to be ready to bypass Congress on debt cap

22:36 [CNN] 'Vampire Diaries' spinoff pilot coming to The CW

22:37 [CNET News] New malware exploiting Java 7 in Windows and Unix systems

22:37 [Slashdot] CES: IN WIN Displays Costly but Beautiful Computer Cases (Video)

22:38 [Telegraph] Jimmy Savile threatened police who interviewed him over sexual abuse

22:38 [Telegraph] Police told Savile victim she would be 'mincemeat'

22:38 [Telegraph] Two dead in city centre stabbings

22:39 [zero hedge] Will CapEx Come Back?

22:39 [zero hedge] VIXtermination: Vol Banged To Lowest Close Since June 2007

22:39 [Fox News: politics] No charges for NBC host for on-air ammunition clip

22:40 [The Atlantic: Technology] NSFW: First Ever Video of Deep-Sea Squid Having Sex

22:44 [CNN] Opinion: A fast-food, sugar fiasco

22:44 [CNN] New immigration rule helps undocumented families

22:46 [The Atlantic: National] Martin Luther King Makes Everything Better

22:46 [Mother Jones] Glenn Beck Building Ayn Rand-Inspired Utopia

22:46 [Sydney Morning Herald] Baptism of bushfire

22:47 [CNN: Entertainment] Golden Globes film predictions

22:47 [CNN: Entertainment] Golden Globes TV predictions

22:47 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Vampire Diaries' spinoff pilot coming

22:47 [CNN: Entertainment] 2013 Oscar nominations: Who got snubbed?

22:49 [CNN] U.N. decries Bahrain's high appeals court decision

22:50 [Guardian] Obama hints at accelerated pullout after talks with Karzai on Afghan future

22:54 [CNN] State of emergency declared in Mali

22:54 [CNN] Small step forward for Saudi women, but will it affect daily lives?

22:55 [Big Think] NHTSA Proposes Adding Sound To Hybrid And Electric Cars

22:56 [Disinformation] Perpetual War Without End

22:57 [NPR] Despite Billions In Aid, Many Haitians Still Live In Squalid Camps

22:57 [NPR] Businesses Sue Government Over Birth Control Mandate

22:57 [NPR] Former Marine Who Shot At The Pentagon Sentenced To 25 Years

22:57 [NPR] Post-Election Americans Perceive Less Class Conflict and Tension Over Immigration

22:58 [AL JAZEERA] Somali 'Big Mouth' quits pirate industry

22:58 [AL JAZEERA] Sri Lanka's chief justice is impeached

22:59 [Global Voices] 2012: A Year of Revolt and Social Change in Francophone Countries: Part 1 of 2

23:01 [Slate Magazine] American Horror Story, Season 2

23:01 [Voice of America] US Flu Season Hits 47 States

23:02 [Reuters] Spain seizes valves bound for Iran's nuclear program: ministry

23:04 [CNN] The future of Afghanistan: 4 questions facing Obama and Karzai

23:07 [CNN: Entertainment] 'The Cosby Show': Where are they now?

23:07 [Russia Today] Drones over New York? NYPD chief admits he’s interested in an UAV

23:07 [Russia Today] US drones have already killed at least 40 since the start of the year

23:08 [Guardian] Ed Miliband: Old and New Labour no longer relevant in Britain today

23:08 [Telegraph] Discovered, new Mozart portrait that shows musician without his wig

23:08 [Telegraph] Gay marriage could signal return to 'centuries of persecution', - say 1,000 Catholic priests

23:08 [Telegraph] RSPCA summoned to meet head of charity watchdog after controversial David Cameron hunt prosecution

23:08 [Telegraph] Argentina's Kirchner takes Hugo Chavez a Bible

23:08 [Telegraph] Hero teacher who talked student gunman out of rampage

23:08 [Telegraph] Lord Hill faces 'conflict of interest' claim over shares

23:09 [Global Voices] Pakistani Activist Khudi Ali Killed in Bombings Targeting Hazaras

23:09 [CNN] U.S. soldiers reprimanded in Colombia prostitution scandal

23:12 [Russia Today] CIA drones have already killed at least 40 since the start of the year

23:14 [Raw Story] Survivor meets civil rights commission on military sexual assault with ‘cautious optimism’

23:16 [Mother Jones] New Federal Report: Climate Change is Really, Really Scary

23:18 [CNN] Did Jefferson really say that? Why bogus quotations matter in gun debate

23:18 [CNN] N. Ireland deploy water cannon at riot

23:20 [CNN] 3 things we don't know about the flu

23:20 [CNN] Police deploy water cannon at Northern Ireland riot

23:22 [Slashdot] Chinese Smartphone Invasion Begins

23:22 [CNET News] The mystery of the empty CES booth

23:22 [CNET News] 10 amazing apps for new iPhone owners

23:23 [CNN] Critical Java vulnerability due to incomplete earlier patch

23:25 [Voice of America] Climate Change May Have Confused, Trapped Killer Whales

23:27 [Reuters] Malian army beats back Islamist rebels with French help

23:27 [Reuters] Democrats urge Obama to be ready to bypass Congress on debt cap

23:27 [CNET News] Google adds high-res photo zoom to Google+

23:29 [Raw Story] State suspends gun permit for CEO who said he would ‘start killing people’ over gun control

23:31 [Slate Magazine] A Fridge With a Touch Screen! A Washer That Connects to the Internet!

23:31 [BBC: Also in the news] Florida holds python hunt contest

23:31 [BBC: Also in the news] Can you still go from burger flipper to president?

23:31 [The Nation] The Wrong Torture Debate

23:32 [CNN] Producer of popular gun-related videos found fatally shot

23:33 [] Can US Government's Own Dire and 'Unambiguous' Report on Climate Change Spur Action?

23:33 [straight] Colonel Chris Hadfield makes beautiful music... in space!

23:33 [straight] Giles the librarian on books

23:37 [CNN] Gun violence task force meets with leaders of video game industry

23:38 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Almost Half Of All Food Produced Is Thrown Away

23:38 [] Can US Government's Own Dire and 'Unambiguous' Report on Climate Change Spur Action?

23:38 [Slashdot] DOE Asks For 30-Petaflop Supercomputer

23:39 [CNET News] John McAfee brings his `Where's Waldo' act to Portland

23:39 [CNN: Money] One in three U.S. workers have no paid sick days

23:39 [Raw Story] Key witness in Bradley Manning WikiLeaks trial defends Reddit thread

23:40 [Telegraph] Rot in hell!' Colorado gun massacre victim's father confronts suspect in court

23:40 [Telegraph] Cost of Ed Miliband's solar panels scheme jumps 900 per cent

23:41 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Newtown Shooting Really Has Changed the Conversation on Gun Control, as Google Trends Can Show

23:44 [CNN] Influenza: By the numbers

23:46 [Fox News] Obama backs Taliban peace talks in war handoff plan- Pentagon prepares for drastic cuts

23:48 [Fox News: politics] Range of executive actions possible on guns, some more controversial than others

23:50 [OpEdNews] Welcome, Chuck

23:55 [CBC: politics] Chief Spence to attend meeting with Governor General

23:56 [Telegraph] Crossword setter breaks news of his cancer in a puzzle

23:57 [Fox News: politics] Top Senate Dems urge Obama to take unilateral action on debt ceiling

23:58 [CNN] No charges over NBC ammo clip display

23:59 [CNN: Travel] What Dreamliner review means for you

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