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00:00 [Truthdig] ‘The Daily Show’: Stewart Rips NBC Over Olympic Editing

00:01 [The Hindu - News] Retail rates of sugar, pulses continue to spiral

00:02 [CNET News] Nexus Q launch delayed, pre-orderers getting free device

00:03 [The Hindu - News] CET: log in to confirm admission by today

00:06 [The Atlantic: National] How Common Are Jonah Lehrers?

00:07 [The Hindu - News] Krishna exhorts Congressmen to work for party’s victory

00:07 [Raw Story] Pastor compares Obama to Judas over same sex marriage

00:08 [Financial Times] US politicians reach short-term budget deal

00:10 [CNET News] Apple designer describes Apple's 'kitchen table' in testimony

00:11 [The Hindu - News] Mangalore assault: three more arrested

00:12 [Deutsche Welle] The last days of Occupy Frankfurt,,16134726,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

00:15 [BBC: Technology] Hotmail replaced by

00:15 [The Onion] Liberian Swimmer Spends Entirety Of Qualifying Race Furiously Scooping Water Into Mouth

00:17 [The Hindu - News] Mudumalai, Anamalai reserves buck global trend of declining biodiversity

00:20 [CBC: politics] Bev Oda says she's retiring with pride and no regrets

00:20 [The Atlantic: International] The Annals of Chicken Politics, Iran Edition

00:21 [The Hindu - News] “Left parties, Dalit movements should work together”

00:22 [CNET News] A picture says...well, you know

00:23 [Pravda] Coca-Cola to be booted out of Bolivia

00:27 [Disinformation] Apocalyptic Thinking in American Culture

00:29 [zero hedge] Take Our Guns? Over our Dead Bodies!

00:32 [Raw Story] Romney lines up bus tour of swing states

00:33 [Mother Jones] Barack Obama Has Been Mysteriously Apathetic About Nominating Judges

00:33 [CNET News] Star Wars: The Old Republic adds free-to-play

00:33 [New York Times: politics] Voting Systems’ Plagues Go Far Beyond Identification

00:37 [The Hindu - News] Chandy must quit: Divakaran

00:38 [Fox News: politics] Republican House leaders drop plans to extend farm bill

00:38 [CBC: politics] Bev Oda retiring with pride and no OJ regrets

00:40 [Fox News] The Result's In: Did Phelps Earn Record 19th Medal?

00:41 [Financial Times] Congressional leaders reach US budget deal

00:41 [The Hindu - News] Karim: come clear on ‘phone tapping’ issue

00:43 [The Hindu - News] Kerala Agricultural University Registrar suspended

00:47 [Fox News: politics] Layoff notice, defense cuts set off dispute

00:47 [The Hindu - News] State bound by law: Thiruvanchoor

00:50 [Slashdot] Google Delays Nexus Q Launch, Pre-Orders Get It Free

00:51 [CNET News] Cybersecurity bill bombarded with amendments

00:51 [The Hindu - News] CPI to launch separate Telangana stir

00:57 [straight] The Spigot: A lesson in the banality of evil

00:57 [The Hindu - News] Kiran launches afforestation drive; 20 lakh saplings planted across AP

01:01 [The Hindu - News] Parthasarathi gets relief in FERA violation case

01:02 [Raw Story] Regulator torpedoes Obama mortgage plan

01:04 [New York Times: politics] Voter ID Issue Is One of Many for U.S. Voting Systems

01:05 [The Hindu - News] Forensic sleuths go over train


01:08 [The Onion] Stockwatch: Canon (CAJ)

01:11 [Slate Magazine] Food as Fuel

01:11 [BBC: Technology] Digg reboot seeks to woo users

01:11 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Power of Internet Censorship, in 1 Chart

01:12 [The Hindu - News] Two youths take to stealing to lead lavish lives

01:14 [The Independent] i Editor's Letter: Inspiring female stars

01:18 [Unicef] Teaching the principles of good hygiene to school children

01:20 [CNET News] Hot tea at the touch of a button

01:22 [Reuters: politics] Obama donates $5,000 to his own election campaign

01:24 [Pravda] Olympics: Women's football

01:27 [Slashdot] Managing Human Workers With an Algorithm

01:33 [Utne] The Shareholder Value Myth

01:34 [Global Voices] Costa Rica: Video Love Note Gets Vice-Minister Dismissed

01:38 [The Onion] Indian Sweatshop Worker Has To Work In The Fucking Dark Now Too

01:47 [Raw Story] Rep. Deutch: GOP turning a constitutional right into a crime

01:49 [zero hedge] Jeremy Grantham: "I, For One, Wish That The World Would Get On With Whatever Is Coming Next"

01:55 [CNET News] Apple tells judge Samsung leaked evidence

01:56 [zero hedge] Heat Wave Can't Get You $8 Natural Gas in 2012

01:56 [Big Think] Sight: The Implications of Virtual Reality

01:57 [straight] Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones make blues magic on the south side of Chicago

02:05 [Slashdot] How Apple v. Samsung Was Explained To the Jury

02:09 [BBC: Education] Safety fears 'stop outdoor play'

02:12 [Fox News] GSA Scandal Expands To 77 More Conferences

02:15 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian forces intensify air assault on Aleppo

02:24 [msnbc] Video: Turning point? Syrian rebels obtain missiles

02:27 [Disinformation] Green Plants Reduce City Street Pollution Up to Eight Times More Than Previously Believed

02:29 [Guardian] Confusion over 'fake' Egyptian letter to Israel

02:32 [Amnesty International] Syria: From all-out repression to armed conflict in Aleppo

02:33 [Mother Jones] Medicaid Turns Out To Be a Pretty Popular Program

02:37 [Topix Activism News] Syria's Aleppo running low on food amid siege

02:40 [Fox News: politics] Bust-gate mea culpa: White House sorry for 'confusion' over Winston Churchill statuette

02:41 [CNET News] Hexcopter robot takes to the Defcon skies

02:42 [Raw Story] Same sex marriage opponents appeal Prop 8 case to Supreme Court

02:43 [BBC: Entertainment] Polish protest over Madonna show

02:45 [CNET News] Judge chides Samsung for handing nixed evidence to media

02:52 [Middle East Monitor] Asa Winstanley: Is the power of Britain's pro-Israel lobby on the wane?

02:55 [Global Voices] World: Why Rape Jokes Are Not Funny

02:58 [straight] Vancouver Pride Week 2012: Ellen Woodsworth on lesbian concerns, corporate exploitation of Pride

02:59 [CNET News] Digg's new site is now live, with focus on 'top stories'

03:07 [zero hedge] What Would Jesus Do with Bankers?

03:07 [Deutsche Welle] Israel publishes alleged Egyptian olive branch,,16134914,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

03:12 [] It's Official: Georgia is the "Cradle of Wine"

03:17 [Fox News] Race Into Space: China Plans 2013 Moon Landing

03:17 [Raw Story] Mass. Gov. Patrick blasts ‘warehousing of non-violent drug offenders’

03:19 [BBC: Health] Mild mental illness 'death risk'

03:19 [Fox News: politics] Texas Democrats pick ex-state Rep. Sadler for US Senate

03:30 [Global Voices] Kyrgyzstan: Aisuluu Tynybekova - Street Hooligan or Olympic Heroine?

03:39 [Fox News: politics] Texas GOP chooses tea party-backed Cruz for GOP Senate nomination

03:41 [Truthdig] Spirit of the Olympics

03:46 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Most Often Forgotten Survival Preparations

03:52 [] Turkey: Is Ankara Going Ballistic?

03:56 [Truthdig] Voter Suppression

03:56 [The Atlantic: International] The Chances of War With Iran Rise to 38%

03:59 [straight] Peter Frampton injured by texting motorist who rammed his car

04:02 [CNET News] Verizon to pay $1.25 FCC fine; forced to allow tethering apps

04:07 [Raw Story] Barney Frank: Marriage equality is up to the states

04:11 [Fox News] Rahm Grilled by Churches Over His Chick-fil-A Stance

04:13 [Slashdot] US Navy Admiral Questions Expensive Stealth Platforms

04:34 [Guardian] Mexico charges generals over alleged links to drug cartel

04:37 [CNET News] Dropbox confirms it was hacked, offers users help

04:38 [zero hedge] Why Another Major China Stimulus Package Is Not Coming

04:38 [Deutsche Welle] Will an unlimited bailout fund save the euro?,,16134938,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

04:40 [msnbc] Apple says documents prove Samsung copied iPhone

04:41 [CNET News] Verizon to pay $1.25M FCC fine; forced to allow tethering apps

04:44 [Fox News] White House Sorry for Churchill Bust 'Confusion'

04:45 [Global Voices] Chinese-born Weightlifters Win Gold for Kazakhstan

04:53 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Local Producers Worried about Venezuela’s Admission to Mercosur

04:59 [Fox News: politics] Al Qaeda gaining 'operational capability' despite core losses, report shows

05:09 [Mother Jones] Building Stuff in Cities is Really Hard, Washington DC Edition

05:14 [The Hindu - News] Many cholera cases in the past too: Corporation

05:18 [The Hindu - News] Police impose curfew in Mamallapuram

05:20 [Slashdot] Valve Removes Right For Class Action Claims From EULA

05:23 [The Hindu - News] Kerala to appeal against court order on bar licence

05:32 [AL JAZEERA] Fight continues for control of Syria's Aleppo

05:33 [The Hindu - News] He showed Margi the way

05:36 [Fox News: politics] Justice Department says GOP 'Furious' report has 'distortions'

05:37 [zero hedge] JPM To Be Subpoenaed Over Defunct PFG's Missing Segregated Money

05:42 [Fox News] Al Qaeda Gaining Despite Losses

05:42 [Raw Story] Ex-cop Drew Peterson faces trial in death of third wife

05:56 [Global Voices] Kazakhstan: Images from “Post-Apocalyptic” Village

05:57 [AntiWar] Nothing Succeeds Like ‘Success’

05:59 [The Hindu - News] Myanmar refugees find safe haven in city

06:00 [straight] And now, Dan Mangan: The Movie

06:11 [Big Think] Collaborate With Your Competitors

06:13 [AL JAZEERA] Fight continues for control of Syria's Aleppo

06:13 [Deutsche Welle] Venezuela joins South American regional trade bloc,,16134952,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

06:13 [Slashdot] Should Developers Support Windows Phone 8?

06:15 [The Hindu - News] The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Fest from August 3

06:17 [The Hindu - News] Labourer ‘jumps to death from police station’

06:19 [CNET News] Zynga slapped with dueling shareholder lawsuits

06:19 [The Hindu - News] Woman ‘threatened, raped’

06:22 [Raw Story] Jon Stewart mocks Romney’s Israel gaffes: Jews are culturally money-making motherf*ckers

06:25 [The Hindu - News] Woman found murdered

06:29 [The Hindu - News] Marine engineering seats in Cusat may be doubled

06:35 [The Hindu - News] Who let the dogs out?

06:39 [The Hindu - News] BBMP Opposition puts dengue figure at 2,162

06:43 [The Hindu - News] Garbage issues raise a stink

06:51 [Global Voices] Tajikistan: Legality of Government Military Operation Questioned

06:52 [Topix Activism News] SKorea backs activist allegedly tortured in China

06:54 [The Hindu - News] Delhi Metro services crippled again

06:54 [Guardian] Gore Vidal dies aged 86

07:02 [The Hindu - News] An ordeal for thousands on Delhi roads

07:04 [The Hindu - News] Airport services remain unaffected

07:10 [The Hindu - News] Cultural fest ‘Svanubhava’ begins today

07:12 [The Hindu - News] Panel formed to overhaul power paraphernalia

07:15 [CNET News] Entrepreneur: How I made $10K in one day with Facebook Ads

07:18 [Deutsche Welle] Activists: Russian opposition is being silenced,,16134986,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

07:20 [The Hindu - News] Heart surgery at CMCH after a gap of five years

07:26 [The Hindu - News] Corporation’s main office to be powered by solar energy

07:30 [The Hindu - News] Day in pictures

07:31 [BBC: Entertainment] US author Gore Vidal dies aged 86

07:36 [The Hindu - News] Council strays to blunder over cattle menace

07:40 [The Hindu - News] Young scientists come up with innovative ideas

07:42 [CNET News] Facebook's mobile-only use jumps 23 percent since March

07:44 [The Hindu - News] Only transparent films can be pasted on vehicles

07:46 [The Hindu - News] Curtains down for Anna University of Technology

07:50 [The Hindu - News] 'Northern, eastern and NE grids fully restored'

07:52 [The Hindu - News] Youth sentenced to 7 year-RI

07:54 [The Hindu - News] Padil attack rocks MCC meeting

07:56 [CNET News] PC makers falling further behind Apple, says Canalys

07:58 [msnbc] Gore Vidal, celebrated author, playwright, dies

08:00 [The Hindu - News] ‘Book attackers under Goonda Act’

08:02 [straight] Matrix director comes out as trans: Lana (Larry) Wachowski in Cloud Atlas commentary

08:02 [The Hindu - News] NSS volunteers to raise awareness on malaria

08:12 [Raw Story] Novelist Gore Vidal dies at age 86

08:13 [Deutsche Welle] Olympic badminton players charged for alleged misconduct,,16135069,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:14 [Fin24 News] Botswana passes on $1.26bn De Beers rights

08:19 [Slashdot] Australian Billionaire Wants To Build Jurassic Park-Style Resort

08:20 [The Independent] Badminton players face match-throwing charges

08:27 [The Hindu - News] No respect for road rules

08:31 [The Hindu - News] Gore Vidal dies

08:32 [] AIPAC pushes bill that will establish virtual state of war with Iran

08:33 [The Hindu - News] Gore Vidal, celebrated author, dies

08:33 [Deutsche Welle] Power in India restored after worst blackout in history,,16133106,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

08:37 [The Hindu - News] Spa, resort near Thotlakonda trigger row

08:41 [The Hindu - News] Tiger kills Karanth Park employee

08:42 [Raw Story] U.S. keeps Cuba on its terror black list

08:47 [The Hindu - News] Minor ports set to make a big impact

08:47 [Raw Story] Italy rules ‘no balls’ insult for men is a crime

08:48 [Fin24 News] Mediclinic eyes R5bn in rights offer

08:51 [The Hindu - News] GVMC notices for stadium vacation

08:56 [Guardian] Gore Vidal, US writer and contrarian, dies aged 86

09:02 [straight] What is proper etiquette for viewing porn online?

09:06 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis live: US treasury secretary urges action

09:11 [The Hindu - News] Lack of info irks kin of accident victims

09:13 [AL JAZEERA] US author Gore Vidal dies aged 86

09:17 [AL JAZEERA] Report blasts Myanmar treatment of Rohingya

09:21 [Fin24 News] Nedbank first-half profit up 24%

09:27 [The Hindu - News] Last journey for newly-wed couple

09:29 [The Independent] Author Gore Vidal dies at 86

09:31 [The Hindu - News] New technique to treat obesity

09:34 [Mother Jones] Corn on MSNBC: Yet Another Gaffe on Romney's Foreign Tour

09:37 [The Hindu - News] Call to motivate kids to plant saplings

09:41 [New York Times: politics] Polls Give Obama Edge in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida

09:47 [The Hindu - News] Gateforum launches centres in Guntur and Vijayawada

09:51 [The Hindu - News] Moily: We’ll work out strategy to stabilise grid

09:54 [] Kyrgyzstan: Another Foreign Miner Faces Trouble, This Time in Rare Earths

09:59 [New Statesman] Alan White's Olympic diary: The hounding of Ye Shiwen

10:02 [The Hindu - News] CPI(M) leader P. Jayarajan arrested in murder case

10:02 [Disinformation] Cosmic Symbolism in Olympic Ceremony: ‘The Opening of the Gate

10:06 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Earliest' sign of modern culture

10:07 [Guardian] Olympic badminton players charged with trying to throw matches

10:13 [International Crisis Group] En Tunisie, l’urgence est économique et sociale

10:18 [Spiegel] Anatomy of a Disaster: Incompetence and Naiveté Behind Berlin Airport Delay

10:19 [Guardian] US support for Rwanda wanes amid concern over violence in Congo

10:28 [Pravda] One solitary life. Part II

10:32 [Slate Magazine] Don't Sweat It

10:34 [New Statesman] Gore Vidal: his finest TV apperances

10:35 [Guardian] India restores electricity after blackout across 20 states

10:35 [CNET News] 1 million users sign up for in six hours

10:35 [The Independent] Ailing infrastructure firm Mouchel saved by banks

10:38 [The Hindu - News] Chidambaram takes over as Finance Minister

10:46 [The Hindu - News] 18 killed as bus falls into ditch

10:53 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Trash Collectors Become Zimbabwe’s Unlikely Climate Change Ambassadors

10:58 [The Hindu - News] CBI not to file review petition in Mayawati assets case

10:58 [Pravda] Russia to revive army bases in three oceans

11:01 [msnbc] US: Leaders' deaths put al-Qaida on 'path of decline'

11:02 [Topix Activism News] Eight killed during price protests in Sudan's Darfur...

11:02 [The Hindu - News] Dawn clashes in Christian neighbourhood of Damascus

11:03 [] Ten Questions on Bulgaria Bus Attack

11:04 [International Crisis Group] Les Arabes d'Israël : une citoyenneté en conflit

11:05 [Guardian] London 2012: badminton players charged with trying to throw matches

11:07 [BBC: Science & Environment] Higgs results 'get even stronger'

11:14 [Pravda] Obama and Romney fight for US Jews

11:16 [Slashdot] Amazon Matches iTunes Match With New 'Audio Upgrade' Feature

11:19 [CBC: politics] Quebec election order expected today

11:27 [Big Think] So you want to be a Growth Hacker?

11:28 [Deutsche Welle] BMW on course for record 2012 earnings,,16135322,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:29 [Pravda] Is global trade about to collapse? Where are oil prices headed?

11:30 [Fin24 News] Kagiso PMI stable; factories still weak

11:33 [The Hindu - News] Sairam, Prabhav excel in P.S. Senior’s victory

11:39 [The Hindu - News] Sharvin Kumar shines with the bat

11:40 [Fin24 News] Sanral in dire straits without e-tolls

11:53 [Fox News: politics] Panetta says US force is an option against Iran nukes

11:59 [Deutsche Welle] Discover Dresden past and present,,16133980,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

11:59 [Pravda] Envy: Most joyless of the Seven Deadly Sins

12:09 [The Hindu - News] Syria’s president urges army to step up fight

12:09 [Guardian] Syrian army fights for control of Aleppo

12:10 [Mother Jones] Top 10 Reasons These Olympics Suck

12:15 [Pravda] More medals for Russia

12:16 [Le Monde diplomatique] Police shootings echo nationwide

12:17 [zero hedge] JP Morgan, Bruno Iksil and the FDIC TAG Program

12:17 [The Hindu - News] Military force an option against Iran: Panetta

12:23 [Global Voices] Mauritania: Torture in Detention Turns to Medical Nightmare

12:26 [Good] Are We Getting Closer to Repealing the Ban on Gay Blood Donors?

12:27 [Guardian] Shafilea Ahmed murder trial jury considers its verdicts

12:27 [The Hindu - News] Federal Reserve wraps up meeting as markets await action

12:28 [Spiegel] The World from Berlin: Deutsche Bank 'Too Bloated to Remain Competitive'

12:28 [The Independent] Do not watch Olympic Games at work - it will cause a computer meltdown, warns LA technology officer


12:31 [Truthdig] Hail and Farewell, Gore Vidal

12:37 [The Hindu - News] Refugees to return home by Aug. 15: Gogoi

12:37 [BBC: Education] Expert teacher ruling condemned

12:44 [Deutsche Welle] US Defense Secretary touches down in Israel,,16135311,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

12:45 [Guardian] Shop worker tried to falsely claim £1m lottery prize

12:48 [BBC: Technology] EA Star Wars game players slump

12:49 [The Hindu - News] Veteran film actor Thilakan hospitalised

12:52 [] Germany’s militarised foreign policy - Global stability and world peace will not come from the barrel of a gun


12:53 [The Hindu - News] Landslide, flash floods kill 8 in Indonesia

12:55 [Reuters] Romney stumbles on world stage but will it hit him at home?

12:55 [The Hindu - News] BMW earnings fall 28 percent

12:57 [Big Think] Book Review: Nonbeliever Nation

13:00 [Fin24 News] Absa warns on food security

13:01 [zero hedge] July's Winners And Losers

13:02 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama vs. Romney: Choose Your Own Disaster

13:02 [Raw Story] Drought continues to hammer U.S. crops

13:04 [The Hindu - News] Magnitude 4.9 quake hits China’s Xinjiang province

13:17 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Time William F. Buckley Wanted to Nuke Vietnam

13:18 [Slate Magazine] What Your Doctors Don’t Know Can Hurt You

13:18 [Global Voices] Mauritania: Protests in the North against Human Trafficking

13:19 [New Statesman] Deutsche Bank to cut 1,900 jobs

13:24 [The Hindu - News] Big plans for the Little House

13:25 [Guardian] Olympic rowing: Helen Glover and Heather Stanning win GB's first gold

13:28 [Global Voices] Lebanon: Inflammatory TV Show Leads to Arrests of Gay Men

13:29 [CNET News] Microsoft to Motorola: The way to 'patent peace'

13:30 [The Hindu - News] World Bank set to resume aid to Myanmar after 25 years

13:32 [Raw Story] Apple and Samsung face off in major patent case

13:36 [Truthdig] Catching Up With Gore Vidal

13:37 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: August 1

13:39 [Deutsche Welle] Robber Hotzenplotz turns 50,,16135494,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

13:43 [] Gore Vidal Dies at 86

13:48 [The Hindu - News] Bangalorean by nature

13:49 [Guardian] Government criticised for dumping raw data to fulfil transparency promises

13:50 [zero hedge] The Waiting Game

13:51 [The Atlantic: International] The Land of Big Groceries, Big God, and Smooth Traffic: What Surprises First-Time Visitors to America

13:52 [Raw Story] Syrian fighting reaches Damascus’ Christian enclaves

13:54 [The Hindu - News] Bonding over work

13:58 [The Hindu - News] Mamata undisputed leader on Facebook with 1 lakh followers

13:59 [New Statesman] The Olympics is a symbolic victory for Saudi Arabian women, but let’s not get carried away

14:00 [Slashdot] Speed of Sound Is Too Slow For the Olympics

14:00 [CNET News] French privacy regulator asks Google for 'deleted' Street View data

14:01 [Foreign Policy in Focus] There May Be a Method to the Madness of Apathy and Ignorance

14:01 [Guardian] Tetra Pak heir Hans Kristian Rausing pleads guilty to preventing wife's burial

14:02 [CNET News] Simple Mobile lowers its unlimited 4G plan to $50

14:04 [CNET News] Hulu blocks access to overseas Apple TV owners, report says

14:05 [CNN: Technology] Welcome to the Twitter Olympics

14:06 [The Independent] Assad speech aims to rally Syria troops

14:07 [zero hedge] With Five Months To Go, Here Is "Cliff" Versus Consensus

14:07 [The Atlantic: Politics] The Vital Fight in Congress That Turns on a Blood-Stained Memo

14:11 [AL JAZEERA] Assad praises troops as planes pound Aleppo

14:13 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Offensive advert was broadcast on YouTube, not on Israeli TV

14:14 [The Hindu - News] Code Uniform

14:15 [AL JAZEERA] Assad praises troops as planes pound Aleppo

14:17 [Fin24 News] SA loves Spur, survey shows

14:18 [Slate Magazine] Want To Pay Less and Get More?

14:18 [zero hedge] Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: August 1

14:20 [CNET News] Windows 7 poised to topple XP as leading OS

14:21 [CNET News] Nintendo to launch red and blue DSis 'as early as this week'

14:22 [Raw Story] 150-year-old Bangladesh brothel fights closure

14:23 [The Independent] David Cameron visits home club of British rower Alan Campbell

14:23 [Guardian] Olympic rowing: Glover and Stanning win Team GB's first gold medal

14:24 [Deutsche Welle] German men's rowing team wins gold,,16135766,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:24 [The Hindu - News] Game for fun

14:26 [Fox News: politics] GSA holds conference at luxurious Opryland as House convenes hearing

14:28 [Disinformation] DARPA To Develop Technology To Analyze Social Media

14:30 [Slashdot] MARCH Presents: Apple I Reproduction In Action At HOPE 9

14:31 [Good] Thin Ice: Melting Greenland Might Be Set for a Mining Boom

14:33 [Slate Magazine] Absolutely Fabulous

14:34 [CNET News] Google's Chrome tailors itself to Apple's Retina Display

14:35 [The Hindu - News] The spotlight is on

14:35 [Mother Jones] Happy 175th Birthday, Mother Jones!

14:36 [International Crisis Group] Syria’s Mutating Conflict

14:37 [Spiegel] The Cartel: Behind the Scenes in the Libor Interest Rate Scandal

14:37 [CNET News] Watch live TV on your phone! No, really

14:38 [Disinformation] The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Episode 19: Nick Redfern

14:39 [Deutsche Welle] Internet activists wonder what will follow ACTA,,16135624,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

14:39 [Global Voices] Georgia: Philanthropic Blogging

14:40 [msnbc] Economy may be slow-growth for long-term

14:43 [] Congress to Obama: Show Us Your 'License to Kill'

14:44 [Fox News] Scranton Workers Get $$ Back After Wages Slashed

14:45 [Fin24 News] House price growth declining

14:48 [zero hedge] Fluff, Stuff, And Expectations

14:56 [International Crisis Group] CrisisWatch N°108

14:57 [AL JAZEERA] Panetta tells Israel force is option on Iran

15:03 [Raw Story] Colbert defends Romney aide’s outburst at ‘info-jackals’

15:03 [Topix Activism News] As Islamists Gain, Mali's Tradition Under Threat

15:03 [Slashdot] Samsung Admonished For Releasing Rejected Evidence

15:04 [CBC: politics] PQ Leader Pauline Marois holds a news conference

15:06 [CNET News] Roku names first Streaming Stick partners, keeps mum on exact price and release date

15:08 [zero hedge] Stephen Roach Mops Floor With Keynesianism And Former Fed Governor Larry Meyer

15:09 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistan's ISI chief visits the US for talks,,16135668,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:09 [Fin24 News] Nersa supports Eskom price hikes

15:10 [Reuters: politics] Romney tax plan helps rich most: tax group

15:15 [The Hindu - News] Standard & Poor’s welcomes Spain’s austerity policies

15:17 [The Independent] Boris Johnson disuputes claim that his own transport warnings are behind London mini-recession

15:17 [The Atlantic: Politics] Video of the Day: Gore Vidal vs. William F. Buckley in 1968

15:23 [Raw Story] Gingrich: Romney was right about Israel being culturally superior

15:24 [CNET News] Samsung Galaxy Nexus eludes sales ban...for now

15:24 [Pravda] Olympic Games and reluctant tourists impoverish London

15:24 [Deutsche Welle] Somalia endorses constitution after failed suicide attack,,16135848,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:26 [Guardian] Somali comedian who mocked Islamists is shot dead

15:28 [Disinformation] The Dangers Of Positive Thinking

15:29 [The Hindu - News] Blast rocks Benghazi, Iran confirms medics abducted in Libya

15:29 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Israel increases settlement spending by 38 per cent

15:29 [Global Voices] Jordan: Internet freedom - the beginning of the end?

15:30 [New Statesman] Is benefit-bashing the next Osborne gamble to go wrong?

15:32 [Guardian] Tetra Pak heir Hans Kristian Rausing admits preventing wife's burial

15:35 [CNET News] Groupon sued for patent infringment

15:35 [The Hindu - News] City’s silk route

15:36 [Foreign Policy in Focus] North Korea and Disneyland

15:39 [New Internationalist] Co-operative Revolution Competition

15:39 [Pravda] Another air passenger finds needle in sandwich

15:39 [The Hindu - News] Thriving in a changing environment

15:43 [Slashdot] Dropbox Confirms Email Addresses Were Pilfered

15:45 [The Hindu - News] Stand-in for a system

15:47 [zero hedge] We're Not Japan But One Can Always Hope


15:49 [New Internationalist] Israel: ‘Not an occupier’

15:51 [The Atlantic: International] The Slow-Motion Political Crisis Behind India's Power Outage

15:53 [Raw Story] Republican law banning abortion in DC dies in House

15:54 [Deutsche Welle] Germany gets new police, intelligence chiefs,,16135917,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

15:55 [The Hindu - News] 2G trial: DoT ex-official accuses Raja aide of favouring Unitech

15:58 [Disinformation] Gore Vidal, RIP

15:58 [CBC: politics] PQ Leader Marois swipes at Charest ahead of election call

15:59 [The Hindu - News] Spiced to suit the seasoned palate

15:59 [Global Voices] Guatemala: People's Health Tribunal Declares Goldcorp Guilty

16:02 [Guardian] London 2012: rowers Glover and Stanning win Team GB's first gold medal

16:02 [Big Think] How SETI's Hunt for Aliens Is Speeding Up

16:03 [United Nations Foundation] The Key to Unlocking the Youth Vote: Why Birth Control Is a Force Multiplier in the 2012 Election

16:03 [CNET News] Road Trip Pic of the Day, 8/1: What is this?

16:05 [Global Voices] Mexico: Photo Essay Documents March Against Election Results

16:05 [Fox News: politics] Bonus checks for GSA workers total far more than previously reported, lawmaker reveals

16:05 [The Hindu - News] Defying gender stereotypes

16:06 [] Tajikistan Diary: Rumor-Bound in Badakhshan

16:07 [Spiegel] Begging for the Bazooka: Europe's Dangerous Dream of Unlimited Money

16:07 [The Atlantic: Politics] 'Culture,' Prosperity, and Political IQ

16:08 [zero hedge] Dan Loeb Lets Loose On Barack Obama

16:08 [Slate Magazine] Unreasonable Doubt

16:09 [CNET News] Lenovo on Nokia acquisition speculation: 'This must be a joke'

16:10 [The Onion] [audio] New Hubble Peephole Can See Into Women's Showers

16:11 [The Atlantic: International] Was Your Stuff Made by Slave Labor? It's Not Always Easy To Tell

16:12 [CNN] Rausing pleads guilty to delaying heiress wife's burial

16:13 [Financial Times] Global slowdown bites across Asia

16:14 [Fox News] Obama Landing at Base Threatened by $$ Cuts

16:14 [Deutsche Welle] Blue Card: bait for skilled foreign workers?,,16136043,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:16 [The Hindu - News] Jayarajan arrest triggers violence in Kannur

16:16 [The Progressive] Gore Vidal on the Media and the American People

16:17 [CNN] In Ohio, swing state politics have real-life impact

16:18 [Raw Story] Copay-Free Birth Control and Other Women’s Health Care Starting Today

16:19 [CNN] NBC apologizes for Olympics spoiler: 'This will not happen again'


16:22 [Slashdot] Android 4 Coming To the Raspberry Pi

16:24 [Amnesty International] Libya: Militia must release Iranian Red Crescent members

16:26 [The Independent] Tetra Pak heir Hans Rausing avoids jail over failing to bury wife Eva

16:27 [Spiegel] Splitting the Financial Giants: It's Time To Break Up Massive Banks!

16:28 [Disinformation] FBI Tech Inadequacies Let Fort Hood Shooter Slip Through Cracks


16:31 [CNN] 12 great Olympics-related Twitter accounts

16:36 [The Hindu - News] Playing to Lagori’s tune

16:36 [CNN] Should we trust Twitter?

16:37 [zero hedge] Broken Market Chronicles: Initial Forensic Visual Evidence Of This Morning's Algo Freak Out

16:40 [Global Voices] Haiti: “Dear Ayiti”

16:40 [The Hindu - News] Slice of Bangalore – Photography Contest

16:40 [CNN] When did the GOP become the whiners?

16:41 [The Onion] 300 Million Without Electricity In India After Restoration Of Power Grid

16:41 [] Democracy Now!: First Soldier Tried in Hazing Death of Pvt. Danny Chen Gets 30-Day Term, Evades Homicide Conviction

16:41 [CNET News] Amazon unveils Instant Video app for iPad owners

16:42 [CNN] Welcome to the Twitter Olympics

16:43 [CNET News] Get a Magellan GPS with lifetime maps and traffic for $59.98

16:46 [The Hindu - News] Voice of the underserved

16:47 [CNN] An open letter to texting-crazed teens

16:48 [BBC: Science & Environment] Mangrove CO2 storage 'economic'

16:49 [Deutsche Welle] Chinese students search for opportunity in Germany,,16136167,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

16:50 [CNN] 'The Social Media Games': How hashtags and likes are shaping London 2012

16:52 [The Atlantic: Technology] Earth from Space: Two Years of Waves Dancing

16:52 [CBC: politics] Attawapiskat 3rd-party manager was 'unreasonable'

16:53 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] Mainstream Rhetoric on Nuclear Power Far From Reality

16:53 [Slashdot] Nokia Closing Australian Office, Looking To Sell Qt Assets

16:54 [CNN] Olympics Day 5 sees scandal, joy and controversy

16:58 [Financial Times] Blackouts shine light on India’s failings

16:59 [The Hindu - Opinion] Bad news from abroad

17:01 [The Atlantic: International] China Says That Kazakhstan's Gold Medalist Is Actually From China

17:02 [Fox News: politics] Obama Zeroes in on the Heart of the Rust Belt

17:05 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Gaza man makes electric car

17:06 [Mother Jones] Badminton Federation Screws Up, Players Pay the Price

17:06 [The Atlantic: International] Romney and Obama: No Real Difference on Iran Rhetoric

17:07 [zero hedge] NYSE Reviewing Trades In 148 Symbols Between 9:30 And 10:15

17:09 [BuzzFlash] Predatory Privatization Puts Citizens and Communities at Risk

17:10 [New Statesman] Egonomics: the human hair market

17:10 [The Hindu - News] Oh boy! The Madurai B-boys…

17:11 [CNN] Boston priest faces child porn charges

17:11 [High Country News] Will Utah's tar sands make it the Alberta of the high desert?

17:13 [Raw Story] London mayor gets stuck in mid-air in zip line stunt gone wrong

17:14 [BBC: Also in the news] Marmite reward for NZ Olympians

17:15 [Global Voices] Mexico: Embroidering for Peace

17:15 [CNN] 2 more Ebola deaths in Uganda, officials say

17:15 [Caritas Internationalis] Syrian child refugees face poverty in Lebanon

17:16 [Guardian] Bradley Wiggins wins gold to become Britain's most prolific Olympian

17:16 [CNN] Gore Vidal, chronicler of American life and politics, dies

17:16 [Fox News] Bonus Blowout: GSA Gave Out $44M

17:16 [The Hindu - News] On the mark

17:18 [karmalised] Syria Spin Machine: UK mainstream lies exposed

17:18 [zero hedge] Investing Legend Louis Bacon Has Had Enough Of Algos And Central Planners, Calls It Quits

17:20 [CNET News] Android 4.0 to flavor Raspberry Pi

17:20 [CNN] Police release composite image of Bulgaria bus bomber

17:20 [The Hindu - News] The right angle

17:23 [CNN] Israeli dies after self-immolation during protest

17:23 [CNN: Entertainment] Gore Vidal dies at 86

17:25 [Fox News: politics] House ethics committee: Reprimand Calif. Democrat Laura Richardson

17:25 [Global Voices] Spain: How Many Advisors Are Really Necessary?

17:25 [CBC: politics] Attawapiskat 3rd-party manager appointment 'unreasonable'

17:26 [The Hindu - News] Mapping dyslexia

17:27 [Slashdot] US Viewers Using Proxies To Watch BBC Olympic Coverage

17:27 [The Atlantic: Technology] Maps: The States Where Fracking Can Happen in Secret

17:28 [Disinformation] NYPD Teams With Microsoft To Launch Panoptic ‘Domestic Awareness System’

17:30 [CNN] Al-Assad to army: Restore order to Syria

17:30 [The Hindu - News] Upbeat

17:31 [World Policy Institute] The View of Damascus from Baghdad

17:33 [The Atlantic: Politics] Bill Clinton on Palestinian Culture

17:33 [Raw Story] Rep. Steve King: Obama birth could have been faked with ‘telegram from Kenya’

17:34 [Guardian] Israeli PM says time running out to stop Iran's nuclear programme

17:36 [CBC: politics] Quebec poised for election call

17:37 [The Independent] Three held over teenager's murdered in Lewisham stabbing

17:39 [Deutsche Welle] Khat in Germany, undesirable narcotic or link with home?,,16121021,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

17:39 [The Onion] Nation's Lower Class At Least Grateful It Not Part Of Nation's Middle Class

17:41 [AL JAZEERA] Panetta tells Israel force is option on Iran

17:41 [CNN] The man who started #NBCFail on Twitter

17:42 [Big Think] Alien Solar System Is a Lot Like Ours, Say Astronmers

17:42 [The Atlantic: Technology] Take My Money, Please! The Strange Case of Free Web Services

17:43 [CNN] North Dakota paper reverses ban on same-sex wedding ads

17:44 [Fox News: politics] Poll: Obama popular in voter-rich states but lagging in key battlegrounds

17:45 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: Egypt denies exchange of letters with Israeli president

17:47 [Canadian Dimension] There’ll Be No Shelter Here! Part II of II

17:47 [CBC: politics] Quebecers in for summer election campaign

17:48 [zero hedge] The Dark Knight Capital Plummets

17:50 [Guardian] Bradley Wiggins wins time trial gold to become Britain's most prolific Olympian

17:51 [The Hindu - News] Four blasts in Pune; one injured

17:53 [CNN] 'Kings Point': Aging out of retirement

17:54 [Slashdot] AMD Brings Back Athlon K8 Designer as Chief Architect

17:54 [CNN] Can Nicaragua deliver on huge potential?

17:55 [The Independent] Jury out in Shafilea Ahmed 'honour killing' murder trial

17:59 [CNN] London 2012: Britain win first golds

18:00 [This Magazine] Dry Spell: why local isn’t simple

18:00 [Global Voices] Bolivia: Anti-US Rhetoric Harming its Diplomatic Relations?

18:03 [CNET News] Apple says jury should learn Samsung destroyed evidence

18:03 [Raw Story] WATCH LIVE: Obama makes campaign stop in Ohio


18:04 [Guardian] London 2012 Olympic Games: 1 August - evening summary

18:04 [CNN: Crime] 24 murder charges for suspect

18:04 [CNN] Wiggins makes history as Britain wins first golds at London 2012

18:05 [CNN] Obama heads to Ohio again, bolstered by new poll

18:06 [Mother Jones] Is NBC's Olympics Broadcast a Little Too Live?

18:07 [straight] News for Youse: Police dogs, Quebec election, and Olympic disqualifications

18:07 [zero hedge] Broken Market Chronicles: Algos Gone Autosell Wild - Video Explanation Of What Happened

18:07 [CNN] Two more Ebola deaths in Uganda, officials say

18:09 [The Onion] LINCOLN, NE—Having climbed a tree to rescue one of the neighborhood cats, Kyle Mullins figured he might as well stay up there in protest of the proposed Wal-Mart development.

18:10 [CNN] Meet the man who started #NBCFail

18:12 [CNET News] Google Play developer policy updated to nix 'spammy notifications'

18:14 [Deutsche Welle] EU sends team to combat terrorism in the Sahel region,,16136104,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

18:15 [Global Voices] Caribbean: Marking Emancipation

18:16 [Slashdot] Critics Blast Apple's Cheesy New Ad Campaign

18:17 [The Hindu - News] Maharashtra Home Minister reviews security situation

18:17 [CNET News] Samsung: We weren't trying to influence jurors

18:17 [Spiegel] Lost Places: Photographer Documents Ruins of East Berlin

18:18 [The Atlantic: Politics] Polls Show Obama Reclaiming Momentum in Battleground States

18:20 [CNN] Suspicious object that forces plane to divert is unclaimed camera

18:20 [Global Voices] Trinidad & Tobago: Central Bank Governors

18:21 [The Hindu - News] Kerala Govt spurns Welspun offer, to re-tender Vizhinjam port deal

18:21 [CNET News] Verizon phone buyers can get a $40 credit via Amazon

18:21 [CNN] Drought puts more than half of U.S. counties in disaster zones, USDA says

18:22 [Fin24 News] Take ownership of mine safety - expert

18:25 [New Statesman] Feminism doesn’t mean learning to play the game - it’s a total game-changer

18:26 [CNN] Syrian rebels hold pro-government prisoners in former school

18:27 [The Hindu - Opinion] Delhi is powerless [Tamil: Aatralai izhandha dilli] Editorial, August 1, 2012. Translated by A. Kumaresan, presented by T. Arvind

18:29 [Slashdot] Craigslist Demands Exclusivity For Postings

18:31 [Middle East Monitor] Middle East Monitor: President pardons leaders of Muslim Brotherhood in exile

18:35 [CNN: Politics] Was Romney's trip 'a great success' or gaffe-filled disaster?

18:35 [CNET News] Anonymous in a tizzy over logo trademark

18:35 [Global Voices] Sao Tome and Principe: Deforestation of an Area of Unique Biodiversity

18:36 [BuzzFlash] Chick-fil-A’s Image Plummets Among Consumers as Anti-LGBT Groups Rally

18:36 [Truthdig] Cover-Up of a Horrific American Hospital in Afghanistan (Graphic)

18:37 [zero hedge] What Does The Market 'Expect' From The Fed/ECB?

18:38 [Guardian] Hans Kristian Rausing kept wife's body because he felt 'unable to let her leave'

18:40 [This Magazine] An ode to the magical moments in Canadian music festivals

18:41 [BBC: Also in the news] Boris left hanging on zip wire

18:41 [The Hindu - News] Tata Motors leads moderate increase in July car sales

18:41 [CNN] This week on Marketplace Middle East

18:45 [The Nation] Gore Vidal in 'The Nation'

18:46 [CNET News] Windows 8 hits RTM milestone

18:48 [CNET News] Denon debuts flashy new Cocoon AirPlay speaker docks

18:49 [] July Was Deadliest Month in Two Years: Iraq

18:52 [Slashdot] Ask Slashdot: Is There a Professional Geek Dress Code?

18:52 [Big Think] Introducing "Ideas Gone Wild" – A Weekly Call for Entries

18:55 [The Nation] Hail and Farewell, Gore Vidal

18:56 [Middle East Monitor] Abdel Bari Atwan: First respect Muslims in America, then you can talk about Copts' rights

18:56 [Truthdig] Tea Party’s Man Takes Texas U.S. Senate Nomination

18:56 [straight] Gwynne Dyer: The race for Arctic resources

18:58 [Reuters: politics] Romney tax plan helps rich, hurts middle class-study

18:58 [Disinformation] As Greenland Ice Melts, A New Front Opens in the Resource Wars

18:58 [Slate Magazine] Lost in Europe

19:01 [CNN] World needs to keep 'maximum pressure' on Iran, Panetta says

19:02 [CNET News] BBC screens Olympics in 8K clarity

19:03 [Raw Story] Chick-fil-A store breaks with founder to sponsor LGBT Pride

19:04 [The Independent] Microsoft moves Hotmail into the trash to make way for a social media linked 'Outlook'

19:06 [Global Voices] Zimbabwe: Bulawayo Residents Air Grievances Online

19:06 [Mother Jones] Bomb Scares and Fighter Escorts

19:06 [Fox News: politics] Romney finalizes plans for multistate bus tour next week

19:06 [World Policy Institute] World Policy On Air: Jared Genser

19:07 [CNET News] Digital 'pill' tells doctors when you've swallowed it

19:07 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Thoughtcrime Is Real

19:07 [CNN] Eat Mor Chikin: Chick-fil-A's stance on same-sex marriage faces test

19:09 [Slashdot] KDE Announces 4.9 Releases

19:12 [Topix Activism News] D.C. late-term abortion ban fails in the House

19:12 [CNET News] Twitter launches Political Index to measure "feelings" about Obama and Romney

19:12 [Guardian] Girl, 15, who died after ecstasy overdose told her friends not to call ambulance

19:12 [CNN] Young immigrants prepare for new U.S. deportation policy

19:16 [CNET News] U.S. Cellular to sell Motorola Electrify 2 and Defy XT

19:16 [] Uzbekistan: Tashkent’s Sticky Fingers Spoiling Foreign Investors’ Appetites

19:17 [CNET News] Unfriend Coal: Greenpeace praises Facebook's renewable energy efforts

19:17 [Spiegel] 'The Impression Maternity Leave Is Not Important': German Family Minister Slams Yahoo! CEO Mayer

19:19 [Reuters] Princeton scores straight A's as top U.S. college in new ranking

19:19 [msnbc] Colleges freeze, reduce tuition as public balks

19:22 [Big Think] Is Exploring Mars Worth the Financial Investment?

19:23 [CNN] Olympic badminton players disqualified for trying to lose

19:25 [CNN: Politics] Romney trip may not matter much to voters in November

19:26 [Global Voices] Indonesia: Athlete Arrived Late for her Olympics Debut

19:28 [Disinformation] Colombian Authorities Seize Submarine Used in Drug Trafficking

19:28 [Slate Magazine] How Not To Defend Voter ID

19:30 [Reuters: politics] Romney tax plan helps rich, hurts middle class: study

19:33 [Raw Story] Judge in Zimmerman trial will not step down

19:33 [Slashdot] Proprietary Nvidia Linux Driver Contains Privilege Escalation Hole

19:36 [Utne] 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next 40 Years

19:38 [zero hedge] The PIIGS Are Rapidly Losing Their Leverage Over Germany

19:41 [] Central Asia & Caucasus: The Promise and Pitfalls of New Election Technologies


19:42 [CNN] Michael Phelps cements legacy as one of all-time Olympic greats

19:43 [Raw Story] GOP lawmakers: New birth-control mandate like Pearl Harbor and 9/11

19:44 [Deutsche Welle] Stiff breeze batters German wind energy sector,,16136711,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

19:45 [Fox News] 8 Women Out: Badminton Scandal Swats Olympics

19:47 [zero hedge] What The US Government Spends Its Money On

19:47 [CNN] Shell Oil's multibillion dollar Arctic hoax

19:47 [BuzzFlash] The Incredible Lightness of Being Dick Cheney

19:48 [The Hindu - News] Obama imposes more sanctions on Iran

19:48 [CNET News] Preview all tabs with Safari in Mountain Lion

19:50 [The Onion] Last Person To Voluntarily Write Essay Dies

19:55 [Slashdot] Windows 8 Is Ready

19:57 [straight] CBC lands broadcast rights for 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games

19:58 [Raw Story] Justice Department pressures two more pot dispensaries into closing

19:58 [Disinformation] Digital Pills Tell Whether You Took Your Medicine

20:06 [Mother Jones] Why Does Ed DeMarco Hate Principal Forgiveness

20:07 [The Atlantic: Technology] Siri, Take This Down: Will Voice Control Shape Our Writing?

20:08 [CNN] Pound: 'Only 10% of Olympics drugs cheats caught'

20:08 [Guardian] Woman wins £1.3m damages after growing to 6ft 5in because of tumour

20:12 [The Hindu - News] U.S. ends silence over Rwandan involvement in Congo violence

20:12 [The Atlantic: National] Gore Vidal: A Salute to Self-Absorbed yet Selfless Genius

20:13 [CNN] Obama blasts Romney tax plan in Ohio

20:14 [Deutsche Welle] Monti: Eurozone rescue fund to have banking license,,16137093,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

20:14 [Guardian] North Korean rainstorms return, causing 31 deaths

20:18 [Guardian] Syrian army pounds Aleppo as video appears to show rebels' revenge killings

20:22 [Middle East Monitor] Amelia Smith: Freedom or Opportunism: Who is really benefitting from the Middle East?

20:28 [Raw Story] Evangelical radio host calls blacks ‘drug-addled addicts’ for taking welfare

20:28 [Disinformation] The Navajo Skinwalker: Fearsome Sorcerers and Shapeshifters.


20:30 [CNET News] Cellhelmet iPhone case comes with an extended iPhone warranty

20:31 [CBC: politics] Stephen Harper celebrates end to wheat board monopoly

20:32 [CNN] More is not always better in medicine

20:32 [BBC: Technology] Virtual reality kit secures funds

20:34 [Slate Magazine] Shuttlecock and Bull

20:35 [zero hedge] Prayers Denied As Fed Disappoints - Full Statement Redline

20:35 [Slashdot] Goodbye, IQ Tests: Brain Imaging Predicts Intelligence Levels

20:36 [Truthdig] Vidal: ‘I Am the Enemy to So Many’

20:37 [The Hindu - News] BBC to launch Tamil series on TN Muslims

20:37 [The Atlantic: International] Iran's Supreme Leader Joined Instagram—Here's His First Photo

20:37 [Good] Gore Vidal Head to Head With William Buckley in 1968 on Live TV

20:37 [CNN] TSA credits officers with rescuing kidnapped woman

20:37 [The Atlantic: Technology] The One Thing You Need to Know About the Relaunch of Digg

20:43 [The Hindu - News] BBC to launch Tamil series on TN Muslims

20:43 [CNET News] iPad news app The Daily cuts 50 jobs

20:45 [CNN] Historic drought puts over half of U.S. counties in disaster zones, USDA says

20:49 [BuzzFlash] The Massive Voter Fraud of the GOP

20:51 [The Progressive] Farewell, Gore Vidal

20:51 [Truthdig] Rest in Peace, Dear Gore

20:53 [Reuters] Syria's Assad praises troops, keeps out of public eye

20:55 [zero hedge] FOMC Market Reaction - Yields Flatten, FX Market Not Buying Equity 'Hope' Reversion

20:57 [The Atlantic: Technology] Astronaut Don's Just High ... on Space

20:57 [The Atlantic: National] The Surprising History of the Milk Carton

20:58 [straight] Arjan Bhullar’s dream of Olympic gold crosses generations

20:58 [Raw Story] California rep. agrees to House Ethics Committee sanctions

21:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] Visa woes

21:01 [The Onion] [video] Construction Workers Realize They Put Erie Canal In Wrong Place

21:01 [CNET News] 3D-printed baby fetus is more impressive than an ultrasound

21:03 [CNN] Q & A: Catching dope cheats at the London 2012 Olympics

21:03 [The Independent] Gore Vidal: 'A keeper of the national conscience'

21:06 [The Hindu - Opinion] Power breakdown

21:06 [Mother Jones] House GOPer Compares Free Birth Control Day to 9/11

21:06 [Truthdig] If the Iraq War Is Over, Why Are We Still Losing Money?

21:07 [zero hedge] Beyond The BLS BS: New Online Help Wanted Ads Plunge The Most Since January 2009

21:08 [The Atlantic: Politics] Picture of the Day: Obama Literally Speaks Softly, Carries Big Stick

21:08 [Reuters] Fed says economy weaker, but leaves policy on hold

21:09 [Deutsche Welle] Wiggins wins gold in men's cycling,,16137491,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

21:10 [CNET News] Google Wallet goes cloud to support all credit, debit cards

21:13 [Raw Story] Study: Child abuse causes depression and substance abuse

21:13 [Disinformation] Documents Show FBI Raids Are Targeting Anarchists And Activists

21:15 [zero hedge] FOMC: Goldman's Take

21:16 [Slashdot] Twitter Launches Political Index

21:16 [Global Voices] Armenia: Slacktivism or Activism?

21:17 [Guardian] Sean Rigg death in custody: police used unnecessary force, jury finds

21:18 [Raw Story] U.S. opposes treaty that would give UN Internet control

21:18 [CNN] Bob Dylan on his dark new album, 'Tempest'

21:20 [Fin24 News] Sisulu: Pay deal allows for budgeting

21:20 [The Hindu - Opinion] Tiwari & Son

21:21 [The Independent] London dubbed cultural 'powerhouse' in influential report

21:26 [The Hindu - Opinion] One hole at a time

21:27 [CBC: politics] Tories pardon farmers arrested under old wheat board law

21:28 [Raw Story] Dead humpback whale found in Sydney ocean pool

21:28 [CNN] Manchester United announce stock listing in New York

21:29 [Guardian] London 2012: Michael Jamieson wins silver medal in 200m breaststroke

21:29 [Deutsche Welle] Pussy Riot members complain of mistreatment,,16137958,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

21:31 [The Onion] Letters To The Editor: I Believe

21:32 [CNET News] Facebook App Center goes global

21:32 [The Atlantic: Technology] Two Decades of the Olympics, Two Big Lessons About the Media

21:35 [zero hedge] Macquarie Sees $176 Billion In Lieborgate Losses, $88 Billion Hit To Libor Panel Banks

21:37 [Good] August's 30 Days of GOOD Challenge: Back to School #30DaysofGOOD

21:37 [Big Think] The Way We're Fighting Over Fracking is All Fracked Up

21:41 [CBC: politics] Corrections Canada manager off job after scheming with offender

21:41 [Global Voices] Costa Rica: Support Campaign for Vice-Minister Dismissed for Video

21:42 [CNET News] In tit for tat, AMD grabs Apple chip designer

21:42 [The Atlantic: Technology] The Technological Evolution of the Modern Olympic Torch

21:46 [CNN] Chick-fil-A restaurants become rallying points for supporters

21:46 [Mother Jones] Kim Jong Un's Mystery Amusement Park Pal, Revealed

21:46 [Reuters: politics] Obama ahead in three key states, poll shows

21:48 [CNET News] Realistic Batman toys battle in eerie stop-motion video

21:49 [Slate Magazine] The London Olympics Sap-o-Meter

21:49 [] Janitors Rally Across 17 Cities to Fight for a Living Wage

21:53 [Raw Story] Arkansas police claim man shot himself in head despite handcuffs

21:53 [The Atlantic: Politics] What, Exactly, Does Romney Think Should Be Discussed Publicly?

21:53 [CNET News] Google crashers: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn to play interns

21:56 [Slashdot] Scientists Stage Funerals To Protest Against Cuts — a New Trend?

21:57 [Guardian] London 2012: relief and euphoria as Team GB strike gold

21:58 [The Hindu - News] It is for Pakistan to reciprocate: Sharma

21:58 [Disinformation] Iran To Punish White Collar Bank Fraudsters With Death Penalty

21:58 [straight] Photo of the Day: Inukshuk

22:00 [The Hindu - Opinion] The fog of war in Syria

22:05 [zero hedge] NYSE To Cancel Trades Beyond 30% Band From Opening Price In Various Stocks, Knight To Foot Bill For Balance?

22:05 [Fox News: politics] Officials sound warning over defense cuts, GOP lawmakers claim Obama AWOL

22:06 [Fox News] Bonus Blowout: GSA Gave $44M to Its Employees

22:07 [BBC: Science & Environment] Palm trees 'grew on Antarctica'

22:08 [Raw Story] Col. Sanders: I love gay people and we’re open on Sundays

22:08 [The Hindu - Opinion] Gore Vidal, writer, wit and contrarian

22:11 [Mother Jones] Study: Romney Plan Increases Taxes On 95% Of Americans

22:13 [CNET News] The 404 1,100: Where we spoke in class today (podcast)

22:15 [CNN] Clinton to make first visit to South Sudan during Africa trip

22:16 [The Hindu - Opinion] In tiger reserves, tourists are not the core issue

22:19 [Slate Magazine] Hanna Rosin vs. David Plotz

22:24 [CNET News] Apple seeks 'emergency' sanctions against Samsung

22:27 [The Atlantic: Technology] That Weird Tape Olympians Have on Their Bodies: Does It Do Anything?

22:28 [The Hindu - News] Dismissive Congress in no mood to engage with Team Anna

22:28 [Disinformation] Body Missing from New Jersey Mausoleum; Police Suspect Palo Mayombe

22:28 [CNN] Boston priest arrested on child porn charges

22:29 [The Hindu - Opinion] Burning questions about safety

22:34 [The Hindu - News] More perks for ex-Governors

22:35 [Fox News: politics] Ted Cruz: Is the Tea Party the New 'Establishment?'

22:37 [The Atlantic: International] An Entire City Suspended in Time to Remember the Warsaw Uprising

22:37 [Slashdot] Google Clamps Down On Spam, Intrusive Ads In Apps

22:37 [zero hedge] Red Knight Plunges And Financials Flounder As Fed Is Flummoxed

22:41 [Reuters: politics] Union leader strives to ease Obama's "white guy problem"

22:42 [Fox News] Sharks Swarm Cape Cod: Blame the Seal Protectors?

22:44 [CNN] Controversy surrounds health care contract workers

22:45 [CNN] Jermaine Jackson offers 'olive branch' in family feud

22:47 [zero hedge] Guest Post: When Quantitative Easing Finally Fails

22:53 [CNN: Money] DEBT BUSTERS!

22:53 [INTER PRESS SERVICE] South Korea Showcases Role as Donor at Expo 2012

22:54 [The Hindu - News] Omnibus national water law on the anvil

22:56 [CNN] Dogs: A medicine for mental health problems?

22:58 [msnbc] Half of all US counties deemed 'natural disaster areas'

22:59 [straight] Canada's men's 8 win a silver medal; Mission-born swimmer Brent Hayden takes home a bronze

22:59 [CNN] 'Grey's Anatomy': Did Patrick Dempsey tweet a huge spoiler?!

22:59 [Deutsche Welle] Greek coalition reaches austerity deal,,16138290,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

23:00 [CNN] Violence in Iraq reached nearly 2-year peak in July

23:01 [CBC: politics] PMO says Harper will not attend first ministers meeting

23:02 [Good] San Francisco Embraces the Pop-Up for Neighborhood Revitilization

23:02 [Big Think] Are the Boomers Screwing the Millennials?

23:04 [The Onion] Area Couple Has Mind-Blowing Ego Validation

23:05 [CNET News] Amazon renting '21 Jump Street,' 'Dark Knight,' others for 99 cents

23:07 [CNET News] In Itanium legal tiff, HP wins over Oracle

23:07 [CNN] 'Supporter for sale' finds new home in North London

23:09 [Slate Magazine] Needle in a Plane Snack

23:12 [CNET News] Samsung in Olympic form showing how to work the refs

23:20 [Fox News: politics] Green Party nominee, running-mate arrested in Philadelphia bank sit-in

23:21 [CNN] Vidal's magnificent strengths, appalling weaknesses

23:21 [CNET News] Never miss a shot with the Roberu leather holster

23:21 [New Statesman] Badminton scandal: the game's flawed, not the players

23:22 [Slashdot] Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Blows Past Kickstarter Goal

23:23 [Raw Story] Appeals court blocks Arizona’s ‘dangerous’ 20-week abortion ban

23:23 [Guardian] Obama seizes on Brookings finding that Romney tax plan would benefit rich

23:24 [The Hindu - News] Arjun packs off Ranjeet

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23:37 [Big Think] How to Detect Super-Civilizations Born in Foreign Galaxies

23:37 [Global Voices] Argentina: Ping Pong Player Liu Song Wins Over Fans on Twitter

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23:43 [Raw Story] Tennessee lawmaker warns of fake Obama assassination plot to stop 2012 elections

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23:46 [] WATCH: Romney in Israel was a laugh riot - just ask Jon Stewart

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