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00:08 [CNN] Cirque du Soleil performer killed in Las Vegas show

00:11 [Raw Story] Obama urges Africa’s leaders to ‘serve their people’

00:11 [Raw Story] Supreme Court shoots down last-ditch effort to stop same sex marriage in California

00:11 [Raw Story] New NSA leak documents show how the US is butting its European allies

00:12 [Big Think] Why the Brain is So Well Suited to Celebrity Worship

00:14 [Slashdot] Why Apple and Samsung Still Get Along, Behind the Courtroom Battles

00:14 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Croatia joining the EU is a good thing

00:14 [Deutsche Welle] Croatia: EU accession in tough times

00:14 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Croatia in the EU? Yes, but...

00:14 [Deutsche Welle] Croatia celebrates accession to European Union

00:14 [Deutsche Welle] Germany also profits from US, British spying

00:19 [CNET News] Nokia reportedly agrees to buy Siemens' stake in joint venture

00:21 [Voice of America] Croatia Celebrates Historic EU Entry

00:24 [AL JAZEERA] Anti-Morsi protests sweep Egypt

00:26 [Guardian] Croatia joins EU amid celebrations and uncertainty about future

00:29 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Brutal June clouds over 2nd half

00:31 [Raw Story] Germany blasts U.S. for spying on officials ‘like a Cold War enemy’

00:31 [Raw Story] Thousands expected at Texas Capitol as sweeping abortion bill lreturns

00:41 [Truthdig] US Intervenes in Syrian Civil War

00:41 [Truthdig] Nuke Waste Storage

00:41 [Truthdig] Scalia and Uncle Sam

00:41 [Voice of America] ASEAN Envoys Gather in Brunei for Security Forum

00:42 [Global Voices] Serbia: From Vampires and Tesla to Raspberries

00:43 [Telegraph] Surgeons' mortality rates are meaningless, say patient groups

00:46 [Truthdig] Obama Climate of Leaks

00:46 [Truthdig] California Doomed After Prop 8

00:46 [Truthdig] Snowden and Putin

00:54 [] Ancient coins on display in Jerusalem show two sides of Jewish life through the ages

00:56 [AL JAZEERA] Clashes erupt outside Brazil football venue

00:56 [AL JAZEERA] Croatians cheer country's historic EU entry

00:56 [CNET News] Despite Windows 8.1, PC market prospects aren't pretty

00:59 [NPR] Casting Call: Hollywood Needs More Women

01:01 [Truthdig] Fed Chief Bernanke

01:03 [Financial Times] Fischer warns of populism risk to Israel

01:05 [Disinformation] Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Wasn’t a Hoax, Study Suggests

01:09 [] Bloodshed in Arab world means reduced threats to Israel, as least for now

01:11 [zero hedge] The Perfect Storm In Bonds

01:12 [BBC: Education] Graduate jobs 'at five-year high'

01:13 [Telegraph] Bomb attacks kill 53 in Pakistan

01:13 [Telegraph] Vladimir Putin signs anti-gay propaganda bill

01:14 [BBC: Science & Environment] Cloaking pioneer nets physics prize

01:14 [CNN] Inbee Park romps to U.S. Women's Open; Wins for Casey and Haas

01:17 [BBC: Science & Environment] VIDEO: 'Carpets of seaweed' grown for fuel

01:17 [Topix Activism News] NYC's gay pride march celebrates Supreme Court win

01:17 [Global Voices] Japan's Most Evil Corporations

01:20 [Fox News] Dressing heroes for success

01:20 [Fox News] Concussions common in teens

01:20 [Fox News] Great Time to Buy a Home

01:22 [Slashdot] The Average Movie Theater Has Hundreds of Screens

01:29 [Telegraph] Three launches pay-as-you-go price war with back to basics blitz

01:40 [Deutsche Welle] US to respond to NSA spying allegations

01:45 [Telegraph] Glastonbury: Die Hard repeat more popular than Rolling Stones headline set

01:46 [Fox News] Dressing Heroes for Success

01:46 [Fox News] Concussions Common in Teens

01:48 [Reuters] Millions flood Egypt's streets to demand Mursi quit

01:56 [Voice of America] ASEAN Envoys Gather in Brunei for Security Forum

01:57 [Pravda] Confederations Cup: The Scolari Effect

01:57 [zero hedge] Guest Post: The Deflationist Error

01:58 [Voice of America] Croatia Celebrates Historic EU Entry

01:59 [Telegraph] Croatia celebrates entry to the European Union

02:09 [Reuters: politics] U.S. is not waging 'war on coal': Energy Secretary Moniz

02:09 [The Atlantic: Technology] 'We Might Be Martians'

02:10 [Reuters] Blast in Pakistani city of Quetta kills at least 28

02:15 [] Katz, Danon and Elkin win top seats in Likud election

02:15 [] IDF officer sentenced over shooting of Palestinian gets state immunity for civil damages

02:21 [Slashdot] Backdoor Discovered In Atlassian Crowd

02:30 [CNN] Jessica Simpson welcomes baby boy Ace

02:31 [CNN] Maracana magic by Brazil to claim Confederations Cup

02:37 [Reuters] Millions flood Egypt's streets to demand Mursi quit

02:37 [Global Voices] Croatia: President Plays Beethoven to Mark Entry into EU

02:38 [Guardian] Cirque du Soleil performer dies after fall during Las Vegas show

02:38 [Guardian] Protesters across Egypt call for Mohamed Morsi to go

02:52 [Voice of America] Brazil Beats Spain in Confederations Cup Championship

02:58 [Voice of America] VOA News: Brazil Wins Confederations Cup

02:58 [AL JAZEERA] New Australian PM packs cabinet with women

02:59 [zero hedge] Goldman: "We Think That Payrolls Will Likely Disappoint"

03:00 [] Princeton president uncovers family secret - that he is Jewish

03:01 [CNN] World's 50 best surf spots

03:02 [Telegraph] Cirque du Soleil performer dies after fall during Las Vegas show

03:02 [Voice of America] Ecuador Concedes 'Serious Error" in US Spy Case

03:10 [Reuters] Egypt locked in standoff after millions rally against Mursi

03:15 [Deutsche Welle] Brazil thump Spain 3-0 to win third straight Confederations Cup

03:17 [Fox News] EGYPT ERUPTS:Hundreds of Thousands Hit Streets to Protest Morsi

03:17 [Fox News] VA BENEFITS BACKLOG:Vet Suffering From Agent Orange Waits Years for Aid

03:17 [Fox News] Assange, Ecuador President Say NSA Leaker in Russia's Hands /i/redes/icon-video.gif

03:24 [Guardian] Cirque du Soleil performer dies in 15-metre fall

03:29 [zero hedge] China PMI Drops To Lowest In 9 Months; Schrodinger's Economy Continues

03:37 [BBC: Entertainment] Mumfords close Glastonbury festival

03:38 [Reuters] EU confronts U.S. over surveillance reports

03:38 [Reuters] Supreme Court denies bid to stop California gay marriages

03:46 [Raw Story] Jennifer Lopez sings ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ to brutal dictator

03:48 [Telegraph] Kevin Rudd puts record number of women in cabinet

03:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Jeff Danziger: Hillary 2016

03:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Matthew Schoenfeld: For Republicans Demographics Are a Concern, But the Party Has a Bigger Problem

03:49 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Charles Clymer: 5 Facts About Rick Perry's 'Pro-Life' Texas Utopia

03:55 [Reuters: politics] Pennsylvania lawmakers pass budget but no pension reform

03:56 [BBC: Science & Environment] In pictures: Colouring in dinosaurs

03:59 [CNN] Family of Nelson Mandela: His health is in God's hands now

04:00 [Deutsche Welle] Separate Pakistan bombings kills dozens

04:04 [Reuters] EU confronts U.S. over reports it spies on European allies

04:11 [zero hedge] Guest Post: America - Government By Terror, Torture and Tyranny

04:21 [Truthdig] The Original Conservative Reformer

04:42 [CNN] Official: As many as 19 firefighters missing in Arizona

04:42 [Voice of America] Massive Protests in Egypt

04:45 [Financial Times] Anaemic data raise China growth fears

04:54 [Slashdot] Linux 3.10 Officially Released

04:55 [CNN] Official: 18 firefighters dead in Arizona

04:58 [AL JAZEERA] Deadly bombing hits Iraq football pitch

05:00 [] Untimely debt: Interest costs loom ever larger for Israel

05:00 [] Kerry presents Palestinians with new proposal for resuming peace talks with Israel

05:02 [Voice of America] Croatia Celebrates Historic EU Entry

05:05 [Reuters] 19 firefighters unaccounted for battling Arizona wildfire

05:10 [The Atlantic: Technology] Apple's Immense Power Over Software Design, in 4 Words

05:12 [Truthdig] Wendy Davis Won’t Back Down, Maher Rips Voting Rights Act Decision, and More

05:15 [Mother Jones] Lies Your Government Tells You

05:16 [Reuters] Nineteen firefighters killed battling Arizona wildfire: U.S. Wildland Fire Aviation

05:18 [Reuters: politics] Ohio governor signs budget including tax cut, anti-abortion provision

05:18 [Reuters: politics] Pennsylvania lawmakers pass budget but not pension reform

05:21 [Topix Activism News] New England churches seek fossil fuel divestment

05:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Jessica Simpson welcomes baby boy

05:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Heidi Montag: Am I smiling?

05:24 [CNN: Entertainment] Eulogy for Gandolfini

05:26 [AntiWar] Kids Playing Soccer Among 23 Killed in Iraq

05:38 [Reuters] Nineteen firefighters killed battling Arizona blaze: U.S. Wildland Fire Aviation agency

05:43 [Guardian] Primary win puts Michelle Bachelet in pole position for Chilean presidency

05:45 [CNN] Official: 19 firefighters dead in Arizona

05:46 [Voice of America] Asian Economies Vulnerable, Threaten World Recovery

05:52 [Fox News] ARIZONA TRAGEDY: 18 Firefighters Killed Battling Yarnell Hill Blaze

05:53 [Fox News] House leaders vow to overhaul Senate immigration bill

05:58 [Voice of America] Croatia Becomes Newest EU Member

06:00 [AntiWar] A Syria ‘No-fly Zone’ and Just War Theory

06:00 [NPR] Arizona Officials: 19 Firefighters Killed Battling Blaze

06:01 [Reuters] Nineteen firefighters killed battling Arizona blaze: U.S. Wildland Fire Aviation

06:02 [Truthdig] Bowl Phone Sex

06:02 [Truthdig] Chris Hedges’ Interview About the ‘Bowl Phone’ (Full Transcript and Audio)

06:02 [The Atlantic: International] Seeking New Leadership, Millions of Egyptians Take to the Streets

06:04 [Voice of America] U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's Trip to India, the Middle East and Brunei

06:05 [NPR] Big Growth Could Shake Up Texas' Old Political Equation

06:07 [Big Think] Are You Out of Your Element? (with Sir Ken Robinson)

06:12 [AL JAZEERA] US firefighters killed battling wildfires

06:18 [CNN] Opinion: In an African slum, talking to Mandela

06:18 [CNN] How to pretend you're Canadian when you travel

06:18 [AL JAZEERA] US firefighters killed battling wildfire

06:19 [AntiWar] Why Innocent People Should Fear the NSA’s PRISM Program

06:19 [AntiWar] Politics and Persona: Edward Snowden as Symbol

06:19 [AntiWar] Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Finds Another Target

06:20 [Deutsche Welle] 'Irhal!' shout Egyptian protesters, telling Morsi to 'leave'

06:20 [Deutsche Welle] Obama unveils energy plan and challenges young Africans

06:22 [Telegraph] Government urged to act as food poverty hits 18% of UK

06:22 [Telegraph] 19 firefighters killed battling Arizona blaze

06:27 [Guardian] Activist arrested for allegedly defacing Westminster Abbey statue

06:42 [CNN] Anemic data raise China growth fears

06:42 [AL JAZEERA] US firefighters killed battling wildfire

06:45 [CNN] Japanese business sentiment turns positive

06:49 [Guardian] Entire crew of 19 elite firefighters wiped out in Arizona wildfire

06:52 [Infoshop] Paula Deen, Racism… and Speciesism

07:06 [Voice of America] ASEAN Envoys Gather in Brunei for Security Forum

07:11 [Reuters] Assad's forces battle to tighten control of central Syria

07:12 [Fox News: politics] Student loan rates double as calendar turns to July

07:20 [Voice of America] James Butty: Death Toll in Uganda Fuel Tanker Accident Rises to 31

07:25 [Telegraph] Laura Robson: the sports star who might have taken centre stage with the Royal Ballet

07:27 [CNN] 'Enter the Dragon' actor Jim Kelly dies

07:28 [Reuters] China state media blames Syria government, rebel forces for Xinjiang violence

07:28 [Voice of America] VOA News: 19 Firefighters Die Battling Arizona Wildfire

07:31 [CNN] Day of violence leaves at least 45 dead in Pakistan

07:32 [Voice of America] 19 Firefighters Die Battling Arizona Wildfire

07:33 [Guardian] Calls for police ethics crackdown and positive discrimination in recruitment

07:33 [Guardian] David Cameron seeks Kazakhstan deal as trade trumps human rights

07:35 [Deutsche Welle] Firefighters die battling Arizona wildfire

07:35 [Deutsche Welle] New law allows German investigators access to PIN and passwords

07:36 [CNET News] Apple reportedly applies for 'iWatch' trademark in Japan

07:46 [NPR] Cirque Du Soleil Artist Dies After Fall In Vegas

07:54 [Fin24 News] Lowest rises in salaries in a long time

07:55 [CNN] Croatia becomes newest EU member

07:55 [CNN] Governments warn against Egypt travel

08:00 [Fin24 News] Clothes more important than work ethic

08:00 [Fin24 News] Widening gap between income and needs

08:02 [Slashdot] FreeBSD Team Begins Work On Booting On UEFI-Enabled Systems

08:06 [NPR] Park Wins U.S. Women's Open For 3rd Straight Major

08:06 [Reuters] Nineteen firefighters killed battling Arizona blaze

08:11 [Telegraph] Climate of fear makes us love zombies, says writer

08:15 [Voice of America] UN Peacekeepers Set to Take Over in Mali

08:15 [Fox News] 19 Firefighters Die In Arizona Blaze

08:15 [Fox News] STUDENTS DOUBLED UP: Loan Rates Increase as Calendar Turns to July

08:15 [Fox News] 'MAROONED IN RUSSIA' Assange Says Snowden's Fate In Moscow's Hands /i/redes/icon-video.gif

08:16 [CNN] World's largest building opens in China

08:25 [Telegraph] Arizona wildfire in pictures: 19 firefighters die while battling Yarnell Hill blaze

08:26 [The Atlantic: National] Back On Line

08:28 [Reuters] Asian factory blues deepen in June, exports drop

08:33 [CNN] Day of violence leaves at least 47 dead in Pakistan

08:33 [CNN] 19 Arizona firefighters killed in one of nation's deadliest blazes

08:39 [Voice of America] ASEAN Envoys Gather in Brunei for Security Forum

08:41 [Telegraph] Married couples to get tax break 'very shortly', promises PM

08:41 [Telegraph] Lobster sushi roll and caviar for cats: feline fine dining for £25

08:41 [Telegraph] Thousands of homes built against EA advice 'uninsurable'

08:41 [Telegraph] Sex offence claims rise in wake of Savile scandal

08:41 [Telegraph] Exclusive: Planning reforms peer to profit personally from 10,000-strong housing scheme

08:41 [Telegraph] Egypt locked in standoff after millions rally again Mohammed Morsi

08:41 [NPR] Alabama County Files Plan To Exit Bankruptcy

08:42 [Financial Times] Rousseff gains respite in Brazil football win

08:42 [Financial Times] Firefighters killed battling Arizona blaze

08:46 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Steven Strauss: Why Not Drug Test U.S. Farmers Who Receive Federal Aid?

08:54 [AL JAZEERA] Syrian forces battle for control of Homs

08:57 [CNN] Protesters to Egypt's Morsy: You have one day to step down

08:58 [BBC: Health] Student medics 'taught bad habits'

09:01 [BBC: Health] Babies offered vomiting bug vaccine

09:01 [BBC: Health] Brain tumour treatment 'lags behind'

09:02 [Fin24 News] Markets to hit stormy months, not crisis

09:02 [CBC: politics] Canadian ePassports arrive today

09:06 [CNN] Prince, Blanket Jackson celebrate dad's life amid death trial

09:11 [NPR] In Houston, America's Diverse Future Has Already Arrived

09:11 [NPR] Thar He Blows: Trump Tussles With Scots Over Wind Turbines

09:11 [NPR] Rotenberg's Toronto Thrillers Mix Canadian Courtesy With Murder

09:11 [NPR] You Ask, We Answer: Demystifying The Affordable Care Act

09:12 [CNN] BART strike could paralyze San Francisco commute

09:13 [Telegraph] Lottery winner carries on as normal, 16 years after £12m jackpot

09:16 [CNN: Crime] Prince, Blanket Jackson celebrate dad's life amid death trial

09:16 [CNN: Crime] 9 people shot at Brooklyn house party

09:18 [BBC: Technology] Mobile phone 'roaming' costs to fall

09:18 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: Inside RoboCup 2013 in Holland

09:21 [AL JAZEERA] Protests overshadow football final in Brazil

09:21 [Guardian] Greece resumes talks over bailout loans, as Chinese factories stumble - eurozone crisis live

09:21 [Guardian] Drugs watchdog thwarting UK progress in stem cell therapy, report says

09:21 [Guardian] Crew of 19 elite firefighters wiped out in Arizona wildfire

09:25 [Fin24 News] Beware tax pitfalls on investments

09:26 [] Two years after brutal stabbing, man is convicted of murdering his parents

09:31 [Topix Activism News] Heating up the local fight against global warming

09:36 [BBC: Technology] Britain 'under attack' in cyberspace

09:36 [BBC: Technology] How much pornography is on the web?

09:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Emeli Sande wins BET music award

09:41 [] Egypt locked in standoff after millions rally against Morsi

09:42 [CNN] Southwestern U.S. gets no break from the heat

09:43 [Telegraph] Fire fighters in hospital as blaze is set to burn for days

09:47 [NPR] Transit Workers Go On Strike After Talks Fail

09:47 [Reuters] China state media blames Syria rebels for Xinjiang violence

09:48 [Anarchist news] Monday: Jerry Koch, some stories of Political Repression, and Resistance

09:48 [Anarchist news] Support Krow! / Prisoner and Legal Support Project Started for the Penokees

09:51 [Voice of America] Opponents Continue Protests Against Egypt's Morsi

09:52 [CNN] Amateurs beat Hollywood to make first Edward Snowden movie

09:54 [Pravda] World's strongest powers get ready to fight for Arctic riches

10:01 [Fin24 News] The mining super ethic

10:05 [BBC: Technology] VIDEO: The virtual autopsy

10:08 [International Crisis Group] تركيا وأوروبا لا تزالان في حاجة إلى الثقة المتبادلة

10:09 [Pravda] IKEA's founding father returns home

10:15 [Telegraph] Marriage tax allowance 'won't stop families breaking up'

10:22 [BBC: Education] Council offers grants to students

10:42 [Fin24 News] Lowest salary increases in a long time

10:42 [Reuters] Egypt streets quiet, political standoff goes on

10:44 [CNET News] Rival mobile browsers chip away at Safari's lead

10:45 [Deutsche Welle] Australia's Rudd appoints record number of women in cabinet

10:45 [Deutsche Welle] Egypt’s opposition, Tamarod, demands President Morsi resign

10:45 [Deutsche Welle] Random House, Penguin sign final merger contracts

10:45 [Guardian] Manufacturing data shows worst may be over for eurozone - live

10:46 [] Right-wing activist arrested in connection to 'price tag' attack on monastery

10:46 [] In wake of controversial birth control claims, study finds lower birthrates among Ethiopian immigrants

10:47 [Guardian] Nine firefighters injured tackling 'largest ever' blaze in West Midlands

10:49 [AL JAZEERA] Hong Kong to protest on handover anniversary

10:50 [CNN] China ramps up security in Xinjiang after unrest

10:53 [BBC: Entertainment] Enter the Dragon actor Kelly dies

10:55 [CNN] 19 firefighters killed in mammoth wildfire torching Arizona

10:55 [Pravda] US threatened by Russia's Christianity

11:01 [CNN] Tensions easing in the South China Sea?

11:01 [CNN] 19 firefighters killed in Arizona blaze; 'Our entire crew was lost'

11:01 [] Kosher 2.0: IDF poster compares information-security violations to eating meat and dairy

11:01 [Telegraph] David Cameron: 'If you've got any sense you want to be Harry Potter'

11:03 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt opposition to continue mass protests

11:04 [Reuters] Kerry presses China, Southeast Asia to ease sea tensions

11:12 [Spiegel] Guardian Report: US Engaged in Vast Spying Operation on Europe

11:13 [New Internationalist] VIDEO: the power of participation

11:15 [Telegraph] Helicopter lands in Hudson river

11:15 [Telegraph] Afghan expert defuses suicide bomber's vest

11:16 [BBC: Entertainment] Cirque du Soleil artist dies in show

11:18 [Fin24 News] SA's competitive ranking matters - body

11:21 [CNN] Texas abortion battle continues, heads into second special session

11:22 [Spiegel] Cover Story: How the NSA Targets Germany and Europe

11:27 [CNN: Money] Wal-Mart opens 'American Idol'-style contest

11:28 [Slashdot] Windows 8 Passes Vista, Hits 5.1% Market Share

11:29 [CNN: Entertainment] Botoxed Heidi Montag: Am I smiling?

11:31 [] Egyptian protesters storm, ransack Muslim Brotherhood Cairo headquarters

11:31 [Telegraph] Jeremy Forrest: we were only caught because of my jealousy, says schoolgirl

11:34 [Slate Magazine] Oh, #Florida!

11:36 [Fin24 News] PMI up on signs of US recovery

11:38 [Guardian] Eurozone crisis: Unemployment rate hits another record high - live

11:40 [Guardian] Mark Carney takes tube to office on first day as Bank of England governor

11:42 [CNN: Money] 21 states reject Obamacare Medicaid money

11:44 [BBC: Science & Environment] 'Extreme Universe' map gets update

11:44 [BBC: Science & Environment] Britain 'under attack' in cyberspace

11:44 [BBC: Entertainment] Lopez birthday song criticised

11:45 [Pravda] Ison, the comet of the century

11:47 [Telegraph] Murder suspect was already wanted over rape allegations

11:47 [Telegraph] Egypt protesters give Mohammed Morsi deadline to quit presidency

11:53 [CNN: Money] Track futures and pre-market movers

11:53 [Voice of America] Kerry: US, China, Japan 'United' on North Korea Denuclearization

11:53 [Voice of America] VOA News: Obama to Visit Tanzania on Final Africa Tour Stop

11:56 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Starting July with a jump

12:00 [Deutsche Welle] Met returns 'looted' statues to Cambodia

12:01 [Mother Jones] 3 Modern Sirens Tackle the Greek Myths

12:01 [Mother Jones] The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed /files/images/motherjones_mininav/speedup_225_2.jpg

12:01 [Mother Jones] MAP: America's 21 Most Vulnerable Rivers

12:01 [Mother Jones] Meet the Wu-Tang Clan of Immigration Reform /files/Schumer1_4.jpg

12:01 [Mother Jones] A Musical Tribute to Kate McGarrigle /files/McGarrigleCOVER.jpg

12:02 [Fin24 News] Investors dump BlackBerry

12:03 [Reuters] Germany says 'Cold War' behavior by U.S. would be unacceptable

12:03 [Voice of America] Protesters Storm Cairo Headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood

12:04 [Guardian] Prominent MPs vow to reject any proposal for large pay rise

12:06 [Foreign Policy in Focus] Emphasis Added: the Week in Pieces (7/1)

12:07 [Reuters: politics] U.S. to press China on cyber theft: Lew

12:07 [Fox News: politics] German government spokesman: Reports of U.S. surveillance 'unacceptable' if true

12:08 [Guardian] Egypt protests: Muslim Brotherhood's HQ ransacked - live updates

12:08 [Good] Mobile Medicine? The Future of Wireless Health

12:08 [Good] Why Going Pro Bono Is Good for Business and Professional Development

12:08 [Good] How Mass Civil Disobedience at a Seattle High School Catalyzed the 'Education Spring'

12:08 [Fin24 News] Taxpayers jump as Sars opens season

12:09 [CNET News] Firefox OS phone launches Tuesday in Spain at $3 a month

12:09 [CNN: Money] Coal companies hit by oversupply, Obama

12:12 [NPR] Tell Me More: Education Special and Twitter Chat

12:18 [CNN: Money] End may be near for BlackBerry

12:18 [CNN: Money] Mortgage payments cut for thousands of borrowers

12:18 [CNN: Money] Nokia's $20 (and profitable) cell phone

12:18 [CNN: Money] 13 killer Windows 8.1 features

12:18 [CNN: Money] Bullies and slow drivers, you're about to get fined

12:19 [Telegraph] Saxon skeleton discovered in Lincoln Castle

12:20 [Deutsche Welle] Eurozone unemployment hits new record in May

12:20 [Deutsche Welle] Gas warning labels could help reduce emissions

12:22 [BBC: Education] Council grants for university students

12:26 [BBC: Education] Council steps in with student grants

12:27 [Voice of America] UN Peacekeepers Begin Mission in Mali

12:28 [CNN] George W. Bush on Mandela, Snowden and his legacy

12:31 [BBC: Technology] PC viruses help each other survive

12:32 [] Israeli Gal Mekel on verge of signing with Dallas Mavericks, ESPN says

12:32 [Reuters] Apple applies to register 'iWatch' trademark in Japan

12:34 [Telegraph] Skull found in Australia challenges Captain Cook claim

12:34 [Telegraph] Job applicants asked 'unacceptable' medical questions about boils and self-harm

12:34 [Telegraph] Sainsbury's vows change as it launches mobile phone service

12:35 [Deutsche Welle] Nokia secures Siemens' half of NSN broadband venture

12:36 [Financial Times] Nine killed in widespread Egypt protests

12:40 [zero hedge] "Risk On" Sentiment Returns In Aftermath Of Stronger European Manfucaturing Data

12:41 [CNN: Money] BlackBerry's end may be near

12:41 [BBC: Entertainment] Monsters stay top of US box office

12:45 [AL JAZEERA] UN takes over Mali peacekeeping mission

12:45 [CNN: Money] Is BlackBerry near the end?

12:46 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC paid out £25m in severance pay

12:50 [Telegraph] Pictures of the day: 1 July 2013

12:50 [Telegraph] Raffaele Sollecito says he and Amanda Knox are 'victims' in Kercher murder

12:51 [CNN: Money] Student loan rates to double Monday

12:51 [CNN: Money] Mortgage payments cut for thousands

12:52 [Spiegel] World from Berlin: 'Obama Owes His Allies an Explanation'

12:55 [Reuters] Europe and Japan show signs of stabilizing, but China slides

12:57 [Fin24 News] Another possible cut in e-toll tariffs

12:59 [BBC: Entertainment] BBC's £25m severance bill criticised

13:00 [Reuters] Kazakhstan to Britain: Don't lecture us on human rights

13:02 [Spiegel] Diplomatic Fallout: Experts Warn of Trans-Atlantic Ice Age

13:05 [Slate Magazine] The Worst Marine Invasion Ever

13:06 [Telegraph] Dive-bombing seagulls force postmen to abandon deliveries

13:09 [AL JAZEERA] Obama heading to Tanzania on last leg of tour

13:10 [The Atlantic: Politics] The GOP Can't Win With Eric Cantor as Their Ambassador

13:11 [Reuters] Texas abortion fight to reignite in second special session

13:11 [zero hedge] Key Events And Market Issues In The Coming Week

13:11 [zero hedge] French President Hollande Gives Obama An Ultimatum

13:11 [CNET News] RIP Google Reader

13:12 [Raw Story] Protesters in Egypt attack ruling party’s headquarters after deadly clashes

13:12 [Raw Story] Kerry downplays new reports of NSA spying on allies

13:13 [] Nineteen Elite Firefighters Killed by Arizona Wildfire /sites/

13:13 [BBC: Entertainment] Ford and Egan win Carnegie Medals

13:15 [Fox News] Elite Firefighters Killed in Ariz. Blaze

13:18 [Reuters: politics] Texas abortion fight to reignite in second special session

13:21 [Fin24 News] Steers heading to London

13:22 [Telegraph] Kazakhstan and Britain must cooperate for peace, energy and security

13:22 [Telegraph] John Kerry says US surveillance 'not unusual'

13:22 [Raw Story] Doctor returns Viet Cong soldier’s bone 40 years after amputation

13:22 [Raw Story] Pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong draws tens of thousands

13:24 [Guardian] Prominent MPs vow to reject any large pay rise proposals

13:27 [AL JAZEERA] Ecuador president: Snowden out of our hands

13:27 [Raw Story] Ancient white man’s skull has Australians reconsidering their origins

13:28 [BBC: Technology] Yahoo shuts AltaVista search site

13:33 [CNN] Space-age superyacht: The future of design?

13:36 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Welcoming the 2nd half

13:36 [CNN: Money] Starbucks' caffeine-fueled expansion

13:36 [CNN: Money] Where did the hockey millions go?

13:36 [CNN: Money] The confessions of Andy Fastow

13:36 [Topix Activism News] Defending Snowden, Ecuador offers US $23 million for human rights training

13:37 [Raw Story] Murdoch’s News Corp makes NASDAQ trading debut on Monday

13:37 [NPR] Arizona Wildfire Kills 19 Firefighters; Deadliest In Decades

13:40 [CNN] Opinion: Find out what your doctor really thinks about you

13:41 [CNN] Opinion: Will Boehner make history with immigration reform?

13:44 [BBC: Health] VIDEO: The virtual autopsy

13:45 [zero hedge] Frontrunning: July 1

13:45 [CNN: Money] New taxes and fines kick in nationwide

13:45 [Deutsche Welle] Hong Kong protesters hold pro-democracy rally

13:47 [Reuters] U.S. plays down reports of spying on EU, other allies

13:48 [Guardian] Brazil protests likely to continue despite victory on the pitch

13:48 [Guardian] EU should extend further into former Soviet Union, says David Cameron

13:51 [CNN] Manchester United signs new Asian sponsor

13:53 [CNET News] At long last, Microsoft launches Xbox Music for the Web

13:57 [Fox News: politics] California teachers suing to end mandatory union dues

13:57 [Fox News: politics] Colorado gun laws take effect amid final rush for ammo

14:00 [Deutsche Welle] Germany 'astonished' at US spy reports, Kerry addresses the leaks

14:01 [AL JAZEERA] Kerry reacts to EU claims of US bugging

14:03 [The Atlantic: International] Debated: Does America Pay Too Much Attention to the Middle East?

14:03 [The Atlantic: International] Tahrir Square Redux: Could This Be the Tipping Point for Democracy in Egypt?

14:05 [Slate Magazine] What's Next for U.S. Surveillance?

14:06 [CNN: Politics] Round 2 starts in Texas abortion battle

14:06 [CNN: Politics] Europe furious, 'shocked' by report of U.S. spying

14:06 [CNN: Politics] CNN exclusive: George W. Bush on Mandela, Snowden and his legacy

14:06 [CNN: Politics] Hundreds of Park Police guns unaccounted for, report says

14:06 [CNN] How not to be a scary stage parent

14:07 [Fox News: politics] Bush to join Obama for wreath-laying at US embassy in Tanzania

14:07 [Raw Story] San Francisco BART system shuts down as workers go on strike

14:08 [Telegraph] Twins less likely to fight than other children, says study

14:08 [Telegraph] 'It's men running the show', says Harriet Harman

14:08 [Telegraph] Why are the Egyptians protesting - again?

14:08 [Telegraph] Top things people do to appear clever

14:08 [Telegraph] Shanty written by Nelson's crew on sale for £25,000

14:08 [Telegraph] Army heads at war with SAS over sniper Sergeant Danny Nightingale

14:08 [Telegraph] Kate Moss to design phone covers for Carphone Warehouse

14:08 [Telegraph] Chinese lantern sparks recycling plant blaze

14:10 [CNN: Politics] Rocky road to immigration reform

14:10 [CNN: Politics] How immigration reform would affect 3 families

14:11 [Global Voices] Xinjiang Riots Triggers Debate on China's Ethnic Policy

14:12 [Guardian] Laura Robson v Kaia Kanepi: Wimbledon 2013 – live! | Simon Burnton

14:12 [CNN] The man who exposed Lance Armstrong's lies

14:12 [CNN] BART strike to paralyze San Francisco commute

14:13 [] US Defense of Vast EU Spying by NSA: 'Everyone Else Is Doing It'

14:13 [Slashdot] More Details Emerge On How the US Is Bugging Its European Allies

14:16 [zero hedge] June's Winners And Losers

14:16 [zero hedge] Single Digit Stock Price Makes RedBerry The New BlackBerry

14:16 [Reuters] China says 'very firm' with North Korea on nuclear program: Kerry

14:18 [CNN: Entertainment] J-Lo sings to repressive leader

14:18 [CNN: Entertainment] Sons celebrate Jackson's life

14:18 [CNN: Entertainment] Strong acts power BET awards

14:18 [CNN: Entertainment] Martial arts actor Jim Kelly dies

14:20 [CNN: Money] Welcome to the second half

14:20 [CNN: Money] The end may be near for BlackBerry

14:22 [] Major security flaws found in integral part of Israel's biometric ID system

14:22 [NPR] Book News: Penguin, Random House Complete Publishing Mega-Merger

14:22 [CNET News] HP aims to get back into the smartphone game

14:24 [BBC: Also in the news] Vietnam man regains long-lost arm

14:25 [CNN] Europe demands answers about U.S. bugging claims

14:27 [The Atlantic: National] 37 Years in the Navy

14:32 [Voice of America] Egyptian Protesters Ransack Muslim Brotherhood Offices; Give Morsi Deadline

14:34 [Guardian] NSA spying row: bugging friends is unacceptable, warn Germans

14:34 [Guardian] Egypt faces more bloodshed as Muslim Brotherhood offices torched

14:34 [Guardian] Brazil protests: victory on the pitch but grievances remain

14:35 [The Atlantic: Politics] How North Carolina Became the Wisconsin of 2013

14:35 [BBC: Science & Environment] Q&A: Prism internet surveillance

14:35 [Slate Magazine] Idiot Proof

14:37 [Raw Story] 19 firefighters killed battling massive Arizona wildfire

14:37 [NPR] Ecuador Backs Off NSA Leaker Snowden, Citing Asylum Rules

14:40 [Telegraph] 'Invisibility cloak' scientist wins Isaac Newton Medal

14:40 [The Atlantic: Technology] Should the U.S. Have a Secretary of Culture?

14:41 [CNET News] Nearly half of all smartphones sold in Europe a Samsung handset

14:44 [Voice of America] Tens of Thousands Demand Full Democracy in Hong Kong

14:46 [Reuters] Lawyers seeks house arrest for Vatican monsignor

14:46 [Reuters] Exclusive: Pakistan angers Afghans by suggesting Taliban share power - minister

14:46 [CNN] Stunning photos by street kids offer glimpses of desperate lives

14:46 [BBC: Technology] Prism 'involves live surveillance'

14:48 [CNN] Those with ALS redefine what it means to be alive

14:49 [CNN: Entertainment] J. Lo apologizes for Turkmenistan concert

14:50 [Fin24 News] Sacci cheers Agoa extension by Obama

14:51 [Reuters] Obama seeks to build Africa business ties on Tanzania stop

14:51 [CNN: Travel] World's 50 best surf spots

14:51 [CNN: Travel] Gettysburg anniversary's bigger story

14:51 [CNN: Travel] World's largest building opens in China

14:51 [CNN: Travel] Governments issue warnings against travel to Egypt

14:53 [CNET News] Windows 8 overtakes Vista with 5 percent of the market

14:54 [CNN] New York police seek two people in Brooklyn shooting

14:57 [The Progressive] Obama’s Africa trip needs policy overhaul

14:58 [Reuters: politics] Obama seeks to build Africa business ties on Tanzania stop

14:58 [Reuters] U.N. nuclear chief warns of 'dirty bomb' threat

15:00 [zero hedge] The Goldman Takeover Is Complete: A Glimpse Inside The Bank Of England Where Mark Carney Is Now Presiding

15:00 [Disinformation] California Man Could Face Decade In Jail For Writing Anti-Bank Slogans In Chalk

15:01 [CNN: Health] NFL and mental health

15:01 [CNN: Health] Waiting for new lungs to work

15:01 [CNN: Health] Disorder 'life sentence'

15:01 [CNN: Health] DNA pioneer Watson on 'gold rush'

15:01 [CNN: Health] From funny to fit; man sheds 155 pounds

15:02 [CNN: Living] Those with ALS redefine what it means to be alive

15:02 [CNN: Living] From funny to fit; man sheds 155 pounds

15:02 [CNN: Living] Can we forgive Paula Deen?

15:02 [CNN: Living] Chat: Food, race and redemption

15:02 [CNN: Living] Stop snap-happy wedding guests

15:02 [CNN: Living] How not to be a scary stage parent

15:02 [Raw Story] Bush says ‘civil were liberties guaranteed’ under his NSA Internet surveillance

15:02 [Raw Story] Delaware officially begins issuing same sex marriage licenses

15:03 [Spiegel] Friends or Foes?: Berlin Needs to Protect Germans from US Spying

15:03 [CNN: Politics] Toobin: Justice changed history

15:06 [zero hedge] Egypt's Morsi Still President As Ministers Resign, Muslim Brotherhood Offices Destroyed

15:08 [CNN: Health] I pushed my wheelchair 3,300 miles

15:08 [CNN: Health] Opinion: Find out what your doctor really thinks about you

15:11 [Reuters] Egypt's Brotherhood HQ overrun after protests

15:11 [CNET News] Apple pays no U.K. tax last fiscal year, despite millions in profits

15:12 [Guardian] Nick Clegg: public would not understand if MPs took pay rise

15:12 [] John McCain: U.S. must arm Syria rebels to deter Iran from nuclear ambitions

15:13 [Slashdot] Apple Files Trademark For "iWatch" In Japan

15:13 [] 5 pm Tuesday: Revolutionaries in Egypt Give Morsi Deadline to Step Down /sites/

15:13 [Fox News] HIGH-FLYING TRAGEDY: Cirque Du Soleil Performer Dies After 50-Foot Fall

15:16 [Truthout] Taliban

15:17 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt ministers resign amid unrest

15:20 [CNET News] Apple invites some MacBook Air owners to test Wi-Fi fix

15:21 [Global Voices] Roberto Beličanec, Macedonian Media Expert and Vocal Activist, Dies

15:22 [Truthout] Equality

15:22 [Raw Story] Texas abortion fight to reignite in second special session

15:23 [CNET News] Get an Asus 11.6-inch touch-screen laptop for $299.99

15:26 [BBC: Science & Environment] Rocket camera catches Sun 'sparkles'

15:26 [Telegraph] Egypt protests: eight killed outside Muslim Brotherhood's national headquarters as clashes spiral out of control

15:26 [Telegraph] Glastonbury 2013: Festivalgoer gives birth to baby girl

15:26 [Telegraph] Glastonbury 2013: Six-week clean-up gets under way

15:29 [CNN: Money] States spurn Medicaid funds

15:29 [CNN: Money] A $20 cell phone from Nokia

15:29 [CNN: Money] Where did the hockey millions go?

15:31 [zero hedge] The European Banking Union That Is Not

15:32 [Campaign For Liberty] If You Like The Surveillance State, You’ll Love E-Verify

15:34 [CNN] Tripp Halstead brain injury and the Ironman bike ride

15:34 [CNN] Interactive: Protests in Cairo

15:35 [Reuters] 'Perfect storm' of fire kills 19 Arizona firefighters

15:36 [Financial Times] Hollande demands halt to US spying

15:38 [Voice of America] Obamas, Bushes to Meet in Tanzania

15:39 [zero hedge] On China: Engineers Build - Economists Devalue

15:42 [Raw Story] Pakistan minister suggests Afghanistan should share power with the Taliban

15:42 [Raw Story] Kentucky 4-year-old fatally shoots 6-year-old sister in the face

15:42 [Telegraph] Tanzania the unlikely host to both Barack Obama and George W Bush

15:42 [Telegraph] US doctor returns amputated arm to Vietnamese veteran

15:42 [Truthout] Does the Treasury Secretary Have to Be a Lobbyist for Wall Street in Europe?

15:45 [Pravda] Child adopted from Russia used as sex slave in Australia, US and Europe

15:48 [NPR] EU Officials Question Kerry On 'Unacceptable' Spying Claims

15:48 [Guardian] Arizona wildfire: Obama lauds elite crew of 'heroes' who died tackling blaze

15:50 [Fox News] $12M settlement reached in Haiti sex abuse cases

15:50 [Fox News] Bush to join Obama for wreath-laying in Tanzania

15:50 [Fox News] Calif. teachers suing to end mandatory union dues

15:50 [Fox News] Woman accused of looting mom's fortune flees to NY

15:50 [Fox News] Responders sue teen hikers rescued in Calif. canyon

15:50 [Fox News] Texas death row inmates� last words live online

15:50 [Fox News] Colo. gun laws take effect amid final rush for ammo- Gun-rights group plans nation's first 'open carry' run

15:50 [Fox News] Texas abortion debate leads special session

15:50 [Fox News] Oregon man loses hand to illegal firework, police say

15:50 [Fox News] Centuries-old skull of white man baffles Australians

15:50 [Fox News] Doctor returns bones of Vietnamese man's arm

15:52 [Big Think] GM Is Insourcing Its Data Centers: What’s Your Plan to Leverage High-Value Data?

15:52 [Big Think] Student Loan Debt Keeping Would-Be Home Owners Away

15:57 [Slashdot] Employers Switching From Payroll Checks To Prepaid Cards With Fees

15:58 [Telegraph] Want to keep the green benches in order? MPs advertise for their own full-time upholsterer

15:58 [Telegraph] China introduces law requiring children to visit parents

16:01 [Pravda] Julian Assange willing to help Edward Snowden

16:03 [CNET News] SkyDrive trademark ruling goes against Microsoft

16:04 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Welcoming the 2nd half

16:04 [CNN: Money] Wal-Mart's 'American Idol'-style contest

16:04 [Guardian] Laura Robson beaten by Kaia Kanepi at Wimbledon – as it happened | Simon Burnton

16:04 [Guardian] Gay couple in Florida win green card to stay in the US

16:05 [Slate Magazine] The Taming of the Spook

16:06 [CNN: Technology] Meet an iPad-controlled $15 million yacht

16:06 [Reuters] Florida jury to hear watchman's account of killing Trayvon Martin

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: Headlines for July 1, 2013

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: Sharif Abdel Kouddous: Millions Protesting Morsi Show Egyptian Revolution Still Going Strong

16:07 [] Democracy Now!: Was Deadly Benghazi Killing of Ambassador Stevens, 3 Others "Blowback" for Secret U.S. Assassinations?

16:08 [zero hedge] Abenomics Update: Domestic Japanese Car Sales Plunge 15.8%

16:11 [CNET News] Road Trip Pic of the Day, 7/1: What is this?

16:12 [Big Think] The Death of Cultures and the Rise of Undead Terminologies

16:12 [] Egypt protesters overrun Muslim Brotherhood headquarters; four ministers quit

16:12 [] Israeli military panel rules in favor of settlers in case of contested Hebron house

16:12 [] Livni warns of EU boycott if peace with Palestinians isn't reached

16:14 [Guardian] Three men deny Oompa Loompas attack

16:14 [Guardian] Parliamentary committee 'too busy' to question intelligence agencies

16:17 [Pravda] Nizhny Novgorod region gets ready to celebrate 300th anniversary

16:18 [NPR] Egypt Unrest Grows; Protesters Storm Ruling Party Office

16:18 [Voice of America] VOA News: Cameron Signs $1 Billion in Deals With Kazakhstan

16:21 [Financial Times] Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood office attacked

16:22 [CNN: Money] U.S. manufacturing resumes expansion

16:22 [Voice of America] Ayaz Gul: Violence Threatens New Pakistani Government

16:22 [Raw Story] Protesters rally in support of anti-bank chalk activist

16:24 [Truthout] In Jail, "Bowl Phone" Takes Edge Off Inmates' Isolation

16:24 [CNET News] Nintendo loses bid to take control of

16:24 [CNET News] Apple and Samsung -- the odd couple of the tech world

16:26 [Guardian] Andy Murray v Mikhail Youzhny: Wimbledon 2013 – live! | Katy Murrells

16:28 [NPR] Egypt Unrest Grows As Protesters Storm Ruling Party Office

16:28 [BBC: Education] The rise of the Mooc

16:29 [Truthout] Arizona Wildfire Kills 19 Firefighters

16:29 [BBC: Health] Talking cigarette packs created

16:30 [Telegraph] Metrosexual men cost their partners £230 a year in beauty products

16:30 [Telegraph] Murder suspect told to give himself up

16:30 [Telegraph] South Korea offers to repatriate 360 Chinese soldiers

16:31 [zero hedge] Manufacturing ISM Beats As Expected, Employment Index Drops To Lowest Since September 2009

16:31 [zero hedge] Bob Eisenbeis: Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse…

16:31 [CNN: Crime] High court lets same-sex marriages in California continue

16:32 [Voice of America] Faiza Elmasry: Instead of Jail, Teen Offenders Try a Fresh Start

16:33 [The Atlantic: International] How Africa's New Urban Centers Are Shifting Its Old Colonial Boundaries

16:34 [Reuters] Lisicki stuns Serena in another Wimbledon shock

16:36 [Deutsche Welle] Obama in Mandela's shadow

16:36 [Deutsche Welle] Pakistani Shiites under attack

16:36 [Deutsche Welle] Germanwings relaunches, takes over more Lufthansa routes

16:39 [CNN] Serena stunned at Wimbledon

16:39 [CNN] Where are the women in film?

16:43 [Slashdot] Telescopic Contact Lens With Switchable Magnification To Help AMD Patients

16:44 [Truthout] With 22 Million and Counting, Egyptians Move to Oust Morsi

16:46 [CBC: politics] Canada Day celebrations: From Chris Hadfield to Carly Rae

16:46 [Guardian] Smethwick fire: nine firefighters hurt in West Midlands' 'largest ever' blaze

16:46 [Doctors Without Borders] [Press Release] MSF Applauds New WHO Recommendations for Accelerating HIV Treatment in Developing Countries

16:47 [The Progressive] Scott Walker Signs Mean-spirited Budget

16:50 [CNET News] Hey girl, where you going? Netflix gets 'New Girl'

16:52 [Mother Jones] Ohio Joins The War on Women, Redefines Pregnancy

16:52 [Raw Story] Jurors to hear Zimmerman’s account of Trayvon Martin’s death

16:53 [NPR] Serena Williams Stunned At Wimbledon By Unheralded Lisicki

16:53 [Fox News: politics] Out of Sight? Snowden thought to be in Moscow airport, but few have seen him

16:54 [CNN: Health] Diabetes hits an alarming rate

16:56 [Voice of America] Nearly 300 Afghan Security Forces Killed in Month

16:56 [Financial Times] Egypt’s military gives leaders ultimatum

16:56 [Financial Times] RoboCup footballers show way for industry

16:57 [Raw Story] Alleged cannibal killer goes on trial in Connecticut

16:58 [CNN: Money] Intel's new CEO is ready to embrace mobile

16:58 [Voice of America] Egyptian Army Gives Morsi, Opposition Ultimatum

17:00 [Truthout] Edward Snowden’s Long Flight: What a Whistleblower Thinks a Fellow Whistleblower Might Have Thought

17:00 [zero hedge] Egyptian Military Coup In 48 Hours If No Solution Found

17:00 [Telegraph] Japan publishes details of citizens 'abducted by North Korea'

17:00 [Telegraph] Burglar stamped on face of retired actress and killed her in her home

17:00 [Telegraph] Arizona fire: Obama hails as 'heroes' 19 firefighters killed by blaze

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Serena Williams unseated at Wimbledon by Germany's Lisicki

17:01 [Deutsche Welle] Germany's blue chip index DAX turns 25

17:03 [] Egypt's military chief gives Morsi 48 hours to answer people's demands

17:03 [] Israel Air Force holds drills in Bulgaria against advanced air defense systems

17:03 [NPR] Superintendent's Effort To Do Right By His Kids

17:03 [NPR] Hear the #NPRAspen Education Chat

17:03 [NPR] Is America Still The 'Land Of Opportunity?'

17:03 [NPR] Can America Learn From Foreign School Systems?

17:03 [NPR] Listeners Join The Aspen Conversation

17:04 [The Nation] Selling Out for Sponsored Content?

17:04 [CNN: Crime] Family photo puts Zimmerman attorney back in court of public opinion

17:04 [CNN: Crime] Indianapolis Colts safety arrested

17:04 [CNN: Crime] Police seek 2 in Brooklyn shooting

17:05 [Fox News: politics] Obama Doctrine Faces Troubles in Cairo, Syria

17:05 [AL JAZEERA] Bugging row threatens EU-US trade deal

17:05 [CNN] Obama begins visit to strategic Tanzania

17:05 [BBC: Science & Environment] Habitat change 'depletes birds'

17:06 [BBC: Education] All schools to set own term dates

17:07 [Fin24 News] Vehicle sales up 3.3%

17:08 [Guardian] Smethwick fire: nine firefighters injured tackling 'largest ever' blaze in West Midlands

17:08 [Guardian] Egypt protests: army issues 48 hour ultimatum - live updates

17:10 [The Onion] Editorial Cartoon: Nefarious Goals

17:10 [The Onion] American Voices: Government Bans Sugary, Fatty Snacks From Schools

17:10 [CBC: politics] Canada Day on Parliament Hill: Need to know

17:10 [Truthout] Limits to Growth - of What?

17:11 [Fin24 News] Transnet appoints auditor

17:11 [zero hedge] Snowden Appeals For Asylum To 15 Nations, Even As Putin Swears To Never Hand Him Over To US

17:12 [Spiegel] Boundless Informant: The�Global Hunt for Edward Snowden

17:12 [Raw Story] Binational Florida partners become first gay couple to win ‘green card’ petition after DOMA’s defeat

17:12 [Raw Story] Appeals court throws out digital books lawsuit against Google over class action status

17:13 [Reuters] Egypt army gives Mursi 48 hours to compromise in crisis

17:16 [Telegraph] 20 pictures from Glastonbury 2013

17:17 [Truthdig] Florida Gay Married Couple First to Get Green Card Since DOMA Ruling

17:18 [CNN: Politics] Obama begins visit to strategic Tanzania

17:18 [CNN: Politics] Europe furious over spying report

17:18 [CNN: Politics] Round 2 in Texas abortion battle

17:18 [CNN: Politics] Bush: Snowden damaged country

17:18 [CNN: Politics] CNN exclusive: George W. Bush

17:18 [Fox News] OUT OF SIGHT: NSA Leaker Snowden at Moscow Airport — or Is He?

17:18 [Fox News] EGYPT PROTESTS: Demonstrators Storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ

17:20 [Guardian] Egypt protests: army issues 48-hour ultimatum - live updates

17:21 [Truthout] Portland's Austerity Resistance Movement Sparks Changes to City Budget

17:22 [Mother Jones] The Cost of Childbirth: 1958 vs. 2012 /files/blog_cost_childbirth.png

17:23 [Fox News: politics] Obama says he's 'heartbroken' over Arizona firefighters

17:25 [Reuters: politics] Obama says EU, all intelligence agencies seek info on each other

17:25 [Reuters] Obama says EU, all intelligence agencies seek info on each other

17:25 [Reuters] Putin says Snowden should stop harming 'our American partners'

17:26 [Deutsche Welle] Does the NSA go head-hunting at Facebook?

17:26 [Deutsche Welle] EU targets investment banks over derivatives trading

17:27 [The Atlantic: National] The Most Overworked, Underfunded 'Army' in American History

17:27 [AL JAZEERA] Protest marks Hong Kong handover anniversary

17:27 [Raw Story] Robbers posing as French police steal $261,000 from Saudi man

17:27 [Slashdot] Firefox OS Smartphones Launching, But Will Anyone Buy One?

17:28 [BBC: Entertainment] Comic Relief sketch cleared by Ofcom

17:30 [Fox News: politics] North Carolina first state to cut long-term jobless benefits, protesters rally against change

17:30 [The Atlantic: Politics] Late-Night Comedy Roundup: DOMA Goes Down and Hollywood Celebrates

17:30 [CNET News] Google's digital book case shouldn't be a class action, court rules

17:31 [CNN: Money] Rough ride ahead for BlackBerry bulls

17:31 [CNN: Money] New evidence emerges in Corzine case

17:31 [CNN: Money] Aaron Hernandez jersey now a collectible

17:31 [CNN: Money] What we can learn from the Fed's failures

17:31 [zero hedge] Oppenheimer: "Time To Cover All Shorts In Gold And Gold Miners" Because "Gold Stocks Are So Bad, They're Good"

17:32 [Global Voices] Puerto Rican Tech Startup ‘Blimp’ is Changing the Project Management Game

17:32 [CBC: politics] Stockwell Day: Canada's natural resource dreams meet global reality

17:32 [CNET News] 3D-printed cast is made to scratch

17:32 [CNN: Money] Why President Obama is skipping Kenya

17:33 [Telegraph] Syria's neighbours leaving thousands of refugees stranded

17:33 [Telegraph] Russian and US security services to work on solution to Snowden fate

17:33 [Telegraph] Florida gay couple have green card petition approved

17:33 [Telegraph] Payday lenders face advertising ban

17:34 [Voice of America] Reuters: Euro Zone Joblessness at Record High, Inflation Up

17:36 [Deutsche Welle] Opinion: Watch out! Know your friends!

17:37 [CNN: Living] Live chat: Food, race redemption

17:38 [Voice of America] Faiza Elmasry: Merchants Put New Spin on Advertising

17:38 [Voice of America] Reuters: Eurozone Joblessness at Record High, Inflation Up

17:40 [CNN: Money] Mark Carney: Best-paid central banker

17:40 [CNN: Entertainment] In concert with controversy

17:40 [CNN: Entertainment] Actress can make anything seem sexy

17:40 [CNN: Entertainment] Iggy Pop's life as a transformer

17:40 [CNN: Entertainment] Talib Kweli talks rap game

17:40 [CNN: Entertainment] Celebs in concert with controversy

17:41 [AL JAZEERA] Egypt army hands Morsi ultimatum

17:42 [The Onion] Slideshow: The Week In Pictures – Week Of July 1, 2013

17:43 [Reuters] Mandela still critical but stable: South African government

17:46 [Fin24 News] Gauteng set for e-tolls protest

17:46 [Topix Activism News] Same-sex marriage fight not over yet, both sides say

17:46 [BBC: Entertainment] VIDEO: Highlights from the BET awards

17:47 [CNN] Facebook pulls ads from offensive pages

17:49 [Telegraph] Wendy Davis warns 'eyes of America are watching' as Texas renews abortion battle

17:49 [BBC: Entertainment] Piano maker Steinway sold for $438m

17:50 [CNN: Politics] Davis: Perry demeaned his office

17:51 [Deutsche Welle] Egyptian military gives government 48 hour ultimatum

17:52 [Fox News: politics] Putin says he won't hand over Snowden, but sets condition for asylum

17:52 [CNN: Money] Pandora versus Pink Floyd: It's on

17:52 [Raw Story] Topless ‘whores from hell’ arrested in Swedish mosque after shedding burkas

17:52 [CNN] Running updates from the Zimmerman trial

17:54 [Spiegel] Berlin Blockade: Brussels Concerned About Merkel's Anti-Europe Flip

17:54 [Spiegel] Joining the Club: Croatia Celebrates Entry to European Union

17:56 [CNN: Money] Good riddance to Google Reader

17:57 [Pravda] Egypt still running in circles

17:59 [Reuters] South Africa's Mandela still 'critical but stable'

18:01 [Disinformation] Gazing Into Police Culture Through Cop T-Shirts

18:01 [CNET News] Uber expands to the Hamptons and helicopters

18:02 [CNN] $15 million yacht can be controlled by an iPad

18:02 [Big Think] Doce Wildfire: Scorched Earth Seen From Space

18:02 [Big Think] 16 very good reasons to get a shiny new feed reader

18:04 [CNN] Egyptian military issues warning over protests

18:06 [Slate Magazine] What’s Left?

18:08 [zero hedge] Is Mass Spying Being Used to Make Some People Rich?

18:08 [zero hedge] Muppet Alert: Stolper Says To Go Long EURUSD With 1.35 Target, 1.28 Stop Loss

18:11 [Foreign Policy in Focus] The Meaning of Rouhani

18:12 [Spiegel] Picture This: Boys to Men

18:12 [Voice of America] Reuters: China Launches Anti-Dumping Probe Against European Wines

18:12 [Slashdot] D.C. Awards Obamacare IT Work To Offshore Outsourcer

18:16 [Reuters] U.S. seeks to calm European outrage over alleged spying

18:16 [Reuters] Egypt army gives Mursi 48 hours to share power

18:17 [The Progressive] We, Turks, Will Not Forget These Days

18:18 [] Putin: If Snowden wants to stay in Russia, he must stop harming U.S.

18:19 [] Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill Passes: An 'Orchestrated' Assault on Women's Rights

18:19 [AL JAZEERA] Army delivers ultimatum to end Egypt crisis

18:22 [CNN: Money] The highest-paid central banker is ...

18:22 [Raw Story] 3-year-old Japanese boy receives partial lung transplant from mother

18:22 [Raw Story] Putin and Obama order security agencies to find way out of Snowden impasse

18:24 [CNET News] Microsoft turns to resellers to bump up Surface sales

18:27 [Truthdig] 19 Firefighters Die Battling Raging Arizona Wildfire

18:28 [CNN: Money] Thomas Cook CEO: How loss made me fearless

18:28 [CNN: Money] Private equity's new fee trick

18:29 [Pravda] Russia bans imports of potatoes from Europe

18:32 [BBC: Entertainment] BSkyB cleared over canoe case hack

18:32 [zero hedge] Guest Post: Our Legacy Systems - Dysfunctional, Unreformable

18:32 [Spiegel] 'No Longer in the Cold War': Merkel Infuriated by US Spying

18:33 [] Israel planning long-awaited evacuation of West Bank outpost by mid-July, but challenges remain

18:33 [] Admitting failure in responding to sex allegations, Yeshiva University chancellor steps down

18:34 [CNET News] Colin McRae Rally races onto iOS

18:35 [Telegraph] Indian officials say 3,000 still missing after floods

18:35 [Telegraph] Sketch: Clegg refuses to take the rise

18:37 [International Crisis Group] CrisisWatch N°119

18:37 [CNN] Apple files for 'iWatch' trademark

18:41 [Le Monde diplomatique] Edward Snowden's long flight

18:42 [Raw Story] Fox News host on immigration reform: ‘Baloney,’ just focus on white people

18:42 [Truthdig] Biggest Demonstrations in Egyptian History: Millions Demand Morsi Step Down

18:43 [Financial Times] Arizona blaze kills 19 firefighters

18:43 [NPR] Jim Kelly, Actor In 'Enter The Dragon,' Dies

18:43 [CNN] 'The Heat,' 'White House Down' can't beat 'Monsters U.'

18:43 [CNN] Station, this is CNN -- Do you copy?

18:44 [Reuters] Snowden applies for asylum in Russia: immigration source

18:44 [Voice of America] VOA News: Obama Promotes New Africa Initiative During Tanzania Visit

18:46 [CNET News] Carl Icahn, Jefferies nab $5.2 billion to finance Dell deal -- report

18:49 [] Greenwald: Military Blackout of NSA Stories is 'Prestigious' Award for Journalism

18:49 [] Rhetoric Aside, Energy Chief Confirms: Obama Still Loves Coal

18:52 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day: How Your Bank Screws You

18:52 [Mother Jones] Is Politics Now Just an Endless War of All Against All?

18:53 [BBC: Entertainment] Film maker jailed for VAT fraud

18:53 [AL JAZEERA] Snowden applies for asylum in Russia

18:59 [CNET News] Pocket Spacecraft hopes to launch personalized moon missions

19:00 [Pravda] USA won't please Europe with public explanations of bugs in embassies

19:02 [Slashdot] Interviews: Jon "maddog" Hall Answers Your Questions

19:02 [Big Think] Casual Sex Means You're Married, Says Indian High Court

19:02 [Big Think] Like Moths to the Light: Don't Get Seduced by Innovation

19:04 [CNN: Money] Stocks rally into July

19:06 [Slate Magazine] Yes, Childbirth Is More Expensive in the U.S. But You Get What You Pay For.

19:07 [The Onion] Progressive Charter School Doesn’t Have Students

19:07 [Anarchist news] NSA leaks and computer security

19:07 [CNN] All nations collect intelligence, Obama says

19:08 [zero hedge] Goodbye Mervyn, Hello Mark

19:08 [zero hedge] Snowden Reequests Russian Political Asylum

19:08 [zero hedge] Live Webcast From Pre-Coup Egypt

19:09 [Good] How Studying Dog DNA Helps Scientists Understand Human Disease[3].jpg

19:10 [Fin24 News] SA needs new petrol plan - IFP

19:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] Don C. Reed: And Who Will Speak for Us?

19:12 [HuffingtonPost: politics] The Huffington Post: LOOK: Snowden's Ex-Employer Backs Super Ironic Discussion

19:12 [CNN: Crime] Running updates from the Zimmerman trial

19:12 [Raw Story] Woman from Florida ‘gang of robbers’ arrested for stealing from NFL player

19:12 [Raw Story] Immigration source: Snowden applied for asylum in Russia

19:12 [Raw Story] James Dobson: Marriage equality will destroy ‘entire superstructure’ of society

19:16 [Fox News] Marines' Life on Frontlines

19:16 [Fox News] Apple iWatch Revealed?

19:16 [Fox News] Army Spies With Blimp in a Box

19:16 [Fox News] 'Housewives' Before the Show

19:16 [Fox News] Gettysburg: Then and Now

19:16 [Fox News] Roman Siege of Jerusalem Proof

19:16 [Fox News] How to Treat Sexual Problems

19:16 [Fox News] Best US Burger Chains

19:16 [Fox News] Selena's Skirt Slips On Stage

19:16 [Fox News] Regulations Killed Reader

19:16 [Fox News] Another WWE Star Dies Young

19:16 [CNN: Money] Tesla makes a run at new highs

19:20 [CNET News] Is a smartwatch in your future?

19:21 [Telegraph] Union slam Royal Mail over "unacceptable" pay offer

19:21 [Telegraph] Spain to sell off quarter of properties

19:21 [Telegraph] Sketch: 15 per cent? They'll pay for this!

19:21 [The Atlantic: In Focus] Millions March in Egyptian Protests

19:22 [Raw Story] Jobless Greek youth find innovative ways to make a living

19:22 [Raw Story] Soledad O’Brien to anchor Al Jazeera primetime program

19:22 [Mother Jones] 5 Intriguing New NSA Revelations from Edward Snowden

19:24 [] Pro-Choice Texans Back 'People's Filibuster' in City-Wide Rally /sites/

19:26 [Voice of America] VOA News: South African Government Says Mandela Still Critical, Stable

19:27 [Global Voices] Grenada: Cleaning Up Social Media

19:29 [] Nations Furious Following Revelations NSA Bugged EU Offices /sites/

19:29 [] 'This Is the Second Revolution!' 'Leave, Morsi!' /sites/

19:29 [] Nineteen Elite Firefighters Killed by Arizona Wildfire /sites/

19:29 [] US Defense of Vast EU Spying by NSA: 'Everyone Else Is Doing It'

19:29 [] Egypt on Brink as Morsi Stares Down Dual Ultimatums /sites/

19:29 [] New Ohio Law an 'Orchestrated' Assault on Women's Rights

19:29 [] Greenwald: Military Blackout of NSA Stories is 'Prestigious' Award for Good Journalism

19:29 [] Energy Chief Confirms Critics' Fears: Obama Still Loves Coal

19:29 [] Pro-Choice Texans Back 'People's Filibuster' in City-Wide Rally /sites/

19:31 [Guardian] Andy Murray beats Mikhail Youzhny at Wimbledon – as it happened | Katy Murrells

19:33 [Guardian] Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia

19:33 [Guardian] England needs a new party of the left, says Plaid Cymru's leader

19:33 [Guardian] Linzi Ashton murder: police had tried to arrest suspect over rape claims

19:35 [Amnesty International] Bahrain must release teacher activist

19:36 [zero hedge] SuBTeRRaNeAN SNoWDeN BLueS...

19:36 [zero hedge] Five Years Of Global PMI Data In One Heatmap

19:36 [Slate Magazine] Can Geography Affect Language?

19:36 [Slate Magazine] How Much Interest Would You Pay Under Different Student Loan Proposals?

19:36 [CNN: Politics] What the sanctity of marriage means

19:36 [CNN: Politics] Obama begins visit toTanzania

19:36 [CNN: Politics] Exclusive: George W. Bush

19:38 [] Defense Minister approves move that allows harsher police action against 'price tag' attacks

19:39 [CNN: Politics] Feds start process for same-sex benefits

19:41 [AL JAZEERA] Democracy push as Hong Kong marks handover

19:42 [Raw Story] To those who say ‘trust the government’ on NSA spying: Remember J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI?

19:43 [CNET News] Xbox executive to leave Microsoft for Zynga, report says

19:43 [The Onion] New Michael Bay Romantic Comedy To Focus On Love Story Between 2 Explosions

19:43 [NPR] HIV Treatment Should Start Even Earlier, WHO Says

19:45 [Fox News] ULTIMATUMS FOR MORSI: Military Demands Meeting, Protesters Want Ouster /i/redes/icon-video.gif

19:45 [Fox News] ARIZ. INFERNO: 19 Firefighters, Most From Elite Crew, Killed in Blaze

19:45 [Truthout] Kristi Jacobson and Mariana Chilton on How Hunger Hurts Everyone

19:46 [CNN] Texas abortion battle heads into second special session

19:48 [CNN] The story of Malala's friend: Brightening girls' lives with education

19:48 [Fin24 News] Rates could boost car sales - Bank

19:50 [Reuters] Serena exit leaves Wimbledon in twilight zone

19:52 [Mother Jones] 19 Firefighters Die Battling Arizona Wildfire

19:53 [Financial Times] Snowden applies for asylum in Russia

19:57 [Raw Story] Texas Abortion Fight Not Over

19:58 [CNN] Common end-of-life medical terms

19:58 [Anarchist news] Accounting for Ourselves – A Review and Interview

19:58 [NPR] Sandwich Monday: The Famous St. Paul Sandwich (of St. Louis)

19:59 [CNN: Health] Common end-of-life medical terms

19:59 [Slashdot] Firefox 23 Makes JavaScript Obligatory

20:00 [Financial Times] Global manufacturing picks up speed

20:01 [Voice of America] VOA News: Source: Snowden Applies for Asylum in Russia

20:01 [Deutsche Welle] UN peacekeepers begin operations in Mali

20:01 [Deutsche Welle] Portugal Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar resigns

20:01 [Deutsche Welle] Putin sets condition for Snowden asylum

20:07 [Telegraph] Edward Snowden applies for asylum in Russia

20:07 [Telegraph] Thieves steal 200,000 euros from Saudi official minutes after he lands in Paris

20:07 [Telegraph] Syria: 3,500 tons of weapons already sent to rebels, says Ashdown

20:07 [Raw Story] Airport security boss fired after mass email photo of his genitals

20:09 [Good] Living Sea Sculptures: Underwater Art as Coral Refuge

20:09 [Good] VIDEO: Wonder What Life As a Pilot is Like? Here's Your Answer

20:12 [Reuters] Syrian rebels threaten to target Shi'ite villages in Aleppo

20:15 [CNET News] Get two free months of Next Issue unlimited digital magazines

20:15 [Amnesty International] Russia: New laws an affront to basic human rights

20:16 [CNN: Money] Bully fines and more weird taxes

20:16 [CNN: Money] 7 beautiful hidden secrets in Apple iOS 7

20:16 [CNN: Money] Only the wealthy feel economic recovery

20:18 [NPR] Word Watch: On 'Crackers'

20:19 [CNN: Living] Picking the perfect craft beer

20:20 [zero hedge] French Opposition Demands Referendum, Warns "What Are They Going To Do? Send In Tanks?"

20:21 [Fin24 News] EU accuses top banks of collusion

20:21 [Disinformation] Whatever Happened to Parapsychology?

20:22 [CNN: Money] 7 secrets in Apple iOS 7

20:22 [Truthout] Sadism as Politics: Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, Anti-Abortion Politics and Kicking the Poor

20:23 [Fox News] Student loan rates soar after Congress fails on fix

20:23 [NPR] Word Watch: On 'Cracker'

20:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] Why and How Obama Will (Probably) Approve Keystone XL

20:25 [Guardian] BBC criticised for six-figure payoffs

20:25 [Guardian] Michael Gove axes six-week summer holidays for schools

20:25 [Guardian] Egypt's presidency defies threat of military coup

20:27 [CNET News] The 404 1,295: Where we telegraph it in (podcast)

20:27 [CNET News] 'Shakespeare's Star Wars' has the droids for which thou searchest

20:29 [CNN: Politics] Rocky road to reform

20:32 [Truthout] The Fossil Fuel Industry Must Pay for Its Sins

20:32 [Truthdig] Krugman Battles the GOP’s ‘War on the Unemployed’

20:33 [NPR] Experimental Treatment For Milk Allergy May Not Last

20:33 [NPR] Nelson Mandela Is In Critical But Stable Condition, In Latest Update

20:33 [NPR] How To Turn A Red State Blue: California Edition

20:35 [Reuters] Investigators launch probe into death of 19 Arizona firefighters

20:35 [Reuters] Snowden applies for Russian asylum, Putin says stop harming U.S.

20:36 [Slate Magazine] Are the Liberal Justices Savvy or Suckers?

20:37 [Raw Story] Warren asks why Sallie Mae is ripping off taxpayers to screw over students

20:37 [The Progressive] The NSA Can't Control Itself

20:37 [Truthout] Is Obama's Trip to Africa about Investment or the Extraction of African Resources

20:37 [Big Think] Can Dutch iPad Schools Revolutionize Education?

20:42 [Raw Story] Sexual abuse suits against ‘Elmo’ puppeteer thrown out

20:42 [CNET News] 100M installs later, Skype retools Android app for modern messaging

20:43 [Fin24 News] Rates could boost car sales - bank

20:43 [Slashdot] How Facial Analysis Software Could Help Struggling Students

20:46 [CNN] Mexico: 46 women rescued after sex trafficking bust

20:46 [CNN] Protests grow against Morsy amid military challenge

20:49 [] Manning Supporters Take Over Pride /sites/

20:51 [Financial Times] Egypt’s army gives leaders a ‘last chance’

20:51 [Deutsche Welle] Gay men should also be allowed to donate blood

20:53 [Mother Jones] Quote of the Day #2: Putin Snarls, Then Makes Nice

20:53 [Guardian] Shrien Dewani 'well enough to be extradited over honeymoon murder'

20:53 [Guardian] Sainsbury's accused of tax hypocrisy over Vodafone mobile deal

20:53 [Guardian] Rightwing Tory pleads for no amendments to his EU referendum bill

20:53 [Guardian] Young, qualified and jobless: plight of Europe's best-educated generation

20:53 [Telegraph] Grayling signals change of heart on legal aid

20:55 [Fox News: politics] Republicans use 'war on coal' charge to tarnish Dems ahead of elections

20:55 [zero hedge] Argentina Legitimizes Black-Market Currency With New Dollar-Backed CDs

20:55 [zero hedge] Vatican Bank Scandal Widens Following Resignations Of Director, Deputy

20:57 [Voice of America] VOA News: China Pushes Back on Philippine Spratlys Charge

20:57 [The Atlantic: National] The Chief Justice Wants the Supreme Court to Stop Talking So Much

20:59 [CNN: Politics] Report: Snowden asks Russia for asylum

21:01 [Disinformation] Obama Administration Proposes Weakening Freedom Of Information Act

21:01 [CNN: Money] Nokia's $20 cell phone

21:02 [Raw Story] Jury hears Zimmerman claim Trayvon said ‘you got me’ after being shot in lung

21:04 [The Atlantic: International] A Secretive Trial Raises Questions About the UAE, the 'Stable' Arab Nation

21:07 [Big Think] Q&A with Ramez Naam: Dialogues on the Environment

21:08 [NPR] Texas Teen Jailed For Sarcastic Facebook Comment

21:09 [Reuters: politics] CORRECTED-Obamacare 1.0: States brace for Web barrage when reform goes live

21:09 [Voice of America] July 1, 2013

21:10 [Telegraph] Egypt politics not confusing but a symptom of decades of oppression

21:10 [CNN] Russian report says Snowden applied for asylum

21:10 [The Atlantic: Technology] Interactive Gettysburg: Using Modern Mapping Tools for a New Look at the Historical Battle

21:10 [The Atlantic: Technology] WiFi Capabilities Aside, Don't Plan on Skyping From the Sky Anytime Soon

21:11 [CNN] Lawsuits against 'Elmo' voice actor dismissed

21:12 [CNET News] Teen builds flashlight powered by body warmth

21:13 [Fin24 News] Top Vatican bank managers resign

21:15 [CBC: politics] Egypt's military issues 48-hour ultimatum to Morsi

21:17 [Voice of America] Vatican Bank Officials Resign

21:20 [zero hedge] Can We Retake the Trendline?

21:20 [zero hedge] JPMorgan Comes Out With First "Overweight" Call On Commodities Since September 2010

21:21 [Deutsche Welle] Vatican bank directors step down

21:21 [CNET News] Happy 50th Birthday, ZIP Code

21:21 [Slate Magazine] What (Hic) Problem?

21:22 [Raw Story] Watch live: Texas special session to pass strict anti-abortion bill

21:23 [Mother Jones] 5 Things Running Through the Minds of Whistleblowers Like Edward Snowden

21:23 [CNN: Entertainment] Lawsuits against 'Elmo' voice actor dismissed

21:23 [CNN: Entertainment] The Buzz Today

21:23 [CNN: Entertainment] 'The Heat,' 'White House Down' can't beat 'Monsters U.'

21:23 [NPR] An Online Upstart Roils French Media, Politics

21:26 [Pravda] Edward Snowden asks for political asylum in Russia

21:29 [CNN: Money] Stocks: Welcoming the second half

21:31 [Slashdot] Microsoft Reacts To Feedback But Did They Get Windows 8.1 Right?

21:32 [Raw Story] Presidency: Mandela in ‘critical but stable’ condition

21:36 [Slate Magazine] Outsource the CEO

21:37 [Raw Story] Dark money group lied to IRS about attacking Democratic House candidate

21:39 [CNN] Legislature reconvenes for Round 2 of Texas abortion battle

21:39 [CNET News] George Bush: No regrets over `PRISM' spy program

21:39 [CNET News] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could arrive in September

21:40 [Telegraph] Egypt protests: Army issues 48-hour ultimatum for agreement amid clashes

21:40 [CNN: Money] Bulls charge into second half of the year

21:42 [CNN: Health] Be safe around fireworks

21:43 [Guardian] Smethwick blaze: fire chiefs tell public to stop using Chinese lanterns

21:43 [Guardian] Arizona wildfire investigation begins as Governor Brewer laments 'darkest day'

21:43 [NPR] Top Vatican Bank Officials Resign

21:44 [zero hedge] Gold Bug Bashing, 1976 Edition

21:44 [Truthout] On the News With Thom Hartmann: Report Predicts Green Energy Will Beat Out Natural Gas in Five Years, and More

21:45 [CNN: Travel] How to save on summer travel

21:45 [Topix Activism News] Some US conservatives laud Russia's anti-gay bill

21:47 [CNN] Murray into Wimbledon quarterfinals without dropping a set

21:48 [Global Voices] Croatia Joins European Union Amid Cheers, Skepticism, Apathy

21:51 [Slate Magazine] The Perfect Bite

21:51 [Slate Magazine] No Offense

21:52 [Big Think] Canada: Land of the Free

21:52 [Big Think] Did You Get a 16% Raise Last Year? CEOs Did.

21:53 [Global Voices] New Travel Blog ‘LatinAmericando’

21:55 [The Atlantic: Politics] Asa Hutchinson's 'Small Government' Case for Marijuana Prohibition

21:57 [Raw Story] Tree rings reveal El Niño linked to climate change

21:59 [AL JAZEERA] 19 elite firefighters die battling US blaze

22:01 [Disinformation] Hail, Atlantis! Short History of the Legendary Lost Continent

22:03 [BBC: Science & Environment] Nuclear carbon to fight poaching

22:06 [CBC: politics] Canada Day celebrations reach across the shores

22:09 [Slashdot] Ben Heck's Plan To Making Gaming Open To All

22:09 [Good] Generation DIY: Let's Take Control of Our Own Health

22:10 [Fox News: politics] Alison Lundergan Grimes will challenge Mitch McConnell

22:11 [The Onion] Infographic: Tips For Hosting A Pool Party

22:11 [The Onion] American Dental Association Recommends Making Your Gums Hurt Really Bad Once A Day

22:11 [Guardian] Egypt in turmoil as defiant Morsi stands firm against coup threat

22:11 [Guardian] Barack Obama seeks to limit EU fallout over US spying claims

22:15 [CNN: Money] Zynga CEO Mark Pincus steps down

22:15 [CNET News] Xbox Music expands to Web browsers

22:18 [CNET News] Bebo founder buys back social network for $1M

22:18 [CNN] Opinion: Egyptians are fed up with Muslim Brotherhood

22:18 [CNN] Sex abuse lawsuits against 'Elmo' voice actor dismissed

22:18 [NPR] In A Rough Neighborhood, Jordan Clings To Its Stability

22:18 [NPR] Calif. Judge Rules Yoga In Public Schools Not Religious

22:19 [CBC: politics] Snowden reportedly asks for asylum in Russia

22:23 [Mother Jones] After Serenading a Dictator, Jennifer Lopez Won't Say If She'll Keep the Fee

22:25 [The Atlantic: Politics] Obama: More George H.W. Bush Than George W. Bush?

22:26 [Reuters: politics] Kentucky official to run against Republican Senate leader McConnell

22:27 [Telegraph] It's that man again... Cameron curse strikes on tearful Robson

22:27 [Telegraph] Chilled nose spray to help heart attack victims

22:27 [Raw Story] LGBT discrimination ban proposed in hometown of Westboro Baptist Church

22:28 [Big Think] Will NSA Surveillance Spoil US/EU Trade Negotiations?

22:29 [Electronic Intifada] Israeli apartheid "more sophisticated" than South Africa's, says new book

22:29 [] In Egypt, the generals are taking back the reigns of power

22:29 [CNN: Technology] In new games, gore gives way to emotion

22:32 [zero hedge] Early Exuberance Fades As Stocks Slip And Bond Yields Dip

22:32 [CNN: Technology] Apple files for 'iWatch' trademark

22:32 [CNET News] 3D-printed concept car would build itself

22:32 [Truthdig] Child’s Death in Drone Strike Tests Obama’s Transparency Pledge

22:33 [CNN: Money] Stocks kick off second half with gains

22:33 [Campaign For Liberty] Blessed Are the Peacemakers

22:33 [NPR] The ZIP Code Turns 50 Today — Here Are 9 That Stand Out

22:33 [NPR] Jury Acquits Man Who Wrote On Sidewalk With Chalk

22:35 [CNET News] next-gen Nexus 7 details accidentally confirmed by rogue Asus agent?

22:35 [CNET News] Zynga hires Microsoft gaming head as CEO

22:37 [Reuters] Suicide bomber kills 22 in Iraqi Shi'ite mosque: police

22:41 [The Onion] Wide-Eyed Minor Leaguer Never Thought He’d One Day Be Playing In NBT Bank Stadium

22:42 [CNN: Money] Zynga CEO steps down

22:43 [Telegraph] Our fizzy seas of soda water

22:43 [Telegraph] The firms putting a copyright on cancer

22:43 [Telegraph] Trayvon Martin 'jumped out and punched George Zimmerman to ground', court hears

22:43 [CNN: Money] Watch out bullies, you're about to get fined

22:43 [NPR] Kids Unplugged: Summer Camps Ban Electronics

22:43 [NPR] Will Texas Become A Presidential Battleground?

22:45 [Fox News] RUSSIAN REFUGE?Snowden Reportedly Seeking Moscow Asylum

22:47 [Raw Story] Conservative pundit Dana Loesch mimics MLK speech: Don’t judge us by ‘the content of our magazines’

22:47 [Truthdig] How Egypt’s Michele Bachmann Became President and Plunged the Country into Chaos

22:50 [Topix Activism News] Jennifer Lopez Criticized for Performing for Turkmenistan Dictator

22:53 [Reuters: politics] Top Senate Republican McConnell gets election opponent

22:57 [Telegraph] Head of Vatican bank resigns amid corruption scandal

22:57 [The Atlantic: National] Manhood Among The Ruins

22:57 [AL JAZEERA] Vatican bank chiefs resign amid scandal

22:57 [AL JAZEERA] Nineteen firefighters die battling US blaze

22:59 [CNN] Opinion: U.S. intelligence community is out of control

23:00 [zero hedge] The Biggest Problem Currently Is...

23:00 [Financial Times] Top Vatican bank managers resign

23:01 [Disinformation] NSA Spies On 500 Million German Calls, Emails, Or Messages Each Month

23:01 [Slashdot] Microsoft To Shut Down TechNet Subscription Service

23:02 [Truthdig] Andrew Sullivan: Catholics Should Be OK With Gay Marriage

23:03 [CNET News] Smell 'camera' preserves odors for posterity

23:04 [NPR] Guidelines Aim To Clear Confusion Over Ear Tubes For Kids

23:08 [Truthout] Kristi Jacobson and Mariana Chilton on How Hunger Hurts Everyone

23:09 [] Corporations and GMOs Thrive Under Obama's African Partnership /sites/

23:17 [Raw Story] 29 House Republicans propose constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage

23:17 [Raw Story] Activist found not guilty of vandalism for writing with chalk outside Bank of America

23:20 [The Nation] FEMEN's 'Topless Jihad'

23:21 [CNN: Money] Killer Windows 8.1 features

23:21 [CNET News] Watching your avatar exercise can translate to real-life weight loss

23:27 [CNN] Drug dealer's account elicits laughs from Bulger at trial

23:27 [Voice of America] Reuters: Syrian Rebels Threaten to Target Shi'ite Villages in Aleppo

23:29 [Telegraph] Obama: Talking to Russia over Snowden

23:31 [Disinformation] Restore The Fourth Protest Organizer Speaks Out

23:31 [zero hedge] Only 1.2% Of Friends "Like" Abe's Latest Social Media Screed

23:32 [Raw Story] Dutch pension group halts Wal-Mart investments over low wages and working conditions

23:32 [Raw Story] Egyptian army hand Morsi 48-hour ultimatum to share power

23:32 [Raw Story] Guantanamo lawyers file lawsuit over ‘grotesque’ forced-feeding of hunger strikers

23:33 [CNN] An online summer camp for maker kids

23:34 [NPR] Taking High-Heat Tandoor Techniques To The Backyard Grill

23:35 [Pravda] China: Campaign begins to end cosmetics animal testing

23:37 [Slate Magazine] Smart, Civil, Strategic

23:37 [Raw Story] Big U.S. corporations only pay one-third of tax rate: report

23:38 [CNET News] Leaked pic hints at HTC One arrival on Verizon soon

23:40 [Guardian] Boy, nine, stabbed in Yorkshire skatepark

23:40 [Guardian] Egypt in turmoil as defiant Morsi stands firm over 'coup' threat

23:41 [The Atlantic: Technology] Mozilla Introduces a Mobile OS Like None Other

23:42 [CNN] 'American Idol' champ Ruben Studdard to compete on 'The Biggest Loser'

23:42 [CNN] 'Cracker' conveys history of bigotry that still resonates

23:42 [Raw Story] Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes to run against Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell

23:43 [Big Think] Alan Turing's Answer to the Critics of the Future

23:43 [Big Think] What The Hell Is "The Exception That Proves the Rule"?

23:43 [Slashdot] Microscopic "Tuning Forks" Help Determine Effectiveness of Antibiotics

23:43 [Telegraph] Priest 'beheaded' in Syria video actually 'shot dead'

23:43 [Telegraph] Helicopters fly over Tahrir Square

23:43 [Telegraph] In sickness and in health? That's too religious for a civil wedding

23:43 [Telegraph] Scandal of doctors paid more to do less

23:43 [Telegraph] Police told they can cut stop and search and cut crime

23:44 [CNN: Crime] Drug dealer's account elicits laughs from Bulger at trial

23:46 [Deutsche Welle] EU demands explanation over surveillance claims

23:47 [CNN: Entertainment] Studdard joins 'Biggest Loser'

23:47 [CNN: Entertainment] Sons celebrate Michael Jackson's life

23:47 [Reuters] Edward Snowden breaks silence to threaten new U.S. leaks

23:47 [Reuters] Suicide bomber kills 22 in Iraqi Shi'ite mosque

23:50 [Fox News] PROSECUTION BACKFIRE: Are Witnesses Not Making State's Case? /i/redes/icon-video.gif

23:50 [Fox News] 'WAR ON COAL':Republicans Use Climate Plan to Tarnish Democrats

23:50 [Fox News] ARIZONA INFERNO: 19 Firefighters From Elite 'Hotshot' Crew Die in Blaze

23:52 [CNN: Technology] An online summer camp for do-it-yourself kids

23:52 [Slate Magazine] Hang Up and Listen: The Built on Nonsense Edition

23:52 [Pravda] Welcome to the EU, Croatia!

23:53 [AL JAZEERA] Portugal finance minister quits

23:56 [CNET News] Bill Gates' reported $8.7M Florida equestrian estate

23:57 [CNET News] Readers' favorite gadgets in June 2013

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