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00:04 [CNN] Man convicted in N.J. school yard killings

00:06 [straight] Former mayor Sam Sullivan confirms B.C. Liberal bid in Vancouver-False Creek

00:07 [Mother Jones] These Guys Want to Buy Up Your Debt and Set You Free

00:09 [Slashdot] Would Charles Darwin Have Made a Good Congressman?

00:12 [Telegraph] 'I do not doubt men in smart cars preyed on boys - but justice requires detective work not hearsay '

00:12 [Fox News] 'AFFAIR' SHOCKER: Gen. Petraeus Resigns, Citing 'Extramarital Affair'

00:13 [CNN] Supreme Court to weigh criminal DNA law

00:16 [Voice of America] US May Begin Broader Push for Syria Resolution

00:17 [Russia Today] Free Syrian Army declares major shuffle ‘for better morale and control’

00:19 [CNN] 'Twi-hards' camp out for L.A. premiere of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

00:23 [CNN] Video, police reports shed little light on pilot's aim in swiping empty plane

00:25 [The Atlantic: National] The Supreme Court Will Hear a Challenge to the Voting Rights Act

00:26 [Topix Activism News] Anti-Putin protester gets 4 years in jail

00:30 [Truthdig] Philip Roth Quietly Calls it Quits

00:30 [CNN] Always faithful: Marine veterans tend to hero's grave, cemetery

00:31 [CNET News] The Hobbit's Bag End imagined with balloons

00:33 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Which Virtual Machine Software For a Beginner?

00:35 [The Progressive] No Tears for Petraeus

00:35 [Global Voices] The Bahamas: U.S. Election Result Sign of a Global Shift?

00:38 [zero hedge] The Most Important Chart To Consider For The Weekend (Or Tom Lee's Nightmare)

00:39 [Slate Magazine] How Obama Can End Political Gridlock

00:42 [Guardian] BBC suspends Newsnight investigations after false Tory peer abuse claim

00:42 [CNN] L.A. Lakers fire head coach 5 games into season

00:45 [Truthdig] Krugman on the ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ Pat Robertson on Women and Porn, and More

00:47 [CNN] New Jersey to restore most power by Saturday, governor says

00:50 [] CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair

00:53 [Infoshop] Occupy Wall Street campaigners buy-up debt to abolish it

00:53 [Reuters] Supreme Court to review law on minority voting rights

00:54 [NPR] Britain Halts Financial Assistance To India

00:54 [Slate Magazine] Why the Tea Party Failed

00:58 [Voice of America] New Report Highlights Link Between Climate Change, National Security

01:05 [Raw Story] Moyers guest: ‘We should just let the Bush tax cuts expire’

01:06 [OpEdNews] Republicans Try to Suppress Facts

01:10 [Slashdot] CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns, Citing Affair

01:14 [CNN: Entertainment] 'Twi-hards' camp out for L.A. premiere

01:14 [Telegraph] Crisis or boost? How David Petraeus' resignation from the CIA could be good for Barack Obama

01:14 [Fox News] GENDER SPENDERS: San Francisco to Foot Bill for Sex Changes

01:15 [Global Voices] Upcoming BarCamp in Rosario, Argentina

01:20 [Raw Story] Anchor apologizes for anti-gay Facebook status after GLAAD outrage

01:21 [CNET News] Smash that iPad: Pastime at Kentucky Walmart

01:28 [Disinformation] Thalidomide’s Nazi Connection

01:29 [New York Times: politics] Supreme Court to Revisit Voting Rights Act

01:29 [The Independent] i Editor's Letter: So this is goodbye

01:32 [CNN] Bahrain police move to block access to mosque

01:33 [Guardian] BBC in turmoil as Newsnight's Tory abuse story falls apart

01:34 [Utne] Keep the Conversation Going

01:35 [Big Think] Arab Youth To Participate In Climate Change Demonstrations

01:38 [zero hedge] Obama WANTS to drive over the cliff

01:42 [Fox News] PETRAEUS RESIGNS: CIA Boss Cites Extramarital Affair

01:44 [Slate Magazine] Lincoln


01:58 [CNN] How GOP can attract Latino voters

02:00 [Telegraph] David Petraeus resignation: the fall of a scholar-soldier

02:03 [CNET News] iPhone 5 swipe glitch threatens Fruit Ninjas

02:03 [Infoshop] Repression against grassroots hurricane relief lingers in New Orleans

02:08 [straight] Canadian Soldier Sikhs reveals untold First World War stories on Remembrance Day

02:08 [zero hedge] Gold And The Potential Dollar Endgame

02:11 [Guardian] Shadow justice secretary steps up attack on secret courts bill

02:11 [CNET News] Use your Mac's internal graphics to save battery life

02:14 [Telegraph] Christian elected as head of Syrian National Council

02:15 [Slate Magazine] Liberal Schadenfreude is Out of Control

02:15 [Raw Story] Florida Secretary of State: long lines show ‘people liked the voting hours’

02:15 [Global Voices] Australia: Having Our Say about India, the World’s Largest Democracy

02:16 [Voice of America] New 007 Movie Reveals Bond's Inner Demons

02:31 [Topix Activism News] Rights group condemns killing of Dominican student

02:36 [Global Voices] Japan's New Copyright Law Creates Confusion

02:39 [CNN] Imprisoned over HIV: One man's story

02:43 [Guardian] Nigerian Nobel laureate: country is at war with Boko Haram

02:43 [Good] Lessons from 'Lincoln': Has America's Race Dynamic Changed So Much Since 1865?

02:45 [Raw Story] Tammy Baldwin confident she can evaluate federal budget without GOP help

02:47 [The Independent] I’m done with writing, says Philip Roth, chronicler of the American-Jewish experience

02:49 [Slashdot] Windows 8 Defeats 85% of Malware Detected In the Past 6 Months

02:50 [CNN] Social media both friend and foe for China's new leaders

02:58 [CNET News] Now Paul Ceglia might even owe Facebook legal fees

03:03 [AL JAZEERA] CIA chief resigns over extramarital affair

03:09 [Slashdot] Foxconn Denies Plans For New US Operations

03:10 [CNN] CIA chief Petraeus resigns over affair

03:15 [Truthdig] Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Is Honestly Good

03:30 [Slate Magazine] Why Romney Never Saw It Coming

03:35 [Raw Story] Ohio anti-abortion ‘heartbeat’ bill sees action in lame duck session

03:37 [zero hedge] Germany's Fear And Desperation Leak Out

03:42 [Mother Jones] Election Results Maps To Make Your Brain Happier

03:47 [Voice of America] Obama, House Speaker Take Positions on Budget Before Negotiations

03:49 [The Independent] Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband hold secret talks over Leveson

03:50 [Raw Story] Number of uncounted ballots in Arizona rises as deadline nears

03:53 [The Hindu - News] Shrine goes green

03:56 [Fox News: politics] McKenna concedes Washington state governor's race

03:57 [The Hindu - News] A helping hand for heritage

03:57 [Russia Today] Evicted Spaniard's suicide brings thousands to the streets

04:15 [New York Times: politics] Republicans Reconsider Positions on Immigration

04:24 [CNN] Waffle House CEO accused of sexual improprieties

04:33 [Voice of America] NY Enacts Odd, Even Gas Rationing

04:34 [CNN] Colleague calls Petraeus' resignation 'the honorable thing to do'

04:37 [Reuters] CIA Director Petraeus resigns, admits extra-marital affair

04:40 [Raw Story] Gun sales spike after election

04:44 [The Hindu - News] “Sensitize schools in inclusivity”

04:45 [CNN] Pentagon releases official timeline of Benghazi attack

04:48 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 14 crore and counting: Lokayukta raids councillor

04:50 [The Atlantic: National] David Petraeus Was Brought Down by ... Gmail

04:52 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lanka clarifies on impeachment move against CJ

04:56 [The Hindu - News] Puns intended

05:01 [msnbc: politics] Supreme Court to hear key voting rights case

05:02 [The Hindu - News] Indian Prisoners in Welikada safe : Kantha

05:04 [Disinformation] What Would America Be Like Had We Elected This Administration?

05:10 [Raw Story] Climate change threatens coffee supply

05:10 [The Hindu - News] Students protest Soorinje arrest

05:17 [CNN] Carville: GOP routed by reality

05:22 [The Hindu - News] ’Obama would veto any extension of tax cut on the rich’

05:24 [Infoshop] Noam Chomsky: My Visit to Gaza, the World's Largest Open-Air Prison

05:24 [The Atlantic: Technology] David Petraeus Was Brought Down by ... Gmail

05:26 [Anarchist news] Address Correction For Tim DeChristopher

05:30 [The Hindu - News] News in pictures

05:31 [Anarchist news] Stand with Maddy Pfeiffer! – A Statement of Solidarity from Students for a Democratic Society

05:32 [The Hindu - News] Police official suspended for teen’s torture

05:34 [Infoshop] Dispatches from Hurricaned NY: Mutual Aid Is a Social Relationship

05:34 [The Hindu - News] Child dies in seventh floor fall

05:36 [The Hindu - News] With a makeover as bait, he makes off with laptops, phones

05:38 [The Hindu - News] BIS certification mandatory for packaged water: court

05:40 [The Hindu - News] Extended weekend clogs Bangalore roads

05:45 [Voice of America] Britain Pushing Harder for International Resolution in Syria

05:53 [The Hindu - News] Asia trip to refocus on the most rapidly growing region: US

05:55 [The Hindu - News] Chain snatchers will be detained under Goondas Act: IG

05:55 [msnbc] Video: Petraeus’ stunning fall from grace

06:00 [AntiWar] Winter of Discontent

06:01 [The Hindu - News] Wild Beast Chase

06:02 [Slashdot] Amazon To Launch Sydney Data Center

06:03 [The Hindu - News] TWAD Board kit to check water quality

06:03 [CBC: politics] International court would have 'strong case' against Assad

06:05 [Big Think] The Apocalypse May Already Be Here, or. . . “Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark”

06:09 [New York Times: politics] Arizona Races Still Hang in the Balance Over Uncounted Votes

06:13 [The Hindu - News] Railways’ demand for increased share of project cost questioned

06:14 [Fox News] STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE: Storm Recovery Painfully Slow in NY Neighborhood

06:25 [Raw Story] Maher: Republicans are ‘vaginaphobes,’ should probably ‘shut up’ about rape

06:27 [The Hindu - News] Up to 11,000 people flee Syria in 24-hour period

06:28 [New York Times: politics] Democrats Likely to Win Supermajority in California Legislature

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Councillor’s husband held

06:35 [Topix Activism News] PETA's Thanksgiving Ad Asks Kids Would You Eat Your Dog?

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Smog on the wane

06:36 [New York Times: politics] Obama Says Vote Validates His Efforts on Taxes

06:41 [The Hindu - News] Lokayuktas seek power to probe civil servants

06:45 [The Hindu - News] Danger of sexual crimes and rape lurks everywhere

06:53 [The Hindu - News] Relief for Sheila Dikshit in defamation case

06:55 [Truthdig] First Openly Gay Minority Elected to Congress

07:02 [New York Times: politics] Beliefs: Politicians Who Speak of Religion in Unaccustomed Ways

07:06 [The Hindu - News] Myanmar fuel train accident kills 25

07:07 [OpEdNews] The Next Game of Economic Chicken: Not on the Deficit But Over Taxing the Rich

07:12 [The Hindu - News] Inflation, cyclone Nilam hits Hyderabad cracker sales

07:16 [The Hindu - News] Hyderabad Metro rail: L&T plea to AP on clearances

07:20 [The Hindu - News] Focus on sanitation in Ranga Reddy district

07:24 [Disinformation] Watching This Will Reshape Your Brain

07:28 [The Hindu - News] Nilam destroys looms of over 10,000 weavers

07:28 [CNN] Fuel train derails, explodes in Myanmar, leaving 25 dead

07:30 [New York Times: politics] Fickle Wisconsin Sends Tammy Baldwin, Trusty Progressive, to Senate

07:32 [Guardian] Sri Lanka prison clash leaves 27 dead

07:34 [The Hindu - News] BJP executive member says Gadkari must quit

07:38 [The Hindu - News] 25 held in crackdown on sand mining

07:40 [Telegraph] More parents 'would opt for an independent school'

07:41 [The Atlantic: International] Moyers, Chinese Education, China Airborne

07:42 [The Hindu - News] Minister cautions erring recruiting agencies

07:46 [The Hindu - News] 54 dengue cases confirmed in Kasaragod

07:50 [The Hindu - News] How banks got the count wrong

07:56 [The Hindu - News] Rail doubling goes off track due to paucity of red earth

07:58 [The Hindu - News] Over 1,000 buildings on shaky ground

08:05 [The Hindu - News] If corrective steps aren't taken party will disintegrate: CPI(M) veteran

08:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Lincoln Mitchell: The Republican Party's Problem is not Going to be Easy to Fix

08:06 [CNN] Prison riot leaves 27 dead in Sri Lanka

08:11 [The Hindu - News] Special sanction to be sought for multi-level parking complex in Thiruvananthapuram

08:17 [The Hindu - News] Graft finds another tool

08:17 [Russia Today] Kvyat on route to becoming Russian Vettel

08:21 [The Hindu - News] Gas rationing for New York City after Sandy

08:22 [OpEdNews] Bradley Manning Seeks Plea Deal

08:26 [Telegraph] Qatada to stay in UK for months even if he loses legal bid

08:27 [OpEdNews] Obama's Post-Election Militancy

08:29 [The Hindu - News] Granite scam accused admitted to GRH

08:35 [The Hindu - News] 3 held with 121 liquor bottles

08:37 [The Hindu - News] 275 farmers given assistance

08:39 [The Hindu - News] New IG for South Zone takes charge

08:41 [Fox News] PETRAEUS RESIGNS: Extramarital Affair Uncovered by FBI

08:41 [The Hindu - News] TN Chamber deplores power cuts

08:42 [Telegraph] Babies to be vaccinated against stomach bug from next year: Department of Health

08:44 [Slashdot] GNOME 3.8 To Scrap Fallback Mode

08:45 [The Hindu - News] Door-to-door solid waste collection in Mangalore from next month

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Egypt Muslim Sisters rise with conservative vision

08:51 [The Hindu - News] Sri Lanka prison riot death toll rises to 27

08:53 [The Hindu - News] Police not keen on taking ‘homestay’ attack case to its logical end: Datta

09:02 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: Useless Labels

09:06 [CNN] China's exports surge, trade surplus widens

09:13 [Russia Today] Twin blasts strike Syrian city Daraa causing multiple casualties and destruction

09:14 [] Bradley Manning Seeks Plea Deal

09:23 [Russia Today] Wealthy fleeing Hollande's France: Actor Gerard Depardieu reportedly moving to Belgium

09:28 [Telegraph] Ash dieback: tree disease is here to stay, minister warns

09:29 [Disinformation] “Bilderberg Discusses Economic Trends and What Will Be Happening” – Pataki

09:31 [New Statesman] Morning Call: pick of the papers

09:33 [Russia Today] 17 soldiers killed as military helicopter crashes in Turkey

09:43 [Russia Today] Olympic champs shine at Moscow Fashion Week

09:45 [] Obama's Post-Election Militancy

09:48 [The Hindu - News] Rangarajan Committee ‘betrayed’ us, ‘favoured’ private sector: farmers

09:50 [The Hindu - News] Twin blasts hit Syrian city

09:52 [The Hindu - News] TNPCB braces up to monitor sound level of crackers

09:56 [The Hindu - News] ‘DRDA must codify norms for solar power units’

09:57 [New Statesman] Time to stand up

09:57 [CNN] Soldiers killed in Turkey helicopter crash

09:59 [CNN] Malala's journey from near death to recovery

10:00 [The Hindu - News] Turkey helicopter crash: 17 soldiers killed

10:12 [] Egyptian Sisters of the Muslim Brotherhood rise with conservative vision

10:23 [Russia Today] Arshavin and Pogrebkyak may return to national team – Capello

10:23 [The Hindu - News] Strive to eliminate barrier of caste, rural women told

10:25 [The Hindu - News] Villages cut off as stream changes course

10:27 [The Hindu - News] Vijayawada Municipal Corporation to crack whip on those throwing litter

10:29 [Telegraph] Statue of Liberty relit for first time after Superstorm Sandy

10:29 [The Independent] Ortega beating Buffett as Zara fashions $53.6bn fortune

10:31 [The Hindu - News] Learning experience for students at ‘Pedikanupalli’

10:39 [Topix Activism News] PETA Asks Honey Boo Boo to Change Her Chicken's Name; Suggests She Goes Vegan

10:45 [The Independent] Pakistan official consider options for filtering YouTube videos

10:49 [The Hindu - News] Cong MP praises RSS for dedication, embarrasses party

10:53 [The Hindu - News] Corporation goes all out to prevent mosquito menace

10:59 [The Hindu - News] 10-day yoga classes

11:00 [CNN] Syria opposition considers unity amid reports of government airstrikes, rebel car bombs

11:02 [] Twin car-bombs kill dozens of Assad soldiers in Syria's south, activists say

11:07 [The Hindu - News] Tuition centres with digital facility

11:09 [BBC: Also in the news] VIDEO: South Korea's toilet theme park

11:09 [The Hindu - News] Eco-adventure tour to Yelagiri

11:11 [The Hindu - News] T. Nagar residents discuss major issues

11:13 [The Hindu - News] For a ‘sound’ celebration

11:15 [] Trabzonspor Akhisar Belediyespor Maçı İzle

11:15 [The Hindu - News] Samskrta Nataka Utsav results

11:17 [The Hindu - News] Grievance meet for Div. 123

11:18 [Russia Today] Fifty shades of irony: 'Bridget Jones' sequel to be published

11:19 [Telegraph] George Entwistle admits Newsnight Tory sex abuse claims should never have been broadcast

11:22 [The Hindu - News] ISKCON’s ‘Damodar Arati’

11:24 [The Hindu - News] Drawing contest for children

11:26 [The Hindu - News] HSBC lends a helping hand to NGOs

11:28 [The Hindu - News] For the enthusiastic reader

11:30 [The Hindu - News] Deepavali: a time to share and care

11:32 [The Hindu - News] Look your best this festive season

11:34 [The Hindu - News] Ozone day celebrated

11:36 [The Hindu - News] Health minister assures students their demands will be considered

11:36 [Guardian] BBC chief unaware of Newsnight's Tory peer child sex abuse story

11:37 [New Statesman] Women are suffering in prison

11:38 [Russia Today] Iraq cancels $4.2 bln arms deal with Russia over 'corruption concerns' – report

11:42 [The Hindu - News] Nitish “touched” by Pak hospitality

11:47 [NPR] Taxing Work Ahead: Have Negotiating Tables Turned?

11:48 [Russia Today] US rejects Russia’s extradition request for jailed businessman Bout

11:58 [New York Times: politics] Christian Conservatives Failed to Sway Voters

11:58 [The Hindu - News] Annamalai University closed indefinitely

12:02 [The Independent] 'Sore' Bradley Wiggins thanks well-wishers

12:02 [The Hindu - News] Third edition of North East Youth Festival ends

12:08 [The Hindu - Opinion] Surviving in a world of men

12:14 [Mother Jones] Meet the Stars of "2012: The Movie"

12:17 [The Independent] Schoolboy Miles Alura jailed for armed robberies he carried out using prosthetic old man disguise

12:21 [Telegraph] Justin Welby: donate winnings from Archbishop of Canterbury bets to churches

12:32 [CNN] BBC apologizes over sex abuse claims program

12:42 [The Hindu - Opinion] Power games

12:43 [The Hindu - News] Not so sweet

12:47 [The Hindu - News] Delhi, once upon a time

12:48 [Russia Today] Kuranyi remembers how to score

12:50 [Slashdot] Why You Can't Build Your Own Smartphone: Patents

12:51 [Telegraph] Supporters of Malala Yousafzai hand in petition for girls' education

12:53 [OpEdNews] Why You Can't Vote Them Out

12:56 [Slate Magazine] Obama Again, Bond Is Back, and Pot Is Legal (In Two States)

12:58 [Russia Today] No business like show business: Marilyn Monroe images sell for $740k, twice estimate

12:58 [OpEdNews] "Cloud Atlas": A Film for the Ages (But perhaps not for ours)

12:59 [The Hindu - News] Probe in progress over black money: Govt

13:01 [Voice of America] Car Bombs Kill Syrian Security Forces

13:06 [CNN] 'He just started shooting,' Afghan survivor testifies in US military court

13:07 [The Hindu - News] Black money probe in progress, says Govt

13:12 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian opposition head wants no-strings aid

13:22 [] Neo-Nazis vandalize German Holocaust monument on Kristallnacht anniversary

13:23 [Telegraph] George Entwistle under fire: the full transcript of Today interview

13:29 [Global Voices] East Timor: Monument to the Santa Cruz Massacre

13:33 [New Statesman] A post-imperial army

13:35 [The Independent] Twin blasts strike Syrian city of Daraa

13:41 [Slate Magazine] The Longform Guide to Presidential Losers

13:45 [Guardian] Syrian opposition leader calls for foreign help without conditions

13:48 [The Hindu - News] Pi and pride

13:50 [Topix Activism News] Blasts in Syria kill and wound dozens of troops

13:59 [Disinformation] Stanislaw Burzynski and the Antineoplaston Scam

14:02 [The Hindu - News] A liberal dose of comedy

14:05 [BBC: Also in the news] Vatican launches Latin academy

14:06 [The Atlantic: National] Residents Survive Fire and Ice in Breezy Point, Queens

14:07 [Guardian] BBC Newsnight crisis - live updates

14:07 [Voice of America] Turkish Helicopter Crash Kills 17 Soldiers

14:10 [The Hindu - News] Ahead of its time

14:13 [New Statesman] Philip Roth calls time on his literary career

14:16 [The Hindu - News] To London with Love

14:18 [Russia Today] Stradivarius dealer gets 6-year jail term for ripping off clients

14:18 [The Hindu - News] Audio Beat: Neengatha Ennam

14:25 [The Hindu - News] Audio Beat: Thuttu

14:25 [Telegraph] Justin Bieber and Selina Gomez reported to have split

14:31 [The Hindu - News] A rewarding ride

14:31 [] kasımpaşa antalyaspor maçını canlı izle

14:34 [Slashdot] Climate Change Could Drive Coffee To Extinction By 2080

14:38 [Voice of America] Obama: Americans 'Voted for Action'

14:39 [The Hindu - News] A win-win formula

14:40 [Voice of America] UN Designates Malala Day, Honoring Pakistani School Girl

14:41 [The Hindu - News] Festive Frames

14:45 [The Hindu - News] Anna announces his new team

14:49 [The Hindu - News] Anna Hazare announces his new team

14:51 [The Hindu - News] Anbe Vaa 1966

14:55 [The Hindu - News] Outtakes: King Vidor

14:57 [NPR] Finnish Underwater Ice Fishing Mystery Finally Solved

14:58 [Russia Today] Czechs top Russia to claim Karjala Cup

15:01 [The Atlantic: International] Electoral Map: What If China Became a Multiparty Democracy Tomorrow?

15:04 [OpEdNews] 85 percent Muslims voted for President Obama

15:06 [CNET News] This week in Crave: The 20-sided edition

15:07 [The Independent] Man's body found in Lancashire after 2005 murder

15:08 [Voice of America] 27 Killed in Sri Lanka Prison Riot

15:08 [Russia Today] St. Petersburg opens cultural festival with eye toward boosting tourism

15:11 [The Atlantic: National] Charter Schools, the Cliffhanger Issue of the 2012 Election

15:12 [Telegraph] VatiLeaks: Computer programmer sentenced to two years for helping steal secret papers

15:13 [Russia Today] Plague of graft: Wave of high profile corruption scandals strike Russia

15:13 [Good] That 47-Inch-Wide House Is Finally Complete

15:14 [OpEdNews] "Sweet Dreams" - Reconciliation in Rwanda at DocNYC

15:15 [Big Think] The True Science of Elections?

15:17 [CNN] Overseas burial grounds honor fallen Americans

15:23 [BBC: Also in the news] Give winnings to church - Welby

15:27 [The Hindu - News] Nepal’s opposition announces agitation

15:29 [Slashdot] Toshiba Pursues Copyright Claim Against Laptop Manual Site

15:33 [Russia Today] Russian court issues first 'Bolotnaya' verdict: Protester jailed for 4.5 years

15:39 [OpEdNews] Interview Transcript: Frederick Clarkson on Reverend Moon and the Unification Church

15:42 [Telegraph] Republicans were knocked off course by the hard Right

15:44 [Fox News: politics] FBI probe of Petraeus' emails purportedly led to discovery of extramarital affair

15:45 [Guardian] Saturday football clockwatch – live! | Jacob Steinberg

15:50 [The Hindu - News] We have dispelled atmosphere of gloom: Manmohan

15:52 [The Hindu - News] Kejriwal’s new posers to Chidambaram

15:54 [The Hindu - News] No plan to immediately hold all-party meet on Telangana: Shinde

15:58 [Voice of America] Kenya Introduces Biometrics for Voter Registration

16:04 [The Hindu - News] Kejriwal: I’m dengue mosquito

16:05 [New Internationalist] Return of the student army

16:05 [Big Think] Tech leadership is GOOD leadership

16:08 [] West's inaction to blame for ongoing Syria violence, says new opposition leader

16:08 [BBC: Science & Environment] China sets date for space launch

16:10 [CNN] Computer expert sentenced over Vatican leaks

16:14 [Good] Is Punk Barbie the Feminist We've Always Wanted in Our Dolls?

16:14 [Telegraph] Mick Jagger's secret love letters to go on sale

16:28 [CBC: politics] MPs send soldiers to war, but few have gone themselves

16:29 [OpEdNews] US Violates Agreement; Punishes Iran

16:30 [CNN] Ex-UK PM Brown supports Malala's call for girls' education in Pakistan

16:30 [Slashdot] UK Court Sanctions Apple For Non-Compliance

16:38 [zero hedge] Obama’s (dumb) Line in the Sand

16:40 [Raw Story] Deluge of Republican money made little difference

16:49 [zero hedge] Foodstamps Surge By Most In One Year To New All Time Record, In Delayed Release

16:50 [Raw Story] Maddow: Republican failure in 2012 is ‘bottomless’, ‘astonishing’

16:53 [CNET News] Should the White House have a 'made in the USA' hi-fi?

16:57 [] A good finale for 2012, a reason ...


16:58 [] Palestinians: 2 killed, 20 wounded in exchange of fire with IDF on Gaza border

17:00 [Disinformation] Using Technology To Reach Buddhist Enlightenment

17:00 [Telegraph] Prince Charles and Camilla honour war dead in Australia

17:04 [Guardian] Arsenal v Fulham – live! | Rob Smyth

17:05 [HuffingtonPost: politics] James Zogby: Arab Americans and Law Enforcement: Rights at Risk

17:07 [CNN] Promises made as power outages persist

17:13 [CNN] Boehner says GOP willing to compromise on fiscal cliff

17:17 [Fox News] PETRAEUS SCANDAL: Affair Revealed After Email Probe

17:23 [CNN] Medics: Palestinians killed in Gaza shelling

17:24 [Good] Intermission: Obama Sings 'Can't Touch This'

17:24 [] When Will the Killing War in Iran Begin? It Already Has

17:26 [Voice of America] Petraeus Quits After FBI Found Evidence of Extramarital Affair

17:28 [CNN] How Petraeus changed the U.S. military

17:30 [CNN] Golfer: I thought I was going to die

17:33 [Slashdot] Tesla Motors Sued By Car Dealers

17:38 [Russia Today] New SNC leader wants international aid without conditions, FSA says Assad 'doomed'

17:44 [The Hindu - News] Sharp rise in VA Tech’s profit

17:44 [The Onion] Humane Society Volunteer Spends Whole Adoption Meeting Trying To Sell Family On Sicker Cat

17:45 [The Atlantic: Technology] How Much Would You Pay to Never See an Online Ad Again?

17:46 [Telegraph] Michelle Obama: the triumph of the 'mom in chief'

17:50 [The Hindu - News] Johnson Tiles Undertakes technical upgrade at Karaikal and Silica JV units

17:50 [Global Voices] Saudi Judge: “The Ruler has the Right to do what he Sees Fit”

17:54 [Topix Activism News] Suicide blasts in Syria kill at least 20 troops

17:55 [The Progressive] The Port Huron Statement

17:58 [The Hindu - News] Pakistan launches education plan for children with focus on girls

18:00 [Guardian] Arsenal v Fulham – as it happened | Rob Smyth

18:00 [Global Voices] Remnants of an Abandoned Yemeni Jewish Village

18:00 [Raw Story] Maher says Republicans have same problem as the Beach Boys: ‘Their fans are dying’

18:05 [] Immigration Reform May Be Big Winner in US Elections

18:08 [Russia Today] Vatican computer tech convicted in Vatileaks case

18:09 [Fox News: politics] Six remaining House races include Tea Party’s West, former Giffords aide

18:10 [CNN] Votes in six House races still being counted, seventh will see runoff

18:13 [] Sudan's Bashir: We will never normalize relations with Israel

18:14 [CNN] What's next after Superstorm Sandy?

18:15 [Truthdig] General David Petraeus on How Best to Live

18:16 [Guardian] Newsnight Tory child abuse crisis

18:19 [straight] New York Post wins the David Petraeus headline contest

18:20 [CNET News] U.S. city gets one of the world's fastest networks... for a week

18:22 [Guardian] Aston Villa v Manchester United – live! | Scott Murray

18:28 [The Hindu - News] Army regains control of prison; 27 dead

18:29 [The Independent] BBC staff may face action as director general George Entwistle says he was NOT aware of Newsnight's report wrongly implicating Lord McAlpine in a child abuse scandal

18:30 [Raw Story] Mick Jagger’s love letters up for sale

18:32 [Telegraph] They failed to 'buy' the US election in 2012: will conservative donors ever open their wallets again?

18:34 [CNN] Questions arise after Petraeus resignation

18:34 [The Hindu - News] On the edge of more adventures

18:38 [The Hindu - News] Children testify in Afghan massacre case

18:39 [New Statesman] Will the BBC "do a Murdoch" and close Newsnight?

18:40 [Slashdot] MOOC Mania

18:43 [msnbc] CIA chief Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair

18:44 [CNET News] Google access restored in China, says report

18:48 [CNN] Korean footballers go 'Gangnam Style' after winning Asian title

18:49 [Telegraph] Chinese official accuses Washington of 'Cold War' mentality

18:50 [Truthdig] Trailer: ‘Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle’

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18:55 [Big Think] What is psychology?

18:56 [CNN] Iraq cancels new arms deal with Russia

18:59 [The Hindu - News] ‘It is here to stay’

19:00 [Fox News: politics] Obama wins Florida topping Romney in final tally

19:00 [Disinformation] Possible Cover-Up of Dangerous West Nile Virus Mutation?

19:00 [OpEdNews] Diverse Demographics Show Doom for Republicans

19:01 [The Atlantic: International] Why You Can't Say 'I Voted!' in Chinese—at Least in China

19:05 [CNN: Money] BEST NEW JOBS

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19:13 [] How Is All That In The Interest Of US Taxpaye

19:13 [The Hindu - News] Tamil Nadu battles mosquito squadrons

19:14 [Fox News] UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Six Critical House Races Still Too Close to Call

19:15 [Raw Story] Marine ‘treasure trove’ could bring revolution in medicine and industry

19:20 [OpEdNews] Pundit Tears for Petraeus's Fall

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19:22 [CBC: politics] Harper downplays China's change in leadership

19:23 [NPR] FBI Discovered Evidence Of David Petraeus' Affair

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19:25 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Petraeus Biographer Strokes More Than Just His Ego

19:25 [Raw Story] Gazans killed, Israeli soldiers wounded in clashes

19:26 [CNET News] Racist anti-Obama Facebook post gets woman fired

19:29 [Good] Living By Giving: Your Misfortunes, Not Just Your Fortunes, Can Make a Difference

19:30 [Reuters: politics] Media calls Florida for Obama, giving him 332 electoral votes

19:30 [Raw Story] China plans manned space launch in 2013

19:33 [The Hindu - News] Take over varsity: Ramadoss

19:35 [Telegraph] Florida finally finishes vote count

19:35 [Raw Story] Denmark to scrap world’s first fat tax

19:38 [zero hedge] On Germany's Desire To See America "On Its Knees", And Its "Infantile Crush On Obama"

19:39 [Slashdot] NRC Report Links Climate Change To National Security

19:41 [The Hindu - News] “Extensive damage caused to Dalits’ property”

19:43 [The Hindu - News] Exposing a multi-decade smuggling operation

19:45 [The Onion] Anorexic Woman At Gym Looking Good

19:45 [The Hindu - News] “Naikkankottai, once a Naxal heartland

19:46 [CNN] Pedrosa breaks Rossi's record to claim Valencia pole

19:47 [The Hindu - News] Karunanidhi condemns violence

19:51 [Voice of America] Obama Wins Florida, Widens Margin over Romney in Final Tally

19:52 [The Hindu - News] Miscreants set motorcycles afire on firm premises

19:54 [New York Times: politics] David Petraeus, Seen as an Invincible C.I.A. Director, Self-Destructs

19:55 [CNET News] BBC blocks live linkup with aliens, scared they might curse

19:58 [The Hindu - News] State reverts to centralised tendering for procuring eggs

20:00 [Big Think] Smoking Gets Worse: Genetic Consequences Are Inherited by Grandchildren

20:02 [The Independent] Obama wins Florida and tops Romney in final election tally

20:04 [The Hindu - News] Karzai woos India to invest in Afghanistan

20:05 [The Hindu - Opinion] Getting the process right

20:05 [OpEdNews] Behind Petraeus's Resignation

20:05 [Raw Story] Apple pays Swiss rail $21million over clock dispute: report

20:09 [] Obama wins in Florida, besting Romney in final vote count

20:16 [The Hindu - News] High alert as two killed in Bodoland

20:17 [Infoshop] Anarchist Fiction Anthology seeks Submissions

20:17 [Fox News] PETRAEUS SCANDAL: Affair revealed after FBI email probe

20:18 [Russia Today] Four dead, scores injured as IDF strikes Gaza residential area

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20:21 [straight] iPhone 5? There's a blender for that

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20:37 [CNN] Death toll up in Ghana building collapse

20:40 [Slashdot] Brainstorming Ways To Protect NYC From Real Storms

20:40 [The Hindu - News] Compensation delayed is livelihood deprived: Supreme Court

20:45 [Guardian] FBI probe of CIA chief David Petraeus's emails led to affair discovery – reports

20:48 [The Hindu - News] Anna Arch back in original standing

20:50 [The Hindu - News] Manmohan opens facility at Asian Heart Institute

20:52 [The Hindu - News] SSB commandos to guard Tripoli embassy

20:53 [Telegraph] Twelve days after Hurricane Sandy, residents of New York and New Jersey are still cold and in the dark

20:55 [The Hindu - News] Not much rains until Deepavali

20:57 [The Hindu - News] Corporate gifts lose spark

20:57 [CBC: politics] Minister defends decision to halt vets privacy breach probe

20:58 [Fox News: politics] Rep. West awaits final vote count, possible next move

20:59 [The Hindu - News] RBI pumps in more coins

20:59 [Good] As 'Binders Full of Women' Head Into Political Office, Can We Finally End the 'War on Women'?

21:00 [Disinformation] Reality Sandwich Interviews Roslyn Dauber, Director of ‘The Medicine: Science and Psychedelics

21:01 [Raw Story] Harris-Perry to OH Secretary of State: Voters won’t forget vote suppression attempts

21:01 [The Hindu - News] Mediation only way out of docket explosion, says CJI

21:01 [Voice of America] Obama Wins Florida, Widens Margin Over Romney in Final Tally

21:03 [The Hindu - News] City rings in diabetes campaign

21:03 [Topix Activism News] Vt. college's oxen-slaughter plan riles activists

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21:07 [The Hindu - News] No threat of oil leak from stranded ship: Vasan

21:07 [Infoshop] Occupy Sandy: A Movement Moves to Relief

21:09 [zero hedge] "The Worm Turns" As Chevron 'Infected' By Stuxnet Collateral Damage

21:09 [] Rockets slam southern Israel as violence flares up on Gaza border

21:09 [Telegraph] Spy chief Gen David Petraeus, his 'embedded' biographer and the FBI email trawl that exposed their affair

21:10 [OpEdNews] Post Election -- A Feeling

21:11 [The Hindu - News] Rs. 27 crore for Ennore, Manali road project

21:11 [The Hindu - Opinion] Keep your distance from diabetes

21:13 [The Hindu - News] Car falls into well, four die

21:15 [The Hindu - News] ‘Cannot repose faith in mango corporation’

21:17 [The Hindu - Opinion] Parents... or the pot of gold?

21:17 [The Hindu - News] Man sets disabled daughter ablaze

21:19 [Guardian] Obama declared narrow winner in Florida after four-day ballot count

21:19 [The Hindu - News] Bringing madrasa-educated students into the mainstream

21:21 [straight] Big Jim Sullivan ponders the "forbidden zones" of the guitar

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21:25 [The Hindu - News] Creativity of children comes to the fore

21:27 [The Hindu - News] Padmavathi temple fete off to a ceremonious start

21:31 [Raw Story] Two Afghan soldiers attack US-led NATO forces

21:31 [The Hindu - Opinion] A snack & a snare

21:31 [The Hindu - News] Mid-term elections unlikely, says Yechury

21:32 [msnbc] Petraeus: Battlefield 'hero' and savvy Washington insider

21:33 [The Hindu - Opinion] Needed: NCTC but remove the apprehensions

21:33 [The Hindu - News] Mohiniyattom on global stage

21:34 [Reuters: politics] Obama's final win in Florida gives him 332 electoral votes

21:35 [The Hindu - News] Chennithala backs Thankachan

21:38 [Russia Today] Desperate for shelters, New York considers turning jail cells into homes

21:39 [Telegraph] Republicans may drop opposition to granting illegal immigrants residency

21:40 [Slashdot] Stuxnet Infected (But Didn't Affect) Chevron Network In 2010

21:41 [The Hindu - News] Bitter reality of sugar-free sweets

21:45 [New York Times: politics] Florida to Address Delays as It Confirms Obama Victory

21:48 [CNN] ATP Finals defeat frustrates Federer

21:49 [CNN] Official: Woman complained of harassing emails from Petraeus' biographer

21:56 [The Hindu - News] “Poetic justice in three hours”

21:57 [Slate Magazine] A General Lesson

21:58 [The Hindu - News] Exclusion of film sparks protests

22:04 [CNET News] Donate to tattoo your Twitter handle on this guy

22:04 [New York Times: politics] Elizabeth Warren, Known, and Maybe Feared, on National Stage

22:06 [Raw Story] Obama to get reelection gift of truffle weighing more than a kilo

22:06 [The Hindu - News] Challenges ahead for the stoic Chavan as his term ends

22:08 [The Hindu - News] Anurup Bhattacharya to move court against CWC order

22:08 [zero hedge] Why Did CIA Director Petraeus Suddenly Resign … And Why Was the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Murdered?

22:10 [The Hindu - News] Advani refuses to comment on Jethmalani

22:10 [zero hedge] Spain's "Terrible And Inhumane" Situation Prompts End To Evictions

22:10 [New Statesman] BBC's director-general, George Entwistle, resigns over Newsnight mistakes

22:17 [Infoshop] From Scarcity to Abundance

22:26 [OpEdNews] A very immodest proposal

22:26 [Fox News: politics] Hickenlooper, Holder discuss what's next after Colorado voters say yes to recreational pot

22:26 [Telegraph] George Entwistle quits as director general over Newsnight fiasco

22:29 [Guardian] George Entwistle resigns as director general of the BBC

22:32 [Voice of America] Breathe Carolina Re-Releases "Hell is What You Make it"

22:34 [Voice of America] Breathe Carolina Re-Releases "Hell is What You Make it"

22:35 [The Independent] BBC director general George Entwistle steps down over Newsnight fiasco

22:41 [Big Think] Guest Post: Second Term Politics and Yemen

22:42 [CNN] BBC leader resigns over broadcast of false claims by a sex abuse victim

22:48 [Slashdot] Blizzard Sued Over Authentication

22:56 [CNN] Official: Woman complained of harassing e-mails from Petraeus' biographer

23:00 [Disinformation] Here’s How to Know if Your Hotel Guest is a Terrorist

23:07 [The Independent] BBC Director General George Entwistle steps down over Newsnight fiasco

23:10 [New York Times: politics] News Analysis: Elizabeth Warren, Known, and Maybe Feared, on National Stage

23:10 [Slashdot] Cockatoo Manufactures, Uses Tools

23:12 [Telegraph] George Entwistle: 54 days as BBC director-general

23:14 [Russia Today] Trigger jitters: Arms sales surge as Obama stays in office

23:23 [CNET News] So Steve Jobs was a normal human being

23:28 [CNN] Ferguson to reward Manchester United hero 'Chicharito'

23:29 [NPR] Gas Lines Evoke Memories Oil Crises In The 1970s

23:30 [Fox News: politics] US Virgin Islands to probe allegations of electoral fraud

23:30 [Red Pepper] US elections: Big Bird laughs last

23:30 [New York Times: politics] Political Memo: In Digital Era, Affairs Like Petraeus’s Are Harder to Cover Up

23:33 [Slate Magazine] The

StarWars Trilogy

23:34 [Russia Today] China planning manned space mission for June 2013

23:37 [zero hedge] Barclays' Barry Knapp Batters Bullish Believers

23:46 [Raw Story] Rep. Allen West finally loses reelection, still refuses to concede

23:47 [CNET News] 'Little Miss Sunshine' writer to pen new 'Star Wars' film

23:50 [Reuters] FBI probe of Petraeus began with "suspicious emails"

23:51 [Big Think] Haute Cuisine Goes Digital, Fomenting a Culinary Revolution

23:51 [OpEdNews] The Cosmic Story: Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2012

23:54 [Guardian] BBC in crisis as George Entwistle quits over Newsnight fiasco

23:54 [AL JAZEERA] Deraa suicide blasts 'kill Syrian forces'

23:56 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian opposition to form new coalition

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