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00:00 [CNET News] Apple strikes iRadio deal with Universal Music

00:00 [CNN] Tunisian who allegedly wanted to commit terror, held in US

00:02 [zero hedge] Are We On The Verge Of Witnessing The Death Of The Paper Gold Scam?

00:02 [Voice of America] US Blacklists Firms for Evading Iran Oil Sale Sanctions

00:03 [CNN: Technology] What happened to the ringtone?

00:03 [CNN: Technology] Robotic jellyfish, future spies

00:03 [The Hindu - News] Bail now may hamper Jagan probe, says Supreme Court

00:03 [Russia Today] Syria ‘ready’ for UN to investigate chemical arms use

00:04 [Voice of America] AU Calls for Sudan, South Sudan Summit on Abyei

00:04 [Raw Story] Prosecutor may seek death penalty in Cleveland kidnapping case

00:04 [Raw Story] Researchers develop new tool in HIV vaccine fight

00:05 [Disinformation] The Truth About What You’re Eating Right Now

00:05 [NPR] Sailor Reportedly Killed In Capsize Of America's Cup Racer

00:05 [The Hindu - News] Student suicides mar class XII results excitement

00:06 [Slashdot] How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion

00:06 [Voice of America] Colombia Demands Release of Hostages Before Any ELN Peace Talks

00:06 [CNN] The most popular baby names are ...

00:07 [The Hindu - News] Hospital directed to pay woman Rs. 20 lakh

00:09 [The Hindu - News] Small towns Big scores

00:10 [Pravda] A Lost Generation: The need for a new system

00:11 [The Hindu - News] Jagan’s wife Bharathi slams CBI for seeking more time

00:11 [] Haaretz’s David Landau to get B’nai Brith lifetime achievement award

00:12 [zero hedge] Communism For Some, $815 Million For Others: How Mao's Granddaughter "Greatly Leapt Forward" To Untold Riches

00:13 [Reuters: politics] Lawmakers go online for grassroots push on tax reform

00:13 [The Hindu - News] YSR Congress will lose its identity, says Naidu

00:13 [The Hindu - News] Fear of failure drove them to suicide

00:14 [Fox News: politics] Families of Navy SEALs killed in 2011 attack say government is to blame

00:15 [Reuters] Immigration bill backers thwart conservative amendments

00:15 [The Hindu - News] Her mother prayed for her success, but did not live to see it

00:15 [The Hindu - News] Coringa cottage plan triggers protest

00:16 [Reuters: politics] McCain bill seeks 'a la carte' cable channel subscriptions

00:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Parity looms as dollar slumps

00:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Policy doubts ahead of election

00:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] A nation of sleepy students

00:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Scores of rich dodging taxes: ATO

00:18 [CBC: politics] Anti-abortion movement rebrands, adopts human rights focus

00:18 [CNN] Magnitude 2.9 earthquake hits Southern California

00:19 [The Hindu - News] Determination defeats poverty

00:20 [Guardian] Prince Harry honours military mothers as he commences US tour

00:20 [Pravda] Call to ban animal-tested cosmetics

00:21 [Telegraph] Air pollution could raise diabetes risk

00:21 [Telegraph] Dental nurse wins case after being given written warning for eating apple

00:21 [Telegraph] BBC tackle mouse infestation at £1bn Broadcasting House

00:22 [CNN: Living] The most popular baby names are...

00:24 [The Hindu - News] BSR Congress may merge with JD(S)

00:24 [The Hindu - News] Meet the third-rankers’ club

00:24 [The Hindu - News] Congress convenes meet of MLAs on Friday

00:24 [Slate Magazine] Nashville, Season 1

00:24 [Reuters: politics] Immigration bill backers thwart conservative amendments

00:24 [Reuters: politics] Republicans look for cover-up as Benghazi debate revived

00:25 [CNET News] Chattanooga to Iron Man: Pardon us, but you're a liar

00:26 [The Hindu - News] KJP, BSR Congress snatch votes from BJP in Hyderabad Karnataka

00:26 [The Hindu - News] Poor parents feel proud for a third time as daughter tops school

00:26 [CBC: politics] Canada left out of tax probe into leaked offshore data

00:28 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Dirty' stars hint at Sun's future

00:28 [The Independent] Michelle Obama pays tribute to Prince Harry as he begins tour of United States

00:30 [The Hindu - News] Chief Minister aspirants in Congress join the queue

00:30 [CNET News] Banish stubborn menu extras in OS X

00:32 [Deutsche Welle] Grybauskaite: 'It's not a euro crisis'

00:32 [Topix Activism News] Fracking Activists Could Face Felony Charges as "Ag-Gag" Laws Spread

00:34 [Slashdot] Microsoft May Acquire Nook Tablet Business From Barnes and Noble

00:34 [Raw Story] Cyber thieves steal $45 million from debit card companies in a matter of hours

00:35 [CNET News] What to expect from Android Key Lime Pie

00:36 [Guardian] Immigration reform debate marred by angry clashes in US Senate

00:36 [Guardian] Cleveland prosecutors may seek death penalty for kidnap suspect

00:36 [The Hindu - News] Central team members call on Jayalalithaa

00:36 [Big Think] The Psychology of Nothing: Phantom Symptoms

00:36 [Big Think] You Can Get Published on Mars

00:37 [Deutsche Welle] Slovenia takes action to avoid bailout

00:38 [The Hindu - News] TDB accused of flouting Sabarimala master plan

00:39 [Slate Magazine] The Great Gatsby

00:42 [The Hindu - News] Chembanmudy residents live under landslip threat

00:43 [msnbc: politics] Chris Christie on 2016: ‘I’m a damn good Republican’

00:43 [msnbc: politics] Chris Christie sees hope for Jersey Shore

00:44 [The Hindu - News] Police suspect use of foreign funds

00:45 [CNET News] Rumored Sony i1 could rule the Android roost this fall

00:45 [CNET News] Apple issues Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2 for Mac systems

00:45 [CNET News] Google asked to provide search docs in Apple-Samsung spat

00:46 [AL JAZEERA] Ohio kidnap suspect may face murder charges

00:46 [] While Netanyahu schmoozes in China, Lapid takes the heat back home

00:48 [Fox News: politics] Sen. Graham challenges Joint Chiefs' Chairman on Benghazi testimony

00:49 [Fox News] Ohio Man Could Face Murder Charges Over Victims' Terminated Pregnancies

00:49 [Fox News] BOARD BOYCOTT:Republican Leaders Rally Against ObamaCare Panel

00:49 [Fox News] POLITICAL SCIENCE:Physicist Stephen Hawking Rapped for Israel Boycott

00:49 [Fox News] FOX NEWS 'MOLE':Ex-Employee Pleads Guilty After Stealing, Selling Video

00:50 [CNN: Money] California accuses JPMorgan of fraud

00:51 [Telegraph] In pictures: Prince Harry begins tour of the United States

00:51 [Telegraph] Grieving drivers who kill loved ones could escape prosecution

00:51 [Telegraph] Cyberhackers trade guns for laptops in £29m global heist

00:59 [The Independent] Double Olympic medallist Andrew 'Bart' Simpson killed in training accident

00:59 [zero hedge] For Central Bankers, 512 Times Just May Be The Charm

01:00 [msnbc: politics] Chris Christie says no regrets for post-Sandy Obama embrace

01:00 [msnbc: politics] How will Benghazi affect Hillary Clinton’s future?

01:00 [msnbc: politics] Sideshow: Who ya gonna trust?

01:02 [Voice of America] British Olympian Dies During America's Cup Practice

01:05 [Disinformation] In Defense of Being Offensive: Jonathan Rauch on the New Threats to Free Thought

01:09 [Raw Story] Archbishop of San Francisco: Delaware marriage equality ‘a serious injustice’ to kids

01:11 [The Atlantic: Politics] Jason Richwine's Racial Theories Are Nothing New

01:13 [CNN: Entertainment] Dawg! 'Idol' original Randy Jackson leaving hit show

01:13 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Game of Thrones' inspires popular baby name

01:14 [The Independent] Thousands of town hall staff on six-figure salaries

01:14 [The Independent] Postcard from... Brussels

01:14 [The Independent] i Editor's Letter: Why must we assume all our kids want to be astronauts?

01:14 [The Independent] Scandal: Just how corrupt is Britain?

01:14 [The Independent] Lucky autumn children 'should be docked marks to make exams fair'

01:15 [Pravda] Europeans make up a large family, says study

01:16 [msnbc: politics] Sexual assault still a major problem for the military

01:19 [CNET News] Disney turns you into a 3D-printed Stormtrooper

01:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] Liberal discontent grows

01:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] Snapchat doesn't actually delete photos

01:20 [Guardian] Andrew Simpson, British sailor and Olympian, dies after yacht capsizes

01:20 [Guardian] Autumn-born teenagers should be set higher GCSE pass marks

01:20 [Slashdot] Obama Announces Open Data Policy With Executive Order

01:22 [CNN: Politics] Boston's top cop: It's time to strengthen undefended targets

01:23 [CNN] Senate panel tackles border security in immigration bill

01:23 [The Hindu - News] Shuttle service

01:26 [BBC: Technology] Facebook's video censorship dilemma

01:26 [CNN: Money] California sues JPMorgan

01:26 [CNN: Money] 96,000 mortgage borrowers shortchanged

01:29 [BBC: Technology] What next for China's Alibaba?

01:30 [CNET News] 3D holograms show if baby's smiling in the womb

01:31 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Is Abenomics Going To Put Japan Back On The Map?

01:36 [CNET News] Adobe mulls Creative Cloud tweaks for long-term file access

01:38 [Voice of America] South Africa’s Black Middle Class on the Rise

01:41 [CNET News] Readers' favorite gadgets of late

01:42 [Deutsche Welle] Ohio kidnapping suspect may face death penalty

01:51 [Global Voices] Bahamas: Too Free on Facebook?

01:52 [CNET News] U.S. charges 8 in $45M global cybercrime scheme

01:54 [Telegraph] Olympic sailing champion Andrew 'Bart' Simpson killed in sailing accident aged 36

01:54 [Telegraph] New laws to stop postcode lottery for pensioners needing care

01:54 [Telegraph] Aircraft carrier 'omnishambles' wastes £100 million

01:59 [Raw Story] Obama ditches ‘doom and gloom’ of Washington to make new jobs push

01:59 [Raw Story] House Republicans pass restrictive debt ceiling bill

01:59 [Raw Story] California sues JPMorgan for allegedly harassing credit card customers

02:00 [CNET News] Google Maps for iOS auto-dimming is driving users crazy

02:00 [CNET News] Landsat watches over the Earth, documenting 28 years of change

02:01 [Good] Why Every Educator Should Applaud That Viral Video of a Teen Going Off on His Teacher

02:04 [CNN] Judge postpones next phase of Arias trial after meeting with defense

02:04 [Voice of America] Turkey PM Warns Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons

02:05 [Disinformation] Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance

02:05 [msnbc: politics] Iowa gov to 2016 hopefuls: 'Come early and often'

02:06 [Global Voices] Haiti: The “White Savior Industrial Complex”

02:06 [Sydney Morning Herald] Fears grow for cruise couple

02:09 [CNN] Hong Kong property: Now time to buy?

02:10 [Slashdot] Hubble Discovers 'Planetary Graveyard' Around White Dwarf

02:16 [AL JAZEERA] Thousands protest over Spain education cuts

02:19 [CNET News] Facebook brings its Yelp-like business Pages to Android

02:19 [CNET News] Senator John McCain pushes to end the cable bundle

02:21 [Slashdot] Peppers Seem To Protect Against Parkinson's

02:21 [Fox News] Colbert Rips NC BBQ

02:21 [Fox News] Best Car Ever?

02:21 [Fox News] The Other White Meat?

02:29 [CNN] NASA: International Space Station has a cooling leak

02:31 [zero hedge] Name These Two Markets

02:33 [CNN: Money] McDonald's marketing opportunity turns murky

02:34 [AL JAZEERA] US nabs cyber-criminals for $45m bank heist

02:40 [Slashdot] Vanishes From the Web

02:41 [BBC: Technology] Are happy cows watched year round?

02:45 [Russia Today] Bangladesh Islamist rage: Death sentence sparks new round of street violence

02:46 [NPR] Rescuers Say Slim Chance For Couple Lost From Cruise Ship

02:47 [Voice of America] British Olympian Dies During America's Cup Practice

02:53 [CNN] By the Numbers: U.S. diplomatic presence

02:55 [Russia Today] Iran unveils ‘Epic’ new drone

03:00 [Raw Story] Minnesota lawmaker and minister: Marriage equality foes always cite the Bible

03:00 [CNN] Witness: Michael Jackson was paranoid, talking to himself in last days

03:00 [zero hedge] Presenting Flash Trading Detectives At Work

03:01 [BBC: Education] 'Adjust exam scores of summer-born'

03:03 [CNET News] Why the Nexus 7 succeeded where others failed

03:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Goldest of the gold': best comments

03:07 [Sydney Morning Herald] Murderer pardoned while on gallows

03:11 [Russia Today] 'Seriously flawed' bill would 'take cash out of the pocket' of US workers

03:15 [CNET News] Why fear of 3D printed guns is overblown

03:23 [Voice of America] Official: Federal Agencies Didn't Share Information Before Boston Bombings

03:23 [Sydney Morning Herald] ANZ trumps rivals with deeper rate cut

03:24 [AL JAZEERA] Hezbollah says Syria to send it new weapons

03:30 [AL JAZEERA] Hezbollah says Syria will send it new weapons

03:30 [CNN: Politics] Opinion: Milestone for Black votes

03:30 [CNN: Politics] Senate panel tackles border security in immigration bill

03:30 [CNN: Politics] After Benghazi hearing, GOP spotlight shifts from Obama to Clinton

03:30 [CNN] Woman crushed by news her father allegedly abducted her friend

03:32 [zero hedge] Visualizing The World's Tax Havens

03:32 [zero hedge] Short Note on Falling Yen

03:32 [zero hedge] Jim Grant On Gold's Recent Drop: "Confidence In Bernanke Is Utterly Misplaced"

03:34 [CNN] U.S. requires group to remove 3-D gun instructions from its website

03:34 [Reuters: politics] Republicans look for cover-up as Benghazi debate revived

03:36 [Russia Today] Spanish teachers, students mobilize in national anti-austerity protests (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

03:37 [CBC: politics] Canadian attacker worked at Algeria gas plant

03:38 [CNN: Politics] Senate panel tackles border security

03:38 [CNN: Politics] GOP spotlight shifts to Clinton

03:41 [Russia Today] Spanish teachers, students mobilize in national anti-austerity protests (PHOTOS)

03:44 [msnbc: politics] Colleges raise tuition while cashing in on student debt

03:53 [CNET News] Apple wins trademark lawsuit over use of 'iBooks' term

03:55 [Reuters] Republicans look for cover-up as Benghazi debate revived

03:55 [msnbc: politics] Obama makes his case for jobs while Republicans push the Texas model

03:55 [msnbc: politics] No one seems to be talking about the immigration bill amendments

03:55 [msnbc: politics] Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s climate change Senate smack down

03:55 [msnbc: politics] Why do students pay more to borrow from the gov’t than banks?

03:56 [Global Voices] Caribbean: Can CARIBCAN Happen?

03:57 [CBC: politics] March for Life 2013 in tweets and pictures

04:02 [AL JAZEERA] Bangladesh building collapse toll tops 1,000

04:08 [CNET News] U.S. State Department latest to crack down on 3D printed guns

04:12 [zero hedge] US State Department Halts 3-D Gun Production: Demands Removal Of All Online Blueprints

04:19 [Fox News] 3D Gun Plans Scrubbed From Web?

04:19 [Fox News] 'STAND DOWN' IN LIBYA?Graham Questions Joint Chiefs' Chair on Testimony

04:19 [Fox News] DEATH PENALTY?Ohio Kidnapping Suspect May Face Murder Charges

04:24 [CNET News] Salesforce acquires bookmarking startup Clipboard

04:25 [Slashdot] Ubuntu Touch Developers Aim for Daily Phone Usability Before June

04:31 [BBC: Science & Environment] Mate urgently needed for 'ugly' fish

04:37 [BBC: Science & Environment] Malaria hope: the resistant mosquito

04:40 [Sydney Morning Herald] $500m cricket row heads to court

04:40 [CNET News] As Android disrupts, tablets beats cheap PCs: Nvidia

04:41 [Russia Today] Pakistan's election turmoil: Taliban threatens ‘infidels’ with more violence

04:42 [Truthdig] Koch Brothers Face Backlash, Colbert Reacts to Sister’s Loss, and More

04:42 [Topix Activism News] New wave of arrests and harassment of Chad's opposition

04:45 [CNN] CNN exclusive: Castro's daughter opens up

04:48 [BBC: Health] Malaria hope: the resistant mosquito

04:48 [BBC: Health] Dirty air link to insulin resistance

04:54 [Reuters] Syria "likely" to have used chemical weapons, says UK

04:54 [Reuters] Immigration bill backers thwart conservative amendments

04:55 [Reuters: politics] Immigration bill backers thwart conservative amendments

04:56 [CNN] India's 'Mr Incredible' tries to bring the country up to speed

04:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'Nine took money and bottled it'

05:00 [Raw Story] Bangladesh’s collapsed building death toll passes 1,000

05:00 [zero hedge] 40 Years Of Dueling Devaluers

05:00 [AL JAZEERA] YouTube starts paid subscription service

05:04 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Metro launches online smart card recharge

05:07 [Big Think] Can There Be Such a Thing as Punk Couture?

05:07 [msnbc: politics] Parents of children killed by guns undeterred in fight for change

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Fast, colourful, delicious: when fish are friends, food

05:13 [BBC: Education] Heavy metal degree is 'easy option'

05:14 [The Hindu - News] Safdarjung doctors call off strike

05:15 [Telegraph] Malcolm X's grandson reported dead in Mexico

05:18 [The Hindu - News] Chennai Schools’ students shine bright

05:25 [CNET News] International Space Station springs system coolant leak

05:28 [msnbc: politics] Racist revealed at Republican policy group

05:28 [msnbc: politics] Dishonesty of GOP stall tactic exposed in numbers

05:31 [Telegraph] North Korea attacks 'master-servant' relationship between US and South Korea

05:31 [Telegraph] Ammonia leaks from International Space Station

05:33 [AntiWar] Child Among 14 Killed Across Iraq

05:34 [The Hindu - News] A special year for Chennai Schools

05:34 [Slate Magazine] Fast, Expensive, and Out of Control

05:42 [Global Voices] South Korea: Presidential House Spokesman Sacked Over Sexual Assault Allegation

05:43 [Sydney Morning Herald] Negative cricket: subtract 9 from 10

05:45 [The Hindu - News] Two students crack IIT entrance exam

05:46 [CNN] Key events in Pakistan's historic election

05:49 [The Hindu - News] Delhi University Executive Council approves new four-year programme

05:50 [AL JAZEERA] British Olympic sailor dies in yacht accident

05:51 [Guardian] Pit bulls kill jogger – police

05:51 [Guardian] Navy carrier jets 'can't land in hot weather'

05:53 [The Hindu - News] State’s dentists demand service regularisation

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Driver, cleaner held on child abuse charge

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Court appoints senior advocate to conduct Gymkhana Club office-bearers’ election

05:55 [The Hindu - News] Vocational toppers seek an edge

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Mother’s bone marrow comes to 10-year-old son’s rescue

05:57 [The Hindu - News] Load-shedding begins as power demand peaks in Delhi

06:00 [AntiWar] Boycott Israel?

06:01 [NPR] Bangladesh Factory Collapse Death Toll Crosses 1,000

06:01 [Russia Today] Prosecutors mulling execution for Ohio kidnapper over forced miscarriages

06:06 [NPR] Preserving The Motherhood Advice And Memories Of A Mom

06:10 [Raw Story] Rand Paul invents new Benghazi conspiracy involving secret CIA arms trade

06:10 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Africa Beats: Malawi's Peter Mawanga

06:12 [Big Think] There's No Success Like Failure: Why You Need to Learn to Sing the Blues

06:12 [Big Think] Today's Big Idea: The Rules of Power

06:12 [Deutsche Welle] Eight accused for alleged role in global cyber heist worth $45 million

06:13 [The Hindu - News] Custodian of culture

06:15 [CNET News] Carl Icahn proposes alternative to $24.4B Dell buyout deal

06:15 [] Georgia: For Journalists, Is the Poster Mightier than the Pen?

06:15 [] Kyrgyzstan: Bride Kidnapping Not Just a Rural Phenomenon

06:17 [Telegraph] Bangladesh building collapse death toll passes 1,000

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Chennai schools’ students shine bright

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Nine Puzhal convicts clear class XII exams

06:20 [Slashdot] World of Warcraft Loses 1.3 Million Players in First Quarter of 2013

06:22 [Deutsche Welle] Bangladesh factory collapse death toll rises above 1,000

06:28 [The Hindu - News] India needs mechanism to monitor implementation of SC directives, says UN report.

06:29 [Sydney Morning Herald] Tragic twist on bucks' night

06:30 [The Hindu - News] Facebook chat on funding your education in U.S.

06:31 [AntiWar] If the Government Does It, It’s Legal

06:31 [AntiWar] Gatekeeping for Zion

06:32 [Deutsche Welle] Merkel makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

06:40 [The Hindu - News] Marginal increase in pass percentage

06:40 [The Hindu - News] A home of their own

06:45 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart mocks ‘tragedy tick’ Nancy Grace for sadistically feeding off human suffering

06:45 [Reuters] Prosecutor to seek murder charges against accused Ohio kidnapper

06:46 [The Hindu - News] India needs mechanism to monitor implementation of SC directives, says UN report

06:48 [The Hindu - News] Recognition eludes these toppers

06:50 [The Hindu - News] Fixing accountability for unlawful killings in India

06:50 [The Hindu - News] A new take on zombies

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Once a child worker, now a college aspirant

06:58 [The Hindu - News] Disappointing acts

06:58 [The Hindu - News] Book on Naimisaranyam

06:58 [The Hindu - News] ‘He is the guiding spirit’

07:00 [zero hedge] Japanese Government Bonds Halted Limit Down; Yields Spike To 10 Week High; Worst Day In 5 Years

07:02 [Truthdig] Daily Rituals

07:02 [The Hindu - News] Significant rise in Tirupur pass percentage

07:07 [The Hindu - News] 24 per cent jump in subject-wise centums

07:08 [The Hindu - Opinion] Sex Ed shock tactics

07:08 [CBC: politics] Parents of Rehtaeh Parsons, Amanda Todd to join PM at meeting

07:09 [The Hindu - News] Chandy faces future leaders

07:11 [CNET News] Principal suspends teen for Instagramming her mug shot

07:11 [Voice of America] North Korea Details Charges Against American Prisoner

07:12 [Deutsche Welle] German youth prisons marred by violence

07:13 [The Hindu - News] Food at your doorstep

07:14 [CNN] South Korean president dismisses spokesman over 'unsavory incident'

07:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Plan B mooted for rainbow crossing

07:16 [Sydney Morning Herald] Elusive punter to break his silence

07:19 [The Hindu - News] Concern over change in dengue pattern

07:19 [Voice of America] Pakistan's Historic Elections Have Violent Run-Up

07:25 [Raw Story] Traces of water in moon came from Earth: study

07:25 [The Hindu - News] Online fee fraud: police arrest youth

07:25 [Moral Low Ground] Ignoring Bee Crisis, EPA Greenlights New ‘Highly Toxic’ Pesticide Sulfoxaflor

07:27 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh factory collapse toll hits 1,034

07:29 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh building collapse toll hits 1,034

07:30 [Raw Story] Meteorite crater reveals future of a globally warmed world

07:30 [Raw Story] Fannie Mae to pay $59.4 billion back to U.S. taxpayers in move seen to forestall debt limit battle

07:30 [Moral Low Ground] Ignoring Bee Crisis, EPA Greenlights New ‘Highly Toxic’ Dow Pesticide Sulfoxaflor

07:33 [The Hindu - News] Reading help for visually impaired

07:35 [The Hindu - News] Barrage of questions from inquisitive little minds

07:43 [Deutsche Welle] Trio of bloggers recounts perils of writing in Asia

07:43 [AlterNet] How 3-D Glasses Reduce 'The Great Gatsby' to One Dimension

07:46 [Fin24 News] Obama vows to boost jobs, economic growth

07:46 [Fox News] CALLED A 'MONSTER': Ohio Suspect Terrorized Kids' Mother, Family Says

07:48 [CNN] Death toll from Bangladesh building collapse rises above 1,000

07:49 [Telegraph] WPc's cut thumb will cost force £100,000

07:49 [Telegraph] Baroness Shirley Williams: gropers should just 'apologise and stop misbehaving'

07:49 [Telegraph] Aviation analysis: Transport Select Committee grasps airport nettle

07:49 [Telegraph] Former Archbishop of York accused of covering up abuse allegations

07:49 [Telegraph] Lord Ashcroft poll: Most Scots back nuclear deterrent

07:49 [Telegraph] Dean of Cathedral who rowed with BBC over Songs of Praise fee resigns

07:50 [AL JAZEERA] Guatemalan ex-ruler denies massacre charges

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Speed up work on Pampa plan: Chandy

07:59 [Guardian] Jimmy Savile: police report clears West Yorkshire force of shielding paedophile

08:00 [Raw Story] Australian sky-gazers witness ‘ring of fire’ annular solar eclipse

08:01 [Reuters] Yen breaks through 100, Abenomics hits another milestone

08:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] McGurk killing: Gattellari jailed

08:02 [Sydney Morning Herald] Cruise boss defends ship's safety

08:04 [The Hindu - News] Panel recommends upgrading of HIV tests

08:05 [Telegraph] Campaigners' anger at the mobile phone for 4 year olds

08:07 [Reuters] Bangladesh building collapse death toll tops 1,000

08:08 [The Hindu - News] 10in_thsrn_DIP

08:10 [The Hindu - News] Emerging Kerala:37 projects on

08:13 [Voice of America] Merkel Visits Afghanistan

08:14 [The Independent] Andrew Simpson: A landlocked lad who caught the sailing bug

08:18 [Mother Jones] The Groundbreaking Isaac Newton Invention You've Never Heard Of

08:20 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

08:20 [The Hindu - News] B.Tech. qualification norm unchanged

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Gilani’s son got threats from LeJ, Sipah-e-Sahaba

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

08:20 [The Hindu - News] Pak court declares US drone strikes as illegal

08:27 [Guardian] Guatemala's former dictator Efrain Rios Montt battles genocide charges

08:27 [Guardian] Pakistan's hardliners' political clout protecting them from the law

08:28 [The Hindu - News] 30 policemen killed in ambush in northern Nigeria

08:30 [The Independent] 'No evidence found' that West Yorkshire Police protected Jimmy Savile from arrest

08:30 [Raw Story] Former Church of England archbishop denies child abuse cover-up

08:30 [Raw Story] Small ammonia leak outside space station: NASA

08:33 [Sydney Morning Herald] Time is running out for pair lost at sea

08:34 [AL JAZEERA] Campaigning ends for Pakistan election

08:34 [Reuters] Insight: In eastern Syria oil smugglers benefit from chaos

08:35 [Telegraph] British trees to be placed in seed bank to protect against disease and pests

08:35 [Moral Low Ground] New York City Considers Granting Voting Rights to Non-Citizens

08:36 [The Hindu - News] Railways told to pay compensation

08:38 [Voice of America] Bangladesh Building Collapse Death Toll Passes 1,000

08:41 [The Hindu - News] B.Tech. qualification norm to remain unchanged

08:42 [Fin24 News] Amcu has lion's share of Lonmin workers

08:43 [Global Voices] China: The Second, the Third and the Fourth Generation Red

08:48 [Voice of America] Philippines Considering Pulling Peacekeepers from Golan Heights

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Industrial output rebounds to 2.5% in March

08:51 [msnbc: politics] How Christie's bipartisan popularity will play out in 2016

08:51 [msnbc: politics] Why sex scandals no longer matter in politics

08:51 [msnbc: politics] Sen. Gillibrand on fighting rise of sexual assualts in military

08:51 [msnbc: politics] Sen. Manchin talk Congress and guns: ‘It's not over’

08:51 [BBC: Science & Environment] Return of the elusive movie star

08:51 [Telegraph] Sir Nicholas Hytner goes on manoeuvres with Iraq war general

08:53 [The Hindu - News] This was once a vibrant, lively river

08:55 [Guardian] Marshall Islands faces acute water shortage

08:56 [CNET News] Android dominated smart devices in Q1, says Canalys

08:56 [Topix Activism News] Loveland Settles Over 'Pot Smell' Traffic Stop

08:56 [Reuters] G7 to confirm G20 currency stance, Bernanke unlikely to attend: G7 official

09:00 [BBC: Entertainment] Randy Jackson to leave American Idol

09:01 [The Independent] Andrew Simpson: 'A fantastic sailor who got the best out of everyone'

09:01 [The Hindu - News] Khurshid to meet Premier Li today

09:02 [CNN] Florida man escapes police, but is grabbed by a gator

09:02 [Reuters] G7 to confirm stance on currency, Bernanke unlikely to attend meet

09:03 [The Hindu - News] Witness testifies to leaders discussing murder plans

09:05 [The Hindu - News] Mango festival begins

09:05 [The Hindu - News] AI passengers bristle at restrictions on baggage allowance

09:06 [CNN: Crime] Nun, two others face prison for nuclear breach

09:06 [CNN: Crime] Teen gets 27 years in Mississippi killing

09:06 [CNN: Crime] Witness: Michael Jackson was paranoid, talking to himself in last days

09:06 [CNN: Crime] Florida man escapes police, but is grabbed by a gator

09:06 [CNN: Crime] Castro's daughter: I'm disgusted

09:06 [BBC: Entertainment] Police say Savile 'not protected'

09:07 [Fin24 News] Report warns of dodgy energy deals

09:07 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Germany faces challenge over austerity at G7

09:08 [Global Voices] Hong Kong Has to Consider Mainland China's Feelings in Policymaking

09:11 [CNET News] Crave giveaway: Sennheiser Momentum headphones

09:11 [The Hindu - News] MV inspector knocked down

09:15 [The Hindu - News] SC sets aside Odisha HC order on iron ore licence to Posco

09:17 [The Independent] Double Olympic medallist Andrew 'Bart' Simpson killed in training accident in San Francisco Bay

09:17 [The Hindu - News] Footwear hurled at magistrate

09:19 [Anarchist news] Henry Zegarrundo given house arrest!

09:19 [Anarchist news] Cooper Union Update

09:19 [Anarchist news] Species Being: Call-out for contributions

09:19 [Sydney Morning Herald] The odd man out

09:20 [Slashdot] Liquid Hydrogen Powers a UAV For a Cool 48 Hours

09:21 [The Hindu - News] Thalassemia cases on the rise in State

09:21 [NPR] Why (Almost) No One In Myanmar Wanted My Money

09:25 [Raw Story] Five ultra-Orthodox Jewish men arrested for disrupting activist women praying at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

09:25 [Guardian] Jimmy Savile report clears police of shielding star from arrest

09:25 [Guardian] Marshall Islands face acute water shortage

09:26 [Fox News: politics] Families of Navy SEALs killed in 2011 attack say government is to blame

09:26 [NPR] College Divestment Campaigns Creating Passionate Environmentalists

09:26 [NPR] Peers Find Less Pressure Borrowing From Each Other

09:30 [BBC: Science & Environment] Plants 'talk' through fungus network

09:32 [The Hindu - News] Rahul bats for early selection of candidates

09:33 [The Independent] Co-op defends banking business after Moody's downgrade

09:38 [Deutsche Welle] Guatemala military dictator testifies at his genocide trial

09:38 [The Hindu - News] SI chased and caught by ACB officials

09:39 [Telegraph] Jimmy Savile helped police crime campaigns despite sex offence warnings

09:39 [Guardian] Ariel Castro: Ohio prosecutors may seek death penalty for kidnap suspect

09:39 [Guardian] Bangladesh factory death toll reaches 1,000 with more bodies still trapped

09:42 [BBC: Science & Environment] Space station springs ammonia leak

09:44 [The Hindu - News] C/C cameras: State to introduce legislation

09:45 [Fin24 News] Mass farm meetings to sort out De Doorns

09:46 [Reuters] EU-bound Croatia craves investors but drags feet on reforms

09:48 [The Hindu - News] SC sets aside Odisha HC order quashing iron ore licence to Posco

09:50 [The Hindu - News] ‘Koneru part of Emaar scam’

09:51 [New Statesman] Is the Scottish public really opposed to nuclear weapons?

09:56 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

09:56 [The Hindu - News] Bail rejection will not impact party: YSRC

10:00 [CNN] Cancer can't stop teen singer's music

10:00 [Raw Story] Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: ‘Political, not military’ solutions needed in Middle East

10:02 [Voice of America] Pakistan's Historic Elections Have Violent Run-Up

10:03 [Reuters] Khan gains in Pakistan vote, haggling over government expected

10:04 [The Independent] 'It would be cheaper to move London slightly to the east': Boris Johnson attacks Heathrow plans and defends proposal for 'Boris Island'

10:04 [The Independent] BT sees profits leap by 21% to £833m

10:04 [The Hindu - News] Fruit vendors switch to solar-lighting

10:07 [Fin24 News] SA is leading buyer of Zim tobacco

10:08 [The Hindu - News] All set for conduct of EAMCET

10:10 [The Hindu - News] VMC to develop roads as per master plan

10:15 [Raw Story] Former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt battles genocide charges

10:15 [Slate Magazine] Corrections

10:20 [The Independent] 'Gangnam Style' rapper Psy goes to Harvard to give talk on a modern digital culture phenomenon (himself)

10:20 [Reuters] Imran Khan gains in Pakistan vote, Sharif remains frontrunner

10:21 [CNN] 'He is dead to me,' daughter of Ohio suspect says in CNN exclusive

10:26 [Telegraph] Turkish Airlines overturns lipstick ban

10:26 [Telegraph] Tests for new chemical guns in late stages

10:29 [BBC: Entertainment] Kris Kross rapper's funeral held

10:29 [Fin24 News] Key SIM swap fraud suspect held

10:30 [Financial Times] Philippines to withdraw Golan peacekeepers

10:35 [Raw Story] Judge questions efforts of NYPD’s stop-and-frisk ‘all-star’ Kha Dang who was ‘wrong 95 percent of the time’

10:37 [Russia Today] Victory Day fireworks: Thousands of lights illuminate Moscow’s skies

10:38 [CNN: Crime] Castro's daughter disgusted

10:42 [Telegraph] Pilots left nauseous by strong odour

10:43 [The Hindu - News] Angela Merkel makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

10:48 [CNN] Can Musharraf save U.S from liability for drones in Pakistan?

10:48 [CNN] British Olympic sailor Andrew Simpson killed in San Francisco Bay

10:49 [The Hindu - News] Two new paddy varieties developed

10:50 [BBC: Health] Drug firm joins forces with charity

10:51 [The Independent] The Voice hopefuls reach the 'battle round'

10:51 [The Independent] Stuart Alexander on Andrew 'Bart' Simpson tragedy: Some see these super-powerful 72-foot catamarans as death traps

10:51 [The Independent] Film review: Star Trek Into Darkness - JJ Abrams' Starfleet return will underwhelm even the Trekkies

10:53 [The Hindu - News] 15 killed in Pakistan violence ahead of polls

10:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Search halted for couple lost at sea

10:54 [Sydney Morning Herald] Crown gets go ahead to lift Echo stake

10:55 [Financial Times] Shooting sparks South China Sea tensions

10:55 [The Hindu - News] Complaints go viral on civic body’s Facebook page

10:56 [New Statesman] Should we follow New Zealand and nationalise consumer energy sales?

10:57 [The Hindu - News] Where confidence levels get a boost

10:58 [BBC: Technology] US orders removal of 3D-gun designs

10:58 [BBC: Technology] New mobile phone launches for kids

10:59 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Abba's Agnetha 'not a recluse'

11:01 [The Hindu - News] Seven held for chain snatching

11:02 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: The deadly mushrooms in your garden

11:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Haneke wins prestigious arts prize

11:06 [The Hindu - News] Coast Guard patrol vessel Rani Avantibai commissioned

11:07 [The Independent] Cleveland kidnappings: Ariel Castro may face death penalty over victims' miscarriages

11:07 [The Independent] Video: Aftermath of tragic catamaran accident in which British Olympian Andrew Simpson died

11:07 [The Independent] Former Archbishop of York accused of covering up allegations of Church of England abuse

11:07 [NPR] What Does 'Sexual Coercion' Say About A Society?

11:10 [Slashdot] Hanford Nuclear Waste Vitrification Plant "Too Dangerous"

11:12 [Telegraph] Iran unveils new attack drone

11:12 [Telegraph] Gangnam Style star Psy wows Harvard

11:12 [Russia Today] Wagner opera canceled in Germany after Holocaust scenes send spectators to hospital

11:12 [Russia Today] Leaving Earth: 78,000 apply for a one-way ticket to Mars

11:14 [Financial Times] Khan enjoys late surge in Pakistan polls

11:15 [] Muck & Meir: Prolific Analyst Botches Facts to Vindicate Failed Iran Sanctions Policy

11:16 [The Hindu - News] When TSR, Purandeswari came face to face

11:16 [New Statesman] Business quote of the day: Four-fingered salute

11:18 [The Hindu - News] PMK wants CBI, judicial probe into Marakkanam violence

11:19 [CBC: politics] Stephen Smart: Brace for Fortress B.C. whoever wins on Tuesday

11:20 [The Hindu - News] Top-ranking Maoist leader held

11:21 [Reuters] Yen slide in focus as G7 finance chiefs meet

11:22 [The Hindu - News] Class XII girl shot dead in her house in south Delhi

11:22 [CBC: politics] Chris Hall: Hitting the reset button on a tired government

11:22 [The Independent] Spitfire pilot 'pulled wrong lever' to crash after landing

11:22 [The Independent] BREAKING: Abu Qatada volunteers to return to Jordan if its parliament agrees anti-torture treaty

11:22 [The Independent] 50 years of Doctor Who to be celebrated at TV Bafta Awards

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Heritage centre opening in January, says Minister

11:24 [CNN] No trace of 2 passengers believed to have fallen off cruise ship

11:26 [New Statesman] The EU isn't too big to fail, but it is too important to

11:28 [Telegraph] Coroner warns over zipwire regulation after boy, 11, plunges to death

11:28 [Telegraph] Bangladesh building collapse death toll passes 1,000

11:30 [Guardian] Jimmy Savile report clears West Yorkshire police of shielding star

11:30 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: Osborne calls on central banks to drive recovery at G7

11:30 [Guardian] Andrew Simpson: talented team player from British sailing's golden generation

11:30 [The Hindu - News] Free tap connections for BPL families

11:31 [CNN] Source:12 patients from Syria show signs of chemical weapons

11:31 [New Statesman] Tash Aw: "It's a very complex form of bigotry"

11:32 [The Hindu - News] Marginal increase in pass percentage in Madurai schools

11:33 [Reuters] Yen weakens past 100 to dollar, may fan talk of currency war

11:38 [The Independent] Nurse treated as France reveals three suspected cases of Sars-related virus

11:38 [The Independent] Ten-year-old girl warned by Kent police that hopscotch lines are 'illegal' and constitute 'criminal damage', claims father

11:38 [The Independent] Ukip gains again as Tories slump in latest by-elections

11:38 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistan and the return of Nawaz Sharif

11:38 [Deutsche Welle] Film traces German man's survival in Guantanamo

11:38 [The Hindu - News] This Corporation school creates record of sorts

11:39 [Reuters] Analysis: To hedge inflation, property trusts are the new gold

11:39 [New Internationalist] Keep British universities fossil fuel free

11:40 [BBC: Also in the news] Dog years: How do you calculate a dog's true age?

11:40 [BBC: Also in the news] VIDEO: 'Spoons are cool'

11:40 [BBC: Also in the news] Quiz of the week's news

11:41 [BBC: Also in the news] Nawaz Sharif tiger 'alive and well'

11:41 [BBC: Also in the news] Vatican denounces Mexico Death Saint

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Corporation officials seal two more buildings

11:43 [Deutsche Welle] Philippines admits shooting of Taiwanese fisherman

11:44 [Telegraph] Monkey 'survived bear mauling' in animal Olympics show

11:44 [Telegraph] Abu Qatada will leave Britain

11:45 [CNN] South Korean president fires spokesman over 'unsavory incident'

11:45 [Slate Magazine] The Genius of Tesla

11:47 [New Statesman] Every now and then something pops out of the forest to remind us about wildness

11:47 [] Stephen Hawking: Furore deepens over Israel boycott

11:49 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Chanel looks East with Singapore show

11:53 [Fox News] Calif. manhunt intensifies for suspect in family killing

11:53 [Fox News] Man attacked by alligator while fleeing deputies

11:53 [Fox News] Stephen Hawking rapped for Israel conference boycott

11:55 [Financial Times] EBRD warns on stalling growth

11:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Paramedic jumped to try and save girlfriend

11:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Why can't we be Facebook friends?

11:56 [Sydney Morning Herald] Live: Rabbitohs v Cowboys

11:58 [Deutsche Welle] Bombers strike on eve of Pakistan election

11:58 [Deutsche Welle] German exports claw back growth despite weak demand

11:58 [Voice of America] Seoul, South Korea: Park's US Trip Tainted by Spokesman's Resignation

11:59 [Fin24 News] Vavi: Capitalism the real enemy

12:00 [Telegraph] Soldiers' jobs spared by redundancy volunteers

12:00 [Guardian] Abu Qatada 'will voluntarily go back to Jordan when new treaty is ratified'

12:01 [Slate Magazine] Dodgeball Should Not Be Part of Any Curriculum, Ever

12:01 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

12:01 [Slate Magazine] Play the Slate News Quiz

12:02 [Topix Activism News] College Divestment Campaigns Creating Passionate Environmentalists

12:02 [Voice of America] International Space Station Has Ammonia Leak

12:02 [Russia Today] 'Ring of fire’ solar eclipse seen in Australia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

12:04 [BBC: Education] Call to help summer-born pupils

12:04 [Mother Jones] BioShock Infinite: An American History Lesson Where You Get to Blow Shit Up

12:04 [Mother Jones] Why Are We So Friggin' Weird When It Comes to Animals?

12:04 [Mother Jones] A Political History of The Cicadas

12:04 [Mother Jones] 5 Directors Who Should Have Directed "The Great Gatsby" Instead of Baz Luhrmann

12:04 [Mother Jones] America's 10 Worst Prisons: Reeves County

12:04 [Mother Jones] How the Mormons Ensured Victory for Gay Marriage

12:06 [The Hindu - News] Charges to be framed against Kanda

12:06 [Good] Surgery Lit By a Cell Phone? This Solar Lantern Saves Lives During Childbirth

12:06 [Good] The Most Incredible Underground Art Exhibit You'll Never See

12:06 [Good] This Amazing Road Could Replace the Power Grid

12:06 [Good] Climate Change Comics? Yes, Please

12:06 [Good] Lower Bus Fares? Why One Public System is Considering It

12:07 [BBC: Entertainment] Metal singer denies wife murder plot

12:07 [Russia Today] 'Ring of fire’ solar eclipse seen in Australia (PHOTOS)

12:09 [AL JAZEERA] Turkey 'will support' Syria no-fly zone

12:10 [] Knesset finance committee chair questioned over vote-buying in Habayit Hayehudi primaries

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Sale of MBBS applications on at Thanjavur Medical College

12:12 [The Hindu - News] Court orders framing of charges against Kanda

12:13 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: 'Gorgeous' solar eclipse in Australia

12:14 [Telegraph] Spitfire crash landed after pilot 'pulled wrong lever'

12:14 [Telegraph] Driving holiday costs rise in Spain and France

12:15 [Fox News: politics] German government says President Obama to visit Berlin in June

12:15 [CNN: Money] Setting up for another record?

12:15 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures and premarket movers

12:16 [The Hindu - News] Boys top the chart in Thanjavur

12:17 [Russia Today] US, Russia eying spacewalk to fix coolant leak on ISS

12:18 [The Hindu - News] Supreme Court dismisses Sanjay Dutt review plea

12:19 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Palestinians in Beit Jala protest against Separation Wall route

12:20 [Raw Story] Feminists oppose opening of life-sized ‘Barbie Dreamhouse’ attraction

12:20 [The Hindu - News] At 93.78 per cent, Tiruchi clocks its best ever performance

12:21 [Fin24 News] Amplats revises job losses to 6 000

12:22 [The Hindu - News] Class XII results: View evaluated answer scripts online

12:22 [The Hindu - News] Sterling show by government school students

12:23 [Deutsche Welle] British Olympic sailor dies in training accident

12:23 [Spiegel] Nuclear Headache: Task of Decommissioning Plants Is Herculean

12:26 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh workers see possible survivor in rubble

12:26 [The Hindu - News] She brought the roof down

12:27 [Russia Today] US drone strikes illegal – Pakistani court

12:28 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: Autistic teen tipped for Noble Prize

12:28 [The Hindu - News] BDA hands over original allottees’ plots for private gated project

12:29 [AL JAZEERA] Bomb blast rocks Libyan city of Benghazi

12:29 [AL JAZEERA] 'Survivor rescued' from Dhaka building rubble

12:30 [Telegraph] Bangladesh building collapse: 'survivor found' after 17 days

12:30 [Telegraph] Australian police say cruise couple went overboard separately

12:32 [CNN: Money] Where the mortgage deduction really pays

12:34 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: America sees 'political, not military' solutions to Middle East crises

12:34 [Mother Jones] Arkansans to Kerry on Keystone: "Come to Our State to See the Devastation"

12:34 [Voice of America] Pakistan's Historic Elections Have Violent Run-Up

12:34 [The Hindu - News] Enter, home stylist

12:34 [The Hindu - News] Parents sceptical about second round of RTE quota admissions

12:37 [The Hindu - News] As police relax after polls, their fake counterparts are back in business

12:39 [The Hindu - News] What is the investor sentiment like in today's market?

12:39 [CNN: Money] Flood alarms threatened by budget cuts

12:40 [Raw Story] Desmond Tutu ‘will no longer vote for ANC’ –the party that brought Nelson Mandela to power

12:40 [] Renovation of Tel Aviv's iconic Israeli philharmonic hall is an embarrassment of wood

12:41 [BBC: Technology] 'Guccifer' hacks Sex and City author

12:41 [The Hindu - News] Bangalore University announces admissions

12:42 [Voice of America] Britain's Cameron Heads to Russia for Talks on Syria

12:43 [The Hindu - News] Court stays proceedings against Aiyappa

12:44 [Voice of America] Survivor Found in Bangladesh Disaster Rubble

12:44 [BBC: Health] 'Woman found alive' in Dhaka rubble

12:46 [BBC: Also in the news] Mate urgently needed for 'ugly' fish

12:46 [Telegraph] Canberra's Skywhale splits opinion

12:47 [CNN] 3 long-missing women freed in Cleveland: Latest developments

12:48 [Deutsche Welle] Japan angered by China's claim to all of Okinawa

12:48 [CNN: Money] Whatever happened to these Fortune 500 companies?

12:50 [Guardian] Stephen Lawrence murder: David Norris refused right to appeal

12:50 [BBC: Health] Woman pulled alive from Dhaka rubble

12:51 [Spiegel] Fighting the Fringes: Berlin Sharpens�Focus on Right-Wing Extremism

12:51 [Spiegel] King No More: The Tragic Plight of Lions in Africa

12:52 [New Statesman] Stephen Hough: The many paths to happiness

12:53 [The Hindu - News] Survivor freed, confirm Bangladesh rescuers

12:55 [The Hindu - News] Less than half of 2008 MLAs re-enter Assembly

12:55 [Raw Story] Video of bicycling bear attacking monkey sparks outrage in China

12:57 [Reuters] Woman rescued after 17 days trapped in rubble of Bangladesh factory

12:57 [The Hindu - Opinion] Interpreting Chinese basing diplomacy

12:58 [Sydney Morning Herald] Survivor found at Bangladesh collapse site

12:58 [Financial Times] Cameron to discuss Syria with Putin

13:00 [Telegraph] Councillor 'disowns' daughter after she unseats him in election

13:00 [Telegraph] Youngest Jimmy Savile victim was five years old

13:00 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 10 May 2013

13:01 [BBC: Entertainment] 'Guccifer' hacks Sex and City author

13:01 [BBC: Entertainment] Festival to mark life of CS Lewis

13:01 [zero hedge] Two Drivers Lift Dollar, Pressure Yen

13:01 [The Hindu - News] Will Mysore rise to political prominence again?

13:01 [CNN: Entertainment] MJ trial: Singer was paranoid, talking to himself in last days

13:01 [CNN] Morocco's best street food items

13:01 [CNN] 'I'm alive,' Bangladesh survivor says. 'Please rescue me.'

13:02 [CNN: Money] Track U.S. stock futures

13:02 [CNN: Money] The market 'bubble' you've never heard of

13:02 [CNN: Money] The problem with Obama's retirement plan

13:03 [Deutsche Welle] Men on a mission: The Koch brothers and US conservatism

13:05 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: UN withdraws international forces from the Golan Heights

13:05 [AL JAZEERA] Bangladesh finds building collapse survivor

13:05 [The Hindu - News] The assorted deck of ‘Independents and others’

13:05 [CNN] International Space Station crew plans spacewalk to fix leak

13:06 [CNN] 'I couldn't walk': Woman loses 276 pounds

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Save the city

13:09 [The Hindu - News] Green design awaits the city outskirts

13:10 [CNN: Money] What happened to these Fortune 500 companies?

13:10 [CNN: Money] My friends' weddings are putting me deep in debt

13:10 [Raw Story] Brazilian woman shot in mouth with spear gun survives

13:10 [Raw Story] Woman rescued alive from Bangladesh garment factory rubble: TV

13:10 [CNET News] Apple deluged by police demands to decrypt iPhones

13:11 [zero hedge] Overnight Yen Tumble Sends Asia Scrambling To Retaliate

13:13 [BBC: Entertainment] Slayer plan Jeff Hanneman tribute

13:13 [The Hindu - News] Green house on a sloping terrain

13:13 [CNN] Castro equals course record on Players debut, Woods & McIlroy start well

13:14 [Guardian] Unions hold emergency talks over future of Co-operative Bank

13:16 [Telegraph] Police pay out £17,000 replacing doors wrongly smashed in raids

13:16 [Telegraph] Apple's 'iRadio' service 'stalled over royalties'

13:16 [Telegraph] Sketch: Mr Brainy teaches schools a lesson

13:17 [The Hindu - News] Spaces

13:22 [CNN: Money] Records in sight, again

13:22 [CNN: Money] Marijuana taxes as a cash cow? Think again

13:22 [Fox News] GRISLY DISCOVERY: Missing Surfer Found Dead Covered With Shark Bites

13:22 [NPR] Reports: Survivor Rescued 17 Days After Bangladesh Building Collapse

13:23 [Fox News] Bangladesh workers find survivor in factory rubble

13:23 [CNN] Opinion: Give peace talks in Syria a chance

13:25 [CNN: Health] Twins create slimmer allergy device

13:26 [The Atlantic: National] How Vacancies on the D.C. Circuit Court Are Swaying Policy in America

13:26 [CNN: Money] Flood danger grows thanks to budget cuts

13:26 [CNN: Money] McDonald's and Cleveland's hero: It's complicated

13:27 [AL JAZEERA] Bomb blasts rock Libyan city of Benghazi

13:28 [The Hindu - News] My mom’s my best friend

13:28 [CNN: Health] 'Dr. Dancer' didn't want to choose

13:28 [CNN: Health] Know THIS about food allergies

13:28 [CNN: Health] Fruits keep your heart healthy

13:28 [CNN: Health] Food allergy diagnosis: What parents should know

13:28 [CNN: Health] CDC: Tanning salons ignore safety

13:30 [] Alive: Woman Freed From Factory Rubble after Seventeen Days

13:31 [Reuters] Heading to G7 meeting, U.S. tells Japan to stick to currency rules

13:31 [zero hedge] Preparing Resources To Shop For Distressed Assets As Banks Refuse To Come Clean On Near Fraudulent Reporting

13:32 [The Hindu - News] Bangladesh workers find survivor in factory rubble

13:32 [Telegraph] Tony Martin, jailed for shooting burglar, confronts second intruder

13:33 [Deutsche Welle] Chinese medicine can have a pharmacological effect 'but it's not a cure'

13:34 [Fox News: politics] Obama wades back into the health care debate

13:35 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Miracle Palestinian refugee doctor

13:36 [The Hindu - News] Bags of happiness

13:36 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts: Getting intense

13:36 [The Hindu - News] Call off pilgrims visit to Ajmer Sharif: India to Pakistan

13:37 [NPR] FBI Says Data About Probe Of Bombing Suspect Was Shared

13:38 [The Hindu - News] Posco welcomes SC decision on Khandadhar mines

13:39 [AL JAZEERA] Campaigning ends for Pakistan polls

13:40 [The Hindu - News] CBI chief meets Narayanasamy amid coalgate row

13:40 [BBC: Science & Environment] Need for tree seed bank 'crucial'

13:41 [CNN] Opinion: Reviled for living apart from my kids

13:42 [The Hindu - News] Towards a green glossary

13:42 [NPR] Book News: Microsoft Rumored To Be Interested In Buying Nook

13:43 [Deutsche Welle] Navigating Berlin's concentric circles

13:45 [Fox News: politics] Confusion after Muslim Brotherhood leader fails to show at DC conference

13:46 [] Hagel: U.S. strategy is to reinforce Israel, Mideast allies

13:48 [The Hindu - News] Madly beautiful…

13:48 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: May 10

13:49 [Fox News] Abduction Suspect's Ex-Relatives Say He's a 'Monster' Who Abused Them

13:49 [Fox News] 'UNNECESSARY RISK': SEAL Families Rip Gov't Over 2011 Chopper Crash

13:49 [Fox News] HOPE AMID THE RUBBLE:Survivor Found Weeks After Bangladesh Collapse

13:50 [CNN] Opinion: Tiger moms, don't turn your kids into robots

13:50 [Raw Story] UPDATE: ‘Very serious’ ammonia leak outside International Space Station

13:50 [Fox News] California surfer found dead with shark bites

13:50 [Fox News] Boston's top cop: Feds withheld bomber warnings

13:50 [Fox News] Oregon smokejumpers skydive into illegal pot garden

13:50 [Fox News] STARNES: Mom, dad eliminated from education forms

13:50 [Fox News] Feds: ATM hackers stole $45M in modern 'bank heist'

13:50 [Fox News] Man accused in terror plot charged with visa fraud in NY

13:50 [The Hindu - News] Tirunelveli court grants bail to Ramadoss

13:50 [CNN: Money] McDonald's and Cleveland hero: It's complicated

13:50 [New Internationalist] Leave mums alone

13:52 [The Hindu - News] CLP chooses Siddaramaiah as Karnataka CM

13:52 [Guardian] Tia Sharp murder suspect told father her death was accidental, court hears

13:52 [Guardian] Woman found alive in rubble of Bangladesh factory 17 days after collapse

13:52 [Voice of America] Building Collapses Outside Dhaka, Bangladesh

13:53 [Reuters] Police shield Jewish women activists in confrontation at Western Wall

13:53 [Deutsche Welle] US President Obama to visit Berlin in June

13:54 [Russia Today] ‘Grieving’ reckless motorists to avoid prosecution in UK

13:54 [The Hindu - News] Kingston, we have a holiday

13:54 [The Hindu - News] ‘The only normal person on set’

13:56 [The Hindu - News] Every dog has its day

13:58 [CNN] Crews to finish installing World Trade Center spire

13:58 [CNN] 'I'm alive,' Bangladesh survivor says, 'Please rescue me'

13:58 [CNN] Inked with love: Tattoos that honor Mom

13:58 [Fin24 News] Mining wealth 'must benefit all Africans'

13:59 [CNN: Money] Nikkei at 5-year high after best week since 2009

14:00 [CNN: Politics] Photos: Harry on the Hill

14:00 [CNN: Politics] U.S. requires group to remove 3-D gun instructions from its website

14:00 [Raw Story] Comedy lampooning the rich the highest-grossing film in Mexican cinema history

14:00 [The Hindu - News] Tale of a city

14:00 [The Hindu - News] Siddaramaiah to be next Karnataka Chief Minister

14:01 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan's AQ Khan eyes political role

14:02 [The Hindu - News] Government clears new aviation policy, to setup aviation hubs

14:02 [Telegraph] Florida taco restaurant's roaring trade in lion meat causes storm of protest

14:03 [Financial Times] US orders site to pull 3D gun blueprints

14:03 [Deutsche Welle] Cultural incineration: 80 years since Nazi book burnings

14:04 [BBC: Entertainment] Opera to revive dead Asian language

14:04 [Guardian] Opera's top 10 shockers

14:04 [Guardian] Tony Martin says he has confronted another burglar on property

14:05 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israel apologizes to Egypt over diplomatic incident

14:06 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Idol' original Randy Jackson leaving show

14:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Craig R. talks 'Peeples'

14:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Happy Mother's Day to our fave TV moms

14:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Hollywood: No such thing as an 'unfilmable' novel

14:07 [CNN: Money] Where mortgage deduction pays

14:07 [CNET News] Panasonic posts hefty 2012 losses amid TV sales decline

14:10 [The Hindu - News] ‘Minor’ issue, major questions

14:11 [zero hedge] Weidmann Slams French 'Savings' - Widening Franco-German Divide

14:12 [Big Think] Your License Plate Is Telling On You

14:13 [The Hindu - News] The Persian hand

14:13 [Amnesty International] New global development agenda must have human rights at its core

14:15 [Raw Story] Colbert admits that he, like everyone else, never read ‘Gatsby’

14:16 [Reuters] Analysis: Policy patience seen wearing thin as yen drops

14:17 [The Hindu - News] Light and melodious

14:17 [CNN: Travel] 10 street foods to try in Morocco

14:17 [CNN: Travel] No trace of 2 passengers believed to have fallen off cruise ship

14:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Inglis the difference for Rabbitohs

14:17 [Sydney Morning Herald] Survivor found after 17 days in rubble

14:18 [CNN: Politics] Photos: Prince Harry on the Hill

14:18 [CNN: Politics] John King: Investigation legitimate

14:20 [Slashdot] Reps Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Legalize Mobile Device Unlocking

14:23 [The Hindu - News] Taking a knife to a classic

14:27 [Reuters] Woman pulled alive from rubble of Bangladesh factory

14:29 [The Hindu - News] It’s a king’s world

14:30 [CNET News] Google to update Wallet at I/O, scraps plans for physical card

14:31 [] Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood stages anti-Israel rally

14:31 [zero hedge] Commodities Crack Under USD Strength

14:33 [msnbc: politics] Conservative think tank does damage control over immigration reform

14:33 [msnbc: politics] Unaired RNC Benghazi attack ad surfaces

14:34 [Telegraph] Imran Khan gets late surge ahead of Pakistan elections

14:34 [Telegraph] Anatomy of a global cyber bank theft

14:34 [Telegraph] Target of 'perfect' Brussels diamond heist was cash not gems

14:36 [Slate Magazine] Don’t School Bus Drivers Undergo Background Checks?

14:37 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Syria: Great Game or Just a Tug of War?

14:39 [The Hindu - News] Study in the U.S.

14:40 [CNN: Money] Marketing the news: Just ask Wal-Mart, Kraft

14:41 [The Hindu - News] Metal and mettle

14:42 [NPR] Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Could Face Thousands Of Charges

14:44 [Fox News] California surfer found dead with shark bites- 4 killer pit bulls on loose in Los Angeles County

14:47 [The Hindu - News] Red Alert!

14:49 [Fin24 News] Top economist slams BEE

14:50 [CNN] Search ends for 2 passengers believed to have fallen off cruise ship

14:50 [CNN] They myth of energy independence

14:50 [CNN] Former Anglican archbishop accused of abuse cover-up

14:50 [CNN] By the Numbers: Pets!

14:50 [CNN: Money] How cheaper iPhones could hurt Apple

14:51 [Slate Magazine] Same Old Song? Not Exactly.

14:57 [BBC: Entertainment] Opera to revive language of Buddha

14:57 [The Atlantic: Politics] How the GOP Can Win Back the Values Debate—and How Dems Could Lose It

14:57 [CNN] NBC sitcom carnage: 'Whitney,' 'Up All Night,' more axed

14:57 [CNN: Entertainment] NBC's sitcom carnage

14:57 [CNN: Entertainment] Craig Robinson talks 'Peeples'

14:58 [CNET News] Samsung Galaxy S4 variant with zoom camera outed

14:58 [CNET News] Sharp to cut 5,000 jobs in 3-year plan

14:58 [Deutsche Welle] Work underway on 'catastrophic' Cambodian dam

14:59 [Russia Today] 'Don’t know for certain’: Washington confused on Syrian chemical weapons

15:00 [The Hindu - News] Treebay-The green brigade

15:00 [Disinformation] Inside Santa Fe’s Ayahuasca-Based Church

15:00 [zero hedge] Credit Shock Dead Ahead: China Money Formation Soars To 2-Year High As Delinquent Loans Surge By 29%

15:03 [Deutsche Welle] Europe to the rescue

15:03 [Deutsche Welle] The Pirate Party's best hope for parliament

15:04 [The Hindu - News] Guess who is coming to dinner

15:04 [The Hindu - News] TN has no right to claim Kachchatheevu: Douglas Devananda

15:04 [Russia Today] Russia’s Audit Chamber to inspect Gazprom first time in five years

15:06 [] Mayflower Families to Kerry: Come and See What Tar Sands Has Wrought

15:06 [CNN: Living] Teaching kids to cope on the field

15:06 [CNN: Living] Tattoos that honor Mom

15:06 [CNN: Living] 'Game of Thrones' inspires baby name

15:06 [CNN: Living] Meet the pets of CNN

15:06 [CNN: Living] On Mother's Day, let's talk diapers

15:06 [CNN: Living] 'Game of Thrones' inspires new baby name

15:07 [Telegraph] International Space Station ammonia leak 'very serious'

15:08 [The Hindu - News] Super mom

15:09 [The Atlantic: International] Escape From Bahrain: Ali Abdulemam Is Free

15:10 [Slashdot] ATMs Compromised, $45M Taken

15:11 [Voice of America] Hundreds Rally to Demand Freedom for Australia Refugees

15:11 [CNN] Silva lining won't be enough for Brazil star

15:11 [CNET News] Friday Poll: Can Google I/O possibly top last year's?

15:12 [Big Think] Abercrombie and Fitch: Uncool

15:12 [CNN: Living] A mother never stops looking

15:12 [CNN: Living] HBO's 'Thrones' inspires baby name

15:14 [The Hindu - News] Two Mali towns come under suicide attack

15:16 [The Hindu - News] Happy times ahead

15:16 [The Hindu - News] Abu Qatada offers to return to Jordan voluntarily

15:16 [BBC: Entertainment] 24 series to return to US television

15:18 [msnbc: politics] Talking points on Benghazi revised 12 times, report suggests

15:20 [Raw Story] California professor keeps job after admitting to sexually assaulting student

15:20 [Raw Story] Cambodia on track to eliminate new HIV infections by 2020

15:21 [Telegraph] Full text: Stuart Hazell's letter to his father from Belmarsh

15:21 [Telegraph] Stuart Hazell 'begged for forgiveness'

15:21 [Telegraph] David Cameron meets Vladimir Putin in Russian resort of Sochi

15:21 [Telegraph] Pakistan election guide: How does it work?

15:23 [CBC: politics] Canada lags allies in global tax-evasion probe

15:23 [CBC: politics] U.S. terror suspect studied chemistry at Montreal university

15:24 [The Hindu - News] Abetment to suicide and other charges framed against Kanda

15:25 [Reuters] Deadlock looms for Bulgaria as election nears

15:26 [The Hindu - News] For the people

15:27 [CNET News] No iTunes for Microsoft Windows 8 devices anytime soon

15:28 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Records in sight, again

15:28 [CNN: Money] Greece: Three years after the bailout

15:28 [CNN: Money] 11 cities where workers are disappearing

15:28 [CNN: Money] Classic American companies: Where are they now?

15:28 [CNN] Neighbor feels 'fooled' by Cleveland abduction suspect

15:29 [msnbc: politics] First Thoughts: The battle to define health care's implementation

15:30 [Global Voices] Rios Montt Declares in Genocide Trial

15:30 [CNET News] New Nexus 7 may debut at Google I/O with same $199 price tag

15:32 [zero hedge] Bloomberg Limits Internal Client Data Disclosure After Goldman Complaint

15:32 [zero hedge] Ben Bernanke Speaks - Live Webcast

15:32 [CNN] Crews finish installing World Trade Center spire

15:32 [The Hindu - News] Fiery and fired

15:34 [The Hindu - News] Cleveland woman suffered 5 miscarriages: Police

15:35 [Reuters] Heading to G7, U.S. tells Japan to stick to currency rules

15:35 [Voice of America] Radical Jordanian Cleric Offers to Leave Britain

15:37 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Infantalizing North Korea

15:38 [Truthout] Indigenous Resistance Grows Strong in Keystone XL Battle

15:38 [The Hindu - News] Shotcuts

15:39 [Fox News: politics] Spokesman for South Korean president fired after alleged groping incident in DC

15:40 [Slashdot] Plug Into a Plant: a New Approach To Clean Energy Harvesting

15:42 [Big Think] A New Lunch Option: Hitting The Dance Floor

15:42 [Financial Times] Manila may withdraw Golan peacekeepers

15:42 [NPR] Spire Intact, World Trade Center Stretches To 1,776 Feet

15:45 [The Hindu - News] Bansal quits, say reports

15:46 [Fox News] J-Lo Returns to 'Idol'

15:46 [Fox News] VW's Potent Pickup Truck

15:46 [Fox News] No Insight On Future

15:46 [Fox News] Boone Grandson Recovering

15:46 [Fox News] Whoops! Alba Flashes Folks

15:46 [Fox News] Whole Foods' Vegan Mix Up

15:47 [CBC: politics] Redirect 'spying,' ad funds to student jobs, Tories told

15:47 [CBC: politics] U.S. terror suspect studied chemistry at Quebec university

15:48 [Truthout] Question

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Obama Issues Landmark “Open Government” Rules

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Cuba Knows Condom Use Not Enough

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Pluralities of Israelis, Palestinians Want Stronger U.S. Peace Role

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Ethiopian Journalists Hope New Council Will Ease Restrictions

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Egypt’s Political Instability Taking Toll on Its Economy

15:49 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Female Garment Workers Bear Brunt of Tragedy

15:49 [AL JAZEERA] Blast kills mosque worshippers in Iraq

15:51 [] Israelis much more confident in Obama than Palestinians, poll finds

15:52 [CNN: Money] Stocks rebound as Japan takes center stage

15:52 [CNN: Money] Would you buy a Greek bank?

15:52 [CNN: Money] 11 cities where workers are disappearing

15:52 [CNN: Money] Classic U.S. companies: Where are they now?

15:52 [NPR] Jacob & Sophia Rule Among Baby Names, Liz & Liam Are Hot

15:53 [Telegraph] Abba's Agnetha Fältskog on getting 'out in the world again'

15:53 [Telegraph] Police arrest man, 58, in sex abuse probe into Chetham's School of Music

15:53 [Telegraph] Genetic mutation causing port wine stain birthmarks discovered

15:53 [Telegraph] Spelling and grammar test for all 11-year-olds to tackle poor literacy

15:53 [Voice of America] Five Suicide Bombers Die in Attacks in Mali

15:53 [AL JAZEERA] Survivor found in Bangladesh rubble

15:54 [Truthout] Geography

15:55 [CNN: Crime] Air Force officer makes no plea in sex case

15:56 [msnbc: politics] 'These awful things happen': Benghazi and the White House response

15:57 [The Hindu - News] More power to chaos

16:00 [CNET News] Why Apple should develop Android apps

16:01 [CNN] Opinion: Gay rights, immigration reform on collision course

16:01 [CNN] German opera house drops Holocaust theme after disastrous premiere

16:02 [zero hedge] Race to Zero in High Yield Credit

16:03 [The Hindu - News] The charmer

16:04 [BBC: Science & Environment] Gunmen kill '26' elephants in park

16:05 [The Hindu - News] Cricket in a cafe

16:05 [Raw Story] Ohio kidnap suspect’s daughter: ‘He is dead to me’

16:05 [CNN] Teen arrested, charged with murder in Georgia college student case

16:05 [CNN] Gatsby's Gold Coast: 8 grand estates

16:06 [CNET News] Five-deal Friday: A big TV, a free Blu-ray ripper, and more!

16:07 [BBC: Technology] $100,000 'not to go to university'

16:07 [Voice of America] Woman Rescued From Bangladesh Disaster Rubble

16:07 [The Hindu - News] Former Jharkhand CM Madhu Koda surrenders

16:08 [CNN: Money] Stamp prices could rise again

16:08 [CNN: Money] How Wal-Mart parlays news into marketing

16:09 [Telegraph] New police corruption probe into unsolved murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan

16:09 [Telegraph] Bangladesh building collapse: worldwide miracle survivals

16:09 [Telegraph] Heartbreak is 'worse in the digital age'

16:09 [Telegraph] Prince Harry pays tribute to John F Kennedy in Virginia

16:09 [The Hindu - News] Green, green curry…

16:09 [The Hindu - News] Jundal's father writes to CJI and UN

16:09 [Russia Today] No new Russian weapons contracts with Syria - Lavrov

16:12 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for May 10, 2013

16:12 [] Democracy Now!: Despite Evidence of Massacres, Former Guatemalan Dictator Proclaims Innocence at Genocide Trial

16:12 [] Democracy Now!: With Father and Sister Imprisoned, Exiled Bahraini Activist Maryam Alkhawaja Condemns Ongoing Abuses

16:12 [] Democracy Now!: Are the FBI and IRS Secretly Reading Your Email Without a Warrant?

16:14 [CNN] Police get Cleveland kidnapping suspect's DNA profile

16:14 [CNN: Travel] Gatsby's Gold Coast: 8 grand estates

16:14 [CNN: Travel] Gatsby glamour: 8 grand estates

16:14 [CNN: Travel] Relax, get fit: 5 retreats

16:14 [Russia Today] Russia finishing weapons contracts to Syria, no new deals planned - Lavrov

16:15 [Raw Story] Republican strategist: Benghazi ‘much worse’ than 9/11

16:16 [Topix Activism News] Brevard sheriff reintroduces chain gang

16:16 [CNN: Money] Yahoo is stuck with Microsoft

16:17 [Truthdig] Amazon ‘May Lose 65% of Land Biomass by 2060?

16:17 [The Hindu - News] Rhythm and raga

16:18 [Fin24 News] Annan: Africa must curb mine profit theft

16:19 [Reuters] Khamenei adviser enters Iran's presidential contest

16:19 [The Hindu - News] PMK leader ‘Kaduvetti’ Guru detained under NSA

16:19 [AL JAZEERA] Leak found in space station cooling system

16:19 [AL JAZEERA] Pakistan election campaign ends

16:20 [Slashdot] Biometric Database Plans Hidden In Immigration Bill

16:21 [BBC: Education] Summer-born 'need exam score boost'

16:21 [The Hindu - News] A chapter, on survival

16:23 [Telegraph] Aristocrat denies beating his wife over 25 years

16:23 [Telegraph] Patients have already 'lost confidence' in NHS 111 number

16:24 [msnbc: politics] Kelly Ayotte gets support from 'heavily-funded' conservative group

16:24 [Russia Today] EU's young and jobless: Portugal 'brain drain', 60% of young Greeks unemployed

16:27 [The Atlantic: Politics] Angry Young Men (and Women): The Boston Bombing and a Lost Generation

16:28 [NPR] It Came From Norway To Take On A Medical Goliath

16:31 [Guardian] Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level

16:31 [CNN] Disconnected: My year without the Internet

16:31 [The Atlantic: Technology] Mystery Solved? A New Theory About Why Egypt Stopped Building Pyramids

16:32 [CNN: Politics] Photos: Prince Harry in DC

16:32 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Degrowth, Anti-Consumerism And Peak Consumption

16:32 [Truthdig] Amazon ‘May Lose 65% of Land Biomass by 2060’

16:32 [CNN: Money] 5 things we want to see from the new Android

16:32 [CNN: Money] How companies take advantage of the news

16:33 [BBC: Entertainment] Dirty Dancing replaces Viva Forever!

16:36 [Middle East Monitor] Abdul Bari Atwan: From red lines... to white flags

16:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] Scheme will cover cost of autism treatment

16:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] Forensic work winning war on crime

16:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] Ensure children sleep: ban mobiles, say teachers

16:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] 'You just have to keep going'

16:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] The battle for a Sydney treasure

16:37 [Sydney Morning Herald] Swan's plan to get back to black

16:38 [NPR] In The Land Of Wild Ramps, It's Festival Time

16:38 [The Hindu - News] Outspoken Siddaramaiah finally realises his dream

16:39 [The Atlantic: International] The Cost of Saving Lives in Bangladesh

16:39 [CNN: Technology] Disconnected: My year without the Internet

16:40 [BBC: Also in the news] The Loop: Us and our spoons

16:42 [Big Think] The Red Planet in Blue

16:43 [CBC: politics] Tories release stats on offshore tax cheat conviction rate

16:44 [The Onion] American Voices: Black Voting Rate Surpassed White Voting Rate In 2012

16:44 [The Onion] Local Man Has No Idea What The Hell Is Going On In Hockey These Days

16:45 [Voice of America] Scientists Develop Experimental Vaccine Against Heroin

16:45 [Raw Story] Malcom X’s grandson Malcolm Shabazz killed in an apparent robbery attempt in Mexico

16:45 [Truthout] Behind the Cleveland Kidnappings, a Culture of "Toxic Masculinity" and Gender-Based Violence

16:46 [msnbc: politics] The Gaggle: Benghazi blame game

16:46 [msnbc: politics] Bipartisan group pushes bill aimed at improving mental health services

16:46 [msnbc: politics] Syria debate: Brzezinski says no intervention; Harman says 'ramp it up'

16:47 [zero hedge] Correlation Breaks Lead To Market Chaos

16:47 [CNN] Photos: Celebrities and their moms

16:48 [Deutsche Welle] Judges dismiss bias accusations in NSU case

16:50 [Truthout] Are the FBI and IRS Secretly Reading Your Email Without a Warrant?

16:50 [Truthout] Pulling the Trigger

16:50 [Truthout] New Era Windows Cooperative Is Open for Business in Chicago

16:51 [Fox News] Search ends for 2 Carnival cruise ship passengers

16:55 [Telegraph] How hackers defeated the ATM

16:55 [Telegraph] David Cameron says 'real progress' made with Vladimir Putin over Syria

16:55 [Telegraph] 'Spiritual sat nav' launched for British history

16:55 [Telegraph] Britain evacuates some diplomatic staff from Libya

16:58 [Reuters] Libyan police stations bombed, British embassy cuts staff

16:59 [CNN: Living] Man finds 306 carat opal

17:02 [Truthdig] Shot Down

17:02 [Truthdig] Shoot Your Ex-Girlfriend, Courtesy of the NRA

17:02 [Truthdig] Pecked

17:02 [Spiegel] Lost in Paradise: The Chained-Up Mentally Ill of Bali

17:03 [zero hedge] Abenomics Brings Currency Wars to G7 Talks

17:03 [zero hedge] IRS Admits, Apologizes For Targeting Conservatives During 2012 Election

17:04 [Russia Today] Radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada to return to Jordan if new treaty is ratified – lawyer

17:05 [CNN] Ariel Castro's alleged abuse, sadism is all too common

17:05 [CBC: politics] Canada's treatment of aboriginal people faces global scrutiny

17:06 [Middle East Monitor] Dr. Daud Abdullah: Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Naqab underscores meaning of 'Jewish State'

17:06 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Idol' original leaving show

17:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Photos: Our fave TV moms

17:06 [CNN: Entertainment] Robin Williams takes on Kim K.

17:06 [Good] One Way to Revolutionize How We Network at Conferences? Service Events

17:06 [Good] This Video Will Make You Happy, But This Teen Is Still Going to Die

17:06 [] Hungary convicts 3 men of anti-Semitic behavior at World Jewish Congress

17:07 [Financial Times] Bernanke warns on excessive risks

17:10 [Slashdot] Copyright Squabble Threatens Accessibility Boost for the Blind

17:10 [CNN: Money] Is Icahn (also) low-balling Dell?

17:10 [Raw Story] Conservatives Love Those Racist IQ Arguments, Don’t They?

17:10 [Raw Story] Dennis Rodman: ‘Obama can’t do sh*t’ about American prisoner in North Korea

17:10 [Raw Story] IRS apologizes for unfairly targeting conservative groups in 2012 election

17:10 [The Hindu - News] Pak cancels Ajmer pilgrimage

17:11 [Truthout] The Unhappy Marriage of Economics and Health Care

17:11 [Telegraph] Sketch: David Cameron takes tea with Putin

17:11 [CNN] Is in-jail night club Venezuelan inmates' latest perk?

17:12 [The Hindu - News] HC orders 3-phase rural polls in West Bengal

17:13 [CNN: Money] Fortune Brainstorm Podcast: Can Jamie Dimon tolerate a boss?

17:14 [Spiegel] Identity Issues: Dortmund's Punk Image at Odds�with Success

17:15 [Raw Story] Fox News says Republicans ‘free to use’ its ‘ad’ attacking Hillary over Benghazi

17:15 [Voice of America] US And Britain Withdraw Some Diplomats From Libya

17:15 [CNN] Photos: Whose momma is that?

17:15 [Reuters] Germany arrests two Dutch suspected of cyber crime bank heist

17:15 [Reuters] Russia says no new plan to sell air defense systems to Syria

17:16 [BBC: Also in the news] 10 things we didn't know last week

17:17 [Big Think] Native-Language Computers Are Bringing More Asians Online

17:17 [Big Think] A 60 Second Commencement Address

17:17 [CNN: Money] Scenes from a $45 million bank heist

17:17 [CNN: Money] Wanted: Data scientists. No math chops? No problem.

17:17 [AL JAZEERA] S Africa platinum giant plans major job cuts

17:18 [The Hindu - News] Cops protecting Ishrat case accused: Gujarat HC

17:19 [CNET News] Low Latency No. 61: The dark side

17:19 [Russia Today] Bangladeshi woman pulled out ‘unharmed’ after surviving for 17 days in collapsed building (VIDEO)

17:21 [Fox News: politics] Benghazi talking points reportedly revised 12 times, official 'concerned' they would hurt State

17:21 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israel angry with Scottish Church report criticising its policies

17:25 [Voice of America] International Space Station Crew Looking to Fix Ammonia Leak

17:25 [Telegraph] College launches UK's first Heavy Metal degree

17:25 [msnbc: politics] IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

17:25 [BBC: Education] 11-year-olds face new grammar test

17:27 [Slate Magazine] Are Tiger Mothers (Literally, Tiger Mothers) Good Mothers?

17:28 [CNN: Crime] Teen charged with murder in case of missing Georgia student

17:28 [CNN: Crime] Paternity test for Ariel Castro

17:28 [CNN: Crime] Dodged the cops, nabbed by gator

17:28 [CNN: Crime] Jodi Arias case bumps a bigger story

17:28 [CNN: Crime] Care more about white women?

17:29 [Russia Today] Hey Uncle Sam: Where’s our Red Square parade?

17:30 [Mother Jones] The 7 Craziest Chinese Petitions Submitted to the White House

17:30 [Mother Jones] Controlling Medicare Costs is Now Un-American

17:31 [CNN: Crime] Rios Montt rejects genocide charges as history-making trial nears end

17:32 [Reuters] Turkey uncovers alleged plot to kill Orthodox patriarch

17:34 [CNN: Money] Where workers are vanishing

17:35 [CNET News] Bill Gates and learning from Leonardo da Vinci

17:36 [American Independent] Colorado ‘treatment’ center held mentally disabled teen in solitary for 25 days

17:37 [Truthdig] Benghazi Tiger

17:37 [Truthdig] Another Trap

17:37 [Truthdig] My First Rifle

17:37 [Truthdig] Immigration Reform

17:38 [AL JAZEERA] S Korea president sacks chief spokesman

17:38 [Fox News: politics] Volunteers to do flyovers at Air Force Academy graduation, after budget cuts

17:38 [Fox News: politics] IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

17:38 [Fox News: politics] Obama Seeks to Calm Jitters on his Health Law

17:38 [CNN] DNA test shows captor fathered girl, Ohio AG's office says

17:40 [Slashdot] John McCain Working On Legislation For 'a La Carte' TV Channel Packages

17:40 [CNN] After 16 days buried in Bangladesh: 'I'm alive!'

17:40 [CNN] Aesha's progress: A nose nearly complete

17:40 [CNN] 7 don't-miss U.S. beer fests

17:41 [] Russia says no new plan to sell air defense systems to Syria

17:42 [CNN] Source: Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried in Virginia cemetery

17:43 [CNN: Crime] DNA test shows captor fathered girl

17:43 [CNN: Crime] The psychology of abuse

17:43 [Deutsche Welle] ICC rejects call for Kenya charges to be dropped

17:43 [BBC: Science & Environment] Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark

17:44 [CNET News] India investigates Huawei, ZTE gear -- report

17:44 [Fox News] INTEL ALTERED?Emails Challenge Official Story on Benghazi Memos

17:44 [Fox News] 'ATTEMPT TO CONTROL?' Feds Scrub 3D Gun Plans From Web, Designer Says

17:44 [Fox News] THEY'RE WATCHING:Info Trove From Cameras Prompts LAPD Lawsuit

17:45 [Raw Story] Minnesota Republican: ‘My heart breaks’ over same sex marriage win

17:47 [Voice of America] Britain, Russia Agree on 'Urgent' Push for Syrian Talks

17:47 [CNN] Criminal probe started in Texas fertilizer plant blast

17:48 [NPR] 'Monkeemobile' Creator Dean Jeffries Dies

17:48 [Fox News: politics] Postal Service reports $1.9B second quarter loss

17:48 [Fox News: politics] Prince Harry salutes war dead at Arlington cemetery

17:48 [CNN: Health] Getting fit after baby

17:48 [CNN: Health] She's got the band behind her

17:48 [CNN: Health] Women pioneers in medicine

17:48 [CNN: Health] Coke tackling obesity

17:48 [CNN: Health] Coca-Cola pledges to tackle obesity

17:49 [Reuters] Up to 40,000 flee rebel assault in central Sudan: U.N.

17:49 [Voice of America] 4 Killed in Run-up to Pakistan Election

17:52 [CNN: Money] Stocks falter near record highs

17:52 [CNN] Women pioneers in medicine

17:53 [Deutsche Welle] No easy way out for Slovenia

17:57 [Slate Magazine] The Salvation of Japan

17:58 [CNN] Photos: Whose mama is that?

17:59 [CNN: Money] So who's making money publishing on the web?

18:00 [Reuters] Kidnap suspect is father of child born in captivity: Ohio official

18:00 [zero hedge] EURUSD's Worst Week In Six But European Stocks/Sovereigns Surge

18:01 [Disinformation] Are We Headed For An Existence Without Sleep?

18:02 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Hockey Stick: The Most Controversial Chart in Science, Explained

18:02 [Spiegel] Picture This: Miracle in Bangladesh

18:03 [CNN: Travel] 7 don't-miss U.S. beer fests

18:04 [CBC: politics] Canada years behind allies in global tax investigation

18:04 [CNN: Travel] Gatsby glam: 8 grand estates

18:04 [zero hedge] Italian Bad Loans Re-Accelerate - Up 21.7% YoY

18:04 [CNN] Minnesota House approves same-sex marriage bill

18:05 [Russia Today] Closer to god: Tajik president’s speech to be explained in mosques

18:05 [Financial Times] Cameron claims same Syria aims as Putin

18:06 [Financial Times] Singapore death inquiry prepares to open

18:08 [NPR] Sago, An Ancient Chinese Starch, Endures In Asian Cooking

18:08 [Fox News: politics] New York judge refuses to suspend Plan B ruling

18:08 [CNET News] Save 20 percent on an Une Bobine flexible charging stand

18:09 [msnbc: politics] Political Minute: Benghazi Divides

18:09 [msnbc: politics] How presidents become trapped by the White House

18:09 [msnbc: politics] Is this immigration bill the best hope for reform?

18:09 [CNN: Health] 'They call me burnt toast'

18:09 [CNN] 'They call me burnt toast'

18:10 [Anarchist news] A Few Points of Clarification on the Current State of Repression: Some thoughts on Rebellion and Clandestinity

18:11 [Telegraph] Des Lynam reveals he voted Ukip

18:11 [Telegraph] South Korean president fires her spokesman after 'unsavoury' incident

18:11 [Telegraph] Angry clashes at Jerusalem's Western Wall

18:15 [Fin24 News] Shocked miners plan next Amplats move

18:15 [CNET News] Google builds push notifications into Chrome, Chrome OS

18:15 [CNET News] Lumia 928's quiet unveil breaks from past Verizon launches

18:16 [AL JAZEERA] Russia and UK meet to talk Syria transition

18:17 [CNET News] In Montreal, vintage cigarette machines sell indy art

18:20 [Raw Story] Texas opens criminal investigation into fertilizer plant explosion

18:20 [Raw Story] Prince Harry honors fallen U.S. soldiers

18:22 [Reuters] Assad and Nasrallah threaten new front line in Golan

18:22 [CNN: Money] How Zuckerberg's political group plays both sides

18:22 [Spiegel] Intervention Debate: Experts Warn Against Syrian Adventure

18:23 [BBC: Entertainment] One World Trade Center spire fitted

18:23 [CNN] Prince Harry's next visit to the United States

18:26 [BBC: Entertainment] India court rejects Sanjay Dutt plea

18:26 [CNN: Money] Tesla stock up 40% this week

18:28 [NPR] Like 'Lazarus,' Mark Sanford Returns To Office

18:28 [NPR] Does It Matter That 'Hero' Charles Ramsey Has A Criminal Past?

18:28 [NPR] Immigration Comments Touch Nerve With 'Diverse' Canadians

18:28 [Deutsche Welle] Pirate party congress opens in Neumarkt

18:29 [CNET News] Amazon Glass: The ultimate shopping experience

18:30 [CNN: Crime] Source: Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried in Virginia cemetery

18:30 [CNN: Crime] Criminal probe started in Texas fertilizer plant blast

18:30 [Slashdot] Transfusions Reverse Aging Effects On Hearts In Mice

18:30 [Mother Jones] ABC News Reveals Drafts of Benghazi Talking Points

18:31 [Fin24 News] Gordhan: Africa must plug cash leakage

18:31 [CNN: Crime] Arias case bumps a bigger story

18:31 [Voice of America] One World Trade Center

18:31 [zero hedge] Bill Gross Tweets "Bond Bull Market Dead" Even As PIMCO Loads Up On Most Government Bonds In Three Years

18:32 [Slate Magazine] Air Assault

18:34 [AL JAZEERA] India rail minister quits amid bribery claims

18:35 [Russia Today] Florida scientifically engineers insects to fight incurable citrus disease

18:38 [Fox News: politics] US military units put on alert as security situation deteriorates in Libyan capital

18:38 [Moral Low Ground] New Research Finds Habitual Marijuana Consumption Not Linked to Lung Cancer

18:39 [CBC: politics] Canada-EU trade talks hung up on beef market access issue

18:41 [Reuters: politics] U.S. will be able to keep borrowing into September: Lew

18:41 [CNN: Money] Scenes from a $45 million heist

18:41 [CNN: Money] General Motors' $6 billion truck

18:42 [Truthdig] Woman Found Alive in Garment Factory Rubble

18:43 [NPR] Criminal Probe Launched In Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast

18:43 [NPR] Grandson Of Malcolm X Was Reportedly Killed In Mexico

18:43 [NPR] 'Dangerous Territory:' Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Iconic High

18:44 [Telegraph] New York's One World Trade Center reaches its full height

18:44 [Telegraph] Alfredo Di Stefano's family campaign against marriage to younger bride

18:44 [Telegraph] Warning over 'seriously flawed' NHS 111 line

18:45 [Spiegel] Heavy Metal on the High Seas: A Cruise for Hard Rock Fans

18:45 [CNN] Vettel outpaces home hero Alonso in Spanish Grand Prix practice

18:46 [] New Constitutional Convention Urged to End 'Democracy's Destruction'

18:47 [Big Think] New Study Offers More Evidence Of Nanotechnology Risks

18:47 [Big Think] Embodied Cognition and Design: A New Approach and Vocabulary

18:47 [Voice of America] Boston Bombing Suspect Buried in Muslim Cemetery

18:49 [Fox News] New Details Challenge Administration Claims on Disputed Benghazi Memos

18:49 [Fox News] EXPLOSIVES HEIST: Over 1/4 Ton of Material Swiped From Fed Facility

18:49 [Fox News] PACKING FOR SCHOOL:Pa. University Lifts BanOn Guns in Open Areas

18:49 [CNN: Money] Priceline (and Shatner) can't lose: Stock up 4%

18:50 [Reuters] Army shelling kills 25 in Syrian town after truce ends

18:50 [Anarchist news] Together, We Can Get Free: A Review of Towards Collective Liberation, by Chris Crass

18:50 [Raw Story] Texas mom treats son with WebMD after he’s shot by her friend

18:55 [The Onion] Magazine: The Secret To Looking And Feeling 45

18:57 [Guardian] Ohio suspect Ariel Castro is father of Amanda Berry's daughter, tests confirm

18:58 [NPR] IRS Apologizes For Singling Out Tea Party And Patriot Groups

18:58 [NPR] How New York Became One Of The Most Corrupt States

18:58 [NPR] Kids With Autism Quick To Detect Motion

18:59 [CNN] Uncle: Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried in Virginia cemetery

19:00 [CNET News] Why no iTunes for Windows 8 shouldn't surprise you

19:00 [CNET News] The Pirate Bay now hosting banned 3D printed gun files

19:00 [Mother Jones] Finally, a Real Scandal For Conservatives to Chew On

19:01 [Disinformation] Catholic Church Officially Declares Devotion to Santa Muerte Blasphemous

19:02 [zero hedge] Hugh Hendry: Japan's 'Reflationary' Gain "Is The Last Thing The Global Economy Needs"

19:02 [Slate Magazine] The "Is Anyone Too Fat to Be President?" Gabfest

19:09 [The Atlantic: International] Why Kerry Was Wrong to Say the Two-State Solution is Nearly Dead

19:10 [msnbc: politics] How to sell Obamacare

19:10 [msnbc: politics] Dems, White House blast GOP for obstructionism

19:12 [This Magazine] FTW Friday: Exploitative “Border Security” episode won’t air

19:12 [zero hedge] Guest Post: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Next Bull Market

19:12 [AL JAZEERA] Ohio suspect confirmed as victim's father

19:14 [Telegraph] Angry clashes at Jerusalem's Western Wall

19:15 [Russia Today] The US government might be the biggest hacker in the world

19:15 [Fin24 News] Facebook eyes $1bn Waze deal

19:16 [Fox News] Busting Mom's Medical Myths

19:16 [Fox News] Hollywood Big Child Porn Plea

19:16 [Fox News] Crowdfunding Is New Bake Sale

19:16 [Fox News] Randy Quits 'Idol'

19:16 [Fox News] Where Gatsby Would Drink

19:16 [Fox News] Rev Up Your Metabolism

19:17 [The Atlantic: Politics] Americans Aren't Really Paying Attention to the Gosnell Case

19:18 [CNN] Danube: 'Blue motorway' to prosperity?

19:18 [Financial Times] Woman found alive in Dhaka factory rubble

19:20 [Slashdot] Space Station Crew Prepare For Emergency Spacewalk

19:20 [CBC: politics] Search terms show which issues - and MPs - on Tory radar

19:21 [Global Voices] Turkmen Pop Music: Make Love, Not Politics

19:22 [CNN] Nelson Mandela Fast Facts

19:25 [Raw Story] U.S. monitors: Carbon dioxide in atmosphere hits historic high

19:25 [Raw Story] Germany still has to recover from ‘intellectual decapitation’ in World War II

19:25 [Raw Story] Judge blasts Obama administration request for a stay to his Plan B as ‘alternative reality’

19:25 [Voice of America] Moscow Says 'Not Planning' New Missile Sale to Syria

19:26 [The Onion] Sportsgraphic: LeBron James' Career Highlights So Far

19:26 [The Onion] 29-Year-Old Has Been Going To Different Friend's Wedding Every Weekend For Past 3 Years

19:26 [] Big Dem Donors: This Is Our Last Chance, Obama! Kill Keystone XL

19:27 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan set for poll under civilian watch

19:27 [Voice of America] Woman Rescued From Bangladesh Disaster Rubble

19:29 [Deutsche Welle] Masiyiwa: 'Africa has every reason to be optimistic'

19:29 [Deutsche Welle] Nixed 'Tannhäuser' - a blow to artistic freedom?äuser-a-blow-to-artistic-freedom/a-16805575?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:29 [CNN] Simpson 'an understated, hugely talented sailor'

19:30 [Russia Today] ‘Dash for gas’: Fracking flares to light up the British countryside

19:30 [CNET News] Bing adds more Facebook to search

19:31 [Disinformation] Charles Ramsey’s “Dead Giveaway” Video

19:31 [Guardian] NHS 111 non-emergency helpline in chaos, say doctors

19:31 [Guardian] Jimmy Savile: police apologise for blunders that left him free to abuse

19:31 [Guardian] Former judge to examine role of police corruption in murder investigation

19:31 [Global Voices] RuNet Apprehensive over Surkov's Dismissal, End of Political Era

19:32 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Alan Singer: Reclaiming the Conversation on Education

19:32 [zero hedge] US Alerts Two "Elite Military Units" To Be On Standby Over Deteriorating Libyan Situation

19:32 [The Progressive] Lesson of Bangladesh: Pressure Clothing Companies

19:32 [The Atlantic: Politics] Scrubbing the Truth from Benghazi

19:33 [NPR] Will Imran Khan Shake Up Pakistani Politics This Time?

19:33 [The Hindu - News] Posco welcomes Supreme Court order

19:33 [Amnesty International] Egypt: Release teacher accused of blasphemy

19:36 [] The 'Fight for 15' Grows: Fast Food Worker Strike Hits Detroit

19:37 [Truthdig] Pakistani Court: U.S. Drone Strikes Are War Crimes

19:38 [msnbc: politics] NBC: New information on Benghazi talking points

19:39 [The Hindu - News] Factory output grows 2.5 %

19:41 [Global Voices] Mozambique: Information Leak Raises Fears Over Land Grabs

19:42 [The Atlantic: In Focus] A Trip to South Korea

19:42 [Financial Times] Bernanke warns on excessive risk

19:43 [zero hedge] The IRS Explains Its Targeting Of Conservatives

19:44 [Moral Low Ground] Bangladesh Factory Collapse Survivor Reshma Begum Pulled From Rubble after 17 Days

19:47 [CNN] Somali president defies Al-Shabaab by attending an event in Mogadishu

19:47 [CNN] Some fliers admit leaving devices on in flight

19:47 [Big Think] Must-See Video of High Frequency Robot Trading

19:47 [Big Think] Men Fading Badly?

19:47 [Big Think] Men Fading Badly?

19:47 [Big Think] Men Fading Badly?

19:50 [Raw Story] Bloomberg reporters accused of spying on Goldman Sachs traders

19:50 [Reuters: politics] Tax officials cite momentum, challenges in tax revamp

19:51 [CNET News] Klipsch, Monoprice settle patent dispute over speakers

19:52 [The Hindu - News] Cyber-thieves snatched $45 million via Indian back office

19:52 [CNN] Famous daughters: 'What I learned from my mom'

19:52 [CNN: Money] 11 cities where workers are vanishing

19:53 [NPR] Teenage Diaries Revisited: Mother And Son Listen To The Past

19:53 [Guardian] Labour 'must prepare for coalition talks' with Lib Dems, says Adonis

19:53 [Fin24 News] Gang steals $45m worldwide through ATMs

19:53 [Amnesty International] Sudanese activist held incommunicado at risk of torture

19:55 [Reuters] Police stations bombed, British embassy cuts Libya staff

19:56 [The Hindu - News] Hizbollah vows to recover Golan

19:56 [Infoshop] Mining resistance - Action Camp in Finnish North Karelia

19:56 [Campaign For Liberty] Mel Watt, Unfit to Serve

19:59 [Guardian] David Cameron may vote for amendment to his own Queen's speech

20:00 [Telegraph] Andrew Simpson

20:00 [Telegraph] 'Seven dog years' myth exposed

20:00 [Telegraph] Metropolitan Police must change way it deals with mental illness, panel says

20:00 [Telegraph] Health and Safety Executive debunks myths

20:00 [The Hindu - News] Glimmer of hope in Syria

20:00 [Raw Story] Student parents face shrinking child care funding at community colleges

20:00 [Slashdot] Researchers Are Developing Ad Hoc Networks For Car-To-Car Data Exchange

20:00 [CNET News] Amazon cloud photos app hits iOS, syncs with camera roll

20:00 [Mother Jones] Chart of the Day: Student Loan Debt Crowing Out Mortgages

20:00 [Mother Jones] Judge: Obama Admin.'s Emergency Contraception Argument Is "Something Out of an Alternate Reality"

20:02 [The Atlantic: Technology] How to Fight Revenge Porn

20:02 [The Atlantic: Technology] How to Not Be a Jerk When It's Raining

20:03 [CBC: politics] NRC teams up on CO2-eating algae farm

20:05 [Mostly Water] She’s No Terrorist: The Bizarre Move by the FBI Against Assata Shakur

20:06 [Disinformation] U. G. Krishnamurti: The Mystique of Enlightenment

20:06 [Reuters: politics] IRS admits scrutiny of conservative groups was wrong

20:06 [Good] Watch: Psychedelic Animation Made from Nothing But Coffee and White-out

20:09 [CNN: Crime] Nun, activists face prison time for nuclear breach

20:10 [CNN] Marines on alert if U.S. personnel evacuate Libya

20:10 [Raw Story] Lebanese director: Arab League blocked my film because I ‘set foot’ in Israel

20:10 [Raw Story] India accounts for a quarter of cervical cancer deaths thanks to stigma

20:12 [zero hedge] HoTRoDDInG THe PoNZi FiNaNCiaL SYsTeM...

20:12 [zero hedge] Gold ETF Holdings Rise Most In 7 Months

20:12 [] On 1st of Sivan, 5773, Women of the Wall became a legitimate stream of Judaism

20:12 [] Lapid: People protesting Israel's new budget are demonstrating against themselves

20:14 [CNN: Health] 'I couldn't walk': Woman loses 276 lbs

20:14 [CNN: Health] How could woman survive 16 days in rubble?

20:15 [Raw Story] Bachmann: 9/11 and Banghazi attacks were ‘judgment’ from God

20:15 [Slashdot] Japan Planning Exascale Computer For 2020

20:16 [CNET News] Google's mobile Web sites 30% faster this year

20:16 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad's hospital choultries provide little for kin of patients

20:16 [The Hindu - News] Bansal, Ashwani put in their papers

20:17 [Big Think] Changing Video Game Progress Based On Player Sweat

20:20 [Voice of America] Umbilical Cord Cleanser Cuts Infant Mortality

20:20 [Financial Times] Obama hits back over healthcare reform

20:21 [Financial Times] Bulgaria set for election turbulence as angry voters stay away

20:21 [Financial Times] Foes use Benghazi raid to target Clinton

20:21 [Financial Times] Pakistan mosques echo Taliban message

20:21 [Infoshop] Review of Volume 2 of the Anarchist FAQ

20:22 [Slate Magazine] Should Ariel Castro Be Prosecuted for Fetal Homicide?

20:22 [Slate Magazine] The IQ Test

20:24 [The Hindu - News] This summer, kids take to writing software

20:25 [Mostly Water] U.S. Prepares War With Syria As Pro-U.S. Opposition Loses Ground

20:25 [Russia Today] 'Russia and UK both interested in ending Syrian violence' – Putin

20:26 [CNN: Entertainment] Photos: Our picks for the next 'American Idol' judges

20:27 [The Progressive] Galeano's Indignation

20:27 [msnbc: politics] Republicans gearing up for debt limit fight

20:27 [msnbc: politics] What defines millennial generation depends on who you ask

20:27 [msnbc: politics] Will 38 times be the charm on repealing the health care bill?

20:27 [msnbc: politics] What gerrymandering means for 2014

20:29 [CBC: politics] Family reunification program reforms to prevent abuse

20:30 [Topix Activism News] 'Iran's Lech Walesa' Says He Left Country After Death Threats

20:30 [Slashdot] Spoiler Alert: Smart Kids Become Successful Adults

20:32 [Telegraph] Bangladesh survivor: how Reshma Akhter thought she'd never see daylight again

20:32 [msnbc: politics] First Read Minute: Immigration remains focus in Congress

20:33 [The Hindu - News] Vegetable rates in Hyderabad hit the roof

20:33 [The Hindu - News] This summer, Hyderabad's kids take to writing software

20:34 [AL JAZEERA] Muslim cleric sets terms for return to Jordan

20:35 [Russia Today] Rand Paul alleges CIA smuggled weapons through Benghazi

20:36 [Good] The Eight Most Inspiring Mothers in Contemporary Art

20:39 [The Hindu - Opinion] Minorities in a Naya Pakistan

20:39 [The Hindu - News] Family planning hits a new low in Ranga Reddy district

20:41 [The Hindu - Opinion] Dubious distinction

20:42 [CNN: Money] Why your inbox is being flooded by LinkedIn

20:42 [AL JAZEERA] Texas launches criminal probe into Waco blast

20:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] An embarrassment

20:43 [The Hindu - Opinion] Fishermen issue

20:43 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] Pakistan: More than 110 Treated for Blast Wounds Ahead of Elections

20:43 [Guardian] Canadian mobsters killed in 'old-fashioned' Sicilian mafia hit

20:43 [Guardian] Bangladesh factory: woman found alive in rubble 17 days after collapse

20:44 [Fox News: politics] US Treasury reports $113B surplus in April

20:45 [The Hindu - News] Transit accommodation for Hyderabad slum dwellers on the cards

20:45 [Russia Today] Elderly nun to await sentencing for nuclear protest in jail

20:45 [Russia Today] Cameron dismissing UN’s finding on chemical weapons in Syria ‘completely out of step’

20:47 [The Hindu - News] 30-year-old mentally retarded woman raped in Hyderabad

20:47 [] Netanyahu to meet with Putin in Moscow, discuss Russian arms sales to Syria

20:47 [Mostly Water] Dear Enbridge: "I Will Never Allow You to Make Me Your Token Native Poster Boy Again"

20:48 [Voice of America] Syria's Chemical Weapons Vulnerable as Conflict Widens

20:48 [NPR] Boston Bombing Suspect Buried In Secret At Virginia Cemetary

20:50 [CNN] Great all-inclusive cruises

20:50 [CNN] Behind the scenes: Training for a triathlon

20:50 [Raw Story] Raul Castro’s daughter calls for ‘conga’ dance against homophobia in Cuba

20:50 [Raw Story] Roman police arrest street performer for dressing like John Paul II

20:51 [The Hindu - Opinion] Time to go unilateral

20:51 [CNN: Money] Bangladesh pay hike would put pennies on a shirt

20:51 [The Hindu - News] Three teenagers held for old woman’s murder

20:52 [CNN: Politics] Marines on alert if U.S. personnel evacuate Libya

20:52 [CNN: Politics] Facebook page comes down after threat to lawmaker

20:53 [The Hindu - Opinion] Two down, what next?

20:55 [Guardian] Andrew Simpson's death prompts full review by America's Cup team

20:55 [Guardian] Skateboarders form village green preservation society for Southbank

20:55 [Guardian] Police investigating sexual abuse at music schools arrest double bass player

20:57 [Reuters] Republicans slam IRS on 'Tea Party' targeting

20:57 [Reuters] Obama launches health program sales campaign

20:58 [CNN] Group saves Tesla science lab, but more work to come

20:58 [CNN] Opinion: Missing persons could be right next door

20:58 [zero hedge] David Einhorn's Q1 Investor Letter: "Under The Circumstances, It Is Curious That Gold Isn’t Doing Better."

20:58 [NPR] Boston Bombing Suspect Buried In Secret At Virginia Cemetery

20:58 [NPR] Atop A Hawaiian Mountain, A Constant Sniff For Carbon Dioxide

20:59 [The Hindu - News] Hospital held responsible for patient’s death

21:01 [Mother Jones] Yesterday Was 400 ppm Day

21:01 [Mother Jones] Friday Cat Blogging - 10 May 2013

21:01 [CBC: politics] Border fee for Canadians banned by U.S. senators

21:01 [Disinformation] 83-Year-Old Nun Receives 20-Year Prison Sentence For Civil Disobedience At Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility

21:01 [Disinformation] Obama’s Science Czar John P. Holdren Confronted on Population Control

21:01 [CNN: Money] The new Android: What we want

21:02 [Reuters: politics] Obama launches health program sales campaign

21:02 [Reuters: politics] Republicans slam IRS on 'Tea Party' targeting

21:02 [The Onion] Font Too Small

21:02 [The Onion] Opinion: The 'Great Gatsby' Movie Was Nowhere Near As Good As The Book 'The Hit' By David Baldacci (by Matt Rosensteele)

21:05 [Russia Today] ‘Kosovo is Serbia’: Thousands protest implementation of ‘normalizing ties’ deal

21:05 [Raw Story] India’s ‘Red Brigade’ fights to change the country’s rape culture

21:06 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Miles Jackson, Skating for Change

21:07 [CBC: politics] Family reunification changes target 'abuse of generosity'

21:08 [Fin24 News] E-tolls hit a speed bump

21:09 [The Atlantic: International] South Korea's Not-Really-Iron Lady

21:09 [The Hindu - News] Traffic snarls in city threaten Eamcet dreams

21:10 [Reuters: politics] U.S. senators press Homeland Security on UAE airport agreement

21:10 [Russia Today] 'Mounting evidence' links Tsarnaev brothers to earlier triple homicide

21:10 [Russia Today] West, Texas explosion frst responder charged with possession of pipe bomb

21:10 [CNET News] Google Drive documents list goes empty for users

21:11 [CNN: Health] Behind the scenes: Training for a triathlon

21:11 [CNN: Health] What parents should know about food allergies

21:11 [zero hedge] The BTFD Strategy Has Never Worked Better (But Beware)

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Phalke award comes to Pran at his home

21:13 [Reuters] Pakistan marks democratic milestone in close-fought election

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Comet unlikely to affect Mars Orbiter mission: ISRO

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Metro link to airport to take shape soon

21:14 [CNN] Gupta: How could woman survive 16 days in rubble?

21:15 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Email Encryption Gateway For a Small Business?

21:15 [CNN] Nadal battles past Ferrer; Serena and Sharapova heading for showdown

21:15 [CNN] Obama administration e-mails raise new questions on Benghazi

21:15 [Raw Story] Plants use underground fungus network send ‘distress signals’ to each other

21:15 [Raw Story] Noam Chomsky was behind lobby to get Stephen Hawking to boycott Israel conference

21:16 [AL JAZEERA] Italian phone giant fined in market probe

21:17 [Truthdig] More Than $100 Billion in Subsidies for Too Big to Fail Banks

21:17 [CNN: Health] These women changed medicine

21:18 [CNN: Money] Bloom Energy raises $130 million

21:19 [Reuters] Pressure rises on White House after Benghazi emails

21:20 [The Hindu - News] Rural Mission to be executed in phased manner

21:22 [The Hindu - News] Policeman shot dead in Pulwama

21:22 [Mostly Water] Quebec Cops Charged in Violent Arrest Caught on Video

21:22 [Slate Magazine] An Interview with Sir Alex Ferguson

21:23 [NPR] Judge Denies Administration's Request To Delay Plan-B Ruling

21:24 [Guardian] Conscious computing: how to take control of your life online

21:24 [Fox News: politics] Airport towers slated for closure to remain open

21:24 [The Hindu - News] GMR throws weight behind Metro link to airport

21:24 [The Hindu - News] Madhu Koda surrenders before court

21:24 [AL JAZEERA] Violence mars Pakistan's last campaign day

21:24 [Voice of America] New Yorkers Share Mom’s Wisdom

21:25 [The Onion] American Voices: Florida Restaurant Discontinues Lion-Meat Tacos

21:25 [Reuters: politics] Pressure rises on White House after Benghazi emails

21:25 [The Hindu - Opinion] Time to let the caged bird sing

21:30 [Reuters] Benghazi emails put pressure on White House

21:30 [Reuters] U.S. cancels plan to close control towers at smaller airports

21:31 [zero hedge] Previewing The Market's "Taper" Tantrum

21:33 [CNN: Crime] County caught off guard by Boston bombing suspect's burial

21:33 [Financial Times] Azevêdo faces trade talks challenge

21:34 [Reuters: politics] U.S. cancels plan to close control towers at smaller airports

21:34 [Reuters: politics] Benghazi emails put pressure on White House

21:34 [The Hindu - News] Modi govt. shielding policemen, says court

21:36 [AL JAZEERA] Saudi threatens illegal workers with prison

21:36 [Voice of America] Turkey Mulls Constitutional Reform in Light of Talks with Kurdish Rebels

21:36 [Good] GOOD 100: Meet Victoria Hale, Healthcare Champion for Women

21:37 [CNN: Politics] Obama administration e-mails raise new questions on Benghazi

21:37 [The Hindu - Opinion] Cash transfers are bad for food security

21:39 [Moral Low Ground] Newark Archdiocese Pays $650,000 to Victims of Pedophile Priest Rev. Carmen Sita

21:40 [Guardian] Ohio prosecutors face hurdles in Ariel Castro death penalty pursuit

21:40 [Russia Today] First responder at West, Texas explosion charged with possession of pipe bomb

21:42 [Voice of America] Moscow Says 'Not Planning' New Missile Sale to Syria

21:42 [The Hindu - News] Helping them make informed choice

21:42 [The Hindu - News] Jundal’s father alleges mental harassment of son

21:44 [The Hindu - News] Power outage pulls plug on water supply in Kochi

21:44 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: 'Bill Bailey inspired Born Slippy'

21:44 [CNN] Criminal probe started into Texas fertilizer plant blast

21:45 [Raw Story] UN governments agree to phase out toxic chemical HBCD

21:46 [AL JAZEERA] Carbon dioxide levels hit historic high

21:46 [The Hindu - News] Red-faced Congress axes Ashwani Kumar, Bansal

21:48 [The Hindu - News] Decibel meter to rein in honking

21:49 [CNET News] Techno-circus brings robots, lasers to the big tent

21:49 [CNET News] Reset Print System routine helps you help your printer

21:49 [msnbc: politics] With a Mother's Day peg, Obama defends health care law against 'misinformation'

21:49 [msnbc: politics] Kerry: 'I haven't really learned anything new' from Benghazi hearings

21:49 [msnbc: politics] 'House of Cards' actress lends her voice to the Congo

21:49 [msnbc: politics] Immigration bill survives first round of GOP amendments

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Crime against women down in city, say police

21:50 [The Hindu - News] Kanda charged with rape, abetting suicide

21:50 [Raw Story] U.S. to return more stolen dinosaur skeletons to Mongolia

21:51 [CNN: Living] 'Thrones' inspires baby name

21:52 [The Hindu - News] Lissy Sojan remanded

21:55 [CNN] Shadow threatens anti-trafficker's greatest moment

21:56 [The Hindu - News] Another child dies; malnutrition death toll goes up to 35

21:59 [Deutsche Welle] Putting a stop to nuclear smugglers

21:59 [The Hindu - Opinion] An Indian winter

21:59 [CNET News] BotObjects 3D printer promises huge leap forward, attracts skeptics

22:00 [The Hindu - News] DMK chief moves Supreme Court on Katchatheevu

22:01 [Disinformation] Kim Dotcom Accuses Federal Prosecutors of Conspiracy

22:03 [zero hedge] Where In The World Are The Millionaires Hiding?

22:04 [CBC: politics] More money for government ads in budget supplement

22:04 [Voice of America] UN Reportedly Has Testimony That Syrian Rebels Used Sarin

22:04 [Telegraph] Texas fertiliser factory blast: police launch criminal investigation into explosion that killed 15

22:04 [Telegraph] Family disappointment as police drop investigation into pensioner who starved to death

22:04 [Telegraph] Church school demand triggers middle class 'rush to the font'

22:04 [The Hindu - News] T.N. has no right, says Devananda

22:08 [Voice of America] Washington, D.C.: China Increasingly Uneasy With North Korea

22:08 [Reuters] Wounded Syrians show signs of chemical attack, Turkey says

22:09 [The Atlantic: International] Better Safety in Bangladesh Could Raise Clothing Prices by About 25 Cents

22:10 [Slashdot] Realtime GPU Audio

22:10 [Raw Story] Blueprints for 3-D printable handgun take refuge in Pirate Bay file-sharing site

22:10 [Raw Story] Manhattan soothsayer pleaded guilty to swindling client out of $650,000

22:12 [CBC: politics] Don't bring parents here for welfare, Kenney tells immigrants

22:13 [The Hindu - News] SIM used in Malleswaram blast in Bangalore belonged to RSS leader

22:14 [Guardian] Co-operative Bank rushes to reassure customers after downgrade

22:14 [Voice of America] New Anti-Cocaine Vaccine Passes Key Test

22:15 [Raw Story] Fast-food worker wage protests spread to Detroit and St. Louis

22:15 [CNET News] The 404 1,268: Where we buy beats behind bars (podcast)

22:17 [Fin24 News] Dark days for Amplats workers

22:17 [] In 'March Toward Disaster,' World Hits 400 PPM Milestone

22:17 [] 'Gitmo is Cancer': Panel Urges Washington to End Indefinite Detention

22:19 [The Hindu - News] Parties satisfied with EVM with paper trail

22:20 [Russia Today] Two boys suspended for pointing pencils like guns

22:20 [Telegraph] Ayatollah Khamenei looks to tighten grip on Iran as acolytes line up for election

22:21 [CNN: Money] Stocks hit new highs during three week winning streak

22:22 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Film Review - this week's releases

22:23 [The Hindu - News] Trafficked, confined and raped in the heart of Delhi

22:23 [NPR] Benghazi Schools Obama In The Politics Of Scandal

22:24 [The Onion] Man Does Good Job Getting Drunk

22:27 [The Hindu - News] Boundary tensions challenge Li Keqiang’s visit

22:28 [CNET News] Weekend fun: Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles is free for iOS

22:29 [CNN] After 16 days buried in Bangladesh: 'Save me!'

22:30 [Reuters] Texas responder to fertilizer blast arrested on pipe bomb charge

22:31 [CBC: politics] 6 surprising things in the Senate expense audits

22:31 [CNN: Money] Stocks: New highs in three week winning streak

22:32 [zero hedge] Closing Ramp Sends S&P To Fresh Record Amid Cross Asset Chaos

22:33 [The Hindu - News] Pilot project for LPG subsidy transfer cleared

22:34 [Voice of America] Texas Paramedic Charged In Connection With Fertilizer Plant Explosion

22:36 [Disinformation] Paramedic Who Responded to Fertilizer Plant Explosion Charged with Possession of Pipe Bomb Components

22:37 [The Hindu - News] Setback to Mamata as court rules in favour of 3-phase polls

22:39 [msnbc: politics] How much are Benghazi hearings aimed at tarnishing Clinton?

22:39 [msnbc: politics] US, Russia seek to bring Assad regime, rebels to bargaining table

22:39 [The Hindu - News] Mamata sees a conspiracy

22:40 [Guardian] Horsemeat scandal: fear that culprits will not face justice

22:41 [CNET News] Pete Rose, Rob Schneider mock Google for Microsoft Office

22:41 [Reuters] Boston Marathon bomb suspect buried in Virginia

22:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Photos: Whose mama is that?

22:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Who should judge 'Idol'?

22:41 [CNN: Entertainment] Luhrmann's 'Gatsby'? It's a shame

22:42 [Voice of America] Global CO2 Level Reaches 400PPM, Highest in 3.6 Million Years

22:45 [zero hedge] How To Manufacture A Record High Stock Market Close On A Friday Afternoon

22:45 [CNET News] New Google Nexus phone to replace de-stocked Nexus 4?

22:45 [The Hindu - News] CBI quizzes senior railway officials

22:46 [Disinformation] IRS Admits It Targeted Tea Party and Patriot Groups for Extra Scrutiny

22:46 [The Hindu - Opinion] Karthik thrown a deserved lifeline; Sreesanth could do with one

22:46 [Fox News] Ex-yeshiva teacher in NJ faces sex assault charges

22:46 [CNN] Luhrmann's 'Gatsby'? It's a shame

22:46 [CNN] Apparently This Matters: Holding a guitar makes you sexy

22:47 [The Hindu - News] U.S., Indian officials review issues for Strategic Dialogue

22:48 [CNN: Money] Marijuana tax is no cash cow

22:48 [Slashdot] Boston Replacing Microsoft Exchange With Google Apps

22:48 [CBC: politics] Don't bring parents here for welfare, Kenney says

22:49 [CNN: Technology] U.S. cracks down on 3-D-printed guns

22:49 [CNN] How a voice from a North Korean gulag swayed human rights discourse

22:49 [The Hindu - News] I don’t have to say everything, says Bansal

22:53 [CBC: politics] Ottawa turns to digital diplomacy to reach Iranians

22:54 [Deutsche Welle] Rescuers pull woman from factory rubble in Bangladesh

22:54 [NPR] Celebrity Panda To Return To Thailand, For $1 Million A Year

22:54 [msnbc: politics] New legislation aimed at protecting military sexual assault victims

22:54 [msnbc: politics] 38th time's the charm for GOP to repeal Obamacare?

22:55 [CNN: Technology] My year without the Internet

22:55 [Raw Story] Seminarian expelled for being gay became a sperm donor for lesbians constrained by anti-gay donation rules

22:56 [The Hindu - News] Now, there is no logic in PM’s continuance: Advani

22:58 [The Hindu - News] Chennai teenager in critical condition in Jammu hospital

23:00 [The Hindu - News] New concession for Indians in Saudi Arabia

23:00 [zero hedge] The Week That Was: May 6th- May 10th 2013

23:00 [zero hedge] Is It Game Over For Japan

23:00 [Fox News: politics] Heritage Foundation official resigns amid controversy over immigrant claims

23:00 [msnbc: politics] Heritage scholar resigns over past criticism of 'low-IQ' Hispanics

23:01 [Mother Jones] Benghazi Isn't Watergate. But the White House Didn't Tell the Full Story

23:04 [NPR] Benghazi Review Leader Offered To Testify On Capitol Hill

23:05 [Raw Story] Report: ‘Mounting evidence’ tying Boston bombing suspects to 2011 murders

23:05 [Raw Story] America’s Cup announces investigation into British racer’s death

23:06 [Disinformation] State Death Distraction

23:06 [AL JAZEERA] Violence continues ahead of Pakistan polls

23:07 [Good] These Haunting Images From Space Show Climate Change Up Close

23:07 [Telegraph] Slapping a cop, then jail: US woman's unorthodox plan to quit smoking

23:07 [Telegraph] Shaun Bailey, the Prime Minister's only black aide, was 'frozen out by David Cameron's clique'

23:07 [Telegraph] Author unravels mystery of plot that toppled China's last emperor

23:08 [The Hindu - News] I was sacked from company, says chit fund scam accused

23:10 [The Hindu - News] Yechury seeks President’s intervention

23:10 [Russia Today] Boston police spied on Occupy protesters instead of investigating Tsarnaevs

23:10 [Russia Today] Defiant Pirate Bay to continue hosting banned 3D printer gun designs

23:12 [The Hindu - Opinion] Speaking truth to power

23:14 [Reuters: politics] IRS' scrutiny of 'Tea Party' under investigation

23:14 [Reuters] IRS' scrutiny of 'Tea Party' under investigation

23:14 [The Hindu - News] We won’t interfere in Delhi University's decision on 4-year course, says Pallam Raju

23:14 [NPR] How Swedish Malort Became Chicago's Mascot Bitter Drink

23:14 [NPR] White House Denies Any 'Substantive' Edits To Benghazi Memo

23:17 [msnbc: politics] Paul: Don't skip Iowa

23:18 [The Hindu - News] Low-cost, portable water purifier coming

23:19 [Fox News: politics] White House scrambles to contain Benghazi-gate fallout

23:19 [NPR] How Swedish Malort Became Chicago's Mascot Bitter Drink

23:20 [Fox News] BENGHAZI-GATE?

23:20 [Fox News] AIR FORCE 'SUPERMOM': Woman Juggles Job, 6 Kids While Husband Deployed

23:20 [Fox News] 'OUTRAGEOUS ABUSE'Tea Party Rejects IRS Apology for Tax Scrutiny

23:20 [Fox News] BACK FROM THE BRINK:Zoo Raising, Releasing Endangered Species

23:20 [Slashdot] Why Is Science Behind a Paywall?

23:22 [The Hindu - News] 2 seriously injured in bus explosion

23:22 [The Hindu - News] SC dismisses Antrix arbitration proceedings against Devas

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Skyping the Way to Victory, to Avoid Taliban

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Drug Dealers Trade Crime for Peace in Rio de Janeiro

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] After Half a Century, Women Head to the Polls

23:22 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Women’s Rights Still Denied in Latin America

23:23 [Telegraph] Lord Tebbit interview: If only Margaret Thatcher and I were still in charge

23:23 [Telegraph] Employment minister Mark Hoban keeps most of six figure profit on his taxpayer-funded second home

23:23 [] An Israeli industrial park is a wild West Bank for labor rights

23:26 [The Hindu - News] Leukaemia no deterrent to her success in exams

23:28 [The Hindu - News] Initial drop of 0.5 expected in cut-off marks: experts

23:31 [Reuters] Longest held Cleveland captive now out of hospital, in seclusion

23:32 [zero hedge] Friday Humor: Overcompensating In China

23:34 [CNN: Money] Bloomberg reporters spying on terminal users

23:36 [CNN] Meet the 'Martha Stewart of tech'

23:36 [CNN] Always someone there for moms of special-needs kids

23:36 [Topix Activism News] Greenhouse gas milestone; CO2 levels set record

23:36 [The Hindu - News] Of top marks and soaring dreams at welfare homes

23:37 [] 'Secret Deals' Plundering Africa's Booming Nations: Report

23:38 [The Hindu - News] Villagers do shramdanto end monkey menace

23:40 [The Hindu - News] At city hospital, a broken heart fixed surgically

23:42 [Reuters: politics] Obama launches campaign to boost landmark healthcare program

23:42 [AL JAZEERA] Suspected global bank heist boss killed

23:43 [The Hindu - News] ‘On what basis did President reject my plea?’

23:43 [CNET News] Facebook General Counsel exiting company

23:44 [CNN] Family demands answers in teen's mysterious death

23:45 [The Hindu - News] “MPs can’t set deadline to Rahul on Telangana”

23:45 [The Hindu - News] Heat wave across Andhra

23:45 [The Hindu - News] Villagers do shramdan to end monkey menace

23:46 [Electronic Intifada] Despite threats, students to commemorate Nakba at Tel Aviv University

23:46 [CNN: Politics] New Benghazi questions

23:48 [Guardian] Nasa to send astronauts to fix leak onboard international space station

23:48 [Guardian] Barack Obama to visit Belfast while in Northern Ireland for G8 summit

23:51 [The Hindu - News] Swipe for bus tickets, get discounts on e-bookings

23:51 [Fox News] AIR FORCE 'SUPERMOM': Mom Juggles 6 Kids, Job With Husband Deployed

23:52 [Voice of America] IRS Apologizes for Singling Out Conservative Groups

23:53 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 11-crore lifeline for National Art Gallery

23:53 [Telegraph] White House faces fresh political flare up on Benghazi

23:55 [The Hindu - News] Siddaramanahundi celebrates elevation of its proud son

23:55 [zero hedge] Marc Faber: "Something Will Break Very Badly"

23:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Let's play: Whose mama is that?

23:56 [CNN: Entertainment] MJ before death: 'God keeps talking to me'

23:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Witness: Jackson was paranoid in last days

23:56 [CNN: Entertainment] Autopsy reveals singer's secrets

23:57 [The Hindu - News] Look out, the roof may come crashing

23:57 [The Hindu - News] LS polls: can BJP do well without Yeddyurappa and the others?

23:57 [The Hindu - News] Oragadam accident brings to fore need for fire station

23:58 [Slate Magazine] Advertisement:

23:58 [Slate Magazine] Stories We Tell

23:58 [Guardian] White House under renewed criticism after leaked Benghazi emails

23:59 [The Hindu - News] 93 per cent of newly-elected MLAs are crorepatis

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